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File: 1562953890938.jpg (18.24 KB, 554x554, 1561894608546.jpg)

No. 39962

Rant about Kpop, its creepy fandoms, and/or its fucked up industry. Or just nitpick some idols.

· Don't sperg, complain or pick fights.
· Don't racebait.
· Don't derail about dumb shit. If it doesn't directly have to do with Kpop, don't post about it here.
· This thread is not about shipping or fangirling. Save that for the general kpop thread here: >>>/m/11970 or the spam threads here: >>>/m/1166 (boys) >>>/m/14862 (girls)

· Previous thread >>>/m/38496

No. 39963

do you think a label would risk a kpop idol being seen heading to the std clinic if they got one? kinda feel like they’d just leave them

No. 39965

thanks for picking the shittiest thread pic suggested that has next to nothing to do with the thread, OP

No. 39966

File: 1562954458286.jpg (140.72 KB, 1234x1024, 7656546.jpg)

don't know if this has been posted yet. I checked the last thread. But seriously why are they like this?

No. 39968

Jfc, they sound like sociopaths.

No. 39969

why the fuck wasn't the jimincel jungkook whatever tweet the thread pic, istfg these are always awful.

No. 39970

They always do this with every death going, they always recycle the same shitty joke with their weird fancam shit

No. 39971

In that anon's defense, no one suggested anything.
Why is this thread so particular about the thread pic anyway?

No. 39972

it's obviously worse to have gravure and underage lewd stuff out in the open because it's easier to prey on more people that way. many young girls have misconceptions about it and see it normalized as a real job prospect.

No. 39974

so many fandoms do that at this point to make others look bad it's so stupid

No. 39975

There were other, better suggestions, retard.

No. 39977

File: 1562958040397.jpeg (77.39 KB, 750x937, 3354EF5D-7F56-4A38-B949-AFD9EB…)

Have to agree. Whoever’s been in charge of making the threads and choosing the pics needs to stop being an idiot and actually choose ones that people nominate.

Anyway, Hitomi looks pretty off this time around. Feel like it’s the combination of shitty-toned blonde hair + weird facial features + even thinner body than before. I used to think she was kinda cute-looking on PD48 but styling like this really exposes how below average-looking she actually is.

No. 39978

her voice legitimately hurts me. She was super low ranked in AKB48 (#82) but I guess koreans love her for some reason. Proof that toddler fanservice will get you anywhere.

No. 39983

Koreaboos wet dream. This girls looks ridiculous.

No. 39984

I can underatabd people’s complaints about this cast being too European white to really reflect K-pop’s international fanbase. If it did, there’s be five SEA girls, two South American ones a couple of white girls, and one Japanese girl. However, we all know that Koreans aren’t fond for foreigners who aren’t East Asian passing or white in some way, so you end up with this cast.

No. 39985

Notice how the filter allows each of them to be paper white. It's too obvious now for intl Kpop fans to remain ignorant about Korea's conditions.

No. 39987

Yeah it's like it would otherwise lower the worth of kpop or give them a bad image or something.
With the majority of them being white they think it looks more legit and impressive. They delude themselves into thinking that the hallyu wave is significant in western countries but don't acknowledge those countries who actually contributed to the increasing popularity of Korean entertainment.
Nothing new though.

No. 39988

Lisa is looking skeletal.

No. 39989

what type of diet are lisa and rosé on that they look like skellies consistently? i haven't seen any major rebounds which makes it more scary

No. 39990

This looks cheap as fuck. The blonde in the front has such ratty unbrushed unstyled hair, it looks like she just rolled out of bed. Couldn't they at least hire a hairdresser?

No. 39991

File: 1562965331108.jpg (3.69 MB, 3264x3264, pads.jpg)

twice boob padding: 2015 vs 2019
jyp needs to calm down

No. 39993

and onces day that their boobs just grew in late lmao

No. 39994

Ikr! She's a fucking twig.

Her Swalla dance would definitely look better if she was thicker but I'm guessing YG is feeding her air.

No. 39996

File: 1562968363021.png (224.99 KB, 475x283, lisa.png)

This is bad. And her stans are still denying and calling out people for "thinshaming"… Just look at her arms, holy shit. Her torso. Everything.

No. 39997

And kpop stans see this and will still unironically claim that kpop is tame, innocent, not as sexual as dirty western artists…
She's honestly gross to look at, this reminds me of one of those weird skelly fetish porns.

No. 39998

File: 1562968723160.png (116.21 KB, 305x211, NEW-LISA-SWALLA-DANCE-IN-BANGK…)

Look at the skin on her arms, she's gone full ana.

No. 40001

Holy shit.
I used to give Lisa benefit of a doubt sunce she was naturally skinny and very active through dancing since her childhood.

But this is obviously some sort of eating disorder. She looks scary…

No. 40002

Holy shit.
I used to give Lisa benefit of a doubt sunce she was naturally skinny and very active through dancing since her childhood.

But this is obviously some sort of eating disorder. She looks scary…

No. 40004

How can they want this, all the other girls looks so much nicer and they're still thin

No. 40007

you're saying this as if rosé ain't one skipped meal away from lisa's body

No. 40009

File: 1562970703049.png (27.58 KB, 793x101, Screen Shot 2019-07-12 at 23.3…)

/r/kpop weighs in, love the logic

No. 40010

This is genuinely terrifying.

Her and Rose are looking more like Eugenia Cooney by the day, but if you point it out then you're accused of body shaming them.
I feel like they must be encouraging each other, you always see Rose and Lisa together. I'm afraid one of them is going have a heart attack or seizure onstage at this rate. Really, really sad because I actually love their voices.
I wonder how their blind stans are going to react when something happens to them after they've gone around telling people nothing is wrong.

No. 40011

Nta, but I'm pretty sure she meant "the other girls" as in Lisa's background dancers.

Unsaged, quick to defend Lisa, hm…

No. 40012

>she loves junk food

These fuckers really drank the Kool-Aid. It’s clear that most idols’ personalities are about as fake as their plastic surgery-enhanced faces. Definitely possible that Lisa’s lying about eating junk food a bit.

No. 40014

I think she does love junk food but she probably binge eats it and then purges it all up.

No. 40015

File: 1562972116680.png (90.91 KB, 1888x336, Screen Shot 2019-07-12 at 3.54…)

Checked the thread about the performance and most people seem to agree that Lisa is in anachan territory at this point. However there are a few delusional BLINKs trying to suck her dick for who knows what as shown in >pic related.

No. 40016

quick to defend lisa? i don't even like the skellie. i thought they were a rosé fag. i forget to sage once and y'all get the tinfoil

No. 40017

yeah, i meant the backup dancers

rose is even worse imo

No. 40021

File: 1562974205264.jpeg (51.16 KB, 750x467, 7BDCC6E1-69F9-42BC-B0FE-5AFA3E…)

Jeonghan was trending on stan Twitter for apparently being homophobic.

No. 40022

File: 1562974593682.gif (4.41 MB, 480x461, download (1).gif)

lip tint on male idols is terrible period. it makes them looks like faggots even more so when they have masculine features

No. 40023

File: 1562974696075.png (646.31 KB, 478x808, Screen Shot 2019-07-12 at 7.36…)

ew a few of them remind me of those uggo white girls with gangnam unnie faces that you occasionally see on online korean fashion stores, trying to fit in with the extreme standards

No. 40024


No. 40025

I wish he was but it seems like that was only in the searches because of someone's joke

Nta but are you esl or do you disagree…? Uggo = ugly..

No. 40026

File: 1562975580697.jpeg (3.84 KB, 225x225, images.jpeg)

I apologize for the quality, but this has to be one of the worst k-trends imo. Especially when it's a fan edited picture and they make them super white white super bright lips, it's so fucking ugly. Why is turning kpop boys into Edward Avila acceptable lately.

No. 40027

File: 1562978489140.jpg (269.85 KB, 1500x1000, 7Dv1bcb9mXY.jpg)

speaking of padding, when gotta go was released i thought chungha had a boob job and now she stopped stuffing her bra apparently. it's not milky or anything, i just don't understand why you'd do that when it's so obvious

No. 40028

File: 1562978562997.jpg (50.51 KB, 500x748, 441c1de40bb0ea7a1293780001b83d…)


No. 40029

Serious question. Can these idiots be sued? Seriously.

No. 40030

This is evidence that aheago / kawaii shit looks cringe on everyone not asian because aheago/kawaii cancer is not part of any other culture.

No. 40031

>I'm afraid one of them is going have a heart attack or seizure onstage at this rate.

Sadly, that probably has to happen first before anyone acknowledge how dangerous skelly bodies are. I can still see some of them trying to bury the real cause though. Kpop fans are stupid to the bone.

No. 40032

I almost vomited jesus
It's called the "too pretty to eat diet"
Someone in the comments said that "Lisa looks like she's happiest she's ever been"

They're fucking blind

No. 40033

File: 1562983527141.jpg (45.68 KB, 540x700, himchan1.jpg)

he was never a looker to begin with but BAP's himchan looks a hot mess. i guess that's what happens when you flop. considering BTS replaced BAP i wonder what they are all gonna look like in a few years kek

No. 40034

i don't understand how she can be this thin and still dance. wouldn't starving yourself 24/7 make you weak and dizzy? yet i haven't heard any word of her fainting on stage. i'm not an ana-chan so i don't know how this works.

No. 40036

Former anachan here, I used to dance and what I did was down a shit ton of black coffee and eat a small meal before stage, but then go back to starving afterwards. Also, Lisa has some muscle (although it's not much) so her dance moves don't look super weak. After a while of starving yourself you get used to the dizziness and can fight through it.

No. 40037

kek all those blinks excused jennie's lazy dancing "cuz mOtIOn sIckNess" meanwhile lisa looks like she's about to die and is still dancing decently

No. 40039

File: 1562988861584.png (355.82 KB, 485x325, 2.png)

This is genuinely terrifying. I know eating disorders are encouraged in the kpop industry, but is there seriously no one around her who's concerned about her health? I know her fellow bandmates are skellies too but aren't her parents worried? Her manager? Her choreographer? Her non-idol friends? This is just sad, I sincerely hope she has supportive people around her and doesn't just hang out with Rose drinking coffee and miso.

No. 40040

I bet Lisa and Rose are losing weight together since they're closer than the other two

No. 40041

So many people on proana sites are praising this shit. Fucking disgusting.

No. 40043

File: 1562992503777.jpg (176.88 KB, 620x930, Spooky.jpg)

Honestly, when you see idols next to "average" people they look like normal thin to average ratio…but the reality is that the "average" looking people are most likely thin or fit.

It'd be so shocking if their faces got more hollowed or idols didn't have such narrow/short frames, but even despite that they still have ribs showing in fancams, etc.

I feel like companies used to hide it more around 2014 and before than they do now. So Jung seemed talkative and energetic back during the Pretty Pretty era despite sharing her calorie diary briefly and saying she hardly ate anything but a few cherry tomatoes.

I wonder if they have them on a Judy Garland diet, but I'm guessing the truth behind it is most likely extreme restriction and overexercising as usual.

They haven't rebounded like other idols in between comebacks do, I feel like either they're all enabling each other, feel in competition with one another, or their leash is very tight. Maybe all 3.

She's got that sinewy 40+-year-old runner body, got that Angelina Jolie old sinewy look at 22.

No. 40047

yeah it's crazy that blinks throw pity parties for jennie everytime she looks sad and lisa & rose are right next to her starving to death.

No. 40048

File: 1563003781882.jpg (142.56 KB, 640x415, front-row-at-celine-mens-sprin…)

She's doing it for her ~fashion career~
Do you mean aegyo anon LMAOOO (well it might as well be called ahegao at this point anyway, maybe we should call it that?)
Honestly if it were representative it would mainly be Japanese, Thai, Filipino, Chinese and American (because of BTS), if we are talking about sales
They'll just deny it, they fetishize the ghost look anyway. If you can deny Lisa's surgery and bleaching you can deny anything

No. 40050

File: 1563006835862.gif (2.5 MB, 268x268, eab9eee42c477c09b4302e7eaf6b81…)

I think I lost a few brain cells reading this.
Anon, even tho it's part of their culture, it nevertheless is cringy when asians do it lol
You're probably just so used to seeing it that you're desensitized to how weird it looks. Your unnies and oppars aren't any better than those girls.

No. 40054

File: 1563008343301.png (11.82 MB, 1242x2208, 62E81798-85E1-41CB-BEDA-493855…)

Rose usually wears baggy pants and Lisa just flat out be showing her non existent stomach

No. 40055

File: 1563011803407.jpg (102.55 KB, 598x900, IMG_1452.JPG)

Last year during that one award show I thought she looked so much healthier and better but idk what happened after that…I could be tinfoiling and say yg told her to not gain anymore weight and that got her all insecure or she personally thought she looked fat? But I yet have to see Lisa not being underweight for once.

No. 40057

YG is probably the reason Rose and Lisa are losing so much weight anyway, knowing his track record on treating his female idols

No. 40060

Are her legs shopped??

No. 40061

File: 1563016912684.jpeg (Spoiler Image,145.31 KB, 800x1200, 790FD7D7-276A-4948-9B8F-D99F1A…)

i don't think so.

i wonder why jennie is the only blackpink member that wears padding. you'd think since rosé likes flaunting her 'womanly' figure and lisa likes twerking they'd wear padding.

No. 40062

You know those mysterious bruises you get when you exercise daily/ are a drug addict/ you have anorexia.
Choose your cause I guess.

No. 40063

File: 1563017102927.jpeg (Spoiler Image,98.1 KB, 717x721, 1211F73E-2F36-4142-8E9E-22C65A…)

Sorry didnt post the pic

No. 40064

Daily exercise and anorexia. They don't behave oddly so i don't think they'd do stuff needles, but they probably weed and snortables

No. 40067

Cause Jennie is the only attention seeker in bp imo. The others just kinda go with their image and to me rose's obsession with weight isn't to get attention, it's just something she feels like makes her more attractive.
They don't do tryhard shit like Jennie actively (with the help of yg) trying to get a sexy, fashionista image or something. Jennie seems to be secretly obsessed with her public image and everything she does seems so calculated. That's why it looks like she has zero personality.
Is Jennie even her real name? It's kinda suspect how she's born in Korea yet her real name is supposed to be Jennie Kim.

No. 40069

her parents shipped her off to new zealand so maybe the euroboo (is that the right word for it?) popped out when they named her

No. 40070

I think her name in korean is spelled Je-ni, so she just might be one of those who have a 'fancy' foreign name.
I don't really understand rose tho, her name is said to be roseanne but also chae-young.

Every bp member except jisoo has something going with their name

No. 40071

Korean vs Anglo name. Common for asian kids living in anglo countries, they'll be called the asian name at home and have the anglo one on documents

YG will have kept her anglo name because it's more 'exotic' and everyone but Jisoo growing up abroad makes them more exotic and interesting

No. 40072

>Is Jennie even her real name? It's kinda suspect how she's born in Korea yet her real name is supposed to be Jennie Kim.

Her family is rich and they have international exposure. They had probably planned to move somewhere abroad prior Jennie's birth, thus naming their daughter with a name that sounds both English and Korean. Kinda like how Yujin becomes Eugene, many Koreans abroad have this kind of 'flexible' names.

>I don't really understand rose tho, her name is said to be roseanne but also chae-young.

Rosé was born in NZ. Unlike Jennie's case, her parents decided to make her English and Korean names different from each other. This is actually more common than having a 'flexible' name that can suit both English and Korean. Other examples would be Wendy Son (Son Seung Hwan), Stephanie Hwang (Hwang Mi Young), etc.

A legit curious case would be Niel of Teen Top. His birth name is Daniel Ahn despite being a native Korean and never been born/raised abroad kek. Meanwhile, Kang Daniel's (of Wanna One) name is only a stage name. His birth name is Korean.

No. 40073

File: 1563027870001.jpg (104.94 KB, 1024x576, IMG_0192.JPG)

Yeah that's the thing. Even in her yearbook it says Jennie Kim and her Korean name is nowhere to be found.
Of course it's possible that her parents wanted to give her a western name but that would mean they knew she'd be living abroad otherwise it would make little sense. Even mark from nct who is an actual Korean American has a Korean name iirc.
And now she's making fans believe that her name is ruby jane also? Cause of her instagram and this necklace with that name written in Arabic.

No. 40075

Rose's face looks so big compared to Lisa's

Apparently her full name is Jennie Ruby Jane. In the old facebook account from her NZ high school days there was a friend calling her Jennie Ruby Jane, so she was already using it.

No. 40077

File: 1563032022416.jpg (243.23 KB, 1354x2297, 0ba9b720fdb3505be34ef8271fed86…)

i honestly think ladies' code's company is pushing them to have this somber and sad look/vibe all the time. i dont doubt that they do have some sort of lingering trauma from the car accident that might have matured them over the years, but i wouldn't doubt that they're also forced to act that way

No. 40078

I think they're quite a talented group. I got into kpop around 2015 so I don't know how popular they were before. It's always sad to see capable people not making it in kpop (or any other music industry really).
I miss spica too, I'd take them over mamamoo any day.
The only solid groups I can think of in terms of talent rn are mamamoo and shinee but i got over kpop and I only come here to see what's going on so there might be new groups.
Shinee also needed a long break instead of promoting right after jonghyun's death. They didn't even have proper time to process everything and they grew up together so it's not like they were just business partners.

No. 40079

Aren't the anglo name people usually from hyper-Protestant families, especially when they're biblical like Daniel?

No. 40082

File: 1563041469042.jpeg (Spoiler Image,732.79 KB, 800x1051, 7173496E-F0FB-4791-BE59-F51ECD…)

This is your daily Dorito face look

No. 40084


Could be carboxy shots. You know, those injected that melt muscles or fat in your legs or something

No. 40086

This is scary. Thank you for the spoiler but even then I wasn't ready. This is Yesung, right? I thought he was that guy with the ps obsession from that 4-member group.

No. 40088

waterbomb festival is one of the most disturbing things I’ve ever seen in my entire life; idk the last time I’ve felt such secondhand humiliation

No. 40090

These fancams of drenched female idols get viral every fucking year or so.

No. 40091


Korean idol drug dealer milk: spoiler, everyone’s on pharmaceuticals acquired through fake social security numbers

No. 40092

I don’t get how this is an annual, acceptable festival like fucking edc. an audience full of creeps with waterguns that can shoot from 40 feet away like firehoses sounds so potentially unsafe in so many ways. Gross. Chungha’s done it, too.

No. 40093

it they’re also trying to move away from traditional “idol” concepts to seem more serious in general. I doubt Polaris was planning on them having this long of a career to begin with, and they don’t bring in big $$. they’re talented, but it feels like their extended career is all a big favor from their agency.
And soo young clearly can’t survive functioning with idol beauty standards. If she looks more mature and somber, she also doesn’t have to starve to appear like a 12 year old girl.
she was thinner than lisa or any other Ana Chan on this thread at the peak of LC’s success.

No. 40094

Why does she sing only like 20% of the song? Is she too lazy or is she afraid people are gonna (rightfully) call her out for not being able to sing at all?

No. 40095

Not-so-closet shawol, and it seemed like Shinee was choosing to stay busy on purpose to cope.

Their contracts were up after jonghyun died, and they had the choice not to resign at all. Instead they negotiated a deal that has incredibly generous profit margins to the band (considering SM), and every one of them worked nonstop until they enlisted.

It honestly reminded me of my dad going right back to work a few days after my mother died, desperately seeking some sort of normalcy or continuity. the grief caught up later, but in the moment, there was this urge to prove to everyone that he was surviving.

I also think that if shinee didn’t get back together within their 10th anniversary yr, they never would’ve done it at all. They’d been idols for their entire youths and young adulthood’s, and this was as good of an opportunity for a clean break as they’ll ever get.

So as much as—as a sperging fan—I wish they all just quit it and went to therapy and moved the fuck out of Korea, I understand why it felt imperative to keep going nonstop and just push past their feelings.

No. 40097

You must be very sheltered if you find this disturbing and humiliating. It’s not that different from performing in the rain or with sprinklers. American artists have been doing stuff like this for decades.

No. 40102

File: 1563048030451.jpg (369.04 KB, 1080x1498, 31.jpg)

This is depressing

No. 40103

the fuck. she looks hella sad here
done with edawn already?

No. 40104

Seems like she was missing the attention and the hate comments cause I can already see people calling her mentally ill or a wannabe sulli again.

No. 40105


Heroine chic wannabe.

No. 40106

She looks bad
She could have at least smoked out the eyeliner/whatever, the softness of the background and dress clashes with her hair and makeup in a gross way.

Meitu Courtney Love?

No. 40109

Nta but there's a difference in performing while being shot at with water guns by creepy men at a festival whose entire purpose is to have men ogle at you and fucking rain.

No. 40111

How? Artists perform in rain to look sexy, which is exactly what’s happening here. And there are plenty of women in the crowd in that video. This criticism just seems baseless to me.

No. 40112

File: 1563052417132.png (592.21 KB, 750x1334, BA0C65EE-163A-42AA-B4D4-2D3A3E…)

Imagine Shindong being casted as prince eric kek

No. 40113

Is this copypasta? lmao

No. 40114

> I thought he was that guy with the ps obsession from that 4-member group
Who's that?

I'm also genuinely afraid of seeing any hd pics of that plastic freak from ikon


No. 40115

The spraying with waterguns definitely has a sexual connotation.

No. 40116

Cheng Xiao getting too real

"The longest I've not slept in a bed is 3 weeks

No. 40117

File: 1563058659795.png (121.18 KB, 750x1334, E80ECE5A-C0D0-4588-ABBD-66AC0B…)

No. 40118

More men are likely to come to a festival if they hear you are being shot by a water gun. Men will pay out the nose for sexualized anything, its their main marketing weakness. Money, money, money. That's what it's about.

Go look at superbowl ads sometime, it's the only vector to advertise to men anymore. You'll see how different the vibe is.

No. 40119

hyuna and edawn for a druggie remake

No. 40120

OT but wow they really upped their standards for trainees in the second season. Even the F ranks were more talented, charismatic, and pretty than those C ranks.

No. 40121

Not that anon but I agree. Reminds me of blackpink's sprite ad too.

No. 40122

CL ursula

No. 40123

>>40121 them doing that shit in heels just makes me nervous as fuck

No. 40124

Honestly the idea it's not sexual is almost funny, of course, the line isn't between water guns but that people get to spray down idols and get a thrill from it.

Besides it potentially helping them feel like they're "humiliating" the women, the idea that they'd aim anywhere but their chest/ass/etc is just naive.

No. 40125

"humiliating" lol. you are thinking like a woman or a weird fetish guy, men just like it when the clothes stick to girls bodies, it's not hard to figure out guys.

No. 40126

doesn't make it any less weird or gross

No. 40129

File: 1563069870192.jpg (39.55 KB, 500x747, 7632d77e2eb442abe4552cc1a4b9c6…)

yeah what girl would want to see men with clingy clothing lol

No. 40131

I’m sorry that you’re too autistic to understand why creepy uncle fans literally shooting loads on their idols as they’re trying to sing is uniquely troubling. If the stage was fucking raining, sure, maybe you would have some sort of point about how innocuous wet white T-shirt’s are. But I’m assuming you 1) never had friends and never got hit with a super soaker in your life 2) never actually witnessed someone ejaculate on a female 3) have totally ignored any saesang stories on this thread involving acid and bleach being thrown onto stars. Because it’s fucking bizarre as an entire festival concept, and you bet that shit wouldn’t go over in the west just for the 3rd reason alone.

No. 40132

i don't know anything about jennie's family, but i wonder if one or both of her parents grew up outside of korea so they wanted their daughter to have an english name.

