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File: 1641419615836.png (783.14 KB, 772x882, demi.png)

No. 1017075

Previous threads:

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>>996173 But some anons pointed out Billie's prior merch with hentai art
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>>996943 Terry even went on Dr. Phil to discuss his porn addiction (I think it's Dr. Phil I'm not watching the video to check)
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No. 1017240

thanks for the new thread op

No. 1017273

the weeknds new album concept looks cool, too bad he's said to be such an fboi

rumors are despite his self proclaimed hatred of "plastic" l.a. girls ala bella hadid he's dating one of the simi haze infleuncer twins (who shocker, are plastic as fuck)

No. 1017277

File: 1641431501066.jpeg (64.47 KB, 540x720, 5E18498E-05D1-42C1-A710-CB5031…)

the twins in question

No. 1017281

He’s basically like any other moid who hate women for being “fake and shallow” when he’s just the same. It’s just a load of hypocrisy. This is also the same guy who made songs objectifying lesbian women. I like the sound of his music but have to ignore his painfully poor and disgusting lyrics to get through any tracks.

No. 1017284

oh damn I don't remember the lesbian song, I thought that was drake? and I still like his music, i really appreciate how he is often conceptual and creative with his albums, it just suck knowing he's a moid with a seedy dating history

what's weirder is the twins are or were friends with Bella and Selena, both his exes.

No. 1017291

These are the lyrics to his song "Lost In The Fire" tat rightfully got him in hot water:

> "You said you might be into girls/ You said you're going through a phase/ Keepin' your heart safe/ Well, baby you can bring a friend/ she can ride on top your face/ While I f* you straight."

He hasn't ever addressed why people are mad about the lyrics. Also him willingly associating with Drake is such a red flag. Regarding him dating one of those twins, I think he's still obsessed with Bella but hates her for choosing to leave. That's why he has so many songs deriding her as a "cold-hearted bitch" even though he's going after her friends. So petty.

No. 1017304

They look like Sims 4 characters with alpha CC

No. 1017307

This guy’s fucking annoying and his cold-hearted playa shtick has been old since My Dear Melancholy. When he uses girls and plays with their feelings, it’s because he’s a wounded bad boy who can’t help himself and no woman can tame, but when his girlfriend dumps him because he’s not meeting her needs, she’s a fake callous bitch who’s actively trying to ruin his life by committing the crime of moving on.

No. 1017309

fucking yikes. This is so gross. Surprised he hasn't been dragged for this

No. 1017320

>Surprised he hasn't been dragged for this

You shouldn't be. Male entertainers and men in general get away with being outwardly misogynistic ever since they have existed. If this weren't bad enough, he also has lyrics objectifying Asian women in another track. The Weeknd is a perfect example of someone who makes male manipulator music.

No. 1017405

File: 1641441840367.webm (4.5 MB, 406x720, katy.webm)

like a week ago katy perry sang a song with a literal piece of shit. she was hoping it would go viral like that "left shark" meme she had a bunch of years ago. it did not go viral, thats why im telling you nonnies… poor katy, even themi gets more attention than her nowadays and themi has always been d-list.

nothing she does work on zoomers, idgi, ariana released the most boring record ever last year and shes still top dog and katy tries everything and never gets anywhere. is there any hope, nonies? Never Really Over was a fun song, i swear…

No. 1017407

>how do you do fellow kids?

No. 1017426

This feels normal for her.

No. 1017430

Second trailer is out!

No. 1017432

Katy's relevance died with the ~so random xPPP holds up spork!~ humor of the early 2010s. Even then, it felt fake and put on.

No. 1017436

His experience getting used as a rebound until Selena could get a chance to dump him for Justin Beiber should have humbled him but of course it didn't. The fact that this abusive ass pineapple haired mf has sex to write his scrote lyrics about is a national tragedy

No. 1017469

I read somewhere on Deux Moi that someone he hooked up with said he was bad in bed. Made me laugh knowing how much this fucker hypes himself up to be some sex god.

No. 1017471

Whoever is in charge of her career is clearly making a joke of her. From her weird clown video during her pregnancy, now this?

No. 1017481


No. 1017668

File: 1641470111051.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 274.42 KB, 1920x1411, Bella-Hadid-Stella-Maxwell-Nud…)

Bella isn't really a lesbian. He was probably talking about this cf pic.

And I don't feel like he hates Bella for leaving. She gave him 12810920182 chances and he admitted fcking thing up.

No. 1017670

south park vibes

No. 1017801

>said you might be into girls
“Might be into girls” doesn’t mean strictly lesbian

No. 1017824

Was that left shark a planned meme, or something that public has unexpectedly found lovable? I'm on the fence about this.

No. 1017834

File: 1641482516254.jpg (162.62 KB, 1080x1080, 61ea7cedc75640f4867abaeabf7eb5…)

they make me sad. they were so striking before. the curly hair was so beautiful too

No. 1017883


I hate this and and the fact that they felt the need to do this to themselves. It makes me wonder how awkward it must be to have to keep getting the same procedures as your twin so people won't instantly clock them for their ps. When will this instathot look finally fade into obscurity?? Sure they don't look like the Kardashians but every girl on IG looks the same now.

No. 1017970

File: 1641489021810.png (790.61 KB, 1238x630, ds.png)

>It makes me wonder how awkward it must be to have to keep getting the same procedures as your twin

picrel is their future

No. 1017982

they were plain before and even more so now.

No. 1018021

I think they were very pretty before, they looked like the princesses from renaissance paintings. They're still pretty but not in the same way, they just made their features look like every other beauty instagram influencer.

No. 1018035

I agree with the anon who said they were plain before. They looked very average. I think they look better now in comparison, but fake

No. 1018048

seconding this, they looked like christian horse girls before

No. 1018050

I loved their hair too, I saw threads and people online criticizing their before looks but they literally stripped everything unique about themselves away and it's sad

I'm also having horror flashbacks to the Bogdanoff twins

No. 1018303

File: 1641502897473.jpg (220.27 KB, 1500x1000, twins-hero.jpg)


Or worse

No. 1018354

I’m the anon you’re replying to and I never said that those lyrics were specifically about Bella. They likely were about someone else and lots of his older tracks are probably about other women. Also you just glossed over the other lyrics where he implies that lesbian women are there for engaging in threesomes with.

No. 1018409

Well, LITF was about Bella kek. Anyway I'm glad she's with someone else now the blind items about their RS were horrific.

No. 1018429

File: 1641508136510.jpg (34.3 KB, 435x324, DLdxRYnWAAAhg7R.jpg)

They looked like average Jewish girls, they weren't striking in the slightest, and if you saw them irl your wouldn't look at them twice

No. 1018452

disagree, they looked lovely. like some kind of ancient celtic princess. those features are considered "plain" BECAUSE of the insta look's ubiquity. from a non-white country with few burgers, they look very pretty in a very soft, kind, classical way to me, as well as exotic compared to my communitY AND what i think of as "white people" looks. they have very nice hair. i think they ruined themselves with the surgery, it makes me sad. surgery face doesn't age well or look good in person.
also, they weren't being sold by sony as the new angelina jolie or anything; they were some dumb rich girls doing a OOTD blog. they had the perfect balance of white lady looks to market that.

No. 1018454

They looked very pretty just poorly styled. Even if you think they were average at least they looked unique. Now they’re average and they look like every other wannabe instathot influencer.

No. 1018457

I really can't see what these other anons are seeing.

No. 1018460

does anyone gaf about this movie about a musician who can't play music and a model who can't model, starring two people who can't act?

No. 1018461

what's with horse girl as an insult? we don't have it for other sports like tennis or soccer. ok yeah so some riders are rich people. what of it. some tennis players grew up in castles, who cares.

No. 1018465

From my understanding it's not about wealth or sports but that horse girls are often awkward and spergy

No. 1018527

interestingly enough they're supposedly palestinian, but the white passing kind of middle eastern, similar to bella. I just lowkey wonder if he's bouncing with both twins or dating one at a time, I imagine it'd be awkward either way.

these young LA people all completely reformat their faces, don't maintain a scrap of their original selves and it's kind of pathetic. nosejob is one thing but to completely reformat your chin, cheeks, and eyes is another. let alone the horror of young LA people getting facelifts.

No. 1018577

NTA, it's true but not really more spergy than idk, dog/cat lovers or boys that are into cars or whatever trains yet horse girls are mocked the most. I always saw it as kinda sexist, same as making fun of girls for liking certain musicians or movies/books while it never happen to boys.

No. 1018586

File: 1641517079739.jpg (1.6 MB, 1596x1996, Baywatch-S4-70.jpg)

You leave Pam alone!

No. 1018640

as a known "cat lover" who embraced the title in elementary/intermediate school, the horse girls were infinitely more weird than I was. Their demeanor was just… off.

No. 1018643

File: 1641522638111.jpeg (64.99 KB, 480x559, FA32D9C0-AFC4-4C92-8100-22A7EA…)

Lol they look like real life versions of these drawings.

No. 1018664

Anon, Pam Anderson and Tommy Lee were apart of 90s pop culture

No. 1018671

File: 1641526276922.jpg (22.05 KB, 474x249, mmm.jpg)

NTA but she kind of looks like The Joker or The Mask wearing a hyper-realistic woman suit/disguise and trying to trick someone

No. 1018672

idk i went to a public school (private school for you burgers) where many girls had horses and they were just a bit more accepting of getting dirty than girls in other sports. i've got to throw my support in for confused-chan, i don't understand the insult.

No. 1018673

In burgerspeak, "horse girl" doesn't necessarily mean "girl who had a horse". There always seemed to be some girl with like, ass-length hair and home school vibes who just… really loved horses

No. 1018674

is that jerma on the right?

No. 1018685

Their brother is that male model with the awful nose job right?

No. 1018686

File: 1641528019616.gif (472.75 KB, 498x278, F6AF3A7D-6954-421F-82A9-77F9BC…)

Horse-girl is just a term people(burgers) use to describe very home-school or evangelical sheltered type girls who are usually obsessed with horses. Probably socially awkward and/or autistic.

Tina belcher is a great over exaggerated version of a horse-girl

No. 1018688

File: 1641528096871.jpeg (61.36 KB, 660x1185, A90686A3-5AAA-42BA-BD2E-934A0A…)

yeah apparently he's been around the block with Jordyn Woods and possibly the Karjenners

No. 1018693

kek, was going to post these twins. They share a boyfriend too.

No. 1018694

this guy always looked like a closet homo to me. i swore he was kendall jenner's gay bff.

No. 1018695

File: 1641528695243.webm (2.86 MB, 853x480, vYrJVew.webm)

Other than the other answers, it also includes girls like this too

No. 1018698

i didn't like that

No. 1018699

i feel gross

No. 1018701

This is the funniest shit I've seen all day

No. 1018702

this is so wrong lmao it's a bit creepy

No. 1018710

File: 1641530364939.jpeg (54.97 KB, 502x350, C7BC65AD-47A6-4320-9001-1733C3…)

I think that horse girls were a lot more likely than other spergs to try to integrate with the most popular/normie kids in school, due to (usually) being wealthy + white. Other awkward girls were more likely to stick to their own less-popular circles, meaning that horse girls ended up touching more lives with their autism on average. This is also why jokes about them are more mainstream than jokes about other, more common nerd-girl archetypes (like weebs or marvel super-fans).

No. 1018715

>Anons who lack the physical ability to jump cinder blocks on all fours at speed
This is what peak performance looks like scrubs

No. 1018723

File: 1641531589347.jpg (131.01 KB, 1236x820, free-britney-spears-nude-01[1]…)

interesting post from britney
and by interesting I mean trashy

No. 1018727

i have the same body type as her, love to see some representation honestly

No. 1018732

>love to see some representation
when will it end

No. 1018733

agp energy

No. 1018735

the weeknd is abusive?

No. 1018737

File: 1641532552396.jpeg (80.42 KB, 1024x768, ew.jpeg)

i have no idea who the fuck julia fox is but titter has been sperging all day about her and kanye supposedly being together so prepare yourselves for milk i guess lol

No. 1018741

oh my god she is so good at trotting

No. 1018744

this isnt good

No. 1018746

File: 1641533107699.jpeg (1.46 MB, 1242x1737, E9AD6FF7-1165-4C95-A9D3-02284B…)

The follow up post was picrel and then a video pulling down a bikini her “fiancé” wants her to wear. She’s still not free.

No. 1018748

I'm shocked too, anon. His lyrics paint him as such a gentleman!

No. 1018752


also funny because im an ontariofag and ive heard stories of him being a troublemaker in school…. it was something like he got into fights often and would beat people up

No. 1018756

AYRT, Ontariofags unite

No. 1018762

I honestly get the feeling that whatever meds(iirc antipsychotics) her rat of a father forced her to take really fucked her in the head , she didn't need to be taking three different kinds either since he could afford proper full length therapy or other options but it's not like her wellbeing mattered to him her behavour reminds me of an ex-friend who was misdiagnosed and given them and she's completely fucked now like off the rails

also source for the forced medication thing https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/britney-spears-alleged-her-former-psychiatrist-was-abusive-it-probably-n1273769

No. 1018765

oh hell ya

No. 1018767

I think he actually got arrested for a fight in 2015 kek

No. 1018790

I wish I had the weeknd represent my province kek. All we got is fucking Nickelback. Are we surprised he got in fights? Dude left home when he was a teen.

No. 1018807

She's not off the rails she's just posting pics naked but covered? She had said for years she feels free naked because her dad would dictate what she could wear, whether or not she could be braless or topless or whatever. Why can't she post candid naked mirror selfies? The rest of her behavior is normal, she's just a mom on the internet who wants to feel free and probably sexy or whatever

No. 1018811

She looks like a crackhead taking pictures with her bad hair extensions, smeared eyeliner, bad photoshop, and toilet paper on the floor behind her.

No. 1018814

I never said she was anon I was talking about my ex friend please read harder

No. 1018816

Nickelback itself is dad cringe but they're respectable musicians, people just loved to shit on them because it was cool

No. 1018918

another ontarioanon chiming in ♥

No. 1018919

he hung out at the thompson hotel and spent too much money every weekend as soon as he got sort of even a little bit famous. he's such a mississauga suburban gangster type.

No. 1018921

damn your neighbourhood has some nice-ass crackheads then

No. 1018923

yes, they are able to competently and consistently play their instruments, but the reason they are huge is because their songs are so straight up dumb that literally every member of society below George Carlin's 50% line bought them. thats a very sad way to make money.
the singer is also embarassingly mean to everyone at every venue or set he's on.

No. 1018930


No. 1018933

Yeah, I'm definitely not seeing "ancient princess", they look very plain (and I'm from a non-white country myself so I'm not sure what other anons are on)

No. 1018948

File: 1641554746350.png (1.41 MB, 1284x2766, ye.png)

No. 1018952

File: 1641554923348.png (1.89 MB, 2560x1440, babyjane.png)

I hate that you people brought this crazy lady back to assault the general public again with her unhinged antics. People should of left this crazy lady alone to live forever in the early 2000's, twirling and dancing to her own reflection.

No. 1018964

ngl looks like skinny Trisha paytas

No. 1018973

Trish’s whole “career” has been trying to be the fat Anna Nicole/Pamela Anderson.
She looks like she’s tucking. I like this art style though. >>1018746

No. 1018995

you weren't even alive

No. 1019025

please nonnnies, my loves, let us not turn another laughing-at-stupid-famous-people thread into an argument over whether some girl is hot.
if a girls face doesn't make you barf and her body doesn't look like a demonculaba, she's fine. let's make fun of dirty demi and crazy azealia and disgusting shia laboeuf together.

No. 1019028

That and paris hilton. Once trash you never can class. Idc if it’s horrible to say or rude.

No. 1019029

Are pamela anderson and tommy lee ded of hiv?

No. 1019036


Can Ontario anons elaborate on the vibe or tell some stories about the Mississauga fake gangster thing? It's cathartic to read. Sage for blogpost but I once went on a tinder date with a fake gangster fuckboy from Toronto who took my phone away and then physically pushed me out of his car after I wouldn't suck his dick on the way home, and then threw my phone into a snowbreak breaking it and leaving me in the cold 6 or 7 blocks from my house. Some other stuff went down that night that was the most disturbing casual dehumanizing scrotation I have ever witnessed so I'm kinda triggered by anyone with that vibe now, and feel so disturbed and sad for my younger and more naive self who didn't understand the world just wanted to meet people and party be wanted.

Anyways I did some sleuthing and this fuckboy w a gold grill who talked real hard had parents who were both successful real estate agents with a beautiful home in a nice area and now I'm triggered by anyone w the Toronto fuckboy vibe, like even anyone with that faggot ass iced out brown boy voice I instantly don't trust, I sincerely try not to be racist and it's not even an accent exactly but it's very specific type of person and a very specific voice and they have POC oppressed privilege but hate women and treat them like literal disposable garbage. A different guy who was from India and then Toronto (faggot educated rich kid nav stan who "sold" drugs in order to have social capital and access to women) raped and almost killed me and laughed about it and had that exact voice. Sage for blogpost but last thing, when The Weeknd turned up in Uncut Gems I literally couldn't believe that's his speaking voice, Toronto voice but high pitched like a woman's and whining like a little bitch… He would be bullied everyday for that speaking voice in a just world. Also I sincerely like his early music because at least its honest, just wish he would admit to the meth.

No. 1019039

Thankfully I never really had prolonged contact with those types of people. I'm so sorry that happened to you. Those scrotes… I avoid those fuckers irl too. They're so rampant at Yonge and Dundas square and all the shitty ICE condos near lakeshore.

No. 1019051

basically like sheltered upper middle class indian or pakistani kids who are also stanley the suburban ganster from johnny the homicidal maniac.
parents with degrees, 9 to 5 office jobs or are doctors/investment bankers, vote conservative and are probably friends with the conservative candidates.
in mississauga they come in all colours, but the majority is southeast asian where i grew up, followed by east asian, whose parents and lifestyles are pretty much the same. the GTA is divided by money, not race, except for some wealthy-ish pockets in the suburbs that are very homogeneous and if you're white people will just assume you're there to sell drugs.

No. 1019125

Britney at least had an actual career. Paris was just famous for being famous.

No. 1019131

Paris is a bad role model for young women but The Simple Life was hilarious

No. 1019138

She looks like a tard in dire need of a wrangling.

No. 1019164

jeez anons are being harsh. remember that even without the abuse, mental illness, and nonconsensual drugging, britney would still be extremely stupid. she went to public school in fuckin texas and even then barely attended and was gone for good by 16. she's done nothing but dance for her shitty parents her whole life. she's going to do extremely dumb shit no matter what.

No. 1019165

could be pr could be real kanye is unhinged enough
both him and kim dating "rebellious" partners to get at one another

No. 1019173

I dont mean to imply he is a wife beater or something, I don't think he is. But if his "storytelling" or lyrics reflect anything about his real relationships, he is a detached gaslighter who pushes away intimacy in favor of sexually using women while having a Madonna complex toward any female he actually loves (until he eventually starts fucking her friends and making excuses for his poor behavior toward her). Basically he is manipulative and one of those guys who pretends to care and then screws you over because "I'm so tortured it's just the way I am, wow I'm so bad but I'm not gonna change gurl"

No. 1019186

File: 1641573569270.jpg (223.04 KB, 976x1064, IMG_20220107_173824.jpg)

No. 1019189

the Weeknd seemed like a pedo to me from one song, also eww at the "haha you think you are a lesbian, I can fuck you and your gf straight" one. Disgusting. He seems like a predator

No. 1019206

They do look prettier now, but they also just look like every other generic dime a dozen instagram 'model'. At least before they looked like normal, relatable humans as opposed to now, looking like they just got off the production line at create-an-influencer

Jesus H Christ, they're terrifying

No. 1019213

do you mean the "waste mans"? kek theres lots of those types in brampton, sauga, and i think scarborough as well. theres a lot of fuckboy types in those areas, have noted any time ive been around sauga or through attending uni which was packed full of them. i think its because they try to be like toronto types of guys. idk where it stemmed from.

tbh i wouldnt trust anyone from those areas who talk with slang, act that way, or boast about loving weeknd and NAV lol theyre all try hards. some of the strangest people come from brampton as >>1019051 mentioned its usually suburban indian or sometimes black people who try to act gangsta. though, i do not know where the conservatives you are speaking of are in sauga or brampton. brown people tend to vote liberal or NDP and both areas are overwhelmingly liberal/NDP. i would say the GTA is a pretty middle-class area except for some areas yeah where the houses are a bit more expensive. nowadays, every area in the GTA is expensive though, the regular home or even smaller is around 1 million. white people are becoming less common with tons of rich asians flooding in, although the white people here have never been "white", mainly italian/portuguese/jewish/russian, etc.

