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File: 1705727734508.png (3.54 MB, 1346x1933, 1704835686353~2.png)

No. 349961

Containment thread for Brad Dourif fangirling, shitposting, picdumping, and discussion of roles past and present.
Sperg about your favourite Dourif characters, hornypost, show us your fancontent- go wild.

Be nice, have fun, ignore bait.

REQUIRED READING: https://archiveofourown.org/works/25518268/chapters/61911976
Movie Playlist: https://m.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLxIIC2Ro6jOVgKQhycvsL_KSQ3W-rHmP7

previous threads:
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No. 349964

File: 1705728028811.jpg (962 KB, 1920x1920, FotoGrid_20240114_123018616.jp…)

I cannot be stopped

No. 349968

File: 1705728785875.jpg (2.91 MB, 2240x3428, Thread 2 in a nutshell.jpg)

Yes I set up an alarm to do it so you don't have to

No. 349974

File: 1705729483093.gif (5.17 MB, 540x304, Tumblr_l_492579675738188.gif)

Was rushing over here so bad I forgot what I wanted to say.
Congratulations on a new thread, nonnies!!! It truly shows how deep are we in this. All of us together, going insane bravely and recklessly. This wouldn't be possible if we weren't such a loyal bunch of not just random nonnas but possibly great friends already…
Let's keep on haunting this place successfully and creating greatness every step we take! Cheers to that

No. 349975

File: 1705730311412.png (875.4 KB, 667x854, Screen Actors Guild Awards Aft…)

CONGRATULATIONS GIRLS does thread three mean Brad finally gets a parade in his hometown and/or an Oscar. Kek putting the collective Achilles heel that is the Grima fic in the OP is amazing and thanks for linking that playlist too. Here's Jamaica Beat https://mega.nz/file/lIdGiTwC#bfoTjBRDYqsZvgRPcgqgNtuRy_-lsVTDMAhzIseIwIw been putting it off because I will be driven definitively insane by that one specific scene.
I'm ashamed of being in love with an old man but it still won't stop the horny, what do. Reposting one of my fav old man photos.
We did it!! True love is unstoppable.

No. 349976

File: 1705730339336.jpg (117.13 KB, 968x1289, 1268783_639035182797901_361924…)

Considering the OP it's a great opportunity to dump pics from The Two Character Play you can practically feel the emotion coming off that stage

No. 349977

File: 1705730375378.jpg (367.35 KB, 2048x1536, 1273274_638158176218935_161341…)

No. 349978

File: 1705730436945.jpg (153.31 KB, 1282x956, 1048820_605110116190408_128593…)

No. 349980

File: 1705730669883.jpg (114.88 KB, 540x720, 1702126345.jpg)

>Brad finally gets a parade in his hometown
We have to start a crowdfunding campaign for that to happen, it would include only visa and ticket expenses - the rest is on us because we organize that parade.

No. 349981

File: 1705731211669.jpg (76.92 KB, 841x643, 1702125707~2.jpg)

Love these, only recently thought about how sad is the fact we collectively missed this play by a few years. Will never not be painful.
Still, such great photos and the quality is top notch too, thanks for sharing!

Please have this adorable picture of Brad and absolutely real Chucky.

No. 349989

File: 1705734936300.jpg (43.15 KB, 574x450, 1000015521.jpg)

>Jamaica Beat
AHH thank you!
What an absolute shame to not have been able to see this play. Live performances are already so engaging and electric but just imagine that coupled with his intensity and commitment.

No. 349992

File: 1705736028768.gif (6.01 MB, 486x246, 1000015541.gif)

longest week of my life. I will be a menace this thread no saging they can hide it if they don't like it,crying at the anon saying we were holding them hostage LMAO sorry and thanks again for being so accommodating unconventional nonnas

No. 350071

File: 1705776785131.png (445.91 KB, 720x576, money money honey.png)

It's that new thread feeling. Congratulations to us all. True team effort and stop hiding all the good stuff until the end of the threads everyone, please.
>Jamaica Beat
You're a star.
Do we need to dust off the Dourb and get summoning?
>ashamed of being in love with an old man
I know we keep saying it but it's not any old man. It's just this one.
Thank you all for the the pic dump and here's to round 3.
ngl, cackled at that gif.

No. 350137

File: 1705794290670.png (168.15 KB, 510x555, tumblr_mc0p2oyohA1r8gv6jo1_540…)

If I think about it too hard I'll cry, the amount of reviews praising his performance on stage is enough to drive a fangirl nuts
Incredible gif, we're so powerful I can't believe 5-6 women are killing feminism and spreading grandpaganda…when they send a hitman to kill us hopefully it's picrel
>It's just this one
You're right nona, why be ashamed when he's the single most beautiful old man in the world ♥

No. 350139

File: 1705794509958.gif (8.8 MB, 600x324, miss lucy had some leeches.gif)

Guys I'm so depressed what was he so hot for only to show up for a total of maybe ten minutes? There was so much going on with his backstory it was overwhelming but little actual exposition when it came to the plot aside from randomly also being a pimp? Anon already posted that gif of him crying and eating newspaper but that scene was so fucking funny.

No. 350141

File: 1705794611922.gif (8.3 MB, 600x324, her leeches liked to suck.gif)

Big wide hands doing the most delicate work hnnngh

No. 350142

File: 1705794811617.jpg (846.91 KB, 1280x1024, 9_1.jpg)

Found this on the official website yippee

No. 350288

File: 1705814814988.png (453.97 KB, 1246x680, Leo_02.png)

Nothing new to contribute but wow someone out there is posting truly obscure-ass fic (WEASEL?) in current year and my eyes are bugging out of my skull. Dourif renaissance happening in real time.

No. 350292

File: 1705818324316.gif (1.65 MB, 332x332, 1000015704.gif)

pussy THROBBING can you imagine wrapping your legs around all of that, squeeze all that chonk with your thighs, and why is his hair so fucking long? Just to drive me crazy?? I just wanna ride him for hours I think in this interview he mentions not remembering shooting this movie at all when he went to do ADR lol. There are a few nice tidbits in here but the interviewer sucks, starts at 23:00 https://moviemeltdown.libsyn.com/the-many-facets-of-brad-dourif

No. 350296

File: 1705820451102.png (1.66 MB, 1693x971, IMG_2008.png)

Ever since those gifs from months ago I haven't been able to stop thinking about a sexy massage from this sleazebag, felt good to have the fantasies kind of vindicated kek. I don't even care if it involves his questionable specialities I just need his oiled-up hands to fuck up my shoulders and my calves and then my pussy. Then plow me with every kg of that doublewide body into the table. Can you imagine the feeling of his sweaty torso sticking to your back I want to DIE. The whole scene of him shirtless is a gift from god but the specific moment when he bends down and you kinda glimpse his stomach squish together ohhhhh he's soooo sooooooft, need to squeeze. His hair is magical a huge pity we never get to see it down and dishevelled. A whole hour of Dourif thank you so much, the synopsis sounds insane. Not surprised he instantly forgot this one, kek. Here's the Noite interview, the way he looks here, this era of Brad was so hot good. https://mega.nz/file/ZO03QKaJ#KgOUObsgunAaD2KebBHUF52ITxyv8lAoex2XWsZ-HnQ

No. 350301

File: 1705822381869.jpg (59.74 KB, 612x792, 1702102075.jpg)

Oh, what do we have here? It's our number one dust mage

No. 350302

File: 1705822435785.jpg (512.73 KB, 2409x2048, 1702102123.jpg)

Can't remember if this was posted too, I'll post anyway

No. 350311

File: 1705830639223.webp (Spoiler Image,35.33 KB, 357x550, dg237ng14dh71.webp)

Forgot for a minute that Dune is a pre-eminent work of literature, the amount of bad-weird book illustrations for Piter rival Grima (except Grima looks better 100% of the time) spoilered for homosexual court jester.
I thought they were holding hands for a sec here, aww…

No. 350372

File: 1705856131163.jpeg (195.39 KB, 1179x1210, E4A69084-E502-4B1E-BF33-DB26C4…)

fashionably late to the new thread like i always am, but happy to see everyone acting unhinged already. for the record i do NOT condone grandpaganda, in my opinion that pic should specifically say "old brad", but no judgment…
an actual frog, be still my heart

No. 350374

File: 1705856375374.png (685.62 KB, 895x929, 1000015775.png)

>plow me with every kg of that doublewide body into the table Poetic. TY SO MUCH FOR THE INTERVIEW he actually seemed relaxed and like he was having fun for once, amazing. And lmao at those fucking shoes again how does he not own a single pair of dress shoes!! once again calling himself a whore, I wish I was rich so I could make him prove it

No. 350391

File: 1705859239325.jpg (635.55 KB, 1440x1804, 415194333_3207227272754114_243…)

speaking of grima OMG HOLY FUCKING SHIT look what i found, LOOK AT HIM. this is almost as good as that weird art doll grima.
and lol at required reading, you aren't wrong, brad characters are truly the exquisite fic writer's choice.

No. 350399

Wow, it's like a glimpse at Grima back when he wasn't moldy and wet and super pathetic
Love it love it love it

No. 350401

File: 1705862318346.gif (6.42 MB, 500x375, yea.gif)

How big is this thing for the details to be so perfect, I can't stop staring at his nose/forehead/mouth, holy shit actual real Grima effigy. Can't even begin to think how long it took them to match all the fabric for his clothes, the texture of his arm sleeves is insane. I'm speechless anon he's lovely. It's on par with the art doll but slightly less terrifying to wake up next to, maybe.

It's one of the best interviews for sure, I wanna touch his face and his hair, fluffy old man. AND THE GODDAMN SHOES. Honestly I've been keeping a mental tally of which characters are broken/unscrupulous/enterprising enough to be paid off to prostitute themselves, fun thought exercise.

No. 350406

File: 1705862976377.jpg (149.66 KB, 1032x906, cancelled for grima crimes.jpg)

got really excited (because i just figured out how to use search functions!) and literally got fucking blocked from facebook? happened on instagram once as well, kek why does this keep happening to me. zuck why do you think i'm a weirdo i'm so normal i swear.
CUTE GIF! apparently the effigy is 1/6 which isn't too horrifying. here it is https://www.facebook.com/ruben.padros.5/posts/pfbid0vU6V93T7sbeSv7bJVMXgogj82DKT5V5C4oEcamC24GZwQ22mMBMyHfyynU6ukVBel

No. 350412

File: 1705863923792.jpg (505.6 KB, 1302x1629, 416033613_3207227262754115_465…)

This happened to me last week too oh my god, got blocked from a server for 24 hours because opening too many tabs too fast I guess? We're so full of joy and excitement they literally think we're spambots kek, how advanced. The whole diorama is awesome and even Grima's hands are lovingly detailed, the hair makes me want to wash and brush it like one of those Barbie styling heads.

No. 350422

File: 1705865776542.jpg (91.4 KB, 576x687, Picsart_23-07-02_19-13-09-743.…)

Not a grimafag but I made this at everskies

No. 350426

he's so beautiful….the more I stare at it the more it scares me how does this look so good?? Absolutely insane
prettyboy Grima
ur so right I'm sorry for my poor word choice, Brad really is the only one

No. 350445

File: 1705870463164.png (Spoiler Image,274.19 KB, 917x908, 331E9274-5404-40AC-A284-3A0434…)

Poor old man, hurt his back

No. 350449

File: 1705871326056.gif (364.73 KB, 495x352, tumblr_inline_psh5mj3D1V1wnaac…)


He's so cute and nonthreatening in pixel doll form I love this, ty for sharing

No. 350453

File: 1705872954532.gif (5.54 MB, 600x338, peepaw.gif)

No. 350454

File: 1705872984020.gif (3.48 MB, 600x338, thinkin bout it.gif)

No. 350561

File: 1705901064945.gif (4.49 MB, 600x338, IMG_2026.gif)

I wonder if the glue factory fumes exacerbated the brain damage.

No. 350562

File: 1705901623382.jpg (57.69 KB, 688x540, 2990284_1a8.jpg)

No. 350571

File: 1705904578443.gif (Spoiler Image,12.11 MB, 410x499, 1000015834.gif)

There is no earthly reason for this man to make me as horny as he does. That glance over his glasses is killing me, I just rewatched this not too long ago but I think I need to see it again. I am truly in hell

No. 350575

File: 1705906168565.jpg (50.02 KB, 577x433, media_GEAGjAiWkAAh0kU.jpg)

H2 is so hard to rewatch because if I got taken in by Mr. B and lived in the same house the plot would turn into a cheap porno instead of a horror slasher. Laurie is so brave and strong. Is this superhell?

No. 350620

File: 1705927558760.jpg (145.84 KB, 1111x800, 1705212946.jpg)

Zero thoughts, head empty all day, so I can't insert my five cents into any of the convos but What did I find, a rare pic for once. Brad at 1995 Cali Comic Con.

No. 350622

File: 1705929357871.gif (6.27 MB, 539x275, Tumblr_l_845408281801872.gif)

I'm gonna piss myself, having hellweek right now is hilarious

No. 350631

omg biker stache era fanart, you absolutely killed it AGAIN, amazing
awww he's cute! thanks for your contribution
praying for us all.

No. 350641

File: 1705939204680.jpg (92.16 KB, 612x612, tumblr_mgbhgx6xqO1qhb9o9o3_640…)

Staring lovingly at the forehead curl, thank you for the rare photo
The serendipity of this whole thing is making me kek heartily

No. 350642

File: 1705939993636.gif (3.47 MB, 600x252, 017.gif)

fuck this stupid shitty video and his stupid hot face

No. 350643

How do I hide this horrible thread on mobile I can’t see the - sign with this stupid layout(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 350706

File: 1705963993240.png (429.98 KB, 687x559, hit me with your best shot.png)

We will be waiting for him.
Quality gifs, wish they had filmed it in a better quality than 'smog'. Hair you can really grab.
It is not just us, the power is spreading.
Just going to take my allergy meds.
Thems his dancing shoes. Or something.

No. 350709

File: 1705964941957.png (427.59 KB, 720x576, doctor in the house.png)

How beautiful is that pic? Amazing find, and the skills that are out there.
Lock up your Monster High doll collection, here comes trouble
Just gonna help him gently up on to the couch and settle down on his lap.
Rewatches, hard but worth it.
Hail Satan.
Loving the pics and quality spoilers, thread already feels like home.

No. 350790

File: 1706023729173.jpg (59.96 KB, 640x852, 1000015981.jpg)

I found the rest of this photo and he's sitting with Jason Momoa??? why lol

No. 350791

File: 1706023876700.jpg (86.93 KB, 480x640, 1000015980.jpg)

No. 350792

File: 1706024196125.jpg (29.12 KB, 659x456, 1000015995.jpg)

No. 350793

File: 1706024337175.jpg (28.6 KB, 666x467, 1000015996.jpg)

No. 350819

File: 1706033011604.gif (286.85 KB, 560x510, grimasim.gif)

First thing that came to mind, couldn't resist.

No. 350824

ANON!! This is so wonderful, now I want to make an unhinged dating sim like that evangelion one but with Dourif characters and those pics made me think of the notices ur bulge meme lel

No. 350942

>hand on knee
Is there anyone who doesn't want to get a hand on him?
Tasteful side eye. Always good.
All Brad-based meme creation is very welcome.

No. 350954

File: 1706111425459.png (415.39 KB, 682x576, Come on.png)

Right, finally get round to this 'wasn't that bad, bit bleak' Brown's Requiem.
Michael Rooker narrates/stars. Story is 'PI gets involved in shit he shouldn't have'. Contains actual acting. Sex, violence, murder, 90s film noir style of movie. Jazzy soundtrack is fun. All the characters are nasty but if you like neonoir, you might like it.
Brad content is another 5 minute wonder. He is Wilson Edwards, a ex-club owner and druggy now riddled with cancer. Lots of coughing, looking sickly with a gruff voice. Pre-Grima handkerchief. From about the 36 - 41 min mark. Shouty rage at the end of the scene. Not going to ask why Michael Rooker straddles him in bed for a second. Clearly it's just natural.
Another one that needs clipping for a compliation.
Apologies for the poor taste file names.

No. 350955

File: 1706111582060.png (425.15 KB, 694x573, get down.png)

No. 350956

File: 1706111717129.png (450.63 KB, 686x573, with the.png)

No. 350958

File: 1706111898722.png (428.97 KB, 686x572, sickness.png)

No. 350959

File: 1706112287497.gif (1.25 MB, 519x425, lap it up.gif)

Bonus content

No. 351002

File: 1706131084371.jpg (260.94 KB, 1080x787, Screenshot_2023-12-16-00-52-18…)

Such a weird little character, for some reason his voice sounds cartoony here, it's like a pirate impression of some sort, just makes me kek a little. Did I misunderstand it or the guy doesn't even have a real cancer, he's just hypochondriac? Because he mentioned that he's dying from cancer but he isn't even sick yet.
Yes, that's absolutely normal.

No. 351018

File: 1706134393926.png (849.09 KB, 1001x843, bedhead.png)

No one in that movie is entirely telling the truth about anything, he's absolutely playing it up.
A fine reaction shot.

No. 351024

File: 1706138360415.gif (5.26 MB, 600x325, never noticed how squishy he w…)

Sometimes I'll read a review online and think wow this looks amazing, he's put into such an interesting predicament I wonder what this character's going to be like, and then said character ends up a two-line cameo. Other times an anon itt will simply write "he does some weird shit and dies" and it's the most compelling thing in the world that sends me entirely off the fucking rails over two minutes of screentime, haunts me from the first scene, every second of him moaning and crying will play on repeat in my mind forever. What I'm trying to say is thanks for bringing Prophecy to my attention I've never been the same since watching it and it's proved that dreams do come true if you sit through enough tedious b-movies. Shameful rewatch considering it doesn't even make sense as a standalone film and most of the acting sucks but who cares.
Oh you've seen Wizard of Gore too? It had such an old-school camp setup especially in the first half I really wanted to hear your thoughts on it.
Any time someone has their hand on his knee/thigh I can't decide whether to feel vicarious excitement or seethe kek.
Braincell is making its usual rounds, we've had polls and tier lists and stuff so I was wondering what other fun thing we could do as a group. Dating sim would be a dream…

No. 351027

File: 1706138727779.jpg (184.01 KB, 1280x1009, tumblr_n0cb7nQaZX1s7fkxpo1_128…)

>actual acting
Seems like the closer you get to current material the more difficult it is to get through so this sounds like a nice surprise.
THAT GIF, if previous material is any indication everybody wants to squeeze and squish him. And sit on him?
Return of the floppy Urban Legend hair, cute. Is it weird to say I like how he flips the bird? I've never seen someone do it by only curling their fingers down halfway kek

No. 351030

File: 1706139682850.jpg (120.76 KB, 1300x873, 203845.jpg)

Extremely late movie time announcement (sorry for the delay) per availability we have the 31st (I can only host after 2100GMT/1800ET/1500PT but if anyone else is up to it hosting is easy), am also free any time on the 4th of February, some other days may work too so please reply to this post with suggestions

No. 351062

File: 1706159880021.png (333.83 KB, 484x680, 7665453902.png)


No. 351065

File: 1706161659323.jpg (807.33 KB, 1898x1495, Tumblr_l_218155347860425.jpg)

More press photos, let's goo

No. 351066

File: 1706161785484.jpg (642.42 KB, 1440x1497, Tumblr_l_127128708817545.jpg)

No. 351067

File: 1706162533026.jpg (47.99 KB, 614x720, 1693867674~2.jpg)

>flip off
And it's not even a character trait specific to the movie or anything, that's just how he does it. Why does he have to be unique at everything?
No idea about 31st because I do need sleep after all but I might be there for a little bit. The first whole week of February works perfectly for me, actually.

No. 351077

File: 1706164314684.jpg (81.55 KB, 604x400, the storytellers.jpg)

Yess thank you for posting that pic it's exactly the other example I was thinking of please put those fingers away I can't take it. This god damn video has plagued everyone for the last few weeks it seems.

I'm in shock, how/why did Horseplayer of all things get so many nice press photos? Imagining the actual movie in this quality is agonizing, every defined curl is like a knife to the heart. The vest/jean jacket combo is even cuter in high-def. Appreciate you sharing these everything about them is fantastic, I didn't even know that first one existed.

No. 351079

All the times I've looked at pics of him from this video and I just noticed he's wearing a tank top under that shirt I would like to see him in just that please how far gone are you that you're now fawning over the way he flips people off it's really not that unique girls lol
Kind of at a weird time for me on the 31st but I can probably make it, can do the 4th at our regular time or a little earlier
Why did you have to post a picture from this movie, it still hurts that I can't find it I was trying to forget

No. 351093

File: 1706167912705.png (324.71 KB, 720x360, 14-186146.png)

No. 351095

File: 1706168117973.png (306.45 KB, 342x305, MAD Magazine #206 Upside Down …)

Random ass panel from a Laura Mars comic published in Mad Magazine, kek at the totally subtle typecasting dig

No. 351150

File: 1706184370314.jpg (868.88 KB, 1492x1697, Tumblr_l_420860910706743.jpg)

Maybe it's not unique but it looks funny enough to point it out. Let us be impressed by dumb bs, come on!
Haven't seen this one before, now I will. Thanks for sharing!
Never have I ever thought I'll see a drawing of Brad on pages of MAD magazine. Amazing.

No. 351203

>flip off
I don't know about unique, but certainly unusual, worth keeping an eye out for. He is the devil in the details.
We all know it's true.
and the others
As always, appreciate the pics and >>351093
thank you!

No. 351207

File: 1706197151570.png (442.49 KB, 720x565, gorey details.png)

Dates, can do 31st but that might be too late for anons to do as a movie night, maybe just chat or TV ep? Otherwise I have 6th later time only. 7th, 10th, 17th early or late times.
Britfags, The Eyes of Laura Mars is on Friday 9pm on Talking Pictures TV. Good conjuring.
>Wizard of Gore
Saw the sleazy, campy original one years ago, this version is made more modern but sticks to the same style. You know where it's going, doesn't always make sense but it's not a bad trip and the Brad character is very watchable. Ending was a bit "that's it?" Would watch again as a trashy horror. Wish it was shot a bit brighter, but that would probably kill the moody-mood.
Such beautiful things in these 5 minute moments. Should have given that character much more to do, shown us the full build up to his rapturous end. Or given him a chance for redemption in the real world, where his aching pleas would be heard.
Vid and audio clips required on this one.

No. 351279

File: 1706230744173.jpg (1.7 MB, 1701x2133, Tumblr_l_268413578376409.jpg)

New stuff new stuff.
It's a bit of facts we know, but the second part of the interview had something new to me.

No. 351493

File: 1706307261036.gif (4.51 MB, 400x226, 1000016514.gif)

Vlad was not great. There was one moment at the beginning that gave me hope it would be funny bad but it was a little boring. Brad does an english accent again though.
damn gaming even back in 91 his role in Chain Dance also gave ME great satisfaction. Mmmmmmm

No. 351495

File: 1706307425504.gif (2.33 MB, 400x225, 1000016518.gif)

No. 351497

File: 1706307592464.gif (6.7 MB, 400x226, 1000016522.gif)

No. 351798

File: 1706459123451.mp4 (2.29 MB, 1126x714, 0126.mp4)

We can definitely do laid-back TV watching on the 31st, 10th is looking open for now- if everyone's able to come for TV night we can always decide a more concrete date then. Agreed on the WoG ending, if anything it really made me want to watch the old one for the practical effects and bizarre story. Remake started off solidly entertaining in an early 00s camp sort of way but why'd it take itself so seriously in the second half?
>rapturous end
INDEED, they could have dragged the admonishments out for a little while longer, much to be said about his desperation at being abandoned, the ecstasy on his face as he blindly gropes for his knife I'm hnnngh I wonder what sort of things were whispered to please him so much anon why do we get another beauty with no name I hate this movie

No. 351801

File: 1706459886873.jpg (96.43 KB, 640x640, 10369324_737986849576718_12542…)

>what he means about the ball being in a secondary character's hands
Glad someone else out there agrees he steals the screen. I didn't know he was playing vidya even back then, wonder if he was more of a Zelda or a King's Quest kind of guy
The way they styled him here he straight up looks like Mr. Mayor except in a better suit kek, so handsome. Was looking forward to this one being semi-entertaining too so that sucks to hear, is he in it a fair amount at least?
His eyelashes, his underbite, his nose, THE APPLES OF HIS CHEEKS I'm entranced

No. 351802

File: 1706460343138.jpg (63.83 KB, 800x600, RingCon 2003 2.jpg)

Anybody had luck tracking down that Ringcon 2003 DVD?

No. 351837

File: 1706472819581.png (5.53 MB, 1728x1116, Alien-Resurrection-22.png)

No. 351969

omg i forgot about that! we had the transcript of an interview, but not the actual thing, right? i wonder how many physical copies there were.

No. 351985

File: 1706538639693.jpg (225.78 KB, 860x966, Tumblr_l_284087179563450.jpg)

Been staring at these for two days straight. Thank you.
Wish it was a bit closer up, because I love his expression here. Awesome find, nonna.

No. 351999

File: 1706546433483.jpg (235.81 KB, 1920x1035, tumblr_34cd9e7eb308e4bc9530f79…)

We've had a little laugh about the Karras-Tyrone parallels (boxing come with the vocation?) but I rewatched Exorcist 1973, squinted really hard and mentally superimposed Father Tyrone into relevant scenes like those Disney edits on Youtube, fun and frustrating exercise. Not to go on a giant tl;dr tirade but while Miller was a fine choice too bad it wasn't filmed even half a decade later when Brad wasn't so babyfaced. Extremely endeared by Damien's use of "incidentally" because James seems to love that word a lot, bit of the priest peeking through his monologues it seems

Agreed, a shame it's such a blurry transfer but I love the ambience of that photo

No. 352002

File: 1706546638252.jpg (31.87 KB, 740x493, Brad6.jpg)

There's probably a ton of copies buried in people's attics/basements/closets, the stuff on it is likely what we've heard in a hundred interviews already but he looks damn good in it. Here's a pretty in-depth report on Brad's appearance for 2002 though, along with some cute photos https://web.archive.org/web/20120128165648/http://www.iansmith.co.uk/lotr/weblogs/November23.htm

No. 352003

File: 1706546771549.jpg (42.66 KB, 740x493, Brad3.jpg)

No. 352032

File: 1706554364540.jpg (101.05 KB, 720x480, 39713_101783353212733_5324752_…)

look at this dude
love the photos ty, gonna try to stay optimistic, i'm sure some lotr fan out there would be generous enough to share if they ever got a hold of a copy.
so starved you start to hallucinate movies lol.

No. 352037

File: 1706555460315.jpg (83.02 KB, 667x1024, t_1024x1024.jpg)

The deer in headlights stare returns kek, unfortunately the website that used to sell the DVDs is offline now but with our track record I'm sure we'll find it eventually (and why does Germany get all the cool stuff). I got sick and thought it was a good idea to watch EI/EIII on repeat for a few days because they're relatively quiet relaxing movies but it may have caused some irreversible psychic damage lmao

No. 352039

File: 1706556468430.jpg (479.11 KB, 1920x1383, wayne-coe-amer-cinematographer…)

The director of Prairie Tales made a huge post about its production, dunno why he did a whole painting of Brad's face but it's pretty awesome https://www.artstation.com/artwork/eagWQJ

No. 352085

File: 1706571373070.png (496.3 KB, 664x556, Healing hand rest upon me.png)

Those gifs! I have the dvd ordered, will adjust boredom expectations.
Blessing us with the good stuff, thank you. So much they could have done with his character, how he came to be the fanatic what other devotions and ecstasies he would perform in his service of the darkness.
Also, Name the Zealot poll required
Chanelling the power of the Dourb for Detective Anons.

No. 352087

File: 1706571990517.png (437.48 KB, 693x546, Keep Roland, Roland, Roland.pn…)

I know we say it a lot but big thanks to anons for pics and links.
Your dedication to this is astounding, and I love the fact you found a word in common, that just adds to it.
ngl pic expression made me laugh.
So hot he's actually on fire? ty for sharing.

