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File: 1695391290245.jpg (179.92 KB, 1280x887, IMG_3224.JPG)

No. 322804

Containment thread for Brad Dourif fangirling, shitposting, picdumping, and discussion of roles past and present.
Sperg about your favourite Dourif characters, hornypost, show us your fancontent- go wild.

Be nice, have fun, ignore bait.

previous thread: >>>/m/303907

No. 322807

File: 1695392127669.jpeg (125.17 KB, 1920x1080, 759BD5D9-96DA-4003-AABB-0DE79A…)

I have no idea how we did it, actually insane. Kisses to all of you

No. 322809

File: 1695392328103.jpg (42.55 KB, 558x398, 4eee7ebea9fce7aaa9f7b808e33ec3…)

New cozy home for us! The sheer power of our love to Brad will keep us going.

Nooooo, it's not "Spontaneous Combustaloo", I lost at the thread naming game. It's okay, I like it here as is.

No. 322811

File: 1695392688896.jpg (194.21 KB, 1920x1080, MV5BN2ZmOTU4YzMtNTgzZi00MGZiLT…)

Thanks for making a new one anon, here's to the twenty thread dream coming true one day. What's everyone watching? I've still not gotten around to Critters kek busy working on something…

No. 322814

my brain is a jumbled mess, between all the ideas for stuff to make and fantasies I haven’t watched anything new lately, I’m already occupied enough I just can’t handle a new character to obsess over right now lol

No. 322815

File: 1695394655589.jpg (364.06 KB, 1536x2048, 1692920325550.jpg)

I'm planning to watch Midnight Heat tonight so expect some screenshots later. For now I'll just post a few pics that I haven't shared before.

No. 322816

Congratulations on hitting thread number two, not a lot of threads similar to this one, gets to reach this milestone and honestly I like you Dourif Enjoyers the most out of all of them.

No. 322821

File: 1695396035897.gif (4.67 MB, 600x334, 4A7E46E1-955B-4D00-9F7C-142B9D…)

Aww thanks anon, I hope at the very least to not annoy other posters (I mean we have our own thread but still) it’s kind of odd and funny to me that other anons…like us?

No. 322822

File: 1695396425800.gif (1.97 MB, 563x424, Tumblr_l_312718386976227.gif)

Thank you, nonnie, it feels so nice to be accepted.
It's probably because we're very sincere in our obsession and the infodumping here is rich.

No. 322825

File: 1695397435586.jpg (127.03 KB, 640x636, media_F6QMk8vXMAAAqs3.jpg)

Thanks anon, glad we're entertaining kek. Somehow we've amassed a lot of talent in these threads and everyone's always so kind.

Oh relatable, I watch something new and there's another incredible character that starts pingponging in my brain. Endless entertainment. Always happy to hear your ideas.

Starting strong with the grandpaposting!

No. 322826

File: 1695398635392.jpg (180.25 KB, 640x1136, Tumblr_l_406012050531732.jpg)

I'll keep up with grampy posting. Man really said "it is by coffee alone I set my mind in motion".

No. 322850

File: 1695406163771.jpg (Spoiler Image,537.81 KB, 751x861, go on.jpg)

Happy thread 2 everyone!!! And thank you for making it, OP!
I haven't had a lot to contribute lately but since it's a special occasion here's something extra silly ♥ I've never drawn a handgun before ok pls no bully

No. 322858

OH MY GOODNESS, nonny, this is incredible
To the hall of fame, now

No. 322873

File: 1695412934376.jpeg (196.44 KB, 1477x709, FB6C89B9-2141-4F9E-B634-4B0B8E…)

I love you. I love you I love you fucking obsessed oh the way you draw him is perfect I’m im im I don’t even know what to say. In love. Getting this tattooed on the back of my eye lids so I can see it every time I blink. Embarrassment is another avenue of punishment I had considered for him but never had many ideas for it except, yeah making him dress in stuff he hates. Hope you don’t mind me expanding on the idea damn maybe the thread really should have been death machine hd edition lol and just to reiterate: I LOVE YOU

No. 322874

File: 1695413151861.jpg (321.37 KB, 1079x720, 23-09-22_23-562.jpg)

Random! Brad's face cast from the International Life Cast Museum on fb.
I know, I also have no idea what to do with this information

No. 322879

File: 1695413879422.jpeg (Spoiler Image,72.49 KB, 824x705, B38CCF18-C555-4A56-9A87-B27801…)


No. 322883

Don't be embarrassed we all needed this

No. 322889

File: 1695415212333.png (442.17 KB, 681x545, in the midnight hour.png)

Ooh, shiny new thread, thank you anon.
>been watching?
3 goddamn hours of romantic tele-drama.
It's not just rage of angels who are seeking a final revenge.
Positives Brad looks adorable as the hitman in his little bow tie and suit. He's in it a good few times throughout. The scene where he's meant to be smashing some guy's head into a wall and has to reach up to do so, oh my heart.
Negatives This is long. Very long. Some of the scenes, he's in the background and vid quality is blurry. His (of course) death scene is stupid. He's an assassin. He would not do that. Idiot writers.
Apologies to anons not looking for new characters.

No. 322892

File: 1695415383221.png (510.28 KB, 688x562, she cried seymour.png)

No. 322893

File: 1695415532095.png (396.08 KB, 654x555, more more.png)

No. 322899

File: 1695417797661.gif (398.53 KB, 320x240, Tumblr_l_407760357785284.gif)

Argh I failed to watch it first as I meant to. Thanks for a thorough review, now I know I still have to see this movie.
Some lethal beauty right there need more menacingly sexy well-dressed hitmen like him

No. 322902

File: 1695422101696.gif (2.66 MB, 480x360, itscoolhere!.gif)

I could make a womankissingcomputer.png collage and it still wouldn't convey the adoration I feel for the way you draw him, he looks so perfectly deranged. Love his nose, the sweatiness, the hair, this thread is too fresh and clean for me to go full mask off insane but god this art, I just wanna lick his eyeballs. AMAZING, thank you so much for gracing us with this

NONNY LIKEWISE TO YOU honestly a gift that it didn't get spoilered because now I can see it every time I scroll kek. Dogboy, catboy, here for it all
For your consideration, dragging him to meetings but only allowing him to kneel at your feet in front of the whole board. No talky allowed unless you give him permission. Everyone is terrified of him but you having complete control of the local psychopath? Worthy of fear and awe

Your filenames are glorious as always anon, the slicked back hair and suit is so ugh, very kissable forehead. Taking one for the team watching one of those long ass telemovies, thank you for the caps

No. 322903

File: 1695422228962.png (351.47 KB, 964x732, grima.png)

Here's a nice little interview for the Grimafags, some hmm interesting info https://thetastebasket.com/2014/12/15/sociopaths-dresses-and-the-mechanics-of-acting-cracking-open-the-mind-of-brad-dourif/

Still dreaming of a cardboard cutout but this is maybe a little too eerie kek

No. 322915

File: 1695426283903.jpg (101.5 KB, 1910x1050, Screenshot_2023-09-23-02-15-32…)

Can't disagree but it makes a good art reference tbh

So I watched Midnight Heat, wasn't as bad as I expected from the reviews. The main character is a total himbo, his sidekick chick was cool. The plot is simple but kinda enjoyable, lots of holes in it but who gives a shit when the chemistry between characters is alright?
So Brad plays another bad bitch in a suit. He's okay with killing anyone, he gives lectures on style (bold for someone dressed like Oppenheimer in a straw fedora I should say), but he looks hot as hell with a blade or a gun, or assault rifle. Overall, what a baddie, quite pleasant to look at, not evil enough though so 8/10.

No. 322916

File: 1695426458796.jpg (113.7 KB, 1905x1080, Screenshot_2023-09-23-00-44-12…)

Some caps for you all
hate his pretty ass, I don't know how he makes this overall look work but ugh

No. 322917

File: 1695426484871.jpg (131.96 KB, 1904x1080, Screenshot_2023-09-23-01-03-52…)

No. 322920

File: 1695426815568.jpg (137.49 KB, 1912x1008, Screenshot_2023-09-23-02-12-33…)

Can't say the action was solid enough in this movie, but Brad's gun discipline is as good as usual.
I'm not going to lie when I say it turns me on when he's armed. Make that weasel aim and fire at me and I'm dead even if he misses.

No. 322922

File: 1695427427340.jpg (76.27 KB, 1763x1013, Screenshot_2023-09-23-02-15-57…)

I just noticed all caps had these ugly black lines, I'm sorry abt it, the perfectionist in me died of spontaneous butthurt

No. 322924

File: 1695428834388.png (3.69 MB, 1486x1186, orthanc library scene.png)

i love the thread name a lot lol thanks op! the other suggestions were amazing as well
nonnnnyyy you're killing me over here with this quality content. you can see the pot belly here in this pic BITES IT BITES IT BITES IT reading grimarticles nodding along and going 'wow he was so right for this'

>a sort of self-loathing that was essential to the character.

i adore his grima takes, how he’s playing him as just delusional enough too continuously fall into irreversible corruption but not enough to be unaware of how wretched and dilapidated he is. i’ve been trying to come up with all these different mindbreak scenarios but maybe simply forcing him to undress while giving him the coldest most contemptuous uninterrupted look you can manage would do the trick? call him some degrading names, maybe give him a mirror? could it really be that easy???

No. 322925

File: 1695429098219.jpeg (1.16 MB, 2894x3876, grime 1.php.jpeg)

also speaking of articles, leaving this here for posterity

No. 322926

File: 1695429265015.jpeg (381.89 KB, 1447x1938, grime 2.php.jpeg)

i need this freak of nature so bad

No. 322928

File: 1695430268373.jpg (15.97 KB, 235x314, AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH…)

Im crazy about Brad in a tux why does it look so good
RIGHT the way first anon draws him, he is so perfectly scrungly nasty cute the expression the NOSE I wanna fucking eat him.
uuuuhh ummmmm uhhhhhh wow. That's really doing it for me. make him introduce himself as "anon's footstool/bitch boy" etc. Gonna brand him with my initials right over his heart and get him a new shirt that says "property of anon". I need to degrade him and make him lose all sense of self sorry for craziness
>Never one to chase after safe or ordinary roles
I don't think that's by choice… Thanks for the interview! Always love reading more about his acting and rehearsal methods. And Grima belly, mmmmmm
I love that their descriptions of him just sound like a loving ode to me, yes tell me more about his alopecia and paper thin skin

No. 322932

File: 1695436744674.jpg (882.85 KB, 1338x949, s-l1600.jpg)

Somehow Douriffilms seem to have really awesome female characters, maybe it's the low-budget silver lining (less tropey writing?). Cale, Rizzoli, Rosie, etc are fucking great I can probably count the number of shitty femcs in his movies on one hand. Him playing a murderous good guy is kinda different, looking forward to watching this one now.

YEAH…picrel is already blazing hot but shithead with a submachine gun is wildfire.

No. 322933

File: 1695438196961.jpg (Spoiler Image,77.63 KB, 703x835, 1df432da.jpg)

>pot belly
Thrilled that you zeroed in on that exact extremely important sentence, the physical markers of revelling in gluttony and laziness, still thinking about how he'd get out of breath trying to get on his horse…entirely useless and you'd know it just by looking at him. Wanna headbutt his midsection and watch him topple.
>maybe give him a mirror
Feels like all those opulent layers he wears are a shield to distract from his decaying physicality, commanding him to strip them away one by one and mocking every inch of skin that gets exposed might actually make him weep. This train of thought IS SO GOOD.
Found this art and thought of you, charming Grimarat.

Agree with other anony, sounds less like PK dissuading the viewer from being attracted to Grima and more like "look at all these neat intricate little details" goddamn I'm looking and appreciating. Especially the translucent skin, dark circles around the eyes, asymmetry, are these all supposed to be deterrents…wonder if chunks of hair would come out when you yank it too hard. Thank you so much for this article been dying for those pics in a higher resolution

Honestly went back to look at both your art and arrrghhhh the way you girls draw him is a dream come true.
>make him lose all sense of self
HOT. ELABORATE? Waffling whether carving initials in his skin would be too mean but it doesn't have to be big and anyway he'd love it after it healed.

No. 322934

File: 1695438342315.jpg (109.18 KB, 1500x1032, 81gWQ5EpAxL._AC_SL1500_.jpg)

Sorry for the walls of text I cannot be normal about him please have this Mississippi Burning promo still in return

No. 322935

File: 1695439613953.jpg (39.51 KB, 500x280, HE HAS A NAME.jpg)

Posting just in case one day someone who is also into this guy sees it, now my your Duty Doctor fantasies can be slightly more affectionate

No. 322939

File: 1695445162847.jpg (109.03 KB, 1855x1000, Screenshot_2023-09-23-07-53-20…)

You can tell they tried so hard to make him look scary and ugly but Brad shines through that makeup so much you can't help but find him even hotter as a weird ass toad shaped basement dweller
I like this little fact, there's something special about b movies having solid female characters. Makes you appreciate the more.
Another fun detail I noticed in Midnight Heat was in the finale: in one specific scene you see all of the blue eyed team of the movie, three shades of blue varying from palest to brightest. That was odd but kinda cool. Anyways I can recommend this one, Brad as a villain is always a sight. Posting another screencap because yeah.

What an eye for detail, thanks, nonna.
Well hello there, Dr. Parker, I just saw a walking dead body down the hall, pls save me.

No. 322942

File: 1695450921872.jpeg (13.68 KB, 323x324, me when.jpeg)

Jack Dante’s entire world begins and ends with me, like I said earlier he wouldn’t be able to make any sort of decision without asking me first, ANYTHING no matter how minuscule he exists solely because I allow it and he’s gonna damn well know it. Sad that by whipping him (maybe literally) into shape he might lose his crazy erratic edge but the thought of complete unwavering devotion and obedience is so hot. Maybe leave him with a tiny bit of independence so he could still have a tinge of hesitancy and shame about the things I would make him do. Had one more idea for embarrassing him but it might be too ew wtf to share… Damn imagine how quickly he would unravel if you simply stopped talking to him. When he grabs at you and asks if he did something wrong just give him the meanest glare ever and he’d be tearing out his hair and banging his head into walls in no time, after making him so dependent on you he literally could not function if you ever left, forever waiting for you to come back and give him orders until eventually he just dies. Thinking about the girl that put nicotine patches on her bf when he slept so he would have withdrawals when she wasn’t around, that, I want that.

Or you know. We could just harass nerds at the comic shop together that would be fine too.

No. 322962

File: 1695474241219.jpg (72.48 KB, 604x594, FvnWTKcXoAE-BeQ.jpg)

Big thanks to dead blogs from last decade that find this info tbh they keep the horny tank well fueled, would intern with Dr. Parker. It's been said before but literally you could not make this man look unattractive, impossible.

>until eventually he just dies
Kicking myself for not considering one-sided codependence this is incredible. Give him a taste of affection then watch him writhe and scream when it's taken away. He needs to learn that his precious gf isn't a toy it's classic negative reinforcement!! It's romantic how psychotically obsessed you could make him, project ALL his abandonment issues and sexual frustrations on you until he's too ill thinking of you to sleep or eat. Unwavering devotion…more than a pincushion, make him into a meatshield god I want his shitty life to end with one purpose, die for me.
>too ew wtf to share
HOW COULD YOU THINK THIS. If you don't want to share it now you have to share it next movie night this brainrot mobius loop is crushing my soul.
>nicotine patches on her bf
Laughing and crying at the same time. Yeah!!! Adore the thought that his heart only pumps blood because he's so unwaveringly in love with you. Crawl out of that vault two days later with gangrene and a phneumothorax only because his will to live is totally dependant on you.
I think you have to be at least some flavour of weird to fall in love with sadomasochistic sewer scum from hell and you're the best weirdo ever ilu. Would you hold hands with him in public or nah

No. 322982

Been busy here I see, where do I start?
Brad in a suit.
Brad in a hat.
Brad with weapons.
Filling up that bingo card.

And that's one to watch. Loving the caps anon, tysm.
Trust me, no one is looking at the lines.
Someone must have footage of him tripping over the hem, need to see this creepycuteness.
I have this dvd stashed to watch after anons reviews last thread and now I know his name. Thank you anon.

No. 322985

i hate all of you so much(pointless infighting, just hide the thread)

No. 322995

File: 1695489937521.jpg (23.1 KB, 250x200, 1694034703.jpg)

No. 322997

File: 1695490201628.jpg (206.32 KB, 708x800, 304951462_8d99350de2_c.jpg)

Just wanted to post these two pics because I feel like front page started missing us
Easiest bingo ever.
Thanks for reassurance about the poorly cut caps, I needed this, kek.

No. 323002

File: 1695490608323.jpg (217.07 KB, 1538x1358, exorcist_iii-featured.jpg)

Why is it so funny when he holds Chucky like a baby? That bingo would guarantee a win every time.

Last thread an anon mentioned she was going to read Wise Blood, has anybody read any other novels? Been meaning to get Legion and see how different Venamun's depiction was and Laura Mars is coming in soon (apparently there's some extended scenes). I guess we've all experienced the Colour of Night novelization kek

No. 323003

File: 1695491064235.jpg (144.36 KB, 1024x1024, CZk-y8lWcAE2vNz.jpg)

Put a seatbelt on that baby!!

No. 323008

File: 1695493287011.gif (2.34 MB, 480x204, 6DBCA563-7348-4F92-A7E4-CAF74F…)

Wait wait I don’t know if I would have the willpower to resist this pathetic sobbing mess, fuck, back in love mode. The way he switches from childish whining and vulnerability to murderous rage, please let me examine that rubik’s cube brain of yours.
>best weirdo ever
putting this on my resume thank you
>hold hands with him in public or nah
Um how am I meant to hold his hand when obviously he would be leashed and on his hands and knees

No. 323009

File: 1695493364669.jpeg (46.23 KB, 648x564, 64F1231E-196F-471F-9812-5901C2…)

And excuse you? WHO THE FUCK IS THIS?? I just noticed it’s not Brad, this scene always had me thinkin “wow, 44 and doing stunts like this” but apparently not lol

No. 323015

File: 1695494848274.jpg (38.46 KB, 372x550, Tumblr_l_535913921420458.jpg)

Now that you mention it, I think I need to read at least bits from these novels just to feel the difference (but nothing will beat Brad's interpretation of the characters he played tbh).
>Why is it so funny when he holds Chucky like a baby
He's just protective and caring of his son!
…But not always I guess

No. 323027

File: 1695495862509.jpeg (78.65 KB, 500x558, tumblr_mgckm2uQPR1qi3axpo1_500…)

my gediman posts that started it all got deleted 4ever (rip) but i'll always remember the good old times…

you fucking know it i’m zeroing in on that paunch it's a body part that symbolizes vulnerability, you know? don’t you just want to kick it and watch him fold over and try to crawl away? gluttony, lust, greed, etc omg he’s so pathetically corruptible and susceptible to literally every sin under the sun. it would add such a delicious layer of irony to that part of the book when he was stranded in the tower of orthanc and almost starved to death. not to be weird but i would personally feed him soup until he’s back to his normal skinnyfat self so that it feels nicer to kick him.

only just saw this you're so funny HE'S SO POINTY i love him.

No. 323046

File: 1695502595336.png (310.97 KB, 475x332, fangoria SC.png)

>Chucky with his mineral water
Too good.
I have actually ordered the Wise Blood book after anon mentioned it. Would definitely read the Legion one too. Let us know what you think if you do read it.
Honestly anon, having read about how Brad nearly got badly burned on the SC set, I am kind of grateful for stunt-brads. Picrel.

No. 323048

File: 1695502971399.png (256.99 KB, 419x522, the need for tuxedo.png)

For tuxedo anon.

No. 323068

File: 1695507544116.mp4 (4.2 MB, 640x480, high class trolling action.mp4)

I'm still cutting bits for my "fuck" compilation, so as I was looking for vids I remembered I cut one of the best parts out of Murder Blues or whatever it's called

No. 323080

File: 1695520562225.gif (2.39 MB, 640x360, notthatfuckedup.gif)

His brain BSODd when he was younger and the system never recovered

What the fuck is going on with these deleted posts we're losing some good memories and funny memes, what are the farmhands smoking. I WOULD like to grope his belly and kick it and bite it yes…the juxtaposition of opulence and luxury with his foul decaying countenance is lovely I'd put him in one of those medieval torture cages but gild it with gold. Grima chique. Still want to feed him worms but maybe he can have scraps of fancy meats as a treat (to keep him soft and squishy)

No. 323081

File: 1695521302115.png (383.04 KB, 850x606, 01.png)

Love my fellow insane women who go through these films frame by frame, check out this weird looking dude in Body Parts.

Never realized how much he got bumped around on set until anons started posted articles- latex rashes, burns, shattered bones(??!). Keeping an eye out on legit Brad stunts ever since he mentioned doing some in that one interview but kek you could consider his heroic sprinting over trash bags in I, Desire a stunt, right?

No. 323083

File: 1695523075411.png (49.7 KB, 922x182, Screenshot 2023-09-23.png)

Agreed, maybe this is blasphemous and retarded but I like his interpretations infinitely more than any original source material tbh. Anon in the old thread was talking about analyzing every movement and seriously he embodies his roles so completely you could dissect every line delivery and glean something from it. Scripts and novels are always fun for more backstory and writing inspiration.

Really really looking forward to hearing your thoughts on Wise Blood. Went in expecting a litany about how faith and spirituality is infallible but the characters and events are open ended enough for interpretation. Thinking about picrel forever. Will report back on Legion!

How is this shitty scene still so evocative, world's greatest actor no doubt. He makes obnoxious gum chewing hot.

No. 323089

File: 1695528287928.jpeg (368.93 KB, 2896x4096, F0iyZhWaUAA2e2j.jpeg)

i'm wasting half my designated evil overlord budget furnishing my extravagant torture dungeon and my underlings are very concerned.

expanding more on our ideas, there's a lot of potential, it could make for an interesting interrogation tactic. cornering him in a secluded place and questioning him about his business in isengard, every time he lies or fumbles you’d strip or cut away more of his clothes, the fear of your scrutiny and judgement alone making him talk. gotta be careful that he doesn’t get too into it though, getting off on the degradation, the proximity and simple female attention be it positive or negative. wouldn’t want that… unless… god i need him to feel so many conflicting things at once it sends his rotted brain into a factory reset.

idk if i would be mean enough to go the public humiliation route with full frontal nudity corporal punishments but it would be another reason for him to feel like he can never go home after being exiled, not only does everyone know he’s a dirty traitor but they’ve also seen him at his lowest naked, writhing kneeling in the dirt, blood from the welts mixing with it, pleading hysterically with the guards, onlookers, anyone at all that he didn’t do anything wrong just to rub it in that he’ll never find the status and belonging among his people he was craving. feeling this thread so hard rn, i wouldn’t have the modern luxuries with grima like shock collars or cigs to stub out on him (all very big brain ideas ilysm jack nonnies) but the medieval setting is a pretty fun playground too i think. nothing ever happened to me to explain why i’m this way btw, i just wanna fucking destroy him.

No. 323144

File: 1695560642197.jpg (430.26 KB, 1080x1366, Screenshot_2023-09-24-16-01-16…)

I will not watch Trauma
I will not watch Trauma
I will not watch Trauma just to take a thousand screencaps of Brad
I will not watch Trauma just to take a thousand screencaps of Brad
I will not…

No. 323165

File: 1695572879448.jpg (154.61 KB, 650x487, 3551782_p0_master1200.jpg)

Your underlings questioning why the man in the torture dungeon has been there for three months instead of getting executed but they wouldn't understand…at some point Stockholm syndrome would set in, right? Something satisfying about stripping him of all his precious furs and satins until there's no physical indicator of his lofty rank in high society. Was reading about medieval torture the other day and branding his face would add a nice insult to injury, disfigure him even further.
>seen him at his lowest
I'VE BEEN THINKING ABOUT THIS FOR MONTHS strip him naked, tie him to your horse, parade him around Edoras!! The mental image of a woman in full armour and Grima, dirty naked and beaten, walking at your side led by his roped wrists, is majestic.
Medieval tortures are always about creativity anyway plus you'd have magic, not sure how to factor that into play but I'd stick splinters under his nails for being a creepy little thief. He wants to be a creep so bad just plant your personal belongings in his room and act SO shocked when you obviously find them. Feeling a little soft today so I'd be nice to keep him as a housepet too, allow him to sleep in your bed but only at your feet…kinda cute.

No. 323166

File: 1695573102022.png (610.3 KB, 472x624, circle rep not to worry.png)

Trying to comment on this pic but it was just a list of his perfect facial features. Sigh.

If you're taking caps please post the one where he's surrounded by nurses it's adorable

No. 323182

File: 1695575045566.jpg (Spoiler Image,10.68 KB, 337x152, Tumblr_l_274975849922030~2.jpg)

Will do! going to provide caps later.
Also I have the pic you posted in a slightly better quality, but I'm not sure it won't get compressed. Regardless, fucking beautiful photo. I need to use it as a ref.

Adding some fantasy fuel for my unhinged nonnas

No. 323188

File: 1695578038723.jpg (143.74 KB, 585x648, N61qhb9o9o1.jpg)

So many of the scans I have are old and shitty, please do post! Forever gutted that he didn't end up doing the film version of Red Ryder can't get enough of him tied up with those big sad teary eyes in Jamaica Beat oh my GOD. Thanks for your patience and support.

No. 323191

File: 1695579548156.jpg (15.6 KB, 356x254, saruman_s_speech_by_fireofurie…)

hehehe skinny arms

so true, maybe that's just cheating but i'd feel so powerful with him cringing while walking next to me. the mouldy garbs won't be missed too terribly. i feel slightly less weird about my researching habits lol thanks, absolutely agree about face branding, not sure what kind though, just haphazard burns? words? the white hand? he's fucked up a lot so he'd need a perpetual reminder of it. alternating endlessly between irrational softness and violence, i will subject him to every horror or i'll shield him from the whole world, i'll do whatever it takes but i will not let him escape the mortal plane easily. also someone should’ve cut off his hand for stealing all that shit in the book, that would be very sexy and morally correct (if it were up to me i’d make it extra slow and there’d be some degloving involved, i’ll take what i can get though) i’d kiss the stump better afterwards of course. god damn you rohirrim people for being humane and appropriately pg rated, he deserves so much worse. am i too bloodthirsty.

No. 323248

File: 1695590735856.jpg (74.98 KB, 1300x558, weirdlittleeyeballs.jpg)

White Hand would be sublime purely because it's so ugly and possessive, scars obvious no matter which way he turns his face in a mirror however personal insignia marks him as YOUR property so it's more intimate…why not both, plenty of real estate. Wrt appropriate justice for his crimes I'd throw him a rusty knife and force him into self-mutilation, can you imagine the pure naked terror of having to choose between that and death, he's sooo dramatic about everything it'd be fun to scare him a little bit
>i will subject him to every horror or i'll shield him from the whole world
Feeling you on a spiritual level…clearly that mix of pitiful and contemptuous awakens something in me

No. 323253

File: 1695591768863.png (12.41 KB, 683x439, halloween.png)

Poll results for Halloween are in! Likely will happen last week of October sometime respect to the sneaky double voter kek. Previous movie night there was discussion of Sonny Boy so would everyone like to watch that next? Let me know if September 30th or October 1st works/doesn't work, same place same time.

No. 323258

File: 1695593577254.jpg (62.42 KB, 882x236, me looking at my blorbo.jpg)

hey i was looking for this pic! yum tetanus.. i wonder which body parts he'd be more willing to sacrifice/damage given the choice (not that he'd get that far before fainting). def not the tongue. brb studying graphic design to make insignia to disfigure him with.

i'd be down to watch either sonny boy (i may be the only person in the world who appreciates the goatee from the beginning of the film) or medium rare (haven't watched it and am a bit scared to) or whatever else really, the weekend prolly works for me!

No. 323261

Made me smile and looking forward to the compilation.
>his interpretations
Just the fact he puts so much effort, background and thought into every role makes such a difference.
Anon if you get decent Trauma caps, post please. My copy is so grainy I lost hope trying.
30th currently ok for me, will watch whatever yes, even that damn goatee anons agreed on.

No. 323266

File: 1695596311707.png (265.64 KB, 343x557, hitman needs a hug.png)

Tysm for these and if we can get better quality ones too that's a bonus.
Oh my.

No. 323268

File: 1695596537034.png (451.9 KB, 708x570, dr will see you now.png)

Not neglecting gramps.

No. 323269

File: 1695596612601.jpg (119.21 KB, 1280x546, uughhhHHHHH.jpg)

Hnghh the tongue is too personal, gotta do it yourself it has to be a whole production complete with begging and pleading. Is your pic from some sort of DVD extra? It's so freaking cute. You're god's strongest soldier for unironically enjoying that goatee I hope one day I can appreciate it like you do, at least it's not whatever the Sgt. Matlovich look was. We should definitely do Medium Rare after I need everyone to go insane over Mitch.

Nonna I can upload a download for the Trauma Bluray if you'd like? The goatee is short lived and he looks so fucking wonderful in the rest of it, rest assured you won't be disappointed

No. 323271

File: 1695596814759.gif (6.26 MB, 480x360, soft.gif)

Letting out the most forlorn lovesick sigh in the world rn

No. 323272

File: 1695596839593.gif (6.62 MB, 360x357, (wake me up) wake me up inside…)

No. 323281

File: 1695599058526.jpg (285.07 KB, 1080x839, wow tiddays.jpg)

After Brad rocking that pornstache irl, I can handle the goatee he has in the film easy, so give me that Sonny Boy for the next gathering we have.
I'd be up for as many movies as possible for a movie night on any of the said days, tbh. Why I couldn't help but double vote hehe.

Alright so Trauma, I found a copy and I think I have like a dozen screencaps for now, but will take much, much more later. This fucking movie gave Brad's character the most horrific yet somehow the funniest death ever. I guess the screaming head flying down the elevator shaft really made it for me. Well, he played the doc who was to blame for one horrible accident and who never really recovered from it, so now he became the hottest drug addict in town. Brad has at best 6 minutes of screen presence in this one, but he was perfect as usual.
I didn't bother watching most of the movie, as much as I appreciate Argento's earlier work, this just wasn't it.

No. 323282

File: 1695599108366.jpg (435.95 KB, 1080x1321, pathetic wet dog of a man.jpg)

No. 323283

File: 1695599335916.webm (1.6 MB, 1280x558, Look he lost it again.webm)

And of course there was a little outburst that I really loved. Highlight of the film, 10/10.

No. 323285

File: 1695599952918.jpg (523.48 KB, 2400x1080, Clumsy ass doc and nurses.jpg)

Providing one cap I liked the most out of the hospital flashback.
also forgot to mention one really important thing: I wish his t-shirt in the street scene was thinner so it'd be more see-through when wet. I still see some gold through it but damn, it's not enough.

No. 323291

Made the mistake of putting Exorcist on in the background and ended up watching it again instead. All I want is to be one of the nurses responsible for giving James EEG tests…

Can't believe that Savini watched the elevator shaft bit and really thought it was acceptable lol, at least the other SFX were characteristically impressive.
Is there anything more sensual than visible curves under a thin shirt? Usually they slap him in something ten sizes too big but when the shirt and jeans fit just right it's so hot.

No. 323292

File: 1695607393187.jpg (121.55 KB, 1280x546, POV youre a stolen television.…)

>I can handle the goatee
You and the other anon are a mystery to me but I respect you both

No. 323301

File: 1695612699025.jpg (71.8 KB, 1080x1932, not very drip of you.jpg)

Seems like I haven't seen all of the deleted scenes, because it looks like priest clothes on Brad? And the scratches on his face match those on the photos we've all seen. So he was supposed to play Karass all along.


