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File: 1687405469572.png (395.36 KB, 1259x1280, 1687390537992.png)

No. 303907

Containment thread for Brad Dourif fangirling, shitposting, picdumping, and discussion of roles past and present.
Sperg about your favourite Dourif characters, hornypost, show us your fancontent- go wild.

Be nice, have fun, ignore bait.

No. 303908

File: 1687405544845.jpg (86.96 KB, 875x1300, 1687385553.jpg)

First post SNIPED.

No. 303911

File: 1687405900217.jpg (36.21 KB, 727x782, stolen from facebook.jpg)

i love that the thread pic includes my favourite roles (grima, jack dante and x-files guy) it's genuinely so perfect thank you lovely nona who made it

No. 303912

File: 1687406331167.jpg (24.25 KB, 600x396, tumblr_mat79sf6pg1rszr3go1_128…)

>pic and filename
TOPKEK we're off to a great start.

Rare DM pic…that one anon who initially brought up the film has made me diseased I actually hate Jack so much. The hate is so strong it turned into some kind of horrible desire to maul him. Thanks to Grimafags for getting me to rewatch LotR too because I'm now hyperaware of his pitifully disgusting-endearingly pathetic dichotomy I want to gently brush the hair out of his face kick him in the spleen and feed him bugs.

No. 303913

File: 1687406574352.gif (974.47 KB, 224x212, C1570860-F3D2-43CB-8D62-1EAB08…)

HELL YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. I’m so happy you like the pic, I feel like I carved Mt Rushmore
>kick him in the spleen and feed him bugs
Gonna get weird as fuck in here and I can’t wait

No. 303914

File: 1687406730793.gif (974.47 KB, 224x212, AED50E75-2ED5-4B6E-83F5-D0A965…)

HELL YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. I’m so happy you like the pic, I feel like I carved Mt Rushmore
>kick him in the spleen and feed him bugs
Gonna get weird as fuck in here and I can’t wait

No. 303915

File: 1687406643346.gif (974.47 KB, 224x212, C1570860-F3D2-43CB-8D62-1EAB08…)

HELL YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. I’m so happy you like the pic, I feel like I carved Mt Rushmore
>kick him in the spleen and feed him bugs
Gonna get weird as fuck in here and I can’t wait

No. 303917

File: 1687406436227.gif (4.42 MB, 372x269, ezgif-5-f134cbb6fc.gif)

L'Oreal shampoo commercial looking bastard.

No. 303922

File: 1687407006117.gif (1.98 MB, 431x360, tumblr_nyx9r3FWij1tczux5o1_500…)

hehe yes that was me. btw did you understand what was happening in that movie the first time you watched it because i absolutely did not (the plot is quite basic i just wasn't paying attention lol. i was like eh, not sure what that was about but anon will probably enjoy it because brad's in it). then i read the wikipedia and went 'oh wait yeah that makes sense'. i am actually retarded.

No. 303923

File: 1687407036028.jpg (79.66 KB, 1067x453, tumblr_nd2ue6RQTZ1r4drlho2_128…)

This CloudFlare error KEKKKKK

Thanks for your understanding and support I'm about to go truly fucking insane in here.

No. 303926

And so the triple posts fucking begin sorry it refreshed or something I can’t delete rip
Do you think Dante actually has sex or does he act up as a sex pest to hide lack of experience?

No. 303927

File: 1687407569257.jpeg (74.74 KB, 1067x881, B07F3FC1-5512-46E8-B200-E46227…)

Priest Brad to bless the thread, I still haven’t watched this one yet I don’t know if I can survive a sex scene

No. 303928

File: 1687407818371.gif (4.7 MB, 540x350, tumblr_7c9418f48156aab69c8ad2c…)

Can I repost the fancams or will you guys riot?

OG Grimachan right…? You're still an icon in my eyes. Okay so I watched it really late at night and completely missed the dead daughter subplot so the "I'll be your baby" thing didn't even register initially. You're not retarded it was weirdly filmed and scripted, great acting tho.

Why would you delete it now I can scroll through Jack's face endlessly. So through totally scientific means I've concluded the "acquitted for sexual assault" was some sort of an attempt but there's no way he's ever gotten past first base. I have a three page dissertation on him it's gotten really bad anon. He's 100% a sexpest and him being unable to use any other term than INTERFACE is pathetic virgin tier. Kinda cute.

Hey if you can wait another week I'll have the bluray uploaded!

No. 303929

File: 1687408272159.gif (8.91 MB, 600x291, 1686347031110.gif)

VIP (very important post)

No. 303930

File: 1687408573500.jpeg (64.01 KB, 496x768, 0C6C59AF-9342-4AB7-B665-3A6989…)

Repost everything, I don’t think we’ll mind
>He's 100% a sexpest and him being unable to use any other term than INTERFACE is pathetic virgin tier
YES him being an awkward virgin makes him infinitely more bullyable
>I’ll have the blu ray uploaded
How does it feel to be so beautiful and kind and my absolute fucking hero? I love ya. I’ve considered buying some movies and uploading them privately/unlisted on youtube, some of them are hard to find though or don’t even exist.

No. 303931

File: 1687408578541.jpeg (87.29 KB, 615x926, tumblr_ofudchZGM11tczux5o1_640…)

oh thank you anon! it’s me but don’t tell anyone. beating the grima avatarfag accusations by having attracted several equally insane individuals so that our posts become indistinguishable from each other, it's awesome. repost ALL the fancams they're so iconic

also yeah i was very confused because i keep forgetting usamerican kitchen sinks are like that wtf.

No. 303934

File: 1687409255786.png (77.82 KB, 640x788, 5af78265_1280.png)

DM script for the other autists out there.

Copout ending, he deserved to be eviscerated from the waist down like Carpenter. Please bully him. Anonchan I blush, love you too, I am but a humble sperg and the slow trickle of other Douriffags has literally made my entire year. If you do get your hands on some it'll be a lot of fun to put together a dropbox link or something of his filmography. If there's anything you guys want scanned/uploaded lmk.

My hero ♥ Sorry I couldn't support you more in the other thread two characters same actor felt egregious kek. The insanity is seen & returned. Also this quote…WE WILL LOVE HIM!!!!

No. 303935

File: 1687409523715.webm (10.9 MB, 758x320, Grimafancamcompressed.webm)

The fucking timing on "hit me with your kill shot" destroys me every day the anon who made it is so funny and beautiful and smart

No. 303937

File: 1687409681061.webm (5.11 MB, 720x720, tumblr_rw3iroawqN1zyc9ue_720 (…)

No. 303940

>Deer-in-headlights stare and awkward stutter
Kek. His accent is so cute too.

No. 303942

Did they add stuff to his nose as Grima? It looks extra pointy or am I losin it

No. 303945

the dropbox is an amazing idea! thank you for your enthusiasm

DID THEY? I'VE BEEN SO CONFUSED ABOUT THAT. like i've rewatched those scenes 999999999 times and i still don't know what's up, i'm not kidding, shit's been driving me up the wall because it looks normal sometimes but not quite.

No. 303947

File: 1687410712235.png (466.81 KB, 1131x535, tumblr_oa4i3ioF921tczux5o3_128…)

His nose is just a beautiful crazy pointy 40° angle.

No. 303949

ok yes i've ultimately come to the same conclusion as well after extensive research but im still not 100% sure.

No. 303951

File: 1687410870955.jpg (60.47 KB, 1001x563, tumblr_p01lx2od9Y1weepk8o1_128…)

Wait I'm a tard you guys might be onto something here

No. 303952

File: 1687411007522.jpeg (374.23 KB, 3072x3072, 8A48C568-924D-4EE9-AC8F-A428A9…)

Yeah his nose normally looks very straight and as Grima the tip is more upturned, it’s got more f l a v o r

No. 303954

now THIS is an exciting conspiracy

No. 303958

File: 1687411380990.png (47.56 KB, 480x480, 1676.png)

>Tfw so blinded by his sexy nose you become stupid
The slight bump is very flavourful. Thank you science-nonna.

No. 303960

File: 1687411695827.jpg (806.71 KB, 2010x3263, 1335699612-7562454-036.jpg)

>the look of a hunched, feral creature who was clothed in finery but who never washed
Cursed to only play sweaty dirty weirdos

No. 303964

File: 1687412503512.png (190.65 KB, 873x532, IMG_6627.PNG)

i was so elated the day i found that scan btw. useful to cite when talking about some of my more concerning headcanons. i wouldn't feel totally comfortable relocating all my grima hornyposting to this place so i'll keep it down for now just wanted to say i love how they made his teeth fucked up and stained. kissing him on the mouth 100 times i don't care if it tastes like death.

No. 303965

Convert me Dourif nonnas. What's his appeal? And which movie should I watch first?
This is cute, where is it from?

No. 303966

File: 1687413963011.jpeg (86.43 KB, 981x552, C3E9F300-9F08-4D09-8C3E-585F88…)

>what’s the appeal?
Hello??? Very attractive, I don’t know if I love or am weirded out by his crazy eyes, maybe both, and I love his really particular way of speaking. But really a great great character actor. Idk what you should watch first, depends what you like. If you want to see him being cute and sweet, Cuckoo’s Nest, or gross greasy weirdo, Death Machine or LOTR, I’ve just started my way through his filmography myself so others will have more suggestions.

No. 303967

File: 1687413999125.png (9.56 KB, 1795x74, 01_392.png)

>more concerning headcanons
You cannot just say that and leave I am writhing in agony I respect your wishes tho. Even scalped and dirty, still would. Picrel made me feel a certain way…oh worm…little worm.

He has ridiculously pretty eyes and nice features but that's obvious, his portrayal of absolutely heinous villains with a pang of humanity is amazing. Reccing something is difficult since he was mostly in B-movies or bit roles but Ragtime and Mississippi Burning are safe normie roles. If you wanna get weird right away there's Graveyard Shift, Istanbul, or…Death Machine my beloved…
The gif is from the first og Chucky kek, incredibly cute for the 5 minutes he was on screen.

No. 303969

File: 1687414193728.gif (8.62 MB, 540x343, ezgif-3-55ca0a3532.gif)

The huge eyes and cavernous eyebags combo is devastating.

No. 303970

File: 1687414522298.gif (9.58 MB, 540x304, boot on desk made me pregnant.…)

No. 303976

Oh boy, another entire thread dedicated to an ugly middle aged white guy. I don't understand why certain men need their own threads when there are plenty of threads in /g/ for hornyposting about guys.(shitpost)

No. 303978

hes like 74 i think, thats not middle aged

No. 303979

File: 1687418859533.jpeg (28.1 KB, 500x515, DE388453-A717-4382-B349-AA5BFC…)

Oh boy, another dipshit who can’t just mind their own business

No. 303980

It becomes my business when these kinds of thirst threads keep multiplying like a fucking virus because /g/ keeps dumping you guys here. The IRL husbando thread in /g/ is right there, stop shitting out a new /m/ thread every time you become infatuated with some inbred-looking scrote actor.

No. 303981

I will agree that I have no idea why threads like this are in /m/ and not /g/

No. 303982

File: 1687419627273.gif (2.04 MB, 498x346, tumblr_nwuvan2QDL1tczux5o2_500…)

i was too shy to add anon on discord so we absolutely need a thread and thats final.

No. 303987

nayrt and yeah but you could make these theeads in/g/. nothing avout dourif in particular it's just that the 10000 husbando threads are all over /m/ when you're already got /g/ for hornyposting

No. 304016

File: 1687435761964.gif (2.97 MB, 540x231, 4ed2b4.gif)

>must revolve around some sort of literature, music, game, film, show, or image topic. e.g “pictures of cute animals”
He is a cute animal.

No. 304017

File: 1687435909877.png (46.57 KB, 597x266, a1.png)

Good evening/morning/day to all ultra-babes (anons itt)

No. 304028

If jannies want to move it or tell us to remake that's fine, i would have made it on /g/ if there weren't already specific actor threads on /m/.

No. 304035

File: 1687441770526.webm (16.53 MB, 854x480, grimes.webm)

reposting the other video my dear beloved nonny made because it's my favorite

No. 304037

File: 1687442526206.gif (1.28 MB, 299x228, 1687383765285.gif)

So happy you liked it anonny mwah mwah!
>i love how pathetic he looks in most of this
This anon saw right through me kek.

No. 304041

File: 1687443553185.gif (2.53 MB, 540x360, 1686502864583.gif)

Reposting because ough.
Are anons still up for a movie night? Not in the official moovie room ofc but we could run a poll to pick two or three.

No. 304044

File: 1687443952383.jpeg (101.36 KB, 1170x1145, IMG_2612.jpeg)

Child’s Play 2 is my favourite movie of all time.
So appreciation for Charles Lee Ray

No. 304046

I would love a movie night if my laptop wasn’t broken, rip it would be so fun

No. 304055

File: 1687446659423.gif (1.32 MB, 299x225, tumblr_odf54jAl8Y1tczux5o2_400…)

owe you my life forever and ever

i will do my best to attend if there is one, we'd have so much fun! i was too much of a pussy to sit down and watch child's play by myself lol


No. 304063

File: 1687448417540.png (164.85 KB, 2048x2048, 648996F1-6436-4242-B9B3-C700DD…)

I just know once it’s posted I’m gonna see a million things wrong with it blerrrregghhhhh

No. 304069

File: 1687450239855.gif (63.36 KB, 112x112, pepe lick.GIF)

aw hell yeah death machine fanart! you're so fucking funny and talented, love the expression and the attention to detail on the shirt design. unironically considering making one for myself with bleach..

No. 304079

File: 1687453497002.jpeg (39.2 KB, 480x542, 49D163D6-CECD-43D0-BEEF-024B83…)

Thanks nonnie I was nervous about posting it

No. 304089

File: 1687457129130.jpg (18.48 KB, 396x336, IMG_20220403_223234.jpg)

I'M FUCKING RABID HOLY SHIT SHUT UP Dantefag how do you have such good taste AND talent I'm losing my mind screaming praying crying throwing up printing it and eating it. His eyebags and greasy hair are perfect, cute caption too. Tell me what you like about him I need to pick the brain of another person who is insane.

No. 304090

File: 1687457424550.jpg (97.6 KB, 899x629, MV5BOGI3NGJjMDgtOGYxYi00NjQzLT…)

Does cytube not work on your device? Odysee has some convoluted streaming option too if that would work better, we can figure it out. I'll host as long as people show up.

Why is 2 your favourite nonna? Gonna rewatch it today in your honour.

No. 304091

File: 1687458032653.jpg (125.58 KB, 960x740, Cd1ypQ2UUAA84-v.jpg)

No. 304105

People already complain that /g/ is full of threads about being horny for men, so who the fuck is telling the truth?
This thread is for pic dumping and discussing media the actor is in, it doesn't have a reason not to be on this board.

No. 304120

File: 1687468704163.gif (1.94 MB, 675x451, tumblr_nxolcxSrdk1tczux5o2_128…)

are you sure you'd be ok with hosting it? i tried hosting a movie a while ago and it was such a hassle to figure out but i'm also very bad at technology so maybe it's just me. that would be SO kind of you, i hope we can make it happen!

pic tax

No. 304123

File: 1687469612606.jpg (111.08 KB, 740x1280, 5057f3c920d6862763ba70930fa107…)

Will try my best to figure it out for the Douriffriends, fingers crossed. Thanks for rat tax, have a grime.

No. 304133

File: 1687475840414.png (1.65 MB, 1696x1275, rezmachine.png)

hey all you hot jelly babies! I finally watched Death Machine (it's up on youtube, 480p but still)!! One thing that kept distracting me though was how familiar the Warbeast looked, and then I realized - I think the boss character Rez from the Gex games is actually a direct reference to the film, funnily enough continuing the cycle of references (to be fair Gex is all about pop culture references, but that just convinces me even further that I'm right). As you can see in the visual aid, Rez is shaped similarly, particularly the mouth and claw areas, and he's always surrounded by TVs tuned to static, just like Jack Dante's work area. Sorry if this is a little off topic, the film unlocked a memory for me and I and wanted to share!

No. 304136

File: 1687477078867.jpg (36.97 KB, 638x356, ufokinwot.jpg)

fantastic! love the expression and how ratty his hair is hehehe
yessss! love the atmosphere and the editing, those lingering shots of his shifty eyes and dragging himself through the dirt, excellent
aw, you're making me blush!! I admit I was cracking myself up editing it kek
anyway sorry2samefag here's grime tax, superpsyched about this thread, keep up the great work everyone!

No. 304140

File: 1687477882415.png (Spoiler Image,155.06 KB, 591x800, 080224.png)

Don't open if you don't want to see the cursed pinup.

Gamedevs were complete geeks in the 90s so it's totally believable some designer could have snuck in a reference, what a fun find nonna. The eyeless head always reminded me of a Xenomorph mixed with like the Jurrasic Park T-rex. Is that your doodle in the corner? Hope it's okay to save it, can't believe there's new fanart in the year of our lord 2023.

Anon…you're an inspiration…

No. 304145

File: 1687478331890.jpg (72.82 KB, 526x808, xCnXVZP9oGVxGAVgIfBx24mQit-7ia…)

thank you for making sure to include him being thrown down the stairs (best part of the movie) you're the funniest person alive

oh yeah i kind of see it, god i miss those old games. lol what if jack is into ninja turtles and got his inspiration for warbeast from the mousers?? wow we truly have so much in common

speaking of vidya, yes, i did watch a whole myst exile playthrough for the 3x3px res cutscenes. i like when he starts screaming out of despair because i’m some sort of sadist i guess. he’s just like us (exiled forever)

No. 304146

You're so real. I sat through 8 Chucky movies for 10min of actual screentime and 393438 hours of screaming and cackling. He is a blight and a disease (affectionate). Vidrel.

No. 304147

File: 1687478754463.jpeg (19.41 KB, 500x379, C0556AAD-B176-4B0A-941B-576174…)

Thank you nonnie the colors got a little fucked up when I posted idk what happened I LOVE HIM he’s just a lonely spazzy (homicidal) weirdo, the way he latches onto Cale is kind of endearing and sad I just wanna watch cartoons and be dumb with him and maybe do some other not so nice things to him

No. 304149

File: 1687479536717.jpeg (9.43 KB, 500x281, 8F697927-2359-4D27-8508-E0390D…)

Haha what that’s awesome! AND THAT LITTLE DOODLE IS SO CUTE
>cursed pinup
I FOUND THAT THE OTHER DAY WHY is it promotional shot for something?? Why does it exist lol
I really love puzzle games I wanna play this one
>he’s just like us (exiled forever)
Life imitating art, beautiful

Cytube doesn’t work on my phone sad face, maybe I will finally get a new laptop for this lol

No. 304153

File: 1687481825604.webm (175.07 KB, 1129x480, 4953.webm)

Tfw the psyop actually worked and everyone is watching Death Machine. Dourif's best roles, truly.

Yeah, "I thought we could look after each other and do nice things together" hurt a little, he got so attached it's insane. His sense of humour should not be funny but it IS and he deserves the not-so-nice things it would be holy justice and also sexy and fun.

Only a true historyfag would know why that photo exists but it sure is something kek. Does Opentogethertube or anything similar work? We could have another one later so you don't miss out.

No. 304159

File: 1687484093202.gif (787.32 KB, 253x212, 2D72AF41-CDA6-4E44-AF9D-0C75FC…)

Ugh he is such an awful little shit but this was so sad and cute.

No. 304163

File: 1687485284271.jpg (92.51 KB, 640x513, tumblr_7a3c79de67fb9fbc7baf4df…)

You're making me feel something other than blind horny hate for him it's very conflicting.

No. 304166

Repostan just in case someone hasn't seen it, very cute very dumb.

No. 304255

File: 1687525813860.jpeg (35.72 KB, 660x860, 4874A5CA-8929-45E4-8302-DD017F…)

Good morning~ here’s the only clear clean picture I found of him from this movie

No. 304267

File: 1687528727192.gif (1.92 MB, 300x225, 9c64fd221dd0bf4247eb57b3b6e116…)

hi nonna, hope you're having a nice day! what a babyface.

No. 304274

Reposting this one because it makes me laugh my psycho death butt off

No. 304347

File: 1687558568867.jpg (147.37 KB, 1920x817, welp.jpg)

oh shit it does totally look like a mouser, plus he's got all those old 6" figures, hmm… I've connected the dots.jpeg
I need to play Myst now kek
simply the best. I watched it again today, I'm creeping closer to the edge. also I love love all the extremely loud stock sound effects, just everything about the whole production is so charming to me
should have known as soon as Cale accessed his file (read: tragic backstory) they would try to pull some shit but I never expected it to work on me, FUCK

No. 304359

File: 1687565093322.jpg (333.2 KB, 1280x1768, tumblr_13e8a9f118a04995e005d33…)

Nonnies I am really retarded, Final Judgement got here but I don't have my BD drive. Promise it will be up soon.

No. 304360

File: 1687565700545.jpg (70.48 KB, 1322x906, brad-dourif-xxxva-luther-lee-b…)

THANKS for reposting it what a good video to watch literally every morning. Every second is gold. "Maybe buy some cocaine" zoom cut to Leo.
Did Boggs seem exceptionally sweaty or what, picrel.

No. 304361

holy shit did you actually buy it? mad respect

who would be jack's favorite turtle??? or would he only watch it for the kewl edgy villains and robots? probably.

No. 304362

File: 1687566545068.gif (1.32 MB, 400x303, nose.gif)

Anon hold my hand let's jump off the cliff together, how many times have you seen it now kek. The sfx, the bad writing, it's all amazing.

His favourites are Bebop and Rocksteady because he is a friendless loser prob Raph when he was a kid though.

No. 304363

LOL this is canon to me now why are you actually making me like him, goddamnit

No. 304370

File: 1687570118104.png (138.25 KB, 700x446, Jack_Dante_(Death_Machine)_(1)…)

Being attracted to him is like going through the five stages of grief, the denial will never leave it will just turn into some kind of sadistic acceptance.
Thanks for putting up with the sperging we can talk about his other roles I swear.

No. 304371

File: 1687570502902.png (4.29 KB, 797x161, well.PNG)

Was looking for something and accidentally found this passionate review.

No. 304372

File: 1687570743059.jpg (24.48 KB, 510x333, 1000832562.jpg)

Was looking for this it's everynonnie itt (we are in sexy prison).

No. 304404

File: 1687584241886.jpg (98.61 KB, 974x544, tumblr_megopnwEZ91rxullio3_128…)

dm sperging is like the cornerstone of the thread, i hope to see more of it.

i love how this could be about quite a number of different movies

No. 304406

File: 1687585349633.png (3.58 KB, 758x132, huh.PNG)

Oh anon don't open the floodgates…what the fuck was that scene where he sits on Cale's desk and tries to tuck his hair behind his ears in a sexy(??) way but it's still plastered all over his face, I want to shake him until he's concussed.
Have another relatable gem from the same website.

No. 304407

File: 1687585970455.gif (6.11 MB, 540x540, 99387204284_0.gif)


No. 304412

File: 1687586697764.jpg (16.69 KB, 432x324, tumblr_m9sfjpx7lB1rafmnzo1_500…)

>don't open the floodgates
hey, that's the idea here! that scene just kept on getting better and weirder as it went on, yeah. i've been thinking about the surprise party scene lol, he was being so fucking extra there. he did NOT plan that, why were the balloons there, was he having some weird warbeast birthday party or what? also when raimi grabbed him by the mouth earlier, uhh


No. 304414

File: 1687587784484.png (529.82 KB, 1884x799, augh.png)

You know what, you're right this is our containment thread and we can be as insane as we want right? Right??. That scene was so great tbh you saying that made me realize maybe he DID throw Warbeast a party 'cause the trial run with Scott went so well. Dude talks to his figurines, you know he was talking to his robodog while welding it together.
Tfw you will never squeeze his face and put your fingers in that mouth, why live!!!!

No. 304462

File: 1687606359550.jpg (56.64 KB, 1200x800, z22214427AMP,Brad-Dourif-jako-…)

This is the most beautiful episode of any show in the world (I respect Trekanons though).

No. 304472

Not a douriffag, but I just watched Death Machine because of you guys. I actually liked the movie, thought it was fun.

No. 304478

File: 1687616733987.gif (2.43 MB, 350x149, 8E49A26C-447E-4E1A-A160-802D21…)

>I just watched Death Machine because of you guys
Such is the power of our autism. We got another one girls!

No. 304480

thanks for giving it a chance anon, glad you liked it. it never takes itself seriously and the acting is great. it's such a charming movie

No. 304524

File: 1687641882207.gif (5.88 MB, 480x260, 727D7C63-9787-4B59-A1DC-03DCEF…)

This one was bad. So painfully bad. I mean I knew it was gonna suck but I just have to watch everything he’s ever been in. Lock and Roll Forever, about a Japanese band trying to make it in America. He plays a hotel owner named Zee that’s super into music but the dialogue and plot were awful and why the fuck was he in this, and why did I watch it. He usually does serious stuff so seeing him in this shitty “comedy” was unbearable, he did have the one line in the movie that made me laugh from the sheer stupidity
>they have a very Japanese vibe
>that’s because they’re from Japan
DONT watch this one, unless you’re an autist like me. Someone did upload just his scenes from the movie on youtube, and at the end of the movie there are bloopers and in one of them he breaks while looking at another actor and in the other one he makes the girls laugh it was cute. And yes he’s wearing a fringe jacket because why the fuck not.

No. 304549

You are the strongest woman in the world I am in awe of your tenacity. How did you not skip through to only the Brad bits, judging from those videos he's in it for maybe ten minutes? This director is stupid for picking such an amazing actor for this generic garbage but he is kinda cute in such a normie role.

No. 304686

File: 1687728812349.jpg (217.66 KB, 1275x879, tumblr_mqfrmfH9011s4s2nto1_128…)

Didn't want to feed the flames or acknowledge it but that post was so fucking funny I'm still thinking about it
>organizing worship threads over wormtongue, dano (etc.)
Gríma my beloathed.

No. 304687

File: 1687728941565.gif (1.41 MB, 245x172, 89557545.gif)

No. 304691

File: 1687730338927.jpg (76.01 KB, 1600x900, XF 13-02.jpg)

God I wish that old moid was me.

No. 304695

File: 1687731419167.jpeg (37.46 KB, 768x576, HEY SEXYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!.jpeg)


that's some neil breen looking cinematography lmao. he looks so fine with gray hair though, i honestly can't decide if i like him better younger or older. is this gonna be what cements my reputation as a grandpa fucker?

i can see why our infatuation with this specific character could strike someone as odd but anon was being SO hilariously melodramatic. i'm gonna start telling people i indirectly made someone quit feminism by traumatising her with my taste (what have YOU done to fight the radfem menace today???)

No. 304704

File: 1687732617274.jpg (27.17 KB, 604x489, tumblr_55a4226be0eb57aa07f9ef8…)

samefag, you're extremely right, seeing him in xfiles gave me so much life

No. 304707

File: 1687732947366.png (129.14 KB, 853x480, vlcsnap-2010-08-12-17h03m39s22…)

His 40s were peak imo, the wrinkles got deeper and his face was so angular…If you're at all a grandpafucker and horror enjoyer you might enjoy Halloween (the Rob Zombie one).
It's been like three days and I'm still laughing about it, Wormtongue Worship Thread. And anyways she is wrong, he is not to be worshipped he is to be beaten with a broom.

No. 304709

Kek there's maybe three of us here at any given time, samefag away. Can't believe X-files gave us more fanservice than all the Chucky films combined.

