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File: 1670884122681.gif (482.57 KB, 400x183, bloggif_6397a9f89a3c0.gif)

No. 1443386

How do you think they will start their year? How do you think they will end it?
>Greentext when describing
>add a picture
>In 2023 Hila Klien is going to shave her head
>Change her name
>Poly Relationship
>Ends the year with divorce from h3h3

My hope is that when 2023 hits, the mods will lock this thread and we can come back to it to see who was right at the end of 2023. This is for fun. Hopefully it doesn't get deleted

No. 1443388

Venus angelic is going to get deported

No. 1443406

Shayna is going to continue to balloon

No. 1443409

>Luna will be homeless/on the streets

No. 1443410

momokun is going to be eclipsed by Ozy/Peter. Just like what happened with Shoe/Preg

No. 1443413

>Belle Delphine will disappear for a while and make another comeback
>another deathfat dies at 34

No. 1443422

File: 1670885924402.png (607.67 KB, 461x561, Capture.PNG)

>starts off the year with a-
"My year was so exciting!!! I moved on from an abusive ex! I now have amazing partners & I did my first b/g and I travelled more than I ever have! Despite all the bad things nothing can stop me!!
>Middle of 2022-
"I'm trying so many new things!! Getting into feeder content has opened up so many new kinks for me!! Thicc Barbie Bimbo is here to stay! I feel like I've finally found my niche!"
>end of 2023-
>"This new year my goals are to lose weight and get back to me. I feel like this year I tried new things & it's really not who I am. I want to get fit for my health NOT my looks only.I plan to record my body journey and make it a porn series- "Better Body with Dolly!" Does one video and never does it again.

No. 1443429

File: 1670886656024.jpg (102.65 KB, 900x900, unnamed-1.jpg)

Mister Metokur will probably die of cancer this year. He already said he will quit streaming in 2023 due to his health so these are probably his final months

No. 1443448

File: 1670887461224.gif (Spoiler Image, 236.51 KB, 320x208, Untitled.gif)

>It's 2023
>Kiwifarms is still up
>Josh has just got done screaming at someone on the forum for posting a picture without thumbnailing it
>logs off
>looks at secret lover
>"I think I should tell the world of our love" he says
>"but josh the troons"
>"Who cares? They must know the truth finally"
>"But Josh they will pick on you"
>"I'm sick of hiding! I will shut the whole fucking uppercase Internet down for you! I can literally give any shits anymore! I love you! You the DDOS protection for my heart. The password to my Lolcow.email account. The sneed to my feed/ You are the banana peppers to my Subway sandwitch! You are what i've fought for all these years! I've watched you date these fucking losers, get hurt when you knew it was me you wanted! Fuck that!"
>Chantal Smiles

No. 1443463

File: 1670888758869.png (220.11 KB, 273x642, nickocado.PNG)

No. 1443470

No. 1443473

Imagine holy kek

No. 1443498

i give jillian's steve 3 months tops before he goes full mtf

No. 1443502

Luna and the easter island head man break up

No. 1443545

Sides flung to the edges of the universe, wig in another reality

No. 1443567

>Bugchasing becomes slightly but not radically more common in fakeboi/TIF circles
>Shane Dawson breakup

No. 1443573

I predict that Shay is forced to move back in with either her dad, Ellen, or a random scrote because she can't afford to pay rent anymore.

No. 1443577

File: 1670898209852.png (219.82 KB, 540x531, image_2022-12-12_202310752.png)

my sad prediction is that lolcow probably wont survive another year

No. 1443592

Venus will get caught in a prostitution sting

No. 1443595

I hope you're wrong, nonnie.

No. 1443602

keffals will realize what a mess he got himself into and what a failure he is and 41%

No. 1443603

I can totally see Shoe0nhead getting married to her tradcath bf, and Armored Septic hanging himself

No. 1443605

its because of people like you who post shitty twitter-tier memes

No. 1443613

didn't shoe and that tradcath weirdo break up already though?

No. 1443614

Yes, but she is going to paint it as "my choice of reconnecting with my roots" recovery shtick, or a stay in a new consumerist country, collecting weeb crap, in a city where she can keep prostituting.
How I wish this happened. It would give so many dieting fatties life fuel. He is sadly wasting away.

