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File: 1572823045190.jpg (17.57 MB, 600x609, xLba24s.jpg)

No. 61000

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No. 61003

arent gifs not allowed??

No. 61004

File: 1572823429203.jpg (52.79 KB, 1001x751, 1572819473-ccc.jpg)

choa has made her first appearance in 2 years since leaving aoa
she looks healthy, probably a whole lot moreso after leaving idoldom

No. 61008

Last thread an anon said gidle is just a stepping stone for Soyeon's solo career and I agree, it's really obvious for anyone who isn't a mindless stan

I don't think she'll be successful after they disband tho. Afaik Yuqi does pretty well in china and Minnie has her thai stans, the other girls are completely forgettable. Soyeon could go the LE route and be a producer but she seems to really enjoy being in the public's eye

No. 61011

Didnt people say how botched she looked like after leaving aoa?

No. 61012

Choa looks kinda different? Glad she is happy now, she had tons of fanboys which is mustve been disturbing.

No. 61013

my guess is that gidle will disband, she’ll get her eyes cut, get super hyped as a solo by ifans, get 500k views after two weeks, have two more comebacks, then disappears or goes the producer route

No. 61015

>>61008 G-idle's tracks = Soyeon & pals, her raps take centrestage everytime which isn't very interesting.

>>61013 Cube will find a way to fuck it up like they did with Hyuna, don't worry.

No. 61016

Even though Soyeon definitely is given the stand out parts in all songs and performances, it never seems like the group is Soyeon + the others, for me at least. Some of the others may be forgettable but they can at least make faces and act properly in the MV, like they have a role.

Compared to Blackpink, everyone says it Jennie and the girls because the other girls don't stand out at all imo. Yeah Rose might be able to yodel and Lisa can dance but do they have any stage presence? The past two mvs Jisoo just stared at the camera and spoke her lines.

I wonder why more international fans don't call it Soyeon and the other girls, I guess even tho she stands out, the other girls make an effort to stand out too, and Soyeon doesn't look bitchy towards them, like the other group.

In Kpop talent isn't important, looking like you should be performing is important, if Blackpink was on Queendom they would've ranked last because of how bad they look on stage. Just watching the Queendom stages, Gidle looks alot more interested and their facial expression are good imo. Too bad they are ethnic hip

No. 61019

Lol bet Blackpink thought it's beneath them but they should've joined Queendom for the hype, they're nugus with 13 songs, 0 album and fans are losing interest.

No. 61020

Jaejoong really living his best life compared to his other tvxq/JYJ members.

Yoochun is a druggie who almost went to jail.
No one cares about Junsu and he was in some scandals too.
Yunho and changmin are still labor slaves working for sm.

So basically Jaejoong is living the best of both worlds.
He invested money in a good way and stayed clear of any scandals and may be the wealthiest tvxq member.

No. 61021

bp hasn't done anything music related in like 2 years besides coachella, yge thinks they are way ahead of everyone anyway especially cause one of their mvs is about to hit 1 billion views. fans were theorizing that a comeback won't happen until then because they'll use the 1 billion views as some kind of mediaplay/promo thing. they only do 2 music shows in an entire promotion cycle they would never join Queendom

No. 61023

>>61020 Is Jaejoong even in Kpop anymore, best life topkek. He is living and working in Japan for years due to SM blacklisting him on Korean TV isnt he? For SM idols it's between staying at SM until they don't want you or leaving and getting blacklisted in SK. That's why only China born ex-SM idols prosper.

No. 61025

Soyeon stans and Jennie stans have some kind of beef on who is the better rapper, it was funny at one of the award shows this year when G-idle was performing and Soyeon started rapping, Jennie started rolling her eyes and looking bored. They also didn't clap for the group or anything and ignored Miyeon, the G-idle girl who trained with them for 5 years and got kicked out of Blackpink before they debuted. You can literally see Jennie role her eyes when Miyeon starts singing lol. The comments about Blackpink not even enjoying a single performance are so funny too

No. 61026

lol soyeon vs jennie? what kind of comparison is that

No. 61027

>>61019 BP would probably get sideeyed to hell on Queendom, hard truths.

What happened to Teddy writing bops for Blackpink, their 2016 releases were great so why did the songs dry up. Did he fall out with Jennie/YG and decide to keep songs for his own girlgroup?

No. 61028

did you forget that junsu is one of the top musical actors in Korea? Shut up faggot

No. 61029

I think its because Jennie previously held the title for fastest rap, but Soyeon just passed it with something she did on Queendom. Hate how kpop fans act like rap gods when they only listen to kshit, fast rapping doesn't equal good rapping
Genuinely glad for her. Even if she did get ps, I wouldn't blame her for wanting to look unrecognizable and wanting to start a new life. Wish more idols were given a chance to get out like she did

No. 61030

>if you look closley at 4:03 jisoo started clapping but i think jennie stopped her from clapping which is why she looked at jennie confusingly

LOL that eye roll and sigh jennie gives as soyeon finishes the song. she was the only who didnt clap too. didn't know she was like that. she looks like she has a stick up her ass the entire video

No. 61031

Jaejoong is literally named one of the wealthiest kpop idols and his net worth is 100$ million usd.
But you think he isnt living his best life?

No. 61032

you don't have to be in kpop to live your best life. in fact it's probably better to leave kpop asap and that's what jaejoong did when he saw the opportunity. props to him cause he can retire now and live comfortably. best life any idol can ask for.

No. 61034

File: 1572827824013.gif (4.01 MB, 480x213, poor nickhun.gif)

Banner is bad but I've seen worse at fansigns.

No. 61035

File: 1572827928361.gif (4.78 MB, 400x400, poor Jhope.gif)

No. 61037

File: 1572828097480.gif (3.27 MB, 319x312, Poor Mijoo.gif)

No. 61038

File: 1572828242072.gif (1.55 MB, 326x350, sad fansign.gif)

No. 61039

File: 1572828319792.gif (1.62 MB, 293x300, tumblr_n3uefi0j0R1sgwia5o1_400…)

kek keep posting these you guys they always make me laugh

No. 61040

I don’t get fans, if you’re gonna make him put something on his head why not devil horns or dog ears? Why a baby hat? Is this a kink or is it just to humiliate him?

No. 61041

fans are very mentally infantile, and they project that onto idols for various reasons, typically its because they see them as an uWu baby animal that does know wrong and doesnt know any better when they DO do something fucked up, that they need to protect at all times
the others are legit pedos which exist for both genders

No. 61042

She’s 4 times the idol lol

No. 61043

File: 1572829267608.jpg (5.57 MB, 496x281, 13EoWQS.jpg)

Ikon i think

No. 61044

to be fair taeyeon is tiny anyway(a lot of idols are) and most average girls even in korea are gonna look a lot bigger

No. 61045

File: 1572829765004.gif (3.83 MB, 319x306, lovelyz.gif)

>>61037 kek look at their faces as he walks away

No. 61046

lmaoooo jin trying to stifle her laugh

No. 61047

damn that sweat stain tho

No. 61048

The only reason i feel sympathy for female idols are cause they have to hug and pose with people ike this…..

No. 61049

Yeah at least female fans try to look pretty for their idols (both are equally mental tho)

No. 61050

File: 1572830887668.gif (4 MB, 258x439, Nam Joohyuk.gif)

>>61048 Male idols get it too

No. 61052

File: 1572830937370.gif (1.88 MB, 380x200, Junhoe Ikon.gif)

No. 61053

lord forgive me but im practically screaming at him being fought over like a limp ragdoll

No. 61054


Bet that's why Choa quit Kpop

No. 61055

jesus christ his face

No. 61056

Why are SEA fans always so embarrassing? Same for latinas, it's like they don't know what the definition for boundaries is(racebait)

No. 61057

File: 1572832770820.jpeg (Spoiler Image,123.88 KB, 688x1024, 5501D108-4788-45D9-B85D-E3D029…)

Honestly Yuta is fucking terrifying, his face is beyond fucked.

No. 61058

They aren’t as advanced(racebait)

No. 61059

you sick animal why would you post this

No. 61061

File: 1572833483197.jpg (45.4 KB, 850x566, 213.jpg)

idk about choa, but i do know that a fan did something to mina at one of her fanmeets around the time her dad got sick and died

i cant remember what he did or said but it was bad enough to make her almost have a breakdown in the fanmeet and idols are specifically trained to deal with those situations like robots and she STILL broke

mina left aoa this past year

No. 61064

No. 61065

File: 1572833777412.jpg (57.34 KB, 566x850, ebff80e4fe537fd898205337b08283…)

No. 61066

heres another slightly funny one

chinese admin goes to seventeen fanmeet and gets mad at joshua and starts freaking out and throwing shit at him and all the guys look confused af haha

No. 61067

Did he do something new to his face? I thought he was starting to look more human after they took the chin implant out.
I noticed taeyong was looking kinda plastic as well at the ema thing

No. 61068

No. 61069

paler dick worship from SEA women directed at korean men is FUCKING EMBARRASSING. i saw an interview where one was like "they just look 'cleaner' and more pure" ????(racebait)

No. 61072

Idk if they did it on purpose but this one isn't a gif. Anon was just desperate because no one actually replied to their post from #39 saying they made that gif of jk from a video, like no1curr lmao. Everyone has seen enough of that particular pic/gif.

No. 61073

It is a gif. And isn’t this the second time this exact fancam has been the thread pic? The jungkookfags are getting bold lately.

No. 61075

Is it though? It doesn't load itt but it did in the last one and when i right-clicked it's a .jpg. Now that you mentioned it, jkfags are embarrassing. They don't even know how to make light gifs that aren't too heavy to load lmao. They want to shove jk into our face again because his last scandal has gone cold and no one talks about him anymore.

No. 61076

i think soojin stands out more than soyeon actually. the only forgettable member of (g)i-dle imo is shuhua.

No. 61077

who tf cares about the networth of some ugly fuck with a bunch of plastic surgery who’s not even active in the korean entertainment industry anymore in the first place. stop sperging about which one of your kpop hags is more successful after quitting their group

No. 61079

I bet it's the same anon who posted a link about jaejoong's net worth in the last thread and only got 1 reply because it's old news and no one cares. That anon is truly obsessed.

No. 61081

isnt jaejoong like a crackhead or something i doubt he's living his best life

No. 61082

Jennie is the Regina George of kpop lmao. Miyeon's style and voice are very similar to Jisoo's without the awkwardness. She could have easily replaced Jisoo.

No. 61083

Nta but yup, if you right click its a gif. Almost 20mb kek jktards srsly need to learn basic compression. It prolly would've taken op less time to compress that massive thing down to like 2mb than it did to upload it but alas, she is a faggot.

No. 61084

I usually hate the fights over the next thread pics but i approve this one kek

No. 61085

Soojin is very cringy when she performs & shuhua and miyeon are extremely bland. If yuqi didn't have her cute face/deep voice thing going on she would be forgettable as well.
Gidle needs a new hit asap cause they've been going downhill for a while

No. 61086

This is interesting:


Translation from another forum.

I only have it in Korean. The kakao message the person sent to her friend is on the site. It says:
-I was working part time on my first day at a upscale private Korean restaurant in Seoul and the I opened the door to serve the food but of course I didn't know who would be there.


-there was Blackpink Jennie with her clothes undone and she was in the arms of a man who was kissing her. That was Yang Hyun Suk. crazy…

Anyways, this kakao message spread like wildfire and when YG heard about it he sued the girl. There were a bunch of articles about this on naver too and Jennies most related searches for months was related to this rumor. My cousin who lives in Korea said that even her friend told her one day "did you know Jennies sleeping with YG?" And she was so shocked that get friend really believed this rumor.

No. 61087

Yunho and Changmin have repeatedly re-signed with SM because they clearly like it there, and they have tonnes of leverage as veterans to negotiate their contracts. That's why they stayed in the first place, their contracts were never even bad. And they've been doing concerts with an audience of 1 mill+ every year since like 2012 with freedom to promote whenever, wherever. They are definitely among the wealthiest in kpop, far more than Jaejoong, if you read their contract and calculate the earnings from their concerts.

Jaejoong could only dream of being as successful as them while he stays blacklisted.

No. 61090

>BTS Jungkook is currently being investigated for causing traffic accident, violating road traffic law

I guess the junglebookfags have their new controversy. Reckless driving is sort of lame though.

No. 61091

(same anon)
>According to the police on Monday, the Yongsan Police Station in Seoul booked Jungkook, a member of the BTS, for violating the Road Traffic Act.
>Jungkook was found to have been driving his Mercedes-Benz on a street in Hannam-dong, Yongsan-gu, when he ran into a passing taxi while violating traffic laws.

>Jungkook and the taxi driver suffered bruises in the accident and were treated at a hospital.

No. 61094

This came out on august, why havent we heard about it from international kpop sites?

No. 61095

File: 1572844720985.jpg (476.42 KB, 720x1480, xBFvQip.jpg)

Was booked for a "minor" accident two days ago and is still being investigated by police 2 days later….

Something definitely more than meets the eye here.

No. 61096

well its a police investigation, is it supposed to be wrapped up in under 24 hrs? genuinely asking since ive never been in or caused a traffic accident so idk how long it takes. to me it seems like 2 days isnt that long?

No. 61097

if daesung and nickhun and taeyeon can get away with it, he will too

No. 61098

It was the weekend too

No. 61099

yeah soyeon is annoying and i don't like her, but she's way more talented than jennie is. also she actually cares about being an idol.

No. 61100

taeyeon literally drove into the back of someone and caused a wreck yet somehow ended up looking like the victim.

No. 61101

it was almost a pileup even! 3 cars i think

No. 61103

I agree, their contracts were never bad. In fact it's better than bts' (ive read about it on a site anons linked here)
>Netizens Find The Original of SM's Controversial, Old Contract With TVXQ

Changmin and yunho are still popular in both korea and japan (more in japan) but they can move/switch freely whenever they want without the fear of getting blacklisted by sm or getting banned by japan due to political issues. Ofc the wisest choice would be leaving the ent industry altogether but we're comparing their careers and jaejoong is still active. Both yunho and changmin are also scandal-free.

The person jaejoong should be thankful for the most is his dr kim. He never ended up looking like an alien like most his colleagues are in their ages (yesung, park jungmin, etc). He'd have lost his career a long time ago if he never had that face, also the reason why the rest of jyj arent so lucky.

No. 61104

Same lol. I can't dislike her the way i dislike jennie even tho both girls are annoying, they aren't on the same level of annoying.

No. 61105

No. 61106

File: 1572846872147.jpg (76.85 KB, 640x960, 4.jpg)

this girl coming for yuta's spot as the creepiest looking idol

No. 61107

Big Hit already compensated the taxi driver and apologised, wonder how much he got

No. 61108

Tbh when I read the caption I thought the picture was going to be much worse than that

No. 61109

Nta since idek this case but pile-ups are usually caused by the car in the front suddenly braking

No. 61110

That's what starship should have done. Truly amateurs.

Wonder who's out to get Junglebook tho. Maybe it's all work of that fansite who was cursing him on kkt

No. 61111

say what you will about bighit but they usually handle scandals and drama pretty well and relatively quickly. its the bare minimum to protect your investments and assets but most companies dont even do that right.

No. 61112

Eh it’s nobody’s fault if he can’t drive lol

No. 61113

Well, what has bighit to offer if they throw their cashcows under the bus? And what is compensation money against the Ratmy money.
I would cry laughing, if JK is tested for drugs. Is at least pretty common in my country. And in SK as well when a car traffic accident happens??

Who is under Starship anyway besides Monsta X??

No. 61115

File: 1572850307965.jpg (127.74 KB, 1196x718, hye.jpg)


No. 61116

Jesus…what? All I have to say about this girl from Loona is that the way sickos sexualize her is absolutely disgusting yet the company still promotes her as one of the sexy members.

Especially since she’s a minor.

No. 61119

she already has severe features and they gave her makeup to look more severe she now looks legitimately unsettling to me.

No. 61120

I thought he's an innocent baby boy who practices 27 hours a day? How come he has time to drive around by himself (or maybe he wasn't alone…)?
All of bts seem to be shit drivers, I think some said they even failed their tests? There are several videos of him driving and he looks panicked in all of them.

No. 61121

Thats your biggest complaint? You would've gone nuclear when Wonder Girls launched.

No. 61122

Jimin I think kept failing but he got it in the end.

No. 61123

rat still hasn’t learnt to drive

No. 61124

File: 1572855336336.jpeg (245.91 KB, 712x728, C8CB1381-E0DD-4F21-96FF-7017A8…)

He looks like Jungkook’s girl friend these days but god knows I still have a soft spot for him

No. 61125

File: 1572856046494.jpeg (681.3 KB, 750x933, 0C3CC6B5-DCF7-44CB-86E0-64AF7E…)

At least he looks better there than in his selfies. Those are nightmare fuel

No. 61126

He looks better actually

No. 61129

File: 1572857126607.jpg (43.34 KB, 474x647, images.jpeg-7.jpg)

Lmao he doesnt
His prime was his military days, thats the most normal he ever looked without all the makeup

No. 61130

Huh he doesn’t look like an feminine anime boy here

No. 61131

Jennie is more tolerable

No. 61132

Loona fans are basically pedo lesbians/straight men thats it.

No. 61133

Is there a chance of girls generation coming back?
I dont get how sones are optimistic. GG is dead.

No. 61134

Lmao at the fans praising him for not "hiding" it. Admitting to what he did and taking responsibility is the least he could do.
Plus "breaking traffic laws" can mean a lot: a simple mistake or shit like speeding…

>1. [+338, -1] They can just give him that money and have him sing and dance for them personally
Appearantly his crazed fangirls offered to pay her the money back but she declined and therefore they take this as proof that she only did it to destroy his life. I guess the fact that it would be wrong to take the money from strangers and that she is still personally hurt by him betraying her, probably never crossed their mind. If somebody did this to me, then I'd also want that person paying me back themselves.

No. 61135

damn he really looks soo much better here.

No. 61136

His head looks like a balloon

No. 61137

No lol. They fooled you into thinking gg still existed by launching oh gg.

No. 61138

big hit prolly has money lying around every corner. starship + monsta x is not at the same level

No. 61139

File: 1572863503967.jpg (22.54 KB, 678x452, images.jpeg-10.jpg)

He looks like moonbyul. She always has this weird dyke smile/grin.

No. 61142

Paying the victim's money back doesnt erase the fact that wonho is an asshole and thats like the ultimate reason why he must leave. I cant believe they did a gathering and a donation for that monster (everyone in monsta x looks like a literal monster), as if he doesnt have the money/poor

No. 61144

Did Jaejoong shave his jaw it looks weird

No. 61145

File: 1572866975695.jpg (399.32 KB, 1080x1767, IMG_20191104_142544.jpg)

did anyone watch han seohee's insta live? jung daeun was going off kek

No. 61146

They would be called Soyeon and the backup dancers if they were more popular. Lisa is the only one with stage presence in BP to me.

No. 61147

Their job is literally to be nice to fans and they can't even do that

No. 61148

>>61147 I mean that fan whacked Mijoo's head in >>61037
and she was still all smiles…

No. 61149

File: 1572867928917.png (183.02 KB, 1080x1234, ss.png)

He's not spilling any milk… I wonder if it's actually because he realized stray kids were nugus

No. 61152

it seems like he intends on staying in the kpop industry so sadly we won’t get any milk from him

No. 61153

What did she say?

No. 61155


Anyfags know if minor traffic violations get investigated days after the fact in Korea? Seems excessive if the accident was really minor. Either other idol accidents dont get as much news coverage or JK's accident isn't minor?

Bigshit CEO should get him a driver because JK's YOLOing hard lately but he's prob in a rebellious phase.

No. 61157

you can watch the live on her page but some of the highlights for me were "how hard you guys try you guys won't be able to suck his dick" and when someone called her an attention seeker she said "if i was an attention seeker i would debut as an idol like wonho". and she said something like how her and wonho are really similar so if you hate her you'd probably hate wonho too.

there's nothing new but it was fun to watch

No. 61159

is daeun really trans?? why does hsh keep “unni”ing daeun

No. 61160

Lol i like her sense of humor

No. 61161

She took a few hormones, regretted it, and detransitioned.

No. 61162

What a fucking g oh my god. Also the amount of people spamming her live with "lol lesbian THATS A GIRL tranny kek dyke" is so crazy. Not sure if it's Knetz typing in English or if Monobebes are just really reaching

No. 61163

https://www.koreaboo.com/news/jung-dae-eun-male-hormone-injections-ex-girlfriend/ She only got 2 hormonal injections, so manlier than a dyke but less manly than trans kek

No. 61164

File: 1572873708385.jpg (323.54 KB, 1080x900, 20191104_201943.jpg)

Saw this on my timeline. Either the crew just picked the thumbnail randomly or they wanted to make a meme material. All of hinapia's promotions are so bad and cringey.

No. 61165

What does Hinapia mean? Sounds like Tilapia.

No. 61166

From the kr comments about jungkooks accident,you can tell that some of the public or internet is ready for bts's downfall.

Its just interesting because armys try to make it seem as if theyre well liked,but im sure pretty sure koreans are tired of seeing them.

Its like a blessing to be the first insanely popular kpop group,but also a curse at the same time.

No. 61167

Thats probably where they get their inspiration from lol. Idk, people say it sounds like an insurance company.

No. 61168

File: 1572875113977.jpg (77.35 KB, 874x451, 20191104_083935.jpg)

Does anyone else find this kinda funny?I actually enjoy some of day6's songs(even the boring ones),but you cant tell me theyre not idols.

They're no different than actual idol groups.(They even have album photocards and stuff)

And i dont even know if they actually produce their own music other than writing credits.

If you have a member get kicked out for dating, youre probably in an idol group.

No. 61169

she's openly terf

No. 61170

All the milks getting spilled recently prolly are the results of agencies going behind each other's backs like pls go on until one of you goes bankrupt pls

No. 61171

Also,wtf is up with idols having writing/producing credits nowadays?

Like..do they put one line in/sound effect in and get credit?

Even TXT has writing credits,and i doubt theyre actually doing anything lol.

Some idols do produce and write, but sometimes it feels like companies do it so fans can brag about their group writing their own music lool.

No. 61172

>>61085 G-idle need to promote Lion as a single, the shitty rushed MV they filmed is trending and the single is climbing on Korean charts. If a stupid song like Bboom Bboom was a sleeper hit, Lion has great potential to cement G-idle in public conciousness.

No. 61173

Nah 30k is very little money for a company of ss size.

>Appearantly his crazed fangirls offered to pay her the money back but she declined and therefore they take this as proof that she only did it to destroy his life.

Kek legally that was kinda smart actually.

No. 61174

>Kek legally that was kinda smart actually.

No. 61175

>>61173 Nah I don't see how Jung Daeun is allowed to take money directly from his fans without massive backlash. And Wonho isn't a baby why should his fans pay his debts it is gross how fans treat idols like a pet.

No. 61177

This charlie puth reject song is so bad its not even funny.(And even charlie puth sounds better than this)

This is worse than monsta x's latest song.

Skip to 2:31 if you want to laugh.

No. 61178

Hope they perform Lion on shows and during awards season because all the teenybopper songs from rookie GGs are annoying. Itzy Dalla2, BP Kill this Love, Cherry Bullet, Everglow etc.

