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File: 1651104870840.png (104.79 KB, 720x463, imagen_2022-04-27_191156975.pn…)

No. 1152627

Hello, this thread is to post either articles or journalists that we find snowflakey and cringe. You can post milky findings and dumb funny shit. All areas of journalism welcome!

No. 1152635

Why'd you start the OP with hello? Weird…but strangely familiar.
Tinfoil that Kaitlyn made this thread.

No. 1152639

Anynona willing to spoonfeed about Kaitlyn Tiffany pissing off the 1D fandom? Like our girl K. Tiff I am asking to be spoonfed because I am lazy and incompetent

No. 1152642

https://web.archive.org/web/20220428001104/https://lolcow.farm/ot/1151094 For the Kaitlyn Tiffany thread.
Her name is a mix of white girl names wow.

No. 1152647

one of the newer threads in snow also starts with hello, either the shifter one or the -core one. probably a newfriend imo

No. 1152653

tinfoil keklyn is the newfriend

No. 1152657

She did write an article on cottagecore…

No. 1152659

ig if she comes out with an article on niche zoomer online trends we'll know for sure kek

No. 1152669

File: 1651105573658.png (65.91 KB, 690x399, ktarticle.png)

No. 1152674

File: 1651105684167.png (30.58 KB, 171x275, imagen_2022-04-27_192747256.pn…)

>terfs and their toxic online community
bitch you're a swiftie and a directioner

No. 1152678

Didn't she turn the directioners against her?

No. 1152680

yes, and still wrote a book about it

No. 1152681

they hate her book apparently, claiming to have been mischaracterized.

No. 1152691

Sounds like her whole schtick is to mischaracterize.

No. 1152693

It’s more likely than you’d think. One of her fellow writers at the atlantic (liz bruenig) has been known to lurk the leftcows thread for some time now.

No. 1152703

im honestly surprised liz hasn't done an article on us yet. not her niche, i guess. too "lowbrow" for little miss precocious, once "overachieving" homemaking "hottie", i suppose.

No. 1152706

What? How do we know this?

No. 1152765

I believe.
>Kaitlyn Tiffany starts her thread with "hello"
>Kaitlyn Tiffany writes shitty articles about internet communities and trends like cottagecore
>Kaitlyn Tiffany publishes a book about the Tumblr 1D fandom and the fandom's outrage is the most attention she or her work has received in her entire life
>Kaitlyn Tiffany also writes articles about cringe culture and receipts but these articles gain no traction
>Kaitlyn Tiffany is too lazy to do research and asks to be spoonfed for every article she writes
>Days before Kaitlyn Tiffany posts, -core and shifting threads are made in /snow/
>Both threads center around internet trends and communities
>One of these starts with "hello"
>OP of those threads has nothing to contribute, basically asking to be spoonfed information about these communities and their most interesting characters hoping to hit a jackpot and find something she can sensationalize
>When no one eagerly feeds Kaitlyn Tiffany information for her next article, she takes a more direct approach
>Kaitlyn Tiffany reposts to Reddit and CC for good measure hoping she doesn't come off as a farmer and is a totally normal and credible journalist who happened to come across this place looking for femcels to interview

No. 1152865

File: 1651112618459.png (830.31 KB, 839x622, 28.png)

I'm going to accuse random nonnies of being Kaitlyn Tiffany for YEARS to come hahahahaha

No. 1152929

holy shit I believe you lmao

No. 1153033

File: 1651122782422.jpg (49 KB, 696x474, hLiO9GO.jpg)

This thread belongs on /snow/. Anyway my contribution, Joshua Citarella considers who himself an internet subculture expert recently wrote an article about how he radicalized discord teens by making them read capitalist realism. He streams with Hasan sometimes, I wouldn't be surprised if this thread mentions people from the leftcow thread.

No. 1153035

File: 1651122897189.jpg (124.45 KB, 952x550, x8VfZcu.jpg)

samefag, why does their website quote lolcow?

No. 1153037

File: 1651123207930.gif (456.67 KB, 250x256, giphy.gif)

i thought those threads were so weird! usually a new thread will have a couple of example posts to start it off but there was just nothing, so suspicious

No. 1153038

more like a hive of cringe trannies orbiting their fav chaser and ripping off lainchan.

No. 1153039

t. Kaitlyn Tiffany

No. 1153046

File: 1651124000928.jpeg (44.55 KB, 321x338, 87A13DE0-C039-4DDC-88C9-35A09B…)

What kind of name is Kaitlyn Tiffany these are the worst anagram results I’ve ever seen fuck you and your stupid name with weak ass anagramability

No. 1153049


it’s a generic anagram solver use any or write your own but anyway here behold the dogshit level results


No. 1153060

File: 1651126874289.gif (907.74 KB, 400x225, empty.gif)

I miss the fun we had yesterday.

No. 1153079

Ezra please cut your hair and go to rehab

No. 1153097

I thought this was Amos Yee for a sec while scrolling by fast

No. 1153110

He should be put into rehab with us Ezrafags as his nurses.. I want to lovingly beat him.

No. 1153131

Yes, let's beat him with a stick like a pinata!

No. 1153146

File: 1651133221366.jpg (8.83 KB, 120x126, 1899.jpg)

>tfw the woman who wrote a hit piece on ovarit is shitting up our niche imageboard

what is going on

No. 1153183

what have I missed?

No. 1153186

No. 1153217

My fucking sides. She's probably stalking the consoomer thread too in hopes of article bait.

No. 1153291

Kaitlyn Tiffany sounds like the most tryhard fake name a guy could come up with too
>"You're a woman? What's your name?"
>"Uh, Kaitlyn…Tiffany. Yeah! Kaitlyn Tiffany"

No. 1153316

No it doesn't, kaitlyn contacted us here on /ot/ and snowtards won't know the context.

No. 1153319

Thoughts on what her article will say?
>I went to lolcow expecting the worst
>Turns out they all love 2D men and call each other nonnies

No. 1153321

In a way I also think we kinda gave her away the research for free (but also, nothing we gave her is actually what she was looking for at all). So who knows how she'll spin the narrative. Hopefully her thread is not an example for the newfags she'll attract on how to blend in.

No. 1153325

I also wonder where else she posted that contact info besides CC and reddit. I wish I could know because maybe the cringe people who actually call themselves "femcels" will contact her and since our website is called lolcow.farm we'll be the ones to suffer the consecuences.

No. 1153327

>"I reached out on one of the online 'femcel' strongholds - a 4chan clone known as lolcow.farm, primarily used to gossip about online figures. I introduced myself, stated my purpose and offered some contact details. Users immediately responded with a barrage of cartoon pornography, catty 'mean girl' style comments, and hate speech aimed at trans women. My Twitter account was excavated for the slightest trace of an embarrassing post or a questionable like, my journalistic integrity was attacked, and my selfies were relentlessly picked apart. This went on for hours before the thread was finally locked. Little by little, I began to understand the mentality driving their morbid outlook."

No. 1153331

ughhh you know she'll 100% write something like this kek

No. 1153363

kek there were many ezrafags yesterdays

No. 1153496

That's assuming a twitter journalist will actually read all of the posts and not run screaming for the hills if she ever so much as glances at that thread she started again

No. 1153727

She's probably crying about it rn

No. 1153747

Must be nice having a job where all you have to do is browse websites and write crappy articles about them. Meanwhile some of your colleagues go to war zones to do their reporting.

No. 1153895

I can't believe she posted contact to her on ib kek. She should post it on /r9k/ kek.

No. 1154056

So how long does it take to write an article? Is she even going to still after what happened?

No. 1154084

File: 1651184058753.jpeg (34.06 KB, 480x472, 1646238173878.jpeg)

Yesterday's thread was legendary, I love this site and I love you all nonas

No. 1154086

She is kind of an idiot because anyone could just give her contact info away to r9k anyway, just copy and paste her op not saying anyone should huehue

No. 1154092

File: 1651185206322.png (405.29 KB, 609x477, 3223223.png)

don't tempt nonny, don't tempt

No. 1154681

you bitches are insane and i love it

No. 1174445

File: 1652135401701.jpg (883.32 KB, 1080x1341, ajbGJEx.jpg)

An i-D article written by some tiktok celeb the caption is worse.
>The cult of the dissociative pout. Why this lobotomy-chic, dead-eyed pose is taking over your Instagram feed, and becoming the duckface of a nihilistic era.

