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File: 1659509251008.jpeg (173.82 KB, 1920x1080, 8204726A-0266-4731-9543-9ED091…)

No. 1287562

when i say dumbass, you say shit! dumbass!

previous thread: >>>/ot/1277155

No. 1287567

File: 1659509439148.jpg (18.66 KB, 375x500, lcf.jpg)

S H I T !

No. 1287646

I'm "working" from home today, as in, I turned on my company's laptop and started doing housework on the clock. Once I'm done I'll play video games on the clock and turn on the AC. Life is good.

No. 1287647

I'm doing the exact same anon, high five

No. 1287649

Where did you get this pic of me

No. 1287650

High five. May our homes be clean and tidy.

No. 1287674

Found a video of an average /ot/ nonnie with a few kids. Pretty cute!

No. 1287695

Does alt/alternative fashion encapsulate everything that isn't mainstream or is it a specific (edgy?) style? Just curious

No. 1287714

Hobonichi really named their new planner Hon…

No. 1287721

kek, gotta schedule those dilations

No. 1287791

This made me burst out with a laugh at work on my break

No. 1287860

File: 1659537855784.jpeg (63.97 KB, 1600x900, 106122365-1568141020634gettyim…)

I know being an apple user makes me a stupid sheeple but fuck I really don't want to move back to android phones solely because there's too many choices and I'm tech retarded. I made the switch to iPhone a few years ago when I went from the S3 to iPhone6 (then upgraded to my 7, which I still use today) because I hated the S3's battery. I hate iPhones because they're stupid expensive. My refurbished 7 that I bought 2-3 years after it came out still cost me about $700! Fuck apple. But my whole family ended up switching from android to apple a few years ago, so features like facetime, find my friends, and imessage just makes things soooo nice and easy. I loved my 6 and begrudgingly upgraded to the 7 when it finally shit the bed. I was hoping to get the 8 if I had to upgrade again, but it's no longer in production… I considered the new SE but no way I'm paying ~$1k for it when the Pixel 6A just dropped for $450 kek.

I think my parents are also thinking of switching back to android phones, so after they switch I'll have no reason to keep my iphone anymore I guess…

No. 1287871

Android is 100% the way to go if you want a solid phone for a good price. Android budget models are really good nowadays.

No. 1287908

My friend has the 3A and absolutely loves it! She's considering making the upgrade to the 6A but wants to wait for the 7/7A to come out for the price to hopefully drop even further kek. I'd usually go with my "buy the previous generation to save more money" shtick but it looks like Google doesn't even sell the 5 anymore, and the 5A is the same price as the 6A so…

I think my phone will last me until the 7 drops and I'll see what it's like then. The good thing about being tech retarded and having an old as fuck model means that any newer phone is an improvement kek. I don't give a shit or even think I can tell the difference between a 90hz and 120hz screen or whatever the fuck else specs.

No. 1287945

I am jealous how every iPhone model has cutesy phone cases you can order from anywhere, which is the only reason why would I ever want to switch my android other than face tracking. Is there any samsung phone that actually has all of the nice custom cases…

No. 1287948

Like all of them if you order online?

No. 1287951

For some reason, my Samsung model doesn't have any of that despite being one of the new ones from ~3-4 years ago.

No. 1287953

ngl, I love my current phone case so much that I went on the maker's website and looked at what new phones they made the exact same case for KEK. It's definitely gotten better in recent years, lots of android models have cute phone cases now! Pixels and Galaxy phones definitely have the most, but I think it shouldn't be too hard to find a couple for less common models.

No. 1288115

I either half-drunkenly asked a strange and elaborate hypothetical question on lolcow at 5am-ish or I had a dream about doing so. I remember thinking “I’ll ask in the morning” just to go “oh no you won’t, you know damn well you will forget so you must ask it now!” kek. I have the memory of opening lolcow and finding the thread and typing something… but no memory of which thread or if I fell asleep before finishing.

No. 1288121

Owning an iphone doesn’t make you a sheeple. If you replace every single year with the newest model you are a sheeple doesn’t matter if it’s android or apple or whatever. You’re fine

No. 1288128

File: 1659553611274.jpeg (53.24 KB, 500x434, 496505DA-5C21-4F25-B5D8-DD25C1…)


No. 1288133

those are SO cute. I can imagine it with a nostalgic early 2000s alt look. Love it!!!

No. 1288142

File: 1659554051537.jpeg (46.53 KB, 500x471, 4D8E6F5C-B0DB-4E66-B050-8703D0…)

They’re a bit crazy from the side too!

No. 1288145

They should have casted Jamie Campbell Bower as Lestat in the upcoming Vampire Chronicles series

No. 1288160

I want to make one of those, like, lore ice berg memes/format thing but with King of the Hill lore. I'm sure one exists already but I want to make sure Peggy canonically has big shits, and AGP Bill to be on them. And others that I can think of.

No. 1288168

double hearts! pop off

No. 1288279

Has anyone else noticed that there seem to be so much fiction about lesbians falling for and/or fucking men, both TIMs and regular men, while in the fiction about gay men falling for and/or fucking women those women are almost always TIFs? Why is that so? Gay people of both sexes with opposite-sex troons is "stunning and brave representation", lesbians with regular men is "subversive" but gay men with regular women is basically taboo.

No. 1288282

Dooo itttt nonnie I'd watch the fuck out of that

No. 1288283

I tinfoil all these wokies are actually afraid of real same-sex pairings, and that this is just how they can repackage hetero relationships to be 'woke'

No. 1288285

My point is that you hardly ever see gay men paired with regular women compared to how often you see lesbians paired with regular men (NOT trannies)

No. 1288288

No, I mean that pairing gay men with women is seen as way more controversial than pairing lesbians with men UNLESS trannies are involved.

No. 1288291

File: 1659561663684.jpg (15.21 KB, 236x275, BnhbS52CIAAZtKG.jpg)

Ohhhhh yeah you right, you right.
I am the clown in this situation.

No. 1288292

because sadly, moids have discovered fanfiction

No. 1288294

Not just fanfiction but other media too. I've seen enough scenes in various series and movies of "lesbian" characters sleeping with men because "she wanted kids and needed a sperm donor" yet never a show or movie where a gay character sleeps with a woman because "he wants kids and needs a surrogate".

No. 1288299

I think it's usually the opposite for gay males, they are usually shown to be married and have kids with a woman then later find out they are gay

No. 1288301

Yeah and it's always supposed to be a terrible traumatic experience for him but it's in the past and once he comes out he never does it again. Meanwhile you have out lesbian characters willingly sleeping with men, often cheating on their wives or girlfriends, for some stupid plot reason.

No. 1288303

Listening to a redscare pod episode for the first time, I think I want to kill myself

No. 1288305

What do they talk about? I never listened to them and have no interest in listening either.

No. 1288309

They talk about current events, cultural fads, their personal lives, or whatever bullshit they come up with. Their perspective on everything is very shallow, and is based on a lot of retarded contrarianism. They try posturing themselves as cultural critics, but they don't value much of anything at their core, their aesthetics are smoking cigarettes, anorexia, and being jaded.

No. 1288311

Ask in the stupid questions thread

No. 1288312

don’t subject yourself to this nonnita please.

No. 1288352

File: 1659566457809.jpeg (187.28 KB, 500x500, 619F0724-B8D3-4E0C-9071-35FFF5…)

No. 1288354

No. 1288387

Wow she's literally me

No. 1288396

File: 1659568461042.jpg (135.9 KB, 736x688, f8c115d74304b2d9a93b4cf0636433…)

Where did this sort of "memes" came from? Are they from a specific text generator? Either way, I want most of them out of my Pinterest.

No. 1288398

Ur hot

No. 1288399

Whisper app, it’s like a confession app.

No. 1288404

File: 1659568764882.jpg (56.03 KB, 640x920, 1d15279cb6f68e4f9ddc957a3b77fb…)

Thanks Nonna.

No. 1288407


No. 1288413

File: 1659569392978.jpeg (23.56 KB, 236x236, 616069bb84dff5468a8c18b9_236_2…)

Back in my first semester of community college I would take the bus because I was (and still am) an anxious retard afraid of driving, and I would always see this girl on the same bus after my classes ended who had purple and blue highlights in her hair and would carry around this big clear bag with little plushies of anime men (tbh I can't remember if they were all different versions of the same guy or if they were different men) inside in a row. At the time I was confused and I admittedly found it a little weird, but I admired her bravery for actually carrying that around with her all day. Fast forward to me using lolcow and perusing the husbando threads and I realized that she was carrying an ita-bag. Ngl in retrospect I wish I could've been her friend or at least tried talking her, she seemed cool. I could definitely see some of the husbandofags being like her for all I know she could've actually been a farmer but alas I'll never know…

No. 1288414

>be teenager years ago
>struggling with depression
>for some stupid reason I google how I'm feeling
>end up on yahoo answers
>someone else asked basically the same thing
>there's a reply/answer to it
>it's a link to a video
>person says the creator had saved their life
>click it
>it's an onision video

No. 1288417

Men can't handle women being unavailable to them. Only they are allowed to have boundaries. FtMs are apologetic enough about being female to sometimes get a merciful "pass", but lesbians don't get to exclude males kek

No. 1288431

My mom attracts bpd people as friends. I hate it.

No. 1288436

my sister sent me a funny meme and I accidentally sent KEK and now I think she will think I'm some alt-right hacker known as 4chan

No. 1288492

File: 1659574181996.jpg (4.39 KB, 225x225, index.jpg)

Nonnas I think I shat myself last night. Is this what getting old means? I want out

No. 1288502

are you a very heavy sleeper?

No. 1288513

People who fake eating disorders to look good are some of my least favourite people, right up there with troons

No. 1288531


No. 1288549

what do you mean think

No. 1288569

When I went to the bathroom to piss, I did the usual "just in case" back wipe and it had stuff on it. I bidet and use wet wipes and try to keep my asshole immaculate and yet there was an abnormal amount of stuff on the paper. It was clean the night before. But nothing on my panties, thankfully.
There's your answer.

No. 1288580

File: 1659579017733.png (65.89 KB, 300x100, 1659578816003.png)

made two more banners (still praying for a miracle so they get added)

No. 1288582

File: 1659579045490.gif (989.26 KB, 300x100, 1659578855885.gif)

No. 1288583

Did you make/customize those models? They're so cute

No. 1288588

nta but they're from a vinyl figure series called Molinta

No. 1288597

I once ate so much sweet stuff I thought I was going to fart but instead everything went propelled straight through the pantyhose I was wearing and sprayed everywhere. Like, everywhere. Think shaking a soda and then uncapping it. All over the floor, sheets, chair. Fucking traumatic. The absolute worst part of it is that by the time I was back from running to the bathroom to shower and clean up, and I went to my room to clean the disaster… there was nothing on the floor. Nothing. I do have a dog, though… :(

No. 1288605

File: 1659580833487.gif (12.71 MB, 338x600, 162345700876.gif)

No. 1288606

Okay that happened to me after Panera Bread and a nap before

No. 1288609

File: 1659581089659.jpg (54.02 KB, 896x580, FY4JEa2WAAMNtKp.jpg)

No. 1288611

Nonnie, I….

No. 1288618

That dog done licked up your spicy Sierra mist

No. 1288624

File: 1659581993759.jpg (72.52 KB, 736x735, 3be3950ed2e4c928e0d51574d902e2…)

Lock the thread.

No. 1288627

men have the highest rates of sexual abuse, and abuse in general, against all animals.

No. 1288637

Bought something on Ebay and then fantasized about selling everything I possess to up my Ebay rating and have a damn good account. Good seller, great communication, a pleasure to work with. THAT COULD BE ME

No. 1288639

I hate fantasizing about random shit like that all the time tbh

No. 1288683


No. 1288689

I wish kpop had more sexy concepts like the 2010s but I know that's not gonna happen because sexy concepts have never sold well since the majority of kpop fans are women

No. 1288693

sexy concepts for boy groups or girl groups?

No. 1288708

It's werid now. Like many "sexy concepts" were made without the approval of the idols (i.e Stellar) so it was kinda good to stop them but getting rid of them all together only caused it to infiltrate in other concepts with some disgusting results (like whatever that it is "teen high" now)

No. 1288729

I wish we had idol groups like aoa or brown eyed girls but everyone is like 16 now so lol

No. 1288730

Sexy for women age 22+ but most idols can't even become trainees unless they are under 18

No. 1288734

Tinfoil Kaitlyn Tiffany sent the tranny after us for revenge

No. 1288742

(The W stands for both Witch and Woman)

No. 1288746

You will now be a woman and a witch, why thank you but I always was.

No. 1288808

Late af but this extension you're talking about has malware and messes up your search engine. Nobody use it.

No. 1288833

Some anon called me underaged for thinking a cross dress was Tumblr 2006 fashion. What fucking year was it then? Also wouldn't an underaged person not even know about Tumblr fashion from 16 years ago? This actually doesn't matter but I am perplexed.
Actually I just googled it and maybe I was way off. I smoked a lot of weed in my life kekkkk, too much

No. 1288852

Lol funny you replied to my post, I realized what a shitty extension it is shortly after posting but I couldn't remember which thread I posted about it in. Rip

No. 1288915

I don't understand when people say "money doesn't buy happiness". Now that i have money i feel happier than ever, i can indulge in my hobbies, can afford eating healthier and doing excercise and don't have to stress about not being able to pay something.

No. 1288917

I got called underage for not knowing what an enema is. This site became insuferable after the creepshow art influx of twittertards.

No. 1288920

Lol I was actually the one who told you it was prep for anal. Good job on not being degen noña (although it's true that the OP might have needed the enema for health reasons, doubt. sounds like some tranny shit)

No. 1288923

Makes you think about how degenerate the internet has become even outside actual porn sites lmao

No. 1288929

wat. its a normal medical term for washing your ass out.

No. 1288936

Unless you're like 60 or mentally ill there's no need for an enema

No. 1288937

How does an enema sound like tranny shit?

No. 1288938

Go away tranny. Go clean out your asshole and dilate

No. 1288944

I'm not a tranny kek. If this is because I deleted the post, I just reposted it here to take out the "some of you browse this place too much" part >>1288937 . I figured I was being too harsh and maybe anon had an actual reason for believing enemas are a tranny thing. It's just a weird thing to say to me.

No. 1288947

I wasted so much time last night looking for a fucking doodle I made 8 years ago in one of my dozens of old notebooks and I still haven't found it

No. 1288959

File: 1659618454624.jpg (49.31 KB, 640x480, 3bbe368d08e947aedd6f1447297cdb…)

I love how cats tuck away their face while they sleep

No. 1288967

File: 1659619006315.jpeg (38.96 KB, 602x452, q.jpeg)

even better when they tuck it in you. best feel

No. 1288979

Losing something and not being able to find it turns my stomach. It was literally there and then it wasn't. That stuff schizo conspiracy theorists said about us living in a simulation was true, it fucking disappeared into them air

No. 1288981

All I have in life is my irresistible compulsion to worldbuild speculative fiction and alternate history timelines for the express purpose of lesbian romance stories it's all I have

No. 1288989

File: 1659621678285.gif (1.29 MB, 244x224, sassy-black-woman.gif)

excuse the filename but same here anon, only i'm a medieval history sperg about it

No. 1289019

Doing god's work as far as I'm concerned.

No. 1289022

I can't take this movie character seriously anymore because he looks like the robber in the 2009 Benidorm Summer Special.

No. 1289027

lost connections….

No. 1289042

did tumblr even exist in 2006? it was more of an early 2010's thing

No. 1289044

it was launched in 2007 and gained traction in the early 2010s

No. 1289091

File: 1659629745261.jpeg (139.91 KB, 922x1200, EeE0Zq7WAAAt86c.jpeg)

JLPT you slut where are my results (I probably failed)

No. 1289143

Plenty of people use it for constipation wtf

No. 1289146

Damn okay nonnas, sorry I insulted your beloved enemas. Can't relate

No. 1289147

File: 1659632931144.jpeg (125.15 KB, 750x732, 0F24C052-DF3A-4435-93B5-E1C2FF…)

little do these scammers know I only have $6 in the bank rn

No. 1289151

Sorry if you already know this but you can get free admission to certain museums and botanical gardens with your bank. I don't have that bank but I saw it online it's called museums on us or something. Sorry about the scammers

No. 1289166

yes, another BofA customer here. i highly recommended their museums on us program. it's only the first weekend of every month but it's still pretty great

No. 1289171

Kek, I keep getting scammer texts for my Amazon account and I haven’t bought anything with it for two years

No. 1289184

bofa deez nuts?

No. 1289193

got surgery today and heard a girl getting her info checked, but she had already gotten her pre-op sedatives and all her answers were a mix of "ew" and "imagine if I did haha". I loved her.

No. 1289262

Sleeping naked is actually kind of a hassle. It's cool but I need to have my clothes on sometimes.

No. 1289264

i sleep in cotton panties

No. 1289267

Sleeping with on panties is nicer than completely naked, but if I'm taking off my clothes to sleep then I always use it as an opportunity to let my vagina breathe.

No. 1289290

For some reason, when I was little I used to really like the movie "Earth girls are easy". It's so embarassing, I wonder what my parents thought when I used to say that. I think I just liked it because of the colorful aliens, but it was porny.

No. 1289321

File: 1659644772282.png (582.85 KB, 770x962, art.png)

Falling in love with not just a guy I know but also my husbando has made me realize why women go full on "serve your man" pickme. I'm not saying I will ever let myself go down that path, but love does brainwash people. It really is blinding.

No. 1289328

You reminded me of this song. The lyrics are hilariously pickme, but they all look so beautiful

No. 1289336

File: 1659645935062.jpg (24.42 KB, 500x500, 5daeff122001e5567db52e987acbcc…)

I C U P, anon.

No. 1289338

File: 1659646042183.jpg (80.31 KB, 861x808, cat.jpg)

well I. P. Freely!

No. 1289361

arguing on social media sites makes my stomach hurt but infighting with nonnies here is fine
Youd think itd be the opposite since everyone on mainstream social media is retarded and this site is only 20% retarded

No. 1289362

>Only 20% retarded
A little bit of delusion happening here

No. 1289363

Not anymore. I'm here to make it 120% retarded

No. 1289364

that 20% is generous

No. 1289366

KEK. I have a 24 year old woman who has been posting about me on her story for the past 3 hours because I said that some anime character isn't obese, you're gonna have to work hard to beat that

No. 1289374

File: 1659648877199.jpeg (187.61 KB, 707x1378, 864068F7-0B1C-442E-819D-0DB637…)


No. 1289379

she is god, all those alternate history timelines exist on some other alternate earths

No. 1289380

Tag yourself, I’m beehive poop.

No. 1289389

Youtube just recommended me a vid where some 23 year old american guy has sworn off of dating any women in his entire big ass country because they are too masc and they are flakey when texting. Oh and they smell like fish… no seriously. He talks about PH balance like it's a country wide problem over there? His plan now is sex tourism for the rest of his life.

Nobody has it harder in life than a guy in his early twenties who hasn't been handed a perfectly submissive wife yet. Moment of silence for his pain. Thanks algorithm.

No. 1289395

can someone pick a number between 1 and 10 for me

No. 1289407

Those are 9 selfies of stunning trans women

No. 1289417

Lucky number 7

No. 1289421

thank you anon its my lucky number as well

No. 1289456

Any female youtuber recs nonnies? The only one i used to wstch stopped making videos and all i watch is moids now.

No. 1289481

File: 1659654459228.jpg (20.41 KB, 720x706, 9f712d04785f7a3afe736d90c32d68…)

Ordering a vibrator from urban outfitters, a bad idea y/n? I have a coupon.

No. 1289494

urban outfitters sells vibrators??

No. 1289539


emmymade (food), Beatrice Caruso (exercising/vlogs), Safiya Nygaard! (a fav of mine) I'm always looking for more too if anyone else has some hidden gems

No. 1289560

I forgot about Plumbella, she makes videos about thr sims and they are really entertaining even if i don't play the game. She's the funniest youtuber i have ever watched.

No. 1289632

File: 1659659638926.gif (142.14 KB, 480x360, giphy (1).gif)

mfw my pet rat finds the dirty underwear

No. 1289638


No. 1289667

I'm "company mascot" poop (4th one)

No. 1289670

I hope the colors threads die quickly, waste of space (yes I know I can hide them, it’s just annoying to do it ten times)

No. 1289703

why is there an obvious racebait thread on /ot/? what did I miss?

No. 1289706

Indian men existing

No. 1289711

Bring back the male hate threads

No. 1289712

Already one for Hindu incels

No. 1289717

Yeah that and a Karen hate and tradthot hate thread are def popping up soon

No. 1289745

Karen threads are boring but I’d welcome a Rich People hate thread and you can go to snow for tradthot hate

No. 1289746

I really wish paki-chan can be permabanned. I want the boards to be clean of any mentioning of specific groups of moids, I just want to chill and talk about things that don’t involve men at all.

No. 1289747

Indian and Chinese men experiences should be allowed

No. 1289755

I like how you and many other anons think everyone in that thread is pakianon when Indian and Arab men are universally loathed. Get real

No. 1289760

nta but the thing is when people point out the shitty things men of other races do, including pedophilia, they keep getting defended in that thread for some reason. so that's kind of suspicious..

No. 1289761

File: 1659665294293.jpeg (494.63 KB, 636x1390, BEDF9CEB-5BB7-43CD-9A47-50C09B…)

I typed in "trans woman" and this is what it gave me KEK

No. 1289766

Personally I think of the most obvious signs of autism online besides sperging about pop music is seeking out and being obsessed with videos of gore/violence/tragedy etc

No. 1289769


No. 1289774

Omg this made me remember something I wanted to post about but forgot. Every once in a blue moon I get morbidly curious and look at some gore. I always feel a really particular way afterwards, very vulnerable and dark and unlike anything else I've ever felt in my relatively violence-free existence. Except for the times I have looked at porn. I was thinking about how when I looked at porn for myself at like age 12, I had that exact same gross, weird, displaced, dark feelings afterwards. And that's why I never got into porn.