No. 61179

This is Got7’s only good song lol. They should’ve kicked out Mark with his sugar baby scandal, that probably would’ve made the song better.

No. 61182

Are anons itt deaf? Lion sounds like absolute shit, it's easily their worst song

No. 61183

Anons are Neverlands in disguise

No. 61184

You all are drama queens here, Lion is not awful. Just extremely generic and boring

No. 61186


Good or not, Lion is the only idol song on Melon top 20 right now. Idol tracks usually aren't popular with the SK gp

No. 61187

those annoying retards who constantly scream 'i'm in it for the music!1" were probably having a field day. but we all know they wanna suck their dicks which is why they get into them in the first place

No. 61189

Jennie looks so sour, damn. And Rose and Lisa looked dead the whole time.
It was nice to see Jisoo smiling and looking genuinely excited when Miyeon started singing, though.
Some stans in the comments are saying that "YG doesn't allow them to react in any way", is it true? Then why was Jisoo reacting?

No. 61190

File: 1572884567239.jpg (368.82 KB, 1200x1000, 170311_DAY6_음악중심_미니팬미팅_by_SinC…)

>Um, ackshually i'm a rockstar!
Lmao, I googled his profile and it literally says "joined jyp entertainment through a kpop audition". Whom are you kidding?
Also, he's argentinian, is it just my impression or are foreign idols always the most embarrassing? He reminds me of that extremely fugly dude in Kard

No. 61191

Love when detrans are terfs
All lies. It’s an attempt to make them seem like “real artists”. Even when they get credited straight up, it’s at least ghost wrote a good portion.

No. 61192

>>61190 he's 27 and looks 12. If your entire boyband has the same bowl haircut chances are you're an idol/wannabe rockstar

No. 61194

as much of a chance as there was for 2ne1 to come back

No. 61195

Wonder Girls spent a year learning instruments and they were a girl group, so I dunno what he's smoking.

No. 61196

can't derail the thread with legal talk but look up payment of the debt of another. Idk korean laws though so who knows. but it does make sense in western common and civil law. in sum, it might show that she wasn't in good faith if they offered payment in full and in cash.

backlash is unimportant here, we're talking private law and not PR game.

No. 61198

Because international fans bury anything.
There are probably alot of blackpink scandals that we dont know about because international fans bury them.
Also yg fucking jennie doesnt seem far from the truth especially with how much special treatment he gave her.

No. 61199

Dispatch is controlled by the powerful Madam shin who is related to a couple of idol deaths and suicides.

Im not saying anyone is innocent here and wonho is trash but dont you find it weird how we have all these huge idol scandals (wonho,ellin,jungkook) blowing up in a week.

Dispatch also knew about the things wonho did yet they chose to release the information now….hmm

I wonder if there is something dark going on in korea again so they are using these scandals so people dont look further….

No. 61201

So BTS have a deal with Dispatch/Madame Shim? Madame Shim sounds exactly like the gisaeng house owner that sells secrets in the kdrama My Country. I can't help but feel BTS/JK's got a lot of dirt but it's all been hidden thanks to Dispatch and Bighit putting out fires, like JK was out at 4am when he got into an accident so he was obviously partying or meeting his tattoo pals somewhere.

No. 61202

File: 1572892056266.png (211.88 KB, 700x1186, 1572891947.png)

Nate 2019 Girl Group Tier Rankings

Btw why didn't Gfriend join Queendom they're so irrelevant now.

No. 61203

I wonder about that too, so many things happened so suddenly. But of course nothing would every make ratmy leave him.
>[+303, -25] What's wrong with him? Is he slowly starting to gear up? His hyungs are living quietly, why is he the only one like this?
>[+282, -26] He's really negatively impacting his team lately, why is he being like this…
Jk is madame shim's sugar baby and get's to party and drive around in expensive cars at night, while hyung line is being emo at home
If anons are right with their conspiracy theories, then the next group that'll get hit with scandals will be got7. Nct are flopping, so got7 are the closest when in comes to being a threat to bts in america.

>izone > bp > twice > itzy > rv
That honestly surprised me. I thought that twice would be by far the most popular, then bp, then rv and then the others.
Cherry bullet is a rather new group, right? Both april and sonamoo debuted ages ago but never made it… And wekimeki and gugudan also had no luck despite having former ioi members.

No. 61206

iirc huening kai wrote a few lines for one of the songs off txt’s new album so he got songwriting credit. really a minimal contribution, but probably not much less intensive than average idol involvement in the artistic product. people thinking their idols are really writing and producing to a significant degree are delusional.

No. 61207

I like how all the comments on /r/kpop about this were all 'hope he gets better!' and variations of such

No. 61210

RV aren't flops or anything but it's sad how irrelevant they are compared to SNSD at their peak. It's impressive how much SM has gone downhill in the 3rd gen.

No. 61212

I think they earn royalties from songwriting and producing credits, Suga RM Gdragon etc get paid more than the rest of their group who dont have any credits. They split the earnings with other producers, doubt producers want to share their earnings with idols unless they did contribute

No. 61213

>>61203 lmao that's a wild theory. >>61207
I actually think the Korean public are less rabid and will call out BTS/Monsta X more than intl fans.

No. 61214

They started falling when they started trying too hard to reach the peak of Red Flavour and Bad Boy.

No. 61215

Hyuna looks so pretty without makeup wtf.
She actually looks worse when she has makeup on and the fact that she does her makeup herself.
She needs to hire a professional makeup artist asap.

No. 61216

File: 1572900363723.jpg (58.45 KB, 719x339, sunmi.jpg)

Nah it's the current trend atm.

Sunmi changed her makeup from this to this.

No. 61217

File: 1572900821727.jpg (253.31 KB, 1366x768, get-it-beauty-12-9.jpg)

same with Cheetah, I saw her doing a makeup tutorial and I was OMG shes adorable!

No. 61218

Sunmi looks like shs has a professional makeup artist tho unlike Hyuna kek. Is PNation so poor lmao

No. 61219

File: 1572900970138.jpg (131.42 KB, 700x756, hyuna.jpg)

>all these "savage queens" actually look like schoolkids


No. 61220

Well she was super popular a couple years back, of course she's pretty, would be even more so without all that fillers and her starving
But what's with all those idols jumping on the youtuber trend? I get that some are trying to turn this into a source of income but does hyuna need this or is she only doing it for fun/attention like baekhyun or taeyeon?

Also, she and her loverboy were on a show together…I guess that's quite a big deal

No. 61221

His hairline went back 10 inches. Jfc is he okay

No. 61222

Tbh i think its super cool that they're on a show together. Suprised JTBC let them honestly. Maybe I'm naive but I hope it makes companies realize that idols dating isn't a big deal

No. 61223

he can't be for real tbh. this is insane even for koreaboo standards.

No. 61224

She lost her career and her fanbase (which was mostly men) after her dating scandal.
But you think idols dating isnt a big deal?

No. 61228

File: 1572907016917.jpg (69.92 KB, 584x344, EIjYhHIW4AA2NId.jpg)

Lmao knets called it
>[+104, -21] Wow ㅋㅋ his fans have exceeded my imagination. Since Jungkook has admitted his fault, his fans should learn to stay quiet.
Same with Monsta X, their own fans' behavior is causing more damage than the scandal itself. He has admitted to it, it would be over already, but by not shutting up and doing other ridiculous things to defend your baby you're only turning this into an even bigger issue than it was in the first place. "Protecting" your oppar only causes him harm (or at least major embarassment).
And as expected twitterfags reply with "Clout!!!" and some irrelevant gg gif

No. 61229

File: 1572907054029.jpg (174.63 KB, 1200x746, jk.JPG)

Mentally challenged ratmys think they can go after someone for defamation when they're just telling the truth. Sorry, but backwards korean defamation laws don't apply to the rest of the world.

No. 61230

File: 1572907346446.jpg (67.07 KB, 581x599, ratmy.JPG)

Ratmys are embarrassing

No. 61231

File: 1572907453538.jpg (51.99 KB, 620x503, lol.JPG)

No. 61232

Who knew if you wanted to live life as not an idol, you had to stop being an idol?

No. 61233

File: 1572908006294.png (361.29 KB, 636x894, Screenshot (72).png)

Lmao I never though I'd ever side with keemstar but he sure knows how to trigger them
And judging by the likes and responses, the few people on twitter who haven't turned into stans yet are super fed up

He also posted a translation of a korean hate message he got ("I will shove your phone and your fist in your ass!") and ratmys respond that they will sue for that. It was him who got threatened, what will you sue for??? They really have zero idea how laws work, bighit isn't the world police

No. 61234

File: 1572908773988.jpg (290.9 KB, 1192x1002, jk.JPG)

A major publication calls armys out on their bullshit and they aren't taking it well.
My favorites are the stans who accuse a news publication and a journalist of chasing clout.

No. 61236

File: 1572908857009.jpg (181.71 KB, 905x1810, 1572908717796.jpg)

As cringy as that fat rich Sam faggot who's also a Nayeon stan is, at least he's not THIS mentally unhinged. This guy is the very epitome of oncel. This is from his reddit account, it wouldn't surprise me if he actually tried to kill Nayeon when he finally fucking realizes she's not going to fuck him.

No. 61237

File: 1572909371430.jpg (171.22 KB, 1144x401, r.JPG)

This dude's replies are a dumpster fire

No. 61238

File: 1572909823018.jpg (77 KB, 720x618, EIi6exJXUAEJl3s.jpg)

>bighit, quickly sue this huge british xenophobic newspaper!
At this point they need to step up and reign their brainlet fans in. If they treat every single media outlet like shit, then they shouldn't be surprised when only negative articles about bts will surface.

I love how they're trying to sound intelligent by typing like "As a professional I must inform you that this is highly misleading and uninformed…" instead of using their usual kpop lingo but if you check their accounts you know exactly that they fap it to jimin cow fics

No. 61239

ugh, i wish these idiots wouldnt give keemstar any attention. he thrives on it. Both parties are retarded.

No. 61240

File: 1572910360823.jpg (160.11 KB, 616x876, i1.JPG)

ikr, also like imagine being an ~adult professional~ with a stan account spending your free time getting mad online over what other people say about the mediocre rich boys you like

No. 61241

>literally can't understand their favourite music
anglos are cancer

No. 61242

>>ARMY (the most influential youth movement of our time)

Topkek Adorable Representative Master of Ceremonies for Youth

No. 61250

omg lol not keemstar LMFAO

No. 61251

The meaning of ARMY is super weird and kinda cringy. It is surprising that they gave their fans this name and that it didn't evolve naturally from within the fandom.

No. 61252

Moments of Alwaysness is equally as bad

No. 61253

it's on brand. bts = bulletproof boy scouts

No. 61254

Aren't they officially ~Beyond the Scene~ in English now kek

No. 61255

>> Moments of Alwaysness

Suddenly I see why BTS aren't fluent in English and why Namjoon's grammar sucks. Bigshit personnel prob speak in Engrish all the time

No. 61256

What is the deal with BTS fans ? Seriously.

No. 61257

yea in america but not in korea lol

No. 61258

File: 1572914484145.jpeg (586.31 KB, 1013x1043, F2B4C348-5952-427F-BC09-4E4266…)

No. 61259

I think Orbit fan name for Loona was a mistake, it's more like Loonatics.

No. 61260

She looks like nayeon here oh my god
No one actually cares about the accidents, non kpop fans are just shocked at how cult-like these stans are to clear the searches, especially over something so minor. I know im preaching to the choir but seriously why the fuck do they need to protect a 20 something year old man from reading his name in twitter trending. It's not even a rumour this time like it actually happened I-

No. 61263

Because Jungkook may get more edgy rage tattoos to cope

No. 61264

>seriously why the fuck do they need to protect a 20 something year old man from reading his name in twitter trending. It's not even a rumour this time like it actually happened I-

Seriously. He's 22 and got into a minor fender bender. It's so fucking dumb. no one was hurt and that's the important part about it. Army stans are insane. they treat bts like children and it's disgusting. Most 22 years old have at least gotten into a minor car crash before. it's scary, but at least both parties are okay

No. 61265

>>61264 Ratmies really think someone is trying to come after BTS, even when it's their idol that cause an accident.

No. 61266


Kek sorry anon I chose the JK banner before his traffic accident, well now it's oddly fitting considering BTS stans are babying Junglebook

No. 61267

File: 1572918914361.jpg (22.35 KB, 741x104, cringe.JPG)

Why can't kpop fans be normal for once

No. 61270

All these dumb ratmys are probably 15 and it's really embarrassing they are so hivemind, thinking this is okay

No. 61272

Clearing the searches is common practice, even if someone calls their bias ugly they go ahead and do it. Why is everyone acting surprised?

No. 61274

Any one catch han seohee and jung daeun's livestream?

No. 61275

No one sweats this much without already being a chronic sweater, so I wanna know why he thought it’d be a good idea to wear a gray shirt. Not that I’m surprised that male kpop fans are unaware of themselves.

No. 61276

Normally I don’t believe that idols are omg gay!!!! tinfoils but Moonbyul is so clearly a lesbian only Amber beats her in the dyke-lympics.

No. 61277

every girl group in sm is a failure compared to snsd tbh
they had the right formula at the right time and very few girl groups at all could come close to it

No. 61278

It seems like normal people who aren't intimately familiar with kpop fandom have found out, and are pointing out how weird it is. Ratmys always complain about their bad image but then they do shit like this, just drawing attention to shit that no one would care about otherwise and making their fandom look psychotic.

No. 61279

>Beyond the Scene
lmao kinda sounds like a chinese film company

No. 61280

that's highkey gross af. rofl their faces though

No. 61281

jfc that fangirl on the left gives me massive second hand embarrassment. It's like both the male and female fans of kpop have never had human or social interaction ever.

No. 61282

>BlackPink rank S

we really do live in a society

No. 61283

File: 1572924327479.png (69.44 KB, 233x275, 1481586677800.png)

hahahahahahahahahahahhaHAHAH for fuck sake how are armys so retarded, just HOW. i know we've been over the topic endlessly but they really continue to blow my mind. ive been on the internet for a long time, and i really do feel that they are the worst, stupidest large scale community out there. REALLY. how are they so straight up braindead, they are genuine npcs and i just dont understand it like HOW. HOW. im sorry but i genuinely think the majority of teenage girls have collective brain damage, it's the ONLY explanation

No. 61284

I agree, it's really obvious in the first .5 seconds you see her. I looked her up to confirm my hunch and I found out that almost every year on coming out day she writes a fancafe letter that's very not so subtly saying that she's gay. I have no doubts about her, yubin and amber

I kinda feel bad for them ngl

No. 61286

I don't know anything about her so maybe she is gay buy why is an ugly smile = a dyke? Sincerely, a random lesbian.

No. 61290

>They should’ve kicked out Mark with his sugar baby scandal

what's this?

No. 61294

Everyone taking this list seriously is stupid….Nate is the 4chan of Korean internet and the "rankings" are probably made by men according to how horny the girls make them.

Izone and itzy are doing very well but they are too new to be counted among BP and Twice yet and Izone has zero domestic recognition

It's because SM went insane and began giving fx and RV shitty "experimental" songs.

RV peaked when they got public-friendly songs like Russian Roulette, Red Flavor and Bad Boy instead of shit like Zimzalabim but somehow SM is insistent on giving them electronic noise now….if I was a tinfolier I'd say the shitty songs are deliberate sabotage so they don't become too big and so fans can drop them for the new SMGG coming next year

No. 61295

clearing the searches is emblematic of the way kpop fans infantilise their favs and it's good to see an article in a mainstream media outlet that doesn't fawn over armys for once. it's a shame it's behind a paywall tho bc i'd love to read it

No. 61297

What's The point tho

No. 61299

>I looked her up to confirm my hunch and I found out that almost every year on coming out day she writes a fancafe letter that's very not so subtly saying that she's gay.

Uh, why? Is she trying to let girls know shes available?

No. 61303

Doesnt sunmi like to do her own makeup? Ive watched it somewhere

No. 61304

Yeah drop caps tf? I wanna know

No. 61305

Wow almost no punctuation and all the bullshit. He sounds mentally challenged.

No. 61306


You know how people have been saying Jennie is dating this Harry Hudson guy. Isn't a little suspicious he deleted his post shortly after Jennie posted hers.

No. 61307

hyunas comeback released and i really love it personally. she looks like shes having fun and showing more of her more cutesy side. its really different from her past stuff with cube but i like that she did something new. the aesthetics are really nice. i do think its pretty catchy. hopefully her b sides will be good. it seems like shes trying to show more of her natural self.

No. 61308

she looks amazing but the song is awful

No. 61309

Isnt that weird alien kid from txt a native english speaker? Why did he approve of such name lmao

No. 61310

Hmmm…..Check the emoji's Jennie used


No. 61311

Composed by: PSY, 유건형, SPACE ONE, Anna Timgren
Lyrics by: PSY
Arranged by: SPACE ONE

Who in the hell decided this is good? Jesus. It's all over the place. Like doesn't anyone ever stop and go hey this sounds like ass?

No. 61312

That looks like incel chin omg, she gets a pass for everything. Meanwhile idols like wendy and luna with actual talents desperately cut their jaws off…

No. 61313

Nothing about this song says "hyuna". Hyuna used to have a personal style so that you knew it was her when watching.
But nothing about this seems "hyuna", this looks like the type of shit song sunmi or tifanny would put out.

No. 61314

More like a high school drama club

No. 61315

Hyuna - Babe

Hyuna Shinsadong TigerBeom x Nang
Shinsadong TigerBeom x Nang

I thought this was the best bop she ever did, get them to do it.

No. 61316

File: 1572946804904.jpg (22.65 KB, 374x561, images.jpeg-6.jpg)

Its just the vibe, u should see the video

Yeah, like if she could keep her appeareance on "um oh ah yeh" mv she would lol

No. 61317

You might be onto something. That list just screams "the most fap-able ggs".

No. 61318

Is that EXO Xiumin?

No. 61320

Thats moonbyul

No. 61321

File: 1572947668299.jpg (42.97 KB, 881x160, wwek.jpg)

lol no, it looks more like a celeb tier list.

IZONE, Twice, BP, Itzy, if they appeared on a Korean TV show they'd get their own special episode or feature.

B-D rank groups have to show up with other groups to get screentime.

No. 61322

You can't be serious I just almost spit out my drink on my keyboard
G idle is a disaster of a group and can't act or emote for shit. Yuqi's eyes are so dead she just stares blankly into cameras like a robot. Miyeon even worse, but doesn't even try (at least yuqi is trying sometimes) Soojin turns me off hard, idk why, is she trying too hard? Over acting? Or just a bad dancer? Regardless she will disappear after gidle disbands or whatever happens to them. There's nothing appealing or remotely sexy about her
And shuhua is so forgettable I actually feel bad for her. Esp bc of the language barrier

No. 61323

Shuhua looks like shes walking on literal egg shells everytime

No. 61324

I was expecting something more like "hows this?" cause thats so hyuna, i guess theyre playing it safe

No. 61327

https://m.nocutnews.co.kr/news/5238420 Police request travel ban for 'Produce X 101' PDs, a CJ ENM producer, and the vice president of Starship Entertainment

Starship are going down hard, welp

No. 61329

Everything in Kpop is calculated and planned. Why is everyone up in arms about a shitty ass "reality" show. Just cancel them all and debut the ones you planned to anyway.

No. 61330

Lmao i thought i was the only one. The mv looks shitty and rushed af. They keep interchangeably change the video ratio, and the one they keep as 1:1 should have been shown fully instead of the dance part. Like theres no need to make it 1:1 anyway, it looks ugly. Meanwhile mvs like f(x) 4walls really suit the 1:1 ratio. The dance part also looks disconnected from the rest of the mv.

No. 61331

File: 1572951322852.png (102.46 KB, 600x730, jennies emojis.png)

>Check the emoji's Jennie used
this is really what we've become huh

No. 61332

>>61330 They filmed it right after the Queendom finale apparently

No. 61333

Theres a reason why everyone ignored that post lol

No. 61334

I think you mean Yoochun? He's a heroin addict now lmao I don't think Jaejoong had any drug scandals.

No. 61336

>>61330 Literally takes 1 minute to teach both Soyeon and Minnie the correct pronunciation of "queen" kek, they both say it as "quin" which is grating af

No. 61337

I know absolutely nothing about them besides the fact that this girl is doing the worst job at being an idol I've ever seen. Not putting any effort like Jennie is one thing, being shy like Mina is another but refusing to do anything at all and even turning her back towards the audience simply takes the cake.
Why did she move to another country to become an idol if she's obviously not suited for that job at all? If this really was her dream then she'd at least try… And who allowed her to debut?
Seems as if not even her fans have anything nice to say about her.

No. 61343

From what I can remember it was to show her support to their gay fans. It was something like you see me for who I am and I see you. I know you know, kinda like that.
I don't wanna go through tons of deluded shipping to find those posts again lmao

No. 61344

Guys..please..please watch this video LMAO.
Or just skip to when she starts singing.

I can't believe people actually pay for this.Shes better of making music in korea.Atleast she can hide her real voice behind the actual track on music bank or something.

No. 61345

She has no personality or style of her own. She tries to copy other artists but flops miserably.

No. 61346

From that thumbnail alone I thought it's Cher or some dude in drag lol
So this is what she really sounds like, meanwhile TaeTiSeo were definitely regarded as one of the best singers in kpop - just imagine how bad all the others are…

No. 61347

They're clearly not confident in their live singing voices except yuqi

No. 61348

Isn't it so wonderfully ironic that the groups want music show wins, but if they win the world will know they can't sing TOPKEK i wonder if the staff on these shows secretly enjoy outing them

Miyeon really is worse tho. Check out their first few mvs, she literally cannot emote, it's almost scary how dead & bored she looks. Someone asked this before, is this something you can teach someone? Or do you have to be born with it? It's the only logical explanation considering they claim to train 473857 hours a day (and miyeon trained like at least 5 yrs bc of being ousted from BP ) Even with moderate autism you still can learn to mirror/mimic facial expressions, and esp if you're trying to be in entertainment, so…what is up with this?

I may have to go easier on soojin, at least she moves her face & makes an effort

No. 61349

Shuhua only got the adlibs part in that song but what the hell, she ran out of breath just singing that part

No. 61350

Tiffany was never rated that highly individually, but she used to be okay

No. 61351

Miyeon is stiff too but at least theres been an improvement lately. Shuhua seems to be very insecure/self conscious. She often looks at the other members on stage like shes afraid of being out of sync or something.

No. 61352

Imo she used to be decent during snsd's 1st subunit with seohyun and jessica, but that was like 2008 lol

No. 61353

Lol in uh oh she looked like a hostage during her part

No. 61354

Probably nothing. But wtf is she trying to say with a lightbulb and sunset in this context of his post. Is it a lyric to his song or something?

No. 61355


So obvious that CJ knew about the rigging but they are blaming everything on 1 PD so no one else gets charged.

No. 61356

Starships president is in this mess too so Song Hyeong-jun and Kang Min Hee from X1 must be in by manipulation.Atleast based on my quick google search.

I never watched the show so idk if those members are worthy or some shit.

No. 61357

Welp i just remembered monsta x is from starship.Goodluck too them cause theyre gonna need it.

