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No. 137340

So I saw a meme on Tumblr "14 year olds now vs 14 years olds then" and the comments were just piles of girls moaning about how we shouldn't slut shame young teenage girls for wearing piles of make up and taking sexual selfies.

What do you guys think of the matter?

No. 137341

File: 1480893244263.jpg (73.07 KB, 500x507, blairs-jewel-peplum-pleated-sk…)

they need to stop, it looks awful and they all look like they are 30 year old washed up reality tv stars who have overdone their plastic surgery. they dress like strippers… its just a mess. i miss the days of gossip girl and when teenagers tried looking like pic related instead of literal whores.

like yeah maybe some of the outfits were obnoxious but they looked classy for the time and super cute and nice. not like hoodrats

No. 137342


This also looks retarded. Might be the actress though.

No. 137343

Is it just me or did highschoolers in the early nineties/eighties wear a shitton of makeup too? Not really the same of girls looking like instawhores but every yearbook photo makes them look like they're thirty year old news reporters.

No. 137345

i don't really care if teens want to wear instahoe makeup, high schoolers always get obsessed with the latest tacky trends

they shouldn't be posting suggestive pictures online, though. it's just going to attract creeps and it could bite them in the ass later

No. 137346

I think the bigger question is. What kind of parent buys their 9yr old an expensive makeup palette.

No. 137347

It's tumblr what do you expect, these are the same idiots who think 14 year olds should be allowed to take/post nudes to show they're 'comfortable with their sexuality' I hate the instahoe aesthetic in general, it looks tacky on almost everyone, but I don't really have a problem with teenagers experimenting with makeup and taking selfies. I know I did when I was 15 (a few years ago) I tried to do the whole makeup guru/instagram thing but I got bored of it in like a month and deleted everything, god knows how these 14 year olds keep up with it, in less than a year they'll be cringing but eventually they'll forget about it.

They seriously should stop posting sexual/provocative stuff online and saying it's for body confidence/sex positivity/feminism though. They're not legal adults, it's literally child porn. No one is 'slut shaming' them, it's literally against the law to take those kinds of photos and it'll haunt them for sure, not to mention it just shows how immature they really are despite trying desperate to look grown up and sexy, it's creepy.

The instahoe/drag makeup trend is tedious and looks absolutely awful in real life, but since it's trendy it's not like 14 year olds are gonna stop doing it until they find something else to latch onto or grow up and realise they looked like baby prostitutes and have ruined their skin by suffocating it. 14/15 is about the age where most girls start experimenting with different colours and styles of make up and if they're allowed to wear it then why not, but some of them need to get a grip, when you're 14, you probably don't need a full cake face of contour, false eyelashes and heavy foundation.
I'm sure people have brought it up in the bad makeup thread before but I miss the soft, fresh faced young makeup trends of the early/mid 2000's. Some of it was tacky but at least the girls looked just pretty and fresh, not like drag queens or strippers. I blame the Kardashians/Jenners for this tacky shit catching on, especially Kylie since most young teenagers aspire to be her nowadays even though her style is the tackiest shit and she looks like a blow up doll imo. Kids need to stop trying to be her just because she's rich and pretends to have an exciting life.

No. 137348

I think they're screwing up their skin for good and they have no idea. They're going to age so badly. I've seen those kids of lil kid makeup gurus and yea gee its "sooooo cute" but they're going to be so haggard and insecure with their own makeupless faces for the rest of their lives.

And of course they're probably going to cringe so hard in just a few years. I wish mothers would put limitations on makeup (can we at least keep it to BB Cream to reduce the long term damage)

They have no concept of night & day makeup/outfits either. There's a time and a place and daytime is not for baddie outfits and extreme contouring, imo.