No. 40133

>creepy uncle fans literally shooting loads on their idols as they’re trying to sing is uniquely troubling.

holy shit what universe are you in

No. 40134

that's fucking disgusting it looks like he sweat too much. plus a lot of fans shoot the water guns as a replacement for nutting on their idol.

No. 40135

I'm assuming you've never seen the videos of uncle stans nutting on their computer screens with an idols picture on it.

No. 40136

i saw you move those goalposts

No. 40137

I'm saying that these uncle fans love this festival because they can live their dream through water guns.

No. 40139

File: 1563073111713.jpg (90.5 KB, 530x668, DinW0nLUEAAZnwY.jpg)

And yet he's not already dressed down into short-shorts and a crop-top. Why do you think people would shoot young girls with water guns? Why not use male idols?

Anyways my favourite thing out of the waterbomb thing was the "Lisa's forehead finally debuted!" roasts

No. 40140

>live their dream through water guns.
>creepy uncle fans literally shooting loads on their idols

don't pretend like you didn't move the goalposts girl

No. 40141

Nta but can you stop sperging about goal posting? I think we all know how gross uncle fans are and how the companies often put idols to performe silly games with sexual innuendos. Give it a rest, this is making the thread worse than it already is.

No. 40142


I don't know what people problem is on here, if you say you want men to die just say so, don't pretend like you give a shit, just say you want men dead, jesus.

No. 40143

They honestly didn't. If that's your only argument, then hop off jfc you're gonna start a sperg about goalposting.

How do those posts = wanting men to die? People can't talk about how uncle fans are nasty?(samefag)

No. 40144

I agree with you, anon, but you aren't going to change any minds in here. The infighting is just shitting up the thread.

No. 40145


her and v are really competing for the biggest foreheads in kpop omfg

No. 40147

File: 1563074802657.jpg (126.58 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (2).jpg)

Chengxiao beats Lisa in having a big forehead. Lisa also has exaggerated facial features to balance out the upper half of her face, but Chengxiao's has a small face so she looks ayy lmao-ish instead.

No. 40148

File: 1563074877832.jpg (59.82 KB, 430x570, Diovo30VMAEIojT.jpg)

>why not use male idols?
idrc about the whole water bomb situation but male idols have performed at water bomb…here's jay park and i think winner performed too, idk who else
also sunmi's backup male dancers were a big deal too

No. 40150

File: 1563074992451.jpg (2.52 MB, 3264x2097, 5head.jpg)

I wonder why lisa hasn't had her forehead reduced considering rosé had it done

No. 40151

File: 1563075129431.png (160.58 KB, 552x447, hyorin.png)

goddamn this gave me flashbacks to when people made memes of hyorin's/hyolyn's bulbous forehead back in the second gen days LOL

No. 40152

jesus who would go on tv thinking that haircut is fine? Christ.

No. 40153

File: 1563075747289.jpeg (58.39 KB, 530x541, 180721-waterbomb-jennie_244.jp…)

Speaking of water bomb, here's Jennie's padding looking absolutely tragic.

No. 40154

Is there a specific feature Cheng Xiao has that makes her a visual from Korea's perspective? Because I honestly can't see how her face is anything other than average.

No. 40155

her nose is straight and she has big tits

No. 40156

File: 1563076430890.gif (Spoiler Image,4.7 MB, 350x630, ClosedOptimisticGoat-size_rest…)

anon it's not so much her face, i mean it helps since she technically doesn't have a butter face like jihyo but all you need to do is search gifs of cheng xiao to understand why she's pretty popular (among men bleh)

No. 40157

Olivia Hussey

No. 40158

File: 1563077464635.jpg (4.23 MB, 3264x3264, wjsn.jpg)

it makes more sense if you look at the other members of her group

No. 40159

Meh. This person is still more attractive than Lisa imo especially Lisa sans bangs. It's amazing how the argument of her uwu small face- that Lisachans bring up apropos of nothing- disappears when you can see all of her face.

No. 40160

Am I retarded or is there nothing sexual about this gif? She is average sized all around, including her tits. How on earth is this jerkoff material? r/kpopfap is filled with such low-standard degenerates, but I guess water is wet.

No. 40161

File: 1563080843551.jpeg (560.97 KB, 1366x2048, CCAC32C1-7972-4CCD-A997-D987D1…)

Luda’s actually pretty cute. She’s one of the few idols whose drastic surgery has turned out in their favor.

No. 40162

File: 1563080992143.jpeg (62.42 KB, 650x649, E5C2F802-99A1-4650-BE15-010623…)

A before pic for comparison.

No. 40163

whats different other that makeup, styling and a video filter?

No. 40164

Same anon and I think she got eyelid surgery and a jaw shave along with those things to modify her appearance.

No. 40165

they never sexualize male idols as much as they do female idols, like how girl groups wear short skirts and thin blouses while while boy groups are wearing jackets in winter award shows. girl groups can look cool with the right clothing but they always stick to some basic outfits that creepy uncle fans and kboos with yellow fever would like.

No. 40167

when did they let Area 51 aliens debut as idols

No. 40168

Giving lips some color ain't that bad. It's the combination of the edited pale skin, the weird eye makeup, and the terrible styling that makes male idols look one photoshoot away from a mental breakdown.

No. 40169

Sorry about your mother, anon.

No. 40171

Eh, some people like it, some people don't.

No. 40172

This sensual dancing looks so fucking ridiculous performed by a literal skeleton, those ass shaking parts are just… Sad.

No. 40173

oh no

No. 40174

She looks like she's president of the Science club

No. 40175

With a water gun, I would try to shoot jay park in his crotch or his titties.

I agree that the water festival thing is disturbing. Remember that this is ”healthy porn” for Korean men!
Why else would you shoot someone on stage with a water gun? I would do it because it's super funny and that’s my style of torture, but most people don't think that way. Usually, they're trying to soak the shirt so that they can see through it.

No. 40177

File: 1563091689239.jpg (Spoiler Image,21.39 KB, 360x360, 93f99edf73572a1e71f298965e10d4…)

I had to finally look it up and find them just by typing "4-member kpop boy group plastic surgery". I guess that's how many label him. So his name is Jion and the group is New Ace.

No. 40178

As for waterbombing, I saw that Winner were also there. But look at how they're dressed compared to females.

No. 40179

File: 1563091958734.jpg (1.06 MB, 1000x1357, vvvvpng.jpg)

No. 40180

It's gross how even many non-kpop fans think Jennie 'is so hot!!!', when she actually looks just super young.

No. 40181

What is up with people in this thread getting so offended by sex? Idols are not innocent! They have plenty of sex behind the scenes! Of course the whole point of this concert is to be sexually suggestive. The audience knows that and the idols know that! So what’s the problem here? The idols make money and the men in the audience have a bit of fun.

If you seriously think that ALL idols are forced by their evil agencies to act sexy on stage then you are all naive. A lot of people like to be seen as sexy and they like the attention. Stop victimising the idols

No. 40182

do armys find his autism endearing

No. 40183

She's 23, anon

No. 40184

i don't think people are offended by sex i just think they are offended by who the sex is aimed towards.

No. 40185

File: 1563096509613.jpg (94.59 KB, 678x960, 66804621_3399535776730630_1367…)

woke muslim kings becoming the first kpop group to perform in saudi arabia lmao

No. 40186

It doesn’t matter if men are over sexualized. They deserve it.

No. 40187

So B-free act like a pussy by apologizing to BTS for telling them the truth in that interview. Guess he's in need of money so now he'll lick their asses. Truly disappointing.

No. 40188

I saw ratmys dragging Nicki Minaj for performing there, no surprise they don't say the same thing about their precious bleached ventriloquist dolls who are probably going to melt in that heat

No. 40189

lol super junior and stray kids literally just performed there this weekend

No. 40190

File: 1563099042640.jpg (76.27 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (5).jpg)

do you actually know anything about kpop?

see at least this one admits it.

No. 40191

Wow. How did Felix's dorito jaw survive?

No. 40194

i've seen people posting it as "bts is the first kpop group to perform in the middle east!!

No. 40195

Fuck, this thread has become even shittier… (as if that was possible)
Did we get linked somewhere again cause I can tell that it's the same few, probably younger anons filling this thread with irrelevant posts and replies, talking like they've just come from allkpop…and then not even sageing that shit.
The absolute state of this thread…

No. 40196

the boys still don't have it nearly as hard as girls lmao

No. 40197

i think the newfag who was whiteknighting uncle fans earlier was a kboo incel or a fakeboi

No. 40199

Lmao she looks like a "trendy" person from early 2000s in the before picture

No. 40200

File: 1563105603552.jpeg (Spoiler Image,200.4 KB, 933x1110, 860823A4-89AB-4D5C-8924-90F488…)

Woww, can we talk about how Taeisa is the best ship out there? Even tho I don’t think oppa would even look in her direction, he’s so shy around girls plus he only have eyes for us Army. But tbh I think they would haver very beautiful, skinny, mixed, genius babies uwu

No. 40201

I need bleach

No. 40202


Lisa used it all up

No. 40203

i don't think this autist is that taller than lisa

No. 40204

stans refer to their parasitic faves as taelice, not taeisa.

No. 40212


No. 40213

File: 1563109869239.jpg (34.94 KB, 480x480, images.jpeg-4.jpg)

Imagine if this actually happened

No. 40216

File: 1563110817284.jpg (397.95 KB, 500x736, tumblr_m5l8tobeQj1r9960w.jpg)

Lmao that always reminds me of this. Just can't get over the "good christian boy"'s expression.

No. 40217

That would be one strange orgy

No. 40218

if companies stopped making kpop groups collab with american flops and made them collab with other successful groups instead they would do a lot of numbers. bp and bts collaborating would make them a lot of money.
i love how they only put the popular bts members lol

No. 40219

that's one thing that always struck me about kpop, there are rarely (if ever) collaborations between artists or groups, apart from if they're all in some ad together. The only ones I can think of are between solo artists.

No. 40220

if you've ever wondered what's worse in a kpop boyband, looking extra fucking weird or looking homely as fuck, this band will answer it for you

No. 40221

surprisingly some of the comments on reddit aren't delusional about it. a lot of people pointed out how shitty it is especially considering the theme of the tour.

No. 40222

I know it's common decency to not make fun of other people's looks, but that blond dude looks a little… unordinary. He looks like someone out of Botched. Whoever did his face should stop doing plastic surgery for a while and hit the books.

No. 40223

no racebait but isn't there a huge chance of them getting lynched for being twinks dancing to girls in saudi arabia? if they wanted to pander to their muslim fans they could've gone to a more secular muslim majority country.

No. 40225

A fact about him - "His facial features are all natural. He showed us baby pictures to prove that his picture are altered to make him look how he does."
He's totally in denial and probably wants to look like an anime character but his jaw is in a terrible condition. It's worrisome because his health will get worse and worse as he ages.

No. 40226

Crossdressing is prohibited by law, so I guess they won't be wearing makeup kek

No. 40227

File: 1563115635685.jpg (25.14 KB, 320x563, weddw_callra0_callra0.jpg)

same guy back when he debuted in 2009 as RA-F in Le Quattro. his parents have tried to buy him into an idol career twice, with brutal jaw shaves to try and help, and it didn't work either time

No. 40228

I don't even know how the average female fan can attend this concert. It's probably just gonna be the middle and upper class girls whose parents are somewhat more "progressive".

No. 40229

Will the women be placed at the back, forced to watch from a projector?

No. 40233

Never forget, Korea is a colony of the USA.

No. 40236

Underrated reply.

No. 40237

i wonder if the woke legends will attempt to be more modest and halal friendly for the concert and not do their cringy gay fanservice.
afaik it's the biggest stadium in the middle east. i really, really doubt that half of it will be full. they filled up wembley but they won't fill up that one.

No. 40238

What makes you say that? BTS have a ton of mudslime fans. The only way I could see them not selling well is if their fans' male guardians don't allow them outside.

No. 40239

Nta but they'd probably tone it down because they need to keep their squeaky clean image, even though their fans there would love to see that shit (as any other fan from any place really). They might also be afraid to potentially offend the country and trigger their men so…I'm sure they wouldn't want that.
I can already see all the post-concert posts and videos showing how ~respectful~ they were and how they stopped during prayer times.
The Saudi cash must be sweet too.

No. 40240

i know they do have a lot of muslim fans but most of them must be pretty young, the average muslim dad wouldn't allow their daughter see bts.

No. 40241


You sure? If they are okay with their daughters watching they not toned down performances and fanservice, and supporting them in buying their stuff, why would they not let them go?

No. 40242

That might be true but I was only talking about the
>afaik it's the biggest stadium in the middle east. i really, really doubt that half of it will be full. they filled up wembley but they won't fill up that one.
part. sorry, should've greentexted it in my post.

No. 40243

woke, peaceful, and innocent oppars going to perform in a country that kills thousands of innocent yemeni women and children and destroyed their homes
Even nicki minaj pulled out from performing there because it looks bad

No. 40245

uwu lgbt+ kings! performing for the male armies of Saudi. No women, music is too haram for them

No. 40246

Nah it's alright i misunderstood. I thought you were talking about the toning down part. You're right, it might be difficult to sell out but there are probably armys from all over the Middle East going there since they'd have no other opportunity to see them.

No. 40248

What kind of shitty fake-innocent poster is this supposed to be?
The only girls going will be daughters from sheiks.
They already performed in an arab country once and it's so weird to see. They just stood in a line, looking midly shocked, while their fangirls in niquabs walked by - of course separated by a tape, so that nobody can touch each other.

There have been cases of lynchings after guys danced/sang in frijt of girls, but it's never the men who get punished…

Lmao what a cheap Jaejoong wannabe, even worse than that nct guy

No. 40254

It it extremely hard to travel to saudi and enyone who enters the country must be approved by the government

Most of the concert-goers are probably going to be family members and daughters of corrupted saudi elites

No. 40255


No. 40256

Funny that /r/kpop is going crazy over people making BTS performing in KSA a political thing when Armies are constantly holding up the group as diplomats or revolutionaries.

No. 40263

File: 1563131160890.png (35.46 KB, 1279x198, oooo.png)

I wish they had left the thread unlocked lmao it would have been a trip. a lot of the comments on /r/bangtan actually point out how fucked it is but you still have plenty of the usual defenders that call everyone who says something negative antis

No. 40264

they always do this the second that their intersectional beliefs get compromised. do they support muslims or lgbt in this situation. they don’t know

can’t wait to see lizard boys face at the scarves

No. 40267

this has already been discussed in the threads but remember this

No. 40268

File: 1563131767085.jpeg (115.05 KB, 750x538, 75ABA11C-09AA-4A4B-9D1F-0D18F4…)

don’t koreans hate islam lmao, how is the saudi thing going down over there?

No. 40269

They probably won't dare to say shit, one of the reasons being that they don't wanna ruin bts' reputation and their goal to spread "Korean culture".
I feel like they'd only admit their hatred when it fits them and when they have nothing to lose.

No. 40280

Completely off topic right now but off the top of my head in Mamamoo there's Hwasa with Loco, Wheein with Bom, Moonbyul with Seulgi, Solar with Hani and quite a bit more that I can't remember.
I don't know about other groups cause I stopped caring a long time ago.
I doubt we'll see groups with big fandoms like bts collab with any other kpop group, especially gg's, ever again. Can you imagine something like BB and 2ne1's Lollipop in 2019? It would be a shitstorm

No. 40281

Not that I'd ever stand up for BTS in most situations but at the very least they understand certain customs, in Singapore, they at least demonstrated they have an understanding not to touch female Muslim fans.

I'm not sure what your Saudi Arabia culture knowledge is, but most parents will likely let their daughters go as long as they're going with other girls and as long as they don't say it's haram.

IMO they'd be more against them seeing a girl group

Completely unrelated to that, but out of a lot of idols one who annoys the shit out of me is BM from KARD.
He's almost 27 and his Instagram is so cringy, from the way he speaks to the way he acts.

I don't pay too much attention to see if there are many still around, but I miss mixed-gender groups.
KARD is so boring and the group falls flat in almost every area of entertainment.

They should drop JiWoo (Who sounds almost exactly like a tone-deaf Soomin? It's odd.) and BM (Who has no charisma, he's overshadowed by J.Seph despite J.Seph looking like a thumb)

No. 40283

File: 1563137934017.jpg (248.79 KB, 1080x1084, IMG_20190714_165257.jpg)

Lmao I had no idea cringy finger hearts dated back to 1962

No. 40285

File: 1563138100084.jpg (58.68 KB, 800x450, tom c.jpg)

>Official UN Ambassadors doing a money grab concert in a country that kills critical journalists, stones innocent women and hangs gay people.

Woke kings strike again.

No. 40287

*date back to

No. 40288

I think in this era of social media collabs between popular groups will just end badly because there's always something fans will find to get mad or offended about. Everything can become controversial, especially if it's a boy group+girl group collab. The girls would just receive hate no matter what.
Fans attack idols for breathing near each other now imagine their reaction if they sang and danced together. It's just not a good idea.

No. 40289

So even the most korean of all cringy poses is copied from Japan? lmao I bet most of them don't know this

No. 40290

File: 1563139128114.jpg (235.17 KB, 1414x1484, IMG_1468.JPG)

Guys I know it's too early for the thread pic suggestions but here's mine, perfect for the current events.
I would love to post the ones for the rest but this thread is most obsessed with jimin (sorry suga-chan) so I don't wanna spam.

No. 40291

File: 1563139411551.jpeg (1.48 MB, 1242x1857, E01F98C9-AD4D-4211-AE6C-0CC951…)


No. 40292

File: 1563139579366.jpg (55.57 KB, 500x500, ajk87fnnpl.jpg)

No. 40293

Is there even anything Korean that hasn't been copied from Japan?

No. 40294

>"Big Matthew"
100% chance he is on roids and has a microscopic penis

No. 40295

hating japan but also wanting to be japan is pretty unique to korea

No. 40296

ayrt, i'm ex muslim but i'm not arabic. islam is very much against people not fitting gender roles, even simple things like bts wearing makeup and acting cutesy. some muslim "scholars" were trying to spread awareness about how k-pop is evil and they're trying to brainwash teens into lgbt and shit. maybe parents won't give a fuck if they don't look too much into it, i don't know. why do you think they'd be more opposed to their daughters seeing girl group?

No. 40298

not the same anon, but maybe it's cause they don't just conservatively most of the time

No. 40299

File: 1563142570359.jpg (316.64 KB, 1080x1634, h4Gzd45Ov8.jpg)

now i wonder what the pic was that made him so angry

No. 40302

maybe those shipping pics

No. 40303

File: 1563142780835.jpg (133.13 KB, 1080x1934, U4gQ2vY67.jpg)

no this is the screenshot from the thread, apparently just a picture that exposes his forehead?


No. 40305

Groups do collabs often actually; but in exclusive company-only collabs like SM Town, YG Family, Starship Planet, etc lmao

No. 40308

The original Japanese posts about this are being sarcastic and mocking the trend. AFAIK the finger heart comes from a comedian anyway, not k-pop. Johnny Kitagawa invented nothing except using the entertainment industry for endlessly raping boys
It's a picture of J-Hope riding a rollercoaster that Korean armys mock, it's an extreme sore point apparently

No. 40309

Bringing this up again, but some anon were talking about Jungkook self-harming in the other thread and I looked a bit into it. https://twitter.com/velvetmoonchxld/status/1106260894357569537
It's from the official BTS story line book. If it's true, BH is fucked up for milking his situation. There's also a scene where Jungkook is about to jump off a roof at some point. I knew they included some real life events in their storyline (like Suga playing the piano or Jimin having abandonment issues) but this is just fucked up.

No. 40310

File: 1563143912374.gif (2.81 MB, 540x350, tumblr_piwtxp8U6r1s0bexho1_540…)

looks his nose job made him cross eyed

No. 40311

Big bang x 2ne1 was an exclusive company collab. This is the kind of thing that will make army shit their pants.

No. 40313

Whoever names himself "Big Matthew" is a dick so yeah he is. Kard is only popular for pandering to latin american fans and for their edgy youtube-intro sounds.

No. 40314

This is why muslim kpop fans will always be seen as degenerates. Muslim fans are the only ones forcing their halal fantasies into their idols. The choice should have been to leave kpop, but no they'd rather pray for these fucktards (while secretly jack off to them as well).

No. 40315

Who's the comedian?

I'm wheezing

No. 40316

This explains why bigshit conducted a survey regarding mental health/suicide in 2017. It was shady af but army kept filling in the forms.

No. 40320

He looks like a disgusting ass pig. I can't believe someone so ugly was even allowed to debut

No. 40321

File: 1563145964813.jpeg (29.84 KB, 320x320, 8FD5AD8A-9B2A-41FD-823E-F983DB…)

No. 40323

File: 1563146532760.gif (1.56 MB, 268x335, 15f5e4c6db791543011781dfa4407e…)

I'm less bothered by him looking like literal shit than I am by him being such a pussy. Why is acting scared and whiny seen as so quirky and loveable in korea?
Call me sexist but why would young girks want a guy who acts like a baby on a fucking rollercoaster? That's just so unlikable and obnoxious. Please grow up or ditch that act.
(There are billions of such gifs, all of them are scared of literally everything…)

No. 40324

first to perform in a stadium

No. 40325

He's such a diva I can't with him.

No. 40332

Even thought it was a special stage wonderbang which sounds like a porn name lol was a pretty big deal because wonder girls and big bang performed each others songs together. Ugh i cant even watch this for nostalgia because seungris decrepit ugly ass in here

No. 40335

I wonder about that too. Maybe because it makes boys seem less harmless? It just looks extremely pathetic to me

No. 40337

jfc, if I wanted to see this shit I'd follow my roommate's drug dealer's instagram. you can take the fuccboi out of LA but you can't take LA out of the fuccboi.

No. 40341

that's from their variety show, they're trying to be funny/entertaining, not necessarily attractive, and overreacting is one of the easiest and most common forms of humor there is. even suga who usually just sits around looking like he doesn't want to be there was shadowboxing zombies in that episode, it just makes for better entertainment than a bunch of grown men being underwhelmed by strangers in zombie makeup.

No. 40346

the reactions to this were pathetic. v, jungkook and suga were normal, the others had fucking weird overacting that doesn't translate well into anglo countries

No. 40348

I wouldn’t know as much as you so I can only go off things like censored album covers, and how much skin and ”provocative” dance moves the girl groups would have available to be seen online.

I figure most of the Saudi ratmy fans’ parents might ”petition” or tell each other to not let their kids go

No. 40350

File: 1563165109857.jpg (343.95 KB, 1280x1707, tumblr_pukz5vLy0W1ug7iw9o1_128…)

this shit is so fucking ugly, it's almost worse than ig influencers and their extreme facetune-ing. the contacts, the white skin, the disappearance of the nose, the bright lips. i'm tired of coming across official pictures of idols looking like they came straight out of the rapture.

No. 40351

File: 1563165412688.jpg (56.58 KB, 400x521, tumblr_f9434289bec505f5e3d6276…)

vs this from what i'm assuming is the same concert

No. 40354

fucking delish

No. 40355

he's such a whiny manchild. was the korean caption too mean or something? i guess he'd have mental breakdown if he understood english and seen stuff like the jungkook jimin diaper thing if he's already so offended by memes.

No. 40356

lol this is really sad. his editing is so bad. kboos gotta stop complaining about whitewashing when their faves themselves are doing this.

No. 40358

Lmao why does he look like a white girl

No. 40359

This is some scary ass shit

Lol wasn't EXO literally in Saudi Arabia early last year? Try harder ratmies. They're probably insecure because 90% of kpop boy bands have already done what they say BTS has accomplished for the first time

No. 40360

File: 1563171487208.gif (946.22 KB, 170x170, Kim-SiHun.gif)

Saw this on a random article. Fans say it's "sexy". Well no shit, it's terrifying.

