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File: 1564616640752.jpeg (26.53 KB, 275x275, D5EB6FFA-27CA-4209-8EF5-09EBF8…)

No. 42262

Rant about Kpop, its creepy fandoms, and/or its fucked up industry. Or just nitpick some idols.

· Don't sperg, complain or pick fights.
· Don't racebait.
· Don't derail about dumb shit. If it doesn't directly have to do with Kpop, don't post about it here.
· This thread is not about shipping or fangirling. Save that for the general kpop thread here: >>>/m/11970 or the spam threads here: >>>/m/1166 (boys) >>>/m/14862 (girls)

· Previous thread >>>/m/39962

No. 42265

A girl in this video claims that a friend of hers dated a pretty popular K-pop idol (with many guessing Got 7's Jackson) in the past and discusses the experience. It's pretty much lots of sneaking around, not being able to go into buildings together, and solely interacting in his apartment. Honestly much more boring than I would have thought.

No. 42268

Seems like now everyone has a friend that has dated a ~~REALLY FAMOUS~~ idol or they've done it themselves lmao it's a probably a F list type if there's any T to it. Also what she said is basically what anyone could have figured w some basic common sense.

No. 42270

Nta but i read that jackson actually followed her on ig. I don't care though. This kind of talk is getting old, and these girls really can't keep secrets to themselves (if there was even any truth in it). Seems like everyone is turning into attention-whoring grazy grace.

No. 42271

Lmao why is it so hard for them to understand that BTS can't be considered as popular among American gp simply because of their Kpop styling and the fact that they never had one single song in full English. It's a no brainer thing.

>The argument is that BTS are clearly being somewhat sidelined into purely just a K-Pop idol group, resulting in having certain people expressing the unwillingness to recognize them as artists who can clearly compete with some of the biggest names in the music industry.

Also they need to stop with the pandering to armpits.

>David Bakula, senior vice president of global leadership at Nielsen Music, told MarketWatch that BTS has become too mainstream not to be a contender for MTV’s top awards. "Look, if they are only being considered for the K-Pop category simply because they are a K-Pop band, and not being recognized as a global pop phenomenon, then I think they are being a little short sold,” he said. “Because they certainly do have the reach, the consumption and the popularity of any of those other artists that they’re up against.”

No. 42276

What's annoying is the utter lack of names or stronger hints. Ex-trainees or people like Grace probably have NDAs that they can't afford to violate, what kind of contract are these bitches under?

Name names or STFU

No. 42277

As much as armys don't want to hear it, English is still a universal language and to be truly global an artist will just have to suck it up and sing in English. Shakira and Enrique Iglesias always have English and Spanish versions of each song, for example.

One Direction will always be more famous because their musical output is in English and they dressed like normal young men, even hyper-conservative countries didn't seem to have much of a problem with them

No. 42278

are they even that known in american gp? did they have a hit in america? no. latin pop is way more popular than kpop and it has its own awards. this whole ~~bts is above kpop~~ thing is hilarious

No. 42280

File: 1564638356544.jpeg (5.99 KB, 275x183, serveimage.jpeg)

There are more examples of BTS fan retardation than grains of sand on Earth and this lame crap is all you've got.

No. 42283

Be the change that you wish to see

No. 42284

File: 1564640503008.jpg (339.14 KB, 1080x632, 20190801_132153.jpg)

This girl was a trainee in SM but she quit and returned to the UK. Idk but maybe good for her? She'd be kept in the dungeon and would be too old to debut in SM's next gg otherwise. Wendy should have done the same thing lol.

No. 42286

She left so she could look like a Love Island cast member instead of a Gangnam unnie I guess

No. 42289

What’s her name? Also, she looks like an abg I’d see at a California college campus now.

No. 42290


No. 42291

Ratmys already made their career happen through spamming now they wanna shove tj them down American's throats. Just…stop. If the gp likes someone's music they'll get their rightful exposure and success no matter what but trying to brainwash people (like they brainwashed themselves) into thinking bts' music is innovative and complex, created by 7 genius adonises ain't fucking it.
They're just a boy band…everyone who dedicates their life to them and sits on twitter, wasting time swooning over them and defending them is beyond pathetic.

No. 42294

Are BTS really not capable at doing a full English song? Are they just lazy? Have they tried and somehow failed (because their accents are ridiculous)?

No. 42296

they are too ethnationalist to learn proper english and release a full english album

No. 42297

>>42262 bighit said they are a korean group so they will keep singing in korean

that's fair of them in my opinion

No. 42298

how do they expect to be taken seriously in an american awards show when they all keep relying on ratmon's stan twitter english

No. 42300

Wasn't there a version of mic drop that was like 90% english? I remember their pronunciation being so bad that you couldn't even tell they were speaking english (apart from ratmon and his lame blaccent)

No. 42301

Nta but I listened to the remix version that got attention and it was mostly English but I didn't realize until I read the lyrics. I had no idea what the hell they were rapping/singing.

No. 42302

Only fair if they also make a statement to ratmys that they're part of kpop, not above or beyond it

No. 42304

they literally have a song titled idol where they own up to being an idol yet ratmys are still going around saying bts is above kpop.

No. 42305

it's fair of them yet they continue to use stan twitter english and go to america to make an embarrassment of the rest of the industry

No. 42306

I'm too lazy to check but isn't BTS' twitter written in full korean? How can intl ratmys dont find it unfair for them?

No. 42307

File: 1564661299595.jpg (69.11 KB, 1280x720, unnamed-3.jpg)

No. 42309

i doubt she's pregnant. if she was they would send her to america or europe for an abortion. she came back from japan with her mom so obviously she's trying to leave.

No. 42310

Can they tell the fans at least what's wrong with her? Her "condition" has been a mystery for a long time now and you see twice crying for her (?) at concerts and shit and now here she looks like she's dying.

No. 42311

damn she looks like hell. knetz are of course coming after her with the old "suck it up and get back on the stage", as per usual. it's easy to say "don't be a celeb if you can't handle it" but it's not like she knew she'd develop severe anxiety issues as a result of it (that is, if she actually IS suffering a nervous breakdown and it's not a coverup for something else).

No. 42312

Idk, I buy the "extreme anxiety" excuse, that girl has been a nervous wreck the entire time she's been an idol. It's obvious she's not cut out for it.

No. 42315

They should stop milking twice and just let them go but I know they won't since Twice is JYP's major cash cow, they put them under very stressful schedules they need to let them go and focus on ITZY.And after all we don't know if her parents pushed her to pursue this career or if she truly wanted to but obviously she wasn't made for it and they just need to let TWICE go

No. 42316

File: 1564676563593.png (12.32 KB, 594x281, salt.png)

i also buy the anxiety excuse. it seems like she was just a pretty girl who lucked out. her training period was less than a year or something? the other members have probably been conditioned to suppress their mental health issues after a ~trainee period~ that consisted of years of emotional and verbal abuse.

the salty and cold comments from knetz make me chuckle tho. ofc this is somehow related to her being japanese.

i don't particularly dislike twice, but their potential downfall is going to be milky. jyp is going to discard them as soon as one of his other groups get successful. like wonder girls 2.0. i wonder how desperate some of the members will get when this happens.

No. 42317

Not wking the Japanese members but I've never seen momo or sana ever slack off or have any controversies( except for sana's post that Koreans got mad about). The ones who usually dip after gaining some popularity are the Chinese members.

No. 42321

She looks like she's got hepatitis or sunm not even going to jk

Also did any of these girls make some money? Cause theres like a thousand of them and JYP contracts suck. It seems they r in a lot of trouble cause aint none of them talented/charismatic/pretty enough to have a solo career. Maybe the chinese if they go back to china idk they all faded to be youtubers

No. 42322

File: 1564687120336.jpg (65.62 KB, 950x960, 123_1.jpg)

Still not comprehending how or why BTS/Kpop is so popular. It honestly just seems so regressive in it's methods. Why is it still being so heavily consumed?

No. 42323

It feels surreal that only 8 years ago they still use normal cameras (no filter) and groups actually performed live. Not to mention the lesser to none makeup and manly concept on the boys. Now compare them to the twinks from X1.

No. 42326

Go read the previous threads where this discussion has happened 362867164236 times.

No. 42327

I wonder why there aren't more groups like 2PM out anymore. They're definitely better-looking than most K-pop guy groups, but I guess it's because they lack the androgynous physique that appeals more to teenage girls/Tumblr fakebois?

They'll make any excuse to dismiss BTS's laziness and bigotry that they wouldn't do for another group.

From what I've seen , Sana seems to enjoy the attention from entertaining people much more than Mina (or at least is better at pretending that she does). Momo gets to live out her longheld Koreaboo dreams dancing on stage. I feel like Momo and Sana kinda knew what they were getting into and seem to enjoy being entertainers, whereas Mina never had any of that in her and it's all crashing down now.

No. 42328

File: 1564689678422.jpg (265.57 KB, 1364x2048, 2eed54b0dc0aa616a22bea61eb92b9…)

>they lack the androgynous physique that appeals more to teenage girls/tumblr fakebois
But tumblr sjw aren't really a thing in Korea, so why did they suddenly think that looking like an aunty is what appeals to young girls? When Exo and BTS debuted, they weren't like this too, so what started this?

No. 42329

File: 1564689825996.jpg (47.18 KB, 520x415, daesung.jpg)

>[+58, -2] Without all the glitz and glamor of hair and make up, his face is the true definition of what it means to be f*cked up ugly
And not one lie was told…

No. 42332

File: 1564690323928.jpg (261.76 KB, 716x803, 20190801_161151.jpg)

so fucking creepy and weird
imagine seeing your child photoshopped into a picture with lizard boy

No. 42333

In what world do we live in that gay shipping videos get over 7 million views?

No. 42334

File: 1564690424014.jpg (243.92 KB, 639x706, 20190801_161359.jpg)

just EW

No. 42335

File: 1564690447087.jpg (251.26 KB, 705x681, 20190801_161407.jpg)

i would sue if i came across one of these pictures

No. 42336

i skimmed through the video with an open mind and i seriously do not understand how anyone can unironically see anything sexual or romantic in these interactions. do ratmys not leave the house? they are just straight guys obviously trying to appeal to an audience, nothing more.

No. 42338

Something just happened after around 2013 and everyone slowly started wearing makeup that's three shades lighter and red lips-straight up like a cheap vampire makeup.
I mean the obsession with paleness and all was always there but i feel like no darker idol could ever debut now. I don't care about guys wearing makeup but seeing all these idol shows it feels like people are now attracted to guys who all look like androgynous high schoolers (how can anyone tell the guys from the pic apart?)

Also the obsession with youthfulness is especially creepy when it comes to the underage girls because they are openly sexualized and seen as women whereas the boys mostly do aegyo or some shit. It wouldn't be that creepy if all their fans were kids or teens but they're not.

No. 42340

File: 1564692144329.jpg (102.96 KB, 900x675, IMG_0227.JPG)

Forgot the pic

No. 42341

File: 1564692755332.jpg (36.75 KB, 704x396, EXO-K-MAMA-jaket-photos-exo-k-…)

Well, no, Tumblr types aren't really a thing but much of K-pop's audience are people in Westernized countries (specifically Tumblr types). Also BTS and EXO started out twinky, what are you even talking about?

No. 42342

I may be alone on this but I actually think she looks better with the Korean look as opposed to trying to look like an IG baddie. IG baddie looks are cringey in general but ABGs are even worse.

Loona Odd Eye Circle has a song in English that actually sounds like gibberish. I was excited to see it bc I don't speak Korean but you can't even understand their English and the lyrics are pretty whack so what's the point…

Twice is fucked once one of them gets into a dating scandal, attitude controversy, or any sort of trouble that could violate their image–god forbid one of them gets caught with drugs. Their image is being sweet, hardworking girl next doors, and one slip-up of actually being women in their 20s could cause their insane male fanbase to turn on them. Their fanbase is largely men, who will likely get bored of them once they've aged enough anyways.

Isn't Monsta X basically third-gen 2PM?

Idols were wearing white foundation and lip tint before 2013 though. I think the real issue is that they all wear colored contacts now which is super creepy with the white face and bright lips. They seriously look like Party City catalog models.
I also think they've become more obsessed with "whiteness" whereas everything back then wasn't so filtered. I used to not be surprised by idols complexions and looks, but nowadays I'm always shocked when I see pictures of Kpop idols taken by US media since they're actually shorter and tanner than their fansites and photographers want you to think. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but it seems like their obsession with whiteness has worsened for some reason.

No. 42344

One comment said that they never saw a grown woman crying like this in public at the airport and I agree, that's so weird, maybe it's really more than just anxiety. You can't just go from being in front of the camera 24/7 (and dating right after debut) to this mess.
The other members were either crying because they were really her friends or are simply worried about their own future now.
And it's true that japanese members usually never "make trouble", always only the chinese ones. Sana and Momo are probably happy that they can live their kboo dream while being completely talentless.


Wolf was very different, same for most of bts earlier concepts.

No. 42346

That loona song has abused the auto-tune if i'm being honest, I can clearly hear the "i'm not sane(?)" line and "take you to another world" line - other than that not so much lol.

No. 42349



> Basically saying that NCT failed
> Norebang, food, etc. The businesses that were opened recklessly in attempt to diversify keep earning deficits.
> Moreover, the NCT project, which was heavily invested in, have experienced a complete failure in terms of return on investments. (One of the main target of discontentment in shareholders have been NCT)
> The 3 biggest shareholders which include KB Asset Management have been demanding them to focus on the singer's business while sorting out the majority of the business. They're also requesting Lee Sooman who took 46% of SM's profit to merge with Like Agency. They're requesting them to redistribute the shares.
> SM refused everything after examining the claimsㄷㄷㄷ

Apparently this isn't a valid claim but I think many of us would agree with the comment below:
> 1. [+77, -72]
I feel like SM is becoming more and more of a failure in the entertainment infustry. EXO is at the end of their capacity, RV is also becoming frail, the next generation's female idols' trainees' faces are so bad so they ended up pushing it back while NCT just failed. I seriously wonder if they just gave up on the entertainment industry

No. 42352

In the end, SM’s policy is to own parts of everyone else—YG, JYP, cube, Avex, Johnny’s—via publishing rights or financial shares, so that they profit no matter what, and being sponsored by the govt so that they’re always secure. Setting up their competitors to succeed based on their own strategy and then financially benefitting from their success is part of LSM’s while “cultural technology” strategy.

Honestly, it seems like atm SM is more focused on the smaller successes of their solo projects, hoping that one of them will evolve into the next BoA or Rain, or something resembling a western pop solo act that will be cheaper to produce and give off the appearance of artistic integrity.

Sulli can’t outperform BTS or Twice , but she managed to get headlines this year independent of any discussion of f(x), etc…

SM is probably gonna drop all their groups over the next few enlistment cycles and focus completely on internal collabs and memorable soloits. I’m sure a bunch of members are shaking for good reason..

No. 42357

>Not to mention the lesser to none makeup and manly concept on the boys.
What's the problem with boy groups going for a more femenine style or concepts? I know that "flower boi" aesthetic is fake as fuck (as everything in kpop) but in theory is not a bad idea, why is inherently bad?

No. 42363

This video showed why blackpink's views are fake. I knew that they were fake popular, their popularity is not real.

No. 42364

There isn't one. The non-threatening, effeminate look one of the things kpoppies like the most about kpop, it's what's hot right now. It's just that most anons have literally no idea what they're talking about. Maybe the resident oldfags are salty because companies aren't making groups with concepts they're personally interested in anymore since what they want is no longer in style.

No. 42365

File: 1564704357270.jpg (51.09 KB, 1080x273, IMG_20190802_020603.jpg)


No. 42366

it's hard to believe itzy is from the same company as twice. besides the bad singing, they have absolutely nothing in common. twice always seem like inexperienced rookies no matter how many comebacks they have while itzy's debut seemed like a comeback from an already established girl group. yeji, yuna and ryujin are more charismatic and idol-material than all of twice is. it's kind of embarrassing.

No. 42367

>[+30, -0] If they didn't start this fcking NCT project, they would've already been chewing at the top right now. Although I got to know them first because of the NCT project, if they only decided to release the BOSS team, they would've been doing as well as EXO right now, and they're also fcking handsome… They were too greedy
This. Boss lineup + Ten would've been way more successful than the convoluted mess nct is today. Sm makes it very clear that they prefer those members over the others anyways.
I think nct prematurely peaked with Boss.

No. 42368

literally. they could've had boss line up, also debuted wayv but as a collab with a label in china, and waited til after smngg to have nct dream + other sm rookies debut. so much money could've been saved. they still hold on to them out of pride and fear of embarrassment when they already have the former every time nct127 has a comeback

No. 42371

Haven't you noticed the raise of kinky shit in fanfics with the out of the world things such as hybrid baby cow, lesbian oppas, bdsm, etc? Kinky fanfics had always been around since forever but i noticed that the mentality of fans are going downhill faster than ever. There's nothing wrong with it from business standpoint, but it has affected how fans view these idols in general and all the absurd shit that come out from them.

No. 42372

I don't like both groups but i agree that twice's debut and even comebacks look awkward in comparison. Itzy still has that 1 awkward member (lia) though, but the others kinda cover it up.

No. 42373

File: 1564710328891.jpg (51.83 KB, 644x452, images.jpeg-4.jpg)

Never checked their music but I wouldn't call them that with their current appearance. They just look like another bts. Not saying that one group is above another or something, they just don't come off as similar to me.

No. 42374

File: 1564710527760.jpg (422.68 KB, 1080x1080, 20190802_084909.jpg)

Whose oppa is dis

No. 42384

File: 1564713536676.jpg (419.68 KB, 1535x2048, 9tw7lp8nc3l21.jpg)

lia is okay looking but she reminds me of mr bean wtf

No. 42385

Why does Nayeon get an American-Southern accent when she's singing the chorus of Fancy live? English is not their strong point unfortunately lmao

No. 42388

File: 1564716158610.jpg (204.74 KB, 753x397, Lia.jpg)

She just looks like an average girl to me. They use a fuckton of shoop to make her eyes big and her nose small so I have a feeling they're already planning her future surgeries.

No. 42391

File: 1564717800092.png (5.54 MB, 1792x828, 614A3CAA-57C5-491A-895A-61BAD3…)

the girl in the middles hip padding was awful throughout the entire icy video. it’s not super obvious in this screenshot but throughout the video it’s very noticeable if you look close enough. kind of got distracting after a while

No. 42395

File: 1564726410361.png (2.04 MB, 1334x750, BE67C818-2216-4853-928A-E4605A…)

nta but here's some more caps

No. 42396

File: 1564726482703.png (1.89 MB, 1334x750, FB3C3C7C-AC30-47B5-A6A2-13D2A0…)

No. 42397

File: 1564726594219.png (2.22 MB, 1334x750, 67FE5E66-1378-40D0-9E45-36621F…)

No. 42400

Lmao so it was padding. I saw this and thought "wow I never noticed she was curvy

No. 42402

File: 1564728603425.jpeg (28.89 KB, 236x354, 35EE8CC6-4253-46C3-86AE-C4DF9D…)

She looks like Quasimodo to me tbh. Her jaw is big and her eyes are too wide apart but you can tell they try to compensate that by keeping her brows too close together. Her wide nose doesn’t help.

No. 42406


No. 42407

I think its because her cheeks are big. Try imagining her face w/o the chubby cheeks and it'll look less odd

No. 42411

When will Tiffany stop? Her pronunciation is fucking terrible. The song is English and I still can’t understand. She’s needs to stop trying to be Ariana Grande

No. 42412


nayeon will try and she got a solo schedule recently so I know jyp will push her but she won't make it

No. 42413

That's why they shooped her into >>42388

No. 42414

Lmao that's awful, all gibberish. I'm confused is she a B or C list artist in the US? She seems to be recognized as that girl who got away from kpop, even spotify still puts her under the kpop category.

No. 42416

File: 1564733623878.jpg (93.63 KB, 1080x570, 20190802_151339.jpg)

Lmao that hits the spot.

No. 42417

wow I cant believe all the itzy fans in this thread saying they aren't as bad as twice.
Did none of you notice how just awful the chae girl is? In both dalla dalla and icy she embarrassed herself. No amount of autotune can save her.

1:46 worst rap in kpop imo

1:36 worst vocals I heard in a while

I'm not one to pay attention to vocal ability, I'm easily fooled. But I can't just ignore how straight up tone deaf this girl is

No. 42420

I'm more surprised by the fact that a lot of people here find the song "icy" catchy like sure jan

No. 42421

File: 1564739671489.gif (494.78 KB, 500x250, IMG_0228.GIF)

For all the new anons that still don't know how this site works: You add YouTube links next to where it says "YouTube" and if you wanna make a post that's not relevant enough or if you're merely replying to someone write "sage" in the email space so you're not filling this thread up.
I've been seeing this shit since the last thread.

No. 42422

Z-list. No one other than kpop fans are aware of her existence.

No. 42424

Nta but I think not embedding is fine in this case since she linked 2 videos (with timestamps). Iirc youtube links with a timestamp at the end embed wrong here.

No. 42427

Nta but i think they didnt add it to the youtube form cause they were making a comparison, so rather than shitting up the thread with 2 vids they just put the links. Plus the vids were marked in specific times, which is impossible to do when you add it on the youtube form. I've seen some people doing exactly what you said though (which is annoying indeed), but that anon wasn't the case.

No. 42429

SM is running out of ideas

>According to various reports from South Korean news agencies, SM Entertainment is currently working on their very own ultimate group.

>The upcoming ultimate boy group is reported to be made up of the agency’s top groups, SHINee, EXO, NCT, and WayV. Not much detail has been given except that all of the members who will be part of this new group are busy preparing for promotions.

The lineup:
Kai, Taemin, Mark, Baekhyun, Lucas, Ten, Taeyong

No. 42430

File: 1564741143059.jpg (195.74 KB, 1400x1294, mgma-txt-red-carpet.jpg)

They are getting creepier every day (the 2nd and 4th dudes from the left especially)

No. 42431

File: 1564741450186.jpg (63.91 KB, 750x1010, 20190802051721.jpg)

And they're making it a permanent group. Everyone is livid about this except for select nctfags who solo stan one of the four members involved because their tards need the free promo. Sm's fucking stocks dropped after the news got out lmao their song better be good and the nct members better not get a single line if they want this to even come close to going according to keikaku. I bet this sounded like a foolproof idea on paper.

No. 42434

Wheres the 5th one tho? Absent bcos of health issues? (aka botch his face?)

No. 42435

i aw a tweet saying that he had sudden back pain. probably had a panic attack over going outside with such a botched face

No. 42436

Honestly, I feel like ITZY is a complete failure. YeJi is charismatic and has an interesting look to her but not even she can dance or sing properly. Who is supposed to be the best at dancing and singing in their group? Because they're all equally as bad, at least Twice has Jihyo when it comes to singing and Momo when it comes to dancing and some of the members are entertaining on variety, I watched Itzy on variety and they were terribly boring. Also, who's supposed to be the visual? Is it Ryujin? She's pretty but has something extremely off about her face, definitely not as pretty as Tzuyu.

No. 42437

File: 1564745817272.jpg (199.03 KB, 1080x930, IMG_20190802_133534.jpg)

>they're making it a permanent group
What??? Shinee members are in the army and nobody gives a fuck about nct anyway, but what about the rest of exo? Kai and taemin fit together well if they do something dance heavy, but baekhyun is way more suited for ballads (and just had a solo album), so how is that supposed to work out?

Pic related comment is kind of true, sm is probably losing a lot of money with nct, despite focusing so heavily on them, so now they're panicking and came up with this shit idea. If I were them, I'd just break up all their contracts and throw them out lol

No. 42438

these are the only members that fans of these groups care about so i'm not surprised but idk how they will work out together. none of them can sing except baekhyun.

No. 42439

Yuna is the visual.

No. 42440

No, Kai is actually one of the most unpopular exo members.
Some people commented that Baekyun's album sold 500k times - meaning way more than all of nct lol If I were him I'd be so pissed, he enlists next year and now has to do this.

No. 42442

the NCT members are gonna look like they won a contest to be there. Exo always gets stuck doing charity work.

No. 42444

Kai isn't one of the most unpopular members anon. He's always trending on naver for breathing.

No. 42445

Samefag* Keep in mind sasaengs and solo stans like buying 826382737283 albums and magazines in order to see their fav. Baekhyun has the most solo fans and would drop thousands just to see him.

Anyways, Kai and Taemin subunit would have worked okay by itself why did they have to add those NCT faggots there? they should just burn their contracts or transfer the groups to different companies. It's ridiculous how desperate they are. I hope SMNGG is the next SNSD, or else RIP SM.

No. 42446

What about he actually had panic attack but only because he botched his face recently? Lmao

No. 42447

im saying maybe he fucked his face up again but it went too far

No. 42448

they need baekhyun for vocals. nobody else in that line up can sing. i predict he'll have majority of lines in the song.