No. 352098

File: 1706577197733.png (Spoiler Image,2.51 MB, 1167x750, angelofmercy.png)

>devotions and ecstasies
You've singlehandedly fuelled new ideas for the next five months. Can't be arsed to go through the whole trilogy and figure out the extent of angel/demon powers but wouldn't it be a thrill to grab his face and give him the gift of sight (only for a moment)? Watch his expression change from reverence to awe mingled with fear, totally drinking you in wide-eyed and covetous…maybe some eye licking for fun and profit idk.

No. 352100

File: 1706577550848.jpg (81.38 KB, 720x803, media_FyExASyXsAAQcb4.jpg)

Can't stop looking at your filename and cackling anon you're too much
More like retardation but thank you for putting up with it. It's maddening because if Brad wasn't in this role I wouldn't give half a shit about it beyond maybe surface-level interest but his coy smug horrible mannerisms are so hot. The wetter his cheeks get the more I want to rail him.

No. 352121

File: 1706593313694.jpg (429.26 KB, 600x926, 1x13 - Beyond the Sea.jpg)

The X-Files trading cards are gorgeous and of course Boggs got a couple, this one is #22 from the Topps MasterVisions set. It's almost a scene-for-scene redraw but his ghostly aura lighting up the corner and the graffiti tears in Scully's shadow I'm so in love with the composition

No. 352122

File: 1706593457889.jpeg (1.9 MB, 1920x2742, d4d15c83976671.5d4e0ed1d3649.j…)

Season 1 oversized VHS promo card, I love this art!! Want to say deranged things about the way they painted Boggs' fingers but I won't

No. 352153

File: 1706603888132.gif (1.37 MB, 268x248, Tumblr_l_10637530893493.gif)

Wow so much new stuff, super grateful for all the pics, nonnies.
Hmm, when you say they could do it half a decade later, it would not be a Father Tyrone type of priest, it'd be basically Father Paul. Imo, Brad was quite a different type of guy at the time. Not to mention how thin and smol he looked, hell even about five years later as Father McDonovan. Kinda interesting to think about it though.
Imagine being converted into a Dourif enjoyer by this very movie? That's how much power he had with his performance. It's been months and it's not letting go of me (or any of us). I don't know, maybe he does have the ability to possess?

No. 352156

File: 1706604816262.jpg (54.64 KB, 640x463, 1702125245.jpg)

All that convention talk reminded me I have this

No. 352224

File: 1706633200342.jpeg (94.63 KB, 640x435, 58CE2207-A964-4972-95F7-2CA322…)

um i just had a dream that a bunch of channels were showing brad films, i think because it was the anniversary of cuckoo's nest (which is next year apparently), one was showing the original cut of spontaneous combustion for some reason and they also featured our memes in one segment, i didn't recognise them so they must have been future memes kek. if this happened irl i just know the pos nicholson would get all the laurels instead.
possession, curses and all kinds of witchcraft.

No. 352233

File: 1706636461522.jpg (1.82 MB, 3156x2248, Hate him so much we love him.j…)

I hope you didn't see this one in your dream bc it will be less funny then sadface

No. 352350

File: 1706682320566.jpg (50.85 KB, 516x768, SC121.jpg)

Cute dream anon, wonder if they're gonna do anything special for the anniversary? Kinda crazy to think that it's been fifty years and how much of a baby Brad was back then. Was the meme segment there instead of like a commercial break KEK, you should make a mockup of some of the memes if you remember them. Everyone's dreams itt are weirdly semi-prophetic so here's to news on the horizon, an actually nice Bluray transfer maybe? THE DOCUMENTARY? I just wanna watch the makeup department fussing with his hair for an hour. Fuck don't even speak it into existence, if anybody's working on a Cuckoo retrospective for next year and getting ready to crawl up Nicholson's ass without interviewing Brad I'm going to cope & seethe so hard it's going to palpable in space.

No. 352351

File: 1706682511916.gif (3 MB, 600x255, 81e8b1a4c2.gif)

Violence and romance are two sides of the same coin or something, insert parallels about wanting to maul him in a metaphor for the Warbeast here. Speaking of anniversaries DM's 30th on February fourth how are we feeling Dantefags

No. 352476

File: 1706734047842.png (414.9 KB, 683x576, like a moth to a flame.png)

I shall be awaiting the essay on that.
Cannot disagree with that statement.
Those are both lovely and evocative.
I see we are there again. Body part of the week.
Are we lucid dreaming, manifesting or some other combo? All options available.
Clearly the DM rewatch party is going to happen.

No. 352499

File: 1706741838621.jpg (124.84 KB, 820x461, ubignerd.jpg)

Really looking forward to see everyone today it's been so long since we had a movie night, hope everyone can make it ♥ https://cytu.be/r/ultrababes
Without fail doing double takes when it comes to his fingers (especially when he's physically enunciating something) I'm sorry objectifying this man in a terrible manner on a daily basis. Completely down for DM on the 4th!

No. 352517

File: 1706744982096.png (424.34 KB, 689x557, save the wave.png)

Pic as mentioned. Hitman Hair Care range coming soon

No. 352543

File: 1706754661557.gif (2.7 MB, 268x238, slicked back.gif)

That sidepart, love of my life, also any time his hair starts out combed down/pulled back then progressively gets messier, you gotta stop tempting me into dropping everything ASAP and watching this one

No. 352546

File: 1706754898144.gif (2.14 MB, 268x238, fluffed up.gif)

No. 352554

File: 1706756712336.png (287.79 KB, 418x367, IMG_02941.png)

This is actually the best piece of official art ever in the world, maybe even better than the Horseplayer study, the skilful depiction of his nose has that certain je ne sais quoi I want to see the Death Machine storyboards so bad especially since the ones with Cale and Raimi were published, did Jack always have long hair, was he always wearing a duster, c'mon man

No. 352649

File: 1706807293007.jpeg (327.93 KB, 1579x1536, 5DFFA8A8-60FD-4F15-86C1-1EB7BD…)

it is a CRIME whenever his hair is slicked back those curls drive me absolutely wild
no words. Speechless.

No. 352906

File: 1706859612397.jpeg (26.51 KB, 330x383, 2CCF2F40-CC66-4387-9A4C-9E51B4…)

jams playlist at 1000 views, this is a sign… of something
took me a few minutes to even understand what i'm looking at lmao.

No. 352945

File: 1706878725203.png (455.75 KB, 682x561, Less is Seymour.png)

I am happy to accept all hair variants.
Surely you're missing the point, it's that thin lipped look that totally makes the portrait.
Power of the Dourb is amplified. Bring it on.
How are anons for watch party on 10th? If OK, is later or earlier better? Other date suggestions welcome

No. 352983

File: 1706891365190.jpeg (196.05 KB, 1280x704, IMG_0906.jpeg)

It is absolutely a crime free those curls though I do like to think about how lovely his hair would look if it was long and down more often a la H2 (and that Columbia U portrait holy shit). Toto music video thank you god bless. Murder Blues has the same frustrations as half his filmography where it's not necessarily good but it had potential and also he's so fucking gorgeous in it I just keep re-re-rewatching the trashfire.
A sign that playlist OP has impeccable music taste!
Kek you're right, the mouth is a perfect likeness. I'll be around on the 4th at around 1500GMT/1000ET/0700PT for Death Machine or whatever anons wanna do to celebrate, and we can have Shadow Hours on the 10th at our regular 1700GMT/1200ET/0900PT. Not making an announcement gif 'cause I haven't seen it yet but feel free to post more screenshots teehee

No. 352986

File: 1706891890260.jpg (30.85 KB, 640x487, tumblr_86469a57ae471192a052aa0…)

If less of the film was about the cop and more about Barnes wallowing in despair over his gf and being sweaty in prison I would rate it 8/10 actually.

No. 353018

File: 1706898989230.jpg (127.76 KB, 766x868, 1000017208.jpg)

DEATH MACHINE DEATH MACHINE DEATH MACHINE!!!!!!!!!!(is it the fourth watch party now? lmao) I definitely woobify him too much in my mind he is a selfish manipulative creep. And yet…

No. 353020

File: 1706899399554.jpeg (53.12 KB, 960x595, F3B67E98-5EB8-4A15-987A-D023D2…)

by now i've got serious death machine overdose so i'm probably not watching it this time, but i might drop by at some point for the music and the vibes! happy almost 30 years of being awesome to the movie of all time!

No. 353049

File: 1706905344231.png (381.26 KB, 692x547, He's got legs.png)

Completely true. Increasing the Brad quota in any movie would instantly improve it.
Sad to miss out but will be thinking of you all and wearing longest blackest coat as tribute.
>Shadow Hours screenshots

No. 353050

File: 1706905593211.gif (10.59 MB, 514x402, knows how to use em.gif)

No. 353051

File: 1706905764255.png (503.77 KB, 697x543, he never begs.png)

No. 353053

File: 1706906252651.png (452.3 KB, 699x549, knows how to choose em.png)

The fucking size of him. The gun has more weight.

No. 353057

File: 1706907163051.jpg (99.69 KB, 1226x654, 1702125463.jpg)

Just dropping it here and running away

No. 353064

File: 1706908188283.png (400.66 KB, 720x559, Dr Owl will see you now.png)

He's a lovely little alien-hunting owl. Or maybe it's just the glasses.

No. 353125

File: 1706933488433.gif (5.66 MB, 540x230, KILLSTREAK.gif)

He is naturally a little bit of a woobie so it's ok also I enjoy the duality of "I want to kill him" vs "I want to love him" it's so fucking funny, he truly evokes the most extreme feelings

The UK was right they should have banned this movie it made me sick in the head. Maybe we'll watch some of the fancams and memes and stuff, definitely play some music, come hang out!

4th of February officially dress like a cracked out metalhead day, will miss you very much but greatly looking forward to the 10th. Been eager to finally watch SH and >>353053 isn't helping the revolver's as big as his god damn head, sometimes it's so hard to tell if he's ridiculously tiny and thin or is just slightly smaller than average. And >>353049 I wanna fingercomb that wavy hair…

No. 353128

File: 1706933700559.gif (7.66 MB, 600x320, distressingly cute.gif)

Dr. Clavell I'm a rare alien species that's escaped from Area 51 quick you have to study me intimately, it's for science btw why is his shirt unbuttoned what a whore

No. 353266

File: 1707003170158.gif (5.17 MB, 540x350, IMG_02292.gif)

Janna should have sat on his face after court in lieu of lawyers fees. This dude really had an entire cowboy boots loose curls manic tripping balls scene and then another where he's clean and presentable I can't explain it but it was like a dream come true. I love to see him be both insane and affable in one single film, it's like getting dinner and dessert.

No. 353297

File: 1707015180884.gif (2.51 MB, 512x384, me.gif)

so i listened to stranger in town like a hundred more times and that little riff bit at the end when it cuts to him raising his arms up makes me want to RAKE my NAILS across my face, the beauty of that video, that whole song is making me crazy, i'm so thankful to you guys for introducing me to it.
you are correct, he just has the ability to make every mental disorder ever really sexy.

No. 353345

File: 1707031813601.gif (1.41 MB, 268x201, Tumblr_l_162446422034966.gif)

He really was so beautiful in that video, what a gem
She was like a karate master, definitely could have done a better job roughing him up smh

No. 353562

File: 1707089296074.jpg (284.98 KB, 1600x1275, WISE-BLOOD-B.jpg)

a classic

No. 353860

File: 1707174483219.png (398.19 KB, 690x575, on wings that fill the sky.png)

Hoping that all anons gotsome sleep. Glad I popped on.
It's in the name of science, it would be rude to not observe him at all times.
Some of the shots in that vid can be described as exquisite.

No. 353866

File: 1707174853297.png (421.36 KB, 678x563, like a phoenix rising.png)

>Now That's What I Call Eyelashes.jpg

No. 354046

File: 1707237208966.jpg (19.9 KB, 300x486, mk2.jpg)

This art is so cute, the way they drew his hair makes him look like a Raggedy Andy

No. 354048

File: 1707237324338.jpg (15.66 KB, 270x463, mk10.jpg)

No. 354090

File: 1707246558441.jpg (1.08 MB, 1952x1590, Tumblr_l_116479195985982.jpg)

It's "thinking about him" hours again
Both about Brad and about Hazel too. God why was Hazel so retarded yet so easy to love

No. 354405

File: 1707350597931.png (1.11 MB, 1661x884, you can keep.png)

Anon, those are adorable, nice find.
Standing on the precipice beside him again? It does keep happening.

No. 354406

File: 1707350784490.png (1.11 MB, 1824x1072, your hat on.png)

No. 354412

File: 1707353797642.png (98.51 KB, 477x353, toto.png)

He is massively scathingly hot in that music video, his beautiful fluffy cloud of hair makes me want to roll around screaming on the floor, could watch it a million more times and not get tired of the closeups to his face, his eyes. Thanks anon, think I'll go watch it again
>the ability to make every mental disorder sexy
TOPKEK sorry he ended up in a typecasting black hole but also those are some of his horniest most compelling roles so…
Just noticed the smoke coming out between his fingers here, wonder what that's all about? Never noticed it in the actual film unless this is an alternate take or something, great find
>Annihilator lyrics
Love you.
Starting to appreciate the slicked back hair for better eyeballing that fucking fine profile and what I wouldn't pay to run my fingers through the curls at his nape ahhhhhh

No. 354416

File: 1707354754950.png (2.21 MB, 967x799, MV5BOGQ2ZmM1ZTItMjE2ZC00OWY0LW…)

Death Machine seemed to have a surge of popularity in the 00s, wonder where all the fans are these days. I can feel the artist's love with all the details they added to Jack's clothes and the lineart/gradients here are so nostalgic, really really cute
Anon you can't say that and not share what you're thinking about. Haze's difficult demeanour makes him even more easy to love, I know Sabbath Lily is her own character with her own motivations but the aggressive encroachment into Hazel's life was so satisfying kek. His staunch personal crusade getting sidelined by one annoying girl was kind of funny

No. 354418

File: 1707355640780.gif (2.7 MB, 486x274, aha noo dont cry youre so sexy…)

Another anon already gave a great recap of Black Box/Avarice, I can only add that the alien Terminator hitman concept was more entertaining than expected but only three characters out of the entire cast were written well enough to not be annoying. We get a lot of unintentional fanservice so it's worth a watch just for that. Half his screentime is spent running around with his shirt torn in half which was maybe also kind of distracting me from the plot, to be honest.

No. 354423

File: 1707356568337.gif (Spoiler Image,6.66 MB, 600x338, 2983991003.gif)

These are the moments that light the way through his filmography. This is why we keep watching some of the most obscure trash known to woman. This caused a compatible magnitude of emotional devastation as that Wizard of Gore scene. Holy shit. Need this one star decade-old film in Bluray for normal human reasons.

No. 354462

File: 1707368710240.jpg (185.82 KB, 819x1091, img.jpg)

Great news for bored anons on their downtime: there are 1,000+ mentions of Brad in various U.S. newspapers (plus or minus some false positives and duplicates, definitely less than the advertised 70,000). Not too much that hasn't been posted already but some nice snippets and at least a couple of new photos throughout https://www.newspapers.com/search/?query=brad%20dourif

No. 354477

File: 1707374385241.jpg (184.25 KB, 1056x1560, Tumblr_l_116481484906033~2.jpg)

I just can't stand a man so dumb but he's irresistible.
Sabbath Lily pretty much destroyed his church without Christ by invading his life, hilarious how weak it was and that dumbass Haze couldn't understand he's just nihilistic, this was purely his ideology. Goddamn it, boy, read a book (if you can read well enough).
Wonder if Lily wasn't so blindly obsessed with him, could she have a chance to convert him into her own religion? How convincing do you have to be to be able to change his mindset? Or is he so stubborn (hopelessly stupid) nothing would help here? Asking real questions that only a female manipulator would ask.

Goddayum to all the Phoenix related material, thank you nonnas (I didn't have such a quality copy of the film and didn't bother to search for it but now I'm determined to).
Isn't crying something that only adds to the sexy aspect?
Hate having to sign up but wow this is an impressive amount of mentions. Thanks, need to check this out!

No. 354484

File: 1707379442010.png (1.01 MB, 1917x1080, 1000017596.png)

GIRL. Um. Thanks for sharing.
Thank you for giffing this monumental moment in Dourif filmography. I could not believe it. I watched this the other day, there was a potentially interesting movie hidden in there somewhere, but it just fell flat, I was waiting for things to get explained and it just…ended. But Uncle Tom and his butt and his cowboy boots made it all worthwhile.

No. 354486

File: 1707379607193.png (1.79 MB, 1080x2031, 1000017613.png)

No. 354487

File: 1707379660173.png (365.59 KB, 1080x795, 1000017663.png)

No. 354488

File: 1707379742927.gif (4.19 MB, 400x242, 1000017673.gif)

why is it still so much fun to stare at his worried little face

No. 354675

File: 1707476832126.png (452.91 KB, 701x576, light em up.png)

Ain't he a sweetie in this one? Ignoring the weird personality flip.
>spoiler pic
Made to be a gif. Squish.
Thanks for sharing the newspaper pics. Anything research anons find would be much appreciated.
In mourning for the loss of this nice guy character.

No. 354677

File: 1707477590110.png (394.89 KB, 687x576, rear view.png)

Managed to get a copy of Midnight Heat that was not in German. Previous review anon was right, there is something resembling a plot. And acting. It's fine as a macho beat 'em up popcorn movie. Drags a bit in places, but I would watch again. The 'heroine becomes dumb and needs rescuing' at one point was very predictable, but her character was fun for most of it.
Lots of Brad charcter time for once. Thomas Payne is the big-bad, all vendettas and vengence. I will be accepting of the hat and the suit is highly recommended. He's in it for the starting scenes and others about the 22 min, 49 min, 56 min & 1.55 min marks. There are various flashbacks through out as well. Shout out to him for wearing a stocking mask over his glasses for the robbery, funny and cute
I do not remember review anon mentioning picrel. I will be mentioning it.

No. 354678

File: 1707477795787.gif (3.05 MB, 498x422, man in motion.gif)

No. 354680

File: 1707478081346.png (355.74 KB, 695x576, steamy windows.png)

No. 354681

File: 1707478246441.png (444.05 KB, 687x553, comin from.png)

No. 354682

File: 1707478566164.png (681.21 KB, 1519x865, the body heat.png)

No. 354710

File: 1707493508942.png (518.56 KB, 1080x1074, 1000017820.png)

After reading nona's fic I got curious about what else is out there. Oh man. Idk if I should be thanking you for setting me down this path, I found something I really like but I feel like I'm gonna explode.

No. 354711

File: 1707493783711.gif (544.1 KB, 220x153, BZTO1842.GIF)

words are not enough

No. 354812

File: 1707540434882.png (214.32 KB, 852x593, what a sped.png)

Massively disappointed that Huston cut out all of Sabbath's character development because she was instrumental to derailing Haze's entire belief system to such a huge degree just by being goofy and horny, she's wonderful.
>change his mindset
Had to think about this for a while, you brought up that he's a nihilist with almost zero self-awareness, his sense of self is based on childhood experiences and the rest is like a black hole therefore he's so unstable that subtle suggestion could send him spiralling. Sabbath Lily was more so looking out for herself (good) but if she leaned into their shared discord of being baptized sinners she could have become part of Haze's fixation, I think. She's a hedonist but he's purely an opportunist with no morals, you could definitely make him worse by getting into his head with discussion of free will, divine providence vs chaos theory. Like you wouldn't be able to completely dismantle his beliefs but you sure could make him do a lot of degrading things to prove that he's totally not still obsessed with repenting for his sins. I love that you call him stupid because it's true his ideas are philosophical but his actions are amazingly retarded do you think you could stab holes into his palms and tell him it'll make him a true atheistic martyr. I'm just saying maybe the self-flagellation should have gone deeper and he could cut his tongue out if he's a failed prophet, speak no evil and stuff. If YOU had a day with Haze how would you deal with his Jesus autism

>I could not believe it
SAME he could have asked them to redo the take but he's such a consummate professional focused on giving a scene his 100% that he went with it. Am wet (from tears) at his dedication

Kekk judging by your pic I think I know which one got your ass. There's a surprising amount of fic for the sheriff out there, by chance most of it is also happens to be pretty good!

No. 354813

File: 1707540940995.png (2.43 MB, 1689x984, weird science.png)

NEW PICS NEW PICS embarrassed to admit but I love these event photos from decades past, adorable when he's relaxed and casual. The first one especially, what a freaking angel, augh cannot say enough about that smile

I am a wild animal and that ass is up next for a targeted attack from my teeth. The list of legitimately decent action films he's been in is growing!! Bad horror is a staple but I'm liking the occasional genre switchup as well

No. 354833

File: 1707553886282.png (1.29 MB, 900x500, i wish i were a telephone hand…)

gentle reminder that we're showing Shadow Hours at 1700GMT/1200ET/0900PT (in about nine hours) at the usual place, see you middle-aged man enjoyers soon

No. 354998

File: 1707612342069.png (37.07 KB, 625x321, silly.png)

No. 355123

File: 1707671294281.png (1.2 MB, 1080x1457, he's smiling. he's friendly.pn…)

god finally someone who GETS IT. A little bit of writing that goes along with this pic

No. 355124

File: 1707671431319.png (594.86 KB, 1080x760, 1000018009.png)

can you make out with someone's nose

No. 355142

File: 1707675336924.gif (4.59 MB, 684x385, albert-ezgif.com-optimize-2.gi…)

thank you for finding it, this is gold. it was fun to go over because a mismatched crew of characters in space happens to be like one of my favourite genres even if this one is horror. i find it interesting that al’s best scenes are missing from the the script, like when he’s snarking at angela or being stern with ethan. i’ll go out on a limb and assume that brad himself had a lot to do with those scenes, cause it’s just what he does. matching bandanas would be so fucking adorable but what we got was okay too.

i also noticed that the script distinguished him as the oldest, i never gave any thought to that, because rick literally looked older??? i can see why it would be important to his character though. he has a kind of juvenile, informal attitude (not wearing a uniform and the constant gum chewing was probably meant to reinforce that idea, feel free to use this as a stepping off point to go on a jack tangent), he actively avoids positioning himself as any sort of leader even after rick gets btfo’d, so he’s just betting on everyone else not being complete dumbasses, which they kind of are unfortunately, other than fran. but he obviously IS a good leader, and acts as a positive authority with ethan. if he was more willing to step up outside of times of dire necessity, the film’s survival rate would have probably looked a lot better. it would be logical since he’s the oldest and is decently well liked, but he seems uncomfortable with the role despite being so fitting for it. maybe he’s conflict averse, or doesn’t like responsibility, or is content with his life and doesn’t wish for change. maybe he really doesn’t think he could handle the situation better than the others, even though every idea he's had was a very smart one. but i feel that pessimism was his actual shortcoming rather than self doubt.

he really shines when we see him interacting with ethan, he’s not outright showing that he cares but still looks out for him in a casual and aloof way. ethan’s romanticised view of earth is like the bonding grounds he shares with al but since al is understandably more cynical his ties to it are more subtle, he just dresses in an old fashioned way and likes cool guns that he can’t shoot out of. honestly guys, no idea what happens to earth in the, um… critters cinematic universe and what their future fashion is like, but if i lived far from earth, or it was overflowing with garbage or whatever, i’d idealise the past eras i never experienced too, try to preserve them. hell, i already do that.

he doesn’t want to be the main act, or take charge of anyone or anything but it’s in his nature to care, which enables him to appear completely fearless when faced with much stronger forces like creepy land piranhas or armed space soldiers. because someone has to be. he’s an amazing problem solver and he does it all so casually. i feel like i understand him, but i so wish i could truly embody his positive qualities some day. i wish i was half as cool. he’s more than a character to me, he’s the platonic ideal i’ve been striving towards my whole life.

No. 355241

File: 1707704002603.png (3.76 MB, 878x1492, 763039.png)

This is going on the list of best Brad articles ever, it embodies the very heart and soul of a Douriffag. They even spin his typecasting in a positive light ("excelling in such roles"- too true) and then "he's smiling, he's friendly" I'm gonna squeal
>young man with psychiatric problems
Such a kind way of describing 80% of his filmography. We got a lot of Brad interviews about the movie but not actually about his role in the Exorcist so that was a surprising, valuable bit of info as well.
>take note and change your evil ways
If only shaming them had worked. Amazing, thank you for finding this, the article and pic both put a smile on my face. It's nice when even the low-budget indies admit they get Brad aboard because they've been fanboying over him for decades but this defence of his character is sweet

I would like to think so how retarded is it to want to nuzzle his nose with my nose. How can nasolabial fold hate be real when his cheeks look so squishy and soft and cute and I would like to kiss them also

No. 355266

File: 1707707990819.gif (7.92 MB, 540x288, yaaaay.gif)

Been very much looking forward to the Al Bert analysis, this is great stuff. Glad you touched on some of the discrepancies e.g.
>best scenes […] like when he's snarking at Angela
There's a few cute script moments that just wouldn't be as humorous without a third person narration (Al's not frustrated by her, he's endeared!) but the movie's "she's just like my ex-wife" banter works much better in humanizing both him and the AI.
>mismatched characters in space
Love this trope too, character development becomes a priority when a bunch of clashing personalities are forced into a confined space. If the actors don't play off each other well it's super boring, C4 works in that you feel invested in everyone even if the plot is weak.
>Brad himself had a lot to do with those scenes
His gum-chewing and coffee-drinking are such sweet, personable touches. Knowing Brad's track record of making up headcanons it's fair to give him some credit. I do love Al being a guy "who would never stoop to wearing a uniform" manifesting as his cowboy boot/jacket collection (appreciate the script's insight because his rebellious streak isn't very evident in the film, I thought he was just really fashionable kek). Was also surprising to see how tight of a budget the script revealed- the amount of times they note redressed sets- but grateful to the set designers for putting so much love and attention to every bunk. Couldn't help but notice he has blueprints but also an art piece taped up?? Does Al PAINT? Is it stuff he bought at random port stops? The questions never end.
>distinguished him as the oldest
There's some comedy to Rick being the oldest yet most bitter of them all, a washed-up spacer with no ambition, but it IS easy to imagine Al outranking him in age for precisely the opposite reasons- his easy knowledge of ships and computers, the natural leadership skills, not stepping up simply because he's confident in his own work and comfortable in his position on the crew. It goes with his laid-back unobtrusive attitude- why would he strive for seniority when he's happy doing what he does? The change from surly sarcastic babysitter Al to wisecracking mentor with actual agency was good though, glad he wasn't relegated to The Father Figure. It already sucks as a Critters movie and doesn't bring anything fresh to the genre so the rewatch value is all thanks to the effervescent cast.
>juvenile, informal attitude
The only Jack aside I'll make is he's wish fulfillment in a cathartic but harrowingly negative way; if Jack is the model of explosive rage at a world lacking empathy then Al is the calm current of acceptance, he's kind of zen in a way? Rolling with the punches, work's his life but he's satisfied doing what he loves without great fanfare. They're both emotionally juvenile but Al's self-confidence and calm rationality is comforting.
>the film's survival rate would have looked a lot better
You're so right this shit makes me want to cry…did you also feel his death was needlessly cruel? Killing off the mentor so his protégé can take on the mantle is already way overdone but it accomplished nothing other than numbing the emotional circuits for the rest of the film. It's not like Ethan suddenly became the fearless leader stand-in (and anyway it's like you said, Al only stepped up when necessary or his skills as sysadmin/software tech were needed). Total miss. It's cool that despite his reticence in being any kind of hero he's not afraid of putting himself in danger to stand up for himself/the crew, even if he doesn't always outwardly show he cares (and the quiet implication that they respect him enough to go with it- even though he tells them they can stay while he's packing to leave everyone DOES follow him off the station)- being the last one to go down the emergency shafts, holding Fran and Charlie back when Terracor shows up, he's got such a natural sense of care, duty, protection. Even the little detail of him having been married belies him as the most down to earth, well-adjusted geek on the ship.