No. 40361

File: 1563171622561.jpg (116.58 KB, 600x3061, 5IbWZ1p.jpg)

kek reminds me of this

No. 40362

File: 1563174090208.jpg (126.27 KB, 720x960, CldTZxUUgAIWaTj.jpg)

I'm surprised his stage makeup is "allowed" to be close to his skintone?

Besides editing apps, I feel like phones these days are built with automatic "whitening and blurring" filters so it probably looks "normal" if it's all you see on insta but it looks awful in any other context.

Between the bleaching, staying out of the sun as much as possible, and even blue stage lighting…idols look ill IRL.

I'm a former Shawol and a Taemin fan (Despite his many flaws, including being tone-deaf) and honestly, he looks awful and like he's dying.

No. 40363

File: 1563177138506.png (56.9 KB, 610x205, SSI_20190714152019.png)

He just looks very pale, but not even in an unnatural way, it's clearly his real skin and not just chalky makeup.
I swear, so many of you say shit like "looks like dead" to anybody with white skin way too lightly…

He did that to mock them, right?

No. 40364

isn't this the guy bts made 90 diss tracks over? rm and suga's feefees can't still be hurt after years.

No. 40365

if bts didn't have such annoying fans they wouldn't be that bad of a kpop group tbh. not even worth the time hating on, but their fans do the most to make people want to hate them. besides being ugly and jimin possibly being racist bts is alright.

No. 40366

I can imagine if the caption said something mean about jhope that he might have been angry, there’s been a track record of ARMYs making fun of jhope and telling him to leave the group, so that might be a sore spot

No. 40367

That's why they overdo it with the lip tint on male idols nowadays. Otherwise, they'd look like corpses.

No. 40368

File: 1563180732257.jpg (22.37 KB, 445x260, sexiest-Thumb-445x260.jpg)

I'm confused about the latest trend, how can anyone find this styling attractive? They look like bdsm slaves

No. 40370

At least it's not that popular anymore. Do you guys remember when a few years back every boy group was wearing chokers? Dark times.

No. 40371

>They look like bdsm slaves
that's the point i think

No. 40373

File: 1563183875553.jpeg (Spoiler Image,579.96 KB, 1242x763, 11DF8118-AD3A-4B83-8030-93C530…)

I don’t know what is about idols portraying a child image but it makes my skin crawl.
This kid is from Produce 101.
He’s like 16 but they portray him like an 8 yo. I don’t know, it’s just so creepy to me. I know he is still young, but idk treat him like a teenager not like a literal child…

No. 40374

they treat all idols 20 and under like little kids and idols 24+ like grandmas too old to be idols

No. 40375

apparently the pic is from American Hustle Life and it was even censored in the show to protect his pride, so some army went out of their way to find the clip uncensored. The caption says "sorry Hobi I couldn't protect you" kek.

No. 40376

The fact that the "maknaes" have a special status in the group and are often the more popular ones just shows the obsession with youth.

No. 40377

Hell fucking no. I disliked them before they got famous. Their music is the plainest shit ever even by kpop standards and appeals to an international audience who love a diet of plain garbage like 1D and Shitran, their woke brand/schtick is (beyond the bomb/memorial scandals) pathetic when they visit countries that behead women, none of them can sing but Jimin and V are really really bad (yet get praised as the best vocalists ever), and Jimin and Rats personalities are both pretty repulsive, nasty (Jimin threatening to beat up that little boy who worked on airplanes for teaching him how to do something) and cow-like among other things, so I would dislike them even if every ARMY dropped dead and they were obscure again
Pedophilia/neoteny agenda but hey they've done this shit with women forever so extending it to men is 'equality' I guess at least. They've done their research and have the baby Jiminfag market cornered

No. 40378

I think you're taking, ”Looking like he dying” too literally.
It's not ”omg Taeminnie is dying!!” but he looks like an ill shut in for the aesthetic of pale skin desirable in idol culture. Like how people say, ”You look tired” when someone looks especially awful to them on a certain day.

No. 40381

>none of them can sing
This is what what confuses me like they legit cannot sing. None of them.
I wouldn't be annoyed by the woke thing or their popularity if they had at least ONE legit capable singer in that group. But they're just personified mediocrity, even among kpop.

When I got into kpop I was still a teen so I listened to their cringey hip-hop concepts here and there but even then I didn't find them special so I just ended up watching their shows and stuff instead cause I that time I thought it was funny. I'm pretty sure many fans just like them for being memes too instead of being interested in the music.

No. 40382

ratmon and jimin would be cows if they were youtubers or some kind of internet personality

No. 40383

File: 1563190175706.jpg (136.59 KB, 960x721, sjpg.jpg)

A lot of people say that the shinee members were overworking themselves to distract themselves from jonghyun's suicide - but does anybody else also get the impression that they're actually doing rather well (minus onew)? All of them are just doing their thing. Not as in "they never cared about him at all" but also not as in "they seem to be depressed because of it". They mourned and now have dealt with it.

No. 40385

What's wrong with onew?

No. 40388

just why?! i really hope jungkook doesnt get forced to become more feminine, like losing weight or whatnot (though didnt RM mock the size of his thighs?) he's the most masculine of the group

No. 40390

that's funny because RM has the biggest thighs in the group. i lowkey feel like the older members have slight distant towards the maknaes

No. 40391

They seem OK, which is a relief. Either they are coping healthily or they have a good enough support system to be able to turn to private friends, family and therapists for the help they need rather than seeking it from strangers and fans.

No. 40392

A lot of women find BDSM slaves attractive, anon. I don't know what that surprises you.

No. 40393

i honestly think they are just really good at hiding their emotions. They are also in a tough spot to where if they dont talk about it then it seems like they never cared but if they talk about it too much or cry in interviews then they would probably be seen as attention seekers or milking his death. Im glad they were able to find some strength and a happy medium. Taemin rarely cries. Minho and Key I've seen cry at the concerts and you can tell that Onew seemed the most visibly affected during their Good evening comeback. I think his scandal happening and then the death a couple of months after probably fucked him up. But im honestly glad they didnt drift apart.

No. 40395

I find it extremely uncomfortable, and I think it also affects actual children in the long run. It definitely can't be harmless to always see adults dress and act like children, those childlike things then get connected to adults and things adults do.
I've also always found it disturbing when western artists do it too, like melanie martinez, etc.

Some idols wearing actual dog collars too, not just little chokers lol

No. 40396


No. 40397

File: 1563198704068.jpg (102.16 KB, 936x922, f44a4abb27028f8b15d0ae01fa965e…)

I think it was like 2 years ago there he suddenly got very slim, but now he's bigger than ever and also posts workout videos. Either bighit finally allows him to do so, or he grew enough of a spine to no longer care what they say.
I think it's ridiculous, all his fangirls fawn over his muscles and strength and him having the upper hand over the olders, so why does his management keep pushing that baby persona onto him?

>rat has the biggest thighs
??? Isn't he a mega lanklet?
Anyway, he's got no business judging anybody's looks. He's the type to make "quirky" faces in a pathetic attempt to hide how ugly he is lol

No. 40399

i think he lowkey despises the uwu baby treatment like how he was dying inside in >>39670 but he does't have the backbone to say no to anything armys want. i guess fans like the cringy cutesy image more than the buffed up look for some reason.

No. 40400

File: 1563203780882.jpeg (Spoiler Image,78.31 KB, 745x734, 1562631098206.jpeg)

Some farmers on /g/ speculated that he's actually into that baby shit lmao

No. 40401

isn't he underage in that pic? that's kinda weird. maybe he is into it, i don't know if he said anything about it. he's making a living out of it.

No. 40402

File: 1563204154728.jpeg (179.11 KB, 620x310, E052FE42-712C-4239-926A-748FD9…)

Not to mention that female idols including underage ones have also worn BDSM gear

No. 40403

Wow what an unfortunate looking bunch

No. 40405

weren't they speculating about that because guys doing shit like that is their fetish?

No. 40406

Tbf male idols do that too, the sex harness trend is (or was since its kinda dying down now) weird.

No. 40407

File: 1563210249789.jpg (34.76 KB, 668x393, 59692482_2260998900832730_8493…)

That guy is literally one of the ugliest men I've ever seen. He looks like a human rodent.

No. 40408

He looks like a weird mix between xiumin, suga and kang Daniel

No. 40409

Is it this one? I remember seeing this fancam and being completely creeped out. He gives me mayor bad vibes. Yuck.

No. 40412

No that guy is still in the competition.
This is the rodent. He got eliminated.

No. 40415

good. i don't want to see him become the next kang daniel, who is just as ugly and rodent-like and whose popularity i still don't understand.

No. 40417

this guy is a multimillionaire and can afford all kinds of skincare yet still has acne. i feel better.

No. 40421

File: 1563214228233.jpeg (410.38 KB, 686x1015, FC228013-A946-49FC-ACAD-6E2D2D…)

It's just the current style trend, IMO even in Seoul fashion week people prove they just like looks like ”punk” only for the style. It’s just ”cool” like how hip hop gaudy shit was popular more around 2015 or so.

A harness is just an accessory, it's like they dress them up like a dominatrix and have them do babyfaces.

It's super weird, regardless, but I don't think it's BDSM-y at all and more it became popular because of people like Yeha giving idols merch.

No. 40424

A couple years ago everybody dressed up in a mix of "hiphop" (e.g. snapbacks) and colour vomit (like those weird print leggings paired with shorts, guys too), then came tennis skirts and now everybody wears crop tops, pastel colours or school uniforms. I wonder what will come next.

No. 40425

he has long limbs but all the other members are pretty thin in comparison (other than jin/jhope last time i checked).

the fact that somi was 15 in this and that the wonyoung girl also wore some bdsm gear makes me feel uncomfortable

No. 40426

Ok so a pretty big Jimin fansite released a statement today saying they're shutting all activities. HmmmmmmmmmmmmmT dating scandal coming or just pissed with that fanclub thing??

No. 40427

BTS jimin?

No. 40429

maybe they got blacklisted by bighit?

No. 40430

J-hope is pretty skinny if you look at his legs, his fillers just make it not show on his face. He’s not Suga level ana chan, but definitely noticeably thinner than rat. V is a little thicker atm

No. 40434

even more reasons why the femdom thread is a mistake

No. 40436

Yes, sorry for not clarifying
I don't think so, haven't seen anyone talking about more fansites being banned recently
The only thing blowing up in my tl right now is koreans pissed that the japanese army gets better treatment than them

No. 40442

How do K and I armys still not understand that if they blew as much money on BTS as the J army does they'd be treated just as well? No1curr about streaming numbers and BTS doesn't even need music show wins at this stage

No. 40445

Man watching these girls was a cringefest, Maria and the two main dancers are the only ones with real talent, Erii doesn't even need this show and the rest are super kboos.

Honestly this was the best worldwide group they could put together?

No. 40446

doesn't need to be the best, kboos are still jealous-watching

No. 40447

the thai girl is actually really pretty

No. 40448

Absolute cringe and I although I know it was a one off I hope they release more songs just to piss off other Kboos. Their tears of rage are hilarious.
video very much related

No. 40449

who are the two main dancers?

No. 40450

Blonde in the middle is the main dancer, idk which other anon meant but the green shirt in the back row is pretty good too.

No. 40451


Agreed, they totally hide their emotions. Look at someone like Ariana Grande, Mac Miller passed away last fall and she still cannot preform songs without crying that are about him, let alone talk about it. I know people heal differently but damn, they are obviously working through the pain similarly to Ariana. (only using her as an example because it's a similar situation.)

Also, about BTS's show in Saudi Arabia. I saw a ton of posts on twitter saying "every country has their atrocities, it doesn't mean they're doing it for the government" and that's a verrrry weird argument to me. Yeah, every country is shitty to an extent but basic freedom is something that a lot of middle eastern countries lack. Freedom = having a choice. I think it's a stupid decision, any other artist going there would be ripped to shreds.

No. 40453

The Saudi government literally invited them to perform there, how on earth can it "not be for the government

No. 40455

File: 1563238350121.jpg (125.33 KB, 565x800, shake-it-up.jpg)


anyone will throw their morals to the wind if you drive enough trucks of money up to them.

No. 40460

Bts will probably walk free without much backlash in sa if they don't do their cringy gay fanservice or if they're not topless. As much as all of you have this stereotypical view of middle east, most arent conservative or uptight as you think and they're normal people like you and me and beheading their daughters isnt a common occurance.

No. 40462

i don't think they'll randomly get shot up or whatever but i think there will be some milk about ratmon trying to be extra woke and saying dumb shit. some saudi media might talk shit about them for looking and acting gay too.

No. 40463

File: 1563250446841.gif (671.63 KB, 150x150, ezgif-4-73b855e434fc.gif)

Another day, another creepy face

No. 40465

produce 101: the ultimate advertisement for not joining a broke ass agency and getting budget plastic surgery

No. 40467


he looks like a diseased cat

No. 40474

He'd look way better if he smiled with teeth.

No. 40477

I don't know if you're from the Middle East yourself (I am) but killing your daughters is kinda common in many countries here. Some countries are less conservative and women have more freedom and independence, and some families are very progressive too but the poor and/or religious families, especially those from rural areas are almost always conservative af. But that all depends on what country you're actually talking about; you can't talk for all the Middle Eastern countries
Saud Arabia might not "behead their daughters" but they still need a fucking shadow wherever they wanna go.
It's a pseudo-progressive country.

No. 40478

lol alt right old men in turkey were preaching about how k-pop is trying to destroy society by making boys look like girls earlier this year and it's quite a less conservative country than saudi arabia. idk how big the muslim conspiracy scene is in sa but if they are there, they'll talk some shit.

No. 40479

any muslim country would talk shit about them. even if they dress conservatively and keep their mouths shut and don't do aegyo they are still twinks with botched plastic surgery, botched hair dye, are wearing makeup, and pander to fake woke crowds + lgbt.

No. 40480

can we please stop derailing about the middle east? all those countries are misogynistic shitholes and islam is a trash religion, case closed. back to kpop talk.

No. 40481

>>40480 is it even derailing when it actually is talk about a kpop group possibly getting shat on? big if true, but maybe we need to see wtf happens first.

No. 40482

If anything, you're the one derailing
>all those countries are misogynistic shitholes
>islam is a trash religion

All those talk about the middle east are still kpop-related.

No. 40483

We're talking about how and why the Middle East isn't welcoming to kpop because of the whole bts thing but yeah sorry let's continue nitpicking some irrelevant idols, it's what this thread loves the most anyway.

No. 40485

File: 1563273983052.gif (1.06 MB, 500x282, 8AF2D2B6-C576-4131-BC4B-BB2336…)

Am I the only one who doesn’t get all the fuss about kpop dances/idols dancing.
I find them to be pretty basic and if you look closely the ones that are deemed good dancers actually are just enthusiastic/not lazy.

No. 40487

jisoo looks like a dying fish here. can’t even get a simple move right kek

No. 40488

Why do ratmies think it's funny when their oppars act like arrogant and fake assholes, but try to get everybody killed who doesn't kiss their asses?

No. 40491

How is Jisoo so off compared to the other members? What she’s doing looks completely different from the other three. How embarrassing, she really should have just went into acting.

Because they think that BTS is above other pop artists, therefore BTS gets a free pass to look annoyed with and belittle other artists. But on the contrary, if BTS shows respect for another artist or collaborates with them, then their fans will say how BTS is so much better and how BTS did that artist a “favor” by collaborating. In the case of Western artists, they emphasize how BTS needs to “stay away” from the partying/drugs/lifestyle that the Western artist has because BTS is apparently incapable of making those decisions themselves and aren’t grown adult men. They’re either babies or they’re sex-god musical geniuses far ahead of their time.

No. 40492

holy fuck those convulsions. jisoo really is talentless.

kek there are people in the comments suggesting that BTS don't like Puth because he's a trump supporter lmao.

No. 40493

Is she the only one who had no prior dance experience? I feel like she was supposed to be an actress but somehow ended up being an idol…
How are they gonna explain the collab then?

No. 40494

isn't their jungkook oppar like the biggest charlie puth fag lmao it's not like he went to korea to suck up to bts, afaik bts reached out to him first.

No. 40499

another thing that's sad about bts rabid stans is when the group collabs with some western artist, or even mentions one, they IMMEDIATELY become obssessed with that person or group only to later find out that they're problematix and they're quick to drop them. but god forbid that will ever happen to their precious man children oppars. they're so hypocritical and have genuinely no life outside of kpop and that's just so sad

No. 40500

File: 1563289323602.jpg (97.8 KB, 560x776, 282f6801-bbfa-4906-8f17-3aca93…)

>Charlie Puth, likely lying like any male celebrity: 175cm
>Jungkook, likely wearing insoles: 178cm…???

No. 40504

Jeez, some people have no shame. BTS and decent, self-composed songs that are sung well are two things that don't go together

No. 40506

The fact that nobody is speaking up about the BTS concert in Saudi Arabia is proof that ratmys don't care about being woke unless it benefits their created narrative surrounding their precious baby boys.

No. 40507

The fact that nobody is speaking up about the BTS concert in Saudi Arabia is proof that ratmys don't care about being woke unless it benefits their created narrative surrounding their precious baby boys.

No. 40516

i also don't understand either anon. kbooz always brag about how kpop is so much better than other genres because of the performances but anytime you see a fancam instead of a music show shot without all the silly cutting and editing you can tell just how lack-luster and bad it is, and how clearly none of them have much passion for the performance and its just another day of doing so. and then kbooz like to go around and shit on some artists who "just stand around and sing" when their oppars "are superrr talented and can dance crazy and sing well!!11!! so what's their excuse??/?" like no… they sound like donkey shit without all the auto tuning and back tracking.

sorry i just also think the need for literally every song to be choreographed is just so stupid, but then again what other excuse are they gonna use for sounding like shit when they can't use "being out of breath" as one? i would rather watch ariana grande run around in her stupid little skirts and heels before i would want to watch most kpop concerts.

No. 40521

They are just performers not artists in my opinion

No. 40525

i mean that's why there is a difference between k artists and k idols in korea. idols are just performers that aren't supposed to be taken 100% seriously

No. 40527

jfc who is that guy with the white hair. Looks like my lesbian aunt.

No. 40536

yeah you can always tell the members of groups who wanted to be actors but were made to be idols by their company. it's the ones without any talent who look like they never want to be there.

No. 40541

jin and jisoo are prime examples

No. 40542

lmao it's taemin from shinee.

No. 40546

Who would be the best singer in BP? My out of the loop ass thought that it was that Jisoo girl because in like 2 MR removed videos I watched of them she was the only one bearable lol and barely tho cause her timbre is naturally grating

No. 40547

Well Rose has the title of being the group's main vocal, but what ever YG vocal trainer she's working with needs to be fired. In this pre-debut song she sounds alright and I can understand why she was chosen to be in the group. However, she sounds like a dying goat nowadays and it's getting worse with every performance. I feel like she was given the Park Bom treatment were she was forced to change to sound to be more "unique," wich has actually just made her unbearable to listen to.

The comments on any video regarding Rose's old vocals even have the most seemingly hardcore BLINKs unable to deny that she sucks now.

No. 40548

>anytime you see a fancam instead of a music show shot without all the silly cutting and editing you can tell just how lack-luster and bad it is,
I know this is the anti thread and I'm gonna get called a koreaboo, but I've seen some svt fancams that I definitely wouldn't call lackluster.

No. 40549

File: 1563327413301.jpg (158.85 KB, 896x1199, 9f46827f9e7d36b81d88be3b7e41bb…)

Sometimes Vivi looks good and normal and times she looks off and weird

No. 40551

I can’t tell if Taemin has botched ps or if his face and lips are naturally swollen looking. He looks like that guy who got ps to look like Justin Bieber.

No. 40552

honestly sometimes fancams help me understand what people see in some idols. usually the ones who have been dancing since they were kids, since I can see just how much better they are than their group mates in terms of skill and showmanship. before I knew anything about them a friend was showing me bts fancams and I could tell Jimin had some kind of formal dance training based on how he was executing some of his turns/spins. His ~~smoldering sexy bean~~ shtick still made me cringe of course especially coming from a dude who looks like the ghost of James Charles' fetal twin but he was at least actually performing rather than just going through the motions like Jin. Same with Jisoo, though unfortunately her group is so small that her shittiness shines through pretty easily, no fancam required.

No. 40553

File: 1563328407445.jpg (74 KB, 635x960, tumblr_468a94aed0743bcb5078165…)

ew jimin looks disgusting in their most recent tweet, what's new

No. 40554

File: 1563328646020.jpg (31.9 KB, 472x650, images.jpeg-4.jpg)

He used to look cute before all the ps and makeup. His lips weren't even thin to start with so idk why they gave him so much fillers.

No. 40559

she sounds completely different and much better in this clip and apparently she was 15 at the time. it's sad that yg ruined her voice.

No. 40560

nta but also some idols just have more charisma and stage presence than others so it's better to just watch that member's fancams than the whole performance. i won't name any names since i don't want to get called a stan.

No. 40562

i think it's okay that you name names if you also name idols who have absolutely no charisma/look like they wanna die

No. 40563

File: 1563333358878.jpeg (411.16 KB, 674x982, E747A90B-A8FF-42CF-8A29-509179…)

Lip fillers? His lips used to be a complex he had to get over, right? I think if anything it’s the light lip makeup and trying to whiten himself to the extreme. I swear you can see darker patches at the back of his neck…

Out of anything I’d say he got his nose straightened, he also is an adult man now and his face is broader/filled out. Add in the extra weight/muscle he has now and he is almost a different person.

I wonder though, if his face bloats extremely easy on weight rebound or he gets face fillers. He looks “puffy” all the time.

No. 40564

probably a mix of both. he's been struggling with weight for his entire career and gets filler for his cheekbones

No. 40565

I agree with this, you can be critical in a good way as well. I think it’d actually do this thread some good to actually have conversations about idols and save us from Ratmy dialogue.

I was extremely surprised by YooA with her facial control while dancing. Oh My Girl has always been incredibly boring to me and seeing YooA here made me think “Now this is how an idol should be”. I was impressed by her singing on King of masked singer (because of her being the main dancer). I think if she went solo she’d be extremely successful. IMO she has the looks, body, charisma, dance skills, and vocals other idols pretend to have.

Anons, which idols do you feel are held back by their group?

No. 40567

File: 1563339112634.jpeg (60.65 KB, 700x700, Red_Velvet_Seulgi.jpeg)

seulgi. she has a pretty voice and she's a good dancer. wendy is a better singer than her, but wendy just isn't idol material imo. she's too awkward. the other 3 rv members are useless.

No. 40568

I honestly think Wendy should have stayed back home. She seems more like a gig musician to me.

No. 40569

Her voice colour does sound better cause they were not forcing her to sing out of her range. Can't tell if she could hold a note tho cause this is not raw at all.

No. 40570

yeah it's clear the idol life isn't for her. she rarely ever posts anything on social media. also it's obvious she has an eating disorder.

No. 40571

File: 1563340679131.jpg (853.09 KB, 1080x1276, 20190717_022107.jpg)

Amber is no longer SM and doesn't even live in SK anymore. why tf she doesn't come out already… i dont get it

No. 40573

Wendy's voice is somewhere between "okay" and "not bad" IMO and if she was able to sing between her limited range (on the lower side, but when she can't go lower she does that weird Britney Spears gurgle/growl (Not sure how else to describe it) and is clearly straining on the high notes-which is bad for her because she's clearly straining to a Taylor Swift song of all things.