No. 42449

>If I were them, I'd just break up all their contracts and throw them out lol
What else is there to do at this point? They fucked up big time with Nct and I genuinely believe it's too late to unfuck it. They can keep WayV and a handful of the Korean members for Nct U but they should throw everyone else in the dungeon permanently or fire them all together. They're more trouble than they're worth.

No. 42450

I'm surprised they didn't include Jaehyun. He's way more popular in sk than those other nct members
Do they fire idols? I bet some of them wish they could be fired instead of waiting until their contract is over lmao

No. 42452

The missing guys nose's is already fucked up from what i remember. Its jus a few ps jobs away nearing jhope tier. Whutever they all look weird anyway

No. 42453

File: 1564749668501.jpg (Spoiler Image,187.08 KB, 2000x1188, L0d9Grf.jpg)


isnt this who is missing? he always looked the most normal to me

No. 42454

I predict
>taemin will get over half the lines
>baekhyun will get most of the other half
>kai and taeyong will share the scraps
>lucas gets the adlibs

No. 42455

>>42454 you forgot lee sooman's best boy mark lee. he's probably gonna get half of the rap while the others dance

No. 42456

Yeah, he's missing for back pains or something. Taehyun is easily the most horrifying one in that group.

No. 42457

yg is dead and now sm is also about to die. eyes on you, jyp.

No. 42458

firing idols is not SM's way. they love to punish the ones who step out of line by sending them to the basement though. iirc Kris cited in his lawsuit that one of the reasons why he left is because they sent him to canada and halted his activities after he disagreed with some SM decision. the closest to an idol getting fired would be Jessica and they blacklisted her anyway iirc

No. 42460

nah. Look at interviews. His nose is a-ok when its shooped into looking decent. But taking a peek at their interviews and the first thing i noticed was his nose and why it suddenly looked weird af

No. 42462

Lmao everyone knows he's horrifying. No need to bring it up again.

No. 42463

Throwback to when SM had this "wonderful" idea of creating a ballad project group consisting of the most competent ballad singers from various groups but they managed to fuck it up in the end.

No. 42465

i can't wait to see their live performances and baekhyun trying to carry an entire song by himself in a group of seven.

No. 42466

He won't have to sing in a song full of obnoxious rapping by Taeyong and Mark, don't worry

No. 42468

Most normal??? He looks like a freak

No. 42470

if they give the whole song to those two like they do every nct song it's going to backfire so hard. exols are already absolutely furious over this, if taeyong and mark get more lines than their guys they're straight up going to attempt to poison them. they'll be hated.

No. 42472

Imagine being super popular and successful senior groups but having to be in a new group with failed rookie idols just to save your company's stocks lol what an embarrassment.

No. 42473

I laughed at the lineup because taemin really doesnt need any more exposure. Everyone is tired of him already.

No. 42474

Solid confirmation that Super Junior is irrelevant beyond 30 year old girls from 3rd world countries

No. 42475

File: 1564758516370.jpg (Spoiler Image,67.53 KB, 1077x1280, 66077247_102116924413726_19580…)

let's hope he doesn't fuck it up too.

both stray kids and itzy have a lot of potential. he just needs to hire a vocal coach for the girls and keep bang chan out of controversies.

oh and stop shaving felix's jaw

No. 42476

>>42475 OT but I audibly snorted at the dildo looking thing in the right corner

No. 42478

>>42475 awful ps aside, they really have to stop making idols wear light colored contact lenses. it looks fucking creepy and not cute at all. he looks possessed in that picture

No. 42479

I hope this is a photo filter what the hell, I'm always surprised at how different he looks. Are there any stans freaking out about it or are they all delusional?

Any other idols that look completely different lately?

No. 42480

>>42479 They're being delusional, saying how puberty hit him lol

No. 42483

File: 1564760683205.jpg (Spoiler Image,944.98 KB, 1080x1350, 30995542_102209360648677_45494…)

no, everyone says "he just lost his chubby cheeks uwu~"

tbh, i kinda believed it at first considering everyone else in the group looks fairly ps-free.

No. 42484

His jaw looks closer to his original here at least. I can't really decide if he has a smaller jaw or if he uses too much editing in his photos? He definitely had ps but he looks different in every photo I see of him.

No. 42485

oof i had a dream where i was hanging out with her and made a "your mom" joke and made her cry and i felt super bad lol

anyway, she really should have stayed in korea(no1curr)

No. 42486

they already tried this back in the day
does anybody remember that group they did with kai, taemin, luhan and hyoyeon i think?

I only liked that song because it reminded me of Shinee Lucifer

No. 42488

Even tho he edits his photos, you can see the change in vlives and fansite photos too. He's a great kid imo, just a little insecure I guess.

No. 42493

File: 1564763773096.jpg (51.14 KB, 480x854, 725481910080.jpg)

My fucking sides, shawols and exols are really going in on nct now

No. 42494

Aren’t Stray Kids kinda of flopping though? I barely hear about them and don’t know any member aside from Felix due to this thread. Got 7 are also considered flops, but I knew who the members were and could name some songs from them at least—and I didn’t even try to follow them closely.

It’s honestly kinda sad that there isn’t really isn’t a strong, emerging boy group yet that can compete against BTS in terms of popularity at the moment. Got 7 could have been on a similar level to BTS but they kept releasing unlistenable songs. EXO was even more popular than BTS years ago but they’re definitely becoming less relevant over the past couple of years. Why are these new guy groups like NCT, TXT and Stray Kids such flops?

No. 42495

File: 1564763855944.jpeg (260.57 KB, 750x647, B3B2EC5E-A80E-4E35-8598-F5BE0B…)

ot9 stans are pissed

no idea why sm thought this would fly when fans of all three of these groups are demanding different things. they want exo as 9, nct as 21 and shinee to be promoted well. then they give them this. seriously, whose idiot idea was this?

No. 42496

File: 1564763946460.gif (809.57 KB, 230x230, d141a487b091d5091ff04fd2f46c8f…)

the slow dumpsterfire death of sm has been so satisfying to watch kek

No. 42497

File: 1564764167246.jpg (112.33 KB, 720x1470, EA-pTamXUAECgrh.jpg)

Am I the only one who finds shots like this disturbing in a sexual way?

No. 42498

Not really. Stray kids have cheap fansigns every 10 minutes, they rake in a lot from those and they chart well for a group that only debuted like a year ago.

No. 42500

Looks like trolls to me, but ok

No. 42502

Not really, Stray Kids are doing pretty decent. Their last comeback flopped hard though.

As for NCT, nobody even bothers with them because of their infinite member system and rotational groups. And their comebacks are really hit or miss in terms of songs and concepts.
TXT will always be in BTS's shadow. They're really uninspired, BH relies on ratmies to keep them going.
And both of these groups are really spoiled from the beginning imo.

Yeah, it's really sad that probably no boy group will be able to reach BTS level of fame before the K-pop hype dies off in the west.

No. 42504

lay probably doesn't even remember the word exo now. he's never coming back, exofags.

No. 42505

then they can fuck off back to korea and stop bothering people in America. Every other group that tries to pander to Americans gives them an english version of their song.

No. 42506

bts aren't famous in the west, nobody cares about them lol so who cares if they speak english. i guess we have to wait at least a decade before people will accept an asian group here and the kpop hype will be long dead before that

No. 42507

and besides that they don't fit western beauty standards. v is the only one who could be considered handsome in the us in my opinion

No. 42508

NCT would have been fine if they only stayed with NCT U. It all went downhill adding like 10+ "literally who"s?

No. 42509

I'm late but wtf is going on with her voice??? It just doesn't sound like her
But she looks good at least

No. 42510

yeah, i don't really know what goes on in china but i heard he's extremely popular there. HE probably doesn't wanna come back to exo.

fanservice, anon. a 14 yo probably tweeted that with the caption "so..,,,, this is what it looks like before they gangbang you owo"

they know exactly what they're doing.

v's really fucking handsome. too bad he's really misogynistic :///(don't use emoticons)

No. 42511

I love this scandal. I wonder if all the nct stans on lolcow are pissed that their baby bois are getting so much hate lol

No idea why people keep trying to make "uwu you don't like kpop?" into a racism thing.
Non-anglo european artists, african artists, arabian artists etc don't really get a chance in the US either. Spanish music is only popular because 1) South America is right next to the US and 2) there are lots of hispanic people in the US. There rarely are any singers or groups who are able to make it if the don't sing in English. At the top of my head I can only think of Rammstein who got successful despite them not making music in either English or Spanish. All the other foreigners are usually just one hit wonders.
Kpop stans need to stop complaining, it's not like their countless music award shows ever feature non-koreans either.

No. 42512

foreigners who make it big in america and sing in their own languages usually make it through a hit song. an actual hit song that gets popular amongst normies. bts, blackpink or these other overrated kpop groups never had an actual worldwide hit, their "records" are completely due to their fans mass streaming. psy is the og hit maker of kpop.

No. 42513

I wish SM didn't instantly announce that they'll be a permanent group. At least test it as a station to see how fans react. They really shouldn't take risks like this.

No. 42514

if i were him i'd want to get back with exo in order to get back support from the entire fandom. the only comeback to not flop outside of china/korea/taiwan was lose control (it was a debut not even a comeback)

No. 42515

lay cant come back because of thaad + his position as an ambassador for the the youth league of china or something, i guess since youre all armys here you arent updated on that lmao but hed receive huge backlash for being active in korea rn. he makes bank in china anyway so sm probably dont give a shit

No. 42516

Okay, Exo-L. Thanks for informing us about something that has been discussed a dozen times already.

No. 42517

He doesn't need support from the entire fandom and hasn't for a long time, he makes a ridiculous amount of money in China.

Stopped reading after "thaad", you have no clue what you're talking about.

No. 42519

File: 1564768965659.jpg (58.87 KB, 736x734, 66205786_708586496256277_63550…)

I really like nct but I understand the hate, honestly.

Anyway, this dumpster fire is entertaining to watch. I love when money hungry companies doom themselves to death because of their greed.

No. 42520

and he can make even more money if he had the whole fandom behind him. i'm looking at the situation with capitalist glasses on, he can double his profits.

No. 42521

Nta, but I'm not sure if the fandom will be supportive of his solo activities. OT9 noonas are already guilt-tripping people to support him, but he's flopping so hard.

No. 42522

File: 1564769449749.jpg (144.69 KB, 1024x620, rs_1024x620-190701010311-do-ma…)

Has anybody ever looked at nct's chart positions and album sales? That's beyond pathetic, how do they even feed them let alone provide clothes, an apartment or pay for recording, shoots, etc?
Most successful single is Cherry Bomb, it reached number 47 on the Korean charts and sold 71k times…
Every normal worker would get fired for underperforming and causing such huge loss for his company.

Many (at least foreign) exo fans still like lay, praising him for coming back for Do's enlistment. I never really liked him, no idea what's the hype about.

No. 42523

he wouldn't even make half as much with exo as he does on his own in china, it's just a waste of time to promote anywhere else in his case.

No. 42527

File: 1564770743819.jpeg (200.96 KB, 1112x1350, 326D7DC9-4FBE-40B6-BC17-5DCC56…)

they dont want it either ha

No. 42528

File: 1564771014178.jpeg (58.5 KB, 750x498, rip_sm.jpeg)

kek, this exo l outrage on twitter is glorious.

he has more potential in china, bigger country = bigger market. he also gets treated like a god because he has kpop idol clout and can be used by the government to promote ~chinese values~. i'm pretty sure he's filthy rich already, but he can cement his status as one of china's largest celebrities if he stays there and gets into acting or something. i don't see any reasons for why he should return to sk where he gets treated like a second class citizen and doesn't even get the same amount of salary as the rest of exo.

No. 42529

isn't making a permanent group consisting of some exo, nct and shinee members basically saying that they won't focus on these dying groups anymore

No. 42530

Is this real? If so, then that's just sad

No. 42531

File: 1564771566652.jpeg (182.16 KB, 750x380, BADF9CD8-1F6B-4E00-A780-2BAF90…)

can’t wait for all the chinese idols to sue and leave sm to rot

a girl can dream alright

No. 42532

this is exactly what i was thinking. how are they even going to promote in their own groups if it's not just a unit? at least other members in nct will get some lines if taeyong and mark are not in the group.

i love this picture. i was looking for it for so long. thank you, anon.

No. 42533

That's exactly what shinee and exo fans are mad about, it's basically a big fuck you to the remaining less popular/remaining members.

No. 42535

File: 1564772059799.jpg (61.3 KB, 640x640, 51287124_185504762410873_56027…)

Why would you love and search for this picture of some ratboy…?

Seems like nctfags came out of the woodwork.

No. 42536

hey man, i'm just happy that sm is getting the backlash they deserve. at least im not a ratmy or something…

No. 42537

well they're also bitter because taemin(/shinee)/exo won't gain anything from this. sm is trying harder than ever before to push ncts flop asses on their other groups big established fanbases while they still have the chance. it's not going so well.

No. 42538

At least try to integrate.

No. 42539

yes exactly thank you. Not even Chinese or Japanese music is popular in America let alone music from other Asian countries. So they really use the racism thing to make people feel guilty instead of just admitting that most young people in America don't appreciate or like the typical kpop look, the music, the awkward interviews, the crazy fandoms etc.

No. 42540

Not an army but how is being an nctzen any better…?

No. 42541

not an nctzen but armys are objectively the worst kpop fandom by far (not saying other fandoms are any good; armys are in their own league of deranged)

No. 42542

I don't think she's that bad at dancing but why's she still trying to live her koreaboo fantasy? Wasn't that "debut" enough?

No. 42544

>>42542 Your blatant jealousy is showing lmao

No. 42547

he looks just like someone in bts but i'm not sure which one

No. 42549

why would anyone be jealous of this, anon?

probably suga or v. tho, they get surgeries so they can all look the same

No. 42550

Lmao at least bts is actually somewhat famous. Nothing more pathetic than adult women caping for barely legal botched flops, you're not any better than ratmies.

No. 42552

Any predictions on what the next scandal will be?

Right now, people are really digging through BigBang's other properties. I think something else will come up eventually.

Or maybe a dating "scandal". Those are always fun.

No. 42553

sm is going to go the bighit route and their new group's single is going to be about kai and taemin coming out.

No. 42554

this sounds weird but for big bang i was thinking leaked nudes since i heard some of the members are sex addicts. plus other members being involved with burning sun type crimes

dispatch is exposing a couple this month apparently and people are betting on irene or joy or jenkai again (i doubt the last one)

No. 42555

i’m not an nctzen, learn to read. ratmys are the most annoying fandom, we’ve been over this for threads already. doesn’t make nctzens and others any less cringy.

No. 42556

If it's Red Velvet, those mentally ill people on twitter will be furious. They all think RV hates men or something.

No. 42557

Honestly anon you're not wrong at all and I think he's the only reason that BTS made it over here and other boy groups don't. Probably the only reason he hasn't dorito chinned

No. 42558

is he really the reason tho? i dont think he's the most popular one in the us. people usually just talk about that lizard guy

No. 42559

come on they havent "made it" in america. being used as a gimmick for award shows to get viewers (aka rabid fans) isnt making it. people might have heard of the name just like they did with shinee that time obama mentioned them but theyll be completely forgotten in a year or two

No. 42560

By kpop standards they have. Compared to NCWho and the other groups that get pushed here anyway

I'm sure V or Jungkook got the attention of most of BTS' casual fans. Jimincel is for the rabid stans

No. 42561

File: 1564778172880.jpg (7.89 KB, 289x317, nani!.jpg)

>I think he's the only reason that BTS made it over here and other boy groups don't
bts haven't properly "made it" in the us, and taehuyng the raging autist surely isn't the reason for the success they have achieved in the west. they just happen to have a big fanbase in the us (who other artists and tv hosts pander to so they can gain profit and boost their own numbers/popularity). and, like other kpop artists, bts have made a handful of tv show appearances to show how kooky korean boybands are with their makeup and ~crazy~ colored hair.

No. 42562

when do you guys think the bts hype will die out in the west? i just want people to move on from them so i dont have to see their face or fans everywhere.

No. 42563

Well Seventeen did mention they want to perform at the bbmas so we'll see how that ends up. I can imagine ARMY getting riled up because "ThEy GoT HeRE FiRsT".

No. 42565

i really dont know anything about seventeen, maybe listened to a few of their songs at most. but i imagine them getting famous in the west will be way better. at least they dont seem like the type to act "woke" and take themselves too seriously…

No. 42566

>Jimincel is for the rabid stans
Exactly, V and Jungkook are the only ones who could be considered somewhat attractive by anybody who's not the uwu soft (gay) asian boi aesthetic - and the reason being that they still have a jaw lol

>Seventeen did mention they want to perform at the bbmas
Doesn't mean that they ever will… They're not even that big in Korea.

No. 42572

when their international fans grow up / when bts leaves for the army / when every single member gets into a scandal a la Big Bang.

No. 42575

File: 1564781125731.jpg (123.85 KB, 800x1200, DutUvS4XQAIN4Y5.jpg)

yooa is a fish. sad

No. 42576

Why are you stalking her youtube channel? From what I can see, she's posted dance covers like that before.

>why's she still trying to live her koreaboo fantasy?

Because her company is promoting her? She signed a contract which means she has obligations that she can't/won't just stop just because bratty kboos like you don't approve of her.

No. 42577

idk where all these ariana grande comparisons are coming from I just hear siri

No. 42578

An idol from a popular group will probably leave, maybe there will be an unlikely couple that will trigger everyone, and lastly, more male idols will be exposed for being dirty pigs. You know, just the usual.

No. 42579

I'm not the person you're talking to but by your logic the whole site shouldn't exist and neither should PULL. People are constantly saying Jennie should just give up and that she doesn't deserve to be a kpop idol in this thread and they say the same thing about everyone in twice and pretty much every idol girl ever that isn't their ~bias~. You sound like an angry Stan.

No. 42582

You sound exactly that first fag. We know how contracts work, youre just bitter that Lana is still getting attention. No idol gets that much attention and quits right after they debuted its common fucking sense

No. 42585

File: 1564784346729.jpg (Spoiler Image,67.4 KB, 746x561, 67051433_2175738486051470_8863…)

I just wanna scroll through my insta feed without seeing shit like this.

No. 42592

I'm late but I'm not gonna lie, I'm interested in what they will come out with. There's a teeny tiny bit of potential there but I bet SM will throw out another zimzalabim.
I think one rapper would have been enough, there's too many dancers and Kai being the cringiest one should be the one to go. Meanwhile Lucas is untalented in every way and looks like a whole ass frog on top of that.
Why not add another singer? Is Lucas really the most popular chinese member? I thought it was Winwin, but they're both useless anyway so what's the difference.

No. 42594

File: 1564787316010.png (387.08 KB, 370x567, Screen Shot 2019-08-02 at 7.08…)

I still see no appeal for Hitomi. But I'm glad she's the most natural out of the entire group.

No. 42597

she would be top3 visuals in izone if she wasn't cosplaying as an aryan race poster child. mousy brown hair and no eye contacts would make her beauty stand out more

No. 42598

I saw rumors that her nervous breakdown is the result of something bad that happened to her at an awards show involving a male idol. Obviously kpop rumors mean next to nothing, it's just sad that I have no trouble believing it.

the only bts members I saw getting organic attention from the public were RM (I watched the BBMAs where they performed Fake Love with some friends and they all laughed out loud when he started talking during their speech because they were expecting his voice to be high-pitched kek) Jungkook (because of his abs), and Jhope a year before when they were doing a bunch of televised shows in the US because he's arguably the best showman out of the group and that's what people actually pay attention to.

No. 42601

People will do anything for the views. How can you fake a cry over the cat dying Jimin's voice???

No. 42602

Probably cause she's doing the whole moon thing and that's ariana's aesthetic.

No. 42603

Nta but that anon wasn't being jealous of her lanachan.

I think her debut flopped. It was a boring song with fucked up sound mixing.

No. 42604

he looks like a fakeboi

No. 42607

>reeee anyone who says anything mean about lana is a jealous haturrr
kek absolutely humiliating. I thought the koreaboos who were living vicariously though her in here left.

No. 42608

>Most successful single is Cherry Bomb
Koreans actually have good taste for once.

>They're not even that big in Korea.
Agree that they won't perform at the bbmas anytime soon, but what do you define as big? They're the 3rd biggest group after BTS and EXO.

No. 42610

Winwin has even less talent than Lucas and no1curr about any of the Wayv members aside from those two and Ten

I could see sm giving them a shitty song just because they thought they could get away with it tbh

No. 42617

>top 3 visual
>aryan poster child
anon are you on crack

No. 42618

Besides that comment he apparently made about his ideal type being a housewife that "spends his money wisely" and telling one of his fans to cover up, are there any other reasons why people call V a misogynist? I don't follow BTS at all, so I don't know.

No. 42619

Looks like a ratmys wet dream kek

No. 42620

Lana takes kboo twitter fags self esteems and turns it to ash. Don't know why anyone would be against that. Unless.. there were twitter fags here

Wasn't him telling fans to cover up supposed to be fanservice? Im sure most of the members are misogynists though

No. 42621

File: 1564797978909.png (604.64 KB, 644x820, 1562508662885.png)

Serious question can any 3rdgen fag in kpop even sing? Like any of them? I get that it's a tertiary concern with manufactured music but it's so nauseating

No. 42622

I dont think so. From what ive seen most trainees are either good at dancing and look good but not one can sing decently. Of course autotune will fix that and crazy stannies will call them ~vocal legends uwu~

No. 42625

EXO are 3rd gen, right?

No. 42626

SM is really so pathetic like…Its never been more apparent than it is now that they dont give one shit about Red Velvet. Some of the members are decently talented and they have several visuals that actually make bank on their face alone, so its really tragic to see they are doing everything BUT giving a shit about them and giving them strong comebacks. Everything they get to do is leftover filler from F(x) and other random groups, including the damn outfits they typically wear. Imagine being so incompetent that you think making another supergroup is a good idea when the last few times you experimented with that, it was a failure. Why are companies like this? FOCUS ON THE GROUPS YOU HAVE. YOU WILL ACTUALLY MAKE MORE MONEY THIS WAY!!!!111

No. 42627

I suspect that Lee Soo Man deliberately made his money to bribe himself off INTERPOL by whoring out DBSK and SNSD and then decided to just leave. Now the company is owned by tons of random investors and is in total ruin. I heard there aren't even really any female trainees after Yeri and a lot of the SPRY trainees fucked off back to Britain or elsewhere like >>42284

No. 42628

>I heard there aren't even really any female trainees after Yeri
Werent there a couple of popular ones still locked in sm rookies? I havent kept up with them but i remember Lami being in the same circle as Irene and Seulgi. Did she ever debut?

No. 42629

File: 1564801416542.gif (1.75 MB, 409x178, bts-v-fan-meeting.gif)

Seems like he has an odd understanding of what "fanservice" is supposed to be…

No. 42630

lol @ tard handler jin coming to the rescue. V was my favorite member at one point during the height of my btsfag days as a teen and even then I would have 180'd and left if he'd pulled my hair when meeting me.

No. 42631

I'd be happy if Mina left the group. If she was talented then it would be a shame but she brings nothing to Twice. They'll continue on fine without her.

No. 42632

im just hoping theres more to it and its scandalous, like shes pregnant or something kek

No. 42633

Lana is never going to go anywhere with her nugu company and no big agency wants to risk signing a white girl. She's either dumb or very delusional about her career prospects. I don't understand why she didn't just become a model when she has the hafu look that koreans like.

No. 42634

He is legitimately one of the most autistic idols out there. Everything he does is autistic, even the way he carries his body. He should have known better, I know it was supposed to be a joke but he didn't even try to be subtle about it.

No. 42635

I know anons here are really nitpicky, but I feel Jinho of Pentagon is a great singer. There's obviously a lot of talented idols but that doesn't mean they will be popular unfortunately.

No. 42636

I honestly think the whole of A.C.E sings really well too.

No. 42637

Jesús, wtf is wrong with him. Also I feel like Jin is the only normal one in BTS at this point lmao

No. 42638

lmao tf is wrong wit him

No. 42639

isn't that jungkook? he tends to just shut up most of the time while the whole group spazzes and suga being a sadboi in the corner

No. 42640

Lol you all are so obvious in defending her

No. 42642

Wow didn't realize pointing out basic facts amounted to "defending" someone.

I'm always bewildered by that gif because outside of this situation, he just committed assault. Honestly imagine any other situation where grabbing a virtual stranger by the hair would be considered permissible.

No. 42644

File: 1564812223541.jpeg (389.47 KB, 750x941, B3E4FE1A-4C1E-4F56-B17A-3A4B32…)

Honestly I feel like their companies enable them to not eat and she might be a fainter, I could see her ducking out for feeling like she might pass out.

I’m not trying to WK her don’t get me wrong, but I feel its more reputation friendly that she’s anxious rather than anything to do with eating.

Unrelated but came originally to post this pic today from a cringe-y “idols that could be twins” thread, Jimin is starting to look like that Brazilian dude who got surgery to “look korean”.