No. 1174452

File: 1652135754753.jpg (331.21 KB, 1080x1191, Azd4R5J.jpg)

Her response to people saying she's fetishizing dissociation

No. 1174455

File: 1652135802373.jpg (151.14 KB, 1080x461, 2Xqaqyi.jpg)

No. 1174457

is that fucking chloe cherry
make her pop her lip fillers already

No. 1174460

I mean lowkey based. I especially love seeing enbies writhe whenever their buzzwords are used ~incorrectly~

No. 1174463

Isn't this that girl who did a bunch of porn, yeah I wonder why she looks like she's dead inside. Don't need a journalist to tell me that more and more people are breaking their minds with porn and abuse.

No. 1174467

File: 1652136069596.jpg (494.98 KB, 1063x1231, t9RkotR.jpg)

I love how in amother tweet she was lamenting on how tumblr girls turned fiona apples strughles into an aesthetic then she goes off and nitpicks dissociative pouting kek

No. 1174478

File: 1652136478360.jpg (246.33 KB, 1080x760, nfSkHoU.jpg)

They are trying so hard to make Chloe a fashion icon.

No. 1174479

As someone who suffers from dissociation I don't give a fuck if people use it as an adjective. It is one. Same with the people who claim you can't use narcissistic as a descriptor without offending people with npd. It doesn't matter. It's words. Meaningless words.

No. 1174488

Imagine sucking up to a porn star as a fashion icon and "it girl" as if she isn't currently popular solely for being in a Euphoria porno. I hate journalists. They get money and clout for publishing opinions and trying to get other people to agree with their retarded opinions. Chloe Cherry isn't making a statement, she's from an abusive industry that broke her brain. She probably doesn't even know she looks like that.

No. 1174568

Ezra Miller does look Asian

No. 1174842

I always thought he was a hafu until someone on an old celebricow thread said he's actually just white.

No. 1175018

File: 1652175120908.jpg (58.95 KB, 640x793, 4k3xnajfy1y81.jpg)

Prostitution/sex work is exploitative enough already but these 'queer' authors still believe they're the victim here. This is so gross and disgusting. (1/3)

No. 1175019

File: 1652175141990.jpg (80.34 KB, 640x798, 27osnajfy1y81.jpg)


No. 1175022

File: 1652175238910.jpg (94.94 KB, 640x875, zqlt6bjfy1y81.jpg)

No. 1175024

File: 1652175383148.jpg (632 KB, 1516x1515, MV5BZTdhMmJjNDktMzU1Yi00Mjk1LT…)

According to some Miranda Cosgrove also looks mixed Asian. I don't see it personally.

No. 1175036

File: 1652177038841.jpg (78.08 KB, 1200x833, Marta-Miller-and-Robert-Miller…)

The identity of his father is unknown so maybe he does have some asian lineage.

There are some alleged photots like this claiming this is his father but its not confirmed.

No. 1175038

The same woman wrote this: https://www.huffpost.com/entry/sex-workers-sexual-assault-rape_n_5fda2570c5b6f24ae35c91f4
>He had just lied to me and deceived me completely in a very calculating, premeditated manner. He misrepresented himself and he misrepresented his intentions in order to get me to give him sex I otherwise never would have. The money was the consent, and now as I sat on the wrinkled white hotel linens, shaking, it became clear I was just raped.
>Our lives as survival sex workers are often seen as worthless. We are poor, we are desperate, we may have no family or husband or boyfriend to bail us out. It’s risk our lives or die. And survival sex workers are out here having to make these choices everyday. Choosing between “probably die” and “definitely die.” Choosing between “probably be raped” and “definitely starve.”
I don't get how she doesn't see all of this for what it is.

No. 1175043

What the actual fuck is wrong with her. Imagine hearing such tragic stories, knowing women in such vulnerable positions, writing an whole article about it, and STILL being unempathetic to the point of supporting this industry and being a pickme for troons.

No. 1175046

A provider? You'd thing this bitch was talking about her phone data plan kek

No. 1175059

File: 1652179487410.jpg (110.61 KB, 700x698, ukr6be5lvmg71.jpg)

Don't scroll nonnies. Either hide all the pictures or chill inside your favourite threads.

No. 1175069

How do you hide all images?

No. 1175093

NTA You can use uBlock origin for that. Go to ublock settings then My Filters and add this line lolcow.farm##img
This completely hides all images on the site. You can quickly deactivate ublock to see them again. I'd prefer if images were by default "hidden" like when you click on the hide button but idk how to do that

No. 1175173

>if I'm having this much difficulty finding a woman I can pay to rape, I can't imagine what those who are autogynephilic men would go through
I need to do a breathing exercise real quick to not alog.

No. 1175233

there's also a browser setting in privacy/security settings

No. 1177502

File: 1652317423199.jpg (33.28 KB, 828x420, 689.jpg)

It's behind a paywall but begins with

>Surrogacy rates in Australia are increasing due to marriage equality, the pandemic closing borders and overseas countries banning surrogacy arrangements — leading to more women like Sam Essex carrying babies for others out of love.

No. 1177508

What a retarded woman. The way she writes about sex workers it's like she doesn't see them as human at all. How embarrassing. Journalism isn't even real anymore.

No. 1179138

File: 1652414215629.png (1.57 MB, 1076x1198, femcelconfidential.png)

so that article from the journalist who tried to canvas lolcow for femcels is finally up on The Atlantic and she references the site. Could explain the uptick in CP herely late. Also the main source of her 'femcel' research was from reddit - a cesspool of losers.

No. 1179140

No. 1179141

File: 1652414765743.jpeg (210.08 KB, 1170x837, C3128166-3525-4B83-9C87-13F38D…)

She just had to mention the site. Though, It’s funny to know she read replies to her thread.

No. 1179142

Kaitlyn Tiffany really had to reveal the name of the site, huh. And that was really her. And we even told her not to reveal the name. What the fuck? What an asshole.

No. 1179143

what's femcel lingo? why did she even mention lolcow if she didn't find any femcels here

No. 1179144

I ain’t gonna give this hoe any clicks.

No. 1179146

Fuck you Kaitlyn!
>femcel lingo
What??? I love how she clearly didn't do very much research at all and it was going to be biased regardless of what she read.

No. 1179148

Kaitlyn you’re a fucking retard kek

No. 1179149

I know right, she says we're covered with "femcel lingo" but doesn't go into what that is or why she thinks she's an expert on it. Her article, of course, is dismissible. Her thesis seems to be why females use incel rhetoric. Then she mentions femcel. So to her incel and femcel are identical, but the latter is all female? But incels hate women. This also doesn't help the reader who, if anyone reads her shit articles, is a layman and doesn't know anything about incels, and if they do, know that they are woman haters. She's retarded.
Also she mentions comments that cannot be cited because we are anonymous and she may as well tell everyone about the gay anime porn that was spammed at her. I refuse to "read" her "article".

No. 1179156

The only “femcel” lingo we use is moid, but that doesn’t make us femcels lol

No. 1179160

It's clear that she was dead set on mentioning lolcow because she could hardly scratch up enough alleged femcel spaces to make it sound like a real thing.

Funny though that this confirms that she read at least a portion of the thread.

No. 1179161

What a pedantic pile of shit this article is. She gets paid to write this stuff, it's kind of impressive in a way, even if it is also embarrassing. Do you respect the hustle nonnies kekkk

No. 1179163

Why didn't she mention crystalcafe, I wonder. Was anyone around for the thread she made there?

No. 1179167

File: 1652415802748.gif (1023.63 KB, 218x228, 01908DE7-5879-404E-B649-E08F63…)

Oh, Kaitlyn…
(Not reading the article though, she doesn’t deserve a click.)