No. 137349

File: 1480915529571.jpg (12.22 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

I follow a woman on instagram for the keks who bought her 1 year old daughter her own ipad pro, to watch fucking mickey mouse clubhouse on youtube. this same woman takes her to baby beauty pageants, and dresses her in extravagant dresses, hair bows, and even bangle bracelets. i can only assume she's trying to give the child the life she wished she had and live through her (she's a notorious "diva" wannabe herself). she's not even rich or anything.

one thing I know for sure. is that no 14 year old could ever look like OP if their parents didn't fully encourage them to do it. a 14 year old can't take themselves to a tanning salon, hair salon, buy sexualized clothes, tons of makeup, know how to apply it, and have a phone to post photos with if their parents didn't hand it all right to them. My favorite example of this was Jessi Slaughter. She had the BIGGEST desire to be a scene whore, complete with dreams of being slut with makeup, hair dye, piercings, and "sexy" selfies. but with ignorant ass parents who couldn't do anything to help her with that, pic related is as far as her abilities could take her.

No. 137350

I'm forever grateful instagram and this trend wasn't around while I was a student. I did always want to appear older and sexier when I was in high school so I can see why this is popular, I guess. I'm more surprised that parents actually allow this.

I don't really understand why someone in their early 20's would want to wear make up that's so aging though.

No. 137351

Like other anons are saying, teenage makeup trends are nothing new.The only difference is kids now have easier online shopping and access to endless tutorials so they can be SO much better in technique than just copying what that one girl in school does.
We just had that shit shit thick tan with concealer lips trend from the bad makeup thread or scene, and both tribes took provocative bra selfies for their myspace profiles etc so that's nothing new.

I am really creeped out by how the contouring makes these girls look so old and more womanly than I can, my 11 year old niece takes unsettling selfies from to look like a sulty 17 y/o. And unfortunately when all the cool kids have instagram and snapchat then the rest of them will find a way. I really think both parents and schools need stop shying away from openly discussing sexting and nudes. Parents also need to pay attention to what their kids are doing, you can't just park them somewhere with a camera connected to the internet and expect them to not make asses of themselves. With the way mobile numbers and fb connects everything now it's all going to be archived forever.

No. 137352

This is the sort of shit that makes me glad the internet wasn't around like this when I was in elementary/middle school. Of course it was there, but social media wasn't really a thing back then and every parent saw to it that their child would never ever post their full name or adress online, let alone post (suggestive) pictures of themselves.
I am terrified of what this will do to the generation that never knew anything other than posting instagram caked-on makeup selfies, let's say the kids born after 2000. The pond keeps getting bigger but the fish are still small, and nowadays kids can compare themselves to any beauty guru in the world instead of just their school and direct surroundings.
I think this will without a doubt affect their self-image and the way they're growing up. Kids don't really have time to just be kids anymore, since they're always trying to be sexy hourglass-shaped 18-year-olds.

No. 137353

>they need lots of products and stuff to be pretty and valuable
this is why i think youtube guru culture in general is kind of bullshit. there's a clear divide between the haves and the have nots, and you can only break into it if you're a have at this point, with the BEST palettes and the BEST video equipment and the BEST cute room right off the bat, and who gives a damn about skill or original content? no one. all that matters anymore is how much stuff you've got.
10 yr olds playing around with makeup doesn't bother me so much if they wash their faces after, but there's no need for such a young child to have a full sephora's worth of kit. they're going to grow up thinking that's all necessary.

No. 137354

I also think it has to do with our ready availability to food and nutrients,kids are growing up taller than ever so they look kinda old even though more people these days have baby face. Also kids are BIGGER and developing faster, having extra fat on your body gives you more hormones. Also also they're surrounded by sexy 24/7 and they see their role models and their big sisters and their moms all competing for who can be the sexiest baddest bitch.

No. 137355

Wearing make up sucks, and make up on teenage girls just looks bad, I wonder if they realize how ugly they look. Yeah, I realize what I'm saying is a bit harsh, but it's true. Young teenage girls should not aspire to look like worn out bar sluts. But people are allowed to live the way they want, I just wonder why young girls want to be that way. I loved being a kid, being a kid is great, being an adult sucks. I just have to assume it's the parents half-forcing this shit on their daughters.