No. 1443616

File: 1670902180206.jpg (226.93 KB, 720x1108, Screenshot_20221212-202424_Chr…)

>Anisa becomes non-binary.
>If she goes down the mtf route, I'll scream.

No. 1443675

I predict that shaymin will never really make an appearance on the site and will quietly hand it off to someone else. I also predict that there will be one million times more normies and twitterfags by new years 2024, sadly.

>Armored Septic hanging himself

that would be fucking hilarious tbh

No. 1443679

>avocado will have a heart attack or other coronary event
>Lori will chimp out in a store and get on the news somehow
>stefany lauren will get into a Wednesday Addams larp, adopt more dogs, shit on her parents more, and attempt to apply to college. She will be rejected. She and her girlfriend won't make it more than a few months together.
>Pixielocks' Stevie will troon out
>Pixielocks will suffer a weight-related injury and either break a bone or need crutches/wheelchair for awhile
>Yumi will get a job or reveal she has had a real part-time job all this time
>Taylor R will start another IVF round and whine about how hard being a mom and an 'ex-model' is
>nothing will happen to Eugenia Cooney
>Kiki will get pregnant again and keep it. The father will not be in the picture.

idk i forgot the rest i wanted to post

No. 1443685

>the deportation of Venus/she moves in with family
>Nikacado toys with the idea of weight loss
There was a video he did recently where he said he will lose weight at 30 which has already come and gone, but i guess he is either hesitant or didn't understand how hard losing weight at his size actually was.
>Shayna will continue to gain weight
>The trans movement will experience minor backlash mainly against the medical industry. The agps will be unharmed.
>Stevie will troon out and Jillian will be ecstatic.

I hope he dies because moids love using him as a surrogate dad and it will hurt them to lose their daddy.

No. 1443767

Projared will die

No. 1443852

File: 1670929075727.jpg (131.29 KB, 900x600, 2014KanyeWestGetty463775445_10…)

>Kanye keeps spazzing the fuck out about how the Nazis and hitler did nothing wrong.
>Career goes further and further down the drain.
>loses the 2024 election and spirals further into insanity
>kills himself.
>Brief media coverage of his death and then everyone expect fans moves on.

No. 1443865

Belle delphine gets fat or pregnant and tries to cater to pregnancy fetish dudes but her popularity continues to die
Shoe0nhead gets an onlyfans
Mrs Midwest comes out as gay
Luna gets a boob job
Onision tries to become a politician
Yumi becomes onlyfans girl

No. 1443868

Jake Munro

>Get fatter and get more tattoos, start doing more hardcore porn

>Get Kat pregnant and/or marry her
>Start doing hard drugs

No. 1443870

Pixielocks and Steve will get into poly relationship cancer. After he troons out, of course.

No. 1443871

File: 1670930513684.jpeg (65.09 KB, 625x390, 441799E7-A42C-4B64-83B4-CBA518…)

No. 1443886

No. 1443895

File: 1670932333237.jpg (215.08 KB, 1026x1525, male.jpg)

>Philosophy Tube will get breast implants
>He'll get them in a private clinic, possibly overseas, and will cry about NHS being so genocidal against trans people that he was just forced to go private
>He'll join an online polycule. Possibly with that trans muslima and his husband.
>He'll wear full-on lingerie or a swimsuit in a video
>(all of his videos will be about trannies, as usual)

No. 1443917

Slightly OT but the way this moid has absolutely no muscle mass on his arms/his entire body is both disgusting and interesting to me. He's built like a brick shithouse but none of it is muscle, just pure wide male skeleton. He is physically useless, and I will smite him down and banish him from this realm.

No. 1443918

To add to the tinfoil:
>the clinic he will go to will be in the city where contra lives

No. 1443978

Chantal? You mean Jacki?

No. 1444119



No. 1444124

Grimes starts a new larp, this time as a radfem.

Few retards on here call her based until she tweets that all feminists should listen to Elon because he supports women and has solutions.

Meanwhile her face starts melting down.