Wrt your last paragraph, cheering for you anon. You've already written a good deconstruction of his personality all you have to do is apply those positive qualities in your own life. Him being a little older helps to have an ideal to strive to as you grow and get older, too.

No. 355269

File: 1707708425680.gif (10.76 MB, 675x360, most beautiful man in and out …)

Personally I just know a hug from Al would cure every ill. Want him, want to be him, etc…

No. 355271

File: 1707708484624.gif (6.02 MB, 600x320, nice.gif)

No. 355291

File: 1707716991681.jpg (294.92 KB, 1280x718, brad and george c scott(1).jpg)

Anon's photo of Brad smiling sent me on a rampage to find some that haven't seen the light of these threads yet, that smile is so sweet it makes me feel clinically insane

No. 355292

File: 1707717056642.jpg (283.34 KB, 1280x852, brad and george c scott(2).jpg)

No. 355297

File: 1707717598989.jpg (13.42 KB, 320x240, brad and tovah feldshuh.jpg)

No. 355298

File: 1707717732982.jpg (21.1 KB, 495x376, 9c8aad5cf1a6fbce943c1b2027e058…)

No. 355395

File: 1707755226007.jpg (592.01 KB, 1700x1303, well_____let_me_consider_____b…)

the ai moments were so fun, you’re exactly right, he’s so chill, more so than a lot of techbros i know. he navigates the stresses and tensions among the crew so well, he’d probably live to a hundred years. his death was definitely the most unfair one, he did nothing wrong. someone make a chipmunk joke in his honor pls.

i rarely feel so connected to a character and im glad they didn’t box him in into a total 2d cutout, it’s cool how he’s both a mentor and a quintessential quirky hacker dude. i can imagine him painting, maybe he takes inspiration from circuitboards or graphic design is just his passion.
>being the last one to go down the emergency shafts, holding Fran and Charlie back
damn thanks for pointing that out, and it comes off so believably human, he totally is freaking out at least a LITTLE but gets through it. the combination of cheeky disrespect and dutiful responsibility when it's required is just so inspiring to me for many reasons, how did we get such a well rounded character from this movie ugh

big thanks nonna

No. 355443

File: 1707771314468.png (506.35 KB, 720x542, Reasons to be cheerful one.png)

tysm for sharing, time to dust off the Critters box set.
Really enjoyed reading all these ideas, thoughts, analysis. And the pics. Good characters make such a difference.
Body part of the week series, the smile. Best I can manage is picrel.
I continue mourning for Paul

No. 355444

File: 1707771436099.png (473.37 KB, 720x538, two.png)

No. 355445

File: 1707771708780.png (478.2 KB, 720x539, three.png)

No. 355455

File: 1707774983818.jpg (65.74 KB, 1527x253, relatable computer guy moment.…)

you're welcome i'm just so happy that another character activated my almonds to this extent, i'm not a film connoisseur and apart from the grima and jack discussions i wasn't able to contribute long paragraphs of discussion for a while, just gotta read yours every time and be in awe of how smart you all are. just something about how al is the epitome of confidence but without being like, stereotypically loud and aggressively extraverted, like anon said, very unobtrusive yet so palpably comfortable and self assured, GOALS.

thank you for the pics as well, need to watch this so bad because i love these two.

No. 355577

File: 1707817244549.jpg (86.86 KB, 1995x1080, Screenshot_2023-11-20-20-09-08…)

Al appreciation hours, I'm here for it! It's amazing how a side character from a b movie can be written better than any big mainstream movie lead. "Unobtrusive confidence" is the best definition of his character and he's the perfect example of a guy you can learn a thing or two from. Al's able to influence you quietly without any intent on doing so, he's just going to be there and share his experience, while you absorb all the brilliant little facts and ideas he offers. I really love him a lot too, wish we could get more of him in the movie.

No. 355877

File: 1707894320051.jpg (223.76 KB, 700x453, d2ehq1t-a7a636fd-cde3-4f16-ac8…)

>chill techbro
It's a fun recurring role he gets outside of doctor/cop/serial killer, didn't think I could be interested in the archetype but Brad delivers the perfect balance of nerdiness and neuroticism to every hackerman. Got a soft spot for Silicon Towers because of him too, but that one's almost unwatchable in comparison kek. Somehow the more I watch this one the more fond I grow of it even if it's not a good movie by any stretch of the imagination, getting into a character actor makes you appreciate things about movies you wouldn't before I guess? Not just the bigger picture but individual parts like the way actors play off of each other, things that make it come together in an entertaining way despite the writing. Al emanates comfort and confidence, I'm so glad others itt got attached to him for the same reasons. Thanks for your character study anon, will read your thoughts on him anytime.
Al appreciation hours all day every day. Ethan's quintessential "baww you're not my dad" outburst was a shame because up to that point Al hadn't been an overbearing mentor and was nothing but constructive (in an unobtrusive, laid back way) and of course it happens right before he dies, literally the most painful kind of goodbye, I would literally take that bullet for him he deserved to live and impart more of his wisdom on the galaxy. What was your most favourite scene?

No. 355883

File: 1707894724213.gif (1.01 MB, 329x266, 1399301_203918.gif)

What is this scene so fucking cute for, is it true he doesn't get much screentime in Agenda? Mentally preparing for ten minutes of sweet married couple, max. Dunno what Paul did wrong to deserve his fate but mourning right there with you anon
>Critters box set
Is a Critters marathon with the girls someday too much to plan for? Someone will inevitably pass out by the third one but 1 and 4 are so damn good

No. 355885

File: 1707894949478.jpg (50.8 KB, 1080x720, tumblr_21a6f993f13fa05dad5cd3a…)

Anon when you said
>bizarrely fond of this character
you weren't kidding. Surprised Roland showed up as much as he did, and not just as a background character. Now I'm daydreaming all kinds of scenarios about this guy. His gas station empire kek! You'd think him a tyrant of a boss but he's actually really sweet, even if he does only work twice a week.

No. 355895

File: 1707898473939.jpg (421.14 KB, 1920x1280, jsvdhdjehdh.jpg)

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!! hope everyone has a good day, thanks for bein around ♥

No. 355896

File: 1707898499286.jpg (378.82 KB, 1920x1280, jdjdjdbjd.jpg)

No. 355898

File: 1707898523200.jpg (459.53 KB, 1920x1280, idhdjdjbdbd.jpg)

No. 355899

File: 1707898552895.jpg (671.33 KB, 2160x1440, literally my boyfriend.jpg)

No. 355911

File: 1707901765495.gif (7.44 MB, 383x310, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.gif)

these are all so fucking funny but wow…he WOULD say that and i'd marry him on the spot maybe. take it easy today so that you can use all your spiritual + emotional energy to send evil thoughts into the ether for jack ♥

No. 355944

File: 1707917139541.jpg (92.14 KB, 640x400, a9fa7b7159a5c4def3c77d1331123b…)

Surprise stream today 2130GMT/1630ET/1330PT, no movie but come listen to music and play something sappy. Hope any husbandofags celebrating have a good one.

No. 355992

File: 1707927437625.jpg (3.66 MB, 3464x2100, If Sam is your twin flame.jpg)

Happy Valentine's, nonnies! Love you all, hope you're having a great day. It will get even better once you get all these cards I have for you.

No. 356063

File: 1707949114653.png (747.06 KB, 1104x872, midnight man.png)

Twenty minutes of a good guy trying to do the right thing. Completely not his fault, breaks your heart.
>Box set
Original and 4th would be a fine double feature.
Ok, that pic made me smile. Glad to share the Roland love.
How am I even meant to pick a favorite out of these? Hope everyone had/has a good day.

No. 356253

Thank you for making it such a nice and memorable evening, impeccable selection of music as always (post-punk can be so romantic)
All of these were wonderful it's sweet that you and >>355895 both added a few of the more niche beloved favourites. Holiday themed OC itt is unbeatable
Will definitely keep it on the list the next time everyone's free for a few hours, I'm already raring for a rewatch of 4 with all the recent discussion. Looking at your pic it's funny to see him greying because he doesn't look like he's aged a day since the 80s. That expression's too cute and maybe the hat can be forgiven this time around since it doesn't cover just about half his face, kek

No. 356296

File: 1708007134787.png (1.16 MB, 1357x878, kiss kiss.png)

Thanks as always to anons for a fun evening.
>Midnight Heat
OK, so the extras were almost completely lacking Brad content, very disappointing. Grabbed the few pics from the pic gallery but that's about it.
There are also some extras on the Heaven's Gate dvd but that depends on how much time I have left after 3+ hours of blood and dust.

No. 356298

File: 1708007384363.png (1.24 MB, 1348x878, bang bang.png)

No. 356300

File: 1708007659723.png (1.1 MB, 1315x892, kiss this.png)

No. 356301

File: 1708007956669.png (1.33 MB, 1286x887, and hang.png)

No. 356404

File: 1708038584382.jpg (537.4 KB, 2048x1515, Tumblr_l_71455564601254.jpg)

Had such a a nice time yesterday, happy everyone could make it.
>let's do it weird
as weird and as gross as he wants it…straight up vanilla sex is probably more than enough for him though since he's so pent up
Thanks so much nonna! Every little bit counts

No. 356651

File: 1708123051750.jpg (48.57 KB, 736x736, -2.jpg)

yay pics, you work so hard to unearth stuff, i will never not be impressed

i loved both the wild variety of fonts and the classic comic sans, ty anons

No. 356718

File: 1708156174316.gif (8.4 MB, 600x324, he's in parties.gif)

Been putting off rewatching this one for a while so I'm excited, what it lacks in plot it really makes up in visuals. Hope this will get more Tommy discussion itt, he doesn't have a ton going on but he's weird and sweet.

Stills and production pics are like vintage Brad photos, rare and valuable, so thank you for taking the time to find these. For some of the older films it's the best chance we get at seeing him in HD so the bonus pics are extra special. Also >>356298 LEGS and >>356301 I love it when he gets cool action shots. Did you manage to make it through Heaven's Gate in one piece?

No. 356737

File: 1708181850928.png (370.97 KB, 720x423, you wanted all.png)

>make it through
Heaven's Gate. Cut version and long version. Send help.
Aside from playing 'I know that actor's face' the short version I got does look filmed on a potato.
You'd be forgiven for thinking it was a musical with the amount of marching bands, singing and swirly dancing that goes on. A very self indulgent piece. Arty angles and grand settings which look very pretty but do nothing to move the story on. How long was the roller rink scene? Everything is epic for no reason.
The longer version was a bit better quality but there is so much dust and steam and smoke things are still not great. Just more excess arty shots and prolonged misery.
Brad's character is Mr Eggleston one of the immigrants, caught up in the Big Bad Rich People's 'we don't like these foreigners on our land, let's hire men to kill them and burn their homes' and is determined to fight back. Of course he dies. Short version - main scenes he's in 1:12 min and 1:55 plus the end battle where he gets killed. There are various other 'blink and you'll miss him' crowd scenes and reaction shots. So many samey reaction shots. His impassioned speech to rally the other immigrants to fight back is sweet, lots of hand gesturing and emoting, but another 'few minutes wonder'. Shame, as the charcter is a good guy, just wanting to provide for his wife. And he might be poor but his suit fits him for once.
May have missed some sightings due to tuning out. It's not awful, but it is long and rambling and dusty.
Honestly, I'd rather watch Rage of Angels again
The things we do for this thread.

No. 356738

File: 1708182006098.png (452.84 KB, 720x427, I had to give.png)

No. 356739

File: 1708182248592.png (436.66 KB, 720x422, See me I feel.png)

No. 356740

File: 1708182539102.png (472.04 KB, 720x423, See me I live.png)

No. 356747

File: 1708186734041.png (479.69 KB, 720x423, Feels like heaven.png)

Some of the cast clearly have 'must be allowed to kiss/touch Brad' in their contracts again. Can't blame them.

No. 356748

File: 1708186837832.png (445.32 KB, 720x423, Heaven is closer.png)

No. 356750

File: 1708187053047.png (478.17 KB, 720x415, and closer.png)

No. 356751

File: 1708187255960.png (449.08 KB, 720x425, and calm down.png)

No. 357100

File: 1708347742591.gif (355.83 KB, 500x333, 1000018480.gif)

Do you think Jack would shit his pants and say I made his robot gay if I put a bow on it

No. 357144

File: 1708373795878.jpg (836.55 KB, 1395x1080, KawaiiMachine.jpg)

Yes, but what if it was purple as well

No. 357264

File: 1708410840346.jpg (42.42 KB, 1024x512, death_machine_by_binkydragonlo…)

These pics KEK, he would probably sulk a little bit 'cause it's emasculating to his pp then ask you to paint something funny on it. Every day you wake up it's a battle for who can decorate it in the most retarded way without outright drawing a dick on it

No. 357265

File: 1708410920019.png (1.56 MB, 1280x905, deo8ts6-cde452a2-6a0a-4903-b06…)

Most on-the-nose crossover or the test run of Jack's dreams?

No. 357266

File: 1708411404639.jpg (124.64 KB, 777x698, 234254534_34566.jpg)

Happy (belated) anniversary to Dune! Found this article funny as apparently everyone hated it from the day it premiered which is unfortunate considering the stellar cast and sets and etc https://archive.is/2QSVg
This scene is never not funny because Feyd looks at Piter with the same amused slightly sexually charged curiosity that I, too, would look at Piter.

No. 357272

Wait samefag all the cinemas advertising the 40th anniversary showing got me too excited to realize the anniversary is this YEAR not this MONTH. Have a link to the Exorcist III-esque recut, apparently there is original deleted material the editors were able to get their hands on. Considering Lynch's feelings toward the film it's the most comprehensive version we may ever get.

No. 357284

File: 1708417475753.jpg (207.01 KB, 638x981, 1000018527.jpg)

Perfect timing as Dune was proposed for the next movie night

No. 357286

File: 1708417747846.jpg (245.53 KB, 1130x743, PITER MENTIONED.jpg)

Belated St. Valentine's sentiment: sitting through a three hour film no longer feels like torture when it's with the girls ♥ Anyone itt seen it before? Thoughts, feelings? The amount of Piter fanfics in the wild is a surprise.

No. 357288

File: 1708419301580.jpg (187.97 KB, 1605x1080, Screenshot_2023-10-24-17-18-37…)

I've made it through Dune it was me!
I disagree with all the haters, who say the movie needs to be obliterated from the universe. No, this movie is still an art piece and a lesson that no matter how much effort you put into it, you can't squeeze a giant amount of lore into just one single film. It should have had two or three parts (and more Piter!), then this version of Dune would be just incredible. Now, this is one of those films where villains outshine the protagonists because their sheer charisma shines brighter than any good deeds. Piter is a perfect example, despite a relatively small amount of screentime, he wins your attention with his whole mysterious being and slightly neurotic attitude. In other words, I'd let him kill me.
As it was mentioned, the film has beautiful sets, even more beautiful costumes and it's filmed, as one could expect, really well. So at least it's pleasant to look at. Maybe if you tune out of the story you'll be able to just sit there, appreciate the details, and it would be the best way to view the film.

No. 357376

File: 1708463809652.jpg (94.02 KB, 442x765, Tumblr_l_1271438734074769.jpg)

Oh hell yeah I love Dune! I am always trying to get people to watch Dune. Dune!!!!!!

Didn't catch this one in the thread yet, Russian Death Machine poster

No. 357378

File: 1708464376083.png (2.04 MB, 1465x763, so gross yet so cute.png)

>appreciate the details
Agreed, to me Dune is the quintessential example of how practical effects and good costumes make a 60 minute film feel like real life (in a similar capacity to Gilliam's Brazil, Alien, Space Odyssey). It's one thing to say it wasn't a good adaptation but a bad film is kind of harsh. Maybe if Lynch actually put that tube through Prochnow's cheek it could have gotten some recognition through notoriety, kek. Agreeing also with
>villains outshine the protagonists
it's a political thriller at its core so if House Harkonnen wasn't compelling the intrigue wouldn't be half as fun. I wish Piter got a whole sequel to himself. We could probably talk forever about his failings as a mentat- he's fucking repugnant but his desires and free will made him exemplary from his kind- suffice to say I want to peel his brain like a mandarine and see what's inside. Also using the Voice on him. Think about it.
Incidentally your pic is one of my favourites because it makes him look almost normal or at least like he's doing an advert for curl conditioner or something, how does he seem somehow more unhinged the more normal he looks
FUCK YEAH DUNEPOSTING and Brad being the only person with the only credit on that cover makes me laugh so hard, they didn't think anything else needed to be said huh

No. 357387

File: 1708466353505.png (482.31 KB, 819x1054, Sunday-Gazette-Mail-Charleston…)

Some nice bits in this article, and a great caricature. The ending really hurts though
>But, realistically, Dourif expects a long and successful career…the Academy voters will probably feel he'll have plenty of chances to win in the future. And they're probably right.
OOOOOOOOOOOOOOF. Ouch. I hate George Burns with my entire heart.

No. 357463

File: 1708483100313.jpg (221.83 KB, 819x1076, Newsday July 1st 1975.jpg)

Bolstering articles from back in the day make me depressed too anon, he seemed so well-liked, shouldn't working with Huston have made him even more of a breakout star? It's just unbelievable that Douglas(!) et al gave up on promoting him after he didn't win that Golden Globe and yes fuck George Burns and the Hollywood hierarchy. Not to mention all Brad has to say about Nicholson are good things whereas that guy hasn't mentioned his name in decades (afaik). On a happier note how cute is Janet defending Brad from the masses?? And his "vague, dreamy" attitude, I don't even care if they're trying to sell a story here it's funny to think he was such a space case, maybe it's the ADD. Great, entertaining, insightful article thank you so much for the good find. I want to see his paintings so bad and also
>broadcast interviews in Los Angeles
wonder if these are available in archive somewhere, wish they specified if they were on television or radio. Clawing at the walls thinking about more unseen 70s Brad stuff. I wonder if he was less or more jittery in interviews than he is now kek, he was so soft-spoken but composed in the Istanbul one.

No. 357490

File: 1708499635878.webm (13.55 MB, Laura Mars Commentary.webm)

Late to the party, couple of choice clips from Kirshner's Laura Mars commentary. None of it is deeply insightful but there's a bit where he talks about Michael being unsuccessful and bitter which made me realize Tommy is kind of his foil, shame he and Laura don't get more screentime together. Kirshner keeps talking about how innocent Tommy is but where's the "he has all his cards on the table" joke.

No. 357553

File: 1708524240512.png (Spoiler Image,4.04 MB, 1884x1305, the hunger cover.png)

Where am I suppoed to start with all this, anons have been busy tysm.
Seen it once, years ago so I can contribute nothing useful.
Will look for some dates & see what amount of time anons have
This pic has been making me laugh every time I'm in this thread.
Quality poster.
I want to know where the hell picrel version of The Hunger dvd can be found at a sensible price. Poor sweetie.

No. 357554

These are great, thanks for sharing. Detective anons are the heroes. Full on space cadet is so funny, given the insane intensity of some of his roles over the years.
So by canon Tommy's an innocent innocent, it's official. No joking allowed, super serious this movie business.

No. 357555

>Heaven's Gate
When the 'making of' feature is actually better than the main movie.
Found a version of it, vidrel. The dvd has a cleaner version, a bit shorter too, but I think that was mostly cutting the filler shots/other movie footage.
Yes, they do interview Brad. None of the set stills seemed to have him in, but there were a lot, so there may be more out there.
The movie in Brad's words:
"Failure, the ship going down, Titanic…um… never let a director have his way."
"I'm not used to doing a minimum of 32 takes."
"It was like workshopping on film."
Apparently the actors were sent to 'training camps' daily, gun lessons, riding lessons, rollerskating lessons, etc. The behind the scenes sounds as epic as the movie.
He also mentions reading the a review after the movie opened (he doesn't usually read reviews) because it had the line "a forced 4 hour tour of your own living room" describing the movie.
The first final cut of it was over 5hrs, then cropped to the 3+ hour one.
Kind of grateful that XL one didn't make it.

No. 357557

File: 1708525560900.png (885.17 KB, 1159x865, where angels sing.png)

No. 357558

File: 1708525779150.png (906.1 KB, 1156x875, and spread their wings.png)

No. 357559

File: 1708526089395.png (874.91 KB, 1151x871, loves on high.png)

No. 357561

File: 1708530503990.gif (7.75 MB, 540x300, Tumblr_l_116604630315886.gif)

RARE BRADFORD thank you.
I was wondering about the old interviews too, there's gotta be some long forgotten footage or something out there.
Weasel unrelated I just love watching his hair flop around

No. 357938

File: 1708663078216.png (839.54 KB, 794x542, staring disrespectfully.png)

Completely free Feb 25th, Mar 2nd, Mar 3rd or we can do Feb 29th later in the day. Dune's a bit over two hours long if that helps decide a date, another one that's fun for the cameos if nothing else (Sean Young in her Blade Runner days!).
>The Hunger
ANON YOU FOUND THE PRIZED MANO COVER TOO, kek at putting the episode's spoiler front and centre but it's okay because he's gorgeous. This one is not exorbitant but shipped from Aus https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/276302994636. Bottom right back cover pic looks like a makeup test and not a screencap so behind the scenes photo maybe? "Promotional Material" probably just a TV spot but I want to believe. Mano's eye curse is so impossibly sexy yet I'm warming up to the post-credits reality of living with him, being the only familiar thing in his life other than his apartment, so dissociated from the cruelties of the world that he's happy to be your shut-in lovebug 5ever arghhh.

A comment under the vid mentioned the comedy of Dafoe narrating it despite getting fired so I got curious and god
>Horse guts and dead chickens on set
>Six hours of daily travel time to and from location
>Dying production company sinking money into renting land that turned out belonged to Cimino himself
>Threw a tantrum because they wouldn't allow him to fly over the actress he had a boner for
Hysterically funny. Still can't believe you watched both in a weekend, did you find the edited cut more entertaining than the 3 hour version or were they both difficult? Brad's opening quote was truly amazing "it was dog shit" said in the nicest possible way, he always tries hard to be positive and pleasant but you can tell how frustrating production was.
>set stills
Dunno if this one exists in better quality but holy shit thank you god and wardrobe for getting him in those pants.

No. 357941

File: 1708665667998.gif (9.75 MB, 745x320, 0222.gif)

The cutest…

No. 357943

File: 1708667176194.jpg (43.58 KB, 435x512, 433011620.jpg)

Speaking of cover art the JP Bluray is lovely even if it's mostly a filtered version of the MVD cover, almost like they painted over Sam in watercolour and the streaks of red + fire coming out of his eye are cool as hell.

No. 358000

File: 1708699847094.gif (6.98 MB, 400x200, Storytellers 1.gif)

Storytellers wasn't terrible but it did NOT need to be almost 2 damn hours long. Guy takes credit for his grandma's writing and struggles to maintain the lie. Brad's character doesn't do much besides seethe at his girlfriend's grandson , not a lot of screentime and that upload was p crispy, this is a maybe have it on in the background movie.

No. 358005

File: 1708700188923.gif (7 MB, 400x200, Storytellers 2.gif)

I continue to be amazed by his ass. why is it so cute???
does the weirdness carry over into the bedroom or does he just fuck like an animal

No. 358006

File: 1708700237955.gif (5.37 MB, 400x200, it was thiiiiiiiiis big.gif)

No. 358007

File: 1708700267534.gif (7.31 MB, 400x200, kissy.gif)

No. 358008

File: 1708700314754.gif (4.07 MB, 400x200, Storytellers 3.gif)

No. 358014

File: 1708702164144.png (488.3 KB, 720x425, Blessed are we anons.png)

I would ask how I missed that pic, but honestly I think I have actual dust in my eyes from all the HG viewings. I'm not sure I was entertained by either version, but the short was faster to get through.
>god bless
>Making of
I enjoyed the feature and everyone's 'trying to be kind' takes on it. Sounds like hell to film it.
29th Feb might be ok if anons are not sleep deprived. 2nd March and 13th March only at the moment. Early or late.
>The Hunger
Total spoiler cover is hilarious. Let's hope there are some of those makeup photos around and they make their way to us. He just needs protecting from the world outside, he's seen too much of the horrors, let him find safety and love.

No. 358015

File: 1708702457971.gif (3.77 MB, 518x423, people are strange.gif)

Whilst on the subject of hair, picrel
Anon, thanks for sharing these, shame it sounds like another minimal role.
This one especially made me smile, kicking like a beetle on its back.

No. 358026

File: 1708705918608.png (146.05 KB, 577x251, the columbian.png)

why is this so funny to imagine. and also why do so many articles describe him as having red hair, am i color blind??
the 29th is great for me, the other dates are fine too
>like a beetle on its back
lol i had to rewatch it with that description in mind, made it so much cuter/funnier

No. 358029

my old coworker met stephen king (he has a house where we live) and this is a bit similar to how he described the interaction. he said stephen king saw him working on a script at the box office and asked to read it and said “good work. keep writing.” kek but i think he was saying that to be nice…

No. 358177

"yew speek eetalian" BAHAHAHAHAHA WHAT THW FUCK him being bad at accents is so funny. Dammit I already wanted to watch this one but now I REALLY wanna see it

No. 358400

File: 1708883179149.gif (8.07 MB, 540x350, 1000019028.gif)

what is he so cute for

No. 358401

File: 1708883209544.gif (7.61 MB, 540x346, 1000019031.gif)

No. 358402

File: 1708883252153.gif (8.29 MB, 540x350, 1000019032.gif)


No. 358431

File: 1708895991433.png (2.36 MB, 868x948, bunny.png)

His ass in tight slacks makes me feel like a starving dog it's so cute and firm. Criminal that they put him in baggy khakis 90% of the time (or fitted pants and long coat, why Ponderosa why). Calling for more ass pics…please…dying
>Weasel in bed
A mix of both maybe how weird are we talking, typical horndog weird or "Weasel's trying to be creative" weird constantly thinking about how his first response to getting his thumb bitten off is like, joy and excitement. His threshold for pain and weirdness must be pretty high, if only he wasn't such a raging dick to Sandy. Needs some corrective action imo.
Wasn't sure how to feel about the grown out stubble with the long hair but it's actually kinda pretty. God is it repetitive to say I wish we'd got to see it down though, peak when he was still mostly brown with some greys

No. 358433

I’m back nonnas I was having a wild time and too busy but my Brad obsession kicked back in now that I’m ovulating and have free time once more I NEED TO CATCH UP it me the newer douriffag kek also just seeing that one post is he about to speak bad Italian accent…..please say yes

No. 358435

File: 1708896887637.mp4 (8.93 MB, 1718x720, dis kawntry.mp4)

Was pondering upon blind bf some more and what he won't ever again be able to see through his second sight you could just whisper in his ear, no need for clairvoyance when you can bluntly tell him what you'd do to him. THANKS FOR THE PIC ANON still cackling at how touchy-feely everyone was with him
>kiss a variety of beautiful girls, and today I get kissed by Brad Dourif
KEK any movie where he kisses random people is high priority. Fwiw his eastern Euro was endearing to me even if he has a habit of exaggerating some words until it sounds like a comedy sketch

No. 358437

File: 1708897418449.mp4 (1.19 MB, 1080x720, Brad Dourif Tells Ya How Cool …)

Welcome back anon!! Nta but yes he plays an Italian in that one with an accent that sounds like Russian Super Mario.

No. 358443

LMAO OMG I am Italian so this is GOLD. im so happy to be back I missed Brad and all u nonniangelas

No. 358448

File: 1708899155091.jpg (14.91 KB, 268x400, sweater.jpg)

Another anon said young Brad has the countenance of a Chekhov character which totally makes sense and older Brad with the ponytail does for some reason, inexplicably, remind me of an Italian businessman. He pulls off both a vaguely Euro and old school American cool look depending on the setting, something about his face I guess (even if his accents suck kek)

No. 358466

File: 1708915276760.gif (6.94 MB, 480x360, 34549952_43801.gif)

Another one for the "stupid but gorgeous" list. How does every movement seem choreographed and every angle beautiful oh my god stray curls >>358401 I want to twirl them around through my fingers. Love how it's a period piece but he still manages to be the token erratic weird guy
Sparse eyebrows cute, eyebags cute, mouth cute, light making his eyes looks slate grey cute

No. 358542

File: 1708962810047.gif (8.24 MB, 538x300, 1000019135.gif)

weird weird for sure. Too weird for me to even imagine weasel a freak
even though his accents can be kind of over the top it's endearing, can't be great at everything. I'm getting Frenchy flashbacks, THAT was rough.