She lived in Canada, she's always gotten mocked for having "foreign genes that make her fat" like that has anything to do with actual dieting/eating healthy.

I find most people don't like Wendy at all, even cropping her out of pictures.

The only thing people like about her is her weight loss, no wonder she's fading away. Kind of sad.

No. 40576

She might lose promos in Korea like Nike, she might lose fans and receive even more hate for being butch, maybe in the closet from her family, and besides all that idols get backlash for anything that implies they might date someone or feel love.


No. 40577

Agreed. WME (company of OMG/B1A4/ONF, for people who only keep up with the bigger companies) is aware of it, too, considering how she’s gotten hosting gigs and even a lead voice acting job. But I wonder how she’d fare coming from a smaller company—Chungha had the hype of Produce 101 to back her solo career and IU is an anomaly. And WME has a shit record with their one female solo act, I (her actual stage name).

As much as I like some of Red Velvet’s output, Seulgi really shines in spite of her group.

I can’t really think of any other outstanding members, but I can think of some groups that can only exist as a plurality.
Nothing against Gfriend, but none of the members speak to me as idols who would succeed solo. A lot of their strength as performers is how they dance as a unit. A lot of bordering-on-nugu groups are like this, too, where there’s a bunch of middling to above average members all having to cover for each other’s weaknesses. It’s the benefit of Kpop, imo.

No. 40578


No. 40579

the amount of disrespect kboos (esp bts stans) have for shinee is unheard. it makes me sick. not to go all shawol on it, but jonghyun truly was the only artist in kpop worth listening to.

No. 40581

File: 1563346248908.jpg (34.82 KB, 494x620, images.jpeg-3.jpg)

Not lips filler i mean, sorry. They gave him so much fillers on the other areas of his face, that it became bloated and doesn't match his already thick lips. He looks like a puffer fish now.

No. 40583

Isn't she still with SM? Can't find any news of her leaving SM. F(x) might officially disband this year though, I can see her leaving SM for good.


>She is still signed to SM Entertainment in South Korea.  

No. 40584

>>40583 Yeah she didn't leave SM, but she does live in LA now.
Also, she's christian. So to answer the first anon: maybe she has some deep self-hate

No. 40585

File: 1563347549769.jpg (22.38 KB, 743x413, images.jpeg-5.jpg)

The resemblance

No. 40589

Has he been crying again? His face is red.

No. 40592

please make him stop wearing contacts

No. 40594

File: 1563353393260.jpeg (538.23 KB, 845x558, 6D4B5149-0BA4-4DBD-9B7C-CDC9CB…)

I can understand if he got face fillers because his face hallowed out so much during Ace era, but he also seems to have just grown up…think Leonardo DiCaprio.

No. 40595

Jeez, she needs to tone down the photoshop.
Leonardo really was a hottie in his youth.

No. 40598


did you guys see this article and who do you think the rude idol groups can be (if any fanatics of certain group can match these blinds to the personalities of their idols that is)

No. 40599

how much did she get paid to jerk sm's micro dick off like that

No. 40600

Slug needs the rest of the group because she's a visual hole.

No. 40601

File: 1563355758203.gif (1.26 MB, 270x431, 116.gif)

I honestly don't think Taemin got anything done (minus botox, like probably all idols).
Some say he was ana, but to me he just looked like many other lanky teen boys. He was just 14 when he debuted, that was over a decade ago, so of course his face has matured a lot. His nose does seem slightly different, but maybe he simply hadn't grown into his features yet and it just fits his bigger adult face better now.

I'm more interested to know whether he's gay or not. Jut recently I saw an old interview there a male fan hugged him and he said "But I like women"…

What do you expect from retarded (adult)children?
Insult bts - get fired, bts is rude - "Sassy kings!" To them saying that their Oppars are ugly is far worse than them making "jokes" about the dead.
No normie korean would recognize any of the bts members individually, sm groups are way more popular with the general public, but of course that doesn't matter to them, because all that counts is that their oppars have more twitter followers lol

No. 40602

File: 1563356013456.jpg (70.07 KB, 719x965, one.jpg)

Yet another yg artist dipped. I honestly hate one's music but he's still sort of cool, I'm glad he left.

No. 40604

Did you just link us to a news written in korean when that soompi link alone is enough kek

No. 40605

File: 1563357465315.jpg (945.91 KB, 670x1018, IMG_6938.JPG)

It'd be weird if someone like Leo got jaw surgery, etc to stay how he looked when he was younger but I feel it's so expected of idols it's easy to forget a lot of changes (especially in men) happen.

Just for fun, Leonardo visits Gangnam

No. 40607

Taemin definitely got his nose done. It had a slight hook and a bulbous tip before. Those aren't things that puberty gets rid of.

No. 40608

>I'm more interested to know if he's gay or not

as a lifelong shinee fan, taemin's thing for white women is well-documented kek. people used to get annoyed about his obvious white chick fetish but it's been years and it's clearly not going away so now shawols just laugh about it.

No. 40609

yea, what about it?

No. 40610

just thinking back on shinee's comebacks and concepts (just the sherlock one??) and it's so easy to see that modern kpop boybands has absolutely no creatvity, no visuality, no charisma or looks. they just like they're dead product placements …

No. 40611

Thanks for the laugh anon kek

It's just one clip of him doing fanservice, that doesn't mean anything.

No. 40612

File: 1563360140277.jpg (68.9 KB, 800x800, IMG_0202.JPG)

lol you should've chosen one where he has no beard cause they hate facial hair.
But a lot of Korean girls are a huge fan of young Leo's looks.
I can't believe people there think Vernon looks like him

No. 40613

SHINee stans, either hide your powelevel or go to kpg

No. 40614

what sign is there of him being gay other than dispatch releasing pics of him with kai for no reason though

No. 40615

Him looking and acting like a fag?
The ones who try to deny it the most are always suspicious.

Saying ratmies are subhuman for making fun of somebody commiting suicide =/= being a stan. Neither is stating your opinion about whether somebody got ps or not. Quit overreacting.

No. 40616

>looking and acting like a fag
like every other male idol

No. 40617

Not to wk Wendy but watching a few of their live performances I feel like she's the only one who looks happy and not dead when performing.
Both of them really carry the group.

No. 40618

i'm not sure what clip you mean but there's a lot more than "one clip", anon. he's been sperging about white chicks since he was a teenager.

No. 40619

all male idols are fags but some have ultimate fag energy

No. 40620


Why does Jimin insist on colored contacts? They don't suit him, they make him look like a lizard wearing someone else's skin.

No. 40621

File: 1563363288729.jpeg (466.29 KB, 1242x1377, B2BFE97A-AEA1-43BD-87A0-A8CBE8…)

I get so mad when idols who obviously had ps deny it. This dude literally is the representation of dorito chin…

No. 40622

File: 1563363309719.jpeg (Spoiler Image,861.47 KB, 3464x3464, 68C345AD-67B8-44D7-9666-6884C0…)


No. 40624

Yesung has always been so annoying and desperate for attention.

No. 40625

all male idols are fags except ratmon and edawn.

No. 40626

Bold reply, anon. Let's see how it works out for you.

No. 40627

I only saw this.
What else did he do or say?

No. 40628


NTA but Taemin's said all kinds of stuff about thinking women from Europe are gorgeous, and always names white actresses or models as his ideal type. I thought everyone just kind of knew that's his thing.

There were a few Korean blind items about some kpop boyband member who exclusively dates white women too that everyone assumed was him. I assume half the blind items I read are made up or exaggerated though.

No. 40629

>none of the members speak to me as idols who would succeed solo
You have a point but tbh it's hard to tell which idol will succeed as soloists and which won't. Sunmi never stood out in Wonder Girls but is arguably the most successful out of all of them today. Chungha was overshadowed by Somi in IOI, while Somi was the star of her group but is being outdone by her backup dancers today. Taeyeon is an average performer but her songs did extremely well.

It all depends on whether the idol gets a public-friendly song and concept that plays to their strengths, so they feel comfortable pulling it off.

No. 40630

rat and edawn might be gay too, you never know. /s

No. 40631

I'm personally rooting for Ratmon to be asexual so nobody has to be subjected to fucking that.

No. 40632

Unpopular opinion: She's a very good performer but she is extremely uptight and boring off-stage, she has to be hardcarried by Wendy/Joy/Yeri whenever Red Velvet go on variety shows.

No. 40633

this is expectable because his galaxy brain is above all humans.

No. 40634

why do variety shows even matter to people. They're scripted and edited to make your faves seem way more interesting and QUIRKY!! than they actually are

No. 40635

Bts too always named american actresses as their ideal types - but nevertheless ratmies claim that they hate all white people.

Musicians in Japan only use white models in their videos to avoid their local fans getting jealous (She's just a foreigner visiting? There's no way she could ever marry him!), so maybe kpop idols do that to, name somebody who everybody knows will never get with them. It's not like they can just say they like some other female idol.

No. 40636

> It's not like they can just say they like some other female idol.

but idols do do this all the time, anon. were you not around for the avalanche of male idols calling yoona and suzy their ideal types? these days they usually name irene or one of the twice members.

No. 40637


Male idols do name female idols as their ideal types though. Onew has said Twice Nayeon is his ideal type, for example.

No. 40638

Well, I must have missed that.
I still don't think that Taemin or anybody saying he likes a white celebrity means he has a fetish for them. That's kboos wishful thinking

No. 40640

it's been well-known by shinee fans for ages, anon. you seem kinda butthurt over it so sorry if it ruined your fantasy of marrying oppa.

No. 40641

I thought she had lowkey left SM because the business contact linked in her ig is from some American entertainment company (steelwool), no mention of SM at all.

welp that's sad

No. 40642

I wouldn't be surprised if she leaves SM real soon. Theres a video that came out recently where she talked about ppl in SM sabotaging her.

No. 40643

is it the haircut? kek

No. 40644

I watched like half of a buzzfeed video in which she had kind of a passive aggressive energy when she was asked about f(x). Girl was like "yeah I lived with that Victoria but I barely saw her lololol We're not friends at all. She is a mom now ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

No. 40645

I got that vibe too. I think Amber and Luna are super salty towards Victoria for staying in China the past few years and making sure f(x) can't have a comeback

No. 40646

I do think they find western women desirable but probably not for anything serious.
You'll find white women even in Korean mvs but it's usually for sexual scenes or something.
But I feel like bts has always been careful with the ideal type thing. They don't wanna upset fans, especially now that they've blown up so they just name random American celebrities and they're not the only boy group doing this.
Even girl groups do this if they wanna avoid the question. The responses really depend on the idol and their company.

No. 40648

>so sorry if it ruined your fantasy of marrying oppa
That makes zero sense? Most of us are white here lol
You insisting that he's totez into white girls makes you sound more of a shinee/taeminfag than the ones saying that it's not a big deal.

No. 40649

it was clear from day1 of p101 that chungha had it in her (an ounce of personality) to be able to perform solo - it is just good that she actually became successful

No. 40650

Did you get into kpop yesterday? Idols name other idols as ideal types all the time.

No. 40651

I don't usually pay attention to idols ideal types since they just throw out random names or say something vague about someone with a nice smile but the ones who say shit like "my fans!" are so annoying.

No. 40653

Sorry for not being a stan googling all my oppars ideal types /s
I just happened to see an english interview with BTS there they named I think Lily Collins and Rachel McAdams.

No. 40654

Somebody commented that the girl is just 17? ew

No. 40656

flashback to when super junior had a 14 year old white girl play a seductive temptress in a music video.

No. 40657

ngl those are some good choices.
some people think they're true

No. 40658

I feel like kpop actually is walking backwards regarding this. Until 2013-2015ish idols were always asked those questions in variety shows and there were even games in which the boy had to seduce the girl and vice-versa. Nowadays seems like idols don't aknowledge each others' existences on camera.
As for bangtan for example I remember Jungkook always answering his ideal type was IU. I remember them picking Red Velvet as the gg they wanted to be closer with in several occasions too.

No. 40659

Jungkook probably just changed his ideal type, or felt like naming someone else that day. Teenage boys and men in their twenties aren't known for their undying loyalty.

No. 40660

The ones who picked RV were the other members I mean. JK would always go for IU and iirc V would go for SNSD

No. 40662

why are we unironically having a discussion of idols' ideal types. They're all made up anyway or else 80% of the guys would say "a woman who gives good head and has big tits." It's weird af that it's even a thing to ask idols when they're not even supposed to date.

No. 40663

Because half of this thread consists of kboos who desperately want "Oppar prefers foreign women!" to be true.

No. 40664

Don't racebait, you'll get the thread locked.

No. 40665

That's not racebaiting

No. 40666

Back then most of the dudes have sexist answers anyway… "good at cooking".

No. 40668

File: 1563375215026.png (36.46 KB, 732x374, something actually educational…)

Anyway, if we're all done sperging about how oppa would never fuck an evil white bitch, Time put BTS on some list about "influential internet celebrities" (translation: people whose fans chimp out on social media the most) and ratmies are reacting with their usual humility and poise.

No. 40669

jimin taught me that it's okay to threaten beating up kids, ratman taught me that dressing up as a nazi is cool and v taught me that i shouldn't have dreams as a woman when i get older and should just get married instead. they are extremely educational.

No. 40670


The joke is BTS songs are incredibly tame in their social commentary. A song aimed at teenagers that talks about how it's good to be yourself and how it's bad when people feel bad? Wow, revolutionary. Never been done before. Certainly not the message of every Disney channel special ever made.

BTS songs all sound like that song Cody Ko made about not doing bad things, except BTS aren't being ironic.

No. 40671

Video Source?

Not wking but I think the only reason why Victoria is in China is bc Chinese idols can't work in Korea. Plus SM could of been given f(x) a comeback they just don't give a fuck about them.

No. 40672

There are people out there cleaning the planet or saving children from human trafficking, but BTS saved the list?

No. 40673

Vernon has said dozens of times to stop calling him vercaprio but fans do it anyway kek.

No. 40674

File: 1563377062789.jpg (58.87 KB, 640x360, sharia-justice-2-640x360-saudi…)

It's amazing how good they're at burying the fact that BTS will play in a kingdom ruled by a dictator those population has about zero human rights. Seriously, there's the backlash???

No. 40675

it's no surprise because sjws love defending islam while not knowing anything about what it preaches and everyone in army twitter is a retarded sjw.

No. 40676

You forgot that they ALL taught us to love ourselves- unless you're tan or black, then you deserve to be insecure and become the center of jokes!

No. 40677

They probably just pick the popular idols to be safe? I remember one female idol admitting she only chose Zico as her ideal type because he was the first one who came to mind. They always name the visuals or popular members too, you won't see anyone saying J-Horse or Moonbyul is their ideal type because they're both clapped and unpopular

No. 40678

File: 1563379003764.jpg (143.93 KB, 1080x745, IMG_20190717_175307.jpg)

The stadium they'll perform in has only allowed women to enter since 2017(!) and now oppars will fill this place with only girls and lgbtq! isn't that amazing?!

And then all these dumb stans say bullshit like "But the US is even more homophobic!" It's not about homophobia, it's about people getting beheaded for the basically nothing.

I hope Jimin pulls his usual whiny faces.

>I really want to meet the person who told Nicky that women in Saudi Arabia have no rights..it’s all lies we are happy with our life style and if there was one or two bit* who hate there life and hate there own country and start to till shi about it that doesn’t mean it’s true

Like the bitches who get whipped for the crime of getting gangraped?

What's wrong with people, why is nobody doing something against this? They're supposed to be UN ambassadors.

No. 40679

it's all libtards who want to appear woke or muslims living in first world countries who say shit like this. i can't wait for rat monster's cringy pro-islam speech in their concert because you know he's going to do one so that stan twitter can circlejerk about how woke he is.

No. 40680

They're all basically bragging and orgasming about them being 'first foreign group to perform in SA'. After the Nicki Minaj shitstorm I saw being instigated by mainly ~~woke~~ ratmys, they show their true colors. Some of them are even using the excuse that BTS are UN ambassadors therefore are ~bringing tolerance to Saudi~~ while other pop stars just want to make money

Offtopic I also love how i-fans post things like "imagine hating kpop being your entire personality" yet all their twitter feeds are is literally talking about ONE SINGLE GROUP from kpop endlessly

No. 40681

I find this whole thing so strange and disgusting.
It reminds me of all the western celebrities who used to perform for the gaddafi family and other terrible people.
I wouldn't be surprised if some fucking prince or something asked for a private concert of a female group in the near future and then a bunch of twitter stans start shipping them or bragging about it.
This shit is peak liberalism/liberal feminism

No. 40682

>I still don't think that Taemin or anybody saying he likes a white celebrity means he has a fetish for them. That's kboos wishful thinking
I mean this thread is literally full of self confessed white shawols so yeah

No. 40683

>self confessed white shawols


No. 40684



No. 40685

Like you probably. And >>40608, >>40095, >>40362, >>40579
>inb4 b-but you have no way of knowing that they're/I'm white
mysides.jpg see the way >>40664 immediately cried racebait when someone brought attention to it

No. 40687

I'm not a shinee fan, anon. Just someone who likes watching you sperg out.

No. 40688

File: 1563386141535.jpg (51.91 KB, 443x611, aSaSaEnGtOoKiT.jpg)

SEAchans are now claiming they have photo evidence of Lisa and Jungkook. Here is their photo evidence: a blurry photo of some random people.

No. 40689


No. 40690

File: 1563386232781.jpg (42.9 KB, 467x415, fuckoffbitchasasaengtookit.jpg)

No. 40692

this could be anyone, it doesn't look like lisa and jungkook at all. i wish they were actually dating or something for the jelly army salt though.

No. 40693

i'd rather it be jungkook and jisoo or jennie or another random idol. then we get the jelly ratmy salt AND the cucked lisafags salt. two birds, one stone.

No. 40694

c*nsor their names or delete your post anon!!!! leave poor gay baby milk cow jimin park out of this!!

No. 40695

I saw a YT video on saesangs and apparently people pay for those materials which would explain why this person is getting so angry insisting it must be real otherwise they wasted their money. And a lot of it is fake according to the vid I saw as well because it’s so easy to get all these rabid fans to buy.

No. 40696

File: 1563388690796.jpeg (1.07 MB, 1242x1720, 64DD77AB-4E98-439C-8316-6FABFC…)


No. 40697

File: 1563389095937.png (272.41 KB, 599x489, 1.png)

Someone made a twitter account pretending to be @OH_mes2 (translates Korean entertainment news). The fake account posted a tweet saying Jimin tried to commit suicide and army twitter is sperging, even going to the extent of sending the actual OH_mes2 death threats kek.

Pic is from the fake twt account.

No. 40699

File: 1563389151202.png (73.47 KB, 599x389, 2.png)

Comment from the real OH_mes2

No. 40700

yeah i've seen lots of female idols name other female idols or actresses as their ideal types to avoid the backlash and you have international fans sperging about them being lgbt queens or whatever

No. 40701

So some Ratmy has allegedly posted a pic of her stained panties. Sicko…

No. 40702

Wow, people pay for blurry photos like that? I think I just found my new career path.

No. 40703

>Saying ratmies are subhuman for making fun of somebody commiting suicide =/= being a stan. Neither is stating your opinion about whether somebody got ps or not. Quit overreacting.
>Telling others to quit overreacting while being this defensive
Nice job making yourself even more obvious than >>40610. Either shut up about how your oppars are ~not like other idols~ or go gush about them over at kpg.

No. 40704

there was a vid of an army going around masturbating with the bts lightstick. these bitches are crazy but i don't think poor bts oppars will have a mental breakdown over seeing wet panties. or maybe they will, considerig v's sperging over a meme.

No. 40705

Samuel's (mixed kid from produce 101 s2 who was shafted in the finals and later had label drama) father was supposedly murdered in Mexico.

No. 40706

Maybe I missed something but what meme? Tell me more

No. 40707

he got upset over someone posting an ugly jhope pic >>40299 >>40321

No. 40708

>An ugly Jhope pic

So a Jhope pic?

No. 40709

what's with the shinee fangirls itt? shinee were good performers, but most of their songs were bad. also i remember key being bitchy and not liking him.

No. 40710

I don't know this boy or his father very well but nevertheless I think this is tragic and not worthy of criticism, if that's why you posted it here.

No. 40711

File: 1563396442692.png (49.86 KB, 1525x527, IMG_0209.PNG)

He's still very young, I hope he has good people around him…but how am I supposed to interpret this?

No. 40713

Anon, just drop it, it's been hours.

No. 40715

File: 1563401656134.jpeg (210.4 KB, 750x831, B8096455-C54A-4C9A-9595-8AB22D…)

It seems rather their ideal type is Sleeping Beauty

Idols are shaped into whatever their company decides and end up like sociopaths from being so segregated from any normal human reaction, the idea of anyone genuinely wanting to date let alone marry is terrifying.

No. 40720

File: 1563403789240.png (1.17 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_2019-07-17-18-45-39…)

Anons.. it's finally happening. Do you guys think he will face actual jail time?

No. 40721

probably not, unless he gets higher ups mad/drag them down with him

No. 40722

File: 1563404471584.jpg (719.58 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190717-165803_Twi…)

Just saw this on twitter plus some replies of people giving kpop fans a troll

No. 40723

File: 1563404500931.jpg (575.75 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190717-165810_Twi…)

No. 40724

File: 1563404528957.jpg (645.73 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190717-165827_Twi…)

No. 40725

File: 1563404593308.jpg (476.34 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190717-165835_Twi…)

No. 40726

File: 1563404621910.jpg (577.03 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190717-165842_Twi…)

No. 40727

No. 40728

I wonder if the delusional kboos defending him will stop flooding Han Seohee with hate comments now.

No. 40729

trolls who say "maybe if he stanned…" make me so angry. most of the time they aren't even fans of the group they just want to be shitheads. they think that since this is the internet they can say it when they'd be too scared to say it irl

No. 40730

File: 1563406744458.jpg (49.08 KB, 540x720, 1548139036624.jpg)

jesus fucking christ i don't know if i should laugh or if i should cry

No. 40733

There is backlash. Plenty of backlash…in fact I think there's some in your picture!

No. 40734

hope this doesn't become a trend

No. 40735

File: 1563420357905.gif (1.09 MB, 230x275, 1521020043632.gif)


No. 40738

i'm high key happy i can't find the videos but there were a few circulating in 2014/15 of people doing the same shit as gay video

No. 40739

that* not gay oops

No. 40746

>Police continue with Lee Minwoo's investigations after determining CCTV showed evidence of harassment
So, he definitely did it? If the police continue investigating even though the charges were dropped by the women it must mean that what was shown on the CCTV is "obvious".
Please god, make that Jungkook was still with him when it happened.

> [+3,490, -107] So the police are moving forward with their investigation of Lee Minwoo even after the charges were dropped while people have been petitioning for Burning Sun to be properly investigated and we've been hearing crickets. What kind of country is this?

> [+78, -19] The best replies are not being logical. Just because Burning Sun isn't being properly investigated doesn't mean Lee Minwoo's scandal should be passed too.

No. 40747

File: 1563443852147.png (37.25 KB, 990x696, 제목 없음.png)

Sorry for samefagging.
It's about Ateez. Hopefully lots of i-stans see this. You liking and hyping up a group means nothing. It only misleads them into believing that they can be successful.

No. 40748

didn't this piece of shit release a statement saying that it was a misunderstanding? he's fucking disgusting.
also, burning sun should be properly investigated, but it doesn't mean lee minwoo shouldn't be, like that knet said. why the fuck the first comment have so many likes as if lee minwoo is a saint?

No. 40751

Yes he did. Anons in this thread speculated at the time that the victims were paid off by BigHit as Jungcook was there with him that night, and they probably don't want him to be associated.

