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File: 1642535113497.jpeg (58.55 KB, 828x735, 1642242875786.jpeg)

No. 1031846

Previous thread >>>/ot/1017075
Thread pic credit >>1028338

>>1017405 Katy Perry grasping at straws of relevancy by performing live with a turd
>>1018723 Britney posts a nude of herself, still isn't free
>>1019262 Nicolas Cage and young wife almost half his age expecting a baby
>>1020062 DiCaprio, looking old, fat and busted, spotted vacationing with young girlfriend
>>1020373 Sinead O'Connor's son found dead at 17
>>1021909 Bob Saget found dead at 65
>>1023321 Porn star Chloe Cherry casted as a side character in Euphoria
>>1024332 Doja Cat on the Rolling Stone cover
>>1025127 Literal who industry plant reaches #1 on the Billboard Global 200 singles chart
>>1025306 Megan Fox and MGK got engaged and drank each other's blood
>>1025471 Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet got a divorce
>>1025596 Harassment case against Nicki Minaj dropped by the rape victim of her husband
>>1026023 Coachella line up dropped, featuring Harry Styles, Billie Eilish and Ye
>>1026517 Grimes posting lolis on Twitter
>>1028203 David Beckham kissed his daughter on the lips, sparking debate about cultural norms
>>1028360 You can now eat celebrity meat
>>1028398 Willow Smith released a music video, summoning the race baiters
>>1028545 Ye threatens to beat Pete Davidson's ass
>>1028635 Themi got a new tattoo
>>1029597 Riverdale actress Lili Reinhart struggles with body image
>>1030940 Sokka's actor in Netflix's Avatar lied about being a Native
>>1031258 Tess Holiday struggling with anorexia recovery

No. 1031850

Please be gentle with me, I've never done a celebricow thread before

No. 1031865

I love the thread pic choice, all the links work, I think you did a good job

No. 1031866

File: 1642536176518.png (442.89 KB, 874x718, cAi6v9z.png)

kek great picture nonnie
>>1031850 this has to be the most normie thread on lolcow, you'll be fine.
Gunna beat The Weeknd on billboard. The kicker is that despite the weeknd saying he didn't care about charts, he got exposed for trying to make the album chart behind the scenes

No. 1031873

File: 1642536291150.png (77.66 KB, 889x487, DQ3fWMs.png)

No. 1031882

File: 1642536919650.png (127.92 KB, 781x718, j7p0U8e.png)

There's a documentary coming soon that will expose Hugh Hefner(Playboy founder) as a huge abuser. There is an old rumor that he forced Linda Lovelace to sleep with a dog this documentary confirms it.

No. 1031893


this article is retarded and you should feel bad for posting it

No. 1031903

for real, i read an excerpt from holly madison's memoir almost ten years ago and all this shit was in it. no one seemed upset by it back then though? not even the part about all the girls getting infections because of 70-80yr old hefner insisting they use baby oil and no protection when they group-fucked him when he hadn't bathed yet.

No. 1031911

I'm glad this is coming out, albeit late. I remember a fucking disgusting tweet exchange of this pig that went like that:
>some retard asks "how do i get bitches?"
>Heffner replies "by never calling them bitches"
Everyone was fellating themselves over how big of a gentleman that rapist was. Makes me want to blow off my head with a shotgun. I hope those people feel bad now.
I hate to say it because it isn't a justification, but the mass media culture really was different back then.

No. 1031917

Speaking of scrotes, has anyone read that Joss Wheldon article? Lmao


No. 1031921

even 10 years ago it wasn't acceptable or popular to call oneself a feminist. around the mid 2010s did the current form of feminism actually begin to take off. before then multiple female celebs were basically forced to apologize if they did or said anything relating to feminism. really fucked if you think about it how acceptable misogyny used to be in mass media

No. 1031945

you think she's too sympathetic to the troons? i wasn't sure.

No. 1031949

i remember going full feminist in 2008-2009, after finishing high school. i really was limited socially to riot-grrrl music scene, other lesbians, and really sketchy underground bars. the "feminist blogosphere" was heavily lesbian and i felt almost antagonistic(?) towards straight women.
this is just my experience, maybe it's not common. but trying to talk about women's rights in a non-radical, heterosexual social group just…wasn't a thing.

No. 1031951

>There is an old rumor that he forced Linda Lovelace to sleep with a dog this documentary confirms it.

I want to unread this so bad wtf

No. 1031955

what's sad is that i knew the dog thing was true, but i didn't know it was hugh hefner's idea.

No. 1031965

File: 1642540566774.jpg (391.11 KB, 1080x1615, Screenshot_20220118_095719.jpg)

>Gross shirtless selfies
>creepy wink
>likes pedo hentai and posts it on Twitter

I swear this woman has an actual scrotish brain

No. 1031973

does she make any money that isn't from elon or her parents' properties anymore? her stans were fucking annoying, but all the ones i know have turned on her since she started with the shooping and surgery. her aUtHenTiC appearance was a big part of her brand or whatever, and if she wants to claim her stupid hair and outfits had nothing to do with her music she needs to release some fuckin music.

No. 1031976

That thread pic is sending me. Rofl

No. 1031978

How do you know? It’s never been confirmed. Only hinted at. Publicly/mainly through Holly’s book

No. 1031982

File: 1642541212836.jpg (376.44 KB, 1220x2047, grimes-01.jpg)

She'd take that as a compliment. But I disagree. She just likes attention, she doesn't masturbate to lolis or have any real views

Even her interview before the met gala she said her dream is to die on Mars, copying Elon's mantra. Ultimate pickme lookme

No. 1031994

nonnnie the dog story has been told without hefner being mentioned for years. i don't know about the other two anons, but i read it in several old-feminist anti-porn essays. if you've been involved in low-level organized crime you know that forcing trafficked women to fuck animals 100% happens. you think of it as something that happens insketchy parts of towns where sailors go on leave, but upper class scrotes do it too.

No. 1032014

Damn, I thought this was obvious how much of a sick fuck he was and how disgusting that playboy mansion stuff was seen as a normal thing but some probably have no clue. Even now you see teen stores selling merch with the bunny on it like it’s a cute trend fml. I was glad when he died but saw a lot of posts at the time saying how much of a legend he was when all he did ruined men’s brains further and women’s lives.

No. 1032050

File: 1642545649485.png (561.74 KB, 1071x1071, clown cece.png)

Can I get a recap on the joss whedon milk, new and old?

No. 1032247

File: 1642556457004.png (249.92 KB, 643x649, Screenshot (38).png)

he tortured charisma carpenter because she got pregnant during filming of angel so he wrote her off the show and was just generally a piece of shit to her. he did this to numerous people. another star on buffy was underage and he specifically was not allowed to be alone with her on set, ever. basically he is forever leveraging his power on women in hollywood because at his core he is an insecure coomer nerd. hes not even that funny.

No. 1032354

I really hope this peaks women into becoming more anti porn. This is so disgusting. Those poor women. Glad that piece of trash is dead and I hope he rots.

No. 1032360

I heard about that thing with Charisma when it happened and it made me write him off, when so many others were screaming how much of a male feminist he was. I was extra salty because I liked Cordelia. It just felt like men who make excuses not to hire women because they'll get 'pregnant and leave.'

No. 1032422

File: 1642570451804.gif (866.13 KB, 447x248, BgbJDtS.gif)

Andre Leon Talley has passed away at 73. RIP, Vogue(USA) has been trash since everyone with talent left.

No. 1032427

File: 1642570849838.jpg (766.38 KB, 1500x1875, wadM5or.jpg)

The Pop Punk Resurgence is real. Paramore and My Chemical Romance are headlining When We Were Young.

No. 1032435

I'm so ready for this, anything could be better than whatever the fuck mainstream music is trying nowadays

No. 1032439

ok nlog

No. 1032441

i would literally curbstomp you irl for getting so cute with people over such harmless opinions

No. 1032443

File: 1642572630730.jpg (21.62 KB, 375x500, QLu9zS4.jpg)

i'm shaking in fear right now anon

No. 1032445

ok nigger. are you the same one that accuses everyone of being (c)rapper anon lol(infighting)

No. 1032446

Wow the standards for being NLOG are so low. Even not liking modern music makes you an NLOG apparently.

No. 1032449

I saw someone say that earlier, what does that mean?

No. 1032451

File: 1642573244365.jpg (26.24 KB, 680x680, TBKUjBW.jpg)

anon i like paramore too but "modern music bad" is peak NLOG

No. 1032453

some anon would say (c)rap or (c)rapper as a play on words (crap and rap) and some low iq rap stans got so annoyed they accuse everyone who has a negative comment about rap, rappers, or mainstream music of being said (c)rapper anon

No. 1032455

I remember when he died so many people were droning on about how great of a person he was and applauding the fact that he got a pre-nup so his "gold-dogger" wife wasn't left with anything. He was human garbage and I hope there's a hell so I can torture his old crusty ass in it.

No. 1032456

And? Does it bother you that much when a lot of modern music really is just that bad?

No. 1032457

Yeah but modern music really is shit

No. 1032459

Girl what?? Words have meanings you know. NLOG is about girls who try to differentiate themselves from other women for male attention, it's not kids wanting to feel special and unique via their music taste. The picture you applied is the most teenage boy thing I've seen in my life, shouldn't that clue you in?

No. 1032462

not really but modern music isn't a genre. It's just generic
Being an NLOG isn't all about male attention. It's just trying to make something basic seem like it makes you different from everyone like less pretentious hipsters.

No. 1032466

File: 1642574840862.jpeg (109.22 KB, 712x1200, 1577976692654.jpeg)

The origin and meaning of the word is specifically about seeking male validation, it has nothing to do with being a pretentious hipster. It's not like the other 'girls' for a reason, as opposed to not like the other 'normies' or 'sheeple' or whatever generic, non gendered term would apply to the definition you invented out of nowhere.

No. 1032541

Haven't scrolled through /ot/ in a while and the threadpic made me laugh out loud.

Honestly this is a load of horseshit. Lots of people (both men and women) complain about modern music sucking. Saying you don't like something mainstream isn't NLOG. Annoying as fuck how NLOG and pickme keep getting thrown around.

No. 1032583

It was mentioned in the previous thread, love the part where he said he was forced to have sex with so many women because he was afraid "he would regret it if he didn't". Truly tragic

No. 1032627

at least 85% of those are shit and always have been – and I'm generous with that number. Mall emo had been as mainstream as they come lol, just a different flavor of it than pop

No. 1032686

What? A disgusting old rich man who had a harem of young women was an abusive piece of shit? It cannot be.
This IS mainstream music, it just isn't EDM/rap. Pretty much every kid in my school listened to these bands in middle/high school.

No. 1032798

A lot of people are wondering if this is gonna be emo fyre fest 2.0 since it seems to be only a one day event and 3 stages only??? Which is wild… also I forgot what band it was but they didn’t even know they were going lol
I was super excited to see it announced but then hearing it was only a day and in Vegas
It should’ve been like warped tour but I get it to avoid kids

No. 1032801

File: 1642605442197.png (856.6 KB, 1174x994, Gaspard Ulliel.png)

Gaspard Ulliel has died in a skiing accident at 37 years old.

No. 1032808

The anon who replied to you with "I'm shaking with fear," wasn't even me kek

> I'm sick of modern music

> I will literally curbstomp you
> Unprompted use of the hard R (I'm not black kek)

You guys really wanna defend this pick me?

No. 1032812

>Even now you see teen stores selling merch with the bunny on it like it’s a cute trend fml
wait, stores still push that shit on young girls?? I thought that died out. it was huge when I was a teenager in the 00s too. a friend of mine had a pencil case with the bunny logo on it and I remember a gross scrote teacher asking if she knew hugh hefner personally, fucking puke. the girls who lived next door had playboy bedcovers and popular girls at school also wore the bunny necklace, the t-shirts with the logo were also considered very 'in'. why are they still acting like this is a normal thing to shill to young girls? it's disgusting

No. 1032818

File: 1642606631826.jpeg (915.89 KB, 1536x2048, 0CE80465-262C-4D86-A401-2815FF…)

Don’t forget the House Bunny movie being made as well. It had Hugh make a cameo in it.

No. 1032823

"""Nlog""" anon here, i don't hate other women nor i want to be "unique and different", i mainly follow mainstream artists i don't even like pop punk that much, but is obvious most productions nowadays are lowering their quality and pop as a whole is getting stagnant, pop punk hasn't been around since the 00s and is a breath of fresh air

No. 1032825

>pop punk hasn't been around since 00s
yes it has

No. 1032829

Make peace with the fact that "NLOG" on Lolcow just means you made some other anons feel insecure for something small, they got mad and are pretending their anger is some kind of righteous feminist rage (it's not) lol

No. 1032834

Netflix gave tall girl a sequel.
but the only anon who got mad was the one who said they wanted to fight someone.

No. 1032839

I mean mainstream anon

No. 1032842

>"a breath of fresh air"
that air is full of morning breath, im bored already.

No. 1032863

I agree that pop punk is stagnant. Look at Olivia Rodrigo stealing Paramore’s song. They’re only playing it safe these days. Makes me glad Paramore decided to move in a different direction with their music.

No. 1032866

lmao the photoshop on this is so bad, major frankenbody

No. 1032872

It's also run by Live Nation who organized Astroworld . . . I love these bands and I'm a Vegasfag but I'm not going to be throwing my money at them any time soon.

No. 1032883

I'm so upset at this

No. 1032887

Agree with this anon. Read it and early on the mother is horrified that her daughters friends are coming out as gay. Then an (unspecified how much) older girl comes onto her 12-13 year old daughter and the older girl is barred from the home. She’s a homophobe there I said it. No wonder her daughter didn’t want to be female. The mother is a Karen and giving women a bad rep

No. 1032894

That’s right, I saw that too which is another huge red flag for this event.. I can’t imagine how it’s gonna be if it really does end up happening
Also the tix starting at 19$ is already alarming bc one pandemic and two obvs no crowd control
Sux was looking forward to reliving my scene days again lol

No. 1032934

File: 1642614611954.jpg (67.06 KB, 540x626, 86bb03d5d2f53d26e0be831f959dad…)

Don't fucking lie. She didn't get called out by rapper stans specifically, just people who noticed that she is an absolute sperg calling everyone who has ever enjoyed any mainstream music a dumb sheeple because muh sophisticated Emilie Autumn taste. She was like a lolcow AI version of picrel.

No. 1032941

File: 1642615032996.png (632.92 KB, 877x759, ij8MClL.png)

>the ring is designed to hurt when Meg Fox takes it off because "love is pain"
Why do they act like edgy teen couple?

No. 1032944

Then I hope she never gains weight because that would surely hurt. But seriously, I doubt that’s real.

No. 1032956

That ring is ugly wtf

No. 1032957

File: 1642615557116.png (1.36 MB, 1068x1212, notgettingbackintherobot.png)

No. 1032958

File: 1642615557653.jpg (194.02 KB, 1170x1644, jvvitx6.jpg)

Britney gave Jaime a cease and desist letter

No. 1032962


No. 1032965

she manages to look worse everytime something new is posted in this thread, incredible

No. 1032966

This is so sad. Why couldn’t an ugly, fat scrote have died instead?

No. 1032969

Not gonna lie, seeing Ellen's pic right after reading of Gaspard Ulliel made me think we had lost her too

No. 1032971

Based Britney.

No. 1032972

Beat me to it, anon. Was just thinking she looks more and more like Steve Jobs in his final days with each new photo.

Gone in the prime of life, how tragic. RIP Gaspard

No. 1033007

i like you, anon. american vogue has been really fucking weird for years. the NYT seasonal fashion switched to being my buy when i went to buffalo to visit my dad every summer. starting in 2005 when i was 15.

No. 1033013

Trying to earn money for the astroworld lawsuits I see lol.

No. 1033018

anyone see that newest bladee video with ecco doing a painful 5 minute close up putting on lip gloss in full drag looking exactly like laverne cox? the hyperpop trannies finally got to them. i'm dumping all my merch before the price crashes.

No. 1033028

she looks like she's aging two years every week

No. 1033049

File: 1642618763156.png (739.61 KB, 1614x646, Immagine.png)

is she wearing shoulder pads? too bad her neck is too thin and she looks alien

No. 1033055

File: 1642618903429.jpg (162.18 KB, 1080x1016, Screenshot_20220119-094254_Chr…)

Down payment starts at $20. The tickets start at $224 with layaway options.

Honestly, this is sounding really sketchy. The company that's running this (C3 Presents) also is running a 90s/2000s R&B/Hip Hop festival in the same location with a similar approach (too good to be true line up, same pricing structure). It looks like it originally was meant to be in 2020, but was canceled due to covid. Apparently the first run, a few artists came out to say they didn't agree to perform and to be taken off the flyer. I'm still digging around, but I don't trust this

No. 1033068

Tbh the last "non-refundable" high priced gig I went to wasn't really worth it. If I hadn't gone and spent quality time with my bestie I would have been livid. Same bullshit rules and restrictions, mostly designed to get you to spend money at their overpriced food and drink booths. Also the headliner for the last day canceled due to weather and they basically told everyone "lol tough shit." And it was for a multi day festival, not a one day concert.

Just hope people purchase with credit cards so they can reverse the charges at least. That was the lesson I learned from that debacle.

No. 1033104

This article is so fucking strange. They hired an actress so quiet she had to use hand signals to indicate when she was finished talking? How did they manage to record any scenes with her and why was she not fired?

No. 1033107

00s photoshop really fucked with a lot of teen and preteen girls heads. it wasn't common knowledge how processed ad photos were, selfies and candid celeb pics were way less common. it skewed our perceptions of our bodies quite badly imo

No. 1033108

kek that movie was retarded. netflix is literally run by robots though right?

No. 1033109

File: 1642621465831.jpeg (462.87 KB, 827x958, 76A27116-E458-4029-8979-94604B…)

Yeah it is suspiciously similar to this other sketch festival that has still yet to actually happen

No. 1033111

She was literally a teenager at the time, from buttfuck Nova Scotia, of course she was quiet.

No. 1033113

Are you kidding me this line up is insane, there is no way this is real??

No. 1033114

Yeah that's fake.

No. 1033122

Good for her, but this sounds oddly casual for a legal document. Reminds me of Creepshowart's lawyer's cease and desist letter to Emily kek, especially with the "as you know"

No. 1033130

heres the insta;

Idk… if it were real they wouldn't be taking any more sign ups for the wait list, this shit would have been sold out the first minute

No. 1033142

>ja rule
does anyone still trust that guy after the fyre fest shit?

No. 1033153

How is Lauryn Hill still getting gigs? Isn't she always 3 hours late to her own sets?

No. 1033161

lmao they are probably just trolling everyone with this dramatic shit

No. 1033162

How tf is TLC gonna perform when the one chick is dead

No. 1033165

According to every source I've seen they are definitely sold out. Snopes says it's real, but what does that even mean until the festival actually happens? After Fyre how is anyone taking any festival with promises like this seriously? I will feel bad for the people who paid for this if they don't deliver what's on this lineup.

No. 1033179

Snopes is usually full of shit anyway

No. 1033186

Does she have the tism? Another reason she might have trooned out. It looks like she's going to go into cardiac arrest any minute

No. 1033195

They shouldn't. He refuses to take blame in any of the fyre stuff.
They'll drop the L.

No. 1033200

how do you feel about all of that now? what's your current feminist philosophy?

No. 1033202

just the the LGBTQ movement did

No. 1033204

ayrt. i don't read blogs because they all turned to shit when the internet became only 3 websites, and i stopped hating straight women, but i'm still an extremist.

No. 1033218

are you seriously trying to get us to listen to beach bunny

No. 1033234

Have any of these bands confirmed this?
Because I could swear MCR was gonna be in the UK then.

Also Horror pops is very much rockabilly(so not sure why its with the poppunk/emo bands)

No. 1033240

yup, I've seen Avril Lavigne share this on her insta

No. 1033241

File: 1642628076133.jpeg (116.77 KB, 446x604, 14D4111A-59B6-4CC5-876C-290D47…)

she’s allowed to be late because she’s pretty and talented

No. 1033242

Yeah, Jim Adkins from Jimmy Eat World confirmed it. He also joked that each set will be a 5 minute medley of their songs on one rotating stage, kek.

I agree that it seems too good to be true, but I really hope that it will work out and that there will be a live stream because I really need to see this. I also hope the boys will get into shape again because most emo band dudes aged horribly and seeing them now usually is a bit cringe (except for Jim Adkins of course).

No. 1033244

File: 1642628191692.png (495.98 KB, 862x747, rnkW8Lo.png)

do think they'll also make new music?

No. 1033245

lol when i was 8 years old (in the 00s) i got bright pink satin playboy bed sheets as a christmas gift. now i see those same bed sets going for 200$ on ebay fml

No. 1033249

>pick me

No. 1033250

I think it’s because of the resurgence of the “y2k” aesthetic.. I do admit sometimes I think it’s cute in a tacky campy way but idk at the same times it’s a little ehh lol

Same I kinda hope it does work out but damn if it really is gonna be a day with 3 stages that sounds like a huge mess and honestly I feel like tons of drama to happen with people cause some scene/emo band guys have gross egos lol

No. 1033253

Thanks for the hearty laugh, anon.

No. 1033255

This obviously isn't real, but I would kill to go to this festival.

No. 1033262

I had checked through a majority of the IG accounts for each band and majority of them reposted the flyer or posted a story. There was a small handful that haven't said anything yet and one (Royal and the Serpent) that didn't even know they were part of it until the flyer dropped.

Also, who the fuck is Prentiss? A 14 y/o SoundCloud rapper?

