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No. 68815

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Previous thread: >>66892

No. 68835


Is this for real? That Jimincel is the top popular idol for 2018 and 2019?(this is an imageboard)

No. 68836

Spotted: ratmy pretending to be surprised

No. 68845


first post and its already time to throw the whole thread away

No. 68846

This is so ridiculous and it's nearly 20 min long?! I've watched a small part of it and Taeyong looks arrogant - too good for all of this. Yuta is getting worse looking. Taeil always have the creepy pervert gaze and Jaehyun really thinks he's a potential actor and is narcissistic.
This whole pushing into the West is pathetic.

No. 68847

You guys are as annoying as ratmys, probably a BG fan thing. Nobody cares about this boring video

No. 68848

Phaha, I just clicked on the video out of curiosity and decided to make some observations. How does this make a fan?! This is a critical thread, so I use it for the said purpose.
You, guys, have become paranoiac and it's really boring seeing the came complain over and over again. If you don't care about a post, ignore it.

No. 68849

The policing on these threads about what someoen can talk about and what someone can't talk about is what actually ruins these threads.

Learn to ignore ratmys or posts you don't like lmao.

No. 68850

petition for all bg stans to be banned form this thread

if they wanted her to look like a corpse, they achieved with that fucked styling and skelly body.

all of them look kinda weird except for maybe seulgi. i can already see all of the comebacks in january with this aesthetic and sound cause kpop is unoriginal once again (this song isn't even original either but still companies will copy kek).

2nd girl groups will always be the better groups (even though most of them had terrible ps) because at least they tried to do different concepts and sounds and seemed like actual idols rather than glorified instagram influencers.

No. 68851

Why can't they at least style them all similarly?

Also what's happening with Yuta's hair? It's just not a good look.

No. 68853

Did mark get something done on his chin and cheeks? His face looks really tight and kinda stiff.

No. 68854

It's weird how they put so much makeup on yuta…like they're trying to erase his features and make him look less japanese

And yeah taeyong does seem very arrogant, johnny is really cringy, taeil looks creepy (he's even said some actual creepy things before), and jaehyun is full of himself as always

No. 68855

>taeil saying creepy things
whats he said?

No. 68858


i thought his face has been looking harsh and kinda stiff since jopping tbh. at first it seemed like he lost a lot of weight but yeah it looks like he got botox or something.

No. 68859

Iirc he said something to a fan along the lines of "I'm a man after all so watch out…" and "Don't forget I'm also a man

No. 68860

well, isnt that a common thing with these flower boys? them keeping reminding people that they are 'real men' and very 'manly'. kek

No. 68861

Even if we ignore it, there are other ratmys/nctfag feeding each other. But tbfairer the kpop scene is dry rn, so there is nothing to talk about.

>petition for all bg stans to be banned form this thread
Agree kek the thirst is too obvious

No. 68866

I guess, but I remember the context being weird

No. 68871

Not that it matters, but that convo in particular was made up by a fan, wou can search it up on twitter

No. 68873

Lol really? OK then never mind.

No. 68878

Funny you say that, when I first saw Yuta (I don't follow the group that much) I thought he was Japanese.

No. 68894

File: 1577122667148.jpeg (72.28 KB, 990x655, 8373D171-D2C6-4033-A7B3-C15C0A…)

Good god. I don’t know anything about BEG, just stumbled across this pic, but the one in the center looks like a monstrosity

No. 68895

jea has always looked the most plastic out of all of them, it's the nose

No. 68896

File: 1577123487839.jpeg (215.57 KB, 1125x1167, 4D3034F2-62E5-4A61-ADEB-D982D1…)


At first I was intrigued, but then I realized this whole article is predictable bullshitery appealing to the masses. Any list where Hwasa, Soyeon and post filler Hyuna are considered the top looks of the year is a joke. A lot of the pictures they used were just downright bad, too. Allure is taking away their own credibility.
also: Imagine titling yourself the ‘kpop expert’ kys fag

No. 68897

BEG never made a seret of getting ps. they even had a snl skit singing about ps.

No. 68899

You say that the one on the left is the worst looking. Take a look at the girl on the bottom left again. She doesn’t even look like she’s capable of closing her eyes anymore…

No. 68900

I mean at least they were open about it instead of trying to excuse the sudden change in appearance with a new hair color or saying it’s weight loss/gain

No. 68902

I've seen knetz say he looks more korean than japanese

No. 68914

Always thought GaIn was the visual but wow the rest really looks heckin rough these days esp Narsha

No. 68915

File: 1577145675247.jpg (9.75 KB, 451x319, images.jpeg-7.jpg)

That's miryo, her face is so freaking stiff now but still the 2nd best looking post-ps after gain

No. 68921

File: 1577150566720.jpeg (96.66 KB, 456x361, ECACD914-3BB6-4F0A-9898-B1E970…)

pure fucking jhorse nightmare fuel

No. 68922

File: 1577151173251.png (2.79 MB, 1125x2436, 56E8E378-FFF8-4815-903E-FCA195…)

Tf? Why does everyone look like shit??

No. 68924

It's on purpose for the mv. Ditto to the moron who complained about the lipstick at the end of the last thread.

No. 68925

>petition to ban bg stans

You know when I see shit like this, I wonder how shit female idols self esteem is.

No. 68926

Even if it’s for the sake of the mv… doesn’t change that it looks like shit and most people think it’s bad

No. 68927

2 farmers = most people?

No. 68928

Wendy looks like a literal goblin kek. I’m inclined to believe the makeup artist/stylist were biased towards Irene, since she looks far better than everyone else. Guess that’s what happens when all you’re expected to do is look good.

No. 68929

File: 1577157548432.gif (4.76 MB, 840x333, 3F6E60CC-4C79-41C8-98DF-2A717B…)

Yeri has such a shit body type, I almost feel bad for her. It really shows in the MV. Was she always this much chunkier than the other girls?

No. 68930

irene is literally krystal 2.0 but even less talent and a more boring face

why even be in kpop if you dont want to and are over it

No. 68931

I listen to people’s opinions off lolcow. I have a life and mutuals

No. 68932

So your 2 autist stan twit friends + 2 farmers = most people?

No. 68933

I am so incredibly sorry, anon, how did I not realize you were right? I’m a complete and utter fool. Your sheer knowledge of both beauty and RV out-stands me and I am in awe. Once again, my deepest, humblest, and sincerest apologies for not having as many brain cells as you. God bless.

No. 68934


Funny how red velvet is praised for “not repeating concepts and songs” yet Psycho literally has the same BPM, progressions and fucking key as Bad Boy. I honestly wouldn’t be so disappointed if it weren’t how openly kpop producers get away with recycling shit and get millions of braindead fans going “omg this is such a bop, kpop > a-pop”.

I get companies want to chart well, and in rider to do so you have to make musically dull music to please to masses but I’d still expect fans to be more disappointed with how much they complain about Korea not having any taste. This year a lot of kpop songs were really noisy but the noise was at least musically interesting.

No. 68935

Yeri has what you call a "refrigerator body". Her waist will always look wide no matter how skinny they are.

No. 68938

This is one of the better fits she's worn this year and her fridge waist still stands out. Her body was OK during ICC and Dumb Dumb but puberty just was not kind to her afterwards.
She looks fine when standing next to other ggs and male idols, but the other 4 RV girls have notably smaller waists and proportionate bone structures so she looks like a truck next to them when she's probably also very skinny irl


Not an expert but what threw me off zzb at first was the contrast between the verses and chorus + the random Irene and Yeri raps in the middle of the song. I think a little more buildup would have made it an original public-friendly hit like Red Flavor because despite its shit arrangement I like the backing instrumentals and overall energy of the song

Any list putting that goblin Hwasa on it is invalid. I get that she's "not like other girls" and gets gassed up for actually eating food, but there are just some areas where Nikita Dragun's lookalike can't shove herself into and beauty is one of them

No. 68939

>I hate noise music kpop
>but I love stray kids and bts
In case you needed any more evidence that at the end of the day all kpcfags are kpopfags reeing about their faves' competition (((+ ggs))). God.

No. 68941

LMAO, they literally copy and pasted their biggest hit because they couldn't come up with it themselves.

This is what happens when all your song producers are foreigners

No. 68942

Rename this thread Yeri critical #44 kek

No. 68946

Wendy looks like if an orc and one of the elves from lord of the rings had a baby.

No. 68947

Even when she gets good makeup and styling like in Bad Boy era, she still looks more botched compared to the other 4. She's just fucked up her face beyond repair at this point it's sad

No. 68948

File: 1577180875553.png (2.38 MB, 1242x2208, 6C7B469F-D1B8-4E95-9D06-88F1E8…)

Do any of you know what these are for?

No. 68950

Bc she’s too short to be a model/actress

No. 68955

She could pull a tiffany or a kesha and force her weight down so low you can't tell anymore, but it would be…probably super not healthy, and really hard to maintain. And she's not an ED candidate imo.

If anyone zooms in enough to see the imprints they can be searched easily. No labels = higher likelihood it's just OTC stuff. The blue ovals are identical to generic otc doxylamine. But everythings diff in diff countries so who knows. Probably best not to feed into this, it's embarrassing levels of attention whoring

No. 68957

File: 1577190830161.jpg (32.08 KB, 413x475, MJP9R0g.jpg)

I know we’ve already discussed Nayeon’s German stalker to death, but I didn’t see this crazy in-depth interview Kpopalypse did with him linked:

It’s password protected but the password is:

Basically the stalker is insanely delusional, but also very detailed in sharing what has happened so far in his trip (visited their agency three times - the police came the third time and he went to the station for questioning, but was allowed to leave freely). The interview created some drama in that fans thought it would encourage the stalker and was in poor taste. Those are def legit points, but it also looks like this stalker is so far-gone that his talking to a random kpop blogger isn’t really going to encourage him anymore than his own intense fixation will. Why I want to share (besides rubbernecking) is mainly because how well the article captured how the idol boyfriend/girlfriend relatability and accessibility image being sold can completely consume and delude someone (with those mental proclivities).

Not to say the interviewer was perfect by any means: he had a couple dumb questions and didn’t have the receipts to counter when the stalker just straight up lies that he didn’t write a reddit post approving of misogynistic violence toward women who reject men. The fact the stalker lies so blatantly about something so easily proven wrong indicates that yeah, he is mentally ill, but he’s also a dumbass piece of shit too! The stalker’s “nice guy” mentality in that he is entitled to meet this celebrity and this celebrity must give him a chance to get know him (because then she will ofc fall in love with him as soon as she does) is so fucking gross and seemingly prevalent.

No. 68960

File: 1577191176813.jpg (84.94 KB, 1024x682, zoFPNc4.jpg)

MAMAMOO - 2019 SEASONS GREETING (Hwasa concept picture)

This was a choice.

No. 68962

This cannot be real. I mean, she usually doesn't look this bad. Her head looks so huge…

No. 68963

There’s no way I’m reading all of this, not worth anyone’s time imo. But thanks anon for tldr’ing

No. 68964

File: 1577196371164.jpg (408.38 KB, 1391x2048, 012.jpg)

No. 68965

Thumbs down

No. 68968

holy shit these guys are crazy. Doesn't suprise about kpopcalypse. Isn't he like some fat incel?

No. 68969

I feel like they picked her because she's considered "authentically" asian. Like she had no PS right? Can't say the rest about all the others.

No. 68972

What was the point of posting this lip synched? lmaoo

No. 68978

adsense and jyp likes pushing her lizard face

No. 68979

imo its better than the 2 minute no effort autotuned mess rosé "gifted" her fans that she couldnt even bother to lip sync to. nayeon at least put on some makeup on and pretended like she cares.

No. 68982

That's just how knetz compliment foreigners when they like their looks lol, and from what I've seen knetz find him really good looking. Idk why though

No. 68988

The guy doing the interview is a gross old man who's only into kpop because of his own yellow fever but likes to act like he's sooo superior to all the delusional fangirls, obviously he's not going to challenge this guy too much.

No. 68989

Did some parts of “Psycho” sound unnervingly like Sulli’s “Goblin,” or is it just me?

No. 68990

File: 1577215726360.jpg (44.69 KB, 540x419, AJGFJjX.jpg)

Maybe she’s trolling? I don’t know.

Totally understandable.

I don’t really know much about him - from browsing his site, he def pervs on idols and is an uncle fan who works in the Australian music industry? But not really getting incel vibes, as he seems to understand and respect idols are also people with their own lives and wants (including dating), which is sadly better than most. If I’m wrong, plz let me know.

Another fun article (image related): https://www.allkpop.com/article/2019/12/park-yoochun-to-hold-paid-fan-meeting-in-thailand-during-probation-and-netizens-react

Park Yoochun to hold paid fan meeting in Thailand during probation and netizens react

Dude got busted for meth hence the probation, but even worst, he was charged with sexual assault in 2016 but the charges were suddenly dropped. The police are now investigating if he had bribed for dropped charges (announced July 2019 so I’m assuming it is still ongoing). Please no bashing on SEA/Thailand - crazy stupid oppa stans come in all colors and nationalities.

No. 68993

File: 1577217938981.jpeg (81.29 KB, 659x768, 38D743C0-0A47-43DB-BBB7-028A3B…)

She’s always going to have a fridge body no matter what. If she tries to force herself down, she’s gonna look like Tiffany in the sense that she’s a fridge on chopsticks. If anything, SNSD’s stylists and photographers really managed to hide her weird body shape for the longest time.

I’ve mentioned this before but why does Irene’s body always look so pudgy to me? I know she’s probably insanely skinny but she seems to have absolutely no definition whatsoever anywhere on her body.

No. 68998

it’s only you

No. 69000

It's called working out. Working out and getting in some muscle will make this body type something to look at. She, like all K pop models are allergic to muscle which is stupid because it makes you appear leaner

No. 69002

File: 1577226209428.jpeg (87.01 KB, 600x888, 54282C7E-3B75-4701-9E88-C90E3D…)

i think it's a combination of tight clothes, being short, and having no muscles (carboxy shots and crash diets?). plus her body is quite rectangular so wearing tight clothes can make her skin look like love handles.

the best bet for yeri (and other fridge waist idols) to look good is to put her in clothes that flatter apple figures instead of clothes made for inverted triangle figures/small-waisted people but that will never happen

No. 69004

File: 1577227940037.gif (1.35 MB, 268x400, f009c0afe149731401aa360339407b…)


Holy shit that photo. She's definitely lost weight since then (pic related), but that doesn't change the fact that her upper body is a literal brick.

No. 69005

They'd def have an easier time staying thin if they gained some lean muscle rather than yo-yoing all the time. But I guess nothing is done with logic in kpop.

No. 69006

File: 1577229227470.jpeg (90.37 KB, 480x1060, 122928-800314.png.jpeg)

So they're coming back as a 6-member group? It's the beginning of the end. The group is so painfully boring, especially after losing members. I give it another year before they disband.

No. 69007

These are terrifying. I can't even tell if it's edited or their photoshop is just that bad. The only one who looks normal is Nayun.

No. 69008

samefag, meant plastic surgery not photoshop

No. 69015

why did they plaster strands of hair all over jane’s forehead.. it looks like fucking tarantula legs

No. 69016

File: 1577235589600.jpeg (68.42 KB, 524x960, E58D446E-7578-44DF-8180-E87F74…)

dang… Why have I never noticed this before

No. 69018

what up on with idols getting ugly blonde hair and super light eyebrows? makes them look sick and like they haven't been outside in years
she's done quite a bit to her face along with losing weight. "the original visual" but looks like a slightly different person every comeback kek

No. 69024

File: 1577240997981.png (3.46 MB, 1873x1881, 2019-12-24.png)

Don't know about the others, but JooE for sure had work done. She looks so different than she did just a year ago.

No. 69025

she reminds me of Umji, though i can't really tell if the ps helped or hurt her. at least she doesn't have those pigtails anymore

No. 69026

File: 1577244996235.jpg (63.91 KB, 600x600, SMJC3FY.jpg)

Ugh I think they are trying to emulate baby hair styling that mainly black and Latinx women do - you have to have curly or wavy hair so your fine baby hairs can be styled into curly cues to frame your face. Here’s a link for more images:

Think jlo or fka twigs (musician in pic).

The fact that kpop stylists are trying to emulate this with straight, smooth hair is so effing dumb.

No. 69028

Yikes . I know that east Asia and SEA are super isolated from western issues but I have so much trouble processing HOW disconnected they are, from blackface to cultural appropriation. They’re real bad about appropriating native Americans culture too. It’s just unbelievable .(racebait)

No. 69029

File: 1577250709766.jpeg (368.92 KB, 1125x1242, 384F3132-723D-4369-AA62-9B8C49…)

The juxtaposition of Lisa and rose here drives me up the wall. I will personally kill their stylist. Similar-ish colors does not equal the same style. They both give off completely different energies. Rosé looks all ritzy and lisa looks like she just got done with her sewer graffiti.

Not to mention their repetitive hair/makeup… delete all kpop stylists

No. 69030

It reminds me of a hairstyle middle eastern countryside women used in the 80s. All they're missing is a tiny shawl to tie around the head

No. 69033

Same anon but this is what pyscho sounds just like after all. The blatant ripoff at 0:55 lol

No. 69038

She's had work done and gone anachan, she's lost a significant amount of weight since bboom and it's kind of scary to see. girls arms look skeletal in those teaser pics

No. 69039


>Red Velvet To Not Participate In 2019 SBS Gayo Daejeon After Wendy Suffers Injury

Is she recovering from an injury, or is she recovering from yet another plastic surgery? Since it's wendy we're talking about

No. 69040

RV's Wendy got injured at some SBS thing, according to SM there's fractures in her wrist and pelvis. Stans are trying to trend a hashtag to get SBS to apologise because apparently some other groups complained about the stage and that's how she was allegedly injured?

No. 69041

File: 1577265254666.jpg (296.59 KB, 720x1009, 20191225_091342.jpg)

Samefag, she fell off the stage.

No. 69042

She fell 2 meters off a poorly made stage during rehearsal, cunt

No. 69044

Calm your tits bitch

No. 69046

Did she break her shawed jaw?

No. 69048

I’m pretty a sure a 6 feet fall = plastic surgery. Like you’re 100% correct on that.

No. 69049

It's the eyes, anons have discussed it several threads ago

No. 69050

Lmao calm down. I was just asking. It's not like it's unusual for idols to fake their illness to recover from ps (like ex momoland's yeonwoo). Thanks to >>>>69040 for clarifying. Should have done some quick search myself kek.

No. 69051

File: 1577267550843.jpeg (47.03 KB, 739x415, images (51).jpeg)

Um no? It's just a stupid trend in korea. See-through fringe has been trending for years though they tend to overdo it (too much space between strands of hair/too much curls). I've seen worse than that or this picture.

No. 69052

I saw that solar tripped on some elevator thing and fell too. wtf is sbs doing

No. 69053

And furthermore Twice and Chungha didn't want to perform on the stage because of how poorly constructed it is.

No. 69054

Never listened to this song but yikes, i knew it was a rip off from some other song cause it sounds very generic

No. 69055

i feel bad for wendy honestly, pelvis fractures are no joke. especially for someone who kinda sorta does dancing for a living. thats gonna be a helluva recovery. hope she didnt further mess up her face kek

sounds like sbs is getting public outrage with a side of medical expenses for christmas

No. 69056

>c-calm down goys I was only pretending to be retarded k-kek
you should calm down and quit acting like a fag

No. 69057

Everyone is acting like it's the end of the world but we literally hardly know how bad it really is.

Imagine if people cared this much about their bias' starving themselves on and off on a constant basis

No. 69058

If the other anon could answer my question without calling me names then for sure you could too? But you're just too retarded & hyper for that anyway

No. 69059


I'm kind of hoping for a lawsuit just for the shitstorm it would cause lmao especially if a bunch of artists had reported issues before the main incident even happened

No. 69061


yeah honestly i was gonna say lawsuit instead of public outrage but i thought that might be a tad overzealous. fingers crossed tho

No. 69062


idk man i think the outrage is justified this time. jin and solar slipped, wendy fractured her bones, twice and chungha didnt even wanna perform, bts reportedly had issues with the stage malfunctioning, and there was a goddamn child on stage supervised by pretty much nobody except people who were performing. that shit is dangerous and i honestly dont blame anyone for shitting on sbs right now.

No. 69064

it's okay to be mad this time because the stage is 5-8 ft above ground. you can snap your neck if you dancing and fall.
because she's still has a small waist and is styled well to cover it up with things like flared skirts. meanwhile yeri and tiffany look like bricks on sticks with shit styling. her face being slowly botched over time also distracts from that.

No. 69065

Lol that looks just like what I mentioned here >>69030. So old-fashioned

No. 69066

File: 1577275522894.jpeg (23.61 KB, 430x712, images (53).jpeg)

Because it's not as bad as yeri's and doesn't stand out so much. When you look at her overall proportion though

No. 69067

Oh whew, thanks for clarification - they def look way less shitty and tryhard in your link

No. 69068

File: 1577276508793.jpeg (15.68 KB, 480x360, images (60).jpeg)

Aren't they always years behind in trends? Kek

Lol yeah it looks very shitty on jane cause they don't give enough volume to the fringe. It doesn't help that her hair is so limp, flat, and lifeless either. It won't look so bad with more volume, though still ugly.

No. 69070

Awww man, guess it’ll need another shave then

No. 69071

>The stalker’s “nice guy” mentality is so fucking gross and seemingly prevalent.

True, I mean recently "You" season 2 came out… Sick of producers romanticizing that shit

No. 69077

File: 1577282501236.jpg (41.22 KB, 564x720, o3CwC7w.jpg)

Apparently what happened is that the staff told wendy to exit through a tunnel and she fell off right away because the stairs in pic related weren't there…

No. 69078

>>69077 What the fuck? I hope SM sues them

No. 69079

That's HIGH dude, a bump on the head from that height and you're done for.

No. 69082

File: 1577286765289.jpg (88.01 KB, 720x1280, IMG-20191225-WA0046.jpg)

Taehyung caught with a juul in a now deleted video posted by jimincel
Havent seen anything in the press yet and big hit released their winter package to draw away the attention kek

No. 69091


I thought it was known?

No. 69098

That's scary AF honestly.

No. 69099

V stans are going to say Jimincel did it on purpose.

No. 69100

Now that I think of it, she starved herself often so her bones must be brittle and broken.
I feel like accidents and carelessness like this is common among nugus, but since it happened to an idol from a popular group people are finally notice.
knowing armys they'll just baby him or congratulate him for not smoking cigarettes. or maybe they'll blame it on jimin cause he hangs out with idols who vape.

No. 69101

People are already saying he doesn't look that bad for a smoker or how he can't be a smoker because he still looks good lol
A) it's unrealistic to assume that every smoker will suddenly go from looking decent to looking homeless
B) they have access to any medical procedure they want to hide effects of smoking

No. 69102

inb4 "it's not a juul it's a crayon holder

No. 69103

How did she not notice the stairs weren’t there? Wtf, I can’t believe someone is as stupid as to simply fall off this height without looking down first

No. 69104

Twitter isn't reliable but I keep seeing that the staff was pointing with a flashlight, so maybe the lights were dim/off

No. 69105

Nitpicking is expected from this thread, but over a dozen posts reeeeing about Yeri and Irene’s ~fridge bodies~ makes you guys sound absolutely demented. I’ve taken my little sister to a Red Velvet concert before and they’re all completely normal looking, even borderline underweight by normal people standards. We all know this thread is filled with doughy white girls, I promise you don’t look any better than 50kg Irene with her “fridge waist”.

No. 69106

It was probably dark, I know we hate kpop but this is a weird thing to nitpick.

If this thread banned retarded nitpicking we might see an increase in quality. Maybe.

No. 69107

That explains the twitter tag

No. 69108

she broke her nose, jesus I feel bad for her, they JUST released the song

No. 69109

jesus fucking christ can these broadcasting companies be even mpre stupid

No. 69110

JFC…… the degeneracy on this thread

No. 69112

most likely it was dark, you sociopath

No. 69113

a fridge body is a person built like a rectangle. you can be skinny and rectangular shaped. not everyone here is a white femcel, don't project.

No. 69114

>I’ve taken my little sister to a Red Velvet concert

yeah ok, stan

No. 69115

It takes AT LEAST 6 months to fully recover from JUST the pelvic bone fracture. For someone small and likely lighter bone density like Wendy, most likey a YEAR. If SM doesn't sue they are completely retarded. You know YG and JYP would sue in a heartbeat if it happened to their idols.

No. 69116

You’re spending too much time on the internet if it’s hard for you to imagine a reality where attending a kpop concert doesn’t make you a twitter stan. Doesn’t change the fact that they’re all completely normal looking (except Wendy who actually does look like a wax figure irl).

No. 69117

They sue with every right. This mistake was preventable and besides that, SBS continued with the shaky stage, so clearly no stupid accident.

Knowing Kpop, as soon as Wendy is presentable facewise again, they will put her on a chair on stage, so she will perform, after some physical treatment. (not sure, how to say this in english… physical rehabilitation?)

It clearly is. he already posted some photo of his "art" some time ago and a Juul was seen there, so really nothing new.

Ago, clearly someone without any experience on a stage whatsoever. Since it was propably a rehearsal with real stagelight, the people onstage can´t see clearly looking upfront. Thats just how it works.

No. 69118

I hope it's not as bad as people are making it to be because damn, poor girl.
And if she really broke her nose that's also bad, since she apparently had a recent nosejob that wasn't even the first. Each nosejob weakens the structure a little bit more. If she broke her already weakened, fresh nose, that's bad news. She'd have to have another surgery to repair it, too.
This is bad luck.

No. 69119

This article features clips of multiple idols slipping or falling on the SBS stage. Solar fell at the red carpet because of unmarked steps.
SM should really sue.

No. 69120

Honestly, I'm suprised Korean broadcasting companies were this negligent. This would NEVER happened in America / Europe, if it did, they wouldn't last long due to thousands of lawsuits. This is like, China-tier neligence.

No. 69121

what a mess

No. 69122

Y’all said they refused performing, which one is the truth

No. 69123

Yep plenty of people fell on the stage but the reason she’s freaking out is definitely because she has a new nose. She probably went straight to her surgeon after the fall kek.

No. 69124

Same OP but SHIT i just saw it was that tunnel and not a slip, so I sort of take back my original speculation. I’d be more concerned for the rest of her body though seeing how steep that is.

No. 69125

hmm idk this rock remix made fancy sound 10x better (until the chorus)
shitty lipsyncing as usual though, but sana's hair looks cute like that

No. 69126

So did Wendy fall down during rehearsals and was rushed to the hospital or not? All this misinformation is making me upset https://twitter.com/xch0sshi/status/1209795979383386112?s=21

No. 69127

this is a prerecording. they prerecord all performances for situations like this lol. plus she was rehearsing her solo song, so it's possible that they record this in the beginning of the day and then started practicing her solo.

No. 69128

That sounds horrible, doesn’t fit their whole aesthetic at all.

No. 69129

It was during rehersals. So SBS may have a prerecording of their performance to pass it off as live, before the accident.

No. 69130

That's some lazy dancing, wew. Almost BP tier.
Sana's hair is looking nice though, after all that bleaching she needed this haircut.

No. 69132

File: 1577303702468.jpg (49.57 KB, 490x699, SBS stage.JPG)

So apparently this is the height Wendy fell from. The stairs in this picture weren't there when she fell

No. 69133

Idk why you think so highly of korean companies tbh

It's already been posted >>69077

No. 69134

I didn't say that I thought HIGHLY of them. I just thought for being a developed country they would have similar precautions.

Keep up.

