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No. 119028

Post your favorite songs/albums/artists here!

previous thread >>4532

No. 119032

Like I asked in the previous thread, should soundtracks stay here or should we have a separate thread?

No. 119046

I love this

No. 119124

Anyone else love slightly sappy love songs? I'm a hopeless romantic at heart and I always imagine myself slow dancing with the love of my life to them lol

No. 119134

No. 119162

since someone just mentioned this song in another thread

No. 119164

ily♥ one of HEALTH's best for sure, it's just incredible

No. 119186

No. 119240

/ot/ anthem

No. 119388

Mark E. Smith always will have a place on my playlist. I’m huge fan of The Falll, unfortunately he got sick and passed away the year I was supposed to see them (from USA so it was a rare opportunity)

No. 119458

No. 119591

A collaboration with an ex Swans drummer and the guy behind Foetus. Incredibly underrated

No. 119632

No. 119740

There’s something dark yet hopeful about this song and I’m obsessed with it again…

No. 120675

No. 120684

No. 120749

I fuck with this hard

No. 120771

This is great, I've been a fan of swans for a long time but never heard this before. Thanks for sharing anon

No. 121024

anyone here into electroclash?

No. 121028

Yes and that's my favorite Felix song by far, anon.
Do you remember W.I.T., the gaybaiting group put together by Larry Tee in some failed effort to create electroclash stars?

No. 121042

I did not know about this! Very interesting. What are your favourite electroclash artists/songs? I only just recently got into the genre so I’m not too familiar with a lot

No. 121052

No. 121054

You can't go wrong with Miss Kittin & The Hacker's first album if you haven't heard it yet. Miss Kittin did some heavily accented speaking on Felix Da Housecat's first album as well.
I was never very fond of Fischerspooner but they count as well.

No. 121055

Bonus Miss Kittin with Golden Boy, a Swiss visual artist who for some reason made an album around that time.
I guess I associate her with the better music of the genre. She's still making music too.

No. 121071

No. 121074

I stopped listening to Shinedown a few years ago but honestly this song is pretty good

No. 121326

The funk is irresistible

I loved their first album, it made me really get into the whole electroclash scene. Do you also like Ladytron anon?

No. 121334

nta but ladytron fucks!! love em

No. 121360

>Do you also like Ladytron anon?

Absolutely! And the Mary Jane Girls too, while we're at it.
The main Ladytron singer, Helen Marnie, has two crowdfunded solo albums that aren't really dissimilar from Ladytron but they're worth a listen.

No. 121421


Cool I didn't know that, thanks for sharing

Making way for my fave Ladytron track lol. I do feel like their Light and Magic album is their best

No. 121484

Blue Jeans!
You might like Client. They were an electro/synthy group from the early 2000s, a bit similar to Ladytron but without any of the success. First three albums only, pretend the next two don't exist.

No. 121490

Crying tonight

No. 121602

post arabic bangers

No. 121738

No. 121767

deadmau5 bring get scraped back to spotify challenge

No. 121768

No. 121785

No. 121811

any other KKB fans here?

No. 121823

No. 121824


No. 121831

I feel frustrated right now, I'm listening to music to let my feelings go away.

No. 122098

Everytime someone gets called nonny on this site I'm reminded of this song from my days of high school English lit and it makes me really happy, because it's a song about men being shit and urging that we should all just move on from their sorry asses and be happy. Very pertinent and good advice

No. 122360

Where has this band been all my life?

No. 122630

I just found a fun fact about Daughters through my autism, I found this old composition by Nick Sadler from 2013., sounds familliar right? (video for reference)
I swear I haven't been stalking Nick Sadler but I also found out he likes to carve pumpkins, decorate cakes, make costumes and draw tiny houses in ink. I don't know if I want to live his life or marry him

Nice, I really like the music and they look so cool too. I like the cringiness of the video, it reminds me of Gloryhammer

No. 122642

Can someone recommend me psychedelic rock music like Tame Impala? I just discovered them (I know I know) and I'm obsessed with their sound

No. 122644

No. 122648

thank you thank you

No. 122655

You may also like Unknown Mortal Orchestra, king gizzard and the lizard wizard, Jacco Gardner, Temples, Thee Oh Sees, melody's echo chamber (kevin parker is her ex-bf and produced her debut album, good stuff), Allah-las and maaaaybe The Growlers as well.