No. 1033270

I know this was mentioned yesterday, but I wanted to address the Linda Lovelace thing out of respect for what she went through. I read her autobiography Ordeal and it was NOT Hefner who made her fuck a dog. That happened years before they ever met. She was forced to do that by her "boyfriend" (pimp) Chuck Traynor, who was responsible for her entire pornogrpahic career and trafficked her. Hefner simply showed the film where she fucks a dog at his gross orgy parties. As I recall they were never even sexually involved with each other, she was just invited due to her fame and Chuck Traynor was constantly trying to suck Hefners dick for more notoriety.
Tldr; Hef was a disgusting POS but the dog movie wasn't his idea

No. 1033271

File: 1642631110267.jpg (6.17 KB, 257x196, oof.jpg)

No. 1033272

i wish i still had the set so i could make $$$

No. 1033289

MCR UK shows are around June. This is definitely real.

No. 1033301

MGK Says He Designed Megan Fox’s Engagement Ring So It Will Hurt If She Ever Takes It Off
Cringe or romantic ?(this is an imageboard. post screencaps)

No. 1033303

As an anon who grew up during the 00s, I also remember the Playboy bunny brand being popular. I don’t really care if grown women were into it (it’s tacky but their choice) but the fact that young girls were into it was disturbing. I remember I had a friend who’s little sister would watch that Playboy Bunny reality show that they had and wanted to be a Playboy Bunny when she grew up.

You should sell them if you still have them.

No. 1033305

I know they will probably call whatever this is quits before they actually get married, but it would've made a lot more sense to make this the actual wedding ring.

No. 1033325

>Not wanting your 12 year old daughter to be groomed and sexually assaulted by late teenagers is homophobia

No. 1033330

Cringe. But I genuinely think that in Megan's case she's acting in a cringe teen/early 20s way because she lost years of her youth to Brian Austin Green. She was 18 and he was 30ish when they got together. And then she soon had kids with him and was a stepmother to another of his kids. He shouldn't have touched her at that age and should have let her mature but of course he didn't. The way that situation was presented too was so gross. Like, he had reservations but she totally convinced him she was mature enough uwu! Sir, we don't let teenagers teach adults about life. Just hate the whole "she seduced him and he was powerless" male bullshit lie when they want to put their hands on high schoolers. I kinda like her tbh and always have. That's my view of her behaviour. I definitely think that's part of the reason on her side. As for MGK, he's probably naturally cringe. Hopefully, it doesn't end badly for her. I don't have much faith. But maybe a miracle happens lmao.

No. 1033386

The Industry Plant released another song. I can't tell who she's ripping off. Avril?

No. 1033390

She’s starting to look like Adam Lanza

No. 1033391

sameanon, it sounds like teenage dirtbag. If she interloped it I hope Wheatus gets paid. Olvia Rodrigo did the same thing to paramore + taylor and had to give them some of her royalties.

No. 1033392

Sorry but on what planet would a “stay with me or else you’ll get hurt” move be considered romantic? Germany maybe? Es tut mir leid

No. 1033443

File: 1642645077904.jpg (11.07 KB, 278x255, 436px-V8mM9y7_d.jpg)

No. 1033449

File: 1642645525022.jpeg (1.22 MB, 1080x1404, yjILSHg.jpeg)

Lena Dunham did an interview with Hollywood Reporter:
>she was falling apart. the "right" called her a child molester, while the "left" attacked her for defending a rapist(which she says she apologized for)
>in 2018, she had a hysterectomy to relieve endometriosis, broke up with her boyfriend Jack Antonoff, went to rehab for a benzos addiction and cut ties with her friend/cocreator Jenni Konner
>she lost her creativity and felt Girls was her peak
>but regained it during quarantine and started working on her new movie Sharp Stick
>Is open to making a Girls Reboot similar to the Sex and the city reboot
>would be delighted to see Adam Driver again. He gave the most astonishing, strange audition for Girls.
>Her movie Sharp Stick premieres at Sundance
>"which stars Kristine Froseth as Sarah Jo, a 26-year-old woman whose carnal development is interrupted by a hysterectomy at age 17. When Sarah Jo, a babysitter, loses her virginity to her employer (played by Jon Bernthal), it unleashes within her something wild, alien and wonderful."
>Got married on Zoom and would like to have a Zoom movie premier
>She wants to adopt, "I don't feel like turning 38 without a child."
>Still wants to adapt Catherine Called Birdy, a YA novel about a medieval girl getting her period

No. 1033454

>"called her a child molester"

because she molested her sister, yeah. kek i love when people try to paint anyone who is remotely conservative as meanies when they are calling it like it is and shes trying to act like a victim.

No. 1033455

Is their weird relationship giving anyone else Angelina and Billy Bob vibes or just me?

No. 1033461


>The "left" attacked her for defending a rapist(which she says she apologized for)

"But I saaidddd I'm soorryyyyyy ugghhhh"
Lmao you can't apologize for that.

>Is open to making a Girls Reboot similar to the Sex and the city reboot

Oh God. Oh no. We're not open. Keep that reboot shit to yourself. And I say this as someone who watched and enjoyed that show back then.

>would be delighted to see Adam Driver again. He gave the most astonishing, strange audition for Girls.

He's got other shit to do.

>Her movie Sharp Stick premieres at Sundance

>"which stars Kristine Froseth as Sarah Jo, a 26-year-old woman whose carnal development is interrupted by a hysterectomy at age 17. When Sarah Jo, a babysitter, loses her virginity to her employer (played by Jon Bernthal), it unleashes within her something wild, alien and wonderful."

Unleashing wild and violent barf. Keep your degenerate male fucking his kid's babysitter movie to yourself.

No. 1033463

Can she fuck off? PLEASE

No. 1033467

File: 1642646718211.png (9.46 KB, 357x67, image_2022-01-19_214512.png)

This song is fucking awful as is the abc song. It's just to pretentious and derivative, but what do you expect from the current era of pop girls. Oh and I 100% agree on her being an industry plant, she barely seems to have any views on her video that you would expect from someone who just had a hit song. Literally never heard zoomers care about her either.

No. 1033485

I pray to god she doesn't adopt a kid, no agency with any sense would place a child in her care.

No. 1033491

jon bernthal is 45 !? wtf, gross

No. 1033509

File: 1642648670108.jpeg (68.56 KB, 478x680, FADB2BBB-D581-4E68-B61D-4E0277…)

Not defending him or anything, and I think you’re quite right, but he was pretty attractive when they first got together. If I were a horny 18 year old around him, I would’ve told him yes also.

No. 1033514

hard agree. I lowkey always stanned for her even though everyone would call her a stupid thot etc.
it's kind of sad looking at old photos of her. I thought she was so pretty back in the day. She over did it so much with the surgery.

No. 1033525

Nta, but I think the point is that he shouldn't have been with her in the first place, it's not about what she did.

No. 1033528

Yeah, she was gorgeous. The surgery was definitely because of age related changes to her face freaking her the fuck out. Also, I feel like Bella Hadid takes pictures of young Megan Fox to her plastic surgeon. That’s the face she’s going for.

No. 1033575

Being 3 hours late is pretty rude and puts a huge damper in the show, even when the artist is as beautiful and talented as Lauryn Hill.

No. 1033580

Me, his eyebrows are kinda clownish. I didn't know this about Megan Fox, possibly does explain her trying to act so young. Stupid disgusting scrotes

No. 1033582

Her going on about how "other girls hate me i only get along with guys!!" and faking bisexuality was fucking annoying though, and that was long before she started this other cringy shit.

No. 1033586

File: 1642655063900.jpg (514.1 KB, 1080x1238, wtf.jpg)

More hellish details from Britney's conservatorship. Jamie's lawyer doesn't even deny it, says "All of his actions were well within the parameters of the authority conferred upon him by the court"

No. 1033592

i was the anon who posted that i'd only seen it without hefner mentioned; thanks for reminding me that chuck traynor exists. brb, gotta go kms

No. 1033593

you have to be like, negatively talented if you're cute, american, and can stay in key, have plant funding backing you, and STILL not fake enough of a personality for a pop career.

No. 1033594

twitter, where "punch me in the face" is the straight girl mating call.

No. 1033595

what the fuck is she eating, i'm the same age as her

No. 1033596

in that pic she already has surgery, if you see her when she still had zero surgery she's so beautiful. men ruin women.

No. 1033597

her feelings

No. 1033605

there was already a teen pop song out last year that sampled teenage dirtbag, she's late to the party

No. 1033611

File: 1642657138879.jpeg (106.54 KB, 809x935, F2524DCC-A730-412C-9605-868A7A…)

the only guy I can think of who has a dead spouse is patton oswalt but is he really a-list

unless they're conflating wife with girlfriend

No. 1033620

> unless they're conflating wife with girlfriend

Manifesting Jim Carrey behind bars 2022

No. 1033623

youre not wrong, but she was young as shit when she was saying that crap and honestly can you really blame her? I feel like we've all been through that awful NLOGs phase but hers happened to be public as shit.

No. 1033624

File: 1642659879807.jpg (38.55 KB, 474x836, YmnWrtg.jpg)

Rumor has it that Olivia Rodrigo split from her management. Billboard did a story on it, so it's probably true.

No. 1033631

Please be Patton, it would be hilarious coming off the cancellation of that mediocre slog of show that was AP Bio. Glenn Howerton really had to bust out every ounce of talent he had to carry this show for 4 seasons
>the chad Glenn holding back from stomping the toadlike wife killer to death

No. 1033639

the most forgettable face for a celebrity ever

No. 1033643

I read an account someone said he was mentioned in the Maxwell trial. Wonder if he's one of the John Does the court has permission to release

He was on the fake flight log, and not in the black book, though, so cant tell whether that's people trying to spread the same misinformation or legit new information.

The youngest I've heard he hits on is college girls, but nothing would shock me at this point.

No. 1033645

she's very pretty. i don't see why you guys dislike her so much.

No. 1033646

oh it also should be noted that both pattons wife and jims girlfriend died from "drug overdoses". hmmm

No. 1033648

"very pretty"? lol

No. 1033649

she's extremely bland, both in terms of looks and music, yet gets shilled nonstop

No. 1033651

who is in her position that is not somewhat bland? you don't reach megalevel fame without your music and image being somewhat accessible to everyone. she's objectively pretty. not sure what kind of standards you guys have for singers that you wouldn't think she's cute. the amount of salt in this thread is unreal and the standards you guys have for women's looks are crazy

No. 1033664

Yeah I recently went to the mall at cheap teen stores to look for basics and almost all had playboy merch as some kind of special collab shit presented by the entrance, some of it was for guys too. A bunch of the stores also sell shit with 90s cartoons, rappers and celebrities. I’ve also seen some of the more social media obsessed teens/20s girls wearing it a lot casually. Not sure why, I guess porn culture is now seen as cooler than ever and young girls are brainwashed into wanting to be porn star bimbos or whatever because “empowering sexuality” crap and 2000s era nostalgia

No. 1033666

do most people not invested in being dishonest actually associate it with "empowering sexuality"? i think people mostly like it for the trashy nostalgia factor.

No. 1033667

>the standards you guys have for women's looks are crazy
the women on lolcow are even more scrotey than the average scrote

No. 1033672

>who is in her position that is not somewhat bland?
anyone before the 2000s
>she's objectively pretty
yeah, she's a very plain type of pretty which is not to my liking and youre just gonna have to accept that

No. 1033680

Not really. Just the celbrifag and ana-chan/sw anons who come to seethe over cows who make money they consider uglier than them, leading to nitpicking. Plenty of anons aren’t retarded.

No. 1033686

File: 1642665441805.jpg (156.1 KB, 1080x1080, hLW4lND.jpg)

Possible Sky Ferreira comeback. Sky has been saying she'll release an album since 2013. But this year she's booked to perform at best kept secret festival. Her ex Zachary Cole (DIIV) is also in it.
>she's a very plain type of pretty
meh, this makes her more relatable for her fanbase

No. 1033689

File: 1642665510874.png (102.02 KB, 1129x508, qWC5Vzu.png)

No. 1033690

>Her ex Zachary Cole (DIIV) is also in it.
yikes, didn't he destroy her life? can't imagine it'd be good for her to be around him

No. 1033691

this is a decent lineup actually

No. 1033692

What's the milk on that is he the one that got her hooked on hard drugs?

No. 1033693

File: 1642665698825.jpg (7.39 KB, 460x276, 2dZURZ4.jpg)

besides there's always one "average" looking popstar. as long as it works for their fanbase it doesn't matter.
that one
they got arrested for doing herion together. i think she was always on drugs, but she fell off after that arrest.

No. 1033696

dude i just said she was plain and nothing more lmao stop pretending everyone is the same

No. 1033697

i think she was getting clean and he kept reintroducing drugs into her life. then they both got arrested and it seems like she lost it after that

No. 1033702

They’ve been shit for a while, the whole scene is filled with trannies now. Used to be fun rip

No. 1033703

Some anons have scrote-tier standards for women. She’s pretty with a quiet beauty that’s pleasant to look at. Nice slim body. I don’t like the songs playing on radio. That doesn’t make her any less pretty. There were anons who would call Dua Lipa ugly too.
Probably it’s just some jealous ugly fat depressed anons who take pleasure from tearing apart other women.

No. 1033704

It’s depressing that female celebrities will be put under conservatorship, stripped of their legal rights, identity, freedoms, chased by paparazzi whereas male junkies, porn addicts, abusers and rapists can roam freely, even getting their scrotehood called “artistic freedom”

No. 1033705

File: 1642666878495.jpg (73.15 KB, 750x700, ELAeELuXYAATD8I.jpg)

>Bella Hadid takes pictures of young Megan Fox to her plastic surgeon
Literally everyone knows Bella basically turned herself into a young Carla Bruni. She doesn't resemble Megan in the slightest.

No. 1033706

it's even more chilling when you read about her family history. highly recommend anyone interested in the britney case read this:https://nypost.com/2021/10/09/britney-spears-family-has-dark-history-of-locking-women-up/

No. 1033707

Calling someone "plain" is tearing them apart now? You really only do value yourself for your looks, do you?

No. 1033709

No anon, I don’t. I’m content with my appearance & other qualities and don’t need to anonymously call obviously attractive women ugly.

No. 1033710

young Carla Bruni is a good example to use against anons who swear girls like Olivia and Dua Lipa are so beautiful and you're juhlous if you disagree

No. 1033711

i just fail to see how she's plain. she's a unique combo of ethnicites and you can see it in her appearance. the people tearing apart dua lipa and megan thee stallion though genuinely do rip them apart. i see the "she's plain", or "she's average" a lot about women who are objectively pretty though which is weird. how insanely attractive must these girls be in order to be called pretty?

No. 1033712

so everyone needs to be a legit supermodel in order to be beautiful? she's a musician who plays multiple instruments, not a supermodel.

No. 1033713

young carla bruni had just as much plastic surgery as current bella hadid. you're obsessed LOL

No. 1033714

Mental illness, insecurities, social media fries the brain

No. 1033716

She’s a supermodel anon. You can be pretty without looking like a supermodel.

No. 1033717

Twittertards like you swear everyone is "obsessed" as soon as someone says something you dont agree with.

No. 1033719

I don't find anything about her looks charming and don't find her face particularly stunning. Ffs, just because I don't like ONE particular girl's looks doesn't mean I'm some catty insecure misogynist. I didn't even say she was fat, ugly, or retarded or any insane insult but the insecure anons are still coming for me

No. 1033721

File: 1642667641755.gif (999.48 KB, 500x267, 1642637699220.gif)

can you honestly read back this post >>1033710 and say she isn't obsessed with olivia rodrigo? bringing her up needlessly just to compare her to some waxy looking supermodel? seethers like you swear everyone is a "twittertard" as soon as someone says something you don't agree with.

No. 1033723

Literally nobody called her ugly though. She just doesn't stand out.

No. 1033725

You're so fucking mad I don't have the same taste in women as you. Grow up and stop flipping out over dumb shit

No. 1033726

>haha u so mad loll
so predictable. don't start shit you can't finish.

No. 1033727

Exactly, but you can't even find someone plain in a conventionally pretty way without weirdos saying you're calling them ugly because they're probably self inserting into this person in some way

No. 1033729

Olivia is still plain looking and I'm sorry you look like her, but it's not gonna make her some great beauty just because.

No. 1033730

i don't look like her lmao what the fuck, you sound mentally ill. did i wake up today and become mexican or something? you actually are obsessed please get help

No. 1033731

>plain in a conventionally pretty way
Plain and pretty are contradicting terms. Just say you think she's ugly and go.

No. 1033733

zamb almost like a bunch of anons jumping on me and projecting shit on me is gonna make me wanna defend myself in the thread. it has nothing to do with "obsession" you dumb turd

No. 1033735

She's not ugly at all. She's attractive but very predictably so that it makes her plain in an industry of people with more unique or exotic looks

No. 1033737

Not much in the current era but many pre 2010s ones did. Unique means they also could've been unconventionally attractive or unusual looking which I prefer over a predictable girl next door face

No. 1033738

most pop stars have unique and exotic looks? not really. either way if she's supposed to be a musician (at least one who actually plays intruments), i don't expect them to be supermodels. i don't really consider their appearance at all because that isn't the job.

No. 1033740

File: 1642668102123.jpg (145.02 KB, 1112x695, JTBOiP0.jpg)

why do you see plain as an insult? It just means she has a girl next door look. it's not the same as the supermodel kind of beauty but it's still pretty. Majority of the popular celebs are plain like Emma Watson

No. 1033741

I'm not any of the prev anons but I think she's plain. Not plain as in ugly or average, just a very standard, boring kind of pretty without unique features that stand out. Girl-next-door kinda pretty. Someone who most people would agree she's pretty. Just a conventionally attractive girl.
So this is why this fight started? Because some retard equates plain and ugly.

No. 1033743

File: 1642668236854.png (10.98 KB, 656x137, Screenshot_1.png)

Learn English you nitpicking mongoloids.

No. 1033745

most mega pop stars tend to be girl next door pretty. britney, taylor, now olivia. i personally don't see that as being forgettable or plain though. the "unique" appearance comment is usually cope tbh though.

No. 1033749

I mean, I find 60s to very early 2000s celebrities the best looking for a reason lmao

No. 1033750

> Just a conventionally attractive girl.
most girls are quite pretty but she's very pretty. an anon wouldn't even say she's very pretty. most of her features are not features most women have all together.

No. 1033752

still doesn't mean ugly though, more or less neither beautiful or hideous.

No. 1033753

None of those anons but how is that the same as "ugly"? Maybe generic would've been more accurate
Idk it's common where I live.

No. 1033754

i've only heard british people use plain like that. anon didn't mean ugly when she said plain, she meant girl next door.

No. 1033755

she's cute but not someone i would want to look at for hours and feel mesmerized by

No. 1033756


No. 1033759

Lmao you’re the one who’s obsessed with looks

No. 1033762

Celebrities are gay(shitpost)

No. 1033764

4??? jfc. i liked the first season but the first few of the second were god awful. i dont see why these networks keep resuscitating cancelled shows that clearly need to be put to rest, especially when they barely have a following like ap bio

No. 1033780

God, I hope so. There's nothing I need more.

No. 1033797

Yeah I’ve read about that anon. Honestly, there are so many women in history who were called “mad” and they ended up being locked in an institution, nunnery or a castle because they were just heavily depressed after all the abuse they had to endure from the people they trusted. Human race has only been able to talk about their wrongdoings to half of its population within the past ten years.

No. 1033831

Why the fuck did i just waste my time reading anons argue about whether olivia rodrigo is plain or pretty. she's skinny and proportional with good skin which makes her a blank slate for people to project whatever they want onto her. the perfect industry plant. if you don't like her music you think she's not hot or talented enough to deserve the attention she gets, if you like her music you think she is and does. there's not an objective answer to whether she's hot or not. with celebrities, it's fun to laugh at them and talk about the drama but it's basically a reality tv show. they're not real people. can we talk about the actual stupid shit they do and not the relative attractiveness of another fucking teen pop star.

No. 1033848

Her music really sucks. She just has the perfect 2013 tumblr style.

No. 1033856

once I saw them headline for a county fair lol
they still do shows but this whole thing is sketch

No. 1033863

teeny tiny noses

No. 1034084

Wait, deceased EX wife? Were patton oswalt and his wife together when she died? I can’t think of any A list comedians with dead ex wives but I’m intrigued

No. 1034086

File: 1642692949455.jpg (172.4 KB, 1116x743, WyuvWTo.jpg)

Lady Gaga and Salma Hayek had a sex scene in House of Gucci that got cut. It was Lady Gaga's idea: “I remember being on set with Selma and going ‘so….after Mauricio dies, maybe it gets hot'” recalled the New York native, to which Hayek responded, “you think she’s kidding.”

No. 1034092

Yes, they were married at the time, so this doesn't fit. Her death was also never investigated as a homicide and it was determined she died from taking too many prescription drugs combined with having an unknown heart condition.

No. 1034117

File: 1642694484103.png (571.27 KB, 882x694, waiM3U3.png)

Sia was suicidal after a film she directed got backlash
>got criticized for casting a neurotypical actress(Maddie Zegler) to play a nonverbal autistic teenage girl in the film 'Music'
>the backlash got worse after it was nominated for 2 golden globes in 2021
>Actors with autism like Ashley Wool and Chloe Hayden called it harmful
>Film critic Matthew Roza called it a cringefest
>Joseph Stanicher says nothing could prepare him for how harmful the film was to autistics people
>Sia became suicidal, relapsed and went to rehab

No. 1034121

interestingly Chloe Hayden is starring in a Netflix series now

No. 1034126

put this shit back in /snow/ we don’t want it

No. 1034127

No. 1034128

she's still beefing with Sia lol

No. 1034135

I get bad vibes from her. I feel like she most likely groomed Maddie.

No. 1034148

It is weird. I know some directors like to stick to one person e.g. Sofia Coppola and Kristen Dunst, Greta Gerwig and Soairse Ronan. But the gap between Maddie and Sia is much bigger than those other pairs.

No. 1034168

this reminds me of those "women vs men autists" posts lol. cringe.

