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No. 84984

Discuss kpop.
>Who's your favorite band/group? Who's your bias?
>Any comebacks you're looking forward to?


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No. 84985

continuing from last thread
i would assume most of the girls are on some form of birth control since the men can't be trusted to wrap their tool

No. 84986

Someone from the last thread wanted a BTS member to date lizzo rofl

She is literally the opposite of Korean beauty standards bts would probably be scared of her

No. 84987

you gotta admit though that would be absolutely hysterical

but i agree i think she would actually crush them

No. 84988


I remember there was a rumour that Hyuna had left the Wonder Girls because Jay Park had gotten her pregnant, and she had an abortion. LMAO. Kpop back then was wild.

No. 84989

I want BTS to date the most eurocentric looking ig baddies ever.

No. 84991

do you guys think nct would've flopped regardless of scammer's past?

No. 84992

i wonder if idols are hesitant to date bts because of the backlash that would hit them….i imagine theyre not worth the trouble

No. 84993

i think the entire concept of nct and random rotational units etc is the main reason the group flopped….scamyong didnt help the situation

No. 84994

God bless the gif I posted is thread pic

No. 84995

not to mention more than the members are pretty untalented so there isnt even anything to attract fans to

No. 84996

I think they would have done better if they have shifted the focus of the group to another member. Instead, they put him in every subunit, front and center, made him leader, put him in superm, etc. Johnny should have been the leader. And Jaehyun should've had more focus on from the beginning.

No. 84997

i find it funny that the one unit without scamyong is the one that won the first award and arguably does the best

No. 84998

NCT should have been the NCT U subunit in the 7th sense. Those are the most talented and interesting members, with decent looks. The rest are mostly fillers, even though I like some like Taeil, Renjun and Kun.

No. 84999

File: 1587504022907.png (131.84 KB, 758x426, mark-des-got7-serait-impliqué-…)

When it comes to dating in Korea female celebrities usually date up, meaning actresses go for chaebols and idols go for actors. That leaves instagram "models" or if they're lucky other idols for male idols. BTS are big, so maybe they're gonna be an exception but I still see them going for a similar type of girl like the Got7 guy and his titty monster hook up.
Would be hilarious because that's literally the opposite of the average 13yo chubby ratmy who cut and dye their hair like Jimin's kek

No. 85000


That Mark guy in Got7 is so useless.

No. 85001

isnt he also known to be a dick and pretty controversial

another example of rich parents buying their kids way into the industry

No. 85002

most white girls dont like Asian guys

No. 85003

I want at least one (preferably jimin) to have a white titty model girlfriend lol

No. 85004

he only became an idol for big tiddy ig thots.

but seriously, the rest of the group have great chemistry between them, while he's just… there.

No. 85005

the ones that do are your run of the mill koreaboo/weeaboo girls that no one wants lul

No. 85006

>Those are the most talented and interesting members
With doyoung's shit dancing that hasn't improved over the past five years? Sure

No. 85007

i remember when they debuted he was touted as some crazy good trick gymnast and he did like…two flips and it was never brought up ever again

No. 85008

Shhh… let our resident kboo ratmies have their BTS x white girl (meaning themselves)-fantasies.

No. 85009

he can sing and he can keep up with the choreo, is more than can be said for most of the members, lol.

No. 85010

Same here just for the sheer rage it'd cause in the fandom. Bonus points if it's Jimin, after all the "Jimin hates white people, woke king!" shit ratmies were pushing during BTS's last American promos.

No. 85011

speaking of kboo ratmies and got7….does anyone know about the got7 twins? theyre apparently a set of blasian twins who photoshop themselves into asians and make up stories about how bts and got7 think theyre hot and proposition them at fanmeets

its truly the delusional koreaboo fangirl culture at its worst

No. 85012


that's exactly why I want that. I'm not even white, but I hate how everytime they do something "woke" fans are like "RM would date a fat latina chick, see!" and like…no, Korean guys are mostly trash. They wanna bang russian whores and marry meek korean slaves. that's the t.

No. 85013

if anything i think the current dream lineup (minus mark) is actually good, their members all are talented and have good chemistry

if anything chenle and jaemin are the most useless, but chenle bankrolls their activies and jaemin is the kboo flower boy bait so it works out

No. 85014


One of them dating Lizzo or some other black celeb would be fun at first but would quickly just turn into ratmies being racist assholes. But one of them dating some white chick, and all the cognitive dissonance of their woke kings dating an evil colonizer would cause? Now that would be some premium milk.

No. 85015


I just love how everyone run with the Lizzo thing. Can you imagine? The mental images this is giving me, lmao. Imagine Suga and Lizzo together. I'm dying.

No. 85016

if anything i think one of them getting caught in a sex scandal (a la towel seungri) would be hysterical too bc the delusional ratmies would be caught between "oppa is pure" and "oppa is dating the other oppa"

bonus points if its some white girl kek

No. 85017

scammer is a plus since he is entertaining. and he gets people talking

No. 85018

the funny part is he has the personality of wet cardboard on shows, he's literally known for being a walmart jaejoong and a scammer/bully predebut, but literally cant be entertaining on variety shows to save his life

No. 85019


I think he could've possibly been entertaining, but since his scandal, he is probably terrified to mess up more, so he is just a piece of cardboard. Same with Jaehyun, he has this prince like image now, so he can't be fun in case anyone gets offended. I'm not surprised though, the members in NCT who do have personalities are always accused of being annoying attention whores/mean bullies/misogynistic douchebros/predatory gays, etc. Their fans are so senstive and annoying. Always babying oppa.

No. 85020


Disclaimer: I don't know much about NCT.

From what I do know from here and other K-pop-infested corners of the internet, Lucas, Ten, Mark, and Jaehyun seem to be pretty popular and well-liked among fans and the general public. Why does Taeyong keep getting pushed as the face of the group still when the other four seem much more interesting, skilled and scandal-free? Hell, I think Jaehyun is a stronger visual than Taeyong in some respects.

No. 85021

he has those anime looks that SM loves. Plus, they invested SO much in him, that it would be a waste not to push them, but yeah.

No. 85022

i think thats the ultimate debate–no one knows why taeyong is being pushed so hard, when he sells less merch than half of nct dream, isn't a unbelievably talented singer/rapper/dancer, and has a pretty shitty past

the only thing going for him is that he does have killer stage presence as a "center", but pretty boys are a dime a dozen

No. 85024

>he has those anime looks that SM loves

I don't really see it and never got the Jaejoong comparisons. He has pretty strong features that aren't that flower boy-like (with his nose being atypical of an anime face, especially).

So I guess more fans share the same perspective as me. I could see the case being that he has a ton of personal/financial ties with SM (ala Sunny). He wouldn't be the first idol to buy his way into favoritism.

No. 85026

File: 1587506614970.jpeg (Spoiler Image,128.38 KB, 1000x630, 1571697419-7ea9c6b4-2f31-4d0c-…)

OT, but i still can't believe Sperm is a real thing that happened. Like, tbh, I do think the members are all decently talented and good-looking, despite the occasional botched botox or unflattering styling, but they look so disjointed together. They don't mesh at all. idk what the fuck capitol was thinking.

No. 85027

i mean one of the more crackpot theories is that he's involved somehow with LSM sexually….i'm pretty sure theres some thread about him having matching couple bracelets with LSM because obviously a 50-some year old CEO is going to wear matching bracelets with his booty call

/s if not clear

but yeah, no one knows for sure, but most netizens seem just as baffled

No. 85028

the ones in red look like circus hands and the ones in black look like sleazy vegas street magicians

who tf styled these guys

No. 85029

>personality of wet cardboard
>terrified to mess up
Exo and RV behaved that way at first too, as if they were scared of saying or doing something wrong and SM is likely extra strict on him.

This was ages ago, but somebody posted a pic/clip of NCT joking around and "coincidentally" there suddenly was an umbrella behind them that one of them grabbed etc, meaning their "funny" scenes are very likely completely staged, does anybody know what I mean?

No. 85030

kai looks like the fortune teller robots in the glass cabinets at tourist trap locations

No. 85031


No. 85032

quite a few of them see to have downwards slouching shoulders. they forgot the shoulder pads

No. 85033

i totally get what you mean, theyre all so manufactured and coached that it's kind of unsettling and not fun to watch

even in their vlives you can see them scanning the background behind the camera often, probably because there's a horde of managers coaching and watching them like hawks

oddly enough the only content i enjoyed from nct was that one mafia vlive where they were being absolute crackheads and actually seemed like a group of kids their age

No. 85034

Can you post the clip?

No. 85035

i really don't think his family's rich tho, which explains the scamming thing.

so taemin does look like oli london huh

No. 85036

depends on the hair color

No. 85037

great now i cant unsee oli london
my new sleep paralysis demon

No. 85038

brunette oli london is just jhope lol

No. 85039


ROFL. To be fair to him though, no kpop idol looks good with bleached hair/eyebrows and contacts. IDK why stylists keep trying to make them look white.

No. 85040


Imagine spending 100k to look like Jimin and ending up looking like botched j-hope.

No. 85041

No, that's why I asked whether somebody else remembers.

I don't mind the outfits but their makeup looks messy and dirty. Plus they definitely don't want to be there

No. 85042

god looking at him makes my face hurt
he looks like one bad allergy season away from having his nose fall off from a violent sneeze

No. 85045

File: 1587507661544.jpeg (Spoiler Image,42.67 KB, 644x429, w644.jpeg)

They always look like they're being held hostage. Look at Sooman's creepy face here.

No. 85049

im sorry ten's limp rocker hand just resting on baekhyun's shoulder has me cackling

No. 85052

File: 1587507968517.jpg (63.64 KB, 403x300, send help.jpg)

As if he's holding a knife to Taeyong's back and poor Kai underneath his arm, like a pedo…this would've been a good OP

No. 85053

File: 1587508086681.jpg (Spoiler Image,140.84 KB, 1199x774, 1576291557877.jpg)

whatcha talking about. beaming smiles everywhere you look

No. 85054

File: 1587508239944.webm (2.96 MB, 480x600, 1576610427083.webm)

closest I got, sorry.

No. 85055

ah yes lsm and his two buttboys
case closed boys lets go home

No. 85056

>>85053 OMFG, this is too much lmao

No. 85057

Oh, yeah, I remember that. when jk's scandal happened some people were saying jimin was partying with some french girls. jimin is friends with taemin. i can totally see them trying to bang white girls.

No. 85058

File: 1587508625016.jpg (224.19 KB, 1280x1707, cf50aa1b9f17700a1964b92a28c818…)

Baekhyun and Ten look happy that it's not them who are getting backhugged…but don't worry there's enough of him for all of you kek
This basically confirms to me that Taeyong indeed takes it up the ass, that's the only explanation for him being in the group (and maybe also the reaon Jaejoong desperately wanted to leave). Also explains his shyness, him being ana, and so on…

No. 85061

Armies had a total meltdown with this. Jiminparis was trending on twitter and everyone was trying to act cool but you could tell they were so upset their oppa was clubbing with cute parisians.

No. 85064

What scandals has Mark been in?

No. 85065

he had that one with the big tiddy ex gf already mentioned

he also got in some shit because his hs friends went to one of the got7 LA concerts and made a huge mess (drinking, yelling, spitting on other fans) at the concert hall. he also had some hs friend try to convince some got7 fan to fuck him in exchange for meeting mark/jackson, and they encouraged bambam to say the n word

not directly related to him, but def made a lot of people side-eye him for keeping company with such shitheads

not to mention hes had like five separate accounts of being violent/fighting with fellow members and other trainees during his predebut days (the youngjae-mark ac fight, predebut cube fight, fight with JB/jackson?)

basically the dude seems to be a bit of a twat and has a hairpin trigger temper, not to mention is useless in the band and its obvious the members dont really like him

No. 85070

rm is dating some model and v is dating some younger actress

No. 85071

Taemin gets worse the more i look at him. He really went off the deep end with plastic surgery

No. 85072

i bet jimin was maaaaaaaaad when this video dropped

No. 85074

File: 1587511178696.jpg (Spoiler Image,142.59 KB, 450x995, img_3016.jpg)

ps? what you talking about. this is all natural

No. 85075

>he also got in some shit because his hs friends went to one of the got7 LA concerts and made a huge mess (drinking, yelling, spitting on other fans) at the concert hall. he also had some hs friend try to convince some got7 fan to fuck him in exchange for meeting mark/jackson, and they encouraged bambam to say the n word

Thanks for the reply. he sounds like a hot mess. All I know is Mark really is boring and seems like a rich asshole. Not to mention he was born in LA (I believe??) so he has that type of i can do what i want attitude, ontop of being rich and in kpop, despite being Chinese ethnicity.

Oh, you know his ass didnt expect a video to get out. rofl

No. 85076

How can one person switch between looking like Gackt to looking like Oily London

No. 85078

Scamyong looks like his trophy wife, LSM is just showing him off at this point

No. 85079

File: 1587512703056.jpg (129.49 KB, 675x1200, 1574407131859.jpg)

sure that the trophy wife he is showing off is scamyong?

No. 85083

Lmao these sperm press photos are gold

No. 85086

What the fuck? That's an awful pic

No. 85088

You're talking about this one right?

No. 85089

this is probably the only infinite song i like outside of a few b-sides but when are we going to get something as amazing as this again?

No. 85091

Meh. Sounds outdated

No. 85092

it's not bad but the chorus is kinda grating

No. 85096

Wasn't the show cancelled?

No. 85097

I had no idea actors were above idols but it makes sense; it seems so many idols nowadays just want to be celebrities, why don't they just go to the acting industry instead of becoming dance monkeys with crazy stalkers and zero freedom? The other day I read from a foreigner that has been living in South Korea that 40%-60% of korean teenagers are in some kind of kpop company and that seems like a problem in all senses

No. 85098

40-60%? thats crazy, considering joining any entertainment company that isn't the big 3 + big hit and maybe two others is basically selling yourself into a sex trade for girls and guaranteeing nugu status….

honestly entertainment companies seem so predatory and probably half of them are just thinly veiled sponsor/sex work companies luring in kids…

No. 85100

Apparently someone sent a picture of Mark and Johnny from NCT to a news station saying it was their sons camping in the living room during quarantine and they actually reported on it

Not gonna lie that's pretty fucking funny

No. 85101

idk that figure sounds wrong. most korean teens don’t have the time to join entertainment companies

No. 85103

I'm not OP who posted the video but damn I never imagined I'd see a day where people were critical of The Chaser by Infinite. That song is absolutely S-tier even if it doesn't suit your tastes that include tropical house or have a giant rap section for the useless members of the group.
That being said, I just remembered that Woollim is going to debut a new boy group (no time set yet
afaik). Idgaf about the boy group but the songs themselves will probably be good quality given Infinite's history of solid title tracks.
Lmfao Big 3 is better than joining some unknown, shady entertainment company or some company with a track record of piss poor management for their past groups. I've said this in other threads but I have NO idea how Fantagio, MBK, or even YG have trainees after all the [well documented] shit their groups have gone through because of horrible management. I would rather bust my ass practicing and fix my face to get into SM on my fourth try & train for 3 years than be scouted by Open World Entertainment & debut a month later in a flop group.

No. 85104

I initially meant Big 3 excluding YG, but we all know that by now I'd assume.

No. 85105

lol don't come up with random numbers. 60% of korean teenagers in entertainment companies? 60% of korean teenagers don't even listen to kpop. it's just that those who do are so vocal about it it seems like all of korea is obsessed with kpop. in reality the general public doesn't really know anyone other than bts and blackpink (even then they mostly mention them to boast how proud they are of the impact of the "hallyu wave" or whatever)

No. 85108

Already a new BG for Woollim? It feels like just yesterday Golden Child debuted.

>Open World Entertainment

Also I understand why people are doubting the kids who choose to debut in nugu companies, but think about the adults who keep starting these nugu companies. Like why? If they’re expecting success they’re about as delusional as the kids.

No. 85112

Oli London doesn't even wanna look like Jimin. Michelle Moe did a video talking about how the guy is just using BTS's name for Koreaboo clout. If he really wanted to look like Jimin, the guy would have botched monolids and a flatter nose rather than the pseudo-J-hope one he has now. Koreaboos gave him the attention he wanted and he's just continuing this act as a result.

No. 85113

These Sperm member press pics are so awkward and unreal kek I nominate one to be the next pic thread.

No. 85114

honestly i wouldnt be surprised in the least if taeyong is actually somehow involved with LSM….jaejoong probably was abused in some way too

wasnt there a video of him calling out toxic korean drama tropes? something about yunho forcibly kissing a girl while all the fans swooned, and he literally came out and said "if this wasnt yunho you'd all think it was creepy" or something

No. 85116

Huening Kai makes me puke
I dont even wanna attach a image

No. 85117

he has ballsack skin for eyelids…i honestly don't know how an eyelid can fold that much at his age

No. 85118

Tfw SM puts a Chinese group together that surpasses all NCT units in visuals. I know the group is Chinese (and Thai) and Korea is xenophobic but if this group wasn't full of non-Koreans, they'd do well. Imo this is the closest that SM has gotten to their 'touch' that they used to have back in the day; they would have been better off if they erased all traces of the kids' pasts, pretended they were Korean, and debuted them in Korea under SM.

Why are the Korean members + trainees that SM has so much uglier compared to the WayV kids? Whoever is doing their casting in China needs to be moved back to Korea asap.

No. 85119

honestly i agree with you, xiaojun would be the flower boy of the century if he was a bit taller

but honestly the entirety of wayv is more talented than nct combined, it's a pity they wont ever be as heavily pushed because not korean

No. 85121

If Sm wants to get back to the top spot again they need their protege Yoo Youngjin back.
That man made SM's sound as we know it.
One of my favourite sons of all time from a SM artist is composed by him

Speaking of Shinhwa
I wonder when SM will produce a boy group like them who had massive GP recognition
Even guys liked them after T.o.p's release
T.o.p. was bomb except for that N word bomb
The sampling of Swan lake ballet is amazing

Sm has lost their roots completely
I wouldnt be surprised if Wayv is the last group from them with the original Rnb SM touch
Moonwalk is really majestic

No. 85123

Hes usually an air head but I salute him for that comment lol
Dongwan is probably the only Male idol who has spoken out on the objectification of women especially in the industry
I dont know who else has been as explicit in speaking out on these issues as he has been
Despite his member sexually assaulting a lady lol

No. 85124


No. 85125

not gonna lie love talk is such a generic thot bop but i love it

i agree, wayv is definitely the strongest "NCT" unit in SM, but theyre never going to push them as heavily as NCT because xenophobia

No. 85126

In this video the dance break around ~2:35 is very old school TVXQish. I know SuperM is supposed to be the designated SM Performance group but I think WayV turned out to show the ~SM Performance experience~ better. Only issue is that they're Chinese so automatically SM dgaf unless they're making that C-fan coin. I have no intentions of stanning WayV (although the members are cute and the group is the best I've seen) but it's pretty sad that across all of SM's projects, WayV is the best group SM has debuted in the last 6 years given how awfully SM has treated their Chinese trainees and group members. Idk how WayV is going to pan out given how easily EXO-M fell apart within 3 years.

OT but Shinhwa's brotherhood is everything that all crazy OTP shippers wish their groups were.
In regards to SM's producers, I think Yoo Youngjin is likely going to retire if he hasn't already. Kenzie is largely in charge of title tracks afaik nowadays (depending on if SM buys from a Western producer or not), and Kenzie is very hit/miss. Then again, idk about Kenzie being 'hit' because she's credited with 'Monster' though 'Monster' is originally an LDN Noise song with an English demo. Kenzie is credited in 'RBB' which is a downright awful song structurally which indicates to me that she has some questionable taste (unless she's strategizing to fuck over RV?).
I wish YYJ would come back though too. And while I hardly know them, I do agree that WayV is the only group that I see has 'SM Performance' potential that TVXQ had. NCT definitely does not have it; NCT Dream at most reminds me of Shinee a bit.

No. 85127

Ya'll should just name this thread as nct boner thread. Lolcow used to be fun, now this is just a nctshit thread.

No. 85128

SM is never going to keep its chinese trainees if they keep treating them like second rate citizens…before EXO-M there was also that failed super junior chinese unit that bombed lol

I do agree that NCT dream is reminiscent of SHINEE, and the members actually do seem to have chemistry unlike the heavily pushed 127, maybe now that mark is back in the unit LSM will actually push it more, but who knows

No. 85129

i mean they did merge the critical and general threads, so there's going to be a lot of discussion

there just arent any other kpop groups that seem to garner enough discussion other than NCT and BTS, so these threads are just mainly about those two

i did greatly enjoy the lizzo-bts from earlier today, that was top tier lolcow

No. 85130

Never knew that lolcow had such a huge number of nctzens. Wasn't the critical thread popular enough? What was the need to merge them?

No. 85131

God I love when black and perceived as ghetto women artists get involved with kpop, 50% is racism and 50% is fake woke agenda. Remember the cupkakke incident? Can't wait for Lizzo o Megan thee stallion to say something like that or worse lmaoo

No. 85132

Speaking of, I remember the time BP Rania debuted and Alex (the black girl) would just come in the middle of the performance to sing two korean words and then going back again, lmao. What was even the point in having her in the group? Int fans were showering her with praises to get some brownie sjw points even though she was just there as a brand of sorts, she couldn't speak korean for shit, and then she just left the group. Bizarre af.

No. 85134

I'm anon in >>85126
and regard myself as a 'critical' listener of kpop. I'm not even an NCT fan but I know if I posted what I did in my previous reply in a Critical Thread that I'd be hounded with "tHiS iS tHe cRiTiCaL tHrEaD" because I dared to say something remotely positive in my post while also being critical of SM and NCT Korean subunits. Personally this is why I prefer these threads being merged. The critical thread put pressure on replies to only criticize, which led to a ton of nitpicking. From my observations in the newest General threads we're not limited from saying what was said before in Critical threads but the same can't be said for General discussion being in the Critical threads.
I hate rampant NCTfags but the ones in this thread only annoy me when they suggest that NCT 127 actually has good title tracks like that one anon who said that Cherry Bomb and Firetruck were good. Funnily enough the NCT 127 fans are the most insufferable; not too hard to believe when 127 is the most 'pushed' (and overrated) of the subunits. Other than that, the actual milk in the previous thread of the drama between members was pretty interesting as someone who doesn't know the NCT members too well. Taeyong for instance has a very scandalous past and I've been dying to know from an outsider's perspective with some experience as a former fan of SM groups (Shinee, Exo) why the fuck Mark is the most pushed of all–which I've been trying to discuss for ages so pls answer NCTfags, lmfao. SM's 'vision' and strategy has always been interesting to me and there's a lot of critical (and also dare I say positive) things to be said about SM's management.

