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File: 1570214537956.jpeg (242.12 KB, 1440x1080, 4CBD6082-A007-46FA-A59F-8C03CA…)

No. 53971

Rant about Kpop, its creepy fandoms, and/or its fucked up industry. Or just nitpick some idols.

· Don't sperg, complain or pick fights.
· Don't racebait. Doing so will get you banned from /m/.
· Don't derail about dumb shit. If it doesn't directly have to do with Kpop, don't post about it here.
· This thread is not about shipping or fangirling. Save that for the general kpop thread here: >>>/m/11970 or the spam threads here: >>>/m/46568 (boys) >>>/m/14862 (girls)

Previous thread: >>52216

No. 53988

Jopping is #261 on Billboard charts kek

No. 53989

lol the photo

No. 53992

File: 1570216835235.jpg (90.75 KB, 500x332, temp_fff8453778e70dead255a6e61…)

I actually feel sorry for them, getting humiliated like this after having reached success must be worse than never making it in the first place.

Found this with the caption
>Unedited Photos of BTS` Taehyung Left Fans Speechless in the Past
Seriously? He looks disabled

No. 53993

I’m assuming that’s makeup because otherwise it’s unfortunate if he has blowup doll lips in real life.

No. 53994

He doesn’t seem to be wearing fillers in more recent pics.

No. 53996

He looks like a smoker with those lines on his cheeks

No. 54002

He looks fine. That's his real tan skin unwhitewashed by Ratmy fansites with lines and all, 70% of Korean men/women are tan and squarejawed like that if you ever visit Korea irl. Japanese/Chinese dudes are less square faced than Koreans which is why V line surgery is so big in Korea compared to other Asian countries. Koreans have huge jaws, V's Dad has a square shaped head.

No. 54005

It’s a pity that they need to photoshop him that much, when he’s already good looking. Why do they have to be flawless?

No. 54006

his dad is famous?

No. 54007

>>54006 No he's a regular Korean dad. If V ages naturally he will look something like that since his dad looked like V when younger


No. 54008

>>54005 Because Korean netizens will say they look Thai or countrified if they are tan. I saw a highly upvoted Knetz comment saying Jennie "looks like she'd enjoy tom yum soup" on NB top kek

Are Thai people aware that Koreans love to shit on their skintone?

No. 54009

On that note, why do seafags idolize kpop idols when Koreans constantly shit on their features? Are they so desperate for asian representation?(racebait)

No. 54010

>>54009 Yes see aznidentity or asianmasculinity for undersexed Asian males on Reddit. They all love BTS or Kpop for turning white girls into Koreaboos so they get to screw chicks who think Chinese Jap Viet or Thai dudes look hot if they vaguely resemble kpop boys.

No. 54017

I can attest to that, my friend was obsessed with our Viet tour guide in phong nha because “he looked like a Kpop idol.” He did not but ok.

No. 54019

probably because japan and china had huge influence/colonized parts of sea so they might feel inferior and want their validation by eating up their media. kind of like how many african countries have rampant skin bleaching because they were colonized.

No. 54042

i'm part sea and i think it's because most sea boy bands are fug and make cornier music than kpop

No. 54047


I’d hazard a guess that he is the most ‘natural’ in bts ? I hope they don’t fuck his face up with ps because he looks fine as is. But we know that will happen anyway.

No. 54056

+253, -24]
Let's not disgrace ourselves by going overseas with a song like this

2. [+168, -10]
So bad… seriously bad. I like Baekhyun, Kai and Mark but I still think that this s*cks… do they think that this was a good song choice because they were screaming so loud? Seriously…

3. [+116, -4]
What "expected from Lee Soman"?~ He took the kids who were doing well and was shooting Age Of Peace 2?? This is not the early 2002

4. [+85, -13]
Their faces are indeed SM

5. [+62, -2]
I cringed from the first scene of the MV..ㅜㅜ Even male rookies can do better than that… Taemin, Baekhyun, Kai.. what to do.. seriously, I feel like they've been sacrificed.. the song is also so bad… ugh

6. [+52, -4]
They really spent a lot on the MV but this feels like a failure… there's no emotion and it just looks like an MV to flex.. I kept feeling embarrassed…

No. 54063

Knetz are finally right for once

But I don't like that they put the exo guys and taemin on a pedestal. They're not much better than the others tbh

No. 54065

This is an imageboard dumbass

No. 54067

>They're not much better than the others tbh
You're messing with the bull, anon

No. 54068

File: 1570234491826.jpg (659.95 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20191005-071442_Sam…)

No. 54072

>>54068 Sheeple will still tune in and spend all their parents money voting for uggos like Kang Daniel

No. 54075

It's true tho lol. If you measure dancing/singing skills + visuals they all kinda are on the same level

No. 54079

Anyways super junior dropped I think I and i think its good tbh
I have no idea if lolcow has been invaded by armies or exols but i miss the second gen topics

No. 54080

Jennie fans on twitter are saying jennie is better than CL and that jennie is the queen of kpop.

No. 54081

shit i didnt mean to put the suju video twice. Saged. Sorry

No. 54082

Self hatred.

No. 54083

Im excited to watch this

No. 54086

You know what you’re doing lol

No. 54088

It’s hard not to be when everyone looks down on them

No. 54089

File: 1570243197984.jpg (41.09 KB, 640x525, tumblr_26576f7fa6ec2c07696ec8a…)

No. 54092

I 100% would have bullied him had we gone to school together.

No. 54093

Tiffany needs to give up her american careeer. Only kpop fans know who she is

No. 54102

>sperm watched jopping with "fans"
This is giving me secondhand embarrassment, not to mention the intro they use to depict "fans

No. 54103

File: 1570245766861.jpg (15.45 KB, 554x554, images.jpeg-7.jpg)

This and his feefees got hurt cause of the egg pic kek, why cant he just laugh it off and be funny like any normal person

No. 54104

watching this from other angles is so gross, all these girls sitting next to them just staring at them instead of watching the mv, and these guys have to pretend like they dont see 2879028 koreaboos surrounding them like animals and awing at every small reaction they make

the funniest part is baekhyun on the end trying to hype with the others but taeyong is ignoring him the whole video and hyping up everyone else, so baekyun keeps turning around to talk to kai behind him kek

No. 54105

Why does SM think that Suju is Spanish, who are they aiming at with this concept

No. 54111

Kpop isn’t like, say, Spanish music where there’s a relatively normal fanbase of Spanish speakers and normies who just appreciate decent music. Kboos are terrifyingly cringe and just embarrassing. I’m sympathetic to any act from SK that has to endure this shit. Good night. Literally the only sperm member I’m slightly invested in is Taemin but I am feeling some sympathy (or maybe pity, idk dude) towards even Baekhyun and he's annoying as shit.

I told my friend once I wan gonna start a Twitter in the style of a kpop stan but make it all about J Balvin and Rosalía to see if people picked up on how fucking weird they are towards Koreans and other Asians

No. 54137

File: 1570250232248.png (583.41 KB, 1194x1511, Screenshot_2019-10-05 lolcow f…)

lmao is this lolcow or a lucas circle jerk

No. 54139

A healthy Braco alternative

No. 54141

Not everyone is a old hag as you, and that too a Elfag. They are totally irrelevant now, except for yeonwooya.

No. 54149

not sure if lolcow was traumatized by the anon that's a lucus stan, or just decided to accept lucus and turn him as a to-go person to shit on and meme

No. 54152

The boy idol tread has been full of nct + lucas since the beginning. For every random guy pic there's 20 of lucas lol

No. 54153

I really would bet money on it that half of those 'fans' were paid to be there. The proportion of older men and women there does not match Exo's fanbase demographic at all.

No. 54154

*Or Shinee, or NCT. My bad.

No. 54158

super junior is in so many korean tv shows and kyuhyun recently sang a song in masked singer to pay respect to jonghyun. you can shill about exo but dont be a retard

No. 54159

i honestly expect shawols to be teenagers. Wtf is that video

No. 54160

tiffany is trying to be ariana grande and its not working

No. 54161

kpop fans dont have any boundaries.

No. 54162

did people see ratmys being mad an article said superm is the next bts. ratmys and exofags started fighting each others. It was retarded

No. 54163

i only enjoyed no manners from sperm

No. 54167

Wtf does jopping mean?

No. 54168

That was the only good song

No. 54169

Its a meme

No. 54170

File: 1570263877959.jpg (38.92 KB, 640x720, anactualegg.jpg)

The ratmon egg pic has been covered here at least twice, & it's not even a joke, like he & Jin & Jimin have literally featureless faces. But ratmys are giving way too much credit. Surely he was about to log off anyway, or he's…just living his life? Counting his millions? Lol his "feelings" aren't "hurt." these kids rly think that's the worst insult he's ever heard?

So I have issues w/ another pic that's been posted before, at least 3 mos ago, it was barely discussed & im dying to talk about it again but i don't want to get banned for duplicate posting. Mods pls chime in.

No. 54171

how does he still have a double chin after all that liposuction and jaw shave

No. 54172

it's probably leftover skin from said jaw shave

No. 54174

The interesting thing about Kpop isn't about the corruption, that's a given for any industry, all around the world. Money, Sex Drugs. You can't escape it, you can't escape humanity.

The fascinating thing is how efficient they've made the process with many of the companies being in bed with others and the national broadcasting agency being not a separate entity, but part of the government apparatus.

Which is why you often only hear of things after Kpop idols travel overseas. SK government can't shut it down they way they can domestically.

I wonder if some have raised their international profiles to the point where their companies have been offered hundreds of thousands for a "private party" yet. I'm sure they have.

No. 54176

Well thats scary. Im surprised even that he still has his face in its place. Cant imagine what ppl with jaw surgery will end up looking like in 10 years or so.

No. 54179

File: 1570268409686.png (166.48 KB, 812x807, lulz.png)

exo fans' lack of self awareness is incredible.

No. 54180

File: 1570269304591.jpeg (116.49 KB, 960x1280, EF3VsCaXUAEoam5.jpeg)

yoongi's face looks different again i thought he was meant to have gained weight lol

No. 54183

I was disturbed by his plastic face until I saw his nail. gross af. what’s he doing to it. is this a new photo and it was just posted like that? whatever snow filters they use on their faces should cover other visible imperfections too god

No. 54184

>>54180 editing apps, filters, angles. idk what youre expecting to see in a picture he posted himself

No. 54185

I'm not too sure what you're criticising them for. They rightfully point out Baek's delusion about Sperm being important and not just a failed marketing scheme. And imo they do have a point when they say EXO is getting thrown to the side when they could've had a shot of making it in the US. They have decent singers and songs and it's very much wasted potential. Unless i'm reading it wrong?

No. 54187

>>54185 Honestly, you're right.
OP may think Exols are delusional for some reason, but I don't really think they are that wrong.
What these people are saying is that Baekhyun thinks sperm is some kind of groundbreaking project that will take over the US, when in fact he's already in EXO, one of the kpop groups with the bigger fandom in the US and Europe (after what, only bts?)
The sperm members were fed delusions and lies and it's just sad to see. I saw a tweet about how Kai was amazed to see he has american fans..
EXO was never actually given a chance to try for the US market when personally I really think they would have had a better chance at that than spermies… as you said, their music isn't as bad as NCTs and could get radio plays.
But whatever, I'm here just to laugh at this project anyway kek

No. 54188

Why is his nail like that?

No. 54190

I'm tired of bts. So many of the fans are so far up their asses, that they'll always turn a blind eye if they do anything wrong and/or will always praise their work even if it's bad.
Even if you genuinely critique it or have your own opinion on it, the fans will attack you and be like: blocked omg sksksks i went off xD
Though i suppose it's a given since their main demographic are pre-teen/teenage girls…

No. 54192

i’m not very well versed in the whole sperm fiasco, but i read somewhere baekhyun is the leader. after so much money is invested and you were made the leader, it’s kind of obvious he has to parrot whatever is told to tell the media? especially as the leader? of course he has to speak as if sperm is the best thing ever because it’s marketed that way.

No. 54193

apparently he bites his nails due to being an anxious soft boi uwu or at least that's what ratmies say

No. 54194

>>54192 Yep, if you read OPs post that's what exols also say. They would have preferred taemin to be leader, just not to hear baekhyun say those things kek
Personally I think he believes what he's saying tho..
As I said, exo doesn't even seem to realize they're very fucking famous in kpop circles in the US (and europe I may add since im european and I have eyes) since they never got the chance to actually promote there

No. 54195

it’s funny they put so much effort to filter the shit out of their faces, but some other things stick out like a sore thumb and that’s a-ok lol

No. 54196

yep, i’m from US and many people who aren’t ‘fake woke’ think exo songs are catchy and overall sound better.

No. 54197

well my point was that the things they deplore superm for also apply to exo kek. like ''manufactured'' boy group and exo would also flop in the US. it's amusing seeing fans finally acknowledge their fans are some malnourished uneducated retards and not ''uwu woke intelligent kings''

No. 54198

File: 1570273007668.jpeg (387.64 KB, 1280x1322, EF8eEKtVAAAwbNJ.jpeg)

jimincel might be ugly but at least he isn't currently editing his photos to look like a fakeboi

No. 54199

File: 1570273228051.jpg (230.18 KB, 1363x1975, EGGtcvRVUAAEc6Z.jpg)

he looks so much like a chubby middle aged lesbian

how does someone like jinsoul become a celebrity?

No. 54200

She looks fine anon??? I actually think she is pretty here, and that's your answer. She's pretty.

No. 54201

File: 1570273967166.png (5.43 MB, 2000x2000, XX_Promotional_Picture_JinSoul…)

lolcow logic:
if an idol is actually pretty, she will get nitpicked to death, if she's ugly she will be given false compliments. jinsoul looks like a failed scientific experiment with her excessive plastic surgery

No. 54202

Where are y'all finding these pictures? This looks like some candid you'd find 83 scrollwheels down on some cringy Tumblr page that only has 10 followers.

No. 54203

He posted it on twitter.

No. 54204

Seriously cant wait to see what bts looks like when they get in their 30s.
So many of their fans are gonna be like "wtf were we thinking".

Suga,jimin,and jhope will most likely age the worst.

No. 54206

File: 1570277568632.jpg (92.87 KB, 1000x1500, unnamed-7.jpg)

The most cursed picture in kpop.

No. 54207

This is what I don't understand.
Ratmon crying over how people are making fun of his head face when the whole point of a V-line surgery is to make your face shaped like a literal egg.
Nearly every kpop idol is guilty of this, their faces are 1000x whiter than the rest of their body, on top of usually featureless and not as prominent protruding facial features, with an egg-like face shape. It's like their heads are photoshopped onto their body in real life…

It's like they idolize their face jumping off their bodies and band together into a group of Humpty Dumpties…

No. 54208

nta but lolcow grills genuinely ugly idols alive. jinsoul isn’t one of them.

No. 54209

File: 1570278100392.jpeg (42.35 KB, 540x360, 1A438ED7-4ADE-4045-A07B-598DFE…)

wasn’t even his hand lmao

No. 54210

A certain fandom is not doing a great job at hiding their powerlevel ITT.

No. 54211

Also,does anyone else find the existence of nct sad?

Its like they were solely created to get rid of male trainees that SM didnt know what to do with.
And they give taeyong and mark the best treatment cause the group was pretty much made to promote them only LMAO.

And now theyre finally debuting their REAL boygroup in 2020 lmfao.

I also feel like lee soo man is secretly touching the sm idols on some sponsoring shit.
He'll play favorites with a few and they all seem awkward when he touches their shoulders or something.Ew.

No. 54212

>>54211 Lee Soo Man was prob inspired by Johnny's Entertainment

No. 54213

>It's like they idolize their face jumping off their bodies and band together into a group of Humpty Dumpties…

No. 54225

So sperm is not doing any promotion in korea? Are they now too good for kpop too? Lol

No. 54226

Why does RM look mildly Middle Eastern in the banner?

No. 54227

File: 1570284419049.png (130.48 KB, 349x384, Screenshot_2019-10-05-22-04-08…)

lol he still has his gained weight anon. his photos are severely edited and hes barely recognizable in his selfies. pic related is what his face actually looks like right now from a current photoshoot. bloated af

No. 54228

its just that beard/mustache filter

No. 54229

he looks like a rapist

No. 54230

prob bc they were made in collaboration with capital records or whatever so their main market is the us. bts only do music shows in korea as promo lol

No. 54231

is he bloated due to fillers, or binge eating too much? or is it both?

No. 54232

>>54231 Suga gained weight but he definitely got a V line jaw shave, his jaw used to be wider predebut.

No. 54233

fillers and his jaw shave which made his skin sag as stated a million times could be binge eating as well during break

No. 54234

that's a nasty combination, he's barely stopped developing too.
his face is gonna melt off unless he mannequin-izes it like MIcheal Jackson did

No. 54235

Well thats extreme. If they have considered giving a 70:30 us-korea promo plan they might be able to secure some fans in korea in case they flopped (they definitely will).

Still wondering why sm think sperm will be able to take over the "power void" due to bts' military enlisment next year when some of their members will have to enlist soon as well? (Baekhyun, taemin, kai) Moreso, making sperm a permanent group.

No. 54237

NCT is like a third gen Super Junior.

I don't want to sound like some exo Stan but what I don't get is - If SM wants to treat one if their boygroups as some kind of faux BTS so be it but why didn't they do it to exo? Exo is loads more popular than NCT and in their prime they were #1 bg rivaling BTS. Then they just Put exo on the back burner and started shilling Scamyong and the boys hard. From a finical stand point that way mega retarded.

No. 54238

it's really sad that due to bad company heads, we never got to see an all out war with BAP, EXO, and BTS as the 3 boy bands trying to overtake Big Bang's 'spot' as the nation's boygroup. then there's TVXQ

No. 54239

They lost some chinese members along the way (+lawsuits) and the bullying rumor really gave exo a bad image so they wanted to start clean with nct only to flop real hard

No. 54240

>>54237 Scamyong must have serious dirt on Lee Sooman for SM to promote him so heavily despite his money scams and iljin past. This guy would end up a 100% criminal if he wasn't an idol.

No. 54241

File: 1570286970212.jpg (48 KB, 483x512, 152a346f17f631d5f5a17a03e2e697…)

I wouldnt be surprised kek

No. 54242

i can't tell who's face i'm more terrified of

No. 54243

He doesn’t look happy, at all.

No. 54244

>>54242 Scamyong. Comes across as a legit psycopath. There are internet logs of him taunting auction site customers who complained that he sold them broken figurines which shows his lack of remorse. NCT fangirls try to play it down saying everyone was a stupid kid but it amazes me that an iljin who cyberbullies his classmates still has the support of SM and fangirls.

No. 54245

he still is the member who gets most hate from akgaes

No. 54246

>>54244 Lee Soo Man was wanted by Interpol for fraud. He probably sees Twinkyong as a protege scammer.

No. 54251

Cyberbooly-san deserves all the hate he gets. Him and his scandals right before Nct debuted were the main reason why the group flopped in the first place. It's his fault they're doing so poorly. He's always left a bad taste in my mouth and clearly the korean gp feels the same way.

No. 54252

Idk why bit this really weirds me out, why couldn’t he use his own damn hand

No. 54253

>NCT is like a third gen Super Junior.

Except SJ picked up slack and eventually scored hits and can hold their own in variety.

I think EXO (including Baekhyun and Kai) know Super M is a stupid idea. The others seem like they're posting or promoting it at all in ~support~ of those two.

No. 54254

>>54253 Baekhyun looks like he wants to die in every SuperM promo shot. Forced to do vocals for a NCT promo gimmick.

No. 54256

Don't look all of them like they want to die…
Taemin even stated somewhere that he has to, since the company is telling him so, if I remember correctly. So he was over it even beforehand.

To be fair, only dumb and ignorant people with no understanding of western media will believe in their success with the concept they put on Sperm.

No. 54258

So this is how the jaw surgery is done? This is disgusting. Cutting parts of your bones and adding metal plates.

No. 54259

File: 1570291161433.jpg (64.34 KB, 982x368, IMG_20191003_135817.jpg)

they all seem aware of how bad of an idea this is, even the NCT members. taemin might be in denial now tho.

No. 54260

combine that with excessive exercise(overworked) and poor nutrition(eating disorder) on what that does to the bones(osteoporosis) and other parts of the body(insert any illness). then combine sexual and drug abuse due to their company forcing them to do it due to needing 'sponsors' and in the form of blackmarket-remedy painkillers and or hallucingenes to keep them quite on top of other things.
idols are doomed for a lifetime of physical and mental disorders once they sign that slave contract

No. 54261

File: 1570291773686.png (556.31 KB, 895x571, rosesarespoopy.PNG)

Queen of the anachans pretty much deserves her own thread at this point, it's somehow never not appropriate to post about her
I'll stop when her fans stop their wk'ing or die of their own "bUt tHiS iS mUh nAtuRaL bOdY hurrrr durrrr" delusion

No. 54262

>>54261 this is creeping me the fuck out. spoiler that shit next time anon.

No. 54263

don't forget about lisa. ever since they started their world tour, they lost a shit ton of weight, even more so than during their AITYA promos in japan. seems like they turn more ana than they already are if they have a packed schedule due to all the pressure.

No. 54265

File: 1570293152784.jpeg (44.29 KB, 680x624, F34BC510-25C7-4650-A5B5-52C0F8…)

Holy shit she actually dyed her hair black? And she looks pretty here anon what are you going on about if you want to pick on an ugly loona member it will forever and always be no chin Vivi.

No. 54267

Propably because I don´t follow BP, I always felt like Lisa is "naturally skinny". Of course underweight, but still kinda okay. But looking at Rose in this picture, it´s horrible. And know think about how a camera easily adds 5 pounds and more to you.
Funny how her fans denying it and call people haters when they show concern for Rose, when they themselves literally are the most dangerous and toxic surrounding for someone obviously starving.

No. 54268

I genuinely believe Rose and Lisa only eat when they now they’re on camera. The go all out so blinks can think they’re foodies then starve and over exercise when the cameras are off.

No. 54269


>Queen of the anachans pretty much deserves her own thread at this point

Lmao she doesn't? She has no fucking milk aside being ana, and even that is a stretch. Imagine being this new

No. 54270

Rose's fans are her enablers. and it doesn't help that she was very neglected amongst the BP fandom prior to this year where she started to really become ana. and now suddenly people realizes she existed and she finally gets a solo magazine cover and sponsors after 2-3 years. very dangerous mindset she must have by now.

also, lisa lossing too much weight. you can see the bigger picture if you first focus on her thighs and collarbones before and after. there's an obvious lack of needed subcutaneous body fat.
their fans would be saying otherwise if they didn't have chubby-ish cheeks due to being so baby-faced.

No. 54271

And yet people close their eyes to the reality and idolize this abuse.

No. 54272


rose squeezing her arms and literally bodychecking on camera

No. 54273

it's because there's no remorse. how often do you see idols looking like your average person? idols in general are not treated like your average person as well.

you are taking minors and putting them into slave contracts during their most vital years of individual development for their body and mind. someone in a previous thread mentioned tzuyu's brain being replaced with chewed gum due to how plain she is.
that applies to nearly all idols who are completely manufactured head to toe from sugery and forced/encouraged starvation diets, but overlook that their personalities are often times equally manufactured.

No. 54274

so, technically like how in animes the main character in harems is ridiculously plain for the viewer to project themselves onto…
teenage girls and uncle fans either want to fuck the idols and or project themselves as being the idols and fucking either idols with how sad and lonely they are? pretty much irl fanfiction-fantasties with how the idols actually pander to each other with the excessive skinship and kissing each other, gross asf, they know what they're doing and being forced to do it too.

No. 54275

Blinks use the whole 'naturally skinny' excuse for both Lisa and Rose but it's no secret that both of them have pictures that make them look super underweight and that's usually not the case with just skinny people (and the whole argument with Lisa not being ana would ring true because we would have seen she was that skinny from the start).

I don't know about the rest of the members but during rest periods you can see Jennie's actual weight just by the size of her thighs - not to say this is bad but there's a very noticeable difference.

No. 54276

Not new at all. this post isn't repetitive because it IS always relevant as the fandom cooks up new excuses every few weeks. Photo is straight screenshot therefore not doctored. And sperm/nct convo is getting stale, i'm being the change i want to see <3

I think they're both naturally trim, sure (Rose's hourglass shape notwithstanding) but no one is THAT bony naturally, I mean come on. And I feel like they're competing with each other, yet supposedly the most potential feud milk lies w/ Rose-Jennie, no other combinations of members?

I'd say stress/anxiety too but idk she doesn't have that super maxed out sick look in her face (like an overworked Wendy) or flashes of anxiety or spaciness (Irene, Mina, half of G idle) or straight up passing out (basically everyone who's ever passed out) If she's just scraping by on stimulants & her own willpower, there will be a crash real soon.

