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No. 1405221

Previous thread: >>>/ot/1396208

No. 1405223

KEK at how they nuked the entire last one.

No. 1405224

Why is there no in between for me I’m either high off of my ego or wallowing?

No. 1405225

File: 1668180235641.jpeg (1.58 MB, 1170x2273, 952285FE-F290-493A-87A0-B4AFCE…)

Is at college
Somehow doesn’t understand that they’ll have class, today, whilst at college (where you’re paying to go to class)
Man. I fucking hate autistics and spergs. Obviously none of them are gonna be capable of reproducing healthy, functional offspring so really it wouldn’t be that big of a deal if we just killed them all

No. 1405228

what happened?

No. 1405229

i wonder what this individual is majoring in kek

No. 1405230

I didn’t know anyone made another vent #153? Love how they’ll let some moid post all he wants on the front page for hours and have a little cocktail party with the pickmes but someone makes a new vent? Unacceptable

No. 1405236

pickmes vs the clutcherz (I am clutchgang) some of it was leaking into the vent thread and I guess janny nuked it because the op of it may have shared an ip with someone who got a sweep

No. 1405241

I keep having these bizarre misogynistic dreams recently and it freaks me out. I think its because recently I made the mistake of reading a /degen/ thread about the "patriarchy fetish" on 4chan. I miss being a normie girl who didn't realize how many men absolutely despise women. WHY? Why do I have to live in this wworld where half the human population sees me as subhuman and hates me because I am a woman? I fucking hate this reatarded planet. And yet I still know that it could be, and many moids want it to be, much worse. How can you interact with women like your mother, your teachers, your coworkers, everyday and still not see us as human? We have never done anything to you to deserve this. God, I wish I could go to a world of only other lesbians so that I would never have to deal with or hear misogyny ever again, but even in my dreams I have to spend my time running away from moids.

No. 1405244

Sorry if this is a personal question but why would you go on 4chan to begin with…like girl let’s open that can of worms KEKK

No. 1405245

Only lately I've had a few weird instances where I have irl overheard the type of woman-hating shit that you usually only see online. Even after years of seeing it online I feel like another layer of innocence is being knocked out of me.

No. 1405246

File: 1668181220154.png (515.17 KB, 648x593, 1643595950493.png)

A few days ago some loose dogs busted through my wooden fence and slaughtered all of my chickens save for one. Then the stupid moid that owned the dogs had the nerve to scramble his dogs inside,come over to my house and say "It wasn't my dogs, they've been inside this whole time" Bitch! I just saw them! My husband threatened to beat the shit out of him and he ran inside like the manlet he is. I'm so fucking sad over it. I have a very small world, you guys. I'm a homebody and my days consisted heavily of wandering outside and watching my chickens boop around and enjoy themselves and now all I have is an empty yard, stray feathers and a sad lonely little chicken. I'm getting 2 new hens today to keep her company, but I don't want these new stupid strange chickens that I don't know. I want my old girls back. I miss my little squad of ladies. I didn't realize how much I actually loved them until they were gone. I know they're just chickens but they were MY chickens and I liked them a lot. I hope the new chickens are cute and nice and don't bully my remaining girl. R.I.P little chickies, especially you, betty. You were so sweet and didn't deserve this fate.

No. 1405247

I kept seeing all these greentexts everywhere so I guess I thought it would be a fun place or something. Shows how retarded I am.

No. 1405250

Aw, nonny. I’ve always loved chickens too. I was gutted when foxes and dogs murdered them. Fucking scrotes with their shithounds

No. 1405252

It’s 11/11/22! Think about what you want today

No. 1405253

My neck hurts so bad it has been days I really hate this. Instability at base of skull I strained the ligaments or something feels like my head is gonna rip off my neck from the inside.

No. 1405254

Her comment is completely right. As an oldfag I would never go back to that scrote site because I value myself.

No. 1405255

I know right? Like moids are getting bolder. I feel like we all need to get together and do something, but how can we do that? What can we even do? How do you prove to someone that you are human? Maybe we need to start sueing social media websites and porno sites for the increase in misogyny in society since that has been damaging us. And then maybe start teaching boys young about how wrong misogyny is. IDK, I just wish it would go away, but even when women try to make safe spaces like this place and cc, moids invade it because they can't stand the idea of us having a reprieve.

No. 1405258

I’m so sorry for your chicken babies. But I guarantee you his animals murdering your livestock (technically your property) is illegal and he is 100% at fault…you and your husband should press charges.

No. 1405260

Don’t you think it’s kinda fucked up that the beauty industry celebrates “singles day”? Like congrats! You’re so ugly that’s why you’re single, come buy our shit so you won’t be ashamed when next year comes around

No. 1405261

ATA and as an oldfag I’d rather swallow bleach like soup with a fancy little spoon and bowl than read a single sentence on 4chan. You couldn’t even bribe me to get that shit in my search history

No. 1405262

Wait 11/11 is considered “singles day”? What a weird use of a cute date…I’d literally turn a building into a structure fire if they had a sign in the window referring “singles day” at any rate kek

No. 1405263

you know when I said I wanted a girl to be interested in me, I meant a girl I could return the feelings of and not a fugly grungy baby gay with depression and a drinking problem that is now in love with me because I was nice to her when she was drunk. she asked me for my number and if I wanted to "hang out", and I have no idea what we're going to talk about because we have nothing in common. like I can ABSOLUTELY do better but none of the girls I'm attracted to are gay. I feel mean but I don't think she's attractive and I'm quickly realizing that I'm maybe not stable enough for a relationship right now lol

No. 1405270

I think it started in China… I remember seeing a news broadcast about it.

No. 1405276

Tbh i went to china for school as a younger teen and it doesn’t seem like they have artificial beauty practices, like many other countries, women can be quite natural there. Ofc douyin exists but it’s still pretty chill. I don’t see much self infantilising either from women, so it’s sad that something like that came from china

No. 1405279

Wat? To me it's Pocky day. And I believe that for Chinese is probably some puns with the numbers or some superstitious stuff, they love it. I remember the 2008 Olympics in china started on 08/08/08 because of the good luck aspect of it

No. 1405287

I have daddy issues that cause me to be attracted to emotionally unavailable moids only. I'm involved with one rn and it's taking all of my willpower to not beg him for attention and validation, stuff I never got from my dad lmao. Love you dad!

No. 1405290

>receive new monthly issue of Popteen magazine
>it's full of Korean style makeup and boring plain Kpop style clothes
Fuck globalization. I mean those styles can be cute and all but Popteen looks nothing like it used to and I didn't realize it turned into K-beauty Magazine. I'm not some super weeb who's into anime either, I just really appreciate how unique Japan's styles were. It's kind of sad that they're moving away from their own thing.

No. 1405293

I need a job SO FUCKING BADLY and it’s almost Christmas!! I want to scream.

No. 1405297

Why cant we have good public transportation especially available for people living out in rural areas who can’t drive or have no car? Everything I do has to be done in the city, work, groceries, medical, etc., but i get paid like shit and i am too retarded for higher paying jobs so i cant afford to live in the city. Also i just fucking hate driving and the risks and costs involved with it. Now i am taking an uber with a moid who missed the exit so now he’s going through some back roads and im unsure, also low battery, i normally take carpool but today we had no work but the people who normally take me to work do. So fuck me . I wish we had trains and shit.

No. 1405298

man is this what life is. work work work then consume consume consume. what f i don't want either of these things. is there even a way to escape this hell other than killing myself i hate being alive

No. 1405300

I relate so hard

No. 1405315

File: 1668184458500.jpeg (3.04 MB, 4032x3024, 662E5111-9379-4F40-A76C-2753CA…)

Nice brand of chocolate and my dab pen and my cow pillow pet front page cleanse

No. 1405316

Nonnie walk in anywhere retail rn and ask if they are hiring seasonal positions. It's how I got one of my previous jobs, just a walk in interview. It will probably be hell though and might only last the season but it's something you can put on a resume at least

No. 1405318

File: 1668184523222.jpg (55.69 KB, 540x540, 20221110_122421.jpg)

Ooh comfy! Nice, nonny

No. 1405325

Mfw jannies don’t let me bump threads to hide the seapee that’s getting posted as I’m typing this

No. 1405336

I have to take a humanities elective courses as part of my graduation requirements and none of the courses really interest me. I've considered taking a gender studies class but what's the point if mainstream feminism coddles to tranny shit

No. 1405372

bumping bumping

No. 1405378

Please can anyone help me… I'm sitting crying in the bathtub right now. The whole day started off weird. I was at work and something was off looking back I wasn't really myself. I come back making myself a tea and talk to a good friend and tell her I feel weird and like I'm going crazy. Explaining some situations today. She is understanding and listens and then I tell her I'm going to take a hot bath to relax. I go in the bathtub and my whole body starts hurting. I start to think ok I will kill myself I just need to do it the right way so I won't survive. My mother tried it and she survived this shouldn't happen to myself. Thinking I'm such a failure the only good thing you've done is when you successfully killed yourself. Writing this the pain goes slowly away and also the thoughts and the coldness makes place for the warmth and everything looks nicer and is calm. This happens sometimes to me. And when I wake up from the nightmare so to speak it feels like it didn't happen. I have no connection to this state at all. Anyone knows what that could be? Often I end up in the bathtub. Would be so nice if anyone can help me I'm tired. I didn't have this state for sometime.

No. 1405381

it sounds like you were dissociating

No. 1405387

File: 1668186812341.png (226.39 KB, 259x523, 1668172621860.png)

Cp bump

No. 1405398

depressed as fuck now thinking about how the cp spams are images of children who are probably missing or dead. I’m so fucking upset

No. 1405399

hope that chocolate is bomb nona xoxo

No. 1405407

Idk why it takes mods so long to delete cp. they probably the ones posting it.(tranny)

No. 1405419

It’s a time zone thing apparently and I think every time they see the cp they report it to the cyber tips and police as well. Just wish we had more mods tho to get rid of it faster

No. 1405428

>It’s a time zone thing apparently
what do you mean

No. 1405431

Like i know for a while people were saying we need more mods for European time zones or something like that because they’re not active at certain times. I think the spamming is a bot too and is random now

No. 1405450

File: 1668189236772.jpeg (32.94 KB, 405x480, 5446u.jpeg)

>so really it wouldn’t be that big of a deal if we just killed them all
starting with me pls

No. 1405470

Guy I was seeing for a little bit
two years ago keeps sending me messages. It's getting a bit annoying.

No. 1405480

I’m so depress and sad I’m a neet and I applied to a few jobs and got a interview but they never want me I’m getting so tired and depress of living cause I don’t know what to do with my life, even the “friends” I have I feel like they aren’t even my friends I always gotta say something to them first for them to reach out to me I just want to be important and loved. I wish I could just get a job I just want money cause that wouldn’t make me too depress but ugh I feel like my parents are gonna kick me out any moment and they always talk shit about me I just don’t see a reason for living when I have nothing and no one

No. 1405491

My front bumper is fucked up. I just want to cry. I hit something on the freeway (an object) and I want to give up. My insurance deductible is $2000 and I don't want my rate to go up. Idk how much damage to expect. It damaged a bit of the underneath frame of my car and my windshield wiper fluid tank. I need to take it in to get an estimate and I'm terrified of how much it'll cost. It's a new car, too, and I'm making really high payments on it…..I aim to pay it off within a year and half of buying it. I feel like I can't trust myself with cars.

No. 1405507

Nonnie you can't blame yourself for hitting a random object on the road, that's completely out of your control. It's not like you can just swerve out of your lane to avoid that shit, I'm sure you handled it as safely as you knew how. I hope the cost won't be too extreme. I'm really sorry this happened to you.

No. 1405516

I feel like an idiot because the object was all black and I thought it was a large trashbag (?), but it was extremely heavy and obviously wasn't a trash bag when I hit it. I was in the fast lane and I feel like an idiot for not swerving, but I hate swerving because sometimes that can result in more danger. My dad asked me why I didn't snap a photo of the object and it's like, it was punted clear across the freeway and I would have had to go to extreme lengths to find it (get off an off ramp, get back on the freeway before I hit it, pull to the side and take a photo). If the estimate is more than my deductible, I'm going to try and say there was a car next to me so I couldn't swerve and there isn't really a shoulder on my side of the freeway. I just hate the idea my rate will go up for such a stupid accident that didn't harm anyone but my car.

No. 1405547

File: 1668193275940.jpg (79.41 KB, 564x1002, furby.jpg)

I hate the universe for making me into tifs. I love their retarded garbage fashion style and stupid steven universe-tier designed characters. Everything else feels so boring to me. I could consider dating a tif and probably would somehow put up with her unhinged gender bullshit, but the thought that she might get titchop is depressing. I want her to stay a boyish autistic girl forever. I blame watching steven universe at the tender age of 13, I wish I could be a normal lesbian who likes normal girls.

No. 1405550

Nonna I'm so sorry, I hope you will find happiness with your new chickens.

No. 1405552

I dated one and it was a nightmare but she was also obsessed with me and no moid could love me like that

No. 1405553

File: 1668193885711.jpg (2.73 MB, 5616x3744, pexels-myicahel-tamburini-1954…)

I'm in the process of job hunting again. After two internships working in the office, I've found that I want a change of pace and maybe try something new like a service job (Ik they don't pay as well but it's just something temporal).
It was rough nonnas, after a few interviews either they don't meet my expectations or the job was way more labor intensive than I had initially thought. It's almost the end of the year so no one is hiring or there are not any good offers out there for me to scoop up.
Nothing seems to be going my way, money has been scarce these days and I really don't want to ask my parents for financial support. I just hope that I got a gig that could pay me a decent amount just to get by, nothing fancy. I'm losing hope but I'll try to remain positive.

No. 1405555

What she was like? I heard that fakebois (just like all troons) arent that desired by most people, so I guess at least she will appreciate me.

No. 1405558

Its tough nona, I guess you will have to work in a place that is not exactly what you wanted for at least some amount of time. I'm sure sooner or later you will find the job you want, don't give up.

No. 1405561

my boyfriend simply does not care about me anymore but i don't have enough heart to cut it off. he will literally use any excuse to cancel plans with me. i feel like i'm just there for if he has absolutely nothing better to do. i know nothing will change. i just don't know why he doesn't love me anymore and i keep hoping he'll change. he keeps telling me he loves me and likes to be with me and wants to marry me but he won't even drive 30 minutes to see me more than once a month. i'm so tired.

No. 1405563

You know you need to dump him and you will in the near future anyway. Maybe take your time to have the strength to do this, but you will have to because nothing will change.

No. 1405564

Thanks, nonnie, I'm not giving up on job hunting but it can be discouraging at times. I hope I can find a decent job soon enough. Before the time comes, I'll remain positive instead and work my way around it.

No. 1405579

I use to date these men. They will tell you everything you want to hear and really sell it to you as well but at the end of the day he's using you as a free ego boosting service and maybe a free sex delivery service if he even still wants to fuck you. He's likely cheating on you too and I'd do whatever you can to snoop through his shit and then you'll see how much he actually means his love

No. 1405594

my nigel blew off a date with me so he could clean his room. i'm glad he's cleaning but he had 6 other days of the week and 16 other hours of the day to do so, rather than the few hours we were planning to see each other. he works from home so i dont understand why he can't clean while working like I do. some days i really feel like dumping him, but all other moids are even worse than he is, so why bother. as a woman my choice is either to constantly be lanced by the person supposed to look out for me, or be lonely and miserable for the rest of time.

No. 1405600

If a man canceled plans with me to clean his room I’d just block him lol

No. 1405609

he has "ADHD" so he'll randomly become obsessed with one thing and be unable to do anything else until he's scratched that itch. i've been dating this frustrating idiot for 2 years.

No. 1405612

File: 1668197083490.jpg (32.62 KB, 680x456, Fb6KVRhWYAAridP.jpg)

I'm so depressed and cannot get off my phone. I've been on it for like 6 hours now and only got up before to make some coffee. Maybe I'll make some more to try and pep up a little bit. I have so much to do and I'm so fucking lazy kek.

No. 1405621

Every time I see the old 'blue eyes versus brown eyes' thing come up on here (often lol) I'm reminded of the fact that I cannot remember what eye colour either of my exes had. Both were long term live in partners. 3 years living together and then 4 years living together.

Am I crazy for never noticing?

No. 1405625

Maybe? I do know the eye colours of people closest to me but like regular friends? nah.

No. 1405627

Nonnas how do I confess my bad grades to my parents? I'm sick of hiding them but my study habits have genuinely gotten better and I've actually changed, but my results say otherwise
Consequences consequences….
Do I just have to face them and take the brunt of it, then redeem myself later on? Sounds like it'll hurt.
New question, how to cope with the disappointment and shame that follows? Redemption with proof will take months. That means months of shame. I can't handle that

No. 1405629

You talk like the juicer that posts on unconventional attractions threads

No. 1405639

unfortunately i've been hearing guys say that kind of shit since grade school

No. 1405652

Probably because you're normal. Always seems to be insecure white chicks with dark features living in delusion that everyone froths over the mouth at white people with light features. I've never seen a white person with light features say anything about it either but I constantly see boring white girls sperging out who have a complex about not having blue eyes or fair hair.

No. 1405676

I am still salty about a friend who said I was too needy. So it had been 2 yrs since we even talked online or real life. she messages me first telling me she has so much to talk about and that her life has been a wild ride and she wants to meet up to talk to me since shes in town. I agree and ask her what time tomorrow. She gives me a time and we both agree . Cool. She doesn't text me after that. tomorrow comes I realize i have to go get groceries so i leave early in the morning. no word from my friend 4 hrs before meeting time. I ask if we are still hanging out she says maybe that she has to find a babysitter. cool I leave it at that and continue my errands til its 30 minutes before meeting time. I haven't heard a word from her i dont really wanna drive back in a hurry and I am beginning to doubt she even wants to meet up at all so it'd be pointless to speed back home just to be waiting for her . I finally decide to ask if she has found a babysitter and if not that we could go to a park and talk while her kids play. She says no that she hasnt and doesnt really want to go to a park. Alright cool. I ask her about her day since we wont be meeting up and she seemed like she did want to talk. She then replies. "Fuck your so fucking needy!" I just left it on read. she never said anything back either and after three months she sent me a meme about a cat girl. and i just didnt bother. Made me realize people dont always feel the same way about me as I do to them. I considered her a best friend but she only used me to vent about their life and once she unpacked all her emotions onto me she'd go on about her life moving me to the side.

No. 1405679

I don't know what this means but I'm amused by it. I should spend more time in /g/

No. 1405680

>I've never seen a white person with light features say anything about it either but I constantly see boring white girls sperging out who have a complex about not having blue eyes or fair hair
What, I knew blonde girls with blue eyes in school who would say they felt sorry for girls with brown eyes because that's ugly to have brown eyes. It's people I know with blue eyes who sperg the most about how superior it is compared to most brown eyes people I know who appreciate both colors.

No. 1405681

This sounds infuriatingly flakey. You don't need a friend like that.

No. 1405689

REEEEEEEE I fucking hate gender shit my group and friends being torn apart over a single word that literally has no fucking real meaning

No. 1405691

can we please stop this god damned sperging about hair and eyecolour, it's fucking embarassing.

No. 1405693

i hate nuspeak that erases women to preserve the fee fees of troons, like "uterus owners" and "ovulators" and "birth-givers." if someone called me an ovulator i would break their nose.

No. 1405699

Seconded except all the women with blue eyes that are participating in the discussion should know that they have the lamest and dullest eye color.

No. 1405710

I can’t believe I’m even thinking of this but I really want my acquaintance’s boyfriend’s dick. I hate myself, I never saw this coming. I’m literally a virgin that’s anti casual sex. Why am I such a hypocrite? I feel like he’s been flirting with me by telling me how small I am and showing me how strong he is. Very cringe but I can’t help imagine his arms wrapped around me and fucking the shit out of me when he does and says stuff like that. His arms are huge. And he’s so nice. I think he would fuck well. I look kinda similar to his girlfriend in that we’re both boyish looking. Worst part even if I decide I want to fuck him, I don’t know how to go about it because I’ve never done anything like this. Do I just say, “hey want to fuck”? Ugh I’d be satisfied with him just teaching me how to kiss. “Hey want to kiss?” I’m such an awful retard omg. I get the impression he would say yes or hesitate at first then say yes. I hate this feeling. I would be doing the girl a favor too right?

No. 1405711

I feel like if they really wanted to be women they'd readily accept being grouped with all those things they cant be. Just like a women who are expected to do all that naturally sometimes cant and get othered for not being able. They dont want the negative parts of being a "women".

No. 1405712

What? Just ignore the feelings. That's the sane and logical conclusion.

No. 1405713

When I tell you that the argument they’re having is more retarded than those nuspeak examples I am not even fucking kidding someone kill me

No. 1405714

if troons were actually real women they wouldn't spend all day thinking about pornography and fetish clothing.

No. 1405716

I feel like an asshole right now but my friend was crying to me about her family issues, abusive dad and how much they're affecting her mood everytime she sees them and I told her to try to stay away from them for a while (she doesn't live with them) and focus on herself, get a hobby etc but she's like "no i HAVE to be there it's my responsibility". I think she has this weird martyr complex because she's attempting to fix her family and the relationship between her parents and I told her it's not gonna fucking work, a child can't fix their own parent but she doesn't want to hear any of that. She said she just wanted to vent to me, and I wanted to give her some advice but I probably sound like a broken record to her. This has been happening for a while, I can't go out with her to have fun anymore because she starts complaining about how depressed she is, how much she hates her life and she always ruins the whole mood. I also struggle with depression, I understand her feelings but it's really difficult to handle her

No. 1405717

You cant help your feelings, but dont participate in cheating. It will feel like shit to her and probably also to you. I would try to avoid him as much as possible.

No. 1405718

Don't do it. Logically it's just a little crush and he's giving you attention. Don't do it because you'll feel dumb and gross afterword.

No. 1405719

>I would be doing the girl a favor too right?
Don't try to make it seem like you wanting to fuck someone else's boyfriend would be good for them kek, what the fuck is wrong with you. Stop talking to him, ignore your feelings, and find another guy who's not already in a relationship.

No. 1405721

I think I might have some type of face blindness going on in general, like sometimes if I know someone I still second guess whether its them or not til they say hi to me first. When I should know them.

No. 1405731

lol see u on the relationship advice thread when he rejects you to be with yours acquaintance after taking your virginity, good luck nona

No. 1405737

>Why am I such a hypocrite?
Tbh, probably touch starved and not exactly thinking straight because of that. I don't look at attached men but I do have some real retarded and intense crushes in that state. I build up a not so realistic version of them in my head and ignore red flags. Then it passes and they look like absolute shit to me afterwards. Inside and out. Its crazy but at least I'm so passive (and used to it) that I never act on it. I get ideas in my head and then it goes away.

Guarantee you'll snap out of it and then wonder what the appeal even was someday. Don't act on it. It'd be a whole mess.

No. 1405751

why's it so hard to make friends? i have been trying so hard but it feels like the more effort i put in to being sweet and open and starting and carrying on conversations the more distant everyone is. what is wrong with me? why is wanting friendship so repulsive to everyone??

No. 1405776

If she was touch starved, she could find a guy who's equally desperate and NOT taken. Leave us touch starved losers out of this.

With the internet, everyone is more closed off and socially awkward than ever. Everyone has their own group of friends already that they've known since school irl or a group of friends they already feel comfortable with online.

No. 1405777

Idk maybe you’re annoying

No. 1405789

sorry for the late reply nonny. She was into the scene/emo style (this was in 2014) and she dyed her hair bright colors, she was into writing me deep and long paragraphs almost every day of how much she loved me. She was incredibly sweet and wanted the best for everyone. I was really young too so I didn't care much for her being a tif, I called her my boyfriend and would treat her like one I guess. She was mentally ill though, and this would eventually make our relationship fall apart. She was really in love with me, but to the point of obsessing over me to where I couldn't even say I loved my family more than her. She wanted me to move in with her ASAP and wanted to isolate me. I was conflicted about it because I knew it was unhealthy but at damn I loved feeling so wanted like that. I kinda miss how crazy that relationship was honestly.

No. 1405806

i'm so fucking annoyed by my professor she doesn't announce quizzes until friday, opens them on saturday and makes them due on sunday night like wtf let me just have the weekend for myself. why do they think that just because im doing online that i'll be available anytime

No. 1405821

>Leave us touch starved losers out of this
I wasn't making some sweeping statement on all touch starved women. I've been cheated on. Had my life turned upside down by it. I'm 5 years into being single now because that guy fucked me up so bad. I'm avoiding dating still but lately men who are in my vicinity all the time.. like at work start looking better than they really are. That's my personal experience after 5 years of not so much as a hug from anyone. My drive is going crazy. Not great conditions for making sane choices. Thats all.

IF you're a touch starved woman who starts obsessing over dogshit men and building them up in your head.. fight the feeling. I know thats a big 'if' and not all of us.

No. 1405840

I have under 20 days to apply to university but there's so much going on I have no fucking clue what I'm doing. I've had 3 months for a project but I have nothing bc I just sit there frozen everyday, I want to enjoy art and my course again but I just can't produce anything that I envision. I don't even have a fucking clue about uni, I have a few I'm thinking about but I know nothing, nothing abt how anything works and my autistic ass hates this, my shitty financial situation makes it even harder bc I can't just apply blindly to places I want to go, I have to think about how it'll effect me and my family. Then there's the whole personal statement which I just blank on bc I'm as fucking interesting as a wet sock. I just want another year so I have time to think and get the help I need for myself, I've had the worst few years of my life and when it finally seems to calm I just get another thing coming. I just want to hide away nonnas, everything is getting too overwhelming and there's no one to help me, everyone around me is just as clueless & mentally ill as I am

No. 1405847

File: 1668208991016.jpg (27.29 KB, 828x450, 20221111_030353.jpg)

I invited someone into my friendship groups and I regret that now because over time she's become incredibly annoying and a pathological liar. I don't think it's enough to make anyone else in the groups dislike her especially as they're not close to her, but I kind of am and I hate that. Because I invited her to my groups I can't avoid her unless I leave them myself which I don't want to do. So now I'm stuck with someone who annoys me every time she speaks indefinitely. Ugh. It would be pointless to try and talk about this with her because she's incredibly sensitive and would probably cry and lash out. We're in a couple of uni classes together too but that annoys me less than seeing her in my free time. I don't enjoy talking to my friends anymore because she's there. I invited her because she told me she was lonely, fuck, this is what I get for trying to be a nice person. I don't want to be around her, she makes me uncomfortable.

No. 1405861

File: 1668209917833.png (548.25 KB, 720x540, bomi-snapshot-2022-02-07-14-24…)

in my last semester of uni and crying shaking throwing up over final projects (tl;dr they're hard and i'm stupid, unironically, not "hehe im actually smart just unconfident" i know myself very well )

no clue what to do once i'm out of uni, don't even like my major, in too deep to switch and if biden's thing goes through i'll be debt free

only thing keeping me happy and not too suicidal is the fact that slow damage drops on monday. god help my retard ass

No. 1405864

Was talking to my mom about my aunt who I have a terrible relationship with. The lack of a good relationship is because she was incredibly emotionally abusive to me when I was a young child and I find it difficult to forgive her for it. Mom told me that my aunt has always been like this to everyone. Apparently, she doesn't like me, my brother, and none of my six cousins. I was also told she is incredibly verbally abusive towards her husband who is almost a decade younger than her. She has no friends, has isolated herself from the rest of the family aside from my mother, and apparently complains about EVERYTHING. She moved out of a really nice and large home in California complaining there was nothing to do in California only to move to another country to complain that there is nothing to do there.

I really wonder what the fuck is wrong with her. It's to the point that I actually pity how bitter she seems to be about everything. She's had a successful career and was able to retire early so it's not like she had to deal with living in poverty or anything. I asked my mom if our grandparents treated her much differently than my other aunt and uncle and apparently that wasn't the case. Mom just told me she's always been like this. I wonder if she had some sort of personality disorder that led to her to become this way. It's honestly really puzzling.

No. 1405873

I’m excited to be a mom someday. I wonder when it’ll happen? Cause me and my moid have been together for about 6 years and we both talk about it every single day, like he’s even told me what names he likes kek. We’ve both always wanted a son because I was the youngest girl of only sisters and he’s the oldest brother of also only sisters, but we’d both still feel extremely lucky even if we had a daughter cause if that’s what we get then obv that’s what’s meant to be idk where I was going with this but I just really like thinking about and learning more about parenthood. Probably because these days I mostly just dedicate myself to my career and my relationship and once it’s time to be a parent I won’t have to waste my time pretending to care about having a career anymore!

No. 1405883

Stop being stupid and open up to someone who actually cares for you. It will take half the effort dealing with these cold unloving POSs do.

No. 1405886


No. 1405901

File: 1668213081660.jpg (28.11 KB, 496x496, 666b20cfbf10b7402c022dd602d895…)

i know it's stupid and childish, but let me be stupid and childish for once because i'm a normal adult otherwise.

so we're having this charity thing at work where we are supposed to make gift boxes for orphaned children. we were talking about what kind of gifts we would buy and i mentioned two very specific things. a few days later we talked about it again and my bitch of a coworker just said she was gonna buy these two very specific things for her gift box… while i was sitting right next to her.

i'm so fucking furious. she's constantly being a bitch for no reason - in that "playfully rude" way like the terminally online sperg she is - and i know i should just grey rock her, but i can't get over how boldly she just uses my ideas in front of me.

No. 1405912

I tried yet another therapist because I figured it was worth a shot but therapy always ends up feeling like an insult to my intelligence. "Whenever you think something negatively about yourself, try to replace that with something positive!" Wow great you just solved all my depression.

No. 1405921

File: 1668214506047.jpg (44.74 KB, 680x554, 1652902139710.jpg)

I wish i was a man i would just get fit and get a beard and i would be passable. Being an ugly woman is so fucking painful i hate everything about myself and i just want to blow my face off or wear a mask like a 90's slasher killer. it doesnt matter if i lose weight, my face is still ugly and nothing will change that and make me look cute on photos.

No. 1405922

rip copy-cats are tough to handle. it's like on one hand yeah i know i didn't invent the concept you're swiping from me, but it still feels like theft

No. 1405931

File: 1668215249550.jpeg (435.79 KB, 1366x1881, 8DD1D3D1-510E-44F2-A925-796C0D…)

Anon jfc get some self esteem be ugly, enjoy hobbies, and enjoy your life without having to deal with people using you for popularity gain. Also ugly is becoming more and more subjective with how the modeling industry is now so you’re probably not ugly to anyone but yourself. picrel is a model who gets paid to do catwalks despite being “ugly”

No. 1405932

Are you going to licensed psychologists? Ime the first few sessions with a psych, they'll try to understand what it is that brought you there, what's making you suffer. If you say you have negative thoughts, they'll try to figure out what it's related to, your relation shop with your parents or with your peers, when you started to feel like that, etc. A good psych will be able to guide you through that info in a way that doesn't cause friction, i.e. you won't feel like the psych is being aggressive.

No. 1405933

File: 1668215510183.jpg (26.6 KB, 564x384, 32d1fa6e6676c7e364e5e390f46da3…)

that girl is not ugly what are you talking about wtf, she has pretty eyes, nose and lips and a feminine face with good skin. Pretty nonitas will never know what it likes to feel like ripping the skin off your face or smashing it through the pavement to feel mental ease.

No. 1405937

I think she was trying to bond with you by picking items you said you would buy, I don't think she was stealing your idea. The playfully rude thing is also her trying to bond and being bad at it. She wants to be your friend lol

No. 1405938

I mean she was stealing your idea but you know what I mean hopefully

No. 1405946

She looks like Frankie Muniz

No. 1405948

I have nothing, my drawings look like shit now, my memory is fried, my parents want me to die here. I said I was gonna take care of myself until I can leave a shitty situation including quitting lolcow but nah this is the only hit of dopamine I get anymore. I want my life back so bad but I think I waited too long. I didn't think I'd ever get up the courage to kill myself but I'm getting closer every day and I just don't see the point anymore

I love you mom and dad but this is also all your fault. go fuck yourselves

No. 1405949

File: 1668216381159.png (48.83 KB, 138x151, malcolm.png)

i was literally about to say that

>Life is unfair…… (real ones remember)

No. 1405951

you dont know what its like to be so fucking ugly you have mental breakdowns over it then. I think she's p cute.

No. 1405952

She’s not ugly but she’s kind of like a love child of Alfred E Neuman and Cara

No. 1405960

i want to kms. i don’t have a cosigner that can get me through m second year of tuition and im halfway through so if i stop now i don’t get the career ive worked so hard for and im still saddled with paying the first loan debt for the rest of my life . which womt happen bcus if a miracle doesn’t occur it will be my final breaking point and i’ll actually give up on this fuck of a life

No. 1405963

Nonnie You must be my mirror or something but just know I got past that feeling when I realised that being ruthlessly selfish and prioritizing money can help you.

No. 1405966

File: 1668217673212.jpeg (79.68 KB, 640x920, 5EC46D50-921B-46C1-96D0-0A6389…)

the guy i really opened up with and like trauma bonded to has been ignoring me for a really long time. i have extremely bad mental health problems and i’m very very suicidal and i know it’s nobody’s responsibility to make me feel better but i resent him some for never actually expressing his disinterest in words and his coming and going in my life. i don’t expect anything anymore and i don’t even believe ghosting is a necessarily bad thing but i feel like what he did is quite cruel and put me down so much. i feel like a real empty failure and like an idiot for wanting affection and to be cared for. i wish i could be stronger, i’m trying but i feel paralysed by my depression and self hatred. i feel so profoundly alone, hopefully i can survive this and get stronger as i get older.

No. 1405977

Nonnie you need to talk to him and either get some closure or see if he cares at all. Otherwise you'll never stop thinking about it

No. 1405978

I typed out a whole ass essay in response to an anon I met on the friend finder thread and I haven't received a reply back since. Never gonna use the friend finder thread ever again.

No. 1405979

i know and i’ve been trying to get some closure and speak to him just so i can hear him say it’s over but he’s been ignoring me for so long i’ve given up. i have no idea what he thinks because he’s done this before and comes back saying he thinks about me all the time and misses me. i’m just trying to move past it and forget but i can’t help but think about it sometimes, it makes me feel ill with embarrassment.

