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File: 1470669498084.jpg (104.61 KB, 460x609, malefem1_3062978c.jpg)

No. 106931

Can we have a thread for these people?

>Loud as fuck, usually speaking over women

>Believe they have the power to decide what's sexist and hurtful because they're ~allies~
>Using feminism as a stepping stone to garner female attention and/or exposure for themselves
>50% of the time are actually Nice Guys™ in disguise
>Complete lack of self-awareness

No. 106932

File: 1470670673366.jpg (473.87 KB, 400x292, 2vEeIAt.jpg)

This thread is going to be a shitshow.

No. 106933

Waiting for the first "MALEANON HERE" post to give an uppity lecture about how not ALL male feminists.

No. 106936

Hold up. See that up lying on the ground? Scoop it into your hands and just hold it there for a while. Now you've held the up. It's time to see what people think of this.

No. 106937

Allies of any kind are annoying. Male feminists are the same as "cis", straight LGBT supporters or white people in the BLM movement.

No. 106938

Are you just going around creating strawpolls in every shitty thread you can find or what? It's always got the same sort of trying a bit too hard humor in it, and I don't get it.

You can't profit from strawpolls can you?

No. 106939

>just going around creating strawpolls
>trying a bit too hard humor
Ya' got me.
>You can't profit from strawpolls can you?
I don't know if you can, but I know the only profit I'm getting is good feelings when I see people voting in them.

No. 106940

File: 1470673187080.jpg (533.93 KB, 1280x1920, 9eOUn4D.jpg)

Finally, something both robots and farmers can mutually hate together.

No. 106941

File: 1470673348642.jpg (91.97 KB, 643x960, KKhpkDr.jpg)

No. 106942

>painted nails
This is the definition of a cuck.

No. 106943

File: 1470673655450.jpg (93.1 KB, 600x801, OaGP5vM.jpg)

There's plenty more where that came from.

No. 106944

File: 1470673711449.jpg (262.34 KB, 900x659, male_feminist_fail_by_neetsfag…)

>be me, 14 y/o tumblrina
>early days of tumblr femininzm
>guy friend asks me if i want to write superhero comic with him
>create an aggressively feminist character
>male friend tells me it would drive the fanboys away
>lecture him for half an hour on muh misogyny until he lets me make a character to fight the patriarchy
>be 4 years later
>realised my past mistakes, matured a bit, left tumblr behind
>male friend is now aggressive feminist ally
>messages me daily on facebook about something that relates to feminism
>"thank u for saving my misogynistic ass anon-chan"
>second-hand embarrassed about my younger self and all of tumblrina sjw shit
>haven't seen this guy irl for 2 years but he still talks to me about his feminist agenda regularly
>mfw i created a monster

No. 106945

File: 1470674000140.jpg (28.99 KB, 600x322, AUyQc3F.jpg)

No. 106946

File: 1470674063573.png (73.35 KB, 500x278, blegggh.png)

Does this count?

No. 106949

Do we really need another thread to attract robots? Let alone one that'll drag that shitty "nu male" meme over here with it?

We've already got like three threads that have just been full of robots up at the moment.

No. 106951

Quit whining and let thread go, until robots actually show up and farmhand move it to /manure/

No. 106953

We are keeping an eye on this thread. If it gets super /r9k/ it will be moved to manure immediately. This does at least have to potential to be somewhat hilarious.

No. 106955

>Believe they have the power to decide what's sexist and hurtful because they're ~allies~
To be fair I feel the same way about girls who spout that they're explicitly ~*~ANTI FEMINIST~*~ because it garners male attention and makes them look braev. And they're always acting like they're the voice who determines what is actually offensive or hurtful by others and hence why they don't "need" feminism (until someone is attacking their reproductive rights of course).

No. 106958

Feminism: "I need feminism because this offends me and it should offend you, too."

Anti-feminism: "I don't need feminism because I don't think this is offensive and you shouldn't, either."

I'd usually lean more toward anti-feminism but both just come off as preachy to me.

No. 106960

I'm the OP and I wanted to make a thread about ridiculous male feminist "allies" who are actually sexist as fuck underneath their ideology, similar to white tumblr SJWs having the need to speak for all the minorities they're not even part of. It's shitty that robots need to latch onto this subject.

Something along the lines of
>I'm a male feminist and thus I get to erase female opinions not fitting my narrative and possibly endangering my status as a great, unique, progressive male!
I'm pretty sure a lot of us here know men like this. Like >>106944 described.

No. 106961

I don't think any of us have an issue with the thread, and it's in /b/ which is the right spot. We're just keeping an eye out to make sure that if it does get overrun by robots, we can either ban them or if it gets that bad, move the thread.