No. 1289777

I think everyone has had curiosity about plenty of things that are horrible but I’m just referring to the very specific phenomena of emotionally retarded males that think their ability to constantly watch edgy violence without caring is kewl.

No. 1289779

When dall e mini was just taking off all the transwomen entries were butt ugly. I noticed they're becoming more feminine or glamorized as time goes on and look more like a big red sjw stereotype if anything. My tinfoil is trannies are mad they are considered ugly and are doing something about it to get better results

No. 1289780

That's gross. This shit will change your brain chemistry. Scrotes making themselves even more defective, cool cool cool

No. 1289784

The most brain-dead and terminally online people alive yup

No. 1289803

I love Vermont for giving birth to Ben & Jerry's. Mwah for all my Vermont anons. God bless chunky monkey.

No. 1289805

Literally where

No. 1289810

Ok so I don't know where it is on a map either but I know they made Ben & Jerry's so

No. 1289817

Idk, some Indian anons keep talking about Indian men and I guess mods aren't here to clean up.
Maybe if /2X/ was more active.
You've never seen an infight go on for hours or even days, huh?

No. 1289823

What is the demographic of lolcow users? I always assume everyone (and myself) is just sort of a youngish dork but sometimes going around the threads theres heroin addicts, middle aged people, and I seen a prostitute a few minutes ago

No. 1289828

Most women I know really don't think about Indian men and neither do I. Anyway, I say Indian anons because these past few days/weeks I've seen Indian anons talking about Indian men more.

No. 1289833

There was a poll on /meta/ at some point, but I don't know how accurate it was. All I know is most anons are from America and Europe.

No. 1289838

Do not respond to Blaineposting. Do not interact with Blaineposting. Do not encourage Blaineposting.

No. 1289840

You're insane and I made you insane kek

No. 1289846

Someone needs to edit that meme so its him. He already has the big pointy penis nose

No. 1289848

That's a weird thing to phrase it, are you the pedo troon?

No. 1289850

No lmao I'm the one who called them insane

No. 1289861

Ew this is so fucking creepy. I hate men.

No. 1289872

Your dad's creepy
Creepy into my bed

No. 1289889

Ok so add "insane tranny and not a cool one like Rocky Horror Picture Show" to my list of people in >>1289823

No. 1289891

Nigga that's a drag queen in rocky horror, you don't know GNC labels for shit and this post proves it

No. 1289902

Nobody is taking GNC lessons from a moid who thinks being a woman is long hair and lipstick. Bloke from rocky horror is a dude in lipstick, just because he doesn't invade womens spaces to satisfy a fetish doesn't mean you're not both just men masquerading as women. "Hes not a tranny lol hes a man in a costume" kek do you hear what you're saying? YOU'RE a drag queen

No. 1289903

one of those popular youtube deep dive mystery channels posted a cap of one of my reddit comments when i was talking about the subject… they never contacted me about it beforehand so this was a crazy surprise and i feel kind of excited even tho it's totally insignificant lol

No. 1289992

File: 1659672744232.jpeg (66.84 KB, 827x890, D0D40C3A-6E06-4E89-9D9C-3C929A…)

watching love is blind and i find it stupid and i hate it yet im on ep 3

No. 1290010

Wow based bully from a 2000s teen drama movie pilled

No. 1290044

Yes that's when I was in high school and it's always worked so why change?

No. 1290059

listening to this while I deal with the consequences of my horrible time management skills

No. 1290061

well he realizes >>1289902 is right and he is hurt by the truth so all he can do is lash out kek moids are truly pathetic angry unintelligent creatures

No. 1290091

KEK you're right

No. 1290132

File: 1659676473312.jpg (20.84 KB, 360x640, ca6a981673173a0be1b16740d0601e…)

aquí andamos

No. 1290161

I'm going to be honest and say that anons who spam shit and respond to scrotes and trannies are just as annoying as the trolls themselves. I really believe it's summerfags and newfags, before anons would just ignore threads/troll posts. I don't understand why they can't just hold in their autism, ignore it and interact with regular farmers like normal so the scrote posts and threads lose attention. I truly do believe some just like getting moid attention here. Anons trying to force the KPop thing is also annoying. I like Kpop too, but I understand that it's better to just post about it normally and not by attaching random pictures of idols to unrelated posts to the point like this is CCC, to the point where I become recognizable
Anyway, rant over. I'm just a little fed up. Fuck jannies, fuck the admin(s), fuck scrotes and fuck newfags.

No. 1290175

We should bully newfags who reply to moid posts more. Unless the moids themselves do it (like right now in the scrote thread), then we should just ignore both to not encourage more moid posts.

No. 1290178

File: 1659678034797.jpg (9.45 KB, 200x221, 3715995-a59fb5a8b1e0aa63f4f5a1…)

Seriously what the fuck is happening, is all this shit really just the schizo tranny and there are no mods around? I know that disgusting troon has been shitting up the website but this is next level.

No. 1290183

File: 1659678207896.png (61.5 KB, 919x758, tranny.png)

No. 1290193

usually the mods only wake up to delete scrote threads when kpoop is posted, so that was the intent

No. 1290420

Kpop is a countermeasure like it or not, it really makes mods wake up

No. 1290421

Maybe I'm just old but it feels like pop culture has been so lame since 2011. 90s have movies like scream etc but now everything feels bland.

No. 1290433

kek brilliant, should've added some beard stubble to make it even more realistic

No. 1290444

It's definitely age, the older you are the more you saw, your standards go up so it's less likely something will surprise / impress you. Though it's true that nowadays popculture relies a lot on refreshing old concepts given nostalgia brings money so the most popular media often seem very uninspired

No. 1290448

I know I’ll just sound old but it seems everything now is just watered down, self censored, and formulaic. So rarely are we treated with anything interesting and original, even then when we are it’s replicated 1000 times over until we’re sick of it

No. 1290468

Years ago I had a falling out with my previous friend group and it devastated me at the time. Like I was torn to pieces by it, I was depressed and didn't know what to do without them. Now half of them have trooned out and the rest are deep into TRAism. Meanwhile my current friend group is all normal people, some of them are cryptoterfs and some are just the clueless "live and let live" type of normies which is miles better than outright handmaidenry. Everything happens for a reason, nonnies. Sometimes trash takes itself out.

No. 1290489

I agree with both anons who replied, I was making small talk with coworkers last week and we all noticed that most movies these days are reboots, remakes, sequels of movie series that were concluded long ago, and adaptations of things that were already adapted long ago (like a lot of capeshit like Spider-Man, Superman, etc.) I don't keep up with TV shows but I saw a lot of people who do and who say most of the interesting ones get cancelled pretty fast so writers rush things and ships become canons way faster than, say, in the 90s or the 2000s. With manga and anime ot does feel like while there are always innovative manga out there that are fun to read, they're usually not the one that get anime adaptations. Don't get me started on video games. I also have a feeling that viral marketing and releasing entire seasons all at onec made things worse.

No. 1290492

Do you think there is a way for this method to stop? Are we supposed to get used to this?

No. 1290496

Support independent creators and original IPs, pirate mainstream and repetitive stuff. Just so it's clear I think mainstream OG IPs should be supported too, I only mean stuff like redundant remakes, yet another sequel to a superhero movie etc

No. 1290508

File: 1659697608234.jpg (25.82 KB, 563x554, fb919af750235b80e3d1a0d23e6549…)

Nonnies, if every bras had those pockets, what would you put inside of it ?

No. 1290515

that would be visible underneath 95 of my spring-summer clothes

No. 1290539

i was a dumbass tomboy as a teen so my group of friends were all guys. i was invited to their group hang outs but now their chat only revolves around 2-3 games so since i dont play them theres no point. they also unfortunately added a 34 year old and a 40 or 39 moid who talk like conservative 50 year old men. one went off about how people arent living within their means enough so they should stop complaining about the inflation, housing market, car market, oil, and stagnated wages. hes a rich established guy with his own home, in the military, absolutely removed from how things are. of course when it came to roe v wade they all basically got silent or said they dont want to discuss politics. fuck the two old moids especially but also fuck the ones from my teens who stroke each others egos over a game and cant even bother to say hello except twice a year. trash definitely takes itself out.

No. 1290605

I hate wearing bras so much it’s unreal. If I can wear my tight vest it’s good enough. I just need a way to prevent my epic ice cream cone googly eyes signal receiving from space antenna nipples from showing. Astaghfirullah my life is pain.

No. 1290638

File: 1659704861946.png (284.89 KB, 1000x1000, unknown-10.png)

I am 20 and i find my generation pop culture so lame, it's either corporative movies like capeshit and reboots or generic shonenshit like Demon Slayer. The games are also beyond generic, dull looking wannabe realistic AAA titles, shitty indie games made by troons or competitive games like valorant/lol. Dont get me started on how everyone now is some weird gender and super political despite being barely legal.
I just wish i was born a little earlier, would have loved to be a cringe emo posting on myspace.

No. 1290642

It’s easy to feel that way when most of pop culture is just reboots and long running established franchises. Very rarely do we something original that’s also good

No. 1290645

I am going to meet my discord friends on sunday and i am beyond nervous. They are all so good looking, meanwhile i look like a dog barfed me. I dont know what to wear, i havent left my room in so long my old clothes doesn't fit me anymore. Give me strenght nonnies.

No. 1290658

The bjd community is filled with insane people. I follow an artist that the only shit she does is complain about her caster and I’m pretty sure SHE is the pain in the ass and not the way around. I hope her shit get recasted lol

No. 1290659

I find the bjd community on yt uncreative as fuck, they all make the same dragqueen looking dolls. The only one i liked was Dollightful.

No. 1290660

What the fuck is that picture? I lost braincells by reading this.

No. 1290668

Nta I have no idea it’s pretty much making fun of stonetoss for being a fat ugly right-wing retard but it kind of made me laugh tbh nonna

No. 1290676

Just your average fat ugly rightwing moid jealous of superior twink physique

No. 1290693

Starbucks sandwiches never looked good to me and are expensive. Which one are you eating?

No. 1290703

Lol fat.

No. 1290706

Just saw a TikTok where a woman was saying that tumblr basically fucked her up/ made her not norm!. I checked her profile to see if she was a themlet, she has pronouns in bio but wasn’t a themlet.
I guess the tumblr brain rot didn’t really destroyed a bit of her brain

No. 1290759

File: 1659713091892.jpg (248.75 KB, 1600x1155, bright-shot-burgers-donuts-san…)

I ate a lot of starbucks in college because it's not like I could get my monopoly food money back anyway. My favorite sandwiches were:

>bacon, gouda, and egg sandwich

>double smoked bacon, cheddar, and egg sandwich (I believe the bread is sort of like a croissant as well)
>tomato and mozzerella on focaccia
>holiday turkey and stuffing sandwich (offered during holiday season)

I don't buy starbucks food nowadays though, it really is expensive. I could afford it but I just can't bring myself to do it even though I know what I like from there kek. I always felt like the holiday turkey and stuffing one was the best bang for your buck. Lots of filling inbetween the bread!

No. 1290838

nta but tbh i feel like even the original ones shouldn't be supported cause 90% of directors are creeps/abusers. maybe only the extreamly rare decent ones.

No. 1290842

I don't know if my penpals are just very busy or if the mail service lost their letters to me or they just don't want to write to me anymore… but I'm going to buy some special cool stamps for them. I hope I can send it to them.

No. 1290850

>that pic
Aren't men naturally built to develop muscle and lose fat more easily than women though? It's not natural for scrotes to be fat. Plus being attracted to fatness is literally a fetish

No. 1290887

A friend asked me how I was and I teared up and then proceed to cry on the bathroom for 20 minutes. Who here also /sensitive/?

No. 1290900

It really doesn't.

No. 1290907

it did this time and the moid in the racebait thread stopped posting after a while when kpop was posted. even summoned the admin in /meta/ too eventually.

No. 1290913

The kpop spamming did not summon the admin kek. She posted to update on the new server. It's kind of delusional to believe that spamming is at all helping this site.

No. 1290927

I don't think anyone actually believes that it was the K-pop spamming that elicited admin's response, it's just that it was most likely a funny coincidence.

No. 1290949

File: 1659725732185.jpeg (102.35 KB, 750x452, 53A41AFC-F694-498F-9420-AA1142…)

Britbong nonnies! Don’t sleep on TK-Max went in today to pass some time and I left with so much cute shit for half the original price. Gotta do some digging around to find them but it’s worth it, got a bunch cargos, Kickers clothes and a juicy couture crop top.

No. 1290952

File: 1659725984388.jpg (314.76 KB, 3000x2000, img.jpg)

I don't get guys who idolize those dating strategy guys and not even for the reasons you might think. Yes they are misogynistic and delsuional but these guys are never cool, hot or charismatic. These scrote dating gurus are always obviously mentally ill, weird and uncool. Look at the newest dating guru Andrew tate…he looks goofy as fuck. Even if I was a scrote who believed all this bullshit I couldn't take it seriously coming from these dudes mouths.

No. 1290961

Worst part is that this dude is a literal human trafficker, has rape allegations and beat one of the woman in the reality TV-show he was in. What a guy to idolize huh?

No. 1290963

File: 1659726529367.jpg (113.83 KB, 900x836, Burnt-Basque-cheesecake-8da80f…)

My dad's birthday is coming up. I'm not sure if I'll be able to go out for dinner with him on that day, but I think I'll at least buy him a cake. I found a place in my city that makes yuzu basque cheesecake.

No. 1290967

I don't think any of the stuff you mentioned scrotes would care about, let's be real. But ignoring all that there is literally nothing superficially admirable about these men. There are evil gross men who are still hot and charismatic but these dating gurus are always ugly and weird.

No. 1290971

why not make it yourself, it's super easy!

No. 1290977

Wait fuck you're right kek.

No. 1290981

It’s because dumb scrotes live vicariously through these men.

No. 1290987

What is there to live through? They are ugly and weird and usually admit to using money to get women. They never pick men women actually want to be with to idolize its always weird autists.

No. 1290994

Honestly I don’t know other than they see a male doing what they want and feel like that’s what they need to do as retarded as it is. Men don’t check other men when they say or do sexist things. They’re superficial and dumb

No. 1290995

Why the indian man hate thread gone. I wanted to vent about all of the weird indian men I've met in my life.

No. 1291002

Probably because the thread op was created by..such and such or someone adjendent to that, there was at least one self-admitted male there. Some of the vents/criticisms were legit but over time there were posts about "BBC", sissy fetish stuff, /pol/ sounding posts and defending pedos.

No. 1291003

samefag also the same poster kept randomly bringing up indian men in completely unrelated threads throughout the site

No. 1291015

Based. I also have horrible time management skills.

No. 1291016

They are so cute. They need to replace all the old milk and weird porny looking banners. I hate those

No. 1291022

Goat cheese isn't that good honestly

No. 1291027

there is still time to delete this, nonnie

No. 1291028

I mean, I did report whatever stupid moid posts I saw, maybe if we had actual farmhands the thread could've been kept up instead of nuked. It's whatever I guess

No. 1291033

I stand on what I said. And I have a confession…..

American cheese is ONE of my favorites.

No. 1291035

what about queso fresco?

No. 1291037

it's possible that the IP used to make the thread could've also been the same IP used by certain outsiders, thus any posts using that IP get deleted (I noticed the random posts about indians in other threads, along with so-and-so were deleted around the same time the thread was deleted). but threads like that are kind of a racebait magnet either way.

No. 1291038

It's good. I actually have some to make elote dip later. Iirc it's pretty mild though.

No. 1291040

i love gouda mozzarela and cream cheese i have never eaten a different kind does anybody have a reccomendation of a simmilar yet different cheese

No. 1291043

Try feta and ricotta

No. 1291047

File: 1659730963095.jpg (23.11 KB, 299x300, 20003700000.0.jpg)

Sorry I am going to recommend you my favorite cheese of all time which isn't really like the others (I think? I don't know, I'm not well versed in cheese I just eat whatever): fromager d'affinois. It might be a bit harder to find, regular grocery stores most likely won't have it, but if you ever happen upon it, I highly recommend it. It's meant to be eaten at room temp. The texture is soft and gooey, similar to a caramel. The taste is mild, sort of buttery with a tiny bit of funk at the end. The first time I ever saw it, the tag said that it was "the creamier cousin of brie." I hate brie but I like this one a lot. Apparently it's a popular introduction cheese or something like that.

Also I know you don't like goat cheese but I would also recommend Meredith Dairy's marinated sheep and goat cheese. It's just like really salty good butter. I haven't tried goat cheese outside of this kind.

No. 1291052

File: 1659731211197.jpg (65.84 KB, 640x520, 5u4djbwdqxc91.jpg)

Gonna drink and read all of the messed up "x reader" fanfics about my husbando. Have a good friday nonnie.

No. 1291053

File: 1659731215332.jpeg (14.04 KB, 225x225, images (1).jpeg)

Brie cheese that melts in your mouth or a nice savory goat cheese topped with nuts or fruit

No. 1291054

>Also I know you don't like goat cheese
That was me, not that anon lol. I will take your suggestion though.

No. 1291058

ive heard feta is great in kebabs ill be sure to try it thanks
thanks a lot the pic looks amazing

No. 1291070

thank you for reminding me to do the same nonna

No. 1291104

File: 1659733313966.gif (141.24 KB, 200x200, ComfyFridaysBestFridays.gif)

Have fun!!

No. 1291107

File: 1659733554382.gif (3.14 MB, 464x640, kermit.gif)

My passport just arrived in the mail and I'm surprised by how much I like my photo. I'm not photogenic at all and usually look like shit (especially when it's a photo taken by another person). But it probably helps that my mom was fawning over how cute she thought I looked in it kek I think it gave me a self esteem boost

No. 1291116

File: 1659734132688.jpg (123.52 KB, 678x914, FYlD2AAUcAAHjW9.jpg)

I can't believe this girl is only 13. She looks older compared to the other girls in her kpop group wtf

No. 1291130

ain't no way…

No. 1291143

She'd probably look her age without all those weird clothes and accesoires.

No. 1291178

wtf she looks like a 18/19 year old. They gave her so much ps and lip filler. Korea is truly a cursed country. Japan lite, is what I call it. Smaller country, with the small shitty sexism and pedophilia.

No. 1291195

i've been randomly seething/thinking mean shit about my nigel the past few days and idk what's wrong with me, literally when everything is fine/perfect i'm just being stressed and horrible in my own head… it's like i don't know how to fucking relax when everything is good. i have never had a relationship this normal in my life. have any other nonnies gone through this?

No. 1291207

File: 1659738574588.jpg (27.23 KB, 407x407, EwcNi45UYAEwdAZ.jpg)

I don't care what anyone says, I will happily wear my bonnet in public with no shame.

No. 1291208

Good for you! Continue to wear it.

No. 1291209

sometimes, usually it’s just the week and a half before my period starts or i had a bad dream or i have my ex on my mind or something

No. 1291217

I wish my friends had long hair so I could braid it, I just want a braiding train sleepover again goddamnit. Doing hairstyles on yourself is boring and annoying, I want to see what I'm doing smh.

No. 1291223

Braid my medium length hair please nonita I'd love a crazy 1830 hairstyle

No. 1291228

File: 1659739400922.jpg (138.33 KB, 1080x1354, 1280.jpg)


No. 1291230

I watched this movie and I couldn’t understand why anyone had any sympathy for the husband. And the ending was fucking pathetic. Overall extremely dumb but I love that the wife thrives after the divorce. Also it made me hate Adam Driver

No. 1291231

Why does this read like a tranny sleepover fantasy. No offense anon if you aren't the tranny

No. 1291234

Nta but it doesn't read like a tranny post, dont be ridiculous anon.

No. 1291239

This is hilarious, I’ve never seen a man come so close to the truth of males being the ontological opposites of beauty and goodness then go off-track so hard. Think a little bit harder buddy, maybe you will comprehend the only remotely human-looking males register as such because their camouflage as breastless and hipless women kind of works on a subconscious level.

No. 1291263

Anons, please tell me if I should go play sims or watch some parts of that one favorite Let's Play of mine. I'm cramping really bad this month around and both are equally comforting to me. I'm going to take a shower and will be back in around forty minutes, even if it's just a single person, please have responded by then.

No. 1291264

I miss the forbidden man sperging, I feel like we lost the last batch of his fans when the bunker threads happened.

No. 1291268

The let's play sounds nice and relaxing, I'd do that. Hope you feel better after your showe.

No. 1291270

File: 1659742111940.jpg (47.39 KB, 736x731, f6aaed6ab5d33cffba26c588745b67…)

Way to confirm himself as a fatty fat fatso fat fuck

No. 1291276

Why not do both? Chill and play sims while watching the let's play on your phone or something.
If you can't though, I say watch the lets play.

No. 1291277

Watch Let's Plays while drinking ginger tea.

No. 1291281

File: 1659742785398.gif (2.3 MB, 498x498, 06c2ca04902fe6a596488364f5311e…)

I see your forbidden man and I raise you forbidden dogboy

No. 1291283

So, it's been a while. Is it still impermissible to say Adam Driver? guess I'll find out now

No. 1291284

File: 1659742924608.png (10.19 KB, 327x111, beyonce.PNG)

I'm not a conspiracy theorist, but sometimes I get them tbh. If I believed that Beyonce is a devil-worshipping soul sucking witch I would be going crazy over this lyric. And coincidentally this is my favorite part of this song

No. 1291288

wait. how old is he?

No. 1291290

samefag he's legal. its ok

No. 1291292

File: 1659743763821.gif (4.3 MB, 372x342, 0177aa462a80db50af3f9003b71dbe…)

No. 1291295

What bts is this one?

No. 1291296

Feeling a bit better, thanks for the responses everyone, I guess the let's play it is then.

No. 1291297


No. 1291298

File: 1659743959246.gif (4.8 MB, 640x640, well-hey-wink.gif)

I like that he can't wink, just like Rihanna can't. If I started a celebrities that can't wink gif thread on /m, would I get b& for shit threading?

No. 1291299

Petition for anons to post Rihanna gifs instead of the forced kpop shit

No. 1291301

the retarded shitposting thread doesn't bump anymore..