I think he couldn't really make a decision on anything, the director is the boss after all.
Now exactly these were a problem, see picrel.
I'm not much of a mystery, I just get used to things that try real hard to disappoint me so they don't, kek.

No. 323302

File: 1695613036869.gif (3.12 MB, 480x204, 9FDDACBE-9068-4DDF-A67C-899209…)

Horny Jack thoughts passively running through the back of my mind for days now hnnnnggggg I need him, skulking greasy little creep, I wanna choke him and kiss his mouth as he’s sputtering and gasping for air, tears streaming down his face, squirming more and more as he gets closer to unconsciousness, and then just stare lovingly into his eyes as he fades away
To many posts for me to respond to all of them thank you for the feast! But this >>323166 pic in particular is amazing, gonna stare at it for hours
They got those posts too???? These fucking farmhands I swear, Douriffag origin lore lost to incompetence rip

No. 323303

File: 1695613870877.jpg (253.55 KB, 1080x684, Screenshot_2023-09-25-02-52-41…)

You guys just need to screenshot your first convos if you don't want them gone forever. I'd do it for you if I knew they'll end up deleted for some unknown reason.

Now I finally have too many caps from Trauma, oopsie

No. 323305

I had thought about putting Jack on the rack but I guess that would be more Grima’s speed, funny you all bring up medieval torture now. And another idea for painful embarrassment for Grimafags tar and feather. Pour scalding hot tar on him, make his skin blister, throw the feathers on and parade him around while everyone laughs at him. Painful all around for someone that craves respect and acceptance

No. 323335

File: 1695616236562.jpg (287.67 KB, 800x1188, da9v1sa-20bff622-6c1b-4ad0-bb9…)

Someone save him from those 90s jeans, they're eating him alive! The Scream Factory interviews confirm it was supposed to be Brad from the get-go because he was so good at memorizing the monologues but that opening was new to me too. So many production problems with this movie it's interesting to hear about them all. If you're feeling adventurous you can compare the original script with the final rewrite for shits and giggles, Patient X was as charming as ever from first draft https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1cIkHD6NMee7GA-feRLzzKzu52xutbzbk and the whole thing was closer to the book overall also dead brother with a stutter possessing Venamun's body? Missed out on another use of those skills from the early days

Top tier, always thinking about handprint-shaped bruises on his neck though lately it's been daydreams about asphyxiation by pussy too

WOAH anon you actually found a way to make that specific torment kinda sexy, debilitating scarring via hot tar…

No. 323348

File: 1695618342754.jpg (398.51 KB, 714x1000, Image 11-04-2023 at 15.25.JPG)

i wish i knew where it's from, sorry, all i know is it was posted by a deleted tumblr blog.
ohh that's perfect, wow, very creative today.
brain damage is hardly gonna make him worse or be noticeable even so i say go for it!
fully grown white guys in those huge jeans are always so funny, like sir, are you trying to be an adam sandler character. thank you so much for these caps nonna!

>deleted posts

it’s still on wayback machine fortunately. i was so clueless and i remember being so excited, like YAY time to post brad again! and then i was fucking with ezgif for several hours resizing the damn alien gifs over and over again because lc was giving me the image error. i didn’t give up though and i’m so glad i didn’t. it’s a fun throwback to revisit those convos sometimes.

No. 323350

File: 1695619465858.jpg (88.28 KB, 861x321, Screenshot_2023-09-25-08-06-47…)

>Patient X was as charming as ever from first draft
He sure was. Now I clearly see why he's the legion, because inside him are a horse, an ass and even a cock. That's a lot to handle. And whose cock was that?
I feel like if Patient X started stuttering whenever priest resurfaced, it would give the audience flashbacks and mayhaps make someone say "oh wow, actor of one role". Maybe it's good that the film turned out to be whatever it turned out to be. It's still effective, gripping. If it wasn't, we wouldn't even discuss it I bet. I'm gonna go read the whole script.
You're always welcome! There will be a bit more.

No. 323354

File: 1695623294544.gif (9.95 MB, 540x340, 407bd615540.gif)

>brain damage is hardly gonna make him worse
nta but LMAO at least it's not a lobotomy, a little temporary brain death never hurt anyone right? The /g/posting wasn't that long ago and yet somehow you're still making me nostalgic, those epic awesomesauce movie marathons really ended up happening! You changed the entire trajectory of my life with that Jack screencap, ilu ♥

ANON you have such a way with words I choked on my own spit, for all the script differences I'm glad they didn't have him crowing and braying every second. Didn't consider that but the abused little brother might have simply been too difficult to act out in a non-referential way, you're right. Blatty made a ton of changes even prior to the studios messing with the screenplay, pls share if you find anything interesting

No. 323373

A touch of brain damage might make him easier to manage, if going the completely devoted slave route I would want him to be just a step above a zombie, and instead of a craving for brains it would be a craving for pu-
Tarring and feathering is classic old school torture, iron maidens were apparently never really used but you could be the first. idk I watched something about medieval torture as a kid and it has stuck in my brain ever since. Tying him up and dragging him behind your galloping horse (naked of course, no clothes as a buffer) would also be fun, he’d be bruised and cut up all over, so tender. Medieval torture masks to prevent him from speaking are another option. Poor thing wouldn’t survive being drawn and quartered though. Burning hot spoon on the tongue to find out if he’s lying is another thing to try

No. 323448

NONNAS NONNAS ALERT going through the special features for the hazing dvd and oh ma fuckin god Brad being interviewed and keeping the accent wtf. I will upload them some time I’m dying laughing WHY IS HE LIKE THIS it’s the interview where he said no students came on to him, oh I’m dying

No. 323463

File: 1695664817145.jpg (130.82 KB, 500x667, 1694035382.jpg)

Hopefully my way with words will bring many more keks. Thank you.
I scrolled through all versions of the script, I'm going to take a closer look at the Gemini monologs, so far I've only noticed that in the final script some parts were significantly shortened. Not that it's anything too important. Going to draw some parallels and see if we lost anything interesting.
Method acting my ass, I swear to god his sense of humor knows no bounds. Please share this when you got a chance, nonna, sounds like priceless material.
I feel like attaching picrel is very appropriate now

No. 323464

>file name
Cackled, anon. Perfect gifs.
Caps saved for more appreciation later, ty.
>emotes more in 6 seconds than anyone else in the movie
Brad bingo card filling up.

No. 323465

Anon, that's so kind, thank you.
I'll do my best to be strong for the team.
I've seen that vid before, such possibilities if they'd committed to Brad as both priest and patient.
Damn, need to try and find time for reading this, tysm.
There's already the 'it's child's play' line in the movie, sometimes less is more.

No. 323466

File: 1695666615483.png (388.93 KB, 579x551, flirty gramps.png)

Oh that sounds too good, will look forward to it anon.
Have some flirty gramps.

No. 323602

File: 1695737998087.jpeg (Spoiler Image,431.7 KB, 1744x3469, 62E20B47-5EA8-490B-9247-21EF9B…)

i got this from etsy a while back because the likeness is sorta there, but i can't figure paint… scaerd.
i WILL be the first, i will innovate the entire field. being a kid and randomly bringing up torture trivia from documentaries in conversation is actually a normal and not weird thing to do.

No. 323610

File: 1695742820329.jpg (Spoiler Image,98.13 KB, 604x948, toybiz grima.jpg)

Oh that's so cool! Tempted to pick one up for myself…
The great thing about painting is that you can make infinite mistakes. Something looks bad? Just paint over it! Painted over too many times? Remove the paint and start fresh! Want him veinier? More sickly looking? More sores? You're the boss! Then you'll be able to have your very own Grima that you designed!
I'd like to get a little action figure to put in various situations, but the only one I've found with any points of articulation is the Toybiz one and the sculpt is, well,

No. 323620

File: 1695746340996.jpg (Spoiler Image,971.64 KB, 1580x2238, iceberg-levels-grimmies.jpg)

cute idea! another tiny action figure does exist out there but i wouldn't say it's any better. pic spoilered for autism.

No. 323624

File: 1695747632846.jpg (56.5 KB, 440x552, marikay's grima DOLL.jpg)

I had no idea there was so much Grima merch! Or figures, anyway. The larger eaglemoss statue looks pretty nice, actually. and omg that fucking goblet, who approved that design! I thought I had hallucinated it, iirc there's a whole line of those things? Why not just make it Wormtongue themed instead of… whatever that is.
Thank you for the amazing iceberg chart, please accept this handmade doll (from http://www.dourif.net/fans/art/mk14.jpg)

No. 323681

>that pic
It's no good, and with respect to torment-anons I just can't do it. Pics like that just make me want to gently clean and tend to his wounds. And try and rinse the blood out of his little handkerchief. As he lies with his head on my lap, sobbing brokenly into my skirt. The soft sounds he makes when I tuck those greasy tails of hair behind his ear and stroke the translucent skin of his cheek and his neck. Always careful, never catching the wounds. Being his one safe place in the world. …well, I haven't really thought about it.

No. 323695

File: 1695771689048.jpg (128.75 KB, 1041x729, IMG_5936.JPG)

what a blursed doll… obsessed with it. i do wish the eaglemoss figures were larger, i have both and they're equally tiny, while the weta ones would be WAY too huge.
as gratifying as my violent daydreams are, i want to do that as well, nonna, i'm just more comfortable writing violent essays than expressing affection for some reason unbeknownst to me. like he does NOT deserve our kindness so maybe it feels like torturing him to the brink of death would not only be sexy but also make it more logical to feel sympathy? lovely scenario either way ty xox

No. 323698

listen these other anons are a bad influence on me! I may have thrown out some Grima abuse ideas but I’m 100% with you for the vanilla loving and nurturing stuff. Jack is the only one I really want to hurt, because he’s a freak and he’d like it but even then a lot of daydreams about him skew pretty normal
>I haven't really thought about it.
suuuuuuuuuure lol. Well I enjoyed reading it, feel free to post more we need you to balance out the crazy.
>custom doll Grima
would carry him everywhere in one of those chest strap things for carrying babies. Vaguely reminds me of some uncomfortably detailed humpty dumpty dolls I’ve seen

No. 323710

File: 1695779392263.gif (11.1 MB, 534x300, weaselnite.gif)

Since everyone's horny curious about Medium Rare let's do that one next

Thank you so much for finding it detectivenonna I kept looking for 00s interviews and didn't even realize it was a DVD feature. Oh Brad, if only you knew….

No. 323713

File: 1695781478268.png (1.67 MB, 1663x1080, 260923.png)

>both priest and patient
Writhing to hear more of your thoughts on this predictably I can only think of priestly desecration

At least Grima's grappling with his conscience there's going to be some sympathetic wound-cleaning and hair-stroking after the violence, him clutching onto your clothes and softly scritching his neck is a very good thought. Jack deserves to be god's punching bag though.

>torturing him to the brink of death would not only be sexy but also make it more logical to feel sympathy
YES!!! YES!!

>chest strap things for carrying babies
You reminded me of that fanart of Tiffany with Chucky strapped to her chest in a baby carrier kek

No. 323714

File: 1695781588570.jpg (106.6 KB, 720x540, ponderosa.jpg)

Posting for the period costume nonnies and those thighs

No. 323715

File: 1695781611497.jpg (93 KB, 720x540, ponderosa2.jpg)

No. 323722

File: 1695786517913.gif (8.05 MB, 540x300, weaselface.gif)

weasel night weasel night weasel night

No. 323723

File: 1695786671682.gif (7.2 MB, 540x300, weaselhair.gif)

No. 323729

File: 1695788069795.gif (5.92 MB, 498x280, weaseltum.gif)

My heart is pounding

No. 323733

File: 1695790429660.gif (Spoiler Image,2.98 MB, 268x197, Tumblr_l_535943466578103.gif)

Hell yeaaaah it's Weasel time. I have a good feeling about this movie night.
Perfection, thank you, nonny.

Anyways, can't wait for that Medium Rare feast as well, I feel like it's going to be the craziest thing most of us will watch. Ever.

No. 323737

File: 1695792827353.jpg (28.23 KB, 400x583, medium_rare.jpg)

Here's the Trauma rip ♥

Medium Rare is special in the "aw it's trying" sort of way. Anon who was talking about the whole
>just a step above a zombie for pussy
concept is in for such a treat. I cannot overstate how retarded and horny Mitch is I NEED HIM DESPERATELY. Picrel was posted before but this movie has no content so have a color version

No. 323739

File: 1695793620350.gif (Spoiler Image,8.08 MB, 480x480, 0D476216-4424-43F6-94EC-C60C4F…)

Okay yes period costume looks GREAT but obviously I’m gonna lose it over him being tied up desperately zooming in trying to find a hint of bulge idc I’ll say it
yo what the fuck is this movie. All the gifs are beautiful why does he look like such a crazy little slut gifrel still makes me weak

No. 323740

File: 1695795667932.gif (5.8 MB, 408x300, eatingout4dindin.gif)

Horny(?) spoilers(?) feeling crazy about him being totally mute but making little noises when going at it with Rosie

Nonna stop it's too lewd, you can totally see it. Haven't watched the show yet but can you imagine those tight pants in action covering my face like a nun at the thought. Great news Weasel is legitimately straight up retarded and rude and dresses like a whore, he's so fun

No. 323745

File: 1695796799406.jpg (Spoiler Image,36.19 KB, 500x333, mqnoxey9me1rm.jpg)

Okay there was one more relevant production still

No. 323755

File: 1695804841755.jpg (57.52 KB, 500x333, 1693867442.jpg)

Mitch on his fried mode reminded me of a caveman. He's quite aware of his surroundings and knows what to do in different situations, his brain keeps ticking like a clock on an overdue battery: slowly but surely. Of course he forgot how to properly function, react to real world or speak but his animalistic instincts keep him in a good "working" condition. Yes, he fucks like an animal now as well, what else could one ask for?
Literally me trying to eat when no clean spoons are left in the house. Yes, I'm lazy and not horny enough for a better joke, sry
I feel like Brad enjoyed working on this film a lot. You get on set and you're told to motorboat ladies, pretend you're supernaturally strong and go full oonga boonga. Dream job, and he also got paid for that. So happy and proud of him.

No. 323778

Him essentially functioning on the same mental level as that poodle was really entertaining, I love how if anything he actually becomes a better boyfriend kek. It's nice when you put it that way, another rare non-villain role (even if it didn't have a lot of substance) and they must have planned to market him as the romantic lead with that cute headshot right? Too bad none of the cast ever talks about this movie it'd be nice to hear whether they at least had fun on set

No. 323788

I'll take the one on the left to go. Don't bother to untie him, just give me the rope.

No. 323800

Yeah, frying his brain was definitely an improvement because he was kinda rude before! Can't have it, gotta reduce him to my dog so he finally becomes nice. I'm not indulging into a kinky aspect of what I just said. Unless..
He's definitely not a villain in this one and that's lovely at least.
Sometimes I feel sad Brad isn't terminally online like some other actors, it would be much easier to ask him stuff. Wouldn't dare to bother Fiona with questions about her dad, personally.
Maybe I need to know what music he likes and what are his current favorite movies…

No. 323822

File: 1695838322732.jpg (108.42 KB, 966x971, um.jpg)

sorry im still having a moment.

No. 323829

File: 1695840635607.gif (6.85 MB, 480x352, If Looks Could Kill.GIF)

Managed to watch something new, I figured it wouldn’t be anything amazing so it would be easy to throw on. Was an alright crime doc thing, there’s a nice amount of Brad scattered throughout, he plays a very “well I do declare!” type of southern man, the accent was very funny. Potato quality video but he wears a robe in one scene and you get some legs and feet ooh la la, and wears shorts in a later scene. But again the quality is not so great some questionable 90’s fashion and extremely shiny pants that don’t get enough screen time

No. 323831

File: 1695840697363.gif (4.5 MB, 480x352, 8230EE34-0B7F-4029-B573-403B73…)

When he squints his eyes, whew

No. 323832

File: 1695840928327.gif (8.81 MB, 480x352, its not a phase mom.GIF)

very understandable, the way his stomach sticks out makes his posture look even more grotesque squishy tummy………..knead it like a cat

No. 323840

File: 1695842732017.jpg (101.83 KB, 640x801, IMG-20230403-092537-533.jpg)

>file name
I watched this one too a few days ago. Wasn't bad, but Brad's accent was so funny I barely managed to take it all seriously. And wasn't his character supposed to be gay?

No. 323843

File: 1695843339832.gif (523.48 KB, 300x225, tumblr_mco29wPgOl1qhb9o9o4_400…)

Talking about gay I can't help but find it interesting how everyone just has this urge to grab Brad's face regardless of context. Who would be able to resist it though.

No. 323851

File: 1695844195416.jpeg (21.5 KB, 400x250, EB295B53-A6CD-4E37-AAB8-74105C…)

Oh thanks for that pic! Yeah his character was gay, I thought they were lovers but apparently just very close business partners, mmm sure. I had to replay the scene where the drunk guy tries to rip his hoodie off a few times, made me laugh because same. i really thought there would be a gay kiss, Guyana Tragedy dangled that carrot in front of my face and I’m still chasin it I always get interested in these ‘based on a true story’ movies and try to read more about them so burger sperg was a surprise to see John Walsh in this I was like ‘oh shit they really got him’ and apparently all of this was going down during the OJ trial so that may be why it’s not more well known
I‘ve been surprised to find he’s got a fair amount of male fans, they might like him for different reasons but still, he’s got that universal appeal, just this weird little guy you wanna stare at

No. 323858

Very close business partners, of course, with the biggest seducer in the west.
But I digress, it was amazing to find out one guy brainwashed a bunch of people to the point they were ready to go to prison for him. Some crazy shit right there. So that was an interesting movie, definitely.

>just this weird little guy you wanna stare at

Yeah, and get dangerously close to, maybe touch him or at least poke that belly.
I've known straight men who'd fawn over Brad. That's some thing with cult actors, when everyone just forgets about any norms and loves them to death regardless of their own gender/sexual orientation. That's kinda awesome I think.

No. 323867

File: 1695847838397.jpg (120.76 KB, 860x1297, americas_most_wanted_looks_cou…)

>my dog
I feel downright brainrotted talking about dog this dog that all the time but fucking seriously there's too many movies where you can't help but want him on all fours with a collar around his neck; Death Machine, Tales of the Unexpected, Sonny Boy, Medium Rare…some kind of puppy phenotype in those roles. Fingers crossed you get to meet him one day nonna, those sound like some nice questions to ask (as opposed to the hundreds of "I love you as Chucky" comments he probably gets kek).

Maybe I'm just particularly hungry today but if Grima and I were stuck in a cave for a few days not even god would stop me from chowing down um, what a delicious midsection. Top tier image.

Real shame that one upload is such poor quality because his middle-aged 90s businessman outfits were very cute

No. 323869

File: 1695848260515.png (47.48 KB, 381x107, HUH.png)

Watched that stupid movie twice after reading this article because huh??? Sorry girls…either he's misremembering or it was cut for TV

No. 323872

>Potato quality
We take what we can and always hope someone finds a better version. ty for gifs and Brad-review.
When he wears clothes that fit, yes please.
>everyone just has this urge to grab Brad's face
Outside of the need to touch gorgeous, it's a power play. Can't out-intensify his eyes, so you have to try and break his hold somehow. It's a theory.

No. 323885

File: 1695852651183.gif (6.13 MB, 400x300, painting.gif)

Foxy. His face is so expressive but every expression manages to be beautiful you ever watch a scene where he's baring his teeth and feel like that Gediman/Alien gif except he's the Alien

No. 323887

File: 1695853964977.gif (2.04 MB, 268x248, Tumblr_l_10639558745575.gif)

The images that run through my head when I think about all this puppy play stuff with some of these characters are kind of unholy, how do I stop them.
>Fingers crossed you get to meet him
Thank you, how I wish, really. Because there are so many autistic questions to ask him it pisses me off not a single interviewer really thought about it. Brad is so fucking interesting as a person, as an actor, that you'd think people would be happy to learn something new about him but no. It's just us and a small circle of most loyal fans. So disappointed smh.
It definitely was cut because there was no such scene. I checked three times. they deprived us of quality gay content how dare they?!
I feel like even if you grab him by the shoulders and pin him to the wall his eyes will drill a hole inside your skull (shit, it rhymed). Still, you can't outplay the pro.
What fascinates me about Brad's face is how masterfully it works. He articulates with such nuance that you can read his lips and know what he's saying (gifrel). His face never really rests, it works all the time, you see that well when he's just a background character. He can make himself look adorable, scary, beautiful or hideous or all of that whenever he needs to. If I speak more about his eyes it will turn into an even bigger blogpost.
I can sing odes to Brad forever, because we really don't deserve him but he's there and does his best to impress us.

No. 323891

As his sobbing slows, running a gentle hand from his neck down over his shoulder, along his arm. Down to his waist then the soft curves of his belly. He trembles at the touch, his vulnerability, his shame made flesh. But he's too weakened to push away. And he surrenders.

No. 323901

File: 1695857460338.jpg (155 KB, 1280x695, ns3oolhHZ81tczux5o.jpg)

The only way to banish those ideas is to post them hehe. He'll be in Manchester in November if you can make it, agreed that it's disappointing when you see a new interview but it's the same five questions he's answered for the past forty years. His hot takes on the industry are scathingly funny.
>pin him to the wall
Love to watch his face emote in any context but that wide-eyed cornered animal stare is somehow preciously rare.
>sing odes
Words legit escape me when trying to describe the way he moves or looks lmao he's so interesting. Fiona has some nearly identical features but when it comes to bone structure he's genuinely one of a kind, everything from his slight overbite, the sharp flat planes of his face, the entire insane anatomy of his eyebags, his pronounced cupid's bow, kms. Some actors work their whole lives and never learn the nuance with which he's able to carry himself, like you said even in the most throwaway of background roles (Blue Velvet RIP). Please blogpost about his eyes I need to read it while playing choir hymns and crying.

Don't know whether it's the desire to grab at it or sit on it. Maybe both?

No. 323903

File: 1695857882258.png (421.26 KB, 1219x683, AUGH.png)

Weird benign body part appreciation time again, is that bit of fat around his jaw that sticks out (you can see it under harsh lighting sometimes) what they call buccal fat? Looking at it sends me into such a frenzy it's so kissable

No. 323917

File: 1695860243738.png (572.03 KB, 1174x793, Untitled.png)

*around his mouth, not his jaw, maybe the way everything is distributed on his face just happens to be perfect and there's no existing word for it in the English language. Anywhoo congrats to Brad for being born the most beautiful person on the planet or something

No. 323923

What…who do I need to harass to find this footage do we all want to make him our doggy now, I feel less weird about it

No. 323927

File: 1695866077136.gif (998.47 KB, 357x359, dumbdoggy.gif)

Different sources list different running times for Looks Could Kill, IMDB has 1hr20min but Turner Classic has it at two freaking hours, they could be rounding up but some other sites say 1hr37min? The gay makeouts truth is out there. Looks like it's had a lot of rereleases too, hard to pin down. Big emphatic yes from me, not weird at all.

No. 323941

File: 1695873475803.jpg (128.79 KB, 977x550, Tumblr_l_405888802401883.jpg)

>hot takes
He's extremely frank when you least expect him to be. Dude spills tea fucking constantly and I'm here for it. I think he might be one of the few actors who don't kiss ass of higher ranked Hollywood people, be it other actors or whoever else.
What you say about Brad's face is so right. I started drawing him the other day and noticed that the lines turned to geometrical shapes, because he's so angular for someone with an overall delicate look. His face is so pleasantly asymmetrical too that it changes shape itself sometimes, so he never really looks exactly the same as if he has an ability to morph into someone else.
The eyes are absolutely insane, on the other hand. Biggest wettest bluest. So expressive they can kill. Anything you want to see in them you'll see and that's beautiful. Brad's ability to act with eyes alone should be studied, really, because he can practically speak through his unique gaze. Man I can really talk about him forever. Make me stop.

Shit, and how do we find the extended version? Maybe there are more scenes with Brad in it too, there has to be. The quest for gay sex begins.

No. 324015

File: 1695896242162.gif (5.62 MB, 480x364, 37B9CB27-3530-4A64-93C3-2BC146…)

I didn’t like the Hitchhiker episode that much, the reveal was kinda oh, that’s it? Idk it was weird. The outfit was kind of goofy but whoooooo those legs immediately thought as he was holding the match in front of his crotch “maybe I oughta take up smoking”. But only if he does that every time

No. 324016

File: 1695896541124.gif (6.55 MB, 500x379, 8181F9DE-A4C9-4D9A-9C6F-8272D8…)

The Hunger episode was better but still kind of ridiculous is this city just full of nothing but adulterers and murderers?? he was very cute and sad loved it, disheveled and tormented whyyy does he never let his hair down though, there’s only three roles I can think of where it’s not tied up. I feel like a starved animal losing it at the most minor flashes of skin, want to plant a kiss right there on the small of his back.

No. 324017

File: 1695896666742.jpeg (130.9 KB, 1017x765, CA3B1C77-AE5C-4CAB-8FCB-BEE739…)

Big thanks to the nonna who shared this mwah

No. 324029

File: 1695897898888.gif (3.98 MB, 540x304, IMG_9165.GIF)

hope everything works fine, the Hazing stuff will be uploaded soon, promise

No. 324030

File: 1695899319829.jpg (352.43 KB, 1191x1080, Literally us.jpg)

I can't stop making pics like this send help

No. 324037

You immediately peaked my interest, I need to watch this.
Thanks for the review, as usual. This ep sounds like my cup of tea right there.
Being a thirsty fan of Brad is like being subscribed to a Victorian lady's onlyfans. You either get almost nothing or everything at once.

No. 324039

Oh anon I’m always wanting to make the stupidest most girly cutesy edits of him but have a million other things I want to make too, thank you for this and for using one of my favorite pics of him, wanna ride that mustache til it falls off his face

No. 324043

>subscribed to a Victorian lady's onlyfan
Oh god, this really is us isn't it.
>Dude spills tea fucking constantly
He certainly wasn't shy about Jason Miller's alcohol brain on Exorcist iii.
>disheveled and tormented
I'm in.
And ty all for the pics and reviews.

No. 324045

tysm anon.
>that gif
Makes me smile so much.
>I checked three times.
And we thank you for your dedication.
There must be longer/alt versions out there, detective anons unite.
Everytime with that tear.
Hero anon, thank you for sharing.

No. 324047

File: 1695905470296.gif (4.94 MB, 500x375, FDF7D417-A5F9-4E82-A0AB-48D0F9…)

Okay everything uploaded, here’s a second playlist with all the extras enjoy
Professor Kapps a virgin?? And good god that first scene is so horny I CANT TAKE IT WISH THAT WERE ME aside from the getting bludgeoned part

No. 324056

File: 1695907123745.jpg (100.44 KB, 770x930, Tumblr_l_413268354062506.jpg)

The way it made me wheeze, oh god but same. And you're always welcome, I won't stop making this dumb shit.
He wasn't shy talking about Romy Schneider either, describing her as a diva and saying she was tough to work with.
More great content aka AAAAA sexy creepy college professor strikes again, we love to see it. Thank you for the upload!

Pic completely unrelated, it just confuses me.

No. 324062

File: 1695908203056.jpg (Spoiler Image,198.73 KB, 1242x1525, 1690053701064.jpg)

Love him love to read essays about him thank you, one of my favourite things about his eyes is when he's staring at someone in closeups and his irises will flicker across every feature instead of focusing on one focal point. Stupid detail but still crazy about it.

Sorry for unrelated scrote picrel but thinking about it every time he's got a smoke in his mouth, sigh. What is happening in that gif kekk all these reviews always bait me into watching new stuff out of sheer curiousity. The hippie look is alright but he's real hot with the longer hair

NO THANK YOU FOR WATCHING IT I've been wanting to shout about it with someone, as stupid as the ep was (if you cut out all the sex scenes it's maybe 5 minutes of actual plot) he's really cute I want him to look into MY eyes and see nothing but love and kisses

No. 324065

File: 1695908867446.gif (964.97 KB, 400x228, marteeen.gif)

All this new content, thank you so much!! Also if you're the OG playlist anon London After Midnight is destroying my heart

No. 324076

>see nothing but love and kisses
oh lol my thought was to keep him blindfolded 24/7, kinky. But then I couldn’t see his eyes so maybe not. He looked so good in this and the close up shots just made want to cradle his head, counting out every single pore and just staring at his lips don’t mind me
>Dante playlist over 300 views
are you girls okay. Glad you like the music it feels like such an achievement to find songs that fit him like that

No. 324077

File: 1695911366737.png (343.7 KB, 685x429, its all.png)

Anon, can't thank you enough. The extended beginning and the interview, so good.
Finally got round to seeing Nightwatch. Anon who said it needed more Doctor and less 'see it coming plot twist' is correct. First duty doc scene made me smile, he can't keep his tongue in his head. Picrel.

No. 324078

File: 1695911513805.png (306.8 KB, 654x435, a matter.png)

No. 324079

File: 1695911704582.png (308.24 KB, 622x436, of taste.png)

No. 324088

File: 1695914832918.mp4 (4.41 MB, 856x404, you been spotted.mp4)

How I love that doctor and the fact he has eyes on his back.
This film only needed just a bit more of Brad and a better pacing to work. I still recommend to see the original Dutch film btw.

No. 324124

File: 1695927102193.jpeg (1.02 MB, 3072x3072, 90DBC7D5-5AF0-4F4B-8895-229BE1…)

absolutely giddy thank you for the tongue blep
I only got the hazing dvd because I thought it was a nice Halloween movie, did not even bother to see if it had any special features included so it was a nice surprise that it turned out to be such a treasure trove, gifts for all of us

No. 324187

File: 1695944913737.mp4 (2.47 MB, 854x480, bradwherearethey.mp4)

Did someone say virgin?

I was trying to be coy and cheeky about it but thinking of accidentally meeting his eyes for the first time and instead of seeing something repulsive he gets mindfucked with a vision of me having the most disgusting sweaty passionate sex WITH HIM, shock horror, involuntary boners. To be honest I kinda thought that's where the episode was going kek too bad he kept having a miserable time. This low-budget nothingburger show is eating away at my brain bc of the possibilities…blindfold also good, you can be his seeing eye dog and allow him to look only at you (and see all your darkest desires ooooh). Really glad you gifd that big fat teardrop, so many gorgeous shots.
>are you girls okay
No your playlist is perfect for zoning out for five hours and thinking about how I'd love to martyr myself by torturing him. Ilu.

Would touch his tongue with my tongue, nice pics OP

No. 324188

File: 1695945337863.gif (980.59 KB, 500x280, IMG_1302.gif)

Psychnonna I went to watch your upload but it looks like it was sniped from this mortal coil. Odysee is so shit.

No. 324193

File: 1695949656663.png (471.29 KB, 800x661, ohno.png)

These are wonderful, beautiful, perfect. Sliver of ankle, hint of wrist, exposed clavicle, ooh. Still thinking about the iceberg and reeling.

No. 324215

File: 1695956196702.gif (5 MB, 430x336, 20230929_055258.gif)

Kek, these are perfect

Meanwhile I still can't get this look out of my head. Why is he so gorgeous with such a simple ass hairstyle and all ughhhgggh want to run my hand through his hair so bad

No. 324243

File: 1695978262917.gif (4.53 MB, 540x304, IMG_9168.GIF)

okay, second attempt
he does look crazy hot with this styling, but the pants…

No. 324267

>the pants
…Are meant to be taken off, it's that easy

Thanks so much for the reupload, nonna, I'm sure this one won't get sniped!

