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File: 1434856228596.jpg (56.92 KB, 300x300, babby toast.jpg)

No. 47492

post ur fav plushies

No. 47493

File: 1434856400373.jpg (17.16 KB, 320x320, cinnabon.jpg)

No. 47494

File: 1434856469343.jpg (85.59 KB, 800x600, do the kkuma.jpg)

No. 47495

File: 1434856524183.gif (73.94 KB, 400x320, tofu cat.gif)

No. 47496

File: 1434858799718.jpg (1.62 MB, 3264x2448, image.jpg)

No. 47497

File: 1434915121841.jpg (48.51 KB, 400x398, 2014-Hot-Soft-Emoji-Cute-Cushi…)

kawaii desu ne

No. 47498

File: 1434915208131.jpg (18.95 KB, 450x600, tumblr_n5nhruBBRO1sn7waio1_500…)

tampon desu

No. 47499

File: 1434915351335.jpg (128.87 KB, 900x1200, tumblr_n5nhruBBRO1sn7waio1_500…)

condom desu

No. 47500

File: 1434915422269.jpg (24.51 KB, 535x430, 2014-Hot-Soft-Emoji-Cute-Cushi…)

ovaries desu

No. 47501

File: 1434915533378.jpg (133.53 KB, 612x322, 2014-Hot-Soft-Emoji-Cute-Cushi…)

im gonna stop now

No. 47502

File: 1434921235045.jpg (139.38 KB, 480x985, f1be7ca10968440b784c1d144375a7…)

Bought myself a Bad Breath plushie in a local gift shop

No. 47503

File: 1434921311340.jpg (34.44 KB, 623x392, Capture.JPG)

Oh and I have a pimple plushie from before

No. 47504

File: 1434921388873.jpg (33.96 KB, 615x367, Capture.JPG)

Next on my wishlist is a fat cell

No. 47505


Oh lovely, I might just invest in a Herpes plushie!

No. 47506

I bought one for my bf for his birthday and the card said, "Happy a birthday, enjoy your herpes!"

I also have rabies, mad cow, sperm cell and an egg cell. My job involves working with communicable diseases so they decorate my office. I need more though.

No. 47507

File: 1434949468745.jpg (5.17 KB, 278x226, lyme-disease.jpg)

I have the Bubonic Plague (looks like Flu but black with blue eyes) and Lyme Disease.

The brain cell one looks funky and cool.

No. 47508

File: 1434998853916.jpg (115.67 KB, 1500x1373, snork.jpg)

No. 47509


No. 47510

File: 1559048023531.jpg (2.49 MB, 4096x2304, DSC_2784(1).JPG)

I had a moth infestation and they bred all over my cuddly toys, one of my bears was so badly attacked that she has an entire eye that fell out and my heart is broken.

How do I do damage repair? I'm so upset, finding them crawling all over her and my cuddlies hurt.

No. 47511

To piggyback on this anon's post…

I had a beloved stuffed animal torn apart to pieces by someone. I have had it since birth so it was quite old already but I was extremely attached to it. I was and still am devastated and heartbroken.

Does anyone in the US have a place to recommend for repair? I have some places saved from the internet but if I could hear a firsthand account that would help. I'm scared to send him anywhere.

No. 47512

Order new plush filling, possibly new eyes too if the original one cannot be reattached.
Open the bear up, 4-5 centimeters is enough (on the back or some area that isn't so visible), and take out all of the old fillings and throw it out. Gently wash the coat by hand, maybe use some anti-moth detergent? Be sure to dilute all the chemicals in lots of water. Wash again in clean water and leave to dry. Once the bear is dry, saw the eye hole and attach the eye (the hole is probably too big, that's why you need to saw it shut). If necessary saw any other holes the moths could have made. Then stuff the bear again and saw the hole. If you need any help with the sawing, there is a ton of youtube tutorials to guide you. If you need to buy new eyes, measure the old ones and buy some from Aliexpress, they're quite cheap and accessible. Or maybe you can find some toy accessories shop in your country.

No. 47513

File: 1559051147711.jpg (143.07 KB, 1080x1080, 51321807_120934175646696_41644…)

I need that Moomin in my life

No. 47514


thank you so much, her eyes can be superglued back in and I'm freezing her just to make sure any additional moth eggs are dead and gone. I'm panicking and moth balling my room, I have a huddle of cuddlies by my bed and I've been going through each and brushing each down, stupid moths. I hope they haven't laid any more eggs on or in anything.

No. 47515


Also anon I'm so sorry someone did that. That's heartbreaking.

No. 47516

File: 1559054046119.jpg (732.27 KB, 1920x991, 20190528_103348.jpg)

I have a few pokemon plushies but this one is my favorite

No. 47517

No problem, I've fixed few plushies in the past, it's quite easy even tho it can seem like a hard chore. Anyway I'll keep my fingers crossed for you and your bear!

No. 47518

Anyone know of any cute animal plushies? I like the aurora brand ones and they're super soft and I'm looking for similar.

No. 47519

File: 1559058818728.jpeg (57.51 KB, 425x408, BEBAEF19-DF49-4C93-A150-1E1E22…)

He was a gift from my mom

No. 47520

File: 1559062588308.jpg (57.01 KB, 640x640, kill-la-kill-plush-doll-guts-3…)

No. 47521

File: 1559063077237.jpg (101.61 KB, 1200x675, sanx_rilakkuma_korilakkuma_cat…)

No. 47522

File: 1559063281937.jpg (6.93 KB, 225x225, vaporeon.jpg)

I've been tempted to get this Alolan Vulpix for months!
I'm lowkey collecting Pokemon plushies.
My fave include this 30CM Vaporeon (my favorite Pokemon ever since I've been a child)…

No. 47523

File: 1559063360604.jpg (39.33 KB, 500x500, PokemonSanEiAudinoPlushToy2016…)

…This Audino plushie - could be done better, but it's so hard to find any merch for her and I am thankful that for having the chance to get it…

No. 47524

File: 1559063486344.jpg (14.23 KB, 355x355, 51OOmwJwasL._SY355_.jpg)

…this Pikachu/Eevee spring set from last year…

No. 47525

File: 1559063516390.jpg (57.67 KB, 600x450, 600.jpg)

…and this 90's big fat Pikachu plushie!

No. 47526

I have this plushie too. Also a Mew from the same company.

No. 47527

I really like her chubby tummy! How cute!