No. 1034174

Upon doing some digging I’ve seen Rosie O’Donnell being suggested, her ex wife died in 2017

No. 1034217

>hamming up the autistic full-teeth expressions and puzzle piece colored clothing
Looks like she's roleplaying as Maddy Ziegler's impression of an autist kek

No. 1034230

how did anyone even get mad about this? kek you are right that shes plain. you can go to the mall and see at least 5 girls who look similar. saying that isnt mean, its the truth and its nothing to do with misogyny, its just… she has a generic look.

>>1034126 agree honestly why is it in ot

No. 1034232

Rehashing mid-00's pop girls with a punk aesthetic like Avril, Fefe Dobson, Sky Sweetnam

No. 1034234

She’s definitely pretty. But her image is so bland. Say what you will about Billie Eilish but you can’t deny that she always stood out.

No. 1034238

Eh. Wasn’t the theory of Patton killing his wife created by MAGAtards who couldn’t handle Patton criticizing their daddy? Not defending him but it always seemed like the case to me.

No. 1034250

It weirds me out how Maddy acts from the beginning in this video when someone plays "Chandelier". I don't know, she just seems uncomfortable, not like she's having a fond memory

No. 1034251

Nooo we will never witness this cringe on screen? KEK imagine both of them getting down on each other while speaking with this god awful russian accent while pretending to be totemo italian lmao. Also, gaga's face is so fucking busted at this piont holly shit.

No. 1034267

Gaga is insufferable

No. 1034272

did she ever get called out for that god awful caricature of Italians?

No. 1034277

File: 1642700999040.jpg (181.8 KB, 1080x824, Screenshot_20220120-114911.jpg)

Sia has a very strange gaze for those videos with maddie as a child… I know it sounds puritanical but something about these songs about drinking, painful love, etc makes me wonder why she chose a child to personify those elements.

Plus she has a particular attachment to her, and I bet the worldwide attention on Maddie at that time just invited an onslaught of pedo attention too. Sia's proxy for fame was a pre-teen girl, which meant Maddie's image was no longer her own. It's a relationship that is to be frank, inappropriate and cringe for anyone, but the elite can get away with these things.

Pic related, Sia claims to have saved Maddie from Weinstein.

No. 1034293

putting maddie in a nude leotard for multiple videos was one of the most weirdest, suspicious things

No. 1034296


Really? I thought it made her just look like a colour cut-out vs a real kid but also, i guess i'm not a creep

No. 1034298

samefag but Sia has no one but to blame but her self for the bullshit that was Music. What loser thinks it's okay to argue that there weren't good enough, high-functioning autistic actors? just say you're a grooming, co-dependant narc who's just another older woman creepily obsessive over Maddie

No. 1034303

No, I agree with you. Sia tries to pass a lot of things off as just artistic expression. Herself as a child superimposed into Maddie's body/dancing, as well as a maternal impulse crossed with some less "wholesome" thoughts that she doesn't really try to hide, but people are willing to look the other way
Like, yes, there's some narcissism and selfishness in there ("This is me drinking and being heartbroken, I was as vulnerable and manic as this child"), but the way things are filmed and framed, it's more than just "weird" IMO. Just look at how she defended placing Maddie in the main role of the movie about autism. I don't even think a very loving mother would act that way, it's something else. I think all of the video/dances/etc are multi-layered, but it doesn't take much to see the layer that most of society would take issue with, and that Maddie herself probably doesn't feel so great about. It's just so much easier to pretend not to see

No. 1034334

File: 1642703348228.png (258.18 KB, 664x589, TXEfWmD.png)

nta putting this here for context
Sia definitely smothers Maddie. Maddie has been switching between living with Sia and living with her actual mother since she was 12.

No. 1034342

super late but as another extremist dyke do you have any reading recommendations

No. 1034361

fuck off back to kiwi farms with this patton oswalt murder conspiracy
he's a burger and his burger wife got given too many prescriptions by a burger doctor who forgot that women weigh less than men.

No. 1034363

i feel bad for glenn because this has basically guaranteed that he'll never have a life outside of IASIP. he should have negotiated for an opt-out after each season then bailed at the end of season 1.

No. 1034366

I gave up holding out for new music from her a long time ago but I would be all over a new album if she released one this year

No. 1034367

Gaga's face was interesting compared to other singers and female celebrities, I'm kinda mad that she botched it.

The Elastic Heart video where Maddie wears a nude leotard and dances weirdly with Shia (who Sia was fucking at some point) always felt pedophilic to me and I hate that you get called out for thinking that, because apparently putting a child and a grown man in nude clothes doing sensual moves is art.

No. 1034369

are you serious? megalevel celebrities are usually nutty, and that's why we dont' like olivia. the fact that she isn't a weirdo is what makes it clear she's a total plant with nothing inside. a shell of a person compared to manufactured but clearly individual popstars like lady gaga or xtina or madonna or cher or even lana del rey. we "like" those nutters because they're actually entertaining as a state of being. the whole is more than the sum of its parts, and i think that's what people are picking up on when they get pissed of at rodrigo or billie eilish.

No. 1034377

the elite lol you sound like a redpilled scroge

No. 1034380

That video with Shia was totally inappropriate. Sia talking about Weinstein seems self congratulatory

She looked naked

No. 1034419

many anons here also believe that good person = good looking, so they try to force the opinion that the shitty people posted must also be ugly.
no idea why. i think there's tons of evidence that horrible douchebags can be any level of attractiveness.

No. 1034426

i know she's very cute and her pics/aesthetic/image do look very much like exactly where we wanna hang out, but her music is just dentist background noise. she's more aspirational bff content than any kind of artist.

No. 1034430

carla bruni got that botched nose job they gave everyone in 2007 though. she was gorgeous before someone took a knife to her face.

No. 1034434

what the fuck is with southern people and locking everyone up in asylums? is there some kind of nationwide fetish south of the mason dixon i haven't heard about? like i'm scared to buy a house in texas now in case there's a lady and an incest baby chained to the steam pipe in the basement.

No. 1034437

seriously shut up and post weight gain or tattoo pics of famous people.

No. 1034442

you can also be a supermodel without being pretty. alien face is actually the best asset for aspiring models in modern times. i would not have had a job before 2012.

No. 1034447

anon, that's because pre-HD film photography didn't capture skin imperfections or tiny unflattering shadows. fewer pictures were also taken in general, and were mostly done by professionals with properly sized/large lenses.

No. 1034449

ew for some reason this scrote-pandering fake lesbian stuff makes me unattracted to both of them now. it just seems so disrespectful? dehumanizing? i feel made fun of, idk.

No. 1034459

i don't get a molesty vibe off sia, more of a "i'm taking this baby it is MINE now" kind. like those baby stealers in the 60s, older unstable single women who felt they had no other way to get a kid.

No. 1034462

terry pratchett's discworld and the vault of horror comic series from the 50s

No. 1034493

we've been waiting for masochism for 84 years, the least her label could do is let her release a new album or re release her old stuff that's not on streaming

i would kill a bitch to see as if and night time my time b-sides on streaming

No. 1034511

oh well, can think of worse things than having a rich female celeb looking after you.

No. 1034528

my friend used to work for someone who worked closely with Maddie's team and according to her, from what she saw, it didn't appear to be a "grooming" situation with Sia. Maddie has had to deal with creepy fans/stalkers since she was on Dance Moms, if anything I would bet she's more uncomfortable with the comments and reactions spurred from the Chandelier and Elastic Heart music videos. She was really young and I am sure she didn't think anything was weird about performing in a leotard but seeing negative reactions about must be confusing and probably shaped how she feels about it now that she's older. I honestly feel bad for Maddie after what my friend told me, seems like she's been pushed to work almost all her life.

No. 1034554

File: 1642710341503.jpeg (107.29 KB, 1190x1178, 629E4219-471C-45EE-8A85-8F6BD6…)

I think the guy is hilarious and he’s got tons of talent, but he's probably not getting tons of offers because he decided to lean real, real heavy on the rape and sexual assault jokes with his Sunny character over the years. Hard to cultivate a family/mainstream friendly image as opposed to that fat sack of shit Chris Pratt and his “lovable moron” schtick
Plus he’s aging like Ellen fucking Page (maybe it’s the veganism), and from the podcast they’re doing with the three main guys, he sounds like a bitchy little fussbucket. Don’t think any of these people are in high demand except based Danny

No. 1034555

Rather than saying “I was wrong and I’m sorry” she’s spinning the narrative to where she’s the “victim”. Holy fuck I hate celebrities just say you’re wrong and get the fuck out. You’ve had so many chances.

No. 1034557

Charlie Day is voicing Luigi in the Mario animated mess that's coming up

No. 1034562

IIRC crisp rat cucked both the glenn and Mac out of a role in the past, which makes it extra hilarious

No. 1034584

why in the world would you want to buy a house in a state that isn't hooked up to the national powergrid and where abortion has been effectively made illegal? anyone buying a house in texas has seriously fucked priorities

No. 1034596

>Is open to making a Girls Reboot
please please please god yes

No. 1034599

the show's direction was off but it's great "comfy" watching/background noise. very much like /snow/ in a show, their lives are so messy and they're so shitty. and probably the best performance of adam driver's career, he sucked after girls.

No. 1034601

File: 1642713087865.jpeg (492.31 KB, 1668x1881, F350741B-3893-4A64-8FFE-943769…)

Writer posts an article on medium detailing how she was an intern in a play with someone not named but it’s not subtly about Jake Gyllenhaal.

>She was 23 and a virgin.

>She writes that he behaved inappropriately with her (touching her, talking about sex at work, inviting her places), love bombed her (texting her constantly, calling her beautiful), tried hooking up with her (oral).
>his sister, mom and everyone around him treated her with contempt and seemed to be used to him doing this kind of stuff with younger interns.
>after trying to hook up and him finding out she was a virgin, she gives him oral and he goes cold
>she ends up getting branded as unprofessional and theorizes she did not get called back for the play because of him getting her fired.


No. 1034657

some would say "because it's cheap." there's so many transplants from california down to texas bc housing prices not realizing that the government hates women and isn't looking to tip anytime soon. and bc of transplants housing prices are higher too

i am glad she came forth. I wonder if this will inspire anyone else to come out. I'm just not holding out much after the string of recent accusations with no names attached for anything to happen to the men but I wish they would gain traction

No. 1034681

Isn’t it an open secret that he’s a creep at this point? I mean, he was the subject of Taylor Swift’s self indulgent short movie.

No. 1034686

I’m kinda bitter that Charlie Day is the breakout star of IASIP because Glenn Howerton is 100x more talented.

Also what role did Chris Pratt cuck from Mac?

No. 1034687

a creep who doesn't shower. he has enough fans to be able to sustain him for some reason. you know, attractive man and all

his most recent gf started dating him when she was like 19 I feel bad for her

No. 1034689

Just because you don’t see someone’s pores and flaws doesn’t mean there weren’t different standards of beauty for different decades. Look at famous women from any decade they’ll all be different up to now. I’m not gonna sperg and list models and actresses or singers from each decade so look it up. It’s just like fashion throughout the years.

No. 1034691

on the podcast he sounds like he's become pretty bitter. can't blame him, must feel crappy to try to breakout of your friends-type-situation and then have to go back to only being one character until you die.

re: the aging, he partied pretty hard until recently and there can be a delay before it shows on your face.

No. 1034692

charlie day gives me such a weird boner though. i don't even usually like men but he's all small and cuddly

No. 1034693

Gotta keep up with that Gothic Horror aesthetic
I’m a burger. Where are my free drugs?

No. 1034694

anon i was just naming a southern state to complete my joke about southern states.

No. 1034698

>mUh MeSsY wOmEn ChArAcTeRs
"messy women" is just hollywood for "hot girl whose life isn't a rom-com character".
omg her makeup is smudged and she's a drugstore cashier instead of a party planner and one of her boobs fell out of her tank top when she was carrying groceries home SO CREATIVE AND TRANSGRESSIVE

No. 1034699

sorry anon, legitimately couldn't tell because there are seriously so many people going to texas now despite it being an obvious hellhole, that it's unreal. they're going in droves specifically to texas so it was not so obvious. i think almost any other southern state outside of florida would've solidified the joke tho

No. 1034700

i think you guys have to pay for the drugs? that's what i heard. i live in germany though.

No. 1034701

you didn't say anything about different standards, you said you found 50 years worth of different women to all be attractive
you don't even make sense kek

No. 1034704

You're right about the shallowness of most messy woman characters in movies/tv, but unless you think lena dunham is super hot, idk if that applies to girls

No. 1034707

the other actresses in that show weree very pretty. lena's character is just weird rationalization by a very lazy woman i think.

No. 1034708

File: 1642717624086.jpeg (1.07 MB, 1125x1964, 14639D36-BC50-4E00-B151-244A7C…)

i cant cope with this

No. 1034709

with hope that means the housing prices where they're moving from will go down

No. 1034727

glenn howerton and mac both auditioned for star lord, glenn was apparently 2nd in line after big baby pratt to play him. personally i think it's a relief, because it might've killed IASIP, the MCU machine is pretty demanding

No. 1034733

he's so ugly ive never been able to watch him in anything

No. 1034737

he can do better

No. 1034759

File: 1642720304755.jpg (442.76 KB, 1600x1200, 0cetI6d.jpg)

they weren't as unattractive as lena but i wouldn't call them "very pretty". they just looked average.

No. 1034786

Oof, what a terrible pic of them. None of them look good. It's not very obvious on the pic but the first one on the left always gave off Fiona Apple vibes whenever I saw her on the show.

No. 1034795

File: 1642721872670.jpg (148.85 KB, 1024x683, 9Bntrso.jpg)

she has the same eyes as fiona. i disagree >>1034698, even when they're glammed up they still look regular. they're not hot girls hollywood is trying to shill as messy to seem more relatable.

No. 1034818

I wasn’t the anon you replied to in the first place. Your reply didn’t make sense in the first place as I laid out in the post you’re replying to.

No. 1034907

There’s no basements in Texas

No. 1034912

cant tell if youre being serious

No. 1034929

You're really gonna make fun of someone on an imageboard for saying kek? Kek.

No. 1034937

Dont forget how he published child porn (naked 10yr old brook shields) in playboy under the guise of "high art" and when an adukt brook shields tried to get the pictures back and removed the court said she had no rights to that. This is why I roll my eyes when people go on about playboy being about female empowerment.

No. 1034946

Didn't she also discredit and said Aurora Perrineau was a liar when she came forward about being raped by one of her co-writers too?

No. 1034956

File: 1642729470806.jpg (127.25 KB, 568x670, burn-gorman_joins_halo-series_…)

I say more Burn Gorman

No. 1035039

File: 1642735243299.png (377.37 KB, 640x360, BED525B0-32AC-483B-9A8E-FA1424…)


>what hard drugs, no meat, and incessant screaming on the funny bad man show does to a mf

No. 1035070

File: 1642737513365.png (70.61 KB, 258x192, heartattack.png)

I'd go just to see fat Gerard Way try to perform and be all gross and sweaty and out of breath.

No. 1035073

They cancelled the reunion tour in 2020, they aren’t performing now. He’s making good money with UA and Netflix anyways

No. 1035077

File: 1642737806307.gif (371.08 KB, 449x251, PiercingGrouchyIcelandgull-siz…)


No. 1035175

File: 1642744392615.jpg (307.52 KB, 1080x1741, IMG_20220121_065213.jpg)

No. 1035177

She should pay for those folk's wasted plane tickets and hotel rooms if she's truly sorry.

No. 1035186

i don't care about abortion.

No. 1035189

She looks a lot like Fiona Apple, I agree. The only average one is Dunham. The others are definitely hot, albeit in a realistic way.

No. 1035192

I mean I appreciate artists trying to get their money during the panini, except I don't really because it's not like paying a crew for a couple of days out of the month is saving lives and celebs should have enough money to chill for a minute honestly. I'm sure this deal was years or months in the works, but when Delta and omicron hit honey…what did you think was going to happen? It's been a disaster for 2 years now, Vegas isn't some magical virus free zone. In fact it's the opposite. I'm more surprised Katy Perry hasn't been cancelled as a superspreader with her "campy" toilet show.

No. 1035272

Lana Del Rey’s song for Euphoria dropped and it’s… another boring Lana song. The comments are something though acting like this is some kind of godly creation kek

No. 1035274

This is truly awful

No. 1035278

I'm not surprised by the comments because that's what it's like under any popular artists music, especially with an artist like Lana who makes dramatic and sad music. I'm sure if I checked there would be a million "Lana's music saved my life" and "no one can deny this talent" comments.

No. 1035296

Yeah uh you can not tell me there wasn’t some guerilla marketing going on because she released two albums in the past year yet half the comments are talking about this being her comeback and “next Young and Beautiful”. It’s one of her worse songs. Someone hit the nail on the head saying it sounds like an Ultraviolence throwaway that’s been reworked too many times over.

No. 1035298

Is this Elliot

No. 1035354

No. 1035364

lyrics are awful. the rest is everything i'd expect of her. she's really coasting off nostalgia

No. 1035382

File: 1642765621535.jpeg (130.56 KB, 1138x1138, FJmfwlvXIAAO71F.jpeg)

What's up with Bieber? He looks as bad as he did 2 years ago.

No. 1035397

surprised he even lived this long

No. 1035399

the fuck are you talking about? AD has been consistently great and more in everything he's been in. He certainly hasn't peaked in Girls

No. 1035402

he was HORRIBLE in star wars, ok i guess in that marriage movie. his acting was at its best on girls, i don't even think he's trying anymore

No. 1035417

I guess either of us is blind and deaf because my opinion couldn't be any more different than yours kek.
Or are acting skills that subjective?
I'll just say that he was the best part of the trainwreck that was the sequel trilogy.
Didn't listen to it yet but I agree that the lyrics are just awful and I'm mostly a lanafag.
>she's really coasting off nostalgia
I would say that she is doing the opposite of it with her recent albums, but those lyrics are definitely a throwback to her early eras. Which makes sense for a TV series about self-destructive teenagers. She had much better lyrics in the past, though. Watercolor Eyes is so lazy written.

No. 1035428

Nta, but it always felt like he was trying too hard and his performance felt comical. Which I guess fits the character. Fucking agree with you though on Watercolor Eyes.

No. 1035463

>> his sister, mom and everyone around him treated her with contempt
Wtf these victim blamers

No. 1035465

File: 1642773358851.jpeg (250.41 KB, 1920x1080, 8C679127-00F2-42FD-9681-4DE311…)

Tom Cruise's sequel to Top Gun is coming out soon and I have to say I am very pleasantly surprised at Jennifer Connelly getting cast as Cruise's romantic interest. Cruise is 59, Connelly is 51. Imagine an action movie at this scale and they're not making the romantic interest of the geriatric male lead a young woman.

No. 1035493

I thought he was pretty good in Fargo. So was Rob.

No. 1035555

Isn't it weird how Jake often pursues virgin women? From what we know, some of this are facts other conclusions through interviews
>kiki dunst
>jeanne cadieu
Kinda makes me think he is a creepy scrote who gets off to an idea of a taking virginity

No. 1035557

Why not Kelly Ann McGillis??

No. 1035566

File: 1642780053954.jpg (96.26 KB, 590x891, Top-Gun-Kelly-McGillis-1378483…)

probably because she looks like this……

No. 1035578

Still had to be 8 years younger to please the decrepit, half-dead age gap fetishists running Hollywood lol. Bet whoever was in charge of casting had to beg and plead for this to be allowed

No. 1035583

or they did it for easy pr and woke points. i don't mind but lol it's transparent

No. 1035603

No none of the shows are canceled, (that would require refunding and they haven't) most fans are just holding out that they'll play or have resold them to make some money back. Hell they've even added more shows to their lineup late last year.

No. 1035655

File: 1642785778371.jpg (55.66 KB, 1200x675, l8Y2kbL.jpg)

Pamela Anderson ended her 5th marriage with her ex bodyguard because "he was a dick to her".

No. 1035660

the best time to marry your asshole bodyguard is never, the second best time to divorce him is now

No. 1035661

God you can’t stop complaining. Have you seen how haggard she looks in the photo?

No. 1035664

File: 1642786163804.gif (1.61 MB, 498x192, 94CC3139-50F8-4AAD-95FE-025D81…)

No. 1035671

t. decrepit, half-dead age gap fetishist
Have you seen how haggard Cruise looks, or is it okay for men to be hideous? Die

No. 1035678

Jennifer Connelly has always been the approachable type of attractive. She looks lovely. Just stop, lmao.

No. 1035693

No, she doesn’t. Nothing wrong with it anyways but the 8 year difference is just annoying to whine about when she visibly looks old. Should the counterpart of Tom Cruise be 70 years old?
I don’t even know what he looks like right now LMFAO but on that shooped photo he looks better than Jennifer. I just know Jennifer Connelly and she was gorgeous back in the day but just like Brook Shields they aged like milk. That’s what tanning excessively does for ya. Anyways I don’t mean it to be bad but why should one complain about a fucking 8 year old difference when the actress is leathery looking.

No. 1035698

>he looks better than Jennifer
Either a scrote who knows he's lying, or a very delusional woman

No. 1035703

Fine I googled him, they’re both ugly now. So whoever whined about the 8 year old difference stfu. I’m just grateful she’s not 18.

No. 1035707

Why are you mad about two ugly people together, then?
>I’m just grateful she’s not 18.
"I'm happy with the tiniest scraps" pls go

No. 1035730

File: 1642788769912.jpg (38.5 KB, 617x617, 1639610747293.jpg)

>Jennifer Connelly

No. 1035746

Didn't bother to read the article or watch the film but KEK did she forgot they're portraying real people? What a weirdo

No. 1035753

File: 1642789419278.gif (896.47 KB, 220x220, tuh-confused.gif)

>he looks better than Jennifer

No. 1035759

File: 1642789541535.jpg (214.33 KB, 1722x1980, 6828e32b-6f34-4a7c-a20b-4ff435…)

wtf! this is so shocking. he was one of my first celebrity crushes. I don't understand how he died though, he just ran into someone on a ski slope? can some ski anons tell me how that would kill him?