No. 1444313

File: 1670960593477.png (557.84 KB, 521x516, the truth hurts and keeps me u…)

"Drake"Predication A- Tortured soul ending-2023
>"Drake" announces another album
>it flops horribly
>(s)he starts caping for troons
>puts troons in videos as his video girl
>starts dating a trans woman
>gets rejected by 1 half of his audence
>gets loved by the other half
>continues to live his lie

No. 1444339

File: 1670961787711.png (488.75 KB, 631x582, Capture.PNG)

"Drake" prediction B- The "good" ending-2023
>"Drake" announces a surpise ablum
>it flops horribly
>she wins awards for it anyway
>She announces her truth on stage at a award show
>deletes every fucking thing

No. 1444353

i love ur work mtf drake anon

No. 1444399

>Laur Trueman incarcerated. Lillie Jean either becomes ward of the state or goes full Venus and gets a splenda daddy
>pixielocks cuts ties with immediate family when parents say she has to pay her own rent, claims abuse. Milks overexaggerated story time videos for a bit while trying to get on benefits. Steve troons.
>Lovely Lor accidentally admits being into ageplay.
>Ross and Holly go to court.

No. 1444430

>pixielocks cuts ties with immediate family
never gonna happen

No. 1444470

File: 1670969632248.jpeg (215.18 KB, 627x618, 83544C02-39DB-46E5-90FF-070F00…)

he has extreme health scare and suffers immensely before he dies

or he kills himself

No. 1444700

For celebrities

>Ellen Page comes out as a queer man

>Demi Lovato comes out as/is exposed as vaguely gender critical

No. 1444705

You're wrong on both of these. Demi is harmless and Page as always been vehemently attracted to women and any obscuring of label has just been because of personal gender identity issues.

No. 1444854

?? How does Demi being 'harmless' prevent her from having gc views (ie completely normal and rational views that all of humanity has had throughout all of history barring a minority of crazies in the past decade). Gc people aren't the harmful ones here.

No. 1444974

File: 1670988416297.png (600.49 KB, 500x739, 4bf22278729e7a41f9e853c8d6752c…)

Manifesting more unhinged women to unironically post cool shit on lolcow and less wannabe normies moralfagging everything and everywhere

No. 1444977

Wrong thread

No. 1444981

audrey is already a feminine name anon

No. 1444988

>Hila kills H3H3
>Heather starts to identify as a femcel and begins her journey to new found oppression from the world abstaining her from finding the perfect ryan then dates an incel
>Pixies boyfriend troons out and persuades her into a poly relationship where she is totes okay with it because she's DID so it already was poly to begin with
>Momokun deletes everything and disappears from the face of the planet out of the blue
>Shayna gets a bowcut and her implant starts to leak
>Grimes makes a semi rap album that consists of her bad gurl era with her lispy moaning screeching/rapping about how she's the baddest ai nordic aryan fairy goddess which then follows her to making an onlyfans that flops
>A tesla car electrocutes musk to death

No. 1444990

it's not, it's literally what I want and my prediction as well.

No. 1445002

That’s not a cow prediction. And wtf you mean by ”moralfags”

No. 1445025

>Shayna tries to start a podcast, ebegs money for a fancy microphone that gathers dust in her closet
>Elon has a cocaine-induced heart attack
>Ezra Miller writes a book about his "mental health crisis"
>Shane Dawson continues to find excuses not to marry his fiance
>Kanye gets married again to some D-list model/influencer
>Heather Sparkles is gonna baby trap some guy

No. 1445257

File: 1671021540851.jpg (137.61 KB, 512x384, latest.jpg)

>Demi Lovato will become a born-again christian. Might even go full q anon conservatard.
(that seems to be the typical next step with drug-induced brain damage.)

No. 1445285

idgaf bitch I can say whatever the fuck I want

No. 1445290

This isn't twitter you don't always have to come up with an epic snap back.

No. 1445294

Assmad because I post shit? Ok keep your dying website all to yourself then

No. 1445295

Yes, please. Go and stay gone.

No. 1445296

Will do, thanks nonnie.

No. 1445299

>This isn't twitter you don't always have to come up with an epic snap back.