No. 47528

File: 1559070575309.jpeg (101.53 KB, 660x860, 906187C0-2DDF-4C56-AAD8-848408…)

I own a bunch of the discontinued signature webkinz because I went on a webkinz revival sperg a few years ago, but one of my favorites is probably the Calico, because she reminds me of my (now dead) childhood cat. The cat signatures are so damn expensive now because they're discontinued but they're very soft, I always loved webkinz in general from an aesthetic standpoint because there's so many of them, and some are quite cute and well designed, even the weirder off the wall ones (I also own a pink deer and a turkey, among a lot of others)

No. 47529

Yes the signature webkinz are so cute! I got the German shepherd one as a birthday gift years ago since they've always been my favorite dog breed, I love it so much.
I had the polar bear too but I think I ended up donating it or something, I really regret it though and wish I had it back. Feel like a retard wanting a stuffed animal back as a grown woman but whatever. I almost sold my German shepherd when I was in a pinch for money but I'm so glad I kept it. I wish they weren't so expensive, I'd love to get more, they really are so well designed and cute.

No. 47530

File: 1559071593088.jpeg (13.11 KB, 425x302, 3284DE66-44B9-4756-8C76-008FAA…)

the super rare ones on eBay run for like 50-100+ which is pretty ludicrous. some of the less rare ones are on amazon for 15-30 dollars which is a much better price

The marble cat is still on amazon for $20, and the harp seal (pictured, also one of my favorites because it's so sooooft) for $15 rn, considering they used to retail for about 15 some of the Amazon listings aren't bad, it's just the more rare ones (calico, ragdoll, bengal etc) retail for higher especially on eBay bc I assume there were less of them manufactured

it's a pity the line was discontinued because I love the stuffed animals. ganz may stop manufacturing all webkinz soon bc the site doesn't seem to be doing well anymore

No. 47531

File: 1559072027005.png (312.27 KB, 540x529, tumblr_inline_oj2q4lhgcy1rosr4…)

I love all of the tiny headed stuffed animals. I'm thinking about getting the lion one.

No. 47532

File: 1559072028963.jpg (287.84 KB, 696x1143, Screenshot_20190528-143244__01…)

They actually released a statement about the plush pets the other day. They're going to make a 2nd gen of webkinz.

No. 47533

File: 1559072080785.jpeg (5.82 MB, 3000x4500, 01CAAF1E-EDBB-41D3-ADC0-963418…)

After a massive purge I only kept this 4

No. 47534

File: 1559077371858.jpeg (47.13 KB, 410x313, 9F2394B0-3787-4316-A9F0-3BD232…)

Does anyone know where I could find this guy? I saw him in another thread and spent a decent amount of time trying to locate one but no luck.

No. 47535

Seconding because i think ive seen this bunny in other colors but I wish I knew the brand!

No. 47536

Moth-infestation anon: I've been vacuuming and brushing down all my cuddly toys, is there any chance the clothes moths larvae are INSIDE them? they just seemed to be on the surface.

No. 47537

The brand is gloomy bear, but this particular design seems elusive.

No. 47538

File: 1559083595911.jpg (22.21 KB, 400x400, cea6b26111254e4f820a6b33ab7e15…)

My boyfriend bought me the purple one when we first started dating and so it has a really happy memory attached to it. It makes a really good pillow too lol.

No. 47539

File: 1559083677162.jpg (40.29 KB, 500x500, 1552661792_naritagirlmascot7-5…)

Also this. I have my eye on a Detective Pikachu one that has a little detective hat too.

No. 47540

File: 1559085043813.jpg (54.33 KB, 720x721, FB_IMG_1559084986777.jpg)

Sorry for shit pic cause it's an old photo, but I wanted face plushie since I first saw it in a store years ago. I just love how realistic it is, sings baby tigers are pretty cute by themselves.

No. 47541

File: 1559086881035.jpg (10.78 KB, 355x355, 31zdNtGYx9L._SY355_.jpg)

During the first year with my boyfriend, we passed by Disney Store at his city. He wanted to give me a present and chose pic related Pooh as he saw how much was I fascinated with it. He then would spray his parfume - which I love - everytime he had to leave since we were in a LDR at the time and I would fall asleep while hugging and sniffing it. Now we live together and he gifted me a bunch of other plushies in the meantime, but Sherlock Pooh is my favourite one, along with a big dog he gifted me the moment we went living together. He bought it for me when we went the first time to Ikea together to buy house stuff.
I still switch them when I go to sleep and my bf stays awake.
Pretty childish, I know, but it makes me feel so good thinking about it.

No. 47542

Pic related is the dog one!

No. 47543

File: 1559087283845.jpg (19.83 KB, 400x400, Ikea-Hoppig-Pupazzo-Cane-Bovar…)

Woops forgot the pic

No. 47544

File: 1559087450344.jpg (162.15 KB, 1441x891, ong.jpg)

Sorry about the kpop but I want the big ongnable so bad

No. 47545

File: 1559095056166.png (331.57 KB, 500x594, 501203.png)

Last year I went to a big flea market in my area and there was a lady selling vintage Steiff plushies. This snowshoe hare doesn't look amazing in the picture, but in real life he was SUCH high quality. His fur was really soft and the stitching was to die for. I wish that I could have bought him but the lady was asking $120. I was like, HMMM, HARD PASS. Not made of that kind of money.

No. 47546

File: 1559108430991.jpg (217.16 KB, 1600x1200, s-l1600 (29).jpg)

Please let me introduce you all to the best stuffed animals on the planet: Hosung monkeys.

They're soooo cute and real looking! And they weren't even super expensive like so many of the "realistic" animal toy brands

No. 47547

File: 1559108717536.jpg (228.71 KB, 1200x1600, s-l1600 (30).jpg)

No. 47548

File: 1559108775204.jpg (247.9 KB, 1200x1600, s-l1600 (31).jpg)

I love this little orangutan one

No. 47549

Could you bear(:P) to give her an eyepatch? If nah you'd need to undo all her stitches to sew it back in properly. Though, I also think if moths were involved you might want to replace all of her stuffing anyway.

No. 47550

File: 1559116264993.jpg (97.22 KB, 852x937, douglas_small_floppy_dog___may…)

I've had this guy for 18 years. Mine is very beat up and the fur has become matted. I love this dog. I brought him everywhere if I was able to.

No. 47551

oh my fucking god they're like those old Little
Monkey Lost toys only even cuter

I need one

No. 47552

Those are Hosungs too! I love them. Idk why Hosung wasn't more popular.