(Oops deleted original post, for some reason I thought the topic was Jennie for some reason)

No. 42645

The lanafag autism is really embarrassing. Her 15 minutes ended a couple days after her debut, no one else cares anymore.

No. 42646

still don't know what made him think this was okay. it could've gone horribly wrong. people buy literally hundreds of albums to go to fansigns to get treated like this?

No. 42648

you're saying that as if the rest of twice are talented

No. 42651

i made the mistake of looking this shit up and the comments gave me brain damage

No. 42652

>"antis are not familiar with V's personality, he really does weird stuff from time to time, even us fans can't explain his actions sometimes xD"
so you all own up to his autism, glad to know.

No. 42653

the worst thing is they call autism "interesting 4D personality uwu

No. 42654

p l a y i n g with fans hair

No. 42656

Most people are against SM's super group but nevertheless, the amount of times I read "Exo/Taeminnie loves his juniors, he wants to collab with them!"…

This is what's so unique about kpop stans, fans of artists from other countries would never allow "jokes" like >>42527 but instead of standing up for their faves, kpoppies just try to spin it into something that their idol decided themself.
>Blackpink is forced to starve themselves into skeleton-mode? - They're naturally thin!
>Underage girls are pressured into inappropriate concepts? - They want that! How dare you criticise a woman's way of expressing herself!
>2 adult men are forced to do cringy and unrealistic fanservice? - They're a couple!
>Oppar clearly get's overworked and has to do stuff no sane person would want to do, while definitely being underpaid? - He wants that too!
Prime example being V treating fans like this >>42651 or Jungkook's baby gif, they see him being miserable yet spin it around into something else.

No. 42658

They don’t want their fantasy to be ruined

No. 42662

Couldn't agree more. I'd like to add this
>Sehun has a sugar daddy - (pretend it's not happening because that daddy ain't hot shit)

No. 42665

File: 1564828461606.jpeg (194.78 KB, 640x848, 688453EF-2D0A-4374-BA7A-FEBDFC…)

I still follow some of the members of Stellar on Instagram and Jesus Christ why would you edit yourself that pale? Especially when your hand is also kind of in the picture still and is a completely different colour, there’s wanting to be pale and then there’s wanting to look like a corpse

No. 42667

For a sec I seriously thought that was jo kwon who transitioned.

No. 42669

>Underage girls are pressured into inappropriate concepts? - They want that! How dare you criticise a woman's way of expressing herself!
they did this with fifth harmony though

No. 42670

the huge reaction to some white girl's debut flopping was stupid. kpop fans were so angry over nothing.

No. 42671

If anything they gave her free promo through all these twitter posts and YouTube rants. If they hadn't made such a big deal out of it her videos wouldn't have gotten all these views.
They don't know that even bad publicity is still publicity.

No. 42672

still doesn't make it right. coercion of minors ain't okay no matter what industry you're in

No. 42680

Lizard's smug smirk watching the scene always cracks me up. They're not even pretending not to be assholes

No. 42681

I don't know much about the others but this guy just seems straight up dumb af to me. It always seemed like he never learned how to behave like an adult in social environments. He has either zero social intelligence or he's just trying to be quirky. Back then it could be excused since he was younger but he better have changed by now.

No. 42705

File: 1564868278934.jpeg (184.34 KB, 749x913, 5C8FFBF7-2006-421E-BB3C-F5C33A…)

Has Nayeon done something to her nose again? It’s more pointed.

No. 42706

File: 1564870463765.jpg (26.3 KB, 540x344, 4ceef21ae60374bbc1ce5a3e185669…)

Girl's starting to look like a shark with her weak chin and weirdly upturned nose.

No. 42709

ITZY's fans rearranging ICY is reminding me of when people got rid of one of the Hello Venus member's parts in the prechorus of Wiggle Wiggle, reuploaded it, and then straight-up called it the "better version" lmaoooo

Are you insane? Cherry Bomb is terrible just like the rest of their title tracks.
I scrolled down and funnily enough, NCT's b-sides (which aren't promoted at all) chart much higher than their title tracks–some within the Top 20. Unless the company is run by actual children, SM should be able to see and understand that the b-sides are doing better than the title tracks; why they don't try to be more public friendly is beyond me–they're flopping so hard.

No. 42711

i hate that i still see army faggots pop up randomly on the internet with some "i luvvv my alien boy V! xD stan BTSsssss!!!111!" like i thought taehyung faggots had already had the internal army war about how he doesn't like to be called an alien or something. still a little bitter i had to see that shit under a youtube comment.

No. 42712

i think her nose is shooped. there is no way she could have gotten another nose job with how busy twice are.

No. 42713

you can hide a nose job pretty easily. maybe she had it right before tour/comeback

No. 42714

I used to think Jin was childish for getting upset when V criticized him on Burn the Stage but now I get it. I'd be pissed if this fucking retard tried to talk down to me, too.

maybe she got injections or something?

No. 42715

File: 1564874514409.jpeg (258.81 KB, 1000x1500, EAu4tozVAAoAHGB.jpeg)

okay i looked up recent pictures of nayeon and saw this. the girl looks different…something changed in her face.

No. 42717

is she trying to look like jennie?

No. 42718

Nta but 7th sense is the only good one (imo)

No. 42722

No. 42723

she looks like a snapping turtle

No. 42724

>Cherry Bomb
>Good taste
That's like one of the worst kpop songs i ever heard, it gives my headaches just by hearing it and the tune makes zero sense.

No. 42725


No. 42726

>>42715 my bet is chin shave and eyebrow shape change. It does seem like she wants to emulate Jennie.

No. 42727

And yet orbits still say Loona is a natural group.

No. 42728

File: 1564890261608.png (Spoiler Image,2.4 MB, 750x1334, D78B85AB-9A6F-44ED-8DFA-B59DF7…)

Forgot pic

No. 42730

File: 1564893033481.webm (1 MB, 776x324, lyrical genuises.webm)

I dunno, anon… Lyrics like "if you're happy and you know it clap your hands" and "I'm the biggest shit on the stage" really resonated with me. Maybe if your IQ was as high as mine (195) you would get it.

No. 42731

how can anyone say loona is a "natural group" when vivi exists lmao

No. 42733

File: 1564894069835.png (448.12 KB, 500x500, chungha.png)

anyone remember when chungha was cute?

No. 42734

i dont understand why they dont just do this predebut
if you've already debuted with one face, then have a new face every comeback to the point where you're not even recognizable/look like other idols whats the point honestly

No. 42736

aside from the ps, looking at it close up and its fascinating how much shooping fansites do. her whole complexion is a blurr. kek at her nose tho no ps can save it anymore.

No. 42740

Exo's got solid vocalists. U can easily spot them cause they are the ugliest.

Too bad pentagon has a retarded concept. Idk if cute concept looks worse on grown ass women or men tbh.

The 3 youngest are fucking weird and att whores. Jungkook looks legit autistic in every interview and he does a bunch of cringey fanservice with his "ships". He's gotta be low key the weirdest because he didnt have a normal childhood/adolescence.

No. 42741

>that webm
this is your brain on kpop

No. 42742

guess bigshit cant but make the youngest 3 attwhores look lyk they wana fuk each other bcos nobody gives 2 shits about the fugly and aging hyungs kek(actual retardation)

No. 42743

File: 1564901145513.jpg (170.37 KB, 800x1200, 2e485aef284a34cb912ea755f17e8f…)

Her face looks so tight and plastic she legit looks like she's 40

No. 42744

imagine getting surgery to make your lips curl up like this emoticon :3

No. 42745

File: 1564902266742.png (129.89 KB, 279x313, Screenshot_1.png)

this youtuber/tumblr popular girl Michelle Moe posted a video discussing colorism in Asia and mentioned bts and now armys on twitter are hounding her with suicide bait and threatening to jump her at concerts. Michelle is an army herself but she's honest about not liking all of their music so ratmys think she's secretly an ""anti"" who's just using them for clout. pic related is them calling her an animal while she's just minding her business at a concert. and if you check the replies on the tweet several people took creepy candids of her and are threatening to jump her. all this because she said she prefers their slower songs to their edm shit and criticized RM for making fun of Jhope's "black" skin kek. sage because this is old milk and ratmys being insane isn't exactly news, just thought i'd add to the pile of proof that they should all be put in an asylum.

No. 42746

The left corner of her mouth is extra fucked. She looks like she would melt if she stood too close to a candle

No. 42747

i've seen some of her k-pop related videos and she doesn't even say anything that bad about bts, she says she likes them and bought like 84746373 tickets for the same tour (pulltards were saying that, might be wrong). armys are having a mental breakdown over her because

>she criticized bts for worrying too much about getting tan and ratmon's colorist unfunny joke

>said jin's voice doesn't fit every song
>criticized ratmys for mass streaming 24/7
>made fun of ratmys who think the members are gay

No. 42748

samefag, was replying to >>42745

No. 42749

the pain of having those slits cut seems unbearable to me

i dont understand how koreans recover so fast from that sort of thing

No. 42750

jungkook off stage is so cringy. he acts like an autistic soundcloud rapper.

No. 42751

old milk but it just goes to show how mentally defective armpits are. Just because she doesn't spew shit like they do, they'd all come to the conclusion that "she's an anti >:( protecc our bby boiz uwu"

I've never encountered a fan as crazy as the ones on twitter or tumblr. people i know who are interested in them can actually laugh at their ridiculous songs and plastic faces. Not a single one of them has ever been triggered. no1curr but i guess incel ratmy's who are retarded enough to dedicate themselvs to 7 twinky men and send death threats to anyone who doesn't dickride them must be socially inept and never leaves the house (Just goes to show that all of them must be fakebois or teens with depression uwu).

No. 42752

that's why they will never actually confront her in real life, they'll just take candids of her and circlejerk about beating her up on twitter instead. these alogging twitter stans have a seizure after having a brief human interaction with a stranger.

No. 42753

and with that, Michelle has absolutely nothing to worry about

No. 42755

File: 1564907713413.jpg (94.64 KB, 400x600, IMG_0230.JPG)

I have nothing against Chung ha but even in the before pic she had a bunch of stuff done. There's barely any pre-surgery photos of her.

No. 42759

Now I understand the meaning when koreans say "her head/face is too big!"…

No. 42760

if she's the one doing the curled v sign thing, fans must be doing a lotta crack if they still think "her face matured and her features got more defined bcos of weightloss!1! all natural UwU" how blind u gotta get?

No. 42762

Is… is the squared shape on her forehead an implant?

No. 42763

wtf is this supposed to even be? that's just wack.

No. 42764

ngl I laughed when I saw this
She's an OK singer, but she could use some improvement.

No. 42765

File: 1564918479052.png (Spoiler Image,139.53 KB, 237x232, 543543543543.PNG)

who ever thought of giving the joker lookalike shitzy member blondehair? it makes her resemble a rat more and the blonde hair isnt helping one bit. why cant they stick to dark colors? she didnt look this shitty before

No. 42766

File: 1564918504916.png (Spoiler Image,263.61 KB, 353x286, 5435345345345.PNG)


No. 42767

I don't know why she's the most hyped member in Korea when (I'm putting this nicely cause she's young) she's not one of the best looking idols out there to exist. I find their leader and another girl from that group way more attractive but I've figured out why they love her. It's cause she's the youngest and that, most of the time, makes them popular.
I find the comments about her body and all really unsettling.

No. 42768

Her features are so odd to me she doesn't even look like she's real she looks white in a way (not because of the blonde hair) but at the same time she doesn't look white. I wonder if her face is the result of surgery.

No. 42769

If she were to be ugly like Umji she wouldn't be hyped even if she is the youngest. She's hyped because she has features that are considered very attractive in Korea like big eyes, long limbs, more European nose

No. 42771

she still looks uncanny to me. not an itzyfag but yeji's prettier. yuna looks like a freak

No. 42774

i don't get how chungha is so popular. her songs are nothing special, her singing is mediocre and her face is botched. what do koreans see in her when other idols get bashed for stupid shit on the daily?

No. 42775

she's not the most hyped member in korea. that's yeji for sure. i would say yuna is like the 3rd most popular after yeji and ryujin.

No. 42776

I thought anon was overreacting when theybsaid they couldn’t understand a word but just…ooof. I couldn’t even make out a single fucking word. Plus those in between shots of her squirming around is just embarrassing

No. 42777

Yep, that's a new nosejob. It's looking really different. Injections only work for people with a hook nose, and they don't reshape the tip like that anyway.

No. 42778

The best part is she apparently helped produce it herself. Just because you can doesn't mean you should

No. 42779

File: 1564933577921.png (205.08 KB, 720x1440, Ekran görüntüleri_20190804-183…)

This is James Bay's song let it go which was released 4 years ago. When I heard Rose made a cover of this I knew that her fans will search the song. Now, it's flooded with comments like these. I really hate when kpop fans ruin the comments section of random songs like "x brought me here". Nobody cares, not everybody knows who x is.

No. 42782

Me neither. SK is not really experimental with their opinion on the perfect face and I really can´t see it in her. They are all young and there are too much other young girls in the industry, so what about her? It makes me uncomfortable to watch. But that is not only her, but with every underaged and overly sexy styled girl. She is not reaching 18, she is 15…

One can only hope they will at least listen to the whole song, so the artist gets some coin… Don't know what trend this is. Super annoying. But the same like the stupid "first comment"-bs. People want comments and likes without thinking about comment.

No. 42783

File: 1564935208101.jpg (24.71 KB, 343x593, d577cee867a8efdfbf0cdfa308657d…)

Honestly, I don't understand all the Nayeon hate in the kpop threads. She doesn't look that bad, it's only her profile that looks odd but her face is not that bad. Even before her plastic surgery I think she looked better than the average Korean. I also don't think she looks like a plastic monster or anything, she looks like she's got work done, yes but she's not Chung Hwa tier and she didn't have as much work as people think. She's only had her nose and fillers. Call me a Nayeon stan or whatever but it is a reach to call her ugly or botched when she's not even the ugliest in Twice Jongyeon, Chaeyeon and Dahyun are uglier than her.

No. 42785

In Korea the prettiest members of twice are considered to be Tzuyu, Mina, and Nayeon.
But I think Nayeon gets so much hate because she always brags about being beautiful and when sixteen aired she was the oldest and the only one who debuted already clearly modified.

No. 42786

She's insufferable. I think you'd know this if you weren't a once

No. 42787

she got popular for her "wacking" dance style on produce101 and the fact that she's at LEAST competent at dancing when no one else was

No. 42788

I 100% believed she sucked dick to get where she was. JYP was more critical of Jihyo (considering how more better of a singer she is) than Nayeon. It was obvious how he played favorites from episode 1 of Sixteen.

No. 42789

I mean she got the evil edit pretty bad on sixteen. But I'm not sure why else she's the center and gets like 40% of the lines in every song so if she fucked her way to the top I wouldn't be that surprised.

No. 42790

File: 1564937234103.jpg (464.18 KB, 1365x2048, Og8t7Lh.jpg)

Should have stopped messing with her face when it was in its PD101 stage. It looked more "idol-esque" while still not being a huge departure from her natural appearance.

I think it's because Chungha is relatively scandal-free and noticeably has more stage presence compared to most other K-pop idols. The thing though is that most K-pop idols don't really have the great amount of stage presence you'd expect from someone performing 24/7 already. Just watch fancams where the cameras don't try to capture them in the best way possible and you'll see some noticeable differences when comparing the two. Chungha isn't exceptional in that regarded but she sticks out when comparing other idols.

>Twice Jongyeon, Chaeyeon and Dahyun are uglier than her.

Seems to be an unpopular opinion but I really don't get why Chaeyoung is considered an "ugly" member. She's much prettier than the other two mentioned as well as Jihyo and Nayeon. Personal preferences aside she fits into Asian beauty standards well (big doe-like eyes, upturned nose with a prominent bridge, face that's on the smaller side). I think maybe people don't really see it because her eye folds make her look a little cross-eyed sometimes and she has a prominent beauty mark, but I don't think they take away too much.

No. 42791

In my opinion Chaeyoung is one of the prettiest members

No. 42792

File: 1564938354679.jpeg (36.29 KB, 480x574, 2FC275D8-CA41-4E56-AFAC-093CF2…)

Majorly unpopular opinion but imo Dahyun is the cutest member. Her nose is legit perfection. I don’t care if she isn’t talented because let’s face it, none of Twice is actually talented lmfao.

No. 42793

She's always smiling and does a lot of aegyo and shit so she comes off as fun, especially since the fans are mostly male and they're into those kinds of girls whereas the less popular members tend to just be themselves and don't overdo the childish shit.
I feel like female idols with even a hint of "strong" personality become unattractive to to them.

No. 42794

File: 1564938806623.jpg (710.48 KB, 1080x1343, chaetard.jpg)

She keeps posting pictures of herself looking like an actual retard though and should probably stop

No. 42795

To me the side profile of a nose doesn't mean shit when the nose itself looks off in a front-facing photo. it looks like she has a totally big and flat nose in other photos. Dahyun's so average-looking to me but has the privilege of having lighter skin in a culture that puts that shit on a pedestal.

She looks fine here and isn't going out of her way to make stupid meme face or whatever. I definitely think her looking a little cross-eyed is really the only reason why people consider her ugly.

No. 42796

I'm sorry but can't all the Twice-fags sperg about how cute unnie is in the General thread?
And can all the obvious stan twitter refugees fuck off back there?

No. 42798

her nose isn't the only reason people hate her. she's the most annoying twice member. she has the biggest ego in the group because she's the center despite being ugly. jyp always gives her the most lines and made her out to be the next suzy as if she could compare. she had bullying rumors when twice first debuted. if you don't know this she's actually friends with blackpink's jennie if that tells you anything.

No. 42799

nayeon and momo totally fucked their way into twice that is for sure

No. 42800

File: 1564941920276.jpg (37.55 KB, 416x309, HL8ixhC.jpg)


No. 42801

File: 1564942185011.jpg (21.74 KB, 300x300, s-chaeyoung-jihyo-nayeon-twice…)

i dont think chaeyeon is ugly i think she just looks like shes touched half the time? like i feel like the tongue hanging out of the mouth/mouth being wide open all the time thing is an indicator of her either being retarded or not being able to breathe or something idk

No. 42802

File: 1564942218887.gif (1.4 MB, 540x236, tumblr_ol836uLObL1ulv0o3o1_540…)

The only pretty twice members is tzuyu - but she "makes up" for that by having the personality of a wet towel.
No idea how anybody could consider Chaeyoung or the likes pretty. Dahyun is super popular on 4chan, go figure… Having "big eyes" (thanks to lenses, makeup, and making retarded faces) alone is not enough to fit korean beauty standards, if the rest of your face is an undefined blob.
You literally can't tell the difference between their faces and the faces of those underage looking 3rd/4th generation flop boy group members.

No. 42803

4chan isnt a good indicator of popularity considering it only takes one or two posters to continuously obsessively force a handful of ugly/boring idols

one from a few years ago used to post Sunny from SNSD constantly and you would think she was popular because she was shitted in every thread but nah

No. 42804

I was trying to say "look at what type of people she appeals to, certainly not normal ones".

No. 42805

File: 1564942775655.gif (1.65 MB, 244x180, momo.gif)

momo used to be more tomboyish when she was on sixteen. now she's like one of the top pedobait members along with sana and nayeon.

No. 42806

File: 1564942897617.jpg (59.5 KB, 533x533, 56506597_519354541801915_55670…)

she was cute, lip/cheek filler ruined her

No. 42807

File: 1564944706716.jpg (110.57 KB, 800x533, A-Pink-Wishlist.jpg)

Seeing as most of us are former fans, why did you stop liking kpop?

As a teen I always listened to girl groups with cute concepts, because they were a sweet alternative to sexier american music.
I liked their outfits, tried to copy their hair and makeup, and judging by how friendly they were on variety shows I always thought they're called "idols" because their supposed to be rolemodels for young girls, they embodied the type of person you want to be friends with or who'd you want as your older sister.
But with the rise of the popularity of youtube and live performances being uploaded there I inevitably found out that their korean fandoms consisted of mostly men in their 30s, 40s or 50s. I found that so shocking and offputting, no idea how girl group stans nowadays are able to deal with this.
How could I have known that e.g. pic related coupled with bubbly music and the girls acting like they're besties is something that adult men like?

No. 42808

Getting a nosejob isn't an achievement

No. 42809

the girls in that pic all have completely different faces now lmao

No. 42810

I'm the anon that posted defending Nayeon, I never knew her personality was so bad now it is understandable why she is hated but I think people in these threads should focus more on the way she acts and her personality rather than her looks because compared to a Korean celebrity she is not that botched or ugly I swear she gets sitted on every thread and people act like she's the most botched/ugliest female idol ever

No. 42811

File: 1564944928262.jpg (11.74 KB, 236x280, 631a9f10fb660d474fcac1e179d634…)

I seriously wonder the extent of the stuff Chaeyeon has had done. She admitted to 'eye surgery in middle school' but I believe that like Irene she got a nasal extension very early on and something done to her jaw (not necessarily bone shaving). It's mind boggling how it's completely changed the entire orientation of her face to be much sharper looking

No. 42812

oh my god no one cares

No. 42813

Believe this same topic's been brought up before but haven't shared my story.

Got into the genre as a pre-teen girl and have slowly started disliking it starting a couple of years ago. It was due to the same superficial reasons most people would in that male idols played up to that unobtainable boyfriend fantasy, and the girl group members were like pretty dolls you could admire and see as sister-types. The sound of K-pop is catchy and "bubbly" too so it was easy to turn on some K-pop tracks and start feeling a bit more energized.

I think getting into a relationship with an actual normal guy and exploring other genres of music outside of K-pop really made me realize how disgustingly calculated the "personalities" of idols are. Getting into other genres like rock and indie shit made me realize how derivative and just bad lots of K-pop songs are. Learning more about how the industry operates behind the smoke and mirrors has also made me feel bad. Ashamedly I'll still listen to some songs with earbuds on or only around people who would be able to tolerate it, since I still like the sound of pop music.

No. 42815

File: 1564945771790.jpeg (97 KB, 500x750, 489DA6CB-0CAF-4FC7-8C84-CA953C…)

wendy is a genuinely talented vocalist, it’s a shame she’s racist. she also used to be the prettiest rv member before she got botched.

No. 42816

i was friends with a koreaboo in high school who forced me to listen to kpop all the time. he was really annoying and would do kpop dances in the middle of class lol. eventually i gave in and got interested in snsd. i became a hardcore fan of them and would shit on every other girl group. i was pretty obnoxious. then when jessica left my delusion of snsd being this perfect girl group was shattered and i stopped caring about them. i still listen to kpop, but i don't get invested in any of the groups. i like reading people talk shit about kpop here because it's fun since i don't have any connection to the newer generation of idols.

No. 42818

File: 1564946586683.jpg (14.32 KB, 370x553, Wendy Predebut photos 4.jpg)

Wendy's honestly no more racist than that of a privileged upper-class girl who grew up in a white and Asian bubble…which she is. I'm 100% sure that most K-pop idols are more racist than she is but they're just better at hiding it.

Also she was never that pretty but she was at least average-looking before. That image you shared was shooped to death. >pic related is much closer to her natural appearance.

No. 42821

I got into kpop in late 2016. But I was mostly into older generation groups . I was full on into kpop till early 2018. I stopped listening and following kpop because the music kept getting shitter every comeback. Like a downward spiral . The outfits and music videos were looking worse too. I started to listening to older music from the 80s etc Then I realized how auto tuned and processed kpop is. Also kpop groups like nct pushing towards an international/us audience made me cringe.Idk maybe kpop has always been bad musically but I feel like since 2014-2015 the new generation of kpop groups and music have been getting significantly worse

No. 42822

i think it was the nose job she admitted.

No. 42823


There hasn't been any memorable kpop songs this year. Seems like the public is more into solos these days.

Doesn't seem like a clear front runner for Song of the Year so far.

No. 42825

lol now they shitpost Seulgi and call out "Slugposters

No. 42827

fuck I thought that was Joy for a second

No. 42829

honestly being on /hr/ and the /mu/ kpop threads way back before /ot/ was even a board was a trippy experience

i remember when the shift of the crazy snsd fans directing their obsessions to red velvet happened, so its basically all the same people just a different group and im sure they've picked up some of these newer groups too

No. 42830

I honestly fail to understand why people got as upset as they did. She was asked on a tv show to imitate white/black stereotypes. Mamamoo straight up did blackface

No. 42831

mamamoo got called racist a lot before starry night came out. honestly kpop fans care way more about some idols wearing dreads than they do about actual racism.

No. 42832

File: 1564949055711.gif (2.88 MB, 268x370, tumblr_pvkkm1Q6nK1s2vcg0o4_400…)

Are you blind? She literally looks like an inbred rat. Even with her mouth closed she has those terrible caterpillar brows and incel-tier chin. Not to mention the botched nose where you can perpetually see up into her nostrils. She's one of the ugliest idols of all time.