No. 324272

>the pants
Look fine for easy access, any time you want just slide your hand under the tshirt, down his stomach, under the waistband and… never seemed much of a problem, really.

No. 324300

File: 1695996527948.jpg (205.44 KB, 1280x1920, 98974_full.jpg)

Thinking a lot about this image today.

That works, thank you!!

Would die for him to even take just the jacket off, show us those bare arms pls

No. 324316

File: 1696002776396.jpg (21.18 KB, 359x504, 1694556314461.jpg)

Exactly. Tfw even the worst pants may prove to not be much of an obstacle.
Thinking about Brad in Wise Blood in general is a pattern: he resurfaces, you spin him in your brain, you forget for a moment, he comes back with twice as much power. He doesn't have the right to look so good.
>show us bare arms
I have such a great feeling about Sonny Boy, oh man. Today is full moon but we will feel its impact tomorrow evening for sure. Personally I'll be howling the entire time idk about you

No. 324330

File: 1696011008960.gif (3.48 MB, 540x432, you only had to ask.gif)


No. 324383

File: 1696024442334.jpg (40.22 KB, 190x244, 31141223-190-244.jpg)

Wow,sir, of course I will come with you, just let me put on the extended mix of Moments in Love first.

Anyways we need to talk about this photo.

No. 324480

File: 1696079823067.gif (2.88 MB, 502x210, cmere.gif)

he's too mean to be fixable but I think I could seduce him to stop murdering people and live in his cool underground citadel at least.

This mystery photo is driving me crazy, no way this was one of his headshots. Those intense eyes are very pretty tho wish there were others from this shoot

No. 324483

File: 1696080989922.gif (8.07 MB, 641x360, sneer.gif)

Sad that the hat covers up his cute haircut but he does make some great weird faces, so that's ok. Thinking about Hazel takes so much brainpower…love the coat in your pic, he looks cozy

No. 324486

File: 1696082807754.jpeg (125.28 KB, 792x530, C87E26E1-5E31-42C6-9484-AE01AD…)

Sir put those fingers inside m- away! The suggestiveness is killing me

No. 324487

File: 1696084432153.jpg (25.51 KB, 250x342, Brad-Dourif-31141222-250-342.j…)

It is indeed a relative of this photoshoot because I recognize the shirt (love it btw, I'm weak for such patterns)
His face makes up for it and at all times, fortunately. Gotta run and save more pics. Now.

No. 324488

File: 1696084808724.jpg (60.22 KB, 500x375, Grima-Wormtongue-His-Mom-brad-…)

Shoot, replied to the wrong post but you probably got me. >>324487
Anyways here's a painting(?) of Grima for the purest keks.

No. 324493

File: 1696085949147.png (94.29 KB, 213x257, Screenshot copy.png)

he is an infestation in my brain.

No. 324497

File: 1696088693329.jpg (88.58 KB, 700x394, Sonny-Boy-1.jpg)

Twenty minutes to that beautiful mesh shirt and motorcycle boots!

Idk what that face is but if he's asking for a kiss I'll give it to him

Starting a Cursed Grima image folder 'cause of this thread, kek

No. 324559

File: 1696104606541.jpg (272.18 KB, 1280x1280, Tumblr_l_115194592220482.jpg)

Thank you all very much for a fun movie time today, it was just as great as the previous one.
Wishing health and warmest hugs to all of the sick nonnas and to the healthy ones too, because it's autumn after all.

Please have this shitpost of a look everyone.

No. 324572

Thank you as always for hosting us, anon.
Seconding this.
Also, I do not know what is happening in this pic but I keep looking at it.

No. 324573

File: 1696113548381.jpg (8.88 KB, 321x334, 1.jpg)


No. 324574

File: 1696114165524.gif (1.78 MB, 476x431, come on.gif)

>too mean to be fixable
He's just evilly-traumatised and wants his dead wife back. Standard tragic backstory.
>seduce him
Seems like the only sensible plan.
He can't help it.
I am investing way too much in this character. It must be all the gloved finger flicking action.

No. 324610

File: 1696123541801.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.16 MB, 982x1320, grandpa jumpscare.jpeg)


Haven't seen Wild Palms yet but it sounds like a sci-fi riff of Twin Peaks, kinda? Sickly smarmy tech genius is another super specific role he seems to get a lot

No. 324614

File: 1696125015664.mp4 (10.07 MB, 854x480, 0928.mp4)

Stumbled down a rabbit hole of movies that never got produced, you can understand why a lot of these didn't take off but it still kind of sucks. He's got that Rosemont look in this one plus more pseudo-religious monologuing, full trailer here https://vimeo.com/80567808

Your gifs are making me want to rewatch it immediately, he still manages to be enough of a creep to be intimidating. Like I would be nervous to fight this guy. Would diffuse the situation by asking to sit on his fingers instead

No. 324628

File: 1696132867579.webm (2.42 MB, 1248x720, spontaneous snort.webm)

Thought about the first time I heard Brad's famous laugh. It was in SC and that goddamn snort still doesn't fail to have me dead.
Couldn't really pick a more accurate one, I literally jumped a little.
Well, I haven't read anything about Wild Palms yet but I know I need to see it.
Wow just yesterday I was browsing vimeo to find something rare and didn't find anything. Great job, nonna!
I hope that regardless of whether the movie was released or not, actors got paid for the waste of their time. Brad deserves to collect at least half the film budget in his pockets.

No. 324649

File: 1696144264978.jpeg (Spoiler Image,379.63 KB, 1816x952, 019F68B3-DFCE-4E5B-8C70-8E62F1…)

FINALLY i can post this just imagine him in a stupid sexy costume it was not turning out right. I wouldnt hate dressing him as the stereotypical nurse though…
No! Not a jumpscare a sweet surprise, his eyes are so pretty kissy kissy I’ll take him at any age

No. 324696

File: 1696170110255.mp4 (3.42 MB, 640x480, mrrrowr.mp4)

Literally number one best thing to possibly wake up to, happy October first nonna!!! Thank you for always delivering such beautiful Jackart! WHO did he bleed out for that bucket 'o blood lmao…is Halloween the one holiday he actually somehow keeps track of and celebrates, you think? Or is his whole life Halloween-lite so he's desensitized and you're the one who'd have to get him a costume and drag him upstairs for the yearly company dress-up party? I can imagine he'd begrudgingly allow you to dress him in near anything you wanted to if you told him it turned you on loool. KISSING HIS BIG FOREHEAD!!!

That cackle-snort combo, how does he have the nicest funniest laugh ever it's not fair.. never would have expected such a sweet soft-pitched voice out of a guy that laughs like that kek. Don't remember if this has been posted already but god, the drawl

No. 324705

File: 1696173526156.png (415.29 KB, 718x429, poor murderous baby.png)

Ready for the close up? Great pic.
Ooh, never seen this before, amazing find anon.
>rewatch it immediately
You know you want to. Picrel.
Enjoying the snort-laugh vids.

No. 324708

Oh that art, tysm for sharing.
He had balloons prepared for Warbs, he will not need an excuse for a party. Gentle encouragement for dress-up would be needed though. Have to peel that coat off him.

No. 324714

Halloween is a state of mind and Jack is always there. I feel like he would love to go to the company party (finally included in something yay) and harass everyone and be a retard, the fake hand bit with Scott?? He would absolutely be pulling the most juvenile stupid pranks and laughing his ass off. the blood got me thinking…blood vial necklaces, yes we would be Those People, just the worst. Need him to sign his soul over to me so I can own him

No. 324717

>stabbed pumpkin
Gosh I love this little detail so much, I can imagine him giggling as he does the "decorating". And candy in his hair kek. Don't start me on Halloween costumes. He needs to try on a slutty devil costume. Wonderful art as usual!
Crying, the snort is too irresistible.
I love his laugh so much, somehow even in films it just seems so genuine. Now for triple pain, imagine if he landed that Joker role and his laugh would be the one to become iconic. Yeah, that hurts.

No. 324724

File: 1696176418326.gif (795.65 KB, 300x231, silicon.gif)

Oh that pic don't say anything dirty about his nose don't say it don't say it he's got the smoothest face I've ever seen on a sixty year old.

Why did you bringing up the fake hand thing immediately make me think of him pulling a Carrie on someone with a bucket of tooootally not real viscera propped up above the door to the washrooms, what a little freak kek. WOULD LOVE THAT FOR YOU if you're not up to carving your initials on his thigh you can always give him a stick and poke instead. Pwn3d.

Tentatively relieved he didn't get it just because he would never be able to escape it, ever. It's definitely a selfish feeling but I like all the weird little roles he picked up in the 80s/90s instead.

No. 324862

File: 1696226399452.jpeg (95.61 KB, 351x497, 1DD3DE4D-DF98-4936-A982-9ECC5D…)

God this pic makes me laugh, why was he in such a random movie
SAY IT SAY IT is it how his nose would poke into you if you sat on his face heheheh

No. 324971

File: 1696273871686.jpg (59.6 KB, 600x396, 161071825_e13447.jpg)

The face he's making is kinda hot though, pls do me on that piano. Okay listen why's his profile so anatomically ideal for sitting on? His pouty bottom lip, that tongue, sharp angular nose you just wanna rub against, yes I want his nose all up in my insides and my outsides. Gonna go take a cold shower.

No. 324980

File: 1696275250737.png (1.92 MB, 1834x1001, putmeinurpocket.png)

Lest we forget about dem hands too

No. 324982

File: 1696275428739.jpg (53.67 KB, 600x395, 161071826_7e21b9.jpg)

Speaking of hands, slow on the uptake yet again but this frame always goes by so fast I never realized Sam's metaphysically reaching out for Lisa here, bit threatening bit sweet

No. 324991

Nose lovers unite. Why are you doing this to me, now I will spend hours contemplating.
Okay this is such a great catch, nonna, I never paid attention to it. This movie is so good after all.

No. 324992

File: 1696277418408.jpg (131.87 KB, 1264x914, Tumblr_l_312889395777255.jpg)

No. 324994

He just wants to hold a nonflammable girlfriend, it's so sweet.
I'm kind of torn, we know he'd have been amazing but like >>324724 said, it would be another thing he'd have been stuck stereotyped as.

No. 324995

File: 1696277961662.png (420.22 KB, 670x576, catholic guilt.png)

No. 324997

File: 1696278057651.png (514.95 KB, 650x576, wholesome hands.png)

No. 325004

File: 1696279507512.jpg (Spoiler Image,122.35 KB, 1200x898, MV5BYzA4NGI1M2ItYzc5MC00NTkxLW…)

>wholesome hands
If he's already in purgatory he's not going to hell for premarital sex right? Don't worry about the context of this image just look at that sturdy wrist ok

No. 325006

File: 1696279776462.png (356.51 KB, 726x964, grab.png)

Maybe it's how strong and ruler-straight his nose is. His eyes and lips are on the delicate side but the nose and jawline are so…please god please why is he built like this

No. 325008

File: 1696279838924.jpg (43.47 KB, 470x650, media_F2UPKjaW0AEJ5an.jpg)

No. 325009

File: 1696280034503.jpg (15.19 KB, 316x347, 8360222d721b9950985c41be6d0de9…)

No. 325014

File: 1696281528206.gif (4.17 MB, 540x350, babe.gif)

No. 325015

File: 1696281824737.jpg (53.29 KB, 724x671, c73d01275ad602f595b2e4504fe2dc…)

It would be early 90s so Batman movies would keep family fed for quite a while. I agree that becoming mainstream would definitely change things (for worse in terms of fan base), but I just like to imagine all the possibilities it could also bring and how much better some films would become. It's so rare for an actor of Brad's range to get in the spotlight at blockbuster niche.

Anyways, back to being on the nose. Pun intended

No. 325016

File: 1696282372840.png (274.52 KB, 674x846, kiss for the nonnas.png)

It's pretty shitty that despite the huge variety of films he's been in he was always "the cult actor", even directors who wanted him for his skills always cast him in bit roles (looking at you, Lynch). At least the fanclub's dedicated?

No. 325020

File: 1696283040146.jpg (95.64 KB, 847x600, Brad and Joni with Erwin Provo…)

Not sure if everyone's already seen it but here's the other pic from the IFFF set >>320001, really enjoying Joni's hand on his knee kek

No. 325021

File: 1696283555326.png (507.47 KB, 561x845, NOCOMMENT.png)

No. 325022

File: 1696284031994.png (502.41 KB, 690x571, hunger for you.png)

>>325009 etc
Doing our bit for the cause.
Good lord, yes.

No. 325035

File: 1696290005599.mp4 (7.13 MB, 640x480, 67 more like 69.mp4)

No. 325084

I found the Halloween bloopers, wtf are they doing lol

No. 325112

File: 1696346074072.jpg (1.43 MB, 2048x1784, Tumblr_l_10283845853315.jpg)

Wtf are they doing? They're having a totally normal adult conversation and not acting like dumb teenagers.
Love this blooper reel, it's two of my most favorite actors talking silly shit, 10/10. When Malcom made Brad laugh and give one of his solidest snorts? And when Brad suddenly started mocking British accent? That stuff has a potential to make my entire week. Thank you for sharing this!
Some more photos to go into my collection. Nonitas, you're all priceless.
Such is a curse of a cult actor. Directors don't appreciate you enough so you don't feel satisfied with your career, but at least your fans are willing to throw money at you and you feel much closer to them. I guess it's not the worst thing ever.

No. 325147

This warmed my Britfag heart, hearing him stumble over those Brit slang terms is priceless.
>cult actor
Yeah, as you say when you get put there you get stuck there. We can give him some devotion.

No. 325158

kek he was having the time of his life with the little horns before you showed up with the other costumes. great work as always!
ayy fellow britfag, wonder how many of us there are

No. 325168

File: 1696371944993.mp4 (11.64 MB, 854x480, HE'S SO NERVOUS.mp4)


Brad's big toothy (toothless? kek) grin, I love it, just two old men acting like retards. Dunno if this is going to get a copyright strike but someone cut down the four hour making-of to all the Brad bits, is pretty funny https://ody.sh/9ZC6DG7N2N

One of the most admirable things about this dude is how financially motivated he is. The honesty is refreshing.

No. 325190

Ohhh all this wonderful material, thank you so much for this comp, nonny! Loved it. Say what you will, the fact that Rob Zombie cast Brad as a sheriff rather than some villain is very respectable. He was finally given some different work for a change and had fun with it.

No. 325210

File: 1696397997816.webm (14.75 MB, 854x480, blue eye pecan pie.webm)

Becoming Christian ASAP to accurately eroticize his suffering

No. 325234

File: 1696409904322.jpeg (122.6 KB, 828x732, D813F635-D1FB-42F0-ABF2-78F944…)

Ahhhh thank you! Gonna write letters of thanks to every director that made him grow a mustache I am just sick with horniness over that thing
Yeah it’s so nice he got to play a somewhat normal fatherly character

No. 325259

File: 1696433210278.png (361 KB, 638x575, teardrops .png)

>so beautiful
And still so under used in that episode, it's criminal.
His character requires immediate rescue and care.
Still working when I looked, so good, ty.
>normal character
And he can do it so well.

No. 325261

File: 1696433337846.png (395.32 KB, 650x576, in my eyes.png)

No. 325265

File: 1696436504151.png (987.73 KB, 1558x880, just emoting.png)

Anon you are so talented, the cuts, the music, the scene choices. Beautiful.
Tend his pious wounds and gaze emptily into the abyss with him.

No. 325308

File: 1696451402644.png (377.04 KB, 1276x720, tumblr_ntz4h5vQ2G1tpepkyo1_128…)

Is that Insanity that I'm hearing? Holy shit, this is superb. Boingofag neuron activation complete. But really, this is how you create edits with taste, simple and perfect!
Ugh Mano deserved so much better. And nobody fucking helped him, it was truly a heartbreaking story.

No. 325313

File: 1696453934056.jpg (64.8 KB, 1362x1025, Screenshot_2023-10-05-00-08-45…)

Watching Amos & Andrew, and let me tell you, this man is crying even for comedic purposes. He plays a total dimwit cop and I'm oh so here for it because he simply delivers.

No. 325314

File: 1696454044163.jpg (553.79 KB, 1080x1637, Screenshot_2023-10-05-00-13-23…)

He's so stupid I love him

No. 325315

File: 1696454121791.jpg (94.73 KB, 1900x1080, Screenshot_2023-10-05-00-10-01…)

Stupid pretty I mean of course

No. 325317

File: 1696454555354.jpg (72.4 KB, 1191x1080, Screenshot_2023-10-04-23-56-28…)

No, but Brad is a national treasure that should be protected at all costs and cop uniform suits him too well, it makes me turn to the dark side. Such a bummer he wasn't in much comedy. He could do it effortlessly, he's already funny just because you don't expect him to be.

No. 325322

File: 1696458175817.gif (9.75 MB, 540x350, IMG_6754.GIF)

absolutely insane fancam action. how can one man's eyes be so intense.

oh god… i cant handle more characters

No. 325324

File: 1696459319207.jpg (351.8 KB, 1035x938, Screenshot_2023-10-05-01-41-10…)

If you don't love me at my tactical black face, you don't deserve me at my

No. 325357

File: 1696475219905.jpg (269.01 KB, 1000x1337, le_malin.jpg)

Another retarded point of interest but the overcoat he has over the suit in what I assume are rehearsal shots looks so hot ( >>325006 and picrel). Suit had to be the focal point-which lost its meaning in the film anyway-but damn he looks good in that whole ensemble.

Playing around with the whole eye contact thing is fun but tender unexpected kisses to his scarred lids, letting him explore your face and body with his hands, verbally divulging the things you'd do instead of him having to see a mindfuck collage in his head, his pain is so tender either way.

How I've considered his nihilism in a psychological/theological context and never philosophically oh my god. You have such a beautiful way with words. Complete and total disbelief in compassion, god, even himself, I'd wash the blood off his feet and then help pick out the pointiest rocks to put in his shoes.

Always in mourning when they shear his curls but he actually looks so cute here?? Maybe it's the styling but he just looks idk, fresh. Can't wait to see him play a funnyman for once.

Your gif, that sweet dumb adorable face. Glad we all have the same illness of being deeply obsessed with fifty different characters who have an average screentime of like five minutes

No. 325361

File: 1696476712520.png (217.55 KB, 607x752, 232943.png)

How was Brad in two Rodnunsky movies, how did the guy who played lead in Cypress Edge direct his own movie, how did he get Brad (and Faye Dunway?!) to also star in this movie, how did these dudes have the balls and money to get Brad for their shit. Anyway, ended up reading this incredible article about Towers, she's so right.

No. 325370

File: 1696477305235.webm (2.26 MB, 1256x720, Obedient police dog man.webm)

>eye bugging
It's a serious talent and there's quite a lot of eye on the man that it's baffling such a skill got underused. What a damn shame.
This whole text is kinda cracking me up though, ngl.

Well, now I can't help but post more dumbass cop. Brad really was so funny and cute hot in this movie, I will return to it for sure. Why wasn't he given more comedy roles I'm asking? He just slays.

No. 325443

Oh, he is so good to us with the tears.
Comedy needs timing and taking it seriously. He has both skills in abundance.
>kisses to his scarred lids
The soft noises he would make, lying in your arms and realising that he isn't going to be alone any more. How you treat his scars as a part of him, that you still want him and his touch. How you hold him and protect him. And your words make beautiful images in his head, making him ache to be with you.
Could get behind that.

No. 325451

File: 1696520161740.png (453 KB, 1028x591, life of the flesh.png)

>Wise Blood book
Finally got the book and read it. Interesting how much of the text is word for word in the movie. More from the characters minds in the novel, how they justify their behaviour. The flaws and ugliness in people and places are quite vivid in the descriptions.
>The landlady quote
While we can get behind the sentiment, she misunderstood how far into the darkness he had gone. Stepping over the precipice only leads one way. She could have tried to catch him earlier, but would she have been interested in him then? As you say, nice that open interpretations were possible.
Totally heard the book in Brad's voice though.
A slender, bleeding, godless saint in all but name.

No. 325453

File: 1696520297051.png (588.94 KB, 1015x581, is in the blood.png)

No. 325465

File: 1696525389950.jpg (56.61 KB, 1024x820, saavedro_by_elorviel_d5ytvg4-f…)

that vid kek i can’t
shit i need to watch this because he sounds delightful. i love when you write very sweet paragraphs about a character, they’re so tasty.

i feel a similar way about saav, i would treat him so right (make him worse) and take care of him (mess with his mind and exacerbate his solitary confinement induced psychosis).

No. 325667

File: 1696616536605.png (428.81 KB, 685x558, I will deliver.png)

I appreciate the impassioned ranting. We all know the feeling.
Speaking of Silicon Towers like wtf was that car crash scene? Ejector seats? let's have some adoration for this darling fluffy dork. And how much time he spends touching his face and chewing his fingers.

No. 325668

File: 1696616649171.png (287.3 KB, 697x560, you know Im a forgiver.png)

No. 325669

File: 1696616801680.png (361.36 KB, 690x554, reach out and touch faith.png)

Britfags I managed not to call any of these pics Alton Towers. I'm proud.

No. 325693

File: 1696625501314.gif (1.39 MB, 360x360, bonkloop.gif)

Saav is so underrated, rewatching the badgood ending 1,000 times for that impassioned begging and screaming. Would you dangle the carrot of freedom in front of his face to force him into doing questionable things or egg him on in his delusional revenge fantasies (or both)? Personally would allow the psychosis to get so bad he thinks I'm his wife and lets me get away with doing whatever I want

ANON I want to drown in your writing it's too good, the fear of losing you just like his ex still weighing heavy now that his second sight is gone so you'd have to be extra sweet and persuasive to him. Would never ever leave his side.

No. 325698

File: 1696626967181.png (1.16 MB, 918x722, always a saint.png)

Thank you for coming back to report on the book, wholeheartedly agreed about the writing. It was so blunt and descriptive, even with the omniscient POV it was clear just how cold Haze's inner world was. Every time someone tries to domesticate him he rails against it, his self-loathing is so deep. The landlady was amazing in the final act how she begins to dote on and nurture him because she's projecting her loneliness while Haze is utterly consumed with his own ideals. Her saviour complex so futile…
Picrel kind of a contrarian take to both Huston and O'Connor but interesting (as always) wrt "Jesus beats him", the possibility that Haze never achieves martyrdom and self harms as an expression of railing against the religion he was raised in. The dissociative states he gets into when having sex with literally anyone or calmly running his car over a guy twice, what's wrong with him, why's he like that.

Have to admit to not seeing this one yet but this is too good, love all the neurotic hand-wringing and finger-biting. Depeche Mode has so many relevant songs, Strangelove anyone?

No. 325699

File: 1696626993810.png (918.96 KB, 929x842, yea.png)

Happy Friday (I think)

No. 325701

File: 1696628218297.jpg (391.83 KB, 1280x1280, tumblr_nswqb74jaB1qjkzl2o1_128…)

Realized it would be rude to spring for a random film that not everyone would want to watch so come vote for the impromptu super exciting October-themed Friday the 13th viewing
Poll open until the 8th.

No. 325704

File: 1696630326963.png (545.13 KB, 600x900, admission fee 50000 pounds.png)

No. 325717

File: 1696634622791.png (583.47 KB, 681x556, repetitive strain injury.png)

Anon, I can't stop cackling, thank you.
He's worth every penny.
>not seen this one
Lower your expectations. It's all a bit tech genius, Alton, (beige top and suit, keeps his head down type guy) who is kind of Dante-nerdy but lives above ground, makes attempts to do the right thing in the world of evil finance tech corruption by helping the stereotype new-guy in the office.
There are some running sequences, though half the time he's behind other characters so gif anons may be challenged in capturing goofy run and bouncy curls.
Characters make very stupid decisions in this one. One scene just has Brad shaking his head and closing his eyes in frustration. It's a good summary of the movie.
Please enjoy some wrist and do not ask what's going on in the background picture.

No. 325724

File: 1696635840352.png (509.92 KB, 900x692, wow.png)

I know she's wearing heels but the other lady in this episode is still taller than him and it makes me smile.

The screenshots of his 90s hackerman den had me hoping for another Jack-adjacent role so that's exciting news thank you, loving all the OOT expressions he's making. You may enjoy this line from the same review
>One thing Rodnunsky got right was getting Dourif to run. Brad Dourif looks like a milkmaid fleeing a burning village under attack by Vikings when he runs.
Terrible suit but actually kind of digging that background pic, gonna need carpal tunnel surgery after daydreaming about that soft fuzzy arm hair tbh.

No. 325731

File: 1696637924340.gif (6.06 MB, 400x300, lets go to LA.gif)

No. 325732

File: 1696638014606.gif (4.92 MB, 387x290, actual wet dog.gif)

No. 325733

File: 1696638087397.gif (7.48 MB, 400x300, stringbean.gif)

And one for the leg appreciators.

No. 325893

File: 1696732419030.png (320.71 KB, 1049x720, results questionable.png)

Somehow this quiz hasn't been posted yet so everyone should definitely take it (this is lies and slander btw but I still chuckled)

No. 325900

File: 1696733145568.png (2.53 MB, 1125x2436, C73C4221-FA3B-4A19-B7EF-0F7F9B…)

No. 325966

File: 1696773276094.png (419.45 KB, 683x562, On the policy of truth.png)

Yeah, don't get your hopes too high where Jack is psychotropic rat, Alton is the little field mouse who could. But very lovely whilst doing it.
>like a milkmaid fleeing a burning village
Oh god, I will not unsee this, beautifully described thank you.
The hotter when wet tag still stands.

No. 325977

File: 1696778595257.png (301.03 KB, 1187x797, care required.png)

Fragile and precious reporting in.

No. 326021

File: 1696799442329.jpg (538.45 KB, 1080x1821, Screenshot_2023-10-09-00-02-56…)

>inside joke question
They couldn't make it easier, I cracked them all. Like stale crackers.
Oh look, we're twins!

No. 326023

File: 1696799681929.gif (671.84 KB, 300x230, tumblr_mh9tekTagK1qhb9o9o2_400…)

Leg appreciators report one case of death from spontaneous cumbustion.

Everyone shared so much precious stuff while I was away for a bit. It'll take some time to sit and stare at everything.

No. 326050

File: 1696815721422.png (617.62 KB, 715x534, worstkidnapperever.png)

>hot as all shit, have rabies
Douriffags definitely have good taste and good looks to match

Fully believe the beloved and precious part anon, cute

Sigh, nobody can measure up to Jack but a mousy nerd is good too. Speaking of wet don't you just want to tamp down those stray hairs and get him a warm blanket? Maxie didn't quite deliver as much as I hyped the episode up in my head but extra bonus points for him being loony AND traumatized.

No. 326052

File: 1696816901745.gif (4.98 MB, 534x300, giggles and good cheer.gif)

Exorcist had one vote over Desire, usual place usual time. Fair warning that the old footage is rough in quality but I hope that doesn't deter anyone, this cut is still my favourite.

No. 326053

File: 1696816985305.png (573.29 KB, 1167x683, ihavegreasyhairtoo.png)

Not a Dourif gal but I simply must do any quiz I see and I got this thing.

No. 326054

How. How did you get that. This might not mean much but if I knew you IRL we'd totally be friends please wash your hair kek

No. 326063

File: 1696831180666.jpg (700.78 KB, 1080x2125, Screenshot_2023-10-09-08-55-16…)

Retook the test in a slightly worse mood. It's not so bad anymore kek

No. 326215

File: 1696956629802.jpeg (37.12 KB, 480x360, 9CFEDAB1-22CF-4F28-8FB1-253F7B…)

omg your saav ideas are delicious i'll be thinking about them forever and ever… i need to lock him in a crate and let him out when i want him to hit people i dont like with hammers.
awesome, i voted for it because of the sheer amount of screen time i know he has in legion. see you there, hopefully!
where are these pics of him with the gun from he looks so good

No. 326216

File: 1696957160939.gif (5.49 MB, 540x350, flower.gif)

also i just watched amos and andrew with my mom because i simply couldn't watch a nic cage movie without the biggest (and the only) nic cage enjoyer i know, we ended up liking it a lot. jackson was great in it too even if he was bald af already. oh and she loved the eyes of laura mars (including tommy) as well! it was a great time.

No. 326248

File: 1696969745442.png (650.38 KB, 934x728, no comment .png)

>pics are from
nayrt but it's from the series Spenser: For Hire. Episode 'Rage'
He does look damn good in these pics.
>get him a warm blanket
Needs protecting, mostly from himself and his stupid choices.
>didn't quite deliver
This is why we make up our own versions. Anon fic is the way forward.

No. 326254

Glad you liked Amos and Andrew! (Means I can recommend something good after all)
It's funny but I'm also planning to make my mom watch some Brad movies under the guise of "I liked this one, let's watch it together" and see if she notices him there at all.

No. 326256

i think you'd maybe have to point him out for that to happen because he gets really into character to the point where his vibe is completely different. hope you both have fun!
thanks nonna, i do love that jacket

No. 326258

File: 1696974500918.png (471.8 KB, 600x576, we dont need.png)

A viewing buddy would be nice, good for you, anon.
That's why I'm glad for all of you.

In today's episode of: what movies can I watch with friends for Halloween without them complaining that 'it's got that guy in it again' Chain Letter.
Movie was standard. Gore and ridiculous deaths, stereotype characters annoying as usual, fun with dated tech, some attempt at plot if you can suspend your disbelief as much as some of the victims are.
Brad is in it a few times as the evil-sexy, Professor-suit wearing, overly touchy feely class tutor.
When your weird tutor is awkwardly stroking your arm and telling you to call him anytime you should probably take him up on it…
Quite a few close-ups, lip-lick action, tooth gap enjoyment Lots to like. Picrel.

No. 326260

File: 1696974595075.png (597.05 KB, 680x576, no education.png)

No. 326261

File: 1696974771984.gif (1.83 MB, 576x461, a taste for teaching.gif)

No. 326322

File: 1697000231045.jpeg (237.14 KB, 1145x816, 65C63EDD-86AA-4B53-B3CE-76F3DC…)

Rewatched Death Machine and finally read the script and watched all the little interviews thank you for sharing never noticed the director cameo before! and everyone gushing about Brad ooh a shiny hollyowood celebrity lol Mmmmmm thoughts thoughts thoughts, some points of interest for me ”Grabs her from behind like a sack/Wraps a strong arm around her neck.”
been stuck on this idea forever, this basement dweller actually being surprisingly strong from carrying around machine parts or whatever, very hot. And Dante’s thing with authority plus mommy issues my god it would be so easy to bully him into submission what a sicko what a freak (but what does that make me…) Even more sexual tension in the scene where she tries to break into the vault, the script implied Cale might somewhat reciprocate Jack’s feelings but in some magazine Pouget said she struggled to kill him bc he’s so childish so I choose to interpret them as maternal feelings, no it’s not because I want to fuck him, that’s ridiculous.

Oh yeah and “Is it a missile or a vibrator?” ?????WELL WHICH IS IT??? Inquiring minds need to know!!! And Jack being a shit head pervert but not getting Cale’s floppy joke sir you are so dumb…….makes me wonder if it’s all an act but? He definitely watches porn and he’s a jokester himself, so why didn’t he get it why is he so stupid

As for Jack’s diagnosis: idk but he cluster B for sure, brb getting a psych degree so i can officially diagnose him.

No. 326323

File: 1697000481233.png (Spoiler Image,425.3 KB, 425x550, 4AA55CEB-8A69-4EED-A6A7-CB50A1…)

found some more SC burnt fucked up Sam makeup.