No. 1035763

File: 1642789751180.jpg (76.3 KB, 1200x900, meat-loaf-e1642753154628.jpg)

No. 1035765

I thought he died a few years ago

No. 1035766


>Ulliel crashed into a second skier, a Lithuanian national in his early forties, who gave witness testimony to Savoie investigators two days after the incident

>The collision would have unbalanced the actor, but was likely not particularly violent, investigators heard in an interview that lasted over an hour, according to Le Parisien
>Ulliel likely then hit the ground at full-speed, causing his fatal head injury
>The impact against the ground would likely have been fatal with or without a helmet, said an expert, who compared the accident to riding a bicycle into a wall at 40 kilometres-per-hour

No. 1035773

Same, I thought he died a few years ago and was surprised to learn he died "again".

No. 1035775

How is 8 years age gap small? How can you be so grateful they didn't give a 60 year old granpa an 18 year old love interest? That's just common sense. You're either a man or pickme.

No. 1035785

This entire house of gucci project of gaga kind of feels like a role play for her to live out her wildest wet dreams of being italian and what not. That accent, the setting, the fashion and the wide driverman emote made her lost in that fantasy so why not go and add some smut to it as well just for your own pleasure. It was posted in earlier threads that she insist to play this character in real life too, so this shit felt prob super real for her at some point. The gucci family stated that they hate this movie and want nothing to do with it since it's super inaccurate about many things. It's def less of a movie about real people for her but more like some fanficiton with a 75$ million movie budget. Box office was $144.9 million btw.

From wiki https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/House_of_Gucci#Response_from_involved_parties
>Patrizia Gucci, who is Paolo Gucci's daughter and Maurizio Gucci's second cousin, told the Associated Press, in the name of the Gucci family, they were "truly disappointed" by the film. "They are stealing the identity of a family to make a profit, to increase the income of the Hollywood system." She added, "Our family has an identity, privacy. We can talk about everything, but there is a borderline that cannot be crossed". According to Gucci, the three central concerns of the family are inaccuracies in the film, the lack of contact with Ridley Scott, and the casting of high-profile actors to play people who were not connected with the murder.

No. 1035795

She’s so fucking basic.

No. 1035813

File: 1642791363458.png (627.37 KB, 700x826, ceb599fe9922b02ba1c839947b1de6…)

ik talking about sports probably isnt super common on this site, but i watch football with my moid and i have no one to rage about this with…

QB of Pittsburg Steelers Ben Roethlisberger has 2 horrible rape accusations.
Both of them are just completely swept under the rug by the NFL
He is now retiring and being celebrated by fans and the NFL

Luckily the huffpost wrote an article talking about what I mentioned but that is the only current one in the sea of celebration for him

It's disturbing that the NFL sweeps stuff under the rug. Like how Michael Vick was just allowed back to play too. There are MLB players that had scandals and they basically get wiped from existence. But the NFL just allows things like rapists and dog murderers to be celebrated.

No. 1035837

>How can you be so grateful they didn't give a 60 year old granpa an 18 year old love interest?
Because that's what happens in most Hollywood movies? Do you live under a retard rock?

No. 1035841

>>1035813 So many people in the NFL are garbage, if you watch it, you kinda have to accept you’re watching some extremely garbage people. Ben probably should have been ousted back in the day, but the cases were actually dropped/settled (read: paid off) so I would say in that case the NFL couldn’t do much. If it makes you feel any better, as a Yinzer myself, I’ve never seen fans ignore or forget about the rapes and I don’t see any Pittsburghers being too sad to see him go.

No. 1035848

You're the woman on Reddit who gets with a guy who leaves skidmarks on the bed, in spite of you begging him to wipe his ass. One day, he puts a tissue on the shit stain instead of just leaving you to handle it, and you make a celebratory post lol
Just because men do gross things doesn't mean we have to pretend it's normal and be delighted with bare minimum improvement

No. 1035866

8 years isn't even that much for a fucking elderly couple, they're both over 50, get a grip you histrionic moron.

No. 1035870

You're the one who's mad people aren't jerking off to your 9240290th age gap film just because this time the woman isn't fresh out of high school, quit projecting lmao

No. 1035874

You sound mentally ill. Why am I supposed to care if a 51 and 59 year old are portrayed as a couple?

No. 1035880

ironic of you to tell people to get a grip when you sound absolutely crazy
>You're the woman on Reddit who gets with a guy who leaves skidmarks on the bed, in spite of you begging him to wipe his ass. One day, he puts a tissue on the shit stain instead of just leaving you to handle it
>mad people aren't jerking off to your 9240290th age gap film
seriously get off the internet for a bit freakshow

No. 1035884

Oh no they're not the EXAXT SAME AGE!!!! Call the police

No. 1035885

Who said you were supposed to care? You're the one who jumped in mad that people weren't excited about the film

No. 1035887

Why are you seething so much? Are your parents 51 and 59 and you're taking things personally?

No. 1035888

That's… literally not what happened at all lol. Are you gonna make up lies with the post history right there? You're the one jumping down peoples necks >>1035775 and calling them pick-me or men because they're not freaking out over a fucking 8 year age gap between pretty much elderly people. Go to therapy bitch.

No. 1035891

I'm not even that anon, are you unwell? You posted >>1035661 out of nowhere 2 hours ago, and you're still at it. Go to therapy already, your issues are strong nonny

No. 1035895

the sperging going on is retarded rn. stop infighting and stfu

No. 1035898

Samefag because I didn't even finish reading your post accusing me of being TA as I was typing, but I still thought "This person desperately needs therapy" kek, spooky

No. 1035899

It's an anonymous imageboard; how did you even get the idea that that's me? You're so unintelligent holy shit. Therapy. Now.

No. 1035902

You are definitely unhinged. You literally just now realized it's an anonymous imageboard after screeching that I'm that person, and now you're trying to "no u". Not even therapy, you need a straitjacket and an asylum. Hope your wrangler takes your phone away

No. 1035906

You're a fucking retard. Mod can confirm that that's not me. You actually need help because you're obviously the samefag from before, you replied to a post where I was specifically addressing the original poster and you got angry in the process, showing that it was you. How are you so unhinged that something so meaningless (an 8 year age gap between elderlies lol) gets you so psychotically tunnel visioned?(sperg)

No. 1035907

based McGillis

No. 1035908

Dude chill, they’re both over 50, an 8 year age gap is meaningless when you’re both over 50

No. 1035909

I'm not even reading this bullshit backpedaling. You are psychotic, seek help immediately. Quit infighting and sperging, go watch the movie if it means that much to you

No. 1035910

don't waste your breath, judging by the way she types she spends 100% of her time on imageboards. look how much she's fuming over nothing. i wonder if someone 8 years younger stole her bf

No. 1035912

Omg are you the same person who kept calling Olivia R basic and lashing out on anons who called her beautiful?

No. 1035913

Cry more cunt, have you run out of shit to fling? And stop spending so much on imageboards like the other anon said. How many personality disorders do you have btw?

No. 1035915

Are you making multiple spergposts and changing typing styles? The amount of autism over a Tom Cruise film is embarrassing

No. 1035916

Why do you weird fags like to go on a witchhunt over who said what like everyone who disagrees with you is suddenly a problematic troll? it's so retarded

No. 1035919

You're an actual psycho oh my god, a schizophrenic.

No. 1035921

Yeah they're definitely sperging out, especially seeing no one was "lashing" out at people saying Olivia R was beautiful just arguing with anons who were accusing them of being misogynists. Shows that the fag stirring shit was the same thread derailer involved in another argument

No. 1035922

Unhinged comparison seek help

No. 1035924

NTA, but you really need to get out more if you think people are schizophrenic or psychotic just for having different opinions, lmao. I truly believe you're a bpdchan

No. 1035925

are you so deluded you think multiple people don't find you retarded kek

No. 1035928

No you're a fucking schizophrenic because you think everyone in the thread is one person because they're all disagreeing with you. THAT is mentally ill behaviour you projecting bitch.

No. 1035931

No I’m a totally different person who joined in with a popcorn and I can’t believe you’re sperging this much over an 8 year age gap between two people who are both over 50. The shit stain analogy was overkill anon

No. 1035932

This is ironic because I just joined this conversation and have nothing to do with this dumb argument besides finding you even more retarded than the retarded anon sperging about an 8 year gap because you're calling people schizophrenic and getting on a moral high ground over different opinions lmao

No. 1035937

The fact that whoever that is making so many inflammatory/baitish replies in such a short period of time when this thread usually isn't nearly this active is the biggest red flag for a samefagging, mentally ill poster. That VPN must be working overtime lol

No. 1035939

File: 1642795198560.png (333.68 KB, 551x550, 1568296895485.png)

Really, that's so funny how you're suddenly someone else because you haven't quit replying to me since I called you a dumb cunt for seething about people not getting mad over an 8 year elderly age gap lol.

No. 1035940

Did you not read my post where I said the anon was retarded for sperging out about it?
You bitches in this thread really are more stupid than the average farmer.

No. 1035941

You're both cows.

No. 1035942

You're not me, I made this post >>1035931. What are you doing?

No. 1035945

How so?

No. 1035946

That's not who was quoted but ok, I'm convinced you are a troll and shitposter now

No. 1035947

because both of you are shitposters derailing the celebrity thread and have been for days now. Now stop.

No. 1035951

Yeah and I'm convinced you're the same retard from 2 hours ago who's still seething because people find you embarrassing for getting so riled up over a barely existent age gap. Peddle your shit on Tumblr or Twitter next time or wherever you go to vent your frustrations.

No. 1035953

"how so" please go give yourself a swirly

No. 1035955

My two remaining brain cells collided into each other reading what has been posted in the last 20 minutes holy cow

No. 1035956

Except that wasn't me. Damn, you anons who do this shit are really fucking annoying

No. 1035957

the mods have way too much fun pitting posters against each other, that's all i'll say. admin did not do a good job of screening.

No. 1035960

I keep forgetting it usually is mods who do this crap, they love accusing posters of being "samefag" when they're losing an argument and starting shit. Same thing happened years ago right before the PP/Gendercritical ban kek

No. 1035962

i made the right choice picking the celebricow posters as the worst in the cow awards voting

No. 1035963

It was actually fun to read. Sometimes you need to let out a good sperg
Thank you anons who were involved

No. 1035964

If it's a mod, why wouldn't they just ban people? It just seems like a moronic newfag with the hypocrisy and sperging ("You're totally this anon! How could you possibly think that other anon is me?! REEEEEE")

No. 1035966

do you not know when to stop? how fragile is your ego?

No. 1035970

What are you even talking about? Are you the anon in question? If so, can you quit with the trying to fight and bait people?(let it go)

No. 1035973

no idiot. i'm telling you to quit dragging this out. you're ready to jump at my throat for telling you to shut up about this meaningless sperging and you're accusing of infighting…

No. 1035976

You're literally dragging this out right now by continuing to reply and insulting random people, just let it go

No. 1035981

ok youre definitely looking to argue/fight. sorry your home life is so shit or whatever. the vent thread exists for a reason, you don't have to pull this crap in an unrelated thread. bye bye

No. 1035984

???? Seek help. I hope the thread can get back to normal now

No. 1035992

see how you can't quit replying and you're trying to start a fight? quit the concern trolling

No. 1035995

File: 1642796863635.jpg (70.99 KB, 500x679, 1641946027042.jpg)

If a guy came out like this today would troonz try to claim him??

No. 1036003

They'd try to "non-binary" him

Now I'm convinced you're just thriving off the attention after derailing the whole thread once lol, good troll. I really do think you need help though, goodnight anon

No. 1036009

you just exposed yourself rofl. it's not obvious to you like it is to everyone else how desperately you're trying to cause another fight because you have NPD. bye bye

No. 1036013

>thriving off the attention
Like you are? Stop replying if you think it's a troll ffs. Why feed it then?

No. 1036017

File: 1642797358487.png (98.25 KB, 527x697, pn.png)

Autist/BPD-chan aside, Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra just had a child via surrogacy

No. 1036029

I did stop replying nonna

No. 1036056

Now where are the troon thread's womb rent anons at, this is wild. Inchresting how this happened as people were talking about her ig handle change

No. 1036093

>the wide driverman emote made her lost in that fantasy so why not go and add some smut to it as well just for your own pleasure
Fucking kek

No. 1036110

All football (and I’d argue any major league sport) players are drug-addicted, wife-beating, violent cheating rapists with brain injuries and 14 children from different mothers. Hope this scrote dies in a plane crash, too.

No. 1036118

She is trending on tiktok and abcdefu has almost 300 millions plays on spotify, just because you didn't hear of her doesn't mean no one has

She comes from money & entertainment though, I'm not saying she's not sponsored by her parents & marketing agencies

No. 1036134

gaga is italian, but american italian so that probably explains things kek american italians tend to be very caker and fakey and pronounce things weird i think its because theyve been in america too long and lost their roots

No. 1036144

i thought this was julia louis dreyfus before enlarging and am very ashamed of myself

No. 1036153

This post has an Azealia Banks energy, I can't explain it

No. 1036159

File: 1642803851681.jpeg (280.83 KB, 1131x1526, 78A0881A-1A83-4333-8F97-DD27AD…)

kaia gerber and austin butler are apparently dating. sad and pathetic that vanessa hudgens let him drag her along for an entire DECADE before dumping her and dating women 10 years his junior.

No. 1036169

>She is trending on tiktok
So was Ashnikko, who is an industry plant, her label was paying tiktok users to use her songs back then, they also used bots
>300 millions plays on spotify
Spotify means shit, even Billie bought plays there, is easy to fake those numbers too
>Just because you didn't hear of her doesn't mean no one has
Being shilled everywhere doesn't count as being talked about, maybe people know her name but that doesn't mean they are interested or that they will buy her music, specially when she's lackluster
>She comes from money & entertainment though
Most stars come from money too, but her situation is not only nepotism at this point, she flat out faked her success

No. 1036173

she's still just as fat and lazy as before, just physically thinner kek

No. 1036179

I had an inkling of the same thought, but I thought it'd go ignored instead of opening the gates of shitposter hell kek

No. 1036192

Themi is abandoning pop for rock. She posted a snippet of her new song and had a funeral in her studio for pop music.

No. 1036194

File: 1642805884203.png (669.9 KB, 709x826, 8HxGjeb.png)

Mall Goth Themi

No. 1036196

hate these whiny grifters trying to get a job
>oh it's definitely a hate crime to not employ me

No. 1036211

thanks for censoring this for us

No. 1036212

I'm not those anons, what she said resonated with several of us. Men really do the bare minimum and get applauded for it, and her analogy was both apt and expressive.

No. 1036216

Scientology really gets your panties wet, huh?

No. 1036218

Omg the industry is really going after this route? i thought it was just a very small pop punk phase, that's interesting

No. 1036219

This reeks of bait. Get off Lolcow, Sia

No. 1036221

What's painful is all the "hardcore edgy" LARPs that are emerging. Reeks of insincerity. Fuck.

No. 1036223

i deleted it because i did not want to drag it out, but of course more deluded and assumptive responses almost instantly kek. ah yes we all love tom cruise and we fuck shit-assed redditors just because we don't sperg and scream over two 50+ actors starring in an irrelevant movie. the projection here is insane. not my fault you apparently actually do fuck skid marked scrotes, could never relate!

No. 1036228

File: 1642808488271.jpg (20.18 KB, 220x328, 220px-MaxMara-2542_(cropped).j…)

cant believe kaia is 20, i thought she was 25

No. 1036230

i think olivia's success made them go this route.
they all sound like pop punk songs from dcoms, but even those felt more genuine.

No. 1036231

>i deleted it because i did not want to drag it out
Like you're doing right now? You need to calm down, you're too desperate

No. 1036245

Only kind of related to what you're saying, but I just realized that the person who was initially sperging was calling women cunts and bitches for disagreeing with them, just complete scrote shit over nothing. I should've known this thread was infested

No. 1036261

File: 1642811500054.jpeg (16.07 KB, 320x378, shia-labeouf--320x378.jpeg)

people were mostly mad because SIA casts the same girl on everything she does and its creepy. SIA is a weirdo junkie and used to sleep with an underage girl with no relation to her cause she was "her muse". literal michael jackson behavior. i know some of the criticism was because maddie wasnt autistic, but i also remember a lot of people were mad because she literally said she wrote this role in the movie and that she did it with Maddie in mind. She said she tried casting other people but that ended up choosing Maddie but a lot of people believe its all BS and it was always Maddie. Since she said she wrote it for Maddie. Maddie hated being in the movie and had breakdowns cause she was afraid everyone was going to hate her for mocking autistic people when she was doing her best. SIA pressured her to do the movie anyway when she didnt want to.

in general, most of the hate SIA has gotten has to do with Maddie and not just autistic shit. but of course shes suicidal so we are supposed to ignore she groomed Maddie since she was an infant and (she admitted this) kept making projects just to have an excuse to work with her and give her money and keep her close. very manipulative shit shes doing now.

dont nonnies remember that very creepy pedo looking video sia had with maddie as a child dancing with shia labeouf? apperantly SIA and Shia were fuckbuddies, so ofc, she made the child she lives through do this dance with her fuckbuddie when Maddie was 12 and i remember a lot of people saying it was creepy back then. its just a very weirdo shit to do. the fact Maddie is not her friends daugther or a relative makes it specially weird to me.

No. 1036263


would any anons be interested in a atheletecow thread? any hockey fags here? i love hockey because the players are hot and encouraged to be tough and manly under injury unlike soccer faggots and the fights are fun, men should fight for entertainment of the world, and also i like how the scrotes are basically transparent about being scumbags since they are under so much less scrutiny than any other sport since americans don't care about hockey. There used to be a few dedicated puck bunny blogs I enjoyed not sure if they're still around and there is a whole bunch of known milk, that basically all the blackhawks knew about kyle beach being assaulted by the video coach and they called him a faggot for it and there's a video of him trying to fight basically all of them during a practice. Feel bad for him. And endless stories about players fucking other players wives and then getting traded, nhl is full of manwhores and trash behaviour. Could be fun?

No. 1036282

My sister made me watch this music video when I was younger, I don't remember what age, maybe 12? I remember being weirded out by this video and not wanting to watch it because I thought it was weirdly inappropriate for a reason I couldn't quite articulate but my sister reassured me that this is actually artful.

No. 1036356

Like there's a fucking difference

No. 1036364

Do you guys think the pop punk revival stuff will actually take off? Who do you think will/won’t make it? I feel like it’s a massive reach, the hype is built off of people who were there and getting excited about their past- and gen z/the marketing companies aren’t able to capture it properly imo

Side note I absolutely foresee a Fueled By Ramen reunion tour after they gauge the interest for this festival

No. 1036374

File: 1642821136361.jpg (467.29 KB, 1080x1228, Screenshot_20220121-211201.jpg)

Punk is back and Demi Lovato will lead the era

No. 1036380

File: 1642821543828.jpeg (104.66 KB, 1200x800, DB006A0F-79E3-48A4-8C7B-5FD373…)

this reminds me of futbol fans ignoring cristiano ronaldo’s rape accusation

No. 1036399

every e-girl's getting a buzzcut

No. 1036407

its sad how much shilling works on most people though ive even seen someone i follow say that people who trash talk ashnikko are probably just jealous of her

No. 1036417

I am not mad at this. She was already kind of doing this in her disney era and that's when she made the best music imo. Maybe we can finally get a good demi song for the first time in years.

No. 1036420

I had a buzz cut a few years ago and I regret it deeply. Can’t wait for egirls to have the same fate kek.

No. 1036423

not to go off topic too much, why did you regret it? was it because it took too long to grow back or something?

No. 1036430

I regret it because I felt very insecure. I kept getting worried people were going to call me a boy. It grew fairly quickly which I’m super thankful for.

No. 1036433

this, even the encanto song getting #1 was more organic than abcdefu.

No. 1036436

I don't think that's going to happen, anon.

No. 1036454

I had a buzzcut 4 years ago and I really liked it. I don't think it's very practical to maintain, though. Anyway, I'm gonna fuck off because this is so OT

No. 1036462


Bit OT again, but Newcastle fans chanting 'she said no' at Ronaldo's first game back was the straw that broke the camel's back, putting me off United until he's gone. Scrotes don't care about rapists until they stop scoring goals.

No. 1036465

This new pop punk phase started happening before Olivia debuted tbh, there’s been such huge spite in this generation loving the early to mid 2000’s music and fashion trends, including pop punk. I know it’s kind of always been like this but I think tik tok trends in 2020 added to the craze, Olivia definitely appeals to that crowd though.

No. 1036467

i think that's great. i think short hair and buzzed hair on women should be a trend. it's not something everyone can pull off visually but i hope it shows people that having long hair is a nuisance and is so cumbersome and that you don't need to tie your attractiveness to your hair as a woman. hopefully these girls that go for buzzcuts aren't pressured into trooning out

No. 1036488

>forced pop punk resurgence
i don’t care how forced it is just give me a new paramore album for the love of god

No. 1036509

Right. Funny how Demi Lovato and Olivia Rodrigo are both Disney shills who have based their musical careers off of copying Paramore. I know one of the other threads talks about Demi's first album and they had to change some of the songs because they were too close to Paramore's stuff. At that time Demi was even copying Hayley's mannerisms etc. I guess Hayley Williams is the go-to blueprint.

No. 1036513

honestly it sounds good. she really didn't do that much pop-pop and all of her old songs were paramore ripoffs anyways. she always had a pop-punk edge to her music. she always had a paramore influence going on anyways and used to always try to sound like hayley, it doesn't suprise me she'd go this route. i think she sounds more differentiated here and her voice less like hayley's in this song though

No. 1036515

oh bitch i was literally just typing this and you beat me to it. i remember hearing her first songs when she got popular and wondered how the hell you could be so derivative and rip off an actively popular band and lead singer yet escape criticism. her hayley vocal skinwalking was INTENSE.