No. 69135


V’s fiancée is breaking up with him now that he’s vaping. I hope he’s taking it well but it must be hard for him, and on Christmas! She says things need to change or they’re over, she doesn’t deserve him.

No. 69137

i like how shes decided to pretend its about "alcohol" kek just admit you didnt know your imaginary fiance smokes and get some help. soon, preferably.

No. 69145

File: 1577309412056.png (874.95 KB, 925x630, Screenshot_2019-12-25 Tori on …)

This has to be a troll account, right?

No. 69146

The vaping thing is not a big deal, wtf is with anglo fans thinking their views are the entire world's views? SK is still fine with regular smoking and plenty of idols smoke cigarettes in secret, so switching to an e-cig is already a big improvement, what else do you want? Bts already has all your money anyway so nothing you say really matters does it…top freaking kek

I didn't watch it but skipped thru and it sure seems there are five girls onstage for the rv performance. Is she hurt or not? We've seen idols lay off dancing for far lesser injuries so either it's fake news or we don't know what a pelvis fracture actually entails


I don't think this thread is full of blind irenefag caping, hers just isn't that noticable? I personally never noticed until that anon pointed it out

I never thought of this, am I the only one? It makes a lot of sense if so

No. 69147

I know this thread is full of degenerates but I'm still shocked that you're all as low to joke at someone getting seriously injured.

No. 69148

you reached the bottom of the thread and still didn't fucking read?


No. 69149

This chick is fake just trolling for followers/clicks, or selfposting, or both. Or doing some kind of experiment for psych class or something. Would it be inappropriate to suggest mods ban all posters of this girl and see if the posts magically stop? Ditto for the nayeon stalker, literally no one cares about these milkless cows yet they keep popping up here. Who is so obsessed they can't resist updating us every time these two psychopaths take a shit? Smells like selfpost.

No. 69150

agreed, it's probably one of the fat femcels in this thread tbh

No. 69151

I read it all but apparently misunderstood bc the timeline wasn't clear to me, thx for clarifying

No. 69152

jumping on the "sana's hair looks nice train". that intro literally gives me "seedy bar with strippers in cages" vibes though kek.

No. 69153

Kek you put my thoughts into words. It was really low and awkward

No. 69154

Even kpoppies on nb write that the collab stages of both Seolhyun x Tzuyu and Whasa x Chungha were shit. The former are boring and were just posing and the latter looked like they were giving a zumba class lol. Plus Whasa and Chungha are just honestly fugly.
I know that most farmers are gg stans (judging by the not so secret wk and the calls to "ban all bg stans!") but you have to admit that the requirements for idols, especially female ones, are hilariously low, most "dances" are just doing sexy poses or aegyo while moving your arms for a bit.

No. 69155

All these "collabs" looked very rushed and thrown together last-minute which is why the choreography sucks.

Hwasa insisting on that dark overlined lipstick is horrifying. She should just give in and get fillers if she's THAT insecure about her thin lips (they don't look that thin to me but whatever) because it'd be better than drawing a clown mouth several inches from her actual lips.

No. 69156

File: 1577314990546.jpeg (90.09 KB, 435x640, BDFBA0A2-383A-4ADC-B769-0F0578…)

Super off topic but I was on Pinterest and came across this pic of rose and Jesus Christ her head is huge af

No. 69157

File: 1577316148828.jpg (33.56 KB, 582x272, hwasa.JPG)

Twitter is up their asses about how amazing it was, with a few exceptions. This person said exactly what I've always thought, what the hell is with kpop's obsession with these shitty dance covers? Why do kpop fans think this is an impressive display of talent? Show this to any non-kpop-fan and they'd find it cringey.

No. 69158

I’m more worried about her fucked up hair

No. 69161

I did once show an idol performance that everybody was so impressed with to a non-kpop fan and they found it so cringey and unimpressive and couldn't believe people were hyping it up. They were also so annoyed with all the cuts to the audience's exaggerated reactions for such a mediocre performance

No. 69162

have you literally never been on a stage ever?
lighting has to be very particular to be able to see anything at all, much less pointed down the side where you were told stairs were supposed to be that arent fucking there

good lord

No. 69163

korea has done this kind of shit before though
look at the 4minute incident that ended up being clear mismanagement/faulty safety implements

thats not even counting all the prior incidents where idols have fallen on or off stages for being slippery/icy/raggedy

No. 69165

File: 1577321293384.jpg (114.51 KB, 720x960, 1577294219-e1ce81847b825fbd4a9…)


>After it was decided that Red Velvet won't be on stage due to its member Wendy's injury, SBS banned Red Velvet's fans, saying they cannot provide tickets because the group won't perform for the show. About 400 fans had to return home. Below is the picture of the empty seats that were for Red Velvet's fans. 

Wow SBS is really stupid

No. 69166

The industry literally wants idols performing even if they're half dead kek.
Literal retards. Reminds me of that one girl who fell out on stage and the dancers and other members acted like they couldnt see her having a seizure on the fucking stage. And how some of the members of SNSD kept dancing when Tayeon got yoinked off stage like literal robots. Or how some of the guys in EXO tried to sue SM for forcing them to perform while they were supposed to be resting and healing after severe injuries. People will keep supporting this trash though.

No. 69169

So i just noticed that the seeya accident also took place on an sbs stage. I wonder if the agencies stay silent because they don't want to lose their partner? Because apparently SBS is one of the 3 biggest channels in Korea.

No. 69170

SBS and KBS are like….the two biggest tv networks for idol companies. All the companies are obsessed with getting their groups on their stages. There have been many incidents where they've forced companies to change lyrics or dance moves or outright banned songs and even outfits and the companies freak out because they thirst so badly to promote there. No telling what else goes on for groups to promote there. They help prote "viral" moments too and push them really hard. Like, wonder why an idol starts spreading all over the net for saying a word or winking during a performance or looking at the camera a certain way? These channels push that and help promote it.

No. 69171

Holy shit, I've never heard of this incident before. That's horrifying.. ot but were there ever any consequences for this incident?

No. 69172

>tfw sm gets the bright idea to bring in another rookie into RV because Wendy will be MIA for awhile
thats the only way this will turn into a truly entertaining situation
hope she recovers tho

No. 69173

Well JYJ was effectively blacklisted from national TV as a result of disobeying SM. There's now legislation called the "JYJ law" bc of that, but I imagine that there's ways around the 2015 law to produce the same effect. There's only like 3 major networks in Korea so being blacklisted from any one of those will have a substantial effect on a group's popularity. Not to mention that idols are at the bottom of the ent. industry totem pole and Korea is immersed in age/senior hierarchies, so speaking up against MBC, SBS, or KBS is a bad idea if you're hoping to become a popular idol.

No. 69174

yea, I've been seeing people mentioning this because some where tinfoiling that SM was going to use this huge comeback to cover up from potential dating expose scandal on Irene via Dispatch and release the new gg sometime next year. Now, with the Wendy Accident SM might be afraid to sue since SBS and KBS are huge ass broadcasting companies. Wouldn't suprise me if SBS threatens SM with Dispatch.
So SM might just be "fuck it" make Irene and Joy model & act, give Seulgi the la Luna / lgbt fanservice treatment, Yeri stays as a networker / songwriter and SM releases Wendy's pre-recorded solos without her permission as they push through with another gg group.

The shit so far from SBS reminded me of this video. It really puts concert safety in Korea into perspective.

No. 69175

Here's a fancam of the Seolhyun x Tzuyu performance. Literally nothing but throwing their hands in the air and shaking non-existent butts. Very underwhelming.

No. 69176

Watching tzuyu dance is like watching a cardboard box blow in the wind. She’s so underwhelming

No. 69177

Isn't AOA as a group pretty dead right now? How did they manage to get a collab stage with a Twice member..

No. 69178

their company redid all the girls faces in one last attempt to hit bigger
without choa they are nothing kek
they were banking on seolhyuns popularity which has faded immensely after her appearance on that one survival show where her face was shown without makeup

No. 69179

It's only becuase AOA became more relevant than ever post-Choa due to Queendom. If it wasn't for Queendom, they would be gone.

Also, I don't know if it's just me, but it seems that on the video they put some kind of filter contrast to make their skin look white / gray and the color on their outfits to stick out. Or maybe it's the lighting. IDK

No. 69181

AOA also had an incident where some people at a concert claimed the girls were super disrespectful during someones performance, leaving trash everywhere and being "distracting" by talking loudly and on their phones or something, that turned netizens off of them for awhile.
Then jimin went on unpretty rapstar and got some shit for that too, then seolhyun and jimin were on some show and they didnt know basic korean history and netizens destroyed them for that.
Then came the Seolhyun dating Zico scandal.
They've actually just havent been well received despite seolhyun and choa almost reaching popular status individually.

No. 69182

>at a concert claimed the girls were super disrespectful during someones performance, leaving trash everywhere and being "distracting" by talking loudly and on their phones or something, that turned netizens off of them for awhile.
Who was that? BTS? Because if it was I don't blame them kek. Ratmies exaggerate everything
>Then jimin went on unpretty rapstar and got some shit for that too
she didn't get shit for that, she got praise and gave the group more attention.
>hen seolhyun and jimin were on some show and they didnt know basic korean history and netizens destroyed them for that.
This 100% and Choa leaving is what killed them. The Zico scandal was terrible but not as bad as the prior.

No. 69185

They were revived-ish by Queendom where they even tried to get that woke image by usin drag queens in their performance

No. 69188

>Wendy fell from a 2 meter stage because she was guided in the dark to the end with no staircase

That's really insane. And not allowing the fans to see the concert is really shooting yourself in the foot.

No. 69190

File: 1577335556161.png (222.13 KB, 750x1334, E8513055-64ED-4EA8-942E-09B699…)


Update on Wendy (article text in pic)

SM needs to sue the shit out of SBS. Wendy being injured and missing a comeback due to treatment and rehab is likely to be a huge blow financially (redoing choreo/stages, missing or delaying shows, etc). It seems impossible for any large company to not sue (or at least threaten and then settle), but then again I don't know korean law.

No wonder AOA went on the variety manager show recently. They talk about getting a complaint once for being too loud, but frames it in a way like yeah we are a bunch of loud excitable girls whoops. Smart of them to hit the variety shows hard as their experience/comfort level on camera is prob one of their biggest advantages over newer groups.

No. 69191

I called it >>69174

I knew SM would do everything individual. They would never be like Twice and just make a song with a placeholder for her. And the fact that SM has not immediately sued by now speaks volumes.

No. 69193

It wouldn't make sense for SM to sue immediately. They don't know the extent of damages (how much coin all this will cost them) and won't know till months later. I'm guessing the subdued announcements and updates from both companies are because there is a lot of closed-door negotiating happening between the two right now. This is prob why SM hasn't attacked or blamed SBS publicly. SBS is also probably trying their best to smooth shit over with SM as it is obvious to the public that SBS was in the wrong. SBS does have a lot of power, but I can't imagine them trying to win over SM with might rather than honey. At least, for right now.

No. 69194

I think you’re overestimating how much effort SM is willing to put into a new girl group, and underestimating how horrible they are to injured idols. I’m pretty sure they’ve made an Exo member perform only a few minutes after receiving an IV drip. And there’s that video that went viral of Lay collapsing backstage as all the staff members walk past him and someone even snatches his water bottle. I’m sure other anons have more examples. No doubt they’ll milk the other Red Velvet members solo activities, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they made Wendy go back to work while still wearing a cast or something.

No. 69195

>>Lay collapsing backstage as all the staff members walk past him and someone even snatches his water bottle

Post the video pls

No. 69196

No. 69197

There was a public outrage but that's all

No. 69200

Errr idk much about the sk legal system but hasn't it only been, like, less than 48 hrs? And a holiday? Idk how you think lawsuits work but they're gonna need a minute

It always has been? There are pics of it looking way bigger than this, i wonder what about this pic got your attention so quickly…she looks fairly normal here bc of the angle tbh

The fuck is wrong with you? Not everything is about bts

No. 69202

I skipped to the middle and they weren't even in sync lol, or was it intentional? Idk, whatever it is, it's so forgettable

No. 69203

Is it just me or should 2nd gen ggs/bgs that debuted before 2013 stop trying? I'm not age shaming them but the environment clearly doesn't support their growth or whatever it is. AOA is honestly the saddest at this kek.

No. 69204

No wk but this looks like it was thrown together super last min. Idk what they were even going for, frankly they might not know either kek. There was a similarly underwhelming stage by a bunch of the taller girls a couple yrs ago for sbs including tzuyu, joy, sowon & mijoo, it was the song Hush and it was so bad, they couldn't even lip sync accurately. I really think the producers just throw these together w/ bare minimum effort to fill time for the show. Tzuyu is always bland as cardboard, but it's better when she's at least well-rehearsed cardboard.

No. 69206

Yup, Tzuyu was a tad too fast sometimes.

You can't really tell people to stop trying to chase their dream when they're only in their mid 20s. Plus the 2 biggest groups right now are from that time.

Aoa is doing extremely well now thanks to that show, they completely lucked out. Despite not being able to sing they're only getting praise. The scandal that hurt them the most was Seolhyun and Jimin not knowing history, they had to "reflect" for ages (I think they even took some classes), but who the fuck expects idols to not be dumb? lol

>1. [+1,116, -159] Seolhyun is definitely good at performing on stage

>1. [+419, -41] They'd be in big trouble if they didn't perform without their back dancers because of how empty the stage looked;; such a big difference compared to AOA who performed after that. If they ever have another comeback, they should individually practice their dancing skills.
In the end being charming/charismatic is the most important skill in kpop. That's why some idols look like they don't belong on stage despite having a good voice.

No. 69210

I wouldn't say especially female ones when the biggest boy group there is fucking bts. Could you ever imagine girls with their faces and everything be the face of kpop?

Not-so-pretty female idols get tons of hate every day just for existing…most ugly or talentless male idols only start getting hate when they're involved in rumors or scandals.

No. 69212

I think it's because SM is probably the most strict and perfectionist company out there, everybody get's molded into some kind of robot + 12 young guys were supposed to get along? + they're image is cold, they were never supposed to play around and act as if they're best friends. A couple years back this worked, but now fans want idols to be super close. Most of the time it's groups of smaller agencies who act all buddy buddy to make people like them for their psersonalities.

No. 69214

When I said the standards are too low I wasn't talking about their looks, but mainly their choreos. Girl groups barely even have to move, every toddler could dance the way they do, male idols at least break a sweat because they have to do jumps etc that normie dudes could hardly do (tho in the end this is still sexist because it's based on the assumption that women are physically weaker and not capable of doing difficult and exhausting routines like men).
Whasa might get lots of hate because she's hideous, but in the end she's still famous because her voice isn't too bad and because she has charisma. Solely being attractive doesn't guarantee success, even in kpop.
What have the lesser known members of most cutesy groups to offer? They lipsync, they don't need to be able to dance, their main job is just staying skinny, so if they're not even a pretty face, why do they think they could make it or deserve to make it? Momoland Jooe is probably the only one who had this much luck.

No. 69218

>Solely being attractive doesn't guarantee success
Sure it doesn’t GUARANTEE it bit just look at Seolhyun, Irene, Yoona and tell me there’s something that made them popular aside from their looks

No. 69219

Well that kinda sums up how low of a species men are, considering female vs make idols jobs. At least the boys do have to learn complex chores and do something music-related to get paid, the girls just look and act attractive

No. 69226

you're saying that as if female idols get paid the same as male idols. even female idols who have great voices and good choreography get forgotten because female idol groups last 3-5 years meanwhile men last 5-7 years. so if i were a female idol i wouldn't even try hard since they rarely get the amount of fame some of these trash boy group get.

No. 69230

I dont understand the Yeri hate-train on this site.
Like i would be able to understand if the other girls are pretty or talented..but they are not NONE of them has talent and atleast two other members other than yeri are ugly like wendy and her botched witch face and seulgis man face, irene also has a body type similar to yeri's
So i want to know why only yeri is being singled out?(ban evading ratmy)

No. 69231

because yeri is a fridge figured waste of space.

No. 69232

because daddy brought her a career and she's useless

No. 69236

If her injuries were just in her wrist and face I'd agree with you but pelvis injuries really do take a long time to heal and if they don't let it heal properly worst case scenario she won't be able to dance for the rest of her life without discomfort, with basically ends her whole idol career. I guess they could just make her do a bunch of CFs or MC gigs but I don't see her doing a whole lot for most of 2020. (sorry for mini blog)
I'd argue SNSD but I don't have any substantial evidence of it

also wow did everyone wake up and forget how to sage or did the site break

No. 69237

File: 1577382002473.gif (2.06 MB, 435x250, ContentPettyGecko-size_restric…)

>Whats the point of even trying hard if people are just going to forget about you so easily?
Because this is their freaking job…? (and supposedly their "dream")
>if i were a female idol i wouldn't even try hard since they rarely get the amount of fame some of these trash boy group get.
Great logic you've got there. Why even work at all when the richest people on earth will always be men anyway?

But talking about them "trying harder" also doesn't make sense, since they would lack the talent to do so, their choreos are based on the level of their ability (which is close to nothing).
I feel like so many of you are forgetting that kpop isn't the only source of music in Korea, the general public cares very little about it, they much rather dig ballads. And female ballad singers can easily beat boy groups on charts. Without a doubt there are talented singers and dancers, but they don't join idols groups. Idols aren't in it for the music, they're rich spoiled daughters and/or school bullies who think that being pretty (thanks to ps) and acting cute or sexy should pay their meals. Just look at what they do after their "career" ends: instead of learning a normal job like people in their early/mid 20s could easily do, they turn into streamers or they marry rich old farts. You can see exactly what type of people they are.
So, stop feeling sorry for idols not making it, or supposedly not being paid enough. Nobody feels sorry for some dumb bimbo who fails to make it in Hollywood either. It's not like they're poor 3rd worlders who have to sent money back home to feed 10 younger siblings, they would always have had the choice to just live normally, but they don't because they think they're above that.

And about the unfairness between girl and boy groups: how do you reckon do male idols feel when they see Twice being millionaires because of shit like above while they destroy their knees or backs because their agency thought "hey, that could be a cool move, try it"? It's not like in the west there men can get away with being fat hairy slobs, all idols (minus Shindong) are starving themselves, have to get ps, fuck up their skin and hair due to excessive styling and sometimes even get preyed on by pedo fans.

No. 69238

Def agree, but you didn't need to defend male idols to prove a point

No. 69239

but wendy has a pelvis injury…i'm guessing red velvet will just have comebacks without her in 2020 like exid promoted without solji. also lay is a man and chinese so they probably didn't give a fuck if he was gonna pass out.

No. 69241

Hwasa got famous for eating on TV. She's the Lizzo of Kpop, used as a token for a hot minute and then cast aside. Jooe was in the same position last year as the token "real" uggo until she wasn't

No. 69242

yeah it's their job but if you've ever had a job with a lot of coworkers there's always one or two who don't try hard but still get their paycheck. choreos are not based on ability because of that were the case half of these boy groups would be doing easier choreo. even if you're a millionaire, most people would be ticked to see someone else get 5 million more than you when you put the same work in lol. and i'm not referring to girl groups like twice who just look cute and stare at the camer soulessly, i'm referring to the few ones that can actually hold a note.
> are starving themselves, have to get ps, fuck up their skin and hair due to excessive styling and sometimes even get preyed on by pedo fans.
never said that men don't through that they obviously do. only difference is that boy groups have a long life span and more musical freedom at times.

back to twitter bg stan

No. 69243

I'm just tired of anons very clearly being not so secret girl group stans and constantly whiteknighting Twice and other cutesy groups, they're probably the same farmers who rave about Loona and Red Velvet in kpop general.
Solely being a female idol doesn't make you a victim who's only deserving of pity, same as being a male idol doesn't make you like Seungri. Some of them do get abused, but most simply brought a broke lifestyle upon themselves (unless their parents are rich). And I'm sure that many are leading a lot less bad lifes than we think they do.

No. 69244

Idk these guys but I saw non-kpop fans asking why they're dressed like nazis. Did nobody find a problem with this?

No. 69245

But do you really think that idols are actually talented and capable of doing harder choreos, and they just don't show it…? And who are those idols who can actually hold a note?
I don't really see your point: why should female groups get longer life spans if they're not offering anything? You say it's understandable that they don't even try because of the way they're treated, but this also means that nobody has a reason to like them either. You might say that boy groups are also not deserving of success, but in the end it's not boy groups and their female fans who are at fault for girl groups being less popular. Hating on male idols while putting female idols on a pedestral won't solve or change anything. It's up to companies and their male fans to support them more in whatever they do, for longer than just a couple years.

No. 69246

It just looks like a military outfit to me. i don't really see the similarity other than that nazis also wore chains on their uniform, but not as much as them. plus i don't think koreans are fond of nazis since they were affiliated with imperialist japan

No. 69247

Are you the non-kpop fan asking or…? What exactly makes you think of nazis?

No. 69248

I'm more interested in why the intro is so fucking long, it's not like anyone wanted to see that, geez

No. 69249

why are you so adamant on defending boy groups lol
can boy groups get a new style in 2019? i swear they all wear the same edgy black outfits

No. 69250

>but in the end it's not boy groups and their female fans who are at fault for girl groups being less popular
I mean, not necessarily, but.. kinda? The only reason why boy groups are more popular is absolutely not because they're better looking or more talented (obviously they aren't) but they appeal way more to females who just make a better audience, period. They're more loyal, easier to please, easier to attract, more willing to spend buckets of money on merch and waste countless hours streaming, etc.

No. 69251

And…? Girls are more loyal and prefer boy groups, nothing new (and completely natural since most people are hetero). Do you suggest to force them to like male idols less or to also stan girl groups to make the situation more equal? lol
Like I said, this is something between male fans who only like idols because of their looks/youth and those female idols who rely on their looks/youth.

No. 69257

non-kpoppie logic:
>sees black military outfit with absolutely nothing nazi related, it's literally just black suits with a bunch of edgy crosses pinned on it
Is this Nazism and a personal attack against me? Time to go full retard mode.

they behave like nazis invented suits, were the only people in this world who wore suits and if anyone wears suits they're bad and condoning nazi stuff

No. 69258

No I wasnt the anon you were replying to, but it seemed like you were implying boy groups make more money because they're better when they aren't in any way kek. Male idols just live life on easy mode, even the ugly ones.

No. 69260

>Without a doubt there are talented singers and dancers, but they don't join idols groups.
>implying idols like Kyuhyun and Kahi are just talentless hacks

No. 69262

Damn for a critical there doesn't seem to be much room for criticism. It just feels like a bunch of stans defending their faves

No. 69265

saying there's not a single talented idol is just ridiculous

No. 69266

I never said that. Ofc there are talented idols

No. 69267

>it's just a suit
The high waist belts and the little decorations that very much resemble the iron cross beg to differ… What a dumb move for a group with mainly foreign fans.

>Male idols just live life on easy mode, even the ugly ones.
Fuck off with that radfem bullshit.

Great examples anon. One debuted nearly 14 years ago, is basically irrelevant now and the other quit being an idol also ages ago. Totez proof that all idols nowadays are indeed suuuper talented lol

No. 69268

I never made the claim all idols are talented, but that post made the claim none are.
JxR/Produce X Baekjin competed in WoD of you want a recent example.

No. 69269

It's not radfem bullshit, I hate those femcels just as much as everyone else. It's the truth, delulu ass bgfag.

No. 69270

File: 1577402219425.jpg (52.78 KB, 638x559, jkcouple.JPG)

new twitter milk (??)

armys are trying to mass report this korean account for alleging that Jungkook and his tattoo artist gf (mijoo?) got matching tattoos kek


No. 69271

Other than BTS, are BGs actually more popular than GGs though?

Twice, Itzy > Got7,Stray Kids
Red Velvet > EXO(at least among the general public), NCT
Blackpink > Winner, iKON
Mamamoo > Vromance, Oneus
Gidle > Pentagon

No. 69272

I dont make fun of her body, but she really is completely useless and should have never been added to RV. She brings nothing to the group. Also cant agree with you about Seulgi. I think Seulgi is one of the only naturally attractive female idols. And Wendy looked decent before the surgeries despite being a little overweight in school.

No. 69273

Is that why he's so scared to show his tattoos?

I don't know anyone who hides their tattoos like Jungkook, it's lame.

No. 69274

No. 69275

I'm just curious to know why would he do that and why would he get the tattoo in such a noticeable place? Why not on his ass cheek or sumn? He knows his fans are deranged so why would he think getting matching tattoos was a good idea?

No. 69276

How can you say that when just a couple weeks ago a boy group sued their agency because they were basically tortured? And that underage boys have to sleep with older business women is also no secret.
>It's the truth, delulu ass bgfag.
How original. This wouldn't have happened to them if they just stanned Loona, amirite gglesbo?

Well, he can deny it all he wants, it obviously looks completely the same as hers.

No. 69278

Your oppar will never fuck you, nor will any other male above a 3/10

>How can you say that when just a couple weeks ago a boy group sued their agency because they were basically tortured? And that underage boys have to sleep with older business women is also no secret.

As if female idols don't put up with the same shit twice as often lmfao. Life. on. easy mode.

No. 69279

File: 1577404931927.png (63.38 KB, 631x1554, 1577201531-default.png)

That fangirl might be embarrassing but she's right: dating is one thing, but lying to your fans is never a good look and also doesn't have to be tolerated by them.
>Jungkook…. You said its not true at first….. YOU LIED to us. You manipulated us… We trusted you…. You said you would never lie to ARMY…. You betrayed us.. . We are done with you. LEAVE!
Hopefully more will follow.

Also, look at those statistics about fandoms… "i'm a 65 year old male professor and i love those boys!" my ass, of course all of them are little girls.

No. 69281

Nta but there were/are attractive nugu idols that weren't/aren't successful so anon wasn't completely wrong. Seolhyun was lucky because her group got boosted up despite being from a small company but there have always been more unlucky members from other groups. Most of the famous visuals are from the big 3 or other big companies.

No. 69284

This is a cry for help, fame is getting to his head and he can’t deal with the lifestyle. I predict a Bieber-car crash, or at least I hope so. We need more drama.

No. 69285


This may unleash an incredible amount of secret stans and WKs but I’m genuinely curious. Try to put your bias and oppas aside: who are, objectively (or as close to as objective as y’all can get), the best singers of kpop?

Very curious on farmers thoughts since the ones who are not secret stans are usually not delusional

No. 69286

male and female? baekhyun and wheein, solar is pretty good too. maybe chen? the girl from akmu. I can't think of more off the top of my head

No. 69287

samefag, i know solji is good too

No. 69288

wish there were clearer pics of his because im not seeing it right now. theres a definite similarity but they dont necessarily look like matching couple tattoos to me. maybe im just blind idk.

No. 69289

I’ve heard a lot about how good AKMU is, but I’ve never personally listened to her

No. 69290

exo and mamamoo are probably gonna be top contenders among currently active/relevant groups.

No. 69291

It can be currently inactive singers. I don’t care about activity level

No. 69292

UPDATE on the Wendy situation:


>Dispatch noted that Wendy will likely be suffering at least six weeks of healing time after the diagnosis of her injuries. Her right pelvis and wrist were broken, and her right cheekbone was cracked. She also has a number of bruises all over her body. It will likely take several months to recover.

According to hospital staff, the swelling at the injury site is so severe that even an accurate diagnosis cannot be made at this time. So they are focusing on Wendy recovering slowly until they can make a proper diagnosis and recovery plan.

No. 69293

What are u talking about these tweets are protected

No. 69294

Jongho from Ateez has some really strong vocals.