No. 1406004

I already try to avoid him, he goes out of his way to look for me. Actually scratch that, I don't really "avoid" him, I'm very socially anxious so I'm kinda forced to keep to myself anyways lol
It's good for them long-term? I'm not the one in a relationship with her, he's the one responsible for his decisions. And it's not like I just want any casual sex, I want to fuck him specifically.
I don't want a relationship with him, I only wanna have sex with him. I know he probably likes his girlfriend better than me and I have no problem with that
Yeah maybe but it's like I went from no libido to "I must fuck him". And I liked him before I found out she was his girlfriend. I thought the feelings would go away after that but it's just made them more difficult to deal with, they're still there. I wish they would break up so I could fuck him. Or I wish I could ask her "hey can I borrow your boyfriend for a bit?" lmao. I know if I was her I'd say FUCK OFF but still, I wish. He objectively looks good, face, and then his body. Like especially his body. I guess I'm building up what fucking him would be like yes, but I'm convinced he's really good. I don't know why

No. 1406006

I get that you may just forget to dim them but if I'm driving past someone and they don't even make an attempt to, I assume they are an asshole.

No. 1406009

Samefag but fuck people who have really bright regular lights too. What the fuck are you doing?

No. 1406013

you're a shit stain, don't ever forget it

No. 1406015

are you braindead or what

No. 1406016

Well neither of them have told me oh btw we’re in a relationship so what if I assumed wrong? Maybe I’m worrying over nothing because actually they’re not boyfriend and girlfriend.

No. 1406017

You know who I think would love to hear about this? Your acquaintance. Why don't you bring up the idea to hear and see what she thinks!

No. 1406018

>he's the one responsible for his decisions
And your not? Having a crush isn't a bad thing, but wanting to fuck someones boyfriend is. The things some people will say to justify being so desperate for attention will never cease to amaze me.

No. 1406025

File: 1668221180979.jpeg (119.69 KB, 1024x1024, 1667482256078.jpeg)

People like this make me so anxious, imagine having 0 moral restrictions or sexual responsibility, hurting innocent women just for some ordinary hook-up. This anon cannot even compute there's something off with her distorted logic, she just automatically brushes off any potential harm towards the moid's girlfriend and for what? dick. So godless and nihilistic

No. 1406026

thinking about giving up RLM, watching the Dahmer review, in the beginning they talk about how explotitive it is etc. but then do a whole segment about missing white women, with some weird goofy music, I guess the point was, "Dahmer victimized black men/poc, and if they were white women it'd been all over the news the mintue they went missing'
But how can you shit on Netflix for 'exploiting" deaths and saying it's in bad taste, but then talk about OTHER real life situations of missing white women and make a joke out of that? Even as a point it's weird.
Those women were/are really fucking missing, why the fuck you putting goofy music over it? Also they said they rolled their eyes at the show of vitcims at the end of the Dahmer show, but I rolled my eyes at them showing a montage of random white women being missing to prove a point. Those women having families as well, they don't deserve that fucking scrotes

No. 1406028

men deserve nothing

No. 1406029

What's up with the moralfagging of anons in the replies lmao, they probably had their unfaithful scrote cheat on them. I agree that if he cheats on his girlfriend, then that's entirely his fault. It would be one thing if you kept pursuing him if he says he's not interested but it's a different situation if he also seem interested in you. Even if you back away from the situation and he's unfaithful, he'll probably seek out some other girl instead.

No. 1406030

File: 1668221326272.jpeg (26.83 KB, 720x538, F9E80094-D505-4ADF-BF99-1B2224…)

I just wish I could enjoy shit again passionately like I did when I was younger.

Like, I have no interest in Taylor swift but I wish I liked something as much as the swifties did. I’m just lonely and emotionless and I wish I had some sort of community.

No. 1406033

family member tried to be nice by buying me medicine except its the wrong medicine so now I probably have to go buy it myself anyway. also complained about the price because of not buying the cheap medicine i needed in the link. how do you even fuck it up when someone gives you the image with details for the exact store??

No. 1406035

Maybe because we’re not in the habit of encouraging other women to enable scrotes by being their literal cumdumpster?

Not having morals is for the moids.

No. 1406036

Idk why it's so hard for some of you to grasp that he would be responsible for cheating on his girlfriend, and anon would be responsible for knowingly fucking and seeking out someone in a relationship. Saying you're not responsible for your decision to have sex with a taken person is cope. And no, I've never been cheated on.

No. 1406041

But if I were to try something, and he doesn’t tell me he has a girlfriend or bring her up, how would it be my fault? All I have is my assumptions I have no proof. Even his pfp is just him alone

No. 1406044

what the fuck kinda logic is this? ew, moid-tier post

No. 1406045

You literally already know he has a girlfriend. This is cope at this point.

No. 1406046

I wish women could detect menaces like you on sight, i bet some already perceive your rancid vibes

No. 1406049

It's weird how in your original post you sound so regretful and ashamed of having these feelings to now acting like you're determined to pursue this and aren't responsible for any negative outcome and you're not doing anything wrong. I promise you this man is not as special as you think he is and if you cared about your friend you wouldn't try anything. She'll be hurt and it WILL be partially your fault.

No. 1406050

I'm very ugly in a way that's hard to describe and it kind of frustrates me when close family pretends I am not. No, the group of teenagers laughing at me did not "think I was cute", thanks.

No. 1406051

notice how she gradually avoids mentioning his gf in any meaningful way to the point she's now denying they're a couple.

No. 1406052

when people make statements like "i hate that women can't do X", particularly with things regarding beauty standards, female socialisation and general expectations, it does nothing but a disservice and perpetuates that those beliefs/systems are true and correct. Like no, you can challenge it, yes, you can be the change you want to see. It's not fair to wish you'd see more women do X if you're not willing to do the same. You might be the inspiration for other women to reject certain standards.

No. 1406057

File: 1668224120454.jpg (27.93 KB, 640x471, v7odarb9qbx91.jpg)

My back is killing me and I feel like puking

No. 1406059

Oh, it’s you again. You’re the troll that said you would drug your future boyfriend. Have nothing better to do tonight?

No. 1406060

Gangstalk nonnie I saw your post. You are now protected by the divine, no glowies will harm you.

No. 1406073

you sound insufferable and i wish all of your friends or "acquaintances" would be able to see this post so they know to stay the fuck away from you. like really this is pathetic and all over some dick too, you should be embarrassed. go find a hookup on tinder or something instead of enabling moids cuz i promise you he doesn't think you are special

No. 1406084

No. 1406086

i’m so fucking mad at my boyfriend’s parents. we’ve trying to buy a house for six months now. once we saved up enough, we started looking and before we could even agree on a house, we were told that his parents have royally fucked us over. they put his name on two houses and put a brand new truck in his name. we begged them to refinance the truck (his name is on the truck bc they have shitty credit) for weeks. his dad flat out told us that him having the truck of his dreams is more important than us and his granddaughter having a nice home in non-shitty neighborhood. so they held this situation over our heads until we were forced to buy out the truck so it wouldn’t be on his credit. we gave 24 thousand dollars to his parents so his dad can drive his fat ass around in a chevy truck. oh, but then by now not only have all the good houses been sold but we have no money to furnish a house if we even get one since now the interest rate is 7%. like they would rather their granddaughter live in a neighborhood where drive bys are a weekly event than not have a stupid overpriced car. god i hate fucking boomers. they’re the most self-absorbed people on earth.

No. 1406089

Nona, this is so horrible! Did you boyfriend know that they were putting major financial purchases in his name? If not, I'm pretty sure that fraudulent and definitely financial abuse. Wtf, I'm so sorry.

No. 1406090

apparently he knew about the truck but thought that his name was going to be second on the title. the houses were a complete shock. i’ve been trying to convince him that this was fraud but his mom somehow brainwashed him into thinking that his name on the houses is only so he can inherit them. which makes no fucking sense but whatever.

No. 1406104

i fucking hate my period. ive hated it since the second i got it and i dont know why. it seriously disgusts me and makes me feel so dirty and gross.. i dont know if its because im a detransitioner and hate my body or if its something else. it makes me feel embarrassed and ashamed. as a kid id use toilet paper instead of asking for pads because i was so fucking embarrassed of going to my mom about it even though i knew she would help me. i get ultra suicidal beforehand due to pmdd and it makes me feel like nothing i feel is valid or "real" because i feel wouldnt be acting like that if i wasnt so fucking hormonal. i know its stupid but ive developed an eating disorder and have had it since i was thirteen or so because i knew that would stop it from coming. im scared ive damaged my fertility. im scared my body doesnt work as it should anymore. ive always wanted children and i think ive fucked it up. i just want to be fine with my fucking body i know its a normal thing and i dont understand why im so disgusted by something thats normal and signifies that im healthy. im so mad at myself

No. 1406105

You know that lc has more than 150 active users right? I am the nonnie who will use herbal plants on my future bf and i would never entertain a taken man like this. I just want to make a guy fall in love with me, whats wrong with that? "People react differently to drugs" so i will test each plant till i get one that works. "You can potentially damaging to a person’s health" for using herbal LEGAL plants? Theres some anons there that used fentanyl on the drug thread and they are still alive. Of course i would not use any drug that would kill my future bf, you all act like im going to put heroin on his apple juice.

No. 1406108

Periods are messy and painful. You often get headachy and bloated and crampy, and sometimes diarrhea to boot. Then the moodiness—the unnecessary sadness, anger, whatever it may be—just adds insult to injury. Do you really think women like getting periods? I’ve bonded with many women through period complaining over the years. I’ve known lots of women who weren’t sexually active but who took birth control anyway just so they wouldn’t have to deal with periods (I think this is a bad idea, but it’s a super common attitude). Your feelings are just normal human feelings.

No. 1406111

I was doing so well in the past month but then I checked my ex's socials and found out she's going through some kind of falling out with a friend. I hate that she plagues my thoughts when I know she's not even thinking about me. She's not thinking about that time when I was the only one there for her when she was going through this exact same thing last year. She won't be connecting the dots that her behaviour leading to her falling out with so many of her friends is also related to our relationship not working out. Maybe she'll gain some self-awareness this time and realize she's partly to blame for so many of her failed past friendships and relationships but I don't expect anything from her because I know that I mean nothing to her now. She never understood me and never will because it will always be about her, her, and her.

No. 1406115

File: 1668232695167.jpeg (97.81 KB, 720x705, 6ED9C5DD-70E7-4541-A5CB-EB429C…)

I just spent 6 hours going on a deep dive into who Andy Dick is. It lead me to finding out about the ip2 IRL streaming community and now I feel deeply uncomfortable. My breaking point was stumbling across a video of Andy Dick blowing either meth or weed smoke directly at a lizard enclosed in a small box. I fucking hate the internet.

No. 1406118

File: 1668233288447.jpg (543.44 KB, 1080x2026, Screenshot_20221111-190835_Fir…)

RIP to anyone entertaining the wishful thinking that men being SA'd would bringing them any closer to understanding women as equals and not just a lazy "take that" for how "oppressed" men are. Meanwhile they'll admit cheating and emotionally abusing their wives while framing them as "secondary victims" of their SA rather than taking any fucking self responsibility for their actions.


No. 1406119

Why can’t I be a normal, not racist person. Why do I keep acting like a weirdo sperg despite my hyper awareness of being a bad person. I don’t want sympathy like boo hoo the white bitch is racist but gasp feels bad about it. I just want to kill myself.

No. 1406124


If you do start putting heroin in apple juice, call me

No. 1406126

File: 1668235300608.jpg (93.4 KB, 828x761, 1666109708143.jpg)

Nonnies I'm fucking struggling not being on my ADHD medication. I'm back to forgetting to brush my goddamn teeth (I am disgusting) and then binge eating shitty food (also purging for the first time in years??) and just fucking falling apart in general. I feel like a piece of shit for needing Adderall to function because I probably permafried my own dumbass brain as a teen. I need to get back on it (which makes me feel like I'm drug seeking but I don't even smoke weed anymore) and it's fucking impossible with my shitty insurance to find a psychiatrist at all. Fuck me, I'm just a-logging myself in my own mind because I'm so goddamn angry that I need something like that to have a life I'm happy with. And FUCK I start work in an office next month, I've been off for a few months and they like me but they liked the work I did when my ADHD was treated and I'm so horrified with myself I'm afraid I'll get fucking fired for being a spacey dumb shit.

Also my car is broken and my dumbass fucking boyfriend is supposed to help me fix it and hasn't done so it's been sitting for a year and now I owe a shit ton for registration because fuck California and Jesus Christ I'm so so overwhelmed and stressed from basic life shit and I'm getting fatter and everyone I live with is screaming at each other constantly and it's setting off some weird abuse trauma I haven't dealt with so on top of all this I've been drinking and I just

Feel like a huge piece of shit

No. 1406127

I also broke my thumb yesterday, so that's pretty cool too.

No. 1406129

File: 1668235682046.jpg (123.02 KB, 1242x1199, d.jpg)

This limerance gives me something to live for and think about.

No. 1406133

I planned a solo trip for myself today and when I arrived at the station my train has been cancelled, because of my return ticket I can't take any alternative route.fuck everything im so annoyed.

No. 1406147

Just watched a YouTube video where a Chinese art student took on a fake identity as a socialite as an experiment for her graduation project and she found that people treated her better. And many of the comments are whining how men wouldn't be able to do something like this because men are sooo oppressed while women just have it easier because they're attractive and therefore have the most power in society, apparently. Oh my god, SHUT UP. Men are already coddled enough in society. Shut the fuck up, whiny ass bitch boy. Damn, ruined my mood

No. 1406162

Damn, if men are treated worse than women because they're unattractive, maybe they should do what women do and become obsessed with taking care of their appearance to attract a rich wife! fucking scrotes

No. 1406163

The only reason Dahmer has a show is because he killed men (extra pity points)

No. 1406168

The banned subreddits page on wikipedia was upsetting to go through on the angle of most being places for those who want harm done to women congregate and the obvious libralisms of whoever wrote the article. Acts of misanthropy in watching/exchanging death and cp are exactly the same as the something like gender critical subreddit. Ultranationalistic caterwauling is the same as the lookmaxxing female subreddit. They all promote bigotry equally! How? Pheh.

No. 1406173

>men are sooo oppressed while women just have it easier because they're attractive and therefore have the most power in society

Except the real reason being that the same men whining are the same people giving her the power from the privilege they have anon your right by calling them whiny bitch boys kek

No. 1406185

I got a better job and it's the first time in a while where I didn't go to sleep hungry and dehydrated

No. 1406191

File: 1668244910389.jpeg (16.61 KB, 401x280, 611052e844feb12ee6836830_401_2…)

The fact that tumblr used to call any positive support or luck a "privilege" (stopped using it in 2016 so idk if they still have that mindset) and how that mindset bled into my friend's social media for a while really has made me unable to appreciate anything positive that falls into my lap by pure luck/circumstance or the support system I have managed to build around me. Instead of appreciating anything I just get all "wow, I'm so privileged that I have a very supportive family" "I'm privileged in that I managed to land this apartment, even if it was pure luck and work" etc. The only good thing this brainwash managed to accomplish in this is that I keep myself enough in check to never take anything for granted. But I'm constantly stressed because I can't be truly happy for anything, because it's a "privilege". Fuck tumblr for the way the fucked up mentality gets under your skin when you're young.

No. 1406197

I can feel that, I never went too deep into that but even being a bystander/witness to all of that crap somehow had some effect on me like walking on eggshells, even if I wasn't interacting with any of them kek.

No. 1406198

Luckily I've never interacted with most tumblrites, and whenever my friend start using tumblr rhetorics and tired arguments I tend to either gently shut the conversation down or just smile and nod until they're done so we can move on. I've always thought most of the self-victimizing mentalities on tumblr are retarded, but I also suffer from an extreme case of good girl syndrome on top of my depression telling me 24/7 that I'm a bad person that deserves bad things so there is really no surprise that the memes subconsciously got to me in the end.

No. 1406228

Idk if this even counts I’m just a dumb bitch and need to get it out. So my friend showed me a picture of some girl who was rly pretty. Homegirl looked like Sidney Sweeney fr. So I was like “dayum she’s gorgeous good for her” after I compliment tf out this mf my friend tells me that’s she’s a fkin bitch and tried to steal her boyfriend. At this point I doubled down n was just like she ugly inside but I can’t say she ugly outside yknow. Now I feel fucking stupid good time and that’s alll

No. 1406241

It’s crazy how people keep telling me i look fine or I’m “pretty”. But no one wants to date me… it’s like I’m being gaslighted. I can’t even really look at my face without crying because something is wrong here. There is no way that I’m not being lied to. I know how pretty girls, even average girls are treated and I’ve never had that. Everyone is just lying to me and I hate it. I can’t even say anything because people think I’m bragging but I’m just tired of the lies.

No. 1406245

>tfw exchanging novel length emails with nona from the friend finder thread
I'm probably not the nona you're talking about, but I will sit down to write that email this morning or afternoon. I like to set aside time to sit down and focus on the email.

No. 1406250

>no one wants to date me
What have you done to try to date people? Have you taken initiative at all?

No. 1406252

maybe your friends are lying to you just to be nice and prevent conflicts. simple as that. when i was a ugly kid my family used to say i was pretty but now that i am grow up i can see i was kinda ugly. maybe these people lie because its rude to say something like "yeah, you are ugly".

No. 1406267

ayrt, i have a hard time believing that. like one time i said i wouldn't buy something because it seemed useless, her response was "why? you always buy useless shit." another time i said i couldn't eat something because it would trigger a migraine and her response was "i really don't give a fuck." (these are translations btw, so in my language they might sound like VERY dry sarcastic remarks.)

she just comes off as a rude bitch to me and that doesn't make me want to be her friend. surely you can't be that stunted and inept at "making friends".

No. 1406274

Thank you nonny I think you're right. I am probably ugly and probably should stop nagging my friends to tell me what’s wrong with me .

No. 1406275

I am a dyke so it’s not that easy for me I’m afraid.

No. 1406288

I'm done trying to find a boyfriend. I have terrible taste in men and my friends advice just pisses me off more.
"Just dress more sexy", I already take care of myself and know how to style myself, not gonna become a slut because of some moid.
"Just be yourself", I'm too autistic for that, being myself NEVER works.
"You have to be more open", this actually makes sense but I don't know how to do it without coming off as desperate. Plus they told me I "have to come to terms people like to be touched". Because I'm autistic I really hate being hugged and unless it's someone I really trust or like, that's a huge no, I can mask everything else but physical touch is where I draw the line and I already have to control my dislike of it with my friends.
And the "you'll find him when you're not looking for it" it's bullshit when you're chubby and socially retarded.
So since I'm not willing to compromise, I have to accept the hard truth I won't find anyone. I'm just done, my longest relationship lasted 3 weeks.
Being married was always my dream, now I have to come to terms that's not going to happen and I'll die a kissless virgin, and it fucking sucks.

No. 1406301

Apparently despite the backlash they're planning on making further series of 'monster' with that gay clown killer and bundy being the top candidates for it.

Honestly, I was open to hearing people out when they had objections to the dahmer one but how often do people screech "give the victims families all the money you made from that show!" when its the usual victim.. ie young women of any colour or class. I've never seen it. That reaction was brand new. No other victims families are treated like they personally, permanently own the copyright to their loved ones story. And I've seen people be pretty disrepectful when a young woman is murdered and shes described as being a wonderful person with a promising future.. because men will insist on finding ways in which she wasn't a perfect victim. Meanwhile half of the victims in the dahmer case were prostituting themselves and they didn't get insane scrutiny or have their character or their pure victim status ripped apart for it. I've stepped back from following missing people cases or tc lately because the elements of sexism in it are weirdly tolerated but now any type of minority is treated with kid gloves. Its hypocritical. TC has been 'insensitive' the whole time. Its nothing new. Like maybe work on the sexist tones in alot of that content first? Seeing as most victims are young women and people act so desensitised to the killing of any less than angelic woman. In terms of youtube rn a good chunk of people watching this stuff are jumping through hoops to excuse women being killed. They're watching it with a mentality of 'but did she maybe kinda deserve this?' Women who die as prostutites would never get this rallying around of people to protect their memory.

No. 1406303

I was 7 years old, watching TV and then a movie about Tina Turner started playing, I didn't knew who she was but I thought she looked marvelous on stage so I gave it a try. Two hours later, I was dissociating…that movie really traumatized me, and coupled with my already miserable life, it cemented my views on men. I wholeheartedly believe they're demons on earth, every male on my life abused women. Cheaters, criminals, alcoholic women-beaters, animal abusers, rapists, pedophiles…I've literally no good male role models, but the world wants me to believe they're not a menace. Everyday, society desperately tries to convince me that men are human, excuses, excuses, copes and lies…all bullshit. "They are humans like us, they feel bad about things too they have feelings" I just…don't see it? I don't understand, Where's their soul? I only see a worthless, sexually degenerated, corrupted doppelganger
of a actual human being.

And maybe you don't know who I am or why I'm so pissed, but if you knew the kind of shit I vented about before, you would understand. Everyday, I pray to higher beings to grand me with the power to punish every scrote on this cursed earth, for I know their disappearance would save millions

No. 1406316

That's why it bothered me. Red letter media were like, "if they were white women the cops would care!!" Then showed a Montoge of REAL missing white women news clips, showing the actual faces of missing women with goofy music. Even fucking Kiwifarms called it out for being fucked up, I saw a lot of comments as well calling it out. Missing white woman syndrome is just like the Karen shit, another way for men to dismiss a certain group of women's pain pretending to be woke about it. You don't care either way dude. Also, the main people whining and clutching their pearls about Dahmer watched it. If true crim was watched mostly by men people wouldn't shit on it as much. At least women are watching it, when men become obsessed with serial killers/true crime it's seen as a red flag and some have killed. But oh, let's pick at "wine moms" or let's show real news footage of women missing, people's loved ones, while whining about how others aren't cared about. I'm down with rlm.

No. 1406317

*done not down

No. 1406319

I'm ina fucking tourist town due to a festvila,except the "festival" is just 3 floors with a total of 12 stands to buy stuff from and it's crowded as fuck. The entire "town" is just a street with a fuckton of hotel and small restaurants (that are sadly full). I still need to hold out for 3 hours until we are leaving and I'm so fucking bored. I saw a cat somewhere but I can't find it anywhere anymore lol

No. 1406331

> people keep telling me i look fine or I’m “pretty”
I can’t imagine people would say things like this unless you were repeatedly gushing on about how ugly you are. Sounds kinda obnoxious tbh, I wouldn’t want to date someone like that either.

No. 1406332

"missing white women syndrome" is such bs, and the worst part is media sources reporting on it as if they don't have the ability to just report on more stories? it's peak virtue signaling, the true mask off moment was when gabby petito went missing and retards on social media decided that it was time to whine about no media representation when a young woman was missing and probably dead, with her family in agony every minute she wasn't picking up the phone. aboslutely no empathy whatsoever, because these people don't live in the real world, they live in an imaginary bubble.

No. 1406336

My thing with the dahmer show is, why is this show so bad when millions of people watch incredibly exploitative documentaries and youtube videos already? somehow makeup n chill while we talk about brutal murder is okay, but a tasteful re-enactment of the story of one of the most notorious serial killers is not? pearl clutchers can screech all they want about "glamorization", that shit starts when they name the perpetrator in the media and make it all about him, not with a netflix show 30 odd years later. People can moralfag all they want, but someone who does the unthinkable not once but 17 times in an incredibly disgusting way will always fascinate and horrify people, it's just human nature.

No. 1406344

People have been complaining about this type of content for a long time though. The Dahmer show has just been the tipping point for most people.

No. 1406345

This dumb ass bitch in my group deleted my entry for our group project 30 mins before it was due at night. I checked our submission in the morning and the professor had already given a group grade, but she said in class she would go back and if your entry was missing you would get a zero instead of the group grade. I added my post back in, emailed the professor about what happened, and sent the screenshots of the Google sheet history of this girl literally deleting my post. LMFAO. I wish this hoe would face some kind of punishment. It’s just not fair. I want to get my own revenge on her. I need ideas IDGAF even if it was an accident she could have reached out to me and told me or done a million other things. But she did nothing. She could have jeopardized my grade, my scholarships, my life. I cried in one of my class when I found out my entry was deleted. I felt humiliated. I struggle with depression and suicidal thoughts and this triggered me. I have anxiety, too so I didn’t even want to reach out to the professor. It was just such a stressful situation to be put into. People need to be aware of how their carelessness affects other people and I need her to face consequences for her actions. I feel like it should be an academic honesty violation to delete other people’s work. What if happened to someone else that didn’t check our submission?? She waited until the last minute while all 14 of the other group members had our stuff ready for days. Fuck her.

No. 1406347

Yeah. It's unbelievable people are raging about true crime shows and podcasts, they should be raging at the girls drooling over serial killers as if moids don't need any more encouragement to shoot people but getting mad at a show or person telling the story? That's insane.

No. 1406348

it's the high production value and exposure. Netflix making a multi-part docuseries about Dahmer has way more cultural effect than random beauty youtubers reading wikipedia pages on serial killers.

No. 1406350

a youtuber reading some articles aint the same as a corporation making sexy dahmer shots

No. 1406356

Crazy to me that men will emotionally abuse you to an extremely grotesque degree and then act like it’s some sort of personal failure that you’re effected negatively by it… please die

No. 1406363

so what solution do you propose? total censorship on any true crime related fictional media? that's my issue, what solutions are there other than censorship?

No. 1406370

Netflix also left out things just like with bundy that make Dahmer look better. Dahmer refused to wear his glasses in the courtroom because he couldn’t look the victims family in the eye. He was pathetic, but that wouldn’t fit their narrative. Bundy tried to kill “his love” too and they cut that out for “true love”. They are intentionally idolizing this assholes

No. 1406373

Bundy and Dahmer were also both diagnosed with severe bipolar a fact that deeply impacted their crimes and behavior. Something else they ignore.

No. 1406375

tradthot detected

No. 1406383

Serial killers are just pathetic. Dahmer couldn't manage to have relationship with someone living so he had to kill to be in control of a corpse. Bundy was just a violent misogynist. I don't understand why there are TV-shows romantizing these maggots.

No. 1406385

I want to be able to put together fun outfits. I've struggled with body image issues almost all my life due to an eating disorder and now I'm finally at a place where my body is healthy and I'm happy with it but shopping for clothes is still so difficult. Every time I come across a piece of clothing that's interesting or fun my mind tricks me out of buying it, "I like this but it wouldn't look good on me", "it would bring too much attention", "the slit is too high/there's no belt loops/ the texture is weird" etc etc, or I just get overwhelmed at the choices and trying to picture it on my body and stop shopping. Sometimes I do manage to buy things I like but then I either don't have anything to go with it or I feel too self conscious and never wear it. Sometimes I wear the pieces I get a couple times and then stop liking how it looks on me. I have one or two comfort outfits that I'll reliably wear for every season but it gets so boring wearing the same thing over and over again. I don't know how to get over this, I just want to wear fun stuff but my mind won't let me.

No. 1406388

>a tasteful re-enactment
kek the show is far, FAR from tasteful anon…especially considering who made it

No. 1406389

I fucking hate people who knowingly took out student loans and then act like it's their god given right to get those thousands they knowingly "borrowed" back. I spent my entire teenagehood working my ass off to save up enough for college because my family was piss poor and these people did nothing but steal from others and are now getting rewarded for it. You got these white people from rich backgrounds who took out $50k or more in loans trying to act like it was inevitable or they were "just 18 year old teens so it's not our fault!!!" besides the fact that they were just too proud to ask their parents for money and most 18 year olds, either from their parents or from working were smart enough to save and actually pay what was required. It's so fucking disingenuous and an avoidance of responsibility. No you didn't need to take out $50k, you could've saved, waited, had someone else pay for it or actually made the money like the rest of us, but I guess the government is rewarding terrible decisions now.

No. 1406391

I legit saw some youtuber whining about the show then went, "Imagine how Tracey Edmonds feel seeing blah blah blah" and "I'm like, oh imagine how a man who was a rapists and on the run, also later killed someone else feels about the Netflix show and his protrayal?"

>Edwards lived in Tupelo, Mississippi, where he had been indicted for the sexual battery of a 14-year-old girl. After his name and face started popping up thanks to the Dahmer trial, he was extradited back to the South where he faced charges

I'm realizing now a lot of the "outrage" is so ill informed and bullshit. We've had years and years of serial killer movies/shows/youtube videos etc. The same people whining about Jeffree, don't even know much about his victims anyway. For example Tracey was a piece of shit and he saved other men from being killed, but if YOU cared so much to whine and make a video, maybe look into TE as well?

No. 1406393

Dahmer was a self hating homo with bipolar. He couldn’t cope with it and killed those men and boys like that. The definition of pathetic. Internalized homophobia and mental illness taking to an extreme combined with severe substance abuse. I really don’t get the girls so into him.

No. 1406395

bro I cannot with this ftm at work. I misgendered her twice already and I'm sweating bullets every time, it's not my fault that French is a gendered language and you are female. I will get fired.

No. 1406396

Instead of getting mad at people who wanted to get an education just like you, get mad at the institutions and rulebooks that spin up a scenario of having to pay thousands of dollars to get higher education. And disclaimer Nona, I've paid for most of my schooling out of pocket without loans while juggling a career so I say the above while totally empathizing with your frustration.

No. 1406399

because women like it. Even in the red letter media video, the two scrotes were bringing up "Wine moms' and the whole, "missing white woman Montage". Also, I'd like to mention, they did an "Garbage Pail Kids" Re:View, they then talk about how sexualized the female love interest was, and how they thought she was an adult, but she wasn't (the actress was 16 and the main male actress was just 15), there was a shot where she crosses her legs and I guess it's a upskirt (gross). Regardless of them saying she was underaged and how gross it was, they showed the clip like twice, it was censored and this may be a nitpick, but IDK. I'm just side eyeing a lot of scrote shit.

No. 1406403

Like I said, it's all virtue signaling. serial killers are popular mythos at this point, bitching and crying about a netflix tv show isn't gonna change that. The people complaining about it are all just squeamish, which I understand, but that doesn't mean they get to tell directors/artists what they can and can't make. If you hate it so much, vote with your wallet and don't watch it, simple as.

No. 1406408

I hate it and I listed reasons the series is idolizing him. If you refuse to read and only respond to anons in your narrative that’s on you and your ignorance.

No. 1406409

What wasn't tasteful about it? I keep seeing spergs go on and on about how Ryan Murphy is le ebil gay perv but upon watching the show I didn't really sense that anything shown was inappropriate?

No. 1406413

>that's on you and your ignorance
where did you list the reasons? are you >>1406370? i felt the show did a pretty good job making him look like a pathetic autist, i get the feeling that a lot of the people who are outraged about it haven't even watched the whole thing.

No. 1406431

My main pet peeve when it comes to reading discussions around TC in general is that women have to have the most squeeky clean record.. if not then they're seen as half deserving of their rape/murder. "brought it on herself" Men can have their own criminal records, they can be living dodgy lifestyles when they end up being victimised and all that gets forgotten the moment he has something awful done to him. His whole record won't be taken into consideration. I just wish people could find a balance and treat female and male victims somewhat the same. Its very much one rule for men and another for women.

The last couple years I don't think true crime viewers are as female heavy as it used to be. Going by comments sections and boards.. plenty of men are casually watching it just so they can then display their lack of empathy for women who somehow arent a 'good enough' victim to care about. They pick apart the murdered women more than they do the killer.

No. 1406434

I took an edible last night and it was so different from smoking in an unpleasant way. I had to leave the show I was at because I was getting a sensory overload. I feel like such an idiot.

No. 1406435

File: 1668269755230.jpg (Spoiler Image, 28.75 KB, 559x447, 41ietYyGZEL._SY1000_.jpg)

The solution is for people who make true crime content to approach it with more sensitivity. YouTubers should stop eating 50 Big Macs while talking about women being horrifically murdered and with larger projects like the Dahmer show, they shouldn't straight up make things up and should be more mindful of the victims families. No one is asking true crime content to stop, this stuff has existed for years. There are even true crime channels that I've never heard of people having a problem with because they don't do inappropriate shit while talking about people being killed. Also, true crime fans should probably stop thirsting after killers and making shit like picrel. Nya.

No. 1406441

>this stuff has existed for years
I meant to add that it only became a problem because of the genre exploding and people not treating it the way they should.

No. 1406446

they give me legit panic attacks. i know some people love them but apparently they cause a higher percentage of bad trips and stuff than smoking/vaping

No. 1406450

scrote directors shouldn't be allowed to make anything tbh

No. 1406454

That's because you don't know yet what looks good on you. Once you categorize yourself in your head it gets easier. I had a similar problem and I used the colour palette test and kibbe body type test to narrow down my choice and make choosing clothes more straightforward. I'm a cool summer leaning to light colours so I pretty much only wear light cold pastels. And as an example from Kibbe, amongst many things I learnt I should avoid sharp edged and boxy stuff and focus on softer, fitting clothes. For Kibbe I had to browse a little bit to get a hang of categorizing my body but for the colour palette there are apps that let you take a photo and then either compare yourself with diff palettes or let an AI help you.

No. 1406461

I'm sorry you went through that nona. It definitely felt like a bad trip but without the hallucinations. I just feel bad because my friend was kind enough to buy them for me but I might have to give them back to her.

No. 1406463

idc I loved dahmer and watched it 3 times. I watched it mainly for Evan. people and things get exploited all of the time for media and content. the majority of people are just moralfagging

No. 1406464

Young people can't shut up about climate change and how the earth is ruined yet it seems like every second teen I see wants to be a clothes designer.

No. 1406469

No. 1406473

I am so fucking sick of troons. I try my best to avoid them but they're literally everywhere.

No. 1406474

they want someone else to solve "climate change" so they can continue their habits of consooming and laze around in easy creative jobs instead of doing hard shit like scientific research or reforesting labor. like clockwork the people who talk the most about climate change are all massive consoomers. the only people i respect are those who actually take steps to reduce their own pollution.

No. 1406475

At least you own your low empathy kek

No. 1406481

nta but more people should, moralfagging helps no one. use your empathy for something useful like volunteering to help homeless women or helping old people cross the street, your anger and compassion are wasted by reeeeeing about a tv show.

No. 1406488

some of the podcasts were really good, but I still heard a lot of drama coming from them

No. 1406491

exactly anon

No. 1406494

This is so dumb because you can care about both. You act like it's wrong to criticize media.