No. 85135

To try and make money off of attention from international fans (POC mainly black kpop fans) without alienating the Korean public by having a lightskinned black woman in a Korean performance. The company totally lied to sell 'progressivism' to international fans who hoped to see a black person (non-Asian POC) in a kpop group but when it actually came down to being a Korean group promoting in Korea, they couldn't actually have a black woman in the group because it would go against Korea's general conservative (racist) sentiments towards black people.
Reminds me of that tumblr account (kmusicandblackwomen) where people claimed that numerous kpop boys preferred black women. I've seen Korean men who like black women but even when they describe WHY they like black women, it's usually some fetishization that makes Hip Hop Hyun more credible to his K-Hiphop homies. If you look into it enough their fascination is always related to American hip hop, which is stereotypical as hell and not at all the attention that women should want imo. Not that there aren't any good Korean men who like black women, but anyone who seeks out a specific race aka fetishizes a racial group doesn't get a pass because they're a Korean man.

No. 85136

i totally agree, i feel like whenever any kpop idol mentions he likes black girls, it's always followed by some comment about how they appreciate hip hop culture which is super gross, and im surprised these black koreaboos don't see how that statement is super problematic

even when kpop idols interact with black people they always try to act hard and yell stupid shit like "yo, hip hop!" as if it makes them seem relatable and woke

honestly the rap line in bts is notorious for this and im surprised more people havent called them out for it

No. 85137

Yeah and they would “cancel” anyone else who did that

No. 85138

mark is pushed because he's the first half decent rapper SM has ever produced, but i agree, he's over-marketed and over hyped

i do admit he seems rather endearing and hard working, and does seem to have that natural awkward boy next door vibe to him, but its honestly tiring to have him jammed down our throats for literally all nct content

No. 85139

yup, i honestly have no idea how bts got so big and get this pass for doing arguably questionable shit and still get praised for being woke kings

is it just the sheer number of fans burying anything that's negative?

honestly this has been brought up before, but if BAP wasn't under such shit management, i totally could see them (or at least byg) getting as big as BTS

byg seems like the actual "woke" version of what ratmon tries to emulate, he's been seen multiple times actually addressing mental health issues, industry issues, etc. without the sugar coating

too bad they got ruined by their shit company management

No. 85140

RM is pretty blatant with the black appropriation/casual racism

he has multiple clips where he's emulating "black english", making fun of other members for "being so black he cant see them" and making caricatures out of black people

i believe he half heartedly apologized for being "racist", but still does it anyways because he knows he's pretty much untouchable at this point

No. 85141

i wonder what it would take to get BTS "cancelled" in korea….

the most obvious one would probably be a dating/sex/baby momma scandal, but i cant really think of any other behavior/attitude controversies that would take them out…..

No. 85142

BTS could murder kids at this point and ratmy will be like “ maybe if they stanned bts”

No. 85143

his blaccent is so bad it’s racist lol

No. 85144

honestly the only thing at this point would be a sex/baby mama scandal…ratmy fans dont care about being woke, they just want their oppas to prance around and pretend to fuck each other so they can continue their self insert fantasies

No. 85145

honestly if jjy/kangin/jjy/seungri can still maintain a horde of fans despite literally beating, raping, and trafficking women bts literally can get away with murder at this point

No. 85146

kpop is a disease stronger and more infectious that Covid-19

No. 85147

Lol wtf are u on
Bet u that weirdo a thread ago talking about your fantasy of white ig girls hooking up w 5'5 Jimin
Stop this dumb discussion

No. 85148

kpop: where u can beat, rape, and sell women but actually falling in love and getting married is a big no no!!

No. 85149

No one in BTS wants to fuck lizzo… gross lol

No. 85150

no one wants to fuck lizzo

No. 85151

I don’t think it’s a white girl fantasy. A white girl would piss fans off the most. that’s why it’s funny. All of bts have probably fucked white girls already anyway.

No. 85152

aren’t most international fans teen white girls tbh

No. 85153

Nct meeting lizzo was a thing

No. 85154

I fucking wish more would have happened with this. Imagine if he was caught kissing that girl in paris. I wouldn't be shocked if he did actually fuck her and had her sign an NDA.

No. 85155

what is she wearing

No. 85156

How do you know this? Is there any proof/names?

No. 85157

ratmy would’ve crashed twitter for sure

No. 85158

Her songs about love and sex seem like a cover up of sorts that she can't land herself a date.

No. 85159

yes, but seeing their oppa fuck a eastern european insta-hoe just turns the insecurity wheels more because they cant self insert kek

No. 85160

they bullshitting
every once in a while some anon comes in with fake “tea”

No. 85161

imagine Mankae line with russian gfs

No. 85162

If anyone thinks bts would touch lizzo they are delusional. They are clearly fatphobic in korea lmao. If you weigh more than 120 you ain't getting bangtan weener.

No. 85163

There would be 1000 times more fallout if they were with American whites.

No. 85164

oh for sure, it was just funny to talk about how ratmy would actually implode if it happened

No. 85165

sounds like a coffee

No. 85166

I’m dead serious and not trolling but BTS being gay yaoi boys and fucking each other is more convincing then them dating Lizzo lol

No. 85167

You, guys here, have become more delulu than ratmies fanatics and their shipping. Like we get it, why is the same thing repeated over and over from the last thread???

No. 85168

in all seriousness… is jhope not gay?

No. 85169

that's sooman's rocker hand tho.

No. 85170

thank you for this waste of a comment. if you don't like the discussion, leave or ignore it.

No. 85171

What made u think lolcow doesn’t have delulus?

No. 85172

Jhope is just flamboyant, I don’t think anyone in BTS is jokwon level gay or even Ten level

No. 85173

Blabla,the same comment over and over again. Being told the truth must hurt.

No. 85174


No. 85175

he was. In the girl's apology on ig, she mentioned jimin didn't wana talk to them the other day (i forgot the girl's insta, but her apology was there)

No. 85176

How embarrassing. On the other hand, idols should be able to go out and have fun without worrying about their entire career being ruined because they flicked a girl on the head.

No. 85177

lucky for him jungkook had his scandal right after

No. 85178

Even that was boring. I do feel bad for him though. That probably ruined his whole relationship with that girl

No. 85179

File: 1587539234571.gif (2.58 MB, 500x255, 39E0275D-3619-482E-8483-FFE201…)

im sure bts just dreams of this

No. 85180

if by dreams you mean nightmares, then yes

No. 85181

I remember seeing her liking a comment about them being in love or something

damn she even got fired for that nonsense

No. 85182

but they so woke anon!

remember RM’s quote!! “looks don’t matter we live in a judgemental society.”

No. 85183

That's so depressing. I thought they were cute together. I thought it was refreshing that she was just a normal chill girl and not an idol. I liked that she was alternative. I hope he only dates alternative women from now on. It really pissed people off lol.

No. 85184

Why does she sound like a delulu

No. 85185

all the alt girls are probably to scared tho to even make eye contact with jk

No. 85186

Says the ugly

No. 85187

lol why?

No. 85188

No one would fuck her lmao. not even ugly ass RM.

No. 85189

ratmy being insane

No. 85190

I'm sure jk has learned his lesson and he's far more cautious with his women now

No. 85191

I wonder what Jin thinks about that quote

No. 85192

What’s with this high school tier infighting shit? I know the quarantine has made people a little loony and bored but this is kinda pathetic. Some people are taking discussions of whoever’s getting bangtaned in BTS too seriously. Making fun of SM’s failed endeavors with Sperm and Koreaboo behavior’ is way more interesting.

No. 85193

I mean it’s lolcow not debate club

No. 85194

i feel like people were just complaining about how this thread became an NCTfag thread, so peope tried to move the topic along lol

cant please everyone i guess

No. 85195

Pretty sure he thinks that it only applies for his ugly ass.

Can't wait for a proper scandal because I'm tired of their pretentiousness but I'm sure BH has Dispatch etc. on their payroll.I was quite disappointed by how quickly their fans tried to bury Jimin and JK's lady scandals and how quickly they were done with JK's driving incident.

No. 85196

since it hasnt been brought up yet, nct dream is coming back in 10 days, the teasers so far look pretty good, im hoping it'll be along the lines of boom

yes im a lowkey nctstan but only for wayv and dream

No. 85197

Who even likes 127 tbh. Dream is the most relevant followed by WayV. 127 just looks forced af.

No. 85198

rm is r/iamverysmart in every way

and what is it with kpop and car accidents?
I feel like every other group has gotten into one…..

No. 85199

i hope this isnt the last good dream comeback before they either shove all of them into the dungeon or shove mark back in and make it the mark show again

i honestly like the jeno jaemin rap line more, dream post-mark just feels more natural and the line distribution is more even

No. 85201

its a combination of bad driving skills and a feeling of invincibility + fast cars

if you watch any show where an idol is talking about having to pass a driving test its always a big deal and they always seem to be proud of the fact that they failed it before or something

that combined with luxury cars and a general lack of experience means theyre probably gonna hit shit more often

No. 85202

Jeno & Jeamin are more on par with each other in terms of ability, whereas Mark overshadows them to a great extent. It honestly was better without Mark.

No. 85203

well that and the manager/company accidents are usually a mixture of tired manager/speeding because packed schedules, its not a surprise there's more severe accidents

that, and the korean drinking culture seems to be more lax about drinking and driving despite all the idols who get caught

No. 85204

they need to take that stuff more seriously

2 ladies code member died, and and half of suju almost did aswell

No. 85205

yup, i feel they both have room to grow, and i agree mark does overshadow the both of them, so when he joins it just becomes the mark rap show plus jeno/jaemin occasionally chiming in for 2 lines

maybe im just biased towards jaemin and jeno and im tired of mark being shoved in our faces all the time regardless of how likeable he is

No. 85206

for sure, i feel people dont talk about how the managers are treated as often as they should

all the fans always cry about how their poor oppas are being overworked and mistreated by mean managers, but neglect to think these managers are awake and following these idols around with the same shit schedules, and probably have to do more bts stuff plus be responsive for transporting them…and get underpaid and villainized because poor oppa glanced offscreen for two seconds so obviously the mean manager is abusing them

No. 85207

i think dream is better without mark too, but im sure SM sees mark as their cash cow and probably want to push haechan-mark pairings since the delulu shipping is strongest with the younger dream fanbase

im surprised mark hasnt snapped with all the comebacks and stuff he's being put through, does the poor kid even sleep?

No. 85208

oh yes, the amount of fans freaking out about their poor oppas being mistreated is something else

i cant imagine being an exhausted manager trying to wrangle 6-10 egotistical 20-somethings on no hours of sleep and not being annoyed when they don't listen to you because they know theyre being filmed

No. 85209

mark is a fucking machine he’s one of the most active idols I’ve seen at his age is amazing

No. 85210

Wouldn't be surprised if he was under the influence

No. 85211

People love having Mark being pushed to their faces, and SM loves money. So obviously he gets pushed around a lot. How tf is he even alive at this point, I wonder. How many times did he debut till now?

No. 85212

i wonder how much longer he can last, its honestly impressive how much he works and i wonder how much more he has left in him to be milked by sm before he just loses it

No. 85213

honestly i would be more surprised if he wasnt, but maybe he is one of those once a generation powerhouses

you can see that he is passionate about being on stage and performing, its the other idol bullshit that i feel hes probably going to be sick of soon

No. 85214

Mark is robot confirmed

I hope he’s making bank

No. 85215

They're so rich and worldwide famous but they can't even enjoy it. I would rip my hair out.

No. 85216

I hope all of that won't get to him or burn him out but sadly it doesn't seem like SM is going to stop exploiting him any time soon. He seems like a good kid and it would be unfortunate if he eventually got involved in some scandals later down the line because he can't handle the stress anymore.

No. 85217

i believe it was the regular dance practice, but he honestly looked like a corpse in that video his dark circles were so prominent, but he still killed the dance despite looking like he didnt sleep for 4 days

honestly people throw around the term "born to be a performer" but mark truly seems like one of those guys who was born to be on stage

No. 85218

Rich maybe, but worldwide famous? Not really. They still qualify as flop shit.

No. 85219

he does seem to be a good kid, and from what ive read hes pretty devout, so i wonder if he gets his strength from his faith

i cant really see him getting into a scandal, but i could totally see him burning out and taking a mental health hiatus

No. 85220

i agree, theyre barely big in korea let alone worldwide, but he has to be raking in some serious dough solely based off the fact that he literally participates and has a huge role in every comeback

No. 85221

They would just say they’re prostitutes which is actually true in most cases with ig thots. They will need a demure girl to take it seriously.

No. 85222

Isn't he like a religious christian? Part of the reason why he reacts really strongly whenever his members gay baits for views or popularity. Doubt he will get into any scandal any time soon.

No. 85223

I can see some of them with ig thots but the others I can only see with a demure girl. Like Jin.

No. 85224

his reactions to gaybaiting may be a product of his upbringing or just being uncomfortable with being forced to do shit like that, we'll never know

but i agree, i highly doubt he'll get into a dating scandal anytime soon….how would he even find the time

if anything like the previous anon said he'd get into some mental health hiatus after being put through the ringer for over 5 years

No. 85225

She was actually liking all the comments that mentioned him, even the ones about how women and men can be friends. I think she was just naive and I know for a fact that she didn’t get fired lol.

No. 85226

I think that it is delusional to think they didn't have something going on though. Even if they were just fucking.

No. 85227

Sure they would have sex with some But fans wouldn’t get upset because they would know it’s not gonna last like with a normal girl. And let’s be honest, their long term gf is gonna be Korean or Japanese.

No. 85228

honestly i feel like most female idols would likely be hesitant to date a bts boy (esp the maknae line) because of the hellfire that would rain on them and their career if they were outed

No. 85229

Times are changing. I'm willing to bet that at least one of them will be in a serious relationship with a non-korean/japanese. They're way too famous.

No. 85230

I don’t see why that’s a fact considering all we had was a back hug but then again I’m sitting in my males friends lap and I do live in a conservative society as well so maybe I’m just jaded lol

No. 85231

If any female idol dated a bts member it would be for money because bts is a group of fugly tards.

No. 85232

A dating scandal or something Seungri-style are unlikely but he's only 20 and who knows what kind of people he will be surrounded by in the next few years.

This industry is tainted as fuck and people's intentions might cloud his judgement .That combined with possible mental health issues might lead to stupid decisions so I really hope he has genuine friends and family that support him.

No. 85233

There's no way that there wasn't something going on. In Korea you don't even hug front facing let alone back hug. It was waaayyy too physical for Korean standards.

No. 85234

idol girls get hate for even daring to breathe the same air as oppa

didnt twice jungyeon get tons of hate because she and jimin dont like each other and delulu fans caught on and spun some story about how they're obviously exes and she has to be a bitch

No. 85235

Can't believe there are so many speculations over a BACK hug. It's common knowledge that celebrities have random hook ups and fucks. What's the big deal.

No. 85236

File: 1587543033766.jpeg (73.67 KB, 540x427, D76C645B-F451-4B75-8A18-5FE5BB…)

damn heechul went off

Ahjusshi. Is it really that important whether or not the malicious commenters are 'male or female'? Regardless of their gender, if they commit crimes then they're just criminals. Plus, my song 'Charm of Life' is directed toward malicious people who spread rumors about me and wrote derogatory comments about me; where do you think it has anything to do with me calling out feminists? Much less, me and many of my acquaintances are still mourning and grieving over those two friends and the topic was only brought up very carefully.. so who are you to write anything like this, using the names of the deceased? I wanted to just ignore this because if all of this becomes a news topic then that would be what you want… but really, you're doing all kinds of s* to become famous.. Last thing, do not use the deceased as tools in your petty fights.

No. 85237

i hope so too, i have a soft spot for him because he has such a dorky little brother vibe but is honestly such a hardworking kid that you cant help but cheer for him

No. 85238

Legit this jimin jungyeon thing had to the biggest reach in kpop history

No. 85239

what is this in response to? im assuming he's calling someone out for making comments about sulli and hara

No. 85240

And getting face tattoos isn’t normal by Korean standards but she has one, so she isn’t exactly traditional. He’s also an idol who has done things you can’t even begin to imagine. For him a hug is nothing.
I’m not saying they definitely didn’t fuck, I’m just pointing out the obvious difference between a couple of normal Koreans and them.

No. 85241

The only kpop girls that wouldnt get their career destroyed by dating a bts member would be blackpink, and the hilarity of mediaplay YG would do would be so worth it. Imagine if jennie was dating the horse faced guy

No. 85242

Ok, but the way Jeongyeon reacted to him every time they met, something was definitely fishy.

No. 85243

this is a very unpopular opinion, even on here, but I honestly think that V is so fucking ugly. His ears are fucking huge and his smile is hideous. Idk man he's so ugly to me lol

No. 85244

After this broadcast, a media reporter and columnist Wi Geun Woo posted a lengthy comment via his SNS, stating, "The late Sulli was victimized by both male and female malicious commenters; it seems to me that to replace the faults of these malicious commenters with issues of gender conflicts and to call out both sides in the ongoing conflict as 'wrong' is a mistake." The reporter further argued that general conflicts between 'men' and 'women' are not the equivalent of the currently relevant societal topics of "gender issues". Finally, he ended by claiming, "Kim Heechul's words should not be interpreted as the late Sulli's own thoughts, and the more his words are seen as such, the more criticism he should receive.

No. 85245

i mean when you pass a pile of feces on the sidewalk you also make that face too no

if anything i feel like he probably has a reputation, and she has an unfortunate case of rbf + emotions show on her face

fangirls really did take it and run with it though

No. 85246

Considering how egotistic Jennie is, doubt she will ever even consider him to be her hook up partner, much less date.

No. 85247

Lol what are the things that he's done that I couldn't even begin to imagine? I'm 5 years older than him and I've done it all, so please enlighten me.

No. 85248

Jennie 100% thinks she's better than bts. Besides, BTS all act autistic. You forget they're all late twenties.

No. 85249

i bet you havent shoved your tongue in your coworker's ear on a jumbotron for money kek

No. 85250

Why would I know what you have personally done? All I’m saying is that he’s not a normal guy, so average Korean people rules don’t apply to him.

No. 85251

That's what I couldn't even begin to imagine??? oof… ok anon.

No. 85252

She probs go for V then, but might get annoied real fast by him. Maybe jungkook? I dont see jimin in the picture since either tbh. Maybe the other two from tha rapline so she can get some pointers and lines from them

No. 85253

are you retarded lol
how would an anon know exactly what an idol across the world's done in his private life

anon was obviously making a point that these things cant be taken at face value and you just sperged out asking for detailed examples

No. 85254

He got a five head and narrow shoulders too

why do people think he’s so hot honestly he’s in the same tier as rm and jhope

No. 85255

She's probably taller than Jimin. I can't see Jennie with anyone in BTS at all. If I had to choose it'd be V but even that doesn't seem right.

No. 85256

If anon doesn't know specifics then why are they even saying that jk has done things that no one could even fathom, as if it was fact?

No. 85257

he has more of a five head…that cursed picture of his receeding hairline has me cackling everytime i see it

he also is actually autistic but ratmy pass it off as uwu so cute and its disgusting

his habit of taking off his fucking shoes is honestly so low class and vile but apparently its endearing and cute

No. 85259

He's the ugliest in bts to me.
My rank is Jk, Jin, Jimin, Jhope, Suga, RM, then V lol

No. 85260

they were saying how you shouldnt take things at face value…but since you seem to take everything at face value i can see why the concept would he hard to grasp

No. 85261

V would be the most likely choice, but she seems like the type to storm out of the restuarant because he'd be too focused on showing her paintings he made by putting the brush between his brows than listen to how irene called her 'unnie'

No. 85262

File: 1587543787527.jpeg (37.29 KB, 363x502, D6DBCA6C-ADF6-4B68-8676-09D952…)

No. 85263

i mean he is a farmer boy anon why are you surprised he has the mannerisms of a 50 year old field worker

i agree though, seeing him just kick off his shoes when hes on set filming for shows or even at the airport is pretty disgusting like dude, no one wants to see your manky ass feet

No. 85264

no one in bts would date her

No. 85265

V looks hispanic to me. Not really asian.

No. 85266

man he looks like a shogun emperor from an anime with that hair

No. 85267

Yes they would lmao

No. 85268

I can see that in some pics tbh especially when he has curly hair and more tanned skin

No. 85269

I dunno doesn’t someone in bts really like iu or something

No. 85270

No. that was part of his fake persona.

No. 85271

V is just one of those idols that just has amazing make up artists to hide how ugly he is. He ain't nowhere near handsome.

No. 85272

i believe is jungkook

i would love to see them get together just to see army fans explode with anger

see their oppa actually get his ideal type and be torn between pretending to be happy and crying bc they cant self insert

No. 85273

Nah none of BTS seem like Jennie's type.She'd rather pick some chaebol fuckboy.

No. 85274

I don't even think IU is his ideal type anymore.

No. 85275

i agree, he has one of those faces that can take a shitton of makeup and styling and not look scuffed as hell, and i do think he's one of the only ones in bts who genuinely looks decent with those crazy contacts in

No. 85276

I found it so funny when he was spotted with this tatted girl even though ratmies insist to this day that IU is his ideal type lol.

No. 85277

Don't agree. Those contacts are fucking scary on all idols.

No. 85278

Don't say that on here. There's a ratmy in disguise trying to convince everyone that they had nothing going on.

No. 85279


most idols look like shit with contacts, idk why they keep putting them on. The one who looked really good with contacts was Jaejoong, when he took those circle lenses off he started to look completely different.

No. 85280

People like many different types, they don’t just fancy one.
However IU is a girl he admires as an artist, he said so I believe.

No. 85281

pLeASE ProVE ThAT HE LikES alT GirLs

in all seriousness though i also believe the iu ideal type was just a profile he had to follow

No. 85282

they also dyed his hair super vibrant colors.
I guess they didn’t want him to be bald at 24 so I guess they stopped

No. 85283

Men like all pretty women anons there is no type

No. 85284

I think the IU thing was part of his uwu persona and we all got to see what he really likes when the rennis thing happened. I'm positive he'll end up with a tatted insta model.

No. 85285

he is going to look tragic when he goes to the military and has to get his hair buzzed with that hairline

No. 85286

No. 85287

Which didn't look good at all. It was clashing so much with his skin complexion and just made him look like a fucking clown.

No. 85288

omfg haha. He's gunna look so fucking stupid. I can imagine he'll get a hair transplant at some point tho.

No. 85289

This is nitpicky I think, but I also hate how straight his hair is lmao. It sticks out like he's been electrocuted 24/7.

No. 85290

didn’t he already get one I feel like I saw a new pic with him with new hairline from dr kim

No. 85291

>>85281 i think IU is one of those safe choices they can make when asked for an ideal type. Same with Yoona. Those palatable enough for their female fans. Imagine if someone had said someone more scandalous Sulli back then. RIP.

No. 85292

I dont think iu would go for jungkook considering she has actual taste in guys like Jang kiha, she has more respect for herself

No. 85293

Asian hair does that sometimes

No. 85294

i can see the bts maknae trio turning out like the jyj trio where they just get into controversy after controversy

No. 85295

let's hope so

No. 85296

I'm so ready for another controversy tbh. Please let it be a sex tape. please god, can you hear me? it's me, anon.

No. 85297

taking bets on which one's gonna be yoochun with the drugs and fiance face tattoo….my bet on jungkook heh

No. 85298

Betting itll start with one of the members getting caught at nightclubs

No. 85299

File: 1587544690866.png (386.62 KB, 602x592, main-qimg-e89be6dff20a647df3e8…)

Speaking of make up transformations, BP Lisa is absolutely horrendous looking. "Most beautiful idol of this generation" my ass.