No. 1036569

File: 1642841775319.jpg (54.44 KB, 600x600, a1bd505d3f1a7f12095a313c4c49a7…)

This entire forced revival reminds me of the ~soft grundge~ era that happened about ten years ago. Back then it was all about the grundgy 90s which made all the normie girls wear nirvana shirts and so on. This thing was a round for a while but it died the moment soundcloud rap entered the scene. I can't feel it either, maybe it will bring back some sort of variety into music but I feel the next trend will arrive (nu-metal revival? kek) it will be out of the window as well. I also feel like the tic toc kids burn through such trends a lot faster. I've personally heard nothing that stood out to me, everything sounds like a different version of the same song in a way. Maybe this trend will die when megan fox and squirt gun kelly end their relationship.

No. 1036571

File: 1642841925445.png (119.18 KB, 275x206, C7895734-F207-47AE-8DE5-9D8D27…)

>squirt gun kelly

No. 1036574

File: 1642842457503.jpg (60.81 KB, 1024x576, 44278679_101.jpg)

Is there any demand for a sport "celeb" thread? I'd love to talk shit about F1/football/UFC sportsmen and women but not sure if any other anons would be interested in that?

No. 1036576

yes please, sportsmen/women are the biggest cows.
>the tic toc kids burn through such trends a lot faster.
they do, they went from y2k to pop punk to tumblr hipsters in a matter of months. i wish the throwback trends would end and people would start making new looks.

No. 1036578

the concern trolling on this website is insane. who cares if someone calls you a cunt or a bitch if you're very obviously pushing peoples buttons, spewing absolute bullshit and making remarks in other ways? you're damn right i'll call you a cunt and you won't hide and cry under the guise of uwu a woman called me a mean word

No. 1036580

i would love a sports thread too.
i'm into nfl and mlb stuff personally but there's so many cows in every sport

No. 1036581

>nu-metal revival? kek
please god let it happen

No. 1036583

I don't really think so, it will always be a niche revival to some "born in the wrong generation" gen z and nostalgic millennials.

> the hype is built off of people who were there and getting excited about their past- and gen z/the marketing companies aren’t able to capture it properly imo

Yeah, that's how it seems to me. I think the festivals, old pop punk bands comeback tours (idk), will be mainly filled with nostalgic millennials. Honestly, the most hype for old pop punk bands I see gen z having is making some old pop punk scrote's sexual assault allegations go viral and try to cancel him for something that happened at a warped tour 20 years ago.

No. 1036585

ngl american football players are probably the only ones with brain injuries but you're right. football (soccer if you want) players are fucking addict manwhores

No. 1036596

Thanks for the throwback anon. I used to love that movie when I was a kid and I had such a crush on the gothy short haired girl

No. 1036609

I'd be up for that! Is anyone else into Sumo? Sometimes there'll be pearls of milk from the wrestlers like the time one had a mistress that got pregnant and he made her get an abortion.

No. 1036691

I wish this pop punk revival was more…organic, nothing in this industry is but it really came out of nowhere and honestly is a weird route, genz is not "hardcore" or "rebel" at all more like superficial and extremely sensitive

No. 1036699

Seethe and dilate, fuck off back to your incel subreddit

No. 1036760

what a pathetic reply

No. 1036772

>doesn't deny being a scrote
You don't deserve one with effort, praying you 41% soon

No. 1036792

NTA and I don't hate women but you deserve being called a cunt if you're attacking people and accusing them of samefagging like a rabid autist. Quit playing dumb and like the victim, it's disgusting.

No. 1036798

samefag, but im not a scrote either. But seriously whats with anons on here acting like twitterfags with bpd holy shit

No. 1036810

Not everyone is the person you argued with, are you the Olivia Rodrigo sperg from upthread? Calling women cunts and bitches for not sharing your opinion is a sign of being a scrote. Also, the poster I'm referring to was calling a bunch of people samefag and schizo, so I'm not sure if you got some posts mixed up

No. 1036902

I'm confused because MCR is headlining. Didn't MCR sell tickets to a show, and cancel it a couple of times? I'm pretty sure people who bought tickets are still waiting for that concert.

No. 1036915

File: 1642870772508.jpg (126.29 KB, 1200x675, Jt3VIWw.jpg)

Regina King's son died by suicide. I feel sorry for her and Sinead.

No. 1036916

I thought they got refunds?

No. 1036928

That’s so awful. My heart goes out to her and his loved ones.

No. 1036938

Serving Camp Rock. I like it tbh.

No. 1036942

>SIA is a weirdo junkie and used to sleep with an underage girl with no relation to her cause she was "her muse"

No. 1036949

> because it might've killed IASIP, the MCU machine is pretty demanding

That would actually be pretty based. IASIP got bad around the time Guardians came out.

No. 1036952

I remember feeling very weirded out by that video as well. This whole sia maddie debate never made it to the mainstream much but it sure is creepy as hell.

No. 1036988

File: 1642874479202.png (177.26 KB, 1006x682, JInLXmC.png)

nta but Sia and Maddie have sleepovers together routinely. Sia considers Maddie her muse and even said she can't work with anyone else. Maddie says Sia is like a second mom.

No. 1036998

I don't even like pop-punk or rock, I just hate "modern" rap music, I'm sick of seeing skinny fat manlets talk about their "bitches" and fat women shake their asses and call it empowering
And I hate the fact that were expected to believe this is cool and that if we complain about this filth were somehow fascist or shit

No. 1036999

slightly OT but Maddie is starting to take "serious" roles now. The Fallout is a lesbian romance that takes place in the aftermath of a school shooting. Maddie plays one of the love interest. Tbh it looks like Gen Z fault in our stars which is ironic because Shaliene Woodley is also in it. I wonder if it will have the same effect on tiktok the fault in our stars had on tumblr.

No. 1037001

Can'tt wait for the TCC tearing it down. This is gonna be the the next I Am Not Ashamed, though at least it's about fictional school shooting. My bad if it turns out to be actually good, but I don't believe it.

No. 1037011

>love story centered around a school shooting
kek this is peak GEN Z culture

No. 1037031

she did an interview with jimmy fallon for promo
>she had fun auditioning for west side story "it's a dancer's dream"
>the musical made her realize she's not the best singer but she's ok with it
>Her boyfriend Eddie Benjamin is a singer, he's touring with Justin Beiber
>The Fallout won best film at SXSW film festival

No. 1037054

I was thinking about this recently, zoomers literally have zero original fashion. Everything is vintage or from a past era when it was popular. 80/90/00/10 all have distinctive fashion but I genuinely think looking nack on the 2020s it's all gonna be stuff that has been done before.

No. 1037065

I love drunk posting during packers games and I have no rl friends to talk nfl with. Yes please to sports thread

No. 1037066

File: 1642876699195.jpg (40.35 KB, 640x640, OhRGrgJ.jpg)

Is Jenna Ortega the new scream queen? She starring in the Scream sequel and Wednesday Addams movie.

No. 1037075

I see the elevated baggy hoodies et sweatpants look as the defining fashion pieces of 2020s tbh.

No. 1037090

She was also in The Babysitter: Killer Queen, It seems Hollywood is really into casting light skinned Latinas in most films these days

No. 1037147

File: 1642879389265.jpg (2.45 MB, 2000x2000, VMqDKnq.jpg)

sources say Emma Roberts and Garrett Hedlund split. They are "trying their best to co-parent".

No. 1037151

File: 1642879651645.png (32.21 KB, 888x295, 7N5YgCb.png)

Deuxmoi says Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn are engaged

No. 1037156

I thought they were already engaged since last year, I mean they've been together since 2017

No. 1037233

I'm trash but the first part sounds actually good to me.

No. 1037259

>tumblr hipsters
Oh boy I can’t wait for the skanky tiktok rendition of zooey deschanel twee

No. 1037266

yes i would love a thread on footballers and their wags

No. 1037267

That's just nymphet fashion

No. 1037299

Did she beat him up or something? I wonder does this guy have a bad relationship reputation. All I know is that Emma was being violent to Evans in the past.

No. 1037410

I mean, fashion trends are cyclical. We've known that for-fucking-ever.

No. 1037411

Nymphet fashion is something completely different.

No. 1037418

File: 1642892404632.png (1.02 MB, 650x1204, 2022-01-22 23.58.21.png)

Apparently her ex-bf is now dating Margaret Qualley. It's always interesting when men then go to super thin girls after breakup. There was a time when Lena was very heavy

No. 1037427

File: 1642892806478.png (1.55 MB, 1632x1008, crazyex_thecringe.png)

I actually like Patton Oswalt even though I don't find him funny. But I remembered his guest performance on crazy ex girlfriend some time ago. Had to laugh because I remembered picrel.

No. 1037450

Ugh can't believe she gets Joe Alwyn. If I was in her shoes I'd never get married. It won't last anyway.

No. 1037467

I feel like Margaret Qualley dates literally any scrote that breathes. Remember Shia Labeouf? Pete Davidson? She's like a quick PR girlfriend for hire or something

No. 1037489

is she wearing butt pads? looks strange. both him and her get around a lot

No. 1037527

She has such empty shark eyes

No. 1037531

File: 1642899782053.jpeg (349.71 KB, 1170x1461, F1FAD676-7F54-46DA-BB04-2E45D5…)

Wtf, grimes? She looks unrecognizable. Did she get the fox eye procedure or what’s going on with her face here

No. 1037560

Confession, watching this video of her getting prepared for Met Gala I couldn't help but notice how nice her skin looked up close and how "youthful" she looked compared to most of her peers, but now it's as if over the past few months she's been getting shit done for no reason. She's been looking so pillow-y and weird in recent pictures and videos.

No. 1037571

This might be a controversial take, but I just don't see how skiing is worth it. All I ever hear about it is just people getting fucking flattened by each other.

No. 1037587

File: 1642903772837.png (3.93 MB, 1552x2328, image_2022-01-22_210735.png)

Oh she definitely got the corners of her eyes lifted. At first i thought it was just the make-up. She also has to have had a rhinoplasty albeit a subtle one. Maybe this is why she had been quiet aside from the pregnancy stuff.

No. 1037588

same fag, she probably did something to thin out her lower face too.

No. 1037590

Sia doesn't seem like a pure pedo. Like any sexual feelings she has towards Maddie is some kinda ''I want to be her so bad I must devour her''. As if she fetishizes pedophilia but isn't one herself.

No. 1037593

I dont want to say asianfishing because thats cringe but she is 100% trying to look like a smol uwu azn loli

No. 1037596

Why his name jacking off?

No. 1037603

File: 1642904823520.jpg (4.64 KB, 363x139, egwgg.jpg)

She had her upper eyelids filled in. Either filler or fat graft but hers look like fat. They did it under her eyes too. That's exactly what it looks like when it's freshly done.

No. 1037612

this looks fucking awful why does she keep doing this shit to her face??

No. 1037624

Why is she reminding me of Björk a little bit

No. 1037681

That's already a thing. There's a huge twee revival on tiktok rn

No. 1037682

I guess breaking up with Elon has just led to her losing her mind even more. So cool. The one thing she had left and she's destroying that too. Bye Claire, you can fade into irrelevancy now.

No. 1037707

File: 1642911319097.png (613.21 KB, 888x688, p1vAQei.png)

No. 1037711

So this is gonna be some sort of celebrity female fake bisexual sexualization that we had in the 2000's but now its woke, I notice this with Zendaya as well

No. 1037712

it's mostly style but soft twee-ish pop has been trending for a while. Mxmtoon comes to mind, don't know if her style counts.

No. 1037713

File: 1642911871488.jpg (50.05 KB, 500x718, hvW7e0J.jpg)

Not sure if Zendaya's faking it…

No. 1037715

wears a hat, must be gay

No. 1037716

please don't start this dumb ass "debate" again, and also I knew so many city girls who used to dress like her when I was younger

No. 1037720

Thought it was ellen page at first

No. 1037725

She definitely asked her plastic surgeon for Björk's face

No. 1037730

File: 1642913521529.jpg (72.54 KB, 540x439, qRYh5xP.jpg)

i offer a new topic to tinfoil over. Have you noticed that Olivia does the same thing as Taylor and her squad i.e. she adds celebs to her friendship circle after they gain popularity.

No. 1037733

Not really a tinfoil, I doubt most of them are friends IRL

No. 1037734

File: 1642913753446.jpg (528.32 KB, 1084x2879, nH4Pbqc.jpg)

more tinfoiling most of the girls who contributed to the pop-punk/emo resurgence before olivia blew up, were at least acquaintances with each other. haven't seen any of them with olivia or gayle though. i'm starting to see the line between the disneyesque pop-punk and the alt pop punk

No. 1037735

Sorry, but who are those people?

No. 1037737

Tiktok singers(Canon Grey, Lydia Night), her costar from a disney show(Madison Hu) and Judd Apatow's daughter Iris.

No. 1037739

File: 1642913980221.jpg (54.85 KB, 770x433, 6086-770x433.jpg)

GG Allin is looking down from Heaven in disappointment at these posers

No. 1037753

zoomer alert

No. 1037783

Their PR teams make them go on playdates together.

No. 1037824


No. 1037869

Sorry if this has been discussed in previous threads but this is the first I’ve heard of Grimes being pregnant, I thought she split up from Muskrat?

No. 1037880

Oh god nona where have u been. She got a son from Muskrat like over a year ago. Google it and catch up girl

No. 1037930

it makes me so sad mia goth went back to shia labeouf after margaret qualley broke up with him. she's pregnant now right?

No. 1037957

It's fun. As tragic as Ulliel's death is, most people don't die while skiing.
They hang out with their peers and people they work with to network and have fun. This is just how life is after school. Not trying to WK but this isn't relly tinfoil it's just normie social dynamics.

No. 1037965

from what other anon said. Porn is mainstream now.

No. 1037969

i would feel worse for her if she had no resources. how the fuck do you come out of divoricng this ragefilled gargoyle, reading fka's account of his abuse, THEN not only get back together with him, but WANT TO HAVE HIS CHILD??? honestly infuriating. the interview fka gave was harrowing, and he should be kept away from people. he is extremely dangerous and sadistic. now she's bringing some poor child into this dynamic. if i'm honest, this royally pisses me off. someone could not give more red flags, now the poor kid is extremely likely to end up victimized or left powerless to grow up with abuse or at least a dysfunctional father who will likely have no idea how to parent, especially considering his relationship with his father.

No. 1037970

They ALWAYS use only black female artists for this trash too, ugh.

No. 1037978

why would any straight woman have any interest at all in watching this? who the fuck is this for? I mean it's a literal porn video under the guise of music. These "artists" are pushing dangerous agendas. Meg is trash along with all these other industry prostitutes.

No. 1037982

I wonder why these lousy idiots cant sexualize men in their videos if they're so concerned with pushing the "buh its empowerin" angle

No. 1037984

Because no one actually wants to see men like that, they'd look ridiculous

No. 1037987

That's not true. They would look hot if they look youthful and slender enough

No. 1037990

no, even attractive men look like cryptids in comparison to women. their physiology is all fucked and weird, not at all sexy. i assume some women might be attracted to them enough to ignore their true forms though i guess

No. 1037992

stop looking at barrel chested men with super long torsos

No. 1037994

i don't look at those men at all. it doesn't change the fact that even when attractive, they're only so compelling

No. 1037995

>some women
Very few of them, it's almost only gay men who are actually turned on by the male body.

No. 1037996

Maybe I'm just a straight woman, but there are definitely attractive male performers.

No. 1037998

>Maybe I'm just a straight woman
Gay scrote detected.

No. 1037999

Says the one trying to excuse the lack of female gaze in media

No. 1038000

You don't even know what female gaze really entails

No. 1038001

Anons, I'm getting old. Who is this? Is megan the new jicki minaj? It feels like I've seen so many times before because everybody looks the same.

No. 1038002

No. I dated a swimmer and I am still sad I don't get to fuck him. His body made me want to act up tbh lmao

No. 1038003

i'm straight too but who?
yeah i agree. honestly, at best, they are only attractive enough to maybe fuck, but only if they offer something else. they just don't offer enough physically/visually
there shouldn't be a male gaze and probably kind of few women even possess a "female gaze" for men. i don't look at men in a way that would even be remotely close to how men are taught to view us. they're just not even hot enough to even warrant taking on this pattern

No. 1038011

I wouldn't say they are "taught", that's just how heterosexuality naturally operates. Lolcow is just full of bitter fags who hate women and heterosexuality and wish it was themselves that everyone worshipped.

No. 1038012

Not this shit again…

No. 1038020

According to you, its probably lesbian or gay shit

No. 1038026

>GG in Heaven
spotted the poser

No. 1038027

File: 1642940757880.jpeg (10.71 KB, 300x168, download (7).jpeg)

Oh, so now the lesbian is going to preach to us about the attractiveness of the male body

No. 1038047

maddie ziegler seems like a bad actress but i feel bad for her since she has essentially grown up on a reality TV set and has had the vast majority of her life been documented by weird reality tv producers being on dance moms. going from having one crazy adult have a weird relationship with you to another (abby lee miller to sia) must fuck you up psychologically
isn't she a beard or something

No. 1038056

Straight and bisexual female artists' videos should all resemble something like this.

No. 1038066

Seconded, sorry that not all women are into pussy and other women.

No. 1038067

Marina needs honorary status here at lolcow because she advocates for what is right and good.

Other anon will probably say these moids are ugly and go back to praising the columbine shooters in the dumbass thread. I weep

No. 1038082

Saved for future reference kek

No. 1038095

Not really appealing though either, its more about role reversal rather then something that's made to appeal to the female gaze, It feels like something gay scrotes would be more into rather then mad for women
simply jus replicating what rappers make women do in their music video's but with the genders reversed is never one work, 1) cause of the inherent differences of what men and women find appealing and 2) the only men are into those music vidoes are well sub-humans and low IQ

This Music Video/Short film is what I consider an Ideal example of something made to appeal to the hetorsexual female gaze
It feels like a lot of female directors want be pretentious with the concept of the female gaze, they either wanna give their films some artsy lesbian arthouse aesthetic and or have ugly men do bizarre stuff to be subversive or some other shit to make some "#deep pollical point"

No. 1038099

You don't need to be a lesbian or even bisexual to see that women are objectively more attractive than men

No. 1038105

I agree and disagree, biological male beauty is district from female beauty
the features and movements that make a make a man seem attractive can't work a woman and Vice versa
look at TIMs and TIFs as an example, even the smallest, petite and so called "feminine" males look like mannish ogres even with Hormones and surgery and many former masculine butch lesbians who transitioned to male have written about their experiences about how now suddenly as men they were considered soft and feminine
both sexes should focus on what looks good on them and not worry about arbitrary standards of masculinity and femininity

No. 1038134

>Other anon will probably say these moids are ugly and go back to praising the columbine shooters in the dumbass thread. I weep
Literally this. Like clockwork lol

No. 1038137

Wow, who would have thought that straight women care more about personality than looks, unlike gay moids

No. 1038140

already said i was straight ITT so no

No. 1038157

File: 1642950322305.jpeg (534.74 KB, 750x943, 40D969B3-2167-4591-9C39-110138…)

I know she had a baby with Muskrat but I thought the other anon was referring to a 2nd pregnancy, I googled it anyway and apparently she might be pregnant? This article was a few days ago

No. 1038163

Didn't she also post this fake preggo belly pic a while ago? Oh god, what is this girl doing?

No. 1038171

>columbine shooters have great personalities

No. 1038172

Edgy loners are known to be popular among women. Personally not my type but I get it.

No. 1038175

anon……… edgy loners is different and being a school shooter is different, there was even proof that they were bullies too.

No. 1038176

And fit athletic men are attractive to straight females. Does the concept of sexuality confuse you are you a zoomer

No. 1038177

nta but women have different interests, there are plenty of women attracted to different type of men

No. 1038178

Just go out and sing, wtf. Instead she makes her fans waste money and effort to not see her

No. 1038179

Their personalities were vastly misconstructed among fangirls, they just fell for their own interpretation rather than the truth.

No. 1038181

File: 1642951636142.jpg (18.13 KB, 256x309, 1639718018049.jpg)

She will never be over him. Sad!

No. 1038183

That's amazing, but the original discussion was about having hot males in media that cater to straight women, instead of straight woman performing for the male gaze in their media. And charli xcx already did that type of video with boys, I remember there being a fat moid in that dancing, maybe one of yall will flick you bean to that idk

No. 1038184

Yes, but no straight woman falls for a man primarily for his looks, in fact most straight women are repulsed by too athletic or well groomed men because they give out gay vibes.

No. 1038185

See point here >>1038095 those videos aren't made for the female gaze, they are made as political statements

No. 1038186

I actually had a hot ex bf get fucked up on drugs and fuck another man and I'm not even this paranoid about fit athletic men. If you want a goofy guy fuck a skater they're pretty fit too.

No. 1038187

File: 1642951884525.gif (7.86 MB, 268x350, tumblr_6b93429ba65e31fda653abc…)

not to kpop sperg but honestly i wish there was more men who looked like hyunjin. I love his vampire-feline-sexy visuals
in a way this is true, im kind of a visual person so alot of men ive fallen for ended up not being exactly straight, but isnt it sad that alot of straight men are ugly??

No. 1038188

Yeah I remember a retard claiming Eric Harris SURELY was a feminist. Meanwhile he wrote a violent rape fantasy in his diary and couldn't accept "no" when a girl didn't want to date him (pulled some retarded shit). The blogger in mention grew out of it, though. She continued posting, but only factual content and didn't fangirl anymore.
And no, I swear it's not me. She was a big fish in the Columbine fandom, had a big blog about either of the shooters.