No. 1406496

mad because i hate my assistant manager, actual powertripper. you got a college education and decided to move to this shitty city for this low ass customer service job…. your "actually, i can do that" because i am the assistant manager skit is unamusing, im sure you are pleasant outside of work but i cannot stand working with you. you alone make me want to quit. this job does not care about you. please use your college education and do something that cares for you

No. 1406498

Before my loss and failing relationship i didn't understand why people drank or even did drugs. Sure i had a lot of traumatizing events happen to me, but what im going through hits different. I really need something to fuck me up. Im going through a lot and i can't handle it all. I feel like im going insane.

No. 1406499

I don't think enjoying the show means I have low empathy. but I do think the majority of people are moralfagging online about the whole thing. I am not thirsting over the real Jeffrey dahmer. This is a problem > >>1406435 not watching a tv show about events that has already been monetised and shown in media many times before. I think if the show wasn't so big and successful, nobody would care

No. 1406501

I quit my shitty job today. My boss has been underpaying and overworking me. For weeks I've put up with the disrespect but today was too much. We were extremely understaffed with just one waitress and he expected me to be able to take care of a whole dining room. On top of him firing my one friend and the best employee in the place for absolutely no reason. I feel disappointed in myself because I tried to do my best, but nobody should work under unfair work conditions. There are more jobs out there but I wish it would have ended better so I could have put in my two weeks at least. Feeling very defeated nonettes

No. 1406503

Sometimes, you just need something to numb the pain. Be well soon, anon.

No. 1406506

Yeah, it pisses me off too. It is not the same. And somehow I get called "toxic" and "just as bad as them" for pointing this out. Fuck off.

No. 1406508

>This is a problem > >>1406435 not watching a tv show about events that has already been monetised and shown in media many times before. I think if the show wasn't so big and successful, nobody would care
I don't completely understand what this means, but I and many other people have had these criticisms for true crime shit for a while before the Dahmer show came out. It's a Netflix show though, so obviously it's a bigger thing and you're going to see more people talking about it. But I don't get why anons are acting like this criticism for true crime just came out of no where when that show came out. Also, once again the problem isn't the story being shown in the media.

No. 1406510

Sending hugs, hope you go for a serious hike anon, it will do you good to be out in nature and away from the bollocks, even if you don't feel better

No. 1406511

All men view women in the general same light. Some are just more extreme in their ideals. We're all meant to be their property that pumps kids out and cleans the house, while looking good enough to make his dick rise at all times. Once you stop hoping they'll view you as human, you stop viewing them as human. I mainly think they're just meant to do physical labor and die. The better looking and smarter ones can have their sperm harvested and that's about it.

No. 1406512

I've lost a lot of motivation to make art ever since I stopped using social media and only just occasionally do studies and sketches nowadays. It's been years since I last posted art. I just wonder if posting again would give me some more motivation. I had a lot of people like my art for a while but a dysfunctional relationship at the time and low self-esteem made me retreat and stop using social media.

Also, realizing now that my lack of social media is also in part due to my ex. After I broke up with him, he wouldn't stop stalking my social media accounts so I ended up deleting everything. He's the type to hoard information from his past relationships and use that against his exes so I'm worried about that too. I really regret ever being involved with him.

No. 1406513

Eh, you're gross but it's lolcow so I guess enjoy

No. 1406514

> Also, once again the problem isn't the story being shown in the media.
but isn't that why there has been such an uproar.. because it is being shown in the media?

No. 1406515

if you say so kek

No. 1406516

Anon just read the other post
>>1406435 again.

No. 1406517

Try an exhibition? I never did art on social media so I can't speak to it being motivating or not, but old school exhibitions are a great motivation!

No. 1406519

How did you know he was stalking your account? Do you think he'll blackmail or leak sensitive information about you?

No. 1406520

ok but what I am saying is watching and enjoying a show about it isn't the same as wearing a t-shirt with the real Jeffrey dahmer on it or thirsting over him on Tumblr. People online aren't talking about these issues, they are just talking about the show.

No. 1406522

that sucks! it sounds similar to what people i know have experienced too. i just stay away from them now, they take longer to get you high anyway.

No. 1406526

nta but the issue with the show is that it perpetuates real interest in him. it also increases mainstream interest.

No. 1406534

there's a difference between criticising a nd people screeching that no shows like this should ever be allowed to be made again. my problem isn't with people disliking the show, it's with how comfortable people (in general in this day and age) are with the vague idea of a Ministry of Truth type organisation that would oversee creativity and not allow things that shock/offend people to see the light.
>inb4 moid, no i am just a woman who doesn't believe in moralfagging and censorship

No. 1406539

People online are talking about these issues. Some people are talking about those issues (like people thirsting about serial killers) because of the show, and some were talking about it before it even came out. The issue people have with the actual show is how Ryan Murphy went about making it and how (some) people are sympathizing with and romanticizing Dahmer. You can even see anons on this site doing that because of the show. It's a Netflix show so of course you're going to see more people talking about it. I won't derail anymore because idk how much plainer I can put it.

No. 1406543

I just think what >>1406403 is a good response to it all

No. 1406546

Not really.

No. 1406547

yeah I agree anon

No. 1406548

It's been a while since I thought of that since pandemic years killed exhibits in my area for a while. I'll definitely look into that.
Weird, blank accounts suddenly popping out of nowhere on my stories and Twitter account mainly. A few of them were even following cosplayers he was a fan of. I wasn't some super popular artist getting a lot of followers every day and he has a history of stalking exes even from 5+ years back. Not 100% solid evidence it's him I guess but I think it's a good chance it was. I am worried that he may try to blackmail me because he has exhibited antisocial tendencies and it wouldn't be out of the realm of possibility to do something like that.

No. 1406550

To peak pickmes and ethots/other women who don't really mind licking men's boots, why not send them a copy of the red pill manifesto or pickup strategies and what they do to subtly subjugate women and lower her self esteem/flight response from him? It seems like the only way to cure them.

Just send it to their emails or DMs, if it feels too privacy breaking, then make alt accounts pretending to be a Chad or a handsome guy or a transwoman in need and once you built enough following, post the exposed techniques publicly and just say "yes thats what males really think of you pickmes". Should peak lots of young women real fast.

Lots of women are still too bluepilled about men and think they couldn't possibly escalate to be that abusive as a manospherian. But leftist men beg to differ, most of them are on the manosphere also but just mask as a soyboy to trick women into trusting them. It's a strategy from the less honest type of men who don't have too much pride.

This is why women don't win and men play the destroying feminism game better than them. Men dare to hack and larp and use sneaky strategies like that.

No. 1406551

So many words to say “I want everyone to be miserable like me”. The implication that it’s rich people who’s bearing the most of student loans lmaooo. Are you really saying your teenage jobs paid for college? The fuck are you 50 years old? Cope and seethe retard.

No. 1406557

if you think that's a problem at all i have bad news.

No. 1406559

You underestimate the power of denial. Pickmes will dismiss you as a jealous hag and block you. You think they’d read a PDF? Lol
To them, men being trash is a failing on the woman’s part. Their kings are great BECAUSE they serve him adequately.

No. 1406563

I'm not worried by women who watched the show and who enjoyed the Evan shirtless shots and didn't come away crying from it. Ngl I teared up at parts but I don't question the empathy of people who didn't or who found evan distracting enough to not get sucked up in feeling bad the whole time it played.

When so much of true crime now is men saying shit like
> idk man, I think gabby petito was probably a bitch to date, she probably pressed his buttons all the time and he just lost it, I mean hes only human!
Wheres the outrage over men who say that shit when a crime is still fresh and not 3 decades old? I can't count how many times I read comments like that when that case was still active. They kneejerked straight to his defense. Thats a true lack of empathy that stuck with me afterwards. I worry about men like that and not evan stans.

No. 1406564

am retard, elaborate

No. 1406565

Look I’m going to tell you and the government the same thing I told my ex: you need to get over that shit, because I already forgave myself lol.

No. 1406566

Today on a stroll I thought I saw a grandpa squatting by a tree to catch a breath and I wanted to help but as I got closer I realized he was pissing out in the open. It was on local high school grounds as well. Bitch being used as a slur is projection.

No. 1406576

i get guilt tripped for not spending time with my nieces and nephews even though we are basically strangers and quite frankly i have other things i want to do with my limited time off. i am told i am selfish and not a good aunt. i literally have no memories of ever hanging out with any of my own 3 aunts. they weren't in my life. didn't make an effort. i don't know why the onus is on me to initiate everything with my siblings and their kids or else i'm a bad person. they don't even talk to me besides the guilt tripping about how i never talk to them.

No. 1406577

honestly i hope that someday we as women can piss on the street without shame. this is my battle, i am passionate about this. it sucks that moids sexualise us so we can't just piss like they do, when i get old i will walk around flappy titties and all and terrorize moids by pissing on the floor.

No. 1406591

am I really a horrible brat for just wanting to know where we're going? I hate being told to just get in the car or told "we're leaving" and nobody wants to answer where to. Or they just go "idk we'll see". If I ask why they won't just tell me up front they interrogate me about not trusting them or say I'm spoiled and that you don't have to know everything in life. Is it really that weird to just always want to know where you're going or where you are? I don't like being dragged to random places last minute. Same thing when walking with people and they just randomly head into a direction and won't tell why and act like I'm insane for wanting an explanation. They even do this in foreign countries in cities I've never been in before.

No. 1406594

I constantly witness dumb and ugly ppl being successful. It seems they cannot be held responsible for their actions neither

No. 1406596

fuck no. why the fuck do anons want to act like men? no one should be allowed to piss outside on the street or go shirtless anywhere.

No. 1406597

I have a stupid wedding to attend today and I am dreading it so much. I'm only going because I've known the bride for 15 years. I have no idea who the groom is. But I hate weddings, it's a waste of money and everyone's times. I already said I have to dip early though, and I truly do, because I have to work tomorrow morning. Fuck everything about this weekend

No. 1406603


It’s not their fault they’re so dumb, ugly, and successful

No. 1406606

The eternal feminist dilemma: Should we have the freedom to act like men or are we innately more civilized because we don't?

No. 1406608

>Why do you want to act like men????
Idk maybe cause they seem like they're having a good fucking time. idc about being morally superior i just want to be free and have fun

No. 1406610

Stay pressed, broke hot person!

No. 1406611

not a dilemma for me. just think of what women would do if they were in charge. it's not a product of socialization to think disgusting things are are disgusting. pissing is unsanitary, kills grass and smells bad. think of all the public bathrooms there would be if men didn't normalize pissing outside. as for shirtlessness, i just don't want to see unattractive people shirtless, period so it's better to deny everyone than extend it to women in my opinion.

No. 1406614

File: 1668276841708.png (818.89 KB, 656x522, piss.png)


No. 1406623

Does anyone hate how as soon as 99% women get in a relationship their entire personality revolves around their moid?

No. 1406625

Feel so ugly don’t wanna be seen in public. Makeup just makes my face look dirty.

No. 1406633

Wouldn't be so bad if it were reciprocated, if only

No. 1406640

Yes it sucks. I've had to cut off so many friends because of it

No. 1406644

File: 1668277933584.gif (490.09 KB, 250x250, 726F618D-8E47-4600-B54C-EDAEAE…)

One of my family members finally moved out and I feel nothing but a mix of apathy and resentment if that makes sense. They left even though we were not on good terms and they said something that put a bad taste in my own mouth a month ago that made me not want to speak to them any longer, and they are finally gone. It just pisses me off that my own mother is crying that they’re leaving, I can appreciate the things the family member has done for me but I can’t help but hold on to deep wounds they have burned into me, recent wounds as well. I’m just feeling a huge mixture of emotions, the biggest one is jealousy that she’s crying that they will no longer take on the bills and adult responsibilities that she can easily do by herself. Even when I was a kid I always felt second to that family member, even though I know the only reason my mom cherished them more was because she dumped unnecessary stress and duties on her own female eldest child. It’s all so tiresome, now I have to avoid my mom for a few hours because I am not in the emotional capacity to handle that. Now I’m stuck at home with no goals, bleak future, college classes that don’t fulfill me and drain me of my soul, no one wants to hire me, and stuck with two fat irresponsible scrotes right across for me who are damn near 30 year olds and still shacking up with my mom. I hate my lifeeeeee

No. 1406649

Omg yes. This is why I decided to never be with a moid, I don't want to become like that. Making your whole personality about a moid who will most likely leave you in a few years seems like a nightmare.
It's sad because I lost a best friend to a beta moid.

No. 1406650

I hate science people and Christians. Usually Christians can be dumb but some of them, especially those that understand how complex it is or have a rational take over it are ok. I've observed intellectual Christians can be ok. I am so lost ideologically because I don't fit in anywhere. I hate atheists because they have a very biased and even ignorant view of what God represents in Christianity. I am not opposed to science at all and I do believe in evolution or at least in Darwinism but I am obsessed with the ancient world and ancient bodies of knowledge. Hermeticism, philosophy, Zoroastrianism and some science moids basically disregarded my intelligence and inferiorized me by saying I should read modern literature more. How do you think we even have the knowledge that we do right now in science without the effort of the ancients? Do you think the ancient Egyptians didn't have maths? You think we're in 21st century and we got all this knowledge scientists use out of nowhere? What the fuck. You're quite stupid for someone that believes themselves to be so rational.

No. 1406657

I’m kind of not motivated to lose weight only because I didn’t get treated any better when I was thin. I’m sure ex hot girls feel better getting back to their old bodies because they got more benefits. I had people saying I looked like a man, I was sick, crack head. I’m assuming it’s because I’m black and people are used to us looking thick. But I definitely get messed with less since getting fat and get more compliments which sucks because I’m 10 lbs away from being overweight and I’d rather be in the 100-115 range again because I felt I looked better in my eyes and my clothes fit better. Now I feel like everything is too revealing or I’m about to burst like a hot sauce.

No. 1406658

I'm atheist/agnostic myself, because I can't believe, but I do understand what kind of people you're talking about. They legit act like we knew nothing before the renaissance, even though it's literally in the name. It weren't even lots of new inventions, but just things 'rediscovered' from older civs. Yet they act like everyone was retarded and backwards before that. They also shit on religion constantly, whether organized or not, with no understanding or sympathy, but don't realize that they sometimes have turned 'science' into a religion themselves. And before I get dogpiled with "but it's the objective truth, all facts, how can you be against that?" no it's a process and considering how much debate there is even between scientists, scrutiny of methods, finding out some stuff was wrong etc. it's not as clear cut as the reddit tier science worshippers will have you believe. Like they'll complain about science philosophy and say we just need the numbers, because they believe those are automatically objective eternal facts, completely not caring about how to interpret things and the method to get there etc.

No. 1406667

Bought a massive Yankee Candle (538g of Clementine Spice) and it's way too strong. Can only use it for a maximum of 30 minutes, else it gets too unbearable.
At least it will last me a while, I guess.
For now I just leave the lid off so the smell kind of spreads around the room without lighting it.

No. 1406670

Whan an awful situation, I'm so sorry that you and your chickens had to experience that.
Is there a way to press charges? Even if you aren't able to prove it, putting it on record would be a good idea. Maybe even ask if other neighbours saw any of it happening so that they can back you up.
His dogs might do it again, but next time they might attack a child.

No. 1406677

File: 1668280273973.jpg (786.06 KB, 1056x3857, Screenshot_20221112_140726.jpg)

I hate when men give a long-winded picrel about why they're un-inviting you from plans when they probably just got a different woman to go with them.
I remembered him inviting me but I told him I forgot LMAO. He didn't message me throughout the week or this morning about our third date so I presumed he was gonna flake.

Getting a different scrote to take me to hot pot tonight minus the cringe movie <3(<3)

No. 1406684

>seeing that marvel movie
>im seeing adam sandler tomorrow
you dodged a bullet. he has such bad taste

No. 1406687

Why can’t I be normal. Why do I act like this

No. 1406692

>Black Panther is such an emotionally intense movie
lmao… also why does this guy text like he writes with a quill pen? lose this man, you deserve someone better and less cringe

No. 1406693

KEK all these 3rd grade level excuses

No. 1406704

What fresh autism is this KEK

No. 1406706

the defensive monologuing is so exhausting omg he will do this with every fight or conversation i guarantee you

No. 1406710

I can't tell if the part about eating before the cinema is him talking about bowel isssues or?.. what the

No. 1406715

I don’t understand how women can make vagina art when having this organ fucking sucks. Oh the miracles of making life or whatever but I have my tubes tied, so all it does make me want to kill myself with pmdd for two weeks every month and lube mediocrely/hurt when I put shit in it because of my systemic illness (even when I flick the bean myself, so I know it’s not me getting laid badly, it’s one of the many things my disease affects) I will gladly eat and finger a pussy but having one/mine makes me suicidal. I wouldn’t troon out or get a rot dog or a hysterectomy because I’m already at risk of prolapse without taking organs out and I hate the idea of early dementia and the myriad of whatever other horrors ftms and detransers describe but this is hell. I want to fucking die (yes I’m about to get my period)

No. 1406722

If he thinks marvelshit is intense high cinema you dodged a bullet lmao. pseudointellectual funkopop ass cringelord

No. 1406728

Add being butchy and from a conservative sociocultural context (battling internalized misogyny because it was a bunch of female authority figures who were especially brutal about social roles) and first world troons fetishising periods and every month as my period arrives I spiral into the abyss. I don’t know what to do anymore, sometimes. Not even seeking advice I just want the torment to end

No. 1406743

Kek, he also whined to me about how he recommended a Joe Rogan podcast on ancient pyramids on the internet and everyone was clowning him for being a racist. He is a moron.
I've witnessed past dates cry during Marvel movies.
Are scrotes okay?
He grows his own mushrooms so he is probably referencing that. However, last time we went out he was snorting ketamine the whole time, pretty pathetic.
Like him for his 10/10 body and dick, but he turned out to be a 0/10. RIP.

No. 1406762

Everyone's talking about the Marvel movie but the hot pot is the real cringe in this lol. A literal meme

No. 1406775

See I can never imagine hating my vagina this much

No. 1406776

Do you think people only make art of things that make them happy at all times? Couldn't all those negative aspects of having a vagina make women feel strongly enough to make art? Disregarding your weird assumption that we can't enjoy and celebrate our bodies regardless of those things…

No. 1406791

>Weird, blank accounts suddenly popping out of nowhere on my stories and Twitter account mainly. A few of them were even following cosplayers he was a fan of.
I've also been occasionally visiting my ex's socials but I don't have any burner social media account so I don't know if it will still show up somehow, like in the view Tweet activity tab. This makes me wonder if he knows I'm still stalking him lmao I know I should stop so I guess this is one incentive to quit it. Maybe you can make a new account for your art?

No. 1406796

File: 1668283600637.jpg (112.2 KB, 1080x1078, tumblr_833d84ba588bd56df3041fd…)

I will go to a celebration and there will be a woman who screamed at me and tried making arguements in front of everyone in a restaurant with me (i backed off). I am so scared, anxious and worried. Even before the arguement everytime i'd have to be around this woman all of my days will go to shit the next day, I will always feel emotionally drained and some stupid crap would always happen to me. Because of her i believe in energetic vampires. I wish i could avoid that, but it's my partners celebration, so ofc i have to go. I am so scared, tired, and periods are not helping.

No. 1406803

Recovering from this surgery has been hell so far, it almost feels alienating, I need help to get on bed, to get out of bed, to pee, and most of the times when I call my family they don't hear at all.
I'm getting panic attacks (had one because I had to go back to the hospital yesterday, had one because I had a fever and I was afraid I would pass out in the shower), so I told my friend about it and his answer was: You are getting nervous for nothing, this is stressing me out too.
Like yeah, imagine if you were the one who just had a major surgery… I feel guilty because that's the only thing I've been able to talk about these days but I got my life hijacked by this stupid shit, I don't even leave my house.

No. 1406807

File: 1668284452480.jpg (50.51 KB, 600x450, 5f58514f99719585ecb4a7c1537c60…)

Why's clay so hard to work with

No. 1406820

Do you think people only make vent posts of things that make them unhappy at all times? Couldn't all those negative aspects of having a vagina make women feel strongly enough to make a vent post? Disregarding your weird assumption that we can't vent about our bodies regardless of those things…

No. 1406825

i can’t stand feeling like i live outside society. i’m constantly in a state of severe disassociation, i don’t know how to join in in the world. whenever i make a friend it eventually feels like psychological torture and makes me withdraw more. every day is so painful it’s so painful and i’m so embarrassed at being so incapable and so miserable when this is supposed to be the peak of my life, the beautiful peak of my youth. but i’m suicidal and i can’t take anything at all

No. 1406833

don't be a scared of hateful scornful loser, she can't you hurt in any sort of meaningful way

No. 1406840

Nonna, sadly enough I don't need to imagine. People act like they will finally have sympathy for people who are actually going through real shit. The reality is that at the most difficult moments you get dropped, because it's too stressful and depressing for other people. I was expected to make my own bed all on my own after abdominal surgery and nobody helped me out of bed at all and it caused my belly button incision to become infected from all the pulling. Meanwhile my family point blank told the hospital that they were willing to help me, other wise they wouldn't have discharged me so fast. Well that was a lie. And nobody wants to talk about it, like it's all too depressing and stressful for THEM, but they don't give a shit about you. What the fuck else do they expect? Of course you're going to be obsessing and panicking because it is scary and you went through something big recently. Yet they have to act like the victims.

No. 1406849

I'm sorry to hear that anon, I was going to say I hope it wasn't such a traumatizing experience for you but I know it would be too optimistic, I just hope you heal from the wounds you still have inside.

No. 1406867

That'll be the plan if I ever come back since I nuked every account. I'm sure you're probably fine btw. My ex was actually following my Twitter and viewing my Instagram stories and new accounts would show up each time I blocked them. He had a habit of making a fuckton of accounts to talk to women behind my back anonymously or whatever so I imagine he was using a lot of his old backup accounts when stalking me.

No. 1406881

I know how childish it is, but I don't get how people can just decide to study some state or even country over and then simply do it. I'm thinking of applying to an university five hours away and the thought of it almost makes me cry. I'm 22, and then there are 17 year old teens that have no problem doing it lmao.

No. 1406883

drunk pms cried on a phonecall last weekend about cat who died a couple of months ago and my loneliness to my best friend and their friend, the latter who had been making consistent conversation with me for a couple a months. i possibly got too excited to make another friend. they have barely spoken to me all week and when they have their tune has changed… i was fine in my schizoid bubble for so long because lack of socialisation i can be really innapropriate now. i guess i'm upset at the consequences of my own actions lol another one bites the dust

No. 1406903

I already had trust issues, but this went pretty far, but that's besides the point. Surgery is traumatic even when it went well and even if you do get help, it's natural to want to talk about it or be worried when you get a fever. It's about your life and well being, meanwhile they complain about it giving them some more stress. You're the one who was cut up. If you actually got to talk about it, would probably calm the nerves more to be taken seriously, even if it's just listening.

No. 1406911

I judge the hell out of the ED thread in /g/, more than a quarter of the posts are wannarexics. I also am smug that as far as Luna is, the fattest I ever got was a BMI of 19. This is embarrassing as fuck to feel superior about and I believe I should be shamed for it.

No. 1406938

>don't even drink alcohol or soda
>always eat dinner around 5 or 6 PM
>normal weight
>get diagnosed with gastritis today
fuck this shit. eating has been painful for me for over a week now.

No. 1406950

I hate men.

No. 1406962

I had it too nona, but managing it for a couple months with a strict diet and slowly reintroducing trigger foods again is what helped me get rid of it. It's an acidity overdrive problem foremost. Eating alkaline foods and only water is the way to go about it. Though I did take some medication that didn't really help. I can eat whatever I want now at whatever time and sleep in any position.

No. 1407077

thanks, nona, i'll keep that in mind and try to remain hopeful. i've been focusing too much on it possibly being from h. pylori or from stress but at this point, there's not much i can do about those possible factors. i'll look more at the ph levels of my food. i go on my vacation abroad for the first time in years in less than a month so it's going to be seriously lame not being able to eat as much as i'd like. why couldn't this have happened during 2020 when i was a shut-in for several months?

No. 1407114

File: 1668299300489.jpg (675.21 KB, 1993x2509, 20221112_155010(1)~2.jpg)

Okay so I'm finally gonna do something about my problem. I go to starbucks everyday to study. I live with my bf rn and since I dont have a job rn his mom makes me go out to work with him to work so Im still being productive and on a good schedule. So I go to starbucks while he works at the grocery store and I study til its time for his break. When I started going there was this old man who would come in every once and a while. Never thought much of him,but one day he saw me doodling and started talking to me about his love of art and then told me he was from spain and stuff. So I didn't recognize any red flags at first. I was thinking "Oh what a nice old man" even though he was a little more talkative than I was expecting. But then he came in the day after and as soon as he saw that I was sitting down he plopped down right next to me and he started talking about politics but this time he talked for HOURS! I wasnt upset though. It was unfortunate but i thought it was a one time thing,I was thinking maybe he had a lot on his mind and just needed to talk about it. He didn't come in more than once every couple of weeks so whatever!…But then he started coming in every single day after that. And each time he wanted to talk for hours. Eventually it got to a point where i wasnt getting any studying done and id get all anxious when he walked in cause he'd always make a B-Line towards me! He would tell me that its disgusting for women to dye their hair or wear makeup but its okay that he does it because he liked younger women (hes 60 or something). He talked about how hed have sex a lot when he was younger. Then he told me he wouldn't think about dating a 20 year old,he said "I just like to admire you". He was also really touchy and would tap me constantly,grab my arm,or just put his hand WAY too close to my thigh. He started making me really very uncomfortable. Especially when he told me he thinks "The Jews" control everything. I was at a loss because i have social anxiety and i dont like confrontation it makes me panicky and sick. I finally got him to kinda leave me alone. He stopped sitting next to me when i told him I really needed to focus but then he started coming up from his seat to speak to me every few minutes. First I tried to be cold but i let my guard slip and i helped him figure out how to use the QR scanner on his phone and the harassment and sitting next to me started ALL OVER! but now Im being really rude! When he talks to me i just nod or sometimes i even ignore him but hes not getting the message so I've decided to be as straightforward as possible by writing a note. But Im nervous. Should i hand it to him or ask someone from the staff to do it? Idk,I dont want him to react badly or say something mean or something because im a huuuge pussy.

No. 1407126

nonna you're not a pussy bc you're afraid of an old scrote (the worst kind). It's so sad that you try to politely decline his creepiness but you still feel like you're the bad guy, your note is so considerate when he acts like such a dick. But i would advice you to ask someone to hand it to him, you never know how they could react.

No. 1407141

why is hot pot cringe and meme? never had it

No. 1407153

>I hope you understand…

Dear God you don't have to treat him like glass when he's the one enjoying making you uncomfortable. I assume you've told your bf, can't he confront him for you? I'm tiny and I'd still tell him to fuck off if my gf was getting harassed every day.

No. 1407157

This man has wasted enough of your time, you should make your bf deal with him. Because he’s an old sexist set in his ways he will be more likely to actually leave you alone (sadly). He will twist your note into some kind of flirtation on your part because you wrote it just for him, I would advise against it.

No. 1407160

I second what the other nonna said. I wish you the best of luck, but he sounds unhinged, and so you may wish to have a backup plan. I've old scrotes who simply would NOT take no for an answer. It's fucked, but I would also have a backup plan.

No. 1407165

You have to be 18 to post here.. but advice wise: get a job, one. Go to a different Starbucks or be fucking straight up and use your words. That note is stupid as fuck. You don’t need to give any reasoning just say leave me alone if he doesn’t speak with staff

No. 1407167

Don't hand him the note. Either have your bf or another male you know deal with him or just find your voice and tell him straight up to stop talking to you because he makes you uncomfortable, and if he talks to you again you'll be forced to call the police.

No. 1407173

i came over to my bf's house just to spend time with him and i thought nobody else was here. but he has his friend over and now he says his friends gf can come over like shit i don't want to see anyone else i feel so awkward already fml. came over looking like shit expecting nobody else would see me except him

No. 1407174

What the fuck, a note? Really? You think some weird scrote who's cornering you for hours and trying to touch your thigh is going to be like 'well yeah now that I see your note I understand the error of my ways. Bye forever!'?? Is there somewhere else you can go? Seriously just fucking go somewhere else, that guy is a creep and he's not going to leave you alone unless he's banned from the premises and you need to learn at the very least how to avoid danger so you don't spend hours listening to creeps. Jesus christ

There are so many things wrong with this post that someone could write an essay on it.

No. 1407182

Im sorry,I know. I just dont know what else to do. Also Im 21 but i have a processing disorder,My handwriting is really,really shit. Im not working rn because I am finally trying to finish up my GED.

No. 1407185

I should ask my BF,I just feel guilty because he works 8 hours everyday and its like im coming in and going "Hey I know you let me libe with you buy me stuff and work hard to support me but could you also tell off this random old man?" It'd feel like id be burdening him more. Honestly,I havent even told him how bad it is. I feel really stupid now idk why im the way i am. Its really embarrassing.

No. 1407188

samefag but you made a fatal error by giving him the time of day to begin with. Creeps like that need to be shut down immediately and continue to be shut down until they leave you alone (it can be as simple as 'haha yeah…well i gotta go meet my bf, nice talking to you!') because if you start listening to them, they'll take it as a cue that you're interested, and this guy's already talked at you for hours.

If you're really that avoidant, you should find another coffee shop. If you can't, you need to get your bf or staff to tell him off because he's never going to leave you alone otherwise. Since he's conspiracy-poisoned there's also a great chance that this note will send him into a blind rage or have him 'educating you' about why the jews really are that bad or whatever. But seriously find a new coffee shop, get your bf to force him to leave you alone, or accept your lot and entertain him.
Your bf works at a fucking grocery store and it's his mom who's supporting you. Please grow a spine and get some therapy to address your passivity because you're clearly willing to let even creeps trample all over you. I thought I was pathologically passive but this is next-level self-sabotage.

No. 1407191

It's actually a little unreal how suffocating an abusive parent can be. I'm just thinking back, and I was terrified to do anything or go anywhere when I was younger. I still have things I'm scared to do now because of it. I could write more about this, but I feel like if I do I will get emotional for myself.

No. 1407192

That note looks like a 5 year old wrote it kek

No. 1407205

I hate being snapped at for saying no thanks to small favours. I was on the couch with period pains and I had a cup of tea brewing in the kitchen. I knew I was going to get up to get it soon since I was going to the toilet anyway. My boyfriend saw the cup and asked if he should bring it to me. I told him very kindly and with no strain at all that I was gonna get it myself, and he snapped at me with "I'm just trying to be helpful, jesus, why are you always so difficult about this!?"

Like if he wanted to be helpful he could have just brought it to me. I'm so tired of people offering help and then getting all grumpy when I say I can do it myself. It's just how I am. My default when anyone asks if I need anything is no thanks, I'll fix it myself. I get it's annoying, but there's no reason to get grumpy just because you didn't have to do something. Especially if the times I do ask for a small favour is met with annoyance.

No. 1407210

I'm tired of people disregarding my arguments or making me appear dumb or intellectually inferior. Most people come from a place of bias. I've actually deeply looked into most subjects and found answers with nuance. I am just a bad talker due to circumstance. I am mentally ill too so my thoughts tend to tangle but I hold objective information on most subjects ranging from history to philosophy to psychology. I can also spot logical inconsistencies in most arguments and most people are too stupid or lack self awareness to see how they could be wrong. You can argue in favor of something completely wrong starting from a wrong premise like the sky being green but still appear to have powerful arguments just by handling language in a certain manner. Most arguments aren't even about knowing right from wrong but simply knowing how to manipulate words in order to make yourself seem appear in the right. My entire life I have tried to be very fair and understanding. I am tired of people arguing with me. They constantly start an argument with me over anything that I say that offends their system of values. Bitch I also don't have to completely allign with your fucking value system… then you imply I am narcissistic, stupid or closed minded because you get me stuck in a corner. I wish that my life didn't put me behind, I had a lot of intellectual potential and still do, I just got left behind in school and couldn't put up with the system because of the abuse I suffered at home and because of mental illness and lack of support. I still spend most of my days acquiring knowledge but it is like a daydream, I cannot properly express it even if it is completely objective and coherent. I am so fucking stuck. My entire life I have had to put up with idiots that mentally and physically abuse me. I don't know why. I know my value. I am tired, so tired. Unable to be acknowledged, unable to make money, unable to be respected, unable to be surrounded by peers on a same level of intelligence, unable to even properly express my knowledge. I am also held to a different standard from others. Like they don't allow me to make mistakes. I have found that 99% of people are narcissistic or somewhat even sociopathic and completely self absorbed. I hate people that vent about their mental health too or their situation because they want me to listen and be empathetic but once I upon up about what is really going on in my own life they act like I am insane or like I am oversharing? So, I need to listen to all your fucking stupid complaints but I am not allowed to complain? I am convinced I was supposed to be a genius, I continously just read, but alone I became unable to fit into an academic environment but I found that even people in academia can be stupid with their conceptualization or understanding. A lot of them hold biased thinking but know how to maneuver words and how to fit into the requirements of the system.

I am tired. Everyone has abused me to an extreme extent and I wanted to escape like get out of this situation. Most people are rewarded for their intelligence and looks, most people are rewarded even when they are fucking stupid. I want to kill myself I am stuck. I feel my brain inflaming everyday. I have completely become isolated from others too, left behind in all senses. Most people joke about me or harass me and further torture me or want to use me for their own ends meet. Like most people try to take advantage of me, mock me, use me as free therapy while they cannot offer back, are incapable of understanding the extent of my situation or my life. I was left behind and I am genuinely a very wise and intelligent person. The abuse was too bad and now I am unable to connect to anyone. I've become aware of the power structures, how we abuse each other, how those that disregarded me were in positions of power compared to me.

I cannot make money, I cannot be on my level, I cannot seek help, the only help I can get is being humiliated by others in a sick system, I cannot work. I tried to work but I was never paid for my work and instead all my ideas which are not even ideas is mostly researched information and completely rational observations I make. People guilt trip me all the fucking time just because the abuse has made me quiet and the abuse that I've gone through has made unable to stand up for myself properly. I know a lot of things, I also attract the most dumb people in the fucking world that have whatsoever nothing in common with…on an intellectual level or even personal level and they show me a bit of empathy which is completely conditional and then they act as if I owe them something? Or like I am rude if I disagree with them even over something that they are wrong over or hypocritical over and literally stop talking to me. Stupid fucking hypocritical whore, I am not your fucking slave. You always correct me even on things that I am right over just because they don't fit your stupid fucking bias and then act like I am fucking rude when I contradict you because you eat shit and call me a sociopath and retract your empathy? Just because I am in a bad situation it doesn't mean I am a fucking beggar stupid cunt or that I am not allowed to correct you or hold knowledge in the subjects that I am interested in. People are so fucking retarded 99% I don't even talk to anyone. I am completely isolated although I do seek companionship

No. 1407212

I know that I will fucking kill myself but the amount of mistreatment, abuse and so on I've endured in my life from absolutely everyone is fucking astonishing.