No. 358544

File: 1708962990841.gif (1.91 MB, 818x350, 1000019130.gif)


No. 358546

File: 1708963151336.gif (6.37 MB, 539x300, 1000019132.gif)

They really put him in a mesh shirt they really did that
lol is he holding a rain stick? Oh wait is it a didgeridoo didn't he play one for a song

No. 358547

File: 1708963439270.gif (6.91 MB, 540x300, 1000019131.gif)

I know he always wanted to play good guys but Weasel and this entire movie was so weird, hopefully he had some fun even though he was playing a criminal again

No. 358600

This gif is so hot I keep staring at it I love the mesh shirt to pieces I bet he smells like shitty old beer, dust, and sand. Probably has freckles in weird places from all the sun. Tying him to the back of a car and dragging him across the dunes as foreplay

No. 358709

YEAH it's too bad his didgeridoo is kinda drowned out on this track

There was that Psychotronic #14 interview where he recalls the film really fondly and describes Weasel as less of a thug and more of a "Weasel-y cowardly guy" so he probably did the typical Brad-thing of adding more agency to Weez instead of playing him straight as a dumb criminal. Definitely want to hear his headcanons on this one. Still staring at these gifs btw he's so emotive I'm just blinking back at this >>358547 like a retarded cat

No. 358710

Have these been linked I can't remember, with his voice he should have done more music collabs

No. 358711

File: 1708998139326.gif (15.73 MB, 480x360, 1.gif)

The Walk

No. 358893

File: 1709072160726.png (369.96 KB, 688x562, There must be an angel.png)

He should have done like Sean Connery, who pretty much gave up and ended up being Scottish in everything, and kept his own accent.
>Russian Super Mario
Enjoy the threads, anon, we keep busy.
Aw, look how happily he holds his didge.

No. 358896

File: 1709072705225.png (656.23 KB, 1121x872, Playing with my heart.png)

>>358542 and the rest
Appreciate the gifs
>his headcanons
He creates more fanfic for his characters than we do, it's endearing.
Thanks for sharing. Any music creating anons hire him for vocals on a song? Commence planning.
Featuring the ponytail.
Have some eyelashes.

No. 358982

File: 1709117169878.gif (6.96 MB, 447x243, ezgif-3-651e584eec.gif)

i want more of this character so bad what the fuck. I NEED MORE why did we get such a fun weirdo only for him to be a barely there side character i hate this, he's like an alien obsessed stoner this is so funny. from The Box, I'll have it uploaded soon but it was kind of a drag.

No. 358983

File: 1709117246428.gif (10.98 MB, 447x243, ezgif-7-3c89db5e53.gif)

No. 358984

File: 1709117426500.gif (5.1 MB, 447x243, ezgif-5-1f49a0faf8.gif)

I actually had not heard this one yet, how and why did this happen.

No. 358985

File: 1709117571368.gif (3.05 MB, 447x243, ezgif-5-09f9813b6c.gif)

the styling was so funny to me idk why

No. 358986

File: 1709117661103.gif (6.22 MB, 447x243, wha.gif)

No. 359195

File: 1709189540000.webm (3.99 MB, 720x576, le maymay.webm)

Anon already brought up the collective Frenchy PTSD but there's just something about the hideous accent in Ponderosa that's charming to me. Maybe he hams it up so hard that it's impossible to slip out of and the sheer consistency of its awfulness through 5+ episodes somehow grows on you? Also partial to the opposite extreme where he goes full West Virginian but even more Western and Virginian like that Tales of episode. The weirdest thing is directors consistently making him do exotic accents even after presumably hearing Heaven's Gate and Laura Mars

This is contributing to the facial hair psyop, I want to touch the stubble (with my mouth). Song, audiobook… will even take a slightly risqué radio ad…

No. 359198

File: 1709190293656.png (434.26 KB, 485x763, Winston-Salem Journal May 2 19…)

A role where he's not in suit and button-up, I'm getting whiplash kek. He looks so cute and comfy I already love his dishevelled aura and shitty apartment, why relegated to another side character role WHY. Preparing for mere crumbs of characterization


No. 359204

File: 1709191115411.png (1.58 MB, 1081x778, '84 or bust.png)

Even if you're not a fan of Lynch movies come give this one a chance, it's more like proto-Star Wars combined with Isaac Asimov-on-cocaine tier worldbuilding. Also Piter.

No. 359215

File: 1709193345871.gif (3.99 MB, 447x243, sass gramp.gif)

the thing that makes all his accents funnier is the fact that he was 100% genuinely trying his hardest lmao

No. 359216

File: 1709193685583.gif (4.06 MB, 447x243, ezgif-5-3061916816.gif)

that profile could cut glass…

No. 359218

File: 1709194128015.jpeg (122.42 KB, 796x796, B3C039DA-1E42-4815-8E12-C1D05D…)

Jack gets dress coded (he loves it ♥)

No. 359219

File: 1709194187012.jpeg (Spoiler Image,95.96 KB, 728x917, 8C5FD042-E232-49C0-9441-1AED91…)

and. um

No. 359224

File: 1709195990489.gif (7.41 MB, 540x304, IMG_10024.gif)

NONNY NONNY NONNY the ponytail is KILLING MEEEE HOW have I never thought about pulling his hair back before. It's like a built-in leash you can tug it, yank it, wrap it around your fist for easy direction thank you for the plethora of new considerations. The whinging would be unbearable if you tried to brush it out to braid it but…I wanna…Always obsessed with the way you get those on-model loose strands and messy bangs makes me wanna reach out and smooth them back, tuck them behind his ears aghhhhhhh. He'd sulk so hard in business casual, the tucked shirt and tie clip are making me chuckle. Jack's idea of a straitjacket would be a fitted suit. Was looking at those Guyana Tragedy shorts again the other day your timing is divine, cargos + combat boots are very "hanging out in your mom's garage watching MTV" grunge somehow I'm enamoured by it. You put him in such cool outfits I hope you do more Jack fashion art, I look at the girlfriend clothes sweater and beanie drawing multiple times a week
Ok, you're onto something here, the idea of wearing a hoodie and ratty sweatpants while forcing HIM into cheap Aliexpress lingerie. You get the cool Halloween costume and he gets to be the slutty bunny girl. Thinking very hard rn

No. 359233

File: 1709197314637.png (749.88 KB, 702x524, jeeeesssssuuuusss.png)

Samefag I just fully took in the chest hair, KEKKING

Oh my god is that a fucking Myst: Exile shirt

No. 359259

File: 1709205192823.gif (3.62 MB, 447x243, ezgif-5-a3206556dd.gif)

Is that what it is?? I thought is it related to a show or band or something how did i totally forget about that game lol pretty funny if it is a Myst shirt

No. 359284

File: 1709211358957.png (523.68 KB, 720x576, what becomes of.png)

The shared braincell makes an appearance again, should have a copy of this arriving at some point. I'll lower the expectations again.
I am 100% more forgiving of the accents just because he tries so hard.
At this point are we thinking they just asked him to bring some tshirts from home to wear for this character?

No. 359293

File: 1709211711934.png (487.37 KB, 720x576, the broken hearted.png)

Anon, these are always so much fun, tysm for sharing.
Lip smacking goodness there.
The old newspaper clips are so pretty, where are the original pics dammit.

No. 359370

File: 1709241227113.jpeg (205.15 KB, 929x684, E2E4164D-8C3C-4A44-9185-F77FAA…)

best leap year celebration ever.
i really do love you nonny, you perfected drawing him to the point where he's recognizable no matter the outfit you dress him up in. the eyebags are cuuuuute i am admiring the perspective disrespectfully.
t shirt expert here, the logo is an exact match so it is in fact a myst shirt, but it's not like any kind i've seen before. it must be a very rare one, i bet it costs like 10x as much in the current year. in short: would raid his closet for it.

No. 359580

File: 1709327051938.png (386.14 KB, 704x406, The bats have left.png)

Thank you as always for hosting anon and everyone for the company. At least I lasted until the Brad bit ended.
Managed to get round to
To add to previous review anon's thoughts, this is a weird one. It tries to be a lot of things and does none of them well. Part historical documentary, part action/adventure, much too talky, a lot of historical filler. That cgi was unintentionally hilarious, Korn's Word Up video is all I'm saying. Very unsure about Vlad's pleather pants also.
Brad's character, His Excellency / the University Dean didn't seem to get his Brad-accent going very well. But then again he doesn't get a lot to say or do. Busy being part of a secret order of secretness or something. Such a shame as he looks adorable and the suit fits. Why was there no close up of him walking down those stairs, missed opportunity. Quality 'former teacher' pose also. Another ten min special, about the 3 min, 25 min and 31 min marks. Few minutes each time. Nudity and an overpowered bad guy does not make for an interesting movie.

No. 359582

File: 1709327428591.png (389.92 KB, 700x405, the bell tower.png)

No. 359585

File: 1709327640202.png (351.01 KB, 698x412, The victims.png)

No. 359586

File: 1709327941723.png (363.59 KB, 694x411, have been bled.png)

No. 359665

File: 1709393913511.png (486.3 KB, 1057x690, 1000019575.png)

Love it when seemingly emotionless evil characters show a flash of desire, what kind of weird stuff would they even want to do. Dune was fun.

No. 359667

File: 1709393974645.jpg (256.63 KB, 644x976, Tumblr_l_116555922542303.jpg)

No. 359716

File: 1709405560319.gif (4.78 MB, 447x243, ezgif-5-e5cf6323bd.gif)

okayyy The Box is uploaded, I'm having issues converting Few Options. Maybe it isn't that boring but I watched them one right after the other so I was kind of zoned out.

No. 359718

File: 1709405699456.gif (2.99 MB, 500x258, ezgif-3-c0bd782c00.gif)

I hate it when he plays bad guys because no matter how unsavory, I still want to fuck them. Why was it so hot when he said he might stop fucking the stripper he's so gross

No. 359780

File: 1709436586522.png (573.74 KB, 594x826, The Record Nov 6 1973.png)

Someone has to start terrorizing 80 year old photographers from Bumfuck, USA to upload the rolls of film gathering dust in their attic because that particular photo is gorgeous. His hair was rarely not gelled down in the 70s and it looks soo fluffy and floppy I'm going insane.

Happy belated 2024 leap year day, marking off annual milestones with Brad and the girls, always unforgettable.
The moment in your picrel is such a turning point for Tommy (and Laura) I think I love it I love him it's also insanely cute, keeping her safe not only from bad traffic but also lung cancer kek

No. 359785

File: 1709437988371.png (945.99 KB, 716x450, 5377c8d212ec00dbf1f28635ff911f…)

Thank you for being there, all the jokes made me legitimately laugh out loud and there was some good discussion too. Hopefully everyone has some free time on the 18th for the b-day celebrations

Hello, silver fox. This whole time I was thinking (hoping) Brad would play the titular Vlad but of course we're not that lucky. At least the accent troubles in this one are understandable, how does pull off Romanian anyway?

No. 359786

File: 1709438146249.png (2.22 MB, 1481x995, lion's mane.png)

So happy you enjoyed it!! The setting and lore is really cool, another one of those where you wish he got more screentime to see how he fits into the universe especially since his mentat conditioning didn't work too well so he's unique even among his own kind. I love those types of characters too, there's a kind of vicarious satisfaction that someone who has been physically and psychologically broken to feel nothing still has wants and desires. IIRC Piter gets the choice between Jessica or becoming Duke of Arrakis and zealously takes the Duchy (and then dies, of course). In the depths of his greedy mind he probably wished he could have both and rule Arrakis with Jessica as his concubine. Adding some fuel to your fire Piter was responsible for, and very good at, coming up with fancy tortures for the Baron. They're both vehement hedonists, makes the mind run wild. There were so many spinoffs and yet none where Vladimir is a woman, I NEED to witness the uncomfortable sexual tension between a gross diseased sadistic despot and her seedy autist.

No. 359805

File: 1709446076814.gif (9.48 MB, 540x350, 1000019579.gif)

>someone who has been physically and psychologically broken to feel nothing still has wants and desires
yes I had such a hard time verbalizing what I meant, and think how intense those feelings must be to break through. Would the object of his desire be the only person he treats with kindness or would they get the same treatment as everyone else with a layer of lust on top

No. 359807

File: 1709447470850.png (291.58 KB, 624x331, CURLY.png)

Thank you very much for the upload, was hunting this one down for months. Hands down the best part of the movie was Stan's Very Serious Backstory, chuckled so hard I started choking irl, again Brad makes a boring movie watchable as soon as he starts talking (and holy shit was this boring, the incessant royalty free ambient music was not helping). How did Stan² get so little screentime despite being best boy, he doesn't give a shit about crime or money or anything except living in his little trailer making soup smoking weed. MY HEART IS ACHING. Wrt the ending, can't believe despite it all we got an ass shot.

No. 359869

File: 1709471156130.jpg (205.13 KB, 819x910, 1000019542.jpg)

Awww aw awww @ him being embarrassed at his leading role movie (Spontaneous Combustion?) and being relegated to so many minor roles he's overwhelmed by the attention. Working back to back on 3 films, all this work/stress/drugs and alcohol seriously HOW did he age so well

No. 359914

File: 1709485546496.gif (6.16 MB, 847x360, the light hitting his iris loo…)

>how intense those feelings must be to break through
EMOTIONAL MINDBREAK that's intensely sexy…feeling the humiliating sting of base human arousal. No wonder his barely-restrained freakouts are still so intense when he's made to be totally unquestioningly subservient. Hunger so consumptive it's actually detrimental, get this freak laid. Forgive any inaccuracies as I haven't read the books but I think, because of the great personal pleasure he finds in being a sadist, his "love language" would be even worse than the suffering he inflicts on regular captives. Taking pleasure in creative tortures is one thing but using them as a proxy to intimacy, it would get awful(ly creative).
As an aside his momentary lapse in temperament during his "my plan" "MY PLAN!" "…the plan" bit with Vladimir is so funny, he's really pushing his luck. That barely-concealed desire for authority would definitely rear its ugly head when he finally snares someone in his clutches. Kindness is a concept he's never experienced so maybe you could be the one to make him less blood-crazed and more lust-crazed?

No. 359916

File: 1709488363825.jpg (224.02 KB, 661x993, tumblr_872b55c1aff2e5982793807…)

wow, another ‘literally me’ brad character, i cannot believe it.

No. 359917

File: 1709489151233.png (6.97 MB, 2147x1547, Starlog 90 January 1985.png)

Exceptional article, thank you for the scan. It's funny to me that writers credit the start of his career playing unstable psychotics with Billy (and sometimes Tommy) when that was one of his more tender, subdued roles? He might be slightly unwell but if anything it was Wise Blood that began the trend, wasn't it?
>"If you can imagine eating someone, or if you can imagine that person being dead, that can make you seem pretty scary"
Kekkkk is that what goes on in that pretty head of his when he's practising for a role? Wonder if the poor thing says he doesn't remember SC out of embarrassment, at least from the books/interviews it seems he had a fun time on set even if the film was a flop. Yeah all the trips to rehab, the sleepless nights, it's a wonder he doesn't just look fantastic but also continues to be sharp as a tack and is still hot at his age… the man's a gift

Too bad a female character like this doesn't exist because I keep oscillating between "relatable" and "I want to fuck him and dissect him". If there's another character essay from you on the horizon I will look forward to it very much.

No. 359950

File: 1709497056841.png (324.91 KB, 565x346, divine comedy.png)

I have been thinking about this for months

No. 359952

To add to the Piter fueled fire burning, he's also a bit of a voyeur in the book, spying on Baron and his slaves, because any piece of information he can get out of, say, an accidental sputter is good enough. Or at least that's what he must be trying to convince himself in. Pervert.

No. 359954

File: 1709498964057.jpg (150.75 KB, 1161x1080, Screenshot_2024-03-03-23-43-19…)

That said, for the life or death of me I will not be able to finish this book in any foreseeable future but my, did Brad's performance give a new perspective to the character. He's playing Piter exactly the way he's supposed to be: hungry for power, but also knowing that he's just a tool, making him fully prepared for his own death. He walks a sharp edge of the knife at mercy of the Baron who is to measure all the time that's left for Piter.

No. 359967

File: 1709507256856.gif (5.26 MB, 480x360, ignoring the homosexual sadism…)

Excited to eventually get into the novels, for sci-fi the world is really dystopic and unpleasant. If you or any anon reading along have fun excerpts to share please do. Apparently the Dune Encyclopedia is contested canonically but I still like the observations in-universe characters make towards him, linkrel https://mega.nz/file/dP12nQZZ#GKBcT3wZubcZGoIdaCwPr3zBH370oeq12QbyTMpKhaQ

The guillotine that is Vladimir hanging over Piter's neck is sumptuous, he's required to be emotionally detached but how can he be? Stretched thin trying to appease a megalomaniacal tyrant and running a double-cross perpetually in the parallel. I bet there's nights where he has the weirdest most disturbing psychotic breakdowns when nobody's around to see how much garbage data is filtering through his mind. There must be so much compartmentalization going on in his head to keep the mental precog/calculations sharp that even sex (and his voyeurism and sadism) becomes a tool instead of pleasure. The internalized SHAME he must feel about things like that….
I did not expect 2024 to start with getting invested in this guy, this revival of the Piter appreciation committee is one of the best parts of the year so far.

No. 359976

File: 1709510511658.gif (10.08 MB, 400x300, hello gorgeous.gif)

Jamaica Beat story 5/10, Jamaica Beat rewatch potential and Brad content 1,000/10 the amount of this guy being all smiley with his wife in the first half and spending the second half tied up is so worth it, infinitely worth it, holy shit

No. 359977

File: 1709510546517.gif (10.19 MB, 400x300, HRRRRRNNNGHH.gif)

No. 359978

File: 1709510578756.png (522.01 KB, 717x560, bit tied up at the moment.png)

No. 359979

File: 1709510620963.png (650.12 KB, 721x567, CINEMATOGRAPHY.png)

There's like five minutes of ass shots

No. 359980

File: 1709510736064.webm (9.91 MB, 960x720, bedtime ASMR.webm)

Free therapy

No. 360049

I love them both so much. I probably latch onto Jack's sadder aspects because manic edgelord is not my type. But everything else is perfect. Virgil is such a sweetie can I kill his brother and keep him for myself?
Howling into the void he is so gentle and soft spoken, this and Stan trying to calm down Jarod soothes my soul. Thank you for all the food nonna the fingers through her hair…i am in pain….

No. 360106

It's fun to break Jack down to his basic components and see what parts of him resonate with different people, and agreed Virgil is the sweetiest sweetie. He has that Billy-like vulnerability I want to be his guard dog girlfriend so bad it's embarrassing. Fingers in her hair and ON HER MOUTH I wheezed so hard when I noticed her lips kissing his fingers I think it ruptured a lung. Convinced the existence of these ridiculously specific scenes is some kind of cosmic serendipity, I simply cannot fathom that there's now multiple ultra-specific moments catering to these fixations on his body parts what the fuck else could possibly happen on-screen in a yet unwatched film that caters to anon niches, we're the luckiest women alive.

No. 360515

File: 1709731807574.jpg (276.86 KB, 834x1600, tumblr_pkquz8Kdfr1rf1yd3o3_128…)


No. 360520

File: 1709739141779.gif (7.77 MB, 540x290, saved_image.gif)

The amount of psychic damage this line has inflicted on me. I think the thing at the end, calling Cale mama and saying he’s afraid of the dark is 100% manipulation i have never viewed that moment as genuine. He’s at his wits end and realizes he can’t brute force/intimidate his way out of it so he flops over in submission and tries to pull on her heartstrings in one last desperate attempt to save his ass. I’m so stuck on his thing with authority though, it probably doesn’t really have a deeper meaning but I will over analyze everything when it comes to him. responding to authority…lack of parental figures…umm….i was stewing over this for so long and still feel like i could barely get my ideas across

No. 360525

File: 1709740117514.png (550.41 KB, 1110x619, Red velvet.png)

Anons here are providing the quality content again, thank you all.
Good lord, how many of these pics could be lurking out there?
DVD should turn up this week, so I shall prep to be upset, underwhelmed or both.
Hard working, modest sweetheart.
Always with the eyes.
Kek, you going full Inferno, anon?

No. 360530

File: 1709740488927.png (441.74 KB, 998x630, lines the black box.png)

His character is so sweet and undeserving of this treatment, anons should stage a rescue immediately.
That is a lovely vid, thank you.
Write it out anon, we got you.

No. 360531

File: 1709740700572.png (494.49 KB, 1129x626, Bereft in deathly bloom.png)

No. 360533

File: 1709741053417.png (475.53 KB, 1137x617, Alone in a darkened room.png)

No. 360574

File: 1709762539841.jpg (1.43 MB, 1878x2405, Tumblr_l_1015506043880.jpg)

What Brad says about Dante (on the next page) is chef's kiss, something we haven't exactly brought up. I'll attach the whole article, it's short but good.

No. 360575

File: 1709762639293.jpg (1.32 MB, 1886x2398, Tumblr_l_1018532143983.jpg)

No. 360608

File: 1709788079845.jpg (216.28 KB, 1071x848, tumblr_ab64ec5d28e4dd77723f582…)

no piter essays from me probably, i take that shit seriously and just reading a script for a silly movie is one thing, reading dune the novel, however… no. i did read your wiki link and that was very fascinating, how his foully warped psyche was possibly intentionally fostered. still confused by the eyebrows gimmick in the movie, is it another spice side effect or something?
noo i can hardly make out some of the sketches. i LOVE that the death machine is drawn remarkably on model in every single one, guess the production team had lots of love and care for their lil robot guy.
so utterly isolated from people, yet connecting to them through something as simple and child like as cartoons… interesting. also the bit on cale's psychology is very good, makes the movie sound extremely emotionally sophisticated (it kinda was, but like the article said mostly thanks to the incredible cast).
damn that's a very good take, we have not analyzed the finale scene nearly enough!!! his attempts at emotional manipulation and masterminding are so crude and predictable but still surprisingly effective because human fears and traumas are the one thing he has a working understanding of.

No. 360870

File: 1709913766431.png (1.53 MB, 850x1280, 1000020186.png)

No. 360937

File: 1709935239400.gif (10.86 MB, 400x300, 0308.gif)

Kek, happy women's day ♥

No. 361124

File: 1710001562547.gif (4 MB, 520x419, ezgif-6-a65cf7e44f.gif)

Anon, that made me laugh, love it.
Such a sweet compliation.
A bit late, but one from Fenn.

No. 361125

File: 1710002068524.png (575.62 KB, 720x576, cute as a bug.png)

Thank you for sharing, interesting. Which does then raise the question, is Jack actually being manipulative or simply copying things he's seen and assuming the cartoon/movie/etc response is the one he'll get in real life? And going into a tantrum when it doesn't, because he doesn't understand why?
Pic not rel.

No. 361317

File: 1710074043018.png (415.53 KB, 665x1036, 1000020233.png)

Dante probably learning all his social cues from cartoons does explain why he comes off as such an over the top cartoonish character himself, his emotions are so explosive and dramatic. Likening the movie to Frankenstein and King Kong made me laugh, as if he's just some misunderstood monster looking for love.
His ability to latch onto people's weaknesses and use it against them is impressive considering how socially retarded he seems. Wouldn't expect that kind of perception from him.

No. 361352

File: 1710086107018.gif (3.86 MB, 540x229, stuwupid.gif)

He's described as childlike so much it makes you wonder if he even understands the gravity of the things he's doing, or if he's so detached from reality it's like a game to him. It is a lot more interesting than him just being straight up evil.
>save save save save save ssave save

No. 361366

I can't believe I was scrolling and watched this 4 times in a row. Gotta go before I get turned into a dourifag. Have fun with your old man nonnas. I miss your grima posts.

No. 361834

File: 1710192470630.png (163.14 KB, 659x583, IMG_0130.png)

Thank you for mentioning it I love that scene to pieces, internalizing his own issues and letting it turn him into a manipulative abusive shithead vs the powerlessness he experienced in childhood, he's pushing Cale to step off the edge of sanity into his own fucked up world. "I'll be your baby" as though she isn't a functional person who's trying to process her trauma in a normal way, it only serves to reignite her hatred for him and his lack of understanding of how normal human psychology works. The projection never ends, he wants her so bad (and in the depths of her heart as we later see she IS capable of his kind of violence) that he absolutely thinks egging her on is going to work in his favour. Still thinking about how he's more scared of being alone than of death 'cause he can conceptualize one way more than the other.
>his thing with authority
YEEEESSSS it's so romantic how he projects all his childhood abandonment on a single authority figure, definitely psychosexual because he's not like that with Scott or John, only with the April to his Casey, the apple of his eye. So much of his obsession IS projection but it results in this unwavering, complete devotion? I actually think it would be good and healthy to deprive him. He always gets what he wants, so giving him the cold shoulder and taking away his power would make him ten times worse. Acting out in his petulance…

>predictable but still surprisingly effective
Prodding at such a fresh, deep cut is pretty ingenious of him, unfortunately(?) Cale's a better person with stronger willpower than him. It's funny how he has that tendency to wallow and lick at his own wounds, if nobody's going to throw him a pity party he'll sulk all by himself.

It also makes you wonder if he was meant to come off as more sympathetic than he was? He totally creates his own problems but it's hard to not feel at least some (resigned, hesitant) sympathy for his retard brain. Not "I could make him better" but moreso "Too bad we gotta put that sick old dog down".

No. 361837

File: 1710192714743.jpg (220.7 KB, 754x636, not the dourif curse...baby...…)

It's the year of the worm, there's gotta be more Grimaposting coming up. I totally get it anon his on-screen kisses are so sweet it's hard not to stare

No. 361841

File: 1710192877071.png (1.74 MB, 564x1078, monstermania 2024.png)

Peepaw was at Monstermania in PA this weekend, just wanted to post and say he's looking good. There was a Child's Play panel so hopefully someone will have it up soon.

No. 361844

File: 1710192998420.gif (11.97 MB, 480x360, TEETH.gif)

That sneaky little kiss, he looks so pleased with himself, cute cute cute. Too bad Eddie gets all the exposition but I'll rewatch the episode ten times over for all the Fenn closeups

No. 361846

File: 1710193104836.png (501.35 KB, 710x528, whuh.png)

Never going to stop being crazy about the sidepart, also that one scene where the wind is stronger than his hair gel and starts lifting tufts of curls into his face. No matter how hard they try to comb it down or straighten it the untameable power of his mane is truly one of my favourite Dourif-things.

No. 361852

File: 1710194087221.gif (4.62 MB, 480x360, blink blink.gif)

Tfw will never stroke his nonexistent eyebrows with your thumb

No. 361913

File: 1710216967398.png (553.78 KB, 450x419, 244621382_129186496127435_7421…)


No. 361917

File: 1710218256197.jpg (35.85 KB, 585x644, d212f88b7e8ea348697a3b975b0026…)

This look really is everything

No. 362152

File: 1710283730511.png (221.37 KB, 705x417, I look inside myself.png)

Well, we can't let the Dourists down.
He is so self depricating, poor thing. He's a blessing, not a curse.

No. 362153

File: 1710283995215.png (243.96 KB, 692x416, And see my heart is black.png)

So adorable anon, thank you for sharing. Fingers crossed for a vid.
The vapors! Send for the nurse immediately.

No. 362155

File: 1710284480962.png (504.64 KB, 715x571, Now everything's cool.png)

Are we going to need to get our own Fenn fic going?
A moment of appreciation for this dainty creature's legs. So funny they put him in a large sweater and that puffy vest thing and you can still see he's tiny.
Also laughing at the stray arm in this pic.

