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No. 139414

>FUJOSHI ("rotten girl"): a self-mockingly pejorative Japanese term for female fans of manga and novels that feature romantic relationships between men.

Discuss yaoi and BL here, as well as series aimed at fujoshi (and fudanshi) like Hetalia, sports anime, and male idol anime. Discussion of BL games here is totally OK but please do not cannibalize the otome game general.

No. 139415

I don't have to tell you guys to spoiler images, right?

No. 139416

File: 1457369171013.jpg (32.12 KB, 253x395, 719754d94b803e9aaab2e1604d2355…)

Crimson Spell is the bane of my existence. It was the perfect yaoi manga ever but updates are so goddamn slow why Yamane-san, why?

No. 139417

Yamane is killing me because I love both Finder and Crimson Spell but she's so goddamn slow at making them and always leaves the chapter on a cliffhanger.

Seriously though I need something else to quench my thirst for animu gay sex. Are there any BL mangakas that draw hot smutty sex with fun characters other than her? Other BL mangakas focus 90% on the romance and the sex scenes are half censored and usually very short.

No. 139418

File: 1457374663966.jpg (495.06 KB, 1200x1693, 7fca2fd60385983a8591f55a0e49ca…)

Been getting back into reading BL more actively again by revisiting some old favorites and using them as jumping off points.

Still obsessed as ever with Yoneda Kou. Pic related is a fave. Gave me a huge boner for yakuza yaoi.

No. 139419

Teahouse anyone? It was awful though, when the girls who ran it just abandoned it with a quick written ending right when the comic seemed about to reach some high peak in the plot

No. 139420

Wow way to dust off that old memory.

No. 139421

File: 1457375104659.jpg (91.28 KB, 250x367, dFXhGgW.jpg)

I've been reading slash since I was a preteen. When you're that young, it seriously affects the way you learn about and understand sex/relationships - I think BL comics were the reason I, as a socially inept wallflower 14 year old, chased after guys who were the complete opposite of me. Because I had this idea that opposites always attract, courtesy of BL and slash fiction. (pic related, one of my way old school OTPs)

No. 139422

I never actually read it. Couldn't get into it. The art was pretty though. I think I found out about it right before they were like "lol we're done" so…bullet dodged I guess.

No. 139423

File: 1457375663766.jpg (243.12 KB, 1600x900, tbnf.jpg)

Anyone have more like this?

No. 139424

Omg yes, loved the self destructive behavior. That shit was hot

No. 139425

Can you perverts suggest any good yaoi with lots of rape in it? Well doesn't have to me lots but you knows, just rough stuff in general.

No. 139426

File: 1457376214386.png (Spoiler Image, 567.37 KB, 1024x768, 1452557141159.png)

What's the sickest shit you've got?

No. 139427

Which one was the yakuza/gangster manga where there was a kid who was a photographer or something and then he gets caught by a mob boss and they have sex and there's a continuation where he gets kidnapped by the rival or something?

No. 139428

File: 1457376581876.jpg (41.07 KB, 318x452, 12826825.jpg)

Finder series?

No. 139429

File: 1457376710913.jpg (14.38 KB, 229x350, d0cc28b6cc4701e8d2989809165ace…)

Under Grand Hotel is an actual really good yaoi manga set in prison and there are multiple rape scenes. And not the typical "oh no I don't want this but my body says yes!" type of thing. But aside from that the plot is really compelling as well.

Plus you have a darker skinned character that isn't 'ambiguous tan' which is basically unheard of in BL.

No. 139430

Yes that was it! I feel like an idiot I was the one who posted Crimson Spell and forgot Viewfinder was the one I was trying to remember.

No. 139431

I'm more of a BL fan than yaoi. I don't mind a lil fuggin but anything too graphic turns me off.

A recent bl I really liked is Negative-kun and Positive-kun. It's really fluffy and cute.

No. 139432

File: 1457377942753.png (1.55 MB, 752x1072, asdasda.png)

I like BL too. Cute and fluffy is always nice. I havent read Negative-kun and Positive-kun but upon looking it up, I have read pic related by same author. Ikemen-kun To Saenai-kun. It was cute, and the art is nice. I'll add it to my list.

When I was looking I got reminded of Kumota Haruko because a pic showed up on google image search. I think she only made a few stories but they were really good.

No. 139433

File: 1457378210398.jpg (244.26 KB, 600x842, nobara.jpg)

Nobara by Kumota Haruka in case you were wondering. It's a cute BL with older characters than a typical high school setting.

She also did Shinjuku Lucky Hole which was nice but a bit more sexual, has a nice 3p scene in I think the third installment. It's more toward BL so not very graphic at all if I recall correctly.

Looks like there are a few of her works that have been translated since I last checked so I'm going to read.

No. 139434

File: 1457378445867.jpg (132.77 KB, 510x564, yamashitatomoko.jpg)

I recommend Yamashita Tomoko for BL as well. Some people don't like her art style but I love it.

OT but she also wrote a nice student/teacher femdom oneshot called Mud.

No. 139435

File: 1457378673325.jpg (199.25 KB, 884x884, 5415-1246968610.jpg)

I've been playing Lamento and listening to/reading the drama CD translations, I like that Rhapsody to the Past has more background about the devils but I thought Razel's past was kind of disappointing compared to the others. Verg and Froud's were really interesting though.

I think what I liked a lot about Lamento is that for an adventure type VN it didn't have a lot of characters. It felt like there was a really personal story between the whole cast.

No. 139436

My time has come
Recently I've been feeling myself move away from more anime-style BL art and more towards Western-style art like >>139426 (ps that's kinda gross.)
It was just too cutesy for me
I've written a lot of fanfics for a an obscure pairing in a very obscure fandom recently. I think it's my way of getting out of drawing (like "oh ill just write it instead")

No. 139437

Heard of this one but never read it. Will check it out, thanks.

No. 139438

Thank you for all the recommendations anon. I need some manga to read, and that will fit the bill.

No. 139439

The drawing style is kind of a turn off though

No. 139440

Is the Sweet Pool english patch ready yet does anyone know?

No. 139441

UGH's ending made my heart race so hard. I still want to think it was real. Sword best boy tho

No. 139442

File: 1457386478213.jpg (288.33 KB, 1000x1363, Zetta_Fukujuu_Meirei_Absolute_…)

Someone please tell me you have played this. Nobody has and I'm just dying because of it.

No. 139443

File: 1457387178661.jpg (220.26 KB, 952x718, enzai.jpg)

Oh hoooooly fuck I have played this. A reeeeeally long time ago, but I played it. Totally forgot about it. I'm gonna replay it soon now, thanks.

Also, pic related.

No. 139444

Fuck this game got me into BL so hard when I was an entry-level fujo. And what a way to begin. I think this game had some messed up stuff (it doesn't bother me at all) but the story was honestly really strong and it had interesting characters. Jose was my main route.

No. 139445

Oh god, I played both of these…
I'd tried to bury the memories until now.
Absolute Obedience was p. good, kind of a tease, but I liked it WAY better than the other one about the prison.
The first time I played through it, I unintentionally went with some horrible sadistic old fat man who dripped wax on the main character and stuck a cane up his ass.

kinda ruined yaoi for me for a while, tbh.

No. 139446

Chocolate boy was my fave.

No. 139447

Absolute obedience was a wild ride!!!! It was the first game I had ever played. A couple of weird things going on with it like toothbrush fucking but not bad.

No. 139448

File: 1457389075979.jpg (97.54 KB, 798x596, ferdinand.jpg)

If that was enough to put you off from yaoi, it's probably better you didn't play it further. It's got worse stuff.

The warehouse scene with Dirk is still hot tbh.

The game had some good comedy too in my opinion, pic related.

No. 139449

File: 1457389657678.jpg (66.57 KB, 637x476, ihihi.jpg)

>tfw Belbet was your fave and you can never end up with him and he can never be happy
my poor baby cutie

No. 139450

Sad bebe.

He was the reason I played.

No. 139451

File: 1457392725451.jpeg (70.21 KB, 413x551, image.jpeg)

Vallewida will always be my baby. I still have caps saved from the scene of him in the dress. My femme baby.

No. 139452

Has anyone else ever gotten off to the thought of a crusg making love with another guy?
Just me?
Okay .__.

No. 139453

>fantasizing about 3d
Truly disgusting.

No. 139454


He was the reason I played as well. You two anons are great. Thanks for the memories. I should dig out my copy of this and replay it.

No. 139455

I JUST read this series last year. It was great. Also love the old school style art. I have such a lady boner for darker skin bishonens.

No. 139456

File: 1457396275907.jpg (Spoiler Image, 184.33 KB, 700x1067, rmaiden_rose_comic_aqua_2007_1…)

The author will never finish this series and the OVA was shit, but she draws some of the best sex scenes in existence. (imo)

She does a lot of short stories as well. Draws the best military uniforms. My fetish.

No. 139457

damn this is p hot

great art, and no weird yaoi proportions, I love it

No. 139458

Homolust is so much better. I can't stand actual BL

No. 139459

I'm one of those gross sports anime fujos. I even ship 3DPD sports players together

No. 139460

File: 1457411656501.jpg (18.31 KB, 236x338, d124d1f416f63d689e003c7e1d7b91…)

I loved Negative and positive…instant love for gloomy guys in glasses

Anyone else excited for the doukyuusei film?

No. 139461

File: 1457411698631.jpg (548.37 KB, 705x815, f013-1-1.jpg)

Fuuucking Maiden Rose. I haven't thought about that shit in ages, man. I came across it accidentally while trying to look up episodes of Rozen Maiden. Klaus(?)' chin will forever haunt the far reaches of my mind.

Recently, I've been reading 19 Days. The art's probably not everyone's cup of tea, but that shit tugs at my heart like nothing else does. It's pretty comfy.
Another manga I've been keeping up with is Innocent, which isn't BL outright, but there's some occasional male-on-male wank that I'm sure some of you would like. I fucking love Shinichi Sakamoto's stuff. His art is so lavish and beautiful. Every page is goddamn stunning.

No. 139462

Oooh me too, but i kinda agree sometimes some of the shippers are really annoying though. i've seen friendship breaks over this shit, so i never tell anyone that i'm a sports fujos.

No. 139463

YES it looks beautiful. Sadly, doesn't it take Japanese movies a ridiculously long time for home release?

No. 139464

I know the shame, I really do.
On another note, have you guys check that rakugo anime? Shit is pretty gay, basically BL

No. 139465

File: 1457462779184.png (Spoiler Image, 180.19 KB, 485x750, tumblr_o2d01yntzO1t0oz8yo1_500…)

Does anyone know stuff similar to image related? I just need some smut, be it oneshots, doujins or series and I'm dried up my alley.

No. 139466

No but there's a partial patch that covers all of the game, with some annoying bugs (mainly save.) If you want to play it I'd suggest doing it all in one go.

No. 139467

Innocent! This manga is great, and his art is only getting more beautiful too. I'm excited for Innocent Rouge, do you think they'll bring it over too? I've been keeping up with the italian localization so far.

No. 139468

I'm not sure what you want anon, certain kinks/character/series?

No. 139469

File: 1457464122659.jpg (222.63 KB, 800x800, 1419069318899.jpg)

Anyone NTY here? It must be one of my favorite BLVNs even though it's not like mainstream BL and some people find it pretty gross. Haru's story really wrecked me, CLOCKUP games are so quality. ossan best boy

No. 139470

What's NTY? I'm interested now.

No. 139471

File: 1457464867607.jpg (1.25 MB, 1920x1200, 02_1920_1200.jpg)

No, Thank You!!! It's by a CLOCKUP (Euphoria, Fraternite, Maggot Baits) BL branch and generally an amazing game in my opinion. It's actually the first officially localized BL game since Enzai and Absolute Obedience in 10 so years! Mangagamer has a good info page about it, I definetely recommend it if you're not put off by big bara men (only two routes anyway.) Otherwise there's two normal twinks, Hiroyuki being pretty gr8 made me cry for two hours


No. 139472

THIS FUCKING SERIES. God, I enjoyed them so much.

No. 139473

File: 1457467867461.png (Spoiler Image, 717.88 KB, 650x517, image.png)

Anybody else have the softest of spots for long hair?

No. 139474

Hell yes, anon.

No. 139475



No. 139476

File: 1457471295477.jpg (59.71 KB, 496x650, 77-vc04.jpg)

oh man, make that hair black and I'm sold

is there any good yaoi with long black haired guys? I've read all the vincent valentine and hellsing yaois of course, but I want moar

No. 139477

File: 1457473029759.jpg (Spoiler Image, 52.01 KB, 637x476, enzai1.jpg)

This isn't even the worst stuff in the game.

No. 139478



No. 139479

File: 1457476615074.jpg (Spoiler Image, 124.47 KB, 800x600, valentine's day.jpg)

I raise you a Hadaka.


No. 139480

File: 1457476986503.jpg (72.15 KB, 640x480, tumblr_muvvmmzaw91s9z966o1_128…)

Did anyone ever play Silver Chaos? It was my first VN ever and I completely fell in love with it. I haven't played it in a long time but I have fond memories. I don't think I ever got around to playing the second one.

No. 139481

File: 1457480251144.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 151.21 KB, 640x480, image.jpeg)

I'm just romancing my gentle prince.

No. 139482

I can watch Vallewida get violated again and again. I loved the game more, but the deep throating scene in the anime was A+

No. 139483

File: 1457493628967.png (725.48 KB, 650x517, image.png)

I never thought in the whole of my life I'd find someone else who would understand my love of Vallewida let alone did I think I'd be even like…discussing it outside of the confines of my brain. Thank you anon.

No. 139484

My ex told me yesterday that he'd been involve in some gay stuff since he broke up with me. I know I should need to get over him, but it only made me want him back more. I've always fantasized about watching my boyfriend make out with other guys. Wah, I feel like I'm missing out on my dream yaoi boyfriend.

No. 139485

I have the same kink and I feel really guilty about it. One, because I'm already annoyed at the glorification of "lesbians" in media (and I'm not even a lesbian) and two, because it just feels gross that I might be objectifying some gay guy.

(yeah I know, go back to tumblr…)

No. 139486


No. 139487


>thinking BL is in any way comparable to actual gay guys and objectifying them


No. 139488

File: 1457554636798.jpg (Spoiler Image, 57 KB, 500x211, tumblr_npgk3wDojD1t0oz8yo2_500…)

getting the fujo train back on its tracks

No. 139489

File: 1457554747024.jpg (121.94 KB, 700x1001, tumblr_nad4zse8mE1tjthsxo2_128…)

Someone mentioned Crimson Spell and it's exactly the content I want more of.

No. 139490

File: 1457554762307.jpg (92.98 KB, 500x413, tumblr_lfguucXw641qab5xpo1_500…)

homolust is fiiiiiine.

who else /oldschoolfujo/ here?

this post spoke to me:


No. 139491

sometimes I wish I had a dick so I could make cute boys choke on it…..

No. 139492

File: 1457554821686.jpg (Spoiler Image, 129.25 KB, 500x506, tumblr_o05oi4DO8U1t0oz8yo1_500…)

dubcon a best con tho who's with me

No. 139493

File: 1457554926622.jpg (172.52 KB, 579x579, kawoshin1-2003.jpg)

Seriously take your off topic shit to another thread.

No. 139494

Man I remember when GW shipping was the shit. Had a friend who had never watched the anime yet still shipped Heero and Duo like hardcore and went on long tirades about how canon they are.

Also Inuyasha/Sesshoumaru and Legato/Vash were one of the bigger ones back then too.

No. 139495

File: 1457555124560.jpg (489.37 KB, 1200x1600, sapporo-317.jpg)

I once went to a kiosk in the mall to buy bootleg anime tapes (in the late 90s) and the girl there was talking to me about how the english translators had dubbed the canon gay out of Gundam Wing. She was just absolutely convinced it was lost in translation or something.

I mean, they really didn't help matters posting such illustrations as pic related. Fujos will always go nuts over mostly male-cast anime anyway.

No. 139496

File: 1457555312541.jpg (55.92 KB, 472x300, tumblr_inline_msjveyA4xZ1qz4rg…)

Some of the official artwork is undeniably pandering, that's for sure.

No. 139497


calm down, you guys sound like robots lol

No. 139498

Didn't the creators admit that GW was meant to pull in female fans/fujoshi? At any rate…it worked…

No. 139499

kill yourself. mods please ban.

No. 139500

3x4 baby, my first ship.

No. 139501

File: 1457567333359.jpg (183.45 KB, 814x982, request__vincent_and_sephiroth…)

Stop dating filthy 3d you wouldn't have issues then, you brought it upon yourself

No. 139502

File: 1457567962109.png (1.14 MB, 1000x750, shuuneki.png)

I loved 3x4 but quickly grew to prefer 1x3….but frankly 3xall.

Got into Tokyo Ghoul almost exclusively for pic related. I like the dubcon/yandere elements of their relationship in and out of canon. Don't care for the series outside of the first manga series.

No. 139503

File: 1457569052539.jpg (159.41 KB, 800x600, lUjsQMa.jpg)

Anyone here played Kuro no Tsuki ? I can't believe I wasted hours on that piece of shit of a VN and still not have at least one good memory from it.

No. 139504

Oh god. The trouble I got into for wathing gravitation as a wee 12 year old weeblet

No. 139505

What got you guys into BL?