No. 1038189

please get this victim of slavery and plastic surgery out of my eyes.

No. 1038191

How were they political?

No. 1038192

File: 1642952127117.jpg (85.52 KB, 600x503, 1631739999151.jpg)

They look amazing when the average Korean male looks like pic related

No. 1038193

File: 1642952135344.jpg (165.74 KB, 1109x614, Arnold-The-Rock-And-Syvester-S…)

lmao yes because western actors filled with steroids, muscle and jaw implants are so much better.

No. 1038197

pol incel triggered moment.

No. 1038199

It's not that straight men are ugly, it's just that there is no point for heterosexual men to put too much effort into their appearance because the vast majority of women genuinely are not visual in sexual attraction. Women are actually more likely to look at attractive women and try to emulate them so they too can attract men, that's just how heterosexuality works in humans. Let's stop pretending there are no differences between men and women.

No. 1038200

both video's are trying to make the point "how do you like it if the roles were reversed" Its not meant to appeal to men but meant come comeuppance against "men" (but let's be honest we all know its mostly low IQ male rappers who have these types of videos their referencing)

No. 1038201

I just want to say I'm anon that had ex bf fuck a man and he was obsessed with stalone and arnie. There's your tell tale signs of a gay moid. You can find athletic definitely straight men out there, just be wary of what they idolise.

No. 1038207

No one ever argued that how to be a heartbreaker or boys was made for men. It's made for the female gaze. Also charli xcx directed boys, it's a song she wrote about having crushes and all the men are her friends in the music industry or other types of professionals. Marina's video was about how to be a heartbreaker which is usually something said about moids, hers was more of a statement on reversing roles but I wouldn't say either were political. Then you have female rappers that have videos for the male gaze. Even rihannas pour it up video was all about objectification for male gaze while trying to be empowering because she was making the money but still performing subserviently.

No. 1038211

tbh this type of false thinking is why so many men are in deadbedrom relationships where the woman is repulsed by them and doesnt have sex with them.
both men and women get memed into this ''women are not visual'' lie so women end up dating men they are not attracted to but have nice personalities so they rarely get intimate and have more of a friend relationship, and men use this as a excuse to let themselves go and
be the ugliest goblins ever.

No. 1038212

>Marina's video was about how to be a heartbreaker which is usually something said about moids, hers was more of a statement on reversing roles but I wouldn't say either were political.
that is an inheritably political statement, however one important fact that she choose not to confront is that its mostly Low IQ rappers that about being players with hoes and have music vidoes with tons of women, no other genre has that

No. 1038213

>no other genre has that
your joking right?

No. 1038214

tell me one music genre that has consistently so many women twerking in the background

No. 1038215

dont change the subject and learn how to sage.

No. 1038216

it's just (c)rapper anon back at it, don't worry

No. 1038218

do you people not remember the 80s? all hairmetal and popular rock had sexy women dancing all over the place nude and seminude. trashy shit like buckcherry still does the same

No. 1038219

oh i should have known, regret replying to them

No. 1038220


No. 1038221

A lot of straight men are definitely ugly. They have no idea how to cater to the female gaze. I am definitely visual. I know so many nice guys and have had guys complain about me friend zoning them and 100% if they looked better they wouldn't be friend zoned. Men have completely weird ideas about what women would find attractive and then there's pickmes that buy into the shite and let men tell them what they should like. That's why they don't feel the point to have a skincare routine or work on mannerisms etc that women would actually desire to see. Also, everyone could describe what a gentleman is even a man but very rarely do we get genuine gentlemen. Society has developed in such a way that men can act like big irrational babies and still get laid. Even with anons spouting shit like an attractive fit man is more likely gay you'll get retard incels wanting to be obese or some autistic reaction like that. Like how some apparently think washing your asshole is gay. Men are fucking retarded

No. 1038224

Rock music. Metal music. Aerosmith. Marilyn Manson. Jon Bon Jovi probably a whole load of bands I don't follow

No. 1038226

Or maybe women just have naturally lower sex drives? Even lesbian couples are known to have the least amount of sex and gay men the highest. Nothing wrong with that of course, again, stop pretending that men and women are the same.

No. 1038228

it's not that women are less visual, it's that men have less to offer visually than women, and they also offer less emotionally and mentally, so women adapt accordingly. that isn't a reason to let themselves go, rather it's a very important reason for them to stay as groomed and fit as possible and as nice as possible, because even at their best, they still underperform and have far less to offer compared to women and at a certain point women just will say "fuck this" and opt out. their attractiveness hits a plateau sooner. it's not that their attractiveness is not important, just that it isn't everything to women usually and it tops out.

No. 1038230

Spotted the insane Columbiner fetishist. Anyway, I'm a woman attracted to men, but that doesn't mean I have to settle for ugly scrotes. Believe it or not, you can have a good looks and a good personality. Only picking one means you either have low standards, or you only have one (or neither, making you even more desperate)
Note: I understand incels, transcels and gay moids with a fetish for hideous scrotes will be annoyed at this assertion, that they can't waive basic attractiveness with their meager attempts at faking (yes, faking) a good personality. Please kill yourselves

No. 1038231

Are you kidding? Men have a much easier time developing results from working out lol. If you see a fat moid you have to understand that's a different level of fat compared to a woman. Men don't get cellulite the way women do either. A hot naked man is a nice sight to behold and not a man that abuses steroids. Like a nice lean body with nice definition and not a weak shit video game body.

No. 1038232

Care to show me some examples on par with rap music video's

No. 1038233

It's both. Women are naturally less visual because men are objectively less attractive, in humans females are supposed to be the attractive sex anyway.

No. 1038234

File: 1642953406326.png (117.86 KB, 1293x338, 435.png)

god we already had this debate in the things you hate thread a few days ago

No. 1038237

can we stop with this retarded columbine fetishist narrative? one dimbo responded to posts criticizing males with the idea that anyone criticizing men's looks is necessarily a columbine fetishist and you all run with it. it doesn't even follow considering the argument. the columbine kids were heinously ugly both in terms of looks and personalities. no one ITT criticizing men's looks is getting wet over the columbine kids.

No. 1038239

I'm tired reading this. You are either ugly men trying to pull reverse psychology, lesbians trying to psyop male-attracted women to give up and pursue attractive butch or tomboyish women, or straight women who settled for ugly men and want all other male-attracted women to suffer with you
>in humans females are supposed to be the attractive sex anyway.
Literal incel rhetoric

No. 1038240

No. 1038241

>literal incel rhetoric
That's literally the opposite of what incels think, they're all Chad obsessed repressed homosexuals who think women are just as shallow as they are kek

No. 1038242

Good post, I forgot about it. Thank you anon

No. 1038243

stop responding to them they are the crapper anon troll and they said that the columbine school shooters are attractive….so they are obviously unhinged.

No. 1038245

nta but where did anyone say that?

No. 1038246

I'm not the crapper anon and I never said school shooters are attractive, just pointed out how some women can fall for woobified versions of them.

No. 1038247

So then why did my post agreeing that Columbine fetishists have twisted standards for men (and will call actual attractive men ugly) attract this rage >>1038137? What do the Columbine scrotes have to do with personality?
Explain to me, and then explain why you and/or that anon are not Columbine fetishists please

No. 1038248

Lurk moar

No. 1038270

>porn is mainstream
>posts literal who and meg
let this song flop like every other meg collab with an irrelevant person does

No. 1038272

wow a handful of examples that aren't even 1/10 as sexulized as rap, also you have examples of grindcore bands and gore porn that involve men's genitals being mutilated and are meant to be shocking
you literally just googled this article didn't you, cause you don't have any actual examples, meanwhile I can go to any trending music page and find shit like this
Its not even funny really

No. 1038277

wow you are really spending your time looking for this, its okay crapper anon you can come out of the closet and admit you like rap .

No. 1038278

Yeah I'm tired of that bullshit too. 'In humans females are supposed to be attractive' is such a nonsense, women are attractive to men and men are supposed to be attractive to women.
If women aren't visual, how come handsome actors and pretty boys get such a massive followings of women swooning over them? Teenage girls are obsessed with pretty boy characters or cute singers.
Attractive man with nice fit physique, good skin, full head of hair and groomed style is of course visually more attractive and more women will be into him. If you want to consider evo psych, he is more likely to produce quality offspring. Women who are trying to choose the best possible mate are of course as visual as men (who are trying to do the same) are!
"Women aren't visual" is a massive cope either for pickmes who could only score balding fat boyfriends or for ugly moids.

No. 1038286

I literally searched this in the music section but this is the very first result for rap music video
why are you so insistent on defending an objectively awful genre of music

No. 1038291

no one is defending it anon, i dont even listen to rap.
You are just so obsessed with it that you cant go a thread without mentioning rap music.

No. 1038297

File: 1642955659601.jpg (45.24 KB, 1080x542, RMtRWBq.jpg)

The weeknd calls Angelina Jolie his "ultimate muse" as rumors about their affair grow
no one is defending it, it's just hilarious how you post barely famous rappers >>1038272 >>1037965 while talking about how much you hate rape

No. 1038299

rap* that's a terrible typo

No. 1038302

Kek. Can crapper anon stay even 1 thread without bringing up her hatred for rap

No. 1038304

There's tonnes of videos catering to the male gaze, well done!!! That's what the original discussion was about. Female vs male gaze. And there are definitely other genres of music other than rap that objectified women. Are you fucking retarded or what?

You're so far past the point. The discussion was about female vs male gaze. Marina and charli were examples of female gaze. What's not clicking for you???

No. 1038305

File: 1642955939501.jpg (626.67 KB, 2038x2647, ip5k5itz74c81.jpg)

kek i checked out the grimes sub and found some fanart someone made

No. 1038308

kek that lil potato nose is so rude

No. 1038309

vibrator product placement in a video smh

No. 1038312

pop-music is also filled with lyrics about hookup culture and one-night stands, i mean the main pop princesses wouldn't have their careers if they didnt sexualize themselves.

All genres can be objectifying.

one of the most popular pop songs in 2014 (blurred lines) was about rape.

No. 1038313

She looks like a molerat.

No. 1038330

Why did this woman disfigure herself? I don't understand fucking with your eyes like this

No. 1038332

>not to kpop sperg but honestly i wish there was more men who looked like hyunjin. I love his vampire-feline-sexy visuals

I absolutely agree nonny

No. 1038351

as a kpopfag sorry nonas but he's got one of the most botched faces in kpop not even the most attractive guy in his own group at least post felix before he fucked up his chin or something

No. 1038365

Patton Oswalt was friends with Dave Chapelle for over 30 years, then publicly dropped him with an instagram post because of mad trannies online. He's a gross attention whore and his wife inserted herself into a case that had shit all to do with her, got a publishing deal, and then got credit for his arrest even though it was 100% down to new genealogy tech.
Also, the fact he didn't realize his wife was popping a shit ton of pills is suspicious.

No. 1038371

File: 1642960019634.jpg (44.69 KB, 632x955, fdaee2954ae2888bbe762270be7f88…)

he is botched now but he was super handsome during the god's menu and backdoor era, and his body is the perfect ratio too.
I do agree that felix was more handsome in the past but now hyunjin looks better.

I think if he never went on his hiatus he would never look so botched now
Maybe its karma for being a bully.

No. 1038381

File: 1642960773776.jpg (54.83 KB, 474x307, kys.jpg)

pls kill yourselves kpopfags
do you ALL have a need, a fucking necesity, to fucking SPAM that bullshit in any fucking thread you are in?

No. 1038387

File: 1642961178471.jpg (108.12 KB, 679x403, 1640765214904.jpg)

You rn

No. 1038388

Porn has been mainstream since a long time. I won't even speak about music videos for electro music.

No. 1038391

what is that scrote meme.
Crapper and personality anon have been derailing this thread for the past hours and age spergs before that too but 3 posts about some kpop celebrity's gets you triggered(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1038392

When I said I have no sympathy for rich famous women that CHOOSE to date and stay with abusive fucks,I was accused of being tranny scrote poster.
Mentality of
>oh nooo poor abusive victim she didn't know what a sick fuck this guy was when she decided to have his kids
They know and they don't care, so fuck those bitches equally as their abusive scrotes for fucking up their own kids.

No. 1038393

Was honestly searching for it but, you know how it is on this bitch of an earth! thnx anyways nona

noose for all kpopfags! I KNOW that you all are on choachan fucking stay there!!

No. 1038394

>They know and they don't care, so fuck those bitches equally as their abusive scrotes for fucking up their own kids.
ayrt, while i am upset about this case in particular, i don't think this is usually the case, like at all. usually abusive men do hide their true nature. this particular situation is infuriating, however.

No. 1038395


No. 1038397

File: 1642961654229.jpg (37.52 KB, 275x163, yskysn.jpg)

No. 1038400

Don't you have your own site now? Why Lolcow?

No. 1038403

where is kpop supposed to go if not the celebricow thread?(NOT in this board)

No. 1038404


No. 1038408


No. 1038411

Plastic surgery thread

No. 1038413

K-pop spreg is not allowed here at all costs, you can always visit chaochan instead.

No. 1038418

do i really need to spoonfeed you?

No. 1038419

Yeah, and the k-pop critical was removed because you guys couldn't keep your sperging contained. Can't you start a k-pop critical on Choachan?

No. 1038423

oldfags? kek it wasnt around for that long all i remember was kpopstans shitting up the site because they would be on the threads 24/7 so they kept making new ones

btw no one has to sage in ot.. go back to twitter

No. 1038424

if your going to complain about kpopfags maybe stop derailing the thread about kpop stans with your 4 replies per post dumbfaggot.

No. 1038425

If you were an oldfag you would know those threads/topic got banned. There's literally KPop critical threads on CCC, just go there.

No. 1038428

the absolute autism over three posts about kpop, never change lolcow

No. 1038434

File: 1642962521655.jpg (96.92 KB, 1080x865, Tumblr_l_202403932132786.jpg)

3 posts = 20 buttmad replies, I'm gonna have to remember that

No. 1038439

File: 1642962582497.png (248.23 KB, 702x738, xZ0YrE8.png)

Sky Ferreira enjoyers, we won. album to come in march according to Sky's mom.

No. 1038440

? I made one reply. What's with this sperging lately? Are you going to post about how the mods are bullying you next? Stop

No. 1038452

nice! I hope it's good. I enjoyed downhill lullaby

No. 1038453

File: 1642962853534.png (778.72 KB, 574x717, Ql1k04W.png)

and sky has hinted at an album coming in march in this instagram post. the caption:


~it comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb~

No. 1038463

that's the fucking thing about straight, autistic kpop fangirls, they've absorbed south koreans superiority/inferiority complex towards fucking everything by sheer osmosis from constantly consooooming shit idol music that even koreans don't fucking listen to and have become brainwashed and so they MUST, they NEED to tell normal people who're just minding their business how good! and superior! kpop really is!! You should get into!!! And if you don't wanna get into kpoppp then youre a racist transphobic bigot and they will rec spam you anywaysss

No. 1038473

are you okay? do you need a hug or maybe your daily meds.

No. 1038474

sounds traumatic sorry to hear that nona

No. 1038481

um. you good?

No. 1038485

In my experience, this is actually legit. All the replies mad at you kind of make it look like someone's samefagging or crying for backup from their Discord server kek

No. 1038487

there were three kpopfags before you retards arrived and there are three replies to this anon trauma dumping about her kpop experience, drop the tinfoil hat

No. 1038488

So it's all three of you seething after posting/deleting gifs and generally being obnoxious? Kek

No. 1038489

Fuck anons, wonder if work will let me take the month off so 8 can abuse drugs and zone out to this. I'm so fucking ready. Sky Ferreria if you're reading I love you so much. I've waited for you and I'll wait another 10 years if I gave to. Come to Belfast holy FUCK

No. 1038495

i think this >>1038463 fits the criteria for seething more bby

No. 1038496

But she's right lol

No. 1038499

this is true kek

please i am begging u to go to twitter.com

No. 1038505

Fuck up fun police.

No. 1038507

based joan rivers

No. 1038541

He's hot and I don't have a race preference

No. 1038553

why does he remind me of Michael Jackson lol

No. 1038558

File: 1642967671850.png (298.34 KB, 561x616, fvbvlfS.png)

Garrett Hedlund arrested for public intoxication after his rumored breakup with Emma Roberts. He got sued for crashing into a car with a mom and 3 kids while drunk driving in 2020

No. 1038602

MJ was a big weeb. His skin condition aside, his surgeries were to make him look more Asian. He was also obsessed with dancers and wanted a dancers body bet he loved kpop.

No. 1038614

why is every pale dude with black hair called micheal jackson.

No. 1038618

it's because they're both botched

No. 1038622

i mean there are thousands of botched celebrities and they dont get compared to MJ, except for the ones who are pale with black hair.

No. 1038629

cmon anon. only the uncanny valley people get compared to MJ. don't exaggerate.

No. 1038661

This is literally trash and this whole shitck is so predictable and boring now, yawnnn

No. 1038675

>the vast majority of women genuinely are not visual in sexual attraction.
Only desperate women fuck ugly men. It used to be a necessity for a woman to get a husband so women had no standards but it's different nowadays since women have largely joined the workforce.

No. 1038678

God, the 00s were so fucking trashy, i'm not surprised shit like >>1037965 is seen as "normal" when these type of videos didn't receive enough backlash back then

No. 1038681

i feel like this is a lie because men looked clearly better in older pics

No. 1038682

Hello fellow 00s hater, did I ever tell you you had based taste?

No. 1038683

LOL I was young when dirrty came out and my parents were going through a crazy separation and shagging the neighbours to get back at each other etc etc. I use to love the music video and song and it would get me hyped up to go cyber on msn chat rooms with older men. Idk why I did it nonnies and back then you knew to never give contact details, photos, names etc.

No. 1038685

nicki minaj in her prime was a literal superstar, megan will never reach nicki levels of fame.

Megans music is also generic and all her songs have the same theme so people will soon get bored of it.

No. 1038687

because the trashy culture encouraged pickme and sexually abused behavior

No. 1038688

Everything about this gif is wrong.

No. 1038689

why? he's hot

No. 1038692

I actually think I use to role play as Christina in the dirrty video but I never said that. The men would ask what I'm wearing and I would just describe her outfits because I knew she was what sexy was. Cybering was a weird way for me to learn about sex. I made a lot of mistakes and was questioned what age I was lol. Sometimes when I'd been especially retarded I'd tell them I was only 12 and they'd freak out, which is refreshing because you hear a lot about grooming these days. Anyway that's a tale about a young millennial on the old Internetz

No. 1038694

i mean i wouldnt go as far as calling anon a sexually abused pickme, i think the biggest reason was because there was less support systems or places for women to chat in the past.

Weirdly enough i was one of those kids who spend my childhood playing flash games and being obsessed with super mario and then watching fanmade videos about mario and then crying.

No. 1038696

how come you stopped liking mario?

No. 1038700

i just grew up and didnt find playing mario enjoyable anymore. I also watched anime since i was 7 so i have brainrot.

No. 1038701

thanks kek
I'm sorry anons, i was groomed too and those type of videos just fried my brain further
I think anon is criticizing the culture, not her, back then it was normal to act like that and nobody thought it was inappropriate for kids to imitate

No. 1038713

literal homosexual behavior

No. 1038720

It's probably because only wealthy or good looking people got pictures taken those days and even if there were some unknown uggos, no one kept their pictures. Also photos weren't nearly as common so people glammed up more for them.
You could also say the pictures were much lower quality and mostly black and white, taken with soft lightning that'd make anyone look better.

No. 1038725

i guess so, i also find the average 80s male celebrity more attractive than the average 00s, 10s, 20s male celebrity tho

No. 1038727

If mama Jenner is reading this

No. 1038729

me too

No. 1038730

How can you even get sympathy for fucking a dog? Was she 8 like the romanian whore? Only on lolcow do we pity the weirdest hoes man.

No. 1038744

If I remember correctly she was forced and held at gunpoint

No. 1038757

I’ll believe it if I ever am braindead enough to fuck a dog.

No. 1038758

do you really have to psychoanalyze why? it was a pop song made to be catchy

No. 1038764

I’m not a scrote though. You don’t need to be a scrote to not want to pity a sick woman that fucked a dog willingly lol.

No. 1038769

idk why everyone has decided to restan grimes because they "broke up" when he literally just moved to texas this post doesnt actually have anything to do with you its just strange to me and it feels like shes lying to her fans to get them to stop hating her

No. 1038771

You're dense anon

No. 1038780

Wait he's literally said the exact same thing about Selena Gomez lmao, embarrassing

No. 1038785

sorry to necro but where the fuck do these messages? conspiracies? idk what to call them, come form?? like where do u find this?

No. 1038791

Post resume

No. 1038847

File: 1642981656842.jpg (444.53 KB, 1125x1317, Tumblr_l_288941872786807.jpg)


No. 1038853

what in the hell

No. 1038854

I have a 50/7 shitposting capacities.
Here an action I can do that would make mama karjenner proud
Kek glad Kim K divorced that wacko bipolar man. Who the fuck is that pasty bish tho. Legit.

No. 1038856

Why is her skin so damn ruddy and pink

No. 1038857

Because she doesn’t fake tan anon. That’s what they look like without orange paint.

No. 1038860

This has to be a humiliation ritual, right? No way he had her walking out like that thinking "She looks damn good". This is like a parody of how he had Kim dress
Pls don't mistake me for (c)rapper anon, but it's gonna be annoying if in the coming years, every rapper and their stans are suddenly obsessed with big tits only because Kanye's focusing on them now

No. 1038861

nona i dont know what to say other than youre retarded for believing women have lower sex drives

No. 1038862

how could Emma have a child from such person

No. 1038865

Nta but that seems to be where the disconnect is

No. 1038868

No. 1038871

This is true but you can have pretty skin and still be fair…. I think the whole look is just throwing me like what the hell

No. 1038873

Linda Lovelace was abused by her husband physically and there’s proof of it even but there’s no proof only suggestions that she was a willing participant to fuck a dog. And even then why did she only divorce her husband because her pornstar career wasn’t going well? She should have divorced him the moment he even suggested to fuck a dog. I guess she wanted and expected money. Anyways this is sickness she and her husband were sick and I want to go with the whole denial of its video’s existence like she at some occasions did before she damage controlled.