And if starship thought they could replace monsta x with another boygroup,theyre fucked now.

No. 61358

I don’t understand this at all, why is she trying to be Lady Gaga? IMO Tiffany has a nice voice (when she’s not forcing this weird yodeling caterwaul out of it) and she seems sweet but she has a pretty bland unremarkable personality/stage presence. Fine for a girl group member but not good as a soloist. She should stick to cute bops like I Just Wanna Dance and leave the “artsiness” and theatricality to people that know what they’re doing.

No. 61359

Jang Wonyoung too

No. 61360

File: 1572964916523.jpg (171.69 KB, 1280x1280, ffd0d465-9f43-4bf0-a814-9a1f87…)

Lol sm is already reusing sperm's outfits on the rest of flopct

No. 61361

File: 1572964985490.jpeg (73.26 KB, 1000x552, 1572952032-80aa830c-9766-41cc-…)

Ratmy's parenting at its fullest. Soon in your neighborhood.
Just stop abusing your kids and trying to make them something they're not. This is sad.

No. 61362

why is shuhua even in the group. Their choreo would look better with 5 people and she can barely even speak korean. Sure she's pretty but not enough to really justify her being there when she drags down the entire group

No. 61363

Just weird.

Poor kid is being dressed up as mommys kpop crush.

No. 61364


God this is so embarassing…

No. 61365

Hope it’s a sister and not a mother

No. 61366

Took me a second to realise it isn't a photo app. Isn't this child abuse ew

No. 61368

weird and pedophilic. god ratmys are so fucking disturbed

No. 61369

Lmao why do kpop companies insist on doing terrible english versions? Retarded lyrics and bad pronunciation all the way

No. 61370

I think that Orbit is really fitting instead. It's what they actually do, they're orbiters to a bunch of flops kek

No. 61372

Why are you even keeping up with flopV anyway?

No. 61373

I'm not, it was uploaded by the official sm channel and that's how I saw it

No. 61374

Underrated comment

Whoa i physically cringed so hard, literally. This guy is not taking the bait, girl. She's going to send him a pages-long essay with footnotes & references & shitty romanized korean. omg the cringe.

I understand being unemployed (I am too & it's part of how i even got into kpop) but no one should have this much time…

No. 61375

No. 61376


Lmao they have a english version now?
None of ncts fans even like wayv,they just pretend to.
They mostly do it to get usa fans for their possible usa unit or something.

I think superm was made just to promote nct but it failed.

No. 61377

And that win win line in the beginning is horrible.No wonder they barely give him lines.

The only positive thing i can say about this is that they sound more fluent than nct 127 when it comes to english.

No. 61378

File: 1572969140330.gif (4.1 MB, 444x250, DeliriousPastelBronco-size_res…)

Who? Literally all of them looked like that kek only Minnie seemed kinda comfortable & she gave good effort but that concept still didn't suit her. The other four girls looked like cheap cosplay
You can tell that concept was Soyeon's wet dream…she had to realize none of her members fit it but she just didn't care. That's not a quality of a good leader imo. I like soyeon just I'm surprised she doesn't tone things down when with her group. She maxes out on everything she does, like she just goes too hard, so there's nothing rly to look forward to for when she goes solo. There's a difference between being the main talent/leader and literally sucking up all the oxygen on every stage

No. 61379

>they sound more fluent than nct 127 when it comes to english
I noticed this too, wonder why that is? Afaik only ten is fluent

No. 61380

I's good to see that her male backup dancers are the same, I wonder if they're from an independent dance group or have/had any other connection with Cube.

No. 61381

Apparently 5 of the wayv members can speak english.Not fluently tho.

No. 61382

But most of the 127 members can speak english as well

No. 61384

https://www.knetizen.com/people-want-to-see-which-non-big3-agency-boy-group-can-make-it-next/ No non-big agency boy group can make it with CJ debuting Wanna One/X1 type boybands that vacuum up all the attention.

Come to think about it, why do small agencies send members to join CJ's Mnet P101 show when all CJ will do is debut a group that kills the less famous boybands/girl groups from small agencies?? Esp when those members sign a deal that stops them from promoting with their original group.

No. 61385

File: 1572973008508.jpg (75.41 KB, 1280x720, U4zkW4x.jpg)

No. 61392

I feel like this is more true to her personality than the sexy concept she normally goes for and the song is catchy after a few listens but I don't love it.

Dawn's debut is wonderful tho imo and I like how the two seem to interlink in imagery/songs (in a very metaphorical way) but I do fear that their relationship will become this massive brand.

No. 61395


Because the fake reality show is a great way to build hype and get people attached to the members.

No. 61397

File: 1572978504914.jpg (270.02 KB, 1275x693, kcj.jpg)

anyone else get fascinated by the audience more than the videos sometimes?

I always wonder what type of people buy all this merchandise and shake on overpriced plastic wand.

No. 61398

File: 1572980260638.gif (2.68 MB, 268x275, 1556029130938.gif)

hip pads lol

No. 61399

I wonder if they paid out the nose to get the izone characters in that mobile game

No. 61401

File: 1572980761409.jpg (382.97 KB, 1200x628, b397702e-2963-4ef8-92f8-ff41e7…)

least its not as bad as IU who looks like she has padding strapped to a skeleton

No. 61402

Dahyun coming in looking like marge simpson always makes me wheeze

No. 61403

You beat me to it holy shit was she being serious with that hat??? Ik its nitpicky but she looks ridiculous lmao

No. 61404

>>61403 no she wasn't

No. 61405

>>61381 it's true the rest of wayv only know basic English, but Ten can speak it fluently

No. 61409

yangyang is fluent too

No. 61411

File: 1572984905531.gif (463.51 KB, 500x281, 3865eb83fbb7_hq.gif)

No. 61414

She is trying to sound like Gaga and of course fails miserably.

No. 61419

File: 1572990805782.jpg (275.6 KB, 1279x682, pad.jpg)


Hand me the low slung padding so we can give these girls the 80 yr old look, yeah thats it.

No. 61421

Have they not got clear strapped bras in Korea?

No. 61424

File: 1572992933594.jpg (24.03 KB, 142x137, 22222.jpg)

is she even able to close her (botched) eyes.

No. 61426

That's padding dumbass

No. 61427

No. 61428

shes going to end up having a nude "leak" or something i can just feel it
she just reeks of desperation

No. 61429

so apparently rainbow is coming back, im assuming with the original members? i was pretty sure they disbanded because only like…2 of the members were popular as idols and two others were more softcore porn models posing in korea maxim every week

good luck to them though i guess, they had some bops

No. 61430

why don't they sew padding on the inside of bras to avoid this issue? and don't some bras have a little hole on the sides to insert cutlets? these stylists real don't care kek

No. 61431

her voice sounds childish compared to her looks. as if this is a kidz bop version dubbed over the mv unfittingly. and the whole song sounds like a mash up of hooks of bunch of other different songs. idk why this type of voice is preferred in female vocalists.

No. 61432

File: 1572997661429.jpg (64.24 KB, 600x417, willsmith_yg.jpg)


Newer bp/jenniefags may not remember this
I remember this being reported on a fluffy koreaboo type site, & weirdly @ some pt last yr I remembered it, & googled it but literally nothing had happened & I remember thinking, maybe he lost interest…or maybe the social justice police came for him for something about race (blah blah insert pseudo-woke monologue here)

So Jennie is def a clout chasing social climber, but they're prob using her too, obv. Or may have been acquainted long before this halloween or coachella

No. 61433

Apparently queendom is is in talks for a 2nd season, and there's a chance it'll be for boy groups (kingdom)… That won't end well. The holy war it will incite between noise music bg fandoms will be more entertaining than the show itself.

inb4 cix wins

No. 61434

I assume it wont be called Queendom then….?

No. 61435

Jaden smith is a well 1known koreaboo and has been a koreaboo for quite some time now.
Kind of embarrassing for a grown man to still be stuck in a koreaboo phase but i guess thats what happens when you come from a rich family and have no adult responsibilities .

No. 61436

Yeah, that's what I meant by (kingdom)..

No. 61437

>>61433 Man I thought you meant AB6IX, jeez Kpop boyband names.

Kingdom will be hilarious since theyll have less of the friendly scenes between different groups that Queendom has, Ab6ix Got7 Seventeen SF9 and Up10tion battle of the lame names kek

No. 61438

Kpop needs to bring back variety shows like the Boss is Watching, when BTS Laboum Twice Up10tion Seventeen etc competed on goofing off in front of their stiff ass CEOs

No. 61442

He’s been a run of the mill rapper for a while now so I guess he’s fine with staying in the US. Jaden worked on Neo Yokio so I just assume he’s a weeb deep down.

No. 61443

Just keep the camera on the audience the whole time LOL

No. 61444

File: 1573002239263.jpg (76.83 KB, 618x412, jaden_newnormal.jpg)

Of course Jadens a Koreaboo he's mentally ill

No. 61445

rofl all i could think about.

No. 61446

File: 1573004925871.jpg (93.96 KB, 640x640, wIgO12H.jpg)

No. 61447

File: 1573005095405.jpg (69.03 KB, 575x575, CbhpWWQ.jpg)

Botched Jackson's eyes

No. 61448

File: 1573005160093.jpg (109.26 KB, 669x644, 9N7gm9D.jpg)

IU in blackface kek

No. 61449

File: 1573005344196.jpg (96.44 KB, 640x640, wsylKhB.jpg)

No. 61450

lmao this one got me

you think you gonna get that dick or something boi?

No. 61451

File: 1573006985066.png (567.37 KB, 1336x760, rtmytt.PNG)

Did we ever figure out if this one was real? OP screenshotted desktop to prove it was not edited or whatever but i didnt believe it.but now seeing this guy above me, idk. Dude seems fit, clean, cute pup, and then…

Are they not just trolling?

No. 61452

Wew Taehyung is literally Picasso.

No. 61453

art therapy is wonderful for autistic people

No. 61454

Did a quick twitter search for bts tattoos and i came to the conclusion that those are real. That tag was traumatizing.

No. 61456

>stick to cute bops like I Just Wanna Dance and leave the “artsiness” and theatricality to people that know what they’re doing.
Lmao whether she liked it or not, she did better when sm handled everything for her

No. 61457

Shuhua is still the worst though, she cant even fake it

No. 61458

Who are these faces supposed to be, none resemble Got7 members? lmao i almost want Got7 or BTS to be embroiled in some Seungri level scandal so these fans get those tats removed jfc

No. 61460

File: 1573009458903.gif (3.91 MB, 505x507, 49e4f88ae9e34434ec474ccfa4dfd9…)

She's really scary

No. 61461

Lets just call it queendom and make it a gag show instead

No. 61462

Omg not even korean gay dudes call other gay dudes oppa

No. 61463

men aren't funny so no thanks

No. 61464

Fans keep saying that when she improves and gains some confidence, she'll be unstoppable, and blah, blah, blah. She's not made ANY progress since the group's debut. She constantly has the deer-in-the-headlights look whenever she's performing. I really fucking doubt she'll ever improve.

No. 61468

File: 1573017663794.jpg (23.67 KB, 566x164, halseynamjoon.JPG)

No. 61469

File: 1573025221406.jpg (77.26 KB, 720x913, IMG_20191106_092111.jpg)

kpop fans once again making fools of themselves

No. 61470

lol they ain't stopping

No. 61471

File: 1573027307752.jpeg (108.62 KB, 826x624, 5E1A6D1F-FD5E-47C3-9FAD-3EEE2F…)

Someone said ‘we purple you Wonho’ so ratmies made it all about about their oppar. I guess they own the color purple now

No. 61473


Is this the same person?? If so, then goddamn…if not then wtf is wrong with these people.

No. 61475

she kinda looks like heyitsfeii

No. 61476

they fucking keep making new hashtags about him and gets them trending. He ain't gonna come back

No. 61480

File: 1573037102855.jpg (26.82 KB, 600x337, eb239641efe3f1f8d38c0b564b3715…)

That purple thing is the most pathetic shit ever. You can't even force yourself to say "I love you" to your fans in exchange for all those millions they gift you and instead make up that retarded non-sense…? Or on the other hand, maybe special needs boy really thought he did something "deep" by "inventing" that.

No. 61485

His good looks ruined by autism…

No. 61486

File: 1573038633440.jpg (46.95 KB, 480x548, 2f1641203e4800a4509545a67269dd…)

No. 61487

i can't believe some ratmies think v is some genius for saying autistic shit

No. 61497

Coolio is a shitty dude but im glad he called them out on their bullshit. Watching them interact with people who actually know about hip hop is the cringiest fucking thing to watch

No. 61499

I think he’s a conniving little bitch, I don’t think he’s dumb

No. 61500

Everything on AHL was scripted for maximum drama (Coolio being bad cop and picking on the boys) like all reality TV shows. It's Mnet, they are famous for scripted reality shows like P101. So cringe when Ratmies go "BTS got so scared why did they get kidnapped in LA" as if Mnet didnt tell Ratmon and co beforehand and they weren't acting for the cam. Even the girls who BTS streetcasted in LA came out to say they were pre-selected models who had to act as if they walked down a street and got invited to star in a BTS MV and when the cameras stopped rolling the boys stopped chatting with them and went to rest.

No. 61501

this is fucking hilarious kek

No. 61502

>the girls who BTS streetcasted in LA came out to say they were pre-selected models who had to act as if they walked down a street and got invited to star in a BTS MV
Meanwhile ratmies still like to pretend that "the (white) bitches who rejected them back then are seething now that bts are popular!"…

>when the cameras stopped rolling the boys stopped chatting with them and

I can absolutely imagine that. There's a video of them rolling their eyes after hugging Charlie Puth and of V making a bitch face right after Emma Stone turned her back on him. They're only friendly in front of the camera. PULL has a thread on Halsey and they also said how annoyed they always act at her as soon as the camera isn't focusing on them anymore.
They've had a holier than thou attidue since right after their debut. They think they're better than americans because they work sooo hard and better than fellow koreans because they're real rappers and not just idols…

No. 61507


I mean I get it, it's a filming set and the boys aren't there to make friends. Actors and actresses in films or dramas dont have to be friendly once the cameras stop rolling even if they act out a kiss, they prob get awkward and go off to get makeup touchups. It's stupid to act like BTS or any idols dont stop "acting like idols" when the cameras stop rolling.

No. 61508

>Even the girls who BTS streetcasted in LA came out to say they were pre-selected models who had to act as if they walked down a street and got invited to star in a BTS MV

No. 61509

I think they might not have manners quite frankly, they never got to grow up naturally after all, how can they know how to act?

No. 61510

File: 1573055354526.jpeg (114.03 KB, 524x549, B97BB9D0-58E4-4BCB-BB36-2ACD49…)

i was looking through jennies ig and noticed that on a lot of less edited photos, she has this white circle covering her whole cheek. i thought maybe its the lighting or something but i just… idk
do cheek fillers look like this because ik that some idols fill their foreheads until it legit looks like a balloon full of filler

No. 61511

No. 61512

looks like a shitty attempt at contour to me. possible mismatched foundation, there's a similar shade on her neck

No. 61513

She has a doughy face and lowkey bulldog cheeks.

No. 61527

Looks like a poor attempt at using that blemish remover tool on the facetune app. It would explain why the blotch is so round.

I don't think its contour because of the placement and you don't just swirl a big circle of foundation(?) and call it a day. There also isn't any other darker shades of foundation anywhere present. It could be concealer..maybe but it looks weird.

But if it is juat makeup her makeup artist (or Jennie if she did her own makeup) is truly incompetent

No. 61528

whenever I come across some Korean vlogger, there's always some ratmys there commenting how the said vlogger reminds them of Jimin or Jin or or someone from BTS.
And the worst part is, those Koreans don't resemble BTS. Idk if they realize it, but they just sounds racist.

No. 61529

I see that with any east asian vlogger or anyone who looks east asian

No. 61532

Isn't it kinda weird that MOTS: Persona is one of BTS' weakest albums but it broke records of their better albums like Wings or HYYH? This album will sweep awards and their next album will sell kike hotcakes even if its bad because theyre globally popular. When people compare them to the Beatles, Coldplay, Muse, etc it seems like such a sham because the most popular albums of those bands was usually their best albums, not like BTS where Ratmies compete to help Oppa set records.

No. 61533

Jennie's hand has the same whitish color it's probably a combination of SPF sunscreen and flash

No. 61534

next year for bts is going to be interesting for sure… their fandom is bigger than ever and they've achieved a lot for a kpop group but the cracks are starting to show. wonder if they'll cry at award shows again

No. 61535

Why do some kpop fangirls complain about Korean men being sexist/trash but go on and bulk buy/mass stream their favorite boygroups albums?
Do they realize most of them are Korean men?

I mean…I can understand girlgroup fans..but boygroup fans?Really?

Imagine how many boygroup members have weird views about women.Theres more Jung Joon Young's and seungris than people think lol.

Idk it's just something I've been thinking about.
I see so many people on social media screaming girl power,but girl groups don't even last in the spotlight as long as boy groups lol.

Army's were using twice as their token girl group(which used to be blackpink before they were hated),and now they're bashing twice on Twitter loool.

No. 61538

>Army's were using twice as their token girl group
I thought Loona was their token gg.

No. 61540

A lot of them use Mamamoo.

No. 61541

I've always seen kpop fangirls acting like korean men are different and better than other men because they believe the constructed personalities of idols and the perfect sweet characters on kdramas. It makes them want a korean boyfriend lol. I've even seen them shit on korean women who complain about how awful and sexist korean men are and talk about feminism.

No. 61542

And why do kpop fans hate the idea of straight couples?

I just seen someone say that a female idol had a crush on a male idol(the female idol kept staring at the male idol),and everyone told them to stop because it's delusional and it might make them uncomfortable.

But no one ever tells the gay/lesbian shippers to stop and they're 10000x delusional LMAO.

I would love to see someone from BTS confirm a relationship with a female idol.I would legit log into Twitter after 6 years just to see the breakdowns.

No. 61544

well good news for them, korean men are so sexist they don't want their own women anymore and marry foreign women because they're more likely to do whatever they want. maybe they have a chance with all the groveling and worshipping they do for their useless oppas

No. 61545

His own fucking company won't stand up for him so of course he won't be back lmao.

The most these fans can do is support the group/his eventual solo debut maybe instead of writing about how sad the group looks and trending shit on Twitter.

No. 61546

didn't the company terminate his contract anyways? i have never heard of a company bringing an idol back after something like this-

No. 61547

it's bc fancy is a real contender for soty. i know people don't like twice here but fancy is a fun song and boy with luv is generic and was made solely for the opportunity to have a bb top 10 hit so i would rather fancy won

No. 61549

File: 1573076381102.jpg (943.44 KB, 1334x1555, vlive.jpg)

vlive isn't accurate but it's interesting to see which groups have a higher ratio of domestic fans (ie IU, APink, Mamamoo)

No. 61550

you’re right anon 2 of the boyz members got “exposed” for saying women are like toys ( or pets?) prob one in every boy group yet stans ignore the blatant misogyny their faves exhibit

No. 61551


No. 61552

nta but here. He was asked "If you could raise any foreign pet, what would it be?" and he answered "foreign female

No. 61553

File: 1573077484188.jpeg (368.37 KB, 824x934, 0AF79ED0-149C-49D2-A1C8-2C1CB6…)

the only fans that were upset were the Korean one. Intl fans did not care and spammed twitter with positive things as usual.

No. 61554

good looks??? ok v chan

No. 61560


What the fuck.

No. 61561

Remember when kai basically trashed girl group choreography cause his boy group choreopgrahy was sO HaRd.

And the fans defended him?Lol.

And exos choreography isnt even hard.Tempos choreography looked like a bunch of twitching and they cant even dance on beat.

No. 61563


The audacity, especially when you look like a 12yo femlet

No. 61564

They basically latch onto "girl crush" type groups' bandwagon for a while.

Before Twice caught their attention with Fancy they had latched onto Red Velvet(after they released Bad Boy) and Blackpink around As If It's Your Last era. They dropped BP due to their Western successes and dropped RV after Power Up came out. They bandwagon mamamoo because that's the only group with members as ugly as BTS kek

If Twice ever releases more aegyo girly shit they'll be dropped like a stone too

No. 61565

Absolutely disgusting.
And then they have the audacity to brag about their oppas being better than black rappers

No. 61566


>And then they have the audacity to brag about their oppas being better than black rappers


No. 61567

idk if theboys stans have said that but i know other bg stans have said that korean rappers are better

No. 61568

nta but RATmy goes on about how bts and other kRAP is so much better than American cause they respect women

No. 61569

I don't know anything about the boyz stans, I was talking about the kpop stan mentality in general. I assume they're all the same


No. 61570

bts of "you know that her refusals and bad words could never stop me" fame? lol

No. 61571

I wonder what led them from being all alpha male hiphop artist in the War of Hormone album to being softies singing about Serendipity and shit. Jimin can't even pronounce the word Serendipity kek so it must've been a Bigshit exec who decided that selling pastel colored hiphop albums was the way to appeal to tween girl ratmies

No. 61573

They consider khiphop artists to be trash like western rappers. Idol rap is the only good rap in their eyes.

No. 61574

i think they dressed like that as well as the school boy thing because it was the trend back then. i think people have posted on here about it before but before the love yourself era started big hit did some kind of survey of fans that asked questions about their mental health. tbh people who are that deep into fandom tend to be lonely and depressed so of course taking advantage of that would sell

No. 61576

bro you wont believe the comments on any porn with an asian guy in it.
>looks nothing like bts
>"just me or does he look like taetae?"
>recommended vid: jimin's moans

No. 61578

lmao source? Ratmies have uploaded Jungkook Rainism vid onto pornhub, that much I know, but nobody is as deluded to think Asian men resemble BTS. It's like wondering why average Western women dont resemble porn stars.

No. 61579

So…i just searched up "bts army pornhub" on google and its legit just fake bts gay porn links and some chick masturbating with a army bomb LMAOO.

No. 61581

Im absolutely dead
Someone, anyone keep making these, im never gonna watch their reality shows (if thats what these are called) & theres prob some huge untapped well of irony in there now that we've seen their overall trajectory

Y'all really out here doing the lord's work exposing this truth. it makes me crazy that even older educated folks don't see that reality tv is scripted, & younger folks believe instagram/youtube content is real life
The more ppl making posts like this, the better, bc search engine results are a major way we can help turn minds toward reality, like actual reality

They might just be really young, not an excuse but still

just the flower boy trend becoming a major thing & doing well in both asian & western markets, im patiently waiting for it to turn back around…its tragic we havent had a hot masculine idol since top or taeyang. teenybopper new stans have no clue what theyre missing.

No. 61582

No. 61584

File: 1573094898649.png (1.33 MB, 1080x1185, Screenshot_20191106-214754~2.p…)

I've heard people say yooa is cute and doll-like but she literally looks like a sleep paralysis demon

No. 61585

Why don't more wEsTeRn pPL like Asian pop music? This. This is why.
Why does everything have to be so cUuUuTe? Why can't they just sing it straight. This ain't even a race thing bc Mariah Carey wannabes, who can't sing more than one line w/o unnecessary ad libs, are just as annoying. So are the Halsey/welcome to my kitchen girls (can't wait for that trend to be over)

And this example is extra tragic bc these two grew up in the u.s.