Anyways while Cytube is working Odysee no longer has free uploads so we can watch the publicly available I Desire, Istanbul, Death Machine, Spontaneous Combustion, or Child's Play (though I can probably find more) if there's still any interest. (Should this be bumped? Would any /m/ perusers want to join?)

No. 304711

File: 1687733814972.jpg (49.32 KB, 1280x720, mfw started browsing pinterest…)

congrats on being the 100th post nonny (apes together strong!!!)

i'll try to find functioning links for cytube for some other movies but pretty sure it's gonna be a fruitless effort so no promises

No. 304714

File: 1687735480563.png (111.95 KB, 621x375, yay.png)

Wahoo, thanks anon! This is the best thread ever.
I mean who wouldn't want to sit in a room for three hours watching I, Desire on repeat? Sounds like a dream tbh tell me how stale those crackers are again.

No. 304729

File: 1687743051510.jpg (83.48 KB, 640x451, tumblr_makmg1RTeg1qhb9o9o1_640…)

"Your witless worm"

No. 304746

Now I'm the one who's been scalped

No. 304837

File: 1687789890178.gif (5.65 MB, 600x249, ezgif-1-cb79bdfbb0.gif)

Just don't eat Chief Lotho

No. 304841

File: 1687791618561.jpeg (44.49 KB, 720x540, 644A8F6B-8F3E-4223-A515-05234C…)

Nonnies I found 2 more movies! https://archive.org/details/@kingink2 Chaindance and the Mound Builders, idk what the 2nd movie is about but I’m gonna watch Chaindance sometime today, he plays a guy with cerebral palsy that gets handcuffed to a prisoner as some sort of rehabilitation program. The trailer made me cringe pretty hard but it had good reviews, I will be back soon!
God fucking bless you for posting this. Spontaneous Combustion was seriously just Sweating and Screaming: The Movie. It’s really fucked up that they named him after the experiment that killed his parents, and who was the girl with the green ribbon in her hair? That movie was too dumb for me to still be thinking about it.

No. 304848

File: 1687796076305.png (324.34 KB, 1126x783, hello brad's fan.png)

Oh my god they chained Michael Ironside to him, kek that sounds like it'll be super fun! Looks like the Mound Builders is an old play about archaeologists trying to complete their dig before the local government floods the site to make it into a lake. Nice finds!!

This Japanese fansite has a great screenshot & wallpaper gallery, the last blog post was about a year ago so the webmaster was keeping up with it until pretty recently. http://www.braddourif.org There's also a fanlisting/webring page but mosts users don't have their own site or the links are dead.

No. 304849

File: 1687796160665.jpeg (187.06 KB, 2048x1143, 1686930527338.jpeg)

Thank you for the links anon you're like a treasure hunter. Chaindance is so stupidly charming, come back and give us a review!
>Sweating and Screaming: The Movie
YEAH…shame the pacing was so bad because David is a sad little qt3.14. Love that he turns into radioactive lightning goo at the end what the fuck.

No. 304885

File: 1687806648366.jpeg (110.69 KB, 1655x1134, 363976C2-84BC-40BF-955B-3DF7B0…)

I have returned! Look at this scruffy little shit, Chaindance was actually good and I’m definitely gonna watch it again; I know I watched for Brad but Michael Ironside was really great. Brad’s character Johnny was funny and sad, the trailer made me a bit hesitant to watch because actors playing severe disabilities can be kinda iffy and uncomfortable for me sometimes but it wasn’t an issue, definitely watch this one my fellow Douriffags.

No. 304886

File: 1687806811775.gif (Spoiler Image,11.65 MB, 600x422, 4A3C74E4-D68A-4A6D-8E04-C9F681…)

Bonus s p i c y gif, holy fuck the way she grabs his face, god i wish that were me

No. 304913

File: 1687813844426.jpg (117.4 KB, 1300x856, 619876.jpg)

What are you planning on watching next nonny? I love reading these reviews.

No. 304942

File: 1687821022513.jpeg (13.32 KB, 323x308, 6B656835-49D1-467D-9A97-538696…)

I’m gonna watch The Mound Builders next, then maybe finally Istanbul, idk what else after that since soap2day got nuked and I don’t know what’s on the other sites yet. And here’s another little review for you of a terrible movie called Progeny: I seriously forgot I even watched this one if that tells you how bad it is. He plays an alien investigator? Barely any screentime, probably not even 10 minutes total and most of it is around the end. Listen I love shitty horror movies but idk what it was about this one, it just felt flat overall but then the aliens were so hilariously bad, maybe give it a try? Probably not worth it for most, they kept flashing back to the couple having sex which I did NOT want to see once, let alone multiple times, however Wilford Brimley the ‘diabeetus’ man is also in this which was a delight (sorry if you’re not American and have no idea who that is). Full movie on youtube (unfortunately!)
https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=V1b8hwJ5l7c(embed youtube videos)

No. 304951

File: 1687823230234.gif (5.33 MB, 268x340, d97aff94_400.gif)

If there's any specific film you want I'd be happy to try and find a link or at least a download, some are on 123movies mirrors or Dailymotion (though Murder Blues is an elusive bastard and there's another coveted sex scene in it).
I'll give Progeny a watch (or a skim through), thank you. Why is an actor like that relegated to roles like this. Thanks for the spicy gif too she really has her tongue down his throat…wish that were me etc., crying horny tears.

No. 304959

File: 1687826111573.jpeg (13.12 KB, 400x250, 8C028E96-C68D-4F82-A525-6374C3…)

Thank you for the offer nonnie! There’s nothing specific I’m looking for right now, I really am just trying my damndest to work my way through his filmography, if there’s something I truly can’t find I’ll come cry about it here.
>Murder Blues
>another coveted sex scene
I guess we’ll have to pool our powers to find that one next.
He really has been in SO MANY movies, which is a little overwhelming with trying to find all of it, especially since it seems a lot of his roles are just bit parts in random shit, but it’s also great as I’m now remembering all the things I’ve seen him in before I really even knew who he was. He had a little part in this movie Chain Letter that I watched years ago, I didn’t remember his role but it was an alright horror movie, I think this one is on tubi right now. And he was also in an episode of Psych! Wtf! My brain exploded when I remembered that’s another place I had seen him lol. What a prolific little man, love him ♥

No. 304967

File: 1687828318748.png (115.87 KB, 672x384, 57d8f8becda8e7a6c4a2c9188974dc…)

Your sleuthing skills are amazing, kinda want to take one for the team and make a socmed account to beg for this girl's Color of Night upload (three hours of his voice…)
Completely agree he's really an acting chameleon, I only recalled he was in Dune like last month? Also love the anon who recognized him from SVU, kek.

No. 304969

File: 1687829033404.jpeg (37.47 KB, 438x779, 71AAF3FE-BCC3-4D78-AF24-A46C82…)

Ooh Color of Night and Body Parts are two that I really want to see! Does anyone know what movie this is from? To me he looks best in Istanbul and I’m thankful his hair is usually kept somewhat long, but goddamn he looks so good here with the short hair and glasses
>love the anon who recognized him from SVU
also me lol he has infected my brain

No. 304972

File: 1687830085562.jpg (97.03 KB, 1280x732, tumblr_ntcqvex2h91tczux5o2_128…)

It's from Group Portrait with a Lady, looks like an interesting period piece but I haven't seen it yet. He was so beautiful in Istanbul every shot is fucking angelic, I like him with his curls long too nonna. Glad the mass psychosis is still going strong kekk

No. 304978

File: 1687831417774.webm (Spoiler Image,7.58 MB, 1130x480, jack01.webm)

Please god when will I be free

No. 304989

File: 1687836382591.gif (732.13 KB, 320x239, Jack-Dante-death-machine-31469…)


No. 304991

File: 1687836578852.jpg (131.71 KB, 1076x565, 1650748894996.jpg)

No. 304997

File: 1687838918814.png (163.39 KB, 919x649, is he ok.PNG)

>mfw I try to draw fanart
Horseplayer https://invidious.fdn.fr/watch?v=aD4_sC4nnjk
Love to see him literally carry a woman sideways to do the sex while jazz music plays. I think it was supposed to be a saucy thriller but the writing was bad, Dourif has that rare early soft-spoken psycho thing going on (cute) and the plot twists were okay.

No. 305001

File: 1687843106491.gif (1.4 MB, 443x259, 3FC0B29F-3E38-43B3-926D-604D43…)

Another movie? Oh nonnie nona nonny thank you
Wowwwwwwww, this may become required daily viewing.

No. 305058

File: 1687867271913.png (168.66 KB, 1083x699, passingthroughgethsemane.png)

>daily viewing
I love you thank you

No. 305123

File: 1687903868825.jpeg (47.19 KB, 912x689, CA1D7E64-FD96-4926-8D7C-80B4F5…)

Oh nonnie sweet nonnie I have a present for you https://bflix.io/movie/color-of-night-zvy3/1-1 there’s quite a few others here too, and a higher quality version of Death Machine than the one on youtube.

No. 305126

File: 1687904437800.gif (8.51 MB, 540x304, C47BECC2-87E8-48A8-88BF-ACB0B3…)

Anyways I had went back to rewatch that SVU episode and I don’t know what’s wrong with me, why is this what did it for me I’m not specifically into old men I swear. There’s just something about him.

No. 305175

File: 1687915330192.gif (1011.93 KB, 419x320, tumblr_np1imh8ibk1tczux5o2_500…)

I support you anon, would kiss his bald ass forehead mwah. His face never ages and he looks fine as fuck with grey hair. Thank you for the link! Good catalogue of his on there.
Watched Progeny earlier the narc scrote husband was terrible, Screaming Mad George killing it with the SFX as always kek roach fetus, worth it for the most handsome 50 year old alien scientist in the world and if you like gentle nasal whispering in your ear.

No. 305178

HOW IS THIS THREAD REAL, HOW ARE ANY OF YOU REAL??? this is absolutely amazinf


No. 305193

File: 1687922055695.png (172.81 KB, 1000x516, asshole.png)

Watching it again unfortunately he looks 2cool2edge next time I will make a meaner video. Also staring at >>304063 every day of my life 24/7 when I wake up when I'm at work when I'm brushing my teeth before bed danke mein gott

No. 305195

File: 1687923944963.webm (12.9 MB, 854x480, this is brilliant.webm)

It's gonna take me a few days to watch this movie, I can only handle so much at once. The tension,long awkward pauses, the wailing sax and the HORSE TIE are killing me, a masterpiece of drama, truly

No. 305197

The pure unfiltered comedic timing KEKx100 also the horse tie is actually an integral plot point later on. I am not joking.

No. 305198

File: 1687925137473.gif (994.57 KB, 245x190, 66F6F0D4-0D36-4F52-9B79-2D4191…)

Another Dantefag?? Welcome home lol
>I can only handle so much at once
Same here, I wanna marathon all his movies but I need to give them all time to sink in/recover from the stupidity

No. 305204

File: 1687927497704.png (127.2 KB, 900x655, 01.png)

Can we please discuss the giant crotch hole in his jeans. I haven't noticed this before, does he just walk around like this

ANON are you saying Horseplayer is not a cinematic masterpiece

No. 305207

File: 1687927897805.gif (1.52 MB, 397x345, tumblr_nylp44HJ1p1tczux5o1_400…)

oh no, i've been here the entire time, i'm just somehow still in utter disbelief at everything going on, and the quality of the original content, what the hell guys, you're insane

ANON are you paying that much attention to EVERY FRAME?

No. 305223

File: 1687935131196.gif (2.49 MB, 527x304, ezgif.com-crop.gif)

Nnnnnoooo…yes? MAYBE? AM I ALONE?

No. 305251

File: 1687953770170.jpeg (93.96 KB, 1280x960, 38E3EF6D-4146-491B-9B0A-E21532…)

Me rewatching this scene on a loop forever

No. 305252

File: 1687953841214.jpeg (70.88 KB, 1280x840, 1712B7D6-938E-4B16-B69D-0E6EF1…)

No. 305253

File: 1687953903751.jpeg (84.36 KB, 1280x840, 4E19B73F-11ED-47BD-971C-1E0647…)

And one for the Grima lovers. I am cringe but I am free.

No. 305275

File: 1687960972697.jpg (14.73 KB, 293x539, help he can't swim.jpg)

You know he does!!! Anyway they're either lined or he just wears leggings underneath kek
pic unrelated, but look at him absolutely drowning in that duster also! he was raised at CHAANK, who taught him to dress himself? did the other engineers raise him like a pack of wolves?? does he wear this every day???

No. 305289

File: 1687965719252.gif (978.3 KB, 204x212, 0ClrWg7.gif)

What a great thing to wake up to, boys of many talents anon I love this I'm gonna think about it all day

The layers make him look so chunky and shapeless, a greasy blob. Never realized his coat was that long KEK. As soon as CHAANK adopted him you just know he went full weird teenager in a duster he's probably dressed like this for twenty years (and he thinks he looks so cool).
>does he wear this every day
Is he excluded from board meetings because nobody wants to smell him do they hose him down fully clothed prisoner-style once a week?

No. 305298

File: 1687969187818.gif (2.88 MB, 350x250, 3E1D590B-DEE8-40B1-B035-344445…)


No. 305299

File: 1687969562601.gif (9.21 MB, 350x149, 9D1B870B-139C-48BB-AE83-C7E836…)

yes please keep expanding the Dante lore, the thought of him getting hosed down is hilarious. Did they say he was raised at CHAANK? I don’t remember that, maybe I’ll have to rewatch

No. 305311

What? what? Huh?? Holy shit

>expanding the Dante lore
Thanks I'm never going to shut up. Iirc they said he was taken into their care from the orphanage (probably because 1337 hacker skillz) so presumably he was like a ward of the state except it's a corporation. Fostering one socially retarded manchild at a time

No. 305318

File: 1687975139010.gif (2 MB, 300x250, DE88DACD-17D9-4513-A35E-15BD1D…)

The gif is from Guyana Tragedy: The Story of Jim Jones, sadly the camera cuts away before they actually kiss rip
>taken into their care from an orphanage
Oh god just another layer of sadness, that makes the I’ll be your baby thing so much sadder for me DANTE WHY

No. 305335

File: 1687983582865.jpg (33.99 KB, 710x538, Jack-Dante-death-machine-31469…)

Was it good? I wasn't in the mood to watch about real depressing stuff this week but that gif is wild.
Makes you wonder if his mom died or gave him up, despite the abandonment issues and getting locked in closets/basements/??? as a child he's not a woman hater and is desperate for female attention. His mommy issues are so digusting and intriguing.

No. 305341

File: 1687985147726.gif (972.27 KB, 290x212, D6B5A3C3-4438-4C7D-98D2-01B0AC…)

Oh I actually haven’t watched that one yet, I was just curious how he looked in it and found that gif, looks like it’s on tubi right now!
>Makes you wonder if his mom died or gave him up
hmm she may have been abusive or neglectful and lost custody, I could see him acting out because of that and then always be looking for a mother figure. Mmm I love being a sperg and fleshing out a shallow character from a 20 year old movie

No. 305352

File: 1687990436269.png (259.47 KB, 940x660, image.png)

Please never stop you are the greatest on planet earth ily, painful to be autistic about obscure shit like this alone. Acting out 'cause of the mommy he never had kek what a loser. It's the chaotic lack of morals that makes him so nauseatingly interesting and the pretty blue eyes I wanna know why he's so sick aside from the latent psychopathy. Does he draw a lot? As an engineer does he make weird shit in his spare time? We will never know…

No. 305385

File: 1688012071776.jpg (30.28 KB, 474x340, th-3094207322.jpg)

It's a WHAT yeah they do kind of hint at it being important the very first time you see it, I can't wait to find out why!!!
Excellent, kek. Thank you nonners
I may have misunderstood what I read in the script and will probably rewatch anyways kekeke but if he was orphaned shortly after birth then that may mean both of his parents died? Like the classic only-survivor-of-the-accident-was-the-baby scenario I'm thinking.
He does have those drawings scattered around and all the toys and junk, but I think if he's not making fucked up shit for Chaank then he's spending a lot of time thinking about what other fucked up shit he could design for sure

No. 305390

File: 1688016244964.webm (2.38 MB, 854x480, DM alternate credits.webm)

Oh yeah and the suffering is neverending, actually

No. 305466

File: 1688052135243.jpg (29.04 KB, 532x400, DB6CB7A8-1688-11EE-B409-0EF7B2…)

Daily reminder ilu anonnies you're so beautiful and cool and smart.

WOW I literally forgot he was orphaned as a baby sorry for being slow, maybe getting out of an abusive orphanage into Chaank's ego-stroking claws is why he acts like an entitled shit. It's like the only truly tragic part of his backstory why would they make him even more fucked up than necessary.
>spending a lot of time thinking about what other fucked up shit he could design
I wanna see the blueprints I bet he's got some wild ideas (also you READ THE SCRIPT AHHH "ultra-babe" being cut is still my greatest sorrow).

This was funny for .2 seconds but then I got unreasonably sad thanks nonners. Maybe I would hold him and let him rest his head on my chest before the asskicking.

No. 305468

File: 1688053189042.png (Spoiler Image,175.06 KB, 2050x2050, 8E008582-8CBD-4E3F-9CDF-045592…)

This one is…yeah I’m just gonna post and go I’m too embarrassed (what the hell is the thing on his shirt supposed to be??)

No. 305470

WHAT THE FUCK WHAT WE DON'T DESERVE YOU ANON MY WILDEST DREAMS HAVE BEEN MADE TANGIBLE, HOW ARE YOU SO AMAZING the bloody nose the black eye it's so exquisite, I LOVE his coy smile what a horrible little masochist, I can't even reply properly rn how is this REAL I need to smear the blood all over his face there is no reaction image insane enough GOD!!!

No. 305474

Ohhhhhhhhhhh you're so EVIL kekeke thank you boss lady
his fucking FACE I'm dying I'm dying you're killing me!!!!!!!!!!! ahhhh////

No. 305484

File: 1688059382150.jpg (35.85 KB, 720x585, 50obh9.jpg)

Samefag I can't stop looking at the scraggly hair I'm wild about the way you draw his hair and the little details you put in like his ridiculous watch, he's so dingy but then has that sick silver wristwatch like….thank you for including it. And the severe blue-black eyebags that are one shade away from bruised themselves. Kms.

No. 305489

File: 1688061102717.webm (5.79 MB, 854x480, cmon hand em over.webm)

ok at this point I'm gonna need everyone to go ahead and hand over their weapons, please

No. 305501

File: 1688064140841.jpeg (90.87 KB, 977x977, D68244A6-64A3-48D5-9F48-135273…)

Oh nonnas I’m so happy you like it, and yes I went back and made his hair extra scraggly it just wasn’t messy enough at first
Look at this pouty little snot gettin his toys taken away, wish I was the one giving him a pat down ughhhhhh

No. 305512

File: 1688067371217.gif (7.73 MB, 540x350, tumblr_f95f1148911377dac1149aa…)

My fists away are the only weapon I need to make him cry ha ha that Deagle with his stupid insignia is fun, he must be heavy as shit hauling all that around

Nonny I hope it's ok to say your drawings of him are literally my favourite they're stylized but still capture the likeness perfectly, you made up for the meager amount of fanart out there 10000 times over. I'd break into vault 10 for you.

No. 305585

Ahhhhh thank you thank you that means a lot!

No. 305625

File: 1688130012018.gif (6.08 MB, 320x418, 095C8BDC-99D5-4261-9735-356349…)

The Mound Builders was kind of…meh? I didn’t hate it but it’s not for everyone, I kept watching just to see where exactly the plot would go, it felt kind of incoherent/meandering. Brad plays Chad, a sweet simple southern boy interested in taken women, very cute in this with an explosion at the end.

No. 305626

File: 1688130086902.gif (11.02 MB, 400x313, 4CA64463-374C-4EEA-B6CF-F1BA91…)

No. 305632

File: 1688133966429.jpg (62.91 KB, 900x506, 76375b87099bb614a47ffd46d85942…)

The soggy hair and crazy eyes have convinced me to watch this one…I love your gifs anon, thank you. Looks like a slowburn but at least it's not Urban Legend where he seriously only got 2 whole minutes of screentime (but he was wet and wild so it's okay)

No. 305729

the passion you ladies are exhibiting plus this excellent fancam is threatening to awaken something in me for this grimey little bugger. how is he so cute? are all these shots from the various lord of the rings movies or is this all from that new lord of the rings series?
>puts his name into image search
>hit in the face with his current old self
I'm going to pretend I didn't see that.

No. 305739

File: 1688166869548.webm (7.63 MB, 1735x720, so fair yet so cold.webm)

Grima is EXTREMELY CUTE Dourif really added to the disgustingly pitiable aspect he had in the books imo. Another anon said it before but it's hilarious that they tried to make him look filthy and ugly but he's still so stupid hot. The fancam clips are from the old Peter Jackson films yeah, he was only in Two Towers and the extended version of Return of the King for a hot minute. I think cliprel fucked everyone up when we were young and now we're crazy.
It's so endearing how all the anons have different Dourif eras they prefer though, there's certain features of his that never age. Part of what makes him so attractive are his skills too even in shitty films his strange and wonderful acting still shines through.

No. 305744

File: 1688169382362.gif (1.54 MB, 268x402, E681DDA5-25EB-4C7E-8C39-2A058D…)

It’s so funny to me seeing other anons get sucked in to this madness. Embrace it.
>old Brad
Yeah he doesn’t look as good as he used to but I don’t think he looks that bad either and I’m just gonna leave it at that lol
Ugh this hurts my heart so much, my greasy beloved. I think as a kid he was too weird and evil for me to have a crush on but i guess I have finally come to my senses, because obviously he’s the heartthrob of LoTR. OBVIOUSLY.

No. 305750

File: 1688169965855.jpg (35.7 KB, 736x410, 1f26802886c518ec074995e91a2945…)

I support your love of old Brad in overalls nonna, the variety is fun.
HE IS A HEARTTHROB KEK look at the way he stares at his hand after inappropriately touching a woman for the first time in his life. Legolas who??

No. 305753

File: 1688171372361.jpg (41.48 KB, 810x1000, 51bRro3gunS._AC_UF1000,1000_QL…)

breathtaking amazing delicious

so do we all agree he's a virgin or is it up in the air? i guess i's possible that he used to be a normal-ish guy before being corrupted by dark magic and shit, so maybe women didnt used to faint at the sight of him

No. 305757

File: 1688172217509.gif (5.45 MB, 268x402, 526223E0-8360-49B8-8A47-D11D91…)

Women faint at the sight of him because this pallid little freak oozes sex appeal, he’s only a virgin because everyone is overwhelmed by his presence! But really I haven’t seen the movies in ages and haven’t read the books, soooooo I don’t know but probably yes.
I thank you for your support lol

No. 305759

File: 1688172355163.gif (2.67 MB, 540x224, ezgif-1-12581e9ee3.gif)

10,000% virgin even if his coffers are full and his breeding stock is decent he is still so hideously awkward. The only remotely useful thing is his tongue and he has never spent enough time with a woman to charm her, too busy plotting and/or advising.

He also 10,000% smells rancid and definitely oozes…something, I'm sure. The book is pretty short if you want to give it a go and enjoy such scenes as: Grima getting hit, Grima getting smacked, Grima whining "I can't swim" and almost drowning https://gosafir.com/mag/wp-content/uploads/2019/12/Tolkien-J.-The-lord-of-the-rings-HarperCollins-ebooks-2010.pdf

No. 305760

File: 1688172432586.png (127.97 KB, 900x574, YEAH.png)

Yeah babey

No. 305766

File: 1688172783072.gif (5.54 MB, 540x304, ezgif-1-14989332d8.gif)

No. 305773

File: 1688174848488.webm (3.14 MB, 1280x720, yeah.webm)

No. 305774

File: 1688175321877.gif (1.91 MB, 300x169, tumblr_2f53d2259a3681d4f5e95cf…)

oh no I'm late for grime time!!

No. 305779

dw anon i'm still very interested in your input in this discussion

No. 305780

File: 1688176332538.gif (2.87 MB, 540x304, 010.gif)

The meat's done marinating you're right on time

No. 305804

>Gríma voice:
>"That's a big 10-4, good buddy."

No. 305807


No. 305812

i thought the accent thing was just a silly urban legend lol thanks for linking this! cringe method acting is ok when he does it.

No. 305813

He pronounces things so oddly kek my sides Sawrmann and Sawron, truly a theatre man. Also "Wormtongue spits!" there by the grace of god he spits, indeed.


No. 305816

File: 1688188943412.jpg (58.47 KB, 561x545, the misery.jpg)

i wish i could find more behind the scenes pictures, especially when he's not wearing the outer robe layer, wow it's doing it for me. it's like we're seeing something we're not supposed to see

No. 305818

1:10 I love his little laugh ahhhhhh. The Deadwood look isn’t my favorite but I wanna pull his silly mustache so bad.
Yeah it’s great seeing him not so covered up, wish there was more.

No. 305821

File: 1688190995204.jpg (24.97 KB, 500x325, they are all looking at differ…)

there are a few behind the scenes stills out there, but ones without the cloak are a little harder to find. I do like this unusually well-lit one except this was the shoot they forgot to give him eyebags rreeeeeeeeee

No. 305823

File: 1688192433730.png (586.26 KB, 1328x808, why did he take it off tho.png)

Why does it feel more disturbing seeing him all fresh and healthy, it's so weird. Too bad the costume reference photos from the special edition are all neck down, such a compact little man without all the fur drapery also was he planning on stripping during this scene or what kek what is this

No. 305829

UUUMM woah i need to know where you found this desperately, god i love that stupid pouty face. i'm gonna be so normal about this picture.

No. 305830

File: 1688193431027.jpg (16.89 KB, 357x466, the SHOESuh.jpg)

Ohhh you found a good one! he's wearing the cloak in the scene (>>305739) this must be a rehearsal or something!! he does seem a lot less imposing without it
I managed to locate the original webpage of a lot of images that pop up on pinterest and she had an image of the boots, picrel! https://www.angelfire.com/anime4/starblazer/wormtongue.html
kekking at his clenched fist, also

No. 305842

File: 1688194588323.jpg (118.86 KB, 1300x844, 650645.jpg)

Typing the most obscure shit possible on goggle dot com and praying writhing crying, nothing else came up sorry nona. Looks like it's from the Two Towers calendar of all things.

Oh you're right, it was probably a rehearsal! That scene would have been so vulnerable if he shucked the cloak. Thank you for the link her website is so funny, hope she's still around and still horny over weirdos

No. 305852

File: 1688195506968.jpg (15.87 KB, 500x436, 35722120-500-436.jpg)

Everyone who got to see the costume at the exhibit writes that it looks legitimately mouldy, feels ridiculously soft, and is surprisingly small

No. 305857

File: 1688195993858.jpeg (198.89 KB, 809x1276, grima game workshop scan.jpeg)

thanks for the info anyway, lucky find!

so it appears i was right on the money about the mould smell THE WHOLE TIME. i fucking knew it.

No. 305859

File: 1688197070316.jpg (21.91 KB, 400x376, fyc_grima.jpg)

Grimafag more like GrimaQUEEN I would trust your judgment on him completely. But does he bathe or is it the kind of mould from layers of pure aged grime?

No. 305940

File: 1688223061202.jpg (44.93 KB, 888x716, f2489f799eb76f9d9c147f4d741123…)

Actually embarrassing how deep my crush is in this specific movie

No. 305946

File: 1688225898713.gif (1020.67 KB, 300x229, 362D3E5C-1F04-4E74-8AEA-C22EA1…)

Nonnie…I think I found it https://putlockers.fm/watch/PGpr12v3-murder-blues.html?__cf_chl_tk=NVtEyo3xy2_0rX3bLhtZbJflzwH6e2qwzvkS1i2J2C4-1688222994-0-gaNycGzNCXs
I only watched the first few seconds to make sure it worked and it looked legit. I can’t believe I actually found it holy shit

No. 305947

i think he does bathe occasionally but the vileness and grime emanates from him with supernatural rapidity. his hair starts accumulating grease nigh instantaneously after drying.