No. 122798

God I love this soooooonnggggg

No. 122844

Fuck it time to listen to kenyan grindcore

No. 122865

Fuck the corpse husband obsession, this guy's voice is doing it for me. Something about the grizzly Tom Waits-esque quality in the low whispers mixed with melodic highs.

No. 122869

GOD his voice. This intro is killer, I wish he'd do audiobooks.

No. 122879

God, the guy in this video is so fucking hot. Great song too.

No. 122886

God I love Boney M so much, idgaf that they were lipsyncing. Bobby Farrel danced like an overcaffeinated eight year old at a birthday party and it was fucking magnificent.

No. 122923

groovy af

No. 123078

I could go on for hours about how good Interpol are, but this song really gets me at the moment.

No. 123115

kmdfm anons from /ot/, what are your favorite albums and songs? i can't choose just one, but WTF?! is pretty much my favorite out of the 2010s ones at least. I personally love the "conceptual continuity" thing they have, it's nice that Kapt'n K doesn't forget or hide where he started from but the songs still sound distinctive even if some elements are re-used.

No. 123121

The last time I checked for KMFDM, Sascha was selling some herbalife ripoff MLM product from the band's official website. Not just a salesman, a passionate consumer~

No. 123123

kek i admit i don't even check the official site or any social media, i just binge listen and notice there's a new album on YouTube or Spotify. that's just… cringe

No. 123135

I have lots of favourites but atm i’m obsessed with Liebeslied, sad that the spotify version still doesn’t have the O Fortuna sample

No. 123151

I like the bunnymans fluffy hair

No. 123195

On all albums I like some songs and don't like the others as much. I couldn't choose a favorite song but I really like Unfit and Dystopia. Here is some weird version of unfit with a nice unflattering thumbnail
Lmao I checked Lucia's instagram once and she said at a show one of the other bands was two russian dudes and one asked her to stab him in the nipple with a nail. and she did it

No. 123201

Is there any actual Manson-tier milk on them? Please tell me there isn't

No. 123204

man i love this shitty indie nu-metal band, the lyrics are so telling of modern soc media and internet use.

No. 123207

That's so bad but I can't hate it

No. 123208

How come all icelandic dudes are good at growling

No. 123218

Speaking of Hatari, I've had this song in my head for days. The juxtaposition of Icelandic growling and melodious Arabic singing really does it to me.

No. 123248

best mainstream song about weed tbh

No. 123279

File: 1611363645293.jpg (93.61 KB, 1280x720, tennis.jpg)

>ctrl f
>no tennis
Best music of 2020

No. 123527

No. 123652

As the kids like to say, this song is pretty pogchamp.

No. 123683

Can't get enough of this song lately, hope someone here will enjoy it too!
(indie pop/rock)

No. 123687

definitely check out Portugal. The Man if you haven't already. They've been my fave band since I was 14. Also, they covered Day Man from Always Sunny if you're into that lol

No. 123693

Is death the only way? Yes it is, yes it is

No. 123729

I love the Y2K feel of this song and music video

No. 123912

It's making me sad but is too beautiful to stop listening

No. 124007

the same line repeated over and over and it sounds so haunting and ominous… i used to hear this song all the time in like 2006, but only recently found out Brian Molko sings it

No. 124009

love it, thank you for reminding me of this song.
so sad placebo went to shit but I guess they had a great run. what I wouldn't do for an actual Brian Molko (auto)biography.

No. 124233

Finally found this song again after years of only being able to hum the tune and being shown once when I was in elementary school. I feel complete anons, early weeb music is a godsend

No. 124234

I think this has way more 90s vibes, tbh. Which I honestly prefer

No. 124611

this has to be one of the most beautiful songs of all time

No. 124869

please tell me there's another anon who loves holly herndon

No. 124942

i s2g this is the most french thing i've ever heard

No. 125051

Didn't know her but this is amazing, thanks for sharing!

No. 125172

No. 125175

No. 125578

No. 125606

This song was a classic in my house growing up but I never even thought to look for a music video, thanks for sharing

No. 125729

pls no booly for kpop, but I’m so happy my favorite group put out a new album. I like to think they’re well regarded in the community and have a solid fanbase full of many long time fans like myself, but it makes me sad to also feel like they’re also vastly underrated because they’re a bunch of old men and don’t do fun flashy dances lol

No. 125950

This makes me think of the dumb bitch memes thread, mostly because of the y2k aesthetic

No. 126015

help me lord I am actually enjoying this song. It is stuck in my head 24/7

No. 126020

No. 126200

No. 126361

for all the sweet electroclash/ladytron anons ♥

No. 126389

File: 1612635176239.gif (2.46 MB, 640x530, the hiiiiiiills are destroyed.…)

Discotraxx is my fave, anon.