No. 61587

No. 61588

File: 1573096643895.jpg (174.79 KB, 885x1027, pop.jpg)

>Why don't more wEsTeRn pPL like Asian pop music? This. This is why.
Why does everything have to be so cUuUuTe?

That'd be like Asians complaining, why does everything from America have to be porn?

No. 61590

I'm not against cute. Things can be cute and not suck but this performance just so…bland?

No. 61592

she was cute before she got eye surgery and a ton of fillers.

No. 61593

This performance is just me and my squad drunken noraebang

No. 61594

i hate how twice fans act like their music before fancy was any good, but hate on other cute girl groups songs despite them usually being higher quality than anything twice put out. it makes no sense.

No. 61595

Nta but no? His face is very symmetrical & pleasing to look at, you don't have to be a fan or "stan" to acknowledge that. His personality & actual autism ruins it tho, he could have been a huge star or fashion icon but…yep. Good example of the "not about looks" argument. He & Jackson are excellent, very tragic examples.

No. 61596

Is V an actual low functioning autistic??

No. 61597

v is handsome but i don't think he fits korean beauty standards that well. also i think he's short and his proportions are bad.

No. 61598

Agreed but I could see it with a non korean company or designer
He's also someone who has to work rly hard to stay in shape & maintain it, but that just comes with the job ofc

No. 61600

He looks natural I think and that’s a good thing in an industry full of plastic faces

No. 61601

as crazy as ratmys are…male kpop fans will always be the worst.

No. 61602

Thinking of twice as "sexy" makes me want to puke. Besides Momo they're all so stiff and unnatural to watch and give me children in a talent show vibes.
That's so accurate lmao

No. 61603

to male kpop fans female idols are nothing more than fap material. also bts is the only boy group they'll respect because they're the most famous.

No. 61604

>he could have been a huge star or fashion icon
He looks fine but I wouldn't go that far. He isn't model pretty.

No. 61605

Yo, this vid is straight cancer

No. 61606

he's also only 5'10

No. 61608

TBH V is very outgoing for an autistic person he doesn't seem to have trouble with making friends lol

No. 61610

I don’t think he’s on the spectrum either, just a snob most likely, that’s why he seems withdrawn

No. 61611

So they like makeup hair extensions and padding? maybe realdolls are more their type.

No. 61612

lmao it really shows that kpop fangirls have never met an actual korean. they have more than enough inconsiderate men to go around, and their incels are just as bad, if not worse, than western ones

No. 61613

File: 1573104369877.png (Spoiler Image,1.36 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20191107-032759_Fot…)

No. 61614

File: 1573104467811.jpeg (24.84 KB, 436x337, images (17).jpeg)

His head looks so big compared to other koreans lol maybe it's normal sized and my perception is just distorted at this point kek but seeing him next to yoona, minho and cha eunwoo was bizarre

No. 61615

Whoa. Context really is everything huh
This must be what the anon(s) in the last few threads were saying. I think one of the pics cited included ivanka trump

No. 61616

File: 1573105824556.jpg (111.13 KB, 1080x619, Ivanka_28423868_10156303279802…)

No. 61617

File: 1573106037705.png (317.66 KB, 1058x1537, rlytho.png)

Ok in the same vein, what about this? I have almost literally lost sleep over this one, it haunts me
Did anyone ever confirm if it's real/non ironic?

Common practice for who? It must be a kpop thing or something only a fandom of children would do

No. 61618

File: 1573106080073.png (171.48 KB, 1080x1296, rlytho2.png)

Samefag, sry, this is supposed to go with it
Its clearly not normal to lose sleep over army tweets, but hopefully some of you feel my point
Is there a bts copypasta source we can reference? I just can't believe these are sincere

No. 61619

it's freaky how much bigger his head is. yoona got that jaw shave and minho barely has a chin so maybe that's why it looks so weird lmao.

No. 61620

this picture has already been discussed in the last threads nice of you to dig it up

No. 61622

File: 1573107964732.png (305.76 KB, 631x321, Hwarang-1.png)

Lmao stop minimoding vfag it's not anon's fault if your oppa has a basket ball head
Also he looks like a peasant next to his hwarang costars

No. 61623

Actors always look classier than idols

No. 61624

Uh not as much as the thread picture get a grip

Yeah he looks like a manlet next to actual handsome people. He photographs well but not enough for tv, he shoud stick to photoshoots.

No. 61625

Such unfortunate styling

No. 61626

File: 1573108727108.jpg (227.71 KB, 550x356, 2016-12-16_15-32-31.jpg)

Let's all wear turtlenecks and not tell our retarded friend

No. 61627

Apparently Jikook shippers are planning to make an exhibition for their ship in Coex, and the other fans are trying to stop them lol

No. 61628

Am i supposed to know what is coex

No. 61629

It’s a mall

No. 61630

i'm in favour of this. Koreans will think they're gay and therefore cancel them

No. 61631

so i have a question about this….there were allegedly "sexual favors" given to the crew and judges? i hope that doesnt mean some of the girls that got put in the group had to do those things…none of the translations ive seen have been clear about what they mean by saying that

No. 61632

Amber just came out as straight. The underage anons who thought being gnc automatically = 100% gay took a L tonight lmao.

Song is boring and the vid looks uber cheap. The cuckholding was really funny though. Her voice sounds like mitskis…

No. 61633

>amber just came out as still being in the closet because of her formosan american cult- like religious upbringing and the fact that she'd probably be disowned by her entire family if she were to be honest about her preference for pussy instead of dick


No. 61634


No. 61635


No. 61636

No rational human over age 13 could read into a music video as proof of anything much less a person's sexuality
Pls love yourself & seek help for your undiagnosed autism, anon, we care about you

No. 61637

Yeah yeah, whatever dykes.

No. 61638

That guy is one of her best friends

No. 61639

>>61632 for some reason this girl makes me cringe so fucking much. couldn't even finish this.

No. 61640

you can use as much lolcow slang as you like newfag but try to bring up something new to these threads rather than recycle from others,we keep having the same conversation over and over

No. 61641

Can we just talk about how boring her and her music are?

Atleast in f(x) she was interesting enough due to the whole tomboy shtick and how it made her stand out. It worked well in the group but solo…she is the human equivalent to unsalted boiled potatoes.

No. 61642

Amber's solo stuff has always been super cringe esp this one. Much has been said in other forums about her blaming SM for her failures when the truth is she just isn't good, just like Jackson they're both very likeable but not everyone can be an "artist" just bc they wanna be, frankly they've both been given way more chances than any other label/country would have given them

Ditto taeyeon, she & her music are so boring but she's successful bc she can actually sing + the korean gp loves generic ballads (ditto ailee) Tiffany is somewhere in the middle, like shes trying but it's only a matter of time before her US backers realize their presumed cash cow isn't producing like they hoped

No. 61643

Tiffany is touring like crazy. She’s already on her third tour in under two years so she’s making money that way. Which is good because all of her songs are trash

I can’t stand Amber. Sorry but she’s ugly and I didn’t think she fitted in fx because she looked like a boy which was really weird

Taeyeon is insanely popular so it’s funny you’ve compared Taeyeon to Amber lol Taeyeon actually has songs you can listen to and enjoy

No. 61644

kpop fans (mostly ratmies) are losing it over simon cowell wanting to find the biggest band in the world via x-factor and saying “it’s time for uk-pop” kek

No. 61645

Taeyeon & Ailee are both boring, have boring generic songs + try too hard to be "artists" but bc they can sing, they don't face the criticism Amber gets. Amber doesn't seem to realize that, there's a long whiny rant from her on twitter or yt somewhere

No. 61646

tbh idk if teen girls would go for uk-pop tho, unless simon manages to find some soft boi british manlets since that is what is considered attractive now

No. 61647

lol why do ratmies feel so threatened all the time? shows their insecurity, deep down they know that bts is incredibly mediocre

No. 61648

Wha even is UK pop? Like the new 1D?

No. 61649

Simon is very competitive, I wonder what he thinks of bts off the record, he's probably bewildered considering his personal formula for success is so different from koreas idol machine

Ratmies should learn when to let things go, they're just drawing more attention to him/his shows don't they see that ?

Uk pop is super cringey phrase btw

No. 61650

he watched them perform on bgt. kek this performance was awful

No. 61651

when he saw bts performing like this, he must’ve thought it must be a really easy thing to replicate lmao
nobody wants another band. another band = more crazed tweens, fan wars. in theory itself this will fail, but ratmy have such fragile self esteems thanks to their untalented idols so they’d fight anything.

i done even know any other boy band from simon cowell other than 1D

No. 61652

File: 1573125821964.jpg (1.35 MB, 2160x2880, IMG_20191107_100847.jpg)

he looks like alien

No. 61653

I don't know, at least Jackson's doing something for his own. I think he is better without Got7

No. 61654

It’s not a copypast, it’s real. I mean, they do have a point. You can’t make a nice design with only one line/string in one go but the way they’re all in awe looking at this album cover ehh… but again, kpop stans are in awe with everything their bias or anything linked to them, even with the way they sit or just eat.

No. 61655

yeah i haven't enjoyed her solo work that much but i do think she has a pleasant voice. it seems like they made her a "rapper" just bc it would fit with her image. i wonder if they assigned her idol persona based on her actual personality or if it happened the other way around.

no x factor contestant has ever reached 1d levels of fame and literally every winner ends up getting dropped or leaving within a year so i don't think he knows how to make a good music act, he just got lucky with 1d. 1d got lucky bc they (like bts) heavily promoted themselves on social media and (at least) for the early years seemed to have a brotherly bond. i'm sure a lot of former larries are now jikook shippers. simon cowell has already tried to replicate kpop success with prettymuch (diverse, follow current music trends, even do a bit of choreo) but they just haven't happened… i also think western kpop fandom has reached its peak for now and will die down with 3rd gen

No. 61657

Simon Cowell's claim to fame was always discovering Westlife https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Westlife#History

No. 61659

"Cowell told Walsh: "You are going to have to fire at least three of them. They have great voices, but they are the ugliest band I have ever seen in my life." Three members of the band (Lacey, Keighron, and Garrett) were told they would not be part of the new group, and auditions were held in Dublin where Nicky Byrne and Brian McFadden were recruited. "

Cowell was doing the whole Kpop pretty boy shit in the 1990s too and Westlife is more successful than Shinhwa because they could sing. He is probably pissed about the fact Western pop doesn't have any alpha boybands to rival Kpop groups like BTS these days.

No. 61660

Well the eboy look is super popular now so he could capitalize on that

And you never know, maybe his plan will work out in way. I mean nobody ever thought bts would get big

No. 61661

like the Black Veil Brides look? kek

https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boy_band#Best-selling_boy_bands Seriously BTS have sold around 10 million albums since debut and thats like 1/5 of One Direction or Westlife's sales and 1/10 of Backstreet Boys. They don't rank anywhere in the top selling boybands of all time.

No. 61662

10 million because kpop fans don’t buy one single album, they buy multiple to collect all the retarded shit that comes with it lmao

No. 61665

File: 1573133802486.jpeg (87.19 KB, 757x851, The_Andrews_Sisters_1952.jpeg)


No. 61666

There were two jpn groups on that list

No. 61667

The difference between the comments of k-nets and i-ratmys is jarring lol One day the will be like ateez - only american fans left and not selling anything in korea. I'm calling it, in 10 years at least one of them will be a youtuber kek

No. 61668

File: 1573134396694.jpg (204.81 KB, 835x360, killme.jpg)

Thanks for taking the time
The unsolicited comment from the "designer friend" is absolutely an exaggeration or fabrication, either way..no one would argue that
But in a more general sense, both tweets together, just read like such a copypasta
And so does this shit, this is my idea of nightmare fuel tbh

It wouldn't matter if all ratmys were preteen girls but you know they're not, some are actual functioning adults, they're working in daycares & doing your taxes. Spooky times man.

No. 61669

No. 61670

That's because album sales are basically dead now…only artists with really loyal teenage girl fans like taylor swift sell these days. Her latest album sold over a million in a couple days iirc

No. 61671

>Jimin is short for a cis guy
5'8 is literally average height for a korean man.
>we know that he uses he/him pronouns
And that proves that he's trans, because…?
>he started hormones at a very early age
In Korea, right.
>Bts is a group that has queer members and openly supports lgbt
Oh really?
>we all should support them during their own journey to queerness
Lmao and by that you mean shove money down their throats until they're billionaires?

No. 61672

literally all that commenter needed to do was search up his baby pics to know he's not trans lol

No. 61673

Both karmys and intarmys are dumb as shit. They looove to exaggerate.
They'd still live a cozy life even if they only had international fans tho.

No. 61674

that seems so confusing. kpop is kpop because it's korean pop, right? i'm not saying koreans dont live in the UK but that's just uk pop at that point. it's weird either way. rofl

Amber is a huge dyke. dont kid yourself, anon

No. 61676

If i ever saw these manlets, i'd clock them in the face. that's disgusting. there is nothing but sexism in those comments. You cant even explain it otherwise

No. 61678

i want this trans propaganda to end.
have they ever seen the average asian male? they're pretty short compared to most men in western countries. This is some really creepy and disrespectful shit.

>>Bts is a group that has queer members and openly supports lgbt

rofl which is why they performed in saudi for the money

No. 61680

File: 1573137603973.jpeg (153.18 KB, 640x723, yoongisamazingbrain.jpeg)

Another classic. How is this not a copypasta?

These guys have NEVER explicitly or literally supported lgbt rights or any fake woke stance. I could get my fiercely old school mormon grandma to say "love is love" under the right circumstances…it doesnt mean anything

Theyve clearly been trained to speak just vaguely enough to cover all their bases. BTS's actual genius lies not in what they do/say but what they've avoided doing/saying to stay away from controversy. Frankly kpop cos are probably looking closer at that lil skill of theirs than anything else about them or bighit. Even if a dispatch pay-out is at the root of it, it's still pretty impressive.

No. 61685

fangirls are legally retarded. this fake woke shit is hilarious. all it takes is for a male idol to not grimace in open disgust at the mention of LGBT topics and they all crown him the reigning LGBT ally. woke king! suga said trans rights! friend to lesbians! do they not realize the clear majority of korean males are chauvinists and homophobes?

No. 61686

Knetz are not idol crazy in general. That said Jungkook lacks common sense or maybe is super calculating IDK, posting gaming footage after the collision sounds like he was trying to get some postive SNS clout on Twitter before the incident leaked out. To Koreans it looks like he doesn't care that he inconvenienced a cab driver and possibly his earnings until he gets his cab fixed.

No. 61688

So CL's contract ended and she finally left yg. Good for her, as an ex blackjack this actually makes me happy. Even if she was given better treatment than the other members she still had it pretty rough, imo.
Hopefully in a couple of years she'll spill all the dirt she has on yg

No. 61689

Honestly, the likelihood of CL actually having a career resurrection is basically 0. All she's done over the past few years is become increasingly fat and irrelevant. I never liked her rapping to begin with but her post-2ne1 trajectory has still been pretty depressing and she probably deserved better.

No. 61690

I feel like their Korean fans are the most rabid of them all, does it really matter what random people who would probably never buy their albums or go to a concert are saying? Their fans think they’re either flawless or too innocent to know better and they always protect them.

No. 61691

People get into whole ass marriage and have children as cover up but an MV is undeniable? this'd get so much more clout if it was gay tho, she could have just told her family it's just ~show biz~

No. 61692

Tattoos, being friends w a tattoo artist & causing a minor traffic accident are nothing compared to what's happened with monsta x & stray kids just this past week.
I'm sure they get "help" via bighit/dispatch but also they've been smart & that's just good sense. What's that phrase, an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure or whatever

Also junglebook is the most popular member, it's not total immunity but if he steps out a lil it's not catastrophic

No. 61693

I don't agree with this. A TiF who works out can definitely get passable male physique. TiMs however, their muscles will never go away lol

No. 61694

Jungkook seems like the most reckless out of BTS, his formative years were spent away from family and on the road doing idol shit so he prob doesn't "live by the rules" the most out of BTS. Bigshit need to look after him because he may easily get into trouble with a manager, that's just how it is when you enter showbiz early and everything is done for you from age 14 or 15. JK himself said he felt like he stopped developing mentally after entering showbiz.


No. 61695

He's not the most popular member though not even among maknae line. Netizens are more than ready to turn on him rn and he hasnt the personality to get away with the bad boy act, he's done sorry to break the news

No. 61696

Yup. He's the one that most looks on the spectrum so it's a weird and not endearing juxtaposition being that autistic and into prison tats.

No. 61697

who do you think is the most popular member then?

No. 61698

First time being legit surprised by this thread. It seems like jk is overwhelmingly the most popular besides jimin, it's like jk/jimin kinda circling each other, then MASSIVE brick wall followed by v then the rest in reverse age order

No way you think jk is the most autistic, Jin & V have him beat by miles. Have you seen either of their resting faces? Or rm's aspergers doll collection

My knowledge of bts is from american media, reddit, lolcow, yt, then glancing @ first 10 or so top rated comments on news. If I'm really that far off, blame shady translators or fan stat manipulation.

No. 61699

Jungkook is like the gateway drug for ifans cause he looks more westernized + the golden maknae bs, but he doesn't have a personality so he gets dropped over the other 2 younger ones he's shipped with.

No. 61700

Who has a personality?

No. 61701

Jimin is def the most popular one, both in korea, internationally and even among rookie bg idols or so I've noticed. And his fans are the craziest too

No. 61702

His body was so nice when it was full of dancers muscles. I wish he'd go back to that instead of this flowerboy shit. it doesnt suit him

No. 61703

Idk why you would get that impression from american media since he looks the most autistic in american interviews. He's always dissociating and looking unsettled by human presence.
Seems like you are also confusing concepts, here let me walk you through this:
Pulling girl's hair randomly, making fake deep art and takes = sexist + pretentious retarded artfag. It seems like he has a lot of celeb friends so autism is out of the table.
Collecting dolls and expensive shit = if it's nerdy it leans more on the incel territory. If it's artsy it's pretentious dumbfuckery
Having dissociative episodes; looking unsettled when in presence of "strangers"; delayed response to normal human interactions = autism

No. 61704

i’m probably going to get banned for saying this but the part in the amber video where she makes out with a guy is seriously painful to watch

No. 61705

I feel bad for CL. she was stuck in that contract , doing nothing for years after her bandmates left. No idea what's she's gonna do now. If she has any production skills, maybe that? but her as a solo artist cant make it

No. 61706

Judging by their latest v-lives the highest V got was over 300 million views, Jk close to 200 million, Jimin 35 million and the rest around 5 million (the reason why they aren't allowed to have individal accounts). But V's was while laying in his bed so that definitely boosted his views, usually Jk is by far the most popular. Jimin has a very specific and vocal fanbase (e.g. fakebois who write baby cow fics kek) and there might be some korean fans who also like more girly looking guys, but the average ratmy prefers Jk over him. I know that koreans have different beauty standards but I still think that being more muscular and looking more "normal" is more attractive to middle-aged korean non-fans or americans than being sm0l and having pastel pink hair.

I get that his scandal isn't suuuper awful by western standards, but dating a boyish tattoo artists, suddenly having loads of tacky tattoos andd getting into a car accident while still acting as the group's baby is kind of a big deal. Others would have gotten way more backlash than him. And as far as I've seen, dispatch wasn't the ones who spread these news, right? It was others who revealed it. So the theory that they're getting paid by bighit to keep quiet still stands.

It was probably more painful for her than for you, anon lol

No. 61707

V is literal garbage and every V fan i've come across at my retail jobs are teenagers and really ignorant women who ignore his sexism and homophobia.

No. 61708

Makes me feel bad. She's obviously gay. Everyone knows it. She needs to stop this closet shit. it's really tragic tbh.

No. 61710

Its actually the opposite in my experience.
Jimin is like the gateway drug for ifans,so many people say they like jimin just for the sake of it.

I see many ratmys who dindt know bts at first are always ''jimin stans'' and then they end up stanning another member.

Jungkook may have less hype but he has loyal stans, so many of his stans are longtime fans and alot of them are the most normal compared to v and jimin stans.

Alot of jimin stans are crazy and view jimin as a object, if it was jimin instead of jungkook who had the dating scandal then it would be the end for bts's carrer because jimin stans are psychotic and possessive.

No. 61713

He hasn’t openly dated anyone, most people don’t believe he dated her cause they think he can do better and the truth is he’s a celebrity so he could. And he immediately apologized for the accident. The tattoos are the only real issue but he still gets away with them cause most of them are hidden, he legit hides them so the general public hasn’t seen them yet. At this rate he might hide them till the end of his contract.

No. 61714

i think the difference between jk's popularity and jimin's is that most ratmies like jk even if he isn't their bias wheras it's only jimin stans who like jimin.

No. 61716

The resident jkfags got startled by this topic huh just by doing a quick google search I found dozens of polls saying who's the most popular in what country. Jimin's got Korea, US and Japan. Junglebook is not even #2 place in Japan btw, it's Jin, probably because he fits into their beauty standards better.
V is the most popular in China.

Junglebook is already on decay it seems. His birthday this year was a flop and outshined by Jimin and his fags and now all these scandals.

No. 61717

No. 61718

Nah Jimin is too feminine and lizard looking to be a gateway drug. You have to at least be into kpop beforehand to appreciate his androgynous qualities.

No. 61719

Jk is too boring looking to drag fans in, only Jm and V can do that

No. 61720

Lizard Jimin attracts queers

No. 61721

File: 1573147679363.jpg (36.08 KB, 400x386, tumblr_oufnnv3X8m1rc10edo1_400…)

The only thing that jimin attracts is closet lesbians,bisexual and gay men

No. 61722

you forgot fat straight girls who wish they looked like him

No. 61723

These people spend too though lol. They aren’t inferior as cash cows

No. 61724

so the majority of the population

No. 61725

As if all those girls pretending to be queer on twitter weren't pretending for attention kek

and gay men have always liked girlgroups only so yeah jimin's just for the regular straight girl that's gone too deep into kpop/bts

No. 61726


Female idols treat their fans so much better fuck male idols

No. 61727

aw good for her. she seems nice and i hope she's happy and that her dating openly leads to other idols living more authentically (though i feel like she will be the exception not the rule).
in general i find the maknae line of bts more tolerable but it's wild to me how borderline malicious the comments about the vest he made to a fan and the pulling hair thing are yet he never ever gets called out on them. i can only hope being in a less conservative environment has mellowed him out over the years.
i never got into 2ne1 but her situation is sad. not sure she could have made it in the west since she would have been been pilloried for cultural appropriation but she could have been a decently performing soloist domestically if yg hadn't let her relevance decline. it's quite odd to me that she was significantly less relevant than exo in 2018 but got invited to perform at the winter olympics.. if they wanted a female act idk why they didn't invite twice or red velvet or if they wanted an older act someone like yoon mirae or hyuna.

No. 61729

Late to the convo, but I feel like a boy group where all the guys had that typical "eboy" look and fashion would be highly popular with preteen girls. Based off the opinions of kids I teach, the gay twink look is hot to them. Bless the hearts of their god forsaken generation sigh
That's because nobody but retarded kpop stans goes out and buys multiple physical copies of anything anymore. Everything is digital. Korea is backwards so they haven't gotten the memo yet kek

No. 61730

Hyuna seems like a really nice and humble woman.
I never got the hate around her,i feel like people hate her just because she acts sexy.