No. 139506

File: 1457631883207.jpg (95.64 KB, 820x499, Final.Fantasy.VII.full.280336.…)

A fanfic I read. I was obsessed with reading every single quality ff7 fanfic, and some of them happened to be yaoi and BL. I enjoyed them and have ever since.

No. 139507

File: 1457634461930.jpg (693.65 KB, 2084x1400, Antique.Bakery.full.1242460.jp…)

Fumi Yoshinaga manga. I knew about BL in middle school because a friend liked shipping and fanfics but I did't really like any of the series they were interested in (Gravitation, Loveless, Kingdom Hearts etc).

No. 139508

>Antique Bakery
fffuuuuuck yes anon

No. 139509

OHHHHH was this the one that was scratch and sniff? We had one at the library and you could smell strawberries on the cover

No. 139510

Two words: Gundam Wing.

My friend had a GW poster in his room that caught my eye. I decided to look it up and found a lot more than I bargained for…

No. 139511

That's the one! It also has a great live-action movie from Korea called Antique.

No. 139512

File: 1457646661569.jpg (104.58 KB, 401x594, 45716681_p25.jpg)

I tried my best to deny my budding fujoshism for years but when I finally came through it was with Hamsteak, embarrassing I know. Too much pairing bait and disgusting fanart. It's also what got me into age difference/incest ships, still can't give those up.

No. 139513

File: 1457647323830.jpg (58.61 KB, 368x500, 0gSHP7e.jpg)

What's the deal with Dramatical Murder? It seems to be kinda popular.

No. 139514

It's popular because
>has a lot of characters that dick the MC
>very high production values for a BL game
>setting/aesthetic the younger crowd was into at the time
>one of the first BL games to get a decent translation in years

That being said the guys and story aren't that great, which is kind of disappointing when everything else in the game is pretty decent.

No. 139515

I really enjoyed some of the character developments, especially Clear's and Noiz's.
I guess I have low standards then

No. 139516

File: 1457652955770.jpg (460.64 KB, 1277x956, shiki-12.jpg)

Buhcause tumblr
The characters are cute though. But i'll take togainu no chi anyday

please rec me some mango/novels with similar art style and hot ukes+semes like this+setting too

No. 139517

Have you read Acid Town yet?

No. 139518

The only VN I know with the same setting as TNC is CAGE -open-. It's an ugly doujin game but the story and characters are fucking amazing for some reason. The music is great too. Video related. It's probably my second favorite BLVN despite the ugly chins, would recommend.

No. 139519

Christ I meant to quote >>139516

No. 139520

Thnxs so much,I'll definitely check them out!

if anyone knows similar stories+art dont hold back,rec it!

They're so cute. Are they a somewhat confirm couple?

No. 139521

Touya/Yuki is canon :) I love that CLAMP wrote their romance into CCS but holy hell do I feel old now.

If you want to read about it, http://gekidasa.net/touyaxyuki/ is a great resource. I can't believe it's still up. Anyone here remember the days where we were all making "shrines" to our fave anime?

No. 139522

Ahh thanks anon for confirming this!I was a little confused with that haha.
Also i didn't knew that website exist!now I can dig deeper into their lives

Also did anyone read X1999? It's a shounen ai by CLAMP thats long due for an update cries I personally thought the story was good but can be confusing since it has some ties with CLAMP other stories

No. 139523

Anyone else completely obsessed with live action BL movies? I hope it's ok to discuss them even though they're 3DPD. I think I've seen every single asian gay movie at least twice.
The most recent ones that I really loved were Jinroh Shokei Game and it's sequel (prequel) Killing Curriculum. They're depressing as hell though, I must've cried over Niina x Taiga for weeks.

No. 139524

Thanks for reminding me that I needed to catch up on this, anon! I feel like this volume is going to end with no fucking again, which simultaneously makes me happy and sad.

No. 139525

File: 1457749599892.jpg (359.22 KB, 1024x768, Junjou.Romantica.full.255048.j…)

Why has no one mentioned Junjou Romantica yet? It's like my all time favorite

No. 139526

I love that VN so much lol

No. 139527

Literally nothing good about that garbage except sakurai takahiro.

No. 139528

because it's awful, same with Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi.

I only semi enjoyed Hiro and Nowaki's storyline, everyone else was terrible

No. 139529

This breaks my cold dying heart. I love them both. However, I literally only care about one of the relationships, Usagi and Masaki, but it doesn't make it bad.

No. 139530

I-if it makes you feel any better I think most other BL posted ITT are trash too.

No. 139531

Have you read any of Harada's manga I personally liked sumomo

Anybody read Hako no naka? It's a novel by Narise Konohara It's one of my favorites of all time. Any recommendations similar to this book would be appreciated

No. 139532


Liked it at first but then it became boring and repetitive. It's basically the anime version of fifty shades of grey.

No. 139533


Loved Sekaiichi Hatsukoi but again the author is a slow bitch, she concentrated too much on fucking Yokozawa and Kirishima (boring). I just want… BANGS FIST I just want Ritsu to say I love you just ONCE

No. 139534

>"b-baka I hate you!"
>cut to view of the sky

blue balls the anime, I can't deal

No. 139535

Oh god Hako no Naka yessss! That shit destroyed me, I loved it.

No. 139536

Yeah it does get kind of tiring, but I think that's the part I really like about it maybe. >>139533
I have to rewatch it but I do like that one also.

No. 139537

File: 1457842556496.jpg (75.02 KB, 892x644, Grvi.jpg)

Gravitation was my first yaoi. And it'll be forever in my heart

No. 139538

Not the other anon but I'd definitely recommend Harada for that sort of thing too. They also write some wicked funny comedy stories, it's kind of jarring compared to all the yandere/rapist/stalker related stuff they make.

No. 139539

I remember being 10 and watching this with the doors closet when my dad was out. I was super paranoic and excited, I thought it was some kind of porn lol
good memories, listening to the opening feels like a time travel

No. 139540

Yess same! I felt like it was porn too so I'll always turn it off if someone comes around. I watched it On-Demand so I was basically in the living room w the semi-sex scenes. It was super awkward. But because of this, I started down this really long rabbit hole.

No. 139541

Same here, I have an artbook and CD I bought forever ago buried in my closet. The soundtrack is fucking great, I still listen to it.

No. 139542

Can some anon please tell me what are the manga in op's glasses. Especially the one in her left lens with the cutie with black hair that looks like he's getting his ear licked.

No. 139543

whoops I saged it sorry for thisbumps

No. 139544

UMPH i can't wait!

No. 139545

Because it's shit and actual good BL stuff keeps getting overshadowed by it. Aren't they on season 4 or something? I enjoyed some of season 1, but it's so boring.

No. 139546

It's actually a really good game that got translated immediately. It has a lot of routes and characters and pretty good sex scenes.
Especially everything containing Trip and Virus- best characters.

No. 139547

I found the story kind of shit and Aoba quite annoying as a MC, but yeah the porn was good. Especially re:connect, that mental breakdown man. I still think it's N+C's weakest title, it doesn't even come close to Lamento or Sweet Pool.

No. 139548

Lamento is definitely the best storyline wise. Weakest with porn, however…Sweet Pool?I just couldn't get into it.

No. 139549

Besides Noiz I liked them the most too but I was kind of disappointed that they weren't siblings or something like cousins pretending to be siblings. Maybe it was N+C just being tongue and cheek about incest being so common in hentai but it would've been a huge guilty pleasure.

No. 139550

Lamento best? I don't know, that's kinda the one I couldn't get into. I gave up at the first sex scene with Bardo, just couldn't make it any further. I'll probably try it again at some point soon though

ViTri were cuties for sure! But am still pissed they spoilers ended up giving Ren Sei's body instead of somehow keeping Ren's body from Scrap or w/e it was. I liked him more buff. Sei just looked like too much of a fruit to me

No. 139551

You can't start Lamento with Bardo.
Asato → Rai → Bardo
Rai → Bardo → Asato

No. 139552

I guess in terms of storyline it might have not been the best choice but truthfully he was the only guy I found attractive so I was very excited to go his route first. Well, if I try again I'll start fresh with Rai or Asato for sure

No. 139553

B-But Bardo is my favorite.

No. 139554

File: 1458073548751.jpg (271.34 KB, 800x988, C1.jpg)

I'm with you, anon. Drunk/high dubcon is especially top tier for me.

Google imaging 'death note' as a wee 12 year old. Stumbled across a deviantArt LxLight comic with a link to the fic it was based on in the description. From that moment on forever corrupted.

I read this! Didn't the author also write some weird fucking jungle island foot fetish book? My friend bought it at a con and made me read it to her on the car ride back, neither of us were prepared for when the MC started licking the fat guy's toes.

No. 139555

Lmfao fuck me, I think I know the novel you mean. It wasn't really foot fetish, more like fat or loser fetish in general, where they both get stuck on an island. The guy also has phimosis. There's a happy ending with the guy becoming a wine taster of some sort. The name was Don't Cry Mama. I've read it too, found it p good.

…and fucking hell, you're right, it's the same author for both! I never realized! Jesus, I can't believe it. Both novels are so crazy different.

No. 139556


had me dying

that is literally the anime

No. 139557

I remember loving fanart of these two and reading shitty fanfics of how Shuichi felt neglected by his dickhead boyfriend and wanted to kill himself. Jfc.

No. 139558

File: 1458089190079.jpg (109.84 KB, 761x739, DSC_0049.jpg)


I can't believe I thought this was sexy

No. 139559

You are golden, anon. this is the best summary of that damn series.

No. 139560

Ren's body is perfect. They should have kept it. Ugh. I wasn't a fan of Sei's character design at all.

No. 139561

Anon, this may be kinda weird but if you're generally into more buff guys like Ren rather than Sei, maybe you'll like NTY!

No. 139562


No. 139563

File: 1458946096663.jpg (169.77 KB, 747x1204, o012.jpg)

i first watched black butler. got me hooked. i always had a thing for this. now there is a term for it. then i watched kaze to ki no uta. Absolutely fantastic. Best manga and anime. Need more bl im running low

No. 139564

File: 1459024396056.jpg (187.09 KB, 759x1052, cielxsebastian10.jpg)

Kuroshitsuji is great, cielxsebastian is a really classic pairing and the setting / fashion is just my favorite

Oh, and the age difference improves it quite a bit for me…

No. 139565

Yo farmers, What's a good Yaoi Manga with no rape, or too dominant seme. I like the fluffy stuff, with bishounens and cute uke's?

No. 139566

any Ogeretsu Tanaka fans here?

No. 139567

Is there an official translation of kazeki?

No. 139568

File: 1459397824858.jpg (141.87 KB, 1280x720, 1395028901787.jpg)

>tfw no love for bara ever

No. 139569

Source on your pic? Is that Gengoroh or something?

Also this just reminded me I need to go masturbate

No. 139570

File: 1459461175578.jpg (Spoiler Image, 75.19 KB, 396x551, https://41.media.tumblr.com/2b…)

I'm with you, anon.

No. 139571

Spoiler that next time anon

No. 139572

File: 1459476891470.png (177.18 KB, 500x280, Theyneedmoreinteraction;-;.png)

D-does my soumako count?

actually I don't think they count but I might be wrong. Outside of Japan this might be considered bara. But in Japan this is nothing.

Any soumako shippers out there?

No. 139573

Never ever let anyone judge you for the things you like. Things like fics and awkward fan arts have become pretty low hanging fruit for shitty comedians.

No. 139574

A little too hardcore for me but damn the guy is hot. Gengoroh's art is goat

Thanks Anon. I hate how fujo stuff is open season for ridicule, when equally bad content of other genres, like fantasy and sci-fi, is usually still respected. Ehh but what can you do.

No. 139575

File: 1459499772395.jpg (10.39 KB, 296x158, 1440059268404.jpg)

A+ taste.

No. 139576

File: 1459569145672.png (272.68 KB, 500x373, tumblr_nldrqwj9Ju1tf6biwo1_500…)

Thank you,so do you!
But fuck, its so hard to find DJs, the only things that I can find is fanfiction or comic minis. But all I really want is mango DJs. It's all I ask for

No. 139577

>tfw start shipping SouMako because of your post
>tfw I can only find 1 DJ and they're only using each other

Life is suffering. :(

No. 139578

I have a huge kink for dubcon/noncon, mindbreaking and petplay but without gore or much painful stuff and focusing mostly on pleasure. Can someone give me recommendations? You find this shit in hentai all the time but as for BL it just feels like it's mostly boring fluff.

No. 139579


Instantly thought of this, I hope it's to your liking? I feel you on BL being boring, it's practically missionary in the dark in comparison to hentai.

No. 139580

File: 1459700840906.jpg (24.56 KB, 300x232, 1395024097272.jpg)

Im sorry anon :'(
I found two other dj's but its not englishreeeeeeee

No. 139581

You are an angel, anon. I'll gladly take more recommendations.

No. 139582

recommend some smut pls.
no bara.
well you can recommend bara for other people, that's cool…

No. 139583

Speaking of bara, (also thank you anon for bumping this thread. I'd actually completely forgotten about it) my big three are Mentaiko, Jiraiya and Tagame but I want to add a few more to my beefcake roster. Any recommendations?

No. 139584

File: 1463418884658.png (31.41 KB, 351x593, sensei.png)

this was good, though short.
'love in motion' by kumota haruko

No. 139585

File: 1463672339921.jpg (247.45 KB, 1000x1407, casteheaven.jpg)

Just finished reading this by Ogawa Chise. Pretty good as far as smut goes.

The high school has an arbitrary caste system put in place by a game organized by the students. The game decides everyone's social "rank" in the school. The longtime "King" is cast down to the lowest rank in the next game.

There are a few stories involved, I like the second one best (pic related). There are some continuity errors from first to second story but you can just overlook them.

There were a few scenes that I would have liked to see and would have made sense in the context (and almost happened…) but weren't there. Lots of dubcon.

Ogawa Chise writes a lot of good smut, though some of it is incest. I'm not usually into that but I've been reading it anyway because I like everything else.

No. 139586

Forgot to mention the title, it's Caste Heaven.

No. 139587

File: 1463731962826.jpeg (104.46 KB, 1280x720, image.jpeg)

Anyone watching Super Lovers? It's sooo cute, I binged watched all the available episodes in one night, it's still ongoing.

No. 139588

File: 1463732694364.jpg (410.85 KB, 1280x720, 1460537874544.jpg)

>kumota haruko
Oh, this bitch. She's great but she absolutely broke my heart last season. I wanted a two dads end so bad.

No. 139589

File: 1463854886774.jpeg (37.78 KB, 499x499, cezjanjc.jpeg)

she likes to do that…
i love her anyway.
i've read and reread most of her works.

No. 139590

I haven't seen it, but it looks too creepy for me. I'm not into shotas though.

Oh dang I forgot I was watching this, I gotta finish it now.

No. 139591

The first couple episodes are kinda creepy because the younger guy is a little kid but it quickly skips forward to when he's in highschool and the older guy is 22

No. 139592

The whole incest-ish pedophilic-ish vibe almost turned me off of watching it, and while it still creeps me out a little, after watching the anime and, currently, reading the manga, i have to say the story is interesting and it's pretty cute in general. The development of the romance is kinda slow but personally i prefer it that way.
Would feel less queasy about it if Ren looked like a 15/16? y/o highschooler like he is instead of a 7 year old tho.

No. 139593

> incest-ish pedophilic-ish vibe

To be fair, that's true for like half the BLs in existence.

No. 139594

more so old or mainstream bl. fringe bl has always been different with more masculine men who look their age, and newer bl is starting to trend that way.

No. 139595

>basic bitch
>mods please ban this person because I don't like what she's saying

>kill yourself

Heed your own advice. God this place really is becoming more like female /r9k/.

No. 139596

Anon that post was from two months ago, there's nothing recent about it.

No. 139597

shit sucks ass. fandom sucks even more, it's basically just a bunch of edgelord teenagers… most of the ships suck i guess too, except bicycle guy and mc

No. 139598

I really hate rape yaoi, I want something that aint like that, anyone got any recommendations? There is too much damn rape in Yaoi

No. 139599

I absolutely adore "tv kun no kimochi". The sex isn't very explicit but it's so warm and fuzzy and it's actually about adults who look cute but still masculine. In con sensual relationships.

No. 139600

File: 1464394356628.jpg (959.18 KB, 2048x1329, 1.jpg)

I like this one too. No underage characters and no rape. Cute story.

No. 139601

File: 1464397289952.jpg (341.06 KB, 800x1178, 3.jpg)

I recently read "conveni-kun" and i absolutely loved it. It's freaking adorable, no rape or anything like that, cute love story with a kick of realism, cute art, both characters are the same age, very small but sweet sex scene… it's a good short and sweet read!

No. 139602

I started watching after I saw your comment and I love it! I'm so mad that I'm already caught up… I also started reading the manga too because I don't feel like waiting for the new episodes. I'm glad there's starting to be more BL being made!

No. 139603

Oh my gosh, Anon. I had no clue that Junko had another Yaoi? I love her so much! I just read it, wish it was longer! RECOMMEND

No. 139604

Speaking of Asumiko Nakamura the anime version of Dokyūsei was subbed and it's really great. The main characters are cute and it also has a nice soundtrack, even Galileo Galilei did the ending theme.

No. 139605

File: 1464755134841.gif (1019.58 KB, 500x270, 5175b6c8-b500-4d29-8fbb-9493a8…)

Seconded so much. It was amazing everything I dreamed and more.