No. 85301

i can see v getting into scandals similar to kangin, wasnt he caught on camera pulling a fan's hair or something to the point where jin stopped him and scolded him

No. 85302

I read on here once that jhope was a big clubber. I wonder if that's true.

No. 85303

I’m imagining jimin doing some tone deaf April fools joke, jungkook having weird fetishes, and v flexing his bad art

No. 85304

I think it won't take much longer until it gets to that point because they're so spoiled by BH and their fandom and none of them seem to really give a shit.They know BH is going to get them out of whatever mess they get into.

No. 85305

These are all spot on, especially that Jimin one kek

No. 85306

probably why he’s a good dancer lol

No. 85307

I wanna see jimin snorting cocaine lmao

No. 85308

she doesn’t look washed out here at least

No. 85309

I hope this time she’s actually hot so we can enjoy the reactions lol

No. 85310

Yes please. let her have huge titties and big ass and covered in tats. Bonus points if they're caught doing drugs together.

No. 85311

He’s too scared too do it korea and Asia doesn’t do drug education well

No. 85312

I could see him doing it in the states tho. halsey was caught snorting cocaine on a boat or something.

No. 85313

This. I feel they will need to abuse a woman, with proof, for their fans to cancel them.

No. 85314

Lmao it's all projection.She looks like a generic Thai girl.Nothing wrong with that but Blonks need to stop being delulu and claiming that she looks like an Asian barbie.

I don't get BP's visuals in general.Jisoo looks too old for her age,Jennie is cute depending on the angles (her side profile is a jikes for me and I'm not fond of her "gummy smile"),Rosé is a spoopy bobble head with a long face and Lisa just looks generic.

No. 85315

She looks like a dead fish tbh.

No. 85316

File: 1587545015476.jpeg (16.06 KB, 194x259, 76951DBB-C2DA-471B-A50A-79144B…)

This edit is delusional never seen V with slicked back hair unless he’s wearing a headband

No. 85317

ugh he is so fug to me, i do not understand the hype

No. 85318

To me he’s average and plain looking.

No. 85319

kim hyun joong literally beat a girl to the point where she had to be hospitalized and possibly miscarried and he still has hordes of fans…bts will have delulus who support them until the day they get married

No. 85320

V might try and do what minos been doing lately and try to have beef with him in a drunken v live

No. 85321

Blinks love to hail her as the prettiest idol alive when she looks like any other Thai girl. Thank god at least they make her hide her big ass forehead.

No. 85322

I feel like JK was/is trying to catch up on the edgy teen phase that he missed due to being in BTS.

No. 85323

Dont forget the plastic surgery she had, and the random touch ups all the members had during their hiatuses

No. 85324

we call v autistic a lot but honestly I feel like jungkook has autism as well…..

No. 85325

seungri has fans despite literally running an underage trafficking ring

the only way fans will cancel their oppa is if they get into a relationship, get married, or have a baby mama

No. 85326

let's not forget IU dated Eunhyuk, yikes. She could date a bts member, she's not above that.

No. 85327

she's literally there for SEA fans to self insert, shes not the beauty of the century

No. 85328

for real, Chen lost most fangirls than Seungri.

No. 85329

If one of them is on the spectrum it’s him. V just doesn’t give a fuck.

No. 85330

chen had fans petitioning at the sm building for his removal and seungri had fans making "we support you oppa" banners

fanculture is honestly so fucked up

No. 85331

True but she’s tall and doesn’t that make her non relatable? SEA girls aren’t tall

No. 85332

Did we just get raided by twitterfags lmfao

No. 85333

all of bts is autistic in their own special little way

No. 85334

Didnt she just hookup with him a couple times because of how he apparently had a huge cock?

No. 85335

Maybe Jin who’s actually from a good family

No. 85336

She’s about 5’5” pretty average

No. 85337

Jin would probably look at himself in the mirror while having sex

No. 85338

while whispering worldwide handsome

No. 85339

I can imagine Jin to be the absolute worst in bed. Out of the whole group.. he'd be the worst.

No. 85340

more like chanting wwh with every thrust

No. 85341


No. 85342

He'd probably get a blowup doll that looks just like him

No. 85343

at least he wraps his dick up

No. 85344

nah jimin seems like the type to overthink and ask every couple of seconds if youre feeling good while not having the stamina to do anything

didnt he literally get lightheaded from whipping coffee with a whisk

No. 85345

he actually looks like a blow up doll to me. his lips are ridiculous.

No. 85346

I think her thin body and long limbs sometimes give the elusion that she's taller than she actually is.

No. 85347

Most SEA women tend to be 4'11 or 4'12. So by that scale she is pretty tall.

No. 85348

I still think Jin would be worse lmao

No. 85349

> 4'12"
do you mean 5'

No. 85350

I am rofling reading all the posts here and at the same time wondering wtf is happening, lmao. Where is this conversation going.

No. 85351

Not sure if a guy being more turned on by himself than the perspokn he's fucking would be any better than a guy flexing his ribcage every thrust

No. 85352

File: 1587545841788.jpeg (84.59 KB, 602x494, A7A8F5B9-DBF4-4017-8CB0-D8E7C9…)

Looked better predebut

No. 85353

When i see pre-debut pics they always take my breath away. shocking.

No. 85354

Fuckin nerrrrrrrrrrrdddd

No. 85355

We’re just talking about whatever comes to mind

No. 85356

The first difference is the skin complexion change. Most definitely skin bleaching.

No. 85357

yeah he looks he would be in math club

No. 85358

The worst fucking ones are RMs. He looks like a fucking ninja turtle with a bowl cut. His actually make me want to bleach my eyes.

No. 85359

Because of how jimin is touted as being such a good dancer, he'd probably do his best to make his penis do the moonwalk during intercourse to show off his even that part of his body is elegant

No. 85360

Jimin wouldn’t give two fucks about anyone’s pleasure but his own, so I highly doubt he’d care lol.
I could see JK asking.

No. 85361

jk would cry during

No. 85362

File: 1587546029910.jpeg (75.47 KB, 768x1024, B9266EBB-E415-4B3E-A321-50FCAB…)

it’s was worse back in the day

No. 85363

At this point I think Rosé is the prettiest one in the group. Jennie's visuals are over hyped and Lisa and Jisoo are just generic looking.

No. 85364

Welp anyways ignoring this ratmy discussion going on
What's the most bogus rumors you have heard of in Kpop?

Mine is probably when Andy from Shinhwa wanted to go back to America to take care of his mother and got pardoned by LSM but they lied and said he was studying abroad mid promotion s his fans got pissed off and started to spread rumors that Andy was kicked out and tried to kill himself and he was only allowed back in if he took nude photos for sugar daddy Lsm
I think he was like 17 when this rumor started spreading but I read it recently and I got shook to my core lol fans are insane

I just got reminded by this shit after seeing those Sperm photos of Lee Sooman hold Taemin and Taeyongs hands lmfao
Might not even be fake kek

No. 85365

File: 1587546115714.png (731.23 KB, 786x783, FEF0CD08-263E-43AD-BA0B-7A8CEB…)

she has her moments

No. 85366

File: 1587546191106.png (72.01 KB, 228x221, B7C63DE8-EF48-4947-B0F1-AF2663…)

no this is the one

No. 85368

I dont blame him for bullying V back in the day

No. 85369

kyla wasn’t being kicked out of pristin

No. 85370

jimin would flex and kiss his muscles during sex. Jin would get two strokes in before cumming. Jhope would neigh. V would stink the room out with his milk breath and sweaty asshole. JK would cry. Suga would jack hammer to distract from how small his dick is. and RM doesnt get laid.

No. 85371

oh my GOD

No. 85372

Damn RM is still waiting for his glow up.
I think not even ps could fix his mug.

No. 85373

Sage for OT twitterfags
Thanks xoxo

No. 85374


the new nct dream teaser is out and honestly i dig it…i dont think ive heard a more indie chill song from them yet and the entire vibe is so soothing and refreshing

excited to see what they do going forwards

No. 85375

V would fart and the girl would pass out from the smell and would fuck her

No. 85376

shut the fuck up. Thanks xoxo.

No. 85377

The only thing that could fix his mug is a lobotomy and puss filled hemorrhoids

No. 85378

and to stop acting like a woke 15 year old on twitter

No. 85379

Ya'll are whipped for btshit and bpshit, lord.

No. 85380

this does feel a lot different than the typical electronic nct stuff sm puts out, but it sounds and looks so generic im not sure what to think yet

No. 85381

RM truly is an unfortunate combination of both smug and ugly.

No. 85382

Hope that's a B side because UHhHHHhhH…….
I guess yet again Sm is not trying to make them a smash hit
Also Idk what results they are expecting from giving them a comeback when Baekhyun is about to release an album
The comeback will tank for sure

No. 85383

File: 1587546629162.jpg (61.64 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

I read a long time ago that meng jia (pink hair) from miss a is a man and they had pictures of her bulge showing through

No. 85384

oh its 100% a bside, i think their title track is called ridin or something

No. 85385

what nugu group do you wanna talk about

No. 85386

wtf has happened to this thread. how comes it’s suddenly way more active? did someone link it on twitter

No. 85387

fucking hideous. I can not believe these once absolute nerdy ass virgins are now as famous and rich as they are. fucking hell.

No. 85388

Please yall are gross

No. 85389

No. 85390

they look like they would shout racial slurs on Xbox live

No. 85391

Why is there even a bulge?

No. 85392

Nothing is stopping you all from bringing up topics. If you want to talk about something else, then bring up something else. Or go the fuck away. Stop clogging up the thread with your incessant whining. Fucking babies.

No. 85393

i think the dream fanbase doesnt cross hairs as much with baekhyun's fanbase, dream seems to target younger teens

we'll have to see what the title track looks and sounds like before making a verdict on the flop

No. 85394

They are the ones worth shitting on right now.

No. 85395

>>85394 exactly

No. 85396

i wonder that too, this thread was created this morning and its already flying with messages way more than these threads usually do

No. 85398

I’m wondering this too. So many inane unsaged posts are being posted like crazy here. Lots of newfriends for sure. The mods should clean up this shit when they can but I’m muting for now.

No. 85399

lol we'll never make these whiny fucks happy, people complained that nct was being talked about too much and the convo moved to bts/bp and then they complained it was all bts, just bring up something if you dont wanna talk about bts/nct

No. 85400

File: 1587547026918.jpeg (70.64 KB, 720x1279, 2B62F3B8-46E9-4DFD-96A0-C6384A…)

No. 85401

yup…for newfriends please just type sage in the email bar so we're not drowning in unsaged posts

No. 85402

The same people who say theres too much nct/bts/blackpink are the ones that talk about it way too much and dont really bother to contribute

No. 85403

File: 1587547149618.jpg (71.78 KB, 626x355, r.jpg)

I genuinely think that she suits a darker concept better than this fake indie-girl persona that YG is trying to push.I wish she wasn't so spoopy though because her legs often look like they'd snap when she's in high heels.

No. 85404

Exo Baekyun is having a comeback I guess

No. 85406

i agree, i think she would be stunning with a dark concept if she ditched the fried blond hair and gained a little weight so she didnt look like she'd break in half

something like an fx red light concept would suit her perfectly

No. 85407

Her legs look pretty thick here, what happened?

No. 85408

I'm cool with it
I really liked UN Village
Hopefully something more Pop? Something that could top the charts like Chen's song did.

No. 85409

For real, lolcow has always been relatively active, but the current amount of posts are insane.

No. 85410

Would you rather it be dead? The posts aren't hurting anyone and are relatively funny. They're hardly insane posts.

No. 85411

We’ll see 4/22 superm is also doing some conference not soon after too

No. 85412

I like it
Before it was slow tbh

No. 85413

I think both Lisa and her have gained some weight recently, fucking finally. At least they don't look extreme ana chan tier like Izone's Hitomi (or any of the Izone girls, Hitomi just is the extreme one).

No. 85414

hitomi honestly scares me and makes me sad for her at the same time, she is literally skin and bones to the point where she's definitely going to have issues for a long time even if she gains the weight back solely from how starved her muscles are

No. 85415

Idk about Lisa though,she still seems very thin to me based on her latest dance cover and appearance on YWY

No. 85416

fans are finally showing concern tho
I feel this shit gets brushed aside as being “naturally skinny” “ no skinny shaming”

No. 85417

You'd think that since kpop/sk is so americanized that at this point the thicc trend would have hit south korea.

No. 85418

I feel like Hitomi is feeling insecure about her own body image since she is apart of the shortest girls in Izone and doesnt get that prosed as Wonyoung does for her long legs and skinny frame
Like she stretched her legs really long w photoshop on that pilates photo
I feel like the Jealousy among girl groups is really intense
Some of them dont even hesitate to call another member a pig for weighing more than 55kg.

No. 85419

i see a lot of thick Korean women on instagram

Whether or not their bodies are real is a whole different story

No. 85420

I think this skinny trend is really just rampant in the idol industry and not SK in general.

No. 85421

They're not funny the slightest lol
It's just spamming degenerate and disgusting imagery at this point
No one wants to read about someones retarded attempt of being funny commenting on some 5'5 kpop dudes cock
Not in a fucking general thread.

No. 85422


No. 85423

then leave. very easy solution :)

No. 85424

It's quite sad that it's still so prevalent though.Tbh I'm personally not a fan of really thick body frames or the KK hourglass body but most of these female idols were between 52-60kg predebut which is completely normal for their height and not even close to overweight at all.The fact that such numbers are still seen as fat and that most female idols need to be between 43-47 to even debut makes me really sad for them.Their bodies still suffer years after harsh dieting.

No. 85425

No, I don't like the kk hourglass bodies either, but I am attracted to healthy looking bodies with ass and a bit of boob. I think the idols that have 'honey thighs' look the best. In my opinion anyway.

No. 85426

As someone who heavily indulges in Korean stuff outside of Kpop and Kdrama
I can tell you among teenage girls, being 55kg and up is being a pig
I think the older you are the less interested you are in stuff like that
Rather than American "thick" they have this strange ideal towards a woman being borderline ana chan but with mother bearing wide hips and a tiny waist, flat ass and big tits
Korean beauty standards are bizarre
The thread on PULL summarizes the beauty ideal of a Korean woman's body

No. 85427

File: 1587548583208.jpeg (57.46 KB, 530x939, C9E2539C-36FD-4C97-83FD-4620A8…)

tbh I think 60 kg idols may be more accepted than we think

this idol is 60kg she’s jisung from girls alert

No. 85428

what do you want dude LOL
since the thread has been created there's been convo about exo, superm, sm as a whole, nct, bts, and blackpink

those are the most prevailing groups out there right now. there was serious convo about people and work ethic, sperging/funny stuff about idol, dating speculation, and some actual music discussion too

like…what are you looking for? this is obviously a discussion board and everyone else seems pretty happy there's actually activity going on today and you've been here sperging out about how the content isnt what you wanted

No. 85429

Just see Hwasa and Seunghee from CLC. They are not overweight by any means, and their full thighs look beautiful as it is. But in SK's standard they will be labeled as overweight.

No. 85430

flat ass? do you mean fat ass?

No. 85431

Well it's a Kpop fucking thread sorry I dont wanna read fanfic material on grown men showing dicks up their co members asses

No. 85432

uhh i think it's the general consensus that the idols we discuss are not gay……..

No. 85433

there literally has been like….zero content about shipping at all this entire thread

there was a bit of it last thread but thats what happens on boards, people sometimes talk about shit you're not interested in

stop throwing a fucking fit and leave if you dont like it

No. 85434

Well Koreans have a different standard if what a fat ass is
Imo their fat asses is flat af
If you've seen westernized Korean influencers or kpop girlies "thick" like Hwasa
They're actually quite volume less in the behind

No. 85435

lol actually we've been actively discussing how these idols are very straight and getting tons of poon

is this other dude on a different thread or something

No. 85436

the only clearly gay idol I’ve ever seen was jo kwon

amber maybe I guess

No. 85437

We've been constantly talking about idols getting pussy

No. 85438

every “thicc” Korean girl I’ve seen was a fitness model

No. 85439

yep twitterfags have invaded this thread. they're extremely defensive too kek.

nta but it just sounds like they're writing their fanfictions here, and it's embarrassing honestly

No. 85440

I read something about an apple butt once as being the ideal.

Which female idols do you guys think are gorgeous?

No. 85441

There has been no fanfiction writing in this thread lmao. There has been speculation and a lot of shit talk.

No. 85442

No one is talking about shipping you retard.
The entire thread was people trolling about Bts' dick
If that unfunny shit makes you giggle go back to where yall came from because people are genuinely tryna have casual convos, negative or good

No. 85443

tbh I hate the korean makeup. I find most idols to look exactly the same. There are some that have nice bodies to me, usually the ones with nice thighs but other than that, I don't think any idols has a nice face. They all look washed out and featureless. again, that's because of shitty pale makeup with pale lips.

No. 85444

So many people have problems with the discussions going on here, better yet find another website where people will be willing to discuss what you want to discuss rather than whining here.

No. 85445

stop complaining about what we talk about here. If I want to think that jin is garbage in bed and suga has a small dick then let me. who gives a fuck.

No. 85446

yup…honestly this thread has been a decent mix of different topics too

idno what these guys wanna talk about but just start the convo man

No. 85447

Some stand out, like Tzuyu

No. 85448

that’s fine but it doesn’t need to be discussed multiple times. how bts would be in bed was already discussed in the last thread i think you can move on now

No. 85449

File: 1587549260163.gif (3.28 MB, 250x444, 8256360A-DAC3-4471-95DD-07EB91…)

Hayun from Brave girls

She looks healthy lol

No. 85450

i do too, i wish they would stop with the ashy bb cream and pink eyeshadow, it just makes everyone look sick and pasty

not to mention the weird gradient lip that just makes their lips look dry and unhealthy

No. 85451

the issue is without scandals, there's literally nothing new to talk about. So things tend to be recycled.

No. 85452

Actually read the fucking description for once
And if you want a safe space trolling about your fantasy of your oppas pumping their 2 inch dick into punani there is many places for u to go

Here's what the thread is if you forgot to read
Kpg 4
Discuss kpop.
>Who's your favorite band/group? Who's your bias?
>Any comebacks you're looking forward to?
Rant about Kpop, its creepy fandoms, and/or its fucked up industry.

No. 85453

For me After School's Nana, Hello Venus' Nara, Tzuyu, Izone's Sakura and Minju, Irene, Jennie.

No. 85454

it also says
>don't sperg, complain, or racebait

so your point is…?

the bts convo is long over, but you're still in here freaking out about a convo that's been concluded for over an hour

No. 85455

Okay then, everyone.. who is your bias?

No. 85456

File: 1587549492754.jpeg (166.07 KB, 800x1200, CA2AF88F-2A6F-4E58-AC5C-7EA4C7…)

Lime from hello Venus has a gorgeous face imo

No. 85457

ive honestly been super drawn to nct jaemin recently despite the fact that he's so young

theres just something about his smile that is so refreshing

for ladies i always loved sulli and still think she's one of the prettiest idols in the industry

No. 85458

Mark because his work ethic is what my parents want me to have lol

No. 85459

I think Momo has a nice body even though she's on the shorter side.She has muscle but not too much where it looks bulky.

No. 85460

The aforementioned and Sana for me

No. 85461

File: 1587549659675.jpeg (121.23 KB, 683x1024, 676A123A-70E0-47CC-A6D4-30FB4B…)

she’s something I guess

No. 85462

File: 1587549682547.jpg (63.92 KB, 658x822, 0c22e0013260031106ea77c5ec3d8e…)

Lol throwback to Knetz shitting their pants when Rihanna's fenty was coming to Korea and one of the articles said
"Screw off Koreans are the best at makeup, why do we need a foreigner to tell us about makeup insert Korean kekekes"
Anyways to whoever's asked which female idol is pretty?
I honestly love actress Visuals but this actress I like Hyeyoon also looks like Nako from Izone so I guess she has an idol aura somehow
I also find Bora very pretty (during Shake it era)

No. 85463


No. 85464

I think that Korean makeup is so boring. It does the idols no favors what-so-ever.

No. 85465

What about IU, is she considered pretty?

No. 85466

I think most female idols are considered pretty.. but they are all very boring to look at.

No. 85467

For me IU is the most beautiful idol but I find her painfully boring

No. 85468

I had always found 4minute's Gayoon to be prettier than Hyuna, tbh. So maybe her.

No. 85469

at least foreigners match their foundation to their necks..

No. 85470

I wish nana didn’t shave her jaw

No. 85471

i agree, i dont know why they insist on the pink eyeshadows and tinted lips, especially on the males

i dont see why they cant just do a skin-toned lip liner and lipstick on the men to prevent washing out instead of the bright reds and pinks they sometimes slather on them

No. 85472

weki meki doyeon. she needs to leave her nugu group and get a modelling contract

No. 85473

agreed. she kinda lost her charm imo. she looks like every other actress now.

No. 85474

No offense to her, but her Krystal, Yoona, all seem generic to me in terms of beauty. Among all the hailed Korean beauties only Nana and Suzy seem stunning to me.

No. 85475

i agree, there's a sort of innocent prettiness to her but she literally has the personality of a wet towel

No. 85476

File: 1587550002595.png (325.66 KB, 400x400, tumblr_mniynvWDso1ruojhuo9_400…)

Honestly IU always looked like Shin Bong Sun to me
I cant find her pretty even after her full on PS transformation
It also says to not spam so I can sperg all I want because yall have been going at it for 2 threads

No. 85477

Female idols look cute, never pretty. To me anyway.

No. 85478

sooyoung is underrated

No. 85479

Irene also stands out somehow, she looks like a sophisticated actress instead of an idol

No. 85480

does anyone actually find anyone in BTS attractive? besides v….

No. 85482

File: 1587550140552.jpeg (67.11 KB, 650x725, 587EE807-F442-4168-AB61-A4BD96…)

No this is true Korean beauty

No. 85483

it…literally says "dont sperg

No. 85484

he actually does look like a pretty girl there lol

No. 85485

The bowl cuts ugh ruin it for me

No. 85486

honestly he was a perfectly normal looking dude before he starting hacking away at his jaw and pumping his face full of filler

No. 85488

File: 1587550256834.jpg (110.92 KB, 1185x667, krystal-jung-feature.jpg)

Suzy is plainer than plain vanilla, Nana knifed her entire face to look like what she does now
Krystal is a goddess next to them
But hey each to their own

No. 85489

Irene really scored high with getting a good surgeon. She is stunning and actually doesn't look botched. (She also doesn't overuse fillers all over her face)

No. 85490

I think suga and jk are hot. I think jhope has potential as well. I wish he didn't look like a bloated barbie corpse though.

No. 85491

File: 1587550328483.jpeg (9.93 KB, 163x310, 3ED90EC5-E245-45BA-B6B8-8F9A6B…)

yes i honestly hate the bowl cut look they seem to put on every male idol ever

i wish theyd do more masculine cuts like they had on taecyeon

No. 85492

Taecyeon is a man among boys

No. 85493

if only she was a bit taller…

No. 85494

Honestly no but also they were never marketed as super attractive like EXO members. They’re supposed to be cute and fun and talented.

