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File: 1658790860549.jpeg (587.77 KB, 1200x630, 1636844149762.jpeg)

No. 1277155

for the hard of head and dumb of ass

prev >>>/ot/1266555

No. 1277159

Thread pic giving me deja vu

No. 1277164

Bought some nice high waisted undies to cover up my gunt and I feel cozy and happy
But I also feel sad that I have a gunt.

No. 1277185

op here, it's def been posted before but i don't think it was used as threadpic?
just thought it was appropriate for the season lol

No. 1277187

I ordered fries from a food truck and they served them to me in a disposable dog bowl. It made me laugh but also feel embarrassed to eat them. Like here is your slop, animal

No. 1277190

Not hating anon, I love it! I think we had a similar pic for one of the mundane shit threads and that's why it feels familiar

No. 1277198

File: 1658793960766.gif (514.98 KB, 400x345, tumblr_inline_p6liv5kSXi1rrzlr…)


No. 1277250

I wish summer break wasn't in summer, I have so much energy to do everything in the summer but in the winter it's a challenge for me to even get out of bed, let alone take the bus, the train, and then another bus just to get to school and study in the library after. In my gap year the winter was so nice once I quit my job, it was so calming and cozy I really felt a sense of peace. Can't wait until I finish my degree, get an actual job and I'll work all summer and take all of my vacation days in the winter. I like winter, just not when I have to go out.

No. 1277390

>the extra lubricant get trapped in the cup as well
nta but how does that work if the cup is already inside before the lube is used

No. 1277506

It kind of sucks that humans are mammals

No. 1277511

what are you thinking?

No. 1277525

File: 1658820085532.jpg (46.47 KB, 680x518, foreskin.jpg)

We would look more interesting if we evolved from literally any other animal. And I think mammals are more prone to disease and illness.

No. 1277526

Same. Finally someone who understands. At my job we tend to be very busy during winter because we have to be available at the same time as universities and private schools and it sucks so much.

No. 1277544

This is extremely cursed

No. 1277556

right before bed too

No. 1277578

I will never be worthless. I will always have value as prime mosquito food and no-one can take that away from me.

No. 1277584

Are famous LA Youtubers & Instagram models are just shitty actors and mediocre looking people who can't ever break into the industry???

I feel like half of buzzfeed was just a bunch of wannabee actors/directors who had to settle for a corporate job

No. 1277585

Not a brit but I loved them. It was just always funny to me how nobody would live in those places IRL if the murder rate was as high as in the shows. Like damn, that's your 10th neighbour being murdered this year, you sure you wanna stay there

No. 1277594

I'm American but I love to watch Midsomer Murders and Death in Paradise with my grandma kek they're so good, I prefer them to American mysteries and so does gramgram

No. 1277666

File: 1658832634595.png (43.69 KB, 600x209, tweet.png)

If you ever feel bad about your body, remember this.

No. 1277674

And am

No. 1277751

i live with my parents and work from home and my dad just caught me looking at doomguy beefcake on my personal laptop (separate from the work one) on company time

No. 1277773

Well where is it????? You won't share?

No. 1277774

File: 1658845554653.jpg (335.84 KB, 1024x1280, topless doom slayer in bondage…)

oh it was this one kek

No. 1277777

kek I would have had a heart attack if I were in your situation.

No. 1277778

don’t dermaplane the night after applying tretinoin. don’t be like me. my skin looked so irritated all day. im a clown

No. 1277782

don't what after what
There's no way I'm doing any of those creepy sounding words to myself

No. 1277784

I am begging you all to stop cycling “play stupid games win stupid prizes” and “many such cases” every other post please

No. 1277788

tretinoin is a high strength skincare product with a high concentration of vitamin a which increases cell turnover (makes dead skin cells come off more quickly). can undo and prevent acne, aging, sun damage, etc. dermaplaning is basically shaving your face with a thin blade and it’s really exfoliating. tret skin is super sensitive so you have to be mindful of what you do. dermaplaning right after tret gave me irritated bumps for the entire day

i recommend tret if you have hormonal acne or anything like that though

No. 1277789

I've never had acne so I don't know shit about it. Do they hurt?

No. 1277790

My mom saw me drawing a half-naked sexy picture of a character I like and wanted to know who it was…

No. 1277798

nope none of it hurts. tretinoin is good for preventing aging and i think that’s what it’s primarily used for but i just wanted it for helping the remaining few zits i get every month. it’s kind of a wonder drug for vanity

No. 1277823

well who was it

No. 1277865

if i did what these nonnies did my parents would've decked me kek

No. 1277868

i would never do that at an actual office kek

No. 1277871

Post stupid posts get stupid replies. Manu such cases

No. 1277877


No. 1277884

File: 1658855266207.png (86.31 KB, 554x181, Screenshot 2022-07-26 190810.p…)

Holy shit take me now.

No. 1277891

I literally knew this would be the reply, it’s just so predictable

No. 1277897

File: 1658857147105.jpg (51.85 KB, 540x351, cow yaoi.jpg)

cp in meta. image bump to get it off the front page

No. 1277900

File: 1658857296132.jpg (46.35 KB, 640x427, whispering secrets.jpg)

No. 1277902

File: 1658857391991.png (889.89 KB, 1019x500, beautiful big shiny eyes.PNG)

No. 1277910

File: 1658857568250.jpg (37.49 KB, 612x408, kis.jpg)

No. 1277940

File: 1658859068984.jpg (63.72 KB, 800x649, LLR_MULL_1971_188-001.jpg)

No. 1277963

Imagine how many items you could hide in that sheeps wool if you went shoplifting with it

No. 1277974

KEK brb getting a rectangular sheep

No. 1277985

File: 1658861001422.jpg (78.57 KB, 700x604, 1620227485050.jpg)

i saw a big pile of dog shit on my walk today and i thought of the retards in the unpopular opinion thread
i come home and they are still arguing about the same thing, nice

No. 1277990

File: 1658861237178.jpg (Spoiler Image, 59.85 KB, 1200x528, Fleabag-Sexhibition.jpg)

I live in an apartment that my mother owns and always been afraid leaving out stuff because she sometimes comes when I'm not here and recently my bf suggested to leave the lube on the nightstand instead of hiding it in the bathroom and I started enertaining the idea of acts of rebellion in the form of a dildo or a cockring left out in the open

No. 1278005

you don't like doing something but your boyfriend wants you to do it for his fetish? huh

No. 1278017

File: 1658863518014.jpg (1.57 MB, 3024x4032, lemon.jpg)

I know nipple piercings are known to be pretty risky, but I still really want to get them. Maybe I'll just get one nipple pierced and see how that goes.

No. 1278051

I really want them too but I don't think I could ever commit to them.

No. 1278053

File: 1658865254375.jpg (36.82 KB, 540x360, 1e6d3bf7116ed7c5309e74f0ffee97…)

I am going to wear cat ears and persacom ears in public with a sailor uniform and stripper heels and no one and no med can stop me

No. 1278070

File: 1658866313701.jpg (45.37 KB, 977x537, 1658666764329.jpg)

friend is posting tranny shit on twitter again

No. 1278118

I wanna peak this zoomer faghag so badly it's unreal but she's so far deep into it it's probably not gonna happen

No. 1278131


No. 1278147

sounds like an easy way to get kicked out of the apartment your mommy pays for, bf is a reet

No. 1278158

Don’t forget to waste $2 on mega millions tonight

No. 1278180

File: 1658872400467.jpg (883.18 KB, 2560x1920, 91iCYHE5B8L._RI_.jpg)

I'm watching Raising Hope and I did not remember there being a bully who trooned out, a beautiful episode on how troons are fucked in the head.

No. 1278223

I tried to put $5 in the lotto machine like half a dozen times before I just gave up and left. The universe doesn't want me to gamble

No. 1278226

Do these ever actually cash out?

No. 1278231

No. 1278235

the only people i see unironically shit on zoomers are millennials. it's probably because they can't use their age as a shield (unlike zoomers) for being stupid or unsuccessful anymore. i've noticed gen-xers are much more patient, probably because most of them have raised kids or have enough life experience to recognize teenagers are fucking stupid. i imagine as most millennials get older their mindsets will change as well

No. 1278236

lmao this pic is how i feel today

No. 1278241

I recently started watching videos on how they make fake food and props for shows and movies. I wonder how they made those soaps

No. 1278246

ohh they're soap! I thought they were sponges or something lol

No. 1278247

I've seen modeling chocolate being used

No. 1278262

They're horrible during sex and you need to buy thick bras to keep them from showing, not worth it anon. You can get fake ones if you want to experiment fyi.

No. 1278271

File: 1658876920140.jpeg (33.65 KB, 284x271, FFDCBDA3-80B6-4A09-B060-7AE2AB…)

Do you ever just eat healthy by mistake? I keep forgetting to add sugar to my sweet foods like pancakes or oatmeal, it doesn't taste bad but with sugar it would be more delicious.

No. 1278273

This show is so relatable in the most random ways

No. 1278277

just put some powdered sugar or syrup on the pancakes at the end, they usually don't use much sugar in the recipe anyways

No. 1278285

Honestly forgot how cute the show was, I was pretty young when I first watched it

No. 1278287

>They're horrible during sex
Do you know from personal experience? I'm open to trying fake ones but I'm not abandoning the idea of getting them actually pierced.

No. 1278295

It's difficult to suck/touch them and they get caught on hair/sheets.

No. 1278304

It's really weird that, despite never having experienced the feeling of it in reality, we feel certain experiences like flying, falling or dying in our dreams.

No. 1278305

You've never fallen? Damn girl I envy your balance.

No. 1278307

I think she means like falling off a building

No. 1278309

I did not know Ashley tishdale was in this, before the current nosejob

No. 1278314

File: 1658879768786.png (203.32 KB, 600x743, unnamed.png)

>yes today I will finally start my healthy diet!
>goes shopping
>mmm delicious fish sticks
every fucking time

No. 1278317

File: 1658880062124.jpeg (20.97 KB, 566x736, 3a9b600c-530e-4c52-b602-46b4e2…)

No, never. Pic related is literally me at all times.

No. 1278318

File: 1658880127528.gif (1012.68 KB, 208x240, 1643001511552.gif)

When the robot voice in fitter happier gets to "will not cry in public" I always chuckle kek it's so funny to me for some reason, just that one specific line.

No. 1278321

teach us your ways queen

No. 1278325

I wonder when eminem will finish cleaning out his closet and come out of it

No. 1278329

Why did he ever stop being funny, idgi.

No. 1278354

File: 1658882986011.jpg (18.66 KB, 275x266, 1657766981682.jpg)

Short-circuited my mom by saying kids aren't extensions of their parents. Kek

No. 1278456

I've known that I have a non-visible lump in my labia for a couple years now (was told it's probably a cyst) but I just found a second, smaller one. I've been needing to see a gyno for a while but I should probably get on with that.

No. 1278486

Joe Biden got so broken down from being called sleepy Joe that he got Kenny chesney blepharoplasty lord almighty

No. 1278489

A pig. In a cage. On antibiotics.

No. 1278495

File: 1658891882559.gif (247.61 KB, 80x80, catrave.gif)


No. 1278498

me when

No. 1278514

It's really cool that the world has a franca de lingua I hope I spelled that right. If it didn't we wouldn't all be here on lolcow.

No. 1278518

File: 1658894534706.jpg (112.73 KB, 736x846, 3fca686c3b76a0427be66917515a04…)

Sometimes I do very much be really just thinking "poo poo pee pee"

No. 1278519

I will try. I've been going to the doctors a lot these past few months so I'm honestly sick of it, but I know I should go not just for the lumps but for other issues.

No. 1278520

File: 1658894602148.jpg (28.27 KB, 924x689, ed35efa7809fc619405d141b503bb6…)

Dat pic

No. 1278526

File: 1658894843142.jpg (447.9 KB, 1078x881, Screenshot_20220726-230745_Fir…)

No. 1278536

File: 1658895229104.jpg (63.31 KB, 735x733, b8f8ae74baab4e015f8c3c2544b94b…)

If you are reading this post, I am hexing your enemies right now. Everyone reading this recieves curse reflection as well. I am a confirmed witch and I am not afraid to meddle in dark magic on behalf of others.

No. 1278541

k thx ilu

No. 1278545

In my mind, the permanent theme song for this board is PonPonPon no matter if it is infight season or time for frogposting.

No. 1278546

Thank you Stacy

No. 1278553

File: 1658895937711.jpg (188.76 KB, 736x758, 2bddf03f5641d8ec3c5c4ed5d25bd4…)

Apu is superior and cuter

No. 1278602

File: 1658900074160.gif (1.35 MB, 498x289, music-lilo-and-stitch.gif)

Recommend me emo songs. I am in a mood that only the emo-est of songs can help quench.

No. 1278609

File: 1658900339510.jpeg (206.46 KB, 828x1551, 052F4AFB-DDB8-4047-AA1B-FFBA89…)

apparently kpop idols are wearing hip pads now… funniest thing i've seen all week. it's literally mental illness to still be into kpop in 2022

No. 1278614

i wish it was not english tho. anglos need to learn foreign languages too, just to humble them a little.

No. 1278633

It's like weird right? If a customer your age you see for the first time keeps insisting you add her on IG and her account is a very ~spirtual, divine femininity, small business content creator account account~ so you do because she won't leave until you do (while buying alch) and then you add her and she seems ok but then she keeps insisting you hangout together despite your constant no I'm busy and "eh maybe" and then asks if she can join your job and you say sure the company might be hiring check online and give her the instructions and she messages you again and again and I just get a weird vibe. My boyfriend said she could be nice but it feels weird. Feels off. I am trying to be nice but I feel like she is trying to groom me into her small business or a cult or something. I don't know her. And I don't have that many followers <300 so it's not that. I just feel sus. She also asked me how her business looked and would lead conversation to nowhere and I said it was nice and she posted it to her Instagram story?

Yes this is true.

No. 1278634

I do not own the business by any means. I was a weedtender so we were encouraged to be friendly to customers so?

No. 1278638

Sounds like she really wants to be friends, is crushing on you or wants to wear your skin.

No. 1278643

File: 1658902607749.jpg (55.5 KB, 648x765, cff.jpg)

This is stupid AF but this was posted on /fit/ years ago and the response was "why do so many girls have lunch lady arms and small tits now? Is it the hormones?" and it's been giving me weird insecurity that I'm the girl with "small tits and lunch lady arms" even though I know I'm completely average body-wise. Is not having rail arms and hentai boobs that bad to the point where moids think there's something actually wrong with us health-wise?

No. 1278646

>coombrained imageboard scrotes don't know what average bodies look like
Imagine my shock. Don't take it to heart, they are simply retarded.

No. 1278650

Kek they sound like farmers but it’s only natural since /fit/ moids are unsurprisingly shallow and have body image issues.

No. 1278653

It's worse having large breasts and lunch lady arms. Then your just fat according to /fit/. Ignore their bullshit, they are almost as bad as plastic surgery addicts with very little self worth. I bet you're cute nonnie <3

No. 1278658

File: 1658903645875.jpg (26.2 KB, 500x376, bunny.jpg)

I had a massive crush on some moid last year, and it went on for months before it fell out. I used to hear all these songs and think of him and want to cry and puke, I really wanted him back. It was uncontrollable. Now I'm listening to the same songs like it's nothing. I guess his ghost is still there, but much easier to ignore.
If I'm really honest, I'm sure I do still miss him, but I'm mostly glad the "yearning" is over. It's like it never happened luv

No. 1278661

my moid my moid my moid. doesn't anyone around here think of the void anymore

No. 1278669

File: 1658904162415.jpg (544.99 KB, 827x1416, star-card.jpg)

This is the void, nonna

No. 1278678

File: 1658905310646.jpg (1.06 MB, 2200x1833, b4f30315386c191ff91ccabfbdd19e…)

I want to be able to oil paint amazing clouds like this

No. 1278680

I hope that by time I'm an old lady there's a cure for dementia/alzheimers, just in case. I have a horrible memory so dementia is one of my biggest fears. My grandma is still very mentally healthy and even works so I hope I can be like her in old age.
>t. was watching the gameplay of a video game that has a old man losing his memory in it

No. 1278681

File: 1658905932413.png (112.46 KB, 181x455, prod-lemonade-large.png)

This lemonade fucking sucks. Fresh lemonade FTW

No. 1278684

Why does this even exist? It takes minimal effort to squeeze a lemon and mix it with water.

No. 1278691

I've seen so many moids meme themselves into porn induced homosexuality without realizing it. If you think the average man looks better then the average woman YOU ARE GAY. It's hard for them to actually understand this because none of them would be actually willing to fuck another guy since they're so obsessed with self image and they think they'd rather fuck a woman they find attractive than a man they find attractive even then since they look at hot girls all day they believe the average woman looks like a porn star

No. 1278711

They don’t think the average woman looks like a porn star, they sit around and shame average women for not looking like porn stars

No. 1278713

technically not emo but it's angsty and i like it

No. 1278715

It exists because it costs more money the majority of the year to squeeze your own lemons than buy a jug. Right now is the first time my town has had $1 for 2 lemons in a long time. A bag was $5 which is on the level of avocados.

No. 1278732

File: 1658910017981.jpg (70.83 KB, 563x558, ca4d76a9f837feeaa7f6cee32603cd…)

I once saw an anon post a reply here that was literally my post from another site with the subject matter being discussed changed. Like I don't think it was trying to ridicule it or post it in a copypasta way but instead trying to make a legitimate point, just using my wording. It still weirds me out and I've been trying to come up with all sorts of theories on why someone would do that and my first one is an ESL-chan who doesn't know English well enough attempting to communicate through aping someone else's post, and my second is a scrote trying to emulate a woman's writing simply by stealing their post. I don't know. This will probably bother me until the end of my days.

No. 1278741

It just might have been NecessarySpeed4. She's weird like that

No. 1278744

File: 1658911276092.jpg (Spoiler Image, 83.37 KB, 828x1008, alex eubank.jpg)

Why do men who are into fitness like that inverted triangle body shape so much?

No. 1278745

Unironically I think it is because it is the cartoon stereotypically fit body and they are autistic.

No. 1278750

This is a kangaroo

No. 1278755

I meet and fall in love with a guy within a month. Typical me but I just want to gush and write poetry. I'm so emotionally retarded though, he's actually able to talk about his feelings and all I can do is giggle and be affectionate. Anyway I can't see him for two days, woe is me!!!!

No. 1278759

Has no one ever told them to not skip leg day? I hope it's just the pose/flexing that emphasizes the shape and it's not as noticeable irl lol. That guy I posted doesn't look bad (well, except for that photo) but in most of his pics he sucks in his stomach, gymrats are strange.

No. 1278763

Fuck, fuck, FUCK. I just killed a cockroach in my bathroom. Figured out that they are coming up through the drain. I am so paranoid right now and can't sleep. It doesn't help it's monsoon season. Please send vibes so that I may sleep.

No. 1278767

I've been imagining scenarios of my husbando dying (not something I do ever) and it's making me ridiculously upset. How are you just supposed to move on after losing someone, and pretend as if they were never a part of your life? I know I'm mentally ill.

No. 1278770

plot twist: this nonnie has an undiagnosed dissociative identity disorder

No. 1278773

File: 1658912997785.gif (451.01 KB, 220x220, sad-cry.gif)

There could never be anyone new anon, he is the only one for me. He would want me to, but I would be far too weak to move on and lend my heart to another.
Anyway good thing fictional men live forever, especially my fictional man in particular.

No. 1278775

You don't have to pretend they were never there, you simply adapt your new life to their absence. That doesn't meant that you won't talk or reminisce about them again. You can also think about them as of they still were there "in spirit" with you. Death is a natural part of life so you either learn to accept its inevitability or idk commit suicide so you don't have to endure the pain of losing someone ever (don't do it). Imo being afraid of grief and crying is also clearly tied with fear of death.
How I wish I had posted this in the death thread kek

No. 1278779

Aw man, I posted that about someone who hasn't and can't even die and you nonnas are giving actual good advice for coping with loss.