No. 40752

Meanwhile seungri is still roaming around and all those old disgusting higher-ups, whose faces remain hidden, are probably exchanging their next victims as we speak. This will never stop with shitty, corrupt lawmakers who don't care about women and are keen on protecting the rich.

No. 40753

why was he even hanging out with someone double his age anyway?

No. 40754

They were on a show together which was actually meant for friends, but the two of them were somehow paired up despite not knowing each other beforehand.

No. 40755

He has absolutely no friends his age so he just hangs out with old hags and it makes him so cool and mature uwu

No. 40757

He's supposedly in this group https://www.koreaboo.com/stories/97-line-friendship-group-new-member/
But I think all of these 9x-line groups are all just publicity stunts.
He acts so autistic in that video. I have a feeling that bighit is already preparing for making him a big solo star, but there's just no way he's able to function alone. Some idols who debuted early came out altright (Suzy, Taemin,…) but he seems too mentally weak for that.
If he wasn't so rich, I'd nearly feel a bit sorry for him.

No. 40758

I think he was friends with GOT7's Yugyeom. But knowing BigHit they're not allowing this kid to have normal relationships anymore. Just like his hyungs

No. 40761

Can bts even watch Pornhub over there

No. 40763

That must suck

No. 40767

That's sad. I wonder what these kind of internationally popular groups think of situations like this. I never understood what is it exactly that gets you popular in korea (besides 'good looks')

No. 40772

>But I think all of these 9x-line groups are all just publicity stunts.
me too anon, there's multiple groups of "friends" for each of the years it seems like. supposedly jin is in one too with whatever age bracket he's in. honestly i think the majority of kpop friendships that get media-hyped are mostly pr like they do in hollywood.
also noticed jungkook was in like one photo with them in that article kek

speaking of socially-awkward-loner-baby-boi-uwu jungkook, wasn't there one time he was on a show and he got everyone on there hamburgers or something and the cast ridiculed them and refused to eat them, all on camera, with jungkook making a visibly dejected facial expression? i know we talked about it like 20 threads ago but i still full body cringe thinking about it LOL

No. 40775

not trying to armchair him and shit but it's possible that he actually might be socially retarded because of dropping out of school at like 14 and growing up around the ratmy insanity and members who are all years older than him.
jimin and him would probably do the best as soloists but they both come off as too mentally unstable to perform on their own. jimin is already having mental breakdowns after every other performance. bts is such a trainwreck.

No. 40782

Why did they treat him like that?

No. 40783

File: 1563470952157.jpg (97.28 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

i'm the anon you responding to, and honestly idk. it's been so long since it happened but i'm pretty sure they were just being rude and displaying their superiority, idk. the cast tried to play it off as if they were joking and weren't serious about it but it was obvious that it was mean-spirited, especially when jungkook looked so upset. i might be remembering it wrong bc i rarely watch anything bts related i just remember this event happening.

allkpop article on the cast trying to downplay it.

No. 40798

Tinfoil, but what if Bighit and BTS are so impossible to work with that they got so frustrated that they took all their anger out on him?
Both Janghoon and Seho are popular and definitely not known for being harsh like other mcs, so them suddenly acting like that is really odd.

Or they simply didn't want to accept the burgers "he personally bought!!!" because they knew it was just an obvious and cheap way of painting himself like the good kid.

Or, even more major tinfoil lol, what if it was all an act to make him out to be the victim (something ratmies love) and the others simply got no choice but to comply and as a result get all the hate?

No matter what, in the end it got him a lot of positive publicity.

No. 40800


YG is going down, down, down, down, down.

If GD leaves the company when he finishes his military service, it will be officially over, right?

No. 40802

what will happen to bp?

No. 40803

Tbh when I saw it first time, I was kinda sorry for him and maybe it just me, but I'm not buying that all ''because they knew it was just an obvious and cheap way of painting himself like the good kid.''
Like - why? What's the point? They knew BTS have crazy fans. It was in 2016, I don't think Bighit had so much power then anyway

No. 40804


Hyeri's latest scandal is kind of ridiculous. If a celeb were to promote something dumb on a show in America, no one would bat an eye, which is why I feel like people are just looking for more reasons to hate her.
Does anyone else feel kind of bad for celebrities in Korea? It takes one scandal and a couple of antis to make the public hate you forever. Some celebrities have immunity, like Lee Byung Hun who fucking cheated on his wife and is still getting praise for his most recent projects, including Mr. Sunshine.

No. 40805

>They knew BTS have crazy fans.
Exactly. So, why did they nevertheless decide to bully him? They knew what they were getting themselves into, it made zero sense.

No. 40807

I don't know much about Hyeri but it does look super ridiculous. if the show had such an issue with it they could've just cut it out.
well judging by their wikipedia pages it doesn't look like their careers took a hit. they probably knew what they were getting into but just didn't care.

No. 40808

Instagram blinks are so fucking stupid. BP did one of those "swim with dolphins" tourist traps in Hawaii. Anyone commenting about how its funding and glamorizing animal cruelty is attacked with "Jennie is kindhearted, she would never hurt an animal. dolphins are safer here with her" like what the fuck?

It's like everyone forgot about The Cove and Blackfish, including Blackpink.

No. 40809

File: 1563484359768.jpeg (591.01 KB, 1242x1805, F0BE1F72-91EE-4502-BDCB-9A1F09…)


No. 40810


Blackpink and BTS stans are the Donald Trump supporters of k-pop. Their precious groups can do no wrong and anybody who criticizes are losers and haters.

No. 40811

Not surprised, Jennie has definitely worn real animal fur and didn't bat an eye.
Dolphins in captivity will "love" humans because they're Stockholm Syndrome'd to oblivion. Don't most people know this?Fucking idiots, I wish kpop fans would just admit when their biases fucked up. Then again these days it's too much to ask for people not to support their confirmed rapist oppa.

No. 40813

>The Atlantic has a piece about BTS on the top read of the day
What a timeline.

No. 40815

Honestly, doing this is not ideal, but I can't bring myself to judge them for this when we currently have BTS taking money from one of the worst countries on the entire planet without batting an eye…
Girl group scandals are always nothing in comparison to what their male counterparts do, prime example >>40804

I looked a bit more into this and most ratmies argue that Nicki Minaj rightfully got backlash because she was invited and funded by the government, meanwhile BTS have organised it on their own.
But on the other hand, their stans also write that the s.korean president has a deal with the king, meaning it definitely will take place (some were worried about it getting cancelled).

Super Junior also performed there and looks like their fans really are only the highest upper class. https://www.worldofbuzz.com/super-junior-receives-money-rolex-watches-and-even-gold-as-gifts-from-saudi-fans/
I wonder how many of their suitors are gay men wanting some asian twinks… lol

No. 40816

well they can both be problematic but yeah that Nicki Minaj excuse was dumb. Plus people are saying BTS was invited by the government anyways. I'm not surprised about Super Junior since this isn't the first time SM has involved their idols in stuff like this. I was surprised Stray kids went though. It seems like a random choice tbh.

No. 40817

inb4 woke legend bts do an exo-trump style meeting with the saudi king

No. 40818

File: 1563487182893.jpeg (398.83 KB, 1242x901, 93E28048-D8DD-4506-A105-E97D69…)

both sides saying it’s messed up means they are the victims..make it make sense

No. 40822

yeah like siwon's dog biting that woman and now people want him to leave super junior

No. 40828

Uh, that bite ended up killing the woman and the dog didn't even get put down .. he earned a lot of money from selling merch with the dog on as well.

Saying knets are overreacting is kind of weird anon.

I can sympathize with that other SJ member who was forced to leave the group because he got married, but Siwon didn't handle that case very well.

No. 40829

File: 1563493171040.jpg (Spoiler Image,345.5 KB, 675x1249, FaceApp_1563493062366.jpg)

Jhope shall age like a grape

No. 40831

Damn, he look like my local asian auntie I see at the farmers market.

No. 40832

i feel like YG artists are going to come knocking in 88 rising's door. though i wouldn't be surprised if 88rising let them in, they have already dick-rided YG artists.

No. 40836

if you squint a little bit he kind of looks like jimin with a few wrinkles kek

apparently it was because that show had a specific "no advertising rule" for people who come on the show, is supposedly what people were saying, so she "broke" that rule by sliding in a comment about her sister's store. still a ridiculous scandal, especially for someone who was so loved by the k-netz.

No. 40838

Hyeri was never loved by knetz though. They’ve always been salty that she got famous for her aegyo and they were sperging for months when she got the leading role on that popular kdrama.

No. 40839

Her fancams really show her charisma, ngl

No. 40847

File: 1563520527196.jpg (43.84 KB, 769x960, FB_IMG_1563519938521.jpg)


Okay, this "insert tragedy wouldn't happen if you've stan loona" thing gets my blood boil to be fucking honest.

I mean, this fucking degenerates spams every single news concerning people's death and I don't know if they were genuine idiots or just trolls. I was just scrolling through the news about kyoani's arsonist attack were more than two dozen of people died and then what? I'll saw this fucking idiots saying this dumb bullshit. K-pop stans really needs to get mentally treated or something. They are so fucking annoying I swear to God if their idols died in a horrible way I'll make a twitter account just so I could say "insert idol name wouldn't have died if you stanned God" or something just to piss them off too the same way they were pissing me off now.

No. 40848


Does anyone know what this is about?? Can any body gp undercover and find out?? Classic ratmy cult defending their oppas till the end

No. 40849

They're obviously trolls anon. They make up a minority of stans and get one retweet from their other burner accounts. Most of those people don't stan loona or whatever idol they claim to stan. Just report them so that they can go back to their femcel hole.

No. 40850

File: 1563522412357.png (73.16 KB, 602x301, bbb.png)

I think it's this

No. 40851

i think it's the guy mira retweeted. he was talking about how bts is brainwashing young people into lgbt. this whole rhetoric is hilarious because bts is as straight as you can get, muslims are giving them too much credit.

No. 40852

i don't blame them for thinking that bts is gay. the fan service that some of them do can look sus to someone who isn't used to it. plus the lazy lgbt pandering

No. 40854

i mean i don't even watch anything related to kpop ships or whatever yet "will bighit let jungkook come out? (analysis)" "who tops in vkook?? (the truth)" videos are in my recommendations after watching one bts related video. armys are constantly talking about how gay they are. it's not hard to get the impression that they might be gay for an outsider.

No. 40855

File: 1563526588575.jpg (117.07 KB, 740x786, a78b6d3df6d182bd51d26b783db38a…)

Yeah, they'd probably get along well

No. 40857

Yeah, I seen one football account who hated kpop so much he was spamming with this shit because he wanted to other people to hate kpop, too.

No. 40859

Damn this really is lifefuel for muslim army tho

No. 40860

File: 1563534590390.jpeg (1.08 MB, 1242x1840, 1A6A805A-3CB4-4894-9861-170ED7…)

Stans keep on being self destructive

No. 40861

Like of course it’s tragic when BTS aint even THAT much. Imagine having to equate yourself to a group so mediocre. I would quit.

No. 40863

imagine unironically thinking jimincel isn't sitting on his bandmates' laps for fanservice

No. 40869

What amuses me is that ratmies unironically fight over who is the "dom" and the "sub" in ther boys relationships…
Meanwhile the highlight of their sex life was probably some prostitute taking their virginity lol

No. 40870

The whole industry crawling to 'one up' or even compare to this one group is turning kpop into a mess. Everyone is becoming way too auto tuned and fake deep, even the nugu groups are being pushed to appeal to i-fans.

Honestly I wish more companies took the risk to release/focus on groups such as Dreamcatcher.

No. 40873

this is so cringey and rat's profile is vomit inducing

No. 40881

File: 1563554269068.jpg (188.9 KB, 960x1200, D5k6MtuWAAEvodQ.jpg)

88rising has worked with jay park, zion.t and cl. ikon and jackson will perform in their festival. iirc lisa and rap monster are into joji's music. i won't be surprised if we see more interactions with them and k-pop idols in the future. especially yg idols might work with the via teddy.

No. 40886

File: 1563559010740.jpg (28.48 KB, 540x360, seunghee.jpg)

>On the July 19th episode, Seunghee read a malicious comment that said, "You're ugly, so just shut up. I can't stand looking at your snaggle tooth," and replied, "I don't accept this. I still think my snaggle tooth is a charm I have."

>As for a comment that said, "I guess anyone can try to be an idol," the Oh My Girl member said, "Anyone can try to become an idol, but not everyone can become one. If you have the confidence, you should try becoming an idol too."

idk does she really have the right to come and say these things when it is obvious that the netizens have won because she altered her face so much (even her debut face was an altered version) and she paints the job of an idol as some high-skill job requiring lots of specialization when all it really needs is a hunger for fame and being a whore for attention and being able to listen to assholes trying to put down your individual charms and telling you to lose weight

i mean backup singers and dancers are more skilled than them - idols really are nothing but empty commercials for things the higher ups want to sell but idols themselves can't see it and think of themselves as ever-so-important artistes

No. 40887

File: 1563559352692.jpg (36.25 KB, 500x375, seunghee.jpg)


it really is hypocritical to take the comments of netizen and adhering to them to make yourself prettier and then coming out on tv looking like a discount IU and reprimanding the netizens; if she would've kept her ugliness and then come out on tv and say these stuff it would've been brave and "slaying" as the commentators are saying

No. 40892

I'm not joking, could these retarded 10 year olds / 30 year old losers get sued? Even normal people who don't know kpop are sick of this shit.

No. 40894

When the inevitable scandals come out, the rest of kpop will pretend they don't exist.

No. 40900

Holy crap, had no idea she looked like that before. I think it's because she resembles the average-looking Korean even as an idol (like Seulgi) that I would have never suspected that she got worked done. Now I can't help but even wonder if other "ugly" idols straight up looked like bridge trolls years ago and went under the knife.

No. 40922

I thought that was the joker

No. 40926

File: 1563578730941.png (882.96 KB, 838x626, Screen Shot 2019-07-19 at 7.24…)

Was anyone else disappointed by the final lineup for Produce x 101? Also the group name is called X1.

No. 40931

Is this a memory game? Cause there's no way that number 4 and number 6 aren't the same 10-year-old little boy.
They first guy has the broadest nose bridge I've ever seen, number 3 is downright scary looking and all the others are such a bland and unforgetable mess. Last guy has to be a robot. Holy photoshop.

I don't find Daniel attractive either, same for the others, but at least they stood out in a way (and looked like actual adults).
Who's supposed to be a leader in this pic?

No. 40932

korea really doesn't know how to let things die, huh? you could say the first, and maybe even the second seasons were new and interesting, but after it brought a wave of "idol production" shows it's redundant and tired.

No. 40933

this woman has the most annoying voice i don't know how she has a singing career

No. 40934

i heard that this was the best produce line up so far apparently. the 2 with baby faces creep me out.

No. 40936

NTA but second to last is the only decent looking one.

No. 40944

File: 1563601820449.jpeg (Spoiler Image,603.63 KB, 827x1057, 08FE310B-E818-40A7-9D1E-F84F7A…)

I’m still not over Hyuna’s unnecesary lip fillers…

No. 40946

Couldn't say it any better. I really hope the new bg will flop.

No. 40950

Is that really a korean thing? But every country had this kind of production-series and milked it to no end. At least in europe… Maybe korea is superlate with this, but nearly no country let this die out soon enough.

Anyway, creepy lineup and also a sign of the korean trend: super younglooking (or literally young…? how old are these guys…?), overly PSed kids, thrown in a group with to many people with generic songs, which sounds all the same.

No. 40953

I watched some of the original broduce at the time of it airing, and nearly all the fancams, and loosely followed this season and the quality? of the trainees is definitely worse, or people voted out the more attractive (read: the attractive usually adult men who look older than like 10), charismatic, talented trainees… I did guilty pleasure binge the female seasons because I prefer gg's and honestly each season the groups seem more and more rigged, the talent pool seems to fucking shrink or even more talented people get shafted and it's clear starship and woollim pay mnet to get their trainees in the final lineup regardless of what talents they possess

there's always that one trainee who ends up at spots 12-14 that is estimated to be in the final group and gets shafted, mnets snake editing and probable vote rigging is tiresome. these damn kids need to stop going on survival shows and mnet needs to put the survival show fatigue to a rest

No. 40955

Iran called. They want their propaganda back

No. 40956

>inb4 ratmon comes out as a muslim in saudi arabia

No. 40957

Five of them are born in 2002 and one in 2004…
And one guy is suuuper old, because he's from 94.

No. 40958

LMAO. That's sth I didn't think of but it's really BTS "woke" style.

No. 40959

They'd love it. Telling girls to cover up and calling them std ridden whores, without any consequences…

No. 40960


>I swear to God if their idols died in a horrible way I'll make a twitter account just so I could say "insert idol name wouldn't have died if you stanned God"


No. 40961

kpop stan twitter is an absolute shithole. there are still retarded shawols posting the typical "uwu gay baby" kind of thirsty shit about jonghyun. it has been posted threads ago.

No. 40963

Rat Monster looks like he's trying to impersonate Obama whenever he speaks in English. Maybe that's why ratmies want him for president.

No. 40970

obama doesn't speak like a suburban white boy who uses aave to look cool

No. 40971

I'm agree with this video

No. 40972

I'm not even a Shinee fan, but Jonghyun doesn't deserve this.

No. 40975

It’s always the loona fags who do this shit, they’re also the most toxic gg stans on twitter. I guess they’re just bitter their faves flopped.

No. 40976

they get so much credit for being lgbt queenz but what have they even done?

No. 40979

they openly acknowledged their lgbt fans and apparently a members solo song called heart attack is lesbian propaganda. it's the bare minimum.

No. 40990

File: 1563651816026.webm (871.32 KB, 240x320, 6f1d3bdd-43cf-49f8-aec6-1ae8b7…)

any nctzens care to explain what's going on in the background of this video? I could be reaching but it sounds about like some girl is getting fucked/slapped. listen closely.

No. 40991

>>40990 Not a nctfag but I'm not sure if you're actually twelve, or just mentally ill

No. 40992

sure. it still sounds like someone getting fucked.

No. 40999

why would they do an aegyo video in front of someone getting fucked though

No. 41000

You hear like 1 gasp, sounds like she tripped.

No. 41008

Wtf those are like sex moans…I agree with OP, sounds like porn

No. 41010

Maybe someone in the room is watching porn? Idk but that definitely sounded weird

No. 41013

Nta but that doesnt sound like it comes from a laptop/phone, it sounds live lmao. Now who the hell really knows whats going on behind the scene anyway…

No. 41014

The past few months have shown us that male( idol)s are fucked up people, trips-kun

No. 41015

They don't look like they were in a hotel or somewhere private anon.

It looks like they were inside a waiting room in a music show and someone probably got hurt in the knees or something and gasp outloud.

Plus, who would want to fuck in front of two imbeciles doing retarded aegyo? If it was me my boner would have cringed and shrivel into a clitoris and I would need to live as a woman since.(male)

No. 41016

Reach of the century.

No. 41017

>some girl getting fucked/slapped
You all are DELUSIONAL holy shit

No. 41019

File: 1563675375459.jpg (254 KB, 850x1596, produce-x-101-voting-kimyohan-…)

This news is from a few days ago. Just how stupid could fans be to sponsor these fucktards (or technically, their fans) so they could win.

>On July 18, many netizens noticed that fans of several trainees are having special voting event. For those residing in Korea, you get to vote for only one trainee by sending a text to Mnet. You can only vote once with one phone number.

>For example, if you vote for a particular trainee and screenshot the proof, you can get to a chance to win prizes such as round trip ticket to Hawaii, Apple Mac Book Pro, iPad and many more.

>Fans of TOP Media’s Kim WooSeok are giving away 2100 prizes in exchange for voting for him!

>Kim WooSeok’s fans are giving away a pair of ticket to Hawaii to 1 winner! The winner will get to stay for 6 days in Hawaii with pickup services to and fro from the airport and hotel. Needless to say, one of their other huge prizes is also LG Styler S5MB that costs more than 2 million won about USD1700 and above.

>As for fans of TOP Media’s Lee JinHyuk, they are giving away 2157 free gifts!

>It includes the choice between an Apple Mac Book pro or LG Gram, 24K pure gold bar, iPhone XS 256GB, iPad 6th generation 128GB, and many more. Some other gifts also include Baskin Robbins and Starbucks coupons.

>Fans of OUI’s Kim YoHan are also not losing out as they also have many attractive prizes for those who vote for him!

>You can also actually win a 3 days 2 night trip to Singapore with accommodation at the luxury Marina Bay Sands hotel. In addition, you also get free ticket to Universal Studios Singapore. Needless to say, they also have prizes like MacBook Air, iPhone and iPad.

>Many netizens were amazed and stunned by the support these trainees are receiving. They were also very surprised to see how much money the fans have in order to try and ‘lure’ people to vote for the trainees.

>Of course, these are not the only 3 trainees with such support from their fans. Other fans for the rest of the top 20 trainees are also doing similar events.


No. 41024

File: 1563680646061.gif (2.88 MB, 268x370, jennie.gif)

why do they keep giving jennie this pigtails hairstyle? it doesn't look good at all

No. 41025

for pedobait purposes

No. 41026

They don't look terrible, just a little too juvenile.

No. 41027

This is so extreme, is there proof the fans are able to give those prizes away? Is it just pooled Fanclub money?

I wonder if any of the trainees are the ones who put up for prizes? I wouldn't be surprised at all.

No. 41028

When you're so bad as an idol, your company has to waste money on prizes to get people to vote in your favour.

No. 41030

I was thinking more like parents, IMO the company hardly cares who wins because it's Produce is just an idol machine where the "most popular" is chosen.

Fewer decisions for who's going to be best marketed, like if American Idol had worked properly.

No. 41031

getting into a produce group is like a guaranteed money machine for at least couple years. a lot of the trainees are from no name companies or groups with barely any chance of getting popular and would kill for it. that said I doubt it's from parents or companies. on the last season of produce some fan said they dropped over 20,000 on voting for their fave to get in so it doesn't surprise me fans would hand out incentives like that as dumb as it is.

No. 41032

can't scrotes sperg out anything without mentioning their noodle dicks as if anyone cares? go back to the kboo fap subreddit.

No. 41037

I came across this video of this guy being critical about k-pop fans…

This vid IMO is educational I even found out 'stan' was actually a shortened term for stalker+fan from an eminem song (don't know if it was already universally known already and I was just ignorant)

Also, I had to laugh when he described "fancams" being similar to a psychopath filming idols from afar…

No. 41038

he is right, hope some people on kpop twitter have seen it and did some self reflection.
stan is one of the best songs eminem wrote imo and the song is quite depressing. i don't understand why people unironically use that word to refer to themselves because it's not a healthy personality trait you'd want to have at all. they are mad at sasaengs but they're all just as psycho as them and would probably act like them if they had their money and met their faves.

No. 41043

>don't know if it was already universally known already and I was just ignorant
It was. And kpoppies weren't the first ones to start using it the way it's used now, western pop fans were.

Not clicking because cr1tikal is shit and he looks like a literal caveman now.

No. 41044

File: 1563729662698.jpg (239.26 KB, 2133x1000, imgonline-com-ua-twotoone-K2Dv…)

>born August 2005 and dec 2004

What do you guys think of the new 13 and 14 year old kpop stars? Personally I think it's gross especially with the poses

No. 41046

File: 1563730048150.jpg (136.37 KB, 750x1200, DzOmKyUWsAQmSA1.jpg)

As awful as Japanese loli idols are, at least they look underage so only gross ass pedos would find them sexy etc, kpop idols are styled so much more mature you can't sometimes tell if someone is well underage and I think that's also incredibly predatory. I mean I had no idea Yuna from Itzy was only 15.