No. 362157

File: 1710284890275.png (538.86 KB, 713x568, and everything's smooth.png)

>file name
except that hair.

No. 362201

File: 1710302919409.jpg (161.64 KB, 1018x1270, Screenshot939670434.jpg)

i will probably be dropping by for a bit at the movie room on thursday night to see if anyone wants to chat, no movie (unless someone really wants to) just chilling because it's a special day for me. anyway, enjoy this grima shaped cake from facebook???

the thing that cemented the entire miserable complexity of his character for me is the look of confusion he has at the end, absolute lack of understanding of why cale refuses to play his game, that even after being intimidated, manipulated and dealing with all kinds of bullshit over the entire movie she claims that what she cares about is preventing further harm to humanity that dante and the corporation could do. his worldview is so fucked he doesn't believe it's what drives her, which means he can't be part of that picture. he's both maliciously destructive and naively un-self aware where another villain would be one or the other.

thank you for finding this! the first section is almost word for word what we've read before but lmao at the dourif curse, the amount of horrible luck being in those films (not that we don't love them all).

No. 362420

File: 1710374124232.png (352.33 KB, 711x430, dust bunny.png)

>grima shaped cake
Hyperactivity from the food colors in that. Also, how do you decide which bit to eat first?
I'll try and be on at some point looks like I won't be around much on the 18th. For shame.
Pic is not rel.

No. 362430

File: 1710377862366.jpg (512.62 KB, 1308x950, twisted tales.jpg)

i finally watched this and it was fun, man loves his dead wife and would hurt a child about it. love him. shame about the 18th, hopefully we'll arrange many movie hangouts in the near future that you'll be able to attend!

ok so tomorrow i think i'll be on from like 6 pm britbong time, when i get home. i can't believe i've wanted to eviscerate grima for an entire year now. thank you everyone for being lovely and supportive ♥

No. 362450

File: 1710386136065.gif (4.85 MB, 400x300, cozy.gif)

YESS THAT SCENE the gif quality kind of killed the colours here but it's extra cute because his nose is all pink from the cold. Don't you want to scoop him up in your arms and ruffle his hair and keep him warm, and that eyeroll is precious.

No. 362454

File: 1710386782459.png (560.68 KB, 703x521, pocket sized.png)

Kek, Equalizer drives me nuts because Fenn shows up so much but doesn't get a lot to do so it's hard to come up with good fic scenarios. Becoming a Douriffag is to descend into cringe hell, I've been thinking lately about a genderbent situation where Eddie is a woman instead and it's ten times funnier because she'd still be an irritatingly loudmouthed asshole and he'd be her loyal little boyfriend. All I'm saying is he needs to get bossed around and hang onto her every word. Thank you for bringing up how teeny tiny he is in that ep as well, beautiful long noodle legs

No. 362462

File: 1710388272238.jpg (40.77 KB, 453x286, tumblr_3bf6f696b6626513e09d527…)

Will try very hard to make it home for 21GMT or thereabouts if anons will be around, have a fantastic day tomorrow and do something nice for yourself. It's uncanny how well made that cake is, it'd be kind of unsettling to eat it I think.
>both maliciously destructive and naively un-self aware
His hands-on genius contrasted with his sociopath stupidity is fascinating, definitely. One of the best things about Jack imo is his woe-is-me sad backstory is such a small blip on the radar, his actions are so horrible they're disproportionately evil in comparison. Even though he somehow realizes that he's abnormal and fucked up he doesn't see that as a problem. It doesn't make him a redeemable villain in the least and I love it, him being totally unrepentantly awful. That hedonistic attitude is both disgusting and intriguing, he's literally living out his own power fantasy. It's not admirable in the least but it's as interesting to watch as a trainwreck. He chooses the path of most resistance and bulldozes his way through leaving behind as many casualties as possible because, y'know, it's fun.

CONGRATULATIONS! Here's to another year of your Grima shrine growing (and taking over your room), more morally and psychologically dubious fic, tons of new fanart for your folder, and continued creativity in coming up with new torture methods. Thank you for being here, being you, and bringing us all together.

No. 362468

Monstermania Q&A is up, the panels have been unbelievably good recently. Lots of Chucky talk as usual but last time someone brought up DM and this time we got lucky with word of god Venamun headcanons. Timestamp 23:20
>I think there is a place where you become so disconnected from pain that the world isn't real, and you can kill out of that. Because the world isn't real. I can understand that you can get to a place where it can feel like the right thing to do, because you can't feel anything. You react to somebody but you don't feel it, you don't feel like you're alone completely, and I think that there's a point at which people can murder out of the need to feel alive. Isn't that pleasant? It's a dark place.
>The idea was is you kill as an art form, because what is art? Art is about communication, and art is about communicating something that can't be said […] it's about things that are beyond words that are communicated.
Entirely dissecting the "Did you know that you are talking to an artist?" scene, why the fuck is Brad never on audio commentary tracks. Fiona calling him a young man and talking about how they got to hang out a lot during shooting Chucky is sweet.

I'm sorry to hear that anon, will miss you very much. We'll keep the festivities going as long as possible if you're able to drop by later in the evening ♥ The thread anniversary is coming up too, should we honour it with a movie night? Wrt your pic is it bad that I've been wanting to rewatch FotC, the film is painfully cheesy but Mathias still manages to be compelling.

No. 362603

File: 1710447656255.png (306.75 KB, 685x420, shall I... .png)

Around for a bit now. Let me know when.
Sonnet 2024
Shall I compare thee to the darkest night?
Thou art the shadows where my heart dost wait
Dark tendrils keep thy gaze yet from my sight
And winter's chill, thy skin doth radiate
Sometimes so deep, the eye of Gríma shines
And often is thy pale complexion cold
To find thyself lost in these arms of mine
Sweet madness brings its comfort to thy soul
Let not thy dark desires turn to dust
For never shall I loosen off thy chains
Devoted thou, the servant to my lust
Thy heart is mine when nothing more remains
Whilst e'er thy place is settled, by my knee
So long lives this, thy life a gift for me.
- anon
With apologies to Shakespeare

Happy anniversary.

No. 362627

File: 1710451213654.jpg (325.17 KB, 800x900, tumblr_oqy6j8d5cl1rytkhdo1_128…)

GRIMACHAN THE CUPCAKES, especially loving the low-poly Grima decorations

Your prose is beautiful as always anon, the visuals are striking. Better than Shakespeare, if it's not too bold to say, because it's more heartfelt

No. 362765

File: 1710482733913.jpg (302.35 KB, 590x800, d684bp5-bee3c7fa-e7e9-4993-93c…)

Super cute dress up game from 2013 with Jack and Cale, here's the file https://files.catbox.moe/oz6kdh.swf you can play it in-browser with a Flash emulator like https://flashplayer.fullstacks.net/ HAVE FUN

No. 362766

File: 1710483668565.jpg (89.59 KB, 940x636, tumblr_af8ff0612a9de002a4fdf8b…)

Dunno where these are originally from or if they exist online in better quality but!

No. 362767

File: 1710483818371.jpg (59.48 KB, 644x938, tumblr_fc8c4fba17a92d0aa725c35…)

No. 362860

File: 1710520598322.jpg (59.09 KB, 560x465, HEuU_kKElfs.jpg)


No. 362866

File: 1710522941197.jpg (175.96 KB, 2048x1622, 278260027_382663297201839_9207…)

this is so beautiful, i'm weeping, shakespeare WHO

thanks everyone!

No. 363004

File: 1710590462314.jpg (76.49 KB, 736x736, 1000020988.jpg)

He has my heart, Johnny always turns me into a puddle
Thank you again I can't believe you got it to work!!

No. 363415

File: 1710715361196.gif (11.85 MB, 450x670, bday 2024.gif)

It's gonna be a laid back all-day Brad birthday stream, come watch Child's Play in the morning and shoot the shit in the afternoon
Kind of amazing to have decades of an actor's career available and still be lucky enough to get something new here and there. Pretty eventful year coming up for a retired guy in his 70s

No. 363446

File: 1710722762681.png (438.13 KB, 720x454, living doll.png)

If you're still on late, I'll try and
Have an amazing day!

No. 363480

File: 1710732337285.gif (11.45 MB, 635x320, thrashed.gif)

His hair, that lithe little waist, his cute face, but seriously the hair goddamn. Haven't been huge on the franchise since Mancini's retarded show but May can't come soon enough.

Hope you have a great day too anon, you think we could petition for it to be a national holiday? For religious reasons maybe, considering all the priestly roles? I'll be around until a little after midnight (GMT) ♥

No. 363494

File: 1710735462348.gif (309 KB, 200x150, 1000021140.gif)


No. 363500

File: 1710736008576.png (2.22 MB, 1200x644, 32999920.png)


No. 363504

File: 1710737398662.gif (6.81 MB, 540x400, 1000021157.gif)


No. 363507

File: 1710738367242.jpg (347.7 KB, 1002x1102, tumblr_68a6f036c49e4530d9d91a4…)

congrats brad and everyone here who made it to the sacred holiday!!! i wish today wasn't the literal busiest day ever for me so i could stay longer, hope you have a fantastic time. might spam some sci fi hotties to celebrate.

No. 363509

File: 1710740124933.gif (8.37 MB, 390x290, nonny's face when.gif)

Even if it's for a little bit it'll be really nice to see you anon ♥ His birthday finally falls on a weekend in 2028 so hopefully we're alive and well to have a great big movie night then kek.
PLEASE spam those sci fi hotties. The more Suder gets posted itt the weaker my will gets to put off Basics, that first watch is unequivocally going to result in some multi-paragraph spergouts. The quality and resolution on your pic is so good I'm getting shy looking at it, betazoid eyeballs are something else.

No. 363631

File: 1710790230759.jpg (181.06 KB, 2000x1287, 8607363.jpg)

He's always in the world's two most important genres, horror and sci fi and sometimes even sci fi horror

No. 363632

File: 1710790254836.jpg (350.52 KB, 1024x687, j-e-freeman-kids.jpg)

No. 363633

File: 1710790311375.png (3.08 MB, 1280x840, 1920x.png)

No. 363635

File: 1710790414953.png (691.36 KB, 979x528, example 1.png)

Truly deeply in love with the accurately bad nerd posture, how is Al's spine still sturdy enough for all his calisthenics

No. 363638

File: 1710790637678.png (562.06 KB, 980x521, example 2.png)

No. 363644

File: 1710791366347.jpg (43.74 KB, 640x428, alien4-still-005.jpg)

YUM rare gediman pics, his eye acting is fucking insane in every movie but especially resurrection, you look at him and think "do i even wanna know what's going on in this guy's brain?"

No. 363646

File: 1710791483205.jpg (227.23 KB, 1268x1080, StarTrekVoy-s2e16-Suder_violen…)

he's so me coded

No. 363647

File: 1710791581318.gif (9.84 MB, 540x377, tumblr_db8905bdc3dc14d5cc99b73…)

No. 363649

File: 1710792270271.gif (9.48 MB, 540x414, tumblr_5c436764f860f6694b7178e…)

his dry flippant exterior vs inner longing and emptiness captivate me.

No. 363651

File: 1710792638507.jpg (3.43 MB, 2092x2920, Teacher-core.jpg)

Gracing the thread with this higher res teachers' photo album looking, awkwardly adorable pic

No. 363652

File: 1710793136978.gif (8.91 MB, 800x430, tumblr_f6e2446953d929cd905bcca…)

i love every detail about him, the posture, the small touch of condescension, how attached he is to his little antique gun. his hairstyle is pretty accurate for a nerd who spends months cooped up on a spaceship, plus the strands of gray contrasting his personality

No. 363660

File: 1710794787753.png (1.9 MB, 1080x1896, 1000021280.png)


No. 363685

File: 1710803756735.jpg (230.07 KB, 408x342, 1000048623.jpg)

It's so good without context

No. 363843

File: 1710837958178.gif (8.21 MB, 540x325, 1000021312.gif)

Okay I actually ended up watching Child's Play on my own and I really liked it! Despite the premise the chilly 80s New York aesthetic made it feel really cozy to me, I'm happy it wasn't too campy and played mostly straight. I was super hyped for this one because it's been such a staple of Brad's career and he ofc killed it with what little screen time he had. April can't come soon enough…

No. 363844

File: 1710838233021.gif (9.78 MB, 540x325, 1000021302.gif)

Idk why these contacts don't do it for me but those edited pics of dark eyed Grima make him look ten times cuter and creepier. They complete the look.

No. 364044

File: 1710886281985.jpg (1.29 MB, 1500x1827, Bingo or not.jpg)

Okay, nonnies, here's my yesterday's draft of the ultimate Dourif bingo. Please, suggest more points or make your own edits to what's put down already. The more ideas we have the better.

No. 364045

File: 1710886552582.png (549.28 KB, 720x576, School's out.png)

So many pics, I am playing catch up, thank you all.
Glad I made it, it's always fun hope you remembered to sleep! Checking for dates.
Poor thing, needs a fluffy towel to get rid of the rain and the grease and a warm hug. Damn five minute roles.
That is an exquisite pic.
Horror sci fi for the win.
Those eyes are a void you could be happy to fall into.

No. 364049

File: 1710887410221.png (Spoiler Image,480.04 KB, 720x460, bleeding hearts.png)

Aww, absolutely adorable. May we all be so happy.
Let the memeing begin.
Glad you enjoyed it anon, it's a pretty good horror. A classic for a reason. The later ones get much more campy, so keep that in mind if you're watching any more.
Excellent job, we can collect more square-fillers, but this covers a good amount.

No. 364059

File: 1710889019466.png (497.1 KB, 720x576, krites.png)

Finding a bit of time, we have The (other) Box. Adding to previous review anon, (very) slow paced, noir-crime drama with blurred lines between bad guys/good guys. Violence, tits and ass, the usual.
Anon, you are right, ain't Stan II a sweetie? 100% the costume department raided Brad's wardrobe, I saw Trauma tshirt, Aliens sweatshirt, Critters jacket, possible Lotr orcs shirt but I am not 100% as lotr is less my thing. And one I wasn't sure of. A selection of fuzzy pics to follow. Brad appearances at the 4 min, 32 min, 54 min, 1:08 min and 1:13 min marks. But some of the scenes are barely a minute. Bless him and his boiled soup.
Also, Paramedic! I know, I saw the scene and I am still in denial.
If you're expecting an action movie or have a short attention span, skip through.

No. 364060

File: 1710889219024.png (570.22 KB, 720x576, trauma.png)

No. 364061

File: 1710889410923.png (550.44 KB, 720x576, alien.png)

No. 364062

File: 1710889718852.png (435.67 KB, 720x576, orcs.png)

No. 364063

File: 1710889995204.png (463.35 KB, 720x576, tshirt.png)

Not sure?

No. 364076

File: 1710892601673.jpg (602.88 KB, 665x1291, Screenshot_2024-03-20-02-insta…)

It's rare to see these two cutest people in the world together so that was a pleasant surprise.
Taken from Jennifer's insta. yes, I cut Don Mancini out kek

No. 364197

File: 1710935732457.jpg (49.56 KB, 736x487, 1000021040.jpg)

lol what I haven't seen those other movies yet so I didn't even notice the other shirts he was such a chill guy they didn't have to kill him off, sadface
Going full Santa beard cute

No. 364198

File: 1710935799623.jpg (49.53 KB, 736x487, 1000021041.jpg)

No. 364401

File: 1711010270685.jpg (63.56 KB, 550x300, tumblr_85e1ccbff0b43ee75c28e7e…)

that's INSANE, great shirt spotting anon. omg i can't believe they made critters 4 jackets???

No. 364423

File: 1711030976203.gif (7.51 MB, 540x325, jdkjskjd.gif)

Nona that Brackett fic you recced was good but hbnnnnnnngng I wanted to rip my laptop in half WHY DID IT FUCKING END RIGHT THERE????! i need a continuation of the angst and sexual tension they didn't even make him wake up with morning wood or anything WHY DID THEY LEAVE IT RIGHT THERE

No. 364424

File: 1711031209257.gif (5.07 MB, 540x350, saved_image (10).gif)

god I wanna take him right in the squad car

No. 364537

File: 1711083445084.jpg (275.82 KB, 1443x870, Screenshot_2024-03-22-07-55-38…)

Screaming, crying and so on, the new trailer for Chucky is out. There's like 20 days left till the premiere of the new season! We're about to feast real good.

No. 364538

File: 1711083728068.gif (2.14 MB, 530x290, OH.gif)


No. 364539

File: 1711083770517.gif (2 MB, 560x290, CURLY AGAIN.gif)

No. 364540

File: 1711083775000.jpg (196.24 KB, 960x1280, Tumblr_l_81619431804382.jpg)

Don't give a rat's ass about how are they going to explain that plot situation, but I'm so happy to see him holy fuuuuck

No. 364541

File: 1711083816494.jpg (47.38 KB, 640x640, c3RwPWM1Ni4wLjEzMjguMTMyOGFfZH…)

No. 364542

Plot, what plot? I'm here just for him
So much new stuff in just a few hours, I'm getting overwhelmed.

No. 364546

I literally cannot even articulate my feelings im. I

No. 364549

File: 1711090602925.jpg (29.6 KB, 814x548, Tumblr_l_84982873422943~2.jpg)

Stupid logos here, but this gives "don't talk to me or my son ever again"

No. 364552

File: 1711092220580.jpg (72.55 KB, 692x530, tumblr_nphyxuk9C71tczux5o1_128…)

"Eye acting" and "denture play" have got to be two of the best fucking Dourifisms invented itt. You're so right, "So fair so cold" gets everybody's ass and I'm convinced it's 90% because of that thing his eyes do.

ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL. Even without audio you can feel the cynicism/sarcasm though his facial expression alone. The body language here >>363647 too is both smug and yet somehow inviting I want to squeeze him like a stress ball until he pops. Uncontrollable violent urges wrapped in a veneer of cold, clinical sociopathy? I love his brain. Can't wait to pick him apart.

>played mostly straight
That's my favourite thing too! The premise seems boring now that we have 23283534 sequels but the original story is heartfelt with the way it focuses on family, and Charles is at his most bloodthirsty which makes Chucky (the doll) legitimately creepy.

No. 364553

File: 1711092586499.jpg (263.78 KB, 1600x2400, SHC.jpg)

Printing it out and laminating it for future (re)watches, the star over his eye is seriously such a cute layout detail. This is amazing!!

FIRST OF ALL HOW THE HELL DID YOU SPOT THESE, I kept staring at the orc shirt trying to figure out if it was a reference but couldn't come up with anything other than gargoyles, incredible work catching them all. Like anon said I'm freaking out about the Critters bomber jacket, there's no way Brad kept one post-production and never wore it again!!! Would buy. Adorable homages, so in character too, the rewatch value of this one has shot up tenfold

No. 364555

File: 1711093200785.png (1.06 MB, 600x619, reshoot.png)

Cannot overstate how thrilled I am that you liked it, there's a lot of Sheriff B fic but something about this one sticks out. Maybe the slow burn of it all? The little bit of drama, I LOVE the internal turmoil kek, the characterization felt spot on it was really satisfying. Pry the second film from my cold, dead hands just because of those scenes of comfort between the angst. SHE LEFT OFF ON SUCH A CLIFFHANGER perhaps you'll have to write the sequel…??

No. 364557

File: 1711093222344.png (1.49 MB, 1000x519, its the fuzz haha get it.png)

No. 364559

File: 1711093410503.jpg (87.74 KB, 768x474, RQq6xLLy21A.jpg)

"dialogue should simply be a sound among other sounds, just something that comes out of the mouths of people whose eyes tell the story" -alfred hitchcock.

looking significantly better in normal lighting than that waxy ass first leak tbh.

No. 364560

File: 1711093628279.jpg (62.07 KB, 692x530, tumblr_npi0db6ANV1tczux5o6_128…)

FIONA AND BRAD IN THE SAME SCENE FUCK ME RUNNING THIS IS MONUMENTAL, love how for some inexplicable reason she's an entire head shorter for this shot. Despite it all I'm glad Don isn't stooping to CGI for young Charles

How true that quote it, especially for an actor like Brad. Funny how people are always quick to bring up how much his eyes freak them out but maybe it's because they do such an unusually good job of emoting.
Crying laughing but yeah you're right, let's just chalk it up to the shitty lighting

No. 364561

File: 1711093712350.jpg (162.27 KB, 1280x972, FAY9D6OUUAMKNfm.jpg)

If you look this guy up you unavoidably get a glimpse of the mindmeld scene and it's already driving me kind of insane

No. 364563

File: 1711093768912.webm (2.73 MB, 720x576, 0311.webm)

Oh yeah here's that Fiona video from the con, I forget they have the same laugh irl

No. 364566

File: 1711094157961.png (1.56 MB, 1000x544, the jeans are boyfriend materi…)

Guys check out the doodle board I'm fucking cackling

No. 364608

File: 1711108922910.gif (1.53 MB, 425x300, 1000021625.gif)

This one did feel a little more grounded to me, maybe just because it was Laurie and not a random self insert (although I love those too)
>perhaps you'll have to write the sequel
You are such a bastard and now I kind of want to… here it is if anyone else is curious https://archiveofourown.org/works/7544947/chapters/17156596

No. 364609

File: 1711109169587.gif (3.32 MB, 540x350, 1000021616.gif)

the fucking hat and the uniform, like what, am I NOT supposed to want to demolish him? Rob Zombie knew what he was doing

No. 364628

File: 1711114041785.gif (6.88 MB, 540x415, Tumblr_l_117265156160785.gif)

All this talk about Suder and I haven't even seen the ep yet. Please I want to be the one mindmelding with him, because my mind melts whenever I see him.
Sorry about that.

No. 364646

All the news yesterday had some kind of psychological effect on me I dreamt about Tiffany buying Nica suits that Charles would like and it was pissing her off so bad because she hated them, there was also some weird stuff going on, I don't even like them together or watch the show what's going on. Anyone else had interesting character dreams lately?

No. 364721

File: 1711138896744.png (542.15 KB, 720x569, 'cause I'm free.png)

I know I am going to miss some posts because anons gone wild, but tysm for all the pics.
This adorable fuzzball.
Why do I get the feeling there's a Halloween II movie viewing on the way soon?
Just from the posts itt, we also have options of 'stray curls' 'plays a cop/sheriff' 'pullable ponytail'.

No. 364722

File: 1711139203555.png (553.44 KB, 720x571, to do what I want.png)

Ade due Damballa, what have we been blessed with? Thank you for sharing these. If anyone needs me I will be bouncing up and down, clapping and squealing like a 5 year old at a birthday party.
OK, currently I have 27th or 30th, early or late if either of those are good for anons?
If you write it, we will read it.
Who did that? Too funny.
Anon are you psyop-ing yourself?

No. 364723

File: 1711139433109.png (519.7 KB, 720x568, any old time.png)

No. 364869

File: 1711177327335.gif (6.47 MB, 540x350, 1000021618.gif)

Yeah I am absolutely not going to make it to Halloween before I rewatch both movies. Either one of those dates works for me!
She has been so sweet in every con video I've seen. And yes, the laugh!

No. 365310

File: 1711311530444.jpg (64.38 KB, 640x364, b7tjym.jpg)

we have so much in common, we both love soup…
can do both the dates!

No. 365394

File: 1711335950185.png (4.11 MB, 1437x997, rock2.png)

If late (2200GMT/1730ET/1430PT) on the 30th works for everyone else I'm game too, what are we watching?

Legitimately yes idk what happened but I ended up rewatching all the movies last night. Series still holds up for the most part but god, you really forget how bad the Curse wig was until you see it in action. Should have let him have those natural Last Kind Worlds curls and edited the colour in post!!

No. 365395

Short interview for The Lesson ep of Criminal Minds featuring some behind the scenes footage, the poor thing starts tearing up halfway through why is he naturally so weepy kek

No. 365414

File: 1711341237546.gif (3.24 MB, 470x350, pocketsnake.gif)

It's ten times funnier knowing he picked this snake up off the road for no reason but it's hysterical that he just fucking puts it in his pocket afterwards.

No. 365415

File: 1711341329003.gif (8.26 MB, 400x300, 0325.gif)

Also going insane about the body language in this scene especially when they share a look and he cocks his head

No. 365447

File: 1711350188738.jpg (368.24 KB, 758x1035, Tumblr_l_228822507266614.jpg)

They just had an entire conversation with their eyes only.
Still wondering why is he so random?

Nonnies, I stole you some new pics.

No. 365449

File: 1711350331438.jpg (220.5 KB, 800x581, Tumblr_l_228828271916300.jpg)

I've seen these two pics in worse quality but this isn't it, there are more!

No. 365450

File: 1711350395660.jpg (178.93 KB, 576x800, Tumblr_l_228830082370674.jpg)

No. 365452

File: 1711351214794.jpg (277.12 KB, 734x800, Tumblr_l_228820604305834.jpg)

No. 365463

File: 1711357112643.jpg (272.26 KB, 800x742, 1000021831.jpg)

anon, you didn't post my favorite one

No. 365493

File: 1711369396470.jpg (311.43 KB, 793x840, Tumblr_l_228826450322186.jpg)

I failed to post the rest of these too because I've lost connection, kek

No. 365518

File: 1711385057063.jpg (176.79 KB, 655x974, tumblr_ec42e1141d676adeace1037…)

kek i just know if some random male celebricow actor did something like this you'd make fun of him relentlessly, but also it's a lynch movie so it's kinda par for the course.

No. 365584

File: 1711409769399.png (373.54 KB, 390x414, relatable.png)

RARE SCANS HELL YEAH his face is lovely in this one
He looks so cute and lively for a guy that was laying on the ground covered in blood 5 minutes ago, and KEK the look on Hicks' face
Cronenberg and Lynch are two directors exempt from logic in my brain but Brad going along with it is inexplicable lmao

No. 365585

File: 1711409825787.png (1.4 MB, 1105x1091, lockportguardian.png)

Scouring every second of the DVDs for a glimpse of new pics but I think this was the only one

No. 365586

File: 1711409944130.jpg (309.87 KB, 768x518, 4842630788_324eea6dd0_o.jpg)

The studio that did El Padrino had a few more photos on their Flickr, if I say what I want to about this photo I'll probably get banned

No. 365588

File: 1711410069153.jpg (259.24 KB, 768x518, 4842011693_91979b8302_o.jpg)

No. 365592

File: 1711410456498.png (7.91 MB, 1438x1920, 3315048049_a92f5e93e1_o.png)

No. 365639

File: 1711425927405.gif (6.87 MB, 500x290, 12.gif)

No. 365640

File: 1711425957681.gif (4.19 MB, 425x320, shred him like a chicken breas…)

No. 365723

File: 1711476616563.jpg (86.08 KB, 1440x1800, 245014404_3122012114699105_229…)

nice, good quality

No. 365794

File: 1711493845767.png (355.37 KB, 688x567, The heat is on.png)

>what are we watching?
Happy to watch anything that we have enough emergency back up versions of. The Ghost got mentioned at one point which is a fun popcorn movie, DM rewatch must happen, Halloween II craving seems to be activated currently itt.
>so weepy
He is precious.

No. 365795

File: 1711494244931.png (299.66 KB, 691x575, It's on the street.png)

He can do so much with little material, the frustration is real.
>>365449 etc
Beautiful, thanks for sharing and appreciate the work.
Such a handsome fuzzy caterpillar.

No. 365797

File: 1711494603787.png (346.33 KB, 699x567, Inside your head.png)

Next art anon commission, replace the tattoos with something more farm/anon appropriate.Group therapy session required anon?

No. 365800

File: 1711494842880.png (270.67 KB, 687x564, On every beat.png)

No. 365899

File: 1711555534940.jpeg (134.41 KB, 1302x1516, arrested for granpaganda.jpeg)

>Halloween II craving seems to be activated
you're not kidding. Hopefully I've gotten it out of my system…for now. Seriously like a million other things I want to work on and grandpa has colonized my brain.