No. 85495

yup, the saving grace with irene is that she didnt overdo it and knew when to stop getting "touch-ups

No. 85496

Krystal has rbf

No. 85497

how tall is she?

No. 85498

I don't and I don't get any of their "visuals", whether that's Jimin,Jin,Jk or V.I think BTS are a group full of visual holes when it comes to idol standards but BH's marketing is what made them so appealing to their audience.Jk looks good sometimes but idk something about his face seems off to me.

No. 85499

i vote taecyeon as captain korea if they ever do a superhero movie

hes honestly such a manly dude but also a pretty warm humble guy

No. 85500

File: 1587550496136.png (245.27 KB, 343x377, 2018-11-15_132135.png)

Because daddy Bang Sihyuk told him

"I will give you a record deal, but only if you give in to hacking your jaw off :3"
Lol the pure entitlement of this human centipede

No. 85501

File: 1587550525588.jpeg (77.16 KB, 720x885, 985D4105-AAB8-4DF3-B3F5-7682C9…)

lol the one true ship

No. 85502

I think he has a big nose that somehow doesn’t suit his otherwise baby face. But I agree, they became popular cause of their manufactured personalities, not their looks.

No. 85503

I think bts marketing made them seem attainable. That's why they're all such homely looking dudes, gives the illusion you could be with one of them.

No. 85504

File: 1587550584736.jpeg (46.61 KB, 533x800, 33C4C744-1774-4D9D-9F1C-6B8433…)

nct jeno seems like a good candidate for another manlier idol, but with him being so young and in sm who knows if theyre going to try and chop up his face to make him more feminine

No. 85505

they finna drag u

No. 85506

omfg someone tell him to stop tucking his shirt in

No. 85507

Imagine if they looked like 2pm (anyone remember them???) they would be too intimidating and masculine for them

No. 85508

Listed 158 cm but shes in actuality 151 Cm tall

No. 85509

cuz they know it’s true

No. 85510

she's that small??????????

No. 85511

i saw netizens already making comments about his nose being big…i hope he doesnt whittle it down since it fits his face so well

No. 85512

part of the appeal of kpop is that they are all harmless unthreatening twinks. I'm a gay dude and i like twinky guys, but some of them are too much.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 85513

File: 1587550875405.jpg (43.54 KB, 393x539, 6da736319ff84411bcd8ead1e9f323…)

The only SM group that had a natural tough guy concept akin to 2PM was Shinhwa
Dongwan was a hot one back then
I gasp everytime
I'm having a thing for Shinhwa today

No. 85514

tbh, I'm not really attracted to big buff men. unfortunately it's the twinky guys that i want to butter my muffin.

No. 85515

im sorry but he really looks like jyp from certain angles… he's one of the better looking members tho

No. 85516

Guys like Ateez probably fit your taste then
Those are some girly looking dudes no lie
And I'm a straight girl into the soft boy look but even they are too much lol

No. 85518

i can totally see what youre getting at LOL
i think hes super cute because he isnt that perfect symmetrical anime boy face

plus he has the cutest eyesmile

No. 85519

His body is insane for his age though.I wish SM would go for a more mature male kpop group in the future.He'd certainly fit in it.

No. 85520

I wish wonho’s muscles were more common

No. 85521

the guys from ateez look completely different in real life than in their pictures. They are all photoshopped to death in their official twitter account.

No. 85522

kard BM has a crazy body too similar to wonho
and hes funny as hell, i just dont like his face

No. 85523

We have plenty of buff guys everywhere, so I am completely fine with some soft, flowery boys being dominant at least in some places.

No. 85524

Cha Eunwoo is perfect cause he’s both soft and manly.

No. 85525

Wonho is botched, idk why everyone is creaming themselves over that guy. but to each their own.

No. 85526

wonho has the weirdest ears, i cant look at a picture of him because all i notice are his wonton shaped ears

No. 85528

Come on no way

No. 85529

Butter face,that's why.If it wasn't for his body then people would care only half as much.

No. 85530

Yeah that’s nice variety is always nice

No. 85532

Maybe like 153cm

No. 85533

>>85524 he is gorgeous but boring as fuck. If only he had talent or personality.

No. 85534

damn, she doesn't look that short. Never seen her in person tho.

No. 85535

File: 1587551626887.gif (Spoiler Image,4.2 MB, 480x457, erigpann.gif)

Honestly not into that look
He looks like a p*rn star imo.
It's not a lewk.
There are more Korean actors that would suit your taste then
Im Siwan, Yoon Shiyoon? Idols maybe Xiumin?
Idk what gay guys type is my bad lol

No. 85536

Speaking of which, has anyone seen any idols in person? What do they look like? Shorter? Really scary? lol

No. 85537

>that YG is trying to push
jesus christ this is so fucking annoying. when did this thing start? can people just accept that an idol has a personality and voice they don’t like without having to insist that it’s evil YG making the poor baby sing like that. just because rosé is tennis skirt tumblr personified doesn’t mean she’s being forced. maybe she’s just a boring person who emulates others

No. 85538

File: 1587551701882.png (234.88 KB, 465x693, yuta.PNG)

i swear i'm not utah-chan but i have a thing for yuta with long hair. or maybe i just like him cos he seems like he hates 127 which is relatable

No. 85539

Why did he have to close his eyes

No. 85540

I wanna see Yuta in visual kei makeup

No. 85542

I'm watching an interview of Alex, 'the black idol' does anyone think that kpop will eventually accept other non-asian idols?

No. 85544

I’ve seen plenty. JK is smaller than he looks, skinnier and shorter. V and RM are super tan. Jimin is confident and poised, unlike his image.
Jihyo has a small waist and a nice chest, she’s thinner than I expected. Tzuyu looks like a pretty, lifeless doll. Nayeon is cuter in real life but not pretty.

No. 85545

Why don’t they just try to make it at home

No. 85546

I thought that was a random grandma till I read your post.

No. 85548

okay take that out of it… do you think non-asians will ever be really accepted?

No. 85549

no Koreans have a hard enough time as it is….

No. 85550

Tbh I’m all about the girl groups so I didn’t really pay tons of attention to them, they all looked a bit shorter than I expected and pretty normal dudes tbh. They were bowing at other idols and mostly speaking to each other. Jhope was very serious looking and mature.

No. 85551

File: 1587552027619.jpg (321.91 KB, 1253x2048, 4037d45e4fd8b9d19dcd0961e644af…)

Irene is deffo shorter than 155 cm
Here is the height different between Wendy and Irene
Note. Wendy is 155 cm

No. 85552

How tall is bts anon?

No. 85553

anon do you really think they have control over their image? it's all marketing

No. 85554

Jhope is sexy to me idk yall can roast me but idk man

No. 85555

I always hear about J-hope looking better in person

No. 85556

I saw SuperM in London. Honestly, they looked pretty good except for Taemin. Lucas and Ten look better irl because they are a bit more tanned. Taeyong looks a bit uncanny valley. Kai is hot. >>85536

No. 85557

Hard to say when they’re on stage and you’re in the crowd but I’d say 2-3 cm shorter than they list, no more

No. 85558

did you think jimin and suga look 5'5

No. 85559

Thanks anon

No. 85560

Taemin aka Oli london

No. 85561

At most lol. Probably slightly shorter tbh.

No. 85562

what the fuck haha

No. 85563

but she isn’t marketed as indie girl the way jennie is pushed as human chanel or whatever. the only image she has pushed is skinny and blonde. she literally just sings in an annoying way that she sings in her personal covers too and has the instagram account of the christian girls with little personality who want to be edgy

No. 85564

It's to look sexy I guess lol
I actually went to the Osaka 2018 Smtown concert in may ish
I only came for Exo
But I was front row (not exactly but it was enough to be shocked by the monitor zooming in close ups on a few idols)
I remembered seeing Haechan on the screen and laughing
Irene had a tiny figure from far away
Kind of like dachshund legs? She looked weird next to Seulgi
Chanyeol and Sehun had really long legs but I got saddened to see my bias' narrow shoulder
Womt mention cause I'm not trying to see him dragged to oblivion

No. 85565

Different anon but I saw bts last year and had barricade seats. I don’t remember which song but there’s a part in the beginning where they all come up from underneath the sides of stage 2 at a time-1 on each side and Suga came out right next to me and stood there at the bottom of the steps and waiting for his turn to come up. I had a little time to stare at him and take in his appearance. He is literally the smallest man I’ve ever seen in my life. Not only was he legit the same height as me (I’m 5’5.5” and was wearing sneakers that made me an inch or so taller) but he was so petite and skinny. His body reminded me of an 11 year old girl. So small.

No. 85566

He has such a manly/deep voice.. weird as hell that he's that tiny. He also has one of those fat faces so he must look like an alien. AND he's a grown ass late twenties man…. odd

No. 85567

File: 1587552779071.jpg (592.77 KB, 846x961, wuU0OXB.jpg)

You're annoying for being so gullible.She didn't use to dress like that predebut.

No. 85568

She was even skinnier in her pre-debut days.

No. 85569

Forgot to mention BoA
oh boaaaaaaa
I was really shocked by her head size
I get why netizen always call her big head BoA and it's hilarious now when someone mentions it because people think it's an overreaction
Also Changmin had a really fucked up jaw like it look cartoon ish when he pulled high notes

No. 85570

this edgier styling suits her more imo. she has the "girl crush" look. but they made her look like a molerat instead…

No. 85571

k yeah i see it now. yuta is ruined again lol

No. 85572

Since we’re all here. Which idols do you guys think had the best plastic surgery transformation?

No. 85573

Wow she actually looks gorgeous on the bottom right

No. 85574

no one lol

No. 85575

who's the biggest asshole?

No. 85576

No one cares about them but i saw The Rose in Stockholm. Wasted my money on hi-touch too. Their heads looked bigger and not as 'doll-ish' as I expected. Hajoon had a scar on his cheek and when I went on instagram afterwards I saw that that part of his cheek was blurred. Makes sense, but I'd never noticed it before.

No. 85577

Irene is the only one that comes to mind. Everyone else ended up ruining their faces.

No. 85578

File: 1587553556026.jpg (38.64 KB, 530x400, d57e19215d983013da0552b9acdec2…)

nana before the jaw shave (obv). i think she only had double eyelid surgery tho.

No. 85579

only the ones who were pretty decent looking to start with and then had minor fixes look good. Anyone who touched their eyelids in a mayor way or their jaws ends up botched.

No. 85580

File: 1587553581644.jpg (346.55 KB, 1200x1800, 1200px-190719_Exo_Planet_5_–_E…)

Baekhyun definitely
He still looks like himself before he debuted and will probably age into his plastic surgery quite nicely
(They gave him fillers around his cheek area because it used to be flat plus a nice outer corner cut on his eyes)

No. 85581

I taught English in Korea for a year when I was at the height of my Koreabooism so I went to a lot of concerts and fansigns.

All the BTS guys have weirdly big faces and Suga is insanely small in real life. He looks small in pics too but in real life he's SO skinny and fine boned it's actually kinda weird. I actually had a crush on him til I saw him in real life and noticed his wrists are even slimmer than mine, and I'm already pretty petite.

Taemin's also extremely skinny, but his face looks less puffy in real life.

The Monsta X guys were more handsome than I thought they'd be, but maybe I was just happy to meet an idol who I wasn't scared would blow over if a stiff wind hit them.

No. 85582

gfriend umji, dia chaeyeon, bp lisa

No. 85583

weird faces lol.. isn't that the opposite of what is accepted in korea lmao

No. 85584

Tbh I'm not hating it even though I think this hairstyle would look better if his hair was darker.

No. 85585

anyone else fucking hate Vs singing voice? Can't stand it. sounds like he's got a mouth full of peanut butter.

No. 85586


ooopps i meant large faces not weird

No. 85587

Jaw surgery (which he had) changes how the cheeks look. if your lower jaw moves back the upper jaw area and cheeks are more pronounced.

No. 85588

i think his face looks weird when he gains weight, but he looks decent otherwise.

wait he got his eyes done?

No. 85589

bts all look like bobble heads and jh is a lot better looking in person

No. 85590

File: 1587554113971.jpg (57.29 KB, 683x1024, 1c64846c71706db35bb7ceac9f3af7…)

I'm sorry if I break your heart by posting this anon, as an exofag this hurts me too, but he looks tragic irl. Korean cameras are all a lie.

No. 85591

the suga stuff is shocking. He seems like such a fraud. The gangster trap rapping he does and he looks the way he does………………… I'm 5'2 so I'm small. I can't believe I could almost be eye level with him lmao.

No. 85593

i've seen exo and nct in real life.

exo were more or less what you would expect i guess. chen and suho are a lot more handsome in real life than in pictures (to me at least, i didn't find them handsome before seeing them irl). chanyeol's very tan. baekhyun is shorter than i expected, but he has a big head so he looks kind of weird.

i only saw 127 so can't comment on the rest but taeyong is creepily skinny and he's like baekhyun with the weirdly big head thing. i always thought yuta's ps made him look freakish in pics but it's not as bad in real life, though maybe that's because i expected him to come out looking like jocelyn wildenstein. mark has a tiny face. jungwoo was probably the most handsome in real life. they're all very skinny except for johnny and jaehyun.

No. 85594

Is there anyone that's a huge cunt in real life? Like rude to wait staff or rude to fans? Or is anyone a nutcase in real life?

No. 85595

i thought this was jhope at first

No. 85596

File: 1587554735251.jpg (1.97 MB, 1295x2048, gettyimages-483532644-2048x204…)

He really aged like milk.

No. 85597

so did I. I had to enlarge it to realize it was someone else lol

No. 85598

what foundation do all these idols use? It's so shiny around their nostrils.

No. 85599

Imo it doesnt look bad except that retarded tongue out lip pout thing
Which I'm guilty of too lol
His lips are naturally downwards pointing so I doubt that has anything to do w PS

No. 85600

File: 1587555017853.jpeg (1.35 MB, 2729x3594, 6EB11DD9-8714-4605-B4D9-5B98B3…)

Mark really does have a small face, he looks good even in western photos

No. 85601

Uh he is 29 years old
If that face isvaging bad … idk what to tell you when you see non celeb 29 year olds.
its BB cream, it usually does that

No. 85602

exactly.. He looks like a little kid lol. I would have never guessed he's 29. I'm 28 and I look 28.

No. 85603

File: 1587555271486.jpg (30.97 KB, 474x842, BlzKYopCMAEXeBw.jpg)

I'm the Osaka 2018 anon and I thought Exos had pretty small heads with the exception of maybe Sehun? Hes a pretty big guy though
Baekhyun deffo didnt have a large head quite contrary his small head made him look like a child
But speaking of large heads
I get Koreans obsession w them lol

No. 85604

I never even noticed shit like head size before kpop and now I notice it constantly. I've taken the head pill.

No. 85605

shit i'm paranoid i have a huge ass alien head now

No. 85607

File: 1587555493919.jpg (464.89 KB, 1024x766, 2231_YoonA-IU_1450317172_af_or…)

Unpopular opinion, but I prefer idols who fit Korean beauty standards (skinny, pale, small face, youthful, cute rather than strong features), the ones who are usually called "bland" by ifans. There's already so many stereotypically sexy celebrities in the west, I don't need the same stuff (just less genuine) in Kpop.
But I don't like Suzy either, something about her face is punchable, she looks kind of stupid and too plain even for me (and she has no talent either), so her amount of fame feels totally unjust.

I always thought Baekhyun has a too small head (it does look like that in >>85590 and other pics of that event) and that's why he looks weird. His body is obviously small but looks nearly big in comparison to his nonexistent jaw.

Johnny looks so awful. I already said that only a couple days ago and you claimed that's normal for a 25yo, it's definitely not lol

No. 85608

Yep it quite fucked me up as a kid tbvh
I was deluded into thinking that if my face wasnt covered by a CD that I had a bobble head

No. 85609

Suzy struck me as a dumb bimbo when she had her cyworld controversy and when she was bragging about being dumb
Had she been Wonyoungs age and debuted today she would've been ate alive
Makes me realise all the micro managing being done to newer kpop idols

No. 85610

You're entitled to your opinion but the pic you attached proves the point that korean makeup is fucking boring. They look pale and washed out. wouldn't kill them to add a little bronzer or blush or something.

No. 85611

File: 1587555997808.jpg (156.01 KB, 1280x989, original.jpg)

Same lol
For me it's the opposite, I'm tall with a small head and always thought this is a bad thing, but thanks to kpop I learned to appreciate it.

For some time I was her fan and thought the other members are the ones being mean bullies but later I realized that it's her who's the problem. She definitely plays up the dumb and "innocent" persona, she knows exactly what she's doing. Her acting award speech there she does aegyo and thanks her dog was absolutely infuriating.

No. 85612

I'm really short and tiny so i actually think my head might be big. Literally never thought about it until I fell into the kpop hole.

No. 85613

File: 1587556291621.jpg (100.2 KB, 629x471, f.jpg)

This looks like one of the shots from Avatar where the Na'vi are standing next to humans.

No. 85614

File: 1587556432915.gif (1.7 MB, 268x280, 21.gif)

Makes me realise how godly looking SM idols look next to other idols
Well… with the exception of Nct lol

No. 85615

>all looked good except for taemin
what was wrong with him?

No. 85617

File: 1587556739728.jpg (168.8 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

NCT is still SM. They looks good next to other idols.

No. 85618

quite a few also seem to have downwards sloping shoulders when not wearing padded coats

No. 85619

He looks like a ken doll, who is he? Even his hair look waxy

No. 85620

jhopes red ronald mcdonald ass bowlcut was truly a tragedy

No. 85621

Which one?

No. 85622

how tall would you say were they? suga, taemin and the monsta x guys

No. 85623

please more details. how does that work? what jaw surgery?

No. 85624

Agree.Even though NCT has quite a few visual holes,SM is still the agency that picks the best-looking idols.

No. 85625

Expat, who lives abroad.
Have gone to a few concerts due to my ability to speak korean/japanese/chinese. Went to SMtown live with a koreaboo relative of mine. RV Irene is tiny and she does have doglegs and walks around in a strange manner (like she is trying to hold a coin between her buttcheeks). Wendy is botched- something about her chin and cheeks is just uncanny irl. EXO- Kai is hot. First korean man I thristed after, the tan skin makes him look better then the others. Chanyeol is OK looking, tall so it helps a lot. Sehun is handsome. Hm, Bacons face looked swollen, there was tiny angry one who had vocals but, very small man. Others were ok, I guess, nothing memorable. TVXQ Changmin had a weird chin, the other one looked OK, but without makeup would be your regular old korean man. NCT dream ones were children, worked hard and no dr. Kim had touched em. NCT127 now TY face is interesting, but bodywise tiny/underweight (looked like a dancing twig/praying mantis). Jaehyun handsome, but sideprofile isnt much. Johnny OK looking, tall, which helped him a lot. Taeil sang well, but also small, no PS also. For others I have to ask for pics (since i took none).
OH AND I FORGOT, SUPER JUNIOR hahahahahaha. Ha. Ha. Just no.
SF9 tall and good looking, not too much botchness going on, just nosejob or two.
BIGBANG waybackwhen- TOP has strong visuals, he has good bone structure, is manly kind of handsome. Tall for an asian, but no fucking way is he 6ft/180cm. G-Dragon had fillers done, nothing bad, but noticeable. Taeyang/Daesung both muscular facewise just regular. Not unbearably ugly. I do not talk about the…Burning Sun one. Just nope.
2PM (years ago) best concert Ive ever been invited too. Muscular. Manly. Had avoided dr.Kims knife. Taec and Nickhun or whatever his name is, look good in person. One member was weird looking, but i think his ass was just born like that.
SHINEE- also one of the best Ive been too music and perfomancewise (back then there were 5 members). Minho again one of the more good looking ones irl. Taemin had something done to his face, fillers i think. He looked good back then still, but now its just eugh from pics. Others were handsome. Jonghyun looked in somehow ripped and starving at the same time.
OH and american koreaboo coworker of mine. Once wore a bts merch to work, she got so many sideways looks from korean/japanese coworkers like I was dying in laughter. Shows what the general public thinks. SHowed her bts concert pics, my god. RM looks ugly, no PS would save that fucking face. Like social media pics that he posts and irl concert photos are miles apart. He looks like one of those deep sea fish that never should see the light of day. Jimin swollen in the face, he looks like he been drinking for a few months, but thats probably the fillers. Suga has no jaw and is smaller than reported. J-hope looks like an old horse. Could do dentures CFs in the future. JK could be ok looking, reportedly he looked sad with Jin during the concert.
I probably forgot someone but iDGAF. (Been to more than those, but this isnt western artist thread).

No. 85626

I'm 5'1" and Suga can't have been much taller than me. I'm not very good at guessing height but if I had to guess then Suga's maybe 5'3" or 5'4"?

Taemin I'm not sure about but he was shorter than I had expected. Maybe around the 5'7" to 5'9" range.

The Monsta X guys I couldn't say because I wasn't close enough. They all looked like they were on the taller side except for Kihyun though.

No. 85627

On the right

No. 85628

i am still fucking shocked he's so small hahaha.. Someone in the last thread said he was reported to be amazing in bed!!! You'd lose him in the sheets, he's so small lmao. Tiny little man.

No. 85629

He's mentioned that he wants to grow out a beard and become a acoustic guitar sing-songy artist when he gets older

No. 85630

Who even thought Suga was hot in the first place? He’s not, what’s hot about him exactly?

No. 85631

File: 1587557506309.jpg (106.55 KB, 900x1200, exo.jpg)

I guess that's why they always have big and colourful hair, to cover up and distract from their faces. Other male groups at least sometimes have shorter, flatter and/or black hair, but they always go wild on colours and teasing.

What's with Changmin's jaw? His face never struck me as weird? Can you post a pic in which it looks close to his irl looks? I'm glad that Kai doesn't seem to be a disappoinment lol

I came across this pic and wanted to ask how male idols feel when they see fanboys who might have the hots for them, but then I saw that he likes Sehun…kek

No. 85632

Haha lose him. His girl will be smaller than him normally. I know a huge black girl who wants his cock desperately, what a joke

No. 85633

SO many people think he's hot……….. which is…. yikes.

No. 85634

it'd be kind of hard to be smaller than a man who's body has been compared to an 11 year olds.

No. 85635

Is it his personality? Cause it sure as hell isn't his appearance.

No. 85636

Hitomi lol. I ship it

No. 85637

I think his voice is hot

No. 85638

Great, then they can be ana toegther


No. 85639

I don't think it's his dry ass personality either lol

No. 85640

Yeah I also kinda think that people are more attracted to rapper "Suga" rather than him specifically.

No. 85641

Yeah probably. I do like Agust D music.

No. 85642

Why'd you have to copy my Osaka 2018 post word for word lol
Irene actually walks pretty elegantly but she looks strange trying to look around like somebody is gonna attack her
I'm the original anon who said his jaw looked strange
It's because it looks really wide and sort of animated when he widens his mouth
I dont know how to explain it but if you've seen Jaehyuns jaw and how its slightly protruding and the cheeks go in? It's like t

No. 85643

File: 1587557876758.jpg (32.48 KB, 460x288, rKmltf8.jpg)

He looks like one of those deep sea fish that never should see the light of day.