No. 1278782

Your husbando was never part of your life

No. 1278788

I meant "closely", not "clearly"
Well, you don't have to fall in love with another if you don't want to. You can just live the rest of your life being your husbando's wife even though he's dead.

I've been thinking a lot about this topic because I had to cope with loss relatively recently. I've been reflecting on how I've moved on since then and realized it's not that difficult, and wonder if thanks to this I'll be more prepared when I lose someone even more important, like my parents. Also lucky you, you have an immortal husbando, mine died in canon

No. 1278793

Why are you asking me that, I'm not the one getting upset by fantasies of fictional characters.

No. 1278798

He's not a vampire, he just comes from a bloodline that is more enhanced and stronger than your average human. He could die but he managed to make it to the end of his series (albeit injured) so to me he's invincible.
I'm really sorry for your loss anon, I hope you're doing alright. I fortunately haven't had to deal with any deaths of the people closest to me yet. Honestly, I think it's one of those things you have to experience to experience to truly understand how to cope with it.

No. 1278800

Oh yeah, definitely, I meant that at least I'd know more or less what to expect after the initial shock and depression and how to move on after that.

No. 1278804

Hmmm now you've piqued my interest, I wonder who your husbando is.
>I'm really sorry for your loss anon, I hope you're doing alright
Thank you, it's ok now. I think I've moved on for the most part.

No. 1278807

File: 1658914299041.gif (190.11 KB, 214x262, 6B9A0D27-3B83-446B-95DF-14F407…)

I love it when you call me nonnarita, I wish I could pretend I didn’t post here, but every day I do la la la, it’s true la la la, ooh I should be working, trannies keep me kekkin at ya

No. 1278808

Kek sure, justify your mental illness that way

No. 1278813

>I wonder who your husbando is.
It's Levi Ackerman

No. 1278819

If responding with a fact to something pretty dumb makes me an asshole, then sure I'll take being an asshole.

No. 1278822

I truly am not lonely kek.

No. 1278825

I bought a misato cosplay but I got no wig. I am wigless Nonnas

No. 1278827

Listen here's what happened: I'm bored out of my mind scrolling through LC while eating lunch, saw a dumb post, took 0,5 seconds to reply and forgot about it again until I scrolled past this thread again. You're projecting way too much meaning onto a post I put a fraction of a second of thought and effort it. I'm not gonna engage with this any further anymore.

No. 1278828

Anon, you've been upset about this for an hour now. It's time for you to stop and realize that you're just not real enough to understand the lifestyle of daydreaming about fictional characters.

No. 1278834

>We all have claws here
Nah, I have tentacles

No. 1278837

This is the cringiest post
You are all cancer

No. 1278840

Oh, they're all the better to molest you with, dear

No. 1278844

>we all have claws here
You have bad posture and a hangnail relax

No. 1278847

File: 1658917980505.gif (6.34 MB, 640x640, me and who leaving the thread.…)

No. 1278849

Go kitty, go, and just
Ride kitty, ride kitty
Ride kitty, roll

No. 1278850

tac says wem wem wem

No. 1278863

lemons are extremely cheap in my part of the world my bad nonna

No. 1278866

sending good vibes hope you were able to fall asleep nonnie

No. 1278924


No. 1278951

I find it hilarious that I am probably fighting with a particular anon in one thread, and sharing advice or niceties with the same anon in another thread on any given day here. Keeps things spicy.

No. 1278964

I wish I was british so I could own one of these little guys would be excellent help in the garden but they are illegal in the us even with a permit because they are invasive

No. 1278965

Shut the fuck up! Jk lmao

No. 1278967

what happened ITT? why so many deleted posts

No. 1278972

tranny got his post history deleted for the second time today

No. 1278973

File: 1658926266566.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.31 KB, 23x18, emot-allears.gif)


No. 1278992


No. 1279031

File: 1658931070946.png (550.83 KB, 962x674, 3D728CA1-2233-40B9-ADBF-953427…)

When the usually quiet nail technician you’ve been going to since 2020 starts a casual conversation for the first time ever because she’s curious about your hair

No. 1279034

Inverted triangle is the male equivalent of an hourglass. This particular one is cartoonishly hideous though.

No. 1279083

the zoomers who aren't wearing ugly mall goff clothes and clown makeup look like serial killers in the face sometimes. dead stare and blank expressions. are there any normal ones

No. 1279108

how are they supposed to look? are they meant to be smiling with quirked up eyebrows at all times or something?
t. deadfaced zoomer.

No. 1279118

I don't get this zoomer hate, the zoomers I meet (family, their friends, teens in the neighbourbood) seem pretty normal.

No. 1279164

It’s pretty on par of the course, next generation dunking on the previous one and vice versa. Nothing unusual. Though I think some of us millennials have quite the knee jerk reaction to getting dunked on by zoomers after a lifetime of getting dunked and blamed on by boomers so they over react which can be read as unintentional hate.

No. 1279227

as a boomer zoomer (1998) i usually have no idea what post Y2K zoomers are talking about

No. 1279258

Leave the zoomers alone!! t. a millenial grandma

No. 1279269

British people can own apus??

No. 1279317

what the fuck is going on in the vent thread? is there a tranny raid?

No. 1279342

he literally admitted he was a tranny up the thread?

No. 1279350

File: 1658937881551.jpg (86.34 KB, 750x823, 165808308222411.jpg)

I wish TyranoBuilder would update already so I can start working on my cringe autisim filled romance semi-self insert doujin visual novel. I've already outline the plot and scripts and everything. Once it updates nothing can stop me from making my dreams into reality.

No. 1279357

so you're in multiple threads now, tranoid?

No. 1279513

Should I go to the local library to people-watch while I do crafts? I'm bored and want my heart to race

No. 1279520

my zoomer sister drank the gendie koolaid

No. 1279596

I'm too embarrassed to tell my friends that I got stuck trying on a dress last night but I needed to tell someone. I lost a little bit of weight and was able to fit a blouse that no longer buttoned up so I got cocky and tried on my dress. It took me 10 minutes to get off and it was truly a terrifying experience. At least this means OMAD is working for me though, I'm going to keep it up and let it come off slowly.

No. 1279635

File: 1658949346581.jpg (85.24 KB, 570x320, waltjr.jpg)

>Dog Hate thread gets a bunch of activity
>Dog Love thread gets bumped
>Zoomers bitch in Unpopular Opinions about Zoomer hate
>Zoomer Hate thread gets bumped

Like clockwork.

No. 1279670

Ok anon-chans, real talk, what's the best Aikatsu song?

No. 1279671

File: 1658952331501.png (25.12 KB, 1311x112, 27e624ad-d2ff.png)

well that explains a lot

No. 1279672

Pretty sure celbricows is 60% gays and trannies. They have the worst takes and aren’t worth talking to. Funny they think that means they blend like retards. No women just hide the thread after a while. Enjoy talking to other fags thinking you’re tricking people.

No. 1279676

That would explain why I get literal brain damage every time I try to read the celebricows thread, it has always stunk like scrote central.

No. 1279679

File: 1658952863516.jpeg (32.24 KB, 561x480, AB683153-09D7-4514-B705-E26A99…)

so the tranny posts get full on deleted but gross male bait insulting us gets to stay up? Could you at least have some consistency jannies?

No. 1279682

File: 1658953116644.jpg (16.12 KB, 624x468, 072cff7e5b5730ce23ee380113dc60…)

>tfw an anon you thought was nice and normal was a tranny (according to the deleted posts)

No. 1279683

go away already

No. 1279691

Love how that anon is acting like celebricows isn't one of the most unhinged threads in /ot/

No. 1279695

File: 1658953669657.jpg (68.64 KB, 828x526, 20211212_044327.jpg)

No. 1279698

Anon this is my first time posting in the thread today. Celebrity cows is the thread other anons will tell you to hide because it’s moid central. It’s okay to hate XY’s.

No. 1279708

File: 1658954722932.jpeg (80.47 KB, 720x710, C41110F2-0458-4FA6-816C-CC93FF…)

The energy on lolcow has been so stinky for days now, shut the fuck up and have fun. If you continue to fight I’m gonna assume you have a Y chromosome or are genuinely mentally handicapped. Woohoo party~!

No. 1279712

File: 1658954885827.gif (1.53 MB, 220x194, 6E327CCB-83E4-4F7A-B9CE-DC6DB3…)

No. 1279714

I wish somebody would dance aidoru shit with me

No. 1279715

>lolcow has been so stinky for days now
I wonder why, surely it has nothing to do with the deleted posts all over /ot/.

No. 1279717

gonna use stock art or are you going to draw it yourself? godspeed nonnie

No. 1279721


No. 1279729

yes, the original American one

No. 1279730

This is retarded but I find my first name in my signature so much harder to write than my last name.

No. 1279732


No. 1279734

Just write only the capital letter
X. Anonymous

No. 1279735

Who tf is Kuz

No. 1279737

some soyjak imageboard mod the tranny is obsessed with, as far as i understood

No. 1279742

File: 1658956479258.jpeg (31.31 KB, 320x176, 8CA0B39A-91BA-47D9-AF39-643A02…)

I thought I told you fuckers it was party time

No. 1279743

you’re replying to the tranny jsyk, kuz is someone the tranny has an unhealthy obsession with. idek who it is other than the troon goes off about him in the screenshots i saw when glancing at the troon’s kiwifarms thread. he keeps trying to frame people as being the real spammer when it’s just him, possibly one or two others who give him asspats, but still basically just him even if others are involved

No. 1279745

I have tried it before just to see what it would look like, but I think my first name makes my signature prettier and I don't even like my family that much so I'm not gonna make my family name the main part of my signature.

No. 1279749

the more you try to integrate with lc lingo the more you stick out like a sore thumb.

No. 1279750

I thought you were going to leave lolcow tranny

No. 1279752

it's you, it's literally just you. No one here gives a fuck, both about the shitty moid imageboard and its moderator or whatever.

No. 1279755

>just look up kuz
I don't know who this kuz is, so I looked it up whatever. I knew I wouldn't get a result
>ADAM10 (ADAM metallopeptidase domain 10)
Protein-coding gene on human chromosome 15q2, also known as CD156c, HsT18717, MADM, a disintegrin and metalloproteinase domain 10, kuz.
More at HGNC
Wow really insightful.

No. 1279758

Stop bringing your ugly mug back here, no woman wants to hear about your schizo rants. Get a fucking job.

No. 1279761

File: 1658956925012.png (321.49 KB, 474x474, 1648220279532.png)

The first step to ridding the tranny is by not acknowledging the tranny.
Just take it easy and carry on my nonners

No. 1279764

If we don't, he feels welcome and thinks - in his own words - he's ""blending""

No. 1279773

this. he bragged about being loved here (even though everyone fucking despises him) and called himself our pet tranny. when he’s ignored he just keeps going and thinks he’s winning which encourages him. he’s a delusional narcissist and i wish mods would make some kind of statement on why they won’t just disable VPNs or something. i don’t want him to spam cp again or go back to the threads where women are most vulnerable because he started calling people abusers and pedophiles when they were seeking advice, and they had no idea the person harassing them like that was just a random schizo and they took it to heart. id rather he make himself obvious than try to lay low with 40 tabs open waiting for the opportunity to call women pedophiles or femboy fetishists for no reason to both cause infighting and make women confused like he’s been doing.

No. 1279774

File: 1658957299678.gif (759.42 KB, 230x359, FE9C3BC5-7F27-4ABA-B866-403AEA…)

Everything you want so let me get up there
I'm the baddest baby penis in the atmosphere Tell me what you want so we can do just what you like balls Ooh Everything you know I'm flipping upside down Take you 'round the world You know I like it loud Tell me what you want 'cause we can do just what you like You make me feel that La la la la la You make me feel so La la la la la You make me feel that La la la la la

No. 1279776

File: 1658957314289.png (83.28 KB, 363x331, tumblr_or4emkQbo71vcbrt2o2_400…)

>soyjak wiki
Now what in god's world is this.
Oh no no no tranny theory looking likely

No. 1279781

Kek this is some serious cringe Joker moment material

No. 1279784

File: 1658957499179.jpg (20.94 KB, 600x600, 39670-0w600h600_Guava.jpg)

No. 1279785

This is one of the most pathetic trannies I've seen in a long time, he knows that we hate him but he keeps coming back. He knows what we say about him is true which is why he's whining, he knows that he's an ugly mr bean looking motherfucker and that hurts him more than anything else.

No. 1279787

You've seen it? Post Mr. Bean tranny

No. 1279788

File: 1658957576722.gif (466.02 KB, 230x231, FF6F30FF-4C3C-4B9A-B347-4CE8F2…)

Me when I go from wearing diapers to killing my wife and voicing cartoon rats

No. 1279789

File: 1658957590726.jpg (3.82 KB, 269x187, download.jpg)

I've been trying to eat more iron which means cutting down on foods that limit iron absorbtion, and one of those foods is TEA! Tea is one of the main things I drink so this is breaking my heart. I guess I just can't have it 2 hours before or after my iron laden meals.

No. 1279791

If anyone wants to see how ugly the tranny looks go onto the complaints thread and scroll up, but i have to warn you he's looks like the human personification of vomit.

No. 1279793

tea limits iron absorption? literally never heard this in my life kek you learn something new every day i guess

No. 1279795


No. 1279799

File: 1658957878990.gif (462.45 KB, 230x212, C417BA32-7335-4068-A42F-DA96E2…)

Guys ignore that troon. Imagine being mentally ill enough to butcher your genitals and cross dress lmao could never be me

No. 1279800

File: 1658957878441.gif (7.12 MB, 368x368, 92a63211ca974e7b9ea7f09e31ad34…)

i will also party

No. 1279802

nonnie that is so weird, I just started drinking tea more regularly and am taking iron supplements too, I’ve been having problems timing my drinks since I would usually drink it first thing in the morning. Do you really have to wait 2 hours? I thought it was only 30 min, but I wait an hour just to be safe.

No. 1279809

File: 1658958183023.png (546.28 KB, 484x642, E8FBA464-0AF2-408C-A600-BCF881…)

What this dainty little thing that looks so feminine and cutesy and unlike us fat feminazi terves?!

No. 1279810

Actual fucking ogre teeth

No. 1279811

spoiler this

No. 1279812

can’t lie, ive been opposed to forced psychiatric care my whole life but this tranny is testing me. few people are deserving of being strapped down against their will and forcibly injected with antipsychotics in a dark room and this pedophile is one of them. what kind of upbringing even does this to a person? it’s no surprise he was a linebacker for a high school football team, very aggro and psycho guy who will never get rid of his male socialization.

No. 1279813

I'm going to vomit

No. 1279816

Proof that god has a dark sense of humor kek the FUCK are those teeth

No. 1279818

File: 1658958360432.jpeg (50.93 KB, 1023x682, 138C8C52-F32E-4984-9253-68CF96…)

Every time I see this horrible little troll man all I can think of is how he got remarried a little over a year after his wife of 11 years died.

No. 1279822

Retard why would you post this unspoilered. Literal dunce.

No. 1279823

File: 1658958453146.jpg (72.87 KB, 735x755, 1ea8a8c0697731d80648ce81e72bbc…)

Yep! It's the tannins and oxalates in tea. Iirc, it bonds with the iron or something. It's been shown to cause anemia in people who drink a lot of it. Coffee also fucks up iron absorption but a little less than tea.
I just checked and google actually says it should be an hour so I got the time wrong lol. I also like milk tea and dairy coincidentally is also terrible for iron.

No. 1279835

Oh my God, thr tranny is so ugly no wonder he's mcfucking losing it.

No. 1279836

File: 1658958718043.png (179.75 KB, 499x380, 7F0609FE-9D29-495B-8C12-B23233…)

No. 1279845

File: 1658958901709.gif (2.15 MB, 498x376, 96ECFABE-DD42-4A07-ABB4-38C40F…)

go away

No. 1279849

shut the fuck up retard boymoms don’t have a y chromosome, it’s just trace dna from the fetus lingering in the bloodstream, not a y chromosome. you really wish. you would do anything to try to prove you are remotely close to a woman. you have a linebacker body and a full beard of thick grotesque stubble and a gangrene dick, and you were born with a y chromosome. a defect.

anyway i also realized it was the tranny in the confession thread trying to convince multiple women here that they were pedophiles for bizarre reasons a couple days ago, the girl with the towel story in the confession thread and the girl who started dating her bf when they were both 14 in the vent thread.

No. 1279857

File: 1658959080027.jpg (26.44 KB, 480x255, 5y4w8ieofhsikd.jpg)

No. 1279859

take your fucking meds jfc

No. 1279864

File: 1658959287731.jpeg (40.89 KB, 360x360, AD0CF92E-501A-4513-B5E5-AFB5AE…)

>us ladies
You wish

No. 1279867

File: 1658959318544.png (156.77 KB, 249x275, 1613623638477.png)

He thinks he's playing some 5D chess having conversations with himself and sperging on other threads but he's probably just sitting and sharting in a dark room

No. 1279869

File: 1658959353958.png (56.28 KB, 275x206, FD1B666F-6646-45B1-B5CE-A3118F…)

No. 1279872

Ugh those three pictures in a row are kind of aesthetic, lots of cohesion between the blues

No. 1279873

File: 1658959424555.jpg (451.4 KB, 1280x1707, 1165ec4840d971d8b797cdf055b82d…)

I heard Trader Joes has birria, and I really hope it's vegan/vegetarian or they release a no meat version. I've never had birria.

No. 1279877

File: 1658959573599.jpg (97.3 KB, 640x1024, dc0e21d4615cec32156495cf5ee0b2…)

Insulting his appearance really set him off the edge, huh

No. 1279880

I recently bought a small plush off of AliExpress out of curiosity, and it was as I expected and was a little deformed. I won't buy from AliExpress again but I still like the plush I got even if it's a little retarded.

No. 1279883

Beautiful and congratulations on your new arrival

No. 1279888

File: 1658960361819.png (277.28 KB, 1536x2048, accursedspawn.png)

Thanks, I refer to it as Kirby and Dedede's Deformed AliExpress Child

No. 1279890

Oh my god it's Kirdede anon

No. 1279891

very cute tbh, i expected worse lol. i’ve never ordered a plush from ali but now i’m kinda tempted.

No. 1279892

It looks fine though

No. 1279894

Honestly same, but when I compared it to promotional images it was very clear I got a bootlegged version. I wasn't upset, I just now know to be wary of AliExpress in general. No wonder people with those Sanrio pits buy from there, it's very tempting with how inexpensive everything is. I can only hope the buttons I got along with the plush won't be as messed up.

No. 1279896

>It looks fine though
But it's not! I mean, it looks fine and I'm happy, but to someone who looks at this kind of stuff daily it isn't. Compared to the non-bootleg version the hat is very loose on Kirby's head, and Dedede's little egg crown is super lop-sided. Luckily, this can be fixed. I placed some tissue in the hat to fill it out some and ripped off and superglue (dumbass idea I know, thought it was smart in the moment) to fix up the crown. The hammer is more orange and has chips in the coloring(?) and is way smaller than the original. It also bends way too much to the head, probably due to a lack of stuffing in the handle and due to the way the hammer is constructed.

The body has some things that're iffy to say the least. Kirby's feet are a brighter pink and are more round rather than having a flatter base. The face is way smaller compared to the original. Though, to be honest… I don't mind this problem. Kirby's face being smaller looks far cuter than being all fish-eye levels of big. The thread to make Kirby's eyes and mouth is was darker and more purple than fuchsia pink, the thread to make Kirby is a pastel pink rather than a pastel fuchsia like the original. Kirby's non-hammer holding hand has a lack of stuffing and is sewn on weird making it look really lumpy and kinda bent.