No. 54277

letting them all have their own instagram accounts was a mistake, the only benefit for them is letting the world see another source for their gradual downwards spiral.
doubtfully those girls are even going to be allowed to have those year long hiatuses to recover anymore with YG being barely afloat due to the revenue they make. and their fandom is going to encourage that because all they want is for them to work-non-stop and stay skinny, and not take any accountability if they drop dead and just blame it on the company due to how they lack so much self-awareness.
when really it's a three-way trifecta of enablement with the fandoms, idols, and companies to net the idols/company as much money as possible, at the expense of everyone involved except the company, because it's not like the idols are getting fair pay to begin with

No. 54278

it doesnt really count as a trifecta if its rigged from the start

No. 54280

you do know this is an actual medical procedure right? it's done to fix people's bites. elected jaw reduction is different from orthognathic surgery.

No. 54281

he looks like jack black

No. 54282

Super Junior is VERY popular in South America…
on January's SMTOWN in Chile (which I attended) SJ had the most stages out of any group and also their spanish song and the crowd went nuts…
There is a niche here in south america… the same niche KARD tries to appeal to (they're super popular here too, not so much in Korea)

No. 54283

Daaaaaamn that actually got my attention! I don't watch any bp content, is there more of this? That's the real milk son.
Watch blinks go "nO sHe jUsT hAd aN iTcH oN hEr aRm sHe'S aLLerGiC tO tHe uPhOLstEry iN tHaT cAr askdjfaskdjfaskdjfask"

Lol no one in kpop is getting that surgery to correct an actual medical problem. That's like Jennifer Aniston and Ashlee Simpson correcting their "deviated septums." Gtfo w/ your wk bs.

No. 54284


Still doesn't warrant her own thread.


This. V line surgery doesn't require metal parts at all.

No. 54285

When done for other than medical issues, it's disgusting for me. I wouldn't touch my face to achieve a fake anime look or just in general to please some horny teens.

No. 54286

there's nothing more profitable than creating a never-ending cycle of desperate children.

No. 54287

there's nothing more profitable than creating a never-ending cycle of desperate children

No. 54288

File: 1570298465852.jpeg (126.06 KB, 750x429, D2A1CD62-0C9F-4ACE-9BD8-E45EA3…)

our queen <3 lmao

No. 54290

omg why is she verified

No. 54292

Who is this person? Don't post nugus

No. 54294


Of course she's verified,she hugged and kissed everyone's oppas.

No. 54295

han seohee aka the girl who took down yg by exposing top, bi and the likes

we made her /ourgirl/ ages ago

No. 54299

Bruh,I don't understand how nct fans think taeyong is innocent or "motherly".He comes off as spoiled and conceited lmao.
And yes,I did watch a SuperM conference cues clown music

At 23:25
The interviewer asks something about favorite marvel movies,and the scam king says "I like thor because hopefully I will be the god of kpop".


That's what happens when you hype these idols head up,they begin to think they actually have more talent than a school talent show.

No. 54301

Jesus christ this is so embarrassing, you can see all the money invested in this crap. They just payed for their success yet they flopped.

No. 54305

Ngl I’m please that even with all the nctfags coming in here I’m essentially face blind to anyone in sperm that isn’t taemin and baekhyun.

I’m probably too much of an optimist but I wonder if seeing the 2nd and older 3rd gen idols age is gonna freak people out. I had a video on Facebook pop up about 3D printed jaw prosthetics, maybe I should start to DM that to fucked up idols lmfao.

No. 54310

A while back there was a little video that caught taeyong slapping a staff member's hand off his arm but his stans got rid of that clip real quick

>I’m probably too much of an optimist but I wonder if seeing the 2nd and older 3rd gen idols age is gonna freak people out
I wouldn't get my hopes up. Never underestimate koreaboos anon, their delusions will carry them through anything

No. 54311

File: 1570301672651.jpeg (303.4 KB, 1346x1346, C719367C-0BEF-4637-9DA0-7978FD…)

Ok so my friend is an exofag in Georgia and the SuperM tickets are sold out for their show in Duluth. However, there’s still plenty of tickets for the Chicago show even if they’re not right on the floor. Tickets are either $50 or $225 though so I have no clue what the fuck that’s about??

Off topic but I thought that would be flipped, unless the venue in Georgia isn’t that big, but kpop acts are almost guaranteed to go to Chicago and Atlanta is always a toss up.

Anyway taemin won’t have to worry about his bad dream coming true in one venue at least

No. 54312

>>54267 Hard truth is, BP will prob never release a full album because YG is now a loss making sinking ship which can't invest into their music. They aren't self producing like AkMu, their live vocals aren't great, they don't write any raps, their choreos aren't memorable, their dances are lazy, they don't do varieties so BP really lives off their IT Girl image as fashion icons. They gotta remain skinny like models so they are marketable. That's probably why they self manage so much, because they know they aren't actually talented at all in the biz of making music and gotta branch out into other stuff and go their separate ways eventually.

No. 54314

Thing is, Lisa has always been skinny, judging by her pre-debut pictures. I don't think being as skinny as she currently is would be good for anyone, but I can see her always having had a smaller appetite, on top of being a dancer. Rosé looked chubby based on some of the pictures I've seen itt.

The delusional stans screeching that she is healthy in the comments. What's actually the point? Do they WANT these girls to drop dead?

Are you retarded? Anon wasn't saying that idols are getting jaw shaves to correct a medical problem, they're saying that the person in THAT particular video was a bad example because that isn't a cosmetic jaw shave, it's a medical procedure. They literally said:
> elected jaw reduction is different from orthognathic surgery
They weren't whiteknighting because idols are not getting the surgery showed on the video in the first place, you reactionary mong.

No. 54315

In all fairness, outside of their repeated tours and modelling stuff BP does very little, hence why the fandom wants more.

The whole ana stuff is just normal in kpop. Fandoms won't accept that their idols are starving themselves until something bad happens, and even then they don't care.

On another note, I think US is a free market for a lot of groups rn because there's really no competition as long as they're not pullling a BTS and trying to compete with actual Western artists. Plenty of groups can go there to promote/tour and they will have attention because people will be willing to go and see a few members they like live.

No. 54316

you're legit retarded. that's not what I said. stay in school.

No. 54317

Our milk lord Seohee isn't a nugu, newfag. Show some respect.

In all seriousness, I wish she'd be messy again.

Speaking of skinny models, Jisoo is so useless and awkward, I think anons love to nitpick idols looking old, but Jisoo straight up looks like the Blackpink auntie. She’s so slow when she’s dancing, like her joints hurt. Her Leafy chin and bird face bother the fuck out of me. She should have stuck to modeling and acting, since she’s plain as fuck and agencies seem to eat that up. This isn’t me necessarily hyping the other girls up, but I do think Jennie and Lisa can sort of sell the fantasy if you’re sheltered and 13. Rosé is also there.

No. 54318

you cant compare nct to super junior. Did someone leak this thread? Is everyone here retarded? super junior had success since sorry sorry and when they released super junior m chinese fans were happy. The biggest competitor for sj was big bang.
are all of you 2018 fans? NCT didnt drop anything even remotely popular as sorry sorry.

No. 54319

i think someone leaked this thread on twitter hence all the newfags we see

No. 54320

Jisoo does look really old for her age. She should have been in Mamamoo kek. I was shocked when I found out their ages, I thought were all close to 30, and that was during their debut in 2014 when they were around 21-23.

No. 54321

Maybe you're just used to babyfaced pedobait idols, anon. Only hwasa truly looks older than she is

No. 54323

I'm pretty sure Taeyong is LSM's favourite buttboy at this point. He probably gets a room all to himself every time so Sooman can peg him in privacy

No. 54324

not a bpfag but she looks like her age. she's definitely stiff as hell but face wise she looks like a 24-26 year old woman. you're so used to looking at neotenous features that you think a person who looks their age is old kek

No. 54325

Yeah I agree. It's the same thing with Irene, her stans like to say how "young" she looks when she has prominent smile lines and sagging skin; she looks like the late 20s woman she is and there's nothing wrong with that imo. I still think she's the prettiest RV member

No. 54327

Jeez Knetizen.com is really a BTS shill website. Half of the stuff they translate are "articles" fellating BTS look at that disgusting title


No. 54328

>>54327 also Jin is real awkward irl why are Knetz so obsessed with his looks?

No. 54329

most of them aren't, those comments are cherry picked. jin looks like a terrible eunwoo bootleg.

No. 54333

File: 1570313292950.gif (2.7 MB, 500x349, tumblr_paif4sa2Cf1w2tk4zo7_500…)

Their early stuff looked like it was some second gen shit from 2009 or something, probably why they looked old to me.

No. 54335

Wait, he likes Thor the Movie because Thor is a God? And he wants to be God of Kpop???? It doesn't make sense

No. 54336

this anon is trying so hard to blend in kek

No. 54337

File: 1570315179107.jpg (29.95 KB, 500x328, ED1FP_rWwAAzHPy.jpg)

iirc they have a lot of fans in Latin America so
it's probably just SM pandering to them and their wallets
Ratmon is the exact person Tyler the Creator was talking to in his tweet about getting tf off the internet

No. 54338

Tbh the only part I liked in jopping was mark's rap "ya think you big boi.." but scamyong's ugly croaky voice came on afterwards and made me want to shut the whole fucking thing off

No. 54339

This is the most cringey thing i've sat through. Saying shit like The Beatles, Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin has been in that venue, but then calling them the Avengers of Kpop. I wonder how much the MC was paid not to laugh?

No. 54340

I love you anon, lmao

He looks cute here. No idea why armies would be pissed? cuz he isn't super pale and full of makeup/blue contacts?

No. 54348

Right, she always looks old even in this cf from 2015 when she was only 19-20. I legit thought she was around Lee min ho's age.

No. 54350

I have such a crush on this man, he’s like the ultimate Korean man. Why can’t kpop boys look like that?

As for V I think the article meant that his fans will be impressed but how good he looks even with no makeup. They seem to talk about this often, that he’s pretty even barefaced.

No. 54351

File: 1570323554008.png (162.66 KB, 588x340, Screenshot 2019-10-05 at 8.59.…)

you have no standards anon

No. 54352

>which I attended

No. 54354

Right it doesnt. He could literally just say any god's name from any mythology kek

No. 54355

I admit it, I don’t.
He still looks better than the prettiest Kpop prince

No. 54356

he looks like an older Jungkook

No. 54357

File: 1570324258081.jpeg (503.45 KB, 1800x1107, EGEQH8BUwAAyL9M.jpeg)

Holy shit this is depressing. Do you think when girls become trainees they can't wait to entertain their middle age fans??

No. 54358

>He still looks better than the prettiest Kpop prince
Eh actors are always manlier than idols in general, you could say the same about any k-male actor

No. 54360

Most are men too

No. 54361

Uncle fans are the only reason why clc hasnt disbanded yet, same for some other ggs

No. 54362

I've watched heaps of Korean variety shows and interviews. And the mistreatment of K-pop idols is not all that well hidden. It's just people don't care, they want to be an idol that bad.

Choi Yoojung from I.O.I talked about how she was getting an IV drip in the dorm because she was exhausted and unconcious. The IV fell on the floor and her blood started draining into it and the girls panicked and asked the hospital what to do.

I keep hearing stories like these all the time. Live chats where the fans hear the idols asking each other if they took their pills, idols fainting onstage.

If I was a manager of a kpop group id be amazed if the idols were able to keep weight on. They are worked non stop, event to event, festival to festival.

No. 54363

I thought the whole "uncle fans" thing was a little exaggerating at times and that most male fans of girl groups are around the same age as them but boy I was wrong. Those are legit greasy old men

No. 54364

File: 1570327468625.jpg (120.53 KB, 720x620, 20191005_210351.jpg)

Jopping is a complete flop.

No. 54365

This makes me wonder if traveling the world and seeing their weird ass tumblr fans is a relief for the ggs that get that opportunity tbh. There are uncle fans overseas ofc but most kpoppies are young

No. 54366

Are the uncles in the picture even korean? Idk they look japanese to me

No. 54367

That would make a lot more sense kek

No. 54370

File: 1570330400481.png (316.8 KB, 600x637, Screenshot_2019-10-06-10-41-03…)

i guess momoland's company knows they arent getting anywhere and are no longer relevant, so they decided to partner with a ent company from the PH. "With the agreement, ABS-CBN will work with MLD Entertainment for MOMOLAND’s music activities and overall management in the Philippines, and furthermore in Southeast Asia as a whole." abscbn actually had money to buy the group:

Nancy's also getting a leading role in a series released in 2020:

I wonder how their fans from korea (if they had any left) would feel about this

No. 54372

it's because all they know how to do is self-sabotage with how afraid they are in their useless attempts at trying to be happy out of desperation, and being stubborn and unwilling to admit to the truth that they're abusing themselves and each other

it's also not only because they're not putting their attention at promoting in korea that it isn't getting korean-netizen approval, but also because it's a shit song.

No. 54376

it's more of an indifference to their normalized abuse

No. 54380

You're right, they are Japanese, there's some Japanese writing on the stage and the cake.

No. 54382

Yeah they’re japanese. That’s what super small venues in japan look like (the barriers in the crowd)

No. 54383

it's more of that it's because it's all they have, and they're afraid of having no one to fall back on and being alone

No. 54384

Areum(former T-ara member who was scapegoated because of her severe mental illness and korea's absolute lack of knowledge on the topic) is pregnant. Shes been obsessed with Return of Superman and the kids on the show for awhile so part of me wonders if she didnt get pregnant on purpose to be on the show like Yulhee. Congratulations to her though. She's been through a lot. Hope she's mentally better now.

No. 54385

you can be hopeful, but you already answered your own question on what's more likely with pointing out korea's lack of knowledge on mental health

No. 54386

You're right. You dont ever completely get over mental illness even in countries where there is proper treatment. But I also think a huge part of her issue was her immaturity. Shes an adult now pushing 30 and her entire persona and life seems to be different so idk. At least she's kind of given up on idol life now. I think almost all idols do better for themselves when they break away from the industry.

No. 54397

File: 1570342312557.jpg (64.31 KB, 1280x720, TheSOURCEofIdolAbuse.jpg)

Ok so when idols are openly mistreated…why are the companies ok being thrown under the bus? Doesn't that make fans hate the company? And potentially dissuade future trainees or their parents from trusting that company?

Why don't we get long flowery apology letters from companies after idols faint on stage? (but we do get them if an idol has a temporary injury or like w/ Mina's recent leave of absence) And who else thinks Junglebook's fainting episode on Burn the Stage (or w/e) was staged? Because why would Big Hit be ok blatantly mistreating their #1 idol, unless there is some alternate motive, namely hiking up JK fans' sympathy & providing juicy content for the dvd?

Remember Momo claiming the company made her starve & she ate only ice or something. Then later on, they cut Chaeyoung's hair, & JYPE pretended she cut it herself so the stylists could avoid all that criticism. Then later, Chaeyoung came under fire for having long orange hair like Lisa, but that time we were told to blame the stylists not her. Uhhhh so which is it?

(Pic attached just for fun, it is Gfriend/SinB's fainting episode, I think hers was real tho but idk)

No. 54404

Thots? I think they danced well but that's the only positive thing I can say. I found it funny how Lucas adjusted his mic when his part came on, like are they really pretending to sing live?

No. 54405

the companies are okay with throwing the idols under the bus because it is extremely profitable.
fans hate the company, but the company has all the power anyways and many times when idols have been shown to collapse due to being overworked and kicked around like a wounded dog for example, they are seen as lazy and or being enabled to continue doing that crap because of 'how hardworking they are'.
that shit is heavily romanticized and everyone is addicted to eating the cake.

full circle:
if the company is seen to have done something wrong, blame the idol
if the idol is seen to have done something wrong, defend your cash cow by blaming it on a external source such as a hair stylist, or the company can take the blame to be seen as somewhat empathic, while they still continue to abuse the idols and get all the money they want and squeeze the idols and fans dry.

a never-ending supply of desperate, traumatized teenagers who are trying to find ways to be happy, but end up having the opposite outcome because of their good intentions being taken advantage of.
think of idol-life/fame like a dangerous substance that is very easy to abuse.
much like how someone drinks alcohol to have temporary freedom from what's troubling them, but ends up with alcoholism because they ignored their conscience telling them when they should have stopped a long time ago.
and not only do they have to deal with what was troubling them to have been drinking so much, but now they have alcoholism. and are prone to now abusing other substances because of how vulnerble they are.

No. 54406

(same fag, it got cut off)
because they try to find an easy way out, a quick solution. doing everything but confronting their issues to try to attempt self-help. but that's not how it works, all because they are too afraid and stubborn to admit they need help and can't do it alone.
but sometimes people aren't always lucky and end up finding help in other people, sometimes they end up dragging those helpful people down to their level. some are lucky and find a person who has a lot of empathy, patience, and a good head on their shoulders, a therapist. other times, the helpful person turns out to be someone that finds some joy(profit) by abusing them.
the shit companies idols are under, are the latter.

No. 54407

>like are they really pretending to sing live?
Yes? why wouldn't they at least pretend to

No. 54408

(same fag, last part)
but what can you do if the abuse is norm and doing everything to better yourself is accepted, but getting therapy is seen as a rebellious act, and that the society you live under fights for you to stay silent that you are being abused by that very society?

No. 54411

you cant really do shit to fix anything if it's movement is being lead by people who havent confronted their mental illness, especially if who they're fighting against also has an unchecked mental illness

No. 54412

“My daughter is crying and they live calmly and shamelessly.”
It's a given that when you sign an idol contract, there's an inclusion of an NDA. The mother says 'they', not 'who' that are living happily. It's more likely that she's referring to the company than the stans, but both share the blame.

This article about Momoland's Daisy's mother crying for help online on how Daisy has not been in the public eye without explanation, but she's been instead kept behind whatever the hell is going on behind closed doors for over 2 months now(?).
because if you don't respect a person, you will at least respect and do whatever the person who has the most dollar bills wants against your own better judgement because they have the foresight to know how to abuse the power they have over you.

No. 54413

(same fag)
nevermind, Daisy and Taeha has been missing since March of this year…8 fucking months without any explanation, w.t.f.

No. 54414

huh? taehas been everywhere recently

dunno about daisy but taeha definitely isnt "missing

No. 54415

oh nvm i was thinking of one of the other girls nvm lmao oops

No. 54416

>>54404 What a disappointing, disjointed, boring choreography.

No. 54419

I think you mean Yeonwoo
They said she’s on leave for severe anxiety like Mina

No. 54420

…Well that was really underwhelming choreo wise. I guess they have to keep it 'easy' for actual live performances.

I really hate when you have large groups like this and the choreo is basically the most boring shit alive. They could easily use and abuse levels to no end and it would look great and there's some songs/groups that use it to their advantage and it looks interesting on stage.

No. 54421

oof. and i remember baekhyun sayingthat choreo was really difficult and the whole was a dance break kek

No. 54422

The reason why the choreo is boring is probably because superm is a rushed ass project lol.

If even the music sounds rushed(even worse because all the songs on there were probably created back in 2012 or some shit),i had no doubt the choreo would be.

Also,I was gonna call them sad for only performing 3 out of 5 songs,until i realized its a free show lmao.

And what are they gonna do for their actual shows?I doubt it will have a budget or props.Kpop fans are easily impressed tho,so im sure theyll call it the best tour ever or sumn.

No. 54423

And lol at lucas fans complaining about the lack of lines,they should be glad lee soo man shows him favoritism in the first place.

Theyre trying to use his black on black "rap" as proof he deserves lines,as if that will convince anyone lolol.

If i was a kpop idol,i wouldnt even want lines.
Like on some sehun shit.
0 effort,but same amount of money.

No. 54424

Mnetioned this before but as the US market is so free at the moment for kpop, they could walk around on stage and do nothing and everyone would praise them.

There's someone who has the English rap and it sounds so so bad. I understand this is meant to be some US debut so English is sort of a must but at least give the English rap to a member that speaks good English with minimal accent.

No. 54425

I found the terminologies that best suit the kind of abusive relationship I was referring to between the companies, idols, and fans

Arrested Development(this is the best term, even if it had wayyyy too many different meanings over the years)
-Traumatization at the age you received the trauma and can't grow out and recover from it. Whether the trauma was caused by an external force or by themselves.

Stockholm Syndrome
- a condition which causes hostages to develop a psychological alliance(romanticized, a human-emotional crutch) with their captors during captivity.

No. 54426

kind of ot but i've seen a few eps of return of superman and it seems like naeun's parents are kind of stage parents. i could see her being an idol in the future

No. 54428

No. 54429

Is it before/after she reappeared with a completely new face? I have sympathy for idols with real anxiety issues but some only use it as an excuse to do ps/recover from ps

No. 54430

All their songs sound like exo's reject from 2012

No. 54431

which early exo song does 2 fast sound like

No. 54432

sound more like shinee and fx rejects. i mean the whole point of super m is to promote nct and a lot of nct songs sound like shinee rejects and remixes of early fx songs.

No. 54433

Personally i do believe she got time off to recover from her ps
ig MLD saw what JYP were doing and saw onces reactions and decided to use anxiety

No. 54434

ugH WHY is superm a permanent group
this was a horrible idea from the beginning
i wouldn’t judge it so much if it was a collab but no

No. 54435

nta but 2fast sounds like a cbx song. definitely not from 2012 though. it would've been good if it was done by cbx.

No. 54436

that's why ideally a good group is 5 members tops. A group this big will always be all over the place, choreo wise.

No. 54437

holyshit, that was so boring and low energy. How are they gonna sell out arenas with this garbage?

No. 54439

Lol i thought it was for cbx too, the song just screams cbx to me

No. 54440

Sm's project groups always flopped, theres a 100% chance sperm will flop too in less than a year. Sperm is a project group masked as a permanent group. If this was a whole new group consisting of new members i would have had different thoughts but no.

No. 54442

File: 1570367250918.gif (1.7 MB, 320x260, 6D5DC0AD-87FB-47B9-BEF4-8774EC…)


No. 54444

The beat in super car sounds just like this nct noise song

No. 54445

Sperm was made for nct and is basically a subunit, so I'm not surprised.

No. 54446

stop trying to talk about music already, it's embarrassing

No. 54447

…??? How exactly? And isn't this a kpop thread?

No. 54448

I feel like sperm is just another way to shill Taeyong. I wonder why SM didn't make superm an official NCT subunit and debut some of the trainees meant to be in NCT instead of making it a project (with idols ppl already know about).

No. 54449

Because if they straight up said it was nct it would flop 80x harder

No. 54451

>the companies are okay with throwing the idols under the bus because it is extremely profitable.

Everyone is complicit. The parents are fine with it, the idols are fine with it, the companies are fine with it the fans are fine with it, law enforcement are fine with it. Who you gonna go to? This is just the way things are. If you aren't going to do 10 festivals a day someone will be there to replace you.

Even the idols that come from rich families tend not to leave groups, I guess it's just completely normalized, thats how idol life is.

No. 54452

holy fuck. her head vs the rest of her body. she needs help.

No. 54454

Anyone else feel like LOONA hate eachother? My thought is they were all just looking to their individual solos

No. 54456

the quality of music discussion here is laughable

No. 54458

i feel like the subunits tolerate each other but the whole group aren't particularly fond of each other. especially hyojin and gowon and kim lip (idk their names that well)

No. 54460

>I wonder why SM didn't make superm an official NCT subunit and debut some of the trainees meant to be in NCT instead of making it a project (with idols ppl already know about).
why would they debut no name trainees as a "super group

No. 54462

It only has 15M views after 2 days. Is it just me or is that pretty bad for a supergroup? It's basically NCT-tier.

No. 54464

NCT Superhuman barely has 20M views after 4 months.

No. 54465

kek sm is so depressing now

No. 54466

do you know what i hate about JYP?
they're exploiting Mina of Twice's mental illness they gave her for profit. Because at the end of the day, the company is seen as empathetic for even allowing her to rest and gets so much public approval, but they can chose to throw her under the bus anytime and it'll be seen as justified because she was lazy for letting her mental illness get the better of her.
JYP, opening their big mouths, saying they only hire minors who are 'good people' and say they're so squeaky clean…especially spouting all this bullcrap during when YG was going through the Burning Sun scandel…
When have never even once practiced what they preach, sure, they have that fancy cafeteria and allow them to see therapists…
but look at how they actually treat their idols and trainees, let's see how they treated their cashcow and everything that have been through; Twice?
Fucking overworking them like they're not human beings…it's not just Mina who's being abused…
The best example I can give about this, JYP is that more of the blatant company who's the alcoholic uncle who comes home and beats the crap out of you. but it's okay because you're financially dependent on him and he brings flowers the same day, only to use those very flowers to beat the crap out of you and guilt trip you in the process.

No. 54467

One time it took NCT127 5 days to get just 1m views on a music video. This is the best NCT has done since boss.

No. 54468

Daisy is the one who got caught dating that iKon member so maybe their company has forced her into hiatus - but why would the company keep punishing her for this long? Nobody really cares if they're dating and she doesn't have male fans like Nancy and Yeonwoo

No. 54469

File: 1570380349458.jpg (373.31 KB, 1000x1393, Xwo76eE.jpg)

I know male idols are supposed to be skinny but scamyong is really taking it too far..