No. 85644

File: 1587557939126.gif (1.69 MB, 500x481, 746483EC-246C-45CB-AF58-B3999C…)

not gonna lie. I used to be suga biased because I thought he was hot. He looks mean af

No. 85645

I’ve seen BTS, GOT7, and Monsta X in concert and was pretty close to the stage each time. Tbh none of the guys looked much different than you would expect, some were tanner or shorter than they portray them as in official photos or videos. Kinda OT but GOT7 had the most chemistry with each other and the crowd, while BTS’ concerts are very manufactured and their interactions feel forced. Also V constantly zones out while on stage or looks like he doesn’t want to be there lol.

No. 85646

Sry, I just agreed with what you posted and we might have met. I was in Osaka too. :D

No. 85647

I have a lip thing and I like his top lip. I think he's pretty hot. I'm so turned off about how small he is though.

No. 85648

I think Koreans have really nice lips. Except for jin and jimin.

No. 85649

Wtf lol what a coinkidinky
Turn up though.

No. 85650

topkek! thanks for the review!!

No. 85651

suga has gross little baby teeth

No. 85652

And JK who has no lips

No. 85653

File: 1587558334365.jpg (40.91 KB, 564x837, sg.jpg)

He lost his spark over the years tbh.His rapper persona peaked when his mixtape came out and I think he had a certain bad boy charm back then.He's acting and looking more like an ahjussi these days.

No. 85654

Jhope, suga, and rm have nice lips. the rest are either too big and rubbery or non-existent.

No. 85655

he acts and looks wayyyyy too feminine now

No. 85656

What’s wrong with V’s?

No. 85657

File: 1587558465456.gif (9.11 MB, 500x614, 9342130E-AE31-4A1A-8AA7-1A3585…)

Jungkook is pretty cute until he smiles

No. 85658

oops meant to add v in there.
jh rm sg and v have nice lips

No. 85659

really? I think the opposite. He has an endearing smile to me.

No. 85660

He looks like a silly bird anon lol

No. 85661

Changmin does open his mouth really wide when he sings. Almost like he is trying to deepthroat the mic. shorturl.at/mtGIT here if you look at his chin closer its just strange

No. 85662

I sincerely think he’s special needs, he acts like a child all the time and looks clueless. Only on stage he looks normal but it’s an act. Poor boy needs help.

No. 85663

I think he's just not very bright. I think V def has special needs, but JK is just a dumbass, you know

No. 85664

I'm the SuperM London concert anon. He looked bloated. Like, idk why he gets fillers, he was good looking before. And the blonde hair didn't help. But he had a pretty good body. Ten had a cute face but he is the shortest. He is pretty short, I'd say 1.65. He has a tattoo. Taeyong is a twig. He seemed a bit uncanny valley to me. His eyes were wide apart, idk. He looked good but just not my type. Baekhyun looks like a kid, he actually looks the youngest. Kai and Lucas were tall and hot. Am i forgetting anyone?

No. 85665

nct mark is far uglier than anyone in BTS and that's a fact. also nct fans give off even more creepy pedo vibes than armys, which is quite the accomplishment.

No. 85666

Mark & Lucas?

No. 85667

Oh, I forgot Mark, lmao. I actually like him, he is dorky. Looks wise, not my type but has nice proportions. He has nice cheekbones, so he looked good from afar too. Lucas is hot. He is tall and tanned. Couldn't see him that much though cause he was always on the other side of the stage lol. The ones I could see from up close were Ten and Taeyong when they did BDS.

No. 85668

I have no idea why but when i see him he always reminds me of hwasa

No. 85669

>why fillers
turbo diets make face look sunken. fillers make them look fresh. wasnt he totally ana?
>ten tattoo
what and where?

anything funny about the 'fans'? they usually offer the best kek material

No. 85670

Doyoung from Nct
The orange haired guy is Rapmon

No. 85672

File: 1587559547221.jpg (118.81 KB, 727x1023, ten.jpg)

Sry for the bad quality but it's quite easy to find on google anyway.

No. 85673

File: 1587559567519.jpg (9.29 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

…are you sure? I'm pretty certain that being uglier than bts is not in the realm of what's humanly possible kek

Mark is neither cute nor hot, but he looks like a normal non-creepy guy and he has nice skin.

No. 85674

File: 1587559601135.jpg (301.1 KB, 1321x1920, unnamed.jpg)

Found a pic. The fans were pretty chill. I had a girl screaming Kai's name standing next to me and then I found out she didn't have seats for that area so security had to come and get her. I think the fans were chill because everyone was there just to see their bias and not the whole group.

No. 85675

I'm praying they won't chop off Mark's chin or give him fillers.

No. 85677

File: 1587559830486.jpg (63.5 KB, 540x720, 1203f4e9861b9cfb779551db1aeb14…)

No. 85678

Not the same anon but about BTS fans: Korean girls don’t look half bad but there are some older women (not mothers and often fansites) and the occasional fat girl. Younger fans look plain and a bit chubbier sometimes but the ones in their 20s look ok. Some are very made up and are wearing designer brands.
Japanese girls are more natural and enthusiastic.
Western fans are so funny, they are often very fat and have the bt21 headbands on, they would wear silly pink clothes cause persona and some tried Korean style clothing but their thighs are too thick for the tennis skirts and the shorts. They wear bright makeup and a lot of merch. Some look totally out of place, like there was this one tiny redhead in London at soundcheck who had a slip dress on with her tits out lol. It was like back in my 1D and 5sos days. Jimin isn’t gonna fuck you love, sorry to burst your bubble.

No. 85679

whoa his cheek!!! Please jh stop!!!!! you are barely 26 why the fuck does your face look like that! he must be incredibly insecure to do that to his face man.

No. 85680

he could stab someone with that cheek.

No. 85681

It embarasses me so much that there's so many fat people in America. It makes my skin crawl that these kpop bands perform in America and everyone is a fat sweaty mess. Makes me cringe. That's why there always so homesick for Korea lmao

No. 85682

i feel bad for laughing

No. 85683

I think he would look better without those lenses. And the cheek fillers are unnecessary. All he has to do is put some filler in his nose to make it a bit more natural and he would look miles better.

No. 85684

I really like jh. I wish he wouldn't put so much filler in his face. I mean I do filler but only a little bit. You can't even tell in my face. He's a walking mannequin. He must realize he looks crazy.

No. 85685

I wish they'd all embrace their natural eye color. The lenses make them look like aliens.

No. 85686

glad they arent making him hide his tatt with make up.

No. 85687

mark is uglier than natural jhope, but I will admit that this plastic horror version edges it. Just slightly though

No. 85688

cant, his face shape doesnt allow it. check out smiling pics. >>85600
anything chopped off would be major weird

No. 85689

got more on western fans?
an anon posted some threads ago about fuzzy mobile phone cases and the likes.

No. 85690

where you got your?

No. 85691

No. 85692

the fillers.

No. 85693

File: 1587560431257.jpg (66.09 KB, 1000x563, wendy.jpg)

Sadly that won't hold them back.Look what they did to Wendy.They shaved everything off so now she doesn't have anything left to shave off anymore.

No. 85694

as in where in the face?

No. 85695

don't fillers dissolve over time? i'm sure bighit wouldn't allow him to get more fillers when it makes him look terrifying.

No. 85696

good luck with the tat in China though. He's going to be wearing long sleeves for the rest of his career. I'm actually surprised SM let him do it.

No. 85697

File: 1587560489394.jpg (28.59 KB, 500x503, d181c3cf05ce417b047dcb8720fdba…)

throwback to predebut jhope before the surgery. I cant believe his nose used to look normal. Hed be more popular if he still looks like this honestly

No. 85698

some of these idols are gonna look real scary once they get to their 40s…

No. 85699

I get some in my marionette lines and nasolabial folds. I have a little bit in my lips but I look very natural. I look very young anyway. I'm an american but I live in London so I get it done at a clinic here.

No. 85700

they dont dissolve 100%, thats the problem. and they migrate. t. gravity

No. 85701

File: 1587560546174.gif (1.48 MB, 320x178, tumblr_a8f2150cefdbacb15e4b4bb…)

I agree. Kpop fans already believe in the notion that koreans are superior in everything and then proceed to only show their worst selves. You're basically confirming to your oppars that it's best to stay away from you.

On the other hand I also believe that prettier fans in their 20s, especially if really dressed up, often seem like saesangs, the ones who spend thousands on idols and believe they really have a chance because they stand out in a crowd of chubby little girls and ajumma fans.

No. 85702

Yeah fillers dissolve over time. Usually takes about a year in the face, and a few months in the lips. He goes overboard obviously though. He puts filler on filler.

No. 85703

he really had the potential to be fucking hot.

No. 85704

What the actual hell.Why did he even get fillers in the first place?He doesn't look like an eyesore here.

No. 85705

I can not believe the difference in jhopes face. He looks so bad. I wish he'd stop but it's too late now. He's going to have droopy skin if he dissolves the filler.

No. 85706

When I went to the BTS concerts (2, both in London) the fans majority looked like normal girls, what you would imagine at a 1D concert. There were mostly UK girls with a few Euros who had travelled over, and a large amount of Chinese & other Asian girls who study abroad in the UK. Lots of people were wearing BTS shirts or merch, but it's a concert so I really don't see why that's an issue lmao. I also saw a few white girls who came with their Asian bf. The really kboo girls were easy to spot because of their fashion, usually not pulling it off at all. I'd say the cringiest subset of fans were the "Twitter sjw LGBTQ+++" crowd, who were as a rule unwashed, either obese or pole-skinny, and dressed like circus clowns. Some of these ones were fakebois.

No. 85707

asking cause I had appointment before corona.
my doc is very good. she refuses to do stuff that has small chance of success (under eye filler, doesnt work in all cases). some idols dont seem to have lucked out with their dr kims

No. 85708

Yes and bt21 cases and pop sockets and key rings. Almost everyone has something of that sort and it looks weird on them for some reason. There was this absolutely huge girl with the headband on and was trying to giggle and speak in a cutesy voice. She was bragging about Jungkook recognizing her, I bet he did, she was something.
They had unofficial merch too like those pickets. Their style is generally atrocious but attitude wise they’re just silly and enthusiastic, not aggressive or nasty.

No. 85709

lol i remember being shocked when i saw wendy's side profile for the first time.

he easily could've been one of the best looking members but he looks like my aunt now

No. 85710

File: 1587560824909.jpg (8.64 KB, 225x225, images.jpg)

The girl who stalks bts is also rich and kind of cute, especially so in comparison to other ratmies. Makes you suspect that one of them really fucked her and now she refuses to let go.

No. 85711

bts said that he was originally supposed to be the visual. Which I can see it, he was fine back then. Scary as hell now. He could be really fucking hot right now. I wonder why these kpop boys are so insecure?

No. 85712

Wow she looks hot. I think you're probably right. I'm sure they've fucked a sasaeng or two.

No. 85714

File: 1587560911694.jpg (89.97 KB, 610x921, 767286_493981_921_org.jpg)

Lol Solar

No. 85715

File: 1587560917273.jpeg (109.91 KB, 797x1200, 2F730FCF-5DE5-4117-AC14-9E1EA4…)

The no pants girl?

No. 85716

I searched around because I was so scared of looking plastic but my doc did a great job. Glad you found a good doctor that wont make you look stupid. Good luck. It's almost time for me to go back. Hopefully I can soon.

No. 85717

…nevermind she ugly

No. 85718

Ah yes the Chinese girl. I doubt the company would allow her around them if they had but she doesn’t look bad indeed. She should have tried to meet them like a normal person, through connections.

No. 85719


Eh.She has busted teeth though.All this money but no proper dentist.

No. 85720

File: 1587561086700.jpg (121.85 KB, 800x1200, 1570691569095.jpg)

this. I loved his bad boy aura and how "sarcastic" he was back in the day paired up with his cute face. His popularity shot up during 2013-2016 but he's just a boring filler member now (who's filled with fillers kek)

No. 85721

If I were to ever meet a famous idol it would not be through a meet and greet or because of stalking them lol. I would want to meet them organically and in a non-fan sort of way lol. I would be so embarrassed to meet them as a fan.

No. 85722

Yeah I agree. He was a lot hotter back then when he had attitude and was funny. He's boring now. Acts like an old man. Seems like he sold out.

No. 85723

first the bald cap, now this. i really dont know what this concept's supposed to be.

No. 85724

Taeil has had a lot of ps

No. 85725

He got way too cocky ever since they started getting attention in the west.I liked the stuff he put out as Agust D and I think he has great potential as a producer but he's delusional for thinking that they'd ever get a Grammy,even though the Grammy's are a joke these days.

No. 85726

File: 1587561400433.gif (7.05 MB, 480x429, download (1).gif)

>[+1,130, -166] Hul, daebak, can we get all flower boys so that it's worth watching for us?
>[+249, -28] Getting to heal by watching his face every week will be a pleasure in life
>[+82, -24] Now I have a reason to tune in every week
>[+68, -13] Watching him every Sunday night will surely cure the Monday blues ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ all the eye candy
>[+67, -16] Can we please limit TV appearances to people like Cha Eunwoo??? So tired of seeing old boring male celebrities with criminal pasts ㅋㅋㅋ let's fill up the shows with some fresh faces, guys.
Woke and valid.

No. 85727

he doesn't try anymore. can't really blame him; with all that money he has, he doesn't need to

No. 85729

Tbh bts is still in their peak. Not really the time to 'give up' especially if they actually want a grammy. He got way too cocky, way too fast.

No. 85731

Are all of bts cocky?

No. 85732

Could be true. I guess it's cuz he's almost 30 and doesnt wana be lusted after by fat teens.

No. 85733

no one in kpop is ever gonna get a grammy. And if they do, then the awards lose any credibility they had. If they weren't nominated for their collab with halsey, and she was snubbed even though she had big hits, then there is no way. I mean, Ariana Grande doesn't have a grammy. Why would BTS?

No. 85734

What a question to ask. Most idols are cocky anon lol. Just watch their american interviews.

No. 85735

I only meant that some could be more down to earth lol

No. 85736

JK looks lost usually.

No. 85737

I’ve heard Eunwoo is but who knows

No. 85738

I think it'll slowly fade once Jin enlists and the rest (Suga,RM) follow soon after him if I'm not mistaken?BTS heavily capitalize off of being OT7.

No. 85739

I really am curious how they're going to go about the whole enlistment thing. If I was the older ones, Suga or JH, I would just go with Jin to get it over with. I wouldn't postpone the inevitable.

No. 85740

As if they get to decide for themselves.

No. 85741


I don't really know when it works. You can't voluntarily go? You have to wait to be called?

No. 85742

i really like this song

No. 85743

It's gonna be a shitshow once only Jimin,V and JK are left.They have the worst solo stans within their fandom.I mean,just look at how they fight over their delulu Taekook and Jikook ships.

No. 85745

Well i f you guys put it that way, Jin and Jk (his mental state seems stunted) are alright. They look like they know their place most of the time. Suga thinks he knows everything. RM, Jimin and Jhope are unbearable. Taehyung's an autist, no joke.It's cringe how his persona went from ~quirky alien!!~ to depressed emo. But you can tell its all an act.

this is coming from a ratmy

No. 85746

I have a feeling a lot of army would actually be happy when it's just the maknae line left

No. 85747

I think they'll fight over who's the most talented,like they aready do between Jimin and Jk.

No. 85748

the point she's making is that the company will tell them when to enlist. it's probably written into their contracts that they recently renewed. think about it, if you were managing bts right now you wouldn't want 3 of their members to fuck off to join the army for 2 years right now would you??

No. 85749

The drastic and ridiculous shift in Vs personality is jarring. Did they make him change because they were trying to become A-listers in america? I really don't get it. Unless he wants this persona and said if I don't get to be an art hoe I'm walking.

No. 85751

To be honest, If I was managing BTS I'd make them all enlist together or in short succession. Less time without the 7 together and the reunion would make them millions. People shit themselves over reunions these days… It would only be a year and a half. I would have them all pump out mixtapes and record 15 songs and slowly release them.

No. 85752

Maybe they did it to suit their woke and ~intellectual~ image?Can't have one who acts like a donkey.

No. 85753

I think bighit made him change his "personality". He was super embarassing in US interviews. IMO i prefer him that way bcos i think he actually is just retarded and him trying to act all serious and "matured" is so pretentious. Besides he became well known because of his quirky persona anyways.

No. 85757

nah that move is way too risky, in my opinion anyway. they are riding the wave of the bts fad right now and don't want to disappear off the face of the earth for 2 years at their peak. fans are fickle and 2 years is a lot for their young teenage fans, they can't put the group on break for some potential reunion millions that may not even happen when they can easily make near-certain millions off the members right now

No. 85758

must have had good dr kim

No. 85759

Is there really a question?

No. 85760

I see what you mean. I think they should do it in groups. Maybe two at a time. If they do it organically then jk will still be in the military once the contract ends. I think one by one is stupid. Maybe two or three at a time. Jin, Sg, and maybe JH at the end of this year.

No. 85761

how did jaehyun look?

> i always thought yuta's ps made him look freakish in pics but it's not as bad in real life

But has he even had actual ps? The only thing I can see based off of predebut pics are those chin fillers that have moved around his whole jaw now

No. 85762

>super junior. just no
please give us more details. we wanna have a good laugh too!

No. 85763

I really like the song but I hate the lyric "touch me tease me feel my up" it sounds so goofy, "feel me up" is so far from being ~sensual~ I can't help but cringe

No. 85765

>>85763 the lyrics are cringy af, but they have pretty good pronunciation. SM should promote WayV in America instead of Sperm or NCT127. They don't even have to go to the army, so problem solved. Too bad everyone hates the Chinese now.

No. 85767

It's a thot song but heaps better than a lot of songs that NCT has released (even in terms of cringy lyrics)

No. 85768

I looove xiao jun's voice

No. 85770

>the amount of cringe i got from reading that
learn to type before posting your autistic fantasies on imageboards, retard

No. 85771

>>85763 the Chinese version sounds terrible, the English one is miles better.

No. 85773

so many of you saddos on this site are aggressive as hell.

No. 85775

He looks like Eric the bully from The Boyz

No. 85776

some of these aggressives have issues….sad as it is. wish they didnt make it our problem

No. 85777

arent the boyz the one that want to keep women as pets? since you know….women arent equal to men…and keeping sugar babies means they are below you

No. 85778

either stop being twitter autists or go back

No. 85779

Most of the saesangs are ugly though. Some of them have extreme self esteem issues and there are those that are just full blown narcissists that thinks oppar will fuck them.

No. 85781

he had a nose job too

No. 85782

saying this same shit over and over will change nothing. Get the fuck over it.

No. 85783

I can't remember but was there any controversy of plagiarism of BTS and Plie? DNA sounds quite similar to Somebody That I Used To Know.

No. 85784

There rich and entitled. No grasp on reality. Used to getting what they want. And they want an idol boyfriend.

No. 85785

I feel like they spend money on them to control them in a way and to be entitled to special treatment. They go to fansigns and point out the gifts they got them so they can brag later about how much the idol appreciates them.

No. 85786

His nose looks the same to me

No. 85787

Was there a news article about this? The only semblance these songs have were the key they were sung in.

No. 85788

Yes the no pants girl has a small body but isn’t pretty, i don’t think she was the typical sasaeng though, she had lost the plot. She was trying to stand next to her bias JK on purpose at the airport so that they can be photographed together and raise speculations. On YouTube there’s a video of her trying to get close to him and wave at him after they get off a flight and security pushes her.

No. 85789

"art hoe"ism is very popular in korea now (lol so late) and he needs to act like a serious artist if he's going to dress like that and listen to sinatra.

No. 85792

>new thread, 700+ posts in 18 hours
>think there must be some serious milk going on
>it's all pointless, trite shitposting
Alright, who linked the thread on Twitter?

No. 85793

Some of you need to take a long break and learn how to integrate. This is reaching spam levels.

This isn't twitter.

Despite it being removed from the OP, nitpicking is a bannable offense in this thread. Do not remove this from the OP again.

No. 85795

It specifically says do not complain or sperg. and it says clearly to get over it if there is “fangirling” which I haven’t even seen. Yet we keep getting aggressive anons whining that we talk about bts.

No. 85798

Is he a method actor? How could he listen to classical music and purchase expensive abstract art unless he was actually an art hoe lol I don’t get it.

No. 85799

File: 1587567193366.jpeg (129.59 KB, 941x1023, 73D74388-7CC1-46FA-9484-709870…)

Gaga feat bp has finally been confirmed. I can’t imagine what it will sound like, the dua lipa thing at least made some sense to me.

No. 85800

People mostly has been critical through out the entire thread. Hardly any fangirling, you guys are way too sensitive.

No. 85801

Don’t know how I feel about this..

No. 85802

I’m genuinely confused on why it’s at spam levels? because this thread is active? Nothing that we have spoken about has been off topic. It’s literally all been about kpop. I mean, isn’t a good thing that there’s action around here?

No. 85803

oh god i can't believe they actually said that. the boyz are a lost cause

No. 85804

Kiss and make up wasn't complete shit though, but Lady Gaga and BP's sound is nowhere near each other. Oh well, we will see.

No. 85805

Nope, in fact he reduced his nostrils and elongated the tip. You can tell his nose looks visibly too small for his wide face.

No. 85806

At least try to hide your newfaggotry.

Seriously, who linked this thread on Twitter?

No. 85807

i cant believe that they keep on going.
and they still have fans, despite the clear rampant misogyny of those two members. creepy as hell.
on top of this this is a younger gen. cant even imagine how bad some of the older gen must be. some has seeped through, the agency and korean culture seems to keep most well hidden.

No. 85808

similar laughing face/smile maybe

No. 85809

Do you have comparison pictures?

No. 85810

No seriously, this is crazy. There’s obviously a random new influx because this thread was posted less than a day ago and is already over halfway to the post limit.
This is terrible… at least her touring with Crayon Pop way back when was on brand because they had an odd concept like her.

But Gaga or someone in her management has been paging YG for a long time. I just learned they invited Teddy to produce for her back when 2ne1 was popular but he was too busy.

No. 85811

File: 1587568684936.png (19.33 KB, 608x150, lolcow.PNG)

Lmao look what I found

No. 85812

Jaehyun had some mass to him, he was on the slimmer side but he didn't look like he was just a bag of bones like a lot of the others did.

No. 85813

ahh, I know this anon. She's from the spam thread. Now I see why.

No. 85815

Yeah, he's got one.

I dunno anon, his face didn't really make much impression on me.

No. 85816

Was he facially attractive?

No. 85818

who tf is chanhee? which group?

No. 85819

He was OK, I guess. I've seen better looking idols before but I didn't think he was ugly.

No. 85820

A nugu from The Boyz.

No. 85821

oh no.