No. 305954

File: 1688227581729.jpg (32.96 KB, 736x493, acb19f7974bffe423f4d5d0b46398f…)

HOW, WHAT?! Did you seriously check through every putlocker instance kek you're incredible ily anon!! I wanted to watch this one so bad 'cause he looks so insane in the trailers ahhh you're the best!

No. 305958

File: 1688228719905.gif (981.91 KB, 500x276, 9A8451B9-7B8D-4BAC-819D-2BB9BD…)

Let me tell you about my crazy detective skills
>google watch murder blues 1991
>literally just scroll a little bit till I get stupid lucky and find it
Enjoy! I’ll watch it eventually, there’s too damn much he’s in!

No. 305973

File: 1688229253963.webm (2.55 MB, 1280x720, right!!!!!.webm)

Are you kidding what the fuck is my internet search being throttled by the gov for being too horny? And oh god it's Horseplayer: The Sequel the writing is so bad and he's so beautiful anon I owe you my fucking life ty ty ty

No. 305985

File: 1688229800113.gif (1.7 MB, 300x250, 00DAB518-94F1-4518-99A4-86101D…)

I get way too giddy watching the movies where he’s young and cute, I gotta space them out lol, think I’m gonna watch death and cremation today.

No. 306004

File: 1688230733320.jpg (140.31 KB, 1148x647, m51yabYazB1qhb9o9o2_1280.jpg)

Relatable except even into his 40s I still shake uncontrollably when staring at his face, he's got more greys but that barely changes anything. Death and Cremation looks great actually it's nice to have something with a cleaner production value (for once kek)

No. 306008

File: 1688231335793.jpg (116.66 KB, 862x525, 4f2c7ac70c85ca0fa6b7bf73e2fd10…)

>tfw you forget your Grima outside after a bath and he develops hypothermia
Is it too much to think he never actually washes his hair? Perhaps he used to have better hygene when there was still pretense of being an actual court jester advisor. He looks more like a whore's bath kind of animal.

No. 306011

File: 1688232086554.gif (925.3 KB, 312x178, tumblr_mgwteboCPX1rv3w3po7_400…)

oh, who was saying that he oozes? he absolutely oozes. I think he's sticky and his skin is soft and clammy in that way that newts and salamanders are.

No. 306023

this is the gif of all time

No. 306046

Don't be embarrassed!! I think the look and attitude definitely work for him, I'm personally a little conflicted because I love rats and Tucker loves his job kek. But the ponytail & earring combo are totally working for me

No. 306047

Idk if it’s just been you posting him from Graveyard Shift but I always find that kind of devotion endearing. I’ll watch it someday soon and join you in your sperging nonna, don’t worry.

No. 306098

File: 1688252472669.gif (2.25 MB, 568x320, ezgif-4-992f87eccb.gif)

The gratuitous closeup shots were too much love when you couldn't tell if it was sweat, drool, tears, or all three leaking down his face because of the perpetual dampness

Thanks nonners, Tucker is like the ideal sweet spot between polite and slightly deranged I feel so normie about him but everything he does is endearing. His rat PTSD is unfortunate but you can't fault the man kek. Apparently it's not a very faithful adaptation but the actors are all actually good, watch it just for him honestly.

And when did reviewchan get a ban?? Are you unbanned now? You didn't deserve that, girl

No. 306106

File: 1688256942476.gif (6.4 MB, 600x242, ezgif-3-733c086c9f.gif)

There's no way I can stop being a complete retard and not be silly itt for an entire week, was nice knowing you all.

No. 306154

File: 1688283619224.gif (8.69 MB, 400x316, F304603E-7A70-4406-8A54-B94D06…)

>when did reviewchan get a ban?
I’ve still been here the entire time posting lol, I didn’t even notice the ban myself until my 50th read through of the thread. I didn’t know you’re 100% REQUIRED to embed yt videos, I just didn’t want a random thumbnail to pop up and wanted to use that pic of him.
And I will definitely bump Graveyard Shift up on my list and watch it for you!!
Why is this so funny to me, I could watch all day.

No. 306202

Okay I can’t stop thinking about this, I keep imagining him making the Yoshi sound mlem mlem

No. 306216

File: 1688313102186.jpg (92.01 KB, 930x545, 1686657634526.jpg)

>50th read through of the thread
Maybe a gracious janny just redtexted and didn't ban, I was scared. Glad you're still with us.
Watching the gif again just to laugh at "Yoshi mlem mlem" but man…I love his mouth.

No. 306221

File: 1688314141031.gif (1.56 MB, 500x214, 1686502297866.gif)

Are we all passing around the braincell again? I was just thinking about this…

No. 306224

There were probably two braincells and one was normal but someone lost it, his lip quivering before going in for the kiss makes me homicidal

No. 306247

File: 1688321275593.gif (2.8 MB, 540x350, ezgif-5-364e3d27a9.gif)

You are a beautiful, beautiful butterfly

No. 306257

What are you girls doing to me, I love how fucking weird and crazy he is in this. And thank you for pointing out the lip quiver I am now dying from horniness.

No. 306261

File: 1688330513096.gif (1.98 MB, 540x288, tumblr_dc8ce2affc719815da85b93…)

love seeing alien resurrection pics here! i think this was the first movie i saw him in, as i caught the tail end on tv, but i had no memory of that fact because he was covered in 100 layers of special effects by that point obviously. i narrowly avoided becoming insane slightly earlier.

No. 306265

File: 1688333654044.jpg (76.52 KB, 820x346, lashes.jpg)

It's even better that he's on the demure unsuspecting end of crazy, the slowburn romance of his feelings for the xenomorph and not the sexy lady, what a gross sick fuck it's great

Your almonds were activated before you even realized it we are so lucky to have such an extensive filmography of almost exclusively weird insane shit

No. 306276

File: 1688337606850.jpeg (96.33 KB, 1080x608, E492310B-D84D-4499-A389-E0321A…)

I haven’t watched the episode yet. But damn.

No. 306278

File: 1688337678422.gif (2.13 MB, 400x325, F5BA2DB7-E798-4ADD-B197-9944CF…)

No. 306279

Once again I must suggest 2:54

No. 306331

File: 1688372032006.webm (1.61 MB, 1130x480, Extremely Unfortunate.webm)

No. 306336

File: 1688376689500.gif (978.01 KB, 307x212, 0C6D240E-B9FE-4491-9B45-6C0DAF…)

You are a Goddess, you brought my vision to life but made it so much better I can’t stop smiling. 11/10 post

No. 306379

File: 1688396978526.png (235.24 KB, 540x342, mmm yummy dr gediman hungry fe…)

ooooohhhh yeeeaaahhhh! I've been meaning to watch this one but I know I'll get sucked in and start watching the whole series kek
you are the master of your craft, I can't stop watching this, the owowowowo kills me

No. 306388

File: 1688398073632.jpg (52.1 KB, 1250x938, a89ca852daf7ff1aff962db0287a32…)

Anon your filenames make me cackle, how did you get so smart. X-Files is very easy to bingewatch but you'll probably be too busy sitting catatonic after watching this one

No. 306411

Because I haven’t seen them yet he’s been in a million things okay!! I prefer his natural baby blues, what’s his character like in the show?

No. 306422

File: 1688403077993.gif (2.28 MB, 300x255, 0C1E85A2-AC11-45DA-9EDB-CDCB7C…)

It sounds good, just another thing to add to the list

No. 306440

File: 1688410629059.gif (2.64 MB, 350x350, tumblr_b59e22e5b4f4d5f7513da67…)

The black eyes really are striking also assumed Grima had dark eyes so they missed the opportunity to give him two soulless voids in the middle of his face… what a look. Nta but thanks for the recap anon, tortured sociopath looking for redemption sounds different from the usual I'm extremely into it (and this gif oooh shit)

No. 306442

File: 1688411216642.png (864.54 KB, 1500x844, _01.png)

Maybe a smarter anon could write a dissertation about his profile all I got right now is "ooooughh"

No. 306443

File: 1688411439591.jpg (22.48 KB, 485x321, images.jpg)

Samefag sorry the line of his philtrum down to the thinnest suggestion of a cupid's bow makes me unwell

No. 306444

File: 1688414253299.gif (1.94 MB, 431x362, i'm fine i'm fine i'm okay.gif)

no you're so right, also sorry if this gif is a repost, I scrolled up & didn't see it and it drives me absolutely up the wall bonkers also the single tear, he is king of the single tear running down the face

No. 306449

File: 1688416295940.jpeg (158.97 KB, 1013x1095, 15EC38A2-6C04-4370-BC81-0FD024…)


No. 306450

File: 1688416333560.jpeg (251.08 KB, 2045x1143, 881352E8-9887-492A-872D-B3E8B0…)

No. 306451

File: 1688416483240.gif (7.71 MB, 800x448, 1576DAF7-DE5D-488A-9B75-9BF870…)

And reposting this because I also love his crazy squinty blue eyes and curly brown hair

No. 306453

File: 1688416538860.gif (6.4 MB, 540x405, ezgif-1-7b7ca807f1.gif)

You could gif every single frame he's in and repost them forever and I still wouldn't mind. His waterworks in that scene make me go fucking bonkers bananas insane stupid foolish goofy, many thoughts…idk what's going on in his left eye to make it so leaky but thank you god

YEAH ANON I'm living for these pics his entire midface (nose included) in profile is incomprehensible, it's so hot, how is he real

No. 306460

File: 1688419078835.gif (3.87 MB, 516x405, ezgif-1-30690bccea.gif)

Criminally cute curls beautiful iridescent eyes, god. Also was Spontaneous Combustion actually an okay movie or are we delusional 'cause I keep getting the urge to rewatch it mostly for the stupid dialogue and his perpetual sadness/sweatiness/confusion

No. 306495

File: 1688437430119.jpg (100.69 KB, 586x712, tumblr_468b4198f3f05fc88008a8b…)

his star trek character is literally me (violent impulses and autism). which makes the whole thing less hot to me but still fun to watch, loved the little bit of gray in his hair also.

i was surprised they didn't do that after reading that he's described as having dark eyes in the book cause they sure do love giving characters contacts. it would have given him a sort of intj pure look of analyzing quality i think.

No. 306528

File: 1688444911336.png (398.72 KB, 900x484, hmm.png)

Over 9000 hours in photoshop

No. 306529

File: 1688445187196.gif (8.81 MB, 500x280, 071605FB-443B-426E-8D0D-92A58D…)

>was Spontaneous Combustion actually an okay movie
not really, but gosh did it try. I will never be able to get over things getting so crazy and stupid at the end and then just having a hard cut to black, actually had me going “wait what, that’s it?!?”

No. 306530

File: 1688445326262.gif (9.73 MB, 500x280, BBF534B4-E2E0-400B-BD4F-84CFDE…)

He was really cute in it though

No. 306531

File: 1688445396266.jpeg (259.44 KB, 2048x1145, A61A9D23-A5A2-4CBE-AC79-36B9B7…)

No. 306532

File: 1688445490777.gif (4.67 MB, 600x334, 1F6E3A7B-C287-49BF-80AD-D91B5C…)

No. 306534

File: 1688446375413.jpg (20.24 KB, 500x280, gk-smiles.jpg)

no love for exorcist 3 yet? i always thought it's a fun enough movie. guess who he plays in this one

No. 306536

File: 1688446921668.png (714.47 KB, 1200x577, 02015463.png)

You're right I'm just blinded by the fact he's in the starring role…not only the smash cut the entire last twenty minutes after he shows up at the mansion was ??? hate to be a basic bitch but the glitter in his hair and lashes is such a cute bit

RIP AND CUT AND MUTILATE maybe it's time for a rewatch. All I remember is it's way better than Exorcist II.

No. 306539

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for bringing our vision to life, wow, he sure looks.. even wetter than usual. i would feel a bit bad for throwing this grima down the stairs.

No. 306545

File: 1688450192580.png (524.47 KB, 1100x506, hmmmm.png)

Somehow he's missing that spark of intellect or degeneracy or something without the roving plate-sized pupils but he definitely looks more dead inside…we need a director's recut

No. 306546

File: 1688450269189.jpg (107.03 KB, 565x855, tumblr_e4d8da7422ef2c7e9d031cb…)

Hey nonna, speaking of curly hair

No. 306547

File: 1688450293607.jpg (110.44 KB, 672x884, tumblr_16e3fe07ba7b39d80bdc11c…)

No. 306551

File: 1688451334327.jpg (27.51 KB, 400x583, what is this even for.jpg)

Oh you've really done it now!! This is so good, his eyes look so so wet, I want to build a pond for him to live in
Jon Arbuckle era, classic, great look
There's so much to cover! Definitely need to rewatch this one
love when they make him do the extremely normal actor promotional photos/glamour shots kek

No. 306553

File: 1688451992379.jpeg (24.42 KB, 200x308, 4F2415BB-FB35-459F-98BA-A77DFA…)

>Jon Arbuckle era
Nooo don’t say that lol he does kinda look like him tho. He looks weird to me doing those glamour shots like hello sir why are you not crying and covered in sweat/blood?

No. 306556

File: 1688452602789.gif (4.8 MB, 494x462, ezgif-5-5ff6f25830.gif)

Why is he styled like a 90s grunge boyband member what is that photo and why does he look so confused!!
Love a toadlike Grima everyone can come up to the enclosure and pay to throw mud in his face.

Kek I have a soft spot for the dumb glamour shots too.
>why are you not crying and covered in sweat/blood
Based and real and true.

No. 306564

File: 1688455581324.gif (3.89 MB, 800x340, arrrrrrrrrrfffgggghhhh.gif)

No. 306590

File: 1688471434401.gif (7.72 MB, 360x281, 065598FF-066A-4A1C-ACD1-5D7811…)

I can’t stop thinking about his legs. He was so lean and long and cute, I’m devastated.

No. 306591

File: 1688471488260.gif (8.84 MB, 360x281, 2E5142E7-42F6-448A-9162-1844F1…)

No. 306611

File: 1688484768176.png (570.48 KB, 773x676, teehee.png)

I like it when they cast him next to Hollywood sized actors and he looks ten times shorter and skinnier.

No. 306613

File: 1688485072345.png (486.52 KB, 1001x557, wow.png)

Put both hands around his little waist and lift him up like a cat

No. 306632

File: 1688494261426.gif (1.01 MB, 300x235, Tumblr_l_87587879305250.gif)

love how Ely Pouget has to reeeeally pretend like she couldn't just reach over and snatch that magazine, where's her fucking Oscar!!

No. 306635

kek something about these is so manic… love that little move when he brings his leg around to the other side of the bench

No. 306641

This is driving me crazy, I love a slight, wispy man.
>Put both hands around his little waist and lift him up like a cat
Why would you do this to me, goddamn

No. 306642

File: 1688503228942.gif (1014.19 KB, 446x332, tumblr_nqzgj31y8i1tczux5o2_400…)

It's like, she'd rather die than put her body against him it's really good. You can tell he's desperately baiting her to come closer too there's an awful shiteating grin he does where his eyes eat her up right after showing off the magazine. I love Ely's acting in DM

There's ways he just naturally speaks and moves where the typecasting makes total sense…sorry Brad

No. 306645

File: 1688503769916.gif (1.01 MB, 452x380, tumblr_nqzgj31y8i1tczux5o4_400…)

I don't have the cap on hand but him trying to be intimidating and aggro-leaning into the guy who plays Ridley while he's a foot taller is so funny. Someone please benchpress him.


Thank you anon you are a queen and an angel and I love you!! This thread is amazing we're like archeologists

No. 306650

Sorry for deleting my post, I just saw that other nonnies had found the movie elsewhere. Posting again for those who want to see it on youtube. Murder Blues AKA Dead Certain (1991)

No. 306674

File: 1688527820894.gif (3.15 MB, 471x356, 725e39c17e.gif)

Life is unfair I want to bridal carry this skinny 30 year old man too

Nice to have more links, with all the takedowns you never know when a site will go offline. Thanks again anon ♥

No. 306676

File: 1688528378820.png (505.21 KB, 832x1080, bvr.png)

No. 306680

File: 1688535505052.gif (4.37 MB, 500x372, B87D5C95-E466-4A10-8F4C-96A614…)

>I want to bridal carry this skinny 30 year old man too
Relatable, I watched this about a million times it’s so cute

Death and Cremation was alright, another kind of eh movie. Brad has a nice amount of screen time, even though he’s a scabby, toothless old man and I still love him Not a lot of gore but there was one kill I was impressed by, I wasn’t expecting to actually see a head get smashed it was a nice surprise. He plays Stanley, a grumpy old crematorium owner that kills people over the smallest slights because fucked up childhood, it’s sad but also his pettiness is funny. This fucker will kill you over anything. Didn’t say bless you after he sneezes? GOODBYE. A dumb emo kid starts working for him (it was the kid from that live action Peter Pan movie! Cutie!) and he’s not that great of an actor but it was really sweet to see Stanley look out for him though awwh my heart. I liked the end and am once again wishing that were me yes please let me be on the run with my grumpy old man this movie left me a little wanting, so I decided to watch another one. And that was a mistake. But sure watch this one if you don’t mind gross old Brad.

No. 306682

This movie was really just right out there the whole time huh.
Nonnie please I wanna know what you thought of Murder Blues since you wanted to watch it so bad, I hope it was alright

No. 306817

Tales of the Unexpected 07x05, "Number Eight"
The source of the "Where can we buy some cocaine" scene

No. 306823

hypnotized by his exposed back and dangling legs, what is wrong with me

No. 306837

File: 1688611408563.png (381.18 KB, 900x698, 05010.png)

Aw hey anon, my judgement is getting really screwed up because he makes any film watchable but it was very much worth it. Don't know if it was his worst, wouldn't recommend it for average watchers for sure, but he was in it for more than a minute and was also extremely cute- depressed, sweaty, crazy in a charming way. There were some great scenes where Barnes is shooting the shit with a detective and being a snarky asshole and his mental decline is very sad and sexy. The plot lost itself and there were annoying inconsistencies, generally a pretty forgettable film, the whodunit reveal was interesting enough though and the supporting actors were alright. I never thought in any film was he ever actually going to get naked below the nipple…I can't write about this…

No. 306840

File: 1688612231647.webm (1.28 MB, 480x360, cackle.webm)

Queen amongst women ty for the link, twenty minutes of hyena cackling is heaven.

You are normal and have good taste (forbidden exposed stomach…)

No. 306857

Glad you liked it!
SHUT UP NO WAY do we get to see the tush? Because just the other day I was lamenting how his butt is so cute and I will never get to see it
Same same same oh the way his legs are just dangling, I want to hold him

No. 306893

File: 1688642109972.gif (Spoiler Image,2.63 MB, 389x406, ezgif-1-c2c82c7fe9.gif)

Sorry nonners no ass to be seen but he does have an adorable mole on his stomach. They talk for a while after the deed and the entire time the lady is rubbing his tit and giggling, I'm still losing my mind. If you want to post photos of his butt I wouldn't mind, it's very cute and compact

No. 306908

File: 1688655985187.jpeg (33.94 KB, 540x303, E057B406-BD60-4E03-A3E9-E5D36A…)

Hot hot hot hot HOT. This ones from Wise Blood, haven’t seen it yet.

No. 306909

File: 1688656027470.jpeg (88.24 KB, 864x483, FE7F27FB-7E23-4EBC-BD5D-4225A3…)

No. 306910

File: 1688656667060.gif (663.37 KB, 272x200, yes please thank you.gif)

I feel like if I say anything at all I'll have said too much, I'm like a repressed Victorian foaming at the mouth at a sliver of ankle, it's like I can almost feel that gif

No. 306911

File: 1688657599657.jpeg (123.16 KB, 855x1075, 99776C15-49D4-473A-B15F-16C747…)

Fellow old man enjoyer..? I was so pissed at this movie, he looked so hot in all black with the hat and gloves and there are literally no good shots of him in the full outfit. I like Brad at every age but it just feels a little to shameful/embarrassing to be this horny for an old man.
replying again but sad there’s no ass. There’s a scene in Chaindance where he gets picked up and his butt looks so cute in those slacks.

No. 306913

File: 1688658836980.jpg (103.11 KB, 1023x682, MV5BMTU3MjEyODUzNF5BMl5BanBnXk…)

How is there only a single scene of him shirtless in good lighting what a tragedy, guess this one's getting bumped up the list too.

Bet it feels like a soft fuzzy carpet…that scene felt verboten to watch even his naked calves were too much.

Is that pic from Death and Cremation? The review upthread made it sound really good with the dynamic between him and the other dude. You old man enjoyers are a cornerstone of this thread!

No. 306917

File: 1688659715797.gif (10.32 MB, 540x449, F506F39F-AABA-42F1-8661-E493A9…)

No it’s from Malignant, this one was so bad I was actually pissed off. For the freakier nonnies he gets pushed down stabbed in the leg and cries a little at the end if you wanna see that. But it was super bad and he’s not in it a lot, it’s really jarring seeing him act with bad actors it’s like they’re from different planets.

No. 306937

File: 1688664350428.jpg (32.16 KB, 1024x550, 8376638.jpg)

>stabbed in the leg and cries
Thank you for thinking of us ily. It can't be worse than three hours of a shitty tv special right…?

No. 306973

File: 1688676175543.gif (3.92 MB, 540x350, ezgif.com-optimize-13.gif)

im sorry but he looked like reviewbrah in that movie

No. 306980

Death and Cremation Movie Trailer

No. 306987

Go grandpa!!!

No. 306990

File: 1688683919596.jpg (118.72 KB, 1300x836, 905577.jpg)

Reminds me of the anon who said he looks like Tommy Wiseau kms

No. 307007

why does this extremely ugly man have his own thread are you guys roleplaying(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 307030

File: 1688697569981.webm (1.38 MB, 900x700, 0622 (1)(6).webm)

Anyways here's something, favorite to least favorite or most to least horny you can change the category titles. Sorry if you really like one that's not included you can edit it in if you want. Use adblock.

Actual hot grandpa moment when he's leaning back in the chair.

No. 307031

File: 1688697657045.gif (2.3 MB, 592x334, ezgif-5-22317977e8.gif)

My new hobby is reading Death Machine reviews for the paragraphs about how wretched he is.

No. 307035

Long hair Brad in Toto mv!
This makes the movie look so much more intense than it is, emo boy cannot emote to save his life
I am having normal thoughts I am fine
I see who’s had the braincell, I literally wanted to make a tier list but didn’t want to be too autistic, guess I’m well past that point now…

No. 307045

File: 1688703150938.png (1.48 MB, 1827x1025, Martin-Klamski-brad-dourif-404…)

He is so incredibly fucking cute with long fluffy hair, one of his best looks. Glad we got Istanbul.
>didn't want to be too autistic
I am begging you to please unleash the autism

No. 307053

File: 1688710486108.gif (Spoiler Image,2.42 MB, 540x405, obligatory billy bibbutt joke.…)

So. Turns out it was One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest.

No. 307072

File: 1688723649827.gif (5.04 MB, 500x278, 4AFD7F4A-AF52-48AC-A9B4-83F0DF…)

Oh my god it’s real THANK YOU THANK YOU A MILLION TIMES I will never recover from this

No. 307074

I definitely am not thinking about his peen just flopping around. Nope not at all

No. 307081

Butt dimples….

No. 307120

File: 1688741332273.gif (7.53 MB, 540x304, Tumblr_l_87515814574060.gif)

Nooo now I'm reading reviews and I'm just getting annoyed at how many people just blatantly Don't Get It and how many aren't giving my girl Hayden her due she is not a "dim" feeemale ceo reeeeeeee!!! She did everything right from the beginning she saved the goddamn day Jack would have to fight me to be her baby!!! … or I could be the babysitter KEK ! Like, oh it's ripping off Aliens and Terminator and Robocop and, and… ! Yeah, no shit, it's called an homage? A love letter, a lampooning? Anyway at least even the people who hated it agreed Brad acted the fuck outta that shit. It's wild seeing reviews from 1998/99 on IMDB though, I never realized it had been around for so long. Anyway I'm in so deep now I went and got two different versions of the dvd off ebay just to compare them (and rip the special features clips teehee)

No. 307204

File: 1688765722165.gif (2.66 MB, 568x320, 95C78778-10C0-48ED-93A6-99DB4E…)

Tucker lover I watched Graveyard Shift. He didn’t inspire much horniness in me sorry, idk he was just an exterminator and the chewing tobacco grossed me out, wish so bad I could share your love, he was a really fun character though! And it’s so nice to see Brad in a movie that isn’t complete shit. This scene with the curl out did get me a little, I really love his curly hair so maybe the slicked back style played a part in me not liking him that much

No. 307211

File: 1688768541470.png (53.93 KB, 1114x432, 0707.png)

>annoyed at how many people just blatantly Don't Get It
You're so right they don't get it NOT LIKE US it's a fun satire and homage to 90s pop culture. Cale is the best final girl, she rails against Jack and sticks to her guns through it all plus Pouget brought so much more life to her than the script called for I love her. If you go through old blogspot reviews everyone is jerking off over how good it was idk what kind of stick IMDB users have up their ass. Yeah my other favourite part of reading those is definitely "the actors were top tier but Brad Fucking Dourif".
Wait holy shit did you find the German BMG release with the stuff about the cut versions?
>I'm in so deep
My sister I wanted to get the digipak poster but the thought of waking up every morning looking at his face will actually drive me to psychosis.

No. 307221

File: 1688772636643.gif (3.77 MB, 367x446, ezgif-5-46ba0bddff.gif)

It's ok I have the worst Brad Roles taste in the world, thank you for giving it a chance though hopefully all the closeups of his crazy beautiful eyes were worth it. His curly hair is adorable too which looks are your favourite?

No. 307234

File: 1688779659843.png (676.85 KB, 700x771, 1034_02.png)

No. 307235

File: 1688779690110.png (219.11 KB, 500x279, 153338701663246077.png)

Dunno who made this one but it's accurate.

No. 307249

File: 1688786101837.png (2.3 MB, 1080x1547, Screenshot_20230707-221221-225…)

Exactly! Thank you!! They really play off each other so well, everyone did a great job and you can tell they were having a good time working on it. There were some good reviews there as well, but since it's such a large site and there are reviews as recent as last year there's bound to be a few boneheads. I like that excerpt that calls Jack a nerd from hell kek. Also that poster!! The illustration is so beautiful, I know what you mean. As far as the dvd versions, one of them is a german copy and lists 112 minutes of special features on the case, but I haven't received it yet so we'll see. The one I do have looks like it's the US SD version, only 99 min and the case says there's an original featurette but the menu only says "trailers" and I'm having some trouble playing it. I actually picked it out because it looks like a bootleg, picrel

No. 307253

File: 1688786293570.png (876.7 KB, 700x771, Untitled70_20230707215230.png)

kek same, I really felt this when I had to scroll past all my Jack pix to make a Grima version, thank you for the quality memes nona

No. 307257

oh thank god you made a grima version!!! you guys always come through. i just accidentally saved it three times because i was so excited.
>the top pic from an unreleased scene
give us the fucking scenes jackson or i swear to god i will break into that fucking vault myself and take them.

wow that's really cool, i hope there's interesting stuff on the dvds. my fav review was
>some of the best joints i've ever seen smoked in a movie

No. 307262

File: 1688789288830.jpg (44.03 KB, 736x479, 1686513244990.jpg)

Your love for this movie gives me life did you hear about the Kino Lorber reissue they're coming out with later this year? Hope they include interviews or behind the scenes photos or at least plaster his face all over the cover.
>112 minutes of special features
Woah maybe it's the Turbine release with the soundtrack and featurette? I'm so excited for you anon!! Where the hell did you find that DVD kek the cover is funny as fuck, look how they've massacred our boy.