No. 326324

File: 1697000503939.png (Spoiler Image,481.59 KB, 444x550, F72770F9-B7A5-4CB2-854B-1BFF66…)

No. 326326

File: 1697000634001.png (Spoiler Image,290.79 KB, 334x450, F98B3654-0540-42C7-B392-5B9E55…)

And this…..why is him making out with the dirt goblin actually hot! Why is he grabbing their face like that STOP!!!! I’m obsessed can’t believe this pic got me seriously hot and bothered

No. 326327

File: 1697002988691.jpeg (169.61 KB, 750x1094, 3866C18C-F5F2-4EEE-BF34-BEE318…)

i got the brain damaged horny tard…….no comment feeling very attacked by this quiz

Oh did you finally get to watch this!!
>didn't quite deliver
Noooo! Did you want him to be more crazy? I didn’t know anything about the character going in but I really liked him his revenge was justified, yes he kidnapped a girl but he let her escape he’s alright, criminal with a heart of…dingy copper? Running away and starting a new life with him sounds like a dream thanks for all the caps and gifs

>this thing
HE’S MY THAAAAAAAAAAANG lol yeah!! he is absolutely a thing, barely human, mmm i just wanna stay up all night watching weird fucked up cartoons with him Im dying over here girls…

No. 326329

File: 1697003575995.jpeg (90.49 KB, 750x719, 387F5032-E0A0-4CB2-94F8-45750E…)

I liked this one, it was alright
>call him anytime
call him in the middle of the night, “I think I heard a noise, my parents are gone can you come over?” oh professor I’m soooo scared, I need you to hold me
Here’s some more mlem. Turbulent Skies was very boring and dumb, self flying plane tech goes haywire and tries to kill people

No. 326331

File: 1697003662421.png (1.59 MB, 1334x750, 6C31AD82-1D9D-42A1-9F30-9A5E94…)

Morally dubious businessman, a lot of time was spent standing around just looking concerned

No. 326333

File: 1697003792608.gif (5.16 MB, 480x270, 6DB0A03D-55F6-43F8-B8D7-AE3D58…)

and again with those damn fingers. Sorry for mega spam i was gone for a while

No. 326338

File: 1697010969854.jpg (Spoiler Image,206.54 KB, 600x692, 1693867498.jpg)

Such great unsettling makeup. Thanks for these.
I can only contribute Brad's fake head used for Trauma. Eugh.
That's me in the picture, and yes, I look like Born of Earth monster irl.
Thanks, nonna. Well I don't want to point him out, I want her to notice and ask me herself. It's more interesting that way. Plus my mom has a terrible habit of making fun of me and my celeb crushes so I need to be careful

No. 326339

Alright, another bad movie to watch to feed all of my "foxy professor to flirt with" needs.
And another one, okay. Put these on my list.

No. 326581

File: 1697126382147.jpg (101.45 KB, 1069x455, Tumblr_l_245571552183456.jpg)

Welp, now I can finally share the Jack Dante brainrot with everyone. I accept condolences.

No. 326637

>why didn’t he get it why is he so stupid
He thinks he's the only clever/funny one and can't recognise when others are smarter than him.
>all an act
Anon speculating he's virgin-tier in last thread, you always get the feeling he's committing assaults and acting the pervert to cover the fact he hasn't got a clue what he's doing and is desperate to look like he does. He just needs a good(bad) anon to get him properly trained.
Welcome to the sickness. Group therapy is always available here

No. 326643

File: 1697151038229.png (621.24 KB, 1256x647, emergency .png)

Thanks for the behind the scenes pics, anon.
I was not expecting that. New canon for the movie, he doesn't die just gets kidnapped by lusty dirt goblins. And later rescued by anons for 'visiting the Mayor alone in his office' reasons. It is written, so it is true.
>attacked by this quiz
We love you anon it's fine.
>monster irl
All Douriffags are beautiful anon, it's in our nature.
He moves his fingers like butterfly wings, goddamn. We're going to need a doctor for these palpatations.

No. 326649

File: 1697152007491.png (574.07 KB, 720x576, we dont need no.png)

>foxy professor
Doing my bit for the cause.

No. 326650

File: 1697152144406.png (538.04 KB, 720x576, thought control.png)

No. 326711

File: 1697185206240.jpg (61.81 KB, 543x960, 20230926_061247.jpg)

Awoo- sorry, what a lovely old gentleman. I'd like to listen to his lectures, no matter the subject it should be good. Crossing my fingers to get his personal number, I have so many things I want to say to him hehe, phone sex let's gooo.
Great idea. We save the mayor and enslave him.
>All Douriffags are beautiful
Why thank you, we're all great and that's a fact.
Presenting you a picture of Brad with a fat lizard as a token of my appreciation.

No. 326731

i'm so happy we're still going insane over death machine months later. maximum power.

No. 326778

I didn't miss the stream this time, right? It's still in about two hours from now?

No. 326780

File: 1697207173783.jpg (223.64 KB, 1280x718, e1990.jpg)

It's been so long I think it's about time to tell the family I found my man for marriage.

Not at all, movie's starting in an hour and a half give or take. See you soon!

No. 326804

File: 1697215708339.gif (Spoiler Image,729.5 KB, 308x200, 5644B68D-D69B-43D9-A343-216898…)

watching this on loop forever hold tf up did this movie have bloopers n shit…let the search commence

No. 326882

File: 1697246922129.jpg (Spoiler Image,59.31 KB, 1080x1122, sc13.jpg)

Glad you both liked the films, cute that she has an unconventional favourite as well kek. What are you planning on showing her next?

Plot carried itself decently well until the big reveal and the kills were fun at least, the inclusion of all these deeply entrenched zealots killing in the name of anti-tech and then a random cellphone-hating prof mingling among them was way too funny. The tongue-sticking-out collection grows every day! His profile is especially nice in your first pic.

WELCOME BACK ANON ♥ One more fucked up Sam for the pile, he looks like an overdone pancake. And are those his ribs…ok VERY important question, since his bicep meat was glowing through his suit do you think at that point his dick glows too

No. 326884

File: 1697248657711.png (1018.98 KB, 800x800, clusterbclusterfuck.png)

Have the most eyesearing godawful moodboard in honour of Jackposting, hope it's okay to quote your spoilers, every sentence is gold
>surprisingly strong
YES why is the general consensus that he's weak and thin, even in the film there's no indication he has any trouble throwing Cale around (and
>strong from carrying around machine parts
LITERALLY THINKING ABOUT THIS FOR MONTHS). Also him being described as "rakish" is so crazy, the omniscient acknowledgement that even with his whole unwashed freak situation he's still attractive, they had no right to do that.
>not getting the floppy joke
Not getting the wet dream joke either holy shit, legitimately believe his brain is slower than his mouth he literally can't conceptualize "banter" or "flirting" so he's thought up these totally hilarious zingers but doesn't actually know how to carry himself in a conversation he's sooooo fucking stupid. You could talk circles around him and make him feel like such a dumbass despite his savant-level IQ. He's sat in his room alone for so long he has a million witty comebacks and no retorts kek.
>cluster B
For sure, hard NPD with unresolved trauma making it exponentially worse via unhealthy escapism and gun magazines and porn. This is so sick I love it I love you I love this post. Remembered this while typing too
>"You're not allowed to touch me."
>Authority cuts him dead.
Fixating, ruminating, dissecting, tearing into it with my teeth. It's THAT easy.

No. 326887

File: 1697250420148.png (399.18 KB, 712x527, wavy.png)

What a tender photo wtf, goblina getting some action teaming up with her and breaking that old man's back

>more crazy
No actually that was a nice surprise, he was the perfect amount of crazy, more from a one-episode character I could ever ask for. Reading around about it just made it seem like the traumabonding and his fucked up prison backstory were more elaborated on which was in hindsight a lofty expectation for an 80s cop procedural, after another rewatch I like it well enough as-is. Him letting her escape by feigning taking a nap was really cute, all it took was one look of dissent and he was like aww man whatever she hates my guts. Good boy Maxie, first time I'd ever wanted a two-parter purely to figure out why his perception of the world's so weird, he rambles a lot doesn't he? "All the girls like me. Always have, and they always will" I wanna show him how much the girls like him oooooh

That dummy head looks even weirder when Savini shows it off like twenty years later and it's got no teeth. Creepy-cool.

Could never get laid through moral or immoral means he's 4ever a major loser. Totally agreed and would punt him like a hackeysack for complaining that getting a girl off for real is too hard. Would also kiss him for three hours until he passes out tho…not picky…

No. 326889

File: 1697250914219.jpg (132.4 KB, 891x499, tumblr_13def9736a7ae8612053414…)

Thanks for all the good takes in chat today, it was fun to watch the old cut with everyone. If the 22nd or 25th works we can do Medium Rare then, and please lmk if Halloween works for the 29th.

No. 326902

File: 1697254540579.png (107.85 KB, 388x393, PROFESSOR.png)

No. 326926

File: 1697261466173.png (1.4 MB, 1178x1281, 39080560-DD06-4AA2-80EA-49285E…)

I love it! the heart made out of guns is perfect. Yeah he’s socially stunted for sure, guess that makes sense for why he doesn’t get anyone else’s jokes. I got fixated on every little descriptor of him, rakish was an interesting choice, and his lair being described as a kids bedroom, the juxtaposition of being hyper violent but also so childish and yearning for closeness, oh it’s gonna make my brain, heart etc explode. I could tamp down his homicidal tendencies so he only kills someone once or twice a month but leave him with enough craziness that he’s still a fun freaky man child fix him

Glad you all enjoyed the movie! sorry I sat this one out, it’s just one of those movies I been dragging my feet on cause I know it’s gonna kill me
Medium Rare next sounds fun I’m down!
fuck fuck fuck fuck SO EXCITED CANT WAIT

No. 326981

File: 1697272730522.jpg (245.67 KB, 1920x817, Tumblr_l_318194314278095.jpg)

The way my goddamn heart skipped a beat. If i entered the college classroom and he was there, he would not be going home alone anymore.
>glowing spoiler
KEK, you don't put such ideas into my head, it's too much, nonna. That photo though..
The moodboard looks exactly like something Jack would love to have in his room (would be the most tasteful thing he owns).
I'll throw in my couple of cents on why Jack is incapable of responding to innuendo jokes. Of course the basement dwelling truly liquified his brain but there's also a possibility he understands the meaning but is actually too embarrassed to say anything in return, especially to Cale. Maybe I'm wrong or maybe he mistakes such jokes for flirting. It would be funny to see him blushing if you dare to say anything remotely sexual around him. The man could secretly get aroused from reading an encyclopedia article about sex. With him you never know.

As per usual, thanks a lot for such a wonderful time. Patiently waiting for the next one no, not patiently, it's Medium Rare time with the gals, I'm about to go insane.

No. 327014

Ikr? His hair is so beautiful in that pic
I think Jack would take it as a go ahead if you made any sort of sexual jokes around him, I don’t see him getting embarrassed by much but it’s totally fair if you see him that way maybe if you asked him to tell you in graphic detail what he would want to do to you, really expose his virgin ass, then he might get flustered finally

No. 327101

File: 1697310181746.png (395.26 KB, 620x560, concentration (on that) face.p…)

Anon, tysm for hosting us as usual, it's always fun.
Currently I only have 25th and 30th available this month, if that works for any other anons. Otherwise go with whatever date most can do.
Oh, my. Very lovely.
Please enjoy some tongue and nose and tied-back hair.

No. 327116

File: 1697312832476.png (426.58 KB, 720x480, definitely mayor be.png)

Contest as to who looks more confused, Brad or the lizard. Made me smile, thank you.
>the mayor
Why yes, Mr Mayor, I am locking the office door and no, Mr Mayor, don't worry about these handcuffs, and yes, Mr Mayor, maybe you should clear some space on that desk…
He just wants to snuggle.
If you find any footage, we are ready.

No. 327231

File: 1697347336980.gif (4.97 MB, 540x328, EE11C6DB-69D7-43CE-BB32-66C106…)

PONYTAIL!!! I’m dying inside why didn’t he let his hair down more, it hurts my soul
it’s so fuckin hilarious to me that so many of us are STILL into the mayor, what a random character to get hung up on zooming in on his missing teeth heeeeeeee

No. 327330

File: 1697389503082.png (532.73 KB, 671x572, normal.png)

How ultra-specific the wording choice of the "This is my room"/"Well, keep it clean" exchange is, maybe making him a little more normal would be as easy as a basic punishment-reward system kek. He'd be so easy to manipulate I want to watch his dumb, pretty face contort in confusion while simultaneously berating and fondling him…with a little effort you could make him feel soo bad about himself and he'd cry and do ANYTHING you asked as long as you call him a smart, good boy. Waiting for your spiral into Exorcist hell with bated breath btw.

I can't stop thinking about Sam's party trick pp too bad by that point he's all partied out. Can absolutely see Jack jerking it to encyclopedic descriptions of panties or something, that's a man who obsessively cut out the women's pyjama section of the Sears catalogue for gross reasons while growing up.

No. 327334

File: 1697390057920.gif (5.38 MB, 480x360, curly.gif)

The anon who mentioned random mouth noises out of him being like ASMR…this scene and the one where he's reaming out the cop, whispering that he'd better be a good dog, oh my god I'll work for free I'll be an intern Mr. Mayor I am AVAILABLE!!!!

Nesting in that hair like a squirrel.
>random character
Largest collective of random bit character appreciators: the thread. Even Fenn was cute as fuck despite having no screentime.

No. 327335

File: 1697390171682.jpg (197.95 KB, 660x869, Legendary Locals of Huntington…)

No. 327336

File: 1697390263721.jpg (29 KB, 500x310, x500.jpg)

No. 327340

File: 1697391054192.jpeg (757.75 KB, 1500x1164, Bride of Chucky Premiere Oct 1…)

It's criminal that there seem to be no other photos from this event THE LEATHER JACKET ALL-BLACK EVERYTHING, SCREAMING, CRYING, ETC

No. 327420

File: 1697427969844.gif (8.02 MB, 540x325, CAUTION WET FLOOR.gif)

His soaked curls fanning out when he turns…….

No. 327429

File: 1697436481263.jpeg (33.07 KB, 693x682, A6DA135F-32CF-4288-AC79-B4E973…)

anon…i claw my way out of old man hell and here you are, dragging me back. Just wanna cuddle grampy and bury my face in his hair and get my fingers all tangled in it and make out until my face is sore from his stubble and um uhhh other x rated things that don’t need to be typed out

No. 327435

File: 1697440266111.gif (9.55 MB, 540x325, e342658f850001cc398878ca798081…)

Drag Me To (Old Man) Hell. Been thinking that Sheriff B would actually smell pleasant and clean, snuggling into him would be such a dream. Beard burn on exposed body parts also the dream.

No. 327440

File: 1697441395958.gif (1.25 MB, 400x282, ED1E6DD6-8DF2-4D7C-B6D0-D6D7ED…)

>Drag Me To (Old Man) Hell
NEXT THREAD TITLE PLEASE got me laughin it’s perfect. Is the sheriff divorced or widowed? I didn’t see or hear mention of any wife in either of those movies(but I think I did see a ring in the first one), he probably needs some comforting, I’m here to help with absolutely no ulterior motives

No. 327442

File: 1697441536390.gif (854.54 KB, 400x282, 0A42C37F-0078-4C54-AD8F-7A723B…)

oh we’d be gruntin alright. Grunting moaning screaming, makin unholy noises. Anon why would you do this to me, the floodgates have been opened

No. 327448

File: 1697442872277.jpg (71.77 KB, 359x488, MV5BMTkzNzA5MzU2Ml5BMl5BanBnXk…)

Please save a spot in the seventh circle, when I finally get to Wizard of Gore it's over for me.
Been trying so hard not to post this particular scene with a retardedly horny caption but you've forced my hand stupid face he's making be damned look at the TONGUE. Living in a grungy rocked-out farmhouse like that I always thought of him as the "now that I'm divorced I'll eat pizza every night and listen to Sabbath at 12am" type of ex-hippie, but widowed dad is cute too, could go either way. His experience + enthusiasm from being lonely and single would make up for low stamina, also slow steamy makeouts are nice. Waiting for him at home in that stupid furry hat and nothing else ♥

No. 327451

File: 1697443095494.jpg (87.75 KB, 431x594, tumblr_nocpnvxSfV1u7f6tao5_128…)

Wait what's the cutoff for middle-aged man purgatory and old man hell

No. 327457

File: 1697445056309.gif (9.71 MB, 539x300, 671CD60C-9776-4D6B-9B06-46ECB3…)

Oh shit that’s right you haven’t seen this yet, godspeed nonna. Kind of a shady guy in this one, he deals in medicines n stuff, he’s probably got some crazy sex potions

sweet divorcee ex hippie classic rock dad is so cute I’m all in
>low stamina
his mouth would be getting RIGOROUS exercise every damn night cant stop thinking about him calling me princess this man is making me have the worst thoughts worst most embarrassing thought ever “I would perform femininity for this man” i am DOWN BAD for him holy shit mustache is my kryptonite why why WHY

No. 327458

File: 1697445103762.gif (Spoiler Image,3.64 MB, 267x350, C39B1BAB-1E42-4E98-884C-67C5F6…)


No. 327462

File: 1697447066572.gif (2.18 MB, 486x274, e342658f850001cc398878ca798081…)

>I would perform femininity for this man
The beauty of such a varied filmography is you can be a totally justified violent sadist towards Jack and immediately pivot to "would snugglefuck Lee on a cold October night". That nervous, soft way he says "sweetie" and "princess" is actually distressing uhh can I be HIS baby?
Kek RIP nonny, her downfall was old-timey moustaches and silver hair. Have to admit The Hazing did bring me into the fold and let's not even talk about Stanley…

Literally cringing IRL for thinking tits tits tits like a 2k10 Tumblr fangirl but how are his titties so fat I want to bite every inch of his torso and pull his ponytail. Hearing that he's weird and shady only makes it better.

No. 327464

File: 1697447270311.jpeg (509.08 KB, 1017x1484, 136929122.jpeg)

No. 327465

File: 1697447294317.jpeg (602.77 KB, 974x1494, 136928402.jpeg)

No. 327471

File: 1697450486591.jpg (1.74 MB, 2855x1911, 20230926_235216.jpg)

Godddd I checked in the morning and there was nothing but now here we are! So many things to say and to reply to. Anyways, today's find: Urban Legend behind the scenes straight from the director's twitter

No. 327472

File: 1697450528663.jpg (1.55 MB, 2837x1904, 20230926_235224.jpg)

No. 327473

File: 1697450627636.jpg (1.4 MB, 2828x1900, 20230926_235228.jpg)

No. 327476

GOOD AFTERNOON HOLY SHIT these are even better quality than the versions on the DVD, they must be the original photos, incredible find anon. Still looking amazing in the bellbottoms twenty years later and so many things to say about >>327473 if only they had a better shot of him on his knees…. How could a literal ten minute cameo have been this cute.

No. 327478

File: 1697452180095.jpg (663.88 KB, 1080x1813, Screenshot_2023-10-16-13-28-16…)

>party trick pp
Fucking crying, nonna. It's so practical, if he's got a glow stick in his pants you never gonna be lost in the darkness.
Don't remind me, I'm still mourning his death.
Oh. My. God. This is magical.
Gates of Pornstache. Also there should be a twink heaven, I said it.

Good afternoon, nonny! Those have to be original because they were uploaded by Jamie Blanks himself. I'll also share some caps of his tweets where he mentioned Brad. Like this one kek.

No. 327481

File: 1697452923098.jpg (273.22 KB, 1080x905, Screenshot_2023-09-26-23-55-34…)

Love that Blanks knows the lore.

No. 327509

File: 1697467511218.jpeg (162.03 KB, 960x532, IMG_1115.jpeg)

Not a Dourifan, but tickled that you guys, these threads, and a thriving Dourif community exist. When I saw this, I immediately thought of you. It’s from the comments of a friend’s Facebook post about the new Daniel Clowes graphic novel, “Monica,” pointing out that there seems to be a Dourif cameo (far right).

No. 327513

File: 1697468984645.jpeg (71.62 KB, 600x321, 4A6AF32E-6507-4FEA-A1B5-D8A30A…)

It totally looks like him i believe it, based Clowes. I feel like such a shit bag I’ve had the eight ball collection for ages and barely cracked it open. Thanks for sharing nonnie!! ♥ ♥ ♥

No. 327515

File: 1697470302417.jpeg (Spoiler Image,35.28 KB, 400x300, 858A2E3C-95B8-48D2-B4AD-BE7EE0…)

yeah even though he gets cast as a murderer or weirdo most of the time there are still so many different types of characters he’s played, something for everyone!
I feel bad that I don’t like him more, he’s sad and fucked up which is usually my bread and butter but he just doesn’t drive me crazy. Maybe I need to rewatch D&C 50 more times
Picrel what I wanna do to him whenever he’s got that mustache tho. That article where he said he hates having a belly made me so sad noooo i love it so much. Pls don’t read this next bit I am so sorry insane horniness in 3, 2, 1 GOD i wanna fuck him until I’m chafing I want that sleepy lazy fucking i wanna feel our stomachs press together i need him want him every which way hoo boy I AM DYING when will they invent time travel take me back to 2009 PLEASE I NEED HIM

No. 327551

File: 1697482502836.jpg (109.17 KB, 1024x1558, dead-scared-2-r-rcm1024x0u.jpg)

This is too good, finding BTS photos is so difficult (especially those obscure movies where he looks cute then immediately dies) and stock archives are only so helpful. Actually here's two pics of Kapps I was surprised to find. Was considering young man paradise but no matter the age it still feels like hell because tfw you will never get to bite and shake his skinny calf like a sick dog.

The biggest charm point with Stan is his misanthropy, the idea of growing closer to him and cracking open that cold shell of bewilderment at someone possibly loving him after 60 years of neglect, it's cute. Totally get if he doesn't do it for you since he's also an aggressive asshole and the movie isn't even that good, I'm just dumb. Umm though if you do want to rewatch D&C let me know. Any time he self-depreciates I want to scream YES YOU CAN SING!! YES YOU LOOK GOOD WITH A BELLY!! SHUT UP OLD MAN. We're on like page ten you should absolutely keep hornyposting
>sleepy lazy fucking
>stomachs press together
leopointing.png SHE GETS IT.

No. 327554

File: 1697482624257.jpg (Spoiler Image,147.61 KB, 1024x1608, dead-scared-4-r-rcm1024x0u.jpg)

Love it when the spoiler tags fuck up thanks elsie

No. 327556

File: 1697482842160.png (785.26 KB, 584x572, xfilesS1.png)

Aww, this is a sweet post. What a random thing to have a Brad cameo kek of course you gotta have him hanging out with gangsters in a cool 80s jacket. Love artistic depictions of him in print.
>thriving community
Crying out a single happy tear from my left eye only

No. 327557

File: 1697482895945.png (667.74 KB, 702x533, mwah.png)

No. 327563

File: 1697484420556.jpg (558.09 KB, 1080x1860, Screenshot_2023-10-16-22-12-27…)

Aww it's so lovely to know our plague kinda spreads outside the thread now so you people are out there Dourif spotting. Guest anon you're so kind, thank you.
Uhhh is this a safe space? NEED THAT OLD MAN NOW

I remembered that I saved this screenshot, I'll share the ad in the next post.
If Dourif delivery was a thing I'd tip him that extra $9 and 1 cent on top. Fucking slip it right into his pocket with my shaky hand, jokingly whisper "Buy yourself something nice, sweetheart" and then spread open my.. wallet and give him the rest of the money I got.

No. 327564

File: 1697484872316.mp4 (6.42 MB, 940x720, VHS Chucky release for 90 buck…)

Think I'm going crazy but there's a song playing in the background in the end and it has Chucky fucking rapping? Where the hell do I get this thing?

No. 327568

KEK slip those crisp bills right in his ass pocket then tell him the tip is waiting in the house wink wink. His early Chucky voice is so squeaky this is fucking hilarious. Idk what it was about the 90s and every horror movie having its own stupid rap/theme song but god bless.
>safe space
God what haven't we been horny over in these threads, currently turning into a slip-n-slide for a catatonia patient.

No. 327631

File: 1697498552618.png (321.03 KB, 730x730, darkness at the heart.png)

I see the thread has exploded with content, fine work everyone.
On the Brad Bingo card we have
long hair, tongue action, thigh chafing tache, hotter when wet, lone photos we need more of, finger chewing, soft-belly gramps appreciation, behind the scenes rarities
and whatever I missed. You're all amazing.

No. 327632

File: 1697498700650.png (766.09 KB, 1000x746, of my love.png)

No. 327662

File: 1697504718430.gif (5.07 MB, 400x300, tears.gif)

REMEMBER AAAALWAYS THAT LOVE IS ALL YOU NEEEEEED want so badly to leave everything behind and run away with him and live in dingy motel rooms and steal his first kiss and rest my head on his lap while he watches television. Finger chewing, shoulder hunching, tear-soaked lashes, tongue action, snarling, deer-in-headlights staring, it all sounds like poetry in motion to me. The bingo card needs to become real the only question is what do we get if we win?

No. 327678

File: 1697513306595.gif (8.65 MB, 400x297, 2BCDE6B1-3030-49E8-BC7D-806924…)

♥ !
Yes yes yes to everything you said, I should love Stan, he checks all my boxes so idk what it is, his grumpiness is so endearing let’s hate everyone together once you finally break through he would be SO protective ough ooh my heart. Always chuckle at this scene that he’s just so immediately WHO SAW YOU IM GONNA KILL HIM absolutely reeling, yeah he was like 60 in that movie holy shit, I always forget
>rewatch D&C
it got taken off of tubi and bflix isn’t working anymore sadface…..it was a nice movie to throw on when I didn’t want to watch something new, it’s definitely far from the worst.
thanking the stars that my hornyposting resonates with someone i feel insane. But one more gross confession I’ve been holding on to literally since the first time I saw that movie. The part where he’s ordering the first kidnapped woman around made me feel a certain type of way, ugh how awful but I wouldn’t hate taking orders from him I replayed it so many times I’m so gross welp.
I love deranged Kapps. Hilarious when someone else’s spoiler fucks up. Mortifying when it’s your own lol even though it’s quoting what I said but whatever still funny

No. 327679

File: 1697513496646.png (551.69 KB, 523x604, DD396BDB-093D-41F3-ABF6-982490…)

And I found this pic without that horrific filter

No. 327680

File: 1697513546873.png (2.35 MB, 1280x964, D43B59B7-E04A-4BF8-AE04-9D5924…)

No. 327688

File: 1697520166396.png (838.49 KB, 655x436, IMG_0433.png)

No. 327689

File: 1697520264126.jpg (51.34 KB, 604x341, IMG_0430.jpg)

Another without the filter

No. 327692

File: 1697521442160.png (8.5 KB, 797x72, oh true.png)

Sorry this has nothing to do with anything but the first sentence knocked me straight on my ass

No. 327693

File: 1697522197189.jpg (110.79 KB, 2048x1024, homeS.jpg)

>checks all my boxes so idk what it is
If you'll excuse the extended spergery please consider the holy combo of devoted protector and prickly outside-soft inside. Stan not knowing how to articulate that he cares so his silence is tense and nervewracking when you first meet but slowly helping coax that softness out…the familiar comfort of keeping people at a distance vs the sudden affection that bewilders even his stoic brain, overcoming social rejection because you'd have each other. I'm so gentle for him it's gross.
The various levels of derangement itt are always endearing to read no matter which way you lean, it's all from the same place of insanity love I think. Was mildly surprised nobody on the internet had ever "god I wish that were me"d that specific scene. He's touching her all over but it's completely nonsexual, exasperated? Could see a femc goading out his impotent frustration by following/not following orders. He does seem to be most comfortable being in control so wonder if that's another avenue into his pants.

There's a level of vulnerability involved in discussing how you'd do things outlawed in 10 countries to a man and spoiler tags aren't enough as it is EVEN WORSE WHEN THEY DON'T WORK. Still want to be pushed into a mattress by his whole chunky torso and unable to squirm because he's so heavy.
Child's Play is good for background noise too especially since he never shows up past the first scene so you never feel like you're missing out. Wrt D&C here you go sweet anon https://mixdrop.co/f/84z7vemei97gdj

Truly love the shirt sleeves covering his whole hand and how wavy his hair looks

No. 327699

File: 1697525229352.jpg (377.61 KB, 1280x960, 1693868890.jpg)

There's not just a tip, there's my whole monthly payment waiting for him and only then me, waiting for him too, expecting to slip a few more bills under his belt and maybe some into his underwear, teehee. Also when I say safe space I'm just joking around. Of course it's safe to spit out most cursed hornyposts in a place where everyone can see. So exciting too, nudge nudge, wink wink.
We win nothing but more feels and derangement points to our status I guess.
Stan. Can't help but want to take care of that #1 saddest murderous grump, because we all know he did nothing wrong. His overwhelming protectiveness, his flawed sense of judgment and the constant past pain he carries with him are things that won't let me rest.
Do I have to mention that scene also awakened something in me? Like, hell it would probably be repulsive if anyone else ordered me around like that, but in this case… I might as well enjoy doing all this before meeting my demise. Though I'd prefer to survive just to hear some more quiet commands in the future. Would be nice to do anything for him. "Yes, Stan, I'll dig that grave for someone you just killed". "Yes, Stan, I could feed them to coyotes". "Stan, I know a recipe of an acid bath, we can dissolve that bastard here". So many horrid things to do together if necessary. Would make for an even more interesting follow up movie. Dreams.

Don't remember if this pic was posted before.

No. 327701

File: 1697525524781.jpg (65.18 KB, 640x960, tumblr-153d56f76d347694dcfc0c3…)

Also bumped into this one and I just keep on staring. Respectfully. Almost.

No. 327709

File: 1697526572870.gif (1.93 MB, 300x250, D5DD077C-ECB8-4175-B1CC-36D2A6…)

oh sweet relief I’m always afraid that each new confession I make will finally be the thing that is too weird Stan is perfect it’s like he was made to appeal to me, is it really just the styling am I that shallow what is wrong with me. thank you for the movie! Guess I know what I’ll be watching after work
>spoilers aren’t enough
wish I could put a spoiler within a spoiler sometimes, i feel so nasty lol
OKAY thank god someone else felt the same way. being submissive has never been appealing to me but for this old man? Anything and this scene where he’s comforting Jarod was too good, also replayed a million times

No. 327711

File: 1697526662516.gif (654.58 KB, 224x400, A52280F2-4FE9-409A-B97E-8710A2…)

Another one I want to watch oooooh that pic of him strapped down, still think about it mmmm

No. 327821

File: 1697554767489.jpg (38.79 KB, 704x304, 1696326961.jpg)

Been sitting here thinking:
Is our collective thirst for specific characters is just a desire to have a twisted roleplay sesh with Brad or is it something else. Or am I just asking stupid questions? Idk

No. 327829

Maybe I am extra detached but he is just a cool fellow nerd to me, the characters are like completely separate discrete individuals. I enjoy his takes/portrayals/headcanons/cosplay but I don't want to, like, do things with him that I imagine with those characters, even if he plays along, because the character is an ideal and he is literally just some guy (even if he is the world's greatest actor kekeke).

No. 327840

nah, obviously wouldn't think of the same things we'd do to the characters, was more of a general question. I just have hard time getting attached to characters myself, so I'm just sitting over here experiencing another intense crush on an actor I'll never meet and silently going insane.

No. 327842

File: 1697564468232.jpg (87.59 KB, 606x923, 3c88002cb7fd49bec9319980f45c75…)

In other news, is this anyhow new? I don't remember seeing this pic anywhere or am I just losing it for real.

