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No. 1268738

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No. 1268741

File: 1658266962006.jpg (127.15 KB, 1280x720, 9416000b07702cdb14995441d738.j…)


No. 1268743

File: 1658267170735.gif (1.13 MB, 220x349, bear-walking-weird.gif)

Same, both my siblings went camping and their cars were opened/scratched by a bear. Nature is beautiful but deadly and I'm not testing her

No. 1268746

I feel like waffles are drier than pancakes. They're more interesting to look at, but they're just not that great

No. 1268749

>skin cancer
>tourist trash
>sand in vagina
Mountain air is good for you. Beautiful views and ambiance not ruined by drunk people. It’s physical to hike and camp, not just laying around like a beached whale. Beach fags are pathetic.

No. 1268787

My friend how are you getting sand in your vagina??

No. 1268795

I hate humans for what they did to pitbulls, and I hate that they refuse to take responsibility and instead scream about "demon dogs" like this is just some mysterious, random curse and not the result of their fucking failed eugenics/dick-measuring contests and dogfights. We genuinely don't deserve dogs, we never should've been capable of breeding them for specific traits
Even if pitbulls are all put down, humans are so shit-tier that they'll just ruin another breed for the same reason and collectively traumatize them until we have "demon dogs" again. There should be some sort of large survey on dogfights, and anyone who answers that they think dogfighting is good and/or that breeding dogs to be "strong/aggressive fighters" is acceptable should be quietly sterilized or exterminated.

No. 1268796

Beach bumming all summer baby

No. 1268798

Pitfag, pitbulls haven't been ruined, their purpose has always been being a fighting dog.

No. 1268802

unpopular opinion: shit thread description, cutest thread pic, thanks OP for your cuteness and laziness!

No. 1268804

Do you know how dogs exist, or have you always been retarded? I don't own any pitbulls, I'm just not a moron who refuses to recognize human's fuck-ups

No. 1268808

Nta but right, I had forgot that pitbulls just snapped into existence one day, no selective breeding required like the one OP herself described.

No. 1268813

kek anon do you think dog breeds exist because of natural selection?

No. 1268818

>their purpose

their purpose should not be decided by retarded humans, it’s an animal. fuck off

No. 1268822

Then pit bulls should be illegal wherever dog fighting is illegal (ie the entire western world)

No. 1268824

Okay but it is, we have selected bred animals for purposes since we first started domesticating them. Pitbulls need to be culled the moment they enter shelters and normal moralfags need to stop adopting them and making them out to be something that they aren't (ie, purpose bred killers). The kindest thing is to end their bloodlines.

No. 1268827



There was that clear enough for you?

No. 1268829

totally agree anon. it's really upsetting and it's also annoying the way people even demonize pitbulls on here like they're actually evil and not just tremendously fucked up as a result of humans

No. 1268830

And then humans will do the same fucking thing to another mix of dogs because this shit species is constantly exploiting animals (especially dogs) and power-tripping, both animals and humans will be harmed or killed, and you will just keep saying the same thing until dogs are extinct (though I know there's some mentally ill scrote and his lackeys lurking around whose idea of a perfect world is just that). Face it, the blood is on man's hands, and they shouldn't be allowed to breed dogs for any "purpose". That is where the problem lies.

No. 1268832

OP literally acknowledged that they were born from blood thirsty dick measuring contests. Just take the L, miss shit for brains.

No. 1268833

Its called being realstic about animal instinct and what selective breeding for gameness for hundreds of years does. But you pitfags never get that and will just cry that its not the poor pibbles fault they mauled the toddler down the street

No. 1268835

If you read that post and all you thought was "Uhm sweety pitbulls were made 2 fite uhh", you're the one with shit for brains. Fucking upright apes can never take responsibility for their own actions.

No. 1268839

>y’all have shits for brains

goddd shut up and go back to LSA anon

No. 1268841

Gee wee you really are a dumb if you think its not just a given fact that humans created a breed of blood hungry beasts and that I had to repeat that.

No. 1268842

The fault is your retarded, inbred cousin of a cousin who decided to breed pitbulls because he wanted to feel tough, intimidate his neighbor and make money off animals being killed. You'll play innocent again when you do it the next time, too, but not all of us are as fucking stupid as you

No. 1268847

It's a given fact, but you're somehow so stupid you couldn't parse that that was the very crux of the discussion, and genuinely believed anyone was arguing otherwise.
Actually, I don't really even believe you're that dumb. I think this is just another way of derailing the conversation to try and tiptoe around the problem of humans and their selective breeding retardation. It's like you want to dodge cause and effect, and it's ridiculous

No. 1268848

I mean, it’s literally not a lion’s fault if they maul their caretakers. You can’t argue ‘it’s in their DNA’ then demonize the creature like they chose to live in our society.

No. 1268851

So what do you want? Only the elite to own fluffy little lap dogs and nothing else? There are purpose bred dogs that still work or perform companionship roles that aren't too far removed from their original breeding. Pitbulls were bred for dog fighting, and dog fighters to this day run the kennels in plain sight because moralfags keep adopting their seconds that end up in shelters and normies' backyards.

No. 1268853

I'm asking: If pitbulls were to be put down, how do you plan to prevent the same thing from happening again? They didn't come from nowhere

No. 1268854

How about we stop breeding and domesticating animals for human ego, pride, men to make themselves feel like a real manor selfish use? That’s what I don’t agree with. Now we have a bunch of them malding babies and terrorizing people in neighborhoods because they don’t know how or when to stop. Those breeds should not exist and should not be kept as pets and you know it, it’s extremely dangerous for people and extremely dangerous for the dog too. Kind of reminds me of those hideous married couples where the moid always wears cargo shorts, crusty dad sandals, and those ridiculous sunglasses walking around their suburban neighborhood with their guard dog and then screams at people “NOT FRIENDLY NOT FRIENDLY NOT FRIENDLY” why the fuck would you bring your cop dog to a fucking safe area with innocent animals, can’t stand those dudes either

No. 1268856

The dogs don't chose shit, but we can chose to stop lying about their breeding and cull them instead. I don't want to own a lion or live next door to anyone that owns a lion either, but since these dogs aren't a native species with an ecological niche worth maintaining, we can literally just end them.

No. 1268857

Your reading comprehension is abysmal, your parents shouldn't have bred you.

No. 1268858

Humans unironically function like
>selectively breed an animal to be as vicious as possible
>it's vicious
>"Oh no! How could this be happening! Surely it's not our fault! They are simply demons!"
They hate their creations when they should actually be hating themselves. What's almost as horrific is humans selectively breeding animals that are essentially born to suffer, like pugs or teacup dogs, but the excuses are never-ending with them

No. 1268861

What am I supposed to be reading again or “comprehending” then? You’re such a goofy ass autist kek

No. 1268863

She's literally right, but you hate to hear it because you think men's ego can never be wrong

No. 1268864

Kek are you someone who sees a person criticize pit bulls and takes it personally on their behalf? They’re a breed that’s designed to be aggressive, to want to fight, to want to kill, and to be good at it. That’s all there is to it. Of course the dog wanted to maul the toddler it just mauled. That’s how animals work.

No. 1268866

The people breeding pit bulls are not the people criticizing their behavior and existence.

No. 1268867

NTA but are you a dog hate sperg? Were you a pitbull in a past life? Imagine purporting to know what an animal "wants"

No. 1268871

And yet, the humans criticizing their existence never fail to get triggered whenever they're reminded it's human's fault and pit bulls didn't just appear from the void kek

No. 1268872

nta you’re talking to but I don’t think the dog even if it mauls a child is being evil, it’s just doing what it was bred to do, and that consequence is killing human beings. the evil are the humans who keep breeding them and owning them in safe areas and letting them loose

No. 1268881

>the evil are the humans who keep breeding them and owning them in safe areas and letting them loose
This. It could easily be stopped if breeders were went after more fiercely and other stringent measures were employed that focused on human responsibility above all, but some people would rather shit up the internet with unhinged, 1500-page essays about "shitbulls" and magical thinking about muh evil animals than focus on the real problem. I feel like with those types, it's not even about the harm caused to humans and dogs in general. They don't seem compassionate in the least, they find stories of people being mauled (even non pit owners) funny. They just want at least one kind of dog that it's socially acceptable to write abuse fantasies about, it disgusts me

No. 1268883

If I acknowledge an animal’s DNA and instinct to bite I am ‘one of those pitfags who take everything personally’, if you acknowledge the same animal’s DNA and instinct to bite you’re kek le epic based because ??? Don’t be willfully obtuse, of course a dog bites because in his dog brain it makes sense to bite in response to stimuli, that doesn’t make them evil in the same way being mauled doesn’t make the toddler stupid for being there. Humans should stop both acting like pits are incapable of harm AND demonizing them, too.

Nobody would be upset at a tiger for ripping off the circus’ leader’s leg, but when a pit bull is let lose and without a muzzle and charges against a cat everyone asks for the dog’s head on a stick to be paraded around the neighborhood. It’s fucking stupid. It’s the fault of whoever brought them into existence (and whoever chose to keep them without any precautions).

No. 1268884

File: 1658274448699.jpg (27.24 KB, 480x367, 4f1c2a8f40bbc5896939cf44711e39…)

I agree, but I mostly feel this way about pugs too. We bred pugs to have those awful smushy
faces and as a result they have such a horrible quality of life. And the worst part is, we did this to them so they would be "cute" but they were cute dogs before. Every time we domesticated an animal, we do something to hurt it (dogs, cats, pigeons). I've heard some breeders are trying to bring them back to how they used to be.

No. 1268888

Shit tier
Shit tier
Based if you go on the right trails, stuff like waterfall hiking is great.

No. 1268891

don’t get me wrong I agree with you but pitbulls are still filthy shitbulls kek

No. 1268893

Damn, we really don’t deserve dogs. Pugs melting of happiness whenever they see their family but not being able to run and jump around to express it without suffocating to death because that very same family paid for it to have no snout, legs of proper eye sockets. And humans have the gall to think it’s the dog’s fault that they’re all fucked up.

No. 1268894

Sure, as long as we agree humans are disgusting hairless apes shitting up this whole planet

No. 1268895

File: 1658274870691.jpeg (20.27 KB, 206x245, E4BEF493-3224-4AE8-889F-4E46C5…)

Right, and you’re just the disgusting hairy ape who figured out how to post their edgy take on imageboards, right nonnie?

No. 1268898

Why is humans taking responsibility for what they do to be considered "edgy", but seething about the breeds of other animals they created doing what they were created to do not edgy?

No. 1268900

Never disagreed with you, you need to realize you’re also among the shitapes who dwell this earth and rape it of all its resources, and that at the end of the day we are all going to face the fiery judgement of our lord, Jesus Christ.

No. 1268901

Nta, but do you think anon doesn't realize she's also a person? Wtf are you talking about? Saying that people fucked up a lot of this earth doesn't mean you don't realize you're also a human

No. 1268902

That’s pretty much what I just said…

No. 1268905

Who said I'm not among humankind? Am I supposed to be blind and narcissistic and never take issue with anything just because I'm one of them, as well? Pretty sure Jesus spoke against that (and would actually support speaking out against human's own ills and/or trying to fight against them) but we won't know until judgment day

No. 1268907

this video is pretty funny as a meme but it feels so cozy because it reminds me of that time during youtube where everyone used to do cringey dramatic shit like this.

No. 1268910

the women in this video are amazing

No. 1268918

Vacuum cleaners are actually kind of relaxing to listen to. I can't explain it

No. 1268924

i feel this way about dishwashing machines, fell asleep in my living room before while it was going

No. 1268939

Reminds me of Paint who I used to love dearly kek https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v9yS1muZPW4

No. 1268966

File: 1658279416896.jpeg (71.02 KB, 500x737, 3B168E83-6729-4272-AC56-6DFF97…)

Big agree. Opinions on PED’s aside I will always admire extreme muscle women

No. 1269023

My washing machine has such delightful swishy water sounds and hums. I love falling asleep to the sound of it. Drowns out my tinnitus as well, which is awesome. I love my dishwasher.

No. 1269079

Animal Crossing is overrated and boring

No. 1269092

File: 1658289366946.jpg (314.69 KB, 1119x1403, pm8lgjrbefa41.jpg)

not really, steroids freaks(male and female) seem disgusting to look at, naturally fit female athletes look way better and healthier

No. 1269095

Nta and you're right but that crotch seam is giving me secondhand discomfort

No. 1269110

That’s what makes it an unpopular opinion nonny. I think the majority of the population are turned off by muscular women, even like your pic, and it’s especially so for super lean, roided out or seemingly roided out women

No. 1269148

Men fetishize muscular women now more than ever. Just goes to show how malleable male mind is. Men will suddenly find previously “deemed unattractive by other men” qualities sexy if they just get meme’d enough. Bunch of lemmings.

No. 1269201

Miss Anthropocene is my favorite Grimes album

No. 1269221

Same. Art Angels has bops but it's a bit too hyper and anything before that was too unpolished. Miss Anthropocene has better production, better vocals and more mature music/aesthetic.

No. 1269294

I’m honestly surprised this isn’t a more popular opinion. Wish Grimes would drop the electropop stuff and do something like MA again. Peak album, imo (except for Art Angels, maybe.)

No. 1269520

File: 1658322972851.jpg (44.43 KB, 670x670, 1589492695818.jpg)

This was not posted by tiny clawy paws.

No. 1269754

Any man who wears socks with sandals is a colossal faggot.

No. 1269762

what about women?

No. 1269890

I don't see what's wrong with being over 25 or 30. I'm 19 and I've always been told I act older than I am, and I prefer it that way. I think people older than me are more intelligent, attractive, knowledgeable, mature and overall I prefer their company way more to people under 20. I don't care if people's faces show signs of aging.

No. 1269990

My unpopular opinion is that people talking about specific bad things and blaming it on "humans being a horrible species" (usually seen with environmentalist mysantropes) is often cringe. We're not a hive mind and illegal hunters/oil tycoons/whatever aren't even 1% of the population, you're not as smart as you think.
Talking about actual general psychological/behavioural/philosofical issues is different thought. I still find it a bit cringe but at least it makes sense

No. 1270078

I agree.

No. 1270135

Depends on their age tbh

No. 1270235

This is how I feel about eating outside at restaurants.

Going to a restaurant in a group and the host is all "Would you like to sit outside or inside" and everyones like "LETS GO OUTSIDE!!"
And then you have flies buzzing around, eating the crumbs on the ground and flying around your heads, and your table is the ONE wobbly table that tilts when you put pressure on it, and there are cars driving by and people walking around, and you get a weird waft of trash-stench from across the street, and it's just UGH

No. 1270375

Agreed, it's really edgy sometimes too

No. 1270449

trannies are overwhelmingly autistic because autists want to be babied like children and scrotes think people baby women for everything.

No. 1270489

I think that’s how most women feel about it, the problem is that women are treated like we’re worthless once we’re over 25

No. 1270529

Shit, I'm sexy at any age. I can't wait to be 60. We're all going to be hot spicy bitches at 60. Ima swing my titties around idegaf

No. 1270534

Yep esp the ones after wild world. Gamecube was the best version as there was nothing else to do back in the day.

No. 1270541

File: 1658367543122.jpeg (49.7 KB, 500x403, 2D0F0EFC-871B-4A8E-92C9-A890EA…)

Based. Can’t wait to make scrotes uncomfortable just by being old in their field of view.

No. 1270601

Kek absolutely. Worked with a middle aged fuck when I was in my early 20s who tried to get me to be his plaything and bashed my literally 67 year old coworker for no reason, saying that there's "nothing to look at" about her. Yeah bro she's totally here at work to appeal to your tastes and not just a human trying to earn money and pass time. I'm sure her and her husband care A LOT kek

No. 1270603

The fact that being over 25, or over 30, is seen as old is so damn sad to me. If you take care of your health + appearance you can easily be “in your prime” until your mid-40’s. It’s so depressing to think that health and happiness have this insanely early expiration date in so many people’s mind.

No. 1270611

based af post

No. 1270613

>If you take care of your health + appearance you can easily be “in your prime” until your mid-40’s
this, you can literally glow up at any age

No. 1270765

File: 1658378936951.jpeg (276.03 KB, 1080x720, 24D8B92F-041F-43BA-8136-6B9E5E…)

Men wearing nail polish looks so ugly. I didn’t like it years ago when it was alt guys wearing black nail polish, and I hate it now that it’s any guy wearing whatever color. A literal 10/10 Chad can be reduced to a 0 for me if his nails are polished. Few things appearance wise can single handedly turn me off to someone, but this does. I’m not even wholly against men doing things style wise that are considered more feminine, but whyyyy the nails.

No. 1270777

Kek it’s only seen as old to teenagers. Get a grip.

No. 1270792

It's seen as old by a lot of men who are the same age as well

No. 1270795

Bad bunny the only man in this pic who pulls it off

No. 1270796

No. 1270809

I love shien and I will forever stan

No. 1270913

Ok satan

No. 1270915

Amazon sales the same shit as shein just at a higher price. You tryna tell me they get their products from different sources?

No. 1270926

These type of men should be avoided like plague and opinions discarded so..

No. 1270929

The majority of them think like this though.

No. 1270945

it only fits men with delicate hands, and most men have caveman hands.
imo for men wearing female fashion:
chokers > nail polish > crop tops are the good ones.
dresses and skirts are the bad ones. literally no man can pull it off

No. 1270954

File: 1658396701522.jpg (5.84 KB, 183x275, images.jpg)

men can sometimes pull skirts off if it's something really well taillored and not casual imo

No. 1271015


No. 1271027

Uhh, nobody wants to hate pitbulls, people aren't just randomly dog racist, people hate them because of the damage they do. When they snap it's devastating compared to any other dog breed and they make up the majority of bite statistics and fatalities. It's also strange and dangerous how there is a pitbull lobby that pushes a false narrative about the dangers of pitbulls and even petitions for maneating dogs to not be euthanized

No. 1271045

You really haven't seen shit or been around pitbull spergs (hell, "anti-dog" freaks in general) to be making this claim kek. They've literally come here to spam gore and batshit insane screeds about hating an animal, I'm almost glad you haven't seen it anon

No. 1271052

Well to hell with them. If you ever want to truly free yourself, you should ignore what moids think.

No. 1271081

I'm just saying don't afr like it's just teens who think over 25 is old lol

No. 1271090

No. 1271118


No. 1271122

Newfag or one of the pieces of shit in question seething that we remember. Go fuck yourself 1000x if the latter.

No. 1271138

Imagine being so obsessed with shitty aggressive dogs that kill children, adults and other people's beloved pets that you think everytime some deranged scrote posts gore here, it must be someone who doesn't like your precious shitbull abominations.

No. 1271143

Keep attempting to gaslight after spamming dog/child gore, talking about wanting to kill dogs and feed them to cats and samefagging to try and get anyone who isn't as sick as you banned. I wish all sadists a very nice die

No. 1271156

men only paint their nails to pretend a woman is jerking them off when they jack off anyway

No. 1271163

Unironically take your meds, I have no idea wtf you're talking about, none of that happened in the designated threads. If you hate sadists, then why are you defending them and the breeds they love the most?

No. 1271167

Source…? Are you a moid doing this?

No. 1271168

File: 1658413591286.png (64.64 KB, 1128x310, 1634051586265.png)

You're either a complete newfag, or you're so shit at lying that you pray everyone around you must be dumb and new. Everything I'm saying has literally been screencapped, posted and discussed in /meta/, the copypasta threads, other /ot/ threads, etc multiple times. Anons literally found the most autistic one's Reddit account because he typed the same way across multiple sites, and he posted misogynistic bullshit. He was repeatedly cheered on and called "based" by multiple posters in that thread, even after the reveal.
To recap: You don't give a flying fuck about any woman, child or beloved pet being harmed. I'd say seek help, but you should honestly just disappear, you and anyone else who tries to cape for this morbid shit. It's not even about being pro-pitbull or anti-pitbull, it's deranged "people" using the whole subject as a smokescreen to try and pressure everyone to accept their twisted, not-so-hidden desires. Not going to fall for the poor tries at manipulation. Those of us who actually care about the harm pitbulls do certainly don't act like you roach-brained fucks, neither do we defend them, and I'm not letting it be hidden under the banner anymore

No. 1271173

Tbh I really like it. Not sure why but I really like black or dark polish on men. I think I never grew out of my teen emo phase taste in guys. It just looks sexy to me, of course the guy has to have a certain look to him that suits it.

No. 1271177

I've been on here since the beginning and sorry I'm not a redditor. I'm judging by what I see in these threads like you implied, where none of what you mentioned happened (cat eating dogs? lmao) not some random shit being said on reddit. Istg you diehard dogspergs are insufferable, the rest of your post is just braindead projection, it's you who doesn't care about the well being of others and takes more offense on someone venting about their experience with your shitty pits than the damaged person or animals in question. It actually reminds me a lot of boymoms kek.

No. 1271189

File: 1658414423561.png (94.33 KB, 1791x863, jihu.png)

Keep digging, moron. Anyone who's been here from the start of the year (at the very least) has seen this shit, and it's not "just Reddit and projection!!!". The way you lie reminds me of trannies self-victimizing and insisting it's TERFs pushing gender norms.

No. 1271195

The only time eating outside at a restaurant is ever not shit is if it's on a rooftop or balcony, street level outdoor eating at a restaurant is objectively worse and less fun than eating cereal alone at home

No. 1271196

Well beats me, I have the dog love thread hidden because I think it's cringe. But it seems like that's literally just one person almost a year ago, and there are many people who simply don't like your shitbulls and have terrible experiences with them - whether you like it or not. Also kek at your "no u", that doesn't work out at all.

No. 1271197

Samefagging to add that the post about killing dogs and feeding them to his cat for dinner was posted in the dog love thread, along with the gore spam. If you have the two required brain cells to know how to use a free VPN, you'll occasionally see the permaban message and the exact post pop up
>t-take your meds
I'm not the one unironically trying to defend animal abuse lovers and scrotes, I'm just calling it out

No. 1271204

You are defending pitbulls and their usually awful and fatal behaviour while rage typing over a gore spamming moid from a year ago, claiming everyone who dislikes violent animals must be said spammer from a year ago.

No. 1271211

>Well beats me
Because you joined over the summer and tried to make shit up. Good job, retard. And yeah, sure, the dog hate anons calling him "based" totally weren't a thing. You totally can't open that same /meta/ thread to see handmaidens WKing him, and the last few copypasta/lolcow cap threads with dog hate posters defending his rants. I won't spoonfeed you anymore since you've already been proven wrong on multiple counts, just know that you're fucking nasty
>Also kek at your "no u", that doesn't work out at all.
You literally tried to accuse me of projecting because I said freaks posting animal torture fantasies aren't the same as people who don't support the harm caused by pitbulls. You're pathetic as fuck, and still addicted to calling people who don't try to cover that shit up "pitbullfags"

Where am I defending pitbulls? Nowhere. You tried to lie, you failed, eat shit.

No. 1271218

NTA If you aren't a newfag please list at least five notable events that happened on LC in this year and early December last year. Dog gore scrote didn't just post in the dog love thread

No. 1271241

Do you stop reading in the middle of the sentence just because it's convenient for you? Also pretty sure they called him based because of a post in the hate thread where he called out how filthy dogs are and how deranged dog owners are, not because he spammed dog gore or some shit like feeding dogs to cats. Also, again it was one person from a year ago, not everyone who dislikes your shitty pits. At this point I'm talking to a wall, but yes your poor poor pits have it so much worse than the cats, dogs and humans they maul, but actually it's the people who are angry and afraid about the mauling who are the psychos and not the ones who viciously defend mauling because their precious shitty dog breed does it. Delusional.

>this year
>implying that's not being a newfag
Admin leaving/the kofi donations/her last townhall with her being tsundere, Elaine's thread getting pinned before she left, Kaitlyn tiffany, Bunker threads/ot getting the posting error, creation of movienights and draw threads as result of the bunker threads.
Now you name 5 of the first most popular cows on lolcow.

No. 1271246

>Do you stop reading in the middle of the sentence just because it's convenient for you?
I read your whole posts, I'm not about to greentext every line of stupidity just because you can't keep up. Do you read at all? Because I'm waiting for you to find one line of me defending pitbulls, just one. Instead, you're shouting "your shitty pits!! your poor pits!!" over something as basic as not defending animal abuse scrotes. Imagine being so morally bankrupt that your only go-to is persistent dishonesty
>Also pretty sure they called him based because of a post in the hate thread where he called out how filthy dogs are and how deranged dog owners are, not because he spammed dog gore or some shit like feeding dogs to cats.
"Pretty sure", lmao you didn't even know about this until I posted screenshots, and you're still trying to damage control with BS. They were calling him based in the midst of his Reddit account and anti-woman posts getting exposed, and it continued thereafter until anons called them out so much that they were forced to stop.
>It was just one scrote!!!
And you've been chimping out at me for how many posts trying to claim it never happened, if it did it doesn't count, if it does it's fake, and DARVO'ing because everyone who doesn't ass-lick the legendary scrote must own pitbulls and want them to maim animals and children (but it's okay to want to do those things in the first place as long as they hide behind being against pitbull dislike), etc? You're the definition of delusional, or worse. You want to browbeat people into being delusional so you never have to practice the slightest bit of criticism for the pieces of shit you willingly surround yourself with. Again, it's tranny-tier. Get the fuck off this site, and never own any animals or have children

No. 1271272

Not reading all that lul, point is that you claim everyone who complains about pits is one gore spamming moid from 9 months ago, therefore I suggest you to take your meds.

No. 1271274

Yup, you don't read, like I said. The point is you need to sit back and stop attacking people for not defending animal abusers, and get hospitalized (because meds are clearly not enough for what's going on in your head).

No. 1271275

>camping in the thread to reply minutes later
M E D S, sorry no one likes your shitty biting dogs

No. 1271280

>having a tab open
Keep projecting, please find a hospital. I know your attention span is too short to finish a sentence, but it's fun watching you dodge this: Where did I defend pitbulls? Are these pitbull owners in the room with us now?

No. 1271290

File: 1658420132320.jpg (62.79 KB, 640x400, white_cat_and_dog.jpg)

Unpopular opinion: People who fight over whether cats or dogs are better are dumb. Both are good pets.
Hamsters are very cute, but probably not a good pet, especially for a child, because they seem very delicate

No. 1271302

Because you assume everyone who complains about them is a gore posting scrote from 9 months ago in your initial post, which is what I called bullshit on and because you call people freaks for not liking your violent abomination mauling their pets.

No. 1271303

Best rodent pet is a rat imo, they're bigger and they actually enjoy cuddling. Hamsters are very sweet but mostly won't dig being handled. I wonder how they ended up being so popular as a pet despite this

No. 1271310

Where did I assume shit about "everyone"? Reread my posts, especially the original one you sperged at, and get back to me. I don't know if you're incapable of nuance or what. You've posted so much nonsense already that nothing you say is worth taking at face value kek. Also still waiting to see where I defended pitbulls, quote me directly or take a screenshot. The voices in your head don't count

No. 1271314

>pitbull spergs (hell, "anti-dog" freaks in general) […] literally come here to spam gore and batshit insane screeds about hating an animal
>actually, it's one moid from 9 months ago who did this and you must be that one moid because you disagree with me
Talk about hearing voices lmao.