No. 106963

File: 1470685199407.png (12.55 KB, 560x194, tumblr_nb2r1tRjRT1ql10y6o8_128…)

How bout these bitches


No. 106964

File: 1470685246708.png (570.85 KB, 870x783, J5Qi58s.png)


What's funny is he always gets attacked by feminists for not doing things the way they think he should lol

No. 106970

File: 1470688514769.png (479.9 KB, 595x598, Screen Shot 2016-08-06 at 09.0…)

that is so gross, and to think buffy is the greatest show in the universe ever made

No. 106973

Basically the whole of the male body positive/bbw supporters who use being supportive of obese women as an excuse to treat them as a fetish and objectify them.

No. 106975

File: 1470695809889.jpg (49.33 KB, 880x650, the archetype.jpg)

>Male masquerading as feminist for an agenda
I definitely had one of these in my life, I'll try to keep it short but tw I guess
>Be stupidly guilt tripped into staying with gentle sappy puppydog boy
>"I'm a feminist", but guilt trips me into covering up, into promising I'll never move etc
>Surprise! he's actually a rapist because he "can't control his feelings of love uwu"
>Get a clue and leave that shit behind
>Find out he's a sXe vegan sjw now that writes tumblr rants about white cis guys even though he is one
>He also has a sjw band that sings about queer rights and stuff, gets asspats for being such a great ally
>Hear rumours he's done stuff to other girls but I'll never know for certain
His whole music scene is male dominated and really macho, they scream about beating up fascists. The hypocrisy is real. I try not to lose sleep thinking about it but the way he gets to roll in sjw praise without disclosing his past is disgusting.

There are so many well adjusted guys that don't try to use respecting fellow humans for brownie points, but if I see "I'm a feminist!!!" on a profile or said in the first ten minutes of meeting a guy I just think of Parker from Buffy and assume it's a ploy to get laid faster. Which is a really depressing way to react to something that should be good.

No. 106979

File: 1470697118762.jpg (33.84 KB, 600x446, ChTOtH_U0AAQdSP.jpg)

finally a thread for these dickwads. I hate what feminism is these days, and there's nothing worse than dudes using it for their own brownie points. I think the biggest offender for this shit is Matthew McGorry, who's entire shtick as a ~~le male feminist for my ladies gurrrrl power :-D~~ is insufferable.

No. 106981

File: 1470697415293.png (49.18 KB, 500x290, cuckking.png)

slight image dump incoming.

No. 106982

File: 1470697452566.jpg (379.62 KB, 760x445, cuckking2.jpg)

No. 106985

this reminds me of all those dudebros going "OH LMAO SAVE THE TIDDY I LOVE BOOBIES!!!<3" during the breast cancer awareness month. It's a serious, life-threatening disease, not some pimple on a tit.

No. 106986

God I hate strawpoll anon

No. 106988

File: 1470700519605.jpeg (21.27 KB, 300x300, rape1.jpeg)

I want sharia law tbh fam 100(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 107003

Wtf is this r9k?

We should have an anti-MRA thread

No. 107005

You're missing the point of the thread. MALE FEMUNUSTS are basically MRAs who claim to be feminist to excuse their sexist behavior.

No. 107007

I know a guy like that. Hes a fucking joke.
He is a textbook example of a nice guy (says m'lady, tries to get with every woman he meets, wears a suit jacket everywhere). Of course he's a 'feminist' even through no one has ever heard him say anything that is not blatantly badly disguised misogyny or some religion is bad and should be banned bullshit.
He tried having sex with me once, and in order to court me he explained that he was a 'Darwinist' and believed that women had a natural urge to be dominated (but not in a sexist way duh). He went on to say that my college major (pretty heavy subject) had been putting me under loads of stress and he could dominate me in order to let me release my pent up urges.

I got the fuck out of there.

No. 107015

>>106982 I don't care if he's insufferable; I'd ride it.

No. 107017

I think /r/shitredditsays might be up to your speed.

No. 107029

File: 1470759309187.png (86.58 KB, 575x554, 7VPAm1M.png)

Reposting from the bad art thread:

Aaron Diaz draws a webcomic called Dresden Kodak in which his marysue is constantly drawn in suggestive poses and getting her clothes ripped off, or just hanging around in her underwear. At the same time he bitches at other creators being sexist for doing the exact same thing he does.

No. 107030

File: 1470759471865.jpg (137.29 KB, 376x750, tumblr_n4oh8rZVV81rphc69o1_500…)

As an additional bonus, thank god we have all these straight white males speaking for women! By god we sure need all that male ally power!