Another thing…it came with a chain of sorts? Like, attached to the crown there's a star-shaped chain. It's weird. If I had to summerize how I feel about this plush… it'd be the phrase "mistakes into miracles"

No. 1279901

File: 1658961084436.jpeg (347.68 KB, 750x527, BCC02BE6-A904-4A41-A75F-E670AA…)

would you drink this to make your husbando real yes or no

No. 1279902

Oh okay, considering the thing in his hand is meant to be a hammer I get it now kind of looks like a weird mug of foamy drink he's just pouring out. Maybe you can use him as a stressball and punish him by squeezing him every once in a while

No. 1279904

my husbando is already real

No. 1279908

I thought the same thing as well, it does look like one of those cartoony mugs of beer.
>Maybe you can use him as a stressball and punish him by squeezing him every once in a while
Nah, that'd be heartless and uncouth. This Kirby plush didn't choose to be physically deformed so I wouldn't do something like that.
Wouldn't have to ask me twice.

No. 1279909

Is he just real or is he going to be in love with me and marry me?
If the latter, then yes

No. 1279915

I want to say yes, but I have the same question as the above anon. Will he be my soulmate and we'll live happily ever after?

No. 1279918

yes, and I know he would too kek

No. 1279929

File: 1658962873805.png (738.87 KB, 1112x877, janitor.png)

I want to keep playing Little Nightmares, but I get too scared. It's legitimately stressful. I hate this horrific, deformed abomination. I hate the noises it makes, but I also hate not knowing when it's on its way. How do I stop getting scared

No. 1279931

Gotta ask me what I wouldn't do to for him

No. 1279939

I would drink it down and ask for seconds if it meant my husbando would come to me.

No. 1279945

File: 1658964382665.jpeg (98.42 KB, 1023x528, 23248D9E-2548-49BD-B778-BC32C5…)

I haven’t seen these in a store in a long time, there’s apparently a vanilla flavor but I’ve never seen that before. And what happened to Sobe? That was like the drink of my childhood. Sad now.

No. 1279949

File: 1658964708896.jpg (Spoiler Image, 360.28 KB, 1920x1836, edward-manubay-teacher.jpg)

I've never played Light Nightmares myself, but I love the monsters in that game. They're so cool to me. If that freaks you out, just wait till you see the Teacher if you ever play the sequel. Spoilered in case you haven't seen her, it's just a regular picture of her though.

No. 1279962

sobe is an active company somehow but i haven’t seen any drinks by them since i was 11, apparently they put out extremely limited amounts of beverages so i wonder how and why they’re still in business

No. 1279981

File: 1658968524429.jpg (51.8 KB, 600x800, eaf.jpg)

I wonder where he's at now

No. 1279988

i never understood why this pic went viral. average looking moid who looks like an 11th grader

No. 1279994

Nta I’ve never seen that pic before. People thought he was hot?

No. 1279995

yeah it went viral among american zoomers in like 2016 because everyone thought he was hot while also being a retail worker? just really weird, it was a whole thing. “alex from target”

No. 1280003

lol he does look the type of dweeb who wears aeropostale in 2010s that 8th graders get crush on for 2 hours at the mall

No. 1280004

No. 1280012

thanks lol it’s been so long i wasn’t sure of the year

so true, that’s the exact type. those fugly heather grey sweatshirts. on this topic, anyone remember that gross guy nash grier? i remember in 2014 on tumblr so many girls were into him until one day he said women have to shave their arms

No. 1280026

He just looks like an older kid to me.

No. 1280060

tfw you're on the barbecue sauce stage of your period and your nigel wants to get down…

No. 1280070

lmao bbq sauce is a really good way of putting it, god. i felt really gross having sex during that part of my period and still sometimes do but men don’t care in my experience as long as they know you’re still spotting

No. 1280072

File: 1658977771144.jpg (393.58 KB, 1440x1799, 271809990_479044746916125_6182…)

omg nash grier, i remember him. he was only popular for his ice blue eyes. other than that he was fugly.
apparently he had a child with a (black?) woman and the child looks nothing like his mom. that dude must have some strong ass genes

No. 1280077

File: 1658978375735.jpg (265.06 KB, 900x1200, EXcNULRUEAEjjBt.jpg)

samefag, i used to obsess over cameron dallas back in like 2013
now he looks like a homeless man on skid row and he got into rehab
men truly age like milk

No. 1280099

He looks pretty much the same tbh.

No. 1280121

File: 1658982809806.jpeg (94.16 KB, 500x739, 1A8668F9-8270-4E7A-9FDB-40D571…)

What should I put on my tinder to indicate I’m not looking for serious and just want my shit pushed in? I’m so touched starved I hate this

No. 1280129

File: 1658983605547.jpg (63.94 KB, 1000x563, intro-1593804255.jpg)

Fairy? Should I make mac 'n cheese?

No. 1280133

File: 1658984163139.png (2.99 MB, 1894x1278, timmy dance.png)

no. baked beans

No. 1280134

'Looking for a one time meetup' or 'not looking for a serious relationship' something like that.

No. 1280139

i’m still so sad trevor moore died

No. 1280143

Don't post that blue eyed demon here

No. 1280144

Because he wasn't a complete lardass and looked like he actually washed his hair and face unlike most American moids

No. 1280151

Ngl thought this was a lesbian couple until I read

No. 1280154

File: 1658986379020.jpg (30.38 KB, 274x400, 51W6duELHdL._AC_.jpg)

What about this blue eyes?

No. 1280174

The lower back is such a nice area for a tattoo to me, and if they weren't considered tacky (tramp stamps) I would probably consider getting one. I also wanted back dimple piercings at one point so maybe I'm just really into that area of the body

No. 1280233

How I'm feelin

No. 1280246

KEK i can see it

No. 1280273

File: 1659000095039.gif (688.79 KB, 500x281, f923696a027555b56dfc3fe918b02a…)

I'm lying about my real age from now on or just straight up withholding it. I'm over 21 and the pandemic has "stole" some of my "bEsT yEaRs" so fuck it I'm whatever age the moment wants me to be

No. 1280283

Anon please, you have literally a whole ass life to do whatever you want still, wtf you need some perspective

No. 1280295

nta but I also feel this way, I had lost a shit ton of opportunities to meet people and get the career I wanted because of the pandemic and it's now way too late for me to do some of the things I planned for years because of age limits and the pandemic starting as soon as I graduated with a masters, like getting working holiday visas for specific destinations or similar visas for specific jobs. It's easy to think we have a whole life ahead of ourselves but it's more complicated than that for many of us.

No. 1280297

File: 1659003673975.jpg (31.11 KB, 620x349, tumblr_psdomwguJV1w5tkr0_640.j…)

No. 1280300

…. I’m literally making fun of people that say that. I don’t believe these are my best years kek pErSpEcTivE

No. 1280301

I graduated with my masters too literally on the day lockdown set in in my country. Then I found lolcow and look what I've become.

No. 1280303

Yeah that was obvious but some anons really lack any situational awareness even when it’s spelled out right in front of them

No. 1280304

File: 1659004587171.jpeg (173.29 KB, 1000x1000, B37531E2-B589-4A95-849C-3EE539…)

I made this when that shit was happening earlier

No. 1280306

Are there any anons who're perma-single by choice? Why? (Not asking anons who think they're too ugly to date or something)

No. 1280307

File: 1659004843098.jpeg (116.04 KB, 1057x1390, 0076C61D-8521-49F9-B1F6-E6B917…)

Cheers to that. I’m tired of people acting like my life is over because I didn’t get to go out regularly in my early twenties. I’m going to bounce between saying 20 and 40 because I’m not near either lol

No. 1280309

1. It sucks to date men right now 2. I value my peace & alone time

No. 1280310

simply just a lack of interest

No. 1280320

Romantic relationships are too complicated, most men around me are either garbage or not my type at all, I just don't think I'm made for long-term relationships or marriage, I don't see the point in a serious relationship if you don't plan to marry and I don't want to marry, and even though I can't have casual sex (definitely not my thing, I've tried) getting a boyfriend just to have sex with him doesn't make me feel any better either. I know how every relationship ends and how difficult is to maintain one so why not avoid all over altogether?
Or idk maybe I'm just unable to fall in love with a man and that's why I don't think I'll ever want a relationship that badly again.
I stick to husbandos and that gives me enough happy chemicals to not feel the urge of getting a bf.

No. 1280346

GOD I wish there was jannies in Euro timezones to nuke the metatroon

No. 1280347

D-does "get my shit pushed in" mean anal sex?

No. 1280363

For me it happened like 5 or 6 months later, but the pandemic was declared just like one or twi weeks after I moved abroad because I couldn't find a job in my country after graduating. I went there witb a working holiday visa and got covid, I was sick for months and could only stay there for a semester instead of a wholz year like planned, and I can't get that visa for that country anymore because you only get one working holiday visa per country in your entire life. So yeah that shit ruined my career path for the rest of my life because now I'm working full time in something I don't guve a shit about and I'm too old to go back to studying with an apprenticeship because of almost all apprenticeship contracts stating a very specific age limit that I'm about to reach. I couldn't even get a graduation ceremony and that's the thing I was looking forward to the most. I also had to reject a guy from abroad I was into because I had to go back to my country after nearly dying from covid, in case I'd get long covid and would need my family to look after me. I'm sure there are young adults who have it worse than both of us so I'm never going to judge someone complaining about losing their best years unless I know them personally and know they're talking out of their ass.

No. 1280366

File: 1659012288438.jpg (57.53 KB, 750x750, 10066682.jpg)

Nonnies should I hoard these before they ban the word female from being used on period products?

No. 1280370

Nash Grier looks like a lesbian and the lack of space between his eyes triggers me on the same level as Slayterr

No. 1280376

that baby has none of her genes kek, he looks whiter than he does
i used to love watching nash and cameron videos when they peaked lmao

No. 1280391

for the longest time i thought fundie meant trust-fund baby and i only just found out it's not that

No. 1280395

File: 1659015378001.gif (8.23 KB, 120x60, 555E5C68-ED5D-416A-83DC-F98336…)

>doing some snooping on my crush
>find an old account of his
>gleefully going through his posts
>mentions a site with a weird name, thought it might be gore, look it up
>it’s a porn site
>was with his wife at the time
>pretty disappointed, keep snooping
>another post mentions going out with his wife on Halloween and in the next sentence he’s going on about women in tiny outfits
why do i expect anything different from any man. theyre all pieces of shit just dressed up differently. i was pretty heavily obsessed with him and this kind of shattered the illusion, which is probably a good thing. on a happier note i was looking for old web reaction gifs and those cheered me up a bit.

No. 1280404

Sure, it'll become a neat collectible

No. 1280405

File: 1659016340404.jpg (398.3 KB, 1080x1432, IMG_20220728_164858.jpg)


No. 1280406

lemme take a fucken dip nona!!

No. 1280408

I stg if you don't leave room for my fatass

No. 1280417

I fucking hate my manager but the one thing I appreciate is that she hates all customers unconditionally. I got my first 'let me talk to the manager' moment after a lady came into the backroom to ask to try things on (we do not have a changing room) & I was rude to her, & my manager called her too stupid to be allowed out of her house kek

No. 1280442

File: 1659019871772.png (623.16 KB, 1166x592, 56484765.PNG)

Not enough of a vent for the vent thread but I hate it when I tell friends about how I really want to go on a cross country roadtrip one day and camp across the U.S. they're always condescending about it.

"Anon, you've never camped before," they sneer. "You grew up in the city, what's the point in going out to the middle of nowhere?" they say. There is no point! There is absolutely no point at all! I can do whatever stupid thing I decide on a whim! People want to act like I'm some fucking freak because I'm a city girl who wants to go camping and drive through bumfuck nowhere, kansas to look at some fucking wide open plains. Or going elsewhere in the midwest to look at some mountains. Yep, those are mountains alright! And what of it? Let a dumbass bitch enjoy some fucking middle of nowhere nothingness.

I will live and die in my shithole city, I know it, so the least I can do for myself is take myself out and see some sights every once in a while.

No. 1280443

File: 1659019876193.jpg (138.35 KB, 958x747, ues.JPG)

screw men, I'm thriving

No. 1280450

Absolute icon

No. 1280506

You're an inspiration nonny

No. 1280526

Screw your friends and find new ones. There are plenty of people who would like your idea and would join you. City living in unhealthy and your friends are gonna die staring at grey cubes and breathing in smog. Get out there and enjoy nature anon

No. 1280566

why were you mean to the lady?

No. 1280575

please don't tell me this is filled with toilet cleaner again

No. 1280596

File: 1659027671601.gif (5.04 MB, 640x360, 1658838367474.gif)

Zoomers on twitter really have a stick up their asses, one just blocked me for stating an objective fact and replied to my twitter after blocking me. What's the point?

No. 1280603

oh my god kekk I wonder what became of that anon?

No. 1280616

The context is that some American guy said he did the very first shonen manga with a black girl as the protagonist and I just said that it's an American comic and not a shonen manga because the authors are American, the publishing company is American and the target audience is American. The girl, who's unrelated, shit talked me for something unrelated and blocked me.

No. 1280625

This gif is so fucking funny to me, I watch 10 times whenever it gets posted

No. 1280626

It is an objective fact that fire is hot.

No. 1280628

>you're exactly right in that it's like well really why did you even engage in the first place if at the first disagreement you block and never talk again?
If it were just that, sure, do what you want, I block people all the time when I see them post shit I don't want to see because I just use twitter to look at art and know release dates for some video games and movies. But she blocked me before replying. I saw that thanks to nitter. That's even more stupid.

Some people would be offended and tell you that if you're burning for long enough because to fire, the fire will feel cold on your skin, so you're wrong and racist.

No. 1280629

File: 1659028845664.gif (1.36 MB, 220x220, 4D258B4C-3FD3-489F-B0CF-43281F…)

WAIT i just realized what it reminds me of

No. 1280630

Hot relative to what?
Ice yes, supernova no

No. 1280632

Is this your pic?

No. 1280661

Maybe stop talking to minors on twitter and expecting them to have the common sense that 99% of adults don’t even have themselves, you look more like the loser trying to “pwn” a child on Twitter kek.

No. 1280665

File: 1659029868483.jpg (149.4 KB, 680x900, bigstock-LAS-VEGAS-MAY-Nash-Gr…)

he looks like miley cyrus

No. 1280670

nta but there are legal age zoomer ya tard
also you look like a loser too trying to argue with farmers over nothing lol

No. 1280672

The oldest zoomers are like 25.

No. 1280674

I didn't talk to that girl even once, she just found my reply to someone else's tweet. According to her bio she's 20 so she's not a minor anymore but that's irrelevant

No. 1280680

Thikning about the fact that the absolute vast majority of males watch porn and those who don't most likely only don't do it because they watched it so much it literally broke their dick has turned me completely off of them. Hate to say it, but I think I'd be a bit of a pick me if porn wouldn't exist lmao.

No. 1280685

No. 1280725

That is Miley Cyrus + Ellen DeGeneres

Again?? What have I missed kekk

No. 1280727

It's a sad reality.

No. 1280757

I never understood why some anos had such intense opinons about blue eyes, but now I get it.

No. 1280764

i still don't get it

No. 1280782

I can’t believe people unironically give a shit about Marilyn Monroe

No. 1280784

There are exceptions, supposedly, and the very few guys I know who could potentially be exceptions already have girlfriends or wives so I don't even try to look for a guy either.

No. 1280787

I keep having nightmares of becoming a hunchback. I need to stop having gamer posture before I become more deformed for life aaaa

No. 1280795

The hunchback of nonna dame

No. 1280797

>be me
>look at myself in any reflective surface
>oh no i've gotten overweight i'm the heaviest i've ever been it's making me very upset
>i need to comfort myself, it's gonna be ok. just self regulate these emotions!
>take raspberry ice cream and eat it like an ogre
>"ahhh, very soothing indeed"

A story of me and my room temperature IQ

No. 1280808

wondering how people who had their jaw shaved like trannies are going to age. Everyone who had FFS done. How do jaw surgeries affect aging in general. If I end up living till I'm 80 it will be fun.

No. 1280815

File: 1659037178868.png (454.64 KB, 735x412, quasimodo.PNG)

I'm halfway there tbh

No. 1280826

File: 1659037724100.gif (67.16 KB, 498x405, 1658656585436.gif)

>sees femboy account
>images of thighs in short skirts
>scroll up to bio
>"teehee 16"

No. 1280828

File: 1659037790987.jpeg (240.5 KB, 1080x1920, C1A6936A-3420-40CF-B913-5863D3…)


No. 1280829

File: 1659037797513.jpg (90.97 KB, 700x1053, Chunky_Monkey_2.jpg)

I'm supposed to be dieting so I've been substituting processed sugar desserts with fruit and shit, but god I can't resist some chunky monkey
Thank you for reminding me that I saw some white chocolate raspberry icecream a while ago that I meant to try

No. 1280838

Imagine thinking being a tranny is better than being a weeb….

No. 1280845

Lady D and Miku are allergic to Y chromosomes. Maybe if we kiss I will be too.

No. 1280846

She's dressed like a playbunny, do women really like these type of figures?

No. 1280847

File: 1659039346062.jpg (92.01 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Sounds very similar to the best icecream i've ever tasted by Ben and Jerry's that sadly got discontinued in favor of the most boring flavors.

It was soooo good i could eat the whole thing in one go. The raspberry icecream was the perfect amount of tart, the cheesecake one in contrast was so smooth and creamy (tasted like a rich yogurt, not too sweet at all!), and the core in the middle was giving the whole icecream a nice crunchy texture, with just a little bit of saltiness to it. Everything was balanced. I would die for it to come back, i'm really in grief over its disappearance and it was like 4-5 years ago.

No. 1280849

File: 1659039471746.jpg (2.04 MB, 1735x2100, BenJerry_Cookie_Cores_Raspberr…)

Doubleposting to show the inside of it. I will never not be sad about it.

No. 1280850

>Liking trannies more than owning a fig of virtual idol
Dear anon, you cannot be serious.

No. 1280852

No, stupid teenagers and troons do. No grown ass woman is into little anime girls who look like literal 4 year olds.

No. 1280855

why do weebs think we won't know they love prepubesent girl bodies just because their designs switch the head to an anime one?

No. 1280856

File: 1659039821005.jpeg (393.3 KB, 656x809, 042A7890-F762-4F9C-9452-491214…)

You guys missed anons joke. It’s not that serious.

No. 1280857

The faces look like little children. Tell me a grown ass woman who has the face of an undeveloped playdough blob.

No. 1280862

I'm trying to play a game, but my graphics card is kinda old and not supported by my current computer's operating system so I can't update it (unless I get a new one, of course) and so I can't play the game. Why do computers have to be so complicated and stupid, blegh

No. 1280863

I swear I'm not one of them and I don't like anime but adult female weebs exist. Only moids autistically insist otherwise

No. 1280870

I know it's a joke, there was a similiar pic going around saying "Miku hates terfs" or something like that right? I was just going off topic and wondered about those type of figures.

No. 1280873

There’s a lot if you scroll through the Terf memes thread. Trannies are obsessed with Miku they threaten to kill themselves on Twitter over jokes like that. It’s why it’s funny.
Yes some women do. No it doesn’t make them moids.

No. 1280874

you replied to a moid, nonnie. they usually accuse women of being 'sexist' while women would say misogynistic

No. 1280877

Fair enough I deleted. My bad anon. Thank you

No. 1280878

>You're a moid!
>No you're a moid!
>No u!
Jesus Christ, you all look stupid kek

No. 1280879

Yeah that’s a salty tranny. Whoops. The brain rot is real. Super thanks anon, hope you have a good day

No. 1280880

Nonnies in the what’s wrong with lolcow thread be like
>no one ever calls someone a moid without very good reason, maybe you should stop acting like a moid by using the word sexist?!?!?!

No. 1280882

?? Anon I never said they were moids nor did I think it. I was just wondering what the appeal is for women of a figure that's so blatantly sexualized for men.

No. 1280886

File: 1659040653048.jpeg (495.03 KB, 1029x1079, 26569B65-BB15-4461-BBF5-AF782A…)

>whenever I see someone with a shit take online

No. 1280887

File: 1659040665565.jpg (46.04 KB, 679x511, graphics card.jpg)

Samefag but now I'm looking for a new graphics card, and why do they all look so obnoxious

No. 1280888

Not you anon. Not attacking you. Was clarifying for below you. You’re okay. You don’t sound like a moid. It’s the anon who replied to you.