No. 69295

>this is a cry for help
Quit being this fucking dramatic. He probably only thinks he's cool, edgy or "rebellious" for doing something that slighlty goes against the usual idol style. But at least he's rich enough to get them removed once he feels embarrassed - which will happen soon since no person above the age of 20 likes that.
My only hope is that the girl at least profited financially from this lol (and that she wasn't too hurt by him denying whatever little relationship they had going)

This exact question has been asked sooo often already (by you?) and only serves to bring out stans…

No. 69296

Which among bap btob b1a4 is the vocalist group? I always get those mistaken but i know one of them is supposed to have good singers
Jonghyun was great
Onew has a great voice/timber but is pitchy sometimes
Someone from day6 idk their names

As for females…
Solar, wheein, taeyeon
Is hyolyn considered an idol or is she like ailee?

No. 69297

Kek are you the anon spamming the idol thread with pics of hideous ateez members?

No. 69298

File: 1577412528235.png (422.58 KB, 750x506, FEDA9A0C-FB93-4D5E-8E0A-5F978E…)

Yes, so what about it cunt.

No. 69299

I’ve never asked this before and haven’t seen it before, I’m guessing it was done in threads prior to #25-ish, when I joined roughly.

I was just curious mostly if there were 1-3 idols (or something) that farmers could all agree on being good, since agreements are rare here. I figured it would bring out stans but I didn’t think it would be so obvious. Ateez stans giving me cancer 6 replies in huh.

No. 69301

File: 1577413062366.jpeg (137.38 KB, 1109x1324, 3A440A3B-853A-46DA-B44C-39CE05…)

from the comment section of brendon urie singing into the unknown. someone asked how a man can hit such high notes and got this reply kek. how brainwashed do you have to be to compare jimincel’s struggle vocals to a four octave singer’s?

No. 69302

Fuck off lowlife

No. 69303

yeah, he does, i noticed him as well

No. 69304

Kys shit taste. I know the one who agreed with you is the other ateez fag.

No. 69305

the group itself being shitty doesn't change the fact that one member can sing. but he's far from one of the best vocalists

glad to see that no one named wendy or jihyo here cause I really don't see it for them

No. 69307

Why are you so angry though? This is just kpop, nothing serious.

No. 69308

Does anybody remember the incident with snl Korea where staff members were literally sexually assaulting boy groups (grabbing their dicks)? Does anybody know if anything happened? Legal wise? I really can't find anything about it.

No. 69311

File: 1577414547511.jpg (48.83 KB, 958x308, wow.jpg)

No. 69313

They are deleted?? why dont anons screencap before they post.

No. 69314

why the fuck did he even get them? It was the stupidest move he could have made. If he wanted a dumb tattoo in secret, he could have gotten in a harder to spot place.

No. 69315

Brendon can't sing anymore tho so there's that

No. 69316

Fuck, this is awful. No one deserves to just fall off a stage platform because of lack of safely. If she cant recover, will they force her to leave the group?

No. 69318

TXT are so old looking with no substance. rofl and everyone is sick of this song, i'm sure. Txt is gonna ride on bts' coattails for a while, i suppose?

No. 69319

File: 1577417433785.png (920.08 KB, 867x548, yerisbs.PNG)

Sorry I think we said no more shitting on yeri but did no one post this? This is actual abuse, they couldn't have gotten it more wrong if they tried. Yeri's stylist are you lurking in this thread? Pls reply w/ the designated numerology meme if you're reading this

Also this…is unacceptable, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wEgCZWrHQYo …we just heard this (old, not good or popular) song way too many times thru the year-end award shows as bighit jerked themselves off to the notion of forcing fans to cry with nostalgia over songs not even 5 yrs old. If every bighit group is just gonna be covering each other from now thru the end of time, I'm tapping out now

>>69315 True, idk if he's just out of juice stamina wise, or living too hard or both. He'll never sound as good as that first album

No. 69320

Yeri just looked big compared to everyone else

No. 69323

>>69314 Perhaps Jungkook tattooed it on his arm instead of his arsecheek to match with Mijoo's arm tattoo placement?

V and Junglebook come across as tryhards and wannabe tough guys when they are scared to death of Ratmies. Actual cool cats like Song Mino (dude who smokes and posts his selfdesigned lighter, has lotsa tats and holds his own painting exhibition), Zico or Bang Yongguk don't give a fuck about hiding their ink. Even girl idols like Twice Chaeyoung and AOA Jimin aren't covering up their tats because they are SO afraid of what the fans think. BTS are megacowards kek

No. 69324

Other girls with other body types can wear a dress like this just fine. Yeri isn't one of them. It's actually worse than wendy's hairy green top from Zim. Irene's hairy boxy white tube top here for sbs is in between, not tragic but pretty bad

Isn't it bighit making him cover it up? Chaeyoung is the resident "relatable cool not like other girls" (btw can the internet finally agree to use an acronym for this?) girl in twice, jype probably loves "letting" her do stuff like that since it makes them look like the cool parent

No. 69326

Agreed yeri looks a chunky 80kg even when she’s really skinny

No. 69328

Honestly 3/5 of Red Velvet are useless as shit, if Irene wasn't the designated visual she would get similar criticism for being old and talentless. Joy acts overtly cocky to mask her insecurity over being overshadowed by Irene, and allows herself to be treated like a token sex object on variety shows because her body is all she can offer. We all already know how useless Yeri is.
Kinda disagree on Seulgi because I feel her attractiveness depends on her styling, like Lisa. She's not much to look at without makeup imo.

"Knetz" comments about BTS posts on NB and pann are so blatantly teenagers it's hilarious. Half the time some comment will be like "I'm a 45-year-old man and I love BTS!" - funny how a 45-year-old types exactly like a 13-year-old girl

Or maybe Big Hit also thinks they're hideous? Who in their right mind would get ARMY tattooed on each finger kek

No. 69333

Has anyone thought of the possibility that he was just copying the artists’ tattoos and using their designs, that’s why there are similarities? He clearly had all those tattoos done in a very short period of time and he obviously hadn’t thought of anything meaningful to get, not that we have seen at least. The Army one looks poorly thought out too.
My theory is that he went there and went woah, so cool, decided to become a bit of a rebel, saw the tattoos the artists had and designed and was like “I want this, like yours!”
She works there and most likely she designed and executed half of his tattoos, naturally there will be similarities.
Are his stans so terrified of the possibility that he was not in his right mind during that period and was possibly having a mental breakdown or even was abusing substances, that they decided to create a failing love story instead to justify his worrisome actions?
The boy was clearly not in his right mind

No. 69335

File: 1577430096320.jpg (29.39 KB, 540x303, 0000065701_002_201912261649062…)

Dispatch has unveiled scary details behind Red Velvet Wendy's accident on SBS stage.

Dispatch met with field staff that participated in '2019 SBS Gayo Daejun' on the 25th and an official who witnessed Wendy's accident talked about the incident in detail.

The witness stated, "Wendy conducted her first rehearsal at 11:00am on the 25th on the main stage for her Aladdin OST "Speechless" sound test. The sound test went smoothly. The accident happened later during further rehearsals."

"Wendy climbed the second floor tunnel and prepared to walk down the stairs as prepared but the lift didn't go up. At that moment, she lost her balance and fell 2.5 meters down to the stage in a defenseless state."


No. 69336

File: 1577430329910.jpg (24.95 KB, 720x378, ezgif-2-447dabbb0ab8.jpg)

YG Republique was an idea created by Yang Hyun Suk and the CEO of YG Foods. However, the center saw poor business results and ultimately decided to close down.

The restaurant and entertainment center first opened its doors back in February 2018, and it will shut down even before reaching its 1st anniversary.


No. 69337

File: 1577430910136.jpeg (35.61 KB, 473x707, AD409364-7A9F-4DE5-8FDC-546B58…)


apparently the same fan does this on their fancafe

No. 69340


No. 69343

I think, good vocalists often end up as sidekicks in the group for whatever reasons. Overall I would claim that 1st- and 2nd-gen Idols have more or less better singers and got some vocal lessons (not all…). And especially nowadays 3rd-gen Idols are not in for musiciality reasons.

Youngjae, GOT7
Ken & Leo, VIXX
Jongho, Ateez
That one guy from Btob (someone help me out…)

No. 69345

why are you overthinking this? the miju chick is his gf, it’s obvious from the stuff we’ve seen and that cctv leak of them hugging.

the funniest thing about all of this though is jk’s 3edgy5u phase. he really thinks he’s the shit and not like others just bc he wears all black now and doesn’t shower. choosing to pursue a kpop career instead of getting proper education really made him braindead

No. 69346


You see it this way cause I guess you’re romantic, what I see is a fuckboy with issues. I see no girlfriend, possibly a fuckbuddy.

No. 69347

no way they’d still date after all this mess lol now he just has a bunch of ugly tattoos left

No. 69348


Kokobop red velvet kek

I can’t imagine any of them saying kokobop or having dreads(this is an imageboard)

No. 69349

How are Baekhyun, Solar/Wheein, AKMU girl etc. the best singers in kpop? Not saying they are bad, but they aren't standout vocals.

B1A4 Sandeul is easily one of the strongest male idol vocalists
BTOB Eunkwang is good, BTOB are overall pretty decent
BAP Daehyun is also pretty solid

No. 69350


No. 69351

they autotune the audio on hidden masked singer anon. she sounds like garbage, listen to her xmas cover

No. 69352

because fags here can't stop sucking exo and mamamouth's dick to save their life

No. 69355

the only good singers in exo are chen and kyungsoo. baekhyun has too many voice cracks and strains to much to sound nasally. suho is forgettable and everyone else can't sing.

taeyeon is pretty alright
the suju vocal line are all good at singing despite being ugly
no one from yg or jyp except akmu sounds good

even with auto tune her voice still sounds flat on every note. it's like she just guessed the pitch instead of looking at the sheet music

No. 69357

>I was just curious mostly if there were 1-3 idols (or something) that farmers could all agree on being good, since agreements are rare here. I figured it would bring out stans but I didn’t think it would be so obvious

All I see now are even more disagreements and stans who came out, so congrats, your bait was a success

No. 69359

I think we can all agree Ailee and Hyorin are great, right?

No. 69360

Not wking the tattoos, they're def bad but they are small and easily covered (he doesn't have a full sleeve or a neck tat yet right?) also I imagine the army letters are positive for his brand? Because army? Am I the only one who thinks this is how he got away with it?

Kpop fans really peg their own ages every time they refer to idols "dating" kek like yeah your idols are likely not romancing each other with lengthy dinner/movie dates but they are definitely texting each other and fucking on the dl.

"Are gays and a couple"
There's gotta be a meme or potential thread pic in there

No. 69361

I just wanna know why it’s always him that’s getting dragged into gay ships, why not ship Jimin with a more manly member, like RM? It’s always JK, has he spoken positively about LGBT rights?

No. 69362

I’m pretty sure I heard a rumor about one BTS member asking for Sakuras number at an award show last year. I think it was V?

No. 69363

Can I mention soloists too? Lena Park is the original kpop diva, known for having angelic voice. She's become underrated now though. Other than her, I think G.Na, Hyolyn (Sistar), and Song Ji Eun (Secret).

No. 69365

i don’t give a fuck if it’s his only girlfriend or not, or whether they were just fuckbuddies, it’s still obvious they were involved in some kind of romantic/sexual relationships from what we’ve seen. and the fact that he basically changed his entire style and the way he presents himself just to impress his trashy tattooist gf and her circle of friends is cringy and childish, at least the other members try to hide their relationships. but this entire drama with several leaked pics of them together, couple tattoos and him giving off subtle hints makes me think he’s just an attention whore kek

No. 69366

jyp had yerin up until recently
yg used have good singers(see linked video), ikon junhoe and lee hi sound okay imo

No. 69367

File: 1577448410661.jpg (95.84 KB, 768x960, 81199318_141717083933253_13537…)

She looks like a mess lmao

No. 69368

You are allowed to think this way and call a girl that did nothing wrong trashy, and I’m allowed to believe that people are blowing it out of proportion and most likely nothing happened. I hope you’re not an upset fan of his and are saying these things cause you’re mad at him, cause girl you honestly need to find a better singer to stan

No. 69369

Jieun is honestly fairly mediocre for a main vocalist.

No. 69370

>even with auto tune her voice still sounds flat on every note. it's like she just guessed the pitch instead of looking at the sheet music
That's not really how it works, either you have a good sense of pitch or you don't and referencing sheet music won't help unless you're learning a brand new song from scratch with no original audio or something. Bom has always been constantly sharp and it's not intentional, I'm sure she hears it she just never learned to control her vibrato or modulate pitch on long notes

Hwasa is good but has this throaty, guttural quality a lot of people don't like, with a good coach she could improve it but i doubt she wants to, it's just her voice so whatever. Rose is the opposite, she's actually purposely making her voice sound unnatural and it's so annoying. Listening to her is so tiring, she sounds like she's using all her effort to decide exactly howww everyyyy noooote neeeeds to come outtttt. It can't be fun. Seriously. So exhausting. She can't just chill and have fun singing a song anymore, now that she's apparently set on keeping up this halsey voice and pretending it's natural. No wonder homegirl is having more fun starving & flying to fashion shows, it honestly sounds way easier than laboring thru this singing style

No. 69371

Why would you ask brain-dead kpoppies their opinions on singing? They obviously don't know anything about it and assume that anyone who can do yelling vocals is a strong singer

No. 69373

It’s a good thing for the rest of us, isn’t it? That all Joy has to offer is her body? I’m a bifag, so can’t complain. How sexuality is usually portrayed in kpop is super weird imo. Joy needs to up the ante!

No. 69374

how can u not imagine them saying "kokobop" when theyve said shit such as "umpah umpah" and "zimzalabim

No. 69375

nope, still sounds like a goat

No. 69376

offer us some insight then

No. 69377

Not bait. If it’s so problematic then I won’t ask a question again, Jesus. Not everyone has a vendetta and revenge plot against your kpopc thread

No. 69378

source anon? wonder why that hasnt blown up yet

because rm is ugly and isnt uwu enough. fans mostly project their shipping fantasies mainly on the younger three

No. 69379

To each their own but honestly sexuality doesn't come as natural to her as it does to say, Hyolyn or Hyuna so it feels odd watching her be "sexy

No. 69380

Just something I read last year on twitter, apparently someone from the AAA awards staff mentioned it to fans after the show. Could be fake of course.

No. 69382

It wouldnt surprise me if Sakura was the bootycall of a ton of different idols. She gives off the vibe of being really lowkey hypersexual.

No. 69383

But wasn’t V eyeing Hwasa recently? There’s a video going around of him making faces whilst she was dancing. Which is his type, lol? These girls look quite different

No. 69385

V is a fuckboi. He totally tries to look aloof and sexy too kek. They have no type. They sleep around with all types.

No. 69386

File: 1577454651827.png (433.45 KB, 692x366, whytho.PNG)

It was so random tho right? Like they went huh, we need a sexy member, ok it'll be joy…especially now that we're adding yeri to fill the more classic maknae role. That scene of her crawling on the table for, like, 0.02 seconds in the Peekaboo mv weirded me out, like what were they even trying to accomplish there? It wasn't sexy and had no purpose 

She reminds me of soojin, both should seem beautiful or sexy but they just…don't. Maybe they're trying too hard? Is it just me? Joy stans are a scary bunch btw, they have no idea that her singing and acting are both exceptionally bad

No. 69387

Tbh it makes sense to sleep with fellow idols instead of randos or fans or even escorts. They cover each other’s ass

No. 69388

File: 1577455254539.jpg (23.28 KB, 480x480, 79012841_204210593946007_86855…)

I suggest watching less 'male idol reacts to female idol' videos because they cherrypick moments when they crack a tiny smile and interpret that as them being secretly married…

Does anybody remember T-ara? Jiyeon just had a comeback and seems to have also jumped on the way too old for tiktok train… She's had ugly tattoos for ages already, but now she even got a lip piercing and looks like an absolute mess in general. Is being tryhard edgy a trend in Korea right now?

No. 69389

Wouldn’t surprise me if it’s a marketing thing. Jungkooks persona is most likely also fabricated, they gotta have that variety in the group. And then you have young fans thinking he did it to impress a girl or cause he’s a rebel now lol

No. 69390

omg only made it a few seconds into that boy in luv cover and wtf can't these guys sing either. also is bighit's angle to reuse the title to show "growth" or to generate nostalgia for that misogynistic video lmao… thye can't even stick to a narrative.

No. 69391

File: 1577456456432.png (590.33 KB, 803x340, hinh-xam-nu-idol-kpop-6.png)

I think it has more to do with the fact that many idols aren't the brightest (no idea about Jiyeon but Jk can barely even calculate) and them being mentally stunted. Both debuted young and are now having childish interests and are making dumb decisions which are usually mad by teens much younger than them. No normal person above the age of 18 thinks Soundcloud rappers or Billie Eilish are cool but if you never had the chance to grow up normally, how would you know? And with your agency and fans treating you like their lapdog you're also easily influenced by others - style and taste included.

No. 69393

Kek there’s some mess going on with her where her agency doesn’t want to promote the song…which isn’t good, by the way. To clarify, she isn’t on Tik Tok (just fan accounts), and doesn’t have a real piercing (looks like a clip-on, since there are scenes when it’s taken out). I agree that the shitty dye job and the overall edgy tryhard look is way too much though.

No. 69394

File: 1577458850296.jpeg (128.26 KB, 602x744, C935CA08-47D9-4E0B-8225-E3FD75…)

I love this. BTS think they’ve reached such a level of notoriety that they can do whatever they please, when in reality they’re getting the ugliest tattoos imaginable in the most obvious places. JK in particular looks like a trashy hooker (pic related). You’d think Big Hit would try to stop them, but at the same time, it’s not like even the most egregious tattoos are going to change the way diehard fans treat them.

No. 69395

File: 1577458882987.png (33.89 KB, 527x139, Screenshot 2019-12-27 at 15.01…)

don't know if anyone posted this but lmao


No. 69396

iirc she did mention once that she didn't know what her role was in rv after yeri became the youngest and "took her spot", so she's trying this whole sexy thing now and i can't tell if she's 100% comfortable with it cause it's awkward.
Irene gets so much shit for not having a personality but honestly seulgi and her are kinda dead and awkward too. It seemed to me she was much brighter during debut where she was hyped a lot.

No. 69397

Why does Jungkooks tattoo look smudgy, even the black heart looks smudged and undefined.

No. 69398

These fans are always looking for a witch hunt, my god. The alleged “employee” is right anyway, talking about how BTS didn’t get to this point just by making good music, but because they have devout fans voting for and streaming the fuck out of their music. It’s a weird thing to fabricate but we also shouldn’t put it past psycho ARMY to make up a scenario just to prove what happens to “teh BTS haterz!”

No. 69399

Oh it is for sure. Hand tattoos are known to fade quickly anyway and these (the heart in particular) are so poorly done, he blew his money on some tattoos that a) look like shit b) will look even worse once they start fading because there’s no way in hell they’ll last.

No. 69400

File: 1577460558566.jpg (94.79 KB, 720x900, IMG_20191227_172156.jpg)

so this is a list done by the 'Korea Creative Content Agency'on korean content that is consumed in the US. I gotta say I find this very surprising, also kek at blackpink being so low and superm not even making the list, so much for their popularity


No. 69401

imagine getting "army" tattoed on your hands only for your fans to be mad about it lmao

No. 69402

kek the heart looks like the shit you drew on your hand with a marker when you were 12 (actually all of them do)

No. 69403

idk considering blackpink is a girlgroup, it's safe to say boygroup fans (mostly girls) are going to spend more money on them than gg fanboys would. So its no surprise more boygroups would be higher on the list, even if bp's more popular.

No. 69404

jimin attempting to hit high notes is hilarious

No. 69405

File: 1577462276878.jpg (196.07 KB, 932x699, z1hPEjY.jpg)

Is Jungkook planning to hide his hands forever? Lmao I predict he'll get bigger (read: trashier) tattoos to cover up his Mijoo-inspired tats like a proper damaged eboy

No. 69406

Only when they appear on TV, he happily flaunts them otherwise. I don’t think he regrets them

No. 69407

File: 1577462672073.jpg (440.13 KB, 2048x1536, DjE9P5z.jpg)

>>69405 >>69405
Why is V regarded as the most handsome male idol? He's squarefaced and his recent blank facial expressions make him look totally out of it. V looks like a middleaged ajusshi now because he lost that playful vibe kek, he looks like his Dad.

No. 69408

File: 1577462843147.jpeg (294.5 KB, 750x922, ABBA3356-F884-4E32-B2A3-8A4F05…)

Meanwhile this guy is tattooing her name on his body

No. 69409

File: 1577462909899.jpeg (172.77 KB, 746x1105, 23E56875-A4EC-4277-8863-4C8D16…)

No. 69410

Cause he doesn’t look too plastic I guess

No. 69416

V looks like a squid next to Cha Eunwoo

No. 69417

>>69416 the famous cut of Jin and V looking like supporting actors standing next to Cha Eunwoo (Ratmies who want BTS to take lead roles should wake up) and Jimin mirin his face lmao

No. 69418


v and jimin looking at each other man don't they get tired of playing up the soulmate bs

No. 69419

File: 1577464994752.jpg (70.25 KB, 750x730, killmepls.jpg)

They've aged a ton, not just due to fillers & stuff, I think they're legitimately exhausted. Anyone see the bighit notice for upcoming tour in april? What the hell, can't they just be done already? I feel the same way about taylor swift, like girl is a zillionaire, go invest in real estate or stocks or whatever and enjoy the world's most luxurious retirement! But these people have a special breed of narcissism that requires a certain min amt of media attention. I barely know who shawn mendes is but I recently happened upon some interview where he said he has nightmares of being not relevant anymore, and like, the thing about that is it def WILL happen sooner or later, it's not just some worst case scenario, it's the actual future.

No. 69420

Lmao every single time bts is brought up in here the spam thread gets filled with v and jungkook pictures. Coincidence? I think not

No. 69421

i think they're very much aware that they've got to strike while the iron is hot i.e. while they still have all seven members and the cracks in their facade aren't blatantly obvious yet. so they're trying to milk them before they become irrelevant except to devoted fans/ppl who like kpop. yet the company stans will swear up and down that big hit are so different

No. 69422

and jimin and jk too omg i actually am starting to think that jimin is a major attention seeker. and the audacity to end the show with HIM singing when i'm sure half the people up there are more talented than him. people have got to realise now that they are paying their way into relevancy(samefagging)

No. 69423

Bigshit is milking BTS to the bone before they enlist because they have no other moneymaker. Gfriend had a quiet year and TxT doesnt chart well, Bigshit is relying entirely on BTS for the future of the company to raise money to debut new groups.

No. 69424

We were actually doing pretty good too… it’s pretty obvious it’s the same 1-2 people.

Kys get off. Do you not feel embarrassed so obviously having a conversation with yourself?

No. 69425

Not to be that one person but hmmmm… interesting how the top 5 is all boy groups and there’s only 3 ggs in the top 10. I definitely expected twice or bp in the top 5 considering their popularity. BP is considered a super group by many, similar to BTS and NCT. Weird. Guess it’s common to pretend to stan GGs for clout? I know everyone on tiktok is obsessed with bts and twice.

I find the power of horny teen girls quite intriguing

No. 69426

yeah honestly im pretty sure this dude is her actual boyfriend, she does most if not all of his tattoos. jungkook actually got his done by that corea dude who posted that hand pic. probably just took inspo for some of his work from their shop so they look similar.

No. 69427

someone (on twitter) mentioned that girl groups don't really amass the obsessive fandom that boy groups get because the main audience for kpop is teen girls and they're more likely to give their streams/money/attention to their pretend boyfriends than blackpink/twice/whoever

No. 69428

>pretend boyfriends

Jesus… I never knew the right word and that’s it. God that’s gross. The pretend boyfriends thing seems really dehumanizing and like it could be fetishism. Going2puke

No. 69429

It's so funny that you brought up shawn mendes because I just saw a picture of him on twitter with a fan taken at toronto airport, arriving home after finishing his insane world tour (Mar.-Dec., 105 shows), and he looks fucking HAGGARD. Dude's only 21 and he looks like a middle-aged man (at least in this particular pic). I can see it starting to affect bts, too. All the stress is definitely starting to show with their age (they're all older than mendes, too).

No. 69430

Nobody is just willing to give up their dream job, no matter how rich they are and especially not at that age.
Plus, I don't think that they really have a choice. It might seem inhumane, but they're at the top, working as much as possible now is for the best. There are so many groups who fell because their agency neglected them and didn't give them comebacks/tours when there was demand, so bighit is actually doing the right thing with this. In a couple years when Jin reaches his 30s/goes to the military they have to slow down anyway.

Irene really lucked out. She performed with a girl who's like a decade younger than her (in youth obsessed Korea) and nevertheless all the top comments are calling her beautiful.

Also true. Knets are only kissing bts' ass because "they bring honour to Korea!"…
>"4. [+60, -15] SM went too far… how is it that all of the special stages are SM songs??? I thought they'd do FinKL's 'White', MILK wasn't even that popular of a group. Even TXT… had to cover a SHINee song… when they have their own seniors, BTS. SM abused their power this time, tsk."
>Netizens are 2faced. Should get rid of their SM hate. How come SM can have a benefit of other groups covering their not-popular-anymore songs? When ceremonies let BTS perform for 20 to 30 mins (it was actually over 40), everything is ok. When other groups cover BTS' songs, they are a clout chaser. When other groups cover SM songs, they are forced to do it because of SM's power.
Somebody wrote that at the height of their fame Exo also wasn't given more than 15 minutes to perform - which is less than Txt gets now in their 1st year. Back then people complained about big 3 privilege, but now it's basically a monopoly already.

No. 69432

>[+24, -2] You could totally tell that the four aren't that close at all
Irene stans want her to go into acting when she can't even fake being amicable with the other girls kek

Joy stans think she's some kind of it girl just behind Irene when all her dramas and variety shows have flopped so far; the 5 stans Yeri has at least admit they don't believe she's talented but Joy akgaes are another level of delusional.

Also I remember Joy didn't have that kind of waistline when she debuted. Can working out really change body shape that much or did she just do some fat sculpting?

No. 69434

kpop stans fetishise everything about idols. the fact that they're korean (or if they're foreign whatever their ethnicity is), their group dynamic, their "image", they're aware of their mannerisms/quirks… i'll always feel sorry for idols bc i don't think many of them know what they were getting into. a lot of people have poor mental health bc of the stresses of everyday life (not dismissing this), can you imagine what it's like being scrutinised and overworked and having people only "love" or care about a version of you

No. 69435

I think she just has resting bitch face

No. 69436


Rumor was that Sakura got V‘s and JK‘s number and managed to hook up with both of them lol
It turned out to be false.

Also bts don’t hook up with celebrities, they fuck regular girls.

No. 69437

Says you, it’s all rumors anyway, we don’t know for sure what goes on behind the scenes

No. 69445

And where exactly did you see this rumor? You need receipts for this stuff. KpopC is not as fun if a bunch of people on here are just saying random stuff

No. 69446

How many male or female idol groups get to start out and close off the decade staying publicly relevant? Serious question.

Too bad KBS cut Apink off.

No. 69447

it's obvious that nobody ever sings live in these shows god
got7 is so tired

No. 69449

This is gold

No. 69451

File: 1577478146031.png (213.59 KB, 1180x668, Screen Shot 2019-12-27 at 2.22…)

So like I know everyone is sick of talking about BTS' fans, but I think it's worth mention how bad this looks on them (context: the hashtag TaehyungYouDidWell is trending on K-pop twitter)
sage cuz no1curr

No. 69452

samefag, forgot to sage like a dumbass, sorry

No. 69453

How morbid

No. 69454

It comes from sasaeng ig pages

No. 69455

But this person’s not wrong, so why did this army even take offense to it. All of their crazed fans are the reason they’re where their at now. Same thing could be said for every popular Kpop group.