No. 41047

File: 1563730640599.gif (4.77 MB, 690x446, 243553335965D48E03.gif)

There was a girl on Idol School where named Eunkyul born in 2005, but when the show was airing she was only 12 years old. It was extra weird because the guy that produced this show was the same one who refereed to produce as "healthy porn.

No. 41051

File: 1563734047410.jpeg (85.34 KB, 540x540, 485CD366-B9C0-469B-9DD1-680850…)

So MNET basically rigged the final lineup of PD X 101 so that a guy who was #3 going in to the finale didn’t make it in to the final group (which was from #1 to #10). They didn’t let him (Jinhyuk, or Wei from Up10tion) debut simply because there was another guy from the same group who was obviously going to be the center (but they rigged that too and gave him 2nd place, lmfao). Their rigging was very, very obvious. There’s a few posts on pann-choa of how they added votes from other guys to create the number of votes for the ones who were rigged. It’s so blatant—even if you didn’t watch the show, you’ll laugh when you see how obvious the numbers are.
It sucks for the other kids but I feel bad for Jinhyuk because Up10tion has far too many members (a number of them not attractive at all) and as seen with I.O.I, people are not going to stan a group with like two members out of 10 that were from the survival program. Picture attached is of Up10tion. If I was an exec I would not let a group exceed 7 members, and looks would definitely matter—I mean, if you want to turn up a profit.

No. 41052

I always forget that idols like Krystal, Sulli, and Suzy were like 14-15 when they debuted (video related) because they styled idols so much older back then. Not to say that it isn't disturbing in hindsight because one could definitely argue the more mature styling of the late 00s allowed for even more underage sexualization.

with modern idols (wonyoung, yuna, these girls), I find it creepy how much more transparent the companies have become with sexualization of these minors, it's nothing new but in a post IOI world where it's okay for 14-17 year olds to wear bondage gear as a concept, I'm not even surprised.

Oh and male idols are also subject to this underage sexualization, looking at the new X1 lineup and half of them are fuckin fetuses…

it's sad that an idol is considered "old" when they hit their mid twenties as if their appeal somehow dries up the moment they start looking like actual adults. Or they're chided if they look young at an older age and want to escape the sexualized concepts they've been forced into

No. 41054

Is this listing their ages? If so I’m very confused! If someone is born in 96 then they are 23, not 20?

No. 41055

That picture was probably made in 2016 anon, doesn't reflect their current ages

No. 41057

There have been more retards than usual on here lately… is the OneHallyu drought this bad?

No. 41062

This video brings nothing new? Most stans already know where the word originated from, but it no longer has such a serious definition so they aren’t bothered.

No. 41063

File: 1563743269166.png (Spoiler Image,342.98 KB, 785x478, FC384C59-748D-4996-9929-A465E9…)

Does anyone have any milk on Jaejoong? He’s pretty lowkey nowadays, seems like he spends a lot of time in Japan. JYJ is likely done for.
I’ve always found him attractive, esp around Mirotic era, but he went overboard with the plastic surgery and got a freakish jaw shave and eye enlargement. But if you’re going to reply to this, please contribute something about him and don’t sperg about his plastic surgery. We already know that he went far overboard.

No. 41064

Didn’t mean to spoiler the image. My bad.

No. 41065

Didn't jae ditch his adoptive parents? His bio parents came crawling back when he became rich and famous.

No. 41071

I don't blame them for wanting to be idols but 13 is too young. Speaking of that group Busters I saw some of their fans trying to spread this video on twitter. I know twitter stans are awful but why share this video like it's supposed to be cute or something. apparently the girl in the video was 16 at the time https://twitter.com/ilybusters/status/1126803341948981248

No. 41073

she looks really fucking young there and they've got her pretending to lick a baseball bat

also, she doesn't really seem to have any rhythm there

No. 41078

Not her but I don't remember that, the last thing I remember it's that his biological mom tried to get on some kind of singing program but failed and now is a college teacher in China. Also I recall his adoptive parents are really old his older sister was the same age that Chagmin mom.

No. 41079

I remember reading the opposite. His bio mom came forward when he was famous and said that his name was "Han" but he disregarded the name and kept using his "Kim" family name. Apparently ever since then he's spent time with both of his mothers, adopted and bio. I literally just googled this though, so I can't say this is all accurate except I found it on a fanpage of his.
That's still pretty rough though, I vaguely remember hearing that TVXQ members had it hard growing up–especially Jaejoong and Yunho.

No. 41082

>it's sad that an idol is considered "old" when they hit their mid twenties as if their appeal somehow dries up the moment they start looking like actual adults
yeah that's why i kind of appreciate apink's company for not dropping apink once the members got too old to do the cute concept anymore. now they have a mature concept that suits their age and their songs are a lot better than they used to be imo.

No. 41085

File: 1563767145967.jpg (127.18 KB, 768x1024, 6f42df5ad93323982e26ffbf846eb8…)

>mfw i think of my born in 2004 sister as a baby which i need to protect and now there's idols even younger than that
Fuck, why? The average young teen is super ugly, they literally only do that for the pedo appeal.

It's the opposite. He said his adoptive family is his "real" one.
It was mentioned before already, but him and the other tvxq members were so poor growing up and then had to work really hard. It makes me resent Jennie and the likes even more, seeing as they already got to wear gucci predebut and blew up despite minimal effort.

You forgot to mention that they got busted surgery and are completely irrelevant now…

No. 41088

File: 1563769587725.jpg (33.39 KB, 423x612, suzy.jpg)

pretty much every 2nd gen female idol has gotten botched plastic surgery at this point except for suzy who is still really pretty

No. 41090

a lot of 2nd gen idols are really pretty tbh, it's just that y'all are so used to neotenous faces that when they stop getting filler they're all of a sudden ugly

No. 41091

File: 1563774665578.png (314.25 KB, 498x624, HQ6Bt.png)

I think it was alcohol and/or drugs that fucked with appearance more than surgery tbh. There was something straight up wrong with him for a while.

No. 41092

If you think trout-faced suzy hasn't gotten tiny adjustments to her jaw and nose and if you think she is completely natural, then you sir are a blind ass motherfucker.

No. 41093

the keyword here is botched

No. 41094

File: 1563774960070.jpeg (Spoiler Image,20.48 KB, 425x306, images (10).jpeg)

Samefag as above but even real jaejoong doesnt look like Jaejoong© . That shit was sculpted by SM. And idk about drugs or alcohol every idol abuses them… But his extremo jaw shaves and nose alterations make him look like an alien. So PS does have a huge hand in it.

No. 41095

I see it now. My bad.

No. 41099

File: 1563782897748.jpg (104.71 KB, 827x524, lunatics.jpg)

naw its BBC when they went for the lunatics. They wanted the stay at home mentally ill social justice catladies they got em.

No. 41100

Those pictures put a smile on my face. My younger sister's best friend is adopted, and her mother treats her like a queen.

I'm actually surprised TVXQ is still producing music. Considering that many of their contemporaries have ventured off to new things, their success is quite unprecendented.

No. 41103

TVXQ are in a particularly good position for longevity since they took the jpop route, god knows Japanese boybands last a long time. They still sell well and enjoy performing so as long as they don't get sick of it, they could keep going another decade imo.

No. 41109

File: 1563804784343.png (Spoiler Image,2.89 MB, 1242x2208, FE76D4AE-9C31-4CAE-9B2B-9D42AE…)

Hwasa beat Jennie in a brand ranking and Blinks lost their mind

No. 41110

File: 1563804832420.jpeg (Spoiler Image,191.63 KB, 1152x2048, C57692CC-A5B8-4729-BBA8-3D4A39…)

Imagine being this hurt by something that doesn’t effect you in the slightest

No. 41112

when will these retards realize jennie is not korea's it girl and never was? at least hwasa has some semblance of talent and isn't a lazy slob

No. 41115

no matter how cringy my weaboo messag board adolescence was, at least I never was a member of kpop Stan twitter

No. 41117

Whoever tweeted this writes a seven-year-old. Someone give the idiot a copy of Merriam-Webster.

No. 41118

I have to assume these abject morons are elementary school students. I mean when I searched twitter for "hwasa" the first suggestion is "hwasa smells".

No. 41119

Kpop fans are a cancer on society

No. 41121

kpop stan twitter will forever be hypocritical. they call her stinky, even when they know it comes from knetz saying her pussy stinks because of her skin, yet get mad at knetz saying that shit about black women. i feel like they are all closeted racists with yellow fever.

No. 41122

>closeted racists with yellow fever
basically what they are. like how they attacked that one black reporter for saying something cynical about bts for weeks and called him racial slurs. i guess people's poc cards are taken away when they go against preciouwus oppars and unnies.

No. 41128

>I mean when I searched twitter for "hwasa" the first suggestion is "hwasa smells"
That's the point of writing like that on twitter. Their goal is to make those the first suggestions when you search 'hwasa' and because of how twitter works they can make that happen by spamming 'hwasa [word]' over and over (in list form).

No. 41129

ya ya twit twit twit twit
i dont like it, nobody like it

No. 41136

I saw the ranking and Jennie is in like 5th place anyway. Why only go after Hwasa? Idk if it's a mamamoo stan meme but apparently she really has been killing it for a while now
Jennie has never ever been an 'it girl'

No. 41140

File: 1563828085307.jpg (19.83 KB, 250x228, tumblr_oyvmvaMDhj1srvglvo1_250…)

Or when they attacked Cupcakke with all sorts of racial slurs, simply because she was oogling at one of the members. Isn't that what Armys do anyways? It isn't a matter of "profanity" either, because Armys themselves write the nastiest fanfics and post gay porn clips with "#vkook" or "#btsnsfw" as if the members can't see that.
Pretty sure also that when Cupcakke did try to kill herself for unrelated reasons later on, Armys and other kpop fans (like Loona fans) pulled that whole "You wouldn't be suicidal if you listened to [kpop group]" bullshit.

No. 41142

File: 1563828212294.jpeg (143.55 KB, 655x772, whereistheselfrespect.jpeg)

No. 41143

oh fuck off. jungkook is more likely to catch something from fucking the same hookers with his rich bros over and over but okay.

No. 41156

File: 1563833845513.jpg (Spoiler Image,91.75 KB, 540x867, Kim_HyuNO.jpg)

Hyuna's been looking like a sleep paralysis demon recently. Who needs to raid Area 51 when you can see a real life alien in South Korea?

No. 41164

File: 1563840075385.jpg (32.29 KB, 445x341, thesnickersnightmare.jpg)

No. 41176

Looks like Rose fans have had enough. Lowkey it is sad how she keeps getting passed over for Jennie. BlackPink had a lot of potential as a group but if they don't have a comeback or a non-Jennie solo this year, they're kinda over.

No. 41178

Ewww… like what's next? They'll find it sexy that he have genital warts?!

No. 41180

>Lowkey it is sad how she keeps getting passed over for Jennie

Not really. Her vocals have gone downhill by a notable amount since her pre-debut days and she's not super charismatic. Jennie might be a lazy bitch but at least you can tell she's genuine, whereas Rose always comes off as fake to an almost cringeworthy extent.

>if they don't have a comeback or a non-Jennie solo this year, they're kinda over.

kek not gonna happen. Their YG backing is too strong and they've already solidified themselves as one of the biggest girl groups of third generation idols. Blackpink could literally come back with a song where they make fart noises and a performance where they roll around on stage and it would still chart well–and I'm not even joking.

No. 41181

i didn't watch the video because of the annoying robotic voice they used. everybody knows yg only cares about his favorites. rose was nothing but backup for jennie from the start. they're stupid if they don't realize that. if she ever gets a solo it'll be a digital single with no music video or promotions.

No. 41183

how is Jennie more genuine than any other kpop idol? They all spew the "I do everything for my fans" bullshit and do creepy baby shit for fanservice.

No. 41184

jennie? genuine? even with the pedobait and omgilymyfansuwuowo bullshit and the phase of her being so 'badass' and 'savage' pre bullying scandal??

No. 41187

Same anon. Well, I mean genuine in the sense that she doesn't try to hide how lazy and cold she can be oftentimes. It's a stretch to call her one of the most genuine idols out there and that's not what I was trying to imply by the way. Rose has been caught faking her voice and persona on too many occasions.

Just to be clear, not a fan of either but wanted to say how I can see how Rose is unpopular aside from YG not giving a fuck.

No. 41192

blackpink is such a boring girl group. how do people stan them when the members have no personality? jennie's lazy dancing scandal was the only thing that ever made her interesting. otherwise she's no different from rose acting cute all the time.

No. 41194

Blinks live vicariously through them. I noticed a lot of their fans want to be skinny models and ABGs, so the lack of personality must help them imagine.

No. 41199

It's a cliché I know, but a lot of it is big 3 privilege/company stanning.

No. 41200

>Just to be clear, not a fan of either but wanted to say how I can see how Rose is unpopular aside from YG not giving a fuck.
with the risk of sounding like a ggfag, no one in bp is unpopular. they're all insanely overhyped and rosé is no exception, you just notice jennie and lisa stans more because they're the most deranged and jisoo is known for being the most popular in sk since she fits korea's beauty ideal. rosé got a lot of hype after coachella despite being a horrible vocalist, which just brings out how overhyped every single one of them are.

none of them are talented yet they're hyped as goddesses and handed everything on a silver platter. i honestly don't blame other gg stans for being bitter, at least some ggs have somewhat talented members and they're always worked to the bone too. no idea why bp blew up.

No. 41201

There was a lot of hype around their debut since people expected them to be similar for 2NE1, strong woman theme and all. Well, they weren't wrong.

No. 41204

Those lip fillers are doing her no favors at all lmao

No. 41212


No. 41214

File: 1563894842401.jpg (Spoiler Image,173.71 KB, 1080x1079, LKaGSCD.jpg)

yeri i think is barely twenty but her face and skin already looks so haggard and lifeless it is like she is 30 or something

being a kpop idol - not even once

No. 41216

her skin looks fine lol, it’s probably been edited in this pic anyway

No. 41217

The makane of woollims new girl group was born in 2005. just when I thought wonyoung was too young, she's the same age as the idol school girl mentioned upthread

No. 41219

Not to mention they are all from rich families, so even if bp crashes they'll be fine

No. 41221

File: 1563899853626.jpeg (290.94 KB, 1920x864, EAJ6_9IVAAAAhFv (1).jpeg)

The groups are definitely going to get younger and younger, especially in Korea since idol ggs are over when they're 25 and older. Not only that, but they look like clones.

No. 41222

isn't that white boy american, why is his english so bad

No. 41225

Yeah, I thought he lived in the US for most of his life.

No. 41228

>>41225 yall made me curious so i checked. apparently he lived in china, not usa. his dad is american (or brazilian idgi) and his mom is korean.. until now i thought hueningkai is chinese…

No. 41229

Her skin looks absolutely fine to me anon, idk why her lack of talent bothers you so much that you start nitpicking her looks as well.

No. 41230

She has no personality beyond being the uwu indie-loving chick and sings like a frog; being "nice" is all she has going for her and that's really not a unique trait.
She's unpopular because she's utterly forgettable, simple as that.

No. 41232

is this what happens when idols get old?

No. 41233

File: 1563906482294.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.05 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190721-212355.jpg)

THIS is what bad skin looks like kek

No. 41234

Holy shit who is this

No. 41235

damn what fansite uploaded this without editing it?

No. 41237

looks like normal skin to me tbh. this is what happens when every single photo of someone has to come out airbrushed and bleached: it warps perception and makes completely normal-looking discoloration and scars seem disgusting.

No. 41241

>>41234 looks like nct taeil

No. 41244

this ain't even that bad lmfao. i get yall got hate boners for everyone in this shitty industry but nitpicking random normal shit isn't gonna make you less ugly lol
this thread has literally gone to shit cause of you autistic idiots. there's so much shit to post about yet you nitpick this shit.

No. 41249

I'm the anon that posted the pic but I also agree that realistically speaking his skin is pretty normal. I was being sarcastic because it's such a stark contrast to what kpop companies want their fans to believe; the illusion that K-pop idols have perfect smooth skin.

I got nothing against imperfect skin lol

No. 41254

They are popular because they are skinny and pretty and kboo girls see them as peak instagram "cute-sexy-baddie" shit.

No. 41256

this is normal, it's because everyone else edits pics beyond what is necessary, that a TRUE unedited pic makes the person look like they are diseased when they are normal.

No. 41257

File: 1563923176082.jpeg (743.61 KB, 1943x2915, EAFwBKaVAAAGX4K.jpeg)

Has Yeri's face always looked this fucked up?

No. 41258

She had a forehead implant and jaw shave in 2015, then got fillers since 2016.

No. 41260

File: 1563923515584.png (981.94 KB, 1030x837, sss.png)

It looks very asymmetrical but it's clearly the editing, what the fuck is that blur

No. 41264

she's surprisingly thicc for an idol especially from SM. Besides her eyes I don't think she looks overly modified either

No. 41268


Honestly, besides the forehead implant I don't think she's got anything else done. And actually she has facial features that are deemed attractive in Korea, like big round eyes and a smaller pointier jaw the only issue is that her face is incredibly asymmetrical, you can have features that are deemed attractive but if you don't have facial symmetry it's over.

Also, did SM go easier on their diets? I know they used to follow Wendy around and not let her eat food. It seems like both Wendy and Joy are at a healthier weight now.

No. 41269

Looks like Korean and Japan are in a trade war right now


>it's their problem once Japan goes "no Korea" again and their "hallyu" sales drop to less than half of what they were lmao


No. 41271

File: 1563935974814.png (1 MB, 1106x1356, Screen Shot 2019-07-23 at 10.3…)

No. 41272

File: 1563943060957.gif (2.46 MB, 170x170, X4LvE6H.gif)

God I can't stand it when people say Jennie is sexy. In what world? She's in her 20s but she always looks like a child to me

No. 41274

red velvet fans say yeri is like irene's twin and she's almost as pretty as her but i don't see it.

No. 41276

File: 1563945739814.png (551.85 KB, 800x1280, Screenshot_2019-07-24-13-01-39…)

So ratmies feel violated because their oppars were shoved to the k pop category instead of competing with other pop stars equally. They were now bombarding VMAs for being racist.

To be honest, lumping kpop artists who strictly sings korean to a western music award is honestly idiotic. Latin singers didn't say bullshit when they were made separate categories. Japanese artists like Sekai no Owari tries to make an english version of their stuffs ever since they made it clear they wanted to be known in the west. Ratmies were shoving it down everyone's throat that BTS is a global singing group but the fuckers didn't even bother singing in pure english, which is a universally known language. If they don't want to be labeled as "kpop" and just "pop" then be a fucking english singing group then.

I know this may sound like a reverse LANA situation were I might sound like I was saying "pop" is reserved for white people but categories exist to put people in place with a set standard. Do they want BTS to be the only kpop group competing western artists? That is stupid and bullshitty unless they make a move to suit the category. Until then they need to stay in kpop since they are kpop.

No. 41277

if u look at any jungkook x jimin compilation videos you can clearly see that jungkook cant fucking stand him lmfaooo sometimes i get the feeling he hates everyone in the group except for maybe rat

No. 41278

Did you just use the word thicc for a korean? Top kek bruh

Yeri is not thicc, she just has an unfortunate fridge waist. SM stylists have been pushing the "big boobed" image on her lately, using pushups and padding and all, seems like you fell for that.

No. 41280

File: 1563946579073.jpeg (Spoiler Image,51.14 KB, 400x400, 764B173D-F748-42D7-83F7-AA809C…)

Does anyone else find Jennie’s posts weirdly provocative? I get she’s an idol but something about the type of pictures she posts weirds me out.

No. 41281

That's part of the appeal. They play it up with Ariana-like baby prostitute styling and infantile baby talk during vlives.

No. 41282


sponsor photos?

No. 41283

Instagram pictures.

No. 41284

A lot of her photos remind me of a human trafficking photoshoot or something. I wonder why she chooses to give off that vibe

No. 41287

lately when I see her decked out in Chanel logo outfits all I can think of is her company rewarding prostitutes with Chanel stuff

No. 41294

like you said latin artists have latin categories, they have no obligation to put bts along other american artists. i like how much the word kpop triggers armys. bts is and will always be kpop, cry harder.

No. 41297

it makes me so sad. hyuna used to be drop dead gorgeous (i think the last time she looked great was in the babe era. her look in lip & hip was just atrocious) but now she looks like a trashy crackhead. i loved her back of the shoulder tattoo about her mom, but all her tattoos after that are just horrible looking. i am really disappointed that she lied about her lip fillers. they are so obvious and her naturally full lips were beautiful to begin with.

i know that everyone here loves to point out that rose, lisa, and jimin are skellies and look proana, but every single time that hyuna posts on insta, they look like ana body checks. she is so hollow looking now and when she naturally has a full face and quite a lot of muscle. she lost a lot of weight before debuting and even gained a lot of weight during the hate era. i remember her getting scary thin during her ice cream era to the point her cheeks had these weird deep vertical lines below her cheek bones cause there was no fat and only skin. you can tell shes naturally supposed to have quite a fit and full body, but she looks so fragile and alarming these days.

No. 41298

File: 1563953821549.jpg (Spoiler Image,88 KB, 530x960, 201907211720779069_5d342077b72…)

> [+34, -5] I have no idea about anything in this show but from the pictures alone, this group looks a lot better. The members in the original group look too much like babies…

And speaking of Hyuna, the comments are mean, but kind of true lol

No. 41299

It's just asymmetrical like 90% of human faces are. Her overall features look fine to me. Just because she's talentless doesn't mean she's ugly anon

No. 41300

Ok we get it, now stop it with your unsaged wk

No. 41301

File: 1563954570352.gif (995.13 KB, 500x243, tumblr_m2jbttJu9S1r60bmvo1_500…)

>[+100, -5] When did she become such a laughing stock? From her tattoos to her fake lips and chest.. tsk tsk tsk, she just oozes cheapness

ive been wondering the same damn thing. and to all the comments about her cellulite, honestly it is refreshing to be reminded she has cellulite on her back thighs. i remember people giving her shit about it during her bubble pop days.

she used to be so bubbly and cute and now that she is older and hasnt come out with any music yet, its like she is clinging onto whats left of her sexy image and getting worse ps.

No. 41302

File: 1563954731237.jpg (95.21 KB, 1280x720, hyuna.jpg)

peak hyuna was red era. whatever she did to her face after that was a mistake. it's so obvious her mental health has taken a hit after her departure from cube.

No. 41303

File: 1563955364124.jpg (64.39 KB, 730x730, 7a500fbcdfcd9096.jpg)

the fact that jennie already has a baby face makes the little girl styling even creepier

No. 41305

cellulite is natural but look at her thighs vs her backup dancer's lmfao she really did ruin her entirety by dieting and all those skin whitening injections

i always thought hyuna was in her mid20s during bubblepop (in a good way) but looking at her now when she is actually in her mid 20s and looking so bad it is sad really how disgusting the kpop industry is but since she got herself in it and even earned money that other hardworking koreans can't even dream of - her deterioration is like honey to the eyes

No. 41306

File: 1563958295344.jpg (26.41 KB, 400x400, mN3JWcPS_400x400.jpg)

I think it's especially gross that so many normie, non-kpop fans saw her in America and decided that she's "hot" (and even like kpop because of her). And whenever you ask why that is, seeing as she's skinny and has a rather cutish face, they can pull the "But she's an adult! She's already 23, what's wrong with liking her?!"-shit.

No. 41307

She looks cute from a distance. When I actually zoom in and enlarge the picture is where it starts to look unsettling.

I wish they pushed the big boobie thing harder for red Velvet. Like that group is lacking in boobies. Yeri’s boobs are still underwhelming even with the padding.