No. 1280890

They have the same aesthetic as ugly sport cars lol

No. 1280895

what kind of graphics card do you have right now nonnie? 1050ti is pretty old too and wouldn't be an upgrade

No. 1280899

File: 1659041031589.jpeg (22.01 KB, 182x277, A0798AE5-D1C5-45E5-9160-4706E2…)

Damn I really want some piercings. Nonnas what are your opinions on bridge, septum and nipple piercings?

No. 1280902

File: 1659041077241.jpg (52.64 KB, 739x924, 20220714_221519.jpg)

No. 1280903

Septum are a 2/10. Easy to hide and heal pretty fast.
Nipples 7/10. Healing takes forever. 6-8 months. I like them

No. 1280906

I thought my nipple piercings were cute but after they got caught on my towel the second time, I took them out for good.

No. 1280907

File: 1659041220773.png (1.25 MB, 1476x4829, 1646236837356.png)

No. 1280908

I love nipple and septum piercings. I'm kinda meh on bridge piercings, I think they look really cool on the right person though.

No. 1280912

Holy shit kek but also I’m worried for her

No. 1280914

I wasn't looking at the one in that pic in particular, I just searched up graphics cards and that's one I saw.

No. 1280936

File: 1659042123374.jpg (145 KB, 736x1104, b8bac56328cf949a70d61932b19d8a…)

I'm kind of realizing that the B.O issues I had for years is probably due to the deodorant I use and not my actual body

No. 1280940

jesus christ

No. 1280942

She kept trying to force her way into our staff bathroom after being told it wasn't a changing room and customer service voice doesn't work with that kind of thing. I don't just bully customers dw nonnie

No. 1280947

I want to be a rapper or a stand-up comedian but the masses have grown too retarded, jesus

No. 1280948

This happened months ago so she's probably ok by now (I hope)

No. 1280949

File: 1659043104657.jpeg (199.76 KB, 999x1280, 561890A4-6993-43B7-8600-46A44F…)

Always get id’d for energy drinks at the same Tesco every time without fail but never once got id’d for alcohol there. Hmmmmmm

No. 1280951

If I saw this man irl I would not be able to resist him. Also you get id’d for energy drinks?

No. 1280952

I was hoping you'd repost, I wanted to get a better look at that picture kek

No. 1280955

>mini liquor bottles on the shelf
Whose Walmart is this?

No. 1280956

>>1280952 sorry nony deleted it by accident but this godly image is back for your pleasure kek

No. 1280957

Yeah I live in the uk you have to be 16+ to buy them, most cashiers don’t care but there’s always that few that id you no matter what

No. 1280960

Possibly Ohio. I lived there for a few years after living in a state that did not have liquor in the Walmart and I thought I was tripping when I saw little packs of fireball shooters with all the candy bars by the checkout

No. 1280963

he has a serious case of gayface

No. 1280964

The only thing that's keeping me from bleaching the heck out of my hair is the cost of upkeep

No. 1280974

youtube knows I browse LC

No. 1280980

that’s cute as fuck, I wanna play with a dog now.

No. 1280982

I got recommended this vid a couple days ago..

No. 1280992

How can milk chocolate taste so good but chocolate ice cream is ass? Disgusting.

No. 1281010

File: 1659047699611.jpg (753.3 KB, 2000x2000, grilled-butter-chicken-recipe-…)

I've never had naan before, but I've been craving it so bad. I think next time I go grocery shopping I'll get regular and garlic naan, and try to make butter chicken

No. 1281024

it’s soooo good nonnie. get it from an indian market if you can! but even trader joe’s has some amazing frozen naan. tbh even the american brands that aren’t even frozen are amazing. it’s hard to have bad naan. i especially love garlic naan mmmm i’m gonna put some frozen naan in the oven

No. 1281086

I think about this anon sometimes, good luck out there

No. 1281088

wtf anon thats too far

No. 1281104

I keep hearing this term but what does it actually mean? And also the phrase 'serial cheater face'

No. 1281107

two tequila shots in. i don't really feel as much as i was expecting. is that normal? i'm tempted to go for a third. should i do it nons? vid rel, jamming to this sh* rn

No. 1281113

Means he looks homo

No. 1281135

I forgot that I made like 4-5 big pizzas very recently (like within two weeks, very bready cheesy sexy tomatoey) and then had the audacity to suggest (at length) that my nigel was eating fatty food away from the home because he gained a bit of weight, somehow my brain omit the vital pizza information until just now, I dont regret my actions but I will try not to do it again

No. 1281140

Yeah but how. idk he just looks regular-ugly

No. 1281142

I honestly do wonder why farmhands could make multiple posts to address the tranny thing, which is the most communication we've had from them in months, but when we were complaining about raids staying up for hours or when we ask for updates about anything it's dead silent

No. 1281154

samefagging tranny

No. 1281159

Was coming to say this, you beat me to it. This is the Tranny who’s parents cut him off the Wi-Fi password. Anyone who talks like this is just him. Ignore his retard troon chromosomes

No. 1281170

File: 1659056118087.jpg (81.02 KB, 640x428, bored-cat.jpg)

Aaand now it's here. Sorry anons, I just wanted to complain about the crappy jannies

No. 1281177

no, actually. it’s only you. nice try though. saying other people are taking the blame for your posts (and vice versa) is not only false but it’s also not going to work on anyone here.

No. 1281181

It’s okay anon. He’s annoying I get it. What’s your favorite smell?

No. 1281198

File: 1659056613717.jpg (83.63 KB, 445x640, fd1f994daeb2338938961003b048bb…)

Lemon! I love anything that smells citrus-y but I also love dessert scents, so like vanilla, cinnamon, chocolate, etc…

No. 1281202

Ooh how do you feel about lemongrass on that note? I love lemon and basil when I clean. It makes everything smell so fresh. I think I might try adding some lavender and cedar oil to my wash later.

No. 1281232

Taking a shit in the middle of the night/early in the morning is so deadly. Literally feeling like your about to pass out but still having to poop

No. 1281236

Knock twice if you need a support magazine.

No. 1281252

Whyyyy do groceries (at least in America) never come in a single-serving? I've complained about this before, but I need to do it again because it's pissing me off. I'm one person I don't need a whole bag of carrots or potatoes or celery, just sell them as singles!

No. 1281266

Because it’s cheaper for them to package and ship things in bulk. They mark up individual prices to encourage buying bulk but never price the bulk anywhere near cost. So they force over consumption of a product and make the most money they can ring out while tricking people into thinking they’re getting a deal.

No. 1281267

Do you not have that thing at the supermarket where you can put whatever you need in a bag and weight it yourself? Or a green grocer?

No. 1281268

Do you have a local farmers market? You can normal buy local individual veggies and stuff there

No. 1281273

>Do you not have that thing at the supermarket where you can put whatever you need in a bag
Most veggies do come by themselves where I can just pick out how much I want, but some don't. The veggies were just supposed to be an example anyway, it can apply to other foods.

No. 1281283

I see, I thought you just meant fresh produce.

No. 1281300

Do you want tips on storing other types of food for longer anon

No. 1281309

No, it's not about how long it lasts.

No. 1281321

Nta but I would if you're interested in posting some tips.

No. 1281331

why the fuck do kids just stand around staring with their mouth open, like why does mouth gotta be open shut the fuck up, kid.

No. 1281336

Im taking fish oil supplements and my piss smells like cat food. I hate this

No. 1281338

>europoor doesn’t know what saving for later is

kek, of course

No. 1281342

What? I'm American, never even stepped foot on European soil.

No. 1281344

Just make multiple servings for later or compost the vegetables for a vegetable garden you can grow so you can pick as many vegetables as you need or want without having to accept the excess.

No. 1281348

me coming back to lc after a few days

No. 1281349

what place are you even going to? just go to the produce section where you can pick off how much vegetables or fruit you need in the fresh produce aisle you dummy kek

No. 1281360

File: 1659061417306.png (12.05 KB, 932x79, complaint.PNG)

That's not an option for all vegetables. Like I said though, vegetables were just an example and it applies to other foods.

I'm just going to repost the post I made about this before because I think some anons are kind of misunderstanding me.

No. 1281362

so they should just start growing and selling one-leaf lettuce now??? or?

No. 1281364

Are you just trying to pick a fight anon?

No. 1281369

The greatest reality show of all time

No. 1281380

How is it a stupid complaint? I'm basically just saying I hate having to buy more food than I need that might go to waste, especially if I only wanted it for one or two meals. I get that not everything can come individually, it's just annoying. I don't get how that's unreasonable.

No. 1281383

no like anon is an american why does it surprise her that cheaper things are available to buy in bulk, it seems way more reasonable to buy an entire head of lettuce and then figure out how you’re going to use the rest of it for your meals or other things. it’s such a waste of money and resources to just sell singular pieces of items that can’t even be reused

No. 1281394

The dumbass shit thread is also for random posts. I don't know why you guys are trying to make me sound crazy for not wanting to buy more food than I actually want/need. I've already explained that I know that not everything can be sold individually and I don't expect that either. If that is difficult for you to understand, then whatever.

No. 1281414

I got what you meant anon and it is annoying as it’s meant to encourage over consumption. There’s an entire industry based around it. Can you get cheese slices from a deli counter if it’s only one or two

No. 1281416

NTA but in the states businesses literally push extremes to encourage over spending and consumption with the sizes. It’s not a good thing for society as a whole anon

No. 1281419

I buy everything in bulk I just freeze everything because I have genius IQ

No. 1281421

File: 1659064463535.png (988.07 KB, 768x923, reminder.png)

A reminder

No. 1281426

Which I do but I’ll still acknowledge people working two jobs or a job and school at 80 hours a week have a lot to do and could not have the time and resources or storage space anon. Just because you have the space and time doesn’t mean everyone does. We’re also all learning and growing. Some people aren’t taught food storage growing up so unless they magically figure it out. It has to be pointed out.

No. 1281439

Anon what if you live in student housing and only have a small fridge you share? I meal prep and plan. I just also am not standing on a high pedestal and lecturing others when there’s a literal industry making it harder for people so they can turn a profit. You keep doing the corporate overlords work over there though and attacking your fellow class members. Go clean your base boards.

No. 1281441

Anon I’m not the one with the issue and I’m not the one who can’t handle food. I buy the bulk and store. I’ve even posted tips for other farmers. There’s just anons here who love blowing smoke up their ass thinking they’re successes in life while doing the bare minimum that someone else taught them.

No. 1281450

That anon isn't even me (OP of the post who complained). You're just being autistic and obtuse at this point. I know I can store and figure out how to use excess food, I just wish it wasn't something I had to deal with (as I've already explained a million times).

No. 1281457

Sorry anon I got your point. I’m done replying to the above. They have nothing else to be proud off so they have to be proud of storing rice and cheese like a baby. Next they’ll brag about brushing their teeth.

No. 1281459

It's ok nonna. I didn't want to cause a derail but man wtf

No. 1281464

it’s a schizo being aggro as usual to derail things for fun. check meta. basically only engage with niceposters

No. 1281467

I don’t know. It’s annoying though because it’s absolutely a problem in the states and brands have entire teams figuring out to engineer the brand packaging to make the bigger size more appealing but the bulk size is no longer near at cost. So the benefit to the American consumer is negible. Sometimes buying bulk is more expensive than just going to the deli and buying a slice of cheese when you factor out cost because of the inflation. We end up doing more work to store food that’s just as expensive.

No. 1281471

Let us never become /b

No. 1281477

File: 1659066817382.jpg (41.61 KB, 500x501, rhea.jpg)

I want a girlfriend who does things like have muscles but to get that I would have to actually go to the gym and that is just a dealbreaker. Not to mention that trying to find a woman like this would probably be like trying to find a unicorn.

No. 1281497

File: 1659067585505.jpeg (538.9 KB, 612x919, 0CE0E55D-6AF4-4143-B6CB-597222…)

It’s Gucci anon. I’m done arguing. Dumb opinions get ignored.

No. 1281506

you’re literally replying to a schizophrenic trans “woman,” lol

No. 1281510

Why is me disagreeing with you and not understanding your point tone policing you and what you’re doing to that anon not tone policing other than your perspective? Seems you’re mad others don’t agree with you. It’s really not that serious.

No. 1281534

Idk why but I have so much trouble starting new video games. I have a bunch of unplayed video games in my library yet I just want to keep replaying the same game I've replayed 4 times in the past 2 years. why am I like this.

No. 1281541

File: 1659069862927.png (45.09 KB, 582x599, YWNBAW.png)

You will never be a woman

No. 1281577

File: 1659071324957.jpg (Spoiler Image, 431.07 KB, 1080x1350, MV5BYTA4YzVlMDMtNWFlZS00NmVkLW…)

Did Ryan Murphy really make an entirely new show that's almost the same as AHS just with "stories" instead of "story" in the title? Ffs, just give Ratched a new season already. AHS is dead.

No. 1281596

Samefag, after reading a little more about the series I actually may have been too harsh. I think I'll give it a watch, it might reignite my love for AHS. I've just felt so disappointed by the shows past few seasons.

No. 1281599

Can you just stop responding?

No. 1281608

I'm not the tranny, I just wish you all would ignore him so threads can quit being derailed.

No. 1281664

You know there are hardly any jannies here so you're just posting to us other anons. Good to know which retarded posts are yours since they are the ones that get deleted later though, keep it up
get a hobby

No. 1281681

That sounds, uh not right. I’m taking those too and haven’t noticed any weird or different smells.

No. 1281693

I'm in your AR-E-A
I'm in. Your area.

No. 1281750

File: 1659078995946.jpeg (91.79 KB, 735x968, 77D73054-5E68-4D96-91DE-012028…)


No. 1281752

File: 1659079030457.gif (1.02 MB, 368x208, 7F36BFF0-79E3-42DF-8348-7432A6…)

No. 1281754

The janny
The one I was sent to sniff out.
You ladies got it from here
He blackmailed the admin, this is why I stayed up so long
'Thats why everything is silent
He is undefault
He lets buffalo chicken sandwhich who is a man post borderline age porn all the time.

No. 1281759

File: 1659079225569.jpeg (369.95 KB, 980x1456, 0975D7C9-A536-4669-B111-4260CE…)

No. 1281761

Who is that? She is ridiculously hot.

No. 1281762

It's the spamming tranny.

No. 1281763

File: 1659079535700.jpeg (721.56 KB, 1080x1346, F7CBE35E-A41C-4E98-B3F5-AA54C2…)

No. 1281766

No. 1281772

File: 1659081539342.jpeg (352.72 KB, 540x794, A752B7CA-86B6-47BD-9E41-CE7779…)

My favourite picture

No. 1281773

As far as I know non-Japanese East Asians (Koreans, Chinese) are not considered "gaijin", but what about South East Asians (Thai, Viet, Filipino, Malay etc)? Does it depend on how well they can pass for North East Asian?

No. 1281775

File: 1659083035121.jpg (431.62 KB, 1600x1072, Charles-Hermans_Bal-Masqué_188…)

I love this troon enby whatever social contagion shit, I know it's harmful, it is. But… it's all just so fucking retarded it makes me laugh. How each tranny is a literal carbon-copy, their thoughts, it's all so hilarious. Even their art styles are similar! It's fascinating, I'm all for the ride honestly. I love coming across these speds online, it's all so absurd, they must realize they are clowns. I have a feeling, we all move onto the next fad one day and I'll enjoy whatever comes next as well. It's like I'm an extra in a shitty movie. I'm glad though, none of my close friends and family are into this shit, or else I don't think I'd be able to think about it as carefree as I do right now, because it's so separated from my actual life, that I can laugh about it.

No. 1281776


No. 1281778

From what I know they’re treated pretty poorly and are all profiled as sex workers.

No. 1281784

Indians and Pakistanis are kind of inbetween I guess? People in Japan including Indians and Pakistanis thought I was either one or the other, but once I told them I came from a European country I was treated even more like I was a foreigner. Not in a bad way necessarily but I guess everyone in Asia is treated like an Asian there, and everyone from outside of Asia is treated like an actu foreigner. Not sure how to word this, sorry.

No. 1281786

No, I meant South East Asians, as in probably more likely to look like East Asians (see the ethnicities mentioned in the post you replied to)

No. 1281787

I was not talking about that but specifically asking if the word "gaijin" is generally used to describe them.

No. 1281789

So South Asians are generally not called "gaijin"?

No. 1281791

The word literally means foreigner, for japanese people every non-japanese person is a gaijin.

No. 1281797

I've never seen anyone use the word gaijin irl, so I don't know. I think now it's seen as impolite? Everyone says gaikokujin since it's the word for "foreigner" but it's not an insult or a slur.

No. 1281798

if i remember correctly it's generally not used for other East Asians such as Chinese and Koreans, only for those who look "visibly" foreign

No. 1281811

Browsing through the attractive men you wanna fuck thread in /g/ made me realize a few too many of you have absolute shit tier taste in men even when it's only about judging the exterior. You don't have to be realistic in that thread, don't have to post someone attainable or "within your league" or think about the nature of moids so why are so many posts in that thread still lusting after old scrotes or butterfaces. It's like some of you subconciously can't allow yourself to fantasize about someone hot.

No. 1281816

>lusting after old scrotes
Some of us are old too you know.
I don't mind when young farmers post their crushes which look like boys to me, I don't see why you would mind older farmers posting mature men

No. 1281819

I think anons on average are in their 20s and early 30s so that may be why that anon says that. I'm personally always weirded out by anons in their late teens so I get it.

No. 1281826

What is old? Because half of you have a crisis at 25 or 30 and that's not old. Are you in your 50s?

No. 1281829

File: 1659090586004.gif (270.59 KB, 300x205, giphy (13).gif)

I got memed into finding Ryan Gosling attractive. What's wrong with me.

No. 1281830

I think you care way too much about the tastes of other women in men and you may have issues if you're psychoanalyzing and seething over anonymous posters based on whether they like 10/10 muscular chads or average looking moids.

No. 1281832

File: 1659091005416.jpg (53.73 KB, 564x520, dc88f5b54cd9d1d8b39f3c4cd3f356…)

Seeing this stupid tiktok picture made me realize that I've been peaked about male behaviour since I was 8 years old because teacher kept placing retarded or violent boys next to me in class.

No. 1281835

File: 1659091561506.jpeg (421.64 KB, 1536x1165, BD894FCD-DA7E-414F-A354-65DEE2…)

I think this episode of spongebob seriously pink pilled me as a child

No. 1281837

Also all these weight loss ads, it made me mad seeing how easy men have it. Don’t understand that women’s bodies are made to hold on to fat yet were expected to be thin. (You shouldn’t be obese either though please don’t start weight sperging)

No. 1281838

File: 1659091772846.jpeg (38.76 KB, 512x457, A3494D03-C6A1-4ADB-A2D2-8D2E4D…)

I was only able to find one hentai manga that also sexualizes the man and the man isn’t some fugly self-insert he’s actually super hot just as the woman is..of course it’s the only manga made by the same artist

No. 1281840

I'm in my forties. It sucks when farmers call some posted guy old and decrepit and meanwhile he's younger than me

No. 1281843

nonnie don’t feel bad, that’s because men age like shit.

No. 1281844

auntie anon

No. 1281845

I don't know any women in their fourties who would be insecure about this. Are you sure you're not larping?

No. 1281846

File: 1659092928379.gif (21.41 KB, 127x174, 1CB74C9A-C81E-40D3-AC2A-BE0B34…)

women are not a hive mind women are allowed to have insecurities shut up and go away. nta

No. 1281847

nta but you know exactly what she means come on

No. 1281849

you’re too old to be on here nonnie

No. 1281851

i kinda wanna fall asleep to ASMR but i'm scared of being brainwashed in my sleep

No. 1281854

File: 1659094151587.png (319.33 KB, 500x378, ce5.png)

No. 1281855

we need some more experienced brains among us to counter the recent zoomer avalanche.