No. 107033

>anti-intellectual dismissal

could he tip any harder

No. 107039

David Willis is a literal retard that somehow tumblr wound up taking seriously. His self-insert is a fucking brown kid even though he's white but because he writes about trannies and lesbians tumblr managed to overlook the lack of privilege-checking and worship this self-masturbatory idiot.

No. 107054

>>106931 Pretty decent thread. I think the same could be said about Female MRAs. Alot of dudes like that act all ballsy, but then hide behind the skirt of their Honey Badgers and other like-minded cunts.

If Tumblr feminists got daddy issues, MRAs got mommy ones. Identity politics as a whole is a fucking cancer.

No. 107062

How about you stay in r9k you fucking fag. I'm so sick of you guys ruining every website you discover with your obsessive circlejerks.

No. 107083

File: 1470799840343.png (110.24 KB, 500x674, tumblr_inline_nxqkskgPzM1r8fbh…)

No. 107085

>I'm a sex positive male feminist
instant rejection

I'm sure some are cool. I'm not "sex positive" myself because that positivism tends to be applied way too liberally IMO. But if you feel the need to say that and you're a man I'm staying the hell away from you.

No. 107092

I think sex positive guys tend to be creepy. I really hate the whole "sex positivism" movement in general.

Let me guess, he's going to be a tranny?

No. 107196

What a fucking joke of a human.
Why do so many people like to think of themselves as 'intelligent gentlemen/people' whilst doing dumb things?

I wish these guys had to listen to the mommy issue slur as often as 'quirky' girls get the daddy issues one. It's never even occurred to me that it's so imbalanced.
It's not like those awful r9k infographics on 'warning signs' on hair colours, music tastes etc exist for guys either.

No. 107209

Those gentlemen guys have no clue how to actually act like a gentlemen or what it actually means to be one beyond thinking it will get them laid.

No. 107411

What does it even mean?

No. 107413

I think its self hate.

No. 107423

Men didn't care about feminism until sex positivity.

No. 107428

>It's not like those awful r9k infographics on 'warning signs' on hair colours, music tastes etc exist for guys either
It probably has to do with the fact that there are way less women in these areas of the Internet, and even the few that are here are usually much more successful with relationships than the average guy

Sex positivity is mainly about making sure that women who are enormous sluts don't have to feel bad about it, how is that a plus for men? There are some insecure people that want to feel better about taking a strap-on up their ass, but I don't see much benefit or appeal for most men in sex positive feminism.

No. 107448

>don't see much benefit or appeal for most men in sex positive feminism
it encourages women who would otherwise not be enormous sluts because of social stigma to let their inner slut out. more women, and more different types of women (not just wild clubhoes), being promiscuous out in society mean that men who might not have otherwise had many chances to get laid, can get laid (theoretically). now beta males can become the male feminist and maybe have the chance that their rainbowhair quirkygirl will have sex with him because he's understanding and she's sex positive.

and regardless, sex positivity doesn't mean the guy has to get fucked with a strap on. pegging is largely a male fetish anyway.

No. 107456

>men who might not have otherwise had many chances to get laid, can get laid (theoretically)
While I'm sure that there is some change in this area, I don't think it's anything significant. Pre-third wave feminism, the western world wasn't exactly all that conservative to begin with, and all women generally gravitating to the top 20-30% of men isn't just a meme. With that, the people that see the biggest effect of more people becoming slutty would already be the ones that were getting laid, and those are not the same men that become male feminists
>now beta males can become the male feminist and maybe have the chance that their rainbowhair quirkygirl will have sex with him because he's understanding and she's sex positive.
I really don't think that that actually happens. The male fantasy, yes, but I don't think it translates to reality.

>sex positivity doesn't mean the guy has to get fucked with a strap on

My point was simply that some guys have fetishes they're ashamed of and hope that feminism will clear the stigma, I don't know if this is any larger group of people, I've just encountered some examples.

No. 107463

I'm saying that there doesn't need to be any real evidence that this is actually the result and benefit to becoming a male feminist. Guys who would already get laid regardless set the example for less able men to find different ways and 'gimmicks' to employ in an effort to get laid.

There are men who call themselves feminists, and there are male feminists. Potential nu males see men who call themselves feminists and see an increase in female attraction to that man. They correlate that because he is a feminist that led to getting laid more (disregarding any of the other factors that makes this man attractive to women). Plus, labeling yourself as a feminist and writing a few social media posts is probably one of the easiest of these 'gimmicks' for these softer, less (hyper)masculine kinds of men. No faux aggression a la PUA courtship, you don't even need a fancy car. If she's sex positive, you (potentially) don't have to jump through hoops to fuck her, and don't have to feel like the kind of guy who "pressures" girls into sex or whatever. Male feminists don't seem to stray too far from average intelligence, so I can see how they could believe in what is more or less just a theoretical possibility.