No. 1271319

Are you an anti-dog freak? Are you a pitbull sperg? Then yes, my post is about you.
Sane people who personally don't like being around dogs, and people who recognize that pitbull breeding is wrong (like me and every other person with an IQ above room temperature in this thread) are not included in that. I've said that multiple times, though you said you weren't reading so maybe I expected too much.
You told on yourself by losing your shit. Sorry about your brain disease ♥

No. 1271322

Nta but imagine getting this mad over the ugliest dog breed on earth that almost always prefers to maul women and children

Inb4 keep it in the dog hate thread, this bitch started sperging here so I will gladly join

No. 1271323

>anti-dog freak?
>pitbull sperg?
Oh, now it's singular? You know, it's not the end of the world to simply correct yourself instead of pulling this cringy shit.

No. 1271326

I'm not mad about pitbulls, I'm mad about animal torture fetishisists pretending it's about pitbulls. Actually, let me link you what I said here that started this autistic meltdown: >>1268881
Literally saying it's bad to want to abuse animals, regardless of how you feel about pitbull breeding/propagation = Defending pitbulls to pitbull spergs. You must be the pitbulls of the human race.

Damn, you really can't read. I asked if you are one of them, unless you're telling me you have multiple personalities I must address now. I'm guessing the answer is yes, you are. Get help.

No. 1271328

You're right, I don't understand so clarify for me. Was it "pitbull spergs" and "anti dog freaks" posting gore etc like you originally said, which I called bullshit on, or was it one moid from 9 months ago?

No. 1271330

>Was it "pitbull spergs" and "anti dog freaks" posting gore etc like you originally said,
Yes. And if you're about to claim I said pitbull spergs and anti-dog freaks are a Lolcow-only phenomenon instead of a community that occasionally even come here to shit up the place (your "muh one moid" is a pathetic excuse when others were egging him on and supporting him, as I've said before and you've tried to dodge - like how you can't find me defending pitbulls), you need to take that up with your voices again lol

No. 1271338

Yay it's another lolcow /ot/ slap fight.

anyone who defends pitbulls deserves the rope at this point

No. 1271339

Daily reminder that pitfags buy or "adopt" small animals (usually kittens via free kittens ads), to gleefully feed to their roastbeef-mouthed shitmutts. Some even breed small animals for that purpose.

No. 1271344

Daily reminder that zoosadist scrotes populate most "anti-dog" and "shitbull" communities because it's an easy place to feel welcome. Some of KeroTheWolf's defenders were literal furries who happened to casually post in "dog hate" groups, buying/selling videos of dogs being abused and raped for money.

No. 1271347

Moids on reddit selling videos of dogs doesn't mean "most" anti shitbull communities are full of zoosadists retard. Most shitbull hate groups don't have videos of them dying anyway. You may be retarded. Daily reminder.

No. 1271349

I dislike racist "shitbull" spergs and pibble defenders both, almost as much as I dislike pitbulls
It's a breed that shouldn't exist but sadly does

No. 1271350

Was it pitbullspergS and anti dog freakS who spammed gore etc or was it one moid?

No. 1271351


ok but pitbulls are still a menace to society. Booth zoofags and pits should stop existing

No. 1271354

>"It's not all of us, swear!!!"
You absolutely love defending scrotes and trying to minimize their disgusting presence. This is why everyone who's not literally insane hates you, on top of making them look crazy when they raise valid concerns about pitbulls.

No. 1271355

Still doesn't change that shitbulls are the worst and most harmful.

No. 1271356

Do you have a problem with reading comprehension? Honest question kek

No. 1271357

Answer the question, was it one moid who posted gore etc or not?

No. 1271361

I already answered, read here. Please try not to switch personalities and take all medication first: >>1271330

No. 1271362

Daily reminder that a lot of pitfags are zoosadists, both towards the shitbulls they own and the animals they feed to the shitbulls. You may want to see what they think about cats or rabbits, there are some lovely communities with videos and juicy commentary. The fact that primary shitbull audience is mostly small dick moids doesn't even need to be mentioned.


No. 1271363

>raise valid concerns about pitbulls.
Uh oh, pitbull sperg detected, please don't spam gore now

No. 1271366

Trying to "no u" and failing so hard, lmao

No. 1271367

Notice that simply pointing out that these unhinged groups host this kind of human waste is immediately met with excuses and attempts to deflect. A normal person says "Yup, those people are fucking garbage and should be stoned to death". Their immediate reaction is to take this as a defense of pitbulls, because in their world, you either think zoosadists are okay or you want pitbulls to fill the planet

No. 1271368

You didn't answer the question, you brought up some strawmen of what you think I might say and then claimed other posters were supporting him.
But you didn't answer my question, which is, did that one moid spam the gore etc. or not? Yes or no?

No. 1271372

Saying "If your claim is x" isn't a strawman. Start again, from the beginning of the post. You can make it if you try, I can't hand-hold you for life.

No. 1271373

Honest question, are you underage?

No. 1271375


Are you actually autistic or something? It's possible to hate zoofags and animal abusers AND pitbulls. What's with some of y'all and these pathetic "arguments" that actually prove nothing

No. 1271377

I'm not the one pitching a fit because no one likes "shitbull" spergs and moids

No. 1271378

>A normal person says "Yup, those people are fucking garbage and should be stoned to death".

I dont have a dog in this fight kek but is that what you think normal people say, anon?

No. 1271380

Was it one moid from 9 months ago who posted gore etc or was it several anons?

No. 1271381

She wasn't doing that, though, she was insisting "most" aren't and getting angry. One anon actually was doing what you're saying is possible, and she didn't get any negative reply. Stop defending scrotes if you don't want people to criticize you for it, it doesn't mean they love pitbulls.

No. 1271382

People who get off on torturing animals generally aren't respected in any decent society.

No. 1271384

No, instead you're pitching a fit because people dare to voice their dislike of pitbulls and try to claim they are gore spammers because it fits your narrative.

No. 1271385

I've shown you the answer, anon. What are you missing? Be specific

No. 1271386

So pitbull owners? kek

No. 1271388

I've noticed a lot of scrotes that hate pitbulls use it as a stand in for black people. /an/ 4chan moids even call them nigbulls

No. 1271389

And people who support any kind of animal abuse. What's not clicking?

No. 1271391

Can someone explain why hating shitbulls is racist btw? Is it because they think shitbulls are a poc thing, or is it the concave brained "doggy racism" argument?

No. 1271392

You sound like a full-blown schizo.

No. 1271393

You didn't answer the question, you brought up some strawmen of what you think I might say and then claimed other posters were supporting him.
But you didn't answer my question, which is: Was it one moid from 9 months ago who posted gore etc or was it several anons?

No. 1271395

How so?

No. 1271396


Ok ur retarded. Not sure where you're getting "defending moids" from people saying that pitbulls are a shitty breed of dog made to be aggressive and dangerous and people saying zoofags should burn but okay sure. Call me the moid defense squad.

No. 1271397

see >>1271372 and >>1271330
Hope this helps

No. 1271400

It's been a /pol/ meme for a long time to bring up pitbulls as "dogwhistles" (kek) for black people. It really doesn't surprise me, considering the kind of person "shitbull" autism attracts.

No. 1271401

They're scrotebulls, if anything. Most shitbull loving wursties are literally projecting their own "masculinity" on those dogs and always make sure to keep them intact lmfao. The new truck nuts.

No. 1271402


Probably the association they have with ghetto black people who use them as "protection". White trash does it too, but they're moids so they aren't capable of doing anything other than shitting on people who don't look like them lmao

No. 1271403

You are whiteknighting animals who are abusing other animals and attack people who dislike them, calling them spergs and freaks.

No. 1271404

My unpopupar opinion is that the pitfags should take their arguments to reddit or somewhere else and stop being moralizing little bitches because its boring and highlights the extreme levels of illiteracy and retardation on this imageboard.

No. 1271406

>reddit spacing
>"Ok ur retarded"
Please go back

No. 1271407

How am I whiteknighting? Because I pointed out that people who obsess over animal hate are mentally ill and sadistic? Sorry, but it's the truth. No one's a "pitfag" for saying it.

No. 1271410

So you are avoiding answering the actual question because admitting you were wrong is too hard. Sorry I didn't know I was arguing with a bpdfag but I should have known from the cringy passive-aggressive writing style. My bad.

No. 1271411

Do you even know what reddit spacing is?
It's a reach. Degenerate insecure scrotes and handmaidens of all races just love their fuckin pitbulls. Something about feeling the need to prove their masculinity or how much of a "cool girl" they are.

No. 1271412

So local moid pretends standard moidry is actually about race, business as usual. Forever kek at polyps whose main argument against black people is "rape ape! They kill their wives!"

No. 1271413

kek, soon you'll have used up all I-have-no-argument responses itt.

No. 1271417

I don't think this is an unpopular opinion kek.

No. 1271419

What am I avoiding? I clearly answered the question, but the answer makes you mald for some reason.
>BPD accusations
You've spent quite some time raging and accusing me of owning pitbulls, defending them and copy-pasting your own posts all because I said gore-spamming scrotes are a bad thing. If I'm a bpdfag, you must be hyper-borderline. The projection with the "my bad" after complaining about passive aggression is crazy too, I hope you can recover

No. 1271425

Isn't Reddit the stronghold for "shitbull" spergs? You can go to war with your pitfriends there, no one to moralize you when the whole site is run by predator scrotes who banned the word "groomer"

No. 1271431

You're ruining this board with your retarded infighting and everyone outside this pitfag argument agrees.

No. 1271437

I literally said "you can go to war with your pitfriends there". As in, take your sperging about pro-pibble vs anti-pibble back where it came from because it's been established that it's a Reddit problem. Pointing out that it is and that males are degenerate isn't pitfagging, no matter how much you want it to be.
Everyone agrees with >>1271349

No. 1271441

Black hair with natural blonde hair (like mousy) outgrowth looks cute. Depends on how maintained it is and how bold the person's style is but I recently saw vidrel and it's making me wish I had natural blonde hair lol, never bleaching my hair again though.

No. 1271447

>I said gore-spamming scrotes are a bad thing
Aha, so it was the one scrote after all and not pitbullspergs and antidogfreaks spamming gore like you said. Wew, was it that hard?

No. 1271450

That reads "gore spamming scrotes", did you forget what plural words are?
>j-just one scrote
The scrote who was being supported and called "based" by allegedly female anons even after he was exposed? Also, do you truly think only one man on the internet spams gore or is an anti-dog freak? That's extremely delusional if so

No. 1271452

>never bleaching my hair again though.
Based, bleaching is a fucking meme. I always think natural blond is a bit overrated until I see a really striking person who has it, kek

No. 1271463

Oh, so there were more scrotes posting "spamming dog/child gore, talking about wanting to kill dogs and feed them to cats and samefagging" than that one 9 months ago?

No. 1271465

Those skin care routines with all these steps don't work. The only reason people with those routines have nice skin is because they are spending thousands on botox, pills and other procedures. All you really need is a basis face wash and a basic moisturizer. All that extra shit will just make your skin worse.

No. 1271469

Wow, so you're finally admitting I wasn't strawmanning in the second sentence of this: >>1271330
I really appreciate it, we're making progress. By the way, why can't you answer the question? In your opinion, is there only one mentally ill, dog-hating man on the whole internet? Only one that knows about LC, in fact?

No. 1271473

File: 1658428374929.jpg (76.32 KB, 400x500, annehathaway.jpg)

Anne Hathaway is beautiful. It never made sense to me when people would criticize her looks or her smile, it seemed like such a reach

No. 1271475

I always thought she was really beautiful too, other people say she has an annoying theater kid personality so that might play into why people don’t like her.

No. 1271480

I'm honestly kind of tired of the "all you need" thing people like to do with skincare. One of the most important parts of caring for your skin is realizing that not everyone's skin is the same.

No. 1271483

When people use kajal, pencil eyeliner for looks that require liquid or gel and they act like there couldn't possibly be a rational reason why their makeup looks like an oily mess. Their loud stupidity makes me embarrassed, it's always troons who do this too, women at least know to just fucking Google that shit beforehand and know a pencil might be slipping around because oils.

No. 1271485

Disagree. Everyone's skin is different, the basic things that work for you might break another person out or make their skin extremely dry

No. 1271486

I honestly do not understand why a (pretty reasonable, imo) post about dogs from two days ago is still causing all this fighting

No. 1271488

because the one who posted it is unfortunately a massive dogsperg who doesn't know when to stop kek

No. 1271491

I don't think anyone in this fight knows how to stop

No. 1271493

I love a scrote who isn't afraid to say cringey disgusting over the top vulgar shit in the heat of the moment. Years ago this one guy would text me the most insane shit to the point where I was like "how did he come up with this" and I still play the texts over in my mind sometimes. When it comes to dirty talk most men either have a stick up their ass or just say degrading insulting shit

No. 1271496

Yeah but this one is special, because I think it's the same one who brought up a similar post in the dog hate thread while calling pits cute and then also derailing until she got banned.

No. 1271499

Ayrt, bleached hair always looks so gross. I have naturally black hair, bleached two streaks to a medium brown and the frizz/split ends were unmanageable. I had to cut the front pieces to literally half the length to get all the split ends out (I wanted a more layered haircut anyway, thank god I only bleached the front bits kek). I'm growing them out to this day, they're weirdly wavy even though they don't feel damaged. And I only bleached them 3-4 levels lighter than my own hair. Never bleach your hair kek, it's not worth it.

No. 1271512

Use your imagination nona I am not giving out free sexting advice for the scrotes that lurk here

No. 1271516

The anti pitbull sperg misunderstood the post and shat her pants, and she'll continue to do so and insist everyone is another anon she fought with and must be defending pitbulls because they felt attacked for reasons only they know kek.
I think everyone who's mentally sane can agree that pitbull breeders should be punished and that pitbulls should not exist, and also that animal hate/abuse weirdos who virtue signal but just want a free pass to be disgusting are a blight on the earth. Not sure why it would be a fight for anyone (besides the animal hate/abuse weirdos themselves, they just hate being exposed)

No. 1271521

I like cheap, rougher, single ply toilet paper. I feel like the luxury stuff absolutely shreds and leaves fibers all over my labia and really grosses me out. If I use the soft fluffy stuff it will leave bits on me that will work their way to my clit hood and it hurts. Idk if it is my body, my skin/pube texture, the weather, the little fibers are just awful and i would rather use cardboard. I also keep wipes in my bathroom.

No. 1271525

File: 1658431574041.jpeg (115.96 KB, 963x1390, D273374B-54DF-4739-A42F-F67BF2…)


>I heard ye like when I text ye what I’m about to do to yer knickers so I’ll describe how I’m going to fill them with finnikywhoppers and make it wetter than a hillshire pond and more rancid than the frogs o’er there tew. I’ll shove me bloody cock in yer face and you’ll have no choice but to suckle the bollocks off and get me rocks off

No. 1271526

I'm not sure if you're aware but there are several people replying to you, and probably not some random scrote from months ago.

No. 1271529

File: 1658431957380.png (291.14 KB, 800x583, 1644830184592.png)

like this?

No. 1271531

idc what anyone says I love this fucking website

No. 1271537

the conspiranonnies getting themselves into a tizzy about AI being demonic because AI-generated images look creepy are being silly. those image generators are just computer programs that glom similar images together based on some weird mathematical rules; they're not a malevolent, omnipotent force intent on destroying society. the creepiest part of 'creepy' software is the moids who wrote it, not the software itself.

No. 1271543

>“The smallest things give me a great cockstand—a whorish movement of your mouth, a little brown stain on the seat of your white drawers, a sudden dirty word spluttered out by your wet lips, a sudden immodest noise made by you behind and then a bad smell slowly curling up out of your backside.”
-James Joyce

No. 1271549

I think AI is fun when it's used for art and not for porn or degeneracy

No. 1271554

Yeah can you tell yourself this >>1271496 real quick kek

No. 1271556

It's "demonic" in the same way all technology is, honestly. If you know the line, you'll be fine

No. 1271558

Sometimes I wonder if other famous authors had weird fetishes like scat, and their loved ones just (kindly) destroyed all the evidence for their dignity

No. 1271559

It's really annoying when random anons start flinging shit and being aggressive over nothing, then double down even after being proven wrong.

No. 1271565

Agreed, I'm more worried about how people will misuse AI than I am about its existence in itself

No. 1271571

Humans create technology so they can destroy it, the irony in it all

No. 1271581

Agreed, except on the single ply part.

No. 1271584

I think most non-sperg users have the dog hate thread hidden ever since the scrote issue, I certainly do. It just makes me cringe now

No. 1271592

>non-sperg users
Exactly, so certainly not the one itt.

No. 1271597

I think you're the sperg, honestly. You've been at this for how long when the original point wasn't even incorrect, and now you're tinfoiling, kek.

No. 1271599

this is my third post itt, but sure whatever, just stop it already

No. 1271601

File: 1658436219915.png (661.07 KB, 1000x893, 99fc7e5974c725eaad4788b914b5b9…)

The Sims 2 is uglier than TS3, and TS3 doesn't deserve it's reputation as the ugly sister of the sims games. Also, when people say TS3 looks ugly I think they really mean it just looks realistic because TS4 is extremely cartoony.

No. 1271603

Cool, then we can all let it go. Such a dumb fight.

No. 1271604

File: 1658436351053.png (462.75 KB, 973x477, bella.png)

No. 1271608

The Sims 2 is much prettier. The Sims 3 just looks lumpy and bloblike to me, not realistic at all

No. 1271618

TS2 > TS3 > TS4 > TS, if it's just about looks. If it's about gameplay, switch TS4 and TS lol.

No. 1271619

File: 1658436688304.jpg (190.35 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

>not realistic at all
In comparison to the Sims 4, can you really deny that it's more realistic? I feel like there's more texture in Sims 3.

No. 1271622

I agree Sims 4 isn't realistic, either, but at least the more "cartoony" style is easier on the eyes. Also, I use CC with TS4 anyway kek. TS3 was just so visually offensive to me that I didn't bother

No. 1271638

Unless bleach is part of getting to a fun, danger hair color.

I also have black hair and I've bleached it quite a few times. The one time I did get to blonde I ended up covering it up with green and blue lmao

No. 1271640


I liked the hyper realism vibe the were going for in the sims 3, but I do prefer the Sims two overall. 4 is … Eh.

No. 1271641

File: 1658437920513.jpg (151.49 KB, 352x332, mask.jpg)

The elites are right. Most people are cattle that deserve to be ruled over.

They don't care who rules over them, or which freedoms are taken away as long as there's food on their plate and something on the TV. They would try to hammer down the nail that sticks out, be infinitely cruel to those who don't blend in in order to keep things smooth and comfortable. They would commit atrocities if the crowd supported it, and pretend to care if the rest of the crowd cared. They always want to get something out of each other, money, attention, dominance, status, and most people really don't give a shit about their families, their jobs, their hobbies, they just distract themselves and want to be seen doing the things they do, always seeking approval. They'll kick you when you're down. Parents would beat the shit out of their kid who wouldn't know how to verbalise it and then pretend nothing happened years later- they don't care, they just want to be seen as a good parent. It makes them uncomfortable when they see someone who doesn't follow social norms. They don't care about the truth, they care about what's comfortable, what gets them shelter and approval. This is about 90% of people.

No. 1271645

Always remember that people of whom you think as of a cattle, most likely think exactly the same of you.

No. 1271652

No they don't. I know plenty of people not like this, but the majority would've burned the witch if the crowd supported it, the majority would have mocked those with defects if it was culturally acceptable, the majority would let their freedoms be taken away and be like 'man…why do you care so much…just be cool…' and go on to watch their new netflix show. I think history is plenty of evidence.

No. 1271668

I used to read conspiracy theory forums, 15 odd years ago and I swear the middle aged loner men on there wrote this same thing day in and day out. You swap one way of thinking out for another. Nothing new.

No. 1271670

No. 1271672

Yeah, then a bunch of middle aged loser men were right. Lots of people who observe have noticed this, doesn't mean it's not true.

No. 1271676

I was thinking the same thing. I think for some people at a certain point it just becomes easier to believe humanity is evil than to make an effort on their own part and remain open to new experiences.

No. 1271678

I hate writing advice/authortube channels that mention "your first book will always suck ass." Gee thanks, what a way to make others feel encouraged to write~
They prop it up with "The more you write the better you'll become!" but it comes off as insincere. There are better ways to word that than "your first book will be trash" to aspiring authors. "As you begin to publish more, you'll come to see how much you've grown and learned from your first book" is a better way to convey it than completely dunking on the writer.
Tinfoily, I know, but it makes me think they're doing this shit on purpose so there are less people to be their competition.

No. 1271690

It's about accepting the fact you'll make mistakes as you learn and it's ok. Coddling and saying it's gonna be great would actually be insincere and any failure to deliver anything less than perfect this much more painful. Learning any craft you have to embrace imperfections and don't let them discourage you, rather move forward and learn more instead wasting time on polishing one singular work.

No. 1271697

Maybe this is internalized misogyny but trans men annoy me more than trans women most of the time (not counting the sex offender freaks from the trans hate threads, they aren't human). They come off like lesbians who take themselves way too seriously.

No. 1271699

I kinda agree with this only because some novelists actually get their biggest hit with their first novel and then its diminishing returns. Francoise Sagan, JD Salinger, (arguably) JK Rowling and a bunch of other people were like that. Sometimes a green inexperienced writer is more inspired than an experienced writer with shit ideas

No. 1271706

I didn't think the phrase was referring to the first published novel tbh

No. 1271711

Dunno I think the opposite is insincere. Most people aren't excellent at something at their first try, I think it'd good people are told this to avoid disappointment.

No. 1271715

I haven’t shaved my legs in 2 years and I refuse to in the future. I was wearing shorts at the store because it’s summer, and this old lady kept staring at my legs. She never said anything, but I could tell she was weirded out. Oh, well. I truly don’t care how people feel about me.

No. 1271722

Based. Honestly only older women ever look/comment on my hairy legs.

No. 1271767

I can see that but I think it depends. Bleach fucks your hair up so much, I've never seen irl dangerhair that looked nice and sleek it's always just a breaking, frizzy mess. I like colored bangs/streaks in bangs though since they're usually styled and too short to break off and be noticeable.

No. 1271779

File: 1658447040817.jpg (67.75 KB, 735x851, 3d3973a25023214d6bd6ae9f416885…)

Dogs (and animals in general) in clothing, while adorable, can border on abusive when humans go overboard about it

No. 1271788

Agreed. It’s one thing to put something on your pet for a few minutes for a silly photo or have something practical (like those booties for dogs if you’re walking them on pavement in extreme heat) but expecting an animal to wear clothing in the way a human would is just unfair

No. 1271792

I remember being bored one night and using omegle, just the chat section, I connected with a trans man and she was seriously just rude and offputting, always ready to take offense to everything I said. Diving into wordswordswords lectures.

Then we disconnected and looped around, and when I reconnected with her on the same tag I pretended to be a trans woman, playing up all the AGP stereotypes. The amount of disrespect and misogyny she just took, and uncomfortably took, was absurd. It was palpable through the chat where she struggled to articulate how inappropriate I was being.

I find it funny how trans men will accuse everyone else as being rude, bigoted and whatever, and then isolate themselves from normal society. And to top it all off, the only people they keep in their little bubble are misogynistic troons and "queer" moids that absolutely bully them and treat them like garbage.

No. 1271794

I forgot to sage and I forgot my unpopular opinion.

Bright dyed hair women are fine most of the time. Their lives are a hot mess usually but you can safely hang out with and talk to them. The true unhinged ones are bright dyed hair moids, I've never seen one that wasn't absolutely unhinged and psycho.

No. 1271826

I agree anon. Men with dyed hair of any kind are a red flag to me.

No. 1271862

Kek, I had red hair when I went on a cough syrup bender and shaved half of my hair

No. 1271867

My "friend" (we arent friends anymore) who serially cheats on her husband (neither of their parents know she's married to this guy) then tried to ruin another guys marriage and also got a bunch of random-ass tattoos on an impulse including one of an inside joke she had with a coworker she met a month prior had this hair color the last time I saw her.

No. 1271868

>bright dyed hair moids

Men definitely dye their hair for different reasons than women do, unfortunate because it could be cute, but it's nearly always signaling some weird sex thing or deviation for them, it's never just because they think it looks nice

No. 1271936

File: 1658458620732.jpg (205.06 KB, 736x884, 062702b996c4d34b00c900e5fac6a0…)

I'm anti-abortion but I think a rapist's baby is more parasite than human so pro-life laws shouldn't be applicable. Sure, it's not its fault, but it's part of the rapist's and as such part of a crime. If someone strangles another to death you don't just chop off their hands

No. 1272001

I’m not a therapist but I’m diagnosing her. BPD. Hope this helps.

No. 1272005

If a foetus is a baby then that means ALL foetuses are babies and it’s illogical to pick and choose which ones deserve to live based on the circumstances of their conception. Like “abortion is murder unless the baby will be poor, disabled etc” is fucking eugenics. Your logic is retarded. Either all abortions are ok or none of them are. And I think they’re all ok because a foetus is not a baby and even if it is nobody has the right to life at the expense of another’s bodily autonomy. If your child has organ failure you aren’t legally obliged to donate then even if it’s an organ you don’t really need, like a kidney.

No. 1272011

It's all or nothing. If you only make certain types of abortion legal, then eventually people will go after those too (but since you're pro-life I guess that's want you would want).

No. 1272016

>it’s illogical to pick and choose which ones deserve to live based on the circumstances of their conception.
NTA, and I'm pro-choice, but why?

No. 1272018

NTA, but if a person truly believes that fetuses are a full human being, then it would be considered murder to have an abortion under any circumstances.

No. 1272019

File: 1658464681211.jpg (219.01 KB, 1125x2436, s0o27v8atrs81.jpg)

Is there a stereotype for women who go strawberry blonde? I need to know

No. 1272026

I think abortions should be available and legal for all, but I recognize fetuses as babies. IMO, it's actually irrational not to, and you're implicitly falling into the trap of religious thinkers to try and argue whether it's "truly" alive.
Yes, doing it is sad, but death and life will always be part of existence, and we have to accept it. Even outside of abortion, tons of animal mothers mercy kill or leave one of their babies out of the litter if they're too weak to survive, if they're deformed, etc. It's not "evil" of them, and it's not a light decision. It's a personal choice only a mother can (or should) ultimately make, and we need to reckon with that instead of coping. If a woman suffers a miscarriage, she's not expected to think "It was just a clump of cells, it didn't matter", and I'd still feel bad for her, so trying to change the rules for abortion feels like a self-deception. Only an actual sociopath or a scrote (who couldn't comprehend being able to give birth, just take it, in typical scrote fashion) would mistake something that fundamental with spitting on the sanctity of life, or try to equate it with murder IMO. Genuinely feels like moid gaslighting that we can make reasonable distinctions for "types" of killings, but abortion is either flat-out murder or just nothing
Also, this post is long enough, but this has been floating in my mind too: If the state can take your life (or make you "disappear") after you're already born for breaking its laws, there is no reason a mother shouldn't be able to do the same thing when you are literally growing inside of her body. You may not have consented to being conceived, but you also didn't consent to being subject to the laws of your country

No. 1272027

I think the first anon is saying that while she thinks abortion is murder, the ‘murder’ of a fetus that has half the rapist father genes is not a bad thing. (I agree tbh)

No. 1272032

That's your viewpoint, but I'm personally not going to tell a woman who miscarries "How many weeks? Omg that's so small it wasn't even a baby lol get over it", so what you're trying to get across here just seems like a distraction and a cope. If that was a baby, abortion still wouldn't be wrong, because mothers are not murderers. Simple as that

No. 1272034

I agree with a lot of what you said. Some anons got made at me for saying this before, but I do believe fetuses are babies because that's what they are. A woman should still have the choice to have an abortion, and it shouldn't be anyone's business WHY she's getting an abortion. With that bring said, I do understand that people say they are not babies because if they do then it makes things kind of messy when talking to pro-lifers.