No. 1281857

I ate chocolate covered peanuts for breakfast and now my breath smells like ramen noodles and it’s upsetting me

No. 1281895

File: 1659098388782.jpeg (72.74 KB, 828x272, 2AAE68EA-4648-427C-A894-048D9C…)

No. 1281897

no she isn't, you're probably too young to decide who can do what on the internet

t. millennial so I have no authority to tell either of you what to do, kek

No. 1281898

>guy old
anon you get the "women can age better than milk" pass

No. 1281903

shut it lol

No. 1281913

Calm down, she didn't say she was going to slith her throat over this.

No. 1281918

Ayrt, I wasn't talking about men in their thirties when I said old men kek. Anons literally claim to be attracted to men in their 50s-60s. That's what I meant by old.

No. 1281927

Coworker, who is the only other gay person in the office, invited me out to go to some LGBT con happening soon. At this point I am just a homophobic lesbian. I want nothing to do with the LGBT community. In the words of Kathy, "I am not in community with y'all."

No. 1281933

File: 1659102093216.jpg (42.43 KB, 686x660, 1656939789462.jpg)

LGB without the T and it would be fine. Gay stuff is just tranny worshipping and egg shell walking.

No. 1281936

I need to lose weight, I lost ten pounds then gained it right back due to stress eating. ;_; Time for a Rocky-esque montage, nonnies.

No. 1281938

i have suffered the same fate. can we work out together nonnie

No. 1281957

File: 1659105213439.jpeg (19.67 KB, 640x427, 1656109173201.jpeg)


No. 1281975

nonnie woke up with a new wrinkle let us pray for her astaghfirullah

No. 1281978

Yes let's do it!! Mind over matter, we can do this. No more eating confections and drinking sweet drinks. I haven't properly worked out in ages, so to build back my motivation I dance to my favorite upbeat songs. Aggressively. About a half hour each day. I'll build that for about a week then start on my bike, plus dance cardio. After a couple of weeks of that, I start calisthentics. What is your plan, my dear nonnie?

No. 1281979

Nothing against older anons i like them too, but your wording is kinda weird

No. 1282000

File: 1659107768547.jpeg (115.67 KB, 944x901, B5C3D5F0-6AEE-4331-BFE0-847033…)

She is thriving

No. 1282007

There's a zoomer in my work I'm a millennial that keeps wanting to discuss woke talking points with me about where we live and I can't stand him tbh. He thinks the UK is going through population control and he talks about communism and how all our labour is being exploited but also those same people living off of exploiting us are also trying to kill us because that makes sense and when I pointed out that our economies are in such shit states because of the amount of labour and output lost during lockdowns and with the war in Ukraine we're having to cover the shortfall blah blah blah and he starts going on about the fucking potato famine. He jumps around but can't connect the dots. And he doesn't fucking stop going on about the fucking ira to me. Fuck the IRA. Never at any point where they winning any conflicts, they're quite obviously a massive fucking failure. This wee stupid cunt was born after the good Friday agreement. Shut the fuck up!!!!

No. 1282029

This is such a trippy photo to me first of all her boobs are class. I need to do whatever upper body exercises she does secondly, her face looks like every boy I had a crush on during the indie era of the mid 2000s

No. 1282046

File: 1659109786064.jpeg (351.08 KB, 1600x1576, E05EF10B-729C-459B-9657-04D47E…)

Almost there nonnas, one more month and summer will be gone. I’m in a bad mood all the time, can never get shit done cause it’s too hot and there are kids everywhere.

No. 1282064

once you notice how close together his eyes are it's over

No. 1282079

I doubt most farmers are in their 50s/60s tho, most old men being shit on here are near that age. but regardless, men age like shit. even once I get old I still won't find middle-aged men attractive kek.

No. 1282094

I just want to know if it's still OK to say retarded. I'm in my 30s and my friends, who grew up saying it, now don't. The 20 year old boys at work say it with abandon though even though they're woke elsewhere,but I cant tell if they're just being edgy. Maybe it's mainly a twitter/reddit thing. I get the premise of it being offensive but it's so versatile and broad.

No. 1282097

I've got a neurological disorder and I sling "retarded" around all the time, since I've got carte blanche. I give you my blessing, anon. Go hog wild.

No. 1282119

It’s only socially acceptable for men to say retarded, even though they’re also discouraged. Ime as a woman you’ll get lambasted and marked ableist

No. 1282120

Only in imageboards, I would advice not to say it elsewhere

No. 1282122

You've to be selective about what company you say it in front of. I know alot of autistic adults use it themselves but people who have a friend of a friend who has a kid who is autistic.. those people will fight you over it.

No. 1282161

File: 1659115705247.png (686.49 KB, 576x768, unknown-3.png)

When some anon tries to bait me but I don't respond cuz I'm the master baiter. Take your meds sweaty

No. 1282194

File: 1659117257570.gif (1.04 MB, 400x226, B28DBDE9-9ADD-49D3-8ECA-302B66…)

No. 1282198

File: 1659117428220.jpeg (7.26 MB, 4032x3024, AF849E6C-6F26-41E9-A6E2-FF56F6…)

Its hard out here. It will make fall all the more rewarding.

No. 1282215

File: 1659118058822.jpg (187.72 KB, 1280x1113, 1652329663315.jpg)

the dancing aggressively to upbeat music sounds like a great idea, i should do it more often. thankfully i don't really eat sweets anymore and never enjoyed sodas but all this is counterbalanced by eating high calorie stuff whenever i feel the big sad. setting up a workout plan has always been daunting but i'm going to have a friend start training me in september! i wish you the best of luck my dear nonita.

No. 1282250

of all the words we can't say anymore, "retarded" makes me the saddest. retard/retarded is such a great word, it just works so well. you can say it to some people/close friends but i wouldn't say it to people you don't know well

No. 1282264

i use it every where but at work and never had a problem even around my woke friends kek. i think it only becomes an issue when people want to vilify you for something already.

No. 1282267

Do you think tranny servers and chat rooms ban using 'jk' for just kidding because it triggers them and reminds them of JK Rowling?

No. 1282269

You’re a better poster than me, congratz.

No. 1282444

2012 feels much longer ago than 10 years.

No. 1282450

Men should not have instagram, that's cheating. Especially if he's posting scantily clad pictures and not making any money off of that.

No. 1282456

Two of my garden tomatoes have ripened and I tossed them in a simple salad. They're quite small as they fit in the palm of my hand but they're so flavourful. Way better than the ones from the grocery store.

No. 1282457

Everyone should be discounted 2 years because of covid kek

No. 1282463

I've never had Takis before, but I got a bag today

No. 1282470


No. 1282478

what flavor nonnie

No. 1282488

File: 1659133150345.gif (351.22 KB, 500x281, erf.gif)

I'm supposed to draw a character for a friend of mine but the character has horns that look like they have the poop emoji attached to their head and I'm battling with whether or not I should suck it up and be nice, or tell them to learn some goddamn character design and change it the fuck up.

No. 1282491

File: 1659133236029.jpeg (81.4 KB, 720x900, 507514C1-CE26-4818-8F35-1D2FE8…)

Finally got my hair done properly at a hairdressers since lockdown and my nails done and now I feel like a whole new bitch

No. 1282496

Something in between like a male sheep's?

No. 1282518

That sounds like a better idea.

No. 1282542

anons do you still watch/read porn even though you know it’s still harmful

No. 1282545

Tapper your usage and it is okay, never allow it to let you reduce anyone to an object and there is no shame in it.

No. 1282548

i never watch it consistently, it’s nearly impossible for me to be addicted to porn but it’s so easy for moids to be addicted

No. 1282554

It's still supporting the porn industry that harms countless women and children

Don't underestimate it. Moids are more prone to cooming but many women are addicted too. Orgasms are powerful conditioning tool to men and women alike.

No. 1282555

Testosterone nonna, it makes them horny and aggressive.

No. 1282556

me too i aspire to become them

No. 1282558

i mostly just read romance with some porn in it and sexual fanfiction

No. 1282562

File: 1659136257251.jpg (59.51 KB, 600x900, walking-tacos-4.jpg)

The red ones. I just tried one, it's just lime-y and spicy. I like lime but I don't really like spicy food so it's just ok to me. I think I will like it more if I make it a walking taco

No. 1282565

If you like lime you would enjoy the blue ones where its more pronounced

No. 1282567

I read smut and have no shame about it, I don't think it's harmful. However, I have been struggling with a porn addiction so occasionally I go back to it and I am ashamed of that.

No. 1282568

yes! try the blue ones and let us know. on the next episode of dumbass shit.

No. 1282570

Speaking of that I just saw a tiktok where this girl was explaining that during our periods testosterone is the most prominent hormone so when they complain we’re being bitchy and moody we’re really being like them kek

No. 1282571

File: 1659136461966.gif (1.44 MB, 498x276, disgusting.gif)

>it’s nearly impossible for me to be addicted to porn
>still watch/read porn even though you know it’s still harmful

No. 1282573

File: 1659136568356.png (42.85 KB, 600x600, uppity-bitch-say-what-cover-60…)

>Everyone is as asexual as me, anyone who isn't is a perverted demon who must be butchered in the streets.
Sure, Jan.

No. 1282578

>porn is sexuality

No. 1282579

"Amateur" is in no way a better alternative. Big studios have been making ""amateur"" for long too. The same issues exist as in big productions.

No. 1282580

Perfect comment for this thread.

No. 1282581

you’re stupid if you think one person that consumes pornographic/erotic content of any kind can single-handedly save the women in the industry, go start some shit with the men who have created it in the first place

No. 1282582

summerfag finds out what porn is oh no!!!

No. 1282583

Rip and tear, until it is finished. All people who manipulate others into exposing themselves or doing something they don't want to do deserve the wall.

No. 1282584

Nta, but you honestly sound more like a summerfag.

No. 1282585

Nta but ok libfem

No. 1282586

>guys have you heard about pron? It is bad and fucks up the brain because I am still a child and have no impulse control
I swear to god

No. 1282587

I changed the notification sound on my phone, and it's honestly irritating me so much. I need to change it to a little ding instead of an annoying ass jingle

No. 1282588

no because I'm not stupid

No. 1282591

the libfem makes the passive radfem with a secret boyfriend and a tumblr blog shiver

No. 1282592

No. 1282593

no one cares about your morals on an imageboard I just simply asked a question. guess I should have specified what I meant by porn because there’s a different types of porn anons read and consume that has nothing to do with pornhub

No. 1282594

You enjoy watching rape

No. 1282595

Erm… if you are OP then you literally said “even though it’s bad” which obviously everyone assumes is porn videos including women.

No. 1282596

And no one is entitled to be nice to you on an imageboard. Fuck off coomer.

No. 1282598

The question started with "even though it's bad", of course that would lead to a judgement on a moral basis if you do it first

No. 1282599

File: 1659137498104.jpg (127.59 KB, 1024x576, spray-bottle-sally_s-organics-…)

This is on me too but knock off the infighting in here. Make a fucking porn/noporn thunderdome and do it there.

No. 1282600

File: 1659137566946.jpeg (47.88 KB, 560x436, FEDDF1D0-6A74-4EEB-BD2D-DF03FE…)

flicking my bean to you right now nonnie

No. 1282601

I barely watch porn but female coomers are based because porn motivates us to stay alone.
There’s literally free porn because exhibitionists exist. Don’t argue with the braindeadies. Masturbation is awesome.

No. 1282603

you can still do something and know it’s bad like smoking meth

No. 1282604

Noone so far said masturbation is bad, just that porn is

No. 1282605

You are the most annoying types on the site.
>I had a retarded opinion and people disagreed with me! Now I’ll shut down and cry about infighting!

No. 1282606

dab on the asexual lesbianon with hot smut

No. 1282607

You can’t masturbate without porn, what? You’re even worse than those don’t smoke campaigns.

No. 1282608

Masturbation is awesome, porn is not

No. 1282611

that anon complaining about infighting isn’t even me, why don’t you just take a break from browsing and eat a banana and enjoy yourself and stfu

No. 1282612

Hell yes. I am safe inside my mind. Thought crimes aren't real

No. 1282616

people have been getting off without porn for centuries it's not hard, just use your imagination or an erotic book

No. 1282617

When you say "porn" people assume you are talking about videos with real people. No one gives a shit about your hot yaois

No. 1282620

File: 1659137965006.jpg (49.65 KB, 1200x1200, 29f.jpg)

Yeah well catch THIS

No. 1282621

porn and masturbation is not the same. i don't use porn to masturbate

No. 1282624

I rather use my imagination for my maladaptive daydreaming

No. 1282625

I have a porn addiction and even I think this is retarded.

No. 1282626

File: 1659138223878.jpg (66.1 KB, 540x421, cb55f5af00319a3df101f26e5d1ab2…)

Careful ya spooked the lil fella tossing her like that, lucky I had all these woodchips lying around.

No. 1282628

Thank the heavens!

No. 1282629

this is a violet and freightening image and I demand you take it down

No. 1282631

No man touched me I really need porn. gay men buttfucking each other porn, exhibitionists touching their vagina alone, idrc, if I can’t look at humans having fun, I’ll die literally of loneliness. I’m more a victim than those rich onlyfan whores. I’m addicted to cooming.

No. 1282632

File: 1659138442794.png (70.59 KB, 480x480, step.png)

No. 1282633

extreme bait or the you-know-who

No. 1282634

Hey, the internet likes saving small rodents, what can I say?

No. 1282635

File: 1659138527010.png (605.54 KB, 650x800, 5Uui6IE.png)

Wanna take that foot back before I beat you with my sack?

No. 1282636

File: 1659138613707.gif (2.95 MB, 600x338, 0434B0B9-F62A-44E6-8E0C-270D7E…)

>rich onlyfans whores

No. 1282637

You’re him yourself lol, no sane farmer would even mention that abomination.
Yeah because you think you’re doing something wrong, duh r-tard.
Also no you don’t have one. Porn actually keeps you single and alive for many years. In fact without porn one can’t become a celibate. I have been celibate thanks to porn for a decade.

No. 1282638

Ok, so I should call them poor onlyfans sexworkers? They’re escorts and they’re rich.

No. 1282639

>no sane farmer would even mention that abomination.

No. 1282640

Also samefag but what movie is this? Sounds fun to watch.

No. 1282641

I think that you’re a man, you will never pass me you only transitioned because you are ugly as fuck and get no bitches and that you should die in a war.

No. 1282642

File: 1659138766922.jpg (19.47 KB, 274x275, 1655149872930.jpg)

Read the rules angry-chan

No. 1282643

I honestly have a dumb theory that vegetable grown and harvested plants that are then immediately cooked retain that flavorfulness from the sunlight somehow, sometimes you can just take the sunlight in it, you know?

No. 1282645

I don’t understand but I would love to die in a war tbh.

No. 1282646

No. 1282647

>In fact without porn one can’t become a celibate
Except for all the celibate people throughout history before porn existed

No. 1282649

Holy fuck why are you so angry that I called onlyfans prostitutes whores? You need help.
Literally all those christcuck celibate monks molested kids, I don’t trust those historical celibaters. Trust masturbaters instead.

No. 1282650

Only the gay men buttfucking is based, but I like to imagine one of them isn't gay and just desperate for a paycheck, makes things more interesting.

No. 1282651

Are you the schizo pedotroon I've been hearing so much about?

No. 1282652

File: 1659139150924.gif (7.69 MB, 640x640, D2FA280C-B87F-4590-874D-64FDFE…)

you need to leave

No. 1282653

Porn watching masturbators*

No. 1282654

a lot of women in porn are victims and not OF whores. and you can masturbate without getting off to porn

No. 1282655

I watch mature actually and I believe trannies should be stoned but good try.

No. 1282657

Yeah the nuns would just stick carved wood phallices in each other's pussies while thinking of Jesus and honestly that's kinda based

No. 1282659

You’re not the anon I replied to huh?
You can, but porn increases 30 years of celibacy. There is an exhibitionist porn it’s 100% safe and clean.

No. 1282660


No. 1282661

File: 1659139402214.jpeg (282.85 KB, 1170x1398, 8D30BFAE-699B-40C5-9762-6D3961…)

the schizotranny is itt, report and ignore, don’t respond to schizobait.

No. 1282662

ok lolcow must actually be going to real shit if
>people who consciously choose to do OF are whores
is really being treated as some kind of problematic take now

No. 1282663

Actually they must have used porn to get off too. It’s been an ancient thing.

No. 1282667

it feels so good to be a cis woman with an actual vagina and not a bleeding necrotic dick wound that looks like Chernobyl exploded on their dick

No. 1282668

100% sure you’re him yourself lol.

No. 1282671

Ok but Blaine Gavin Ross is a banana republic employee name. Why doesn’t he just go back to folding the cashmeres!

No. 1282673

File: 1659139520811.jpg (25.83 KB, 886x640, 5b00e20ec366c61e2db1393b3e42a7…)

Images you can smell

No. 1282674

I just don’t understand why I’m being called a tranny just because I masturbate on christian porn.

No. 1282675

It is, how none of you don't realize that dox is fake is beyond me

No. 1282677

File: 1659139563733.jpg (22.34 KB, 378x538, the titty sees all.jpg)

Anons, please help. How do you stay motivated? I get side-tracked so easily, and even when I remind myself what I'm working towards and how much I'll benefit from working hard and achieving my goals I just can't stay motivated to do anything. Am I just destined to be lazy? Is it my zodiac sign?

No. 1282678

Personally my end-goal is always on my mind so I’d get annoyed with myself if i were to ever purposefully do something to take me off the course

No. 1282679

They're fucked retarded scrotes promoting infighting to try and crash the site but it won't work because people lurk
Perfect dumbass post right here.

No. 1282684

>people who consciously choose to do OF
but we weren't talking about that, it was about porn in general

No. 1282685

>promoting infighting
>being an asshole for no reason
Fuck you too bitch. Sorry I chose to talk about something that wasn't the porn argument.

No. 1282686

I know but the post just said people who do OF i thought, so even if you guys were talking about porn in general the other commenter was referring to people who choose to sell ass for $2 a month

No. 1282687

Pot calling the kettle black, schizo tranny confirmed buttmad because I insulted onlyfan
sex”workers”. Makes sense why you greentexted that part only and mentioned him. Only he would. Btw you’re too ugly to be cashing in on OF but I guess you need that 1 cents to pay your vpn trial, BOOYAH.

No. 1282689

No no no, look at the title of the thread, it was a compliment.

No. 1282690

Oops, my bad anon. Sorry lol.

No. 1282691

They are nuns though, they aren't allowed to consume porn or masturbate, that's why they did it in secret with little wooden jesus statues

No. 1282692

File: 1659140094890.jpeg (59.17 KB, 212x315, 8766E005-618E-4488-84A9-570363…)

this is the intruder in question, kek

No. 1282693

Why do threads on the Kpop site move so fast compared to ours. They have 1,348 dumbass shit threads, I didn't even think more than 10 people used that site

No. 1282694

ew what the fuck

No. 1282698

If he has porn I stop watching porn forever because of tpd (traumatic porn disorder). Ugly ass “bitch”. What’s a male’s name for a bitch. That’s blaine yeah.

No. 1282699

because every kpop stan is dumb as fuck

No. 1282700

So fucking dumb, same with tohouj fans.

No. 1282701

There probably are only 10 people using the site. Kpoppers are annoying as fuck and can't help spamming their gifs for some fucking reason.

No. 1282703

how the fuck was he allowed to wear clown makeup for an official photo id

No. 1282705

That is the thing that has been shitting up the boards and hijacking discussions for days now. I’ve been reading his very own kiwifarms thread and even e-leet haxxor Elaine who is just as fucking insane had to deal with him. It’s very clear there is nothing going on in his own life hence why he transitioned and is begging for kiwi scrotes to transform him into a lolcow. None of them cared enough anyways kek, his KF thread is so short

No. 1282706

i'm pretty sure the troon is the only one furiously defending porn, he's also prone to claiming that only scrotes hate him

No. 1282709

lost like 10 pounds and was digging in my nose just now, feels bonier inside than it used to

pretty crazy

No. 1282710

woah he has a kiwi thread? and it’s the name on the bingo card right kek

No. 1282711

Oh I fucking love when that happens

No. 1282712

don’t pin that shit on me anon, I’m the one who asked the porn question in the first place before the tranny hijacks it as usual kek. so convenient to call me a tranny because you lost an argument online

No. 1282713

You’re pathetic lol. If you aren’t him, you’re really dumb for mentioning that frankenstein creature. If you’re him, you need to be put in jail.