No. 47553

Me and my cousin both had one as a kid. I swear hers wore a lil safari explorer outfit. They were cute as fuck

No. 47554

oops I forgot to delet the video, RIP

No. 47555

File: 1559118527859.jpg (430.17 KB, 1200x1600, s-l1600 (32).jpg)

Yes!! They did multiple safari monkeys! They also did chimps and orangutans in safari outfits too. They were so stupidly cute

No. 47556

I'm pretty sure mine was one of the normie-tier ones with a diaper on. Not sure what happened to it.

No. 47557

File: 1559119810549.jpg (12.88 KB, 225x300, hk.jpg)

I have a tanned "Hawaiian" Hello Kitty plushie that build-a-bear did years ago. It's not in quite as good condition as this one but it's cute as fuck. I wanna get a new outfit for it and put it on my bed in my new bedroom in my parents new house. It's in dire need of a new outfit since we couldn't afford the official build-a-bear Hello Kitty clothes so we got a cheap flowery dress from the sale section but the flowers are all starting to fall off. The flower bow thing also velcros on and I lost mine so I'll probably have to buy a fake hibiscus flower off Etsy and superglue a velcro strip to it idk.

No. 47558

File: 1559142289773.jpg (33.71 KB, 587x400, 544e3d0b1280fa28e2ea080b-conte…)

Moth anon here, my letting agent are contacting pest control and I'm going to freeze then wash all my beloved friends. I have a lot of them, all soft, and loved, so I'll do my best to nurse them!

everyone's posting such cute friends….once I've given mine some tlc and therapy, I'll post mine too!

pic related, she got bitten a bunch above one of her ears so it's time for her and the others to get treatment

No. 47559

She's absolutely gorgeous. All sheep should be that colour.

No. 47560


my gorgeous baby! even with some nibbles she's still beautiful to me! I named her Dora!

No. 47561

Is she an Alpacasso? I really want one!

No. 47562

File: 1559149756731.jpg (22.32 KB, 425x500, 41WQEV262ZL.jpg)

Oh God I have so many plushes in my house, like 4 or 5 huge garbage bags full of them. I need to build a big crate for them, every single one of them I can't give away. My favorite plush out of all of them is this 17 inch Nala. I found her for $4 at Goodwill last year. I got the Simba as well, which I bought off eBay after buying Nala, cost me like $10, which ain't too bad.

No. 47563

Holy shit I used to own this. Your plush must be 20 years old at least.

No. 47564


she is but she's a phone holder one!

No. 47565

File: 1559154372321.jpg (26.39 KB, 400x400, Cheshire-Cat-Plush-Disney-Stor…)

I bought these two some years ago on a special buy-1-get-2 offer at Disney Store.

No. 47566

File: 1559154397488.jpg (27.19 KB, 466x493, 415t3IuP8zL.jpg)

They're cute.

No. 47567

File: 1559391809649.jpg (3.83 KB, 225x225, kya.jpg)

Hey anons! I would love to buy more Pokemon plushies and try to get some plushies from Molang and Rilakkuma! Can you please suggest me some good sites to buy it? Would be nice if they were form EU, 'cuz I am from EU.

Fell in love with my Alola Vulpix plush, so now i want to get as many cute plushies as i can.

No. 47568

Most important, use a proxy like FromJapan. It'll more than likely be cheaper to import one from Japan itself than to find an in-country seller because they're not trying to make extra profits.
Also there's a few AliExpress sellers that do sell warehouse overstock for a fraction of the price. Be sure to look at the reviews with photos because a lot of sellers use fake photos for the item listing. Very rarely, a seller might have a lower quality looking item as the listing, but it actually being the legit thing so look our for those as well.
Check eBay and make sure the seller doesn't come from China or Hong Kong because 98% of the time it's going to be a bootleg since there's no photo reviews from customers to look at.

No. 47569

Can you recommend legit Pokemon/Japanese plushie sellers on Ali?
I know that a few times I have managed to buy real Tomy/Pokemon Store plushies, but I am not sure those shops are still around…

No. 47570

I'm from the US, but I've personally found Mandarake to be a good way to get plushies for a pretty fair price. I bought a couple big Cinnamoroll plushies for between 1000 and 2000 JPY each.

If the item is marked as "used", it's generally brand new and just traded in by someone who won it in a crane machine. Mandarake is very diligent in noting if the item has a tag, damages or stains, and because they're based in Japan proper, they don't sell bootlegs.

No. 47571

I wanted to rec Mandarake too but I wasn’t sure if they had a lot of plushies because I use them for books. They overhauled their website for foreign buyers so it’s easier to navigate, and like you said the conditions of the items are practically new unless the damages are noted.

No. 47572

>Shipping starts at $10
Boy, I've gotten things shipped for $4 from other sites. No doubt the prices are bit cheaper than a few other sites. I'm gonna add this to my list anyway lol.
I think the bottom line is look around, take the time to compare, don't just shop on one site. I think that's a given though.

No. 47573

Has anyone purchased plushies from Rakuten before? They have a bunch of Pokemon plushies I want but I'm apprehensive if they'll be genuine or even good quality. Any tips or opinions anons?

No. 47574

It's a marketplace like ebay or amazon so there will be 3rd party sellers. Thus, your experience is gonna vary depending on the seller. Nobody can actually give you an answer that will cover the entire site, unfortunately.

No. 47575

Ah okay, I actually had no idea it was a marketplace. Thank you for your help!

No. 47576

File: 1560620566854.jpg (525.06 KB, 3264x2448, 64220913_601978293623603_84836…)

comfy thread. Theres something about plushies that just still make me really happy. I've had men especially make me feel bad for it in the past until i met my current partner who moved in with his giant stitch and simbas. This is my current stock take lol, most of the ones on the left were presents from bf. I love disney, and anything weeby pastel. hoping to get more from tokyo otaku mode at some point but they are quite pricey

No. 47577

Big collection of cute stuffed animals, supportive bf, adorable dog… goddamn anon you're living my dream 10/10

For real though please give your dog a kiss on the head for me I love him/her just from this pic alone

No. 47578

one of this things is not like the others

No. 47579


Could you link me where I can get that dog? Just kid anon, cute collection and wholesome bf!

No. 47580

File: 1560628840077.jpg (163.14 KB, 778x1024, IMG_1125.JPG)

Has this been posted yet?