No. 61731

>Based off the opinions of kids I teach, the gay twink look is hot to them. Bless the hearts of their god forsaken generation sigh

this is every generation of teen girls, hence why boy bands have always opted for the trendy feminine twink look. most girls grow out of it by the time they reach adulthood

No. 61732

sage for ot. tinfoil for the "minor" car accident, but it mustve been caused by drunk driving and the media covered it up. He has a driver's license, and i dont think it was caused just because "uwu our bby boy doesnt know how 2 drive" but because hes been out with his tattooer friends drinking all night considering koreans also have a "drinking culture"

No. 61733

Must be a white teen thing lol. I don't think any of the nonwhite people I knew growing up were ever into the scrawny boy look. But I guess that's probably their targeted demographic anyways

Although nowadays you have grown ass middle aged women creepily fangirling over these groups

No. 61734

i agree, i think teen girls just like non threatening looking boys in general (like 1d minus zayn)… it's a sort of escapism from real teen boys

No. 61735

That’s exactly it. She went on this variety show ages ago and cried over how much she missed her grandmother and people were shocked that she’s a normal person and not the evil degenerate skank they thought she was

No. 61736

i agree it seems like he's been acting out recently. the strain of being in the most popular boy group in the world/not having had a proper adolescence and permanently being in a state of arrested development must finally be taking its toll on him. what remains to be seen is whether he dislikes fame in general or if he just hates being fit into the mould of idol and wants to pursue a solo career

No. 61738

It's like that girl that was in AKB48 and played the upstanding good girl all the time and then her private social media was hacked and she was talking about all the sex acts shed do on some celebrity. LOL

No. 61739

File: 1573157724440.jpg (156.79 KB, 665x813, hyewon.jpg)

Why? Acting straight for the public is no different to me that being at a fansigning and pretending you love to listen to the bullshit some sweaty manchild tells you about you are his princess.

No. 61740

kek is that izone?if so, anybody knows when this was?

No. 61741

when eri from AKB48 was filming with UHSN and they got to wave at izone for a few seconds.

No. 61745


those are the girls from the variety show about bringing kboo teens to korea to have a mini "idol" (training) experience

No. 61748

Lol that girl needs to wipe that smug look from her face, judging by the latest news her 10 seconds of fame are over already and the vast majority of them will end up in irrelevant groups like all ioi members kek

No. 61749

File: 1573165291780.jpg (40.88 KB, 593x307, sulli.jpg)

No. 61750

Are all of these Blind Items gonna be about the exact same thing all the time? They should be more creative, jfc

No. 61751

she does nice things yet still gets hate for the dumbest shit
i wonder why kpop idols havent been exposed for the same thing. plenty of them have private instagrams and hang out with questionable people so they must post shit like that too
wasn't there a blind item like this involving jihyo before? and why won't they let her rip jfc

No. 61755

Random thought but do kpop idols do the whole autograph thing aside from signing albums at fansigns?

No. 61756

Not really. My friends were able to get an autograph from Mamamoo at the airport back in 2016 but it doesn't happen anymore.

Smaller groups will try sometimes but mostly managers are told not to allow it.

No. 61761

I can totally see female entertainers kill themselves because of sex tapes… I can't believe it's too bad that SK isn't a Kardashian world

No. 61764

It depends on the idol. Some are more up to it than others but most don't.

Female idols typically are more likely too.

No. 61765

File: 1573171981213.jpeg (128.94 KB, 1280x769, 3626801A-B949-4205-8B61-626910…)

since izone was confirmed rigged from the very beginning who allowed Hitomi to join????

No. 61778

File: 1573177596348.jpg (321.59 KB, 1024x1688, DmicANsUYAEI10l.jpg)

Yasushi Akimoto (Japanese: 秋元 康 Hepburn: Akimoto Yasushi, born May 2, 1958) is a Japanese record producer, lyricist, and television writer, best known for creating and producing some of Japan's top idol groups, Onyanko Club and the AKB48 franchise.[1][2] Total sales of the singles he has written exceed 100 million copies, making him the best-selling lyricist in Japan.[3]

Seems like there is a rule that he's not allowed to be photographed in the same frame as the girls, even if he is on the same plane. Without his approval.

No. 61779

Before the porn purge there used to be entire tumblr blogs dedicated to posting porn of random Asian men and tagging them as various kpop idols. Count yourself very fortunate that you never had to witness it.

Why would you get banned for that?

No. 61780

File: 1573179545874.jpg (535.51 KB, 1024x1964, miyawaki.jpg)

Last time he was snapped candidly it was him out on a date with then 17 yr old Sakura.

No. 61781

Ewww his face is full on pedo. Also do 17 year old girls in Japan wear frilly socks

No. 61782

File: 1573180021735.jpg (43.68 KB, 484x284, akb48-38thsingle-centers_thumb…)

The year earlier she has just become winner of center position for AKB48.

What a coincidence.

No. 61783

File: 1573180240492.jpg (128.08 KB, 992x720, nonono.jpg)

No. 61787

kinda fucked hp considering she is an 01 liner but out of all the akb girls why her?

No. 61788

Maybe he has a fetish for underfed rats

No. 61793

ill be shocked if one of the big 3 isn't actively trying to dig up dirt on Jungkook as a revenge on the Dispatch-BTS alliance now that his personal life is kinda messy. Golden maknae to BTS black hole kek it would be a blow since hes the most popular member and Bigshit's anticipated solo.

No. 61794

How come Chinese girls are overrepresented in the top visuals of Kpop? Tzuyu, Kyulkyung, Fei, Wonyoung (real name Chang Yuanying), Victoria, Chengxiao, Jackson, Guanlin, EXO-M, Lucas. Are Koreans into Chinese visuals like bigger natural eyes and smaller face.

No. 61795

File: 1573184048656.jpg (88.5 KB, 424x600, HKT_H11.jpg)

The three japanese girls that debuted with iZone started very young

Sakura started at 13
Yabuki started at 12
Hitomi started at 13

The others that didn't make it were too young, too old, or not skilled enough yet.

No. 61796

Is there any AKB pedo harrassment controversy like the Johnny Entertainment case?

No. 61797

File: 1573184391390.jpg (275.26 KB, 1178x1344, facec.jpg)

Well yeah.

No. 61798

tzuyu wonyoung lucas and guanlin are not chinese

No. 61799

>As an example, look at the ongoing situation with idol Maho Yamaguchi, a member of AKB48’s Niigata-based sister group NGT48. After being attacked by two stalkers outside her home and waiting a month for her managers to take more decisive action in addressing her concerns about the attack, Yamaguchi herself finally spoke out about the incident, only to issue a tearful on-stage apology at NGT48’s very next concert for “causing a large commotion.” Of course, fans in attendance immediately shouted that Yamaguchi hadn’t done anything wrong and had nothing to apologize for, and NGT48’s direct manager has since resigned from the position, perhaps idol fandom is evolving to the point where idol singers can start to trust that it’s becoming more acceptable to be open about the mental strains that come with their job.

No. 61800

I think it's more that koreans aren't very accepting of foreign idols unless they're considered very attractive which makes up for their korean not always being good.

No. 61801

Taiwanese and Hongkong people are ethnically Chinese. Their ancestors came from China. Americans or Australians whose ancestors are European are still white people.

No. 61802

File: 1573185729839.jpg (500.71 KB, 3840x2160, Everglow_Crank_in_Film_Wang_Yi…)

With all of the drama going on for the rigged pd101 votes I hope this spells the death of the survival idol groups. I want Izone to disband so the akb ceo cries himself to sleep, he thought he got the easy road into the Kpop industry with his shit tier jpop. It seems like Izone is falling fast
compared to X1 with canceled performances and preorders, retailers are already issuing refunds. The only good thing about S3 was introducing me to best girl Yiren. Bye PD101. Let's keep i.o.i tho

No. 61803

File: 1573185808476.jpg (275.51 KB, 1414x1258, ShiromaMiruLoveRush4.jpg)

many people say miru should've gotten a spot, but if you've seen her in japan shes willing to do whatever it takes to get more popular.

She'd probably go full nude if AKB48 didn't stop her from doing it.

No. 61804

>>61794 Tzuyu, Lucas and Kyulkyung have a similar look to them that's oddly Chinese-y, but yeah I think Chinese faces are more exotic than Koreans who have squarer jaws and flatter eyes. Yiren from Everglow and Mark Got7 are also CN/Taiwanese American.

No. 61805

>It seems like Izone is falling fast

Their first album/mini? was decent

Now it's like they outsourced everything to some 3rd tier company.

No. 61806



Lmao Jpop is a disgusting mess, these AKB kids do gravure and give sex favors in their teens.

No. 61807

>Must be a white teen thing
>I guess that's probably their targeted demographic anyways

You can't be serious. Boy groups' target demographic will always first and foremost be Asian girls, especially fellow Koreans and SEAs. And there are plenty of Black girls who are into skinny twinks too, pretending like it's a phenomenon exclusive to white people is beyond retarded. Every race has immature fangirls who are into faggy male pop artists.

No. 61808

looks like they needed to airbrush in an ass.

No. 61809

N stalker made the news

No. 61810

I've always found Chinese idols to be very eye catching. Yuqi and Chengxiao are good examples.

No. 61811

An unknown YT channel vid with less than a thousand views is "the news" .. ? Nice self post.

Thank you. Anons in this thread this week are somehow even younger & dumber than usual

>Are Koreans into Chinese visuals like bigger natural eyes and smaller face?
Are we being trolled? That is literally what Korean beauty standards are. Have you ever heard of kpop?

No. 61812

I think she gave up idol stuff now shes doing movies.

No. 61813

she looks so much like kyulkyung i wonder if she's part chinese.

No. 61814

companies are definitely way more picky with foreign idols so they choose the best looking ones. for example the 4 foreign members of twice are way prettier than the 5 korean members.

No. 61816

Love how this BTS-heavy site puts out EXO posts that get ratmies all riled up

No. 61818

AKB48 are practically saints compared to the independent companies in japan.

No. 61819

i better not get put on a watch list…omg wtf.

No. 61825

Third time this has been posted in the last few months. Anyone shocked by this is anon's mormon grandma…or hasn't seen the original by EXID ("up & down") they were forced to clean up this original choreo in fact, pretty wild considering they are actual adults kek
I can't explain it just iknow japan has its own ideas of what's appropriate at what age, it doesn't justify it, it's just a cultural difference
It's really annoying when westerners walk around all high n mighty bullying other countries for not conforming to AMERICAN laws or standards, like wtf?

No. 61826

nah cultural relativism is bullshit. pedo is pedo, weeb.

No. 61827

Not everyone on this board is Murican, retard. This shit is disgusting no matter what country you’re from, despising pedos is a the lowest common denominator in every culture. How the fuck does a bunch of grown idol women doing a sexy dance even compare to borderline child porn? You’re a complete moron.

No. 61828

Kpop already had 13 year old wonyoung covering a song about getting dicked down, in a few years it’ll look like this.
begone pedo

No. 61829

I don't drive, is it normal for a small fender bender to be drawn out this much? it's been over a week


No. 61830

im not an exofag but how can you compare bts to exo. bts can't sing and are all ugly. the only reason they're popular is because international ratmys made them blow up. i wonder how many koreans actually like them.

No. 61831

Not a koreafag but it may be different due to the other car being a taxi? Normally you would exhange insurance info/settle without police but if this shit had 3 people in it + someone with money, oof.

No. 61832

"Seoul Yongsan Police Station has stated that Jungkook was booked on charges of violating traffic law and violating the Act on Special Cases of Traffic Accidents. Because of this Jungkook is expected to be summoned for investigations, but the date has not been set yet."

Getting summoned for a fender bender sounds ridiculous it can't be as simple as that.

No. 61833

File: 1573201658966.jpeg (99.4 KB, 540x810, 0918B927-65E9-40AA-A681-BCC122…)

Would Jungkook even be this hyped if he wasn’t surrounded by the uggos in BTS?

I also want to cry whenever Wonho is called a visual. Please say sike

No. 61834

cool its on the news now

No. 61835

Wait, he's the visual and not minhyuk? I always thought he was stanned for his buff body and quirky softboi personality.

No. 61836

him hyungwon and minhyuk are all supposed to be visuals, altho in hyungwon and wonho's case it makes no sense lmao these kpop titles are so stupid, as long as the company calls someone the visual, fans will play along no matter what they look like

No. 61839

File: 1573205268644.jpg (164.73 KB, 1283x683, dawnhy.jpg)

Why did Hyuna get cheek and fillers on her upper lip? It makes her look older than she is. Like one of those 40 year olds that get a toyboy.

No. 61841

Jungkook acting out recently and going YOLO reminds me of this SNL Gfriend skit

No. 61842

Is it really natural in most cases? Is plastic surgery less common in China than Korea?

No. 61843

I think the Kpop Chinese stars are mostly natural from their predebut photos? Plastic surgery standards aren't safe or advanced in China so if Chinese girls get it they still go to SK or Taiwan where the doctors are more renown.

No. 61845

a bunch of koreans have a bit of chinese ancestory so maybe
from what i've seen they tend to be natural, especially if they debut younger (tzuyu, yuna, yiren, etc.) but many of them have the basic jaw filler/shave.

No. 61847

Since when is there a Chinese Yuna in kpop?
>basic jaw filler/shave
I think you are confusing a few things

No. 61848

>>61841 god these skits are always so unfunny

No. 61849

This is pretty good if it's rly just a throwaway song for the show (is that why the mv is so shit?)

It's tacky they ripped off itzy's crown hand thingy, sure maybe groups don't "own" these gestures but it seems shitty to replicate it so soon after they just debuted & used it in their only two songs, & its such a big part of their brand visually

Supposedly one of the groups potential names, before picking itzy, was Queendom. Kek sure sounds like there's a marketing team floating around all of kpop, pitching the same rejected ideas until someone finds use for one

No. 61850

The fact that the stick on tattoos are blurred out is pure bullshit.

No. 61853

Asia's dumb obsession with small faces will always bother me. wtf

No. 61854

it makes sense when you take their height into account, they don't want to look like bobbleheads.

No. 61861

Pedo-defending Weebs are in this thread now, great

No. 61862

No. 61863


Ew at all the grown ass men filming + people in the comments timing the "hot" parts… How old are they exactly ? 11-12 ?

No. 61865

File: 1573230326346.gif (4.03 MB, 480x270, pM8wd3.gif)

Didn't know gfriend had a retarded member. Look at her! So inspiring that her mental disability doesnt stop her from dancing

No. 61866

did not they no practice the choreography long enough that's so embarrassing.

No. 61867

Yeah but BH already said they settled with the taxi driver, obvs they had all legal assistance to do so…. sounds fishy maybe he was indeed under the influence. Either that or someone is out to get him.

No. 61868

kek i saw that performance and srsly, that was embarrassing. either she didnt practice enough during rehearsals or is going brain dead from starvation.

No. 61869

File: 1573230994761.jpeg (217.84 KB, 1300x888, EIyR8JZVUAA4cQG.jpeg)

What is sm holding auditions for? Their new boy group? I thought they already had trainees for that

Also kek at them using nct to promote something that will eventually replace them

No. 61870

which one is supposed shit?

No. 61873

Yes or maybe the police wants to show that he won’t get special treatment as an idol?

No. 61874

It's more likely that it's not a simple accident and Bigshit and Dispatch undersold it.

No. 61877

I’m always wishing for something juicy but I’m afraid we’ll get nothing again. He needs to show his tattoos, I wanna see Korea’s reactions. Why is he hiding them, he chose to get them

No. 61878

i'm guessing the furthest right

No. 61879

Didn't he wear a transparent shirt during one of their concerts that showed the whole sleeve already?

No. 61880

I mean they kinda did the hand crown thing before itzy with POP/STARS kek

No. 61881

People were saying it’s the patterns of the shirt lol

No. 61882

that yuta faggot looks like a washed up old jpop idol…

No. 61883

They all look so wonky especially Yuta and the 2 on the left Mark and Johnny. It kinda explains why NCT need to be replaced.

No. 61884

My friend thinks it's probably dui related. Even though its a normal occurrence and you usually can pay someone off to get out of it, she thinks they still want to make an example out of him because of all the cover-ups that were exposed during burning sun

She also said it's obvious he pissed someone off for it to go public too.

Too bad all her friends only work at SM. All the gossip that comes out of there is lame

No. 61885

>her fiends work at sm
Spill the tea now,what kind of people are nct,exo,redvelvet like?

No. 61886

Provide tea with proof or GTFO. We don't want a repeat of annoying blink anon asking to "work" for tea again

No. 61888

File: 1573240569484.jpg (433.87 KB, 1440x1295, Capture _2019-11-09-03-12-48_1…)

WhyGee kek

No. 61889

honestly what a cunty thing to do… the company put no effort into promoting her or securing her solo success but they're mad she left?

No. 61890

Which groups do you guys think are the most visually appealing overall?

No. 61891

>>most visually appealing
not BTS EXO Twice BP SuJu RV Ktzy TXT etc etc for sure

No. 61893

Ratpink stans are probably celebrating even though they’re looking straight into Jennie’s future kek

No. 61894

File: 1573243341410.jpg (110.32 KB, 773x586, ignore.jpg)

YG dropped them like a hot potato as soon as BP came along.

No. 61895

File: 1573243514485.jpg (74.25 KB, 640x640, 72177675_112547246822885_91065…)

She didn't even had to get her eyes done, now she looks perma deer in headlights.

No. 61896

>Kpop already had 13 year old wonyoung covering a song about getting dicked down, in a few years it’ll look like this.

If anything SK sexy concepts are being reserved for older members more often now. You don't see 14 year old SK idol groups doing this much anymore.

No. 61897

itzy and the younger members of twice did 'sexy' shit at their debut. i think it's a jyp thing at this point

No. 61899

Teen top niel

No. 61900

jennifer would never

No. 61901

I find taeil way uglier than mark and yuta tbh. But he is the strongest singer in the group so that makes up for his looks

No. 61902

Pretty sure Itzy and Twice were 16-21 at debut. And whats the sexiest thing they did at debut?

No. 61904

Itzy's oldest member Yeji only just turned 19. They're all still teenagers and Yuna was FAR too young to be twerking in Dalla Dalla.

JYP has a disturbing history of extremely overt sexualization with his barely legal female idols; he wrote the lyrics to "Coming of Age ceremony" which is basically the Korean "Age Ain't Nothing but a Number". He is best friends with YG to this date, which should be a huge red flag as to the kind of pedo he is

No. 61905

Yeah, it's weird af this is still being dragged. By being booked, does this mean this needs to be settled in court and he may have his license revoked or something? i dont drive (take public transit), so i apologise

No. 61908

Lol that hairstyle definitely isn't doing him any favors..

No. 61909

Oh ill have to ask her about new groups lmao. I only ever listened to 2gen kpop so I cared for gossip over shinee, snsd, suju.

Im sure most of it is public or assumed by now. Like onew's molestation wasn't a "drunken mistake ", he does it often and even female staffers think he's a creep and dont like working with him. Minho is a douche. Key is bi and everyone knows it. Suju are also a bunch of old drunken pervs and will hit on trainees in promise of furthering their careers (she didn't specify who but my bets are def on leeteuk because his face screams pedo). Sm knew of jonghyun's mental state beforehand but didn't care to do anything about it. Rumors sulli no longer provided "favors" to higher ups in SM so in retaliation, they offered no help during any of her scandals

Lmfao the fuck kind of proof you want? You aint getting shit when it's all word of mouth. You really think they would risk their positions to leak physical evidence JUST to gossip with friends? Women in korea have it bad enough anon. They're not gonna do something stupid and fuck themselves over.

No. 61910

Peek @ how the youngest member (with the red hair) is wearing the least clothes while also doing that hip thrust movement. Weird as fuck.

No. 61911

thats it? One 16 year old covering old JYP hits? If you hate JYP there plenty of stuff out there already.

No. 61912

yuna was shaking her bones in dalla dalla
predebut tzuyu (video)

No. 61914

Current gen: Twice (except for Chaeyoung), Blackpink, TXT, Loona. Other groups have attractive members but too high a concentration of uggos. Like NCT has Lucas who’s great looking but then you also have members like Ten, Mark, Taeyong, & Johnny who look weird/ugly. The ratio isn’t great. Or Exo… Kai is legitimately gorgeous but he brutally mogs all the other members.

Previous gen: Kara, SNSD, Sistar, Infinite, SHINee, TVXQ

No. 61915

lmao it says right in the video they're 14

No. 61918

>great looking
lmaooo spotted the nshitty stan.
nice try but they're all plastic looking uggos, no exceptions

No. 61919

also 13 and 14 year old natty and somi twerking in front of him here

No. 61920

So obviously they’re all plastic, but it’s retarded and disingenuous to act like they’re all ugly. I’m not an NCT fan, but Lucas is handsome and relatively normal-looking for an idol. He doesn’t look painfully cosmetically modified or alien like most male idols.

No. 61922

I see what you're saying & i see what that anon's saying, agreed no one's ever going to have "proof" per se but this isn't stan twitter, we don't need trolls sending us on a scavenger hunt, "first walk 10 miles to the bridge, an evil wizard will recite a riddle once you solve it then walk across on your hands, there you'll meet a witch & if you answer her riddle she'll give you 5 gold coins" I mean that anon took longer to type the "instructions" than it would have taken to write the one sentence of "tea" .. if it was even tea at all

No. 61923

blackpink and wayv

No. 61924

i'm surprised that key is bi lmao i thought he was just gay

No. 61925

You must be joking

No. 61930


No. 61931

This isn’t sasaeng twitter lol. Go big or go home

No. 61932

>You must be joking
no i'm serious. i know it's hard to believe that someone itt doesn't find every kpop boy hideous

No. 61938

File: 1573255198235.png (586.8 KB, 480x640, 99A5FCF3-704E-401B-BC8F-1A1E6E…)

Kinda funny that the It Girls of Korea end up getting with the ugliest guys ever.

No. 61939

Eunhyuk looks like a normal guy.

No. 61942

so maybe this is just me but literally everything after the first wave of articles about jungkook's car accident has just been a bunch of 'famous person did thing, there are no developments but give us clicks anyway'

like its obviously aimed at the preteens whove never driven a car or dealt with law enforcement. he did something incredibly dumb and dangerous but literally nothing reported on since then has been interesting and seeing even anons here acting like its some big conspiracy just because it took longer than 24 hours to wrap up a police investigation is… embarrassing, not gonna lie.

ive seen several articles from different sites state it was confirmed he wasnt under the influence and its also been explained that 'booking' someone is a standard part of most legal proceedings and isnt particularly news-worthy but because hes bts jungkook we all need to read about it for the 10th time this week.

sorry for the rant… im just so tired of reading non-news about him. or honestly just reading about him in general.

No. 61943

Is there anyone on this website that just does not see the appeal in Lucas's visuals? You can never escape the Lucas sperging even in the critical thread.