No. 1282714

when you can feel your nose bones?

No. 1282715

I don’t know if you’re the tranny or if the anon you replied to is the tranny but any post that doesn’t explicitly say that one should stop mentioning the devil’s abomination is in my eyes the tranny.

No. 1282716

When I can feel any of my bones to be honest. Sometimes I like feeling at the skin on my neck and grabbing at the bones/muscles a little

No. 1282718

I lost like over 100lbs and my nose has a whole new slope going on, I look like one of those turkey nosejob girls. Not necessarily a positive but entertaining at least.

No. 1282719

i'm talking about this post, not the OP

No. 1282720

yeah, mods are probably gonna take down this link https://kiwifarms.net/threads/unabashedhermaphrodite-belial-the-actual-queen-actuallybella1-autisticaizen-blaine-gaven-ross-jess-ross-erika-starling.99380/
since I just realized that this place doesn’t actually officially ban men of any kind from posting or state it in the rules which is why they’ve only been deleting his posts and soft “banning” only to let him continue to insert himself in any conversation at any expense because he’s thirsty for attention just as much as elaine.

No. 1282721

Great now you convince me on getting a nose job when i’m skinny legend

No. 1282723

i'm not. i was trying to warn others.

No. 1282725

kek thank you nonnie I appreciate the kind spoonfeed

No. 1282726

rattle rattle lol.

my nose got a little more prominent looking since my cheeks deflated.

this girl at my job has one of those turkey ski slope noses and it looks weird

No. 1282727

you must be one of his discord groupies because no one here says that unless they’re twitterfags, if you’re not sorry anon we have to stay vigilant i’m actually so fucking tired with this

No. 1282728

If that's him then who is the mr bean ogre troon

No. 1282729

Every single man who has ever made the mistake of coming onto lolcow.farm truly is beyond retarded and this faggot posting his ID even further proves that

No. 1282730

kpoppers are literally insane. not that i use 4chan anymore but i know the kpop threads there hit the bump limit within 20min

No. 1282732

Ugh true they've ruined /mu/

No. 1282733

how is that possible. are there just that many stans, or are they rabidly posting

No. 1282734

my cheeks look weirdly gaunt these days but the nose thing surprised me so much, if it was skinnier and pointier at the tip, I swear you would think I was one of them turkey nosejob girls kek I'm not mad about it, I like my weird piggy slope nose

No. 1282735

Nta, but anons are clearly trying to move on to a different topic and you just keep talking about him. Please just stfu already, it's annoying.

No. 1282736

he doxxed himself on kiwifarms first then moved over here and started having a tard rage because he finally figured out that no stinky dick and balls and scrotes cemented hairy caca butt are allowed here

No. 1282737

Claiming I’m the vpn motherfucker can get me permanently banned you asshole. But actually, there are more important priorities I have here. Disagreeing with me is fine, think of porn whatever you want, I don’t give a fuck, but accusing me of being a literal pedophile criminal is actually horrible. There are multiple retarded coomers itt aside from me, idc for the subject anymore but please realize that if you accuse an actual woman for being him, you’re basically accusing them of being a pedo as well. Shit hurts and is not funny. Idc if this is an imageboard but I just realized that. He’s not a meme and I don’t want anyone here to mention him because of how vile he is.

No. 1282738

idk why he keeps doxxing himself. he even doxxed his sisters multiple times dragging them under the bus with him. i think he’s convinced he can frame his made up enemies

No. 1282739

I wish I could be like that tbh. I just feel like a don't have a care in the world sometimes, even for things I really want

No. 1282742

I think it’s actually sad how a schizophrenic tranny trying it’s hardest to become a lolcow is more interesting to talk about than your stupid fucking face and narcissistic vanity

No. 1282744

the front page is pretty weak for milk and i have no desire to go through the rest. all i know is that he's the pedo spammer. hes projecting too hard on kf

No. 1282745

My nailbeds are super short cause I have toe-thumb fingers so even though my nails are grown out and pretty long it looks kind of awkward if someone sees them close up

No. 1282747

I would love to go on Beyonce's upcoming tour, but I know how many gays are going to be there and the risk of catching monkeypox would be far too great I'm joking I'm joking. I wouldn't be going to any concerts in this climate, gays or not

No. 1282748

No. 1282750

File: 1659141595752.jpeg (42.79 KB, 973x817, 6BACD6A8-04E9-4B2E-AACF-40CEFD…)

>my nose looks like one of those turkish nose surgeries these impressionable girls get because their ethnic noses will never be accepted in their own communities so they have to spend thousands for an upturned miss piggy nose uwu

like what sane person actually says this?

No. 1282752

just fyi this is the tranny posting himself hence why he keeps mentioning elaine and directly posting the kf thread.

No. 1282753

What a waste of a beautiful nose, I hate plastic surgery

No. 1282758

File: 1659141855353.jpg (82.33 KB, 700x1050, plx-22014-0081.jpg)

i dont see why they always try to aggressively upturn the tip. upturned tips kind of don't look nice. natalie portman has a stunning, perfect nose and her tip is not overly rotated. that upturned tip thing needs to end

No. 1282759

Actually left one many euro women have as well. Many middle eastern women have the right one as well. I don’t think it’s wrong for somebody to want to have the right nose. I am so unhappy with my nose, only poverty keeps me from not getting a nosejob. A better nose improves the entire face and smile.

No. 1282760

She used to look like a Roman goddess now she looks like she listens to podcasts.

No. 1282764

Lol her nose is so small and upturned. if all women had noses like that naturally none of us would get nosejobs anymore.

No. 1282770

agreed, no offense to anyone here but ever since i was a little kid i’ve always found upturned noses to look so bad like actual pig noses. i have a nondescript average nose with no features about it that stand out and i remember a girl with the worst flattened out sloped shotgun nostril piggy nose telling me to my face during a discussion about plastic surgery “don’t you wish your nose was more upturned though? i LOVE mine being upturned!” girl…

No. 1282774

I have an upturned nose and people used to call me Miss Piggy for it, even as a skelly

No. 1282778

I used to get called a who all the fucking time. It stil kinda hurts lel.

No. 1282779

No. 1282780

yeah cause it’s ugly, sowwy anon this is downturned nose hour for the women!!

No. 1282781

It's only ugly if the rest is ugly.

No. 1282785

Upturned nose sounds funny when you sing it to the melody of uptown girl

No. 1282787

File: 1659143385747.jpg (40.98 KB, 484x612, gettyimages-102848436-612x612.…)

how is it upturned? that's not an upturned tip to me? her pic was posted as an example of being ideal, she does not have a super sloped fairy nose with an upturned tip. she has a very thin/small but refined super straight nose, whereas most PS try to make it as fairy like as possible with that piggy rotation on the tip. if natalie here went to a ps they'd probably rec her to rotate her tip

No. 1282790

does anyone have any recs for a nude lipstick like this shade? looks perfectly muted and cool toned but still slightly pink. every shade i’ve gotten that seems like it’ll look like this ends up too saturated

No. 1282803

fucking kek

No. 1282805

She's Jewish if I recall correctly? It's not an entirely semitic nose but it does have the downtown going on. It's gorgeous in my opinion

No. 1282815

Anon look in the ccc catalog

No. 1282819

File: 1659145812094.jpg (41.27 KB, 357x450, penelope-cruz.jpg)

yeah she's jewish but a lot of women have a slightly downturned tip regardless of ethnicity. imo i prefer a slightly downturned tip over an upturned one in general

No. 1282822

AYRT I just realized I said downtown instead of downturn because of the other anon's uptown girls comment kek.
But yes I agree. I am a fan of more dramatic downturned noses so I'm biased but I'll take a downturn over an upturn. I get so sad when I see girls with great noses fall for the button nose meme.

No. 1282831

If you nonnas wanna have fun, get some modeling wax, I think it's called, and spend an evening shaping your nose into a different nose or change your entire face if you wanna. Did this with some friends once and it was a blast, kek.

No. 1282842

File: 1659148018672.jpg (16.09 KB, 563x453, 1654069414462.jpg)

i want to love on young penelope but she is entirely heterosexual

No. 1282845

she's also a Polanski defender, so no loss tbh

No. 1282847

every p*lanski defender must DIE

No. 1282848

File: 1659148966949.jpeg (155.12 KB, 522x622, 1656194640044.jpeg)

i take it all back then

No. 1282868

File: 1659152569209.gif (2.37 MB, 498x451, doot-spooky.gif)


No. 1282869

That's kind of cool actually

No. 1282874

I was at a womans only hotel in tokyo and it just made me think how something woman only would never work and would become so complicated in the USA. They'd be sued and closed down within a year in America.

No. 1282877

Maybe something like that could work in a more conservative, or rural place.

No. 1282878

Not once the non passing trannys find out about it

No. 1282880

How was the hotel? Just going to add along with being sued there would be death threats/suicide baiting in USA. 'Cause you are literally killing the TiMs by not allowing them in women's spaces.

No. 1282882

Cute, clean, quiet and pink. The hotel is called akihabara Bay hotel. Japan has a lot of women only establishments and I'd love if we had that in anerica.

No. 1282903

When I first heard the name "Black Butler" I thought it was literally about an African-American butler

No. 1282907

File: 1659156648235.png (11.81 KB, 96x96, ALKJSHFKSAJDHFGKJ.png)

No. 1282909

lmao nonnie

No. 1282913

I admitted to doing this now in my twenties and some nonnies were all freaking about about salmonella or some shit. I don't know who Sam O' Nella is that shit is delicious raw

No. 1282918

This youtuber who makes ASMRish travel videos went there and it does look super clean. The few times I've been to hotels, they smelled moldy.

No. 1282954

People who cheat are so gross to me. They act like they have no control, respect or agency over their relationships.

No. 1282955

I stayed there during my last Japan trip! It's so nice and the capsules were so cozy <3

No. 1283004

I'll keep that name in mind for the next time I'll visit Tokyo. I checked and it's close to the train station so it's basically perfect.

No. 1283010

Stuff from your own garden does taste better indeed.

No. 1283022

File: 1659170264845.jpg (182.82 KB, 640x960, 111745cb1075cd0c9cc12c90954567…)

I need this

No. 1283045

File: 1659171062520.jpg (18.55 KB, 480x480, CfsbWz8W4AEXu3w.jpg)

You must have a very big TV

No. 1283051

File: 1659171487235.jpg (6.08 KB, 275x183, 2Q==(1).jpg)

No. 1283058

File: 1659172356374.jpeg (57.66 KB, 464x463, D551F79B-330A-4624-9D52-AE99F7…)

Dumbass trying to gaslight me about why I ended our friendship out of nowhere meanwhile they’ve been shit talking me behind my back since we met lmao nice try

No. 1283081

This chick looks like a girl from my university that I befriended over drawing together, but then she tried to get me into herbalife

No. 1283092

File: 1659174860703.gif (1.19 MB, 259x200, 200.gif)

Ate 1200kcal net calories (around 1900kcal total) did an hour if Cardio and gained weight.

No. 1283093

Gravity just got a bit stronger

No. 1283103

It's probably the food and drink in your stomach. You don't lose weight that fast.

No. 1283108

File: 1659178567603.gif (563.35 KB, 500x350, bc004c8c32d05630268c8ba199ab11…)

I am going to return to text roleplaying after 6 years. Really scared, but I am sure I will be fine… Right…

No. 1283109

roleplaying brings me back to my childhood when I used to roleplay on a virtual pet forum and we'd put the actions of our characters in single sentences between asterisks. Good times.

No. 1283112

File: 1659179414253.jpg (36.47 KB, 564x752, 746ed527148200e4568b6fda840d48…)

Look at this cute lil chonky bee!

No. 1283115

wow she has a nice view up there

No. 1283117

careful scrolling

No. 1283138

File: 1659180959514.jpg (67.46 KB, 564x751, 1645426097722.jpg)

Please dont scroll
I want to die. Thank you nonnie it was too late.

No. 1283143

hehehe cute

No. 1283144

>''pet'' forum
whatever you say, furry

No. 1283157

It was a website like Neopets.

No. 1283179

File: 1659184379409.jpg (681.08 KB, 1080x1791, IMG_20220728_210724.jpg)

You will never be as cool as the random Bruce Lee statue in Bosnia

No. 1283206

File: 1659188665348.jpg (27.08 KB, 680x524, 1656847833835.jpg)

>that bulge

No. 1283212

File: 1659189083302.jpg (144.46 KB, 850x1258, 1657041591928.jpg)

i started learning how to program because i am angry there isn't a single fightan or shoot-em-up where the rooster is a bunch of cute anime boys built for head patting. Wish me luck on making my 2ho rip-off

No. 1283213

Utterly based, good luck nonna

No. 1283215

I will support your game!!!

No. 1283216

File: 1659189918013.jpg (75.93 KB, 800x600, EfUjSQUWkAIQXIV.jpg)

I see your Bosnian Bruce Lee with an erection statue and raise you a huge yet poorly made Lithuanian statue of Tony Soprano.

No. 1283220

it looks half realistic half looney tunes wtf

No. 1283228

>take a shower
>mmm my body feels so clean now
>immediately feel the urge to shit
I hate that so much

No. 1283230

Nice, very nice. Let's see Paul Allen's card.

No. 1283241

Reminds me of that like twitter post or meme that’s like “if you shit after a shower did you really shower?”

No. 1283269

Sometimes I wish I could be a fujo

No. 1283275

Why can't you do it

No. 1283282

File: 1659194807629.png (359.58 KB, 964x685, 1649113548584.png)

It doesn't, err, excite me, unfortunately. Not many things do. I wish I could dedicate myself to something as intensely as they dedicate themselves to two men getting it on.

No. 1283283

Nice image, I have the same one. Well, it doesn't have to excite you I guess you could engage in ships in a non sexual way I guess

No. 1283285

Congrats on not being a cuckold?

No. 1283291

Weird that i only feel cucked when i see hetships

No. 1283292

>Congrats on doing whatever the fuck you want

No. 1283297

Mental gymnastics,mental gymnastics
>wanting to see men tied up and sexualized
>wanting to see two other individuals kissing, specifically gay men
Cuck, gay handmaiden
Simple as

If doing whatever you want is so based, why don't you respect people who eat their own shit?

No. 1283301

File: 1659196275570.jpg (1.07 MB, 2109x2997, 1650950858671.jpg)

being a western fujo or yume nowadays it's a pain. All the cool older fujos that would schlick to rape without a care in the world are long gone or turned trans. All the new fujos just want ''uwu cinnamon buns holding hands'' and shit their pants and cry at nsfw. Also most of the fujo nsfw has ''cuntboys'' which defies the purpose of BL but if you tell them to go somewhere else with their hetshit they will cry transphobia. I wanna go back to the late 00's early 10's

No. 1283304

I tend to dislike a lot of straight stuff because they always make the woman submissive/masochistic. It's such a turn-off. If they made the man act more gentle towards the woman and have her take the lead, I'd enjoy it way more. I'd rather look at 2 men be rough with each other than have the guy force himself on and abuse the woman. Oh well.

No. 1283307

cry harder moid,why don't you make another bait thread on cc

No. 1283309

why do you even feel the need to peep at other people having sex you degenerate voyeur

No. 1283311

go use this energy on moids

No. 1283312

say that to the millions of women that bought shit like 50 shades

No. 1283331

I keep forgetting the word “stimulant” and saying suppressant instead. Like omegaverse heat suppressants

No. 1283370

Smegma Males.

No. 1283373

Inshalla next time he sleeps he won't wake up.

No. 1283377

I'll drink to that

No. 1283383

When he 41%, lolcow will throw the biggest party.

No. 1283386

the schizotranny is itt spewing nonsense, replying to himself, and trying to cause infighting. do not engage. report and ignore.

No. 1283390

Its the fact that he gets offended on behave of men, because he knows he is one. It's so obvious that he can't find a decent way of coping and continues to mald daily, kuz was right about him.

No. 1283396

He's still malding I see…

No. 1283414

Yep, he's still schizo and malding. At least kiwifarms will enjoy screenshotting his meltdowns.

No. 1283429

I wonder if he doesn't understand that people can enjoy posting onto many websites and they dont have to choose just because he's been banned, and that he has no say in what women should do.

No. 1283433

File: 1659203397127.jpg (25.25 KB, 735x411, bc367fd5241b4eb7bac484df87f1d4…)

I love how trannies constantly confirm all prejudices against them as true. Really, every single time without fail. Though I wish the 41% thing would happen faster and would rise.

No. 1283439

I think it's some type of shitty AI bot honestly.

No. 1283440

I heavily agree with this anon, trannies do nothing but whine about made up oppression about them being rejected when majority of them are white males who have a silver spoon in thier mouths who demand everyone to worship thier schizo tier rants. For some reason they think thier "opression" is real when they could just be normal men, they have no souls and the creeping tranny proved that today.

No. 1283441

File: 1659203839674.gif (5.96 MB, 230x230, 1648893407696.gif)

Me next, roast me next

No. 1283444

File: 1659203885413.jpeg (270.38 KB, 1523x1536, 3B06CD26-14A4-4134-A71C-80C0C4…)

I wish America had vending machines with soup, just wanna shot gun some broth before work.

No. 1283446


No. 1283447

His vocabulary is limited to his word salads and insults for women. He has such a male brain for always insulting women and never men.

No. 1283448

if that was the case someone would've trained it on actual lolcow posts but instead it sounds like a severely delayed boomer moid that gets winded just by typing

No. 1283450

File: 1659204058595.jpeg (10.32 KB, 299x168, download.jpeg)

No. 1283451

I’m scared that if I get into a car crash whiIe I have to take both hands off the steering wheel to turn off the stupid fucking radio as they start playing male vocals the rescuers retrieving my mangled corpse from under two tons of pure metal will think that I actually listen to it so they play imagine dragons or something at my funeral. Shudders went down my spine as I typed this out. It’s a twisted world!

No. 1283453

No. 1283454

Play your own music from cds in the car then, bozo

No. 1283460

Oh damn nonna, I haven’t gotten that far but I’m so annoyed by the lack of men that are actually attractive to women in video games so I’ve been making characters for a fighting game with only pretty men and the women will all be roided up.

No. 1283463

Anyone else think it’s weird how white stray cats have become rarer over the course of the last decade? I swear they used to be everywhere when I was little. We only have tabby/white mixtures now. Pure white is almost gone except for old male cats. I’m from a city with a massive cat population so maybe the white cats were abandoned Persian pet cats + a recessive gene?

No. 1283467

I'm not saying I glew up after high school all too much, I was pretty ok looking back then but am way lighter and dress way better but Jesus christ, most of my year looks like absolute shit now how the fuck

No. 1283470

I misread this post and interpreted it as you bragging about having skin paler than that of Jesus of Nazareth. Was very confused for a second.

No. 1283476

Oh shit, it does look like that. No worries, I just lost weight and am all tired looking and shit, but to add to my earlier post: how the fuck did some of these ok looking people end up looking so fucking old, I have gone through major illness and I look livelier the hell

No. 1283481

So do you or do you not look like a female Jesus

No. 1283489

I suddenly remembered an instructor in my school who taught older adults getting their GED. He was a wannabe chad roidbro who hyped himself up for graduating with a math degree (yet he ended up teaching older students in a poor neighborhood). He would always shit on his students for not knowing how to do basic math and humiliate them in front of everyone. One of the students got sick of it and started beating his ass in class. A female student kek. He never came back due to health reasons

No. 1283490

he’s not female. you’re replying to the schizotroon.