No. 54473

File: 1570381850883.png (602.76 KB, 1038x1606, Screenshot_2019-10-06-13-05-59…)

Some sm producer posted this on his ig story lmao This is a bit ironic since sperm's music sounds like exo rejects as mentioned upthread

No. 54479

I bet all the exo fans itt got smug smiles on their faces right now lmao

No. 54480

>>54473 to be honest i just googled this guy and he produced half of exo discography.. im not sure why he's surprised smaller companies ask him to reproduce what he's good at already. I dont want to seem like a stan tho, so uhh exo is ugly and sehun has a dorito body.

No. 54481

EXO vs BTS vs BAP, we're in the worst timeline and we missed out on the quality over quantity music that could have bee.

No. 54483

no such thing in a industry that aims to rapidly and exponentially grow at the expense of its artists. if youre a fan from the older gens your nostalgia is fooling you, there was never a time when quality was a priority over quantity in kpop and no timeline exists where thats the case

No. 54492

File: 1570386729776.jpg (108.51 KB, 720x881, IMG_20191006_194756_785.jpg)

Jungcock has been a pro-ana skeletor ever since 2017.

No. 54493

File: 1570386949532.jpg (33.16 KB, 450x421, IMG_20191006_203456_653.jpg)

Jungkok pro-ana queen lol.

No. 54494

File: 1570387032933.jpg (99.09 KB, 516x1200, IMG_20191006_203702_550.jpg)

No. 54495

stfu samefag

No. 54496

He’s constantly rebounding between skelly and somewhat muscular. Baby Don’t Stop taeyong was skinny as hell too. That’s the era that i remember it last, but i wouldn’t be surprised if it’s happened recently.

No. 54497

File: 1570387460778.jpeg (1.13 MB, 3893x2687, 104B2EDA-47FB-4855-958C-785F97…)

there’s no way taeyong doesn’t have an ed

No. 54499

>>54492 He's normal sized for an Asian. Most Asian dudes are chubby, skinny fat, or skinny/anchovy like (<60kg) like Eunhyuk or V/Jin/Jhope so Jungkook looks buff compared to the rest of BTS.

No. 54500

SM groups as a whole has a similar but distinct sound. This makes it easier for all the groups to do demo versions and then decide on which group will make it sound the best.
And if something bad happens, the song can easily be given to another group. That's why some of NCT's songs were definitely meant for SHINee(like Summer 127). The Jopping song on the other side, sounds like sth DBSK would sing(Baekhyun's note screams Changmin). It reminds me of Triangle/Keep your head down.

No. 54501

(same fag, it got cut off again, i fixed the problem now)

I found the terminologies that best suit the kind of abusive relationship I was referring to between the companies, idols, and fans

Arrested Development(this is the best term, even if it had wayyyy too many different meanings over the years)
-Traumatization at the age you received the trauma and can't grow out and recover from it. Whether the trauma was caused by an external force or by themselves.

Stockholm Syndrome
-A condition which causes hostages to develop a psychological alliance(romanticized, a human-emotional crutch) with their captors during captivity.

Trauma Bonding:
- A trauma bond is a bond that forms due to intense, emotional experiences, usually with a toxic person. Similar to Stockholm Syndrome, it holds us emotionally captive to a manipulator who keeps us “hostage” – whether that be through physical or emotional abuse.

those are pretty much the necessary generalization of what's been going on. And the blanks inbetween the lines are to be filled in for each unique person's situation, such as varying forms of aspd, for the most part, to give more structure to what the problems may be.

No. 54502

This is kpop critical not Sigmund Freud's psychology hour.

No. 54503

>>54499 lmao i forgot Suga (is anyone surprised) who has a prototypical skinny fat Asian body.

No. 54504

yeah, I agree, it sounds like a TVXQ song to me (mixed with some NCT)

No. 54505

ey, i was bored asf and i've been more or less on stuff like this for a while, haven't gotten sent out to pasture for derailing and this is the first noise compliant i got. feels good bro

No. 54506

this is a mcdonalds drive thru. cool it with the armchair psychology.

No. 54507

File: 1570390233984.jpg (126.99 KB, 1176x539, ZomboDroid 06102019204306.jpg)

Jungkooks body in 2016(left) and jungkooks body in 2019(right).
Please tell me how he is not a ana-pro skeletor?

No. 54508

What the fuck. It looks like he is going to be like wendy.

No. 54509

He looks normal to me, I think we see way too many fat people these days and we have forgotten how slim people look like.

No. 54510

he looks healthy, although the camera adds 10 lbs, it's fairly under the radar if you consider that Asian have a more 'miniture' skeletal structure.
then again, isn't Jungkook the one who was seen to have self harmed by cutting his wrists to the point he hides it sometimes with one of those exercise wristbands?

No. 54511

why do y'all toss around the word pro-ana so casually? Afaik Jungcock isn't like Luna or IU who actually go and advertise their crazy diets.

No. 54512

File: 1570390824751.jpg (44 KB, 261x699, IMG_20191006_213746.jpg)

his legs look fine, you just chose to compare a pic of him in the skinniest pair of jeans possible to one where hes wearing loose slacks. of course you wont see his thighs equally in both pics.

No. 54513

If Jungcock is ana (he isn't, always shovelling food into his mouth be it paper, Jin's cream pasta with cake, or any BTS video with food) then half of Kpop males would be pro-ana. He once sneaked off cam and ate a can of tuna during an interview like a sperg when Park Bogum visited BTS backstage post concert, Bighit pack smelly canned tuna as a snack for him lmao that's what unwashed JK smells like.

No. 54514

>>54512 wtf is wrong with his calfs tho

No. 54515

he's not pro ana if he didn't share and promote dieting. there's a difference between having anorexia and promoting it. plus he's not even that thin, he's your basic skinny boy. and before you call me a stan, jungkook is ugly and needs to stop doing surgery on his nose tip.

No. 54516

that actually sounds ana to me. we don't know what goes on behind closed doors, he once did a mono diet of only chicken breast for a year and got severe vitamin deficiencies(tv show:please take care of my fridge), is he doing this with the canned tuna now or just trying to get as much protein as he can so his body doesnt eat away at his muscles(for example, the heart is a musclr)?

No. 54517

File: 1570392224529.png (210.87 KB, 422x261, Screenshot 2019-10-06 at 21.03…)

his arms look normal especially if you compare them with jimin's

No. 54518

jin was the one who did that chicken breast diet

No. 54519

that's even worse, all of them have so many health and mental issues

No. 54520

And headliner called V fat, it’s their fans fault

No. 54522

>>54516 Stop looking for problems and diagnosing people for problems they don't have, weirdo. You're probably a fat fuck if Jungkook looks pro-ana to you. I dislike Kpop lookism but it's lame as fuck to label Jungkook pro-ana and look for evidence where there ain't.

No. 54523

Mte. I get acknowledging there’s dark shit going on in kpop but istg some of you sperg worse than tumblrinas writing paragraphs on how jimin is a tranny.

No. 54524

He's probably on a high protein diet to get ripped but Korean canned tuna is flavoured with chilli oil and mixed vegetables so it's like a dish. I've seen people stir Dongwon tuna into rice for lunch. Still stinks.

No. 54525

Just Jungkok is not a attention whore like jimin that doesn't mean he is NOT pro-ana.
There are so many hints showing he starves and has mental problems…even his own bandmates say they want him to gain weight.
But whatever you want to believe.
Also all kpop idols eat food on camera so that's a weak excuse.

No. 54526

jungkook is fine, out of all of the bts members he is probably the healthiest next to rm so stop sperging

No. 54527

Why aren't you picking on skinny dudes like V or Jhope who complain that Jungkook might eat them now that he is "getting muscular"(compared to them beanpoles duh)

Would they say that about a pro-ana dude? Time for your medication.

No. 54528

you dont have to be ana to have an eating disorder, you uneducated, self-righteous tumblerinas

No. 54530

its called standing on your tiptoes, can you all stop being dumb. there's actual things we could be critical/nitpicky over with jungkook but apparently some of you don't even understand how calf muscles work, let alone anything else. good thing everyones an expert on eating disorders, though.

let me do the honor of saying it this time, the state of this thread…

No. 54531

holyshit, that's so jarring. His arms look like sticks in the first image

No. 54532

When did his band mates ever say that? They say he eats too much

No. 54533

I think the first pic is photoshopped

No. 54534

it’s not, it’s from this live around 42:30

No. 54545

pro ana are people that promote eating disorders. you can have an eating disorder and starve yourself while not promoting it. he didn't say ' eat this tuna to lose weight'. if he pulled an iu and promoted diets on national tv, yeah he's pro ana, but he didn't. this is whole sperg is retarded i'm sick of hearing about bts

No. 54546

File: 1570403989729.png (1.55 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_2019-10-06-19-14-15…)

So Taeyong is being accused of homophobia due to what he alledgely said in his graduation album. The photo translate to :

>I had fun times with everyone and everyone had a good personality. I believe you'll all succeed but (student's name) won't because he's gay. I guarantee it. - Lee Tae Yong

A lot of nctfags are saying it's fake but idk. After what Haechan said to his sugar Mommy about Taeyong I feel it's true.

No. 54547

what did haechan say? also, if this is really him saying it, sm can't cover it up since he straight up says the word gay. can't twist this any other way. lol rip anayong

No. 54548

He said Taeyong is good looking but has a shit personality.

No. 54549

Ever heard of sarcasm? Exaggeration? Lol imagine interpreting every comment on lolcow as sincere

Tbf Rose has an abnormally huge head regardless of her weight but her weight these days only makes her more of a bobblehead so idk why she thinks that's a good look

Every girl group has someone who looks abnormally old, why is this? Considering the whole industry's obsession w/ skincare & cosmetic procedures, and neoteny? BP - Jisoo, Twice - Jihyo, GF - SinB, RV - Wendy, Itzy - Chaeryoung, SNSD - Yuri, G idle - Soojin. Who else?

2ne1 - tbh they all looked kinda burnt, even Minzy, but i think it was bc of their makeup style

No. 54550

Lol iirc it was along the lines of: "Taeyong has a good face but who cares when he's got such a shit personality"

On another note it's funny how nct stans forget that haechan was chatting up and bribing his fansites/stalkers

No. 54551

File: 1570405766171.jpg (235.85 KB, 1280x1920, df6oytneckd21.jpg)

How do any of those idols look abnormally old? They look their age.
SinB's nose though, jfc

No. 54552

His name is written like 이태용 but in this picture it’s written as 이태욘 so I’m highly skeptical, probably just somebody trying to tarnish his already fucked career

No. 54553

kpop has ruined your brain if you think those idols look old (except for Bom). It's not normal to look the same in your 20s as you do as a teen.

No. 54557

File: 1570406886855.png (864.52 KB, 1036x590, Screen Shot 2019-10-06 at 8.05…)

My god can Shindong go away? He stands out so much and reminds me of my lesbian aunt. How is it that he's still an idol when he looks like a foot.

No. 54558

File: 1570406989860.jpg (1.31 MB, 1200x1800, SoccerMomWendy.jpg)

Maybe old isn't the word but I've seen them described as giving "ajumma vibes" and I agree. there's something very mature about their faces. Jihyo's & Wendy's lately seem due to their mom haircuts lol idk who the hell approved those, esp since male fans like em young…seems counterproductive
SinB looks like the oldest in her group imo. It's just her face.

Side note, it's near impossible to search "red velvet wendy milkshake" bc of restaurant Wendy's in the U.S. lol

No. 54559

Ngl I'd love for this to be real. Not than koreans will care about homophobia, but it's ok since they don't give a shit about taeyong anyway lol

No. 54560

The wispy bangs never ever look good on any idol. It makes them look like they're balding or like their hair is greasy

No. 54566

I remember when fromis 9 came for kcon ny, they performed at central park and the majority who came to watch were girls and you could see how happy they were during the fanchants.

No. 54568

>>54546 lmao and here we thought he was Soo Man's twink.

No. 54569

I think kpop music video views are slowly declining among international fans in general. In a year even BTS will have a hard time reaching the same amount of YouTube views and level of publicity they have right now, calling for it. Kpop has reached its peak already, too bad none of the groups were able to make a real name for themselves in the international music scene and are still seen as lifeless robots (see: the Hollywood Reporter article on BTS).

No. 54570

they really lipsynced in America where the MC literally pointed out Dean Martin and Beatles had performed, yet charged fans $50 for tickets and performed only 3 songs…while pretending to sing…and reading rehearsed english lines from the tv screen….now i know why people like bts

No. 54571

Weren't the tickets for that particular show free?

No. 54572

so just because a girl has "ajumma vibes" what are you trying to imply, that they should get surgery to look like a thot? grow up, not every girl is going to look like an anime character, kpop has ruined your mindset

No. 54573

kpop stans in general think theres a vast difference from teens and 20s, mainly because they are in their teens and think anything above 20 is old and midlife crisis tier. cant wait till they turn 20 and realize this shit goes on for decades

No. 54574

tickets are going to sell out because theyre only $50 for any section, only special benefits iicr are priced higher. have u seen kcon? theres thousands of kpoppies willing to buy tickets in the >$300 range to see random nugu kpop groups just because its kpop. people are not going to pass up the chance to see exo members + 2 nct members that most likely will never come to the US ( ten and lucas ) and will be dungeoned after superm is over

No. 54575

File: 1570411698993.png (306.25 KB, 389x471, yeri.PNG)

Yeah I've always felt like those bangs are unflattering on a lot of idols but it's because it gives the illusion of a unibrow sometimes.

No. 54576

It's real. In the original post there were a lot of screenshots provided, including proof of the anonymous student going to sm in 2017 to ask for an apology for taeyong outing him and bullying him. However sm gave him no response

No. 54579

I hate the bangs that Joy has right now. Such a lame hairstyle.

No. 54580

That's not Joy thats Yeri.

No. 54581

People calling Irene old and she's still in her 20s kek, this new generation really is screwed in regards to people basically being dead after they hit 30

No. 54582

File: 1570417645445.jpg (157.55 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (1).jpg)

I dunno I can't think JYP is as bad as other companies. I mean he let Wonder Girls perform for years as a band, and that concept isn't even viable in Asia. Even Sunmi dropped the instrumentalist image.

No. 54583

Wow i completely forgot about wonder girls for a hot minute

No. 54584

Nta but what do you expect? We're not professional, and it's just kpop, calm your fucking tits

No. 54585

isnt JYP and YG best friends too, but during the burning sun scandal he distances himself and his idols as far as possible from YG? lol even Twice ignored Blackpink this whole year when Nayeon and Jennie were best friends. Weird that no JYP stans decided to bring him into the scandal, I feel like he would know the stuff going down in YG since they were so close and literally have a show together? Makes you really think that JYP isn't as golden as kpop stans like to think

No. 54586

File: 1570418266302.jpg (89.94 KB, 636x524, doug.jpg)

Remember Somi? What the hell happened with her, did she just disappear? And whats with her Dad?

>When he was asked about Evelyn, Matthew expressed that she was growing up to become even more talented than Somi, in that she was learning his teachings much faster than her.

>“If Somi’s talent rating is 5, then Evelyn’s is more than just a 10 or a 20. She’s almost 10 times more talented than Somi. These days I’ve been teaching how to take photos with Evelyn, but she picked it up much faster than Somi did.”

No. 54587

I've already mentioned this in a past thread but he was also a completely insufferable ass when he was on the show real men. Any parent pushing their kid to be an idol is evil but most of them don't also try to become famous off their kids too. I wouldn't be surprised if he pushed somi into going solo so that she wouldn't have to share the spotlight with anyone else, but that's backfired since her debut was flop and he has to focus on his younger daughter now.

No. 54588

>always shovelling food into his mouth be it paper, Jin's cream pasta with cake, or any BTS video with food) then half of Kpop males would be pro-ana. He once sneaked off cam and ate a can of tuna during an interview like a sperg when Park Bogum visited BTS backstage post concert, Bighit pack smelly canned tuna as a snack for him lmao that's what unwashed JK smells like.
Stfu ratmy, literally no one but ratmy would know that much

No. 54589

File: 1570418981651.jpg (19.5 KB, 430x287, shug.jpg)

It's a known fact that hair, makeup, styling and ps/injections can make a person look older or younger, depending, so idk what y'all are going off about. It's not crazy to want better hair for Jihyo or Wendy, it's just not flattering & it ages them

And then here Sug is your actual lesbian aunt in town for Thanksgiving, telling you all about the cruise she just took with her "friend" Carol
How does BTS's super hardxcore gangsta rappa emcee sleep at night after being styled this way.
Ok the answer is "on a bed of money" but still.

No. 54590

sure but I think people are just overly fixated on kpop idols, especially female ones, having to look 16 or else they're ugly. It's just an unreasonable expectation and there's enough infantalizing of women in kpop as it is. It should be considered a good thing if anything that idols like Jisoo look their age and not like creepy pedobait.

No. 54591

File: 1570419594161.jpg (43.95 KB, 1106x622, Natti.jpg)

There were unreleased photos showing Somi was preparing with ITZY, and I'm convinced Natty would've ended up with them as well.

Those are the two biggest fuckups I've ever seen, they were overambitious. Thinking they were better than they were, and could just go solo.

No. 54593

>If Somi’s talent rating is 5, then Evelyn’s is more than just a 10 or a 20. She’s almost 10 times more talented than Somi.
Oh my god, both of these kids are fucked. If this is what he's saying in public, imagine what he's like to them in private?
I'll be shocked if they don't end up as severely mentally ill, plastic surgery addicted anachans by the time they're 21. Poor fucking kids..

No. 54595

This has come up before so ive had some time to think on it. What are the chances it's a translation error, or he was misquoted? Absolutely not a somifag, she & her father are both insufferable, I just can't imagine he'd really say something this dumb. Maybe since he's not that famous or important, no one has investigated further and/or posted anything defending him, or explaining its an error? The guy's a real tool to be sure but this is so hyperbolic, & i feel like even if he feels that way about Somi I doubt he wants all of SK's population to know.

No. 54596


At the risk of being called a btsfag, I used to have a crush on Suga back in the day and now he just looks like a a fakeboy and the styling doesn’t help. I never understood the flower boy trend or why the fuck it’s popular - like compare this/boy with luv styling to say the mic drop mv styling and anyone who says flower boy is better is blind.

Sage for sperg, I’m just sick of kidols being ruined by styling and ps lmao

No. 54599

File: 1570422301061.jpg (122.72 KB, 960x960, 23795781_1984165595189524_6532…)

I mean… maybe, but Evelyn already has modelling contracts, and shes been appearing with Somi for years now.

I mean this whole pic looks like an American guy that paid a family for a teen bride. I wonder what his wife thinks about it.

No. 54600

you can't stand next to your dad without it being sexual now? what?

No. 54601

idols always got plastic surgery, but it feels like it's gotten so much worse. everytime i see a new kpop group all the members look botched. either their eyes are too wide or their nose is a straight line and you can see their nostrils or they have an obvious jaw shave. also they have some ugly dye job.

No. 54602

Don't forget extreme hair damage and ugly ass clothes. Over the years this has gotten worse too. if I didn't know any better I'd think these stylist are just antis in disguise.

No. 54603

I doubt natty would've been in itzy. she probably would've been in whatever group jyp debuts next if they plan on doing a twice clone. she said like a week ago she was going to debut soon only for all the mnet rigging drama to start so she'll probably be back in the dungeon again.

No. 54607


Ps itself is fine, but there’s good ps and bad, over done ps. I agree it’s gotten worse and I’m curious to see where the trend ends up. They just end up resembling rejects from madame tussauds with a $5 wig thrown in.

No. 54609

I could see if his Korean is not good, "Evelyn is extremely talented too" could be misstated/misquoted as something like "Evelyn is way better than Somi" & he was oblivious? Nuance, cultural context & slang can be crucial. Maybe it as tongue-in-cheek exaggeration that didnt get conveyed in print? Real Korean speakers pls chime in here!

No wk…this is bc the guy is so clearly fame-hungry, and he knows about media & has the people skills needed to compete in entertainment, and to push his poor kids like Mama Rose, so like, how could he not know that a comment like that could look bad?

I don't feel the same way about Rose's dad's or Chaeryoung's mom's (alleged) statements bc they dont have their fingers all up in their kids' careers. Somi's dad knows better.

No. 54610

File: 1570424887224.jpg (160.53 KB, 764x761, ioi.jpg)

No. 54611

File: 1570425137491.gif (1.41 MB, 474x592, nattys10.gif)

Will anyone even know it's Natty?

No. 54613

That's so stupid, she looks anywhere between 17 and 21. Why do they think that idols that are half white look older? I saw knetz bashing her for her 'old white face'

No. 54614

File: 1570426802965.jpg (149.23 KB, 720x828, IMG_20191007_013739.jpg)

I will never forgive South Korea for letting plastic surgery become the norm.

She looks like a Sims character.

No. 54615

File: 1570427987624.jpg (142.1 KB, 720x566, SmartSelect_20190608-124033_In…)

they seem to want to look like realdolls

No. 54618

That looks like a slip to me, like he was in a rush or something so it looks like ㄴ

Anyways i wonder why this rumor came out just a few days after sperm's debut? (And the group was totally made for taeyong's benefits only). Did some other agency leak it to sabotage sperm? Kek

1. [+220, -13] "Everybody will succeed but you never will because you're gay"? Is he crazy? Super M is to advance into the US so I'm sure the US is sensitive about things like this. His character…

2. [+183, -5] The victim of body shaming by Taeyong is also trying to get an apology but SM is ignoring her.

3. [+163, -8] He sexually harassed 2NE1, too. Someone said they liked 2NE1's video and Taeyong replied and said they must like porn.

4. [+95, -1] He wrote this on a graduation album where everybody can see. The person who publicized this is a sexual minority. Even if the student wasn't actually gay, Taeyong is still punishable for defamation of character. Taeyong is a criminal.

5. [+90, -0] "You'll never succeed because you're gay ㅋㅋㅋㅋ" He's totally insane.

6. [+86, -0] Why do the fans try to claim that he apologized ㅋㅋ Of course he should apologize. Even if he's forgiven, his fault still doesn't disappear. Taeyong said he's in pain from the guilt but he actually didn't apologize to his victims? You guys hate it when we say NCT won't succeed because of Taeyong, but you should be behaving better.

7. [+72, -0] I can only think of karma when I see him. He used to body-shame girls and now he's getting insulted for his proportions. He said the student won't succeed because he's gay and now people are criticizing him for being the reason for his group's failure.

8. [+71, -1] He wrote that on a graduation album? The gay comment is gross enough but isn't that literally a curse?

9. [+58, -1] I can see his character. Why do people like him?

10. [+52, -0] He didn't succeed even though he's not gay.

11. [+45, -0] His fans said he cried and apologized, so I watched the video. He didn't specify anyone, he said ambiguously that he was sorry to those who were hurt. His main point was thanking the members for believing him.

12. [+42, -3] The reason why NCT is flopping.

13. [+42, -0] It's not a mistake he made from being unaware. He did that because he's actually a really bad person. The fact that he even thought of saying things like this is terrible.

14. [+34, -3] Hong Konger Lucas and the majority of Chinese members support the Chinese government as well. I find NCT's name disgusting already.

No. 54619

these photos are edited right? she doesn't actually look that scary in real life does she?

No. 54620

wow yeri's face has changed so much since this picture was taken.

No. 54621

There's a PULL thread for this kind of thing. Don't post this on here cause it's derailing and not kpop-related
You're welcome

No. 54622

i think sm purposely styles the ugly members of their groups the worst so people won't pay attention to them. also red velvet has more female fans than male fans so it doesn't matter if they look mature.

No. 54624

I really can't believe Taeyong is Sm's favorite despite all the dumb shit this dude has done.

No. 54625

>Side note, it's near impossible to search "red velvet wendy milkshake" bc of restaurant Wendy's in the U.S. lol
Um no? And why would anyone use the word "rv wendy" and "milkshake" when it's not even their title track and there are plenty pics of her with short hair already without having to be that specific

No. 54626

File: 1570430005386.png (870.32 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_2019-10-07-02-31-15…)

I just googled "red velvet Wendy milkshake" just to see what would happen and… Hmm

Literally everything we result is red velvet related lol

No. 54627

Fuck samefag I meant every single result* I'm to lazy to delete

No. 54628

Nta but meh those anons are just stating that those girls give off old-ish vibes compared to the other members of their groups. It's not like they're asking them to get more ps. I swear anons here get upset for something that isn't there.

No. 54629

File: 1570430413926.png (232.52 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2019-10-07-09-37-47…)

I see fans defending him in the comments, as expected. Lmao please god let SM confirm this.
And what's with the 2ne1 comments? When did he bash them? I only knew about the scamming

No. 54630

>idols like Jisoo look their age
Thats the "problem", she doesnt look her age. She looks at least 5 years older than her age. Irene, however, does look her age and it's problematic when someone age-shame her just because she's "old". Anons here are just saying their opinions about young idols not looking their age, it's not like they're being shamed for being in their 20s or something. Don't be so dramatic.