No. 1407213

I think being abused my whole life has ruined my brain. Before I couldnt imagine anything intimate or comforting without thinking of my ex who beat me, now I get constant flashes of my brother's face and voice. I was able to forgive him for the incest and somehow we actually get along and talk a lot now but it freaks me out so bad, it's frustrating that I have to constantly redirect my thoughts away from him. Does it ever get better? How do I deal with intrusive thoughts? I just want to lay by myself and daydream, I don't want even my solitary happiness to be ruined by the fact I was a perpetual victim. I don't want to live in the shackles of my past

No. 1407215

I grew up in a home where there were always strings attached to favors and am very much like you; it took me a long time to not only understand but accept that a lot of people do favors as a way to express their love or friendship. I can't tell you how to live your life of course, but I'd recommend trying to tolerate it a little bit so long as the favors aren't conditional. Your boyfriend might be getting frustrated because you're removing opportunities for him to express how much he cares about you.

No. 1407217

>Be me
>Just want to have a relaxing and stress free Saturday
>I get sick
Well nonnas, nothing you can do. I'm still ducking pissed though.

No. 1407219

If arguing with people is such a prominent part of your life, you should be far more concerned about that than your ability to express yourself. Wtf do you expect to happen by fighting with people? Most of the time it doesn't matter what you say, people aren't going to change their mind no matter how convincing you are. Learn to let stuff go, let people be wrong and you'll be much happier and less frustrated.

No. 1407221

I'm just stuck. Ok no I will leave. I did everything possible to make my dreams come true. To reach my potential intellectually and artistically but everything dragged me down and people disregard, discredit me or have no understanding over my situation. I get bullied everywhere. My life is like the joker. I see fucking retarded people get attention and money for nothing, people with pity stories get love and money from people. In my case when I talk about how I had to witness my mother die in poverty from mental illness, how I am stuck in my environment, how I was beaten and verbally abused my entire life and how because of my environment I couldn't reach my potential intellectually or otherwise I just get harassed and turned into a joke. I hope everyone fucking dies. I literally imagine death and suffering upon every living being at any minute . I want everyone to suffer just as I do. Deeply suffer.

No. 1407225

you are being far too aggressive towards her, please remember that she literally hasn't done anything wrong. just because the old man took advantage of her being timid and polite doesn't mean she brought it upon her self somehow, it's still his fault and he's the one in the wrong. and her handwriting is pretty good (I like the circle dots to be honest and I've seen far worse handwriting from much older people).

Don't let them get you down you didn't do anything wrong.
Normally it's a boost to the male ego to get to scare off another man, so I wouldn't feel too bad about it if I was you. I am kinda worried for you that your bf won't take you seriously and you'll be back to square one but I'm hoping that's not the case…

No. 1407227

Stop being a dickhead, anon.

No. 1407228

i never imagined this is the place i end up in. my whole life is build around alcoholism and drug use, all my social relationships are build on these, everyone i know is an addict, everone i love is going to live a miserable and likely short life because they are junkies, i am destroying my life and health for this shit and i have nothing else because even my whole family is bunch of alcoholics. i don't know how to escape without abandoning everything and everyone.

No. 1407234

I do but people fucking argue with me over everything. Even the things I know are true and nobody backs me up or I never got intellectually acknowledged so it frustrates me. People always prove me "wrong" and my entire life I've allowed them even if they were the ones in the wrong. It's just tiring at this point and I am just telling the truth. In my case it is never good, no matter what I do… so I'd rather tell them they are fucking wrong when they correct me over something I am not wrong about. They are so fucking cocky too! And literally incapable of understanding what I am saying and what bothers me is that these individuals are even having positions in society that grant them a place of them being highly intellectual and they have a lot of people agreeing to them or offering them approval for how smart they are while I have great ideas and I spend all my day pursuing truth and knowledge but I was not given approval ever.

For example, I grew up in a post commie country and I am just expressing this to people like "Communism is a dictatorship, it is a very harsh regime and it is conservative in nature, my parents and grandparents went through opression and abuse that westerners or your ancestors could not imagine and all of that has been passed down to me. In my country the word communist is associated with conservativism. Then the other person is basically like bla bla bla and tells me I am wrong and that I am trying to use appeal to emotion and that it is an argumentative fallacy? Bitch, no! I just have a chaotic way of expressing myself but the knowledge I express is completely objective. It's like high school history knowledge to know Communism is a dictatorship and what are the characteristics of dictatorships…hmmm yeah I am sure dictatorship is so much better than democracy.

No. 1407236

Respectfully, you must be really annoying to be around with.

No. 1407240

I guess you hit the nail on the head. I naturally assume there's some strings attached, and when people react with annoyance I feel like it only confirms my idea that it was out of something else than just kindness. I'll see if I can ease it up a little. Thank you for replying, nonna!

No. 1407248

It's just Romanianon, ignore her.

No. 1407249

I want to kill myself and I want everyone to die or suffer horrible deaths. I am actively cursing the world into apocalypse. I want everyone that has interacted with me to die too or suffer immensely in their life with no escape or suffer just the way that I am

No. 1407254

I wish I could inflict horrible pain onto others just like they've done to me. I just wish that I could be American so I could shoot up schools. I think these days I will brutally murder my father and his extended family. I imagine it daily. I imagine killing these people and killing myself until I feel like my brain is exploding. I've been stuck in this schizo house forever with no help but being humiliated by others in much better circumstances than me and having them disregard how my circumstances affected me. I became unable to work so I couldn't get out. I fell down my real level, the abuse made me unable to advance academically but all this time I've gathered a huge amount of information all by myself. Ranging from history of religion to philosophy to politics. My father molests me and I am 23 years old and have nowhere to go.I want to kill him with the hammer then kill my aunt and then kill my cats and then kill my grandpa and post it on the internet and I want then to wait for my ex best friend at the bus station and brutally murder her with the axe and then kill myself. I've never wanted to die, it isn't fair only I die and all these people that have inflicted pain on me, disregarded me, misunderstood me get to live. These people get pity points over anything and get attention and are constantly acknowledged or excused. I was never taken into consideration, people just took things from me all the time.

No. 1407263

You really need to run away and never look back. I've been there and you have nothing to lose. You become a warped version of yourself when trapped with the people who make you miserable.

No. 1407264

My dad molests me since I was 8 and moved in with him and I am 23 I told ppl but they don't care and they try offering solution but in my case there's no solution. I cannot work, so I cannot move out. I am fairly intelligent but everything I've done was in vain and wasn't paid and it resulted in more pain. I don't get it? I've done everything perfectly? I seeked help, paid therapy, went by myself to get medication and I was very welcoming to other people like I was constantly empathic to them and allowed them to argue against me even when I was wrong then I just snapped I couldn't take it anymore. I snapped completely because I know my potential and I realized how disregarded I was in all situations. I want to murder them violently. I was nice to everyone but they didn't understand my situation I was so nice because in my head I thought that I have to be nice to them in order to make them understand but I cannot take it anymore. I cannot take the never ending humiliation and how nothing that I do gets me nowhere. I've done everything. Was responsible for my actions, empathic, tried making money, tried bonding with people. It's in vain. I always end up homeless or go back to this house where I am being abused. I want to inflict the pain that has been inflicted on me onto others. I cannot stand this pain anymore I cannot stand people's humiliation. People are fucking sociopathic. I even got harassed and bullied at work. I get scape goated everywhere. It just increases the hatred and I don't wanna do it anymore. I don't wanna go anywhere anymore

No. 1407274

Anon,Im not a mental health professional by any means so this may be useless to you but I also had a physically abusive dad growing up. It really messed me and my sisters up. I know that you're angry,sometimes i get really mad thinking about it too. But to hurt others wont get you anywhere,you'll just end up inflicting that same horrible feelings onto others,You've really just gotta focus on trying to break the cycle. There are moments where you've gotta look in the mirror and think "Am I acting/thinking like an abuser." Tbh you're probably pretty young,youre not dead obviously so why do you feel like you've failed? I bet your goals are still obtainable,whatever they may be. You might just need to take a different path to reach your goal. Though I think right now you should probably focus on your mental health and your people skills too! I really hope you dont waste your life by becoming a school shooter. You've probably got a lot to offer the world!

No. 1407300

there's nowhere to go but into homelessness and more abuse and humiliation. People are incapable of regarding me as human for some reason and they always try to get things out of me or abuse me too like I owe them something and despite my situation I am handling it very well like I don't suffer alcoholism or drug abuse and generally I don't harm others. I've done everything perfectly throughout my entire life according to my situation. Others are always excused even when they are abusive or shitty or disregard others. I've been so kind, empathic, tried getting help until I could not take it anymore. I constantly see people get away with shit. They mistreat others or are drug addicts but I am not allowed to even say a thing or disagree. People literally lose all empathy or even don't wanna be my friend after I say one fucking thing they dislike or I disagree with them. I've been harassed and disagreed with my entire life. Nobody fucking cares. When I was homeless it was the same. I was not good at being homeless neither and tried bonding with other homeless youth and pan handling and I got raped and nobody gave me.moneh and couldn't hustle. But they wouldn't rape each other and protect each other they beat me, like didn't accept me as part of.the pack or group even if I was like them. I get harassed and obsessed over by insane individuals everywhere I go but I put in work just like everyone does. I know a lot.of things, have learnt about history have built a framework of knowledge, I listen to others, I express my suffering, I draw and I do stuff and express myself creatively. I read daily for 5 hours even under extreme stress but it altered my speech ability because I was hit to head and I am developing dementia or alzheimers. I was Beaten to head to unconscious repeatedly since childhood so it now I think I am developing blood clot or something worse because I lose my memory and faint and hospital is very bad I cannot go but I am still capable.to conceptualize clearly and remember information clearly but I forget details about myself. Where my house is, my middle name. I cannot go to.hospital because they torture me and not.give.me CT or.proper care and I cannot immigrate or get a job and dropped out of college too. People never have empathy for me neither but others always get empathy for.muh mental.illness or abusive situation even if their.situstiom is.much better. For example Lucinda has a supportive family. I have nothing.

Now I am reading upon ancient religions that's what I am currently obsessed over and I read daily for 5 hours but my knowledge doesn't materialize very well I think might be due to head trauma but in my head it is very consistent and organized. I have found that all knowledge is actually maybe it could be traced back to Pakistan so maybe Pakistan anon holds ancestral knowledge from Zoroastrians.Even ancient Greek philosophers were influenced by Zoroastrianism, Christianity is influenced by Zoroastrianism and most mathematical and natural knowledge comes from that area. Iran/Pakistan. I cannot escape and they keep.harminf mee and I cannot get help

No. 1407304

I thought Romanianon left and was getting better

No. 1407308

I am saying this in all seriousness- would it be possible to access inpatient treatment so that you can both get away from your family and see specialists who can help you? Your suffering is extreme to the point where it's impossible to even offer advice and you seem to be in crisis.

No. 1407316

File: 1668306794917.jpg (60.57 KB, 780x440, spital-romania.jpg)

local hospital looks like this. I tried to get help since I was 12 years old because I began suffering from panic attacks and from extreme somatization and other symptoms. I'd call the ambulance out of fear because my heart was stopping or couldn't breathe. This is the hospital in my town. I've probably spent 2 months of my life in this hospital. The nurses cannot do their job they punctured my entire body with needles because they couldn't find my vein. It is filled with mold. The toilets with rust and shit, they cannot offer basic medical services. I went to the mental hospital and it was the same, I got raped by the nurse too. And then I have to go back into society and listen to Becky and Stacy complain about their mom being abusive and act like I am so empathetic or they flip on me and call me a sociopath when they cannot even conceptualize the suffering I am going or went through. Bitch, shut the fuck up. You have access to good health services, a family, money. I've never had anything and I cannot even get better or escape because I have no access to resources and no matter hoe much I tried I could never get resources. No way I am going back to the streets. No way I am going to kill myself ( in my situation killing myself is my only option) no way I am going to kill myself and have my body rot in this town while the people that have left me in this situation and that have contributed to this and continue to live their life in peace continue to just live normally. I won't let these mother fuckers live. They even took my cats away from me. They don't allow me to have my cats. Evreyone failed me and I cannot have access to basic life things most people do and must listen to everyone's pathetic whining and they call me a sociopath when I just cannot fucking empathize with your fucking privileged situation when I've spent my life in poverty, rape, abuse, beatings, lack of basic life resources and couldn't even access medical facilities and after I've learnt so many things that should have helped me all is in vain because my situation has already defined the outcome of my life. Nobody fucking understands. I live in hell. There's no help to get nowhere for me. Just death. I want to kill all these mother fuckers. At the hospital I have to get through even more abuse. Everyone that left was upper middle class with good families. They left because they immigrated to school or can work. That has become impossible for me as a result of my situation. I am stuck in a loop with no escape, no help but suicide but I am not dying without taking these mother fuckers with me

No. 1407319

My mom is always saying that she treats me and my sister differently and always trying to justify it.
As in she's very rude to us, like differently. When we eat she's always talking about how much we eat, comparing it to her (even though we are all obese bigger women, so i don't get her point, if you are worried for our health, say that, but saying, "Even I don't eat as much as yall",Okay you are still big though…so..") Then I've been called aBitch## like it's my second name my whole life, I don't know, my sister blows up, but the way my mother always handles things with me in my teens was beating me, slut shaming me or being mad at me. She's a sweet woman at heart. She does so much for us, I just feel it's a cycle of bullshit. From her mom to us, but my sister isn't submissive and she's not going to no express herself. It's like my sister is doing great, she does blow up but she's coming into adult hood and expects to be treated a certain way. I'm a big loser, I just hate to even say anything, my mom took care of all of us, while all my dad's are gone. Like i just don't get it.

No. 1407329

I do not believe in forgiveness nor in karma because it's not real. People get away with inflicting pain all the time and they do not get what they deserve. There are people that will do the revenge for you but like you have to realize it's mostly your father. Literally just oversugar and oil his food until he dies from health complications like the rest of us trying to get rid of shitty men without facing any kind of murder charge.

No. 1407330

Are there urban specialist institutions that you have a chance at getting admitted to? Even in poorer countries there seem to be a few that specialize in people in situations that are as extreme as yours. I think it's worth looking into because you do seem to need a lot of help, and I don't think that anyone here or that you're surrounded by can help you.

No. 1407333

Any piece of advice you offer Romanianon is foolish, for Romanian has OBVIOUSLY tried that, but it just resulted in more abuse! Can't you see she's a creature of circumstance! She would be a world class model AND philosopher if she could only have money and be out of Romania! We can't fathom her logic genius.

No. 1407337

Also, if you do decide to look (what do you have to lose), inpatient facilities that are affiliated with a university are probably going to be much more likely to help you because the staff are up-to-date on research and in the case of students have to be on their best behavior.
I know, I know, it's just hard not to respond because she's suffering so badly and it's well beyond anyone here's paygrade.

No. 1407339

I do feel bad for her I cant help it. Just because someone is an unlikeable, stubborn dumbass doesnt mean they arent suffering or dont deserve help

No. 1407356

I was very tired and was just done seeing him, that's probably why I sounded so defensive and determined. I just wanted to play my own devil's advocate. It was hypothetically.
I still think I'm not responsible for her happiness, only mine. Sure it would be selfish but a once-off instance doesn't define
you imo. Plus the fact she'd be better off eventually.
Anyways I'm not going to ask him to fuck me. But I will start trying my best to flirt back and if he wants to I'm not going to turn him down.

No. 1407357

Shut up bitch

No. 1407358

don’t ask your bf to do anything for you idk what’s up w this anon but he won’t be there forever. I’m >>1407165 and I didn’t mean to come off like an asshole, it comes naturally. You need to stand up for yourself especially when you’re in an establishment. Be fucking mean and if he doesn’t respect shit after that speak with staff, if they can’t help unfortunately you need to find a new space to reside in while your bf works…. No comment on that part. You can do it and I believe in you but that note, please for the love of anything don’t use it and don’t use your bf as a guard. Spit vitriol at this pos and tell him to fuck off

Anon, ify a bit, but don’t become a copypasta.

No. 1407359

Cope after cope.

No. 1407372

I'm the anonna and I was trying to give the most practical advice likely to get the old man to leave her alone. If you already tolerate a man in your life I think it's only fair he deal with other men (and because of their sexism it often works out better/quicker or at least diverts the male aggression away from you) but you are totally right, the bf won't always be there.
> You can do it and I believe in you but that note, please for the love of anything don’t use it and don’t use your bf as a guard. Spit vitriol at this pos and tell him to fuck off
I agree she should tell him to fuck off but I thought the Nonna we are replying to is not there yet, I didn't mean to infantilize her or keep her reliant on men.

No. 1407377

sick and tired of romaniananon just shut the fuck up honestly. shut up!

No. 1407382

No. 1407416

i have to memorize a 30 lines essay till tomorrow ahhhhhhhhhh almost freaking out

No. 1407444

File: 1668313406660.jpg (1.18 MB, 2560x3778, 1654451837827.jpg)

I wish i was teen in the 80's, 90's or 00's. It makes me depressed to live in 2022, everything sucks now i can't even find a nice community anymore. I have been reading archives of old magazines all week, i want to cry.

No. 1407449

Im blocking this scrotes number and minimally talking to him at work he can cry about it. All I wanted was a ride I didnt need his life story, his neediness, or all his weird offers. He isn't going to be a roommate despite meeting all the criteria because there is no way in the levels of hell that I want some scrote always knocking on my door when I finally get to sit down at my chair or bed after work. I would rather continue working my ass off alone where I own everything than lose the ability to have my door open, walk around half naked, and watch whatever I want whenever I want all alone with my privacy. It's just not worth all the hassle. God I'm not even straight but I always attract the weirdest moids. All I hope is that my manager doesnt catch wind of it because work place drama is beyond retarded.

No. 1407454

Anons please do not make the same mistakes I did. No matters how great it feels, don't repeatedly hold in your pee. I did that and now my pee signals are all over the place. Doing kegels to rebuild my strength and hopefully fix this now.

No. 1407456

i warned you, anon.

No. 1407457

Samefag, I cry when I have to pee really bad now too. Do you know how embarrassing it is to randomly cry in public?
I know, I'm sorry!

No. 1407463

Sorry about your vag but what does it have to do with other bitches vags

No. 1407468

She didn't reply to my post.
It's humiliating but I lowkey did it with her in mind, and I'm hoping to appeal to her. She saw it at least but shit I wish she'd like me.
It's all a longshot of course. I'll back off a bit for now just so it isn't obvious I guess. I wish I knew how to break the ice and start really having conversations with her.

No. 1407489

I am ashamed to say this happened to me too. I think.

No. 1407569

Wanted to die tonight and I was imagining what it would be like to suffocate to death peacefully, then I remembered I had a convenience store plastic bag on the floor of my room and next thing I know it was over my head, everything is such a dream now that I could have just sat like that and drifted off and being dead wouldn't even feel any different than how I feel right now. Probably wouldn't have killed me because I couldn't get the bag tight anyway

No. 1407574

>get/make food with my nigel
>he's super excited
>we bring it home/finish cooking it
>suddenly he isn't hungry anymore
why is my pet scrote broken, i just wanted to feed this dumb little shit some pizza

No. 1407579

are you aware that most people that succeed academically are from middle class or upper middle class and have somewhat good families that put them on that path? All philosophers, absolutely all philosophers were from rich families and had parents that put them on that path. Everyone I was with in high school that was doing well academically was upper middle class with somewhat decent parents. You do realize that your circumstances shape you and that not everyone is the same? How the fuck would you turn out if you saw your parents die in poverty? Never had access to mental help? Yes, everyone in fact harasses me. I am 23 years old and my dad molests me and I have no way of escaping besides ending up in situations that warrant even more abuse. Just stick your 2 brain cells together stupid bitch but you're retarded for that since your parents did everything for you since you were a baby so you have no deeper thoughts about society or how the world works. You just watch anime and go on with your easy mode life. Circumstance shape you and certain individuals are put in situations with no escape. I did my best for what I know.

No. 1407605

Thank you nona I am scrapping the note,Im gonna just tell him myself and Im gonna be mean idc if he reacts badly,hes old so im confident i could probably take him if push comes to shove!

No. 1407620

File: 1668320070959.jpg (116.27 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault-3722605492.jpg)

without keeping up with this app, you will not understand what teens and early 20s who have any sort of online culture knowledge are saying now. which sucks because for one i use lolcow and secondly i grew up with everything they bring back and glamorize as trends. but supposedly i am too serious and must live the amish life because i don't know the newest slang

No. 1407629

I deleted toktik and don't regret it.
good for you, god speed

No. 1407633

File: 1668320947147.jpg (22.75 KB, 474x317, th-2214902648.jpg)

anxiety medication makes me
>constantly hungry
it gave me brain zaps and +6 kilograms

No. 1407641

People love blaming zoomers for the current woke tranny loving movement when millennials are just as bad. They’re the ones pushing it onto their children

No. 1407657

SSRIs can GO FUCK THEMSELVES REEEEE worst medicine I've ever taken

No. 1407662

After a fucking miserable day of starting my period and dealing with an on and off headache, I swallow two sleeping pills so I can fuck off to sleep earlier than usual. I have a nightmare and jolt awake only to slam my face into the edge of my laptop and give myself a cut above my eye . If this leaves a scar I will fucking commit suicide.

No. 1407669

An artist I follow is starting to post pedo vibe artwork. I should've scanned her Instagram better before I followed.

No. 1407671

Or maybe it's a dude I dont even fuking know

No. 1407709

Just got told that the fact that im 25 and have never kissed a boy makes me bizarre. I think I'm objectively pretty but isolated myself because of severe social anxiety during my high school and uni years and for that reason never found someone to even get to that point. Just sucks, that I even feel bad/embarassed about it. Like I felt like a loser…

No. 1407715

Just heard a new boymom-ism for mothers: the woman who birthed my son's baby

No. 1407733

You don’t have to tell anyone that you’ve never been kissed. It’s really none of their business anyways.

No. 1407735

Just lie about it next time nona, you don't owe anyone the truth about your romantic/sexual experiences (or about your mental health history for that matter). Normies will never understand the impact of mental health issues during your teens/young adulthood has on the rest of your life so you might aswell protect yourself against their unfair judgement.

No. 1407752

Same, nonny. Don't feel bad about yourself. How were you supposed to have these experiences when you've been isolating yourself for so long? And like others here have said, it's no ones business anyways and it really doesn't matter much. I don't think you'd be any different had you kissed an x amount of people.

No. 1407784

It's better to be picky than not. Even if you don't have the firsthand experience of being kissed, it's better to share that first time with someone who you really feel for rather than hurry up and do it due to social pressure.

No. 1407791

File: 1668336466498.jpg (39.96 KB, 640x663, concern.jpg)

>No matters how great it feels,

No. 1407793

I laughed about someone breaking their ankle and everyone at work saw. Now they must think I'm a sociopath but really I just imagined the person jumping and it was really funny to me for some reason. like frog. idk

No. 1407795

File: 1668336992742.jpg (523.02 KB, 1466x929, 1600885230324.jpg)

I despise it when people who i don't talk or know at all decide to try fishing personal information out of me or instnatly ask personal questions. I don't understand why my husband's sister is so obsessed with trying to fish out the info whether we are trying for the baby or not, she does that on fucking PURPOSE every damn time. Or tries finding some weird 'drama' to talk about or whatever. And he retarded 'gay' bestie always straighforwardly asks when are we gonna have a baby everytime we somehow encounter eachother. What is the fucking point? It's none of their business and they don't understand, I hate it so much!! Bitch literally decided to scream and have a half-assed arguement with me (which i dodged) just to catch me off guard and then soften up and try asking extremely personal questions AGAIN. Fuck you. Get a life, you basement-living weirdo. Why do people not understand that it's best to mind your own fucking business?

No. 1407808

File: 1668337841050.jpg (16.51 KB, 407x633, no_tit.jpg)

I'm looking online for a dress to wear for a Christmas party this year and I am so fucking sick of how completely and utterly flat every single model is. I am busty and currently even more so since I am breastfeeding so I need something to fit a whole lot of boob into, that is also easily accessible to pull one out without taking the entire thing off. I am just sitting here trying to imagine how these dresses would look on someone who is not completely flat as a board. It's not even that these models have small boobs, they have NO BOOBS at all. So are all these clothes designed for women with no boobs whatsoever? It's so fucking dumb. Big boobs are supposedly desirable and yet nobody makes clothes for them because clothes are made by gay men who hate curves.

No. 1407810

File: 1668337914601.png (391.37 KB, 532x818, no_tit2.png)

Another one to illustrate my point. I'm not in the US so don't suggest me ay of your cool stores, I have to deal with very limited shitty options.

No. 1407815

On asos you can filter on fit for large cupsizes

No. 1407816

I hate that I can't (legally) buy a gun in the UK. Even the desert shithole I'm from allows me to legally own a gun and it made me feel a lot safer and got me out of some bad situations. I'm almost certain my place is being cased for a burglary, there's been two in this street in the past four months and on three occassions now I've caught someone shining a torch through my windows and they run away when I go to confront them. I've got a baseball bat that I've had since I immigrated here due to living in dodgy neighbourhoods but I'd feel a lot safer with a gun. Women deserves them, frankly. It evens the playing field against men.

No. 1407817

samefag, and there's also an hourglass filter which may also get results that work for you?

No. 1407819

I know the feel. Then you put a dress like that on and you look vulgar and porny with your tits hanging out while the model look innocent

No. 1407820

I checked Asos for my country and they have exactly 3 dresses for large bust and they are all spaghetti strap, which is just a fucking joke.

No. 1407821

At this point I wouldn't even care if it looks a bit porny, I just know that like 99% of these dresses wouldn't even fit on my body at all. The only bigger bust dresses are plus sized, but I am not plus sized anywhere else so my choice is just to wear a big sparkly trashbag I guess.

No. 1407829

File: 1668339216181.jpeg (210.98 KB, 800x1046, 49B483DE-036F-4CFD-81D0-07184A…)

I feel so empty. I have many things to be grateful about: loving bf, a part-time-job that pays ok and is overall okay, I’m physically healthy. But i feel so ashamed that it takes me years and years to complete my master’s degree. I set deadlines and fail over and over again. I feel like a failure, been at uni almost 10 years with some breaks. I’ve been more or less depressed since a teen and even though life can be good sometimes I feel like i have this inner crushing desperation and sadness I can’t get rid off. I feel so insecure about my future. I have a tendency to be insecure, pessimistic and nervous and I just can’t shake it off. Sorry for shitty English

No. 1407834

The zoomer thread has so much potential for an interesting discussion but it's always the same shit over and over again.
>zoomers dress like shit
>zoomers are over sensitive
>zoomers are addicted to screens
>I'm a zoomer too and I hate them, I'm not like other zoomers Im was born in the wrong generation I love Nirvana tee hee
There are so many things that are worth discussing, like how the safe space, overly accommodating culture where you have to watch everything you say as to not offend anyone is a direct result of how ruthless the 2000s were (especially towards women) and that it was originally in good faith and became extreme over time and how growing up around that time of change affected zoomers. Instead we get the same boring broccoli hair reeee over and over again, say something fresh ffs! Also half of the things brought up are not even a gen z thing just a terminally online thing that includes millennials and some genxers too. It's pretty clear that most of posters there don't really interact with zoomers irl all that much. I also wish the zoomers who come to that thread didn't do it to show off how different and special they are (which is ironically what people hate about zoomers and one of the actually good criticisms because the obsession with standing out even among normies is a fairly recent phenomenom) but instead have something of substance to say.
Nobody cares that you're a zoomer and you agree that zoomers suck.
Another thing is people who accuse everyone of anyone who doesn't agree with what they say a zoomer but that's just another flavour of moid satanic panic.
Vent over.

No. 1407862

i feel like i’m going insane without any affection in my life. most of my friends are quite distant people with a huge aversion to touch, i wish i could be like that. i keep having dreams about a guy i want to forget so badly. i want to be dead in the ground so bad

No. 1407865

i went to sleep last night after a long day of work without showering, and I woke up this morning smelling like beans? gross, not doing this again

No. 1407866

i dont even eat beans

No. 1407867

I agree with you, but I think what really is cringe to me about that thread is a lot of the criticisms zoomers get were actually criticisms millennials originally got. "Standing out" has actually been in flux since Gen X - that was the first generation where subculture went mainstream, particularly with the grunge movement, and it became a competition war of the most obscure media. I feel like most people who frequent that thread aren't actually familiar with the timeline of young adult culture of the last couple generations before zoomers and it's kind of important to know because otherwise you are just regurgitating what every generation has complained about the younger generation before. It's not traits specific to zoomers.

I also sometimes wish it was more of a zoomer discussion thread because among a lot of zoomers (at least irl from what I've seen), an NLOG is something you'll get chastised for but with millennials, NLOGs were everything. Most millennials still have that mindset, anti feminism was a big part of the millennial zeitgeist. Feminism was decidedly uncool, and even if people who are now feminist aren't that critical, I think it's great to see girls growing up romanticizing their friendships, not yelling about how girls are inherently mean and men are better.

The fashion talk is grating because of course the 2000s is considered vintage by now. 80s was in the sort of vintage category in the 2000s, 2000s fashion is in the same boat. I don't like the crazy compartmentalization of the fashion in general, but it is a clear effect of being able to curate different aesthetics online. No one looks at magazines anymore for fashion inspiration, fashion is not a general experience in the way it used to be, curated from movies/tv/magazines/malls, it's now something you can obsess over in private.

No. 1407886

Eat beans to dunk on scrotes who disproportionally have bean disease because they only have 1 X chromosome.

No. 1407891

Lmao anon suicide by suffocation is not “drifting off”. Don’t do that dumb ass shit again.

No. 1407899

Agreed. Though with standing out I think the specifically zoomer aspect aspect is how it's not limited to subcultures (which are mostly dead now). Dressing 'weird' is more socially acceptable than ever (people still make fun of people like that ofc but things like piercings and colorful hair are more and more often accepted in the workplace for instance) to the point where being 'weird' is seen as cool. Subcultures were a form of rejection of the mainstream but it's different with alternative and 'queer' zoomers imo. It's definitely something that evolved from the millennial nlog culture and became its own thing. But yeah the criticisms are often the same as 10 years ago when it was millennials who were said to be social media addicted and with horrible fashion (I remember the massive hatred people had for men in skinny jeans for some reason kek at least in my country), same with them being helpless and 'ruining the economy'.

No. 1407918

File: 1668346929853.jpg (43.63 KB, 500x667, 94247693068205.jpg)

The moid I'm fucking didnt wish me happy birthday. Literally just a short text would have been nice but not even that..

No. 1407919

Maybe he forgot. You should casually mention it’s your birthday and if he doesn’t offer to take you out or give you a gift you have to block him.

No. 1407921

I wish I was one of those girls that can get up at like 6am and be productive. I wish I could be a morning person so much

No. 1407923

Just create the habit, nonna.

No. 1407929

I'm forced to be a morning person because of work. The silver lining is that now I wake up early on my days off as well. It's hard in the beginning but you can do it.

No. 1407931

Have you considered going to bed early?

No. 1407932

I genuinely can’t stand normalfag social media anymore. It’s not even fun to lurk or engage with in any way anymore. I just get pissed the fuck off by everything and have to run to lolcow to feel fucking sane again.

No. 1407939

Try waking up a little earlier every day. Don't go from like waking up to 8am or something to 6am, try 5 minutes earlier every day or like 15 minutes every week or something like that.

No. 1407947

Men love to point out how women are sensitive and easily offended but all that is is projection. It really makes me laugh because they are more like the sensitive types. If I were to criticize men for example in a discord server that I hang out in they will flock to my message with bitching and complaining. Yet they can post about how much they hate women and make fun of them all day and us girls in that server just unbothered by it, we know its pointless to argue with them since they are trapped in a state of delusion. I have been called so many horrible things by men yet it doesn't cause me to spiral and seethe like how any criticism does to them. Shit, I even saw a women this morning praising her man and other men were in the comments seething about how she is a horrible woman for letting her man do nice things for her and how she is going to cheat in the end. Men are just too fucking sensitive. I would wish that they would get periods instead of us but I just realized I wouldn't want to deal with a man going through PMS.

No. 1407948

Moids will claim you're sensitive for asking him to not ignore you for days but then throw a tantrum and accuse you of cheating to the verge of ending a multi year relationship over some stupid shit like working overtime or falling asleep.

No. 1407960

Posted to the wrong thread first. I hate social media. I hate how important it is. I hate my face and I don't want to do a photo for the project and I don't want it to be posted anywhere ugggghhhhh

No. 1407963

YUP! This has happened to me before too. My ex would ignore me for days and tell me I'm too clingy and too sensitive if I mentioned it but if had to stay late for work he would pull up and start honking his horn non stop until I came out. I'm so happy those days are behind me now.

No. 1407965

The most sensitive men out there don't even know it because men have this habit of assuming the whole world is fucked up rather than them accepting that life just comes with some knock backs. They externalize everything. Misplace blame rather than processing their own emotions within their own head.

Something like, I went on a few dates and it didn't go well… turns into "the world is screwed up and women hold all the power" That's how thin the line is between them being semi-sane and them turning themselves into the biggest victims of society.

No. 1407980

Same. Id question if my ex would be too fascinated with another female coworker and got upset if he ignored me for literal weeks, once even when I had to drive all day to see him because "I've barely been available all day" because I didn't pull over every text to text him back. Meanwhile he would be offended over similar shit like me working late, not texting him instantly or if he claimed something seemed "out of place", quite literally said it was suspicious because I said "yay" when I was about to see him. Ofc he denied it all and pulled the whole "I wasn't offended, I dont care" but like… If you don't care your behavior wouldn't change kek. Someone who "doesn't care" wouldn't constantly be ready to end a relationship

No. 1407987

It's so funny when incel moids get mad at western cultures "for being too offended" because people think it's gross to flirt with other women in front of their gf or they can't say the n word in public but then move to Japan or something where practically everything but misogynistic and racist stuff is offensive kek. It's not that one culture is more sensitive than the other it's that they want to be disgusting and get away with it so a culture that allows them to do that and never be held accountable for their actions is more convenient than a culture where they are rightfully fired and disowned by friend groups for being dicks.