No. 47581

>vaporeon plushie
>g1 mlp plushie

great taste, anon! Do you collect vintage MLP too or is it a childhood memento?

I own both a big Vaporeon plushie and a Cotton Candy G1 plushie, love her to bits. You made me want to take a photo of my collection but sadly huge part of it is stored in a box.

No. 47582

File: 1560633595223.png (297.16 KB, 788x900, lavendeerplush1.png)

I really love this but it wouldn't match my decor. It's the lavendeer plush from sugar bunny shop.

No. 47583

File: 1560633653229.jpg (185.53 KB, 900x1200, D8UAMjLU0AA9OYP.jpg)

I also want this when it comes out (mousemoth plush by Olivia Chin Mueller)

No. 47584

these are both lovely. anyone have any other cute indie plushie makers?

No. 47585

I lung you too.

No. 47586

File: 1560678426599.jpg (21.24 KB, 290x400, 41HwNcUYx-L._AC_SY400_.jpg)

I find these hideously adorable. I need a few in my life right now

No. 47587

These are all so cute, I have a weakness for Stitch myself
Also absolutely incredible pup 12/10

No. 47588

File: 1560699784857.jpg (30.19 KB, 505x679, waddlebun.jpg)

I collect kirby plush and I recently got this and I'm obsessed with him.

No. 47589

File: 1560701649406.jpeg (1.37 MB, 4000x3000, 8C3D9A31-46C5-494A-AE68-DA8287…)


I saw this guys creations going around on twitter and couldn’t resist, as soon as my first weird baby arrived I ordered two more….pic related.

my first one was a tiny head and big arms, I think it’s the baby kangaroo’s head on a fox beanies body? then I couldn’t resist weird pig flamingo and bunny dinosaur was way too cute

No. 47590

File: 1560702099089.jpeg (367.21 KB, 750x694, 53765A82-34DE-4726-A98F-9FE0D7…)

dropping some uhh, cute babies he has in stock but really look at this guy

No. 47591

File: 1560702497347.jpeg (415.28 KB, 750x709, 84786430-20AE-4F3D-8AEA-AA038E…)

a very sweet long boy, there’s also a long tiger

No. 47592

Seconding this question

No. 47593

These are like… ironic, right? You don't actually think they're cute, right?

No. 47594

I'm too embarrassed to ever post my favorite plushie because I've literally had him all my life (he was a baby shower gift from an aunt) and he's super tattered and dirty lol but I love him so much. He's not even a plushie, he's one of those decorative baby pillows for the crib (although the tag on him says DON'T PUT IT IN THE CRIB FOR RISK OF SUFFOCATION- thanks parents). I feel like such a stupid baby because once I forgot him at home on my way back up to uni after break, and I thought it would be fine, but I actually ended up having a hard time sleeping without him… Sometimes I don't need to hug him, just knowing he's on the same bed as me helps me fall asleep. I have such a big fear of what's going to happen with him when I die lol. People would obviously throw him out because he's… objectively just gross and dirty and useless to everyone outside of my immediate family (they know I'd have a fucking shitfit even at 24 if something happened to him), but I wish they could cremate or bury him with me. The thought of him just being in a dumpster somewhere, even if I'm already dead, makes me want to cry.

Also I just realized that I've been using "he" for my plushie because as a kid I decided my plushie was a boy and gave him a gibberish chinese name and this just definitely reaffirms that I'm a fucking retard lmao.

No. 47595

Have it in your will that you want to be buried/cremated with him. When I was seriously considering suicide I was worried about what would happen with my BJD and people suggested the same to me.

No. 47596

Fuck, I'm definitely going to do that. Thank you anon!

No. 47597

File: 1560812759855.jpeg (954.91 KB, 3345x1661, 58E6E00D-800E-4D86-8F63-A1BBF3…)

no I think they’re cute 100%….but I have a thing for misfit toys. the dumb little lion has a sideways eye and I fell so in love with it I had to “rescue” it from the arcade.

No. 47598

File: 1560832590480.jpg (128.04 KB, 1200x1600, ping.jpg)

This is one version of my childhood teddy bear. This one's much newer and softer looking, but I love my bear, haha. He still lives on my bed.

Does anyone have a good way of displaying/storing their stuffed animal collection? I have mine arranged in a basket right now, but I don't love the way they look and I'd like something a little more… sophisticated, I guess?

No. 47599

File: 1560892281233.jpeg (2.56 MB, 4032x3024, CCF7BBA7-4CAC-4A86-8468-CB579A…)

Kind of a nerd but it’s whatever.

No. 47600

File: 1560893147697.jpg (31.04 KB, 480x480, yeastken.jpg)

I won one of these from a ufo catcher, and since then they've come out with so many other ones and other merch. Tokyu hands was selling a GIGANTIC one a while back and I wanted to buy it so fucking bad but the cost+shipping would've been ridiculous.

fuck i love bread dog so fucking much

No. 47601

should note that these are not mine lol. I own the same one that's on the bottom right

No. 47602

oh fuuuuckk I need these

No. 47603

ikr, the egg toast one especially!

No. 47604

Nice. This makes me wanna be your friend.

No. 47605

File: 1560968296441.jpg (161.77 KB, 1024x1024, nyanpan.jpg)

If you like the bread dogs I have something similar for you. Nyanpan. It's so fucking cute. Pic is not mine but I consider getting one for my collection.

No. 47606

File: 1560969717037.png (794.76 KB, 556x676, food.PNG)

fuuuuckkk don't tempt me anon.

The talk of bread animal plushies also reminded me of these. A girl I follow on twitter has these and I… really want them. They have other foods too but I don't know the brand. It also reminds me of some weird "plush" (I put quotation marks because they were more like soft keychains) of hyperrealistic looking fish that I tried to get from a ufo catcher but failed. There's something about these sorts of plushies that make me really want them. They're absolutely ridiculous.

No. 47607

File: 1560970806227.jpg (177.1 KB, 900x1200, D9cjeJCXoAAoZMd.jpg)

These are all the stuffed animals I (try) to keep on my bed. It's kinda embarrassing but nobody really comes into my room here so, whatever

No. 47608

They're all so freaking cute

No. 47609

there is a pug bread dog? omfg I need it

No. 47610

File: 1560974692512.jpeg (36.04 KB, 450x450, 6cf55f5e-f709-49e0-bc15-19f4ec…)

I really want one of these giant Amuse sloths.