>I really don't think that that actually happens. The male fantasy, yes, but I don't think it translates to reality.

Probably not, but that's what they seem to hope for.

>My point was simply that some guys have fetishes they're ashamed of and hope that feminism will clear the stigma

Ah, okay. But I'd say that doesn't stop at fetishes. Men who don't fit the social standard of manliness could find refuge under feminism. Empowering the woman to take focus off of the man, and hide their own lackings and inadequacies at having failed at being the social standard of manhood.

No. 107468

File: 1471201480280.jpg (346.18 KB, 1280x771, tumblr_no7s9axG731u0r0dgo1_128…)

They downright ate him alive for the "sins" he committed in Age of Ultron. I'm not sure if he ever recovered from that.

No. 108040

that is what it is. It radiates off of them and makes it difficulty to stand them. Worst humor too.

No. 108646

File: 1472457221012.jpg (61.33 KB, 640x626, 14100541_1850238808529658_4044…)

Nigga can't take a fucking joke(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 108647

jesus that was embarrassingly autistic

No. 108648

well, I was too retarded to figure out that's not the real "black science man" but some other twatter account, so nevermind I guess

No. 108649

What is so funny about that washed out joke? Is it really cool to perpetuate the idea that women are overly emotional, capricious?

No. 108650

No idea why it still floats around, but I can at least understand it, it's not really a sexist joke, just based off a stereotype. Certainly not worth chucking a tantrum over like whoever controls that account did.

No. 108661

Not a sexist joke? Are you kidding? It's about the stereotype (and perpetuate) that women are moody and unprofessional even in a dangerous situation. Yeah, real funny. She probably is having her period. Ah-fucking-ah.

No. 108662

No, I think it's about the stereotype that when women get pissed off about something, they'll tend to reply with "it's nothing" or pretend there's no issue until it reaches a head, not that they're unprofessional or can't work in a dangerous job.

You're reading into that way, way too much.

No. 108674

Still perpetuating that shit. Do we really need to still be spreading this when it's still hard to be accepted as a woman in science.
Yes, it's a little thing. But all these jokes and stereotypes as a whole hurt the chances of women in science.
You can cover your eyes and dismiss it as stupid and meaningless and yet, it's there.

No. 108677

I really don't think a dumb joke about a woman astronaut will stop women going into science anymore than a joke about a priest in a bar will stop someoen becoming a priest.

Though I'm curious, can women even become astronauts? I know the criteria are insanely strict even for men (like, can't be above I think 6'4 and below a certain height), are women allowed to?

No. 108680

No. 108684

Well there you go, thanks for spoonfeeding me, I kept looking for a nasa file about it instead of just googling the question itself.

No. 108695

It certainly won't stop but it makes things a lot harder. Although I find it funny that when a woman isn't emotional as expected, she's usually called a frigid bitch.

Not that it's just men that perpetuate the stereotype of a woman being a hysterical overly emotional bundle of hormones, I know a few women that like to play that card to justify their mistakes and whatnot.

In my case (probably other women experienced it too) there were a few times when a male subordinate did a sloppy job or something plain wrong despite explaining to him the exact procedure for 3-4 times, and after confronting the said employee I could hear behing my back others saying "must be one of those days" or even worse "she's porbably not getting any". Both of which I find utterly disgusting. No, I'm not emotional I just want you to do your work right, fucking idiot.
If it were a male boss they would be all sir, yes sir.

No. 108707


Omg I hate "sex positive" guys so freakin much.
They never actually mean "whatever you choose to do or not is cool". No, they mean that sex is the best ever and you should totally have it with THEM! Because they're suuuch generous lovers you see, all they care about is YOUR orgasm! Which they are 1000% sure to provide because that dick is magical. It's literally charity on their part. So why won't you just cave in already and fuck them you frigid stuck-up bitch GAWD!

Same goes for "body positive" guys, it's not about celebrating marginalized looks, they just like to ogle dem fat tiddies. Telling a stranger you find them fuckable is creepy and inappropriate regardless if they're thin or fat. No1curr about your personal preferences.

I used to know a guy who would regularly browse through pages like "love your curves" or "fat acceptance" - so clearly aimed at overweight women - yet he would only like and comment on lingerie photos, and not the landwhale kind either.

No. 108711

Well, I can agree with that part of what you're saying, I just don't think that joke is anything but just a joke, there's no reason to take it so seriously.

And I think the "must not be getting any" thing happens to both genders when someone wants to make the person going off at them look bad.

No. 108712


Never ever heard it about a man in this situation. Because he was needy and creepy, yes. Because he was perceived as in a bad mood or uptight, never.

No. 108729

People call men losers who need to get laid when they throw a temper tantrum about something. It's a thing.