No. 1407993

A lot of people experience that though, it's not weird.

No. 1407999

Just read an article about a moid who almost shook his baby to death in my city because it cried so much that he couldn't handle it. The comments under it said how the government should offer resources for stressed parents and while I kinda agree (especially for mothers, idgaf about fathers honestly), I also think that seriously mentally ill people shouldn't have kids and that society shouldn't paint parenthood in such a romanticized way. They'll say "yeah it was hard sometimes, but it was worth it in the end" while there are plenty who admit that it wasn't just "hard" but that it completely destroyed them because of the stress and preexisting mental issues. It pisses me off how others will tell those who are on the fence about kids, that they'll "figure it out" but the same people will then demand things from the government in case they don't. Who's gonna pay for all of this?? Obviously it's hard to know how you'll manage until you actually have a child but I bet my ass that most don't seriously look into how it might affect your life because they want that child for selfish reasons. It also boggles my mind how the hospital just hands your baby to you, telling you you'll figure it out. No wonder this world is full off dysfunctional people. And no, I don't have anything against children or mentally ill people in general, I just think it's irresponsible of them to have them, without sorting out their mental issues first but then crying how they need support because they can't handle being a parent.

No. 1408001

I finally blew up. Manic as fuck when he decides to finally talk to me only to tell me he's seeing someone else. After months of leading me on, pretending like nothing is wrong while ignoring me and not wanting to talk to me about personal stuff I thought I could talk to him about because he kept telling me how good friends we are. One sided ass relationship with a dickhead who I couldn't stop obessing over. I cried and I raged out telling him all my feelings. Which he didn't even reply to. Claimed this wasn't about saying it to my face, says he just thought he should let me know. After I've asked him several times to hang out and talk to me in person about why he's treating me badly. He still completely ignored the fact that he did anything wrong. I kept sending messages like a crazy person because I couldn't stop. Finally he blocks me. I mean I guess I feel embarrassed by my episode but I also feel like he deserves it for treating me like shit when he knew the whole time I was very interested in him. "UwU I'm not like other guys" then he emotionally abuses and treats me the same way he said another woman treated him. Fuck him. Brought so much un-happiness to my life. Made me feel worthless about myself. Love bombed me then cut me off. I have my own issues but I was honest the whole time and tried talking with him about why I do xyz and what I'm doing to get better. He was a fake ass friend the whole time, using me for my body and ignoring how badly I needed a real friend. I won't miss him. I need stability in my life not some dude who uses mental illness awareness as his personality trait but can't deal with any actual mental illnesses.

No. 1408014

The worst is when the sensitivity is paired with male aggression. I know a guy who learned at a very young age that he could get whatever he wanted as long as he threw a big enough fit so he just goes through his life getting everything handed to him because his whole family is afraid of him. He would freak out over any minor inconvenience and then go into full blown meltdown mode, talking about how life is unfair and that he's a good person who deserves good things but he's just stuck being this tortured soul with a shitty life. One time he threw his phone to the point where it broke and his mom just bought him a new one, same thing with a video game controller. There was also a Christmas where his mom got him the wrong colored video game controller and she had to scramble and return it to "fix her mistake" or else face his wrath. He got fed up with his job MULTIPLE times because working 8 hours a day was too much for him to handle and he got bored of it so he quit on the spot and his grandma let him move in with her and be a NEET because he was threatening to kill himself. Then he trashed his grandma's house and when she told him to clean up after himself he goes off on her and talks about how awful she is and that he wants to hurt her. He choked out his own little brother once because they had a disagreement. And yet to him he's this great, sensitive, disadvantaged soul who doesn't deserve the shitty life he was given. It's so far from shitty, his whole family is rich as fuck and has funded him all the way into his mid-20's and has given him so much leeway for his aggression when he should've been locked away a long time ago. Some men really need to be institutionalized.

No. 1408033

I'm glad I'm an adult who has been able to get away from awful family members, most of my abusers are also dead now so it's just more on me to get over the trauma and fix how it all distorted my views on the world and life. The only troublesome family member I kinda have a relationship with is my sister and I've posted about her before, she has anger issues but she is seemingly a very normie, kinda like a momma blogger? Very seemingly perfect, but in a modern and relatable social media way, I'm sure you'll get the idea. I had a talk with my mom today about how my sister is exactly like my dad and how one day, my sister is bound to snap. She has attacked me with a knife when I was a teenager and she was already an adult, and I was just kinda made to believe that was kinda normal for siblings, even back then I figure that shit couldn't be true, she looked fucking possessed. She has broken her hand because she tried to punch her husband, she claims the kids never see them fighting but I'm not buying that. If someone has a history of attacking not only family members (over no big disagreement at that, I wasn't even the one fighting with her when she pulled a bread knife on me) and even with random people in airports or hospitals, I see no reason to believe she will do that to her kids at some point, especially once her son grows up and doesn't feel like dealing with my anger issues having sister. I can't explain it at all, I have my own mental health issues and when I was younger I did end up in some school fights but I never instigated stuff so I don't feel like it would be fair to compare us, I understand we both had quite a difficult childhood but she's the one who has gotten court mandated anger management classes, has gotten removed from multiple places by the police or security, broken bones from being angry and all that. It's more than her having a temper, it's her having uneducated adhd, that's the only thing she has been diagnosed with because she has ran off from the other counseling appointments because the therapists were always either mean, stupid or bullying her. No idea where I'm going with this, I am just scared that something will happen and I don't live close enough to do shit but then again, what could I do? "call cps!" the kids have been fine, doing good but they're getting to an age where they start to understand shit and they may copy that behaviour, my sister is an aggressive, sometimes deranged boy mom who will some day stab someone and I will have to be the piece of shit who will go "I knew this was gonna happen" in my head.

No. 1408038

I genuinely wish every fucking board would instaban everybody that only mentions trannies in any way.

I don't care if it's anti-tranny or pro-tranny. You legit cannot talk about your opinions anymore without being accused being a tranny by everybody that disagrees with you no matter what the topic is. It turned into the standard attack everybody uses against everybody else and it always kills off all discussion and derails every single threat because good luck proving you are not a tranny online unless you would post period blood or some shit.

No. 1408045

For the longest time I didn’t really “get” the hype of Thanksgiving, and everyone talking about how amazing their food and leftovers are, or yearning for “mom’s homecooked meals” until I had holiday meals with friends/boyfriends’ families. Turns out my parents just make exceptionally bland, overcooked food.

No. 1408046

I sleep 10h or more otherwise I am deadly tired so I feel it. Literally impossible. I don't even have an urge to leave the bed, dreaming is so much more fun and excitement than anything in real life.

No. 1408048

thank you nona and same frustration here. i'm midrange retarded and knew i can't care for a child, so tied my tubes soon as the doctors stopped fighting me for it. gets real frustrating when people even less capable decide to make whole new people just because they want to. no love or respect for their kids and then end up in articles from shaking their babies

No. 1408049

Yesterday i did productive shit and took cute pictures of plushies and random Christmas trees, i felt proud of myself. It would have been the perfect day if my parents weren't fucking fighting again they really are sabotaging my life, i can't wait to run away once i get enough money, scumbags

No. 1408050

I have so many ideas for art projects but I just don't have the time or money to actually draw let alone film anything, these are the times I wish I went to art school. Might try stop-motion animation when vacation comes around.

No. 1408051

File: 1668359595754.jpeg (115.04 KB, 1080x736, 3E9492C7-2508-4156-8F25-9FB309…)

I think I'm depressed in the traditional sense. I struggle to do my hobbies. Instead of drawing or writing or coding like I want to, I just lay in bed looking at my phone, refreshing this board even though it's slow as fuck. (Not a complaint, just highlighting how counterintuitive my own actions are.) I never seem to have fun anymore. All my jokes and smiles are just an act. I'm amazed I still have enough energy to keep it up. Why am I so tired? Why can't I do anything fun even though I want to? I think again and again "I'm bored, I want to do X" but don't move at all… It's so confusing and aggravating. I want to hide away from the world in perfect solitude. Everything is too loud.

No. 1408052

Maybe you are autistic or something. I don't mean this in an offensive way, but this is actually the reason a lot of people get bullied without realising why even if they try to integrate.

I am most likely shizoid or something and cannot express emotions which is particularly bad if you are forced to interact with younger women sometimes because I can guarantee you most of them will make some shit about you up to explain why you are like this or assume you hate them when in reality it's just that I am incapable of having emotions or many interests, let alone expressing them.

Maybe you are able to smile and such but they might notice it's fake. I cannot hold small talk for example, it's like talking about nothing so I don't know what to say and I cannot listen to others because as soon as something bores me my mind will start wandering.
>With the internet, everyone is more closed off and socially awkward than ever.
That too.

No. 1408056

Same here. I often wonder if I am depressed. I always thought it was bullshit because I associated depressions with the active will to kill yourself, but thinking about it not wanting to wake up or leave the bed isn't much different.

The only thing that confuses me is when I read all these depressed millennials and zoomers who always talk about panic attacks and anxiety and all that which are emotions I never had. I generally rarely experience emotions, this is the whole problem. If I was at least capable of being afraid of things I wouldn't feel so dead and detached from life and myself.
The only one I am sometimes (rarely) capable of feeling is anger (mostly about the world and principles or myself in general not any specific other person).

No. 1408057

File: 1668360071482.gif (3.32 MB, 113x200, 1660945298371.gif)

Once I realized literally everything men say about women is projection, I stopped giving a shit about what they say. Feels good

No. 1408059

I don't understand how the majority of what you're saying applies to her post

No. 1408060

where the hell did anon talk about all that

No. 1408061

This is honestly true for all people who regularly accuse others of a specific thing.
It's like observing angry wokes in fandoms. If you observe them for a while you will notice that 100% of the shit they accuse others of doing is just describing themselves, it's particularly common among groups that are sheltered or have a stick in the ass like people from religious households from the US and such.

The most common projection men have is assuming that women would fuck everybody just because they can when women are biologically programmed to have standards and seek out the best of the best only who seems loyal on top of that whereas for men the work ends after the fuck so they aren't tied like this. This is why the whole "the world is full of whores" mentality is one of the most retarded common assumptions out there.

No. 1408062

Have you done any blood smears since you've started feeling like this? I'm not saying you're not depressed but it's possible it's some deficiencies that are making you apathetic and lethargic, or at least contributing to it. Iron and vitamin are the most common, but not the only ones that could cause that; if there's any chance at all that something as simple as adjusting your diet could help, it's worth a try.

No. 1408064

Saying "putting effort into being sweet" sounds as if it wasn't genuine to me. Nothing wrong with that though. My point is that normalfags always know when you are different so lots of people can be as nice as they want and will never befriend anybody regardless while others behave like brats and are popular.

No. 1408072

Not that anon but I have the same issue. Could be mental IMO. They found out I had an extreme anemia years ago where I only havd half of the red blood I should have. I cannot remember the exact measuring unit but normal was 11000 and I had 5000. But that cannot be it since I eat iron ever since and it good better but I am still dead inside unless it has after effects and lasts even after someone got well again.

Depending on where you live getting diagnoses for mental issues can be hard as fuck though. Every doc I went to just told me I was "lazy" or that I might be able to be normal if I just did some sports but it does jack shit and I usually don't even have the will to wake up because I never feel enjoyment for anything anyway so why burdening myself with even more stuff I hate.

No. 1408080

This is a really good point, thank you for reminding me. I'm definitely vitamin D deficient at the very least. I'll start taking it and see if things improve. Thank you again!
It's really difficult to be numb. I'm sorry you haven't been able to experience emotions in a normal way. I think they're still in there, deep down, so you're not broken or anything. I don't have any advice but I hope you will be okay. Thank you for taking the time to reply to my post.
Anemia that extreme sounds like it was really frightening to discover. I'm glad you were able to fix your iron levels but it sucks that you're still struggling. Having a diagnosis seems like the only way to get people to take you seriously sometimes, doesn't it? At this point I don't care what professionals call whatever is wrong with me. I just want to focus on fixing it.

No. 1408091

Only learned about it a while ago, but if your blood should be fine checking for ADHD is another possibility. ADHD makes people unable to focus and start activities, it's basically an activity-blocker so you might not even do things you like and just click through websites and browse the internet all day and sleep a lot because this disorder also fucks with your sleep schedule and time perception.

I am currently trying to get a diagnosis for this as well. It's hard finding docs that diagnose adults but there should be some of them around. I hope they can tell me it's this so that I can finally do something against it. I am 30 now and could never get anything done because I cannot finish or even start anything, forget everything, cannot focus and forget appointments (I ironically forgot my ADHD appointment too even though I tried so hard remembering it but they have given me a last chance so I hope it will work next time).

No. 1408107

Thank goodness they're giving you a second chance. Hopefully they'll factor you missing that important appointment into your diagnosis. How long have you been waiting to get assessed? If that's what it turns out to be, I hope there will be some comprehensive help for you.
My best friend has ADHD; I've seen how it affects her life and she's described to me how her brain works. My issues seem different so I don't think I have that. I think I'm just depressed and self hating, so my "inability" to enjoy myself is really just subconscious self harm. I want to get better though. I think I can be OK, so I won't give up and I will keep an open mind.

No. 1408114


No. 1408115

>How long have you been waiting to get assessed?
Luckily not much, (two months which is quite short) but I live in a huge city and the doc my mother visits gave me the address of someone diagnosing this that he happened to know personally. It's often easier getting appointments through other docs than making phone calls yourself (most will tell you they are booked out for years into the future).

No. 1408140

This sounds very dark and weird but it's fathers day where I'm from and men keep posting shit like "men can care and be fun with their daughters too!" and not a single one of them has been a video or a photo with kids older than 8 or something. I feel like posting or replying shit like "let's see that love and fun energy towards a teenager daughter then" they all know dads either can't be bothered to pretend to be fun or caring for more than a few years and by the time they realise their daughters will grow up to be women it's either lol bye I will ignore you now for god knows why or lol that's my property now.

No. 1408141

i feel these feels often, nonna. modern tech design is braindead.

No. 1408142

File: 1668366083295.jpg (249.62 KB, 1500x868, EFKFB5BX4AMuzgV.jpg large.jpg)

I hate cake so much but everybody assumes it was the best thing to buy if you meet with them. I usually eat everything but I hate pies, cakes, cookies and I am physically incapable of eating more than a bite because it makes me feel so full and it's dry and has a weird texture and it's sweet.

No. 1408150

i hate cake too but i like pies and some cookies. cake tastes really fake to me for some reason

No. 1408155

File: 1668367073390.jpg (39.66 KB, 640x510, EwNKoYiVIAcp-U8.jpg)

Google, please stop saying I have diabetes.

No. 1408156

I hate recovering from surgery. I can't have sex for 4 weeks and I have a really hot boyfriend. The two week initial recovery period I can barely even walk about I hate not being able to stretch or move around or even dance. I miss being able to move and I'm smoking more weed out of boredom and it makes me horny tbh and i can't satisfy anything I'm mad

No. 1408164

I hate that my mother is addicted to telegram. She's going over data like crazy yet can't understand why. She will not limit her addiction to her kindle because then she can't see it while she's in the car or out of the house. It's insane.

No. 1408172

I always thought being horny during surgery recovery was moid behaviour somehow kek but I hope you can get some soon nona

No. 1408176

I'm feeling like a black sheep lately. I never feel close to anybody. I'm not good enough for them and they also aren't good enough for me. I don't know what this mental issue is called but it's lonely

No. 1408178

This isn't anything dramatic, but why is it so common for fans nowadays to call their husbandos "wife" instead?

It slightly annoys me because it feels like another forced meme. Every guy is a wife, lesbian (probably intended as a joke no idea), girlboss (male), malewife or something just fucking say that you like a male character holy shit.

No. 1408184

I hate seasonal depression. I can't get out of bed and when I manage to I'm super mean to the people around me. I don't want to see friends anymore, all my relationships turn to shit and it's been this way for years. I don't think I'll ever be happy, I've been caught up in this annoying nihilist way of thinking. I started the year thinking I was going to do my best at school, try to make friends etc but now I don't care anymore. I don't care what happens to me.

No. 1408187

I could have written every word here, nona. It sucks so badly. I have so many missed calls and texts and just can't be bothered. I want everyone to leave me to rot, please. I hope we feel better soon.

No. 1408191

Was it the Turkey Tom vid that sent you down that rabbit hole lol, cause if so, same. It made me sad to see him groping Pamela Anderson during a roast in front of hundreds of people and seeing no one do anything to stop it. She was clearly uncomfortable and everyone just laughed. I was also surprised to hear that he kept getting casted in roles even with all of his sexual abuse history, but I guess I shouldn't be surprised about Hollywood backing degenerate men. Glad he's suffering now though, he truly deserves it.

No. 1408195

I want to isolate myself from my friendgroup again and I can't explain why. They are really nice and easy to talk to and I feel bad about not being able to do the same. Maybe I'm reflexively trying to cut them out before they can do it to me. I would like to be friends though. At the same time I don't want to speak to them ever again because it's obvious that they are fine on their own and don't really need me. But I don't know why I want to feel needed all the time, I guess it's because I can't be wanted

No. 1408201

Don’t isolate yourself nonna. It’s actually a good thing they don’t “need” you because it means they keep choosing your as their friend. You don’t have to earn their friendship, they do it because they genuinely like you

No. 1408209

File: 1668371318927.jpeg (104 KB, 779x900, 1608866459848.jpeg)

I fucking hate my class so much it's unreal. We have a huge group project where we have been given a generous but not infinite amount of time but no one is doing anything at all and it's driving me insane. So I decided to take matters in my own hands and try to get the project started and making sure everyone gets to come with their input by making a simple form for them to fill out and the retards won't even do that. We also have a group chat meant for discussing ideas but it's radio silence except for me asking if everyone was okat with the ONLY suggestion that came up and some people haven't even bothered to read it. We had a similar project right before this one that went horribly for the same reason and I'm so fucking embarrassed to be in this group and have to endure another trainwreck concert. Yeah, did I mention the project is a concert/stage performance in front of a bunch of people on a huge stage? FUCK this!

No. 1408213

First a homeless woman rejected my 3 bucks (honorable) then a suicide bomber blew herself up in front of me. But I'm pretty chillax about it.

No. 1408214

How the fuck do I control my anger? I have been dealing with my issues fairly well in the recent past, but what the fuck do I do when I can't feel relaxed in my own home because I never know when my neighbors are going to start screaming, yelling banging playing loud music etc. I was trying to tolerate at first, I tried communicating with them, I tried calling the communal police but nothing did anything and it's continuing to happen for 9 months now, and it doesn't seem like it's going to stop. Now it's really getting to me, I have to either play music to drown it out, but even then the banging is sometimes so loud it actually shakes my apartment - the infrastructure of this building sucks, so I feel it too, not just hear it. Now I given up trying to be calm, and now I've started to express my anger through music and banging etc. I know this isn't helping me or anyone in the long run but I feel really fucking helpless at this point. Moving out isn't an option. Fuck my life.

No. 1408216

File: 1668371888107.jpg (7.42 KB, 236x157, 7895afd01461f05f21473501f0ad87…)

>then a suicide bomber blew herself up in front of me

No. 1408220

Lol thank you nona I have needs. My bf has been trying to stimulate me other ways and it's nice but I crave penetration lol

No. 1408221

Is there a law against it in your country? It's legit forbidden to do this here if neighbors have a problem with it. The only exceptions are special days or whenever someone is renovating their bathroom or something and even then it's forbidden past 6PM or something.
How do the other neighbors in that house feel about it?

No. 1408225

Sorry you're in the same situation nonna, I hope you can find some type of comfort/motivation the next couple months. It sucks that you know you could do it in any other time than Nov.-Mar. but you can't when it's needed/expected. Even texts from friends take days to respond to. The only 'enjoyment' I get is sitting in my room, drawing/painting and listening to music and I barely even have time for it. I got a bad grade on my midterm (3.5 on a scale of 10 so pretty fucking bad) and I barely care. I knew all of this was coming and I wouldn't finish the school year, I don't know why I started. I don't think I have a reason to exist, I don't want to waste my life away working just to have a place to sleep. I'd love to have kids but moids are assholes, all of them. I feel completely hopeless.

No. 1408226

I fucking woke up this morning with a stretch mark on my stomach. Completely out of the fucking blue, out of nowhere, it's purple and hideous, I cried about it and I don't know what the fuck to do. My bf says it's beautiful and he's nice but I just don't know how to deal with it. I think I should get a tattoo to cover it up because looking at it stresses me out so much that I cry. I have ehlers danlos syndrome so my skin sucks in general and I hate that stretch marks can just appear and there's no way to get rid of them. I didn't even gain any weight to cause this. God fucking dammit

No. 1408234

>Is there a law against it in your country?
The laws about that here are pretty laxed I guess, ACAB, etc, when I called to complain once, it was about 10:30PM and the cop said ''if they continue past 11PM call then and we'll come'', so I can get fucked. Only time I know that they do come is when multiple people call and they's a loud house party going on, ironically I wouldn't mind that, what I do mind is the aggressive outbursts. Offtopic but I heard that in Switzerland you can't flush the toilet at night, kek. Wish I lived there right about now tbh. Just want peace, quiet and a good night sleep atp.
>How do the other neighbors in that house feel about it?
They're lucky in that there's no one living right below them, and I'm actually not sure who even lives in the apartment next to them. It's totally normal to tolerate such things and ''not meddle'', such is the culture here.

No. 1408242

I hate the stench of perfumes so much it always makes me dizzy even if I only smell it for a second and I hate the smell on top of it just as I hate the smell of flowers. I barely smell things so it must be too much if someone passes by and makes me dizzy with it.
Don't know anybody that uses it, but just smelling it for a second is enough. I don't get how people can live with this, just fucking clean yourself if you don't want to smell bad.

No. 1408243

File: 1668373894084.jpg (467.54 KB, 1801x2600, 166e04551a6048f0b0554ab63d9921…)

Anon, this is from Zalando right? A bit tinfoil, but I swear for the past couple of years they've been trying more and more to appeal to trannies/enbies. It's not just that a lot of the models are skinny/flat, but they are posed in a way that deliberately try to make them appear as androgynous/masculine as possible. I also noticed when browsing through women's clothes they will include some male articles too, which can be annoying. Makes me not wanna buy clothes from them because, like you, it's hard to tell what said clothes are gonna look like on my body.

No. 1408251

Bisexual women who are into yuri and lesbian media while having a boyfriend and talking about how much she loves sucking her boyfriend's dick is so fucking disgusting to me. Get out of my community

No. 1408252

You guys are making me even more insecure about having no titties

No. 1408253

It's also inconsiderate. I use to work with a woman who drowned herself in perfume that I was allergic too and anytime I came near here my eyes would water.

No. 1408257

>a lot of the models are skinny/flat, but they are posed in a way that deliberately try to make them appear as androgynous/masculine as possible.
It's just bad an unflattering camera quality. But I do feel like the flat look is coming back. Even Victoria's secret models are getting flatter even though their entire trademark body for the shows was skinny fit women with big tits and ass.

No. 1408259

>talking about how much she loves sucking her boyfriend's dick in yuri spaces
I don't think anybody is doing that and if they were they would get bullied to hell

No. 1408263

I have none either I am too skinny for it. See the positive aspect, they don't weight anything and if they are small like mine you don't need a bra either and nobody ever harassed me either because nobody is attracted to micro tits I guess. Well the attraction part might be bad or good depending on what you want. I generally feel that humans are too focused on tits, even lesbian women talk about nothing else online. I am more into hips and waist tbh.

No. 1408264

I'm sorry anon I didn't mean to make you feel bad. For what it's worth my intention was not to hate on any particular body type. I think skinny, modelesque girls are often very feminine in an elegant way. I just feel like a lot of the models/clothes they've been showing lately have a very masculine look (i.e. broader shoulders, slimmer waist).

>It's just bad an unflattering camera quality.
You're probably right.

No. 1408273

>I am more into hips and waist tbh.
I don't have that either lol, but I appreciate the sentiment and the "no bra" thing definitely is a plus because it's more comfortable.

Lol it's all good and I was mostly joking, I have noticed the change in model aesthetics with a lot of different clothing sites as well. It's like androgyny is now trendy with zoomers so they're trying to appeal to that consumer base by using slim female models with little to no curves or very slim men that look a bit feminine.

No. 1408282

Newer cameras are so bad for emphasizing women's curves it's no wonder models get plastic surgery to actually look like they have curves on camera. I use to model and this one photographer i worked with had such a tragic camera, there were girls who had the perfect hourglass that looked wide and flat on their camera, the only girl who didn't look flat chested was the one with like 600cc implants.

No. 1408290

>I generally feel that humans are too focused on tits, even lesbian women talk about nothing else online. I am more into hips and waist tbh.
nta if I have to believe lc I'm shaped like the manliest scrote possible. No tits, waist or hips, barrel ribcage and linebacker shoulders. That model has tiny bone structure in comparison to me. All I have is a dumptruck bubble butt, but lesbian women seemingly don't give af about ass.

No. 1408292

That is a lot

No. 1408293


No. 1408296


Istanbul? Checks out
Hope you're okay nonna that's traumatic af

No. 1408315

fuck, i'm going to interview for a job that maybe half-interests me but i was hopeful that i'd get a call back from another job prospect. well, i googled that company today and they apparently have crazy turn-over…. their website even has a little blurb saying they're always open to interview new people for positions that are supposed to be pretty stable kek.
i'm kind of salty that that other job is the better option but not exactly what i had hoped for… guess i'll take the L and prepare for it to the best of my abilities. at the end of the day i think it would be a cushier job than what most get and it would even get me unemployment benefits at the end of it. welcome to the real world, i guess

No. 1408317

i’m just lying around waiting for push to come to shove so i can kill myself. it’s not very fun

No. 1408327

i'm happy with my boyfriend but i keep having dreams about my ex. i wish i could make it stop.

No. 1408334

Same. I keep having dreams about my exes twin brother I could've easily bedded as well as an RA in college that was an awkward fit manlet that I could've also easily fucked. The thing I hate about my wet dreams is that anytime I have them in convinced the other person is actively showing interest in me even though I know they probably forgot about me ages ago. Any dream expert nonnys wanna explain what dreams about dating or fucking someone mean?

No. 1408380

Rewatched Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and it made me sad because I remembered all the good moments I had with my ex. Also I can't be like characters in the end of the movie, I can't just accept that relationships turn to shit. It's easier to just stay away from it. I'm so broken in that sense, I don't think I'll ever be happy with anyone. I feel like once I open up to someone and become vulnerable, I get sort of a hangover later and try to reverse it and just sabotage everything. I didn't even realize before how truly scared I am of being intimate with someone. After two failed attempts, I don't think I'll ever dare to try. And it makes me so so sad.

No. 1408398

Damn as someone who's going through a painful breakup right now and having a hard time letting go and accepting a relationship can turn to shit, I relate so much to this post. Although I haven't watched the movie, just reading the synopsis is making me so sad. People like to say "it's better to have loved and lost than never to love at all blah blah blah" but I'm not like that either and I just find it more painful to remember my ex and the future we could have had. I don't think I'll ever look back fondly at the good times we had, because once it's over they're rendered meaningless to me now. Sending you a hug, nonnie

No. 1408401

Some people are epic fuck ups who never improve.( Especially on 4chan) You hope that they get better but never do. Why bother helping them?

No. 1408406

File: 1668384195621.jpg (118.45 KB, 720x710, 1656227889753.jpg)

I feel so depressed, i wish i had a goal to work towards. All i do is play videogames, exercise and watch movies without any end goal, just because it fills the void for a few hours. I feel like nothing matters, we dont have to hunt/scavenger for nuts/build our own home with our bare hands and men are ugly and dumb so i dont want to reproduce either. I have no idea what to do with my time on earth. I am so lonely i want to become a Vtuber in the hopes i can find friends and form a community of people to play games/wacth movies with. Its all so meaningless.

No. 1408414

Most people with "goals" just want the generic shit like a house, career that doesn't matter, family and money, so if you aren't materialist/driven by primal instincts you automatically have no goal in life because there no ideals to strive for in this world or miracles that might happen.
I think it's just the result of being a thinking person sadly. Unless we will get some alien invasion or something else that's interesting and broadens our horizons the next decade.

No. 1408459

File: 1668388537130.jpeg (133.33 KB, 764x764, D824B193-83AC-49ED-92ED-74BFD7…)

I almost never eat frozen meal type food but I’ve had a craving for those fucking Totinos frozen pizzas for days. So today I went out in the cold to go get one and every single flavor, except shitty triple cheese, was sold out like who the fuck is eating these fucking things and why is it only when I fucking want one??? Day ruined.

No. 1408465

File: 1668388751536.jpg (68.24 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Oh my god, what if I have to wear diapers?

No. 1408473

Nta but i guess you just. Made me realize what’s wrong with me. Material shit doesn’t have excite me at all. I don’t see the point of trying

No. 1408483

I'm mentally in a place where I would be 5250'd if I opened up about how shitty I feel. I'm actually on the verge of suicide. But being put in the emergency psych ward wouldn't do much either because I would just be away from my home, away from the things that can distract me even a wee bit, and not even be able to charge my phone without having to give it to staff. I'd rather die than go through that again. But I also know I need help.

No. 1408543

I have ADHD and anxiety which I struggle with quite a lot. It makes me incredibly unfocused and it feels like I can't concentrate on anything or get anything right, and it's completely ruined this semester for me. I'm getting my medication increased since it was promised to have been increased a while ago and I guess the doctor just forgot about it, because I'm still on the 10mg strattera, which I have been taking since middle school and apparently is extremely low, even for me being quite sensitive. I am by no means a small person either.

I am getting the increased dose very very soon since I finally spoke up about my doctor not increasing it like she said she would, and I am admittedly a little pissy, though I guess I'm not entirely blameless myself, for not having spoke up in a while and just assuming the situation would fix itself (That's probably my worst habit ever that I'm trying to kick). And my friend told me that I should also learn some coping mechanisms for ADHD as well, and I agree, I do know for a fact that some of it can be managed personally and nonmedically, and even though I fully intend to medicate it, it couldn't hurt to try to learn coping strategies in addition.

I also just have really poor impulse control, especially around sweets, and I can never keep any sweets in the house or I just decimate them, and this is when I'm stone cold sober. I stay away from drugs or alcohol because it just turns up the no self control to eleven, and I pretty much devour everything in sight and it's really gross and unhealthy. This is a vent and nobody has to reply to it, but honestly I would love if anyone has been in a similar place and has advice on how to improve oneself.

I feel like I'm in a place in my life where I have to start making more decisions for myself anyways since I'm getting older and time only keeps moving forward. I don't want to live with my mom forever and I want to not only care for myself but for her when she retires too, and I'm starting to be more humbled by life and learning of my own flaws and how they not only hurt me but those around me too. I'm still quite young as an adult, but I won't stay young forever, and I'm terrified of squandering my youth and turning out to become a bitter, mediocre, bothersome woman once I reach my twenties.

No. 1408550

this is such bullshit and I'm still mad about it
>be in charge of leading practices for an admittedly dying club sport at my uni
>we've had to cancel a lot of practices this semester because no one fucking shows up
>aside from our club's reserved hours, the gym area where we practice has nothing booked friday evenings
>as a result, moids got used to playing basketball there during our scheduled practice time
>at the start of the semester, student employees told us to just come get them to kick out the basketball guys if they wouldn't leave
>never had any problems doing this
>until last friday
>show up at scheduled practice time and there is a full-on basketball game going
>tell them to wrap it up bc my group is on the schedule with a reservation and they are not
>go to front desk to get the forms i need to check people in
>come back to practice area, basketball moids are still playing
>return to front desk and ask if someone can help me deal with the basketball moids
>wait five minutes while a lot of bureaucratic shuffling happens
>eventually the fucking supervisor, a notoriously angry man, storms out
>literally yells at the basketball guys to leave
>finding this reaction disproportionate but not arguing with the results, i awkwardly thank him as he walks out
>go back to his office to grab the form i need
>he tells me he's still working on it, then stops me before i leave
>"so do you know how many people are going to show up before you use that space?"
>tell him yes of course, i even had people RSVP this time bc of our low attendance this semester
>"ok but are you actually using that space the whole time you're scheduled to be there"
>his tone is abrupt but i foolishly think he's still just asking questions so i tell him we usually take about 15 minutes to warm up before using the climbing wall (why this facility is in one of the fucking basketall gyms is beyond me)
>he cuts me off and tells me in no uncertain terms that he expects me to have people ready to go and climb the minute it hits our scheduled time and getting his staff to kick out the basketball people unless we begin to climb immediately afterwards is unacceptable
>prior to this point this man has had no problem with us doing exactly what he just told me not to do
>no other club sport immediately launches into doing their activity with no warmup when using a reserved space but i digress
>just stare off into space and nod at the appropriate points while he works himself into a lather, then skulk out when he dismisses me with a passive-aggressively cheery "thank you"
>only two people show up and one of them didn't fucking register correctly so i can't even hold a practice
>end up looking like a gigantic ass because i have to hand angry supervisor the form back anyway
what the fuck is wrong with men

No. 1408575

What are examples of a non-materialist ambition?

No. 1408577

Same, I have no motivation and don’t want to be poor but I’m also just fine with the bare necessities. I despise clutter and “treat yo self” culture which is just buying marked up stuff made by slavery usually. Even traveling recently has been mostly stressful and disappointing so I just feel bored as hell all day in my apartment doing nothing and I wish I had some stress or bustling life.

No. 1408590

men are used to having everything catered to them and hate when women dare ask to be respected. I would love to be apart of a rock climbing club nonna

No. 1408607

File: 1668398817958.gif (5.36 MB, 540x811, tumblr_22ac9846e92d2d5052d9ff1…)

i am kind of regretting majoring in fine art. don't have much of a portfolio and am also not that great of an artist. totally clueless on what to do once i graduate, and i can't continue to loaf around my parent's house…
to make things worse i'm 23 lol i feel so dumb nonnies

No. 1408608

Time to get an office job and atrophy like the rest of us.