No. 1291302

Yeah? Why would it

No. 1291314

Spicy food is really so unenjoyable

No. 1291317

File: 1659745462157.png (15.69 KB, 633x758, 318271da980706f7a18a811c3456a7…)


No. 1291319

Spicefags are so delicate…

No. 1291327

File: 1659746448054.png (304.8 KB, 360x450, NewJeans_Hyein_profile_photo_(…)

She still looks about 18-22 in natural style clothes and makeup imo

No. 1291332

I will never understand why girls under 18 are allowed to be idols, especially since majority of their fans are gross pedo moids

No. 1291337

Because gross pedo moids spend the most cash and the companies get to use the girls for much longer and then toss them out at 26. These companies don't care about morals just cash.
The lyrics to their songs are very inappropriate for them to be singing considering the oldest one is 17

No. 1291340

There are JUNIOR IDOLS who are like middle school age and the majority of the 'fans' are men. Total blackpill

No. 1291342

Hmm, why are the pizza rolls gone

No. 1291345

I've seen japanese moids try to excuse this by saying they stan 10 year olds because they want a daughter and see them as their own daughter. Yeah sure lol why not just get a wife your own age and have kids then if that's the whole reason you Stan kids?

No. 1291348

there are junior "gravure" idols in japan also. they're literally 14 year olds posing for sexy magazines in bikinis.

No. 1291349

i saw this in an interview about waifuism shit. it's disgusting.

No. 1291350

They have gravure idols as young as 6 though and it's perfectly legal there

No. 1291352

File: 1659748223888.jpeg (109.37 KB, 768x1024, 58DE9547-862E-4978-8DCC-6070AD…)

They expect anyone to believe that?

No. 1291358

someone correct me if I'm wrong but wasn't cp legal there up until fairly recently? I looked it up and apparently it wasn't banned until 2014? I wish they'd ban the weird child idol and underaged gravure shit too

No. 1291359

I've seen delusional women in the Korean and Japanese idol Fandom who believe it. They thinks it's wholesome because "awww he just wants to see her grow up!".

No. 1291360

It was banned in 2014 but even know the punishment if pretty lax,only a year in prison or a 5k fine.

No. 1291362

gravure is literally softcore porn.
well, he does! into a full fledged porn star…

also just so we all know, you can still become a geisha in japan as an underage girl(starting at 13 or so i think) and sell off your virginity to old men at while underage. it's "not a requirement" anymore but still can be done at her request according to an interview i saw.

No. 1291367

that's horrible, to me it seems like they don't care at all and only made the law to save face amongst other countries

No. 1291368


Most people don't know this but child gravure is legal in America too. There are tons of legal websites here that sell this content of underage American girls. As long as long as they completely naked or engaging in sex. Japan is just more open about it.

No. 1291369

As long as they arent*

No. 1291375

File: 1659749689130.jpeg (28.65 KB, 460x258, A495B832-7C74-4B3E-B434-A530B8…)

I think men should go extinct

No. 1291379

File: 1659750285058.jpeg (86.39 KB, 828x796, proxyimage.jpeg)

tbh i don't understand people hating an actor due to a character they played, they're both separate. especially when it gets to the point of people sending hate mail and threats, they should send it to the writers kek

No. 1291381

samefag am NOT a driverfag i just found the pic funny

No. 1291408

I'm stunned no women in Japan haven't started bombing or shooting up these companies.

No. 1291415

Didn't expect to see someone's placenta today but I guess I did

No. 1291417

File: 1659753152113.jpg (8.35 KB, 275x274, 1651648457690.jpg)

I think he's pretty cute ngl

No. 1291420

We have the same companies in America too and American women aren't doing anything about it either

No. 1291421

did you eat it

No. 1291424

I stumbled upon one of these websites once and it was so fucking sinister and upsetting. I was pretty sure it was a front for CP, too scared to check whether it got taken down after reporting

No. 1291426

The current staff were caught spamming CP here earlier tonight sooooo

No. 1291429

File: 1659753590784.jpeg (72.96 KB, 1135x622, D4D7B464-6878-43F2-8CDB-2820DF…)

i miss how i am and what i have back then in 2017

No. 1291432

I fucking hate how freezer burn smells. It's not strong but so awful.

No. 1291441

File: 1659754401274.jpg (16.23 KB, 400x400, L4b1guuv_400x400.jpg)

>le daydream time
>current daydream plot is about me and my husbando as the only two people after the apocalypse
>we start out strangers
>become closer as the days pass
>eventually become what could be considered friends
>here comes the obligatory "breaking moment"
>we start talking about our lives before the apocalypse
>i start telling him about my friends and family and job and life
>i begin to tear up
>in fantasy AND in real life
>"i miss my friends and my family and my cat and my dog and my shitty minimum wage job and my shitty coworkers and i miss my pathetic, miserable, mediocre, uneventful life"
>i am now full on crying irl
Anons. What mental illness is this.

No. 1291442

I'd make out with her unironically.


I like wearing thongs to bed in order to allow my ass to breathe.

No. 1291444

Don't be weird.

No. 1291459

You have feelings, nonna.

No. 1291507

>when motherfuckers aren't just cluster B, but the whole fucking cumulus cloud B of personality disorders

No. 1291510

>when you armchair diagnose people you don’t like

No. 1291516

File: 1659760555136.jpeg (516.87 KB, 1125x1651, 72935D74-1B06-491F-A874-D083A8…)

life is weird tbh

No. 1291518

Genuinely or is this the schizo guy saying this?

No. 1291521

>wanting the results of the behavioral acid bath people not actively making an effort to be treated exhibit
We used to call this "instinct", but now we just ignore it because it hurts feelings.

No. 1291527

I was asking with the implication you'd have proof.

No. 1291529

File: 1659761343377.jpeg (314.71 KB, 1433x2048, 3D8EBD76-2D88-4E64-903D-66E7C9…)

actually fucking nevermind you're probably him

No. 1291533

No. Don't pay attention to terrorists. They do mental gymnastics to justify their own actions and lie profusely to make themselves come out looking like a savior. Find a cozy spot that hasn't been shat up and hole up until it passes.

No. 1291537

File: 1659761647649.png (58.24 KB, 919x758, tranny.png)

No. 1291547

File: 1659761975929.jpeg (198.86 KB, 600x800, 5F2BC014-B783-443C-AE0A-7B00C1…)

it's TERF or nothing
she should've been permabanned a long time ago, what gives

No. 1291549

Why would you genuinely believe that, anon…

No. 1291551

File: 1659762149061.jpg (27.96 KB, 828x803, 1256000a71e6e0fbcd09c850552988…)

I don't know much anything about music but I've recently been learning more about vocal types, and man opera music is really cool. I really like coloratura sopranos.

No. 1291552

spot on accuracy

No. 1291558

Shut the fuck up PEDOPHILE everyone here hates you, I hope you get raided you kiddiediddler

No. 1291565

I had a gullible moment

No. 1291610

>wanting the results of the behavioral acid bath people not actively making an effort to be treated exhibit
NTA but what. Is the AI acting up again cause I read this 10 times and still don't understand a word of it

No. 1291611

File: 1659764608250.jpeg (26.46 KB, 315x455, FBD8E796-2879-424A-BF54-E674C4…)

I wish there was a way to teach the english only nonnies some meme spanish so that way we can speak without moids and troons coming in

No. 1291612

Do you smell burnt toast

No. 1291616

File: 1659765214009.gif (1.9 MB, 498x372, nanami-kiryuu-dramatic.gif)

Having my yearly spout of having a lot of feelings about Revolutionary Girl Utena again, and disappointed by how my friends get bored watching it because of how Anthy gets slapped around at the start of the series so they refuse to watch more than a couple of episodes (not that I really blame them, first season is a bit slow compared to modern animes)

No. 1291623

Couldn't be assed to figure out the punctuation and was aggravated.

No. 1291634

i'm the anon who originally posted that and i believe this tbh. i half-watched one documentary about parallel universes and my imagination ain't shut up with "what if china colonized the new world" and "what if christianity and islam never took off and now hinduism, buddhism, and zoroastrianism are the only dominant religions" since. and all as a backdrop for some salacious stories about clit-lickin' ladies

No. 1291676

File: 1659773987357.jpg (30.6 KB, 428x265, farm.jpg)

Someone insert Elsie into this

No. 1291690

This Arab guy who works at his dad's chicken shop gave me his number. And he gives me pick me boy vibes always calling himself ugly. I don't want to respond mean because he won't give me free chicken anymore but I also don't want to make him too confident and miss out on free gifts and food. Jot sure what to do in this situation.

No. 1291695

Act emotionally unavailable always. Arab men hate women who show interest back (or at least act like they do)

No. 1291698

>Arab men hate women who show interest back

Oh so like all men lol this is why I don't interact with scrotes its hard for me to be mean unprovoked

No. 1291701

Keep interacting with the ckicken
Show interest in the chicken
Laud the chicken

No. 1291702

i respect parrot and bird owners (who treat them well) for comitting to the long lives, constant talking, and not petting them all over.

No. 1291703

Yeah but won't he not want to give it to me if I'm not nice or whatever?idk how to respond when he's calling himself ugly. I'm scared to say he's handsome because we all know what this does to scrotes ego.

No. 1291704

>idk how to respond when he's calling himself ugly
say that the chicken is delicious

No. 1291714

Should I be concerned? I've been having pain under my armpit/neck/chest area, heart burn a lot, tired/can't sleep, and my cat will not leave me alone. She usually doesn't care if I'm sick or not feeling well, but she is almost glued to me. It's unnerving.

No. 1291728

I'm going to the hospital on Tuesday morning for a simple consultation, I'll take this as an opportunity to pig out at Burger King once it's over because it's very close to the hospital and I hate cooking.

No. 1291846

You remember that recent magazine cover with Brad Pitt looking like an ugly, pale corpse? I saw someone saying on twitter that he looks like Frank Dubosc now that he's old and that alcoholism fucked him up and I can't unsee it.

No. 1291889

Anyone else hear BFG Division in this?

No. 1291891

BFG Division for comparison

No. 1291898

Go to the doctor and have them test your blood for inflammation markers. I had what I thought was heartburn after being sick, and it turned out to be heart inflammation. Feel better nona

No. 1291935

German is the stupidest language I have ever heard in my life. What the fuck is an ich hasse kinder.

No. 1291936

I'm at work which means it's DAYDREAM about my HUSBANDO time. I wish I could talk about him in /g/ but I'd become a namefag so quickly because nobody else talks about him here. Kms. At least I have my pathetic little fantasies ♥

No. 1291941

You hate kids

No. 1291962

That's not what being a namefag is. Also you can mention him every once in a while if you're worried about becoming too recognizable/annoying, though no one would mind if you're the only one who talks about him as long as you keep your husbandoposting contained in the respective threads. Literally no one cares, actually they would be happy to know who it is.

No. 1291985

Ngl anon, when I spot a [HUSBANDO]fag on /ot/ or the non-designated husbando boards I feel kind of bad for them because, to me, being so easily recognizable on an anon imageboard is an embarrassing concept. There are multiple Ezra and Danofags but wrt to my ugly 3D husbando there's just me. And he is fugly kek and so I wouldn't want to subject the kind nonnies here to his fugliness too much.
Anyway the daydream is getting GOOD during this shift and I've had to stop myself from laughing out loud/tearing up at work KEKKK. Insanity.

No. 1292003

The word "mouthfeel" has been forever ruined by trannies to me and now I can't see it without throwing up in my mouth. I hate it. I will never be able to take wine tasting courses.

No. 1292006

File: 1659804461263.jpeg (47.32 KB, 826x167, 88657615-94C9-4419-905F-0FF80B…)

I hope the moid who sent this to another obviously shopped moid gets diarrhea

No. 1292017

File: 1659805559434.png (1.05 MB, 960x640, unknown (1).png)

Last hour to join stable diffusion beta before it closes (text to image on par with dalle2). You can use a sock if you want


No. 1292019

I posted this without reading the most recent comments on this thread and it ended up being mildly relevant lmao Godspeed husbandofags nonners

No. 1292080

I love how men can’t even prevent themselves from having a creepy overly sexual, obviously male “hur hur so funny” overtone whenever they try to larp as women online. Always the most obviously male shit and they pretend it’s like, avant-garde or something.

No. 1292094

Will do. Thank you, nonita!

No. 1292102

One giveaway sign is also their extremely male "Heh, checkmate" reddit tier argumentation that's so smarmy you can hear the cartoonish smirk.
>So as you can see, water is wet.
>"Might you have.. a source for that, nonnie?"
>Why yes, here are multiple resources for you to research.
>"Heh… I'm not going to read a bunch of SJW propaganda about water being wet."

No. 1292117

>to me, being so easily recognizable on an anon imageboard is an embarrassing concept.
Yeah me too though I wouldn't mind avatarfagging on 4chan because I don't care about post quality there, or on a small imageboard where rules and board culture aren't so strict. I don't do it or encourage it here because I actually do care about this site and its rules, and also care about fellow farmers so I don't want them to be bullied lol
also, personally, I wouldn't mind seeing your ugly 3D husbando but I understand that you gotta post him in the unconventional thread because most people here do mind. And I thought your husbando was 2D kekk the 2d husbando threads are way less judgemental

No. 1292145

i love lesbians so much, they're my favorite demographic of people. A lesbian couple came to my rescue in a parking lot at night when my car wouldn't start and saved me from creepy men. I got a delicious recipe from a lesbian on TikTok that I make all the time. Lesbians make the world a better place, moreso than nonlesbians. If I'm ever in a position of authority where I have to choose a person for a promotion or an award or something and one of them is a lesbian you know I'm going straight for her without even thinking about it. If I have the option of learning something either from a lesbian or someone who isn't a lesbian I will always choose the lesbian because they are wise, they are knowledgeable, they are compassionate, they are thorough. I love you, lesbians. You are the pinnacle to me.

No. 1292152

are you a lesbian yourself?
not that i disagree, just wondering

No. 1292178

File: 1659814352738.gif (492.81 KB, 220x329, alien-gif.gif)

800 588 2300 EMPIRE

No. 1292186

No. 1292188

File: 1659814835142.png (261.9 KB, 592x541, Screenshot.png)

we need to RETVRN

No. 1292196

that word always sounded cringe even before trannies used it

No. 1292210

>167 cm
>An amazon
Damn as an average height nordic woman I feel really powerful now.

No. 1292218

That's a word????

No. 1292220

How did trannies ruin it?

No. 1292251

Mustard is good on bagels but no one likes to talk about it

No. 1292254

by using it to talk in graphic detail about how their dicks are totally different from "cis men dicks"

No. 1292259

The comparative to slender is slenderer???

No. 1292260

What kind of mustard? Better not be yellow mustard.

No. 1292262


No. 1292267

File: 1659818850659.jpg (49.98 KB, 720x731, 1636308748808.jpg)

>click youtube video titled OMG BABY SAYS _____
>the baby literally just goes "aooieiuioeyyoo"
>parent loses their shit because they hear what they want to hear
Every fucking time

No. 1292270

Yes, yellow mustard. I'm eating one right now with provolone, cream cheese, tomato and mustard.

No. 1292290

I wonder if parents who do that are the ones who keep projecting onto their kids when they can talk and play soccer and shit

No. 1292301

The internet got so much worse once normies invaded it and started to use the words "joke" and "meme" like they're synonymous.

No. 1292310

i love soggy nachos

No. 1292375

I saw that one and felt the same but because the baby is obviously repeating the mom's sounds right after she said "I love you," it wasn't out of nowhere or even that good. it's still cute though
nah it's not that deep, all parents are hoping to hear their baby say things

No. 1292388

File: 1659824893559.jpg (46.17 KB, 500x376, marge.jpg)

I'll krump with you sweetie

No. 1292411

i love my bed so much……zzz

No. 1292418

My mother insists those were my very first words and tells me and everyone else this story over and over again for decades. Idiotic

No. 1292464

nope, I'm straight unfortunately.

No. 1292473

Samefagging because I need to share this. Her and Yma Sumac are like goddesses or something

No. 1292484

No. 1292495

File: 1659833441622.png (1.37 MB, 1600x900, 3_young_woman_an_home_resting_…)

I love taking a nap on the floor. I always feel much more refreshed than if I were in a bed.

No. 1292501

Honestly same. I used to do this a lot as a child and my parents refused to accept this. Now i am forced to sleep on a bed that's really high up and I fucking hate it.

No. 1292514

File: 1659834322311.gif (308.58 KB, 500x256, lilo.gif)

sometimes i feel like i have all this tight energy in my back and shoulders and i just need to lay on the floor for a while, my husband thinks its weird but doesnt comment

No. 1292526

Your back likes varying pressure. Especially if it's carpet it's no big deal.

No. 1292540

I feel bad when people in alternative subcultures(example goths)complain about their scene dying but then I remember they ruined it themselves by gate keeping everything and being racist. Ya Gate keeped so much now you're irrelevant.

No. 1292542

Haha I would nonna that sounds awesome
Oh I'm not a tranny, and definetely not THE tranny but my close friends all have short hair kek

No. 1292551

doesn't that hurt?

No. 1292566

I just spent $300 on earrings today and will probably continue to spend a little bit more because one of the designers is going to be dropping like three more batches of designs. No regrets, I'm gonna be the talk of the town with my cute ass earrings.

No. 1292568

normies getting into it killed it if anything, it was more active before becoming mainstream

No. 1292569

I have a loft bed so I take floor naps when I'm too lazy to climb into bed. It really is just more comfy sometimes.

No. 1292572

File: 1659840544767.jpg (11.07 KB, 318x313, 1625380598126.jpg)

>tfw craving food from a local asian joint
>$10(USD) for a tempura roll
>want two of em
>another $10 for a set of 4 baked mussels
>and then another couple of bucks for some coffee
>don't want to dine in nor drive over for pickup
>fucking $50+ for the total

No. 1292573

Always the yts fault huh. Not everyone is racist or gives a singular fuck about the color of your skin in a subculture, they only care if you’re a poser.

No. 1292574

Sometimes I don't get why people ask for advice on huge things here. This is still an anonymous site, a lot of anons will not look out for your best interest

No. 1292592

I saw a video once of a meet-and-greet for a group of child models/idols (they were very young looking, like elementary school-aged) and it was disgusting, the majority of the “fans” waiting in line to shake their hands and take pictures together were were fat, old men. So many gross adult men, lining up and taking photos of these children and acting like fanboys, getting visibly worked up and talking about how excited they are to be there. Makes me want to throw up

No. 1292614

yeah but it's an anonymous site; no one will know I'm so stupid I have to ask for help

No. 1292630

lol same that’s why I use it, too.

No. 1292656

Honestly sometimes I need advice that’s basically free of bias, just don’t be so stupid as to not take the advice with a grain of salt I guess?

No. 1292667

It's awfully quiet tonight. Are things finally back to normal here?

No. 1292672

I thought my bf's sister's husband was in his 40s (though with a bit of a baby face) but turns out he's 29! I'm honestly shocked.

No. 1292680

In a way I'm kind of glad I was an ana chan in the past because in a way it makes me panic less about my weight. People who were never ana Chand have no idea how calories work and do all these fad diets etc and never lose anything. Even though I'm dare near over weight I don't care much because I know I can easily lose all this weight pretty quickly whenever I feel like it because I know how.

No. 1292682

Damn near*

No. 1292685

losing weight too quickly isn't really good either though

No. 1292689

It's not good but it's comforting to know being fat isn't permanent for me

No. 1292698

Is it possible to just kind of not like your mom?

She's been overbearing in the past (an understatement, my dad is awful but she's dependent and I know for sure as a child I was an emotional surrogate for a lot of things) and she'd be overbearing now if I gave her the chance. I've moved country and whenever we talk I'm like…office polite? But for a mother daughter relationship. I feel no connection at all. On a base level I love her, but I don't want her in my life at all, she irritates me.

No. 1292699

If you're trying to sit here and tell me alternative scenes weren't racist as fuck in their peak you're delusional

No. 1292700

Teach me how calories work because I need to lose 30 pounds

No. 1292701

Find out your tdee and eat that everyday and get a food scale.

No. 1292702

I don't like my mom either, she never really felt like my mom and was just a drunk toddler I had to mind and tiptoe around and the longer I'm away from her the more I don't think about her at all. Though she's coming into town at the end of the month kek and I'll probably have to interact with her at least once or twice for the first time in years.

No. 1292703

Yeah, I feel like this about my mom except I’d go as far as to say I honestly hate her. My dad too. I don’t like either of them, I think they’re stupid, pathetic people.

No. 1292718

Kek if it really were because of that, shouldn't their fanbases be mostly women? Why their fans almost exclusively grown ass, fat, creepy, autistic men? Moids really think people (women) can't see past their bullshit pedo excuses and will gaslight you into thinking you're seeing pedoshit where there isn't any.

Would you happen to have a link to that video? I'm curious about how they related that to waifuism, maybe I'll learn something new and disgusting about it

No. 1292719

that's true but getting everyone on the internet is the plan of internet and tech companies (and all companies, really) to sell everyone more crap. No person who doesn't know at least a little bit of how computers work should be using the internet for more than educational purposes.

No. 1292737

File: 1659859667527.jpg (8.8 KB, 248x203, Z(6).jpg)

I've been craving cheap chocolate and sour candy since yesterday evening and the only thing that's stopping me from getting it is that I don't feel like cycling for 20 minutes back and forth and I know I will feel guilty over wasting petrol on something as stupid as chocolate and candy.

No. 1292740

File: 1659860016429.jpg (204.16 KB, 800x533, 8006de6b5836c6b41b8cb757b73137…)

I can't wait to get my living situation in order so I csn buy stupid shit. I want this doll so bad.

No. 1292753

File: 1659861311557.jpeg (99.65 KB, 1080x821, 304B2CBD-44F7-4678-AB60-63E2D0…)

Why do men who live with their parents always think they’re Batman

No. 1292756

Anon it looks like those men who cross dress and wear those masks—

No. 1292757

They can't be Batman, Batman's parents are dead

No. 1292767

But why do they think they are anon. Why do they think they are.