No. 69456

do you only know of bts sasaeng accounts or also other groups/solos?

No. 69457

i wish i knew korean lmao the milk on korean forums is probably good

No. 69458

I forgot to mention that i'm not the same anon you replied to. You can find all the rumor stuff under #sasaengleaks

No. 69459

It's obviously a nazi themed outfit and anyone itt who disagreed is a dumb stan/kboo along with this sperg >>69257. Nobody is saying they're dressed like that because they're "glorifying nazis" or whatever; they most likely just think the style looks cool without even associating it with actual nazis. It does however look really bad on them to non-stans so they shouldn't make this a thing

No. 69460

Wait, why did V do well?? is there a reason for this hashtag or are they just bored?

No. 69463

Maybe it’s cause he lost the title of the most handsome face of 2019 to his bandmate? He’s number 4 now apparently

No. 69464

File: 1577483719719.jpeg (25.35 KB, 417x378, 518D857E-341D-47A5-85E1-63F808…)

She’s very literally skin and bones. Jfc she wasn’t even the biggest member.

No. 69465

You all need to chill the fuck out. RMs smirk is not about to make you lose it, you don’t want to punch every single member of a group, you don’t think Wendy deserved the fall or any of that edgy bull shit. You’re all just trying to sound the most hateful and edgy so everyone on kpc will worship you and think you wrote the next bible. Kpop is not that deep and if seeing a certain idol makes you think to yourself that you want to shoot up the school or something, get therapy, jfc. You think being over dramatic will make you fit in but it’s just highlighting that you’re obviously a stan or on stan twt

No. 69466

File: 1577484461785.jpeg (57.71 KB, 680x383, B4974EEB-1974-4689-A06E-60B994…)

I agree about the edgy stuff but I’m allowed to laugh at this, right? No hate but come on

No. 69467

Nope but she was def the most criticized. Shes arguably the least talented in her group and knetz destroyed her this year, she's a nepotism!idol and had a bit of a lazy dancing scandal. It's rose anachan or sulli syndrome all over again, really really sad.

No. 69468

I mean there were some very obvious (samefagging) newfags in here today. Nobody sages, many don't properly reply, without "tagging" (or however you want to call that) the posts they're referring to, also not knowing where to put youtube links and so on.

No. 69469

A sad, sad day for kpop critical

No. 69470

Does anyone else find the A-Pink situation funny or am I just an asshole?

No. 69471

They were one of the few ones who bothered to sing over the playback in some parts tho

No. 69472

i cannot believe people take this TC Chandler(spelling??) "most handsome face" shit seriously.

it literally is just one fat dude in his basement doing this ranking.

No. 69473

learn to sage

No. 69474

What happened ? Also Naeun looks horrible since that nose job jfc

No. 69490

File: 1577492567037.jpeg (126.14 KB, 1124x721, BCDAC0C8-B593-4BC2-9DF0-114BE9…)

Tell that to them (and get castrated)

No. 69491


I am not an Apink fan but they were the most senior idols performing (9 years) and while SK culture is all about respect KBS couldnt give them 4 minutes while BTS got a whole 24 minutes for 5 songs which explains the whole girlgroup boygroup popularity disparity.

No. 69492

She literally sounds like a goat when she goes past a certain octave.
I agree
Is that a tramp stamp, christ

No. 69493

Senior respect goes out the window when someone is more successful than u in sk kek

No. 69494

Doesn't explain all the nugu groups like Everglow, WJSN, NFlying, TxT etc who are less popular than Apink

Can't explain why TxT are so bland (Is it looks? Youth? Concept?) but I doubt they can carry Bighit once BTS enlist. TxT are not that stannable compared to other boybands but everyone thinks they'll grow up and suddenly be in demand.

No. 69496

TxT is literally a cheap autotuned mess with songs that sound like they're made for nugu groups.

BigHit probably expects them to get all the BTS fans once BTS goes on hiatus, and it's probably a half safe bet because the majority of those fans are the type to be company stans or only stan one specific group (which TxT are meant to be seen the 'younger brothers' or some shit of)

No. 69497

Since when is wjsn less popular than Apink? Just on stan twitter or what?

No. 69499

BTS will have to release more gross hyung-dongsaeng vids featuring TxT to get stans to bite, but yes those stans are disappointingly predictable and squeal at all BTS TxT interactions as if these people are baby zoo animals

No. 69500

They haven't had a hit in 5 years, why should they be allowed to perform songs nobody even knows? I think it's very unfair that bts always performs for that long, but a total hasbeen like apink is not amongst the ones deserving of extra time.
Plus these girls are so bland, they even make somebody like tzuyu appear charismatic in comparison to them lol Video is how they perform when given more time: absolutely boring song, easy af dance and extremely weak voices.

And that's a good thing

No. 69503

What?? Apink had several hit songs in Korea, WJSN are literal whos.

No. 69504

POLL: What's everyone's Song of The Year 2019?

BWL won it because of Ratmies streaming like crazy (they'll most certainly win in 2020 even if it's another bad song) but for me the SOTY would be Chungha's Gotta Go.

No. 69505

There's a kpop general thread for shit like this, idiot…

No. 69506

Fuck off girl group stans…

No. 69507

But at the current moment, WJSN have been putting out music like crazy for the past few years and are actively promoting, making them more relevant. APink are well past their prime.

No. 69508

Apink's Eung Eung is better than most WJSN songs kek

No. 69509

Nta but bgcels telling gg stans to fuck off just doesn't land. Chungha sucks though.

No. 69510

i thought wjsn was popular in korea?

No. 69511

And save me save you and secret are better than most apink songs, apink stan

No. 69512

they are, they're very popular in china as well

No. 69513

WJSN's top YouTube MV views are around 10million and Apink are 60-70million. There's no contest. Chengxiao was the only popular WJSN member and she left(?), in SK Naeun and Eunji are popular names.

No. 69515

Speaking of txt, I'm so goddamn tired of seeing their bland stages on award shows and their dumb fans hyping them up. They absolutely ruined that shinee song and their bts cover was one of the worst I've ever seen. They had the original track playing in the bg and they didn't bother to sing at all, but their fans are amazed at how much they sound like bts. How fucking braindead do you have to be?

Does bighit really have no shame in getting them that much air time on those shows? I remember that at mma they had like 10-13 mins while mamamoo had like 4. Who the fuck even cares that much about txt?

Not that long ago they were frothing at the mouth bc of that other nugu group that covered bts at mama, calling them cloutchasers. But when their triple eyelid oppars do it it's fine? I swear they're gonna get worse than armys in time

They rely too much on visual effects and expensive looking stages cause they have to make up for the empty shells that those underaged robots are

sorry I had to vent

No. 69516

BTS performed Boy in Luv recently in one of the award shows too and when TXT do it, they just look like one of the Produce 101 groups covering BTS but lacking any discernable flavor kek. The song itself has a badboy vibe that TXT utterly lacks which is sad, that hiphop badboy vibe is what made BTS such a hit in the first place but Bigshit dont know how to replicate that success.

No. 69517

>retard thinks popularity is measured in youtube views
Yeah you don't know what you're talking about. Fancam views on twitter aren't an accurate measure of popularity either jsyk, sorry to burst your bubble.

No. 69518

Feel free to go to the General thread to post this kek. Feel free to have whatever opinion you want, but that isn’t the point, Apink stan. They. Are. Old. News.

No. 69519

Why do TxT keep performing this at the EOY shows when it sucks? BTS did it better as ajusshis at MMA 2019. Even one of those P101 groups did it better in 48 hours.(samefag)

No. 69520

>that hiphop badboy vibe is what made BTS such a hit in the first place
What? Bts only started getting popular when they switched the the uwu flower boy aesthetic

Nice samefagging btw

No. 69522

Errr not really? It's because bts is the biggest group, it's not a bg vs gg debate. We're way past that, this thread has gone down that road so many times, please try to keep up

It's not "a certain octave," she is nasal and goat-like through her entire range depending on the melody and vowel sounds in the lyrics

Uhhhh of course they know how, but they can't do the same thing with every group, is that how you think kpop works?
What the fuck cancer is in this thread today? People are saying shit just to say shit, not thinking things through even a little bit. Is there anywhere safe to criticize kpop online w/o being run out by rabid stans? Serious question. I want to have an actual discussion but this place is a cesspool of preteen idiocy, go to the general thread if you can't add anything useful here, it's a waste of everyone's time

No. 69524

My point is TXT can't cover the song well because they lack a hiphop badboy vibe, I posted the video because TXT's autotune was horrible and what made BTS stand out was the individuality of the vocals and rapline. V, Ratmon, Jhorse, Junglebook all sound very different and have personality which TXT lacks thanks to severe autotune.

A Produce 101 group covered it way better even if they're noobs who did a rushjob, because the vocals aren't autotuned to the point of being devoid of personality, they hit the high notes and added their own raps. TxT are more bland than an Mnet audition group tbh

No. 69526

I don’t think you can handle the facts, psychotic Apink stan. Let’s look at the most recent MVs for them and Everglow. 83 mil views for Everglow one one video. For Apink, combined views on 2 channels are around 33 mil. Still don’t want to believe they’re losing relevance? Usually views don’t mean shit, but you’re so fixated on views as an indicator of success. Please take this sperging to the General thread and kiss their asses there.

No. 69527

Ok ratmy. No one really wants to hear you sperg about how insulted you were by twinkxtwinks cover of whatever btshit song, u know.

No. 69528

Fuck TXT and Bigshit. X1 were robbed of Rookie of the year

No. 69529

Gotcha. I forget if it was here or on some other board, ppl saying the interesting parts of txt are (apparently) the story & effects being cooked up and carried out by the creative team, that the members don't matter, they could have a rotating lineup and nothing would change. Kind of like that jpop collective Sakura is from. This isn't a bad idea, it could be some kind of sonic anime or carried out like a long form play with emphasis on storytelling, just what made bts really blow up was the personalities and charisma of the members, they were entertaining and sympathetic and I don't think you can manufacture that, it was a combo of massive luck and timing too. I wouldn't be surprised if everything from bighit is just a gradual downward drop from this point on. Doesn't mean they suck, just the bts phenomenon was a once in a lifetime thing. Tbh I'd be surprised if txt was doing any better than they are now. I don't believe bighit affiliation = instant success. Fans of other bgs can project that insecurity all they want but it's not what's actually happening so they should perhaps calm their tits a bit.

No. 69530

This thread is full of people constantly writing ratmies do this and that shit, but then go on with [insert a gg, in this case chungha] is ackshually quite talented… They're not here because they hate kpop, they are very obviously stans who only use this thread to shit on whoever they don't like and to try and get farmers to agree with their praise for their unnies.
And as soon as somebody dares to criticise a female idol (besides bp) they all just go "you must be a bgfag/ratmy, fuck off!"…

No. 69531

If we weren't all former stans we wouldn’t know who any of these people are kek

No. 69532

There should be an emphasis on "former".
Yet above you have people pulling every excuse out of their ass for why all gg collab stages being shit isn't the female performers fault, they try to make an unpopular group getting less screen time than the most successful group into an issue of disrepect towards seniors or sexism, and so on

No. 69533

This is the funniest post I've read itt

No. 69534

korean musicians just copy other people, especially western artists, so thats all this is tbh
they're all getting fake piercings now because they're seeing ~edgy~ faux punks like halsey and billie eilish all over everything

No. 69536

honestly apink is past their due date tbh sorry

they were only successful when they were pure, and the majority of their fanbase(which was mostly male despite the ~female fan~ media play their company tried to do to imply it wasnt all pervs jerking off to them that made them a household name in the first place) fucked off when they started openly dating and did a literal striptease on stage and started dressing like 9muses. They tried to do a lot of Japan stuff much like several other girl groups that started fading, and even that hasnt worked out well the past couple of years. They all have new faces too so they're practically unrecognizable. The only one worth anything was Bomi because she was genuinely retarded and it was amusing for awhile. Not so much anymore.

No. 69537

File: 1577504223316.jpg (124.76 KB, 1144x802, 81947897987932875.jpg)

Seems like YG just keeps tumbling down~(x3)
BTS is never stannable. Stop deluding yourself ratmy chimp.
TxT will die once BTS enlists because not even ratmy give a shit about them.
It's very strange the treatment they have gotten this year. Last year they didn't have this problem. Did they make a producer angry? Who knows. That's shit outta luck. KBS could have found a better way to tell them to go away.
Fuck off bg monkey, go flick your clit to anus-lipped Jimincel for me, if you can get out of your Cheetos-encrusted bed.

Looks like Sakura went out again on a ~personal~ schedule. I wonder, probably more sponsoring?

No. 69538

She’s probably asking Aki P for her spot back in NMB48. I bet Jurina feels amazing.

No. 69540


Four For Friday - Blackmail
I remember back in the day when TLC gave an interview explaining how all three of them were broke despite selling so many records. They were at the mercy of a one sided record contract. Overseas, it is not so much about being a one sided record contract as it is, just plain evil greed. Over the past few months I have compiled some stories that show how awful being an A list singer in Korea can be and how you can never hope to get out of a contract.

There was a group that disbanded a couple years ago. (#1) It had been around for about a decade. At first it was not a very popular group. The managers of the group thought they should get rid of an at the time a 18 year old female (#2) who they thought was the reason for lack of success. Her parents demanded an explanation as to why she was being replaced. They had been given assurances and guarantees. The managers then told them to stop complaining or they would release a recording of their daughter in a threesome. The daughter was drunk in the video and the men's faces were blurred.

Things went well when that teen was kicked out and new teens were brought in. A few years later another member left (#3). She was forced to leave because she refused to keep having sex with who the managers ordered her to. They found her replacement on a television show that was rigged to make the winner the teen (#4) that the managers thought was best in bed.

This blind item got posted about a kpop girl group. Any guesses?

No. 69541

I definitely dont disagree with you. I do find it sad. But Im just not surprised. The majority of girl groups have a turnover rate. Most dont even last 5 years with the same lineup. Theres not one group from the second generation of Hallyu that lasted and has come out unscathed other than maybe Brown Eyed Girls.

No. 69542

>>they were only successful when they were pure

Ew they grew up so they stopped sounding like teenage girls, that's an indictment on SK's entertainment industry more than anything else, network PDs get bribes and sex favors so it's hard to compete. KBS invited Apink to perform so they shouldve treated them well.

In any case idol groups lasting past 10 years is a huge achievement, especially girl groups where youth is a factor. SNSD lasted 10 years, Apink are 9 years in and Eung Eung was a decent comeback although I never liked Apink's innocent concepts. Most girlgroups eventually do sexy concepts so Idk why Apink doing that is bad, unless SK has severe Madonna/Whore complex? It's sad that few girl groups can graduate to a mature womanly sound without losing fans, they debut as teens and it's natural to sound different as adults. It's boring that Gfriend/Everglow/WJSN have interchangeably prissy concepts while Twice or Mamamoo corner the market of sounding like adult women singing.

No. 69543

2-seunghee(hara and jiyoung were brought in)

god i hope this isnt true

No. 69545

>>69541 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_South_Korean_idol_groups_(2010s)
Don't think it's a girl group thing, Apink have outlasted the boy and girl groups who debuted with them in 2011 so they are an outlier. ZEA, B1A4,Infinite, Block B, Teen Top etc are all on hiatus or disbanded so boygroups don't have it much better. Idol careers were never meant to be longlasting unless you build a strong fan base like TVXQ or BTS etc and even then members leave or go solo.

No. 69547

bro you've been reeing about apink for like 5 hours. give it a rest already, no1curr about those hasbeens but you.

No. 69549

Here is APink's KBS performance, notice at the end with Naeun's back is turned facing the backup dancers to do the second part of the performance which is suddenly cut.

Better than you fapping to ateezhit, exoshit and bshit

No. 69550

Idk why everyone's so surprised. Entertainment industries of all types, in every country, are hiding prostitution and shady dealings. That's where all the hot jb is more or less farmed for the elites. Idol groups are def used as escorts, I think that's why so many girl groups make brief or rare appearances and never seem busy. It's not "about the music" lol & anyone who says it is is lying to save face. At the very least these female idols are seeking an in for modeling or acting or…other career paths. Idoldom is a foot in the door.

SK is smallish and since the culture is generally conservative, they fancy themselves better at hiding the corruption. The burning sun thing was the first major scandal of this type but think of how much is going on that hasn't been exposed? Look at metoo & Harvey Weinstein in the u.s., look at the actors who have called out the pedophilia and sex rings rampant in hollywood, it's all connected

At the veryyyy least, your bg idols are getting it on with sasaengs who will sign NDAs & offer continued suppression of gossip. At most they have access to high priced escorts who are likely kept on a short leash, no euphemism intended kek, but legally kept quiet. Seungri isn't special he's just the first guy who got caught in a major way. I bet his friends & associates walk around with a lot of anxiety.

Twice? Adult women? Adult women singing? Twice singing, period? I'm outta here, I can't afford to choke on my wine

No. 69552

>At the veryyyy least, your bg idols are getting it on with sasaengs who will sign NDAs & offer continued suppression of gossip

Honestly, not saesangs. If anyone, its CEO's and powerful older people in very high positions. Saesangs are actually seen as weak and pathetic in Korea. They tend to be younger and have no actual job, only leeching on already wealthy family members and continuously vying for idols attention by buying the idols things, none of which the idols even keep unless its something little that they can carry or wear through an airport a few times to show "appreciation" for the few fansites that go above and beyond gift wise(like showing up to their events, fanmeetings, musicals, acting jobs etc with gifts, flowers and food for the entire crew). Thats as far as it goes, which is why saesangs are perpetually pining and reeking of desperation, and obsessively seeking information so they can ruin the life of idols that they're obsessed with when they feel unabashedly rejected. Deep down they know idols hate them and only use them and the money to further their own careers while fucking other idols in secret.

No. 69553

File: 1577511529912.jpg (1.24 MB, 700x5821, 8556008743_a616f3ff1b_o.jpg)

Speaking of, I used to be obsessed with looking at the tier of gifts idols would get from fansites like that. Funnily enough, most of the time its not just the fansite owner spending the thousands and thousands, the fansite owner charges membership fees and that money goes toward these events and gifts for idols. Its actually quite smart because most of the time all they're offering to the members are things like "exclusive photo set of 5 photos I took at the airport that nobody else will get to see" kek. Idol fans are suckers. Even the ones low on the totem pole. The idol will never recognize the 75 people who donate to a site, only the main fansite owner. But getting access to those five extra photos is enough to drop shekels i guess.

No. 69554

Yeah, that all lines up, including the TV show. What a fucked up world.

No. 69555

Could we come up with a new name for ratmys? I think they’re starting to enjoy being called it and also I’ve seen it in kpc 44 so many times I think I might catch their retard and seize out

No. 69556

Armies are Jimincels

No. 69557

Im embarrassed but i actually think about shit like this when I space out at work, i hate all the tired nicknames but i don't think we can beat jimincel or ratmon…or even btshit, even though it's so lazy

No, unless there's a word for females who want to fuck a whining baby cow anachan incel

This blind feels extra fucked up because of hara, no?

No. 69558

This was such a bland performance but I couldn't help but notice how dumb and awkward nct jaehyun looks

No. 69559

Same anon but I forgot to mention that it's a cover of call me baby

No. 69561

File: 1577513598885.jpg (73.84 KB, 600x800, aanClF0u.jpg)

The people running Soshified and that whole network of American "snsd insider superfans" has always been cancer. One of them was a lesbian who was obsessed with Yuri and she was a GROWN ASS WOMAN. Plastering her entire room with Yuri and obsessively stalking her and trying to talk to her in English and harass her for photos everytime she was in America. Weird af. She was even obsessed with Mickey Mouse just because Yuri was.

No. 69562

Whoever owns Soshified is 100% like this.
Agreed, lets move on, the less attention we give to BTChimps the better
The only chimp that seems to have talent is the one playing the drums.
>This blind feels extra fucked up because of hara, no?
Definitely. Yes, we all know how kpop and by extension, how fucked up the entertainment industry is no matter the country. But stuff like this helps to break the cotton-candy / family-friendly fantasy that Kpop sells to the World. Other entertainment countries don't sell that (maybe Disney Channel)?

Wtf is up with channels like these and the youtube sphere of people promoting proana shit via Kpop. It's sad that calling people out on making starving wile eating big on camera is proof they don't have an eating disorder. Sad.

No. 69563

It's not just autotune, TxT are clearly singing over BTS's backing vocals so they sound weird. In the YouTube comments some people's pointed out they can hear Jhorse and Ratmon's voices

No. 69564

Apink isn’t “doing bad” because of their concept change or their newfound maturity or whatever, it’s because they’re, as you yourself stated, an old group. Did they outlast others of their generation? Sure. But to what extent? The industry is completely saturated with new groups, and like it or not, even the most loyal fans will find themselves gravitating towards one group or another. They aren’t an objectively “bad” group, fans are just being bombarded with new choices nowadays, choices that are far more active and have a greater presence, providing more chances for them to engage. That’s just how it works. People move on.

No. 69565

This channel in particular seems obsessed with idols losing/gaining weight, and while it tries to cast those who starve themselves/struggle to gain weight in a sympathetic light, it’s still drawing attention to the fact that these idols are underweight. (Besides, you can’t exactly speculate that someone is just “struggling to gain weight” without considering the possibility that they have an eating disorder.) I don’t understand where the motives are in this case.

No. 69566

What's wrong with with her face? She scares the f out of me. Those eyes looks like that momo satanic creature.
And that stiff dancing makes it even worse at that.

No. 69567

Isn't this the girl that K-netizens would call her "cyclops"? I can see why now

No. 69570

File: 1577520796369.jpg (175.44 KB, 764x1024, 12407219824_604780ab40_b.jpg)

I always thought her eyes looked weird too

No. 69573

File: 1577523060772.jpg (193.55 KB, 1080x1004, IMG_20191228_094731.jpg)

Last year ratmies were complaining about exo getting 3 songs, now they get 7 while other get less than 1 but nevertheless they still cry victim, absolutely ridiculous

No. 69574

5 songs but yes, during MMA and MAMA they even got more time on stage, almost 40 minutes if I remember correctly.

No. 69575

Funny how the kpoppers complain about this when this exactly the same reason 95% of them started gettin into kpop. So they find it horrible how some shops would choose better looking and young people, but kpop is the exactly the same - using young "attractive" people to sell a product. As if they'd listen to their music if they weren't young, "enhanced" through ps, covered in make-up and colorful clothes
They are so brain-dead that I don't even get annoyed anymore.

No. 69577

They complain because the job of seller is closer to their reality than idol.

Also the two are not 100% comparable. There are several strategies in selling. I know I will not buy my computer from a beautiful blonde because I will assume they are stupid, for example. It depends what you're selling. Idols are selling a bf/gf fantasy or a dream life by proxy for gcrush groups.

No. 69578

I think taeyeon falls into that category kek

No. 69579

It will be so funny for Dispatch to expose Nayeon with a messy relationship and see her stalker go crazy

Or Irene and see RV drown

No. 69580

The fame has really gotten into their head. If they had even just an ounce of sanity they'd be grateful that it's over so they could just fuck off and live peacefully with all the fortune they've gained.

No. 69581

so who do we think is the dispatch newyear couple?

No. 69582

You think they have the option to say no to a tour or anything really?
Think again lol

No. 69583

File: 1577531380291.jpg (44.82 KB, 644x430, images.jpeg-7.jpg)

>Also I remember Joy didn't have that kind of waistline when she debuted

You're so right

No. 69585

File: 1577531427616.jpg (35.16 KB, 637x481, images.jpeg-10.jpg)

Samefag. Her face was really different too.

No. 69586

I mean if the time comes when bts is really done for good (like the other anon said, it will happen sooner or later) i'm sure they and their company will still try to stay relevant when it's actually something to be grateful for kek, but yeah in the end the members are just puppets to the company

No. 69587

TBH most of the wealth belongs to Bigshit, that's prob why they hired lawyers to advise them and why Jin cried in 2018 over BTS almost not renewing contracts. Bigshit really need BTS to rake in the money because they don't even own their own HQ premises yet and need to expand the company. If they wanna expand they gotta milk BTS for all they're worth.

Suga, V, Jimin, Rapmon all look deadeyed as hell, especially Jimin/V. I think Jungkook acting out is also because he's spent his entire teenage years and adulthood training 24/7 or in the spotlight so he missed out on a ton of normal teenage activities. Just look at his tattoos, most 22 year old dudes dont get tattoos that look like a 13year old girl's pen scribbles. My kid cousin drew his tats on her hand with a black marker and her drawing was more clean.

No. 69591

wasn't she like 16 when she debuted? it's possible since she lost weight and wears hip pads/arch her back a lot to exaggerate her waist
but a lot of chungha's fans are boy group stans that make her their token girl, so you argument doesn't stick. sorry we hurt your feelings ratmy :(
why are they acting like they know rosé personally lmao. and they are using pictures where her weight rebounded to prove she never lost weight and promote that her body is healthy… ban these kids off of youtube

No. 69592

>ppl saying the interesting parts of txt are (apparently) the story & effects being cooked up and carried out by the creative team, that the members don't matter, they could have a rotating lineup and nothing would change.
That actually would have been a good idea for a rotational group like nct kek, but i guess they're just destined to flop no matter what

No. 69593

No group should be kicked off the stage for an extra min of adverts or whatever the fuck. It's fucking rude and unprofessional and basically has nothing to do with being a stan or an 'anti'

Also on a side note, Chungha sucks and sounds liek a dying cat when she sings.

No. 69594

wow she grew a whole forehead. puberty is amazing /s

No. 69595

i thought her hairline was just receding form hair dye kek

No. 69597

Why though? Are they that bad or did they just want to give an illusion that txt was as good as oppars?

No. 69599

Pretty sure most of these recent anons have never had a job. Guess what runs the world? Money. Guess what the purpose of mama, kbs, sbs is? Money. Bts getting 40 mins vs some nugu's 90 seconds or whatever isn't that deep, it's about money. Y'all living in fantasyland if you think awards, show/festival lineups or activity opportunities are based on merit, talent or the ambiguous "feelings" fans or idols or companies have.

Groups can and will and frankly SHOULD be kicked off for extra adverts, because money. Groups that can't keep fans or put out hits SHOULD disband, bc money. Bp frankly is living the dream making millions flying to fashion shows instead of recording new music or learning new choreo, wouldn't you? Bc money.

Folks make all this so complicated when the truth is so, so simple…

No. 69600

This blind item really shed a light on the suicide of baby kara's ahn sojin. People speculated that she killed herself because she didn't get into kara, which might be true, but after reading this it might have been possible that she killed herself due to the pressure of having to get into prostitution.

It's also weird because from an article I read
>She was one of the contestants who had the highest chance to debut as Kara’s new member. In every episode of the Kara Project, she was able to complete the mission that was given to her.

So why didn't her? Was there also an underground contest to pick which candidate was best in bed? Ew. I mean when you consider this line
>A few years later another member left (#3). She was forced to leave because she refused to keep having sex with who the managers ordered her to. They found her replacement on a television show that was rigged to make the winner the teen (#4) that the managers thought was best in bed.

No. 69603

File: 1577537846739.gif (198.08 KB, 300x225, ftC1L.gif)

A netizen has made an interesting animated gif of T-ara’s Jiyeon.

While Jiyeon is incredibly beautiful as she is, some have commented that her eyes are slightly too close together. So with that in mind, a fan-made picture has surfaced on the internet showing just what she would look like with her eyes moved a bit further apart.