No. 1179171

Yeah but it got way less engagement than here.

No. 1179210

File: 1652417311921.png (247.03 KB, 500x411, 2733A23F-A061-4388-A503-9DDE15…)

This might be lolcow's last stand. With all the other issues going on here I don't expect this place to survive much longer. Maybe I'm wrong but either way thanks for nothing Kaitlyn.

No. 1179212

File: 1652417332932.jpeg (60 KB, 1128x501, 0A0E0677-8F84-475C-919C-91F9F1…)

Kaitlyn Tiffany actually hates transgender people, this is a real tweet of hers. She’s a virulent transphobe, and allegedly curb stomped a defenseless transwoman in an alley after calling them “pervert in a dress”, among other slurs

No. 1179214

I'm not gonna give it a click, someone copy-pasta it for us please?

No. 1179216

I'm just fucking angry and tired. I'm so damn tired.
This website is doomed and I can't fucking wait to start seeing newfags say shit like
>but isn't this a website for femcel freaks???
I'm done

No. 1179217

it's in this thread

No. 1179218

Here you go nonners

No. 1179219

File: 1652417531226.gif (78.33 KB, 220x218, 16D336EB-0E5D-40EF-B381-D8F034…)

Her article was completely meaningless, just what was the point Kaitlyn Tiffany? I'm guessing she had no choice to back out of this one.

No. 1179220

The part where she mentions LC is so short, that hopefully whoever reads that article will barely notice it and not even bother checking us out.

No. 1179221

File: 1652417662814.jpeg (42.93 KB, 600x415, 975E3A59-ED0E-45B0-A19D-BA1E64…)

Just woke up to this. Another useless article that's taking up space in the virtual world. You're ruining the planet, Tiffany. The blood is on your hands

No. 1179222

why didn’t she comment about the yaoi we posted? the edits? wow kaitlyn all that love we showed you for nothing smh

No. 1179223

>for femcels
no way, it will drive the moids here.

No. 1179224

Tbf, I think all the males who care about imageboards already know about this place

No. 1179225

Ready your husbandos sisters a war is coming

No. 1179227

So who's quotes are these? Step up!

No. 1179228

She really really really spins the narrative that we somehow do have a reputation to have femcels here, but literally where??? where the fuck? I see no fucking femcels here. We told her. How the fuck is she going to know anything if she doesn't listen to us? She cherrypicked the information. I'm angry.

No. 1179229

File: 1652417885256.jpeg (49.5 KB, 600x362, 1617732122292.jpeg)

I thought the whole situation was funny at first but now I just find it all so aggravating. We are clearly not just any 4chan clone, 2 seconds of clicking will show that this is a drama site with an offtopic board. Kaitlyn Tiffany is probably young and internet savvy enough to understand that most of the retarded and inflammatory statements on this website are shitposts. If she really wanted to get to the bottom of why anons on this site are always saying shit like kill all men is she could stay around long enough to see the kind of spam and male retardation we have to put up with just for existing as a women only imageboard. But women being harassed on the internet isn't exciting so mega feminist kaitlyn tiffany gives us an article trying and failing to make femcels a thing. It's comical that even in the article she references incels worshiping Elliot Roger but all she can say about "femcels" is that they're lonely women.

Screwing over fellow women for clicks, very cool.

No. 1179230

She didn't cherrypick the information, she completely ignored it because she didn't even care.

No. 1179231

Chick was reaching. Really how much research do you think she put into this? She asked not that long ago and the article was out already? I was expecting over a month for turnaround.

No. 1179232

File: 1652418017526.jpeg (272.11 KB, 1583x2048, D9F06712-9A9B-4165-B092-016EE1…)

Not all, it's CC that most of them mention as a female imageboard, looks to me like it functioned as our shield until now.
It's an honor to fight with you nonny.

No. 1179233

It’s not like there’s much to “research” in the first place

No. 1179234

tbh that is for the best. If her article drives even more trolls to this site than at least crystal.cafe was spared and won't see that same influx. I don't mind migrating there if we have to.

No. 1179235

File: 1652418058430.jpeg (244.47 KB, 1400x1400, 806185E6-2F32-4F7E-8B6C-F3BE12…)


No. 1179236

File: 1652418130662.jpeg (746.26 KB, 1125x1055, 9E927AA7-5BB0-44D6-A84F-E2854C…)

I think she was lazy because writing this article is required for her job and she doesn't even care about the truth.

No. 1179237

I didn't want to have to migrate with to the actual femcel board kek just kidding but seriously I don't want to be paired with the loser-chans, I preffer lolcow's vibe.

No. 1179238

Why even have a job where she's required to write shit yet she wrote completely false information?

No. 1179239

File: 1652418216145.gif (37.41 KB, 498x476, sana-goose.gif)

Point me in the directions of ze Atlandick

No. 1179240

I hope e-mail collecter anon is ready kek

No. 1179241

Assuming moids who don’t already know, read the Atlantic. Links to lc still shows up as error right?
I keep saying we need to start operation retaking c.c, their admin actually gives a shit

No. 1179242


scroll down a bit

No. 1179244

It's the norm in that field.

No. 1179245

There's a lot of overlap in userbase and most of CC would be fine taking farmers in, they are already aware of LC's issues.

No. 1179246

Could have written about literally anything else if she was gonna shit out something wrong and useless. I know “Amanda” doesn’t even exist.

No. 1179247

File: 1652418448210.gif (623.19 KB, 498x208, titanic-breaks.gif)

When Lolcow dies as a sinking ship I'll die with it

No. 1179248

Kaitlyn is your husbando someone in 1D? Which britbong is it? Please post about it here

No. 1179250

More like A Man Duh

No. 1179251

Hey Tifflyn Kaitlany here, actually my husbando is the big man himself…

… your mom

No. 1179252

File: 1652418633999.gif (629.1 KB, 300x225, 2E94F6D6-F03F-48BB-A63A-DE24A6…)

It's been nice knowing you nonnies, I'll miss you by my side

No. 1179254

I appreciate the high brow humor in this thread

No. 1179255

File: 1652418698185.gif (514.85 KB, 500x282, giphy.gif)

me and who else

No. 1179256

File: 1652418747990.png (63.67 KB, 223x221, he he.png)

Heh heh heh

No. 1179258

File: 1652418867054.jpeg (55.96 KB, 630x411, 34E76698-8768-45F3-8DE8-818629…)

I will die painting spidey.

No. 1179261

File: 1652418975071.gif (824.67 KB, 275x275, 1652134572706.gif)

This thread is 15 days old, meaning it took 15 days for Kaitlyn to shit out this meaningless piece of caca

No. 1179262

The article is worse than I thought at least in how it characterizes this site. KT does not know well enough to realize that lolcow has board specific memes and lingo, that people who actually self identified as femcels were actively bullied off the site, and that the site culture's contempt for men is largely influenced by radical feminism and the (relatively high) proportion of bi and lesbian women. The existence of /g/ pretty much negates her reason to include the site in her article, you can easily find dozens of threads there about women buzzing about their love lives.

No. 1179263

This gif lmfao

No. 1179264

File: 1652419159999.jpg (388.78 KB, 720x960, 1651551728582.jpg)

W-what was that?

No. 1179269

Is there a way to contact a higher up and let them know what terrible job Kaitlyn did? Should I.