No. 1292771

File: 1659862204236.jpg (165.56 KB, 682x1024, 15071975088_4462cf1dbe_b.jpg)

They kinda do but i still want one

No. 1292774

How expensive are they? Please don’t tell me they’re like, a ridiculous price lol

No. 1292775

File: 1659862383830.jpeg (30.42 KB, 852x960, F8537E08-EC3A-4D86-B3BD-000184…)

These dolls are so cute anon! I hope you can get one someday

No. 1292790

File: 1659863401749.jpg (147.44 KB, 1023x681, 15071821799_9e2a8d9d23_b.jpg)

Usually around 100ish dollars

No. 1292813

that's because this is what those dudes based it on. if you like the anime aestheticq these are super cute and have really intricate, non-sexual outfits.

No. 1292815

they look weird and bloated and mouthless

No. 1292819

nta but really? Men really do ruin everything they touch.

No. 1292832

File: 1659866198028.jpg (103.42 KB, 600x600, CatImage-46-C.jpg)

yes. some brands of these dolls catered more to women into japanese street fashion, and men just sexualize everything to hell. so now fashion dolls are more stylized so you don't look like a creepy otaku. this is an example of an older fashion anime doll.

No. 1292837

File: 1659866544039.jpg (17.15 KB, 217x488, s-l640 (2).jpg)

these kinds of dolls are more popular now for women, though they have also been around forever. i don't really like their proportions though. but i understand not wanting to be confused for a creepy fetishist…

No. 1292840

Even though I find both cute that's so sad. I never knew that. Thanks, anon.

No. 1292907

File: 1659876665344.jpg (81.05 KB, 428x637, friendshipgoals.jpg)

No. 1292917

The woman with the glasses looks like a bad bitch.

No. 1292918

I was gonna say. something about how she looks. it gives me the sense of a deep connection somehow. or I'm schizo.

No. 1292932

Dang so white people were doing it first.

No. 1292933

they were always doing it first nonnie they just wrapped it in a pretty little bow and called it democracy kek

No. 1292936

doing what first? being in gangs kek?
also what you wrote sounded like something from twitter. why must it be 'white people' they are badass iconic women!!!

No. 1292938

the uk has the most iconic gangs

No. 1292939

because they’re clearly white are you blind or do we have to be politically correct now and not say they are white?

No. 1292942

no it is the opposite of being politically correct. why does race always have to be bought up. if it was 'black women' then it would be different

No. 1292948

>badass iconic women
Do you think the same thing about the modern women who walk into Ulta and take everything or is this really about idealizing one group

No. 1292950

Nta but I do.

No. 1292956

Is this supposed to be an own? lmao

No. 1292957

kek not at all, I think it is because these women were the first of this kind, back when women could not even vote. but these women were feared by everyone including men
> They acquired most of their goods through shoplifting, seducing and blackmailing influential men, and conning their way into jobs as housemaids—only to loot the homes where they worked.

No. 1292962

A ghetto bitch is a ghetto bitch whether or not she's in the 1800s wearing a monocle

No. 1292963

> A ghetto bitch
um anon have some respect?

No. 1292974

Then ghetto bitches are based

No. 1292990

I think she just has insane charisma kek, I had saved this pic in the past (without the text above) because of how cool she looked, I wanted so bad to dress like her but knowing who she is it's even better !

No. 1293001

You are boring and not based. Women should be allowed to steal whatever they want from whatever store. Women deserve free things.

No. 1293021

I have a hard time believing that bisexuality really does exist and it doesn’t help that I’ve never met a bi man and I can’t remember even having heard of one either, while there’s tons of “bi” women

No. 1293026

there are TONS of bi men. men are very easily memed into any sexuality, interest, or fetish. they are not real people capable of developing solid identities.

No. 1293027

i know this is the dumbass shit thread, but i didn't know people were this dumb. bi men aren't going to get anything out of announcing they're bi, and most bi people have straight relationships because it's more acceptable. as for bi women, most of the ones claiming to be bi are pick mes doing it for attention because "hawt lesbians".

No. 1293030

I'm bi and it confused me my whole life how I was attracted to both male and female at the same time until I got to adulthood and stopped questioning it.
You know what I would never feel attracted to? Trans girls

No. 1293041

i know a lot of bi men. For all of them it literally means they are horny 24/7 and "hole is a hole".

No. 1293043

this is my experience as well

No. 1293097

I touched something dirty and then I washed my hands very well two times but then I touched my mouth!! Can't wait to still get some desease because two times weren't enough hahaaa

No. 1293111

File: 1659891086711.webm (1.7 MB, 720x1280, funnyanimalsvidz_20220803_reel…)

Wtf, birds can sew?!

No. 1293117

what does this mean nonnies

No. 1293195

When I first saw the monkeypox thread I immediately scrolled down in horror because all I saw was flesh color and I just got scared there was a raid

No. 1293230

I hate that flies come all the way into your house just to go to your window and go bzztzzztbsjxjsz really loud.

No. 1293285

Do you guys think Kaitlyn Tiffany ever comes back

No. 1293367

My cat's paté smells like a sausage. A cheap sausage that i've been eating since childhood and it makes me so hughry. I don't have any meat, or anything salty till tuesday evening… i wont eat the paté. I never tasted any cat food but they smell really nice sometimes, especially tuna and i wonder if i'll ever be stupid enough to taste it.

No. 1293388

You are not alone anon… sometimes I think my cat's food smells SCRUMPTIOUS.

No. 1293401

File: 1659904278872.png (484.24 KB, 797x424, what the hell.png)

>In advance of the Beatles' arrival in the US, Time magazine reported that the "raucous sound" of the band's screaming fans made their concerts "slightly orgiastic". The seating at venues would be soaked in urine after each show and, in Doggett's description, "Sociologists noted that witnessing a pop group provoked orgasms amongst girls too young to understand what they were feeling."
lol what the fuck boomers

No. 1293416

i dare the ezrafags to post a single recent, not shit from 10+ years ago, not when he was a literal teen, RECENT image of ezra supposedly being handsome. you can't kek.

No. 1293425

Do people still do this? I recently heard that it was common for young women (and I very literally mean early 20s, not teens) seeing Elvis live would rip clumps of hair out of their own scalps. Like what was going on in the vintage boy band scene that had people just peeing all over the chairs?

No. 1293429

Heard similar things about Michael Jackson too. It's sounds insane, but I guess the modern day version of this would be BTS fangirls.

No. 1293431

Do you have a link to the sociology articles talking about this phenomenon? Weird but intriguing

No. 1293433

i think the logical explanation for the urin is they 1. didn’t want to miss a second of the show and get back from the toilets to your previous place would be a struggle 2. toilets were overcrovded and nasty as in any other big music show so they just peed on the spot. People still do that at music festivals yes… but not from excitement for the band kek

No. 1293484

The music isn't even that great. Not bad, but certainly not "pissing your pants and cumming" tier good. This and all those psycho fans of The Weeknd and Travis Scott really make me wonder

No. 1293485

File: 1659909085501.png (2.77 MB, 2000x1123, 1646239434814-winter-album-col…)

What has been your favorites albums and songs of the year so far anons? I would share mine but I would definitely get called a twitterfag so I'll just say that one of them is FKA Twigs Caprisongs.

No. 1293502

omg i love fka twigs. i like caprisongs - i was obsessed with “ride the dragon” for like MONTHS. but nothing can top magdalene for me.

No. 1293508

File: 1659911761152.png (154.51 KB, 443x370, 1651809208890.png)

Listening to this song I told my ex reminded me of him on repeat because I refuse to let him ruin it for me. It's mine, mine, mine.

No. 1293511

Iktf anon
I'm also going through a breakup and just doing all the hobbies I love by myself that she also loved doing because otherwise I would just associate these things with her and it would ruin these hobbies for me

No. 1293514

File: 1659912075184.jpg (83.11 KB, 627x680, media_FLnpAwPX0AAVXaK.jpg name…)


No. 1293517

Based. We don't need them, nonnie

No. 1293532

Sometimes I wonder if I just love my husbando or just want to be him

No. 1293601

I got an instagram notif recommending I follow an ex. When I clicked on her profile she legit looks like Isabella Janke now

No. 1293611

When I first started going to the gym to workout, I'd struggle to fill the hour. I'd do a handful of workouts, and maybe 1/4th of the time was spent on my phone, and another 1/4th on stretching out. Now I unintentionally spend like 2 hours at the gym doing a variety of workouts, rarely look at my phone besides to change music, stretching take around 10 minutes, and I leave feeling like I haven't done enough kek.

No. 1293614

You probably want to be more like him, but you can also love him at the same time, there's nothing wrong or weird about that. Hornet, wanting to literally be him sounds like kinnie/Aiden shit, be careful not to fall into that trap. Love yourself more as you are, nonna

No. 1293631

agree! my go-to was always the tomato mozzarella. sometimes the bread would get a bit soggy if left to get cold but it went really well with a caramel latte. Man I miss college fake money I never felt bad about eating 3 of those fuckers a day theyre also not super high in calories.

No. 1293653

File: 1659923296221.jpeg (407.67 KB, 1170x762, 4A2AEA1B-25EC-41A3-A512-9F8F55…)

I swear some of you need to be institutionalized.
>Oh no! I’m so scared some big strong authoritative government leader is gonna come hold me down and fill me with his essence while his wife scowls in the corner! I better stock up on more pharmaceuticals, or permanently mutilate the inside of my body!

This is how you children sound. I don’t care if I sound old or get “ok boomer”’d for this, you kids really need to start going outside into the real world and stop getting your news from singular tweets and tumblr posts. If your life is so cushy and easy that you can post about how you wanna stock up on abortifacients or get an incredibly expensive surgery (which you’re beyond privileged to even have the accessibility to do so in the first place) from your bed on your laptop, then I’m pretty sure you have more than enough freedom before you need to start worrying about “government forced rape”? And besides all of that, people always have a bunch of babies after wars end. Wait until the whole Russia v. Ukraine shit actually completes and you’ll see.

No. 1293673

I bet you would've sarcastically mocked people who thought Roe v Wade was gonna be overturned too, huh?

No. 1293680

Having fantasies about being forcibly impregnated isn’t normal and also isn’t realistic, especially for most of the dwellers on this website. But if these “breeding ranches” for people became an actual thing I guarantee you that none of us are gonna get rounded up for it. We’ll be working at the glue and gelatin factories shooting the horses and cows, it’s gonna be people with actually good genes and attractive/healthy bodies who aren’t blindingly autistic that are gonna be taken to the birth camps. Roe v Wade getting overturned really isn’t that big of a deal either way, because actual pregnancies/abortions from rape and incest occur at a staggeringly lower rate than anyone likes to actually accept. And besides it’s not like any of you would ever worry about needing an abortion. Nobody here is having sex, and if you are it’s definitely not with a man.

No. 1293689

I don't sleep on the floor but I used to love just lying there because the floor tiles were usually cooler than the bed (I live in a tropical region). It's very refreshing.

No. 1293694

fuqq my amazon order shipped and i forgot to cancel it- kinda dont want it kinda do idk

No. 1293702

Anon was clearly scared and overreacting but our reproductive rights are actually being taken away, so her post is significantly less unhinged and divorced from reality than yours.
>thinks roe v wade being overturned isn't a big deal
>thinks only rape and incest related pregnancies need abortions
>thinks nobody only this website full of women could ever possibly have sex, despite the fact nearly any woman can if she wishes and even if she doesn't, and our experiences with sex and relationships are discussed constantly

No. 1293704

You sound like a moid who heard on 4chan that this was a femcel site kek, women on here talk about having sex with and being in relationships with men all the time. It sounds like you're just pulling from your jerkoff fantasies with the 'breeding ranch' shit when she said nothing about that. It's a fact that there is a shift against reproductive rights going on currently at least in America, so even if she's being a bit paranoid in her post it's still very wise to be cautious at the moment.

No. 1293710

I hate that I always wait until the very last minute to get my college assignments done. I'm so easily distracted and a hardcore procrastinator, so the pressure of a looming deadline is the only thing that motivates me to work. I know this is a terrible habit but my grades are fine so I don't have it in me to stop. I am going to fuck myself over one of these days, I feel it in my bones. That is truly some dumbass shit.

No. 1293712

Some people are overreacting though. I've seen women brag out randomly lashing out on random people for not discussing roe 24/7 and immediately sterilizing themselves. It's a reasonable fear but some people are acting like they're going to witch hunt women is ridiculous

No. 1293723

First of all, Roe v Wade getting overturned really doesn’t effect anyone. It effects people who choose to have meaningless/transactional sex, but those people are irresponsible and are learning from the consequences of their own actions after pretending to not understand that sex = baby. Second of all, if you aren’t a rape victim or incest victim getting an abortion, why are you getting an abortion? For the lolz? There’s also way too much information going around trying to make women think that they’ll be “investigated” if they naturally miscarry or need miscarriage treatment, which we all know is blazingly false.
I’m a grown woman and I’ve been using lolcow for years. It’s really becoming overwhelmingly common for the zoomers on here to go EW MOID when you disagree with something another nonnie says. If you’re not a lesbian or femcel then okay, but I know based off my firsthand experience that those are the highest demographics on this website. Also, how am I the one who was having “fantasies”? Say that to the fucking freak who wrote the original post. It’s in the paranoia thread…

No. 1293727

File: 1659928170097.gif (428.77 KB, 220x183, tenor.gif)

…it's amazing how you can still tell when a moid is posting even when he tries to switch up his typing style to fit in with the humans

No. 1293728

>abortion debate in dumbass shit thread
>racebait and gore on /g/
>cp in /m/
just another lolcor sunday..

No. 1293729

oh the mods finally deleted the containment thread, that's why he's spreading out now

Remeber nonnies
>report all moid posts
>ignore all moid created threads
>hide all moid created threads

No. 1293730

Yeah, the aggressive posts are all his kek

No. 1293731

File: 1659928563471.jpg (30.29 KB, 960x783, fc1n9t7y2d681.jpg)

Another day, another male desperately inserting himself into female spaces because literally any attention from a woman is the highlight of his miserable existence

No. 1293732


No. 1293738

Why is it easier to pretend that a woman who has a differing opinion from you is some bloated E’d out moid when you could just confront the fact that as an adult woman I’m allowed to adopt and understand whatever beliefs or politics I see fit kek. And not only that, but I can’t do nothing to anybody. It’s not like I’m sat up in a SCOTUS chair. What do you guys think when you have a conversation with a woman face to face who has a different opinion on abortion from you? Do you just start chimping and asking her to remove the wig? Kek a lot of you need to go outside, and soon

No. 1293742

If there’s been some random moid or a troon begging for attention all day long then that sucks but I’m not taking credit for whatever actual gross shit he’s been doing just because I stated facts about something that really isn’t that big of a deal, in the grand scheme of things. Posting cp is way different from saying that it’s careless to purposefully have sex just to get an abortion.

No. 1293743

Guys this sounds like trannyhands.
>obsession with "not being allowed to have a differing opinion"
>obsession with "being called a moid despite being a grown ass woman"
>thinks women who get unwanted pregnancies are all irresponsible whores who get pregnant on purpose

No. 1293747

NONNY NONNY nonny ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎nonny
nonny NONNY NONNY ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎nonny

Don’t engage.
>report all moid posts
>ignore all moid created threads
>hide all moid created threads

NONNY NONNY nonny‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎
NONNY NONNY nonny ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎nonny

Don’t engage with the rapist no matter what.
You’re rewarding him with attention.

No. 1293749

File: 1659929040220.jpg (37.52 KB, 275x163, yskysn.jpg)

We're not all autistic fucks like your fail male self, we can recogize your retard typing style kys

No. 1293750

Being skinny and having long nails doesn’t cancel out the fact that I was born with XY chromosomes, two ovaries, and a uterus. Cope + enjoy your echo chamber

No. 1293753

>we can recognize your typing style
What does this even mean. I can understand recognizing someone’s rhetoric or like analogies they’ve used repeatedly but “typing style” go back to editing your caard faggot

No. 1293754

I apologize for not spending my entire 24 hours on lolcow.farm and just seeing what was in the paranoia thread?

No. 1293755

whoops sorry nonny I misread XY as XX and thought you were trannyhands admitting to it lmao

No. 1293758

NONNY ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ NONNY ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ nonny ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎nonny
‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ NONNY ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ nonny ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎nonny
NONNY ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ NONNY ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ nonny ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎nonny

Don’t engage.
>report all moid posts
>ignore all moid created threads
>hide all moid created threads

NONNY ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ NONNY ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ nonny ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎nonny
‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ NONNY ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ nonny ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎nonny
NONNY ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ NONNY ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ nonny ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎nonny

Don’t engage with the rapist no matter what.
You’re rewarding him with attention.

No. 1293759

I'll never be able to have a relationship or friends because I have no hobbies and I just like to shop. I'm 32 and I spend my days on shein buying clothes meant for 17 year olds, buying over priced dolls and being drunk. This is the happiest I've ever been.

No. 1293760

No, I’m the same user who posted the hand pic, but I’m a woman and have been since my parents got my sex confirmed at the ultrasound.

No. 1293761

Dolls are based, clothes are based (even though fast fashion isn't but you can't win 'em all), liking and collecting shit is totally a hobby and I'm into it nonnie. Spend that dough.

No. 1293762

If your genuinely happy then what's the problem? Not everyone needs a buzzing social life to be happy.

No. 1293763

Get outta here, monster hands

No. 1293765

Man, i just looooove the report button
Everytime it posts, i report it

No. 1293766

How is understanding that women have freedom of choice to say no to sex “callousness for women”? We aren’t inherent victims. Acting like we’re helpless individuals who are solely at mercy to the sperm guns surrounding us in this world is an actual moid take.

No. 1293767

I just want a little bit of peace and love

No. 1293768

Wow, censorship on lolcow.farm of other women…who could’ve possibly guessed…alert the media…

No. 1293769

NTA but I genuinely can't tell if that anon's post is satire or if it's the poster we're talking about kek that's how obsessed trannyhands is

No. 1293771

File: 1659929713816.gif (612.18 KB, 220x265, 1651097481041.gif)

I always feel
Somebody's watching meeeeee!

No. 1293773

NONNY ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ NONNY ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ nonny ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎nonny
‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ NONNY ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ nonny ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎nonny
NONNY ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ NONNY ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ nonny ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎nonny
Don’t engage.
>report all moid posts
>ignore all moid created threads
>hide all moid created threads

NONNY ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ NONNY ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ nonny ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎nonny
‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ NONNY ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ nonny ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎nonny
NONNY ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ NONNY ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ nonny ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎nonny
‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ Don’t engage with the rapist no matter what.
‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ You’re rewarding him with attention so he’ll keep doing it.

No. 1293774

File: 1659929733095.gif (91.46 KB, 1689x313, 1651875454836.gif)

oh it's the tradthot anachan from last time kek. try eating something today

No. 1293775

this gif fucking kek

No. 1293776

My hand hurty but I wanna draw fujoshit

No. 1293778

File: 1659929937308.jpg (13.21 KB, 275x197, comrade.jpg)

I support you nonny

No. 1293779

Ok before I go because infighting makes you look troony I’m just gonna say there’s nothing wrong with me having skinny hands and long nails. Yes my nailbeds are shaped like squares and it looks masculine but I was conceived a woman and will be one until I croak. Men don’t care enough about anything to give a shit about Roe v Wade so I really can’t imagine an actual man or a troon posting about this subject, especially to lolcow of all places, but the bottom line is we’re all on the internet and you have the freedom to do whatever you want, even if someone disagrees with you for saying such. I can’t stop anyone from getting an abortion and I wouldn’t even try to because that’d be a retarded waste of time but don’t call me a “rapist” just because we have differing opinions on how to use our current freedoms. That’s a really liberal use of a very strong word.

No. 1293780

You need moisturizer ASAP and Peace + Love and a burger

No. 1293782

Someone turned the saturation up on the original photo and flipped its direction to make my hand look like it was deep fried. I’m not brown I promise

No. 1293786

Men really are retarded to think that women have sex to get an abortion, they think we all live to spite them and that every rejection is to shit on them personally and that women would go through the shitness of pregnancy with the needing cravings, being sick, and getting fat just to spite them and abort for some reason. Do they realise being pregnant is the least fun part of sex/having kids, and that the fun parts women want are the child which comes after or the sex which feels good? Moids cope so hard because they all are pornsick and think porns real and that women get abortions because they behave like porn stars and project there sexual degeneracy and lack of trying to be responsible and prevent pregnancy on to women.

No. 1293787

File: 1659930297291.jpg (92.13 KB, 757x489, 0220807-23434.jpg)

new copypasta added

No. 1293788

File: 1659930307473.png (30.55 KB, 716x836, 1659338595435(1).png)

Mfw finding another vegan dessert recipe with 10 ingredients or less

No. 1293789


No. 1293790

>moids wouldn't post on lolcow.farm about abortion
>the minute Roe v Wade was overturned scrotes came to tell us to get fucked in the Roe v Wade thread
Lunacy kek.

No. 1293791

File: 1659930400135.png (211.47 KB, 998x937, 1525978139421.png)

Mfw it ends up tasting horrible

No. 1293792

Thank you nona! careful with that grip though, hand still hurty

No. 1293793

NOOOOOO nevermind

No. 1293794

Women don't have sex to have abortions on purpose you absolute retard, you pulled that out of your ass. It's not their fault if they're pressured by their scrotes to have sex or to have unprotected sex (the cause of many a teen pregnancy in my country). It's also not their fault if they choose not to use forms of birth control that fucks with their hormones and have scary side effects that are usually not talked about. Moids should be held responsible for the majority of unwanted pregnancies, women shouldn't be called "whores" when it's males who sleep around and pressure young women into sleeping with them without a condom.