No. 1445300

No. 1445303

No. 1445304

File: 1671025192838.png (588.54 KB, 766x760, ofiwdoiwefhwoioiwfhoiwfohiwfeo…)

thank you finally someone understands

No. 1445564

File: 1671034801270.jpg (30.97 KB, 750x737, 1660147553797.jpg)

>jillian finally gets cancelled for her did larp
>steve troons out
>contra becomes an even bigger depressed alcoholic
>philosophytroon dickchop arc
>dylan mulvaney flies too close to the sun and gets into a huge controversy
>preggory kills himself
>sh0e becomes more conservative
>grimes gets more bogged
>a big celebrity troons out
>lc gets invaded by underage zoomers after it explodes on tiktok for one reason or the other

No. 1445576

>shoe gets accidentally preggo and has a rush wedding due to it
>preg an heroes shortly after hearing the news
>kanye starts going by he/they/she
>Grimes enters her Brooke Candy era
>Alice Glass tries to e-fight with some breakcore troon, is labeled a TERF
>Hila finds the absolute Chad to father her child
>Blaire White gets botched hip implants, starts going on a tirade about how evil the medical industry is on trannies
>Nikocado announces a feature film is in development
>Jilly leaves Steeb a few weeks after he troons out and calls himself a lesbian
>Britney Spears host an Instagram Live accidentally letting it slip she's the only sane one involved in her life, fans get into fights on who in her life is really to trust
>Azalea Banks comes out with a hit album due to a resurgence of diva house and troons seethe

No. 1445589

>lc gets invaded by underage zoomers after it explodes on tiktok for one reason or the other
Already came true nona

No. 1445597

You're right, but I'm sensing an even bigger and more obnoxious invasion. Like when creepshow got exposed and we had a million posters using their real emails and usernames kek

No. 1445598

File: 1671036917184.jpeg (121.03 KB, 828x636, F253CEA5-6ADF-492D-8BD6-12AB4F…)

>Azalea Banks comes out with a hit album due to a resurgence of diva house and troons seethe

No. 1445609

is jillian even cancellable at this point? she seems to be a washed out nobody and people are really making hug boxes for DID out there. It's like no one cares. Her thread also sucks now, feels like after the raids some anons left it. Still wishing this came true though, hoping someone makes a funny youtube video about her.
>lc gets invaded by underage zoomers after it explodes on tiktok for one reason or the other
why do you think all of us (the older userbase) are leaving now kek.

No. 1445630

>is jillian even cancellable at this point?
The thing with vangelina came pretty close, but I have a feeling did stuff will either get forgotten about or massively made fun of next year. Similarly to how tourettes kids on tiktok died down
>why do you think all of us (the older userbase) are leaving now kek.
I feel you, I'm at peak frustration with lc right now myself but I can't bring myself to leave just yet.

No. 1445719

File: 1671041015202.jpeg (11.05 KB, 275x254, 1664334369629.jpeg)

I honestly feel like next year or anywhere between 2023 to 2025 (maybe before the 10th year anniversary even) will be the year when somehow admin will "forget" to pay the rent of the website and then it will completely shut down one day with no previous announcement. And then no one will restore it, because everything will be "magically deleted" with no backup and we'll be forced to move onto better things with our lives because Null or some other unhinged entity will attempt to recreate this website but with trannies and scrotes allowed

No. 1445730

>PT will get breast implants and pretend he grew them himself
My prediction

No. 1445747

>lc gets invaded by underage zoomers after it explodes on tiktok for one reason or the other
Nonna, /ot/ is full of twitterfags and tiktok zoomers that act the sMe way as LSAfags for months now. And there were always TikToks from idiots bragging about lc. Some art cow on snow ended up bringing a lot of tiktokfags last year too, it was hell.

No. 1445767

KEK anon this made me laugh so hard ily
God this thread is perfection I truly love you all so much ty
My tinfoil is that Demi will break up with her current bf, write a new album of breakup songs in whatever genre is trending, and then start a new era with some publicity stunts. If they break up she'll definitely be petty on twitter and try to shade him but no one cares kek. I think Demi is done with gender shit and will probably continue singing about her addiction and her dad for the zillionth time. Someone needs to put her in DBT therapy and teach her mindfulness ffs.

No. 1445787

i can't even deal with jill's thread anymore because i hate her so much now.

No. 1445792

>i can't even deal with jill's thread anymore because i hate her so much now.
kek please explain. Been a while since I've checked her thread

No. 1445797

>I'm at peak frustration with lc right now myself
what is it this time? asking for real

No. 1445850

It just feels like the quality of lc went down drastically in the past couple of months. Anons seem generally angrier and more prone to baiting or trolling, weird pearl clutching and at the same time weird libfem tier arguments happening more often than before, not to mention the fujo sperging and all other related infights that have to happen everywhere. Then there's also the fact that lc is starting to pop up more often on tumblr and tiktok like this nonnie >>1442964 mentioned. As much as I love celebricows that thread is often extremely cancerous and the posters on there seem like a completely different breed sometimes, and then they bleed into other threads.