No. 1179271

better not to tbh

No. 1179273

File: 1652419682001.gif (3.66 MB, 640x360, AC8A474A-1BE9-4F3E-A514-54573C…)

I warned you that I wanted you a great reporter, you troll the Atlantic and you fuck the Atlantic I warned you that I would return here to LOLCOR by my next presence We're helpless Nothing comfortable You're doing nothing You're not doing anything You're not using anything You're not using anything You hurt us you are the worst than you are the worst I want to go home, and I want everything to be normal again, and it unleashes my hellish world, I still feel like I'm back and there's nothing yet please please please please please please please PLE Correct the eyesight I'm begging for you please give me GIVE US JOURNALISM BACK KAITLYN WHY DO YOU LEAVE US HALF DONE WHAT IS THIS JUST REMOVE THE STORY IF YOU CARE SO LITTLE YOU RUINED MY VALENTINE'S DAY ALONE AND YOU RUIN EVERY SUBSEEUQNET DAY SINCE THEN CORRECT YOUR MISTAKES AND RETSTORE THE ATLANTIC TO ITS GLORY ITS NOT RIGHT ITS JUST NOT RIGHT

No. 1179276

I condone all instances of cowtipping for this one

No. 1179278

Damn, I miss everything on this site nowadays due to being a boring wagie.
This asshole is intent on ruining every corner of the internet women have carved out for ourselves.

No. 1179283

File: 1652420308918.jpg (46.82 KB, 640x646, sbfoa78ahj381.jpg)

I warned you that I wanted you a great reporter, you troll the Atlantic and you fuck the Atlantic I warned you that I would return here to LOLCOR by my next presence We're helpless Nothing comfortable You're doing nothing You're not doing anything You're not using anything You're not using anything You hurt us you are the worst than you are the worst I want to go home, and I want everything to be normal again, and it unleashes my hellish world, I still feel like I'm back and there's nothing yet please please please please please please please PLE Correct the eyesight I'm begging for you please give me GIVE US JOURNALISM BACK KAITLYN WHY DO YOU LEAVE US HALF DONE WHAT IS THIS JUST REMOVE THE STORY IF YOU CARE SO LITTLE YOU RUINED MY BIRTHDAY ALONE AND YOU RUIN EVERY BIRTHDAY FOR DUMPY CUTIES SINCE THEN CORRECT YOUR MISTAKES AND RETSTORE THE ATLANTIC TO ITS GLORY ITS NOT RIGHT ITS JUST NOT RIGHT

No. 1179292



No. 1179294

I don't want them getting piqued to write a more in depth article

No. 1179298

Further proof real journalism is dead. How embarrassing. This is one of the reasons why I don't read The Atlantic.

No. 1179301

She works for The Atlantic, so confirmed.

No. 1179302

Literally all journos are and ""work"" like this and should be disregarded completely. Once you understand this, you're the closest to understanding and knowing truth.

No. 1179317

That's what I kept saying in the first thread but obviously she didn't read it and just wrote a biased opinion piece to prove how correct we are. I could write a personal blog post while drunk at 3am in English, which isn't even my first language, and I'd still write write something more meaningful and informative than that half assed article she wrote.

No. 1179318

File: 1652423784828.png (360.15 KB, 518x518, YOU RUINED MY VALENTINE'S DAY …)

This is such a joke. I will never again enjoy the Kaitlyn Tiffany meme. I really can't understand how after she did the "research" that she did she shat that out with no relation to the facts. This is why you can't trust journalists anymore. They're motivated solely by ideology and will deliberately ignore any evidence that goes against what they think "should" be the news. Add onto that, they're lazy and can't write their way out of a sophomore essay. I am personally insulted by how egregiously sloppy this piece of "journalism" is. I don't understand what was even the point of announcing her presence if she was not going to bother using the information - shitposts or not - provided by the literal users of this site.

Kaitlyn Tiffany, if you are reading this, you are a disgrace.

No. 1179320

Can Kaitlyn Tiffany not ruin everything she touches?

No. 1179322

I remember seeing her pop up on my fyp quite often, her old username used to be something like "state mandated fembot" and she would make radfem leaning tiktoks with a side of attention whoring and tranny support here and there so she doesn't get called out kek.

No. 1179333

KT peaked me on not trusting journos ever again

No. 1179338

The real shame is that it's proof that Kaitlyn didn't even read her own thread. The quotes she made were right at the start of the thread right next to each other. She probably made the thread, ate dinner, returned, quoted two posts just to immediately rebut them with no evidence, and then closed the tab.

Way to fucking ruin the meme.

No. 1179341

File: 1652425592475.gif (1.65 MB, 450x270, tumblr_p56jzr42Ci1ulkd8uo3_500…)

Femcels are real, and their existence has meaning. But thinking of them as a unified group with specific political goals is less useful than thinking of them as overlooked individuals who are now being swept around the web, sometimes letting their insecurities and resentments lead them into unproductive conversations. The architecture of many of the forums they’ve ended up in encourages defensiveness, border-patrolling, exclusion, even aggression. For instance, while femcel culture is not inherently transphobic, there is an “overlap or amenability to transphobia,” Kay told me. Femcels, especially now, tend to find themselves on identity-based forums that are fixated on biological-essentialist ideas of gender—“women are like this, men are like that,” as Kay put it, more stagnant than revolutionary. “These spaces do just kind of become inward-looking, very defensive, rather than about imagining radical new futures,” she said.

No. 1179342

When did this happen??

No. 1179344

File: 1652426035516.jpeg (637.94 KB, 828x1047, EC602B9E-7943-48B5-A341-5D1EFB…)

Can a twitfag please tell me what the quote replies consist of for both of these tweets pls?

No. 1179351

File: 1652426791809.jpg (1.19 MB, 1920x2560, 22-05-13-09-26-13-368_deco.jpg)

most of the quotes are just "wow so interesting" "that's crazy lol"

No. 1179355

>"this entire article gave me an aneurysm"
>"can someone give me the tldr of this"
>"Hey now a lot of them are my mutuals…"
>"What exactly is the problem here can’t we just direct them and the boy incel subreddit together and be fine?"
>(direct quote from article)
>"stop trying to make fetch happen"
>"Many of the attributes referenced n this story apply 2 me, but there r some differences. I don't c myself as "ugly" & I don't compare myself 2 others. I've long since made peace w/ my looks & my body. The $1M Q is y can't I live n a world where I can just b w/o being judged…."
>"An alternative plan: why don't we ignore both?"

that is all of them

No. 1179357

not a single mention of husbando spam i cant believe all of our work went to waste

No. 1179358

Twitter is full of leftie retards who suck up any corpo journo garbage like its their favourite soy drink

No. 1179359

Does Kaitlyn have a bf? Did she save any of the bara tiddie pics at least? We need to get to the bottom of this.

No. 1179361

she wrote an article about being dumped so she's probably still single

No. 1179364

If she has no bf she must be a femcel too. Since women being single and not having sex for 1 year is apparently a political statement for her. She only sees women as objects to give sex and relationships, she didn't care about the alleged femcels Psychology issues or traumas, only the fact that's they were too ugly and unfuckable which imo isn't the reason they can't date.

No. 1179366

File: 1652427797004.jpg (54.48 KB, 680x383, FQ0J03qXsAIDs83.jpg)

kek same. im genuinely disappointed about the lack of mentions for the husbando spam and shitposting. kaitlyn tiffany i showed you my yaoi folder please respond </3

No. 1179369

kaitlyn tiffany is not worthy of your yaoi folder nonners

No. 1179373

File: 1652428551190.jpg (28.8 KB, 474x474, OIP.O9sCsNQ9xHJ92IEJ9XQScAHaHa…)

WTF? One part of me thought that maybe the Kaitlyn thread was a joke. But no. Not only does she link to LC after being told it would make male trolls come here, she calls us femcels and then she also berates "femcel culture" for being transphobic. Actual retarded misogynist.

No. 1179376

>For instance, while femcel culture is not inherently transphobic, there is an “overlap or amenability to transphobia,” Kay told me. Femcels, especially now, tend to find themselves on identity-based forums that are fixated on biological-essentialist ideas of gender—“women are like this, men are like that,” as Kay put it, more stagnant than revolutionary. “These spaces do just kind of become inward-looking, very defensive, rather than about imagining radical new futures,” she said.
The radical future of agps! Is Kaitlyn actually a scrote?

No. 1179377

She's like
>wahh wahh how do female only spaces not coddle mentally ill rapist men wahh wahh
Literally any female only space will be transphobic, women are tired of men trying to insert themselves into our spaces.