No. 327848

File: 1697566829245.gif (1.74 MB, 300x250, 0D1FBEE3-08B4-48FD-B499-21F0DC…)

Squealed like an idiot the whole way through thanks again for sharing nonnie. Love the way he scrunches his face cute cute cute.

No. 327951

File: 1697595248611.png (1.12 MB, 1212x848, 02_43254.png)

Someone posted it last thread but this is a good excuse to cry about how cute his curls are again (ft. dumb earring)

Staring impolitely at nipples

No. 327955

File: 1697596469397.webm (1.82 MB, 640x480, situational comedy.webm)

Never seen this one in its original resolution, thank you anon!

>too weird
Turning on airplane mode and biting my tongue every time he's bawling his eyes out, is it still a paraphilia if it's one specific guy. You're in good company.
Your gif made me realize that in lieu of holding full conversations he communicates with his face instead, thinking back to this scene?? Unlocking character lore through thirstposting

No. 327968

File: 1697611659125.png (3.3 MB, 1600x1081, C427822B-141F-4EB4-8A86-91DE13…)

Stan’s love language is murder

No. 328010

File: 1697626982210.gif (5.6 MB, 539x350, Tumblr_l_110186678981715.gif)

Ladies, I think my ovaries just fell off

No. 328028

File: 1697632706112.jpeg (Spoiler Image,273.79 KB, 1080x1061, 0FF35012-429E-401D-927A-42D104…)

I wanna sit in his lap and have him squeeze me as hard as he can
Okay I have to post this while we’re still in old man mode it’s just as bad as the cursed pin up for me WHY IS HE WEARING THAT SHIRT. I want to believe he’s an innocent old man and doesn’t know…i been spilling my guts lately so I guess I’ll admit that, shamefully, this may have worked its way into some fantasies I SWEAR I WAS NEVER INTO THIS DADDY SHIT BEFORE ITS JUST FUCK IDK

No. 328031

File: 1697632937650.jpeg (74.41 KB, 750x793, 6592BBE4-E535-4D72-9889-97C7C5…)

that didn’t happen you didn’t just read that. Anyways

No. 328045

File: 1697638362992.jpg (105.62 KB, 375x500, little smile.jpg)

So many posts, loving it.
We just win. Because we're great.
And the rest, thank you for the lovely D&C content.
Any particular areas we should be studying in depth in this pic anon? Taking recommendations.
Oh, my.
All comes under the tag Only Him, anon.

No. 328057

File: 1697642572462.gif (1.47 MB, 500x375, Tumblr_l_377967763757741.gif)

That picture is cracking me the fuck up every single damn time because it's just… It's just Brad and then there's this shirt. But he must know, he has to know. I love him so much it's indescribable.
There is one, not sure if I have to pinpoint it, it's already doing such job itself.

Dunno how am I supposed to calm down today. And I was planning to finally see Final Judgment because I can't wait anymore. Sorry gals if I explode and die today, just know I loved you all.

No. 328066

File: 1697645754406.jpeg (276.77 KB, 1047x1033, 891B9D1A-60D4-4329-B20A-3FE24C…)

oof goddamn girl, enjoy this one that sex scene is crazy. I don’t understand how in his priest clothes he still looks so tiny but when he takes them off it’s BAM HELLO muscles have arrived. His face here is so great but his mouth especially looks so delicate and pretty

No. 328079

File: 1697651823635.jpg (704.34 KB, 2400x1080, Screenshot_2023-10-18-20-49-01…)

God was he absolutely gorgeous in this one, I'm getting a Blu-ray of this movie. It's your typical 5/10 TV flick but I was on edge almost the entire time you all know why. Brad as priest and a fucking brick wall. Like wow, who told him it was about time he became a sex bomb? And he actually listened for once?
With a man like that you would not need to worry about your safety, and my god, even about the purity of your own soul. He will protect both.
Also excuse me, but the scenes where he was exercising were hotter than the sex scene itself because of all the grunting and heavy breathing. Woo boy, just keep going at that punching bag, you're so strong and beautiful. I could watch him at it for hours I swear.
Well, what a nice little movie that one was.

No. 328082

And correction: he is a sex bomb all the time, but not a more traditional muscular sex bomb, so as I said, I was impressed

No. 328105

File: 1697660039304.jpg (638.44 KB, 1867x1080, Screenshot_2023-10-18-23-13-23…)

Also you know what, the whole concept of the hood priest (get it, get it) is actually amazing. I'd honestly watch another movie with priest Brad throwing punches and teaching street punks a lesson all the while investigating crimes. Paying for that to become real with my own soul btw.

No. 328226

File: 1697684868766.jpg (49.46 KB, 287x320, 23-01-36-590.jpg)

Found something to go feral over

No. 328388

File: 1697731379300.gif (9.5 MB, 540x325, 55350A45-DBB9-4546-80EF-2A4C3F…)

He was stupid sexy in those sweats. I have a really hard time taking him serious as a tough guy but it was hot watching him jump around and throw punches

No. 328417

File: 1697740086273.jpg (71.35 KB, 1839x1080, Screenshot_2023-10-18-20-49-56…)

Sperging incoming but I think he's just as perfect in a badass role as in any other. He makes a wonderfully strange kind of tough guy if you think about it: he doesn't look like a man who could easily punch the lights out of someone yet he is - bam, a surprise factor; you don't know if you can exactly trust him but he proves to be the most secure person you know; you'd think that he's maybe sleazy but while not the purest, he's at least respectful. Last but not the least: he's got personality and sometimes cries beautifully.
Yeah, I'd watch more of that if I could. To think that with such material in hand, nobody dared to write a whole series of erotic detective fanfics is just baffling to me. I'd do that but I'm not that good at writing to handle this myself!

No. 328518

File: 1697758351545.jpg (149.13 KB, 750x506, tumblr_87fcc3dd0135733ba7de6ed…)

feral is right… that's so adorable! i actually think it's a decent figure for cheap action figure standards, i love mine.

tbh it's such a flex when you're an actor and they make a mid/low budget movies with you that you know literally no one will watch but your hardcore fangirls, because it's an hour and a half of staring at your face and that's all it takes to make them happy, it doesn't matter if the plot is good or even watchable to the general audience. who was saying he makes them feel like gediman with the alien? i feel like that every day, the need to stare intently like i'm trying to invade his very soul with my eyes and copy every movement like a chimp at the zoo might with a human.

No. 328521

Hi Dourifnonnas I am just a tourist here but i love you all and if you're feeling generous I would love to see these priest working out and sex scenes you're talking about. xoxo a dourifnonna fan

No. 328526

File: 1697759490144.png (398.36 KB, 720x480, please mind.png)

Glad you survived anon, though you will never be the same again.
Loving all the screencaps.
Team anon fanfic effort when? Absolute missed opportunity for real, could've been cult TV series.
Nice find anon.
Speaking of feral, picrel.

No. 328528

File: 1697759604874.png (Spoiler Image,393.82 KB, 720x480, the gaps.png)

No. 328531

File: 1697759921274.jpeg (26.07 KB, 564x485, B0A396AF-E9AA-4692-AF6E-B5A738…)

the movie is final judgement (1992) our very kind resident dvd nonna put it up on mixdrop here >>307539 (hopefully it still works but i had to set my vpn to murica to download it) it's also up on youtube in bad resolution and i'm sure it's somewhere on 123 movies or whatever? maybe another anon can come in with timestamps. you're so nice it's truly refreshing mwah and it would be very funny if you genuinely enjoyed those scenes, because i didn't even tho i'm a dourif enjoyer, i think men should be banned from exercising and kept weak and docile. just my two cents.

No. 328587

File: 1697768280321.jpg (100.36 KB, 1977x1080, Screenshot_2023-10-18-23-19-10…)

Brad is such a special case of "I catch every single word of his and clutch it to my chest". The fact we are ready to watch some atrocious movies just to see him and hear him deliver some poorly written/plain lines like they belong in a classic play.. This is everything. I'm so hypnotized by this man I'm looking respectfully 24/7 (seriously respectfully at least half of this time).
And to think it started exactly with Gediman at some point in my life, and that this role got imprinted on my brain until that recent descent to madness. Just goes to show how truly incredible Brad is, because once you see him you can't really forget it.
Truly can't be the same again, I now will be thinking of all the lost opportunities. Such movie idea really had some good potential.
Asking real questions.
Well hii, dearest mayor. Love these caps too, nonna.
Another thing to note is how it's difficult to stop once you started taking caps of Brad in various movies. Most of them turn out to be so good they now occupy half of my phone memory and shit no I'm not deleting any.

No. 328591

File: 1697769072467.gif (2.98 MB, 534x300, licking the screen.gif)

This photo makes me laugh so hard why is he stanced up like that, who got him that shirt, are those the same goddamn sneakers he wears in every 2000s convention photo? Supporting your descent into madness 100%.

>copy every movement like a chimp at the zoo
Gaping like a fish out of water every time he bares his teeth, playing mimic like animals behind glass panes!!! What the fuck is it about the squint and sneer that makes me want to snarl back at the screen?

Love so much that the communal response is sucking the dentures out of his mouth kek, the gaps are just too cute.

No. 328593

File: 1697769538493.gif (Spoiler Image,9.62 MB, 540x289, Tumblr_l_15359857568253.gif)

Nice nonna provided you with materials, I'll provide timestamps 00:28:28, 00:33:28, 00:57:42
Love you, guest anon. Always happy to help.

No. 328598

File: 1697775928384.gif (6.83 MB, 534x300, tyroneVSkarras.gif)

Sorry didn't realize so many people were having issues with that site, would uploading to Mega from now on be better?
>those scenes
Straight up I just love staring at the shape of his body not like that. >>328066 described it really well
>in his priest clothes he still looks so tiny but when he takes them off it’s BAM HELLO muscles
whether muscular or skinny his frame is so small in comparison to anyone who happens to be in the same scene. Delicate men exist but unlike them he also manages to look beautiful, handsome, weird, all at once. Men should be banned from showing their faces in public except him so that scientists can figure out why he's the hottest ever.

>descent to madness
Dourif Enjoyers Thread Testimonials: If It Wasn't For This Thread, I'd Be Committed! Cheers to this one and many more. Always wondering how many collective braincells are spent writing, drawing, or daydreaming about him at any given moment kek

Hey nonners the uniform doesn't actually stay on for any of those scenes but there is a bit where he goes to a strip club in clericals and has a very polite conversation with a woman sticking her entire asshole in his face, it's both funny and insanely hot because he's deadly serious the entire time.

No. 328599

File: 1697776036184.gif (Spoiler Image,2.35 MB, 525x295, hand_stroke.gif)

That mouth is MADE for kisses.

No. 328603

File: 1697778412659.gif (4.02 MB, 500x270, 516BD377-F920-4051-B133-4011FC…)

>men should be kept weak and docile
but anon there’s something so hot about a man that’s strong enough to physically over power you but lets you hurt him anyways, it means he’s fully surrendering himself to you, truly giving you control, that kind of devotion/love/insanity is ooooooh unless you just like scrawny men, or an unwilling participant is what you want, also hot
laughing like a maniac the douriffag-fags are such a weird phenomena to me
I’m genuinely so sad it hurts, ywn get to make sweet tender love to him, i feel like shit. The Germans must have a weirdly specific word for this painful forlorn horniness. Would be stuck on that mouth like my life depended on it, the tuft of chest hair it’s killing me i wanna run my fingers through it and pull, someone hold me I can’t take this shit no more

No. 328604

File: 1697780030206.png (664.91 KB, 759x646, 11.png)

NTA but
>unwilling participant
Him being so thin but still so STRONG (see Horseplayer) is part of the appeal, the sheer strength difference, I wanna fistfight and bite and scratch and fuck.
Your gif loop is hypnotic.
>forlorn horniness
At least 2D husbandofags can get body pillows, will never accidentally bump his lovely nose when kissing or nuzzle that arm hair…holding you in solidarity.

No. 328612

File: 1697785210550.gif (4.11 MB, 500x270, Tumblr_l_210470482604137.gif)

>playing mimic
It's this weird little thing about watching Brad when you realize your face started moving the same way and you try to speak like he does, you sort of stare at people and things with additional unnecessary intensity that might make you look mad, and let's not forget the eye bugging. Don't know about you all, but noticed I'm doing just that, hate that thing about me yet I can't help it.
More sperging ahead
The secret to his attractiveness isn't just in the amazing face of his but it's how he carries himself. It's true that he's more delicate than most men but he's not overdoing it, he's more manly than these typical macho types because he's probably confident enough about himself or just knows how to smooth out the insecurities. Plus his genuine polite presence combines with that hint of mystery and weirdness. Let's admit it, Brad himself is no ordinary guy with interests you wouldn't expect him to have and intelligence you don't really see in most actors. Coming back to the face, I'm ready to repeat it a 1000 times, but he articulates with such nuance, such detail, you know what he's saying without hearing him. It all makes the face more alive, so it's like rubber that can change shape and look different depending on situation. As another anon well said it, there's something animalistic in all the snarling and lip curling, in primal display of emotions like fear, despair or anger that he gets to perform a lot. This is why it's always so convincing and deep, because Brad knows how to put his whole face to work and make his body speak as well. There's a lot of physicality to his performances that we don't even notice, but he's constantly shapeshifting simply by changing his posture, doing something with his hands and so on. There's so much to say about it but every aspect of how his body works makes him absolutely fascinating.
I've spent all of my active braincells on this, please end me. I need to go and accelerate some more.
>lets you hurt him
You get it, nonnie, having same thoughts about this.
As for the rest: same, girl, same. The despair causes me almost physical pain.
Need this man in my life so bad I'm cracking my own bones to dull the emotional turmoil and strain.

No. 328618

File: 1697790157466.jpeg (76.98 KB, 959x716, C0F848D2-8677-47F2-9D09-C44F63…)

Dourif thread slowly turning into a support group, it’s okay girls we’ll get through this, somehow. Was looking for an appropriate pic and got caught up in the sheriff again.

No. 328619

File: 1697790205236.jpeg (149.41 KB, 1275x712, A9E2678A-BCEB-4D4F-AD91-61780E…)

No. 328620

File: 1697790413731.gif (1.83 MB, 513x289, 1E2FF950-9EB4-46FB-AE80-6E4392…)

yeah, hungry for that SAUSAGE. Need to be bonked over the head and sent to horny jail

No. 328649

File: 1697797505706.jpg (57.05 KB, 837x365, 1693868995.jpg)

>Mfw my rants turn into a readable diagnosis for everyone around but me
That insane profile though…
KEK, leave all regrets and doubts behind, nonna, go wild!

No. 328761

File: 1697822853971.jpg (2.52 MB, 2828x4243, Choose your fav.jpg)

Finally made a little thing I promised some time ago

No. 328799

File: 1697830101032.png (713.76 KB, 991x693, beauty and a beast.png)

>gif name
Well, I'm glad it's not just me making that comparison/crossover.
Mixdrop's not been great for me either, any alternatives are appreciated.
picrel, this is one of my favorite for compare and contrast.Just pop him over your shoulder and take him home.
I feel this should be a to-do list, not a choice. Love it, anon.

No. 328806

File: 1697831262392.png (Spoiler Image,426.33 KB, 670x553, worlds most delicate hitman.pn…)

You got it. He emotes physically. And because he commits so deeply to everything he does he's always captivating to watch. Talk about it any time you want, anon.
New reaction pic right there, made me smile.
Enjoying the pics and gifs, thank you all.
Quality isn't great but picrel is our dainty hitman having to reach up to menace a victim. Bless.

No. 328840

File: 1697837022008.gif (2.84 MB, 508x286, 9A1CE0F1-4990-432F-99CA-B8FE3F…)

anon don’t encourage me, trying so hard not to post every little horny thought as it pops into my head. Thread would be full in half a day.
Making a beeline for Jack’s mouth like he’s the hottest thing around and I’m a missile every time I watch that “keep your forked tongue behind your teeth!” scene I can’t help but think, yeah, I know where you can put it

No. 328854

File: 1697843016405.gif (4.19 MB, 444x240, 102023.gif)

Still thinking about how much Final Judgement delivered for a cheap genre film, love him in action the energy is incomparable when he whips out a gun and does his leggy run. He's got amazing presence even standing around doing nothing but man getting to see so much range in that movie of all things, would kill to go back in time and have him do more comedy, action, drama, etc. Just, so many long ass TV movies where he gives 100% for five minutes and the next hour feels empty. Was rewatching Equalizer and getting sad there weren't a hundred other roles like Judgement where he got to shine.

Nobody irl understands, if just thinking about his face didn't make me so happy I'd be crying daily about the unattainable. Also becoming a sideburn aficionado thanks to these closeups, they're especially cute when his hair's grown out.

ANON I'M GONNA GET THIS MADE INTO A POSTER KEK THE CAPTIONS, THE HEADSHOTS, so many good boys in one image, can't stop giggling. Truly a homegrown meme made with love. Autistically pulling myself away from the screen 'cause I'm about to KISS IT would sell my soul to lick right up from his chin to his nose… Ninth circle of hell wouldn't know what hit it.

No. 328859

File: 1697844821027.jpg (34.7 KB, 640x435, 11791143573_eed06d4b02_z.jpg)

Even knowing we're all on the same wavelength it's so unexpected and funny you were thinking that too anon, how is 'priest working out in a grey tracksuit' a trope that happened at least twice? YEAH THANK YOU FOR POSTING THAT PIC and yeah he's not outrageously short at 175 but still dreaming about pressing him between me and a wall, wearing heels and having him on tiptoe for a kiss, the tension of staring him down at eye level, all while knowing he'd still be able to lift a girl up in his arms if he wanted to. A man of many talents.

No. 328896

File: 1697856494895.jpg (54.18 KB, 750x600, s-l16002.jpg)

Don't remember what Blue Velvet stuff has been posted, sorry if old news. Trying to contain the so small so adorable autism but It's impressive that the intimidation factor is there regardless of height difference, the crazy eyes and aggro body language sell it every time

No. 328898

File: 1697856775836.jpg (105.78 KB, 1000x667, feelinblue.jpg)

Lynch really said "I'm going to hire you and MacLachlan for everything except he's lead and you're only getting bit roles" what the fuck

No. 328918

File: 1697861379342.jpg (125.81 KB, 1896x1080, Screenshot_2023-10-18-23-17-40…)

He may be smol but it really doesn't take away from the menacing presence, that's how he makes it work (and also he's built perfectly so at a first glance you'd think he'd actually be the tallest guy in the room).
Anon, you get it. I really really loved seeing Brad in action. All that running, gun wielding and even punching isn't totally ridiculous because these cheap TV movie makers thought about how to make it look more realistic so there's struggle every time he has to deal with someone. I found that pretty cool and realistic. Still badass as hell.
He's seriously capable of so much it's devastating how he was mostly underused in film. We do need to go back in time to become his agent and PR team/beginner filming crew.

So happy everyone liked this thingie >>328761, it inspires me to create more funny bs. Anyways, feel free to kiss your screens, this is our only chance…

No. 329014

finally opened up my lotr mags. it's not much but fellow grima lovers stay tuned for a nice little present some time next week!

god i wish that was me, i need to grow a foot taller asap.
help i can't stop staring at this.

No. 329063

File: 1697916907061.jpeg (277.6 KB, 1655x1655, FD323595-9261-45FF-BB78-D14DDB…)

Does this count as another instance of single brain cell? I don’t even have the Grima brain rot (yet) but felt like drawing him for no reason the other day. Why does he make the dumbest cutest expressions, his face always makes me wanna laugh

No. 329064

File: 1697916945559.jpg (85.4 KB, 787x561, BATH TIME.JPG)

No. 329123

File: 1697939121194.jpeg (191.05 KB, 1125x2044, 493A3031-A9AC-4CD1-B932-855280…)

holy shit im insane you captured his wetness so well, i love your pixel brush too! you're right, he's so bug eyed and weird and needs to be studied by herpetologists in a lab. and it's not something i've thought about before ever, outside of the throwaway shampoo comment but i now need to teleport him into our modern era and show him around and introduce him to modern luxuries and modern day torture obviously before he runs off and finds some suitably evil old guy to serve instead i guess. we'd have do much fun! um i'm so insane about your art. thank you so much your gifts are very appreciated by grimafags of this world.

btw there used to be some grima stuff that had this weird egg shaped symbol on them (all the characters had their own) idk what it's even supposed to represent, maybe like a really really abstract snake head but it's kinda neat.

No. 329190

oh my god Grima in modern times would be so funny, he was so perplexed by gun powder all this modern technology would make his brain explode
>before he runs off and finds some suitably evil old guy to serve
this is such an interesting aspect to me, that he tries to weasel his way to power through someone else. You think a part of him likes being subservient? I’ve really got to read the books but my head is already so full, I need some time that isn’t spent thinking about a Brad character, I’m losing my sanity.

No. 329202

File: 1697977350087.jpg (793.69 KB, 1104x1500, Tumblr_l_317734753078427.jpg)

Anyone read this article? I can share the rest of it, if no

No. 329206

File: 1697978221602.jpg (65.62 KB, 1063x556, Snapinsta.app_82052531_5890911…)

i find grima and saruman's dynamic so compelling (another reason to be pissed about the cut scenes). idk if this is actual character analysis or just me projecting a bunch of things i think are hot on him but i think grima has internalized the feeling of being powerless (being othered, lifelong sickliness, re: backstory brad came up with) so yes, he's ambitious but 'number one important henchman' is the highest position he dares aim for, being a vulture circling around an actual capable predator is the best he can do. i believe he was serving the king in earnest at first, it was probably his dream position for a long time and he genuinely admired his rule and benevolence, but by that point he was already embittered and easily swayed by saruman's promises and the influence he had on middle earth, even if saruman was scary and unhinged and violent, just because he was much more powerful. so it's half an actual desire to serve half being stuck in a fucked up cycle of his own making. hed enjoy serving me though because i can learn from the previous two and i understand the concept of negative and positive reinforcement and i'll do both. im different.

it was good, pls do in case anyone here might be curious, i don't have my grimarticles folder with me right now

No. 329214

File: 1697980296178.jpg (1018.42 KB, 1094x1500, Tumblr_l_317737890428269.jpg)

Okay, posting the rest then

No. 329215

File: 1697980356783.jpg (1013.25 KB, 1104x1500, Tumblr_l_317739693529206.jpg)

No. 329216

File: 1697980549358.jpg (1.06 MB, 1100x1500, Tumblr_l_317746803168318.jpg)

No. 329218

File: 1697981197107.jpg (199.59 KB, 327x1500, Tumblr_l_317757145377897~2.jpg)

No. 329243

File: 1697990191846.jpg (39.19 KB, 413x471, sticking my finger in his mout…)

GRIMA ART GRIMA ART HOW ARE WE SO LUCKY how did you manage to depict his reptilian smoothness so well HE LOOKS SO CUTE, I'm crazy about the way his worried little eyebrow ridge is drawn together even without eyebrows (the titled head almost asking "what are you going to do to me?" I want to squash him), still fawning over the luxurious way you draw his hair, if he didn't seem like he'd leave a mysterious green film in the tub I'd drag him in with me and drown him in there.

>modern day tortures
Teehee do you have any thoughts to share? It's not modern per se but herbal medicines are sorely underutilized in Tolkienverse and I was wondering what would be the worst thing to put into his system. Grima in the throes of fever psychosis with his head on your lap getting lovingly fed poppy milk would be kind of funny, he'd be crawling in the halls hallucinating Nazgul and confessing all his crimes against the kingdom.
The egg thing is pretty, excited that (even if obscure) you found an insignia that doesn't cross over with Saruman.
>internalized the feeling of being powerless
It makes sense in context because he never reaches above his means, he's such a coward he wouldn't be able to handle the responsibility of kingship (or some other such lofty position). Like he's so isolated and unloved his one desire isn't for power it's for companionship kek, what a loser. Dark she-lords need footstools so he'll be useful 5ever.

The description of Grima as "clever sleazy" is topkek, and I never considered that they basically had to write fanfic to flesh out his character.
>If there's a swordfight, I really felt that this guy would hit the floor and get as far away from any sharp objects as he could. This guy's not going to go flying off into battle for anybody.

No. 329246

I recently watched Deadwood and I am in fucking LOVE
severely underrated actor

No. 329247

File: 1697990819630.jpeg (99.1 KB, 1164x655, IMG_8484.jpeg)

if you wanna watch this man run around with his intense ass eyes trying to be a doctor to people that suck you should see deadwood
he's the town's conscience and like the only good scrote in the series

No. 329253

File: 1697992913500.jpg (1.74 MB, 1950x2560, JABSJSNSBJSBDHSIAPKSVEVE.JPG)

NONNA. I seriously just ordered the blu rays earlier today i can’t fucking wait
You’re both deep in the Grima lore but I was thinking maybe he doesn’t aim higher because being someone’s right hand man is like being their professional best friend and that’s all he wants, being the number one person the guy in charge turns to must make him feel really important

No. 329254

File: 1697993726381.jpg (223.34 KB, 873x1310, 39144834-873-1310.jpg)

Him in more than a one-off TV show appearance has been tempting me for so long but holy shit three seasons, gotta make time to watch this one. Underrated is right.

Crying and laughing at professional best friend, why you gotta make him sound adorable like that. Everyone listens to him if he's THE advisor, the only time he'll ever get some positive attention. I like it.

Very late on this but yes I'm free on the 25th and 30th!! If everyone is okay to do Medium Rare this Wednesday and Halloween on the 30th please lmk.

No. 329256

IKR HIS EXPRESSION IS SO GOOD it's so mistrustful and meek, we're blessed. also your picrel and that other similar looking pic are such a mystery to me because they look almost like movie stills rather than production photos, it's really wild. lightning makes me think edoras or maybe the isengard caves?

im not at all well versed in psychoactive substances so someone might need to get me up to speed on that. i mean, anything that causes serious discomfort and hallucinations would be amazing??? even better if he starts getting withdrawal symptoms. once again you deliver the most delicious ideas, i'd LOVE to have him crawl around in mental anguish for a bit. as for more modern ideas it's kinda dark but choking him with a plastic bag or an old gas mask, cattle prods, broken glass, umm… pliers. the whole damn hardware store actually. if any of that seems like your thing…
it really comes across in the edoras scene from the book where theoden is offering him to fight with his army, at that moment i could really see his rodent mind thrashing around looking for any available exits that would let him avoid battle while not confirming the obvious fact that he's a cowardly traitor to everyone in the room. like you can literally feel him squirming like a small animal in your palm when he runs out of excuses kek. so i guess brad managed to capture that pretty well.

pretty sure i'm free too! and yes craving attention and importance yet doomed to be a mere footnote in an epic story about people who are actually powerful and good and noble… ooohhhhh…

No. 329262

File: 1697995495903.jpg (178.2 KB, 1023x682, 1693868556.jpg)

My lame ass won't have time for a new series till next year, literally. You Deadwood watchers are so lucky!

Glad that article I found was useful to some, feels good hehe. And I will be able to tune in for movie time on 25th or 30th (or even 31st if anything changes).

No. 329272

File: 1697998763465.png (2.79 MB, 1011x1400, Scan_20231022.png)

Was hoping for a Brad interview in Toxic Horror #3 but it's Hooper instead, the pic on page 4 is new (to me) though.

The colour grading on LotR production pics is so weird even the Eowyn bedchamber still looks orange-y in the calendar scan. That angle makes it look like the "troubled mind" scene? The Isengard caves are going to haunt us forever it seems where are the goddam deleted scenes PJ.
So many toxic herbs were used as mild sedatives idk why it tickles me to think of soothing his ills (and his fear of you) only to overdose him with disastrous amounts of paralytic/hallucinogenic nightshade. Sorry the negative/positive reinforcement bit really got my ass, he deserves to get gaslit.
>modern hardware tools
Medieval tortures require ingenuity but there is nothing more simple and effective than a hammer to the fingers. Winches, screwdrivers, what's that thing called that cracks bones open? That thing.

I hesitate to say "repent through death" is a sexy concept but IT IS, by that point Grima's fallen so far from dignity like he'd rather besmirch the name of his forefathers and forever go down as a traitor than die aw. Doesn't it make you want to take him to the brink of death's door only to save him and reinforce that Stockholm syndrome? God I love his desperation in any capacity, desperate to be loved, important, included.

That DM pic in the article is ♥ Thanks again anon.

No. 329273

File: 1697998831763.png (2.91 MB, 1015x1400, Scan_20231022 (2).png)

No. 329276

File: 1697998863803.png (2.91 MB, 1009x1400, Scan_20231022 (3).png)

No. 329277

File: 1697998911289.png (2.89 MB, 1017x1400, Scan_20231022 (4).png)

No. 329323

File: 1698004488970.png (321.07 KB, 656x674, lotr_conquest___by_order_of_gr…)

oh we eating tonight
>stockholm syndrome
i want him so dependent on me and so paranoid and fearful of the whole outside world, if he was insecure and wary before i need him racked with panic the moment he's left alone because his duplicitous ways achieved nothing except burning all the bridges and i'm the only one who could possibly bother protecting him even if it's only to torment him further.
also grima model from lotr conquest.
that IS a good pic, i loved the special effects so much, the charred over mouth and the neck hole and all

No. 329351

File: 1698010267247.gif (3.29 MB, 540x405, 0f59916e54.gif)

>racked with panic the moment's he's alone
Umm in love with this train of thought. You'd have to keep him on his toes, can't have him getting used to the horrors and growing numb, give him a crumb of affection while shaking his neck in your fist. Thinking also about the massive display of power at protecting(?) him from the likes of Saruman purely because he's your chew toy, you could give him up any time but you won't simply because you're so endeared by him, lording your status as someone more feared than the White Wizard himself. How hot is it that you're his sword of Damocles? Do you think it would hurt his feefees if I were to break down how physically grotesque he is, like pet his alopecia mange and whisper to him that he's only fit to live in a pigsy. Grab his face and list off every undesirable, unlovable trait that disgusts other women? His self-loathing and prostration is already so extensive especially when he's reduced to crawling in the dirt I wonder what buttons are left to push. Play into his delusions by allowing him a moment of bravery to place a fearful kiss on my cheek, ooooohhh… Kek @ Grima having an actual sword, writing dissertations on why he'd have one with a thumb ring (compensating for poor swordsmanship? Favouring thrusting from a distance vs cleaving at close range?).
Sam's body decaying while his mental faculties stay sharp was great, he could have been a walking atom bomb with a charred brain but he's PISSED AS HELL instead. Love him.

No. 329373

File: 1698017879031.jpg (306.18 KB, 1500x1000, Brad-Dourif-Ely-Pouget-Death-M…)

He is so beautiful I'm going to fucking die

No. 329375

File: 1698017992786.png (595.27 KB, 758x500, trauma15.png)

Sometimes I remember the Trauma photo and it makes me think about the anons itt kek

No. 329386

File: 1698022937827.png (479.28 KB, 695x576, movie night with mano.png)

Where do I start with all these posts, you are all amazing.
Anon, your art captures his essence, beautiful.
Snake's head, forked tongue, Celtic-style knotwork or he's joined an obscure branch of Assassins Creed you never know.
Thank you ScAnons, appreciate your work in sharing these.
>won't have time
I hear you, not enough hours in the day.
Good lord, that gif.
How does he even look that good.
Thread selfie.

No. 329393

File: 1698026590902.gif (4.21 MB, 387x290, lashes and everything else.gif)

The sheer fluffiness of that hair and the tendons in his hand, I want to watch movies with him (and do other stuff) too ugh. So hot it's awful.