Netizens have taken quite an interest to the picture with comments like :

“ Wow, what a difference 1 cm can make! “

“ Now she looks a lot like Eunjung ”

“ I’ve gotten so used to her eye spacing that other people I see look too far apart ”


Too bad this isn't something you can fix with a plastic surgery kek

No. 69604

You brainwashed dipshit. There is more to our world than money and productivity. There is also something called RESPECT FOR OTHER HUMAN BEINGS, crazy uh ? No group should get kicked off like this. The company planned Xminutes of performance and the group prepared according to this. You can't cut them off so abruptly because your calculations about the audience rate or whatever were wrong. Especially when the public will know about this (public humiliation is the worse). There are ways of doing things.

With such a submissive mindset, don't be surprised to exploited like a piece of shit and make a burnout.

No. 69605

Tbh I think that this is one of the most accurate comments about bts/bh.

Companies take an enormous cut of idols checks to pay for hair, producers, costume, etc and even charge them for being a trainee and room/board. Sure after it’s all paid off they can get more money but for about 4 years they are in immense debt to their company. I have heard that idols specifically invest in rent houses and stocks because they won’t have enough money to live the rest of their lives and they usually don’t have a completed high school or college education so they have trouble getting jobs. Sad.

No. 69607

BTS don't have that problem of needing a new job post-idol career at all, but they do need to work their ass off for the next 8 years for Bang PD if Bigshit is going to get anywhere near the Big 3.

People don't understand that Bigshit is still unstable and relying on one group only, they're not listed on the Korean stock market and do not own any land (unlike SM YG JYP who own their own HQ building and prime land) so the company has few assets and outside investors, it'll take about 10 years to even get to where more established companies like SM are to have their own offices and a few established groups or solos promoting at the same time. Meanwhile CJ, JYP, SM, Pledis etc are all competitors so Bighit need to invest heavily in debuting new groups with good concepts if they wanna stay relevant. BTS could be the TVXQ or Bigbang of Bigshit, but 1 group can't sustain the company forever so it's still up to Bang PD not to waste BTS's crazy revenue earnings on debuting failures (likely possibilty looking at TXT). If Bigshit can't debut a few more successful groups, outsiders will be less willing to invest in Bigshit even if they want to get traded on the stock market.

No. 69609

That's how you interpreted this? No ones condoning blatant personal mistreatment of idols. It's an explanation for fans who think their faves should get x y or z award or stage time just because it's their fave or "oppar works so hard!" It's not a meritocracy. Decisions are being made by the powers that be who are thinking about their bottom line and little else (they cant even engineer a safe stage or train their cameramen, who royally sucked thru all these recent events)

You think kpop became successful by companies & entertainment conglomerates protecting idols feelings, making sure everyone is treated equally? Should you and your coworkers/classmates all receive the same $$/grades just so you and your friends (fans, as it were) won't get their feelings hurt? Doesn't make it right but that is how the world works.

No. 69610


(samefag sage) BTS prob cried and got emotional when Bang PD told them they can't get a bigger cut because their money was going to be wasted on TXT's Harry Potter concepts and they gotta do more tours so Bang PD can buy Gfriend kek(this is an imageboard)

No. 69611

Nobody thinks KBS should invite unpopular musicians (notice how its only Song Gain and idols and Bol4, Akmu, ballad singers never get invited because they aren't super popular) but they should allow Apink to finish performing before cutting to a prerecorded montage. Nothing to do with ads or revenue when they could have skipped the replay montage.

You're stupid. KBS apologized. If BTS was cut by 10 seconds their fans will revolt, it has nothing to do with popularity someone just fucked up by playing the prerecorded montage early.

No. 69612

I actually wrote the second paragraph in reference to all idols, not bts. Guess I should’ve clarified.

I’ve heard about a lot of artist participating in investment spending cause their company hoards all their money

No. 69613

It's not exactly like that. They are the visual representation of the work of other people - choreographers, music instrumental, video makers, designers, etc. If the idols weren't young and attractive, the shitty works of the above workers wouldn't be sold out.
It's far from only selling the gf/bf image. This is only used to sell the above work. So yes, this also close to real life in itself.

No. 69614

>>69609 https://www.koreaboo.com/stories/year-end-award-ceremonies-pay-idols/

Crayon Pop's Way said in a recent video that groups get paid a small amount to attend weekly music shows but it isn’t enough to cover basic costs like transport. She added that regarding year end festivals, they either get paid a similar amount to the weekly music shows or nothing at all. Groups usually attend for the honour and prestige of it, help promote the group, etc.

If it's the case I understand why Apink are mad when they paid lots of backup dancers to perform and got cut. Same as when BTS posted a snarky good camera video because MBC's camerawork for their year end show sucked.(this is an imageboard)

No. 69615

Okay but all the cutting controversy aside this sucked. They lacked energy in every single thing they did and couldn’t even compensate with facials. At least in their SBS they looked like they were trying

No. 69617

File: 1577543552214.jpg (173.81 KB, 1080x571, Screenshot_20191228-072859_Fir…)

Holy shit. I never knew about the story of Ahn Sojin. How come no one in these threads mentioned her since Hara died? It's pretty bad that this connection was not discussed until now when this is the type of shit we should be theorizing/conspiracizing about and not gay spec between bg members. It's taking an extra blind item for us to start to think about 2 suicides in a single girl group possibly having some underlying connections…

No. 69618

(Video) https://youtu.be/S51dUhIChXY

Okay I can’t be the only one who thinks they’re pulling a bp and their dancing is getting super lazy. It looked lazy in the fancy video posted in here a few days ago too.

I am absolutely horrified by what they did to chaeyoungs hair. Kill it with fire.

No. 69620

I know right. It's also strange that her family refused to do an autopsy, they must have been paid some hush money.

Anyway, it was really ironic that Kara disbanded just 2 years after Youngji was added to the group and 1 year after Sojin committed suicide. In the end, Kara became a history, leaving behind a dark past.

No. 69621

momoland is about to flop with another trumpet-based song. i almost feel bad that their agency thinks bboom bboom 4.0 will work for them kek. does anyone know how their last songs did in the philippines bc nancy is popular there?

No. 69623

We could do what Vigilant Citizen does and call Jimin 'Jamal' kek

No. 69624

File: 1577547941298.jpg (455.78 KB, 1080x1087, Screenshot_20191228-083323_Fir…)


We still shouldn't jump to conclusions such as that it wasn'ta suicide, but it's important to recognize and discuss patterns. It is possible that someone who doesn't have the most supportive family would commit suicide after losing out on a huge dream opportunity after training for 5 years during their prime (debut at 22 is already late, then she lost, so I could imagine her feeling hopeless.) She was the oldest of all contestants apparently and known as "emotional leader" so those could be contributing factors (age shaming and emotional predisposition). However… As soon as Hara died of suicide, and as soon as Han Seohee came out with those screenshots and boosted these rumors that Hara could have been a victim of something much bigger, and now this blind item, on top of the KNOWN Jang Jayeon list of executives she had to sleep with. It really gets you wondering what is going on.

People should be pressuring DSP to step up their mental health support for their current groups at the very least. I guess everyone forgot about Ahn Sojin so quickly since she never got to reach stardom, but this seriously needs to be revisited in light of new details. I wish someone could interview a former member and put them in witness protection or something. If anything bigger is going on I'm SURE as soon as Hara died they were threatened to keep quiet though. I guess only time and HSH's lack of fear of these people might shine more light on all this.

No. 69635

Did blackpink perform at any of the year-end awards shows?

No. 69636

yeah but april & kard are the only dsp idols i can think of right now and they don’t have substantial fandoms and fans of other groups will never step in to help demand change unless abuse is right in their faces (like chaeyeon from busters and that kids show). agencies will only change if fans stop paying for albums and merch, which will never happen bc fans don’t want their groups to be seen as flops. just look at the yg boycott from earlier this year. went right out the window as soon as blackpink had a comeback

No. 69639

afaik, they haven’t and aren’t scheduled to either. yg has always butted heads with broadcast stations and i’m sure the burning sun scandal made the stations even more reluctant to work with them since the korean gp isn’t as forgiving as i-roaches.

No. 69643

You're comment looks like came from netizenbuzz. Now I see why, kek. Ok btchimp. Then why waste time and ask APink to come. Hell, why ask Everglow, Itzy, Chunga, Seventeen, and some who are "literally whos" to come? If they wanted bts only they can throw a concert.

Just admit that KBS is retarded and can't schedule and was disrespectful not only to apink but literally everyone else for wasting their time. Not everyone wants to watch a 40min bts concert at the end of the year. Other people exist.

Not even when SNSD and EXO hit the top did they have that much time. Go be autistic somewhere else. There was never a big 3 "monopoly" (doesn't make sense anyway) because every year they would cry and boycott.

No. 69644

No, which happens often. Thus making this "big 3 monopoly" even less than reality.

No. 69648

>big 3


No. 69649

>tfw Orange Caramel predicted the future with Momoland

No. 69650

Sorry if this has been posted before, I don't think it has. This woman was a member of Nine Muses from 2011-2014. Around the 5 minute mark of the video she talks about how the younger, freshly 18 year old members were crying behind the scenes of one of their music videos (No Playboy) because they felt uncomfortable wearing miniskirts and garter belts and posing with a shirtless male model. When she spoke up/sympathized with them she was demoted from her leader position.

No. 69651

Honestly I agree with you and I dont think anons understood what you meant. I assume you're not implying its MORALLY correct, just the way these things are run, and you're correct. By the way, BP is really comparative to late stage 2ne1 which is kinda weird too. But thats another discussion for another time.

No. 69652

Id kind of feel bad for T-ara if they werent all iljin degenerates predebut.

No. 69654

File: 1577553342702.jpg (57.01 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

You should watch the documentary about them. It literally showed them getting physically abused and mentally destroyed. Honestly it seemed Sera(the girl in your video) seemed to get the worst of it. Probably because as she put it, she was the one standing up for other girls and stuff.

No. 69655

The Big 3 are CJ, SM and JYP now.
>>69650 If that is Ryu Sera then her whole ordeal with 9 Muses was documented by BBC on Youtube. Star Empire are really shit managers considering ZEA (Siwan, Hyungsik, Kwanghee) and 9Muses were quite talented.

No. 69656

>>69611 >>69614 >>69643 >>69604
K I see the problem, you think this is about apink. I didn't watch their bit. My post is referring to the general vibe of fans arguing about idols set lengths, awards etc. I'm saying it's big business, it's rigged, they're not gonna give nugus a 30 min stage. It's not personal it's business. Idk why this makes me a bts fan though, how are they not part of this as well? Only it's the opposite – everyone forced to sit thru what was essentially a bts mini concert with even more pretentious solo stages than usual. And like above, i say again how tryhardy it was trying to make fans feel nostalgic for such recent times. "Awww when this song came out I was 12! Now I'm 15 wow time flies!" bad example but you get the gist

Thanks, levelheaded anon, the projection and gaslighting is strong itt today

>I actually wrote the second paragraph in reference to all idols, not bts. Guess I should’ve clarified.
Same. I think there are 3 or more conversations actually happening in here and anons are losing track of who's saying what

You answered your own question, theres no space to discuss anything heavy when topics are derailed by baby cow fetishists. RIP kpop critical.

No. 69660

They topped the ABS-CBN chart (Philippines) with that flop “I’m So Hot,” but that was the only chart where they made #1. They also topped it with the last 2 songs. So this pattern suggests this comeback will do well.

No. 69669

Honestly I don't think the group was made for Korea after they turned into a bit of a one-hit wonder and gained popularity elsewhere.
The fact that the song sounds more suited for summer than for fall/winter also says a lot.

No. 69670

I will never understand why anybody would join a smaller agency, they can get away with so much shit, and it also never works out, bts is an absolute exception. Audition for sm or jyp and if you fail, get yourself a new interest/dream.
Their parents are also pathetic for allowing their daughters to get treated like that.

What did they do? I only know that Boram is from a rich family and that Jiyeon did nude streaming when she was very much underage - which is fucked up, but doesn't make her a bad person.

No. 69671

i dont know what all jiyeon was into, but hyomin was allegedly in a legitimate girl gang that had a reputation for prostituting themselves for drugs/cigarettes and beating the shit out of old people for no reason
nana from after school had similar allegations and was close friends with hyomin predebut which added fuel to the fire once the saesangs turned on t-ara and started releasing old photos/info

No. 69673

File: 1577563953939.jpg (199.85 KB, 624x564, _20120730_061103.jpg)

samefagging because heres a NB link from around the time of the scandal that discusses a forum for a specific group of highschoolers that would participate in simulated sex for cigarettes though some of the korean text says it wasnt just simulated, that they would actually get paid and be given drugs and cigarettes in exchange for actual sex

ofc NB hated t-ara and was one of the main people releasing all this damaging information she was being given by former fans but it seems to have been legit regardless because there was proof, as her photos were all over the forum and the email was the same

No. 69676

Daaaaaaaamm NB really didn't give a fuck. But I don't get why people always blame NetizenBuzz for T-ara's downfall. Yeah she translated all the beef, but all the consequences were happening in SK, the opinions of random i-fans did jack.

No. 69681

>and beating the shit out of old people for no reason
Where did you get that bit from, it wasn't mentioned on nb?

If it really was Jiyeon in those nude videos, then she was only 13 and Hyomin having been in high school means she was also a minor.
They're probably from absolutely shit families, to do that for just a couple bucks or cigarettes.
Them being victims of pedos really shouldn't stop you from feeling pity for them… "Iljins" are only bad when they're school bullies.

No. 69683

Wtf, so many people were saying all of that was fake and a witch hunt. I'm not familiar with Tara but from my understanding it was 1 girl who falsely accused the others of bullying.

No. 69684

Keep projecting chimp. Nobody said what you are saying.

No. 69686

Are you sure about that dyke?
>>posts analyzing how jiyeon has ugly eyes
>>Calling Sana old despite her being 23
>>Weird hate obsession with Nayeon
>>Is okay with Joy being sexualised as long as it turns me on
>>Calling any female over 25 ''old''
>>Weird yeri hate obsession
>>sperging about how certain female idols have fridge bodies
and the list goes on……….(ban evading ratmy as always)

No. 69689

I think it's pretty much established that V is a conservative hick but dae think he might be racist too?

Twitterfags always write stuff about Jimincel supposedly hating white people or Americans because of some cherrypicked pictures but he's always normal and friendly in US interviews. Meanwhile V either looks pissed and doesn't speak or he acts completely fake and makes zero effort to hide it. There are multiple videos of him smiling at somebody and then looking cold as soon as they turn away.
The worst is that fans see him being two faced as savage or as a sign that there must be something wrong with the person he acts rude towards, instead of acknowledging that he might have attitude issues.
And I know that this is no proof, but he also seems to have zero interest in learning english or in the US (or any country that isn't S.Korea) in general.

No. 69693

Besides, people are already accusing them of plagiarism, saying the comeback sounds like Miss A’s “Time’s Up,” and other people saying it sounds like Mamamoo’s “Hip.” They’ve established such a relationship for themselves—or rather, their company has—that don’t stand a chance.

No. 69695

You are projecting. Idk why you think anyone talking about girl groups is a lesbain. Other people have talked about other girls because it's a change of pace from talking about bts and shit. Notice how people haven't brought up blackpink in a while. It's getting redundant.

We talk about them to nitpick and talk about, is this not the kcrit thread? Go find your hugbox retard. And stop being obsessed with lesbians, no one gives a shit about them or you.

No. 69698

Please not that lol, and "jamal" actually means somethig like "beautiful" so a big no no, we're not gonna lick his ass here

No. 69699

the dancing specifically looks like every single one they've done already. mostly sounds like a copy and paste of 'i'm so hot'

No. 69701

Yup it could have been a mixture of things that triggered her suicide. The fact that she had already sacrificed her dignity by participating in forced prostitution, and then dsp cut off her contract just like that when they could have kept her in the dungeon for a while and debuted her in another group/as a soloist (i mean she was praised many times for her hard work and motivation). It could have been like what you said too, that it wasn't a suicide. Idk.

No. 69702

>Jungkook acting out is also because he's spent his entire teenage years and adulthood training 24/7 or in the spotlight
This gets mentioned here so often, why do anons think this only applies to jk and not the other two? They're the same age, or even if the korean age thing is a factor, at most the other two were only a year ahead in school, maybe two if that's how the math shakes out? Jimin has some very obvious narcissism and rage in him, I think he's every bit as developmentally stunted, possibly worse since he's competing 24/7 with someone he probably really resents

Momoland is a trash group, I can't be the only one suspicious there are secret stans in here because they're getting brought up way too often, it's out of proportion with their actual status when their claims to fame are just putting out two identical songs and casting some of the ugliest idols of this generation

No. 69706

The sparkly dress dancing bit reminds me of SNSD Lion heart

No. 69707

>Awww when this song came out I was 12! Now I'm 15 wow time flies

No. 69709

File: 1577577473352.jpg (21.71 KB, 452x678, images.jpeg-7.jpg)

Speaking of hyomin, the idol life must have tired her out. She's only 30, or even younger when this pic was taken.

No. 69713

Kek you're right. Idk what anon was on but they were acting like an sjw.

No. 69714

>>why do anons think this only applies to jk and not the other two? They're the same age, or even if the korean age thing is a factor, at most the other two were only a year ahead in school, maybe two if that's how the math shakes out? Jimin has some very obvious narcissism and rage in him, I think he's every bit as developmentally stunted, possibly worse since he's competing 24/7 with someone he probably really resents

Ex Jimincel Ratmy spotted.

No. 69716

Or maybe most of us realize they’re a shit group and like to poke fun at them? You’re views aren’t unique. Stop trying to turn this into a witch hunt, ratmy.

No. 69717

Jk was 15, jimin and v 17. Most people consider 17 to be nearly an adult, while 15 is literally a child, at that age every single year makes a huge difference, mentally and physically. Debuting at 17 isn't ususual at all.
Famous/rich males being angry narcissists isn't acting out (plus isn't jimin the "nice guy"?), besides, all of bts have always acted much more mature. Jhope being hyper is obviously just an act and v has calmed down a lot, the only one still acting like a retard is jk.
Jk is not even able to do simple math, so unless similar bits of other idols exist, I'll give them the benefit of the doubt when it comes to whether they might be dumb/stunted.

No. 69719


>For SBS‘s Gayo Daejeon, TXT performed an amazing cover of BTS‘s “Boy In Luv” that would’ve made their seniors proud.

>In the process, Taehyun discovered the answer to a mystery many fans hadn’t known about the song’s lyrics.

>After the song’s intro, they shout, “Fire!” before it progresses into the chorus. At least, that’s what fans thought they were saying. Taehyun revealed that wasn’t the lyric at all.

>Instead, BTS had been shouting the phrase “Oppa-ya.” As an ARMY himself, Taehyun couldn’t believe it and had to confirm it with the PD-nim. He wasn’t the only one that was shook; the revelation left fans in shambles.

The dumbest pandering ever. Why would they make young men shout "oppa ya"? Not even gays in korea call older guys oppa. Even if it was true the phrase was "oppa ya" instead of "fire", i'm sure it was a last minute change to suit txt into the ~cute younger brothers~ role even more. Barf.

No. 69723

Ah i thought they were same age because the "maknae line" title, that's really dumb they were named that then
Folks, asking a question about bts doesn't = ratmy, stop projecting. Actual ratmys know where they can sperg on BTS and it's not lolcow, theyve taken literally the entire rest of the internet

I don't think there's been a single female idol outfit since November not drenched in glitter .. literally all of sbs, kbs, the xmas thing and all the new MVs. They're probably still finding it in random places & all over their stuff, kek my worst nightmare, the herpes of craft supplies

No. 69725

Gross. Not even Korean gays call other men Oppa kek

TXT really seem like Ratmy fanboys devoid of charm or personality. The reason BTS could get way more popular than EXO GOT7 etc thanks to YT and Twitter was their personas and group dynamic causing Stan twitter and YouTubers to create 1 million viral videos of (id say its a conservative estimate) Vkook Vmin JinKook etc etc and fanfics of the group dynamic.

After 1 year of promos, TxT has not inspired 1% of the same kind of interest from pervy stans to make 1000 spam videos of gay TxT moments so I doubt they'll find the same success as BTS.

No. 69728

So sad but Im glad Yoo Jaesuk said it. I watched Sulli on Running man in 2010 when she was carefree and couldnt stop laughing at everything YJS and the cast did, I thought she was so ridiculously childlike.

No. 69729

sulli and hara (and a shit ton of other idols) have stage parents and did commercials/ acting as kids. they were probably emotionally stunted their whole lives and won't receive help for it until they're out of the spotlight. the only surprise is that many of these child actors turned idols didn't end up like child stars in hollywood when they grew up

No. 69731

Because jk didn’t even graduate whereas the others all got to

No. 69732

>>69729 Don't equate Hollywood/US culture to Korea. Stage parenting is uncommon in SK, Koreans are handsoff about socialising with stranger children because it can be seen as creepy.

The biggest suicide factors is that both girls came from divorced backgrounds and got cyberbullied 24/7 without a strong support network to turn to, plus Sulli was Hara's BFF. In SK divorce is still taboo (Koreans and East Asian cultures think divorced parents is a sign of bad upbringing or lack of parental involvement and don't want their kids to marry children of divorced homes) such that cheating/visiting room salon hookers in a marriage is accepted as what all men do. Wives don't rush to divorce because it impacts the kids. Suicides rates in SK are high because of the crazy pressures on social appearances like these or on looks and education, rampant capitalism (people here do everything to get ahead including bully others), plus a very strict age hierarchy where the only people you can talk to casually are same-aged friends (Chingoos hence all the age-line bullshit), anyone younger or older comes with age related etiquette barriers and some form of Old → Young bullying. It's shit and a huge contributor to social stress which doesn't exist outside Korea. In China, USA, Europe people talk normally without having to figure out each others age and appropriate respect level.

That means Sulli, Hara, Jungkook or anyone who debuted young and doesnt have many same aged school friends is lonely, esepcially if they also lack a supportive family. Their last resort for problems is mental health counsellors and they are not widely available unlike the West where every man and dog has a therapist.

No. 69733

>the only surprise is that many of these child actors turned idols didn't end up like child stars in hollywood when they grew up
I rather they turn into hollywood stars because at least they wouldn't fucking kill themselves.

No. 69735

>I rather they turn into hollywood stars because at least they wouldn't fucking kill themselves.
Says who

No. 69736

Sulli and Hara would be more accepted in Hollywood 100%. They would have faced no cyberbullying/slutshaming for not wearing bras or being a sex abuse victim (SK has Madonna-Whore complex on steroids) and they would have felt less isolated from their peers since people in USA are not dependant on family for mental support and therapists are widely accepted.

No. 69737

Eh but racism tho they’re asian

No. 69738

And? everyone not white faces racism. Black people face racism all the time yet they don't kill themselves over it. They would live.

No. 69740

>>69737 someone like Brenda Song would be slutshamed to death in South Korea for her tattoos and dating life but nobody cares in USA. Even if theres racism, I doubt Asian Americans are cyberbullied to the point where they suicide at Korea's rates.

Also my Korean friends who live outside SK agree that Korean age hierarchy sucks because you get bullied at school, at work, in life by anyone older who talks down to you thanks to experience (AKA i'm older, I know better, don't question me it's rude, young punk bring that over for me, listen to what i say kid, etcetera). When Ifags wonder why cyberbullying happens so much in SK, they don't get that from a young age Koreans are taught to listen to older people and instruct younger people so even in elementary school sunbaes start to bully or pressurise hoobae juniors despite a 1 year age difference. The only place where this sunbae-hoobae age hierachy bullshit doesnt happen in online, where Knetz can say anything they want to anyone 100% unfiltered without respect or etiquette, so they abuse internet forums and social media to cyberbully and "release steam" because IRL they live in a strict age hiearchy where they cant critique their boss, parents, elders, older coworkers etc and take it out on younger people as well. Knetz are vicious online because age hierachy rules don't apply so there's no societal judgement if you pick on celebs.

No. 69741

Graduate what, high school? He graduated high school from that school a bunch of idols go to, the one with the yellow jacket.

No. 69742

the bullying was fake, it was actually hwayoung and her sister stirring shit up and then playing the victim
all hwayoung really did though was threaten not to perform, and the girls essentially accused her of faking the severity of her injury to keep from having to participate in anything
also her sister sent some really weird texts threatening to kill the new girl areum for no reason but areum is weird and creepy as hell too so idk what was going on there

No. 69743

first day on lolcow?

No. 69744

doubt that he actually learned much there. that school (SOPA) abused the students and forced them to dance for creepy execs and probably graded lightly when it came to core subjects

No. 69745

shes never been cute and only got attention for her "western style body

No. 69746

you're right but only really because the majority of underaged celebrity kids in hollywood targeted by pedophiles are boys

No. 69747

Hm, guess I got it mixed up because he always refused to do his homework and would say he wanted to drop out and just be an idol. With that mentality I doubt he actually got a quality education, though

No. 69750

File: 1577592419873.jpeg (441.6 KB, 1600x1082, B57E5DD9-DCFE-4AA7-A6C4-692ED8…)

Cite your sources, anon. Stop trying to pass yourself off as some Hollywood pedo ring insider.
Glitter and sequins have been everywhere this year. Everything’s so fucking shiny. I’m still haunted by these Itzy outfits.

No. 69751

>Cite your sources, anon. Stop trying to pass yourself off as some Hollywood pedo ring insider.
Uh…literally tons of people who have direct experience with Hollywood who have made the claims? Its not even a conspiracy theory everyone knows it goes on and several prominent child actors ended up on drugs/killing themselves because of it.

No. 69752

What do his comments have to do with Sulli's behavior on the show?

It goes "i wanna be your oppa" or similar bc it's directed at a girl in the context of the song, they're not calling a guy oppa

Kinda ot but I've been wondering – im assuming the age hierarchy thing is ingrained in every workplace too, does this mean no one can be hired or advance based on skill? Feels like that'd be some kind of opposite (?) of affirmative action, where even if you're stellar at your job, you can't vie for a promotion if it means you'd be supervising someone older than you? Not to mention potential safety hazards – after Sewol i read that the two-pilot rule is useless in Korean airlines because a younger co-pilot won't advise or point out errors if the main pilot is older than him. I totally get the historical basis of the age hierarchy norms, I guess I just wish theyd make some exceptions for public safety or workplace efficiency?

No. 69753

Speaking of Itzy, I've notice that Yuna is looking near Lisa-tier. Lia's arms are looking almost skeletal at this point. I don't really understand idols who come from well off families that do this. They were already getting praise for how they looked at debut. All their bosses already favored them for being wealthy. What's the point of starving yourself.

Chaeryoung is still looking like a potato, but at least she seems content where she is (you would too if you looked like her but were born with money).

No. 69754

why was the added member creepy? (curious)

No. 69755

omg the sequins making ryujin look like she has beard-

No. 69756

i'm pretty if someone has to supervise someone older they probably sugarcoat it to hell and back unless the younger person is high up.
being wealthy doesn't mean anything if you're 'fat' by their standards. plus many kpop clothes are one size so if you don't fit you are forced to lose weight

No. 69759

Serious? You must not have seen Gfriend, linked, or Twice for KBS haha I guarantee these girls are still finding sparkles randomly on their skin/hair, even the highest quality clothing will still shed this shit, bloody awful

I don't notice a big difference with Yuna but the web is def abuzz with comments about Lia already, mentioned above in this thread yesterday. It'll be the BP Rose Body Shaming Police Debate all over again, so better settle in…

No. 69760

A ton of people got on Lia’s ass for her “lazy dancing” scandal and her looks. People also called Yuna a sloth and Itzy in general an ugly girl group. I don’t think wealth changes any of that.