No. 1272039

A woman being heartbroken about losing a potential child doesn't make a fetus a baby. She is allowed to feel so and anybody policing her grief is an asshole. However, that does not affect the abortion argument. The very idea is autistic as fuck.

No. 1272045

A cope for not wanting to accept the reality of things. Yes, a life was taken, literally stopped. Whether you'd think of it more as the "potential for life" (a newborn is also just a spark of potential and will rely on the mother for a long time) or not, that's what it is. We don't need to shift the line and dance around the subject, it's a complete waste of time whether you think it's a "real" baby or not.
If a woman was forced to give birth, and she drowned her infant in secret, not because she hates babies, but for the exact reasons she'd have gotten an abortion, are you going to paint her as a murderer and class her completely differently from the women who were able to abort? No, that'd be ridiculous and heartless. Life is in a mother's hands


If your argument is "I'm not saying anything about sympathy or miscarriage", then you just randomly added your opinion on whether a 10 week old is a "real" baby, which is off-topic to what I'm talking about, anon

No. 1272047

IMO, pro-lifers just want to control women and mothers' bodies, something they should have no right to do. I don't really mind getting messy with them, because I no longer give a fuck about trying to force "equality" when the sexes and our circumstances are so vastly different. What we do with our wombs is our choice and business, that's how nature works

No. 1272051

Evangelicals mainly just want full implementation of their version of Sharia Law.

No. 1272059

Like I said, you're just adding your opinion on what "counts" as a baby if you don't actually disagree with what I'm trying to say, and it's off-topic. It's essentially arguing about headcanons, I'm tired of it dominating the discussion around abortion because the facts are the facts: Abortion should be available. I brought up everything else because those are the rationalizations and explanations I've seen to try and defend the back-and-forth. If that's not where you're coming from and you just wanted to say "This is not a baby btw", then it's weird that you jumped over everything I said in my initial post just to zero in on something very minute and generally unimportant

No. 1272087

The "yaoi is feminist because it makes moids uncomfortable" claim is cope and I wish fujos would stop saying it. Moids view yaoi as a silly woman's hobby and aren't threatened by it in the slightest. How do a woman's drawings threaten a man? If you really want to scare moids you have to start fucking shit up in real life, not sitting behind your computer drawing two men pleasuring each other. Otherwise just admit you like to draw 2D boys kissing, you don't need to try to justify it like it's somehow feminist.

No. 1272089

File: 1658469905012.png (3.38 MB, 1786x4419, 1485914631073.png)

I mean generally yes I agree, no need to defend being a fujo with any sort of moral or feminist justification, but it absolutely threatens moid anime fans as any Free or YOI fan could probably tell you. It can be hilarious to witness.

No. 1272097

I don't think the average male anime fan really cares and this one thread doesn't prove it's anything but minor annoyance. I also don't think the average 4chan basement dweller should be anything we base general male opinion on. Most (normal) guys I know think it's funny that girls love BL, not threatening.

No. 1272100

Of course well adjusted normies don't care, likewise well adjusted normie women don't care about BL or what men think of it either. But hardcore anime spergs do get pissed about it because they hate women in 'their' subculture and they see it as the industry being taken over and ruined. And men always seethe about women liking pretty boys (Justin Bieber, kpop, etc), they are not above petty jealousy when it comes to female fandoms.

No. 1272104

I think we're on the same page, because I don't think it matters either (I deleted my initial post because I didn't know whether to just drop it or not)
>but you're tying ALL emotions to whether or not it's a baby, and i don't understand why empathy and emotions are so black and white to you.
Because the whole "It's just a clump of cells" argument is often used to be dismissive to the act of abortion, and I find it disingenuous because it's not really the point. There is gravity to abortion, the empathy and emotional aspect is one part of that and we can't get away from it. Like yes, a fully-formed infant isn't the exact same as they were at 10 weeks, but they're the same organism/being in the end, and that's what I'm referring to.
>i understand you're being consistent whether or not it's a miscarriage or an abortion, but it's not necessary to get into semantics with a recently grieving woman, though still, i'd obviously tell them that i'm very sorry for their loss. it's not required of me to earnestly believe that it's LITERALLY a "baby" on a technical level
That's what I mean, you don't have to earnestly believe anything.
>you came out guns blazing in the unpop opinions thread with "i believe it's a baby" though as if you were speaking with reference to it technically and developmentally, which pro-life people literally do (with no clarification that you meant it casually).
I just see a life as a life, there are many stages of growth. It doesn't mean what pro-life people want it to mean, that's what I meant by scrotes who don't get the balance between life and death (because all they know is death and they can't give birth).

No. 1272106

Actually most girls I know like BL and guys know about it lmao. It's quite common. I'm 19 btw, maybe you're older where it was seen as more niche? I wouldn't really call anime a subculture anymore even though I know it used to be, it's more mainstream now.

No. 1272117

>I just see a life as a life
>a fully-formed infant isn't the exact same as they were at 10 weeks
Nta but you’re kind of a spaz.

No. 1272121

Nitpicking, those two don't contradict each other. Me when I was a child isn't the same as me as an adult. I didn't stop being a human or female within that period, it'd be dumb for someone to push any claim otherwise

No. 1272124

anon, the gravity of abortion is not what you think it is. the issues women go through internally are due to hormonal changes which leave them more susceptible to external input that harms them emotionally
and describing a fertalized egg as a clump of cells isn't meant to be dismissive of abortion, it's meant to reinforce the science behind it so the one getting an abortion doesn't feel guilted. women feel bad about abortion because of other people, not because they have some magical connection to a growing clump of tissue. if moids and crazy idiots didn't guilt them, all they'd suffer is the physiological issues from hormonal changes after what the body views as miscarriage, which women also feel more guilt from shitty moids than anything internally.

No. 1272127

You are a spaz.
>If a woman was forced to give birth, and she drowned her infant in secret, not because she hates babies, but for the exact reasons she'd have gotten an abortion, are you going to paint her as a murderer and class her completely differently from the women who were able to abort? No, that'd be ridiculous and heartless. Life is in a mother's hands
Just look at how much of a spaz you are. A child is not an adult, a foetus is not a baby, end of.

No. 1272134

It's not "magical" or the result of external/social guilting to feel an attachment to a child growing inside your body, it's a natural process intended to help propagate the species. Not everyone wants to or should give birth, though, and we don't need to try to hand-wave away something that simple to accept it. Even animals aren't "neutral" to pregnancy or their offspring
I don't know of a single civilization or period in history where women literally didn't give a fuck about being pregnant or feel anything about an unborn child until the moment it popped out, it's an entire process. It can be painful for some women, or not for others, but claiming moids are the reason anyone cares is a reach

Okay, sorry me not sharing your opinion on "what counts as a baby" is bothersome for you. A child isn't an adult, both are alive and human. The definition of "baby" is "very young offspring of human being", end of story.

No. 1272137

Yes “very young offspring” not an actual fucking foetus you spaz.
My unpopular opinion is people like you are literally just pro life but too pussy to just go mask off and say you think women are murderers for getting abortions. You warble on about “women forced to give birth drowning babies in buckets” and “calling a foetus a clump of cells is like laughing in the face of a woman who is grieving a miscarriage” but we can all see through it.

No. 1272138

>You're actually pro-life if you don't share my exact opinion on what a real baby is, even if you literally support abortion under all circumstances/terms!
This is getting ridiculous, I hope you can get over whatever is ailing you

No. 1272142

you're so focused on the "continuation of the human race" shit that you've been memed into believing all this. and animals are most certainly "neutral" about pregnancy and their young kek. most animals don't give a shit. the connection between mother and child is superficial at best and mostly based on societal expectations.

No. 1272143

A foetus is categorically not a baby and it doesn’t matter what your opinion is.

No. 1272144

Infanticide was committed either for much the same reasons women would get abortions, or because of what's now considered post partum depression. Most women were not committing infanticide, though, and there's never been a culture of "Who cares until it's out. If I'm wrong, please do educate me
>and you're completely wrong that female animals aren't fairly commonly indifferent towards their young.
Yeah, I literally mentioned them abandoning their offspring if they're weak or deformed or for other reasons, but that's not because it's their default state to not care. It sounds like you want it to be the case because that'd be convenient, but life isn't convenient. Doesn't mean pro-lifers are right

No. 1272146

i'm starting to think that anon is categorically not smart or well versed in anything she's rambling about. she's just justifying her shitty opinions by saying they're totes not pro-life when they clearly are.

No. 1272147

absolutely none of this is correct.

No. 1272148


>Even animals aren't "neutral" to pregnancy or their offspring

Some animals eat their offspring, like alligators and geany pigs. What if we did that? Could you eat a baby? I could eat yours no problem. But my own? Now that’s a tough one. I think this may be an unpopular opinion but I know that placenta soup is a thing so it’s not far fetched that some women would just gobble that baby up if it restored their vitality or even tasted good. Babies are really expensive. They drain your health while gestating. They’re very cute and yes advance the species, but you know what else does? Nourishment. I think people having babies is generally a good thing, but not for the same reasons you probably do. It’s all about being prepared for a worst case scenario. If you couldn’t eat your baby to save yourself then you shouldn’t birth one.

No. 1272149

>If I'm wrong, please do educate me
"This is incorrect" doesn't really add anything to the conversation.

Your opinion doesn't matter either, but you're still so pressed because I said a life is a life (and that women will always have the right to terminate life within their bodies, that's that)

How am I pro-life? Does that term have a "floating" meaning now to you, or are you just using it as an insult for anything you don't like to read/hear?

No. 1272154

If I had to, I probably could. If I had to kill my own newborn baby because I couldn't raise him/her or deeply didn't want to, I would. Eating placenta is actually very nutritious, you're right. If it was beneficial for us as a species to eat our babies, we'd probably all do it much more often, in which case, I'd agree that if you can't, maybe don't birth. The way things are now, I feel the same way, but about mercy killing instead of cannibalism. I've read that guinea pigs eat their young when they're under extreme stress, not sure about alligators.
I don't care about propagating the species, personally. I just recognize that we're organisms that reproduce and die, and our biological states facilitate that at most turns. I don't get how so many anons are so terrible at picking up on nuance

No. 1272156

It’s not my opinion, it’s a matter of fact.

No. 1272157

I haven't been in this discussion other than one post, but I feel like it's important to say that we are not the same as other animals and shouldn't live the same either. Eating your baby isn't the same as abortion and being willing to eat your baby shouldn't be a prerequisite to having a kid kek. Even if eating babies were beneficial, I doubt we would do it for many reasons.

No. 1272158

humans thrive on going against natural instincts. you're unable to be educated if you think any of the things you're saying in the first place because it's so blatantly stupid you have to be low intelligence to think it to begin with.

No. 1272159

anon doesn't understand facts, she's proving that really well!

No. 1272160

Okay, then feel free to eat a baby or anything else that might be outside your instincts, and return to LC with results on how super-evolved and hyper-intelligent it makes you. Eager to learn, nonny

No. 1272170

if that's what you took from this you're even more retarded than i thought. animals do things based on instinct nothing more. they don't have the ability to consider why they're doing it. everything you're saying just goes back to you wanting humans to just act on their instincts which is fucking stupid.

No. 1272171

Living beings are living beings. They don't change species or existence because they're extremely young or small. These are facts, I'm not sure why the word "baby" is a hot button issue for you, but it seems like that's the actual matter of opinion you're conflating. Either way, I'm sorry to have upset you, but at no point does saying that make me "pro-life". Abortion is an inalienable, natural right for women, IDGAF about scrote-made code around what's "allowed" with life

No. 1272173

She's trying to say that the word baby is a life stage term.

No. 1272175

We've established the difference between the colloquial usage and the medical/technical one multiple times. It's autistic to get fixated on others not using the latter in any/every discussion and ignore what they're actually saying

No. 1272177

>Living beings are living beings.
anyone who says this kind of shit is always the worst kind of pretentious. you remind me how glad i am that we all die eventually. i'm happy someone like you will die!

No. 1272179

You keep dishing out insults without comprehending what I'm actually saying, and strawmanning shit onto me about wanting women to pump out babies or whatever. It honestly doesn't seem worth discussing anything with you in good faith. Other anons actually are/have, which is nice.

No. 1272182

see >>1272179
You've been making so many of these weird, angry posts. I'm not even trying to be catty, it's better to take a break than put yourself through this

No. 1272184

no, you're saying things you don't comprehend so to reasonably intelligent people you sound like an idiot. the fact that you claim you understand every single woman's feelings, motives and experiences regarding abortion and infanticide is absolutely moronic, and there's no other way to describe it because of how utterly stupid it is.

No. 1272185

A being that grows, consumes and can be "terminated" is alive.

No. 1272186

multiple people are responding to you…

No. 1272188


About alligators, it is male ones who eat the young because of competitiveness. It would be really risky to let a man live freely if eating newborns was a common occurence for us humans. You just know they’d tried to muscle in on that morsel! I think if women birthed eggs style then we would see a whole host of cannibalism delicacies like human eggs Benedict. If you put a lot of force into, assuming they are not soft shell, I think you could take a man’s vision out. Just imagine yolk in your eyeball. I think eating them eggs style would be more in vogue than whole newborn, obviously.


The anon your responding to said nothing to deserve this type of hostile response. You should ponder a world where we do eat a baby or lay eggs and chill out. Life isnt serious. Outside of the box thinking is a creative exercise, and also fun. Try it sometime instead of being such a wet blanket.

No. 1272189

I didn't claim that at all. This is what I mean, strawmanning and bizarre insults with no meat to them. It doesn't sound like you're even enjoying this, it's like you're just angry about an argument you've imagined and keep trying to force

I'm referring to the anon who's been making exclamation-mark heavy, all lowercase posts without any actual arguments. If you're not her but you just sound like her, then my bad, but you're being weird too

No. 1272190

i'm also glad you're going to die. people like you don't sound as smart as you think you do.

No. 1272191

Truly a cursed opinion. I looked like I was balding when this happened and it was the reason I completely stopped dying my hair

It didn't get fucked up like this for me. It must be a hair texture thing bc I have Kiki hair that processes very quickly. Just saying. It's not always gross-looking (for the reason you pointed out). That being said, I went from virgin hair to bleached. Big mistake, I should have kept my beautiful ong virgin hair the way it was and now it'll be a year or two till I'm back where I was length-wise. Please kill me

No. 1272195

Anon, everything you've been saying is overwhelmingly pro-life and uneducated. This kind of pseudo-philosophy talk is always spearheaded by people who don't know anything about what they're saying, otherwise they wouldn't have to overcompensate with a bunch of meaningless hypotheticals and theories.

No. 1272196


It’s ok if you don’t think you have the gumption to eat your own newborn. No judgment over here

No. 1272198

NTA, but anon doesn't seem very smart to me. She can't give real answers because she's ignorant about the topic and pulling ideas out of thin air trying to sound smart. She actually strikes me as underage and sheltered.

No. 1272199

probably russian. russian girls are crazy and retarded.

No. 1272200

her logic boils down to
>life is life because i said so
it's meaningless because she doesn't know anything and is a prolifer trying to justify her stupid views.

No. 1272201

some of you on here acting like life is solved when we can’t even explain concisousness just like I can’t spell that fucking word

No. 1272206

How? What psuedo-philosophy talk? It's not a theory or hypothetical that abortion has always existed, and always will, that human bodies are primed to reproduce, and certain parts of our biology typically try to encourage reproduction. That's just how life works. Ending a developing life is what it is, and there's nothing inherently wrong with that. Pro-choicers recognize that women have the right to abort a child, wile pro-lifers try to use moralizing and religion in a bid to control our bodies. I'm not seeing what confuses people


Without the word "being", the definition is still the same:
>any system capable of performing functions such as eating, metabolizing, excreting, breathing, moving, growing, reproducing, and responding to external stimuli.
You're not dead before you exit the womb

That makes sense (with the alligators), reminds me of lions being aggressive to male cubs. Scrotes remain scrotes across a shitton of species kek. Also, egg-laying would be much more convenient than pregnancy IMO, too, on top of the benefits you listed. Kind of sucks that we're stuck with mammal pregnancy

No. 1272208

Lmao anon

No. 1272209

You're literally a retarded spaz. Nothing you say has any real basis in science or reality. You're spouting nonsense to seem smart.

No. 1272210

They just want to use it as a "gotcha" lol

No. 1272214


No. 1272215

>scrotes are psychopaths for not caring about children
>also it's normal to not give a fuck about your baby to the point you'll commit infanticide

No. 1272216

You've done this "you're a spaz" thing multiple times with no actual argument or explanation, just
>you are pro-life because I said so
>you're just trying to sound smart (even though we're all anonymous and there's no reward in sounding intelligent)
Maybe you could try actually pointing to what you take issue with, explaining how anything I've stated is "pro-life", and going into why I'm a "retarded spaz". Or maybe I'm just Russian I guess idk kek

No. 1272217

They just want to use it as a "gotcha" lol

No. 1272218

If you have to ask, you'll never know.

No. 1272221

NAYRT, I’m the one who first called you a spaz and I stand by what I said.

No. 1272222

File: 1658478473456.jpeg (124.98 KB, 750x695, 1645170019026.jpeg)

I don't remember asking, but alright, best of luck

No. 1272223

but anon, she's deep she's just talking about science, while claiming science is a colloquialism and spouting inane circular logic.

No. 1272224

No. 1272225

She's a fucking retard. If she's not just pretending I have no idea why she's even allowed to be on a computer. I hate to cry moid, but she sounds like dumb scrotes on reddit who don't realize how far up their own ass they are and constantly move goalposts when you try to explain.

No. 1272226


scrotes are psychopaths because of XY chromosome

No. 1272227

For real. Giving a fuck about your baby is just rampant female socialization. Without scrotes, we'd just push the damn things out and throw them out the window like our foremothers. Explain the meaning of life to me right now or gtfo pro-lifer

No. 1272228

I don't get why that anon made everyone itt so upset. The pro-life OP was a lot worse.

No. 1272231

This is really retarded, wtf is going on here

No. 1272232

File: 1658478806953.jpeg (17.11 KB, 275x155, 50FCAF37-243D-4C2C-9257-A99670…)

Only MOTHERS get to decide between life and death, which literally means they can murder their offspring when they please, including when they’re babies, children or adults. It’s their RIGHT! But it’s ILLOGICAL not to call an embryo a baby! Because drowning a fully formed crying infant in a bucket of water is THE SAME as removing a 6 week old foetus that couldn’t survive on its own anyway.

No. 1272241

People told them they where retarded and they fucked off, this particular retard just doubled down in their retardedness.

No. 1272243


Oh I know this one, life is

No. 1272244

she's overwhelmingly stupid and is also prolife herself. it's a shock that she hasn't choked on her own spit.

No. 1272245

Never try to explain the meaning of life you will summon candleja

No. 1272246

All homes should have two toilets

No. 1272248

>Only MOTHERS get to decide between life and death,
Yes. A child that grows in my body? I can pick whether it lives or dies. Moids and pickmes mad
>which literally means they can murder their offspring when they please, including when they’re babies
If abortion was prevented, then yes.
>children or adults.
Unironically, mothers should be legally allowed to kill their adult scrote sons if they are a danger to them or others. This is especially true for rapist scrotes
>Because drowning a fully formed crying infant in a bucket of water is THE SAME as removing a 6 week old foetus that couldn’t survive on its own anyway.
Not gonna support sending a 13 year old girl to jail because her inbred parents refused to let her abort her pregnancy

No. 1272249

I don't think she is prolife from the posts I read, but I know how lolcow is so I won't argue

No. 1272250

>Yes. A child that grows in my body? I can pick whether it lives or dies.
I hope your mom takes you up on that philosophy kek

No. 1272251

Two bathrooms or two toilets?

No. 1272253

I'm already born, I have two X chromosomes, and she loves me. Can you say the same to more than one?

No. 1272254

You’re fucking retarded and I’m not engaging you.
“It’s murder to drown a baby in a bucket of water and it’s not the same as an abortion”
“This MUST mean that you want to SEND RAPED CHILDREN who have no abortion access TO PRISON!”
Maybe your mother should drown YOU in a bucket of water?

No. 1272255

she's >>1272104 post. she's been misconstruing what anons said from the get go. she was memed into thinking women have some kind of innate, instinctual mothering traits that is increased during pregnancy and is why abortion is mentally stressful. she's been trying to argue that fetuses are babies because of her personal definition of babies.

No. 1272256

>two X chromosomes
i doubt that. but perhaps you have some extra ones that dull your intellect.

No. 1272258

anon doesn't understand human consciousness, she's been comparing humans to animals.

No. 1272259

The reasons behind drowning a newborn in what I compare aren't the same as whatever you're imagining, and that's why I gave an example and don't consider it murder. You're short-circuiting so hard.

No. 1272261

All of you are dumb at this point. There's nothing left, let it go.

No. 1272262

I honestly do think this is a case of accusing another anon of being something just because you don't agree with them, which is like, how most infights go here at this point

No. 1272263

NTA but humans are literally animals.

No. 1272265

the utter state of this thread

>you’re retarded

>fucking retard
>2 bathrooms and 0 toilets

No. 1272268

she's comparing them on a base level that implies humans only act on instinct. humans think differently than animals, don't be semantic.

No. 1272271

we've explained why she's retarded several times. if she doesn't get it, she won't.

No. 1272275

File: 1658479942128.jpg (78.71 KB, 732x549, shirataki-noodles-101-732x549-…)

Shirataki noodles suck and people should not be acting like these are a good replacement for regular pasta

No. 1272277

No, it's not, everything anon is saying is nonsense. She's arguing that child murder is the same as abortion because she thinks the intent is the same.

No. 1272278

i think people overhype them because they contain zero calories, but i agree. they're okay in soup because they soak up all the flavor but they make shit noodles.

No. 1272281

I've noticed there are anons with this extremely fucked up black and white thinking, and they can't really be reasoned with. Even if you try to explain your POV carefully to them, they'll just call you a retard, and then they'll bash you to each other if you stop replying so their energy wasn't wasted. I think most are summerfags, or actually underage. They type and kind of function like they came from Twitter.

No. 1272282

nice backpedalling.

No. 1272285

>everyone who doesn't agree with what i say has black and white thinking and is from twitter

No. 1272286

Backpedaling what?

No. 1272289

NOTHING could replace the delicious carbicide that is freshly made pasta mmm I’ve never tried those shirataki variant before but I’ll have to seek them out now, looks alone wise they are disappointing already lol

No. 1272290

You're still on this "instinct" strawman after an hour? If humans only acted on instinct, abortions wouldn't be a thing. We'd just be birthing constantly, but that's not the case. It's normal and natural for most women to have attachment to their unborn child, but that doesn't mean they should or must keep it.

No. 1272294

Anon just shut up and take the L. You sound mentally demented with how many times you've contradicted your own stupid argument. And whenever people try to explain why your argument is stupid you just claimed that you meant "something else" which was equally nonsense.

No. 1272299

sons are why it’s illegal to have chimpanzee as pets, just too close for comfort. Uncanny valley when you get the lot together. I say put every son and chimp in a pit, let Mother Nature sort it out. Winner gets death.

No. 1272300

this. every time someone tries to tell her she's categorically wrong she has some excuse, and claims we didn't understand her. it's extremely unlikely that everyone who thinks she's a moron doesn't understand her in the same way. what she's been saying makes no sense, but of course, we're wrong.

No. 1272305

You've been trying to attack multiple anons about this, calling things that aren't even slightly "pro-life" pro-life (thinking that a woman or girl who has no options drowning a newborn baby isn't the same as murder is pro-life?), putting up strawman arguments and getting even angrier when I point out I never said that, refusing to elaborate when pressed on the slightest claim, and derailing the thread because you couldn't deal with me not sharing all of your opinions to the letter. It's honestly very pathetic, but the anon who said to just drop it was right. I can't wait until summer break is over

No. 1272307

File: 1658481377924.jpg (442.2 KB, 2188x1828, Shirataki-Salad3-1-scaled-e159…)

I disagree with this, I like the texture and I know they're zero cals but they make me feel full

No. 1272310

File: 1658481532789.jpg (18.66 KB, 760x480, where-are-these-mysterious-bug…)

>Campfags: What a great trip!

No. 1272311

Idk anon. Im sure they're better in Asian dishes, but as a pasta replacement? No way. The texture is so weird.

No. 1272316

They aren't really better in Asian dishes. All they do is soak up broth. They have the same consistency and texture as jellyfish, so rubberized plastic. They're just a diet food.

No. 1272319

File: 1658481867958.jpg (128.71 KB, 750x705, juhygt.jpg)

Very heavily-decorated desserts usually look way better than they taste
Icing is kind of gross and overrated
Sprinkles are pointless
Japanese convenience store foods/drinks are usually better-tasting than the convenience store stuff from other countries, for some reason

No. 1272324

japan has really high standards for food. their frozen and packaged foods are really good.

No. 1272332

That's buttercream, not fondant if I'm not mistaken. Buttercream is delicious imo.

No. 1272334

nta but i only eat whipped cream icing. fondant is nasty shit though and i'd take buttercream over it any day of the week.

No. 1272394

Toilets. Could be a little en-suite, doesn’t have to be a full on bathroom with shower/tub and all. One toilet in a home doesn’t make sense even if it’s a one bedroom or studio because there may not always be one person and nothing is worse than having to go and having the only toilet unavailable kek

No. 1272430

This anon got it. Simply this, nothing more and nothing less. jfc

No. 1272605

Sadly, there are literally mentally ill children posting here, lmao.

No. 1272634

did you actually read the braindead shit anon was saying?

No. 1272641

And here's one.

No. 1272664

This cake is too perfect and it weirdly bothers me.

No. 1272694

Looking balding is the reason why I've never dyed my hair black even though I've wanted black hair since I'm in literal kindergarten. There are surgeries to turn your brown eyes blue, why aren't there any supplements to turn your light hair dark…

No. 1272700

File: 1658508931871.jpeg (72.28 KB, 403x357, 180C18B2-2CE8-40D4-998A-FEA56F…)

Neoteny is sort of a meme, most features deemed neotenous are also features that differ the most between women and men. Women are smaller than men in most respects and more neotenous in general. Then there's breasts and shapely butts which most men enjoy, yet they are not neotenous. But they are feminine like the other features. Of course a lot of men are creeps and pedos because they want someone they can have power over and manipulate, but I do think youth is considered more beautiful by both sexes, to a degree. If you had a choice between a handsome older man and a handsome young man in his prime, most women would choose the young man, and if they chose the older it's probably from a perception of stability and resources, not looks alone.