No. 366258

File: 1711665802187.png (216.88 KB, 1186x433, DM 30th 1.png)

Anon this is too good, you're bringing the quality.
In other news
>Death Machine
picrel from

No. 366259

File: 1711666024450.png (62.17 KB, 1192x630, DM 30th 2.png)

No. 366260

File: 1711666382693.png (1.3 MB, 1192x860, DM 30th 3.png)

No. 366442

File: 1711750203184.png (1.28 MB, 900x496, cappuccino machine debacle.png)

AAAAHHHHHHH I was really trying to put off rewatching H2 until Halloween but your posts were too enticing. Why wasn't he in the first one more, the Brackett household is just lovely, he tries so hard to mediate between the girls. Can't even articulate the feeling of seeing all this Sheriff B fanart you are single-handedly supplying the whole internet and me THANK YOU A MILLION TIMES THANK YOU I love how dynamic your linework is and the detail to adding his H1 wedding ring (makes you think) and braincell, see previous dog chain discussion except yanking him down against you by his tie so that he can put all that warm soft weight against your back. Next time anyone's up for a chill laid back stream we should definitely watch the Halloween making-of, it's a full length doc and Brad is in it a good bit (along with his consummate professionalism in fucking up his lines kek).

No. 366444

File: 1711751973066.png (209.72 KB, 1416x275, HERITAGE POST.png)

Not seen The Ghost before so will be glad to watch that one, never a dull moment when he's wearing tailored buttonups. See you tomorrow!
Oh hell yeah, as per >>366258 am happy to host the bi-annual rewatch if someone gets it uploaded or whenever my copy arrives. Judging by the length it's likely a recut of the US version, there's a glimmer of hope that they may have access to deleted material I guess but TRYING TO TEMPER EXPECTATIONS SO HARD. Either way
>three Norrington commentary tracks
>thirteen minutes of new stills
Tearing into drywall irl. Life is good.

No. 366472

File: 1711760963086.png (1.34 MB, 1396x778, IMG_0199.png)

Exercising restraint in recording timestamps of exactly how long they spent on Mark vs Lacey, meanwhile we get no explanation how this eccentric idiot could have given himself gangrene bad enough to lose an arm and as far as the audience saw he never experienced psychosis like Mark and Bill either? Should have been wary enough of the whole thing to protect himself against a possible killer too. No wonder we're forced to fall back on scripts and character dissection using the full scientific method. Anyways I love him even if he shows up for five whole minutes as always every scene is a joy to watch.

No. 366473

File: 1711761705125.jpg (199.62 KB, 819x951, Times Colonist Aug 27 1989.jpg)

Pierces right through the heart with the very first sentence but also
>So is he mild-mannered and charming in real life? Dourif laughed. "Yeah, you can print that"
CUTE. The anon who asked why he gets described as a redhead is on to something, it's always that or blonde for some reason.

No. 366479

This is so cute and expressive! your art never disappoints, nona. smiley face heart emoji heart emoji heart emoji
I'm fuckin foaming at the mouth, three separate cuts of the film AND new commentary tracks AND behind the scenes stuff. Looks like the interviews are the same ones from the German DVD though kek. I can't waaaiiiitttt

No. 366494

File: 1711782719260.gif (850.11 KB, 371x271, 1000022343.gif)

Wow…another Chucky movie. Thrilling. Great. Exactly what everyone wanted. https://www.giantfreakinrobot.com/ent/chucky-new-movie-childs-play.html

No. 366495

File: 1711783230665.jpg (1.49 MB, 2836x1893, 1000022341.jpg)

I don't remember if I've seen this one posted yet. Love that he was in the movie for 5 mins and there are so many bts pics
Watching the making of would be fun. Tbh I've never seen the original and I liked these, even though I was kind of biased against a Zombie movie.

No. 366497

Is this the release that keeps getting pushed back? I'm not very hopeful it will deliver, but at least the love for this movie is still going, somehow.

No. 366504

File: 1711786147184.jpg (262.85 KB, 974x1299, Tumblr_l_292018352326153.jpg)

Oh man, I love it so much. Whoever wrote this felt it on some supernatural level. Again, love those bits of Brad's philosophy of evil. His idea of evil being inherently human and all, he's onto something with this.
The only reason to be happy about it is a fat paycheck for the Dourifs.

And I just stole a scan of another interview myself.

No. 366505

File: 1711786213723.jpg (81.94 KB, 702x543, Tumblr_l_292023069173703.jpg)

Well, not really an interview, just a convention report but still.

No. 366541

File: 1711807625867.jpg (7.51 MB, 4096x5461, cringe but free.jpg)

My censorship is over, this is what I wanted to post

No. 366593

File: 1711832572708.jpg (24.92 KB, 300x420, 14071510472610_l.jpg)

The Ghost starts in 30 minutes!
We'll miss you at the stream anon ♥

No. 366689

File: 1711871698854.gif (4.04 MB, 268x213, Tumblr_l_93112613952283.gif)

God he is so baby. I want to suck on his face for hours. I want to squeeze him until he turns blue. Holy shit. He's so adorable I can't take it. So soft and cute i want one hand in his hair to hold him in place while I take my time slobbering all over his face and neck. He looks so fragile I WANT TO DO THE CRUSHING NOW. Grind on this little twig until he's dust.

No. 366690

File: 1711871803940.gif (3.47 MB, 268x213, Tumblr_l_93105952349578.gif)

They misspelled his name…

No. 366725

File: 1711895535343.jpg (83.24 KB, 854x596, 426829371_1336362197077396_849…)

this was fun, thanks guys!
good shit, the main and only function of the tie
siiiiggghhh you're very correct as always

No. 366799

File: 1711918355128.jpg (179.48 KB, 580x906, eAT6EaIRc7s.jpg)

How does it keep getting sequel after sequel I'm so tired, at this point I'll even take another one minute side character role as long as he actually shows up on screen again. Miss his face.
It must be pretty funny for him working with directors who are such massive fanboys but at the same time I understand and appreciate their autistic documentation.

No. 366801

File: 1711918496146.jpg (260.2 KB, 1280x1402, tumblr_mogngcO7G71s7fkxpo1_128…)

LOVE THIS AND LOVE YOU the meat and vintage Satanic panic imagery are so apt and cute I want this as a poster immediately. It's ok to be cringe because he's cringe too so it evens out to some sort of sick normalcy (in a loving way). I miss the picmixes, we definitely need more moodboards itt

No. 366802

File: 1711919045027.gif (7.21 MB, 350x260, 0329.gif)

Hearty kek at the duality of woman and wanting to be crushed/crush him into dust, he was such a twiggy babe I want to grope his skinny legs and commit sex acts on his mouth with my tongue, his lips look like a curly bracket and the dip in his philtrum is still one of the sweetest features of his face to me, his nose is sculptural perfection too how do you French kiss a nose I dunno but I want to kiss both sides then drag the kisses out to his squishy cheeks I WANT TO EAT HIM ARGHHHHHH ANON YOUR POST IS BREAKING MY BRAIN

No. 366803

File: 1711919074957.gif (6.64 MB, 350x260, too pretty to hang.gif)

No. 366806

File: 1711919715887.jpg (23.26 KB, 612x462, fMxtST51dyU.jpg)

No. 366809

File: 1711920925963.jpg (33.33 KB, 421x526, 420023598_901396601687332_9189…)

deep breaths guys

No. 366812

File: 1711922476812.png (1.83 MB, 833x1080, IMG_0402.png)

Can he stop opening his mouth it's really lewd actually

No. 366842

File: 1711936982306.png (1.66 MB, 1000x578, concussive brain trauma.png)

No. 366917

File: 1711959933859.jpg (43.65 KB, 1012x848, 1000022481.jpg)

Scrawny baby Brad is really doing something to me right now like I want to hold him and love on him but also maybe harass him a little and make him cry, maybe force my love onto him unwillingly. I'm going to bash my head into a wall. Those big blue eyes scared and wide and full of tears as he uselessly tries to push me away hhhhhhhgg dying

No. 366948

File: 1711973736145.gif (170.19 KB, 500x298, 1000022565.gif)

yeahh more picmixes, collages, extremely specific and niche memes, all that homegrown content is fun to see

No. 367071

File: 1712020888987.gif (Spoiler Image,5.74 MB, 390x290, 11.gif)

>force my love
Hi hi hey hi hello based department hello that one chloroform scene made my blood pressure skyrocket

No. 367072

File: 1712020980890.gif (4.51 MB, 420x290, assistance.gif)

So frustrated that he was never manhandled like this by women aside from getting dragged around a little in StJ.

No. 367100

File: 1712029282096.gif (954.16 KB, 500x361, 11690940_4ac26.gif)

I live for the esoteric niche obscure lore memes (Dourif characters as lolcow posts also make me laugh harder than they reasonably should). Best choice of Brackett pic anon ♥

No. 367187

>chloroform scene
the what now. God I wish that was me. Look at him go. The other hand cupping the top of his head I know it's to hold him down but it looks so gentle and loving. Hhhhhhh

No. 367606

File: 1712180713569.png (458.67 KB, 720x570, Color me your color, baby.png)

I see the usual anons gone wild has happened again. So many beautiful pics and articles.
>another movie
Milk the franchise as much as you can, I guess. Unless we get the man himself in it. We can dream.
Another fun viewing, thank you.
Currently I have 12th, 17th, 20th free. 1900BST is good but can do a bit earlier or later if better for anons.
Good Lord.
I just love the heartfelt creativity itt.

No. 367608

File: 1712181001354.png (445.72 KB, 720x554, Color me your car.png)

No. 367612

File: 1712181509234.png (401.19 KB, 712x542, Color me your color, darling.p…)

No. 367616

File: 1712181765320.png (418.3 KB, 711x550, I know who you are.png)

No. 368231

File: 1712366259052.gif (381.77 KB, 500x270, picmix.com_11698239.gif)

love youuuuu

No. 368458

File: 1712436341592.png (1.25 MB, 750x583, cutie in peril.png)

LOOK AT HIM GO trying to fight back, so cute. Brainworms wrt slipping Jack roofies or handfeeding him heavy-duty antipsychotics to defang him a little is still going strong but the warm intimacy of straddling someone, almost getting bucked off (erotic!), I'm crazy about the hand in his hair too!! Fingers gently tangled in it as though you're about to go in for a kiss but it's the suffocating fumes of a chloroform rag. Ever since someone posted that gif of Bobby stabbing a knife into his leg I've been mildly interested in watching this one but who would've thunk there was going to be MORE.
Normal thoughts about Gardner's Son: genuine recommendation if you're interested in historical American pieces, it's sort of dry and not McCarthy's strongest imo but still a poignant (and well-acted) period piece.

No. 368463

File: 1712436709200.gif (3.54 MB, 400x300, bloody hell.gif)

Still thinking about his silky-smooth voice in The Ghost, along with the vocal fry rasp in Body Parts and that one Hitchhiker ep it's one of my favourite, I don't know what to call it, enunciational deliveries(?) of his. Fun film. I'm free only late-late on the 12th unless someone else would like to host, but 17th and 20th are a possible maybe. Will keep you updated.

No. 368480

File: 1712440198025.gif (5.92 MB, 800x450, du kennst meinen namen.gif)

Surely EIII scholars have written endless essays on the subject but the poetic irony of James being pure (not in the god-fearing sense but physically), shedding blood while his hands are still technically clean and ok doubly so that possessing the body of a god-fearing priest technically makes him virginal and pure as the driven snow. A fresh karmic slate even if he's the absolute last person who deserves it, bottom-feeder filth coming back as the epitome and vessel of piety. I know that's literally the whole point of the movie but I haven't given it serious thought until now ok, been too busy staring.

No. 368481

File: 1712440337720.png (553.27 KB, 543x392, Kuifje Weekblad - 1984 (47).pn…)

Webarchive has a bunch of Brad articles too https://archive.org/search?query=%22brad+dourif%22+&sin=TXT but not much that's new unfortunately. There WAS a tiny blurry pic from the Istanbul shoot in a Euro mag though!

No. 368483

File: 1712440526254.png (354.5 KB, 329x426, mystiii.png)

Neat interview about Brad acting in Myst III https://web.archive.org/web/20040629172932/http://archive.gamespy.com/interviews/june01/dourif/ (of course he's a Sims fan, kek)

No. 368484

File: 1712440646913.jpg (62.07 KB, 500x375, LooksCouldKill1996.jpg)

No. 368564

File: 1712456994626.jpg (69.96 KB, 508x768, IMG_4327.JPG)

unable to contribute atm because i'm saving these movies for later, however, all of that very much felt…
aww they gave him such dramatic eye bags for this film. also wow the myst article used to have nice behind the scenes pictures, great work.

No. 368569

File: 1712458401977.png (2.15 MB, 1693x820, 120.png)

Enough prose and pussyfooting around. I want to molest this horrible creature while he's in a coma. Too bad there's no worldly indignancy that could make him squeamish.

Based anon. Much forgettable stuff in his filmography but somehow we get hidden gems in the most unexpected of places kek.

No. 368573

File: 1712459669653.gif (6.74 MB, 500x280, catty.gif)

CUTE!! Was checking out his room again and thought of you, how funny is it that he does have a standard-issue crew jacket that he refuses to wear?

No. 368576

File: 1712461694562.jpg (200.72 KB, 1300x741, Screenshot30.jpg)

RIGHT? i think he might have a small rock collection there too(?) love him and the thing he does where he gets all in people's faces.

No. 368579

File: 1712463801979.gif (2.76 MB, 540x294, 853-2374.gif)

more power to you, the thought of taking advantage of his patient characters is super appealing, with james you wouldn't even have to feel bad about it (if you survive)

OH and, samefag moment but speaking of jackets, al's jacket is an old united states air force jacket which is extremely awesome and something i would wear the shit out of everyday if i owned one, like i cannot overstate to you how much this guy is literally me but cooler. i do have a rock collection though.

No. 368889

File: 1712550199227.png (1.21 MB, 900x469, sorry for rick's hideous face.…)

The framed rock collection right!? Great eye, of course he'd be a geology nerd too. Yes yes yes I love that he's in his middle age(ish) and still acting like a brat, even Ethan finds the hypocrisy of "pretend[ing] a bit of servitude" funny. I guess the restrained sarcasm is how he keeps himself sane when trying to deal with bullheaded idiots.
I ended up rewatching to take notes and finally figured out what's going with those jars on his wall- he's got succulents growing in them HOW CUTE IS THAT, unexpectedly subdued artsy hobbies. Super late reply but >>363652 the grays and slightly grown out mullet, he's perfectly dishevelled but not enough to be a slob you know? It's endearing, he keeps himself (and his surroundings) tidy but not to the point of preening. I like that he's still got the earring too, matches his flippant attitude kek.
Amazing catch with the jacket I.D., looked it up and apparently it's an A-2 flight jacket if you're ever inclined to buy one. He's so cool I understand stealing his cowboy boots in hopes that some of the coolness rubs off.

I wish James wasn't half as gorgeous because every time he opens his mouth he's so gross it's genuinely revolting, at least the whole "stuck in a prison of his own making" (aka his head) situation leaves him adorably helpless and vulnerable. Some sense of humanity in a villain is nice because it gives a catharsis to putting them through agony but you're right, something to be said about outplaying a sadist.

No. 368890

File: 1712550249262.gif (4.58 MB, 300x299, literallyme.gif)

That scene from Last Kind Words is rattling around in my brain again I want to sneak into his bunk and cuddle up with the jacket on his bed and maybe take a nap with my face in his pillow while he's busy working. Also drink coffee from his tumbler when he's not looking, indirect kiss. I'm in agony.

No. 368934

File: 1712554444862.jpg (221.71 KB, 1338x755, 5246634354.jpg)

was that what the jars were for? i can kinda see one now that i'm looking closer, that IS cute! how wild is it that we're still spotting all these small touches. now i'm sure he's lived on earth for a while, rocks and plants just seem so, well, grounded, something very unassuming you'd get as meaningful souvenirs rather than a show of extrinsic interest in earth culture. and what a gentleman, ignoring everyone's personal space except fran, kek. his type of sarcasm is so wonderful, WHYY do we have to make do with only a few scenes of him in one movie, at least he was too smart to get graphically mauled by alien furbies, i guess. we need to do that double feature some time.
LOL amazing gif oohhh god don't remind me. currently also feeling sharing a joint with stan the soup guy, going through his shirts, maybe listening to him descend into some weird rant. this actually works well with so many characters, lkw what have you done to us… for me nothing beats grima nosying around in my possessions and leaving a vaguely mouldy trace behind.

No. 368964

File: 1712558382564.gif (5.33 MB, 550x300, 2.gif)

Yeah, he's too practical to be sentimental so it makes sense that his hobbies are more hands-on. Interesting that Al doesn't share in Ethan's nostalgia for Earth, he's admirably zen in a living-in-the-moment kind of way. I wonder if he's as interested in alien culture/geology as he is in Earth stuff, the idea of him buying those dinky containers of geodes museums sell except full of rocks from Mars is endearing kek.
Speaking of Fran, that bit where she grabs onto him is sooo adorable. It works for the story that C4 was a stand-alone but I'd give my soul for deleted scenes or an extended version or something, sometimes these characters aren't much more than a pretty face but Al is a good man, I'd like to see even the mundane aspects of his life.
>double feature
OKAY I'm free on the 20th!! If a Critters twofer is sounds good then it would be my pleasure.
>Soup Stan
Oh my god same anon, same. Can't you just picture sitting on a couple of lawn chairs outside his trailer in the middle of the night getting stoned as hell and watching the stars…he'd start talking about grays invading Area 51 and I'd just put my head on his chest and space out, sigh. Nothing reminds you of being an animal quite like wanting to smell a guy and rub your face all over his belongings however the inverse of
>Grima's mouldy trace
ALSO GOOD. His klepto tendencies ensure that you'll steadily lose even unimportant things (with emotional value to him) like jewellery, your favorite books…maybe I am still a little insane about him stealing clothes in that fic. A bit creepy, a bit hot.

No. 369203

File: 1712646261398.png (1.91 MB, 1080x1602, brad dourif. fuck yeah. brad d…)

This was cute. And the rest of that Touching Home interview thing where he's complaining about the tv was on there, I swear I've trawled webarchive for articles before but never saw this stuff so thank you.

No. 369337

File: 1712685611864.jpg (246.98 KB, 1644x954, Screenshot2403271440.jpg)

fuck yeah, maybe we should watch halloween 2 first though, before the other anons go insane?
guess we don't really know if those minerals are from earth, very sweet either way. rocks can be a little sentimental, without being too overt. the entire critters fandom needs to petition someone for any unreleased material in case they're holding out on us. btw, million dollar question, what do you think his earring is? the whole time i was convinced it was a lightning bolt but pretty sure it isn't.
>rub your face all over his belongings
NICE, there's appeal both in secrecy and openly being a little crazy.

No. 369402

File: 1712698107966.gif (4.06 MB, 469x304, smiley.gif)

did this make anyone else freak out, like HOW did he straight up move his hairline like 2 inches???

No. 369462

I've seen Conan O'Brien do this, like a scalp wiggle instead of an ear wiggle. Like how some people can do the Dreamworks eyebrow. But scalp.

No. 369464

File: 1712724437541.gif (1.08 MB, 400x170, show you_text_fanpop.gif)

samefag but on the oddly specific topic of gestures, I've been using the finger wag more often and it's great. Wide range of applications, would recommend.

No. 369474

File: 1712726728414.gif (5.89 MB, 540x302, hawt.gif)

personally this is the jack gesture that's been haunting me, it's so manic yet evocative, in a different context it would be like something exaggerated but not at all weird you do with your hands when you're explaining something important. later he does it again when enthusiastically talking about parallel processing, almost like he's conveniently forgetting he's holding a blade.

No. 369477

File: 1712729277145.png (3.17 MB, 1349x966, Video Tonfa - Tim Goodyear.png)

The Brad reviews in that book are adorable yeah, really makes me wish for there to be a fanzine one day (what the content would be I do not know, but still). Thanks for the heads up about the Touching Home excerpt, looks like the SC production diary is on there as well!

No. 369483

File: 1712729918584.png (1.11 MB, 1668x964, qt3.1415.png)

Summoning Brackett anon to see if she's free on the 20th 'cause we can't do Halloween without her. H2 or the making-of are both fine by me too. Tangentially related but would anybody want to do a stream of the new Chucky episodes together? I've seen maybe a minute of the show so it's going to be a total crapshoot just waiting for Charles in the flesh so it might be more fun as a group but the premiere is pretty late today at 0300BST/2100ET/1900PT.
Interesting question, for the longest time I thought it was a simple oval with a colored stone but on closer look it's actually a tiny snake or something? The curves seem too smooth for a lightning bolt but I'm not sure, what do you think?

No. 369486

it's fine, I already rewatched both Halloween movies, you guys should go ahead with your Critters night it would be fun as hell to watch the episodes together but I will probably be dead asleep at that time because I have work tomorrow for no reason I hate this gay ass earth

No. 369487

File: 1712731609750.gif (8.78 MB, 620x290, hes so special (special ed).gi…)

That way he rubs his fingers together while closing in on her is perverse, it's like he's trying to gauge how she'd feel to the touch. Interesting how many times he gets within grabbing distance and doesn't ever actually put a hand on her until the basement redux, like rewatching that parallel processing scene he's holding his hands up, palms out, like what's typically considered a gesture of non-aggression, it's funny…he's not very physical for a touch-starved loner is he. I'm almost surprised at the display of self-control(???).
He doesn't just talk with his hands he talks with his own freaking body.

It's okay I figured most everybody would be sleeping, they're doing a rerun on the weekend but it's late night/early morning as well. He might not even be in this ep so it's not worth killing a sleep schedule over kek. If you're busy on the 20th is there a better date for movie night? Miss you (no homo)

No. 369493

File: 1712732211179.gif (2.38 MB, 500x271, 0800090.gif)

Never noticed it before and now I'm going to think about it every time he does the 1,000 wrinkle forehead eyebrow raise KEK. Maybe the more forehead real estate there is the more it wrinkles up

No. 369496

The 20th is fine I'm just not ready for Critters yet sowwy

No. 369500

File: 1712733390600.jpg (228.2 KB, 1200x809, IMG_4326.JPG)

as fun as a premiere screening sounds, waiting for a confirmed brad sighting is totally acceptable. i even finally watched the original child's play for such an occasion, it was very enjoyable.
his body language works so well both to highlight the over explaining thing and to further invade your space, he makes me illlll
i thought it might be a snake also! that, or just an abstract squiggle.
aw it's ok, we can wait if you'd like, i imagine considering the discussions itt some of us have been rewatching parts of it quite rigorously.

No. 369507

File: 1712734913513.jpg (162.91 KB, 1080x721, 433923526_947146667076405_3687…)

Rigorous rewatching is right kek, it's at the point where I'm unironically enjoying stuff like Critters and SC. How does a movie night poll like we did last time sound?
Wrt Chucky it looks like new episodes come out every Wednesday so we won't have to wait long. I didn't know we had another anon who'd never seen Child's Play before, what'd you think of it? Also sorry for the one hundred typos I've been Brad-deprived the whole day and trying to type while excited is an effort.
>invade your space
He's always on the edge of getting physical but never quite having the balls to go through with it, makes me want to goad him into a fistfight. The sexual tension of impending violence, if you will.

No. 369517

Not much of a Charles enjoyer but how can you not appreciate him screaming expletives and writhing around on the ground. I think this is from the screener, the original version of the transference scene (he shows up for maybe five seconds longer than the theatrical release)

No. 369522

File: 1712736783772.jpg (124.39 KB, 462x797, tumblr_97f8d58ba6ecfb77136b1e3…)

i think the fact that we see the bad guy/the curse revealed in the very beginning makes it less scary and suspenseful overall (which sure as god damn hell isn't a drawback for me kek) the battery plot twist however was very fun and spooky. can't wait for the second one!
polls are always good. btw since someone mentioned touching home, is that one any good?

No. 369526

File: 1712739089200.gif (9.02 MB, 540x325, 1000023690.gif)

No, Touching Home is very boring but Clyde is so fucking cute.
I thought he was dressed so goofy for a murderer. Let's do a poll!

No. 369528

File: 1712739244981.jpg (411.72 KB, 851x365, 1000023687.jpg)

♥ ♥ ♥

No. 369536

POLL TIME https://xoyondo.com/ap/mba3e017g837rtw

The squinty toothy smile is the most precious thing on the planet ♥

No. 369577

>James being pure
Depends if the sins are counted by the body or by the soul or souls. Does the puppet need penance or the hand that controls it? Does a dark soul slowly corrupt the flesh around it, however pure the vessel?
All James-based feelings are valid here.
Detective anons strike again, thank you.
How sweet are these? Great finds.

No. 369579

File: 1712768304680.png (551.42 KB, 699x549, tommy boy.png)

>Grima's mouldy trace
Of course, his prefered things to touch would be anything that has been or would be worn against the skin. Every contact leaves a trace.
Not going to ask how many anons itt tried it on themselves.
>He doesn't just talk with his hands he talks with his own freaking body.
Perfect description. And isn't that what Brad brings to a lot of his characters, that sense of physicality?
Have some brow wrinkles.
So. Many. Choices.

No. 369583

File: 1712771224058.png (1.3 MB, 1080x1074, 1000023853.png)


No. 369584

File: 1712771286956.png (845.95 KB, 938x995, 1000023852.png)

I can't express my joy in a non retarded way I want to keysmash so bad

No. 369585

File: 1712771366500.png (1.54 MB, 1079x1344, 1000023851.png)

No. 369597

File: 1712775647956.jpg (363.35 KB, 2048x3072, 2686380653_ed2b4f3d92_3k.jpg)

GOOD MORNING good lord THESE ARE AMAZING the last pic is legitimately beautiful I love the matching cosplay kek, and what is that first photo they're ridiculous the classic sidepart and his big baby blues are making my heart flutter a bit tbh. Fiona knows there's no better advertisement than these, she's too smart

No. 369658

File: 1712800614998.png (3.16 MB, 1400x788, makingof.png)

>dark soul slowly corrupt the flesh
I LOVE YOU I know Damien didn't exactly treat his body as a temple but James being a parasite on his soul, tarnishing his piety if only psychologically, ugh…the profane liturgy of possession. He's the embodiment of physical dissonance, different movie but I always hearken back to "Where does evil live? Does it live in the soul? In the mind? Maybe it lives in the flesh". We don't talk about the priest much but poor Dami weeping as he's led through the seven levels of hell for simply dying being in the wrong place at the wrong time is funny. Deserving another mention is being the one thing, above even hell and murder and Satan himself, to ultimately defile his sacred flesh is really good… Thank you for your continued support.
Coveting only objects of value and the precious thing that wears said objects(!!!!), knowing they're luxuries he can't afford. Furiously taking notes. His million forehead wrinkles are indicative of his big brain I think

No. 369720

no old man sighting on today's ep, maybe we'll be luckier next week.

No. 369744

File: 1712850851034.jpg (447.84 KB, 1080x1080, Tumblr_l_783964355280738.jpg)

yeah I ran to check tumblr when I woke up, sad face

No. 369746

File: 1712850971005.gif (8.81 MB, 540x398, Tumblr_l_812506588219276.gif)

He is so fucking beautiful in this show

No. 369860

File: 1712897831908.png (1 MB, 1080x812, 1000024087.png)


No. 370026

Might be weird to say but his limbal rings are insane. Also the face he makes during Tilly's pause here!!!

No. 370034

File: 1712966840125.jpg (86.91 KB, 832x950, babylon.jpg)

such look of concentration as she's speaking, what consummate professionalism kek. he really is the x factor that's kept the franchise going as strong as it did for so long. his eyes are so wonderfully expressive and vibrant so i understand the eye fixation, really, i do (t. dacryphilia haver).

No. 370037

File: 1712969340593.gif (9.76 MB, 530x300, 0412.gif)

A glowing review if you're into men crying, Brad movies are a must-watch kek. I get you anon, never been so mesmerized by it until seeing him in tears, the combination of bluest-blue eyes rimmed with red is very pretty. Something about how genuine the tears are too even the snot running down his chin lmao it just looks more anguished and pained and real. Vibrant is a lovely word to use, they're so huge and emotive it's like a point of scientific fascination- their brightness, their refractive qualities. That Prophecy scene is so embarrassing to get horny over (and yet).