No. 54631

he fits their beauty standards so it doesnt matter

No. 54632

soojin is actually born in 1993 instead of 1998 like it says on her profile so she is actually older than she says she is.

No. 54633

they got her a new nose once she turned 17. sad.

No. 54634

I'm sure the 2ne1 thing is something that's only being circulated in knetz forums since i cant find any result in english. It reminds me of baekhyun insulting taeyeon then ended up dating her lmao.

No. 54635

File: 1570431507539.jpg (42.55 KB, 600x400, 3586fcfa498ddad6e230facd60c71c…)

Nta but eh not surprised if it's true

No. 54636

Soojin rly did look younger before all her procedures! Idk why that is tho, if procedures are supposed to make you look younger/prettier?

Yep. LC is the only board I frequent where people are literally only here to actively look for things to misinterpret or disagree with. I post bc I genuinely want to discuss things that can't be discussed in 99% of kpop spaces online.

Jihyo has always had ajumma looks, it's been mentioned in other boards. It's not about ps or no ps. But whatever, if y'all just wanna complain over nothing.

Some combination of rv/wendy/milkshake gave me ALL Wendy's ad type pics, & another search gave me only RV group pics. I wanted a STILL of Wendy in the "Milkshake" MV bc her hair looked most soccer-mom-ish there. Her hair in Umpah wasn't as good as an example, plus i hate that song so i never watched more than a minute of the mv.

Plenty of RV fans have seen this over the yrs, like how "red velvet ice cream cake" pulls up only baking recipes. I didn't lie to be cute or to piss in your cornflakes. Additionally i live in an area where Red Velvet have zero fame whatsoever, & the google algorithms know that, so to speak. Pls take up a more important cause to stress over, you're going to harm your mental health.

No. 54637

I hope the kpop craze dies internationally. I loved kpop from when i started following in 2009 to 2016, but then when the western companies and audience started showing large interest it started affecting things I think.

The LOONA Butterfly MV made me almost throw up in my mouth by how Western pandering it was. The girls busted their asses and got cut out for Hyjabs and stereotypical afro black girls.

It's fine for some Nike commercial where you want to pretend you are some woke company even though you use child slaves to make shoes, but don't infect the rest of the world with that bullshit.

No. 54638

File: 1570431734289.jpg (22.89 KB, 700x976, Soojin-3.jpg)

They were going for hyuna's sexy concept for soojin so they made her look older/mature. If she was born in 93 then i'm sure the "cute" predebut pics of her were from a long time ago cause here she kinda resembles her current look

No. 54639

I think the western pandering will stop soon once they realize that it's not working for other groups but bts. Don't get me wrong, bts only got where they are now because they LIE a lot (unicef, etc), and even bts is going downhill now. Loona is never heard of again since their debut last year.

No. 54640

File: 1570432177856.jpg (139.63 KB, 1046x665, rion.jpg)

Wow is there some place where I can read up about these people? they seem insane.

No. 54642

It's been discussed in the #2 thread, who knows maybe you can find some more here

No. 54643

>I hope the kpop craze dies internationally.
I don’t doubt it will. If people were able to forget about 1D that fast then in a few years the now screeching fan girls will be thinking of kpop as nothing more than a cringy phase. The SEA autists will probably be the only ones to stick around, like they always do lmao.

No. 54644

Yeah unless there's a proof that some kpop idol is being racist to SEA, the SEAfags won't stop esp when there are still idols like lisa

No. 54645

was loona ever a real kpop group though? lol they seemed like more of a project. the members have like no chemistry together and only chuu can sing. there is nothing appealing about them.

No. 54646

was just scrolling through and i have to say sooman's coke nail took me out

No. 54647

File: 1570433015534.jpg (110.24 KB, 1080x1350, b1a7521c41247bea09a92cdbd059f7…)

I looked up her sister and she's even more bland than somi

No. 54648

If they were a project group made from a survival show like IOI, that would have been more interesting. The problem is they are a real group with a project group "feel". Just like sperm.

No. 54649

As someone who never followed BTS, how the hell did they even get so big? I don't get it at all.

No. 54650

The switched their concept from cringy rap thug nonsense to soft 'emo' Tumblr boys. That and they adopted a fake woke persona and started pandering hard. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.

No. 54657

now you are talking the "visuals" of 10 yos, great

No. 54659

I think it was just good timing.

They got popular around Dope and Fire iirc. That sound was popular at the time, and I think it resonated more with ifans cause the subject matters were "woke" and "different". I think Dope was about being whatever you wanted to be and sticking it to the man or some deep shit idk.
This was all during a phase where kpop was exploding internationally fullstop, so it all kind of lined up. That's really it.

No. 54660

Loona was a bizarre internal company project, you can find old videos of the 50+ girls they had competing internally for the positions.

Except the judging and training were done i assume by the heads of the various companies involved, Polaris, Blockberry, etc. Recruitment was also bizarre, they scoured amateur singing contents, youtube uploaders, videogame booth girls, amateur dance groups.

They even show the test shots and videos they put together to see how the girls looked and meshed.

I assumed they would've had to train all the girls to a minimum standard before starting judging, which would explain the amount of money spent.

No. 54662

Tbf the flower boy thing became a trend in kpop across the board, not just w/ BTS or in the U.S.

In the US there's underlying political stuff like metoo & disdain for masculinity, toxic or otherwise .. theres tumblr sjw culture + demands that mental health & lgbt get more acceptance .. also the marketing geniuses in SK figured out young girls are (for whatever reason) turned on by non-sexual touching between boys. Skinship & fan service don't have literal counterparts in the US music industry. So it seems fresh & new to them. The manufactured personalities, manufactured drama, the boys' hardships (both real & imagined), and their work ethic, chemistry as a group etc all played in as well. And ultimately kpop is rly not about music anyway. They're selling a fantasy that you can either date your fave idol or that your fave idols are getting down w/ each other. It's all a big tease & it's so effective it's scary. I say props to them cuz it really is quite brilliant. Someday things will cycle back to actual men like bigbang or bap, bc all trends come full circle. But flower boy concept is king right now (or queen? lawlz)
Its fading out now finally.

Oh also check out the research related to how lusting after an Asian man makes young girls feel "woke," "tolerant," "progressive," whatever, without having to go all the way to the end of the spectrum to, say, an African or Middle Eastern man. Theres lots of info out there you should look into it.

BTS also claim to write/produce much of their material, & americans wont pay attention to any pop artist who doesn't.On top of all this, Big Hit lurks every fan space online, esp twitter, so they LITERALLY see what the ppl want or what the ppl like, then they pander to that exact thing. Its so smart.

No. 54663

What's going to happen to Loona now that JadenJeong left?

No. 54664

>>54647 pedobait

No. 54665

I think everything will hinge on the how the next comeback is.

No. 54666

big hit lets bts pretend they make their songs by themselves, doesn't mean they aren't exploiting them lol.

No. 54667

Take your chill pill anon. I only said that because her dad boasted about how she's so much more than somi.

No. 54668

the fact that it wasn't televised is a tragedy, it sounds like a show that ended on the Black List screenplays, easy way for them to have gotten back all the money they spent too, fuck.

No. 54669

Lee Hae In speaks up about the lack of human rights during 'Idol School' filming, including having to eat staff leftovers, being unable to visit hospitals, and more


This is pretty milky. I hope someone from the produce show will speak up too.

No. 54670

File: 1570439266092.jpg (177.48 KB, 2048x1365, ugly.jpg)

Stray kids is probably the worst big 3 boygroup of this new era.
I just cant take anything they do seriously.

Every boygroup from jyp after 2pm has been shit.

+ One of the members is so unfortunate looking

No. 54671

He looks like jyp himself lmao. The name "stray" kids really suit them.

No. 54673

I thought the last good thing JYP did was Sixteen.

No. 54674

>>54591 is Natty under any agency right now?

No. 54677

>>54670 ah yes the retarded looking one

No. 54678

Yea she hasn't mentioned it on IG at least. Tbh I think she's pretty talented and could have made Itzy seem like less of a joke. She'll definitely flop once she debuts, even if it's in a girl group. Its kinda upsetting (inb4 fuck off Nattyfag)

No. 54679

Why definitely flop? She ranked well on Sixteen.

No. 54680

No one needs to be judging the attractiveness of children you're gross
Nta but sixteen but years ago and no one really cares about her anymore. It's unlikely she'll debut in a big company either.

No. 54681

He said that someone who liked 2ne1 must also like porn

No. 54682

Learn to read retard >>54667

No. 54683

Yea I mean she didn't even make it into Fromis_9 and that was like 2017, and Idol School only had 48 girls on the show

No. 54684

she's a fetus..

No. 54685

Is it just me or all t-ara songs are unlistenable? They didn't get better by time, it's like they're stuck at 2009 electropop/nu-disco/trot. How they lasted for 8 years is a mystery.

No. 54686

I like t-aras debut song and I go crazy because of you,but the rest of their music aged bad.
All electro songs in the early 2000s aged bad

No. 54687



>Is literally 10

She just looks like a typical child Anon. Some of y'all need to go outside and interact with real life people.

And you know damn well you were talking about her looks. Her dad was "boasting" about her talent. You don't use the word bland in regards to any criticism relating to talent.

No. 54688

File: 1570453716814.jpeg (82.57 KB, 668x393, ED551BDC-D770-4CF9-BDE1-16351F…)

Major pity for 1the9,, kids work their asses off in a survival show, then get thrown into a shit company and don’t even get a comeback. Sad

No. 54689

>complain how new kpop music is bad
>also complain how some groups still make old school music

No. 54690

Can you not talk shit about a child you fucking lunatic

No. 54691

> The LOONA Butterfly MV made me almost throw up in my mouth by how Western pandering it was.
Your comment made me go watch the video to see for myself and tbh you’re just a giant ass koreaboo

No. 54694

But they uploaded a comeback teaser…

No. 54696

>He didn't succeed even though he's not gay.

No. 54709

File: 1570462483140.png (594.5 KB, 430x532, Wtf.PNG)

Does anybody know what the fuck is going on with this guy's face? I seriously didn't recognize him at first. And why does he look so much older all of the sudden?

No. 54710

>complain how new kpop music is bad
Did i say this or you really just like accusing people of things they never said?

No. 54711

Kek their contract’s ending soontho

No. 54712

When you compare her to other child models like ella gross she doesn't stand out at all. Some of you really need to stop reaching.

No. 54713

What the fuck? I did not talk "shit" about a child. I just don't get why her dad is so proud of her when she's really just a typical child like >>54687 said. You guys are so into twisting things and dramas huh

No. 54714

Please just shut the fuck up, autist. You're embarrassing yourself. Get help.

No. 54715

Aren't you the autist? You just deleted and reposted your comment to add that last sentence and 1 more quote. Embarrassing.

No. 54716

Aren't you the autist? You just deleted and reposted your comment to add that last sentence and 1 more quote. Embarrassing.

No. 54717

you tumblrinas are sperging, again?
can you autists just pasteurize yourselves already?

No. 54718

you tumblrinas are sperging, again?
can you autists just pasteurize yourselves already?

No. 54722

"Mature appearance" literally where? Look at the size of her cheeks in that picture. I don't know where this "Somi looks mature" shit comes from, is it because she doesn't have an alien head dorito chin and also people wanting to dunk on white people looking old? Also, her dad is fucking repulsive. I don't mind her as much, I just feel bad because she was whored out by her nasty attention starved father to shake her ass in tiny shorts when she was what, 13? Somi SEEMS to be fairly normal, considering who raised her. I hope she doesn't lose her mind.

The new Joker looks weird as hell.

I think these procedures backfire because these people are ALREADY young, trying to mimic a youthful look, so they just end up looking botched and bloated, like >>54635

Also, Jihyo looks like frog. She seems like an okay person, though, so bless her.

No. 54726

Can y'all stop posting these ugly dudes with no names some of us are stupid lmao.

Is that someone from NCT? He looks familiar and scary… like a crypt keeper or cheap Halloween decoration wtf

No. 54727

he's jaehyun, the most popular nct member

No. 54728

>>54726 Yes that's jaehyun from nct and I always said he's fugly so im glad OP noticed it too. He's like the most popular NCT member within the fandom cause he's soo handsome. (someone last thread posted how he sells the most merch i think)
He obviously gets fillers and i doubt his aegyo sal is natural too. His face is on the uncanney valley spectrum for me

No. 54729

>>54727 >>54728

>the most popular NCT member

You got to be kidding me. THAT?

No. 54730

File: 1570467798629.jpeg (101.71 KB, 800x1200, 1DB58F4E-557E-40D9-B2FE-5DB190…)

jaehyun looks fine from the front imo but his side profile is fucked

No. 54731

He shaved his jaw to get incel chin? He should demand a refund

No. 54733

Lmao he looks like a ahjussi kek

No. 54735

I have a feeling he is going to age like milk. At least he has nice abs.

No. 54738

File: 1570473795141.gif (2.94 MB, 498x498, tenor.gif)

>>54730 I repeat: no, he does not look "fine" from the front. Dude looks like a bad wax sculpture with under-eye puffy bags fillers.
Sorry if I seem aggressive or whatever but it really triggers me when people call him handsome when he's one of the worst looking nct members (alongside taeil who also looks like a gremlin)

Slightly ot, are kpop fans really this brainwashed? It seems like they even can't tell a natural face from a completely plastic one. The amount of times I've seen armies say Jhope is natural is mind blowing.

No. 54740

Ot but am I the only one in this thread who doesn't give a fuck about NCT? No one knows them unless they're already pretty into kpop, but they're not even popular, yet you all know their names. Even Got7 is more well known and they're never mentioned here.

No. 54741

…are you an akgae for another nct member?

No. 54744

>>54741 no, I know I come off as very aggressive. I just have a lot of nct friends and it annoys me to no end seeing them love this guy. I dont like nct at all, I tried to like them at the beginning but 127 has always had trash music.
I guess this also answers also what >>54740 asked. No i dont like nct.. but I know a lot of people who do (im in my 20s)

No. 54746

out of curiosity, who do you consider better-looking in nct? people almost always cite either taeyong or jaehyun

No. 54747

>>54746 Lucas because he doesn't resemble a pale twinky wax figure. He's the male Tzuyu, he sounds super airheaded too.

No. 54748

>>54614 who is that? Obvious joker smile surgery, absolutely horrific.

No. 54750

File: 1570480225350.png (122.71 KB, 540x500, twicefansbetrippin.png)

>visual goddess
I don't wanna live on this planet anymore

You're not the only one anon, the endless nct convo is infuriating. They & their music are all one bland, homogenous blur & idk why so many of their fags have found this thread, like this is really the only board on the internet y'all can meet in? There are literally hundreds of other places y'all can jerk each other off & sperg out over these nameless faceless wax figures.

Anon, just ignore them & post a new topic.

No. 54756

I'm so tired of the Lucas sperging.

No. 54757

I honestly thought Lucas was Filipino or Cambodian

No. 54758

he’s half-thai

No. 54759

are you implying that's a bad thing, nonnie?

No. 54761

Some of y’all need to chill the fuck out with your thinly veiled race baiting. You’re not even offering any discussion points, you just sound like “uwu my pure korean kpop getting infiltrated by seafags and westerners.” You can be salty abt kpop losing it’s novelty without sounding like bitter koreaboos mad you gotta see non-Koreans in ur faves mvs.

No. 54763

Jisoo does look her age, shes 24 ffs, have you even been around 24 yr old women?

No. 54764

Alot more than just a new nose, she looks Korean instead of Thai now, which is a whole different race with completely different features kek

No. 54765

what did soojin do? I didnt know she had PS and that she lied about being 5 years younger than she actually is…how do we know

No. 54766

File: 1570484974710.jpg (55.55 KB, 640x1138, IdolizedOpenIrishterrier-mobil…)

I can see how in SK Chaeyoung could be seen as a visual, its the standards of the culture.

No. 54767

they've been doing woke stuff since they debuted but no one knew until they blew up with INU in korea and DOPE domestically. now everyone in kpop is going woke

No. 54768

Where did his jaw go?

No. 54769

Jaeyhun's face changes every few months, SM says he's the visual + alot of people agree he's the visual, but after seeing SM's past bgs idk what happened, he doesn't look good at all. He's had multiple jaw shaves and implants

No. 54770

File: 1570485345794.jpg (191.96 KB, 1000x640, Fmp5J0b.jpg)

And all the fangirls claim they look better in real life.

No. 54771

File: 1570485459956.jpg (38.41 KB, 356x566, jawbonebonanza.jpg)

In here. RIP

No, Jisoo really does look older than her age, so does Jihyo and Wendy, and I agree about Sinb & Soojin. It's just their features, it's hard to explain but they just do look old. Has nothing to do with styling or Korean beauty standards or whatever, or even skin, hair. It's just their features? Idk, i need some kinda expert to help me explain what i mean lol.

I can see a true native Korean not being able to see it, or a person who is around a lot of Korean ppl regularly, bc you're used to it. SinB, to me rly does look like she's a staff or a choreographer for her group lol, tho with her, it's not only in her face but the way she carries herself. It's not a bad thing just something ive noticed.

No. 54774

as a twitter user most current kpop stans know all of nct because that is the bg they ran to when all the popular groups were on hiatus, aka bts and exo. everyone on my tl became nctfags especially because they began pandering to western audiences with 2957308 vlogs/varieties daily (bts style) with english subs. they gained alot of fans/anti fans just from that. then nct themselves moved to twitter to pander too and now their selfies (bts style) are also always on twitter, so its really hard to not know the waxed members' names now. honestly most new generation kpop stans have no idea who got7 is besides jackson wang and being a bg under jyp. they kind of just disappeared.

No. 54776

File: 1570485719245.jpg (94.98 KB, 724x1086, a5722a182d1337cbf11a697da2008f…)

Since everyone is talking about nct now,I'll talk about seventeen.

S.coups has to be the most unfortunate looking kpop idol ever.
Like..I kinda feel bad,but he genuinely looks like a troll.

And they really need to stop woozi and that other dude from making their title tracks.Everything they release is super boring lately.

And why is jeonghan always sexually harrasing the members?

No. 54777

Oh yes, the misogynistic lyrics they had to apologize for were very woke indeed.

No. 54778

She actually looks cute here. With her current styling trying to be all badass with the Kristen Stewart hair and the new tattoos all over her arms, she looks like a tryhard.

No. 54779

Lucas kind of looks like Taeyong here except way less bleached

No. 54780

File: 1570486070392.jpg (207.47 KB, 1500x1000, anexpensivemiddleagedhooker.jp…)

Idk what Soojin did but she looks like she's 40. Another weird thing with her, is from the shoulders up she looks like she weighs like 200 lbs, but then her waist is really trim, its bizarre. Rose kinda has this effect too, but i think i got used to it, I'm desensitized to it. But Soojin, I NEVER get used to it, it's so weird.

Ummmm no, she doesn't fit the Korean beauty ideal at all, what crack are you smoking? Her teeth & hair are always bad too + her eyes make her seem dead, she has no facial expressions.

Dahyun & Chaeyoung both just kill me bc they are so unattractive it's almost startling, & their heights rly throw off the aesthetics of the group. (since neither have or can pull off a "sexy" concept so they almost never wear heels) On top of that they are the least talented, they can't rap for shit. But their fans are the strongest so idk whats going on.

No. 54781

Not only looks, I wanna know who is in charge of these names. Do these sound cool in korean and I’m just not hip to it?

No. 54782

is S.coups supposed to mean something

No. 54783

I wish I never searched it up,but apparently he came up with his Stage Name S.Coups by himself. The 'S' should stand for Seungcheol and Seventeen and the 'Coups' is standing for Coup d'état.Copy pasted from wiki.

No. 54784

File: 1570486468034.jpg (511.79 KB, 1080x1341, 20191008_000535.jpg)

Ya'll talking about idols looking old af, but don't mention irene? Those nasolabial folds make her look 40. She'll age badly.

No. 54785

Reading is hard

No. 54788

I feel like every group has misogynistic lyrics that people forget about or fandom's just bury. Example:

Winner: "Spread your legs like you're at the gynecologist"

Infinite: "It's way too low-cut, what's up with showing all that skin?"

BigBang: "Even if I cheat, don't you cheat, baby" (this is so funny lmao)

B1A4: Boy telling his girl to stay at home and not to worry about him when he goes out and cheat on her, because he will come back to her the next day

EXO: "I’ll flip you over, break you down and swallow you up, I’ll steal you and indulge in you, I'm gonna do what I want, even if you say no" (apparently this song is about rape)

There's alot more but I am surprised most people don't know/don't care

No. 54789

why couldn't they do surgery to fix those? SM has the best surgeons but then leaves her looking like that

No. 54790

File: 1570487112382.jpg (258.25 KB, 2000x1333, yourevilsubstituteteacher.jpg)

I agree on Irene, but Irene actually IS older so it's not weird (and she's very smart not to mess any further bc she could rly fuck up what she has) What's weird is SinB looks like this and she's only 20.

No. 54791

Maybe it’s a translation thing or I’d need the full lyrics, but that line by winner just seems gross and provocative, not misogynistic. Inb4 winnerfag, I don’t know jack shit about winner and the whole song could be worse. I literally just had to google them because I thought they were a lot younger and was gonna side eye them for singing that line if they were like barely in their 20s.

No. 54792

regarding SinB can they do anything to fix her nose? why did they leave it like that after it turned out way too thin, can she breathe normally? I honestly wonder because I don't know anything about nose surgeries but since she's an idol I assume she needs to be able to breathe hard for dancing + singing. How can she go around knowing her nose was better before surgery

No. 54793

>apparently this song is about rape
lol ok

No. 54794

File: 1570488388226.jpg (73.08 KB, 1024x576, Cqv3XBvUsAAU7OQ.jpg)

I feel the same way about Moonbyul tbh. How can people see them as ""visuals""? The only thing I can think of when I see their botched faces is "how do they breathe?

No. 54795

why can't she keep her nasolabial folds natural? is that a bad thing?

No. 54796

idk according to people on this thread it might be.

No. 54797

she looks like a relative of j hope

No. 54798

Moonbyul isn't considered a visual by anyone aside from rabid moomoos though

No. 54799

Sperging about nasolabial folds is an ancient form of farmer autism, no one else notices them.

No. 54801

there was discussions on reddit when soojin debuted about how her old company had her listed as born in 1993. It's possible her old company was trying to pass her off as older than she was because she was around 15-16 at the time she was in that group. She does look closer to 26 than 21 to me personally though

No. 54804

File: 1570490348577.png (256.46 KB, 809x620, theantivisualsoftwice.PNG)

Found this in an akp forum thread while searching for a pic & i literally have tears from laughing. THESE are the pics this person used to prove their beauty? Even I can think of times they've looked better & im not even a fan.

A few threads ago someone pointed out V looking weird af after fillers in his nasolabial folds so look that up. Irene would be smart to never touch her face again, cuz you reach a point of no return where things are irreversibly fucked .. as we've seen many times before

Idk why ppl say this. Someone pls explain. You're aware your nostrils are extremely small right? Just bc the cartilage around the outside is thin or fucked up, doesn't mean they can't breathe.

No. 54805

??? They’re both East Asian

No. 54806

Because you can literally not be able to breathe from a failed nose surgery. "Nasal valve collapse" is a thing and many people go through it, as a result of the nose being unsupported by the altered framework. Can also cause other cartilage inside to collapse

No. 54809

Thailand is not even close to China, Japan, and Korea in terms of "East Asian" lol. I think kpop has brainwashed some people, Thailand has always been Southeast Asian along with other countries like Vietnam, Cambodia, parts of Northern India, Indonesia, Malaysia etc. the countries that people shit on here for being SEAfags. Kpop companies only include East Asian passing Thai people but the reality is that they have Southeast Asian features like darker skin, flatter noses, etc. Not the kpop beauty ideal.

No. 54810

File: 1570492429251.jpg (34.96 KB, 540x400, botchednamjoo.jpg)

That's fair, and i have def heard of that. Maybe what i should have asked, is why do people assume it. Bc yes the nose LOOKS botched but maybe the insides are okay for now, as far as function is concerned.
I also think they wouldn't even be an idol at all, if they can't breathe. That kind of a medical issue would be a far more pressing issue in your life & take priority. youd have to try getting it fixed or quit ur career altogether.

Jhope considering his ability to dance & rap, i doubt can't breathe (yet! as long as he doesnt touch it lol)

No. 54814

File: 1570494841982.jpg (238.32 KB, 1187x810, XldmHIK.jpg)

I hate how how hwasa seems thick until she turns around ;(

No. 54821

File: 1570495963197.jpg (54.94 KB, 573x765, CWjYkuGU4AAzVNM.jpg)

No she doesn't and you can't change people's opinion about that. Just shut up. On a side note yes she did look 24 here when she was 19, not that it's a bad thing, it's just a statement.

No. 54822

irene's almost 30 and looks her age

No. 54823

>nasolabial folds
oh lolcow, never change.