No. 1272772

I dunno I like Japanese snacks but they’re a little weird and remind me of baby food puffs, the chips and such. I love the sweets tho

No. 1272776

I know, right! I think about the hair color changing pills often, kek. I would love to have black hair

No. 1272779

Oh, so you basically mean a half bathroom

No. 1272806

I wouldn't want a second toilet in my studio wtf, that's just more to keep clean + higher rent or less space for like nothing.

No. 1272811

what features do you think are neotenous? the things you've mentioned aren't related to neoteny.

No. 1272815

File: 1658514340432.jpg (71.35 KB, 920x921, IMG_20220722_202408.jpg)

>If you had a choice between a handsome older man and a handsome young man in his prime

The thing is that men are considered to be in their prime when they are 25-35.
Women are considered to be past their peak when they hit 25. Just check the Okcupid attractiveness chart (keep in mind 20 was the youngest option)

No. 1272843

Being a gold-digger isn't bad and more women should consider being hypergamous.

No. 1272846

I don't think women find older men anymore attractive I think the reality is we just understand boundaries. Sure, we might find a 17- 22 year old model hot but we know not to actually try to date one because we will have nothing in common and or we will go to jail. These things do not keep men away from young women and girls. Men will fuck brain dead kids who can only talk about tiktok and it's fine as long as they are getting hot pussy.

No. 1272849

It’s criminal that women are shamed for wanting the best possible genes for their offspring, not wanting to waste valuable time and resources on a child with shitty genes, not wanting to go backwards in evolution, yet men want us to be understanding when they lust after teenagers because “muh biology!”

No. 1272854

these surveys are bullshit. age does necessarily correlate to physical attraction. the idea a that women don't think attractive younger men are physically attractive is retarded. being attracted to older men has more to do with life stage and maturity. younger men are more immature and have no security. for men, they only correlate age with looks, they don't care about anything else. i look younger and men constantly think i'm super young despite being much older than the christmas cake i am kek.

No. 1272865

I think you responded to the wrong post nonna lol

No. 1272866

I can assure you no one thinks a man looks better at 35 than he did at 20, not even men themselves. At that age your only chance is being an eager and willing wallet.

No. 1272997

You must not have friends

No. 1273265

I do, I just don't want to pay more/have less space and clean it on top of it just because a friend may be using the toilet for like 2-3 minutes. That's some really stupid priorities.

No. 1273292

Parents shouldn't take their kids on vacations until the kids are at least 6 years old. The kids aren't gonna remember some shitty Disney cruise when they're like 3.

No. 1273317

Nta but I'd rather not get utis from having to hold urine every time someone comes over lol not stupid to prioritize that

No. 1273319

I don't think you understand how childhood development works. It's not about remembering.

No. 1273346

No I didn’t. They said about how women should be more hypergamous and I responded about that.

No. 1273355

I remember going to disneyland when I was 4 and I hated it the whole time. No idea how I can still remember some specific moments there but having a very hard time remembering recent stuff or faces I see on a regular basis.

No. 1273387

Agree. My cousin's husband would take their son to historical vacation spots when he was an infant just so he could brag about being a super dad. Like retard, the kid isn't gonna learn shit.

No. 1273421

Women’s faces don’t change much between 20 and 40, unless they’re drug addicts or obese. Men say they prefer 20 year olds because they want a power imbalance, they don’t really think 20 is the most attractive age. And they want to make women fear aging so that women settle for losers out of fear that they’ll be to old and washed up to find a significant other after 25. Men’s faces continue to change drastically throughout adulthood though, because males biologically age faster than females. Men look the most attractive in their early twenties before they start balding and get jowls and wrinkles, but women look attractive throughout their 20’s-40’s and even 50’s if they age well

No. 1273426

Yeah I agree. Even though a lot of fujos can be annoying especially the ones on this website kek I generally don't think there's anything wrong with being into yaoi and I don't think they need to justify it with the bullshit "b-but it's feminist" cope. Just say you like seeing two dudes fucking and that it makes you wet, there's nothing wrong with that. Hell, I don't think it even matters if they straight up fetishize gay men, it's not like fujo women actually pose a threat to gay men, unlike the men who fetishize lesbians.

No. 1273442

This. Also, the whole "They won't even remember" shit re: children is so cursed. Ever heard of the subconscious? Experiences do count, toddlers take in and learn from literally everything around them and those are their most fundamental years

No. 1273450

Finally someone who understands. There are videos out there of toddlers that grew up during the first rounds of lockdowns going out in public and not knowing wtf is going on. Their brains need it.

No. 1273651

Hypergamy doesn't have much do to with biology, it's about social standing. You might also hear people describe it as "dating/marrying up" and things like that. That's why I mentioned it along with gold diggers.

No. 1273853

It has everything to do with biology because it’s a mating strategy. Humans aren’t the only ones who practice hypergamy so it’s more than just about marrying. Also I know what “marrying up” means just like everyone else in the world.
I feel like you have poor reading comprehension?

No. 1273894

Way too many of these new pro-urbanism social media advocates unironically support the “own nothing and be happy” ideology and it’s sick to see. I wanted to support their ideas at first but I can’t now.

No. 1273900

he's a moid anon

No. 1273905

Modern makeup looks like shit and makes everyone look like trannies, i dislike those thick ass eyebrows and contouring specially, most people look way better with softer styles or nothing at all

No. 1273908

How am I a moid? I'm literally the anon that posted >>1272843

No. 1274227

So who linked you here?

No. 1274228

File: 1658591196704.png (37.77 KB, 274x275, 1629177153108.png)


No. 1274230

try harder kek

No. 1274236

Reminds me of something an anon posted in another thread:
>I watched a vid a while back where a bunch of transmen sat face to face with men who don't believe in the whole trans thing. There was a part where the ftms (the ones in the group who passed the best) talked about the social privileges they'd gained. Being listened to more. Being taken more seriously. Not being interrupted. People assuming they're knowledgable and capable. Being stealth at work and noticing women aren't treated as well. They men sitting across from them didn't want to hear it.
I've read multiple other accounts from other FtMs who pass about being treated with more respect in general. Males really hate hearing the truth, and love to make up their own theories about "female privilege" kek.

No. 1274253

Agreed, there’s not enough outrage about how men can’t walk alone at night or else women will sex trafficked them, forcibly impregnate them and make them legally unable to abort the child.

No. 1274258

I'm ftmtf and tbh the only reason I ever got wrapped up in the trans thing was because a grown scrote SAed me as a kid. My family have a history of ignoring CSA and letting men off the hook (while blaming lil girls) so I turned into a self hating body hating lil retard for a while.

No. 1274331

Jeez makes me wonder what the effects of that will be. I think we'll start to see more autist kids in the next 10-15 years

No. 1274333

File: 1658596917220.png (30.89 KB, 400x400, E610DD49-F3FA-46D9-AF47-D344DF…)


No. 1274390

File: 1658598403024.png (73.68 KB, 1024x1024, A1FACE2A-199C-4BCD-8964-FBA24B…)


No. 1274521

If I ever have children I would be extremely paranoid to send them to daycare, especially when they’re babies or toddlers. The fact that they for the most part can’t speak and can’t tell you if someone at daycare is abusing them would make me paranoid to no end. I think for the most part having a kid raised at home by a family member is the way to go even though I’m fully aware not everyone has family that can watch their children. I think governments should all pay women who have kids a salary instead of it being expected for them to just leave their kids at a daycare and hope for the best.

No. 1274563

File: 1658607530996.jpg (4.28 KB, 243x207, 1653010762632.jpg)

The way burgerland has such a hate boner for pretty boys/feminine straight men makes me really sad (well I suppose it's more so American men who have a hate boner, but a lot of women here who are into manly men can be super judgemental as well). Don't get me wrong these countries have their issues especially in regards to misogyny, but I'm envious of the women in countries like South Korea and Japan who frequently get depictions of men like this in their media. Ngl the moids shilled as attractive in Hollywood had me thinking I was a lesbian for a bit because I find nearly all of them unattractive kek.

No. 1274564

There was a case recently in my city of a daycare worker poisoning a baby because she was supposedly too noisy and crying too much. I've worked in recruitment at some point of nurses, daycare workers, etc. and they're shitty jobs, apparently the worker lost her shit due to a long time of the shitty working conditions, no fucking way I'm leaving any potential kids in that kind of place. I won't have kids anyway, I would be extremely paranoid and a horrible helicopter mom and I know that it's not a good thing. I was already overprotective of my youngest sister when I was helping my mother raise her, she's 18 now but I can't help but see her as my little baby.

>instead of it being expected for them to just leave their kids at a daycare and hope for the best.

Where I leave there aren't enough places and daycare centers for all the kids that would need it. A coworker of mine and his wife are still looking for a daycare for their baby daughter since January I think and last time I heard about it they still didn't find anything.

No. 1274567

does anyone have that newspaper article from the 1930's, where an actress was complaining about being cast with old men and just wanted be cast with a hot guy near her age ?

No. 1274570

Same here, my nephew got to spend around a year in daycare before covid hit and out of nowhere he started acting up whenever you tried to change his diaper. Of course I told my sister to report that shit and ask wtf is going on, they told us it was pretty common because suddenly there's a bigger rush when changing diapers and the kid may feel it's uncomfortable or new at first but it was so fucking alarmimg, I still think about it even if it's been a few years. He settled down after a while and no other parents had noticed shit but seriously, I would be too paranoid to have offspring of my own.

No. 1274586

I'd never leave them at a daycare with male employees even if it's just one.

No. 1274651

My family were poorfags and had daycare vouchers for me and my siblings and as you can imagine the daycare for poor families were not great.I was pretty much in daycare from the time I was a young baby til I was old enough to start school from 7am to 7pm. I probably spent more time at daycare than I did with my own parents. I honestly wonder if daycare kids have more behavioral problems than kids that were raised by a stay at home mom/family member. I feel bad because a lot of families have no better options for childcare than to resort to daycares it’s almost impossible to live on a single income these days which leaves no option to stay at home raising kids unless you are with someone who makes a lot of money. And it annoys me how expensive some daycares can be. I can’t imagine putting up $400 a week for my kids to be watched by someone making barely more than minimum wage who has to tend to 30+ other kids.

No. 1274667

My mom didn't put me and my sister through daycare but put us with a stay at home mom who had 2 kids our age of her own. No idea how she got that arrangement or if it's common, but it was a lot of fun for all of us and much more safe and reliable imo. I don't want kids myself but if I did, I'd try to find an arrangement like that for mine.

No. 1274683

>put us with a stay at home mom who had 2 kids our age of her own
That was my mother's job before she became too disabled to work. So when I was very young I always had some of my kindergarten and then primary school classmates at home after school, it was fun, but some of the kids were batshit crazy. Those were the oldest kids she was looking after, she was also taking care of toddlers and babies and that's how I learned very early how to take care of babies, how to give them food, how to change their diapers, how to play with them, etc., just by observing my mother doing it.

No. 1274838

This, men don't know what age women are by looks, they just guess and meme into their brains that such and such age is when the wall hits. The reality is that it's different for everyone, but unless you have a rough lifestyle, age shows later than they think. Women are routinely mistaken for younger because men just make assumptions and base their beliefs off that. Porn also influences this with actresses playing younger roles. All that said of course reasonably young women are considered most attractive because the same is true for men, if looks are the only thing being considered (but women can't afford to only care about looks). Problem with men is their monkey brains, most if not all older people will be physically attracted to someone younger at some point, but if you don't have monkey brain you know better than to actually pursue them.

No. 1274875

Having kids grow up in a "squeaky clean" house is a form of child abuse. Similar to raising them on a vegan diet.

Unless you're a geriatric at risk of death, houses should always be moderately dirty so you build up resistance to germs via exposure. I've worked deep cleaning mansions for rich people while I was studying, and inevitably their kids were heavy mouth breathers and always sniffling. Meanwhile in the ghetto I grew up with, kids could fall asleep in the garage around garbage bags and they always had no allergies and breathed properly, and just had a healthier look to them. Polio actually only became a major problem because we stopped sleeping with livestock in clean houses. The more we get away from sleeping in dirty cabins around Mules, cows and dogs, the more allergies we develop.

I'm not saying you have to let your kids grow up in utter filth or return to 19th century farm life. But if you have a squeaky clean home and your kid has constant allergies, asthma and mouth breathing problems, you have only yourself to blame.

No. 1274878

this is the unpopular opinions thread, no the incorrect facts thread. dirty houses don't help with immune systems, going outside does. jfc some people here are retarded.

No. 1274879

Nta but maybe the correlation is that parents who fret too much over cleanliness are also the kind to shelter their kids and keep them indoors

No. 1274881

And how many kids "touch grass" anymore? If your kid is going to school, he's sitting in another sterile room, then hopping in a vehicle and coming back to a sterile house. And if they're playing sports they're playing on a freshly cut field away from the forests and nature.

No. 1274882

As someone who grew up in a very dirty home, no keeping a clean house is not abuse and no houses should not be "moderately dirty" (whatever that even means). Children developing allergies is not abuse. This is so ridiculous.

No. 1274883

Kids being raised unnecessarily in an environment where they inevitably sniffle each time a dog or a peanut is around is a form of abuse, yes.

No. 1274884

>Meanwhile in the ghetto I grew up with
And here it is, stop justifying your bullshit thought process by mentioning your shitty childhood, you should be glad you didn't catch shit, gross

No. 1274889

A dirty home would not prevent a peanut allergy. Do you realize that exposure and purposefully keeping your house dirty are two different things? You can expose your children to pets and still keep a clean home. You can expose children to nuts and still keep a clean home. Nobody is purposefully trying to make their children develop allergies. This literally doesn't make any sense unless you're talking about some really rare scenario where parents are so obsessively clean to the point where they don't let their kids interact with anything to keep everything "clean" and only let them eat certain things (which would be abuse but not because of something stupid like allergies).

No. 1274905

well that has fuckall to do with a clean home. dirty houses get dust and mold which actually really does cause allergies, unlike anon's stupid theory.

No. 1274908

>the forests and nature
kek, yeah cut grass is totes clean! the fact that you think polio was caused by not sleeping with livestock is absolute psycho shit.

No. 1274910

Since when have schools been sterile? I'm starting to think that you think anything that has been cleaned at all is "sterile" and "squeaky clean". Do you expect schools to just leave vomit on the floors and dirty trays in the cafeteria or some shit?

No. 1274921

You are actually kind of right anon kek, it’s because sheltered children are so sterilized so their immune systems aren’t really exercised enough. Routine cleaning and washing is very imperative to prevent disease but too much of it can fuck your skin up, can ruin your counters and appliances because of the harsh chemicals, also get rid of beneficial germs. Wash your hands enough but not to the point of a germaphobe maniac

No. 1274923

I fucking hate (y/n) for viewer/reader inserts. (You) is better for art (kek you want me to imagine my name on that gray eyeless character's face?) and _____ is better for fic.

No. 1274925

people let their kids swim in garbage polluted rivers to "build immunity". these people thing because they cannot see visible dirt, then it's "sterile". fucking joke

No. 1274926

…did you read her post? she's retarded.

No. 1274929

she was sort of right in some ways and that’s what matters the most anon

No. 1274931

They might not get seasonal flu as much, but kids raised in the ghetto definitely have more long term health consequences and sometimes are exposed to actual environmental pollutants/toxic waste, like wtf is anon talking about

No. 1274933

skinny looks unhealthy more often than not. if i see no muscle tone or a lack of normal layer of protective fat on a person i am not thinking "aww, how cute and dainty", but how weak and sickly they must be.

No. 1274935

that's not how it works at all

No. 1274936

I don't see what's retarded about this

No. 1274948

>i'm healthier because i slept around trash
>polio is caused by cleanliness and not sleeping with animals
you okay, anon?

No. 1274963

The rise in c-section procedures probably helped contribute to this, as it's correlated with increased allergies. We get our first sweep of our microbiome as we glide out of the birth canal, complete with Lactobacillus from the vagina and E.coli from the rectum. C-section babies rely on suction to remove the amniotic fluid from the lungs, and a run of antibiotics to make sure they're not going to have microbial growth in their lungs if there's any left behind. Being started on a diet of high fructose corn syrup solid pretend milk probably doesn't help matters, nor does the use of baby bottles riddled with plastics that transmit pthalates alongside other terrible shit. We ship them off to pre-k or school where everything is heavily wiped down with antimicrobial wipes, and hand sanitizer (which is suboptimal at even getting rid of a lot of bacteria btw). We kill everything in our surrounding environment with ingredients that have increased microbial resistence, as opposed to using more mechanical methods and regular soaps. Keeping yourself from having consistent exposure to microorganisms in your environment ultimately just keeps your immune system from doing what it is there to do, grow more versatile in creating immunity.

No. 1274967

These are interesting posts. My unpopular opinion: I hate the spergy anons who camp out in this thread waiting for their next big infight kek

No. 1274980

Not everything in here is an opinion, anon. We should be able to criticize anons who clearly lack critical thinking and post incorrect facts as if they're opinions. Some anons are super sheltered and see no problem with the idea that the ghetto is a healthier place for children to grow up than a clean house. Anon was clearly projecting something with her weird takes, and some of it was blatantly incorrect.

No. 1274987

This exactly. No one can deny that exposure is good for allergy prevention, but to say that it's abuse to keep your house clean is what made that post so..well, stupid.

No. 1275000

Very informative. I'm printing this post out if I have a c section so the nurses don't put me in a straight jacket when I demand my pussy bacteria gets slathered onto my baby immediately.

No. 1275003

Nail color on short ass stubby nails always look like shit and accentuate the stubbiness, even on women. The longer nails in the blue cow print look so much better thanks to the minor length.

No. 1275007

I haven't been sick worse than the sniffles since I was a little kid, maybe that means I'm exposing myself to the right amount of dirtiness? I'm shit with antibacterial cleaning, not even covid got me into the habit of using wipes and gels.

No. 1275023

I sometimes see people talk about how gen z will probably be more aware of the issues of just abandoning your kid to the internet and they won't let their kids be i-pad babies or as terminally online as themselves but I think that's over exaggerated.
There might be some gen z that will remember their own experiences and not want their kid's brains to become swiss cheese, but there will also be plenty of zoomer that will think "pff, I'm fine so they can deal with it", zoomers that know it's bad but are still lazy so they just give them the i-pad anyways, zoomers that will think that's just boomer propaganda, zoomers that will feel pressured to give give them internet access, and even zoomers that don't particularly care or are much aware of the question so they don't care.

And with teenagers I think it will be even worse. I really think there will be a tendency to computerize schooling so at some point kids will be basically forced to own a personal computer since age 6, whether you like it or not, and that "pff I did fine so it's ok" mindset will be even more common here since the issues with being on social media since 11 are slightly less obvious than 2 year old i-pad addicts. Also, if you see someone mentioning social media being bad for pre/young teens there will always be a couple zoomers there saying "actually some kids in toxic families can literally only get emotional support from the internet so saying 11 year olds should not spend 9 hours per day LARPing as DID and fighting over emojipronoun discourse on twitter is a heckin boomer fascism gaslighting" [or however they want to phrase it]. There will also be plenty of zoomers that will desperaly want to be seen as the cool parent and will completely let their kids on social media because that's the hip thing to do or because they're afraid that people online will call them abusive.
The death of kid's games sites/sites targeted at kids also makes kids more likely to look at social media first (and then new trend of every social media site not letting browse almost anything without an account also will play into that).

All in all, I think the children of gen z will either be just as online as zoomers (since people over evaluate how much people share in terms of experiences and mentalities just for sharing a generation) or even more online, due to circumstances out of the parents control.
I think the only way this could be prevented is if when gen alpha starts growing up there's such a ridiculous ammount of kids with such grave and undeniable issues i.e. be literally clinically closer to retarded that it becomes a huge political scandal with prime news attention and there are court rulings over it. this will obviously probably not happen

No. 1275027

File: 1658634560937.gif (19.9 KB, 254x232, F3.medium.gif)

No. 1275031

it's millennials who are taking this approach and course correcting with gen alpha. gen Z is a lost cause and we should prepare for them to be hypercapitalisitc assholes worse than gen x who at least had boomer parents. we can see gen Z screen addiction related to gen x who grew up on TV and "turned out fine" (despite having sociopathic attachments to their early media experiences)

No. 1275035

Keeping this in mind next time I feel bad for not cleaning underneath my gross ass fingernails

No. 1275036

File: 1658635649192.png (677.87 KB, 960x720, 5aa.png)

As someone from south asia, I say with full sincerity that most south asian/Indian food is shit and I don't understand how westerners could even find it good, its oily, makes you shit five times a day, makes you smell like garbage and has no protein or health benefits, my ethnic group calls it "gangu/muhajir food" and other south asians make fun of my ethnic group for having bland and boring food, but at least we have healthy balanced diet

No. 1275039

No ma'am. That shit is nasty, and my intention was not to promote nasty ass behavior. Do you understand how many things get trapped under your fingernails? Washing your hands after you use the bathroom and keeping underneath your nails clean is still pretty important. You're not going to have an immune response strong enough to kill pinworms.

No. 1275041

You have chicken, you have goat, you have chickpeas, that's protein. Also it tastes great and the only people who shit are the ones who can't handle spice. Idk what to tell ya sis

No. 1275045

>makes you shit five times a day
all the best food does tbh

No. 1275052

no it shoulnd't
that's punjabi muslim food, not actual indian food

No. 1275055

I agree. It’s fucking gross. Mainly, I just hate the taste of turmeric and its in EVERYTHING.

No. 1275075

Well I guess every Indian food restaurant in the US is Punjabi Muslim then? I was under the impression most Indian cuisine is vegetarian with a few exceptions and obviously beef not being used

No. 1275087

File: 1658640305120.jpg (282.99 KB, 1024x768, Mahi-.jpg)

There are actually hundreds of cuisine with in the Indian subcontinent, and they are as different as food from norway is from italy, my father's people lived atop mountains where it was difficult, they needed to make dew with what we had and whatever could grow there, but most "Indian" food is from ganges plains, on the other my mother's family is Sindhi, which is a baron desert so the food reflects that(picrel is what a meal was when I went to maternal relatives for visits) rice and fish and not much else

No. 1275136

File: 1658645387495.jpg (53.18 KB, 800x454, e6bff-16249515368780-800-10572…)

it takes a generous amount of delusion and obsession to completely change your face. it should be considered the most extreme form of body dysmorphia. i am not done with the thought, this is the unpopular opinions thread. i think wannabe asian k-pop stan oli london might be a nice person underneath it all. he is only ignorant, sheltered and attention seeking, but might be a kind person in real life. he is just so deranged that he doesn't consider what he did to his face and tried marketing himself as, to be impossible. i followed him as a cow for a while and he seems to get nice comments that aren't sarcastic. he also has friends. it's weird and offensive to say i know but he might just be like one of those super rich inconsiderate aunties who never socialized outside of their ultra rich influencer speudo celebrity circles. i think he might be a cheerful autist who if took the time to care and understand how this wannabe asian thing is offensive and impossible, and apologized, might actually gain some youtube fame like people's "problematic faves" trisha paytas and nikocado.

No. 1275157

I really think he's trolling with the transracial thing to display the non-sensicalness of the trans and wokie stuff, but now he seems like he is also transitioning so idk maybe he is very self-aware.

No. 1275158

Man is a whole psyop fr

No. 1275181

Pretty privilege is only a thing if you wear revealing clothes, and at that point your face doesn't matter as long as you're not incredibly ugly. Men always think ugly women good bodies are automatically hot because they have bad taste, it's the reason you see them cheat on gorgeous women with butterfaces, if it's a hole it's a goal. And at that point it's not pretty privilege it's titty privilege. Pretty privilege based on actually having an attractive face only exists for women who look like actual models, if you cover your body you will not get any special privileges from most men.
Source: I'm pretty, but not supermodel level, just noticeably above average, and 99% of the time I go out men do not treat me any differently than others. But the 1% of the time it's hot as fuck in summer and I have no choice but to wear shorts, or I just felt like wearing a cleavage showing top that day, suddenly the grocery store workers are fumbling over themselves to help me and trying to start random awkward small talk. I know it was my body because I wasn't even wearing a lot of makeup that day. And before someone says my face is probably ugly it's definitely not that.

No. 1275183

Also I know men treat actually ugly women like shit, so I'm not talking about that, my theory is most men have no eye for aesthetics so they don't treat average looking and above average looking girls differently, I've also seen girls who are not pretty in the face being rated the same as gorgeous girls with facial harmony symmetry etc. on those reddit subs, all because the meh faced girl posted a full body pic in revealing clothes or had cleavage in the selfie lol
But I'm also not mad about this just an observation, it's good that girls with less attractive faces can still manipulate scrotes by making their brains shut off just by showing some skin

No. 1275187

There's this curry place down the road from me and I've been there a bunch of times, until Is tarted finding what seemed like hairs, rice that actually smelled like shit etc in my orders. Why you ask? Because I don't tip because I have a currency phobia. What a flaming fucking faggot to do that to a regular customer.

No. 1275196

Yes this shit can be so fucking paradoxical at times. I grew up being drilled into me that I was the ugliest thing alive but now I see it was just jealously and shit because I have unique features that others wished they were born with, so I grew to hate my appearance and kind of go out of my way to look a bit disheveled so people just treat me like a human being instead of a "piece of ass" or some shit.
I had mountains, mountains of sexual harassment in secondary school the minute I started to wear a skirt and hold-ups up very high (since tights give me yeast infections more). I had boys on the bus go into lurid details about supposed sex and orgies I had been a part of, which was all such fucking horseshit. I would just listen to violent music to vent my anger and calmly ignore them, but they never fucking stopped that shit. It's the cringiest shit alive, I wish I had had the money to go to a private college instead of a shithole public school tbh.

No. 1275278

Long hair looks stupid as fuck on most men, bar natives or those it’s culturally significant to. Like extremely stupid.

No. 1275299

The ATB system is a bit annoying at times, I wish there were more Final Fantasy games that are purely turn based. And FF2 is really good as long as you don't play the original NES game.

No. 1275308

The only part that bothers me is how many long haired men walk around with it constantly greasy. Idk if they think that's grungey or masc but it's just gross

No. 1275312

Oh no. Those guys with the super long, wavy brown hair that they flip out like women in selfies are just as bad. That one Scandinavian (?) makeup dude comes to mind. Like cut that shit off.

No. 1275320

Been looking for this for a while, too

No. 1275348

I think it can look great on certain guys if they are attractive and style it well but just like the other comments I agree it's always pencil thin/obese neckbeard metal heads/basement dwellers with greasy and or thinning mops. Kind of like how people think that long hair automatically makes a woman look prettier when in reality it can make some look more haggard or mormonish if not styled or doesn't suit them.