I KNEW THERE WAS ANOTHER ANON WITH GOOD TASTE post all your Jack and Grima pics, always foaming at the mouth for more

No. 307264

File: 1688789671802.jpg (61.13 KB, 600x522, ca_grima009_wormtongueturns2.j…)

The page this photo is uploaded to has some amazing commentary from 2002
>Oooo, you can kind of see up his robes here…mmmmm
>my gosh! your’re right those look like bloomers

No. 307279

File: 1688794052194.gif (9.79 MB, 847x357, woe.gif)

keke ty, I was in such a frenzy I just realized I didn't use my absolute favorite image ugh! Also writing a very strongly worded email rn, give us the scenes PJ!!
WHAT NO I'm clipping through my chair are you kidding me!! I've got to look that one up, I hope they include some interviews or something too that's so exciting!
Also yes it's the Turbine release, I just checked the listing, I'm super psyched. They were both ebay finds and I wouldn't say I'm particularly tricky at searching, just stubborn kek. I'm such a sucker for a good bootleg tho, that's very noticeably the Warbeast's claw and T-800's head poorly photoshopped onto the body/armor of a third thing I don't recognize. I might just scan it, it belongs in a museum
Oooo, that's got to be such a hot costume with some kind of bloomers, knee-high boots, the whole maxi tunic, and that big velvet cloak…mmmmm hope they kept that studio as chilly as the plains of Rohan. That particular scene was shot on a stage outside though, right?

No. 307281

File: 1688794517252.jpg (Spoiler Image,150.77 KB, 631x395, grimaposting.jpg)

spoilered for no actual grima

No. 307282

File: 1688794643201.jpg (114.54 KB, 800x600, grimawallpaper.jpg)

No. 307284

File: 1688794715704.jpg (76.59 KB, 700x237, oh my god Grima's underfrock.j…)

No. 307286

File: 1688794829276.jpg (130.23 KB, 719x1000, grimarticle.jpg)

No. 307287

File: 1688795067603.jpg (35.99 KB, 640x360, vibe_checker.jpg)

i am touching

fascinating stuff. the little hankie on the ground makes me SO FUCKING SAD THOUGH.

No. 307305

File: 1688802382567.jpeg (105.54 KB, 853x749, E1624B0A-2B90-45B9-8929-A996D2…)

I did really like Tucker’s exterminator outfit and his earring, I’m sure slowly I’ll start to love him more.
My favorite looks wise is when his hair is all crazy and curly or really long, I think he’s so so cute in Chaindance and I love Johnny so much I actually bought the dvd for a higher quality version, I’ll upload it to youtube soon. As for his characters themselves, I would love to throw Dante down a flight of stairs as much as the next girl but it’s his really sweet sad roles that get me the most.

No. 307306

File: 1688802636368.jpeg (29.03 KB, 640x480, 200E4932-BE4C-4107-B9D3-FB0F18…)

Like I am still not over this leggy, lovesick simpleton. He literally proposed being in a throuple to be with the woman he’s infatuated with who does that?? And she has the audacity to say she’s not attracted to him smh my head. He’s such an idiot.

No. 307319

File: 1688815961079.png (142.31 KB, 400x287, img10.png)

>such a hot costume
IT IS I'm tired of pretending it's not. The outer robe is sumptuous in its detail and the latticework on those sleeves I'm gonna tear through his bloomers with my bare teeth. Honestly idk much about the production aside from 'straya but looks like it was outside from the lighting yeah.

The mental image of everyone itt shredding that underfrock to bits like rabid dogs, kek.

He is so pathetic in this scene please let him have his hankie…still peeved they didn't include Scouring of the Shire.

No. 307325

File: 1688818734705.jpg (63.7 KB, 1280x720, MV5BM2QyMzgyMzEtZWQxOS00NjQ1LT…)

Tucker looks weird smelly and gross I totally understand the general repulsion but his monologues are so funny, just a normal dude who loves his job. Chaindance was shockingly good right? If only he did more of that and less of whatever I, Desire was. He's eccentric and not very sweet in Body Parts but you should watch that one, peak curls.

No. 307327

File: 1688818905534.jpg (71.94 KB, 1452x759, MV5BMDhmOWUzYzMtM2VkYi00ZjdlLW…)

Watching this one tonight, I'm afraid to fall in love with him all over again.

No. 307331

File: 1688819687676.jpg (37.41 KB, 600x578, Gr-ma-Wormtongue-grima-wormton…)


No. 307446

File: 1688849088365.gif (2.09 MB, 400x282, F7A2D404-59F7-412D-B181-9D744B…)

PLEASE what is this from I just watched both Halloween movies thinking that was it

No. 307451

File: 1688849678170.jpg (30.62 KB, 321x466, the hankie.jpg)

Oh… sigh Grima's inner-layer outfit under the cloak and underfrock… god imagine him in just his little blouse and bloomers I want to deathroll him I want to crush him like a python

No. 307476

File: 1688870243383.jpg (133.2 KB, 1000x1188, 1675084842_.jpg)

Deathroll him, thrash his neck between my teeth like a wild animal, his wet and doughy constitution would not survive the damage. If the outer tunic is so dingy does it just get worse the further into his inner layers you go…loving the handkerchief pics btw, I can't look at it and be normal anymore.

No. 307494

It's from Last Kind Words (2012), he plays the owner of a farm that the main character moves to, vidrel is queued up to that scene but warning it's pretty bad quality. I haven't seen either so I initially thought it was from Halloween also, but it turns out this was a few years later. This one is apaprently some sort of southern gothic coming-of-age drama. With ghosts.

No. 307516

File: 1688897209551.jpg (25.19 KB, 450x329, grima16 costume.jpg)

his body/costume looks so grotesque and sexy under the cloak i am unwell

ok my fellow insane individuals, do we think he's aware that everyone sees him as the slimy disgusting creature he is or is he just extremely delusional and thinks he's cool and goth and misunderstood? thoughts? PLEASE entertain me i need to sperg.

No. 307524

File: 1688901684467.gif (2.78 MB, 513x289, 7A8B6360-117D-4934-AC52-B6FBF5…)

Thank you for finding it! The sheriff was still very cute though i wanna rub his belly
>extremely delusional and thinks he's cool and goth and misunderstood
I choose this because it’s funnier to me. I think if he was aware everyone thinks he’s nasty he would try to do something about it, right? Or maybe he just dgaf I don’t know

No. 307533

File: 1688909659733.jpg (73.31 KB, 576x441, scan.jpg)

maybe his hair is so greasy because he constantly drenches it in some concoction he tried to mix in a dingy lab in orthanc in a misguided attempt to make it glossier and fluffier.. he's not very good at chemistry.

he's literally such a vile and fascinating character, all the internal conflicts and contradictions and depravity which were never quite explored enough. does he think he’s helping the people survive by taking control of the country, pulling the strings from the shadows, hoping that one day he will be recognised and accepted, or does he simply want to feel powerful, having those who wronged him, or looked at him the wrong way at his mercy? i’m very much an evil fucked up grima truther of course, but his evil probably does stem from delusions, and also fear. i think he wouldn’t see the point in trying to fight a force like sauron, he must think he’s doing the logical thing. does he care about possibly dooming all these people to be slaughtered by orcs when he advises saruman about the best course of attack? it was probably just petty revenge for casting him out, but what could’ve happened to make him turn his back on all of humanity so thoroughly? does he cry in that scene from realizing the scale of his crimes against humanity, or is eowyn his only regret? jfc he is giving me brain damage.

No. 307534

File: 1688911766233.jpg (19.13 KB, 600x315, grímaqsryk3gr3u1b1.jpg)

Probably very aware but like anon said he doesn't care because he's too focused on Saruman's promises and his glorious future (live your dreams Grima). His life is so shit he can only survive by being singularly goal oriented kek.

Imo he cries because looking out at the army over Orthanc the full consequences of his actions finally hit, just the grand scale of what he's helped set into motion, and he realizes it's too late for any contrition. Tfw the consequences of his actions.
>does he care about possibly dooming all these people to be slaughtered
Maybe not initially but all-out genocide likely wasn't on his agenda.

No. 307539

File: 1688914115726.png (1.69 MB, 1200x834, FJ01.png)

Thanks for your patience, here's Final Judgement. Brad is the leading man in this one(!), Father Dan is very cute and very awkward (considering he's in a strip club 60% of the time). https://mixdroop.bz/f/6qeo4gzjte09j

No. 307540

File: 1688914147301.gif (3.84 MB, 410x431, ezgif-1-4d90a54697.gif)

No. 307541

File: 1688914589166.jpeg (11.03 KB, 258x195, 41A9F585-6894-47CD-B224-95CF74…)

NO WAY I’ve been wondering about this but didn’t want to rush you HOLY FUCK it’s a good day to be a priestfag. And I literally just got off of work incredible timing I’m watching soon as I get home THANK YOU

No. 307543

Sorry, there were so many conversion issues that came up but YES enjoy ♥ There's a holster under his frock, kinky

No. 307577

File: 1688929323413.gif (3.55 MB, 418x324, youguys.gif)

I thought you were kidding about the throuple thing oh my god, he's such a desperate loverboy, the actual manic devastation after he finds out about Jean's pregnancy…his hysterics at the end made me want to hold him like a baby he's just so stupid and the ending was so sad too, not what I expected.

No. 307583

File: 1688934551674.gif (5.62 MB, 540x540, cmon my lord i'm just a little…)

You're going to heaven for this one, thank you!!
I do love the big ol biker mustache, I admit it

God he probably is aware but wrong about the reasons, like he thinks everyone is just jealous of him for his drip being so much smarter than they are, and likely acts extremely smug about it. He's definitely an uppity nerd and has probably on some level convinced himself they'd all realize how wrong they were if he ever revealed his True Power And Intellect. The way he acts haughty in the court of Rohan but simpers and sucks up to Saruman, he comes off like he thinks he's got everyone figured out and knows how to flatter them to get what he wants. Possibly at one point he groomed himself better but I think he is also being corrupted by the magic in a similar way to Smeagol, both in the sense that it's affecting his physical form and making him more wet and creaturelike, as well as making him more deranged and paranoid - if he's sneaking around then so could someone else, so of course nobody else should be allowed into his chambers to snoop (clean them) or handle his personal affects to sabotage or hex him (wash them)
Oh yeah he absolutely cries because he's realizing what he's done and how there's no going back. He just wanted to play both sides because he's a coward and wants to be on the winning team, whatever his twisted idea of "winning" is. I think also his ass-kissing betrays his desire to be admired or liked or appreciated in some way. Maybe at some point his obsession with Eowyn started to blind him to the scale of Saruman's plans or maybe he thought Sauron would have intervened and everything would have just worked out in his favor somehow?

No. 307638

File: 1688961725154.gif (6.18 MB, 540x396, ezgif-2-97a5da6a23.gif)

Anon I've been thinking about this all day, especially
>corrupted by the magic [making him more deranged and paranoid]
your Grima thoughts are enchanting. Paranoia adding to his already strenuous mental load of playing both sides, compartmentalizing his own desires while fending off Eomer AND Saruman, oh my god he probably gets off on his epic genius LARP during the day and cries himself to sleep at night. I love that scene in your gif too even his rage is so meek, how does he have so much unwarranted pride to outright spit on mercy…his ego really got beat out of him after exile huh. Also funny how everyone in his proximity finds him repulsive but he's finally climbed the echelons of society and grits his teeth through all ill will sent his way by hiding behind his usurped status and a mummified old man. With such illusions of grandeur and self-importance I wonder if he was always weird and generally disliked? Would make sense of why he'd sell his loyalty. He's such a compulsive manipulator that not even Saruman takes him seriously nor is Eowyn willing to entertain his delusions…not that there's any canon bearing to it but I still love Brad's thought of Grima wanting to be loved but nobody willing to have him.

No. 307640

File: 1688962064119.webm (2.48 MB, 530x400, I CANT TAKE THIS.webm)

No. 307649

Ayrt I’m so happy someone else watched this so you can know my pain, poor little Chad

No. 307653

File: 1688970237273.jpeg (111.36 KB, 981x602, Fnv-Jm8XoAc0R1S.jpeg)

tbh i’m so thankful and absolutely reeling because of how i can just go on my favourite basket weaving forum and enjoy insanely in-depth and articulate analysis from all of you about such an obscure character, i am blessed. ok, this one bit isn’t REALLY canon (i thought it was sort of implied, and one of the directors/producers/idk said they did shoot something along those lines), grima being relieved deep down that saruman’s forces lost but then being reminded that he fucked up all his chances of forgiveness and belonging.. he must have questioned every single life choice he made a hundred times over at that point, it's such a dramatic descent from his presumptuous self-satisfied disposition at the court.
>paranoia adding to his already strenuous mental load
i want to keep leaving mysterious threats on his desk until he has a public mental breakdown because he can’t figure out who’s doing it and how they know all those things about him

wow thank you, i managed to download it. i hope you find a crisp hundred dollar bill today.

No. 307793

File: 1689026491102.jpeg (96.66 KB, 374x600, grima43.jpeg)

>he fucked up all his chances of forgiveness and belonging
Reading this made me feel physical pain like sure the punishment fit the crime, his motivations weren't commendable in any sense but he gets so thoroughly decimated after Helm's Deep. Reduced to an afterthought, a punching bag, cared and thought about even less than he already was. Wonder if thoughts of Eowyn are enough to keep him sane in the long hours of the night or if even that light has been snuffed out of his life because he can't help but accept the miserable, isolated reality of his existence. Wonder how shattered his psyche is after all that.

No. 307797

File: 1689026873654.gif (4.58 MB, 352x327, tity.gif)

Sighing wistfully

No. 307926

File: 1689093220922.webm (8.75 MB, 854x480, augh oogh.webm)

head full, many Grima thoughts

No. 307939

File: 1689096536164.gif (712.85 KB, 300x227, WHAT.gif)

he looks so crazed in this one what is going on !!

No. 307946

File: 1689097846854.jpg (54.94 KB, 736x734, w5y4j8rmymq61.jpg)

A penny for your thoughts anon? I just love so much how he tries to feel for the last step with his hand there's something very endearingly useless about it (just like him) and the voice crack of course. And the blood on his teeth.

Still not over this dogshit movie…he's happy that his girlfriend put a jacket on him how fucking cute is that. It's a comedy but basically he gets his brain microwaved and turns into a permanently hungry horny mute who only wants to cuddle his gf

No. 307968

Here’s Chaindance in a slightly better quality than the one on internet archive. I’ve never ripped a dvd before and don’t feel like futzing with it anymore right now to see if I could get it looking nicer, soz. Enjoy!

No. 307971

File: 1689105251071.gif (3.31 MB, 480x366, B17965AF-6310-425C-BE72-9B5F75…)

I think Johnny is my favorite role of his so far, he is #1 in my heart

No. 307975

File: 1689105411700.jpeg (131.42 KB, 1004x768, 533A23B3-6740-493A-8D8C-F357DF…)

Last samefag I wish I had gotten to see them buying suits and stuff, I was robbed. GIVE ME A CUTE MONTAGE

No. 307989

File: 1689110464235.gif (936.32 KB, 351x239, tumblr_pot52ftfn71sox0hwo1_r1_…)

ANON the quality is so much better than the other upload, thank you for doing that!! Can't wait to see Brad's sweet face in HD this thread is god's gift to womankind. Why is he your favourite write a love letter I wanna know, a huge shame it doesn't get talked about much because Johnny is a cutie and the movie's not half bad either. Is it the acerbic humour, the poetry?

No. 308008

File: 1689118666288.webm (11.95 MB, 720x720, Tumblr_Rxlu84kvsa1zyc9ue 720.w…)


No. 308034

File: 1689125101122.jpg (162.37 KB, 700x900, german_promo_6.jpg)

No. 308093

File: 1689141639590.gif (6.72 MB, 480x368, 46EB50BC-D0FE-4884-8B20-0CB16F…)

>why is he your favorite
Yes yes yes it is absolutely because of using his humor to hide the hurt and being a bit of an ass, being a sad poetry boy and his hair is at MAXIMUM CURL. When he says “I used to dream, but I stopped it…almost” my….heart……gughhhhhhh
Ladies PLEASE what is this??

No. 308132

Anon…very understandable…wish that was me chained to him. That one is Medium Rare! The only version up is cut to shit but Mitch oooh I love him and the ending AHHH

No. 308149

File: 1689172472684.webm (1.08 MB, 268x197, nomnom.webm)

No. 308158

hrngh okay I'm trying to touch on everything while also making a concerted effort not to sperg too much but my brain has turned to mush and is running out my ears he is such a wretch!! Every scene makes me insane. The comedic timing on the cut to him being thrown down the stairs is impeccable, shout out to the editor for that one. The bone crunching sounds with every impact down the stairs as well, no wonder they won an Oscar for sound design. And that shriek right as he thinks Theoden is about to bring his sword down on him before Aragorn stops him, music to my ears, Brad's a great voice actor and I bet that was a fun time in the sound booth!
Anyway the way Grima is always leaning in so close to Theoden, hissing into his ear but also looking at him so tenderly? And how Theoden weakly calls for him, his trusted servant, his faithful Grima…! And OH seeing him deliver a line that originally was Aragorn's thought "so fair, so cold" can you believe I'm going to break his ankles I will hobble him! And then the bit about a hutch to trammel some wild thing in, how is he so smarmy and so desperate at the same time, Eowyn is totally his waifu and he's so convinced that deep down she's just like him fr!!
He absolutely is bitter and entitled enough to throw a tantrum and just go full scorched-earth without really grasping the consequences, which also kind of illustrates just how much he's deteriorated from who he might have been when Theoden first made him advisor. I'm assuming it's never clarified in the books whether Saruman instructed him to worm kek his way into the position of advisor specifically, or whether he was headhunted because that was already his position? but both are fun to think about. When the party arrives at Edoras and Grima is squabbling with Gandalf, Gandalf addresses Grima as son of Galmod and says to him "what a witless worm you have become," I think we can assume he is familiar with him, and may even have respected him at one time? Or didn't think so lowly of him, at least. The way Gandalf later points out to Theoden that everyone except Theoden calls him Wormtongue almost seems like he's saying that Theoden is not just blinded to his scheming, but also that he's the last person left after everyone else slowly turned against Grima, but maybe I am obsessing over the details too much?
vid not related, it just makes me cackle. I love seeing what music people associate with different characters

No. 308161

File: 1689177922289.png (629.7 KB, 1110x1092, dourifnetfanart.png)

samefag, found this great old fansite in my neverending quest for moar grimapics:

it's so funny how that just becomes his signature move. also wtf was his girlfriend mixing up that was so pink (in the earlier scene in the trailer)? cake icing, ambrosia salad? pepto bismol??
that scene really tugged on my heartstrings, also he totally got me with the classic clear green visor specifically for playing cards, it was very cute

No. 308212

File: 1689201201420.jpg (53.46 KB, 471x564, carriesphotos.jpg)

Vindicated! From this queen's June 14 2003 Flashback Weekend Two Towers viewing and Q&A:
>"…what I found most fascinating was his explanation of Grima Wormtongue’s tear at the sight of Saruman’s army. “He is the only man who can see the horror that was about to ensue. He was the only character who could truly feel and make the audience feel because he had a connection with men, being a man himself. It was more of a ‘G-d, what have I done?’ tear. He feels the guilt and the horror of what’s to come” (That was paraphrased, hard to remember now, hours later.) I thought that a very interesting insight into Grima’s character, as he is my favorite LOTR character."

No. 308249

File: 1689220395673.gif (6.33 MB, 540x304, ooh.gif)

Grima is a comedic tragedy in three parts, never too much sperg. Speaking of shrieking his "OUGH, ARGH" after falling down the stairs is also v good.
Him getting that whole “bitter watches of the night” dialogue is insane!! Gentle and fatherly in its original context but suddenly unwholesome and intimating too much…you know he's compared Eowyn to a summer's day in his head a hundred times. Will never get over how forlorn he looks staring at his hand after touching her either like disbelief he actually got that far and that it'll probably never happen again. Very hot that she finds him so utterly repulsive not even the insidious venom of his words (or Saruman's magic?) can get to her. He's so confident in his hold over every person in that hall, the total faith he has in himself at that point is astounding.
Stop me if this is too autistic but how do you feel about the change in stage direction when the party enters Meduseld? Grima originally being at Theoden's feet not only an indication of his lower status (iirc Eowyn stood at Theoden's side as a familial equal) but also making him seem more harmless, wilfully subservient? I love that he sits nearly ass to ass with Theoden in the films too though really drives home the power dynamic.
>deteriorated from who he might have been
If you're the same anon who wrote about his gradual corruption by dark magic you have such a way of describing his fall from grace I adore it. The reference to him once being a man of Rohan and the discarded patronym seems to imply he wasn't always a loathsome degenerate, like you said Gandalf seemed idk disappointed at what Edoras, and maybe even Grima, were reduced to. Maybe nobody thought much of him, he was an unremarkable person with lofty ambitions but poor hygiene social standing so his greatest assets were tongue and brains. Anyways makes you wonder who started the whole Wormtongue meme, Grima was probably seething so hard when it caught on kek.

Up until that single tear he really was still perfectly content snitching about Aragorn's Barahir ring and daydreaming of Eowyn as a Frazetta girl, then the terror hit so fast it hewed cracks that would slowly dismantle him completely (if PJ had actually filmed more worm abuse adventure smh).

No. 308254

File: 1689221382781.webm (677.27 KB, 530x400, venamun.webm)

Watched the Legion edit for the first time today thanks to you anon. I didn't even know that they cut 80% of Dourif's scenes for the theatrical release to shoehorn Miller in for the fanservice, corpo scrotes are retards. 30 minutes of Gemini monologue with no vocal filters, wew…

No. 308255

File: 1689221716607.webm (1.35 MB, 530x332, mediumrare5.webm)

No. 308309

why is he so wet

No. 308314

File: 1689265107220.jpeg (Spoiler Image,392.26 KB, 2049x1852, D28EFFFA-A258-4079-8439-DBE504…)

Ha. I am losing it, another one for the Dantefags, I saw this in the husbando thread and was inspired. Yes I included the crotch hole thank you for pointing it out whoever that was, how are his pants even held together? They seriously look on the verge of falling apart.
HOT. The wet curlies are too good

No. 308315

File: 1689265326918.jpeg (Spoiler Image,61.48 KB, 476x502, FC2418C3-BBF8-45BA-A6AD-449AE1…)

CRINGE WARNING And a little bonus doodle because I could not stop imagining him in his stupid little lair cutting the holes in his jeans while blaring heavy metal im sorry I just think of him as a tighty whiteys type of guy

No. 308326

File: 1689269866726.jpg (58.19 KB, 773x578, rare grima.jpg)

and THE WAY HE’S SHAKING why does he look so different person in that shot, his fear is so vibrant and unfiltered and exposed, compared to all the pretences and fronts he puts on in the court, hiding his motives, yet he can’t hide from anyone now, it’s DELICIOUS. amazing acting, i could watch him writhe beneath theoden’s rightful wrath on repeat forever. ooooooh you duplicitous little rodent, you vile creature, you insect…. the veins they painted on his face really complete the decaying corpse look, i wonder if grima’s entire body would be so transparently pale you could see all the capillaries and stuff, it’s so cute how he’s falling apart mentally and physically.

grima probably had unquestioning faith in saruman and the things he promised up until then, yet right as he was enjoying the all time high of the power he'd been granted he saw gandalf just instantly dissolve the spell they'd been weaving for so long like it was nothing, and now he's suddenly surrounded by enemies, reduced to nothing. sweet, sweet tasty retribution when i was watching it for the first time together w/ a friend she said something like 'they should've probably killed that guy instead of letting him go but i bet you're happy they didn't cause you're always into those kinds of characters'. kek.

OH ART NONNA, your mind is a beautiful and genious place, you draw his face SO cute, your art is always such a nice surprise to see in this thread!!

No. 308331

i meant *like a different person, ffs.

No. 308337

WHAT A FUCKING WIN FOR THE DANTEFAGS HOLY SHIT MY LITTLE FREAK!!!! MY PINCUSHION THE LOVE OF MY LIFE THE BILE IN MY THROAT ANON I CAN'T I need to write a ballad to your skill your rendering and hahah yeah the hole in his jeans I can't right now…just yesterday I was trawling DevArt for the meager amount of sketches and today you post this I'M GONNA CHOKESLAM HIS CUTE FACE INTO THE PAVEMENT proper reply tba I love you

No. 308339

thank you nonnie, I don’t know when I’ll get started on it but I have at least one little Grima sketched out right now
Your feral energy is inspiring. Dantefags are a different breed.

No. 308377

File: 1689306834687.gif (9.5 MB, 540x350, 3789208e27.gif)

Back to froth at the mouth about the sliver of exposed skin on his belly I NEED to elbowdrop onto the arch of his back and bite his ass like a horny cartoon character your captions are awakening something else in me maybe him backtalking is acceptable, and funny, and sexy even. The doodle is adorable as always too, standard issue basic bitch underwear that someone else has to go out and buy for him. You deserve the world and more, thank you for being so fucking cool.
>blaring heavy metal
God why are you so right, the soundtrack was great but it's killing me that we get no indication of what his leitmotif would be, are his preferred music genres TV static and porn or what.

No. 308384

Samefag but old fandoms have such a charming 144p legacy.

No. 308390

File: 1689311430554.gif (988 KB, 301x212, D2495816-CBC2-464F-8AC2-FB1389…)

Backtalk is NOT acceptable but Dante’s incapable of shutting up it’s why he needs to be put in his place. if that little sliver of skin is enough to drive you crazy my next idea will make your head explode

No. 308432

File: 1689337539393.gif (4.45 MB, 540x340, 27198d9e6.gif)

I keep thinking about it like yes Jack debase yourself for my amusement you walking trashcan, prattle on about how it's so gross and freaky the irony is hysterical, I wonder what kind of manic schizobabble would come out of his cute mouth in the throes of extreme emotion. He gets off to such nasty shit you'd have to be even nastier to really shut him up, make him question the extent of his own masochism…
You absolute angel you fucking legend, I'm shaking just thinking of the possibilities drawanon how are you real??

No. 308435

File: 1689342505729.gif (1.85 MB, 285x200, awesomeboy.gif)

Why, yes. Yes, you are.

No. 308441

File: 1689348023793.gif (619.05 KB, 300x237, tumblr_mbnkr551Wj1qhb9o9o4_400…)

Is "unnaturally wet" on his resumé

No. 308442

File: 1689349107432.png (Spoiler Image,310.73 KB, 622x474, gooboy warby.png)

SCREAM nonna it is always such a treat to see your art in the thread, thank you thank you for your service!! something about, um, the way his ridiculous duster is just sloppily pushed aside, gosh. what a fucking nerd.
yeah what she said

please accept my humble offering! this loser would absolutely wear the same pair of tighie whities until they were grey and stretched out and the elastic was coming off, but for your consideration: the classic novelty heart boxers. also warbeast cuz he's a good boy kek I'm obsessed with robot dog

No. 308444

File: 1689349310217.gif (3.65 MB, 268x223, tftc.gif)

samefag, feeling extremely blessed on this day

No. 308446

File: 1689349749009.gif (1.56 MB, 500x280, istanbul1.gif)

No. 308447

File: 1689349884368.gif (8.44 MB, 540x325, yeah check my fucking pulse pl…)

No. 308456

File: 1689356256558.jpg (161.88 KB, 1024x768, istanbul07.jpg)

OH YOU GUYS ARE SO TALENTED I'm the happiest luckiest girl in the world looking at all this fanart, obsessed with the shading on his butt . Anonnnn he already has novelty ladies' lingerie of course he'd have novelty boxers, hearts and the ones with the smiley face on the dick no doubt. Puppy looks super cute, too.

