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No. 58853

Last thread hit da bump limit. Let's discuss some more kpop, farmers.
>Who's your favorite band/group and why isn't it LOOΠΔ? Who's your bias?
>What do you think of the weird kpop fandoms that are popping up and the crazy fans that come with them?
>Any comebacks you're looking forward to?

No. 58855

<333go go won

No. 58856

File: 1571771178918.jpg (875.57 KB, 2025x3600, IMG_20191021_183410.jpg)

Yubin and the brown eyed girls are coming back soon!!

No. 58857

File: 1571771202802.jpg (306.21 KB, 1276x2048, IMG_20191021_183334.jpg)

No. 58859

currently obsessed with the newest TXT song

No. 58865

Oh man, i've missed them so much.

No. 58927

this song and all the other songs on their album are soo good. also new day6 song is great.

No. 58941

File: 1571801201212.png (21.6 KB, 736x186, NBsY7lw.png)

No. 58944

praying burn comes out before 2020 but I know I should've given up by this point..
loving this song a lot
sad for his fans but at least he was allowed to leave. hopefully he gets the help that he needs

No. 58945

No. 58982

Gowon is the cutest. I need a loona cb and more songs like heat nOW

The company teased b#rn several months ago and it’s still not here


Fuck. I love Day6 sm

No. 59156

No. 59292

No. 59317

It's weird how you see m/v's like this or other groups with m/v's like say fromis_9's To Heart or DKDK and not think they'd be huge in Japan.

Like I can see some of the producers and filmmakers take inspiration from Japan.

No. 59588

No. 59872

Halloween season… I miss VIXX.
When will another group be bold enough to do wild concepts like demonic possession or space vampires? vixx were truly innovative in their time.

Let's post some good horror songs for the season, anons

No. 59918

Wayv is the superior nct unit

No. 59919

Also this song off their album is GOOD

No. 59925

>Wayv is the superior nct unit
Hard disagree. Nct u and nct dream are still leagues better than both the static units. Totm sounds like every other nugu bg release this year.
Sm realized they don't even have to try to make a quick buck off bg stans kek they got a three year old group moving like hasbeens with the constant tours and rushed come backs. Only best boys stay well-fed.

Side note: Kun is nawt a good vocal lmaoo

No. 59960

I liked it. king of hearts is my favorite b-side from the album.

No. 60053

i wish this song wasn't in chinese…i would like it so much better if it was in korean

No. 60158

Thoughts? It's kinda boring but I like it.

No. 60163

Is it because you don't like the way it sounds? Because same

Imo their singing is shit except for xiao jun

So boring and I don't like her voice

No. 60166

Dejun isn't great either. He sounds like u9's hanyu. He's the only wayv who can handle main vocal tho I'll give him that. But yea, bad vocals all around… Ten especially needs way less lines. He will never ever be the international it boy sm wants him to be. If they couldn't make taeyong and the boys work, ten and the boys doesn't stand a chance. Wayv would be better without him.

No. 60186

yeah like i don't mean to sound racist but the chinese language just doesn't sound that good that good to me…

No. 60197

today is this video's ninth anniversary. fuck i'm old.

No. 60199

this came out in march but it's ~spooky so it counts.

No. 60201

No. 60202

No. 60203

this is the only kpop song we need for halloween

No. 60204

Wolf is the best halloween song

No. 60205

rv's best song.

No. 60214

Absolutely wild halloween song. It goes hard.

No. 60222

i only heard the original song lol i didn't know there was a spooky ver

No. 60308

Wish she would go back to the badass rapper persona, this retro stuff doesn't fit her at all. She looked her best in the WG band concept era, she should stick to that imo.

No. 60430

Yeah he's not great but he's better than the others and that's not saying much

>Ten especially needs way less lines

Agreed, I can't stand his singing and the way he dances makes me cringe. I don't get his hype at all

No. 60628

File: 1572655770975.jpg (39.17 KB, 977x450, hsdnnuyxt2w31.jpg)

oh my girl best girl group

No. 60747

I know this was posted in kpop crit, but wanted to comment here how sweet and genuine Jimin is to donate to help fellow students from Busan get a scholarship.

No. 60748

I still love this song so much. Happy Halloween anons!

No. 61017

The lucas part is killing me kekekekek what IS this?

No. 61018

File: 1572824990804.gif (8.82 MB, 822x657, download (21).gif)

He went off for those babies

No. 61022

I'm sorry but his face is so childlike to me…

No. 61024

He looks kinda like Leslie Cheung tbh, needs to act in some dramas or films.

No. 61036

yes please, all his c-fans are desperate to see him in a hong kong movie! he really has that 90s hk heartthrob vibe.