I like this one >>1293750

No. 1293796

Who ever said that women “just get abortions to spite them” kek? I said that having careless sex, when sex literally only exists and only feels good because procreation with someone you love is meant to be orgasmic and pleasurable so that people want to continue having more babies, not just to bust another nut.
>Needing cravings, being sick, getting fat just to spite and abort them
You don’t have to do any of those things for it to still be careless to have random sex with people you don’t want to crosspollinate with.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1293797

Lmaoooo he couldn't get enough of being clowned on for his bad LARP and dropdead hideous putrified manhands and needed to come back for more. Even if it were a woman (which it is not), shed still be an obviously unwanted lying retard with fugly hands. Definitely a man though

No. 1293798

So they’re having sex and getting pregnant to keep the baby, then? Because the whole reason sex exists is to create another person.

No. 1293799

Yeah. Women can disagree on things, but when it comes to anons saying 'Actually I think women are stereotypes' or something along the lines of questioning womens personhood, then it's almost 100% a scrote.

No. 1293800

I’m not gonna face reveal or show the ultrasound where my parents found out I’m a girl. Stop being obsessed with my chromosomes and learn a trade or something

No. 1293801

Weren't you going to leave? kek

No. 1293802

Even when called out and mocked hysterically by tons of women they refuse to self reflect on how poorly they pass or learn like a healthy person to possess literally any shame for their actions

No. 1293803

File: 1659930831012.gif (417.53 KB, 915x149, 1651875957886.gif)

No. 1293804

Seriously tho what made your hands look like that?

No. 1293806


No. 1293809

>no empathy for women
Yeah I have no empathy for people who make the adult decision procreate and then are shocked when they end up pregnant and have to be responsible for their actions, but I have nothing against the sex I’m literally a part of. And I’m sorry for being someone who has a job and hasn’t been on here all day to see that someone apparently posted cp? But that has nothing to do with this.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1293810

Did you know that men are tremendously more promiscuous then women and call women whores as a cope for their own sexual degeneracy? It's why the gay community is known for being extremely sexual, the barrier of women being less degenerate then men is removed.

No. 1293811

Even for an anachan it’s bad.

No. 1293812

Kek sorry to disappoint. I found
https://www.unconventionalbaker.com/recipes/simple-gluten-free-vegan-shortbread-cookies/ and https://theplantbasedschool.com/vegan-lemon-bars/ but haven't tried them yet. Last time I tried to make homemade boba and potato pancakes and they tasted like pure starch…. Making mazapan with salted peanut butter + melted vegan chocolate is easy and great though.

No. 1293814

Yeah, I do know that men are sexually degenerate and abuse their physical advantages over women they don’t know/women in their personal lives all the time. But it’s a very well known fact, and a very easily proven statistic, that pregnancies from rape/incestuous relations make up less than 1% of abortive procedures.

No. 1293815

I have only seen men think this, like KF fags. They unironically project their degeneracy on to women. It's why right wing moids like Andi Warski say they are anti-abortion and then tell their girlfriend to get an abortion. Understand anons that when a man says he is anti-abortion and thinks women should be legally prevented from having them, he means he means women should not be able to escape his control as women are the barrier preventing men from fully fulfilling their sexually degenerate behaviour.

No. 1293816

>How fucked up could a person be to be able to understand that if you’re cognizant enough to consent to unprotected sex you’re also cognizant enough to consent to being a parent because that’s the whole reason sex exists?

Also, the overturning of Roe v Wade just pushes it back to state discretion. The next steps are to pass laws that punish men for leaving pregnant women, which many of these republican lawmakers consider favorable laws. So really it’s only a matter of time until we actually do begin to see men having to either take responsibility for their actions or be punished for leaving their children.

No. 1293818

Men are sexually degenerate outside of rape, such as the gay example I provided. Cope male failson that men are actually the whores.

No. 1293819

File: 1659931526440.png (1021.05 KB, 1280x1280, tumblr_313afa7e31ab162a7610ddf…)

doot doot doot doo just reporting the moid, doing gods work

No. 1293822

>ignores that men are more promiscuous and degenerate beyond rape
Cope. Cope. Cope. Men are the whore sex projecting their behaviour on to women once again. Where's the large swaths of porn made for women? Where are the pills to increase womens libido? Where is the pushing of sex in media for womens gaze? Where are the women who can't get off because of pornsickness? Nowhere because men are more promiscuous and sex obsessed. Men are the whore sex kek.

No. 1293826

Accusing women of being men isn’t ever gonna change the fact that every living woman is an autonomous creature who has the ability to think and choose for herself kek…coping by telling yourself that only men can have opinions of their own isn’t gonna change the fact that someday you’ll come into contact with someone who has independent thought and you’ll freeze in shock when they speak to you because you’re incapable of thinking without an image board echo chamber telling you what to do and how to feel kek. I’m still gonna keep using this website the way I have been but Lord some of you neets are worse than breadtube leftists

No. 1293827

Why do you think being a faggot is so popular that a whole new disease was bred out of it kek…they ARE fucking each other

No. 1293828

Are you imagining things at this point?

No. 1293834

>independent thought
Please eat something btw

No. 1293836

I swear every single one of you have nothing better to do than project instead of reading the actual written word…
>You think women should have the children they get pregnant with, so that means you think they should all be porn whores who get knocked up by random mexicans!
No, actually. I think that We, as a whole country, need to stop being so sex and death obsessed. Our “president” is literally fucking dead, everyone acts like it’s normal and acceptable to have sex with people you don’t love just to get pregnant with a life you want dead. More things need to change than just abortion, but abortion is the first domino.

No. 1293837

Samefag and starving yourself for your husband also isn't very independent

No. 1293838

I don’t know enough people personally to have anyone for their opinion to influence me. Shockingly enough for some of you, opinions are my own. So progressive you’ll murder a baby but so digressed you think all women who are different from you are just cogs.

No. 1293840

The country is sex and death obsessed because it is run by moids kek. Who commit most murders? Men. Who are pandered to using sexuality? Men.

No. 1293841

I said I have independent thought not that I pay my own bills

No. 1293842

I think being ana has made tranny hand's brain rot, of course the ana with no sexual libido thinks that everyone should stop having sex.

No. 1293843

You think Kamala Harris is who should be running the country? Marjorie Taylor Green? Ocasio-Cucktez? You’re confident in that? Yeah I bet you are because you get all your politics from apple news

No. 1293844

>I don’t know enough people personally to have anyone for their opinion to influence me
Except your husband

No. 1293845

>loses argument
>puts hands over eyes and pretends not to see it because they are disproven
Muh facts and logic sex everybody.

No. 1293847

File: 1659932911295.gif (314.33 KB, 498x371, pingu-mad-stare.gif)

I have BV right now and when I open my legs and smell myself through my clothes that shit just ruins my entire mood

No. 1293848

He’s never told me to, asked me to, or encouraged me to do what I do. He’s asked me to stop several times but that has literally nothing to do with this conversation and poking at parts of the bear just to distract it makes you look retarded

No. 1293850

File: 1659932960689.png (456.84 KB, 500x500, 1646314900215.png)

I'm gonna post this so tranny hands knows who causes the most suffering.

No. 1293851

>rees about whores
>rees when it is correctly pointed out the country is sex obsessed because of the male sex, which is the sex obsessed sex

No. 1293852

No, you didn’t prove it with “facts and logic” you asked questions about things that this conversation isn’t even about kek. Yeah, current men are weak and degenerate, but that’s exactly why disallowing abortion will force more of them to limit their sexual activity. Also how hard is it to murder a rapist? Not very.

No. 1293853

No. 1293854

Answer the question though

No. 1293856

What's the big deal? This post is right imo

No. 1293857

You literally just said it wasn't real when I said men are actually the whores you retard XY projector because more shit exists to pander to male sexuality, and men are on record as more sexually promiscuous, and men who fuck men are also more promiscuous because they do not have the barrier of women who are less promiscuous to say no to the promiscuity. Coping, seething, and dilating all over the thread failson.

No. 1293858

What is this character? I like her

No. 1293859

Samefag, before anyone tells me "go to the gyno you nasty bitch!1!!1!!!!!1", I will make an appointment tomorrow.

No. 1293860

How did I say it “wasn’t real” when I scrolled up and literally agreed, I just said that men and women consenting to having sex with each other should both be held responsible for taking care of a child. Also “XY projector” it’s been confirmed for months that I’m a woman if anyone is coping seething and dilating at this point it’s you

No. 1293861

what if the rape victim is a child (which many of the pregnant ones are). not so easy then
did you see the other posts made by her(?) tho

No. 1293862

You 16 year olds confuse being pro-responsibility for being pro-male…says a lot about your brain function

No. 1293863

You can even add the fact that they use onlyfans and porn hub way more than the average woman.

No. 1293865

No, I don't even really understand what you guys are fighting about. I just think that post is right

No. 1293866

Child rape victims getting pregnant is lower than 1%. Also that story about a “10 year old incest rape victim taken across state lines to receive an abortion” was a literal AI generated Rube-Goldberg machine scenario that was just mundane and designed to make you feel afraid for situations that very rarely come to pass.

No. 1293867

I'm 16 because I'm able to read facts about male degeneracy harming women?

No. 1293868

Onlyfans and Pornhub need to be deactivated. No questions asked

No. 1293869

My Post >>>1293822 :
>Men are the whore sex projecting their behaviour on to women once again. Where's the large swaths of porn made for women? Where are the pills to increase womens libido? Where is the pushing of sex in media for womens gaze? Where are the women who can't get off because of pornsickness? Nowhere because men are more promiscuous and sex obsessed. Men are the whore sex kek.
Male Post >>>1293828 :
>Are you imagining things at this point?
>You right now "I-I didn't say it wasn't real"
Proof men are the retarded sex.

No. 1293873

Men ree about women not taking responsibility, then take no responsibility for their actions kek.

No. 1293874

File: 1659933705021.jpg (57.03 KB, 960x543, castlevania_s2_new-1200x679.jp…)

There's something about how the way faces are drawn in Castlevania that irritates me so bad. They all have long ass heads. I would like to watch, but I think it would prevent me from enjoying it.

No. 1293876

Men only agree with this point because they ree about thots. Men don't have an issue with men pornifying themselves for the male gaze, only a problem because they pornify themselves for any OTHER man than thems gaze.

No. 1293877

Are you fucked in the brain? Nothing stops a man from trying to get-some. Babymama culture, the concept of deadbeat and absent fathers men are the biggest whores of the planet.

No. 1293878

*women pornifying themselves for men
Because men are the degenerated whore sex.

No. 1293879

I’m not retarded I just don’t care about your long word salad asking me about stuff that has nothing to do with abortion kek

No. 1293880

Men project. Men ARE THE WHORES kek.

No. 1293882

Retarded tradthot pickme, young adults are horny because of hormones, they can't help it, but that doesn't necessarily mean that they want to make babies. Why don't you blame scrotes for wanting to fuck everything (even animals and inanimate objects) and sleeping with as many women as possible and abandoning their girlfriends when they get pregnant due to their own insistence of not wearing a condom?
Do you think young women purposefully get pregnant for any reason? No, a lot of people have sex without thinking of that. And having sex without impregnation is 100% possible, so people keep doing it.
God isn't real so "wasting your seed" isn't a sin, and modern humans don't just have sex with the intention of having children, not anymore (and having children results in no real benefits either), but we can't help being sexual either because we can't fully control our brains and hormones, so forms of birth control and contraceptives exist, which would prevent a lot more pregnancies if women's boyfriends didn't whine so much about condoms, not to mention that scrotes are the ones who are obsessed with having sex waaay more than women (compare the numbers and violence levels of male and female incels) and they're usually the ones who chase women and not the other way around, so I don't know why you're blaming women who get abortions as a result of consensual sex that was probably initiated by the man to begin with. People have sex and relationships for pleasure or to bond with their partners, and not just reproduction, get over it already. Also your boyfriend hates you.

This, I mean look at the gay moids who are spreading monkeypox because they can't stop going to piss orgies even knowing that there's a high chance of being infected, look at how STDs are overwhelmingly spread by men to men and then to women (because of bi moids), look at how both male and female prostitutes and porn actors exist to satisfy men's uncontrollable sexual urges, is trannyhands gonna blame that on women too just because the sex is "consensual"? kek

No. 1293883

>"Ree women are whores"
>"Ree you can't say men are actually the whores"
Fuck of whore failson.

No. 1293884

Yeah, I know nothing stops men from trying to “get some”. Which is why we need to go back to publicly stoning rapists and dead beat dads to death en masse. It’s about taking matters into your own hands.

No. 1293885

>Why don't you blame males
Because it's a scrote kek.

No. 1293886

File: 1659933957935.jpg (194.8 KB, 1132x1154, E9qDSvuXIAIXC_u.jpg)

An attempt at bishounen type beauty. The og game art can't be topped for alucard
ty kojima for ur sotn art

No. 1293887

I said multiple times that men are the degenerate sex >>1293814 please stop being retarded it’s making your side look worse

No. 1293889

Funny enough, scrotes were actually the ones to largely push sex for recreational purposes. Who do you think was buying prostitutes back in the day? Men. Does trannyhands think that men, who were the majority, and likely only ones fucking prostitutes, were doing it for procreation? It is not a now problem. It is a male problem. As long as men have been in power and control the majority of laws and businesses, sexual degeneracy has been pushed. Men are the whore sex.

No. 1293892

well the post is made by some anti-abortion tard who shits themselves over pre-marital sex and 'whores', thinks abortion is "murdering a baby", and has trannyhands so of course anons would think their posts are sus

No. 1293896

>They can’t help it
Yeah you can decide whether or not you have sex with someone. I’ve gone through puberty, it’s very easy to not have sex. Even when you’re dating/engaged.
>Why don’t you blame scrotes for wanting to fuck everything
I do, that’s why I said multiple times after people started replying that I believe rapists need to be murdered. If two people consciously decide to have sex with each other, it can’t be blamed on the man because it took both of them to make it happen.
>People have sex to bond with their partners
Procreation is what bonds two people which is why physically having sex and making your two bodies think that you’re meeting in a procreative union is why you feel like you’re bonding.
>I don’t know why you’re blaming women for getting pregnant from consensual sex
Because unless it’s rape then you consented to becoming a mother when you consented to someone putting his semen inside you? It’s not “blaming women” at all its just logic.

No. 1293898

I agree, men are the degenerate whore sex. They should take responsibility for their actions and deal with it if their lover decides to get an abortion. They aren't inherent victims.

No. 1293901

>Scrotes were the one who invented prostitutes
Yeah, and now little girls say that they wanna be prostitutes as soon as they’re 18. Which is why these men who created websites like onlyfans and pornhub and men who work in the “industry” need to be publicly executed. I’m not sure why everyone keeps acting like being pro-life is being pro-degeneracy

No. 1293902

The proportions are off. I don't mind Sypha's face but Alucard/Trevor for example looks terrible most of the time because he has no forehead, the eyes are too close to the hairline and should be lower. The faces look too long as a result

No. 1293904

>They should take responsibility and deal with it if their lover decides to kill their child
Or they could just not have sex to begin with if you don’t want any kids. Is sex such a big part of all of your lives that you really can’t live without it? Is that really how weak you are?

No. 1293905

File: 1659934700021.jpeg (42.66 KB, 650x507, download.jpeg)

>you consented to becoming a mother when you consented to someone putting his semen inside you
ntayrt but i feel like you're baiting at this point. how do people like you even find lolcow?

No. 1293906

>Rees about female politicians
You do not want to stop the degeneracy, you are like Warski. You acknowledge that the thing you hate, recreational sex, was created and pushed largely by men, but chimp out when told that things could be fixed for the better if less men were in power so men could not make pandering to their sexually degenerate nature as easy or possible >>1293843 .

No. 1293907

I’ve been using lolcow for years. Seriously though, why would you ever want to feel someone’s gross sperm inside you unless you were trying to have a baby? Stop acting like none of you have any idea what you’re doing and like you’re all helpless people who don’t know that sex is creating a child

No. 1293908

And scrotes consent to fucking a women who is pro-choice and may abort the result of their fucking. Glad you agree that men should just take responsibility and not fuck women who might abort their potential kid and stop being such whores.

No. 1293909

I didn’t chimp out, I gave examples of the current women in power and asked just how confident you feel in their abilities to run our country. So tell me- do you really think they’d be doing that much of a better job?

No. 1293910

It’s not just about scrotes, it’s about men and women both. Men can’t whore around and expect the world to fall in line with it, women can’t act like consenting to sex and knowing what you’re doing when you’re giving yourself the opportunity to become pregnant is an excuse to kill their own children.

No. 1293912

>Seriously though, why would you ever want to feel someone’s gross sperm inside you unless you were trying to have a baby?
i mean, i personally don't but i imagine for others it's because they like how it feels.
embryos aren't children

No. 1293913

That’s like saying humans aren’t humans because we’re all walking clusters of cells. Embryos are a life, if there was no life there’d be no need for an abortion.

No. 1293917

Did you know men have aborted more children than women? In the past men in societies would kill new borns who were not fit enough, not just those with severe defect, but those with slight but easy to compensate deformities, because for some societies it was seen as making them a bad warrior, or a child of evil. Roman men would bash babies to death on rocks. Fact, men are the whore sex who fuck the most for non recreational purposes, and abort the most kids kek. Even now scrotes shoot up schools full of actual living children and not potential life but not yet formed to be viable, Don't see women shooting up the nearest kindergarten, failsons.

No. 1293918

Theyre a life but they’re not children. Pigs are alive and have the sentience and intelligence of a three year old but you still eat them between bread because it’s convenient for you.

No. 1293920

It's a poster who is butthurt ever since she(?) was called a male for having retarded tradthot opinions and posted her(?) ugly bony hand. By repeating the same shit over and over about how they're not male for "having a different opinion" they make themselves extremely recognizable.

Exactly, women naturally have a lot more restraint than moids, that's why the percentage of rapes or child sex abuse crimes committed by women is so low compared to those committed by males. Through the normalization of pornography and promiscuity (which scrotes now think is the same as women being able to choose their partners instead of having their lives fully controlled by men), young women are pushed to become pornsick, more accepting of male degeneracy and to become promiscuous to satisfy promiscuous males. The message that "you gotta have sex, female masturbation is taboo" is still being promoted.

>Procreation is what bonds two people
That's false. Simple acts like hugging or kissing, or even just touching and talking to, release the same hormones as sex does. These hormones are what make you attached to someone. Bonding involves more than sex, and sex does not necessarily have to lead to a pregnancy to bond with your partner (don't lesbians exist to you?) Like I said, there are more risks to procreation nowadays than benefits, so procreation being "natural" doesn't mean shit anymore. There isn't some divine rule that says that you mustn't have sex without the goal of procreation.
>I’ve gone through puberty, it’s very easy to not have sex. Even when you’re dating/engaged
For a lot of girls and young women it isn't, because of the way they were raised, the messages pushed through media that influence their decisions, and their boyfriends being scrotes who don't give a fuck about what's right or wrong as long as they get laid.
>I believe rapists need to be murdered
>it can’t be blamed on the man because it took both of them to make it happen.
Men pressure their girlfriends to have sex or engage in acts they don't want to do all the fucking time. Rape is not the only way that men take advantage of women sexually you imbecile.
>then you consented to becoming a mother when you consented to someone putting his semen inside you
The women who get unwanted pregnancies rarely consented to that you fucking idiot. Again, often because scrotes will pressure their girlfriends into not using a condom because their dick won't feel "good". Moids prioritize their own pleasure over their partner's safety and the woman is the one who has to suffer the consequences of his irresponsibility (if scrotes didn't force women to prioritize male pleasure, and if every decision in consensual sex were completely up to women, believe me, there'd be way less unwanted pregnancies and we wouldn't be having this argument). I don't know how you can keep ignoring this part, are you retarded? Must be the lack of nutrients.

No. 1293924

Can you all shut up already

No. 1293925

I think the dog kpop boy memes are funny

No. 1293930

>Roman men would bash babies to death on rocks. Fact, men are the whore sex who fuck the most for non recreational purposes, and abort the most kids kek
Scrotes still do it to this day.
Isn't the top/second most common cause of death for pregnant women, domestic violence?
How can a rational human being keep blaming women who get pregnant against their will ("consensual" unprotected sex) for being manipulated into it by a man who will 99.99999% of the time be physically stronger than her? Men will do anything to get laid and don't care about the concerns of women, what makes one think that they wouldn't find a way to shift the blame onto women for being manipulated by them into having sex? It's like trannyhands thinks that just because you weren't raped, you can't be manipulated, pressured or influenced into doing things you normally wouldn't want to do. The line between rape and consent is blurry.
>if there was no life there’d be no need for an abortion.
Embryos aren't fully formed people, they are incapable of thought unlike a fully developed baby. AFAIK embryos don't even have a brain. But that's beside the point, because no woman wants to get pregnant only to have an abortion. The women who get abortions don't want to get pregnant in the first place, so it's not like they're sadists who enjoy """killing babies""", plus abortion has negative effects on the woman's body as well.

No. 1293931

you're right sorry

No. 1293938

>you gotta have sex, female masturbation is taboo
literally who the fuck says this?
>simple acts like talking release the same hormones as sex does
right. and you can decide who you kiss, hug, touch, and talk to. the exact same way you can choose if you decide to have sex and who you decide to have sex with.
>its because the way they were raised
ok your mother raising you to crave sex has nothing to do with the fact that sex only exists for procreative purposes.
>rape is not the only way to take advantage of someone sexually
if you decide with your big girl brain to say "yes" of a clear, undrugged, unshaken conscience then you weren't taken advantage of. you decided to do something that you knew you didn't want to do.
>the women who get unwanted pregnancies rarely consent
rape/incest victims become pregnant and receive abortion at a rate of less than 1% in the United States. I cant speak to a country like asia or india, i'm talking about the United States only.
>scrotes will pressure their girlfriend into not using a condom
Threatening someones life until they say yes to you removing the condom is in fact rape.
>If scrotes didnt force women to prioritize male pleasure
But victims of rape only become pregnant and receive abortions at a rate of lower than 1%. If you agree to something, if you initiate something, if you decide to partake in something then you're not being forced to do it. I havent ignored this at all. Re-read the thread if your comprehensive skills aren't helping you.