No. 370043

File: 1712971866757.png (1.59 MB, 1000x553, 19522001.png)

Samefag, SC was a double whammy. He's so WET.

No. 370081

File: 1712985734853.png (600.33 KB, 960x538, garbage.png)

45 days. 45 DAYS. 45.

The bit where he's on one knee with his eyes shut makes me want to football tackle him. The accent, the sarcasm. His waist…

No. 370158

File: 1713020850847.png (549.57 KB, 720x564, I shall fear.png)

This goofball.
ty for sharing these.
Appreciate anons checking. We taking bets it'll be near the end or cliff hanger or something?
Ain't he just?

No. 370161

File: 1713021825943.png (618.51 KB, 720x568, no evil.png)

We always say it but he just does give so much in every performance. Even little things like reading the lines off screen when he's not on camera to help the other actors get the right performance.
>various picsrel
Exquisite, weepy eyes can only help.
The Prophecy III is a tiny taste of martyred ecstasy.
Hotter When Wet still stands.
Hang on in there anon. We are with you.

No. 370340

File: 1713034551795.jpeg (Spoiler Image,143.93 KB, 778x973, play time.jpeg)

THE FACE GRABBING this man was made to be abused. I want to grind on his face and use his tears as moisturizer. He would be my human sex toy. He's so fucking cute words are not enough rrrrrrrrr i wanted to save this one until I finished a few other drawings but oh well

No. 370342

File: 1713034622200.jpg (167.91 KB, 1433x1018, lil jack.jpg)

palate cleanser

No. 370469

File: 1713054707079.jpg (257.36 KB, 1920x817, tumblr_1efa2be2894dfecab0a7bcf…)

speechless… the cleanser is adorable, you’re so good at stylizing him. you've got such an awesome range of shading styles, the crisp cel shading is wonderful but this painted one is so invitingly rendered, especially the hair, i want to touch him so bad i wanna take a bite… your art is so hot. good call on the zip ties, i hope he hates it!

No. 370640

File: 1713109264303.png (Spoiler Image,892.08 KB, 1079x1250, 1000024420.png)

Noooooo don't say that, I was worried about it too, they made such a big deal about his return if it's another 5 minute wonder I will RIOT
Also sorry but are the people on twitter actual brainlets

No. 370688

File: 1713118651433.jpg (214.02 KB, 1080x1080, 419912254_1516624578904173_248…)

HOLY SHIT HOLY SHIT ANON HOW CAN YOU DROP A MASTERPIECE LIKE THIS WITH NO WARNING MY HEART'S SKIPPING BEATS LIKE A STROKE PATIENT the monochrome is so beautiful it perfectly accentuates his deathly basementdwelling pallor, I can palpably imagine the way bruises and welts would stand out stark-red against that perfect skin. The shapely-smooth rendering of the folds of his skin, the soft definition of his obliques and especially those cute folds where his pelvis meets the upper thigh, the dimension you added to his torso makes me want to shred him with teeth nails pliers scissors and all the equipment available in his workroom. I want him on a diet of nothing but pussy and my spit. Words cannot even describe all the beauty of how you've painted his hair it's looking perfectly greasy and tangle-fingers-through-it soft. The attention to detail in the too-tight ziptie is also driving me insane. If my love for him is impure and unwholesome then my adoration for you is the perfect inverse you are god's gift to this thread and earth and me. The ode to your art must end here before I devolve into further degeneracy about how you rendered his biceps. ARE YOU GONNA PRINT IT ON A BODY PILLOW??
Topkek at rightmost pic it looks like he's made good on his stalking promises but has suddenly gotten too nervous to go through with it. Nothing to offer in return to your incredible contribution other than this Dutch DM VHS cover with Yutani, Raimi and, for some reason, John? At least they spelled Brad's name right.

No. 370696

File: 1713120137955.gif (5.28 MB, 450x300, HOLY DIVER.gif)

Why wasn't he a recurring character in any of these shows why, why, it could have been so fun. They would have sold so many more box sets. I love this weird exorcist/probably not even a real priest dude.

No. 370699

File: 1713120200311.gif (9.75 MB, 415x300, youre the star of the masquera…)

Getting into people's faces even though he's a foot shorter and twice as intimidating.

No. 370703

File: 1713120967336.png (637.19 KB, 828x529, Untitled.png)

No way anon this is valuable info, I thought he dropped some jam on his shirt kek. Those hardcore Chucky fans on social media are an odd breed. Dunno if this news is legit but next week's episode might BE IT.

No. 370705

Fingers crossed. Should I even bother reading up on the plot of the show to have some understanding of what's happening? The white house?? What a clusterfuck.
>body pillow
lol that is not a bad idea

No. 370707

You don't have to read about the plot at all it's 70% nonsense and 30% Chucky killing people. Basically his doll body is getting old and dying because the curse isn't working anymore (the canon logistics of which make no sense but whatever) so he's in the White House plotting to launch nukes and commit max amount of murder. Can't wait to see the body together with the voice again, he's a dream on-screen ♥

No. 370750

File: 1713131164377.gif (3.53 MB, 385x290, mlem at u.gif)

Who's going to be our tiebreaker here?

No. 370751

File: 1713132325437.jpg (44.12 KB, 741x562, chickieeeeee.jpg)

you detailed everything i tried to express so eloquently, the promising expanse of skin and subtle folds are making me literally shortcircuit.
i don't really wanna decide for you but i did vote for touching home on a whim because i love watching slow lowbudget movies with you, so i could vote again if required.

No. 370756

File: 1713134183799.png (408.54 KB, 792x529, 0414.png)

You're so sweet anon, feel free to revote if there's anything that catches your eye, it's always a tough choice. Speaking of Chickie have you seen Wild Palms? Sickly nerd with good intentions seems pretty cute, they styled him a bit like Billy too. Music aficionados might be keen to know Ryuichi Sakamoto did the soundtrack for the show.

No. 370769

File: 1713138670033.png (454.76 KB, 682x551, Prof (its) of Doom.png)

Anon, you bless us all. I can add nothing to the existing comments.
Literal birdbrains.
Let us pray to the Almighty Dourb.
But blessed are those who trust in the Dourb and have made the Dourb their hope and confidence. They are like anons posting in this thread, with devotion that reaches deep into the farm. Such anons are not bothered by the delayed releases or worried by long movies with 5 minutes of good footage. Their view parties stay strong, and they never stop devouring the good stuff. Our Man.
>file names
>recurring character
If I remember there were several occult-lite themed MSW shows, so it could have been a thing.

No. 370773

File: 1713139907672.png (416.57 KB, 1186x658, Screenshot 2024-01-07 at 15.21…)

not yet but the pictures of him in period costume are just too intriguing. is he only in the one episode?
um, someone remind me again if we’re a cult or a support group. regardless, he better fucking be in that ep more than for two seconds at the end before it cuts to black.

No. 370796

File: 1713149444309.png (1.42 MB, 1000x496, anon summoning circle.png)

A support group can totally be a cult if you get a bunch of friends and start making shrines. Praying in front of the spring-action googly eye glasses on the shelf rn. This scene in the trailer was foreshadowing to our pained longing and waiting let us stay strong in our convictions that the episodes will deliver. On my knees hands clasped for but only Our Man.

No. 370800

File: 1713149705534.png (7.09 KB, 560x100, twink death hot middle aged ma…)

Also your cap made me laugh so hard I had to see if it was an actual post and kek. He's in Wild Palms for a couple of the episodes iirc.

No. 370801

File: 1713149843787.png (1.01 MB, 1590x669, shithead.png)

No. 370802

File: 1713150017223.png (1.1 MB, 1209x1008, IMG_0031.png)

Rewatched that one Miami Vice episode and oh my god his hair is so pretty I'm going to scream

No. 370823

File: 1713160712881.jpg (160.13 KB, 1026x766, 1000024458.jpg)

I keep completely forgetting about this one but it does look like an interesting watch

No. 370824

File: 1713160788618.jpg (35.87 KB, 600x397, 1000024462.jpg)

No. 370826

File: 1713161086039.gif (1.24 MB, 300x128, 1000024468.gif)

This image is too much, the blood…

No. 370831

File: 1713162232928.gif (7.02 MB, 405x300, 0415.gif)

Seeing Jack on the front page is still such a rush, there he is!! Gif'd it just for you, the poorly choreographed punches are kinda funny but when he goes all limp and his head lolls back, the blood splatter, um.

No. 370836

HOT thank you, yeah the head rolling, he's like a little rag doll. Need him badly.

No. 371305

File: 1713281757666.png (810.19 KB, 1315x2069, 1000024625.png)

Average Jackfag. And I just realized movie night is gonna be on 4/20, sick.

No. 371323

File: 1713285048556.jpg (176.52 KB, 1080x1350, 438755452_459711303172022_2540…)

From Jen Tilly's Instagram today, if nothing else this show is providing so many new photos
Tfw there's no merch and you gotta make do, are Jackfags rehabilitating him or is he rehabilitating us? And impeccable timing as always kek, someone's gotta photoshop a pic of Mr. B with a doobie

No. 371324

File: 1713285143524.gif (4.28 MB, 390x290, teenytiny.gif)

God if you're there why wasn't this me

No. 371358

File: 1713298297861.jpg (209.46 KB, 1600x1584, Tumblr_l_777605225998217.jpg)

AHHHH GRAMPA!!!! He's so cute ♥ Maybe she will finally get to kiss him like she wanted
It would just be some fucked up shared psychosis making each other infinitely worse
It is a cruel world indeed.

No. 371559

Cult Actor Support Group? Best Supporting Actor Cult Group? We can work it.
We remain unshaken and we are determined.
He does look immensely fragile in those shots, will be interesting to watch.
Jennifer doing the work of every woman of taste there.
Anons never fail to make me smile.
Theraputic arts and crafts day with Jack would be a bloodbath. Only you two would be left standing. Well, mostly.

No. 371561

File: 1713377624880.png (491.2 KB, 701x560, When the moon.png)

Today we have 'accent of the week' in The List. Standard male-POV romcom.
Brad is Johan Gabini, an exec needing an ad campaign for his wine. Oh, the accent. Bless him. Minimal Brad content. He is literally in it twice, 20 min and 1:19 min marks. My god, the ponytail. Bit of tooth gap action. Very expressive hands. Suit jacket is too big, sadly. He just wants everyone to have love and buy wine. Very sweet for a five minute role.

No. 371562

File: 1713377805304.png (465.78 KB, 711x567, hits your eye.png)

No. 371564

File: 1713378188130.png (468.84 KB, 702x560, like a big pizza pie.png)

No. 371566

File: 1713378534376.png (521.71 KB, 697x563, that's amore.png)

No. 371590

File: 1713383547969.jpg (705.96 KB, 930x1280, TUMBLR.COM Videoscope #55 2005…)

i admit, i'm the last person to get hyped about interviews because i'm very cool and detached, but i thought this one was interesting because i feel the same way about alien and sigourney weaver. them being in this film together, not to mention in the same scenes elevates resurrection from derivative sequel into pure kino for me by default. she literally exudes pure distilled awesomeness just by existing on screen, i'm glad we both agree!

No. 371593

File: 1713383694534.jpeg (112.74 KB, 1900x312, 9C97B726-3FC0-4141-99CC-7EB9B6…)

also i've somehow never heard him speak that harshly about rotk before, funnily enough it reminded me of another post from /tv/, i assumed the poster was mostly making it up for comedy but this excerpt sure lends it some credibility KEK.

No. 371648

File: 1713409568931.mp4 (14.62 MB, 1280x720, hii.mp4)

The sound I made irl was akin to a donkey getting strangled

No. 371649

File: 1713409789782.gif (Spoiler Image,1.29 MB, 390x290, 0417.gif)

Surprise! Week made

No. 371655

It's real it happened not clickbait???? AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

No. 371819

It really was just that. Okay. This show is so unbearable and I have no idea what's happening.

No. 371833

Don shits all over his female characters so much it actually pisses me the fuck off to watch, nothing has changed in a decade. Can't deny it was sort of exciting seeing Brad on air in something new though, unless you go to one of those special anniversary screenings of big films like LotR we're SOL

No. 371945

Why is he looking like spirit hologram from star wars, I'm crying
If you turn off your brains, this series becomes a relatively enjoyable ride for a while, until another character you liked gets butchered by some new character traits they're suddenly given in the middle of action. It's not just Nica, it's Tiffany too, what have they done to my favorite snarky yet calm and composed psycho killer?

No. 372074

File: 1713548061212.jpg (34.9 KB, 735x313, 1000025231.jpg)

Ty for the pics. Trying to find the silver lining for these little roles, at least he wasn't playing a bad guy.
I may not like the show at all but we are eating good. I keep looking at all the new pics and getting flustered lmao

No. 372082

I usually don't care when he goes all crazy and aggro but it was kind of hot when he's the sheriff, maybe because he's usually so calm and sweet, I do like that juxtaposition, and even after what he's been through is still able to hold it together enough to do his job. And he's a whole head shorter than the other sheriff it's so cute.

No. 372125

File: 1713558891989.png (554.67 KB, 693x548, human for scale.png)

>speak that harshly
To be fair, he does have a tendency to honesty, see the Behind the scenes stuff from Heaven's Gate, Exorcist III etc. Would happily listen to grumpy man being grumpy.
Thank you for sharing. Is this going to end up with one these 'you can have him on screen but only for 30 seconds at a time' situations? Lets keep hoping for more.
I do enjoy his manic outbursts, but I think you're right it's the contrast of the stoic personality and the overflowing tragedy in this one. Our sheriff deserves tlc.
Speaking of shorter than, picrel. Pocket sized CEO.

No. 372240

File: 1713595797711.png (1.29 MB, 1302x569, tableread.png)

I fell asleep while converting the video and completely forgot to post the info, sorry!! Robert Zombie's Halloween making-of starting at 1830BST/1330ET/1030PT. I know a production diary doesn't sound super exciting but there are legitimately so many funny moments, at one point Brad cannot get his lines right for like half an hour and Rob/McDowell keep cheerleading for him. It's adorable and interesting to see him in his element outside of character. See you guys there ♥

No. 372256

sweet, excited to see how this compares to watching a regular movie

No. 372263

File: 1713601737680.jpg (46.29 KB, 320x480, 1280(20).jpg)

It's around four hours of footage (the movie night version is cut down to just over an hour) broken down into pre-production, daily filming, and reshoots and is honestly interesting from a technical standpoint. Hopefully it's entertaining

No. 372292

File: 1713614123279.gif (496.17 KB, 500x370, BRACKETT 420.gif)


No. 372293

File: 1713614276146.gif (347.77 KB, 500x281, STAN 2.gif)

And The Other Stan, of course.

No. 372298

File: 1713618065062.png (467.88 KB, 716x475, smokin'.png)

Should be interesting. I will be ready.
You are inspired, anon.

No. 372332

File: 1713626956452.gif (7.13 MB, 505x290, wat would annie say.gif)

OH MY GOD YOU CAME THROUGH, THE STAN² PICMIX OF MY DREAMS, something about the way you colour matched them is very pleasing actually kek. Rob hello H2 remake where they offer Michael a joint and nobody dies??

Agreed, I love how his authoritative take-no-bullshit aggression jumps out when there's legitimate danger (and he's got nothing to lose). The girls make fun of him a bit in H1 but you immediately understand why this guy's the Sheriff when H2 rolls around.
>whole head shorter
Do you think they make him do all the embarrassing shit like climb into basement windows to rescue cats since he's smaller than even the female deputy

I missed your reviews anon, he's just so sweet in that one interview posted upthread, glad he had fun even if they put him in a Talking Heads suit AGAIN. Somewhat excusable since it was such a small role I guess…at least he's sporting the cute ponytail.

No. 372410

File: 1713653653254.jpg (800.36 KB, 1080x1188, 1048-Best bingo-2948.jpg)

Dumb that I remembered about this trend now but whatever.
No particular order here, since this is just a bingo you can't lose at.

No. 372413

File: 1713654300748.gif (1.98 MB, 268x202, Tumblr_l_76114711287682.gif)

And by no means this is a full list that should be here, so feel free to make alt versions because idk how to squeeze in even more.

No. 372432

File: 1713660447162.jpg (138.86 KB, 1200x921, istanbul-8-1200x921.jpg)

This game is rigged anon I can't even reply to this with an image because I've spent various amounts of time thinking about every single one of these men. Even Dr. Parker, however momentarily. Imagine a giant grayed out square and that's my bingo. Post yours!

No. 372498

File: 1713686136994.gif (951.8 KB, 500x281, 1000025426.gif)

The other Jack, mmmm. Bradfag or not, this one was just a good movie, I need to watch it again soon, thank you for reminding me of weed grandpa #I have to put him out of my mind or I'll go insane

No. 372500

File: 1713686183367.gif (5.05 MB, 540x350, 1000025424.gif)

No. 372501

File: 1713686243086.gif (4.37 MB, 540x350, 1000025425.gif)

no comment……

No. 372842

File: 1713799162783.jpg (Spoiler Image,99.09 KB, 598x598, media_GLKxh75WcAE2Skt.jpg)

i see your weed grandpa and raise you my favorite weed grandpa in return (spoilered for unrelated boob)

No. 372945

File: 1713820870081.jpg (71.34 KB, 1165x1080, Screenshot_2024-04-21-20-58-38…)

Murder in the First. Very decent movie although kinda messy (I can't even tell you why, I just felt that way about it). Great cast really delivered, but something felt artificial throughout, maybe because it's a fictionalized story of a real criminal Henri Young, story completely detached from the prototype, enriched with new improved sad backstory and his horrific prison hardships for additional drama points.
Anyways, it starts with Young getting abused to hell and back in Alcatraz for escape attempt, he's shown to have spent almost three years in solitary confinement. When he gets out he's absolutely catatonic and acts like a scared animal but one phrase from a random inmate sends a signal to his brain and he kills a guy who snitched him this instant. He's accused of murder and gets assigned a young and really enthusiastic public defender, James Stamphill (played by Christian Slater). Lots of trials wait ahead but it's going to be one hell of a case.
In this movie Brad plays Byron, a well respected lawyer and James' older brother. Never could I ever imagine Brad and Christian as brothers but there we go - thank you, casting directors. He appears whole three times, looking sharp, and surprise surprise: he lives in the end!
Overall, very good experience from quite an underrated film.

No. 372951

File: 1713821113270.jpg (64.58 KB, 1809x1080, Screenshot_2024-04-21-20-58-05…)

No. 373054

File: 1713849745603.mp4 (639.77 KB, 720x1280, instapp_video_350913_340487.mp…)

I don't know if that belongs in "don't talk to me or my son" category or something

No. 373063

File: 1713854897889.jpeg (75.07 KB, 1200x675, 5BF5489A-1EBA-4D58-8B66-80BF84…)

oh damn, another one i've never heard of! thank you for the write up, he sort of looks like he's channeling clark put-togetherness again which is pretty rare.

No. 373129

File: 1713875209616.jpg (75.34 KB, 1400x700, 1000025707.jpg)

No. 373130

File: 1713875333840.jpg (211.39 KB, 1440x774, 1000025699.jpg)

I know we've talked about how he almost played the Joker but apparently this was also a possibility??

No. 373133

File: 1713875472460.gif (727.66 KB, 400x224, 1000025697.gif)

Desperately want context for these

No. 373134

File: 1713875522261.gif (477.36 KB, 400x225, 1000025713.gif)

No. 373242

File: 1713903858132.png (507.65 KB, 686x569, psychic killer.png)

Pretty much a full house on the bingo there.
If we are doing short notice, I can do 25th (but not too late). 2nd around the 19:00 BST time. 3rd or 4th early or later.
Always adorable with the little smiles.
We get good content from the music vids he's done.
Is there a limit on the amount of times I can use the word goofball?

No. 373247

File: 1713904600899.png (488.34 KB, 695x571, Qu'est-ce que c'est.png)

Thanks for the review anon I have got a copy of this coming so it's good to know it's a decent one.
My, what a big cigar you have.
More than 30 seconds of this, please.
How many of these missed opportunities are out there?
Out of context, these are hilarious. I'm sure detective anons will be on the hunt.

No. 373471

Hostanon here, I can do the 25th but I get home around 2100BST/1330PT, would that be too late for everyone? The 3rd should be fine anytime but will check. Today's episode promises to be a good one, might have to riot if they save the best bits for the end of the season (I'm tired of watching a bunch of kids flouncing! Give us Evil Guy in Suit!!)

No. 373495

Any time on the 25th or 2nd will work for me, can do the 3rd or 4th but not too late

No. 373653

File: 1714018631561.mp4 (16.19 MB, 854x480, RADIKAL MONTAIN.mp4)

It's the Wild Blue Yonder interview! Lovely when they allow him to talk about stuff uninterrupted, those are the best interviews imo, he seems actually relaxed and has all kinds of fun stories. I hear the commentary track for that movie is also 90% Brad talking about his hobbies and space and stuff so definitely check it out.

No. 373654

File: 1714019549813.gif (2.7 MB, 485x290, reign in blood motherfuckers.g…)

His screen presence is still fucking unmatched. I would watch every episode of this stupid show if he was in it. I would be the #1 Chucky fan if he showed up in the flesh in every entry. Brad might voice him and all but it's ten times more fun actually watching him flail around and scream like a lunatic.

No. 373655

File: 1714019824566.gif (7.32 MB, 400x300, 0004.gif)

Yes anon yes all the love for Tiffany, she used to be the most fun; campy, sexual but also sharp and conniving, interesting precisely because when Chuck's not around she shows agency and vivacity as her own person. Don stripped all that for the sake of lesbian torture porn and I'll never forgive it. Sleeping with anyone but Chucky? Not MY Tiffany. You made me realize that aside from Bride and Cult her character became a big stupid joke.

Sounds (and looks) like it's a bigger production than usual, always enjoy when he does something historical so that I can feel a little smarter about important cultural events. The short finger waves are a bonus, cuuuute.

With how many boisterous crazies he's played it's not hard to imagine him in a comic book adaptation Jack's my #1 favourite comic book character though ♥. Also ironic that he took on Wildling because of the fatherly role but Gabe ended up being that sort of guy. Poor dude.

No. 373663

File: 1714025944409.png (2 MB, 800x872, Brad Dourif, Lance Henriksen, …)

Thursday the 25th at 1330PT/1630ET/2130BST!
We'll be watching Millennium season 1 episode 13, apparently the series has plot ties to The X-Files since it was created by the same guy so come check it out. For anyone sticking around or joining later we'll also be showing Spenser for Hire season 1 episode 21 and then a special surprise episode.

No. 373696

File: 1714038968539.gif (3.92 MB, 525x268, 1000026032.gif)


No. 373697

File: 1714039160648.jpg (282.83 KB, 1265x1080, Tumblr_l_539432849621097.jpg)

No. 373698

File: 1714039206404.jpg (266.44 KB, 1382x1080, Tumblr_l_539429259089805.jpg)

No. 373699

File: 1714039335118.gif (8.05 MB, 540x299, 1000026033.gif)

Ohhh thank you

No. 373920

File: 1714115380469.png (1.33 MB, 1078x838, no bad angle.png)

Thanks for the nice mid-week break and for the suggestion to watch Millennium, I'll definitely be rewatching this one later to puzzle out more of the story. The typical complaint, wish they kept him around for more episodes because Dennis was eccentric in the most endearing way and I'm still sad about the ending. Bus trip to start a commune and repopulate the earth is still totally canon.

No. 374011

File: 1714151174080.jpg (23.44 KB, 1000x563, 1000026205.jpg)

TV night was actually fun why did we wait so long to do it. Maybe we can do it again sometime…

No. 374055

File: 1714155661171.jpeg (21.02 KB, 294x294, 2A8628A7-3856-4DE1-8490-0E271D…)

No. 374097

File: 1714166192779.png (585.48 KB, 720x565, our glorious leader.png)

Big thank you to you all for a fun watch party.
Zooming in to check that stylish middle finger salute.
Don't you just want to ruffle that mop of hair. Murderous cutie.
The cult you'll love to join.
Oh, he looks so chill, that is just sweet.
This is why I love anons itt

No. 374223

No. 374224

File: 1714203245599.gif (4.02 MB, 540x304, Tumblr_l_629690120607591.gif)


No. 374225

File: 1714203335222.gif (9.13 MB, 540x375, Tumblr_l_629842824999796.gif)

No. 374226

File: 1714203703157.jpg (23.72 KB, 550x300, 1000026383.jpg)

Nice! I love that another character was compelling enough to spawn a playlist

No. 374228

File: 1714203814198.jpg (64.96 KB, 544x540, Tumblr_l_778114504784110.jpg)

No. 374559

File: 1714317434334.jpg (116.4 KB, 940x624, Screenshot240327.jpg)

love his worried expressions.

he'd totally be into older films but specifically a big carpenter fan. he seems like the type to enjoy older things, probably thinks michael bay killed action cinema or something. "tfw born in the wrong generation", "anyone still watching this in 2043" and all that. plus the whole rejection of authority thing like with kurt russel characters, he'd love it. thats how he knows all the right things to do if you're in a horror movie. am i onto anything

No. 374763

File: 1714366584105.mp4 (12.52 MB, 900x488, 1♥ million kisses.mp4)

Seconded, we should definitely do X-Files sometime and it would be fun to watch Wild Palms together since it's pretty much the length of an extended movie.

First of all completely inarticulate at the adorable pic, dreamy space cowboy. Adore the whole mood of the playlist, some exciting up-tempo tracks but also a good amount of nice pensive ambience. RDJ was a surprise but then I realized SAW II is an Al concept album in and of itself- Rhubarb, Stone in Focus, it's like they were recorded out in a void. Out of any Bjork song Hyperballad is so apt, standing on the edge of a precipice literally and metaphorically, I'm so glad you ended up including it. Eviction in the middle of everything was like getting hit with a brick it was like a sudden funeral dirge kek anon I'm in pain. The ambient stuff makes me think of him working away with his nose in the computer for all those long hours and the country songs added a sense of wistful nostalgia. Thank you so much for curating such an excellent variety of music, I feel character playlists show an even deeper sense of understanding because you need to factor in what sort of music would fit different facets of their personality. How do you guys have the ability to make playlists that are both so beautiful and unexpectedly emotional.

Excuse the sappy song choice I think I want to get married.

No. 374764

File: 1714367022087.gif (4.58 MB, 540x304, uhuh.gif)

>ruffle that mop of hair
That's a start!

Trying to figure out why his face still compels me so even at his ripe old age. His eyes are timeless.

Something about this pose is unintentionally kekworthy, he's like a lost schoolboy

No. 374770

File: 1714367383129.gif (5.26 MB, 533x300, OKAY.gif)

And this, of course.

No. 374782

File: 1714371020941.jpg (89.03 KB, 1895x1053, pt 2.jpg)

His part in Wilfred is so teeny tiny but it's fun to see him play around with something different. Any time he doesn't just play psycho villain is such a treat, I just clipped the scene since it's so short.

No. 374784

File: 1714371904808.jpg (1.54 MB, 2448x3264, rock and shock 2014 (2).jpg)

Thank you for the clip anon, rare long haired Brad with his hair actually down!! It's so fluffy. Does he show up in that show again?

No. 374788

File: 1714373455077.jpg (162.21 KB, 1920x1080, 1000026693.jpg)

Just this one appearance, sadly

No. 374837

File: 1714395625709.jpeg (155.9 KB, 1300x702, 8D0AC60E-BB4D-4DF4-8F32-B36531…)

WHAT A BEAUTIFUL VIDEO anon, i'm so happy my enthusiasm about al is matched time and time again!!! amazing choices of clips, thanking jesus every morning for the endless enrichment you guys bring to my life in form of this thread. glad you enjoyed the jams despite my limited music knowledge
>al concept album
you've got no idea how badly you're enabling me when you say things i love make you think of al KEK be careful with that. he's as much a precipice as he is a summit, sticking up above the storms, relatively unaffected by harsh weather, always there when you need it, etc. not actually something i just came up with on the spot btw, he just happens to embody that ideal, i guess. still stoked about being introduced to linea aspera because the lyricism is truly on point, seeing as my neurons are definitely permanently fucked (also totally adding 'filthy protozoan' to my endless list of descriptors to refer to grima in my mind).