No. 47611

Micky walls

No. 47612

the sausage slice one is pretty precious lol

No. 47613

The pug bread dog is the muffin one on the top left!

No. 47614

I was thinking the same thing but didn't want to get bitched at kek. farmers suck.

No. 47615

Meh. I like seeing cute girls smiling at me when I wake up. Definitely not taking them with me when I move.

No. 47616

Yeah, please don't. It's really creepy and seems very unhealthy.

No. 47617

that's namekosuke, right? i used to be close friends with her but we drifted apart. she's really nice and approachable though, so i'm sure she'd reply to you if you asked her where to get these!

No. 47618

File: 1561042997698.jpg (49.32 KB, 500x499, tumblr_inline_p1q4omhzLJ1skqdc…)

These are so fucking cute

No. 47619

File: 1561046423237.jpg (65.76 KB, 600x600, rBVaVVziVh-AG7grAAEtfjiS4iU938…)


I got my paycheck in about a week and uuuuh fuck I kinda want them. They are so pure.

No. 47620

Yes! I followed her since her tumblr days and have wanted to talk to her for so long but I just never did lol. She's into a lot of stuff I don't care for anymore, but I still love her posts, she always finds such cute stuff. I actually dug a little far into her twitter for this pic so I wonder if it's weird to ask about a post so old LOL

fuuuuuuck anon those are so cute!! I particularly like my bread dog because he's not stuffed to be stiff, he's so squishy and fun to knead, I love squeezing him.

No. 47621

The egg toast guy popped up on my country's ebay to my surprise, so my bf got him for me! I'm pretty thrilled about it; it's VERY difficult to acquire anything where I live without exorbitant shipping fees.

No. 47622

So happy for you anon! Give him lots of love for me!

No. 47623

I bought this and the quality is really terrible. Her face is extremely lopsided so beware.

No. 47624

File: 1563049542286.jpeg (28.31 KB, 451x679, 6541E65A-4223-44E4-A1C2-CDC788…)

I really like 2002 Care Bears and even own some from my own childhood, but my bf doesn’t want plushies casually hanging out in our flat so I just hide them away in a drawer :(

No. 47625

I love him so much, I wish I had a reason to own him!

No. 47626

File: 1563049775746.jpeg (168.46 KB, 1920x1280, 6D25E3D7-93F3-435E-92EF-2D75E5…)

Build-a-bear Piplup is a real cutie, got one from my bf for Christmas and he’s like our child lmfao. We’re considering adopting a Build-A-Bear Psyduck at some point in the future, but the fact that he’s an online exclusive kinda takes away from the experience

No. 47670

File: 1567533768217.jpg (77.16 KB, 615x1000, 7278227ef7f26dfa39938beb31dd4b…)

Yesterday I randomly remembered about my favorite childhood plushie, a tiny Mimihopps ina blue dress from the Diddl series.
Luckily I took it with me when I moved. I think I will keep her in my bag for good luck and to squish when I am scared or stressed.
I decided to look around on local auctions and bought myself two bigger Mimihopps plushies (one is 40 cm, the other 85 so halfway my height lol). When I was a kid, the Diddl toys were expensive, so my parents didn't want to buy them (I got the Mimihopps stuffie because my only friend at school knew how much I wanted her and bought her as a gift for me during class Secret Santa). I am so happy I am finally able to get the plushie that I wanted so bad as a kid.
I still love the character very much, the design is so cute and cuddly in my eyes! I feel weirdly nostalgic toward Diddl/Mimihopps toys, as at the time when I was in love with it I was heavily bullied and met my online pedo. Those were horribly times in my life, but those stupid toys brought me comfort, you know?

On a lighter note: anons, do you have any smart tips for displaying plushies? Do you know any online stores that ship to Europe with plush hammocks? I bought one at aliexpress, but it ended up being tiny and useless. I don't like to keep plushies at my bed cause they fall off all the time and they look messy at the coach.

No. 47726

File: 1567555617415.jpg (35.65 KB, 375x500, 5ba2ebc24e43e.jpg)

Your bf is a bummer dude. There's no good reason not to display things you love where you live, unless it's just really cramped.

Also, same. They have pretty fur colors. Pic related is my first Care Bear. I love my 80s ones too, though I've donated most of 'em.

No. 47732

Why is this thread not merged with the general toy thread?


No. 47734

because it was here first. go ask in /meta/.

No. 47768

File: 1567578544982.jpg (9.94 KB, 179x250, dekarap.jpg)

I have been on the hunt for an OG Rappy plush since so many years lmao. These things are so rare. I just wanna say fuck it and settle with a PSO2 Rappy plush, but those are also pricey. Lowest I've seen a non-keychain one being sold was $75. I saw a Love Rappy for sale for $45, but I really want the yellow one.

No. 47799

PSO anon you keep hitting me in the guts with all this nostalgia. I hope you can find the OG one day.
I want to play v2 again so badly but the memory card's internal battery finally died and I don't think I can handle starting again.

No. 61495

File: 1573044427104.jpeg (523.6 KB, 930x977, 61116166-A518-49F4-8B87-369560…)

No. 63230

File: 1574196255038.png (588.1 KB, 640x640, 01DCB1D2-E093-4C26-A19F-D3D8C3…)

No. 63932

File: 1574459624507.jpg (21.55 KB, 300x300, t-rex.jpg)

I love this guy so much, im currently saving up for him and i cant wait to add this dude to my collection.

No. 64041

What a round boy.

No. 64048

File: 1574532529511.jpeg (872.41 KB, 2579x3385, 150C5190-65D2-4006-843C-69C79A…)

When I was younger I used to collect Webkinz, but as I grew older I gave almost all of them away. I now just have the brown cow and the signature dachshund.

No. 64049

File: 1574533806122.jpeg (13.36 KB, 300x300, AD93D7C8-6FA4-4611-8C56-FD0272…)

I got this giant moogle a few years ago when Final Fantasy 15 in a Japanese supermarket that has some import stuff. I adore him with all of my heart! He’s super huge too. I used to sleep with him but because of how big his head is his seam ripped a little and my boyfriend convinced me to put him up and display him so it doesn’t get worse, lol.
I’m glad other anons are into plushies, I feel like when people see a grown woman into stuffed animals they think it’s some weird ddlg or agre nasty shit.

No. 64072

File: 1574548887390.jpeg (65.64 KB, 1000x1000, 61F52F69-492E-49AE-9777-8C75B3…)

speaking of final fantasy does anyone know where I can find a fat cat plush who's not absurdly expensive??