No. 1019216

They went from cute Celtic goddesses to annoying girls in your therapy group

No. 1019238

>cute Celtic goddesses
that's an uggo ginger cope if i ever read one. annoying girls in your therapy group is still on point though kek.

No. 1019242

I personally think that this is more discussed if it's homophobic towards gay men rather than lesbian women. Sucks.

No. 1019261

OT and minor blog but i love this brampton slander. i spent half of my childhood there and hated every second of it. moved far away as soon as i graduated highschool. southern ontario in general is such a cesspool, and i feel like the OVOification of the gta made it even worse. it's just empty capitalist idol worship to fill the void of living in a suburban hell.

No. 1019262

File: 1641577356813.jpeg (403.5 KB, 1401x1953, 1FEAD0F1-BBC5-4459-857C-4CF0DF…)

No. 1019270

well i'm a bit older than a lot of this board, so maybe it's changed. but anyone not white or black was a conservative or MAYBE liberal voter when i was in high school and earlier (graduated 2008). i also moved here from singapore, so maybe didn't know any middle class or lower people. my parents were one of like four white couples out of all the parents in my graduating class.

No. 1019271

Fucking gross

No. 1019274

he's gross, she's based. she gets a baby and will still look 27 when he dies (which i'm sure she's hoping is soon, but sorry riko-chan, white moids don't die at 60 anymore)

No. 1019280

Yeah but the baby will be autistic and she'll have to change an extra set of diapers (cage's).

No. 1019284

Kid is gonna be a HAPA and hate his life kek.

No. 1019287

He looks undead and having a child at his age is risky and irresponsible. Gross.

No. 1019295

It's definitely a publicity stunt, Kanye did this before with Irina Shayk (tinfoil hat on but I believe Irina was pretending to be with Kanye so Kanye could hook up with Riccardo Tisci, who is also her close friend, peacefully)
I don't believe Julia Fox is actually dating him, and if she is, she's incredibly stupid, because just a week ago she was exposing her deadbeat drug addict woman-beating baby daddy on instagram for being an abusive piece of shit. I have some screenshots if anyone cares.

No. 1019296

gross. why are asian women and old white men so disgusting(racebait)

No. 1019324

File: 1641579465030.jpg (172.75 KB, 472x355, Tumblr_l_1130590616694336.jpg)

bc its 2 flavors of sexpat level fetish: age gap and Asian

No. 1019326

Makeup artist better get every award that exists in the world. They look incredible

No. 1019334

honestly i judge the women way more in these situations, scrotes will be scrotes, but she's the one willingly making hapa children and reinforcing stereotypical "asian women want WMAF" shit

No. 1019337

sorry for being ot lol

omg brampton anon! i recall seeing you say this somewhere lol i assume youre the same anon. i actually love where i love in the gta but its kinda sad seeing a lot of people of my same culture dying out/moving elsewhere. i guess i will enjoy it as long as i can and hope for the best!

singapore???? why didnt you stay there i feel bad for you (unless its not as great as i imagine it is there) and oh wow! well yeah its changed quite a bit but you may also have a diff view depending on which part of GTA you were in.

No. 1019344

shut the fuck up retard

No. 1019349

rofl go marry some geriatric whitey you chink bitch, dream come true.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1019360

This thread is so shit

No. 1019361

you should be fucking put down for bringing your worthless incel rhetoric where it doesn't belong. I bet you wish a man would take care of you but you're too fucking ugly both inside and out and too retarded to care for yourself. every sane person regardless of race is fed up to the back teeth with your bullshit. I bet you wish you could be an Asian woman but youre probably a fat ugly dumb white bitch(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1019365

i'm sorry your boyfriend jerks it to kpop idols anon

No. 1019369

my parents got sick of rent prices and me and my brother were too dumb to go to asian schools or get into real degrees. (i studied fashion and he studied illustration)

No. 1019371

File: 1641580598516.jpeg (154.02 KB, 827x879, E82C6FA5-92C7-4424-8DA6-6289A8…)

No. 1019374

samefag; i live in ward 9, which then was right next to some farmland and was notorious for "stick beatings" where different southeast asian candidates sent goons to attack opponents, and it always went conservative. i went to school in city centre, which would sometimes get liberal representation, but the amount of lib vs. cons was very close in number. NDP was considered the party for lazy retarded people (aka white people). leftism/wokeism aligning with POC would be laughable to everyone i grew up with.

No. 1019376

*lived. i don't live in gta anymore

No. 1019402

White girl mad that white men don't want her fat hairy white ass anymore

No. 1019403

asians have more hair on their asses on average LMAO

No. 1019406

Pajeets don't count, Karen.

No. 1019407

Don't reply to the scrote

No. 1019411

yeah it's obvious it's some wmaf fetishist

No. 1019418

Not a man, try harder.
The projection! White women actually fetishize non-white men all the time.

No. 1019423

ya'll both dumbass racists jfc stfu please.

Anyway, Paris's mom basically came out to the news today about how 'heart broken' she was and how she had no idea what happened to paris during those schools. I don't understand how that's possible, like why Paris never said a WORD about it all these years to her mom, and how her mom didn't notice Paris acting totally different after the school. Also, why go to the news about it? Some thing smells off.


No. 1019435

even if that is true (doubt) didn't they literally call the school to abduct paris from her bed in the middle of the night? am i missing something here

No. 1019437

Maybe the mom knew, never gave a fuck and just says that to look good in front of the general public. Like a shit ton of parents do on a daily basis.

No. 1019452

>thinking white women "fetishizing" MOC matters or is even a real thing outside obsessed twitter fujos
Kek, it's 99.99% of the time them obsessed with fucking us, not vise versa.

No. 1019454

Britneys pregnancy is gonna be such a shitshow I can't wait. She can't even brush her hair right. Even as a little girl I was so confused and asked my mom why Britney Spears doesn't brush her hair. Her raising a kid with a brain fried from anti psychotics is gonna be interesting.

No. 1019457

This is tinfoil material

No. 1019459

>only famous for making money off her plastic body and one hypersexualized movie role
>tranny-tier face from fillers
>obvious BBL that doesn't match her thighs
>fake tits
>porn scenes and nude photoshoots
>history of poor dating choices
Maybe they aren't really together but she is kanyes type for sure.

No. 1019462

File: 1641584061461.jpg (8.25 KB, 260x144, h69SH-eledC5WBnGBie0jdlx3gu6gu…)


No. 1019467

Took me a hot second to realize who this was. She's the main girl in uncut gems. Didn't this girl do a bunch of porn videos/movies that weren't 'pornographic' but 'erotic' or some shit? She's 100% percent kaynes type.

No. 1019479

Could be wrong but I'm about 90% sure the "erotic" movie she did wasn't a porn film technically but she did suck a real dick during the scene so it basically was porn anyway

No. 1019486

yeah that was it. I remember reading an interview with her about it and how she was saying it was empowering and sexy and how it was method acting or something and just laughing about it the entire time. Girl is nuts.

No. 1019493

jesus christ that's gross

No. 1019494

Her IG is full of fetishy nude pictures taken during her pregnancy. Her scrotelet child is doomed and it's not even a year old yet. Her and Emrat would be bffs

No. 1019498

I wish this wasn’t praised. I feel bad and pity her.

No. 1019521

she has over 150m followers on istagram yet she can't even get 1m likes on her posts. are most of her followers bots?

No. 1019523

Look into Kibbe, you are a Soft Natural sweetie

No. 1019586

File: 1641590299868.jpeg (138.37 KB, 828x531, 0F8D4FFA-8E7D-48A5-BD10-F5D0F8…)

Wow how many of us in this thread are from Ontario???

This excerpt from his Wiki page made me lol. I grew up in Mississauga and this sounds like how half the kids at my high school would describe their experience.

No. 1019637

no julia would never pretend being pretty is a burden

No. 1019660

This pic makes me laugh out loud every time

No. 1019665

Hello to my nonnies from Ontario
t. Ontariofag

No. 1019667

also to samefag but lol of course he would move to Parkdale. Why am I not surprised?

No. 1019670

> Even as a little girl I was so confused and asked my mom why Britney Spears doesn't brush her hair
so you clearly were born recently enough that you were a kid when her stylist began to give her "sex-messed up hair" in 2005 or so. it's a style, anon, teased/fake tangled hair was stylish 2005-2009 with trendy scene or or hipster for some reason. some celebrities did it, but were often mocked.

No. 1019676

File: 1641595977044.jpeg (34.34 KB, 500x374, FFD6EC9E-E40C-4866-AB69-A3DCC5…)

The Simple Life was fucking great.

No. 1019680

File: 1641596294315.jpg (99.04 KB, 594x400, W5ZIP7Wc1q-l.jpg)

Her hair is too damaged to grow out the way it used to. Her hair looks piece-y and messy because it looks to be badly taken care of hair extensions. She seems to have a problem letting people regularly do her hair (like the ken paves VMA story.) She's also lacking awareness of how bad her hair, clothes, makeup, skin, etc. look. Her hair looks like Betsey Johnson's stylized hair extensions except not purpose.

No. 1019684

OKAY since you brought this up, what's UP with betsey johnson doing her hair like that?

No. 1019685

kek he outs himself with the drug selection. the upper classes in mississauga had the drug buffets at their high schools. poor kids just did guns and theft

No. 1019687

right when parkdale first turned faux-ghetto and trendy

No. 1019688

fashion designers always have a signature cartoonish look. you are literally your brand, after all. she embodies a sort of "i did a random weird thing" people associate with the classic new york scene, where vali myers had face tattoos, patti smith wore a taxidermied crow around, and guys wore leather pants with no shirts and huge gaudy jewellery.

No. 1019712

Yeah, Parkdale's in a weird transition right now. There are genuinely lower class families and people living there in cockroach ridden apartments but can't afford to move out, then there's the group of yuppies that can afford the rents and are gentrifying the neighbourhood. What a time, anon.

No. 1019845

What’s so based about having a child with some musty scrote like Nick Cage? I’m sure it’s nice to have a share of his money but not at this cost.

No. 1019918

File: 1641611753189.jpg (24.77 KB, 300x300, bspearshair072010_09.jpg)

>pic related
>sex-messed up hair
There is nothing sex about this hair

No. 1019934

seems like sauga has way more drugs than other parts of the gta… i am shocked when i hear the stories my bf tells me about his high school

No. 1019953

what's going on here? is her hair matted?

No. 1019954

wasn't this post-headshave?

No. 1019994

kek anon he famously doesn't have any money. i agree she's based if she's taking advantage of him in some way, if not, just let her have her old man sex fetish. i'm sure she's much smarter than him

No. 1019996

toronto and mississauga are just big drugs spots. i think because cops don't gaf about people buying/using, their target is the organized crime producing or trafficking it. it's why criminal on stranger crime is rare in the GTA, usually it's criminals fucking up other criminals. (source: i just know, don't worry about it.)

No. 1020001

If this is post headshave I really don't blame her. The wig and extension technology in 2007-2008 was not what it is now children. And god forbid a young white woman considered a sex symbol be seen with short hair or growing out her hair!

No. 1020003

>just let her have her old man sex fetish
ew no

No. 1020007

kek i love your source. but you are correct, i noticed the same. imo the worst for crime in the GTA is definitely brampton, sauga is 2nd.

No. 1020011

>he famously doesn't have any money

Wow, this situation is worse than I originally thought, then. I could never let myself get pregnant by some broke old fuck with a racist fetish, but she's free to live her life.

No. 1020062

File: 1641622891323.jpg (323.15 KB, 1080x1562, Screenshot_20220107-222002.jpg)

God, this fat scrote disgusts me. He's old enough to be her father. Has he ever dated a woman his own age?

No. 1020074

Ugh no lifestyle is worth this, unless he’s setting me up for life it’s sad that girls line up in droves just to touch some fat old guy because he’s famous

No. 1020081

>And god forbid a young white woman considered a sex symbol be seen with short hair or growing out her hair!
She looked like a filthy diseased crackhead

No. 1020090

File: 1641626078207.jpg (26.25 KB, 358x434, ratsnest.jpg)

She still does

No. 1020091

File: 1641626357084.jpeg (359.16 KB, 750x737, 22CDDD2C-48F4-4182-A469-B7CB61…)

Uh oh she’s 24 now, she’s only got a few more months before he drops her

No. 1020097

Jesus, even at 24 he was dating an 18yo. Dude has always liked them young I guess.

No. 1020102

Ironically Giselle is still out of his league even now

No. 1020107

He really has a type
Anyway I think he's gay.

No. 1020113

Wtf, I've seen this artist before. His artwork is creepy AF. Stuff like this makes me wonder about pizzagate. Maybe her dad was actually the good guy trying to keep her safe from the Hollywood pervs

No. 1020120

Does she have about a year left before Leo dumps her?

No. 1020143

Is it me or do they look like bimbofied Dakota Johnson in the after-photo lol

No. 1020153


what are the stories about? sorry i love the cow saggishawty like legitimately think she is a sweet and funny girl underneath all the trauma and bpd and am also fascinated by her life being this depressing never ending party that no one even seems to be having fun at and all her clout hungry fuckboy orbiters.

describe their experience as in its bullshit? or its just normal and not as edgy as he makes it sound. tbh also this isn't that many drugs?

No. 1020191

File: 1641637130479.jpeg (92.57 KB, 700x692, britney-spears-540ad1bd-e0c4-4…)

I feel like there should be a place between this awful conservatorship and "she's absolutely normal, this is a normal behaviour". Because in my eyes it was really bad in 2005 when she had the breakdown. Hope she gets good help now.

No. 1020212

So much racism while the real reason for repulsion here should be how disgusting it must be to have sex with somebody looking like Cage

No. 1020246

i agree with the anon who said the meds she was forced to take fucked her up. lithium is no fucking joke and she never needed it to start. she's fried but considering everything she's gone through i can't blame her - that court testimony was downright horrific. i would be amazed if she weren't dealing with severe mental health issues in the aftermath of being legitimately publicly trafficked by her family for over a decade (if not her entire life)

No. 1020345

This is disgusting. All his degraded sperm will do is give them a child with severe autism or mental illness.

No. 1020357

These women are just as bad, who date and fuck older men for their 15 minutes. Leo is a fat piece of shit, and nic cage is an old corspe like man. But why are these stupid women dating them? The men need to be publicly shamed, but the women aren't any better

No. 1020366

agreed, toronto you can pretty much walk through any neighbourhood if you're not involved in anything and aren't wearing a seiko or some other shit like that. the increase in shootings was really mis-reported, they were literally all criminals shot by other criminals, which IMO is annoying, but not any danger to normal people.

No. 1020368

it's better than being a brony

No. 1020370

women seriously still say he's "one of the most beautiful people alive". like they claim he is still physically attractive.
if they admitted he's fucking nasty now and they want the clout based on his previous looks, that would be slightly better. but women seriously cape for him while lindsay wixson gets called a fugly slutbitch.
tinfoil: it's a scrote psyop to make women settle for fat ugly males, so men never have to put any work into ANYTHING, not even taking basic care of their bodies.

No. 1020371

>it’s sad that girls line up in droves just to touch some fat old guy because he’s famous
anon it's called a mall santa and christmas is a very popular holiday all over the world. calm down.

No. 1020372

christ sorry a chick with serious problems had gross hair for a few weeks. i hate to appropriate zoomer talk but go touch some grass anon, damn.

No. 1020373

File: 1641653838137.jpg (114.25 KB, 1080x689, Screenshot_20220108-065625.jpg)

Sad af, but she's going to really go off the rails now.

No. 1020374

yeah he's really hitting Mac levels of "i can't get hard for women so they must not be hot enough, i need a hotter one"

No. 1020375

i think that artist is just a 2009-spooky-faux-vintage type beloved by bay area goths, not a pedo.

No. 1020377

File: 1641654020708.jpeg (50.81 KB, 320x401, 995DFDF2-357F-4BDB-AFC6-44D470…)

Kek. Ily anon even though you’re corny as fuck.

No. 1020378

that's dissociation fugue shit in that picture. it's really hard to treat those types of disorders unless the person is aware of and committed to always working on their problem (source: I'M GOD TAKE THIS FLYER wtf where did the last 7 days go???). it's also very easy for assholes to take advantage of.

No. 1020380

thank you, i'm 38

No. 1020381

He looks like my sex offender uncle

No. 1020382

do gay men actually do this?

No. 1020385

usually not past the age of 19

No. 1020387

weird, my sex offender uncle looks like the unabomber. what a diverse community.

No. 1020400

I also have a grandpa who’s not a sex offender looks like Albert Fish

No. 1020405

Why did his team allow him to get so fat though???? He's obese.

No. 1020418

They don't even have red hair. Idk why anons think they look like "celtic goddesses".

No. 1020447

Oh no. Do we know what happened?

No. 1020450

Apparently he committed suicide and before that was in suicide watch at a hospital in Dublin.

No. 1020466

both the Britney and betsey pic are obviously the beads from keratin bonded extensions, either badly done or greased up or something idk

No. 1020467

I am not going to post mark ryden's art here but he draws naked little girls. Sometimes with breasts though the rest of them looks prepubescent. It's quite creepy and reeks of pedophilia

No. 1020496

There's some drama linking Mark Ryden, the lady from Mindless Self Indulgence, and the lady from Jack Off Jill


No. 1020519

oh ok i retract my post >>1020375 now. kek i just guessed by the look of his art that he was connected with that social group (msi, coilhouse, jcv). thanks for the info that he is one of the gross ones.

No. 1020565

she's not based. gross as hell and I can only imagine what kind of mother she would be. if it's a girl will likely try to have her daughter follow in her footsteps of marrying an old rich scrote(even though Nicolas cage is notoriously bad with money and has gone bankrupt) or raise a self hating hapa incel. Either way that child is doomed

No. 1020603

File: 1641664923260.jpeg (833.74 KB, 1242x1149, BF8F45B7-7D94-4925-B83C-2E488B…)

No. 1020608

The creepiest thing is that apparently he has known her since she was 11. Her mother was Al Pacino's longterm girlfriend until recently

No. 1020618

File: 1641665539461.png (53.66 KB, 844x522, huh.PNG)

Ok so I went down this rabbit hole. APPARENTLY, Mark Ryden (the artist) has collaborated with Epstein flight guest James Gunn, who was apparently married to Pam from The Office, and yeah, J Gunn's brother Sean played Kirk on Gilmore Girls

No. 1020643

My sister's are horse girls and puritanical as shit.

No. 1020651

Ya, what's the link between that kind of behavior and liking horses?

No. 1020674

>tfw you have to try to clasp your hands under his gunt

No. 1020680

File: 1641669524641.jpeg (1.5 MB, 1242x1544, A388F795-D503-4F7E-A764-C77401…)

That’s an Evangelion bathing suit. Pic related was the Halloween costume of one of them. Is Evangelion a normie/influencer meme too now, or is one of themjust a weeb?

No. 1020682

it's a common "sexy" costume to get followers online/appeal to weebs and coomers (aka the two types of men)

No. 1020707

File: 1641671177452.jpg (78.32 KB, 500x405, ayanami rei evangelion victori…)

>Is Evangelion a normie/influencer meme too now
Yeah I think it is. Funny how westerners keep giving the characters cleavage, but are also the first to complain about them being sexualized because they're canonically teenagers

No. 1020712

File: 1641671385874.jpg (91.26 KB, 540x540, tumblr_182338dbc8a6b7bb3c88735…)

Samefag, FKA Twigs also did an Asuka cosplay for the music video Sum Bout U

No. 1020715

>Funny how westerners keep giving the characters cleavage
That's a Victoria's Secret show nonna, she literally has to have cleavage.

No. 1020716

pretty sure the people who defend the rights of 2D characters aren't the same designing costume suits nonnie

No. 1020717

>At a Victoria secret fashion show

No wai

No. 1020785

Is there a LC thread for saggitariusshawty? She is so funny and entertaining for a cow, agree with you anon

No. 1020826

i kind of understand if some girls fall for leo because he is filthy rich and was attractive when he was young but nicolas cage? he never had a hot phase, is divorced 4 times and he always only dated asians, so it's not just an age difference but a racial fetish too, and letting him impregnate you???

No. 1020865

File: 1641683673349.png (1.84 MB, 1148x1090, 6f7.png)

The netflix adaptation did all kinds of popularization for the show in western media. you can't even go on tiktok without seeing someone say they're "asukapilled" or "literally asuka"

No. 1020869

It was already popular with westerners long before that, even normie cartoons referenced it.

No. 1020871

they didn't have to make a shit evangelion suit though, it doesnt even fit the model. wasnt that plagiary anyway?

No. 1020895

I get her abrasive, tsundere personality and cute character design is relatable/endearing or whatever to a lot of people for a lot of reasons but I doubt most people who claim to be "literally Asuka" are like fucked up child soldiers with a ho dad and who witnessed their mother's abuse/neglect due to the ho dad and then witnessing her having a mental breakdown and then kill herself. Asuka is only a compelling character because her tragic past explains her erratic and bratty behavior.