No. 69761

File: 1577594517163.jpg (20.35 KB, 550x277, 20131110_1384061869..jpg)

areum? she uploaded weird stuff to her social media about having ghost friends, doing spells in the forest, and how she felt connected to the show master of the sun because she had paranormal experiences

also uploaded pics like this and others where she appeared very unkempt and lots of people suspected she was in a hospital, which she later admitted to but claimed it was because of the things people were saying, not her own mental illness but the good sis was literally posting videos where she was claiming there was a ghost in the room with her

No. 69762

their songs sound like they belong in 2nd gen and that's not a compliment

No. 69763

nah i dont think it was drugs, i think she was just mentally ill/trying to be an edgy 2spooky4me gothy girl and it backfired
its literally tumblr tier attention whoring and she is still doing it, but now its just involving her marriage/premarital sex spawn which is pissing netizens off again kek

No. 69764

wow they look soo tired and annoyed. i honestly think a lot of twice members will leave when their contracts expire, whenever that is. mina's already got one foot out the door and i highly doubt she's the only member suffering in the group right now. i remember jeongyeon crying to fans because she was tired a while back.

No. 69765

Lmao these broadcasters have no chill:

They titled Oh My Girl's performance "The fifth season,and more

No. 69766

See, if they just styled Jeongyeon like that she would look less like a an auntie leafy clone.

Can't say the same for Chaeyoung, can they please stop chopping her hair and giving her these weird styles? Her and Jeongyeon have SNSD Hyoyeon level of styling at this point.

No. 69767

jeongyeon just needs longs hair to distract from her down syndromesque face, period tbh

No. 69768

Sure people have made claims, but to say more boys are targeted than girls is bullshit, sorry. I’m not going to get into this but statistics have shown for years that girls are the most-trafficked.
Lia’s been looking deathly thin lately. People have been so fixated on Yuna’s weight forever that they’re just now starting to realize how much weight she’s lost in a short amount of time.

No. 69769

Huh, I just realized there was not a peep anout Sulli or Hara from either Kbs or Sbs until Jae Suk mentioned it. And didn't they both participated in a lot of vatiety shows on their networks? You would think they would have something like what they gave to Jonghyun. I wonder…

No. 69770

>>Not to mention potential safety hazards – after Sewol i read that the two-pilot rule is useless in Korean airlines because a younger co-pilot won't advise or point out errors if the main pilot is older than him. I totally get the historical basis of the age hierarchy norms, I guess I just wish theyd make some exceptions for public safety or workplace efficiency

It's too ingrained into Korean society, even the pilots of Asiana airlines crash in San Francisco were also found to be at fault because of age hierarchy making communication difficult for the junior pilot to tell the senior pilot he made a mistake. In Korea bosses force workers to hang out after work and pour drinks for them, if you are a woman you have to show respect by serving food and drinks to all your seniors at work gatherings. Men have to do it too but young women are often targeted for harassment because it is easy for people to use age hierarchy as an excuse to ask you to do things for them. Cyberbullying is rampant in SK compared to other countries because Koreans use it as a release valve and see idols as fair game. Entertainment industry is no different, sunbae-hoobae etiquette is enforced and idols that dont bow to seniors are called out, it's dumb but it's SK where maknaes never have to pay for meals but grudges are held by sunbaes if they feel disrespected and the cycle of old vs young bullying continues down the line. I cant live there personally because everyone older likes to give unsolicited advice and all you can do is nod and feign gratefulness.

No. 69771

File: 1577598009206.jpg (100.59 KB, 1280x720, jeongyeon.jpg)

Whenever Jeongyeon is brought up here she's called ugly or weird looking, esp most recently an anon said she gives "quasimodo vibes." Then there's always a couple replies going "really? I think she's normal/pretty." Honestly, you're both right. It shifts within eras, or even within single events, for seemingly no reason at all. Seulgi too, she's pretty but also not pretty…? Chaeyoung's been described as both ugly and cute, and yeah somehow she's both? I rarely see debates like this over Hollywood actors or other celebs. Maybe the constantly changing kpop styling gives your brain too many options, so you end up unable to decide? Even my all-time ugliest idol pick, Dahyun, was pretty for five mins for that Move stage last year.

Yes, but if that anon is American and relatively young, I might understand their angle because Corey Feldman's recent-ish expose, and to a lesser extent the Lou Pearlman saga, both focused on boys

No. 69776

Ok I guess that’s fair, but still ignorant. Listening to stuff you hear in the media and thinking that represents the bigger picture is a foolish thing to do.
(Also gotta agree with your “all-time ugliest idol pick” kek.)

No. 69781

to be fair jeongyeon and chaeyoung do get the worst styling in twice. i guess for jeongyeon it's because she's supposed to be the tomboy of the group and that doesn't fit with twice's cute turned sexy concept.

No. 69783

File: 1577603464765.jpeg (123.44 KB, 475x629, 924CDD87-EAF4-4DDB-B8DE-EF1D2F…)

the cheerleader effect really helped twice huh

No. 69785

No. 69787

It still doesn't fit in/make sense gramatically since the "ya" part is used to call someone else so if they're referring to themselves it's just not right, plus it's obvious that they made that "clarification" just to boost txt's popularity. I'll stop here though before this turns into some deep analysis on that phrase kek.

Edited: it's also ridiculous because the said phrase is in 0:12, and it's barely audible so the whole "guys it's ackshually oppaya and not fire!!" is a bullshit. Fuck bigshit.

No. 69788

complete tinfoil: what if some of the men who sleep with KARA and other group members are SBS, KBS etc executives

I just really wonder who are all the men from JJY's list and other unlisted men who victimize young women. I'm sure they are super intertwined in the industry and there are so many background power plays and threats between the networks and the companies that involve the idols as pawns.

No. 69789

Why did they need a tomboy role though? Jeongyeon is never that popular whatsoever. It's never worked like it has for f(x) for example.

No. 69790

not that kpopfap's opinions count for anything but i was not expecting lisa or yeri to be so unpopular

No. 69791

they didn't need one. jeongyeon is just awkward. the only reason she made it into twice is because of her sister.

No. 69792

File: 1577614456026.jpg (76.81 KB, 815x675, kpopfap.JPG)

None of these girls have any ass whatsoever even with the help of padding, what was the point of this category kek

No. 69793

why? their fans are tween girls, not men.

No. 69794

IU making it that high is very surprising to me, I guess the Lolita act worked better than I thought because she is the farthest thing from "sexy" imaginable

No. 69795

the thought of some 40 year old man thirsting over born in 2001 somi makes me wanna die

No. 69796

the reason it surprised me is simply because i think they're pretty girls. but i guess they are pretty but just not "sexy" to men so it kind of makes sense

No. 69800

Does that explain why Lisa took off Jennie's socks in that one clip? It looked really bad yeah but if that's part of the age culture, and par for the course in SK, should non-korean fans really be passing judgement without knowing the context?

Youre correct and I agree. No clue if that anon is American but if they are, there's def been a disproportionate amt of coverage of the exploitation of boys in hollywood…add to my list the endless Michael Jackson discourse, and that one Nickelodeon tv producer, tho he creeped on girls equally iirc.

I lolled at "most improved," also Jennie and Somi scoring top 10 for best solo music with one song each…

No. 69801

>biggest disappointment of 2019
1. Momoland
2. Blackpink
3. AOA
4. Red velvet
5. Izone

They also have a category called best kpop fap content (amongst MANY other fapping-related categories) And it’s not meaning groups having lots of good fancams, interactions, etc. they’re just being degenerates on main. They put itzy in the top which ABSOLUTELY disgusts me because half of them are underage. The oldest member is 18 or 19 and They got in the top most fapped to in 2019…..ew

No. 69802

>They put itzy in the top which ABSOLUTELY disgusts me because half of them are underage
As expected from incels

No. 69805

Not gonna copy the explanation here as to not derail the thread but here it is


There's a song by Seenroot with the same title and it makes sense for them to use that phrase because they're girls singing about a boy they like.

No. 69806

What? How'd you get that translation? I'm guessing oppaya is 오빠야, which means "it's oppa" or "oppa's here." It makes sense as an intro. (Didn't listen or click any of links so if I am wrong so be it.)

deleted to add: 야 is not limited to referring to another person. You can refer to yourself, especially when someone's asking,"who's there?" you'd casually reply "(name) 야!

No. 69807

okay so i stumbled upon a korean version of legally blonde and i can't believe they put jessica as the main lead wtf. she can't act for shit and this version even won a popularity award lmfao.

No. 69808

Nope, i actually noticed this on the first page and almost commented earlier bc I wondered why they only listed four itzy girls. Clearly they left Yuna off bc she's underage. Double check the Korean age thing bc that may skew your perception of the ages of the other four? (Never thought I'd be defending an incel fap subreddit I've never visited but, uh, here we are kek.)

And never thought I'd be defending this shitty song I only know from this shitty cover but yeah it's a translation thing, guys don't call guys oppa, bigshit sucks but they weren't going for a gay/trans fantasy or whatever that other anon said.

No. 69811

men with yellow fever genuinely think kpop idols have nice asses
i can remember degenerate retards on /kpg/ spamming literal bag of bones yoona as having a nice ~ass~ and being called ~curvy~ kek

No. 69813

Just saw a fancam of Lia and Jesus. I remember around when icy came out she could’ve been considered the “fat” member by koreans. I didn’t think she was fat but you could notice that her thighs jiggled while dancing and the other girls thighs didn’t. I never cared because regardless she’s skinnier than me and she looked fine overall but I guess jyp made her lose weight cause it was noticeable and now she’s all skelly. Disgusting.

No. 69814

I wonder if this is the reason why he seems so nice, he’s a bit naive? I wonder if he can function in the real world or even if he could become a solo artist, he seems like a dim sweetheart to me lol

No. 69816

Here’s Lia’s most recent fancam, for those interested. While Yuna has maintained that low weight (also keep in mind that she’s young and still growing), Lia’s weight has dropped tremendously. She looks like shit now.

No. 69818

So like what's the big deal with Twice's passports being shown outside of the fact that it was probably intentional af?

No. 69819

>>yellow fever
Aren't most kpopfap users Asian men (btw wtf are farmers microanalysing kpopfap it's gross), Asians tend to think thicc asses are pudgy because you need to be fat like Lee Gook Joo to have big butts that Westerners consider thicc. Asian women have smaller frames and are not predisposed to have big butts, IDK why people laugh at how Asian butts are bags of bones compared to Nicki Minaj or Kim Kardashian when Westerners fetishize meme-looking big butts to the point of getting butt pad plastic surgeries.

No. 69820

yuna is not lisa tier. she underweight but she's 15 so she could have a fast metabolism. lia on the other hand is making her way towards skelliness
like the other anon said i'm pretty sure that reddit is 60% asian men in which case some of those idols do have a 'nice ass' compared to how flat asian butts can be.

anyways, maybe we should end this topic cause that subreddit is disgusting.

No. 69821

Jungkook isn't a "nice guy" at all, he looks like a fuckboi even more than V and it's cringe that Ratmies love to make a big deal about ViRgIn JuNgKoOk Is So ScArEd Of GiRls!!1! when he deliberately plays up an innocent image for fans. He hangs with altgirls like Mijoo and pictures of his predebut girlfriends are all over Korean webforums. He dated a Cube trainee and another schoolmate and trained in USA with a Cherry Bullet member so he is obviously not scared of girls jeez

No. 69822

But that doesn’t make him a bad person? Is a man supposed to be a virgin to be considered nice? How old are people on this thread?

No. 69823

Junglebook was probably bit naive because he's never needed to handle real life without a manager, but it's silly to assume Korean male idols who debut early are sweethearts or super nice. People used to assume Daesung was kind and innocent because he looks dim (he bought a building with a room salon brothel as the main tenant and the life was conveniently spoilt ew) or assume TOP could do no wrong because he was handsome, good at acting and good on stage. All I will say is most Korean male idols/celebs are not innocent at all and take full advantage of fame's trappings to sow their wild oats in the showbiz industry or make use of groupies lmao, it's hard for men to stay on the straight and narrow in showbiz where temptations abound and women throw themselves at you or spam you nudes.

Female idols who debut young also lose their innocence in the sense that they are subject to a ton of predatory attention from young from male idols or showbiz execs.

No. 69824

Fair enough, he just seems lost most of the time so I assumed he’s a bit slow, which makes him appear as more like-able than most idols

No. 69825

File: 1577637851974.jpg (164.52 KB, 720x1249, qw33tnf3r1h31.jpg)

Digging deeper into this. Dahyun and Nayeon are more popular than you'd imagine.

Most improved 2018 -> 2019
3rd. Dahyun
4th. Jeongyeon
7th. Nayeon

Coolest personality
1st. Dahyun
5th. Nayeon
(both above Irene, Hani, Momo, Jennie, Lisa)

5th. Dahyun
7th. Nayeon
(both above Momo, Seulgi, Jennie, Lisa, Irene)

Overall favorite
9th. Nayeon
10th. Dahyun
(both above Seolhyun, Jennie, Lisa, Lisa, Yeonwoo, Hani)

Want to see more content
2nd. Dahyun
8th. Jeongyeon

No. 69826

I think a lot of the choices for most improved were ridiculous. Many of the people didn’t actually improve, they were just picking their already good or mediocre favorites under the pretense that they were improving.

No. 69828

Most improved means they got more spotlight and wore more skimpy clothes.

No. 69829

Honestly, you might be onto something. Selugi may not be a visual but because she APPEARS (I did not day that she IS) to be an ace member:
Decent-looking enough (maybe the monolids giving her an edge -I swear it's the same energy people give to Yeji), can dance, sing decent, appear to have charisma but not be as uppity as Irene, not as obnoxious as Yeri /Joy when being funny/the attention is on them, not get pity passes like Wendy. But, she's not borning to the level of being forgotten like BP Jisoo. Plus she has a LOT of female fans (everyone here is guilty, including me), and I rarely hear men call her "ugly" (except /kpg/4chan incels, they don't count). Even back went all of red velvet was called fat right after debut, netizens would start by saying "Except for Seulgi…"

Or, I might be wrong and she's just gets away with looking like someone with good character on camera. SM calls her their (female) ace. SM probably puts a lot to make Selugi's character on screen such as appearing trustworthy and "can do no wrong". Kind of like how they want Irene as their visual to exude a Jessica/Krystal ice-princess as if she's a queen or politican's wife and giving her full frontal 5-10 second shots to showcase her 'beauty' before, during and at the end of a song.

No. 69831

>Coolest personality
>Irene, Jennie, Lisa
absolute topkek

There were these screenshots floating around of Sistar telling an IOI girl to stay home and not date if possible because "not all male seniors are nice" and they said it right in front of known creeper Leeteuk too. Apparently some agency has a list of male entertainers that are "safe" to approach and talk to

If an SM idol gets a lot of public attention and praise, it's because SM allows them to be talked about by giving them a positive image. Seulgi was talked about by Krystal and Sulli on national TV when she was a trainee, and mentioned by name when typically trainees stay hidden to the public. Why would SM sanction that if they weren't gearing to push her to hell and back later?

I'm not saying she's a bad person, but I do believe her image has been very carefully pushed by SM to be this hardworking good-hearted all-rounder in the mold of Taemin and NCT's Mark, while the other members maybe get more unfavourable views than is warranted

No. 69832

Back when SNSD was on top (which wasn't hard to do back then) when SM didn't push the ice-bitch image she was pushed as the cute" Blond Barbie" of the group, especially because she spoke valley girl english like Tiffany but wasn't as retarded.

No. 69833

File: 1577640641960.jpg (Spoiler Image,145.98 KB, 762x1200, EM9ykaSVAAUbwCQ.jpg)

I never ever heard anybody call her an ace…?
She seems very cold, and I thought people rather call her underrated for her dancing/stage presence? Plus lesbo ifans love her, but that's it. Never saw anybody say she's a talented singer or very pretty or nice/funny.
Also, Joy called out sbs' apology and said that it pissed her off. Hopefully SM will really sue, so many fans have been telling them to do so.

Do you think Heechul feels guilty for not being able to help Sulli and Hara? He had known the former since she was literally just a child…

Also today is V's birthday and he was not murdered by haters like his overdramatic fans feared kek Beware if you click on that spoiler…

No. 69834

why would he be murdered by haters? who hates him?

No. 69835

Nayeon is super popular in Korea because she is cute and bunnylike, nobody cares about her nose or whatever. Jackson called up Twice on a TV show before and all the Korean army recruits were nonplussed about Tzuyu and more excited to see Nayeon.

No. 69838

Who's the most popular member in japan? Asking cuz they have the biggest twice fanbase outside of sk

Lol why do people call him handsome? Clear closeups of his face just confirms his unattractive-ness

No. 69839

Wait, Nana had bullying allegations?

No. 69841

File: 1577646267819.jpeg (463.26 KB, 1536x2048, EIEJFrCU4AAc4tG.jpeg)

>Lol why do people call him handsome?
Because the standards are extremely low? The people he's competing against look barely even human anymore

No. 69842

File: 1577646343490.jpg (270.96 KB, 1200x1019, Dds2igOUQAE3hy9.jpg)

"Natural", "no ps" my ass lmao

No. 69844

>that pic
truly no1curr about jin lmao they won't be affected when he gets shipped off to the military

No. 69845

File: 1577647132284.jpg (55.62 KB, 425x419, ps.JPG)

Oof this picture really shows how plastic they are. The only ones who look like human dudes are v jk and jin. The rest are tragic.

No. 69846

tbf he has contacts and an ugly haircut there which would make anyone look subhuman. still i agree the younger members' attractiveness is relative to the group

No. 69847

File: 1577647515787.jpg (93.39 KB, 750x664, 26b261d2632599c65610afbc6698e7…)

I didn't even notice that his face was covered. That's from their twitter, so somebody thought posting that is a-okay lol

Him and Jhope act so obnoxious and are so unpopular, it's just pathetic. The overly feminine styling makes it even worse (Suga and Rat are also ugly dudes, but I think they know and just accept it). Plus their faces are so damn punchable…

No. 69848

Yeah, rm and suga absolutely know and just try to work with what they have. They’ve both had ps but I really do think that they’ve given up at this point. They all look incredibly haggard here >>69842, which I attribute to the chaos of idol life (like the shawn mendes bs we talked about)

But I think suga is really funny because he’s hated the group since before they debuted and doesn’t give a shit about any idol bs. I also feel bad cause he would clearly prefer to be less popular and have more creative freedom but his contract trapped him in pink flower boy-ness and eternal anorexia

No. 69849

Shut up sugafag

No. 69850

Yes ma’am

No. 69851

Suga is Ana?

No. 69852

why do people think suga is so much better than the rest of them. that's what he wants you to think lmao. he's the one talking about how he's an "idol reborn as an artist" and yet they can't cobble together an album without the help of their legions of in house as well as external producers/writers

No. 69853

Yes. Suga is Ana, 2+2=4, the sky is blue. Need help with anything else dumbass?

No. 69854

literally no one forced him to debut he could be a struggling underground rapper in bumfuck korea if he wanted to. and he could leave now but he's desperate for a grammy but he won't

No. 69856

I think it’s pretty obvious, especially given the picture that was just posted of the group. I didn’t even recognize him until someone mentioned him and I got a second look. He’s lost a ton of weight in that pic. Genuinely concerning. With their intense schedule and how skinny he looks he’s probably gonna collapse on stage and cause a scene

No. 69857

He should bulk up again honestly
Not really a good look when a 6 year old could probably beat you up

No. 69858

that picture is actually from last year's bbmas where they performed fake love

No. 69859

Slightly off topic/ blog post

I got one of my friends into kpop a couple years ago (in high school) when I was into it and she’s so incredibly embarrassing now.

If a store is playing kpop, she’ll stop and loudly say “wait. Holy shit. It’s kpop! Another win” and if she sees black and pink near each other, she’ll keep saying “its in your area”. She’s also a hardcore orbit so I’m sure you guys understand the degree of how bad it is. She also won’t separate her stan twitter from her main no matter how many times I tell her to and she’s literally a teacher. Her students undoubtedly make fun of her at home. Pure cringe. Idk how she hasn’t gotten fired for some of the stuff she’s put on there. She IS my friend but Jesus….

No. 69860

she needs a boyfriend. easy cure for kpop brain.

No. 69861

>stolen from jessica viba

No. 69863

1. It’s not. More than one Cringy person can exist.
2. Who is that

No. 69865

Samefag// Feeling like a dumbass for leaving out the worst part. She’s taking care of her little sister right now but once she graduates, my friend is planning on doing one of those teaching programs where she goes to Korea and teaches english. Kms. She’s a textbook kboo

No. 69866

Unless the guy is asian.

No. 69867

Rip her she’s too far gone for fixing just let her go bro

No. 69868

call me pro ana or whatever but somehow I still find idols most attractive at their lowest weights

No. 69871

>If a store is playing kpop, she’ll stop and loudly say “wait. Holy shit. It’s kpop! Another win”
this made me laugh for some reason, topkek

No. 69872

Probably a femcel who feels incredibly alone. That's why she's still stuck in this teen fangirl stage. Kpop is a very active and involved community so it gives her a purpose in life. It enables her to escape her shitty life.

Tbh I feel bad for her because I got into Kpop when I was in a very low place…

No. 69873

yeah, I've got an internet friend who is a guy (hi if you're reading) in his 30s, still living with his mom and he says kpop is hi only purpose in life. What makes it even sadder is that he always spends so much money on merch but says he's unable to move out as if he was even trying at all

No. 69874

File: 1577655007966.jpeg (499.44 KB, 1000x638, ELNuUYEXkAUg1W8.jpeg)

Suga gained a ton of weight this summer, looked downright chubby, now lost some of it again but still looks like a little boy lol
And Jimincel nails the incel posture…

Half a year later she'll post 'Why I left S.Korea' videos on youtube lol Don't fret it anon, once she travels there she'll grow out of it.

No. 69875

i don’t see why her weight loss is such a big deal tbh, she wasn’t even the biggest one (isn’t it ryunjin? and she also looks fine?)
she was already slim,why is losing weight while being in the public eye so controversial?
makes you remember that idols aren’t stick thin and that they look pretty normal weight wise

No. 69876

File: 1577656958014.jpg (351.55 KB, 918x1858, ltyJ8.jpg)

Anon, she gained the "ice princess" nickname way before that because of her cunty attitude. Pic related is a translation of some early posts on her UFO, which was like a question-answer kind of sns idols used to have
That said, I laffed each time I read these

No. 69878

File: 1577657958439.jpeg (105.36 KB, 900x1600, EM64dpiUwAEdmqt.jpeg)

No1curr and ive never posted about him before but stans twitter have just found out that nayeon's stalker has an identical twin brother kek. One is bad enough, let alone two of them.

No. 69879

Has anyone noticed yoongi's new dorito chin implant or is it just me? bc I've yet to see anyone mention it here considering how much this thread loves to nitpick ps. It's literally the first thing I notice when I see his face.

No. 69881

post pics. i havent seen any pics of him from the last year or so

No. 69882

literally everyone has mentioned "yoongi's" jaw shave

No. 69883

It’s just two guys of the same height next to each other, way too little evidence for them being twins

No. 69884

Dude what, I thought he fucked off, is he still in Korea?

Can one of the male Korean incels that obsess over Nayeon jump him or something? He's annoying.

No. 69885

that photo was taken in the airport, so he might have fucked off by now

No. 69886

File: 1577659891596.jpeg (245.93 KB, 946x2048, 9D3F70CD-D8E3-499C-970D-DDF534…)

stalker said that they’re twins

No. 69887

it was mentioned in the last thread or two and i think the general consensus was it looks more like a jaw shave than an implant. i also think thats why his face looked ridiculously chubby for a while during the summer, he didnt even gain much weight its just that the structural integrity of his face is fucked now

No. 69889

samefag but it’s incredibly concerning how this dude just keeps giving letters and gifts hoping they’ll reach nayeon. i feel like his behavior is just going to keep accelerating until a staff ends up dying of a poisoned-laced letter (bc we all know they’re not giving any of them to nayeon). does korea not have anti-stalking laws/restraining orders or are companies actually just that desperate to get all the profits they can?

No. 69890


Leave his brother alone. Also stop feeding this psycho and his fantasy, he's an attention whore. Seriously, stop talking about him.
Onces are so annoying and dramatic "ONCES IF YOU SEE HIM KILL HIM" or shit like this. I don't condone his behavior but let's not act like he's more dangerous than he actually is.

No. 69891

I agree, he hasn't done anything dangerous, there's loads of weirder fans than him. He's not even a pedo (and that means a lot in kpop kek). God knows just how many korean fans act exactly like that - it just doesn't reach the news/twitter. He only got this much attention because he looks so normal (or maybe even attractive to some korean women).
Twicefags always made excuses like "actually most of unnies fans are young guys and not old creeps!", defending the otakus who fapped to them when they were underage, but as soon as a foreigner does the same, they absolutely lose it.

No. 69892

It’s not “controversial,” she just lost a visible amount of weight in a short amount of time despite already being quite thin (as you mentioned), which means she’s either a) overworked, b) starving herself, or c) being told to starve herself. I shouldn’t have to explain why any of these are a cause for concern.

No. 69895

I mean his comments about it being OK to kill female streamers who "lead their fans on" (or however he phrased it) does put him in the delusional creep category tbh. But yeah, at the same time there's probably also hundreds of Korean/Japanese/Asian guys saying/doing the same things we don't know about.

No. 69897

nigga who tf is yoongi not everyone here's a ratmy like you

No. 69899

its suga. google is free.

No. 69900

you clearly know who that is yet you're pretending not to by your logic you must be a ratmy too

No. 69901

I wonder when white people will stop pretending they’re black so they can say the N word on lolcow

No. 69902

You know damn well you know who yoongi is lmao. His name(s) has been used interchangeably for 30+ threads now. If you're gonna larp as a clueless edgy anon don't use ratmy next time lol.

No. 69904

Finally made it thru most of these sbs, kbs, mma etc clips, i have questions, for bts there's a pajamas theme, a pink silk pajamas theme, a video game playing thing, now they're taking jackets on and off. Are there reasons for this, does it tie into a concept or is it just BH staff going "fuck it, we're out of ideas" or…? There was no theme for girl group sets as far as I could see, other than "glitter & sequins glued on every square inch of fabric" kek.

Posting this clip bc the first 30 seconds jimincel isn't even trying to lip sync convincingly. Idols do the same shit in music videos, like we get you're lip syncing but why can't you at least try? Move your mouth and face appropriately, it ain't that hard…

Were g idle totally kept out of all these events? What about blackpink?

No. 69906


Is this gaslighting? I did not know who yoongi is because I ignored it and thought it was a literally who from NCT. How the fuck do you get suga = yoogi ?

you chimps are insane.

No. 69907

The fact that you called out ratmys in your post means that you know it's a BTS member. Don't act stupid now.

No. 69909

We get what you were trying to do but unfortunately in this modern age with google you can't play dumb in this way anymore, you actually expended more effort writing this post than it would have taken to just google. Better luck next time!

No. 69912

Yeah what's up with G-idle and Pentagon groups not being invited to End of Year festivals? They should've capitalised on Queendom like Mamamoo

No. 69917

You thought it was an NCT member but you mention ratmys? Try harder next time.

No. 69918

It’s probably because cube is falling apart rn and they’re probably running out of funding for things like transportation, background dancers, makeup crew etc. As previously stated in the thread, companies and idols usually have to spend more than they get back to go on these shows

No. 69919

Lmao sucks to be that guy, what if they go after the wrong one?
Reason #947237472 why this dude's behavior is so fucked up. It doesn't just affect twice, he could actually cause real problems for his family/friends. That's a whole new level of selfish. I bet german twice fans are thrilled too.