No. 64264

File: 1574655039946.jpg (9.46 KB, 161x256, 894429.jpg)

>Di Gi Charat poster
Ah, I see a farmer of good taste.
I used to love that anime as a kid. Now I'm considering rewatch/read the manga. Sorry for bad quality pic, but I can't find a better image of this Puchiko plushie that I'm obssesed with.

No. 64369

File: 1574743022976.jpg (17.58 KB, 250x243, firstwebkinz.jpg)

Aw, I used to collect them too, although my grandma and great aunt took over my online account to play the games. I've never seen the brown cow, but I definitely had the white one before. I don't know what happened to him, but I will never forget my first webkinz, a basset hound. It was one of the originals so it didn't even have a W on the paw. Sadly I don't even remember his name, which makes me really sad. lol

No. 64375

File: 1574746273865.jpeg (24.47 KB, 425x318, D147A6B8-7F55-4231-B692-725A58…)


> my grandma and great aunt took over my online account to play the games.

Lol I’d probably do the same thing.

Oh man I remember the basset hounds being super rare. I’m sorry you lost him. My first Webkinz was the Lil’ Kinz Robin. Did you happen to watch Webkinz videos on YouTube aka “Kinztube”?

No. 64382

It's currently $40 in the North American SquEnix store, but for 8", that's still kinda pricey. However, looking at Japanese resale shops, they go for the same price. Importing it might be more tbh.

No. 75067

File: 1581361677919.jpeg (1.2 MB, 1242x1543, D897AD20-E51D-4795-A4E5-9A29B8…)

This is so cool. I want my own Spyro so bad.
source: https://instagram.com/nazfx_studios

No. 75072

File: 1581365020654.jpg (453.82 KB, 320x400, 6w061hj1my941.jpg)

I have the green squishmallow and it's ridiculously soft and plush to touch and when I lay my head on it, it feels like I am laying on a cloud

No. 75093

File: 1581377967334.jpg (245.18 KB, 1500x1051, digifes2019_12plush_july9_2019…)

Kinda looks like they're ded but still cute.

No. 75120

File: 1581403178437.jpg (23.13 KB, 300x400, SEGA-Virtua-Fighter-Kids-Plush…)

I have a big plush collection, like 4 bookshelves full of them, and I want to show it off here, but I feel like I'd get found out shortly lol.
Anyways, I'm attempting to grow my Virtua Fighter Kids plushes and I need to find this Jeffry McWild… somewhere in the wild. I love the little fish he's holding! I only have 5 of the roster in Kids form so I would need 5 more to go!

No. 90864

How long does it take for otaku mode to restock their plushies usually?

No. 90873

File: 1590040618358.png (391.93 KB, 530x708, Screen Shot 2020-05-20 at 10.5…)

if you're not following the beaniebabybot twitter account I highly recommend it, my quality of life has improved 10000% seeing these good boys on my feed instead of the usual twitter bullshit

No. 90875

File: 1590041566213.png (774.45 KB, 826x825, ikea bear.png)

The fat Ikea bear. I guess he's not available in the US which makes me so sad because I love bears and he is just adorable!

No. 91285

you bitches better start posting in this thread now

the thought of not being able to commission/buy anything from them makes me want to die

No. 91498

File: 1590170498880.jpg (49.16 KB, 683x1025, 57832065_020_d.jpg)

The small head plushies

No. 91649

File: 1590223324052.jpg (37.53 KB, 632x640, s-l640.jpg)

This is the exact stuffed cat I had until I was like 5 and I left him in a Target store. I remember my mom calling the store for a few days in a row to see if anyone had turned him in to the lost and found. I really want to buy one. I used to call him Alley Cat. One time a few years ago I got the drunkest I've ever been and my bf said I was asking for "my blankie and my kitty" which is what I would say as a child. That shit scared me bc I didn't even remember that phrase until he told me about it the next day. Anyways

No. 92198

File: 1590418960466.jpg (69.75 KB, 500x500, chebu.jpg)

A good bunch of plushy toys were stolen during my childhood because of some of my godawful siblings ( I am 2nd oldest girl and aunts and uncles always threw their kids at me so I would babysit), and sometimes I still remember some toys that I miss. Like this one, for example is Cheburashka ( Чебурашка ), as far as I can recall, It was given to me form my mother who wasn't living with me because of studies. That was really wholesome and one of the few good memories with her ( she met an abusive man and is still living with him, he drastically changed her positive personality into a complete opposite ).

I hope that when I will visit my grandparents, I will be able to grab some of my memory-holding, good plush toys back to myself. I moved to a different country and making money in order to keep going, so I don't know if that woul d happen anytime soon, esp considering a rough quarantine situation in their country.

No. 92203

File: 1590420756350.png (1.1 MB, 1240x838, Screen Shot 2020-05-25 at 10.3…)

My mom LOVES plushies and besides collecting expensive bears (the hinge joint types) she collects soft cuddly toys. She has a bunch of Jellycats and my favorite one is the grey smudge puppy! They are so incredibly soft or you can get the cuter ones. I also have a toothy t-rex!

No. 92204

File: 1590420760866.gif (8.88 MB, 500x540, giphy.gif)

Anon, this post made me so sentimental. I had a similar Cheburashka, it was really old, probably from my mom's childhood. Maybe it's still there, in my parents' flat, haven't seen it for awhile. Cheburashka is so cute and it makes me even sadder when I remember the cartoon because it was so melancholic.
I hope you'll get your Cheburashka back as soon as possible and I wish your mom would get rid of that garbage man.

No. 92205

File: 1590420830910.jpg (116.71 KB, 780x780, TO3TR.jpg)

The toothy trex! I bought it overseas and it was $60 so pretty upsetting seeing its like $22..Also have a bunch of childhood plushies that have been loved to death (theyre like 15+ year old and sitting on my shelf)

No. 92212

File: 1590424864750.jpg (16.9 KB, 425x320, octo.jpg)

Thanks a lot, anon! It really made my evening better.

As for return… Cherburashka was one of the plushies that got stolen. So unfortunatley, the only way for me to 'return' him is to buy a new one. Maybe I will get myself a new one for my birthday or sometime next time I remember.