I know it's just a cartoon but most people who claim to relate to her have not experienced even close to that level of trauma and pressure and that presenting as a certain way as a child soldier with the fate of humanity of her shoulders. The commodification of her character has always read as sad and missing the point to me. Everyone just sees rude animu sexy brat that is secretly sad and desperate for affection and think "omg same." The joker for women is spot on. Sad that we couldn't get fly me to the moon on Netflix, just a new generation of "fans" who completely missed the point.

No. 1020910

>Asuka is only a compelling character because her tragic past explains her erratic and bratty behavior.
i dunno pretty much every asshole character in fiction is written like that, always some ~tragic past~ to excuse everything it seems cliché at this point. on the other hand, when the rebuilds changed this they made her even more cliché.

No. 1020935

I understand the tragic backstory is usually a cliche but she's literally a 14 year old kid dealing with what what be huge trauma to a kid and acting out accordingly. She's not the Joker who had like an intensely bad day as an adult and became deformed and decided to become a supervillain. She also very realistically burns out when it feels like her only validation for living is gone. IMO she was very well written in the original run, can't speak to the rebuilds because I haven't watched for years and are very obviously a cash grab.

No. 1021006

men are sick

No. 1021011

ayrt and you summed up my whole perspective. I don't think wanting to make it big on the internet and being angry at your parents and boyfriend or whatever is the same as dealing with the trauma of seeing your mom literally hang herself as a kid while being expected to save the world from alien attacks kek. If they were actually similar to her they would relate to Shinji too, but they don't talk about him because he doesn't do it in an iconic and appealing way.

No. 1021023

> Taking to Twitter after Shane went missing, Sinead wrote: 'Shane, your life is precious. God didn't chisel that beautiful smile on your beautiful face for nothing. My world would collapse without you.
'You are my heart. Please don't stop it from beating. Please don't harm yourself. Go to the Gardai and let's get you to hospital.'
She later took to the social media platform to threaten the hospital where she said her son had been staying with a 'lawsuit' if 'anything happens to my son'.
She wrote: 'Like, how has a seventeen year old traumatised young person WHO WAS ON SUICIDE WATCH in Tallaght Hosptial's Lynn Ward been able to go missing???
'Hospital of course so far refusing to take any responsibility. Anything happens to my son on their watch? Lawsuits.
'I want to know why Lynn Ward at Taillight Hospital who were supposed to have HCA's supervise my child 24/7 have managed to let him out of their grasp this morning when 7 days ago he made two severe suicide attempts.'

This is horrible. Sinead has had such an awful life just one more awful event to add to the list.

No. 1021026

that's so sad.

No. 1021038

>The commodification of her character
Fucking kek

No. 1021044

She’s going off on Twitter

No. 1021046

File: 1641696405769.jpeg (438.31 KB, 828x977, B24E4965-52EC-4D66-B459-E0A479…)

Forgot pic damn

No. 1021048

File: 1641696469056.jpeg (301.26 KB, 828x636, 6F1A4A08-4031-4071-B88A-6DBBA2…)

No. 1021050

sucks when things like this happen because it's like… she's already rich and depleting the state of funds or their insurance of it doesn't actually change anything. no one will care or implement changes just based on a lawsuit. it's more that people need to be individually shamed in order to actually uphold and manage their responsibilities

No. 1021051

God poor Sinead, this has to be absolutely brutal

No. 1021071

Saying "if you are not a child soldier, you are not allowed to relate to Asuka" is completely missing the point and kinda autistic. All of NGE characters are extremely human. The "protecting humanity" plot makes it easier to relate, since you don't need to have giant empathy to understand the weight of it all. Asuka was written as compelling and sympathetic character – it's normal that she is relatable to girls and women. Her broad issues (low self esteem despite an obnoxiously confident persona, tying self-worth to doing what an abusive pick me mama wanted her to, loneliness, crush on an older man due to daddy issues, relying on a retarded teenage scrote for comfort, perfectionism, eventual depression and trauma etc) are something that is recognized by female viewers. You don't have to be a child soldier to feel like her. I remember evaspergs trying to diagnose her potential personality disorder (along with the other 2 kids) because she felt so realistically mental, and it was before zoomers diagnosing everyone with everything. It's normal for fiction to crank up stakes up to eleven. If the writing is good enough, you can easily imagine a realistic version of characters' lives leading to same result.

No. 1021088

yeah, people are missing the point. what's actually interesting about asuka is she's given the personality that's usually put on male characters who have that type of past. she's written like a douchey male who takes out his abandonment issues on others.

No. 1021089

that's actually so so bad. i swear i would kill myself if this happened to my kid, just fucking what the fuck.

No. 1021095

>Generic nonsuggestive art by famous modern artist
>omg pizzagate!!!

How did you even find yourself on this board, aren't you worried that we're all anonimoose antifa hackers?

No. 1021131

nta but you've clearly no idea of the art shes talking about, that shit is vile

>How did you even find yourself on this board


No. 1021137

almost everyone has seen mark ryden's art, it's not unpopular at all. but i believe he ripped off his wife first so really it's her art. it really doesn't seem that pedo like but it's probably not great to draw. he def ripped off his wife tho.

No. 1021157

File: 1641705980887.jpeg (71.5 KB, 875x583, Untitled-design-113.jpeg)

Good find

No. 1021159

The naked little girl on the bed is pretty pedophilic. Like why would you want to make art like that?

No. 1021175

Are you retarded

No. 1021194

File: 1641709827673.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 88.96 KB, 967x1271, 95D63F34-9786-4039-96CF-0170DC…)

Are Bella’s boobs real? I find it hard to believe that someone who is as plastic as her would not get breast implants. If I were her and were that far down the plastic rabbit hole I’m pretty sure I would have giant plastic tits.

No. 1021201

While it's possible her nipples/areolae are disproportionately small on boobs that size. It definitely happens it's just given the other work she's had more likely to be the result of a boob job than naturally being like that.

No. 1021210

You don't have to be a literal child soldier but her personality is very clearly a reaction to trauma. And sure many facets of her character are relatable, but most young women who relate to behaving that way aren't doing so because of extreme trauma. I'm really not trying to gatekeep Asuka but there are plenty of obnoxious women, plenty of hot and cold women, attracted to older men women, etc. that are like that for a number of reasons. Where are the "I'm literally Ritsuko" comments?

She seems "realistically mental" because of the good writing. Most people who relate to her character are drawn to the more brash aspects of her character and no one is making "lol so relatable" memes about being catatonic in a bathtub or losing it on your coworkers for performing better than you.

A character can be compelling, interesting, relatable, but hyperbolically claiming you're just like the surface level behavior of a fictional teen is uh, a choice. I'm literally Asuka is like lazy weeb code for "I get a lil crazy and might hit on your dad!" Might as well say "I'm literally Harley Quinn!"

I can't think of a single male character who acts the same way, and with a relevant backstory. I really don't see her as a girlboss shounen douche, usually those characters are 1 dimensional as fuck. Most series do not have the range or character development.

No. 1021216

i was >>1021088 and i didn't mean in anime, i meant in fiction in general

No. 1021382

It's not understandable how this man is still working for Disney when other's have been let go for less.

No. 1021387

File: 1641732814459.jpg (147.07 KB, 916x1679, Screenshot_20220109-045047.jpg)

Themi claims to be completely sober now. She also scrubbed her insta.

No. 1021419

well, he has a dick. he probably also has a famous dad or something.

No. 1021424

she won't be free in her lifetime, that ship has long sailed. her best bet would be to try and stay out of the public eye. for someone as known as britney that would include moving to nepal or some shit i guess

No. 1021466

holyshit, this just proves that the blue check mark is given to anyone. Gross af

No. 1021476

he comes from a big hollywood family (the coppolas) so there's some additional clout there that could appeal to some women. now her kid will be part of a ~hollywood dynasty~

No. 1021495

He’s a major Hollywood filmmaker nonna
“Anyone” only applies to people who identify as journalists/writers.

No. 1021508

>is a fucked up druggie
>gets a fucked up druggie son
Not sorry for her.

No. 1021513

Do you not admire her even a little for ripping up that picture of the pope?

No. 1021519

The blue check is just to verify the person is who they say they are. I personally like the blue check on accounts like Gunn's. He can't backtrack and say it wasn't his tweets

No. 1021554

They didn't have to pick a 14 year old for a lingerie line lol

No. 1021608

In her old Tumblr blog some anon posted a long time ago she said they were fake

No. 1021619

Exactly. Based AF

No. 1021621

Guessing poot relapsed again and almost died and the people around her gave her an ultimatum. I give it a few months before she’s out partying again. She reminds me of TND.

No. 1021626

Do you seriously think that anyone involved in Victoria’s Secret watched the series but also did the whole weird ass research about the plot and shit? They just saw the cool plug suits and promotional images of the characters and then picked the design.
They also don’t look like they’re 14 years old.

No. 1021634

File: 1641755510591.jpg (128.6 KB, 1169x1114, b.jpg)

This photo of her taken right before she shaved her head always gave me the chills. I don't know what her mental problems are but I do think the free Britney movement was too optimistic and single-minded. Being out of the conservatorship is not the solution to all her problems. I hope she is doing better at least.

No. 1021645

No it wasn't and it still isn't. Nobody in the west cares about the premise of it which I'm pretty sure caters to lonely loser men.

No. 1021652

This photo is so carnal

No. 1021676

"Westerners" don't sexualise the characters more than asians, have you even seen the anime? Don't be retarded.

No. 1021706

Reread the post and get the stick out of your ass lmfao, you got mad without actually contradicting a single thing I said. It's both ironic/unfortunate and funny, deal with it

No. 1021707

The fuck? I didn't say they did, or anything even close. Are you schizo, or just an illiterate American?

No. 1021710

It always disgusted me how people tore her apart after the head-shaving incident. It seemed unnecessary and weirdly angry, but it makes sense when you realize it was punishment from the media

No. 1021744

File: 1641763254952.jpeg (21.25 KB, 320x180, 320px-Fallen_Angel_(Alexandre_…)

same energy

No. 1021793

Bershka literally had an Evangelion collection aimed at teens, it's quite a lot more popular now than it has been before

No. 1021819

Damn that's unnecessarily cruel.

No. 1021844

The entire segment of the fashion show was women dressed up as sexy childrens toys/characters which is weird as fuck but … muh anime. Priorities kek

No. 1021857

Not really? It's weirder to sexualize fictional children than it is to sexualize inanimate objects lol

No. 1021859

No. 1021864

File: 1641771712961.jpeg (64.83 KB, 500x731, X8ygdxsceE_rTQd7ixOtklEdq3w3Xd…)

I still wonder how his body looks. If he never show it it must be hideous, right ?

No. 1021865

You can clearly see the bitch is fat. Probably looks like Leondardo Dicaprio >>1020062

No. 1021866

Eh. As long as they’re not sexualizing the actual child characters. It’s still weird and creepy but I feel like there’s other things to worry about.

No. 1021874

of course your standards only apply to anime characters, weebs are so insufferable

No. 1021876

How am I a weeb? Can you cool it with the projection and rage, kek?
I just think a sexy 14 year old costume is a bit weirder than a sexy boat or whatever. I think all normal people would agree, you might be the weeb if you think it's some sort of super nuanced topic or something. Neither are a huge deal though, the pearl-clutching is dumb on either side like others have said

No. 1021880

>no u

No. 1021883

>common sense
>"s-stop 'no u'-ing me!!"
Take your medication

No. 1021886

I'm not the one who thinks it's suitable for a woman to be dressed as a sexy little girls bike or alice in wonderland. If you think that's pearl clutching then maybe examine how you've accepted the sexualization of children

No. 1021888

We're living in a world where actual children are getting abused, especially in Hollywood. No one has time to be seething and virtue-signalling about some women's lingerie from like 2014 (and isn't Victoria's Secret defunct now?), next

No. 1021890

They're not real kek

No. 1021899

and the meltdown was caused in part by a lifetime of facing that reaction from the world every time she made a mistake or did anything the least bit "out of line".

No. 1021901

potbellied dwarftroll

No. 1021902

kek the anon you're yelling at said the sexy asuka costume is WORSE than the sexy etch-a-sketch or whatever

No. 1021909

File: 1641776145111.jpeg (169.09 KB, 750x998, 7EC8A391-AF4A-45DC-AE50-152FAD…)

Gone to the big full house in the sky.

No. 1021910

Certain media outlets are calling him "America's dad". And outside of Full House he was the least wholesome person ever. They're saying there's no signs of foul play or drug use. We'll see.

No. 1021911

Katy Perry's followers are most likely authentic. She's been around for a long time so a large portion of her following is inactive and doesn't unfollow.

No. 1021918

if the tiktok zoomers are correct than he a real freak prob david carredine’d himself

No. 1021933

that show was freaky imo. adults bullying that redhaired girl, cues for what emotion to feel from the laugh track. it was like a psyop propaganda thing to uphold the status quo. i know i sound crazy but that show creeps me out way more than the x files or south park ever could.

No. 1021945

The fact that the oslen twins currently look like drug addicted vampires and refused to show up for that modern sequel of full house is also kind of suspicious, especially knowing the jokes saget made about them in his stand-ups.

No. 1021949

waiting with baited breath to see how trisha paytas reacts to this lol

also i know this is /ot/ (and even worse, a celebricows thread in ot) but some of you need to contain your evangelion sperging

No. 1021954

Damn, what happened? i only liked the dude who played Jesse

No. 1021959

Wasn't Bob faggot a pedo?

No. 1021965

Bob Saget was a vile scoundrel but I really felt for him when Norm McDonald times. His tribute is one of the most genuine and beautiful tributes to a dead loved one I’ve ever heard. I hope they’re together wherever they are out there.

No. 1021966

No. 1021968

He wasn’t a pedophile, he made fucking nasty pedo jokes because his shtick was always going way too far. You can hate him for it but he’s not a pedophile.

No. 1021969

Good riddance and rot in hell. Reminder about his "joke" he put in his own book that involved him offering another man an opportunity to finger his newborn daughter.

No. 1021970

Only pedophiles make their entire career about "fucking nasty pedo jokes"

No. 1021972

He had simulated graphic, violet sex with the Olsen twin's stand-in dummy knowing they could see it from other room. That's pedophile.

No. 1021974

Yeah pedos love airing out how much they want to molest children by making jokes about it. You’re so naive. Unless you can say anything about him making physical acts against children drop it.

No. 1021976

Are you new to the world? Let's go way back: Chickenhawk. They've always been open about it you're the naive one.

No. 1021977

I smell a scrote

No. 1021978

Yeah I’m a scrote because I think calling someone who just died a straight up pedo because of shitty offensive jokes is both dumb and not cool. Only a man could think that way. Sorry I’ll be like all the other girlies here and just say “Oh tee hee a scrote died! Fuck him I don’t even know him though is he a pedo? :) Yes I don’t know okay good fuck him” I’m not gonna keep fighting about this though, believe what you want to believe.(:))

No. 1021981

Agreed. He was still gross for making the jokes to begin with but I doubt he was a pedo. Anons forget that edgy humor used to be really in until like 2015. I’m sick of the pearl clutching on here.

No. 1021982

> women are not comfortable with a man making a joke about his newborn daughter being fingered

Yeah either scrotes or pick-mes

No. 1021984

Being uncomfortable and disliking him for making gross jokes about molesting children is not the same as accusing him of being a straight up pedophile nonabelle.

No. 1021985

Yeah, they literally do, this isn’t the hot take you thought it was. Chris d’elia played a pedophile in two different shows, blowjob novak wrote his fantasy of fucking a middle schooler into episodes of the office, and James Franco basically played his own sexual-harassing self in the disaster artist. Men tell on themselves because they truly think they’re incapable of failure once they get a lick of fame (or in Franco’s case, a non consensual vagina lick at his very own acting school!) but keep defending a dead pedo. Saget 100% diddled the Olsen twins. Good riddance

No. 1021986

I said he probably wasn’t a pedo based on his jokes alone. Not that the jokes were okay. Learn to read, you fucking idiot.

No. 1021987

I agree somewhat tbh, this isn't an Onision/Shane Dawson sort of situation where they claimed their behaviours were "jokes". Bob Saget and comedians like him base their entire career on saying the nastiest and vile shit to get a laugh so I don't think their jokes can be used on their own to base belief systems/pedo behaviour.

However, some of his jokes were and always will be absolutely disgusting, bottom-tier scrote jokes and I don't think that stuff is funny. I think it leads to people being absolutely desensitized to how terrible these acts actually are because the jokes inevitably escalate as the subject matter "isn't shocking anymore". Which champions of that comedy genre don't seem to realise results in them not being shocked by it in real life and not just when used in a "joke"

No. 1021988

Non-pedophiles don't make "jokes" about fingering a newborn

No. 1021989

Men love to portray these types of characters and condemn that as evil/wrong to be like “See? I know it’s bad there’s no way I would play this character knowing it’s a bad thing to prey on children/teenagers :)” like it’s some kind of get out of jail free card. Making vulgar jokes isn’t that, but keep on keeping on with the baseless accusations.

No. 1021990

> Making vulgar jokes isn’t that
It is when you base your entire decades long career around it.

No. 1021991

>comedians like him base their entire career on saying the nastiest and vile shit to get a laugh so I don't think their jokes can be used on their own to base belief systems/pedo behaviour.
I used to think like that but then both pedo Jimmy Urine and rapist Marilyn Manson happened and now I will always suspect anyone who has a smokescreen of "oh he's just being edgy nobody would really say or do that if there was truth to it".

No. 1021992

Yeah his jokes were 100% just about molesting kids and nothing else. You know there’s vulgar/edgy humor way beyond that right? I’ve heard and read plenty of his stand up and it’s not a “1 Hour Kid Diddling Joke-a-thon”

No. 1021993

>blowjob novak wrote his fantasy of fucking a middle schooler into episodes of the office
wtf which episodes

No. 1021995

>iT'S jUSt JoKeS
Can we not. How many more scrotes who use that kind of "humor" need to get exposed for being creeps do you need?

That "desensitization" you're describing also happens to kids who watch this stuff. It's called grooming.

What's the acceptable quota for child molestation jokes? You're clearly a scrote if you care more about muh dead America's Dad's reputation being tarnished posthumously instead of using a single brain cell.

No. 1021996

maybe the bring your kids to work one, with Stanley's daughter

No. 1021997

Everyone knows that Bob Saget raped and killed a girl in 1990.

No. 1021998

File: 1641783013317.gif (841.69 KB, 500x234, 1E1B77EF-5DC5-4F8E-987D-CC5401…)

Kek I love this dumpster fire of a thread. I saw Bob Saget died and instantly came here for a good time.

No. 1021999

I’m not interested in baseless accusations and I’m not interested in being called a scrote just because I think it’s moronic to make them based off nothing. There’s plenty of actual pedophiles with victims that have come forward and proof of their vile acts and nothing has even happened to most of them. Calling some dead alcoholic comedian an actual pedophile for having a disgusting sense of humor is so brainless. His target audience isn’t children also, he was in Full House/AFHM but he didn’t include any of his own comedy in those shows and made it clear he hates that any wholesome/young audiences tried to follow his comedy career because of it since he doesn’t want children and sensitive yuppies freaking out over it. He was disdainful towards his time on FH forever for messing with his image. And to compare with the mentioned above example, Shane Dawson and Onision specifically targeted children as their audience and encouraged them to behave sexual and crude towards them.

No. 1022000

Sauce? I remember that episode and it seemed like a generic “teen girl has an awkward crush on an adult male” subplot which comically ended with Stanley berating him. Novak is gross though.

No. 1022002

Ah the clowns are here
Honk honk

No. 1022003

I’ve done a deep dive on blowjob a few times out of boredom and disgust. On deux he was spotted several times having dinner with Kiernan Shipka, half his age, and john mayer joined them on one occasion for whatever reason. Anyways, googled “bj novak and Kiernan Shipka” to find an old girly blog from like 2012 (now deleted) gushing about bj’s fake little sister Twitter account (him larping as a teenage girl, again, for whatever reason) which I think is still up. The avatar for the Twitter was Kiernan in mad men as sally draper smoking a cigarette. She was probably 12/13 when the scene was filmed. He’s obsessed and has been for years since she was a preteen - now that she’s of age he’s willing to publicize his decade long fight to fuck her.

No. 1022007

File: 1641783768948.jpeg (217.28 KB, 750x1088, 45473945-C17E-48EF-A90D-118C99…)

Nevermind, found the blog. Idk if anyone even cares but I want bj novak hatred to be more widespread so

No. 1022010

There are really anons defending a male making pedophile jokes in here. What a disappointment.

No. 1022016

No one’s defending his jokes, baseless accusations of someone being a pedophile makes it harder for real accusations to be taken seriously.