No. 329539

File: 1698081859455.jpg (3.53 MB, 3342x4144, totalfilm_jan_2003.jpg)

sorry about the quality, we really tried. this mag didn't have anything new at all but enjoy anyway.

seconded, that gif does things to me. not saying what things. nonny i'm crying i need to pet his crusty hair mop so so bad… i think you're spot on because even if he knows on some level how much he has deteriorated physically no one dared say anything so mean to his face for a long time, and saruman generally isn't that petty with his insults. speaking of, massive respect to the old man, it's nothing personal, we just deserve him more! would love to have a fireball match with him about it and let grima watch and die of fright. i'm sure saruman would understand though.
>kiss on my cheek
oohhh rip my sanity

No. 329541

File: 1698082092389.jpeg (495.76 KB, 1136x1599, empire_jan_2003_1.jpeg)


No. 329542

File: 1698082185670.jpeg (473.63 KB, 1226x1637, empire_jan_2003_2.jpeg)

No. 329543

File: 1698082242275.jpeg (162.69 KB, 1168x491, empire_jan_2003_3.jpeg)

i just love this guy.

No. 329546

File: 1698082389929.jpeg (1.69 MB, 2147x1452, empire_jan_2003.jpeg)

finally the thing i was excited about. RARE PIC this is 100% from the orthanc library scene which confirms grima played at least a somewhat important part in it. FUCK.

No. 329707

File: 1698114942103.png (1.53 MB, 1440x1080, 12-perfumes-and-books.png)

Have you ever hinged on the idea of something so completely that you consider buying overpriced vaguely thematic perfumes to spray on your bedsheets and concoct elaborate fantasies of laying with your Mentat slave or what

Happy to see that pg 1 image in any iteration, beautiful eyeballs dirty fingernail stringy hair, curling up on top of him like a cat ASAP.
Sexiest adjectives in an article ever. Buying mags is like winning the lotto sometimes, thank you so much for the scans and based rare Grima! Do you think maybe for the 30th anniversary they'll release an even more insane collector's edition with bonus content (ahah no please actually though someone must have workprints right?)

No. 329744

File: 1698127975658.jpg (256.63 KB, 644x976, Tumblr_l_8850814256102.jpg)

>Mentat slave
Now that you mention it… Who am I to say no

No. 329787

File: 1698147283743.gif (1.65 MB, 460x347, ezgif-3-8d95edfe37.gif)

Can't believe it's come to this but he's so autistic I want to rail him five ways to Sunday. Suder's gonna kill me when I get to Voyager.

No. 329830

File: 1698157467803.jpg (84.21 KB, 1703x1080, Screenshot_2023-10-24-17-18-37…)

I'm obsessed with this human computer asshole. I can even forgive those who thought the atrocious eyebrows were a good idea. These eyes are too distracting anyway. There's catastrophic lack of Piter in the movie so I compensate with the book and dirty fanfics. Because God he needs to be fucked in most vicious ways possible, I'd love to cause him so much pleasing pain he'd get a mild heart attack. Gurl do some fanfics deliver in that regard.

No. 329869

File: 1698171812432.png (57.32 KB, 1424x234, teeth???.png)

No. 329919

File: 1698182627965.png (384.47 KB, 691x432, laughs in Dourif.png)

Anon doing god's work, tysm.
Brad as a Christopher Lee impersonator was not where I thought things were going.
>Dourif kind of face
Is what we're here for.
I confess I probably know the least about lotr, I rely on you all for lore and insight, but I am here in full support of the Only Goth in Middle Earth. for my sins.
Rare finds are always a joy.
Blessed are the sacred hairy caterpillar brows.

No. 329946

File: 1698191380336.png (437.07 KB, 711x539, putting rain in my eyes.png)

Today we have: I watched this so you don't have to, Hidden Agenda.
Damn frustrating. Brad looks adorable in his cosy sweaters and suits as a human rights lawyer. He is an average nice guy, trying to make a difference. so of course he gets assassinated in the first 20 minutes The rest of the film is well acted but dull unless you're into Brit/Irish political corruption of the era.
But we do get some very fluffy curls, wholesome hugs and kisses, miles of leg and a shadowy flash of naked chest and knee when he gets out of the hotel bed. Victorian anons, prepare for an attack of the vapors which is nice.
Pics incoming.

No. 329947

File: 1698191494872.png (480.46 KB, 720x539, tears in my dreams.png)

No. 329951

File: 1698191690829.png (411.02 KB, 720x531, and rocks in my heart.png)

No. 329952

File: 1698191848721.png (Spoiler Image,450.34 KB, 720x531, that ole devil.png)

No. 329954

File: 1698192035193.png (Spoiler Image,408.64 KB, 720x540, called love.png)

No. 330002

File: 1698201886179.gif (4.9 MB, 641x360, teef.gif)

A necklace strung with the bones of your enemies is boring I want one made with pieces of beloved's fucked up teeth. You have to wonder how much worse they could have been though like they already look dead and rotting. The way this is worded also makes me a little, you know
>She allowed me to kind of suck her in, and she got very soft and very vulnerable and then she turned around on me, and that was pretty much a cool thing for me to watch her do that

>Only Goth in Middle Earth

Another one really high up on my list but knowing that he DIES AGAIN hurts, always love to see him do more serious work. Actually I'm really curious to see him and Frances McDormand in another movie together!! Do you think this one made him feel better after the Mississippi Burning depression kek, caps of the scene where he's cuddling her make me laugh at the character contrast a bit. The curly hair & jumper combo is incredible, so cozy. To be held in those arms…lovely filenames, too ♥

IS THAT HIS THIGH? I didn't realize there'd be any skin in this one, and the lighting on that pec, the director couldn't have staged a more perfect shot. Feels bad to gawk considering the context but fuck his torso and shoulders look so soft.

No. 330022

File: 1698206245829.png (1.57 MB, 891x1190, 2.png)

Jumping on the trendy 3x4 bandwagon, cross out one character you'd get rid of in each row there's a hardmode version but it seemed unnecessarily cruel lel

No. 330042

File: 1698215276503.jpeg (254.07 KB, 891x1190, 982B2E2E-0276-4005-B11A-281BEC…)

the bottom row is unfair lol
Thanks for all the caps and review, he does crazy so well but I wish he got at least one starring role where he’s completely normal and nothing too terrible happens to him. So cute with the cardigan wish he got to play a sitcom dad or smth
Even if there’s nothing new or groundbreaking I still appreciate everything getting shared!! Saving every little bit
Group trip to the uk in November so we can recreate this pic with him and then steal him away haha jk jk…unless

No. 330070

File: 1698220665140.jpg (862.86 KB, 1080x1434, 563384.jpg)

>one hour with Brad Dourif
Oh the things one can fit into that time period. Man.
It was a great read! I loved it so much, so many new little things. He said his past gf was a junkie, god wtf did he have to deal with in life
Victorian anons reporting a mass eye rolling and fainting occurrence. "My god, a whole thigh" they exclaimed as they fell to the floor.
Brilliant report as usual, thank you! I will probably still see the whole film because I'm interested in the topic not even a britbong but still need that trivia.
The last row is blasphemy and I'm too weak sorry.

No. 330096

File: 1698235230130.gif (5.86 MB, 500x313, 686B2217-F5E7-4273-9E69-25B832…)

Bad Lieutenant was so crazy I had to watch it twice. Nic Cage being very Nic Cage as a corrupt cop, NOT a watch with your mom type of movie sorry anon he gets a handy in one scene it was VILE it was pretty fun kinda weird. Brad is a very cute bookie would offer him my services when I can’t pay off my debt ooooh was really surprised by the stacked cast until the end when I saw it was yet another Herzog film, what a fan boy
this was shared last thread but it’s a good read if you haven’t seen it yet

No. 330098

File: 1698235467466.gif (9.32 MB, 540x320, A2FB90BD-89E4-4C75-AC6B-A08778…)

No. 330112

hell yeah more frances mcdormand!
same, i'm entering actual horror tier horniness levels.
i'm glad you liked my finds, i've been on a massive lotr kick lately (i say as if i'm not perpetually on a lotr kick). also yes i appreciate how we all like these different characters and can bring something fun to the thread! hope you enjoy our vaguely lore grounded essays.

>NOT a watch with your mom type of movie
oh ok damn…

No. 330122

File: 1698243989695.jpg (333.39 KB, 1080x1207, Screenshot_2023-10-21-20-04-04…)

Thanks a lot for the link, I think I've read most of this on different sources but a few facts were new, like a bit more info about his teaching days. Told you all nobody dared to approach him because he was too intimidating! Oh to be his student and have staring contests with him during classes. Hopefully outside of them too if we talk about being lucky hehe.

So Bad Lieutenant is fun and weird, means I need to see it. Thank god my mom doesn't give a shit, and I can always put the movie on and just leave for a moment if it gets a bit weird. Will conduct that experiment whenever I can. Everybody learn while I'm still alive.
Any find is priceless, lotr find is more priceless than others, we all know it. Thanks for sharing great stuff, nonna.

Bumped into one interview and this answer proves Brad is no method actor after all and doesn't really respect it either (based).

No. 330130

File: 1698246959661.jpeg (Spoiler Image,145.46 KB, 769x768, BC4C02BD-9D78-4F70-ACE7-115CC3…)

Cover Johnny in those hearts 'cause he deserves it, kekking at James getting tossed out by both of you >>330070. Went through IMDB for shits to see how many normal guy roles he has and Santa Monica was truly a gift, he was cute and normal and we even got some waterworks. Wait is Santa Claus considered a normal role idk.
>Group trip
PLEASE that'd be hilarious, he probably forgot about Trauma as soon as they were done filming

>a whole thigh
Reposting picrel because I'm still not fucking over it. Feeling ashamed by how much I want to rest my face on his naked thighs.

Speaking of Herzog, have you seen Scream of Stone? Scruffy slightly unhinged sweetie, looking forward to watching it but hopefully it's not another one of those background roles. The pulled back ponytail is so hot it's fucked, watched Cypress Edge again because it's such a good look on him.

No. 330134

File: 1698247722067.jpg (128.13 KB, 490x826, yea me too.jpg)

When he described his "intimidation technique" of running his hand through his hair and staring silently at his students I got so confused, how is that intimidating. He could stare at me for an hour without saying anything and I'd still be horny for him.

>horror tier horniness
Next thread title please

No. 330137

File: 1698248664470.gif (994.96 KB, 350x228, 81B148CB-3D02-4AE5-B231-1F50DC…)

I made this discovery a while ago and somehow never posted but you can totally see his package after Michael sets him down, don’t ask why/how I noticed……..took another peek to confirm I didn’t hallucinate this and AHHHHHHHHH!! Trying not to say indecent things holy fuck haven’t watched Scream of Stone, I think I found it somewhere online but it was dubbed in french or something so I didn’t bother watching. But I’m obsessed with the way he looks in it, like shifty eyed and a little off but there’s something hot about it

No. 330140

You know I meant to rewatch it sometime this week and now it's an absolute necessity, you're such an eagle-eyed viewer kek. Gonna scrub through it frame by frame feel free to post indecent thoughts I think the one body part we haven't discussed in-depth has been his dick funnily enough. Fucked up that a scene of him on the toilet gave us so much. Never cared for stubble before but Death Machine has converted me into a stubbly Brad appreciator, plus the hair sticking out from under the earmuffs, too cute.

No. 330309

File: 1698315332601.jpg (297.93 KB, 1439x1564, how tragic.jpg)

Jack’s search history, please add your own
>cheap carbon steel
>old building demolition
>transformers action figures
>do girls like robots
>how to kiss a girl
>shark vs grizzly bear
>are eggs a vegetable

Thanks for hosting yesterday! I fucking passed out sorry lol, so tired

No. 330327

File: 1698324761143.jpg (486.41 KB, 1210x1080, this vampire has a special off…)

His intimidation technique is fucking hot okay, I'd probably be staring back like insane. We'd have a competition, a civil rivalry of crazies going. God I need to stop thinking about this! I've never had hots for teachers, but that one would 100% get it, and I seriously can't stop rummaging through all possible scenarios plaguing my head
Search history:
>will i get affected by radiation if i xray my ass 10 times
>used printer-scanner buy
>what does idk mean
>why does it tell me it doesn't know what idk means
>is my computer okay
This is probably silly but idk

Well, the movie night was absolutely wonderful, I've had a goddamn blast. Please don't let me talk so much you people, it's too easy to make me go insane! Posting that dumbass pic from last night, it needs to be there.

No. 330336

File: 1698328940382.jpg (197.4 KB, 1071x935, Screenshot_2023-10-26-16-54-50…)

Uh okay, I don't care for Chucky series enough (though I consider watching), but it's going to deliver us something incredible. Crying giggling kicking my feet, he looks so great it's unbelievable.

No. 330349

!!!!AHHHHHH UEAH this is so exciting!!!! And he’s not wearing a terrible wig this time thank fuck, my grampa loving heart is soaring am so happy

No. 330353

The wig really had to go. He's magical, isn't it the first time in ages when he's without a beard too? Ahhh this is just incredible. Hyperventilating in between giggling and screaming at the top of my lungs.

No. 330358

File: 1698336512469.png (756.03 KB, 440x744, childsplay01272.png)

Thanks for coming everyone, these awful films are truly more enjoyable with friends ♥

Aw look at that dumb little penus, he's so cute kek
>buy machine gun online
>machine gun cost in USD
>buy women underwear online
>does superglue work on titanium i beams
>funny cartoon season 2 episode 1
>porn tied up gun knife blindfold sexy

He would scan his ass and leave copies on everyone's desk. Never really thought about Father Paul before aside from "hot" but the potential of keeping a vampire priest bf like a pet (for his own good of course) brings to mind many ideas thank you.

BRADFORD IN THE FLESH!!!!! Can't stop staring at his fluffy white hair and smiling he looks so damn good, I'm so happy he's making even a short appearance, it'll be so nice to see him in action again! Best news we've had all month

No. 330363

File: 1698338291978.jpg (69.46 KB, 790x422, 6DB71289-CC82-4FC9-9AEB-F8576C…)

Seriously hiding my face and trying not to screamcry this might be the last time someone's going to drag him in front of a camera and he's actually wearing a nice suit for once and his chubby old man cheeks and his beautiful eyes this is emotional warfare

No. 330384

File: 1698346396656.png (36.04 KB, 885x218, scream of stone review.png)

Thank you for hosting again, anon, we always have fun.
Scream of stone
Don't get your hopes up, sounds like another small role. Picrel. But you'll have to let us know if you find it. Loving the crazy eyes gif.
Oh, he's adorable.
We are ready.

No. 330405

Nooo, don't say it, he will show up on screen again if there's something interesting I'm sure! Running away to write my own script, I'll be back and we organize a campaign to get Brad in our movie.
Just one second in a teaser and there's already enough food to keep us going till the end of the year, I'm obsessed with this fact.

No. 330462

File: 1698381434987.png (1.75 MB, 891x1190, pain.png)

I'm fucking sorry Clark, I am, but nothing beats the intensity of that X-Files episode

Mancini seriously missed out on having him show up again in the films, could have been raking in some cash from both the Chucky and Brad crowds this entire time

No. 330468

File: 1698383228775.gif (1000.73 KB, 554x311, sp00ky.gif)

With BST rolling back this week what is more convenient, starting an hour later for DST zones (1000PT, 1300ET) or 16h00 instead of 1700BST? We should all be caught up with the time change for movie nights after that.

No. 330593

File: 1698431165274.jpg (135.87 KB, 1024x576, 1695989548.jpg)

Excuse me

No. 330635

File: 1698441199229.jpg (Spoiler Image,174.52 KB, 1300x824, leedourif-the-lord-of-the-ring…)

everyone zooming in on johnny toilet scene, and im zooming in on grima's hair to look for parasitic lifeforms oh no no no look at the top of his head.

i might miss a bit at the start if we do 1600bst

No. 330646

if only there were a Grima chamber pot scene um totally kidding. I think
mix of disgust but also laughing because he’s so gross oh my god is he just gonna fall down dead at any moment?? How is he still walking upright what the fuck does his diet consist of does he EVER wash? Is his hair just falling out in chunks from malnutrition and evil? Is Saruman too rough with the little guy and ripping it out? Hmm grimalovers let me know what you think of him having trichotillomania, yay or nay, would be a possible explanation for lack of eyebrows. ugh he’s like a stray dog with mange, I wanna clean him up and give him some vitamin c pills
starting an hour later would work better for me

No. 330658

File: 1698445730387.png (399.98 KB, 720x480, Here's looking at you. Closely…)

Goddamn those fingers.
17:00 Britfag time would be better if that works for other anons. But I'll go with whatever most anons can do.
It's no good. I tried rows, I tried columns, I tried weird diagonals.
Instead you will find me in the finest Brad tradition, in a heap on the floor screaming "No, no, no…!"
Poor baby, I feel I should be gently rubbing calendula salve into his scalp as he softly purrs on his knees at my feet. Am I over thinking this?
Whilst we're zooming in on things, the mayor's suit is a little snug in certain areas. Picrel.

No. 330829

File: 1698515098861.gif (844.59 KB, 400x225, 3E192642-6D3E-47DD-A5B1-13DB9B…)

AAHHHHHHHHHH HUMBOLDT COUNTY WAS SO GOOD. Struggling med student gets stranded with some pot growers and goes through some growth himself, Brad as the loving protective family patriarch was TOO MUCH oh this one was really good and it was the source of those mystery ass pics. Did I play the scene as slow as possible to look for a hint of peen? Maybe. idk if I saw it probably just some shadows and wishful thinking

No. 330830

File: 1698515280436.gif (8.02 MB, 540x350, E0B54D08-A2DD-4681-9337-32F3D5…)

chill content well spoken intellectual father figure but sometimes kind of a snippy smartass scratched an itch I did not know i had. Something about the way he carried himself in this role just felt different, or maybe it’s that I’ve never really seen him play a character like this before but I’m transfixed.

No. 330833

File: 1698515953037.gif (3.27 MB, 434x288, 374AA39C-DE26-4A00-9C5D-477F87…)

Last Kind Words was alright, teen romance with a bit of mystery, mostly the main actor was very lackluster. Would probably watch it again though because look at him??

No. 330837

File: 1698516403643.gif (6.74 MB, 500x208, 68EC881D-4BCB-431A-B229-46A139…)

No. 330839

File: 1698516562762.gif (8.66 MB, 540x375, EF91B434-F1C2-478B-A9AD-ABAF52…)

And this fuckin movie…at least Brad looked good. Herzog movies are maybe not for me.

No. 330843

Humboldt County is a MUST for us Dourif enjoyers, his character was wonderful and this whole film was unexpectedly good. It's such a great change from the rest of his filmography. Loved it.
Now that one was weird but pretty enjoyable. Films about deteriorating mind are always a bit of a wild ride (sometimes at a real slow mo pace). Did you like that scene with them staring at the camera for over a minute? I was trying not to laugh but I found it pretty cool nonetheless.
Noted, checking this out.

Nonna, thanks for reviews! Glad there's even more films we can discuss now.

No. 330885

File: 1698524642162.jpg (38.86 KB, 1383x687, Screenshot_2023-10-28-23-18-22…)

Why is it when I see a weird movie it's always with these two? Drop Dead Sexy was a mess but not as bad as some people say. The morbidity of it was pretty funny at times. Brad appeared for a minute but it was sick (and kinda twisted) as usual.

No. 330886

File: 1698524734211.jpg (104.12 KB, 1899x1080, Screenshot_2023-10-28-23-18-51…)

Thankfully he really wasn't the weirdest character in the movie. No exaggeration.

No. 330887

File: 1698524976682.jpg (84.4 KB, 1865x1080, Screenshot_2023-10-28-23-18-35…)

Things did get much worse in the second act though, not going to lie. But I kept watching because I hate myself.

No. 331008

File: 1698546140161.gif (3.79 MB, 480x360, get-it-got-it.gif)

Not to be weird but even though I enjoy thinking about his body being grotesquely smooth and clammy this begs the question of whether he's got weird sores all over from poor hygiene/some kind of medieval blight. Cursed by a bog witch with scabies and mange. Grima can fall a little ill with consumption as a treat.

OH don't even start, daydreaming about a list of possible physical ailments that make him too sickly to function. Kind of want him neurotic and bedridden.

I fucking hate that suit did he get it out of a dumpster behind a thrift shop!!! How even in the most hideously oversized clothing possible do certain things still make themselves known, this calls for the expertise of the anon who was tinfoiling about shapes and sizes kek. Gif not quite rel but still has to be shared.

Speaking of "how", how did they convince him to bare his whole old man ass for this film of all things. Thank you for the reviews as always, not seen many of the newer ones so it's always nice to know what to expect going in. Dad Brad fully has you in his clutches kekkkk nonny it's adorable.

No. 331009

File: 1698546315194.jpg (104.72 KB, 1080x1080, 11374371_818459361607296_11585…)

Like 80% sure this is Claudia and Brad because her ex looks like an eviscerated potato and that hairline is inimitable

I keep hearing about how weird/terrible/cringe this one is but aarrrrghhhhh ponytail

No. 331016

File: 1698547875807.png (21.88 KB, 557x142, Screenshot 2023-10-28.png)

Vindication from Tilly's Bride of Chucky diary that he IS small and intense. Cute.

No. 331026

Goddamn it, Jennifer, so straight to the point KEK. Most accurate description ever.
It is weird movie but I wouldn't say it's totally terrible. It handles some of its themes too lightly and not funny enough at times but overall it wasn't the worst movie I've seen, so… I can even recommend to check it out.
Excuse me, he doesn't have a shirt on? AAaaAa, just kill me already! Where did you find that? We spoke about a concept of blindfold on him before but reversing this concept sounds just as hot, I'm going to be thinking about it for hours god help me

No. 331057

File: 1698560992599.jpeg (275.56 KB, 1023x553, F03D45A8-258E-434C-8192-18CF74…)

I just don’t know what to make of this one, I didn’t really like it. The freeze frame scenes annoyed me but of course I liked the one with him
just kept waiting for this one to get better, his character gave me the ick though he was too gross
ummmmmmmmmmm what is this picture

No. 331059

File: 1698561104053.png (2.34 MB, 900x1230, C5D7B682-AA0E-42D5-B386-5822F3…)

I haven’t seen this article before, so here it is

No. 331061

File: 1698561161881.png (2.27 MB, 900x1230, 5E2C6FC6-14D7-4E3D-93C5-9906E1…)

No. 331062

File: 1698561225906.png (2.53 MB, 900x1224, 940DC792-FCA8-426E-8752-E88410…)

No. 331064

File: 1698561290873.png (2.23 MB, 900x1220, 4F175A70-19AF-4F42-9039-A10564…)

No. 331111

My Son, My Son was strange but fascinating. I can't say I understood it, can't say I didn't, it touches upon that generational "parents fuck us up" topic that we all love, religious craze and kinda says "theater is really bad for mentally ill"? It's loosely based on the case of Mark Yavorsky who killed his mother in a reenactment of the scene from the play Orestes. Herzog tried to explore his mind but I don't think even he could manage to understand what was going on inside that head.
The fact he gives corpses a chance to have their last date ever should have been more endearing than anything kek (no)
Don't know what to make of that character, really, creators just said "all pathologists a bit strange" and went with it. This movie really had a lot of questionable ass scenes, some probably wouldn't work if other actors did them. Dunno what it says about me if I did laugh at quite a few jokes. Maybe I'm just genuinely fucked up. Or tasteless. Or both.

No. 331167

File: 1698595754325.gif (6.45 MB, 480x364, can i post without fucking up …)

Merry Crimmis https://drive.google.com/file/d/1TSFAxgy-gnslCi2A6xhBFNd1CNfxfaNl/view?usp=drive_link
Okay why did you have to remind me of this ep? Cat-like isn't usually first thing on my mind when I see him but that's all I could think here, so gorgeous. Would be smokin ten packs a day if only he would light my matches for me.
nonna…it seemed to me that he was doing a whole lot more than just sharing a glass of wine with those corpses, c'mon now. But I prefer your interpretation, much sweeter.

No. 331179

File: 1698598713972.jpg (28.49 KB, 533x400, a3-E6m-Xqp6dg~2.jpg)

Don't think I'm that naive I was just trying to humanize another horrible person. I'm like Brad fr kek
Link asks for access request, nonna. Something broke mayhaps.
Also this gif is deadly, thank you very much.

No. 331189

File: 1698601639141.jpg (169.54 KB, 1280x1276, IMG_6801.JPG)

man I am just fuckin up left and right today, it should work now nonna

No. 331193

File: 1698602461472.jpg (546.42 KB, 1080x1069, Screenshot_2023-10-14-17-35-05…)

Don't worry, nonnie, this week has been wild can't stop thinking about this man even for a single second so it slows me at work all the time
Thank you for the share, merry crinbus is coming early this year!

No. 331205

File: 1698605680739.png (511.8 KB, 665x566, Tech support.png)

Looking forward to this one even more now, ty for the review.
That goddamn stache. Hello.
Anon, it's fine, take a breath. We appreciate your help so much. This thread is a true team effort.

No. 331208

File: 1698606013844.gif (7.58 MB, 480x360, spit.gif)

Robert Zombie's Halloween at 1700GMT/1300ET/1000PT tomorrow, see you girls there!

Fansites always post photos from Cleo's Instagram so I went to check and found it. The small forearm-big hand ratio and stomach pudge, it's definitely him right? It's so pretty I don't want to think otherwise. Apparently it was a reference for a painting.

The first paragraph, Grima basically getting bullied into becoming a lackey by Saruman, kek.
>"Renfield, evil, yes"
PJ gets it?? And what the fuck is it about Brad and ham sandwiches I'm laughing so hard

Thank you thank you thank you ♥ Hope we can watch this one together, I won't touch it yet. Was just thinking about it recently since it's getting cold and gloomy, almost time to daydream about getting snowed in with this grumpy old man.
Embarrassed by how easy I am the >>324015 gif and "his crotch" lit my ass on fire, had to watch it immediately kek not clever enough to figure out what I want to do between him and that syringe but the way he sticks his tongue out and holds it between his teeth fuuuuuck. Really a shame the episode was so short it would almost make an interesting movie with the premise of crazy dead acid rock guitarist, had more focus on plot than character but I'm obsessed (leggy, chest hair on full display, eyebags looking like a Nevada canyon), this might be the most stupid role to get hot and bothered over.

No. 331214

File: 1698608290745.jpg (24.9 KB, 392x594, yay.jpg)

god the premiere pics will haunt me till the end of times, how are there so many of them and how does he look so striking and hot and dazzling in literally every single one.
thanks so much nonna!
i'd buy it. my boy collecting various disorders like crazy.
the two pictures where he's side by side in the grima getup and his normal self are kind of insane bc i feel like even though i've seen the scenes many times with the knowledge of who he is, it’s still just this weird guy on the screen who doesn't quite look like brad, doesn't quite sound like brad and it’s a bit of a mind fuck. it’s really awesome how the crew all came together to create this character who feels like his own unique creature. like in my mind he’s basically a separate entity from brad, when i look at him i just see grima.
>PJ gets it
not gonna sperg about how much i need a renfield-esque bf again but yeah. he really gets it. the themes of deterioration, the raw sex appeal of blind hopeless servitude, being addicted to someone else's power… the genius of the christopher lee dracula reference.

No. 331215

File: 1698608715563.png (Spoiler Image,627 KB, 867x741, not first blood.png)

Thank you anon, always happy for more articles.
Is it bad that I misread the text over Grima as 'Brad Dourif Wet'…?
Today is a good day.
>stupid role to get hot and bothered over
We've not resorted to fainting over 20 second appearances on the Norm Show, we're doing fine…
Bowl of candy is ready for the sweet sheriff.
Have a Halloween friendly Stan.

No. 331217

File: 1698608953179.jpg (97.53 KB, 720x720, 7b6c7cc0043b413f5829b4eed8db7a…)

Don't know what to say, nothing of value, just going to drop this. He's plagued by closed eyes in photos too, what a relatable king.

No. 331225

File: 1698611091232.jpg (150.26 KB, 869x1297, LOTR LA CINERAMA DOME Hollywoo…)

Those ones and the Exorcist 2004 premiere pics are too good, he's such a fox.
>a separate entity from brad
The biggest testament to his acting is how easy it is to separate actor from character it's why I couldn't get into the beard in Heaven's Gate/Laura Mars at first lmao. Makeup and clothing is definitely part of it but he brings out such a different energy for every character it's basically a different person altogether in my mind. Fully support your Renfield bf ideations btw

>20 second appearance
Is it better or worse that I keep rewatching the Stranger in Town music video for him…thanks for the pic, keeping a running tally of how many times he's covered in blood (not enough tbh)

Can't stop staring, wanna kiss that big forehead. Did someone style his eyebrows in this pic??

No. 331226

File: 1698611182004.png (1.01 MB, 1894x402, jackgraffiti.png)

Sorry for autism, wanted to clarify the duct graffiti isn't lyrics it's (presumably) a reference to 1976's Network, my bad. The quote on the door is definitely Deckard on Blatty which makes me insane because Jack watching something for android babes and sci-fi tech and suddenly resonating with
>I don’t know why he saved my life. Maybe, in those last moments, he loved life more than he ever had before. Not just his life, anybody’s life, my life.
despite his antisocial misanthropy? Maybe? Thinking.

No. 331231

File: 1698612574876.jpeg (48.08 KB, 399x600, 285DEA0B-DC85-4D34-84BD-912CAD…)

The random drapey curtain did make me think art reference, wtf I wanna see the final product. yes I have had thoughts about getting him to pose for figure drawing mmmm if only
I do not understand a word of this but I’m always here for Jack sperging

No. 331252

File: 1698614871180.jpg (32.13 KB, 600x394, Tumblr_l_275720634751537.jpg)

More random family photos anyone?

No. 331256

I always felt like Jack tried to understand how sympathy works. It's a foreign concept to him yet it's not entirely out of his system. I think be he more well-spoken and less fucking mean about Cale's past, he'd probably convince her that he just wants to make her happy. In his own weird way maybe but he was having good intentions accidentally shining through for once but it was brushed off as something ridiculous, possibly just disgusting. This scene really stuck with me because it felt like he could be semi-redeemed if he found someone who would guide him and actually sit down to explain things to him. Of course he's fucked up but not beyond any hope.

…Why did they have to make him so fucking interesting I'm asking?! Goddamn it

No. 331280

File: 1698619703950.png (324.02 KB, 632x612, 1102.png)

NICE FURRY MOUSTACHE MR. BRACKETT. The sensual composition of that photo is really something, his gentle hand on her blindfolded temple hmmm
>Jack sperging
Can I hogtie and gag him and make him watch the director's cut of Apocalypse Now

It's not his inability to process emotions in a normal human way but his lack of empathy I think, if the parts where he sics Warbs on Scott or negs Cale about her baby are any indication. Complete disinterest in how others see him so he's unrepentantly hedonistic, violently sexual. Kinda funny how predictable he is though, hard up for any crumb of attention, anons last thread already mentioned it but the epitome of acting out for recognition. The quote- maybe it's the idea of love to the point of self-sacrifice that appeals to him? HE might not be able to experience pure selfless love but finding a woman who loves so unconditionally that she could love a dysfunctional mess like HIM would be a huge draw. You can almost hear the gears in Jack's head screech when Cale '''betrays''' his trust and whaps the remote out of his hand in that last scene, consequences are such a distant concept for him that he doesn't stop to think the woman he's almost killed a dozen times might not be an endless well of patience and forgiveness. Need him under duress like the chair in an Ikea stress test machine but psychologically.