No. 1408610

is getting an office job simple? i'm 100% fine with being an office drone especially if i can work from home some days

No. 1408614

Depends where you live. Job market is generally hot right now, and it's a great time to become an admin or secretary. I live in a government town and half the people I went to high school with just got bullshit jobs with the government. Don't expect glamour though. Just send out resumes wherever you can and play up your organizational skills. Pay probably won't be great, but it's a job.

No. 1408632

honestly i don't get why anyone does a major in art/lit/etc. I write novels and my degree isn't in english lit–it's in something unrelated that gets me actual paying jobs. it kind of feels like art etc majors just wanted college to be happy fun camp where you spend all day fingerpainting and vibing. you can learn art as well or better on your own, idk why anyone would waste tuition on an art degree. sorry if that sounds mean but it just seems an all around dumb decision. i have family members who did english/art majors and they're all unemployed and miserable.

you should probably change your major? especially if you aren't even good at art.

No. 1408634

it's fine, anon. i get by with my useless degree by tutoring. you can always find something.

No. 1408636

Ughhh fuck I really need to stop binging. I let myself binge for like 3 days, now I’m dealing with the consequences. I’ve been bloated and constipated for 3 days straight, and I feel like straight up shit. I’m sick too, and my coughs don’t feel satisfying, since they don’t reach all the way to my stomach. It’s like a half asses cough. I can’t even breathe properly. I just want this shit to be over, so I’m cutting out carbs for a few days. Hopefully this goes away soon, so I can feel normal again.

No. 1408653

if it's like a few dollars above minimum wage i'll be satisfied kek. i just don't want to return to retail hell

uni's free in my country lol so i wasn't exactly wasting money. also i can't change my major as i am literally set to graduate next month

No. 1408654

Visit all bus stops in your country and take a photo of each one of them
For example

No. 1408662

thats lamer than money

No. 1408669

File: 1668404762050.jpeg (219.26 KB, 430x500, C2896E6A-92A5-4306-8923-82D46A…)

Well, gay designers prefer their models’ bodies and faces to be masculine - to look like teenage boys they like so much
Also easier to work with - imagine working with curves - with bodies that don’t look like theirs. Thats too much, I guess

No. 1408671

But better than self improvement like gaining knowledge and skills

No. 1408680

I'm annoyed with my bf cuz I was hanging out with my family all weekend n he was with the boys all weekend. I just wanted to spend tonight with him because he's busy tomorrow. He said
"Baby you only have one family. You should hang with them"
Man I haven't seen him all week fuck
Asked him if anything was wrong too like damn
Feel like I'm single

No. 1408685

I have been sick with covid for a week, missed work I needed for money, and can't even focus properly on a game or my hobbies due to the crushing headache fever. I am sick of sleeping. I am sick of my nose burning. I can't even enjoy some stew because I taste 0. My body keeps going from cold to hot whenever it feels like it. At most I get sick once a year but only for 3 days. Everything sucks so much right now.

No. 1408700

Your average Zara or H&M or Zalando fast fashion isn't (necessarily) designed by gay men though, they have nameless women who went to fashion college and didn't go on to become independent designers for that shit.

This complaining about "iddddk how this gonna look on meeeee" kinda irks me because how do you think women who do have a small chest felt up until now? Just order it and see if it fits? If it doesn't, Zalando and Asos offer free returns. You can always try on things in physical stores. It's not like you wouldn't try on clothes first even if the model has your cupsize and curves.

No. 1408701

I swear to god there are so many scrotes role playing in the fetishes you’re ashamed of thread

No. 1408714

my expectations of people is too high that's why i get lonely. maybe i should move to the expensive city which has more weirdos but i am broke asf and my scrote lives here

No. 1408718

File: 1668408466786.jpeg (63.27 KB, 1020x314, AECC6184-4144-475D-A0CC-ED5652…)

I've been looking for a post I swore I made in the relationship advice thread months ago and it's just not there so I'll put my shit here. Flus suck, especially during fallouts with fucking black hole dense moids, but it's not like I needed to be in mentally sharp condition to poke holes in his flaccid arguments. Scroteface looks like inbred Gary Linkov with a pile of ginger pubes glued to his scalp. Clefty penis nose and mouth like he's holding his own balls in it. I'm glad I listened to nonnas who told me not to go for him if I wasn't physically attracted, turns out he IS worse than I judged. I've finally snooped the profiles I know of that belong to him and even on those 'normie friendly ones' he got into pathetic fights over Facebook by sharing his unwanted, uneducated political opinions about countries that have nothing to do with him. That shit was as recent as two years ago.
>Self-professed right wing tradcath wannabe
>Told his dad about me and apparently his dad immediately made a joke about my race "but it's only banter"
>thinks all wives should take the names of their husbands
>thinks wives and mothers should ideally stay at home while the husband earns everything
>because "the workforce has doubled so wages are effectively halved now both parents have to work or children starve" (and that's why we're in an economic crisis now gaiz)
>becoming a mother "makes a woman more of a woman"
>disapproves of birth control on principle even though as a high school dropout I don't think he can understand how they work
>had a mental breakdown two weeks to us knowing each other over me explaining that I'm probably not that open to dating
>had another one when I ignored him while he was seething and calling me a guilt tripping blackmailer with "main character syndrome", how I lack empathy, bully him, am immature, childish
>Accuses me of leading him on for months because I don't deny knowing about his cringey crush even though I turned him down in a way where he bitched at me not being polite enough about it prior
I booted and blocked him but really I should've stayed talking another hour and lit a fire under his fragile ass. So, Sam, here's the brutal honesty I spared you from: you're a pretentious wad of smeg who is 25 and still uses big words to sound intellectually superior in personal fucking arguments for a dumb cunt who peaked before sixth form, you're as entitled as the incels you think you're better than, you never had a chance, you are anathema to female kind, your emotional intelligence is so low it's through the floor and right in the pits next to the Devil you think corrupts the world, you suck in all forms of fashion, no fashion will improve your autist personality. You said your friends were "racist and homophobic" as if it was a positive and you flirt by sending memes, that's how bottom of the barrel autistic you are, that is the quality of your pitiful game. The only ship you are in is the fucking Titanic and you ain't Jack. You are a condescending half-wit who shitposts from his high horse sprinkling "okay love/dear" into an argument you lost, you wish you could call me that without being sarcastic but you don't deserve to. You are an offensively ignorant knobhead with zero game and you don't get to interact with me. If you come to my front door with anything but an apology on your knees, I will break your penis nose. Learn to read the room, you dense """ex""" incel.

No. 1408721

I wish so much I could be one of those people who wake up early, go for a run or to gym and make the most of their morning. It takes me such a long time to even wake up properly on my days off and I spend most of my morning just spacing off, taking a break and browsing Internet. I only properly get active around 11 which is so late. And I get tired around 20 and also stop being active. I make my day much shorter than it needs to be.

No. 1408726

Or maybe it’s just women posting about fetishes they’re ashamed of? Scrotes talk about foul sexual things so often that the second a woman on anon does it, everyone jumps down their throat accusing them of being a scrote. Not gonna lie I’ve posted in that thread before about wanting to piss on a guy and I’m definitely not a scrote.

No. 1408728

my tinfoil is the clothes are designed and manufactured in third-world neo colonialist factory by a bunch of child laborers and they fit the dresses on the underage workers because that's who is around, then they just scale up to other sizes. there aren't enough enbys in the world to change the garment industry's offerings and it's already bad and evil in the usual old fashioned way.

No. 1408732

Fucking legendary. I wish he could read this. He’d join our favourite statistic (the male suicide one)

No. 1408734

I am not even terribly busty (34D) and I have this problem sometimes kek. I also have broad shoulders and sometimes get meme'd into thinking a dress will look good because the model also has broad shoulders, but they have broad shoulders and NO TITS, so it ends up looking weird or not fitting me. I hope you get to find a cute non-trashbag dress anon. A wrap dress is the only thing I can think of that would accommodate your boobs and also allow you to feed your kid.

Also this reminds me of an ad I saw earlier which leads to my own vent (not targeted against large-breasted women at all I promise kek, just specific dumbasses) – I will sometimes see ads on instagram for brands that specialize in bras for small-chested women, and I'll check the comments to see if the brand is any good so I can recc them to people. Without fail, there is some comment from at least one woman saying "B-but what about me??? I'm SO glad that flat women have this option seriously so happy for them that they are FLAT and have this shop to choose from but I have BIG GIANT bazonkas…absolute milkers and why doesn't this shop cater to ME…a woman with MOMMY MILKERS…why does this shop discriminate against women with FAT TITS (LIKE MINE)????" There are absolutely shops that create bras for women with large chests, why would you bother a brand explicitly catered toward small-chested women except to brag??

No. 1408738

I am so sleepy it’s 7am but i’ve been schizoposting on vg for minimum 6 hours now
Too much fun schizoposting baiting is so easy
Guten nacht

No. 1408741

It’s the same when it’s clothes for plus sized women
>waaa I’m SOOOO SKINNY! I can NEVER find clothes for me except in the kids section teehee! I also get bullied for being skinny sometimes and it’s totally the same thing so where is my special shop and asspats?
I know I sound like a seething fatty but I’m not kek, just a mid size who hates humblebraggers.

No. 1408744

It's fucking fun I understand nonna

No. 1408748

I hate that I wasted the whole weekend playing video games instead of doing something productive like working on art or drawing. Damn, it was the long weekend too… I promise I'll do better next weekend

No. 1408749

People who ruin their entire lives with affairs are genuinely retarted. They mistake the adrenaline of doing something they’re not supposed to with chemistry and end up completely alone but bound to someone they feel barley anything for because they don’t want to admit defeat. I’m glad I learned the grass is greener lesson early on because most people, even the ones you’re physically attracted to, just aren’t worth your time.

No. 1408751

i reconnected with a friend who i cut off before for being VERY clingy and prying about my personal life, i thought i could give her another chance and things were fine until i told her about a guy im talking to. now she always updates me on his social media and am i overreacting or is that really fucking weird? like he deactivated and then 15 minutes after he does she texts me "omfg i think he blocked me lmao" and other updates of his other social media
am i just being rude by thinking this is weird or am i in the right? because why the fuck is she checking his socials all the time.

No. 1408752

My friend stopped talking to me because I liked some meme shittalking a celebrity she stans for. We are both adults out of college. She isn't even on twitter. It fucking sucks, I've been here for her for so long but she fucking erases me because she cares for this celebrity who will never know her more than me. If she liked a negative meme about one of my interests I simply wouldn't give a fuck. Even a confrontation is so much better than this. Stanning should be illegal.

No. 1408754

Hugging you nonna, I'm from that area as well and I don't want to go back to that time where I heard a bomb every week. I hope we get through this once more and never again.

No. 1408755

What was the meme

No. 1408757

It's weird but she sounds kind of fun to me tbh I'd be her friend
Though more importantly her behaviour clearly bothers you, have you told her this?

No. 1408781

My mum being physically abusive with me growing up definitely has left its marks. I'm in my 30s and every once in a while I will consider it she was right to say I was a terrible child and I was more sneaky in my evil deceptive ways. I wasn't a bully or violent. I did have anger issues at home because my mum was volatile but I barely interacted with adults outside of home. Yet I did get away with a lot of things I shouldn't have done. Even while in school I would skip class and go walk about and bump into the headmaster and he never asked why I was out of class. I break the law regularly but never in violent ways just pushing limits and getting away with things when no one is looking like drugs or driving fast. I am calculating. I do tell white lies and I do use my smart mouth to get out of things. Even in work I've very slowly established myself enough to now start cutting corners with punctuality etc. I enjoy taking advantage of situations for my benefit. Idk if my mum noticed that but couldn't articulate it. I had my dad wrapped around my finger stupidly young and they divorced but he still spoiled me. Shit I'm in my 30s and my dad still pays for my car and home. Maybe I am a bad person

No. 1408795

wtf That celebrity would never be her friend anyway.

No. 1408806

I am 21 already when will my fucking face clear out, i dont want to be a pizza face anymore i am so tired of looking so fucking disgusting. I am so stressed about my acne that i want to grab the cheese grater and skin my face.

No. 1408807

Jfc had a past bpd friend that did this with every person I ever had encounters with. They would also stalk socials of my exes and boyfriends all while trying to talk to them and she would get excited when they would react or text back. Now I can’t post anything about my bf or even things I like in general because she starts to try to obtain any information about it like as if shes a fucking glowie but she can’t handle it when someone even looks up her socials without thinking she’s being gangstalked. Stay away from people like that nonna, they always have 20 different stalker accounts and tend to enjoy drama or causing others to block them because any attention is better than no attention.

No. 1408816

I have a friend who's trying really hard to convince me i can get over my depression and that everything is fixable blah, blah, he's studying psychology so i have been pretending to listen to him but i am getting tired, i just want to fucking kill myself i will never get over being born in LatAm, even if i move to the states or somewhere else my childhood,teenagehood and young adult years are forever ruined and it will never be the same.

No. 1408828

I went on a date yesterday and it went great! But he missed his last train home and it was really late so I brought him back to my place for the night. I was ready to jump his bones but he said he'd rather wait and we should just cuddle and sleep. I ended up not sleeping at all cause I was too horny all night. When I finally dozed off for a second I had a wet dream about him, I shit you not.
So now I'm just sleep deprived and sexually frustrated and I need to go to work in a few minutes. Reeeeeeee

No. 1408838

File: 1668419615057.jpeg (91.62 KB, 1200x1179, 1642059943931.jpeg)

I've never really related to the gender role of being a woman ever since I was a kid, and growing up in a household that didn't push gender roles (grew up with a single mom that is a loud and proud feminist) left me with becoming a huge tomboy growing up, and didn't work on embracing my feminine side until my mid-20's - a part of me I still long for to become a stronger part of my self-expression but I still feel off when I look or even walk "too feminine". Like something is off. It's not even like I was ever GNC, I've always been feminine in my own way even if it was in what would be considered a fairly boyish way. Does anyone else feel this way? Or have felt like this but finally got over it?
The fact that I'm still not quite sure how to layer more feminine outfits most likely doesn't help all that much either. All I want is to embrace the elegant lady that reads book at the local café during hot summer days that I know is inside me but I always feel like a blob when I try.

No. 1408840

Anon why would you post this picture
Anon why

No. 1408855

File: 1668421565218.png (141.76 KB, 225x259, FD0DCB80-8C67-43AC-9979-F9AD3E…)

Just a crushing sadness about the state of everything. Aggressive normies everywhere in public and online. The old comfy internet being replaced by a centralised soulless corporate monopoly. It feels harder and harder every day to carve out a comfy space in this world that seems to be circling the drain due to decades of robber baron capitalism and the concomitant retard proofing of the internet, social media and ubiquitous smartphones. Not to mention housing crises in my country and probably everywhere meaning everyone is Jampacked together and terrorised by loud music and bored barking dogs.

How to be comfy anymore?

No. 1408856

File: 1668421716804.jpg (400.37 KB, 1080x1080, swagMonhun.jpg)

you just ride

No. 1408858

File: 1668421843369.jpeg (38.2 KB, 386x560, 13EE9AFB-D0FF-4961-8EC3-3C346E…)

Me trying to just ride in 2022

No. 1408860

File: 1668422130217.png (352.06 KB, 490x492, taxi.png)

God so true, even on here. Surveillance everywhere by both people and da gub'mint, no joy, just this sickly, heavy atmosphere that pushes down on all of us.

No. 1408865

File: 1668422929351.jpg (332.51 KB, 1280x960, Ross2012.jpg)

I hate having parasocial relationships with pretty much every male youtuber i watch(except the one from my country kek), right now i am obssesed with this human thumb/caveman. It saddens me that this type of men only exist in the USA. I just want a cute nerdy bf so fucking badly. I feel so fucking lonely in this shithole, every men i have met has been so fucking boring and shitty, they are all depressed as fuck and just care about soccer, Lol, bad music and other lame south american moid shit, they are all so unfunny too, like jesus did you get hit with a copy jack and jill as child? painful.

No. 1408869

Why do you non-american women have the craziest taste in white males. STOP IT.

No. 1408874

File: 1668423398450.png (1.51 MB, 1715x1475, cute.png)

you would only understand if you were surrounded by south american men. Cute nerdy men ranting about dumb bad games are so endearing in comparison to some scrote who grows up with the south american mentality of '' men rough, men like soccer, men dont wash asshole, men only play competitive shitty game, men break thing if soccer match lose grrr''.

No. 1408880

hmm you have a point, but I am only like this because most of those men are gross personality wise irl and online.

No. 1408883

so far the ones i simp seem normal, they barely use social media outside of youtube. I would stop believing in men if Scott the woz turns out to be shit person.

No. 1408897

i’m surrounded by nerds and they make me want to rope, let’s trade nonacita

No. 1408899

i don't know who that is but he probably watches tentacle rape hentai

No. 1408900

i will take all your nerds you can keep this scum

No. 1408901

File: 1668426084790.jpg (116.84 KB, 1333x750, 00 (1).jpg)

the best thing about scott is that he doesnt watch anime, could he be any more perfect?

No. 1408904

oof that picture just made it worse. i am sorry nonna he looks like a pedophile

No. 1408905

This gets me down too anon, I totally understand you. Just know that you're not alone.
I'm trying to cope by spending less time online. Which is a shame because I actually did used to like being online. It's not the same now because of the reasons you've said. We just have to count our losses and try to have happy, comfy lives despite everything.
I have a crush on him too!! You understand!!!

No. 1408906

I did something awful and I can't tell a soul. I don't know how to forgive myself. the worst part is I think i'd do it again. I'm relapsing into every bad behaviour I've ever had to cope and punish myself. I don't think I can even tell my therapist. the idea of killing myself to escape the feeling is the most appealing but that's a bit pathetic….. I did something bad and now I gotta deal with it. i'm so ashamed but exhilarated. I wish I was dead but I w ant to do it again.

No. 1408907

what did you do

No. 1408909

I cannot say nonna. even anonymously with a vpn i'm afraid i'll be found out

No. 1408910

No. 1408911

I want to fuck an attractive man around my age maybe slightly younger or slightly older in my warm comfy bed without anyone seeing or recording us. I just want to have sex and let loose.

No. 1408912

Nta but if it's as bad as you are implying, I'm sorry but I hope you get found out

No. 1408913

I think he's the pervert who searches online for peoples webcams and private photos and then makes deepfakes of them. Seriously creepy stalker shit cause he's a pervert.

No. 1408915

just say [in minecraft] after

No. 1408916

File: 1668427164879.jpeg (37.57 KB, 567x366, 609b997c11dcb135214dc9cd_567_3…)

I've had a lot on my plate lately so I've more or less completely gone offline except for lolcow, so I haven't checked my messenger and cancelled the majority of my plans. I've just been too depressed to really do anything and what I'm going through right now isn't exactly anything anyone around me can help with so I'm trying to power through it on my own.
But now a friend sent a text telling me they're all worried about me and now I feel like a dumb-dumb.

No. 1408920

Why does it matter who you cheated with? Why does that make the difference?

No. 1408921

Why don't you I dunno…break up with him? If the thought of cheating again makes you exhilerated there's something wrong, hun

No. 1408922

Meet me in private babe ur hott

No. 1408923

File: 1668427765829.jpeg (30.45 KB, 360x349, 9F477118-E915-4FFA-B0BB-E9A984…)

Thank you my nonnies. Solidarity with nonas here who are noticing the same kind of things helps a great deal.

No. 1408928

To preface my vent: I do not like most superhero movies, be it Marvel or what have you.

It was so pathetic watching my date cry over Black Panther. Why do men cry so much over superhero movies? Are men really so emotionally repressed that they have to watch their pseudo machismo fictional characters cry or die before they feel anything themselves? While I appreciated that the movie mostly focused on female characters, I didn't think it was the most emotionally compelling Marvel movie even though the main theme was grief? Seems like it had a lot of pacing issues and that made it difficult for me as a casual to get invested into the narrative. Yet upon asking my date why it was so sad for him, he admitted it was moreso that he thought without Boseman these stories would have never made it to the big screen so he was just happy to see it.
I guess I just can't relate.

No. 1408930

I'm married and I want to cheat sometimes. Not with just anyone but I just need to get out of my house. I don't even care if we have sex I just want out. No phones, no laptops, no perverts, I just want to look into a beautiful pair of eyes on a man that doesn't want to kill me.

No. 1408932

It really sounds like the main actors death could be the reason, which I would understand. Or maybe he is just a manchild, you never know with moids.

No. 1408935

Sounds like it's more about the dead main actor than the movie itself.

No. 1408938

It's sad that people really consider openly expressing emotions in such a vunerable way as crying pathetic. Especially in this case, where he cried about something special he found in this story, doesn't sound like it was some "pseudo machismo" thing. You say it's your date, not a boyfriend, so it sounds like you don't even know him that much, maybe he's not emotionally repressed but the opposite? Honestly for me that would be a major green flag on a date to see someone this open, most males like to pretend they're unphased stoics.

No. 1408940

NTA but men that cry like she’s describing are pathetic.

No. 1408944

No. 1408946

I need to have sex

No. 1408949

Because it’s shallow and never about anything actually deep or emotional. They’re little boys that learned crying and “sensitivity” gets them what they want from mommy and it’s manipulative. Like a toxic little parasite. They never want to let you cry and they certainly aren't going to help you process your emotions because what you’re upset over “just doesn’t make sense”. It will either always be about his, or he won’t be able to cope with stressful situations which will end up being your responsibility (see all about him again), or worse it’s a red flag of him having a mood or personality disorder because it’s not balanced behavior.
And don’t get me started on the “I’m so sorry. Think about how much it hurt me to hurt you

No. 1408952

I find that men who cry over media tend to be just as devoid of emotional intelligence as men who never cry. As in, they're the type of people who can feel emotional towards fictional characters, but are much less sensitive and empathetic towards the people in their lives. I dunno, maybe it's possible that he is really sensitive and has a good heart, but most of the time they come off as toxic sadbois to me.

No. 1408954

File: 1668431863578.jpg (112.26 KB, 650x780, 973a3ccacdbbc9469f514a99f868be…)

best friend is dating a tif and really falling for all that comes with it. unhand her you mullet headed cunt! Stop using tiktok 'mental health' videos to diagnose her, stop making her pay for all your trans rights merch, stop making her feel bad for saying she's a lesbian, stop isolating her and shaming her for not being able to deal with your suicide baits.

Worst thing is that this is my friends first relationship, she's a homebody and a sweet girl who can't recognize this as shit behavior, thinks she's just a 'bad girlfriend' and should 'go to therapy'… Like girl NO! You're just being manipulated by a mentally ill person covered in self harm scars who hates themselves enough to think the solution will be to pretend she's a moid. I hope I can save her. I miss her.

No. 1408956

I wanna get away from all the data collecting creative idea stealing money hungry pigs and just be with a hott guy for a few hours. Can god please bless me with a bf that doesn't hate me?

No. 1408957

>major green flag to date men who only cry and get emotional based on para social relationships they have with actors
But like other anons pointed out, it seems like they only ever get emotional around shallow medias where other men have already greenlit social acceptability to be emotional over.

No. 1408959

How do you deal with idea poachers and people hating you in general and stepping all over you? I can't find one fucking person who respects me.

No. 1408964

Drove my sister and her friend to school today and it's crazy the difference in them as my sister has monitored access to the internet and plenty of offline hobbies and her friend has unrestricted, unmonitored access to the internet and barely any hobbies offline. They're Harry Styles fans and the friend was telling my sister about the fucking Larry conspiracy theory, kek. She's 11! How did she even find this stuff! What's worse is she thinks it could be true because "gay people dress weird - like your older sister", never wanted to punch a tween before so that was a new experience. I do worry for kids like her though. They're so gullible and the internet is full of nonces. Her parents need to wake the fuck up.

No. 1408966

It’s being pushed in YouTube shorts again. Maybe there? Is she having unlimited YouTube scrolling? (She really shouldn’t, there’s badly censored porn and shit right now and the shorts algorithm works like shit)

No. 1408972

i feel i should’ve been born a man. despite looking normal and being quite normal socially it feels completely wrong for me to be female, in every relationship and interaction i feel like a retarded incel. it’s not to do with my body or physicality really, it just feels like i’m male brained and other women men sometimes can clock it and i hate that

No. 1408976

>my sister has monitored access
Poor soul, never understood controlfreakery, its so inhuman.

No. 1408978

Did you miss the bit about the sister being 11 years old? Of course her time online should be monitored

No. 1408979

Also if this is how you navigate conversation irl ,it might give some insight as to why you feel like a retarded incel as you described here btw >>1408972

No. 1408980

Ah yes how dare anons parents keep her younger sister away from the trannies and pedos on the Internet? Why are you projecting in on a child and self infantilizing? You’re an adult maybe it’s time to think like one instead of relating to an 11 year old.

No. 1408984

Yeah she's always looking at YouTube and TikTok on her phone. I dread to think of the shit she's seen.

Before you pull the "but most of us had unsupervised internet access and we're fine!" card, we are not fine and the web now is way more fucked up and dangerous for children than it was when most of us were kids. If you truly think children as young as 11 should be allowed unlimited and unmonitored access to the web then I pray you never have kids.

No. 1408988

There’s creators I saw showing “tweet confirmations” and shit on shorts so that’s probably it. A bunch of older women who haven’t let it go seem to have found a new place to get views.

No. 1408990

>conspiracy theory
A modern day take on on such good ol word "heresy"
Hell, you even behave like typical churchtard or mudslime.
You are no different than thoose you despise, just because someone told you something doesn't make it true, nor believing into something makes it true, this isn't warhammer 40k
Your beliefs are not so different than belief in santa claus.

No. 1408992

>gay people dress weird - like your older sister

No. 1408993

Is this a copy pasta?

No. 1408994

kys gene damaged xy chromosomoid

No. 1408996

>"but most of us had unsupervised internet access and we're fine!"
Most of us are normal people and we indeed are fine.
And all i did at this age is watched memes and random shit on youtube, downloaded old games, listened to game music and browsed random forums, how traumatising.
>we are not fine
No john, you are demons…
You are fundie puritan, a oldskool breed of sjw, you are the very type of person you hate.
Goddamned zealots has no right to project their inner disgusting sickness onto normal people, not everyone is like you or has to be.

No. 1408998

I'm sorry your favourite 1D members aren't having a torrid affair involving beards and fake babies but if you're so enlightened then why don't you dedicate your time to conspiracies that actually hold water and are about important historical events, politics, etc?

Don't think I'll ever recover from being compared to Harry Styles, kek.

What >>1408994 said.

No. 1409000

Why do I bother reading abortion debates? Some faggot was saying how he can watch videos of people dying with no problems yet the idea of abortion makes him seethe and cry. Men are severely mentally ill.

No. 1409001

>passive agressive tone
You have personity of joyless bitter incel, maybe even worse.
But if hell exists thank god you will be thrown into it.

No. 1409002

My sister in christ you are defending a 1D conspiracy.

No. 1409013

my girlfriend’s older sister is pregnant and apparently her sister was totally shocked and surprised when she found out and her husband was sad because he wanted to have more time together as a married couple before becoming parents (they were very recently married). i’m completely baffled like. unless a condom broke this whole situation was completely avoidable. idgi. is it normal for straight couples to just fuck around and have unprotected sex? like i guess if you’re not completely against having kids then you’d be okay with taking your chances? it’s something my girlfriend and i obviously have never had to think about and we always have unprotected sex. i’m glad no pregnancy can come of it

No. 1409014

I honestly think a lot of men would be happier if they just had their bollocks lopped off. Domestic dogs don’t get a chance to breed and would be anxious and aggressive and compelled to bad behaviour if they weren’t neutered, and I think it’s the same with humans. If they where castrated they’d be able to think about things rationally and not constantly occupied with thoughts of muh dik/muh sperm/muh balls!

No. 1409017

IIRC 50% of unplanned pregnancies happen while birth control was being used but yeah sometimes people are morons about it. I had a coworker who kept having more and more unplanned pregnancies with boyfriends because she only believed in tracking her cycle and fertility “to align with the moon” as a spiritual thing and obviously it didn’t work and she kept getting pregnant.

No. 1409021

Yeah a lot of straight people are wild like that. A co-worker of mine got pregnant recently and kept going on about what a shock it was but she wasn't on the pill because she had bad side effects, was in the middle of trying to find an alternative suitable for her and apparently her boyfriend can't wear condoms because he's """allergic""" (I might be a lesbian but I've heard that excuse a million times from my bi and straight friends kek). I had to bite my tongue and not ask her why they didn't forgo penetrative sex because I know I'd be crucified for stating the obvious. I really don't get it because I'd be in a chasity belt in that situation but to be fair to her men can be very pushy about sex so idk, maybe that's a factor.

No. 1409022

Im so fucking dumb i messed up the dates and showed up 1 week later to my oral exam for my english option. I could have passed easily but i might get a 0 for not showing up. I dont want it to mess up my grade i want to have my degree i worked so hard for, it's not even a fucking english degree. I send so many emails but my professor never responded i want to kill myself over a fucking english exam that could ruin my years of work

No. 1409027

>can't wear condoms because he's """allergic"""
quick reminder for any bi or straight nonnies: Unless he's allergic to literally all manmade rubber, he can wear neoprene condoms and most neoprene "allergies" are just contact dermatitis. If you somehow find a unicorn so sensitive that he can't wear any sort of manufactured rubber, he can still wear sheepskin. There is literally no excuse not to wrap that pee-encrusted swizzle stick.

No. 1409081

Anons I'm stressing right now. I want to quit my job. It is the highest paying job I've ever had but it's emotionally draining. I work remotely since the pandemic hit and I actually was contracted to do COVID information and referral. So I never got reduced hours or time off from work because of the pandemic, which yes is a blessing, but it makes me salty. I am thoroughly burnt out. I've almost maxed out my credit card. I'll be paying rent a few days late. My hours were recently reduced because I told my boss I had "compassion fatigue". Earlier this year I was going to go to a 30 day program but I ducked out at the last minute because we were short staffed and I felt guilty (I'm not blaming it on them, that was my justification for not going to seek treatment) and I was honestly a little paranoid about what would happen when I came back. I kind of was afraid I would be punished in some way for being gone that long.

Anyway, I recovered from what I was seeking treatment for, but I also have an addiction to adderall. And I realize the adderall addiction is tied into the pressure I feel at work and needing to be "on" all the time during the shift. And then, still having the energy to do what I actually want to do after work.

I just feel very stuck. I need them as a reference so I can't just burn a bridge and leave. But of course after abusing adderall this month I am out until the 23rd and so I've made my bed and I have to lie in it, as well as continue to do my shift.

I know reddit spacing blah blah I just don't care rn I'm sorry but I'm not, I hate seeing these huge walls of text. I'm stressed. I just want a break, a break that isn't just a 3 day weekend, I want a week AT LEAST so I can get back to normal brain chemical equilibrium and not feel exhausted. Fuck!

I know good things are coming. It's just hard to see sometimes. I really dug myself a hole in this one

No. 1409087

My boyfriend has poured his heart out to me about bad things that have happened to him and I have difficulty telling him about the time I was drugged. He knows I have a fear of being drugged, but not the actual fact that I was drugged. I don't want to tell him what drug. I hope he understands. I made it a promise to myself not to be specific, because all it'll do is make me paranoid. I can keep it between a therapist and myself from now on.

No. 1409108

American men don't wash their ass either kek

No. 1409113

I hate that in real life it's impossible to find women to talk with about my interests in real life. Female cartoon and anime fans are so rare in my country that you will never once meet a single one of them unless you start a deep friendship in an anime forum and decide meet up irl at some point. And all the other women are into shit I don't like like twilight, buffy, harry potter or the same few games I can't stand, namely animal crossing and simps. The only female friend I still had that shared some hobbies with me got so much into k-pop that she doesn't care about anything else anymore and I hate k-pop too.

No. 1409120

I never understood it either. I cannot fathom how someone can be neutral about this. You either absolutely don't want kids or you want it, I don't understand how anybody could be "not really OH it happened! well then okay I guess". But this is honestly how most straight marriages seem to work, especially among boomers and xoomers or however you call the x people.

Every millennial I am somewhat close to never had such an issue even if they are together for 15 years because they know they don't want kids and prefer to enjoy life together instead and go on some trips.
Personally I would never even trust the pill. It's one of the five or so reasons for why I prefer to stay a virgin.

No. 1409121

i came across my message archives on facebook and re-read old conversations with my ex from 6 years ago and im extremely tempted to reach out to him again. i know this would be stupid but i genuinely enjoyed the friendship we had. ive always thought of him as my favourite ex. ive been with my current bf for 5 years and i still think about him often.

No. 1409125

I just quit my job as well because three of the five coworkers I have are constantly "ill" and the other two work part-time only because their husbands make a shitton of money and after two years of doing the work for the rest of the group while knowing that they get the exact same money I get while barely ever being present made me nope out because I know I would either kill myself or them if I stayed.
Nobody deserves workers that care so much, if they need the work to be done they should kick the leeches and/or employ more workers instead of stressing the few honest ones to death. Unless you absolutely need this exact amount of money you get there to pay the rent and food you should leave and search for something new.
Depending on the country you live in you would even get up to 80% of the money you made there monthly for a year thanks to unemployment benefits if you worked there for more than two years.

No. 1409175

I'm pretty sure straight couples are retarded enough where he cums inside her. Like, I'm legit confused. When people talk about sex like this and there's a "surprise" do they legitimately not know about the concept of pulling out? Do they turn stupid during sex?

No. 1409177

Samefag, i just read up what too many people consider pulling out. Jesus fucking Christ. Men are really porn addicted they chase that shock factor. They wait until the last second?! Just jerk yourself off or finish with a blowjob…

No. 1409179

I am busy now because of work and I miss this site. It’s the only time where socialization feels fine and I find myself somewhat natural. Sucks that I’ll probably won’t ever get to replicate this irl.

No. 1409180

Why did your relationship end with this ex?

No. 1409184

I got rangebanned and now I’m bored and lonely again

No. 1409188

Precum in general can get you pregnant. There is no safe sex with raw dick

No. 1409190

personally i like mine medium rare

No. 1409196

>she starts to try to obtain any information about it like as if shes a fucking glowie but she can’t handle it when someone even looks up her socials without thinking she’s being gangstalked
kek she does this exactly too, it freaks me out so much when she says something about me that i've never told her like it's just normal? she also has old posts of mine saved (from when i hadn't talked to her for 2+ years, no idea how she even found my socials at that time) and sends them to me saying shit like "hahahaha remember this omg"

No. 1409200

i honestly cant remember. we had a falling out over something and my archived messages begin with us both awkwardly apologizing. we were just friendly talking after that about college and work but the conversation slowly just died. i moved on with my current bf and we never really talked again.