No. 1022021

There are several defending his jokes by writing them off as "just edgy humor". Didn't say anything about anons calling him a pedophile so…? Way to tell on yourself lol

No. 1022024

norm macdonald made funny jokes fine, but he was a misogynist and a homophobe just like every comedy legend except for maybe richard pryor. i hate tearful sadness over dead scrotes who all have the same edgy persona and were all drunken wifebeaters

No. 1022027

i don't recall trey parker, known edgy shitbag, ever pretending to fuck a kid. or amy schumer. or sarah silverman. or eric andre. smoke → fire. even caveman know that.

No. 1022028

> You know there’s vulgar/edgy humor way beyond that right?
Yeah, exactly so why make so many pedophile 'jokes' when there is vulgar/edgy humor way beyond that?

No. 1022030

samefag; even seth macfarlane never went further than "help, i just escaped from kevin spacey's basement"
nonstop pedo jokes = pedo

No. 1022031

i like the way you think

No. 1022032

I also heard that Bob Saget raped and murdered a girl in 1990. I kind of feel like it wouldn't be a joke if it weren't true.

No. 1022033

idk i always got bad vibes from his face. he has the look like paul olliges the fundie
seems like a real angry hate filled dude who looks small uwu sweet, and is ragingly angry and hate filled because he looks small uwu sweet.

No. 1022034

You got me there nonny.

No. 1022035

you're either a scrote or 17

No. 1022036

You say that and then literal skeletons start falling out of the closet lol

No. 1022037

Probably both. Why care so much about a dead scrote that makes pedophile jokes being called a pedophile on a female gossip board?

No. 1022038

and that girl? was glenn beck.

No. 1022039

Why do you care so much about a dead scrote that you call him anything at all?

No. 1022040

I haven't called him anything. There's more than three people on this site you know?

No. 1022047

Why are you deliberately missing the point? She didn't advocate for either one or say it was suitable. You look so dumb rn please this is not the hill to die on

No. 1022052

I heard that Bob Saget killed a man in Reno just to watch him die

No. 1022054

For non burguers like me that had no idea who this was. Why are men so fucked in the head, reminds me of all the hollywood "inside jokes" about Weinstein that later made sense

No. 1022056

Never compare those two

No. 1022058

Gross. Thanks for the info. I always knew he liked younger women but at least they seemed legal.

No. 1022061

rest in piss

No. 1022063

Olsen twins didn't ask to be child stars. It's gross they'd all joke about them.

No. 1022064

There’s a reason they didn’t come back for the dumb reboot

No. 1022068

Wait, wasn’t full house some super uwu wholesome and relatabable show? It’s so fucked up that the old scrote abused them.
What the absolute fuck.

No. 1022071


Really appreciate these descriptions, nice to see appreciation for natural and interesting looking girls instead of that boring Insta surgery look which looks awful in motion/in real life.

No. 1022072

File: 1641789277855.png (344.98 KB, 662x536, pp.png)

>interesting looking

No. 1022074

It is absolutely untrue that Bob Saget raped and killed a girl in 1990, but if I had any proof I would stop posting about it on a gossip forum and call the police.

No. 1022079

you're so dumb you make me want to commit sudoku

No. 1022143

File: 1641797807488.jpg (161.42 KB, 1080x519, Screenshot_20220110-075545_Chr…)

Where is the joke Saget?

Rest in piss.

No. 1022212

wow, that's bella's waist unphotoshopped? it's incredibly tiny. being anorexic sounds like hell

No. 1022230

Please don't summon the anachans

No. 1022308

it’s obviously shooped. look at the car behind her

No. 1022379

>Where are the "I'm literally Ritsuko" comments?
Funny, because I actually used Ritsuko as an explanation why the fact that she is a genius scientist doesn't make her unrelatable (I love her). I deleted it because my post was too long. I still think that there is nothing wrong or weird with deeply relating to Asuka, but you are right that she got a shallow fandom recently. I've been into Eva before Rebuilds were announced, so my experience is filtered by what I've seen through the years.
Are you kidding? NGE always had a following in the west, and it blew up thanks to Netflix and Amazon. You don't have to like it, but don't deny facts.
Wow, I've never seen this. Her stare is so intense.
>this isn't an Onision/Shane Dawson sort of situation where they claimed their behaviours were "jokes". Bob Saget and comedians like him base their entire career on saying the nastiest and vile shit to get a laugh so I don't think their jokes can be used on their own to base belief systems/pedo behaviour.
Sure! People were saying exactly the same thing about Onion, and Shane Dawson, Marilyn Manson and Jimmy Urine… probably many others. I've seen it too many times, I will never ever believe a 'it's just an edgy joke' scrote. I agree that >>1021988 normal people wouldn't even come up with something this vile.
Can't wait for your surprised Pikachu face when either Bob Saget or some other scrote of the time gets outed as a pedo, groomer or an abuser.

No. 1022398

i hate how everyone takes penn jillette seriously too. no one walks around looking like he does without being a fucking creepo freak. i feel like i'm taking crazy pills whenever some guy looks like a cartoon greasy neckbeard or pedo and everyone just acts like he's not dressed like a crazy person with a crazy haircut

No. 1022457

you'd feel like this too if everyone in your life was using you, the media was beating you up but still demanding access to you, for you to entertain them, to keep producing. her rage is relatable and human in her circumstances.

No. 1022496

a ritsuko type adult is who asuka would end up being if she didn't have her narcissistic collapse.

No. 1022544

Bob Fagget was a man, therefore a pedophile.

No. 1022561

end up being what?

No. 1022615

>gave me the chills
its literally a photo of her slightly glaring while holding a red bull anon grow up

No. 1022743

the styling and hair was more appealing before but their post-surgery faces fit todays beauty standards

No. 1022770

why are you mad

No. 1022772

i agree with you. it's a great picture though actually, and britney has enough righteous anger to be justified in doing a hell of a lot more than just glaring while holding a drink

No. 1022805

I didn't say gave me the chills because it spooked me out. I meant it momentarily made me feel intense emotion like how I imagine her to be feeling at that moment. Maybe saying chills wasn't the best wording.

No. 1022834

File: 1641857138105.png (706.54 KB, 1174x769, Screenshot (5741).png)

His reaction to the joke creeped me out, the whole video was fucked the way they made two toddlers being violated the entire theme of the roast. It felt like watching clips of Seth Macfarlane joking about Harvey Weinstein forcing women into sexual acts for a role years before the allegations came out. No wonder the twins didn't return for the show's reunion. Imagine seeing the people who were responsible for you between the ages of six months to nine years old joking about drugging and raping you and telling everyone that you and your sister have been whores from before puberty. "The difference between Mary-Kate and Ashley is that Ashley swallows." I hate scrotes so much.

No. 1022872

lmao nonnie

No. 1022911

File: 1641864579470.png (8.66 KB, 631x151, uhh.PNG)

hey u guys?? from imdb…????

No. 1022915

this is real??????

No. 1022921

yep it appears to be real, how fucking creepy. i think it's from the ep 'daddy's home'.

No. 1022922

File: 1641865186714.png (Spoiler Image, 298.76 KB, 500x388, picture-23.png)

I think so; I don't know what episode it's from yet but I found picrel on this site https://therealfullhousereviewed.wordpress.com/2014/01/29/montage-the-most-disturbing-images-to-come-out-of-the-full-house/

Also heads up the comment section on that site gives me super weird energy

No. 1022923

What the fuck? Who wrote this? Can we hear back from "It's just jokes" anon because….?
No wonder the Olsen twins didn't go back

No. 1022924

Oh my god I remember this episode re-running and how creeped out I was by it. I felt the same way about Nick content later. Sickening.

No. 1022931

I want to kms after watching this, poor girls

No. 1022936

File: 1641866195269.png (43.91 KB, 1148x316, JeffFranklin.PNG)

The creator of Full House / lead writer on that episode

No. 1022939

I committed the mistake of opening the link and now I feel like I should be on a list somewhere.

No. 1022955

I hate men so much it's unreal

No. 1022958

This reminds me of the whole Dan Schneider fetish thing

No. 1022963

holy shit what a psycho

No. 1022965


No. 1022990

anons are like "this was the beauty standard 300 years ago so therefore they're pretty now." you're right it's a cope.
Kek this post. Gatekeeping the trauma of a drawing. Grow up. You're not Asuka either

No. 1022992

Didn't richard pryor put coke on his dick before having sex with his gf/wife and didnt tell her to the point where she had cocaine build up in her uterus

No. 1023006

Who are those creatures?

No. 1023014

i said maybe. i just knew he shot his car cause he was mad at it & secretly dated marlon brando. if he cokedicked his wife then i retract my previous statement.

No. 1023015

sorry i think it's sad that some nice kids cut up their faces like piglets at a barbecue joint.

No. 1023040

File: 1641876229838.png (Spoiler Image, 754.93 KB, 1538x924, Screenshot (5751).png)

Spoilered cause this shit is depressing and an eyesore but when I was googling about Bob Saget and the Olsen twins I found a website with photos of both girls around the age of 13 or so. The ones at the top of the page aren't that suspicious but scrolling down I noticed most of the photos are just them in form fitting shirts without bras on underneath. And it's all collected on this site that was like the 5th Google image search. It's like child stars exist for rich pedophiles to exploit, Hollywood was a mistake.

No. 1023094

>secretly dated marlon brando.
he what now??

No. 1023095

Something about the 1998 website design with the black background makes this extra creepy. Who needs this many random screencaps of child actresses? “Fan page” yeah sure.

No. 1023151

This is old news. Brando fucked everyone. Like everyone everyone.

No. 1023194

File: 1641902900192.jpg (63.88 KB, 640x420, ashley-olsen-richard-sachs-kis…)

>It's like child stars exist for rich pedophiles to exploit
Yes. Here they are with their boyfies in 2016. Are these extremely wealthy old pigs dating them because they're so hot? No, the Olsen twins look terrible. They're dating them because they wanted to fuck child stars.

No. 1023210

Man they look terrible, what did hollyweird do to them?

No. 1023228

This your precious richard pryor?
(11m 28s)

No. 1023278

They've been pretty open in talking to the press about their drug addiction and anorexia. Classic CSA trauma copes

No. 1023286

That’s a bit of a stretch, anon. If they wanted to fuck child stars, wouldn’t they go after current child stars or at least barely legal teens? Not small but 30 something year old women who’ve aged terribly.

No. 1023321

File: 1641912020191.png (418.49 KB, 877x757, CgdZFKs.png)

Euphoria cast a porn star Chloe Cherry as a side character. I would call it tacky but let's be honest that show isn't even softcore porn, it's just full on porn.

No. 1023324

she looks like a sad little clown w/ those lips, probably very relatable to their target audience

No. 1023344

What sort of outfit is that? Looks like a tv-show for creeps.

No. 1023349

File: 1641914156487.jpg (162.53 KB, 1080x1080, IMG_20220111_121320.jpg)

Searched her name on twitter and it was full of people recognizing her from porn… jesus christ we really do live in a society

No. 1023355

this is someone so obviously addicted to drugs, wow

No. 1023358

By people you mean moids?
I feel sorry for her just from looking at her face, looks like she had a tough life.

No. 1023378

yeah he was straight for pay and pryor was bi and they both loved drugs. pryor's wife even bragged about it after they both died. hollywood is…gross

No. 1023380

made them anorexic since like age 10

No. 1023382

wow. the face of abuse. poor girl.

No. 1023388

File: 1641916457857.jpeg (336.03 KB, 827x1689, DED90660-12A1-49D0-BA0F-3666C6…)

From Azealia’s ig story regarding Julia fox & Kanye

No. 1023390

They date them because they (the sisters) are succesfull and rich as fuck, they're multimillionaires in their own right thanks to their childcarreers and clothing label. Wealthy people date other wealthy people.

Personally I don't think the blonde one looks bad tbh

No. 1023391

She looks so pitiful. I actually feel sorry for her.

No. 1023395

Is AZ still trying to be a crazy power couple with Kanye?

No. 1023398

rofl that julia whatever woman looks gross, i hated her in uncut gems. her fake ass is gross too.

No. 1023404

File: 1641917168345.jpeg (1.32 MB, 3464x3464, 8ADE861D-B7A6-443A-AA6B-235E4F…)

once upon a time she had a normal ass

No. 1023405

I hate her tattoos.

No. 1023407

i think anon may have included pryor as a good faith example to indicate she wasn't making a presciptive, undebatable statement of fact based on nothing but her own opinion. which, unnecessary on this website since we're all happy to hate 100% of moids, but in real life, is what we refer to as "best practices" and is an important part of professionalism as well as, you know, communicating as a functional adult.

No. 1023408

Wait, was the normal ass the first or second image? These both look like normal asses to me, but the first one looks kinda deflated

No. 1023409

>clearly fake ass with bbl looks normal to you
stop watching porn moid

No. 1023410

Your brain is deflated.

No. 1023414

touch grass, porn-chan

No. 1023415

Nta but what are you even trying to say

No. 1023416

she looks like amanda knox mid-anaphylactic shock

No. 1023417

LOOOOL she really does

No. 1023419

The fuck? A) didn't know that was BBL. B) normal people have asses that look like that. Mine does, except it's got cellulite. I just assumed that bitch had money to diminish hers C) I asked a question, chill.

No. 1023420

joe mama

No. 1023421

you can't diminish cellulite fatass, even the kardashians can't diminish theirs with all their money

No. 1023423

you have to be over 18 to post on this site

No. 1023424

There's bound to be something that at minimum smooths the appearance. She has coke binge ass on the first one. Be mad, do squats.

No. 1023426

Shes very dedicated to her violin LARP

No. 1023428

lol seethe moid. or are you a tranny? that bbl is very obvious either way

No. 1023429

No. 1023430

you retard, it's called "long butt". coke binges fuck up your face, not your ass.

No. 1023432

What fucking troon has hips, pretty much at all? That's one of the main telltale signs of being a guy.
I haven't seen many BBLs that weren't extremely exaggerated, and even that was in passive observation in some kind of ridiculously headlined media crap. Hers just looked like normal ass that had been maybe airbrushed or something.

No. 1023434

My favorite quote about Marlon Brando is that he was sexually fluid, slept around constantly, and would fuck a mailbox. Quincy Jones said it and it’s just hilarious to me.

No. 1023435

Muscle wasting and replacing meals with another line give them the more deflated look of there once being more substance there. It shows up on both.

No. 1023437

you're actually deluded if you think that's a normal ass. most women probably have something that looks like the left, especially if they're as skinny as she is in that photo.

No. 1023440

Girl, no. Just because your estrogen deposit game is weak does not make it a universal experience for the remainder of women's asses worldwide.
All you had to do was say it was BBL and fake.

No. 1023444

NTA but post ass with timestamp. Hide your face. Let's settle this

No. 1023445

can you crawl back to 4chan or whatever hole you sprung out from? first you can't tell an obviously fake ass, second you think every ass looks like that… it's clear the only exposure to asses you have is from porn

No. 1023448

Why are you talking about oestrogen weirdo? You really do sound like a troon.

No. 1023449

I would believe this if it came from anyone but Azealia. She's clearly bitter that Kanye still prefers white women with giant fake asses instead of her

No. 1023450

I'm not posting pictures of my butt here or on any other website.
You know that other shaped women exist than this one coked out, flat assed European woman, right? Go post this on LSA, come back with a response.

No. 1023452

oh okay, you're a fatass black woman with an inferiority complex and every white woman's ass (that isn't obviously fake) looks flat or deflated to you. you reek of jealousy, lipstick alley-chan:

No. 1023453

She’s got a 1000 yard stare

No. 1023455

NTA but why is the automatic assumption that everyone here must be either black or white? Ever heard of Latinas? They're on that big ass meme too lol

No. 1023456

it's just obvious that she's black, but of course there are latinas and plenty of asians here too

No. 1023457

he'd be based if he hadn't rapefisted mariel hemingway in the ass on camera. why can't we have a nice cheeseburger-addicted funny gay moid for once.

No. 1023463

Fuck off nigger(racebait)

No. 1023464

racebait. you think black woman waste their time defending a white woman's bbl?

No. 1023467

anon was looking for a chance to racebait see >>1023463

No. 1023468

she obviously does exactly that. and i'm not racebaiting rofl. she's the one that brought up lsa.

No. 1023471

>refuse to post proof
>"muh estrogen deposits"
LARPing troon moment

Shut the fuck up retard

No. 1023478

The nigger was the one who racebaited first >>1023450(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1023482

File: 1641921320961.gif (2.95 MB, 600x338, FF4DB326-B7A5-443F-8637-51E0E2…)

>accuses other woman of being jealous because white women have flat asses or whatever who cares it’s just an ass
>immediately calls them the hard-r

Anon didn’t even say anything by extreme, you’re such a whiny little racist baby kek

No. 1023484

what the shit is an "estrogen deposit"???

No. 1023488

What the fuck is this image?

No. 1023489

bob and a 12yo girl

No. 1023492

I mean she did play a smack head, id say that was the perfect role for her.

No. 1023506

what the fuck am I looking at

No. 1023511

File: 1641923023789.webm (5.28 MB, 1280x592, yt5s.com-Stephen Colbert.webm)

No. 1023520

You might think this video is an answer but this only creates more questions

No. 1023521

yeah no that's some dark web shit

No. 1023524

Am I the only one seeing dead bodies in the background?

No. 1023539

it's not the same guy

No. 1023544


No. 1023548

NTA but you guys are being massive fuckheads just because anon couldn't tell it was a BBL. Not everyone spends their free time observing fake asses.

No. 1023549

also, stephen colbert isn't tone deaf like the guy in the video

No. 1023552

schizo-chan posting the weirdest shit

No. 1023553

No. 1023562


Explain yourself schizochan

No. 1023569

I meant >>1023502. >>1023553
Did you look at the pic? In the top left corner it looks like a photo of dead body laying on garbage bags. Then the photo in the middle (which is overlayed with not-Colbert) looks like a head of a deceased individual with head wounds.

No. 1023570

this video is highly disturbing. it's disturbing how the child reels away from him every time he moves closer. just really weird. anyone have context for this? other than the vague image

No. 1023571

is this shit meant to be ~empowering~ for teenage girls? Her lips are fucking disgusting.
why the fuck are you posting pictures of a child corpse without even an explanation of wtf we are looking at? Fucking schizo.
ok fatty
there's literally pictures of a dead child in >>1023502 in the background. I know you wanted to feel smart but you failed.

No. 1023581

If you look at the vid description, it's apparently from 2012 and people thought it's Podesta as well

No. 1023583

nta but it's dumbass-chan tagged the video instead of the photo collage for her clever comment of
>Am I the only one seeing dead bodies in the background?

Yeah, for the video? She was probably the only one. for the pics, everyone with two functioning eyes could see the dead child.
Schizo chan should take her meds and stop posting dead kids on lolcow.

No. 1023595

I meant it as 'why is nobody talking about this?', autist. You didn't have to try to be clever and could have replied like a normal person.

No. 1023601


This is so fucked up, I want to murder this stupid score

No. 1023603

File: 1641926681638.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 114.85 KB, 800x1015, c673f248.jpeg)

I'm not surprised. Julia used to do heroin and porn with her ex

No. 1023615

File: 1641927186654.jpg (438.77 KB, 2040x1440, imgonline-com-ua-twotoone-QBwp…)

wtf happened to this girl? I feel bad for her

No. 1023620

What the fuck is this video? Is it really some pedo shit? Is the kid ok?

No. 1023632


I think it's suggested by the schizo poster that this child ended up dead (see separate discussion about the other gory photo). Pretty off-putting when I just come here to laugh at Arigato Grande's plastic surgery

No. 1023640

Is it really that weird? It absolutely gives the creepy vibes that every low quality home video does but imo that's not enough to make it's a pedo thing
It's normal to recreate a music video and the kid looks like he's really focusing to channel the sad drama of it all. The weirdest part is the man wearing a pink wig, but maybe it's scrote logic because he's playing the womans part

No. 1023677

It looks creepy but there is nothing sinister behind it, other than a dad being really cringe. You can google "gotye boy explained" and find that the boy (now adult) in this video has come forward to explain that he is very much alive lol

No. 1023685

File: 1641930229434.jpg (16.07 KB, 550x312, IMG_20220111_204159.jpg)

No. 1023688

I love that Nexpo made a whole fucking video on this and it was debunked literally within minutes of him posting. What a fucking idiot.