No. 61944

Oh it's not about finding a kpop boy non-hideous. It's about finding wayv in particular visually appealing as a whole

His face is too goofy looking and childlike imo

And whenever I see lucas sperging on lolcow I can't help but wonder if it's those two necrophile anons on the the website recommendations thread

No. 61945

File: 1573256661756.jpg (84.39 KB, 653x726, 1538428999619.jpg)

No. 61946

yeah eunhyuk wasn't that bad looking at the time. now he's got a botched nose job, but he's still better looking than the other suju guys. i do think you're right about it girls dating subpar guys though. like how choiza even got with sulli or how zico got with seolhyun is a mystery.

No. 61947

>Lucas's visuals
what visuals? he's ugly as sin, not even kpop styling can help him. he's uglier than scammuggo

No. 61948

what's wrong with wayv?

No. 61949

File: 1573257129953.jpeg (136.89 KB, 800x1200, F06C38B4-53C8-46CE-BBBA-925ADA…)

It’s subjective, but idk I just think he looks good. He looks healthier/more masculine than most male idols to me? And I like that his features are more pronounced.

No. 61950

File: 1573257217662.jpg (274.03 KB, 1080x1620, 爱奇艺综艺奔2019-04-25.jpg)

What about it? /m/ is his board, you're just posting on it.

No. 61951

File: 1573257533058.jpg (80.87 KB, 500x397, 227704_192286547484861_1000011…)

Snsd circa 2011. I can't honestly think of a non busted boy group off the top of my head

No. 61959

loona are about as good looking as bts

No. 61960

File: 1573258828971.jpg (70.77 KB, 650x588, IMG_20191108_182025.jpg)

No. 61961

File: 1573259319902.jpg (161.48 KB, 1080x918, 61453340_375390409991644_22419…)

Is it just me or do some of the wjsn members look…manly?

No. 61962

File: 1573259477464.gif (1.69 MB, 268x144, amber.gif)

So what do we think of Amber kissing a guy passionately
Fuck off

No. 61963

Yesss they looked amazing
It seems like they all got a jawshave nowadays, so unfortunate, especially Yoona
She was already considered the best visual, why would she mess with her face? This industry is seriously the worst thing

No. 61964

i feel kinda bad for pristin. they went from a shitty company to another one.

No. 61965

this is so gross is she really that in denial or did someone make her do this…

No. 61966

lmao that bread scene is cringe af ppl should be glad it was edited out. it was pretty obviously only meant for their virgin incel fans to get all tingly to.

No. 61967

This made me confused because she is making her own choices and producing her own shit so…? She is even out of SM now lol if she really is a lesbian she wouldve come out

No. 61968

at least half of them are gross looking without photoshop

No. 61969

You're legit retarded with your non-saging ass if you think SM would let some huge scandal slip out in company gossip.

Yeah I'm not that full of myself to the point I'd try and make anons "wOrK fOr iT", on a fucking anonymous imageboard lmao

I think he's rather ugly and his gummy smile creeps me out

No. 61970

Jinsoul looks like Manaki here
Weenos, come here, take a look at this

No. 61971


she has a psycho christian family she's probably repressed as fuck

No. 61972

I dont understand how people think you need to have looks to be a kpop idol.

Most of these idols are average without all the makeup and filters.

I seen someone post about how theyre depressed because theyll never be as good looking as a kpop idol,and i just dont get it.

I can name a bunch of weird looking boygroups like nct,ikon,winner,bigbang,sf9,bts,pentagon,etc.

No. 61973

i just threw up a little

No. 61974

why are you so worked up about it? jesus

No. 61975

a bit ot but does anyone else not see the fuss stans make when their bias gains/loses weight? They almost always just look the same to me/ or it’s just a different angle kek

No. 61976

cause she “hella gay” or something like that I dunno

No. 61977

File: 1573262737546.jpg (63.83 KB, 533x400, 011.jpg)

Call me an SNSDfag but I still think this is the best a kpop group has ever looked and everything has gone further down the toilet since

They suffer from the cheerleader effect something hard. Once you actually look at them individually they look pretty bland. Exy has a disproportionately large head, Xuan Yi should lay off the ps and those giant horsey veneers don't look good on anyone, Soobin looks like a cute old lady and Eunseo famously looks like Zlatan Ibrahimovic. The rest of them all pretty much blend together. I don't think any of them are ugly, just meh.

No. 61978

Obv the main issue is she's underage but besides that, anyone find this awkward? she looks like a hostage with a gun in her face "be sexy! or else!" She's going thru the motions but its..?
Tzuyu is beautiful but not "sexy," I feel like jype figured that out early on so their designated "sexy" members ended up being momo/sana, maybe jihyo? idek

Is this a shitpost? These are terrible pics of literally all of them kek

…& all amber anons, she clearly did this for clicks & attention, why are you all falling for it?

No. 61979

>looking at your faves through rose tinted glasses while nitpicking everything else
okay boomer

No. 61980

i kinda see it sometimes but most of the time it's so subtle/nonexistent. i'm convinced most stans are on the way to eating disorders switch the way they glamorize and obsess over how thin some idols are,,,
she looks like a hostage cause she was probably forced to do it considering that she was 15-16 there. i think the only reason why they made her do this instead of momo or sana was because she has a pear shape body. pretty creepy how jype is.

No. 61981

all of them were average looking anon they were just twice with longer legs

No. 61982

Sure seems like it

No. 61983

amber's doing an AMA next week how many of you are going to ask about her sexuality

No. 61984

File: 1573265875148.png (744.45 KB, 673x635, uncannyvalley.PNG)

Uhh simple psychology, we find people we like more attractive, bc of familiarity or personality (manufactured or not) The issue here is young femcel fans truly believe their "bias" is teh hawtesttt evar!!1 not realizing there are other factors working to make them believe that

All sm bgs blend together for me, esp nct/exo. & I still can't tell onew/minho apart yet its been what, 10 yrs? They are just so uninteresting to me. But if I really liked one of them, maybe I'd be wk'ing their visuals too, idk.

No one can find twice objectively pretty. It's all a psychological thing from being attached to them, see above. Besides tzuyu they are almost aggressively unattractive.

Dahyun is literally nightmare fuel, she's like an AI robot the creator didn't work that hard on, like "oh shit we made the face kinda spooky" "oh well, she just needs to dance around & stare lifelessly into cameras, it's fine send her out

No. 61985

don't talk shit to my dahyun or I again

No. 61987

File: 1573269706778.jpeg (48.55 KB, 419x309, DBFC50EB-0532-47FC-9FE8-A39FED…)

6. [+44, -8] I was wondering what was going on when they randomly started adding all these untalented Japanese idols ㅋㅋㅋㅋ but who would have thought that the entire season was rigged….

Tbh the japanese kids were dominating in the vote counts due to the pre existing fandom. If they release the actual results and it ends up closer to last voting rounds, it would be a comedy gold solely for the xenophobic koreans foaming on their mouth

No. 61988

File: 1573269900180.jpg (58.88 KB, 1200x630, chaeyoung-1-1.jpg)

do people seriously find dahyun uglier than chaeyoung? she looks like she has FAS

No. 61990

I don't get the dahyun hate itt. I mean if you think she's ugly that's fine but she's not this hideous beast you make her out to be. She's average/cute and looks nicer than chaeyoung, jongyeon or nayeon. I'd say she even looked better than jihyo, at least until their dance the night away era.

No. 61991

got7's youngjae is literally the ugliest, most awkward idol i've ever seen. everything he does make me cringe. i know they needed someone who can sing, but damn

sage for sperg

No. 61993

I agree, she’s unusual looking and not classically attractive but she’s not hideous

No. 61994

for real. he’s even uglier than your average korean man… why is it always the ugly one who refuses to undergo plastic surgery kek

No. 61995

File: 1573274125293.jpg (319.13 KB, 1280x720, deadeyedmidget.jpg)

I thought this too first time i saw Fancy, thinking, this should go viral but it won't, & wow what a missed opportunity. She doesn't have "it," she's just going thru the motions but not selling it (like comments about sexy tzuyu above) idols are supposedly trained to emote or act so idk why so many can't do it

After Sana went viral w/ shyshyshy I thought maybe they thought dahyun would go viral w/ the "neomulhae" or "bapbapbap" in TT, or the Likey dab. None of them really took off. Is it the same issue? Like it's not enough to have a catchy moment, you have to have a certain personality to really sell a viral moment like this?
Sana later did it again with the kimbap.

Dahyun to me looks FAS, chaeyoung looks more autism or downs

No. 61996

Never saw the hype with Jaejoong and Suju’s Siwon. They both look botched and inhuman. They’re just a notch above Yesung and Kwanghee.

No. 62001

oof how many people are going to ask about fx or sulli's death though?

No. 62002

tbh i have a harder time naming idols who aren't botched

No. 62005

I don't know how he acts but looking through pics of him and got7…have you seen bambam's face?

Ratmon takes the no1 spot for ugliest male idol tho. I can always find at least one nice thing to say about someone's appearance but rat is truly hideous

No. 62010

Her face may not fit the kpop idol mould (except for her eyes) but i don't think she' hideous. She just look like a regular, non-idol girl to me. That being said i'm convinced if she had darker skin knetz would roast her calling her ugly and SEA-looking on the regular.

No. 62011

File: 1573280616234.jpeg (196.82 KB, 2000x1333, bambam.jpeg)

honestly I find her both cute and ugly at the same time and it confuses me. She's always given the worst hairstyles which doesn't help. Her and soyeon have pointy chins that just don't really work with short hair.
please tell me these lips aren't natural because he looks like a dead fish

No. 62012

she has super korean eyes tho

monolids are rare in sea

No. 62013

i wasn't aware autism had a look kek

No. 62014

Chaeyoung isn't as sexy as Sana and doesn't play up the aegyo, but it's not just about looks. People like Hwasa and Soyeon get plenty of attention for whatever they do despite being fug. She also has negative stage presence, blends into the background while performing, and nobody would notice if she left Twice.

Could you ask her about the new gen groups? I suspect tea about 2nd gen guys will be out soon anyway

No. 62017

I agree but the way BigHit tried to pass it as Jungkook making a mistake but for a good purpose (avoiding illegally parked cars or whatever) shows how they want to make it look like their idol is a saint, no matter the situation. They minimize the accident (which was a minor one for both parties) when they shouldn’t do to prove their rabbid fans it’s a honest man who made a tiny mistake (which could have been worst). No matter what an accident because of negligence shouldn’t be portray as a tiny mistake.

But i get your point too. News outlets try to make it an even bigger deal because it’s a member of BTS.

No. 62018

File: 1573300176848.jpg (276.48 KB, 1080x1573, Screenshot_20191109_124934.jpg)


that wasn't bighit, that was their crazy ass fans who made up the illegally parked cars thing. pic related actual statement.

No. 62023

I'm late but this is so uncomfortable to watch. Like they're on the leash while on stage.

No. 62024

File: 1573305350513.jpg (29.8 KB, 430x430, IMG_20191108_184221.jpg)

Rat monster and her cousin look exactly alike. Can someone be born with a plastic-surgery-botched-face due to genetics? Truly tragic

No. 62025

TBH Ratmon and his cousin don't look botched, that's how most average Korean men and women look if you visit Korea. Tanned skin, small monolid eyes, basically the opposite of the faces that are on Korean TV like big eyes and fair skin. Kids in school get double eyelid surgery in Korea because monolids are very common.

No. 62026


i like how the logical conclusion to rm looking similar to his blood relative isnt "oh maybe he has less surgery than we previously thought" but its "is it possible to be born with botched ps?" genius.

No. 62027

Dont forget big flat face aka why in Korea jaw shaves are so popular compared to Japan or China.(samefag; racebait)

No. 62028

and some ratmies actually think rm is attractive. the level of delusion.

No. 62029

She is really young for an MMA fighter. Is it safe for MMA fighters to be fighting at 17?

No. 62030

If they are well trained and are matched with opponents of similar skill, not seasoned veterans, then they can compete, sure. I dunno what kind of MMA promotions they have in Korea but she's obviously competing at a lower level as a rookie.

No. 62031

File: 1573312699985.jpg (189.1 KB, 2000x1125, TWICE_Feel_Special_Dahyun_5-20…)

They're both uncanny valley, but Dahyun is more of an eyesore imo, one of the ugliest idols I've ever seen. But I get that looking "approachable" is her appeal, so if it sells, good for them

No. 62032

Not only does she look like a normal person, it's just crappy to hate on idols' family members when they did literally nothing besides be related to that person.

No. 62033

she got noticed by JYP for flailing her arms around like a penguin more or less…

No. 62034

Btw that hand crown move was also used in a Blackpink predebut dance practice, coreographed by Parris Goebel.

Can we all agree that this move is not that exceptional and should not be monopolized by any group?

PS: don't take it personal, just wanted to attach to a thread :)(:))

No. 62037

It's his personality, and his genius writing and rap, and his IQ of 47363858

She's more masculine than he is. Tragic.

No. 62038

the way i see it, it's used as a way to say they're a queen, goddess, bad bitch, etc.
sunmi has also used it as well, especially during her gashina era.
it can be used as a feminist dance in a way if done properly, and sunmi seems to really enjoy her lgbtq fans, so really, overall empowerment of others.

No. 62042

>>61962 she a troon, i am willing to bet real money for troon.

No. 62044

Lol at the comments such as "Poor him he can’t even make a song". As if BTShit could produce their own song, phaha.

No. 62045

Would've never expected a Neapolitan singer to go under fire for "ripping off" BTS lmao

No. 62046

This is one of the only good songs that SM's sunk cost fallacy project has ever put out. The only other pick I have aside from this is My First, My Last by Nct Dream.
Anyone who tries to reply to argue that Nct 127 has a good song is nothing but a stan. Especially that anon a couple of threads back who tried to argue that Cherry Bomb was good, kek.
Anyway I legit don't know some anons are fans of this mess when Nct is like 90% uglies, most of them being obvious assholes, hardly ever ANY good songs with decent styling, and they're confirmed flops in SK. To that Lucas worshipper in the idol boy spam thread, please love yourself for fuck's sake.

No. 62047

Anyone know what is he singing about kek. Looks cringe af, Naples is rough as hell but is mafia hardman electropop ditties also a music genre? All of this Seiell dude's songs seem to be glamourising the Camorra's lifestyle, Naples is truly Italy's trash chute.

No. 62048

Limitless and Superhuman

No. 62049

>>62048 limitless is trash

No. 62050

File: 1573329881393.jpeg (94.22 KB, 640x797, FA44CE05-21D8-4180-A9F5-EE7028…)

The only beautiful thing in Naples is Giorno Giovanna

No. 62051

No. 62052

>>62047 I'm italian. By listening I can pick up only a few words.. he's using dialect and his accent is crazy strong lmao sorry this comment is super useless.

No. 62053

Both of those songs are trash and so is moonwalk

No. 62058

i don't care about nct but lucas is objectively quite handsome do you guys hate south east asians or wot lol. all of nct's songs are noise but everyone has guilty pleasures i guess (i'm partial to wakey wakey for reasons unbeknownst to me)

No. 62059

File: 1573332749260.png (560.87 KB, 704x396, supermdesert.png)

You need to see Lucas among NCT or the SuperM guys to realize his good looks kek

No. 62062

song trash, idol botched uggo
yikes eewwwww gross
no argument made

No. 62064

Thanks! TBH this guy is smart because now everyone will know who Seiell is and people in Naples wont care if he plagiarized a Kpop teenybopper boyband because they are used to harder crimes, he may even get popular. Army vs Camorra would be a sick matchup lmao

No. 62065

File: 1573334306908.png (194.73 KB, 540x267, Untitled21_20191109150002.png)

please, no1curr about lookass wong. just shut up about him until he kodak blacks himself on ig live.

No. 62067

Great, ratmys won't let this go for months. Tinfoil: bighit paid some nobody to plagiarize them just so that everybody will go uwu poor bangtan boys!!! Everybody is jelly and a hater and racist and copies them!1!1

Ever heard of subtlety? The lucas asskissing is really getting out of control, the entire idol spam thread and kpop general is already yours, what more do you want?!
Asking blatant stan questions like "whom do you find handsome? which songs do you like?" should be a bannable offense…

No. 62069

Southern Italian here, it's just a generic song about him liking this girl and saying "Let's stay alone tonight, me and you, I'm waiting outside, you're a queen missing a king"… nothing special.
There's more to say about Naples but I don't want to derail.


No. 62070

That ppor guy has less than 2K subs on Youtube. He'll be the new B-free for ratmies. But they'll probably leave him alone really once he gives an official apology. If not, he's simply not worth the effort since he's virtually a nobody.

No. 62072

File: 1573340514654.jpg (90.25 KB, 540x960, tumblr_19f93c047db4826a8c9b64c…)

Taeyeon looks scary. Why did she destroy her face like that?

No. 62079

please say it's shopped. Kek did she spam the Smile Tool button on her selfie app

No. 62083

Lucas is seriously one of the ugliest idols to me, I’m so sick of the ass kissing. When is the lucas Chan gonna get banned for their repeated self posting?

No. 62084

>the lucas Chan
Theres definitely more than one

>self posting

Lucas can't into engrish

No. 62085

>>62072 momo but make it blonde

No. 62087

With the whole Iz*one scandal, I've seen a bunch of people sperging about how Gaeun was definitely supposed to be a part of the real lineup.
I never watched the show so I decided to look her up to see what all the hype is about. She sounds just like Jisoo which is not a good thing.
If she was rigged out then I'm fucking glad. The only redeeming quality I can see is that she has the typical plastic visual face, that must be why people like her

No. 62089

File: 1573348572508.jpg (77.38 KB, 540x770, kaeun.jpg)

people only care about her because of her sob story of being stuck in pledis for six years doing nothing and because she was poledancing in that one video. Izone sucks as it is so I'm not sure she would've particularly hurt them but she's definitely not that pretty

No. 62092

November Brand Reputation Rankings for Girl Group:

#1 #G_I_DLE - 9.1M
#2 #TWICE - 6.0M
#3 #MAMAMOO - 5.9M
#4 #BLACKPINK - 5.7M
#5 #REDVELVET - 4.5M

Data collected from October 8 to November 9.

No. 62095

Knetz sperging over their crimes but the only relevant comment is that like MC "Pluck teeth out to avoid enlistment" Mong if Bigbang released music, they will top the charts with any new release.

And Bigbang 100% will release new music because YG needs money kek

No. 62100

>>62095 am i having a stroke or did your post make zero sense

No. 62101

who cares?

No. 62102

MC Mong is hated by Koreans yet his song is so good they cant deny they have to stream it to #1

No. 62109

File: 1573353519039.jpeg (29.21 KB, 225x350, 991E870A-C758-4341-97BB-31B9F3…)

also bruno buccellati

No. 62110

go back to the husbando thread, losers.

No. 62114

No. 62116

>>62102 The lyrics and pansori make it a great song, too bad Boy With Luv will win SOTY

No. 62119

Soojin needs to take it down a notch, Soyeon about 10 notches, not because the rest of the group is so dull but actually in spite of it. The dynamic is so off. Everyone knows Soyeon is good, she doesn't need to be at 11/10 every moment

Yuqi is lucky as hell she's so popular, any other idol would be crucified being this mediocre

The failed pyrotechnics/glitter whatever @ 2:52 completely sends me, like even the stage knows how bad this is

No. 62120

listened to it first time it wasn't that catchy; it was listenable though.

No. 62122

Soojin has a really ugly blubber face. If she was in another group she would be the least popular member,she is lucky to be in this group where everyone is plain looking and looks the same that her ugliness is actually a good thing.

No. 62123

Why was it so quiet? Was there no audience or something?

No. 62125

pre-recording perhaps?

No. 62126

She voluntarily gave up being in an idol group something people strive for their entire lives, and then comes back and goes hey no actually I want to be in izone.

She should thank her lucky stars she got as far as she did.

No. 62127

File: 1573366507764.jpg (31.76 KB, 663x486, acting-b8vy2u.jpg)

No. 62128


After School was dungeoned anon

No. 62129

>With the lack of group promotions, members Uee and Nana took a more active role as actresses.
>Raina's second duet with San E, titled "Sugar and Me", was released, peaking at number five on the Gaon chart.
>E-Young opened a music academy specializing in idol training
>Lizzy joined the hosting lineup for FashionN's Please Take Care of My Vanity 2.
>Kaeun had been focusing on her DJ gigs, and had confirmed an acting debut in pre-produced drama The Idolmaster KR, which premiered in early 2017

No. 62130

How does the company not giving them promotions count as her giving up?

No. 62133

pledis killed after school right after kaeun was added. they’re horrible at managing girl groups, this isn’t new information.
sixteen was seriously a joke. dahyun got famous over flailing like an idiot.

No. 62137

Why pluck teeth out when you can just get obese

No. 62145

https://www.koreaboo.com/news/big-hit-entertainment-allegedly-planning-acquire-cube-entertainment/ Gidle and Pentagon under Bighit? kek Hui and Soyeon will outcompose Suga and RM

No. 62147

God… BigHit would ruin Cube's idols. The stuff Cube puts out honestly isn't that bad sometimes

No. 62149

oh no… poor ratmy. how will they remain fake woke by not being able to call out ethnic hip racism

No. 62154

Lol bighit is going to make sure gidle flops because of their new gg.And pentagon is gonna die out too for whatever reason,gg :D

They wanna become the "big 3" but its just not working.

No. 62156

Bighit wouldve done better debuting a female bts or a girl group like twice.

Idk what they were thinking with txt.The fans they have are just armys who care more about bts than they care about txt.

And the fact that theyre scared to put women in their company is hilarious.That doesn't seem "woke" to me at all.
I feel like they want to avoid someone being a bts fangirl or saesang.
Every company risks a 'saesang' or whatever for each new group they debut.A txt member couldve been a bts saesang for fucksake,who knows.

No. 62157

TXT is gonna replace BTS when they enlist. That's honestly the only reason I see for their existence atm.

No. 62158

File: 1573398178942.jpeg (286.75 KB, 640x528, 4578902B-1397-4138-8133-B562F7…)


No. 62163

File: 1573405618195.jpg (41.14 KB, 400x533, ef0bf62975c36c0050bcf97a3c4020…)

Wtf she looks so different and tight in the face. Idek if its fillers/botox (probably both). pic related, she looked liked this after her 1st eyelid surgery. Kinda cute, nothing special but atleast she doesnt look haggard and aging. It really is a shame for her face to turn out this way at just the age of 23.

No. 62168

Edawn's solo is pretty good (and much better than hyuna's) too bad that he is completely irrelevant.

No. 62171

>>62168 this is not the kpop appreciation thread

No. 62172

Hyuna is totally carrying him on her back. But she also needs him to keep being relevant in kpop where once you hit 23-5 you're already an old ajumma.

No. 62173


Are you guys serious ? This is so boring and he sounds like a frog

No. 62175

Both hyuna and edawn have boring solos.
Cube sucks,but they needed them.

Atleast cube has producers who actually put effort into making a catchy song.

Psy and the rest did not try at all.

The only good thing is the fact they they dont have to pretend theyre not dating.

No. 62176

Hyuna has a chance to do well again with a good song,but edawn has no chance at all.

He was better off being in a idol group.Pentagon was also starting to go viral before he left.

He cant even use his old pentagon fans because they ditched him when they found out he was smashing hyuna lmao.