No. 1038875

Unpopular opinion but sex workers are as much to blame as the scrotes that oppress all of us. All sex workers are pickmes and the ones that think “it’s a necessary evil” should be wiped out. Die.

No. 1038877

a lot of "sex workers" are victims of trafficking and wouldn't be doing it if they had a choice
agreed about the onlyfans pickme thot types though

No. 1038880

Linda Lovelace was exactly a proto-onlyfans chick.

No. 1038882

not by default but id say they have a point just because of the side effects of birth control and antidepressants

No. 1038884

Same fag as the post you’re replying too but I’m drunk but have to agree. Most trafficking victims I am sympathetic towards. Libfems/nu age feminists who’s start only fans are pickmes I’m so sick of it.

No. 1038887

it's hilariously ironic for you to call people pickmes if you believe Linda Lovelace was to blame for her abuse. Women in abusive relationships get killed all the time, Linda being forced into porn is not childsplay.

No. 1038900

They really think they’re the main characters huh

No. 1038902

Just noticed, are her earrings supposed to be thighs and an ass lmao

No. 1038903

I think it's just a leaf

No. 1038904

Julia Fox just isn't my style

No. 1038909

Is Kanye trying to get her with a Vanity or Donyale Luna look? She's not the right subject for this imo

No. 1038929

Seriously, I hope she recollects her self and remembers she deserves much better.

No. 1038930

I genuinely can’t wrap my head about this outfit, why be so extra 24/7.

No. 1038931

File: 1642987529963.jpg (465.29 KB, 1114x1404, Donyale-Luna-August-31-1945-Ma…)

Oh yeah, it's definitely Donyale Luna. Julia just isn't graceful, she can't pull it off

No. 1038977

File: 1642991717798.png (92.3 KB, 328x290, Screen Shot 2022-01-23 at 6.34…)

Thierry Mugler has passed

No. 1038979

File: 1642991845367.jpg (38.32 KB, 640x413, FJ1CGefaUAA7Txt.jpg)

No. 1038982

A coomer ass scrote with an ugly face, but the clothes were cool though. Rip i guess.

No. 1038986

is 2022 gonna be like 2016 where just lodes random celebrity just die

No. 1038989

I am the anon you speak of. Sorry for confusing you, but grimes had to have a ton of down time after her pregnancy because it was very rough on her, allegedly.

No. 1038991

No, doja cat is the new nicki minaj in my opinion.

No. 1038995

Got this white woman dressed up as his Nubian queen.

When it comes to those annoying whores on twitter complaining that everyone is racist/ablitist/transphobic and what have you for not getting them to the top 1% of onlyfans, I completely agree with you. Many of them are selfish, callous and disgusting attention whores who are drawn to the profession because of the worship and victimhood attatched to it. May they rot in hell.

No. 1039007

It's like this was designed for Kim. kek

No. 1039011

>doja cat is the new nicki minaj

nicki minaj may be an apologist for her rapist husband but doja will never be the queen of rap, stop nonnie

No. 1039014

azealia wanted to be kanye’s new girlfriend like imagine her wearing that ugly shit, she seriously dogged a bullet kek

No. 1039015

>nicki minaj
>queen of rap

these are the same people who voted for trump and watch the kardashians

wow. just yesterday I was checking out the fragrantica page for his Alien perfume. I cannot understand how so many people love it when to me it smells like cheap pharmacy perfume.

No. 1039020

hi granny-chan

No. 1039036

She was an adult she left when she stopped being popular but didn’t leave when asked to fuck a dog? Fuck off don’t tell me to pity a woman that didn’t say no to fuck a dog.

No. 1039038

Idk why so many people act like Michael Vick’s the satan of NFL. He was convicted of hosting dogfights on his property and served his time, boo fucking hoo. Clearly so much worse than all the rapists, murders, and woman and child beaters in the league! People who care more about animals than humans are psychopaths.

No. 1039039

They can all be horrible scrotes.

No. 1039050

Genuine question, and maybe it’s because I think that “man” from the gif looks like the tranny from euphoria, but does it not ruin your kpop masturbation sessions when the reality is 93% of Asian men have microdicks? Idk. I just can’t ever imagine being attracted to this.

No. 1039054

You expect me to believe you'd say no to fucking a dog that easily if there was a gun to your head? You're such a fucking dumbass kek

No. 1039061

nta, I don't like kpop boys at all, but I like asian guys(mostly cause I watch some East Asian films everyone now and then) but am mostly Japanese and Taiwanese dudes
not all Asian guys but I do have certain types that I like, as for the dick thing, Eh as long as their above 5.5 Inches I'm personally fine with it

No. 1039073

I think it's because most people on some level probably figure sportsmen are abusive or dysfunctional, but you rarely hear of them orchestrating dog fighting rings. Unless you live in an area where you know dogfighting is popular, you'll be shocked to hear it's still commonplace. They're all evil.

No. 1039079

vick murdered dogs with his own hands.
and the thing is with humans they can hide things in their own homes, "he said she said", pay people off and go to court. so like another anon said even tho yea i believe big ben actually raped women, one settled and the other one dropped the charges, so the nfl can't really do anything.
that one nfl that got caught women beating on camera did get wiped from the nfl tho so that's good.
still can't see how a person that murdered dogs with his bare hands and ran a ring was just allowed back though and the nfl pretends it never happened. he was on mnf half time show as a guest even recently

No. 1039089

File: 1643000706192.png (29.77 KB, 666x114, disgusting.png)

Since theres actually some sports-fan nonnies here, I can share that this disgusting rapist-lolcow-scrote is shamelessly showing his face again. GAG

No. 1039095

sage for ot but big dicks are a scrote meme

No. 1039097

File: 1643001145451.png (1.63 MB, 1080x1920, ssh.png)

She talked about an eventual daughter in a tiktok, so I doubt she'd have another kid with Muskrat considering he only has sons

No. 1039098

Not defending scrotes and dicks, but uh dick sizes are pretty average all around the globe. A lot of the dick size stats studies use are self-reported. Do you really think men would be honest about their dick size?

No. 1039108

she can't handle any of this styling. it's horrible period but it might look like somewhat of an attempt on the right perosn. she pulls it off about as well as a midwestern mom would. julia fox has always been so thirsty, it's very sad

No. 1039159

so basically what were saying here is asian men are statistically more honest

No. 1039172

>but does it not ruin your kpop masturbation sessions when the reality is 93% of Asian men have microdicks

No, I just want to look at them so idc about their size.

No. 1039180

hyunjin looks like a freshman in highschool and thats ugly as fuck what are you people on

No. 1039275

Most mega celebs are old af of course they're dying it's the natural course of things. We just don't really have real stars to replace them.

No. 1039286

Is Anya Taylor Joy related to him?

No. 1039287

what about the celeb kids committing suicide all of a sudden with in less 2 weeks of each other

No. 1039316

mugler defined as someone who dressed kim kardashian…the lack of respect

No. 1039351

A scrote who abuses animals is extremely likely to have abused women. Stop trying to make it one or the other, you sound like an abuser/dog murderer yourself

No. 1039353

Why do you dumb fucks act like dudes looking androgynous and made up is a foreign concept?? it was literally big in the west 30 years ago!

No. 1039359

Azealia has been roasting Julia Fox in her insta stories for the past week, it's been fucking hilarious.

No. 1039367

What is she saying about her? kek post screenies nonny

No. 1039369

What is this Jean-Paul Gaultier bootleg looking shit?

No. 1039411

Hopefully someone will upload her most recent stories, but this one had me cackling the other week

No. 1039415

because people are basic and have no cultural knowledge? also breaking news: celebrity marketed towards teen girls is a pretty boy. who remembers when bill kaulitz was hot like lol it's nothing new

No. 1039429

File: 1643034134210.jpeg (240.78 KB, 827x1518, F35425BD-94DF-4D71-BF2F-98983B…)

here’s one of her takes

No. 1039436

Man, this fucking guy. Bare minimum media penance is at least a year of silence, tf is he already doing "re-emerging"

No. 1039563

i would want just 1 person standing there to dare to point at them and laugh….

his latest name was manfred tho

No. 1039574

in the minds of their fans/fetishists, mass shooters and serial killers are fictional characters. the portrayal on tv, pictures, and articles IS the person to them. they don't understand that Dexter is different from Eric Harris

No. 1039582

i think it's not a gay vibe but a psycho vibe. like an autistic adherence to a theoretical ideal is a signal, to me, that a man is NOT a good partner.

No. 1039585

women are visual, they're just taught by society to settle for anything or guilted for saying no or having standards. women are so scared to be rude or look "mean" that they will date men they are not attracted to at all, then these men think that means women fundamentally don't want sex.

No. 1039588

all of them

No. 1039596

File: 1643045125552.jpg (22.42 KB, 1083x162, musk.JPG)

Big if tru since the Muskrat came out after their aircraft was born and said he was ready to stop genetically altering his offspring to be exclusively male & concede to altering one into a female.

No. 1039599

all top-10 chart music is objectively awful. any musician making a-list money horrifically objectifies women. don't bame rap, blame men

No. 1039604

she looks smacked out of her mind jfc

No. 1039607

ok guys, she has a wide nose. literally nothing wrong with it except it's rare on white women. don't act like if she got it changed into a ski slope you wouldn't all be shitting on her for that.
she was born quite cute, but wore stupid glitter makeup and hipster styles that normies considered nonsexual/crazy.
these days, she's ruining her face with terrible plastic surgery that doesn't match the makeup and hair she prefers for herself, and the mix of insta-thot procedures and silly downtown clown style is just clashing terribly.
who gives a fuck what kind of nose she was born with though jfc. great job doing exactly what men want us to do by nitpicking a feature that TV told you was unattractive in 1998.

No. 1039616

>the fact he didn't realize his wife was popping a shit ton of pills is suspicious.
they were both at work all the time for amost two years. touring/writing/entertainment business stuff isn't like 8 hours at the coffee shop and then your student boyfriend is at home already when you get there.
plus, americans are taking so many pills all the time anyway, and the LA ones just think it's kind of funny. doctors see a rich lady who had stress and sleep problems, and the best outcome (in their minds) for both of them is expensive prescriptions.

No. 1039622

the 00s pushed for women and girls to be as slutty as possible (that's when the word slutty became a good thing, and having more sex was considered good, and virgn was bad) as a reaction to the humanized, normal women in the 90s. i really think kurt cobain's death was the opening they needed to jump back in and take control of women's agency again. in the early 90s, there were baggy, covered up fashions for women, lesbian visibility, riot grrrl, more integrated black media in the USA, and then suddenly in the late 90s everything HATED women and treated them like blowup dolls, and ther was literally only one way to be/look/act if you were a girl. and if you didn't fit in it felt almost illegal? like you were just, wrong, and you did life wrong. you absolutely 100% had to do what everyone did. weird, smart, and different were insults of the highest caliber. i'm sperging because i really don't think gen z understands this. i would get a certain amount of answers wrong on purpose in elementary and middle school, because if you got too many good grades you could not have friends.

No. 1039628

lol what kind of name is Garrett Hedlund? it's like one of those made up mst3k names for tough guys, but for boring hamburger faced LA moids
dakota jeckett
brayden hunter
jackson thompson
maxson dorffenjohn
cooper stuppard

No. 1039633

he's botched

No. 1039635

wait but why would you cry? i get the games and then watching the fan videos, but why cry after

No. 1039636

Yeah No, please I know you want to hate all men but you can admit certain male attitudes are worse then others
pull me any top 10 rock, country(and not country rap) reggae, traditional that is on par with the degradation of women in rap

No. 1039639

this is why we say "women and girls in prostitution" instead of "Sex workers", because the second term implies a fake agency that most people in prostitution don't have.

No. 1039643

Didn't amber heard scam Muskrat into having his daughter? Sorry if untrue, I've read it here I think.

No. 1039645

you know it's a pap photo right? you know this isn't 24/7, they literally do it for the photos and gossip circus. she wears sweatpants at home and a leather jacket to go our for dinner, anon.
the internet has been around long enough that celebrity internet content is now just as curated and managed as broadcast content was when the internet was new. this isn't a real photo in the way a 2006 myspace selfie would have been.

No. 1039648

>literally nothing wrong with it except it's rare on white women
no it's not

No. 1039651

Anon I agree with you but I don't think that person wa mocking her nose rather the nose in that drawing which looks very weird.

No. 1039652

File: 1643046994586.jpg (Spoiler Image, 544.48 KB, 1280x1866, DRZ7uR6X0AAJxln.jpg)

why is her mother officially announcing her album? Cringe
TBF most androgynous dudes 30 years ago weren't a plastic surgery nightmare like k-pop scrotes are

No. 1039653

maybe. i moved to usa from china and i never heard so much dick talk until i came here.

No. 1039655

happened in the old days too, was just more shameful so not reported so widely.

No. 1039656

these anons were born in 1999

No. 1039661

so was i. not using the vast library that is the internet is lazy behavior

No. 1039667

ayrt, i was trying to be understanding of the anons who shite on her for having that nose. i know it's not really rare, but was thinking maybe they are mostly USA white women who see small noses on their white woman celebrities pretty much all the time

No. 1039680

Wait are there rumors that Elon is Amber Heard’s secret baby daddy? Scandalous but wouldn’t surprise me

No. 1039683

I'm a zoomer but i was a born in the 00s and i remember all of this, trying to explain how pornified everything was and how women were treated like (very) stupid sex objects who couldn't possibly suffer or feel, it was so inhumane, talking about your problems as a woman wasn't a thing and people mocked you and dismissed you all the time, there was no unity or "sisterhood" to help women because you could get shunned if you tried to take seriously anything. The 00s were chaotic as fuck.

No. 1039686

anon is right, it feels like any progress made totally regressed when the grunge movement died and the y2k pop star era gained steam at the turn of the millennium

No. 1039688

kek anon these could also be baseball players with flesh colored beards and greasy hat hair

No. 1039691

>00s were chaotic as fuck
we're currently experiencing the sequel.

No. 1039727

oh i thought gen z didn't actually know how to use the tools of the internet, that's why google spent so much time making its search bar able to answer questions
reading/research/search terms were obsolete for people your age, i thought.

No. 1039732

haha no baseball player names are more like
alan cock
dermott gonzales
fion takahachi-nilsson
john decker
jesus johnson
mastroloioanni papadopolous
corey hartt

No. 1039742

File: 1643050732268.jpg (173.54 KB, 768x1152, iFIkDzw.jpg)

Julia and Kanye at Paris Fashion week

No. 1039753

File: 1643051135217.jpg (38.66 KB, 612x445, bkdMSc1.jpg)

lets talk about the fact that most rock groupies were underage

No. 1039762

File: 1643051334087.jpg (179.18 KB, 780x519, 3.jpg)

The 60s and 70s rock free spirited community loved normalising pedophilia and objectifying misogyny, while disco and rnb had more female singers and romantic themes. Oh sweet irony…

No. 1039765

File: 1643051456022.jpg (68.29 KB, 416x500, i202067948_2732_3.jpg)

this is far worse what rap's doing because they used UNDERAGE GIRLS

No. 1039770

NTA and not defending baby groupies, but as you said
in the 70's and I believe the discussion is about recent-ish music videos/culture

No. 1039771

this, rap is sexist and male dominated but i get the feeling anons romanticize the past. at least today there's more backlash when celebs are "close" to underage people(Drake and Millie Bobby Brown).
back then people could have full blown relationships with teens and people would justify it. not saying that we still don't have a long way to go because we do.

No. 1039772

you were born in the 2000s and remember that? how the heck do you remember that

No. 1039777

i believe 00s beauty standards and ideals for women were even more sexist and oppressive than victorian stuff because at least upper class women were still expected to be intelligent and not baby bimbos with voice inflections

No. 1039783

I usually love an all black outfit and face coverings. I love bands like Mgla, I think that look is really cool. And he managed to ruin even that. How can he look so ugly and his face is covered? His clothes fit horribly and he just ruined the look with his stumpy body.

No. 1039794

File: 1643052033266.jpg (81.6 KB, 931x524, n180NTK.jpg)

Evan Rachel Wood claims that she was “essentially raped on-camera” by Marilyn Manson in one of his videos in the first part of 'Phoenix Rising,' Wood’s new documentary that premiered at #Sundance2022. A crew member who was on set for Evan Rachel Wood’s video with Marilyn Manson has backed up her claims. “I do believe that there were some moments of actual intercourse. The crew was very uncomfortable. … We’re not here to shoot an adult film,” he tells us.
upper class victorian women were too focused on opposing the suffrage movement to act like baby bimbos.

No. 1039795

Is it just me, or does Kanye stand super weird?

No. 1039800

Sweety they're all bad, it's like arguing about if cat shit or dog shit smells worse

No. 1039806

they didn't care about upper class victorian women being"intelligent". They just wanted upper class victorian women to do party tricks like play piano and keep a nice home.

No. 1039812

Eh, a lot of upper status women were desired for being educated and well-spoken as both wives and concubines which is the exact opposite of the ideal the 2000s kept shilling as an innate part of femininity. My point is, the 2000s created such a braindead version of "femininity" that it came off as a parody of 1950s gender roles that were increasingly influenced by the porn industry and Hollywood.

No. 1039828

jimmy page also full-on kidnapped lori maddox

No. 1039833

kek anon not really. women were still baby factories, but upper class women had to also get educated to properly be the trophies their husbands wanted. still sexist, but the 100% "be a dumb slut" requirement of the 00s is another side of the same coin. we could vote and take birth control, but not get good grades or wear baggy pants.

No. 1039881

and upper class women in the 2000s weren't going to prestigious colleges? by the 2000s even middle class women going to college was considered normal. it would be a better comparison if it was female entertainers in the victorian era vs celebrities in the 2000s. celebs =/= upperclass, celebs are the court jesters.

No. 1039884

NTA but I think that goes for younger zoomers mostly. They absolutely do suck at computers in general, I work as a teachers assistant in a class related to computers and uni aged zoomers, born in 2002 I think, didn't know how to do @ or [] symbols for example. I saw them type "google.com" in google chromes url bar also kek

No. 1039885

File: 1643055141730.jpg (81.72 KB, 827x819, IMG_8003.jpg)

they look ridiculous kek

No. 1039890

are his eyes photoshopped? or did he actually wear those contacts

No. 1039892

they look like they never grew out of their mall goth phase

No. 1039893

its schiaparelli retard

No. 1039895

>googles lori maddox
>former American child model and "baby" groupie
it's time for men to die out

No. 1039899

Goes well with the proportions that make them look shorter than 5ft

No. 1039905

File: 1643056562994.png (1018.04 KB, 1536x1406, burgerrecords.png)

how quickly we forget burger records. the modern scene is just as pedophilic and predatory as it was in the 70s.

No. 1039908

Well the 00s were my childhood, i even saw millenials in their emo/scene phase, bad romance's release on YT and Britney's breakdown. The media and general public were RUTHLESS and you couldn't say or do shit about it no matter how far they went (if you were a woman, of course) Moids could mock very famous women and beat their gfs and still have thousand of fans and endless defenders, back then it took A LOT to denounce men and for people to give a fuck

No. 1039910

He looks like he's wearing a padded muscle suit and it's throwing off his balance kek

No. 1039923

File: 1643057760967.jpeg (412.57 KB, 1170x720, D947E812-419D-49E2-8B93-1774E5…)

No. 1039930

My bad, I didn't hear about it (which probably proves your point). I will educate myself. I see that it was an indie label, so it reminds me more of Dahvie Vanity than the world famous rock scene… The problem still exists in the music scene though, I guess they are hiding it better.
At least pedo magazines like >>1039762 presenting CSA victims as influencers couldn't exist in the mainstream nowadays. A tiny victory.

No. 1039949

anon no one is trying to argue or say women had fewer rights in the 00s. we are talking about social and fashion trends, especially for young (under 25) women, the main consumers of that sort of thing. that's why i said "two sides of the same coin". yes, we could vote and go to school in the 00s. but we had to dress slutty (which was a compliment, image-wise) to be considered cool, blonde was the ONLY good hair colour, and acting smart in public was considered EWWWW GROSS. the climate was extremely anti-intelligence or any kind of individuality. literally the word different was an insult. if you used a lunchbox, recycled, didn't eat fast food, you were bad/wrong for being different.

No. 1039952

That's more pathetic than when old people can't figure out the internet. At least they have the excuse of not having to use it during their prime. But I guess it makes sense because most zoomers never used computers for the internet, just their phones.

>inb4 phones are basically portable mini computers

Yeah,but they don't use em like that.

No. 1039954

she got groomed into it too. i mean, i'm glad she feels ok and happy with her life, but sable starr took her to a party one night when she was 14 and had never done anything except go to school and eat dinner with her parents before that. then david bowie fucked her and she thought that's just how you lose your virginity, and then jimmy page's body guard threw her in the car so she thought that's how you get a boyfriend. she never had a choice and just thinks that's what you owe the world if you're born pretty.

No. 1039956

yes people are not more competent with technology these days - UI is just so advanced it requires no tech knowledge to use computers.
like how cars in the 20s or 30s took a lot of mechanical and car-specific knowledge, but now anyone can drive them without knowing how to fix or build them.