I really love old USSR cartoons, one of my fave one is about a kitten named 'Bark'. I still set this cat as my profile pictures on forums sometimes. Cheburashka I Crocodil Gena was my very first one though, so Cheburashka is sorta special. I wonder if new Cheburashka merch is any good in Japan, considering they keep making 'new episodes' in Japan even now…

I've heard of Jellycats, their stuff seems to be really nice, that's for sure! Was really tempted to get their octopus, but they didn't make a green one…

No. 92218

File: 1590427166590.jpg (19.92 KB, 500x373, russ-berrie-tilly-white-floppy…)

Jellycats plushes are really worth it. Every jellycat my mom has is the best and is great quality so the $$ is pretty worth it.

To go along side you cherburashka plush, i too had a plush dissapear (dad threw it out so not stolen) and recently purchased one after years of searching. Luckily I found it on ebay for $5 and modified it (although i regret that and shouldve kept the little patch)

No. 117219

Where you guys find cute plushies?
I like plushies like Angelic pretty's purses and Pokémon.

No. 119565

I visit thrift stores often and I’m always around the toys section, most of the time there’s nothing good but it is possible to come across a cute plushie

No. 119576

File: 1609009021427.jpeg (5 KB, 213x237, images.jpeg)

My sister got me one of these guys this year. It's wonderfully chunky and good for cuddling. I'm surprised how densely stuffed it is.

I find a lot of cute plushes on Mercari and amazon, but beware of possible cheap quality and knockoffs (if you care about that) Etsy might be a good place for handmade plushes, but they will obviously be more expensive.

No. 119578

File: 1609010532953.jpg (354.49 KB, 1600x1200, a592a1a6d91d55def735cb753986d7…)

I know these were a bit of a meme a while ago, but when I moved states I had to go to Ikea to a buy a bunch of new things and picked up a blahaj plush while I was there. God it is the perfect size for spooning. It's incredible. Whenever I go to bed I rest my chin on its snout(?) and tuck the tail between my legs and I instantly pass out. I know some people wish that it was more densely stuffed, but I kind of like how squishy it is.

I keep seeing an ad for the bear one on my Facebook feed and I think they are so cute. I love the way they stand. Big "mom says its my turn on the xbox" vibes.

No. 119634

File: 1609109736982.jpeg (2.96 MB, 4032x3024, 1E6AB210-BD78-4F0E-9891-CF86B3…)

I love those, I love the IKEA bear that gets memed too.the only IKEA plush I have is the narwhal but he’s great.

Anyway, I said no more plush but here we are. These are the ones I’ve amassed over the festive season. a local bargain shop had the big care bear for £20, then the smaller ones, then the pip and stormy plush were reduced to a £4 each in a toy shop. Same with brown bear.
Tokidoki was a tenner so couldn’t resist getting that too.
The amuse lot were my official to self gift though. And I do want to get the other dragons if they ever restock

I mean fuck it. Miserable year so why deny myself something that brings me joy

No. 119635

You may like amuse plush they have a less old fashioned vibe though, I’ve never seen these AP purses before they are stunning

No. 119641

I feel like Gloomy Bears are impossible to get now. (Not counting 80$+ ebay auctions) Anyone knows why?

No. 119642

File: 1609118699773.jpg (1.46 MB, 3024x4032, xaov8lblwxz21.jpg)

I have so many Pokemon plushes. The Sitting Cuties series is great because you can find Pokemon you'd never expect to have a plush.

No. 119643

File: 1609119527683.jpeg (6.24 KB, 240x240, download.jpeg)

The sitting series is very cute. It seemed like they were going to make one for every Pokemon (up to gen 3 for now). I'm surprised they even made every Unown letter, considering these guys aren't the most popular. Though my favorite obscure pokemon plush is still the decoy.

No. 119653

I really want this one specifically but I keep seeing the image copypasted on eBay and the like instead of the actual plush! I’m so picky about my plush quality.

No. 119675

i think they've gotten popular on tiktok and with e-girls. same thing happened years ago with scene girls.

i've also noticed that kuromi, my melody, and hello kitty are now heavily associated with e-girls. i don't collect those characters but i imagine it's frustrating if you do.

No. 119684

File: 1609169085603.jpeg (159.33 KB, 550x550, 4DC40481-8F7E-467E-89A4-1E857F…)

I need her in my life but they’re really expensive and idk if I would cuddle her

No. 119689

do it. if you've been wanting it for a while (not a day or two, or even a week) you will regret if you don't buy it! Life is too short to deny yourself the simple pleasure of beauty

No. 119706

File: 1609186714859.jpg (127.28 KB, 350x314, unnamed (2).jpg)

I love the original TY Attic Treasures from the early 90's. It's really sad how low quality their toys are now.

No. 119710

File: 1609190504149.jpeg (63.58 KB, 800x800, 8f13de5a4a2182865a69e82c1fb6.j…)

I was looking for some Nici plushies and I accidentally stumbled upon a "plushophile" reddit and now I want to kms

No. 119723

Bless you anon. I need a Piglette in my life now.

No. 119734

She's so adorable! What brand is this plush?

No. 121930

File: 1610574305754.jpeg (102.5 KB, 749x500, F7F19CB9-6696-44C7-A712-CBADE5…)

No. 121946

https://piglette.ru/en/ Idk if they sell them elsewhere but heres the actual website.

No. 121965

File: 1610594780309.jpg (83.66 KB, 1023x878, EphMIfyVQAErUlV.jpg)

For those looking for repairs, I found this is a business article recently. Depending on the severity of your stuffed friend it could cost up to $1000s though, just a heads up.


No. 121969

File: 1610605933976.jpeg (59.19 KB, 572x607, EA14CB08-D7DD-4104-AA76-F7D10F…)

Jellycat plushes are the cutest. I have one of the bunnies but they have soooo many adorable animals, i want to buy them all ahhhh

No. 134764

File: 1617409022636.jpg (50.63 KB, 520x520, img_goods_01_03.jpg)


No. 134784

File: 1617424799705.jpg (344.95 KB, 1000x1000, DIDD6C.jpg)

i love them! i just bought a tiny lil crocodile, it's so soft

No. 134797

I am going to cry if I get these and probably cry more if I don't

No. 134805

gasp! I need!

No. 134830

I need that Lopmon!!

No. 134831

File: 1617458629436.jpg (20.49 KB, 400x331, Vintage-Applause-HARE-BRUSH-Wh…)

I had just found out Hare Brush plushes were a thing and I adore them so much. I hope to find one in the wild someday soon, I could get one online, but they're a little pricey for me.