No. 42833

that anon is an obvious fan or something who feels the need to keep going out of there way to announce how ~not ugly~ nayeon is and how we're all HADURRZ, just ignore it

No. 42834


No. 42835

Cause she grew up in Canada so people kinda expect her to know better than to make jokes like that. Korean idols who have lived in Korea their entire lives get a "pass" cause fans think they're not aware of all these things. I don't think it was racist though it was just stupid and not funny but back then a popular variety skill was to "imitate" black people..we've come far lol

No. 42836

I never said she wasn't ugly, she is ugly for an idol but she's not that bad looking as everyone makes it out to be. I'm tired of seeing her being posted as the ugliest and most botched idol ever. I had no idea her personality was bad until now because I've never seen anyone post about her personality until now, only about her looks which aren't that bad imo. For example chungha is a very popular idol and she's very botched and very ugly yet I have only seen anons bash her looks for a couple of times. It seems like there are two chosen idols that are considered the ugliest in the kpop threads which are Ratmon and Nayeon, ironically they look very similar and rat like but with Ratmon I can understand it since features like an incel chin and weird rat teeth are considered ugly in a man but women with weaker chins and rat teeth don't look half as bad as men with those features. Call it whatever you want, call it stanning, call me a once or a rabid Twitter fan but everything I wanted to do was post my unpopular opinion.

No. 42837

File: 1564950549474.jpg (115.98 KB, 350x467, gallery_786_106_25150.jpg)

She was very pretty during happiness era and kind of resembled Lumna but with lighter skin.The picture you posted was from her predebut when she was chubbier. She lost a lot of weight for their debut.

No. 42842

File: 1564952772726.jpg (176.33 KB, 1080x1350, Gqhz8C7.jpg)

picture #1 and #4 could easily be her sister and using selfies to judge facial shape or bone structure is daft

No. 42844

File: 1564953049658.jpg (547.64 KB, 1366x2304, jung-chaeyeon-kim-sook-park-na…)

Ok delulu stan. They were confirmed to be her, but ofc her entire face shrunk and her nose became much less flat for no reason

No. 42845

File: 1564953253065.jpg (33.67 KB, 350x271, jessica.jpg)

koreans really think they have people fooled with plastic surgery it KILLS me

you can change your features but you cant change your phenotype and unless you hide all your pre plastic pics and never have kids, genetics dont lie

No. 42846

File: 1564954201856.jpg (288.9 KB, 2048x2048, r5xy9vveb2n21.jpg)

I'm aware of her nosejob, but do you really expect her face to stay fat and undefined after losing weight?

No. 42848

File: 1564957425403.jpg (27.96 KB, 736x1072, veryugly.jpg)


No. 42850

File: 1564957489458.jpg (61.62 KB, 736x854, b02611f0fd33a508a30b3325208214…)

I agree she looks worse now (from the jaw shave) but anon that pic is also clearly edited. I don't think she was ever the prettiest

No. 42851

Lurk more, summerfag. Chungha's botched face has been discussed in this thread ad nauseam, most recently only 14 hours ago. RM and Nayeon are popular targets to make fun of, but they're definitely not the only idols ever called ugly in this thread.

No. 42852

The angle makes his face look so uncanny like whole shit he’s ugly

No. 42853


Jisoo is the least popular member of BlackPink outside Korea yet has 17M followers on instagram…but BP can only sell around 150K albums. YG needs to make all of this less obvious.

No. 42854

i feel bad for some of them because they did take some pretty nasty falls, but this is hilarious to me. all the same concert too lmao

No. 42855

File: 1564965089516.jpg (49.54 KB, 611x935, 1561710460287.jpg)

"not that bad looking" yeah maybe with makeup and a lot of editing

No. 42856

>women with weaker chins and rat teeth don't look half as bad as men with those features
Bullshit. I have yet to see the first woman who didn't look retarded with those features, unless you got a very balanced face you just will look awkward at best and incel-tier at worst, no one can pull them off.

No. 42858

She is horrible and her ahjussi pandering personality is even worse. This is not the hill you wanna die on lol

No. 42859

Those trends are across fanfic in general, not solely kpop fanfiction. Cow fetish, futanari, hardcore BDSM is all from hentai. ABO fetish comes from the supernatural fandom. Those fetishes pop up in every single fandom now, kpop isn't unique in any aspect, not even in the fetishes its fans have.

No. 42860

File: 1564967882434.png (735.08 KB, 798x648, lmaoooo.png)

his fans are gonna eat him alive whew. If this is true I'm shocked

No. 42861

Wish it was a bts member

No. 42862

I'm feel so bad for laughing but this shit had me rolling, especially with that dude skating at the end.

No. 42863

so he finally gets to debut after waiting so long only to have a dating scandal with a twice member at that. his fans must be furious

No. 42864

Are any female idols even actually attracted to them? I dont ever recall any females in kpop talking about them before they became a forced international meme, and I still havent seen anyone mention them in a >the fellow idol that is my type is kinda way lol. So the only way they'd get an idol gf is probably if the company arranges it for attention.

No. 42865

female idols rarely name male idols when asked about their ideal type. they also name actors or other female idols so crazy boy group fans don't go after them.

No. 42866

The photos don’t look convincing at all so I’m pretty skeptical of this, but then why would they lie about a relationship between a member of a group who feeds off pedo uncle fans and a soloist who has rabid teens

No. 42867


Back in the day a KAra member said she liked Jimin and he's one of the most popular members in Korea. Jungkook can make random shit sell out just by showing it in a picture. It's delusional to think female idols aren't after the biggest male idols in the country even if just for the bag. Even the ugly ones probably get play.

Jimin got into rumors with Seulgi and Jungkook seems to have rumors with every female idol alive, but the most prominent rumors on pann were Lovelyz Yein and Twice Nayeon. There was also a weird thing where it came out his brother new IU. Weibo said he dated BlackPink's Rose in 2018. There was a rumor somewhere about V and BlackPink's Jisoo and before then V and Irene but who knows.

Suga also had that rumor with that one singer he produced for.

No. 42868

i don't know if dispatch has ever falsely reported a relationship. don't they go to the companies first before revealing anything? first mina and now a dating scandal? it seems like jyp is giving up on twice now that they have a new girl group.

No. 42869

literally every single member of kara is too pretty and cool for jimin, even the semi retarded one
so that hurts my heart to hear

No. 42870

Would have been milkier if it were her and a BTS member instead. Both retarded fandoms would have been eating each other alive. Also this is such a random pairing ala Jennie and Kai.

No. 42871


I think it was the main vocalist.

No. 42872

oof his old company might've released this info to sabotage him

No. 42873

maybe daniel's company sold him out. but I'm surprised jyp didn't pay for it to go away. even with itzy around twice still brings in a lot for the company and I don't think their male fans have started to stray yet.

No. 42874

this is probably correct

No. 42875


Wonder how Jihyo's incel fans are gonna react… and also if this will significantly affect Twice's popularity

No. 42876

if they didnt abandon her after the sex tape rumor, shes probably good

No. 42877

Wendy did herself in. She did that nonsense not only once… but TWICE. She’s a fucking dumbass. lmao.

SM is talking about how they want to “push” RV in the States. Wendy could have been you know the for sure English ambassador and rep because she’s lived over on that side before. Good thing that Yeri’s English is alright and she’s actually kind of more likeable imo.

No. 42878

I always wonder, how do these idols even get to know each other if they don't have instagram? They can't just talk backstage at music shows, so how do they do that?
Also, why ruin your career just for some fling? Rather stay single and make bank for as long as possible and then date publicly than take risks.

No. 42879


They all likely have secret accounts and can DM each other on the low. Top found Han So Hee's number through a friend. It's really not hard. They usually communicate through staff like coordis, hair dressers etc. since they often go to the same places and get serviced by the same people. Plus don't they send notes and whatever else at these events?

I mean if an FT Island member can get a Laboum member pregnant any random pairing can happen at any time. As for why they get together, it's like the Olympics where you have lots of stressed pretty people (pretty according to their weird ass standards) all in one place of course they're gonna fuck around.

No. 42880

former idols have said they do get to meet at events and music stages but only very briefly, and out of the view of their managers

also, private hotel/club renting is huge in korea amongst celebs
i think one of the crayon pop girls said they go to gay clubs as well so that their managers dont follow them

No. 42881

File: 1564970635935.jpg (223.34 KB, 720x960, 20190804_220353.jpg)

twice's first dating scandal…i wonder how they'll fare

No. 42882

jihyo isn't that popular in twice so i don't think it'll affect the group that much. if this was sana, momo or tzuyu they'd be in trouble.

No. 42883


Posted before finishing, but I want to add I remember a judge on Produce 101 S1 who mentioned that a lot of her male celebrity (adult) friends asked her for the numbers of various trainees on the show (most of whom were underage or barely of age) to contact. So I imagine it's a lot of "I'm interested in so and so can you give me her/his number?"

I also remember one of those former nugu idols had an English video about how this sort of thing happens. At music shows they slip notes in sandwhiches or under CDs when they visit people and give their CDs away. Alex from Rania said a male idol hit her up while they were all on stage for the encore (but they were in the back so I guess nobody could see them). Which reminds me of a video where a 2pm member (I think Wooyoung) asked a T-ara member out to eat at some award show while they were all on stage. These mfuckers are horny and desperate asf But they probably wouldn't need to do all that much if they were allowed to date publicly.

No. 42884

Nothing really happened to Jennie and Blinks are actually retarded, so I think Jihyo will be fine. Honestly, good for her. I hope she's happy with him

No. 42885

But aren't the majority of Blinks straight girls that just self-insert onto the members? Whereas both Daniel and Jihyo have a large amount of fans that fantasize about dating them.

No. 42886

V is such an autistic freak I don't know how many women could stomach being around him for long. He gets away with it to some degree because he's good looking, but that can only get you so far if you're full retard like he is.

No. 42887

Pretty sure they all have kakao accounts and groups within them where they can exchange contacts easily etc. Some sasaeng were selling these accounts info for some bucks, not sure if they were legit though. Pretty much all koreans own katalk accounts.

No. 42890

It's funny how armies (and other kpop fandoms I guess) are always freaking out if they're precious babies are being sexualised or when girls flirt with them, but they turn a blind eye to their sexiest ways and when they talk shit about women

No. 42892

It sure would be fun to see Daniel and Jihyo (bts dating news when?? I only want to see ratmys burn, dear lord) being ripped to pieces but the only thing i am mad about is the fact that Twice can own mercedes like fuck that is a whole lotta money for being untalented flip flops on stage. It fills me with so much rage help someone lmfao

No. 42894

sage for no contribution but, so far no one gives a shit about those 2 dating. kinda feels fake honestly, same as kai jennie

No. 42895

no1curr about dating scandals anymore, not even knetz. they spawn memes for a day or two and then everyone forgets.

No. 42896

One clc member said she never heard of someone getting a number via a sandwich/cds. I think that practice is a bit outdated when u have instagram and kkt at hand.

Most of these rumours with ""power couples"" are fake because male idols usually date down = trainees, D list idols; and female idols try to date up = actors and musicians deemed as artists.

No. 42897

their first dating scandal including the popular members will be the beginning of their end so bighit is trying as hard as they can to avoid dating scandals. they know bts has no appeal other than being uwu bf simulator to socially awkward femcels.

No. 42898

Huh, Koreans have better taste than LC posters.

No. 42899

Go away nctfag

No. 42900

I look forward to SK's implosion in the wake of this as much as anyone else here, but in all likelihood this is just the latest in LM's attempts to smear him.

Why? If we're talking solely about within SK, then Kang Daniel is bigger than all of BTS combined.

No. 42901

Nct are flops for a reason, get some taste and get the fuck out.

No. 42902

Nta but simply cause people here can't wait for bts' fall, it has nothing to do with who is bigger than who

No. 42904

>I look forward to SK's implosion in the wake of this
from what I've seen most of them are mad at dispatch, not dahyun and daniel

No. 42905

>likes a single NCT song
>must be an NCTfag
Such is the logic in these anti kpop threads. I forget sometimes that the average IQ here is not that much higher than twitter.

>from what I've seen most of them are mad at dispatch, not dahyun and daniel
Post links then.

No. 42906


well… confirmation from JYP. surprised this wasn't brushed under the rug. i honestly think this is the final swan song of twice… considering mina's fucked off and ITZY getting popular.

No. 42907

Nah worse than nctfag cause even nctfags hate cherry bomb

No. 42908

He had so many better available options and he chose Jihyo smh

No. 42909

File: 1564989127490.gif (2.34 MB, 225x218, 56ac937283704fe7a0a0a7e1b44cf0…)

>To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to (under)stan(d) NCT

No. 42910

Isn't it the other way around?

No. 42911

Explain how. Daniel is uggo but I'm in no denial about his popularity.

No. 42912

If it's about mere popularity then you're not wrong.

No. 42913

i think the whole "dating is going to ruin an idol's career!!" thing is going to vanish. most people were supportive of hyuna and edawn. no one cared about jennie and kai. probably no one will care about daniel and jihyo. fandoms are filled with international fans and i-fans don't care that much.

No. 42914

If you think for a second that Jihyo is uglier than Daniel you're delusional. Are you the same retard sperging about nct?

No. 42915

Yeah that doesn't apply to bts since they are beyond kpop lmao. I bet no1curr if jin dates someone though. No1curr if he does anything at all.

No. 42916

>If you think for a second that Jihyo is uglier than Daniel
What? Get some comprehesion skills ESLfag.

No. 42917

File: 1564990323630.jpg (30.79 KB, 294x388, KANG'D.jpg)

No. 42919

lmao the last one standing is also going to fall? the big 3 is dying guys

No. 42921

And guess who's gonna profit from that?
>bighit is the only scandalfree company, bangtan are all good and fully korean boys who are bringing honor to our country, let's support them!!!
What did they do to deserve so much luck?

No. 42922

Kang Daniel also is probably rich af too by now. Sometimes people really fall into mass-delusion when it comes to certain idols, no matter how unattractive and talentless they might be. I watched pd 101 and I don't understand why someone like ong seongwo for example didn't get that treatment instead.
A dude with that face is currently one of the most popular idols out there, followed by none other than the bts members. That says a lot.
They're all gonna buy buildings soon and then they're set for life no matter how bad they are at their job or how little they contribute to their group.
I really don't blame the public for getting frustrated, especially when certain idols keep complaining just to be seen with an expensive ass car a few months later.

No. 42923

here's to hoping they get medical problems due to their schedules so at least some of the undeserved wealth can trickle down to doctors lmao

No. 42925

stocks spike up and down throughout the day don't use stocks as an example of it isn't over a long period of time retard.

No. 42926

Before someone starts another "_______ is uggo af" thread, can we set some general standards that we can refer back to?

No. 42927

Farmer beauty standards 101:
>All men are ugly except for re4 leon, majima goro, a handful of animu boys and keanu
>All women are ugly unless they trigger people I don't like

No. 42929

Thats evil but here i am hoping the same lol

No. 42930

File: 1565003268459.jpeg (Spoiler Image,412.03 KB, 1122x1915, 12B183EF-B55E-487E-8A9B-BAF576…)

It’s been a while since hyuna posted an anachan pic, her hand looks so weird?

No. 42931


Here's a standard:

Kpop idols who thought being in that industry is a good thing and who proceeded to botch themselves with PS and fillers
and diet to death and then wear padding (aka all of them) are all ugly and we are allowed to criticize
PLEASE stop getting your panties in a twist because your bias is being ripped to death rightly

No. 42932

i'm guessing that's loose skin from rapid weight loss. plus the hand sign she's doing is stretching her skin even more
here's a standard: let people argue over who's ugly or not and let the mods intervene when it starts to derail. not every idol with plastic surgery looks fugly and we can debate that.

No. 42933

Amidst all of this mess kpop rn she should just enjoy her time with her bf in silence for a while now that people have other things they're focused on, instead of just posting pics that she know will generate hate.

No. 42934

>debate over who's ugly or not
But what's fun about wk some rich plastic idol? Non-korean, non-idol cows get ripped into for much less.

Seems like for once the girl isn't the one who receives the most hate. I know that this might be an unpopular opinion, but I understand why fans get so mad about is, asking somebody in his teens or 20s to not date is really not that horrible.
>[+382, -10] His fans helped him sell 450,000 albums and he pays them back with news of a relationship, I feel bad for his fans
>[+336, -10] He's really stupid. All he had to do was wait a bit and he'd be able to afford several more buildings at his age but he blew it all over a relationship.
>[+286, -1] Talk about a mental breakdown for his fans… they were all happy that he came back after a rough period but he's in a relationship.. ㅋㅋ amazing
>[+3,756, -113] Wow, his fans practically sold their souls to buy up his albums only to be greeted with this article
>[+1,886, -40] Wow… I'm more shocked that Kang Daniel can afford to live in the UN village than the scandal
>[+1,041, -55] It's fine for Jihyo to be dating since she's worked super hard at her career already ㅋㅋㅋㅋ I just think she can do better

No. 42935

Anyway, those koreans so are fuckig salty it's funny too watch.

No. 42936

lmao it's like reverse prostitution. they buy dozens of albums and expect the idol's celibacy back. kpoppies, would you rather your oppar to pretend to be single while fucking hookers every other day than him having a normal girlfriend? it's either one of the two.

No. 42937

I mean, what else are they paying for? His amazing voice and beautfiful face? kek
Him being so rich is absolutely not justified.

Also, judging by how average korean men and celebrity males all over the world act, him having a famous gf doesn't mean he won't still fuck prostitutes too…

No. 42938

Pretty much all dating reveals go to shit unless you have a very Hyuna-like image or are part of a 'senior' group (and even that can be problematic).

How is Twice gonna try to queer-bait now tho? Borderline kissing and groping on the stage won't look the same.

No. 42939

anon, jyp is clearly trying to hide jihyo's true sexuality, this is just bearding!!

No. 42940

only international fans were supportive of hyuna and edawn. edawn and the rest of pentagon had their careers destroyed because of the scandal. no one cared about kai and jennie because kai already had a major dating scandal before with krystal and blackpink has mostly female fans. this situation is different because kang daniel has tons of crazy fans and jihyo has mostly male fans (although she's not that popular in twice).

No. 42941

i thought seventeen got popular for their youthful concept so why are they churning out this noisy stray kids crap?

No. 42942

The comments on that page are funny too lmao

>Rather than falling for fanservice, I sometimes wonder if shippers lack close and affectionate relationship with friends in real life. In my case,' I'm a stan of both Soshi and BTS, and most of the interactions that shippers claim to be couple moments actually are just normal interactions between friends or siblings who are affectionate.

No. 42944

how are they salty? They're just saying shit that looks like it could've been posted on here.

No. 42945

File: 1565010068810.jpg (79.57 KB, 703x960, image/1564985034734-0.jpg)

Netizens Tilt Heads After Knowing Dispatch Only Released the Dating Report of Kang Daniel and Jihyo Over 2 Weeks Since It's First Written


Dispatch first wrote the article on July 20th.

On the morning of August 5th, Dispatch dropped the bomb, revealing photos of TWICE's Jihyo visiting Kang Daniel's house several times. Shortly after the report released, KONNECT Entertainment and JYP Entertainment confirmed that the two are indeed in a relationship. Nothing is wrong with the two dating each other but Netizens have found something's fishy about the issue. 

It turned out that the article was first written on July 20th at 7:59 P.M KST – 5 days before Kang Daniel made his solo debut showcase. It took over 2 weeks before Dispatch has finally released the article to the public. Dispatch released the article after they made some revisions at 10:11 A.M.

No. 42946

File: 1565010522385.jpg (524.62 KB, 1080x1505, 20190805_200819.jpg)

No1curr but someone made a thread about how that girl in a bunny mask from the weird group pink fantasy is actually happy with her role despite having to hide her face all the time and to wear that awful mask even in hot weather. It's pathetic and just plain weird.

No. 42947

Yeah plus fans have no idea what these idols are doing in private. Most of them have a bunch of older, rich people as sponsors so…
Some idols might be forced into this shit but some others would just do about anything to become rich and famous.
You'll never know how these people truly are so why waste that much money and energy on them anyway…

No. 42948

how's that "noisy"? you should listen to more music

No. 42949

>kpoppies, would you rather your oppar to pretend to be single while fucking hookers every other day than him having a normal girlfriend?

It's not like anyone's paying Daniel for his beautiful singing though. All he has is his boy next door accessible fake boyfriend image.

No. 42950

How delusional do you have to be to think a rich man constantly surrounded with thousands of women is going to stay celibate because you bought his album lol

No. 42951

femcels in this tread really showing up huh lmao. you buy an album, not someone's dick you autists

No. 42952

it's the knets saying it anon
>[+382, -10] His fans helped him sell 450,000 albums and he pays them back with news of a relationship, I feel bad for his fans
>[+3,756, -113] Wow, his fans practically sold their souls to buy up his albums only to be greeted with this article

No. 42954

I got Stray Kid MIRROR vibes from this too

No. 42955

Is that her? Didn't take long for them to let her take the head off.

No. 42956

He is a moron, knowing CJ wants his blood and yet being incapable of don't date and lay down for a while.
The people who get caught usually are dumb to hide shit,the "charm" of the kpop idols that make the fans crazy is the damm fantasy of the images, is even worse that the guys who smoke. The people who hit big just has to be careful like 5 years and work 11 years in total and they can retire comfortably for the rest of their lives.

No. 42959

Lol you kidding? There's almost no breaks in the song. it's pure noise since the start. I usually like Seventeen's songs but this one just goes too hard and all over the place for me.

No. 42960

> [+3,871, -254] He's a man after all, why wouldn't he want to date? He already has his own ATMs who stick money in his account as long as he wears some eyeshadow, squirm around on stage, and sing 'baby baby~' ㅋㅋ


No. 42961


Did I miss something? What happened that they felt the need to let a dating scandal happen?

It feels suspicious and the pictures say nothing. Like with Jennie and Kai, but there was this idol school-thing and seungri-scandal happening, so it made sense they tried to cover this shit up.
But what is happening right now…?

No. 42963

File: 1565024929427.jpg (693.33 KB, 1080x1230, 087.jpg)

Does Lisa have lip injections or?

No. 42964

Japan just blacklisted Korea, I think.

No. 42965

Loool this comment describes them perfectly. It needs to be framed somewhere.
Also, ATM is the only kpop fandom name I approve of.

No. 42967

File: 1565030049385.png (1.74 MB, 828x1792, BAF23E16-28BF-4A45-A195-B0E02B…)

No wonder no one in either r Itzy or twice can hold a proper note lol accepting trainees solely on appearances so they can’t sing for shit.

No. 42968

Aint her, just another member hugging her. P sure theyre taking the bunny mask off when/if they get a win

No. 42969

File: 1565031469140.jpg (302.72 KB, 1200x1920, tumblr_pjp5udlacv1r76yg4o3_128…)

Why would she do this

No. 42970

I mean all companies go for looks first so that's not surprising, but SM and YG do seem to give them some semblance of training while JYP just faps to them I guess

Holy shit that's Nana?! Her unique beauty is completely gone now. F

No. 42971

Nana? Oh no…

No. 42972

File: 1565032800531.jpg (38.65 KB, 500x722, 2ilmyxk.jpg)

A few days ago somebody wrote that Kai is put into that "super group" because he's one of the most popular Exo members - yet on the other hand nobody cared that he was dating Jennie. So, which one is it, is he popular or not?

I remember when he dated Krystal, both of them got massive hate. When Taemin and Naeun were on that fake marriage show fans even yelled at her while filming, so how come that everybody was so supportive of Jennie and now of Jihyo? She's in the biggest male pandering uwu group right now, one would think that her uncle fans would start burning her pictures etc, yet everybody only says she's too good for him.

On the one hand it feels as if the situation is getting better, on the other hand stuff like pic related would be impoosible now. Back then both Taemin and Hara were extremely popular, and 2pm and Snsd also did some "sexy" commercial together.

No. 42973

File: 1565032946649.jpg (64.98 KB, 450x663, e1c91bd954b92dc344058a646e6377…)

Imagine Sana sitting on Jungkook's lap

No. 42977

She hasn’t posted anachan pics because she gained weight. Are you a fatty-chan? That’s just what your hands look like when you’re not a landwhale with blubber covering all your joints and tendons.

No. 42979

Oh no. She was so beautiful, what a shame.

No. 42980

A lot of useless "visuals" are recruited on the streets or something. It's pretty common to be picked just for looks. Afaik all the itzy girls are also rich af so that certainly helps too. Seems like all the idols who debut from big companies nowadays are wealthy and just debut for fun.

No. 42981

>>42972 From what I gather, all the most delulu stans left after the Krystal scandal. So when he started dating Jennie there was no one left to be enraged.

No. 42982

File: 1565034580898.jpeg (113.68 KB, 960x724, 485AB826-12E5-4E04-A62B-94BDB3…)

can't believe this is the same woman from AS

No. 42983

>landwhale with blubber
This is not cgl, you know…
Looking as rough as Hyuna and her loverboy is nothing to be proud of.