No. 110587



No. 110591

This guy thinks he's worthless because he made some mistakes in his relationship. That's really sad. If this was the other way around and that was a woman wearing the signboard and asking to be abused people would be horrified. They might even think a man was forcing her to do it.

I abhor art policing. Yes you can make your own characters. And there's nothing anti-intellectual about it. In fact, none of the changes you want are gonna happen unless you actively participate in making them happen. If you can't create then you can look for projects to support. I'd rather see new projects than see established franchises have to change because someone who might buy a couple of comic books or games every once in awhile doesn't want to see too much scantily clad cleavage.

As a woman I don't need men feeling offended for me because sexy characters exist. I hate this self righteous "let me feel offended for you" culture. Treating people of another race, religion or sex as toddlers who can't be exposed to meanie head things and bad words isn't empowering. It's offensive.

No. 110654


>As a woman I don't need men feeling offended for me because sexy characters exist.

I get this ALL the time in the DnD / RP community. All these men like 'it's awful how they draw boob plate on the women in the codex books and that sexy mage trope is so overused!' and I'm like '…What if I LIKE those things?'

Like, god forbid, I WANT a sexy character once and awhile? I like old women, sexy women, chubby cute women. Who the fuck cares? It's literally fantasy. You are outraged on my behalf about DRAWINGS and FANTASY.

No. 110665

I think anyone dedicated to destroying traditional gender roles in pursuit of making everyone into the optimal wage slave is an idiot. Most people are happiest living with traditional gender roles. Not everyone is, and they should have the freedom to defy those gender roles without social consequences of any kind, but this doesn't mean we need to actively force everyone else to act unnaturally. Feminism at this point has mostly been reduced to a way to attention whore, just like any other save the whales bullshit. You get all righteous and indignant and band together and claim moral superiority over everyone else. It makes people feel like they're a part of a group which is something we crave for in our increasingly isolated and threatening society. (although technically it's not really more threatening, people just perceive it that way).

Men will never really be a part of that group because by definition they're the enemy. The hot ones will be tolerated because girls like hot boys, and the rest will be silently resented but allowed to stay because otherwise it would expose the farce.

No. 110870

File: 1474579912413.jpg (117.91 KB, 1023x561, ultimatefedora.jpg)

No. 110875

File: 1474591568692.jpg (435.92 KB, 906x1000, 1457243931328.jpg)

Holy hell I agree with all of this. Being really plain I love beautiful, glamorous female characters, especially playing them, I can't stand people acting like they speak on our behalf saying 'no, no, trust me, ALL women hate this as well, it's time for it to go.' If they love women so much, why do they want to strip strong female character of their femininity? What's wrong with a female fictional character being beautiful, feminine, sexy, and strong?

No. 110888

>Men who don't fit the social standard of manliness could find refuge under feminism. Empowering the woman to take focus off of the man, and hide their own lackings and inadequacies at having failed at being the social standard of manhood

This shit is so common on certain areas of the internet. I think men who find themselves being attracted to "sex positive" "empowered" women that can dominate them or mother them is growing more common. It's always those lazy ass, beta guys too

No. 110900

sure this is a little cringy, but I get the jist of what he is saying. I agree with him, although I also subscribe to the idea that you don't have to identify as a feminist for example to be for equal rights or whatever


TBH I love sexy characters too, I do however think it's annoying when ALL the women are super 10/10 sexy hottie sluts when the men get to have some that are hot, some are ugly, some are average etc. I would like maybe more diversity in the female characters but still keeping some sexy/slutty/sexual ones too.

No. 110916

In my opinion men can't be feminists. Period.

No. 110917

preach nigs

No. 111335

Oh true, for sure, like I get it when everyone is a super model in a game that shit does get annoying but being salty of Bayonetta who I adore is just annoying. Not everyone is attractive in that game and Bayo uses herself and body as a weapon. I'm utterly surprised she gets panned as a bad portrayal of women because, she's a single mom, powerful and independent, and kicks all sorts of ass.

No. 111341

Is testicular cancer a feminist issue?

No. 111343

No because women don't have testicles
>inb4 "but muh transwomen"
women = adult human female (of the sex that produces immobile gametes) and transwomen are male and therefore not women

No. 111350

File: 1475165031602.jpg (50.14 KB, 750x679, FEMINISM IS FOR EVERYONE GUYS …)

feminism -the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes

if it was equality of sexes them men should clearly be able to be them
it's not very equal to think this way~

I'm not even shit posting but you clearly are

pic related is why this era of feminism is shit
it just triggers me

No. 111505

Is prostate cancer a feminist issue?