No. 1275351

for the first time I read baby talk thread, out of curiosity, and to me it's like witnessing a collective mental illness

No. 1275356

Me reading any image board post

No. 1275392

Well now I have to go read it to see what you mean

No. 1275408

Maybe it’s just my feed/recommendations being an anomaly but whenever people complain about ‘modern makeup’ ,I feel like they’re just talking about a specific type of glam makeup from 2016. Although glam makeup still exists, a lot of people are focusing on more natural makeup and ‘clean girl aesthetic’ stuff, with a focus on looking dewy and sunkissed

No. 1275530

I agree, if you look outside of social media what most people are wearing makeup-wise, clean makeup is very in. I see it on social media, too, but it kind of is misleading because they tend to edit their face a lot to make their skin look smoother.

No. 1275681

I was thinking this too, there's way less of that cakey drag queen looking makeup now than there was 5 years ago

No. 1275727

File: 1658693483842.jpeg (46.93 KB, 500x500, 0925C662-F237-4784-9FE7-C33BC6…)

Wish I had a smaller nose so I could do those fake freckles, on me it looks like old lady spots on a witch nose kek

No. 1275749

Yeah, that type of makeup is pretty out of style IRL and even on the internet. I don't think it's a big deal these days like some anons make it seem.

No. 1275810

I don't see anything wrong with asking a person what they are racially or ethnically. I'm racially ambiguous, though paler skin, and get asked it all the time, and I ask others as well. For me learning about ethnicity and other cultures is super interesting so I only ask it out of curiosity and want to learn more about the other person. Call me a sperg but I really don't get why it's considered this super offensive social faux pas. As a burger, we live in a melting pot. Everyone's got some kind of mix-up going on.
That said, the "no, where are you really from?" is a bit offensive, especially if someone doesn't even have an accent.

No. 1275853

There is nothing wrong with not wanting to look at a woman breastfeeding or leaving the area. Honestly it isn't appropriate in most environments. I know it's natural but find an area away from everyone to do it. The breast is for feeding your baby but also viewed sexually so you need to be sensitive to others as well. Women act like babies have to lick breast milk off the bathroom floor when they have to breastfeed in the bathroom. Like, get over it or don't have a baby but don't shame people for not wanting to look at it. And yes I am talking about a personal experience where I got a weird mini lecture for looking away when some woman just whipped out her boob for her baby. Sorry but I don't want any part of that and if you need an audience I think that says more about you than me.

No. 1275859

What you are describing was last popular 5 years ago.

No. 1275863

File: 1658699724340.jpg (27.65 KB, 373x235, 1655017205051.jpg)

>when the moid is so triggered, seething in the celebricow thread wasn't enough

No. 1275864

No offence but did you really need to bring this to another thread

No. 1275867

>tfw my vent aligns with some other threads infighting

No. 1275878

>Sorry but I don't want any part of that
My mom is like this about some things but I don't understand it. No one is inviting you to be a part of anything. Why do you personally feel offended by seeing a glimpse of a boob? What is so gross about it?

No. 1275879

maybe they don't want to talk about it with you? not everyone wants to be a cultural ambassador and just wish you could talk to them about normal everyday topics. you're not the first or last person to ask, it gets really old. some people have their own internal issues and the harmless questions are triggering, you never know.

it's more organic if you let people share their backgrounds on their own terms.

No. 1275882

Well don't get mad if people don't want to look at it then and don't lecture them and get huffy about it because it's natchural!!

No. 1275884

and this isn't even the vent thread, what a coincidence

No. 1275885

What a non answer.

No. 1275886

You aren't entitled to one

No. 1275889

ok, so you're definitely a redditor moid thanks for confirming it

No. 1275893

Namecall all you want I won't watch you breastfeed your ugly kid in public

No. 1275894

What retard planet do you come from where the correct response to seeing a breastfeeding woman is NOT to politely avert your eyes from her chest?? Imagine acting like they're inviting you to stare, as opposed to just wanting to be left in peace to feed their kid.

No. 1275897

Did you read my og post where I said I got a weird lecture from the breastfeeding woman's friend for averting my eyes or just willfully ignore it to be a douche

No. 1275904

Are you really going to base your opinion on this one woman who is clearly not the norm and not quite right in the head? Stop playing dumb lmao you know damn well most women do not get mad at random people for not staring at their tits. If that happened to you, it was a bizarre anomaly or you made a rude expression or something.

No. 1275910

Thanks for calling her not quite right in the head cuz it was freaky at the time. I am not playing dumb to me it seems like a lot of mothers want attention just for being moms sometimes. Maybe it's because I'm a nice looking woman but I've had women with kids sit next to me without a chair buffer in otherwise empty waiting rooms. Like a scream for attention bordering on desperation

No. 1275941

>women sits next to me, she definitely wants attention
kek there's no way this isn't an autistic moid

No. 1275945

If there is an empty waiting room with tons of seats but you don't give a seat buffer you are autistic a psychopath or both. Babystalking is a thing too educate yourself. People are lonely af these days

No. 1275949

Yeah it's either a mentally ill attention whore who thinks anyone who walks by them is totally stalking or flirting with them. I hate people like that, regardless their gender. Like ok becky, that woman isn't gonna fucking follow you home because she happened to sit next to you calm down. And the offhanded insults towards mothers? Pretty sure it's an obese redditor pickme who hates mothers.

No. 1276141

Breakfast foods (american) as a whole are the worst and I’d rather have leftovers from dinner in the morning.

No. 1276148

what are some common breakfast food there, I've seen movies and even vlogs but what is it in actual real life?

No. 1276151

They've been isolated for months with a screaming crying baby maybe she just wants to be around a woman

No. 1276152

Burger here.
Bacon and eggs are common. Or cereal, orange juice. Sometimes yogurt. Sweet dessert stuff like muffins or donuts obviously exist too but I don't think the average American eats those every morning kek. I personally eat oats, yogurt, and fruit each morning.

No. 1276153

Eggs, bacon, pancakes, waffles, huevos rancheros, potato wedges, oatmeal, and cereal. Muffins are good, too, and the occasional doughnut.

I eat a peanut butter toasted waffle sandwich because I can eat it while I commute, but that is considered a weird food by most people, though I like it because it has a high protein content relatively.

No. 1276154

Sausage/bacon, egg, fried potato, toast, pancakes. It’s usually something greasy and heavy or too sweet, some people want breakfast for every meal which is confusing to me since there’s so much variety otherwise. Adding that I can cook these things to not be nasty but in general if I’m getting it somewhere else I can’t stand it especially from fast food places like McDonald’s. I had Burger King breakfast sausage once that legit made me vomit.

No. 1276155

Samefag, yogurt with granola I also used to eat fairly often. All of the things I mentioned aren't usually eaten all at once, maybe one main dish with a side. I also forgot to mention sausages.

No. 1276158

Waffles with peanut butter isn't weird in America nonna.

No. 1276246

Breakfast foods are my fucking favorite, a runny egg with an English muffin, some potatoes, or eggs with bell peppers, yum. Actually I think I’m just a picky eater and really love eggs and potatoes.

No. 1276271

i agree. people are more likely to be envious, jealous, have something against pretty people immediately from those insecurities, assume they are a bitch unless they constantly act overly nice, then assumed to be fake, vapid, or to have an easy life. people get scared of a beautiful face and act mean or fumbled and retarded and avoid the person. if they don't wear a lot of clothing they suddenly become prey like or someshit to moids and that is when they would simp, but in our generation pretty privilege seems to only exist on the internet (more likes and views). my most beautiful friend gets asked out less than my more average friend. she also gets asked out more by degenerates because meanwhile the average person is shy, the coombrained and criminal moids would have a superiority complex over anyone and would find no problem asking her out.

No. 1276292

sage but the original ones look like something out of Morrowind

No. 1276374

File: 1658740456384.jpg (82.55 KB, 976x549, _124800859_gettyimages-8175146…)

pugs are ugly asf, they look like aliens. I don't get why so many people find them adorable.

No. 1276386

I'm biased because I had a french bulldog but imo it's how goofy they are what it's enchanting. That said the breeding of these poor creatures should be banned ASAP, it's not worth it through how much pain they go through.

I just wish someone forced breeders into breeding them with longer snots and healthier characteristics cause i really like their energy and it's just painful to watch how much they struggle just to reach to adulthood. I like these goblins I just don't get why people think they don't being able to breathe is cute. I've seen a mix that was blessed with a longer snoot and he was lovely.

No. 1276398

yeah, I always knew they had trouble breathing which is bad enough but apparently their eyes fall out among other things. people who keep breeding them like that are fucking awful

anyways here's a pug + german shepherd mix, it's pretty funny

No. 1276400

File: 1658742172043.jpg (13.33 KB, 360x360, 62490721_2864956543728614_2018…)

I have one who doesn't have any problems breathing or eye problems, I didn't set out intent on a pug at all I didn't have a breed in mind but fell for her, we interact with loads of people who go crazy for her, but I forget not everyone thinks pugs are cute (I agree that the ones whos eyes look like they're about to pop aren't really cute.
The other day I was walking her when it was a bit dark so she couldn't be fully seen, and this group of teenage boys are talking to each other like "what is that?? Is that a dog?" Lmao I was like yeah she's a dog. I heard one of them go "eww" and I had to admit that was hilarious to me lol. They really don't look like dogs in some ways, they're like weird little pig monkey baby creatures.
Picrel the cutest pug I've ever seen online.

No. 1276404

I am so fucking tired of fat wannarexics infesting ED spaces like a bunch of cockroaches. Some of us have actual, diagnosed eating disorders, and I can’t stand the dainty posturing of these fat girls who claim to eat like birds for months at a time and never binge and yet magically retain or gain weight. There’s nothing wrong with being fat, it’s the incongruous posturing while invading spaces meant for actually sick people that gets to me. Tranny behavior.

No. 1276407

it's cute

No. 1276410

Kek anon that was the one I was talking about. I love him, I really wish I could find a pug or a frenchie mixed with something else because I love them and I want one that has a quality of life.

No. 1276440

>apparently their eyes fall out
Excuse me WHAT

No. 1276442

Not taking meds is healthy, seeking help is mainly for the comfort of others

No. 1276453

i agree on it being cringe to have your spaces taken away and invaded by impostors, however, i am doubting what your perception of a fat person is as an anorexic, lol, it's probably people on the underweight leaning of a normal bmi, maybe bulimics and binge eaters whose issues are also serious.

No. 1276494

not that you’d trust the word of yet another anachan, but I’ll back the anon you replied to up. they’re not Tess Holiday scale but closer to 250-300 lbs.

No. 1276524

If they are literally being strangled that's why most pug owners don't use collars

No. 1276544

I hate picky eaters. The types who will not eat at other peoples' houses and start throwing up when some type of food is mentioned. I don't like seeds in my bread but if someone gives it to me I will eat that fucking bread and say thank you. Fuck picky eaters.

No. 1276551

I was once a dinner guest of a very fat family and I was unable to stomach their lard-ladden food, the amount of grease on everything made me sick after a few bites.
Some people's cuisine just sucks

No. 1276561

File: 1658756473167.jpg (13.05 KB, 412x232, yummy.jpg)

Good thing I suffer from allergies, so people like you won't annoy me when i refuse to eat your half cooked casserole amen

No. 1276563

It's not safe to just let cats roam outdoors at random. I don't get how any owner is just cool with it when psychopathic humans, bigger animals, more aggressive stray cats and cars exist. It's also unfair on birds and other, smaller wildlife.
Honestly, people who let their pets in general just "free roam" when they don't live somewhere gated/fenced in that they can't easily escape are kind of irresponsible and misguided

No. 1276565

i'm not gonna swallow my own vomit to make somebody feel better about their shit cooking kek

No. 1276566

I think they just view cats as lesser. I literally can't deal with it, I was traumatized over my childhood by my cats repeatedly being squashed by cars and the adults around me would mock my dead pets for being "too dumb" to avoid the cars since their super special smart cat roamed outside freely and never got hit. Oops, we forgot to let the cat in overnight, isn't that funny anon? Hey don't get mad at me or overreact God take a chill pill anon. My parents and similar cat owners drive me up the fucking wall. Sorry but to me a cat isn't just like a backpack you can replace and they shouldn't be treated that way

No. 1276569

I don't have a cat (yet) but I don't understand why people don't just give their cat supervised outdoor time or take them on walks. Having a cat that you let go outside whenever is basically like letting them be a stray.

No. 1276573

I haven't seen any anon like that, but no. Dogs also shouldn't be left to just roam around for the same reasons. A lot of people who own pets just don't seem to care much and it irks me

No. 1276575

No shit. I'd be paranoid about someone taking my cat. Just shows how much they (don't) care

No. 1276577

Where I'm from freeroaming cats and dogs is illegal so idk if this is unpopular at all.

No. 1276583

It's so fucked to imagine anyone laughing at that, I'm so sorry anon. Someone was talking about a "dog license" in some other thread like days ago, and I don't think that exists, but for shit like this, maybe "pet licenses" should exist so irresponsible assholes won't be able to get their own and other people's pets killed without any punishment

No. 1276585

Those kinds of people disgust me, same as the edgy dog hate pickmes honestly

No. 1276589

Ayrt, this being online the people I’m talking about literally have their weight and bmi’s on their pages. I specify that they’re fat because I can read and have functioning eyeballs. I’m not talking about bulimics or pathologic binge eaters either, I’m specifically referring to the tess holliday style women who roleplay as being “perfect” anorexic mean girls who never binge and who eat 50 calories a day of strawberries in small dainty bites. They’re often really mean too, Like three quarters of edtwt and probably a lot active users of the pro-ana scumbags thread are like this

No. 1276591

ugh, yes. I tend to think it's because cats haven't been domesticated for as long as dogs, for example. so when cats are abandoned they go back to a more "feral" state. I probably worded that wrong, but maybe it makes sense.
people tend to care less about wild animals. the neighborhood I grew up in had TONS of stray cats. then one day they started disappearing. my neighbors had outdoor cats (that kept reproducing) that were poisoned, so we assumed someone was deliberately trying to get rid of them. the whole thing makes me seethe.
sorry for the major blogpost but the best solution I've seen for strays are catch & fix operations (catch then spay/neuter and let go). I used to live in an apartment complex that was a drop off location. many of the tenants would feed the strays who stuck around. the cats kept the rats away so it worked out imo. in 2020 the office got new management and I found out they wanted to take the cats away. they previous people tried that once and the rats came back. so they called up the catch & fix people and said they needed cats back. the strays were my only friends outside my own cat at the time, and I had a couple of favorites or would wait outside my door each morning for food and head scratches. it was a reason to get out of bed in the morning.

No. 1276602

nonna do you think it would be nice to have an anonymous place to sperg about edtwt? I know there's a thread in /snow but it's never used.

No. 1276604

I wish the same was true where I live

No. 1276610

I get pissed tf off because my sister got these two shitbull/terrier mixes and didn't fucking train them so they've attacked other dogs out on walks before and they're just allowed to run around wild. Then mom goes "ohh but its so cruel to keep them locked up inside and discipline them!!!" Smh nonnas… some people.

No. 1276611

I would say that definitely depends on the presenting disorder. Say eupd/bpd nonnas might benefit a lot from say pregabalin and lamictal, maybe an anti psychotic too but I do worry that that shit affects one's pineal gland which I need to snooze with.

No. 1276613

Where I grew up everyone let their cats outdoors too, our family cat was my dad's originally and around for the first 12 years of my life before she died of old age and looking back I am so grateful nothing happened to her in all her time outside. Kids I went to school with regularly saw their cats hit by vehicles, eaten by foxes and other wild animals, or their cats would just go missing and never return. It's made me incredibly committed to keeping all of my cats fully indoor from the get-go now that I am grown up and a cat owner myself. I don't even take them on leash or in a stroller or anything, they will just never know outside and I want to keep their only concept of the world a safe and comfy indoor home. My friend who lives back where I was raised has a cat who she lets roam and she always jokes about how smart he is about it but it makes me really uneasy, have tried to advise her against it but the cat is already used to the outside. It would make me a nervous wreck to have any pets outdoors.

No. 1276617

I like letting autistic angry anons get the last word in and just reporting their post and moving on. Feels good.

No. 1276620

Especially when they're really worked up

No. 1276647

People who crop their dog's ears or chop their tails just to make them look "more tough" piss me off. It reminds me of scrotes having their sons circumcised. Why are people so obsessed with mutilating those who can't say no? All dogs (and animals as a whole) deserve more compassionate treatment than most humans are willing to give, it's depressing.

No. 1276661

I don’t give a fuck about the hate of retarded ass farmers who have cumbrain or blue light cancer because I’ll say it as it is. Actual lesbians who look like women and not like ellen rodger will ALWAYS either attract ugly ass fat butches or attractive scrotes. It’s because all lesbians who are attracted to butches are fake lesbians that are traumatized by men. Like, get help, stop ruining the lesbian dynamics so none of us real lesbians won’t have to end up with ugly ass women who wanna dress like non binary freaks. We were born lesbians because we like Ellen Page in 1999 and not in 2022. Women are cute because they have feminine traits. Having a vagina helps but looking like a 13 year old boy is not only ugly but mentally ill as well.
t. An actual lesbian

No. 1276666

File: 1658763290238.jpeg (12.27 KB, 554x554, images.jpeg)

you tried

No. 1276673

Yeah keep dressing like a troon or non binairy or whatever the fuck you do and in the same breath making fun of elliot page for cutting off her tits. At least you’ll be able to attract a mentally ill woman who’s traumatized instead of actually in love with you.

No. 1276674

This is pathetic as I’m sure you’re fiscally aware

No. 1276675

This seething projection over a reaction image kek

No. 1276682

File: 1658764057038.jpg (35.87 KB, 460x458, 459df5fb211e1998ccd37a4ababca5…)

You ok?

No. 1276687

Why would you turn down the food people offer you? It's manners, I don't care if you say 'no thank you' to something after trying it or not eating all of your plate or whatever but people who won't try new things are always so childish. Turning food down that people cooked for you and put time and effort in is just embarrassing. Even if it's gross if someone cooks for me I'll shove it down my throat.

This image is so cute look at him

No. 1276691

Omg little cute angry baby

No. 1276692

I'm just a lowly hetero but I wish I could know if this was really posted by a lesbian or not, especially with the raids, because if so this is interesting.

No. 1276706

NTA but I have an extremely limited medical diet. I won’t eat what others cook even if you fit it in my diet. Your kitchen is contaminated. People have different food needs. If you throw a fit and act like a passive aggressive dickhead you need to grow up.

No. 1276707

Samefag but your “manners and feelings” aren’t more important than my health. You should have learn to handle disappointment as a kid.

No. 1276711

Enjoy your food poisoning, retard

No. 1276728

I don't think anon meant people like you when she was talking about picky eaters.

No. 1276761

But the thing is you have no way of knowing because I don’t disclose my medical conditions. So people jump me with food and act butt hurt when I refuse. Stop pushing food on others. Ask for consent and don’t take it personally if they say no. I shouldn’t have to tell you I’m dying 40 years before my peers for you to respect my no.

No. 1276765

Samefag but You also have no way of knowing if picky eaters have a processing disorder or autism. You’re just being an ass and your loving food good deed is really just selfish validation seeking at that

No. 1276771

I like animals, but I really hate when people donate HUGE sums of money to animal charities instead of like, children's charities. Same with people who claim they can't stand to see a dog be killed in a movie or whatever, but gleefully watch movies where teenage girls are killed. I value human life over animal life, and I don't want to see either hurt BUT if I had a million dollars you'd be sure it wouldn't be going to a stupid cat sanctuary.

No. 1276796

This tbh, i get cooking takes effort but if someone seems visibly unconformable eating whatever you handed them then something's off, forcing people to eat food they dislike just so you feel better about your cooking sounds very, very deranged no matter how you twist it

No. 1276804

I feel you but I do see posts that I report get redtexted. Also idk if you already know this but not every ban recieves a redtext. But you're right and I'm pissed too about the moderation issues tbh.

No. 1276891

None of the stuff you're describing is even a picky-eater. Not wanting to eat something you know you don't like (like bread with seeds in your example) or food that is straight up disgusting isn't being picky.

No. 1276894

This shouldn't be an unpopular opinion. I'm always confused how people who are into true crime can listen about brutal torture and murder in detail but god forbid there's killing of an animal mentioned in passing, there has to be a trigger warning! It's honestly ridiculous, loving animals is one thing but having so much more empathy towards animals than humans is a crazy territory.

No. 1276902

If I read the word "shitbull" in a post and it's being used unironically, I just assume the person isn't sane and keep scrolling. I've been proven right on this multiple times, so I don't intend to stop

No. 1276908

Found a shitbullist

No. 1276913

File: 1658776201966.png (592.08 KB, 1198x972, 1658774961698486.png)

honestly it's true though

No. 1276914

I think the jannies are awake like once or twice a day at this point. Infighting autists have run rampant across the site lately, partly because it's summer. It's kind of funny to watch them and let them get all emotional, but they also lower the overall quality of discussion because they truly can't handle anyone not sharing their opinion

No. 1276917

Why does donating to animal charities mean you value animals over humans? Caring about animals doesn't mean you don't care about humans. Sorry, but looking at a charity donation and thinking "b-but why didn't you donate to this charity instead!", or thinking that a charity doesn't deserve money just because they have a different goal is weird as fuck. Also, calling animal sanctuaries stupid is nasty.

No. 1276920

File: 1658776410415.jpg (149.73 KB, 750x923, 1656127183483.jpg)

Case in point kek

No. 1276924

False, unless he exclusively worked with retarded alcoholic men that do nothing to improve their situation. Volunteering for abortion clinics, domestic abuse shelters etc. is fulfilling and helps actual people or at least their kids.

No. 1276929

I think people can spend their money for whatever charities they like, and have their own limits for what media they feel comfortable with, honestly. It's not a competition

No. 1276933

I can see how it's depressing, but calling it a waste of time is awful. He seems kind of selfish and like he may not have cared about the people he volunteered for.

No. 1276937

File: 1658777537331.jpeg (178.48 KB, 828x1028, 1658555899394.jpeg)

This is your average edtwt anorexic woman.

No. 1276952

well that doesn't sound like much of an unpopular opinion

No. 1277007

I somewhat agree with the tweets OP posted, but I'm sure it's a hyperbole. I had a coworker who wasn't really volunteering but he was hired by a charity for HR stuff, to help marginalized people get jobs and most of the people he worked with had burnouts or quit after just a few months. The people they helped were either heinous criminals freshly released from prison or gypsies just agreeing to get the easiest jobs long enough to earn unemployment until they'd need to get a job again to earn more unemployment benefits. My coworker told me he quit after he had to help a pedophile rapist write his resume. So it depends on what you do when volunteering or which charities you're supporting I guess? And obviously it depends on the workload.

No. 1277046

Trash took itself out, good thing he's not around vulnerable people anymore, worthless moid

No. 1277204

File: 1658794546822.png (295.66 KB, 680x613, 1649786530100.png)

No. 1277209

You're right and I'm honestly pretty tired of seeing it outside of the containment thread

No. 1277214

LOL HAHAHAHahhaha i like dat

No. 1277242

Damn. I'm sorry, anon. That must feel terrible. The dog hate autists/pickmes are literally getting as bad as troons at this point IMO, even in this thread they've been freaking out and having meltdowns when people don't fully agree with them. I hope either this admin or the next one we get does something about it if it doesn't peter down by itself

No. 1277260

Sorry anon, I think this was in reply to my post but I deleted it because I didn't want to encourage any fighting and I also got some things mixed up. I didn't make the first doghate thread, I just made the current one because we needed a containment thread. I still feel kind of regretful for it either way. Anyway, I agree and I'm stop hoping whoever the current admin is will bring in some better moderation soon.

No. 1277268

How is hating dog pickme behavior? If anything men usually love dogs and hate cats. Stop throwing that word around if you don't know what it means

No. 1277279

Kek just slap "pickme" on any post you don't like

No. 1277286

Likely because of worshipping that one Reddit r/dogfree scrote until other anons had to tell you to stop

No. 1277340

I don't even use the reddit thread. Everyone who disagrees with you is the same anon right?

No. 1277345

Sometimes, I suspect there are anons who bait by pretending to be complete newfags. Sadly, it often works on the unsuspecting, and whole threads end up getting derailed

No. 1277375

half unpopular opinion and half vent but sometimes i wish lolcow wasn’t totally anon, not because of boolying or whatever but just because most of you are funny as fuck and i wish i had an irl friendship group who don’t mind weeb shit and being salty bitches

No. 1277378

Nta but any sort of animal hating behavior tends to be pickmeism. They often just parrot what psychotic scrotes say and pretend to be some psycho victim partner in crime to said scrotes. They also put down women who like and own dogs like "ooo bitches who own small animals are so stupid and prissy I need a REAL dog I can hunt with that's actually useful" even though they live in the burbs and only been to the country side once in a blue moon to visit distant family

The biggest pickmes just imitate mad scrotes. Hating small dogs, boy bands, desserts, etc

No. 1277438

Alright but what if you dislike dogs for being vicious and violent and messy and destructive, common male traits? How is that caping for moids or wanting a tough hunting dog?
Most farmers do for these very reasons, and that's hardly pickmeism if you ask me.

No. 1277448

I've also seen tardthots like Brittany Venti who go on about pitbulls because the /pol/tard moids they want the attention of talk about them as a dogwhistle for black people. There are lots of fucked up moids hate-obsess over dogs and want to kill them because their mothers or women they liked owned dogs, or they tried to hurt their exes and their dog(s) bit the fuck out of them

No. 1277463

File: 1658816138814.jpg (123.96 KB, 1710x900, toughguy.jpg)

I'm not saying that's always the situation but 9/10 dog haters don't hate vicious dogs they just bitch about Yorkies or something yapping or because they're not "useful" even though the moid/pickme doesn't even do manual labor, dog sledding, etc. I also wasn't talking about farmers but moids and pickme doghaters.

That's what I figured. I also find a lot of extremely insecure and low tier men just hate small dogs because they want to be manly or something even though legit manly men often own small cute dogs themselves kek. Maybe moids who hate big dogs know that it's often other moids who train them to be vicious and/or purposely torment them until the dog fights back. This would mean holding moids accountable for their actions and they hate that. Aren't like 99.9% of animal abusers male ?

No. 1277465

I get what your trying to say, but pitbulls are a major issue and danger for everybody, comparing it racism is stupid , they are a breed that literally cannot survive in the wild and exist cause of human bullshit

No. 1277469

That's the most bizarre and retarded thing about dog haters. Most of the time it has nothing to do with vicious dogs but when you call them out that's still the argument they make. I've seen anons fly into actual rage because a cow posted a picture of like a basset hound or something then fight for their life claiming floppy mc long ears is going to kill everyone on their street. I promise you dog haters are just weird and defensive because they have nothing but cats that give their life value so they see dog ownership as some kind of personal attack

No. 1277476

I'm not comparing it to racism, just talking about actual racists using it as an "in". It's what they do, they're like bizarrely proud of this meme they've created and feel clever about it

No. 1277478

When did anyone compare it to racism?
I love both cats and dogs but comparatively dog-haters are way more unstable than cat-haters. Cat-haters tend to just not want them in their house to protect their furniture, dog haters are weird and come from a place of instability and insecurity (this includes people who only hate certain "types" of dogs). I knew at least two moids who hated "girly dogs" because they were considered useless because you supposedly couldn't do farm work or anything. Both of these males were city dwellers who work white collar jobs and the most work they do is walk home drunk on the weekends. One of them even went briefly into detail about how he would kill a Chihuahua just because his girlfriend liked small dogs and he wanted to shock her/be edgy. Oddly enough the actual hardcore farmer, body building, blue collar moids I knew actually really liked small dogs and one of them who mowed his multi acre farmland and lifted hay all by himself would actually bring his Maltese everywhere kek. Women who hate small dogs tend to just be pickmes who are simping for these psychotic moids and think that parroting whatever they say will get them noticed by them.