No. 42984

Don't think so. Koreans are mad because they think they own their idols, anons aren't this single minded

No. 42985

Jihyo is bottom tier of popularity among Twice members despite having big tits. If it was Sana or Momo there would be outrage for sure

No. 42986

File: 1565035570470.jpg (51.07 KB, 650x565, IMG_0233.JPG)

Idk if she's been fooling everyone with push-up bras or if it's just this pic but they really don't look big compared to how they looked in the likey mv

No. 42987


>fooling everyone with pushup bras

ting-ting! you solved the mystery anon!

(also she is fooling absolutely nobody except incels who have never ever seen an irl woman take off her bra so)

No. 42988

>Jihyo is bottom tier of popularity among Twice members
Why tho? She's their best singer, she has big eyes, big tits and she lost weight, what's there not to like?
I somehow can never get behind why certain female idols are popular or not.

No. 42989

You realize being famous is her job right? She don't post = she go broke.

No. 42990

>big tits

maybe for a korean girl. not by anyone else's standards.

No. 42991

not the same anon you replied to but she is a Korean girl in Korea so yeah she is viewed as having big tits

No. 42992

it's not that she's unpopular like chaeyoung or something, it's that others got more popular faster. she looks more "mature" so most 18 year old korean incels are not going to like her as much as the others.

No. 42993

She's still very pretty… you guys exaggerate sometimes lol

No. 42994

File: 1565039441178.jpg (30.37 KB, 401x401, htm_20190805131217323684.jpg)

Couple of pedestrian uggos… thats why no1 currs
Tho in naver articles u can really see locals wishing that he gets cancelled by his fans. Ppl must be tired of seeing his bloated face everywhere

No. 42996

File: 1565039586895.gif (1.3 MB, 268x340, E27D39F7-7066-4D20-8C7C-9E521F…)

Don’t think anyone was suggesting she looks incredibly awful now—just that she looked better before and that surgery was unecessary.

Jihyo may have big eyes but really doesn’t fit Korean beauty standards aside from that. She’s also not really that attractive but has the advantage of having “exotic” features (for Koreans). Also this is just a personal gripe, but I thought it looked bad on her part when she joked about not wanting to get too dark in front of Tzuyu.

No. 42997

>yet everybody only says she's too good for him
The netizens that were saying that were female. The male fans are most likely screaming into the void as we speak.

Of course she is, she just looked better with her natural jawline.

No. 42998

So everyone says rookie idols are poorly paid but this Daniel dude has been living in UN Village and driving a mercedes?? Wheeew

No. 42999

kpop fans like to believe in the industry's myth that they're regular people like you! of course they make bank, especially one of the most famous idols currently

No. 43001

File: 1565040093604.jpg (250.32 KB, 1080x1049, IMG_20190805_171457.jpg)

No. 43002

File: 1565040142311.jpg (181.19 KB, 1080x1225, IMG_20190805_171529.jpg)

Some more comments

No. 43004


>ewww skin with texture and pimples how disgusting

mixed feelings on this, it's kinda nice that there's actual unshooped idol photoshoots out there but at the same time no thanks i'd rather not look at them

No. 43005

File: 1565040534029.jpg (168.12 KB, 1000x1500, 008.jpg)

I mean he's not just a regular rookie idol, anon. He was a fucking wanna one member, winner of pd101. Why wouldn't he have good money?

Jesus taeyong and jaehyun are the only ones who aren't completely busted. They all should've covered their faces with their hands like Yuta did in his pic.

No. 43006

Am I crazy for thinking that their skin looks just fine? They're uggos but most of them I'd say have good skin actually
I guess these dumbasses got so used to the extremely shopped pics of idols that this looks like 'dirty skin' to them

No. 43007

File: 1565040661545.gif (6.28 MB, 480x270, KInX4MQ.gif)

No. 43008

cringe photoshoot, some of them do look pretty bad in the pics. the comments are hilarious though.

why are korean commenters so dramatic? while some farmers have impossible beauty standards, at least they don't get triggered by seeing someone's natural skin, kek.

No. 43010

For the reason stated by >>42999

No. 43011

I reaaaally don't blame them though. His face must really be everywhere and if you're not a kpop fan or have watched produce you must be like why tf do I keep seeing this guy.
Nonetheless I don't think his fans are going to leave him. He'll leave her after a few months and then all the angry fans will slowly crawl back.

No. 43012

The rookie idols who came from wealthy upbringings and/or had financially successful releases since the beginning aren’t going to be poor. Daniel’s in that group. The rookie idols that don’t have those two things—which make up 90% of them—are indeed poor.

Who on their marketing team thought this concept would be a good idea? Might work for some conceptual art project but idol group promotion pics aren’t that. The concept is even stranger when you realize that the hands near their faces are their fellow members’.

No. 43013

They're all horrible looking and some are even uncanny valley but not bc of fucking pores lmao

No. 43014

anon,,, she's doing a duck face

No. 43015

That scandal keeps on giving. Daniel released a statement saying "I felt consoled through my fans". Lmao, I hope they turn into cows like Hyuna and Edawn.
>Kang Daniel's neighbors reveal they saw Jihyo recycling soju bottles outside his home
Guess really rich people don't want ugly talentless "singers" living next to them.

>[+261, -4] Kids, the reality of your idols is outside of YouTube, and internet sites like Melon. In real life, he's living in the UN village, driving a Benz, promising his fans he loves them while dating right behind your backs. Just as much as these people are living true to their realities, you fans should too. Don't waste your money to fund their dates.

>[+210, -11] An idol's job is to sell a fantasy and now that fantasy has shattered…
>A pretty girlfriend, a nice house, a flashy car… I don't think the Kang Daniel who lived in the basement and dreamed of his debut exists anymore.
> [+653, -17] He said so himself that he had a rough childhood, a tough training period, and was so poor that he had to drop out of high school. He said he dreamed of becoming a singer which is how he became a trainee. Then he debuted and started showing up in luxury brands, even explicitly stating which brands were his favorite (which made me go eh?????)… Now his career is nothing but up in the air, and he's more known for his scandals than not. He lost his roots too early. He lacks so much talent to be called an artist just yet. Should've waited to cause these scandals until he built himself up more.

Luckily there are a lot of fans realizing now that they need to stop always feeling so sorry for idols.

More than them obviously having bad skin like many young men, it's their face shape and features that look completely off. I wouldn't be able to recognize any of them.

No. 43016


No. 43017

if they didn't have caked makeup and botox they'd look fine and like normal people.

No. 43018

So what he's from wanna one tho? Their contracts must be shitty. Also >>42998 the UN village condo is not his property it's just rented by his company. The mercedes must be leased too. Ia w some k netizens saying he seems sloppy and all about the lifestyle of the rich and the famous. His fame prolly went to his head and he's thinking he is some well established artist when he's being soon enough replaced by another Produce101 subproduct

No. 43019

File: 1565041682755.gif (2.47 MB, 640x290, QualifiedWateryFiddlercrab-siz…)

>Situation: he's supposed to be on the verge of tears
Lmao, who allows idols to act? (and who allowed this bridge troll face to debut as an idol…)

No. 43020

I think it's the opposite. Some fans will pretend to be supportive but after a few weeks they won't have the enthusiasm and will eventually drop him. I'm betting his next comeback will have mediocre numbers.

No. 43021

Is she on poppers or coke

No. 43023

usually I think people are exaggerating when they say an idol is ugly but goddamn that is one ugly son of a bitch. the hair isn't doing him any favors. according to the comments his family is rich which makes sense.

No. 43024

Bc she’s ugly when compared to Sana, Momo, or even Nayeon. IMO she’s one of the ugliest twice members next to Chaeyoung and the tomboy. Her facial features aren’t as cute or pretty as the other members no matter how big her eyes are. Big eyes need a pretty face to look good on.

No. 43026

Usually the super supportive ones are only trying to hide that they're hurt. I wish they would just admit to it, it's obvious that most kpop fans have a crush on an idol and seeing him/her with somebody else is bound to feel disappointing.
Ratmies do that too, I've already came across many post saying something like "To BTS future wives: please treat my boys well, they deserve the world!".

No. 43027

File: 1565042852946.jpg (27.67 KB, 601x508, 2f7.jpg)

>ugly when compared to Sana, Momo, or even Nayeon
>one of the ugliest twice members next to Chaeyoung and the tomboy
imo jihyo, chae, and the tomboy (i'm not writing out her name idk how to spell it) are leagues cuter than sana or Nayeon. I'm not trying to argue about it, it's just amusing in light of that earlier anon saying we need to set a "general standard" kek. I used to wonder why some girl groups have so many goddamn members but clearly it's so that there's something for everyone.

kek it's so transparent and cringey, it reminds me of pic related
>"no really i'm happy jungkook's getting his dick sucked regularly and not by me!!! he–he deserves to be happy!!"

No. 43028

File: 1565043640972.jpg (747.54 KB, 1138x502, Screenshot (31)_LI.jpg)

It's the same for Jhope, Ratmon and Jin. The youngest get up to 80 million views and they less than 5. Not surprising that they keep butchering their faces.

No. 43029

He's also a shit rapper on top of everything else, so zero talent in every way but of course he's still out there fully thanks to the ₩₩₩₩₩

No. 43030

File: 1565044938185.jpg (146.77 KB, 1080x1050, PicsArt_08-05-06.41.00.jpg)

Sage bc I can't remember if this was posted before but Lmao what the actual fuck is this shit?

No. 43031

this makes me worry that there are still long years before bts starts flopping, that they will still be around after the hags enlist because armys only give a fuck about baby juwungkookie, jimincel and the autist anyway. it's not like armys going to care about deadbeat jin not being around for 2 years.

No. 43032


Yall really be bringing up stale shit debated literally in every thread huh

No. 43033

she's still beautiful imo but she lost the uniqueness to her face. now she looks like the average korean actress.

No. 43034

His former company did pay for him but now he's the ceo of his own company?? Idk exactly but i keep reading this ceo kang daniel comments

No. 43035

At this point I think that nothing is able to stop them anymore (seeing how jk was erased from any article about being with that guy who molested some girls…)
Bighit will do everything to ensure that they won't date. And while the others might get discreet high class prostitutes, jk seems stunted enough to not even do that.

So…she stopped being a muslima?
Where's your hijab? I thought listening to music is not halal?

>yall really be
Where do you come from? lol

No. 43037

I know the younger members are more popular but I'm surprised the gap is that big. How'd they even get to 50 million views?

No. 43038

i'm late to the topic but nayeon is so unattractive i don't even see her getting promoted by the rabid stans on twitter, the ones that spam with fancams and lesbian jokes, i see fancams with jihyo, dahyun or any other members all the time but not nayeon

No. 43039

why would someone need to promo an idol that everyone knows

No. 43041

It looks like they've poured on the foundation with a cement mixer. It's far too much for black and white photos.

No. 43044

File: 1565048670515.png (390.11 KB, 1393x745, baejvhoPRwgLC7KvMmNLtuVkGGLp5W…)

No. 43045

to be honest i think nayeon has mostly male fans. i think a lot of female fans of twice (the ones posting all the fancams) secretly hate her, but pretend to be cool with her. she's so obviously bitchy i can't see why any girl would stan her.

No. 43046

I hate that I laughed. Though rat is even more of a stereotypical incel.

No. 43047

>good at rapping
nice meme

No. 43048

Right since when were asians good at rap. Just listen to real shit.

No. 43049

I was gonna change that to "just okay at rapping" and forgot lol

No. 43051

>implying some talentless scrote from a shitty talent show deserves anything

No. 43052

This is not a "rookie" he has been the #1 idol in Korea for the past 2 years.

When is his next album coming out? All this stuff about fans accepting him dating is meaningless until it comes to sales. I want to see if sales drop off a cliff (I think it will).

No. 43053

Nice attempt at racebaiting. There are plenty of good Asian rappers out there but none of them are going to be K-pop idols.

A few more tweaks and it would make for an okay thread pic.

No. 43054

>I guess these dumbasses got so used to the extremely shopped pics of idols that this looks like 'dirty skin' to them
Can't really blame those dumbasses now, can we? Ofc it's stupid fans' fault for believing every edited pics of their idols but first and foremost it's the industry that's literally tring to cover even the smallest flaws by using filtered cameras on music shows, etc.

No. 43057

File: 1565055923699.png (593.09 KB, 717x608, 11.png)

damn is someone trying to take down twice or something?

No. 43058


woooow twice has shit taste do they not love themselves or have they already run through all the hot male idols?

No. 43061

File: 1565056165832.jpeg (438.14 KB, 1654x1627, F99B31F0-AB43-44C2-992E-00B700…)

They’ve updated with a more accurate caption but it seems JYP didn’t pay dispatch their hush money

No. 43062

Lmao might as well announce who each member is dating

No. 43063

i call bs

No. 43064

JYP was too happy to confirm Jihyo/Daniel even though it was a bigger risk but denied this flat out. Who knows if it's true but if it wasn't true why is Sm "checking"? Unless they're trying to create doubt to sabotage Twice and put out their own new gg

No. 43065

because maybe heechul is about to be confirmed as a fag

No. 43066

>There are plenty of good Asian rappers

Name one. inb4 88rising

No. 43067

yeah I actually agree. it seems far fetched even for heechul. jype denied it pretty fast though so maybe they knew it was coming

No. 43068

Still think Kang Daniel and Jihyo dating is just a cover-up for something else. Wouldn't be surprised if Heechul and Momo were also a fake couple given the many rumors of Heechul being gay.

No. 43069

But let's say this is true.

Some of Korea's top political officials are calling for a travel ban to keep Korean citizens from going to Japan. The Korea-Japan trade war has gotten messier than ever. I wonder if the gov is releasing news about twice because of their success in Japan and their Japanese members. Maybe they want to destroy kpop in Japan.

No. 43070

File: 1565057205513.jpeg (283.17 KB, 1528x1296, E8908A0E-7A24-41AA-B5E3-B3B013…)

Whelp it just got even more confusing

No. 43071

beard. heechul is maximum gay

No. 43072

lol for their sake I hope it's not true

No. 43073

Kpop is becoming weirdly westernized, I don't really get it anymore. Singing and dancing is one thing, but these companies manage everyone so dumb.

I guess Park Jimin is leaving JYP, I don't really know anything about her but I'm seeing people say its because they didn't let her release anything // she wants to make music but they assign her to different shit.

Why can't these dumbass ceo's just merge with an American label if they're so clueless about their artists? Imagine if Interscope records was like "Ariana Grande has a boyfriend, we are confirming it." That would be so weird, like c'mon.

No. 43074

but why would jyp sacrifice momo like that? she's one of twice's most popular members. at least go with chaeyoung or dahyun who nobody cares about.

No. 43075

File: 1565057558152.jpg (187.56 KB, 720x1042, 20190805_221304.jpg)

this just gets better and better

No. 43076

Surprised people think this is fake, Heechul has been creeping on her for literal years and they have a 14 year age gap (yikes)

No. 43077

maybe she's a dyke
he's just another typical faggot who stans girls

No. 43078

jihyo and kang daniel was a little random, but believable since they're close in age. what the fuck is old gay ass heechul doing with MOMO?? literally what timeline is this?

No. 43079

that's what made me doubt it. part of his image is supposed to be the girl group stan that's friends with a bunch of female idols. but he's supposed to be "safe" cause he never dates them publicly at least.

No. 43081

Park Jimin is a talent wasted. Just like Lee Hi in YG.

No. 43083

File: 1565058772296.jpg (32.18 KB, 424x723, images.jpeg-8.jpg)

They have taken too many pics together for it to be fake

No. 43084

Thats a screenshot i got from a website. I didnt like that friggin pic before anyone calls me a stan

No. 43085

File: 1565058843351.jpeg (46.97 KB, 506x900, EBNUm1fUIAAG3c1.jpeg)


Source is questionable but this is allegedly Dispatch's list of idol couples they wanna leak. Think the Irene one's gonna actually start some shit.

No. 43086

Jimin would be 50x more popular if her personality wasn't so insufferable.

No. 43087

do you also think heechul dated taeyeon or key dated taeyeon as well? because she often takes pics with those homos too.
these are always fake

No. 43088

is it just me or are female idols getting taller on average? seems like ever since tzuyu every new group has a member who is 5'8

No. 43090

File: 1565060090370.jpg (146.79 KB, 1000x562, DquFcB-U8AEXtZA.jpg)

Idk… Sooyoung and Seohyun were 5'8''. Nana, Sungah and the chick from Girls Day are tall too

IMO it's more that Twice popularized the bobblehead look

No. 43091

>bobblehead look
the what

No. 43092

File: 1565061047671.png (413.43 KB, 591x567, momoheechul.png)

heechul and momo are confirmed dating

No. 43093

File: 1565061142809.png (21.44 KB, 592x186, Screenshot 2019-08-05 at 11.12…)

No. 43095

post another source

No. 43098

That’s fake anon

No. 43099

File: 1565061744784.png (429.61 KB, 593x616, 9ebd05e248cac8faeca6a4cc780215…)

i can't believe there are anons itt who don't know that heechul is a full blooded faggot

No. 43100

i knew we'd get to the point in the k-pop industry where idols would reveal their relationships for publicity

No. 43101

samefag, this >>43099 proves my point even more. we now have k-pop beards

No. 43102

I've never followed super junior before. How does everyone seem to know he's gay. Like, how can they tell the difference between that and idols gay fanservice and shit

No. 43103

why would jyp sell one of his most popular members to SM when they're his main competitor

No. 43104

Fake Tweet

No. 43105

it's not because of his fanservice with his group members. i mean….look at any video of the dude. he's faggy as hell

No. 43106

With this it is even more possible they just trying to deal wirh the SK-ban from Japan.

But to be completely honest here: I'm pretty disappointed. I kinda liked the drama when dating of two idols were considered a scandal and all went craycray.

No. 43107

it's a fake tweet, anon

No. 43108

okay so the super junior label denied the rumors. it's still weird to me that jyp and sm had to look into the rumors. i guess this whole situation was a pr stunt probably to hide some other news.

No. 43109

>had to look into the rumors
all agencies always do this

No. 43111

I'm aware, doesn't change my mind tho. A rumor is enough distraction foe the public, you know. But it can very well just be a bit like a conspiracy theory of mine.

No. 43112

Wait til bts' turn. The new rule doesnt apply to them cause tHeY aReNt Kp0p!!

No. 43115

I like SVT and even I will admit that this track is pretty bad. I feel like SVT's sound has been getting progressively worse over the past year.

Oh well. At least they can still be counted on for the dance practice and live performances to come.

Not disagreeing but just wondering how can someone be smart enough to start and partially manage their own company yet dumb enough to make blunders like this.

>(and who allowed this bridge troll face to debut as an idol…)
My god, you weren't kidding. Doesn't SK has unreasonably high beauty standards? Was I lied to?

To be honestly I'd rather Kang Daniel to remain popular for a while longer just so I get to see Chaebols cannabalizing themselves.

No. 43117

>Koreans are mad because they think they own their idols
Considering the impact past dating scandals (not accounting for the recent exceptions) have had on idols, they aren't that far off.

>anons aren't this single minded

kek you're in for a lotta disappointment

How about we drop the pretenses and do a Twice visual ranking
>momo > tzuyu >>> sana = mina > jeon > dubu > jihyo >>>>>>>> nayeon > chae

No. 43119

i’d put dahyun last but otherwise i agree

No. 43120

Who's going to take over after the eventual death of the Big Three? Everything Bighit does is going to flop after BTS.

No. 43121

File: 1565079121978.jpg (82.56 KB, 530x861, DC4byclVoAAmy9b.jpg)

He's super careful when it comes to dating, has never been caught before, do you really believe he'd constantly fawn over a much younger girl on tv for everybody to see, if this was really his gf?
He might or might not be gay, but that's just him playing up his otaku image. And while many farmers find it gross, in the end the girls he's hyping up do get more exposure or more screen time which is good for them. E.g. a girl from gfriend was in his mv when they were still unknown and later they were on a show, sleeping in heechul's apartment. Who'd allow that if it was known that he really is dating the girls he pretends to like? He has dozens of female idol friends, taking pictures means nothing.
I call bullshit.

I just wonder why it's twice who are somehow getting thrown under the bus for this Korea - Japan shit. At least with YG it was about legit really bad things.

No. 43122

the people who start acting like a kpop couple is some fictional ship they want to write fanfic for are very creepy. i already saw someone asking for "daniel/jihyo moments".

No. 43123

listen momofag - nobody considers horse face cheek filler'd momo to be the best visual

all of them are busted looking now so no point of vIsUaL rAnKiNg you go do that on the general thread fag

No. 43124

I really believe it will be bts only. Txt is already a flop, but what does it matter, when bts is raking in millions? Super Junior are in their mid 30s and Shinhwa I think already in their 40s and they're still successful thanks to their core fanbase staying. Judging by how obsessed ratmy are, they're never going to leave them. Sad reality. The big 3 and all the other smaller companies will continue pumping out flop group after flop group. Idols have been a thing since 30 years in Korea, that's not gonna change anytime soon.

No. 43125

They always do that. They think being creeps makes them better than "all the haterz!".

No. 43126

File: 1565080333741.jpg (150.92 KB, 671x1080, HnUuTyxQvDM.jpg)

Ugh they should just stop making their faces so botched. Suga's new jaw is unfortunate. Those implants really made him bloated. I dont think he shaved his jaw like other anons stated because his face seem bigger and i dont think that's just fat. He used to be ok looking. Same with jhope before any type of surgery. (i know suga hada jaw shave, but why put implants after that? The shaved jaw looked better than the one he has now?) no1curr anymore but its sad bighit keeps on butchering ok looking faces. Pic related this is his jaw now

No. 43127

File: 1565080440362.jpg (155.65 KB, 1200x800, bTY0_CcLppY.jpg)

His jaw before

No. 43128

I feel like some of them are being pushed for this 'baby-faced' look to look younger or fit whatever the fuck the fans think of them. If they all suddenly got generic jaw lines I don't think ratmys would be able to keep up Suga's mean but sort of childish image.

No. 43129

Mmm so having a big jaw gives an illusion of a round face? Samefag who posted that. But if anyone's confused, suga shaved his jaw before debut and then had an implant surgery during year 2018. I do see ratmys saying he gets younger everyyear (?) but his round face look just made him look like an egg

No. 43130

>oh no the jaw shave looks bad what are we gonna do
>idk just put it back lol
this dudes whole lower jaw is gonna drop off the day he turns 40

No. 43131

Lmao. I need to stop sperging about fakeboi yoongi's implant, but ur postjust reminded me of the times i watched him dance,and when the whole group has to lower their heads to their chests, as part of the choreo, suga never does it. Your statement may have some truth to it,anon. (ngl his jawshave bfor didnt even look bad. Actually worried if he thinks he looks better now kek)

No. 43132

>I feel like some of them are being pushed for this 'baby-faced' look to look younger or fit whatever the fuck the fans think of them.
Pretty ironic, seeing how Jk and V have wider jaws and are more popular.
I also noticed that it's mostly the older members who always get these retarded bowl cuts instead of an actual hairstyle with a parting.

No. 43133

i know this is old as fuck but it still made me crack up

No. 43138

thats why i dont believe this. yes, sm has a collab channel but there is no way that jyp would agree to this. especially with how sexual jyp acts are. they are basically room salon girls. so no jyp ent wouldnt confirm this unless momo had a huge scandal and sm was helping cover it up.

No. 43141

So basically you're a weeb?

No. 43142

the anons who used to adamantly insist that heechul was gay sure have egg on their faces now kek

No. 43143

He might not be gay, but he surely looks and acts like a massive fag.
Just yesterday this article about how clean his house is was posted. His guests appearantly looked for signs of a gf and found none.

He still denies dating her and his fans seem to believe him http://netizenbuzz.blogspot.com/2019/08/kim-heechul-denies-dating-rumors-with.html?m=1

No. 43144

File: 1565096046377.jpg (31.64 KB, 900x380, EBNciC9UwAIPRsm.jpeg.jpg)


No. 43147

Last thread: ewww, beards don’t exist, stop shoving your fujo fanfiction onto dispatch reveals; every time it’s always a government cover-up

This thread: heechul?? after a suspiciously long confirmation and denial? well, well…

Since k-pop is just a bastardized fusion of western pop and Japanese idols, idg why the idea of bearding sounds so far fetched. In the states, we watched Ellen Paige and Alexander Skarsgard ~fake love~ for over a year; why wouldn’t the same tactics be abused by an industry predicated on fantasy hetero relationships.

Tl;dr: jonghyun walked so heechul could run

No. 43148

beards can exist depending on who we're talking about entirely. heechul? maybe. daniel? i don't think so. kai? i don't think he's gay but the dispatch thing with taemin was kinda sus. anyone in bts? no way.

No. 43149

short with a small ana chan body and big head.

No. 43150

File: 1565101206410.png (155.03 KB, 338x600, tumblr_onvnvsuYvi1v0b5mso1_400…)

im not saying heechul is gay but this is his best friend, a hairdresser gunhee, he's behind heechul ofc.