No. 85822

the only saving grace is that the new influx usually gets bored after a day or so and disappears

it is crazy that we made the thread yesterday and its already at 500+ messages

No. 85823

is she trolling or mentally ill

No. 85824

i can’t wrap my head around blackpink having such shit management but still managing to snatch up such big opportunities. i don’t dislike blackpink, but i can’t wrap my head around their popularity when they are not particularly talented and they spend more time at fashion shows than in the recording studio. i feel like their continued popularity in spite of little to no promotion just encourages yg to continue doing shit marketing. i

No. 85825

Yup. But the general public only really like mamamoo and winner. They only talk about bts and blackpink to boast about them being popular in the west. They literally know bts as the group who got top 10 in bbhot100 and the group famous in the west. And the only song they even know is spring day.

No. 85826

mamamoo I can understand cause they can sing and have been on non-idol specific shows such as immortal songs, but winner?

No. 85831

it probably helps that the entirety of BP is loaded, so they have the luxury of being essentially glorified instagram influencers knowing their fans eat up sponsored "high fashion" pictures

No. 85832

There was a blind item on Lainey's page ages ago about some Kpop girl group flying out to sleep with the manager of a huge US music event in return for letting them play. Couple of weeks later Blackpink were announced to be playing Coachella.

Could be nothing but given it's YGE, I wouldn't be surprised at all.

No. 85833

File: 1587570984996.png (119.44 KB, 600x725, Screenshot_2020-04-22-23-52-35…)

idek. These are the first things youll see on her twit. cringe

No. 85834

File: 1587570994649.jpg (17.71 KB, 366x366, download(14).jpg)

卐卐卐 Kpop Thread's closed due to AIDS 卐卐卐

May return soon. Until then, go back to twitter.

No. 86572

This thread is being re-opened. Report spam and newfaggotry to help maintain the thread.

No. 86584

wow this thread is finally back…hopefully all the bts dick obsessors are gone

with all the news that's blown up recently, what does everyone think of the taeyong bullying scandal being brought to light again, plus that jaemin dating scandal? also apparently mark was revealed to be dating but fans cleared the searches and reported the video until it was taken down?

it seems like nctzens are trying to bury both news and pretend its all an antifan conspiracy bc nct dream just came back yesterday

they even started a tag along the lines of #protecttaeyong or something as if this dude hasnt demonstrated time and time again he's a total POS

No. 86586

I’m glad the Taeyong bullying scandal isn’t being put to rest like SM hoped it would. Idk what can come from it at this point other than reminding everyone how much of a POS Taeyong is, but it might be making people reluctant to become or continue being fans.

Idk about the Jaemin scandal but apparently the evidence wasn’t too shabby? I’d be willing to believe it. Also I hadn’t heard about the Mark thing, does anyone have caps on that?

No. 86587

If this doesn't finally take down Taeyong, then nothing will. He must either have some dirt or a sponsor at SM.

No. 86588

I've heard people saying the screenshot of Jaemin's account on that chick's Netflix was photoshopped, but it's impossible to know what to believe and impossible to check now since she removed the post. I think it's more likely to be true than photoshopped though.

Pretty stupid of him to push the whole boyfriend image so hard while dating, he's made his own bed so far as the backlash he's getting goes.

No. 86590

I'm just baffled by how fans keep defending him over and over, apparently this iteration of the saga is due to other crazy fans attacking the poor girl because she dared speak out about oppa being a POS so fans are saying its not his fault and he shouldn't be held accountable….even though he brought 5 reporters and a team of lawyers to "apologize" to her

As for the jaemin issue, apparently it's been an open secret for a while, but the "evidence" is her using his netflix account? Honestly if it was just a netflix account sharing, I wouldn't see it as anything serious, but apparently fans have been turning a blind eye and now she's publicly blown it out of the water so fans are turning on him

No. 86591

It's most likely real otherwise why would she delete it?

>what does everyone think of the taeyong bullying scandal being brought to light again

I'm honestly not sure what to think, there's just not enough proof for me to believe either side of the story

No. 86594

i think international fans are the ones spreading the idea that the picture is photoshopped and that it's an anti-fan hoax…he's literally trending 3/5 top posts on pann and apparently fans are returning albums and closing fansites

i agree, he pushed the idol/boyfriend thing SO much he should've expected this if he was going to dick around, his fanservice was honestly on another level even with the "uwu im ur oppa" idols

No. 86595

I think it's pretty obvious at this point that Taeyong was a nasty kid back in middle school. There haven't been any rumors about him being shitty in high school so maybe he did turn over a new leaf, but it's hard to believe that someone would have so many rumors of being a bully during middle school and them ALL be fake.

No. 86596

nothing is going to take him down, SM just keeps moot on the subject and hopes it dies down/blows over

theyre honestly banking so hard on this guy just because he kind of looks like jaejoong and fangirls will defend him no matter what he does….as long as he doesnt date heh

No. 86597

kind of related, but does anyone even like the new dream album? i feel like if this was released by some mid-grade/almost nugu group it wouldn't be hyped to the level it was over the past two days….

i honestly thought boom was better, ridin just feels so meh and the song is uninspired

No. 86598

For high school he to that performing arts school most idols go to and had no friends there

No. 86599

i believe basically all idol bully accusations. back in school the good-looking and popular kids were always nasty little bullies, and idols were generally good-looking as kids so why would they act any different?

No. 86600

yup, he went to some private idol high school so he probably kept his mouth shut knowing he was around tons of other trainess etc.

there's no way he wasn't a bully, why would people constantly make up rumors only about him and his attitude?

did anyone see that sappy "to you" video nct put out too? it honestly couldnt have been better timing, fangirls ate up his "changed sensitive tortured soul" image even though it kind of felt like he was reading/acting out a script

honestly mark to haechan and johnny to yuta were the only ones that felt genuine simply because they were so awkward and fumbling their words, taeyong literally felt like he rehearsed the lines several times/was reading a board

No. 86601

i agree, teenagers are vicious, cant imagine how a kid who's gotten into a big entertainment company as a trainee would let his ego inflate and feel better than other people

not to mention he's literally had a slew of scandals (scamming, homophobia etc) and theyre all pretty detailed, like why would "antis" only make these up about him and continue digging these up? its obvious he was a nasty little shit and people are fed up seeing him play this sadboy on tv(samefagging)

No. 86602

File: 1588346398359.jpg (957.18 KB, 280x207, Ikp0eMx.jpg)

same anon but this is a gif from his graduation. He was definitely a loner in hs

No. 86611

He's not even swaying to the music or making an effort to take part in the excitement around him. Normally I'd give the benefit of the doubt, but graduations are a time of celebration and new beginnings, and seeing him stand there like a cold fish doesn't do him any favors. He comes off as uppity as a result, though that could just be because i know he's a scamming, bullying asshole.

No. 86617

the bullying victim tried to commit suicide because of the fans, they're vicious and evil. and tbh nct is a flop group.


No. 86620

I wonder when idols and companies will start taking responsibility for their overzealous fanbases, or at least acknowledging that the way their fans are acting is unacceptable (probably never). Cuz jesus fucking christ

No. 86621

But if she really is his gf why would she expose herself and ruin it? It’s either fake or she’s a fuckbuddy imo

No. 86629

I think it was a mistake

No. 86635

I was really disappointed. Dream usually delivers good lead singles but this one feels like a 127 reject.

Hate to be that person but what’s the scandal? Are there just more bullying victims coming forward again? I’m not in any kpop ‘news’ circles so I’m out of the loop on this one

No. 86637

What’s making this worse for jaemin is the fact that he’s still fairly young as well. Usually when an idol becomes older fans can be more “understanding” that they would want to date and settle down. Yikes, surely these kpoppies have realised by not that, no, they will never have a chance and yes, their precious boys are in fact dating. I guess companies should try to let the boyfriend image go.

No. 86640

I think they know they’re dating/fucking, but they think it should be kept private. They somehow feel disrespected when the idol doesn’t bother to hide it properly. Surely they can’t think they’re celibate?

No. 86643

(recommenting because i forgot to sage)

i mean, she could just be a fuckbuddy or a jilted ex doing this on the day of a new release, but seeing how korea absolutely skewers the girl in all of these situations it probably was an honest mistake, whether theyre dating or just friends sharing an account, but there's been rumors about them for a long time

either way SM seems to be remaining silent on the topic and jaemin is still providing his over the top fanservice so theyre probably hoping this blows over. he is their biggest earner in dream by a long shot, so i wonder if they would come out and say something if this gets considerably worse

the victim (or a relative/friend) came out and said that because they revealed the bullying, nct fans found out where the girl worked and lived and harassed her to the point where she tried to take her own life, and they posted a medical intake record as proof.

fans are now saying because it was other fans who did this, taeyong isn't at fault hence the #protecttaeyong hashtag

No. 86645

It's pretty annoying when idols make a fuss about wanting fans to respect their private life and then leave silly little hints about dating all over their Instagrams. If you want it to be private then how about you just text your girlfriend instead of leaving her secret messages through your group's Instagram?

No. 86646

This happens a LOT though, for some reason girls dating idols always feel the need to make it obvious. Chen's girlfriend did the same thing.

No. 86647

when has an idol done this? i'm curious…
i feel like when people say this its mainly fans overreaching….i'm sure 90% of these idols have a public insta page, and a private one on the side

No. 86648

Just google "lovestagram" it's super common. But off the top of my head, Taeyeon and Baekhyun notoriously did this a ton with their Instagrams. So did Jennie and Kai. Some nugu from ZE:A did it too. Super Junior's Sungmin used to leave stupid hints about dating in his fansign notes to fans, which is part of why they got so mad at him.

No. 86653

i see, i did some googling and some of them are pretty blatant, like the jennie-kai france ones.

tbh i still feel half the taeyeon-baekhyun ones are super reachy (an oreo = his name? really?)

anyways, this entire jaemin situation is going to be a rough ride if it actually explodes, he's probably going to be crucified even worse than baekhyun especially since he sells the "fans are my girlfriend" image the most out of any idol currently promoting.

the actress apparently turned off all commenting on her social media because she was getting destroyed

No. 86655

Maybe they see it as a type of petty revenge towards their sad stalker-type fans.

No. 86656

What’s her ig?

No. 86657

I definitely believe his bully rumours if even a trainee called him out
He looks so douchey

No. 86658

File: 1588362958447.jpeg (113.57 KB, 480x942, 9432E07F-B4F6-48EC-969B-33D064…)

She’s an actress called Kim Ji In. This was the post that caused the scandal, apparently at the bottom (slightly cut off) the text reads “recently viewed by Na Jae Min”. They were in a drama together so I guess the rumours have been bubbling under the surface for a while

No. 86660

a part of me wonders if it maybe was intentional/they broke up, like my partner and i have separate profiles even though we live together….i don't want other people's watch history cluttering up my profile, it's so weird.

it's not like making a new profile costs money, but maybe she just logged into take a screenshot and didn't think to check

either way, i'm interested to see how (and if) SM is even going to bother to respond…they have this mess and the entire taeyong situation to deal with, and theyre trying to do all those concerts/comebacks, it's def not helping the nct brand which is already so weak in korea

No. 86663

The only reason I think it could’ve been intentional was the timing since she posted it on the day of dream’s comeback. But she’s 23 years old with an acting career, why would she subject herself to so much hate just because of a 19 yo boy.
Pretty sure it was an accident.

No. 86666

She seems very pretty tbh, a bit of a waste to be with him…

No. 86668

i wouldn't say a waste, he's definitely one of the more attractive nct members, but i cant see why any girl would risk trying to date an idol so young with such crazy rabid fangirls

at least as an actress she's able to hide out of the limelight for a while by turning off comments, this won't follow her for as long as it will him if it turns out to be true

No. 86678

she could have been trying to mark her territory. she posted it JUST after jaemin posted one of his over the top fanservicey boyfriend image messages to the fancafe. it'd be insanely petty to get jealous over an idol doing basic idol shit, but it wouldn't be the first time an idol's girlfriend has acted that way.

No. 86682

>mark her territory

are we dogs or something lol

No. 86686

File: 1588376148184.jpeg (107.11 KB, 480x785, 27DD0E2C-8973-4881-9339-133F5C…)

i don't know about marking her territory, but the way he types honestly is something else

understanding what he's saying aside…the wall of text and emoji usage makes my head hurt, but i guess the fans eat it up because it gives the "boyfriend vibe

No. 86698

I always had the impression that Jaemin was dating. He always seems genuinely happy and content unlike some of the other guys that give serious sad virgin vibes.

No. 86700

File: 1588397984837.jpg (125.46 KB, 1000x500, 1588222292-20200430-jaemin.jpg)

There's no way she didn't do it on purpose considering the terrible timing

No. 86701

care to post the translation?

No. 86703

No. 86705

File: 1588401031062.jpeg (310.14 KB, 828x1283, 12116021-5E2A-4C68-BB3C-8E4D88…)

here's a screenshot from the website

it makes my skin crawl honestly, but i did see a comment saying how he probably typed up this entire thing with a straight face and it made me laugh

this over the top fanservice is so cringe and i'm surprised the korean fangirls love it so much

No. 86707

jfc how many times did he type "Our Czennies"?

No. 86708

(im the anon who posted the original korean ss and the translation)

he has to have "czennies" and the emoji saved as a shortcut on his phone or something, i cannot imagine having to switch keyboards and hit the emoji every time he types the word

the funny thing is he posted this after the dating news broke, so im sure he was probably freaking out internally but pretended everything was ok

No. 86710

He repeated himself so many times it just looks like he’s mocking his fans but they eat this shit up lol

No. 86713

File: 1588403889321.jpeg (272.07 KB, 2048x1152, 9CB533D6-8561-4A11-97AD-D71B49…)

Yes you do you whale(nitpicking)

No. 86714

this reminds me of those random copypastas

No. 86715

EXO Chen apparently had his daughter this week, and the internet is split between delusional fangirls reeing about how he needs to leave the group now and delusional fangirls making up scenarios about how the entire EXO team is probably going to spoil their princess and is so excited to have her….as if they don't all probably just have a professional working relationship lol

No. 86716

He has some ghetto ass earrings lol

No. 86717

>he posted this after the dating news broke
that makes it even funnier kek. you can sense the panic.

No. 86718

File: 1588407419866.png (473.67 KB, 1007x520, bts.png)

In that vlive he kept going on and on about how much he loves food and now he's already back to skipping meals. How predictable lol

No. 86720

Skipping meals makes sense if you’re doing intermittent fasting

No. 86721

He’s looking weird lately

No. 86723

He has said himself that he can’t live without performing and having an audience.

No. 86724

File: 1588412951541.png (307.19 KB, 610x449, 354100_443556_2633.png)

Seriously, what needs to happen for him to finally be cancelled? So disgusting. I can't forget that article about his victim crying and being unable to talk for 1 hour upon seeing him. She's traumatized by what he did to her, how does him saying sorry and acting "soft" towards his fans change that?

Yikes, that's why idols have no business complaining when they get hate for dating, he's selling fanservice and not music.
However, I barely saw any backlash, only people making fun of him (and saying she could do better lol). He's probably not popular enough for fans to be mad about it.

>delusional fangirls making up scenarios about how the entire EXO team is probably going to spoil their princess and is so excited to have her
Fake woke ifans who act as if they're overjoyed by their favs being in a relationship are the most obnoxious. It was the same when the Jk scandal broke, everybody pretending they're sooo happy for him while they're probably crying at home kek. Making up these uwu fantasies (and drawings) is more gross and invasive towards his family than knets simply saying he should quit.
Chen also got sponsored by the hospital his wife gave birth at, so Koreans who suspect he's gonna go on that dad-kid reality show like all other idols turned parents are probably right. Plus, his wife also gave not so subtle hints throughout the years meaning she might want a career on tv too. We'll see.

Yesterday Jennie did a livestream with the other BP members and Gdragon…the same Gdragon who recently posted a painting of him and the other BB members, including Seungri. The OT5 stans who claim he's totally innocent are get louder and louder lately. And the ones who don't support him also defended GD's post by saying it's completely normal that he doesn't want to throw away memories he shared with a person for over a decade. What normal human being would look fondly at the time he lived and worked with a druglord rapist? And the girls are okay with that too?

No. 86726

I have a theory that ifans don’t actually fancy the idols. And I’m referring to western fans btw. I somehow can’t imagine a blonde broad from America or Sweden being turned on by a tiny Asian man. Maybe by some of them, like Kai, but Jimin? Come on.
That’s why they don’t care when they date I think and they say those things to tease the Korean and Asian fans, like rubbing it in their faces in a way. They’re jealous of Korean fans for getting more opportunities to see the idols and that’s their revenge lol.

No. 86727

imo a lot of jimin's fans aren't attracted to him, it's more like they want to be him. there's a lot of fakebois and girls with ed's in the bts fandom

No. 86731

That doesn't make any sense. Why would they like kpop if it's not because they're attracted to male idols/want to be like the female ones? There's plenty of bubblegum western pop too and if they're into the performance aspect of it they could just watch one of the hundreds of dancers on yt. Plus both female and male whites have been into asians for ages already, see weebs and neckbeards.
That argument makes even less sense for black kpop fans: why like a copy of black music done by people who frequently insult you?

They're clearly into idols' looks just as much as kfans, they simply must act as if they're unbothered because they believe that lusting after somebody who doesn't know you exist + not wanting them to be with anybody other than you, makes you a bad person.

I sometimes scroll through r/unpopularkpopopinions and fans there even say e.g. that people don't have the right to ask idols from mentioning they starve themselves to their young fans, "because that's their reality".
In the minds of ifans no matter how much time and money you spend on idols you're entilted to absolutely nothing from them, while they should be allowed to do (or not do) anything they want. If you disagree, you're a bad fan.
Imo that's much more delusional than kfans, who see it as a business exchange, rather than idols being untouchable gods deserving of unquestioned love.

No. 86734

That’s the thing though, I think most western fans say they adore Kpop to be woke and all, but they aren’t as willing to spend money to go and see them as Asian fans are. They go and follow Harry Styles tour across the world but they only see their fav Kpop boys when they come to their country or state. Exceptions apply obviously. Also, many are multis and stan a bunch of Kpop groups that they only see when they come to London or LA or NYC. It’s a generalization of course but it applies to most of them I personally know.

No. 86735

is gdragon supposed to throw away all artwork of his group if it includes seungri? idk why people made such a big deal out of this, i don't think he meant it like that

No. 86737

>I somehow can’t imagine a blonde broad from America or Sweden being turned on by a tiny Asian man.
Western kpop fans aren’t usually particularly attractive. I think you’re picturing, like, normie vsco girls or something when you have to picture the type of people that are very online. I’m not saying that everyone is a femcel but very very few would be part of the “in” crowd.

Exceptions can be made for BTS and BP though cool/pretty fans of these groups tend to be a bit superficial like described >>86734 , even Lil Huddy considered himself an army and uploaded proof but we know he lives in a different world than actual BTS fans.

No. 86738

bts and bp do have some really hot western fans but for the most part, they’re not very attractive.

Also, why is bts english pronunciation so bad? Jimin did a tiktok for bwl and he said “flying so past” instead of fast. how many times has he preformed that song?

No. 86739

theres no F sound in korean

No. 86740

I completely understand that however, by now, he should be able to sing flying so fast instead of past. rm can do it.

No. 86741

some people are just better at using foreign sounds than others, people have different skill levels when it comes to language and pronunciation

No. 86742

I get it.. but why is he able to say flying? but not fast? I just think by now he should be able to say fast. It’s not that hard. What do I know, though.

No. 86743

maybe its not that he cant do it but that he struggles to do it on a consistent basis. like sometimes i can roll my Rs but most of the time i cant. anyway i dont care about those faggots so ive never seen the video

>It’s not that hard

to you and me, no. if your native language doesnt contain certain sounds it can be hard to pick up if you dont learn it while young which is probably why you tend to hear P rather than F in some kpop songs (ga-in saying Ply instead of Fly in Bloom for example) but this is going into language sperging so ill stop there

No. 86744

For sure but I didn’t mean attractive girls, I actually meant big and tall girls. Like how can a tall, average to fat girl picture herself with a shorter, slimmer man? It’s very uncommon.

No. 86745


I see. thanks for the clarification. I just sometimes feel like they put zero effort into learning english. If they weren’t so adamant about being A-lister Hollywood celebs it wouldn’t matter as much.

No. 86746

You’re right, they do put zero effort lol

No. 86747

Okay, I see what you’re saying now. Yeah I also think that a twinky idol would look awkward with the average western woman. I feel like ifans either don’t care or don’t realize it until they compare the proportions face to face irl.

No. 86749

I’ve never seen an idol in person. On screen they don’t look scary skinny or like manlets but people who have seen them say they can look scary in person. I’d like to see some just to see how short they are.

No. 86754


I can only imagine how annoyed the rest of NCT must be because they have to keep pretending that Taeyong is this uwu caring mom of the group and that SM constantly pushes him in
the center and all for what?his looks?

I truly believe that someone like him can't change his ways when he constantly has SM and his fans blow smoke up his ass. I wouldn't be surprised if there was bad blood between him and some members behind the scenes.

I feel really bad for the victim.I hope she gets better and that Taeyong somehow doesn't get away with this.

No. 86757

the male idols definitely exaggerate their "official" heights. that compared with severe underweight-ness and probably caked stage makeup make them look scary af

ive read multiple accounts from fans saying theyre all surprised at how small bts suga is, so i highly doubt he's 5'8" like his profile states…if anything i wouldnt be surprised if he's 5'5" or 5'6" in shoes

oh for sure, there's almost two dozen of them total, and 7 in 127 alone. there are very few people who can be friends with 7 of their coworkers, let alone be friends/like someone who's continuously causing the team trouble/being an ass

i highly doubt he's not an ass behind the scenes, especially with how fans stroke his ego and LSM shields him

wasnt there a voice recording from haechan to his sasaeng fuck buddy where he basically says taeyong is an ass?

No. 86759

And yet I know this girl who is 4 times his size and she’s obsessed with him, in a total sexual way. Like it wouldn’t be humanly possible for him to fuck you…

No. 86764

Was it ever clear who the wife is? If she's wanted to be on TV over the years, is she within the business? Or just another regular person that always wanted fame but didn't have any useful talent for it?

No. 86765

i didnt know this thread was back, lets hope the retarded newfags dont start getting too comfortable

similarly didnt know jaemin/mark? got caught for dating kek thats too bad

No. 86766

Yes, do we know who she is? Instagram?

No. 86767

It’s one thing to own the artwork, it’s another thing to post it publicly. I’m sorry, but there is absolutely no reason to even acknowledge his existence anymore, unless you’re testifying in court against him.

The Haechan saeseng thing, basically in text messages he said he looks good but he needs it because his personality isn’t. No specifics about why, either because he’s an ass or because he comes off as bland to fans. The voice recording thing was just him making small talk with a saeseng, afaik nothing interesting was said.

I could see why he would say that; even if taeyong is civil behind the scenes, he doesn’t put forth a very charismatic persona. I could see the others getting frustrated that they put more effort in only to get repeatedly sidelined by SM.

No. 86768

It’d be interesting to know what goes through a sasaengs head. Do they think they are impressing their oppa or what?

No. 86769

I think they want to have exclusive info to sell to other fans and to also somehow blackmail the idol? Possibly in exchange of access to all events and fansigns?

No. 86771

You might find this helpful.

No. 86774

What do you all think of Spit It Out?
It's nice to listen to but it's nothing new or special. It doesn't stand out to me at all and I normally love Mamamoo's members. Not to mention that there seems to be no concept and she's just wearing every outfit that she thinks she looks good in and that bald cap for shock factor.