Not even god would judge me for the things I want to do to Martin, Brad's expressions are maximum unhinged in this one. And his hair…

No. 308457

File: 1689356330196.gif (8.6 MB, 540x345, 15a4fd0fba081364be48b99e649adb…)

No. 308458

File: 1689356417594.jpg (55.04 KB, 537x833, MV5BYTMyNTdmYTgtYmE3Ni00NmExLW…)

No. 308459

File: 1689356545579.gif (659.19 KB, 250x189, boop.gif)

No. 308460

File: 1689356926980.jpg (10.59 KB, 77x77, abnormal about him.jpg)

i want to kill him with hammers

>i have at least one little grima sketched out
um ok thanks for letting me know so that i don't suffer a heart attack. GOD i can't imagine how fucking sick he'd look in your style, double the creepiness, quadruple the grease…..

No. 308471

File: 1689361661429.jpeg (Spoiler Image,63.07 KB, 549x676, 7903BFF5-0BEF-4BE8-8C61-5EDD00…)

>this thing wakes you up in the middle of the night wyd
my own idea has me laughing my ass off he’s so stupid I’m so stupid
YAY MORE ART!!!!! I LOVE IT!! it’s so funny i absolutely 100% considered giving him the novelty heart boxers hah
I am unwell. I still haven’t watched this or Final Judgement because I just know it’s gonna leave me borderline catatonic, and I need everything to be just right, the stars need to align and I need to make a blood sacrifice and only then will I be ready.

No. 308513

File: 1689371742641.gif (3.99 MB, 420x384, 7926e.gif)

How are all the master artists concentrated itt it's just wild?? I can't believe it you guys are unbelievably based, this Death Machine revival is insane. Actual irl KEK at the ancient white briefs totally being canon now

No. 308595

File: 1689437117100.png (837.17 KB, 1908x798, ttt052c_zps5e02ad2f.png)

>so transparently pale you could see all the capillaries and stuff
That sallow smooth waxy diseased complexion I want to run my fingers down his face, he looks so tender I want to eat him. The anon who said his skin is sticky and soft was right on the money it's like he died in a river and crawled out three days later a sopping affront to man.

No. 308596

File: 1689437311650.gif (420.79 KB, 300x227, 0695cf8e770f962c72b35b166a5399…)

No. 308616

File: 1689454869726.jpg (67.88 KB, 940x394, YEEEAAARRGGHHH.jpg)

>not even the insidious venom of his words (or Saruman's magic?) can get to her
Oh I sort of got the same impression! Like he's trying to use his slimy magic and you see her almost give in for a moment because on top of his manipulations, what he's saying isn't technically wrong and it's so painful to be lonely like that and to be understood in some small way can be so, well, seductive for lack of a better word kek, but she is so completely disgusted by him that it snaps her out of it and she's able to escape. Love that for her.
>change in stage direction when the party enters Meduseld
Would have loved to see him sitting at Theoden's feet and clinging to the foot of his robes, sigh… It also definitely drives home the snake imagery too, I think, him writhing on the floor like the worm he is. I do like both versions though, it's fun to see him clinging to the side of the throne, almost crawling up it like an insect. also KEK yeah that was me saying I think the magic is eating away at him, I'm so in love with his corruption I can't help it he's eating away at my brain! He would absolutely be malding about the nickname, but I read a comment somewhere recently in a discussion of the name though, apparently Tolkien pretty consistently used "worm" to refer to dragons as opposed to the more typical "wyrm"? So it could again be another serpent reference which is very on brand for him.
Ooh rare Grima, nice! Also love how he shakes and yeah he does look super different in that shot right?? I thought it was just me. The veins are so creepy and charming and it IS so cute how he's falling apart, you can almost feel his stomach just drop in that moment when Gandalf cures Theoden, how he immediately starts trying to skitter away when he thinks no one is looking, what a coward!
kek I love this model, his head is so bulbous.

Oscillating so fast between Grima and Dante thoughts I'm giving myself whiplash over here, the Turbine edition Death Machine DVD has just arrived, shaking and crying etc etc. Trying to rip it rn, we'll see how good my luck is since it has a region 2 emblem on the case and me & my devices are squarely in region 1. Apparently you can change the region on your PC, but only a handful of times before it's locked.

No. 308633

File: 1689463695270.gif (1.93 MB, 542x480, over the shoulder.gif)

When he glides his hand down her neck the divisive emotions between them are so palpable, Eowyn's eyes boring through him in silent rage while his go wide in expectation that she'll lean into his touch, it's such a tense scene someone can write an essay on it I'm sure. Yes also on how he grips onto the throne, who is the infirm one here exactly KEK. The worm/wyrm thing is very good info in fact the double entendre illustrates his degradation even further? From a dangerous venomous serpent to a witless filthy worm, I love that.
CONGRATS on the package!! Apparently the reverse side of the case insert is beautiful, are there any cool extras on it? Oh how awful anon it seems your words have forced my hand, I must rewatch DM today, oh how unfortunate.
>Oscillating so fast between Grima and Dante
Kindred spirit…

No. 308653

File: 1689471285171.webm (2.25 MB, 765x576, moonlighting.webm)

Bruce Willis with hair is extremely insufferable but look at this sweet mousy priestly man (Moonlighting S3E5) https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x5lkrwh?playlist=x4wcic

No. 308693

Thanks you thank you for finding this! The priest trinity is now complete I can watch them all
Aw cute, love his little awkward smile

No. 308725

File: 1689515664328.gif (2.75 MB, 540x304, 88b719df61.gif)

His awkward smiles are the best

No. 308764

File: 1689539960048.gif (6.25 MB, 540x350, grampyj.gif)

I need to smoke a joint with this old man

No. 308766

File: 1689540913582.jpg (84.29 KB, 1042x805, IMG_6629 copy.JPG)

very inspired by the death machine anon's dedication, so i gotta ask: is there like a special lotr release with all the behind the scenes stuff that i should look for? (yeah i should just try and find it myself but maybe one of you knows something..?)

No. 308772

I need to bite his tiddies and have him purr in my ear as we snugglefuck. Am I still a grandpafucker if I only feel this way about one old man? He’s truly the exception for me it’s wild

No. 308774

File: 1689547396532.jpg (60.03 KB, 833x628, 8cef7f9c0345bb443bd9c947966fe1…)

Kek hey, dvdcompare.net is the site with version info and they seem to have every LotR release imaginable. Not sure if there's a definitive edition with all the bonus content but the Collector's Edition of Two Towers has full cast audio commentary so maybe there's some secret Grima info lurking there. Hope you can find something good.

Anon there's only one true label for this feeling, not grandpafucker…Douriffucker… The amount of things and ways I am horny for him is horrible and embarrassing, he's unreal.

No. 308776

File: 1689547926733.png (23.22 KB, 952x125, 01.png)

Samefag the "Ultimate" Collector's Edition has a neat booklet with costume/production notes which seem elucidating but it's 200 Ameribucks and also picrel…sorry nonners.

No. 308786

File: 1689552302794.jpg (2.83 MB, 3471x2295, coverscan.jpg)

The Limited Edition versions claim to have DVD-ROM features but to access them you need a defunct program called InterActual that only works with internet explorer for some reason. I'm dying to know what they are because they're not listed on the dvdcompare site! Hopefully the information is stored on the disc and it's not the type of deal where the disc acts as a key to access a special section of a website.
The DM DVD extras were a little disappointing unfortunately, they definitely fudged das minuten bonusmaterial by adding up the runtime for all the extras in every language so instead of 112 min it's more like 45, plus it really felt like the people in charge of the crew interviews were just asking bland, general questions and the only one with any detailed info was the editor. sad! I was really looking forward to learning about the fucking WIG!!! the costumes, but she does give a few details about the Hardman suit's construction at least. Working on cropping the scans of the booklet and maybe putting the interviews somewhere, but here's the cover for now anyway

No. 308802

Thank you for the magnificent review, sorry to hear about das bonusmaterial though. If you can upload the interviews for posterity it would be awesome maybe Lorber will actually get ahold of Norrington or Anciano for a real jackpot.
>the WIG
It looks so unstyled and fresh out of the bag but there's no way right? That weird fringe = Jack snipped it himself for visibility (but then why is his hair in his face all the time anyway) smh these vital questions need answers. And that specific Blade Runner quote on his door, just another homage or?? I'm losing it.

No. 308827

File: 1689574573441.png (2.32 MB, 2537x1097, where can i get a chaair.png)

alright, here we go:
Fantastic film festival 1994 (english w/japanese subtitles in parts) - https://mixdroop.bz/f/0ver8zv7f14z31
interview with editor Paul Endacott - https://mixdroop.bz/f/md7q3z64s9z643
interview with costumer Stephanie Collier - https://mixdroop.bz/f/md7q3zplhn7nx7
interview with producer Ray Burdis - https://mixdroop.bz/f/qlj6q9mlsx897vr
aside from the trailers and the film itself that's pretty much it! I can't tell if this site compresses or resizes the videos, if not I can put up the HD version as well.

Now that I'm able to see The Wig better, I think it might actually be extensions. I think the top highlight in picrel is where his real hair ends, and they just threw in the extensions without trying to blend them so they're all the same length.
society if wardrobe had cut in some layers or something

No. 308848

File: 1689587015947.jpeg (9.86 KB, 201x251, 4D555E08-B538-4FBD-A214-A13923…)

Grima lovers, do you know if they shaved off his eyebrows or just hid them with makeup magic? I was just curious about that, and you’ve probably all found this already but this site has some nice costume pics at the end, I’ll just post it for posterity https://www.angelfire.com/anime4/starblazer/wormtongue.html
He looks so grumpy in this pic it made me smile

No. 309002

File: 1689651576973.jpg (21.54 KB, 371x600, ocr.jpg)

Downloaded, you're a saint! The Endacott interview was p nice, everyone really gave it their all for this dumb wonderful movie it's such a labour of love. Aw @ "once he'd gone you could feel the energy drop", I wanna hear how Pouget felt about filming with him it was probably super intense.

He shaved em, you can read the whole story here https://www.theonering.net/torwp/2003/09/08/25398-an-hour-with-brad-dourif-2/

No. 309003

File: 1689651665370.jpg (43.77 KB, 541x684, media_F1B3QRIWwAML9Mr.jpg)

No. 309004

File: 1689651761740.jpg (191.26 KB, 1600x1273, s-l16001.jpg)

Very pettable ponytail.

No. 309031

File: 1689667636256.jpeg (119.01 KB, 1280x820, D802C844-091F-44CE-B614-6E8242…)

ty nonna! Can’t wait to read it all later
I think you mean very pullable

No. 309043

thanks! oh this is gonna be such a pain..

No. 309056

File: 1689679733035.gif (435.23 KB, 400x225, 556fb73098.gif)

Wanna brush the curls out of his face and yank on them the greasy half-updo in Graveyard Shift was really something…

No. 309057

File: 1689679772071.jpg (33.47 KB, 395x594, 4daaea97a6347615469686730826fb…)

No. 309100

File: 1689694517006.gif (1.97 MB, 500x212, haha what a funnie joke joss.g…)

Gotta love Dr Gediman's dumb metal tube ponytail too kek, honestly he was the best part of the whole dumpster fire that is Alien Resurrection. Rant incoming but I tried to rewatch it last night and it's been so long since I've been subjected to anything Joss Whedon got his sweaty little hands all over that I forgot how completely fucking insufferable he makes everything he touches. I couldn't even finish it, absolute moidgazey fanboy trash, it should be considered a fan film actually, it's hardly worth putting on for background noise. The director did Amelie right after too, which I haven't seen since I was a kid but knowing that I bet I would feel gross watching it now as well. Sorry to go on and on but they really had everything handed to them and fucked it up so bad!! Oh well, at least we got the xeno tank scene out of it, right?

No. 309192

File: 1689725796421.jpg (116.33 KB, 589x909, this jacket.jpg)

cherubic. angelic, even

No. 309278

File: 1689777524314.jpg (143.04 KB, 560x857, tumblr_bf15f6f0c1b3dda520cbe32…)

Beating my brain into having fucked up Death Machine dreams is not working but somehow I had a dream about this thread last night?? Love you girls.
That shoot is so funny someone get him some sunglasses.

No. 309279

File: 1689777565613.jpg (48.7 KB, 367x594, 2_400.jpg)

No. 309280

File: 1689777674038.png (282.28 KB, 926x831, 10_4300.png)

This headshot is on your desk for a LotR casting wyd

No. 309291

File: 1689780883022.gif (195.66 KB, 385x376, glittergrima.gif)

Hire him immediately, obviously! btw, was it ever revealed who originally got the part and couldn't make it? I couldn't imagine anyone but him in the role now.

No. 309294

File: 1689781425791.gif (2.14 MB, 500x500, C3EFCCFA-CF2D-488D-B16C-EB2B43…)

No direct source but according to the rumor mill it was Jeffrey Combs. Nobody else could exude such slimy malice though it really is unimaginable. Just, kek at the big smile in the headshot.

No. 309296

we truly live in the best timeline!

i thought they mentioned it being a 'british author' at some point but i might have misread it? so glad you like the gif

No. 309301

File: 1689782413707.jpg (914.03 KB, 932x606, Screenshot.jpg)

ok found it, i meant this bit. literally didn't find a single other bit of info though, sorry. that sure is a random ass movie list there.

No. 309307

File: 1689783187688.png (61.59 KB, 867x334, combs.png)

Not sure how reputable AICN was in the 90s but here's the post, maybe they had to recast multiple times? Wow, those three must have been so bad they were the only ones he could recall lol

No. 309310

Apparently Aragorn was locked in as Stuart Townsend as well and was recast just two days before filming started.
Compiling bits from all the listicles I just skimmed to cast alternate timeline LotR with Jeff Combs as Grima, Stuart Townsend as Aragorn, Christopher Lee as Gandalf, Lucy Lawless as Galadriel, real-life couple Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke as Eowyn and Faramir, Bill Bailey as Gimli, Jake Gyllenhaal as Frodo, David Bowie as Elrond. Apparently the Beatles had also gotten together with Stanley Kubrick to pitch an adaptation starring themselves.

No. 309312

Love Thurman but her as Eowyn…? And what is this about the Beatles?? I haven't looked into LotR stuff in a decade so all this news is weirdly fascinating.

No. 309331

File: 1689786681070.png (401.15 KB, 809x713, lotb.png)

Who knows how reliable any of this information is really, a lot of it seems to line up between sites but they could all be passing the same rumors between themselves. Apparently Thurman was originally offered the part of Arwen, and then later Eowyn.
This is the one that mentions the Beatles: https://screenrant.com/lord-rings-actors-almost-cast-trilogy-rule-them-all/

No. 309341

File: 1689787515721.png (Spoiler Image,662.75 KB, 1314x612, the don bluth haircut.png)

samefag, unrelated but on the topic of alternate timelines Jack with short hair is eating holes in my brain. I love the headbanger look but I need to gaze at his dangly chain earring! Maybe he could even have had a rat tail or something kek

No. 309351

File: 1689789043398.gif (5.8 MB, 540x304, tumblr_9dfb742fa6fbd9f589faacd…)

OH ANON where is this from did you draw it?! The pseudo undercut is very cute sometimes I wonder why Norrington didn't go full self insert and give him the shaved sides. Still think they should have made him grow his hair out for those au naturel greasy limp curls, I love Grima's look so much.

There's an overwhelming amount of info out there, thank you for the links. I'm curious to read if they had a specific role for Lawless too.

No. 309400

London Kills Me. Unfortunately up on the list of his shortest roles ever but the film itself wasn't bad tbh, half Euro arthouse half black comedy.

No. 309502

File: 1689822806894.png (Spoiler Image,1.65 MB, 2050x2050, 9D0567F4-D170-4413-A468-596F45…)


No. 309503

File: 1689822905539.png (Spoiler Image,1.6 MB, 2050x2050, 9015C4B9-C3AF-4CDA-AF3A-A15B5F…)

And here’s a clean one

No. 309504

File: 1689822980286.jpeg (Spoiler Image,138.25 KB, 978x555, 1F71A396-698B-4D62-978F-53E537…)

No. 309514

File: 1689826306432.gif (4 MB, 540x540, ccc6abc05f.gif)

Anon you deserve to be the first to shank him with his dagger I LOVE YOU. This trend of Grima having his face smashed into dirt is incredibly satisfying and the hankie HAHA YEAH….I've been staring at this for thirty minutes in dead silence unable to think of a better reply other than blood and tears sexy. I don't even know which version is better pre-dirt is so pathetic and sweet but the dirtied one makes my mind run wild with what'd come next. How are your sketch pages always so adorable and funny too I'm gonna print them out and eat them.

No. 309601

File: 1689868040599.jpg (29.11 KB, 600x347, my prison penpal.jpg)

Damn okay, guess I just wasn't in a big Exorcist mood last week but now I'm hooked. The timing on "severed" makes me chuckle especially. is it weird I think the mugshot looks really good?
Thanks for posting! This one looks pretty interesting, plus I'm sure it was nice for him to just be a normal character like a restaurant manager for once kek
Yesss, put him in the dirt where he belongs!!! Has anyone told you today that you're an absolute treasure? The smaller drawings are so cute as well, the shaking and sweating makes me all warm and fuzzy.

No. 309686

File: 1689892725564.jpeg (Spoiler Image,128.66 KB, 1028x619, DE0C0ED6-99AC-43AA-A19F-4B3A9F…)

sorrysorrysorry last one for now spam over, i blame you >>309341 it’s like every time I start working on something ten more ideas spring up, I’ll go back to my cave now

No. 309697

File: 1689898153937.jpg (8.08 KB, 693x532, COME HERE YOU RODENT.jpg)

Every time you post art I literally wait with bated breath for the day you grace this thread again please never stop. The exposed nape…very interesting… His big ass forehead too KEK I'm gonna flick it
>ten more ideas

No. 309698

File: 1689898935648.jpg (27.09 KB, 417x576, 91829969b4af50b34069bec8bd6656…)

The timing on that video is great and the choice of shots too, absolutely angelic. Fatal Beauty's mugshot is also pretty handsome.

No. 309703

File: 1689900664982.gif (4.97 MB, 540x405, 241064.gif)

That single tear stuck to his eyelash. Unreal.

No. 309828

File: 1689956223861.gif (737.82 KB, 275x159, YES.gif)

I did, gomen, gomen, I'm a little sloppy but it gets the job done the job being spreading my brainrot to everyone else kekeke
I'm so glad I wasn't the only one that got self insert vibes! I can't quite put it into words but there's definitely that me-but-cooler feeling radiating off his character the way he was written. Would have been very cute with the shaved sides or a more Grima-esque cut as well, maybe even a more rivethead flavored version of the Billy Bibbit style. I feel like I've seen it mentioned in a couple places now that the look is based on Norrington though, there must be more info out there!
YYEEEEESSSS!!! Trying to type calmly but I want to scream and cry and and howl. sparkle sparkle. the jacket over the head. so cute. you can't hide hehe. the multiplying ideas thing, very relateable…
gonna knock on that melon to see if it's ripe kek

No. 309829

Oh it might be time to finally watch Fatal Beauty, I'm so excited about that one I keep putting it off kek
He can't keep getting away with this, how does he do it

No. 309841

File: 1689964351908.png (6.65 MB, 2061x1450, fine tuning the villains.png)

incredible likeness and mad skillz nonny, i love it so much

holy shit this is so perfect, the pained but resigned expression, the way the specs of blood stand out against his fancy yet decaying clothes, the scenarios that immediately start playing in my head… i'm so glad we all collectively want to bash grima's head in. the hankie doodle omg he looks so bashful, WHAT DID YOU SAY TO HIM?? it’s killing me, i can absolutely see him getting that embarrassed if you pushed the right buttons, i wanna write a whole essay about these pics, god i'm so late replying, i'm so sorry, words keep evading me but YOU DESERVE THE WORLD.

hope the anon on an epic quest to find grima pics (same here) appreciates this, here's a scan i did of one of the cards i got because it was bothering me that i couldn't find this image in good quality anywhere. maybe i just didn't look hard enough, idk.

No. 309843

File: 1689964608302.png (3.77 MB, 1320x1440, EVOLUTION CARD.png)

also there was this card, the holographic bastard didn’t wanna get scanned properly but he looks sooo cute, this is a rare grima, right?

No. 309862

File: 1689968623813.jpg (70.71 KB, 960x540, the_exorcist_iii.jpg)

Which britfag conjured him?
Exorcist III tonight on Legend 10.55pm.

No. 309871

File: 1689971483412.jpeg (250.64 KB, 2048x867, CB0FE291-8218-4755-9A5B-E28F53…)

>>309514 >>309601 >>309841
Thank you nonnies, glad you like them
oh shit you drew that? I love it I love it he’s so cute. And since you brought up alternate timelines i may have dreamed up an ending where Jack somehow unbelievably doesn’t get killed by Warbeast but does get horribly mangled, (he can’t die I won’t let him!) has to build himself a robot arm and of course comes out of it even more unhinged and crazy, he’d probably still be fixated on Cale and want revenge or something.
The wig talk upthread made me really look at it, and yeah I think it is just fucked up extensions WHAT IS THIS, the waviness at the top is his real hair did they even try. But I like the idea that Jack is just a dumbass and fucked it up himself.

No. 309897

File: 1689976908766.png (118.82 KB, 292x162, fangoria.PNG)

Thank you for gracing this thread with more art I'm saving every piece, you drew that weasely face he makes so perfectly. Love your style, anon!! You're right about the self-insert vibes, grateful it was subdued enough for Jack to have agency as a character bc scrotes are usually so typical with that shit. Was it picrel's article you were thinking of? Maybe the side shave would have made him look too cool/put together/fashionable kek he's so perfectly ratty as he is …all that hair's better to drag him around by. OT but I love seeing the Jack/Grima memes reposted it's like a self-contained memosphere in here.

Nooo why does he look so adorably bug-eyed here, the parted mouth, the little lock of hair over his face, he's got the look of a scared cornered animal. Thank you for scanning these, so grateful to have a supplier of rare Grimas ♥

No. 309900

File: 1689978559979.png (904.04 KB, 967x671, karras.png)

That's the power of shitposting love, bongfriend

No. 310069

File: 1690060423617.jpg (167 KB, 1100x590, bloodandtears.jpg)

Wholesome image, nona.
Still not sure whether priest or patient is my favourite.

No. 310169

File: 1690123634501.png (689.08 KB, 1024x575, 01b.png)

Have to say patient, he might run his mouth but he's so accostable and vulnerable shoved into a straitjacket and strapped to the floor and punched and shot. Your cap is my absolute favourite. Also who was brave enough to go and stick that bandage on him kek

No. 310201

File: 1690131613054.png (612.72 KB, 1089x646, i am stupid.png)

this was fun. I haven't seen a lot of these so it's mostly ranked according to on sight horniness

No. 310209

File: 1690133418246.webm (8.64 MB, 654x480, hesreallysmokin.webm)

I love how we all share practically the same brain cell, really solid top row choices. One of your literally whos reminded me vidrel exists, kek.

No. 310228

File: 1690136519385.gif (1.93 MB, 500x281, ohthatturnsmeon.gif)

Anon if you're still here I want to tell you that this song came on the radio the other day and I had an irl 'nam flashback. Pain.

No. 310243

File: 1690142940552.gif (2.81 MB, 269x344, D3DF89A9-A194-4100-8402-10D7D6…)

What a goof, he must be so fun to work with. What’s this from?

No. 310250

File: 1690147964423.png (1.6 MB, 1135x897, urbanlegacy-themakingof.png)

Right, he's such a good sport. It's Urban Legend from '98!

No. 310251

File: 1690148034710.jpg (65.7 KB, 1000x563, MV5BZTFhMDQxNGYtNWQxNy00MjU2LT…)

Another one from X-Files.

No. 310257

File: 1690150667800.jpg (33.85 KB, 475x679, dd8963922ff74d90aada3cf243d17f…)

No. 310293

File: 1690166008185.webm (4.41 MB, 872x480, featurette.webm)

No. 310297

File: 1690168257163.jpg (36.73 KB, 370x600, th-2743531808.jpg)

oouuuu real nice extra rare Grimas, delicious! that particular promotional set from the holographic card you scanned is my favorite, he looks so ill ♥
KEKK it haunts me
I never expected the underfrock to be so airy, as heavy as the cloak is. he even has it sort of tucked in the front and you can see the lining and boots so well, why is sloppy style Grima making me sweat…

No. 310305

Still feeling peevish that he wasn't uncloaked in at least one scene, he looks extra meek without it ugh sloppy and disheveled I want to gnaw on his midsection like a fine turkey dinner.

No. 310315

File: 1690174999550.jpg (9.52 KB, 275x221, 1686394861415.jpg)

tysm I am insane crazy in the head and so so glad for this thread all the time I just want to do what I can to give back ♥
Now I'm thinking about the mangling and robot arm scenario ugh you're so correct, I can't decide if it would be more fun for him to have to build it with his mangled hand or if he'd suffer more by losing his dominant hand. OT but I just watched Virus (1999) recently and am feeling very inspired by the cyborg creatures, they're so meaty and the effects are pretty great. anyway what if he tried to salvage as much of his arm as he could and made it super fleshy and gross haha
I think it was that article! Of course Fangoria doesn't have that issue archived on their site but I managed to find it, good read. I think the editor Paul Endacott mentioned it in his interview, as well. picrel has been posted before but like just look at them!! kek I wonder what the discussion of the look was like, I think I've seen it mentioned that they got along pretty well on set too, they were totally in cahoots it's so funny

No. 310337

File: 1690183327247.gif (7.42 MB, 540x400, BC77D3E4-B11C-4FC6-AB79-F4103A…)

No one posting his daughter in drag
Get with the program!!! She’s just a cute female version of him really

No. 310370

File: 1690194078725.jpeg (85.65 KB, 689x900, 12BC8EA3-5DA5-4F49-A30A-BE0B84…)

Ahhh yes thank you for enabling my craziness, gross and meaty robo arm would be cool JUST ANOTHER THING TO DRAW GREAT
The face is a little too uncanny for me with the makeup but she is very cute! And just like how it was with Brad it turns out I’ve already seen her in something without even realizing it, about a year ago I randomly decided to watch True Blood for the first time and she has a small role. I thought she was cute but didn’t bother looking her up cause I figured ‘coven member #5’ or whatever would just be some small random actor.

No. 310389

File: 1690206525118.png (387.84 KB, 413x868, Bart_curlish_dghda106.png)

Is that from the Chucky tv show? personally I loved her on Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency. I had no idea she was on True Blood though! What season was that?