No. 126397

any other haha fans here?

No. 126400

perfume is one of those jpop groups whose music i will never not love. especially their early stuff, its so catchy and i have so many positive memories associated with it

No. 126403

No. 126405

For sure anon

No. 126419


sorry this is literally half the thread but you are truly my people, i can always trust farmers to have A-1 taste

anyway my contributions, usually i'm a much bigger kate bush stan but i've been on such a tori kick lately

No. 126421


No. 126429

samefag again but aimee mann's 80s stuff also slaps hard. i've never been so simultaneously jealous and also in love

No. 126437

Can anyone suggest any artists similar to fka twigs and grimes

No. 126438

not sure what aspects of their music you enjoy but you might like rina sawayama, clarence clarity, caroline polachek, kelela, empress of, weyes blood and maybe st. vincent

also kind of a stretch but for a not-modern version of those vibes i'd try cocteau twins, strawberry switchblade, kate bush, eurythmics, maybe bjork? again not sure what you already listen to

No. 126445

Look up escape room and terra incognita genres, maybe even hyperpop.

No. 126447

I really like Crumb, all of their stuff is good

No. 126450

No. 126460

yaaas, this is such a cool video and song

No. 126502

Such a cute video and song

No. 126528

holly herndon samefag i never listened to tori amos for some reason but this song is sick, thanks for sharing! you might like this track by emma ruth rundle if you haven't heard it

No. 126544

Something about that guitar riff is so magical and nostalgic. This is just such a comfy song <3

No. 126551

nice bit of synthy dream pop

No. 126555

you might like teardrop explodes and the band japan then anon! they both have similar sounding riffs imo.

No. 126556

sage for samefagging, but i've been listening to a lot of squeeze lately. i love campy 80s pop. very comfy

No. 126561

Sorry for posting Dodie again, but just discovered her music and I can't get over how beautiful it is, this particular song was inspired by Amy Dunne's monologue in Gone Girl

No. 126565

I love Japan! And thank you for reminding me to listen to the Teardrop Explodes

No. 126659

Everything about it

No. 126663

ooh i've never heard of her but I really like this!

I only started listening to tori amos like a year ago because so many kate bush stans in this facebook group i'm in love her too, she has a big catalog with a lot of range so I feel like i'm always hearing a new song when i go through it. If you like spark you might like crucify, precious things, girl disappearing, caught a lite sneeze, maybe a sorta fairytale?

for some reason i'm really partial to Scarlet's Walk as an album, it has this very specific early 2000's contemporary sound you would hear as a kid when your mom drags you to a department store (think like paula cole or sixpence none the richer) but in a good way. i guess that makes sense for me because i'm a huge cardigans fan lol

also i think you'd like anna calvi if you haven't listened to her yet

No. 126664

samefag but i love squeeze too! I think my mom and aunt were fans as teens and went to a couple of their shows

No. 126665

also speaking of campy 80s pop, nothing hits like danny elfman making absolute madman faces while playing one of my favorite 80s songs of all time

No. 126680

Miki Berenyi is so pretty

No. 126683

i would recommend playboy mommy too, a stellar track. fuck you made me want to listen to tori after i forgot about her for a few years

No. 126695


No. 126699

I’ve been posting in this thread way too much

No. 126708

god good taste anon

No. 126709

everyone shits on this video (including danny elfman) but its a personal fave. if i was lanky and androgynous enough to pull off the suspender combat boot combo like he does in this music video i would wear it every damn day

No. 126783

me too oops
this album is so special to me and it aged really well, lust is one of my fave songs of theirs

tfw when no unhinged effortless stage presence or vocal ability

tfw no shoegaze britpop gf

(on a sad note i was watching the music video for lush's last single, completely forgetting that the drummer killed himself and it was the reason they broke up and didn't release anything until that EP like 20 years later. i always forget about that because they're such a happy vibrant take on dream pop that i forget the gloomy parts of it. on a less sad/ interesting note, for some reason I never knew until now that meriel from Pale Saints was the in the original line-up of Lush and emma wasn't, and miki didn't do lead vocals until she left the band. two super underrated dreamy bands!)