No. 1023693

Go tell it to HR

No. 1023713

I’m gonna moralfag I’m tired of these corny and shitty television shows marketed towards teens and young adults of actors twice the age of their targeted demographic dressing like GTA hookers and spitting contrived wannabe degrassi drama dialogue. Not every teen is going out and getting drunk, having sex, and dressing like an instagram influencer with expensive clothes that no regular high schooler would ever have in their reach unless they shoplifted it. Teenagers can’t even be teenagers anymore, elites are trying to close the gap of childhood and teenagehood because they’re sick perverts who can’t write a normal story for shit and being an adult brings more economic benefits for these pigs. More social engineering for the capitalist monarchy, fuck Hollywood worst scrote invention on earth

No. 1023737

she looks like she has really bad allergies to the fentanyl she uses kek

No. 1023740

Nah you're right, its not moralfagging to point out how gross those shows are and their bad influence

No. 1023746

actually it is moralfagging but it's okay because moralfags created civilization

No. 1023764

Do they even still make shows for preteens/teens? Like are there any Boy Meets World equivalents? Any Hannah Montana-esque shows? When I was a preteen it seemed like there was plenty of popular media that showed normal kids being kids.

No. 1023774

preach anonita

No. 1023783

100% anon. I hate that theyre allowed to market this shit with disclaimers like it isn’t clearly intended for a teenage audience. I was on the subway and saw a teen girl dressed just like the spanish hoe from the show and it had me appalled

No. 1023784

The internet pretty much ruined that anon, I’ve began to notice that the increase of eceleb culture and content has completely wiped out wholesome content and tv now you have confused culture where ideals and values are so broken down that it constantly invites annoying adult cynicism and irony into every little thing. Even if you try to make “preteen” or “cringe” content, you know something sweet for the fucking kids everyone always shits on it and then the cycle repeats kind of like they shit on Totally Spies for having fetish bait but at least it showed a group of girls that were imperfect but still exemplified heroism. Disney channel movies and shows weren’t oscar worthy but at least it had some sort of value or meaning to kids especially young girls. Kek I went completely offtopic but still

No. 1023860

What if this woman always wanted to be an actress outside of porn? I almost feel happy she got offered an opportunity in that case but I'm sure her role will be very sexualized.

No. 1023877

I think the show is unnecessary graphic (like why we need to see dick and lines every episode?!) but sex, drugs and party are what teens wants to see.
I remember back in the days Skins was the shit.

No. 1023886

euphoria will never be skins as hard as it tries and rue will never be queen effy stonem

No. 1023889

File: 1641940236158.jpeg (117.72 KB, 750x1334, E5ED71CE-9F58-49CC-820A-22613D…)

she's a druggie and the drug dealers girlfriend so yes

I cannot believe how botched her face is it's so sad

No. 1023894

Oh no. Her lips look like a prolapsed butthole.

No. 1023909

File: 1641941690366.jpg (413.85 KB, 1600x2400, ca3c17bd65f568d2c078957e41dcfa…)

while older unrealistic teen shows also showed mental illness or irresponsible behavior, be it skins, gossip girl or movies like clueless, they at least still had them wear clothes
imitating your fav characters style has always been a thing for teengirls, but no actually underage kid should wear something like that..
i totally get why it's better to use adult actors to play teens, but please at least style them as such

No. 1023926

wow men's bodies are naaasty! i've only seen one guy naked when i was much younger, before i was sure my parents wouldn't hate me for being a lesbian. i didn't know so many irl were so…doughy? idk i guess that's why being gay exists, don't listen to me.

No. 1023928

i blame her parents.

No. 1023931

I feel like this is an American thing. British always shows feel more genuine: less modelesque actors and over the top outfit.
Euphoria is just going for that instagram influencer look which I don’t like either.

No. 1023932

anon please come to my birthday party, you are based as fuck.

No. 1023939

Speaking of Euphoria, Jules is starting to look manlier, it’s off-putting

No. 1023994

didn’t he just get breast implants? that’s unfortunate

No. 1024017

Tbh no, a lot of scrotes tend to get stuck on women they were fixated as a kid/teen. The fact that it’s the real Mary Kate/Ashley is enough to make them cooooooooom!
He’s losing his twinky looks because he’s entering his mid-twenties. He’s gonna be a gross beast in 5 years and everyone who talks about how ~femme~ and passing he is is gonna have to eat their words.

No. 1024019

it's a shame because i think there is a considerable audience of teenagers who would like to see shows that better represent themselves (introverted, never parties, has more going on internally than externally) but something like that would never get popular or be considered "cool" unless it was overly quirky and obnoxious about it

No. 1024033

seriously. im 25 and the show has me thinking that i must have did my high school years all wrong

No. 1024037

This show creeps me out so much.
I get teens have sex. Doesn’t mean I want to see it. I feel like a pedo watching it.

No. 1024047

It’s unironically dangerous propaganda

No. 1024051

skins had soul

No. 1024057

Honestly with euphoria I 100% think they should’ve set it in college, more people I know irl “experimented” drugs/sex/relationships wise because they were away from parents and making their own money to spend on whatever, I will never understand this weird American (riverdale, PLL ect) thing of setting all these “wild teen” shows in high school it’s so strange when college is literally the perfect environment, Skins is one of the only examples I can think of that did it decently the characters in that were in 6th form/college (16-18) and it actually mattered to the plot like Effys GCSES being faked and everyone going to different unis in the end, I wish more writers would stop doing “sexy teenager” shit

No. 1024059

Exactly, there’s a reason skins US failed. Because Americans don’t understand subtly maybe? I’m an amerifag and I genuinely don’t understand why our shows these days are shit. It’s all like super heavy handed propaganda. The wokie diverse writers are nasty fetishists that put their pedo sexualized crap in their shows. Same as religious zealots with their conservative programming who did gross shit behind the guise of religion. Two sides of the same idiotic coin.

No. 1024069

That's nasty? He looks hot.

No. 1024076

agree with other anon, he looks gross, men's bodies are gross and only tolerable if you are attached to them

No. 1024089

I agree. Although this shit isn’t really new. Stuff like this has been around since the 80s, albeit more tame.

No. 1024096

File: 1641955584321.png (2.96 MB, 1242x2688, 9428D5B9-3A9C-42F5-A5EC-E774C4…)

She’s a muppet lol.

No. 1024100

Wow she really looks horrible, how did she get this job? I don't watch this shitty show but imma look into who is in charge. They must be a fan of hers, doesn't drake have something to do with Euphoria?

No. 1024112

Yes he’s a producer.

No. 1024122

don't get me wrong, i have male friends, and i know most of the population is straight. but i can only see the attractiveness of twinks or maybe gym guys really, the ones other moids like.

No. 1024123

Drake aka Wheelchair Jimmy being a producer is the biggest red flag. Like you just know he loves revisiting his Degrassi days from a position of power and influencing a generation of kids.

I do watch Euphoria because it very much is like watching a trainwreck with great cinematography, but it's gross as hell to wink wink this show is for ADULTS. Meanwhile Teen Vogue has articles about how to recreate Euphoria looks.

I don't think you have to be a prudish puritanical American who hates breasts to think it's fucked up to make a show about teens with the characters getting naked and having sex, even if the actors are all adults. It's gross for adult actors to portray that, but Alexa Demie is a creep so that checks out.

It makes drug use look dreamy and cinematic without life ruining consequences and it's so sad and uncomfortable to witness.

No. 1024125

As a teen I was introverted, but loved watching Skins. Because Skins, with all of its flaws and melodrama, catered to every teenage audience, and in doing so had mass appeal and relatability: JJ, Sid and Pandora for the spergs; Effy for the troubled BPD drug-addicts (and Katie for the girls who wanted to be troubled BPD drug-addicts); Cassie and Naomi for the NLOGs; Tony and Cook for the chads; and a whole supporting cast of fleshed-out and believable characters. There were even characters who didn't like to party, do drugs or have sex.

But I can't imagine any teenager who is the slightest bit introspective or reclusive relating to anyone in Euphoria. In the same way they wouldn't relate to Effy, they wouldn't relate to any of the Euphoria cast. Almost all of the characters are unhinged, and even the few token 'boring' characters don't feel like they could exist in real life, because we never see them just being 'boring' teenagers. We never see them sitting exams, dressing scruffily and dealing with everything else mundane, because for the plot's sake they revolve around the comparatively exhilarating lives of the main characters, and so can never be too boring. All of this makes the average unpopular adolescent feel that they're the odd one out - not even the boring characters, who are supposed to represent them, actually represent them. In this way, in this complete neglect of the shut-in nerd, and the subversion of what the average teenage experience ought to be like, >>1024047 is right.

I just can't understand why, if the show clearly doesn't want to be a relatable high school drama like Skins and instead wants to be a thriller with this huge overarching plot full of mentally ill fags and frequent nudity, the characters can't be in their early 20s. Why not. Is it really just because of the sex appeal that comes from teenagers fucking and the aforementioned propaganda element? I hate pedowood so much

>greatest queen

No. 1024135


Unpopular tinfoil ig but I honestly believe that if Zendaya wasn't starring in Euphoria, it would have been torn to shreds like Riverdale was. And I believe that casting was intentional so teen girls would watch it and get groomed.

No. 1024156

New to this thread so apologies for replying to something 5 days old but you "free Britney" peeps really think her behaviour is normal and due to trauma? Kek have you watched any of her recent documentaries? It's not a secret that she likes and was addicted to stimulants, namely Adderall which Adnan even admitted she was abusing, meanwhile her dad was also using it as a bribe to get her to work.

Her IG videos to me are terrifying, the crazy dancing, the smeared makeup and grungy greasy hair, but moreso the constant moving back and forth and super-fast, out of breath talking, she's clearly still abusing the ever loving fuck out of either Adderall, cocaine or both. It's why she had to then commenting off on her IG because literally every single comment was about her pacing, her voice, her hands shaking, she's high out of her mind and it's painfully obvious to anyone not just trying to blame it on what she's been through.

No. 1024180

>alexa demie is a creep

No. 1024182

In the case of the Euphoria creator, I don't think he even went to college (idk his wiki says he studied method acting for 4 yrs, no school listed). So I'm not surprised lol he didn't have the range.

I've heard that tv producers don't like to do college years as they don't want to alienate people who haven't been to college. There are shows now that are set in college and you can tell the creators went to college and the audience is aimed towards college aged or college educated people.

No. 1024201

> It makes drug use look dreamy and cinematic without life ruining consequences and it's so sad and uncomfortable to witness.

Did we watch the same show ? There is drug prevention in most episodes. I mean Rue almost died twice and I still remember that pathetic scene where she was cring at Fez door for drugs.

No. 1024270

she looks very sick

No. 1024285

They have them in designer clothes a lot of the time, too. If they wanted it to be accurate they'd have them in in Wild Fable or something bc it's all a teen can usually afford lmao.

No. 1024303

Tell me you've never been in girls locker rooms without telling me you've never been in girl's lockerrooms

No. 1024315

this actress, Alexa Demie, also lies about her age. in 2019 media outlets + wikipedia stated her age as 24 but people on twitter found her high school's yearbook and she graduated in 2008 kek. so that makes her 31 rn, but I guess her wiki is scrubbed of her age and she still pretends to be 26. it's pretty insane that she is playing a teen on euphoria imo. even shows like skins, which were graphic, at least casted 18-19 year olds

No. 1024332

File: 1641975934604.jpeg (241.06 KB, 827x1001, 372FBF6B-CE00-448A-9599-111633…)

doja cat's january 2022 rolling stone cover. it's like a pornified 70s witchy stevie nicks vibe.

No. 1024371

her titties are unfortunate, her face too

No. 1024381

She's really pretty, looks witchy as you said

No. 1024383

I hate Barbie tits. Lack of nipple distracts me, instead of enjoying the photo I zoom in, instead of the photo looking pleasing it looks not right.

No. 1024388

Seethe and cope obese whore

No. 1024394

nayrt but holy shit anon, there's no need to be upset. just enjoy the thread.

No. 1024398

Why can't there be a non sleazy/hyper-sexual black/biracial star for once? It's retarded how it was more common in the arguably more racist 60s-80s than these "progressive" times.

No. 1024400

It’s cool but I refuse to believe this was the best shot they got turning the whole set. That shadow across her chest is super distracting. Sage for nitpick.

No. 1024453

File: 1641988454965.jpg (119.93 KB, 1000x667, mid90s-2018-004-alexa-demie-su…)

She makes out with a literal child in the movie mid90s. Iirc she was in her late 20s and the kid is like 11.

No. 1024454

File: 1641988471543.jpg (63.61 KB, 700x1112, janelle.jpg)

janelle monàe or however you spell it could have been that, i thought she was so cool in the early 2010s

No. 1024470

Ikr, songs in her early albums even advocate against hypersexualization (Sincerely, Jane) but then Dirty Computer comes out and you find out no one is truly safe from the influence of bullshit woke "pro sex" movement. I still love her, but idgaf that she's "pansexual" and I would have preferred she kept her sexual awakening to herself or at least have been more subtle about it so the girls who grew up listening to her albums wouldn't feel so…betrayed, idk if that's the right word but it's kind of what I felt.

No. 1024497

File: 1641992318332.jpg (142.9 KB, 736x1011, R6Qa4vd.jpg)

>Why can't there be a non sleazy/hyper-sexual black/biracial star for once?
Willow Smith and Pinkpantheress blew up last year. They are not hypersexual. Especially Pinkpantheress who dresses like a MySpace Twilight Fangirl. Willow Smith maybe a weird stuff(apparently has two boyfriends at the same time lol) but that's more her being a New Age granola girl than hypersexual.

No. 1024512

azealia is right, she is super fat and it bothers me that she’s marketed as a black artist when she’s mixed.(racebait)

No. 1024515

I really like Willows music, when she was younger and she and her brother were making all those goofy pseudo intellectual comments I didn't take her very serious, but after actually listening to her music I am impressed.

No. 1024516

go away gay retard twitter stan, this whole website isn’t for you

No. 1024523

marketed as rnb when she's pop*
everyone knows Doja is biracial. there are a lot of artists who are like that. Even when Nicki made pop music she got charted as hiphop. Same thing also happened to Ariana.

No. 1024556

bulimia cheeks, concrete fillers, genetically shitty jowls exacerbated by weight gain, or all of the above?
i hope lip fillers die the fuck out soon.
good on her for getting out of the porn industry but equally a show about high school doesn't seem like the place. i get weird vibes about the producers' motives.

No. 1024595

TF are you on about? Dirty Computer is a beautiful album, not some raunchy sexual awakening. There's not a pear clutching lyric in the whole thing. Oh no she wrote a song kind of about vaginas. The visual album was extremely tasteful. I know Grammys don't mean shit but it was nominated for a reason.

Janelle Monae didn't get bigger because of what she looks like and how record executives can't grasp the concept of pushing a black woman artist that isn't overtly sexual and racially ambiguous with her ass and tits out.

No. 1024598

i really don't understand how black women like you and azealia cope with being pro black ana chans when you're in a community that worships thicc bodies like no other. is it from growing up on 2000s mainstream culture?

No. 1024644

I didn't say the album wasn't good. It you can't say it isn't a sexual awakening. About half the album is about sex and the other half is about her identity as a person and as an American. I would say I Got the Juice is pretty raunchy. And yeah I have to say that the video to Make Me Feel was different than what I'm used to seeing from a Janelle Monae video. I'm in no way comparing her to artists like Nikki Minaj or anything like that and I don't want you to think I haven't grown to love and appreciate Dirty Computer. It's just different. When I was younger I felt a lot of pressure about sexuality and my body and Janelle in her little suits and the lyrics of her music gave me a lot of comfort at the time, I had never even had sex back then and hadn't until my mid twenties a year after Dirty Computer. Can you really blame me for being a little put off?

No. 1024650

fuckin hate this. no male artist would have to choose between "normal shoot" and "sexy shoot". why the fuck do you people think she's a queen when she stil agrees to this shit and plays by the scroteocracy's rules?

No. 1024652

jfc. she's not black and i don't know why so many of you are about to reee at me that she is.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1024654

whoa what's wrong with her arm&hand? thought that was a troon at first

No. 1024656

why would u be put off? she showed you can talk about sex and be a sexual person without making yourself the public's sex object. she was a whole person and didn't do underwear photos. (not that i am saying "keep your clothes on girls", i mean that if your job isn't underwear model i don't understand why wearing underwear on the cover of a magazine should be considered part of your career path)

No. 1024686

>Drake the pedo is a producer on a show about teens having sex and doing drugs

No. 1024688

I work in multimedia production and this is definitely the worst part of the photo for me. I don't know what the fuck the other anons are about, she looks fine.

No. 1024690

True. Poor traumatized Britney and blah blah, but the woman is a druggie.

No. 1024691

Being half Black is still Black, dumbass. Get out of here lmfao

No. 1024692

Because she's talented and most of us think she's pretty? And Doja's been dressing in revealing clothing since before she ever blew up. You sound jealous.

No. 1024694

Someone ban this bitch for racebaiting, we're not about to waste another thread on this stupid bullshit.

No. 1024727

Watch the race baiter be mayo white KEK, so much projection on black women all the time in this thread.

No. 1024760

?? are you guys one-drop rule in your countries?

No. 1024762

wtf how come they can't equally access their white half? i think alleged "racebait anon" was trying to say biracial exists and light-skinned or white passing black people maybe don't have the same life as dark skinned black people or plack ppl who don't have a white parent

No. 1024772

probably because realistically biracial people tend to look more similar to other african people like lets say some light skinned west or east africans for example than they do european people?

No. 1024788

Aw, fatties got mad lol

She looks fine. Another cokehead celebrity really. You can think someone looks nice without being an asslicker lol but that concept is lost on jealous fatties.

No. 1024800

Yes, Disney even had a reboot of Boy Meets World and the Thats So Raven reboot is still airing. Sanitized, age appropriate Teen shows still exist, we just don’t hear about then anymore because we aren’t 12 years old.

No. 1024905

>white passing black people maybe don't have the same life as dark skinned black people or plack ppl who don't have a white parent
She was raised by a single mother, she had a full black life experience. Leave Doja alone.

No. 1024906

A single white mother lol. Stop lying to yourself

No. 1024908

Can you stop with unsaged race-baiting, get a chill pill and find some milk

No. 1024912

The point is, she had an absent black father.
I just don't understand why out of all biracial celebrities Doja is the one to get the most hate. Imagine praising dead fish Zendeya and shitting on Doja for
>uwu she is not black enough for my taste

No. 1024914

So are black people raised by both parents no longer black? Guess most Africans are not black (btw, she is half African ie Zimbabwean so don't try that either lol)

No. 1024917

She was born in US, you are really tracing the sperm came from? By your logic she is not even african american. As if most black people in US don't have racemixing in their blood. Fuck off with your double standards and hate boner for Doja.

No. 1024920

>ITT white people sperging over Doja Cat with zero nuance or understanding of why black people are tired of erasure from biracial/mixed women.

No. 1024921

She's biracial, not black, stfu you're probably white lmao

No. 1024928

Yet you bitches don't have same energy for your qween Zendeya. So GTFO
>stfu you're probably white lmao
>what you were culturally around
Yes she was around absent father, your point?

No. 1024929

Exactly, and that's also why transracial is valid and the blackfishing accusations need to stop. Rihanna was right when she called Rachel Dolezal a hero, but people aren't ready for that conversation

No. 1024933

See >>1024928. Projection

No. 1024935

Different anon, nonnie

No. 1024936

Same thing applies lol

No. 1024937

Stop feeding the /pol/ tard or kiwi fag bait, for some reason they're always drawn to the Celebricow threads

No. 1024939

Literally how?

No. 1024940

Why do you keep bringing up Zendaya? Who here even worships her? Bottom line: Neither of them are black, having an absent father doesn't make you black (wtf?) and everyone is sick of the erasure and LARPing.
The first anon is right (and I literally like Doja Cat), fuck off with the racebait and pretending to be from LSA, you were calling someone "nigger" yesterday

No. 1024947

>you were calling someone "nigger" yesterday
You are schizophrenic.
Yes, everyone here worships Zendeya for being a black qween and yes it is a double standard to hate on Doja and exclude her from her own race just because her voice is too good for hip-hop

No. 1024957

File: 1642014875345.jpeg (595.86 KB, 828x1121, D9D442BE-601B-452D-8832-36A023…)

Nycfag here. Before her come up from that Terry Richardson photo shoot, she was a known high price whore for purchase, and has fucked like every graf writer in the lower east side. And a known dope addict. She was absolutely shooting up when I knew her, and wouldn’t be surprised if she kept it up now even just snorting.

also what kind of BBL does this? This was last week on the beach. Not defending her cus it looks like a bbl for sure in some pics but this is just deflate butt. The fuck?

No. 1024960

File: 1642015021379.jpeg (67.24 KB, 639x559, CF4A0B2E-3392-4146-92FE-757A95…)

Ah yes the full black girl experience, stripping for white racist men on tiny chat and writing the n word on yourself. Doja is nothing more than a privileged biracial who makes her money off of a culture she hates and has no part of aside from her absent father being black. Also really using “dindu nuffin” as a song title? Stop protecting this woman who clearly still hangs out with more white people than black people because she doesn’t see herself as black(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1024961

>single mother + absent father = black experience
you're fucked up, nonnnie.