No. 139606

File: 1464755388054.jpg (312.67 KB, 869x1236, i000.jpg)

Also posting more fluffy (no rape, violence or underage) BL recs if anyone prefers that as I do.

Kaeru no prince sama

No. 139607

File: 1464755583142.jpg (231.1 KB, 870x1272, mtt_nyarscans_tv_kun_no_kimoch…)

Terebi kun kimochi is sweet. and has that kind of cute noodle style like doukyuusei

No. 139608

Is that the author of escape journey ? Shit is bomb

No. 139609


Know where I can watch it?

No. 139610

There's a decent quality (not quite potato, but a bit fuzzy) stream on kissanime

Supposedly it's on myreadingmanga, perhaps in a higher quality. but I don't use the site, some of the content on there gives me the skeevies

No. 139611

File: 1464769486177.jpg (975.22 KB, 2500x1062, 1464765485280.jpg)

It's fucking beautiful

No. 139612

I watched it on Anon's recommendation. Fucking amazing, seriously. It's too sweet. My fellow fujoshis, your heart will melt.

No. 139613

No. 139614

Oh God, does anyone else melt at blonde/brunette couples? All of my OTPs match that profile and I hope I'm not alone.

No. 139615

File: 1464807235246.jpg (114.22 KB, 800x640, CjtLIVwUoAEdEIy.jpg)

Not sure my body is ready for the suffering

No. 139616

…I need this in my life

No. 139617

>sex toys

I'm ready for this.

No. 139618

Do any of you watch JGV?

No. 139619

File: 1464881078269.jpg (107.95 KB, 500x500, yy.jpg)

No. 139620

File: 1464882125121.png (14.57 KB, 270x49, Screen Shot 2016-05-30 at 10.4…)


But are you ready for this?

No. 139621

File: 1464885591456.jpg (60.67 KB, 500x573, 3947d2a0959a6285858026c54e03ce…)

Me too anon, me too
Especially on serious characters x goofy sweet characters. Instant heart melt.

No. 139622

occasionally I do

No. 139623

File: 1465092878135.jpg (67.13 KB, 650x766, 1908145d1a99fb69628057499c3a21…)

Is anyone keeping up with 19 days? Thoughts on the latest chapter? Hurts my heart…
They are so cute together.

No. 139624

If we don't get some serious action by the end of the comic I'm gonna be so mad, they're too cute but it moves at a snails pace.

No. 139625

No. 139626

File: 1465330730947.png (83.21 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2016-06-07-16-18-31…)

Anon, your link was removed.

No. 139627

Yes, I love it. That last chapter made my heart horny. Though I agree with >>139624

If you're into yuri, Tamen De Gushi is a very similar manhua.

Good lord I loved this movie.

Brunette x Blonde is my favorite. Negative-kun and Positive-kun was adorable.

No. 139628

I just discovered Harada and read as many of her works as I could find that were translated into english and I absolutely love her shit.

Can anyone rec stuff similar? I love that stalker/yandere/rapist stuff. I think Caste Heaven is good too but I wish it wasn't slow af updating.

No. 139629

Fuck man Kuroshitsuji kills me every time. I know the manga is so much better than the anime but I am so weak for Alois Trancy it's goddamn embarrassing.

On another note though so I dont have to sage for OT, who Ai no Kusabi here?

I havent seen a lot of people talk about it because it's more of a novel than anything, but it's still gay as fuck and there's some bishie pics thrown in usually during sex scenes- of which there are a shitton. It's a long read- I'm pretty sure there's like 8 novels by now, but fuck is it worth it.

No. 139630

>who Ai no Kusabi here?
I assume you mean "who likes" GIRL, IT'S MY WHOLE FANTASY I've been a fan since 2010 and literally fap to some fan fiction of it. The sex scenes in the novels are ok, but they're horribly translated, like really, really horrible, like some poetry-esque bullshit.

No. 139631

The new 19 days chapter was hot af but its going way to slowlyy

No. 139632

Looking for something with younger boys, not really shota though, around 12 to 15. Preferably explicit and in realistic style. Anyone got any suggestions?

No. 139633

shiiiit the last couple chapters have been great, I want more already

No. 139634

File: 1466209855350.png (213.9 KB, 800x652, 55041425_p7.png)

Absolutely. He does things to me

No. 139635

Has anyone else read the first volume of Color Recipe? I'm not sure how I feel about it yet. I love Harada's crazy shit but I feel like it's not very creative compared to some of their other manga so far.

No. 139636

I didn't really like it, like I felt it went way quickly… The characters I didn't also get attached to, but the use of colour for their sex scene was hottt I really liked that

No. 139637

Anyone here played No, Thank You!!! ?

No. 139638

Yes and it's my favorite BL game ever.

No. 139639

File: 1468177518480.jpg (139.36 KB, 600x480, 37507375_p3_master1200.jpg)

double posting but who cares

maki best boy (surprisingly) tho i loved hiroyuki as well

No. 139640

File: 1468177968045.png (974.48 KB, 980x735, Screenshot (321).png)

Maki and Hiroyuki are my top faves and their routes wrecked me

pic not related but decisions decisions

No. 139641

File: 1468178644954.jpg (141.68 KB, 400x604, 39631367_p2_master1200.jpg)


yeah their routes….so i honestly teared up a bit. the end of maki's route….it hit me hard…..

ryu's route hit me too. i didn't like him as much as the others (i generally dislike meganes) but by the end of it i felt.

i keep trying to get people to play it but NO ONE WILL because they don't like the character designs. kouichi was a bit too daddy for me but otherwise i don't see what the big deal is. the plot was actually good (for a bl game) and like….it's all around a good game. damn.

if nothing else people should play it because it's the first localized bl game in ages and we need more.

No. 139642

File: 1468209672403.jpg (337.82 KB, 584x780, 56340870_p5_master1200.jpg)

Dude can we like exchange emails or something bc I already like you.

Yeah, I didn't expect much from Ryu's route, but I like how it's the route that reveals a lot of backstory. I honestly didn't expect to tear up towards the end of his route.

idk what's wrong with the character designs but it's a lot better compared to most BL games. i totally get why people don't expect much cuz there's a good amount of porn in there. but there's plot!

No. 139643

bless the parade kamis

No. 139644

this talk has me interested and wow, it looks amazing!! Is it worth the price? (I want to support the team first)

No. 139645

File: 1468215712112.jpg (278.24 KB, 884x848, 37376849_p3_master1200.jpg)

y-yeah i totally made a throwaway please email me lmao

to be honest i pirated it…and then i was so impressed that i paid $50 for a hardcopy after i finished. it's totally worth it.

No. 139646

File: 1468215860169.jpg (252.79 KB, 700x875, 44427871_p0_master1200.jpg)

Oh definitely! The the download version is 39.99 and it takes about 4-6 hours to complete each route.

Btw I'm a newfag and idk how to do that black bar thingy over text

No. 139647

wow wee, I just played through the demo… 100/10 wew.

I don't know who to choose ahhh! So excited to purchase the downloadable version! Thanks anons!

No. 139648

File: 1468224822362.jpg (211.36 KB, 550x798, 51062467_p0.jpg)

in my opinion, this is the best order (for the story) is…



but that's not the one most people suggest. i think most people suggest hiroyuki as the first route and i have to agree. if you're not sure where to start i would just start with him, he's super cute and screams a lot and you get a good idea of how everyone else is.

No. 139649

>this is the best order is…

…nice job.

No. 139650

y-yeah just Hiroyuki's part in the demo made me all hot n bothered wew. But Maki and his huge bod is coming a close second…

No. 139651

File: 1468226535634.jpg (153.82 KB, 800x516, 39631367_p3_master1200.jpg)

i hope you love it! i blew through the whole game in like a weekend (and then proceeded to talk to anyone who would listen about it very one-sidedly) it was so good.

No. 139652

Urghh, I was so close to it finishing downloading but it stopped and now I have to start over… can't wait to get through it anon, bless. This thread has introduced me to so many good bl novels!

No. 139653

Oh man, I almost showed my friend his last sex scene but I chickened out bc my headphones weren't near me and my parents are home. But damn, he was moaning like a pornstar.

No. 139654

god….i had to turn my headphones down when i was playing his route because i didn't want my roommate to hear. he is a loud boy. and i love it.

No. 139655

File: 1468253862402.png (222.1 KB, 521x661, tumblr_nl87s0K4xQ1rpx62uo1_540…)

same. i can't believe he was straight from the beginning and 3 sex scenes in he's thirsting for dick woooo boi

No. 139656

File: 1468254424941.jpg (326.52 KB, 724x523, 56340870_p1_master1200.jpg)

i love a not-gay route like that…and a virgin on top of it all… HEH.

yes please

i want all of the ntys to be happy and comfy.

No. 139657

File: 1468254909843.jpg (272.57 KB, 1051x1380, 56292950_p0.jpg)

i pray for a fandisk

I want a sequel so bad bc there's so much about this story that can be elaborated. i just want moar and there aren't even enough doujins to go around.

No. 139658

File: 1468255353230.jpg (412.71 KB, 1024x768, 36920847_p1_master1200.jpg)

i KNOW… why is the fanbase so fucking small? even on pixiv it's not as big as other ones.

i know they had at one point announced an ova (i think before the game even dropped) but it didn't make the cut i guess. maybe because the dmmd anime sucked so much. for some reason i have the idea that it was super popular because it got an official localization, but maybe it wasn't. i don't know.

i liked the bonus stories in the special edition box but i need more than that.

No. 139659

File: 1468255809677.jpg (Spoiler Image, 495.3 KB, 760x1206, 010.jpg)

Gravitation DJ.

No. 139660

File: 1468256117172.jpg (196.54 KB, 727x1042, 45669947_p0.jpg)

Can we just exchange emails? It's been a long time since the Dmmd fandom screwed me over and I need some one to talk abt NTY with. then again i should be thankful that it didnt get popular or else i'll be seeing bs headcanon about haru being trans or smtn

i'd rather not have that being put down my throat and y'all know how tumblr fandoms can be. Let dudes be dudes!

No. 139661

File: 1468256288731.jpg (415.72 KB, 800x561, 42058556_p0_master1200.jpg)

haha yeah i'm the same anon as above in case you are a different anon. anyone can email me if they want.

this thread has been cathartic, i has a lot of pent up feelings about it with no one to talk to haha.

No. 139662

File: 1468259092008.jpg (320.2 KB, 513x729, 37248228_p0.jpg)

I'm the anon before that and I made a temp email. Anyone who hasn't played NTY, plz try the demo. It's really good.

I want to meet more people who are into this game bc tfw no fujo friends

No. 139663

well, i downloaded the game and i'm looking forward to playing it

kek at the game settings asking me where i want the ejaculation location be though

No. 139664


did you know that you can set the body hair to your liking?

No. 139665

File: 1468300783303.png (236.52 KB, 500x508, tumblr_nretplXPln1utrfwjo1_500…)

Anyone else a fan of HQ!!?

I'm worried it's becoming too flavour of the month and it'll disappear quickly, but it's genuinely become my favourite sports anime. For once I don't really have an OTP, and I enjoy seeing the different ships come out of doujins/fic/fanart. It's really interesting to see who people ship different characters.

Plus it's so cute and pure, and there's none of that stupid irrational hatred/rivalry that plagues other sports animes. It's a realistic setting where characters have healthy rivalries but also friendships with people from other teams. I especially love Bokuto and Kuroo's dynamic, as well as Hinata's ability to befriend practically everyone.

No. 139666

hi, yes, HQ fan here. I feel the same way too. i personally love tsukki x yamaguchi, or tsukki x kuroo. and oikawa x iwaizumi. other than that I love the ships.

I think there's nice character development. idk I don't really watch anime so I could be talking out of my ass lol. I haven't finished hq tho, I have a lot of episodes left in the second season, same with free.

No. 139667

I LOVE Haikyuu. I'm almost done the second season and nothing has gotten me so pumped up before. It almost makes me want to join a volleyball club - maybe I should do it.
I just want to see Oikawa cry.

No. 139668

File: 1468337794293.png (414.35 KB, 735x715, tumblr_o4amiiGWk01s138e0o1_128…)

Second Season is really good! The manga is also pretty far ahead if you want to start reading that, but in the current chapters it's getting a bit dramatic.

Same! I remember hating volleyball back in HS because I was too scared of the ball, but now I want to try it again, kek.

What is with Oikawa fans and wanting to see him cry?

No. 139669


I've been considering joining an intramural team next semester. Apparently they're supposed to be more forgiving of beginners. I'm not out of shape, but my weak arms probably can't receive any volleyballs.

And as for wanting to see Oikawa cry… is this a common thing among Oikawa fans? I like him a lot but I want to see his ego brought down a bit. I'm a sucker for seeing arrogant characters getting hit where it hurts.

No. 139670

Hahahaha yeah, it seems to be a common trend with Oikawa fans. They want to see him hurt.

No. 139671

Has anyone read the newest chapter of 19 days? FINALLY! I was waiting for the kiss… Idk how this will progress tho

No. 139672

File: 1472894315392.jpg (327.07 KB, 800x500, 5_b06a.jpg)

One month left. I can't wait for the suffering. Also Seiji's VA is some A++ shit: http://pa-rade.jp/rn9/

No. 139673

This is like 100% my perfect fantasy. I really hope theres an English translation planned to.

No. 139674

File: 1473287370366.jpg (124.37 KB, 986x856, 5556565.JPG)

Anyone got some priest/monk yaoi for me? Can't find anything good.

No. 139675

File: 1473291715946.jpg (97.18 KB, 1334x750, image.jpg)

>Just trying to lurk /g/
>Half naked men mounting each other
God damned fujoshis

No. 139676

Didn't feel the need to spoiler it since you can't see anything. Lol

No. 139677

Woh didn't know about this game. I love the concept of it though, where it's already an established relationship and you choose kinks instead? It seems really cool and original!

I hope it gets translated, I'd love to try it out! I'm not so into blood tho so I'll probably skip the needle one…

No. 139678

>already an established relationship and you choose kinks instead?

Sort of. It's more of a psychological horror type thing. They're best friends who are being forced to participate in an "experiment". One of them has to perform acts of physical violence on other and on the flip side the other has to perform sexual acts on their friend. It sounds like they both agree to opt for the sexual tasks in the (probably misguided) interest of mitigating harm, but I imagine it will backfire spectacularly in the form of psychological trauma they hadn't considered.

You can turn the "gore" display off. It's still described in the text, but it won't show the CGs for those sections if you have that option set.

No. 139679

O-oh. That's not what I thought it was at all. Weh, it doesn't really sound like something I'd like after all. I'll probably check it out just to see but it sounds a bit dark? I'm surprised that the CGs seem so 'normal' for like a psychological game?

No. 139680


I guess it's a bit deceptive if you can't read the page, but, yeah, definitely not for everyone. It looks pretty obvious to me in the CGs, but maybe it's just because I know the premise.

No. 139681

Haha yeah, the photos in the Special section look so couple-y so I assumed they were an established couple, and I thought the drinking/bar CGs were the beginning of the game and they were like "Lets go to a love hotel and have weird fetish sex woo" lol

No. 139683


I don't really see shades of Hadaka in it. Most people have been comparing it to euphoria.

No. 139684

If anyone's interested in reading In These Words and other miscellaneous works by Guilt Pleasure, I dumped my collection on 8chan's /y/.


I know these comics are a bitch to find, so I thought I'd do the fujoshits a favor by sharing. :^)

No. 139685

File: 1476214184930.jpg (55.79 KB, 500x436, I am ready.jpg)

Thanks anon!

No. 139686

What got you ladies interested in this genre? I got so into BL in middle school when I was like 13 and I honestly can't put my finger on why…

No. 139687

I was severely obssesed with RikuxSora when i was like 10/12, decided to venture the internet to search for cute pictures of them to save, instead found a bunch of incredibly lewd doujinshis which i, obviously, read and ejoyed thoroughly. That brought my attention to BL/yaoi in general, and here i am, about 10 years later and a digusting fujo. Ahhh, the days.

No. 139688

File: 1476226232424.jpg (112.19 KB, 1280x720, 1475703253324.jpg)

Who's watching Yuri on Ice? It's a good time to be a fujo.

No. 139689

i've heard people saying that they think the russian will die. i really hope not.

No. 139690

It's good so far, but I'm not really interested in the main couple. I don't like crybaby, overwhelmed characters like the Jap Yuri. The Russian Yuri is a cutie though, I hope he's involved more.

No. 139691

Gundam Wing, year 2000. 3x4, never looked back.

Was that because Yuuri referred to him in past tense or something? I think it was just a misunderstanding of the translation

No. 139692

reee why am I not banned?(ok)

No. 139693

because of homophobia in media, and the fact that the dog named after victor died.
but the fact that it's a sports anime and that victor is based off of a real life person makes me hopeful that they'll get a happy ending, and maybe we'll have something close to a canon gay ending.

No. 139694

File: 1476246221828.jpg (120.29 KB, 1280x720, 1475716083113.jpg)

Past tense is pretty hard to get wrong in a translation, but it was narration anyway which is usually past tense.

But it was that in combination with the fact that he looked sad about his future and he's dropping everything to go mentor someone who could replace him, plus some minor things (the dog named after him dying). It's probably just retirement, but death would have a lot of dramatic effect so people ran with it.

No. 139695

Shit, I hope he doesn't die. Maybe he has an injury he knows he can't hide for much longer.

No. 139696

>Past tense is pretty hard to get wrong in a translation, but it was narration anyway which is usually past tense.