No. 41308

File: 1563959624192.png (816.36 KB, 698x699, Screenshot (24).png)

It pisses me off how much stans love to shill Kpop is pure, innocent, better than anything western. If somebody like Whasa had a feed like this, Koreans would call her a cheap slut. White or black girls dressing and posing like this are ugly roasties. But when Jennie does it she's human Chanel, a slaying queen.
Just because she's thin and young looking doesn't make her any classier.

No. 41309

hwasa already gets so much shit for having a more western style. the same goes for hyolyn. because they're not conventionally pretty like jennie they aren't allowed to be sexy.

No. 41310

why is sm suddenly making yeri be the sexy one with the boob padding and the mature styling? she was always made to be the cute one of the group.

No. 41311

most of her fans are uncles so whoring her out was invitable, especially after the hype from bad boy

No. 41314

jennie is clearly trying to get away from the badass/masculine schtick she had at the start of bp and be considered girly and cutesy~ which is funny to me because you still have her stans writing fics about her with a nine inch dick

No. 41315

hwasa and hyolyn are straight up n*ggaboos who try to make themselves ~~~different by tanning their skin and wearing more western clothes - hyolyn is still fine because at least she is toned but why do we have to subject ourselves to hwasa's flabby body it is a whole-ass yikes

also i don't understand how there are so many hwasa-fags in this thread defending their qUeEn like f off

No. 41316

it is only SEAfags who hype up Jennie nobody in korea actually gives a fuck about her or her instagram cuz everybody knows jennie is a thot who has been whoring out to YG etc since her teens

compare to sulli who gets flak for going braless but hwasa gets praised for it - it is the pretty girls of south korea that have it hard because people think they should cater to males but uggos like hwasa can get away with anything

No. 41317

>it is the pretty girls of south korea that have it hard
lol sure anon. both sulli and hwasa got backlash for going braless, but there were more people standing up for sulli than there were for hwasa because sulli is pretty. sulli wouldn't even have a career anymore if she looked like hwasa after all the scandals she's had. sm is only holding onto her because of her face.

No. 41318

she was #1 in brand reputation for months and her stupid 16 year old korean fans want surgery to look like her. people do care about her but it's only cause of yg shoving her down our throats

No. 41319

Hwasa is actually only a year older than her. Jennie gets away with it cause she's always acted like a rich spoiled wannabe insta model, yg stans love that shit and in Korea they love her body and all so no one calls her out for being a giant narcissist.
I can tolerate hwasa for being like that cause she doesn't have that arrogant attitude. Seems like she doesn't think too much and just does what she likes (although it gets cringey too)
At least she's talented, she's not even the rapper in mamamoo but in their rap songs (which they did just for fun) she managed to be a better rapper than both Jennie and Lisa could ever be.

No. 41320

Same anon but I wanted to add that a while ago there were rumors about her(well someone actually saw it) going to some restaurant, and she made the staff grill the meat for her and she went into the restaurant once they had finished grilling the food for her. Allegedly it was because she didn't want the smell to get on her or something but those are just rumored. I read it a while back so I don't know where it was from.

No. 41321

I legit thought Mamamoo were all 25+ at least, and that was at debut.

No. 41323

File: 1563969358870.jpg (55.75 KB, 446x584, 201907190044772239_5d3097ce2c8…)

Netizens are always whining about Jiyoung 'looking Japanese' and Jessica 'looking Chinese' it's honestly surreal how xenophobic Korea is. I mean Jiyoung always looked distinct in the first place and Jessica and Krystal's surname is from medieval Chinese who came to western Korea (zheng) so no shit she looks somewhat Chinese.

Then they praise Wonyoung as 'the perfect Korean' when her features look foreign to my eyes. Are k-netz retards who reduce korean-ness to aegyo??

No. 41328

To me Wendy looks like she just started doing weights/ exercise along with eating healthy

No. 41329

Koreans have a serious inferiority complex when it comes to Japan and china in everything, let alone entertainment.

Btw how is Jessica doing? They do everything to block her out of news in Korea unless it's to talk about her looks and it's hard to find chinese news about her.

No. 41330

i think wonyoung is half taiwanese

No. 41332

she seems to be doing okay and pretty happy based off of her instagram.

even though sm lets their artists wear her fashion brand's clothes, along with letting amber liu and irene kim attend flagship store openings and other events, they still blacklisted her from the korean media. it doesn't make sense to me.

No. 41334

she is. but she looks less korean than taiwanese

No. 41336

No. 41340

Stan twitter is tired of Moomoos spreading their cancer around by incessantly shitting on Blackpink so they must have migrated here

No. 41341

RV's first two singles underperformed and they only began gaining traction after adding underage Yeri to the group. The more uncle fans a group gathers, the better they will sell - just ask Twice. If Red Velvet had done more pedobait shit after ICC they'd probably be selling better than Blackpink.

Even SNSD had to pander to ahjussis with Gee and Genie before branching out.

No. 41346

how does genie pander to ahjussis? if anything that'd be oh! because of the cheerleader outfits. they actually looked like grown women in genie.

No. 41347

File: 1563980849749.jpg (27.23 KB, 705x696, 1548119526743.jpg)

>which is funny to me because you still have her stans writing fics about her with a nine inch dick

No. 41348

>it is the pretty girls of South Korea who have it hard

Anon…this is a country where girls are given plastic surgery as birthday presents. Don’t kid yourself.

No. 41349

Those comment are so dumb.
>"Is she sane?"
It's called a (obvious) joke…

No. 41350

why do they hate her so much

No. 41352

because she smoke weed

No. 41354

I thought Joy was considered the "sexy" member. Anyhow, wouldn't be surprised if Yeri's being pushed in the same direction because the members are aging up and need to subtly pander to a new set of perverts. Hell Joy was made fun of for being fat (by insane standards) and not that attractive until she started playing up a sexy concept. After that her popularity seemed to increase as the lengths of her dresses decrease.

Is this Jennie's actual Instagram feed? You can really see the narcissism on display here.

kek what kind of incel dimension are you living in? Hwasa got shit for going braless too but you probably saw comments coming from her fans (which of course would be positive). The South Korean GP will find a reason to hate on any woman regardless of her looks, but prettier girls do get away with shit more easily. Another example of this would be how DIA's Chaeyeon and other pretty entertainers are devoid of actual talent but continue to show up on screen.

No. 41355

yes that is her actual feed, just a bunch of pictures of herself looking rich

No. 41356

New Itzy song coming out soon.

Not gonna lie, I like the choregraphy so far. I think the MV is gonna be as weird/cheap as Dalla though.

No. 41357

Huh? Korean society emphasizes appearance over most everything. That's why they're known for being a center of plastic surgery. Literally the home of pretty privilege.

No. 41359

File: 1563992729112.jpeg (208.5 KB, 750x357, 5890CBC7-E09D-403B-BD55-5874E0…)

No. 41361

my brain started to bleed after this visual

No. 41362

File: 1563993255994.gif (4.64 MB, 320x183, IMG_0214.GIF)

I wish her fans would just admit stanning a spoiled idol whose debut was bought by her mom instead of desperately trying to find excuses for her behavior. If almost everyone in the kpop world says she's a lazy brat then there must be some truth to it. Like recently I've been seeing these videos saying how there's something wrong with her and that fans should be nice to her and shit. Her leaving during concerts has become normal now so if something was wrong why wouldn't they release a statement to make people tone down the hate?

No. 41364

kpop fanfics were a fucking mistake

No. 41365

I almost lost a fucking friend over saying Jennie is lazy. She kept defending her and blaming her "motion sickness" JFC these people are delusional. She's a lazy, spoiled bitch who only does the bare minimum because she doesn't have to try hard and still gets praised like the sun is shining out of her ass.

No. 41366

early nomination for next thread pic

No. 41370

Speaking of Jennie, I was just reminded of her dating Kai. Like, that actually happened but it seems most people forgot it or got over it–which is surprising given that they're really popular idols. Why is this the case?

What was with the random white people in the beginning? Those guys being white seriously didn't add anything to their concept.

No. 41371

File: 1563996290472.gif (1.86 MB, 435x250, 45452.gif)

Nani the fuck

No. 41372

I know this sounds weird, but has anybody also noticed that before kpop fanfics were mostly "harmless" but now you hardly find one without alpha/omega, bdsm, daddy kink etc? Like a decade ago weebs wrote "lemons", barely daring to spell out the word "fuck" and now you have little kids writing absolutely degenerate stuff - again, while claiming that kpop is oh so pure.

No. 41373

Nah, I think dirty K-pop fanfics were always a thing. Can't confirm but there's a Korean drama called Reply 1997 and it follows a fangirl of one of the OG K-pop groups H.O.T. Won't try to spoil too much but there's a scene where she read a super dirty slashfic out loud. If the show's truly reflective of SK culture during that period (which it's marketed to be), then yeah.

No. 41375

>"how dare this media outlet imply (basic human trait) about our baby j*nnie? censor her name guys!!"
>writes 60k word long heavy bdsm session where jennie's nine inch dick is suffocating rose

No. 41376

was that relationship even real though?

No. 41377

i'm surprised jennie hasn't tried to leave yet. she's got all the makings of a sulli 2.0.

No. 41379

The end of YG is near so I predict her leaving within the next year or so.

No. 41381

If an actual skeleton like Rose can last a whole concert she has no excuse

No. 41386

i personally think its that the i-fans (mainly ratmys and loonatics) have just become as demented as the 1997 k-fans who were sending dead cats to baby V.O.X. it's osmotic.

No. 41387

why don't they just force him to lip synch it's like his own company has deluded themselves into thinking he's talented

No. 41389

lmao jungkook is based. even his bandmates are laughing at jimincel's singing attempts.

No. 41391

Joy was hot before she lost weight too. She wasn’t ‘sexy dynamite’ as she is now but people really liked her body(thighs) when she was chubbier. I don’t really recall her weight being a “bad thing” or like a problem back then.
Joy stans have always been pretty strong and serious about shielding her from that shit. I don’t think it was as bad for her compared to Wendy. They tore Wendy apart for her weight.

No. 41392

Lmfao, based JK. In the replies someone posted another video of him laughing at Jin's voice crack.

No. 41393

Isn’t Jennie Korean? A nine inch dick is REALLY REALLY REALLY pushing it. If they’re going to give her a dick, they should at least try to be realistic about it. Maybe 5 inches would be on the ‘bigger’ side for SK.

No. 41394

Jungkook's probably a douche like his fellow bandmates but he doesn't annoy me as much for some reason. I think it's because he still comes off as an actual young adult guy. The others either perform aegyo and act like mentally stunted toddlers or act like pretentious pseudo philosophers.

No. 41398

I will forever wonder why sm let this happen

B-But Jikook?!
I can't even imagine how disgusting it must be to constantly get forced into doing fanservice with somebody you can't stand. Fans are so delusional, he can shove Jimincel away a dozen times, and they'll still say that he secretly likes it or that this is his way of showing love.

No. 41399

same, he's not totally talentless (I don't think he's amazing and find his voice pretty bland but he's a decent dancer and his voice is stable) and out of all the members he makes me cringe the least.

No. 41400

ot but Jaejoong natural pretty, damn

and I don't think idols dating (pre-debu) was nearly as big of a deal in very early 2000s korea as it is now, anon.

No. 41401

You're right in a way. I listened to second generation kpop when it was new and idols would outright call other idols their type and do fan service on idol shows but they still weren't really allowed to date. Kyuhyun and Seohyun are the only example that I can think of right now. That's cause it was the era when groups had "brother or sister" groups. Like snsd/suju, SHINee/f(x) , and bigbang/2ne1. Now guy idols are infantilized more than ever and girl idols are all either branded as lesbians or whores by IFans.

No. 41402

This was not that long before his debut, so he might have had some ps already.
And it definitely was bad back then, probably even worse than now (e.g. a couple being accepted lile Jennie and Kai? Unthinkable. A girl was even driven to suicide for being on a show with Suju). He likely just didn't think that anybody would see this clip, seeing as this was before everybody had smartphones/internet.

I think it's just that most can't help but feel a bit sorry, seeing as he started so young and is surrounded by crazies and is definitely. But then I remember that he's a millionaire and the pity stops lol

No. 41403

>And it definitely was bad back then, probably even worse than now
Not before TVXQ and suju had even debuted. They did go on to be the ones who made it become a big deal I guess.
He still looks natural to me, ps wasn't as crazy common back then either. Despite what some anons itt think people can be naturally good looking, even idols.

No. 41404

i'm either deaf or retarded because i actually like how this sounds

No. 41406

File: 1564020376341.jpg (10.17 KB, 443x332, C6PVvvsVAAABLvP.jpg)

He was never ugly but he's not natural either. He should've stopped after the first round of ps like in pic related. He looks too fake now

No. 41408

File: 1564022230097.jpeg (41.78 KB, 310x310, 5D270852-03BC-43FB-8CAA-72663F…)

Even though JK’s voice is nothing special, he always manages to sound like Celine Dion compared to the other three “singers.” He’s actually lucky that he’s surrounded by such horrible vocalists since it makes him sound relatively talented compared to the others.

I think JJ looked best at DBSK’s peak in 2008-2009. He went too far years later when he had his eyes cut more and jaw shaved (probably for a second time). He looks kind of uncanny valley now. Not to mention how he’s been super thin in past years but actually had some muscle on him during Mirotic.

No. 41409

>he's not natural either
sure he's probably had work done in the past decade, all celebrities over 30 have, but there's no proof or indication that he wasn't in that pic…

No. 41411

What is the context of this gif? Was she sick?

No. 41415

Immeasurably cursed song. Brace yourselves for armys painting BTS as woke pro-lgbt kings more than ever before.

No. 41417

File: 1564027222026.gif (2.92 MB, 268x210, tumblr_pv3vk9TR0J1ugyrreo6_400…)

speaking of bts i am positive it is filled with mostly autists–we can add j-hope to the group for incomprehensibly spazzing every time there's something slightly "scary" going on.

No. 41418

>white people in the opening
non-white koreaboos will dislike video en mass

No. 41419

File: 1564028454941.jpg (1.47 MB, 2079x3011, Maasa 04.jpg)

wait wtf…does she just walk off stage for the hell of it? ive never seen kpop idols do this lmao…even when they were sick/tired they'd try their hardest, and she looks like she just up and decided she was done and wanted to go chill omg lmao

sage for off topic i just randomly saw a pic of this ugly morning masume or whatever member and was like "who does she remind me of" and i realized it was nayeon

No. 41421

No. 41422

File: 1564030248803.gif (Spoiler Image,1.65 MB, 252x320, nayeon.gif)

idk who that girl is but she doesn't deserve to be compared to nayeon lol

No. 41423

File: 1564030695187.jpg (75.53 KB, 750x660, IMG_20190725_005737.jpg)

bts oppa much intellectual

No. 41424

No. 41425


No. 41426

File: 1564030948887.jpg (73.29 KB, 750x902, EAShO2eXsAIR6x_.jpg)

just post the pic, newfag

No. 41427

File: 1564032461468.jpg (Spoiler Image,116.39 KB, 540x708, TruedyEyeBags.jpg)

This under eye filler thing makes them look like they have vaginas for eyes. Why are they doing it?

Normal people hates bags under their eyes and this gangnam unnies deliberately puts them on their faces.

No. 41428

it's supposed to make them look more youthful, but i think this woman went to a shitty surgeon

No. 41429

File: 1564032618756.jpeg (36.32 KB, 480x551, 0e8f.jpeg)

the image isn't interesting at all so they probably meant to link the post with the video attached.

to open their eyes up. it looks horrifying in the pic you posted but if you look at before and afters its kind of understandable.

No. 41430

he gotta drop the baby thing. this will sound like jordan peterson but a man in his 20s acting like an infant is really offputting

No. 41431

File: 1564033180497.jpg (96.88 KB, 823x1024, koohara60062898463783404191588…)

hara used to be so pretty it hurts me so much to see how she used to look

shes not ugly now by any means but she lost that natural cute/prettiness she had for some ridiculous surgeries

No. 41432

File: 1564033206771.gif (1.84 MB, 275x275, 1562782703175.gif)


reposting the classic

No. 41433

My nomination for the next thread pic.

No. 41438

Fuck this and them.
Alogging here but at some point these worthless morons have to go away, right?
I can't remember that last group that was this undeserving of global fame and respect.

No. 41439

File: 1564040864293.jpg (62.94 KB, 587x541, jnrrrtuuij4145.JPG)


No. 41440

anon they're just a pack of twinks, why are you this mad about them…

this is pretty nasty though.

No. 41441

9 inches is pushing it for most of the world's population

No. 41443

i can't believe our woke sharia supporter king collaborated with this islamophobe.

No. 41444

Agree. The dance ain't half bad either

No. 41446

This chick isn't even bad looking. Maybe it's because I'm Asian idk

No. 41447

how is any straight woman attracted to this? he looks hella gay.

No. 41449

the same bitches who were into yaoi and traps in 2012 are into boys like him

No. 41450

File: 1564046500908.png (186.87 KB, 646x318, Screenshot 2019-07-25 at 5.13.…)

She got her entire face done so she doesn't look quite this awful anymore.

Does anyone remember when she faked being part black on unpretty rapstar and got called the "Rachel Dolezal of Korea" but won the show because it was rigged from the start. kek

No. 41452

File: 1564050854716.png (15.51 KB, 644x143, blink.png)

blinks are delusional

No. 41454

People only liked her bc she sounded like Mirae and thought she was black. When faced with all the questions about her race she deadass said she was cosplaying as a black person and even Koreans realized how gross and tryhard that was. Her new Music is always filled with hate comments by international and kr fans

No. 41455

File: 1564052816907.jpg (131.05 KB, 1080x1080, 66670903_472631160198630_24668…)

>they're tall
Bitch, they're not even 170cm, according to your logic tall women and nearly all men should be walking skeletons.

Slightly ot, but today I read that Pink got backlash for pic related.
If children running is bad, then how is men posing sexily okay?

No. 41456

cause pink is white and should know better meanwhile bts are uwu baby korean boys who should be protected and are so naive

No. 41457

Does anyone know what's going on with ratmys and the channel dkdktv? Apparently people are mass-unsubscribing because they invited some "controversial " journalist and the dude interviewing her said something along the lines of bts being overexposed and they got fans triggered..

Here's the video for anyone interested but there's no way I'll watch this long ass video about bts

No. 41458

they hate and cancel anyone who says or associates with someeone who says something that is not kissing bts's ass. they are so overly triggered and sensitive, i have to laugh

No. 41459

i know dkdktv made a bunch of videos pandering to armys by putting bts in the title and one of the guys tweeted something negative about bts exposing themselves as fake fans.

No. 41461

It's like she and ella gross are playing reversed roles lmao.


No. 41462

bts can even get away with becoming a member of al qaeda because they are innocent pure woke sjw cute korean kings. a grown white woman, however..

No. 41463

>What was with the random white people in the beginning? Those guys being white seriously didn't add anything to their concept

Ikr. I'd take a dumb guess, it's probably a statement: itzinternational!! as cringey as it sounds. Everything about them is just cringey, especially their name+fanbase name, and that underage girl twerking.

No. 41465

Might have something to do with the fact that idols are being overly sexualized nowadays, with the bdsm styling and whatnot. Also fanservices have become worse than ever. It always existed in the past, but the gaybaiting pedobaiting nowadays are out of control.

No. 41468

File: 1564064908859.jpg (678.44 KB, 1080x2220, 20190725_212458.jpg)

No. 41469

Pink got hate for letting her kids running in a german holocaust memorial, get your facts right…

Btw. the same memorial BTS did a photoshoot years ago and got backlash for it, too. So the pictures were not released officially, if I remember correctly.

No. 41470

Nayrt, but I think that anon was aware of that hence the direct comparison. And let's be real, bts had far more defenders and apologists for their Holocaust sexytime fuckery than detractors. If it had been just about any other artist then that would have been it for them.

No. 41472

He's not even cute?

No. 41473

he's 8 his looks shouldn't really be up for debate in the first place. Funny that YG got so much criticism for Ella Gross but SM does the same shit.

No. 41474

great, another yg whoremonger

even his vehicular manslaughter incident looks sketchier now that we know about the company paying off police officers and prosecutors in multiple cases

No. 41475

The amount of young women defending these guys is scary and sad. Almost every group gets "cancelled" once in a while for things that aren't even close to what bts has done but it feels like they're untouchable.
Even with this collab other groups would've been called out for supporting an "islamophobe" or whatever but instead everyone is busy orgasming over our Korean Shakespeare's genius wordplay in that song.

No. 41476

File: 1564071955801.png (57.62 KB, 441x302, eloel.png)

This fucking scandal is the gift that keeps on giving

it just never ends

No. 41477

I don’t think it’s well-known by many that Lil Nas X has been critical of Islam in the past though. Still BTS fans would have been reacted hypocritically either way. They’ll cry out racism against Asians when their oppars are out of element in appearances outside of SK, but will call Cupcakke the n-word for jokingly sexualizing a legal-aged Jungkook and ignore Jimin literally calling Jungkook the Korean equivalent of the n-word.

I honestly wish Big Hit would stop paying off Dispatch and actually expose them. It’s becoming clearer to anyone but delusional ARMYs that this group is no less douchey and insipid as any other in the market.

No. 41478

This dude must think he's sexy as hell but I'm so cringed out every time he takes center.

He looks like an alien. The whole group looks off, but what's new… also can we stop with the little finger guns? I hate it so much.

No. 41479

File: 1564073921046.jpeg (39.67 KB, 505x295, EF5CF2B6-FD32-4C2E-902E-9BA4DD…)

Has anyone else ever thought of how to make the perfect kpop group objectively speaking? Not in a “talent” way, but rather in terms of GP appeal and profitability.

I guess we can discuss this and add our opinions but my strategy would be:
> Maximum of 7 members, preferably 5, bc people don’t care for ginormous groups outside of Big 3 groups imo
> HAS to be good-looking and reasonably well-proportioned/tall, no exceptions for the sake of talent
> Just has to be able to sing alright, I’m not a fan of screeching high notes anyways tbh
> At worst, one/two members can do the majority of the singing and the others can be autotuned and have like one line.
> Ability to compose doesn’t matter since the label would be choosing relatively safe concepts and songs
> Safe wardrobe, no weird hairstyles
> Members would look sort of like 5Surprise with actor-like visuals that would appeal to the GP. In a perfect world, I’d try to scout models for Cha Eun Woo type visuals.
> Would appeal to late teens, 20s and 30s mainly - the older appeal would potentially help in the case of “dating scandals” as opposed to groups with younger fanbases
> Older fans would also have more money to spend

To any of you who have thought of your “ideal group” feel free to reply with the framework. I know mine is boring but if we’re targeting K-fans then it’s gonna be boring, lmao.

No. 41481

File: 1564074123994.jpg (54.95 KB, 719x779, 67417887_2551000074919508_5518…)

love is a maze damn but you is amaze yeah"
("is" is actually used and not "are" btw kek)

No. 41483

>>41478 he thinks he's sexy cause his stans make him believe so.. I always thought he looks weird as hell, since his Produce days.
I still don't understand how he made it into Wanna One. Cause he has a small head? But that's why he looks so fucking weird in my eyes..
Korea's beauty standards man. .