No. 1179379

No. 1179380

>This article has shaken me to my core
I can't kek
Thank you, sweet nonnies. ♥
Oh, here we fucking go.

No. 1179382

File: 1652429427590.jpg (13.69 KB, 473x358, 3893a94d0a0234833a44a691ff29cd…)

there are trannies on CC i don't wannaaa

No. 1179384

>inb4 "femcels hate trans women because they're jealous trans women get more men!!"

No. 1179386

I just want my peaceful lolcor

No. 1179393

>femcels: women angry that men won't date them
K E K they really want to believe involuntarily celibate female is a thing, handmaidens stop coddling moids challenge when

No. 1179396

They can't fathom women willingly not dating bottom of the barrel men, they delude themselves and say in truth those loser men are the one rejecting femcels. Kek.

No. 1179397

Fuck Kaitlyn, post hot 2d men

No. 1179400

File: 1652430948099.gif (1.46 MB, 498x473, deltarune-spamton.gif)

i posted both bara tiddies and cute 2d boys that day, im so sad no mention of it was in the article if it was going to happen

No. 1179401

>Redditors really think that women become femcels because of that
Amazing. They really think with their dicks.

No. 1179402

The so called femcel wouldn't be a thing if men weren't so fucking nasty

No. 1179403

File: 1652431213634.jpeg (44.25 KB, 800x468, ErKZ6CRXcAoauwU.jpeg)

Kaitlyn Tiffany.. why? Why did she do it?

No. 1179410

It's exactly as bad as I expected it to be. Smh people get paid for this shit…

No. 1179411

None of us here would be femcels if men would just be impeccably groomed 6’6” Adonises with huge dicks who were also secret princes and also secret assassins with dragon shifting capabilities as well as the ability to compress their dimensions down multiple planes, do kung fu, and cook dinner via mere thought. It’s all mens fault.

No. 1179413

File: 1652431960612.png (252.54 KB, 500x381, 1449388315722.png)

I'm samefagging but she could've literally just let the sentence of name/link out WHY KAITLYN. I'm already fucking fed up with the cp spam and moids from the amber thread larping and leaking everywhere, we don't need boomers who read the Atlantic in the mix.

No. 1179414

Or just not be degenerate coomers who treat us as support humans and not regular humans with our own desired beyond being their mommy bangmaid. Most men don't even groom or try to appeal to women at all, and instead participate in competing for mens affection by using women as trophies to impress and gain the respect of other men. It's all very homoerotic.

No. 1179424

Reddit hates women and banned all the womens only subs save the porn ones, so this reaction is not shocking. The only 'womens subs' they allow are the ones where men pretending to be women congregate. All redditors are incel tier.

No. 1179425

File: 1652432823135.png (178.02 KB, 275x275, acceptthetruth.png)

>hate men because they are nasty porn sick degenerates who treat women as second rate citizens and rape and murder and beat women and impose their sick fetishes on us
>also they don't wash their asses or their hands after going to the bathroom so they stink up everything
>wait, nah, must be because they aren't tall and buff and super hot 10/10 adonises who ejaculate chocolate

No. 1179426

They live on copium. They believe it is sooo unreasonable to have any standards at all because they want to have the smallest amount of risk for the greatest amount of reward.
>Stupid wahmen, you can't expect me to groom myself, not cheat/be a porn addict, and groom! That's like asking me to be a 10/10 millionaire with magic powers!
Bar is on the floor for men.

No. 1179429

These people are being paid! Scandalous! Wasted money!

No. 1179430

I scrolled through the article and she doesn’t actually mention here directly does she? So at least we won’t get an influx of angry twitterfags I guess kek

No. 1179432

Meant to be a joke nona (unless I misunderstood you).

She does actually

No. 1179435

Yes she does, it's right there between the factless drivel and buzzword vomit.
she directly links us

No. 1179437

Sry nonna i am even more of an autist than KT and i just really really hate moids

No. 1179438

To be fair, we currently are getting moid spam.

No. 1179449

The c.c admin deleted the thread IIRC, saying they tolerate some of the studies but not this.

No. 1179450

She does?! My bad, I scrolled through it quickly kek

No. 1179458

Trannyhaven has better admins? Tragic.

No. 1179495

surprised this isn't being talked about more. what's your intent kait?

No. 1179496

Had to inform my bf we are stopping having sex, I am a femcel after all!

Women refusing to date men due to violence and horrible behaviour is SO similar to genetic waste/misogynists/porn-obsessed coomers/etc complaining about dem whore foids not giving their holes rreeee!!!1 isn't it? Great journalism Kaitlyn.

No. 1179506

Still can't believe people are getting paid for this. Why am I not being paid for shitposting on lolcow? My posts make people laugh or furiously click the report button. What did that article do? It didn't inform anyone of anything, it wasn't amusing. Waste of bits. They put this shit out and call it a job? Where's the product/service offered? Because those words on screen aren't providing anyone with anything.

No. 1179510

File: 1652439588161.jpg (11.04 KB, 443x449, 0e803f7b0e65a5ba.jpg)

Also I have to add I did not mean to sound like r/ihavesex, I just meant some of us do tolerate a scrote in our life. I fully support you nonnas not engaging in dating men though.

Being a "femcel" is just so fundamentally different than incel, it's retarded those are even talked about in the same sentence. Men are sex hungry coomers 99% of the time, if a separatist nonna truly wanted some random dick she would be able to do it pretty much instantly no matter how ugly she is, unlike actual incels which is their whole reason to whine in the first place. Being critical of who you date and demanding standards (like fucking washing your ass, not being a fucked up coomer and/or an abuser) is in no way similar to demanding government assigned fuckholes, good god. Being an incel is about wanting but fuck women but not being able to, being a "femcel" is about being able to fuck men but choosing not to. Reminder for any lurking xy's. Cope and seethe, very likely also dilate.

No. 1179512

Alternatively being a femcel is about being a lesbian and having AGP's ruin every fucking community and app, so all the actual lesbians are in hiding and can't find each other.

No. 1179513

Wonder what shit ass school this bitch came from and what kind of nepotist dick sucking went into securing this job. KT makes snapchat articles sound intelligent.

No. 1179515

Oh yeah that's true too

No. 1179516

Can we really deny the lookism of society against women though? It's not about having sex but women have always been treated differently because of their looks and never ever held to the same standards as scrotes. Ugly men can get away with anything. Sure men will still stick it in us because they're coomers. But the fact will remain that prettier women will be treated better, by both sexes. Call it being a femcel or not, it still holds truth.

No. 1179518

Isn't it just misogyny?

No. 1179519

Addressing lookism in sexist society doesn’t make anyone a femcel holy fuck

No. 1179521

She wants to make fun of women she thinks are morally and physically inferior to her and make money doing it. Journalist moment.

No. 1179525

Kaitlyn, you incompetent bitch, am I a femcel if I've always been single because I never really met anyone interesting enough to make me want to have a bf for not particular reason? What's your stupid opinion on that?

No. 1179526

So who has face dox?

No. 1179528

No way a name like Kaitlyn Tiffany who regurgitates incel rhetoric isn’t a superhon tranny

No. 1179531

Lurk moar. She's a cutie

No. 1179532

Nonnas yoiu can just google her face

No. 1179533

if she dates me she could cure me of my femceldom, but noooo

No. 1179539

File: 1652442207161.jpeg (189.67 KB, 750x593, 4851A18C-29FC-4D05-A074-C854D1…)

Hope Kaitlyn Tiffany gets sued for libel. This place isn’t for femcels, this is why people have a burning hatred for journalists because they are professional liars. She barely did any research and wrote up this article like it was a college essay that was due in an hour or something. If only she knew about 90% of this users on this website are not femcels but actively engage in romantic/sexual relationships if she lurked long enough.