No. 126793

I like that she's credited in the thank you section of Massive Attack's first album because she was the only one around who wasn't stoned witless the entire time and could remember appointments and details.

No. 126872

sorry for the gay male tier taste but i cannot resist gagaposting

No. 127018

seth cohen core

No. 127398

No. 127422

Every so often I go through a phase where all I listen to is Gaga's albums on repeat. I was addicted to listening to Poker Face for like a week a while ago.

New Wave music gives me feels like no other.

I remember people giving this band hate in the early 2010s but I still love this album. I frequently listen to this song while walking outside in the evening or at night.

No. 127439

I love this album too! I love noisy poppy rock that's reminiscent of beat music from the 50s and 60s, I got a soft spot for it. This is one of my faves from the album. Sometimes I fantasise about singing the duet with a guy lmao

No. 127511

No. 127516

What else can I listen to that sounds like this?
I'm in love with this EP and I'm super sad that the LP probably will never get released (it was supposed to come out in 2018 or something, I think)

No. 127525

What if punk but also black metal

No. 127539

reminds me a lot of washed out!

fuck i feel like a know tons of bands that sound like this but my mind is blanking. but you also might like some of the older twin shadow albums, DyE, wild nothing, john maus, mgmt etc

No. 127548

also kind of a stretch and i think literally all of these bands are inactive and/ or hard to find but you might like class actress, Glasser, Var, savage, Lumina, College, part time (but he's an abusive creep irl and a bunch of his albums got taken down lol), Tearist, Chrome Sparks, Craft spells

there's a darkwave band that sounds exactly like the one you posted and it's killing me that i can't remember it right now

also haven't listened to this one all the way but there are some good underground artists (Lumina, Chrome Sparks etc) in this mix if you like the whole drive soundtrack esque synth revival sound: https://8tracks.com/jose_th/drive-2-home-delivery

No. 127561

I love '90s-'00s dance/bubblegum pop

No. 127586

Dat voice

No. 127694

I am completely obsessed with the editing on this video, and Simple Creatures in general.

No. 127695

thank you so much, anon! That's a lot of quality music to check and I'm looking forward to that! If you somehow remember the band that sounds exactly like ghost, let me know!

No. 127710

no problem! I was super into this kind of music in like the early-mid 2010s so i'm sure i have a big playlist floating around somewhere

No. 127711

oh yeah, you might also like Chromatics, Elite Gymnastics, Computer Magic, Them Are Us Too (rip), Her's (rip x2) or the Bilinda Butchers. I still can't think of what that ghost song reminds me of exactly, it might be a mesh of a few different artists but I'll let you know if i ever find it

No. 127720

god polystrene is so fucking cool

not a huge sonic youth fan, but this song is super good imo

No. 127748

The offbeat Kim Gordon songs were always my favorites. I just wish her solo album was better.

No. 127800

haven't seen much pop in this thread but this is a total guilty pleasure

No. 127810

probably the most underrated Britney Spears song

No. 127811

hello fellow popfag! i love kylie sooo much

No. 127815

When I was a kid this was on tv sometimes and I watched it fascinated every time, I thought it was the coolest thing ever
Wow… nice

No. 127818

where my mitskifags at?

No. 127856

No. 127867

RIP Chester, I will always fucking miss you

No. 127911

omg please don't consider kylie a guilty pleasure! her and robyn are my underrated queens of pop

No. 127912

she’s great, i shill her all the time lol. fever is such a great album, i love it so much

No. 127913

samefag, just came back to post one of my fave kylie songs. kinda sounds like garbage (the band)

No. 127914

feber walked so the modern carly rae jepsens of today could run imo

also very into weird early 2000s electro cowgirl madonna for childhood nostalgia reasons. usually when I listen to y2k kylie I have to put on ray of light or don't tell me right after

No. 127915

goddamn it lol

but samefag to add that i recently found outone of my favorite Wink songs is actually a cover of an 80's kylie cover that got really big in japan

No. 127916

No. 127926

No. 127952

No. 127992

I loove "it's in your eyes" from this album, I know this is considered pop but I wonder how this specific style would be described. Vid linked gives me the same vibes, I love this kind of fresh(?) disco-inspired sound so much.