No. 111507

How can he be so wrong? The correct answers are either dark and hot, light and sweet, or all ground up and in my refrigerator

No. 112664

I know a male feminist. As well as just being your general leftist cuck you know the drill shit, the way I feel he is with his girlfriend is so odd in particular. Like I don't know if this is just an isolated thing with him or if it's a common thing with so called 'male feminists' but…

>I've gotten the impression from him on multiple occasions he has control issues

>He is a vegan and automatically when she came to live with him she went vegan too even though I know for a fact she was a meat eater before hand and even said to me 'when I go visit him (she is from abroad) I have to go vegan'.
>GF seems like your submissive type in general, doesn't talk that much etc. Seems very easy to manipulate (she is also around 10 yrs younger than he is).
>GF now also shares all his political beliefs and mirrors everything he says on his social media.

For someone that claims to support women he seems overtly possessive of his own girlfriend.

No. 112672

If somebody is an actual leftist cuck stereotype, then I think there's probably some solid insecurity mixed in there too. Insecurity causes fear of losing a girl to somebody 'better', resulting in controlling behavior.

Maybe I'm full of shit tough.

No. 112678

That's not surprising, most "male feminists" are just using their beliefs to cover up the fact that they're creeps.
It's the same thing as the crazy bitches who are like "im a cool girl xd i love beer and video games! other girls are too much drama"

No. 112679

Just because you are happy living gender roles it doesn't mean there is no injustice in this world.I hate it when people try to measure everyone with their ruler. Fuck off, it's not about you only.

As much as I hate male feminists this thread reeks with misinformation and ignorance.

No. 112687

You didn't actually read the post did you?
>Not everyone is, and they should have the freedom to defy those gender roles without social consequences of any kind
Go back to posting everydayfeminism articles on your facebook and jacking off to your female friends' profile pics

No. 112704

Yup, because thinking most people are happy with gender roles is the way to go.

No. 115365

Really made me think

No. 120172

i am a man and i do not consider myself a feminist or a masculinist. however i am trying to become a strong man.

No. 120184

Like, one of those guys who lifts weights in the circus? Or just strong in the general sense? Strong physically or strong personality?

No. 120208


No. 120209

>Feminism at this point has mostly been reduced to a way to attention whore, just like any other save the whales bullshit. You get all righteous and indignant and band together and claim moral superiority over everyone else. It makes people feel like they're a part of a group which is something we crave for in our increasingly isolated and threatening society. (although technically it's not really more threatening, people just perceive it that way).

You know this goes for any political or activist group, right? Basically you could put this dialogue in communists, altright, anarchists, red pillers, vegans, fascists… They all think they are better than others because they think what they are doing is the best thing for the world.

No. 120210

i am also a man and i want to be strong. i do however consider myself a male feminist. i think it makes me stronger, not physically, but personally, to work towards fixing social issues and giving females the opportunities they deserve of being treated as equals and nothing less.

No. 120216

wow you're so woke can i suck your dick?

No. 120217

excuse me but i have a girlfriend.

No. 120243

I always wonder if people like this could turn out "normal" or if he was completely doomed from birth or a young age and even if you hadn't said that he'd have found another way to become a tumblr feminist or a /pol/fag or something else ridiculous

No. 120264

Male Anon here!

Okay let me give a history of my identification as a feminist.

Did sociology in school in 2004. Learned about feminism. Thought it was just another social movement from the 70's.

2006 or so I found an online forum where people posted redpillesque shit before theredpill. Read the arguments. Thought about it. Took the middle ground a lot. Eventually realised that I was being a fuckstick - the people arguing for feminism had better arguments, the people arguing against were arguing that men are innately more loyal, intelligent etc.

Joined the white knight squad and spent a long time tl;dr'ing about social constructs and prime socialisation etc. Got accused of only holding these views to get laid of course. Posting pseudonymously to a 95% male forum, accusation did not make sense.

Gradually this SJW bullshit came about. When people started talking about this stuff IRL I was already on team feminist and sperging about it. Then it started going mainstream and I was confused to be holding a popular opinion for once in my life. Decided the fact that the word 'feminist' triggered people so hard meant it was important that I keep using it. Held onto that shit long past its sell by date.

I felt/feel more strongly about pervasive gender inequality than I have about any other political issue. Possibly because every girl I've met has in some way been fucked up by it.

Then the whole tranny thing started. After you couldn't just be a feminist anymore, you had be an intersectional feminist (I think the intersectional thing is bullshit, feminism to me is the subset of humanism which deals with gender issues and intersectionality is anti-humanist) and had to support the trannies, I was no longer sure.

It's laughable, the equality loving left has decided that men should have the option to be regarded as women, and when they do so are higher in the oppression heirarchy and deserve sympathy and right of first speech. When to me, the entire fucking message was that long hair and lipstick don't make you a woman, and being able to change a tyre doesn't make you a man.