No. 86775

apparently she's just an actual civilian, but kfans knew about her for a long time since chen was spotted multiple times around seoul shopping with her etc., i believe ive seen people post a rumored instagram, but i cant find it anymore

she definitely was not shy about hinting about them/showing off gifts though, so she probably did enjoy the attention

I watched some documentaries/news exposes about them, and its primarily the fact that they like knowing that the idol "knows who they are", negatively or positively

they like knowing that they know things (dating scandals, private things like how they sleep, where they go on personal business, etc.) that the public doesn't because it makes them feel special

honestly its pretty twisted and horrifying, but a lot of these girls have a ton of money and nothing better to do other than chase these guys all over the world

No. 86778

I remember during the Burning Sun scandal yet before the prostitution and kakao chats were exposed, GD posted some Nietzsche quote that said something like “be a free thinker, don’t believe the media and everything you see on TV” and deleted it just before the rest of the story came out. It sounded like he was trying to build credibility for Seungri, and as an ex VIP, I totally think he knew at least about the prostitution way before the scandal happened.

No. 86779

Have you seen pics, is she pretty?

No. 86780

i honestly dislike it a ton, and i also hate the "bad bitch idgaf" persona she puts on. i feel like she's so fake and tryhard, and like you said the entire video felt like just "i wanna look hot and prance around" without any sort of theme

i just feel like shes an attention seeker who just wants attention good or bad (like the bald cap stuff) and its really offputting

ill try to find it, but i did see a really funny picture of her makeup done super badly that's been circulating twitter

i dont see why it matters if shes pretty or not, because chen seemed to like her enough to marry her

but from what i saw, i thought she was pretty, or at least prettier than the average exo pigfan

No. 86781

Lmao what a phony if he really posted such a quote. There's evidence that Seungri was involved in prostitution yet GD acts as if this is some made up fake news. Idc how long they've been friends for and what they achieved toegther as a group but anyone would want to cut ties with somebody who was involved in the burning sun scandal or something similar. They just have no morals.

People were also speculating that it could've been a shotgun wedding since he got her pregnant.

No. 86783

i think there's plenty of evidence that the entire big bang crew at least knew what was going on

i believe taeyang liked some post supporting seungri on instagram and immediately unliked, and then there's that entire interview with TOP where he basically said seungri's friends were shady and the rest of the members laughed

they definitely at least knew or had suspicions of what seungri was doing outside of promoting with big bang, they just didn't care

No. 86786

File: 1588453449603.jpg (87.55 KB, 720x964, 5a427b0082f698b5986ba24b182fc7…)

Uhm, yes…? Normal people would do that.

There's an old article about his supposed ex leaking pics but her face is censored https://pann-choa.blogspot.com/2016/09/instiz-exo-chens-ex-girlfriend-got-mad.html?m=1
Either this is his now wife or he dated her very soon after breaking up.

No. 86789

she has great legs imo

No. 86793

File: 1588463814139.jpeg (132.84 KB, 739x747, AB447063-D6EE-4C55-A7FC-09E48D…)

Has anyone seen the new koreaboo kpop group? They're touting themselves as a kpop girl group of all non-koreans and they recently released an MV


They've turned off commenting on this video and the entire thing is so cringe, what is it about kpop that attracts these people?

No. 86795

it's as bad as any kpop song but i do enjoy watching twitterfags eat their own

No. 86798

File: 1588465413293.png (877.68 KB, 500x726, C0B6909F-30DD-42CC-ADB2-50E38B…)

can yall include pictures at least sometimes instead of just mindless rambling this is an imageboard not allkpop or onehallyu

No. 86800

The way I thought this was BoA lmfao
That’s Jang Mihee, the girl he married isn’t her.
They broke up a while ago I think his current wife started dating him early 2018
I’m confused of the timeline but yeah it isn’t Mihee I’m sure.

No. 86805

They're incredibly funny to follow, twitter was cancelling them because the girl from the beginning "shipped herself with Jungkook", they "made fun of Jennie" with her lazy scandal and one of them said she was "the Hwasa of Kaachi" but to be honest, if the sound of song had more quality and you told me it's an Itzy b-side, I'd totally believe you

No. 86814

Ridin' is definitely some rejected Exo/Sperm b-side. I'm really disappointed since up until now, Dream has had consistently distinguishable title tracks; this one is just blah.
They really, really would have benefitted from utilizing auto-tune before releasing this song.

No. 86816

Why does white people singing in Korean HAVE to be a thing???

No. 86817

File: 1588478325625.jpg (10.72 KB, 480x360, Marge.jpg)

just noticed that one of the girls look like this

No. 86821

>if the sound of song had more quality and you told me it's an Itzy b-side, I'd totally believe you

My thoughts exactly, and it's actually sad. I know kpop focuses on pandering to fans but they just dont put in any effort nowadays which leads to having songs similar to that. They've literally ran out of ideas.

Girl crush seems so overrated nowadays.

No. 86822

File: 1588481120946.jpg (46.35 KB, 749x970, lnC1Jak.jpg)

I can't believe that this is Jaehyun…he needs to drop his surgeon's name

No. 86824

File: 1588482728292.jpeg (256.64 KB, 1280x960, 4A291119-B671-4C43-9CDB-A6D156…)

I used to think suga being that short was bs until I saw him next to 5’9 at most Jin and Taehyung

No. 86836

Why does it matter? If you take that argument then Korean people shouldn’t sing English or try to break into the American market

No. 86838

jesus. why is he so short???

No. 86840

I’m in quarantine so I’ve been reading these threads for a couple of days. I have only known about bts since January. I have a cousin who’s obsessed with kpop and it’s so embarrassing. She’s 30. anyway, I’ve just gotten to the part in a thread where one of the dudes in bts literally wore nazi memorabilia …. oh my fucking god. How have they not been cancelled?? How are they so huge? They are obviously really problematic. Fuckin hell. I’m in disbelief lol

No. 86845

Everyone gets canceled but woke kings bts as they ended racism!!!

No. 86847

anon you know why lol

No. 86849

File: 1588496453396.jpeg (137.23 KB, 1511x850, 9B9F57A2-7D05-4E9E-93B1-C39E0B…)

i believe james corden is 5'8" or 5'9", the "tallest" members look to be around his height, not the 5'10" 5'11" they claim to be

so suga would likely be around 5'5", 5'6" tops with shoes

No. 86851


jk seems short as hell too. His shoes always have thick soles but sometimes he literally looks the same height as suga and jimin. Jhope as well. I think they’re all 5’5 and rm is just 5’7 lol

No. 86856

File: 1588497790301.jpeg (100.61 KB, 300x300, 9E05A674-ABD2-4ABF-8A28-A8DA6D…)

if anything they're probably all between 5'6" and 5'8" with shoes, with RM maybe pushing 5'9"

i don't understand why they lie so much about their heights, it's not like they're considered crazy short by asian standards, the average asian man is probably 5'7"

it must be so weird for these western koreaboos to tower over their oppas lol, probably why they almost always refuse pictures

becky g is 5'1", looks like she's probably wearing 3 inch heels here in this picture plus bending her knees, so full height she seems only 2-3 inches shorter than the rest of them

also, look at how damn thick their soles are, especially jimin and suga…theyre practically platform shoes

No. 86857

weird that armys don't take bts's friendship with supreme boy as an indictment of their characters

No. 86858

wow I’m 5’1 so I guess this puts it in perspective a bit. Guaranteed inserts and thick soles though lol.

No. 86859

It's not surprising at all though.It's quite clear that they are hypocrites in many aspects.

No. 86860

The day the met becky g, Jhope was trying to hit on her and he introduced rm to her by saying “This is our leader” She was probably like, the fuck.. ok…


No. 86861

File: 1588498362566.jpeg (201.51 KB, 1280x720, 198A91D9-8C1F-49FF-8D4A-9EDF40…)

this is them barefoot, there’s really not a big difference between all their heights

No. 86862

File: 1588498772019.jpeg (49.66 KB, 800x668, D08E07A1-58EE-4C9C-B680-90E730…)

i agree, they seem to play it as "big hit wants the bts guys to be friends with him" while obviously overlooking that the rm and suga are very clearly friends with supremeboi

for context, supremeboi is a super problematic bighit producer who's written some nasty rape fantasy raps and is in the same group as iron, the rapper who beat the shit out of his girlfriend and was arrested over it, and supremeboi continues to support iron despite evidence that he's an abusive pos

for such a "woke" group, its awfully not kosher for them to be so close with such an awful human being, but ofc ratmy fans will shield their oppas all day long when its convenient

pic related just to show how punchable this guy looks lol

No. 86863

File: 1588499073777.jpg (Spoiler Image,56.74 KB, 500x327, a very extreme example.jpg)

Maybe it's because I am tall but how anybody who isn't a literal little girl could be attracted to somebody like Suga, Jimin or pretty much entire NCT is beyond me. There's absolutely nothing stereotypically handsome about them. One would think that even preteens would prefer to fangirl over somebody more manly looking than that. Taller or more muscular idols like Kai, Jk or back than 2PM fit the classic boy group trope but the popularity of all those aunty faced "short kings" is a mystery.
Does anybody remember that cow kmusicandblackwomen? She collects pictures of black girls with idols and it looks so weird. Most of these girls at least curvy and the idols next to them look so twinkish and sickly, they would make absolutely ridiculous couples. Hell, even most asian fans look somewhat big next to their oppars.

No. 86864

The obesity epidemic is out of control.
Idk how those women could be attracted to these tiny little manlets. Their thighs look bigger than the entire idol….

No. 86865

File: 1588499935829.png (Spoiler Image,417.98 KB, 459x750, tumblr_pfe0j3xOgX1tmzmbco1_500…)

That was a very mean example, but even normal girls look too much (and too sexy) next to those wax figure looking dudes.

No. 86866

Yes they would only look normal next to short and skinny girls, not necessarily Asian but they’re usually the smallest. Like if you put them next to female idols it looks ok.

No. 86867

File: 1588500308968.jpeg (56.57 KB, 720x480, 04CAB649-5D96-4684-90E0-A2CE5D…)

i think its mainly because as weird as it is, the kpop industry sells that boyfriend image well.

no matter how unattractive, fat, unwanted these women are, their idol oppas will always smile and talk to them like a girlfriend at fansigns and when they meet them because that's how they're trained.

there are very few western celebrities that are able to control their facial expressions/disgust as well as these robotic idols and the girls eat it up

it's the same reason why they're so big in asia, 80% of the rabid fangirls have the same pudgy unattractive moonfaces but will get cute hand holds and "honey eyes" from their idols at fansigns. its also why they become so incensed when their oppas dare date a pretty actress or idol girl that shatters their illusion

kpop sells the illusion well, which is why all these cows flock to it so readily. what kind of western artist would let a random fangirl touch his face like this?

No. 86868

I mean both Jimin and Suga are bigger than I am and yet I still couldn’t see myself being attracted to them lol. But maybe Asian girls can do it, I still don’t understand the black girls perspective though, like their men are the hottest usually and the girls themselves tend to be taller and curvier.(racebait)

No. 86869

at least now with Covid these things will have to stop

No. 86870

This always freaked me out. I wouldn’t be able to be an idol solely on the fact that I’d rather die than let a sweaty 12 year old run their sticky fingers all over my face. Makes me cringe. I bet idols take 2 hour bleach baths after those things.

No. 86871

unfortunately i’m sexually attracted to skinny little twinky boys so.. sigh.

No. 86872

The worst thing is that those are not 12 year olds, they’re adult women who look at them like they want to eat them. Most girls are their age or older, that’s why they relax when they see an actual kid.

No. 86876

File: 1588501046776.jpeg (100.02 KB, 799x1200, BDD07F95-4338-4429-AA1F-A4362B…)

also shows how magical styling can be, i couldnt even recognize this as exo lay until i looked at the hashtags

he legitimately looks like a random dude who got caught on a stroll to the local 7/11 for some cigarettes

same anon who posted the v fansign pic, with another one of my favorites

apparently doyoung is reacting to a fan who showed up in a full wedding dress to the fansign trying to marry him (or another member)

the sad thing is that he apparently got flack for not "controlling his expression" from some extreme fangirls, although the general public seemed to find it funny

No. 86878

do these fans have an ounce of self awareness? My butthole is clenching.

No. 86879

I hope that the criticism Doyoung got won't stop him from putting those delulu fans in their place.
Feeding into this fantasy will lead to more consequences than the criticism for calling them out.

No. 86880

>there are very few western celebrities that are able to control their facial expressions/disgust as well as these robotic idols and the girls eat it up
>what kind of western artist would let a random fangirl touch his face like this?
Never thought of that but absolutely true. If a western celebrity did that, then that would make them the creep.

Bts did some fan meet in the US and many of the girls attending were asian yet they still had to bend down a lot to not cover them while standing in front of them for taking a picture.

Lay looks haggard af when he's off fillers.
He was also proposed to by a fan in an american interview and it's unwatchable. A strict No would be the only appropriate response but of course they don't want to lose their paypigs.

No. 86881

The height thing is funny. Only Jimin seems bothered by it though. The rest are proud to be manlets.

No. 86882

As a short woman who wants to stay skinny I can relate, if you’re short you have to be very slim to not look pudgy and Jimin clearly wants to look slim so it must really bother him that he can’t eat as much as the taller members.

No. 86884

RM claims to be six foot kek

No. 86886

no way. he looks max 5’8.

No. 86887

I’m ready for a dating scandal.

No. 86888

There’s been more than usual this past month (Taemin and Yooa, Jaemin and Ji-In, those two nugus from Starship groups, apparently Mark…) idk what else you have in mind

No. 86889

What about Marc and what about Yooa and Taemin? Elaborate please lol

No. 86890

does jimin have a glass eye? This is a genuine question btw.

No. 86891

File: 1588510707038.jpeg (138.08 KB, 828x1004, A5D4B2D0-3223-4B66-9C75-242DA9…)

not sure about mark but taemin (shinee) and yooa (oh my girl) we’re spotted at a cafe. from what i’ve seen people don’t care/think it’s for a dance collab.


No. 86892

Ah so they weren’t alone… She’s way too pretty for him, she’s one of the prettiest idols imo. Cha Eunwoo level lol.

No. 86893

No he wears contacts

No. 86894

one eye is always dropping, that’s why I asked. Didn’t know contacts did that.

No. 86895

I thought pretty female idols dated up and didn’t really date other idols?

No. 86896

Ah he has a problem with his eyes, don’t remember what it’s called

No. 86897

I just heard about Mark from another anon itt, idk if it was anything significant but I put it anyway

No. 86898

File: 1588512741821.jpeg (92.26 KB, 1025x299, 19C9C7F2-52FF-4450-84F0-BD113D…)

Bts’ success always weirds me out.
Sort of gives me derealization ngl, especially when armys try to delude you into thinking that they A. Always were well known, B. Had a struggle under dog story.
I’m convinced there’s some shady industry business we don’t know about.
They kind of give me industry plant vibes.
I’ve been a fan since 2014, I really don’t get how Ratmy made their annoying spamming successful.

No. 86900

why are you so shocked that people are attracted to different things than you? attraction is not some hivemind where you must be attracted to chris hemsworth or something's wrong. personally i cant see how anyone can be attracted to someone like adam driver for example, but it doesn't blow my mind like something is wrong with them for it. plus the androgynous pretty boy thing has been a thing for younger girls for literally ever - see emo boys and eboys, one direction. and who cares if someone thinks you look like a "ridiculous" couple with your SO? it's your life, not theres. i'm sorry but you sound like an underage twitterfag.

No. 86901

I have always said this. Shit don’t make sense. Not to be a tinfoil hat but.. it’s fishy.

No. 86902

it's pretty well-known bighit have a deal with dispatch to only publish stories that are flattering to bts. they've probably already covered up dating shit.

i've seen it rumored that bts are sponsored by the korean government too, as the government is using them to push soft power globally.

No. 86903

your average androgynous boy is a bit taller though, like Bill Kaulitz from Tokio Hotel for example. But yes who cares. The thing with Kpop boys is that they’re from a society where being fat is seen as a horrible flaw so these girls should know that they’d never want them, they’d probably recoil in disgust

No. 86904

bighit has connection with jyp, dispatch has yet to attack them, and not to mention how weird/creepy their ceo is. bts could afford to wear $200 shirts for their debut i don’t think they were ever broke

No. 86905

yeah i mean im not saying these idols are actually going to date some obese unwashed american teenager, it's the idea behind the post that got on my wick to be fair

No. 86906

the fattest they’d go is scarlett johansson and she’s thin. That’s also the darkest they’d go as well.

No. 86907

I feel that even a averagely sized westerner who has good hygiene would be seen as ugly in Korea. Even in Japan the girls are more natural looking (not talking about Lolitas of course), but in Korea you need to be a bit more dressed up and wear some makeup to be considered attractive.

No. 86908

File: 1588514704383.jpeg (152.42 KB, 867x1137, 879DF112-9A05-44FD-8B08-A0BEAA…)

Anyone think it’s weird how Nct Dream literally still look like kids.
They’re 19 - 21 years old but still look like children with their narrow shoulders and tiny thighs.
Remember when SM debut Exo and they actually looked normal
Albeit twinks and androgynous, but they looked like men.
What did SM feed those Nct boys?
Estrogen? Are they purposely making them look ugly and like girls?

No. 86909

File: 1588514809598.jpeg (51.73 KB, 360x240, FB775407-4265-4262-8001-80CE83…)

Same aged Nct Dream
Does SM want them to remain 14 lmfao

No. 86910

Koreans tend to judge Westerners differently. When I taught in Korea I had a coworker who was also Western and had zero trouble finding men who were curious about sleeping with a white girl. And she wasn't ugly, but she wasn't pretty either, she was a solid 5/10. But she still managed to get guys who were out of her league just because they didn't realize she'd be considered plain at best back in America.

No. 86911

Going little OT but Korean men have a white girl fetish and they’d lay in bed with one in a second just to brag how they “mounted a white horse”.
It’s gross but lol.
I’m a black girl, been to korea before with some of my girlfriends and I’m glad they’re not into me lmfao they’re beyond creepy.

No. 86912

True, I’ve been once for a week and was approached on the street twice, that never happens here in Europe

No. 86913

Was she fat though lol

No. 86914

The whole point of dream was to be the pedobait cute subunit but it’s gonna have to change now that it’s a fixed unit. Just like how at first shinee was a group of kinda twinky boys that pandered to noona fans.

No. 86915

Are all male idols fuckboys?

No. 86916

File: 1588517012727.jpeg (277.04 KB, 1242x1229, AB6611C1-EE42-46B2-AE5A-7D73A8…)

Why does this kid photoshop her pictures to look like an avatar creature lmfao

No. 86917

No, she was slim. Just plain.

No. 86918

File: 1588517969915.jpeg (170.02 KB, 1024x1024, 8DBA46E7-4344-4B27-A1D0-660881…)

he's always been good about not pushing the boyfriend image/letting delulus know where their boundaries are

he's been on film multiple times straight up glaring disgustedly at sasaeng fansites, and apparently some fan told him that when she's sad she looks at pictures of him and he told her to go to the hospital lol

he definitely is one of the idols who more so tries to keep the delusional boyfriend selling at an arm's length, but that also explains why he isn't as popular as the other members

No. 86919

Like Jin of BTS in a way, when a fan asked him to marry her he was like “stop talking nonsense.”

No. 86921

File: 1588518439086.jpeg (20.6 KB, 720x652, B71140BB-D769-44EE-9B21-50D1F2…)

No. 86922

File: 1588518503227.jpeg (13.65 KB, 360x251, C0E6108F-C6E7-416F-A476-6A1CC5…)

oh man jin has some of the best responses to delusional fans

pic related

No. 86923

This just seems like being rude for the sake of it to me.

No. 86925

what is wrong with you to be posting and nitpicking pictures of a 14 year old girl? just fuck off, you are so creepy

No. 86926

She's 14?! Holy shit, she looks much older.

No. 86927

Turning 16 in august, but yea she’s really young

No. 86928

File: 1588519017694.jpg (34.66 KB, 400x533, WS3T4oE.jpg)

>but that also explains why he isn't as popular as the other members
He's is for sure one of the most popular members. Have you ever seen how many retweets and likes his 'boyfriend' pics get?

>and apparently some fan told him that when she's sad she looks at pictures of him and he told her to go to the hospital lol

Lmao that's all part of his 'savage' image/persona, don't fall for this shit. Just like the obviously fake frenemies relationship with Taeyong, it's all to make the idol's personalities and dynamics more entertaining for fans.

No. 86929

the gall of any of them but especially him to be so arrogant… at least v is a social climber so may have some semblance of a career in a year and a half

No. 86930

I can’t see any of them with a career after the bts shit show. Speaking of.. when will it end???

No. 86931

To me it seems like BTS is already beginning to lose steam. The second one of them gets caught dating they'll be done, despite all the fans protesting that they don't mind to hide the tears.

No. 86932

Idk they seem more popular than ever. Look at the video jk posted on twitter yesterday. It broke a bunch of records in 10 minutes lol.

No. 86933

Yes they need a good scandal to start falling

No. 86934

they're definitely losing the very little traction they had in the west, but they're still dominant overseas

im not optimistic theyll become irrelevant anytime soon….big bang and super junior are still clinging to relevancy from 10 years ago despite scandal after scandal, big hit will milk these boys until there's nothing left

if anything i can see a scandal of members leaving (voluntarily or due to scandal), but bts will always be there for big hit to cash cow since txt is the flop of all flops

No. 86935

Super Junior are only really relevant in South East Asia now though. Which begs the question of why Indonesia and Malaysia still care about them.

No. 86936

No scandal will lose fans. I seriously can not think of a single thing they could do besides idk child sacrifice that could make armies abandon them. Even then it’d be the kids fault.

No. 86937

the only scandal i can see completely alienating a member would be a chen-esque baby daddy marriage scenario, especially with the younger trio

jimin/v/jungkook suddenly dropping a note saying "hey i knocked up a chick and im marrying her bye" would absolutely destroy a good amount of the fanbase

No. 86938

I hope that happens. I hope she’s stupidly hot as well.

No. 86940

i listened to the singing videos V uploaded to twitter recently and just… WTF? does he not realise millions of people are gonna hear that shit…. it was so bad i got physical cringe

No. 86941

Jimin and JK especially cause Jikook are in love, didn’t you know?

No. 86943

I hope she's not just stupidly hot, but older, and posts shit laughing about delulu fangirls on her Instagram, and gets second-hand gifted presents fans have given to BTS. I want everything that has historically caused drama just mixed up into a delicious milkshake.

No. 86944

quick talk about another kpop group besides bts before this forum is closed again lol(>forum)

No. 86945

I kinda wish that jk and that tattoo artist would have worked out. who knows, maybe they’re still fucking. Hope he gets caught.

No. 86947

Wait please let us know about the gifts! Who did this?

No. 86949

Apparently SM just dropped a guy called Chenle?