Nah, actually tense is pretty hilariously inconsistent in Japanese compared to the way it's treated in English. You can switch back and forth between past/non-past in narration without really suggesting any temporal shift about the actions being described (often tense is used more to suggest the immediacy to the speaker or situation than chronology).

No. 139697

File: 1477374354596.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.85 MB, 540x312, eyewitness.gif)

Any of you fujo's dabble in 3DPD? There's a new crime drama called Eyewitness (based on Øyevitne) with two cute homo leads.

No. 139698

This has my interest.
Where can I watch it?

No. 139699

Damn, girl

No. 139700

It airs on USA network, you could probably find it online. I haven't seen it yet but the Norwegian version is on youtube.

No. 139701

File: 1479455128607.jpg (96.86 KB, 1920x1080, [HorribleSubs] Yuri!!! on Ice …)

Love won!

No. 139702

I can't believe there are actually people on tumblr arguing that it was only a hug.

No. 139703

To be fair, it is hard to see and so many anime have messed with us this way. Making it seem like they are about to kiss only for the 'suprise' hug come on screen. We have been hurt too many times.

No. 139704

Saw a post going around that the creator made a tweet heavily implying it was a legit kiss. Can't seem to find it but I'm sure it's floating around somewhere.

I'm not the biggest fan of the show (the animation bugs me because of how varied it is) but this made me want to keep watching because it isn't pandering for once. This is pretty much what we wanted Free! to be.

No. 139705

File: 1479528892651.jpg (121.96 KB, 1920x1080, [HorribleSubs] Yuri!!! on Ice …)

Yeah, she did:
>- Kubo Mitsurou, the creator of YOI, just after the episode aired this week (x)

Anyway, I'm hoping the animation is improved in the BDs since they obviously care about it but lack the time/resources to perfect it. In the meantime, it's easily worth it for this.

No. 139706

I haven't watched Yuri on ice yet but is it any good guys? I might watch it over xmas break when Ive got proper time otherwise Ill just slack with my university work.

It looks alright so far

No. 139707

Classic cheesy sports anime. Animation is weirdly inconsistent, it looks like 5 different studios are animating it. It's getting better with each episode but I'm still put off by the animation during the skating (hopefully with a bigger budget it will look better)

Characters are cute, they're sticking with the "everyone gets along" sports anime route which I've always been a big fan of instead of the irrational hatred/rivalry route.

Uhh.. Yeah that's about it. There's only 5 eps or so out so it wouldn't take too long to watch tbh.

No. 139708

I love it. The animation is admittedly inconsistent though. I think the studio bit off more than they could chew considering the premise

But I love everything else. The music is awesome and every character is pretty distinct and non tropey for the most part. I like how they all have little distinguishing flaws (eye lines and ugly crying faces) idk it makes them more real

No. 139709

>I don't like crybaby, overwhelmed characters like the Jap Yuri.

well damn, he turned out to be a lot different than I thought. I still want more Russian Yuri!

No. 139710

It's okay but frankly I'm disappointed because the skating segments look like shit compared to the first two episodes and people are so vehement about defending them.

>m-muh scheduling

>geez it's not bad you're just being anal
>just wait for the BD they'll fix everything
>do you not understand how difficult it is to animate motion

Like, this is the reason why studios can go out of their way with releasing garbage quality - because they know people are still going to eat it up. Same reason why Utapri keeps getting crappy seasons since the studio knows its fans are going to spend thousands of yen on the BDs to get event tickets. MAPPA can just make a few detailed shots of guys putting their faces next to each other or grabbing asscheeks every episode and it raises YOI's rank on Amazon, but the skating scenes continue to get shafted.

No. 139711

It's extremely fun. It's fast paced and funny with a lot of attention to detail with the sport, a good OST, and relatively mature characterization/interaction since the MCs are adults. The MC develops thoroughly, and there's a real gay romantic subplot with lots of cute/sexy moments.

The animation is the biggest let down but it still has it's moments.

No. 139712

Maybe I'm just used to anime looking like shit because the animation drops don't bother me. I hope they do fix it in the BD because everything else is top notch imho

No. 139713

fuck this thread now has me using BL games to learn japanese.

i swear i will end up with a vocabulary consisting solely of homosexual sadomasochistic terms

No. 139714

I'm just butthurt after seeing the figure skating animation in Death Parade and Endless Night.

No. 172179

File: 1481943733741.jpg (192 KB, 1200x677, yuri-on-ice-episode-10-recap-e…)

Going back to Yuri on Ice, but wew they went there. Finally an actual non-pandery sports anime.

No. 172181

Ugh this show looks delicious. If I start watching I know I'll get completely obsessed

No. 172397

u wot

No. 172408

File: 1482070635596.jpg (132.48 KB, 566x800, Aitsu.no.Daihonmei.full.138987…)

This manga made me realize how much I love ugly uke/ gorgeous seme love stories. The confusion and insecurity in the ugly duckling is so endearing to me. I'm sad I can't find many other stories like this. "Out of Control" is said to be similar, and some of the art even looks vaguely traced from His Favourite, but the tone and pacing and set up aren't jiving with me.

I love His Favourite but I wish it had more sex/love scenes and I wish the update speed wasn't glacial.

No. 172416

same I remember people taking the piss outta it and honestly, I dont care. I just wanna watch a show

"but muh quality"

k, youve got Haikyuu and Free to bait you over, have fun with them fml.

Basically they arent queer baiting, they arent shying away from it so straight girls can imagine themselves banging the characters, liking guys isnt ~forbidden~ for the characters. It's still got Chris for the YAOIII GUIIIZZZ women to cream themselves over but even he's been hinted at for being in a relationship.

tldr-they aint baiting.

No. 172426

I don't think you understand what other anon was saying with pandering. The series is obviously targeted at the same type of women into other sports anime and the fujos that buy tons of show merchandise.

It's funny that almost showing two guys kissing is enough to make girls drop hundreds of dollars on keychains, magazines and underwear.

No. 172433

Yeah but it's not pandering in the whole "Oh will they ever kiss? Here's 20 episodes of long hugs and lingering looks and innuendo but THEY'RE NOT GAY LELELELLELE"

Like for once it's there. It's canon. Yeah fujos are going crazy and spending tons of money but it'll hopefully show companies and stuff that actual yaoi/gay shit can succeed and we will get less queerbaiting and actual queer shit.

No. 172446

Honestly this show is so cute and it's so sad that it was only 12 episodes, I hope we'll get a season 2 with at least 24 episodes. It's really fucking cute

No. 172470

>"Oh will they ever kiss? Here's 20 episodes of long hugs and lingering looks and innuendo but THEY'RE NOT GAY LELELELLELE"
Maybe I just don't watch enough anime, but I don't remember any recent fujo show that got popular being like this. At all.

Do you also believe free! wasn't pandering?

No. 172471

They know queerbaiting/Yaoi will work with the recent boom in woman aimed shows and realising hey, women have money too.
What I hope it will put forward is gay relationships can happen in anime that aren't girls or "the stereotype yaoi" shit, it's a normal relationship lmao.

Same, hoping for a season 2, they are teasing it and I'd be up for it. A lot of people have started saying "oh it's a phase", which yeah…anime is like flavour of the month. Don't get on a high horse and act like your too good for it to look cool.(tfw you have an irl friend who is like this)

Free is bait af but it was fun.

No. 172484

I went looking for His Favorite but had trouble finding scans, so I clicked a video expecting scans with bad pop music playing in the background. But it was actually the japanese drama cd synced-up with a translated version of the scans. It's like watching a still-picture sub.


No. 172485

thank youuuuuuuuuu

No. 172487

wow that's really neat!
http://www.mangago.me/read-manga/aitsu_no_daihonmei/ has scans up to the 7 vol and
are the latest. they cost about 6 bucks ea, but i'm willing to support sublime because they picked up a lot of dead titles and work with the publishers.

No. 175275

File: 1483483140075.jpg (158.9 KB, 650x650, 20160401001191_0.jpg)

anyone else reading killing stalking?

No. 175296

File: 1483490205611.png (9.29 KB, 1324x102, fujoshi's daily lifes.PNG)

What are some good websites to discuss fujo stuffs? Tumblr is shit, twitter doesn't work for that kind of things and I'm a bit bored of /a/ these days. This thread is good but a bit slow. I'm fine with anything as long as I don't have to talk about pairings to 14 years old brats or SJW retards tbh. It sucks to be a lonely fujo. To stay on topic, I really want to read gourmet no fukurami but there are no scans so far, or am I looking in the wrong places?

No. 175550

I went here just to talk about it too lol. I'm at chapter 12, I find it creepy but okay to read if you acknowledge the fact that the thing between the two protagonists isn't love, just abuse. It's a guilty pleasure for me but I really like the art style

No. 175565

have you read some of harada's gintama doujins? this really reminded me of it.


No. 175597

File: 1483579760201.png (1.49 MB, 700x1036, IMG_1346.PNG)


I miss live journal. The quality of fandom discussion there was so much higher even though it was a hotbed for drama. The /a/ threads for YOI are full of autism and tumblr is self explanatory.

I kinda miss being a high school aged weeb because I've been a fujo for so long (since age 13 tbqh) and I used to have fujo friends back when we were just called yaoi fan girls. Now all my friends are normalfags and I have nobody to sperg out with.

No. 175600

Hah, me too. I see a lot of people who get really shocked by it but I think Harada desensitized me.

No. 175615

File: 1483586958217.gif (1.99 MB, 245x220, byvX0Zc.gif)

same, anon

No. 175681

File: 1483624376921.jpg (84.58 KB, 410x694, 1449357716374.jpg)

I'd rather not talk to underage retarded fujos and be all by myself tbh. But I'll keep these forums in mind just in case I change my mind, thanks.

I miss lj too but I feel like I didn't get to use it as much as other people my age. I mostly lurked a bunch of communities and never made an account because my English at the time wasn't good enough to talk to others.
>it was a hotbed for drama
Well, tumblr seems way worse but without the advantages lj had. But like I said, I didn't use it all that much compared to many of you guys so I'm sure I missed most of the drama.
I guess I'll stick to my few rl fujo friends but we don't share the same fandoms and tastes at all.

No. 175689


Ljdrama was hilarious though. People be photoshopping LOTR actors in thier bedrooms and even there was the Sarah saga. Tumblr drama is just pathetic and infuriating. And today's fujobabbys are so spoiled. The awful mediocre tokyopop BL I used to read man.

No. 175690

File: 1483626539065.jpg (146.17 KB, 714x507, tumblr_m0qiocSrzd1r1nh24o1_128…)

Anyone here keeping up with/reading Acid Town? I love the story and art but the ch come painfully slow and it's killing me.
It updated recently i think, but i already forgot the whole story kek

Oh god same, at my age it's not as "normal" still being a fujo so it's more difficult to sperg to irl people about it (or online for that matter). I miss being like 10 and exchanging shitty DJs with my friends like it was normal and discussing them on the web. Now i can't have a single discussion that is not garbage.
Most places in the internet right now are shit to discuss BL since comment sections are full of 14 y/o and most independent places are tumblr-tier cancer.

No. 175772

File: 1483668133940.png (137.5 KB, 540x262, killingstalkingimage1.png)

Fuuuuck yes! It's been awhile since I've been invested in a comic. Love the art style, and both main characters; I'm so excited to see how it'll end. Only problem is the yoi/tumblr fanbase that won't stop fucking posting about how "edgy" they are for reading it, or how the main relationship is "toxic" and "abusive" (no shit?). It is surprising that it would be even popular over there considering the content?

No. 175857

I read it yesterday after seing the thread and was boring af, everything was predictable.

No. 175871

Lol, I certainly am now, thanks for the new read anon. I'm liking it a lot so far. Does anyone have any other suggestions of stuff sort of in the same vein as this?

No. 175872

I miss the old days of LJ. I've been on Tumblr since 2010, and it's just continuing to get more and more shitty. I feel like all of the people my age have just been abandoning it, leaving it to the mercy of teenagers. I'd like to think that they all left to have normal adult lives, and are happy now. I'm 25, and dabbling in "fandom culture" just seems strange at this point.

No. 175874

I left some months ago for twitter, I'm sure that's the case for a lot of people. I left tumblr more because of the shitty ads and the porn bots following my blog more and more though, since I learned to not hesitate to block annoying people. If you want to leave tumblr because it's too shitty for you you should use tumblripper to download all the pictures you reblogged.

No. 175898

>ukeboi has the same retarded worried crying expression on every page and also literally crying all the time
>wearing a goddamn skirt


The story is interesting and the art is nice, though. But where are my mangos with two regular looking dudes? I'm sick of one always being the girly crying skinny uguuu femboi being put in girl's clothes. It's the opposite of what I like.

No. 175900

Read it few nights ago, not really my 'thing' but i thought the story could be interesting. It was to an extent and then it got super predictible, i loooove the art regardless but it looks the author has no other works?

No. 175958

>then it got super predictible
>ukeboi has the same retarded worried crying expression on every page and also literally crying all the time

Yeah, that's what annoys me about it too. If the guys suddenly started beating the shit out of each other or something it'd be interesting (or of it delved into their time in he military, or brought back the cops, or did anything else than what it is right now really) but it turned into the protagonist acting like a beaten wife even though he started out as a weirdo stalker. It had potential and melted into a cliche edgy shoujo story with gay dudes.

No. 175988

You guys are pretty much pedos. I understand if you're angry at this but I've played a few eroges and had to have sex with underage boys because I like Yaoi and have some type of autism. We need all the accomplishments! There should be more Yaoi releases towards the west but they deny that these are 14 year olds when Jast tries to normalize them.

No. 176002

Literally what the fuck are you trying to say

No. 176012

> turned into the protagonist acting like a beaten wife even though he started out as a weirdo stalker.

It would have been interesting if the protagonist was as fucked-up mentally as the beginning hyped him to be. I'd be down for two sick fucks trying to outsmart and outdo each other and having weird homolust over it, instead of the "psychopath edgelord vs stockholm syndrome uke" torture porn it turned out to be.

Also the art looks like Junji Ito tried to make a BL doujin of that guy from Attack on Titan and the YOI guy with the uncontrollable ejaculation problem.

No. 176014

I'm trying to read more novels this year, anyone have any gay shit to recommend?

Sci-fi/fantasy would be nice, especially if there's a decent plot. I recently pushed myself through Captive Prince, and was severely disappointed. (I love "political" ASOIAF-esque fantasy, but I couldn't stand the weak world building and constant cringey shit.)

No. 176031

first thing to pop up in my head - NO.6. There's a non-official translation by Nostalgia on 9th Avenue.

No. 176042

File: 1483831369713.jpg (181.25 KB, 1133x1600, IMG_1827.JPG)

Since KillingStalking seems to have tickled some fancies (it was new to me) thought id share something thats very next level in terms of art and story…however i dont think there has yet to be an english translation which sucks balls for non weebs or koreaboos. (Only translation i know of is korean)
Uh but getting a gist of the story from imagery alone wouldnt be hard and tbh its total visual porn to me (not as in sexual but the art style is pretty dope)

No. 176064

File: 1483846345718.jpg (44.62 KB, 468x895, dee.jpg)

Not a big fan of BL just cruising through catalog then I see this shit.

No. 176079

My hunch is that it's some gender reversed copypasta.

No. 176235


Gotten into Killing Stalking myself and its pretty good, interesting plot but its so fucked in the head. Am impressed so far though!

The art style isn't the typical shitty animu one either its kinda realistic but still animu like? Its pretty good

No. 181143


The most boring shit I've read in a long time, desu. Babby's first softcore psychological horror BL for the kind of fangirls who say shit like "IM SO FUCKED UP FOR READING THIS LOLOL" and "sangwoo is my cute little psycho uwu".

No. 181147

A girl I follow on IG said this exact thing about Killing Stalking. kek (She also loves Yuri on Ice, obviously.)

No. 181148

I am a little salty that none of his works are translated. I am sucker for realistic manga, and I love fucked up stories, but its so hard to find mangas with both. Especially bara

No. 181151

File: 1486947883855.png (666.86 KB, 600x892, IMG_2286.PNG)

(Anon who posted the manga here)
I am actually vinegar over how theres not more from him / in this genre of bara (and bara manga in general) that gets picked up for translation. Just like you anon im a filfy animal for this type of shit.
If you have any fave bara mangas id love to check them out (if i havent already read em who knows)

Meanwhile to keep on track Mentaiko/Itto is deff on the mainstream side of bara/duh yaoiz but i still fucking love the works that have come out;;;;; senseless bara porn is always tasty af

No. 183014

File: 1488680539658.jpg (77.48 KB, 497x700, d1c8518038a5e6c3923d0670186c62…)

does anyone else remember being 13 and lying about their age and downloading hetalia doujins off of livejournal comms
no shame, it was such a good series for yaoi back in the day

No. 183019

I remember all the secret club stuff you had to do in order to join the groups, it really aggravated me because I only made an LJ account to get certain doujins.

No. 183029


I still have mine. All 300+ of 'em.

No. 183031

OH my God yes!!!! I loved aph doujins

No. 183036

File: 1488715870398.png (356.5 KB, 680x378, shellisaqt.png)

If we're going to talk about webtoons, then I recommend checking this one out.