As for big dog haters most tend to be justifiable since a lot of real life bad experiences with big dogs. I do feel like there's a lot of cherry picked articles about how "that husky is so going to eat your face off just watch!!". Having any sort of pet really is just signing up for any sort of bad things to happen regardless of what you get unless you get like a fish or something that stays in the tank all day. Even then fish can attack other fish

No. 1277480

Comparing dog haters and cat haters is astounding. Someone who doesn't like cats will, at most, say "Haha dogs are just cooler idk" but dog haters will write essays about how they think dogs are disgusting ugly monsters who they want to hurt. That's surprisingly common, the amount of "I hate dogs" posts that have to include weird fucking lines about how much they wish they could stomp dogs or how they're happy the lolcow owner is neglecting or abusing the dog. I've concluded that hating dogs to the extent some people do is a red flag for mental illness because that's not normal healthy behaviour towards any animal. It's like the monkey torture people but somehow socially acceptable

No. 1277498

I didn't want to get involved in this, but tbh I feel like both cat-haters and dog-haters are equal levels of unhinged as fuck. Cat-haters, IMO, dislike cats because they more independent and aren't as easily controlled (probably because they domesticated themselves) and because they push this imagined personality of "cold, mean, cruel, entitled, selfish, etc…" onto cats. Also, I think a lot of people who dislike cats only like dogs because of the loyalty thing and what dogs can do for them instead of just liking them as a companion, which goes back to the independent thing.

Hating animals in general is unhinged and there's no worse hater to me. Also, idk where this idea that cat-haters don't hurt or even try to kill cats comes from.

No. 1277513

That's not strictly true. A lot of dog owners just like how dogs are notoriously very playful and fun companions to have. Most dog people either like cats or own a cat as well. That, and I think it's unfair to call dog people equally unhinged when cat people are so enthusiastic about how much they want dogs to suffer as opposed to dog people who sometimes say they thinks cats are a bit boring

No. 1277518

I'm not calling dog people unhinged, I'm calling cat-haters unhinged. You can be a dog person and be ok with cats. Still, a lot of cat haters wish harm and hurt cats as all animal-haters do to the animals they hate. Ime regular cat people don't wish harm on dogs.

No. 1277527

I wonder where it comes from really. There's a very specific type of person that openly enjoys talking about how they're happy to see a dog neglected or abused. Its not even that they don't care about the situation, apathy would be more normal than literal enjoyment. I wonder where these people get this trait from kek

No. 1277529

I think it's just sadists tbh. It doesn't have much to do with the dog themselves.

No. 1277532

I think women around the world should be given reparations for the shit we went through and go through. I also think misogynistic men should be castrated and not allowed to breed and traumatize their daughters

No. 1277534

File: 1658820526133.jpg (149.93 KB, 720x379, 20220726_084429.jpg)

Average cat enjoyer (a response to someone in the Luna thread did not mention dogs)

No. 1277535

I kind of agree with this nonny. I think we should but I think we should take baby steps for something like this. Actually, a good starting point would be a government allowance for mandatory things like pads/tampons/gyno visits/etc

No. 1277537

A cat owner defends themselves once and you make her the poster child for cat enjoyers. That’s not fair

No. 1277538

Because it was unhinged. The person she was responding to mever mentioned dogs, she expressed mild annoyance over how milk was being buried under posts about a cat

No. 1277541

>defends herself
Nonnie it reads like an extract from a serial killer manifesto

No. 1277545

Cat killers are often dog killers to. Dog haters tend to be batshit crazy, putting down dogs because they're "too old" even with no health problems, shooting dogs out back because they can't breed and shit or thinking everyone is okay with them beating dogs in front of people. I can't stand shitty neglectful cat owners who just let their cats die in the street but hateful dog owners are a whole other ball park. I really wish people got mental stability screenings before being allowed to own an animal

No. 1277547

I like both dog and cats

No. 1277553


No. 1277567

Hear ye sane nonnie

No. 1277588

This is bullshit and any comment section of "funny cat videos where the cat actually gets hurt" and "cats are assholes videos" easily proves this otherwise, together with the reality that cats are more often victim to psychopathical animal torturers than dogs.

No. 1277591

People who are rude to customers should just fuck off and sit on the dole. Hate it so much. I am turning into a Karen i swear to god. I ordered a pizza and the stupid bitch wouldn’t let me stand inside even though the place was fucking empty and it was 30+ degrees. She got really moody when I asked. Someone like that deserves to be screamed at by a Karen or a Kevin and she’s lucky my socially awkward ass just quietly accepts their poor treatment. Imagine not even wanting to let someone stand inside just to wait for a pizza when its literally boiling hot and people are dropping like flies from heatstroke? It costs you NOTHING! Just be a decent human being for fucks sake. I swear to god the place was EMPTY! I didn’t even expect to sit down! I’m sick of it I have to use my polite customer service voice all the time just so I can be treated like a fucking human being.

No. 1277595

lol it's the exact opposite of this. I've met so many people IRL who hate cats yet I have never met a single person outside of lolcow who hated dogs (not dogs specifically anyway, although I've probably met people who dislike animals in general). people who hate cats always go above and beyond with weird mental gymnastics about why cats are evil. I just remembered when there was a myspace profile of a guy who said he hated cats and his layout was just a picture of barrels of dead cats. video related is people joking about setting a cat on fire.

No. 1277597

I don't get employees like that who are bitchy by themselves. I understand if it's a manager's instruction because they have to obey but usually that's not the case. I had some dumb bitch at mcdonald's telling a coworker that she hated people like me who double check their takeout orders before leaving in front of me while I was doing it like I was some kind of retard and guess what? If I didn't do it I would have left with not even half of my order for lunch break.

No. 1277641

How was there seriously someone trying to defend this? Fucking vile

No. 1277744

They act like they’re the only people that have to work and they’re soooo hard done by. They’re just moody cunts and want to take it out on others.

No. 1277747

I’m so over that type of shit I would have been absolutely malicious in the cold way I informed her I too would hate my work double checked if I forgot half my job on a regular basis. Then I would report her to management and corporate. McDonald’s is a franchise the owner answers to the corporation. Fun fact. They’re not hurting the company they’re hurting other working class people and can fuck off. Go be a fucking leech on an island by yourself if you hate society so much. You don’t get paid for nothing. We all unfortunately down here have to work. I’m sorry anon. It’s stupid

No. 1277748

She was upset that you checked your takeout order? Wtf, I do that every time no matter where I am getting takeout from because I don't want to walk away with someone else's dinner and make them wait for a new one either

No. 1277755

I’m in an online group for a company I left and there’s been a huge uptick in posts from whiny new hires that complain about any mundane shit a customer does. Like, calling them stupid for asking where the grocery carts are or making fun of things people buy. You can tell the company is desperate to hire anyone with a pulse by looking at the decline in post quality since the pandemic hit

No. 1277758

Yeah, well keep doing that, unless you want to go just two desserts and the wrong drink instead of your drink, one dessert, your fries and your hamburger because that's what nearly happened.

Yeah, when I was working in retail I saw so much worse than that, I had actual "Karens" verbally abusing me and my coworkers, I saw shit, piss bottles and puddles and couples fucking in changing rooms, I had a guy from some unknown security company pretending to be a costumer and insulting me and threatening to beat me up to report my reaction to my manager, I think she can deal with a paying customer checking if she got the correct order before leaving.

I just looked at her straight in the eyes with my eternal resting bitch face, showed her an apple pie package she gave me that I didn't order (only ordered one and got two), and asked her if that was the big mac and fries I ordered, she apologized profusely, gave me my stuff and I left but sometimes just being nice and polite or even just neutral can make them way more embarrassed than calling the manager and creating a scene.

No. 1277787

That’s fair. I don’t make a scene. I’ll call their manager when I get home and put on my nice customer service voice and tell them how rude it was. More flies with honey than vinegar yada and corporate complaints can just be typed on the website. No yelling required.

No. 1277837

True, I dislike dogs because they’re usually smelly, loud and get in my space plus I’ve been fucking attacked by them so I don’t like them period. I don’t wish them harm, just don’t want to see them everywhere I turn or have them jump on me in the park. Whenever I express this dislike, people act like I’m a freak saying “how could you possibly hate my pure innocent doggo” and there’s always viral posts about how dogs can sense good vs bad or other bullshit from sheltered white people who don’t understand their pet is an animal not a cartoon character. These people will treat some huge dog like a person and then it eats their fucking child because they missed obvious warning signs. Cat haters are usually violent psychos and cats barely do anything wrong to people irl so it’s unwarranted to hate them so much to the point of violence when you can easily stay away, especially it’s usually males who hate cats which is a red flag if you’re that pressed about a small animal that keeps to itself.

No. 1277896

They absolutely love it when you make a scene so that they can play the victim and make out that you where in the wrong to begin with, then they can have you escorted from the premises. This includes when they’ve overcharged you or fucked up your order and owe you a refund.

No. 1277906

This. I don't like dogs but I don't want them to die except the violent ones like shitbulls. Cat haters are on another level and they tend to feed into age old religious nonsense about them being messengers of Satan or some crap. Cats are also associated with femininity, more vulnerable, there is a reason that psychopathic moids take their anger out on cats most of the time. These "lol cat haters are just chill" cope is ridiculous. Like a previous anon said, go on any video about a cat getting hurt, the comments will be moids cheering and laughing. Also let's not forget that cats getting hurt/killed has been a running joke in cartoons and movies for fucking decades. Then, if the dog dies, it's a huge emotional tear jerking moment. Historically cats have always been the victims of violence in some way and you cannot deny that, and it's still a huge thing today.
Maybe if you live in Turkey or Russia it's the opposite, but in the US? Hell no.

No. 1277933

People in America have more empathy for dogs than humans and they’re proud of it to brag on the Internet kek it’s so cringe and retarded. People will go as far to say they’d rather rescue a dog than a baby in a life or death situation and this is seen as normal and “animal loving”

No. 1277936

This, anyone who can abuse one animal would be perfectly willing to abuse another - cat, dog, rodent, whatever. I don't know why people are trying to make animal abuse some retarded cats vs dogs thing when in reality the vast majority of people who hurt animals will just hurt whichever animal is vulnerable and accessible to them at the time. I agree about the weird publicity of dog abuse though, I often see people (95% of the time moids) get rough with and scream at their dogs to deliberately frighten them when they get frustrated and they act like that's a totally normal thing to do. No wonder so many animals come into shelters terrified of men

No. 1277971

Dogs make great protectors and friends for both women and children IMO. Moids hate big ones because they hate anything that makes it harder for them to abuse others and throw their weight around, and they hate small ones for the same reasons they hate cats.
Dog/cat/monkey/all animal torture "people" should honestly just kill themselves. There's never a defense. Anyone who gets off on killing animals is less than shit. Even if it's because the animal is violent, you can always tell when the person's desire is about wanting to protect the innocent vs just wanting to see an animal get hurt without being called out for being sick. I hate anyone who tries to defend, downplay or make excuses for it, too.
Tangent, but I remember one person from the dog hate thread recently telling an anon to poison her neighbor's dog for being too loud, and the only person who called it out was someone who was arguing with the posters of that thread in general. Shit disgusts me

No. 1277984

>moids hate big dogs
uuuuh. you need to get off the internet.

No. 1277988

You must be extremely young or never been around a typical domestic abuser scrote who talks about how "dangerous" or "dumb" dogs are when he's literally violent and idiotic himself kek

No. 1277991

Men will use their dog as an accessory to prove their manliness. I’ve heard so many men shit and hate on small dogs saying they’re not real dogs, they treat it like an extension of their personality or something. That’s why you see all these dudes posing with some deformed pitbull or vicious freak dog because they know it makes people scared and they think it represents their power. Usually they’re the ones forcing large dogs in public and not respecting peoples personal boundaries.

No. 1277992

>I remember one person from the dog hate thread recently telling an anon to poison her neighbor's dog for being too loud, and the only person who called it out was someone who was arguing with the posters of that thread in general.

That was me and I got labeled as a cat hater and a dog "boymom" for it. Honestly that whole thread is full of unhinged people (and moids, let's be honest) and I don't know why it hasn't been locked yet. It's not there to criticize dog owners' behaviour (which is fair tbh), it's there so some sick bastard can post borderline gore and repeat how much they'd kill all dogs over and over again.
Suggesting poisoning people's dogs is just so bad and this is coming from someone who used to own a lot of cats that got poisoned/caught and killed by neighbours and now owns a dog (that is kept very safe for that reason). That shit actually fucks people up when it happens, I'm not even being dramatic. I get not liking some pets, but anyone aggressively talking about killing animals has issues.

A lot of moids hate dogs in general, it's why many dogs are aggressive towards males but not towards women. Even moids who say that they "love" their dog often abuse it (think of all the moids doing the alpha "training" bullshit).

No. 1277995

Not saying animal abusers don't discriminate but, again, cats are usually the most vulnerable because they're so widely hated. Same with rodents because they're small and considered vermin.
Also insane cat hating moids, such as my uncle, feel a sense of pride when his dog killed and ate neighbors cats and didn't take responsibility. Loved his dog more than life though of course. His sons regularly abused cats for fun too. I don't know what it is with psycho moids with cats.

No. 1278009

File: 1658862716494.jpg (65.12 KB, 710x1024, contemplating.jpg)

Tbh lolcow has made me like dogs more. I never really thought about them much before and I actually used to be scared of them, but they just come up so often recently. I'm still a cat person at heart, but I think I would like to have a dog at some point. Why can't we just love all animals

No. 1278012

I agree with you, anon. The thread is honestly a magnet for some disgusting people, and the rest just pretend not to see it for some reason (and many would rather attack anyone who doesn't coddle them).
No one needs a micro-community based purely around hating any animal, all that does is attract budding sociopaths and crazy people. You don't even need to particularly like dogs or anything, it's just that if you're a normal fucking person, your feelings won't cause a stir

No. 1278037

I like dogs but they freak me out now. One seemed to get mighty angry, teeth and all, when I tripped and fell on the sidewalk. If the owner didn't grab the last length of the leash before it ran all the way to me I think it would have attacked. Not nice to know all these random animals on the street can bite me up.

No. 1278039

File: 1658864210214.jpg (83.36 KB, 729x486, basset-hound-with-cat-closeup.…)

Happy to hear that nona. I'm the opposite, I'm a dog person at heart but have recently been opening up to cats. It's still very hard for me to read their body language and I'm still very scared of getting scratched kek. Being around dogs is like second nature to me and it takes a lot for me to be scared of one, even big ones. I am more scared of a cat scratching me than a dog biting me lol maybe because it's much easier for me to see and read when a dog will bite. Ideally in the future I'd like to get a cat alongside my future dog. Maybe a cat who would like to go outdoors (while harnessed up) so all of us can go out on adventures together.

No. 1278042

>Maybe a cat who would like to go outdoors (while harnessed up) so all of us can go out on adventures together.
Nta but that reminds me that near where I live there's a family who owns a big bernese mountain dog and when they go out on a walk they often bring along their black and white cat as well. They look like they go along so well, it's cute.

No. 1278161

Why you lyin? You got called a boymom for saying that it’s anon’s faults if their cat gets mauled by a dog “while shitting in their lawn” in the context of a conversation about an anon who had to scoop up her cats corpse from her driveway after it was murdered.

No. 1278239

Scrotes with a cuck fetish are better than insecure manlets who think women cheating is deserving of the death penalty and are overly controlling and abusive to their girlfriends because of "paranoia about cheating" when most of these scrotes are either cheating themselves or wanting their girlfriends to be into cuckqueening

No. 1278248

Then just fucking hide it already you lying sperg.

No. 1278265

NTA but she isn't lying, there are unironically people who want to poison dogs in those threads, and people like >>1277534

No. 1278292

Yep so I just get polite and cold to get my shit fixed and then go about the fuckery at home. Too many years in debt collection burned me out. They can walk into an angry manager next shift and normally I get a coupon in return. I also don’t want to mess up other people just trying to get their hashbrowns before work which a ten minute argument would definitely cause. Kek

No. 1278764

You life doesn't really improve being stunningly beautiful. Being a 8/10, the level of attractiveness up to the level that correlates well with heath, is often better than being a 10/10.

Of course being pretty is better than being ugly, in any instance. But I always felt being the tallest poppy invites trouble and just being moderately more attractive than stunningly beautiful is better.

No. 1278771

I should follow up in that I don't think moids really care sexually about your looks after a certain point. After that point, your marginal extra attractiveness is just like a flashy rolex for the moid to show off to other moids,
like a giant flex. It's why fat greasy rich moids insist on having a model to show off, while in everyday life you often come across attractive men dating just moderately attractive or even average women.


This argument always goes the same way on here
>Pretty women have it hard too
>Ugly women get creeped on in the same way
>No they don't, it's different!

Ugly women get a different sort of creeping but it's not the same, and is arguably worse. Ugly women have to put up with moids creeping in thinking they're easy fucks, how the fat woman at a party gets treated and hit on once the moids get drunk shows this.

No. 1278787

Yeah, I'm always pretty ticked off when pretty girls say ugly girls are "lucky" to not be noticed
Sure, but the predators? They notice us more. The difference is that men don't even pretend to treat ugly women as human - they have some decency towards women they find attractive - and will absolutely abuse the fuck out of them with no remorse, and they get away with it because nobody feels sorry for ugly girls.

I've never gotten so many "hookup" and "fwb" offers (hidden behind a vague hope of a relationship that of course will never happen) as when I hung around moids. They would crush on and obsess over the attractive girls and compared to me treat them like some ethereal superior being, while I was some kind of embarrassing contemptible cumdump monster in their eyes. Didn't stop them from trying to have sex with me, just in the most degrading way and attempting the most degrading things they would NEVER do to stacy kek

No. 1278826

Thanks anon, I've somewhat gotten past a lot of it. Not having male "friends" helps

No. 1278836

Lol I had a "good" one for years
He still fucked me over in the exact same way. Good for you though, if you're actually female kek

No. 1278842

>while in everyday life you often come across attractive men dating just moderately attractive or even average women
I think this also happens cause, well, is just easier (statistically) to date an average girl, attractive people are not common in general and is pretty rare if they even date each other.

But hey, most women, regardless of their appearance, are moderately good to excellent partners, moids don't even need to try cause they will most likely score a very decent girl, attractive or not

No. 1278867

Then he wasn't good!

No. 1278884

The reality is men are degenerates and they don't choose their victims in any particular fashion.

No. 1278905

ok mr "one of the good ones" lol

No. 1278908

You don't know anything about me. Sorry you're bitter nonna. I hope you find whatever you're looking for

No. 1279027

Lmao I knew I was talking to a tranny

No. 1279426

I hate that people don't understand that raping and beating your partner out of anger isn't the only type of physical abuse. "jokingly" hurting your partner for humors sake is physical abuse. Manipulating and playing up your partners anxiety to sleep deprive/isolate them is physical abuse. Convincing them to get beat during sex or do sexually things they don't want under the guise of you cheating/leaving if they don't comply is physical abuse. I fucking hate how everything has to be a stereotypical "victim" to be abuse. And yes this means retarded discord long distance relationships between neckbeards and underage girls are physically abusive relationships

No. 1279478

Anon physical abuse has to physically touch you. Manipulation that doesn’t involve a physical aspect is emotion abuse. Words have meanings and you seem confused. All of it is abuse you’re right, but unless they are physically harming you it’s not physically. There’s emotional, financial, physical, and sexual.

No. 1279488

My Neighbor Totoro sucks, it is unbelievably boring, one of my least favorite Ghibli movies.

No. 1279509

No. 1279516

I've watched it several times and I never remember what happens in that movie, it's really not memorable.

No. 1279529

The amount of domestic abuse stories that include a moid killing or severely injuring a dog that was trying to protect the woman or a child and continuing to fight in their defense while being murdered is pretty big. Most of the time it's not even a big dog, it's a small(ish) one. I've read abuse stories in magazines that encourage people to donate to charities that deal with vet costs of dogs who are severely injured while protecting women and children

My favourite Ghibli movie is this big rock I found and am going to kill you with for saying that (jk I fucking hate My Neighbour Totoro. I have no idea how it outdid both Spirited Away and Princess Mononoke)


No. 1279536

I think about this. Moids love whores and they take advantage of BPD girls because they're easy/susceptible to hypersexuality. It's sad because I'm fully aware a lot of people with BPD acknowledge they use sex to get love and moids just sort of use them and disappear

No. 1279541

The online fixation around BPD is largely pushed by western moids who fetishize/revile women diagnosed with it, and internet-addicted zoomers/millenials who are very likely to be diagnosed with it themselves. Those who bring it up a lot and/or accuse random women of having BPD are ironically showing a bit of a red flag for their own mental health. I feel like it won't be long until BPD is pushed as some sort of "branding" or part of an "aesthetic" the same way self-harm was associated with the emo subculture

(sorry I deleted my post the first time nona, I agree with you)

No. 1279542

Totoro and Ponyo are absolute shit

No. 1279543

>Those who bring it up a lot and/or accuse random women of having BPD are ironically showing a bit of a red flag for their own mental health
Agree, some people online are just obsessed with BPDs to the point they seem unwell

No. 1279553

>boring cartoon for children from a boring country is boring

No. 1279556

kek. zoomers will get mad that they have to do anything

No. 1279565

> I feel like it won't be long until BPD is pushed as some sort of "branding" or part of an "aesthetic" the same way self-harm was associated with the emo subculture
My sweet nonnie it already has. I've seen so many girls on tumblr romanticize it or say it's part of their aesthetic. And let's not forget the xanax and knives sanrio traumacore e-girl thing. Posting pics of their ~so aesthetic~ piles of antipsychotic drugs they have to take or just make posts about klonopin or whatever the same way troons will constantly joke about estradiol

No. 1279575

>>1279541 It largely functions as the new hysterical woman label, especially when its about a "crazy bpd ex". I honestly feel when reading stories about these women that the men writing them are probably narcissists and want to label the women so they are the victim, because the women is now the crazy bitch, which no one questions. See the JD/AH trial

No. 1279583

Ntayrt but its bizarre seeing teenagers call themselves "yandere" and post "yanderecore" to cope with what is either BPD or fake BPD

No. 1279587

the zoomer hate thread/sitewide is honestly kinda pathetic. Zoomers can be retarded, but the absolute whiteknighting of how perfect millenial childhoods/teenhoods were is just embarassingly wrong. Why are we all acting like we weren't retards on the internet and offline? Because we used html blogs and forums instead of social media? Scene and yaoi paddles are not the golden shimmering peaks of culture some people on this site are trying to make it seem
I think the most cringe thing about it is that this is exactly what gen X/boomers did to millennials, but instead of us using the awareness of the bullshit we were subject to, millennials continue to push the cycle
I'm not sure why, but I really expected millenials to break out of it and change the generation blaming cycle lol

No. 1279599

You feeling attacked at the zoomer discussion doesn’t mean we’re all whiteknighting millennials. Grow a thicker skin. Zoomers can’t escape critique anymore than anyone else and they’re all at this point adults. Alpha is the kids.

No. 1279603

They're mad that they're not teenagers anymore, that's a large aspect of the whole thing. Some of the complaints contradict each other too, that's how you know it's mostly grasps.

No. 1279609

It's incredibly childish and pathethic from both sides honestly. People completely lose their common sense and reason when they hate about the other gen, so stupid. Goes for both sides btw.

No. 1279611

i feel like ppl (celebrities and influencers) aren’t required to be truthful about the “work” they’ve got done. bc even if some famous actress has a shit ton of plastic surgery…who cares, there are ppl out there who look like that naturally. and children are going to have to accept someone being “prettier” than them. women who say they feel better about themselves after learning a celeb has plastic surgery or learning they have insecurities or seeing them without makeup, are weird lol. sometimes ppl are just better than you, that’s life and you have to accept it.

No. 1279612

And zoomers are quick to blaming millennials for everything. No one is going to "be the change that matters"

No. 1279615

I don't participate in the thread, just read some weird coping. It might be personal to you but it's not to me, just disappointing
Honestly agreed, I think the twitter zoomer sperging about millennials just as pathetic
It's a shame because as two of rhe most connected and online generations you would think we would be less susceptible to us vs them shit
But why not? Are we just supposed to resign to become boomers just without the money or life security? i don't see how joining the older generations in punching down and infighting really helps

No. 1279616

The point that I am making is that zoomers are punching at Millennials. You can't make meaningful changes if all you do is blame everyone else while not looking at your own faults and what must be done in general. Zoomers blame Millennials for being manbabies who buy Harry Potter, but Zoomers are the ones in tiktok buying $600 Shein and Aliexpress hauls. Self awareness with all the gens is the key, yet all gens fail at this. If you think "LMAO BEANS" is self-awareness, I don't know what to tell you.

That being said, wallowing in depression (Millennials) is also counter productive

No. 1279624

>You can't make meaningful changes if all you do is blame everyone else while not looking at your own faults and what must be done in general.
Was this not one of OPs points about millennials?

No. 1279645

They try so hard to prove it too even if it’s not clear. I was never hurt because I saw pretty people on tv, just when those standards were pushed on me and I was judged for not participating. Reminds me of the Madison Beer hate train from a few years ago kek she’s obviously very attractive and there were tiktoks of women screaming and seething that she needs to come out about being fake as if that’ll suddenly stop people with low self esteem from comparing themselves to a celebrity on social media.

No. 1279652

Microsoft will take Windows 7 from my cold dead hands. Windows 10 is awful and I don't understand how anyone can use that shit on a daily basis.

No. 1279674

For me it's the fact most moids will expect you to look a certain way and compare you to influencers but also be extremely against surgery. Moids need to know their "ideal" woman 9/10 times is fake. There are people that look certain ways naturally but it's rare

No. 1279692

Yeah I regret updating to 10. It's been pushing me to upgrade to 11 which I've been refusing, is that one any better?

No. 1279769

My long lost sister, I love you. My father has tried pushing Win10 onto me, but if I spent one night trying to figure out how to install win7 on this originally win10 laptop, I'll just do another one in case I'll have to get a new one.

No. 1279853

The obly reason why I use windows 10 is because my laptop with windows 7 was utterly fucked up. It was in repair 3 times, and the first time it got repaired and I got it back it became very slow very suddenly. I forced myself to keep this abomination that nearly ruined my years in university because it was at a time when new laptops had windows 8 and it would have been even worse to deal with that.