No. 1179540

File: 1652442218393.png (250.15 KB, 561x581, F491CDCB-9287-4F48-A505-725FBD…)

No. 1179542

i still can't believe the kaitlyn shit was 2 weeks ago it felt like it was yesterday kek

No. 1179543

File: 1652442666216.jpeg (127.89 KB, 750x734, ED59F620-A868-4D4B-97CE-8A201B…)

Samefag but “femcel” does not exist, it’s just another postmodern lingo to slap on women who don’t center their lives or politics around the well-being of men, ironically enough that is what incels do, their ideology is centered towards their hatred of women and lack of access emotionally and physically to us. It’s almost like she recognizes the problem that men are only angry because access is only stratified to a certain group of men and that they are no longer systemically offered women like they’re cattle anymore and that women’s emotions are internalized because of the unreasonable standards of the patriarchy like why am I even explaining shit she forgot to mention the anon who said we hate trannies, faggots, and men.

No. 1179553

She could cosplay Elsie so well if she tried. Has the hair and dark under-eyes for it.

No. 1179558

Hands off Elsie you fucking molester

No. 1179574

>“femcel” does not exist, it’s just another postmodern lingo to slap on women who don’t center their lives or politics around the well-being of men
Now I'm starting to wonder if the coquette(s) in the celebricows thread came from Kaitlyn's article. They were calling people who thought they were cringy "jealous"/"femcels". If other women aren't obsessing over goblins like Vincent Gallo, trying to be a "nymphet" at 30 and collecting photos of men from Reddit to pass off their husbands, they are "femcels" lol

No. 1179582

File: 1652445367949.jpeg (293.83 KB, 828x1188, 98149756-3E33-4464-8BA5-EAE6C9…)

Her LinkedIn says Cornell. I was shocked to see an extensive list of experience in journalism and media. I genuinely thought she must’ve been a rookie based on reading the article with no other info. Agree with all the anons who say the article is just a bunch of word vomit with no real meaning or implications beyond the piece.

No. 1179584

File: 1652445399746.jpeg (238.58 KB, 828x1304, 119479FA-20B9-4086-92E5-EFD603…)

(2/3) adding more background for those who are curious

No. 1179586

File: 1652445421041.jpeg (186.64 KB, 828x1073, DCE3E968-675A-41D1-AB5D-B4DBF9…)

No. 1179590

Wait, so she specialized as a culture reporter and is still doing such lazy research on internet culture? That's crazy

No. 1179608

I feel like when people use the term "femcel" they don't really mean "the female version of an incel" more like women that are terminally online, have non-mainstream hobbies and interests, and aren't exactly social butterflies. >>1179543

No. 1179610

That's just a nerd/geek/autist/quirky woman.

No. 1179618

nta but I agree that the femcel label is being forced on basically any woman that isn't your average Becky or Stacy despite the majority of those women expressing no interest in it

No. 1179734

All these femcel articles are late. The femcel communities peaked from mid 2018 to 2019. Notice how the Amanda girl said she joined when she was 18 now she’s 22 so 4 years ago which lines up. It’s been basically dead ever since. All these journos writing about femcels should have done it back then. However they are all normies who only know about things once it reaches their Tiktok feed. Now they find the ironic femcel meme on there and try to write about something that barely exists.

No. 1179824

The tern probably went viral on tiktok or something so questionable journos like kaitlyn tiffany fished it out of the trashcan again.

No. 1179828

Still fucking angry at Kaitlyn

No. 1179836

File: 1652457488297.jpg (23.3 KB, 345x496, gungadinlaugh.jpg)

The dumb bitch actually did it, she wrote about lolcow hahahahahahahaha

No. 1179845

>I don't understand what was even the point of announcing her presence if she was not going to bother using the information
Because she's a pickme. This is her version of "slumming", basically seeing what ACTUAL women think, not just her female coworkers who are NPCs just like her.

No. 1179852

she’s trying to get her bills paid anon stop judging a girlboss trying to navigate her way through the world of journalism

No. 1179854

FYI, as a former Hollywood brat, "audience development manager" means you're the person who rounds up the brainless people who will laugh at even the shittiest, moid-tier jokes, and pays them off.

No. 1179867

>former Hollywood brat

would anons stop lying about allegedly being in high positions you never stepped foot in hollywood ever, schizo

No. 1179902

No no no I wasn't in acting or any dumb shit like that, I had a family member who was in production. You learn the lingo over the years.

No. 1179918

She wrote an article about being dumped? Journalists are just bloggers. Pathetic.

No. 1179976

The urge my autistic ass has to deep dive and breakdown ever factually wrong thing in every article she’s ever written and to send it to her editor is rising (I won’t). It would be so funny though, She’d probably cry on Twitter. Journalism is a joke and I hate it. They’re just tabloid reporters who lie for big wigs.

No. 1179980

Kek keep repeating "FEMCELS ARE REAL I MET ONE" kaitlyn, they're not going to fuck you

No. 1179983

>However they are all normies who only know about things once it reaches their Tiktok feed.
This is exactly like when tv shows or video games will have completely outdated memes and internet jokes that don't even make sense used in their contexts because the writers are clueless.

No. 1179987

don't waste your time asking for corrections is pointless they only care about clicks

No. 1179988

Honestly you should, sounds satisfying in a ‘tistic kind of way.

No. 1179990

Kaitlyn could be called many things but a “girlboss” and “journalist” are not two of them.

No. 1179994

>The urge my autistic ass has to deep dive and breakdown ever factually wrong thing in every article she’s ever written and to send it to her editor is rising
Post it here, this is the right thread for it and I'm interested

No. 1179998

I almost want to start my own blog and post about pretty much any topic, I'm sure I could do a much better job. But I wouldn't be able to get an audience because I'm not a j*urnalist, unfortunately.

No. 1179999

With the right contacts you can become a journalist. Anyone can.

No. 1180001

Meanwhile some journalists go to war zones or get assassinated for revealing things with their reporting.

No. 1180002

I'd rather die than having to communicate with journalists though.

No. 1180006

Real journalists exist but Kaitlyn isn’t one.

No. 1180008

Ohhh boy, where I live (mexico) we have like 10+ journalists that have died THIS YEAR ALONE. One of them, a female reporter, asked to the president directly to help her and named her agressor and said she was in danger. But she was found dead 1 week later.

No. 1180022

File: 1652465519069.jpeg (1.34 MB, 2898x2898, C17A4699-B1DC-4F56-B464-FA14CF…)

Kaitlyn you will never be a real journalist. End your fucking life you shallow, mentally barren mousey looking cunt. I hope you die alone and miserable.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1180025

File: 1652465624087.jpeg (107.82 KB, 1024x682, B00CAB2A-89DB-4A8A-9602-27E46F…)

Please do it. I want to see her life absolutely ruined. At the very least her career. Anyone got more pics of her

No. 1180026

File: 1652465642925.jpg (32.8 KB, 908x236, 1645686556544.jpg)

No. 1180027

File: 1652465767502.jpeg (143.29 KB, 1170x657, EC100582-12A4-4507-836C-0898BF…)

Kaitlyn regardless of how many one direction fanfics you have consumed, you will always be a mediocre boring normie that exploits women who don’t fit your libfem-informed idea of how women should think and behave

No. 1180029

I will as I have time Noni. She’s put a stick up my ass. She’s also the one who wrote how the child sex trade totally isn’t happening at the same time as Epstein.

No. 1180030

File: 1652465858943.gif (1.16 MB, 220x166, 7DA2AB79-1AB9-4D87-8C89-5C64F2…)

>She’s put a stick up my ass. She’s also the one who wrote how the child sex trade totally isn’t happening at the same time as Epstein.
She just gets worse. What a disgusting subhuman she is.

No. 1180031

File: 1652465954428.jpeg (154.26 KB, 828x455, 73A850EC-D040-472F-BA48-D948E6…)

Uh huh sure she is.

No. 1180034

Katherine Dee is another idiot who writes "deep" articles about stuff she finds on her Tiktok feed. She's in some of the leftcow threads.

No. 1180038

File: 1652466247182.jpg (87.29 KB, 564x888, f5bdfa688035e5a3e4df5fb7098c1b…)

is she reading lolcow right now kek ? Also why is she trying to imply that writting 1d fanfic is not something that normie/normal people do when it's one of the most popular band ?