No. 1039970

File: 1643060231256.jpg (415.8 KB, 2048x2048, ekAXUC4.jpg)

Taylor Swift is pissed that Damon Albarn said Billie Eilish was more talented than her

No. 1039972

She also told a different version of the story, where Sable is less to blame
>Next time Bowie was in town, though, maybe five months later, I got a call at home from his bodyguard, a huge black guy named Stuey. He told me that David wanted to take me to dinner. Obviously, I had no homework that night. Fuck homework. I wasn’t spending a lot of time at school anyway. I said that I would like to go but that I wanted to bring my friend Sable. She was dying to fuck Bowie. I figured that she would sleep with him while I got to hang out and have fun. At the time, Sable and her sister Coral were both dating Iggy Pop, spending time at the home of Tony DeFries [then-manager of David Bowie and Iggy] up in Laurel Canyon. People there were so high all the time – Quaaludes, heroin, whatever. In the limo ride to the Rainbow, Sable said, “If you touch David, I will kill you.” I didn’t think she was kidding.
I don't doubt that Bowie basically fucked a child, since both Lori and Sable are clear on that

No. 1039975

File: 1643060487520.png (447.9 KB, 979x730, lfIMArp.png)

No. 1039979

He said that she didn't write her own music and and relied entirely on her co-writers, and praised Billie for creating "darker, odd music". I've enjoyed a majority of Damon's projects, so now that he's essentially poked at the beast of Taylor's diehard fanbase, I have to see "hot takes" of him being this irrelevant old guy all week. Shame.

No. 1039980

File: 1643060722022.jpeg (23.24 KB, 310x457, Z9I1bWW9vZvz8QaCKeDG6TWGNnza78…)

lmfao i never thought i'd see my britpop husbando pissing off taylor swift

No. 1039986

now THIS is good! this guy knows whats up and taylor swift is crap

No. 1039987

Kek at the guy wearing a trash bag sized bonnet

No. 1039988

I honestly thought it was some over-sized backpack/hoodie, but bonnet makes more sense

No. 1039989

I wonder if he was doing a homage to Hopsin. But then I guess Hopsin doesn't own the 'black guy wearing white contacts' aesthetic.
Lmao love seeing Taylor get dunked on.

No. 1039990

File: 1643061556437.png (50.89 KB, 885x238, NGn9w7l.png)

and he apologized, that was quick.

No. 1039991

Not a Taylor fan, but it's not like Billie writes her songs either

No. 1039992

I mean, it is a fair comparison once you consider there's no aristocracy in the US and the upper class are just the wealthiest people (which many are celebrities)

No. 1039994

Albarn has shit taste. I don't care about Taylor Swift but Billie Eilish fucking sucks, sorry, she's the one that doesn't make her own music.
Also, sage your shit you retard.

No. 1039995

>sage your shit
Nta, but we're in /ot/.

No. 1039998

People like you remind me of the same retards that get scammed by nigerian princes tbh. Well, poor princesses.

No. 1039999

File: 1643061741667.png (48.17 KB, 676x441, amberyo.png)

Not confirmed but very likely it's one of the embryos they froze. He also got caught paying for Amber's pledged donation to the child hospital. She claimed she was giving the divorce settlement she got from Johnny Depp to charity(she didn't). I suspect she has something significant on him but that's my tinfoil. Amber Heard is a milky cow but farmers are usually too caught up with the girl boss Amber evil scrote Johnny narrative to enjoy it.

No. 1040000


well thats lame funs over kek

found the swiftie lmao this is ot. btw i dont like billie either.

No. 1040003

File: 1643061963149.png (28.71 KB, 698x287, damon albarn.PNG)

Clickbait for sure, but was it taken out of context? I don't feel like screenshotting the other questions, but the conversation was
>Hard because it’s so exposed?
>You can’t hide behind anything. You learn whether the songs are any good or whether they were popular at the time because of the sound and the attitude. It’s a day of reckoning — and one, to be honest, that not much modern music could withstand.

>You think a lot of modern musicians are relying on sound and attitude?

>Name me someone who’s not.

>She may not be to your taste, but Taylor Swift is an excellent songwriter.

>She doesn’t write her own songs.

No. 1040006

the swifties were flaming him.

No. 1040019

This made taylor swift ree in anger? She's so fucking rich and she has a fucking militia of people smelling her farts at all times, why the fuck is she so sensitive over some dumb lukewarm comment? Does she have bpd or something?

No. 1040024

half her career was built on her image of a humble but talented singer songwriter

No. 1040025

i guess yeah but if she told sable how she got invited, sable just let her kep thinking bowie's giant bodyguard was really calling and saying "david's taking you out" because he just wanted her to hang out and have fun at his shows? everyone around her just made it seem like all these people were acting in her best interest. i don't want to talk over lori's own words, but she clearly never knew that "no" was an option. or that if a man invites you to something like that, you shouldn't take it at face value.

No. 1040030

why does she even care what he thinks
i don't like either of their music but she sure looks like a whiny baby having a tantrum about this british has-been with less money and fewer top ten hits than her.
if she's that fucking great than some drunk dude can't discredit her

No. 1040034

he knows what the word "opinion" means, and he also seems to know that people on twitter don't. he said sorry and then forgot about it. nice work, really.

No. 1040035

regular people don't know that though.outside of her stans and underage people who seriously follow pop music, no one knows what the difference is between any popstars, other than their clothes. i didn't know anyone was claiming to write their own songs, ariana, taylor, katy perry, olivia rodgrio are the the same thing to me and many other old people

No. 1040045

File: 1643064217137.png (613.98 KB, 955x664, CxPE53Y.png)

Lana gaining popularity in the crackhead community after her song got featured in Euphoria

No. 1040053

She strikes me as super insecure. She's one of the biggest artists in the world, there's no need for her to even care about this comment. Same deal with that Netflix show last year. She should just let stuff like that go, it's ultimately insignificant.

No. 1040066

File: 1643066004215.gif (1.37 MB, 498x221, the-black-swan.gif)

wait, she wasn't already?
Don't feel the need to defend rap. They both deserve equal bashing. Pedophilia is present in rap and beyong (not trying to racebait so i can't be more specific) but 60% of black girls will be raped before they turn 18 and there is a lot of heavy victim blaming that still happens, very similar to what we see with the groupies. We also have nicki minaj proudly MARRYING a whole ass fucking rapist and so many of these rappers are guilty of horrific crimes against women and girls in general, it's just that you don't hear about it outside spaces like the shaderoom or other black media outlets. Even then, give it a week and everyone will go back to stanning said rapper.

No. 1040070

You were a teen in the 00‘s? I can’t relate to any of this as an American in the early aughts. Preppy was in, I wore tons of collared shirts. Yea ok low rise jeans were shit but belly shirts were out so it didn’t look so slutty. Heroin chic peaked in the late 90‘s but still thinness and way too expected so that sucked and I remember the most annoying fashion trend being that straight hair was in and most of us had frizzy messes and that was unachievable. Otherwise no, dumb was not expected, even Mean Girls made a joke of that. Also I was a veg and that was considered cool and political shit (atleast in the US) was huge what with the Iraq war and the WMD stuff. These days of filters and pornsick 11 year olds seem way worse.

All these respected musicians from the 90s (and beyond) stanning a (basically) teenage Billie really drives home how pathetic they all are at their core. Billie ain’t nothin special and her brother has carried her but he himself has so little range, who even cares. I’ve already outed myself as an old so I remember when these dudes were in their late primes, shitting on any and every popular band for no reason other than to be a contrarian and 90 percent of those bands were leagues above Eilish.

No. 1040084

File: 1643067345954.jpg (58.37 KB, 612x476, C8Y0TKU.jpg)

>it is a fair comparison once you consider there's no aristocracy in the US and the upper class are just the wealthiest people (which many are celebrities)
they are definitely there. They are just more private than celebs. But back in the 2000s with blogs like Socialite Rank, they weren't so secretive. They still do the same things, just with less cameras. E.g. Ivanka Trump has allegedly been struggling to get back into the NYC elite socialite scene after politics.

No. 1040092

File: 1643067682942.png (638.59 KB, 546x850, Do42K64.png)

Zendaya and Tom together in London

No. 1040113

What a manlet.

No. 1040114

wasn't she dating someone last year? wazz goin on here

No. 1040115

is he carrying… a mug?

No. 1040117

Does anyone even care about him?
Yeah and she is a giant as well, how the hell can she even look so young and childishw ith that height

No. 1040128

Holy shit, those dresses are hideous as fuck.

No. 1040133

Is that him? He looked cute in the past, wtf. He really hit the wall, >>1039975 is ghastly

No. 1040136

THAT IS TOM HOLLAND THE SPIDERMAN ACTRESS. Jesus christ why is there even a celebricow thread on a very autistic website when none of y’all knows who’s who?

No. 1040142

File: 1643071394539.png (118.22 KB, 1040x717, lolwat.png)

??? That's Damon Albarn. It literally doesn't even look like Tom Holland, wtf? Ask yourself the question you just posted, anon. Goddamn, is this a psyop to make zoomers look retarded? Ridiculous

No. 1040144

Tbh, the anons in this thread are a special case of retarded

No. 1040145

now i love him dearly but doesnt billies brother literally write ALL her songs? and i dont even like taylor either

No. 1040158

And it’s empty. PR relationship 101

No. 1040162

File: 1643072773979.jpeg (102.96 KB, 400x539, tumblr_nvm8kurTJN1sj0oe0o1_400…)

NTA, but I think you're really glossing over a lot. Paris Hilton was one of the most famous and recognized people in the world. She was very much all about that spaghetti strap, exposed midriff and low rise jeans with visible hipbones or pink juicy couture tracksuit aesthetic and a lot of girls wanted to emulate that.
Because she was rich, blonde, thin, and famous for a sex tape and being an airhead on tv. Totally the 2010s bimbo prototype, especially put in a blender with her former closet cleaner Kim K.

Rachel Zoe was also a goddamn menace of a stylist and got her hands on a lot of famous young starlets and made them go ana-chan for fashion reasons. It was also completely unheard of for big fashion houses to work with celebs unless they were model thin. Pro eating disorder content was near inescapable.

We didn't have Instagram, instead we had fashion magazines that were obsessively read featuring 14 year old eastern European models as like peak high fashion beauty. Tv and movies always be featured formulaic thin white women with that specifically wavy hair or bone straight hair. You could maybe be considered pretty if you were brunette or a redhead. J.Lo, Beyonce, and Rihanna were every teen boy's "exception" if the had to accept a non-white woman (though J.Lo is white?)

Myspace, livejournal, xanga, other blogs and even early YouTube was overloaded with shoop, insane and nasty comments the zoomers couldn't even wrap their developing brains around and "edgy", aka as offensive as possible, humor was the norm. Homophobia was rampant, kids still used gay to mean bad and said no homo completely unironically. Tattoos were still for alternative freaks and criminals.

I don't doubt zoomers have a rough time growing up with social media. And having access to porn so early is really going to fuck so many people up.

But they are also waaaay more protected and coddled than millennials is a lot of ways. And idek who keeps writing thinkpieces about how advanced and smart they are. The best communicators ever! They're going to save the world! Meanwhile they're still talking shit about millennials.

No. 1040166

this was in southern canada (suburban GTA) but by 00s i meant 98-2003. i consider the start of the iraq war to be the end of my teen experience. decades overlap so fashion wise 2003-04 was much more similar to 2005-09, and yes, the choices then were preppy or scene. university kids had the bonus third choice of hipster! stuff was sexist but not in the "stupid spoiled whore video playset" way of my teen times.

No. 1040170

as if ugly men who put in no effort are known for being better partners lol. they're usually bigger psychos than the attractive ones

No. 1040172

guys america has been around long enough to build up the aristocracy its founding fathers supposedly were against. you've had the kennedys and bushes in politics, trump at least tried to do it with his daughter, celebrities' kids inherit their parents' fame and jobs, and in your business/financial sector companies have been inherited by family rather than qualified employees since like 1860. america has an aristocracy.

No. 1040173

File: 1643073186014.jpeg (187.52 KB, 635x595, tumblr_ofw8q3Ayky1sj0oe0o1_640…)

You forgot boho, though maybe that didn't make it to Canada.

More aughties *nostalgia~* what a time to be alive.

No. 1040175

I am 29 so I was more of a kid/pre-teen in the early 00s but I do agree there was some degree of messaging that being a "dumb" blonde skinny bimbo was the ideal (e.g. Paris Hilton, Anna Nicole, Jessica Simpson, etc). it was pervasive enough in culture/media that the movie Legally Blonde satirized the dumb blonde archetype.

No. 1040176

who cares, he's not blaming it for his problems. they're a very cute couple and i'd be glad to make them dinner, especially since they remembered to wear their jumpers on such a chilly day.
anon she's only 173cm. that's very average for her age which is 25.

No. 1040177

british men drink a bottle of buckfast then drive into the wall in a lotus seven sometime around age 29

No. 1040179

thank you! i was >>1039949 and replied before seeing your post. i think the other anon claiming to be a teen in the 00s was maybe a middle schooler? people born 1988-93 had the experience you and i described.

No. 1040180

No way she is 173 cm, a lot of celebrities lie about their height. Her mom is 193 cm for example and if Zendaya weren’t such a giant she’d look like a dwarf in comparison. I guess her height is 179 cm

No. 1040185

i think we didn't have boho because scarves and shit get added to all the fashion here anyway.

No. 1040187

>J.Lo, Beyonce, and Rihanna were every teen boy's "exception" if the had to accept a non-white woman (though J.Lo is white?)
Isn't it sad that now there's technically more diversity, but like, all the black women have to be fat and stick their tongues out? Lol like at least Rihanna and Beyonce were skinny and pretty, now not as much, but they were decent exceptions for their time
Like, skinny, non-porn music Megan Thee Stallion would've redefined the culture. Oh fucking well, right now it's Lizzo, bad ass implants and KFC era. Black people need something like a dark/grungy but beautiful era with Lauryn Hill and Lisa Bonet vibes, no more scrotebrained coombrained "lawd have mercyy hot sauce in my bag swag" and Kanye West porn addict concepts. I've said what I've said

No. 1040189

her mom's slightly shorter than that and zendaya's got heels on in all the family photos i can find of her

No. 1040194

The 2000s felt like it obsessed over whiteness because of reactionary against the more multiracial approach of the 70s/80s/90s. It was a definitely strange and backward era not only in that but in gender politics as well.

No. 1040196

This came in combined with the New Atheism movement and the increase in nihilistic socially "conscious" humor towards everything, including traditionally simple pasttimes like video games. The mainstream culture of the 2000s was fucking awful and I only really enjoyed the niche subcultures of it. But yea, the aughties was when the shit started stinking.

No. 1040211

File: 1643075089507.jpg (438.92 KB, 1080x1350, 0hfHE61.jpg)

>all the black women have to be fat and stick their tongues out?
>Willow Smith, Zoe Kravitz and Zendaya have left the chat
don't be a doomer

No. 1040220

All three of them aren't really popular like that, though. Zoe Kravitz and Willow Smith especially are in that more "underground" space when they should be more mainstream (and obviously, I won't even touch that the only monoracial black women I can think of that aren't part of the fat era are SZA, Janelle Monae and Willow Smith, and SZA's the most popular but she seems to dumb her music/lyrics down to be an easier sell to the mainstream). It's because of porn addicted black scrote influence and dumbass pick-mes following them lol

No. 1040226

File: 1643076521584.png (664.59 KB, 976x739, zrzhuD2.png)

>All three of them aren't really popular like that, though
Willow Smith sure, but do you actually think that Megan thee stallion is more popular than Zendaya and Zoe Kravitz?
Zendaya was in Spiderman which broke box office records last year. Euphoria is breaking records on HBOmax right now. Zoe Kravitz plays Catwoman in The Batman and has been in at least 3 other big franchises(Fantastic Beast, X-men and Divergent).
Don't be a doomer, it's cringeworthy.

No. 1040228

zoe kravitz is very popular. i'm 35 and i think from 30-my age she's mor famous than with kids.

No. 1040236

>back-pedals with a non-apology apology
what a weenie lmao. you don't have to be a fan of her or her music but taylor swift absolutely writes or co-writes her own songs. she mentions this a lot in interviews too so Albarn really has no idea what he's talking about. I'm not surprised a middle-aged scrote prefers Billie's music when she has lyrics like "might seduce your dad type."

No. 1040242

Internet scammers don't hold guns to your head. Where is the correlation, dumbfuck? Just fucking drop it already, you've had several anons tell you your take was stupid.

No. 1040290

Fucking LOL anon

No. 1040294

Definitely looks like a butt to me

No. 1040326

Best part is miss rona came in clutch again. He was super antivaxx and called it a hoax. Serves him right the fat scrote.

No. 1040328

>do you actually think that Megan thee stallion is more popular than Zendaya and Zoe Kravitz?
In the rap game yeah, Megan is more popular, she has been doing lots of collaborations with brands, singers and other rappers, and her songs are trending on tiktok
Who is Zoe Kravitz? first time hearing that name

No. 1040359

Lenny Kravitz’s daughter.

No. 1040360

File: 1643087020552.jpg (260.94 KB, 1024x1536, DQSVv0m.jpg)

they're actresses, who they are in the rap game is irrelevant. the average person doesn't even have to watch a spiderman movie to know who zendaya is because she had promo everywhere. how do you not know who zoe is if you know about lisa bonet?
i associate zoe with millennial hipsters

No. 1040368

File: 1643088733542.jpg (63.71 KB, 728x546, pl4n0J4.jpg)

Kim Kardashian with Hilary and Chelsea Clinton. According to TMZ it's for a Clinton led show on Apple tv.

No. 1040370

File: 1643088759488.jpg (64.68 KB, 728x534, JhExATb.jpg)

No. 1040372

File: 1643088847615.jpg (82.36 KB, 728x534, P9avLAB.jpg)

didn't the kardashians endorse trump back in 2016, this is kinda awkward.

No. 1040375

trump and the clintons are friends nonny

No. 1040377


They endorsed Clinton not Trump in 2016.

No. 1040379

Ugly scrote cope

No. 1040388

She looks so goofy and unconfident, like she should date a rich tech nerd not Kanye West.

No. 1040389

Lil Kim is Queen B actually

No. 1040390

Kim and Kanye doing everything they can to piss each other off without directly addressing each other

No. 1040394

Elon Musk? She'd fit in with his exes like Amber Heard more than Grimes did

No. 1040467

i wasnt gonna bring up tiktok until you did because i feel its kind of looked down on here but willow smith is also really really popular on tiktok from my perspective as someone whos younger i see megans main demographic being more millennials or older gen z and i see a lot more teenage girls using willows music also i know that at least on tumblr after she started making music again a lot of girls found her very attractive and were totally swooning over her she has more popularity than you think

No. 1040539

File: 1643106872722.png (349.23 KB, 599x556, Screenshot (456).png)

2 Ugly wanna be tough guy morons who for some reasons are popular, want to pass a law that will allow other ugly low-IQ morons to get away with their self confessions in what they call "music"

No. 1040549

Fully agree with you this time (c)rapper anon. This is a non-issue that doesn't need to be passed as a law. There are rap songs with lyrics that actually are confessions and I don't see why disgusting lyrics containing talk about committing crimes shouldn't be used when…a crime was committed

No. 1040555

That’s just going to do more harm than good in their community but okay.

No. 1040561

Sounds like something two very guilty people would want to put in place in order to cover their own asses without caring about the repercussions that would affect everyone else.

No. 1040566

lets say hypothetically a rapper shoots his pregnant girlfriend and then raps about it.
Well time to take his ass to jail, right? He admitted to doing it, case close, right? Wrong! Under this BS law they trying to pass It would illegal to use rap lyrics against them in court. Even tho they confessed to doing it in there lyrics.

No. 1040582

This makes no sense, surely this is already a thing because art isn't real life?
And if it's not, why are they talking about rap and not all music? Surely genre doesn't matter in court. There are metal bands who sing about cannibalism and mass murder, do those count as confessions? Americans love spending time in court damn

No. 1040593

well its cause a lot of rappers more then other normal people end up in court and apparently their rap "music" is often used as a form of character witness

No. 1040594

They'll go to court about this stupidity so they can keep rhyming about harming women and killing people in general, but do nothing about the crime and poverty in their community. Males are already hopeless, but African-Amerian males are a special breed lol (inb4 seething pick-mes attack)

No. 1040613

taylor swift is always ready to mobilise her psychotic fans. he's right though - of course he is, it's damon albarn - billie eilish writing songs with her brother is ten times more organic than taylor swift sitting down with fucking jack antonoff to manufacture another insipid radio hit. looking at her discography the time she started using co-writers was when she transitioned fully to mainstream pop which lmao

No. 1040656


No. 1040729

File: 1643123178082.jpg (86.94 KB, 750x500, whtg.jpg)

would you nonnies believe me if I said the one on the right was Lana Del Rey

No. 1040737

No. 1040741

Who are they?

No. 1040742

He's right, I just don't see what the fucking point is to kick up dust about it. He should sooner criticize the vapid consoomers of her music, since her and her team just produces what sells and anyone with a brain realizes it's not that deep.
Isn't he established in his own right? What does he care?
I'm so sick of reading the controversies around this bitch and how men continually do her some kind of wrong as if it's unique to her. Welcome to the real world where men constantly make you "prove" your professional worth hunty.

No. 1040756

Again, she couldn't divorce him, she was being sex trafficked. Literally forced at gunpoint to perform sex acts with him and hundreds of others. She tried to escape multiple times, she ran away to her parents AND THEY TURNED HER BACK IN TO HIM. This was a woman who was a prostitute in the 1970s. The cops were not going to help her and she was constantly being monitored. Stop being a victim blaming fuck

No. 1040858

Marital rape is a crime nationwide only since 1993. Some of you are struggling with history and it's embarrassing.

No. 1040863

File: 1643129102445.jpeg (886.38 KB, 3072x3072, 2D88375B-68AE-4937-8487-0CF459…)

No. 1040870

hes right and people will seethe

No. 1040902

I remember seeing her in uncut gems and i wondered who this random girl with lip fillers was. If the yachting/escorting stories are true that makes way more sense

No. 1040903