No. 310400

File: 1690212235130.jpeg (135.56 KB, 695x1045, 2B50105F-9A6A-4395-8BFE-907A13…)

Season four! Verrrrry minor role though

No. 310410

File: 1690216815687.gif (1.12 MB, 540x230, D23D836B-7A94-4018-A4BC-D2D288…)

Rewatched Death Machine and I do not remember Warbeast having such a funny little walk, it’s adorable. I want to step on Jack and pull his hair more than ever ♥

No. 310494

File: 1690242939971.jpg (37.15 KB, 800x516, pouget04.jpg)

The final vault scene puts evil unwholesome worms in my brain but a sequel would be the dream, they even had a plausible setup with Jack being the only unconfirmed offscreen death come the fuck on
>comes out of it even more unhinged and crazy
he could be so insane he could be so much worse, mauled and gored nasty face scars would be unreasonably cool and more fucked up than ever, his sense of identity already so warped he'd see himself as indestructible, superhuman, cosmically chosen, massive chip on his shoulder and a frenetic god complex. Hyperfocused on hunting down Cale but still unable to formulate how/if he would actually kill her because of his obsessive projection, the DRAMA of it all. Add to that Jack trying to navigate a completely alien to him social infrastructure (with underground hackers or weapons dealers or whatever) as a coddled undeveloped shut-in ha ha. Or maybe he'd be his own type of one-man death machine (augmented with a robot arm! Armed with ridiculous action film railguns!). I want Death Machine 2: Jack's Revenge so bad this world is too cruel.

Peeling myself away from the Dourif watchlist for Virus, thanks for the rec. It's funny to imagine the kind of horrible inspiration he'd take from 80s/90s scifi horror for his projects I know he wouldn't understand Cronenberg but he would totally watch Videodrome for the goreporn and try to stick his dick into a television afterwards. Thanks for posting that pic again it turns me into a catatonic braindead protozoa.

No. 310495

File: 1690243418106.png (909.76 KB, 530x720, lg-379-1497418085-308.png)

The Finnish cover is ridiculous btw, truly the demolition duo.

No. 310553

kek I miss the days when titles were translated.

No. 310770

File: 1690313734653.webm (9.55 MB, 1280x720, this is killing me.webm)

ughhhhhhhhhh done. I've never made one of these before and it was really aggravating but also fun to piece it together. Mostly I'm just sick of listening to this song, it immediately made me think of him.

No. 310785

File: 1690319596464.jpg (320.7 KB, 1500x1000, Brad-Dourif-Ely-Pouget-Death-M…)

"this is killing me.webm" more like you're KILLING ME IS THERE ANYTHING MORE PERFECT, the cuts are impeccable, the clips are delicious, the song is fantastic, very horny ending thank YOU wow. Thanks for including all his most manic moments too the flailing and screaming really tickles me, these videos are like miniature hits of dopamine. Would turn him into ground beef to this song 10/10 really hoping you make more masterpieces.
Incidentally you seem like the right person to ask do you have any more Jack-adjacent music recs…I've a single very him album and the endless repeats are turning my brain to mush, nothing else except a few songs here and there fills the void.

No. 310797

hell yeah I'm glad you like it
>music recs
I'M ON IT other than random character actors I love music and making dumb playlists for every little thing, funnily enough I already started a small playlist of songs that remind me of him. I will make it perfect just you wait. I gotta know what the album is you've been listening to??

No. 310823

File: 1690341397180.gif (8.84 MB, 540x340, Tumblr_l_345559002359040.gif)

we all say YES kek love it!!! I love his stupid little tv bits and the Warbeast chomping especially, also agree it's a very him song.
I wanna talk to you see everyone's playlists too! songs, bands, etc, whatever

No. 310832

File: 1690347065767.png (514.34 KB, 831x553, tshirt.png)

I don't want to reveal my questionable taste kek quaking in my boots for your playlist though, you get the vibes.
Everyone and their mum has probably seen Cinefantasique v26 with the alternate (shitty) shot of the one pic, the text is basically a rehash of the Fango article but there's more Jack hypothesizing https://archive.org/details/cinefantastique_1970-2002/Cinefantastique%20Vol%2026%20No%206-Vol%2027%20No%201%20%28Oct%201995%29/page/n93/mode/1up?view=theater

No. 310885

File: 1690385188929.jpg (40.9 KB, 717x423, so tired.jpg)

Orderlies were holding him down for that bandage to be applied.
Also fond of picrel, you can just see the mole at the base of his neck. Vulnerability looks good on him.

No. 310916

File: 1690395270811.gif (8.06 MB, 540x304, ooOOOoooOOOOoooOOO.GIF)

ummmmm I got way too excited about making this and then realized I'm dumb and don't have that many good songs to rec, he definitely has metal/industrial vibes and I don't really listen to those genres SORRY and nothing embodies him quite like that on your knees song. Regardless I tried, the songs at the end don't have the right sound but I think the lyrics suit him I debated keeping in the Barnes & Barnes songs he could have feasibly listened to Dr. Demento right?? He's a little weirdo with his toys and novelty glasses he probably would have liked that goofy shit it's canon to me now


No. 310918

File: 1690395745476.jpg (473.82 KB, 1275x1651, Cinefantastique Vol 26 No 6-Vo…)

samefag I found this X Files pic in there too
>However, Dante is a childlike psychopath incapable of making the distinction between right and wrong after years of watching hardcore car¬ toon violence on television and decides he isn’t going without a fight.
his brain was melted by violent cartoons lol, HE'S SO STUPID I LOVE HIMMMM
>I don't want to reveal my questionable taste

No. 310919

File: 1690395841686.gif (3 MB, 480x480, invitationtothedance.gif)

Wow wow wow hey anon after my own heart, love that curve of his neck and the mole, when everything else is covered you can't help but eat up even the most mundane glimpses of skin. What a winning smile too I bet he bites.
His physical vulnerability is one of the most alluring things despite being a huge and present threat he can't do much but bark and snarl or straddle catatonia, I'm a little wild about it.

No. 310921

>Norrington pointed out, "It's a hybrid of a million things I love; maniacs, actor Brad Dourif [who plays Dante], … … … It's your average 'Crazed cyborg on the rampage menacing great looking people' saga!"
Stephen Norrington confirmed Douriffriend

No. 310937

File: 1690398831952.png (1.51 MB, 850x1055, xfiles(1).png)

Holy shit you're FAST and ooooooh we have a lot of song overlaps for him, where's that braincell again. It's hard to find ones that fit the unhinged energy he has going on, anon upthread made me consider that (if he listens to anything at all??) it might be stuff from his childhood like early Slayer, Suicidal Tendencies, maybe sludge/prog metal but "Jack would like" songs are different from "makes me think of him" songs (sorry idk if this makes sense). This is great you've put me on a punk rock hunt, the obscene lyrics and screaming amps are so perfect.
>brain melted by violent cartoons
He's the epitome of brainrot kek. There's a colour version of your pic too!

If you divorce DM from its context it's just two hours of Brad closeups, completely understandable.

No. 310944

File: 1690400040166.png (646.89 KB, 1100x567, headphones.png)

Samefag but
>Dr. Demento
That specific 80s/90s Americana flavour is so interesting anon I feel like you have incredible insight into what like, his favourite show (clearly not Oprah) or cereal would be kek.

No. 310969

File: 1690405302558.jpg (199.49 KB, 1280x690, same brain....JPG)

yeah that makes sense, it's a combination of songs that make me think of him AND ones that I could see him possibly listening to himself
>song overlaps
my sister…
my frame of reference for pop culture is pretty all over the place, that just happens to be one random thing I know of lol I probably have a very surface level knowledge of 80s/90s stuff. Favorite cereal my immediate thought was Capn Crunch but it would probably be Count Chocula/Frankenberry

No. 310976

File: 1690406043716.jpg (16.95 KB, 332x261, bobs.jpg)

CACKLING that's fangirl-to-fangirl communication baby, I went through the playlist and wrote a huge reply and got embarrassed but it was insanely fitting, genuinely perfect. Laying on the floor after listening to Just Wait Til Next Year though, it encapsulates the violent affectionate impulses towards him a lot I love him so much uhooouuuhhhh the pain.
Love your deductive skills, this is definitely a man who somehow stays alive on 90% sugar and 10% hot pockets like a true autist.

No. 310982

File: 1690407168283.jpg (43.63 KB, 710x540, YEA CRY.jpg)

yayyyyyy I'm so happy you liked it, and yes agreed he has not touched a vegetable in years, if ever.

No. 311000

File: 1690417844745.gif (2.87 MB, 500x375, cute.gif)

Body Parts doesn't seem to have a good upload either so https://mixdrop.co/f/pkw484potpw8qd
The dishevelled artist thing really works for him.

No. 311020

aaaa thank you anon! Body Parts is so weird and fun, I really like his character in it too

No. 311025

File: 1690432974350.png (1.45 MB, 677x1023, barkbarkgrrrr.png)

Np! ♥
The scene you linked had the funniest eyebrow raise I've ever seen what is that fucking face, he cut through the somber tone of the movie well. And his creaky vocal fry, I'm so in love.

No. 311056

File: 1690445996675.png (188.3 KB, 1280x720, why are you doing this to me.p…)

I know we're usually fawning over his nose and eyes but his face shape is so nice, that jaw…

No. 311089

File: 1690467465419.gif (7.2 MB, 540x300, weasel.gif)

god yes, the jaw!! each one of his facial features is so distinct honestly, how did they all end up on the same face, how do they all work together, serendipitous, truly…

No. 311097

File: 1690471198611.jpeg (2.13 MB, 3072x3072, 10AD97B6-6667-4582-B063-A6CDEC…)

it’s awful how much I post, he’s my new hobby I can’t stop taken from the template thread, I didn’t know which animal to pick for him
Oh that nose, that goddamn nose

No. 311110

File: 1690476141070.gif (954.59 KB, 400x316, thonk about it.gif)

THE BURGERPIZZA KEK he would, he would fly to Brazil on the company card if someone showed him the whole roast chicken and chocolate sprinkles pizza, too perfect

pic unrelated I just love his big ol ears too

No. 311112

File: 1690476651877.gif (13.14 MB, 720x486, the-hand.gif)

sorry this gif got a little squished, anyway look at him run ehehe

No. 311204

File: 1690499101345.gif (3.58 MB, 540x350, kissy.gif)

I feel clinically insane looking at this man how can every feature be so perfectly captivating not to be a total weirdo but his slightly fucked teeth are so incredibly cute too.

No. 311207

File: 1690501044252.gif (4.28 MB, 480x480, ugh.gif)

Perfect mix of goofy and threatening, the Ren & Stimpy cap is killing me.

Why he stick his arm out like that??

No. 311270

File: 1690531402034.jpg (47.49 KB, 474x732, c26a1e74516e79c1c1bbb139e9938f…)

ewwww haha he looks so skeevy and greasy with the chains I hate it. I have conflicting feelings about picrel he gives me similar greasy vibes and that is usually not my type at all but…

No. 311271

File: 1690531648311.jpg (58.28 KB, 640x480, tumblr_ngg537iUo71s8icmoo7_640…)

like COME ON, this freakin face???

No. 311274

File: 1690534421662.jpg (302.1 KB, 1920x1080, MV5BMmUy.jpg)

If it makes you feel better some of his looks that reasonably shouldn't be attractive still make me stupid. Looking too long at Laura Mars photos my brain is like "well it's still his gorgeous face under that beard", and it sort of goes downhill from there…awful, beautiful man.

No. 311277

File: 1690536726610.jpg (111.4 KB, 500x627, murderblueeeeees.jpg)

I don't care if he looks like a bum still would x100 times over

No. 311286

File: 1690553046113.gif (3.75 MB, 268x225, used psychology on er.gif)

noooooooo I love when he looks super scummy aha

No. 311290

File: 1690557284566.jpg (27.25 KB, 640x640, FzajSrZXwAEgH4e.jpg)

No. 311296

File: 1690559854446.gif (4.21 MB, 540x409, hey sweaty.gif)

No. 311298

File: 1690560552761.gif (3.41 MB, 268x225, dyin to have a party.gif)

No. 311301

File: 1690562229238.gif (6.41 MB, 540x325, 3B6001BB-CA9B-4D0B-BE86-E27245…)

Ugh I just keep staring at this with my finger covering the beard, why, he would have been so devastatingly hot without it.
>>311298 his hair looks nice with the little highlights

No. 311305

File: 1690563618601.gif (5.84 MB, 400x300, angelic.gif)

It's even more of a shame because his facial structure is so immaculate why would you cover that up???

Yknow for a repertoire of insane characters there wasn't a lot of scumbag greaseballs. SIGH.

No. 311310

File: 1690565891976.gif (9.76 MB, 540x350, creepin.gif)

No. 311311

File: 1690566038433.jpg (64.48 KB, 1025x570, weaselbeard.jpg)

Laura Mars Charlie Manson beard vs Sonny Boy whatever this is

No. 311312

Also actually found the full film while I was searching for a clear pic of that thing


No. 311317

File: 1690568168508.png (641.55 KB, 984x772, 957934e29f276d029972a2e68defa4…)

I fucking hate the Postal Dude goatee so much. Under pain of death it'd be Manson beard…I guess…
>that thing
kek thank you for the link, I had a really hard time trying to find it. Can't wait to look at his lovely fluffy curly hair and cry.

No. 311318

File: 1690568287734.gif (7.47 MB, 540x325, 432D5F6D-9149-434E-9E7D-8F8D39…)

Oh god no I will happily take the beard over that

No. 311319

Completely NORMAL!!!! about this nasty cracked out jailbird

No. 311336

File: 1690574824796.jpg (41.77 KB, 474x735, no escape.jpg)

Can't refuse his invitation. Dancing with you nona.
Those are some heavy restraints, such a dangerous delicate creature.

No. 311348

Anon, squishy gif is beautiful ty.
Standard beard is fine, just imagine digging your fingers through and in to that fine bone structure beneath.
This fell asleep with his chin in a bowl of bran flakes mess can fuck off. That's getting shaved off the second he goes to sleep.

No. 311351

File: 1690580382812.gif (6.91 MB, 540x273, tumblr_12c968bea2002eb62dff237…)

i need him so bad in this movie with and without his stupid goatee, i'm not even gonna pretend it's beneath me, he's so awful and cute and retarded

No. 311353

File: 1690582910635.jpg (92.12 KB, 1200x675, hgcover.jpg)

>imagine digging your fingers through
Okay, maybe beards are acceptable

I need to chew on his hair like a deranged goat luv it when he's dirty and dusty

No. 311354

File: 1690583096917.jpg (56.53 KB, 800x1196, brad.jpg)

Wait how do you girls feel about the handlebar

No. 311358

File: 1690584173083.jpeg (181.05 KB, 1280x1141, A27F0ACE-9E9D-436D-80CC-B3695B…)

Yo lovingly fuck whoever said he looks like Jon Arbuckle that’s all I can think of when I watch this now
Love it, hot. Thinking on it now I actually don’t mind the beard in Humboldt County, I really hate beards/anything beyond stubble but I guess grampy sexiness outweighs beard grossness

No. 311359

File: 1690584219425.jpg (28.35 KB, 474x711, th-772632910.jpg)

I dig it. Also the more I look at the full beard the crazier it's making me, I'm into it now too god damn

No. 311367

File: 1690587907725.png (840.26 KB, 594x537, oof.png)

KEK thanks I hate it (great edit though), Garfield can't kill how hot he looks in Combustion.

He's pretty handsome as a bearded old man I think his babyface underneath the lumberjack stache was throwing me off.

No. 311368

File: 1690588071559.png (1.31 MB, 1139x749, oh no.png)

Heaven's Gate Brad is a travesty though I'm sorry

No. 311369

File: 1690588233076.jpg (278.94 KB, 1600x1059, Crypt104.jpg)

Palate cleanser

No. 311382

File: 1690596117093.webm (16.53 MB, 1280x720, sunshine.webm)

I can't write fic fast or draw good but this is from the bottom of my heart to another Exorcist enjoyer (ha ha Tommy Sunlight, get it?) ♥. In your pic there's a peek of those wall mounted arm restraints they got rid of when doing reshoots, makes you think…

No. 311393

File: 1690601798656.gif (Spoiler Image,8.08 MB, 480x480, CHRIST.gif)

No. 311422

Oh FUCK 11/10 would maul like a wild creature

No. 311432

File: 1690623583161.gif (5.96 MB, 480x368, 53BDC55C-8FA0-4BFA-AF53-8E8C86…)

>me saving every picture of him I see and making a million gifs and edits
>my storage
The absolute chokehold this man has on me, why is he so sexy old man Brad activates my feral cave woman horniness like no other, having indecent thoughts I need an ice bath whew

No. 311483

File: 1690644064337.gif (2.78 MB, 497x264, nooocomeback.gif)

YAY congrats on 500th post!
I don't understand how he's real, he's beautiful no matter how old he gets or what outfit they stick him in and his face is hot and his body is cute too, fuck.
Thanks for the gif I wish to kissy him all over his sweet face and neck.

No. 311490

File: 1690645346431.jpg (45.06 KB, 499x640, dourif-headline-photo.jpg)

Samefag but I'm so here for your photo and edit collection

No. 311536

File: 1690658837608.jpeg (256.89 KB, 1280x1266, C8C9031D-AE95-4D39-9F3C-718539…)

I just like making memes and dumb shit, thank you for the old man photo >saved

No. 311537

File: 1690658935891.png (2.36 MB, 955x1280, 0151C588-250D-48C0-B1E6-3D7BC6…)

No. 311550

File: 1690661936282.gif (9.01 MB, 539x350, Tumblr_l_226512122494810.gif)

coming out as a Clark liker I want to set a drink on his table without a coaster I want to rearrange his tchotchkes when he's not looking I want to borrow his things without asking and give them back dirty and broken I want to put HIM in intensive care!!!!!!!!!!!!!! look at his silly little bowtie I wanna "fix" it and make it uneven ugh!!!!!

No. 311575

File: 1690669805632.gif (397.7 KB, 500x281, 11241939_82b3d.gif)

ok I was inspired to rewatch Exorcist III, I forgot how cozy it is. I need to check out that extended/restored version sometime.
nta but love this aaa! all the extreme closeups… also I didn't realize how smiley he is in this one, sigh
noooo kek I said it with love in my heart and I meant it!! This pic is too perfect, I'll have to watch Spontaneous Combustion next!

No. 311600

File: 1690683054176.gif (3.68 MB, 500x343, tumblr_2b39c53b6f2a0dfa64f876d…)

found this random Brad Dourif gif (Dougif?) in my files and felt obligated to post it here.

No. 311608

File: 1690686138875.jpg (50.43 KB, 614x924, 477767d38ee317f0932add927be08a…)

The memes are even funnier because of how hyperspecific they are. Dourif meme ecosystem.

What a nice picmix, who could ever suckerpunch such a qt. Please do watch the original cut the pacing is so different it changes the whole mood of the film and his VOICE I'M STILL PISSED. Thanks for your kind words I love getting to stare at his face for hours while making those kek.

No. 311612

File: 1690686845210.gif (2.3 MB, 430x295, bigsmile.gif)

Nonna….lol. He seems like such a little weirdo in Ragtime, still have to watch that one.

No. 311616

Timestamp 11:32 absolutely pissing my pants, this man gives it his all 100% of the time.

No. 311697

File: 1690723326527.jpeg (474.81 KB, 1170x1226, IMG_2914.jpeg)

Look nonas! One of my favourite of his characters!

No. 311706

File: 1690726663558.gif (7.71 MB, 540x350, 0F311042-5C3F-4A34-8123-8C6486…)

ooh what is this, share link pls

No. 311708

File: 1690726703902.gif (1.02 MB, 245x246, 20259297-A7FC-446F-AA13-764626…)

No. 311723

File: 1690730240218.webm (3.33 MB, 854x480, BLACK EMOTIONAL HOLE.webm)

>put HIM in intensive care
BASED, you thought about that line too…please bully him straight out of his comfort zone I loved it when Sondra jumped his ass. I was hoping he'd get negged by the group so hard we'd see the full nuclear meltdown but the self-loathing freakout was good too.

No. 311727

File: 1690730946798.jpeg (600.39 KB, 995x1500, d1GPUJCyPjp4kP1yp.jpeg)

That's so cute, people connecting with their fav characters is wholesome. You seem like a sweetheart anon.

No. 311783

File: 1690744999720.gif (9 MB, 480x360, whatchadoin.gif)


No. 311791

File: 1690746093829.gif (387.32 KB, 500x307, THEMISERY.gif)

You ever think about how he's a walking torture arsenal

No. 311792

File: 1690746199063.jpeg (576.53 KB, 1500x1034, dg6KN.jpeg)

No. 311793

File: 1690746224688.jpg (611.88 KB, 1134x1446, e9c89067_1280.jpg)

No. 311801

File: 1690748255593.gif (915.16 KB, 500x353, 11242324_4f98e.gif)

singular instance of braincell running on multiple machines
also wtf they let you add music to these??? I'm waist deep in picmixes now I have a serious problem rofl

No. 311802

File: 1690748418469.png (1.64 MB, 1569x1107, entropy.png)

and plain one because his face is just too cute here

No. 311804

File: 1690749041112.gif (6.18 MB, 540x422, A1F32046-78ED-4E6C-AE35-88948C…)

I’m so happy someone else thought to make a picmix, I always forgot to do it. THEY LOOK AMAZING!!!

No. 311808

File: 1690750208190.gif (9.51 MB, 540x340, duderelax.gif)

Parallel processing KEK, the cursor wildly framing a heart is literally me

Make one too nonna they're so fun!

No. 311809

It is that fictional character quiz, (not just a brad character one sadly) and out of One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest I got this lil angel https://openpsychometrics.org/tests/characters/
Thank you nonna! My top match was Anastasia Steele kek

No. 311814

File: 1690752212106.gif (450.01 KB, 500x280, bell2.gif)

OH EXACTLY kekk!!! yes yes, would right-click on him & save as… and then put him in the recycle bin lmao
yesss make one! they're so easy to get hooked on though, too much fun.
actually I came here to post this one after watching Spontaneous Combustion but got too excited when I saw nona's Jack one kek! Not my favorite character and not my favorite Tobe Hooper joint, but absolutely a testament to his skill, just wow. I mean the cast is really what made that movie, aside from that my favorite part was the sets!! Anyway, the world's greatest actor for sure kek

No. 311818

Handlebar? Will tickle your inner thighs anon. I approve of this beard type.
This is beautiful.
Some art anon needs to write lolcow on that sign…

No. 311826

File: 1690755592298.gif (439.71 KB, 375x500, 0347AA80-F8C2-44DC-A76A-576C42…)

You should not have encouraged me HA. Figured I would make one for the man that got me this is actually so dumb I can’t stop laughing
My top results were awful, got a 78% for Billy though

No. 311828

File: 1690755678045.gif (485.13 KB, 500x333, mitchie.gif)

Never4get the pink slop scene.

CUTE, love the composition and how pink it is! After TCSM and and Poltergeist SC seemed really weak in the writing department but the framing in every scene with Brad was soo beautiful (thinking about the glitter on his face forever), the acting/cast definitely makes it worth rewatching.

No. 311831

File: 1690756464094.jpg (85.17 KB, 533x800, tumblr_mw6c6s4jJq1rxyp26o4_128…)

WHEEZING IRL LIVE YOUR TRUTH, the cozy old man vest does inspire a certain something in me.

No. 311839

File: 1690758101102.jpg (19.14 KB, 469x314, by his wrists.jpg)

Oh nona, this is amazing. The vid is perfect and I fucking adore that song.
Much love to you. If you're ok to share your fic or more vids, I'd love to see. No pressure though. Never tried writing DouriFiction, maybe one day.
>wall mounted arm restraints
Always thought they'd need to have some way to hold him still when they peel off the strait jacket to wash him down occasionally but I doubt that's canon.

No. 311848

File: 1690760543944.jpg (105.17 KB, 1264x708, MV5BMzU.jpg)

Thanks for the inspiration, casual blasphemy fits him nicely.
The fics might be a little TOO niche but who knows, there's some sweat-inducing posts here that fuel the creative fire. There's so many talented anons itt, hope to see your writing around!
Taking your words as gospel, oh to be a fly on the wall while the nurse sponge-bathes him…would it be disconcerting enough of an experience to actually shut him up, hmm.

No. 311854

File: 1690762490191.gif (462.94 KB, 308x500, 862E5B7F-9DA4-437E-B493-AB0D17…)

I know at least one of you sickos wants to feed him bugs and I support you fully ♥

No. 311858

Not a Douriffag but that's a sick picmix, digging it.

No. 311863

File: 1690764893194.gif (386.75 KB, 220x220, 34898234732.gif)

You are what you eat, Grima…you are what you eat…

No. 311865

File: 1690766448030.gif (6.48 MB, 540x350, billybibbit.gif)

This is such a good picture, I've had a crush on him since I saw him in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest when I was a teenager. Love this thread.

No. 311870

File: 1690771060666.png (2.33 MB, 713x2030, 04_747729_200.png)

Dandelion puff hair

No. 311892

File: 1690784825652.png (2.61 MB, 1134x1446, 316179FD-A3E2-4A99-B81D-C57053…)

I gotchu
Um cute??? I want to pet the fluff

No. 311894

Nta but this is MAGNIFICENT thank you, he's hitchhiking out to pasture kek. Threadpic material 10/10

No. 311966

File: 1690824381147.gif (424.62 KB, 500x383, E5B421CC-C923-4B55-B3A1-81C935…)


No. 311969

File: 1690824722229.gif (486.8 KB, 323x500, DF5219D9-0597-4B67-9525-8B28AE…)

I finally watched this and hoo boy that sex scene. SO hot. Some bits were really stupid and I couldn’t help but laugh but overall sexy gun toting priest Brad is 100/10 I have never been into hands specifically but this movie had me thinkin “damn I wanna suck his fingers” WHAT IS THIS MAN DOING TO ME

No. 311970

I'm gonna find you on picmix and we're gonna be PALS

No. 311974

YES love it, the plumes of steam/smoke have me rolling
Oh this has everything!!! kekking at the gf sticker and the flappy microwave, YOU rock!
Absolutely ♥ just perfect, what a creepy crawlie
Love ittt, would pick him up
Oh I still gotta watch this one oh no I already like his hands too much aaaah, also MORALLY COMPLEX is sending me
literally created an account just to save Bradmixes, they need a club or guild feature kek

No. 311976

File: 1690826086950.gif (7.04 MB, 540x350, tumblr_21f2e9fc3ad4681f29a615e…)

Tell me your username, I NEED TO KNOW

No. 311977

File: 1690826594682.jpeg (114.38 KB, 1000x750, 3B20B2D6-365A-4E09-9178-2CAEB4…)

holy shit it’s gabaghoul

No. 312009

Request anon would like to thank art anon for bringing this vision to life.
The amount of talent itt is a joy.

No. 312010

File: 1690841879318.gif (8.02 MB, 500x375, hands.gif)

TUCKER ♥ The dancing mouse is killing me kek.

Ok since you watched it I need to sperg about Final Judgement, it has no right being that entertaining. For what's essentially softcore porn somehow Dan is a really cool character, he's not a dirty gross porno priest he's legitimately a nice and wholesome guy who wants to help people. You have this idealized fantasy man and a hot well-shot sex scene while half the movie is closeup titty shots, who was the target audience?? How does this stupid B-movie have such a likeable protagonist? Kind of sad too because it's such a testament to Brad's capability to be a leading man and it stings to see him in bit roles after singlehandedly carrying some shit like this.
He's got thick sturdy fingers despite his small frame it's hard not to stare looool. Pls no bully but since we're confessing…I've never ever been into legs or armpits or other weird random body parts but uhh he has some kind of animal magnetism…neck, thighs, snail trail…anyways.