No. 62177

At least sage your samefagging

No. 62179

does anyone have more gifs of blackpink obviously not liking eachother? it’s fucking hilarious

No. 62182

>Everyone knows Soyeon is good, she doesn't need to be at 11/10 every moment
She's just doing her job as a performer she's being entertaining and charismatic, if she's outshining her bandmates then they should get at her level not vice-versa.

No. 62184

File: 1573428811135.jpeg (136.21 KB, 1080x1228, EI99C3BXkAkvvkD.jpeg)

I'm sorry for bringing up something nct related but I just found this funny

Taeil stans and nctzens that pretend to find him handsome out of guilt are mad but they're only telling the truth lmao. Duh it's kpop, everything is based on looks

No. 62185

File: 1573428861397.jpeg (231.32 KB, 1080x1629, EJBOG6TWoAEZUce.jpeg)

No. 62186

File: 1573428865802.png (1.4 MB, 1600x767, clc-carpet.png)

Exactly. Shuhua should leave. Miyeon needs to start looking like she actually wants to be alive or she should also leave. And if Soyeon truly wants them to be different and outshine, they need to attempt more actual live singing in their promotional stages.

I honestly wonder how this is going to affect CLC. Sorn stated recently that Cube plans to continue releasing for CLC for the time being, so I wonder if they disclosed that to her while the corporate buyout by BigHit was ongoing, and BH sees potential in CLC (and GIdle of course, but they already have a more defined identity and sound) given the right songs, identity, and discography. Just my tinfoiling, because they shouldn't be failing as hard as they are (need to lose Yujin and maybe another member) and BH thinks they can use them instead of creating a new group.

No. 62187

why are you posting tweets with zero likes/rts here, nctfag? self promo attempt?

and why do jungwoo stans think they have room to talk shit when their fave is the most useless member of the group and taeil is the only official nct member he's been more popular than ever since he quit doing gay fanservice with lucas? even johnny outsells.

No. 62189

>why are you posting tweets with zero likes/rts here, nctfag?
Lol I thought somebody would say this. Yeah those tweets don't have any likes or retweets but tweets using screencaps of them do. If you search for taeil on twitter "taeil ugly" is the first result that comes up

No. 62191

ok follow up question: can you take your nctfag infighting to the general thread? because no one who isn't a stan cares.

No. 62194


Stop gatekeeping posts you tard. Anybody can get dragged and laughed at including nct

No. 62195

god I wish monsta X were more popular so this wonho departure would result in more milk. sage for blog, I know fuck all about K-pop boy groups but had an intense fever one weekend and ended up watching like half a season of their reality show (X-ray?) on youtube, and then like 5 days later shit hit the fan for them. I feel like I willed this and bear responsibility but mostly I want to know more.

No. 62199

File: 1573435057438.png (42.83 KB, 735x352, ratmies_1d.png)

sick of rats acting like bts is any better than 1d. they love pointing out that 1d hate each other but if anything bigshit is just better at manipulating bts's image. i can't wait for bts to disband and the members release all the milk behind the scenes.

No. 62200

anon this is literally just a meme

is there any milk out there or are we just going to regurgitate twitter posts

No. 62203

They look so tired and done here…

No. 62204

Koreaboo source was a fucking ratmy tweet kek even if they do buy the majority shareholder shares they probably wouldnt be in charge of artists mgmt and they wouldnt be exactly owners like they r now with Source. More like a source of income or an investment.

No. 62209

armys are raging rn on twitter because blackpink won all the categories bts were nominated for at the people's choice awards. topkek.

No. 62213

why get rid of yujin? isn't she one of the most popular members?

No. 62214

nct fans are worst than blinks…i guess when a group has that many members it's easy to hate everyone except your bias

No. 62216

i wish there were compilations of bts being rude or whatever like there are with jennie on youtube lol

No. 62217

You need to search for something like "bts being sassy" because (of course) ratmy celebrate their boys being rude to others.
In this video they play it off as a joke but one can clearly see how arrogant they really are. Charlie Puth is not an idol and is better at faking friendships than they are.

No. 62218

No. 62219

Why Emma though, she’s lovely

No. 62220

Because bts are clearly too superior to take a pic with an oscar winning actress…

Another example of them being rude: Jimin repeatedly saying he's going to beat up a 14-year-old boy
>Later that boy (14 year old) found out that he was mean to the most famous guys on earth
They were splashing each other with water, telling them to do the work they were getting paid for isn't "mean".
>Jimin: I could possibly hit you after I'm done with this. Me: Go for it baby.
>Ikr I wanted to see that boy suffer
>That boy pissed him off. Poor jiminieee
>What if JIMIN fights the 14 year old
>I want Jimin to show how scary he is when he gets angry and beat the shit of of the boss and that bitch of a 14 year old he is the scariest when mad
>But look at BTS, getting more recognition than ever! While that rude kid is probably still washing planes
He could have gone to jail for beating a minor, that's what would have happened.
You can clearly see how detatched from reality they are. Poor adult jimin for having to actually work for a couple hours. How spoiled do you have to be to have never worked at 18? They say that the job was hard and that the boss was too strict - while at the same time looking down on a literal child for "only" cleaning planes and not being a popstar like bts are. Ratmys expect everybody and their mother to know everything about korean culture but at the same time expect americans in america to also be lenient because their cuture is foreign to bts. Basically everybody needs to always cater to them, they don't need to do any adjusting.

No. 62221

i think his behaviour was mainly because of the whole age hierarchy thing. jimin didn't like someone younger than him telling him what to do.

No. 62222

That's no excuse. When in Rome, do as the Romans do.
According to this logic, why isn't Jimin getting beat up by the older members or his managers more often, whenever he says or does something which they don't like? Plus, isn't Korea and BTS supposedly known for being so super hard working? Yet they were only playing around. They clearly cherry pick which aspects of their culture they like.
Fact is, he outed himself as an extremely spoiled bully.

No. 62223

topkek you weren’t kidding. bp has won the tour of the year too. even if it was completely rigged, this is the best outcome

No. 62224

It seems rigged cause BP are on decline right now, good for them though. BTS don’t need another award, they don’t even care I bet

No. 62226

i just dont understand what yg and his american record label think they achieve by obviously rigging votes like this. who cares about a trophy on the mantle when everyone knows you sold your ass to get it?

No. 62227

it's a people choice award, not a grammy (which also has dubious credibility now). i think bts got one last year as well. i think it's the only kind of award a kpop artist will get in the west

No. 62228

bts has won majority of their undeserving awards thanks to fan voting and award shows trying to be relevant. anyone who can make ratmy cry deserve the win tbh

No. 62230

they are on a decline however this isn't a big award show. i doubt yg would waste their money on this. didn't blackpink just hit 1 billion views on one of their songs? their few fans are determined to have them win accolades so it's not surprising.

speaking of 1 billion views, it's useless. it's youtube views from the same >1 million fans with the occasional click from a random person. these fans who stream don't have the funds to go to their concerts or buy merch so they will continue to be ig models. it's such a shame that they peaked prematurely when they could've had a chance at little mix level of success or something kek

No. 62231

Why is IZONE getting so many shitty Japanese releases and only has 2 Korean ones? Their Korean songs (Violeta and and La Vie en Rose) are okayish for Kpop standards but all of their japanese songs SUCK SHIT. Why are they constantly making shit japanese songs?

No. 62234

File: 1573483949660.jpeg (271.47 KB, 2048x1152, DDBCB3C1-C35A-4F39-8BBD-82D682…)

tvxq has a stage that tilts as part of their current japanese tour how much longer until someone gets seriously injuried or killed because of over the top stages that together with choreography, and lengthy tours yikes how do more idols not get hospitalized for exhaustion or do companies just over that up too

No. 62235

Japanese music standards and they're managed by AKS in Japan.

No. 62236

Yall keep arguing about visuals like its not subjective. Generally speaking someone is considered attractive if their face is symmetrical and proportionate/well balanced which I'd say most idols do. Opinion is opinions and there's no use arguing about it

No. 62237

You must be new

No. 62238


Whether you like or not, beauty has standards. And these standards go beyond just a symmetrical face. It's not really subjective.

Some fans are blinded by their fanaticism and don't see their bias is ugly as sin. For example Jungkokonut is and will never be handsome.

No. 62239

File: 1573488993336.gif (1.56 MB, 268x345, fecb6cbc08e0c2049f85057c2b50cf…)

Her singing is mediocre and she has a pinch face like Hilary Swank. She is like WG Ahn Sohee 2.0. I think Elkie and Seungyeon are overrated too and wouldn't be who BH cares about investing in (if rumor actually true.)

No. 62240

rats need to stop excusing their boys behavior. they hate on women for frowning but praise his attitude as cute
you just proved their point. some people will be ugly to you and some people will be pretty to others. no1curr about if you think an idol is ugly cause at the end of the day youre an anon on a gossip forum and not a celeb making money off a bunch of preteens.

No. 62243


i dont know why you care what anonymous people on the internet waste their time nitpicking/arguing about tbh.

for instance i disagree with anons like >>62238 who think jungkook is chewbacca reincarnated or whatever but ive never once felt the need to argue about it or defend my subjective opinion of his looks to a bunch of anons on a forum. theres no point and it doesnt matter anyway because despite cultural beauty standards someones attractiveness is still subjective and no amount of insults or compliments will change someone elses taste and preferences.

its not like any of the idols will ever see it anyway so who cares just move along.

No. 62246

I think some of us are just confused, cause in the real world most idols wouldn’t really be considered ugly (neither gorgeous,) so we naturally assume that some anons have unrealistically high standards and I personally wish to know if they apply them in their personal life.
I’ve seen people here calling Lee Minho ugly, saying BTS members are hideous, Lucas is revolting and I’m like, they’re all pretty ok looking? What do they expect?

No. 62250


this is kpop critical, everyone is literally here to either shit on everything kpop or to lurk while other people do the shitting. dont look for any deep rationale as to why someone (who is realistically average or even attractive irl) gets called a cave-dwelling troll here cause you wont find any objectively sound answer. thats just how it is.

also please learn how to sage and reply properly.

No. 62253

Ugly means full of plastic, which BTS is

No. 62259

does anyone else think oli london actually kind of looks like taemin

No. 62263

File: 1573507472195.jpg (602.02 KB, 2160x1080, Screenshot_20191111-222448.jpg)

Is jungkook just going to wear long sleeved shirts and a glove on his right hand for the rest of his career??

No. 62264

He definitely looks more like Taemin than Jimincel. Also, Taemin fans are just as bad as Jimin fans. They all think he’s so attractive and but he’s so incredibly botched. Taemin has one of the stiffest filler stuffed faces in Kpop.

No. 62265


he already stopped wearing the gloves and has also worn see-through shirts at their shows apparently so… nope.

No. 62266

Tattoos arent for pussies, which Jungkook clearly is. He's such a wannabe badboy, Mino and Bang Yongguk have more tats and nobody cares.

No. 62267

Pretty sure he will do so for public broadcasts and not hide them during their usual tours and the like

It's fair considering they seem to hardly promote anything but god it must be annoying

No. 62268

File: 1573511752046.png (2.89 MB, 2208x1242, AF6EF602-8A10-4860-9D4A-6213E7…)

olivia hye’s duck mouth thing is so offputting.. sure it looks kinda unique in shoots but in the full moon performance she had her own part and i cringed so hard when she was doing “sexy” eyes but her duck lips looked so weird

No. 62272

it's weird that they're pushing her as a "sexy" member when she's like, what, 16? plus, didn't she have a stalker before?

No. 62274

she’s seventeen, which doesn’t make any more ethical in the slightest, poor girl

No. 62276

Is this why Miyeon's and Somi's mouths bother me so much? Or is that a different thing?
Somi's upper lip always looks like it's curling away from her face and it makes me crazy. No idea why she's considered a visual. Just being mixed shouldn't automatically qualify someone for visual status

No. 62277

its her makeup, its intentionally stark for the vampire theme, so it makes her look slightly uncanny

It does in Korea

No. 62278

File: 1573520198119.png (2.14 MB, 2456x1637, Screen Shot 2018-01-29 at 1.17…)

>I think some of us are just confused, cause in the real world most idols wouldn’t really be considered ugly (neither gorgeous,)

Most kpop girls without makeup go from completely average asian girl in the street to kinda cute.

No. 62282

File: 1573521698293.jpg (294.87 KB, 900x600, somi.jpg)

Can anyone shed light on this? Koreans swear they don't want to look white or be white, but then they elevate a truly average mixed face like Somi's to visual tier. Aren't they kinda implying they actually do wish they were white?

Isn't choosing a part white person to idolize, kinda messed up bc the average Korean, who is not half white, can never look like her even w/ tons of ps? Doesn't that contradict all the fierce nationalism + disdain for white ppl?

Also a white person w/ an interest in Korean culture is sUcH a kOrEaBoo, but when those two lil blonde brothers walk down streets in Seoul, ppl literally stop them to take their photo. What am I missing here?

No racebait folks, I wanna figure this out it's bothered me for a while(Any race related posts or discussion is prohibited per global rule 7.)

No. 62283

It's not about "being white" or "looking white" it's about attractiveness.

It's just that the cultural beauty standards gravitate towards caucasian features, pale skin, large eyes, larger but more delicate nosebridge.

No. 62284

File: 1573522607481.jpg (6.96 KB, 225x225, download (1).jpg)

No. 62285





She regularly gets called old looking or 80s born in Korea it's hard for her to get popular as a solo. Her looks are too strong for Korean men's taste for damsel looking chicks apparently kek

It sounds like bait for a WhItEs ArE sUpErIoR post though. Somi is honestly not that great a Kpop idol visual because she looks older than her age which is the opposite of what idols are meant to look. White people wrinkle at an earlier age and mixed gene folks also wrinkle earlier because they have less melanin than Asians. My model friend who is mixed French Korean won a teen beauty contest but also had a ton of freckles and wrinkles in her 20s compared to full Asians which she gets Botox for. South Koreans find most mixed kids super cute when they are young but if they have freckles or wrinkles in their early 20s, Asians find those features outputting especially freckles.

No. 62286

File: 1573523012207.jpg (95.43 KB, 695x391, olivia_wilde.jpg)

I'm chinese so I can't speak for south koreans but I think it's more complicated than just "asians think white people are beautiful." There a lot of "white" features that east asian people dislike, such as big foreheads and square jaws. Someone like olivia wilde for example is generally not considered attractive by asians.

I think that because asia as a whole is much less racially diverse than somewhere like the US, people are less likely to know a white or mixed race person and so there's a fascination with "exotic" western features to some degree, especially since there's a lot of western media exported to asia. But beauty standards on the whole are still very different imo

No. 62287

File: 1573523788240.jpg (66.28 KB, 541x645, Beautiful-African-women.jpg)

Beauty standards are fairly universal overall with some leeway for ethnic variation.

I think whoever is talking about everyone copying whites/whiteness is thinking white people are the center of the universe or something.

No. 62297

File: 1573528414174.png (255.8 KB, 640x1136, IMG_7561.PNG)

what the fuck.

No. 62298

What are we even supposed to see here?

No. 62299

she has a small mouth and got veneers so her mouth looks creepy when she opens it imo

No. 62300

i think irene is fixing seulgi's extensions but i don't see why anon felt the need to post this lol

No. 62302


It's frankly disturbing that they make 16 year olds get veneers. Why shave your teeth down to a stump at that age?

No. 62306

File: 1573530050871.jpeg (99.73 KB, 500x300, 8336E723-127D-433A-ACFE-412456…)

Square jaws are more an asian trait.

No. 62309

we were talking about the traits asians find desirable for their beauty standards,have you missed the triangle v-shaped chins around here? square jaws aren’t considered attractive on women

No. 62312

File: 1573535250018.jpg (109.16 KB, 1200x675, Dg3aS9mV4AE_1wI.jpg)

probably because its the only thing to differentiate a female and male kpop star.

No. 62318

File: 1573537051729.jpg (54.65 KB, 683x1024, bb8827a4671a2d94d8e87d8ffa6c22…)

kek jimincel always lookin cursed

No. 62319

kek everyone who’s not a kpop fan/weeb/suffering from yellow fever think the guys look ana women

No. 62321

Very true

No. 62328

File: 1573550938089.png (733.76 KB, 1187x650, Screenshot 2019-11-12 at 09.28…)

jungkook's hair looks awful lol

No. 62330

A blond junglebook is something I’ve thought I’d never see kek

No. 62331

lol i think the fact that's it not fully blond makes it even worse.

No. 62334

He was blonde last summer.

No. 62335

Lol why did he do this? At least he can dye it back

No. 62339

File: 1573557512195.jpg (66.12 KB, 500x766, original.jpg)

Lmao this reminds me of the good old days
It certainly matches his tattoos and new trashy image

No. 62340

They mostly look better with dark hair anyway

No. 62346

She used to be so damm cute. Now she's momo.

It's going to be quite telling how badly K-pop stars will age, as their plastic surgeries such as jaw shaving only make you look like shit when you're older, whith nothing to hold the skin up around that area. Yuri already has that problem.

No. 62355

he has all this money and cant get a proper dye job. wtf this is looks like some box dye shit

No. 62356

maybe his hair stylists just hate him

No. 62357

File: 1573575273720.jpg (457.96 KB, 1080x1041, Screenshot_20191112-173500_Twi…)

I was looking through #WelcomeToFinlandBTS and yeah… no words

No. 62358


No. 62359

File: 1573576869893.png (223.27 KB, 313x589, Screenshot 2019-11-12 .png)

seems like jimincel is starving himself again

No. 62361

I heard that she had a lip lift, so it could be a side effect

No. 62362

of all the bts members he's the only one I actually feel kinda bad for. Between spending a lot of his childhood training/being an idol and his obvious mental health issues like his cutting, it makes me wish he could quit the industry and live a normal life but obviously he can't.

No. 62363

Jimin cut himself? Are you sure you're not talking about Jungkook?

No. 62364

yeah it seems like you've mixed him up with jk although jimin has admitted to turning to alcohol and skipping meals. jk also has his hag fans like in idol spam who keep posting pictures where he looks underage… it seems like the maknae line in general have had it bad.

No. 62365

V seems to be the most balanced one, it’s like he doesn’t even care about what he looks like or what people say about him

No. 62366

hmm i see people say that and i see pictures of him where he's obviously not on a diet (and more power to him) but then people also say that he's been off since 2017 when he lost a few people around him and that he seemed especially unstable around mama 2018. if any of the closet armies on here could elucidate that would be great

No. 62367

Jesus… 99% of his preteen fangirls are probably heavier than him.

I think so too, he looks as if he's the most concent. I guess being a little slow + full of yourself is the best combination to actually stay sane in the entertainment industry.
The older members also seem to have it bad, but for different reasons (being the unpopular ones lol)

There are videos of him crying on stage because his grandmother died but that alone shouldn't be enough to make an adult unstable.

No. 62368

i honestly think jin and j hope will be the most fucked after enlistment (after which they probably wont be a global phenomenon but they might still have a decent devoted fandom like the 1d boys). like rm and suga could probably survive as soloists but i don't see a lot of people outside of their existing fandom caring about jin or jhope

No. 62369

Well, BTS have all signed willfully. They can retire from the industry but guess what, they don't want to. Fame and money are really not easy to let of once you get used to them.
They could've easily chosen a regular job but the above factors are predominant for them. I can't feel sorry for such people.

No. 62370

i think jimin is also sort of fucked. his already shit vocals are only deteriorating and he's got a lot of chronic pain issues which will probably effect his dancing ability eventually so i don't see him having a great solo career. but i guess he'll still have a lot of rabid stans that will support him no matter what.

No. 62371

Since people were fighting over who's the most popular:
>the result showed BTS Jimin won the survey with a total of 25% voting followed by BTS V with 20.8% and BTS Jungkook with 18.8%
Clearly nobody cares about the older members. It would be surprising if they didn't feel resentful.

That just…uncomfortable. I don't understand these fans in general: on the one hand they want jk to act and look like a little boy and on the other hand there are videos of him having to tell fans to stop calling him their oppar (and would he really get angry at girls who look roughly his age doing that? I don't think so, they were probably creepy hags)

I do feel sorry for idols who signed when they were clearly underage because it shows that their parents don't give af about them. But there are also many who only started when they were 18 or already in college, so they should have definitely known better.

No. 62374

I get you but they're no longer under-aged and could have left once they hit 16-18 years. By this age they have seen the side effects of the industry and can make decisions for themselves on how they want their lives to be.
And you still see them preferring to wear colorful childish clothes and fulfilling horny teens wet dreams. At this point, they way past the age where they can play the "I don't understand" card.

No. 62377

Netizen: Your t**s got so big, Jimin.
Jimin: Shut up, you crazy ba**rd.
Netizen: You shut up, you b**ch.
Jimin: Yeah, well I never said anything. You’re the one that started it
Netizen: It’s true your t**s got a lot bigger. You’re starting to piss me off.
Jimin: Hahahahaha, are you scared? You deleted it all.
Netizen: Is this your boyfriend?
Jimin: Yeah. Do you think we’re friends now just because I responded to a few of your messages? Get it together. If you’re older than me, there’s really no solution, and if you’re younger, I’ll just assume you havent’ matured yet! And don’t send DMs like that to other celebrities. I hope you realize that just because they don’t respond doesn’t mean they’re putting up with it and moving on. But then again, if you knew that, you wouldn’t have done this in the first place. Putting up with you was tiring. Piss off!"
He just wrote her a comment that comes to everyone's mind and she purposely dragged him to make it seem she's a victim.
She posted her selcas with that intention, then someone posted a video of her talking about her titties here and now others are to blame. Such an attention whore bitch. She seriously have problems with her self-confidence. All she has to talk about is her padded chest cuz otherwise she doesn't fit in Korean standards of beauty.
She has a nice singing voice but her behavior is off-putting.

No. 62379

just bc someone is famous it doesn't mean strangers should feel entitled to make invasive and inappropriate comments about her body.

No. 62380

Are you lost?

No. 62381

While she could've just ignored the trolls rather than fighting with them, I don't blame her for getting pissed off at that comment. Honestly, your overblown reaction is more off-putting than anything else.

No. 62383

Jiminfag's new MV kek

No. 62384

What's so off-putting about saying that currently that's all she talks about and now try to blow it over proportion. The comment was a mere observation. I'd get it if it was sth nasty but she had all the intention by answering him to which she knew he'd answer on his turn. She probably expected for him to say sth controversial to which he didn't. Still she proceeded with her nagging which is common sense.
I just don't like it when someone sexualize themselves on purpose and then blame others for noticing just what that person intended in the first place.

No. 62385

this is quite sad tbh… doesn't he have anyone in his life to give him a reality check. also it's so weird that he got his nose tip done (i think?) when jimin has quite a flat nose

No. 62386

they probably couldn't leave once they hit 16-18 since most idols sign a 7-10 year contract so they are fucked until 21-25. i don't feel bad for those who become trainees and sign contracts as adults tho, as you and other anons said.
idk much about jimin but how is having big boobs sexualizing yourself? that's just how her body is built.