No. 1409220

My boyfriend minimized my family abuse again and it really fucked with my PTSD (caused by the abuse). I can't take it anymore. He has been doing this a lot lately where he basically calls me a liar and argues with me that I have a way to make the abuse stop when he knows I don't. I'm so unattracted to him now. I don't know why he has been with me if he thinks I'm lying about the extent of abuse I endure. It feels like I've been betrayed. 5 years for nothing. I feel so hopeless and disgusted…

No. 1409223

It's time to end things. I'd advise doing it asap. Send him a text that your relationship is terminated and block him on everything and avoid all contact with him. Hopefully you don't live with him of course.

No. 1409227

Does anyone know how VPNs work? Do they just mask your ip by hiding behind someone else’s in the location you select or does it just spit out a fake set of numbers that’s meant to route to that location when it’s viewed as the ip. I’ve never understood them

No. 1409319

A person who loves you won't intentionally hurt you. He is intentionally hurting you, he is filth. You deserve better than him and he is undeserving of your forgiveness.

No. 1409354

It feels like I am the last kissless virgin from my class. Some married, some with kids, some with boyfriends and I am fucking retard who can't even talk romantically with opposite sex.

No. 1409360

I can't believe I've actually been like legit medically dead probably 3 times in this cursed life (all within a VERY short amount of time)…I'm brain damaged, you hear me? Smokey the Bear says the wildfire of drugs is over. Last touched fentanyl in February and I'm never turning back. I'm sorry mom that I overdosed on your birthday last year and you stood over my blue body as dad brought me back with cpr, defib, and ambuu bag. I'm sorry sister that twice you discovered me unconscious and I gave you such severe ptsd you couldn't look at my face for a whole year. I'm sorry everyone that all my pain consumed me and I didn't care about the outcome of my life, that so much money was spent on fancy rehabs I fucked around in. I'm so glad ketamine infusions exist and changed my world because without that and intense therapy weekly I wouldn't be sitting here today typing this…

No. 1409366

A VPN is not someone else’s address. It’s the VPN provider’s own servers addresses. Think of it like the many PO boxes at the post office only they go both ways and many people can use the same one. Instead of directly communicating with a website, which includes giving it your info, you’re asking the VPN to make the request for you from its own address. You know, like asking your friend to deliver a note across the school yard and pretend that it’s from your friend and not you.

No. 1409381

I hope the moid who thought up adding scent to pads died or will die of a horrible painful death

No. 1409387

Me too nona, me too. My period doesn't even smell like anything when I use nonscented pads. The scented pads are awful

No. 1409388

I quite like the smell of period blood but mixed with scented pad it’s disgusting

No. 1409390

Oh my God anon, I hlwas just thinking this! Why are pantyliners fucking perfumery?

No. 1409391

your post sounds like it was written by hank hill

No. 1409397

He wouldn't say the lord's name in vain, or curse either.

No. 1409398

I want my first love since like first grade or whatever to pick me up and take me to some overlook hotel looking place and just fuck me and plant his seed in me

No. 1409401

No. 1409403

Keeek. I'm on the move right now and didn't see the typos.

No. 1409404

I look back at how I handled the breakup of my last relationship and I'm really ashamed of myself lol. I repeatedly begged my partner to not leave me and I came off so desperate and pathetic. So many things I did that I'm not proud of. I should have just accepted the situation for what it is, respected myself more, and kept the last bit of dignity I had left. At the very least I can't say I didn't try.

No. 1409408

File: 1668475176957.jpg (660.16 KB, 1600x1335, 1666323080207048.jpg)

I want to meet a tree at high speed. I am unwell.

No. 1409415

Half of the users of this board annoy the shit out of me but I cannot even say why because it's a hivemind like every other damn place on the modern internet.

No. 1409420

This scent is so distinct, it always seems like everyone can smell it and know you're on your period. Not that it's such a horrible secret but…

Can't even imagine how it is, to be in love with someone you've known since you both were so little. Considering how much both of you can change… strange. Not judging or anything, just think it's unusual.

No. 1409424

>Gay people dress weird - like your sister
Post an outfit pic now I need to know what she’s talking about

No. 1409426

File: 1668476163800.gif (1.2 MB, 400x400, 754r98765.gif)

then leave the hive

No. 1409430

>tfw my husbando brings me more happiness than my actual friends
i know its mento illness but why am i like this?

No. 1409432

My mom’s hs best friend died, I hear her get the news and I’m dreading hearing about it because I don’t know how to react. I just want to avoid it and pretend it’s not happening. I’m only this way because my parents are incredibly emotionally neglectful and I guess I really am their daughter kek. If it were a friend, I could at least give them a hug. But since it’s my mom, I feel repulsed by the thought of really going near her. I don’t really have any positive feelings towards my mother. Just pity and anger. So I feel bad but don’t care enough to do or say anything. Thinking about it, I wonder if this is how my mom felt toward me when I was growing up. That only makes me even angrier.

No. 1409437

You can say what you want and we can also comment what we want. No one holds you at gunpoint but if you go on a website for women and gossip and start caping for cows, moids and trannys who are the very reason we need a specific website like this, of course you'll be shat on.

No. 1409439

It just sounds like you don't fit in here and need to find somewhere better that fits your needs.

No. 1409440

because husbandos will never hurt you

No. 1409450

Ypu can relate to him. He was with you and supported at your worst. He knows what you want. He will always be with you.

No. 1409451

What hivemind? Everyone posts what they want and there are constantly arguments due to this. Sounds like you're just too sensitive or anons called you out for something.

No. 1409459

Just this board or the whole site? A lot of the users on snow annoy me, certain threads attract certain users, the celebricows nonas can be pretty annoying too

No. 1409468

Same anon I just realized "board" means imageboard as in this whole site not this specific thread, ignore my post and pardon my retardation

No. 1409471

I have become completely isoalated and cannot work

No. 1409472

File: 1668479547188.png (30.05 KB, 345x145, Screenshot 2022-11-14 213102.p…)

>The teacher admitted she created explicit content in a classroom and advertised it, but claimed she did so after school hours on the weekend with no students present
>Another parent, Kristina Minor, said Samantha “was sharing these links to her sex site on her social media accounts, which are public, [on] which children follow her.”
>Minor said the teacher used her school yearbook photo on OnlyFans on a post that says, “Who wants to be my next teacher’s pet?”
Seeing stories like this makes me so mad, why are you trying to garner sympathy out of this like you're completely innocent? Acting like this is your only option to make some extra cash? Claiming you want to leave your students out of it but filming yourself in your classroom? Among everything else wrong with this article. Brainrot. Disgusting.

No. 1409473

Board means the board you're on. Like ot, snow, etc.

No. 1409477

she's so ugly tho, seems like she was trying really hard to compete against the other thots

No. 1409491

Oh so I was kind of right the first time, damn I really am retarded lol thanks for letting me know though

No. 1409500

File: 1668481906312.jpg (27.9 KB, 900x600, sun-behind-clouds-satara-jenni…)

Work tires me out. The ride home is an excruciating 50 minutes due to the traffic from the construction. My mom texted me at work to pick up some vegetables, which made me dread having to drive out some more in the traffic when I want to go straight home and relax. I just felt worn out. However, a small thought popped into my head. Why don't I go ahead and buy my mom some flowers while I'm at the store? So I did. That little act cheered me up and brightened my day in a way that I didn't expect it to. My mom loved the flowers of course, but the gesture brought some life to me as well.

No. 1409501

saw this on main /ot/ page and i’m so disgusted. you’re right, she shouldn’t try to act innocent when she was promoting this in spaces where minors were present.

>sharing links on public social media accounts followed by kids

>teacher used minor’s school yearbook photo on onlyfans
these are especially gross.

No. 1409505

this was nice to read, i think this was a very sweet gesture anon.

No. 1409540

Because ~sex work is work~ so if she's filming her porno in the classroom that just means she's ~working~

No. 1409551

>tfw I'm exactly like this
Lmao I wish I didn't have bpd. Sorry to hijack your vent and make it about me but anon is right and it's really better to stay away from people like us to save your insanity

No. 1409598

My ex bf and I broke up last week. He told me that he "needed time to sort out his feelings and thoughts" about me and also didn't comfort me when my grandma died the week before so I broke it off. Big part of the breakup was also that he is in his late 20s, still lives with his parents and doesn't have any intentions of moving out or in with me. I was also the one that got him his job. He started going to uni in his early 20s and still hasn't finished his masters degree 7 years later. He got more and more cold and unempathetic and stopped making our relationship a priority. I felt disappointed especially because we were together for like 5 years. He is already busy posting half naked pictures of himself on Instagram and it kinda makes me angry. I always hated his constant need for external validation. I always asked "why do you need to post those pictures, no one of your 100 followers that you also never see irl cares". I don't know if I should think that he is a pathetic bitch or if I should feel angry that he probably never cries about the breakup.

No. 1409625

File: 1668488744042.jpeg (35.33 KB, 480x360, 01ADC40D-A0BB-4D54-BCFE-649192…)

I have been reading more recently and it made me fell in love with life again. The flesh suit is limited but the mind is endless. I wish I wasn’t manic rn so I could enjoy this state of mind more

No. 1409631

What kind of books are you reading? I downloaded a few ebooks on my phone to start reading more, but I can't go a few pages without getting distracted.

No. 1409632

First off what anon said >>1409477
She seems so fucking desperate to make onlyfans work to the point where she does such nasty and horrible things. Nobody ever brings that up enough, just 100s more stories about how so and so make 1mil a year by showing their pussies on onlyfans, no acknowledgement about how oversaturated the industry has become and most women will probably make pebbles stretching out their assholes to kingdom come for only 2 men to give a shit. She should have just stuck to teaching, now she will never have another teaching job again and there is no way her onlyfans will support her, even if she gets free publicity off of it because she is too ugly and old looking. I hope she's homeless.

No. 1409634

File: 1668489353045.gif (5.93 MB, 175x219, BA6DC6B9-3313-42A1-B0F7-8814A0…)

I’m fairly confident that my ex ended our relationship as a self sabotage because he feels like he doesn’t deserve a good relationship and everyone tells me that I should just say fuck him and why I would even want to be with someone like that but all I see is all of the terrible, self loathing shit I used to do and it makes me sad because he does deserve better then this but can’t see how it doesn’t have to be that way

No. 1409654

I keep telling my boyfriend when we argue that I would rather talk it out and resolve it quickly because I don't like fighting. He never does this and instead ignores me for days for some reason. I'm sick of it and don't know why he likes to do this. I see it as dragging out fights and/or ignoring the issue and he just won't change or respect this. He can never apologize and is the one who constantly starts the fights. I cannot stand him anymore. One time he left me sitting alone crying for hours and ignoring me despite seeing the horrible state I was in. He went to go sit in the living room with his mother who he hates. It was like a giant slap in the face and I haven't felt that horrible in a very long time. After that, I was so uncomfortable that I told him I wanted to break up with him. He cried for hours and since I care about him, I ended up somehow consoling him and making him feel better. I never once got the same treatment or even an apology for how he treated me.
He never even replies to my texts anyway when we aren't fighting and constantly bitches about how tired he is daily which is just plain annoying. He's so boring. I'm also sick of being the one who comes up with ideas of stuff to do and trying new things, even when we visit his country, I show him new things to do in HIS home country. Lately I find myself thinking about not being with him and I have more fun even posting on here.

No. 1409658

It's emotional abuse. sorry nonna

No. 1409665

I’m a sucker for fantasy, i’ve been reading the poppy war

No. 1409675

Oh nona, that's hard. You can't make him be "ready" though. I hope he grows and learns and stops doing this someday. You can always ask him if he thinks he's sabotaging the relationship out of self-loathing, but honestly, he may be protecting you from his own fucked up self right now.

No. 1409684

NEVER need the validation of a male. Presenting or passing. They don’t deserve it. They know what they value themselves as. Don’t EVER devalue yourself for ANYONE. Know your worth because your worth it.

No. 1409691

Lately I've been seeing more and more people saying "appreciate you" instead of "thank you". Something about it grates on me, it sounds disingenuous and fake-nice. My sister who is deep in the corporate world and always using nonsense corporate jargon was the first one I noticed using it, and it's so fucking annoying omg. Just fucking say "thank you" like a normal human.

No. 1409710

i never realized this but i actually feel a similar way as well, especially if it’s used in place of thank you, but to me it also depends on the context i think. thank you can sound just as fake

No. 1409711

As a joke, on one of my social media accounts I posted “hi-fi beats to scream/rage/freak out to”
You know, thinking it was a funny reference to “lo-fi beats to sleep/study/relax to” and I had 3 different people message me to ask if I was okay. Like yes, it was a fucking joke? I can never make a joke or reference without “are you okay uwu you can tell me”

No. 1409713

kek I like your joke, nona. I think people are a little too scared these days about missing "mental health warning signs" etc.

No. 1409718

Went to change some bandages for a revision surgery I got a few days ago and that's a lot more stitches on my hand then I was expecting. It's fine but kind of jarring when I wasn't expecting it. They didn't say shit about how much they sliced my finger open.

No. 1409723

I want to alog hard

No. 1409724

Do it, biiiiiiiiitch

No. 1409725

Damn I want to alog even more

No. 1409726

This makes me glad I don't have to email for work anymore. I wasn't even corporate I was just a hotel manager who had to send a lot of emails to corporate but the jargon still got to me. Like I remember one day realizing the words "thank you" were meaningless for me because of the number of fake-nice or passive-aggressive emails it had been tacked on to, made me kinda sad. Never again.

No. 1409749

Ayy me too! I cleared 5 books off my list last month after not finishing a single one for years and feel very proud of myself.

No. 1409756

Work emails are dicey. Some bitch got offended I always signed off "many thanks" she thought it was passive aggressive I was like how are you hearing my voice in your head I'm being polite and efficient and she did a mocking voice and I did a nice sing song voice and now everytime I send an email this situation role plays in my head

No. 1409758

I have been both some bitch and I have been you. corporate email tone-reading is the worst. bring back phone calls.

No. 1409760

read this in an english accent in my head and it's like POETRY

No. 1409764

nta nonna but muh audit trail and you have to prove at all times that you did contact them and told them xyz. Which is why your emails are saved for like 5 years even after you leave.

No. 1409766

I read it in an Irish accent

No. 1409768

I knew my old boss' password and it was honestly healing to be an absolute creep and log in to read everything after I quit. It was remarkably unimportant once my salary wasn't attached to it.

No. 1409771

burn me on the stake bitch cuz I'm a witch

No. 1409781

File: 1668505584838.jpg (73.9 KB, 553x821, nonas.jpg)

I'll join you lets get COOKED BABE

No. 1409789

I feel so disconnected from all my peers because I dont use social media… I have tried many times to use them, but I just can't stand how fast-placed and negative they are.
Back when I entered high school I was very excited to be someplace completely new and finally be able to make friends (I was bullied to the point of being hospitalized on the school before it, so I didn't have friends) but both on it and college I couldn't click with anyone. All of them talk in whatever the current twitter meme is, reference all the tiktok trends, comment on whatever e-celebs… And it all sounds so alien to me, I'm not able to have a normal conversation with them.
I'm only 24 so I got plenty of time to meet others, but sucks that now that I finished college my grand total of friends is… 1, and last year she gotna nigel and had a child, so isn't like we can have fun because she's to busy with her daughter and manchild.
I guess I will have to wait until I'm older and wait for people to get a life outside the internet, during college I only got along with the middle aged moms kek

No. 1409793

I relate to this post immensely and i am glad i am not the only one having trouble connecting with people in the social media age. Do you have any hobbies? have you tried being part of a community related to it if so?

No. 1409795

File: 1668506455970.jpeg (117.6 KB, 550x426, E5A09868-6690-43A2-AD87-CFE0E9…)

My husband doesn't appreciate me, he doesn't even touch me, he only wants his coom and then fall asleep
I feel so neglected and I'm starting to hate myself. I feel sexy but I wonder if he finds me secretly gross

No. 1409797

I found out tonight my ex boyfriend who is now my paid caregiver (I am physically disabled and we have lived together nearly ten years) is using that money to pay for several onlyfans accounts. over the weekend he bought some girl sex toys from her wishlist. he knows I'm a staunch radfem/"TERFy" and doesn't really like it but I never assumed he'd be doing this even tho I suspected something was up when he was, well, masturbating a lot more. we live in a small house, I could just tell. sorry I know it's gross

anyway, I am sick to my stomach. even tho I have no interest in having a romantic or sexual relationship with him I feel betrayed. I absolutely have nowhere to go unless I look into assisted living which I basically refuse to do. my mom and dad died last year suddenly so I literally have no one but this moid. supporting myself in any way is impossible as I need help even using the restroom.
I need to confront him at some point but have no idea when to or how. frankly I trusted him when I shouldn't have and now I want to puke my guts out

No. 1409799

Please get out of this situation asap holy moly

No. 1409800

Holy shit I'm so sorry, that's so awful.

No. 1409805

Yeah, isn't it funny how it works.. Social media is supposed to unite us because we can talk no matter where we are, but if you don't use them you will be left out both online and in real life.

I got weeb hobbies, which are a no-no because they're all filled with nasty people. But this summer I started to learn how to draw (sadly, another community filled with weirdos) and sewing. I know there's a sewing club on my little town, but it's filled with old people. I'm looking for a job right now, so luckly I will find someplace with people my age on it on the city my job is.

No. 1409809

holy fuck nona is there anyone you can call? is there any potential of escape, or someone giving you houseroom until you can?
don't confront him if you are physically powerless, moidrage could get you hurt or worse.
what country are you in may I ask? are there any resources for the disabled you can reach out to?
I'm so sorry beautiful nona.

No. 1409818

wait, so he's using your disability money to buy porn? wtf

No. 1409823

so for around 7 years I was getting disability which wasn't a lot (~1200/month) and had to pay for both of us. earlier this year he was approved as a caregiver thru a social security program and gets paid for 40hrs/5 day week. so this past year is the first time he's had extra money basically. I hope that makes sense.
it's the middle of the night here in the US and I've not talked to my close friends about this yet as they're asleep which it sucks. but no, I literally have no one. I had a great aunt who was like a mom to me but she died in August. the only fam I have is a younger bro who I haven't talked to in a long time. i can't just leave and stay with someone unless they are willing to help me do literally everything and that's a lot to ask of someone, especially on short notice.

No. 1409825

sorry anon I deleted and reposted my reply. thank you for being kind and talking about this with me. my friends don't live nearby unfortunately. my brother is about an hour and a half away

No. 1409828

are you able to hit your friends up when they wake up? do you think you'll be alright tonight?
I'm sorry about your aunt, that must be fresh pain on top of the rest. does your little brother live nearby?
sorry for all the questions, I'm worried about you. if you were in Aus I'd open my door immediately.
I got you nona. please keep us updated? wish we could help

No. 1409837

>be me
>went through CSA
>tell bf about it because I knew I was being distant and wanted him to know
>tell him only one other person knows
>he says 'oh'
>no 'sorry that happened' or some bullshit
>for the rest of the relationship he says 'wa waa don't you trust me?'
>dump him
>tries to make me feel guilty about it

This absolute spoiled egotistical socially retarded manchild. We weren't together for that long but imagine your girlfriend telling you about CSA and saying nothing, then trying to manipulate me by saying I didn't trust him. Hope you stay a virgin forever, asshole. I keep resisting the urge to call him and tell him this, I always thought he didn't have many friends because he was shy but he's really a piece of shit.

No. 1409839

>Hope you stay a virgin forever, asshole.

PLEASE let this mean you didn't fuck him.
every moid you don't fuck is a win imo, especially when they turn out like this.
based nona W, you deserve better.

No. 1409845

I didn't. I didn't want to, that's why I told him and all I got was 'wa waa poor me you don't trust me', then dumped him and he cried over it kek. And thanks nonna, I don't know why I gave him a chance. He's really the weirdo that doesn't just come across as a creep, but is one.

No. 1409854

>for the rest of the relationship he says 'wa waa don't you trust me?'
he said this after you trusted him with that information? what a self-centred asshole

No. 1409866

Men are so disgustingly depraved, simple minded and vile. He does not give a fuck that you where abused, he’s just trying to guilt you so that he can have sex with you. He’s too stupid and inferior even to charm a woman so he uses bratty childish guilt and pouting. Fucking hell what a pathetic man.

No. 1409867

He’s just a shit lay. It’s nothing deeper than that. Dump him.

No. 1409873

File: 1668513405792.jpg (126.59 KB, 720x811, 1660583625430.jpg)

I feel like i missed out on my childhood/teenagehood and i am probably going to miss on my early 20's too. I seriously have no good memory of me being a child/teen, it was all me crying because i couldnt fit in, getting into friendships that lasted less than a year and never felt right, going to the psychologist to find out why the fuck i was so depressed and watching anime/playing videogames to forget i was so lonely. At this point i have accepted that i am going to live my life vicariously through movies/photos/homevideos because i was born in such a boring era with crappy people but god, it hurts, i just want friends, i just want to be part of a community, i just want to have things to do, i want to hang out in the mall, i want to go to the cinema and see new movies instead of reboots/MCU shit, i want to watch a movie without people pulling out their phones to check discord/twitter, i want to discuss anime/videogames in a small forum without having to worry about walking on eggshells not to trigger a gender special, i want to go to an anime con and see people actually trying with their cosplays and having fun instead of being on their phones. I feel so fucking lonely, i will never fit it, i will never find fucking people who enjoys stuff unironically anymore.

No. 1409877

I feel the exact same way. I have to be watching anime or playing games constantly, otherwise I'm not distracted which makes me realize how lonely I truly am. It hurts. Especially because I keep on trying to make friends and they go nowhere. I'm sorry nonna.

No. 1409879

It's never too late to make friends. I met my close friends in university after having the reputation of a friendless loser (which was because I had nothing in common with most classmates before uni) and we do all of these things.

No. 1409883

The people in this photo do still exist, except now in this generation they are all Tifs instead of just weird socially awkward yaoi fangirls.

No. 1409885

also, i cant stop watching BBC archive it's so fun to watch people having fun 40+ years ago.

> Especially because I keep on trying to make friends and they go nowhere.
this is exactly how it feels, god.
thanks for the positivity, but at this point i have accepted i am dying alone, i am too autistic to have normal friends and the autistic people are all super obnoxious nowadays. I just recently ''purged'' my last group of friends, lasted less than a year this time. I feel terrible for being like this, i need to stop hurting people so i will probably stop trying to make friends.
its so crazy to think zoomies are so scared of being ''morally wrong'' they have to cut their tits and pretend to be men to enjoy anime boys kissing without getting harassed.

No. 1409886

Thanks nonna's. This happened kind of recently but I woke up from a nightmare about it and it made me really mad. At the time (I was 12-13 and it went on for a year) my parents blamed me for being naive and a dumbass. My best friend is the only person who has ever been angry along with me about it, and I hoped I could trust him too, but he didn't even really respond even though I told him it was a big deal for me. All he ever said was 'I'm someone else, why don't you trust me, I didn't do that to you?!' and was surprised when I broke up with him. He told me he jerked off after I visited him once (why would you admit that) and was annoyed when I started laughing out of panic. I don't think what I said even registered in his mind. At least I can live with the comfort that he's a wake and bake stoner because he can't spend 2 seconds with his own thoughts.

No. 1409909

There's a guy that I stopped messaging because I got tired of his flakiness/argumentativeness and now he sometimes messages me, I reply and he leaves me on sent. I don't get his point. Why write me at all if you don't wanna talk? Sometimes I just delete the message if he leaves me in sent for a few days but he still randomly messages me again. Bruh do you wanna talk or not. Don't message me if you don't wanna talk. It's making me wanna just stop replying altogether which I'll probably do. I don't get men they're so fucking weird.

No. 1409916

Ugh cannot stand my boyfriend's biorhythm. He goes to sleep around 1-2 am every day but sets a series of alarms starting from 6 am because because he wants to have the 'whole day for himself'. I usually go to bed around 10-11pm because I like to be well-rested but ever since we've been dating, I'm tired because I adjusted to his sleeping schedule and have to wake up to his alarms because they are set super loud, as he wears earplugs during the night. It's like torture

No. 1409918

An internet moid I 'know' does this too, I was busy last month so didn't have time to respond more than once every 3 days. Now I asked repeatedly what's up, he sends me a message and then deletes it. Weird shit.

No. 1409923

File: 1668517766427.gif (320.33 KB, 320x240, tumblr_lhrzwtrmIS1qbtchoo1_400…)

everything is so fucking overwhelming I can't take it anymore!!! can things please just slow down for a minute instead of coming in all at once

No. 1409928

He is frustrated and wants to feel in control. Every time he leaves you on read he feels like he is the hot shit. One moid I knew from a discord chat back in 2018 would do this all the time. Start ignoring his ass and stop replying to him it boosts his ego

No. 1409932

They probably have girlfriends or use the ole "ignore her but just enough to where you aren't completely ghosting her" manipulation tactic. Dated a moid who'd expect me to be able to contact him any second I'm awake but would disappear most of the time and then when we met up he would just act disinterested the entire time. Like what even is the point? There's so many men out there who will happily express their interest in me and there's so many more women who will entertain your manipulative tactics

No. 1409941

Is someone who doesn't pee in the morning not hydrating enough?
I always pee in the morning but my fatass roommate never does and is convinced with his soda intake and shit diet that if he does piss in the morning and it's clear then he is over hydrated.
How full of shit is he? I had no idea people existed who do not pee in the morning. Thought everyone did as a result of holding it for 8 hours or more.

No. 1409949

I dunno but I pictured a room full of piss filled soda bottles while reading this

No. 1409957

Be well, baby. Glad ketamine worked for you, it saved a friend of mine from lifelong treatment-resistant depression/bipolar. She used to be a trainwrecker.

No. 1409965

I can't imagine hiding from your entire family the actual father of your daughter for 25 years. Imagine keeping in a secret like that for so long and then your daughter going and finding out by herself and you lashing out on your daughter because she revealed the secret you thought you could get away with.
God, my mom is evil.

No. 1409972

need someone to check my code but i also don't want to dox myself, maybe i should write it in a codepen……………………………………………………….. or maybe the oldwebsites site

No. 1409973

someone died on the rails, idk if it was a suicide, but I'm delayed by like 40 minutes and I'm immediately blamed for it, when I tried to warn them I'd be later immediately when I noticed what was going on. Called 10 times, sent dms and text messages. They didn't have their phone on them, so now I'm the asshole for standing them up. I can't control when people die the fuck.

No. 1409974

> I'm so glad ketamine infusions exist and changed my world
I went to a talk a few years ago where this was being discussed, it was still in the testing phase. NGl I thought it was kinda crazy sounding att but I've since heard of people being helped by it. They were talking about it coming out in a nasal spray version too.

No. 1409988

Something whispered to me when I woke up today and it told me to play Umineko. I have never played a VN or touched Umineko before.

No. 1409995

Men are all for women should be drafted too and equality until
>>men biologically are the only ones that make sense as cannon fodder and it’s why they’ve been used historically. Kill off your women no repopulation of the working class.
>>men in more positions of power, starting wars, make more
>>point out disproportionate crimes and torture for women in war
>>bring up rape and abuse by our own soldiers.
>>bring up women being oppressed, paying a pink tax, losing our employment and reproductive freedom, etc
Moids stay being moids

No. 1409997

File: 1668522508086.jpg (Spoiler Image, 422.66 KB, 2048x1380, ezgif.com-gif-maker(2).jpg)

Had a dream a couple days ago where he still loked like this and he was my bf. We hugged twice at the beach. He was wearing normal clothes though. He smelled so nice but I can't remember what the scent was. Oh, the feeling of being in love in a dream, it's so weird and filled with a sense of tragedy. I wish I could remember the smell. Once I dreamed a guy was hugging me and I woke up with an intense body sensation as if it were real. I feel so lonely sometimes.

No. 1409998

File: 1668522570857.jpg (19.43 KB, 564x554, 2753048c0af9bde66989842328dfac…)

I am really jealous and resentful of my boyfriend's situation and I hate myself for it. The reason is that he has a healthy generous family support system that helps him when he's in need and I was raised in a family that either didn't do any of that or went under the mindset of "you need to be a wageslave for your entire life to even have value as a human and if you dare ask for any assistance you're just lazy or retarded and people will look down on you" but most of them were hypocrites because they were benefits-leeches anyway. I have autism so I struggle with changes in a routine and generally struggle a lot with everyday tasks that seem easy to most people but I'm also aware enough to feel insanely guilty about it and like I'm never doing "enough" whatever enough is. Even if I speak about these struggles, I don't get shit, I don't get assistance, but if he does the same he gets help - he doesn't even ask for anything, but if he's having a hard time he just seems to get help like it's nothing.
I just feel overwhelming guilt every single day, for example recently I got covid and couldn't go to the gym and now I've barely been at all after recovering and I received an email from the gym saying "you haven't been in a while whats wrong" like god fucking damn I already feel like shit and humiliated and now even more so.

I wonder if I'm just bitter and broken down from years of being in a shit family and thus growing up constantly feeling the need to prove that I'm not "just another part of my family" sort of thing. I suffer overwhelming anxiety especially around scrotes and had no good examples of good strong women in my life so I have basically grown up to adopt the "pessimistic wageslave" male mentality from my family.
Now that I see an example of a supportive family I just find myself overwhelmed with embarrassment, jealousy and resentment because I was never given a chance to even experience that. My mom was a neglectful narcissist and my dad was an evil physically abusive cheat who died without leaving me or my brothers anything even though he promised he would. My brothers and stepdad are good people but I feel like I'm too far gone in the sense that I don't want people to pity me or associate me with weak mental health, poverty etc because then they will take advantage of me and assume I'm lazy and pathetic. I encountered this when I dared (or had the audacity I guess) to pursue my dream into digital art/illustration because I was insanely good at it, and people looked at me like I was retarded for trying to pursue something I enjoyed instead of getting a Law degree or some shit. Every year of my life is pretty much riddled with guilt and it wears me down, I have no self-confidence anymore and I'm surprised I haven't ended my life yet, honestly. Sometimes I don't know why I try.

No. 1410000

File: 1668522615512.gif (3.8 MB, 480x360, 1656000764937.gif)

why the fuck is my family so crazy about getting the European citizenship and moving to another country out of nowhere? they called me crazy when i was 8 years old and spent my days crying about being born in a shitty country, but now suddenly they want to fuck off too? , after ruining my life? i am so pissed off, what the fuck am i supposed to do in a shitty foreign country anyways? babysit some dumb brats/be a maid for pennies while i watch everyone my age who had the opportunity of being born in a first world country go to college and have a normal young adult life? i am not even pretty enough to make it as a bartender or get a boyfriend. I am so fucking angry, i wouldnt be half as angry if the opportunities werent there from the start, we have not one, but two aunts in the states. Fuck, i am so angry my life is ruined. On top of that my first language, spanish, is utterly useless who the fuck would want to learn that shitty language. I cant even be proudly bilingual.

No. 1410007

File: 1668523139100.jpg (207.63 KB, 822x1200, reefer_madness.jpg)

I'm a goddamned marijuana addict.

No. 1410023

Honestly the experience is something unlike anything I have been through before. No words to describe it. Cathartic, but a session can be very emotionally draining as for me it is slowly dredging up thing I have repressed. Last one I had 3 months ago they had to knock me out with a powerful benzo halfway through my infusion because my heart rate sky rocketed and I began having a panic attack and saying some shit I don't really remember. And you're correct, they have the nasal inhalant version atm and also troches. Honestly I would prefer and recommend infusions, but that's just me. My clinic (once they pass the FDA trials) is going to be offering the therapeutic doses of MDMA for PTSD and mushrooms for depression once they are available. I truly believe on the power of psychedelic medicine along with therapy and working on yourself.. it's not just a miracle fix, that's for sure
Thank you nonny, I much appreciate it!

No. 1410026

It's sad seeing all these little deals and coupons go away. Ebay used to have points and point days, and it was a nice deal being able to earn some money back. No more of those. The proxy service I use had great coupons for X amount off if you spend X. Now, the coupons are more rare, and the price purchased has increased in value while the amount off has decreased… It's not a big deal, but I miss those days.

No. 1410029

>who the fuck would want to learn that shitty language.
the people in my country, morocco, that's who! my cousin is from one of two parts that was occupied by spain so its mostly spoken over there and he literally refuses to learn any other language even if it means he'll stay jobless. well actually idk if that's even true i think he just doesn't want to get a job and he's nearly 40. anyway, its like a badge of honor over there to be completely fluent. he's from the north and people from the deep south of my country are that way as well matter of fact there are prestigious/expensive schools that are strictly spanish speaking rich kids go to everywhere in the country ( but the most popular are the french ones )
anyway, i understand what living in a shithole and being poor feels like. feelsbad when you watch your classmates who claim poorfaggotry fly to the states of europe. never even saw it coming and im stuck here forever, but im not bitter about it because i love my country despite so many other things. im too used to it and i feel bad and underserving of nice things when i receive the opportunity for though that hasnt happened in a decade now…

No. 1410040

Kek, I've had this happen to me way too many times. People I went to high school with and family members asking me if everything's going OK. I've had people unfriend me for observing local pyramid schemes lol.

No. 1410041

I feel like I've done something very wrong and unforgivable; I've doing my best to simply not think about it and just bottle it up, but the anxiety is getting worse as I start to experience my PMS symptoms.
I didn't kill anyone, nor have I hurt anyone in anyway, but I sometimes just feel like the grossest being alive and just want to scream, but I also don't really have anyone I could trust this with.

I've started hurting myself to soothe some of the anxiety, and it's working, but I've always felt like hurting yourself as a coping mechanism is quite retarded, but it just feels so good once my skin starts firing up after I've beat myself a bit.

I just feel so broken and want to let it all out. I just don't want to thing about what happened.

No. 1410048

Me too, I'm at the point where I want to stop smoking but I wanna keep getting high and edibles just don't do it for me.

No. 1410054

Are you high? You're seriously asking why people would speak Spanish when there are a shit ton of countries where it's the official language, which makes it very convenient? Here in France it's by far the most popular choice for students in middle school between German, Italian and Spanish as a third language.

I didn't know there were Spanish schools in Morocco. My cousins mostly went to the French ones and are all fluent in French so we started having actual conversations when we were in middle school and they started studying it. I have no clue if they have received Spanish classes now that you mention it.