No. 1279903

It’s kinda weird how they’re criticize zoomers so much for being “woke” yes being holier than thou and pronouns are annoying, but mfs lived in an era of revenge porn sites being popular and calling everyone retard and faggot, millenials are edgelords who can’t handle change that well.

No. 1279927

Vanilla tootsie rolls are better than chocolate ones. Also vanilla ones shouldn't be in the fruit assortment. Vanilla isn't a fruit flavor. It's bs.

No. 1279930

Adults who don't know how to cook annoy me just as much as picky eaters. It's not cute that you cant make spaghetti at 25.

No. 1279938

>tfw i'm both

No. 1279942

What's wrong with retard and faggot?

No. 1279950

Millennials were the mix of edgelords and SJWs. It's usually them getting in those stupid poly relationships nowadays and off their ass offended claiming everything is racist. On the other hand you had the millennials considering gore as entertainment and making "jokes" about being racist/sexist until they actually become racist and sexist and "ironically" joining the kkk

It's usually moids claiming to not know how to cook to bait some pickme into saying something "teehee let me cook you something" but then can't do stereotypical moid duties like fixing cars are putting together furniture. They'll claim to but I've seen "manly" moids look confused as hell when asked to change a tire. At this point its more useful being on your own or getting in a lesbian relationship since it seems women are the ones picking up the slack where men keep lacking such as making money, dirty work, cleaning, etc.

No. 1279951

Revenge porn still alive and well. Zoomers celebrate the era where openly grooming kids and brainwashing them into being tranny prostitutes, don’t blame millennial women for scrote shit they had no control over, especially shit zoomers didn’t fix at all.

No. 1279954

File: 1658965013107.jpg (109.1 KB, 749x745, tumblr_97eeedcb5d741d11f85a054…)

>Playboy logo popular
>Jessi Slaughter
>Amanda Todd
>Yaoi paddle
>Chain email cursed
>Glitter/animated text and gifs (actually based and iconic)
>Tokio Hotel incest
>Start of mass grooming in children's games
>Reddit pedophile subreddits/ fat people hate/ start of mass manufactured rage stories
>Children reading pedophile manga on sites and phone apps without knowing what it was
>Unfunny shock websites linked everywhere (you know the ones)
>Libfem "casual sex is great and empowering!" "Tumblr hoetips megaposts" untagged porn and more disgusting shit on 13+ website
And even as an older zoomer I saw all this and porn before 13 while not knowing what my vag was. At least I grew up mostly without any tech. Zoomers are basically millennial culture extended anyway.

No. 1279956

>Zoomers celebrate the era where openly grooming kids and brainwashing them into being tranny prostitutes
You mean the era they're growing up in? Also, that post didn't specifically target women.

No. 1279957

>can't make spaghetti at 25
I used to make spaghetti in water bottles using the hot sun at 6 kek. Not great, but I wasn't allowed to cook on my own and use fire.

No. 1279958

File: 1658965219800.jpg (171.39 KB, 736x981, 7db9336e116760dc52af212f590387…)

For a second I didn't realize this was a typo for glomping and was confused on why "glam camping" was here kek

No. 1279959

God I wish I was there, I fucking hate being in the city.

No. 1280081

nona what the fuck? do you live in a cave?

No. 1280110

Caveposters belong here on LOLCOR

No. 1280135

Kek no, worse, Ausfag. I just didn't know/wasn't allowed to cook using the oven but wanted to cook things for fun so I would get some spaghetti, break it in half, shove it in a water bottle, then leave it in the summer sun for half an hour until it was somewhat edible. I wouldn't even have sauce, just salt and pepper. I didn't care if it tasted bad, I just liked that I made it. I didn't do it more than 3 times maybe. I was 6 to be fair.

No. 1280136

For reference, summer sun can get to 46 celcius in Australia.

No. 1280141

Jesus, no wonder they used Australia as a punishment

No. 1280210

Ah, a return to when the internet wasn't gentrified. I'd wade through that crap over the crap we're currently swimming in. I miss when troons were the butt of jokes in mainstream media.

No. 1280402

That picrel looks so nice, I wish I could just crawl in there and take the biggest nap right now

No. 1280488

There should be only one gender neutral pronoun and this isn't even because of tranny pandering. My native language doesn't have gendered pronouns or gendered words in general and there's only one third person pronoun everyone is referred to regardless of their sex. I don't understand why English and other speakers with gendered language are so averse to this idea because I'm so used to it and feel it's much more efficient in regards of stopping profiling or awkward speech like saying "he or she" instead of "they". Just a small example of the benefits, imagine talking to children when telling them about traditionally heavily gendered professions like firefighters or doctors or CEOs you could always use the word "they" without the unnecessary gendered bias.

No. 1280582

Pronouns are also for people you are talking about personally not just groups. He and she help clarify it in a story telling perspective eliminating would create a lot of confusion and massacre English worse anon. Also what you’re saying is already possible in English so?

No. 1280651

People who take selfies are weird and I don't trust them.

No. 1280691

so like nearly everyone?

No. 1280724

Yeah, I guess so.

No. 1280774

I really just don't get the mentality of taking selfies. I don't care that much about my own appearance and never take selfies so I just can't relate. To me, it comes off as a bit narcissistic especially if it's done excessively. I have a bpd sister who is obsessed with her own appearance though so that probably affects my view of it a lot.

No. 1280943

Of course it’s an esl saying this. English not working the same way your language does, doesn’t mean it needs to be changed to suit you.

No. 1280954

File: 1659043405716.jpg (594.17 KB, 1667x2500, Aliza Shvarts-Purported-4167.j…)

In reality, Aliza Shvarts didn't really do anything wrong with her miscarriage/abortion/menstruation art piece that got censored. It was deliberately left up in the air whether any actual miscarriage or abortion ever happened, and that just proved the point. I don't think people were wrong to be alarmed or disgusted (I personally find it extreme and off-putting, though I feel like I "get it"), but at the end of the day, it's something a woman can do. It's ordained by biology, and more than just disgust, I think a lot of men and secretly male-identified women hate being reminded of this inherent power gap between the sexes

No. 1280961

Haha, her name is sharts

No. 1280965

I can't stand people whose vacation photos are just selfies of them instead of the actual scenery or monuments.

No. 1280997

File: 1659047024450.jpg (131.14 KB, 800x600, chocolate-cookies.jpg)

Hard, crunchy cookies are the worst of the worst. A proper cookie is soft.

No. 1281016

Hi all! First time posting here and I know many like dogs but this has been on my mind for years! My family is all dog people so I will never have the chance to say this but after meeting my girlfriend's mom and her 2 dogs I have to make it known that I absolutely dislike Pomeranian dog breed. ALl the 2 times I have seen them in a dream I kicked them and ended up waking so so satisfied. Oh God. They look so ugly and horrible and I see their faces and I see the deformed skull! I hear the breathing and I hear death!

No. 1281022

Not a real unpopular opinion I think but one around people my age I have noticed: Investing in stocks is good. It's surprisingly easy and I am very excited to watch slow growth over the years!

No. 1281031


No. 1281034

hi every1 im new!!!!!!! holds up spork my name is katy but u can call me t3h PeNgU1N oF d00m!!!!!!!! lol…as u can see im very random!!!! thats why i came here, 2 meet random ppl like me ^_^… im 13 years old (im mature 4 my age tho!!) i like 2 watch invader zim w/ my girlfreind (im bi if u dont like it deal w/it) its our favorite tv show!!! bcuz its SOOOO random!!!! shes random 2 of course but i want 2 meet more random ppl =) like they say the more the merrier!!!! lol…neways i hope 2 make alot of freinds here so give me lots of commentses!!!!
DOOOOOMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ←- me bein random again ^_^ hehe…toodles!!!!!

love and waffles,

t3h PeNgU1N oF d00m

No. 1281037

No. 1281038

Please, for the love of god, integrate

No. 1281040

Many people are saying this!

No. 1281045

2006 flashbacks

No. 1281047

(this is a schizotranny, do not reply to this post, check meta)

No. 1281095

I'm out of the loop, is this the same tranny who was posting gore on /cow/ along with LC after having a meltdown over having his degeneracy being posted in the MTF thread or some new specimen? They really come from the same breeding factory like actual NPCs.

No. 1281131

yes it’s the same troon. he’s a frequent poster on an animal gore image board and has spammed cp here multiple times. since vpns have been disabled by farmhands he’s taken to trying to just cause infighting, post schizobabble, accuse everyone else of being a trannoid or a scrote, and samefagging at lightning speeds because he has nothing else to do.

No. 1281168

how is he still here if vpns are disabled? is it not foolproof?

No. 1281171

he’s been phoneposting (as seen from his file names) and resetting his mobile ip i assume

No. 1281175

Don’t forget he also
>>pretends to be the feds
>>has an arrest warrant in Minnesota
>>claims to have been molested despite being an avid pedo
>>doxxed his own mother
>>has now been excommunicated from even Elaine and the kiwi cells

No. 1281176

It’s because his parents took away the Wi-Fi password. I’m not even joking anon. He’s that pathetic.

No. 1281178

>since vpns have been disabled by farmhands
Wait, since when? I'm literally on an Opera VPN right now, weird.

No. 1281182

might’ve only disabled lifting vpn bans

No. 1281185

ah I get it now, thanks.

No. 1281188

I think anon is confused. Farmhand said they will not be lifting any bans for vpns. Not that all vpns were banned. They also said there will probably be a town hall like normal in November but they don’t know

No. 1281196

That’s fair. I just wanted to clear it up and not be confrontational from the go ahead anon.

No. 1281220

Creatures with Y chromosomes are always short on the joke. They think they blend but we’re just nodding along. Women have manners for other women. No one gets offended by a poorly mannered women like a defective xy.

No. 1281231

And they are never worth the time to explain anything to because they lack functioning brain cells and waste so much oxygen themselves it’s a crime against the planet.

Basil is the easiest herb to grow. Mint can be fickle.

No. 1281248

Imagine the type of future we could give all the girls in this world if we just took out the men and let them grow up safe for once?

No. 1281251

Kek anon

No. 1281265

File: 1659058281242.png (245.97 KB, 469x482, Screenshot (82).png)

me observing the state of this thread right now

No. 1281279

We’re all just the same anon. Kek
I’m sorry anon. What’s your unpopular opinion and I’ll listen. Let’s get back on track

No. 1281299

Just take the wrapper off and flip it over. Eat from the bottom. No icing. It’s how I’ve done it since primary. No icing is the best.

No. 1281308

Your entire future shouldn’t be primarily based off timed exams when you can just reference anything in real life

No. 1281340

green apples are disgusting, red ones (especially the dark red apples) taste way better

No. 1281343

Assuming you're a burger, try Swiss buttercream. It's much more mild and not sugary at all. American buttercream sucks and makes your teeth hurt, especially jarred Pillsbury shit or stuff from a regular non-hippie grocery store

No. 1281345

People who prioritize an animal’s life over a human one is definitely a psychopath. Very easy to feel more connected to an animal who doesn’t communicate the same as you, therefore you fell like you have more control over them. These sort of loony ass treehuggers have realized that, which is why they weirdly know everything about how to take care of a cat and if you make a cute video of your cat doing shit they scream animal abuse but the multiple human rights violations they are absolutely silent about. Not saying you shouldn’t care about animals at all but there is just something very fucking wrong with these kinds of animal lovers

No. 1281623

>how do you do fellow femo-err, sorry, women?

No. 1281637

Yeah, I agree with this. And as soon as food coloring is involved, you can count me the fuck out. Do people not taste the acrid nastiness from food coloring or something? I mean, sure, your poop is an interesting color after you eat it but at what cost?

No. 1281676

retarded. it's very different to be an idiot with books and a phone and a learned person who can interlink info with other info and thus generate new info or even new structures of thinking, have them mature, and be part of this underlying network of ideas that forms the way they approach the world.
i do agree exams aren't perfect though and the american ones you tick are really shitty. but memorizing and relating pieces of information to one another is not the broken part.

No. 1281699

This makes sense for all of the animal lover vegans I've met

No. 1281709

My unpopular opinion is that vegans are based honestly I can’t argue with them, hopefully this doesn’t turn into a Reddit tier debate please god

No. 1281717

Not a vegan and I don't personally think all of their dietary choices are the healthiest, but I noticed back when I ate vegetarian, people who ate meat seethed hard at me for no reason. Like they'd just notice if I didn't have meat on my plate and start trying to argue like it was a debate, or like they felt guilty and needed to defend themselves, even though I didn't care about their choices and never judged them. I just ignored it, kek.
A lot of people who eat meat are just extremely insecure around vegans and vegetarians

No. 1281723

I'm a vegetarian, and honestly I hate when meat-eaters go out of their way to tell me how much they love meat or how they could never give it up. I really don't give a fuck what you eat dude. I know there's a whole thing about "vegans/vegetarians will always bring up how they're vegan" but honestly I think it's meat-eaters who do that.

No. 1281729

Huge fucking agree, you articulated something I’ve felt for a while now extremely well. I’ve had pets my whole life and I enjoy learning about animals but honestly I steer clear of “animal lover” circles IRL and online because a good chunk of the people you meet are incredibly morally inconsistent and extreme.

No. 1281740

It's cringy and rude to photobomb random people. It's one thing if it's people you actually know or something and that's your sense of humor, but doing it to complete strangers screams "I need attention"/"I'm so qUIRKY look at me"

No. 1281745

File: 1659078671722.png (444.06 KB, 380x505, twitter.PNG)

Reminds me of this tweet I saw earlier lol. I agree though.

No. 1281746

Same, I was a vegetarian but also picky eater autist for a long time and I had so many people in my face about my dietary habits. Or just forcing me to get something at a restaurant that I wouldn't eat or enjoy to try to convert me. Meat eaters always had something to say to me but I never preached about muh animulz to anyone.
My unpopular opinion is people should just fuck off and let people eat what they want as long as they aren't being obese about it.

No. 1281771

I swear I read the exact same thing like 3 days ago

No. 1281795

love this picture

No. 1281807

I saw this, kek. The fact that she went out of her way to cross the roped section and squat to be in that photo is so weird to me. Just take silly selfies with your friends

No. 1281881

me neither. there isn't a single picture of me on the internet. if you want to see me, come see me.

No. 1281994

I took myself off the organ donor list. I signed up when I was 18 and used to be obnoxiously pro-donation. The past couple years has destroyed my trust in the medical system and now I'm really paranoid that they'd let me die to save more lives. I also used to be signed up to donate my cadaver to science but I withdrew from that too because I don't want some scrote med student molesting me when I'm dead. I don't care if it's selfish. My body is mine and I'm not gonna feel guilty for wanting the best chance of survival in a hospital, or for wanting it to be treated respectfully once I'm dead.

No. 1282001

I did the same (although for other reasons).

No. 1282006

File: 1659108116434.jpg (32 KB, 475x584, damnyougeorge.jpg)

Yeah but sometimes it's really funny.

No. 1282009

My mom died absolutely riddled with cancer,it had spread like crazy by the end. After her death I found an organ donor card in her wallet and I've never felt so bad for laughing at something.

No. 1282010

Eh, I've been binge-watching a lot of medical reality shows (like Trauma: Life in the E.R. and whatnot) and they REALLY do try their damndest. Even in shitty cities like San Francisco, they go all out on drug addicts who, frankly, don't deserve the effort they put in. You could always write some kind of "dead man's switch" note that would tell people you want your organs donated.

No. 1282020

I'd let Paul photobomb me any day

No. 1282032

>reality shows
anon lol.

No. 1282039

I miss this era compared to the youth of today

No. 1282054

>You could always write some kind of "dead man's switch" note that would tell people you want your organs donated.
Yeah I kind of have done that, like my family knows that I have no religious objections and they're allowed to say yes if they're asked for donation once I'm dead. It just really freaks me out knowing there's a big THESE ORGANS ARE UP FOR GRABS note in my medical file. If I'm unconscious and unable to advocate for myself I don't want the doctors thinking about all the lives my body would save.

No. 1282157

Stupid question but is investing in stocks any good for euros? I assume every single person on the internet is USanian, and with laws regarding finances being so different I never bothered to look into it any further lol.

No. 1282167

How can you differentiate between them, they look all the same

No. 1282230

I did too. Had a personal tragedy with a friend’s toddler. They declared him brain dead, pressured the family, tried to deny a second opinion. Second opinion proved he had brain activity. Wasn’t dead. If they hadn’t gotten legal involved their two year old son would have been harvested for his organs. He’s now on special treatment across the country and is starting to respond so there’s a chance he recovers. Fuck the medical system

No. 1282231

>> I'm unconscious and unable to advocate for myself I don't want the doctors thinking about all the lives my body would save.
They aren’t. They’re thinking of the millions your organs are worth anon.

No. 1282239

That is fucking disgusting and I think it happens more often than we'd like to think.

No. 1282253

Here’s also a news article related that I know of off the top of my head so it’s not just my personal note.

No. 1282255

Samefag obviously not related to me. Not doxxing myself.

No. 1282270

I think the big swirly sea monsters on the corners of old timey maps of the world are somewhat grounded in reality and I'm so sick of people saying they were drawn there because people didn't understand how the ocean works

No. 1282529

Some of them were nice too.

No. 1282801

Reminds me of a joke in a kids show or movie (maybe Flapjack?) of the two characters looking at an old school map and making navigations based on the scary sea monsters

No. 1282849

Something about this threadpic really stresses me out despite it being objectively cute

No. 1282870

Piggybacking offa ya, anon:
All animal costumes suck. You're putting your animals in a constricting position and making them feel trapped, thus making them stressed. I hate all animal costumes, no matter how cute they are. Treat animals with respect to their nature. Stop baby-fying animals when they don't understand our human delusions.

No. 1282896

There's a culture in the world where a woman can marry some guy for mutual benefits re: money/resources/family name, but she's allowed to sleep with another guy in order to have beautiful children (or for pleasure, in some cases). The whole thing just isn't looked down on.
It's not perfect, but I think this is a better approach than the more "conventional" one we're used to. There are far too many low-quality males in the world abusing the money system to cheat their way into passing on their bad genes

No. 1282900

Well through most of human history, mother nature filtered out shitty men each and every generation. Now a skinny fat "man" doesn't get eaten by a sabertooth the first time he goes out with a hunting party bitching and whining. So much of men's ugliness today is their schlubby bodies and giant egos. Being at the mercy of the weather and wild animals every day would humble them.

No. 1282901

It's kind of disappointing and fruity for a man to be fit because he goes to the gym specifically for the aesthetic, rather than from doing some job that requires physical labor, or from sports.

No. 1282929

File: 1659159905185.gif (848.42 KB, 181x275, 378CE846-5ED2-45AE-AF19-417DB6…)

I think that moving away from the people you love is stupid.
Moving away from family and close friends shouldn’t be worth it.
It’s not even necessarily selfish, it’s just cowardly. So many people who do just have FOMO or are literally running away from their problems.
I understand some people have terrible relationships with abusive parents and move away from them- that’s good, not referring to them. Only about people who move away from family and friends that they love and try to convince themselves that their relationships won’t suffer.
The relationships always suffer and with friends they almost always just fizzle out and die.
Visits back with family are rushed and constrained and awkward. They never fulfill the gap that the absence has created.

No. 1282953

File: 1659162948989.jpg (224.33 KB, 1908x1146, don't_make_out_with_your_son.j…)

a lot of "boymoms"(I don't like using the term) are mostly unhappy women who have shitty relationships with the men in their lives, so they use their sons as surrogate husbands/partners, its honestly unhealthy for every party involved, its why celeb moms often have very weird close relationships with their sons

No. 1282959

Generally if you have a son and don't want him to become a mommyissues having homo, you should distance yourself from him before/around onset puberty and let the Dad become the main provider of education/parenting

No. 1282962

Should not have scrolled up, just pure retardation.

No. 1282998

Cope scrote. Men are genetically retarded sex pests.

No. 1283009

File: 1659169470615.png (330.96 KB, 1735x1843, evolutionary psychology.PNG)

Men will be like "Men are muh based kangs we wuz inventors n shit (because they are just like hoteps) and are the gender of logic tm" then cut off their dick because of coom addiction. Men are just parasites who want to control people while being functional retards to ensure coom success. Best thing they have is retard strength and use it to enforce retard hierarchy shit they make up because they are all hedonist, short term thinking coomers driven by ego. Men will ree women don't want them but then ree about women being the route of all evil and society bad because women are free. They only cope this way (ignoring the fact that society is bad because mostly scrotes are in charge, are literally retarded due to their evolutionary dunning-krueger brains, and because scrotes have most positions of power thanks to using violence to enforce their rule society caters to male sexual degeneracy). They try to pretend only gay scrotes are predators, when it's being a scrote that is the problem. They just ree to try and trick you into being with them when they have nothing to offer now that women aren't as enforced to be with men through artificial means like not allowing women to own property (even then they still do it by attacking women who live alone, making it financially harder to live alone, restricting abortion rights). They are literally retarded people reeing that you should let them control every think and only bad things happen because they aren't in control like a bad religion kek.

No. 1283015

Okay, but my original point was that "boymoms" are likely setting up their own sons for failure as adults by having these emotionally incestuous relationships with their sons, you should let the child grow and be self reliant

No. 1283027

I agree about the boymom stuff, but not the tradfag it's mommies fault men are gay/sissies giving scrotes a bad name because tradfag men like to larp as based kangs.

No. 1283031

File: 1659170469332.jpeg (164.83 KB, 595x740, 35FC6DE7-EA02-47F9-8BF5-6AE657…)

Stop engaging with the baiting tranny. They are trying to get the phone addiction thread shut down and the OP banned because this picture is “sexualised and rapey”

No. 1283032

Let's not forget that when someone posted that boys should be punished more a scrote came and seethed for hours too kek. They hate when women are 'too soft' with boys, but also ree at the idea of women punishing men or having control over them, even children, in any way that isn't focused on coddling.

No. 1283034

>tranny moid talking about things being sexualising and rapey
The irony, his whole identity is based on sexualising women and allowing rapists into womens single sex spaces.

No. 1283039

First rule of misogyny, it's always womens fault. If other men disapprove of a man, it's mommys fault for not raising him right. If a moid shoots up a school, it's mommys fault. But why won't women date me the ask.

No. 1283043

He’s also calling people “hunny” trying so hard to larp as a female. So obvious.

No. 1283048

The "boymom" hate I have seen reminds me of the "every woman will carry the DNA of every guy she has ever fucked!!" incel shit, claiming the women retain parts of their sons till their deathbed. 99,99% of mothers are not going to abort their baby because it is a male, they have not even been exposed to such an idea. I know lovely women who have sons, and they are innocent until proven guilty of behaving like a "boymom". I do not or will not have kids, but if I did I would consider the idea of aborting a male fetus, but I don't see the need to foam at the mouth at the mothers who do not.

No. 1283052

I hate "boy moms". They spend their entire life being drained emotionally and financially by their sons and end up with nothing and it's what they deserve.

No. 1283053

There's a difference between a boy mom and a woman who just happens to have a son. Ibwas raised by a boy mom and it was hell.

No. 1283054

What the fuck did this conversation turn into, I just think making out with your son is weird, I have a son and I do kiss him sometimes, but after sometime I'll stop cause he'll older and it would be fucking weird

No. 1283055

Oh that is completely reasonable, I just got reminded of the DNA claim I saw the other day

No. 1283057

Why do the foul MRA/incel/troon fags always quote the study done on wasps and pretend like humans have comparable physiology?
Fun story about the microchimerism bit, we can carry the DNA from pregnancy with males or females in utero. Research points towards fetal cell microchimerism as having benefits at best, or creating later autoimmune issues etc. at worst. This doesn't make us men's coomdump DNA data centers though.

No. 1283059

>men's coomdump DNA data centers

No. 1283069

Lel, I mean really though. If we were able to just willy nilly carry their DNA around in us like that, someone would have been able to exploit that to some degree. In my overactive imagination, they would use it to harvest their own new tissues or organs. It would probably just be many pitiful women kept under anesthesia and covered from head to toe in dicks because men are uncreative swine.

No. 1283076

No one disagreed with you? Just the moid posting about muh homos and evil women turning their sons gay because men think sex = domination and fucks up their idea of men being dominant rulers.

No. 1283079

Samefag. Everyone seems to agree about the creepy boy mom relationship, and are posting about this post: >>1282959 reeing about homos being retarded.

No. 1283085

The hero that we need, the villain they deserve.
>All of these groups are focused on sex.
They're so fucking obsessively terrified of someone judging their stupid little penises or shitty performance in bed that they will come up with a deluge of bullshit to pretend to hold up their arguments. It's sad.
My unpopular opinion is that taking the fetal microchimerism thing into consideration, any targeted eradication of y-chromoids could possibly wipe out a significant chunk of us too. If you carried DNA from an aborted brother or like.. I don't even know. It's late and I shouldn't be creating plot lines for horror movies in the unpopular opinions thread. Glad I could make you laugh nona.

No. 1283095

Along that line of thought, it could take out those with organs/blood donated from XYs.

No. 1283100

File: 1659177038706.jpg (78.74 KB, 750x821, ezgif-2-1e49fbe124.jpg)

I actually feel bad for moids with porn addictions. I guess I just remember that "oh there's nothing wrong with porn" was what we were all taught growing up.

No. 1283101

The PR the sex industry has is actually kind of incredible, in a fucked up way

No. 1283113

I don’t know why it never felt weird to them or maybe they never felt weird when other people told them about their usage. That was what made me dislike it was when I was a teenager who somehow never stumbled onto it myself and my bf watched it and he was like “everyone watches it!” I had this weird sick feeling in my stomach.

No. 1283136

Just think of it as evolution. Men coom themselves out of existence. If men are dumb enough to give themselves ED at 20 because they watch material which exploits women, I think it's deserved kek.

No. 1283167

First time I discovered porn it made me feel bad for how sexist and disgusting it was. I have no sympathy for moids whose first reaction is to coom at images that objectify and degrade women.

No. 1283238

I don't feel bad for anything that men do to themselves ever. They deserve the low testosterone, ED and depression.

No. 1283261

I don't because men know it's wrong, they just don't care enough to do anything about it or improve themselves. There are men that aren't addicted to porn and there are men that were addicted to porn and got over it. Men have resources available to them such as guides for escaping porn and self improvement communities, yet most of them prefer to laze around and coom, blaming all their problems on women.

No. 1283271

Underated post

No. 1283277

File: 1659194553276.jpg (68.88 KB, 736x720, dd8f808d919f4b9b63ea0ea62e06fb…)

Contrarian centrists ended up being the most healthiest people in online spaces, literally everyone else who picked a side is now either a /pol/tard of hyperwoke gender queer, while the centrist is still nromal

No. 1283289

Not having strong opinions on the moral fabric of our society isn't exactly based imo. Like, not calling out troonery because you're an enlightened centrist despite the danger to women is not my idea of normal. I also feel like a lot of centrists are disingenuous in that they simply want to have a bed both ways and lack conviction. That's not always the case of course, it's anecdotal. On another note if you're referring to society's current inability to have a conversation without yelling labels/buzzwords at each other, or the rampant cognitive dissonance that occurs whenever someone from an "opposing camp" makes a good point then I agree. At least a centrist can or should be able to have a civil discussion.