I went to check out 4chan to remind myself of how good we have it though, and lc is still miles better than there so it's not all doom and gloom. However, the next time we go viral through some shitty zoomer drama or #webcore nostalgia compilation on tiktok it'll become unbearable kek

No. 1445919

>why do you think all of us (the older userbase) are leaving now kek.
Where are you guys going? Take me with you please

No. 1445938

real life, actual hobbies and jobs, building a family

No. 1445944

>shayna continues to balloon
>continues her "bimbo" act
>attracts more and more feeders and chubbychasers
>finally caves and turns to cater to them
>doesn't understand that they like that she's acting "hot"
>tries to ape Nikacado Avocado
>loses literally all of her followers
>finally moves home and logs off

No. 1445957

nta, but probably because of her appropriating childhood trauma and mental illness as a fun and quirky personality trait.

No. 1446081

not happy about this prediction, but based on how she's been doing this year and that she's now fantasizing about being kidnapped and hunted, I predict
>shayna gets dumped by the poly pony man
>feeling even more desperate and panicked than ever as she can't even keep a "man" like that
>flips the barrel over and starts scraping its underside
>starts dating an actual physical abuser
>too dumb to realize that he isn't playing in the beginning
>becomes attached to him before realizing he really does mean to hurt her
>either stops posting as much OR starts posting more
>abuser eventually kills her, not in a sexy way

No. 1446091

Lolcow for real got shit these past two years that I seeked out employment and made efforts to make real connections. I miss being able to post here for hours

No. 1446139

>Nikocado either suffers major medical event like heart attack or stroke, or he does a weight loss journey. no in between
>Steebie troons out and makes pixie participate in a poly relationship
>Shayna becomes so desperate for money after being banned from various social media that she finally does feeder porn
>It gets revealed that onision no longer has custody of his children, he lives alone and does uber eats delivery
>Luna maintains a fast food/retail job for about 2-4 months before getting fired
>Sh0e gets married and pregnant, preg ropes
>Ethan and Hila divorce
>Elon gets caught up in a major scandal/lawsuit with tesla, loses hundreds of millions of dollars

No. 1446153

>Warner vs. Wood goes down; LC becomes a shitstorm
>Shayna enters her type 2 diabetes era
>Alice leaves her full-blown cow era; baby #3
>Gaasuba and Jail also have a baby so they can get on welfare
>Westboro Baptist Church goes viral for picketing the premiere of The Flash with signs calling Ezra Miller a faggot
>someone makes a new Unicole Unicron thread because she’s shilling random cures and crying about crystals

That’s all I got

No. 1446155

lolcow is webcore? wtf

No. 1446175

Totally agree anon. Rant incoming. Been here since 2016 and I feel like this behavior really took off during the pandemic. Everything changed. Our language changed, (nonnie, nona, no anon-chan and admin-sama) the reaction images changed from regular gifs to Sanrio, cats and bratz Twitter reaction images and the culture completely changed. We used to have this attitude where you wouldn’t let what another anon does affect you, because that was embarrassing newfag behavior. Now we have anons taking bait and writing blogposts as replies with no shame. Even politics and normie celeb gossip used to be not allowed, now it’s all /ot/ is about. Things like being a weeb, a fujo etc is even looked town upon which is such twitterfag behavior, lc started as a weeby imageboard and the oldfags were terminally online weebs for ffs.

No. 1446179

I like the terms nonna etc. And don't mind the sanrio stuff. I think the real change happened right after the raids started and now we lost most of the anons here because of how much the tranny would post his stupid schizo shit along with gore and other disgusting crap all over the place.

No. 1446201

I also like the sanriocore shift as a oldfag, but with it definitely came a whole new, shitter userbase. It used to be a bunch of weebs, and a lot more laid back. Now it's like lolcow is becoming its own echo chamber. Everyone anon doesn't agree with is a moid. Anyone who types "y'all" needs to go back to LSA/Twitter. All yaoi fangirls and husbandofags are literally the worst. It literally didn't use to be this fucking annoying before the pandemic. Mods are also shittier and more annoying now.