No. 183037

this shit is boring af. dont read it niggas, yall just gonna waste yall precious time

No. 183038

>ukeboi has the same retarded worried crying expression on every page and also literally crying all the time
>wearing a goddamn skirt

this lil nigga is like Okane Ga Nai's Ayase bitch who cries all the time but cant stop loving his abusive giant ass hands seme

No. 183049

I read that last night actually anf it was pretty lame and random. Cliche and boring tbh

No. 183051

I think we can safely say that CLAMP ruined our lives.

No. 183060

Tokyo Babylon fucked my shit up when I was a young weeaboo.

No. 183173

Same, anon. Fuck this loner fujo life.
Also baldfat lives forever.

No. 184266

Same anons.
I just want a place where to discuss my baldfat in peace ; _ ; /yoi/ is getting too retarded lately even for /yoi/'s standards.

No. 184273


It's so painfully specific but I'd kill to have a few adult fujobros. Maybe because I'm old as shit and have a career and bills but Baldfat and BL manga is one of the last things I've kept from my teenage days.

Shit I remember obsessively following translations for Yami no matsuei and other fujobait shoujo on lj. I hear it's finally off hiatus but nobody in the English speaking world remembers it.

No. 184773

File: 1490546809448.png (831.62 KB, 720x1280, 2b08cced-78e0-4aac-a08a-f0f371…)

I'm surprised that nobody in this thread has talked about DRAMAtical Murder. Nitro+Chiral is releasing a new BL game soon called Slow Damage, do you all think it'll be any good?

No. 184785

whether it is or not, you can expect a horrible pregnant cosplay of it from ash (axel ash, not ana ash)

No. 184787

File: 1490552111212.jpg (Spoiler Image, 262.89 KB, 1280x1280, 1490530537437.jpg)

No. 184793

I'm worried that Slow Damage will be too edgy. Part of the reason why I was so attracted to dmmd was because of how colorful and different the art was.

No. 184798

ana noiz to go with the pregnant aoba, lets see it happen lmao

No. 184813

Loveless, has been a favorite of mine for nearly 10 years.

No. 185472

File: 1491082412600.png (489.02 KB, 479x760, b2e5d8c7d127024556cf084b5201b4…)

not quite what this thread is about bc it's a non-anime graphic novel but The Less Than Epic Adventures of TJ and Amal is hands-down one of the best bits of gay fiction I've ever read. Started reading for the realistic-yet-slow-burn-heat sex scenes, ended up strung on the actually rather touching and wrenching at points story.

absolutely not the typical yaoi experience, don't expect any pretty boys (but if you're into muscular bottoms, boy is this gonna be your jam), but that ain't a bad thing.

even better: it's finished (for a while now, don't know why i just thought of it after so long) and all free to read online


No. 185480

File: 1491085920711.jpg (96.75 KB, 699x521, SHITsuji.jpg)

Are we just not gonna talk about this masterpiece?

No. 185484

File: 1491092147900.gif (505.41 KB, 540x303, 627ec3e35482a2f769d7ac1af3c1ff…)

>that image
l-lewd, anon-chan

No. 185486

File: 1491093424814.jpg (Spoiler Image, 120.06 KB, 800x600, ev_kom019_02.jpg)

Girl, you don't even know

>I'm a sucker for ahegao

No. 185491

I was out of touch with the BL world for many years, but I started playing this because of this thread. It was one of the best things I did last year. That game is hilarious and legendary and it kills me that I don't have anyone to talk about it.

No. 185492

File: 1491104313767.jpg (347.84 KB, 800x752, 534544334433.jpg)

Anyone watching the new season of Attack on Titan? I remember it being so popular 4 years ago.
I loved Erwin and Levi so much.

No. 185507

Yes! I love that it's back now!

No. 185509

I love noncon/rough sex/bdsm/mindbreak all that good shit but tbh this game just wasn't very erotic. It was mostly gross because the scenes were made more grotesque than sexual and it reminded me more of a cult torture porn movie than a sex novel.

No. 185511

lmao these were 100% my exact thoughts when reading it, glad to hear I wasn't the only one. It was so boring and repetitive and the fandom was full of awful edgy teens thinking they're hot shit for reading shittily-written psychological horror for the first time

No. 185515

I didn't even know there was a new season holy shit
I'm into Levi/Eren myself, like ~2 years ago when I was actively in the fandom on tumblr there was a super autistic shipping war against it and our tags were spammed to hell. It was fucking weird, it was the first time I rejoined a ship fandom since my deviantart days around 07-09 so I was so confused by how self-righteous people had gotten with fucking anime shipping

>sage for blog post

No. 185516


Just gonna bump and say I also recommend this, I haven't read it in a few years but what i loved what I read back then

No. 185517

File: 1491127542537.jpg (13.19 KB, 306x423, article-0-192F2667000005DC-264…)

so I really like killingstalking and last weekend I highly recommended it to a girl I want to be friends with and at first I was worried she'd judge me for its problematic content and after reading this thread I'm worried she's gonna think I'm a basic bitch kek

anyway can anyone recommend any similar psychological/horror/dark yaoi manga?

No. 185518


Ugh I meant to reply to >>185511

No. 185594

Yeah, I read the manga too. The story has really matured throughout the years. And Eruri is a very nice pairing

No. 185725

I like the idea of having a fujo girlfriend and I'm not sure why.

No. 185883

File: 1491463098211.gif (396.09 KB, 359x268, Uh-reaction-gif.gif)

(This is kinda ot but I'm super curious)

Are straight fujos rare? I remember back in my deviantart days occasionally seeing outside people stereotype yaoi fangirls as all being lesbians, and every close fujo friend I've made turned out being some sort of queer. It was actually confusing for 14 year old me at first since I concluded my interest in BL was b/c I was super straight and thought everyone was the same lol

No. 185904

I see this too, still. A part of me thinks they just want to simulate their yaoi "relationship goals." Maybe that's because I knew someone just dating a girl to do couple cosplay with and saying that her relationship is just like Victor/Yuuri and other pairings.

No. 185926

You don't know a lot of fujos do you?

The "fujos are lesbians" meme is so old and based on a tired stereotype that actually finding a fujo girlfriend as a lesbian fujo is terribly hard. In the olden days these "lesbian fujos" were straight girls who were just afraid of contact with men so they turned to their female friends to form a proto-lesbian relationship. Nowadays the "lesbian fujos" are transtrenders trying to present as gay men and preaching about how regular cisgirls liking BL is ~fetishizing homosexuality~ (which they're certainly not doing). So all in all, most fujos are straight or bisexual.


Well, first of all the men in BL act more like women than actual real-life men since most of it is written by women, so the female audience can identify with the characters to a certain degree. They're usually romance stories first, which men don't find appealing. If you compare it to yuri, yuri is often quite masculine and the girls don't act like girls do because contrary to BL it's most of the time written by men for a male audience. It's more about character dynamics and stories than the actual gender of the characters.

No. 186082

c-can we please talk about No Thank You!!! again because it's such a good visual novel.. and it seems like nobody ever talks about it anymore. I don't see why, it was such a good novel.

No. 186267

holy fuck I was just thinking about this VN. I miss my laptop its RIP now and im in the process of saving up for a new one. This is my all time favorite vn I miss it so much.

No. 187228

Thoughts on this? they kissed 36 times in this 4 minutes video

No. 187663

i only counted 22 mouth-to-mouth kisses with 14 of them hidden by the rest of the face or the head so those could still be faked.
21 of those kisses though they only touched each other with their mouths not real kisses in my opinion.

and with the exception of 1 or 2 all of them are lowkey ugly.

No. 187665

That last kiss OMG….

No. 187808

Does anybody remember the BL band ADAMS? They were big in the fujo community back in 2013 but after the guitarist, Shota, had a stroke and passed, the band was finished. Their music is actually still really amazing to this day.

No. 187811

this is literally the more desperate-for-attention display of fanservice I've ever seen.

No. 187817

their music is pretty catchy, and the boys arent ugly, i wonder why this didnt get a lot of attention when it was still alive though?

No. 187818

the beat is really generic and forgettable, it sounds like an ending theme song for a boring slice of life shoujo anime.

No. 187870

im really getting turned on over those yaoi mangas, in which one guy is really in love with another guy but the guy he is in love with doesnt want to give in to his gay desires. so the love of the first guy stay unfulfilled for a long time feeding into it, until after a while the second guy finally gives in while still mildly not wanting to admit it resulting in mildly forced sex that embarrasses the other guy……………..

does that have an own genre?
can someone advice me mangas about stories like that?

No. 187888

I think the tag you're looking for is Dubcon (dubious consent), you might want to start there.

No. 187892

Everyone in this thread should at least watch this vid once, they're not bad.

No. 187922

Christ, I cant believe they even put a sex scene into the video. Usually it's just fake kisses and shit like that but I guess they really wanted fujoshis' attention?

No. 187953

>Forcing disgusting 3D in the fujo thread

No. 187983

File: 1493049724337.jpg (636.63 KB, 1013x1234, tumblr_o4tbqqNBPQ1umq33bo1_128…)

I'm playing FE Fates Conquest these days, I wanted to marry Zero/Niles as a guy but I decided to play as a girl because this would let me unlock all the characters instead, including Niles' fujo daughter. I wonder what changes when you marry him as a guy, aside from the support scenes that aren't different in the shit localization. I'll try to marry him as a guy in Revelation. I wish Silas were a gay option too and that the lesbian option weren't so shit.

No. 187987

>not modding your 3DS and playing the gay marriage hack

No. 187989

Didn't some people hack their 3DS and got caught because they were playing online before the game's release date and they are banned from the eshop now? I'm not doing it anyway, I don't want to mess up and I think the support scenes from the hack are on youtube anyway.

No. 187995

Feel weird posting in a fujo thread because I'm not a fujo, but Niles/mKamui feel just right. Totally agree about the shit lesbian options, too.
>tfw I paired Azura with feMui before someone told me about Revelations

No. 187996

iirc, people were being banned for hacking enemy-only skills and weapons, like Point Blank and the Skadi bow, onto their own units and then playing online with them.

Anyway, I agree that the gay option for ladies is complete garbage in the vanilla game. There were a bunch of characters that would've been more suitable, but nope.

No. 188003

Yeah, Niles/MC (regardless of gender for me but still) is a great pairing, they're really cute. I like when characters act tough or like they're perverts or things like that but at some point they start being really nice and cute and even romantic, and I have a soft spot for characters who have white hair and dark skin so I love Niles in general. I'm still salty they changed his love confession to a random joke in English.

Close enough, but maybe I was mixing this case with Pokémon Sun/Moon's release or another Nintendo game.

No. 192597

File: 1496022170591.jpg (236.56 KB, 950x1327, [Ogeretsu Tanaka] Yarichin Bit…)

can we make a BL discord please. i am lonely and i want someone, anyone, to discuss with

No. 192602

I'd join it

No. 193313

No. 193423

I'd join too

No. 193496

I hope I don't fucking regret posting this on lolcow.

No. 193879

Leaving this here for late anons. Let me know if you want another one, I am always here. (;_;)

No. 194324

;o; another?

No. 194383

No. 195724

File: 1497977802982.png (357.17 KB, 982x327, kui283hbs.png)

Been playing Room no 9 recently, i was so excited for it, and honestly i'm tiny bit disappointed with it.
The story is kind of mediocre. I am currently missing only one ending block, which i hope explains a little more of the story or gives more depth to the characters other than "we are friends, he is the super super chill bottom bitch and i'm the hyper one". I know bl games do not tend to have the best stories, but unless you treat this one as pure smut you'll probably be disappointed most of the time except for a few endings.

So far, the choices to make seem rather limited. Kinda thought you would decide every day wether to do torture or sex since the game seemed to be about that, but you make a choice between those two one single time since the rest of the time the boys choose it themselves (and i'ts always sex, hooray). Only made 5-6 choices in my 10 hours playing. (which do change the endings dramatically, to be fair.)
The sex cg's are absolutely fantastic, the art is nice(although there were definitely some weird proportions or perspectives, but i don't mind it as much) and the voice acting is superb, the scat cg with grotesque stuff turned on is fucking gross though, didn't expect it to be as graphic, which surprised me. So if you pick it up and are grossed by that stuff, be warned that you cannot skip this part of the story, as it is obligatory, although you can turn grotesque off and it's not bad at all
Overall, it's okay, the boys are cute and the sex is great and some endings are pretty good, but i'm still kinda dissapointed eventhough i like it quite a lot, maybe i was expecting too much out of it.

No. 195839

The art looks really nice, but I can't seem to find any sites on how to download/buy it…. but then again, that's like the problem for all of these bl games

No. 195841

Also, I know this thread is filled with fujoshi but does there happen to be any fudanshi? Gay, straight, it doesn't matter what your orientation is… I just wanna know if there are any more as I feel kinda awkward

No. 195857

What's the appeal of yaoi for a straight guy?

No. 195878

I mean this one youtuber I watch does a lot of yaoi let's plays and generally enjoys them but he's straight
Also wouldn't it be the same as straight girls who enjoy cute yuri stories?

No. 195983

If you are cool downloading illegally you can get it at anime-sharing.com.
Otherwise, i'm pretty sure you can buy legally on the parade website and amazon.jp.

Pretty sure there is a lot of fundashi out on the wild. Since this is a more female oriented board you probably won't find as many here. But for example in 4chan's /y/ threads there is a lot of male posters, in reddit's /r/yaoi (i think it's called) too.

The same that it is for a woman, i guess? I don't really see the difference.
Most people enjoy cute/deep stories, good characters, pretty art and cheesy love stuff, which yaoi/bl has tons of. Yaoi also tends to have more story (be it good or bad) as opposed to hentai/yuri, which tends to be mostly pure smut and fanservice, which could attract all kinds of people and sexes.
I personally find it absolutely normal when straight (or otherwise) men enjoy bl/yaoi.

No. 196168

File: 1498191463564.jpg (30.55 KB, 440x199, homosex.jpg)

I want more of Canis

No. 197104

File: 1499048910170.jpg (118.45 KB, 617x549, xphsh0o.jpg)

Can anyone recommend a live-action BL/yaoi adaptation where the acting isn't absolutely garbage

No. 197845

File: 1499655038358.jpg (79.23 KB, 630x544, fujoshi1.jpg)

I really love 19 Tian (19 Days), however the waiting is agonizing.

Also I think it could be really interesting if they took the animation style and made it into an anime. Is there a word for Chinese anime? (…google says it's donghua?)

I'd totally watch some yaoi donghua

No. 197871

File: 1499670551797.jpg (137.39 KB, 540x667, tumblr_inline_nm5bn510IZ1t56lt…)

Maybe this is weirdly specific, but.. Is there any yaoi/BL, manga or game or whatever, that is set on the Victorian or Rococco area? Heck, I'll even take literature. I think of this since I first read Dorian Grey, I just wanna see oldschool boys gettin' it on.

Pic very related, Enjolras from the Les Mis manga.

No. 197873

File: 1499671962103.png (1.35 MB, 2212x1600, Innocent_v07_ch075_198-199.png)

It's not actually BL but there is rococo homo in the manga Innocent

No. 197875


The artwork is beautiful! I'll check it out for sure, even though it's not BL. Thanks anon!

No. 197888

File: 1499681498142.jpg (62.97 KB, 640x742, sevendays.jpg)

Pic related is really good. (seven days monday to thursday). If you're open for stuff that isn't Japanese I recommend Shangyin ("addicted"). It's a Chinese webdrama. Thailand also have a shit ton of good bl movies.

No. 197963

File: 1499736140299.png (58.77 KB, 240x232, dkfaf.png)


Watched both parts today on your rec anon. Super cute, actually had some chemistry between the leads. Just the sort of thing I was looking for! Though much as I enjoy the occasional high school drama, I often yearn for more stuff with older guys, or at least in their twenties, since I am… the age that I am, lol. Live action yakuza yaoi is the unicorn I search for.

I'm definitely also going to check out Shangyin when I can. Feel free to tell me your favorite Thai movies too, I'd love to dip my toe in that arena!

No. 247916

File: 1525607323342.jpeg (232.15 KB, 900x1275, c27818292e6ee1d6072f44594c996f…)

There seem to be quite a few anons who're still into Yaoi (judging by the Porn Criticism thread), so I hope it's okay to necro this thread.

I absolutely love when the roles are "reversed", meaning a strong, manly Uke and a feminine, long-haired Seme.
I highly recommend all of Abe Akane's works. Pic related is "Moon and Sun", it's extremely good and beautifully drawn (however, the Seme is crossdressing, so if that's not your thing…).
Other stuff of hers that I really like (and read multiple times) are "Ubawareru Koto Marugoto Zenbu" and "Suki Toiunoni Nazekashira" (both stories are linked together). No older Seme raping a childlike Uke who ends up enjoying it, just two handsome adults.
Naono Bohra is quite good as well.

I'd also recommend:
>Hima na no de Hajimete Mimasu
>Koi To Kedama To Otonari-san
>Konya mo Nemurenai
>Dorobou Neko ni wa Nusumenai

No. 247956

I fucking live for a crossdressing/andro seme and a butch/twink uke any of thise role reversals make me so happy rip

No. 248458

>> no older Seme raping an Uke who ends up enjoying it

awe boo

No. 248531

I'm so happy this thread is back, I had no one to discuss my fujo stuff with.

Speaking of which, what are your opinions on dick redraws in manga and doujin? Personally, I tend to really hate them. They never look good and distract from the actual manga. But I was wondering if anyone actually liked them?

No. 248567

Never. I'll always stand with lightsaber penises in censored manga.
And anyway, penises are mostly for gay men, like the giant dick stuff, nipples/butts/tongues are way more erotic.