Does anyone else not believe he randomly "ran into jeong and tzuyu"? I mean what are the chances of that. Thats a fanfic fantasy, thinking if you travel to seoul you'll just happen upon not only an idol, but two idols, and both in the same group as the girl you're stalking. Also major L points for this guy claiming he's not a fan but used that reddit handle "sha sha sha." I want someone to collect all this info, doxx the fuck outta him & just go all out embarrassing him.

No. 69920


lol MBC PDs clearly have beef with Bigshit. Therein lies the toxicity of Korean culture, TV network bosses punish hoobaes like TXT and Gfriend (who only recently joined Bigshit) if BTS or Bigshit offended them.
Ratmies are screaming that BTS don't need MBC since they are global superstars now, but they are too stupid to understand that BTS has to play nice with major TV network bosses if they want Bigshit hoobaes to be invited to weekly music shows and EOY music fests. YG JYP and SM bribe or send hookers to network bosses and Bigshit is reluctant to play that game but it means BTS has to put on super elaborate stages for free to ensure that their hoobaes get treated fairly even if nobody gets paid to perform on music shows like Crayon Pop's Way said.

No. 69921

i don't believe it but it's possible. jyp has a cafe and their artists show up there form time to time but i'm sure jyp put him on a blacklist
wait if no one gets paid, why do they bother attending? music shows are barely watched nowadays there's no pointing in wasting thousands on sets and background dancers and expensive clothes just to not make it back.

No. 69923

>>69921 Way’s answer to the question of whether or not idols get money prizes for winning awards at the ceremonies:

'There’s no money. It’s just a trophy. They don’t pay you for being there either.'

'They pay you at music programs though. Since it’s an event held by the music program, the broadcaster pays you for being there. But it’s not even enough to pay for transport. You could say it’s nothing.'

According to Way, just being a part of it is such an honor that many idols still participate in the year-end award ceremonies without being paid a cent.

No. 69924

File: 1577678904237.jpg (131.73 KB, 945x2048, EM8VEZwVAAAdSWo.jpg)

Update on Nayeon's stalker: he wants to meet her alone in a small, empty street hoping she would be drunk
At this point I'm fucking scared for her
Rest of screencaps here: https://twitter.com/RTG194/status/1211209231371661313

No. 69926

what the fuck

i was thinking some sort of weird plot twist, that there isnt two and its just him and another personality but if that really was his twin at the airport, thats even worse its like a horror movie

No. 69927

The fact that his twin joined him in sk is chilling enough

No. 69932

Tbh I also thought it was a NCT member and had to google… Why tf don’t you guys use « Suga »? It’s alreay hard to remember all these idols stage name

No. 69933


TLDR wendy can only eat soft foods but seems to be doing well rv will promote as 4

No. 69934

X1 and Izone will resume activities and CJ ENM promises to donate profits.

"We will support everything regards everything related to the continuation of promotions. With fans supporting the resumption of members who experienced pressure, we will continue to consult to resume the promotions"

"Mnet will give up on all of the profit from the promotions of the two groups. We will execute the detailed compensation plan as soon as possible. This incident is due to our fault, not the artists who debuted or the individual trainees. We plead to protect together

No. 69941

Because they were a ratmy

No. 69942

They're only sorry they got caught

No. 69944

it was literally one person who used yoongi, several of us just happen to know who he is or are intelligent enough to type 'yoongi' into google. thats literally all it was. i cant believe you guys are still talking about this honestly. that obvious army should also google what gaslighting is while theyre at it.

No. 69945

Someone posted this thread on allkpop last month. Fortunately it didnt gain much traffic.

No. 69946

I'm sure despite that, a lot of younger, rabid stans still found their way to this site.
That's why the last 5 threads have been a even greater shitshow that the previous ones…it's literally filled with stans who are here to release their hateboners…and they're so dumb that they can't even be subtle about it, posting the latest articles or videos of semi-relevant groups that nobody but obsessed stans care about.

No. 69947

>>69945 I fucking knew something was up, these threads have always been nitpicky but lately its been so shit i even stopped talking at all

No. 69948

Sasaeng is trending on twitter because apparently one took a very private video of V and Jungkook at an airport.

I haven’t seen it but I’ve heard a variety of things regarding the content. I’ve heard they’re tired and leaning on each other on it, they were hugging and that there was a kiss. They had zero idea that they were being filmed though so stans are trying to bury the video.

No. 69949


I highly doubt there was a kiss and believe the one that said that they were tired and leaning on one another. However shippers are blowing it out of proportion, saving it, spreading it and editing it while non shippers are trying to bury the video. Rat vs. rat lmao

No. 69950

No. 69951

These male idols have no shame… No surprising but still disgusting

No. 69952

I saw the video before people started censoring others, JK seems to be nudging him with his head tbh but I could see why someone could think it’s a kiss, it’s nothing but a tiny cute moment.
The problem is that when people see shippers going crazy they should ignore them instead of calling attention to the madness. But they’re blowing it out of proportion.

Btw is it really possible that he didn’t know he was being filmed? In a public place?

No. 69953

isn’t he the one who asked fans to stop shipping him? why would he nuzzle his friend in public? and Jimin was holding someone’s hand today as well, how is that not pandering? they all do it in that group

No. 69954

File: 1577708570053.jpg (15.29 KB, 739x415, images.jpeg-7.jpg)

They were in a campaign together earlier this year, not surprised if they were/are dating. More surprised that it was henry, he's like one of the least problematic (ex) sm idols.

No. 69955

What exactly is happening in the video?

No. 69956

Considering that he did it in public, it's very possible that this was instructed by bigshit themselves to keep them relevant

No. 69957

>Didn't know they're being filmed
>Are surrounded by a mass of people

mmMMH… seems like normal fanservice

No. 69958

Henry Lau (SuperJunior)is turning around Hwasa, making her uncomfortable. Like this lame drunk dude in the club

No. 69959

this is what all the fuss is about? man shippers are desperate asf. jungkook literally sucked someones ear in front of 50k people for fanservice, how is him sniffing someone elses hair proof of a relationship? this is literally in his job description.

No. 69960


I hadn’t seen the video, I was just relaying what I had heard. Now that I’ve seen it, it doesn’t even look like fan service. That’s something I would do with any of my friends and family. The shippers are desperate.

No. 69961


reminder that amber said he was trashy when it comes to behaviour towards women. was about commenting very openly about womens looks when out in the streets. dont know where in vid. scroll down for comments.

No. 69962

He’s a bit of a weirdo i reckon?

No. 69964

Yeah i mean they have known each other since the campaign. They could have dated or slept together, who knows, that's why he thought it was okay to do that to her.

No. 69966

I feel you, I think it has something to do with their proportions. This opinion would incite a riot if posted in any other forum tho

Pedantic much? Doesn't have to be the word ace specifically, if there's even a direct Korean translation for that expression. Seulgi is a pretty solid all-rounder and I could see SM crafting her image like that anon said, if they consider her a solo candidate for later on.

Seulgi, yeji and a few others are praised for their monolids bc they have classic old fashioned Korean beauty, i can't explain it but i get what they mean even though I'm not Korean. Also personality is a wayyyy bigger factor than fans think it is. If Seulgi had Wendy's personality she wouldn't be half as popular as she is, regardless of talent OR persona manipulation on SM's part. Just off the top of my head Wendy, Seungmin, Hyeri, Jackson, Bom, Jin, Jimin, Jihyo, Rose, baby soul, Miyeon, Lia, and others all have that disposition of eternal insecurity, its truly biological or neurological, like it's just IN them, and no matter how many acting classes they take or therapists they see, it'll never change, it's just who they are. Showbiz is dangerous for these types, I feel bad for them although they knew what they were getting into, at least a little. People like this really shouldn't be in the public eye imo, they end up just getting destroyed by the media and fans.

No one needs this, no one asked for this. I'm angry I know it even exists

No. 69968

I don't agree with you guys but i can see why. So many idols have long straight torsos and short bowed legs so when they get skelly their proportions have an illusion of being more balanced.

No. 69970

Imo seulgi could become like taeyeon later on after rv disbanded or went on undefinite hiatus. She seems to be able to hold a stable career in singing. Wendy is a great singer too but she has too many issues especially with her appearances, if she's not careful she could turn into another park bom (edited: or luna).

No. 69971

>this is literally in his job description.
Yup, idols probably don't even notice doing that anymore, they were programmed to do shit like this whenever there's a camera on them. V also never quit gay pandering after calling out his shippers.

I'm surprised that kpoppies aren't more mad at the fact that most bg songs usually only adress girls? Isn't that homophobic or whatever towards their fakeboi ass?

I don't really see the big deal. Henry does seem like a fuckboy, but their interaction only lasted like 2 seconds, he went away immediately. Not any worse than some guy hitting on a girl and she rejecting him, that's not harrassment.

Seulgifag, she's not half as hot or talented as you make her out to be… If you can't handle people not kissing her ass, then this is the wrong thread for you.

No. 69972

feels bad talking shit about someone who is in the hospital, but wendy isn't a great singer at all. not one that is deserving of the "main vocal" role

No. 69973

I agree. And definitely not as scandalous as Lee Jong Hyun touching random girls' butts kek

No. 69974

Tbh i only said that she is great because i feel bad for her. She's definitely #2 best vocal in rv though and that's saying much kek.

No. 69975

They’re not mad cause they want them for themselves, they only pretend to like gay interactions cause they’re fake woke

No. 69978

Huh? Kindly read the conversation above where it's debating if Seulgi is visual or not. We're talking non physical factors that lead idols to be perceived as beautiful even if they aren't technically. Tons of idols have this, in varying degrees, like Soyeon, Lisa, Eunha, Kei, V, all of Twice and on and on. Does this mean I'm "stanning" all these people? If you don't wish to contribute to the discussion, please do us a favor and fuck off.

It's trippy to watch the snsd Gee MV, notice how long their legs look? But they're average Korean idol height, more or less. It's crazy how it makes them seem so tall? Like an optical illusion.

No. 69979

Kpop fans are legitimately the lowest iq most developmentally stunted of any online group. If you believe this i feel bad for you. You think BTS don't act as though anyone can see them when in public? Especially in an airport? They aren't that dumb, plus this is what idols are trained for. Please get off twitter and stay in school.

Dangerous delusional ratmy newfag spotted. Get out while you're ahead, chica.

No. 69980

Someone’s aggressive and posts before catching up on all the other new posts

No. 69982

Jungkook is the common denominator here whether he nibbled on Jimincel and sniffed V's hair, I doubt V knew anything about what Junglebook was doing. JK has self-harmed before and is acting out a little with his tats, just confirms that he's a bit of an attention-seeker because he grew up under the paparazzi's spotlight. Sad because he could be a top male soloist but he does sometimes behave like he enjoys controversy. I used to think JK looked the best on stage among BTS but now his uncool ARMY hand tats make me laugh and detracts from his stage persona.

No. 69983

I think he genuinely doesn’t know how to behave and the others are humoring him. They probably treat him like a child.

No. 69984

I read every post. It's not a crime to react to something posted two hours ago. Even if they now see the light, the fact twitter stans even questioned it is terrifying. Reminds me of when instagram was new and a scary high number of people used follows & likes to determine who was sleeping with who. And these were legal adults who had jobs and drove cars and shit. It's a mad mad world man.

No. 69985

Apologies. Initially reading your first post it looked like you were being a dick to that anon despite them only saying what they had heard and clarifying that the didn’t believe the outlandish theories. Now I realize you meant “you” in a vastly different sense… yeah ratmys dumb fucks esp taekookers

No. 69986


Jikookers are even worse cause they’re more vocal, they think the relationship is “official” so they even put Jikook ads in public. All Kpop shippers are insane, being gay is no joke to them.

No. 69987

Why isn't she a good singer?

No. 69988

File: 1577718463075.jpeg (66.43 KB, 1280x720, C5ACD5FF-FCEC-4F5C-9B8D-67FDE0…)

Do you guys predict K-pop’s western popularity will increase, decrease, or plateau in 2020?

Maybe it’s just wishful thinking, but I predict if not next year it will diminish in the year after.

No. 69989

Like every trend, it already hit its peak and it's gonna go down from now on

No. 69990

I'm still not convinced that there is even western popularity in the GP. MAYBE they know some names, but we are far away from popularity.
Therefor it will most likely plateau, because the kpoppies will still go crazy (looking at you, ratmy…) and the rest doesn't care like always.

No. 69991

I always see vocalfags say she's the best 3rd gen vocalist.

No. 69993

I used to think she was good because of happiness and all but I've seen some live performances of her where she sings more difficult songs and her high notes sound terrible to me so idk but I still like her voice.

No. 69994

if the "vocalfags" youre reffering to are the youtubers who call themselves ~vocal coaches~, im pretty sure they'll all say the same thing to most kpop idols which is mostly sugarcoating their statements while describing each idol's voice in order to suck up to the kpoppies

No. 69995

Yeah, you’re right. I guess I was thinking along the lines of “when’s the next time I can open any given YouTube video and not see any BTS related comments?” But it doesn’t even matter irl.

2017-18 were already the worst

No. 69997

File: 1577720549286.jpg (1.29 MB, 768x1807, 222221_30b8e7dbb48b352e76460b7…)

I'm talking about kpopvocalanalysis.net and people who regurgitate their stuff.

No. 69999

File: 1577722001312.jpg (13.27 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

yeah people tend to forget that groups like super junior did weird sexual shit on stage constantly like this
including siwon who claims to be homophobic af

No. 70000

this list is fair i guess but there are a few i think should be moved up a little
i wonder if the people analyzing look at videos where idols sing on their own, cover songs and such instead of just the songs their group promotes?
because i feel kei, minah, choa and sojung should be higher

i do think they got snsd right though, i get sick of people saying jessica and tiffany are stronger singers than seohyun

No. 70001

did we watch the same video?

No. 70002

No. 70003

oh ok thanks

No. 70006


Seohyun and Jessica above Sunny? Nope. (imo)

No. 70007

File: 1577729121515.jpg (1.56 MB, 1440x2253, VVsJOce.jpg)


Cha Eunwoo, "I felt how much I was lacking through 'Rookie Historian Goo Hae-ryung'… I promise to grow" At least he's self aware because he is bad at acting.

No. 70010

Is hwasa really better than IU and lee hi?
i remember he changed the way rated them by not using terms such as "weak" anymore. i guess it's because ratmys and the rest didn't like that their talentless ~bias~ wasn't called a vocal prodigy.

No. 70012

File: 1577729550798.png (129.29 KB, 275x275, DdtncQHVQAAAHs_.jpeg.crop.fff.…)

Wendy is the Anne Hathaway of kpop, she's that annoying kid in drama class who gets way too into it and tries too hard, but is undeniably the biggest fish in the pond so she gets every choir solo and every lead role. Everyone is sick of her, but the spring musical will be a disaster without her so you're stuck.

They're referring to youtubers who make kpop content that panders to fans for clicks. Youtube can't be trusted, all creators are in bed with each other and won't trash talk their subjects. Reaction vids and so-called dance/vocal coaches analyzing idols should be taken with many, many grains of salt.

No. 70013

For kpop to become irrelevant again western pop would need to grab fans attention like it used to. I feel like a lot of western k-stans are using it as a substitute seeing as how lacklustre the western pop scene has been as of late .

No. 70014

>I feel like a lot of western k-stans are using it as a substitute seeing as how lacklustre the western pop scene has been as of late.
Imo it's because many young girls are fed up with the low standards of western male beauty. George Clooney is hailed as sex god, dad bods are supposedly hot, so teens jump at every remotely young and attractive guy (e.g. Tom Holland).
Plus with the recent trend of more and more men being into makeup, self care etc, kpop boys fit right into that trend. The metoo movement showed that male american celebs are scary, but a pastel haired >60kg k-idol can't hurt you. Male idols also act sweet, while many western men still think that women are into bad guys.
But I also think that there's more and more western celebrities who realized this, what girls are into and therefore try to also change themselves to fit that mold (e.g. Noah Centino).

No. 70015

And skinny Chalamet also fits that image and so many men are wondering what girls see in him lol

No. 70016

>>69997 is there a male version of this?

No. 70017

File: 1577734139617.jpg (871.32 KB, 604x1421, male ranking.jpg)

nta but yes and it's bs imo

No. 70018

Yeah he fits right into those standards he even got the ghostly pale skin, and koreans love him.

No. 70020

>>70017 thank you. of the ones I know I must say I mostly agree.. only Leo surprised me. is he that bad?

No. 70023

V is better than JK? I doubt it?

No. 70025

>Taemin proficient
>V and Jk better than Leo
Also somehow absolute nobodies that nobody ever heard of rank extremely high, and is Suju really so good? I never noticed their voices as anything special

No. 70026

kyuhyun and ryeowook seem about right, i always felt that they were on the forefront of male kpop singers.

though i remember the analyst stating that none of these idols could be considered really good, so i guess there is some level of awareness as to the fact that kpop often has lower standards because they tend to value ~visuals~ ~personality~ and ~cHaRiSmA~ over talent with few exceptions.

No. 70027

Agree with these anons, the Leo ranking is fucking bizarre

No. 70029

>Tfw outing myself as a Big Bang fag to complain about how Taemin is higher than Daesung and Taeyang is lower than visualdols
At least the girls ranking was decent

No. 70030

Wendy and Taeyeon better than Hyorin? lmao such bullshit

No. 70031

not a bbfag but asking myself exactly the same question.
im kinda guessing most was judged on not necessarily live vocals. they are rare but exist on youtube.

No. 70032

You don’t even have to watch past 10 seconds. Listen to how shockingly bad the first note sounded… yeesh

No. 70033

to be fair, hyorin wasn't in her best form in 2016, she ranked higher in older rankings iirc

No. 70034

only the vocal line is good honestly (kyuhyun ryeowook and yesung) the rest can't sing at all
a still view really shows how uncoordinated and boring this dance is. thought onces paradises how much harder their choreo got but it's so easy and plain

No. 70035

he said no idol was "great" (park hyoshin, naul etc.) by their terminology, kyuhyun is realistically still "really good", especially for a pop singer

No. 70036

I have no idea how Big Bang sound but as a former Taeminfag I can confirm that he's extremely weak. I don't even know most of those guys in that ranking but I always thought Leo is at the absolute top when it comes to idol vocals, he's constantly in musicals.
The rest of DBSK is also decent yet somehow didn't make the list…

No. 70037

No. 70038

i was surprised by how low yesung was ranked compared to kyuwook, i always got the feeling he was being shilled as the top vocalist of suju. but then i haven’t paid attention to them in years so idk.

No. 70039

When do y'all think Twice's talentless asses will finally flop? They're the definiton of lookism and I'm fed up.

No. 70040

>The rest of DBSK is also decent yet somehow didn't make the list…
their reasoning is
>We only analyze up to half of the vocalists in a group, and only the strongest half. If a group has 8 members but 4 are rappers, then we’ll only analyze up to half of the vocalists in that group. So in this case only up to 2/4 vocalists will be analyzed. If the vocalists in a group happen to be more vocally skilled and balanced, then more vocalists will be analyzed within a group, such as the case with SHINee, Brown Eyed Girls and Mamamoo.

No. 70042

this stuff from daesung and taemin is from 2014, thats nearly 6 years ago…. why bother posting it, if its that old? Def in need for an update.

No. 70043

so you think daesung got a lot better in the meantime?

No. 70044

i would be surprised if nothing has changed for either of them. not saying necessarily for the better. but come on, 6 years. at least write update: nothing has changed, they have had 0 improvement or something.

No. 70045

daesung's has been updated and for taemin he said this in the comments
>It’s kind of disappointing listening to this while keeping in mind how much more opened he was in 2014/2015. So no, no improvements and no changes to what’s already been established as the slight regression in his vocal habits.

No. 70047

>but I think your issue there might be that Taemin is, like, literally the only idol to ever get actual support from whoever manages him, I've only heard three of his solo songs but noticed they were all right in his range, no tricky ad libs or stylizing
then you should read their analyses again, this doesn't really matter that much

No. 70048

didnt scroll down for comments. read them now. thanks! xx

No. 70049

Thanks, you beat me. Folks can you please just read the analyses so this doesn't turn into 100 one-liner pissing comments?

Taeyang/Daesung were never good (I like them too but they just aren't, it's ok) but I think the issue might be Taemin is, like, literally the only idol to ever get actual support from his co, I've only heard 3 of his solo songs but noticed they were all right in his range, no tricky ad libs or stylizing, not wordy. Ditto for bts Jin's solo piano song.

Kpop already cares so little about the music, we all know, but then vocals are the thing they care about the absolute least within that, i could rant on but I'll just say in the normal music world singers select songs based on their ability, what works for their voice; high notes & ad libs are scaled down for live shows; keys are changed; songs are rearranged. Kpop doesn't do any of this shit and it's borderline abusive. Esp for the girls, they force them to sing songs that are completely wrong for them, then they get to deal with all the criticism from knetz? it's just so wrong.

No. 70051

It does. Song choice is crucial. In any more traditional slice of the western recording industry, jimincel's handlers would drop keys, omit parts, fuck with the melody, eliminate high notes. Instead fans suffer through the sound of a bleating goat being strangled, then he gets all sad and prob takes a bunch more laxatives cuz muh feelings are hurt. He's my least favorite idol and look at me caping, kek that just shows you how major this issue is and no one ever calls it out.

No. 70052

but he's also unable to sing stuff in his "comfortable" range well, so he'd still get shat on by that website

No. 70053

dating scandal for a popular member duh. sidenote have you seen the thing about sana and suho being the new year's couple

No. 70054

on tv they have to be covered due to korea's broadcasting regulations (its seen as adult content), reason why he's been having tape on them in public appearances

No. 70055

Ntayrt but omg, do you think the source is credible?
When Jihyo’s relationship with Kang Daniel was revealed, male knetz said they’d only care if Nayeon or Sana were dating.

No. 70056

From my understanding Leo has decent pitch and is able to hit the notes he has to sing, but the way he hits those notes is technically really bad.

No. 70057

Taemin is a weak singer. Leo is like 1000 times better and has more range than taemin. All Taemin songs are in the same range because he can't sing higher.

No. 70065

read the analyses and address their points. having a semitone wider (g2-b5 vs. b2-e6) range doesn't make leo a better singer when he can't even sing a single note with proper breathe support.

No. 70068

Sounded fine to me

No. 70070

lololol no

not a taeminfag but his improvement from debut to now probably the most a idol has improved

No. 70073

Agreed. Just because taemin is better tham he was at debut doesn't mean he's good kek he's still shit.

No. 70074

oh my god, here we go with the vocal faggots

No. 70075

Yeah suddenly everyone here is an armchair vocal expert

No. 70078

But who gives a damn about technique? I just want to hear high notes. Most westen artists also have crap technique but have big vocal ranges which is the only thing I care about. Better than taemins monotone shit songs which sound all the same. And this list is total bullshit when jaejoong is ranked lower taemin and the crap bts singers higher than leo.

No. 70086

lol high notes.. that’s all you care about….

No. 70087

Nta but I think a solid pleasant voice that's easy on the ears is more important

No. 70089


that is much better than a screaming jimincel

No. 70090

Normally I'd agree but these are dark times we're living in, thousands of teens unironically think Rose and Jimin's forced, breathy sheep voices are not only not-bad, but good .. and then even not only good, but suitable for a Coachella main stage or sold-out Wembley? Every vocalfag convo helps get the msg out there a little bit, at least I hope kek

Yeah this comment is mega cringe by itself but also, more generally, kpop's obsession with high notes is so embarrassing and dated. That hasn't been a thing since the 90s adult contemporary divas like Whitney, Mariah, Celine Dion where they all stuck to the classic pop song structure with the high note at the end after a key change. Pop has evolved so much, literally no one should be seeking out something as old and cliche as tHaT eNdiNg hiGh nOtE

No. 70098

File: 1577768199252.jpg (1.72 MB, 2896x2231, 20191231_061908.jpg)

I was browsing through twicetagram and suho's ig, seems to me they've been flirting through insta like baek and taeyeon did…like in the picture. Roughly translated Sana's caption is something along the lines of "1500 happy days" etc and suho's is "that's just a beginning" and the demon emoji

No. 70099

Everyone is saying Dispatch is going to out them dating so we just have to wait and see. I really hope it's true, I would love to see all the delusional "Sana is gay" onces crying and having to face the fact she only queerbaits for male attention.

No. 70103

Cant wait for that to happen honestly…exo-ls will have a mini meltdown but it'll cool off soon. If it was about a more popular member like baekhyun or chanyeol it would be x1000 worse lol

No. 70104

Exo-Ls aside I want to see Sana's deranged male fans absolutely lose their shit…watching grown men be sad about their Kpop waifu getting a BF will never not be funny

No. 70105

Sana is too tall for Suho She’s 168cm and He’s 170cm… that looks weird tbh when the male is shorter/same/almost same height as the female

No. 70106

> If it was about a more popular member like baekhyun or chanyeol it would be x1000
Would it? Baekhyun already had one and kai had 2 but the fallout wasnt that bad

No. 70107

Imagine all the neckbeards on r/kpopfap… mass suicides kek

No. 70113

File: 1577776161979.jpg (36.13 KB, 739x415, images.jpeg-7.jpg)

I think it's pretty common though. It would be like him and yoona when standing side by side. i don't think it's weird at all.

No. 70114

But won't suho get hate for dating a japanese girl?

No. 70115

File: 1577777834926.png (333.86 KB, 750x1334, B04414AA-511C-4F8A-8FAA-4D19F9…)

I think this is the most accurate way to measure gg popularity outside of sk, congrats to bp Lmao twice btfo with their entire discography vs 9 songs

No. 70116

Please let it be true, that would be glorious lmao
She always does gross lesbo fanservice, all neckbeard otakus dream about having her, but in the end she goes for an exo member who was born into a wealthy family.
You really thought she'd take your poor and old hairy fatass? kek

But they'd probably pretend to have never cared about her anyway and Nayeon will gain even more solo stans. Or they act as if he's not good enough for her, that she could have easily gotten an actor, but dear Sana-chan is a kboo bg fangirl.

No. 70117

>I think this is the most accurate way to measure gg popularity outside of sk
>shittle is in the top 5
Please tell me you're joking and you're not genuinely that fucking stupid lmaoooo this isn't accurate at all

No. 70118

Yeah the suho stuff would be funny

But can y’all imagine if she dated some big black man tho kek

No. 70119

Get out, eurasiantiger.

No. 70120

I wonder if they'll criticize him for dating a Japanese woman though (if it's true and if they're the dispatch couple)

No. 70122

Is changmin and his girlfriend the new year couple or not? They have made an official statement about that just yesterday

No. 70123

No, dispatch couples are celebrity x celebrity

No. 70125

Lee Hi is leaving YG

I guess 2020 will be the year YG finally goes bankrupt

No. 70126

Amen to that. I hope everyone else will follow.

No. 70127

Cha Eunwoo won an Excellence Award at the '2019 MBC Drama Awards'. His acting is shitty. Seems like you can be as talentless as you want when you look good. The society in south korea is so shitty.

No. 70128

It's not really about talent or looks but about Rookie Historien being the highest rated show on MBC this year.

No. 70131

>g-islam in the top 5

No. 70135

Is that a typo why are they known as G-islam?

No. 70142

Nta but maybe because of the Middle Eastern theme and imagery they’ve used in the past like in Hann

No. 70143

its supposed to be a joke about all the cultural appropriation they got accused of, kinda tasteless in my opinion

No. 70144

she should've left a long time ago, when her voice wasn't ducked from yg's 'training'
why would they flirt through social media when they can meet irl? that's risky as hell. this would definitely be the end of twice (at least as the top gg) if its true. exols will probably hate on sana just like they hated taeyeon and krystal.

No. 70145

>>70098 If you're this retarded, how did you even manage to find lolcow?