No. 331295

File: 1698628353847.png (228.24 KB, 781x435, thanks anon.png)

No. 331297

kek this is my post, glad a dourif sister enjoyed it

No. 331299

Sorry for stealing it I haven't stopped thinking about it in days!!! You're a gem

No. 331320

You know, you're right and I suck at character analysis kek
I'll honestly just shut up about it because I feel like I don't understand anything most of the time.

No. 331341

File: 1698650982456.mp4 (2.85 MB, 552x480, dying from feels.mp4)

Rapidly approaching 500 posts, dear ladies.
Be still, my heart, we're doing it again.

No. 331383

Having some extremely retarded technical issues. If it's okay with everyone we might have to push this a half hour back or so. Sorry guys..

No. 331386

File: 1698684649692.png (388.7 KB, 681x556, seymour patiently waits.png)

nayrt, don't stop with the analysis. Each of us will have different views on every character.
>Stranger in Town
Well, that's a whole story in a video, so perfectly acceptable.
He doesn't understand emotions when they happen to other people only when they happen to him, and even then he thinks it's always someone else who caused it.
>woman who loves so unconditionally
He would be in awe. And constant terror/paranoia that she would stop because he doesn't understand 'unconditionally' either. Probably with violent repercussions to anyone he thinks is a threat.
Tell us when you're ready anon.

No. 331540

Watched Death Machine last afternoon after skimming through these threads from time to time after being converted by grimanona. Going in blind, based on the gifs I thought it was about Dante being the lead hacker in a team fighting against the corporate "death machine" with Cale and the blonde guy, but being an asshole. I never thought there would be an actual killing machine and he was this greasy nerdy pathetic little wet rat man. I loved the 90s aesthetic, the grittyness, the character design, the dialogue, the soundtrack, the horror. I love him nonnies… he's like a saner brunette version of my husbando. I have a cropped leather jacket and ripped pants, I might sew dark leggings to them and be a shitty unrecognizable version of him for Halloween.
Also just realized the hot guy from the 10 minutes of Chucky I watched is played by Brad… Did I belong here all along?

No. 331591

File: 1698727157247.png (948.87 KB, 1598x1034, 5313273.png)

>violent repercussions
He's like a fucked up guard dog, overly attached and obsessive. Have to make him channel those violent impulses into a different outlet…

Had the same exact reaction here anon, you think Jack's going to be some unassuming nerd and then the very first scene has you in fight-or-flight mode because he's such a creep. The low budget corporate cyberpunk aesthetic was pretty unique and the acting had no reason to be as good as it was. Still think it's wild that he's been in this many recognizable films and yet you never realize it's the same guy.
He was so hot for those ten minutes and for fucking what!!
>did I belong here all along?
Yeah it was over the moment you stared into his big wet blue eyes

No. 331593

File: 1698727262944.png (4.05 MB, 1920x1080, childs_play_1988.png)

2024 2024 2024!!!

No. 331595

File: 1698727715275.jpg (1.21 MB, 2560x1920, 29251535-2560-1920.jpg)

500, congrats! Fondly remembering the day we managed to hit 100 last thread. King of ♥s.

No. 331613

File: 1698733006734.jpg (2.71 MB, 3464x2309, Postcard to sinners.jpg)

So happy Death Machine impressed you! You belong here like we all do, welcome to our little warm circle of hell, nonna. More fun will ensue, you'll never get bored here.

Watch party was awesome as usual. Thanks everyone for being here, special thanks to the host nonnie of course! It was cursed and fun as any good Halloween party is ought to be. I left abruptly because I passed out kek, hope I didn't miss too much
Obligatory repost of my little creation from last night. Love you all to death.

No. 331647

File: 1698758066271.jpg (24.27 KB, 276x484, MV5BZDZkNzBiZWItZmVkZS00ZDU5LT…)

I'm so horny I am in hell please send help

Somehow feeling grateful for this retarded TV movie, the holy vampire-priest combo

No. 331648

File: 1698758090353.jpg (127.3 KB, 1494x903, brad-dourif-xxvi-luther-lee-bo…)


No. 331660

I have recently fallen ill with Dourif disease nonnas I’m ODing…I guess some people just become appealing to you when you grow out of your early 20s and idk I wanna sit on him. I can’t wait to binge the old thread to see lots of pics hnggg

No. 331672

I am FULL of Jack thoughts since yesterday FUCK, nonna I am dead serious when I say Death Machine round three
Genuinely so happy, enjoy the spiral cant wait to see you lose your mind over the sex scenes
>I wanna sit on him
you already sound like one of us, so proud

No. 331674

File: 1698766803001.jpg (608.88 KB, 1080x1176, Screenshot_2023-10-31-18-24-54…)

Yaaay, please join in on the madness, we're spiraling out of control! It's also true about growing out of early 20s and finally seeing things you didn't see before. Moments of enlightenment is what I appreciate about growing older.
Have we had a hand talk… A hand talk that I missed? Cause god knows I have a lot to say on the topic.

No. 331733

File: 1698781463477.jpg (13.15 KB, 300x300, ooohhhhh.jpg)

LOL the exact same thing happened to me, don’t know how much later after me you went down, hope you all had fun though! thank you to host nona yet again for powering through the technical issues. also new douriffag!? hi

>stranger in town
he looked so good it makes me ill, i listened to it so much i started liking the song a lot more.

No. 331788

New douriffag reporting back—am about to watch Final Judgment (I had an AI pic a random movie of his for me kek) and I’m excited. I think one thing that really attracts me to him is the fact that his eyes (which are very pretty both shape and color wise) look like he’s recently been crying super hard. Idk it makes me want to slap him super hard and then kiss his tears away what is happening to me

No. 331806

File: 1698802259271.png (499.68 KB, 959x658, once bitten.png)

Sending my thanks to host anon and everyone for a fun movie night, curse be banished.
Only be sure that thou eat of my blood: for the blood is the life; and thou must eat the life of my flesh.
We seek not to impose
We seek not to compel
If those blue eyes hook you
Join us in this sweet Hell

Body part of the month series?

No. 331835

File: 1698811150801.jpg (51.86 KB, 1080x1284, Tumblr_l_306471559213766.jpg)

>slap him and kiss his tears away
You get it, nonnie, you get it.
>body part of the month
This is brilliant idea for we have so many favorites.

Anyways I brought a new tiny crumb of Brad again.

No. 331902

File: 1698840225741.gif (6.04 MB, 531x298, handofgod.gif)

Anon has capped the best parts of Impure Thoughts but someone mentioned fingers in mouth and I seriously can't stop thinking about it. Not a handfag, an incomprehensible interest to me tbh, except don't his look sooo soft? And wide? Want to rub my face all over them like a cat. Haze's schizo gesticulations were probably intended to be entrancing for an entirely different reason

This scene would have been a lot more interesting if he looked that depressed about getting naked kek

No. 331908

File: 1698840607476.gif (Spoiler Image,5.5 MB, 539x258, drinkingfromthebottle.gif)

Happy belated Hallowiener btw

Gimmie a date and time and we'll make it happen!!!!

MORE RAYMOND YEAH that long hair-sidepart combo is gonna be the death of me, he looks so handsome

No. 331915

My entire life I listened to other women sperg about hands and just didn’t get it, but now? I GET IT
Hands hands hand hands AGH entranced by this want him to dig those fingers into me, grab my wrists, let me fall asleep sucking one.. Also this video made me embarrassingly sad when I first watched it because GOD I wish that were me
>Death Machine
Um literally as soon as it’s most convenient for you I am READY

No. 331935

File: 1698853250229.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.68 MB, 1080x2400, Wise-Blood-wp.jpg)

Making my own phone wallpapers out of pure misery I just want merch, I need merch and it's nowhere to be found.
Think I can make custom ones for anyone, I'll just need your precise screen resolution. So, accepting requests ig.
Spoilered for my phone's retarded resolution.

No. 332127

File: 1698896924108.gif (8.51 MB, 534x300, cry harder baby meme dot png.g…)

I love so much that something about his face immediately makes women think "I want to beat him up and make him cry", you have to see X-Files season 1 ep 13 it's the holy grail

Anon how do you compose lewd blasphemy so well, thinking about (pick your favourite) amoral priest reciting bastardized psalms while doing filthy ungodly things

No. 332129

File: 1698897627156.png (295.89 KB, 554x414, get rekt.png)

KEK STOP I started writing a reply to your spoiler but it got so embarrassing I had to delete, yes to everything you said and more. Mitch kissing Rosie's stomach too is so genuinely reverent, tug on his curls while he's down there. Impromptu movie night 23GMT/19ET/16PT tomorrow?

This is too pretty, can I please request a Grima to stare at on these dark cold nights? Your resolution works perfectly well, I can squash him kek. Maybe we will all live long enough to see that one life-sized cardboard standee go for sale, Dante print shirts for everyone 'til then

No. 332165

>lmao is that a doll?
>cute earring, did your boyfriend give it to you?
Jack being thrilled about there being a new group of women to accost except we all bully him to tears. I’ll be there tomorrow!!!! stop what nonnie? Don’t you want to keep a finger or two in your mouth while you’re getting fu-

No. 332185

I don’t work today so I’m doing a little marathon of more of his stuff…I CANT BELIEVE HE WAS IN AN X FILES EPISODE. I’m a complete autist and have watched the show like 100 times but now I must again because of Brad……… yeah idk there is something so slappable about his face. In a good way. Also he’s shorter than me by two inches which makes me want to sit on him and slap him even more. I’m excited there’s so much of his film catalogue to delve into. Alas I cannot tell any of my IRL friends bc they’re pretty normie and I am gym Stacy who they constantly tease and side eye for my unorthodox taste in men and women anyway kek they just wouldn’t understand.

No. 332195

>Five minutes and you're done? Gross.
and watch him lose it so hard he punches a wall. I forgot about time zones, hope you'll be around in about ten hours nonna. Maybe my tongue is perfectly shaped for his thumb to rest on, maybe so, how did it go from "I want him drooling all over my fingers" to this smh my head

Agreeing with every part of your post young Brad especially was so teeny tiny you could throw him over your shoulder, you're gonna go nuts when you see him in the 70s. I almost understand him being considered unconventional but apparently he wasn't even that popular in his heyday. Normies don't get it..

No. 332201

File: 1698926712954.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.57 MB, 1268x2588, That-Wormtongue-bitch.jpg)

Bullying Jack is so giving because:
>You can fit a whole gun in your pants cause your pp small
>Ninja Turtles are dumb anyways, so die
And he will burst into tears or a rage fit no problem. He's such an easy target I gotta admit I even feel bad for him!


Nonna, you ask I deliver, there we go.

No. 332205

File: 1698927570866.jpg (334.92 KB, 764x594, Tumblr_l_408248648021868.jpg)

Listen I "introduced" Brad to a couple of my friends long ago and they couldn't see what's so interesting until I showed them caps from Istanbul. You know there's something wrong with people when you offer them to look at his amazing face and they just don't see it from the start. So ig you can call him unconventional because normies would bully you into oblivion if you mention you find Grima Wormtongue actor hot.
It's often that I like men uglier than myself and then there's him. He's just so… I'd look like an orge by his side and that's fine. He's a beautiful magical deity to me.

No. 332207

He has a very fey/elfin quality to him but not like popularized animu elf/faerie but like what a REAL one would look like. Sort of eerie and strange and wild/untrustworthy yet also very delicate and pretty idk how to explain what I mean. He looks like he’d bargain for your firstborn child and come to collect after you were sure he’d forgotten. But then he also looks like he’d be so easy to make cry especially in a sex way I’m so glad I have a place to come with these new feelings

No. 332211

Exactly, he's like a real elf, weird he wasn't offered such a role in LOTR because he could pull it off as easily. There's this mystery and presence about him that attracts you yet scares because he seems alien, unpredictable, teary eyes of blue only add to it (though we know his character is very much the opposite of his looks). And still…
Somebody with talent please draw him as an elf. It's needed.
Also nonna, don't hold back and share your thoughts as much as you like, we only welcome that.

No. 332238

File: 1698943765448.jpg (38.06 KB, 507x800, -2.jpg)

this is too good nonny your attention to detail and shoop skillz are incredible

ENJOY X FILES! crying seething because i wish i were taller than him also

No. 332242

File: 1698944994174.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.24 MB, 1080x2400, Bad screensaver kinda guy.jpg)

Aww thank you, I'm glad you like them. Literally make these on my phone for my phone lol. There's a wip for Death Machine one, maybe I'll leave it as is, don't know. Again, spoiler for a long ass image


I'm also a bit shorter than him but who said we can't use high heels or platforms against him, right? Plus it makes things so much better if you want him to tower over you sometimes. God knows I'd love that.

No. 332264

File: 1698949876654.jpg (89.87 KB, 1069x454, Tumblr_l_245569368550019.jpg)

When is your impromptu watch party, nonnas? I need to know if I can join at all.

No. 332321

Topkek at your picrel why is dudes and dudette still so funny he's a fucking idiot. I'll be free in two hours(ish) if anyone else wants to join for retarded Jackthirsting, can't believe we're going for round three I love you guys

No. 332322

File: 1698960528532.gif (737.82 KB, 275x159, YES.gif)

YESSS I'm so happy I checked the thread today, gonna get my snacks ready & camp out in front of my computer kek

No. 332327

File: 1698961197112.png (642.52 KB, 699x576, my little pony.png)

Tall anons gonna pick him up and bring him back for petite anons. Team effort.
I can only apologise for the file name.

No. 332337

File: 1698962350732.gif (1.06 MB, 630x568, it runs deeper than.gif)

Anon, you're very kind. If you have the time for an Exorcist Gemini or D&C Stanley one, that'd be great. Same res is fine.
Not sure if I can get for movie, but I'll try.
Fingers in his mouth
Hit up Silicon Alton Towers for picrel action.

No. 332338

File: 1698962491737.gif (1.26 MB, 653x561, you dare to dream.gif)

No. 332343

File: 1698963130346.jpg (99.23 KB, 500x1149, qp3shr6321x91.jpg)

i hc grima's age as younger than he looks because the thought of it being like a vladislav kind of situation is hilarious to me.

No. 332344

I want to join so bad as my thirst has only ramped up after my day long Brad marathon. I…I want to hurt him sexually. And also withhold. And then finally give him affection so he weeps. He just looks so fragile it’s delicious hngggg

No. 332368

File: 1698972965408.png (1.1 MB, 828x1792, IMG_1163.png)

Non-Dourifan here again (I mean, I enjoy his performances and it’s always fun to see him pop up in something unexpectedly, but I don’t yearn for him like Dourifans do), Brad is haunting my Facebook feed!

No. 332374

Thank you as always host anon for Emergency Required Movie Night.
The Dourb is efficient, Britfags, The Eyes of Laura Mars is on Talking pictures tv Friday 9pm.

No. 332443

File: 1698999886778.gif (5.39 MB, 480x360, CHUG.gif)

The filename can be forgiven because you reminded me of Bud and his ridiculous snowsuit. Dunno whether I want to kiss his stomach or manhandle him by the waist in that pic

If only that were my mouth on his fingers or my fingers in between those teeth, he could chew on them suck on them whatever!! Lovely gifs, anon

Grima's looks eroding further from the influence of dark magic is still so good though constant stress is a bonus 'cause maybe it gives him ulcers and a weak heart. Make him so fragile a shadow across his chamber wall sends him heaving. It's funny and somehow a little hot by god he's decaying as he stands

No. 332450

File: 1699000920644.png (1.5 MB, 1233x915, 0928.png)

It's like you're going to the park and feeding the pidgeons kek, willing more new Brad photos into existence

It was way too much fun, thank you and everyone else who showed up for the party! Yesss Laura Mars on a cold autumn night, curled up at home, wishing you had your own chauffeur-cum-errand boy

No. 332481

I fell asleep watching Exorcist III so I’m watching it while working right now kek I didn’t even make it to seeing Brad I KO’d so fast cries. Tonight I’m making a tasty dinner and watching LOTR tho, it’s a November movie series for me anyway. I had so much fun chatting w u nonushkas my first time watching Death Machine last night ty all for being so welcoming hehe

No. 332489

File: 1699019569934.jpg (3.09 MB, 1553x3452, Nice-guy-James.jpg)

You ask I deliverrrrr. I also made another version without a quote if anyone wants it.
CAN'T look at these gifs calmly btw
Nonyasha, you absolutely have to finish Exorcist III, it's unbelievably good! Make sure you find time for it.

No. 332490

File: 1699019680917.jpg (231.84 KB, 550x882, Tumblr_l_414794021888694.jpg)

Bruh, forgot to spoiler it. Anyways it's a masterpiece for everyone to see, so let it be.
Compensating my dumbassery with this find.

No. 332676

I am a Dourifan-fan. I thought it was cute and funny when the Dourif-hankering began in the weird crush thread and how it grew to such unwieldy proportions that the Dourif enthusiasts were eventually granted their own ecosystem. I’m like a Dourifan tourist. A Dourist?

No. 332706

File: 1699084097908.jpeg (218.14 KB, 1331x712, 50AD90A3-1D7B-4043-8311-967E63…)

I suffered through a Wayans movie for him. The glasses look so good!! mesmerized by his ponytail whipping around. I’m not usually drooling over his voice like the rest of you but i kept replaying his scenes just to hear it.

No. 332707

File: 1699084326813.gif (7.48 MB, 500x271, little mlem.GIF)

lol I love mashing Dourif with other words to make something new, Dourb is gonna keep me laughing for a while

No. 332737

File: 1699102985846.jpg (388.07 KB, 1372x974, Tumblr_l_307052482704794~2.jpg)

It will never be not fascinating to realize that we have our own fans. I love all of you guys.
>like the rest of you
I thought everyone is a total drooler for anything Brad! Kek, anyways, this movie is alright, the only mystery is how did Brad end up here. Gotta love the versatility of his filmography after all.
God this is so chameleon or gecko like, I'm melting.

Don't know if anyone seen picrel on tumblr, posting anyways.

No. 332791

File: 1699125707603.jpeg (44.68 KB, 408x583, gqmFQB.jpeg)

Um, what is this poster for D&C?

No. 332969

File: 1699200815418.png (821.73 KB, 733x550, Dourb.png)

Happy Dourb Sunday.

That specific photo, the snake motifs, the framing, thank you so much anon. Thinking of getting this made into a phone case for maximum autism.

He can mask his accent and still sound hot but that southern twang… long hair pulled back from his face looks stupid hot also, Cypress Edge is unbearable to rewatch but worth it for the tight black shirt and ponytail. Doctor/professor Brad with the lab coat and glasses has become a weird new fetish for sure kek want his tongue in my mouth so bad he needs to STOP IT, would take questionable pharmaceuticals from this guy

Crying & laughing at how many Child's Play photos are him laid on the ground. Maybe we'll get the deleted opening scene released in our lifetime

I just want to know how this thing ended up as the official cover on Tubi (it's not anymore I think but HUH?)

No. 332992

File: 1699203935826.jpg (1.53 MB, 1488x2048, Tumblr_l_307042432816986.jpg)

Aahhh, I feel so honored when you like my tiny creations. D&C lockscreen coming soon, so maybe you'll have more choice.
Yes, I found that on tubi and lol'd so hard. It looks as if a shipper made it. Amazing little artifact.

No. 332996

File: 1699205373555.jpeg (181.56 KB, 1125x656, 3481CA40-4542-48EE-9E12-EDAA40…)

your movie marathon sounds both impressive and comfy. hope you enjoyed lotr, have you seen it a lot before?
the memes are getting so meta

No. 333023

File: 1699208239094.jpg (25.85 KB, 342x480, 9o9o3.jpg)

Is it bad that I've never thought about the situation from Eowyn's point of view until now
>opening yourself up because you're alone
She can have first go at dragging Grima around by the hair, I'll warm the hot poker in the fire for her myself

No. 333026

File: 1699208443356.jpg (141.4 KB, 953x618, tumblr_m3lajobG0N1rszr3go2_128…)

The Creation of Adam (why are his eyebrows so dark here)

No. 333096

File: 1699215055003.jpg (49.33 KB, 400x600, trauma surgeon geddit.jpg)

Oh I just watched Trauma for the first time the other day! Strange flick. Idk they darkened his eyebrows or something for the flashbacks? It also looked like they had put too-light or perhaps just too-reflective concealer all under his eyes in those scenes.

No. 333098

File: 1699215340592.gif (9.55 MB, 540x350, drlloyd.gif)

This, on the other hand, is a great look. A+++.
Side note, for some reason it also reminds me of Chris Kattan in the '99 House on Haunted Hill? Must be the tshirt and blazer combo. I've heard people say they look alike before, though. I guess I do see it, from certain angles maybe kek

No. 333103

File: 1699216475070.jpg (2.15 MB, 3460x2556, Daily motivation.jpg)

>Creation of Adam
So accurate kek, mesmerizing photo. Also I don't think his eyebrows got darkened, maybe it's a trick of the light because in hospital scenes they didn't really look so dark. Could be anything though.
Ugh, so gorgeous. That hairstyle rules too.

Some more homegrown silly stuff from me.

No. 333135

File: 1699220424963.png (614.38 KB, 900x604, twauma.png)

Suspiria and Deep Red were at least visually interesting compared to Trauma, Argento said the film was meant to convey a more realistic sense of fear but I didn't get that impression at all? All the bizarre events happening around Aura didn't exactly make me think of her as relatable or realistic. A little 2deep4u in the end methinks.
Kek @ how luscious and glossy his lips looked in the old photograph too at least Brad was a gem as always. Wet curls, let me kiss them.

Been waiting for someone to edit this into a Brad meme kek, very nice

No. 333231

File: 1699237745886.jpg (371.66 KB, 1080x1018, Screenshot_2023-11-06-05-26-01…)

Maybe Argento thought that whatever happened back in the past at the hospital would be a good motivation for the killer thus we will be able to relate to that specific trauma? But then again, it's coated with a layer such unrealistic circumstances it's getting difficult to divide real and unreal. And the only thing about the visuals in this movie was that it didn't look like it was filmed in the 90s for some reason. Felt like watching something made a few years ago and that was really impressive.

No. 333297

File: 1699247667507.gif (8.86 MB, 473x353, condescention.gif)

The only organ contracting harder than my heart is my uterus

No. 333299

File: 1699247725225.gif (17.27 MB, 637x351, power made perfect in infirmit…)

Obsessed with every shot where he sinks into/out of the shadows

No. 333318

File: 1699253406995.png (1.62 MB, 1920x1080, 57596964546.png)

Not to be too poetic about it, just relatable

No. 333389

That spittle on his chin? God I wish it were mine. Want to turn the ECT dial to max for a homeopathic exorcism, miss his vein with a needle so many times they question my qualifications, trim his nails, give him muscle massages, shackle his arms to the wall and hear him chuckle about mock crucifiction, listen to the priest recite psalms of strength and devotion as I accidentally buck my pelvis too hard into his face and break his nose help please I love to think of him being fully cognizant but barely able to move for at least five years out of the fifteen

No. 333455

File: 1699298518435.png (1.01 MB, 585x761, e46949dec9f75234b8640341fcc9ae…)

Such an awkward photo but the hair, the fit, just ugh
…Please continue

No. 333458

File: 1699298783489.png (312.07 KB, 574x559, puzzler.png)

Anon, tysm, absolutely beautiful.
Your Dourist contributions are appreciated, thank you.
Lovely gif, anon. Watching variable quality films just for him is another of our skills.
This is as bad as the D&C trailer, it makes you think it's a totally different movie.

No. 333463

File: 1699299902405.png (424.93 KB, 1216x649, possession of the Dourb.png)

"Receive this Dourb, borne of this thread as a reminder that the whole world is subject to the Power of Dourif."
Picrel needs a Dourb adding. Art anons, send help.
ty for sharing, anon.
Not sure if lighting or make-up gone bad, I always thought his brows were over darkened in some Cypress scenes too.
An inspiration, anon.

No. 333485

File: 1699302588739.jpg (229.44 KB, 1080x1080, Holding it.jpg)

You're always welcome! Still struggling with D&C lockscreen because it won't turn out the way I want it to, but I'll deliver sooner or later.
Now, shitposting is much easier so here.

No. 333619

nice work! and there's no rush nonna we'll still be here
i think its just flipped

No. 333620

File: 1699358162222.jpeg (172.42 KB, 873x582, 3CD0F258-AB6A-4B31-BCF1-108ED8…)

When somebody else finally starts watching this, please let me know so we can cry about it together. OH OHHHH MY HEART. It has been fucking amazing so far and I already know I’m gonna start over from the beginning as soon as I finish.

No. 333748

File: 1699389704280.jpg (649.82 KB, 1101x1080, Amen-to-that.jpg)

I'm sorry, I just keep on pumping these out instead of making actual goodies. Bear with me.

No. 333874

DEATH MACHINE MENTION 14:40-17:40 I could not fucking believe what I was hearing, funny he remembers the hair extensions. A little bit on Miami Vice afterwards too Belgians are hardcore

Glad someone else had a good laugh at his caterpillar brows in Cypress, I can't hate the look especially with the wispy grey roots showing. Black looks good on him + side slits in his shirt + leather jacket, all is forgiven.

How long is it taking you to finish the season? Would book time off in the new year to plow through it in one go if necessary kek, he's so curly

This is the image one should show friends, family, and co-workers when confronted with "Again?"

No. 333887

File: 1699404721381.gif (2.76 MB, 400x212, flirt.gif)

Cackling anon, thank you.
Positively hypnotic to watch.
I really need a bigger version of picrel.
For anons.
His eyes were open. Weak as he was, his fingers reached out and grasped her wrist. She didn't pull away.
His lips moved, she began to make out words, quiet at first.
"'My grace is sufficient for thee,'" he whispered with the darkest smile. "'I would rather glory in my weaknesses.'" His eyes were burning into hers. "Oh, I remember you. Your touch. Every second. Everywhere."
She stumbled back, caught the buzzer by the bed.
The second the door opened, all expression disappeared from his face. Just a single tear ran from his eye.
He was too weak to have spoken, the doctor told her, she was mistaken. But she knew.

No. 333888

Anon, all quality content is welcome here. And it is quality.
tysm for sharing the vid, that is adorable. Metal chicken for the win.

No. 334041

File: 1699449118088.gif (12.06 MB, 768x468, batting his lashes.gif)

If there was ever a definition of screaming internally it is me RIGHT NOW, READING AND REREADING, so implicatory I'm foaming at the mouth. You could maybe overpower him physically after years of bedrest but those braincells regenerated too well; his tongue and mind too sharp, his subtle gaslighting, playing the victim…this is going to carry me through the rest of the week thank you I love you.
Another infinitely giffable film, every minute change of expression is beautiful (and the absolute downpour of tears down his chin in those two scenes I can't take it). Tell me anon do you have a favourite scene in particular?

No. 334062

File: 1699458093702.jpg (Spoiler Image,3.27 MB, 1550x3445, Burning passion for crosswords…)

Hardcore eurofans asking real questions. Respect that.
This image was made for that specific reason, just saying.
Nobody asked me but my absolute favorite part would be the rant about "showmanship".

So nonnas, which one of you have been really bad? Cause I have some charcoal for you. (Spoilered for resolution)

No. 334095

We keep on eating good, Chucky was just added to Dead by Daylight. There's over 300 voicelines we will be hearing in all those new compilations. I don't play the game but the content is promising, so I'm not complaining. Plus it's confirmed that the ghost of Charles will be assisting Chucky so who knows what they'll do with that?

No. 334133

Excited for new voice lines but uh. Isn't Charles's soul or whatever, um, inside the doll? How does he have a ghost? The ghost is in there already, isn't he? Does he leave the doll? I'm just talkin shit I don't even play this game kek

No. 334147

Voodoo and shit, you know? I suppose he astral projects himself outside the doll to carry victims, kek. Honestly would be much funnier if he just hopped onto their backs and control them like it's Ratatouille.

No. 334198

File: 1699489683951.png (Spoiler Image,234.79 KB, 1152x630, I know you wanna hit that.png)

Anon, ty for the lovely gif.
Happy rereading, glad you were inspired.
>favourite scene
Very difficult to pin it down to just one, 'artist', 'friend of yours' picrel.
We'll be on our worst behavior.
Quality, anon, I can keep switching them.
There are too many good scenes.
Not seen much of the series, but as Chucky can possess multiple bodies or dolls at the same time, kind of split soul it might use that mechanic somehow?
>Voodoo and shit
Explains it all.
>control them like it's Ratatouille
Now seeing a Charles Lee Ray cookery show spin off.

No. 334369

File: 1699564953381.gif (2.89 MB, 268x207, Tumblr_l_203741990089360.gif)

Ladies, almost 24 hours without a new post, bad for our reputation I should say.
But it's been a very busy week so far.

No. 334372

File: 1699565385611.jpg (59.25 KB, 352x636, L621s7fo3.jpg)

Him wriggling around excitedly in the straitjacket is amazing I love that scene so much too, there he goes again with the weird esoteric knowledge on bloodletting. Did the demons of Goetia enlighten him on Titus Andronicus and medical malpractice

Chucky holding his hand/Charles carrying him like a baby KEK, don't understand the logistics of it either but whoever designed the playstyle is a comedian

Your pic, your filename, I don't usually feel that animalistic desire to physically tear into James but thinking about accidentally lashing out and cracking him one in the face does make my heart flutter a bit. Both sleepy, barely coherent James and contrarian running-his-mouth James are so good in their own way

No. 334374

File: 1699565710493.jpg (58.94 KB, 632x588, brad_jennifer.jpg)

Happy posting coincidences, hi nonna. I've seen and done nothing new this week except rewatch the same three movies a bunch (and didn't want to spam), was exciting to see that new con Q&A though

No. 334375

File: 1699565950575.png (1.26 MB, 503x875, 475553.png)

Sorry for blurry pic but..

No. 334399

File: 1699570613257.jpg (17.86 KB, 300x250, 20231110_015659_1.jpg)

>medical malpractice
Quite an extreme one that would be. I feel like he just read about it and did some of his own research years before conviction.
So far it's been as comedic as it can be and I'm here for it. The voicelines are fun, mechanics are hilarious yet he's quite a powerful character. Community seems to absolutely adore Chucky as a new killer too so that's nice. Can't wait to see Tiff.
Spamming should be legally allowed in this thread I think. Because otherwise how do we keep it going?
No other words just "cuuute".

Noticed a funny thing thanks to picrel. Brad was contributing his own wardrobe to his on-screen characters because the same jacket he was wearing in Guyana Tragedy he's worn in Laura Mars. And on set of Wise Blood but that's another story.

No. 334411

File: 1699575630165.png (169.1 KB, 869x626, love love is a verb.png)

Same, anon, there's no real need for it but it's good to know that if he gets a bit out of control, that seems to stop him where words would not.
>his own wardrobe
Can no costume department find clothes to fit this man?

No. 334432

File: 1699584072354.jpg (264.52 KB, 1920x2497, jake-girard-comic9.jpg)

His poor literacy/wide scope of knowledge is one of life's little mysteries, maybe he did become an avid reader at some point (unfortunate he ticks the serial killer with niche interest trope but I'd still listen to him rant about surgical pathology)
VINDICATED >>315125 truly beautiful jacket, they don't make them like they used to. I think he's worn the same Ray-Bans since the 80s too

Sweet and helpless all tied down, doesn't it make you want to worry that lovely neck between your lips and rile him up before the restraints come off so he's on you like a flea to blood? Or dose him with a bit of the succinylcholine so you could snuggle against him and play with his hair, possession doesn't countermand biology and the irony is funny. Creepy nurse to equally creepy patient dynamic is really doing it for me.