The whole TERF war thing happened, and the feminists I agreed with were the sex-critical radfems, the libfems seeming like confused hypocrites.

Thing is, the radfems don't want me. That's the whole idea - they're doing women shit for, by and about women. That's where feminism is still relevant - women learning they don't have to be what men want them to be. That's not going to happen if they let men be involved. See also: libfems.

Hypocritical of me of to be all 'Yeah women deserve their own spaces. By the way women in a women's space, I'm a man and here are my thoughts'? No. I don't post in /g/

For the record, I do hate men. Even more than I hate women, which as a reverse wizard is a lot. I hate myself most of all though. I think Valerie Solanas wrote some shit that makes sense, her book was full of nonsense but some of her evaluations of the male psyche are spot on.

I don't think I'd call myself a feminist anymore. I think 'using your male privilege to be heard when speaking out about women's issues' is weird doublethink.

I support your rights to equality. I think women can be men's equals. But I also think at this point it's their responsibility. Maybe you're an airheaded bimbo because that's what you were taught to be since before you could walk, but the only one who can sit down and work through a maths textbook is you. If I could get bigger stronger people to do shit for me because interacting with me reduced the cognitive dissonance they experience when they try to imagine fucking me, I probably wouldn't have learned to things for myself either. (Not saying all or even most women are like this, but there a lot).

The SJW shit has to die. The libfem shit has to die. Y'all gotta do it for yourselves. Good luck.

No. 120265

No. 120293

Thank you for sharing?

No. 120294

Sorry. I'm a total weirdo which is why I posted. Look I even name dropped Valerie Solanas check her out:

"Pussy. Despising his highly inadequate self, overcome with intense anxiety and a deep, profound loneliness when by his empty self, desperate to attach himself to any female in dim hopes of completing himself, in the mystical belief that by touching gold he'll turn to gold, the male craves the continuous companionship of women. The company of the lowest female is preferable to his own or that of other men, who serve only to remind him of his repulsiveness. But females, unless very young or very sick, must be coerced or bribed into male company. "

" Although the male, being ashamed of what he is and almost of everything he does, insists on privacy and secrecy in all aspects of his life, he has no real regard for privacy. Being empty, not being a complete, separate being, having no self to groove on and needing to be constantly in female company, he sees nothing at all wrong in intruding himself on any woman's thoughts, even a total stranger's, anywhere at any time, but rather feels indignant and insulted when put down for doing so, as well as confused – he can't, for the life of him, understand why anyone would prefer so much as one minute of solitude to the company of any creep around. Wanting to become a woman, he strives to be constantly around females, which is the closest he can get to becoming one, so he created a `society' based upon the family – a male-female could and their kids (the excuse for the family's existence), who live virtually on top of one another, unscrupuluously violating the females' rights, privacy and sanity. "


She's hyperbolic in her use of language and I don't know how right she is about women but she gets many things right about men.

No. 120298

"I felt/feel more strongly about pervasive gender inequality than I have about any other political issue. Possibly because every girl I've met has in some way been fucked up by it."

Can you elaborate? Because I feel more fucked over now that I have to work a shit job that pays $9 an hour or go to uni and spend a ton of money to get a degree in order to make money to support a family. I'm one of those girls who really wishes that I could be a stay at home mother and be there during my future children's most important years. That's never going to happen now unless I marry a rich guy, which is unlikely going to happen lol. Also I have never felt marginalized in my life, and it's always insulting when people (men especially) tell me otherwise, and make it out as if all women are victims. I'm a woman, mixed on top of that, who came from a lower middle class family, and have never felt oppressed in my life.

"Maybe you're an airheaded bimbo because that's what you were taught to be since before you could walk"

Yeah and maybe you're a cuck. :)

No. 120303

Oh in legal and economic terms gender equality is here and that's good (the only thing that's changed there is you now have the option to work a shitty job instead of living with your grandparents and siblings while waiting to marry a rich man).

But I'm talking about social inequality. You have to paint your faces, avoid being fat, display proper decorum and engage in all sorts of doublethink about sex. You're also often given lighter punishments as children for wrongdoing, and people often write off your failures for simply being female. Women are often vain, shallow and easily hurt as a result. I feel like those things are connected though, and women aren't born that way, they learn it.

Obviously wearing makeup and being wannarexic and pretend stupid isn't the same thing as being a woman, which is why I jumped off the feminism train when that got on board.

I do think there are significant behavioral differences between men and women owing to our respective anatomies I just think it's foolish to ascribe most of the observable differences to that when men and women exist in society on such different terms.