No. 312011

File: 1690842073484.png (430.9 KB, 688x631, glamourshot.png)

Btw picmix anon, you're a sweet angel from heaven

No. 312014

File: 1690843347210.gif (Spoiler Image,12.18 MB, 500x281, pls dont open at work.gif)


No. 312017

File: 1690846137350.jpg (66.15 KB, 937x831, waiting.jpg)

>TOO niche
A niche within a niche, nona. Keep creating whether it's for yourself or to share.
This whole thread is an inspiration, the best kind there is.
>fly on the wall…shut him up
Guess his reaction depends on his mood, if he got pissed at the orderlies making him more vulnerable when they cuff him to the wall there might be bruises and cuts from the struggle to deal with. He might play passive, staring in silence. He might play up to every touch. He might try and corrupt the nurse. There's options.

No. 312030

File: 1690854084463.jpg (89.97 KB, 960x767, wise-blood-md-web.jpg)

Keep meaning to watch Wise Blood but the self-flagellating martyrdom thematics are so sexy I'm going to die

No. 312034

File: 1690860870371.jpg (379.65 KB, 1149x1200, gluetrap.jpg)

Ugh yes, as soon as she said It's not the burglary he's an expert in, it's the rage, I was like thank you ma'am that's all the permission I need, I'll take it from here! Wish we had gotten to see her go after him with the butcher knife… The freakout was good, he's so bothered!!!!! Casey and Buck teaming up to pester him with the smoking cracked me up too, the whole group together was fun

No. 312035

Just read the book and picture him instead. The movie really does not capture the essence of the book and I'm forever salty at John Huston for that. Brad was perfect casting too which made it even worse. Such a waste.

No. 312039

File: 1690863407260.jpg (140.5 KB, 1000x600, wiseblooddvd-1000x600.jpg)

Every time there's a really wild image on the front page I pray it's the great minds on the Dourif thread and it is!! Sondra was an amazing foil to him, why did he keep that slashed up shirt anyway kek. Would have been fun to see what Clark and Rose got up to together too, did she berate him for not being clean enough did she put him in a bleach bath before she'd touch him, inquiring minds want to know. The group moments and glimpses into their personal lives were the best parts of that movie tbh.

Nooo anon that's so disappointing, reviews say Huston reworked the religious narrative so I'm curious to see how those themes changed from the novel. The barbed wire(?!??!!) screencap is way too tempting to not watch it though please forgive my bad taste, plus gotta love that official Criterion fanart.

No. 312041

File: 1690865862102.jpeg (102.03 KB, 934x730, 016E1841-EC22-4BAA-8B0D-877348…)

Ahaaa ayrt confess away!! And yeah even though it was a silly action titty movie Brad did good, it was so nice seeing him in something for more than 5 minutes.
WHEW yeah I never noticed his arms before but they look so nice cant really see it in the gif but at the start of this part you can totally see his underwear…yes I noticed because I was trying to see ass
I haven’t watched this one yet but your drawing made me laugh

No. 312042

File: 1690866052218.gif (615.05 KB, 500x461, EEFBE1D7-F500-48EA-93D0-C10E67…)

Samefag I made another one for my fav…I’m in pain, I NEED to bury my face in his curls and play with them.

No. 312090

File: 1690906564860.png (97.98 KB, 1432x987, color of night script.png)

Cute!!! Such a sweetheart… the curls really are nice in this one
It's alright, the group scenes really are the best part. The script was strange, the guy is obsessed with "good taste" and is weirdly detailed on not just the descritions of the sex scenes, but the description of the framing and the type of shots/editing he has in mind overall, picrel.

No. 312091

File: 1690906826636.gif (623.9 KB, 500x272, CLAAARK.gif)

samefagging to Clark up the thread some more, I need to make him have an aneurysm, just a little one, I just know he would love being in the hospital

No. 312174

File: 1690938474645.png (2.58 MB, 915x1241, 3948_9832.png)

That tub scene made me finally comprehend people who want to sit in the same bathwater as another human being. Who's gonna gently untangle his hair and wash his back!!!
>trying to see ass

Your brain is so big and beautiful and kind, what's more sterile than the ICU kek. Cute colour palette too, love the knives.

No. 312175

File: 1690938961899.png (1.06 MB, 814x1307, demurelittleguy.png)

This pose is so

No. 312192

File: 1690946829481.gif (514.24 KB, 500x369, 11247277_d5de8.gif)

Chain him up in my front yard like a guard dog and handfeed him table scraps yum yum

No. 312216

File: 1690956224207.jpeg (Spoiler Image,145.46 KB, 769x768, BC4C02BD-9D78-4F70-ACE7-115CC3…)

I CANT HOLD IT IN ANY LONGER this scene is objectively not sexy, he’s literally on the toilet but I was too excited about seeing his thighs my immediate thought was I wanna bite them. Brain worms. I wanna gnaw them to the fucking BONE AHH.
>Who's gonna gently untangle his hair and wash his back!!!
I’m crying me me me I’ll do it
>>312091 this is so great >>312192 lol the shiny sparkly earrings. Love it

No. 312252

What a good pic to wake up to thanks anon, his thighs look so soft and meaty ugh I'd chew them black and blue. AND we got some bare chest too Chaindance is such a gift and he's so fucking cute, I'd get ripped just to bridal carry him everywhere like a prized trophy.

No. 312325

File: 1690991806472.gif (1.91 MB, 320x240, me when there's a new post.gif)

spray him with the hose when it's hot outside, mm… kekking at the sparkly garbage, v cute
I would never get off his lap hrngh
Is he wearing JEANS kek this must be a rehearsal or something anyway I want to beat Clark with a shoe bye
ty for the pics nona these are all great but this one just makes me smile idk, Hazel Motes site theme when

No. 312337

File: 1690998064647.gif (3.71 MB, 480x368, 54A0968B-61DF-47B3-8B92-7807EF…)

>I'd get ripped just to bridal carry him everywhere
Another instance of single braincell, I’ve been thinking that ever since that gif of Billy being carried got posted
This is actually one I had been meaning to watch for a loooong time, well before this thread was ever made because it was described as really fucking weird but now I’m worried I’ll be to distracted by Brad to just soak it all in and appreciate it. I’ll definitely read the book before I ever do watch it.

No. 312408

File: 1691021504539.png (138.48 KB, 1000x542, lolcurr.png)

Never thought I'd warm up to the Wise Blood look but an unmistakable unhinged aura eminates so strongly from this pic, frothing to watch it.

Anon you're SO CREATIVE I'm taking notes speaking of shoes I think he should be stepped on tbh, wipe your feet on him it'd be funny u kno.
Customizable CSS when!!!

No. 312413

File: 1691025912525.gif (3.73 MB, 400x282, BISOU.gif)

Your gif ♥ I'm seriously convinced at this point we all share one neural pathway kek, forever thinking about that Guyana Tragedy scene too.

No. 312427

File: 1691033580836.gif (8.41 MB, 370x314, 000EDDA9-76D2-4F87-8DBA-ED7A47…)

NONNIEEEEEE I LOVE IT haha, I would love to have our own banner, lord knows I would make a million of them but I don’t wanna push things with other anons this is so great
>Guyana Tragedy scene
The tension in that scene holy shit, why couldn’t they have just kissed! Sexual tension is sexual tension, I don’t care if it’s with a man or woman
Love everything about the kiss in gifrel, the little shake of his head hnnnnnn and I am once again just dying over his legs, little toothpicks, I wanna throw him over my shoulder

No. 312435

File: 1691037519844.gif (11.26 MB, 480x360, maamplease.gif)

It's totally a banner in our hearts! Oh yeah the sweaty death throes were beautiful and then suddenly my eyes were bugging out after they end up naked together kek what a twist.
Legs for DAYS, so endeared with the wild body language too why he do that skip hop jump thing.

No. 312438

File: 1691038911697.gif (7.84 MB, 400x300, facesquish.gif)

No. 312488

File: 1691066765041.gif (Spoiler Image,8.8 MB, 395x304, 07D89B8E-0479-4148-BD17-B89B42…)

>they end up naked together
My mind was running in circles when I read this huh who what??? I honestly wasn’t even thinking about watching this one but just did, the scenes with them together were chefs kiss also I am a dumb dumb I saw scrawny brad being carried in that gif and assumed it was Billy whoops

No. 312489

File: 1691066816169.gif (Spoiler Image,8.59 MB, 396x304, D7706D09-656D-4F93-A4E5-CFED77…)

No. 312490

File: 1691066867758.gif (6.76 MB, 351x304, 48A51F3E-50BC-4832-812D-36FD90…)

No. 312491

File: 1691066988388.gif (9.19 MB, 395x304, 082D3FEF-7901-4104-8F49-F57A06…)


No. 312492

File: 1691067078052.gif (5.11 MB, 345x304, 863BAC10-A518-4E85-81C3-33DF45…)

No. 312495

File: 1691070417114.jpg (21.68 KB, 336x336, unw15xh9oqr81.jpg)

This entire scene from when they hold him down on the bed to your gif was insane it was honestly a pretty decent docu-movie but why were all the Brad bits so horny (not complaining ofc)

I WANT TO CHARGE HIM LIKE A BULL he was so tiny back then JESUS

No. 312496

File: 1691070772491.jpg (410.69 KB, 905x1032, WHEN YOU COMIN BACK20210605_02…)

No. 312501

Look at all these gorgeous, gorgeous gifs I'm going insane!!!!! Single teardrop rolling down my cheek irl ♥
Here's s03e14 of The Equalizer, as you might guess from the video title Brad plays Fenn, an ex-con just trying to help his newly-released buddy get back on his feet. Not a lot of screen time but he looks so sweet it almost makes up for it.

And here I was just thinking it's such a shame we never get to see him in shorts! Literally a cutoff pair of jeans, what a look, what a determined walk kekeke
EEEEK it's perfect you're a visionary, I'm clicking vigorously on the bluray announcement kek YES I was thinking he would super extra hate it because of how dirty shoes get, he should absolutely be stepped on you're so right, walk through wet grass and then wipe them off all over his nice sweater it would be so fun and funny

No. 312510

File: 1691078726756.jpg (81.35 KB, 983x553, ea380f7a30ea6817d1875723697d42…)

His mid-80 looks kill me in cold blood, I really wanted to watch that patricular episode so thank you for linking it!

No. 312529

File: 1691085742618.jpg (38.13 KB, 564x620, fenn.jpg)

Enjoy, nona! I didn't realize the thumbnail would be the worst-lit scene in the whole episode tho KEK
And ugh yes agreed, I was looking for this one for a while because of picrel in particular actually, he is so fine with the lighter hair and yuppie style, swoon

No. 312534

File: 1691085874343.gif (963.56 KB, 500x285, this gif will make you yawn.gi…)

No. 312584

Gif anon you’re a blessing to this thread tysm.

No. 312588

File: 1691091786918.gif (4.02 MB, 348x304, C93500EE-0453-49D5-8AD1-B55DBE…)

The movie was 3 hours long so I figured I would post the good bits

No. 312589

File: 1691091826530.gif (4.39 MB, 348x303, C42DB717-2CE4-40E3-A10D-B438AE…)

No. 312590

File: 1691091901217.gif (3.7 MB, 349x304, F8B6829A-DA31-4F79-BEC1-CF48C2…)

Crazy about the way he’s always stroking his face, truly why was it so horny

No. 312591

File: 1691091977934.gif (3.78 MB, 348x304, 163FF0E3-D104-499C-8136-A45585…)

No. 312598

File: 1691092935178.png (473.3 KB, 600x600, 2431A375-6E9B-467E-A571-F8A1AC…)

Samefag it actually wasn’t a bad movie I just wish it was in higher quality, every version I found looked so shitty.
He’s so cute here I literally just saved this the other day!! I’ll repost since it looks a little nicer, he’s so cute with them big ol boots and I inadvertently stumbled upon more ass pics I don’t know what movie it’s from but it’s old man ass…

No. 312799

File: 1691167180836.png (905.3 KB, 1100x823, guyanatragedy.png)

Running a hand through his hair must be the closest thing to heaven and the thumb stroking his chin, >>312591 crying. I also enjoy when he collapses like a dying fawn at the beginning.

We probably have the same version but if picrel looks any better lmk, I'll put it up. Thank you for the nicer image too what is it with articles using the shittiest tiniest photos possible.
Has anyone touched the really terrible stuff yet? Born of Earth and Sworn to Justice come to mind.

No. 312832

File: 1691173360671.jpeg (Spoiler Image,275.39 KB, 1421x1437, 05EF990C-DCE4-461A-9AFC-B67696…)

Honest to god mask off horny art I’m so embarrassed

No. 312833

File: 1691173402197.jpeg (Spoiler Image,173.7 KB, 1449x720, 3A5DE7B5-2159-4179-B729-200616…)

No. 312834

File: 1691173640856.gif (5.48 MB, 400x299, 45A49DC5-BAFB-4095-AA55-81718E…)

>Has anyone touched the really terrible stuff yet?
Is it awful that my immediate thought was “what do you mean, they’re all bad”

No. 312845

File: 1691176249010.gif (3.39 MB, 400x400, HOLY SHIT.gif)

Literally had to walk away from the computer after opening this to take a moment and not get banned for keysmashing, horny Jack art in CE 2023 how is this real I'M SO NORMAL ANON I'M SO NORMAL ABOUT THIS thank you thank you my heart is totally not pounding, the lower I scrolled the more my hands kept shaking oh my god the eyebags the hair the tongue GOD the idea of the trenchcoat and nothing else is so gross and sexy, would leash him up under a desk in the office for his transgressions. Can I become one of those old-timey art patrons and pay you to draw nothing but Jack forever. Your sketches are as cute as always too how are you so funny, if I trusted anyone to write the script for a sequel it would be you, you just get his dumb humour. THANK YOU ♥ ♥ ♥

No. 312847

File: 1691176797522.png (520.83 KB, 640x480, vlcsnap-2011-05-18-19h46m55s34…)

Are you calling Horseplayer bad

No. 312850

File: 1691178001483.png (900.34 KB, 591x773, Phoenix (1995).png)

Thank you for finding this anon, he's in this more than some of the films he's in.
Very touchable hair.
Anons itt have high tolerabce for shit-tier films for a glimpse of Him. Phoenix is best watched with the sound turned off, he's in it quite a bit but the dialogue was written by someone whos never spoken to another human. Let us know the best-worst, anon.

No. 312857

File: 1691179053964.png (458.6 KB, 720x576, phoenix grima.png)

Bit of a Grima face in the fight scene too.

No. 312864

File: 1691180242006.png (830.88 KB, 964x782, whostyledhim.png)

>high tolerance for shit-tier films for a glimpse of Him
I wish you were wrong but I unironically enjoy cult classics and low budgets so the anons suffering through straight to VHS releases are actual martyrs. Good to know what to expect Brad-wise for Phoenix thank you, watched Trauma the other day and it was yet another three minute cameo appearance.

No. 312869

File: 1691183352382.png (516.24 KB, 720x576, phoenix smirk.png)

On your side anon I no longer try to justify the amount of zero budget dvds I watch. Credit to the viewing strength of the anons itt.
I'm sure I have a copy of Trauma somewhere, will dig it out to remind myself of the 3 minute wonder.

No. 312876

File: 1691186315771.gif (5.06 MB, 405x304, 4034C109-24C1-4E86-AB16-7E4804…)

The tales from the crypt episode was so good!! I think Virgil is really cute, would happily eat ice cream and read comics with him. I always thought this was a kids show for some reason but it was like Goosebumps with gore.
happy you like it ♥
I honestly have no problem watching shitty films I just wish he was in something good because it’s what he deserves! It’s so sad to see his talent squandered on b movies
not usually what I like but he looks so hot here

No. 312885

File: 1691190493945.png (1.14 MB, 1080x1081, Untitled74_20230804175802.png)

I'm trembling like a chihuahua rn, ooooih I want to smack him with a rolled-up newspaper so bad haha, v cute as always

No. 312889

File: 1691191083243.png (1.59 MB, 1350x806, traumamorelikesexy.png)

Virgil was too freaking cute (love the 'tard overalls-striped socks combo full stop!), did not expect him going off the rails near the end. Would actually recommend the show, sometimes famous artists were cast for bit parts and the stories were unique.
>talent squandered on b movies
He has huge range!!!! When you narrow down the films where his roles actually got mainstream recognition it's depressing.
That look is way hotter when wet tbh.

No. 312911

Anyone remember Norm Macdonald's old sitcom? Me neither. Anyway Brad has a 30-second cameo right at the beginning here and then never shows up again for the rest of the episode, why is he there!!! Why didn't he get to be in the rest of it!!!

an actual crime we don't get more footage of this look, smh my head
Virgil is such a qt, it's almost painful watching Billy bully him, teehee… This episode in particular's a real classic honestly, it almost feels like watching a cartoon it's so wild. Also kind of easter egg appearance by Lainie Kazan - Helga Costas from Medium Rare! You can catch tons of people he's worked with in other episodes too, Michael Ironside, Whoopi Goldberg, Lance Henriksen (I did not realize he was Buck in Color of Night, the mustache completely changed his face KEK), Kyle MacLachlan even, the list goes on. It's fun to notice how often the same costars keep popping up in different things, I don't usually go deep-diving into a single actor's entire line of work but this is a special case, obvs.

No. 312913

File: 1691211460551.gif (4.16 MB, 480x360, coveralls.gif)

Glad other anons have plenty of love for Virgil too I'd cuddle him in that big dumb parka.
Woah that video is a deep cut, good find. The weirdest cast combo yet was probably Brad and David Naughton since I hadn't seen him in anything other than American Werewolf, how they ended up on that terrible TV special together is a mystery. I love these bits of obscure content and fun facts, thanks nonna!

No. 312915

File: 1691214591023.jpg (91.17 KB, 830x575, 160810_wise_blood_banner1.jpg)

Thanks for getting me to read the book first anon, it was unexpectedly funny. I can't say anything else or I will get in trouble, this film will probably literally kill me and I hope it has at least half the intensity of the novel.

No. 312960

Anon you are so good to us.
I may need some recovery time

No. 312981

>Born of Earth
No no no no no no no literally from the first second had me saying oh god you’re kidding. It almost leaned into so bad it’s good for me, I would have liked some more wtf stupid moments it got boring in the middle.

No. 312983

File: 1691258966821.gif (9.27 MB, 540x304, E08879E6-7C3E-485E-9DE0-641ED6…)

literally awwwwwww’ed at him in that big hideous suit

No. 312984

File: 1691259021335.gif (5.46 MB, 540x304, 4139FB05-EACF-45AD-A04F-CEFDE7…)

No. 313050

File: 1691277983993.png (11.48 KB, 792x110, img01.PNG)

Picrel has me confused and intrigued. You couldn't have written a more stellar review now I REALLY want to watch it, the other one that looks truly insufferable is Fading of the Cries. Doesn't sound like it was as fun as Troll 2 which is almost a shame, Brad still manages to look pretty qt in that hideous suit though thanks for the sneak peek what a silver fox with the grandpa glasses, big kisses

No. 313051

File: 1691278118813.jpeg (671.37 KB, 1000x1500, sUsnH6LBj8vAM6TP9ZrU.jpeg)

Saved this one specifically for the old man lovers itt

No. 313052

File: 1691278203887.jpeg (749.25 KB, 1000x1500, returnofthestache.jpeg)

No. 313053

File: 1691278453926.png (1.71 MB, 654x2439, amandabe11man-tumblr.png)

And some ancient DM fanart

No. 313082

File: 1691298385910.jpeg (47.75 KB, 467x612, 2CFEE7FE-3639-47DD-ADE6-6DF5FD…)

Oh yeah sorry I was so overwhelmed with this movie that I didn’t even write anything about him lol, he plays a shady asshole mayor it was fun, yes the teeth come out it was wild.
much appreciated

No. 313216

File: 1691353990963.jpg (170.25 KB, 1280x713, 91480fa2_f7574b9f.jpg)

Kino's sale is on until the 8th and Vinegar Syndrome has Trauma/Sworn to Justice for half price

No. 313253

File: 1691370979610.jpg (Spoiler Image,44.32 KB, 597x704, pKUsEqu.jpg)

Grimanons you are my people, I wrote Boggs/Mulder fic during early XF fandom. Dourif signed my copy of Exorcist III at a small horror convention. Took time to chat with everyone and make sure they got good pics. Super nice and like jokingly flirting but respectfully. Gave a cozy warm side-hug for the photo. Best con meet of my LIFE

No. 313256

File: 1691373497354.jpg (37.88 KB, 489x604, 591af955_1280.jpg)

Glad your love is going strong anon, I found Boggs fic on a late 90s/early 00s fansite the other day and it was a nice surprise that he had some appreciators during the show's airing (kinda sad a lot of those high-effort fanrings are gone now though).
>gave a cozy warm side-hug
How did you contain yourself omg, very sweet picture.

No. 313279

Nonna that’s so cool!!

No. 313440

File: 1691474586076.gif (6.94 MB, 360x480, mrludlow.gif)

I'm so sorry I need to repent and say a hundred hail marys I was wrong and dumb about the beard. Tommy is so hot. Narrow and lanky and cute I want to throw him around like a rag doll and threaten him with his knife a good time I want to use his hair as a pillow my heart yearns to suffer the extent of the beard burn

No. 313442

File: 1691474628294.png (2.28 MB, 1920x1024, staredown.png)

Writing a ballad in five parts to those blown out pupils

No. 313444

The main theme is lovely too

No. 313556

File: 1691512060817.jpg (136.03 KB, 606x923, 4827.jpg)

I love it anon, thank you! Still have no idea which movie that one's from but excited to watch it eventually, what a look.

No. 313560

File: 1691512871981.png (404.42 KB, 720x540, 6DF1C450-A277-4064-B2EC-485977…)

I will never embrace the beard
oh my god I love it, THE STAKE GIRL NO

No. 313570

Anon, that is amazing and you are so lucky, tysm for sharing.
>hail marys
Hail Tommy, (hairy face)
Lolcow is with you.
Blessed are we among women
and blessed is your role in this film, blue-eyes.
Holy Tommy, skinny-hipped God,
shake out those curls for us,
now and at the hour of next posting.
Our Man.

I can only apologise.

No. 313588

File: 1691518625103.gif (1.43 MB, 300x165, ezgif-1-b28e06885d.gif)

Very fair and respectable I do think it's funny how you can see he's still got that soft 28yo babyface going on under the mop on his face.


3/10 on IMDB…oh boye

KEK ANON that's perfect, I shall recite this in my hour of penitence. Those curls ahhh

No. 313645

File: 1691551357875.png (51.69 KB, 809x553, good.png)

The deadpan one sentence reviews are my absolute favourite, I think Color of Night has the only section not full of people being insane about Brad

No. 313740

File: 1691602101098.jpg (201.4 KB, 663x731, so much hair.jpg)

Remove glasses. Grab handful of hair. Go right ahead.
Queen of the gifs, we thank you.

No. 313757

File: 1691608046596.gif (9.79 MB, 268x375, ezgif-3-de5e2769d9.gif)

I stole that gif from elsewhere but it was really hard not to post every instance of him pushing back his hair…so poofy.

No. 313766

File: 1691617386590.jpeg (41.4 KB, 408x612, 6E24444A-D879-496D-AFA3-1EE825…)

I may not like it but I found some Extremely Beardy photos. Grizzly Adams is quaking

No. 313796

File: 1691630423515.jpg (167.91 KB, 1080x1208, 96252855_1255154581352779_8292…)

I'm drawing a line, I can't, that is TOO MUCH beard. Goat farm tax.

No. 313798

File: 1691630761755.png (853.09 KB, 779x1100, s048637.png)

Wish there were more production photos for SC.

No. 313805

File: 1691633024370.jpg (21.13 KB, 246x252, kathleen-gati-brad-dourif-hurd…)

Has this one seriously been unavailable to watch unless you happened to catch it at the cinema? Not even a bootleg? Sorry about the photo for ants, information is scarce.

No. 313825

File: 1691645660646.jpeg (112.84 KB, 896x504, 96F01E30-F2EA-431E-9DD2-793841…)

I have scraped the internet for this one and found nothing, I refrained from posting about it here because I didn’t want to drive other anons crazy with a lost movie. Kennedy’s Children is another lost one, I can’t even find a single picture from that.

No. 313828

YOU GOT THAT FAR?? Honestly I had the idea to message the director awhile ago but I am also a coward and never got around to it. You can do it nonnie! For us! what was his reaction to the message lol

No. 313832

Aww anon, well I understand if you got too nervous to follow through since I couldn’t even message him in the first place, I maybe could ask him but I wonder if he would be weirded out if he kept getting messages about this movie from randos

No. 313834

File: 1691649608986.gif (10.59 MB, 540x350, smile and nod clark smile and …)

Sorry for all the deleted posts. Stay tuned.

No. 313835

File: 1691649657177.jpeg (63.39 KB, 500x489, BC772029-7A4C-46B3-B012-F8E395…)

You got this! You’ll be so relieved and ecstatic once it’s over, promise. And thank you a million times ♥

No. 313836

File: 1691650039204.jpg (154.07 KB, 962x662, redryder.jpg)

Thank you for the moral spiritual psychological support mwah. Soon, fingers crossed.

No. 313839

File: 1691650765008.gif (628.78 KB, 400x267, 169164993250276525.gif)

If anons are still tentatively down for a movie night or two (or three) let me know, cytube channel is up and working.

No. 313843

File: 1691651621642.jpeg (44.43 KB, 522x528, CB4E1679-88B0-48F7-A892-B6D7D9…)

Yes yes count me in

No. 313867

Gif makers, gif hunters, I salute you.
I am clearly too far gone. Still would.

No. 313874

File: 1691666482172.jpg (27.55 KB, 450x563, monochrome.jpg)

I missed all these posts but if anon needs support, sending a bucketfull.
If I can then I will.

No. 313885

File: 1691671735327.jpeg (388.9 KB, 2048x1364, DE77EC9F-1236-489B-8B0E-E6B9AC…)

It’s so overgrown here that I find it funny, also 1. what the hell material is the suit made out of and 2. love the cravat

No. 313900

File: 1691679761693.jpg (276.9 KB, 1916x1076, media_EW5w9WoVcAAfmNC.jpg)

Okay I AM impressed by how much hair he can grow everywhere, it really is funny. All hail the 80s velvet suit!

No. 313920

File: 1691687604537.gif (5.75 MB, 540x304, C9D096D0-E47B-418E-88A1-506FD4…)

No. 313925

File: 1691689409367.jpg (70.64 KB, 1200x886, c72b6de18e971427a657d4a12a5aad…)

me @ all of u lovely nonnies mwah

No. 313926

File: 1691689592341.jpg (6.43 KB, 154x248, 5c538580692f72ddf7b322aaceecb8…)

baby b

No. 313986

File: 1691710580908.jpg (96.67 KB, 1024x764, APR11-1968 Dourif splices and …)

Finally understand a person being described as having cat-like eyes, woah

No. 313992

File: 1691712324033.jpg (66.26 KB, 1080x1080, 12558699_1667682400169554_7522…)


Are you guys free Friday at around 15:30PT/18:30ET/23:30BST or sometime on Saturday? I was gonna make a movie poll but there are way too many options, leave your top three and let's see if there's any overlap (I will watch anything).

No. 314013

File: 1691724679062.jpg (199.4 KB, 1189x1500, March 1977.jpg)

How is it possible for eyebags to be this cute. UGH.