No. 334478

File: 1699593996906.png (11.01 MB, 1600x2400, SHC - 024.png)

More of the Smoldering Embers set 'cause why not. Don't know if the photographer has other pics that we'll never see (looking the name up gave no results) but either way they're really nice, especially picrel.

No. 334479

File: 1699594058882.png (6.19 MB, 1800x1200, SHC - 010.png)

Wait he looks cute in this one too, actually

No. 334480

File: 1699594108522.png (11.01 MB, 2400x1600, SHC - 003.png)

No. 334481

File: 1699594197589.png (11.01 MB, 2400x1600, SHC - 027.png)

No. 334483

File: 1699595691829.jpg (83.5 KB, 480x596, 1693463060.jpg)

>Clothes that fit
Who knows, the way he's usually dressed kinda proves that point. The only costume department that really tried and ticked all the marks we didn't know we've had was at Sonny Boy.
Same ray bans you say, same reading glasses everywhere he went since about late 90s too. What an icon.
I thought he wasn't illiterate, just kinda edgy. "Wonder|full" and all that. As if he's splitting the words down to their original etymology. It's a bit of a surgical process if you think about it.
Oh god these are incredible. Thanks so much for sharing, nonna! Beautiful, just beautiful. New material for my staring practices.

No. 334538

File: 1699620632281.jpg (16.8 KB, 400x400, photo-2023-01-01-03-16-53.jpg)

Does anyone want to watch anything later today? I feel like I need to get distracted and rant all night tbh. Absolutely pissed about the European cons that are this close yet unreachable.

No. 334559

yeah maybe! any suggestions? i had blue yonder and malignant on my watchlist but there's a good number i haven't seen yet so i don't really mind. would be kinda funny to rewatch horseplayer at some point too.

No. 334569

I suspect it's pretentiousness/ego, he's wordy enough to be an etymology nut as anon suggested. Miracles are sometimes called 'wonders' maybe he's gone full god complex even before priest-body-hopping.
Anon spoiling us, thank you.
I can't get on at the usual time today, though I should be around about 2 and a bit hrs later than usual if you're still on and need to complain how he is in Manchester and we are not.

No. 334601

All sound like good suggestions to me! Maybe go with Malignant this time. The rewatch potential of this one is strong. Haven't seen Horseplayer yet tbh so also good.
A couple of hours later than usual is more than just fine with me. Yes, I do need to complain, very badly

No. 334604

I'm not home tonight but room is open now. Think about it this way, at least we'll get some nice Brad con pics from it!

Oh my god maybe I'm the one who's illiterate KEK never stopped to think that "looked like it was written by someone poorly schooled" line didn't actually mean he wasn't well-read, the aggressive condescension towards his penmanship tickled me too much.
>surgical process
>god complex
Now this is a consideration to sink your teeth into

No. 334607

Con pics are good but not good enough when we're not there smh
>sink teeth into
That's theory time for you. I love our collective choice of words in the process and the kind of mini-dissection we're doing here…

No. 334625

File: 1699644339203.jpg (643.91 KB, 1080x1084, Screenshot_2023-10-29-22-59-38…)

Aw, found a cute pic of Brad and smol Cleo, apparently. In 16bit quality no less.

No. 334626

File: 1699644569106.png (477.22 KB, 706x566, non.png)

Popped on but no one was around, so I'm doing this instead.
Today's episode of 'not another bit part', Soulkeeper.
Standard sleazy Horror, bit of a storyline Indiana Jones-lite buddy movie, cheesy-fun effects, some humor. Watchable if you like B movies.
As usual Brad's in it for about ten minutes, with a French accent for whatever reason.
Featuring Pascal a short haired Brad appearance, shapeless smoking jacket-robe WHY can't they dress him well?, frustratingly he's in the background for some the scenes and the lighting is 'atmospheric', but there are some nice close ups, also dead priest - what is his Priest count now?
I was not expecting Brad's voice coming from Karen Black's possessed psychic character so that was weird.
Questions we need answering whose massive tome is bigger, Pascal's or our The Hazing honey Prof Kapps?

No. 334627

File: 1699644650992.png (454.58 KB, 702x568, rien de rien.png)

No. 334628

File: 1699644750907.png (430.27 KB, 701x565, non je ne.png)

No. 334629

File: 1699645013993.png (465.8 KB, 709x570, regrette rien.png)

No. 334630

File: 1699645126363.jpg (39.34 KB, 600x337, 1693870181.jpg)

I pop on every 20 minutes come on
Okay, this first cap is a bit of a meme material.
Sounds like another trash to scroll though, I'm fine with it. Was wondering where were these pretty caps from before but couldn't make myself check, now I know. Thanks a lot, nonna.
That's one thick.. Book.

No. 334632

Is this made of Lego?
Joking aside, nice find anon.

No. 334633

File: 1699645478373.jpg (25.21 KB, 600x337, 1693870193.jpg)

Oh wait, you said it's good for b movie lovers? Alright, watching it in full then, I need something weird to see because I concentrated on more normie movies currently, and that has to be changed.
Kek, judging by mosaic quality of it - yes.

No. 334699

File: 1699664028362.jpg (373.8 KB, 1500x2055, il_1588xN_isrb.jpg)

was fun hanging out xox

No. 334890

File: 1699720383271.png (493.62 KB, 696x564, reading material.png)

Thank you anons for a fun chat. Team solidarity.
Checking the pics I think Pascal may win with the size of his… tome, but the Prof has his Staff that he likes to show to the ladies. Can we even choose a winner?
We always welcome more, anon
>someone poorly schooled
Actual serial killers who write things may try to play dumb to mislead or at the other end encrypt messages in their words to prove 'I'm smarter than you'.
Though being in possession of a priest's soul, your Latin may suddenly improve amongst other things.

No. 334986

Was fun hanging out, thank you all. We need to plan out the next watch party!
If you possess a priest not only your Latin improves, you get access to a ton of literature he read which is very useful. They're often very educated fellas.

No. 335039

File: 1699752418278.png (512.11 KB, 700x570, concentration face.png)

>next watch
Right, throwing dates out there, can do 22nd or 25th this month if that works for anyone?

No. 335040

File: 1699752568346.png (483.75 KB, 696x572, cry baby cry.png)

No. 335100

File: 1699768689019.jpg (74.52 KB, 949x720, Tumblr_l_121410015863840.jpg)

22nd is good, 25th not so much but we'll see.
Still haven't seen Horseplayer, but I'm even more tempted now thanks to you and picrel. Men's waist be so small like what do u need that small waist for? For other men to grab it? whore.

No. 335149

File: 1699802979267.png (723.1 KB, 1700x2175, MarshallMagazine_Spring2020-22…)

Trawling online auctions before bed and had a dream some photographer was selling their "Dourif '78-'88" album with a hundred new young curly Brad photos. Someone wish this into existence please.

The cover for this one looks so bad I expected another Born of Earth, thank you for assuaging the concerns kek. Will forgive the trash bag smoking jacket because of the unbuttoned shirt, very old world charm and >>334628 I am weak for the side part. How does his face sometimes look sharp and also so round and soft his angles are unbelievable.

I'm ok for 17th, 19th, 21st, 26th, can do 25th only at 23GMT/19ET/16PT again. Kek @ these filenames CRY MORE, BABY. Bud before he goes off the rails is sooo stupid-cute.

No. 335150

File: 1699803012950.png (1014.18 KB, 1700x2175, MarshallMagazine_Spring2020-23…)

No. 335151

File: 1699803034953.png (1.45 MB, 1700x2175, MarshallMagazine_Spring2020-24…)

No. 335152

File: 1699803069071.png (1.37 MB, 1700x2175, MarshallMagazine_Spring2020-25…)

No. 335153

File: 1699803091864.png (1.37 MB, 1700x2175, MarshallMagazine_Spring2020-26…)

No. 335154

File: 1699803117622.png (1.21 MB, 1700x2175, MarshallMagazine_Spring2020-27…)

No. 335155

File: 1699803146210.png (864.15 KB, 1700x2175, MarshallMagazine_Spring2020-28…)

No. 335156

File: 1699803191913.png (871.45 KB, 1700x2175, MarshallMagazine_Spring2020-29…)

No. 335173

File: 1699809701754.jpeg (85.23 KB, 1280x1024, 9EB76D55-ACCF-4A86-B24E-1BA3EA…)

Huh, I didn’t know he had ADD, thanks for sharing nonnie. They shouldn’t just name a street after him they should make a gold statue

No. 335182

File: 1699812003140.gif (Spoiler Image,7.46 MB, 460x349, 121123.gif)

They should, it's gonna end up like that statue in France where the finish around his mouth starts wearing off from being kissed by so many women.

No. 335227

File: 1699831845311.png (506.68 KB, 705x567, Ca plane.png)

>and the rest
Thank you for sharing anon.
>into existance
Let thy work be manifest to thy Dourifags, and thy glorious power downloaded to their devices.
Let the favor of the Lord our Brad be upon us, and establish thou the work of our nagging emails, yea, the work of our feverish fanfic and shitposting will establish it.

Chant it well, anon.
>dates list
From those I might make 17th usual time, or 21st but would be 2 hours later than usual.
We will keep trying.
Going for a lie down.
If we get a statue, the pilgrimage is on.

No. 335228

File: 1699831972413.png (492.76 KB, 704x568, Pour moi.png)

>side part

No. 335230

File: 1699833852566.png (1.09 MB, 446x853, ragtime.png)

Didn't have time to watch the whole thing but had to hear the French accent bits and I can't stop laughing, how does he still have an obvious southern inflection while doing fake French. And why did he never play a Frenchman again, what a missed opportunity to connect with his roots or whatever, something something language of love etc (it'd be hot)
CHANTING, PRAYING, CRYING, do you think we should start an astroturfing campaign to get that fucking movie released

Your pic has caused a revelation, side part is cute because it accentuates his big shiny forehead. I want to kiss it all the way up the straight line of his nose.

No. 335304

File: 1699855976221.gif (8.72 MB, 540x405, Tumblr_l_8874924705624.gif)

Well, now I know Brad Dourif a little bit better. Thanks for the article, nonna, good read!
Really wish that album you dreamed of was real, I'd probably starve but find a way to obtain it. I've also had a dream two days ago where I was reading some article (not this one) about Brad, but sadly there was nothing new.
Surprisingly, I'm free on all of these days, so count on me in case we decide to gather earlier than next week.
He deserves a gold statue somewhere in his hometown, so make it two. And I'll be in line and god knows I'd make out with it for a minute or two. Maybe more. After all, that's my only chance…
Chanting and praying out loud, let the universe and highest of saints hear our pleads and bless us with new content, amen.

No. 335305

File: 1699856084474.gif (4.22 MB, 480x360, YANK.gif)

Nonna mentioned ponytail whipping around so I had to clear my schedule for this, Dr Wheedon isn't even morally bankrupt or anything he's just slouchy and nerdy, I wanna make him my lab rat

No. 335312

File: 1699857985516.gif (8.06 MB, 480x360, kissinghimkissinghimkissinghim…)

Np and happy to share, it's always a thrill finding new Dourinfo in unlikely places. They keep broadcasting Brad films in Bongland plus Death Machine 2k24 surely more good news will follow, we just have to get more insane and something REALLY exciting will happen I think, new articles or photos or something.
>that's my only chance
They do have that full head cast from Spontaneous Combustion somewhere…

No. 335320

File: 1699863510605.jpg (44.73 KB, 576x689, 281232_full~2.jpg)

He's a lab rat already. All you can do is convince him to take part in some experiment. Alternatively he can experiment on you. Personally would let him do anything to me for free if it means more direct contact.
I understand the assignment, will get absolutely insane very soon.
And a whole headcast is good but where is it?.. No one knows. Need to buy that 3D model of the Grima bust, that's at least something.

No. 335504

File: 1699962813991.jpg (78.31 KB, 819x1014, s-l1600 (1)~2.jpg)

A whole day without a new post, so here we go again

No. 335547

ngl i love his teeth and i'm horny about them.

No. 335582

File: 1699992888098.png (228.3 KB, 488x379, B58FC260-9B67-4330-8E41-BD2448…)

I have really been slacking with the Dourif posting, I don’t wanna sperg about the Doc and spoil everything. But I finally watched Group Portrait and understood almost nothing, I was hoping the dvd would have an alternate audio track where Brad wasn’t dubbed over but no such luck. What a cute little string bean though, the scruff + glasses is too good
There’s a little bit here where they talk about how he acts

No. 335585

File: 1699992981869.jpeg (535.23 KB, 1859x1390, 027469C1-E1F9-4467-ADA5-9AC35A…)

No. 335586

File: 1699993013233.jpeg (894.86 KB, 1866x1407, 6BCC5C62-57DA-40E9-A8DD-749573…)

No. 335587

File: 1699993055186.jpeg (156.15 KB, 750x593, D5883943-EF9A-4039-9A1B-BB4B04…)

No. 335588

File: 1699993093028.jpeg (145.82 KB, 750x592, ED642BA2-345B-408C-95C7-635D62…)

No. 335623

File: 1700002312797.jpg (217.88 KB, 900x619, 1700001775.jpg)

Welp, here goes the only movie with Brad that I'll have to see in a dub. Just can't take it, he looks like he belongs in a Chekhov play or something, such a unique aristocratic look. So many options, I could see him playing a lot of classic characters.
The photos are incredible, thanks for sharing!

No. 335634

File: 1700008638041.png (481.67 KB, 701x560, Yea though I walk.png)

Ahh, gifs. Lovely, anon.
Anon, thank you for pics and link. He does look dishevelled and exquisite.
Non dubbed audio becomes another Holy Grail.

Today's episode of 'ten minute wonders', The Prophecy III.
This was watchable only because of Brad content and Christopher Walken pissing about in Charles Lee Ray's wig-to-be. Possibly. Matrix-y spinny slow-mo angel fights and the Bad Guy's death is laughable.
As usual Brad is dead in the first 10 minutes, religious zealot suicide this time. Some tasteful pony tail action and if you want to hear him begging 'please' and moaning whilst sinking back into a chair and fondling a knife (just pre suicide) in religious rapture, the first 10 mins are for you. Has some nice tears as well.
And I have no comment on the weird angel licking his eyeball scene when the angels find his body at about the 29 min mark..
Wft did I watch.

No. 335635

File: 1700008751936.png (430.58 KB, 695x557, Through the valley.png)

No. 335637

File: 1700008879441.png (421.18 KB, 697x560, Of the shadow.png)

No. 335639

File: 1700009011144.png (Spoiler Image,538.48 KB, 707x554, Of death.png)

No. 335755

File: 1700062940624.jpg (235.14 KB, 1122x1500, Shutterstock_1469661g.jpg)

That movie sounds like a shitpost. Thank you for your review and caps, nonna.

Desktop nonnas, need your help pulling picrel without watermarks. This will go into my collection of horrible outfits.

No. 335803

File: 1700077731394.jpg (388.94 KB, 911x909, social anxiety as a little guy…)

I'm so sorry

No. 335854

File: 1700088715118.gif (5.54 MB, 516x287, vietnamologue.gif)

We teethposting now? Fascinated by his underbite and how weird it looks when he curls his top lip back.

I'd love to read your Deadwood sperging if you wanna post it, you can always spoiler major events. Reviews are nice for a taste of what to look forward to. Apparently an English dub of Group Portrait exists but dunno if that means a different actor or they got him to re-dub his parts, can't find any info on it either way. Thank you for the article, I like the praise of
>It needed an actor gifted with a strong presence, that can suggest emotion without necessarily expressing it
interesting to hear directors discuss him before he hit the cult horror market. >>335588 is way too cute, looks like he's waiting for someone to pet him argh I looooovvvee skinny scrawny lanklet Brad

No. 335857

File: 1700088813664.gif (9.92 MB, 540x350, alien12.gif)

No. 335867

File: 1700089521932.jpg (33.07 KB, 720x540, 67b019f0bba551518c16cbbb898232…)

>angel licking his eyeball
In fact everything you spoilered sounds like a fucking dream (isn't he supposed to be blind or something as well?), what kind of batshit film is this KEK. Sounds like a cheap homage to every supernatural thriller from the 90s but with a quarter of the budget (with half spent on Walken and Dourif). >>335637 the cocked head and wet eyes, I'm so soft.

Surprised there's not more love for Billy considering how cute and tortured he was

No. 335872

File: 1700089670990.jpeg (649.48 KB, 1122x1500, Love Is A Dog From Hell Party,…)

Awful, horrible, absolutely terrible photo, curse the photographer who took it, terrifying that Brad has been wearing the dreaded suit + trainers combo for almost 40 years.

No. 335873

File: 1700089750576.jpeg (753.66 KB, 1500x1172, Nancy Gass, Brad Dourif and Er…)

This one's cute though

No. 335879

File: 1700090550831.jpg (47.57 KB, 686x862, d9b5a40c922ec0e6262ce3096ed091…)

Need someone to start slapping my hand every time I write the word "cute" sorry. Can't help it.

No. 335897

File: 1700093539780.png (Spoiler Image,440.43 KB, 716x560, if thy eye offend thee.png)

Do not unspoiler unless feeling brave, eyeball pic.
Yeah the zealot is meant to be blind so the whole 'lick eyeball for a vision' thing seemed even more ridiculous. It's certainly a ride.
I wonder how much is psychological protecting the sweetest character from our occasional excesses itt Or we just need to post more of him.
Aww, anon.
Doing god's work.
Good lord.

No. 335898

File: 1700093714601.png (538.52 KB, 720x567, bite and devour.png)

No. 335904

File: 1700095676875.png (2.16 MB, 1003x750, heysweaty.png)

UGH CHRISTMAS CAME EARLY AND SO DID I, how does this EXTREMELY NICHE SEQUENCE JUST HAPPEN TO EXIST, UNBELIEVABLE, anon I'm speechless!!!! Absolutely speechless!!!! This man's filmography delivers everything (except an obscenely graphic kissing scene maybe). On a less deranged note wonder how uncomfortable it felt to film something like that.
>lick eyeball for vision
Were the writers ultra-pretentious and up their own ass about metaphors or just stoned?? Either way this cameo appearance includes a plethora of weirdly specific scenes god bless.
Maybe that's a sign for Cuckoo's Nest on movie night, he's got a lot of bitterness inside to counter that sweet personality, makes you think. Have you seen it recently or has it been a while?

Eyebrow furrows have never been hotter, thank you for the reminder to watch this one

No. 335948

File: 1700108995588.gif (3.95 MB, 268x225, Tumblr_l_9771279613459.gif)

Thanks for saving these from the watermarks! That atrocious outfit, it looks good until you just see what's below the waist, then it makes you cry bloody tears. Who dressed him like that?
The boy is just too pure and cute like a kitten, but he deserves more love and discussion of his story. And appreciation posts for adorable hair and angelic face.
Tapping into teeth theme is dangerous with me because his mouth is made to obsess over there's so much to say. I love the lip curling, the odd way he bares teeth when he speaks sometimes makes me want to count them all with my tongue.
>obscenely graphic kissing scene
I'm asking why nobody ever dared to make out with him slowly and sloppily and make people happy? Absolutely fucked up that lips so kissable weren't put to a good use even nearly enough.

No. 336050

File: 1700150501265.jpeg (79.64 KB, 1280x1024, D7CAE5E1-FD9F-4860-AC48-58048D…)

There’s just this one particularly cute scene that I wanna scream about, it’s extra sweet and heartwarming because the rest of the show is so harsh. I want him to get all huffy and exasperated and scold me pls

No. 336257

File: 1700203031136.jpg (99.83 KB, 462x600, 1699952561.jpg)

Blushing, giggling, kicking my feet

No. 336279

File: 1700211423401.png (622.21 KB, 640x640, 0255ECE7-B552-4514-B016-CC8F40…)

Screaming, crying, throwing up. Man I love his face. I found a couple more pictures from this day but the quality is atrocious.

No. 336293

File: 1700220473017.jpg (30.58 KB, 400x474, 1699952570~2.jpg)

Yes, one gotta be very careful when mailing him straight to my house.

The quality of these is pretty bad but I love them all, I just can't. He's so…

No. 336422

File: 1700251331223.gif (Spoiler Image,4.06 MB, 525x413, The Eyes of the Lord.gif)

I repeat my first warning, do not unspoiler if eyeball pic is not for you.
This is very niche.
Oh, full on religious and other pretensions, make no mistake.
Not watched for a while, would be happy to do on a movie night.
Still working on dates, midweek 29th or 30th any use?
Other reviews have said he is pretty much the heart in an otherwise bleak show.
We just need more hours in the day to watch things.
This goofball. Ship him round all the anons itt immediately.

No. 336423

File: 1700251468013.gif (Spoiler Image,1.84 MB, 395x325, The agony.gif)

Just Zealot things.

No. 336425

File: 1700251675827.gif (2.3 MB, 412x332, The ecstasy.gif)

No. 336457

File: 1700258824646.mp4 (4.44 MB, 886x480, hhhhnnnnNGHHHHH.mp4)

>weren't put to a good use
Every time him and a woman are pressing their mouths together I can only think of contact sports, where's the passion!! What's the opposite of an oral fixation where you fixate on putting things in someone else's mouth instead +1 to "count them with my tongue".

The single laudable use of green screen in a film ever, still in awe someone in the writing room decided this was necessary not to be ungrateful, just confused kek. Likewise >>336423 the ecstasy of this dagger draw…this one may possibly have the hottest crying scene only second to Beyond the Sea. Long stopped wondering why he puts so much effort put into a three minute appearance but this one especially, good lord.
21st at 1900GMT works perfectly as long as everyone else who wants to come by is available! Don't remember much about Cuckoo other than thinking Brad translated Billy's mannerisms to screen real well.

No. 336466

File: 1700261895670.gif (998.9 KB, 245x184, tumblr_nc8bq0UjZZ1s8iz6oo1_250…)

Okay, that one taps into some very very specific fetishes I didn't know I could find curious. No, not sure but uhhh, appreciate the effort. Also all the sighs and oh's being so unnecessarily erotic, excuse me??? Another barely discovered potential. Imagine something like that in a regular bed setting. Holy shit.
>Cuckoo's Nest
Watched it only about 10 years ago so we probably need to freshen the memories. As for dates, the entirety of the next week is good to me, 30th though, not so much but we'll see.
>where's the passion
I'm telling you his on-screen partners were afraid of him to the blood chilling degree probably. I see no goddamn reason for that but I feel like that was the case. Maybe it's just us when we think he's irresistible? Idk, hate that. Bet my ass he's also most pleasant to work with through any awkward moments. They all don't know what they lost here. Always remembering that sex scene from Final Judgment where he tries his best but the actress just barely touches him as if his skin could give her a burn or something. I'll never stop being super pissed about it. Just put your hands on him, for fuck's sake! He was also quite ripped at the moment and for what. All that beauty was made for direct contact. The intense urge to explore every inch of his skin stands undefeated regardless of his shape though.

In other news, this clip will be the death of me. Need a moment and some whisky.

No. 336472

File: 1700264323202.jpeg (29.7 KB, 624x464, A1C2F7E3-3BA2-4C5B-A934-88DFEC…)

hope as many of us as possible make it, whenever it is. are we watching cuckoos nest?

i feel like this + the malignant stab scene are gonna break me when i watch them because i'm a freak about these things. you know.
>putting things in someone else's mouth instead
dentist fixation maybe? lol idk but i feel you

No. 336483

File: 1700267314564.png (759.83 KB, 1156x650, open thou mine eyes.png)

Just gonna blame the recurring thematic elements of metaphorical blindness/sight beyond seeing in all these movies combined with how ridiculous his eyes are for breaking my brain oooohhhh the intimacy of a kiss misplaced, how gross how romantic.
Maybe it's considered unprofessional to kiss a fellow actor until they're drooling but I think we, as an audience, deserve such a consummate display of talent and commitment to the role.

We can do Cuckoo unless there's something else you want to watch nonny, does Tuesday the 17th @ 1900GMT/1100PT/1400ET work?
>dentist fixation
LMAO YEAH maybe, want to explore his mouth carnally but with my fingers, you know. We should watch Malignant together sometime for sure!! Medical gore, cold operating tables, thinking about it…

No. 336491

File: 1700268650380.gif (7.78 MB, 480x360, lets party pt2.gif)

What a nice and normal guy, look at him sharing. Still thinking about this episode too to be honest.

No. 336496

File: 1700270235016.jpg (32 KB, 960x540, and I shall see.jpg)

Tues 21st at the later time should be OK, if we can get most anons there.
You'd think being actors they could at least pretend to be more enthusiastic and less intimidated.

No. 336502

File: 1700271689236.jpg (215.63 KB, 731x800, 5331.jpg)

grima hanging out on a sticker sheet. if anyone cares.
noooo that's like in a month??? i miss you guys but i'll be fine, whatever works
tues is a good day for me

No. 336505

NO SORRY IGNORE THAT I'm so tired I accidentally wrote today's date kek, that was totally meant to be the 21st not the 17th. Love sticker Grima, look at him reaching for his little knife. Put him on your wallet for maximum evil eye against thieves

Guyana Tragedy may have seriously had the potential for most passionate on-screen kiss, not sure how to feel about that

No. 336525

File: 1700277059818.gif (1.92 MB, 299x228, Tumblr_l_246576684864375.gif)

>kiss till they're drooling
Very professional and fits the alternative genre of cinema Brad always ends up in. It'd be just fine. If you keep saying you're a whore, just prove it!
Sharing is caring. Lord knows I need some of that care at the moment.
Aww, he's up to no good here.
Jokes aside, yes, they should have at least appeared less intimidated and awkward.
>Guyana Tragedy
Ridiculous to think of that, but yeah, there was much more potential for something grand, and I feel like it's because both Brad and Powers are great actors. It would be a nice example of how it's done. Damn you, stupid television censorship, they deprived us of the same thing with If Looks Could Kill and that's unforgivable. Especially knowing it was filmed.

No. 336581

File: 1700284372722.gif (5.37 MB, 500x301, just a little guy.gif)

The pool scene is only a little horny but leaning in and parting his lips after having his chin stroked, the full beat where it looks like he might go in for a kiss before he starts talking again, anon hold me I'm about to SCREAM. Rothrock (wo)manhandling him was such a dream too, if only we got more of that.
>alternative genre
I kek'd

No. 336609

File: 1700293300428.jpg (57.29 KB, 1011x1039, Screenshot_2023-11-12-00-45-4~…)

Only a little but still, you've pointed out everything that makes it interesting. I really thought that at this exact moment he'll go for a kiss and it would make perfect sense but… Can't have shit in Detroit. Still, the idea that we could get most passionate making out only on the gay side of things is so funny to me.
>the cheek squish
I can't, it feels like at least one person on set per every project needed to touch or squish his face. Understandable though, who would resist the urge?

No. 336729

File: 1700343838346.jpg (42.65 KB, 658x500, 6543987.jpg)

just watched if looks could kill since you brought it up, so did they artificially make him look older in the beginning of the film or vice versa? or just dyed his hair or something? the quality isn't great. it was good though! he sounds so goofy but peak hyena laugh in this film.

No. 336826

File: 1700381358599.jpeg (28.06 KB, 246x374, E59795AA-BDE2-42B5-9A9D-3549E7…)

Dear britfags, I got to eat some jelly babies they were alright Why would Jack even know what those are tho? He should’ve called her a hot tamale or something

No. 336847

Maybe he found the idea of "eating babies" funny and edgy?.. Or maybe he's secretly a fan of Doctor Who? Idk, he's a weird fella.
I also just read about a school experiment you can do with jelly babies or gummy bears: if you put them into an oxidizing agent they will "scream". Sounds like one of many favorite Jack's pastimes.

No. 336987

File: 1700436832557.png (577.12 KB, 697x526, IMG_0274.png)

I thought so too, like they dyed his hair darker halfway through maybe 'cause he's trying to lay low from the law? Was nice that he got to be in it a fair bit, loved his super 80s outfits (especially the boarding shorts).

Once again Douriffags contributing to the local economy, so sorry but now I'm imagining him calling her a hot tater tot. Hot tamale is also good…still thinking about doughtnut hole, kek. Something about jelly baby evokes the best/worst of both "babe" and something soft and squishy.

Anon you're such a genius, pouring one out to the probable sacrifice of many a gummy

No. 336988

File: 1700436987201.jpg (764.75 KB, 1280x1684, shock cinema 25 (1).jpg)

Anon(s) asking about Shock Cinema #25, it was already uploaded online by someone, here are the scans. Should have something new (I think?) to share in a bit though.

No. 336989

File: 1700437066830.jpg (731.43 KB, 1280x1674, shock cinema 25 (2).jpg)

No. 336990

File: 1700437124703.jpg (706.73 KB, 1280x1676, shock cinema 25 (3).jpg)

No. 336991

File: 1700437158174.jpg (222.89 KB, 1280x431, shock cinema 25 (4).jpg)

No. 337001

And still he's left in a corner by himself, even in sticker format.
>eating jelly babies
Congrats honoury Britfag.
Well, no idea why jelly baby was chosen. Jack is goading Cale about the child-death incident. Jack is stuck in stunted violent kid mode. Baby/child killing is one of the Chaank crimes listed. Jack just thinks she's hot, soft and sweet. Edgy shit, nonsense or whatever. not sure.
tysm anon, will read in a bit.
Whilst ignoring the Weasel chin-fungus pic.
May the power of the Dourb aid you in your work.

No. 337006

File: 1700441483331.gif (4.68 MB, 480x360, big rat.gif)

It's okay we're the ones bullying Grima into that corner, we're there in spirit. Please accept a fumigated (but not deloused) Weez

No. 337069

File: 1700458350556.jpg (29.81 KB, 457x562, #dourif-tuesday on Tumblr-2.jp…)

thanks! wow this whole time i didn't realize this was the shock article, i had it saved on my computer already and everything.
honestly… the hair is almost worse than the chin strap thing, it looks too flat, questionable look all around. very insightful jack thoughts.

No. 337071

File: 1700458823178.jpg (326.9 KB, 590x1114, 779_780977.jpg)

Hate the fact that I even paid attention to this character, but it's still Brad… So I watched this film almost two weeks ago but I'm yet to believe I might have caught a good sight of his (cup)cake?

No. 337072

File: 1700459278885.jpg (374.64 KB, 1920x1080, critters14.jpg)

Haven't yet figured out why this look is doing it for me so hard, partly the glorious curls + outfit scandalized by that shot of his ass by the way, partly him being the funniest and smarmiest out of the whole group. Ridiculously hot lounging around in computer chairs and shittalking an AI. Brad gets to actually emote and laugh and crack a couple of smiles (CUTE). Definitely one you have to pause every twenty minutes to get up and walk around doing deep breathing exercises, there's a bit where he's messing with his hair and it truly looks sooo soft, like springy cottony clouds. The gutshot killed most of the momentum for me but it had pacing and expositions issues anyway. This review sucks sorry, he looks so good I keep getting distracted. Unfortunately a sequel that falls victim to the 90s "x in space" trope but also riffs heavy from Alien. You can tell whatever budget they didn't use on the cast went to sets, they were pretty great.

No. 337077

File: 1700460051658.mp4 (4 MB, 720x772, 200000_081827171.mp4)

Cuteness overload: Brad's role in Critters summed up. Loved him in this one, it was so easy to just tune out of the rest and watch him whenever he appeared. It's kinda like Graveyard Shift where you really start paying attention when you catch a sight of his shiny greasy form. Ahh, Tucker, I love you so much.
It's a good word for it because I'm just? Sitting here doing some deep thinking about where am I in life and why my face isn't pressed against one of his tiny soft buttocks. Am I not deserving this?
Gifs didn't do it justice so there's a clip of this slut walking.