No. 137357

Man everything is just so over sexualized that kids today don't even stand a chance,and especially if their parents aren't monitoring what they are doing. So like it's part media/ part parenting.

No. 137358

She's obese and trans now.

RIP in peace

No. 137359

Ughhhh, creeps who treat their children like little dress up dolls don't deserve to have them. Especially if your gonna take them to paegents, that's basically competing to see which kid is the most molestable to the sicko judges.

No. 137360

It really just weirds me out that people allow and even encourage kids to sexualize themselves from early ages now. I know it's supposed to be "progressive" or whatever, and I don't think covering up everyone's ankles and shit is the better alternative, but it also makes no fucking sense that we're supposed to be all about female empowerment which apparently means encouraging young girls to be trashy sluts.

No. 172193

>they're becoming indoctrinated earlier and earlier that they need lots of products and stuff to be pretty and valuable, and they're only worthwhile as people if they're seen as sexy.
this is exactly what scares me. so sad.

No. 172208

My sister-in-law let's her 9 year old daughter wear makeup, it's creepy how it makes her look older. She is already a shallow vain bitch and obsessed with being pretty. My husband and I can't stand being around her. She always wants to use my phone to stare at herself in the camera and talk about how pretty she is.

No. 172217

That's sad…
Childhood is being taken away from them because of (social) media. I feel like all these kids are gonna develop some fucked up body dysmorphic disorder along with huge insecurity issues when they grow up.

No. 172218

That's sad…
I feel like kids nowadays are all going to develop body dysmorphia

No. 172219

That's sad…
Childhood is being taken away from them because of (social) media. I feel like all these kids are gonna develop some fucked up body dysmorphic disorder along with huge insecurity issues when they grow up.

No. 172232

This is one of the saddest things in this generation, and it's girls who are overly obsessed with having sex appeal and looking like a slut on social media. I have a niece whos 13 and is already wearing heavy contoured makeup, gets her eye brows done and tries to get insta famous. This shouldn't be the sort of shit teenagers should worry about- and too young in fact to worry about looking like the lady of the night.
Revealing clothes tho are worse than makeup, and a lot of teens do wear extremely sexy clothes out and they look nothing but jail baits. It just attracts unwanted attention and sex appeal from older men. Driving by my old middle school, and there's a bunch of teens who look like they're in their 20s. Wearing short crop tops and super tight leggings with their thongs sticking out. Fuck, back then people wore Hannah Montana and happy bunny shirts, and innocent sequin outfits. Now a bunch of teens worry more about how good they look on social media, than doing good on activities or catering to their talents. They're just growing up way too fast and they straight just want to jump into being 20 already

No. 172242

Honestly girls were always kind of doing this. Remember scene kids? They also wore really short skirts, makeup and trashy outfits. Todays style is waaay more mature so it seems worse? And docial media isn't helping.

But I do agree with you. It's pretty sad that 14 year olds look like they're already in their 20s. Sometimes I even have trouble guessing their age

No. 172243

>Remember scene kids? They also wore really short skirts, makeup and trashy outfits. Todays style is waaay more mature so it seems worse? And docial media isn't helping.

i think it's because insta looks have a much broader mainstream appeal? it's like the same looks as those instagram escort girls and that's pretty gross. with scene everyone just kind of assumed it was to be edgy and they'll grow out of it eventually. at this point it doesn't seem like these kids could/would grow out of the instahoe look, maybe the smarter ones will, but what's after instahoe when you did it at 14?

No. 172253

Yawn. Early-bloomer hoes aren't a new thing. This has nothing to do with social media and it's not exclusive to this generation.

No. 172259

I remember coming home from school in middle school with way too much eyeliner on (my hair was in a shitty ponytail and I was dressed like a boy as always. I did not look anything close to "sexy", I was just dicking around with makeup with my friends in the bathroom after school). When my mom saw me, she literally threw me to the floor and called me a slut. I developed such a negative attitude toward makeup and women who used it. While pics of heavily made-up eleven year olds make me cringe, I can't help but be glad they're clearly not getting the same bullshit I did lol. I agree that focusing on makeup too much will probably just cause security issues, though.