No. 43151

File: 1565101277521.gif (1.92 MB, 268x268, 680581b9a7c3f56717fe6de68d0c83…)

No. 43152

File: 1565101525699.jpg (66.28 KB, 612x612, unnamed.jpg)

just bros in matching robes.
/end of sperging

No. 43153

regardless if he is gay or bisexual or straight, his whole concept is the gay otaku, so it would make sense for him to take pictures with guys like that. it's part of fan service.

No. 43154

tinfoil but i think the heechul/momo thing was someone trying to ruin twice and it wasn't planned by either company as bearding. i also don't think heechul and momo were ever dating either. heechul said he likes momo before so i think they were an easy target for a fake dating scandal from whoever wanted to take down twice.

No. 43155

yeah even if heechul is gay or bi and they were trying to beard him, why do it now, when he is completely irrelevant? it seems more like a dig at momo.

No. 43159

File: 1565106276290.jpg (63.89 KB, 500x745, Pb10kte.jpg)

if it’s kai, then he gets kudos for getting a supergroup catered to his relationship a la Hyuna/Triple H. well played (until kfans inevitably call it sexual harassment and set out to gut their oppas for “misleading” their lonely virgin base and everyone goes to military prison)

No. 43160

Heechul has always been a mystery to me cause I find his tv persona just so…bad. He's an obnoxious, rude narcissist but other than that he seems kinda devoid of an actual personality. i absolutely don't understand why he's so loved over there and why so many young female idols are close to him. They're either doing it to increase their relevance or he's actually a rare good male friend to them. Either way I find him quite unlikable.

No. 43162

imo i don't think kai is gay or that he was/is dating taemin, but i think a sub unit of just the two of them was definitely in the works. sm is dumb for adding nct members when nobody cares about them, but who knows maybe this will work out in their favor and people will start stanning nct lol i doubt it though.

No. 43163

File: 1565108693359.jpg (401.53 KB, 1330x2048, IMG_20190806_122434.jpg)

this bright red looks disgusting on everyone

No. 43166

Fangirls love when their favs are doing fanservice, so I think that SM paid dispatch to take these pics of Kai and Taemin. Like, look how close they are! So cute! Possibly because they planned to have them collab. Dispatch also often releases flattering pics of bts, so you definitely can buy them.

While I do think that his relationship with Jennie seemed fishy, I never understood why people thought Kai is gay. Just because he dances? Lookwise or even personalitywise he's amongst the stereotypically "manliest" exo members. Somebody like Baekyun or Xiumin seems a lot faggier.

No. 43167

File: 1565116867732.jpg (252.82 KB, 550x770, 190613_Twice_Sana_Fashion_-_In…)

>Men only care about who Nayeon or Sana are dating
>"Sana won't date, right? Oppa believes in you" Twice fans 'mental breakdown' over back to back dating rumors
Why??? Other idols get called haggard bitches as soon as they turn 18, yet those 2 still have so many orbiters in their mid 20s. Sana doesn't even look younger than her age, or particularly cute, she just looks like a normal young woman.

No imagine that hair unphotoshopped, with tan skin, possible acne, creasing makeup, sweat running down due to performing…

No. 43168

It's more of a tragic haircut problem there…

No. 43333

i thought this was a picture of jeonghan from seventeen when he had long hair lmao why does sana look like a guy here

No. 43335

they didn't photoshop her jaw in this one. her jaw is quite square, hopefully she doesn't get a jaw shave

No. 43338

File: 1565120415634.jpg (211.8 KB, 900x700, sana.jpg)

i mean the difference makeup and photoshopping makes on her face is just shocking. she looks so much different without it.

No. 43345

OT but Sana looks a lot more striking and mature without the uWu anime photoshop

No. 43349

She does look more mature but you can’t deny she’s still extremely pretty

No. 43350

File: 1565127849519.jpg (122.65 KB, 750x500, JN8sK3N.jpg)

this is tragic

No. 43353

I never said she looks more mature, I said she looks her age. And no, she's not "extremely beautiful", she just looks like a normal, pretty young woman.

No. 43355

>In my humble opinion, V is in his own league, he has the most beautiful face in the entire world!

No. 43357

kpop idols promoting in china are being forced to post propaganda again due to the HK protests kek a lot of non-chinks are cancelling them for it, including Koreans

imo if those idols really had moral qualms with shilling that shithole they wouldn't have signed up to promote there in the first place, they knew what they were getting into. oppalogists need to accept that.

No. 43363

lol at these knets saying working in the kitchen is such "hard work". if this wasn't an idol they liked they would be talking shit about how they got it easy.

No. 43365

Lol no?? They are always shitting on celebs because of alleged privileged treatment. You've picked the one thing that actually unites men against celebs indiscriminately

No. 43367

>she just looks like a normal young woman
lol cope

No. 43369

File: 1565136971383.jpg (159.64 KB, 1280x720, that_one_freshman_kid_who_trie…)

ugh what is up with the harping for v being eXtrEmeLY woRld HandSoMe? he has cohesive and attractive facial features which work well for the look he and bighit are going for but he is not handsome imo, more pretty boy for korea and maybe asia's standards. i understand compared to the rest of bts that he's the better looking one but outside of bts? nah. the rest of the men in the thumbnail aren't really my type but it shows how much he sticks out. i know i'm beating a dead j-horse with this but i just wanted to vent lol.

No. 43370

most of those commentors are dudes who have probably done their service already, there's no way a dude who's already gone through basic training and done his service would lie about DO's job being harder than his was just because he's a fan lol. being a military cook is genuinely pretty miserable (though the fact that he enjoys and has experience cooking will undoubtedly make it easier on him).

No. 43371

usually I think koreans are spergs for focusing on proportions so much but jesus christ his proportions…he looks like a bobblehead

No. 43372

I mean there's no denying that V is cute, but he's exactly that cute. Cute appeals to tweens whereas all the other men appeal to actual grown ass women

No. 43373


No. 43374

they're all ugly and this "ranking" thing is a joke

No. 43375

The gook members in twice are plain to ugly. Even Korea agrees if you look up their rankings, salty cunts(Racebait)

No. 43378

Why don't fans cancel idols for promoting in the US? In terms of human rights violations the US has a worse track record than any other country in the past several decades.

No. 43379

I specifically limited to within twice, cretin.

The absolute state of moderation here. At least 4chan just delete the posts they don't like instead of attention whoring with a public ban message(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 43380

how is this racebait? when did lolcow go sjw?

No. 43383

动态网自由门 天安門 天安门 法輪功 李洪志 Free Tibet 六四天安門事件 The Tiananmen Square protests of 1989 天安門大屠殺 The Tiananmen Square Massacre 反右派鬥爭 The Anti-Rightist Struggle 大躍進政策 The Great Leap Forward 文化大革命 The Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution 人權 Human Rights 民運 Democratization 自由 Freedom 獨立 Independence 多黨制 Multi-party system 台灣 臺灣 Taiwan Formosa 中華民國 Republic of China 西藏 土伯特 唐古特 Tibet 達賴喇嘛 Dalai Lama 法輪功 Falun Dafa 新疆維吾爾自治區 The Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region 諾貝爾和平獎 Nobel Peace Prize 劉暁波 Liu Xiaobo 民主 言論 思想 反共 反革命 抗議 運動 騷亂 暴亂 騷擾 擾亂 抗暴 平反 維權 示威游行 李洪志 法輪大法 大法弟子 強制斷種 強制堕胎 民族淨化 人體實驗 肅清 胡耀邦 趙紫陽 魏京生 王丹 還政於民 和平演變 激流中國 北京之春 大紀元時報 九評論共産黨 獨裁 專制 壓制 統一 監視 鎮壓 迫害 侵略 掠奪 破壞 拷問 屠殺 活摘器官 誘拐 買賣人口 遊進 走私 毒品 賣淫 春畫 賭博 六合彩 天安門 天安门 法輪功 李洪志 Winnie the Pooh 劉曉波动态网自由门 林鄭下台

No. 43384

anon the difference between the US and China is that China doesn't do a good job at hiding it. Are you a bot?? Both the US and China have done deplorable things america-fag

No. 43386

>>43357 I doubt idols get any say in those matters.

No. 43387

>the rest of the men in the thumbnail aren't really my type but it shows how much he sticks out
i mostly used that picture as a comparison rather than a ranking tbh. i also agree that rankings are a joke, especially when netizens went ape shit when nana got first place one year and everyone was "literally who?" at the creator or whoever and now suddenly that their bobblehead wax-faced oppars are getting first place (probably because the creator knows it gets them traffic from rabid loser fangirls) it's suddenly the most legitimate source.

No. 43460

File: 1565141413504.jpg (167.69 KB, 1280x720, 1565136971383.jpg)

No. 43461

jason mamoa looks homeless and I would honestly rather fuck V at least he probably doesn't smell like rotting garbage

No. 43463

>Most handsome men in the world
>They're all ugly and Taehyung is the only one who isn't past his expiration date
OT but male beauty standards are nonexistent… Sad! The original version of that pic needs to be the OP for the next "men shilled as attractive that you find ugly" thread.

No. 43464

>beating a dead j-horse
Lmao so original

No. 43465

They're all ugly but V acts like a retard

No. 43466

Nta but Sana is extremely plain looking. I'm shocked at how many of you in this thread are praising her for her visuals.

No. 43467

this website was made by and for weebs. what did u expect?

No. 43468

yeah i never considered her to be that pretty either. in my opinion tzuyu and mina are much prettier than the rest of the twice members.

No. 43469

File: 1565146414662.gif (5.97 MB, 500x500, 4.gif)

in an industry where girls have button noses and flat faces, she stands out

No. 43470

That's funny, because I always thought Mina and Tzuyu were extremely overrated as well.

She really doesn't.

No. 43471

tzuyu has no top lip, mina is pretty tho

No. 43474

There's a trend on Twitter right now of people calling relationships between women in their 20s and men 30+ rape so I'm surprised there isnt more outrage. But maybe it's because people don't think that it's real.

No. 43475

No. 43476

File: 1565150755003.jpg (29.46 KB, 704x396, twice-sana-4.jpg)

her eyes are janky and it makes her look borderline retarded

No. 43477

New ggs are so boring and forgettable

No. 43478

File: 1565152246881.png (121.08 KB, 765x417, Screenshot 2019-08-07 at 12.29…)

on top of being painfully generic they really had to throw this in huh

No. 43480

File: 1565152596211.gif (8.23 MB, 400x738, unnamed (1).gif)

femcels would rather die than admit a woman is beautiful

No. 43481

File: 1565152681198.gif (5.01 MB, 450x412, EnragedSecondhandAxolotl.gif)

No. 43482

ew why is her mouth always open like that. Maybe she'd be hot if she didn't make those dumbass faces

No. 43483

take your sana sperging to the general or spam thread, twicefag.

No. 43484

File: 1565152783861.gif (6.38 MB, 430x600, 171102-엠카2.gif)

a woman that men find attractive*

No. 43485

hard cope

No. 43486


I wonder if Edawn has some resentment against Hyuna. Because of her, he was kicked off Pentagon and the group is flopping.

No. 43487

No. 43488

you aren't wrong but this is the critical thread lol. the only idol I've seen get positive reception here is Nana. and even then anons act like she's turned into some hideous monster.

No. 43489

File: 1565156855430.png (1.05 MB, 900x900, 822ae910cb1f87609d97d553cb7acf…)

Since i literally have nothing better to do i searched a pic with their names – cause I still dont know everyone's faces – to join this frivolous debate lolz

So yeah judging by this pic id say clearly momo mina tzuyu and sana are the cute ones. Momo and Sana stood out the most to me because momo has strong features - but on the other hand she resembles Ivanka Trump a bit in this pic?? - and Sana is serving qt looks as if she was starring in the korean version of Outlander.

No. 43490

I've seen this move before.. momoland?

No. 43491

You should take this to the general thread or idol spamming thread

No. 43492

Sana looked cute before (likey-era) but now her face looks really tight. considering that she already has high cheekbones, i dont know why that had to put fillers. that eyelid surgerys also really obvious. she has a hazy expression everytime she performs live. Her face is obviously plastic in unedited pics

No. 43493

why she had to put fillers in*

No. 43494

Same fag.

Pic related cringey gif of twice doing some aegyo/oppaaaaaaannnn shit
Yeah so pretty much my opinion remains the same
Sana is indeed very pretty which doesn't justify per se her popularity since japanese line is basically on the same lvl. I guess she's one of those who panders to ahjussis and does p*do baity shit like Nayeon. Too bad for her cause she is legit pretty and could be doing better in life lolz

The other ones are a visual hole especially Nayeon.
I also thought Jihyo was more cute judging by the pics featured in the dating scandal articles

Datz it thanks for reading sorry if i sounded nonsensical: ive already took my sleeping pills lol

No. 43495

File: 1565157733267.gif (5.57 MB, 700x700, VKRYJDe.gif)

Omfg forgot the fucking picture

No. 43496

I saged everything and i wouldnt post it there cause I called the rest of the group a visual hole and nayeon irks me so yeah not gonna mingle with her stans

No. 43497

I can only agree with you if you mean comparatively, to other twice members.

No. 43498

Now that you mentioned her resemblance with Ivanka I cannot unsee wtf.
Jihyo has a large ass neck. It's unfortunate.

No. 43499

Screenshots please because I can't into Chinese Twitter. Preferably of idols from Hong Kong. And didn't someone here say Koreans don't really care the last time it happened? Was that a lie?

Judging by how many pictures of people burning the American flag I've seen I'd say the US isn't good at hiding it either.

No. 43500

nayeon is honestly so ugly, i don't understand why anyone finds her attractive. her nose is so completely botched and it looks like two nostrils on a flat surface. especially recently. her face looks so plastic and gross in most lighting - along with jeongyeon. not to mention she's shamelessly goes along with pedobait male fantasies. ugh, sorry, just needed to vent lol

No. 43501

Nayeon is the ugliest. She looks like a rabbit with rabies. Or maybe Roger Rabbit. Side by side comparison is needed.

No. 43502

I'm seriously considering hate watching the reality show that selected the members. Not only bc of nayeon but also to understand how and why the fuck jeongeong and chaeyoung were picked.

No. 43504

Why did the thread suddenly contract fucking aids

No. 43505


No. 43506

The thread turned into a twiceshitter discussion thread. Sad!

No. 43507

and its still better than the usual bts circle jerking

No. 43510

**Why did the thread's HIV suddenly turn into aids

No. 43511

It all started with sanachan

No. 43513

I'm sorry but they're overall just not a very attractive group. imo out of the popular ggs red velvet and blackpink are prettier on average

No. 43518

File: 1565175591042.png (225 KB, 573x688, 1562341511809.png)

I think it's really pathetic that all the wealth coming into k-music from BTS, EXO or whatever's billions of dollars being made abroad and album sales is just fuelling the most generic shit imaginable like more audition shows and more bland ass music. In most countries when a music act does well abroad it paves the way for more experimentation, in Korea this seems to have worked in reverse

No. 43521

she's his sugar mommy now so why would he be mad

No. 43522

i saw a lot of tweets from bitter onces that heechul is a predator lol there was some outrage

No. 43524

Like yeah he's crusty and old but what kinda autists think dating a 20 year old comes close to pedophilia

No. 43525

One argument I'm aware of is the power imbalance.

No. 43526

Man her lips honestly look so horrible whenever she uses a bright lipstick now.

It's always wild to see how generic all the kpop idols look.

On another note, whats happening with all of the Love Myself campaign money? According to wikipedia the campaign has raised something like KR₩ 2.4 billion yet most I found about the use of money is - young people encouraging 'authority figures' to end violence and essentially providing basic care to children (which doesn't even seem to be the point of the campaign lmao) and there's basically no statistics for it? I'm not shouting fraud or whatever, I just find the lack of stats for such a big campaign really odd


No. 43528

I know and then whenever there's any "controversies" in regards to (alleged) racism or discrimination they are all quick to insult everyone in Japan and in other countries where groups make their coins.
They forget that most of their income come from these countries. Exo wouldn't have been as successful if it weren't for the Chinese fans, twice relies on their Japanese fans too and bts still exists because of American fans. International fans are fuelling this generic mediocrity.

No. 43529

>bts still exists because of American fans
sauce? bts are irrelevant in america, I wouldn't be surprised if they made more money in japan.

No. 43530

i didn't see tweets equating to pedophilia. all the tweets said that it was predator-like and a power imbalance

No. 43532

sure it's somewhat of a power imbalance, but Momo is still a well-established idol and a grown woman. I can't believe people are harping on this when abuse of minors in the industry is such a pervasive problem. Plenty of women fuck older, more successful men and it's not necessarily predatory. I just feel like kpop idols are always incredibly infantilized by their fans and treated as if they aren't capable of making decisions for themselves.

No. 43533

File: 1565192449804.png (1.28 MB, 1132x896, Screen Shot 2019-08-07 at 12.5…)

No. 43534

We all know that i-fans are the ones pushing them West. The reason they're not relevant is because the fan base is really small compared to the population of America lol

No. 43535

Why does itzy have a member that looks like Shrek? Daddy's money?

I can't believe idols can be literal 2/10s (the only point is for not being obese) and debut.

No. 43536

Which one? They look alright to me, considering they're still teenagers.

No. 43537

Which one? They look alright to me, considering they're still teenagers.

No. 43538

Dont forget blackpink milking SEA fans

No. 43540

are you talking about lia? she does look a little off and like a chinese billionaires daughter but she's not that ugly and she's a kid. at least she didn't get her face filled with botox. she's the only one other than yeji that doesn't sound like an overheated chihuahua when singing.

No. 43541

Chaeryeong. She can't sing can't rap and looks like a toe. What's the appeal.

No. 43543

File: 1565195085287.jpg (82.83 KB, 1200x1200, D0IsksIVYAAIWFV.jpg)

Nta, but this one along with Umji are the female idols whom I find to be just genuinely ugly. There's absolutely nothing attractive about her face, it reminds me of that monkey with a penis nose.

No. 43546

Remember when people called Hyuna pedophile rapist for "being so much older" than Edawn?

She's two years older.

No. 43547

Her sister looks even worse

No. 43548

File: 1565197775992.jpg (32.82 KB, 452x678, images.jpeg-4.jpg)

No. 43549

File: 1565197895378.gif (3.18 MB, 498x431, tenor.gif)

No. 43550

File: 1565198765307.png (1.24 MB, 900x1200, Rocket_Punch_Juri_Pink_Punch_t…)

Takahashi Juri (AKB48/Produce48) just debuted in another generic, boring, souless group called "Rocket Punch". These AKB girls looked the best before leaving Japan.

No. 43552

File: 1565199152446.jpg (175.1 KB, 817x611, Screenshot_20190807-133042_Ins…)

So Blackpink got nominated for a VMA since they got to number 1 on iTunes and apparently army's are saying they should be raped for it? I don't use Twitter so I don't know if any of you have seen them saying that but I'd believe it. Idk how bts fans can call themselves woke and then say that women should be raped because they beat their OpPaRs

No. 43554

File: 1565199484990.jpg (212.53 KB, 2048x1618, 28516794_1506074362835298_7119…)

This Dreamcatcher member too

No. 43555

anyone who doesnt have a tiny button nose or a michael jackson one is uglyyy!!

No. 43556

File: 1565200006457.png (1.61 MB, 800x1100, F7639D51-923D-4E00-B226-77B00B…)

Umji looks alot better recently. I can't tell if it's from surgery or weight loss, maybe both.

I don't think there's any fixing the Chae sisters faces/noses. I don't get why groups have to have some token ugly member.

No. 43557

Idk I really don't think she's that ugly. I appreciate that she's the only member of itzy with a distinctive face. I think kpop idols make people forget what real noses look like

No. 43558

holy shit i didnt even recognize her. it might be photoshop in this one but she looks good

No. 43559

File: 1565200347429.jpeg (188.83 KB, 1316x946, A776E949-0D61-4564-BADB-FE54D9…)

Yeah the difference is pretty shocking. She still looks way different in normal pictures, I think she had something done but maybe not? It looks like she lost alot of weight.

No. 43560

Shut up sanafag

No. 43561

File: 1565200731623.png (113.94 KB, 1080x698, Screenshot_20190807-135734~2.p…)

Gotta love rich, ugly idols pretending they got scouted on the street and didn't pay their way in. Same with the chae sisters

No. 43562

File: 1565200771233.png (805.41 KB, 498x748, bp.png)

They look so… different?

No. 43563

File: 1565200873108.jpg (84.06 KB, 1200x1200, Dih39KxUYAAs2Vo.jpg)

I think they did something with their noses. Their noses are naturally big but the current appearances dont come off as natural (especially chaeyeon's)

No. 43564

yes it's the same on Twitter. they're so pathetic.
And If I can be honest - I prefer those girls (winning in whatever armys are angry about) than bts

No. 43565

Same with flat headed jin

No. 43566

funny that you assume that, you nitpicky and insecure bitch.

No. 43567

File: 1565201861049.jpg (31.91 KB, 452x678, images.jpeg-8.jpg)

Is this the same person? (I don't know any of them)

No. 43568

Yes this is Dami from nugu Dreamcatcher. prime example of how a small nose doesn't always make a pretty face

No. 43569

VMAs K-pop nominations

Best K-pop Video (Kill This Love)

Best Choreography (Boy With Luv ft. Halsey)
Best Collaboration (Boy With Luv ft. Halsey)
Best Art Direction (Boy With Luv ft. Halsey)
Best K-pop Video (Boy With Luv ft. Halsey)

Best K-pop Video (Tempo)

Monsta X:
Best K-pop Video (Who Do U Love? ft. French Montana)

NCT 127:
Best K-pop Video (Regular - Korean ver.)

Best K-pop Video (Cat & Dog)

i can't post caps rn but there's some golden kboo salt on stan twitter about how mtv is racist for putting kpop artists in a different best video category. mtv are such pussies for giving boy with luv fucking 4 nominations. it's bts' worst song ever, even worse than dna and idol. how did it get a best choreo nomination with such a basic and boring choreo?

No. 43571

to get their retarded fans to watch? music award show ratings are shit so they're desperate

No. 43572

I'm lmao'ing that the nuna pandering cat & dog trash is on there tbh

No. 43573

I think bigshit bribed them to nominate that trash too lol

No. 43574

File: 1565203628417.jpg (296.85 KB, 1240x1241, tumblr_phl9vxZ0YT1wrwuhm_1280.…)

She looks so different here. Is it because of a nose job? >pic related is from her PD48 days, I think.

I agree. She looks like an average girl that you'd hardly notice on the street, but the anon you're responding is suggesting she's Predator-tier ugly. Some of the anons in here are more nitpick-y and spergy about certain physical features than Korean netizens.

No. 43575

File: 1565203993054.png (1.47 MB, 906x1326, Juri_at_Rocket_Punch_Debut_Sho…)

I'm not sure but she does look a lot different than in her PD48 days, aside from that shitty hair extension. Now she just looks like a basic nugu idol, nothing that makes her stand out whatsoever.

No. 43577

I think it's just a publicity stunt to enhance k-pop's status in the West (especially since it means they can shill more artists). Ratmys are using the racist shit as an veneer for being mad the category exists because it means five other Korean groups are mentioned in the same breath as BTS. They don't even want TXT to win lol
It's a little sus that BigShit's flop are on there

No. 43578

>Ratmys are using the racist shit as an veneer for being mad the category exists because it means five other Korean groups are mentioned in the same breath as BTS.
Funny cause it's the only way btshit could actually win anything. If they were to compete with actual american artists they'd never win. Ratmys are so ungrateful.

No. 43579

Okay so after looking at this image, I'm more inclined to think that Juri got something done to her nose. The bridge seems more prominent although that could just be contouring serving its intended purpose.

Also what is it with K-pop and shitty hair extensions? They look more obvious more often than not as shown in the video. She should have just stuck with the short hair and maybe gotten some bangs to cover up her forehead better.

No. 43580

i dont think ratmys would be as enraged if the flops nct, monsta x or txt won so i hope exo or blackpink wins. tempo and kill this love are just as bad songs as boy with luv but it's a video nomination and i think tempo and ktl have actually better videos.

No. 43582

she needs to go back to japan. she had little to no filler there and now she's riddled with plastic surgery

No. 43583

they probably tried to get nose injections to make it smaller but it failed

No. 43585

>riddled with plastic surgery
>implying that numerous J-pop idols don't also undergo plastic surgery

kek Are we looking at the same image you weeb? She looks pretty much the same aside from the nose job. Might be different a few years down the line but she not a Gangnam unnie right now that's for sure.

No. 43586

They have always had the worst extensions. Stylists just dont seem to accept that they cant dye their hair bright ass colors without causing damage and so they tape shitty extensions in to hide how short they have to cut it.

No. 43588

Yeah, those noses are already retouched for sure.

There aren't such injections. To make a nose smaller you have to take out some cartilage, and you can't do it without the good ol scalpel.

No. 43590

she's pretty. i wish more idols looked like her.