No. 248573


Do you have an example of what you mean? Do you mean when it's like censored or?

No. 248589

Its when they try and uncensored the dick. It looks bad about 90% of the time, or just really out of place with the art style. Just leave it censored.

No. 249984

File: 1526426855639.jpg (52.06 KB, 349x500, dos.jpg)

Anyone reading anything interesting lately? I've been enjoying DoS Obake Ga Nekasetekurenai. The plot is kinda nonexistent but the sex scenes are good and well drawn.

No. 250418

File: 1526570482765.jpg (322.45 KB, 1512x2149, IMG_9537.JPG)

Read Kazoku ni Narouyo by Kurahashi Tomo today! A very sweet story about family, love and friendship, with some short but nice steamy scenes. I have such a soft spot for stories featuring gay couples being parents (through omegaverse or adoption) !

Also thank god for this thread, I have a few fujo friends IRL but none of them are as into BL/yaoi and shipping as me…

No. 250722

>> the plot is nonexistent but the sex is good
just the way I like it

No. 250798

im >>250722

And I actually really enjoyed this. The plot was dumb af but it was kinda hot.

No. 250825

File: 1526713864057.jpg (137.42 KB, 421x600, 196622l.jpg)

….another? ;_; (a very late anon)

I'm saving all of these fluffy BL reccs, bless all of your fujo/fudan hearts.

Gambare wa, Nakamura-kun!! is a great oneshot in the same genre, but it wouldn't actually be boyS love in plural since it's a one sided love. The art is really neat and it emulates an pre 2000s style, and its bound to make you skip at least a beat.

No. 250829


I like BL and all but lately I've been on a smut kick haha

No. 250846

Seconding for another discord link, please…

No. 251476

Guys, I'm sorry. I deleted the discord because of personal reasons. It was an immature decision that I regret. If anyone made a new one I'm sure people would be interested.

No. 251894

What was the reason lol

No. 251914

Ooh, is this the same mangaka who did Gesshoku Kitan?

No. 252040

Is there a reason why BL visual novels aren't really popular with fujos?

No. 252452

Yes they are lol? DMMD and No Thank You!! are both extremely popular. Some even posted some VNs in this very thread.

No. 252540

DMMD I'll give you, but I wouldn't call NTY "extremely popular". It hardly has anything resembling a visible fanbase.

Anyway I asked this for a few reasons. One because I was reading a 5ch thread where Jap fujos are worried about the state of BL games, calling it an endangered genre and noting how niche it is. Companies go bankrupt left and right and sales are low. If even Japs think it's dead, it's dead.

Two, on the Western side of things, I noticed how otome fans are extremely visible and organized, and constantly push for a wide variety of games to get localized and make sure companies see them. Contrast with BL where fujos seem largely disinterested in BL games beyond DMMd.

Considering how many fujos are out there you'd think BLVNs would be more thriving. I can only wonder if there's a reason why they're largely overlooked.

No. 252643

Just theorizing so don't take me too seriously but I wonder if it's because of the relative time and effort required to download them and get them to work vs anime/manga. It's not super difficult or anything but finding a legit download source and messing with the settings can still be a turn off for a computer noob, whereas streaming media or reading online is much more comfortable and simple. And unlike otome, there just isn't enough (good) content being produced for anyone to give a fuck. The reason western fans go on about DMMD (and other N+C titles) and NTY is cause they're flagships, and there isn't that much else worth reading with a promise of any kind of translation.

For me personally, I'm growing out of my fujo phase and while I still like some content, I'm probably not serious enough about it anymore to bother with a full length VN. I think many western fujos are leaving for fanfiction (even of non-Asian media) or regular vidya with romance plots like Dragon Age or ME.

No. 252688

sorry I know I should search myself but is there a yuri thread? I prefer it so much personally

No. 253002

They are. The only problem is that only a few selected ones get translated, I think there are only two or three officially translated VNs and just a few with a fan translation patch available. Only a small amount of people speak Japanese fluently enough to be able to go through a novel so the issue isn't much about how fujos don't like VNs, it's just about the availability of them being scarce.

me too tbh

No. 253004

christ anon you go to the catalog, press ctrl + f, write "yuri" on the search field and you find it immediately, don't come to the motherfucking BL thread to showcase what a technically inept retard you are

No. 253005

Hate to derail, but… why? It's drawn/written by and for creepy men. I'm a lesbian and I still don't understand why any (real) girl would prefer it over BL unless she sees women the same way those creeps do.

Daily reminder that kabi nagata is a fujo

No. 253024

all yuri isn't like that, just like all yaoi isn't for girls. also some of us like stuff creepy men write. i hate this idea that only men like super sexual stuff. stuff written for men is just stuff that's hot in a specific sexual way. many women are like that honestly.

No. 253027

>all yuri isn't like that
It's undeniable that the vast majority of it is and, at the very least, written by males.

>also some of us like stuff creepy men write. i hate this idea that only men like super sexual stuff. stuff written for men is just stuff that's hot in a specific sexual way. many women are like that honestly.

Yeah, that's what I meant when I said "unless she sees women the same way those creeps do." Those women are just as gross as the men are and tbh it screams internalized misogyny/regular misogyny. In some ways, I think lesbian fetishes are even uglier on females.

No. 253056

But you see, even otome fans show a large amount of interest in untranslated otome games, do their research, and enthusiastically push for titles to get translated. And it works. I don't see that same enthusiasm from fujos. Like, if DMMD is the most revered game then it's not like their standards are particularly high, there's a lot of games on the same level or higher they could be pushing for.

No. 253134

> I'm a lesbian and I still don't understand why any (real) girl would prefer it over BL unless she sees women the same way those creeps do.
This. Nobody in their right mind would ever claim that yuri is meant for lesbian girls. I have yet to see a yuri comic with realistic female characters that doesn't classify as josei and a general "romance" manga instead of just "yuri".

>just like all yaoi isn't for girls
Just because some gay men (fudanshi) read BL comics doesn't mean they're directed towards men. The stuff meant for them isn't usually classified as "yaoi", it's more of the trashy bara stuff with lots of dirty sex that's made for guys.

Fujos know their game won't be translated no matter how much they push it, the market is MUCH smaller than for otome games and the west is scared of gays anyway. And I don't know where you hang around to say that the BL audience doesn't express interest in untranslated games, I see a lot of people lamenting over how a.) they're not available to the west even in Japanese b.) they don't exist at all. The main woe is that even in Japan the BL games are pretty niche and not a lot of them get even made compared to Otomes which pop up like mushrooms. For every BL game there are like 20 Otome games so of course their availability (and thus demand) is a lot higher. And to be frank a lot of fujos substitute otome games for BL due to the reasons mentioned so the genre has double the fans.

No. 253155

I was on my phone and I was just wondering. I know how to use the find command. don't see why you gotta get all pissy about it

I am a bi woman and I simply have enjoyed yuri. I never really got into yaoi or BL because honestly I associate it with fakeboi idiots on Tumblr and imho fujoshi "culture" online is gross. but to each their own

No. 253171

>I am a bi woman
You honestly didn't even need to clarify that; really the only females who like yuri are either straight or bi.

No. 253215

>Fujos know their game won't be translated no matter how much they push it
I feel like this is changing though, MangaGamer is working on more stuff lately like Hashihime. Otome games hardly got translated either until recently with Aksys picking up a lot of titles.

No. 253219

JAST also has a new BL branch and they're bringing over sweet pool.

No. 253269

Hope they'll take on Slow Damage once it gets released.

Also I wish bara games got translations but they're a niche within a niche lol. Fug

No. 253274

I mean you come to the BL thread to ask about a Yuri thread while absolutely having to announce that you don't like BL in your very first reply and then dig yourself even deeper in the second one. I don't know the thought process behind that course of action was but it, in fact, made you look like an utter retard.

You. I like you.

On a related note I'm hoping that the option for digital releases will bring translating BL back to life again. A lot of publishers translating BL manga seemed to go belly under due to poor sales some years ago, but that seemed to correlate with long release times caused by the manufacturing of physical copies. At least some Harada's titles were translated as digital releases recently I think.

No. 253390

>> MangaGamer is working on more stuff lately
oh that's good, I met them at Anime Boston and they have good quality stuff tbh.

No. 253497

I completely agree with you here. VNs just take a bit more work then a doujin/manga. For the most part you can find a translation of a something. VNs take more effort to translate

Stuff like DMMD got more popular because it had an anime associated with it too.

No. 253538

File: 1527376079012.jpg (Spoiler Image, 392.58 KB, 936x1200, 68468130_p0_master1200.jpg)

No. 253541

this isn't the bad art thread, anon.

No. 253546

they do not take more effort to translate in the slightest, the issue with VNs is that they take more effort to add the translations. with manga scans you just cut the original text and add the english and then add a subtitle under stuff that's not bubbled (like sounds) anime is even easier, you just need to at the bare minimum write text over the frames but with vns, a lot of them have to be completely recoded, the text isn't easy to find and replace, and even if it is adding romanized letters can lead to tons of issues.

No. 253587

Dykes have terrible taste in men

No. 253597

As if there aren't millions of straight girls who unironically want to fuck men like Adam Driver, and millions of others who willingly date abusive and/or fugly men. Fuck off, cocksucker.

No. 253600

>all fujos are dykes

No. 253614

>Fuck off, cocksucker
>implying it's an insult


No. 253632

File: 1527381950707.jpg (173.17 KB, 800x1168, shimanami-tasogare.jpg)

I'm glad you liked it!

I loved Ganbare, Nakamura-kun! The art style reminds me of old Rumiko Takahashi art. The characters were cute too, and I got some good laughs from it.

It doesn't really count as BL, but I've also been reading Shimanami Tasogare, which I really like. The art is wonderful and though the main character is kind of boring, the plot is engaging and I like the other characters a lot and I'm looking forward to seeing how everything will turn out.

No. 253821

is anyone on you on lezhin comics? should I go for it?

No. 254278

File: 1527509163027.jpg (161.32 KB, 650x833, AHR page.jpg)

Thoughts on webcomics?

No. 254281

oh, this looks pretty neat anon, where is it from?

No. 254282

Always Raining Here. You can read it here: http://alwaysraininghere.com/

The art's pretty meh at first but it gets better.

No. 254315

I'm on it. The coins add up but I think its worth it. There was a bit of a problem with the company a couple of months ago regarding them not paying the artists correctly.. I'm unsure if this problem is fixed or still on going ;-; but I hope it's fixed. I want the artists/authors to get compensated for their work. So that's why even if I read them illegally from like Tumblr or Mangago I do go back and buy the chapters so that they'll continue.
For reqs I'd say start off with : Blood Bank,Royal Servant, Killing Stalking (you're either going to really like it or really hate it), Make me bark (the art style is.. well you'll get used to it),See you again.

No. 256241

Thanks! the art is kinda lazy but good enough

No. 257174

I've been reading Yaoi/BL for a good while and every time I look at BL blogs on tumblr (and or Instagram) I always feel like I know nothing lol I see everyone's long list of recommendations and favorite mangakas ;-; and I don't have any of that.

No. 257177

I used to love this comic to the point of camping in front of computer for updates and buying extras, but I just can't bring myself to care about it at this point. It got really meh after the characters started college. I haven't checked it in months.

No. 257180

Samefag here. Used to love this one as well. I don't know what happened but when it started again after that huge months long hiatus, I hated everything about it.

This one is my favourite. It was very bittersweet when it finished.
It's more grown up than the others in this thread (does it even count as boy love when characters are grown up?) I loved the themes it tackled, the art is stunning and the main characters really grow on you.

No. 259287

fail fandomanon on dreamwidth is pretty active. it's not all anime but there are enough anime posters who cycle through to have a discussion if you make a thread about it

No. 259313

I wonder if the sort of person who enjoys lolcow would fit in on ffa or be able to tolerate the people there. It's a weird, annoying combination of overly cutesy and overly pissy. I cant stand their passive aggressiveness and calling each other 'nonny' and freezing threads over any tiny controversy.

No. 259537

They definitely are overly trigger happy on thread freezing there. It also is a lot less active than it was when it first started out. I can still sometimes get an enjoyable discussion out of it, though. And there are a lot of older fannish women who frequent it (as opposed to tumblr girls who label everything problematic)

No. 260270

File: 1529179866825.png (1.44 MB, 1440x2040, 007.png)

Recently I read Sonna Me de Mite Kure, it was short but cute if you don't mind haircuts

No. 262844

Are there any good free BL/fujo games or visual novels online? I'm a super noob with that kind of stuff, but I don't want to pay 15 dollars for one short game.

No. 262856

Patrician taste

No. 272241

JAST Blue announced they're localizing all N+C games and MangaGamer announced Luckydog1.

No. 272277

Just pirate if you are a poorfag.

No. 295633

How do you deal or explain yaoi to the bf? My bf is not a weeb or otaku, he doesn't understand bl and doesn't get why people like it. I've tried explaining to him about the romantic aspects of it and why I like it, I feel like there's a disconnect between us on that. He got annoyed af when I talk about it (I don't talk about it much only if he asks me what I'm doing and just so happens I'm playing a yaoi game)

No. 295644

I'd ask him if he ever has fantasies about lesbians and go from there. Wouldn't really expect a straight man to touch yaoi with a ten-foot pole but to be actively "annoyed af" with you for it seems kinda off.

No. 295648

Yeah this, I'd never expect a guy to 'get it' but unless he is pure of heart and mind and has never fantasized about lesbians or weird kinks or w/e then he has zero right to judge. Loads of BL is innocuous as fuck and most guys are into way worse.

No. 295670

File: 1536900247793.png (400.11 KB, 500x638, mikayuu.png)

I've always been more of an 'opportunistic' fujo instead of a dedicated fan but lately I've been consuming more BL media because I found out my coworker is a fujoshi. She's a better fujoshi than I am so I've been watching/reading stuff on her recommendation. Kind of makes me wistful about not being more of a babby fujo as a teen I could have had so much fun. We suspect a third coworker may also be a fujoshi too but we're not sure yet, we don't work anywhere associated with nerds or weebs we're pretty much office ladies lol. Personally I prefer BL to straight up Yaoi, I guess I'm a prude.

Anyway it isn't technically in the BL genre but I finished up Seraph of the End recently and the fujo bait is ridiculous. MikaYuu will never be canon which sucks, they have great scenes and I want them to be happy. The first season was so fucking rough but I'm glad I persevered, I'm getting by on fanfiction and reading the manga.

No. 295671

Would he understand "It's better escapism if it's romance without a female character so I don't have to compete with anyone?"

No. 295676

Being more attracted to two dicks than one doesn't have to mean being an insecure sadsack who feels competitive with fictional characters.

No. 295678

Why the fuck should a woman explain her fujo tendencies? What woman doesn't like looking at good-looking men? Why do men find it so outlandish and weird if a woman likes BL?
It's because it's porn/romance that's not made for males and female sexuality that doesn't revolve around women pleasing men is alien to them

No. 295971

This is the most common reason I've heard for preferring yaoi over hetero self-insert romances (or yuri if you're lesbian).

No. 295973


Heard the explanation too though it's pathetic. The smartest reason for liking yaoi was one I read in some academic work about japanese fujos. Apparently yaoi lets female readers enjoy the romance and porn while forgeting about societal pressures and expectations toward women (no gender roles, no pregnancy, partners of equal social standing - though the last one is often subverted in yaoi, so make of that what you will).

No. 296011

He would but he would mistake that for "oh so you want a 3 some or these characters are your ideals and I'm not like that" he doesn't get fantasy and husbando/waifus. I don't want him to get the wrong idea and think that I prefer Yaoi/BL characters over him

No. 296016

Why not beautiful or hot men fucking women then? That is more appealing to me but so fucking rare to find since it's always gayshit.

No. 296022

Because… I'm not sexually attracted to women? Het sex is something I can do IRL and I can get off to it, but if I'm going to read an actual story for fantasy alone I far prefer being attracted to both characters than one and just having to tolerate the other.

No. 296024

If you really think about it, that's very similar to what I said >>295671

No. 296025

i wish i could tell you. both me and my bf are attracted to animu girls and boys so it works. i wouldn't be able to date someone who wasn't into animu.

No. 296038

I don't see how those reasons are similar at all…?

No. 296040

I assume she means wanting to escape pressure on the woman's role in a relationship involves feeling 'competitive' with characters who do fulfill that role. Which makes sense in a way, but it's pretty uncharitable to frame it as being competitive (aka petty and jealous and catty) rather than just wanting to read romance from a neutral position, not one which forces you to self insert and compare yourself to media that can be really unfair on women.

No. 296043

Thank you for the explanatipn. To me allowing yourself to indulge in a fantasy about romance without the burdens of being a woman (not only those existing in fiction, but also in real life) is really different than feeling competitive toward female characters, which to me brings the idea of the Die For Our Ship crazy fangirls that hate any female character that has any relationship with half of potential gay couple (or hating female characters due low self-esteem).

I am not a fujoshi though, so yeah. Just reporting on an interesting idea that I read.

I suppose for many yaoi readers the reason is just 'that's sexy, duh' and there is nothing wrong with that.

No. 296049

You are making it more aggressive than I intended. I just mean it's more enjoyable to read romances without feeling inadequate all the time, like, constantly being reminded that I'm not that smol and am too jaded to act cute and innocent all the time. I think it's much healthier to avoid it and go into yaoi than what some people do, become weeb.