No. 128052

No. 128064

legendary. carries so much emotion, like most songs on the ost

No. 128155

I really like her attitude and song topics, trying to find more unapologetic modern female artists like this. Gin Wigmore and Lily Allen also have some good songs.

No. 128228

No. 128315

Yeah, he put something special in this one. I miss new Kendrick releases.

No. 128316

Same anon. This song was also essential in my teen years. Chefs kiss. I really know every word still.

No. 128429

11 year old me thought she was the baddest bitch listening to this

No. 128430

samefag, i guess lil wayne had a funny phase back in 2008-2009

No. 128466

His songs always put me in a good mood

No. 128472

i checked spotify to see if supercar was on the platform expecting it to absolutely not be…but it IS. the nostalgia is too strong today

No. 128479

rip Françoise Cactus

No. 128705

He has so much potential. I get so excited every time he releases something new.

No. 128733

i forgot how good this album was. my favorites are this one, pink diamond and anthems

No. 128737

almost makes me nostalgic to when being in lockdowns wasn’t just constant reality. I like enemy, detonate, anthems, forever and claws.

No. 128827

No. 128878

Idk if this counts as a guilty pleasure because it's technically mediocre but it gives me serious 'dramatic 70s shoujo anime' vibes, like the kaze to ki no uta OVA and I love it because of it

No. 128879

This is a little different, as it gives traditional Japanese music vibes but I love it the same

No. 128881

Some highlists:
1: ときめきトゥナイト (テレビ・ヴァージョン) (加茂晴美) / Tokimeki Tonight (TV Version) (Harumi Kamo) (0:00​)

3: 悲しき星空 / Kanashiki Hoshizora (2:53​)

6: Super Love Lotion (加茂晴美 / Harumi Kamo) (6:33​)

11: フワフワ・ランデブー (原えりこ) / Fuwa-fuwa Rendezvous (Eriko Hara) (16:28​)

12: 潮風のバルカローラ (水島裕) / Shiokaze no Barcarola (Yu Mizushima) (19:11​)

13: ツイスト&キッス / Twist & Kiss (23:06​)

14: ロスト・ラブ・ノクターン (失恋夜想曲) / Lost Love Nocturne (Shitsuren Yasoukyoku) (24:06​)

16: マジカル・ミステリー・ゾーン / Magical Mystery Zone (26:32​)

20: ウルフ・ウーマン・ロック / Wolf ・ Woman ・ Rock (33:54​)

No. 128931

Criminally underrated song

No. 128932

Great song. Oh my god I love his pink fuzzy pants

No. 128969

Thank you for posting this anon, helped me discover a great band! Have any other similar recs?

No. 128985

feeling very angsty

No. 129004

fuck you#♥##, every time I listen to this song it gets stuck in my head grrr

No. 129097

sry for the kpop… but if you’re mad just come n gimme that kith kith

No. 129111

i think tricot might be a band youre interested in if you like them! if you search japanese math rock on youtube there are a bunch of playlists people have made that have a somewhat similar sound.

No. 129211

video unavailable for me but I love this entire album

No. 129277

nta but Sakanaction, Quruli, Number Girl

No. 129293

i dont know a better song

No. 129294

also this

No. 129374

I just randomly remembered this song lmao. When I was a kid and I was waiting for my mom to finish shopping I wandered into a music shop and I listened to this gregorian chants cassette that was on display. It sounded so mysterious and cool to me so I asked my mom to buy it for. I still think it's a beautiful song

No. 129387

Can't believe I found this hit after so many years by accident!

No. 129391

I was really amazed by their covers as a kid too, and I still like them a lot! Thanks for posting this
One of my personal favorites is their Nothing Else Matters cover, such a great anthem-like vibe.

No. 129393

perfect song to cry 2

No. 129404

love this song so much, here's a song on the same wavelength that i also love for back-to-back yearning!!

No. 129413

At the time, the world didn't even wait a few months before vomiting up a dance cover of Hide U.

No. 129465

No. 129511

No. 129696

Is there any other band like The Birthday Massacre? I love their entire discography, it's flawless. I can listen to their music in any mood because it's kinda dark/'gothy' but also very catchy with the 80's touch and there is so much going on sonically. Their sound is just flawless ahh. I just want more stuff like this even though TBM will never grow old for me.

No. 129748

we'll all be in the same dream…

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