No. 1180039

File: 1652466287050.jpeg (204.38 KB, 2000x1200, EB5D0C96-BDB5-486F-8AE8-00ACE2…)

She wrote for Vox and is associated with Grace Lavery. Pretty sure he’s the one that helped her get the job at the Atlantic. The tranny.

No. 1180057

Writing fanfic about the most popular bland boy band in 2013 is about the most normie thing I can think of. Does she also make mayonnaise and wonderbread sandwiches like the l33t h4ckr she is?

No. 1180063

File: 1652467113911.png (307.41 KB, 552x553, EEE019D7-B546-4F07-A32F-3B8159…)

Maybe she’ll break lolcow but I’ll still sleep soundly knowing the stuff I write for work ends up in the Library of Congress while the drivel she writes for work dissolves into the digital ether as soon as she hits “publish.”

No. 1180067

who is this cutie?

No. 1180071

File: 1652467347214.jpg (10.94 KB, 571x437, message_from_god2.jpg)

God, I was just thinking that Kaitlyn is lucky to have posted on here of all places, can you imagine if she did the same thing on 4chan ? Those guys would have already doxxed her by now

No. 1180072

Also those people were likely tweens. It's normal to look back on middle/high school and laugh at the weird and cringey things you did.

No. 1180077

That's Kaitlyn Tiffany, anon

No. 1180078

Is she even writing about femcel or just lolcow and cc? She reeed about gender essentialism.
Make a 2 hour youtube video about it. I'll be your biggest fan

No. 1180079

Because she's lame and milquetoast, but she wants some sort of "nerdy/geek girl" cred since that's trendy now

No. 1180085

I miss when the Kaitlyn Tiffany thread was live, when she first asked the question kek. it was so hilarious and I had never seen a thread fill up with the most funny and retarded replies so quickly

No. 1180093

If only Kaitlyn Tiffany could've stayed longer than the first ten replies to see the behavior of this website and that we all have a much more fun time than she has ever had, then maybe she wouldn't be such a fucking loser with an awful article.

No. 1180097

I smell an unwashed asshole in here

No. 1180100

That would require her betraying the girl cock she likes so much for actual “icky girls” Noni.

No. 1180105

File: 1652468688384.jpeg (135.51 KB, 828x768, E69A0709-4D93-4B8C-B484-7F583A…)

Let’s not forget some of her greatest hits such as doxing is whatever I say it is and not the legal description of such.
>> Doxing or doxxing is the act of publicly revealing previously private personal information about an individual or organization, usually via the Internet.

No. 1180107

It’s so annoying how she probably saw my warning that men regularly spam this website with gore and cp, and posting her name and email here would expose her to the possibility of men flooding her inbox with the same kind of thing. And yet, she still chose to publish her shitty thinkpiece about how we’re just the opposite side of the coin to male incels. Has she ever heard of a woman spamming a loveshy/incel subreddit for men with gore and cp?? If she spent more time here she would know just how many women here have been raped or assaulted but she doesn’t give a shit because that doesn’t fit the narrative that she already came into writing her dumb article wanting to build.

No. 1180109

Holy shit I didn't realize the article had dropped already. So that's why we have some posters saying "femcel" unironically now.

>I keep saying we need to start operation retaking c.c, their admin actually gives a shit
I agree. Once the userbase becomes more aggressive towards suspected moids it should be easier to self-moderate and keep the males off the site when the admin can't do it herself.

No. 1180110

She's one of those girls who are so straight they can't even have female friends. Trisha paytas is one of those types.

No. 1180112

Those fuckers probably think that reddit and imgur are peak unique internet knowledge kek

No. 1180134

You can use the archive link and it won't give them views.

No. 1180257

she wanted to ensure an audience/clicks by posting that she's crafting some rage bait about the site

No. 1180275


No. 1180279

she's one of those girls who are so insecure they can't even have female friends. ftfy

No. 1180299

She should try being doxxed sometime, it's really fun.(encouraging doxxing)

No. 1180319

Well well well, I found an article from 2014 about an app called "Lulu" that let you see what women wrote about guys. Three guesses as to who the co-author was: https://kitsch-cornell.com/2014/09/03/lulu-is-fucked-up-let-us-count-the-ways/

"It’s a warped impression of female solidarity that believes that all women are looped together into some weird conspiracy to strategize about men. What’s my motivation to tell a stranger the best and worst parts of hooking up with a guy that I know? A magic bond mystically solidified with menstrual blood and mojitos and Ya-Ya Sisterhood self-mutilation rituals? Bitches are strangers. It’s a really nasty form of gender essentialism that says this is something girls should want to do, in order to “take back the Internet” and have agency in the dating world. It’s also presumptuously heteronormative—immediately categorizing all guys from my Facebook list as straight and verifying that my Facebook gender says “female” before I can post." -Kaitlyn Tiffany

No. 1180339

she's so pretty..kaitlyn why can't you be smart as well??

No. 1180397

File: 1652479921931.jpg (512.88 KB, 1066x1424, QNnklJe.jpg)

No. 1180407

She took the not like other girl pills in high school and now she’s brain dead.

No. 1180411

Is Kaitlyn Tiffany the ultimate pickme?

No. 1180426

>man looking at kids playing during recess
>man looking at kids playing during recess, for probably more than 5 minutes
>gets the police called on him
>wonders why
Rules exist for a fucking reason, I guess, don’t they?

No. 1180434

men wanna complain that everyone assumes they're perverts but no one would assume that men are perverts if they knew how to fucking behave

No. 1180437

I’m so very curious as to why he was watching the kids? They think we’re stupid.

No. 1180440

I'm starting to think she actively hates women. What a fucking pick me.

No. 1180441

>So that's why we have some posters saying "femcel" unironically now.

No. 1180443

This is so ungodly pathetic she really hates other women doesn't she? Did she really say "bitches are stranger"? Was she referring to these women as bitches just for having this community? Who cares what women say about men to each other, men do the same thing and often in public, too. And the whole heteronormative shit, she uses that word as if she has a quota that each article needs at least one mention of it. And she also brings up mystical feminism period magic out of nowhere, clearly projecting.

No. 1180444

She's doing a terrible job with that sociology degree.

No. 1180451

File: 1652482525416.jpg (339.63 KB, 1080x1100, 4B47rph.jpg)

This is a woman. I looked her up, apparently she's pushing some kind of hippie hands off parenting. Possible cow.

No. 1180452

No. 1180462

One direction fanfics built wattpad there is nothing weird about reading them. They are peak normie culture. Neither is watching anime or whatever else you might come up with kait

No. 1180466

This. My normie friends loved fanfics kek

No. 1180471

AYRT, I think she threw in the "heteronormative" crap 'cause she was probably thinking of the troons even way back in 2014.

No. 1180473

That was from 2014? That's even worse. That is actually so much worse. What is wrong with her?

No. 1180474

Oh back then the word heteronormativity was a big one.

No. 1180475

>What is wrong with her?
Where to fucking start?

No. 1180484

I found the backlog of all the gems (kek) Kaitlyn's written for the Verge: https://www.theverge.com/users/kaitlyn.tiffany/posts/29

Some real winners are "Zayn Malik never asked to be our token Muslim", "This Sharknado poem is probably better than anything you read in that creative writing seminar", "This sheep is my Patronus", "The Verge staff loves Hugh Jackman so much more than he knows", "The return of The Powerpuff Girls was the most lit party at SXSW", and "Disney Channel will celebrate Memorial Day with a lit nostalgia fest that just might end me" (unfortunately it didn't).(post caps so we can all point and laugh)

No. 1180489

This is her legacy. She must be ashamed.

No. 1180490

File: 1652484547593.gif (1.57 MB, 400x166, 4cfd0a15-a909-4b51-8ee7-5118ef…)

I dO bElIeVe In FeMcEls!!!! I DO! I DO!