No. 86950

File: 1588521135168.gif (2.94 MB, 368x656, 3B77E79D-40B9-4234-897A-77297A…)

That moment when I’m a year and a half older than her …. she’s 16 lol she can handle getting a lil flack for overly photoshopping her pics to look 20+
Huening Kai can get all the shit for looking weird but Wonyoung can’t lel
Get help. And read the thread description stop sperging(underage)

No. 86951

How old was that mijoo/rennis chick?

No. 86952


No. 86953

what do you mean anon…chenle has been in nct dream since the beginning

unless there's some tea about him leaving the group??

No. 86954

Omg twitter ratmy are back ;(

No. 86955

His fans were just protesting about him being cropped from pics and treated unfairly lol

No. 86956

File: 1588521496493.jpeg (138.61 KB, 750x736, FB825EE7-20EB-4AA6-9A8A-92D68C…)

Chenle is still with sm, fans jhst started a hashtag demanding for better treatment. Apparently they’re mad about him getting cropped from a group photo in the album and not getting as much screen time as the other members

No. 86957

does anyone remember when people used to say an nct member was north korean

No. 86959

i thought that was potentially true? renjun is ethnically korean and from the jilin region of china where a lot of north korean minorities reside

he's not like a "just crawled through the dmz " north korean but he very well may have north korean descendants

No. 86963

File: 1588522567861.jpeg (507.57 KB, 2048x2048, 87B02C9D-B1B8-479B-B835-5C9564…)

on another note, the wayv "beyond live" concert was yesterday and i was surprised to see how rough these dudes look, sm did them really dirty with whatever lighting they used

that, combined with the fact that there were no fansites to take pictures to photoshop to high heaven prior to release really showcases how bad these guys look with the caked on makeup and creepy milky contacts

expectation v. reality at its worst…

No. 86964

I feel like a lot of you in this thread really just don't understand Asians, asking things like "why are they so short!?!?" and "why do they look so young!?!?"
Asians on average tend to be shorter and more youthful looking than other races. Speaking as an Asian who also looks young for their age, it's really just genetics and to say that SM pumped them full of estrogen just makes you sound like a moron. Fillers are a possibility for some idols but I highly doubt that's the case here because they don't need it. Also keep in mind that Dream was carefully curated to have a young look and sound. Lucas could've originally been in Dream due to fitting the young age requirement but he ultimately wasn't chosen because he looks and sounds too old for the "cute" concept that the group was supposed to have. So yeah, it makes sense that the NCT subunit based on youth would be made up of boys who retain youthful looks.
Also, for those who keep wailing "how could anybody be attracted to these short skinny twinks." If you're not a Korean female you're already not the target demographic. They match their women well both in terms of natural aesthetics as well as adherence to their societal beauty standards. But overall people have different tastes, so just get over it. I don't find a lot of the guys anons post in the "cute boys" thread to be attractive but I'm not going to waste my time telling them they have shit taste or they're not allowed to like them because I'm not going to change their mind. Some of you get really pressed about the idea that anyone besides a 12 year old could be attracted to a K-pop idol but it's not that hard to understand. Most of them are well groomed and slender, which is more than I can say for most random men I encounter on the street these days.

No. 86965

girl………. calm down.

No. 86966

HA! You think these idols aren’t absolutely pumped full of fillers? They all are. including your precious oppa. Give me a break.

No. 86967

Personally I said that I understand why Asian women like them, it’s fat and tall westerners that confuse me, not so much cause it’s weird but mostly because we all know what the idols think of them. Why would I want a man who thinks I’m gross?

No. 86968

May I ask how much was the concert?

No. 86970

same anon who posted the original picture
i didn't pay for the concert (i believe it was 30 usd, paid through vlive coins or something) , i just saw some pictures and gifs on my TL and was shocked

i believe nct dream and 127 are also doing similar "concerts" in the coming weeks, so itll be interesting to see how these guys look with their bloated filler faces and cakey makeup without all the camera filters

No. 86971

I'm not actually attracted to a lot of the idols either, I should've clarified I just find it dumb when people say Asian men as a whole group are unattractive or that Asians take hormones to retain their youthfulness.

No. 86972

Nta but I checked out a few clips and it was so lifeless and boring. Wayv are such terrible performers

No. 86973

I’m not asian and I’m sexually attracted to a lot of the male idols. I’m very short and small though so i don’t know if that correlates.

No. 86974

File: 1588523760799.png (588.67 KB, 213x1600, 404C3175-EBB8-4F5D-BD1D-6DA259…)

did anyone see jennie's "photoshoot" she did in her room on instagram? she is so cringe, i dont know why she doesn't just quit blackpink and do the instathot thing full time

No. 86975

Omg when i was scrolling on insta I thought her pics would never end. She posted like 10? at once? Chill.

No. 86976

Unfortunately yes. Pretty girl but acts like a total idiot

No. 86978

and SVT Jeonghan with Sowon

No. 86981

In 2019 alone the most popular ones with the craziest fans had juul, dating, car accident, tattoos, partying and "cultural appropiation" "scandals" yet they were unaffected in terms of sales and fandom support. Objectively speaking, their peak has already happened but they might be able to continue with sold out concerts and surpassing the million album copies until their next contract ends in like 5/6 years. Then, they'll most likely disband and das it.

No. 86982

but don’t they all have to go to the military by then?

No. 86983

File: 1588524390114.jpeg (202.83 KB, 1080x1350, EC3A73F1-9190-4179-AF4E-B1967C…)

i saw someone on twitter who said it was closer to 60 or some photos over the course of 30 minutes

i cant stand the sexy faces she does for the camera, and all she does is shill those ugly gentle monster sunglasses

im just laughing at the thought of how long this took her, not to mention the other members live in the same house

can you imagine your housemate disappearing into her room for 4 hours, you hear occasional thumps and bangs, and then suddenly you see 60+ photos of her rolling around on the bed on your instagram feed? i would be dying from secondhand embarassment

No. 86985

You mean during those 5/6 years? When they start going to the military they'll still be releasing music and content as 7, and they might pull some strategies to send many members at once but guess we'll see

No. 86987

have any other groups sent off several members at a time before?

No. 86988

Yes but they came unscathed cause there was not enough proof and the accident didn’t include driving under the influence. They got lucky. If one of them had been seen kissing someone or if the driver was drunk it wouldn’t have been that simple.

No. 86990

File: 1588526858095.jpg (94.14 KB, 591x626, jennie.jpg)

I think she still lives with her mom.If you look at their BP House videos,you can see that this room and the one in the very beginning in one of those videos (where they start packing for the pink house) are different.

She even did a couple of vlive's from that grey bedroom as early as 2017,so it seems like they didn't even live long in their dorms at all.

No. 86991

I’ve been straight up followed and filmed by creeps a few times. I don’t consider myself to be “plain” but you’re right when you say that Westerners’ looks are judged “differently” or are better yet overrated in Korea—look at the white dudes in Korean variety that are supposedly so handsome by Korean standards when they’re lowkey kind of ugly. I was told by someone in the K entertainment industry that I could be an actress when I’m like 7.5/10 at best. I’m very pale, thin with bigger boobs, blue-eyed, brunette for anons who are curious.
Normal Korean people are actually quite reserved and will seldom talk to strangers. Even people (older women) in subways That bump into you will be gone before you can apologize. A lot of creepy men won’t approach you but will talk about you in Korean to other guys, assuming that you won’t understand. I encountered quite a few Chinese tourists who were more forward about wanting/asking for pictures with us. White men in Korea are also the worst, probably because they get treated like gods there so they think they’re much hotter than they are.
Do you have links to any more of the unedited photos? I’ve only seen some edited ones so far.

No. 86992

I don't understand the ruckus these caused.To me she looks like a child playing dress-up.And even if you put that aside,her poses are so repetitive and there's nothing fashionista-like about her.
She looks bland and I guess there's nothing wrong with that but it shows even more how her fashionista image is pure bs.Blinks are another level of desperate if they make someone trend for posting selfies but I guess that's all they get these days lmao.

No. 86993

again with the white bitches writing fanfiction about themselves kek

No. 86994

Lmfao fr it makes me so uncomfortable
Glad to know I’m not the only one who thought this was cringe. Unrelated but there’s no way she wants to do the idol thing anymore, even though she probably couldn’t get modeling jobs anymore if she quit

No. 86995

the shitty shoops kek

No. 86996

File: 1588529313830.png (367.14 KB, 378x456, jen.png)

Jesus I just noticed that terrible leg shoop.Are her fans really that blind?

No. 86997

>can you imagine your housemate disappearing into her room for 4 hours, you hear occasional thumps and bangs

sis, that wasn't an improv, it was made in advance coordinated ad for glasses, with a stylist, hairdresser and lighting person behind the scene

No. 87000

which is insane because it’s ass lol

No. 87007

calm down a bit jimin/sugachan

hate to break it to you but this board wasnt closed because of bts discussion but because twitter autists were talking about bts dick sizes and writing their smut itt

No. 87008

Not sure if she does it or her company but the difference between her real life appearance is pretty jarring. If she lasts long there is definitely a jaw shave in her future.

No. 87010

File: 1588535041783.jpeg (515.34 KB, 2048x2048, D9F3DFCB-A438-422B-AC40-74EB43…)

lmao chill with the self insert fanfic and super detailed self descriptions of how you're hot, this isn't wattpad

i have to manually make the comparison photos, so here's twitter's favorite fuckboy lucas

No. 87011

i had random people come up to ask for photos with me too. i don't look like anyone famous so i don't really get why. i just said no each time because i didn't know what they would want a photo with some random foreign bitch for.

No. 87014

File: 1588537408089.jpeg (101.44 KB, 815x495, CEF7276F-3BBB-4222-B529-20D313…)

no one's talking about solar anymore, but i finally found the picture of her with the horrible makeup and had to share

No. 87017

Why do idols have the worst makeup artists??Is there one that doesn't suck at their job?Most can't even do an eyeliner,let alone match the foundation to the neck.

No. 87019

honestly the foundation match is always baffling to me, but thats because the artists always insist on using the same pale grey bb cream on everyone regardless of what their actual skintone is, it doesnt seem like they use actual foundation and instead rely on the "universal" shades of grey pink bb sludge

theres so many photos of darker skinned idols (haechan, kai) with grey/white faces because their makeup artists cant be bothered to find them a normal shade

No. 87020

Because SK and most of Asia has pale skin as a beauty ideal.
I feel like you guys know this already lol

Even “woke queens” like Mamamoo and BTS follow it

No. 87021

you can have pale yellow-toned skin though. lots of asians do. but korean make-up artists always use pink-toned bb cream and foundation even though no korean has pink-toned skin. it's weird because you don't see japanese or chinese make-up artists doing this even though they also value paleness.

No. 87022

Lmao and that is supposed to be the most attractive kpop guy ever? More than just a bit rough for a 20yo (and that is with makeup), imagine how haggard he's gonna look by 25.
Do you have more of these unedited pics, anon?

No. 87023

File: 1588540197170.jpeg (497 KB, 2048x2048, 34D08F00-5059-4B9D-A122-A80B8C…)

ill have to search and make them all, but here's the one of xiaojun i was able to composite.

the only one who held up half decently was hendery, and thats probably because his skin isnt completely haggard, i'll make one for him once i can find unfiltered pictures, it seems fans are catching on that their oppas have some rough ass irl looks and are spamming with filtered/smoothed over pictures

No. 87025

File: 1588540744371.jpeg (422.47 KB, 2048x2048, 8255E5C7-9B1B-4B8D-BC21-E917D8…)

same anon posting all the wayv comparison photos, mods please delete if this borders on spamming (i can only post one photo at a time)

here's the hendery one i found, he honestly held up the best out of the trainwreck of members but still is a far far reach from the anime prince the edited photos make him out to be

honestly i think it's partially because they didnt force those creepy grey contacts on him so he doesn't look like he drowned and was fished out of a pond

i legitimately cannot find any unedited ten/winwin photos and no one takes pictures of yangyang anyways kek

No. 87027

This picture has obviously been smoothed over already

No. 87029

honestly i cannot wait to see the mess that will be 127…ill have to try and catch early pictures once that happens because fans will definitely try to bury non filtered ones

i still think xiaojun is quite pretty, but he is so so short and its unfortunate

No. 87031

Kun looed rough but this dude looks fine. Normal humans have pores and sweat.

No. 87032

File: 1588541509320.jpeg (82.41 KB, 821x465, FDCE43CE-FD42-4579-9455-6DD0B8…)

actually now that you point it out and i look closer, you're right, my bad

i think when i was combing for pictures the filtering on this one wasnt as obvious as the ones i saw for ten that it felt normal in comparison

really gives you thought of how much editing and filtering music shows do behind the scenes

updated comment because i finally found a ten photo

No. 87033

Oof the blonde Karen style really doesn't do him any favors.I think he'd look half as bad if he had dark hair.

No. 87034

Yeah that blonde is really clashing with his undertone

No. 87039

So some people are saying that Jennie might still be seeing Kai, what do you guys think? I believe she probably aims higher, like even a foreign celebrity.

No. 87041

any proof?

No. 87043

No, or at least they won’t show me any. My friend said some sasaengs suspect it but it could all be a lie.

No. 87044

Kpop idols need to stop trying to look like Anime characters

No. 87046

This video of somebody claiming that popped up 3 weeks ago, but other than that no evidence.

No. 87052

File: 1588548923654.jpeg (131.28 KB, 680x929, D1ABC105-A0B6-401D-BD85-792436…)

i finally found a picture of winwin, and he does not look good

honestly koreans freak out over aegyo sal or whatever, but it makes a lot of these idols just looks super haggard and tired when paired with badly done makeup

No. 87056

File: 1588549363964.jpg (176.81 KB, 821x465, tenhairshoopmaybe.jpg)

Tried putting in a darker hair tone so he can be more fairly judged. IMO, he looks in the face. A little rough but nothing too bad and just oily. His face always reminds me of a fox for some reason.

No. 87057

He looks sexy here

No. 87058

I've always thought winwin was unattractive so this pic does not surprise me lol

Yeah this looks a lot better. His nose is so stiff tho, I wish he didn't touch it up so much

No. 87059

still looks like shit. he should get a buzzer cut tbh

No. 87062

File: 1588552700446.jpeg (74.65 KB, 1280x720, FD996EDB-149B-42B1-83C7-861C8C…)

he definitely looks better with darker hair
honestly theres very few asians that look good with platinum blonde hair, not sure why they insist on bleaching so many idols blonde, it never looks good

pic related because i was shocked at how bad this styling was

No. 87063

File: 1588553137808.jpg (127.98 KB, 1500x871, ten.jpg)

Yeah I'm not a fan of the hair cut.He certainly looks better with shorter hair.Idk what SM was thinking this comeback.

I know everyone keeps saying that SuperM looked quite unfortunate but to me Ten is the only one who looked decent at their press conference.NCT is a whole catfish though lol,even Taeyong.

I guess their lifestyle is showing on their faces,which is kinda sad,actually.

No. 87066

>I guess their lifestyle is showing on their faces,which is kinda sad,actually.
Anon they make millions. They'll be fine

No. 87068

No I meant it's sad how quickly it's showing considering how young they are. I mean sure,they're not teens anymore but heck they have seniors who have been idols for much longer who don't look nearly as worn out.

No. 87069

File: 1588554617772.jpeg (124.41 KB, 828x786, B29A9F4A-0E2F-4F7C-99C2-11E02F…)

it looks like jaemin isnt letting up the over the top boyfriend image at all, he just posted this today

honestly im surprised hes able to keep this up, his entire dating scandal seems to have been largely ignored by SM although i have seen news that kfans are cropping him out of pictures and ripping him on forums

No. 87070

File: 1588554737063.jpeg (130.8 KB, 1125x1202, 80BE84CA-8329-4117-8ADD-3462C8…)

no, but i think she was seeing jaden smith’s friend, harry hudson last year. main evidence being them posting what appeared to be the same sunset (lovestagram bullshit), the beginning of his lyric video for “let me” where it types “je” before deleting it and saying “i wanted to name this after a girl i love but she wouldn’t let me”, and some other shit that pullfags went over. i really think he’s milking the relationship bc of how popular kpop is right now, especially since it must’ve been short-lived if they got together at coachella and broke up by the end of the year.

No. 87071

File: 1588554773586.jpeg (146.44 KB, 1125x1185, 4DE38990-3551-4D56-BE36-4E01A4…)

samefag, here’s the other picture from the video

No. 87073

File: 1588555567154.jpeg (36.32 KB, 480x551, 0e8f.jpeg)

I never said I was hot, I'm like a 7.5 at best as I wrote in my post. I figured some background (phenotypic traits, weight, etc) would give insight on what Koreans 'like' in white women.
Idk if your 'fans' were Korean but mine were Chinese tourists. I crack up thinking how some Chinese women have pictures with me where we're all filtered and shooped to death somewhere on Weibo.
Agree on Xiaojun, he's like D.O 2.0 where he has a sexy vocal tone but he's tiny af
Imo I like the aegyo sal; if it's tastefully done, it shortens the midface because it makes the eyes seem bigger vertically.

No. 87075

The dumbest thing about nct dream becoming a fixed unit is that SM will probably end up making a few members disappear anyway.

Especially the chinese members.
Just like with winwin.
Im actually disappointed theyre not sticking to the rotation thing.

And where the fuck are the new units?A japanese unit would be great.(If they dont add taeyong,which they probably would lmao)

Honestly with dream,they shouldve just
1.Graduated the 4 eldest

2.Put them in NCT U or some shit.

3.Add like 6-7 new dream members(NCT 127 has 9 members anyway)

4.Most of the complainers would end up stanning them,as usual

5.Keep chenle/jisung with the new members till they move to nct u or wherever idc.

6.The new should last atleast 4-5 years (If they picked 15-16 yrs)

7.The older nct members would probably be trying to leave this hell hole by then(or enlistment)

8.Put the new dream members in the adult units and repeat

Idk if my idea is great,or if i just like drama.

No. 87080

i agree, this "nct u" style approach for dream isnt going to work

theyre likely using this as an excuse to keep haechan and mark primarily in 127, and occasionally throw a song or two out for the rest of them. it wouldve been much better if they kept the graduation line because like you said, haters will end up stanning bc pedobait boys

people are saying theyll release like nct station (vocal only) songs, but they're not going to put out vocal only songs because the only vocalists are the china line plus haechan, and haechan is likely going to spend most of his time in 127

jeno and jaemin are vastly useless in terms of anything other than attracting fans bc of their looks, so honestly this is likely the end of dream

No. 87081

File: 1588560760978.jpeg (1.09 MB, 1125x2197, 89CA5DDF-6C55-4958-A986-991DBB…)

i’ll believe this when i see it. i hope it’s better than kill this love, anyways

No. 87082

im assuming itll be another minialbum with 4 songs that'll tide over the rabid fans for another year

guess yg did a profit review and realized they needed some cash kek

No. 87090

lmao how many times did he already "announce" their cb this year?

No. 87096

about as many times as he's said "rose is getting a solo

No. 87102

yay can't wait for KTL 2.0 with 2 2ne1 rejects and a D4xKTL remix!

No. 87105

File: 1588576251236.jpg (Spoiler Image,554.07 KB, 1080x1920, EXJ8PaYU8AAY55B.jpg)

I don't know if I'm just seeing things or if it looks like Taeyong morphing into Yuta, kinda neat

Ripping him as in just the usual stuff that happens when idols are dating right? Anything specific?

No. 87106

File: 1588577278373.jpeg (80.4 KB, 779x720, 8A96F87B-3BB1-45E7-A912-89A743…)

wow whoever photoshopped and edited that photo needs to be fired, that is not a flattering picture. he's always been kind of offputting looking because his pupils are so unnaturally large, but when you add in the weird hazel contacts it makes it even worse

as for the jaemin situation, i didnt linger on pann too much since it gives me a headache, but there was a lot of comments around how he should leave the group, comments about how he was messing up the choreography on 200502/200503 (probably due to stress/fear), and comments about how he was fake etc. i also saw some comments about how fansites are returning albums, but i didnt really see any comments as to which ones/if that was true

seemed like run of the mill delusional fangirl screeching after dating news breaks out, i'm honestly mildly impressed he's just chugging away at churning out all these lovey dovey comments despite it all

No. 87109

I’ve got a question for you guys.

Who are the idols do you think aren’t douchenozzles irl?

I think Jackson is pretty chill

No. 87110

File: 1588577965524.jpeg (138.37 KB, 696x720, 35FD41BE-677C-4298-9E9A-5C6FAE…)

What’s going on with his face? He’s still skinny so I don’t think it’s weight gain that’s making him look like an egg

No. 87111

he's pumped full of filler, probably to hide the severe weight loss. its pretty common for people to pump their cheeks/nose full of filler to hide the gauntness of rapid weight loss

unfortunate side effect is the egghead look if its overdone

No. 87112

fillers most likely

No. 87113

File: 1588578412118.jpeg (620.59 KB, 2048x2048, 9C29024F-F895-493F-9DCA-F3DEFC…)

i feel like kun from wayv seems like a genuinely nice person, unfortunately i dont think being nice and soft does well in the industry

he seems to get ragged on a lot by his members, but if you watch the reality show he did with wayv in china he always seems to be patient and helpful even in the background

pic attached is some tweet a fan sent him asking for his braised chicken recipe, and he actually took the time to write it all down in notepad and respond, which i thought was super unexpected and cute

No. 87118

>I think Jackson is pretty chill
Yeah, until he started supporting police violence and outed himself as a pro-China commie…

I think this is hard to say when it comes to people who've only been in the public eye for a shorter while (there could always be a plot twist, see Jackson) but amongst the older idols I believe that Yoona and Suho are genuinely nice or unproblematic.
A couple years ago there was an article about a male fan (foreigner) claiming that he met her and that she told him that short men are disgusting - which is obviously fake. Other than that even her "disses" towards the other members were always light. Suho is always called polite (plus boring) and he never said or did anything that would hint that he's hiding something. The only scandal he had (and apologized for) was him saying the word "retard" - which is something all farmers are guilty of too. When the chinese members left he went on stage alone so that the other members don't have to face the media despite also being very scared himself and I thought that's rather impressive, that's what a good leader should do.

I'm not into nct but to me he also always seemed nearly too nice, people like him probably have a hard time in the entertainment industry.

No. 87121

jonghyun (rip)

pretty random but they came to my mind

No. 87134

Taeyeon’s new single that was delayed came out today. Thoughts?
All the boring visuals (tzuyu, seolhyun, yoona, dara, jisoo, etc.)

No. 87137

The so-called "boring" idols like Suho or Kun always end up being the nicer ones. The whole sassy savage bitch act or the crazy 4D kook act might be funny on TV but in real life those people are just assholes and attention whores.

No. 87138

File: 1588591053887.jpg (41.5 KB, 512x512, johnny.jpg)

johhny looked so much cuter when he was younger, or at least less creepy. it's almost like i wish he'd debuted with exo, but he can't sing so he'd just drag them down. who'd be more useless lol, sehun or johnny?

No. 87139

But I see close to no difference with his current looks. His nose is f'd up here too.

No. 87140

Meh, and damn, her face is so botched it give me nightmares.

No. 87144

Sehun would definitely be more useless,at least Johnny could speak english for the team.

Both untalented though.I dont even see how Johnny is an kpop idol(esp because of his looks)