Also can you imagine boys as young as 11/12 going "Hue hue take her swimming on the first date!" to show off to other boys? hard cringe.

No. 172264

>one thing I know for sure. is that no 14 year old could ever look like OP if their parents didn't fully encourage them to do it. a 14 year old can't take themselves to a tanning salon, hair salon, buy sexualized clothes, tons of makeup, know how to apply it, and have a phone to post photos with if their parents didn't hand it all right to them.

Agreed to an extent, but you also have to remember that teenagers are sneaky shits who think they're smarter than their parents. True they're not going to get everything unless their parents get it for them.

But picture this: A parent takes a teen to the mall. Teen says they want a certain makeup/clothing that is too mature for them. Parent says no. Teen steals it and proceeds to wear them while parent is not around and hides the evidence.

Like I knew girls in high school who'd dress in one thing in the morning but carried extra clothes with them that their parents wouldn't approve of to change into. Then change back before going home.
Weren't allowed to wear makeup? Put it on before first bell and then wash it off before going home. Need slutty clothes to impress friends? Steal or borrow from a friend who can borrow theirs from an older sibling to wear.

No. 172265

I never dressed "slutty" but I wasn't allowed to wear shorts even when it was hot as fuck out and I was definitely guilty of wearing sweats to school and then changing at the beginning and end of the day.

No. 172267

great points anon, but i think to be able to develop the skills to do instahoe drag contour, that requires much more effort than sneaking around before/after school can provide

No. 172268

True, back in early 2000s girls were considered 'skilled' if they could do the latest lower lid eyeliner trend from magazines or had the internet to look up different techniques. Today is a whole other ballgame. It must be a lot of pressure.

No. 172273

Yeah, Scene wasn't as bad because it was colorful and tacky and you can at least discern that those who wore it were just teenagers. Nowadays the clothes are a good blend of mature and sexy that you can't even tell how old these girls are especially with the makeup. What these girls wear are close to club outfits

No. 172277

File: 1482015249742.jpg (102.8 KB, 620x932, 1405382940_childhood-paris-hil…)

I agree with what the other anons wrote.
Highschool-kids in the early 90s and even 00s wore a shit ton of make up, too. But it was cheap, bad and childish make up.

The internet is a huge factor for why this changed. I grew up with a computer but youtube only began existing during my early teens. Back then MUA-Videos weren’t available. There was no instagram or tumblr. Myspace was still more popular than Facebook.
The only make up advice we could get was from shitty magazines. Other than that we tried to recreate the looks of our favorite celebrities on our own which usually ended up looking trashy.

My mother would have told me to go fuck myself if I'd ever asked her for sephora make up. I still remember how excited I got every time some girl magazine came with a free shitty eye liner or mascara.

Because there was almost no social media the only other teenagers I knew were those in my town. Today kids can use the instagram of some e-famous brat and go „Look, mom, she’s only 14 and she’s got all these clothes and make up. I NEED this. ALL the COOL kids have it. Do you want me to get bullied?“

When your kid owns a 300 dollar smartphone a 20 Dollar mascara and a 100 Dollar eye-shadow-palette don’t sound as crazy anymore.

Even though teen celebs back then wore a lot of make up and tried to look sexy it’s not comparable to current "it-girls" like Kylie Jenner. Plastic surgery was also less common among young singers and actors.

No. 172301

I remember watching a video on the rise of makeup use in young girls in s. korea, and one of the biggest concerns is that they don't necessarily know how to remove it all properly at the end of the day, and of course end up with problems. When I was a young teen the biggest 'trend' in makeup in my grade was lipgloss and really bright nail polish colors, but that might be just the relatively rural area I grew up in.

I wonder if it's possible that companies could purposefully make skincare insanely trendy among young teens and push out instahoe makeup trends in that demographic by sheer force of will. But that does come with its own dangers too.

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