No. 1283317

Sometimes I wonder where the line is drawn between an unpopular opinion and a brain dead opinion.

No. 1283339

>not calling out troonery because you're an enlightened centrist despite the danger to women is not my idea of normal.

being centrist doesn't mean you pick a middle ground on everything, it just means while calling out cop brutality against blacks you can still call out blm riots

No. 1283344


go back

No. 1283357

it's the meta tranny, ignore

No. 1283361

Based, I don't trust faggots that claim /pol/bait is enlightend centralism.

No. 1283369

A vast majority of centralism is based on egotism and has just as much hypocrisy as "picking a side", they will often use this as a shield from critism while blantely trying to harm people who are fed up with discrimination. I seen people who claim to be centralists and use that as an excuse to opt out of doing this right thing all the fucking time and then they will smugly pat themselves on the back for not getting involed while letting the absolute worst people dismiss others. I've seen so many men claim that feminism/terfism is just as bad as incels/troons because women having opinions hurts thier feelings and wanting your own spaces away from men who commit the vast majority of rapes and abuse is considered bad now. I seen racist people see innocent people get hurt or abused and claimed that they deserved it because of fucking /pol/tard propaganda. I've seen a lot of people claim that defending yourself against an attacker is wrong somehow, and it always a woman who is shamed the most. When will it end, sometimes picking a side is OK and not all centralists are like this of course but its a shame that those who get the most attention/clout are. So many will do anything to not see nuances while not caring if people, especially women, are harmed as long as they're not involved because they want to be "above it all".

No. 1283376

File: 1659200728168.jpeg (282.85 KB, 1170x1398, 5060FEA3-21A8-4E0B-91A4-8F4596…)

are you an anon who hasn't checked in for a while? Wondering what is going on? Well, for the past couple of days, a schizo pedo troon has been having a major episode here on lolcow, mostly on /meta/, /ot/ and the MTF thread. If you have witnessed any of the following:

>complete wordsalads

>nonsensical infighting
>random aggression and accusations
>misuse of lc terminology
>sperging about "UH", "Kuz", elaine, and kiwifarms
>CP/monkey torture spams
>anime avatarfagging
>random youtube music links
>complaint about jannies and radfems
>laughable larping as an oldfag
>running gayops on himself like doxing his own family members in hopes of framing others

then you have just spotted the schizo pedo troon. If at any point you see anons arguing with each other over something absolutely incomprehensible and are wondering if you've missed anything important, fear not. That is just the schizo pedo troon samefagging again to try to sir up concern amongst the uninformed. Thankfully, now you are informed. So next time you see any of the above, do your duty and ignore and report.

If you see other anons acting confused, copy and paste this Public Service Announcement so that they too, may be informed.

/////This concludes the Public Service Announcement./////

No. 1283384

kill yourself blaine

No. 1283391

No. 1283401

Orthodontics should be pushed way more than plastic surgery. I never seen a news article about a retainer killing someone unlike getting your body sliced open by a surgeon. Some people see gapped teeth as cute (myself included), but having crooked teeth are unfortunately still considered to be extremely unattractive when your above the age of 12. If I had a kid I would get them invsline/braces asap.

No. 1283415

Where are you from? Orthodontics for teens are very normal where I am.

No. 1283421

West coast but I lived in Cali as a teen, a lot of girls in my high school got nose or boob job and didn't fix thier teeth. I don't think that its a bad thing but I always thought it was odd to "fix" something that was perfectly fine before. A lot of people nowadays do have movie star teeth and veneers and its only scary when they are stark white.

No. 1283500

I hate those images because they're complete strawmen. Centrism doesn't mean courting extremists on both sides, it literally just means staying in the middle. That can mean you're a leftist who just doesn't think kids should be trooned out, or that you're more on the right and you think the police are unfairly biased against some races. Everyone has leanings. If there's nothing in any political ideology you disagree with, you're literally a pawn (or you're too lazy for critical thinking)
Of course someone who's so brain-poisoned they only think in extremes would think that means you believe the KKK and a black person should be friends, kek.
I've seen this extremist bend on LC too, it's like western people have no unique opinions anymore, they just pick and choose whatever their team has deemed the most popular and insist you're the opposite type of extremist to try and bully/shame you into swallowing their viewpoint (even when you're nowhere near similar to their opponents)

No. 1283550

The cat graphics in Stray look kinda weird and lowkey ugly. Particularly the fur, eyes, and back legs. and I cried when the cat fell even though obviously it would survive and I refuse to play it anymore

No. 1283591

yep this is why i wont even attempt to try that game. no simulated cat deaths in my life please

No. 1283656

Any woman willing to date a man super into anime and or idols is setting themselves up for failure. Most men into it are super attracted to Asian women and or children. This rule doesn't apply to women though, most women into idols and anime aren't extremely fucked up and picky.

No. 1283663

unpopular opinion: sims 2 is so boring and lame I rather play sims 4

No. 1283982

I felt so bad for the kitty too. But the game is lovely. I hope you reconsider

No. 1284198

Instead of shrinkflation and worse ingredients but moderate price increases, food companies should keep the products the same and raise the price accordingly. I’m tired of these new crappier grocery products.

No. 1284230

Like with many old games, part of the popularity and claim for superiority over newer titles is just nostalgia goggles.

No. 1284243

I agree.

No. 1284246

Fat shaming is more deeply embedded into out culture but people are much quicker to openly skinny shame. I never received more negative comments on my body than I did when I lost weight.

No. 1284247

Sims 3 supremacy

No. 1284249

I still prefer Sims 1 over both 2 and 3 (not to mention 4) but it seems that my opinion is the true most unpopular one

No. 1284273

finally, an enlightened person

No. 1284292

unpopular opinion but honestly you're weak asf if you take skinny shaming seriously. like everyone thinks your body type is preferable, all media, almost all people, but a few "eat a burger" comments throw you off? like obviously fat women are acutely aware of the fact that they are not "supposed" to be fat and receive hate for it, it's just a thing to receive the "eat a burger" comments, it's not serious or meant basically ever. it's mostly envy so it's not to be taken as if it's an actual insult. barring the actual ana-chans that look near death

No. 1284310

Envy doesn't give you the right to insult me. When I was overweight no one told me shit. No one said I should stop eating, no one was concerned for my health or pointed out my fat rolls. Now I can't go a day without hearing how unwomanly I am.

No. 1284337

Shut the fuck up. It's not about who has it worse in your eyes, no woman should be shamed for her body.

No. 1284359

Women who are into idols are some of the most based women I have ever met, personally, especially women who are into Johnny's Entertainment idols

No. 1284493

Is it really nostalgia goggles if I can play TS2 no problem for hours straight even nowadays while I get bored out of my mind after just half an hour playing TS4?

No. 1284509

>but honestly you're weak asf if you-
stfu you're not the only one who is allowed to feel unconformable by unwanted comments, get your head out of your ass

No. 1284762

It doesn’t matter if someone is fat or thin, if someone is insecure and random people always point out something different with their body it’s going to be uncomfortable. It just happens to be fine socially to make comments about thin people because it’s assumed to be a good thing as if I should feel proud of random people ogling me asking if I know how to gain weight and remarking on my body parts. That’ll obviously make anyone self conscious, sorry that you assume being thin is the standard for anyone’s aesthetic as if it’s not all about being thicc nowadays. Hell I see plus size advertisements more than smaller sizes.

No. 1284772

what human rights violations going on right now in the world are worse than living your life in a small cage, getting punched and kicked by workers for shits and giggles, and ultimately getting hung upside down and slaughtered
and don't cite random bs examples of x case that happened in uzbekistan 2003.

No. 1284774

you are unaware of how people and children live all around the world in extreme poverty, are raped, prostituted. You do not know the extreme suffering millions are going through without anyone protecting them.

No. 1284782

sure I feel bad for the children and slow people, but on the equal level of animals. I don't give a fuckkkk about able bodied adults, they can leave anytime they want. my mom was literally in a warzone in bosnia in the 90's and simply left because she had two legs and could do that.
>extreme poverty
still not as bad as what animals go through on a daily basis

No. 1284797

I mean animals in the wild spend their days still gettting attacked and eaten.. just by other animals. Do you cry for their pain too?

No. 1284798

I wouldn't even feel that bad for animals if humans simply hunted them out in the wild with guns OR, perhaps, open farmland where they die via a quick gunshot/bolt to the head in a secluded area.
Instead we have factory farms, and if you have ever been to one , or watched undercover vids on youtube, it's far more hellish than a gator popping out of the water and eating a wild hog.

No. 1284801

Nta but violence in nature due to instinct and the circle of life is different than livestock animals being bred by humans just to live a short painful life in horrid conditions to be killed for some fat person to scarf down shitty fast food. Boomers always make these arguments like haha here’s a picture of animals killing each other in the wild proving… that the mass industrialized system of animal agriculture on the scale of killing trillions of living beings per year is somehow comparable? And yes it is sad to see animals being killed by other animals but we’re not stupid to impose that on wild animals, just humans who have evolved to make better choices.

No. 1284927

I grew up in a farming background where I was involved in killings just on site from a young age. I now live in a different rural area and there's a whole fucking slaughterhouse nearby with alot of vehicles coming and going. Its on a different scale. I was never bothered by the more traditional farming or killing but my proximity to a slaughterhouse every day now is a different level. There's alot of pressure around here to just accept life as cruel and not let yourself think too much about it. That's the attitude. Small country heavily relying on farming.

No. 1284975


No. 1284990

Ayrt. I wasn't saying what you seem to think I was. I meant how much do you allow yourself to dwell on that cruelty when it exists in different forms and you're senstive to it.

I work with animals. I'm in an environment where I'd go nuts if I let myself really feel that sadness whenever I'm confronted by both wildlife killings and livestock every day. Wildlife attacks that don't lead to death can be as cruel as anything. I don't eat meat but that wasn't my point. Whether you make personal changes or not you can get overwhelmed or get empathy fatigue from thinking about the 'dog eat dog' life that animals face on all sides. That's all.

No. 1284999

MMA is fucking gay

No. 1285003

MMA and most fighting shit is super gay. Men are just homoromantic in nature. MMA is one way they express it. It's why gay men are mostly into masculine men.

No. 1285006

slaughterhouse workers have insanely high rates of ptsd and antisocial personality disorder, and are like 7 times more likely to engage in domestic abuse iirc

No. 1285026

i was about to say this too. agreed anon

No. 1285421

Not unpopular here I guess, but whatever. I still can't believe the weirdo who made these shitty 3D visual novels like Deteoit Become Human and Heavy Rain got a légion d'honneur before the woman who made Adibou. This shit proves that French pop culture is encouraged to be trash.

No. 1285429

File: 1659343286869.jpeg (107.53 KB, 960x752, 8B3D411D-443F-4EBA-87C8-F6CD5E…)

Avatar: The Last Airbender was just okay.

>Avatar is one of the funniest shows around

>Cabbage Man yells “my cabbages”, Funniest shit I’ve ever seen.

do anons really

No. 1285430

I liked it when I was a kid, it was fun. I can't see myself rewatching now that I've seen so many people overhype it like the second coming of jesus christ or some shit.

No. 1285433

can't really say I have many interactions with male MMA fighters, but from my own experiences women into MMA are mostly homophobic and right wing to varying degrees, like there was badass lady who was a kickboxer who I really looked up to and she told me that she hated her daughter cause she was gay, and outside of MMA a lot of sports team I was a part off had homophobic and right wing women as well
so my unpopular opinion is that female athletes should not be held up as feminist icons, cause they are more often then not pick-me's just with muscle

No. 1285441

Idk why people complain about the smell of curry on people or in the office because curries smell delicious

No. 1285467

My only problem with smelling curry is it makes me want curry

No. 1285471

Cooking smells can get stale if its in peoples clothes. I worked with someone where you could smell his previous nights dinner off his clothes and it was nasty.

No. 1285486

I don’t care about people’s rights in jail (both men and women yes), if they have commited crimes like rape and murder. Yes also murder. Doesn’t apply if it’s for mothers or fathers who killed their daughter’s rapist for example. I just am shocked because the newspaper a few weeks ago hit the spotlight for a couple female prisoners that were sexually abused who actually murdered a bunch of kids but it’s never for normal women, little kids, young girls: why does it have to be for prisoners or whatever media stunt decides to do to stand up for women. Hell. I hope it doesn’t strike anyone the wrong way and that girls here understand what I mean. It’s just that basic human rights for normal regular women are never applied and almost always for celebrities or even literal criminals at times. What’s going on.

No. 1285488

Cause smelling like the food you eat is fucking nasty? Stop coping.

No. 1285521

Curry is delicious, I can’t imagine the sad person who doesn’t enjoy the smell tbh

No. 1285525

indian food is extremely overrated though
it's all rice and various seasonings/sauces

No. 1285573

I think the whole "oh kids have poor empathy their brains aren't developed yet" as an excuse for animal cruelty is bullshit so people feel better about themselves. People want a pat on the back and to be assured that they are normal. Well sorry but it's not normal to abuse an animal at any age and there is something up with your head if you did

No. 1285594

Yeah there is nothing ambiguous when a child acts with the intention to hurt, it’s easy to tell between actual child ignorant impulse and a maladjusted motivation.

No. 1285597

People really think this? What the fuck… If a kid intentionally causes harm to a living being then there is very obviously something wrong

No. 1285601

File: 1659368525441.jpg (159.28 KB, 736x678, 09ccebf1300e36a93944c06a4e3a2f…)

No degree is actually useless. It's about how you apply yourself and you as a person (connections too). As long as you take that qualification and use it to better yourself, you can land a good job. People just seem to think that jobs are cut and dry

No. 1285653

I agree.

No. 1285692

>>1285653 like gender studies, which is what everyone brings up when talking about "pointless" degrees, can land you a job working for the council. Art and history can get you a really impressive job as a documentary presenter and researcher. Most documentry presenters in Europe studied fine art, literature or history. Humanities can get you really far in life if you have the brains and drive to work hard.

No. 1285695

what about philosophy? it’s genuinely useless by itself and every single philosophy major i have known either became dedicated to climbing the academia ladder and trying to get a phd so they could be professors, or went into law school. the degree by itself is pretty worthless for work and it’s why i’d never get one despite wanting one

No. 1285697

where I'm from, most philosophy fags become teachers.

No. 1285700

I always thought when people say that they meant that it is very difficult to get a job in their field, basically impossible impossible for some to get one that utilizes their specific area of study.

No. 1285702

Even Philosphy can land you a promising career but like what's above: you have to really apply your brain to the field you work in. Most people I went to university with who studied philosophy went on to work at embassies or overseas where they were also working in a legal setting. If you're unambitious yeah it probably won't mean you'll get a great job.

No. 1285703

Isn't that exactly what is said in >>1285601 though

No. 1285741

File: 1659377139583.jpeg (88.06 KB, 500x500, FDBB205E-73E3-4A3B-B8C0-F049F7…)

My unpopular opinion is that city pop isn’t that great. I like a few songs of the genre, but most of them sound really similar so it gets old fast.

I agree, but only if you attend an institution with above average prestige. My boyfriend went to a top university and made a lot of friends who studied humanities and social sciences and ended up in competitive consulting firms.

I myself attend a less prestigious university as a business major with a concentration in a growing field. Anyone would consider it a “safe” major choice. I also get good grades and have good extracurricular experiences. Even so, I think my resume often gets overlooked when recruiting for top internships because I don’t attend a name brand school. TLDR, I think university prestige trumps “usefulness of major” and I wish I realized that in high school.

No. 1285742

Philosophy majors actually make more than most liberal arts degrees. People make fun of it but you're genuinely better off doing a philosophy degree than psychology. Also "it doesn't lead to any jobs" and "most go to law school" doesn't add up lol, being a lawyer is a perfectly respectable job and philosophy majors have the highest rate of acceptance for law school.

No. 1285745

well that’s the thing, that’s not a philosophy degree getting them those jobs, it’s legal studies lol. saying you can get a job easily with a philosophy degree is quite misleading considering it’s not gonna happen unless you study law. and of course you can get a job with legal studies under your belt

No. 1285746


Thats like saying people who study chemistry often end up working in the medical field and therefore its useless because you're not a chemist

No. 1285749

people passionate about philosophy don’t want to be lawyers or have any affiliation with the industry. most people in philosophy courses are there begrudgingly because it’s required for law students. a small percentage of people in philosophy classes are there because they’re passionate about philosophy and don’t give a shit about the legal field. those people are not going to become lawyers and it’s absurd to say “you can totally get jobs with a philosophy degree! just go into law, duh.” that’s not the philosophy degree at work and those people aren’t being hired because the philosophy degree, lmao. and people with chemistry degrees are hired constantly, it’s a very in demand degree even for undergrad students.

No. 1285751

samefag, but those people who are actually passionate about philosophy have basically one choice: become a professor and stay stuck in academia

No. 1285753

Not even gonna argue seeing as you just proved their point that any degree can open up any job lol

No. 1285755

Yes, and they get into the law school because they have a philosophy degree…. I'm literally doing this now. There's no job that's just doing philosophy because that doesn't make any sense, but a philosophy degree isn't useless. Liberal arts degrees just teach you critical thinking and language skills and a philosophy degree is the best way to do that. Again philosophy majors earn more than most other b.a. degrees so I don't know what your point ia here. Obviously it's not true that they can't get jobs.

No. 1285756

a philosophy degree literally doesn’t open up jobs though. it opens up the path for even more academia upon academia with the potential choice to go into an entirely different field entirely detached from philosophy studies, which at that point isn’t philosophy degree related

No. 1285761

Isn’t it the definition of useless to work a job that has little to nothing to do with your degree? Of course if one is motivated and ambitious then one can get work; you would already be lucky if that work is even somewhat related to your niche, even luckier is coming to love the work that you end up getting. The ratio for number of art and history degree-holders to the number of job listings for documentary presenter or researcher isn’t 1:1 or even 100:1 with the only qualifier being “GRINDET”. Same with those other examples. Seems like copium to say that some degrees aren’t useless. Yeah they are just profoundly unmarketable and the only way you can get by is by learning an extra set of skills apart from the one you paid for.

No. 1285762

I’m a philosophy major. First of all, philosophy is great as a BA for law depending on the classes you take, because it can help with the LSAT and with the material in law school. It’s not just Aristotle, it’s about forming and structuring arguments compiled out of a lot of disparate data. But law is not the only option at all. A lot of other people I know from my graduating class went into politics, consulting, marketing and tech writing/business writing. Academia was actually underrepresented in the group of ~40 I graduated with. I got my well paid and secure job at a large corporation because the CEO thought my degree stood out.
Then again, I went to a school that’s really well known and has a great reputation in the city I wanted to live in. I wouldn’t get a philosophy degree if you don’t go to a school that (even if not “top tier”) doesn’t have a significant alumni network or at least regional prestige.
I also was close to dropping out of college as an economics major from the stress resulting from my hatred of my classes so doing a philosophy degree was great for me on a personal level

No. 1285765

>There's no job that's just doing philosophy because that doesn't make any sense
there literally is though and this is where your law student status becomes obvious. people get philosophy phds and become professors solely so they can write philosophical papers and have easy open communication with the community of other writers who usually have special ways of accessing philosophical sources old and new including translations and limited edition works. eventually a lot of these people are able to establish their name well enough to where they no longer have to teach and can just publish writings. yuk hui, alain badiou, slavoj zizek, camille paglia, nick land, byung chul han, sadie plant, on and on and on.

No. 1285768

I know people are philosophy professors retard did you seriously think that was hidden knowledge?

No. 1285769

Every law student replying to that anon is missing their point kek. They’re saying that a philosophy degree is useless by itself unless you want to remain in academia forever, which is true. She also already said it’s useful for going into law. The law students replying clearly don’t plan on only having philosophy degrees and see the degrees as a way to make getting a law degree easier, which is already what she said. Bizarre.

No. 1285778

You can get the exact same normal jobs with a philosophy degree as you can with any liberal arts degree. 99% of people do not get jobs perfectly in line with their degrees.

No. 1285782

AYRT and I’m not a law student. I write for a living lol. I don’t have any graduate degrees and I am not planning on getting one unless a great opportunity opens up. I just have my philosophy degree and I’m doing fine

No. 1285785

This is a human right?

No. 1285789

Fresh cut grass really isn't that good of a smell

No. 1285798

Bitches on lolcow be college educated with jobs and shit.

No. 1285806

made you look

No. 1285819

and it gets all stuck to your shoes, really the smell just reminds me that it's fucking annoying

No. 1285857

File: 1659384067929.gif (Spoiler Image, 3.92 MB, 600x338, ummm.gif)

>and most fighting shit is super gay
Seriously. I could show thousands of gifs that will make you go "?".
That's disappointing.

No. 1285882

People who hate kids are pathetic. You let someone who can't even clean their own ass yet get you so pressed and salty?lmao

Just don't have kids and move on. You can not want to have kids without hating them. You're weird.

No. 1285898

comedy wrestling from an indie wrestling circuit isn't really a fighting sport, its more live stuntwork with theatrics
listen I like fighting, men fighting men and women fighting women, there's something oddly primal and beautiful about it, I also have a passion for marital arts and self defense, I think sneering at the whole thing as just meatheads being gay does a dismissive to the dismissive to the work everyone who competes in these fights goes through and the genuine passion they have

No. 1285902

That was gay, but beautiful.

No. 1285911

>so my unpopular opinion is that female athletes should not be held up as feminist icons, cause they are more often then not pick-me's just with muscle
I noticed that as well, I feel like most women who are into sports are so often misogynistic and rude to other women, also some brand of boymoms and pick-me's

No. 1285918

>there's something oddly primal and beautiful about it
This. I was an amateur boxer, taught self-defence briefly and I used to do MMA for funsies before some health issues. The catharsis you feel from fighting is something so intensely amazing I can't put it into words. I've been addicted to opioids and even the high from that can't top the high from fighting. You don't even have to win to feel good, it's like exercising demons that we all have but only some of us admit to having. Most civilisations throughout history have had some form of combat sports. It's a human urge that we'll never outgrow and it's also very bonding. Some of my best friends have broke my nose, made me bleed, some of them I've knocked teeth out of but we just laugh it off. I love being a gay meathead!

No. 1285925

That's a popular opinion though

No. 1285930

never actually competed but I have done tons of sparring matches and training exercises and its as you described, its adrenaline but at the same time you feel like the true version of yourself emerges when your fighting, when you are driven solely by your instincts and will to win, I have seen such sweet people become absolute monsters when step into the ring

No. 1285936

I see people on tiktok calling kids "it" and thinking it's funny, mad weird

No. 1285967

Probably not unpopular here but I HATE how "eating ass" has become normalized and the idea of it is fucking disgusting. I've never been a prude, and I've always assumed I was pretty open-minded about sexuality but when the hell did everyone just accept this? It's in mainstream songs and media and goddamn teenagers talk about doing it, INCLUDING GIRLS DOING THIS TO BOYS. WHY. JUST WHY.

No. 1285971

I remember when this song came out and kids my age were singing it. Anyway, it became a meme and I never found it funny.

No. 1285972

ayrt, I was definitely reminded of this song when I wrote that haha

No. 1285974

At least you can admit it. There's women out there tongue-ing dirty moid ass (we know straight males don't bidet/enema) and pretending to like it just to be a cool girl. Same thing with sucking dick honestly.

No. 1286010

Shut up retard

No. 1286027

>women into MMA are mostly homophobic and right wing to varying degrees
>a lot of sports team I was a part off had homophobic and right wing women as well
I've noticed this stuff too and it's so weird. This reminds me of this one woman who was a strongwoman who got shunned from the strongwoman community because she posted feminist stuff online. What is it about those kinds of communities that attracts conservative women? In theory you'd think that they wouldn't be into that stuff but apparently not.

No. 1286044

This just reminded me of how Gina Carano was fired from The Mandalorian after implying that being a Republican was like being a Jew during the holocaust, kek

No. 1286049

What is everyone comparing everything to the fucking Holocaust and slavery. Being "cancelled" or told to stfu by people on the internet isn't at all like the Holocaust

No. 1286074

She’s based kek

No. 1286083

I think it does actually make sense for them to be into it. I'm not going to pretend I know anything about sports, but most of them seem male dominated so it feels right for anti-feminist and NLOG women to be like that.

No. 1286128

Film studies is beyond useless and actually serves as to signal you're an entitled gullible narcissist. Especially if you beyond the BA level.

No. 1286131

“I’m a woman too (ugh, I know) but I love misogyny!”

No. 1286156

based and fucking truthpilled. FUCK film students, and while i’m at it, fuck poetry students too.
>inb4 anons reply “um a film degree isn’t worthless… you can go on to become a filmmaker with one”

No. 1286163

>poetry degrees aren’t useless, you can get a job writing articles for the guardian about whoever they tell you to endorse with one, you could be like Rupi Kaur!
>film degrees aren’t useless, you can intern at adult swim for a month if you’re lucky, get booted, and become a film professor showing La Jetee every week to a class full of A24 fans until you die!
>philosophy degrees aren’t useless, you can..go to law school!!
>geography degrees aren’t useless, if you have the right ties and family money and the desire to sell your soul to the state you can get a foreign affairs job overseas and dabble in banking, duh!
>architecture degrees aren’t worthless, you could become a high school art teacher who kills himself at 50!
>theology degrees aren’t worthless, you could uhhhhv um uhhh own a megachurch?

tsk tsk anons can’t yuo see, the warudo is your oyster.. don’t be a closed minded lazychan with no drive.

No. 1286175

This is true. People who get very emotionally invested in what degrees are useless strike me as bitter and high-strung. I remember growing up and seeing a lot of /r9k/ types go on about how psychology is "useless" from their programmer NEET tranny dens, right before bitching that their therapist or psych said this and that. Knowledge can't be useless, and the skills you pick up are what matter most

No. 1286177

Nonny, you are projecting so hard onto this post it's unbelievable. Did your architecture degree not get you as far as you would've hoped?

No. 1286178

lol of course knowledge is useful but this is about what actual employers seek, not what makes your mom proud to hear from you.

No. 1286179

>architecture degrees
What about, you know, designing buildings?

No. 1286182

Employers want to know what you can do and how competent you are. They're not going to turn down a skilled, adept person just because of their major if they can actually impress.

No. 1286184

THIS. The majority of my peers with computer science degrees are extremely insecure. All they do is project their insecurities about how much they hate their own lives onto other people.


No. 1286185

Architectures are one of the least employed majors with a whopping 14% of them being unemployed.

No. 1286186

The difference is compsci jobs come easy even as the field becomes more and more saturated, it’s in the top five demanded degrees. Not even slightly comparable.

No. 1286187

Doesn't change the fact that they are acting like assholes, kek. Also, the reality is that their jobs are going to be outsourced to cheaper employees in the coming decade, so I could care less. Like >>1286175 said, bitter and high-strung.

No. 1286191

Some people study out of interest, not because they are hellbent to get a job in super related fields.

No. 1286193

If it's a matter of employment, I can say that law degree is worthless where I live, because so many people graduate every year that the market can't absorb it all. Of course it is absurd to say that a law degree is worthless, unless you are trying to spite some law student.