I called it feeling competitive because this is a popular and imo accurate formulation of the sentiment. But yes it's less charitable than the academic one. Maybe I should start telling people the other one instead.

No. 296053

>being a fujoshi =/= being a weeb
> ???
but fujoshis are a type of weebs, anon…

You don't have to lie, your reasons are yours alone and you don't have to try to measure yourself to anyone else. I just disagree that those two explanations are similar. One is more about feeling bad about yourself, the other about feeling bad about society.

If it helps, the academic idea was tied into Japan's gender politics and a specific point in time (the crration of bl/yaoi and it's growing popularity), so I am not sure if it applies to many fangirls anywhere. I just found it an interesting explanation. It does sound very high and noble for being a theory about female-read erotica.

No. 296056

I don't feel competitive with cutesy innocent girls personally, I just find it pathetic and I can't relate or enjoy it. It's like, I don't want to be that way but I don't want to be reminded that it's considered desirable either.

Anyway I'm sure your intentions weren't bad or mean spirited, I didn't mean assume you meant the worst when you said competitive. But some people love putting fujos down as pathetic jelly losers, and women in general as catty and hating each other. Nobody really thinks that about guys who like lesbian porn, it's just a normal thing for men and doesn't get questioned.

No. 296059

the fetishizing of gay men and lesbian women is gross and weird, imo. it's waaaaaaaaaaaay more gross for men to fetishize lesbians, though. it's not questioned because men push it in media and we're all expected to accept it, but it's gross.

No. 296065

Men are gross about lesbians but mostly because they put them down for being butch, think they can be turned straight by dick etc. And porn is ethically wrong so of course men who watch lesbian porn are trash. But honestly, as long as they don't direct their attraction at actual gay couples there's nothing wrong with guys liking yuri or fictional/fantasy lesbian couples. Likewise for fujos, it's very rare for them to be so enamoured with same sex couples that they sexualize or romanticize gay dudes unless the guys are idealized, fictional characters that are extremely attractive and have great romantic chemistry. Which are things with broad, general appeal so calling it fetishizing is… overdramatic.

No. 296067

Enjoying japanese media doesn't by itself make you a weeb. I meant how some people try to imitate anime girls, Venus Angelic etc.

I think you described it well in that post actually. Both explanations identified the feel-bad that's yaoi avoids but the blame is placed differently.

No. 296068

idk if i speak for everyone, but i personally like alot of the power dynamic in yaoi, specifically the fact that there's usually a guy who takes a submissive role. if i read fem-domme stuff i tend to self insert, but if i read yaoi i just sit back and enjoy the ride. i feel like some of my fujoshit friends feel similarly.

No. 296095

I often explain this to people as the reason why I like BL and they usually understand. If they don't, they're more usually retarded dudebros who think women liking porn is a dream come true but only if they like the stuff made for men.

I don't remember which thread it was but someone said that shitty men are easy to spot by how badly they treat fujos because it goes on to show that they hate it when women have sexual autonomy. The whole term "fujoshi" comes from people calling girls rotten because their virginal value is spoiled if they like porn all on their own.

The "there's no competition in yaoi for women" reason is true to an extent, but it 's not the whole story and I hate how people are pushing that narrative. BL lets women enjoy their sexuality and have something catered to female gaze without feeling like they're being pressured by exhibiting the ideal female role. Not a lot of media has that.

No. 296106

Huh? Men watch heterosexual porn just fine most of the time. How are you unable to self-insert as the woman?

No. 296110

Are you illiterate or did you not read my post at all? I literally said
>Het sex is something I can do IRL and I can get off to it
but why the fuck would I bother if I'm reading fic or manga? I can have straight sex IRL, and mainstream media provides a non stop stream of het romance so I'm never, ever deprived of it. If it's a fantasy and all in my imagination, I prefer a story involving two people I'm attracted to, not one person plus a shitty half assed character designed to alleviate loneliness via self insertion.

No. 296112

But to clarify, by manga I specifically mean doujins for porn. I read het romance in manga all the time.

No. 296118

NTAYRT but I don't like the whole "self insert thing", it makes me feel uncomfortable. I can't play otome games with a female MC for that reason, I just don't like the thought because I can't self insert myself into the MC, I just see a shitty character, not myself. That's why I like BL, I don't HAVE to self-insert, instead I have two attractive characters getting it on. I don't get why this is so hard to realize for so many people.

No. 296119

That's also why I like it. I don't like porn involving women for similar reasons, it's easier to enjoy things without context of how women are generally portrayed in romance/erotica.

No. 296140

nta but most heterosexual porn is made for men, and especially in hentai, a lot of the times the man is just a ghost dick or may as well be. and most of the time the woman has a very specific role, like childhood friend or nextdoor neighbor or mom's drunk friend on the couch. and usually the girl has more lines or specific ones that relate to her personality, again, for the guy to self insert. it's much easier for guys to self insert as joe every-dick.

No. 296247

>Which are things with broad, general appeal so calling it fetishizing is… overdramatic.
Definitely. In most of BL the gay characters actually have a defined personality, feelings, goals, character history etc. Unless it's a smut doujin it's 99% of the time more about two characters developing their relationship and going through life together in varying situations and settings with occasional sex scenes. It's far from fetishization and objectification because they're actually being described and presented as human beings. In most lesbian stuff aimed for men it's only about the smut and has two cute/sexy girls with no describable personality fondling each other with minimal story. THAT'S fetishizing. They're being treated as objects only meant for sexual gaze.

No. 296277

People calling it fetishizing really bother me tbh. Firstly because it's so arbitrary… when does liking something sexual become a fetish, and when does a fetish becoming 'fetishizing', and when does fetishizing become harmful/unethical? Is it still fetishizing when they exclusively enjoy G rated, non porn BL?

And like you said, the reality is that fujos enjoy humanized and developed characters. I find this particularly true for western fujos in regards to fanfic (may also be true in Japanese fic but I can't read it) - many girls literally want to read hundreds of thousands of words of slow build relationship development before getting to the sex. They gravitate towards fanfiction rather than original stories because they want to know and like the characters. They are far from objectified and a lot of the time show a lot of respect and affection for the characters involved. Yeah, there is some ~problematic~ stuff, like top/bottom stereotypes and 'loving rape', but chances are that stuff is written by young, sexually inexperienced women. They are projecting their understanding of straight sex on gay sex because that's literally all they know, and it's a result of misogyny rather than homophobia. And people are really growing out of that shit these days.

No. 296296

it would only be fetishizing if you treat gay dudes like that IRL. like some girls do do that, but the whole genre can't be fetishizing, it's not that simple.

No. 296299

i know that’s not what you were getting at but this just reminded me of how fucking much i hate the ‘waaah top/bottom is stoopid, it’s not straight sex!!’ idea that a lot of woke transtrenders who like to shit on fujos love to push so hard.

a lot of women who are into yaoi are straight so them applying heteronormative dynamics onto the characters isn’t strange at all. having certain preferences as to what character holds what ~position~ in bed isn’t dumb or problematic. it’s literally a just sexual preference, it just happens to be that it applies to fictional scenarios and not irl.

it’s a fantasy.

it’s not real.

no sane person is claiming that’s how every single gay relationship since the beginning of time is structured.

i wish people would stop trying to dictate what women can and can’t like. there’s an entire industry revolving around what men like in terms of sexual entertainment and it’s completely accepted and celebrated. allow women to enjoy their choice of sexual entertainment and preferences in peace.

let fujos live 2k18.

No. 296322

this. if anything it's problematic to deny that men can be submissive and that their relationships aren't similar to het relationships, because many of them are.

wtf do they think gay men do, wrestle naked for dominance until one of their dicks pops into the other's ass?

No. 296333

File: 1537067574033.jpg (Spoiler Image, 419.14 KB, 900x1329, [Canis Major]Koisuru_Intellige…)

Koisuru Intelligence is probably one of my favorites, this panel had me dead lol

No. 296403

Very much agreed. Frankly I don't even care if the "loving rape" trope or dubcon in BL is ~le problematic~ because in the end it will never, ever be as damaging as misogynistic 3D porn with real life actors. It will never, EVER threaten the lives of gay people. The only people being so butthurt by the power play tropes in BL either are the self-hating ex-fujos who have never read BL besides the mid 00's edgy rape fantasy series or the insecure MLM fakebois who don't pass and developed a complex about it, then started lashing out at fujos.

No. 296408

ikr. why do people assume fujos always self insert? do they think dudes that watch lesbian porn are self inserting as one of the lesbians?

No. 296412

or what about people who watch masturbation videos?

No. 296413

My problem with loving rape isn't how it will affect the poor victimized gay men (because it wont), more whatever has made that female writer romanticize rape in the first place and how it may influence young readers. It's a symptom of brainwashing that came from misogynistic straight porn, so BL isn't to blame either way. And like you mentioned, it's a relic from edgy decade plus old series.

No. 296414

my problem with it is that it's fucking boring, and usually just an excuse to essentially give the character stockholm syndrome instead of writing any compelling interactions between the two characters. usually the character who gets raped wants nothing to do with the rapist and then immediately changes his mind after the rape. that's not how fucking anything works.

No. 296449


On a different topic, I know how people were complaining that they wanted a place to discuss yaoi, and some were wanting to download manga or watch ovas and tv shows, and it got me thinking…has no one heard of aarinfantasy? Its been around for years and has thousands of users plus has links for downloads, discussion, etc. Yes you have to sign up with an email but its completely free and has just about every yaoi thing you can think of there.

No. 296631

I had not heard of this before, thanks anon

No. 296735

There's also yaoiotaku which is good for novels

No. 296770

Why are you even in this thread?

No. 296824

Funny you mention that I actually just signed up for that a few weeks ago.

No. 296843

>looking at bl manga on mangadex to try to find something good
>ratings are skewed because of a small group of people giving every recent one a 1
Why do these autists do this? Just ignore the titles you don't like normally.

No. 296848

File: 1537217104299.png (142.09 KB, 455x391, 2018-04-18 00_41_42-[Tokishiba…)

Same, I think it's ridiculous to imply that there are any real life repercussions from that trope, but it's terrible writing and boring, and it gets tiring to see people defend it because even the weakest shit will have a ton of fans just because it's mlm

I still can't bring myself to hate DoS Obake though

No. 325851

Anyone got any recommendations like Harada color recipe? Like a psychologically manipulative partner in the relationship who abuses their partner?

No. 326023

I-I mean I wouldn't say it's /exactly/ the same but possibly Killing Stalking? And kinda sorta Moritat

No. 328952

Can you farmers recommend some good bl games in english for me? Pretty disappointed that mangagamer only has 3 bl games, I just downloaded hadaka shitsuji

No. 328954

>Hadaka Shitsuji
Don't fucking do it anon. You'll thank me for warning you.

Anyway I don't think a lot of BL games have translations available, DmmD has a patch I believe, the only two officially translated ones that I know of are Enzai and Absolute Obedience which are pretty old games and maybe a bit niche in general. Some Nitro+Chiral VNs like Lamento, Sweet Pool and Togainu no Chi are supposedly getting official translations too. If any other anon has recommendations I'm willing to listen too.

No. 328956

Haha I actually watched a HS playthrough 5 years ago, it's fucked up but I love all the characters, they are so sweet and devoted. Ryoji is my husbando forever, Toudou takes number 2.

I played a little bit of dmmd years ago. I'm def going to buy the english release, Noiz is my favourite, Clear is pretty sweet too

No. 328959

Pshhh don't listen to >>328954 Hadaka is the best I love it lmao. Me and my friend just downloaded Seiyuu Danshi, it just came out (its only 30 bucks, you can download the demo for free tho) and so far we really like it. The game is about a voice actor (you) and how youknow he dates people you meet etc. I recommend it so far!

No. 328986

Who is your Hadaka shitsuji husbando?

No. 329103

Def Komine, my sweet chef husband. But also Ichinose because omfg did I love his route so much.

No. 329128

Not that anon but, I haven't played a new BL in years. I'm gonna have to check this one out.

No. 329145

I'm >>328959 and I just wanted to add on that you actually play a part in the voice actor job! You have to like 'act' the parts correctly to get the jobs. It's a really neat thing and it makes the game really unique.

No. 330096

My 3 year engagement just ended and I started playing bl games again to lessen the hurt. We're still on good terms but it's still shitty. I'm thinking about buying No thank you on Mangagamer, has anyone played it? Is the story good?

No. 330102

YES the story is amazing. But it does take a bit for it to pick up but it's really good. I recommend it. Also sorry for your engagement ending..

No. 330142

>hadaka shitsuji
Rip in pieces anon

Arisato didn’t deserve anything that happened to him.

No. 330153

Yes he fucking did, he was a manipulative BPDcunt constantly whoring for attention. I should've been able to push him out of that window

No. 330158

Till this day I still have never played his route because I feel like I'm going to go to jail.

No. 330244

Fight me anon

No. 330280

I'm getting used to life again, can you tell me more about the story? Do you pick a character to play as or is there only one main character?

No. 330287

You pick which boys you date. You start off with a guy named Har, you get hit by a car and lose your memory. Basically the guy who saves you is the person whose responsible for you getting hurt (they were aiming for him and you got in the way) so because he felt responsible he gives you a job at his bar. That's where you meet the guys you can date.

No. 330580

What kind of name is that? I'm dying!
I'm sold, I hope nty has yummy yaoi scenes. Should I download it on steam or mangagamer?

No. 330598

LOL SORRY his name is HARU not har, typo~ I didn't know it was on steam, but i downloaded it on managagamer. You can make it uncensored too i don't know if the steam vers is the same.

No. 330643

Is there a BL discord or any other community mostly inhabited by older (25+) fujos? I'm a granny who feels kind of awkward talking about BL with teenagers and I feel my tastes are much nastier than what they have because I was raised by the mid to late 00's edgy yaoi and that's what I'll be buried in my grave with. Another reason being that younger fujos these days play into the retarded fakeboi trend and my crusty ass can't tolerate Ayden bitching about "straight girls fetishizing homosexuals #MLM" or abusive shipping or whatever.

No. 330686

>>my crusty ass can't tolerate Ayden bitching about 'straight girls fetishistic homoesexuals' or abusive shipping
Fuck same anon. I missed the days where people didn't give two fucks about shit like this. I don't feel bad or anything when people call me gross/bad person for liking this stuff (esp the 'abusive shipping') I just feel really annoyed that they preach at me like I asked for their opinion on what I do.

No. 330698

I'm not even bothered by them preaching at me, I'm more worried about being outed as a "rape/abuse apologist" for liking tsundere ships or a "pedophile" for shipping a "minor" (a 17 year old) with an adult (20 year old) and have my life ruined by doxxing and death threats. Fucking drives me crazy watching these nutjobs attack people over fictional characters. I miss the time you could hate on a ship simply because you don't like it instead of making it about some twisted views on real life ethics.

No. 330704

i cant agree more man i am so fed up with the comment sections of every BL manga being filled with tumblr bitching about the tiniest "no" being peeped out of the mouth of the submissive guy. like, i definitely don't want morals and political correctness being featured in my yaoi that'll be the day i just stop lmao

No. 330740

>>Rape/abuse apologist
Oh boy I love that one. Sure please do tell me how me liking something that's fictional means I'd actually be okay with it in real life. It's truly the whole 'GTA will make the kids want to do this in real life! THINK OF THE CHILDREN!" argument with that one
>> I don't want morals and PC being featured in my yaoi that'll be the day I stop
I whole heartily agree. I don't want no PC ass yaoi, I like my shit that's dark and makes me question my morals lol

No. 330783

I'm def gonna try it! I'm gonna get it on Manga gamer since the game is account bound

No. 330849

i meant account bound on steam*

No. 330852

30yr old fujoshit here. if there is a discord for non snowflakes and 25+ year olds, I'll definitely join it.

I played both Enzai and Anima Mundi when they first came out.

No. 330936

That was unironically good shit. Loved the plot, the characters and the sex scenes. It had a surprisingly good immersion to be honest, I should revisit it some day.

No. 331112

I'm 27 and would totally join this. Someone should just make one.

No. 331117

Booo I wouldn't be able to join the chat because i'm 23 lol

No. 331528


Oh god please let me join I'm only 20 but my tastes are the same. I don't interact with anyone else on other websites for pretty much the same reason. Sue me for liking my tsunderes lmao

No. 331954

For some reason I have a thing for tsunderes too lol

No. 332018

Yes, please do! I wanted to replay it myself. It's fun when the games had good multiple routes, upping the replay value.

No. 332068

What is enzai about?

No. 332073

It's about a thief named Guy who is caught stealing food and the prosecutor convicts you of a murder of a man you never met. So you're suppose to try to find out what's going on, while proving your innocence. I think it's pretty interesting.

No. 332081

nta but how is the h scenes tho

No. 332086

It's an older game (I played it in 2005, but i believe it was released in 2003 or 2004??) but they're not too bad. There should be a patch now for uncensored stuff. There's some rape, but it's all men on men, so it's good.

No. 332094

P-Probably shouldn't have googled imaged this on my company's computer
>>inb4 I get fired because of yaoi

No. 332095

>There's some rape, but it's all men on men, so it's good.
absolutely based anon

No. 332098

Idk why that last bit made me chuckle

No. 332100

Isn't the artist Yura? Because from what I remember she did art for a game with a similar story. I hate her art for Fire Emblem Heroes, she made the male characters she draws so ugly despite being assigned to some of the canon best looking men of their respective games.