No. 1293939

>it isnt a fully formed person so its not a life
how do you feel about people who are missing parts of their brain? people missing body parts? people missing tissue or cells from organs? are they not alive because they arent "fully formed people"?

No. 1293940

Those statistics usually only note down rape when charges have been pressed, went to court and the rapist got convicted, even though the majority of rapists never are convicted. Even in cases of self reporting, like you say, removing the condom is in fact rape, not all women know that and report it as such.

No. 1293942

Those statistics count from when reports are made, not just from when it goes to court. And if we just assumed that an undisclosed number of people just wanted their rapist to walk free for whatever reason then that’s a logical fallacy on its own, you really think women just feel sympathy for their rapists and decide they deserve to be free? You’re all grasping at straws at this point

No. 1293944

>undisclosed number of people just wanted their rapist to walk free for whatever reason then that’s a logical fallacy on its own, you really think women just feel sympathy for their rapists and decide they deserve to be free
yeah it couldn't possibly be that many victims are scared of speaking up or anything..

No. 1293949

If you were raped why would you be scared of the consequences? You didn’t commit a crime. Some of you are retarded

No. 1293950

Police officers discourage women from making reports, women don't always even realize they've been raped, because a lot of shit ignoring consent has been normalized. You can get death threats from the rapist and the police is generally quite bad at protecting victims. In adversarial court systems women might not want to recount their experiences in front of a massive group of people, to be picked apart by a defense lawyer etc.

No. 1293953

it's about being scared of what the rapist or people siding with him might do dummy, a lot of people harshly judge, ostracize and threaten the victims for speaking up or flat out won't allow them

No. 1293955

Is there an example of any women in the U.S. being explicitly told “don’t report your rape” by a police officer? With evidence. Quickly.

I mean if he didn’t want to get snitched on maybe he shouldn’t have committed a crime? I swear you guys keep piling on what if‘s and just hoping that one will make me be like >oh wow ok I no longer feel the way I feel I now feel the same way that a bunch of people I don’t know feel just because they told me I’m wrong and couldn’t give me a good reason

No. 1293961

how is it "what ifs" when it actually happens, this kind of shit is exactly why a lot of rape victims don't want to say anything
>I mean if he didn’t want to get snitched on maybe he shouldn’t have committed a crime?
where did anyone disagree with that? i'm explaining why rapists tend to walk off free

No. 1293962

>claims to not be male
>rees about abortion
>rees women are whores
>rees rape isn't real/common and there are no potential threats if a woman came forward
>rees that they aren't male and proof of that is no man posts on lolcow ignoring tranny chimping out for a week, man today posting racebait in g/, etc.
Do not reply to the scrote. Report and move on. Only men seethe this hard. This is the Dumbass Shit thread, so I guess at least the scrote fits kek.

No. 1293965

File: 1659939759678.jpg (145.96 KB, 618x597, ok-here.jpg)

No. 1293966

I asked for evidence, if it actually happens then show me some women who said this was their situation. If you can’t do it stop crying out of your ass.

I’ve been confirmed to be female for over 3 months, I’ve already proven I’m a woman, if you’re gonna disagree with me and cry about being wrong at least have a good reason to that goes beyond
>you’re a man waaahhhh!!

No. 1293969

But everyone came out against him and he’s in prison now? So this doesn’t actually apply

No. 1293970

File: 1659939927132.png (502.24 KB, 1280x1067, p5axqkp5Z31rasnq9o1_1280.png)

That's not just about Weinstein you retard, it's literally about multiple reports spanning over a decade. You keep zeroing in on one fucking thing and ignoring everything else.

No. 1293971

>The police dismiss it I’ll prove it
>posts article about man who’s in prison after charges were pressed against him for rape and sexual misconduct
You could’ve at least posted about a rapist who’s still walking free nona kek you are not doing very well are you

No. 1293972

You haven't "proven you're female" in any sense and your "attempt" to do so didn't give the impression to ANYONE that you were likely female

No. 1293973

I proved I was female 3 months ago when I posted my hand and everyone gawked at how skinny it was. If you weren’t here for it or don’t remember it then that has nothing to do with me I’m not spoon feeding you

No. 1293975

Nta but there's also Bill Cosby, Roman Polanski, and Depp

No. 1293977

>The statistics are staggering. Over 20 million women, or 18 percent of all women in the United States, have been victims of rape, and each year approximately 1,100,000 more women are victims of rape. The statistics show that 28 percent of the forcible rapes have victims under the age of 12, and 27 percent of forcible rape victims are in the ages of 12 to 17. Reportedly, only 18 percent of forcible rapes are reported to
the police.
>When I took a look at these statistics, I wondered how they were gathered and how accurate they were on a subject this sensitive. And I am advised that the studies conducted in 1990 and the year 2005, the National Women's Study and the National Women's Study Replication, are reliable statistics following state-of-the-art survey techniques when interviewing women that are markedly more sensitive and accurate than used in other surveys, including the Government's National Crime Victimization Survey.
There have been a series of articles in the major United States newspapers: the Philadelphia Inquirer, the Baltimore Sun, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, the New York Times, the New Orleans Times-Picayune, the Village Voice, and This American Life on National Public Radio. The Philadelphia experience showed that there were approximately one-third of all sex crimes reported in Philadelphia which were not investigated by the police, that there was an audit conducted, and it showed that some 2,300 sexual assault cases had been incorrectly handled. The Philadelphia Police Department changed their approach to bring in women's advocacy groups to review the files using transparency and requiring that, before a matter was reported as unfounded, it be filed by two police officers.
>As I have taken a look at these statistics, I found that times have not changed very much since the days when I was an assistant district attorney some years ago. And when I was elected district attorney in 1965, I instituted a change in procedures and established a special rape unit. At that time rape complainants were interviewed in a regular detective room where they had a series of a dozen or more desks. Witnesses
were interviewed within hearing range of many, many other people, not very conducive to telling about an incident like being the victim of a rape. And I changed that policy to have interviews privately conducted.
>At that time there were no photographs taken to preserve evidence of trauma, no brushings on the issue of pubic hair, and a great many changes were undertaken. And it looks to me like it is still a big, big issue, so we are moving ahead with this hearing this afternoon to focus public attention to see what is going on and to see what changes ought to be made.
>For starters, I note that the definition of rape which is being used by the FBI is antiquated, not inclusive as where it ought to be.
>First, it is difficult to quantify the crime. Studies use different definitions of rape and different data collection methods. Some include only forcible rape or only rape that is reported to law enforcement.
>Our terminology is confusing as well. Sometimes we talk about rape, sometimes sexual assault, other times sexual violence. That being said, researchers estimate that about 18 percent of women in the United States report having been raped at some point in their lives.
>For some populations, rapes or sexual violence are even higher. Nearly one in three–and I repeat, nearly one in three–American Indian or Alaska Native women will be sexually assaulted in her lifetime.
>Sexual assault is also one of the most underreported crimes in America. The Bureau of Justice Statistics reports that the majority of rapes and sexual assaults of women and girls between 1992 and 2000 were not reported to law enforcement.
>Reasons for not reporting included fear of not being believed, a lack of trust in the criminal justice system, fear of retaliation or embarrassment, being too traumatized to report, or self-blame and guilt.
>Second, there are dramatic differences in the way that police departments, prosecutors' offices, and even courts respond to this crime across the country. Some communities have highly trained, coordinated teams of primary and secondary responders from health, law enforcement, legal, and victims services sectors. However, as you are going to be hearing from subsequent panels this afternoon, in other places victims are
subjected to humiliating interrogations and are treated with suspicion by law enforcement. Collected evidence may sit for months or even years without being analyzed. In some areas of the country, there simply are no services.

No. 1293978

Samefag and most of the men discussed in the childhood abuse in hollywood thread

No. 1293982

Everyone stop arguing it’s the anorexic claw tranny. It’s a male.

No. 1293983

Ok if it’s so prevalent can you find a singular woman who said that was her situation who isn’t someone acting?

No. 1293985

Do I have to give you a scan of my brain and show you my XY chromosomes? Do you want a pelvic X-ray? or are you just coping?

No. 1293986

File: 1659940677774.jpg (226.89 KB, 790x856, 2019_05_23.jpg)

>who isn't someone acting
ah yeah, everyone who doesn't agree with you is a paid actor kek

No. 1293987

You already showed us your male hands. No need. Just because you stick some cheap nails on them doesn’t make them women’s hands. You’re a male.

No. 1293989

>ok your mother raising you to crave sex
No, that's not what I meant at all. A lot of women these days are raised to be submissive and nice and to obey males. Naturally, it allows moids to easily manipulate and obtain consent from their girlfriends that they otherwise wouldn't have without outright coercing them. Are you being dense on purpose? Go eat something because your brain is clearly not functioning properly.
It is a fact that all embryos don't have a brain or neurons, they can't even feel, much less think, it's not comparable to any of the things you mentioned which are rare exceptions (and in all three cases, those people are still able to think and feel). Cope.

No. 1293990

You saw that that’s my female hand with my real unpainted nails grown out of it. Just because it’s skinny doesn’t mean I have different anatomy and a different brain. I am a woman, I’ve been female since my parents conceived me, I’m going to be female for the rest of my life and my ability to reproduce children through my own body will prove such.

No. 1293991

>my xy chromosomes
Fuck you’re dumb. You just admitted to being a male again.

No. 1293992

Post that disgusting flipper again then. You’re a male we all saw last time when you posted in /meta/.

No. 1293993

Do you want that anon to use a record tape with women she personally knows in her life/town or what kek. Hollywood examples are easier to show since they're in the public view and all.

No. 1293996

Don’t argue with the tranny. Just report. He posted his gigantic male hands in /meta/ and thinks he’s female just because he stuck some ridiculous claws on it.

No. 1293999

Ok so do you want me to post a pelvic X-ray? what do you want from me? How dare i get something mixed up the way a young human with a brain does right. I have 2 X chromosomes, I have my whole life and I always will, but I’ve had anorexia for almost 4 years so really the chromosome names aren’t the most important memories my brain is gripping onto. I’m still right.

No. 1294000

It didn't even hinge on just a celebrity example, but the Weinstein thing is just one high profile case out of decades of police fuck ups detailed in multiple reports, talked about in the senate etc. That anon wants me to spoonfeed something which has thousands of reports and articles of info about it out there, including entire transcripts from the senate. I'm not even a burger.

No. 1294001

Look at the picture you can see my nails are real don’t pretend to be a retard I’m an actual female the levels of cope are way too strong with this. You’d really rather gaslight yourself into thinking a woman is a man than accept that a woman has the freedom to have a differing opinion from you? Why is that? You’re gonna spend your whole life being afraid of women who aren’t identical to what you think women should be like?

No. 1294002

>Ok so do you want me to post a pelvic X-ray?
A face reveal would be great

No. 1294004

Calm down Edward Scissorhands

No. 1294005

File: 1659941320889.jpeg (112.97 KB, 485x492, 61831F45-F469-4934-8ACC-08CDFA…)

I came here wanting to read something funny, not infighting. Stop.
Anyways I try to ignore my crush as much as possible, he probably thinks I’m retarded or I hate him. Why am I so stupid?

No. 1294006

I’m not doxxing my face on here, I actually have people who love me, I can do a live voice reveal or I can post bone structure/shoulders/hips, I can do anything within actual reason

No. 1294007

I can’t remember when I’ve posted in meta

No. 1294009

I'm just kekking my ass off at the attention whore talking about posting X-rays
>Anyways I try to ignore my crush as much as possible, he probably thinks I’m retarded or I hate him.
Do you think he likes you back though? If not then I don't see the point in letting him know you like him

No. 1294010

can you not be retarded

No. 1294011

Stop entertaining him

No. 1294012

I’m not entertaining anyone I’m not gonna be called a man just because you’re all so petrified of a woman having a brain of her own

No. 1294013

>a woman having a brain of her own
tradthots can hardly be said to have a brain of their own

No. 1294014

I think I should see a doctor for these red spots I've been having in my face and on my body but I'm afraid it's some sort of bug causing it because the spots are mostly in accesible places and that it'll be embarassing. But I can't figure out what causes them on my own, nothing what I see online matches visualy or synonym wise.

No. 1294016

File: 1659942748394.jpg (292.6 KB, 1024x576, PIX-2-CSV3_302_Storyboards_MAS…)

I don't know how people can handle watching Castlevania when its artstyle looks extremely cursed! I don't want to watch it because i know the artstyle will bother me. Is the storyline THAT good that it got so much hype? Like…what are those noses?

No. 1294019

Well… she is a vampire

No. 1294023

first part is genuinely great(cause they were following the game's story) second part unironically feels like OC fanfiction, just stop watching at season 2

No. 1294026

I like it

No. 1294028

I like th style I mean I haven’t seen the show I don’t think I would like the show. She looks cool

No. 1294031

I watched the first season long ago and enjoyed but it felt way too Americanized for my taste. So I didn't watch the next seasons, and from what I've seen online, that was a good decision.

No. 1294036

>She looks cool
Oh she's pretty cool. Her sisters too.

No. 1294039

I think pixielocks should be on /pt/

No. 1294051

I fucking hate peeing

No. 1294072

i'm thankful for people who don't care about gossip and rumors but they are better than me. if i see a girl unlocking your phone despite not being your girlfriend i WILL keep an eye on the both of you for the rest of the evening and i will make up theories

No. 1294087

Male shitpost so vague and retarded he accidentally insults himself instead of us

No. 1294088

KEK true

No. 1294092

when I was a teenager I wore lime green nail polish to some dinner party I was invited to with my aunt and when we arrived the host I never met before loudly said "dipping your fingers in my wife's guacamole before you even arrived? amazing!" and I still think about this a lot

No. 1294097

What kind of things? Maybe you have some issues with him but bottled them up. With me, I've had problems getting mad at my bf for something and then "letting it slide" but in reality I kept thinking about it and it only got progressively nastier until I would blow up or talk.

No. 1294100

I can usually chalk it up to hormones or anxiety since I get really controlling when I'm anxious and when he's being his goofy carefree self it pisses me off. It always passes and I feel like shit afterward.

No. 1294108

I don't really like the vibes of LC these days. Maybe I'm just over gossiping and negativity. Honestly I just want to have friendly chats with people about shared interests but idk where to go.

No. 1294121

File: 1659956559280.jpg (27.15 KB, 300x300, 46b76a15fa16af7211cf66bf9a3d71…)

yeah, I know what you mean, I think everyone is on edge because of the schizo scrote

No. 1294123

I get you nonnie. That's why I only stick to certain threads and avoid others.

No. 1294147

File: 1659959127352.jpeg (41.83 KB, 659x466, 8C0CFC3D-9A49-4937-9D45-778757…)

>don’t you want somebody to love
>don’t you need somebody to love
>wouldn’t you love somebody to love
>tfw ywn find somebody to love

No. 1294165

Was watching no country for old men for the first time last night and giggled at the scene in threadpic because i thought of the threadpic

No. 1294195

you're cute

No. 1294229

Me too, maybe it's just summer but I feel like the only anons who are left are the terminally online nonna's who will call you a retard for the smallest things and the twitterfags. Bring back 2018 LC, it was just the right amount of weebiness and autism but you could tell most were relatively normal and well adjusted. And the cows were actually fun to read about. I'm mostly just a lurker now, any time I post something in /ot/ it turns into a massive infight (I don't even think I say controversial things), fucking annoying. Sounds stupid but I feel like I lost a friend group, this was my go to online place for so many years too bad it's become a shitshow this year (last year was meh but I still enjoyed it). One thing though, /m/ is still a pretty chill place to go if you just want to talk about your interests.

No. 1294240

File: 1659966984914.jpg (42.18 KB, 670x800, 274729278_293841269512214_5014…)

I've seen that one meme with this girl, something about muscular girls looking down on you, and just so happened to come across her instagram the other day.

In the words of Jenna Marbles, I'm not sure if I want to be her or be on top of her.

No. 1294243

>tfw I have the body type to look like this (broad shoulders, narrow hips) but I want to be dainty and cute

No. 1294244

ayrt I have the body type to look dainty and cute but I want to look like her. When will scientists be able to switch consciousness between bodies???

No. 1294261

She’s not natty anon.

No. 1294270

how do you know? she's not that big

No. 1294277

It comes up on Imgur all the time anon

No. 1294278

Samefag but her constantly low body weight is a clue. You shouldn’t seem abs 24/7. A lot of fitness influencers aren’t natty

No. 1294308

Call me a schizo scrote again coping isn’t going to change the fact that I still have never been banned because I’m a woman

No. 1294353

So true

No. 1294357

Have you not been here in the past 2-3 weeks? The schizo troon was purposefully causing infighting in multiple threads and at first pretending to be nonnas fighting himself because it’s documented he autistically talks to himself.

No. 1294359

She types just like the tranny and then screeches we’re the problem instead of just moving on. People shouldn’t be able to offend each other that hard on an image board. She needs to just let it go or get get used to being called a tranny or schizo. Blend or don’t.

No. 1294360

>look her up
>see a bunch of scrotes lusting for her, came across this one site that claims she's leaked her nudes
I hate how everything is constantly sexualized by scrotes, even over women that's the complete opposite of traditional feminine beauty. I wish it were illegal for scrotes to express any sort of sexual interest. Anyway, sorry for the manhate sperging on your post anon.

No. 1294365

I‘ve been using LC for years. I only got called a troon in this thread last night because of what I said about not murdering kids.

No. 1294366

I won’t be letting it go kek, I’m pretty sure I don’t type like the guy who posted child porn yesterday. I swear some of you have selective cognizance

No. 1294368

Is Chobits as weird as I remember it?

No. 1294373

There was a spree killing last week in my city and now they find a body in the garbage in my neighborhood. Wtf is happening?

No. 1294377

remember to report & ignore bait posts nonnies

No. 1294382

Fetuses are not children, you do know that right?

No. 1294386

NONNY NONNY nonny ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎
nonny NONNY NONNY ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ nonny poc victim terf nonny

Don’t engage.
>report all moid posts
>ignore all moid created threads
>hide all moid created threads

NONNY NONNY nonny ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎
nonny NONNY NONNY ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ nonny poc victim terf nonny

Don’t engage with the rapist no matter what.
You’re rewarding him with attention.

No. 1294387

If fetuses weren’t alive children who were simply waiting to be passed into the world then you wouldn’t need an abortive procedure…
/srs kek

No. 1294400

cry more blaine

No. 1294407

Even if he isn't blaine he's also lying about not being banned, just up-thread he's literally been redtexted for bringing up the abortion debate and not having empathy for women last night.

No. 1294412

File: 1659978999254.jpg (161.08 KB, 735x738, cb77dfbfdb7ac2dcbd733d80ca8faf…)

No. 1294417

File: 1659979343617.png (40.71 KB, 340x270, consequences.png)

I think I talked my DM into making the vampire lord in our current game a yandere. I was so sleepy so I don't know if the conversation was even real, but I guess I'll find out at game later.
sorry for repost, still sleepy and forgot to attach pic

No. 1294421

girls like this live on my yt shorts feed making be wonder if its possible to achive this with cali god bless

No. 1294427

File: 1659980412923.jpeg (47.01 KB, 600x750, 1BB7884E-8FBC-4D10-84D1-F83671…)

Somenonny please reply to my question on the stupid questions thread help a Fujo out

No. 1294430

who tf comes to a shitposting thread on a gossip site to argue about abortion, go on faceback or something

No. 1294444

Which post is your question nonna?

No. 1294446

I just need my boss to step out of our office for like 5 minutes so I can pack away the rest of this shit I printed and put it into my bag. Normally he wouldn't care but it's a pack of like 100+ pages and he'll definitely ask why the fuck I have it or what it's for (not work related)

No. 1294452

the YouTube embed haha!

No. 1294455

File: 1659982468267.jpg (204.29 KB, 650x417, 1475525563241.jpg)

Once I finally get my own apartment, I'm going to cook every single vaguely delicious looking thing posted in the food cravings thread.

No. 1294457

File: 1659982479949.jpeg (40.52 KB, 640x360, 75665CE7-5FD7-4894-A0C8-6DE2C3…)

britbongs, who is this? do you remember him? what's his name?

No. 1294461

I re-read the manga (that I heard is better than the anime) last year and I hate to admit it but I found it okay-ish.

No. 1294462

that's my boy brum!

No. 1294463

File: 1659982775909.gif (2.37 MB, 384x288, AB8A43E7-F344-46D9-BA30-439375…)

yay nonnie!!!!! it sure is!!!

No. 1294472

I wouldn't get plastic surgery on my face, not because I think I'm very naturally beautiful, but because I think fixing one part would make everything else look jank as fuck. I know that I have a painfully average face, but everything is perfectly equal and balanced in its averageness. No single feature of my face outshines the other, and to improve one feature would surely make everything pale in comparison in an awkward, disjointed way. Everything needs to be elevated or nothing at all and getting too much plastic surgery is a surefire way to look botched as fuck.

No. 1294473

Don't forget you'll have to wash the dishes every time

No. 1294478

File: 1659983870232.png (265.52 KB, 1075x333, applebees lip gloss.PNG)

I was browsing through makeup sites and just saw lip glosses that are modeled after sauce. I get the concept, but fuck I don't want to put lip gloss flavored and meant to look like Applebees wing sauce on my lips. That is gross. The colors are pretty though.

No. 1294484

i've seen this stuff before. or like soda scented lip balm and stuff. it's so weird.

No. 1294486

I wonder who's the demographic for this, sauce enthusiasts?

No. 1294488

Samefag, why the fuck is Applebees collaborating with makeup companies

No. 1294492

I was just thinking about this, I have an ugly face and am often tempted to get plastic surgery but I know that if I got one of my features fixed it would actually end up making the rest of my face look even stranger than it already does. I find it kind of interesting that even average or ugly faces still tend to have a 'balance' in their facial features.

No. 1294501

File: 1659984988199.gif (1.61 MB, 1280x720, app.gif)


No. 1294505

I wonder why there isn't a britbong thread yet

No. 1294508

File: 1659985275112.jpg (359.15 KB, 2000x2000, 35264_1.jpg)

nostalgic lol

No. 1294513

Oh my god I completely forgot about Brum! He freaked me out so much as a kid kek

No. 1294514

These were actually pretty good though. I think it's different when it's flavored and scented like sweet food.