No. 70152

If the dating rumors are true sana fucked up her whole career. She is not talented enough for a dating scandal. She can't sing and can't dance. Her male fans only like her for her stage persona and the delusion that they could date her.

No. 70154


Anyone seen this tiktok that’s been circulating? I’d be too embarrassed to go outside if I had this….. ratmys are something else

No. 70155

File: 1577804195530.png (138.41 KB, 957x735, Screenshot (106).png)

Jesus Christ! Why would she do that to herself?!
Oh well, just saw that her name is "singlemom420"

Similar cringe, at first I even thought this must be a new copypasta…

No. 70158

Kek they are totally rubbing it in Cube's face with that square jail cell.

No. 70159

Learn to read. It's (supposedly based) on Spotify listens. If it took everything into consideration do you really think EXID would be up there? Chill the fuck out

No. 70160

Goddamn, I found his usual blonde-haired meth head look repulsive, but he gets uglier and uglier with each passing month, if that's possible.

No. 70161

The fucking grinding… who thought that was a good idea?

No. 70163

Article: "Provocative Couple Performance" Hyuna ♥ Dawn's surprise collabo [2019 Gayo Daejejun]
Source: Mydaily via Nate

1. [+1,611, -67] Even if they are a real couple, what was with this performance? On a year-end show that everyone's watching with their families? ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Quite shocking.

2. [+1,459, -73] This is a mating performance, not a singing performance ㅠ

4. [+135, -3] I felt embarrassed watching this with my parents. I had to wake up my sleeping dog and pretend to play fetch.

10. [+85, -2] Were they not able to reserve any hotel rooms because it's the year-end? Why do it on stage like this?

14. [+53, -1] Crazy… on public broadcast?

15. [+45, -2] I was watching this with my in-laws… super embarrassing

11. [+84, -2] Sigh, I knew this would happen. Everyone already knows that they're lovers, did they need to choose a concept like this and take it this far? ㅡㅡ They're both great dancers so they could've showed a stage that shows that off instead of all these sexual acts, rubbing up against each other ㅡㅡ They looked so low class and boring.

No. 70165

I, a very sexually liberated, un-modest and sex positive person, could not have cringed harder. Too much.

Hyuna is lucky her career didn’t tank as much as it could have cause of her scandal, they need to tread lightly

No. 70166

If Hyuna ever breaks up with Edawn she's going to face the same backlash Sulli got after breaking up with Choiza, SK is an unforgiving hellhole.

No. 70171

Ok but what’s with the Ronald McDonald getup

No. 70174

I'm curious to be honest, Hyuna has gotten this far with everything. The only thing I think that will actually bring her down is if she was accused of doing drugs, honestly. Hell, she literally showed her ass live on stage one time. No other female idol would have done that and stayed mainstream.

No. 70178

Why are kpop awards shows so shitty? Like I can't believe this or the chungha/hwasa dance were performed on an AWARDS SHOW

No. 70179

The Sana x Suho shit is so forced and a reach. Anyway, as if the Twice members don’t have individual secret instagrams. Why would they “flirt” using her groups official account.

No. 70187

who the fuck styled edawn? he looks like an anime character and not in a good way

No. 70190

do any of these people ever watch performances from other countries? why do they act so shock and awed by some fucking grinding, especially considering male groups big bang and shinee had extremely sexual performances all through their careers

No. 70191

The fact that some of these people are engaged (and I expect adults) also makes me laugh lmao. It's uncomfortable to watch but it's nothing that's really pushing the lines.

If anything, the grinding just looks shit but so do female adults 'twerking'

No. 70192

its really crazy to me, like they live in a whole different world

No. 70193

This. I’ve always wondered about the appeal when it comes to her. She’s a half-decent performer, can’t sing, and looks completely botched. Is the “empowered female who doesn’t give any fucks” act really that appealing to her audience? Even for men—she comes across as so trashy that I’m surprised there’s any appeal, especially in a country where men seem to prefer the more aloof and feminine idols who better fit the beauty standards.

No. 70196

File: 1577836790111.gif (1.55 MB, 300x197, nmycVM4.gif)

lol i dont think ive ever seen so many negative comments on a taeyeon article on allkpop before


i hope she doesnt kill herself tho

No. 70199

File: 1577838417337.jpg (89.16 KB, 720x1155, ENJ5aaPU4AE8aaD.jpg)

Uhh guys? Should we be worried? I know some idols are ugly and talentless but I don't want any of them to get killed

No. 70200

wtf is this

No. 70202

it's been apparently deleted a few minutes afterward, i've seen people wondering if it's meant toward the stalker

No. 70203

My first thought was that it's about Josh (the Nayeon stalker).
In any case, this is very concerning. I'm not a fan of Twice at all, but creepy sasaengs need to piss off.

No. 70204

Whoever allowed that part of “fan” culture become normalised seriously fucked up because now idols have to be scared of being in public.

No. 70205

is there really nothing JYP can do about that guy? people keep saying they can't because he technically hasn't done anything but idk. JYP isn't some tiny agency with no connections.

No. 70206

im sure they've pretty much done what they can do already with stepping up security and such

he hasnt broken any laws
now, if he were smoking marijuana or spreading false rumors online, they could get him because thats all they care about in korea kek

No. 70208

K i think the guy whose account that is, calls himself singlemom 420 as a joke? The cop chick in the vid he supposedly ran into in what looks like a gas station? Idk how tiktok works i might be wrong but that's what it looks like. That tattoo is…wow. idk if I'm entertained or horrified.

No. 70211

>>70196 are kboos rly that thick, depression can fuckin happen to anyone and everyone. i like to shit on idols but illnesses are illnesses tf

No. 70212

if you look at the amount of downvotes on the positive comments, it looks like an orchestrated thing tbh
some seatard that doesnt like taeyeon for whatever reason figured out how to make multiple profiles

i dont even like her but thats what it looks like to me

No. 70213

No. 70214

it's possible hara killed herself because her ex boyfriend wanted to appeal and drag it out in court?

No. 70215

it's definitely orchestrated since it's always about ~20-25 downvotes. maybe some twitter group chat of a jessica fan did this since the comments praising her and putting down taeyeon have the most upvotes. pretty sick imo.

No. 70216

File: 1577846151716.png (36.94 KB, 898x195, mess.png)

this is all so bizarre I can't believe it. is his family really funding him while he does all this shit?

No. 70217

So he WAS on the plane what the FUCK kek holy shit.

No. 70218

just because we dont explicitly know that theyre doing anything, doesnt mean they're doing nothing. gathering evidence takes time, building a case takes time, police investigations take time, legal procedures take time. especially if you want to actually get something done as opposed to wasting time and money. whichever route they decide to take, im sure theyll put up a statement about it after its already a done deal.

No. 70219

well if this is true, this is serious and he is very obviously a danger and needs to be removed

hope he gets deported

No. 70220

if this is true i mean

No. 70221

imagine being so inept at protecting idols that you allow someone who you have already had issues with literally stalking your members and approaching them in vulnerable situations, somehow hitch a fucking flight from japan to korea that just so happens to be the same plane the idols are on

this makes no damn sense

No. 70223

File: 1577846872540.png (82.23 KB, 1039x530, 1577846733041.png)

kek he literally thinks he is a god or something

the only cure for someone like this is a bullet but since this is in korea, they probably wont do anything until he physically attacks someone

iirc they didnt even press charges against the guy who dragged taeyeon off stage, because he was "ill

No. 70225

hyuna was an it girl of the 2nd gen so i think nostalgia plays a part. bubble pop was a huge hit. she was also an original member of wonder girls and featured in gangnam style.

No. 70226

blame taeyeon and baekhyun for making kpop fans think all their idols are communicating through instagram

No. 70227

File: 1577848593665.jpg (377 KB, 1785x2500, 1577848217850.jpg)

i genuinely think chaeyoung is…slow

No. 70228

File: 1577849719243.jpg (115.04 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

So apparently a saesang illegally sold the information on what flights Twice was taking to stalker. They're now taking legal action against him. This is getting kinda toasty.


No. 70229

File: 1577849880103.jpeg (16.41 KB, 231x240, 496B5BBD-F674-4137-BE6F-7138A1…)

I’m getting japanese ronald mcdonald vibes

this neckbeard has to be from a rich family.

No. 70230

File: 1577849919685.jpg (269 KB, 1080x1122, 1577849388504.jpg)


his parents own a jewelry store in germany apparently

No. 70232

I believe it happens a lot especially to boyband idols, Jonghyun even did a skit parodying sasaeng behavior. But I think agencies ignore female sasaengs and treat male sasaengs as a real threat because they are rarer and actually bodily threats to female idols

No. 70239

No need to drag SEA every freaking time. If anything, they loved taeyeon so much (or too much) that the 2017 airport tragedy happened to her. Just stop dragging race when it has no relation to the topic whatsoever.

No. 70241

Lmao I was going through the #NewYearsRockinEve hashtag and saw someone ask if bts stood for "barely tolerable sound".
I also saw some tweets saying they were surprised at how terrible the "whisper singing group" bts is kek

No. 70242

These tweets are great in juxtaposition with those "omg who are these bts guys?""who's the one with blue hair?" fake tweets/comments from armys that other armys eat up.

No. 70243

File: 1577854079001.png (277.37 KB, 1125x940, image1.png)

Ratmys are mad.

No. 70244

well he didn't lie. I don't know why V bothered to renew his contract when he looks clocked out half the time.
this guy is so delusional it's almost sad. he needs to be locked up or something before he moves onto someone else without any of the security or resources jyp has.

No. 70247

File: 1577856750030.jpeg (76.66 KB, 640x582, 5c577071f242b.jpeg)

you all should watch Korean television. They literally censor the slightest bit of blood and a lot of shit.

Sometimes I wonder if her "don't give a fuck" attitude works for her, Sunmi and Yubin are from Wondergirls too and tried that too but they came off more insecure than confident compared to Hyuna. Maybe it's a personality thing.

Anyways, happy new year stans, non-stans, former stans, newfags, haters, antis, akages, sasaengs femcels, incels, yoongis, jimincels, ratmies, dykes, faggots, etc.

We may all hate each other, but let's wish for a new year full of more scandals and dramas to top this past one. 2019 was a roller coaster like never before. What tinfoils/happenings are you all expecting this year?

No. 70248


No. 70249

It's not that I want this to happen but somebody pretty much confirmed that lee sooman is involved with the rothschilds/prob also a freemason/~illuminati~ so another sm artist will die sometime in the next 2-3 years
Maybe even this year
Shit like the freemasons happen in threes cuz numerology

Let's see if I'm wrong

No. 70250

File: 1577859781833.jpg (60.75 KB, 420x420, GBBmLar.jpg)


This may be insane tinfoil but Shinee had a song called Lucifer where they did the "as above, so below" pose where you point up and down at the same time. I think they also do it in the Sherlock MV.

I'm not a full Vigilant Citizen conspiracy theorist but I couldn't help but notice it.

No. 70251

Magic does not exist but I know a lot of filthy rich people so detached from reality they believe in strange superstitions and get scammed by fung shui and spiritualists.
Even JYP's in a cult lmao

No. 70252

Christ, ratmon looks so fucking plastic in the vid he just posted on twitter. This might be the worst he's ever looked. https://twitter.com/BTS_twt/status/1212252401727680512

No. 70254

Magic 100% does exist anon

No. 70255

You can see the snow filter slipping off especially around the chin. rm job is so ugly

No. 70256

It was funny until you had to ask. For the love of god learn to use google, it ain't that hard

I think theyre trolling or just very young. At least as young as all those "I'm a 45-yr-old white male American cardiologist and I love those boys!" btshit "fans"

Finally a voice of reason itt. Last week someone thought SM should be suing KBS on behalf of Wendy after, like, 24 hrs. Obviously they're investigating but it's best not to advertise it. The girls really shouldn't have posted that ig story (tho i understand that type of impulsive posting, it just wasn't smart)

I hate that I know what all those words mean…but hey i really liked your post, and obviously I don't want nayeon harmed but this is some pretty milky shit to take us into the new year, dear lord of kpop pls keep twice safe but also let some major shit pop off so twice stan twitter has a total meltdown, kAmSaHamNiDa & amen.

No. 70257

File: 1577864804671.jpeg (185.34 KB, 991x1394, ENI_fcXXYAAUCkZ.jpeg)

How dare you call him plastic when creatures like this exist? Lmao
But ratmon is really tipping his head backwards 24/7 to create the illusion of having at least somewhat a chin, if you're so insecure why don't you get it fixed?

No. 70259

I got shit on a few days ago for this but I'll say it again, and proudly, RM and his arrogant smirk is triggering af, he doesn't even try to seem humble or grateful and he's always jutting out his chin like that, is there a reason? There are lots of borderline underbites in kpop like GF sinb & yerin, bp rose, early taeyeon, maybe ryujin or hwasa, but is it just his face or does he do that on purpose, if so why?

An anon suggested his weird blonde mullet at (mma? mama?) was to distract from recent ps, I agree because i doubt he or his stylist really wanted that terrible hair for him, but im bad at spotting ps. What did he get done?

No. 70260

File: 1577866831014.jpg (321 KB, 1280x960, dc8725b1b4322ac960f7fecfe73922…)

Another good shot of Jhope and Rat kek But Jin also looks like an old turtle.
I bet they hate american photographers who don't filter the shit out of their faces.

No. 70261

But could it be possible this stalker of Nayeon is just some PR stunt for getting her name out there more?

No. 70262

She’s the most popular member of Twice. Twice is the most popular girl group. What’s the need?

No. 70263

jhopes forehead looks like it’s made of putty that was just mashed into a blob and stuck on his head

No. 70264

More popularity isn't a bad thing. It may make TWICE look even better in the eyes of the general public as well as JYP(how good he's at protecting them and how much suffering they go through because they're so cool).
Idk, I find it sketchy that the stalker suddenly came out of nowhere with an youtube channel telling us his every step ahead of time. And he hasn't been violent or anything.
I may be wrong but he looks like he's paid to do that to me.

No. 70265

seeing their american pics is always kinda funny because of how different they look

No. 70266

BTS genuinely look tired, Jungkook looks older than his peers and Jhope Suga and Jin are giving off ajusshi vibes.

Feel sorry for them tbh, unlike EXO, SNSD, Twice, Suju etc who can take it easy since they are part of an established company, BTS have to maximize revenue for another 8 years under Bigshit who will squeeze them dry to fund Bang PD's Big 3 ambitions. I totally understand why some of them thought of not re-signing in 2018.

No. 70267

My initial response was no, if anything it's all a big prank or scheme on HIS part (the stalker), like some elaborate viral marketing thing, or promotion for some project or something of his

But then I thought, that sure is weird he found his way onto that flight, i mean what are the chances, there have to be tons of flights Korea>/<Japan right? And I thought sasaengs kept all their info secret as possible, why else be a sasaeng? No sasaeng would deliberately sic this guy on them would they? They'd be just as liable if found out.

And the guy is German and speaks English. Nothing weird there, plenty of Europeans know English esp in Germany, but if jype was trying to get attention of "western" populations or news outlets, well, they kinda nailed it.

And it is weird how detailed this guy has been on youtube, reddit, twitter. Who describes every step like that, esp a guy who supposedly has such genuine intentions toward her and doesn't want to be seen as a bad guy? And those early posts, about killing female streamers who don't accept the advances of fans or whatever, are almost a lil too perfect. Why weren't those discovered among a lonnng history of posts in other subs regarding random topics like gaming, travel, cooking etc just normal shit ppl discuss on reddit. Also if the dude is so certain he's in the right, why is he describing every minute of this epic for all these people who are against him.

No. 70270

Maybe Dispatch decided to troll everyone by not releasing a couple dude to the backlash they got for being evil privacy invaders.

Dispatch won the argument by proving that there are lots of thirsty Knetz there are demanding gossip.

No. 70271

not to disappoint the sanasuhofags here but dispatch hasnt still revealed their new years couple. any speculations as to why/who will it be?

No. 70272

i know its unlikely but i wish it was bts maknae line dating a western celeb to see the butthurt stans kek

No. 70273

File: 1577873793388.jpg (59.62 KB, 750x654, IMG_0346.JPG)

Reminds me of this meme again

No. 70274

Bts is protected by dispatch for now so I don't think we'll hear from them anytime soon. Maybe it's an actor-actress couple this time…

No. 70275

This is pretty wild, who said that? I'm surprised anyone who's not a fan would notice just bc American non-fans can't tell apart any kpop group members, it's just a mass of generic "asian" with crazy hair to them

Go back to the mma/mama thing when they played a clip scanning over all their faces, they were all kinda smiling or at least looking pleasant then V was at the very end hella serious looking. I'm still LITERALLY SHOCKED they used that footage, it's like they were trying to call him out instead of getting the look they needed from him for that bit, or editing it later

No. 70276

Im confused, does there have to be one? If they're required to have one, I can see it being fake or being planned like suho/sana (very fake, obviously planted ig comments) bc if people are expecting one but they don't have an organic one, then…?

Is this real not shooped? Is this why he juts out his chin all the time? Idg why he doesn't get an implant, isn't he a millionaire or close?

No. 70277

That’s what I was wondering as well, like if they don’t have one what happens, do they make one up?

No. 70278

It’s probably his brand now, looking serious and mysterious lol. Why are you guys sure it’s organic?

No. 70284

I really dislike this but thinking about it… ehhh.

It's odd to me that they posted on Instagram (?) telling him to go away as I expect the first step for them would be to simply ignore him, not acknowledge his presence.

No. 70285

Interesting question bc I'm always the one saying nothing any idol does is organic, heh. I'm not sure by any means but he's clearly deviating from the desired mood/vibe needed from the group at certain times, he's pretty blatantly not following instructions from directors & choreographers. If the whole group is looking happy/hopeful, like in the clip i mentioned or mikro cosmos, and hes not, well… Also that tweet above, if it's true, i mean if a non-bts fan is noticing, hes obviously acting however he's feeling with no regard for how it looks.

I kinda like this tho. Officially BTS doesn't need bighit, bighit needs them, and I can see them getting away with a whole lotta shit now. Junglebook's tattoos were child's play, I want a sex/hooker scandal sooo bad haha

Yeah I thought all idol IGs were supervised closely, this is also why the sana/suho thing is such BS. I really can't believe theyd be allowed to post something so impulsively, then told to delete it, that just draws more attention to it. I could see that being planned.

But seriously i feel kinda bad now, if he's for reals and nayeon ends up murdered.

No. 70286

File: 1577880462294.png (27.21 KB, 680x327, ENLxOL7U8AAcAUQ.png)

Stakers be crazy

No. 70288

Also agree with the other anon that it's odd how public he is being. Even the other sasaengs hardly ever become so public and seem to sell info on a bit of a low-down.

On another note, I think people are being dumb by paying attention and engaging with this person since it simply edges him on. Just like Twice shouldn't engage with him because it would encourage him.

No. 70289

yeah, this is why i don't get why they allegedly resigned bc if they left and started their own company, their fans would follow them, not bighit. and they would be able to do things on their own terms and not be overworked etc etc. so it seems like a shitty deal

No. 70295

>>70288 Maybe it's because he's not a "kpop fan" he just saw Nayeon's photos and fell in love with her, not even liking her music. So he probably doesn't know and doesn't care what sasaengs do, cause he thinks he's not one of them.

No. 70296

Maybe it had a twice member and they’re holding off revealing it due to the sensitive situation with the stalker? I’m not even a sanasuho shipper but it’s my best guess why.
I hope self-righteous moralfags didn’t ruin the tradition with the “Dispatch needs to lay off the private life of celebs!” activism. Irl milk curdlers.

No. 70297

Tinhatting but it would be funny if it’s Nayeon

No. 70299

Maybe it was Wendy but Dispatch held off because it'd be pretty fucking low of them to expose her while she's in hospital with a shattered jaw and pelvis?

Wendy by herself is pretty unknown in Korea but maybe her BF is someone famous

No. 70300

love how he is exposing how little control idols have over their lives and how much manipulation goes on.

No. 70302

Thought so too someone from rv and twice. Still weird that they don't have anu backup couples tho it'a obvs there is a shit ton of celebrities secretly dating

No. 70303

I thought it was Changmin from TVXQ and his non-celebrity girlfriend

No. 70304

Apparently the couple has to be celebrity with celebrity

No. 70305

Sorry to be such an autist, does there have to be one? It's understandable if it's not happening bc it's from rv or twice, or really any group that had major issues this year – momoland, stray kids, anyone close to sulli/hara? Itzy going ana? (just kidding) I hate watch idols just as much as all of you but I'm not a monster kek.

Would be kinda funny if this is true, it means kpop is so fucked up rn they can't even keep their tmz rumor mill afloat

No. 70306

Many of their songs are composed by foreigners, they would surely follow them as well. And Bighit isn't powerful enough to freeze them out like SM did with Jyj, everybody would be on their side.
I find it mind-baffling how many fans praise Bighit and just "forget" some of the shit they pulled (or maybe they're so young/new that they don't know anything?), e.g. them complaining about their manager calling them fat or a manager threatening to hit them. Just imagine if they talked about that on american tv, Bighit would be over.
Their new contracts must be extremely good…

No. 70307

It's probably not worth it if you put on paper considering big hit owns all brands related to bts. They would have a lot of work to recreate everything from the ground up like their line characters etc

No. 70308

I think an idol (especially female and not that relevant ) with a older, well-known male actor would stir the most shit up, or someone from bts or twice.
Otherwise, people don't give that much fuck. But I don't think they'll release anything, at least not today.

No. 70309

they didnt expose anyone in 2017 either. its completely possible they got paid off, arent revealing out of respect, or just dont have anything this year

No. 70310

Twice is obviously given some freedom with their instagram otherwise the sana japan scandal wouldn't have happened

No. 70311

they always have. mostly sm…for obvious reasons.

No. 70312

Korean media is talking about momo and heechul dating rn

No. 70313

Isn't he a bit too old for her? He's 36 and she's 23 according to wikipedia.

No. 70314

people were actually talking about that when the daniel/jihyo news came out. that would be so gross… definitely casts him in a different light. i do get the feeling sometimes when watching knowing bros/man on a mission/whatever that the good guy act is just that

No. 70315

100% agree. he was recording itzy’s performance at one of the year end shows and stan twitter thought it was endearing. i know we’ve talked before about how heechul’s flamboyant personality is an act and how it’s common for korean men to creep on young girls, but it’s still so gross.

No. 70319

Heechul is widely known as a flirt on Knowing Brothers. Most men in Kpop or Kcelebs even the botched uggos like Nam Taehyun or Zico are flirts/fuckbois like everywhere else, IDK why people are shocked. It's what attracts men to enter showbiz, they get to hang with pretty ladies and have groupies.

No. 70321

and sasaengs for handjobs. kek

No. 70322

I was mildly grossed out when I learned about his "crush" on Sohee and how he used to leave comments on her forums as a fan because he was in his 20s and she was barely 15-16 back then

His "looking out" for girl groups has always given me a weird feeling because of the girls getting younger and younger….all of Itzy were born in the 2000s ffs

No. 70323

what gets me is how a women would want to be with a guy that has a thing for minors.

No. 70324

I'm out of the loop, wdym by it's pretty much confirmed that he's a freemason? And do y'all actually believe in the Illuminati kek
The point of Knowing Bro's was to help a bunch of male celebrities with tarnished reputations get back into the lime light so I would be disappointed/grossed out, but not suprised.

No. 70325

kinda off topic and forgive me for the stan twitterism but whats the tea on those men? i think hodong is a really nice, fair person for idols to bounce off of so that would disappoint me. youngchul was kinda racist to lisa in bp's episode so that wouldn't be surprising to me. sangmin is the other one i like. i know one of them (soogeum?) was accused of raping a woman with his manager

No. 70326

kyunghoon had a tax evasion scandal and was really overweight at one point
everyone thought heechul was gay
janghoon had a divorce scandal
sangmin got charged for running an illegal gambling website and also had a divorce scandal
those are the ones i remember off head so correct me if i missed anything

No. 70327

nta but hodong is an unlikable old man with anger issues, and enough idols have stated how he's basically a nightmare to work with, and that he doesn't really acknowledge them until they get more famous.
I don't know why so many creepy, rude men get to be on almost all korean tv shows, like the dude from radio star. They're not even funny or anything.

No. 70328

if korea passes that law to ban criminals from tv, they’re gonna have to cancel the show kek. never knew that kyunghoon got into a tax scandal though

No. 70329

ah that really sucks about hodong, i'll have to look that up later :/ and yeah i was thinking about doni and coni or whatever they're called on idol room who actually hit female idols and stuff… they seem horrible ON SCREEN, imagine how they are off it(:/)

No. 70330

Kang Hodong acted so rude and racist towards a japanese(!) singer, that all korean(!) netizens defended him, demanded an apology and got that show taken off air.

He might act nice on Knowing Bros, but all guests claiming he was super scary a couple years back certainly isn't just a joke.
Plus, he sometimes says misogonistic things about/to his wife and then acts as if he's just joking.

No. 70331

Isn't Heechul in a long-term relationship with a man?

No. 70332

heechul is as gay as taemin.

No. 70333

If heechul and momo really are dating that's so weird af.

No. 70334

File: 1577903441533.jpeg (44.35 KB, 400x539, download.jpeg)

It's more of an assumption that he's a freemason, i honestly wouldnt be suprised

anyways the rothschilds are the own everything type of old money and are connected to that retarded ass cult sooo

No. 70336

File: 1577903887781.jpeg (174.27 KB, 750x947, 7D5DBB39-B028-4A1B-9F76-00CC56…)


No. 70337

its a copypasta. gross tho.

No. 70338

What kind of stuff has he said about his wife?

No. 70339

File: 1577905508793.png (752.95 KB, 1080x1667, 17773726617182.png)

Armys are mad lmao

No. 70340

commentators tear performances apart all the time but ofc when it’s bts it’s automatically racism

No. 70341

File: 1577906861442.jpeg (300.12 KB, 828x653, BDEAA0FB-DC73-4A3F-8E3D-A9E172…)

No. 70343

>But then I thought, that sure is weird he found his way onto that flight, i mean what are the chances, there have to be tons of flights Korea>/<Japan right? And I thought sasaengs kept all their info secret as possible, why else be a sasaeng? No sasaeng would deliberately sic this guy on them would they?
You think the people who sell flight information actually care about who they're selling it too…? Its so easy to buy it they don't give a fuck

No. 70348

File: 1577908363945.jpg (1.36 MB, 750x2457, 2q8qoi1.jpg)

Some skim milk to start out with a lean diet for the year.

Someone comments on AsianJunkie's end of the year summary
>I don't want to be mean but I think these ever present, in your face ads you have on the site definitely pay a lot so saying you are not paid and you do this just for fun is a bit… One nice change would be to at least reduce the ads, it would definitely improve the site. I mean, if you are doing it just for fun why this level of terrible ads, right? Just a thing for you to mull over, I'm not trying to be a troll or something, I like your site. Happy new year.

Then the user suggests nonintrusive ads that doesn't redirect to malware as an alternative with some users agreeing. Nothing too bad, right? AJ chimps out with a new post (pic related) and the comment section is complete asskissing. AJ is one of the more tolerable (and literate) k-pop sites and makes some points. But making a spergy rant article was hella retarded.

No. 70349

Ratmy are pathetic, especially since he said that because V was being his usual useless self

No. 70351

why couldn't they have just said disrespectful why does not enjoying bts have to be racist?

No. 70352

They always make out criticism against BTS to be because of racism. Boy bands aren't popular amongst the general public in the west, One Direction also used to get made fun of. They'll always pin it on racism though because they think there's nothing to criticise so people MUST be racist if they don't like BTS.