No. 134832

This looks so soft. I can feel the softness through this pic

No. 134853

they're up for preorder on hobbylinkjapan and amiami

No. 135081

File: 1617575347534.jpg (74.87 KB, 1000x563, Ex21nZHU8AAJfvK.jpg)

whole gang

No. 135184

They're so fucking cute, AH!

No. 135992

I'm laughing because me and my partner are doing the exact same shit LMAO piplup exudes child energy

No. 136303

File: 1617995503912.jpg (267.01 KB, 800x800, 2123799053-1035351256.jpg)

Found this Appa plush on aliexpress. Pretty decent price too

No. 137374

File: 1618427472423.png (404.04 KB, 462x353, 75843975904375438906534.png)

I can't see cows anymore without thinking of this site. So cute!

No. 137443

File: 1618450575842.jpg (30.79 KB, 446x500, s-l500.jpg)

This is my favorite plushie I own right now.

No. 137462

File: 1618456755286.png (441.88 KB, 680x723, 54d3ddaf21d5aa2e04c0f2c2d6e84a…)

I backed a kickstarter awhile ago for this fluffy demon sheep, and she just arrived! She's very soft and a good size, I'm very happy.

No. 137475

File: 1618467314874.jpeg (322.12 KB, 1850x1850, 14D28B9C-BBEA-408B-95A3-010699…)

Sorry for the bad pic this is currently my favorite plushie I own right now

No. 139015

File: 1619204704289.jpg (142 KB, 575x553, kiwi.jpg)

Finally got the kiwi plushy of my dream! I know that moulin roty is for really small kids but I just love everything about their designs.

So cute!

Nice! also this look straight out of polaroid and I love it

No. 139016

File: 1619204751135.jpg (41.04 KB, 800x800, poupee-peluche-40-cm-chat-le-g…)

samefag but I have my eyes on this little guy now

No. 139024

wow this is legit one of the coolest and cutest bird plushies I've ever seen, how big is it?

No. 139048

File: 1619217480942.jpg (5.23 MB, 4124x3372, sdfghjiom.jpg)

There is a small version who’s around 20 cm and the big version is 30 cm. Not my photo but you can get an idea from a pic related (even if the colors are a bit dull), it does look a bit smaller in real life because he is sitting in such a slouched way kek.

If you like this type of plushies, you might also be interested in the platypus and howl from Moulin Roty or this ostrich from Jellycat ! They are my two favorite brands, all of their stuff are great imo and you might found some other cute plushies!

No. 139068

Wow, 30cm is the perfect size! The platypus is amazing too, thank you so much for brand recommendations

No. 139087

File: 1619227795027.jpg (80.2 KB, 684x1024, b270aa3dff8da5b1662b8b468fe42c…)

I feel like I'm one of the few people who really likes those vintage plastic faced plushes. I want to get my hands on some but it's so hard to find any in good condition at a good price. I'm kicking myself bc my family went through my grandmother's house and found a bunch of old stuffed toys but most were in bad shape and got tossed out before I could see. Does anyone know if there's any companies that make these new?

No. 139091

File: 1619228756352.jpg (16.63 KB, 236x334, peteena.jpg)


Do you have any artistic ability? In my free time I like to buy collectibles I usually can't justify the cost of (Tamagotchis in my case) in poor condition, then I fix repair their electronics and do basic repainting or retrobrighting to the exterior in order to bring them back to good condition.
I think a similar thing would work well with these dolls, especially due to their age and the lack of good-condition ones that don't cost a fortune. It's a pretty fun hobby if you like artistic stuff, and if you end up with a truly junked one you can use it for practice or customization as well.

No. 139097

I do, actually! I hadn't thought about restoring one. I know people do repaints and stuff with art dolls and figures. The only thing about stuffed animals is I think it would be tricky to restore worn or matted furs/fabrics. I actually thought about copying the face mold and sculpting my own type of this plush, but I also need to brush up on my sewing.

No. 147666

File: 1623303736124.jpg (27.37 KB, 300x400, strawb.jpg)

I used to have this big ass Strawberry Shortcake.

No. 147667

File: 1623303767086.jpg (18.26 KB, 400x300, Eeyore.jpg)

As well as him. His tail was detachable.

No. 147668

File: 1623303832376.jpg (147.26 KB, 1200x900, a baby.jpg)

I need him.

No. 147670

I had that exact Dalmatian!
These pics are so comfy and cute. I kind of want to post my collection, too, but maybe one day.

No. 147671

Okay not exactly built like that, but.. him. Yes.

No. 156968

I’m not Russian but I love Russian/Slavic culture, I used to have a lil Cheburska plushie but I lost it in the laundry ;(
I wish you the best nonnie

No. 164460

File: 1634319322996.jpg (79.62 KB, 750x1000, stuffed-teddy-bear-vintage.jpg)

Well, fuck me I guess. Hi no one, let's continue the conversation we weren't having about stuffed toys. I thought it wouldn't bother me if the thread in /ot/ got locked but my autistic brain wants to literally cry about it.

No. 164463

I came here because I saw that thread too, nonny! I'm 25 and still have the teddy bear I grew up with (I got it as a gift when I was 8 or 9). Last year while pulling it out of the corner between the bed and the wall I accidentally ripped his arm off and I had a breakdown over it lol. I'd like to send it to the plush toy hospital in Japan someday, I had a really unstable childhood growing up and this teddy bear is the one constant thing I had in my life, it's special to me.

No. 164466

File: 1634320180949.jpg (28.66 KB, 570x570, il_570xN.1322598463_lbxh.jpg)

Aw I'm sorry about his little arm, luckily their soft little bodies are so easy to mend. I hope he makes it to Japan one day!
It's one of my dreams to open a teddy hospital. I have some old plushies made with mohair from between the 30s and 70s and I'm learning how to spiff em up and clean them properly. Check out this little monke I got, she's from the 60s. The one I have has a little chain attached to her collar like a leash, I think the previous owner put it there.

No. 164474

This thread fucking SUCKS. Imagine just writing "post your favorite stuffed animals" and not adding the wonderful description that >>>/ot/939183 this anon wrote. She's into plush making and plush collecting which is more specialized than just """""""post your favorite stuffies"""""". This thread feels like just a place to show your most recent aliexpress purchase instead of really talking about it.

No. 164476

I appreciate you so much! I remade the thread on this board with the encouragement of you and other anons >>>/m/164475

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