No. 54824

>according to ppl itt
Kek have you read the previous threads? Sperging about irene's nasolabial folds is a form of autism

No. 54826

Kai looks like he's 50 here
>inb4 no he doesnt!!! have u been around men in their mid 20s???
Chill anons, he just looks really tired here, and that hair color makes it worse

No. 54827

File: 1570497078998.jpg (393.79 KB, 1775x960, momoland_show_me_ahin_profile.…)

How are doctors not sued for malpractice for making people look like this.
Momoland all has awful noses but Ahin's is the most tragic it looks one second from collapsing

No. 54828

File: 1570497323630.jpg (172.07 KB, 1334x701, Gfriends-ShinB-and-Jessica-Jun…)

Her company is trying to make her look like jessica. Funny thing is, with her current look she can really pass as jessica's twin sister and jessica is 30.

No. 54831

File: 1570497976363.jpg (351.02 KB, 960x1200, 1570464635-n5jldf0.jpg)

Is soccer mom hair a trend now?

No. 54832

File: 1570498979775.png (506.34 KB, 883x543, exlaxad.PNG)

I'm the "female idols who look aged" OP & yes Hwasa is an extreme example, tho I think part of it may be bc she styles herself very American, w/ her nails, hair + beat face.

Jisoo somehow looks aged regardless of styling. Another weird thing about her, is she does not photograph or film well. She always looks off, or she doesn't know how to pose? Idk if this is something you can be taught or if you're just born with it…

But i don't get how her stans want her to act or model. Just bc someone fits Korean beauty ideals doesn't mean they can act. I've literally never seen Jisoo act, EVER. She has two modes: smiling/friendly w/ fans or in interiews/variety, OR serious while performing a song thats supposed to be "badass" or whatever. I've never seen her show a single other emotion, except for about 0.5 seconds in the KTL mv where she's supposed to be murdering herself or whatever. And she isn't really acting there either, she just looks constipated.

Maybe bc she's considered such a visual, they just don't teach her to pose or emote? Serious question.

No. 54833

File: 1570499376370.jpg (101.67 KB, 630x400, icebitches.jpg)

People say that but I doubt it. How do we know what the company is doing or thinking? SinB looks like Jessica mostly bc of her bad nose job. She also has killer sarcasm & RBF so she's been designated the "savage" or "ice queen" one in her group like Jessica was. But I don't think it's some big master plan by Source, things just turned out that way.

No. 54834

File: 1570500086041.gif (2.79 MB, 640x360, gif.gif)

Yes things turned out that way but then the company noticed and they did this gimmick

>Fans claimed that SinB’s army green outfit in the video above reminded them a lot of one of Jessica’s “I Got A Boy” outfits.

>Fans also found that SinB wore a military outfit in the past as well, making the similarities stronger.

>There’s even a similar gesture that SinB does as a part of GFRIEND’s “Fingertips” choreography.

It's just something an agency does to hype up their members

No. 54835

File: 1570500119222.gif (2.97 MB, 636x356, gif-1.gif)

For comparison

No. 54836

between wendy and 3/9 of twice we've definitely reached peak Karen hair

No. 54837

thought this was hani lmao

No. 54838

T-ara used to be awesome to dance to, along with After School, they had fun choreography. The music itself is dated but no music thats come out in the past 5 years made me want to drop my ass like Bunny Style, Bo Peep and Sugar Free.

No. 54839

she genuinely reminds me of michael jackson :/

No. 54844

File: 1570501970177.jpeg (129.26 KB, 1024x1064, 38AB1405-ACA0-4AE5-8D51-378DBA…)

fans are delusional lol

No. 54845

File: 1570502192503.jpg (54.6 KB, 720x452, JoyRedVelvet.jpg)

No. 54846

Is korean really so anti feminist? seems so gross. surprised bts never defended feminist things. think they'd get shit for being pro women and pro choice? ugh, i cant stand thinking about how sexist most kpop idols and fans are

No. 54847

“WE StAn FeMINIST QueeNs”- Stan Twitter

No. 54848

Suga was the cutest one imo. I hate the Boy with Luv era. the styling is trash and it makes my eyes bleed with all the colors and patterns that dont match

No. 54849

File: 1570503801904.jpg (488.99 KB, 1108x1402, unnamed (2).jpg)

I always thought it was weird how IU made complaints about sexualization when she was young, and then years later when shes now one of the most powerful people in the Korean music industry, she'll still happily dress up as a 12 year old for a stage concert when she thinks it will bring the interest.

No. 54850

Sis has to eat somehow. Korea clearly doesn’t handle change well with their idols so it’s not like she can pull a Miley Cyrus

No. 54851

File: 1570506024646.jpg (95.41 KB, 510x892, iu0.jpg)

That's what I mean though either admit Boy groups need to get half naked on stage and Girl groups have to wear sexy stuff to get interest.

Don't complain about it and then do it yourself.

No. 54854

she looks like jaehyun. sm and their clones

No. 54855

it's a song by just mino that he performed on smtm, he apparently apologised for it in his song trigger though (the line is something like (date of said performance), rip the page and repent)

No. 54861

I think it's for money a d her reclaiming herself and putting herself first for her sake in how she presents herself, not her K-netz like how she stated starting in her Chesire era

No. 54874

Hwasa has a grandma body, nothing about her is ''thicc or phat'' she has a flabby body and looks like she never exercises. She has No hips and No ass.
She just has a lot of fat distribution on her upper thighs which gives of the illusion of her being ''thicc''

No. 54875

UI's blatant obsession with Lolita, pedo-bait…nothing new.
I think maybe something happened to her as a child for her to be obsessed with wanting to be a child forever and doing pedo-bait.

No. 54876

File: 1570527360421.jpg (39.86 KB, 479x561, m.JPG)

Are jihyo's boobs real?

No. 54878

File: 1570527866194.jpg (86.61 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (1).jpg)

for some reason momo, sana, and jihyo are padded to hell and back but none of the other members. Jihyo looks better with her natural boobs imo

No. 54879

Yeah why is that? That's not even part of Korean beauty standards, and it's taboo to show cleavage anyway so I don't see the point?

I never noticed w/ Sana but i'll be on the lookout for it now, ha

No. 54880

Jihyo probably likes the look.

half of Twice members have their boob size go up and down like yoyos because of padded bras.

No. 54881

because SK is obsessed with reaching America's level and succeeding there. That'd mean that they have to do everything possible to appeal to their ideals. SK is just following the script along. Pedobait will be left for the nugu groups instead that won't advance in America.
I know Twice aren't exactly advancing there but still serve as a signal for upcoming change of more mature sexy concepts for women.

No. 54882

>because SK is obsessed with reaching America's level and succeeding there.

SK will never get mainstream in America because the US has it's own music corps, it's own singers they want to push, and it's own backroom deals for contracts.

The best SK can ever hope for is KCon or a one off hit. The US labels simply won't allow them to push in on their turf.

US will have their Miley Cyrus' and Nicki Minaj' humping doorknobs for a long long time.

No. 54884

Twice's main deal is/was SEA/Japan markets, which it's pretty much succeeded at, no question
but Twice are def not being primed for the US, they have no fluent English speakers + their music is the type of cutesy pedobait stuff white ppl think of when they think of jpop or kpop (w/o knowing of the many groups who don't do cUtEsY aSiAn cOnCepTs lol)
But you're right that it does show a gradual shift toward Western tastes, interests, beauty ideals. I suppose they'll keep hacking away at jaws for a few more generations, but at least now we get some titties, some belly buttons & the other former k-idol unmentionables lol

No. 54886

Jihyo likes the look? Like it's her decision? Doubtful. These girls have verrrryyyyy little, if any, say in how they're dressed/styled. Are you new to kpop?

No. 54887

File: 1570531956754.jpg (241.91 KB, 705x3813, ZomboDroid 08102019124948.jpg)

Baekhyun needs to lay off the plastic surgery

No. 54888

File: 1570531996208.jpg (194.93 KB, 811x2807, ZomboDroid 08102019125117.jpg)

He is starting to look like a troon

No. 54889

File: 1570534475780.jpg (203.03 KB, 961x1200, 0b98a1a4eaefe94b76251906749c42…)

Even JYP forgets how much padding he is supposed to give Jihyo lmao. This pic is super shopped and its still way smaller than the other one

No. 54890

File: 1570534530500.jpg (75.26 KB, 794x896, b49a1b4866a3d5c0b5964601dfcd84…)

Samefag but Nayeons padding falling down is my favorite lmao

No. 54891

Sometimes I wonder if some of them are only A cups in RL lol

No. 54892

Man,i cant wait till bts performs in saudi arabia.Hopefully one of the members does something dumb or theres backlash.

And why are they doing a paid stream of the concert on vlive?Its like $50 bucks to get 1500 coins from what im seeing on the internet.
I have a feeling one of the members is gonna cry to get pity points.
Or do some super scripted speech about womens rights or some shit.

No. 54894

File: 1570539504252.jpg (45.89 KB, 480x459, chayeol.jpg)

pictured chanyeol for example
Speaking of paddings. Female idols are not the only ones who wear paddings, male idols do it too.
Except they do it for different reasons,like a female idol will we're a padded bra to give the illusion of big breasts meanwhile a male idol will just wear a bra to give the illusion of chest muscles

No. 54895

what the hell are you talking about? stop getting your knowledge of Korean culture from kdramas. Koreans absolutely like big tiddied women

No. 54896

kek i think chanyeol’s hot but this is funny

No. 54897

Too much fillers

No. 54898

No. 54903

kind of like a video game character

No. 54904

Interesting….makes you wonder about the increase in these fashion appearances by kpop idols


No. 54905

File: 1570547062982.gif (4.29 MB, 320x480, ShorttermUnfitAlpineroadguidet…)

I don't understand why they don't also pad her hips most of the time, she ends up looking super disproportionate and fatter than she actually is

No. 54907

nta but he kinda looks like amber from this side kek

No. 54908

all the bts members are all ugly im so shocked that they actually have a "visual" position

No. 54911

autismo isn't that bad-looking tho.

No. 54913

when you're in a group with someone who looks like this >>54089 i think its easier to pass as attractive
its that whole ugly friend affect thing

No. 54914

File: 1570548982470.png (1.02 MB, 992x773, Screenshot 2019-10-08 at 16.32…)

the awful styling doesn't help either lol

No. 54915

>the way they shooped jimin to seem as tall as the others

pretty hilarious

No. 54918

I think everyone but Ratmon is attractive, but they need to seriously lay off the PS, especially Jimin with the fillers.

No. 54920

They should just make her padding be this kind of size (or maybe just stop because her natural bust size looks better) bcos more people shill on her for looking "fat" but its actually just the hideous padding. its kinda a shame since she's one of the healthier (i guess) looking idols without a skelly body.

No. 54921

i feel like taemin was a bad influence on jimin kek

No. 54924

>Everyone but ratmon is attractive
umm weird flex but ok

No. 54925

It's not like nctfags have many options, or standards.
How does one look to be in their 20s from the front (albeit, painfully plastic) but also looks 55 >>54730 from the side.

The dude on the left's LEGO face is gross, and dude on the right looks like a capuchin monkey.

J-Horse stands out like a sore thumb. I used to think lizard boy was the ugliest one, but J-Horse is taking the cake. They're all so frumpy and doughy. The one at the front (V?) looks like a grandma, horrendous styling.

No. 54928

>>54918 you can NOT actually think jhope is attractive..

No. 54931

what's going on with suga's face, did they try to photoshop it and then gave up

No. 54936

jhope and jimin are uglier than ratmon to me. Interesting how beauty standards work.

No. 54937

Gross Baekhyun is starting to look like a plastic surgery obsessed pederast.

No. 54939

same. ratmon is a generic kind of ugly, jhope is a plastic surgery monster and jimincel is downright hideous both pre- and post-ps.

No. 54940

V is the only good looking one, objectively

No. 54941

v's body isn't attractive though

No. 54942

he looks plain af

No. 54944

Eh what's wrong with it? Just a regular body, most guys in real life aren’t buff.

No. 54950

he has good proportions, even Jimin has good body proportions but he is literally skelly. The two that lack on the body eathetics department are Suga and Jin. Jin's legs are horrible and short, Suga it's just a manlet with a ftm body

No. 54954

>>54914 this thread is sad. Tbh
BTS were one of the more natural looking groups when they debuted but i realize Kpop stars all descend into a plasticfag look the longer they stay in the industry due to lookist criticism, either they get shit for looking aged as their age like >>54558 >>54320 >>54348 >>54324 or they end up botched like >>54887 >>54939 >>54180.

So many end up looking like Bom, Lee Juno, Moon Hee Jun or Kang Sunghoon when they get older. first gen CD era idols were "uglier" (aka the bar for looks wasn't as high as now, even 2nd gen idols were more natural see Shindong and the Suju uggos or 2ne1 Minzy, CL) but now almost every kpop idol is pressured to get fillers or surgery to correct flaws because it's the age of Youtube and HD. Sad.

No. 54955

File: 1570557550552.jpg (34.96 KB, 622x616, D1sYtUyWkAEOLhE.jpg)

he has good proportions but i think he'd look better if he had more muscle tone

No. 54956

>>54954 Nothing worse than seeing a 30, 40 year old ex idol desperately trying to style themselves to pass as 20 like Kang Sung Hoon or Bom. Who do they think they fool?

No. 54958

V looks skinny fat? What proportions lmao that's a ratmy/Kpopfag cope. That said Jin and V will age well if they don't do more stupid shit to their face. They def Botox themselves, compare Jin to Yang Se Jong who is his age and looks like him but manlier.

No. 54959

>>54958 contd…

No. 54961

proportional meaning long legs, small waist. the opposite of Suga.

No. 54962

Jimin has the best legs imo but he also knows how to style himself to look better. The others can’t get dressed to save their lives and their stylists don’t seem to care.

No. 54963

V: Look into my dead eyes, I'm sick of this boyband shit.

RM: Excuse me I'm more woke/high IQ than all of KPop combined ok?

Jhope: Can you tell how much I love to juice fast?

Suga: Look into my dead eyes, I'm sick of this boyband shit.

Jungkook: Look Ma, no hand tats or self harm scars!

Jin: dad vibe Look into my eyes, I'm tired of this boyband shit.

Jimin: Yas AO3fags I'm trying to look like your fantasy werewolf vampire hybrid…..

No. 54964

>>54961 >>54962 Are we being invaded by Ratmies? Who cares about BTS proportions or Jimincel's legs?

No. 54965

File: 1570559589790.gif (2.97 MB, 498x278, 32665C47-DF7C-4EA0-BCCA-0D27BC…)

No. 54966

wtf is happening…

No. 54967

>>549667 Army has brigaded….

No. 54968

It doesn't look like him at all. Stop abusing drugs

No. 54972

Jin is fucking ugly

No. 54974

File: 1570560564459.jpg (74.32 KB, 780x546, uEy4A3C.jpg)

>>54968 He acts well and looks enough like Jin to make Jin look like a shitty floweridol actor if he ever wanted to act kek

No. 54975

Almost every Korean guy I see on the streets of Seoul looks worse than him. He’s not gorgeous by any means but he’s ok looking.

No. 54976

The whole fucking thread is about this, why is that the moment we talk about bts some of you sperg? Or do you prefer if we talk about Lucas, nctfag?

No. 54977

No Jin is fucking ugly, kboo. Who linked you retards here?

No. 54978

Lookism has ruined you if you think he’s actually ugly

No. 54979

File: 1570561583407.jpg (1.06 MB, 2000x3005, z1fgDd8.jpg)

Knetz usually talk trash but theyre right that actor visuals > idols visuals

No. 54980

File: 1570561785715.jpg (160.7 KB, 1080x803, olsjinunidon001a_1559290098.jp…)

Sorry I don't find people who have misshapen heads and look like they have down syndrome attractive, how lookist of me. /s

Kpop has ruined you if you think he's actually above average

No. 54981

File: 1570562171991.jpg (74.36 KB, 550x340, unnamed (1).jpg)

Yeah overall it's true

No. 54982

File: 1570562257870.jpg (65.93 KB, 370x360, unnamed.jpg)

No. 54983

>>54980 His face looks good in a teenybopper way. There's something distinctly unmanly about his vibe when you see him in video or irl, he moves really awkward and his big shoulders slope down so they look less manly. Plus his skin, lips, hands, and nails are too perfect in a feminine way as if he takes special care of them like a woman. There is a reason why he is the least popular on fanfic sites LMAO

https://www.knetizen.com/there-are-rumors-that-bts-jins-nails-are-so-beautiful/ Ratmy fanatics lap it up

No. 54984


He’s perfectly average, just not hideous. I guess ugly means something different to you than to me.

No. 54985

My god… try to hide your boner please

No. 54986

anon, I love you for saying this, I'll be laughing to my grave now.
love you, no homo though, you fag

No. 54987

File: 1570563195192.jpeg (1.82 MB, 3789x3088, 26AD4CCB-BC17-430A-8671-5B9C65…)

all that plastic surgery but doyoung still edits his selfies like crazy

No. 54988

File: 1570563292426.jpeg (118.78 KB, 1024x1024, 93645385-B952-4326-BC86-E4756E…)

predebut. is not having a jaw his goal?

No. 54989

Are talking about when Jeonghan grabbed Dino's are?

No. 54990

>>54981 most Kactors look way better/less botched than idols because they are selected for visuals alone, idols are usually lower tier visuals who cant go into child acting or acting fulltime.


No. 54991

>>54990 Idols are also usually lower tier musicians who can't survive as a solo artist or indie musician fulltime without building a fanbase of stans off a fake bf/gf image.

No. 54992

not to sound like an sjw but men who do not take care of their nails/lips are actually filthy and disgusting. i dont know a single girl who willingly likes a guy with nasty nails and cracked lips

No. 54993


can yall just make your own BTS thread? Nobody gives af about these ugly ass, plastic lookin fags. If you're attracted to these fruitcakes, seek help.

No. 54996

damn his jaw actually looked good predebut… his whole face is smaller than a kid's face now and looks weird against his neck. maybe he got the same jaw shave surgeon as Wendy cuz SM only sends the good ones to their favs aka Scamyong

No. 54997

They were one of the more natural groups but as you said and evidenced by this entire thread, criticism gets louder as you gain more fame and obviously these idols aren't real human beings at this point with how obsessed they have to be with their looks, when random people on the internet are obsessed with their looks too. It's an endless hate cycle that makes insecure child stars turn into plastic monsters.

No. 54998

File: 1570565214382.jpeg (123.39 KB, 1000x1500, 54834137-04FF-467C-9712-0BC10A…)

I might have to disagree anon

No. 54999

begone ratmies

No. 55000

Don't you know every guy irl should be muscular according to kpoppie logic, all this talk about body proportions as if there is a "correct" one and body diversity doesn't exist kek. I get making fun of the extreme diets and starving but making fun of literal body/fat ratio or bone ratios, how can you change those things LMAO. People like Jihyo, Jin, Irene etc. how do you expect them to change their proportions/ratioes? I don't know if Korea has that kind of plastic surgery yet

No. 55001

them juicy thighs

No. 55002

What else do you suggest we talk about? They are dissecting the looks of Kpop idols

No. 55003

this. what is happening?

No. 55004


No. 55005

Stop flooding this thread with posts about BTS thighs and legs

we are interested in your oppa's acne, tats, and scars only ratmies

No. 55006

lets talk about nct thighs

No. 55008

File: 1570565987432.jpg (180.71 KB, 1157x1280, tumblr_pnxbhyE9eX1vdmn62_1280.…)

what about oppa's sexy spinal cord?

No. 55009

File: 1570566151232.jpeg (96.69 KB, 594x616, 134C9A01-7099-49CA-BEBA-0E8B10…)

i wanna discuss scamyong’s tooth decay

No. 55010


>>Jimin: Yas AO3fags I'm trying to look like your fantasy werewolf vampire hybrid…..

Top kek

No. 55011

I may hate jungkook..but I'm not a psycho who smells like dumpster and mcdonalds . Making fun of someone for self harming is so fucking evil and disgusting. You are just giving ratmys ammo to attack us by being a massive cunt.

No. 55012

File: 1570566325867.jpg (15.88 KB, 400x400, T92Fv9s.jpg)

>>55008 begone ratmies

No. 55013

They probably are.
It's impossible to be as thin as they are and have actual tits and ass. Starving yourself makes you thin everywhere, not just your waist and ankles. It's sad that they get padded like this to market an impossible beauty standard.

No. 55014

your oppa is an emo cutter faggot xd hope he jonghyuns himself xddd

Seriously though gtfo shitrat.

No. 55015

>>55011 Scars can be from anything, not just cutting Ratmiefag

No. 55016

ew what the fuck. i can smell this picture

No. 55017

dear lord a spoiler on this would have let me keep ten more years of my lifespan

No. 55018

Critical doesn’t mean nasty. You guys make crazy fans look good, never thought I’d see the day.

No. 55020

Pls ban sensitive ratmies

No. 55021

can we all stop fighting and talk about lucas

No. 55022

Fine, we can talk about your man!

No. 55023

Maybe we should ban autistic retards like you instead . You need to stop calling every one who disagrees with you a ''ratmy'' you dumb low IQ troglodyte.
Ive said all sorts of shit about them, but you talking about how you want jungkook to commit suicide and making fun of self harm..is borderline psycho and you need professional help.

No. 55024

Lucas looks better than all of BTS, even if he is Jin's level when it comes to skills. fuck bts

No. 55025

We get it, you want him, we can’t help you here though

No. 55026

Are you that nct-roach anon who who constantly spams about nct here.
Its way past your bedtime little girl go and sleep,all oppars are ugly.

No. 55027

No my post is meant to spite BTS and weed out Ratmies for banning.

No. 55028

So you constantly talking about Lucas the dumbo is somehow supossed to weed out ratmys?…. Jesus Christ the state of this thread,moronic twat.
Just say you are horny over oppa and go thirst over Lucas in the ''boy idol spam'' thread, and same goes for the ratmys spamming about jungkook.

No. 55029

lucas and bts are so boring. jesus christ

No. 55030

the original Lucas poster isnt me fag. I just made a tongue in cheek post to spite BTS. in truth Lucas is a CCPfag that betrayed HK.

No. 55031

Are you bullshitting so you can avoid getting banned.
Ban evading nct-fag.
Either way I don't understand why you nctfags worship Lucas so much.
Is it because he is the only member who isn't botched and doesn't have a incel chin?

No. 55032

File: 1570571365576.jpg (358.13 KB, 720x720, 1566967115020.jpg)

he is cute but a dumbass. he's like a double digit iq version of brad leone.

No. 55033

File: 1570571368155.jpg (25.18 KB, 600x326, MAYcrX6.jpg)

Obvious nosejob

No. 55034

The ugliest members in Exo (Chen,Xiumin) would be considered the hottest and best looking in Nct. That's how bad the visuals in Nct are.
I hope more exo-ls boycott superm.

No. 55035

File: 1570571476330.jpeg (43.32 KB, 595x252, 6C727CAC-C4D4-4496-A185-CEEC7B…)

No. 55036

File: 1570571590598.jpg (112.73 KB, 854x1200, EBbds9dVUAAU073.jpg)

Lucas is a smaller uglier clone of Kim Mingyu

No. 55037

Lucas is going to quit SM & NCT the very second he gets famous in China kek

No. 55038

Good for her. I love the fact that SK's (and Japan's) answer to the extreme sexism is radical feminism. I'm not even a radfem but the more SK women get pink pilled the better! Asian women have earned their right to be fucking angry.

No. 55039

He's a manlet but not necessarily ugly. Not uglier than Baekhyun, Xiumin, or Kyungsoo.

No. 55040

File: 1570571654529.jpg (370.52 KB, 1000x1500, u9v9qJM.jpg)

This is just sad. She needs an intervention, not a front row seat at a fashion show.

No. 55041

Mingyu sets off my gaydar

No. 55042

LMAO ew this just makes him look like a degenerate

No. 55043

I saw this on instagram and I was floored how everyone was commenting how good she looked. Eugenia Cooney had legs like that and everyone bullied her off the internet for promoting a bad image to girls when Rose is literally a kpop idol that millions of girls idolize to look like. Her knee bones are literally jutting out of her skin

No. 55044

Is she trying to hunger strike her way to a solo? Man it's going to be hard to watch a bag of bones rattling on stage.

No. 55045

Ok you've been invading this whole thread and it's only a matter of time before the mods come and ban you. Why can't you at least sage, you are making yourself so obvious we can tell which posts are yours

No. 55046

>t. SVTfag
They have literally nothing in common and Mingyu is not better looking than Lucas kek. Why would SM clone a member of a group no one cares about. Only Chanyeolfags get to claim he's a clone.

No. 55047

File: 1570572000275.jpeg (45.55 KB, 500x684, 1A16D57C-8658-48E0-8A4B-8E3A5A…)

Chen’s a good example of a guy that just has mature/older looking features. He looks like an assistant professor in his high school photos besides the weird hair cut.

No. 55048

That haircut is an abomination but yeah his face looked fine. Same as it does now.

No. 55050

I dont mean to be rude, but is he trying to cosplay Shinpachi from Ginstama?