No. 314030

File: 1691727821047.jpg (92.42 KB, 1000x785, kennedyschildren.jpg)

ANON! Kennedy's Children isn't entirely lost but looks like this centre in New York only does private in-person screenings (unless you have a license for broadcast I guess). The total public disregard for these older movies fucking sucks. https://www.paleycenter.org/collection/item/?q=john&p=523&item=B:00786

No. 314035

File: 1691728655499.jpeg (16.6 KB, 236x354, A4F72DCD-BA0B-4012-80B5-48D6B2…)

I can’t do those days or time sorry anon, I forgot that my weird sleep schedule would probably make it difficult to coordinate
>>313926 >>313986 >>314013
Why would they do this just release it you bastards. And you’re really incredible for finding this, Douriffags get shit done

No. 314037

File: 1691729754039.jpg (190.49 KB, 540x380, SonnyBoy.jpg)

All good, if you're up for it at a later date lmk what time would work better. Kek god yeah they're absolute bastards, any anon want to pivot her entire career into film restoration just for that sweet HD Brad content?? Anyone?

No. 314102

File: 1691758860639.png (412.91 KB, 472x630, the wilding 2018.png)

Face it, we've all had days like this.
Aaww anon, you're so sweet. Sending you the same.
Current Saturday was Brad-based anyway, watching picrel and god help me Progeny, maybe as skip through following anon's review.
I'll be around after 03:00PT/ 06:00ET/11:00BST if you want to plan or happy to wait for sleepy anon another day.

No. 314137

File: 1691773869218.jpeg (442.23 KB, 1605x1032, B57BCCE0-E334-4D59-9CB2-F71FA3…)

I’m generally available from 0900-1300PT Sat-Tue and from 2100-1300PT Wed-Fri but Thursday’s are no good right now. I don’t know what we have available to watch but I vote Spontaneous Combustion, I also caved and bought a copy of Fading of the Cries but it’s not here yet. I don’t know if that one is funny bad or awful bad, or how much Brad is in it but we could watch that one?
ah nonna I just watched Wildling, I found most of the characters frustrating and stupid, overall it was okay.

No. 314138

File: 1691775022752.gif (4.14 MB, 540x278, A64E4E9A-BE6F-41A4-A343-339816…)

I’ve watched a few movies recently but these are the only ones I have anything to say about.
Rosemont, so awkward and random, just all over the place. I thought it would be a simple romance but this damn movie didn’t know what the hell it was supposed to be, it was light hearted and stupid one moment and then out of nowhere something dead serious. THE UMBILICAL CORD??? THE SPOON SCENE?? WHAT THE FUCK WAS THIS MOVIE. Brad has a fair amount of screen time as a caretaker that drinks too much. I cannot stress enough what a bizarre experience this was.
The other movie is Obsession, Brad is a scrappy lil grampy I love George would still give him a kiss it was an okay trashy erotic drama, wife has an affair and she and the other man plot to kill her husband, not really my thing. Other than the russian wife I didn’t think the actors were bad but my judgment is probably messed up from all the shitty stuff I watch. There were awful photoshopped pictures of Brad it was great.
Honorable mention for The Hazing, stupid and fun with Brad as an evil british professor and special appearance by his titties

No. 314155

File: 1691784472916.jpg (84.41 KB, 1280x720, hot stuff.jpg)

I shall keep my viewing expectations low when watching Wilding.
Happy to watch SC if we have that one available.
>Brad as an evil british professor and special appearance by his titties
These are the reviews I am here for, that goes on the list.

No. 314199

File: 1691802732051.jpg (194.01 KB, 1280x853, 1280.jpg)

Nonnas what about the 12th at 0900PT/1200ET/1700BST?

Aside from how frustrating Progeny was (could have been good, script was unbearable) his short hair/glasses combo is irresistible. Looking forward to hear what you think.

Anon you are so strong to actually purchase it kek, apparently it's funny bad but I can't get over Brad looking like Chucky crossed with a vampire wizard. If you are able to upload it to Gdrive or YT we can watch it together for sure! Very much okay with Combustion btw.

No. 314202

Speaking of, rough cut of Spontaneous Combustion here https://rarefilmm.com/2020/02/spontaneous-combustion-1990-rough-cut/
Some interesting camera angles and extended Brad scenes in this one. I prefer the actual release version because of all the beautiful artistic shots of Sam but sort of wish they kept in the unhinged monologues, not like the film would have been any weirder than it already is.

No. 314203

File: 1691803979502.jpg (411.87 KB, 2048x1800, E24cG1cVIAIhPPR.jpg)

Still excited to watch Rosemont since he's got some good screentime but
>umbilical cord, spoon scene
HUH? Very much into his cozy chunky old man look in that one though. Also searched up the aforementioned Hazing titty pics and what the shit is that movie? Brad was in so much weird stuff after the 90s.

No. 314216

File: 1691814492371.gif (11.19 MB, 540x302, 4FF2103A-DC34-4063-B5D5-46DFE1…)

That time works for me!
What the hell is this dialogue, can you believe THIS is the thing that almost kept him from voicing Chucky?

No. 314218

wait isn’t today the 12th, anyways i don’t really mind whichever time, i need this to happen, i’ll set myself an alarm and tear myself away from whatever i’m doing

No. 314223

File: 1691816946549.png (458.78 KB, 852x462, 08_01.png)

His delivery is always sublime but there's no way the script was that stilted is there? Is he ad-libbing? A CHILD OF MUTILATION kekk. I don't know much Chucky lore aside from the awkward scheduling between Child's Play and Mississippi Burning, were there filming conflicts between it and Combustion too?

If you're free in about 11 hours it'll be right on time. So excited this is actually happening I'm smiling shrieking rolling on the floor etc etc

No. 314226

File: 1691818021665.jpeg (86.38 KB, 750x490, C91506AA-A4B3-48CF-B982-36C526…)

I also thought it felt like he was ad libbing, it’s so awkward.
I know pretty much nothing about the Chucky movies but it seems like originally, Brad was never meant to voice him (Jessica Walter? Really??) https://www.eightieskids.com/jessica-walter-chucky-voice-recordings-exist-don-mancini/
>isn’t today the 12th
whoaaaaaaa dude, you’re from the future

No. 314232

>"Tom’s logic was that the voice of the devil was done by a woman in The Exorcist"
THIS WAS MY EXACT SPECULATION so it was going to be either McCambridge in Exorcist or likely some squeaky baby voice. Wonder how much Brad's career would have changed if Chucky was some bit part.

No. 314282

File: 1691843546825.png (410 KB, 717x567, video time.png)

So, Progeny: Not the worst I've seen. Much unnecessary nudity, calamari-tadpole-tentacle-fetish shit aliens, out of sync metronome, dodgy dialogue, rubbery alien baby was quite fun, there was a (very guessable) plot. Brushed-back hair and wise-owl glasses very good. Adorable running face in the hospital corridor scene. This film is also now canon as to how the man himself reacts to seeing horror films "I can't, I can't!".
Next stop, Wilding. Hand me the popcorn, I'll be back later.

No. 314298

File: 1691853319762.png (270 KB, 712x423, wild.png)

Once a typo always a fucking typo WildLing
Ginger Snaps/creature fairytale type plot, some flashbacks and moody shots that don't do anything. Believability issues (I know, but I can only buy in so far). Shit CGI was distracting a few times. Ending was very much 'sequel please'. Brad doing some nice and nasty emoting, regretful tears, angry man versus can, angsty bleeding. Confrontation scene felt a bit average. Watchable enough, though in the first 12 minutes you've got the most of him.

No. 314302

File: 1691854672156.png (868.26 KB, 745x1080, 4576582975_012.png)

30 minutes to Spontaneous Combustion you can lurk if you're shy. Fingers crossed everything works, fair warning that Odysee videos don't sync so we'll have to do the old "1, 2, 3, press play guys" thing. Link in e-mail field.

It sucks when a film could have been decent, Progeny had good pacing going for it but yeah the dialogue…glad you liked the alien too, nice practical effects are a treat.
>Ginger Snaps type plot
That is all you had to say. Big kiss to those forehead wrinkes kek.

No. 314322

File: 1691862245001.jpg (Spoiler Image,347.36 KB, 1280x1920, 4357a.jpg)

Thanks for coming everyone, it was really fun ♥ Here's the cool ending scene makeup for anon (spoiler for gory flesh-melted prosthetics). One thing Hooper never skimps out on, at least.

No. 314323

File: 1691862265386.gif (3.79 MB, 413x304, 5E9B70C3-9774-4056-8303-C6607A…)

Yayyyyy thankyouthankyouthankyou nonnie that was fun you’re the best

No. 314324

File: 1691862849675.jpg (133.9 KB, 640x458, sam.jpg)

No. 314326

File: 1691863036708.png (266.66 KB, 646x425, dishevelled.png)

Tysm for hosting for us, you make it and we will come.
Excellent horror makeup pic too.

No. 314470

File: 1691937840908.gif (7.43 MB, 540x304, EA52857C-22B7-45DF-A8C3-884705…)

small old man gif dump

No. 314471

File: 1691937886998.gif (4.12 MB, 320x229, 6AFEDF40-1CC7-45E0-B108-84D092…)

No. 314472

File: 1691937939641.gif (4.4 MB, 500x372, 4D8BE82F-031C-4090-9D55-E05050…)

No. 314473

File: 1691938004348.gif (9.34 MB, 400x299, EFB49B60-5D35-43B0-A311-B7109B…)

No. 314474

File: 1691938152367.gif (4.85 MB, 540x304, 05E9D53A-5D29-4B12-9BD4-6381B2…)

Still a cute sheriff but I miss the ‘stache

No. 314489

File: 1691941086981.gif (3 MB, 300x250, areusure.gif)

Thanks for the gifs anon, was just thinking about this mean bastard today how did you know. This review killed me >>306680 the DVD can't get here soon enough would happily get ganked for smoking in his house and sassing him

Old man ponytail cute cute cute

No. 314505

File: 1691946273530.jpeg (129.09 KB, 1280x720, 3FE485EA-D85D-4905-8C32-8E6FBA…)

>how did you know
it’s that shared brain cell baby

No. 314574

Thanks for sharing gif anon.
Smallest hint of that single tear drop forming is lovely.
We are the weirdos, mister.

No. 314624

File: 1691981822915.jpg (234.75 KB, 900x1282, MV5BOTE3NjY3MTgzMF5BMl5BanBnXk…)

Continuously amazed at how true this is, little braincell working so hard. Thanks to this one also having official fanart it's beauty-ful.

It's not weird at all, he's weird, super weird, we're so normal.

No. 314632

File: 1691982993286.png (852.35 KB, 1100x582, 549158a.png)

I want to attack his neck like it's a rare steak

No. 314637

File: 1691983561574.webm (6.68 MB, 890x480, sucker.webm)

Adorable how Tommy tries to be on the straight and narrow "Miss Mars" this "Miss Mars" that WHERE is the ten minute exposition of his alcoholic psychosis I need it visually…audibly…

No. 314781

File: 1692028061751.jpg (52.72 KB, 1039x768, clark san wa ikatteiru desu.jp…)

aww, I missed movie night! I'll try to catch the next one, glad everyone had fun!!
Anyway small random dump, I've been sitting on some I don't think have been posted yet, incoming

No. 314782

File: 1692028116803.jpg (36.4 KB, 500x500, cat grandpa.jpg)

No. 314783

File: 1692028204197.jpg (51.6 KB, 510x400, sarah4.jpg)

No. 314784

File: 1692028250344.jpg (27.44 KB, 294x325, sarah6.jpg)

No. 314786

File: 1692028361170.jpg (209.62 KB, 1000x1500, theyknew.jpg)

No. 314787

File: 1692028475232.jpg (26.51 KB, 274x320, Brad_Dourif-1079976890.jpg)

No. 314795

File: 1692031017097.jpeg (39.47 KB, 559x413, DE8D456B-45EA-4299-B5AC-B3650E…)

Kitties! Sucks that you missed the movie, I’m already looking forward to doing it again I LOVE THIS PLACE I LOVE ALL YOU NONNIES ♥

No. 314853

File: 1692051858453.png (378.82 KB, 655x564, specs.png)

Lovely pics anon ty. Hope you can make it next time.
Anons itt are so sweet.

No. 314877

File: 1692058261960.jpg (192.56 KB, 1000x1500, Brad-Dourif-Ely-Pouget-Death-M…)

Anon please translate filename is it something silly

Love this photoset SO MUCH there's a couple of shots where it looks like they're doing interviews?? Death Machine interviews? There's not ever a scan of the press kit it's killing me

No. 314878

File: 1692058519141.gif (958.01 KB, 357x357, godiwishthatwereme.gif)

Don't wanna spill the spaghetti too hard but this is for real the best thread, the singular revolving braincell, the god-tier fanart, everyone is so funny and talented and creative. Mwah.

No. 314879

File: 1692058664407.png (490.8 KB, 800x582, eugh.png)

Incidentally Dantefags when are you free let's watch Death Machine.

No. 314934

File: 1692078278125.png (1.03 MB, 1278x1280, E47B3C4C-7A04-4810-BD96-32D231…)

HELL YEAH I can do any day I hope anon who missed out can make it this time, I’m so excited DEATH MACHINE WITH THE GIRLS YEAH! I changed the meme to say ours instead of mine, we can all share he can be our communal punching bag

No. 315113

File: 1692142859193.gif (577.73 KB, 400x300, workplaceharassment.gif)

>our communal punching bag
Ugh please he deserves nothing less, we're more effective in numbers anyway. I'm good for the 17th or 19th if everyone who wants to watch can make it!! DEATH MACHINE WITH THE GIRLS.

No. 315125

File: 1692147212843.png (737.04 KB, 1018x672, 385977382.png)

Took me three days to watch Wise Blood because I kept getting assmad to the extreme but same jacket? Personal off-set jacket? Pretty sure there's a revolving cast of sunglasses he wears a bunch too.

No. 315128

File: 1692148403237.jpeg (1.15 MB, 2458x3072, 3116D785-B168-4E77-8CD8-FF428F…)

Yes I noticed that too! Wondering the same thing about the tweed

No. 315129

File: 1692148543219.jpeg (348.91 KB, 1920x1080, 4724AC9A-0AE3-4205-B023-DB72F6…)

No. 315138

File: 1692154207514.png (771.15 KB, 978x646, bundledup.png)

The mystery of the tweed coat(s), I thought it was the same one between Istanbul/Fatal Beauty/Child's Play but it might only be the former two. Maybe even a different coat altogether?

No. 315140

File: 1692154400338.png (844.88 KB, 1278x707, vlcsnap-2023-08-15.png)

Istanbul's is worn and cosy though, I want to pet it and his hair.

No. 315141

File: 1692154495541.jpg (53.78 KB, 640x402, 00c09d77b74b4142c6d1e765a8cf13…)

Found this cute behind the scenes pic from the Toto video while looking for coat photos too

No. 315153

File: 1692163641806.gif (3.81 MB, 480x360, GIVE HIM A NAME.gif)

Nightwatch was ok if you like rare Brad or sexy doctors, starts off interesting but nosedives pretty fast. Surprise cameo by a srs bsns John C. Reilly. -1 point for this nasty asshole not washing his hands after using the toilet, +1 for being the most normal of the men even while hopped up on stolen prescription meds.

>t. retard
Samefag sorry meant the latter, not the former.

No. 315288

File: 1692199254443.webm (1.18 MB, 854x480, whap.webm)

Oh hang on, is this the same jacket too? >>312438 Also this gif kills me, maybe I am just projecting but it seems like he's trying very hard not to smile or laugh while getting so intensely squished
I'm free whenever, I will make time for DEATH MACHINE WITH THE GIRLS.

No. 315310

File: 1692204455323.jpeg (82.91 KB, 663x750, 7E3997F0-94BA-4DBA-957D-E56CDC…)

He is SO cute here, neck is looking very kissable this anon >>314632 gets it, very underrated body part coming out as a weird neckfag but I love when someone turns their head or strains their neck and that muscle gets more prominent hnnnnggg and the slightly unbuttoned shirt so we get a little clavicle and chest? Heaven. Perfect. BEAUTIFUL it’s my absolute favorite.
coatspiracy 2023

No. 315311

File: 1692204908351.jpeg (65.51 KB, 500x376, 08DC44E5-31A3-4956-BF18-4482C6…)

I think we should wait till the 19th to give everyone a chance to see the announcement if they maybe don’t check in here very frequently unlike me and my rotted brain that is basically camped out here 24/7

No. 315323

File: 1692206653123.jpg (55.86 KB, 616x560, 5c30e27a0d74492e34bea397fe1e33…)

I'd love to see a compilation of every facesquish, it happens like every other movie (it's understandable but still, kek). Would sell my soul for one of his jackets or blazers they're so stylish, sorry for dogshit photo but gotta love the plaid. Your VID LMAO so excited to autistically dissect every scene with my nonnas

No. 315339

File: 1692209797698.png (348.97 KB, 795x496, oohdoctor.png)

YES the mastoid muscle visually drawing a direct line to his sternum is so hot, plus the sharp angle of his jaw…anon who talked about his legs was also onto something, cute calves. I'm scoping out the chest hair in every low-cut shirt, gone off the deep end and into the sea goodbye. Your picrel reminded me of that swath of bangs hanging over his face here >>314323 it's so dramatic and sexy.

It's okay anon I'll split thread rent with you kek

No. 315345

File: 1692210933343.jpg (186.91 KB, 608x408, firebug.jpg)

I love this thread so much.
I can do either day, same time as the last one?

No. 315349

Needs throwing on the hay in the barn immediately.

No. 315366

File: 1692213478915.gif (9.98 MB, 641x360, 4daanons.gif)

If you saw me post and delete fifty times no you didn't Am dumb, realized my schedule this week is flipped and one nona is busy on Thursdays. Anchor post for availability.

No. 315374

File: 1692215780565.gif (6.58 MB, 480x360, lilsmile.gif)

No. 315399

File: 1692219549583.gif (6.82 MB, 480x360, lashies.gif)

Would throw, vigorously. Gradually becoming desensitized to this cheesegrater stubble.

No. 315423

File: 1692222589278.jpeg (Spoiler Image,117.18 KB, 789x636, 7D9D6B6C-B3DC-4041-B413-E08805…)

!!nonna I love it GET HYPED GET HYPED IM SO EXCITED THIS IS AMAZING DEATH MACHINE WITH THE GIRLS and this is just a little appetizer you best believe I got more where this came from no you can’t see it yet!!
my sister in brain rot and excessive posting love every bit of him but I’m always on the lookout for that ass

No. 315435

File: 1692225344497.png (418.32 KB, 600x593, 0.png)


No. 315447

File: 1692228055648.png (468.95 KB, 659x412, damn.png)

Aaah, can't make the new date.
Will watch DM anyway this week so I don't feel too left out.

No. 315449

File: 1692228271161.jpg (148.84 KB, 640x608, 01_03.jpg)

Anon I'm not even joking I'll stream it today for you, you can be the VIP first-screening exclusive. I will watch this movie 1,000,000 times anytimes.

No. 315491

I need to lay down, what a lovely thought thank you

No. 315492

File: 1692248724090.webm (2.42 MB, 850x478, for posterity.webm)

I knew it was coming and still the noises that erupted out of me irl were inhuman

Sorry for being like this thanks for your support

No. 315502

File: 1692256031943.gif (Spoiler Image,341.07 KB, 500x342, 1304AFE1-C3E4-4CE7-9114-C43CDD…)

HE’S SO GROSS AND CORRUPT I replayed this scene too many times and made this when I first watched but was too embarrassed to post AYRT NEVER APOLOGIZE FOR JACK HORNYPOSTING I wanna tie him up and stomp his balls like they’re grapes and I’m makin wine!

No. 315541

File: 1692270040796.png (530.12 KB, 663x412, eyes.png)

Anon, you are amazing and I will be around at the usual time but you don't have to.
Well that made me cackle anon, ty.

No. 315573

File: 1692287042740.png (684.78 KB, 863x500, when u the thing.png)

We're on some kind of sick wavelength anon I cackled, watched it again, had to get up for a breather, watched it again, then watched it again-again let me kiss the old man. Truly awful movie but so worth it. COLLECTING THESE PICMIXES LIKE POKEMON CARDS please never be too embarrassed, the fucking glasses kekkkk I love it. Tie him down and squish his balls ok I want to mess him up and when he's gargling blood we can maybe Do The Sex or at least a facsimile of it with his guns and his knives I know he'd get off on the cold manmade machinery of gunmetal steel intertwining with soft supple flesh!!! The Jack hornyposting has been held back too long. Tbh.

See you at the usual place in 20min bb, /r/douriffriends (if anyone else is around and wants to hang out for round one come on in). Playing the Jack playlist for the next 15min.

No. 315576

I am on the way, hang on in there!

No. 315631

File: 1692302989036.png (527.93 KB, 980x588, shitpostan.png)


No. 315663

File: 1692315891617.png (237.05 KB, 845x404, sundae boy.png)

Anon, thank you for hosting us in the early screening, may the Sunday anons be so blessed.
Stuck in that playlist?

No. 315667

File: 1692317782461.png (485.65 KB, 1280x556, 937_001.png)

Thanks for being such sweet company, you are so so funny. Different playlist but anon was a genius for putting 122 Hours of Fear on hers all I can think about is locking him in the vault for a week with Warbs and seeing what shambles out.

No. 315668

File: 1692317959304.jpg (55.46 KB, 960x543, 348089072.jpg)

Grandpa NO

No. 315676

File: 1692322824314.gif (9.17 MB, 554x300, 081723.gif)

Finally got around to Mississippi Burning

No. 315677

File: 1692322852403.jpg (206.17 KB, 1600x1280, 0786.jpg)

No. 315699

File: 1692329552263.jpeg (184.56 KB, 1279x716, 00802462-688D-4C1D-980E-EAACCC…)

He looked like a kid wearing his dads suit why was it so oversized and ugly and why do I still want him the way he had his fuckin leg propped up on the desk had me laughing too. and I just realized Daniel Baldwin was in this one as well as Death and Cremation, weird

No. 315700

File: 1692329775315.png (903.16 KB, 1280x1109, B8214644-61F6-463D-A451-4CC3E0…)

samefag but I’m so happy do you really still listen to my playlist lol. And I CANT WAIT TILL THE 20th WOOOOOOOOOOO YEAH FUCK YEAH
Grandpa YES

No. 315791

File: 1692372897007.png (445.63 KB, 989x569, grabbing grandpas ankle.png)

He is such a handsome old man, would would would in every possible way. It's like they grabbed the first suit off the costume rack, half the movies clearly don't bother tailoring anything for him I laugh every time he's swimming in his clothes (at least Kershner had some taste Brad's legs look fine as hell in those jeans). Speaking of, how weird is it that he was in two whole movies with Bruce Willis? What are the odds for that casting choice. Obligatory ankle pic.

No. 315795

File: 1692373739485.jpg (49.88 KB, 960x543, 397468765.jpg)

Your picrel I'm so unwell, the worst therapy dog but I want it anyway…nothing better after a long day at the office than terrorizing the garbage in the basement that someone forgot to take out. NONNY YEAH I love it so much every morning I put your playlist on and think about how horrible Jack's life is, we were jamming to it prestream too the brainrot is circular. Here's grandpa relinquishing the vape to you.

No. 315796

Wild Brad sighting, kek at how old the pic they're using is

No. 315896

File: 1692390826352.jpg (140.08 KB, 723x775, call the doctor.jpg)

I suspect the Sunday showing will be a little more violently intense with more anons, you enjoy it.
We are Victorians again, glimpse of ankle and we're fainting away.
Some movies clearly have limited wardrobes, nothing to fit that delicate frame.
If one of us has a lottery win that's a thread outing.

No. 315959

File: 1692421462747.jpeg (44.67 KB, 190x244, 0B705456-770D-4934-9EFB-49B53C…)

>I put your playlist on and think about how horrible Jack's life is
HA, well I’m flattered. Can’t believe he’s a vaping gramps why.
I was literally thirsting after his wrist in one movie, I’ve got it bad. Here’s whatever the hell this photo is

No. 315990

File: 1692431534596.png (4.72 MB, 1057x1693, IMG_6957.PNG)

posting some scans i found online, my scanner is too small so i can't scan shit right now, rip.

it's good for us to have outlets for the violence sometimes i think!

No. 315991

File: 1692431652157.png (2.35 MB, 876x1294, IMG_6956.PNG)

sorry for phone screenshots, this is from one of the lotr fan club mags if you're curious.

No. 315995

File: 1692432896679.jpg (960.69 KB, 1487x2487, yr5r65e54ub65vr.jpg)

and from the photo guide

No. 315996

File: 1692433059189.jpg (1.41 MB, 2000x1525, scan1.jpg)

+ 1 bonus scan i did.

No. 316041

File: 1692455694662.jpg (11.35 KB, 640x360, baby got blue eyes.jpg)

Repressing stuff helps noone. Better to share with Douriffriends.
>that pic
Coming soon: Moss-Quito! Chem companies want to reclaim swampy land to build their evil chemical munitions factories in a top secret plot. The dangerous chems they're spraying begin to mutate the Mosquito population, fusing their DNA with moss spores from the bleak, atmospheric (probably polystyrene) rocks nearby. One bite and your blood runs green! (and out of you)
As the green-winged plague spreads and bug sprays run out, a handful of brave survivors fight on to save the world! Starring Ely Pouget (Death Machine), Brad Dourif (How many movies?) and some other people who die off quite fast.
Will Brad ever untangle his luscious locks from the mosquito netting? Will Ely's hairspray can and cigarette lighter mini flame thrower really save the day? Find out in: Moss-Quito!

Him spying on this thread?

No. 316065

File: 1692464258505.png (Spoiler Image,1.93 MB, 2000x2000, C3C1B80F-2A9F-4C8E-8EED-819E2C…)

i chickened I’m not posting peen ummmmmmmmmm I am not doing well over here
starting a gofundme to get this project off the ground ASAP

No. 316266

File: 1692532721018.png (515.41 KB, 670x660, squish.png)

Anon will you marry me??? What stroke of divine intervention is it that you're also into this specific man and into this specific debauchery I'm losing any ounce of propriety how did I personally get so lucky this is literally tailor made to my interests how are you and your brain so powerful and generous to deliver such consistently incredible goods. Lower right is so pretty, the detail to the short layers in his hair (looks soft…), I want to be gentle only in tucking them behind his ear. That boot on his back is soooo cute. I've never in a million years wished for my face between Jack's clammy thighs before but really feeling some sort of way about lower left I'm fucking ready to tear into them like an apex predator. How many times can I talk about the way you draw his eyebags too idc his eyebags are my fetish and you shade them such a pretty colour. Tag yourself calling dibs on the bat. I don't even have a reaction img insane enough to depict the proper feelings right now.

No. 316267

File: 1692533451270.jpg (34.22 KB, 604x487, 640.jpg)

You joke but there's some kind of Pavlovian response any time he lifts an arm and you see bare wristbone or neck, not brave enough to admit what it is yet but there are definitely various body parts of his that are heinously attractive only because they're attached to such a handsome dude. "Hey what's your type of guy" "Oh just Brad, you know".

No. 316270

File: 1692534068478.png (265.89 KB, 593x593, 6a8749.png)

Thank you so much for these, you and ancient broken websites are my single source of Grimapics. Love hearing Brad's thoughts on him it feels like all of us are colluding about Grima's mental state kek. Nothing new to share aside from terrible memes but maybe you can explain why this figure looks like a coy anime girl kekkkk (kinda cute though)

A different angle of my favourite scene!!

No. 316272

File: 1692534358379.gif (1.11 MB, 500x500, lacey.gif)

The more I rewatch Body Parts the more I like it.

This is making me want to read a script redo of Spontaneous Combustion by you, it'd have the perfect amount of ecological doomsaying and dark humour kek. Chuckled irl.

No. 316273

Oh my.
Volunteering my services to tend to his wounds after you're all done.
One day, anon. We can do this.

No. 316308

File: 1692541213248.gif (Spoiler Image,9.99 MB, 641x360, 200823.gif)

Going through it ignore me