No. 1024962

i was anon who made the "she isnt' black" post, and thank you for not being a retard like the rest of this thread.

No. 1024963

what are you talking about, last thread was all girls calling zendaya non black.

No. 1024966

please come to my birthday party

No. 1024967

Go back to Twitter

No. 1024970

Why does lolcow go into turbo autism whenever biracial women are mentioned? The only thing missing are the “She doesn’t even look black! She just looks Mediterranean” posters.

No. 1024971

Why are her hands so huge

No. 1024974

She's right though

No. 1024980

File: 1642016248096.jpeg (123.69 KB, 1024x759, rs_1024x759-211229142836-1024-…)

Selena Gomez and Cara Delevingne did a matching tatoo. Sel is back on some hard drugs.
This girl is a hot mess, how can fans believe her nice girl act.

No. 1024986

I don't know much about tattoos, but these look like they will fade into nothing.

No. 1024990

it's not natural lol before and after pics were posted a few days ago

No. 1024993


No. 1024994

Oh, my bad then! I haven't been reading this thread.

No. 1024995

I think it looks like that because of her BBL + no muscle tone in her glutes? I know when I don't do butt exercises the top of my ass if the first thing to deflate lol.

No. 1024996

File: 1642017343552.png (2.47 MB, 828x1792, ECDF7289-35CB-4F1B-8C14-C928A1…)

Sunny Suljic was 11 in mid90s and she was 26. She’ll be 31 this December. Why is a 30 year old playing a teenager? Weird.

No. 1024999

I’ve only been following the celebrity threads for a short amount of time so can someone explain this? I fully believe her nice girl act. She has a history with drugs? Legit news to me

No. 1025001

do you think her and Cara hooked up? This is something couples about to fall apart do.

No. 1025005

Still sounds like a Twitter sperg regardless

No. 1025009

there's a rumor that selena has a drinking problem along with lupus

No. 1025010

>clearly still hangs out with more white people than black people because she doesn’t see herself as black
You really pulled out
>having black friends means someone can't be racist
Holy shit people like you are retarded. Also you choose to believe some guy you call racist and put down a black woman because of something that scrote said.
Where is the N word on her body? Are they really racist? Who told you? Some racist guy as you say in the chat?

No. 1025014

Go back to /pol/

No. 1025016

I have noticed some anons on here are so obsessed with tinfoiling and sperging that she is an alcoholic drug addict who doesn’t have lupus. I am not some huge Stan of hers but I think she is a sweet genuine celebrity. I don’t understand why some anons are so fixated on her negatively.

No. 1025017

>defending biracial woman is /pol/ now
You are the ones accusing someone of being racist and believing some scrote who by your word is a nazi? So STFU

No. 1025022


No. 1025025

>I think she is a sweet genuine celebrity
Nah she is too bitchy for that, also her victim complex is toxic af. Disney nostalgia is messing with your perseption.

No. 1025027

dude in the bottom left preparing to shoot up is a classic

No. 1025029

>uhh ohh I kinda know she has a point but I can't agree with her so the best thing is to say
>uhh ohh you schizo!
>here I did it, I owned that black person haha

No. 1025032

why does it look like an anus with some black fluid dripping out oof terrible tattoo and placement

No. 1025033

Wtf? Get help

No. 1025036

Just my opinion anon, which is from what I have read and personally heard and watched about her. Nothing to do with her being on Disney either lol.

No. 1025041

File: 1642018741437.jpeg (1.41 MB, 4096x2731, B160BD18-2368-45D6-8CB3-02A749…)

i'm supposed to believe these two are the same age basically??

No. 1025044

File: 1642018971921.jpeg (471.48 KB, 2048x2229, Alexa-Demie.jpeg)

You could at least choose a picture of Alexa that isn't filtered and blurred to hell and back anon. Anyway, they both look fine.

No. 1025047

nta but she does come off as bitchy and spiteful. There's a few vids out there of her being drunk af to events stumbling around (posted in the last thread I think?). Plus there's also:
- Her literally not even speaking to her friend who DONATED HER KIDNEY to save her life.
- Randomly 'dropping' demi out of her life years ago out of no where, then proceeded to shit talk her (and miley) with taylor swift. Demi used to be her best friend.
- Constantly talking shit about justin (who tbh 100% deserves it he's a total asshole) but like, girl it's been YEARS. He's married now. Get over it.
- Regularly goes after guys who have gfs (weeknd or w.e when he was dating bella, he cheated on her with selena when they did some song together, but then got back with bella after)
- Clearly lying about lupus (there's a ton of evidence that she doesn't have the symptoms and more likely had a severe reaction to being an alcoholic/hard drug addict)

those are just some off the top of my head. I know there's more but I don't remember the others. I never really bought her fake uwu I'm so innocent act. That's just disney working it's magic lol

No. 1025050

no, it's an open secret at this point that margot robbie has been lying about her age for years. she is 35 at the least, most likely more. she doesn't look anywhere near as fine as that girl.

No. 1025057

i think this is closest to the truth. she seemed very drunk a lot in the past, but in the past year or so was doing better based on appearance. maybe she's a drunk again lately. i think the lupus is real but not as dramatic as she makes it out to be. the kidney thing, i chalk up to her being a narc asshole like all celebrities and just getting bored with the friend who donated it.

No. 1025060

why did she get a kidney transplant if she fakes having lupus? nta but genuinely curious

No. 1025062

A single white mother keep in mind, and I luv Doja but the anon ur responding to is correct. Also there are black people who were raised by both parents, are they not black? Are their experiences less valid cause they had two parent present in their life? Kek

No. 1025065

anna nicole smith was way worse.

No. 1025066

so this is why her family should be back in control of her and all her money?

No. 1025071

A kidney transplant is not only used to treat lupus. Chronic IV drug and alcohol abuse put you at high risk.

No. 1025074

it makes me lol people are always coming for Doja for being raised by a single white mother so not getting the "black experience", but they always end up dunking on her Mother who stayed around rather than the father who left and denied her that experience.

No. 1025075

Coll down you internalized misogyny. Show me a single male celebrity that was put into conservatorship for being a drug addict. Kanye is worse than any addict his is unhinged bipolar schizo yet he is not only walking freely dude create a cult.

Britney's family used her state to get control over her money. Oh yes someone who can't order a coffee by herself can perform in the air with no wires, just by holding some stunt guy with her legs? Thats how her family operated.

By your logic Robert Downey Junior should have been put into a conservatorship, stripped of his human rights and manipulated by his kids?

I don't expect Britney to suddenly be a normie star, she is literally stuck in the past (bought her first ipad last year), she never got an opportunity to actually treat her addiction, they just feed her with drugs and fried her brains.

I hate condescending pick me whores like you, hating on Brintey Spears is not a cool alt girl personality, you just suck.

No. 1025096

We are not a monolith and I don't know a single black person who "yass queen"s Zendaya so enjoy being wrong.

>Exclude her from her own race

She is biracial. Black and white. Not black. It's not complicated.

No. 1025097

Who is Nicki Minaj then? Answer quick without looking it up.

No. 1025100

>Who is Nicki Minaj then?

A now flop rapper who supports violent felons and pedos? Where is the gotcha?

If you are referring to her race, she is mixed as well if her claims of "Asian"/Indian heritage are valid and not some sad asia-booing.

No. 1025101

Britney Spear's sister wrote a tell-all and did an interview. some milk from the tell-all:
>dad was an alcoholic
>she noticed britney become more "erratic", "paranoid" and "spirialing"
>at the time she didn't say no to the conservatorship because she was too overwhelmed with being a teen mom
>says she wasn't involved in the conservatorship
>says she was always there to help her sister

No. 1025102

File: 1642021713441.jpg (121.35 KB, 731x1080, tumblr_44e0e0f6a123127de1290bd…)

what did he mean by this

No. 1025104

File: 1642021822423.jpeg (61.16 KB, 750x383, 051D800D-E25A-4EB1-B56F-105F7B…)

Anon “some scrote” said? This is documented on the internet lol she did shitty things and still did them in 2020, she’s a biracial nlog that hates black people but profits off then and hangs out with racist white people. Now she may not have said anything but the fact a proud “black woman” like herself is hanging around in tinychats willingly listening to and pandering to these men says enough. Stop trying to give excuses to a woman that has been doing this for years and only cleaned up her act and apologized in 2019 only to do it again the next year. She doesn’t even talk about the misogyny black women face from black men as the reason she hates on black people, its all 4chan tier. It would be different if she wanted to hang out with primarily white people to escape harassment she may have experienced from black people that aren’t okay with biracials but this isn’t even the case.
This is a quick thread with videos of her in these chats and her history of them

No. 1025105

We are getting close. Now answer, who is Beyonce without looking it up.

No. 1025114

Without looking it up who is Kanye West, you better not fuck this one up anon as there will be consequences

No. 1025117

>black women simping for black men is ok
>oh no doja is being sexual with white guys, HOW DARE SHE???
In those videos you can see black dudes are also in those chatrooms, does it mean they are wHiTe SuPremEciSt NaZiS?
You people are really retarded

No. 1025118

Ok but she's not black lol

No. 1025119

>knows she is about to expose her hypocritical ass
>tries to up with distraction
Answer the question racist bitch

No. 1025121

By your logic most black people in America are not black, most of us have some white blood.

No. 1025122

I'm nta I just found it funny you're trying to lead up to some big own by asking her to write profiles for celebrities without looking it up

No. 1025123

That's not the same as literally being biracial and having a white parent, stop being weird

No. 1025127

File: 1642022391902.png (60.56 KB, 889x309, qdM9XfJ.png)

Ok but who is Gayle and how did she get a debut like this? Olivia had disney backing her, Rose is from the most popular girl group right now, what is Gayle excuse for having a big debut.

No. 1025128

Exposed and doesn't know who Kanye is

No. 1025130

Very soon morons with the a "logic" like yours will create new segregation in the black community and full heartedly believe that you are being progressive.

No. 1025131

File: 1642022480117.jpg (2.08 MB, 2500x3779, fNE1RLw.jpg)

same anon and heads-up for the tinfoiling, but she looks like a Billie Eilish replacement. Even Billie did not chart this fast. Is this an industry plant?

No. 1025135

>can't answer the question
>tries to meme
>fails again
Holy shit you are stupid, no wonder your takes on race are so retarded.

No. 1025136

Jamie Lynn is a known liar and everyone knew the dad was an alcoholic.

No. 1025137

I'm not the person you're sperging at, you sound mentally ill

No. 1025139

Why can't you answer the question? I'll even let you look it up

No. 1025140

>Is this an industry plant?
Definitely. Someone's daughter, like Arrow De Wilde but probably richer

No. 1025141

Ok pro segregationist. Once your kid has a biracial baby don't forget to taunt the child for being a halfling you racist whore

No. 1025142

Who is Beyonce sweetie, black women, the queen B of black community or biracial woman?

No. 1025152

>spreads /pol/ propaganda of biracial black people not being black
>who disagrees with her is somehow /pol/turd
You really don't see your own racism?

No. 1025160

Biracial of what? eastern and western european? No black person has retarded le segregation takes like you.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1025162

File: 1642023393731.png (241.77 KB, 1876x416, 1641961787568.png)

found this on 4chan almost guaranteed to be a faggot LARP (so non-dairy milk essentially kek) but interdasting nonetheless.

No. 1025163

File: 1642023470002.webm (13.9 MB, 720x1280, 31257492397.webm)

For the love of God, please stop responding to the bait.
>Is this an industry plant?
Yes. The man narrating the video has an annoying voice, I'm sorry.

No. 1025164

You're right, hopefully the /pol/ scrote fucks off

No. 1025165

This isn't interesting at all, just a 4chan scrote being weird, nasty and disgusting.

No. 1025170

she looks autistic and has retard terminally online facial muscles. i hate her look and she doesn't look half as sexy as the sex symbols of yesteryear

No. 1025171

Deadass has 900k views???? Seriously who is this???

No. 1025172

Yet another person nobody talks about IRL or the internet getting super popular, just like the olivia bitch. Can they be less obvious?

No. 1025180

File: 1642024164873.jpg (504.94 KB, 2000x1826, Gayle-King-and-Oprah-Winfrey.j…)

oh shit, is this who gayle is?? I haven't been paying attention and I though people were talking about oprah's friend

No. 1025183

File: 1642024228873.webm (7.25 MB, 576x1024, tinfoiltiktok.webm)

not the same anon but he also made a video about her shilling the song on tiktok and presenting herself as a small indie artist
this girl and olivia both have the same brand of sanitized pop punk. looks like that's the new trend after trap.

No. 1025188

Oops, that was the video I meant to post. I didn't really check if it was the right one before downloading it.

No. 1025189

>acknowledging someone is mixed
>this will lead to segregation

No. 1025191

LSA constantly has so many black women who feel that Biracial people are biracial. Like Doja to some there isn't seen as Black but as Biracial. Which isn't saying shesnot black just that she's both.Im probably going to get banned for this.(yep)

No. 1025192

Does anyone else notice how blatantly obvious it is the industry has decided pop rock must make a comeback?

No. 1025193

Mario Judah does the 00s inspired sound better, this shit just sounds like a derivative rip off

No. 1025202

scrote. condesending phrasing>>1025105
gives you away, you piece of shit.

No. 1025203


No. 1025204

Go back to reddit

No. 1025208

holy fuck that surgery

No. 1025210

why hasn't this scrote been banned for shitting up the thread yet

No. 1025211

and they get the most uninspired artists to be the face of pop rock. Gayle and Olivia are marketed like the GenZ answer to Riot Grrl but they are so commercial they make Taylor Swift look edgy.

No. 1025212

And I think the conservatorship and everything was attempting to prevent Britney from going down that road. Not saying it was a good call or well managed, but… there’s clearly some issues that either haven’t been addressed or can’t be resolved.

No. 1025218

It’s a tiktok song.

No. 1025222

The new segregation? Please go cry your confused mixed tears on Twitter or some shit. No other race is like, "Oh you have one parent or grandparent of ___ race? You are literally the same as me, a monoracial person! Welcome sister!" Maybe self hating white chasing Latinos, but black people are starting to get over antiquated, slavery-based classifications. Catch up if your tiny mind can handle that.

Beyonce's mom is black Creole, her dad is black. If people don't want to consider her black, ok. That doesn't somehow make her impact on black women less meaningful, especially when someone darker than her (like Kelly Rowland) could never dream of having as big of a career in this century.

Mods don't care about racist trolls, they just wait until the discussion gets out of hand and bans everyone involved regardless if they are throwing slurs and claiming everyone is from lipstick alley or making a legitimate point. Thanks for the ban in advance!(you’re welcome, retard)

No. 1025268

File: 1642030535419.png (5.96 MB, 1284x2778, A61625E9-A844-423D-9C84-9D525F…)

Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox are engaged.

No. 1025300

Girl, she was out there looking for crack with Biebs. https://youtu.be/M0sQ_YiHb4A
There are so many evidences you guys are just blind fr. Im not even her fan btw.

No. 1025301

No. 1025304

She’s bitter that Hailey got the ring and not her. That’s literally it.

No. 1025306

File: 1642032201332.png (2.38 MB, 1242x2208, 152B6EDB-12E0-4ED4-8EE3-C43AB4…)

Lmao, I’m so ready for this trainwreck to end in flames

No. 1025307

They sound like over-dramatic 12 year olds who have never actually been in love barf

No. 1025310

what hell have they gone thru? the fact that both of them act like immature BPD tier messes? he seems like a chronic cheater and she's lying to herself about how "deep" and "fated" their relationship is

No. 1025312

what has she said about justin?

No. 1025313

Holy shit, that's crazy.

No. 1025314

you have no idea what conservatorship is for and how it is supposed to be applied. her shit father marked a 'dementia' box so they'd hold a hearing without her being legally notified. fuck off. she's a child of the industry and was pushed to her limit at 17 to support her freeloading family. she has every right in the world to post her ass and dance around in circles. tons of her money was factually mismanaged by her father and his unscrupulous associates. you have no idea what you're talking about.

No. 1025315

>…and then we drank each other’s blood

Sorry what ? Creepy hoes

No. 1025321

File: 1642032911480.jpg (76.89 KB, 750x920, flat,750x1000,075,f.u7.jpg)

No. 1025341

LMAO me too

No. 1025342

How old is she and why is it never a boy?

No. 1025346

she was involved 100%, she was given a trust of britneys during the conservatorship and was in charge of its holdings (britney's money), much of which vanished. she's a compulsive liar trying to save face and distance herself from her own misdeeds and the misdeeds of her family because everyone hates her.

No. 1025349

File: 1642034239045.jpeg (148.43 KB, 827x1240, FD98CB63-8B5F-4787-B4BD-EA3F04…)

No. 1025350

Wao what a nice guy

No. 1025356

No one wants to watch a tv show about normal teens going to school and going home and filming them being on their phones. It’s entertainment it’s not suppose to be realistic. I used to play episode in middle school and live the “wild” party life through the characters on that dumb app. It’s better than actually doing it yourself

No. 1025361

Absurdly based, hope u had a great day anon

No. 1025373

Preach sis

No. 1025377

Idk what is supposed to be "entertaining" for you Americans, but in my country teens watch age-appropriate and fun shows that teach useful lessons about pregnancy, sex and drugs without romantizing it, watching shit like Euphoria makes me want to throw up, pedophilic and gross

No. 1025382

bieber likes meth, not crack, dumbass

No. 1025384

everyone's just ok with this loser using the name of a real life gangster? shit like this is what's making kids dumber.

No. 1025386

exactly. he does the grand gestures guys who chaet constantly do. they fuck a different girl every week, never tell their girlfriend, and if she even looked at another man he'd freak the fuck out.

No. 1025390

>why is it never a boy?
Good question anon, very good question…

No. 1025395

All comments are all "she was born to be a star/ a star is born!!" Over and over again, bots? It's just so strange…i don't even know wtf she is

No. 1025440

File: 1642040606251.webm (8 MB, 576x1024, 8758c1ac9a66bc8467a8485ed0d51c…)

not only is gayle an industry plant but her record company actively tried really hard to make it seem otherwise, which seems unnecessarily convoluted and retarded to me but I'm not making millions off of emo tiktokers so wtf do i know

No. 1025454

File: 1642043160270.jpeg (85.31 KB, 1150x1050, BC5DBE4E-E89D-4D3F-B132-060305…)

This sounds fake and gay

No. 1025471

File: 1642044502420.png (139.96 KB, 429x751, JN67gHn.png)

Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet got a divorce.

No. 1025478

Didn’t see that coming. 2022 keep it coming kek

No. 1025481

wow, it's kinda tragic that she peaked on Zoey 101. she looks like shit

No. 1025529

promo for new ep of law and order svu

No. 1025537

File: 1642049927284.jpg (123.97 KB, 1170x1149, IMG_1653.jpg)

same energy

No. 1025550

I wanted to say "good for them" since I thought they enjoyed their retardation. But their relationship has been hell (did they go to therapy as she claimed in that one "love story featuring…" tweet?) and she wants to marry the dude??? WTF

No. 1025556

i have no horse in this race, i don't know how much doja actually catered to losers on the internet but let's not pretend she doesn't look very attractive in that pic. your picrel is just disgusting.

No. 1025596

File: 1642053484750.png (318.04 KB, 499x502, people.PNG)

Jennifer Hough dropped the case against Nicki Minaj's husband.


No. 1025597

File: 1642053545482.png (65.71 KB, 591x424, n.PNG)

No. 1025599

File: 1642053647626.png (20.17 KB, 429x160, people 2.PNG)

No. 1025608

I’m happy for picki mi nicki tbh.
Now Kris Jenner’s being accused of a rapist and I’m hereeee for it because fuck the kartrashians

No. 1025612

It says the case against nicki was dropped, not the one against her husband.

No. 1025620

why are you happy for someone who not only defends rapists, but also encouraged her fans to harass the victim?

No. 1025621

why would you be happy for her? she's a decent rapper but a horrible person

No. 1025637

>the pain we had to face together
>work and sacrifices
>walked through hell together
>1.5 years

Girl. Run. What the fuck? Why are women so desperate to settle and be miserable. I get that no relationship is perfect but if you’ve been through hell in 1.5 years and it’s been painful, why would you subject yourself to it for years to come? I don’t get it.

I’ll give it 2 years.

No. 1025667

i don't really care for this megan fox comeback arc tbh but she can absolutely do better than mgk. she seems like an idiot but she says like two things that are relatively insightful and people act like she's a misunderstood genius. her bi quotes are insane as well.

No. 1025684

These two idiots announce their engagement and Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet announce their divorce. 2022 is starting off with a hilarious start.