No. 1446234

File: 1671063141028.jpg (68.66 KB, 500x491, tumblr_ecae4071d36ad94c8148269…)

It feels as if exactly one year ago this website was full of anons and bursting with holiday joy. Now it feels as if it's somewhat barren, I don't want to know how next year will be like. I am afraid another schizo tranny will start raiding us and kill the last bit of the userbase, and then be replaced by stupid immature tiktok/twitter users. But to be frank, I don't even see those people staying, either. This year was a weird year for lolcow. Say what you will but the KF situation did also affect us.

>Now it's like lolcow is becoming its own echo chamber.
It already is. This is one of the main reasons I don't befriend people from here anymore, it's weird. All websites eventually become echo chambers.
>All yaoi fangirls and husbandofags are literally the worst
I'm not sure about that because I don't look at their threads often, but for me it is a shame when sometimes I see the mini drama they have between themselves. They all look the same for outsiders, I don't get why they would fight each other for the most weird shit.

In any case I wish nonnies weren't so judgamental and infighty sometimes.

No. 1446244

>It feels as if exactly one year ago this website was full of anons and bursting with holiday joy
did you forget about the romanianon and steve incident, happened right on Christmas kek

No. 1446252

I did forget actually lmao. Honestly for me those two were so inconsequential to lolcow history that I sometimes even forget when it happened.

No. 1446260

Nta but whatever happened with the matrix stuff? What is it why is it and is it still a thing?

No. 1446301

>Scrote accusations and infighting will get worse and all anons will die
my prediction

No. 1446308

I feel like Jillian is beyond saving and she will not change, she had a chance and blew it, now she's too mentally unstable. Not even potential homelessness or a punch to the face will make her wake up, if anything she will double down even harder. Of course none of those two things will happen at all, all the shit she posts for attention on twitter is beyond me.

No. 1446343

When was kiki pregnant?

No. 1446348

the good ending

No. 1446362

File: 1671068703864.jpg (93.45 KB, 874x1086, Fi2OPztakAMk9Jr.jpg)

Someone in 2023 will finally make that rate my boyfriend thread that everyone wants but anons are to pussy to attempt

No. 1446363

>lying about csa and childhood trauma
>faking mental illness
>abusing weed and claiming side effects from it are "mental illness symptoms"
>alters are embarrassing stereotypes
>pretending to be autistic
and it's just pathetic that she's using DID instead of growing up
>using DID as an excuse to be a bitch and get no backlash
>as a way to express her other interests without compromising her "aesthetic" and admitting she is actually 3 dimensional
>as a justification for abusing weed and alcohol constantly
>as validation for her bad habits
>to be absolved of responsibility for anything
atleast her party kei phase was mostly harmless, but the way her and all those other tiktoxic people treat mental illness is insane. she is a genuinely awful person.

No. 1446364

Britney Spears is getting Epsteined

No. 1446369

File: 1671069268693.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1116x913, 3EF17C88-0659-42EF-8CDE-456DDD…)

Drake Prediction C: The worst ending
Drake "troons out" (detransitions), and reveals that she is in a polycule with Kanye and Jeffrey star

No. 1446383

Steebie from the Pixielocks thread will troon out around April-September. He will still go by Stevie (short for Stephanie) and instead of skinwalking Jillian he's going to be one of those goth trannies. This symbolizes the growing divide between Jill and Steeb and in around 1-2 years (give or take) post troonout they will split. Jillian's thread will have died off by then and will be gloriously resurrected when Steebie does a tell-all private twitter thread about how batshit Jill is.

No. 1446507

>Jill gets steebie to write a fake Autism diagnosis paper and makes another cake for herself.
>A drama video will be made on her but won't snowball for a while
>Shoe0nhead marries her schizo demon bf out of wedlock. Alternatively she cheats on him behind his back and he goes tard mode.
>Preggory finally fucks off
>Projared caves in and spreads his wussy (worm bussy) for the fags.
>Shaynus is dragged back home and is forced to detox from chicken nuggies
>Creepy texts are released from a very young victim of Terry Hall.
>Momokun's bf gets his name on all her assets and fucks off.
>Yumi King leaves the internet and works a full time job to support her child.
>Kelly Eden goes to North Korea.