No. 374867

File: 1714408493135.gif (5.56 MB, 389x194, 1000026719.gif)

It is pretty neat that he's on a currently running show, I can't remember the last time I was looking forward to something airing on TV it's so exciting.
>why his face still compels me so
All things considered he hasn't aged terribly
It warmed my heart to see linea aspera on the playlist, best thread BEST THREAD!!

No. 374869

File: 1714408607881.gif (3.48 MB, 389x195, 1000026732.gif)


No. 374931

File: 1714420085591.jpg (239.25 KB, 1674x978, squinting cat.jpg)

doctor review senseless edition: i didn’t suffer too much with this one, this is actually not entirely unlike something i’d watch of my own free will, for recreational purposes. rare occasion where his character is calmer and normaler than almost everyone else, though there's still that weird intensity in the way he speaks and carries himself. he can't get rid of it, it's just always there. still, very blase about his job as the resident wacky scientist.

his face is kinda angular and pointy and he looks so good with rounder glasses, i'm glad so many directors took notice of this.

wednesday!!! go grandpa

No. 375085

File: 1714494244228.webm (6.49 MB, 640x480, Critters Bluray Extra.webm)

Critters box set is painfully lacking in C4 extras but there was this, giving the script that personal touch as always.
Will never not be marvellous to me that even in short appearances or generally bad movies Brad gives his characters this much depth, if it wasn't for this thread I can't imagine suffering alone wailing into the ether about how perfect this little role was so thank you ♥ Is it enabling when the wavelengths simply align kek, there's no feeling greater than finding commonalities between a character that inspires you.
>as much precipice as he is a summit
Wholly accurate. Despite his sarcastic demeanour he's still grounded and dependable, what I love most about him is his ability to stay practical even when he's stressing the fuck out. I love him desperately nonny waaaaugh I NEED HIM IN MY LIFE.
Thought you might enjoy also the fact that Al would have been 13 when Rango came out (going by actor age), considering his whole westerns thing.

No. 375089

File: 1714494841312.gif (7.85 MB, 533x300, djfhsjdhfjsgdh.gif)

YEAH!! Bittersweet that this is the last ep because he'll probably not do any more acting on-screen but this has definitely been a highlight of the month (or year tbh, since we get a peek of current-day Brad showing off his still legendary acting).
No thoughts head empty no thoughts head empty no thoughts head empty

No. 375091

File: 1714495504686.gif (987.9 KB, 350x264, 38299000183.gif)

The faces he makes in Senseless are literally knife cat meme, plus dem squishy cheeks. Glad you had a decent time with it, him showing up more than once and most of the jokes landing definitely make it a not-so-bad watch. 100% need more caps of him in big glasses, the half-moon ones he wears now look cute too and all but big fan of how these make his eyes bug out.

No. 375092

File: 1714495978237.png (82.84 KB, 959x274, cooking.png)

No. 375098

File: 1714500223833.png (1.6 MB, 1898x1026, 1000026858.png)

I feel like I say this about him in every movie but yeah what a good look, the glasses really suit him.

No. 375100

File: 1714501151897.jpeg (95.88 KB, 960x717, ClW4EwvUsAAJ1Li.jpeg)

aw that was nice, thanks for sharing nonnie

No. 375103

File: 1714501804838.jpeg (116.69 KB, 808x454, 44B486F3-D93E-4F0B-8135-9F1DC2…)

oh that's right, you've got the bluray with space madness on it? awesome i'm considering pestering you for the whole docu at some point. only considering. without this thread i'd either literally implode or not come across some of these hidden gem roles in the first place, not sure what's worse. watching so many movies from different genres has given me a newfound appreciation of film i never had before.

No. 375105

File: 1714501903489.jpeg (48.33 KB, 675x845, 58183ACD-C57C-4ECC-8795-4491AF…)

glad we're all here in time to witness this!

No. 375223

File: 1714539804831.mp4 (5.4 MB, 640x480, Commentary.mp4)

Anything for you bb https://mega.nz/file/dT1RGZTI#ghcmo4KoiFLQpWg1-bA8dn8EDNp5Sl4QbCWXSepTwzk
Vidrel is from the audio commentary which was also sort of meandering on the series as a whole, I just wish there was a more comprehensive retrospective of C4 like how much it changed from the script and how the actors got along, stuff like that. Harvey mentioned another film he shot with Brad, turns out it's End of the World. Sci-fi, small genre. It's nice to hear even people in the industry thought he deserved better.
>newfound appreciation
I think you're allowed to say we've become like, serious connoisseurs of film kek. Being a Douriffag is beneficial to your quality of life (maybe bad for your heart tho), studies show it to be true.
Anytime! I'm raring to get at that Sarandon podcast, sounds like there's a ton of nice anecdotes in that one too.

No. 375224

File: 1714540363907.gif (7.88 MB, 500x300, is that a staff in ur pocket o…)

Keeping the Halloween theme rolling let's goooo

No. 375291

File: 1714568172551.png (485.83 KB, 684x564, eye eye.png)

>>374764 and all the rest
Thank you for sharing these.
As was promised. Perfect.
Can't make it at that time, so sorry anon. Might be able to get there a couple of hours late if you're still around. Lucky I've see this one. Enjoy! Especially the deranged hospital scenes.

No. 375297

File: 1714568928577.gif (1.03 MB, 524x423, I love you.gif)

Anon, this is beautiful. Love it.
Thank you for this, we still need the master compilation edit of all his tiny roles.
Praise be to the Dourb for some more watchable movies.
Good Lord.
So sweet.
Nice, appreciate the link.
>It's nice to hear even people in the industry thought he deserved better.
We all shout it, but still the movie machine prefers bland, uninspiring name-brand actors.

No. 375329

File: 1714574369716.jpg (59.71 KB, 600x682, 8e979d09753282d2fb984c534b0d65…)

DAMN thank you so much, watching making of's is really fun, especially for lesser known films, we're like super special underground film scholars. owe you my life & would commit any number of murders for you if you asked.

No. 375581

File: 1714621230441.png (961.31 KB, 1273x710, shes peeking.png)

These two playing off of each other was every bit as amazing as you'd ever have thought

No. 375582

File: 1714621904121.gif (7.54 MB, 533x300, 0501.gif)

No. 375587

File: 1714623872411.jpg (126.75 KB, 1080x1079, 441129130_820163093308505_5518…)

Thank you very much as always for a hilarious movie night, thank you to the anon who stayed up extra for the season finale, can't believe the thread anniversary is coming up soon. This whole year has felt unreal in the best way possible. Thanks Brad for being born and always taking on weird roles that hit just the right niche.

No. 375780

File: 1714651979661.png (1.23 MB, 1080x1074, 1000027019.png)

I ACHE FOR HIM just stay in the chair grampa I'll do all the work yeah last night was fun, totally worth the sleep deprivation always ♥

No. 375894

File: 1714673679312.jpg (179.02 KB, 1080x1350, jndfskj.jpg)

goodbye to the steady stream of new peepaw pics, we were spoiled

No. 375895

File: 1714673754860.jpg (170.46 KB, 1080x1080, kldkljlkd.jpg)

No. 375896

File: 1714673835550.png (1.86 MB, 1079x1372, 1000027119.png)

No. 375897

File: 1714673930125.jpg (325.09 KB, 1080x1350, jlkfdsdlk.jpg)

No. 375898

File: 1714674056342.jpg (129.23 KB, 1080x1080, sleepy peepaw.jpg)

No. 375899

File: 1714674167545.mp4 (481.08 KB, 1080x1350, what is he doing....mp4)

No. 376194

File: 1714747505825.png (650.54 KB, 1047x811, fffffffff.png)

Guys am I dumb, has watching all these bad movies messed up my brain? 'Cause I actually enjoyed this one, Bayou crime and intrigue is fun, idk blame lack of sleep. what the fuck was that line about his sexuality, was he…did he….huh…. is it just because he's played by Brad that I find Colin so endearing? Probably

No. 376196

File: 1714747635618.png (748.15 KB, 1053x812, gggggggggg.png)

No. 376201

File: 1714747876941.gif (5.88 MB, 264x203, voodoo swamp goth.gif)

It's seriously like 4 sizes too big, how is he supposed to intimidate people when he's so small.

No. 376248

File: 1714756719098.png (537.69 KB, 688x567, sunglasses after dark.png)

Cannot fault the movie nights. Glad the additional watch party was fun.
>all the pics
Have to again thank anons for sharing.
Yeah, goofball still stands.
It's not bad-bad, I don't think your sense of good taste is destroyed. Colin is improved by the Dourif factor. Who else would give us those weepy eyes and angsty 'fuck's?
>how is he supposed to intimidate people
Sheer force of personality and goth styling, of course. It's certainly not by how he runs.

No. 376321

File: 1714769956361.jpg (133.85 KB, 1080x1350, Tumblr_l_46035777912541.jpg)

I hate this stupid series even more now after finale, but it's so giving in ways I wouldn't expect

No. 376322

File: 1714770012720.jpg (135.59 KB, 1080x1350, Tumblr_l_46042927094466.jpg)

This man is killing me, seriously

No. 376414

File: 1714792508367.jpg (191.72 KB, 1079x1346, 440150473_3521535034730591_542…)

This many new photos this is actually insane, am I dreaming, maybe a few pics from Don was expected but this is unprecedented

No. 376415

File: 1714792674508.jpg (167.6 KB, 1080x1350, 1cdn.instanavigation.jpg)

I see that ankle old man
Still not over how they styled his hair, what a throwback

No. 376416

File: 1714792953106.png (1.86 MB, 1100x590, space station joke etc.png)

Happy (belated) International Space Day, btw

No. 376425

File: 1714800039881.jpg (164.13 KB, 1080x1350, 1000027316.jpg)

No. 376427

File: 1714800127012.jpg (121.62 KB, 1080x1350, 1000027305.jpg)

No. 376429

File: 1714800293489.jpg (244.72 KB, 1050x798, 1000027311.jpg)

And some DM because I just saw this and I like the art

No. 376640

File: 1714891079111.gif (3.84 MB, 540x299, 1000027378.gif)

I either get no audio or the commentary track when converting, I tried everything reeeee sorry girls But a tidbit from the commentary, Brad for some reason hated driving this car and in a later scene he apparently made the guy playing his lackey drive it because he hated it so much LMAO.

No. 376641

File: 1714891168638.gif (8.13 MB, 540x299, 1000027379.gif)

No. 376642

File: 1714891297327.jpg (470.38 KB, 1512x2016, 1000027369.jpg)

No. 376647

File: 1714893526581.gif (8.81 MB, 540x299, 1000027382.gif)

LOL NOOOOO why did you delete lmao he makes me feel insane too
He doesn't get brought up much in the commentary, other than that there's just some stuff about his line delivery and him ad libbing a line.

No. 376927

File: 1714977294379.gif (6.53 MB, 540x304, hugiuguui.gif)

The Control Group (and a featurette!) have been uploaded, enjoy.

No. 376928

File: 1714977425403.png (1.65 MB, 1920x1080, kjkjjkds.png)

No. 376929

File: 1714977635265.jpg (834.86 KB, 1638x2048, 1795235_520819474702978_190180…)

No. 377024

File: 1715016316207.gif (2.7 MB, 387x290, gothbf.gif)

Can relate, watching this stuff feels like a fever dream sometimes but Brad B-movies have the charm of cool/corny special effects, nice camera work, actors that give a shit about their performance, little things that make them memorable. Even Silicone Towers has a special place deep in my heart tbh. The only thing that bogs Cypress down is those damn ten minute long exposition sequences but then Colin shows up in his Blade cosplay and acts like a nutter. Highly entertaining.
>his sexuality
No wonder he's always walking around with his tits out but anyway I could persuade the prison gay outta him he is 10/10, love that he's all jumpy and neurotic but still somehow a competent crime boss
The bit where he flaps his too-long jacket sleeves like an anime girl was topkek

No. 377025

File: 1715016635327.jpg (117.38 KB, 812x641, IMG_0095.jpg)

Warbs looks fucking awesome, the artist did a good job making it creepy-cute. Also coveting this shelf display (is it holographic?!)

KEK sorry some things maybe shouldn't be shared but I'm glad you feel the same way. His face literally driving me crazy. Still laughing about the car bit, does he only drive manual or what

No. 377029

File: 1715017597115.jpg (120.35 KB, 640x960, Control Group 10.jpg)

Woah anon you've been busy the last couple of days, thank you so much for the new uploads!!! I'M GONNA GO WATCH CONTROL GROUP RIGHT NOW. So was it as bad as people say? What did you think?

No. 377030

File: 1715017658097.jpg (154.58 KB, 1080x913, 441147271_3038455696297152_839…)


No. 377035

File: 1715018614498.jpg (104.91 KB, 894x609, 6F411066-2695-45D7-8624-DB399E…)

doctor review night watch edition: his styling is so neat and normie, and he's so deliciously snide and dramatic in the few scenes he was in, the horrified stare down the corridor, the gasp, followed by the most condescending expression you've ever seen, LOL gotem. he thinks he's the smartest guy ever for discovering the wonders of abusing prescription meds, i love him.
nooo the curiosity is gonna keep me up at night.
omg another doctor!

No. 377043

File: 1715020937704.gif (5.51 MB, 413x300, shit-disturber.gif)

The gasp and immediate demeanour change is kino. Can totally see this guy being a neurotic if his proclivity for popping benzos didn't chill him the fuck out, he makes morgue duty look fun. His holier-than-thou attitude and snarky sarcasm is tremendously appealing and there's wasn't enough of it (though every time he showed up it was impeccable)

No. 377046

File: 1715021222876.gif (7.15 MB, 740x300, ezgif-5-a3578dfe93.gif)

This scene is still amazing, breaking his neck being a nosy bitch, kek

No. 377068

File: 1715028870372.png (1.24 MB, 1822x783, IMG_0040.png)

The Goosebumps yellow eye filter I CAN'T TAKE IT

No. 377070

File: 1715030539107.gif (8.96 MB, 580x300, IMG_0041.gif)


No. 377082

File: 1715035083369.jpg (52.7 KB, 685x540, 12353238_445349365653844_13401…)

Sad how nobody thought to take a better pic of him in the dust mask even though he probably looked stupid hot, at least these dark blurry photos capture the sweaty-palmed feeling of "oh my god it's fucking Brad Dourif on my set" pretty well

No. 377084

File: 1715035430942.jpg (92.79 KB, 640x960, The Control Group 2.jpg)

No. 377085

File: 1715035536850.jpg (69.53 KB, 640x960, The Control Group 9.jpg)

No. 377086

File: 1715035674071.jpg (80.82 KB, 640x960, The Control Group 14.jpg)

No. 377115

File: 1715057985930.jpg (212.19 KB, 1050x664, what the fuck are those eyebal…)

Thirding all the previous Midnight Heat reviews, this man does not have a single bad action movie under his belt. Good catch on the stocking mask over his glasses, didn't even realize it at first but it was a ridiculously funny detail, why

No. 377116

File: 1715058173767.gif (4.51 MB, 540x300, huh.gif)

Don't you just wanna slow blink back like he's a cat or something

No. 377117

File: 1715058272335.jpg (194.11 KB, 1000x563, pretty.jpg)

Willowy preening little thing who doesn't like getting his hands dirty I don't know if I want to fight him fuck him or eat him or all of the above

No. 377199

File: 1715096210627.gif (7.51 MB, 540x303, klnljkjlk.gif)

the worst thing to me was the acting, it was like watching a high school play. Other than that I think the writing and effects were pretty standard for this type of bad movie. Not very enjoyable and THE scene was kind of underwhelming, not nearly as horny as I thought it was gonna be.
the avalanche of new pics has done things to me……

No. 377204

File: 1715096505557.gif (4.66 MB, 488x280, me everytime someone posts.gif)

just gorgeous
he looks so vulnerable, the things I would do…need to violate him

No. 377213

File: 1715098482685.mp4 (718.22 KB, 1280x720, goosebumps.mp4)

literally all I could think about the entire time.

No. 377666

File: 1715246199791.png (332.61 KB, 709x431, doctoring the house.png)

I have not even watched this one yet and now this is all I'm going to see. Too funny.
Hero anon, now I just need more time.
Vapors! Send for the Doctor immediately. Not sure how much use he'd be with a live body
Still can't believe how many new pics we have, truly blessed.
He is so much fun in this, wish the role was bigger.

No. 377668

File: 1715246573560.png (526.97 KB, 699x549, meme ready.png)

See, you don't need those weird eye FX, just get the light angles right and he glows anyway.
>THE scene was kind of underwhelming
Anon rewrites time again?
He just wants to share the love.
>like he's a cat
Pet him while he's curled up on your bed?
I feel like this shot of Tommy needs to be a meme, any anons inspired?

No. 378072

File: 1715319964215.gif (7.93 MB, 540x304, Tumblr_l_377716049194276.gif)

I desperately need to touch him I can't stop thinking about his actually not scrawny nerd body I want to kiss every inch of him, question is would he sit still and let me or would he get so grabby and antsy he'd have to be tied up. I cannot even articulate half of what's in my head but just know that I need him. He would fuck me like a deranged maniac like a fucking animal trembling with excitement ROCK FUCKING HARD AHHHHH.

No. 378311

File: 1715354560520.gif (1.22 MB, 497x500, 1000028005.gif)

Need to tramp stamp this bitch with my name NOW

No. 378557

File: 1715378593210.gif (10.19 MB, 550x300, hes the beauty obviously.gif)

Leo my underrated and overlooked little rat. He's so hot with the long hair and the stupid purple silk shirt and baggy trousers and sharp eyes.

Jack's whole aesthetic is ridiculously conducive to these little moodboards and gifs and stuff I love this so much. Am ready for the paragraphs of exposition on minute differences only insane people will care about with the new cut oh my fucking god I CAN'T WAIT TO DISSECT HIM ALL OVER AGAIN.

>actually not scrawny nerd body
YES!!!!!! Always thinking about the half an inch of soft squishy padding hiding insane upper body strength. Need to try and piledrive him into the ground. He will win but the satisfaction of trying to wrestle free from all hundred and whatever pounds of him would be supreme I want to lock onto him with my legs like a koala and never let go.

No. 378608

File: 1715390324692.png (15.61 KB, 611x143, img1.png)

more relatable quality commentary courtesy of 2013 forums

No. 378760

File: 1715414688168.gif (6.53 MB, 540x325, 1000028144.gif)

Yayyyyy I can't wait ♥

No. 379208

File: 1715440985170.png (590.69 KB, 692x542, groupies.png)

Look at him I WANNA GRAB HIS HAIR AND KISS HIS FACE. Something about him being teeny and having a huge guard dog to intimidate everyone, I love the way he operates
Relegated to the foot of the bed unless he's good, then he gets to come under the covers. I don't know if this is inspired or just vaguely threatening kek sorry Tommy
Cackling irl this is perfect

No. 379211

File: 1715441092311.gif (6.27 MB, 533x300, 0507.gif)

Totally agreed with your take on the effects, in the making-of they seemed to put a lot of effort into the practical stuff but it was massively overshadowed when they had adobe premiere filters from 2002 in the same scene KEK. Maybe I also was sleep deprived but after the thirty minute slog of woe-is-me twaumatic backstories it actually got pretty funny with the sudden plot twist. The only true loss is that yeah that scene wasn't nearly as horny as the 1,000 production stills make it look. At least there's still a couple of good shots…gifrel

No. 379213

File: 1715441148194.png (1.7 MB, 1000x593, very important work.png)


No. 379219

File: 1715441326375.gif (4.02 MB, 540x300, classy.gif)

Something about this one made me want to rewatch it again, the acting is fun and Thomas is smoking hot despite his ugly tie. The helicopter chase shootout is insane and the straight razor scene, no comment. The pan down to his ass was completely unnecessary in hindsight but thank you cameraman.
He has that Clark-like fussiness to him so I get the compulsive urge to knock the dumb hat off his head and smash his glasses like a schoolyard bully, drag him across a table by his lapels so his jacket's falling off the shoulder, slap his face and stick my FINGERS IN THAT MOUTH!!!. I really like the way Brad portrays good old run of the mill criminals 'cause he adds a certain (sleazy?) charm despite them being horrible people.

No. 379514

File: 1715449422016.png (1.14 MB, 1274x686, NECK.png)

Fatal Beauty starting in 30 minutes ♥

No. 379543

File: 1715449907079.jpg (72.1 KB, 675x845, IMG_4878.jpg)

omg i forgot it was today AAAHHHHH thanks for the timely reminder.
why are you guys so funny this should not be legal
i could also go for a bit of dissecting if you know what i mean. i wanna touch the inside of his thoracic cavity.

No. 380236

File: 1715474922591.jpg (84.18 KB, 395x492, aredhel3.jpg)

No. 380237

File: 1715474952100.jpg (472.03 KB, 1039x1314, aredhel2.jpg)

Beloved rat

No. 380275

File: 1715483317129.png (1.28 MB, 600x846, maya_panda94.png)

I just want to pin him to the ground with knives and shivs like an insect specimen. Please.

No. 380294

File: 1715491197924.png (3.36 MB, 1148x1021, IMG_0056.png)

Please look not only at his bluest leakiest mirror reflective dilated to fuck eyes but also at the wet lashes stuck together in little clusters "hottest crying scene tier list" is being used to measure the quality of Brad movies in my head now, thank you anon

No. 380298

File: 1715493332832.png (2.18 MB, 1861x1462, 1000028208.png)

The beard has got to go, sorry Tommy and nonny
LOL love it, editing thread pics into scenes where there are screens is always funny
omg these are all so good but JACK!! Who is out here commissioning DM fan art?!? And it's from last year?? The Dourif Renaissance is real

No. 380616

File: 1715527070240.gif (8.5 MB, 540x328, 1000028238.gif)

Here is The List for you ultra babes
I just noticed he has his DENTURES OUT. AH

No. 380626

File: 1715527592540.gif (8.88 MB, 540x328, 1000028239.gif)

I wonder what kind of rigorous training he went through to perfect his flawless accent

No. 380641

File: 1715529261590.png (410.01 KB, 691x563, holy tears.png)

As always big thanks to all anons for making this so much fun.
Now this is the quality content anons are famous for. Beautiful.
I will even accept this. kek
And we get a tear from our super bad guy. Maybe he's sad his hat got squashed?
Body part of the week series continues. And very nice it is.
But he tries so hard absolutely every time…

No. 380648

File: 1715529671038.png (452.44 KB, 704x560, he's just a zealous guy.png)

Aw, would you look at that bedraggled little thing.
Oh, that is excellent, tysm for sharing these.
Some anon is going to have to start this list.

No. 380650

File: 1715529843753.png (426.31 KB, 705x561, such sights to show you.png)

I mean, seriously.

No. 380735

File: 1715540405658.jpg (42.07 KB, 650x634, Grima-Wormtongue_art.jpg)

we're literally so good at watching movies, this should be the #1 thing to pay attention to.
wow he looks really cool, i love the detailed rendering on every bit and corner of this drawing.
CUUUTE thanks, my folder keeps growing. i also quite like pic related because it looks a little wonky but in a way that sort of reminds me of a mervyn peake illustration, i love that stuff.

No. 380900

File: 1715567101854.png (1.44 MB, 1000x502, bunnyteeth.png)

KEKK I will accept this if only because you've put the idea of shaving him in my mind. I'd love to scritch that beard under the chin like he's a big stray cat but getting him ready for a big gala by sitting on his lap in the morning and gently handling his beautiful face while he looks up and carefully lets me manoeuvre the razor over his jaw wew. Thanks for unlocking a new weird fixation.
MY HERO ♥ Thank you, lovely gifs too. The hand action and ponytail kinda make up for him being in it so little
>dentures out
Sorry to sound insane but I'm still mourning the new dental work. His slightly crooked front tooth was one of those things that made him extremely charming, though the way it sticks out a bit now is also cute.

No. 380905

File: 1715567945588.gif (5.26 MB, 606x450, rivers.gif)

Thanks for joining, love you and your impeccable insight always ♥ Rizzoli best girl.
Sad/scared crying is top tier but angry crying is good too, we don't get a lot of that do we? When even the bad guy is so frustrated that the tears just kinda slip out
The word "rivulets" was invented to describe the channels of his tears
"I Am in Hell Help Me" is the Douriffag mantra. Why is his face perfect, it's emotionally overwhelming. I'm in pain.

No. 380909

File: 1715568089726.jpg (1.01 MB, 1586x2048, tumblr_219472b6d0a7535cd47af4c…)

This one is pretty cool, as you said the cartoony Peake-like proportions make it work, it's almost a caricature. You mentioned pre-Jackson Grima art, I'd love to see more if you feel like posting it

No. 380911

File: 1715568227806.gif (5.98 MB, 372x290, curly bracket mouth i love you…)

Was going over some old interviews and oh, the Columbia U days

No. 380913

File: 1715568262641.gif (6.74 MB, 373x290, 0512.gif)

No. 380972

File: 1715582939273.jpg (211.76 KB, 1240x840, 6e09b23f3fded7f4727a325fbd9bc4…)

Ok one more from the recent avalanche of pics

No. 380975

Are there STILL new pictures being posted? Pls drop them all here I can't keep up with all of this, gotta check like 20 different accounts just to see if anything new gets shared lol idk where to look

No. 381075

File: 1715606856459.gif (973.27 KB, 400x217, 1000028424.gif)

It's okay, I miss his old chompers too

No. 381076

File: 1715606912056.jpg (1.31 MB, 900x900, 1000028425.jpg)

And never did I think I would see more Born of Earth fanart

No. 381179

File: 1715618485838.jpg (127.43 KB, 800x800, tumblr_m9y1fowY861qj2o6wo1_128…)

I think they were all posted but I will double check for you when I'm home nonny, that one was from a news article of all things.
His mouth always looks like it should be getting kissed tenderly but those gummy gaps are too much lemme lay one on him
That artist's devotion to drawing Brad is commendable, and kek at the monsters actually being scarier than what we got in the film

No. 382148

File: 1715757876224.jpg (460.45 KB, 2048x1365, 2150579429-2048x2048.jpg)

Looks like only this and the following photo are new, happy to see HQ pics of this scene, he was badass. Excuse the hideous watermark.

No. 382149

File: 1715757902614.jpg (331.71 KB, 2048x1365, 2150579532-2048x2048.jpg)

No. 382151

File: 1715758028402.jpg (19.84 KB, 320x240, dc7.jpg)

And some truly tiny photos of the teeny man from another dead site

No. 382152

File: 1715758067634.jpg (27.83 KB, 350x240, ex7.jpg)

No. 382153

File: 1715758298832.jpeg (297.47 KB, 1076x694, 12-100.jpeg)

No. 382154

File: 1715758398081.jpeg (320.59 KB, 1041x702, 11_100.jpeg)


No. 382207

File: 1715776575384.jpg (269.77 KB, 850x653, rfdKvqD1-E8.jpg)

i may not think xenomorphs are hot in the same way he thinks they're hot, but respect to the dude, he died doing what he loved.

No. 382613

File: 1715856459417.png (526.35 KB, 707x571, Twice as sweet as sugar.png)

What hope is there for the rest of us when he can't keep his own hands off himself?
Cat eyes and curls, what else do you need?
Never forget.
The desperate desire for forbidden things. Love will tear him apart.
Thank you so much for sharing those.
This is another one where the show's hairdresser needs an award for showcasing those curls.
picrel, everyone wants to touch him.

No. 382614

File: 1715856728865.png (518.95 KB, 711x566, twice as bitter as salt.png)

I wonder if there is a larger one of this, that is such a sweet smile. tysm for finding those.

No. 382615

File: 1715857051413.png (525.38 KB, 710x570, And if you get hooked, baby.pn…)

No. 382618

File: 1715857563975.png (567.6 KB, 704x562, it's nobody else's fault.png)