No. 1283494

I love happy endings

No. 1283496

I need to go grocery shopping soon, but I don't want to for the simple fact that I'm going to need to start sanitizing the cart, my groceries and everything I touch again.

No. 1283497

File: 1659205709071.jpeg (10.21 KB, 197x275, E7A809A4-D162-44C7-AC97-EDCBC4…)

Absolute fucking gigastacy.

No. 1283502

I am pale as shit, I do admit, call me jesusa

No. 1283504

shut the fuck up, no one is laughing at this weird ass show you keep putting on jfc

No. 1283505

Its true, I saw it and my name is albert Einstein

No. 1283508

>due to health reasons
Probably was too scared to come back kek

No. 1283514

All of Gloria Estefan’s songs sound the same to me.

No. 1283517

who the fuck even is that Jesus christ I am so fed up with this schizo

No. 1283537

I do, but I have my usual cows and have hid the threads I don't care about.

No. 1283541

That anon and >>1283540 is the troll that's been shitting up this site anon, just ignore them

No. 1283547

File: 1659207764474.jpeg (316.14 KB, 2007x1063, 132A498C-0DF7-483C-8410-76BA37…)

How does a male orgasm? Stimulating the penis. What is the female equivalent to a penis? Clitoris. Vaginal orgasms are fake.

This pic had 9 thumbs down on know your meme, scrotes stay seething.

No. 1283562

is it? i've been trying to understand their posts and they're super confusing. now that i think about it, it makes sense that they would be AI-generated.

No. 1283568

schizotroon spotted

No. 1283572

God give me the strength to do a crown braid properly

No. 1283596

it's not going great, nonas

No. 1283607

File: 1659212863779.png (5.83 KB, 64x64, 39BDAB0F-0123-4734-9E0B-179606…)

that sucks nona, here’s a flower

No. 1283617

Take a break if you need to, we believe in you.

No. 1283649

File: 1659215605129.jpg (40.51 KB, 563x558, 1614140070744.jpg)

took me almost 2 hours but I did it properly now with no messy bits, thank you for the strength nonnies!!

No. 1283723

Do you make your bed every morning?

No. 1283734

never tbh

No. 1283751

Yeah, it's been a daily habit for me since I was a kid

No. 1283752

They’re trying to get the tranny to go away. I dont think it will ever go away unless it finally hops in front of a train (in minecraft of course)

No. 1283759

File: 1659222200055.gif (3.39 MB, 480x270, weeeeooo.gif)

It's past midnight and I'm alone in my apartment listening to hard rock and metal covers of Abba songs.

No. 1283760

bet you’re sitting alone in the dark with smelly dehydrated piss in dasani waterbottles covered in absolute filth and grime. your parents don’t love you and are likely waiting for you to die, you burn your eye sockets out looking at discord 24/7 because you can only attract the same people who are just as insufferable and unlikeable as you, you transitioned because you didn’t want to come to terms that maybe you’re just supremely ugly and undesirable. your entire life is a failure, you don’t evoke any kind of powerful emotions, you have no hobbies, no worth, no family, no friends, no pets to take care, no garden to curate, nothing to cook, nothing to enjoy and create, nothing to protect. you don’t even do the bare minimum but try to derive attention from random people online because you even know you’re worthless so you tried to make yourself a lolcow. you are nothing but a skid mark, a disgusting, greasy waste of space who is an entire joke that keeps ban evading, you are not even a threat

No. 1283761

Don't you have neighbors?

No. 1283764

One is on vacation, the other one's dead. The floor is mine tonight.

No. 1283813

Actively contributing to the declining birthrate & thriving

No. 1283828

Who would've thought spending the entire day at work would be the cure to my lolcow addiction

No. 1283880

Money money money
Must be funny
In a rich man's world

No. 1283896

> I’m so annoyed by the lack of men that are actually attractive to women in video games
same, fuck westoid companies forcing Japanese games to stop stylizing and star going full 3dpd. All the modern videogame men look like even more disgusting looking Chris Pratts

No. 1283903

I feel the urge to fight my way through a castle of monsters to save my girlfriend from the goblin king while "Lay All Your Love On Me" plays aggressively in the background.

No. 1283963

File: 1659237898708.jpg (13.06 KB, 224x219, 1516997680827.jpg)

Ladies, will I be banned on HER if I say I'm not interested in trannies, even in the nicest way possible?

No. 1283987

Unfortunately, yes.

No. 1283991

killing myself

No. 1284192

Try to say nothing but say you love Harry Potter an JK Rowling in your bio.

No. 1284200

Holy shit, I just headbanged to 1 song and now I'm all dizzy and fatigued kek. I hadn't done that in literal years.

Fucking based, I'm doing the same.

NTA but saying she loves JK Rowling may be a little too much. Everybody knows her as an "evil TERF" now.

No. 1284225

I would just recommend playing dumb. While they can think you're a terf for saying your favourite book is Harry Potter and JKR your favourite author, it signals to others your terf status, but they can't outright ban you the same way they will if you say no men pretending to be women.

No. 1284226

*playing dumb as saying you don't look on the internet much or watch the news a lot if you get threatened with reporting

No. 1284255

Yeah you're right, by doing that you could get hate from users but it wouldn't be enough proof to ban you.

Also update: my neck hurts a little and it's a bit hard to hold my head up after that headbanging session KEK should I be concerned?

No. 1284263

Pressed play on a Shayna video out of morbid curiosity while scrolling /snow/ and I'm now heterosexual. Not looking forward to explaining this one to my wife.

No. 1284285

You should post your Harry Potter house, like say you’re a ravenclaw. I’ve seen women do that before

No. 1284286

Yeah, that's why I mentioned it. Seen lesbians doing this on dating apps to figure out if their match flies into a gendertard rage at Harry Potter, or is their real sex on the app. Crypto if you will.

No. 1284293

I had been wondering if TERFs and lesbians did that to weed out the trans, but so many people still cling to everything Harry Potter like a child, despise being violently against JK otherwise.

No. 1284304

Nta but I love this (I hate that it has to be a thing at all though).

No. 1284321

I feel very seen when pottermore says my patronus is an Irish wolfhound

No. 1284323

Exactly. Perfect cover. Can't kick you off for being a terf if you only say you like Harry Potter kek. It will just cause people to sperg so you know who to avoid.

No. 1284333

File: 1659271939098.jpeg (57.24 KB, 1000x667, 836F51E4-02AD-4CA7-A8EF-C594E9…)

Rereading bunker threads make me giggle. I love you nonas. That was a wild yet fun time.

No. 1284363

What are your favorite parts of the bunker saga??

No. 1284382

I loved the playful shitposting and overall goofiness, everything being a jumbled mess with husbandofags posting about wanting their 2d boyfriend and then a vent / tmi post about periods or something right under. Just so silly and lighthearted. I wish the bunker Elsie banner got added

No. 1284399

It said I'm a snake then showed a ghost snake flying through the woods and it was dumb

No. 1284406

had no idea pottermore still existed…has it changed much?

No. 1284418

did anyone here listen to the newest DGD album

No. 1284425

I still do pottermore tests every now and then

No. 1284484

File: 1659287011528.gif (485.21 KB, 500x271, E5E6578C-3A96-4D45-AE27-A25A75…)

She is literally me like no you don’t get it she is literally ME i am crazy and about to lose it okay? Do you get that? I think i’m gonna. i’m gonna. Yeah. She’s me.

No. 1284512

If it were socially acceptable I'd just buy 7 of the exact same jeans and top and rotate each day. I like fashion but I don't like waking up each morning and trying to find stuff that matches and is clean.

No. 1284513

It is socially acceptable, I know a lot of people who do it. My aunt has like 10 of the same white shirt.

No. 1284514

just heard this in a movie, what a banger, holy shit

No. 1284521

when anons kept spamming edited versions of the kpop puppy boy gif

No. 1284525

It is definitely not where I am.

No. 1284527

KEK I forgot about that

No. 1284545

Personality matters so much to me that I would compromise my standards for someone that doesn't completely fit them or for someone that is below average if they can make me laugh, or if their personality and/or beliefs is otherwise attractive to me. I would never date a man or woman that's straight up butt ugly though.

No. 1284551

File: 1659291224771.png (19.69 KB, 393x282, 1645142643849.png)

LMAO I went back to look too and somehow I never saw this one?

No. 1284553

File: 1659291264807.png (10.14 KB, 390x159, 1645142679985.png)

No. 1284559

same but nothing really compares to feeling legitimately physically attracted to someone. very rare feeling for me. but id still rather be with someone more smart and kind with shared interests than someone sexy alone.

No. 1284575

Why do men love talking about how they could take on a wild animal in a fight? You're not a caveman and all you eat is delivery, you're not beating a gorilla.

No. 1284576

Ngl, I always looked down on you asterisks users.

No. 1284578

Love her

No. 1284595

I’m your opposite, the Stacy to your Bucktooth Becky. The Courtney Love to your Arrow DeWilde. I would push a “nice” nerd off a cliff for a male model with perma-hard nipples. Have fun washing his shit-stained undies as he plays Dungeons and Dragons with trannies in your basement, I will be sucking from the magnificent gravity-defying pecs of my steroid addict boyfie. Such is the life of a scum female. Meet me in the parking lot after class, loser.

No. 1284604

I want some cinnamon pop tarts rn

No. 1284608

male models are insufferable mamas boys who can’t take care of themselves in my experience. i like hot men but not when they’re vain and self obsessed. i almost dated a model but all he wanted to do was have weird selfie sessions in graveyards and pretend to read books he didn’t give a shit about, nice guy but a total bore. the true enlightened path is being lucky enough to find hot artsy nerds who make bank and don’t play video games.

No. 1284610

if he's a steroid addict his dick will be tiny

No. 1284611

Didn’t read. I’m sorry that happened.

No. 1284627

I will cheat on him with a big-dicked guy then. Simple as.

No. 1284663

File: 1659295279648.jpeg (1.29 MB, 1158x1553, 1117AF39-937C-4743-B725-37ABF2…)


No. 1284685

Why do moids even like big dicks? It's not like they can fit them anywhere

No. 1284699

>i just said genital
But I had to warn them

No. 1284707

Yeah, fine people are amazing to look at and I love them but sometimes it's really not enough. Even if I find someone super attractive if their personality isn't what I like I get bored of them and they become less attractive to me.

No. 1284727

>size queen

You sound like a moid seething because you know your limp dick barely exceeds the 5 inch average.

No. 1284731

It's the tranny, ignore it

No. 1284757

Every time I read TIF or TIM I automatically read it as 'trans infected female' or 'trans infected male' kek. Obviously I know it's 'identifying' but it's always been what I first think of.

No. 1284766

File: 1659299067346.png (95.04 KB, 384x299, male.png)

men are so silly sometimes

No. 1284768

guys obsessed with machismo aesthetic trinkets like whiskey and leather and so on are gayer than metrosexuals, because the former group is more concerned with impressing other men. homosociality is so real

No. 1284773

File: 1659299450228.jpg (7.79 KB, 300x168, baldies.jpg)

imagining a bunch of pic rel guys getting drunk by themselves listening to Music For Man Relaxing Whiskey Blues Music while reading MGTOW articles and farting and burping a lot

No. 1284775

Oh no nonna don't you dare listen to the Man Music!!

No. 1284779

shut da fuck up tranny

No. 1284780

I just woke up and my fucking neck hurts.

No. 1284784

Listening to this on repeat to increase my gnc slay

No. 1284799

Why'd this anon delete her post? I saw that. It was just an ABBA song
Which cover?

No. 1284800

File: 1659301280726.gif (885.11 KB, 220x220, 23AF501B-7EE6-49A7-839C-EEBCA6…)

Me walking out of tj maxx after shoplifting Mac lipsticks up my sleeve

No. 1284804

you should shut da fuck up and go shoplifting or something instead of subjecting everyone here to your bad posts. this is for women to chill and talk, there are plenty of communities dedicated to men, gnc people, and trannies. i seriously don’t understand why you want to be here of all places when there are already so many communities that would actually accept you with open arms.

No. 1284805

File: 1659301529635.jpg (165.44 KB, 680x677, 1639608264294.jpg)

No. 1284809

File: 1659301744718.jpg (25.12 KB, 445x320, 1648787792041.jpg)

I'm eating crushed crackers and pouring them straight from the bag into my gluttonous mouth and thought some crumbs escaped but it was just the speckled design on my shirt.

No. 1284812

roll up into the forum for aviator’s wives and airline stewardesses and getting pissed when they don’t let you post. brother why do you even want in?

No. 1284822

just remembered a weird moment with my babysitter while outside with her as a kid, she called a spider an n word for no real reason and i was so confused and taken aback i just walked away. just southern things. why the fuck would you do that even if you’re racist

No. 1284829

File: 1659302555382.jpg (21.32 KB, 1280x1280, tumblr_c54df212cf5936dd4dbe3eb…)

Remembering the two times I could've accidentally shoplifted and saved $30 this month but it didn't cross my mind to keep the hat on or put the untagged thing in my backpack

No. 1284832

That post is hilarious

No. 1284850

Someone I followed on twitter is a FTM, started on T a couple of months ago, and today posted "I bought cute feminine tops for the first time in forever!! hehe turning into a femboy!" I fucking hate it here but the only solace I find is that they are miserable people by default and no amount of bullying or wishing bad on them would ever outweigh their own self hatred and self destructiveness.

No. 1284857

Actually I didn't even check up thread to see that the tranny had posted until after I posted lol

No. 1284860

I'm going to repost this incase anyone has missed this extremely important information

are you an anon who hasn't checked in for a while? Wondering what is going on? Well, for the past couple of days, a schizo pedo troon has been having a major episode here on lolcow, mostly on /meta/, /ot/, /g/, /m/, /snow/ and the MTF thread. If you have witnessed any of the following:

>sperging about "UH", "Kuz", racheal, elaine, 8kun, and kiwifarms

>CP/monkey torture spams
>anime avatarfagging and cartoon avatarfagging and wojack samfagging, and samefagging
>random youtube music links
>complete word salads, delusions and projection
>complaints about jannies, terfs, and radfems
>Claiming HRT make him feminine (it doesn’t), Claiming that he’s a woman (He’s not)
>Jealousy/envy/hatred of women and women’s only spaces
>Calls for harassing female lolcows and their family members
>Excusing pedo behavior by pointing to trauma (He was never abused sexually)
>”I’m going to leave now this is crazy/bonkers/insane yo” never actually leaving
>”silly sis chucklefuck scrote moid janny “
> “hand this site over to ME!!!! “
> implication that the Silent Majority of Nonnas are on his side

then you have just spotted the schizo pedo troon. If at any point you see anons arguing with each other over something absolutely incomprehensible and are wondering if you've missed anything important, fear not. That is just the schizo pedo troon samefagging again to try to sir up concern amongst the uninformed. Thankfully, now you are informed. So next time you see any of the above, do your duty and ignore it.

If you see other anons acting confused, copy and paste this Public Service Announcement so that they too, may be informed.

/////This concludes the Public Service Announcement./////

No. 1284869

He keeps calling himself "she", saying shit like he should be allowed here because he's one of the good ones or something like that, and accusing a "janny" of having a vendetta against him (as opposed to "farmhands"). Weird ass faggot trying to blend in but at the same time not really.

No. 1284899

Wait till the TIFs find this

No. 1284904

Is it the troon that keeps spamming that "public service announcement" post? It's so annoying.

No. 1284905

No. 1284909

i remember awhile aback when elaine was getting rightfully blasted for being such a huge idiot, but I can’t help but feel bad for her, she’s so mentally ill beyond repair and no one likes her. maybe I should have put this in the “honest thoughts about lolcow” thread but the incessant tranny posting reminded me of how sad she is

No. 1284910

no, they're warning against the troon and list pretty accurately how yo identify him

No. 1284916

It's still pretty annoying to me honestly

No. 1284923

Apparently yes, though I believe the first time it was posted was a genuine farmer.

No. 1284924

nice try tranny. YWNBAW and you will never BLEND

No. 1284925

File: 1659307348811.jpeg (311.82 KB, 1600x915, 39887242-605E-4B0E-BE8A-FA4CBB…)

Does anyone else see photos of a bunch of tiny holes and just get the urge to squeeze and see something pop out? These types of photos make me wanna watch black head/cyst removal vids. No spoiler because fuck you.

No. 1284932

I support it anyway because as you can see, it malds the scrote into a-logging.

No. 1284951

spoiler this demon shit, how does this not make you feel nauseated?

No. 1284955

Those things fascinate me, I think it's only because tripophobia (or whatever the fuck its name is) went viral that I started to think it was scary or off-putting too. But when I really think about it, nah those things are fun to look at.

No. 1284962


No. 1284967

I always get such an insatiable urge to start picking at those holes or just rubbing them or shoving my fingers in them. The texture just seems amazing.

No. 1284968

there's like nothing in those holes though that i can see. i can understand maybe for actual pores with gunk in them but those are empty holes. it's not skin in the pic so it's just nauseating to me

No. 1284984

>black head/cyst removal vids
those vids are like gore-lite to me, idk how you nonnies watch them

No. 1284987

When I’m not watching them the idea of it grosses me out, but once I start I gotta watch like 20 vids, they’re disgustingly addicting. It really is a strong urge when I see those trypophobia type pictures.

No. 1284992

File: 1659311052270.jpg (689.89 KB, 928x1329, tongueridges.jpg)

Hot off the presses! Top kek there's always some retarded nitpick going on in the Shayna thread. Sometimes they really make me kek like anon, tongue ridges? Really? Shayna must be dry as a motherfucker right now.

No. 1284994

I'm retardo because anon said tongue edges but still…

No. 1285013

that’s a scalloped tongue and can actually be a sign of a hormone/thyroid disorder or vitamin deficiency or severe jaw misalignment

No. 1285025

File: 1659312867627.jpeg (24.75 KB, 739x415, images (3).jpeg)

That's a goose, anon

No. 1285028

hate to say but she looks cute tbh. has she always had a scalloped tongue or is this recent?

No. 1285063

My tongue is scalloped like hers because I just have a small mouth kek. My ex used to nitpick it too, I think it's an irrelevant and retarded detail on anyone including shayna

No. 1285066

I'm so horny. This sucks. I just want to watch stupid videos on the Internet. I might nap instead.

No. 1285074

Just got my period today for the first time in awhile (I have an IUD). I welcome periods nowadays because the cramps and bleeding remind me that I'm more of a woman than a troon could ever be

No. 1285095

based and bloodpilled

No. 1285131

File: 1659321983722.jpg (82.1 KB, 836x625, 1648328984721.jpg)

Nonnies why is it so hard to date other girls as a bi woman? Can lesbians not just trust me that I'm not a disgusting cheater?

No. 1285137

I have diagnosed ADHD and anxiety and today I tried dabs with a friend (weed thing) and wow it really slowed down my mind and my actions and helped me speak coherently and clearly. I also didn’t get self conscious about anything. It did make me act a lot goofier though. It was interesting and makes me understand how a person with less self control can get addicted.

No. 1285138

Interesting. I have both and it only worsened my anxiety.

No. 1285140

I don't have diagnoseed ADHD but I share some symptoms and have diagnosed anxiety. I've always wondered if smoking weed would help me be more functional.

No. 1285142

I just want a girl to love me.

No. 1285145

The only problem is that it's illegal here and don't wanna get in trouble trying to get it. I wonder if Ill ever see my pothead cousin again, maybe he could give me some.

No. 1285150

File: 1659323161459.jpeg (376.47 KB, 1282x1650, BAA0C7D0-EACF-4CA2-8053-C2DDD1…)

tag urself teehee

No. 1285153

The strain I used was specifically one meant to relax you so it did also make me a bit sleepy. My friend was sober and was very helpful in guiding and looking after me

No. 1285154

File: 1659323818558.jpeg (20.3 KB, 275x275, 0DC18606-758A-423A-9E36-32DD0A…)

I kind of miss the messy and stupid Soundclout cow era with toopoor and ginger snaps or whatever people called him

No. 1285159

i fucking love this song, and the way the lead singer stretches out his "oh's" and "i's" is really hot

No. 1285161

Love you too nonnie. I will just go on HER and say I love JKR.