No. 332291

Does anyone else feel bad about some of their fetishes? I have a whole folder full of muscular black guys having sex with skinny/effeminate white guys, most of which are implied rape. I feel bad for fetishising racial stereotypes. Though apparently not bad enough to delete the folder. Sometimes I wonder how my boyfriend would react if he found out.

No. 332395


Yeah, I read a lot of Paraiso/Harada's works. Love them.

No. 332401

>There's some rape, but it's all men on men, so it's good.
Based and redpilled.

No. 332407

Yes, I feel that anon. I don't have any racial fetishes, but m/m rape, torture, and abuse really does it for me. My boyfriend would probably be horrified if he found out. I don't understand why I'm like this.

No. 332412

This is why I could never get into yaoi. Also prefer seeing men lick pussy but hey guy x guy is okay, fujoshis just seems to love (often underage) rape though.

No. 332432

Remember anons, don't engage with the robot bait. Report and ignore.

No. 332443

Nah I don't feel bad at all lol. I like what I like. I don't feel bad for the rape scenes at this point I'm bored without them. It really depends on what I want to see on that day. My bf knows about my interest in yaoi and he has express many a times that he doesn't like it /at all/ and that it makes him extremely uncomfortable. So I just read it/watch/play it etc when he isn't around. Idk i'm done like hiding my interest in yaoi lol I'm an adult now so i'll do or watch whatever the hell I want youknow?

No. 332444

Nah I don't feel bad at all lol. I like what I like. I don't feel bad for the rape scenes at this point I'm bored without them. It really depends on what I want to see on that day. My bf knows about my interest in yaoi and he has express many a times that he doesn't like it /at all/ and that it makes him extremely uncomfortable. So I just read it/watch/play it etc when he isn't around. Idk i'm done like hiding my interest in yaoi lol I'm an adult now so i'll do or watch whatever the hell I want youknow?

No. 332447

what robots? are you in the wrong thread?

No. 332449

Nah I don't feel bad at all lol. I like what I like. I don't feel bad for the rape scenes at this point I'm bored without them. It really depends on what I want to see on that day. My bf knows about my interest in yaoi and he has express many a times that he doesn't like it /at all/ and that it makes him extremely uncomfortable. So I just read it/watch/play it etc when he isn't around. Idk i'm done like hiding my interest in yaoi lol I'm an adult now so i'll do or watch whatever the hell I want youknow?

No. 333526

If you make one, share the link. It’s impossible to find good m/m-especially if you’re into shit like mpreg and omegaverse-without it being flooded with fakebois saying it’s more progressive for the guys to be trans

I don’t want to see kweer trans bois in a healthy relationship, I want to see men rolling around and fucking each other in a display of dominance

No. 333739

>>I don't want to see a healthy relationship
Same. I like dysfunctional ass relationships imo it's more fun to read. That's why I don't get why some people think ALL fujos read yaoi and think that gay relationships are like that. Obviously some of the people who are underage will probably think that but I was once underage too so not all of us are that delusional and idiotic lmao. Sometimes people just want to see some fucked up shit played out.

No. 333742

>I don’t want to see kweer trans bois in a healthy relationship

Thank you, anon. I am so sick of hearing people get on their soap box about how fictional relationships "should" be healthy and involve two mutually respectful people who talk out their issues in a constructive way whenever they come up.

Sure, that's good in real life. In fiction it's boring as fuck.

No. 335022

File: 1544061995687.jpg (Spoiler Image, 366.4 KB, 1120x1559, 019.jpg)

Gachinko Battle from Mentaiko has to be my favorite,I love how smutty but also funny it is. Also the ending makes me tear up everytime. 10/10.

No. 335102

Good taste

No. 339457

Hey can any of you reccomand me something nice to read ? I used to be a hardcore fujo as a young teen, havent been into it for the past 5/6 years but I find myself being interested in it again. My first OTP was MattxMello from Death Note (I was 12 ok), then I mostly read mangas by Setona Mizushiro. I remember a one shot manga I loved that was telling the story of two dudes living together after one dude's sister died and it was referencing Schonberg's Transfigured Night a lot.


No. 340238

File: 1544952930785.jpg (217.94 KB, 700x986, edouble_mints_v01_ch02_0001.jp…)

I'm a lesbian who just reads a lot of yaoi/slash for no reason at all it seems.
It helped me come to terms with my own homosexuality, but it would have bee more logical to jump on wlw fiction.
But I don't phantasise when I read and I don't touch myself, I'm not even aroused usually, I'm just addicted to slash fiction and it's very stupid thing to be addicted to in my case since I don't get anything out of it outside from a cookie-cutter descriptions of sex between men. Who IRL I find repulsive.
My girlfriend is the same, so we can at least yell about our ships to each other.

My favourite mangaka is Nakamura Asumiko. Her stories are really fucked up and her art is one of the prettiest I've ever seen.
My ultimate favourite of hers is Double Mints. It even remimnded me of my relationship with my girlfriend in some subtle way (there's a really unusual subplot about soulmates). I made her watch the movie and she hated it and described it as "the most abusive fucked-up relationship she had to witness" and was offended I compared us to them lmao.

No. 340343

I really like Ogeretsu Tanaka's mangas anon.
She makes great lewd scenes and her characters have interesting conflicts, most of them.
I specially liked Renai Ruby no Tadashii Furikata and Hadakeru Kaibutsu.

No. 340436

Thank you for the suggestion! I actually read Neon Sign Amber.

After checking this thread I also read everything from >>139418 . Loved it so much. I adore self destructive shit, and ukes that arent completely effeminate and child-like.

No. 340660

>>the most abusive fucked-up relationship she had to witness
Sign me the fuck up. Those are my favorite.

No. 344712

File: 1545982467884.jpg (84.48 KB, 736x981, 14dd17444c5a8b7465c0390ef42176…)

Anyone watched Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation? The anime (donghua? it's Chinese) is cute but the novel has more homo.

No. 345368

Sweet Pool is officially available in English and I'm considering getting it now to play it from time to time, but I have to use my free time to do some work on my laptop and I don't want to be too distracted. Does anyone knows how long it takes to each route in this game? Is it a short game to complete?

No. 346026

You know what I want? A server/fandom space for women only to drool over hot guys and BL, no men allowed. Not even FTM/non-binary types.

If I stated this on my public social media I’d get branded a transphobe. Fucking hell. Why can’t women ever have a place to be perverted without men barging in and telling us we’re doing it wrong?

No. 346132

Same for me, that could be fun. I used to be on tumblr for this reason but we all know how fandoms turn to shit really fast on this website.

No. 346208

Any suggestons for "makeover" mangas? Not as in 'I was fat and short, but now I grew up to be hot and my crush noticed me', but more like one guy is less attractive/weird/a loner etc, but the other likes him nevertheless and then he gets better with the help of the other guy (preferebly seme helps uke)? Oddly specific, I know, but I once read one similar to this (can't remember the name) and it was so cute.

No. 346241

File: 1546192678912.png (886.83 KB, 651x1000, The Cornered Mouse 2nd Edition…)

not sure if this exactly fits what you're looking for but check it out because it might and its genuinly great

It's by Setona MIZUSHIRO

No. 346302

I was thinking more of a poor bullied guy not some dude who cheats on his wife.

No. 346333

hm then i dont have anything for you but i'd also be interested in something like that. If you havent read the one above though, I still reccomand it.

No. 346393

File: 1546205618922.jpg (56.07 KB, 600x600, Outofcontrol.jpg)

Not exactly "make over" but there's a manga named Aitsu no Daihonmei and a webtoon named Out of Control/Never Understand that have ugly ukes.

Wish there were more stories like this, I'm SO fucking tired of baby faced men in yaoi that act like no man in rl would

This manga is awesome/sad af, I noticed authors that write both yaoi and shoujo usually come up with the best titles.

No. 346401

File: 1546205915424.jpeg (527.58 KB, 1125x735, EC247D82-5452-499A-A027-67F3D5…)

I’ve never felt fujo tendencies until this point but this two made me actually consider to pay for porn fan art.

What in the everloving fuck

No. 346410

Literally who(s)?
Tell us so that we can also appreciate the fan service.

No. 346429

they look like jay and daniel from lookism but idk
are you talking about the characters or cosplayers

No. 346472

Thanks, I thought it was some SEA drama/webdrama.

No. 346982

omfg I love Daniel and Jay I ship them.

No. 347388

There's a short one with a popular cute guy and a tall, gloomy unpopular one and the latter gets slowly better but I can't remember the title for the life of me sorry anon.

No. 349305

Has anyone read Katekyo? Not the shonen one about the mafia. It’s my favourite and would love some recommendations that are similar

No. 349371

did that comic about the mc whose life was an ecchi manga plot but he was actually gay get any more updates? i dont remember the name at all..

No. 349848

Whats the "you're penetrating my cervix <3" of yaoi?

No. 349849

Self-lubricating assholes.

No. 349936

You might like Dear My God by Asada Nemui, it’s about a priest who tries to help a younger guy that was raised in a cult. The priest is the bottom though.

No. 363579

File: 1548759326936.jpg (73.17 KB, 466x423, 1548455083554.jpg)

does anyone remember what this is from?? i know i've read it but i can't remember what it's called

No. 363757

>>349936 that bl had such sloppy art and bad stories imo. The thread pic reminds me of one of the loud pulltards, shame.

No. 363879

>>loud pulltards
which one anon

No. 369226

File: 1549594652934.jpg (32.46 KB, 480x360, hadaka.jpg)

HS is pretty fucked up but I'm thankful that it exists. I love Kakashi and his voice, his va used the same voice for Sakuma. Play HS if you want to hear Kakashi getting fucked and tortured

No. 369228

Looks like Tsubasa Reservoir chronicle but I am probably wrong

No. 369518

I LOVEEE HS with my entire soul. I bonded with a friend over this and lmao I swear it made us closer

No. 369647

oh my, if it's angstory! It's been a while.
It was a comic done by a korean dude about a pretty shota trap boy and it was pretty finey but he dropped the project after 2 chapters. I think they posted it on 4chan back in the day but don't really know.

No. 370025

Has anybody here read Warehouse? I thought it was cancelled, but apparently a new season is being released. I'm just waiting for the English translation…

No. 372727

File: 1550033744072.gif (15.14 KB, 150x150, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA…)

HOLY SHIT read the latest chapter of Ao No Flag
Things escalated so fast despite waiting monthly for an update

No. 372732

not to be that anon, but is there any way you could link it, I've also been reading the series as well and I almost forgot about it until you brought it up

No. 372742

No. 372743

Don't tell me something actually happens between the leads? Picked back up

No. 372882

FUCK finally someone else who reads it my heart stopped omg goddamn a month couldnt come faster i love touma so much my heart hurts for him

No. 372886

The whole chapter hurt so much.
Why must Touma suffer so much?

No. 372917

Care to give us a little description of this?

No. 372922

A certain gay character actually confessed to a certain hetero friend.

No. 372977

oo maybe I should check it out

No. 385032

For many years Aarinfantasy had a single donor who donated every month without fail to pay for the server, now that he or she is gone Aarinfantasy is at risk of shutting down

Please spread the word

No. 386333

Fuck they contribute a lot to the community. Please post this information on all popular Fujo circles.

No. 386370

any anons keep up with Owari no Seraph/Seraph of the End? with the way recent chapters are going do you think that MikaYuu will happen or the author will pull a Naruto and pair them off with random female characters?

No. 386382

I dropped it months ago but I seriously doubt a gay pairing will ever be canon. It is a shounen manga at its core.
Either nothing will happen or straight pairings most likely.

No. 387878

yes! thank you so much anon! it was bothering me that i couldn't remember what the hell it was called. thank you!

No. 388331

Does anyone have good recs for a manga where the uke/seme aren't so … distinctive ? Like I don't want a strong dominant man vs a feminine submissive shy man. Some sort of balance would be nice. Like, a bottom with attitude/personality/presence etc

No. 388463

If you are okay with raunchy comedy I recc Yarichin bitch bu

No. 388655

I think the author is fond of MikaYuu but its very unlikely to ever happen because of the demographic.

Kind of odd but I also liked the idea of Shinoa and Mika.

No. 389042

I need to vent about this and because the vent thread would just result into spergy anons screeching at me about degenerate fujos I'm doing it in our safe space: Browsing social media and the anti-fujo discourse drives me fucking nuts. The archetypal people who do it:
>The MLM fakeboi: he/him pronouns, ♂, rainbow flag, Voltron, BNHA. The 19-year old girl who trooned out and now wants to throw every other female under the bus. Acts like only their love for fujo stuff is valid because they're ~a true gay guy~ who's absolutely not fetishizing homosexuality at all unlike all those evil straight girl fujo strawmen!! Usually dating another fakeboi and calling themselves a "gay male cople".
>The "Not like other girls": Dresses in tacky bodyline shit and $3 Aliexpress cat thigh highs, thinks they're the only girl in the world who likes pedobait yuri porn and solely exists to please men whatever it takes, including hating on fujos. Because yuck that's girl stuff!!! And I'm not like those other vapid girls!!
>The suppressed trauma: Had a horrible experience as a 15-year old fujo with their sociopath friend(s) as a teen, now is trying their hardest to detach themselves from their fujo past and is deadly afraid of lesbians even though that one crazy girl who sexually harassed her is now married to a man and got bored of fujo stuff at least 8 years ago. Associates everything related to BL with horny teenaged AoE fics with noncon&angst tags.
>The outsider: All knowledge of fujos is based on parodies and stereotypes from 2006, uses outdated or ignorant terminology (often calls BL "yaoi" and fujos "yaoi fangirls"), unironically thinks Sasuke/Naruto is considered the hottest couple of 2019 and that the otome genre is the same thing as BL. Believes all BL is about raunchy rape porn between a humorously massive "seme" and an "uke" that looks like a little girl.
>The scrote: The guy who simply hates everything that caters to girls and especially if it shows male characters in a vulnerable position. Often a variation of "the Outsider". Is the type of person to throw an autistic brodude fit over seeing two men kiss. Ironically still might like traps.

Every single person I see complaining about fujos falls under one of these categories. The BL community has grown a lot from what it used to be in the beginning and while porn is still a part of the genre, the characters and plots have developed heaps and there's a much bigger selection to every taste. Yet fujos continue to be shitted on the most. Pisses me the fuck off.

No. 389056

theres a short manga called akiyama-kun that might be of interest to you

its sad its become such a dirty word now fakebois commenting that 'fujoshis terrify me' 'we are not your fetish!' when actual gay men dont give a fuck, theres a shitton of gay men on /y/ happy that women have created porn and games that appeal to them. sjw teen girls dont know shit.

No. 389234

at least the fakebois will give it up after a while, i do think some of them are legit trans but like most men they need to shit on women to assert their masculinity

most gay men like yaoi or are otherwise indifferent but i've seen a few who really hate women and use yaoi as an excuse. they're usually into rapey barashit and whine about how yaoi men are disgunsting parodies as if rapey hypermasculine bara dudes are any better lmao

No. 389243

>The outsider: All knowledge of fujos is based on parodies and stereotypes from 2006, uses outdated or ignorant terminology (often calls BL "yaoi" and fujos "yaoi fangirls"), unironically thinks Sasuke/Naruto is considered the hottest couple of 2019 and that the otome genre is the same thing as BL. Believes all BL is about raunchy rape porn between a humorously massive "seme" and an "uke" that looks like a little girl.
Way too many of these retards on lolcow.

But even then, the vitriol seme/uke archetypes attract is fucking excessive. Is it such a crime if women, who have been taught since a young age that being slim, pretty and submissive is necessary if you want to get fucked, can't completely disassociate their taste from that? It's extremely mild internalized misogyny at worst and nobody is really hurt by it. Gay men don't need straight women's approval so I really fucking doubt any of them give a shit about girls wanting hairless bottoms, and straight women get to project the beauty standards they're usually expected to adhere to on men instead of themselves and other women for once. There's no moral highground in wanting to see a big muscley bottom, but not-like-the-other-fujos love to push the 'ewwww feminine boys, only bara is good' bullshit. I really think, subconsciously, they just want to distance themselves from stuff teenage girls like because everyone hates teenage girls. And appease men, since men really hate women not preferring traditional masculinity.

No. 389250

>some of them are legit trans but like most men they need to shit on women to assert their masculinity
It's literally just that internalized misogyny FTTs are known for in their case. That's why they're usually worse about it than normal men; they do it for their smoke and mirrors masculinity.

>buying into the trutrans meme

No. 389267

Absolutely true. I'm a fan of polar opposites and size differences because that just makes following the couple's development and interaction interesting, a lot of people have the same taste. But as you said the hatred the whole seme/uke setting gets is amplified to ridiculous levels.

>There's no moral highground in wanting to see a big muscley bottom, but not-like-the-other-fujos love to push the 'ewwww feminine boys, only bara is good' bullshit.

Glad I'm not the only one who's done with this particular meme. The people who can't shut up about how much they love bara and how it's superior to every other style of BL can get so fucking smug about it. Your hairy fridge build bear daddies with giant dicks aren't much more realistic than the effeminate bottoms in mainstream BL, stop acting like it makes your taste more mature.

>When they act like their 17 years of socialization and maturing as a member of female gender is somehow discarded the moment they change their pronouns on Twitter and cut their hair short
I feel bad for them for falling for it but shit their internalized misogyny became externalized misogyny with the retarded "anti-fujo" movement.

No. 389472

No. 389772

Moved to >>>/m/20688.

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