No. 61051

Can he act though?

No. 61089

one time in a interview he said that he started taking acting lessons. tbh the quality of hk actors isn't what it used to be, he doesn't need to be great to get a gig.

No. 61151

This citypop-esqe SM station song featuring former akb member/pd48 trainee miyu takeuchi is cute.

No. 61208

lmao I mean, at least it's still more entertaining than korean air's old video

No. 61273

> He looks kinda like Leslie Cheung tbh
Leslie walked so Lucas could run

No. 61301

File: 1572942443742.jpg (437.27 KB, 1772x1772, DzwaSlrV4AIEwSg.jpg)

What are your favorite loona songs, anons? Mine are love cherry motion, new and rosy. I'll give an honorable mention to hi high because it got me into loona.

did anyone else like zimzalabim?

No. 61302

girl/odd front (full disclosure girl front is the single kpop song i've listened to the most, probably hundreds of times at this point lul), uncover, loonatic, sweet crazy love, girls talk, rosy, lcm, eclipse, satellite, hi high, valentine girl, rendezvous 18.6y… sorry the list is getting kinda long but I love loona :(

>did anyone else like zimzalabim?

yea it wasn't half as bad as people made it out to be. I even liked the stupid dance.

No. 61396

Heart Attack because 'Chuu attack my heart', also Egoist

The only thing I hate about zimzalabim is wendy.

No. 61439

love & live, you and me together, i'll be there, uncover, sweet crazy love, puzzle, and perfect love. honestly i'd add all of oec's discography except for odd front.

No. 61621

zimzalabim isn't a bad song at all imo but i think rv have way better title tracks. umpah umpah is in my like top 5 rv title tracks and i'm sad everyone calls it basic lol.

No. 62405

I'm surprised by how well they do, considering they now lost literally half of their members

No. 62543

So Vixx's Leo, '90, is doing public service work instead of active enlistment and he spoke about having depression since 2013. I honestly feel bad for these idols. Hope he doesn't get much hate.

No. 62545

I like Leo a lot, so i hope he's doing better. It feels like you get ostracized if you ever speak out against mental health issues or depression in Korea.

No. 62755

File: 1573849146705.gif (1.82 MB, 268x350, tumblr_okdelaN9B11sxpjiro9_400…)

What are your guys' opinions on fellow kpop fans you know irl? Do you think they're cringy or not as bad as everyone says?

Today I stopped to talk to someone doing one of those public dance thingamajigs to KTL about BP and it was a really pleasant experience. I typically try to keep being a kpop fan a secret due to its association with yellow fever and general weirdos, but talking about it somewhere other than lolcow was pretty nice.

No. 62769

I once heard someone playing rv's one of these nights from their car on the street and I almost lost my damn mind. Kpop fans are pretty rare where I'm from and especially in my age group (20+), I only know 2 people who listen to kpop and they are really nice and 'normie'.
Probably helps that they're not blinks or armies

No. 62805

File: 1573871978247.jpeg (1.6 MB, 1242x1610, 703688C3-62F1-468D-B3F8-211E6C…)

holy moly i went to superm’s concert and caught taemin’s signed ball

No. 62809

I spoke to a worker at a korean makeup shop and she was really nice about being a bts fan, but i'd love to meet people closer to my age (late 20s/early 30s)

I think about of the ultimate cringe people are really young and immature.

No. 62810

Yooo! Nice, anon

No. 62812

How was the concert?

No. 62813

haha, thank you!

it was pretty awesome! baekhyun’s my ult so i mainly went to see him and kai, but everyone else were so cool on stage! i think my lungs are dead from shrieking so much

No. 62815

In middle school I had a friend who was a major kpop fan. She made me fucking hate kpop back then because all she talked about was shipping and fanfics and ~uwu babies~

Now I've realized that some of the music is actually nice, and I met up with this girl again recently. Was hoping we had both changed since many years have passed but it's still the same shit. She's still talking about nasty nsfw ships and overall behaves very immaturely. Bad impression for sure. I've definitely met some chill kpop fans though.

No. 62863

Kpop fans are super rare in my town and most people strickly listen to gospel music or country (I wish I was making this shit up).

The first person I came across who liked kpop was chill and didn’t make her life revolve around uwu and oppa and aegyo. Like I never would have guessed she liked kpop. Was cool to meet someone w different interests though.

The second person was the complete opposite. He was a fat neckbeard that loved girl groups. All he talked about were his “kpop OCs” ??? Is that even a thing? But he was and probably still is extremely obnoxious as he was almost 30 when I talked to him.

No. 62872

I love Minnie, and I'm so proud of her. Wengie's face is scary. Song is decent

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