No. 1285182

File: 1659325211666.jpeg (46.29 KB, 612x612, f1016707-2bd9-487f-b6ba-a5f0c8…)

Is nutritional yeast nasty as fuck to anyone else? Last time I had it was years ago but it was gross to me. I'm thinking of trying it again.

No. 1285190

me too nonnie. i love the super cheesy heartfelt 80s where they do the thing that you mentioned kek

No. 1285208

i love nutritional yeast but it really only belongs on certain foods and shouldn’t be treated like a cheese substitute. it’s like umami sprinkles. i put it on beans a lot, sometimes on curry, and i LOOOOVE it on chickpeas with garlic and some salt

No. 1285247

File: 1659330876947.jpeg (49.33 KB, 500x500, like_all_the_time.jpeg)

a minor internet celebrity i've watched for years followed me on instagram. he also happens to be my die hard crush.
i've been on cloud 9 about it since it happened lol its absolutely dumb how much time i've devoted to thinking about it

No. 1285257

this, also a little sprinkle on popcorn

No. 1285261

hell yes anon. i stopped eating popcorn because the kernel shells would get stuck in my mouth but i loved dumping nutritional yeast allover it years ago. so good. i’m hungry now

No. 1285268

All these deleted posts got me paranoid.

No. 1285310

yeah i dont think its that great. bought it because i felt like dairy gave me the shits and a vegan lady with cheap recipes recommended it as a cheese sub. as a die hard cheese lover it was disappointing.

No. 1285324

Do not interact with blaineposting. You are positively reinforcing him.

No. 1285325

NTA but holy shit can't believe that faggot is on CC/meta/ talking to himself for hours and no one has banned him yet

No. 1285327

He gets banned all the time, thing is he always evades it and switches vpns.

No. 1285369

File: 1659338595435.png (30.55 KB, 716x836, mischief.png)

>me insulting trannies online on the net

No. 1285371

File: 1659338744828.jpeg (89.74 KB, 1232x924, EACBBE7D-9C4F-47E2-90A4-C5C513…)

i just wanna drink some sugar free soda before work, why does it make me have to shit like a fiend! my stomach hurts

No. 1285372

congratz nonnie something similar happened to me, my YouTuber crush saw my drawings and offered me a job but I was too autistic so I declined the offer. I regret it now, why am i like this.

No. 1285375

That's amazing, anon! Good job. ♥
>my YouTuber crush saw my drawings and offered me a job but I was too autistic so I declined the offer.
ANON, NOOOOO. Has too much time passed to say you changed your mind?

No. 1285378

Artificial sweeteners will fuck you up. I can't consume anything with stevia without ripping a hole in my underwear after

No. 1285382

i love cece edits

No. 1285397

Debating myself on whether I should take a shower, eat dinner + watch a series, draw or download a big file before going to sleep

No. 1285408

If you need to eat, eat. If you're eating recreationally, draw.

No. 1285420

File: 1659342299410.jpg (999.39 KB, 2160x2160, 20220801_101850.jpg)

The Minions merch is so cute in Japan, no wonder they love these yellow blobs.

No. 1285425

Thanks, I decided to eat something. I'll go to bed soon.

No. 1285487

File: 1659354459239.jpeg (49.69 KB, 563x505, F26C41FA-7770-469A-8233-4BEC85…)

This is pic is Us!!!!!!!!!!!!

No. 1285531

File: 1659362036484.jpg (750.12 KB, 847x2050, SMART.jpg)

Sorry for mobileposting but I love this post. Is there a /g/ thread for dating strategies like this? Does anyone have advice in the same vein? I love hearing shit like this kek it gives me ideas.

No. 1285532

OMGGGG anon!! so close, yet so far D,:(D,:)

No. 1285536

Yeah though probably more active on their website (since they deleted their reddit) FDS or Female Dating Strategy. I kind of stopped reading the reddit when it got more popular since it was mostly women just complaining about their abusive partners and spamming the reddit with examples of scrote behavior but the handbook is good to read.

No. 1285538

I'm bored at work. I'm going to watch youtube videos about "muh day in muh life as a googler/engineer" to kill time.

No. 1285546

File: 1659363394901.gif (571.29 KB, 343x269, CB98F5AA-68F6-4D01-9F2B-11DB1D…)

I think I have the cat poop parasite because I find cats unbearably cute now and would do anything for them.

No. 1285554

I thought that was a myth.
People simply love cats because they are ridiculously cute.

No. 1285558

File: 1659364182470.gif (458.54 KB, 350x180, 114F2E06-A9BA-4F59-A27A-2E1D5D…)

ayrt and yeah, I think of it as dog people propaganda, they don’t want me happy!

No. 1285561

still me, I still don't get the point of these videos, nobody actually work in these videos because they can't show anything without violating some NDA, or they're working in marketing or recruitment so the videos themselves are their work to attract youngsters who just graduated from uni. I don't get it.

No. 1285562

Have been borrowing tons of ebooks from my city's library, dedrming them, and then loading them onto my kindle. I'm hoarding books like crazy kek. I hope no one looks at my account and thinks it's fucking weird that I keep borrowing and returning like 10 books in the span of 5 minutes. I should really read through them though lol. I've been slow to get through the 30+ books I've loaded on here.

No. 1285563

wtf are people selling them secondhand somewhere? I hate minions but my best friend loooooooves them and I'd love to get some for her for the holidays.

No. 1285568

I dont know if this merch exists outside Japan, so my bets are that you can find them on ebay or yahoo auctions in worst case

No. 1285585

This is so true and I'm glad I knew to do this inherently. Every ex that dumped me has come crawling back because it shakes their ego to the core when you just completely delete them off everything. Like, you asked for the breakup. Men really think they are all that

No. 1285606

Why not use LibGen.is? You can even e-mail books straight to your kindle after you download them.

No. 1285609

File: 1659369102543.jpeg (73.26 KB, 737x539, 3B9E52A3-8081-4D21-B521-567738…)

Did netflix remove 30 rock
I love Tracy Jordan nooooooooo my dopamine hits…….

No. 1285610

I do use LibGen too! Especially for books my library doesn't have yet. I mostly try to get books from my library because some books I get off LibGen have wonky formatting and I don't want to download multiples of the same book just looking for one with good formatting. Also yadda yadda looks good for library stats, my taxes pay for this, etc.

No. 1285614

File: 1659369348259.jpg (3.21 MB, 4000x3000, IMG_20220801_104751.jpg)

pussy coffee i drank this morning

No. 1285615

The things I would give to be in your place

No. 1285617

True, a lot of the books I've pirated have really weird quirks. Letters will be replaced with similar-looking letters and weird shit like that.

No. 1285619

Actually one book I got from my library (that isn't available on libgen) has this issue. The apostrophe is replaced with some random letters and the euro sign and I have no idea why kek. My biggest issue with libgen books is wide spacing, and one book just kept inserting (TITLE OF BOOK, AUTHOR OF BOOK) every few sentences, it was jank and truly unreadable lol.

No. 1285623

File: 1659370018041.jpg (85.92 KB, 700x450, John-Lydon.jpg)

Johnny Rotten is a Trump supporter lmao

No. 1285625

What is libgen exactly? do I need use a vpn or torrent thingy?

No. 1285626

Are you sure you're downloading the proper format for your kindle? As in MOBI, AZ3, PDF, EPUB, etc. I didn't realize for a while that my kindle works best with EPUB files. At any rate, happy reading nonna! What was the last book you read?

No. 1285630

A website where you can download ebooks for free. They have a scientific article section/non-fiction, and a fiction section. You don't need anything at all, they just download straight to your device and require an ereader app (or kindle, kobo, etc.) to open the files. I've never used a VPN but I'm sure it couldn't hurt.

No. 1285631

samefag, well I guess it's not true that you "don't need anything at all" kek but yeah

No. 1285634

Yes it was an epub from my library! I might have sent it as mobi because I couldn't get calibre to stop forcing me to convert all my books into mobi before sending, I'll try to resend it as epub and see what happens. Worst comes to worst I'll download it as the kindle file, but it's just sooo much more tedious to make sure it gets dedrmed properly before sending it over.

Also I have to remember which book it was KEK.

No. 1285636

I told someone I prefer that the kpop industry is majority Asian and they said I'm fetishizing Asians. I thought the whole point of kpop was the pretty people who happen to be korean? Most kpop fans know damn well they wouldn't listen to kpop if they were all white, black or Indian.

No. 1285656

I laughed out loud at this what the fuck

No. 1285690

Point out how racist and colonizer-brained they are lol. Kpop culture is nationalistic af. Korean idolfags are at best apathetic and at worst openly hostile to idols who aren’t korean. Particularly nasty against chinese or darker skinned asians, ex: Lisa hate. Hapa or even raised overseas koreans get the “outsider treatment” and inevitably flop if they don’t submit to strict cultural dogma. Westerners will never make it.

No. 1285701

I hate coming in from outside and not being able to sit on any furniture or touch anything until I sanitize everything I touched and bought, and shower. Fuck pandemics fuck endemics fuck COVID fuck monkeypox fuck global warming. I'm literally sitting on my floor as I type this

No. 1285706

tempted to quit if my pto gets denied. cant afford to quit either. i guess ill just check my email later to see what the damn bitch ass boss says.

No. 1285713

hey nonna i’m sorry that you’re so stressed out. i might not be able to help much if it’s an ocd thing but if it’s of any consolation, you can’t catch covid from any surface germs, and it’s nearly impossible to catch monkeypox unless you’re making direct skin on skin contact with an infected person’s pustules

No. 1285727

your issue is OCD, not covid (doesn’t spread via surfaces) or monkeypox (only spreads via prolonged close bodily contact).

No. 1285733

I do have ocd symptoms, but this isn't because of that. I just want to be careful, afaik monkeypox can be spread through surfaces. I could sit on my furniture or touch shit without feeling any anxiety. Also weird to try and diagnose strangers over the internet.
Thank you anon, I just want to be careful.

No. 1285743

i’m >>1285713 and i just want to say that i don’t want to try to diagnose you at all because diagnoses are pretty bogus in the first place, but as someone who has ocd / hypochondria / whatever you can call it, i think your reaction to covid and monkeypox is definitely one out of anxiety instead of practicality. it’s good to be clean but the measures you’re taking contradict the real possibility and likelihood of contracting these diseases in your own home. monkeypox and covid germs both survive on surfaces for a while but it’s impossible to catch either without prolonged contact. so even if you somehow touched a bench a monkeypox positive person touched, that trace amount of germs wouldn’t compare to sharing a bed with them and wouldn’t actually make you sick.

No. 1285744

That sounds exaggerated. I'm also very worried about all that shit but when I get back home I just throw my mask in the trashcan, wash my hands immediately and get into my pjs.

I think it can be spread through surfaces, and it's not an STD so prolonged physical contacts and even body fluid like saliva and snot can spread it so I keep wearing a mask. But research is still ongoing iirc, I hope we'll get more info soon. I see gay people everywhere crying like little bitched because "waaah we're victims, let us have sex with different partners once every two days with no condoms, just get vaccinated like us against the pox virus you homophobes", but I checked and it's a dangerous vaccine apparently and is not recommended at all if you have skin conditions so I can't get vaccinated and don't want to. I'm worried about it.

No. 1285757

I don't mean to be rude anon, but it really isn't anxiety for me at all. I've been experiencing OCD symptoms for years so I do understand my feelings when it comes to this kind of stuff. I think you may have read my post as stress, but it wasn't. Stuff is still coming out about this so I'm just taking precautions. It doesn't really take that much time out of my day to sanitize everything and I have to shower after getting home anyway.
>not recommended at all if you have skin conditions so I can't get vaccinated and don't want to
Me too, but apparently there's two vaccines and one is supposed to be safe for skin conditions.

No. 1285759

Cool I just got so many books I needed for researching, hope I don’t get arrested kek

No. 1285788

>Me too, but apparently there's two vaccines and one is supposed to be safe for skin conditions.
True, there's a new version of the vaccine but I haven't seen anything confirming or contradicting this info. I just know it's a recent vaccine so it's experimental. I got vaccinated for covid because it could harm anyone and I was sick for 3 months from covid and thought I was going to die from it because there were no vaccines, no hand gel, no masks, nothing at all at that point because it was early in the pandemic, and I didn't want to go through that again. But with the monkeypox it seems like so far the people who caught the virus are either mostly irresponsible sex addicted retards and a few people who were in contact with them in normal settings. Given how I live the only real danger for e would be public transport, and I can just work from home for the rest of summer to help with that. I don't want to take too many risks with some potentially risky medicine or vaccine because faggots can't help but drink strangers' piss in orgies.

No. 1285802


No. 1285803

Same, although I do it simply because Ze Outside Is Dirrty instead of because of Covid and co lol.

No. 1285804

sip sip

No. 1285807

Judo is so hot, fuck

No. 1285818

The sports?

No. 1285822

File: 1659380855179.jpeg (910.94 KB, 1000x1171, korean-fried-cauliflower-12b.j…)

look at this shit. im hangry

No. 1285832

File: 1659382190693.jpg (117.53 KB, 800x561, m3700283-800px-wm.jpg)

Anytime a user casually mentions their children, it just takes me for a couple of minutes, the idea of someone who criticizes Shayna's vagina also being the parent of a child just disturbs me

No. 1285844

You'll get there. Soon.

No. 1285850

lmao it's Anna from Red Scare

No. 1285859

all dedicated cowfags exude mental illness around the people in their proximity, i worry for any defenseless child left to the mercy of a pending narcmom

No. 1285864

wahh, women should stop having at a certain age and just be boring housewives

No. 1285866

Don't reply to tranny bait.

No. 1285872

File: 1659384734716.jpg (77.43 KB, 775x537, IMG_20220730_132626_670.jpg)

Being a mom and on here is not that unthinkable, if you consider how you just have usually
a) more time just being at home and b) having probably no social life at all outside of gossiping on here about cringe cows

And there's nothing wrong about that!

No. 1285878

nothing wrong with being a mom and being on lc, but I'm talking about the dedicated cowfags, who obsesses over a random mentally ill person on the internet for years on end

No. 1285880

are you an anon who hasn't checked in for a while? Wondering what is going on? Well, for the past couple of days, a schizo pedo troon has been having a major episode here on lolcow, mostly on /meta/, /ot/ and the MTF thread. If you have witnessed any of the following:

>sperging about "UH", "Kuz", elaine, and kiwifarms

>CP/monkey torture spams
>anime avatarfagging
>random youtube music links
>complete wordsalads
>complaint about jannies and radfems
>laughable larping as an oldfag and misuse of lcf lingo
>running gayops on himself like doxing his own family members in hopes of framing others

then you have just spotted the schizo pedo troon. If at any point you see anons arguing with each other over something absolutely incomprehensible and are wondering if you've missed anything important, fear not. That is just the schizo pedo troon samefagging again to try to sir up concern amongst the uninformed. Thankfully, now you are informed. So next time you see any of the above, do your duty and ignore it.

If you see other anons acting confused, copy and paste this Public Service Announcement so that they too, may be informed.

/////This concludes the Public Service Announcement./////

No. 1285885

"Knocked Up" was a horror movie and nobody can convince me otherwise

No. 1285900

Using solar power for the first time and I feel like a caveman discovering fire
this shit is so cool
sun device go brrrrr

No. 1285904

Living in the future nonni! How’s it feel? Got the power of the sun gods at your fingers?

No. 1285907

NTA but that movie is horrifying. It’s not funny at all

No. 1285914

I know this is fucking silly but I am actually anxious when I see people viewing my profile on LinkedIn. I sometimes stalk people's professional history (in incognito) and I worry if I had accidentally viewed their profile while logged into my account since Linkedin keeps track of who's viewed your profile.

No. 1285926

i didn’t know linkedin users get notified when anonymous people view their page KEK. now i’m never gonna check my ex’s linkedin again.

No. 1285928

samefag wait i think i just misread what you wrote, lol, i didn’t know they track it when you’re logged in either. that site just repels me in every imaginable way really

No. 1285933

they also get "people who searched for x also searched for y" which is really fucking embarrassing

No. 1285934

amazing, I must spread the good word now

No. 1285957

You can turn off letting people know you viewed their profile. It's under Settings and Privacy -> Visability -> Profile Viewing Options -> Select Private Mode. But turning this on also means you won't be able to see the names of people who view your profile. You can also turn off a lot of other things people can see, like not letting people who aren't logged into LinkedIn to view your account.

LinkedIn says:
>When you view a profile in private mode, you'll appear in that person's Who's Viewed Your Profile section as LinkedIn Member - This person is viewing profiles in private mode. No other information about you will be shared with the member whose profile you viewed.
>Note: With a Premium account, you can browse in private mode and still see the list of people who viewed your profile in the last 90 days. This isn't possible with a Basic (free) account. However, we always respect a member's privacy settings, so even with a Premium account, you can't view the names of private mode viewers of your own profile.

No. 1286023

Im still not over the Urusei Yatsura remake announcement. It's so upsetting.

No. 1286078

I haven't played LoL in a couple years but I kind of want to hop back on tonight. My nails might be to long to play right now though.

No. 1286096

It makes me laugh how Arthur Morgan is a lolcow husbando mascot. /g/irlies are hilarious

No. 1286117

File: 1659400541337.jpeg (45.15 KB, 550x680, FOtQDXaXsAcUfaU.jpeg)

I'm sick and my cat is being very needy. She climbed into my bed at 2 in the morning. She's been on and off sleeping on me all day. She's also been crying at me. I have been making sure she is fed/clean water/clean box. Just wanna know why she is this needy. Usually isn't like this and last time I got sick she didn't care.

No. 1286123

Seriously?! What is the point of a remake to begin with? shit, literally nothing is sacred from 20, 30, 40+ years ago.

No. 1286143

i need to stop wearing white when i eat pasta, disaster every time. thank god for ice cold water as a stain removal technique. when i show it to men they act like it’s magic

No. 1286144

i just cook with it so i dont taste it, i dont use it as a garnish or whatever its called lmao

No. 1286159

That's actually super smart, I don't know why I didn't think of that

No. 1286198

i need to suck a dick

No. 1286199

Why has the husbando thread been so slow lately?

No. 1286203

Some time ago I asked some anime recs and someone recommended golden kamui which I haven't watched yet but I keep seeing nonas posting it and it makes me think I might not like it based on what I'm seeing them posting and what they post is very very gay

No. 1286205

kek, this is about the piss kink thing, isn't it? A lot of people like it for other reasons, it's actually really good. Maybe give it a try.

No. 1286206

I'm all for thrifting and what not, but after having bedbugs I don't think I ever want to buy secondhand furniture

No. 1286207

I ended up watching it from here! It is very gay, but also very enjoyable aside from the gayness. it did make me cry too.

No. 1286211

the oiled up 3d man cursed it

No. 1286216

The economy

No. 1286220

File: 1659410817755.jpg (102.73 KB, 426x600, sonic-the-hedgehog-90-s-film-f…)

Don't read if you're eating but I was pooping and got so scared because it was all sonic colored. It took me a good minute of confusion and fear to realize that I ate some blue cupcakes from a baby shower yesterday. It doesn't help that my toilet cleaner is the same color so I thought I somehow got toilet water all over my ass
Anyway stay away from food coloring

No. 1286221

This is killing me

No. 1286224

File: 1659411204733.jpg (89.07 KB, 720x708, d238dcdadebe13fdabc54a364e3825…)

Gotta poop fast

No. 1286227


No. 1286230

File: 1659412291370.jpg (1.18 MB, 4032x3024, he8zftjx89721.jpg)

No. 1286232

My brain keeps giving me amazing sex dreams and even though I am grateful for them, it's also incredibly frustrating because why does my brain have to keep trying to remind me of something that I'll never have? Even if I went out and had sex right now I doubt it would ever feel as good as it does in my dreams so what the fuck.