No. 41486

I feel like even the "perfect group" wouldn't guarantee success. It's not all about talent and looks anyway, some groups are just lucky, but to answer your question I'd say something like mamamoo.
A four/five member group with distinct voices who can sing well, perhaps produce or write themselves.
Something I feel like a lot of companies don't take into consideration is chemistry. I'd make sure that they don't hate each other, that they get along fairly well and that their personalities aren't too contrasting, and no excessive favoritism- we don't want end up having a sulli or Jennie or something.
In terms of visuals I'd say average-attractive and the concept should be something rather mature yet still catchy.
Overall, I'd want everyone to be on the same level somehow so not judg one of them stands out while the rest is being ignored(Like Cha eunwoo's group).
I'd also give them a full "woke" course so they don't end being labeled as problematic and ignorant

No. 41490

> perfect group wouldn’t guarantee success
You’re right, look at Nine Muses for example who had all tall and pretty members and decent songs. In their long career they didn’t get a single music show award.
I know it’s hard to make a group not fall into nugudom but there are some steps you can take to try and avoid that.

No. 41493

9muses had some really pretty members, but i don't think any of them were up to korean beauty standards besides being tall.

No. 41499

>get your facts right
First of, every idiot recognizes that this is the holocaust memorial.
Secondly, how new are you that you don't get that
>then how is men posing sexily okay?
is a reference to BTS? lol

No. 41509

File: 1564087328716.jpg (127.73 KB, 1000x1500, 1806cc4afe1e9456dd484734c00084…)

Kyungri got a ton of attention from the public though–understandably so since she fits Korean beauty standards pretty well. I think Moon Hyuna's looks also fall into line.

No. 41517

your group sounds lame tbh. it wouldn't do well outside of filling a niche in Korea which isn't ideal at all. top boy groups like exo, tvxq, bts, big bang, etc. got most of their money from i-fans.

I've heard fantagio is about to make a group like that though, all idols who will double as actors and there's another rumor that Ong Seongwoo will be in it. I guess they're going for a group of 4-7 eunwoos.

No. 41518

I often wonder about this. Like sometimes you see a group debuting and you immediately know that they will never make it. What goes through the heads of people selecting these kids? Why don't they see when somebody has zero potential or the group has no chemistry? It shouldn't be too hard to find out what to do and what not to do by analysing other groups.
The only group who was as "perfect" as what you wrote was tvxq, all of them were tall, had nice voices, could dance and were considered attractive by korean standards.

If Daniel had joined Seongwoo's agency after leaving his own, their group would be extremely successful, the two of them had a huge amount of fangirls.
They need to be more opportunistic. If you have the chance to make good money, then take it.

No. 41523

I feel like Daniel is going the Somi path, thinking he's bigger than everyone else and would outshine everyone if he's placed in a group. Now he's dealing with legal battles with his previous agency. There was even a rumour that Kang Daniel may not be able to appear on music programs even after debuting as a solo artist (that was quickly denied by his new agency, but who knows). This shit is boring tbh, he sounds robotic.

No. 41525

File: 1564097593138.jpg (564.07 KB, 1080x1500, 20190726_063258.jpg)

No. 41527

File: 1564099658473.jpg (611.9 KB, 1638x2048, 5252274294051db2c476ea2dcdcca7…)

I only found out about GWSN recently. I find tomboy member addition very weird, like I don't get the point? Amber was somewhat revolutionary and suit the edgy concept of f(x) but this girl is just weird and adds nothing to the group. Reminds me of Pink Fantasy's secret member (in a bunny mask), it's unnecessary.

No. 41528

Speaking of pinkfantasy, wtf happened to them? Are they ever going to make another song? Everything about them was cheap and shitty but honestly I liked iriwa..

No. 41530

Oh Lord please don't make me have to hear her scream in her blaccent while Lisa talks in her blaccent and everyone on stage fights to be the center of attention dear god. It's probably be a "I'm pretty and rich and a bad bitch and rich did I mention I'm a bad bitch and Im not insecure I swear , I'm a baddie" song and we don't need anymore of Ariana's poor attempts at rap help. I'm surprised she even said this after the meme of her photoshopping stunt on Instagram that made her look balasian and people said she wanted to look like Jennie as a joke.

No. 41533

File: 1564102898801.jpg (151.85 KB, 1080x771, pinkfantasy.jpg)

they have a comeback planned for august. Also they added a new random member. Their last song they released as a subunit was garbage tho

No. 41534

File: 1564103708389.jpeg (2.73 MB, 2853x2020, 1B7C62E2-EEB9-47DC-BF40-086B04…)

Their tomboy member always sticks out so much.. even Amber managed to keep her boyish look while looking like a cohesive part of F(X)

No. 41536

Lil Nas X was a nicki minaj stan account only a couple years ago and it really makes me think. He HAS to know about the Kpop industry and the dumbass fans since he's so active on twitter, so it's honestly genius of him to weaponize armys to keep Old Town Road #1.

Ariana wanting to collab with Blackpink is hilarious too, Blackpink and Twice's new style is such a grab from Ariana's. All of these labels and companies know exactly what they're doing tbh.

No. 41539

This is my first time hearing about this group, are they popular? It's sad how blatant they are about using the bunny girl as a gimmick to garner more popularity.

No. 41540

no. they debuted with one song late last year and garnered a miniscule amount of buzz due to the weird concept. now they have less than 2k followers on twitter and can barely pull 700 likes on their selfies. epitome of a nugu group, you haven't heard of them til now for a reason.

No. 41541

while we're on nugu groups, here's the worst kpop song i've ever heard in my life kek it has the same energy as youtuber music

No. 41542

hyunah, kyungri, and hyemi were pretty popular look wise but i remember hyemis popularity was in the fact that she looked more japanese than korean(whatever that means)

No. 41543

>Medic Jin
what kind of name is that for an idol fuckin lol

No. 41544


>Destroying masculinity

Does their management tell them to talk about stuff like this or does it come from themselves?

No. 41545

No. 41546

blackpink could never achieve this level of street cred blinks are probably jealous

No. 41547

Because she's the only thing getting them any attention.

No. 41548

twice had Jeongyeon cosplay as Amber for a while too, and momoland tried it with Ahin. Having fake dykes in girl groups just for publicity is fucking stupid

No. 41550

Ariana's team stole her entire image from several other artist so I suppose this is the circle of entertainment industry life and it's very unmoving.

Idk how she can perform and collab with someone else when she's never not crying on stage and saying that she wants to quit. I think western artist just wanna use kpop idols as accessories for woke Twitter points and it's all sad and a trainwreck

No. 41552

File: 1564112081080.png (102.77 KB, 1094x551, 98958398.png)

>I'm a man because I have a dick
omg based????!??? But really, what's the over/under on them getting cancelled by the woke side of kpop fanaticism?

No. 41554


Ariana's entire image is lifted straight from Mariah Carey's Honey era and Mariah debuted as the lightskinned Whitney so yeah that's true.

No. 41555

So basically what Big Hit tried w TXT lol

No. 41559

Holy shit please tell me these are real

I wonder if her manager or team convinced her to say this lol. We all know that even if you make the slightest mention of a famous kpop group you'll gain more fans and attention. it wouldn't surprise me if this is the gimmick she's going for

No. 41560

i thought that about momoland and look what happened to them. it really just depends on luck. gfriend and bts are botched and not that talented yet they blew up too. it's all about releasing the right song at the right time.

No. 41561

it's also creepy that they have the tomboy one (born 1993) and the youngest member (born 2002) who looks a little bit like krystal do fanservice together.

No. 41563

>We all know that even if you make the slightest mention of a famous kpop group you'll gain more fans and attention.

Here's my question. Do you actually think Ariana needs to? Do you honestly think BP is more popular than she is? Because I don't. If anything, it's always kpop groups always using popular western artists to try to break into the western market, using the laziest methods possible (ie the mediaplay of claiming that some pop star is dying to collaborate with them and then repeating it ad nauseum until their gullible fans believe it).
To be honest, I've always just assumed that companies like YG pay hand over fist for these mentions from popular Western artists like Ariana. The same goes for all of bts's shitty collabs and shoutouts.
But Blinks and ARMYS are the most toxic fanbases in a sea of toxic fanbases so they delusionally scream and brag about this shit and pretend it's their fail!oppas and unnies that are the true stars.

No. 41566

this is extremely transphobic, he is cancelled

No. 41568

she got a failed japanese tattoo, made an asian guy act in her video, and now she keeps sucking up to blackpink and bts for some reason. she is going through her weeb/kboo phase.

No. 41569

lmao at this misogynistic thread being created by someone who stans stray kids as if they are talented

No. 41570

Smells like a very obvious troll trying to make their fellow kpoppies hate stray kids more than they already do.

No. 41571

File: 1564126114498.jpg (273.53 KB, 960x540, temp_d26a629ee503f009913bce080…)

>Destroying masculinity
By doing what…?

No. 41576

Isn't Ariana a wannabe-weeb? She's also totally into that infantile, baby girl shit so it fits perfect with bp, especially Jennie.
She'd probably be into doing a collab with Japanese or Korean singers but with bp idk if she means it cause she'd be scared to be outshined or buried by bp fans.
It would certainly help her image though now that people think she and her fans are racist after the whole kris thing.

No. 41581

File: 1564138163238.png (220.27 KB, 721x403, Screen Shot 2019-07-26 at 11.4…)

reality can be whatever they want it to be anon

No. 41584

if a girl group member said what makes you a woman is your vagina stan twitter would be losing their shit and calling her an evul terf and trying to ruin her career

No. 41585

i like this kid

on a more serious note though, stan twitter seems to mostly be on their side so it didn’t blow up with hate the way i anticipated it would.

No. 41587

kinda off-topic but give ari a break damn lmao not only did she lose a loved one but she also recently got adult onset tomato allergy that shit sucks esp as an italian lmfao she is just coping out by doing typical weeb\tryhard shit

No. 41588

>as an italian
she's black now anon

No. 41589

i do feel bad for her because of the manchester attack and mac miller's death but this is a different topic. at what point has she ever connected to her italian side? if anything she's trying as hard as she can to look half-black/latina and now she's a weeb. most people who criticize her for this aren't even hating on her.
she'll probably collab with blackpink (and bts i guess? she posted a pic with jungkook) in the future. she would sound like a vocal god next to both groups and their live performances would be hilarious so i'm looking forward to it.

No. 41590


>Wonho dated a trans person when he was younger
I thought idols don't date? Does this mean that Oppar isn't pure?

He's an adult man saying dick in an interview. How revolutionary.

No. 41591

File: 1564139779338.jpeg (141.94 KB, 747x867, 030D99D9-5A0D-4F5D-92C0-F393CB…)

on the topic of monsta x and transphobia xiaxue got so much shit for this tweet kek

sage because it’s old milk, i just saw it now

No. 41592

who the fuck is wonho and why would he admit to dating a trans person in sk of all places?? the country that couldn't care more about people being themselves?

No. 41594

File: 1564139934549.jpg (30.65 KB, 500x374, tumblr_nj3vizz5H11u6bzlzo1_500…)

member of monsta x that used to be an ulzzang. he was dating an ulzzang girl that has trooned out long after they stopped dating. pic related

No. 41595

yes many shitty things happened to her that shouldn't happen to anyone, but that doesn't exempt her from criticism. you should've said the same shit when anons were critiquing shinees comeback and taemin's comeback since jonghyun died. she's been through a lot but that doesn't mean we can't criticize her

No. 41596

i really love how the "don't assume oppar's sexuality!!!" crowd on stan twitter goes all insane over someone implying that oppar might actually be transgender. iirc perez hilton tweeted something like "who in bts is the gay one" and got ratmies mad as well. why is it okay when fans make analysis after analysis about how an idol is gay/trans but when someone with a big voice talks about it they get backlash?

No. 41597

So he dated a girl who later decided to become a fakeboi?
His stans make it seem as if he date a proud and strong transwoman kek

No. 41598

*and beautiful lol

No. 41599

so a man dated a woman? that's quite common.

No. 41600

File: 1564140517352.png (478.67 KB, 593x596, Screen Shot 2019-07-26 at 12.2…)

of course they do, the troons need someone to project onto

kek at the fact shes aiming to look like taehyung (pic related from her instagram)

No. 41601

off topic but i'd slit my throat if i couldn't eat anymore tomato without dying from an allergic reaction
momoland is an actual one-hit wonder. ngl i thought that they'd last longer too

No. 41602

idk anything about this girl but i'm willing to bet that she is a fujo.

No. 41604

File: 1564141499254.png (934.86 KB, 800x797, 9573002147752848211959318.png)

lmao she does look like him. sad

No. 41605

File: 1564141730786.png (316.63 KB, 806x457, Screen Shot 2019-07-26 at 12.4…)

why buy a binder when you can just go full ana chan like yoongi oppa

No. 41606

>"Suga is trans because I said so"
at least they are honest

No. 41607

looks like janet reno

No. 41608

If this was anyone else and a k-woman responded that her ovaries made her feel female they'd rip them apart

No. 41609

I've always assumed this was mutual bearding, as Wonho comes off as very gay.

No. 41613

Do they ever think that obsessive text posts like that are part of the reason why he never takes his shirt off? Or that being overworked makes you tired?? They are the dog in the "everything is fine" meme.

No. 41614

no anon, he doesn't take his shirt off and sleeps often because he is trans. saying that he must be insecure or tired is a reach.

No. 41615

File: 1564147504089.jpg (41.39 KB, 480x480, 6ad2c891c08de6325dcb1e50483ada…)

ignore all images of his bare chest, he's trans

No. 41616

File: 1564148862151.jpg (252.93 KB, 2048x1316, 790602824624737.jpg)

there's older pics of all of them, they're all unmistakable blokes. it's not like any k-pop company would take a troon as a trainee anyway.

No. 41617

Please be satire.

No. 41618

high school suga looked like the kind of dude who'd shave half his head and bleach the rest guy fieri colors

No. 41620

you can really see the plastic surgery progression here

No. 41621

File: 1564151158727.jpg (52.19 KB, 458x287, therealbeforeandafter.jpg)

No. 41623

unrelated but I can't stand xiaxue's self hating ass

No. 41626

Nah they'd called her a queen, bring up feminism and try to imply that she's a lesbian, kpop stan twitter loves girlgroups and female idols.

No. 41628

nah fake woke stans care more about twansphobia than they care about sexism or homophobia. they think terfs are the biggest threat to society.

No. 41629

no they wouldn't. they'd call her a terf and a whore. see how they treated han seo hee.

No. 41630

I was thinking the same thing…

No. 41631

I also think kboos would screech transphobia if a female idol said that she feels female because she has a vagina - but I don't think Han Seo Hee is the greatest example to use considering that she is an Oppa Career Destroyer. Stans will use any excuse possible to hate on her.

No. 41636

I’m surprised they didn’t pick Jimin, since he hates himself the most

No. 41640

File: 1564165936074.jpg (204.81 KB, 835x360, 1547644705108.jpg)

the ftm jimin theory is a classic

No. 41641

lol this made me bust out laughing. there's no way this isn't a troll post.

No. 41649

why are troons obsessed with the idea that idols may/are trans, yikes

No. 41650

dj snake said he'd have a collab song with bp but his new album was released yesterday (i think) and to no one's surprise there is no song with bp. so now blinks are tweeting at him, telling him his album is a flop and that he's an embarrassment

No. 41651

I think most of them aren't even trans. Just like the ones claiming all idol girls are lesbians for the most part aren't even lesbians. It's a weird fetish under the guise of being woke. They think being lgbtq = being unique and important when really it's just an identity and no one should be reduced to that.

No. 41658

Apparently JK and Jimin went on a Japan bro-trip together couple years back now I'm wondering if there's any chick out there who has receipts like those girls who slept with Seungri. Big Bang can't be the only one whoring out in that country.

No. 41660

but big bang has been known to hook up with prostitutes before seungri's scandal. there hasn't been a single rumor about bts fucking anyone for years. idk how bighit maintains this.

No. 41662

That trip is probably what led to jungkook a self harming, imagine finally getting to lose your virginity to a prostitute and jimin gets his 3 incher out

No. 41664

they're probably just smarter than YG is about hiring prostitutes

No. 41681

File: 1564180321797.jpg (292.5 KB, 712x949, 20190726_183127.jpg)

what fuckin game is he the best rapper in

No. 41682

I will never in my life understand the thought process behind that middle set of photos though. Even aside from the all-denim atrocities, the combination of the red eyes and cell phone camera focal length makes it look like identification images recovered from a sex trafficking den.

No. 41689

excuse you anon he's clearly the third best rapper in the bts game

No. 41690

Their most popular song, puzzle moon, sounds so much like 4 walls by fx

No. 41691

File: 1564192002605.jpeg (78.17 KB, 509x679, EAcgxkoUcAALtrS.jpeg)

someone paid for this to be done to their face

No. 41694

What are they gonna do? Boycott someone they don't even listen to? He can't lose what he never had.

No. 41704

the demos probably hiding in the dungeon of yg somewhere with the akmu brothers unreleased songs for his sister, 2ne1's english album and cl's western debut album

No. 41715


jimincel got a liplift??

No. 41716

i mean it's quite obvious that he has fillers

No. 41718

>makes it look like identification images recovered from a sex trafficking den.
Lmao i think it's done on purpose. It's bigshit we're talking about.

No. 41723

File: 1564222902812.jpg (234.57 KB, 1365x2048, 5c8656e163e68310090b3d82aed670…)

No1curr but somin (of kard) looks so horrible now, she was cute as a dsp trainee

No. 41726

Shh you might summon prolapse-anon

That editing makes her look sick

No. 41727

she looks like hyuna

No. 41728

File: 1564226188207.jpg (36.04 KB, 400x400, p8u9ovFx_400x400.jpg)

these nosejobs where you can see into their nostrils need to be stopped

No. 41734

File: 1564228770377.png (763.45 KB, 800x926, Screenshot_2019-07-27-19-53-37…)

This is probably not kpop related but seeing as a japanese group composed of AV actresses debuted in korea… it won't be long until we see this shit happening and get normalized soon

I remember people claiming wonho is gay himself when they found out his ex-girlfriend became a troon. Like a bunch of them were saying they dated one another to keep their sexuality hidden and while they were "dating", she were already in a relationship with another girl who were often seen with them.

No. 41735

Aside from the pervy way they dress Yuna I can't see this appealing to TWICE's uncle-fans at all. Their concept seems Spice Girls-ish more than anything. Does JYP get bored of cutesy concepts? I feel like he only pushed TWICE in that direction to make shitloads of money

No. 41736

I see kidz bop has an especially low budget this year

No. 41738

i'd rather have them making kids bop trash than miss a / blackpink type of music since most of their members are underaged

No. 41739

Are you crazy? This would never happen in Korea. Stuff like this only exists in fucked up japan.

No. 41740

i get the feeling this group is meant to appeal to international fans, but jyp didn't want to make them a copy of blackpink. they remind me of f(x) kinda.

No. 41743

kinda OT, but I've noticed ITZY is having the Black Pink effect where Yeji is the most popular member by a large margin just like with BP Lisa

No. 41744

is she? I thought it would be the pedobait girl

No. 41745

I watched the debut stage and the camera is on her for like 80% of the time and she also sings and raps most of the parts in that song. From that song alone it seemed to me that she's the only one who's somewhat capable of singing. The rest just sounded horrible.
Why does jyp hate talented idols? His strategy for (girl) groups seems to be focused on public image rather than singing talent.

No. 41746

because he knows kpop fans care way more about looks, personality and catchy songs than they do talent. why bother training your idols to sing well when you could not and make just as much money?

No. 41751

Lol, some of the comments are so pathetic. "When they didn't have a clue who brown eyed girls were, it made me a tad sad T_T". Wth do you expect from little kids?
At least those kids got the chance to hear someone who can sing compared to BTShit that they immediately asked if she had met.

No. 41756

they're probably waiting for twice to fall off before putting out a new cute group
I think she's the most popular too but idk. Ryujin is supposed to be the center but it feels like jyp is putting most of the spotlight on Yuna and Yeji.

No. 41757

the rap in the second track about cherry sounds horrible, god i wish kpop companies focused on singing more

No. 41777

I saw someone say that cherry sounds like partition by beyonce

No. 41780

Yep, JYP has given up on putting out groups with original concepts and has resorted to ripping off SM groups one by one instead (not like SM are terribly original but you get my point)

Twice was the SNSD ripoff, Itzy is the f(x) ripoff but with no tomboy member. In 3 years time he'll debut a Red Velvet ripoff after RV disbands

No. 41783

Whoever sings the first part of the chorus sounds awful. I recognize the second voice after as Yeji, who is surprisingly a good singer as well as dancer. Even BoA was impressed by her, I actually respect her level of talent but some of the girls are seriously bland. Ryujin is one of those kpop idols that I don't get the hype about. Am I the only one who doesn't find her particularly attractive? I think botoxed face Lia is better looking tbh.

Wtf happened to JYP's vocals? Miss A had talented singers all around. I don't recall the specific member's voices but Miss A also had lower tones which were refreshing compared to the super high tones that are basically encouraged in kpop. And Wonder Girls had 2-3 members who were talented singers as well. I guess JYP has realized with Twice that you don't actually need decent singers in a group.

No. 41787

File: 1564265846207.jpg (150.91 KB, 729x711, lsm.jpg)

If anyone's interested, this is the first actual, coherent information I've ever read about LSM being on Interpol's list, even though I've seen kpop fans mention it a million times. Not as interesting as expected.

No. 41788

Ryujin has like one line in Dalla Dalla and I don’t find her visual material at all. I guess JYP didn’t want another Suzy situation so they’re not going to push Ryujin since she’s already popular from mix nine

No. 41793


Yuna and Yeji were the only ones who looked alive during their debut so maybe that's a good thing they're being pushed over Ryujin who looks dead inside most of the time.

No. 41795

This is so cringe, including the replies

>You don't like kpop because you're racist/have toxic masculinity/are misogynistic

So there's something wrong with you if you don't find a bunch of guys with extreme plastic surgery and makeup appealing? Lmao. The fact that kpop idols didn't always look the way they do now makes this argument even dumber

Also why should they be compared to normal looking asian dudes? Just because you don't find kpop idols attractive doesn't mean you don't find asian men in general attractive

>At least asian dudes know decent hygiene!

Lol what

No. 41798

Samefag but it's also hilarious how this guy thinks that's the only reason someone would dislike kpop.

No. 41799

the average asian guy looks nothing like a kpop idol because of plastic surgery. just look at korean actors compared to kpop idols and you already see a big difference. this guy is an idiot.

No. 41802

File: 1564273914474.png (17.97 KB, 590x174, csddc.png)

I love the continuing obsession with 'toxic masculinity' from libfems. Like all those flowerbois in the burning sun chat, they love women even when they beat them up and piss on them because they wear makeup and exfoliate uwu!!!

I want the retard in pic related to explain to me how Korean men embody any of what she is talking about

No. 41804

>Thank you. I'm so happy Im married to a man that's not afraid to admit when another man is attractive. Even has a pic of BTS Jimin as the background on his phone and a pic of him in his wallet. We need to raise our children without all this toxic masculinity for a better future

i don't know what's less believable. a grown ass heterosexual man having a boyband member as his phone bg and in his wallet, or that boyband member being fucking lizard boy jimin. at least pick taehyung if you're trying to get someone to believe this bullshit

No. 41806

Rose is the ugliest member of BlackPink

No. 41811

File: 1564285314707.gif (4.57 MB, 480x304, download.gif)

this is so ugly

No. 41815

File: 1564290877930.png (109.39 KB, 1283x937, jimincel.png)

Jimin's actually the one that straight dudes tend to gravitate towards because he's very small (like legit tiny, even his hands are very small and feminine), and because he has feminine facial features and a high pitched voice.

No. 41818

makes sense since he's biologically female

No. 41821

Give them 3 years time and they'll begin to look equally dead inside

Red Velvet, Blackpink, Twice were all fairly energetic at debut too before they got sick of idol life

No. 41822

like this is likely to have happened in korea during the late 90s

No. 41824