No. 1410063

I’m hungover and trying to sip sparkling water from a can without spilling it on myself wish me luck for the rest of the day

No. 1410067

how do girls get thousands of followers on Twitter/Twitch cuz I'm cute and been posting myself and I get no reach. I can also be funny. I am disabled and wanna get money out of men(Romanianon)

No. 1410068

File: 1668527736879.jpg (19.55 KB, 510x424, 5a6e6d2297572b65a6bc9674e33780…)

>be me
>go home as soon as uni class is over because I'm too dumb at making friends and seeing others interact makes me feel insecure
>go to back to uni to go study in the library even though I have no class that day because I feel lonely at home

Why am I like this. There's no valid reason for me to be so socially retarded and there's nothing for me to be afraid of realistically but I don't know how to just chat others up without feeling like I'm bothering them.

No. 1410079

Romanianon…(dont respond to romanianon)

No. 1410081

Parents always shit on their kids ideas and then “discover” the same thing and act like it was their idea in the first place

No. 1410086

>I didn't know there were Spanish schools in Morocco.
there are! there are even english/british ones. don't know if this is a new thing but i only knew of british private unis, but now there are private schools for children as well.
>I have no clue if they have received Spanish classes now that you mention it.
if they were in a french mission schools, then they would have followed the french system. so they probably have, but i think it's something you choose yourself rather than subjects imposed on you like maths french etc. in said schools if you're moroccan you have to take arabic as well but if you're not it's up to you to choose whether or not to take it, so i heard from a former classmate when he switched to one anyway. and another classmate that switched to my shitty school after his family went into crazy debt kek, he learned spanish as well.
tl;dr: they probably have.

No. 1410092

I am having awful seasonal depression. It is so dumb I know the weather is behind how I feel but it still sucks. I have a package coming in the next hour or so I have to sign for so I feel like I cannot do anything like shower or start projects in case it shows up suddenly and I cannot miss it. I wanna go for a walk despite the frigid temp but cant miss the package. I just want the warmth and sun back.

No. 1410094

Had magic mushrooms with a bunch of friends the other night, had a mental breakdown in private where I just focused on everything negative about myself and my life and the people around me, now I feel awkward around my friends and idk why. I feel like I gotta get my shit together health wise since that's what i was upset about. Also never fucking doing drugs again for the rest of my life, horrible experience

No. 1410097

File: 1668530187819.jpg (9.45 KB, 275x275, m-22.jpg)

didn't end up going to an event I have been looking forward to because my mental health acted up and I couldn't leave bed. Then I tried to justify it with "I have lot of work to do anyway" but then I didn't end up doing any work anyways so I could have gone anyway. fuck my baka life

No. 1410099

Same nonna. After my 9-5 job, I sleep, wake up to eat a meal, then go back to sleep until I start the day all over again the next. I have to force myself just to brush my teeth. I gotta figure out something to give me some kind of happiness so I can take care of myself. At least I'm able to make myself work

No. 1410100

if romanianon: ive seen your doxxed photos and you are ugly and has a lot of acne and greasy hair
if not romanianon: i think you need to have a specific niche or aesthetic nowadays

No. 1410101

I feel like everyone is constantly mad at me and I never have any idea why. There are so many instances when I wonder if someone is mad, then I reassure myself that it's not true (because I've read countless articles along the lines of "nobody cares or is judging as much as you think they do!") And then when I finally ask, I get some variation of "You know what you did." and I genuinely have no idea. I think I must be autistic or something

No. 1410102

I've just been feeling a bit shit recently, and I've had an asshole attitude just today. I called out my friend who managed to get a workout in the morning, then said he'd skip breakfast too and I bitched him out for being an idiot because he always goes overboard and sabotages himself, and he loves to have punishing diets which then he (understandably) can't maintain but then uses it as an excuse to binge so he can "start fresh" on another arbitrary date. Like I know i'm right about this and there's an aura of ED about it but he just said he'd skip breakfast and I went off on him kek.

Then I got called out by a higher up for not doing anything at work, which is true but in this instance I had a headache and was enjoying some tea, but the way we crossed paths meant he just saw me sitting at my desk for what he thought was 3 hours doing nothing. He's right, I'm extraordinarily lazy at this job, but we all are and recently the peripheral workload has increased so my measured productivity has dropped because I didn't pick up the pace. Now I've got that latent guilt, because he's right, but also it's not like I've been slacking more.

And generally I've been really irritable. If someone looks at me for more than a glance I'm immediately pissed. I don't want to be observed or regarded at all today.

No. 1410104

girl not you again
Obviously you're not that cute/interesting if you're still failing
get mental help and stop reposting the same question 1000 times on lolcow and maybe u will be the next pokimane. Godspeed

No. 1410114

Nah she's right, it's useless. people only care about English.

No. 1410121

>moid coworker complains about his date not texting him
>feel sympathy
>tell him I have the same situation with my gf
>next day speak with him and another moid
>he starts bragging about dating multiple women at the same time

Should have known to never trust a scrote.

No. 1410126

Scrote broke my heart
Should have expected it he right all I do is fuck shit up

No. 1410131

>feel sympathy
for what? why didn't he text her first? or if you meant she wasn't responding, then that obviously means he's batshit and she figured it out on the date

No. 1410132

I miss talking to him. Why did he have to be a pervert?

No. 1410145

What is CSA? When I search for it I only find some corporations. Even adding "medical" doesn't help it only leads me to some cancer research for esophageal stuff.

No. 1410147

Child sexual assault.

No. 1410157

You really don't think you did anything wrong? I'm the same but I do kind of understand. I saw recently someone saying that honesty without tact is cruelty. And I would call myself an honest person and definitely wouldn't call myself tactful. And fuck, when people try to be tactful in communicating with me it often goes right over my head, I've asked coworkers that they be direct so I know exactly what's expected of me.

Although I would consider myself a kind and empathetic person, I can see how it's possible many comments perceived as mean can slip through the cracks, and with other people not being so direct it's like I'm making these maybe cruel comments and getting no negative feedback so it builds up in them and they talk to each other about my supposedly shitty comments but never directly to me until there's like this wall of animosity I'm not even aware of that disconnects me from those around me in life.

I've noticed that although I don't have a sweet demeanour, I'm nice in that I'll be kind and support them (eg staying a little later to help someone with a surprise task at work) so I think they know I'm there for them, and they're sweet to me so I'm thinking OK we like each other the same, but they will brazenly abandon me in a similar time of need.

I mean that's my take on it. And I'm saging because all I see in my post is "me, myself and I", but your post made me also vent because this shit gets on my nerves.

No. 1410160

Normalfags are like that, you can only choose to stop interacting with them. They are over-emotional and always assume that others are able to read their thoughts and most of them have moods they cannot control so even if they might be nice once they might be a total shit the next day.
I legit only talk to old people in real life or cool chill dudes if I talk at all because I don't have the energy to be involved in drama and at some point I learned to never ever say sorry anymore. They are so self-centered that they not only not know that you cannot know their childish feelings they also want you to apologize for something that only exist in their heads.

No. 1410161

File: 1668532906509.jpeg (150.65 KB, 1241x1229, 0CF9B109-D767-4FB4-883C-43F892…)

Being a woman with schizophrenia sucks. I’m on anti psychotics now but most of my paranoia involved thoughts of stalking and harassment that weren’t happening. Now I don’t know what I should actually be weary of for my safety vs what could just be deluded thinking, it feels like the whole universe is gaslighting me. I’m sick of trying to find support groups and them just being full of violent moids, male schizos are insufferable.

No. 1410167

She was not responding. But yeah I was being overly emotional that day kek.

No. 1410176

No you are right and should say so. Honesty was always seen as a virtue and conflicts cannot be overcome without it which is why a lot of people endlessly fight over harmless stuff.

I started two of my long-lasting friendships with angry arguments in which both of us implied the respective other to be an idiot. But we were honest and learned our respective way of thinking and at some point became friends. We might call each other assholes sometimes but we trust each other specifically because of this, because we know if one of us says a thing they mean it and if someone asks for the others' opinion and that opinion is negative we know it's said because it's what we think, not said to hurt the other or for some secret social competition. It's not you but the others that need to change and grow up.

No. 1410189

but most of the girls are horrendous and objectively uglier than me. They just use a lot of filters and picture manipulation. Also edit their bodies. My body is naturally what they edit themselves as, which is hourglass usually. I'm just very odd personality wise and don't fit in with them. It isn't cuz of my looks.(Romanianon)

No. 1410198

it is also have* not has if you'd like to learn some English from a girl that's been living her entire life isolated in a remote village. Why do I know more things than most people on here but yet I cannot apply myself at work? My mental illness is something out of the depths of hell, I know a lot of things, can speak multiple languages but yet I fail to get a normal job. I cannot leave the house or focus on basic tasks. My mind is constantly in another dimension and I cannot seek help neither. I have no friends, no support system, no money, cannot get a job and most people on the internet humiliate me. This reminds me of that woman that applied heavy filters to her face and body to look like a teen but she was like 60 years old.(Romanianon)

No. 1410201

It's all about being an attentionwhore not being talented or good looking or whatever. Look at instagram and how many artists who draw like toddlers have 70000 followers and the good artists have 500.

No. 1410202

wish I wasn't mentally ill and that at least I had family or some form of support or that I wasn't born here. I am developing psychosis and it doesn't stop. I also cannot talk with most people because people on the internet and most people actually suffer from sociopathy or are unwilling to listen to you if you are actually unwell

No. 1410207

yes, I think that women are allowed to exist in very limited modes. Even if you are cute as a woman or hot and you have a very odd personality it will drag you down on the social hierarchy more than it drags down men. Men are allowed more versatility when it comes to their personalities. A lot of internet personalities are just fabricated or fit within a specific niche. If you truly try to express something genuine it will get harder.

No. 1410212

Yeah I never talk about my issues or feelings. I ironically got better feedback on shitholes like 4chan than I ever got in real life where nobody even listens.
People can talk for hours about mundane stuff but the moment you want to talk about a problem that breaks you they won't even answer/listen, or call you just lazy or something or talk about their own problems to overtrump you.

I once told someone that my literal best friend has died and didn't even get a standard phrase like "sorry to hear", just sperging about how I was talking to much and that she needed to take some meds, then when she came online days later she talked about her stupid birds. Well fuck it I will never talk to anybody but random anons anymore. It doesn't really hurt when someone here or on 4chan calls you a retard, but if I alleged friend does it it does. Especially if it's people that whine all the time about things in their life and now in hindsight I am angry at myself for always listening even if it was shit like being mad at parents because they asked them to wash the dishes for once.

No. 1410215

Yeah internet "personalities" are all fake anyway regardless if men or women it's all people that roleplay being superstars and others participating. No matter how good looking or smart or talented with something you are chances are very high nobody will care because they want brands, not people.

No. 1410218

My ex keeps messaging me on social media trying to get me back. He has a lot of nerve because in his messages, he still refuses to acknowledge what he's done or apologize. What happened was he walked towards me threateningly like he was going to hit me (but he didn't) and it made me feel like I was unsafe esp since we have a major height difference. He instead violently knocked the iron off the ironboard and then stormed out of the house. We were arguing because I told him I never felt emotionally supported by him because he ignores when I bring up my sexual assault by another guy. He turns it into him saying he doesn't want to think about me fucking another guy.

No. 1410226

>sexual assault
>I don't want to think of you fucking other men.

The Y chromosome is so useless idk why people make such a fuss over it. My ex was the same way, even accused me of cheating or some retarded moid shit because I saw the person that assaulted me and froze up, instead of telling him so he could feel big and make a scene.

No. 1410233

Anyone else has childhood regression from being unable to work and stuck with parents? I am experiencing this and it's like I function under my means or like I'm a child and all my self esteem has gone out the window

No. 1410242

I hate how even modern media keeps ignoring that nerds and gamers are female too.

In the 90s most internet users I knew, most programmers, most gamers and most P&P fanatics were girls and boys and men that were into these hobbies back then knew this or should know it. And yet, humanity collectively ignores it and branded games as boy thing and even nowadays the media talks about boys when they talk about games or the dangers of games because we all know only men play games.

I hate when I read online how another alleged male fan of something claims that women are into it now because they want attention and then they refer to some loud annoying twitch streamers or something as if they were representative for anything. My childhood friend was even only hanging around other girls in the 90s because he was into games and all classmembers that were into that too were girls including myself, not boys.

I don't know what started this stupid narrative but I hate that it's everywhere and saying anything against it will just come off as if you were someone who is desperate for attention when you actually just want to set things right.

No. 1410262

I think my father just tried to fucking kill me. This idiot is no where to be found in the house and left a severely burnt pan on the stove smoking and a plastic spoon has melted in it. I was napping while he must've done all this. It was pretty smokey when I got up to check the smell and Ik that if I trusted that my dad handle things or if i just never woke up id probably be dead rn.

No. 1410265

File: 1668536424093.jpeg (108.04 KB, 660x495, D6FBC11E-92CF-4109-8A76-5D5167…)

I want to go for a walk but it’s cold outside.

No. 1410268

It's getting cold, isn't it?

No. 1410296

I don't normally think back on stupid things I did in the past and cringe, it's just not somewhere my mind ever goes, but lately there has been an exception. I was in a very dysfunctional relationship for 3 years and when my ex broke up with me I told him I loved him for the first time because I legitimately wanted him to know that was how I felt and I didn't think I would probably ever see him again after that. I'd never told him the entire time we were together because I was deathly afraid of making him uncomfortable or something but now when I look back it makes me want to puke. I feel so stupid that I was in love with someone so shitty and that I actually told him.

No. 1410325

I’m in a happy mood today feels like a good day. I haven’t felt pointedly good on my birthday in a few years but something feels very good and special about this one kek…probably because I’m not an overweight physically ill NEET loser anymore! This year is already looking up nonitas.

No. 1410333

File: 1668540047648.gif (213.36 KB, 318x391, 2114866zt7m7jwdnk.gif)

No. 1410345

I'm in a unique situation when I try to vent about it sometimes people call me a larper or a troll which is annoying. Also how fucking conceited. Yeah faggot I'm making shit up anon just to piss you off. Not

No. 1410351

Aw who cares what they think, go ahead and vent anon. I'm very curious

No. 1410357

you sound like a troll here.

No. 1410359

Most of the internet is brainwashed so when you say anything they cannot relate to they will either pretend it's fake or call you whatever their respective boogeyman is.

No. 1410361

File: 1668541263670.gif (5.06 KB, 80x21, girlies.gif)

i feel like i have a genuinely low iq sometimes and it makes me sad.

i've been called ditzy for all of my life, i tend to misspell words i know (i misspelled misspell just then), sometimes when i'm typing i'll totally skip over words…talking is genuinely tough, like i'm extremely in-eloquent most times. i stutter a lot, i can't often phrase what i want to say well…

plus i have add symptoms (am taking vyvanse but it's not a mystical cure y'know). makes me sad, on one hand i hope it's just anxiety. on the other i worry that i have some kind of learning disability that's just gone undiagnosed for all this time

No. 1410366

I genuinely start believing that I might be disabled for how much I forget.
It was always horrible it's not like it could get worse, just now that I am a working adult it has much more consequences because my parents aren't there to remind me of every shit 25 times a day. I forget all appointments too the only reason for why I still exist is that I have three friends whom I will constantly tell what I have to do online so that they remind me of this all the time otherwise I would forget everything.
I often even make food and forget about it and stay in my room for hours until I think of eating something and remember that I made food. It's literal borderline retardation.

No. 1410376

I invested in the perfect winter jacket this year now that I'm rich. Cushioned, waterproof, good to -20C, even in quite cold weather just wearing a tshirt under it is fine. But when I need to go indoors anywhere it's unbearably hot and I need to take it off quick and it's SO heavy and then ofc the tshirt isn't really enough. In the past I just wore layers under a ratty jacket and if it got to -5C, too bad guess you need to shiver violently until your body adjusts.

I'd just like to know how other anons handle such luxury if they're privileged enough because I can tell by December the pit stains will start to smell

No. 1410380

Covid didn’t teach people a single fucking thing! It was 2 years of suffering wasted! People still go on a train or a bus sniffling and sneezing and it feels like they do it even MORE than before! Now you can’t travel without catching something because they are too reatrded to stay home or at least wear that stupid mask, i hate them, a wholeass bus ful of snotty retards.

No. 1410386

I wanted to vent about this a bunch of times but always forgot.
Masks are still mandatory in trains and subways here but doesn't but it's always the coughing idiots that never wear them. Don't know if it's on purpose because they are shitheads, it's mostly families with shitty kids that are probably infected as well.
A friend I have is a NEET and has a sick mother, he is super cautious, always wears the mask and doesn't go outsides besides buying stuff in supermarkets anyway and recently even he got it because a bitch was sitting near him in the bus and coughing and she had no mask. He decided to go away but guess he already had the virus all over him by then, this shit happens fast.

Please be cautious. Recently I left my place because someone was coughing near an old woman and I told her she could use my seat instead. Most old people are vaccinated but you never know how it might effect them regardless. My cousin wasn't old, had no illnesses and he died from that shit in 2020.

No. 1410388

My sister told me she met my ex while shopping today. Apparently, he walked up to her to ask her if she was my sister, she said yes and they talked for a while. It's been ten years since we broke up and this mfer still misses my family and I know that he stalks my socials. He tried to skinwalk my current bf for a while, did it badly. I was his fIrSt TrUe LoVe and he confessed to me that he became an alcoholic after I dumped him. Ok congrats, jesus christ

Anyways, my sister was completely gassing him up like 'ohhh he's handsome now and so much nicer than he used to be'. She wanted to exchange numbers but he said no. Nonnas I swear to fucking god, I was SO mad, like wtf??? She's 9 years younger than he is, and not only that, he's my EX?? She said I was overreacting and told me she's not planning to fuck him or anything, just talk. Is it weird that I do not want her to reach out to my ex? I don't have feelings for him anymore, nor do I hate his guts, but I don't want this fucker back into my family or something. I mean, if the psycho bpd-chan that is my sister wants him, she can have him. But I'll cut her out of my life completely. She told me she didn't care about that because we live in different cities and she does whatever the fuck she wants. Sometimes I really want to kick her in the teeth reeeeeeee

No. 1410389

ME TOO nonnie are we ADHD?

No. 1410394

I unironically only learned about this very recently and yeah maybe.

This is actually a very own reason to vent, kinda. How ADHD was depicted in media including documentaries all these years made me and every ADHD person I know believe they didn't have it. Because media never talked about anything but the urge to move, which most ADHD people I know don't have, they rather get lost in thoughts all day and get distracted.
Media always depicted it as the sports-addicted boy syndrome where a kid cannot sit still for a moment but they never talked about the abundance of other problems IMO, stuff like a bad memory, spacing out, the inability to start and finish tasks and all this. Now I am already 30 and a NEET, help.

No. 1410403

i'm in the same boat. my mom was told i had it, put me on ritalin decided i didn't have it and stopped me cold turkey(which was dangerous) but i never got actual therapy for anything. i remember being squirmy but it's because i was bored as fuck. the only reason i passed high school was because i tested into difficult classes and my teachers let me listen to music to concentrate.

No. 1410404

That's fucked up anon. Does she not realize that he'd only be interested in her as a replacement for you?

No. 1410407

same but I cannot take stimulants or Adderall in my country. Have you guys tried it?

No. 1410417

File: 1668545359911.png (493.95 KB, 1138x540, romania anon.png)

sorry for mistaking had and has, im from france and people here dont really like to speak english so the only way i can pratice is on school or internet. but thank you for the gramatic correction. as for your aparency, its the third time i see you sperging about being more beautiful than woman on your country etc while looking like THIS. you look like you have fetal syndrome, stop with that "i would be a supermodel if i was from another country". girl no, if you were from france and told someone that "most of the girls are horrendous and objectively uglier than me", they would destroy your self estime. you are delusional. and as for the you being mentally ill/disabled and dont having a job, this plan of being a famous influencer or twitch streamer wont work. its a satured market even for gorgeous girls and it will be worse for girls like you. do you ever tried to take a english teacher job? your english seems good and i dont think this job would need a lot of action. and sincerely romanianon, i hope one day you get a job, be happy and leave this site forever.(egging romanianon on)

No. 1410426

NTA but people are way more ignorant about what it's like to have ADHD than I realised. I told a teacher once that I think I have ADHD, and she was really condescending and said "no anon it's called autism". I used to have a social worker and he told me that said teacher thinks I'm autistic and he suggested that's the reason I struggled in school so much. What's funny is that how I struggled had nothing to do with autism. I was constantly late to school, forgot to do homework and would frequently change what I was studying because I lost interest quickly. Of course nobody asked me why I think I have ADHD, the social worker asked me why I don't think I'm autistic but didn't tell me how I can pursue an ADHD diagnosis. When I did eventually get tested for ADHD, I had to take an Autism test too and I scored 3 when you need at least 6 to get a diagnosis ….

No. 1410438

I have this problem lately. I used to be sharper when I was in school but now that I'm a grown adult stuck in a severe abusive situation, I don't have the privilege of doing normal things that other people can do, causing a lack of stimulation for my brain. My spelling has also gotten worse when I was in the top 80% for reading and writing in the USA. I've been having trouble speaking and conveying my thoughts clearly as well and it makes me feel like a dunce.

No. 1410442

Been in a pretty severe depressive episode, about a month in now. My cat got sick and made me snowball into an episode. Been self harming and everything but not bothering anyone with it. Was on a call with my bf yesterday and I finally snapped and cried for about an hour, he tried comforting me for about 10 minutes but when it wasn't working (I just couldn't stop crying, I wasn't being mean or anything I was just broken.) he just gave up and muted himself the rest of the night so I eventually hung up. Ended up soothing myself and today I decided to come over to his place because things felt off and I wanted to fix it and talk to him. Since I walked in the door he's been playing a new game and barely looking at me. I even just did my makeup really nice and he got off his game, kissed me for a bit, made me think he wanted more, then stopped and started watching YouTube on his phone. I feel disgusting and unwanted haha. I've gained quite a bit of weight since we met and he never cared or anything but I'm sure feeling like shit about it now. I felt dumb so I took my makeup off and put on different clothes. I really just wanted some affection today I've been so miserable and he's usually so loving and sweet. I've been trying to talk to him since last night and its just "I'm perfectly fine you're reading into things too much" he's never talked to me like this before. I've been super sweet to him throughout my whole episode and today I even made him breakfast and brought it over. I don't know, I know everyone's going to say he's garbage and I need to dump him and that's okay. But I think I'm just going to get really high and play my switch. It'll be okay. Have a good day nonas.

No. 1410448

File: 1668546910705.jpg (36.18 KB, 798x644, EfXCE01UYAA8csO.jpg)

dude I think you have schizophrenia. This is so funny you analyze me like that and that you're trying to say I have fetal alcohol syndrome when I simply just have asian ancestry. This is so fucking unhinged, holy shit. Way more fucking unhinged than anything I've ever posted. I am genuinely scared. This picture makes me laugh. Are you anorexic or something? You definitely have body dysmorphia and are also oddly obsessed with me. "estime" dude you're some retarded ESL chan wtf. I look cute and I can look better if I put effort into my looks. You do realize most celebrities heavily edit their pictures, right? Jesus Christ I am laughing so hard at this. Please take your medication. Do you think any eastern european that is part chink or that any asian has alcohol fetal syndrome? It also shows you're completely unhinged that you looked up my 100 follower stream just to post a picture of me in which I am not even well taken care of. I am so depressed that I don't brush my hair or wash my face. You do realize mental illness also affects people's appearance, right? My features are just fine and you're fucking retarded. This is the most schizo shit that anyone has ever addressed to me on the internet holy fuck. You don't even understand how ethoterry works because most women that post their pics online for money are hidden under 30 filters. How can you compare a screenshot of me in which I'm literally not showered for months to the average market of thots that are hidden under 50 filters and caked in makeup? I literally still look cute even in this situation, of being completely unkempt. Either way, my problem isn't my looks. My problem is that I've simply wanted to be an artist and I've wanted to authentically express myself but most men are put off by my personality. Have you even looked at the market of Twitch? Most women are plain and how do the men make money although they do not look like French super stars LMAO. You are the one being delusional. But this is so cringe, please leave.(no ones reading that)

No. 1410449

I live in the ghetto of Detroit like the ghetto. Crack heads and homeless etc. i live here because rent is cheap. the thing I don’t understand about these people is they hoard pitbulls or get any kind of animal and just get bored then let it starve to death or just drop it off some where. Everything productive is met with “u actin wite”, they really believe only white people should have nice things and do other activities other than be drunk and fuck. I can definitely see why these people are poor and will forever be poor.

No. 1410456

You are so based for this anon. Every time I see Romanianon's posts I always remember what she actually looks like and have to laugh. Poor thing.

Is this how your justify your appearance? That you would magically become hot if you just had filters and makeup? Embarrassing. It's amazing how huge your ego is. If you were as hot as you speak about yourself, you'd be treated as such even without makeup. Yes, that actually happens irl where there are zero filters. You are pathetic for your oppression Olympics game and it's obvious to everyone how you greatly overestimate your intelligence and appearance. Unfortunately, your poor life circumstances don't make you less naive, experienced, more attractive, or intelligent like media would have people believe. I feel sorry for you , but it's crazy how you justify your delusions.(stop engaging with romanianon)

No. 1410458

File: 1668547528562.jpeg (35.35 KB, 526x378, this convo.jpeg)

No. 1410459

kek frenchanon is right, romanianon sound like a delusional narcissist.

you could try becoming a make-up professional and at least wash your hair if you want to scam scrotes, romanianon. i’d suggest to look for something else, that job is poison for someone who is already mentally ill.(stop responding to romanianon)

No. 1410465

File: 1668547846340.png (757.8 KB, 1385x1500, elu.png)

I'm in my second year and it feels so lonely. The only friend I've made in my course fucked off for a scrote and now I almost never go out anywhere because all my other friends are busy. I feel like I'm wasting the time where I'm still not dependant on a job and have enough freedom to have fun. Instead of being out with friends when I don't have to study I sit in my room and read like a loser (no offence to other nonas who read a lot). There's this girl in my class who never shuts up about her bpd and being a druggie and I know it's a very bad idea to get any close to her (which I'm not going to, she already asked about my the friend who I parted with and I didn't tell her shit no way lol) but she casually offered to do shrooms together not too long ago and I just might take up the offer because I want to finally experience something that's not boring as shit and have fun like a retarded young adult for once. I always envy the loser junkie scrotes in early 2000s movies for living like that (well not literally but you get the point) I WANT TO LIVE I'M WASTING MY YOUTH AWAY

No. 1410469

File: 1668547943944.png (268.1 KB, 428x390, 854.png)

>This is the most schizo shit that anyone has ever addressed to me on the internet
>retarded ESL chan
sorry to be the one that had to break to you that you are ugly romanianon. i know it is hard to recognize that since beauty is really valorized in a woman and you are coping by trying to offend me. as i said before, in my country theres not many english speakers since they consider english a lame language. but i think even through my "retard english" you understood my "you are ugly as fuck" point right?
>I literally still look cute even in this situation
there are none so blind as those who will not see
>My problem is that I've simply wanted to be an artist and I've wanted to authentically express myself but most men are put off by my personality
not only men since this a female space and most nonnies still dont like you

No. 1410475

is this actually her?

No. 1410476

yeah her handle is kafkaesqueroach or something like that

No. 1410477

File: 1668548319961.png (144.17 KB, 1124x352, anon.png)

is true nonnies. in the steven thread someone posted her photos and twitch after she send her personal info and nudes to a r9k anon (something like that i dont really remember)

No. 1410478

File: 1668548386725.jpg (138.3 KB, 1280x720, WIN_20201008_01_42_34_Pro.jpg)

Yes, I am sorry a bunch of anorexic sociopaths from Twitter incapable of empathy do not like me. Or girls LARPING as regina george. Either way, objectively I am above average in looks but again success on the internet is not resulted from looks. There are fat ugly and bald men that make tons of money or ugly trannies, or fat ugly women. It is a matter of meeting the desires of a very specific audience. You can pander through politics, discourse and so on. However, I think it is stupid. I do not believe in any of those things. You tell me I am ugly when I have big round eyes, a small nose, okay lips and my body is hour glass shaped and I bet you're sitting behind your screen with a big scrawny nose and a fridge body telling me that I am ugly. Success on the internet is not tied down to looks. I don't think pokimane is prettier than me. Success on the internet is all restricted to pandering. You're literally telling me that it is because I am ugly because as usual this website is mysoginstic and obsessed with looks.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1410482

i love you frenchanon…

No. 1410484

i think she looks just normal, not ugly though

No. 1410485

yeah, just average, not someone you would look twice at, remember, or think "wow she's pretty"

No. 1410486

you are cute but you are literally not above average, not objectively anyway. you're not ugly and you're definitely not fat i dont think you have fas either but you're like not a bombshell at all. again doesn't mean you're unattractive but i would never see your image and think wow so hot. i would think, aw she's cute. which can mean average, and it's not a bad thing…

No. 1410487

You look like Jazz from TLC's 'I am Jazz' here

No. 1410492

Romanianon isn’t even ugly she just has a completely horrendous personality, it’s practically a miracle that she is so horrible and narcissistic that nobody can even sympathise with her fucked life anymore. Romanianon if you actually want to take advice try to change your personality, don’t talk about yourself so much and don’t put other people down too much. If you want to be successful you need to stop whining and complaining about how every other woman has it easier than you. You make it very difficult for people to like you.

No. 1410493

romanianon, even if you were cute, noone would ever find you desirable because you are insufferable. it doesn’t even matter if you’re ugly or average for someone with FAS. you’re so repulsive as a person, not even scrotes can look past it.

No. 1410495

i can see it anon

No. 1410496

File: 1668549104162.jpg (6.42 KB, 195x259, andreaa diaconu.jpg)

>objectively I am above average in looks
>most of the girls are horrendous and objectively uglier than me
uhh u made fun of french artists because of edited photos so lets compare to a romania model since you think you muchhhhh better than the girls from your country. do you still think you look better than her? i made sure to gather a photo that have as low quality as yours. you know who internet is: nonnies here arent going to say that you are ugly (what you are). but you need to stop posting those delusionals narcissist vents. if the women here can't agree if you're ugly or average im sure they all agree you're insufferable

No. 1410501

She'd be considered ugly in the USA. Very below average.

No. 1410503

> ugly in the USA
anon why are you acting like Americans are superior in looks kek. and she is literally just average.

No. 1410504

well you guys have some fucked up standarts you can't compare it like that.

No. 1410505

in comparison to who? Kim kardashian? that is literally American beauty standards

No. 1410506

You're out of your fucking mind

No. 1410508

Americans think any girl that doesn't have triple z cups, a kim k ass and is slathered in makeup is ugly kek. They think their own people are ugly

No. 1410509

you didn’t even have to choose a model, romania has lots of beautiful girls who look like snow white and take care of themselves. romanianon is way uglier than the average girl in bucharest.

i’m still impressed how she manages to be as confident and delusional as a scrote kek

No. 1410510

Are you kidding me? Bitch looks like Dora the Explorer. Y'all must look like her or something kek

No. 1410511

dont say that because nonny is gonna say that lolcow is run by first world nonnies and thats way nobody likes and empathize with her. she already did that multiple times. romanianon would be considered ugly on france and i personally consider her very far from supermodel beautiful as she say she is constantly.
she is a narcissist

No. 1410512

no, she’d be considered skinny in the US

No. 1410513

The fuck kinda Dora explorer have you seen

No. 1410514

anon… you sound retarded, we were literally just saying how American beauty standards mean nothing and are laughable y'all

No. 1410515

thank you nonny i love you too

No. 1410517

There's so many people in the USA and gorgeous women that no one would ever even look at romanianon. She's fucked.

No. 1410519

i guess she is lucky that the rest of the world sees that she looks like a normal european female, the world isn't gonna shit itself for some insane burger standats and i don't think she she will either

No. 1410520

the come down of a bad trip can be awful, I'm sorry you went through that, you feel dirty (sometimes anyway, sometimes it's cathartic but in this case it sucks) just practice self care and remember none of the drug shit is real; it feels psychologically deep but that's because that's literally what those kinds of drugs do. take care of yourself and tough it out. the interpresonal awkwardness is probably based in the same things, those kinds of drugs can make you paranoid

No. 1410524

She dont look like a normal european woman. Don't offend me like that.

No. 1410525

>rest of the world sees she's beautiful
>french anon calling her ugly

No. 1410527

nobody said beautiful kek

No. 1410528

post a selfie and we will be the judge

No. 1410529

can you even read retard?

No. 1410530

> This is so funny you analyze me like that and that you're trying to say I have fetal alcohol syndrome when I simply just have asian ancestry.
I lolirl'd
romanianon you are cute in what people would call a mousey way and sure filters and regular bathing would improve things but you still can't class yourself with supermodels and top tier instahoes, i mean come on girl

No. 1410532

france isn't the rest of the world now is it

No. 1410533

you are the stereotype of the braindead and racist american. americans just look like western eurofags (same genetics) and the only difference is that americans are obese on average and that they love tranny kardashian makeup and horrible uncanny surgery faces and bodies, which most europeans find tacky and ugly. you’re almost as stupid as romanianon if you think america is the pinnacle of beauty.

No. 1410534

KEK anon

No. 1410539

I'm American and I'm calling you ugly and/or unremarkable. It doesn't have anything to do with our standards in your case, unfortunately. So far, Americans and a French anon think you're ugly. Others think you are average or "cute in a mousey way". None of this is calling you attractive, sorry to say….

No. 1410540

File: 1668550804278.jpg (59.06 KB, 600x450, A8zjdEtCQAAriEO.jpg)

anon, Belle Delphine is the most successful thot in history and she has the same type of mousey beauty and we also literally have the same body. She's also covered in filters so yeah…but what I am saying it is that it is marketing and pandering. If Belle Delphine did not build her internet career in a certain way, she wouldn't be who she is. I'm just a weirdo, I kinda hate men. I also hate the entire uwu shit or pandering generally. I have very niche interests that I rant about and I am very argumentative.


You're not arguing with me(romanianon)

No. 1410542

i actually agree with you on this, you both look like rats, just that belle is the pretty rat and you’re the ugly rat(stop responding to spergs)

No. 1410543

The only joy and excitement I get in life is from drink but if I do it too much it can kill me. Cruel world.