No. 1446528

>grimes vtuber debut
>eliot page detransitions
>a tesla explodes while elon is inside and he dies
>sydney sweeney goes terf
>azealia banks gets stranded on some random european country and starts a go fund me to fly back to nyc
>king charles dies because of a violent diarrhea
>kanye west gets monkeypox
>doja cat bi era
>halsey becomes genderqueer

No. 1446559

Half of these things have already happened, prince Charles has been dead for four months and they've been stuffing a wax figure with spongecake and rolling it out ever so often

No. 1446592

>stuffing a wax figure with spongecake
I'm fucking wheezing

No. 1447261

No. 1447662

File: 1671152090491.png (473.87 KB, 701x526, him.png)

>he commits himself to the lord

No. 1447668

Are these predictions or wishes? Please Goddess.

No. 1447670

>I commit myself to him

No. 1447676

Commit yourself to the psych ward.

No. 1447677

File: 1671153273329.gif (5.51 MB, 373x498, 199a10d5b38d1f12dbab7563f9d7e3…)

>tfw I'm not attracted to him

No. 1447678

Only if he comes too

No. 1447680

File: 1671153359858.png (196.86 KB, 300x326, Capture.PNG)

my dream prediections
>it comes out
>josh commits himself to the lord
>marries a lolcow girl
>treats her well

>keffals detransitions

>disappears off the internet and comes back bald

>shayna goes non-binary

>cuts hair
>becomes gender blob
>regrets it all and goes home

>stefany starts playing sims 4

>"i never had control over my life"
> "i realize the language i use while alone is simlish"
>"people say my green eyes reminds them of the plumbob"

>lolcow creates lolfarm dolls

>jill cuts the bullshit and becomes super terfy

> anisa goes on a terf rant
> chantal dates a kiwifarmer after divorcing husband
>dates ethan ralph

No. 1447685

Regarding Keffals, skip all previous steps, he just goes bald.

No. 1447691

File: 1671154155768.png (184.95 KB, 862x386, joshtel.png)

tfw I am very attracted to him
This is also a prediction

No. 1447713

CHRIST is that really what he looks like?

No. 1447723

Kek I can tell which cows you have a soft spot for and which ones you hate.

No. 1447730

eh i half way hate josh as well

No. 1447765

So this is a prediction based on nothing but a 'feeling' I have, but I predict that in the future, it'll come out that RTGame is secretly messaging underaged fans on discord. I have no evidence of this, but there's something about that man that skeeves me out. Not like there's not already a ton of """wholesome""" youtubers and streamers who send inappropriate messages to underaged ""discord kittens"".

No. 1447767

I loved Jerma but felt this way about him as well. The ONLY scrote I'd be genuinely shocked if they had a weird scandal is Vargskeletol Josh, he seems like he does NOT do online shit for long or often. He's someone who has a real life/friends. Does not give me sex pest vibes.
>erin from game grumps will be the next to troon out
>be prepared

No. 1447768

* I mean Joel not Josh

No. 1447771

>drops another video on new years eve
>says she's non-binary or a trans man
>cries and admits it all
>says she's been dealing with dysporia and mentally illness
>blames everything on that
>cries some more
> everyone forgives her - Bad ending
>everyone gets on her for using a trans identity/mental illness as an excuse while ALSO using her shitty pronouns and going, "Guise, dont' misgender them/him just because what they/he did!!"- Bad ending still but funny ending

No. 1447791

I feel like azelia banks would probably sleep with at least 2 men whilst being stranded and both of them would be 10x more crazy than she is and she would cry about it on one of their sofas. The tesla one sounds so oddly realistic.

No. 1447806

>Dakota is revealed to be a late bloomer lesbian
>some ancient, irrelevant cow's thread is resurrected with news that they've been convicted of first degree murder or horrific sex crimes
>shoe0nhead enters a whirlwind romance with some guy and becomes pregnant within a year
>Pregg's posts become more and more detailed and violent, and he references suicide constantly
My 2024 prediction is that he kills himself on the baby's due date because he's insane. June posts a single somber tweet about it and never references Greg again.