No. 1294516

File: 1659985569307.png (136.13 KB, 261x320, 1656853478768.png)

The worst kind. Even though I'm bi, I don't think I could ever date a bi man for this reason, and straight men think it's an invitation for a threesome. I much prefer girls.

No. 1294517

kek my younger sister was obsessed with him and had tons of 'merch', for some reason I can remember some episode scenes really vividly

No. 1294522

File: 1659985998534.jpg (27.92 KB, 293x600, 98de5b9a56f47a2167b2147d64dc39…)

Rate my biking outfit nonas.

No. 1294525

Capitalism went to far with this one

No. 1294528

I somehow managed to ruin a salad. I'm a dumb bitch.

No. 1294529

this was the SH*T! i loved my sprite lip balm so much, it was the first thing i purchased myself and i felt so plush hehe

No. 1294535

I really thought I'd hate the Joker movie and so didn't watch it until last week. It just made me so, so sad

No. 1294544

It's ok anon, try to make one again.

No. 1294548

You sound very sheltered, anon. Even if bisexual men weren't a thing, is something not real if it chiefly or only applies to women? Scrote-tier take

No. 1294550

No way, it's 9pm and a half, I'm tired, I'll eat what I did correctly and eats chips to compensate. But I won't half ass it next time.

No. 1294552

yeah he's absolutely miserable, i have no clue why anyone would idolize that version

No. 1294568

No dumbshit but women are conditioned into objectifying themselves and other women.

No. 1294570

Who the fuck says 9pm and a half

No. 1294573

I'm ESL, tired and had a brain fart, please understand.

No. 1294577

Ok, good luck on your next salad.

No. 1294587

Isn't it because he's miserable and opressed by the system and gets to go apeshit because of it at the very end, a fantasy a lot of moids have?

No. 1294591

Perfection! No notes.
i unironically love this fabric print and want a skirt in it

No. 1294596

There is this girl on instagram that claims to go to a very prestigious university in a foreign country but all she does is go to expensive locations in said country and party/hang with friends and post on instagram 24/7. I just don't believe that she is getting such a hard stem degree

No. 1294612

Thank you for sharing this, her voice is beautiful.

No. 1294626

File: 1659990422989.png (423.31 KB, 1356x478, Screen Shot 2022-08-08 at 1.24…)

Every time I scroll past the finnposts I always think it's just nonas randomly mashing the keyboard and shitposting gibberish

No. 1294630

I'm Swedish and sometimes I try to understand what they're writing, but it's always impossible. They all seem based though.

No. 1294633

File: 1659990791278.jpeg (570 KB, 2048x1638, DC87D515-923D-44E0-80A5-34D282…)

I like these frogs

No. 1294634

omg nonny…they found a body in a trash can in my neighborhood too. we might be neighbors

No. 1294635

I watched a bunch of Finnish for beginners videos to try and see what they're talking about but I'm too bad at languages kek. Finnanons rule this site

No. 1294637

ayrt, I'm actually learning Swedish right now for fun! I'd love to go to Sweden someday.
Jag dricker mitt kaffe och skriver skit på lolcow

No. 1294639

It's still braindead to think that because women are sexualized, it's not possible for us to "organically" be attracted to eachother. In fact, attraction to the average non-fictional/non-celebrity male seems more like a LARP and an aberration

No. 1294645

File: 1659991443612.jpeg (155.12 KB, 522x622, 1656194640044.jpeg)

When will Americans finally snap and murder greedy/racist/sexist politicians?

No. 1294646

Anyways, most women are straight

No. 1294651

As someone watching from the sidelines I'm astonished that moids in a country with such easy access to guns don't (attempt to) take it out on people in power more often.

No. 1294659

their dick measuring means nothing in the end. they only want to abuse and kill women and children

No. 1294667

Haha, precis vad man borde göra nonnis!

No. 1294671

Nice non-sequitur retard

No. 1294696


No. 1294698

Now I'm convinced Finnish is not a real language.

No. 1294711

It might not be you honestly. I've heard Finnish is really hard for non-Finnish pepple and even google translate is pretty clunky with it Yes I know google translate is never 100% accurate for even common languages

No. 1294719

I hate summer gnats and flys so much. I'm trying to enjoy my drink, but there's a fucking gnat flying around here and it's fucking up my vibe.

No. 1294720

File: 1659996181123.jpg (16.09 KB, 563x453, 1654069414462.jpg)

tfw you're trying to enjoy the outdoors and a gnat assaults your trachea

No. 1294730

The other night I got so freaked out, like 12 flies suddenly appeared in my living room over the course of an hour. No idea where they came from I felt like I was in Amityville horror. Thank God I had a fly strip under my cupboard. Maybe sometimes died in my vents

No. 1294750

I had to hide the celebricows threadpic because it hurts my eyes, can't wait for the thread to fill up

No. 1294754

It's finally raining here. Hallelujah.

No. 1294760

go breathe some of that fresh rain air in nona!! it just rained here too, so refreshing

No. 1294769

lord please help me I am on this toilet suffering oh my fucking god

No. 1294776

Please pray that I don't get my period tomorrow in the middle of the street, I need to go outside and do a bunch of errands, I don't want to go to public bathrooms one per hour (on average) when I'm outside.

No. 1294780

File: 1659999944528.jpg (2.08 MB, 1296x1920, MV5BZDBkZjRiNGMtZGU2My00ODdkLW…)

Oh shit, the GoT prequel is coming. Might not watch it, but I didn't expect it to come out this year.

No. 1294781

Praying ily nonnie

No. 1294783

i feel like creativity is innate and something i will never have

No. 1294784

whether it's diarrhea, food poisoning, or period poops I am praying for you nona

No. 1294785

Sometimes I leave the house for one second and my vagina is like ‘gotcha b*tch’ and i get so wet for no reason. Honestly if I wanted to have some fun all I need is any flat surface, my wap will make a slip n slide out of it
can i stop this from happening though? already refraining from inappropriate thoughts whilst outside the domicile

No. 1294786

will pirate it

No. 1294789

iktf anon, tfw you think its a period and it's just inappropriate wap

No. 1294791

kek honestly same. I think it's just my vagina cleaning itself

No. 1294795

If it bothers you too much maybe you can wear liners or reusable pads?

No. 1294796

As much as they want to wax poetic about ~le society~ shit, it was never about sending any message. Those scrotes simply wanted to shed blood of unarmed innocents. At least back in the days, men attempted to murder presidents and politicians.

No. 1294798

Honestly thinking it’s a period is so scary brrr
I prefer loo roll tbh it’s less effort. Just have to remember when my cooch is going into rainy season yk

No. 1294800

I genuinely think being a himbo is the truest, most natural state for men. They solely exist to admire, serve and protect women and I think deep down they know it too. All the thousands of years old talk about us being the submissive ones is just pure projection, it's them who enjoy to live for women, they just can't cope with it because of their egos.

No. 1294801

This happens to me too, usually the week after my period but it’s not because I’m aroused? I think it’s an ovulation thing idk I hate wet underwear

No. 1294803

It’s true

No. 1294811

File: 1660003858394.gif (1.58 MB, 220x165, Tumblr_l_224659761859866.gif)

ladies am i seriously starting to get a crush on this guy who I'm 95% sure has a girlfriend and isn't nowhere near my type….
His dad made a joke about wishing I was his daughter in law and asking if I wanted to date his son and I got flustered. how do i put an end to this.

No. 1294812

File: 1660003931653.png (321.01 KB, 998x937, glum.png)

Story of my life. The only low ingredient vegan recipe I ever had success with was some coconut milk ice cream that was actually pretty good. But the second time I made it, I put in way too much vanilla and it was like eating frozen gasoline.

No. 1294835

File: 1660006331691.jpeg (488.52 KB, 2078x1170, B42A05C7-0CF0-40DF-AC1D-A5361E…)

Trumps house is being raided by the FBI, I’m munching popcorn. I also moved in to my new place, life is good for the moment.

No. 1294881

I wish my family would get it through their head that I don't care about looking attractive, especially to men. I'm clean, my clothes fit, and my shoes are nice. Is that not enough? Always telling me I could look prettier if I did blah blah. Let me wear my garbage bags and mean mug the world in peace.

No. 1294891

Me too girl I can’t help it I love watching a political happening unfold from the safety of my computer

No. 1294899

Ugh imagine how hot it would be inside of a castle that you let a huge dragon into, look at it basically breathing down her neck. Also aren't their scales super scorchingly hot? Imagine having to hold court for the Targaryens sweating your ass off.

No. 1294905

File: 1660011606087.jpg (629.58 KB, 3000x3000, 00018000407392_C1C1_s230_720c1…)

Can't wait till these are back in season

No. 1294908

Ugly-ass moids could look prettier/more handsome if they tried X and Y and Z but no one thinks about that kek
What would your parents say if you told them that?

No. 1294914

I want to move in to Trump's place

No. 1294956

Until the last part I thought you meant hot like monsterfucker thread type "hot"

No. 1294959

imagine if 4chan was around during the Roman empire

No. 1294962

I downloaded tiktok for the first time a few days ago after being staunchly anti-Tiktok since it came out. I deleted it today because I pretty much proved to myself how addicting it is and how it’s set up to make you keep wanting to come back. im legit fighting the want to re-download it because it is just such effortless entertainment

No. 1294963

It was in the form of graffiti.

>Some graffiti provides insights into how Romans thought about and treated death, less as a conclusion and more of a farewell: “Pyrrhus to his chum Chias: I’m sorry to hear you are dead, and so, goodbye!”

>Not all of it is so kind, however. “Sanius to Cornelius: Go hang yourself!” reads one man’s challenge to another.

>Weep, you girls. My penis has given you up. Now it penetrates men’s behinds. Goodbye, wondrous femininity!

>Epaphra, you are bald!

>Virgula to Tertius: you are disgusting.

No. 1294964

I made an account because my sister wanted to send some videos to me but I just couldn't get into it. 99% of tiktoks give me this weird panopticon feeling. the eyes of the average tiktok influencer look so glazed over and dead. Idk

No. 1294966

No. 1294967

>how addicting it is and how it’s set up to make you keep wanting to come back.
>effortless entertainment
fucking where. everyone/thing on there is insufferable, it's anti-entertainment. i wanted to a-log after just 1 minute

No. 1294969

You don't like the stupid robot text to speech voices and random shitty dancing while the screen has paragraphs of text ?

No. 1294976

I got this feeling as well, there were a lot of things that didn’t sit well with me even in the short time I had the app. The things I did enjoy were the funny, meme-y vids and the longer ones that talked about different interesting facts or historical events. I know the app is very data invasive so I’m certain it combed through my phone and knew exactly what to serve me kek

No. 1295013

File: 1660020943588.jpg (52.49 KB, 680x850, instant-pot-baked-potato-3.jpg)

Cow milk is vile and I'm glad people are waking up to it.
Semi-related, it's hard for me to eat sour cream but whenever I have it on a meal I just pile it on. It's like my brain fights between "this is disgusting" and "this is delicious". It's both a taste and mental thing. The only dairy I can eat with no hesitation is butter and sometimes cheese.

No. 1295021

Sounds to me like milk is delicious and you just don't know what you like.

No. 1295024

Does she know she can still send you videos by sharing the video? The receiver does not need an account to view TikToks.

No. 1295038

I love you too anon, looks like our prayers are working. It hasn't started in the middle of the night and given how it looks it seems perfectly manageable so far. I'm still praying I don't get a bad surprise in the middle of the day though.

No. 1295042

It smells a lot better here now

No. 1295044

still stinks like balls in the celebs thread

No. 1295047

File: 1660023611099.jpeg (503.93 KB, 828x627, 0CBE301A-CC0A-4B65-AB09-EB3AEE…)

Videos like this have always been retarded and are no actual display of talent. The stupidest, most bland uncreative waste of resources and paint. I never understood why I hated them so viscerally at the time they became popular but over time I realized it’s because they’re ugly and pointless.

No. 1295063

I don't see how SFX artists are untalented and uncreative

No. 1295078

You care way too much about this

No. 1295083

I wasn’t encompassing actual sfx art, I’m talking about the retarded James Charles tier shit like picrel

Ah yes, randomly posting about a stupid six year old trend in the dumbass shit thread because of a thumbnail I scrolled past, absolute indicator of my personal investment.

No. 1295090

same, looks like the walls are really closing in on him. let us pray the shitpile really falls on him soon.

No. 1295109

File: 1660030030631.jpeg (18.26 KB, 337x350, 314.jpeg)

>tfw you hate most celebrities
>end up crushing on one anyway
>end up saving over 1k amount of photos
>spent 20 minutes making a shitty collage of what may or may not be his dick bulges

No. 1295143

A coworker of mine said she has a cat that is a mix of lynx and house cat because it's hypoallergenic and she's allergic to cats. I asked her if she meant sphinx and she said no. I didn't want to be rude but I don't know what she was talking about. Like first of all if that's even possible it'd be like the cat version of a wolfdog and there would be a ton of problems with it. Second of all I googled it and there are no confirmed cases of lynx housecat hybrids. I don't know if she was bullshitting me or what. Or if there's a domestic breed called lynx that I'm unaware of.

No. 1295144

don't be selfish nonnie, post it on /g/

No. 1295151

File: 1660035087467.jpg (21.42 KB, 720x720, c4bbee5107ae2e7660091e57f0efe9…)

My life's going down the shitter right now but it makes me happy to see other nonnies happy. I don't care how stupid, fake and cheesy it sounds. I genuinely like seeing other women doing well. It's what we deserve.

No. 1295152

File: 1660035220660.gif (190.11 KB, 214x262, 1658914299041.gif)

same anon

No. 1295153

File: 1660035277844.jpg (1.1 MB, 3024x4032, ztjv3los1t431.jpg)

That's so sweet nona, I hope things get better for you <3

No. 1295154

File: 1660035632323.jpeg (72.27 KB, 1200x600, B583F2AE-59D7-411D-B57D-AF3F77…)

There’s apparently a rare breed called the Desert Lynx and another that was called the Highland Lynx, now known as the Highlander, but neither of them are related to actual lynxes I don’t think. Idk. Picrel it’s a Highlander cat.

No. 1295157

Interesting, maybe that's what she was talking about

No. 1295161

Thank you nonny!!

No. 1295163

>retarded and are no actual display of talent
>James Charles tier shit like picrel
Nonna are you seriously thinking these require no skill? Even if you don't like them from a personal aesthetic standpoint, the level of skill required to achieve these is obvious.

No. 1295176

File: 1660037813502.gif (3.63 MB, 800x631, 6ABB1930-65C4-4577-A628-130B1F…)

>shit gingerbread man
>Yassified fleekbrow shrek
You consider this skill and not a complete waste of facepaint and time for views? Ok

No. 1295186

You should have spoilered this, ugh.

No. 1295187

crystal cafe mascot

No. 1295189

But it’s so skilled and talented!

No. 1295194

Lmfao nona

No. 1295279

By this logic any creation that is not for a paid, high purpose job is a waste of resources. Yes, it take skills to apply prostetics, create illusions on human skin - way harder than on paper - paint precise lines, keep the colors clean, so on and so forth. IDK how you can not see a difference between work shown in the video you've used as an example and this messy, amateurish minion - which is still a good practice for a person who is into body art anyway. And practice is not a waste of resources.

No. 1295308

I can't always tell if anons in the retard shitposting thread are actually having a serious discussion/infighting or if it's meant to be shitposting

No. 1295382

File: 1660045141937.jpg (88.77 KB, 794x794, il_794xN.3953873830_9h9g.jpg)

Would you take him on a picnic?

No. 1295388

Picnic? god no, you should know by now that everyone here avoids touching grass

No. 1295391

no i would take him to a vet?? why do his legs look like that?

No. 1295403

Picnic related trips only ma'am, besides froggy is into holistic medicine

No. 1295409

I want to kiss him, maybe he'll become my prince

No. 1295417

I got recommended this channel after watching some pokemon openings. It gives me coomer, pedo, and furry vibes. The guys username respelled is koomdemon I bet he makes pokeporn.

No. 1295421

I hate picnics but I would make an exception for him.

No. 1295423

could've been cute… what a waste. you just know when the appendages extend onto the girl you're in for the SFW creations of a cumladen failmale

No. 1295439

>Aww, cute! That's not so ba-
>Noticing all the pokemon bondage-themed videos from the same creator
Hmm, kill all men

No. 1295471

File: 1660047901496.jpeg (475.97 KB, 750x1140, 7DB2B8B2-6807-430C-9AF3-1CD35B…)

>”this places rampant misandry is out of control!!”
>the misandry is truthfully calling out men who are violent, ignorant, porn-obsessed losers while the rampant misogyny on kiwifarms and 4chan is calling us cunts, dehumanizing us when we’re alive and dead, solely place our worth in our attractiveness, root for mass shooters/feel genuine misplaced sympathy for an unironic mother-fucker and rapist like chris chan, have inconsistent moral values when it’s convenient for their shitty ass website and make sure you feel excluded if you are a minority or a woman. a bunch of congregated male virgins surely have better views about women!!

this two sides nonsense is retarded. misandry is a complete reaction against sexism and misogyny and less than 1% of the entire world population is genuinely misandrist, everyone unfortunately still cares about the well-being of men

No. 1295479

File: 1660048098557.png (66.68 KB, 251x275, 1644875052344.png)

lol imagine being an unironic female kiwifarms user who isn't there solely to mine for milk and acts like KF isn't just another male dominated cyber equivalent of an anal abscess. user posted is a dumbass who probably gets fucked over on the daily by men but refuses to see it because it earns her no stale scrotaldroppings to acknowledge reality. glad she left our space.

No. 1295489

File: 1660048392231.gif (6.68 MB, 352x440, 6b9ef040646770d61fd5f559522bfa…)

She could have just decided the website wasn't for her and moved on. But she chose to post this, because she wants to lick kiwifag ballsweat and get 6 likes for it.I have never once seen a female goreposter spamming dead males. Or anything even close to the "other side" of misogyny. But WONT someone please think of the moidies??????

No. 1295527

kpop-fags go away, your kind is just as disgusting as pick-me's

No. 1295529

they are way better than pickmes, leave her alone

No. 1295533

you have really shit takes

No. 1295537

File: 1660049521724.png (81.64 KB, 403x593, solanas2.png)

The lolcowfarm thread is so dumb they always take screenshot of obvious male post as some sort of "gotcha". A bit unrelated but I find kiwifarm unbearable to read, you have to dig trough the most basic or annoying opinions that no one asked for hours to get to a crumb of information. How much of a pick me do you have to be to prefere this, jesus.

No. 1295547

>you have to dig trough the most basic or annoying opinions that no one asked for hours to get to a crumb of information.
Yes, I can't fucking stand this. The threads are always disorganized and filled with bullshit. The 'highlight' feature doesn't do shit to help.

No. 1295578

kpop-fags are also pick-me's but they are into botched asian dudes

No. 1295614

It's so ugly. At least here I can hide useless comments if needed.

No. 1295625

I hope every man goes to hell no matter what

No. 1295654

No. 1295657

I've legit never seen a woman cape so hard for male approval.

No. 1295658

Wow dang only took all morning good job

No. 1295669

I totally agree it’s so disorganized. Honestly this place is just as disorganized when it comes to milk because it takes so much Tim to make stamps but at least in the thread description anons try to give you a link to information you’re trying to find.

No. 1295671

one thing i hate the most about KF is that when i'm scrolling through a lolcow thread looking for milk but instead i get 7 pages of the same 2 retards arguing with each other about random, off topic stuff.

No. 1295681

I don't get the hate for kpoppers. They're sexualizing and objectifying men, so what's the big deal?

No. 1295684

I'm so glad I haven't had social media in years I would probably be a cow on /snow/. I feel like everyone is a cow though in some way or another, sage because this is going nowhere.

No. 1295694

Having a 3DPD husbando is worse than having a 2D one.
No, I'm not even talking about the fact that 99% of real moids are garbage and your favorite IRL scrote probably belongs to that 99% and is likely worse than you imagine.
I'm talking about how it hurts even more to know that you'll never have him because he's real and there's only one of him, and he's a person with his own personality and thoughts. Which means that having him just because you want it is impossible. With a 2D husbando, you don't have to worry about that, he'll never be real so you'll never suffer the disappointing of not having him, he's already yours in your imagination.
Imagine that you manage to meet your celebrity crush for a few seconds, and he touches your hand. You'll be left wanting more, but you'll grow depressed because you know you'll never fuck him, despite the possibility existing just because he's real. Meanwhile you know from the start that having physical contact with a 2D husbando is impossible, so you just accept it.
I think I'm kinda drunk

No. 1295697

God same. I remember seeing a nonna say that we like to watch the cows because we have a bit of the cow in us kek

No. 1295699

But in a a way your 2D husbando will never change, he will never get older, or become mentally ill or get in a scandal, look at ezrafag her hearts probably broken because her husbando turned out to be a nutjob

No. 1295703

File: 1660055837983.gif (528.35 KB, 220x220, Oughoughough.gif)

>99% of real moids are garbage and your favorite IRL scrote probably belongs to that 99% and is likely worse than you imagine.
Sighhh. Yeah. It's tough out here for us 3DPD husbandofags… I have nothing to really offer but I want to know that I relate to your post a lot and that you're not alone in your feeling. Cheers nona, enjoy your drink!

No. 1295716

I've seen this comment so much too, it's accurate though the few cows I follow have traits I had when I was younger kek.

No. 1295717

I have been here for about 3 years or so now. And I have never really followed a cow from the start. I have just realised. I guess maybe Elaine? It's just I found this site looking for what happened to Jess woods kek. And stayed for the non /snow/ boards. What cow do you think is worth reading tons of threads for?

No. 1295718

File: 1660057210921.png (324.36 KB, 900x1125, superzeropurpleshampooresults.…)

This picture from a purple shampoo (you know a shampoo that's supposed to make blonde hair less brassy). Just me or is there literally NO colour difference?