No. 55052

her contacts rings are two different colors and her extensions look so burnt and weak.. they really dont bother with styling her since they have jennie

No. 55057

File: 1570572148615.jpeg (78.01 KB, 550x393, 3A13042C-0714-4ECF-8E7D-58C9B5…)

why don’t many people talk about how botched chungha is now? a shame because she used to be so gorgeous

No. 55058

File: 1570572268426.jpg (137.49 KB, 500x667, 715yLeb.jpg)

Kek I thought this was the cringiest predebut photo. Any others?

No. 55059

holy 504

No. 55060

she gets something little done every comeback so fans just use the excuse that its puberty and her face is developing. only recently she has been fixing her face at a faster rate and people are now comparing her predebut pics to now and realizing that holy shit. her whole face is plastic

No. 55061

File: 1570572716963.jpg (20.36 KB, 238x373, FDXZLOJ.jpg)

No. 55062

How does he even have tooth decay as an idol?? freakin creepy. Also that post is mental

No. 55063

I fucking love you, anon

No. 55064

Fat femcels love tall guys and fanfic writing virgins think tall dude equals big D.

No. 55065

File: 1570572939165.jpg (23.9 KB, 284x404, FCowj8R.jpg)

No. 55066

Is that Ratmon?? (Eggmon?)

No. 55068

is that BTS Suga predebut?

No. 55070

File: 1570573185578.jpg (26.49 KB, 435x726, 1568038929200.jpg)

No. 55073

love you more bro, spread the love bros

No. 55075

>Fat femcels love tall guys
Do you think skinny stacys like manlets?

No. 55077

Jennie and Irene look bored af on stage. Irene especially 90% of the time looks like she smelled someone's fart and wants to fuck off and go home asap. I get people have a resting bitch face or a bad day or whatever, but it's literally your job to look interested.

No. 55079

Atleast Irene is decent live. Jennie sounds like a screaming goat

No. 55080

not sure about Jennie, but it's because Irene is smarter than she let's people know. you can tell by her body language, she doesnt like the part of her job that forces her to spread her legs for uncle fans, and that's why so many guys hate her and that feminist book she was seen to have read a few months back. Joy, if I remember recently has been reading a feminist book too, and most fans of RedVelvet are woman.

No. 55082

What the fuck is that

No. 55083

File: 1570573980517.jpg (748.7 KB, 320x180, l47SsZf.jpg)

Irene is 29 and a woke feminist. She prob cant stand 99.9% of her creepy male fans. Jennie is just a bitch. She made Lisa remove her socks for her like a maid.

No. 55084

It's baekhyun oppa

No. 55086

Lisa's disgusted face makes me sad.

No. 55088

this is like watching someone being bullied. It's kinda fucked up. I hate the korean food chain in kpop

No. 55089

I’m fucking screaming. This fucker got so lucky to get into sm. I now understand how he’s still so weird looking after ps.

No. 55090

nta but how smart can she be if she chose to be a fucking idol kek

No. 55091

I don't know…that idols are picked when they are minors and forced to sign an NDA slave contract…but sure…victim blaming is so generous…

that's because it is bullying.

No. 55092

Considering they outearn doctors, lawyers, CEOs and become millionaires in their 20s while dating CEOs or other hugh earning celebs, shes pretty smart even if she has to hide that she is so done with Kpop lmao

No. 55093

File: 1570575564506.png (83.96 KB, 317x273, ice_screenshot_20191009-005615…)

Baekhyun looks so sad and miserable looking at superm

No. 55094

File: 1570575601462.png (17.43 KB, 120x116, ice_screenshot_20191009-005820…)


No. 55095

Don’t make me feel sympathetic towards him anon. He might have talent but he’s a dick.

No. 55096

she actually doesn't hide that shes done with kpop, pretty sure shes waiting for her contract to end, or blackmail SM into giving her a better contract in having control over her career

No. 55097

as long as she stays at SM she has to play by idol rules. She cant act and idk about solos. She prob marry and quit Kpop

No. 55098

Serious question, if you get triggered by this why are you here?

No. 55099

she can always model and do OSTs as a side job, or learn how to be a good actress like how Suzy and IU has been over the years. she has a good head on her shoulders, so she'll find a way.

No. 55100

File: 1570576562881.png (57.47 KB, 265x223, ice_screenshot_20191009-011208…)

Baekhyun has really reached his tipping point. He didnt even bother to fake happiness or excitement like the other members during the premiere, he looked depressed and like he was forced to be there.
He was cringing every time his part came on but ofc delulu fans will say he just got ''shy''….yeah sure. Dude is embarrassed and i would be too if i was almost 30 and still doing the same cringy when i was 20.

No. 55101

that poor man…

No. 55102

i'd be miserable too if i was forced to debut in a flop group when i was already part of an established/successful group.
someone send her back to australia to be with her family… she's so frail she has to be on so many uppers to have energy. her hair is thin as fucking and now she's relying on face fillers. rip.

No. 55104

imagine being in one of the biggest groups of all time and be one of the best vocalists in the company only to be shoved into some mish mash unit as a last ditch attempt to save a shitty group that sm won't stop throwing money at

No. 55105

nta you should be directing your little inquiry to the ones that anon tagged. obvious ratmy trying to pull a fast one to defend their plastic dolls whenever bts are mentioned.

No. 55106

File: 1570577374645.jpg (100 KB, 1080x1351, d290a23b55d4d01f042ed03daaa8ee…)

He doesn't even look like Baekhyun anymore

No. 55107

>>55106 he looks like Taeyeon which is his goal kek

No. 55108

Anons itt
>maybe this idol doesn’t look like a disfigured cancer survivor

No. 55109

And? Sometimes those anons are right. Go cry about it in kpg.

No. 55110

The idol life must be really stressful because no matter how much fillers or plastic surgery idols get they still become haggard when they reach 35.
Literally rain and dara are the only idols who have aged normally

No. 55112

he's looking like a precursor GD, kind of like Mino.

there's also, Suzy, IU, and Lee Hyori that comes to mind for me

No. 55113

Rain/Dara also got a ton of fillers and botox. A normal 35 year old without fillers looks like ex-idol Ko Jiyong. It's usually the bigger surgeries that end badly or too much filler causing skin to sag. More idols need to embrace ageing like Hyori or Eugene and stop trying to look 20 but stuff like V line jaw surgery make dudes look emasculated as they age.

No. 55114

This is really old milk but you forgot to mention the alleged penis pump on the side, next to the laptop which was the best part of the whole 'scandal'

No. 55115

you did not just say Irene can sing. im sorry but Irene sounds airier and croakier than Yeri, I can't describe her voice but it's exactly like Jisoo's voice. It's that talk singing she does as "rapping" that makes it even worse. in their lives Irene is so flat and offkey

No. 55116

Right, she even said in an interview that she failed her audition, but after some time she got a call from the company

No. 55117

I’m not a ratmy and did not know about this. Thank u anon.

No. 55118

File: 1570579257551.png (3.81 MB, 2048x1364, zzgrknjy6br31.png)

Still continuing to announce tour dates for 2020 with the same 4 tracks from 2019. After all this stuff about YG spending overseas concert money on gambling, people are still willing to spend hundreds of dollars to see Kill This Love, Jennie lazy, Lisa same Swalla dance since 2018 etc. Fans are braindead at this point idk

No. 55119

Is Jisoo wearing a fucking bra over her clothes like an accessory? Wtf?

No. 55121

Is it just me or does Jisoo look super different here?? Not a bpfag so idk if this is old news but she either got a lot of ps or this is shopped to hell and back

No. 55122

people need to stop freaking out over badly shopped images aka "OMG Yeri changed her entire face overnight into an old lady". If they look normal in other recent journo pictures it's bad Photoshop or excessive filter use. Suga is one of the worse culprits of V line filter abuse.

No. 55123

we get it blink

No. 55124

Stfu i literally used Yeri as an example. Fuck BP

No. 55125

gee, how?she was pretty average before ps

No. 55126

File: 1570580639894.jpg (209.8 KB, 400x540, uhohisrightlol.jpg)

Its a dress. Soojin had the same thing in a recent mv, it's so tacky

There's likely shoop but she looks the same to me, just very airbrushed also her bangs are diff

Finally the stylists figured out how to conceal Rose's borderline-deathbed tier spoopiness. Been wondering for a while why she dresses in the most revealing outfits, all that does is draw attention & negative press. This poofy peplum type thing is def a good look for this bag of rattling bones
blah blah blah i dont care, go take it up with your diary

No. 55127

Man BTS come across as really dim in their latest Run episode. All of them cant figure what "Bless You" means in English even RM, V thinks bless you means "Spit" kek

No. 55128

and ratmies think they write their own lyrics without help

No. 55129

bless you is not a thing in Asian countries. you are not supposed to say anything when someone sneezes. people who speak english dont even know where it originates from. it was supposed to be a protection against bubonic plague.

and honestly who besides a btsfag would waste 30 minutes watching a bts run episode, nice outing yourself, now begone

No. 55130

File: 1570581712662.jpg (255.65 KB, 1232x2048, bobblehead.jpg)

^^ Samefag to ask why would you wear this onstage if ur trying to conceal your obvious ED. Wear what you want or style her how you want, but don't complain when it sparks controversy

This is not the place to discuss how adorable your gay anachan oppars act when the camera is running as part of their job. Take it to general or fuck off

No. 55131

rose is prob affected by comments that shes the least pretty BP member even after plastic surgery

No. 55132

that's…who the hell is their current stylist? This is a first I'm not seeing Jennie overshadowing the rest of the girls, wtf happened? Jennie's outfit is surprisingly plain, but there's beauty in simplicity, don't you anons forget.

No. 55133

Ikr.. stylists are probs sick of hearing “Jennie and Friends” but not sick enough to quit doing it, so they decided to not give her loudest and priciest outfit this ONE time kek

No. 55134


Why you watching that shit for?

Not to Sound like a spreg but why do anons do this shit? Like they'll mention something only a fan would know or post a picture of some ugly boy group memeber that's like 84 weeks down their Instagram and dress up their post with a whole bunch of negativity as if we cant see your ulterior motive? You wanna discuss BTS? Take it to the general thread.

No. 55136

Dropping weight to true anachan tier doesn't help w/ that at all, it makes her look insecure & sad, it draws attention but for the wrong reasons
I guess if her goal was to take attention away from the others she succeeded but it's so pathetic

No. 55137

alot of these ppl are solo stans, keep in mind bts has a huge solo stan fanbase, notice how these anons who are super specific in their nitpicking only pick on certain members. they need a place where they can shit on the rest of the group while being anon to fuel their philosophy that the member they solo stan really is the best

No. 55139

she is still overshadowing, people are talking about it on twitter as usual. you'll never see her not in the center, EVER.. also her top looks super expensive, its bejeweled which can only be handmade. jisoo is wearing something low tier gg would wear like Soojin, Rose's dress looks super cheap like from Forever21, and Lisa's outfit is obviously recycled from something in KTL era

No. 55140

Lisa looks hot like Lara Croft. She could wear a sack and outshine the rest of her bullies.

No. 55141

But she’s probably proud of the skinny body, she wants to show it off

No. 55142

No. 55143

well obviously, teen girls will shell parent's money for lucas merch, a guy who cant sing even though his job is to sing, only cause he's 'cute'. talent doesnt sell these days

No. 55144

He's only talented relative to other idols imo

No. 55145

She is an adult women and she is purposefully starving herself for fame and money. Stop feeling sorry for these attention seekers, people are getting bullied and abused in real life all the time. She has millions of people admiring her online and she is flaunting her starved body on social media every chance she gets.

No. 55146

i know she is. That's why Rose is ana now. You never see Rose anywhere near the center, she's always at the end, whether it'd be the left or right. She's often been missing from what should be group promotions too.
Like another anon said earlier, she's starving herself/going on a hunger strike to be treated better.
And it worked…but I don't think she knows when she should stop…
I'm worried she's going to kill herself unintentionally..

No. 55147


I remembered when they debuted. They actually felt like they could do something and be something big. They did have energy, they attacked their choreo and looked unified. Now you can tell the bad management, lack of music, friction and egos in the group etc. has just cut their potential in half. A Japanese Dome Tour with the same 10 songs + shitty covers and shitty outfits. No excitement, no theme, no enthusiasm, no planning.

What was the point of this group? Why even debut them if YG was going to do this?

Now I keep seeing photos and videos of YG's female trainees who are supposedly going to have a reality show next year. I guess that's it for BlackPink.

No. 55148

It's actually way more damaging that her fans defend her & say she's just naturally thin. NO ONE is naturally this thin – maybe after a long illness or major trauma, temporarily, but not Rose's situation
Fans thinking this is natural/healthy only further distorts their perception

Look up kpop center position, it is an actual thing, like "centers" are actually designated for photos, it's not always about who's more popular/loved
Nayeon is center of Twice bc she's "bright" & recognizable, and popular. Also Sakura, also Ryujin. Those are all good centers. They're not the prettiest, not the tallest, not the most popular. They do this for a reason. Google it, its a whole thing

But obviously, complaining about center for BP is dumb bc they're only a 4-member group. Of course two members will always be on the ends. idk what you expect. Most members of most groups are filler members, it's just a fact

No. 55149

I'm guessing she was the best they had at that moment, visual wise

No. 55150

Anyone know what Happened to the burning sun scandal? I tried to Google it but the articles are out dated. Last I heard Yg and seungri were being investigated? But wasn't this case so complex that it involved police and higher up officials? Does anybody know what Happened?

No. 55151

"Also Sakura"

I thought Wonyoung was the center of Izone because of the rigging or votes or whatever?

No. 55152


Seems like every week, Seungri and YHS get brought in for investigations and…nothing happens. My guess is they're going to keep releasing news like this until people eventually forget and stop asking the question you just asked.

No. 55154

Their management is their foster parents, fuck sakes because of their contract they can't even be around their family…and their management, and yhs is the one who's breaking them apart from the inside out…the girls didn't deserve this, and it's infuriting to watch, because none of this was even their fault…

if i were being completely honest about yhs, he knew everything was his fault. that's why he stepped down as his own way of atoning for evrything he's done. and got this woman who's currently running YG to step-up for everyone the way he never could. it's as he said in one of his confessions to the public. 'please don't hate my family since they've been through enough because of me, i'm the one who you should be hating for failing them.'

No. 55157

yup wonyoung ranked #1 on produce and is izone's offical center. sakura gets pushed hard when they go to japan for promotions though, because she's well known and has the akb stamp
why are you romanticizing yang hyun suk that way lol? the same guy that groomed his wife when he was in a position of power and has a weird thing for ella gross. i sincerely doubt stepping down was his way of stepping up for his family, more like him literally not having a choice. he stepped down as ceo, but he's not out of a job. the system is corrupt and he's still doing shit behind the scenes

No. 55158

i think irenes "thing" is to look retarded or something
all i ever see her fans sperging about is how ~autistic~ she is but as a term of endearment


No. 55159

then we'll just have to see for ourselves as time passes.

No. 55160

>NO ONE is naturally this thin
have none of you ever had a skinny friend or something
yes it’s obvious that rose is ana because she used to look heavier in her predebut pics
but it is also absolutely possible to be that skinny without trying

No. 55164

I dont pretend to know anything about izone/produce and idk where those groups stand nowadays, i just remember ppl being confused about Sakura bc she's so plain & untalented but was always center (on Produce? akb? at some point in time) and comments were endless "wow Sakura is the best center" etc etc. Because being center is a whole thing, it's kind of a position in itself. I totally understand BP's usual line-up in photos, it really does work best. Jisoo on the end doesn't work, and Rose in the middle doesnt work. It's not just about their looks or position in the group or "talent", it's also their "vibe." BTS's line-up is a good example. V is always on the end on red carpets, it doesn't mean he's ugly or everyone hates him it's just how the visual flow works best, w/ their heights & proportions & relative attractiveness to each other. Some photographer or graphic design person can chime in & explain way better than me

I'm just saying Rose on the end doesn't mean she sucks. Tzuyu is popularand pretty and tall so you wouldn't want her in the center of Twice, it both distracts & detracts from the others. She's actually best on the end IMO.

No. 55165

You have got to be joking. 85 pounds at a height of 5'7 is seriously underweight on the BMI spectrum and causes issues with bone density and ligaments/tissue. It is no where possible to be that skinny even with the best metabolism in the world, her ribs and bones stick out of her skin. She has to be actively starving for her body to start eating the muscle and last fat storage around her knees and legs. Wake up and stop believing that girls can look like this naturally

No. 55166

I feel like big developments in the Burning Sun case are waiting to drop breaking news around BP's next comeback, which is also why everyone in YG is getting a comeback right now except BP (Winner, AKMU, Lee Hi, etc). It's been relatively quiet in YG land but hell will break if Rose or a group comeback is announced. I can't wait!

No. 55167

nta but they said that rose is obviously ana
>yes it’s obvious that rose is ana because she used to look heavier in her predebut pics
anon was just refuting the claim that no one can be naturally thin, while also saying rose is clearly ana because she's lost a ton of weight.

No. 55168

>but it is also absolutely possible to be that skinny without trying

they didn't say people can be naturally thin, they said the above, which is in no way true. "naturally thin" is different from <18 bmi.

No. 55169

yhs aint atoning for anything, he stepped down because someone probably told him its easier to do shady shit from behind rather than the front

No. 55170

File: 1570587635024.jpg (165.36 KB, 1364x2048, horrorshow.jpg)

Bullshit. You can tell by her proportions, frame size, & visible bones that she is not naturally like that. Lisa maybe, but not Rose. This thread & last thread covered it pretty well. There's a difference between naturally slender & intentional spoopy ana. There's a major lack of subcutaneous fat where her body would normally place it. She only looks borderline ok to some ppl bc her hips & huge cheeks/head contrast & help distract from the skinniness.

Lisa is mostly fine. She can get away with "oh it's just natural" also i could see her fluctuating a bit w/ stress or increased cardio (dance rehearsal). But it's nothing like Rose. Use your brain.

BP apologists are gaslighting every young fan who asks "Has Rose lost weight?" "Does Rose look skinny to you?" I dgaf normally about kpop fans & their autism, but this is actually long-term damaging, to fool kids into thinking this is normal & making them doubt their own instincts that, yes, has lost weight & no it's not natural or healthy.

And if it really is some "hunger strike" we'll be here eager to see her subsequent weight gain after she gets her solo or w/e.

No. 55171

>but it is also absolutely possible to be that skinny without trying

without trying to eat that is

btw can you ana-concernfags stop obbssessing over skinny idols? they arent gonna drop dead

No. 55172

Ya agreed, they aren't, & i don't even think Rose will pass out or whatever, just if i had a 10- or 12-yr-old daughter who looked up to her i'd be weirded out by all the blatant white knighting online, it creates a false narrative to the point where now none of them will listen to reason. I guess if you repeat the same bullshit over & over it eventually becomes true (to them)

No. 55173

>>55172 anorexics love the attention and concern they get from looking frail and having people worry over them. stop feeding them attention.

No. 55174

the only kind of attention that'll help them get better, is someone in person who can get through to them, a therapist.

No. 55175

File: 1570589127636.jpg (16.67 KB, 740x414, images.jpeg.jpg)

Nta, I had to look him up and damn you're right

No. 55176

The lara croft image has been taken by jennie. Plus you sound like a lisafag.

No. 55177

The lara croft image has been taken by jennie. Plus you sound like a lisafag.

No. 55178

File: 1570590976771.gif (4.5 MB, 442x338, umm.gif)

No. 55179

Why tf do none of these idols have muscle. Muscle makes you look leaner and makes you move better so why do the execs hate it..

No. 55180

Korean beauty standards
Look up how they hate calf muscles esp on women, it's crazy

No. 55181

You can pity an idol without woobifying them and playing into the “poor little rich girl/boy, idol life is so hard uwu” bs. Doesn’t mean you actually feel sympathetic towards their shit.

>> 55146 I’m not a BP fan so I wouldn’t have made the connection of a hunger strike. Has that happened before or were you being facetious? It doesn’t sound far out tbh

No. 55182

Yeah it's possible to be that skinny without trying if you're tapeworms-invested or if you caught hiv

No. 55183

File: 1570592862768.jpg (43.63 KB, 480x720, coiCQp3.jpg)

Huening Kai looks more like a typical white kid as he grows up

No. 55184

A white woman you mean? He looks like a lesbian

No. 55185

he has botched eyelids so he'll always look weird and not like any normal person

No. 55186

File: 1570593434677.jpg (28.4 KB, 452x679, images.jpeg-1.jpg)

No. 55187

he's half white so im assuming he would turn out looking more white as he ages since white genes dominate asian genes…

No. 55188

How do idols even turn out botched? Koreans also like to hide the names of the better surgeons among other only Koreans. They let the foreigners botch themselves in the big clinics in Gangnam.
You'd think idols would have access to ones that won't give them wonky lids and Michael Jackson noses (if first surgery).

No. 55189

File: 1570593818588.png (499.55 KB, 798x465, Screenshot 2019-10-09 at 12.02…)

>white genes dominate asian genes
you're either uneducated or 12
txt is a bunch of gangnam oppa clones and they always look dead inside kek. Weird because I think the appeal of bts is supposed to be that they came off as less polishes and manufactured than other boy groups at the time

No. 55190

File: 1570593995598.jpg (449.19 KB, 1080x1658, 20191009_110637.jpg)

Lmao thanks for sharing this link anon cause i find these topkek in the comment section

No. 55191

lisa is so much prettier than the other members. they usually style her so badly though. i guess it's to make jennie look better.

No. 55192

if sunmi & luna can gain weight so can rose. kpop idols don't stay ana forever.

No. 55193

File: 1570595122640.png (397.67 KB, 626x311, adidas.png)

They've been doing photoshoots recently to get YG some money, and this adidas one is so funny. Rose and Jennie can't even pretend to like eachother for a photo. They always look like they're trying to outcompete one another in every photoshoot.

No. 55194

File: 1570595591794.jpg (53.82 KB, 564x752, cd9TKVl.jpg)

Jennie is so overrated looks-wise, she has one of the weirdest side profiles in the industry. She should date that jawless nct member.

No. 55195

i'm more curious on how she dated Kai

No. 55196

I mean… it was pretty obvious that he would be the least popular. Their potential fans were probably in elementary school when Shinee peaked. Not even EXO members seem that popular tbh all I can hear is ppl screaming for NCT members…

No. 55197

they're only screaming for Lucas

No. 55198

roses left elbow..just sad

No. 55199

Ten is pretty popular too. He is the designated sassy gay

No. 55200


coughthey actually never datedcough

No. 55201

why did irene become an idol in the first place? she seems way too stuck up to do any of the shit that idols do. it's not like she's ugly either and can't just be an actress.

No. 55202

I second this
>inb4 reee ur just jealous oppar will never date u

No. 55203

File: 1570599046618.png (104.73 KB, 500x427, 140A1542-2B6F-4F3A-887E-656234…)

+ she’s the darkest and shortest member, without mommy’s money I doubt she would be pushed so hard as the luxurious Chanel uwu chic visual.

No. 55204

I know the whole dating ban in YG is most likely bs, but you actually think YHS or Teddy would actually let her date someone. They both are sexually attracted to Jennie and if it wasn't for her mom being so rich and well connected, Jennie would be shallowing their kids every night.

No. 55205

just, who the hell is her mom even? I've never once seen any proof of her mother because so well connected. The only way I can see who her mother can be, is going hardcore rough on the tinfoil hat and saying she's 'Madam Lin's' daughter.
Otherwise, who the fuck is her mom?

No. 55206

she reminds me of Cinderella's evil stepsisters, or even one of the the 3 witches in Macbeth…

No. 55207

File: 1570602551015.jpeg (165.54 KB, 500x489, C8300B64-C861-458F-A49D-9C7056…)

I would cry if I got this too

No. 55208

Wouldn't say Madam Lin's daughter since I'm sure they're about the same age, but she is definitely a daughter of someone rich. Possibly someone in the entertainment industry like the rumors say considering she did try to keep Jennie away from it because she would know all the dark secrets that goes on.

No. 55209

how would you know this…? Any traces of personal information on Madam Lin is wiped from the internet, even finding her birth certificate is the definition of impossible.
unless she's the daughter of someone high up who knows about the dark secrets going on, even then, your claims on her age dont make any sense…

No. 55210

If what the anon saying was somehow true, and if it's possible that 'Madam Lin' is around the same age as Jnenie, then what? Did she become pregnant with her as a child?

No. 55211

Plenty of people are wealthy or well-connected without necessarily being celebrities or someone you'd know of. Many idols have chaebol roots. If you're that worried about it you're welcome to learn Korean & try your hand @ doxxing them all yourself. But you know it's already been done.

Consider all entertainment & all high level business, all over the world is full of shady corruption. The kpop circle feigns innocence but I promise there is just as much happening in the way of drugs, prostitution & worse. It's not info you're gonna discover just by a lil google search lol. Even if you don't believe in the whole illuminati/elite conspiracy stuff, there is def corruption running deeper & more widespread than you could ever just research yourself, its not info just out there for everyone to know

No. 55212

>They both are sexually attracted to Jennie
Kek this is so disgusting. Imagine the 2 of them hitting on jennie.

