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No. 118734

>Swiss dude
>Makes surreal videos where he goes out in public with dakimakura wearing a leotard, makes extremely un-PC jokes, talks about his fap collection, licks cream off figurines
>Apparently has a GF and other weeb friends, good job (has been speculated to work in finance)

Youtube: /Nervli
Twitter: /meidocafe
Flickr: /meidocafejp

No. 118737

Tour of his apartment (nsfw)

No. 118738

taking the waifu skydiving

No. 118739

goes swimming with his gf and body pillow, makes loli jokes in front of actual kids (wtf)

No. 118743

Somehow watching him doesn't phase me. What does though is wondering how he has a stable job, like don't companies look you up on the internet?

No. 118747


No. 118749

samefag but this has been brought up in the comments a few times, especially on this video. Theory is, very high up/boss. He is ridiculous but he's hella loaded.
People don't seem to care, he was umping about in high heels and underwear with a floating bodypillow, gave mothers and their kids some balloons who happily took them. It's really fucking weird. But great how much fuckery he gets away with.

No. 118753


i was thinking the same but somehow i feel like most of the older swiss people barely use the internet yet alone seek otaku shit to find him. even though he is ridiculous you would need to sort of specifically look for this type of content.

he does seem to have a shit load of money though

No. 118754


sorry for the double post but forgot to ad onto that, i have some family in switzerland and it's seriously expensive to live there. a small apartment can cost upwards to at least 9 thousand dollars a month in city places

No. 118756

No one has figured out his identity yet? He's shown his apartment and you can see outside, plus Suisse is not that big and if he really is higher up, it probably wouldn't be hard. Especially if he has LinkedIn or some other professional online presence

No. 118761

samefag, went through comments on >>118749

>UBS. It's a bulge bracket bank that deals with banking with Corporations, Nations, and other larger-than-individual entities. Also, it was founded and is headquartered STILL in Switzerland, leading me to suspect he works at HQ

>UBS HQ are in Z├╝rich and Basel, and it looks like Bern in the video, so probably not exactly at HQ

Or he just filmed himself walking out of a random office. The lesson is that as long as you have money, doesn't matter if your flat is full of fap pillows, you will get bitches

No. 118766

File: 1480037476641.jpg (105.38 KB, 639x720, 1459859526192.jpg)

I know people love him for the meme factor, but fact is his complete absence of inhibition makes him an utterly cancerous degenerate. It's just depressing. Also I hate nothing more than people who pride themselves on "having the best of both worlds" (2D and 3D)they're just generally the most cancerous people on earth.

No. 119226

New vid, pays tribute to filthy frank

No. 119228

I was feeling depressed today but this made me laugh my ass off. Thank you melonpan.

No. 119277

I think it's pretty obvious that he's not serious about this, he's just a crazier FilthyFrank with a shitload of money

No. 119279

dont forget the content is significantly worse. i dont really get a chuckle out of filthyfrank but this guy just humps shit and is all "its iruny hurr am i relevant gais"

No. 119283

No one believes that he's serious, they're just amazed that he's a serious head honcho at a Swiss bank and yet shows his face on videos where he's dressed in lingerie and humping his 9000 anime body pillows.

No. 119337

Doesn't he have nudes online?
I had the misfortune of running into them.
He seems like a massive pervert. His videos make me uncomfortable.

No. 119339

post em anon. Though he's basically nude in all of his videos anyway

Anyone who owns a body pillow is a perverted-ass weeb, which is nothing to note. But this guy has a legitimate career and presumably a professional non-perverted online presence elsewhere. That is the puzzling part. He must be one hell of an autist.

No. 119344

Anon no I love melonpan with all my soul

No. 119345

Then don't watch them. Seems pretty simple.

Also seems odd that you feel uncomfortable by something as comparatively tame as melonpans shit. The guy is harmless and actually quite likable. He has a lot of female fans.

No. 119351

I've been following this guy for a while and it's amazing a) how much money he has and b) how much crazier he gets with the passing years. In just a couple of years his content turned much more sexual and fetish-y than it used to be a while back.
Still, as a fellow Swiss, after getting over the initial shock and disgust at his cancerous nature I can't help wanting to fly over to Bern and be his friend. The fact that he pulls this shit in Switzerland of all places just makes it more hilarious. People are severely uptight and while I don't personally know Bern, pulling this shit in any other smaller town would be horrendous. I'm amazed how he gets away with it. Shine on you crazy diamond.

No. 119586

File: 1480521227006.jpg (384.91 KB, 1800x1200, tfw you will never live a comf…)

He works at a Swiss bank as a head manager. His ic is on the site's webpage but I forgot which one it is. It's out there though.

Basically he's living the fucking dream and giving no fucks.

No. 119594

I need me a sugar daddy like that.

No. 119597

File: 1480530742268.gif (362.88 KB, 500x417, 1478128809899.gif)

I'd let him fuck me. I like degenerates like this.

No. 119601

I'd have a beer with him, as long as he's not too weird.

No. 119606

Trust me, there's people who seriously believes it

No. 120221

File: 1480976806578.png (226.77 KB, 1264x1024, SLbjXtP.png)

in response to a girl who looks underage (wat)
>We can masturbate together anytime my princess. Just tell me where and when. w

No. 120222

>looks underage

Uh huh.

What is this, a witch hunt? AoC in many parts of Europe is 14. They're old enough to know what they're doing.

No. 120223

How can one learn to lose all sense of shame so that they can enjoy their life like he does?
He seems to have so much fun and doesn't care that it makes me envious.

No. 120227

In Switzerland it's apparently 16, but determining age just from a profile picture…

No. 120229

Even if she was 14 or 15 we have no idea of knowing if her mental age was more mature than her physical age I suppose. Physically 15 is apparently the ideal age for a woman to have children according to biology.

No. 120236

He replies to a lot of people on social media, he's replied to me several times. He's just messing around I'm pretty sure. He might be some creep for all we know but just because he jokingly replies to comments on social media doesn't really prove much.

No. 120259

Moved to >>>/snow/209353.

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