No. 43591

File: 1565209835363.jpg (19.21 KB, 400x400, Ve-kUi7o_400x400.jpg)

The girl in the center is really pretty, she kind of gives me Hara vibes, but also kind of like Heejin from LOONA with a wider jaw. This group will totally flop though, there's already been like so many different GGs that have debuted this year that I can't even recall names despite keeping up with these threads.

I agree but Yujin from CLC looks even more like a rabbit AND she adds nothing to their group.

The videos of her performing with her hair in her face intentionally is the saddest thing I've ever seen (in kpop). She's definitely had some work done and I feel awful for her.

No. 43593

>>43591 link the fucking performance then

No. 43594


yes please link, im really curious now

No. 43595

not op but I'm pretty sure this is the one

No. 43596

>the parents of some rich bitch paying for her career and the precious spoiled daughter then deciding that she doesn't like it that much is the saddest thing ever

Hopefully Exo wins, the fan wars would be delicious. I couldn't stand Jennie and Co getting anymore praise and attention for the 5 songs they have.

No. 43598

This video tells nothing but the truth. Delusional BLINKS messed with the like-to-dislike ratio because they couldn't stand hear their unnirs being exposed as the lazy and derivative group that they actually are.

No. 43600

File: 1565213084686.jpg (70.65 KB, 500x492, 1.jpg)


>TXT: Best K-pop Video (Cat & Dog)

not only is the video boring and completely unremarkable but this makes no sense even from a "popularity contest" standpoint considering that they have like 4 fans. i guess mtv is unabashedly throwing spaghetti at the wall at this point.

No. 43602

File: 1565215357242.jpeg (74.85 KB, 620x373, 69296434-4124-4DCF-AFBC-E811AD…)

The song's lyrics are so fucking cringe that I can't believe that Bigshit wouldn't have shilled their main title track instead. Like anything of theirs is probably better than Cat & Dogshit. Not saying much, it's just that Cat & Dog is that cringeworthy.

No. 43603

that was so pathetic. imagine your rich daddy paying for your idol career and then when you can't handle it because shitty netizens call you ugly and pig you do this. at least she didn't get shitty plastic surgery like her group mates did and it suits her face well, if she had a namjoo from a-pink situation it would not have fared well for her.

No. 43604

File: 1565216269016.jpg (181.25 KB, 1242x1738, S(u)perm.jpg)

>CapitolRecords and SM Entertainment announced their launch of a new Kpop supergroup, Super M, the new super boy band introduced as "the Avengers of K-pop,"
>U.S. debut in October. Capitol promises "massive marketing, promotion and publicity campaigns."
This will go down in history as one of the worst ideas SM ever had

No. 43605

They are getting desperate. Lee Soo Man was a horrific shitter but had good ideas (except The Grace). SM has really gone down the toilet

No. 43606

They looks so off together, the nct boys look clearly younger

No. 43608

this is the gayest thing sm has ever came up with. i recognize taemin, kai, baekhyun and the guy in the idol boy thread. who are the others?

No. 43610

the size difference between lucas's head and taemin's is trippy

No. 43611

Well, Shinee happened before having a small face was enough to get you to debut…

To whom is the group supposed to appeal to? Exo and Taemin have fangirls, NCT has ajumma fans
Seems to be more of a "sexy" Concept tho

No. 43612

File: 1565218574619.jpg (63.6 KB, 749x749, EBZmS4WWsAAd2qn.jpg)

>Super Junior-M

No. 43613

I'm sorry but 'the avengers of kpop' has me in fucking tears, that's hilarious
Kai and Taemin look especially out of place, they look old like shit and the nct guys look underage, they don't blend well together

No. 43614

not a fan of either of these groups but i think this project might do well with the right marketing. idk what their songs will sound like since none of them can sing except baekhyun, but maybe they'll be a rap focused group or something.

No. 43615

Why not just do a collab? Even if they release a good song+performance, which I doubt they will, the stans will still be at eachothers throats. Nct are major flops and exo stans are crazy.
I don't even hate any of those guys (except Lucas kek) and I still highly dislike this idea

No. 43616

In the US? I think it might flop. But I've heard they'll promote in Japan too so maybe that will save them.

No. 43617

filter + circle lenses

No. 43618

SM already attempted this stupid collaboration shit 6 years ago and it did not at all get popular. granted it was a one time thing and a unit (anyone remember the tragic kpop unit phase?) but it was a basis as to why they shouldn't attempt a full blown permanent version with maybe only two notable members by the general public. how come SM never learns? they've tried the rotational group thing several times with it never working, and then have the audacity to be shocked that NCshiT didn't work, and now this? they should've just given taemin and kai a collab album like they did the jung sisters and called it a day.

No. 43619

File: 1565222115813.jpg (23.97 KB, 310x338, 4b4b7564c64b0b3f2aac0625683fc4…)

did they..really name the band.."super M"?? jesus SM, what the fuck

No. 43620

No. 43621

>"the Avengers of K-pop,"
this is some "will do for supergroups what Jaws did for sharks!"-tier shit.

No. 43622

File: 1565223153692.jpg (239.53 KB, 2048x1340, IMG_20190807_201240.jpg)

what the fuck happened to dahyun's face? jeez…

No. 43623

ugh thanks for reminding me of this trash song. despite the bad reception this superm group is getting i don't think they're going to flop. they have 2 exo members which is enough to guarantee they'll chart well.

No. 43624

"Avengers of KPOP" oh my god you can feel how smug he is about this idea, like he thinks it's the most genius thing ever.
So many ideas in kpop might sound good on paper, I could totally understand how someone in a meeting suggested taking members from other groups and making a 'super group'…but it should have been rejected. Like anon said >>43618, why keep trying to push concepts that have failed before, just think of something new!

Also, these companies need to stop insisting on US promotion. They seem to think that just because western kpop fans are outspoken on social media, it'll mean groups will find fame in America. In reality the general public still doesn't care about kpop despite BTS, and having fans on twitter (who fake streaming numbers/views to make their faves look more popular) doesn't translate to ticket sales.

No. 43625

thank you for posting this anon, I was actually thinking of seeing this in theaters because I'll be able to get in for free but this is possibly the best deterrent I could have asked for.

No. 43626

he's standing 3 feet back

No. 43627

File: 1565224049372.jpeg (702.29 KB, 1638x2048, 93A50908-9B47-4AE2-BD27-C4B772…)

i think that photo is edited to hell and back. she looks more like herself here. fan sites edit tf out of idols too much

No. 43628

File: 1565224050169.jpg (383.89 KB, 1080x1578, IMG_20190807_201325.jpg)

Lmao but why are 127 at Capitol records at the same time they're announcing this new group? Exols are mad saying this is proof that it's all to bring more attention to nct after all

Also who the hell is dressing them? Why do some of them look like greasy casino guys from the early 2000s

No. 43629

Imagine being an nct member and having to sit in the audience and watch sm not pick you for the fuckin 'avengers of kpop' supergroup lmaoo. I bet they're really salty towards mark & taeyong especially.
I'm not sure if it's confirmed or not but I read that they're gonna debut with regular again, this time a remix. Regular isn't a good song and it already has three versions wtf is going on in sm's mind jfc

No. 43631

>I read that they're gonna debut with regular again
that was a joke, anon…

No. 43633

If I was kai or baekhyun I'd be beyond mad right now, that's so humiliating. The latter was successful in exo, in an exo sub group and as a solo artist, it's beyond obvious that he only needs to do this because nct is shit. I wonder if they tried to refuse, it's not like they could literally force them…

Is the guy in the front who's pulling that face also a member? He straight up looks like an eastern euro pimp

No. 43635

Yeah, that's utah

No. 43636

NCT wouldn’t be struggling half as much if SM actually gave them more commercial songs, they might not be the most popular group but at least the general public might want to listen to their music. The dream and U subunits have decent singles, it’s just 127 that seem to keep getting such messy tracks when they’re really the ones who need to be commercial

No. 43637

this jeff benjamin dude is such a faggot
>legendary producer

No. 43638

No. 43640

File: 1565231565293.jpg (188.84 KB, 1080x1080, 67890043_466453374079446_97318…)

its called an image board for a reason.

No. 43641

Looks like they took out their extensions and you can tell how dry and thin their hair is from the starvation diets.

No. 43642

jennie looks so healthy next to rose wow. anorexia is a bitch huh

No. 43643

god their hair looks so bad, rip. Even worse than I was expecting.

No. 43644

Must be great to be nct. No matter how hard you flop, SM will never give up on you. If they were from any other company, they would have been disbanded already.

No. 43645

Kai, baekhyun, and taemin are probably given special benefits if they agree to take up the offer

No. 43646

They probably wanted to differentiate her from Sakura (who also has short hair as her unique point)

No. 43647

im at bitch eating crackers level with jennie at this point

she always has this >im just so happy to be here ghehehehe look on her face in candids
and then she cant even stay on stage for an entire performance

No. 43648

File: 1565237069201.jpg (32.78 KB, 554x554, images.jpeg-4.jpg)

This is just like the cringey NCT "super plan" all over again. If this pic doesn't give you secondhand embarrassment…

No. 43652


It is actually sad when you think about how all the photoshop, layers of make up, extensions etc. are there to hide how malnourished and unhealthy a lot of these idols really are. You'd think these companies would care enough to spend more on health care for their idols than covering everything up with beauty products. smh why even become an idol if you're gonna end up looking like Baba Yaga by age 23

No. 43654

File: 1565245101551.jpg (167.92 KB, 2560x1674, nzQa4IJ.jpg)

Super M is already being called Sperm on twitter. No one is happy with the idea.

No. 43655


They look like they just left Auschwitz.

No. 43657

SM acts like they’re gonna go worldwide but they have no clue. How long until the Korean government gives up on them?

No. 43658

File: 1565253695841.jpg (30.73 KB, 196x283, 1vtzuiqbkdez.jpg)

I feel like some of you guys are so used to nosejobs that a natural-looking nose looks huge or gross to you but at the same time….this look is rough.

They should keep her look more natural, though. Her charm is in looking "ordinary". The brows and coral lipstick are doing her dirty. Her nose may be her worst feature, but with dark hair she at least looks like a normal teenager.

Fuck I want to support her just because people call her ugly ngl, call it pity but I hope she is the ugly duckling that will be a swan. She almost gives me teen Lucy Liu vibes, let's hope she doesn't get beat with the botched stick before she's 30.

Ehhhh she's one of the more stable singers, it's obvious in the Dalla Dalla Encore in March when you watch the fancams-the rapping is complete shit. IMO they shouldn't even have a rapper at all.

The other girls will hopefully be allowed to sing lower soon, they're reaching out of their range and it's unfortunate because their live vocals could be much better otherwise.

This is the first time I've listened to Itzy, but the comments, in general, lean towards people supporting Chaeryeoung? Maybe people like her because they don't find her looks enviable.

No. 43659

Honestly, if SM had just called them a Subunit as companies usually do, nobody would be sperging this hard. Saying that they are a new group that's going to debut was obviously going to trigger the fans of the original groups.

No. 43661

She's just a wannabe Ariana (or Kylie) with her babygirl-chic but without any talent. I remember watching her can't take my eyes off of you cover and it forever ruined that song for me but still, she was shouting that shit out off-key so confidently. She's only smiling when she's with American artists and when shes the center of attention.
Cl and GD became socialites too but they were never that pathetic and at least on stage they were always super passionate. Seems like she wanted to be a celebrity in America but this is the closest she'll ever get to that lol
Spoiled and entitled people who think they're high-class and thus too good for "ordinary" people and things don't deserve that kinda love and support tbh. I wonder when the rest of the girls get tired of her and it'll become noticeable.

No. 43662

it'll definitely be obvious. towards the end of miss a, fei's hate for suzy showed, that t-ara girl (hwayoung?) who claimed she was bullied showed her hate for the rest of the group. snsd does an okay job at hiding their disdain for other members. blackpink will be the same

No. 43663

File: 1565262416100.jpg (56.12 KB, 400x400, silo-6001299044601-front-29765…)

Name already taken kek

No. 43664

File: 1565266633524.gif (2.44 MB, 540x330, tumblr_pvd0yeoGLS1tc8b5go2_r1_…)

His jaw really is non existent what the fuck

No. 43667

chaeryeong is kind of cute, she's definitely not one of the ugliest idols i've ever seen, but i wouldn't say her face is idol-material. i listened to itzy's b-sides and they used deeper voices on them. i was kind of surprised since twice don't ever sing in their real voices.

No. 43669

sugafags will still deny it

No. 43672

File: 1565271291880.gif (4.11 MB, 317x320, download.gif)

Imagine having to link fingers with some incel sweaty ahjussi

No. 43673

So here is the superm teaser

No. 43676

Knetz were praising her for keeping up the act and smiling but it's still so clear that she's uncomfortable…

No. 43677

File: 1565275215438.jpg (115.46 KB, 1280x720, jihyo.jpg)

that's the fansign where she's wearing that really low cut red top. i can't believe they dressed her like that for a fansign, how uncomfortable that must have been.

No. 43678

As a Taemin fan (from fucking 10 years ago! sorry, but my middle school opinions still inform my anti/critical/milky attitude):
This is so not what I wanted. On any level. I was getting ready for so many embarrassing incarnations of a solo intl debut, including awful English and humiliating Ellen appearances and tasteless guest features dreamed up by an out of touch/old Korean executive…
But not this imitation BTS bullshit.
It’s so transparent and obnoxious.
Like, I was so ready to completely embarrass myself by supporting Taemin’s lame, low turn out US events and hoping his androgyny eventually gained some traction…
But I don’t want to see him in another fucking boy band.
This proves conclusively that the Big 3 are totally fallen apart beyond saving, and that hallyu will cannibalize itself completely in the next few years.

No. 43679

File: 1565277202849.png (760.77 KB, 750x1334, IMG_7413.png)

kek some Ratmys in Bolivia went to see the BTS movie and crowded a random ass guy simply because he was Asian.

No. 43680

girls like this are so disgusting. watch him not even be korean to begin with the fetishization is ridiculous

No. 43681

File: 1565277848817.jpg (97.37 KB, 1080x1078, d2b.jpg)

ehh… this is even worse than i thought it would be…

>“We’re maintaining their groups, their solo careers, and on top of this we have this ‘Avengers’ group to pull them together. There’s already an Iron-Man, a Thor, etc; and just like how the Avengers can have their own successful movies, there is a different kind of energy when they are together as the Avengers. We are now creating that as a point of business. We want to create a synergy between their groups, them as solo acts, and the Super M group to create a big wave in this K-pop industry.”


>“Of course there are those that are strictly EXO fans [or fans of one group],” Lee recognizes. “But outside of that, most people are interested in K-pop in general and in the genre of contents, which is a genre in all of itself.”

their in for a rude awakening when they realize multis are nothing but a bunch of broke preteens

(from https://www.forbes.com/sites/jeffbenjamin/2019/08/07/super-m-the-avengers-of-k-pop-unveiled-by-sm-entertainment-and-capitol-music-group/)

No. 43682

the only way this becomes acceptable is if they use their Western concept to go full homo
be the boundary-breaking fag-friendly bg that bts fans dream of
out-woke the woke ~kings~ (vom)
it’s a possibility, given how hard some members of this group flame already
(maybe putting them in military jeapordy in the safe, warm embrace of an American fan base is their big strategy for success, and trying to juice some extra time out of baekhyun on the brink of enlistment)
but I doubt anyone at SM is that clever and marketing-savvy

No. 43685

My thirteen years old sister was telling me about a new girl in her class who's chinese and this hardcore army kboo says to her "too bad, if only you were korean we could've been friends."
These koreaboos are wild

No. 43687

This is already super cringey but I yet have to understand why scamyong and Lucas are in this? Lucas is irrelevant in China and the only thing he had going on for himself is his deep voice. Taeyong is also irritating af and isn't really good in anything besides dancing. He is literally the male, sm version of Jennie. He's like kai but at least kai comes from a successful group and is more relevant.

The second-hand embarrassment is strong in this one.

No. 43688

i seriously think taeyong, mark and ten have some family connections to sm because they get pushed soo much more than the other nct members. the fact that taeyong and ten have both had solos (ten had 2 solos) and mark has literally been in 3 nct sub-units and is now going to be in some super group is just ridiculous favoritism. why did sm debut all these nct members when they only care about a select few? it would have been smarter just to debut the ones they actually want to promote from the start.

No. 43689

Taeyong is cute and popular and Lucas is one of the most western friendly idols there are + the only Wayv member of value besides Ten.

No. 43690

i'm not defending taeyong, but kai is just as useless as him. they both can't sing or rap and really the only thing they have going for them is charisma on stage. i've noticed there is a lot of exofags in this thread who are constantly talking them up as if exo is peak kpop and they are soo talented when only 3 out of 9 members can sing well and their songs have gone to shit since monster came out. i don't know if it's because we all collectively hate nct and bts in this thread, but i think you guys are giving exo way too much credit.

No. 43693

Hm I don't disagree but I literally called taeyong irritating and only good for dancing and then proceeded to say that's he's like kai because of that so idk what made you think I'm into exo or him. Kai is imo more relevant because exo is huge and already established whereas the nct boys are practically nobodies.

No. 43694

If you think Kai is useless, it doesn’t matter—Exo songs are always pretty reserved to the three main vocals and Kai is a dancer. He’s also a center of Exo, a group that has brought plenty of profit to SM. What has NCT done at all? They’re so nugu regardless of any talent, and Taeyong already had a shit image by debut bc he was a scammer. He’s really only attracted negative press to the group and he gets half the lines of the song whereas Kai has always been the main dancer with a few lines. I can rant here and say that NCT is into their third year and they still haven’t appealed to the GP. Exo and Shinee, which both had one hit by three years into their career, have worked their asses off since debut, people know it regardless of whether or not they hate/like them.
I’m not a stan of the three but imo it’s so pathetic that Taemin, Kai, and Baekhyun are now being used to pull the deadweight of the other members. Not just one or two, but four irrelevant deadweights who contribute nothing but failure. It’s worse for Taemin and then Baekhyun who have been promoting solo and are probably fucking exhausted from working to earn an actual profit for SM. Kai isn’t the most talented but he’s improved vocally in recent years though he’s really known for dancing. I only recently listened to their last album and was surprised to see that Kai went from literally screaming in their debut song to having actual parts as a decent subvocal. Compare that to Taeyong, a shitty rapper and singer, who has taken up the majority of NCT songs since debut and still only attracts negative attention.

No. 43700

File: 1565288425214.jpeg (49.27 KB, 680x609, EBc7MKbXoAA0NJi.jpeg)

Now you get to see him sitting on the floor between the spread open legs of a member from a flop group

No. 43701

File: 1565288515933.jpeg (28.68 KB, 452x678, images (7).jpeg)

Everybody keeps saying that this Lucas dude has a "good variety personality" but… he doesn't. Lol. Watched some videos and there was nothing funny about it. Good luck with them promos in the US.

Really nct-fag?? Kai is an established idol from a established group. Like it or not he already brings much more to the table just being from exo bc of all their loyal fans. Also Taeyong looks like a fucking alien and Kai is fuckable.

Pic related > taeyong being an ugly ass reptilian

No. 43702

Why the fuck sperM is debuting in the US? SM wants them to be humiliated on a global scale?? Wheew already cringing

No. 43704

I don't know why anybody would wk nct, they're a bunch of scrawny teen boys void of any charisma, there's nothing appealing about them to any sane normal woman. Some exo members at least have nice bodies. Think of it like the chippendales, ignore their mediocre faces and cringy expression and just appreciate fit adult men in revealing clothes lol
Secondly, nearly everybody in exo can sing - especially in comparison to bts and blackpink. I have yet to see any "talent" coming from nct.
Exo isn't pushed into any non-asian countries, unlike bts, bp and nct, you can easily avoid them if you want. It's not like you live in korea and have to deal with crazed exo-ls irl.
And anything that pisses ratmies or blinks off is nice, even if it's another kpop group.

Plus many anons probably were shinee or exo dans when they were younger and therefore have a soft spot for them. Doesn't really matter though, nct is objectively shit.

No. 43705

>Taeyong already had a shit image by debut bc he was a scammer
How come woke nctfags unanimously ignore him being a criminal and shitty human being?

No. 43706

he wasn't dragged because he sold the broken items for cheap (even though he didn't disclose that they were broken which should be illegal)

No. 43707

And he talked shit about his victims parents, something that is a big deal to koreans - but a non-issue to ifans.

No. 43708

Because he's """"cute"""" see >>43689

No. 43709

because he was like 12 when he did it

No. 43710

If you were trying to hide the fact that you're an exol at all, you did a shit job.

No. 43711

>Idiot, you said you’re a high school student? You’ve gotta be joking you even fucking hung up because you got scared ㅋㅋ. You can’t even swear properlyㅋㅋㅋ you’re so sad you scum
>I’m researching where fucking Yongsan High School is you son of a bitch ㅋㅋ. I’ve got mad contacts, you know? Just wait idiot ㅎㅎ I’ll come tap you in the face and rip your uniform up
>You don’t have a mother do you you motherless retard ㅋㅋㅋ
UWU Oppar is innocent! And cute! And he has charisma on stage!

No. 43713

based taeyong. we need more idols like him.

No. 43714

File: 1565294805043.jpg (134.41 KB, 600x450, 84NCTDreamteaser2.jpg)

I'm not "hiding" anything. I just listed reasons for why trying to convince anybody that nct is anywhere near exo's or shinee's level of success is pathetic. Nctfags attempts at shilling their boys is embarrassing and useless. There are so many flops in kpop, but only you with your nct are so in denial about it.

Here, have a pic of your babies to calm you rabid noonas down.

No. 43715

I'm not an NCTzen, sperg. You need to calm down.

No. 43716

i thought this was exo because the glasses kid looks like xiumin. please tell me these in the pic are all actual minors so i can cringe less

No. 43717

File: 1565295252418.jpeg (10.12 KB, 225x225, Download.jpeg)

>i'm not an NCTzen!
>writing "NCTzen" instead of nctstan, nctfag,…

How is them being actual children who are oggled by female pedos better than xiumin dressing like a retard?

No. 43718

File: 1565295466034.png (209.21 KB, 540x381, monky.png)

Right. Have fun embarassing the fuck out of yourself, I'm gonna stop replying now.

No. 43719

it's better for real children to dress up like children than adults doing it, no?

No. 43720

To answer your original question, yes. They were all young teens when they took that picture.

No. 43721

those are LITERALLY the only reason she has fans - and they are smaller than they seem - she doesn't have any other talent for which she is famous so she should show them more

as for the creepy disgusting fat incels that come to the fansigns - well it is the job she chose and she gets paid heftily for it so can we please stop feeling uwu sorry for fucking idols fgs there are kids dying

No. 43722

here we have solar form mamapoo reading hte comments - watching her botched face in the video makes me want to leave a """"hate""""" comment though lmfao

also at one point she says no one has ever said she looks like a man before and i'm like really! with that ape face of yours!

idols with youtube channels really show clearly how devoid they are of any real personality

No. 43723

Lmao you're so pressed

No. 43724

she became a trainee at 8 years old. she trained for 10 years and didn't know what she was getting into before it was too late. we can feel bad for idols who are in that type of circumstance

No. 43726

File: 1565299620900.jpg (34.72 KB, 456x810, 458U2N1w91ohl540.jpg)

go take a nap, anon

No. 43727

Not OP but it's funny how when you mention that anyone aside from NCT or BTS is a good boy group objectively, you get flagged as a stan. At least Exo has attractive members that can sing, NCT has neither and they have over 2x the number of members hahahahahhaha

No. 43728

The blond one looks lile the dyke from Twice.

No. 43729

are exols schizophrenic?

No. 43730

no? Trainees aren't forced to stay at a company for long periods of time- generally their contracts renew every year or so. Sure, you can excuse children for being dumb and naive and becoming trainees, but by the time you're a teenager and you're being told to crash diet/get ps you should be smart enough to realize what you're in for. The fact she trained for so goddamn long if anything makes me less sympathetic towards her. She had ample opportunity to leave if she wanted to.

No. 43731


First the dating scandal and now this, Kang Daniel is destroying his career kek

No. 43735

>Why are you swearing at them, it's not their fault!!!
It's not their fault that they're completely talentless and costing their company loads of money?
Guess we should all try reacting like that the next time our boss complains about us getting absolutely shitty results despite them helping and pushing us all the time…
Nct fans sure love to play victim even more than ratmies.

No. 43737

honestly it isn’t the members’ fault. it’s sm’s own fault for investing a shit ton of money even though they are talentless and the songs are as un-publicfriendly as they come.

No. 43738

>by the time you're a teenager and you're being told to crash diet/get ps you should be smart enough to realize what you're in for
hahahaha I love that you think this

No. 43739

Of course it is. If you're ugly and have no talent yet want to debut, then you should also be blamed if you fail.
We've seen time and time again that even shitty songs are successful if the group is popular enough.
In a way sm entertainment is the real victim: they were dumb enough to believe in them, they signed contracts with them and now have to endure a massive financial loss because nct failed to deliver.