No. 1025771

>Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet announce their divorce
This is… oddly disappointing. I don't care for either of them but they seemed like a good loving couple that is hearwarming to have among all the breakup filled celebrity world. I hope he wont immediately start dating someone much younger now

No. 1025783

File: 1642071911649.jpeg (27.93 KB, 200x244, E602789B-3911-45C8-89F1-1248C5…)

Strange. They actually do look alike.

No. 1025832

>We free each other to be who we are learning to become
Interesting wording. Imagine if one of them was about to troon out

No. 1025842


Dont know who this woman is but she also looks like a very pinched and dusty all-white Mariah Carey

No. 1025863

literally just disgusting male jerkoff material

No. 1025871

>younger woman
Remember that whole Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore thing? That’s exactly what’s going to happen.

No. 1025890

while ashton kutcher is older than mila kunis, it's not by a HUGE amount, it's 5 years

No. 1025896

sad, and if you read about demi moore's life, it's absolutely heartbreaking. she suffered a lot of trauma as a kid and teen, then ashton kutcher was legitimately abusive to her. very abusive man. he's also a fucking weirdo and so is mila kunis.

No. 1025911

Why do American women always do that pose when their scrote proposes to them? The one with their hands on their mouth

No. 1025913

To show (pleasant) surprise and I don't think it's exclusive to American women

No. 1025940

>wah people hate my queen Doja Cat bc her voice is "too good" for hip hop
t. Zoomer who never heard of Lauren Hill

No. 1025944

File: 1642087536846.jpg (395.6 KB, 693x1024, gettyimages-78941896-1024x1024…)

Meh, they do look similar but I think Ellen looks more like her actual mother.

No. 1025948

imagine being so retarded you like Nikki, can't spell 2 sentences correctly, and don't know how to sage. This is male behavior.

No. 1025951

Jason Momoa as a troon would be hilarious

No. 1025957

like… again, I have to point out that they’re both in their thirties with children. this is so embarrassing. i’d hate to be their kids. imagine your mom drinking a guy’s blood and swooning over him saying “i am weed.” bleak.

No. 1025963

I bet he’s going full gay

No. 1025964

It looks fake

No. 1025970

File: 1642089648056.jpeg (67.17 KB, 700x700, ADF13816-20A0-4944-AA72-9EDE9C…)

I’ve read rumours that Jason Momoa, Lenny Krawitz and Lisa Bonet are throuple. Like polyamorous trio. My theory is that Jason is bi but prefers men and this arrangment is 50/50 bearding and free love hippie shit

Jason and Lenny got matching rings. Cringe worthy skulls bc it can’t be too gay. But in picture there’s three skull rings.

No. 1025973

Sounds like me when I'm high, but it wasn't.

No. 1025990

Does anyone else find sappy breakup posts like these extremely annoying?
I'm not saying breakups need to have outrageous dramatics, but generally if the positive feelings outweighed the negative feelings then they'd still be together so why bother with this act?
It just seems to me the most 'dignified' thing they could do is live their separate lives without feeding into public speculation about it, which people will do regardless of their so-called honesty.

No. 1026005

How is this woman only 30?

No. 1026023

File: 1642093206670.jpg (158.13 KB, 640x800, b44ks6zecdb81.jpg)

Coachelle line up dropped and you see "Ye" and a lot of empty space after that lmao

>Does anyone else find sappy breakup posts like these extremely annoying?
Yeah, just write things are over and that you remain good friends. Idk I think the "a revolution is happening" part really cringey.

Shit looks stages just as the travis/kourtney engagement. I bet they get married around the same time so they can go on honeymoon together. Place yur bets how long this will last.

No. 1026044

Shit. Cannot wait for Ye @ Coachella to drop on YouTube

No. 1026047

I would fly back to the US just to see this man ,but i know the tickets are probably like 4000 usd

No. 1026057


No. 1026058

No. 1026060

No. 1026095

Seriously, as long as she doesn't talk shit about black woman, I am completely cool with doja. She doesn't have to do anything for black women other than entertain us. So many black women have unnecessary hatred for biracial women and that stems from the fact that many of them see them as getting in the way of getting them mythical good black men and they like to hate on any woman who doesn't find black men attractive just so they don't seem bitter. The pick-meism in the black community needs to stop, she wouldn't be getting this level of hate if it didn't exist. I don't blame her for not talking about misogyny in the black community, black men are a protected class and she would probably get accused of being racist if she talked about how abusive black men are. Black women are already called race traitors and bedwenches for doing the same thing.

Allowing biracial to have their own identity rather than trying to force them to be black would solve a lot of the identity issues they have concerning race considering their black card is very flimsy in the first place and you never see any of them claiming to be white or what other race they are mixed with.

No. 1026105

Sorry but how Harry Styles can be in the front line ? He isn't that mainstream and his music must be boring in festival

No. 1026116

Pop radio plays his music like crazy, normies are very familiar with his music even if they aren't aware it's him. Plus, it's Coachella, i'm sure the type of people who attend that festival will flock to him and cream at him even being there.

No. 1026120

Any predictions on what nationality/ethnicity Ariana's going to skin(and bones)walk next? My money's on uwu poor Irish, or maybe super-special Austrian…

Finally had the time to watch Adele's vid for Oh My God, and this shit is somehow even more discombobulated as a video kek. Her autotuned vocals are really weirdly obvious too and make the whole thing sound kind of dated, like the faux-sexy RnB you'd hear through the door while puking in a nightclub bathroom circa 2017.

No. 1026145

File: 1642100317396.jpg (29.97 KB, 562x960, 271816274_4480040482107715_273…)

Apparently this blind item is most likely about them, disgusting but not surprising if true

No. 1026156

Could also be Chris Pratt, who's a certified turd and a known cheater and very keen on his wholesome Christian family man image

No. 1026164

File: 1642100792950.png (88.19 KB, 885x694, amber.PNG)

Could be, both fit - I think Momoa was more "known" maybe for talking a lot about love for his wife, but they both did; I suppose we will see soon?
People are already implicating Amber Heard in the divorce but afaik there's no proof for her involvement except for the fact they were in a movie together; would be a real mess if true tho

No. 1026167

File: 1642100859904.jpg (170.07 KB, 1080x988, 271807660_1766666310204497_619…)

also something not really related to current situation but I came across reading discussions about it, picrel; I'm surprised such disgusting statement somehow didn't hurt dude's wholesome image at all

No. 1026181

No. 1026183

there was also that weird gif where he appears to be fondling his underage daughter, but maybe it's just misunderstood

No. 1026184

Ah, makes sense it was forgotten if it was from the dark ages of early 2010s. Ofc comments defending such hilarious "joke" and calling him brave lmao

No. 1026229

He seems like a huge womanizer and is out partying more than he is with his wife. I'm not too surprised by the divorce. It also wouldn't be a surprise if he turned out to be a raging alcoholic.

No. 1026232

OK, as tinfoily as that is, it'd be hilarious if Billie totally-not-force-fed-to-Zoomers Eilish the industry plant got replaced briskly by a newer version of the exact same product. Like a bricked iPhone.

No. 1026234

I deleted my comment because I realized somebody uploaded the tiktok video I was referring to a couple comments above. But it's real.

No. 1026296

Oh I didn't know he was that popular in the US. But still, I mean Doja Cat music is way more popular.

No. 1026328

Why is she dressed like pierrot though

No. 1026333

>danny elfman
Will he be Oingo Boingo-ing? He won't be doing movie soundtracks will he?

No. 1026338

File: 1642110758834.jpg (64.99 KB, 444x532, 271872781_4967030313361909_636…)


He's a fucking perv, tired of all the swooning for him

No. 1026342

The comments defending this video…people are so fucking blind in their worship of celebs. You know I think they see criticism of their favorites for deplorable behavior as an attack on themselves or something. That's the only way those whiteknighting comments make sense.

No. 1026356

I don't get the swooning either. He dresses like a hobo, looks like he doesn't shower, and has a lazy eye. He sounds stupid every time he opens his mouth. I get it when he's in a movie doing a role cause he has to bathe, but his real life look is filthy. That lazy eye is not sexy.

No. 1026365

The amount of people in the audience laughing at this "joke." I hate society

No. 1026370

File: 1642113759566.jpg (718.2 KB, 1080x2133, Screenshot_20220113-172758_Fir…)

VF profile of John Mulaney's ex-wife. Interesting how they were "child free" while together but now that they're separated they both have/ want children. How insulting to her.

Link: https://www.harpersbazaar.com/culture/features/a38727685/anna-marie-tendler-profile/

No. 1026373

File: 1642113790924.jpg (269.67 KB, 1080x862, Screenshot_20220113-173123_Fir…)

No. 1026386

Mulaney is a piece of shit but I like how this outcome has caused some people to focus on their relationships and question if they want children or are actually child free for the right reasons.
I was "child free" because I used to date toxic hobosexuals so I could only imagine how tying myself to those scrotes and burdening myself with their children would have made me miserable forever. I feel different now that I'm in a relationship with a supportive partner.

No. 1026391

probably this weird new shit but he's done a few Boingo encores in recent times so I'd be very disappointed if he didn't.

No. 1026411


nycfag do u have any gossip about Cat Marnell? or Rachel Rabbit White? like Cat hate rrw disgusting coomer

No. 1026475

First time seeing this person. Definitely a plant. Funny seeing how they all produce Billie Eilish heavy-lidden replacements now that teens don't care about her.

No. 1026517

File: 1642123911449.jpg (70.93 KB, 602x558, what.JPG)

Is grimes ok?

No. 1026522

guess she's been sitting on tumblr lol. i've seen same shitty meme text recycled especially by new coquette/nymphet/ED idiots.

No. 1026568

General Grimes question: how do you even manage to pedobait as a 30something year old?

No. 1026573


No. 1026574



No. 1026578

File: 1642130432258.jpg (67.25 KB, 852x480, 1711633373-000AAD_Frances_O_Co…)

She looked more like her when she was younger, maybe that was already an established rumor so the scrote used it for his story

No. 1026633

File: 1642133953366.png (53.22 KB, 721x885, awelloiledplant.png)

I was curious so I did some searching. Her mom's name is Brandy Barnes according to a few older articles: https://www.billboard.com/music/music-news/warner-music-group-nashville-keith-messner-taylor-gayle-rick-barker-7468613/amp/

Her parents seem to be oil barons. (picrel)

No. 1026690

that looks like what happens when ass implants bottom out, which would be weird. it looked like a bbl before but maybe they are implants. one would assume she'd choose a bbl over the implants but maybe due to the resorption risk she wanted a "reliable" choice in that your butt doesn't change its size with them, but obviously in 99% of cases it does change its shape. surgeons won't tell pts that tho

No. 1026801

File: 1642151393780.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 94.64 KB, 800x1199, DCA230B4-7550-44B8-97A1-48CD46…)

Seconding implants. They just don't crease right.

No. 1026806

File: 1642151744036.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 151.97 KB, 604x1280, 87DC1048-9E5C-414B-8487-C400AD…)

I think somebody posted this pic before and deleted it. One point in favor of BBL is how oddly uneven they are. It could be the case that the fat cells didn't take as well in one cheek as they did the other, which is a common consequence of attempting too large a fat transfer in one session.
That being said, there's no telling what exactly is going on. She could be on procedure #10 for all we know.

No. 1026850

insidious. this is the natural progression of the last few years of trying to normalize sex work. the lines are continuing to get blurrier and blurrier. acting in porn and acting in movies is going to be seen as no different. Expect more and more pornstars to become "real" celebrities as it continues to get more and more accepted. The fact that people don't even feel an ounce of shame by admitting they know someone from porn says everything. That junkie Julia Fox is also a pornstar and now she's being shilled with that PR relationship with that porn addicted moid, kanye. Welcome to hell.

No. 1026854

I can’t tell if this take is actually based or if you’re just another conservative anon who hates gay people

No. 1026872

ntayrt but what does gay people have to do with porn becoming more socially acceptable?

No. 1026892

its an underaged retard from twitter.

No. 1026900

What do you mean? If anything twitter is a lot more liberal than lolcow (or ayrt) when it comes to porn and sex work. Hating gay people? Lol

No. 1026982

What is the LGTV community not getting enough of their daily dose of attention for you or something? Newsflash, not every conversation is or has to be about the gays. It’s shit takes like yours that make people sick of the identity politics bullshit and pushes people towards conservative views btw, congrats

No. 1027116

could you explain yourself?

No. 1027127

>LGTV community

No. 1027134

Pretty much all this. I hate the timeline we live in.

No. 1027137

as western countries become more degenerate i either look to appreciate the past (monarchic europe, not fash europe fuck that shit) or east european/african/asian countries

No. 1027194

File: 1642178837888.png (Spoiler Image, 264.2 KB, 540x786, pedobitch.png)

by being an actual unironic "lolicon"

No. 1027209

She's 17
I don't know if this is an unpopular opinion but tbf I believe if someone isn't even old enough to work full time their parents shouldn't shill them out and push them into the spotlight, even if that's the kid's dream.
Experiencing the world as a young girl trying to mature into a woman is already scary enough. Now, factor in being thrust into an industry as predatory as music. Gross.

No. 1027242

>unironically appreciating Europe when it was under a monarchy

Just because this timeline sucks doesn’t make the past any better. Women even had less rights then than they do now.

No. 1027271

We know. This site is full of feminist adjacent women.

No. 1027386

this is so sad. why do women hurt themselves like this? why, in 2022, are our bodies still just objects at the whim of the sexual tastes of scrotes? they're making us mod ourselves like we're fucking cars

No. 1027416

>This site is full of feminist adjacent women.

Yes, I am aware of that. Thank you for your obvious explanation. My point still stands however.

No. 1027509


Would her cheeks still be doing pic related if it were a BBL? This one looks like implants to me but I can see it being a BBL in the way the cheeks are uneven in the other pics. Picrel is from a scene in uncut gems

No. 1027557

With my heart spilling with love, that second part wasn't needed.

No. 1027561

File: 1642188202825.png (1.75 MB, 2074x1334, capture.png)

Azealia is at it again. Kanye is her current victim lmao

>This all the energy ur ho ass is getting from me. Next round I’m handling you differently. I don’t like being annoyed and being around you is fucking atrocious. You stink from the inside out. Ur attitude is rude as hell. U always got something to say about women’s clothes and are a wormy ass overall. No doubt you have a tapeworm with all that junk food U eat. You are an exhausted high sodium stunt queen. Don’t ask me for anything, ever

No. 1027564

File: 1642188238575.jpg (Spoiler Image, 31.11 KB, 1030x431, ballsgluedtoastick.jpg)

nta but she's wearing a garter belt in this it's where the garter is cutting into her fat, not sure why the anon that originally posted left out the context

No. 1027572

I feel like Azealia's actually bpd or comorbid with bpd because the way she flips flops randomly on people feels more like bpd behavior than bipolar type

No. 1027629

>muh bpd muh mento illness muh comorbid
People all have different personalities.

No. 1027652


No. 1027666

i agree. fine if your kid wants to be a performer, but it should be illegal for the family to take any of the money. child performers should be required by law to have trusts/accounts in their name that the parents cannot access.
letting your kid follow her dream is different from making her support your lazy trailer trash ass.

No. 1027672

that's still not what a butt does unless you've lost 300lbs. that's a really loose skin/unusually floppy situation there. i don't get much exercise but i can't get my butt to do whatever's happening there

No. 1027674

i know azealia if fun, but nonnnies gotta understand that good person =/= good looking, and bad person =/= ugly. there are pretty douchebags and ugly based women. azealia has a peanut head and weird mouth, i love her but she is not hot.

No. 1027677

i'm officially declaring "comorbid" a munchie red flag. if anyone who isn't a doctor says that word, i will not believe a word they say.

No. 1027735

File: 1642192736963.png (338.96 KB, 628x600, youmademesavethisinmageihopeyo…)

I wear garter belts on occasion and yes they do do this for me (no i'm not 300lbs kek) if I have them wayyy too tight like cutting into the skin ,you have to have them looser so you can sit down in them, problem with her is she had so much fat transfered when it happens to her it makes it look like she has a second butt, whoever dressed her for that scene has never worn lingerie in their life

No. 1027741

samefag but you can see what im talking about in this gif (warning for scrote subbreddit gfycat wont let me link here)


No. 1027749

File: 1642193109085.jpg (243.78 KB, 1200x1200, Hip-hip-artist-Nicki-Minaj.jpg)

looks very much like this in the other pic but idk. all of the cellulite rippling is giving bbl but the deflated pic and other sitting pic is giving implants. either way it looks busted as hell. she looked very good in her playboy shoot and her ass looked normal. unsure if she already had a petite bbl for the playboy shoot or if that was her natural ass, it looked perfect, no need for any of this

No. 1027767

it's very jelly like? idk how else to describe it but it's not firm at all it jiggles like anime boobs to the point of it being borderline body horror, that with the cellulite makes me think botched BBL, sidenote but I hate this trend of needing to have a huge ass but being stick thin it looks fucking insane on anyone plus it's super clockable because the thighs never match

No. 1027789

ngl i really like this bathing suit, the sleeves and back cutout are cute

No. 1027879

Omfg it looks like she's sitting on a pillow

No. 1027891

filters and anachan body

No. 1027931

she clearly had a bbl or whatever she has had done in that playboy shoot, her ass looks massive there, albeit not as botched

No. 1027962

Yea but not black it’d be so fucking hot

No. 1028000

File: 1642208799024.png (22.49 KB, 678x224, lmao.png)

Which celebs do you think could have been entertaining cows if lc existed years ago? For me it's Sinead O'Connor and maybe Drew Barrymore. And Lindsay Lohan in the mid-00s

No. 1028057

File: 1642214111259.jpeg (209.92 KB, 1125x1486, CE8AC9E8-4A8C-4611-9EA1-BEF36B…)

What do you think happened, nonnies?

No. 1028059

Jealous Pete reporting false information to the tabloids

No. 1028077

Andy Dick for sure

No. 1028098

>child free for the right reasons
this is such a retarded viewpoint. People should have children for the right reasons. The default should be child free until you are responsible enough and have enough resources. Anyway no one gives a shit you let your nigel dump his load in you.
mento ilnes luv

No. 1028120

What did Drew Barrymore do?

No. 1028136

a lot of drugs at a young age

No. 1028137

>this is such a retarded viewpoint
Not really since people change their minds for reasons all the time and the discussion is more than about resources, bitter autist.

No. 1028174

No. 1028203

File: 1642226859883.jpg (379.07 KB, 1075x819, Screenshot_20220115-000530_Fac…)

I'm not necessarily against kissing your kids but I do think there should be limits, and definitely not a photo shoot shared to the world

No. 1028207

It's uncomfortable knowing how staged and practiced Instagram pictures are. I don't want to think about how many tries it took or how long it took to get these pictures.

No. 1028226

Its definitely a cultural difference, I'm from a country where this type of stuff is far more common
I've seen my adult father give open mouth kisses to his mother, I've seen men kiss their son on the lips

Its the equivalent of giving a hug here

No. 1028228

No. 1028233

I got mouth kissed kissed by my mother a month ago, I admit Its really fucking weird but If I were to reject her It would be considered a sign of disrespect towards her, that I don't love her

No. 1028236

>cultural difference
What cultural difference, David is British…

No. 1028237

You are the ones deeming normal human affection gross, no wonder Americans are crazy and touch starved

No. 1028238

ya know, there was a study showing men with beards transfer their gross ass bacteria including fecal matter onto the lips of ppl they kissed. most ppl don't have beards, but also this pandemic has not been reassuring on other ppls hygiene.

No. 1028240

Kissing on the lips is reserved for romantic couples and maaaybe between a parent and their very young child. Am not American, kissing on the lips is objectively gross considering all the saliva and germs you transfer. The thought of having to kiss my disgusting fatherfigure on his lips makes me wanna physically cringe ew ew ew

No. 1028256

I kissed my parents on the lips until I was like 12 or 13. I don’t think it’s weird at her age. It IS weird to do a kissing photoshoot for weirdos on the internet tho.

No. 1028261

The fact that they’re so staged is what makes me uncomfortable. I kiss my parents on the lips and don’t think it’s a big deal, but when I’ve taken photos with them I’ve never thought “oh you know what would be a great look? Me kissing my dad.” Sage for blog and barely relevant vidrel

No. 1028289

you what now anon

No. 1028338

File: 1642242875786.jpeg (58.55 KB, 828x735, FJEYvk1XMAMbyvT.jpeg)

Thoughts on Pete Davidson X Jason Momoa?

No. 1028342

puking and screaming

No. 1028345

> I kiss my parents on the lips and don’t think it’s a big deal
either your underage or have a fucked up relationship with your family

No. 1028360

File: 1642244992854.jpg (87.29 KB, 831x1280, meat.jpg)

Who do YOU want to eat, nonnies?