No. 55213

Makes me wonder if they produce more shindong photo cards so the fans will keep buying new albums to find their favs… (Since no one wants to exchange their cards with shindong and you know how crazy fans can get)

No. 55214

So, pretty much Epstein, Daphne Caruana Galizia, and the Panama papers? lol
pretty sure everyone who's not delulu knows

No. 55220

Wait I think read that reply wrong, are you saying Jennie is Madam Lim's daughter? Because I replied as if you said Jennie mom's was Madam Lin's daughter.

No. 55225

File: 1570604348046.png (794.05 KB, 621x739, BFRzWih.png)


>Rumours say that Jennie's mother is a director and shareholder of CJ & EM.

>It's also being said that her father owns a hospital. The only actual information I have about him is that he is acquainted with some company's superior

I got this from allkpop. Anyways she aint chaebol-wealthy like siwon but wealthy enough to own a porsche and buy designer clothes since she was a child + new zealand.


No. 55232

Jennie's mom = Madam Lin

No. 55233

Teddy for sure. I read a rumor that Teddy was always flirting with Jennie and that she always played along but stopped before things evolved into something sexual….pretty much blue balling him before he even got the chance to try. This cycle kept repeating over and over.

In YHS case, he 100% wanted that affair but he knew it was impossible. There are claims saying he was quick to address his rumor Jennie because it pissed him off so much that he could never touch her so he wanted the rumor buried asap. It was basically a "you can look but you can't" touch situation and lets be honest here, there is no way YHS (or any male ceo/president) hasn't seen his female idols naked.

No. 55235

I doubt it, but what a plot twist that would be if that was the truth

No. 55237

it wouldnt be surprising given how sociopathic jennie's actions has come off as and who shes been friends with over the years.
and well, part of the reason why yhs pushes jennie is because of her wealthy mother and jennie has formed her own connections in the industry over the years, and because he wants to make her his trophy wife since he seems to have some sort of twisted, sexual, genuine respect for her.

No. 55238

oh god, I wouldn't be surprised if he's seen Jennie all the girls and his trainees naked with spycams he had in their dorms…
He pretty much proven he's a creep with how he stares at minors in all those idol-shows he's been on to host, oh, and his history with his wife too and naming his daughter 'Eugene'…fucking gross…
Like Donald Trump and every single fashion show he's been to over the years just because he can…
Teddy just seems to be a really lonely person tbh, never really heard about much dirt on his shoulders

No. 55239

what does being dark have to do with it? there are dark visuals

No. 55240

Jennie forming connections outside YG and without YG is true and alot of the credit goes to her Mom-ager. It wouldn't surprised me if the reason she accompanied Jennie to Paris was to keep her safe from the dark part of fashion industry like the kpop industry.

No. 55241

File: 1570605997212.png (615.08 KB, 960x599, 3a5xlncmb3r31.png)

white washed the house

No. 55243

YHS loves his cctv cameras and its clear he can set them up anywhere he pleases. He makes his idols do these variety shows (2NE1TV,BP House) that have cameras set up to spy on them should raise an alarm. He also "monitored" Jennie's solo outfits so yeah….plus not to mention idols have stated companies check weights and sometimes they are forced to strip completely naked.

No. 55244

jenniefag the world isn't fair sometimes

No. 55245

File: 1570606282885.jpg (49.34 KB, 1024x600, 6f700f7ad517b421b99afb8aa3a440…)

Tinfoiling but is it possible that its also why jenny was seen holding a teddy bear in as if its ur last? Kek. That scene just doesnt match the whole badassy vibe.

No. 55246

i know kpop mvs and western mvs have hidden symbolic meanings but wow i never thought of this.. thats insane

No. 55247

About this, I did watch some episodes of BP house when the girls would show off their rooms and smile at the cameras on the ceiling pointed at different areas in the room, and when they would say "ok bye im going to change now" the camera would fade out, same if they were going to sleep. do you think the cameras really turn off or arent they actually still recording everything that happens?

This goes for all k-variety in idol dorms, I never realized it until now. They also have cameras set up in bathrooms showing the idol doing skincare and stuff, do they take down that camera at the end of every night and reinstall it the next day when filming begins again? I doubt it. So the cameras are pointed at them all night? Thats creepy.

No. 55248

you have no idea how much I cried when they spent I think, the first episode, a good portion of it searching for all the cameras in their dorm to say, 'Hi'…

No. 55249

Its probably nothing, Jennie still acts like a little kid and carries around stuffed animals when she goes overseas. Kpop MVs are shot as Pedo-bait, so the scene is most likely to carter to that

No. 55250

File: 1570606756378.png (1.33 MB, 967x680, blackpink.png)

never realized Jisoo actually has a good body, it's just that she's always given grandma clothes so Jennie's flat and padded proportions are highlighted.

No. 55251

its pretty much a good girl gone bad, in terms of taking their 'virginity'. Think Britney Spears and her entire catalog. The pedo shit is so creepy too.

No. 55255

I think I read somewhere that during Michuri, the female guests had to cover the cameras when they changed. I honestly believe K-variety shows have mobile trailers and the guests actually sleep in those. They just pretend to sleep when the footage is needed.

No. 55256

And remember the molka-golden-phone chat of the Burning Sun scandel…
The NDA slave contract agreements, and why the idols can't leave, even if they wanted to, and can't even afford a lawyer due to lack of proper compensation by the companies for all thier hardwork.
The companies have all the blackmail they could ever possibly need.
I think the best way I can go about it, is Hyuna's song, 'Blacklist' if I'm remembering correctly…

No. 55257

You do know their bodies are shopped in that pic, right?

No. 55258

I really dont think her body is better than any other blackpink members'

No. 55259

Out of the 4, Jisoo has the most healthy looking body imo

No. 55263

File: 1570608469814.jpg (2.09 MB, 1920x1920, inCollage_20191009_150802040.j…)

Jisoo has a similar body type as jennie's and her body is definitely healthier than rose's and lisa's but she's always given unflattering clothes that make her look awkward and out of place. When you compare their clothes in sprite cf, jisoo looks like she has a fridge waist

No. 55265

She also has the worst proportions so who cares

No. 55266

…hold on…has Jennie been blue-balling them to increase, or decrease Blackpink's catalog…?
And is that why she was able to get a solo…?

No. 55267

File: 1570609194750.png (91.66 KB, 1074x971, unknown.png)

Sorry for bringing up nct again but I noticed that people in this thread don't know what groups are currently popular (probably due to having stopped caring about kpop 5 years ago) and wonder why everyone on here talks about nct if no one likes them.
Well r/kpop on reddit did a census and apparently nct is the second biggest bg on there and 6th overall.
I know reddit is not reflection of the world but personally I was fucking shocked. I thought people on there liked exo more, or anything else really. I guess we were all mistaken and kpopfags are really brainwashed to like nct..

No. 55268

it's a given that Jennie's the only one who has a say in picking out her outfits, and yhs loves to have a say in what she wears…

wasnt there something on Twitter at a point, where someone whistle blowed and called Jennie something the lines of working as a high profile concubine in the Burning Sun Scandel?

No. 55269

I highly doubt her solo was the only time that creep picked out her clothes. It's a given that the fucker likes to micromanage his idols, all his idols. No doubt he sometimes picks out the clothes for everyone else in Blackpink, just because he can. And probably, purposely makes the others look like shit compared to Jennie, and I doubt Jennie really cares about that.
Given how Rose has never been shy to show she's disgusted with her.

No. 55271

well, no shit. they're the korean, male version of AKB48.

No. 55272

Yea but it proven to be false

No. 55273

Nct are being shilled hard in the west, thus they are popular on websites with a predominantly western userbase. That doesn't mean much.

No. 55274

Look at txt being the second last kek

No. 55275

File: 1570609981198.jpg (28.23 KB, 668x393, 6166ed5e6d47b9cfec431d164623b8…)

How the hell are they so proud of this fact? Plus they all look like pedestrians


No. 55277

Her solo was a poor attempt at banking in on her recent popularity spike at the time. It sort of worked with the fan support, but the song and entire concept itself was rushed. The song felt and sounded unfinished while the concept looked like it was put together with no real direction.

No. 55278

highly doubtful when proven time and time again, yhs is a piece of shit.

No. 55279

It was false, the rumor also included Jihyo from Twice. Unless it was different rumor then I would like to see the source of that.

No. 55280

File: 1570610720667.jpg (Spoiler Image,48.5 KB, 884x396, Screenshot.jpg)

I don't have the actual screenshot of the event, but this is a reaction of a fan of hers that explains what happened.

No. 55281

Sperm barely reach 1m listeners on spotify, despite having "bribed" spotify to include them in a playlist full of mainstream american artists. I bet most ppl skip jopping.
This is the playlist https://open.spotify.com/playlist/37i9dQZF1DX8f6LHxMjnzD?si=fqiP5EUCRuO2Qi7UHG76LA

Jk about the "bribed" part but not surprised if it's true

No. 55282

File: 1570611112167.jpg (167.03 KB, 1134x662, loona.jpg)

Really? Maybe thats why Loona never caught on in Korea, they are positively "thicc" by Korean beauty standards then.

Heejin is like Korean Chun Li.

No. 55283

LMAO, I remember this…it was an actual hater trying to start drama. I don't remember if it was BTS or Twice fans that did it though, but the twitter account was apparently run by multiple people. The person responsible was revoked access and the other owners had to apologize for it.

No. 55284

JYP used YG's downfall to gain public favor. He treats his artists like shit, despite being one of the better companies of the big three. Doesn't help because the Burning Sun Scandel was so big, news about his crazy cult was overlooked, alongside SOPA.
he even ripped off the whole cafeteria shit from YG too, and copied a lot of YG's public favor tactics he's done over the years.
There's a reason why when JYP artists contracts are up, they never come back to even collab with him again.

No. 55285

David Beckham is contemplating on whether he should cheat on his wife with Jennie right now.

No. 55286

No. 55287

Wow vivi's face always gives me nightmares and it's funny to see pics like this in which they're not bleached to hell and back

No. 55288

File: 1570612691940.webm (2.59 MB, 480x480, LN-JuxRmTKw6Jf-C.webm)

Lmao this is so cringey

No. 55289

JYP is shamelessly trying to be the new YG, and everyone is falling for it.

No. 55290

well, that's fucking gross.
can someone give me a magic satchel full of bleach? mind ran out from being on this forum all day, again.

No. 55291

File: 1570613340483.jpg (44.39 KB, 480x720, DxUKaZIWoAAyBMb.jpg)

When is Beckham not cheating?

A Playstation booth girl gave you nightmares?

No. 55292

Everyone never holds back from shitting on YG, but is always hesitant to speak up about JYP.
It's actually very sad to be a witness to.
There's no reason to even separate JYP from every other company who practices the same propaganda, when he's been proven time and time again by the way he treats his artists, that his public persona of 'The cool, zanzy uncle that looks after everyone', is nothing but the opposite.
Just, wtf anons.

No. 55293

JYP has just been copying what BigHit exploited in recent years
All JYP does is copy other companies in the big three/four
He just does a better job at pulling it off in his own sickening way

No. 55294

All JYP has ever done is transition into copying a different company with each new generation of kpop
It's extremely distasteful that everyone just choses to ignore it and let it happen.

No. 55300

File: 1570615411179.jpg (46.64 KB, 682x1024, ks.jpg)

Can we all agree that kyungsoo is the best male kpop idol?
Still cant find any male idol with a listenable voice like him.

He seems like he wants to beat up his own group members 90% of the time.Thats so relatable!

And i better not see any lucas cult members reply to me.

No. 55301

Look up Ben Shapiro talking about Oprah & Trump & I think it's the same thing w/ JYP, he's not "sticky," nothing sticks to him, none of his controversies affect him negatively (or they don't gain momentum in the first place) He's set a precedent for being this kinda jolly old cool uncle despite all the creepiness over the years.

Was anyone else shocked to see the toilet stall stuff in the "Nobody" MV, or that horrible "shake that booty" song that he made Twice/GF/Got7 cover live? I mean not saying he made them per se but he must have bc I've never seen anything that suggestive from any group not marketed w/ a "sexy" concept. Idk, maybe they had a blast doing it, but to me it was super sketch. And it didn't fit in w/ the tone of the event imo. That was interesting to me also bc they allowed the girls & boys to pair up, meanwhile BTS can't even have female staff backstage at shows anymore lol…and fans get, like, one quick flash of abs from a guy per year. Like they're rationing the sluttiness or something.

(By "shocked" I dont mean truly shocked, just I got into kpop really late, and after a couple yrs seeing & reading about SK/kpop's modesty standards & avoidance of anything overly sexual, the toilet thing & the booty thing seemed totally out of left field)

No. 55302

quit clickbaiting about how much of a stan you are, anon. do that bullshit on twitter and tumblr like the little preteen lonely girl you are and stay off of here if that crap is all you plan to do…

No. 55303

That styling is so 2008, i believe the rumor about her being older than listed kek

No. 55304

Kpop is at least 30 years behind Hollywood.
Don't get me wrong Hollywood is still fucked up and there are still ex-famous coming out and talking about what really happens behind the scenes.
But kpop in a sense is a lot worse and the abusers are 100% protected.
When you think of a scandal you think of burning sun right? Well burning Sun is just a gate or the surface of a iceberg that connects and leads to many things we don't know. There are hints from time to time showing how fucked up kpop is with all the big3 company's being caught doing something illegal (sm was even Interpol's most wanted), idols talking about abusive companys,and female idols even leaving hints at how predatory old male idols are "becareful of senior male idols" "we have a list of safe male idols". The death of that actress who outed being raped and pimped before committing suicide..that has happened to other idols except they haven't come out and talked about the abuse publicly.
The justice system and government is also very crooked and bad in korea..it favors rich and powerful people to a huge degree. Just look at how the police is purposely trying to delay trying to investigate yghs and seungri. Like if the police is supposed to investigate today they will delay it to 3 months so ygh and seungri can get rid of all the evidence.
The fact that anyone can support this crooked system " kpop" which lacks originality and is filled with crime and abuse.
Fangirls and uncle stans are the lowest of the barrel of human beings and it would be better if they didn't exist.

No. 55305

File: 1570617776462.jpg (32.31 KB, 400x389, 400.jpg)


This edgelord reply is worse than my post,lolcow never dissapoints!

No. 55306

sounds like to me you get off on being a troll and its grounds to get you pasturized, see you in ten years

No. 55307

Also,stray kids new song is so bad.
Do they even write or produce,or is it just bullshit so jyp can make it seem like they're "real musicians"?

No. 55308

Aesthetically you tend to see Rose and Lisa situated opposite each other because they have distinctive, brightly-colored hairstyles. Placing them at the ends creates a frame for the other two

No. 55309

>toilet stall stuff in nobody
Did you mean "i feel you"? I agree the "party in sunmi pants" thing feels overtly sexual kek

No. 55310

is it okay if you provide receipts on sm being interpol's most wanted, anon? as for everything else you said, pretty sure most know who you're referring to.

No. 55311

there's a niche for everything anon, including making fetuses willingly abort themselves

No. 55313

you know…no amount of bleach will save my eyes, not even aborting them will save me.
I didnt need to know about Sunmi proudly proclaiming her scat fetish…she really is pushing to sell her self to every minority group, but I didnt know she'd ever go this far…



No. 55314

No. 55315

wtf anon, of all things that's been discussed on here, you draw the line when it comes to literal shit?

No. 55316


>Lisa same Swalla dance since 2018

Wow this is sad lmao.

No. 55318

the song is absolutely fucking sending me

I get the sense that Korea's conservative moralism is a particularly productive setting for corruption. interrupting expected behavior and calling "unnecessary attention" to the self (especially as a subordinate) directly contradicts Confucian ideals. yknow thinking of it in those terms it's no wonder the idol industry thrives there. easy to suck the lifeblood from the youths when they're a willing party, considering it's so deeply conditioned in them to obey their elders. be it parents, managers, CEOs, etc…

is this jimincel with a pennywise hairline? October really crept up on us huh

No. 55319

Thanks anon, finished reading it just now. Can't say I'm surprised, just disappointed by it all.

No. 55320

Its kind of sad how once a jyp group starts getting old then jyp immediately gives them sexy concepts, he did the same thing to 2pm too except theirs was less vulgar and objectifying.

No. 55321

gotta draw a line somewhere…
just…my eyes…
she's pandering already pandering to the lgbtqrstuvexyz as it is…
just…no more shit…no more…

No. 55322

don't forget the whole 'model minority' concept in the west(america). it's no wonder the rise in the 'cool asian country' started with Japan, and now it's Korea. And it's no secret, but that there's been money embezzlement from Japan's 'Cool Japan' project, to fund Korea's Seoul Wave.

No. 55323

Are you new to kpop?
She had no artistic freedom while she was in jyp and wondergirls.
This was made by her company and sunmi and the wonder girls had no say in it.

No. 55324

it came off wrong, I'm not upset at her, I'm upset at what's been going on

he's done this to Wondergirls, MissA and Twice, and they all debuted when they were minors too.
and he shamelessly parades in the streets that's he's a 'good guy'… go fuck yourself…

No. 55325

No problem, sm also makes their staff work long hours and pays them very little. Work labor.


If you support any sm group financially I'd suggest you stop because the majority of your money goes to lee soo man and corruption.

No. 55326

This is really just humanity. You go look through history, hundreds, thousands of years, wherever money and power start to group together, the people who will abuse that power will be drawn to it.

It's just history repeating endlessly, and no industry will ever be free of it.

No. 55327

Oh yeah wondergirls creepy "tell me" song, and twice's "ooh ah" song which was about sex when they first debuted….I wish you don't remind me.

No. 55328

I thought everyone knew SM was the most evil kpop label in the country. Outside of those backyard garage ones that are more like private prisons.

No. 55329

File: 1570622327599.jpg (39.27 KB, 720x405, JYPTzuyu (1).jpg)

I don't know if jyp is a creepy pedo, but I do know that he loves sexualizing and exploiting his underage just debuted girl groups.
I'm so surprised that he hasn't sexualized itzy yet.

No. 55330

Was anyone else shocked to see the toilet stall stuff in the "Nobody" MV, or that horrible "shake that booty" song that he made Twice/GF/Got7 cover live?

I dunno I just can't take JYP seriously when his music video is called "shake that booty" and he's worshipping the flattest ass no hips asian you could possibly cast.

I don't find him creepy as much as I find him just insane.

No. 55332

File: 1570622533851.png (126.38 KB, 328x228, fn7jvMJ.png)

Samefag. Nevermind I take that back. He is a creep.
He had the creppiest smile when 14-15 year old tzuyu was performing a slightly sexualized song

No. 55333

File: 1570622934813.jpg (12.08 KB, 288x450, 158869819-288-k637912.jpg)

Well it doesn't really help he was born with the face of the stereotypical bathroom stalker.

No. 55334

File: 1570623039934.png (1.42 MB, 1664x924, jekmfaleo3lkdnflakjnef.png)

I decided to revisit that song of his and I am thoroughly grossed out by it.

Also, imagine being harassed by this while you're trying to work out.

No. 55335

File: 1570623303010.jpg (560.82 KB, 3000x1944, koreans.jpg)


No. 55336

File: 1570623420654.gif (4.79 MB, 600x338, ClassicBlackCuckoo-size_restri…)

>hasnt sexualized itzy yet
Are you sure?
And she's like 15

No. 55337

File: 1570623458139.jpg (147.42 KB, 1366x768, 4q8b5y53e9g31.jpg)

lol see he was born with it, theres no way he could ever approach a woman without looking like an anime pervert

No. 55338

here's a reason why when JYP artists contracts are up, they never come back to even collab with him again.

Suzy signed with him again, and personally recommended Jessi to feature on his track.

Most people say JYP owes everything to Suzy though.

No. 55339

File: 1570623708332.jpg (41.81 KB, 460x667, images.jpeg-7.jpg)

I'm sure this guy faps to his own idols like every day. "Why porn when you got your own girls?" (barf)

Wonder why he's never been called out

No. 55340

Wow at least their company let’s them eat….so that’s a positive ig

No. 55341

File: 1570624244325.jpg (44.46 KB, 540x359, 2015101411560355583_1_99_20151…)

Yeah but its not really that noticeable or that bad compared to how he sexualized twice and wondergirls.
Does anyone remembers when jyp was called out for this schoolgirl fetish add with twice which promoted ed.


No. 55342

The fucked up part was that this diet add was targeted towards middle school girls and some of the lines of the add are "make the skirt tighter

No. 55343

they're minors doing a girl crush concept.

he's gonna blackpink them up with making Yeji is version of Jennie with the pedo shit, just you wait.

No. 55344

Sunmi said non-verbally, just a thumbs up that she never wanted to collab with JYP again recently on a tv show…
and Suzy did that to help get Jessi better exposure, since she fit the bill of what JYP was parodying in his music video

No. 55345

and anons…about fucking time people started to talk some more shit on JYP, fuck sakes I hate that creep just as much as YG, like everyone should. other companies shouldnt be exempt from this either, obviously

No. 55346

They literally just debuted this year, it's gonna be worse than all twice and wonder girls stuffs combined. He's playing it safe now but it's obvious what he's doing to yuna especially.

No. 55348

Yeah if its anything like what Jessi said on sketchbook he's a slavedriver.

No. 55349

and yeah, people often overlook that it isn't just the idols who are under slave contracts, it's the entire pyramid down that it happens.

Like how it's recently being spoken up with TS entertainment, and holy shit they have so many lawsuits by their previous artists and staff members.

Another image that will haunt me for the rest of my life…

I'm not sure who the youngest in wondergirls was. But Suzy(MissA), and Momo(Twice) were extremely sexualized when they first debuted and were the minors of their groups.
Momo obviously can't be pushed because JYP didn't want backlash with what happened with MissA, and she isn't Korean as the korean public is incredibly xenophobic.
He seems to mostly be focused on pushing Yeji since she's the leader of the group…
And you know…Yuna being sexualized…She's also the youngest in the group…
So, is he gonna pull one under the rug?

Because this fucking guy…!

No. 55350

doesnt help that he wont stop with how blind the public is, because they let themselves fall for it…

No. 55351

File: 1570625884216.jpg (233.42 KB, 1280x722, missa.jpg)

>I'm not sure who the youngest in wondergirls was. But Suzy(MissA), and Momo(Twice) were extremely sexualized when they first debuted and were the minors of their groups.

What? Momo was born in 1996 she was 19 when Twice debuted.

Suzy was the minor in 2010 born in 1994. Second from the left.

No. 55352

File: 1570626391149.jpg (41.5 KB, 500x500, x1M9HuIn.jpg)

pictured 15 year old tzuyu in a sexual commercial,flirting with a older man
I think anon confused tzuyu with momo. Tzuyu was the one who was being sexualized since the age of 15.

No. 55354

I happened to find this, i'm not gonna bother to watch the video but does anyone else find the thumbnail disturbing? Like isnt that host 40 or something?

No. 55355

File: 1570628172595.jpg (407.47 KB, 450x688, 200901030857121001_1.jpg)

When hyuna was in WG she was 14 or 15 and jyp made her wear the most revealing clothes

No. 55356

She was definitely going through shit behind closed doors before debuting, don't even get me started on Sixteen and all the camera angles and the faces JYP was making

No. 55357

Its just the thumbnail. There was nothing weird about the video except for heechul…there is something off about heechul and how he a middle aged man is friends with so many young and underage girls and fanboys over them..I feel like heechul is pulling a "edriz Elba" and by that I mean pretending to be this andro flamboyant guy so he can get away with hanging out with women/girls.
I feel like he is a wolf in a sheeps clothing…
Maybe I'm wrong?

No. 55358

at least she kind of found peace these days with being a sex symbol on her own terms, fucking k-netz ruin everything though

No. 55359

nothing that you said is wrong, you're right on the money.
the fact that you feel wrong about it, it's what they want.

No. 55361

File: 1570628905131.jpg (193.51 KB, 510x416, 200812180493.jpg)

Hyuna was 14 there. And then people wonder why she is so fucked up when she was treated like a piece of meat by both jyp and cube when she was 14 and younger.

No. 55362

File: 1570629057693.gif (1.22 MB, 258x160, HideousLiveGoosefish-size_rest…)

There are just too many proofs for jyp's obscenity. He is so into sexualizing 14 yo girls.

This article from 2010 is an interesting read btw
>JYP’s Objectification of Women

No. 55363

I watched Hyuna's early stuff in Wonder Girls, she was incredible even then, she outshone the other members with her dancing and facial expressions. She was like a prodigy.

I still don't know how she got pulled out for gastro and then 2 years later she basically marathons for like 7 years straight.

No. 55364

Its kind of funny how the argument is raised here that KPop sexualizes very young teenagers. I'm not defending it, mind you, but the West does the exact same thing. Most models you see in advertisements are around the same age 14, 15, 16.
I recommend this documentary:

I'm saying its all wrong, both from Korea and the West. Its no wonder so many people end up on Chris Hansen's chair since advertisements are making men confused about what beauty is supposed to be.
Hell, look at porn today, all lady bits shaved bald like a child, and often excess flesh is lasered out to give an even more youthful impression.