No. 1180491

We need to doxx Kaitlyn.(no)

No. 1180494

AJAB: All Journos Are Bastards.

No. 1180496

Kaitlyn, YWNBAJ.

No. 1180498

No. 1180502

Maybe if she decides to harass the kiwis your wish will come true.

No. 1180516

>token muslim
Umm sounds problematic, sweaty. When is she getting cancelled over Twitter for this insensitive article? There's no excuse for racism, even if it was in the past. I can't believe she would do this.

No. 1180528

Wouldn't feel bad

No. 1180533

For me, the biggest loss is pretending Katilyn lurks.

No. 1180573

No. 1180574

kek love you

No. 1180575

Still more respectable than Kaitlyn's catalogue of work.

No. 1180579

she sounds like a self-loathing aiden. transition already if you hate women so much, kaitlyn.

No. 1180585

File: 1652495525658.jpg (77.06 KB, 827x1000, quenby.jpg)

Not sure if this counts but also

>calling yourself quenby

No. 1180593

File: 1652496771592.png (482.98 KB, 897x1006, 686886.png)

That entire site is so funny

No. 1180601

Journalism, everybody.

No. 1180612

Every one of these looks like satire.

No. 1180645

I'm afraid to ask what a shamanic is

No. 1180660

>your truth


No. 1180663

A dude who thinks he’s a good trip sitter

No. 1180700

Think of something fucking stupid and you're halfway there

No. 1180765

File: 1652524255399.jpg (34.23 KB, 474x474, OIP.bwZ45UblM1IZ2Ouc-SC9MAHaHa…)

What's wrong with them?

No. 1180769

> how getting herpes helped me come out as bisexual

No. 1180773

File: 1652524780261.png (339.06 KB, 741x821, agpxtra.png)

This website…first admiring an AGP who has written a book about fighting "sexual shame" 1/2

No. 1180774

File: 1652524828302.png (36.31 KB, 688x307, dragxtra.png)

Then promoting "Drag queen story hour" for children.2/2

No. 1180865

File: 1652532550506.jpg (10.08 KB, 252x200, 545.jpg)

This really, actually, seriously isn't satire? Are you sure?

No. 1180874

The fact that people get paid above average salaries to write this utterly worthless horse shit while some people can't find jobs and struggle feed themselves makes me wish for a nuclear holocaust.

No. 1180982

Kate's article seems to not have done big numbers so I think we're gonna be OK

No. 1181167

File: 1652551163631.jpeg (577.35 KB, 828x998, EA20234F-1DCB-4E9E-B89D-68E780…)

Hot and controversial take I actually think KT is capable of being competent. I didn't realize she was the author of the piece about the Cumberbatch baby truthers a couple years ago. It's leagues better than the femcel article and many of her recent pieces. She should do more pieces on stan derangement instead of spewing about NFTs and femcels. Considering how unhealthy stan culture has gotten and how it's dominating society and public perception.


No. 1181169

> Cumberbatch baby
what is that? Benedict Cumberbatch's child?

No. 1181206

Wait, there was ANOTHER fake baby saga? I thought it was only the Larries who came up with that lol

No. 1181214

File: 1652554479278.png (783.99 KB, 1434x557, indie sleaze.png)

This was some stupidity at Vice News I found. They invented this fake "indie sleaze revival" trend and wrote a few articles about it. Then later they ran articles debunking their own fake trend.

No. 1181228

Lmao I had to look this article up, the entitlement is hilarious. The author argues with the teacher that she’s on the public sidewalk and not recording them (so much better!) so she should have every right to stand there and leer at kids while they’re playing.

No. 1181240

theres a small selection of benedict cumberbatch fangirls including the woman interviewed in the article who think his children are fake. it's sadly not just larries

another good deep dive is the outlander drama. fans of the series think two of its leads are secretly together and that catriona balfe's baby is actually sam heughan's and not her husbands. it's wild

No. 1181704

didn't they also get super upset when he got married or something?

No. 1184225

it's said in meta we got ddosed and i'm blaming kaitlyn tiffany's article for the recent attacks on this site.

No. 1184456

Nah, we didn't. Afaik the site was down so that a Tor blocker could be implemented

No. 1185774

File: 1652821853703.jpeg (380.25 KB, 750x1281, 6D918278-6A43-494F-A60C-D69C2D…)

Kaitlyns article is featured on apple news

No. 1186306

God damnit.

No. 1186365

File: 1652872997394.jpg (94.34 KB, 843x727, NJaiivr.jpg)

Annie's having a hard time getting over this guy: a tale in 3 articles

No. 1186367

File: 1652873022531.jpg (81.96 KB, 918x741, Fd4lVhm.jpg)

No. 1186368

File: 1652873077131.jpg (95.81 KB, 790x721, YFzRgct.jpg)

This is more on the 2nd hand embarrassment side of cringe. I hope she gets over him

No. 1186371


No. 1186399

No. 1186409

File: 1652875237217.png (65.54 KB, 255x275, 1651850166322.png)

Annie baby, it's been months. Get over him! A reminder for her

No. 1187838

File: 1652968572649.jpg (782.75 KB, 1080x1485, QIO8x3x.jpg)

No. 1187840

what's supposed to be cheugy with the right one? looks timeless to me.

No. 1187873

The leather pants.

No. 1188322

I believe cheugy was invented by a marketer to try to shame millennials into buying new clothes before we need them

No. 1188834

File: 1653011445823.png (685.98 KB, 1080x1920, vegan.png)

No. 1196196

File: 1653490443656.jpg (517.25 KB, 1080x1253, rvJg6SG.jpg)

No. 1196220

Remember when you could only find that kind of low effort shit article on Vice?

No. 1196222

File: 1653491831608.jpeg (171.93 KB, 1093x614, C4631D8C-955A-4579-9556-691DEE…)

Came across this on my fake tranny account and can’t wait to read the results, kek

No. 1196761

>fake tranny account

What do you mean?

No. 1201074

This thread still makes me laugh like a special ed kid

No. 1204025

File: 1654017153663.png (336.84 KB, 600x594, kek.png)

this feels very nlog-ish

No. 1204038

Exploiting underage fangirls from a fandom long since dead.

No. 1204078

File: 1654019564456.gif (275.4 KB, 300x100, femcels.gif)

made some banners

No. 1204080

File: 1654019662656.png (36.94 KB, 300x100, kait1.png)

No. 1204086

No. 1204095

Nineteen likes! Kaitlyn Tiffany is moving up in the journalism world I see!

No. 1204098

I love them anon

No. 1204498

that's a bit mean innit

No. 1204627


That’s the point babe keep up

No. 1204630

File: 1654040820353.jpeg (57.44 KB, 600x451, 76AF66F5-C860-4F66-B994-E9B7DD…)


No. 1204635

Kek anon

No. 1204663

Kaitlyn would never support Illumi because he's problematic. Every night she goes home and cries into her Beans plushie like the femcel she is.

No. 1204691

File: 1654044019839.jpeg (110.81 KB, 1920x1090, 335BF049-3E33-4502-B2E4-A845FE…)

kaitlyn was the atlantic the magazine dana vachon used to work for? asking for a friend

No. 1204935

File: 1654061750079.jpg (177.81 KB, 1500x705, gjshf5dutu291.jpg)


>A spectre is haunting the west, and she is wearing an ugly floral print dress while making TikToks espousing the joys of female submission.

I'm fond of scarethots or tard-wives but blaming a handful of retards who spend most of their time LARPing as being the fault of why Roe V wade being overturned and leading white nationalism is just fucking stupid

No. 1204955

Women considering themselves the soft white underbelly of society for shaving their whole body to go to 1D concerts at 11

No. 1205372

Agreed. What power do some tradthots on tiktok hold compared to the scrote lawmakers who want this to happen more than anyone else? People just know it's easier to blame women, even if the women in question are annoying poltards it's misdirected blame because they only influence each other in their small niches

No. 1205680

This seems more like the thing that should go on a blog or substack. If they added more stuff and had a deeper analysis it would be fit for publication.

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