No. 120310

You do know that women who don't wear makeup or who are overweight still manage to get laid, right? Even marry and have careers. If you're a fucking slob, then yeah, I can see having prejudice passed upon yourself… but that's what you get for being a slob lmao. I agree with everything you said along the terms of women not getting as severly punished as men, and overall being treated with kids gloves our whole lives, but when has feminism ever addressed this issue? Feminism wants us to be treated as if we're delicate and can't fend for ourselves. Every feminist I have met has the biggest victim complex ever and declares for special treatment.

No. 120319

So taking care of your appearance is something both men and women have to do, but the burden put on women is so much greater that it's not a trivial difference. I think this is where eating disorders come from (no shit sherlock).

When I started identifying as a feminist this concept of 'benevolent sexism' was more of a buzzword. Which is pretty much the same thing as what a lot of people think of when they hear feminist these days.

Before Mary Wollstonecraft wrote A Vindication of the Rights of Women, she anonymously published a less famous piece called A Vindication of the Rights of Men. Some of that work concerned gender;

"You may have convinced women that littleness and weakness are the very essence of beauty; and that the Supreme Being, in giving women beauty in the most supereminent degree, seemed to command them, by the powerful voice of Nature, not to cultivate the moral virtues that might chance to excite respect, and interfere with the pleasing sensations they were created to inspire. Thus confining truth, fortitude, and humanity, within the rigid pale of manly morals, they might justly argue, that to be loved, woman's high end and great distinction! they should 'learn to lisp, to totter in their walk, and nick-name God's creatures.' Never, they might repeat after you, was any man, much less a woman, rendered amiable by the force of those exalted qualities, fortitude, justice, wisdom, and truth; and thus forewarned of the sacrifice they must make to those austere, unnatural virtues, they would be authorised to turn all their attention to their persons, systematically neglecting morals to secure beauty."

She wrote that in 1790 and it still seems relevant. Those attitudes are not what they were but they're still part of our society even if women can own property and vote now. She got one bad review, but after it was discovered that she was a woman there was an apology

"It has been observed in an old play, that minds have no sex; and in truth we did not discover this Defender of the Rights of Man to be a Woman. The second edition, however, which often reveals secrets, has attributed this pamphlet to Mrs. Wollstonecraft, and if she assumes the disguise of a man, she must not be surprised that she is not treated with the civility and respect that she would have received in her own person. As the article was written before we saw the second edition, we have presented an acknowledgement of this kind to the necessary alterations. It would not have been sufficient to have corrected merely verbal errors: a Lady should have been addressed with more respect."

Gosh I haven't sperg'd about feminism like this in a while.

No. 120324

While I'm here, if you're not yet past uni age, that means you still get to be age 20-24. If you manage to not be fat and you're willing to marry an older guy, being 20-24 can get you a husband who earns enough for you to stay at home. Have you seen all the forever alones? While they may be neckbeards, some of them aren't NEETs and will gladly buy a house in order to sleep with a woman who isn't a prostitute.

No. 120327

File: 1481065757380.gif (350.58 KB, 500x318, tumblr_may0asRPbp1r0bk8io1_500…)

Oh man, those guys.

The few times I was arguing about gender politics on Facebook there was always guys who would jump to "defend (?)" me labeling themselves a feminist allies. Then they would send me friend requests and when we were chatting a bit they would start to hit on me, some of them getting angry because I was always rejecting them.

I always think of them as nice guys in disguise.

No. 120342

my ex who declared himself not a beta cuck but "sensitive" to feminism and the issues of women and minorities turned out to be the kind of guy who tried to keep having sex with me after I passed out drunk during foreplay. then called me all sorts of terrible things after I broke up with him.

I do not trust any person who has to tell you how much of a kind and understanding person they are.

No. 120392

Charles Clymer. He helped run a feminist fb page, booted and blocked female mods or admins, got pissy when his editorial choices were criticized. You can find plenty of articles about his actions online. He even had a twitter tag that was trending called #StopClymer.

No. 120401

Not sure you are a super privileged rich girl who had absolutely no hardships in life or just very delusional and probably a NEET.

No. 120406

people like that only remind me of Onision

No. 120423

I don't mind Matt McGorry/Ryan Gosling type of feminism. At least they don't seem so loudly and mansplainers lol but I really hate when random guys at parties introduce themselves as feminist like "Hello I am Bryan and I am a feminist" true story kek.
Sage for blog

No. 173266

File: 1482583629060.jpg (155.58 KB, 400x506, 1472012733757.jpg)

No. 176232

File: 1483969409211.png (53.23 KB, 683x374, mangina2.png)

No. 176234

Bet this fag is into findomme

No. 176264

I really like thi$ idea

No. 176266

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