No. 1447818

surely the ellen page prediction was written as a joke because there's no way in hell she'll detroon now. no idea what "doja cat bi era" means either but i find her annoyingly cute so i hope so

No. 1447823

If this happens then I might expect another dano “lookalike”, and possibly other bfs that “resemble” more husbandos on here but are actually ugly. Then we’ll have our own failed doppelgänger group

No. 1447832

there's a nonny in the dumbass thread who knew a reviewbrah clone

No. 1447841

I just read that and kek. If more stuff like this happens I want pictures of these people

No. 1447876

anon you are so right. ngl i think he'll have a scandal and then come out as nb or mtf. it's a feeling i've had for years

No. 1447882

I predict that Kathy’s neck beard will propose to the gawf gf. Kathy will stay with him but spiral even further.

No. 1447959

File: 1671169013558.png (798.4 KB, 904x665, hero-image-webp-WEBP-Image-120…)

>Elon and Grimes' baby boy is kidnapped
>part of plan to force Elon's to pay back vast debts
>Elon goes on Twitter rampage, blames the libs
>Baby is rescued, but Elon's debt issue are publicized and he is totally humiliated

No. 1455690

>Luna, Shayna, Vicky, Belle Delphine, Lori and Kevin, and the Ostrengas will continue to be comfortable in their status quo, to the frustration of farmers
>Laur and Lillie become homeless, live out of car
>Venus will die, end up in some sort of institution again, and/or end up in jail/prison
>Lucina will make up new medical emergencies be totes about to die any minute now!!!!111
>Jill will drop the DID larp through "integration" but continue to munch, will have to move into an apartment as parents stop supporting her financially, Steebie will dump her
>Grimes will realize that she ruined her life after botching her face and try to redeem herself OR get exposed as a full-blown white nationalist
>Phoebe Tickner will make a comeback

No. 1459326

File: 1672507266378.jpg (42.56 KB, 576x334, FaceApp_1672507092801.jpg)

No. 1459328

File: 1672507383605.jpg (212.03 KB, 720x1103, Screenshot_20221231-120849_Tel…)

No. 1459331

>The Bad Ending.

No. 1459385

>Blaine will 41%

No. 1459457

>Andrew Tate and his goons go to prision
>Grimes will start a tradfu larp and will have a racism scandal
>Shoeonhead gets pregnant

No. 1459542

Mister Metokur retired today implying he is going to die pretty soon so
>Ethan Ralph will go on a bender when Metokur dies that will climax in his suicide

No. 1459991

This is wishful thinking but:
>Lucinda will recover

No. 1460246


No. 1476932

Or she will end up in prison

No. 1476935

Nik avocado already had 3 heart attacks apparently according to his husband

No. 1476938

Venus will either end up
-pregnant/ having a abortion
-in prison (for abusing her bf/drugs)
-start hard drugs ie meth (if she hasn't already
-finally lose her two front teeth
- another marriage and divorce with in few months

No. 1517429

OT but is there a new Venus thread already?

No. 1517860

File: 1678257615998.jpg (182.63 KB, 970x974, IMG_0807.jpg)

this is a prediction for mid-2024. pixielocks is going to ditch the current retarded did shit. but get this, shes going to become some right wing trad grifter talking about gay frogs, anti-feminist shit and maybe even the "if only the world was traditional and Christian like me!". shes too retarded to leave her phases gracefully or to ever grow up, so she'll just go to the other side of the pipeline and blame the old rainbow hair persona on feminists and the devil. shes just one cheating tranny bf away from it (already there considering how close her bf is with his lolicon ex, but high all the time in denial).

No. 1517873

I think you're really onto something. I bet she'll have some sort of mental or psychological break on marijuana and she'll go quiet for a bit, maybe the threads will trail off but she will make a quiet comeback and announce that she's found jesus. I bet the mental break on marijuana will turn her into a hardcore born again christian and she'll try to keep things family friendly but her followers will quickly catch her following some vaguely right wing tradthot accounts and then she'll have a big online meltdown about it and double down.

No. 1517874

you're right. at some point her parents are going to intervene because she is straight up a drug addict at this point and she is going to break free from the current persona to the next personality. I totally see her doing the whole tradthot thing.

No. 1519606

what makes you say she will become trad? I can't see anything indicating that. Is it common for stoners to become trads when they quit?

No. 1520710

I disagree, I personally see her turning into a soren/kelly tier horrorcow, perhaps ending in amputation so she can sit in a kaweewee wheelchair forever.

No. 1573634

Anna K’s moidlet is going to sexually assault a girl at school

No. 1573800

NTA but I'm thinking Steve's gender special phase is going to make her crack on top of her drug abuse

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