No. 1028363

>People: "eat the rich!"
>The rich: clones own tissue "that'll be $9.99 for the meal"

No. 1028364

might pull a switcheroo and eat armie hammer

No. 1028398

speaking of bringing back pop punk and travis barker being in the spotlight;
i've heard this song a few times and it's… good. it's new quality of the genre. it's undeniable that travis barker has what it takes to create this sort of genuine early 2000s sound, considering he's from of the most recognisable pop punk bands of all time

No. 1028405

I mean its mediocre but still better then 99% of subhuman music that's been pushed in the last years but then again a dog shitting has more musical value then Megan the fatties entire discography

No. 1028408

So we found a way to make cannibalism technically legal now, since making this shit doesn't involve injuring or killing someone, or desecrating a fresh human corpse? What the fuck?

No. 1028416

It is a good song! I'm so fucking tired of all the ass shaking in music videos and I wish more girls in popular media looked cool instead of sexy.

No. 1028422

File: 1642250653398.jpeg (303.02 KB, 1200x1199, D6arYIQWwAAKtjL.jpeg)

Don't be jealous because your parents don't love you as muck

No. 1028423

is that will smith's daughter? didn't expect a black celebrity to do this type of music tbh

No. 1028427

Not everyone is Sub-IQ anon

No. 1028444

Willow is the most talented of that family, especially since will Smith went off the rails

No. 1028445

I assume you'd press charges if someone kissed you against your will, yet an anon upthread has already confessed they're uncomfortable with being forced to receive what you call affection from family.

If your dad doesn't transfer some saliva to you every now and then, that means you're touch starved? I'm a content ana-chan in that case

No. 1028466

File: 1642253754598.jpg (504.49 KB, 941x1397, 1600891266104.jpg)

Its astonishing how will smith went from being considered one of the most charismatic men in hollywood to the to the face of being a cuck, combine that with his son being a scrawny gender queer who looks up to tyler the creator as a paternal figure and his daughter likely getting fucked by 40 year old pop-punk artists

No. 1028468

No offense anon but you ended up here so it messed you up.
This is the plot to an Eddie Redmayne movie.
Don't bring willow into your weird Smith family sperg. Retsrd.

No. 1028487

that's not Eddie, it is an actor called Caleb Landry Jones
the movie is called Antiviral

No. 1028490

Nah anon. Willow is the only normal member of that insane family. Not only is Will smith the cuck king himself, but i heard he was also anti vax

No. 1028492

I'd unironically try this, yes I have major issues nonnita

No. 1028496

I mean she's woke genderqueer and hangs out with mostly 40 year old washed up pop-punk artist
kinda fucking weird

No. 1028497

Travis Barker and Kourtney Kardashian are so fucking cringe. What a weirdo couple. I can't see what they see in each other.

No. 1028505

a second chance

No. 1028506

At? Being relevant?

No. 1028508

File: 1642256299925.jpg (212.12 KB, 1004x1242, Screenshot_20220115-081725.jpg)

Drake looks like he's full of filler

No. 1028511

I think they're cute. They're very similar kinda childish, shallow and wild. They're perfect for each other.

No. 1028512

>but i heard he was also anti vax
le gasp

No. 1028514

go back to your conspiracytard containment thread

No. 1028545

File: 1642258274234.jpg (150.6 KB, 991x1029, Screenshot_20220115-064937.jpg)

No. 1028547

>kim got some hollywood boytoy with an allegedly huge dick
>kanye got some crackwhore heroin addict with a botched ass
kim won, no wonder he's threatening pete davidson

No. 1028564

Didn't he initiate the separation? He should be getting what he wants now

No. 1028567

Maybe the BBL Drake meme isn’t just a meme.

No. 1028569

I would try it just to see if different celebrities have different tastes

No. 1028585

I'm pretty sure even Pete Davidson could kick his ass, Pete's taller and fitter

No. 1028593

why does he look like some greedy sultan from a warner brothers cartoon?

No. 1028597

if you're into it you should listen to this one too, it's not the same genre of music but it's a good song

No. 1028607

Can anons here stop shilling and obsessing over that mediocre song by an industry plant and washed up cringy 40 year old who's sooo punk that he decided to date a Kardashian and dress her as Nancy Spungen. Its not cool, the whole punk pop willow smith featuring that 40yo as her bandmate, thats as boring and fake as anything else in pop now.

No. 1028608

again its mediocre but its better then 99% of low IQ people music that were expected to tolerate

No. 1028635

File: 1642264626345.png (1.14 MB, 820x1445, Demi-Lovato-Instagram-Screensh…)

Themi got a new tattoo

No. 1028636

how is willow smith an industry plant exactly? if anything she's just a nepotism celebrity

No. 1028639

She’s such a dumpster fire of edgy hot topic dead trends

No. 1028641

I do like some of the songs on this album. At least it’s not the formulated pop shit on all the radio stations.
Not wk, but it does have more personal creativity then most celebs music.

No. 1028642

He’s also gotten fat. Why is this dude shilled as attractive again?

No. 1028643

Honestly, they seem rather low key and normal compared to Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox at least.

No. 1028675

Did she and Vicky Shingles have a cow crossover? I thought it was a botched flower for a good 5 seconds.

No. 1028682

Kek this is such a gold comment

No. 1028684

This is good too. She can really sing, that one short cover of "RX Queen" by Deftones won me over lol

No. 1028734

He looks like a gross racial stereotype, I'm just not sure of which race

No. 1028737

>better than 99% of subhuman music that's been pushed in the last years
>Megan the fattie
>better then 99% of low IQ people music that were expected to tolerate

I'm begging you please get a hobby (c)rapper-chan or at least learn to sage.

No. 1028777

No she can't, at all, and the hype died almost immediately after her debut because she's only relevant cause nepotism

No. 1028786

it's horrible and if she wouldn't have the parents she has she wouldn't be able to make and sell music. Wish talented young people without a rich background would get at chance instead of all this kids from famous families.

No. 1028819

Wow, I'd not heard any of her stuff before, and yeah this is some "I didn't get in the glee club so I'm making eDgY and DeEp music in my parents' garage" shit kek. Can't maintain or carry a note to save her life, and her voice isn't great otherwise, either. How do you sound this wine-cooler drunk and shabby with a playback backing track? kek

No. 1028825

just as authentic and hard rock like olivia rodrigo. Next.

No. 1028828

I hate nepotism but I need to be the guitar she is playing RIGHT NOW. Oh my lucky stars. Her voice is so clear and attractive. Her hair is too pretty. She has so much swag. I think my eyes watered a little when she looked into the camera. Her style is so amazing and she is so beautiful. I would be happy if, one day she came to Wolverhampton for a concert (she would never, everyone hates it) but she would walk past me just ONCE and even sneer at me. I would treat her so well though.

No. 1028850

hi yes in cantonese (and mainland chinese) culture we do not kiss random people. our parents don't even hold hands in public or in front of us. americans are very stupid and smell weird but they're not retarded because of how often they touch each other; it's more of a genetic defect i think.

No. 1028851

looking at this shoop made my lesbian uterus speed-atrophy and now i am dying of sepsis. thanks anon.

No. 1028855

this isn't even bad. no kidding nepotism got her into the spotlight but this isnt bad

No. 1028860

oh wow so amazing. child of celebrity billionaire dynasty has entire brill building writing hooks for her and it just barely doesn't make my ears bleed. amazing. what a voice for her generation.
well at least the bar is low for women now as well so i guess that's progress.

No. 1028861

he was never on the rails or cool, he just peaked pre-internet so his degen sex party habits weren't public knowedge til after he became a billionaire

No. 1028862

samefag, he is also in and always has been in scientology VERY DEEP. he funds their buildings all the time and the school he built IS a scientology school.

No. 1028864

Isn't this midget like 5'8? He's not beating up anyone.

No. 1028865

No. 1028868


No. 1028871

why can't these no-talent celebutantes just be models and stop pissing everyone off with fake shit? willow. just be a clothes model. it's fine.

No. 1028872

>guys look at my afro please look at my AFRO HAIR
>i'm doing pop punk but i'm BLACK, guise(racebait)

No. 1028903

willow did not fall off dont lie lol, her song has been on full rotation over social media and i hear it wherever i go

No. 1028932

It sounds just like the recorded version so what's the prob? Better than other nepotism babies for sure.

No. 1028956

She's hot and sings well, I don't know what you're hearing but you need to calm down kek

No. 1028958

This just sounds like you personally made a big deal out of her hair, anon

No. 1028997

she looks like she smells like a hamster cage and eats frozen sausage pizza every night

No. 1028999

No. 1029023

I wish Scott Raynor wasn't such an alcoholic and stayed in Blink, so we wouldn't have to put up with degenerate ass Travis.

No. 1029066

What does anybody find appealing about this scrote? His music, his face- vomit(namefag)

No. 1029067

Of course someone from Wolverhampton is sperging so hard over someone mediocre.

No. 1029090

she just changes hairstyles a lot, anon… as most popstars do, seems kinda like a you problem and not hers…

No. 1029091

triggered and seething

No. 1029106

it looks cute? you ever considered that she may also just like it because it looks cute and doesn't necessitate going through the trouble of putting fake hair on?

No. 1029118

I'm sure you flagged her correctly

No. 1029127

She sounds like a dying chicken. Is she the same dumb kid who made i whip my ass back and forth?

No. 1029133

I literally haven't heard of her even since, even the Gayle girl has more (fake) hype, and it's not like Willow disappeared cause she has been releasing things, but from time to time there's people that wonder why is she getting all these features out of nowhere

No. 1029136

or you could listen to something that doesn't hate women
the epoxies count as pop punk.

No. 1029171

File: 1642302760554.webm (4.54 MB, 412x446, RMlKX09cHeBHPfVb.webm)

Kanye posted on social media about how everyone in the Kardashian family (even Tristan) was keeping the address of Chicago's birthday party away from him. Travis eventually gave him the address. It's nice that he cares about his kids, but part of me does wonder if he's using stuff like this to stir stuff up reminds me of the tweets he made about North during his meltdown a couple years back. The blank look in his eyes gave me the creeps.
I'm not really surprised that Kim didn't want him there, especially considering he just did that Pete Davidson "diss" and smacked one of his fans.

No. 1029173

File: 1642302803697.webm (6.14 MB, 320x568, 4IWyaU-ClvMiCEYP (1).webm)

The video he made before he got the address for the party.

No. 1029175

File: 1642302938318.png (617.36 KB, 593x1024, Screen-Shot-2022-01-15-at-4.56…)

Sorry for the spam, here's a pic of him with Kris at the party. There's also pictures of him with Chicago, but I won't post those.

No. 1029178

How dare she be black and not make thot music like all the other darkies.

No. 1029182

I've seen this many times. Scrotes will feign sudden fatherly ambition after divorce and act like the mom is the devil, he will twist every situation in a power move against her. It makes them crusaders against the evil bitch ex, but when he gets his way he doesn't give a single fuck about the kid. It's about ego not fatherhood.

No. 1029187

Men are just attention whores, they see how much sympathy men can get for being "poor father's withheld from their kids" when in reality it was the man who fucked everything up, cheats, and then abandons the kid

No. 1029192

Yeah this isn't bad to me at all. I was expecting worst. If anything it's generic but not bad.

No. 1029195

This. He moved to Wyoming or whatever while he was still married to Kim. I guess it's fine for him to be away from his kids when it's his idea.

No. 1029204

>Early life section
I swear to God this just makes them look bad

No. 1029206

>I guess it's fine for him to be away from his kids when it's his idea
men: mentally 4 years old for life

No. 1029233

what's even the point of a bbl if it can't smooth out cellulite?

No. 1029250

typical Bioploar narc behavior it's okay for him to move miles away and barely see his own kids, but when people respond to his choices he has a public meltdown and airs everyones dirty laundry, honestly sick of hearing about this retard if only his team weren't so anal about meds "stifling his creativity" he'd actaully act like a functioning adult and then he'd get to see his kids, I'm not surprised he wasn't invited Bipolar men are fucking insane like wife killer tier because they need to have that control over evryone especially the women in their lives

No. 1029252

It's only about having a large butt and that's it. That's why I despise them so much aside from the unnatural proportion. It's even worse when the bbl patient is overweight. I'd imagine it would be hard to control where the fat goes.

No. 1029286

wow when i brought up willow smith i didn't expect her to end up getting this much (unjustified) hate lol. i'm not a stan but her music isn't bad, and her voice definitely isn't bad. this weird hate is kinda coming off like vendetta/internalised misogyny/racism:

No. 1029292

I think its coming from black girl who are angry she isn't doing low-IQ music of twerking and instead doing real music

No. 1029293


No. 1029295

you'd be surprised, its crabs in a bucket mentality with black people
They think any form of self improvement is somehow white people stuff

so her not being a degenerate low-IQ loser is somehow being "white"

No. 1029299

Okay (c)rapper-chan, thanks for the input.

No. 1029304

these are the same person
anyway, people hate willow smith itt the same reason they hate billie eilish or olivia rodrigo. boring and singing songs made by men their parents' age. ok so a kid is cute and has a voice that isn't horrible, what is the content of her songs? where did it come from? is she reciting lines or did she go through a life exprience and then express it? being a supposed rock or punk artist isn't a character performance. your shit is still supposed to have a topic. no one is feeling it if you're a 21 year old zillionaire and singing a song about things you've never done, apartments you've never lived in, jobs you can't even imagine, and the breakup of the 40 year old who writes the songs for you.

No. 1029306

that wasn't me you schizophrenic fucktard. if mods were to ever do so they can verify it. how about you just get that ginormous stick out of your ass? do you hate every other pop punk artist/song from 20 years ago this zealously? avril lavigne had shit for brains and zero life experiences at age 17 when she became mega famous.

No. 1029307

also, you're the same anon from up the thread who's obsessed with these young artists fucking 40 year olds, i'm not even gonna bother linking back to your other posts but you're weird as fuck.

No. 1029310

bizarre that anyone would expect 100% authenticity from pop music. call me naive but i do believe rodrigo has a pretty major hand in the development of her music. honestly it's weird that people refuse to accept that some of these girls from wealthy backgrounds that afforded them musical training at a young age AND connections could actually be talented (taylor swift is a major example). obviously it's better to not have astroturfed artists but just because they're hyped and have a major shortcut to the industry doesn't mean they're talentless or unfeeling or unable to be at least somewhat relatable. i can't speak on willow smith's talent but i like that she offers a different kind of package to kids. it is pop music at the end of the day and if you are sincerely searching for complete authenticity in tween targeted pop music, that's kind of on you

No. 1029331

again, it's pop music meant to be catchy, first and foremost - not brutally expressive. obviously it has appeal and some level of relatability to teens. the music is not meant for you and it isn't meant to be taken this seriously. there are tons and tons of artists whose primary goal is expression, but that means catchiness and widespread appeal take a back seat, so of course they're going to be necessarily less popular. go listen to them. just because it's not raw and more alienating to a larger scale audience doesn't mean they're not at all talented or that the sentiment behind the music is totally incapable of being related to by others.

No. 1029333

It's pleasing to listen and to look at, it might not go down in history as the best of all time or even the best of its genre, but who are you to call it soulless or unnecessary? As a late millennial/early zoomer, I find this extremely catchy and nostalgic, it sounds like something that would've been all over the radio when I was a kid.

No. 1029335

ntayrt but i think this whole board hates 40 year old scrotes and the ayrt may have adopted that phrase from the one upthread. it's a phrase/topic of complaint that comes up a lot here. no one likes the weird old men controlling youth media.

No. 1029337

Godddamn, does Willow have her fucking PR team on the lolcow dot farm???

No. 1029338

ayrt. the problem is that this pop IS being marketed as 100% authentic. it's annoying to have plants in every genre being sold as anything other than a perfomance product. if you have a stylist, backup dancers, writing team, personas/eras etc. like madonna, cher, taylor swift, you can't just claim to be the same thing as sleater-kinney or ana popovic

No. 1029340

>no one is allowed to like things i don't like
>everyone has to be a weirdo sperg giving a shit about the "authenticity" of pop music

No. 1029344

fuck off and grow a pair, sped, not everybody is gonna like your shit music

No. 1029345

not really. what other genres are these particular girls being shoehorned into? it's all pop. this carefully crafted very slightly edgy music serves as a starting point for kids to get into more authentic music if they so choose. it's super catchy with a slight "edge" to offer a counterbalance to the arianas. a key feature of this music is that it isn't largely objectionable or offensive, and kids can access it easily. do you seriously expect to realistically hear sleater kinney at your dentist's office? come on now.

No. 1029346

LMAO i can't imagine the shit you listen to if you get this triggered over catchy songs. go cut yourself some more while you listen to your "Authentic" mediocre literally-who sleater kinney

No. 1029350

interesting you call her a sped when you fail to understand that there is a particular time and a place for this music. that's definitely more of autist's mindset if we had to compare. you're just not going to hear mudhoney or whatever on pop music stations meant to be widely enjoyed by adults and kids alike.

No. 1029353

Is this gonna be like that movie The Island

No. 1029363

Big dicked men can’t fight. They don’t need to. Bitches will fight Kanye for him.

No. 1029372

The kardashians are weird. On the show they bent over backwards to accommodate Tristan even after going after Jordyn. Even Khloe didn't want Tristan around and they coerced her into it.

Kim always trys to control the narrative after her marriages end. The show had such a slant against Kris Humphries and he objectively wasn't a bad guy. Kim completely did use him for views and her show. The editing on the seasons and New York spin off was wild. They've been slowly doing it to Kanye in the past few seasons lol. Of course Kanye is eccentric and out there so it's not hard to accept the narrative. I just feel bad for their kids. I feel messed up from my regular boring parents getting a divorce idk what the emotional fallout will be for a child that has media attention around their family issues.

No. 1029383

the kartrashians probably have the most highly paid PR team of anyone. i highly doubt everything they do isn't micromanaged, simply because they have SO many skeletons in their closet. this includes the men too, kanye, travis, etc. can you imagine having to keep up the appearance of all of these crazy narcs? somehow travis scott's career didn't die after that astroworld shit… the controversy just quietly went away after the immediate outrage.

No. 1029429

Yeah, because it's totally normal to invite your ex husband on SNL so he can see you kiss your new bf and bring some unknown guy around your children instead of their father. The "fan" he smacked was paparazzi trying to get money off his signature second time in the same day at 3am near his house. I'm sure you're just gonna skim this and call me a shill like the brainlet you are though

No. 1029432

This, but retards are siding with them because they barely know shit about kanye/kim's situation and are just projecting the same deadbeat dad narrative.

No. 1029434

i can't believe i'm watching a kanye stan cape for him on lolcow.farm

No. 1029435

I was expecting this kind of response. You morons are too predictable tbh

No. 1029436

are you a scrote? why are you this invested in a porn brained miserable bipolar retard with an ego bigger than his britches?

No. 1029437

imagine caping for kim for all people because she's a woman even though her popularity is directly tied to what farmers constantly rant about on here. y'all also need to stop calling people scrotes just because they don't agree with you

No. 1029438

tell me about it, it’s not even funny anymore

No. 1029443

I wouldn't be surprised, there were shills at /mu/ too but they magically disappeared when she was no longer relevant
>catchy songs
kek they're boring, again, anon is right, nobody is forced to like her specially when she's so lackluster, pop music and pop-rock had their moments sometimes, but her music just doesn't have "that" factor, much less her voice

No. 1029447

Truer words never spoken, anon. These are the guys who don't give a shit about their wife or kids beyond having them as status symbols, but will then cry about "divorce rape" and how their ex-wife is a bitch, for attention and sympathy…

I 100% would not want someone as unstable as Kanye around my kids. That's not being a bitch, that's just being a responsible parent concerned with their kids' well-being. If the Kanyes of the world actually loved their kids, they'd prioritize those kids' feelings and mental and physical health and stay the hell away from them. The kids' right to peace of mind and not being exposed to toxic, awful, unstable adults trumps "mother's/father's rights" in my book.

No. 1029458

so that's why you're so fucking insufferable, you're from 4chan. go back there and stay there.

No. 1029460

no, it's not funny seeing tryhard women defend kanye west of all people. go mend your relationship with your father.

No. 1029462

my relationship with my father is great, that's why im not sperging about every guy being automatically bad kek

No. 1029465

File: 1642334880775.jpeg (557.89 KB, 1355x2047, 53F830DD-F2AD-4682-912A-956DEA…)

So not really recent or even Drama but still can't get over the fact that Jack Harlow was the most well dressed person in the Met Gala

seriously who would have thought

No. 1029466

no one is sperging about ALL MEN you fucking cock gobbler, the conversation is about kanye west who is objectively a piece of shit.

No. 1029471

the song might be catchy but willow is a dumb bitch, she got meme'd into polyamory because of long distance and her bf wanted to fuck other girls