No. 43740

File: 1565307531385.png (108.91 KB, 587x506, saxaxs.png)

Ratmys are trying to push an #arianagrandeisover hashtag because of some incident unrelated to them and insisting they're Ariana fans but their entire twitters are just BTS shit. Why are they increasingly doing this with EVERY female artist there is?


No. 43741

take a second and think. they could easily manipulate them as children into thinking that crash dieting and abuse is normal. you're fucked anon don't have any kids

No. 43742

this has to be one of the dumbest things I've read on here in awhile.
kpop fans overtake those hashtags every week with the same old shit. you'd think it would get boring eventually

No. 43744

except idols complain all the time about how much dieting during their trainee days sucked? I'm sorry if I don't feel sorry for people who clearly lack the most basic of critical thinking skills.

No. 43745

I'm sorry obviously this is shitty behavior and Taeyong seems like a prick but this shit killed me, it reads like a copypasta
>mwolago the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch?

isn't she pushing 30? she looks fine imo.

No. 43746

this is the last time i'm replying because i don't feel like clogging up the thread, but if you know anything about manipulation, you'd know that you can convince children and preteens that things are necessary evils. you're probably from the west and so haven't experienced it but they are probably used to things like cram schools and studying at school from 7am-11pm, so it'd be easy to convince a 12 year old that dieting is necessary but painful.

No. 43747

Anon she's not complaining in that clip, she's showing off. They even coo and tell her what a strong will she has. Koreans are raised even outside of the idol industry to believe that suffering is an integral part of having a good work ethic.

No. 43748

Who tf let the incels out? Dont turn into a women hating cuckoo just yet anon u can always have sex with a call girl or sum

No. 43749

File: 1565310290858.jpeg (66.58 KB, 720x655, D0B3C375-813B-4D31-9738-EE1E77…)

what’s up with all the exo-l autism today? your oppas are just as ugly and untalented as nct and bts.

No. 43750

File: 1565310424727.jpg (356.2 KB, 1728x1529, 6e9592a43cc97c8831550826ea344e…)

>feeling sorry for any kpop idol
they're all no talent-having rich people that deserve to die(a-logging)

No. 43751

File: 1565310584895.gif (5.82 MB, 330x248, 20257_original.gif)

Nctfags trying to convince that their flop faves are anywhere near exo, shinee and even bts lmao

No. 43752


SM deserves their current state but a part of me finds it sad just how far they've fallen. Golden era of Kpop was fun at least. But I agree that hallyu will cannabalize itself. Too oversaturated, too aggressive and misguided in their push for US fame, bad management, etc. etc.

And definitely Bighit will not be the savior of Kpop as Bang PD clearly wants to be. They're already f-ing up with BTS, TXT is a flop and some of the press releases they put out about how they're kpop gods feels delusional at best. It's gonna be a wrap for Kpop really soon.

However, I actually see movies/tv doing a lot better. We're seeing some Korean actors/actresses move over into Hollywood and some dramas on netflix. Kmovies are more prestigious in the West as well. Maybe Kpop's demise will be Kdramas/movies rise.

No. 43754

I read that he'd also frequently make hateful comments towards japanese people and curse them on the internet, like calling jp girls "ugly bitches," and saying the guys are otaku losers.

The otaku losers part cracks me up because this was coming from an angry friendless loner selling broken gundum toys online.
Anyway now he gets to make money in japan lol. Wonder if he outgrew that behavior

No. 43755

Anon, for the last time: BTS/Exo/Shinee/…>>>>>>>>>>NCT
It's not just Exo fans hating your boys, nobody likes them.

And you know why Kai looks like this? Because he's an actual adult. Men have beards, people will get wrinkles after some time. Not everybody can be a botoxed, fillered and jawshaven NCT kid.

No. 43757

Not the anons you were replying to but at least exo weren't forced down everyone's throat like nct and bts

No. 43758

is this supposed to be unflattering? that's about as good as any idol is gonna look close up. I'm a btsfag and even I think kai is one of the few genuinely good-looking idols.

>However, I actually see movies/tv doing a lot better. We're seeing some Korean actors/actresses move over into Hollywood and some dramas on netflix. Kmovies are more prestigious in the West as well. Maybe Kpop's demise will be Kdramas/movies rise.
I could see that, there's a lot of good cinema coming out of Korea. Sang-soo has worked with Isabelle Hupert a few times and Okja and Snowpiercer which were English language and full of high-profile westerners were fairly popular. Plus a Korean film just won the Palme d'Or for the first time with Parasite.

No. 43759

Anons here souding like a bunch of stans. I have a soft spot for Taemin bc I liked SHINEE as a teen but this new group seems ludicrous.
He got so much ps he looks like my aunt, never got Kai's appeal and the NCT fags are a bunch of nugus, it's a complete failure.

No. 43760

kek which level of sm payroll are you on because…yikes

No. 43761


>nct is ugly and untalented

>reeeee nctfag

anyways kai is ugly and botched and so is all of nct and bts. cope

No. 43764

The exo-ls and NCTshits made their home here a few threads ago, they were calling Mark homophobic and blaming his 'homophobia' on him being raised in Canada for not wanting to do fake gay shit on television with Haechan, that's when I realized this thread had kind of gone to hell. And the Yutafag/Sakurafag advocating legit race hate against Koreans
BTS are utter dogshit even below NCT
>I'm a btsfag
Get the fuck out ratmy

No. 43765

jihyo debuted when she was 18 years old. i'm sure she was pressured into debuting by her parents since she became a trainee at 8 years old, but she could have left whenever she wanted to. also she looks way too fucking happy all the time like one of these days she's just gonna snap.

No. 43767

finally a sane person in this thread

No. 43768

I'm not a fan of any boy groups and I agree that NCT is the most annoying kpop group currently. (the group, not the fanbase) There's just something about them that makes punchable.

I'm with whatever anon said she might be on uppers. Her gaze in that Fancy fancam stands out in my mind. Maybe she really is losing it

No. 43771

File: 1565323833921.jpeg (73.46 KB, 608x1080, 81637825-C371-47A2-B84E-08E5B0…)

I'm not a twicefag but sis deserved better than this styling. Anyone does lmfao

No. 43772

The fancy fancams were okay compared to yes or yes. Not only the dance movements are weird by themselves, she's too damn happy it's scary. Some jihyofag might say it's just her stage charisma, uh no.

No. 43776

Didn’t he have an eye infection is this picture? Surprised he went outside with that knowing how knetz react but besides that he doesn’t look bad? I’ve seen more unflattering pics of him

No. 43780

File: 1565329198370.jpg (307.56 KB, 895x1192, Screenshot_20190809-013945_Chr…)

So almost half of BTS' followers have been exposed as fake. I'm sure Army's will attack this account soon enough

No. 43781

i swear the fakest part of celebrity culture is deluding everyone into believing the amount of people who actually give a fuck about celebrity lives is at all substantial

No. 43782

Uh.. can the moomoofags get out of this thread? I am not even a male. Solar has completely ruined her already plastic face with more PS. And we can point that out. I can't believe how this thread is filled with moomoofags and oncefaags now damn… We really need to bring the ol' ratmys to weed them out…

No. 43783

calling her botched is one thing, saying she has an ape face and looks like a man is what made you sound like a scrote.

No. 43784

His eyelid surgery fucked up his whole eye, I'm pretty sure it got wicked scarred and everything-correct me if I'm wrong.

No. 43785

I love how whenever an anon disagrees with the worst offenders when it comes to femcel behavior and nitpicking, they screech "GTFO STAN!". This thread is a fucking trainwreck.

Oh… I can sense the salt. But also, I don't really know how reliable these things are? What do they count as a "fake follower"? Inactive/ghost accounts? I'm sure Ratmys have made hundreds of throwaway accounts to inflate BTS' numbers. The retards.

No. 43786

File: 1565330672346.jpg (114.75 KB, 682x1024, 2e8ca8bc5cc9ff43791edb806114c2…)

sm has been forcing an ~irene is obsessed with dumbo~/similar to the character of dumbo meme for awhile and fans still obsessively buy her dumbo themed shit

the kpop industry is weird af

No. 43787

File: 1565330679817.jpg (207.74 KB, 1080x1130, Screenshot_20190809-014306_Chr…)

Here's the full list for perspective (just found it my bad)

No. 43788

So you say her face doesn't look ape-ish around the mouth region? Cuz objectively, it does. And that is because of her PS too. But i guess all you moomoos have mommy complexes so you think i am saying your idol is an ape herself? That is not what i meant, sweets, now please stop crying.

No. 43789

yeah her face is freaky like most idols but she doesn't look like a man and saying she does made you sound like a scrote.
>But i guess all you moomoos have mommy complexes so you think i am saying your idol is an ape herself
can someone translate this for me please

No. 43790

Why so stuck up on the fact that i said she looked like man? Solar and hwasa have always looked like men/trans. It is just facts, not an insult. Did i touch a personal nerve of yours lmfao…. Don't cry because an internet stranger called your mommy solar a man, anon, it doesnt take away her or your feminity. Peace, sis.

No. 43792


she's shaped like optimus prime

No. 43793

File: 1565334825506.gif (313.75 KB, 337x230, source.gif)

anon I'm not even one of the anons who called you an incel/pressed initially I'm just pointing out why they mistook you for a scrote. the least you could do instead of shitting up the thread with this weird one-sided "omg stop crying" meme is post pics of moofags' mommy issue sperging because that would at least be entertaining.

holy shit kek I missed this, was going to compare her to pic related but David Byrne doesn't deserve that.

No. 43794

You should really stop because you sound like an angry scrote with every new post you make

No. 43795

Koreans caught on with the "sperm" thing
>So you're saying that they did it on purpose to make it funny when they go on English shows?;;;; This isn't like Psy where he's purposefully being comedic, this is a group who is supposed to look cool when they debut
>So there are still people joking with "open condom style"… It's not like Gangnam style was famous because of that either;; Are Americans all chodings?
>So they really weren't aware? They have a member who speaks English in the group, he's from Canada and there's also a Thai who attended international school too..;; To be honest, there's nothing to gain if they just want to be funny and make it sound like sperm since they already have members who speak English
>You'd think that this is only the minority of responses, but those tweets have a bunch of RTsㅜㅜ There are also a ton of Ifans thinking that they're weird for thinking they're the new Avengers
Don't they find that cringy too?
>It's problematic if they didn't know about it, but it's also problematic if they knew about it
>Don't turn this into a national embarrassment, let's change the name

No. 43796

File: 1565336883414.png (104.19 KB, 856x716, 983834.png)

this is gonna be such a shitshow, I can't wait.
>Don't they find that cringy too?
they might not realize that The Avengers aren't just a film trend and the characters have cultural significance in the US.

No. 43797

SM must have thought that "Super M" is a brilliant name. Idk how it works in the entertainment company, but japanese/korean companies in my country are very careful when naming a newly launched product. They don't want the brand to have bad connotation in local languages or can easily be twisted into some inappropriate slangs. Just because "Super M" has "SM" as their initials, or just because it has "Super" in it doesn't make it a good name when you can twist it into "sperm" lmao.

No. 43798

File: 1565342592277.gif (2.58 MB, 250x168, tumblr_op1sdj7qds1qd2b19o3_r1_…)

That's not fanservice or a sweet gesture, he's treacherously exposing Jin's fucked up head shape

No. 43799

>Just recently during Capitol Congress 2019, which took place on August 7th in LA, SM Entertainment founder Lee SooMan revealed:

>“I was asked by Capitol Music CEO Steve Barnett to produce a new team that would display the strongest synergy between the West and the East recently. That is the reason why Super M was born. Super M is a group that consists of exceptional seven artists and will be releasing quality music that stands out. Through dance, vocals, rap, and fashion, the group will define the core values of K-Pop.”

I'm confused. What "strong synergy between the East and the West"? This group is already a flop from the beginning. Does any of the member even speak English? I'm not familiar with them.

No. 43801

I think Ten does?? But not fluently

No. 43802

Mark is canadian so he does, kai knows a little, 10 is almost fluent, lucas understands it better than korean at least, and taeyong knows some.

No. 43803

I don't think Kai understands much, at least he didn't when him and Suho were with the kids of Stranger Things.
And Taemin knows absolutely nothing, but hey, at least he'll get his foreigners-calling-him-oppa fetish fulfilled.
Mark will have to do all the talking and explaining of their cringy name + concept.

No. 43804

That's why i said "a little"…

No. 43805

>Mark will have to do all the talking and explaining of their cringy name + concept.

Hasn't he been doing the English speaking since the beginning? I have no idea who's in what unit but now that Johnny isn't with them it's all on him (and ten?)
At this point I don't consider this favoritism anymore. This is fucking torture. I really don't consider his position to be enviable.

No. 43806

Isn't Baekhyun due to enlist next year?

No. 43811

I really hate BT21 characters being related to bts, they're so cute and colorful but everytime i remember they're related to those fuckers i physically cringe, oof.

V looks almost amused with Jin's "head". Deeply unfortunate.

No. 43812

Christ, most brands trying to go international have people that will check these sorts of things. Are SM so arrogant that they think this will work? This is so baffling

No. 43814

>“I was asked by Capitol Music CEO Steve Barnett to produce a new team that would display the strongest synergy between the West and the East recently. That is the reason why Super M was born."
Huh. So… this was mostly Capitol's idea? Explains a lot but not why they greenlit that awful name.

No. 43815

they probably did it quickly without thinking since they are about to go bankrupt. they should've scraped nct and promoted their successful groups / smngg until they could make back the profits. or they could stop embezzling money.
sm probably has a disney deal kek
she needs pants that cover her legs and that are baggy to balance that shit out. did kpop stylists even go to fashion school or what?? they always give members with bad proportions terrible clothes.

No. 43819

Just dissolve nct and debut a new boy or girl group. People are already tired of seeing the same SM faces, especially nct so there's nothing really fresh or new about this sperm group to make people curious or attract new fans.
This is such a stupid idea and somehow everyone sees that but SM.

No. 43828

No. 43832

the whites and SEAfags on reddit are trashing their pronunciation but it's actually kinda decent (the pronunciation)

anyway it is way better than when whiny lizard and v sings it soooo

No. 43835

I think SM actually do have a Disney deal, their rookies were on some tv show covering Disney songs

No. 43836

They did Mikey Mouse Club house in Korea. It's also why EXO did a song for Korean Star Wars promotions.

No. 43838

this is really cute to me…i might download this its so cute im gonna cry someone kill me

No. 43844

I feel like she probably has a reversal of personality where she's dead inside off camera. It might be bad but I do judge people a bit on who they date. Not necessarily in a negative shaming way, but at least for Seolhyun who dated Zico, she probably has some sort of self-esteem issues or issues with choosing men in general to date an ugly perv like Zico tbh.
When it comes to Jihyo, Kang Daniel kind of seems like an ass and even Netizens think that she could do better. After all the shaming on Sixteen for her weight, she probably has low self-esteem and probably feels some weird obligation to her fans to give them the "best performance" after being practically psychologically tortured as a trainee since she was 8. I agree with whoever said that Jihyo will probably snap one day.

What about kpop even appeals to the West these days? I used to think it was the manlier members but BTS got popular after they stopped doing hiphop and went for the flower-boy image. Not to mention, isn't Jimin, the most effeminate one, the most popular member in the West?

No. 43845

I agree, it sounds really cute because it sounds like a kids song to begin with. It sounds so juvenile and lame when it's sung by BTS bc they're in their 20s.

No. 43846

jimin is the most popular boy group idol in korea too

No. 43848

in what world .. the korean public don’t know him, shitty ratmy propaganda and monthly brand rankings numbers mean nothing lmao

No. 43850

no one actually cares about bts members as individuals except ratmys but i'd also say that jimin is the most popular in the sense that more people know his name

No. 43851

member perhaps but not male idol. korea doesn’t care about bts, it’s only their rabid fandom. at least exo actually had a real hit

No. 43852

Small tinfoil, but I think that's because Jimin sounds like "Jimmy" - so it's easy to remember for Americans. Some interviewers even called him that.

No. 43853

Not that I would be surprised if this is true but is there anything more substantial than a Facebook post

That's like telling all the femcels on LC to sleep with a man.

No. 43854

File: 1565385871772.jpeg (1.16 MB, 3464x3464, 0A803A86-6E6C-41B8-B604-2A8FD0…)

I think JYP has a thing for the rat-faced look. Bless Yuna, though, as along with Yeji, she’s the only one in Itzy that looks like she actually wants to be there.

No. 43855

Nope KD is (was) more popular than all the BTS members combined.

No. 43856

The only place Jimin is the most popular anything is on twitter, where his dedicated fans camp out to pen their latest trans baby cow omega tentacle orgy fanfics

No. 43858

OT but why is a /kpc/fag calling other farmers femcels? This thread houses the most unhinged, inceloid posters on all of lolcow.

No. 43859

No shit? And I don't identify with the posters here so please don't call me a kpcfag.

No. 43860

Who? Calm down with the abbreviations

No. 43861

Not the same poster and what's wrong with abbreviations?

No. 43862

Cringe at the people in the comments making it such a big deal that the kids are singing in Korean though. Kidzbop always covers popular songs and bts is pretty popular among lots of kids here in the US so it makes sense that they'd cover bwl. They also cover songs in other languages like spanish so why would they translate the korean lyrics to english? It's better that it's kept in the original language anyway.
I understand why it would excite some people but it's not phenomenal lol, bts just have a lot of kid and preteen fans.

No. 43865

I kinda liked it.

No. 43869

Jimin has been number 1 on those brand ranking things for like 6 months straight

No. 43870

wow I like the chorus a lot better in this version for some reason kek, kind of goes to show how juvenile a song it is. there are a lot of kpop songs that would have sounded cringe if they had kidzbop versions but this is actually cute.

No. 43874

File: 1565397871423.jpeg (86.53 KB, 683x1024, EBdLcIWWsAE_aRa.jpeg)

I'm still a bit puzzled that nct jaehyun wasn't put in the "super group." His looks are extremely popular among kpop stans, he speaks english, sings, and is the most popular nct member in sk by far with a lot of solo stans.

I'm not a stan of his btw

No. 43875

File: 1565398552895.jpg (95.13 KB, 806x1024, SV.jpg)

From the front he looks okay, from the side he's a solid 4/10 (and this is a considerably flattering fansite pic)

This post would've fit better in the general thread even with the "not a fan btw!!!

No. 43877

File: 1565401197585.jpeg (27.56 KB, 400x400, C6DD7E13-0532-464B-BB6B-AB65DA…)

Well Mark looks like a tiki mask, so literally anyone else from NCT would be an improvement.

No. 43878

File: 1565401491183.png (1.89 MB, 902x3220, zNnVCsT.png)

Jimin's #1 brand ranking is kind of like BTS' record for the top viewed video in 24 hours or whatever. Both are primarily their own fans spamming it over and over for the purpose of inauthentically raising the position/views

I'm sure Jimin does have plenty of fans, and BTS does too, sure. But neither are at the level of crazy popularity that their fans want to convince people they're at by inflating these numbers

No. 43879

tinfoil but i think jihyo dating kang daniel is an attempt at boosting her popularity. she is one of the least popular members in twice and got called the visual hole for a while. she seems like the biggest try hard so i wonder if the relationship is fake and just to help her career. i imagine most female idols would rather date actors who are much better looking than most idols and don't have the crazy fangirls either.

No. 43880

People might also know him because of this lunatic.

No. 43881

idg why he's being pushed by sm so hard aside from his okay rapping, does he have many fans at all? the same with lucas, winwin has more fans, wouldn't it be more profitable to use him instead? this project is a trainwreck no matter how you look at it

No. 43884

Besides being a strong rapper, Mark is one of the most popular NCT members with a lot of devoted fans, so putting him in the group will guarantee a lot of support and money from his solo stans.
When it comes to Lucas however, I'm not so sure. Yes he's popular and considered a visual, but like >>43874 said, so is Jaehyun and he can sing, not to mention speak in English. The only reason why I can think they chose Lucas over Jaehyun is because of his extroverted personality. Maybe they thought it would be better for variety or group chemistry or something.

No. 43886

>The only reason why I can think they chose Lucas over Jaehyun is because of his extroverted personality. Maybe they thought it would be better for variety or group chemistry or something.
Since they are also aiming for the West market, they should learn from V and his 4D personality. He could do nothing in front of the camera when he couldn't even converse in basic English. If it's for Korean market only then personality without English skill might work.

No. 43887

File: 1565415391510.jpg (129.96 KB, 640x960, winner-jinu-new-single-concept…)

This dude from winner is so botched, i can't-

No. 43888

No1curr but i just found out that these 2 flops are still trying. Are they even getting what they want? (The cryptocurrency thing). Seems like people only see them as a unique phenomenon (that is going to die very soon), most of them are SEAfags too.

No. 43889

No. 43890

maybe read a fucking article or something. brand reputation is pointless, its inflated numbers made by the fans, if you couldnt already tell from all the nobodies placed in top 50 or things like jimin placed in front of kang daniel
https://www.kpopbehind.com/2017/01/do-k-pop-idol-group-reputation-rankings.html?m=1 quick explanation of how it works here but look it up yourself if you want to know how ridiculous it actually is

No. 43892

Nah. She was considered the fat one at debut but she’s gained tons of fans since she started wearing push-up bras and shook her boobs in Likey. International fans also flocked to her when she got a tan during Dance The Night Away. She’s still not among the most popular members but she’s solidly in the middle. If it was a matter of boosting one of the unpopular members they would’ve chosen Jeongyeon or Chaeyoung or however you spell their names.

No. 43894

Lmao I noticed that too, Jin does his usual I'm so good looking shit, Jhope's sperging works in every language, but V just sits there, looking dumb. He seems to know the most english or at least he says the most, but his pronounciation is so bad, I really can't understand him at all. Even Jungkook and Jimin are better than him.

No. 43895

jesus the boy group sounds awful. the girl group seems slightly better but gimmick groups never catch on.

No. 43896

File: 1565424207388.jpg (50.46 KB, 640x640, GjzHY8zl.jpg)

Interesting how this Eddie guy can debut and no one is breathing a bad word about it.. but they called Lana a koreaboo and are still attacking her.
To me it's just so clear that kpop stans were jealous of her and her pretty face

No. 43897

white/mixed boys in kpop have never been controversial. you won't see twitter stans losing their shit over this guy. it's almost like their problem has something to do with jealousy.

No. 43898

>crop top
>ass shoop
>smug punchable (and big) face
Yeah, koreans will surely love him /s
What is he thinking? How full of yourself do you need to be to think that you will be successful despite being the absolute opposite of all their standards?

No. 43901

lucas is no where near the other sperm members in terms of talent but winwin is one of the least popular nct members outside of china, he can't sing, rap, or dance, has the personality and stage presence of drywall, and looks like elliot rodger. if they're promoting in the west and wanted two wayv members, 10 and lucas were the only options. they should've just sent 10 and taeyong.

No. 43910

> or dance
he's by far one of the most qualified dancers in nct in terms of experience and credentials but i agree with everything else you said. i'd say him and ten aren't that far apart.

No. 43911

File: 1565432326062.png (Spoiler Image,15.66 KB, 583x253, Opera Snímek_2019-07-10_075553…)

No. 43912

sure, he's good at at one type of dance. but nct doesn't do traditional chinese dance or whatever it is that he specializes in. they do shitty boy group dances which he's not good at at all, i unironically think that even yuta is a much stronger dancer than winwin in the group. he's a bad idol, should've stayed in china and become a normal dancer or an actor. 10 is so much more well-rounded and versatile.

No. 43913

Their fame is seriously so artificial. Apart from obsessed armys nobody really finds jimin anywhere near attractive. The only one who's somewhat popular with non-fans is v. All these polls and shit are the result of I-fans and k-fans spamming and pushing them up, subsequently leading to the media's pandering to them because they think bts has become an international sensation.
I'm sure most non-armys in Korea would take one of the wanna one guys or guys from other less popular group over someone like jimin.

No. 43914

I know this dudes full of shit but the fallout would be glorious if this were true.

No. 43916

Same reason why people continue to support things like porn, hollywood, corporations that use child labor, and western pop. Everything is horrible, no1curr.

No. 43920

File: 1565437092385.jpg (198.66 KB, 1022x986, Screenshot_20190810-133343_mh1…)


No. 43921

is this rap monster's new masterpiece

No. 43922

a group effort even. rm, hiss noise, adora and v (its v's solo btw)

No. 43923

File: 1565437461364.jpg (175.26 KB, 900x1200, nightmarefuel.jpg)

he looks so old and botched in this pic.. legit looks like he's in his mid 30s, trying to look like a teenager.

No. 43924

lmao this is some car commercial sounding shit

No. 43925

i've seen some other song of his. are his songs always a yawnfest?

No. 43926

File: 1565443020363.jpg (21.22 KB, 452x678, images.jpeg-7.jpg)

He's giving me the "old idol trying har