No. 62387

Jennie is more tolerable because you only see her once a year, Soyeon actually keeps pushing for a career and doing shit

No. 62389

reality is it would be pretty hard to get plastic surgery to look exactly like jimin when jimin's face changes every few months

No. 62390

how is she related to deaths? does she kill ppl wtf

No. 62391

File: 1573598004618.jpeg (168.87 KB, 750x739, F24083E9-A703-4178-9B38-677BC4…)

She looks so old like this. Also, did anyone watch that new League of Legends live performance she’s in?? Her facial expressions were so cringe and try hard. I felt lowkey embarrassed. But I feel like all Soyeon fans are incels who like her because “she’s not like other female idols”. So they probably all wet themselves watching her acting all badass on stage. She’s just as fake as every other idol.

No. 62392

I wonder how do the twice members feel knowing 90% of their fandom is Sana,Nayeon,Momo and Tzuyu stans.

No. 62393

spoiler this you bitch.

No. 62394

File: 1573601190729.jpeg (3.23 KB, 47x71, E781CAD5-01BC-4542-8680-DEE87E…)

Are her earlobes ok?

No. 62395

didnt txt have a whole song called crown with that move too?

No. 62398

I hate that he ripped off Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence for this. That song isn't even Korean, it's Japanese which makes the fact he named this… thing "Heart of Korea" all the more ridiculous.

No. 62399

File: 1573604225931.jpg (126.24 KB, 1080x1350, f6be3d248a4c81e5e1179d34b70278…)

I'm a piercingfag and I've noticed a lot of idols have their earlobes pierced really low. Chaeyoung is the worst example I've found, her ears look like they're about to rip at any second. Sage for pointless ear sperg.

No. 62400

>japanese umbrella
>chinese fan
>random flashes of seoul tourist spots
>"heart of korea"
Lmao wtf

I also legit saw someone in the comments say that this mv was more disrespectful than logan paul in japan…girl no. Calm your koreaboo ass down lol

No. 62401

File: 1573605351179.jpg (50.83 KB, 640x640, tumblr_2bcd4ff3226c852b4927d42…)

I wouldn't have guessed that's Suzy.

No. 62402

I thought it was Solar on first glance

No. 62403

I actually thought it was Hwasa without make up at first.

No. 62404


Wow. She looks really different. Off-stage, idols really look like the average kid you'd see on the street…

No. 62406

she looks like a pretty bare faced woman. what are you on?

No. 62411

Lmaoo where you live at that average kids 1look like that?

No. 62412

I think she looks pretty but it really looks nothing like her with makeup on lol

No. 62414


Meh. She's not ugly, but I wouldn't look twice where I'm at. She's above average in Korea, though.

No. 62415

File: 1573612588143.png (838.21 KB, 480x600, Screenshot_2019-11-12 박규리 ( gy…)

What's Park Gyuri doing these days? Other than dating chaebols? (lol) She seems to be one of the most normal 2nd gen idols.

Her and the rest of Kara (other than Jiyoung) should've tried pursuing Japan more. Esp Hara.

No. 62418

it looks so bad. I don't get why they dont go a few centimeters higher.

No. 62419


Jimin starving himself is so obvious too. like, shit, his legs are crazy thin. he's gonna hurt himself before he's 30. i keep forgetting most of them are still in their mid 20s. they're pretty fucked at this point with mental health issues and eating disorders.

that's because i think he's a legit retard. He's probably too stupid to diet like the others.

No. 62425

Jimin looks like he’s only 110lbs /50kg soaking wet

No. 62426

He's constantly fainting on stage. It's only gonna get worse as he gets older/closer to 30. Are any of them gonna survive in the military? rofl

No. 62431


she looks like a fucking furby lmao

No. 62432

They’re probably hoping they get treated better because of fame kek

No. 62436

Don't twinks like him get raped in the military?(autism)

No. 62438

Sounds like your fantasy

No. 62439

sounds like some weird wattpatt fanfic

No. 62441

File: 1573620902212.jpg (46.27 KB, 610x601, suzy.jpg)

I'd like to know where this is average.

No. 62442

everything cube has put out since 2015 has been utter trash, see clc and pentagon literal nugus still this far into their careers. also gidle songs just were horrible in general this year once they got off the "ethnic vibe" sadly thats the only thing they had going for them

No. 62443

honestly this. if kpop wants to push for anything global they need to stop debuting people who just stand and talk the words. its so painful to watch music show wins and see idols (like Shuhua) just not even able to sing the one line given to them. shouldnt the bare minimum for a kpop artist be putting some enthusiasm into performing?? they are mediocre at all things musical related the least they should do is be able to put on a show especially since most idols lipsync to 90% MR. people like Jennie deserve to be criticized, people like Soyeon are doing their job and it sucks that the rest of the group is what she has to work with.

No. 62449

The men not being girly and women not being ana would probably help too

No. 62450

She's not ugly (to me anyway) but she should stop trying to be "fierce" or whatever all the time, she's trying to have Hyuna-type "glare" expressions and it's not working on her

No. 62451

woah anyone getting CL vibes? her rap also sounds exactly like CL with that super nasally tone, even the eye makeup is done just like CL.

No. 62453

Yeah. She's like a cross between CL and Hyuna/every other female kpop rapper who sounds like Pikachu.

No. 62454

File: 1573629217894.jpeg (84.86 KB, 600x1016, received_557085845103960.jpeg)

Anyone knows who this?

No. 62455

I’m going to vomit jesus

No. 62458

what the hell this just popped up in my yt recomendations for kpop wardrobe malfunctions kek this reminds me of that part in boombayah where jisoos v*gina is showing

No. 62459

It's Hadam from Bambino, not an idol. It was mostly a dance group so they did plenty of sexy stuff. This girl Hadam though had skanky outfit controversy like every other week, she seemed to genuinely not give a fuck.

No. 62460

well they could end up as traffic wardens like loco or military chefs like do lol
reminds me of this and how jennie and lisa thought they were killing it lol. not that things like you gon finna catch me are good lyrics but i feel like they rather than teddy/a team of writers wrote this just because of how… stilted and awkward it sounds? like there isn't any thought put into the lines they're just… saying things. it's kind of sad that yg never invested in giving the girls any sense of musical inclination like seungyoon, mino, bobby, gd, hanbin etc etc prob because he just wanted them to be his singing dolls

No. 62461

its funny because this exact performance is what blinks use to prove blackpink are talented "lyricists" that are just being held back by women hating yg… with lyrics like this rap they'd be memes in the US. its embarrassing that they actively were proud of writing this rap

No. 62462

It’s worse than sehun’s “shorty imma party till the sun down”

No. 62472

all of sm’s and yg’s rap lyrics sound like what a 12 year old would write in a fortnite chatroom

No. 62476

and bts' lyrics sound like they came from a fake deep 14 year old girl's diary about her fweelingsss

No. 62480

Is there a kpop discussion thread on this website that isn't just shit flinging?

No. 62481

File: 1573642107013.jpg (35.87 KB, 720x378, ezgif-2-e2b2cb2748c9.jpg)

Jk's new hair is so stupid.

No. 62484

With an attitude like that, you'll find your place in /kpg or the idol spam threads. Go have fun.

No. 62486

this thread is pure ass

No. 62488

Will the psychological problems caused by kpop induced parasocial relationships ever be addressed by kpop companies?

No. 62489

no, why would it? they want people to cultivate an unhealthy parasocial attachment to idols. that’s the entire point.

No. 62490

I was about to say, isn't that what their whole business model relies upon? They wouldn't be able to make as much money as they do, churning out the crap that they do, if people didn't form irrational attachments to idols.

No. 62491

Only if Korean fans start to practice acts of violence and/or suicide while stating clearly they are doing that because of their bias got fired/went to the army/didn't get enough youtube views. Emphasis on Korean fans because we all know the Korea cultural expansion plan gives 0 fucks about the international fans besides how much money they can spend.

No. 62492

yes, kpop is just one big marketing initiative. on the macro level it’s basically soft national propaganda meant to sell korean culture as a cultural export on the international market. on the micro level they want fans to literally “fall in love” with their idols. they’re selling the fantasy of a personal relationship with idols to fans, hence the “our fans are my girlfriend” rhetoric and dating bans and whatnot. BTS have refined and applied this technique the most effectively, which is why they’re so massively successful (it’s certainly not their talent, looks, or music…) this only becomes problematic for the company when you encounter the really deranged fans like the nayeon stalker, but even western artists get psychotically obsessed stalker fans too.

also obviously this works better on women since female fans are more loyal and more likely to form a romantic attachment and not just mindlessly fap to idols like male fans.

No. 62493

their attitudes too

No. 62494

File: 1573659457988.png (1.04 MB, 2176x1262, Steve Yoooooouuucrankthat.png)

So I know a few people have been going on about how Kpop idols tend to get better treatment in the military every other thread, and I got reminded of this old ex-idol who got banned from entering Korea because he didn't do his military service (he became a US citizen before he was supposed to enlist, and everyone think it was so he ould get out of it)

Do you think he'll be allowed back in?

No. 62496

thoughts on AleXa? Her debut sounds like a rave whore’s wet dream but at least she doesn’t look like she’s starving herself. She flopped on p48 and she’ll flop again

No. 62498

>>62496 you think we're gonna look that up? Post the bullshit you wanna talk and sage your shit, newfag.

No. 62499

Didn't even Kim Jungkook get shit in SK for simply being still friends with him…?
But he also got shit because he didn't serve in military himself.

No. 62500

calm down sis

No. 62502


this is what they’re talking about. The song itself is mediocre. Don’t really see the point of super impressive, diffucult choreo if it forces you it lip-sing 90% of the song live.

No. 62505

This was already discussed previously, just seems like you want to promote this flop song.

No. 62506


No. 62508

Lol the entire board is ass. You're the one who invests time and effort on modding this (for free), nobody forces you to use your off time for lolcow. Mods who think they're above a site's userbase are a mystery to me.

No. 62509

Two threads ago.


No. 62510

It seems like lately jungkook isn't hanging out with anybody.
He is/was friends with all of seventeen and with got7 yugeom but now i just see him spending his time in isolation or with his members.

No. 62511

it's not like you hear about every time idols hang out with each other so you don't know that and i don't think he actually hangs out with the members that much i don't think any of them to do, they've all got their own friends

No. 62512


Got it. I don’t read everything in all the threads (too much bs to sift through) so I guess I missed it

No. 62513

File: 1573670738798.jpg (245.49 KB, 1077x1924, EJQiJGxXkAENXvx.jpg)

Lmao the Ratmy salt if Blackpink get a Grammy nomination before BTS would be glorious, Ratmy tears will turn Twitter into a dead sea.

No. 62514

Blackpink is just of a trash. Bpfag.

No. 62515

You are Blackpink(jennie and her backup dancers) fan you do not have the right to act superios over other crazy fandoms.(samefag)

No. 62516

Control your faggotry anons. Yes they suck but their presence generates extreme tard rage among armys or some reason - see the rivers of tears that happened when they "won" those PCAs? If they get that Grammy nomination it will be Salt Lake City 2.0 on Twitter

No. 62517

I dont know anything about that and i havent seen that happen because i dont follow bp and id rather look at paint dry before i have to look at jennie's witch face and lisa's boney body.

No. 62518

Dear lord, rosé’s ribs in that picture just grosses me out

No. 62520

lmao jennie in the back

No. 62521

>>62518 she is an actual skelly, has the whole bobblehead game too.

No. 62523

god one performance at coachella that hundreds of indie bands from who knows where also take part in, and suddenly they are grammy material. at this point id rather take nct being nominated or got7 idk, what did bp do exactly to warrant a grammy let alone a nom. what about the jpop group that performed at coachella, are they not breaking the mold and being "feminists and "women empowerment yes lets go

No. 62524

Jisoo's private parts were shown in an MV? Lol what

No. 62525

no one thinks that they are going to be nominated for a grammy except blinks, same with army and bts. nct and got7 are both international and domestic failures so idk how their situations are equivalent

No. 62527

Honestly I’m starting to get eugenia cooney vibes

No. 62528

File: 1573680134852.jpeg (206.64 KB, 1456x819, 5D716FE2-436C-42D4-A24D-CFF411…)

I think they’re referencing this? She had a panty slip during a video

No. 62529

that's so embarrassing…how did they keep that in the MV

No. 62531

File: 1573682596582.jpg (60.68 KB, 827x713, 1573682569680.jpg)

Any news on BTS' 7-way gay marriage yet??

No. 62532

I just love how their fans act like blackpink are so different and empowering than other girl groups.
When the truth is blackpink dresses in hooker,tacky attire and sluts it up on stage but because they do a "girl crush" concept then they are so SUPERIOR from the other girl group sluties.

No. 62539

frankly I would rank nct's achievements as higher than blackpink, there's nothing they have number wise besides the youtube views and coachella. other kpop groups have been touring this entire year and shoving themselves into late night shows and other performances, and nct/superm even charted on those billboard album charts even if the fans manipulated it to hell. where are blackpink fans when they need to make actual numbers on the charts.

No. 62541

Even if you are an NCTfag that's pure nonsense. No one can name all of NCT's members and even SM has dungeoned most of them.

Anyway NCT like BTS isn't eligible because they released too many songs to be a newcomer, the criteria for Grammy best new artist is more than 5 tracks but less than 30 tracks/3 albums so Blackpink having so few songs since debuting in 2016 actually works in their favor. BP is "lazy" in Kpop but worldwide it's common for popstars to take 3-4year breaks between EPs or albums and tour in between.

No. 62542


Her body looks so weird and awkward. It’s getting really concerning. I think she’s worse than lisa

No. 62544

i rarely judgle idols based on nasolabial fold but….she has the nasolabial folds of a 60 year old.

No. 62558

those comments are from women/girls

No. 62559

Blackpink charted on the Hot 100 singles charts and have Gold/Platinum certifications. BP's sole album sold more physicals than NCT 127's this year. So they do have achievements even if they're just a flash in the pan.

I don't like BP either but NCT is nowhere near a top group, maybe not even a middle-class group. Even fucking Ateez and Stray Kids outsold 127 physically this year.

No. 62560

File: 1573710675532.png (124.48 KB, 250x321, anachan.png)


PREDICTION: Blackpink will definitely get the grammy next year.

BP is getting so much positive media coverage lately it's almost like entertainment industry insiders are hinting at something they already know is about to happen. Also see what happened with the People's Choice Awards lol

I think Westerners are starting to get a little fed up with the Ratmy's antics.

Screenshot this, you heard it here first. BP will get the grammy and that'll be the "big kpop moment" of 2020. RATMY BTFO

No. 62561

What's the issue between BP and BTS fans?
I've definitely seen it more from BTS towards BP, but it goes both ways.
It really is the dumbest, pettiest shit I've seen in a while. Is it because they think one group being successful is somehow stealing fame from their group?

No. 62562

I'd love for anyone that's not BTS to get a Grammy. Be it Blackpink, NCT, fucking Gfriend, CL's fat ass making a spectacular comeback out of nowhere, literally anyone else.

The ratmy salt would feed these threads for a solid year.

No. 62566

Recent lawsuits and news articles have shown that the worst commenters are actually men, who purposefully manipulate/skew the demographics that you sometimes see in charts by pretending to be women. The same men are typically ilbe users. Here's one article I just saw the other day, can't say I'm surprised tbh.


> [Exclusive] "Really?" Even Son Naeun is surprised at identity of hate commenter, middle-aged male graduate of S Law School

>1. [+2,889, -182] Ilbe class
>2. [+2,679, -111] If you go by Shinlimdong, there are a ton of highly educated but social losers living there
>3. [+486, -52] Korean men ㅠㅠ Please stop reporting comments and deleting them. If you MUST! write hate comments on female celebrity articles, please stop pretending to be a woman too ㅎㅎ You guys always try to pretend to be a woman and start 'women vs women' fights while calling each other unni… does that not make you sad?
>4. [+198, -16] You catch hate commenters and they're almost always men ㅎㅎ
>5. [+156, -11] Even with the women around me, they're always calling Son Naeun and Sulli pretty and stuff but it's always the Ilbe and male community sites who say horrendous things about them "as a joke" ㅋㅋㅋ They take out their frustrations on life on female celebrities ㅋㅋㅋ
>6. [+152, -8] Hate commenters = adult men. Sulli, IU, and Son Naeun are all dealing with hate comments from men. Why would you ever want to leave a hate comment on a female celebrity old enough to be your daughter?
>7. [+134, -2] I'm surprised, too… I assumed it'd be some immature high school kid leaving hate comments but it's actually a middle-aged ajusshi
>8. [+131, -7] Where are all the Korean men who love assuming that it's always women in the comments feeling jealous over pretty celebrities? Fact of reality is that it's always Korean men who are either jacking off to the sexual harassment comments they leave or feeling jealous that a woman is doing better than them.
>9. [+125, -4] An infamous hate commenter of Sulli is actually an Ilbe student of a prestigious university ^^ Korean men are always blaming women for their own faults.
>10. [+102, -5] Most hate comments are so obviously written by men ㅋㅋㅋ They're always like "As a woman~", "As a mother~", "As a daughter-in-law" ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ It's so obviously written by a man but they try to frame themselves as a woman to write all these hate comments.
>11. [+91, -4] So the majority of these hate commenters are men ㅋㅋ which makes sense because I bet women are too lazy to even comment on these things ㅋㅋ sites like Ilbe or DC are usually all men too.
>12. [+85, -5] Another man who was caught?????????? And yet men are always trying to blame women for these comments.

No. 62572

>Blackpink will definitely get the grammy next year.

Why? Like the Grammys are more of a joke than the Nobel Peace Prize now. It seems like the US industry desperate to stay relevant than SK trying to get popular now.

No. 62573

File: 1573718189213.jpg (298.28 KB, 540x779, picc.jpg)

So what are those marks on Sakuras face?

No. 62575

lol why would you photoshop cheorrys eyes bigger if you were trying to make her ugly?

I can't believe people spend time on this sort of stuff

No. 62576

Interesting: BP are not even on the top 20 kpop charts when it comes to sales.
Bigbang is also surprisingly low and semi-popular groups like Got7 and Seventeen already surpassed SNSD and TVXQ. And Wanna One sold so much within a single year.
I'm also surprised that BTS only overtook Exo in the 2nd half of last year, I thought it happened much sooner.

No. 62577

blinks are losing it. some made a hashtag begging blackpink to leave yg and some are totally against it. it seems like the ones who are against it are afraid of disband or total yg stans. hate yg so i think the best thing is for them to leave. no clue if there is even a slight chance of them doing so since they are still doing well for having one comeback a year and no full album but to me its seems like the right choice unless yg does a total 180 with them and actually pushes them.

No. 62578

this is goona sound weird but I find it strange how conservative and homophobic korea is but the dudes wear makeup, wear tight clothes, being hella skinny, dye their hair colors like pink, blond and do fanservice for teen girls kek

No. 62579

I guess they see idols as outliers, regular Korean men don’t look like that at all.

No. 62581

It’s kind of sad when you think about it. Idols doing fan service profiting of teen girls is okay but then actual gays are shunned by the same society. Don’t get me started on shippers that are homophobic but ship same sex ships.

No. 62582

I think they are influenced by Japan in idol culture because Japan has host clubs (like male geishas) and Japanese idol culture is more extreme.

But all over the world (Tokio Hotel, 1D, Boyzone Westlife etc) male idols dress like twinks or gays to attract tweens and teens because at that age girls prefer less threatening boys.

No. 62584

im really curious about what the reaction of k-netz would be if one of the third gen idols were outed

No. 62585

No. 62588

File: 1573723110445.jpg (352.41 KB, 1600x1042, 6Z2rGCn.jpg)

Are Tokio hotel weebs?

No. 62591

Taking care of your looks isn't tied with homosexuality except for in the west you dumb bitch.

No. 62592

The only way I can see it is insane fans buying craploads of albums for fan event tickets.

No. 62593

Calling what male idols do to themselves
>Taking care of your looks
Go back to allkpop or twitter anon.

No. 62594

they’re totally taking care of themselves with their botched ps , fried hair, ana bodies, and eating disorders kek

No. 62595

pimples or cold sores retard

No. 62597

well most other fandoms, not just blinks, hate armys/bts bc they're just so annoying. but armys not liking blinks/blackpink is definitely bc they are jealous of their popularity in the west although i'd say both of their achievements are mediaplay anyways (except coachella… idk much about it but that's kind of huge right… how did they land that?) the difference is that bts has a lot more crazy fans than bp

No. 62598

>10. [+102, -5] Most hate comments are so obviously written by men ㅋㅋㅋ They're always like "As a woman~", "As a mother~", "As a daughter-in-law" ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ It's so obviously written by a man but they try to frame themselves as a woman to write all these hate comments.

Fucking kek. Reminds me of Reddit.

No. 62599

And Johnny took it from visual kei and they took it from american glam rock/metal. Gay fanservice included.
Male singers have always been skinny, weirdly dressed, wearing makeup etc, long before nowadays idols were even born.

No. 62600

this is entirely the wrong thread for it but calling Bill anything other than an edgy, gay """artist""" is kind of a reach (at least, currently) I've never seen them as anything other than just a flashier german metal lite band from the start, but I can see where the visual kei influence comes in.
>BP is "lazy" in Kpop but worldwide it's common for popstars to take 3-4year breaks between EPs or albums and tour in between.
I've been thinking for a while that YG is trying to make BP a Korean Western gg by pushing BP in the US doing stuff like that but his problem is when Western artists do that they usually put out like 5-6 songs so they don't necessarily have to perform the same song when they go on morning talk shows. BP has been doing the same 3 songs since they landed their nonexistent asses in the US. That's great for the grammy noms, but the general public will not give a shit if they have to hear the same songs everywhere they go, esp when it gets overplayed. (remember Happy or Gangnam Style?)
Tl:dr, I really doubt any grammy will help their Western popularity since they still have nothing to show for it.

No. 62602

I really just think YG isn’t interested in promoting them or giving them more material. I don’t think there’s an overarching master plan like trying to style them after a western pop group. They regularly score CFs and modeling gigs so YG has already secured the $$$ they want out of them. All YG needs to do is drop a video/single once or twice a year to reignite interest and keep them from completely fading from public consciousness. People say BP are just a group of glorified models, and it’s literally true. The group and the music isn’t the priority in the company’s eyes.

No. 62603

>the worst commenters are men

And no one is shocked

No. 62604

China does the same shit. Male fanservice is okay, but being gay isnt. It's disgusting and hypocritical because they very anti gay societies, but profit from gay fanservice and fujobucks

No. 62605

rose = eugenia cooney

No. 62609

Pimples. It's that time of the year unfortunately.

No. 62610

holy fuck can we stop stinking the thread up with BP/blink BTS/army bullshit. Its genuinely boring af when neither of those groups have even done anything recently

No. 62611

File: 1573747599071.jpg (25.08 KB, 354x432, Wendy.JPG)

I know Wendy's face has been discussed to hell and back already but has she coloured her hair to hide new fillers/botox/other work? She looks almost Chungha-tier pinched now

No. 62612

Did sperm's recent shows end up selling out after all? I heard most of the fans there were nctzens

No. 62613

People have been reporting about the autists in this thread both in /meta/ and via report tool for ages and mods said nothing could be done about it, so either do something or don't complain.

Would they even be relevant until then? They're already flopping.

No. 62614

Fort Worth looked fairly full to me from the videos that I saw, but I doubt they'll get the same good response at the other locations. There aren't enough Nctzens to buy tickets for the other dozen or so shows

No. 62615

yikes hopefully it's just the hair washing her out