No. 1295719

Ooh this is a good question kek. I think maybe the projared saga even for it’s short livedness, Holly Conrad was such a goofy cow.

No. 1295721

Thank you nonny, I think today I realized that I have a 3D husbando and I feel retarded for it, I've never had a crush this strong on a real celebrity before (I'm a 2D husbandofag). I'm sure my insane attraction to him will pass eventually, but until then it's gonna be hard, especially because I expect to see him in real life this year or next. And I'm here watching videos of his live shows where he briefly interacts with people in the audience, and pathetically wishing I was that guy whose head he touched because the guy was recording him with his phone. I know it's so fucking stupid because he's a real dumb male who definitely watches porn and if he doesn't then it's because he's super religious and yet I keep fantasizing about such things. I feel like crying nonny how the fuck do I cope with these stupid feelings

No. 1295723

I recommend the Lori thread, she has so much milk over the years and even Kevin's meltdowns are hilarious.

No. 1295729

If you squint, it's a bit lighter, but then again that isn't even blonde.

No. 1295731

Luna Slater's threads are worth checking out especially the first 10 or so, right now the altcows threads are milky (scrote cheated, woman is doing well and he's an alcoholic now). Also vivadrag/dolltears, they're kind of sad to read through but it's milkier than you'd think. And the trve vikings only thread if you want to see some retarded /pol/ tier shit. Though Varg has been my personal cow for years so guess I'm biased.

No. 1295738

File: 1660058930481.jpeg (1.12 MB, 4160x1613, 79B60D28-3F57-4895-8274-5FB7DD…)

In this one department at work there are 2 doppelgängers of girls I went to school with and it’s freaking me the fuck out. I’m now completely sure the first girl isn’t who I thought it was but the second girl just recently showed up and I swear she has the same exact face as the person I thought it was but I don’t remember her being so tall so I don’t think it’s actually her. If a third doppelgänger shows up I’m setting the place on fire.

No. 1295746

Soren Hayes, if you like horrorcows

No. 1295747

I love coffee I love how it makes me take huge shits I love taking a nice big shit and feeling like I lost 5 pounds instantly

No. 1295752

>weep you girls, im gay now and i fuck men's asses
Lol men have not changed

No. 1295759

No, my 3d husbando is the 1%

No. 1295778

File: 1660061554924.gif (1.68 MB, 640x598, fd6c079e840fb1fe34e91856bb5d2b…)

Ayrt, do not fret anon I know EXACTLY how you feel I'm not joking. I feel really stupid for even liking my husbando in the first place because I KNOW he's probably a shit person. But what made me feel better is that the idealized version of him in my head makes me happy and that is a good thing– it's good to be happy! Especially if you've been struggling a little (I know I have) ad if there's this guy in your head that gives you these little feelings, that is okay. He is a made up version of the 3DPD husbando, I know you were upset that it wasn't the real thing but you are also upset that he's just a regular moid… in my case I am using this crush to better myself. I know the version of him in my head is probably completely different from how he acts in real life but the constructed version makes me happy and motivates me to do things. I just focus on that feeling of joy and motivation. Try your hardest to not think of what-ifs and the disappointing truth because like you were saying, you will most likely never meet him (I know, it's sad) but you can have whatever you want in your head, no it's not reality, but you are allowed to have your fantasies. I hope this makes sense It's my day off and I'm a little high kekkk but it's going to be okay nonnie. Just remember that he is, like you said, a dumb male irl. But the fun thing is that he can be whatever you need or want in your head. Think of it in like a faceclaim tumbkr roleplay thing kek. Your made up version of him might be totally different from the irl version, but that's alright. He can be a little puppet to cheer you on and make you happy and to be the perfect other half in your romantic daydreams.
If this is long and rambly, I sincerely apologize kek like I said I'm kind of high but I want you to know that it's alright! You aren't alone with your struggles.

No. 1295797

FUCK I responded to a professional email using my personal email by accident because I forgot to switch which email to send it from on my phone. I just googled my personal email in incognito and by the grace of the gods you can't find anything immediately concerning or linked to me, but I hope that person won't dig any deeper than necessary.

No. 1295800

also thankfully my personal email isn't really anything cringe or embarrassing like "sexybaby69@yahoo" or whatever (which I have actually seen someone use at a previous job).

No. 1295905

File: 1660069717277.jpeg (25.49 KB, 275x239, E620F9D4-8692-467F-B6AE-B07F1F…)

This girl is from my hometown smack dab in the middle of the USA and I think it’s hilarious that people think she’s like a chav icon. She’s American trash, not British trash

No. 1295907

nta but this is good advice. my husbando is a kpop man, which is just even more embarrassing but i truly am inlove with him. like, i was wondering a few weeks ago that i don't have the desire to fall in love because i don't think i can give someone the care, i can't worry for someone's wellbeing, want to listen to them, give someone that sort of place in my life, etc, then i realized, i do all this with my husbando. i literally love him. it was enlightening. i will be sad if when he turns out to be a piece of shit, considering he is a celebrity AND a korean man on top. but i do love him, right now. i get heart palpitations and feel shaky when i think about him. i cry for him. i smile for him. i pour all my affection onto him and he holds my hand all through it.

No. 1295910

File: 1660070018180.jpg (15.49 KB, 540x611, tumblr_c70c38fcd2084346d31f952…)

I've got a stupid situation: i don't find the 2D version of my husbando attractive (despite me loving his character depth in his 2D self), so I prefer his 3D version, but the funniest part about that that I cannot find his actor attractive at all when he is outside the role. He looks so perfect when he is in the role, but outside of it he looks like he needs to shave and take a shower, its hilarious, I don't know how actors do that. Mind you, he has a big fanbase, but I laugh when I look at him (the actor). I'm glad my 2D is a waifu at least…

No. 1295912

I read an article on her before and I still thought she was british

No. 1295914

grape flavoured soju is THE SHIT

No. 1295918

that's sooooo fucked up. my day is completely ruined

No. 1295933

Is your husbando that stranger things fag

No. 1295936

File: 1660071039139.jpg (27.36 KB, 460x345, 19568_460s.jpg)

When I was a kid and we went to the video store it had this sign and I thought it was real and it freaked me out

No. 1295942

File: 1660071154649.jpg (130.59 KB, 720x1244, FZt9tCCXwAEdI8_.jpg)

imagine picking up some generic looking romance book and reading this on the first page

No. 1295953

>getting him ready for me
With what AIDS

No. 1295954

i kekked when it got to ""The Beach House" episode of Girls"

No. 1295962

Kek fag or fag hag?

No. 1295965

Anon kek what book is that?

No. 1295969

It’s big, but we wouldn’t want to offend men, so it’s not that big. I mean, there’s nothing wrong with a small dick of course. Plus, aren’t big dicks vile? It’s okay if the reader entertains the idea of a big attractive penis, we just wouldn’t want her to expect it from future partners. Of course, it’s a moderately large penis that’s not too good. Just good enough. Don’t dream too big or you’ll never find a husband!

No. 1295972

Nevermind I read the rest of the passage now I want a Nigel with bee stung lips and exactly 2 dick veins also

No. 1295974

faghag, its called Beach Read by Emily Henry
what are you on about, this book is clearly not meant to be read by a single straight male, not everyone's into really big dicks, I know for a fact that I have certain limit where If a guy's dick is too big that I would be in more pain then pleasure

No. 1295984

I had a toy of this when I was a kid. You just released a suppressed memory of me riding it around the house

No. 1295987

men should be described this way more often,

No. 1295988

not a britbong but i know him. get this demon vehicle out of my face

No. 1295998

I googled some sentences and it says the book is Just by Looking at Him by Ryan O'Connell?

No. 1295999

>I have a limit
Sounds like a you problem.
>This was not meant to be read by a single straight male
I was talking about the social terrorism women face to make us accepting of subpar dicks being propagated everywhere in the media.

No. 1296004

i want to go into architechture but then i'm gonna have to make those minimalist shit buildings wishing for an art deco comeback ♥

No. 1296056

File: 1660073961902.jpg (Spoiler Image, 376.25 KB, 971x2114, Screenshot_20220809-142840_Tum…)

Two mentally scarring posts in a row, why can't the blogs I follow just be normal

No. 1296058

I feel like anons bumping with pictures during raids (actually effective and helpful) made people think that spamming photos in male threads actually does anything but bring more attention to those threads.

No. 1296060

Second post is pretty cool

No. 1296071

Kek I also do the pube thing.

No. 1296082

first is absolutely depressing and really sad

No. 1296094

I hate trannies so much. I love being a female because I know it makes the most perverted of them seethe, I love being feminine, delicate and soft and being everything they want but can never have no matter how much they hide their ugly penis under their pedo pandering school girl skirts

No. 1296096

The hannibal girlies always think they're so different and mentally ill and love to show it off. Never met fans that behave like hannibal watchers do. Bryan Fuller created so many monsters.

No. 1296104

Based, even when I look my worst I still surpass those skinwalkers. Them raging at women has made me notice how beautiful women look doing absolutely nothing while troons and men look like deformed ogres.

No. 1296107

So, explain why you chose to follow roachussy

No. 1296121

I'm gonna wear all of my favorite cute dresses this week in solidarity with you nonna.

No. 1296131

File: 1660077065131.jpg (96.46 KB, 1125x1075, 1656684876329.jpg)

nonnies i've turned into a skincare hoarder. i can't stop buying high quality deeply, deeply discounted skincare products. most things i buy are $50 products that i buy for, at most, $4, which is great but the hoarding is getting insane

No. 1296137

where do you find them nonnie ?

No. 1296145

I got talking to a guy at a bus stop a lil over a year ago. I think of him every time I masturbate. I thought it would pass after a few weeks but here I still am. I wonder if I've ever had that effect on someone. I also wonder why I never contacted him since.. I could (found his socials) but I chose to just fantasize.

No. 1296149

confession i am drawing a fetish drawing of bug hybrids for roachussy with a half cockroach half danny elfman creature i needed to get this out of my system

No. 1296157

This is weird and makes me want to kill myself as the traffic control anon who had a man randomly tell me after chatting that he pictured me naked four times. Yes they do. And it's fucking creepy as shit. I mean do what you want in your head but as someone who had this happen.. you feel violated. Idk.

No. 1296160

Sorry Nona I'm only a little pissy but basically just another POV. I think this is common, just feels so gross when you realize people who staring at you are raping you with their eyes.

No. 1296163

Men are unable to feel harassed or objectified by women..

No. 1296170

Men are unable to feel

No. 1296171

So you draw that shit for roachussy but I bet you don't take requests from your fellow nonners hmmmmm

No. 1296175

File: 1660078939946.png (559.23 KB, 811x606, tumblr_4de417342ceebd3626f2402…)

>Suggest art themes on doodle board
>Some get picked
>All but 1 time the suggestions get naysayed and wished to death by at least 2 anons
Kek I want to know why they get the reaction they do

No. 1296182

wish i could unread this

No. 1296190

look nonna your wish is my command if you don't care about skill level dunning kruger is fucking me up

No. 1296199

No, I couldn't handle watching even the first season of this show. I understand the appeal but it's not for me.

No. 1296200

This really is dumbass shit but I hate how the thread name is all low caps and stands out when all the threads are listed when minimised sorry

No. 1296201

I mean he told me how to find him online and he dropped hints that he was into me… I don't think I'm violating him. My point was that I probably do have a chace with him but I chose to not take it.

No. 1296205

have any of you anons watched peaky blinders? i tend avoid series that have been going on for years and esp now this has ended or is ending.. I kinda wish I watched it for the start as for some reason clips and edits keep being rec to me on YouTube

No. 1296207

Thank you nonna, that makes me feel better. I guess I can just pretend he's like a 2D husbando like you said. Though almost every time I've met my idols, male or female (a voice actor at 15, the vocalist of my favorite band at 17, my favorite internet artist at 25, and so on) it's been a disappointment so I'm really afraid of it happening again. It's not like I want to marry him like with my 2D husbandos but I really want to kiss him and have fantasized about dating him even though we're probably not compatible and he probably wouldn't like my ugly ass if we actually met. I hope this doesn't get worse and I fall even more in love with him. It's like other retarded hopeless crushes I've had on people I know that I've idealized at first. This is torturing me but I'll try to do as you say, I'll just get off to my fantasies to cope. I hate crushing on real people so much

Then doesn't that mean that you husbando is the fictional character only? That doesn't count as having an IRL husbando/celebrity crush

No. 1296210

my friend keeps telling me to watch and I have started the first episode at least 2 times and it's just so blah and somehow scrotey. Like wow you're wearing caps and lots of brown, ooh crime ok there blue eyed, handsome squidward man.

No. 1296226

File: 1660082003552.jpg (121.04 KB, 600x775, 3dfd64e1814d0b7d7098057f85a01b…)

Today at work there was this japanese little boy and we chatted quickly in japanese and it made me realize that male japanese toddlers don't mind and actually like being called cute, even up to 6 years or so. I think that's pretty healthy, to bad it starts to go downhill from there

No. 1296230

couldn't finish the first ep it's just so boring and a horse huffs some red powder idc

No. 1296250

i dont know much about japanese culture, is it a custom not to… Call kids cute? I'm just a little confused by this, from an outsiders perspective this sounds super creepy lol.

No. 1296252

of course shes a fucking oingo boingo fan

No. 1296255

You've answered correctly

No. 1296268

File: 1660084898565.jpeg (1.11 MB, 1170x1671, B9453E49-0D7C-4870-A857-D6DEC4…)

Hey guys, what’s your favourite fast food sandwich? For me, it's the McChicken, but I am also a fan of the Filet-O-Fish. When I was younger I recoiled at the idea of a fish sandwich from McDonald's but I still remember the first time I had it on a Friday when I decided to throw caution in the wind and get the Filet-O-Fish McDeal. Was it life changing? I wouldn't go quite this far but it certainly was an eye opener. No, it might not be my usual or even a frequent companion in my car, but the Filet-O-Fish holds a special place in my heart. The soft steamed bun is like a heavenly pillow that holds a perfectly crisp and flaky patty of sustainable Alaskan pollock. The tartar sauce is impeccable with just the right amount of tanginess and the perfect creamy companion to the patty; it really does tie everything together. Cheese on fish? I wasn't a believer either but that slice of processed cheddar cheese, invariably perfectly melted like you see in the ads, is a magnificent addition. Possibly superfluous, I can't say for sure because I've only had one with cheese, but I have faith that the McDonald's creators knew what they were doing when they added it; they tend to perceive the gestalt of each menu item in a way that most of us simply cannot. I am a fan of juxtaposing textures and I concede that the Filet-O-Fish does not have a contrasting crunch to balance the impossibly soft steamed bun and generous helping of tartar sauce. But you know what? It works. God knows why but it works, it really does. I sometimes alternate bites with their world famous fries, refreshing every so often with an ice cold Diet Coke that cleanses my palate and readies me for the next delightful bite. For me, it will always be the McChicken. But when I'm feeling adventuresome or just want a change from the usual perfect sandwich, I go for the Filet-O-Fish.

No. 1296269

Which part do you find creepy, anon? Calling kids cute or am I missing something? Sorry if I worded it weirdly, I'm an ESL-chan and I'm tired lol
What I meant is that usually, at least in my country, boys around 4-7 y/o don't like being called cute because they think being cute "is for girls", sadly. Not every boy, of course, but enough to be a pattern. Every japanese kid I talked to enjoyed being called cute regardless of gender.

No. 1296274

Wheres the beef?

No. 1296279

i've been waiting about a year for this fic to update and the author has posted at least 3 persona 5 fics in the meantime no hate to that game but seriously

No. 1296281

I just realized that there are probably people who don't use different rags every time they shower. Weird.

No. 1296294

oh i see. Nah its okay, i get it now, i just come from a culture where its acceptable to call a little boy cute kek.

No. 1296295

File: 1660085920323.jpg (18.02 KB, 750x603, 1608891839280.jpg)

My friend is a terf now and I feel so relieved!!

No. 1296297

Give me a chick fil a spicy chicken sandwich and I love the world

No. 1296321

I grew up in a really rough/poor part of my country and I remember little boys would hate being called cute from a really young age. Like they're 4 or 5 years old and already real defensive against what they think is condescension. Then I had cousins from nicer areas and it was interesting seeing the difference. They weren't on edge about being seen as manly. They had a few extra years of innocence before all that bullshit kicked in.

No. 1296324

File: 1660088211248.png (15.47 KB, 500x232, 44fryw.png)

All my friends are either fakebois or hardcore handmaidens, some in the process of becoming enbys and trooning out as well. Hopefully I'll meet some more normal people soon outside of that old high school circle. Also, how did you do it? assuming you aided in the peaking.

No. 1296327

how is it weird as long as it's clean? having multiple different rags seems like a waste tbh

No. 1296335

Honestly, I just lost my shit one day while browsing HER, sent her some screeenshots of the troons there and after a while, I got her to look up r/mtf. I feel so much closer to her now fr

No. 1296337

i wanna join a radfem server so i can talk about books but i can't find any that aren't dead/obvious bait sigh
manifesting this for myself. one of my sort of friends is dating a troon and won't shut up about "bioessentialism" now

No. 1296340

How is it a waste when they're being used?

No. 1296341

t. crusty shower rag

No. 1296343

I see a transphobic woman posting and I must hit follow

No. 1296344

like a waste of money idk
>t. doesn't own a washing machine

No. 1296348

Lost 30 pounds and I still got fat in the right places I feel Sexy.

No. 1296365

I'm about to go in the store and I forgot what I came here for. Always make a list.

No. 1296378

There's this fanfic author who hasn't updated her story in literally over nine years (last month was the anniversary) but keeps updating her progress tab every single year. It seems like she's still working on that 2013 drabble advent calender, as it says it's on-hold until 2022. I won't give up hope, and just resign myself to keep re-reading the same 14 chapters that are out so far of the fic that I'm actually interested in. Chapter 15 has 25% done, apparently.

No. 1296384

File: 1660095417757.jpg (68.1 KB, 640x696, Tumblr_l_23658876747655.jpg)

I want to apologize to every worker at this grocery store for coming in LITERALLY every day and buying like five packs of roasted seaweed and energy drinks. It's just been a little rough lately.

No. 1296454

Donuts always sound so delicious but then I buy or make some and they're just not that good.

No. 1296460

File: 1660100724887.jpg (Spoiler Image, 31.28 KB, 696x481, 20220510_235347.jpg)

I got invited to a huge party I can't wait to dress like a slut

No. 1296467

Repeat with me anons

Men who abuse and exploit women will all suffer immensely. Men with no concept of consent will be humiliated and lose everything good in life. Men who abuse and exploit women will all suffer immensely. Men with no concept of consent will be humiliated and lose everything good in life. Men who abuse and exploit women will all suffer immensely. Men with no concept of consent will be humiliated and lose everything good in life. Men who abuse and exploit women will all suffer immensely. Men with no concept of consent will be humiliated and lose everything good in life. Men who abuse and exploit women will all suffer immensely. Men with no concept of consent will be humiliated and lose everything good in life.

No. 1296477

I'm suddenly in-love with my coat-hanger body. I think I've finally reached peak misandry, hooray

No. 1296484

what the fuck lmao is this real?

No. 1296485

Yeah it's a deleted scene in an ep where Plankton makes Karen (his robot gf) real. Cut for obvious reasons

No. 1296496

File: 1660104591959.gif (3.56 MB, 500x318, 6422.gif)

Hate how I can't eat or drink anything frozen at home cause the heat melted everything despite being in the freezer for a long time fuck this gay world fuck the sun fuck you

No. 1296499

I want to measure the circumference of my areolas

No. 1296506

>see cool video
>save to watch later
>later arrives
>ignore watch later list
>look for more cool videos
>find new cool videos
>save to watch later

No. 1296507


Well, circumference = π*d…

No. 1296513

File: 1660106076537.jpg (60.52 KB, 522x360, 360_F_251144827_xZfkRRvPbpwxcB…)

Alright, if I did my math correctly the circumference of my right areola is about 28cm/11 inches and my left is about 21cm/8 inches

No. 1296534

circumference is poo poo times pee pee squared.

No. 1296544

I feel like you definitely did something wrong.

No. 1296560

I have big areolas so it's probably right. Even before measuring I could have told you that both of my nipples are about the size of a baseball, which I now know is 9 inches.

No. 1296569

god damn look at that power stance

No. 1296609

Did a list of all the things i want to learn and boy its huge, even as a friendless hikikomori i cant find the time to do those things

No. 1296621

I do the same shit

No. 1296638

me babe

No. 1296641

I used to go to male stripper shows until one night a pole gave up and fell together with the stripper hitting some poor audience girl in the head. They carried her out and ambulance came. I hope she was ok. I went home and never saw a striptease show again.

No. 1296643

No. 1296644

nonny you have at least 50 years

No. 1296645

File: 1660119622527.jpg (422.1 KB, 700x800, 61ca2ba2535c14a2025ef5be2d3640…)

I found out about neuroplasty and now i am scared I might become incapable of learning new things as i get older, so I am becoming anxious about stuff like that. I am currently learning 3 things at once and I still have 2 more to go.

No. 1296646

i feel sorry for laughing, hope she's okay. How are male stripper shows anyway? didn't know they were even a thing

No. 1296648

Speaking of, would a "things you're studying/learning" thread be fun? Is there something already like that already?

No. 1296649

They're fun if you like oiled up buff men. It's not everyone's type.
They are so buff the poles can't support them apparently. I really blame the club for not taking into account their strength and thinking it would be ok for them to use the same poles female strippers use (male striptease is once a week, the rest of the week it's female striptease)

No. 1296650

People learn shit at any age, also you still have neuroplasticity later in life, maybe not the way a baby does but think of it as a blessing because it means you become less manipulable than you were growing up

No. 1296651

sure do it

No. 1296652

damn you're in the trenches

No. 1296654

what game is this from and why does it feel borderline coomer-y god this sounds accusatory i don't mean it like that

No. 1296656

Getting a headache from being retarded