No. 55365

then there's the rumor she was forced to leave because someone (apparently jyp), raped her and she had to abort the baby via coathanger abortion(Burning Sun), and she's had a fucked uterus masked under the excuse of 'habitual/chronic gastroenteritis'.
if that's all true, i have so much respect for all she's been through.

No. 55366

she once took a hiatus before TroubleMaker's second comeback because of anorexia with how the public was slut shaming her.
they even turned that rumor of her being fucked by JYP of her being a slut, and indirectly saying she served to be raped. she was a damn minor…

No. 55367

she was a child back then, and she was being sexualized because of a slave contract. And they blamed her for being sexualized, fucking idiots!

No. 55368

>Its kind of funny how the argument is raised here that KPop sexualizes very young teenagers. I'm not defending it, mind you, but the West does the exact same thing.
Well, we never denied that the exact same thing is happening in the west but we're mostly talking about kpop here because there hasn't been enough discussions about it in the mainstream kpop forums. It's like kpoppies would rather ignore that fact and just enjoy whatever shoved into their throat. At least many people who consume western media daily are actually woke and discussions about it aren't banned, unlike kpoppies who would rather live in their own perfect world. It has something to do with kpop giving the illusions of perfection and that it is "better than any western entertainment". We're not discussing kpop's flaws as if other kind of entertainment are flawless.

No. 55369

pretty much men and woman being groomed to think woman looking like premature sex dolls is attractive. that's how you get those gangnam unnies and like Park Bom who overdo the plastic surgery because of how fucked everything is(shame on those who shame those woman).

No. 55370

File: 1570629923099.jpg (196.81 KB, 1134x800, mbb.jpg)

I wouldn't be that surprised. Since we have the same type of thing in the US, it's just that SK is able to keep a better lid on it.

No. 55371

dont forget men too. and the whole creepy idea of having to look like a fan-fiction fantasy. (Jimin)

No. 55372

Anon it's like you are comparing water to ice…yes its the same thing but different topic…
Yes there is some slight sexualization of children in the west but it's no way comparable to south Korea/Japan which is more in your face.
Selling softcore pornography of children was legal in Japan a couple of years ago.
In south Korea idols are made to be targeted towards the opossite gender and get as much money from their fans as they can while they provide fan service and pretend they are single.
99% of girl groups are targeted towards old men and incels…that's why its so creepy when a 14 year old girl is a idol..and a sexualized one at that.
And those "kpop competition" shows are a pedo haven, just look at this video of this 10-12 year old girl and tell me that this would be acceptable in the west.

No. 55373

A producer of Produce101(don't know if it was the male or female version), even admitted the whole show was softcore porn.
But pay attention because the producer never said who it was for…the higherups allowing this shit, and the adult and children watching, seeing all this as 'normal'

No. 55374

File: 1570630890150.jpg (15.62 KB, 340x256, BxFQ9D8CAAEGI3E.jpg)

That would be aki-p. He (57) went on a date with sakura (17) and it sparked some controversies among j-netz
>It's kind of disturbing seeing how many people think this is an okay thing. She's still probably in high school and he's almost 60 years old. Its well known how dirty the entertainment industry is and I don't know why people are under the impression the heads of mega corporations regularly go out on dates with underage employees.(and him doing this with other girls does NOT make it better) I don't think the girl should be getting this much hate though, akimoto is the one with the hierarchal position and should really know better.

He reminds me so much of bang pd, always the ugly pervs running the ent industry anyway

No. 55375

>just look at this video of this 10-12 year old girl and tell me that this would be acceptable in the west.

Yes, yes it is. Keep in mind the girl on this show in America was 9 years old at the time:


from Abby's Ultimate Dance competition, also judges, exact same ballpark.

No. 55376

This is a kpop critical thread btw. Isnt it out of place to make a comparison like that? Everyone knows that the western ent isnt so much better, theyre all the same. No need to remind us every second as if we're taking sides or something. At this point you're derailing.

No. 55377


I was only trying to make a point here. Didn't mean to derail, it was just an honest comparison how the West is just as bad as they are.
I'll let it rest now.

No. 55378

never forget…Cube's CEO was originally a manager under JYP if I remember correctly…

the whole reason why she left JYP, is pretty much she was told by (I think Cube's CEO was her manager at the time), she could be an idol on her own terms. She trusted that man.

But even Cube failed her in the end with the whole 'dating scandel'. So she abandoned ship, got full rights over her entire catalog, and joined P-Nation with her boyfriend E-dawn…

but…Psy is the CEO and he was originally part of YG(Burning Sun).
But Crush(hiphop rapper, not idol), joined P-nation too. So there's high hopes, and every statement to the public has been a giant middle finger to them.

Like how Psy handled Hyuna's 'scandel' over showing her panties at a college festival full of adults and a damn club right across the street for all the alcohol you need.

Hyuna and Crush doesnt seem like the type of people who get manipulated easily either.

Just hope this isnt another JYP situation, with the whole 'good guy's persona.

No. 55379

File: 1570631311640.jpg (166.52 KB, 1200x630, unnamed (1).jpg)

"During an interview with ‘High Cut’, he was given the question, “Guys probably will not be interested in the male version of ‘Produce 101’. How do you plan to attract male viewers?” PD answered, “Female or male, people will watch it if the program has a good, strong format. It’s a matter of quality.” He continued, “I’m not sure how to say this, but the reason why I first created the female version is because I wanted to make healthy pornography for guys. Even though the contestants just seem like a younger sister or niece, aren’t they adorable? I wanted to create a type of porn that gives you that feeling, and the male version will also serve as that type of porn for female viewers. I once heard that Rain’s performance was like porn for girls. The male version of ‘Produce 101’ aims to fill in that fantasy, and if it’s entertaining enough then male viewers will watch it too.”

No. 55380

He's a well known serial minor womanizer…I'm not surprised…

No. 55381

I can't imagine living in jyp's female dorms, like he could have planted lots of hidden cameras there for voyeurism purpose… knowing the guy i don't think it's reaching.

No. 55382

People who deserve to have power, rarely have it, because they aren't the type of people to seek it out, they aren't willing to do whatever it takes to get to the top.

It's always been like this, and it always will be.

No. 55383

He's exactly like YG, the only difference is that the public turns a blind eye to him…



No. 55384

This discussion reminds me…I'm sick and tired of kpop fans and koreaboos obsession with whataboutism whenever you try to discuss the sexualization of minors in kpop and the k-entertainment industry. "Oh but in the west they do it too! It's not only kpop! It's not really that bad when you compare it to the west! Hollywood pedophilia rings? The mickey mouse club? Beauty pageants?"

First of all we are not talking about the west, we are talking about kpop and it's fans. And second of all in the west those topics are often openly discussed, which is the complete opposite of how fans of k-entertainment/kpop behave. (I'm annoyed because I've had these exact kinds of discussions with people irl)

No. 55385

And whats with this teaser of the itzy girls changing their clothes in the elevator while being watched with a cctv? Wasnt there a big protest about spycams in korea just around the beginning of the year? Its like mocking the public in their face

No. 55386

that's because the people in power are incels…
that's why feminism has been on the rise over the last few years, woman are tired of being abused and told to be complicit behind 'closed doors'. it's really an open secret, which happens to be the title of a western documentary, Weinstein, Woody Allen, Dan 'give me your feet' Schneider, etc…

No. 55387

jesus i never thought of that.. isn’t the entire mv about girl power and stuff like that tho?

No. 55388

that's exactly what it is. it's in your faces all the time, but they edit the film to look luxurious, fancy captions, and repeat a few seens over and over again because you're being treated like a toddeler having a tantrum for even speaking up about it.

anon…you just reminded me…the star of that documentry…that actress is incredibky talented, her, the producer, directer, etc were blacklisted…

No. 55389

Ignore them they are a probably a koreaboo.
Agree you can't say anything bad about a east Asian country without someone jumping down your throat, and its always those white girls doing it, do those girls think they will become Asian or something if they do that…(derailing)

No. 55390

The weird thing I found out while researching South Korea and the spycam thing, is that creating or distributing porn is illegal in SK, as so is prostitution.

What struck me as bizarre is that the first major SK radical feminist group was founded several years after prostitution was outlawed.

I thought originally it was the feminist group that got porn and prostitution shut down.(derailing)

No. 55391

Yeah girl power while twerking your asses in front of incels? It's always the exact opposite of what they're trying to tell us.

No. 55392

nope, behind the scenes, it was just for show, a cover up for people to turn a blind eye to.
Like how their female president was impeached. Always blame it on the woman, the 'glass ceiling', it's called.
Just like the whole kpop-idol industry.(derailing)

No. 55393

Bad boy is another example of reversed girl power, they talk about killing boys with their charm while dressing and acting like literal sluts + pedobaits. Very empowering.

No. 55394

Does anything pink or remotely cute equate to pedobait ITT?

No. 55395

Funny how you only took the pink part while ignoring the rest like how they all pose in that fucking bed while wearing pedobait clothing, and how the girls almost kiss each other like in yuri porn that pedos and incels like. Begone sjw.

No. 55396

Idol companies really love to push this canned version of feminism TM and “girl crush” nonsense. It makes money because people like being “woke” and “empowered” these days, especially intl western stans.

No. 55397

You don't have room to call anyone else an incel, anon

No. 55398

so you have to wonder, How Joy and Irene were seen touting a feminist book, how much of that is for show and them being ordered to by the companies?
to get the public off their back because fake feminism is profitable if they dont know it's not genuine because of how starved they are to be seen as human beings and not a lifeless sex doll?
Because it's they're company still controlling their image, and what they think 'feminism' should be.

Want to know what other girl group is in our faces and we're being mocked for it?
'Black' 'Pink'

No. 55399

File: 1570633653569.jpg (14.22 KB, 739x415, images.jpeg-8.jpg)

Why the hell would they put this text on the cover of the book? It translates to: these are not lips. On another scene, yeri was seen kissing that book (making a mark), so it has to be lips right? But the text says it isnt? Not to be that crazy kpoppie with pseudo-intelligent theories about kpop mv but they didnt do it without a purpose, they want the audience's mind to wander far far away without having to go to the extreme ends like they do in the western ent. Things like this are so subtle but they are there. It's just my two cents and I'm not looking for a fight so I'm not gonna reply to comments like these >>55394

No. 55400

it's probably allusion to Rene Magritte's "Ceci n'est pas une pipe" ("this is not a pipe") drawing. The whole idea was that it is not a PIPE, but a DRAWING of one.
Same here, those are not lips, but a picture of lips/kiss mark etc.

No. 55401

With the exception of Yeri and maybe Joy I don‘t see anyone as really being pedobait.

No. 55402

just because they aren't pushed blatantly, doesn't mean they're being mistreated.

No. 55403

File: 1570635040977.jpg (17.13 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

Female idols are way more sexualized than male idols.
Female idol just keep on getting more and more uncomfortable clothes meanwhile male idols keep getting less sexualized.

I'm sick and tired of people saying
"Its okay for 90% of girl groups to be sexualized because this boy group did a sexy song 5 years ago"

Male idols doing sexy fan service is becoming rare meanwhile female idols doing strip club dances is becoming common.

Maybe I'm just desensitized to it all but there really isn't any pedobait here. There are a shitton of other girl groups that have noticeable pedobait which you could have used as a example…

No. 55404

File: 1570636058250.jpg (181.01 KB, 1080x1080, 0lUJkQ9.jpg)


Yup It's usually the lower tier girl groups who have to resort to extremly revealing outfits and sexy concepts to gain popularity or get attention. It only serves to turn Korean fans off causing the group to fail further and I bet they do a lot of work behind to get sponsors. Big 3 girlgroups are nowhere as exploited.


No. 55409

jeez why are there so many alt right conspiracists on here

No. 55415

all alt righters are yellow fever fags so I guess a topic like this lures them in

No. 55419

Stray Kids has ANOTHER comeback? What the hell. It's getting worse than Twice with them.

What does their fandom think of this? Like I'm starting to actually hate them because of how much they get shoved down my throat lately. I liked some of their first comebacks but now I'm just not interested anymore.

No. 55422

>Male idols doing sexy fan service is becoming rare meanwhile female idols doing strip club dances is becoming common.

If Boy Groups doing Magic Mike brought in the money, that's the only type of Boy Group you'd see.

What the companies put out, is what they think works, what has proven to work. Sure there are always a minority some can use a niche to corner a market, but what they put out is what they believe the major will buy.

No. 55424

Can you like, stop with the ~"humanity" and "story repeating itself"~ thing? i mean, you're right but how many times are you going to say it? it doesnt add anything to the conversation and its becoming stale.
Also, low/medium levels of moral corruption are a given in humans, but these insane levels of corruption can only be acomplished with money, by the 1% of powerful people, so i dont think it really counts as an example of "humanity" as a whole per se.
Sage for ot.

No. 55427

please don't hate them, hate JYP.
even if their music is horseshit.

No. 55428

I think that Jungkook alleged self-harming or whatever mental problem he's having is the reason BTS almost disbanded last year https://twitter.com/rei51244/status/1181873605585457153

If he was this fragile a year ago for no reason, he's probably at his limit now lol. Wouldn't be surprised if he's the first one to snap. He looks dead inside in his latest post too (also he kind of looks like his edgy gf)

No. 55429

He and yhs are the same exact person. And there's no doubt he got his wife, the same way he yhs did. got her in as a trainee and then the rest is history

On sixteen, it was also very disturbing in subtle ways. Making the girls dance to sexual songs, and if they were good enough, they'd get called a 'Major'. If they weren't up to par, they were a 'Minor'. The more sexual they were to 'please' jyp, the faster they became a 'Major'. Indirectly taking their 'innocence/virginity' and parade it for the whole korean public to watch.

…aside from Sana in the first round with the spring roll…'appreciation'…I wish she showed more of her comedic side, since that was the only breathe of fresh air in that whole show.

No. 55430

File: 1570645919645.jpg (304.01 KB, 890x846, 20191009_143024.jpg)

Did junglebook do something to his face?
Why does he look like that?

Welp,hopefully its weight gain cause we all know how bad bts needs that.

No. 55431

it's the face of a person who's suicidal and been crying too much alone. and he hasn't been eating properly either as you had pointed out.

No. 55432

Atrocious taste. What are you even doing here? Stray kids stans have no right to shit on other groups.

No. 55433

His jaw looks weird, did he also get surgery for it like Suga?

No. 55434


I would lose my shit too if i was in bts.They cant live like normal human beings,hell they cant even live like normal celebrities(non idols).And the fans dont actually give a fuck about their mental health,they just want to ship and write fanfics about them.

No. 55435

>latest song title
>Double Knot
Lmao, furry kings.
And I thought jopping was bad.

No. 55436

it's sad, since his girlfriend was most likely the only person who treated him for the human being he is since she knew he was troubled. but if she wasn't, i can't decide what would be more painful since she can't be in his life the same way anymore

No. 55437

except the alleged self harming happened a year before that (2017) and the reason for them considering disbanding was being over worked, exhausted and losing direction. if anything it seems that jin and v were struggling the most at that time (yes i watched their mama speech, sue me)

he uses snow app like they all do, no way to know what his jaw looks like from those pics. not even the filter could hide his eyebags tho, he looks exhausted already and theyve only been back for, what, 2 weeks?

No. 55438

he's not even hiding that he treats those young girls like his whore, and he's their fucking pimp

No. 55439

You have a whole scenario created here, a melodramatic story about him losing a precious gf, and you’re clearly trying to make us feel sorry for him. Hate to break it to you but he’s a fuckboy who couldn’t care less about a “girlfriend.”

No. 55441

Neither you nor stan anon are correct with sure, all you can see is a vague window of part of his public persona's life and even less of his personal one.

No. 55442

File: 1570647534261.jpg (210.64 KB, 1200x800, AAdhc2.jpg)

LMAOO I love how no one cares about stray kids try hard music,even when they have comeback every single week.Theyre like popular but unpopular at the same time.

They probably wouldve done better if they went with txt's concept.(Example with the picture)
Most of them already look better visually compared to txt.
Now theyre just gonna end up like got7 in a year.

No. 55443

I agree but at least what I’m saying is more realistic than a sob story about a girl being the only one who understands him and knows his struggles. That’s straight up fanfiction and I’m sick of his fans coming here all the time and shoving their ridiculous theories down our throats. Nobody cares about his alleged problems.

No. 55445

all idols have to do the same shit and they don’t even make the money bts make

No. 55446

>Most of them already look better visually compared to txt
good one, staynon. stray kids are one of the ugliest boy groups of their entire generation.

No. 55447

It sounds cheesy but i get where stananon coming from, that girl is probably the only normal person he knows as she's not involved in kpop industry at all.

No. 55449

Is it just me or is joy from red velvet kinda an asshole?

No. 55450

We have no idea what they do, how many people they know and how many they fuck. We know nothing, but sure, let’s find another excuse to talk about him, since apparently talking about his juicy thighs yesterday was not enough…

No. 55451

File: 1570648273193.png (392.06 KB, 734x611, Capture d’écran 2019-10-09 à…)

He's clearly talking about last year when they did their "tear-jerking" disbanding speech. If he feels like it's partly his fault, it's probably because his emotional state had something to do with it. Maybe V and Jin wanted to quit too idk, but JK not having visible self-harm scar nowadays doesn't mean that he doesn't keep doing this shit or that he's doing better.

No. 55452

how was ooh ahh about sex

No. 55453

the only reason why i pointed out that the incidents are a year apart is to keep the timeline straight, so we dont look like idiots conflating events that arent directly connected. never said he's not at fault or not self harming, just that theyre separate instances to our knowledge. i actually agree with your point, but i also wouldnt really read too far into that quote, idols tend to (or pretend to) take on more responsibility for shit than is strictly necessary, most of the time bc they can gain sympathy for it. hes likely no more to blame than any of the others, they all clearly wanted out at that time.

No. 55454

so they were working more than they do now? what changed?

No. 55455

exactly. the west is bad too but i never grew up with softcore porn starring children my age. yet my family in japan/korea are so used to sexualization of kids from a young age. they are taught that men want a cute girl no matter how old you are, you should dress like a doll and use a cutesy voice all day to make yourself more likable. its fcking weird that acting like a little kid is a sexual thing. ppl i know from there in there late 20s still act like little anime girls and guys get off so much from that. that's what normalizes old uncle men liking little girls. i hope my kids never have to think about that until they are way older.

No. 55456

File: 1570649148513.gif (1.85 MB, 500x204, 24be51d5f519713826b97ca96eb7ef…)

Anon please…
The song is about a guy making you go ''ooh aah'' the lyrics are sugesstive and when they get to the ooh ahh part they do this dance

No. 55457

lol how should i know. didnt they sign new contracts last year? maybe they re-negotiated some terms. vacations, better wage distribution? could be anything or it could be nothing and they're just pretending.

No. 55458

I think they had more tour dates and they had to attend all awards shows. Now they don’t go to all of them and since they’re doing stadiums, they perform less.

No. 55459

Watching those host things in Japan for old men CEOs really opened up my eyes. They go on a date with women in their 20s who are basically prostitutes but don't have to have sex unless the CEO asks for it and pays for it, usually in amounts starting from $1000 and up. For young girls trying to get a foot in the industry this is like a godsend, I know many people around me who would do it today too if they could. These rich men drop $1000s per night to secure young naive women. Did anyone think this date really ended after they ate food and drank? 100% he coerced the girl into going home with him and spending the night and this is how CEOs get favorites.

No. 55460

Weight gain or fillers? used the app to make himself appear slimmer, hence the weird jaw

No. 55461

she looks like a sleep paralysis demon. what the fuck

No. 55462

Idk if she notices it, but she doesn't look better like this, it literally makes her big head shape stand out more, which makes her look disproportionate.

No. 55463

she’s someone that actually needs help, even if she doesn’t have “self harming scars”

No. 55464

theres a anti-jyp but pro-jyp groupfag in here and its really disturbing to me. and you cant convince us that stray kidz is better looking than any bg, they are COMPLETELY botched. stop ranting about jyp being worse than yg, yg will always be the biggest shit head of all time including all his groups.

No. 55465

ngl i don't even like stray kids but miroh was one of my fave releases this year but this new song and side effects are unlistenable. wtf goes on at jyp i don't blame somi for wanting out of that noise pollution (though i guess she got saddled with birthday in the end lol)

No. 55466

fucked that sakura's been in the industry since she was a little kid so no doubt she's been through some shit

No. 55467

some people on twitter were speculating that some of them didn't actually resign (most popular guess is v)

No. 55468

>Most of them already look better visually compared to txt.
TXT are plastic monsters. But half of Stray Kids look retarded.

No. 55469

you anons need to realize both companies are shit, and that's final. and not to villianize the victims involved. whether they'd have shit music, a botched face, a botched body, a botched personality, etc. because they're the victim, so direct your hatred to the companies for breaking them apart for fuck sakes instead of blaming them.

No. 55470

That's the thing anon, everyone is so busy talking shit about YG everyone forgets about jyp being a total bitch, its good anons are talking about it.

No. 55472

What's up with SuperM musical production? it's all a mess, they don't seem to have a "style", its all so random and weird sounding (I mean its SM, but this is an expensive and risky project, they should find better producers or something, even Superhuman sounded better).

No. 55473

File: 1570652592356.gif (2.93 MB, 268x370, 2DB582E9-66D5-497D-8CC2-36DE3D…)

so sperm went on Ellen and embarrassed themselves in front of national television kek
inb4 exo fag but I think kaibaek looked dead inside, SM should just admit the groups a flop and give EXO a comeback/push them in the US since they are actually talented and have group chemistry

No. 55474

EXO, and NCT dream were the best. I read somewhere, that Superhuman should have gone to SuperM and not the NCT 'jopping' reject song.

No. 55475

Exo are too old to succeed in America. Sm should've sent them in 2014,its too late now. They already peaked. Red Velvet and nct have more potential.

No. 55476

why would they not re-sign a maknae line member lol, let the old ones go but they'd be wanting to keep the three youngest

No. 55477

Don't the Exo members all hate each other?

No. 55478

>#STRAYKIDS "Double Knot" - 19:00 KST:
#93 Bugs (NEW)
Out of top 100 on MelOn
Out of top 100 on Soribada
Out of top 100 on FLO
Out of top 200 on Genie

No. 55479

I have too much second hand embarrassment to watch superm interview..so can anyone tell me how the interview went?

No. 55480

I guess people assume that he doesn’t want to be an idol anymore
as if he’d throw away everything like that lol

No. 55481

kek this is way too depressing

No. 55482

I was focused on his face so I didn't see the subtitles since they were hidden in plain site…
Did they get their understanding of the english language from the Urban Dictionary in an attemt to learn slang for all their cringy rap?

No. 55483

It so obvious that sm payed ellen for that superm appereance…….embarrassing

No. 55484

yeah they’re the most profitable. I could see maybe both bts and bh not want Jin to continue. he’s unpopular, over his prime, have enlistment hanging over his head, doesn’t seem to have any interest in music, definitely can’t follow a rhythm and singing is so below par.

No. 55485

fuck, he looks so exhausted (and he's only 23??). Big Shit is running them dry.

No. 55486

Pretty much. Even really popular kpop male bands are never as sexualized. They have to show their abs? big deal. These female idol groups wear next to nothing half the time, starve and dance for hours for their uncle fans. As soon as they get a wrinkle, they move onto the next young hip girl group. it's so gross.

No. 55487

I saw it on twitter and the whole clip really is embarrassing…someone link the part where they show Ellen what "jopping" is, the audience and neither was Ellen was getting the point of it. Kai went up and said you have to jump, and you have to hop, and that's when I realized kpop is going to be regarded as a meme in the West thanks to Superm

No. 55488

i can honestly see them giving jin a short contract and having him fade off into a failed acting career when his military service is done, but i can't see them allowing any of the 3 youngest to escape

No. 55489

isn’t V the most popular one anyway? in Japan at least he is for sure and apparently his merch sells out first everywhere

No. 55490

Don’t think so. All the members seem to have a good relationship with each other considering they’ve been together for so long (esp. sehun, the group practically raised him) I think exo is one of the few groups that actually all like each other lol

No. 55491

This is the biggest joke, get off of here exofag your favs themselves said they operate more like businessmen and don't really know much about eachother. Unless it's bullying eachother you wont catch them interacting

No. 55492

Most out exols aren't even this delusional

No. 55493

yeah, in certain countries he's #1. #1 in any given country is always v, jungkook, or lizard boy, with the rest of them almost always making up the rest of the top 3. they also have the advantage of a few years left before they have to go on military service where jin doesn't have that luxury.

No. 55494

Update, i just watched it and it seemed scripted? Like they already rehearsed things backstage.
SM gave ellen some $$$ to feature them lol.
Baekhyun was acting cringy and mark got slightly defensive when ellen asked them if they are single…hmmm
Oh come on anon..obviously i dont agree with the ''exo hate each other meme'' but it is very obvious that alot of the exo members just view each other as coworkers and nothing more, they also have cliques in their own group.