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File: 1681530570001.jpg (111.28 KB, 736x736, cef29b2130462bf386d9ac0b0f0e76…)

No. 289577

Discuss manga here.
Previous thread: >>>/m/186701

No. 289579

What a cute pic, OP

No. 289637

The publishing companies that were translating and publishing some of my favorite shojo manga long ago are reprinting them! I'm going to buy these books instead of relying on badly translated scans or on libraries where it's hard to find them like before. I'm praying Hana Yori Dango gets reprinted someday even if it turned into the mosy repetitive shit ever when Tsukasa's mother showed up.

No. 289638

Was there something besides Tokyo Babylon that’s getting reprinted/licensed?

No. 289640

For context I'm talking about companies in France. Tokyo Babylon hasn't been reprinted here as far as I know but it really should, it's a masterpiece. I have the series in Japanese already so I'm saying this for others who don't know about it. They're reprinting stuff like Nana, Gokinjo Monogatari, Paradise Kiss (the new edition is ugly as fuck tho), Princess Jellyfish (I literally just bought the first three volumes today because I had no clue and got excited), Natsume Yujincho, Magic Knight Rayearth, etc. If they decide to reprint other series by Clamp they need to give me Legal Drug and Drug and Drop right fucking now. I need it. I need a sequel as well but knowing Clamp it's not going to happen unless they decide to shove Shaolan and Sakura in the main plot somehow.

No. 289646

Oops, sorry. My brain immediately went to English manga because a retranslation of TB was announced. I wish we could get some more rereleases or better series picked up, I’m kind of jealous of how quickly some manga are published in France.

No. 289649

Seems like anime is more popular than manga in English speaking countries, maybe that's why?

No. 289695

I started reading Oshi no Ko cause I saw someone raving about it with the anime out and was curious. I actually ended up really liking it and binge read it in 2 days. Despite that, the actual beginning of the manga was so stupid and gross I only got through it cause I was basically hate-reading those first 10 chapters. The reincarnation premise feels so gross and unnecessary, it barely comes up or effects the story and I hate the layers of wierd implications. The MCs really could have just been normal kids and the story would need minimal changes. The gimmick at the start feels like it was slapped on just to add another twist or pander to the kind of genres that are currently popular.
I still really enjoyed the actual content of that story when its 95% just about characters trying to make it the entertainment industry. It's just I hate whenever the story occasionally reminds you about the dumbass premise.

No. 289779

The cringeeeee

No. 289887

File: 1681645858646.jpg (235.04 KB, 1084x790, 352.jpg)

Thoughts on Choujin X?

No. 290046

I thought it was fine but honestly pretty forgettable. I liked in enough to read it all a few weeks ago but really can't remember much about it besides liking the art.

No. 290075

File: 1681678253122.png (412.31 KB, 1115x1600, gfdsjhsj.png)

anyone else read To Your Eternity? I binged the first part and loved it, but the time skip to present day was so jarring and bad. aside from some really comical moments where the main character is essentially experiencing culture shock (pic related) the present day era felt like a massive disconnected downgrade from what was otherwise a compelling series and I'm disappointed

No. 290097

>present day era
magi did this too. i kept reading until the end but it totally turned me off of the manga – a cool arabian nights theme became…whatever the hell it became, i barely remember outside of my dislike of it.

No. 290841

at first I didn't like the time skip either but in the end I got attached to the new characters as well as to the new lives the old chars lived. The atmosphere that first made me fall in love with the manga is gone tho, I still like it but yeah it's a downgrade

No. 290884

I like it still. I think there should have been an in-between arc in more recent history before it jumped to present day and that would have helped a lot. Jumping from vinelord fushi to schoolboy fushi was too much. I have faith the story will win us back over and I’m intrigued by the way the present-day arc concluded.

No. 290886

I literally had the opposite opinion to yours lol, I didn’t like it when it went into the details of the entertainment biz and started to toss all the weird stuff. Hopefully it finds a balance. Some of the entertainment stuff is starting to be a little interesting to me but it’s not why I’m reading it

No. 291136

File: 1682033261588.jpg (27.23 KB, 225x320, ase to sekken.jpg)

I haven't read manga in years, but recently I binge read Ase to Sekken. I liked that it didn't have any stupid melodrama and the characters actually resolved conflicts like adults. The romance was really sweet too. Can anyone recommend similar manga to me? I've read some of Yamada Kintetsu's other works; Telework Yotabanashi was good but over too soon and I read the first chapter of Kasane to Subaru but was put off by the crossdressing.

No. 291140

I wish. That series was popular because it was kinda normal and the characters were not insanely dramatic but had fairly normal misunderstandings that were quickly resolved. Plus it has an ecchi theme that wasn’t too extreme. Hopefully other series follow suit but I haven’t seen more like it in English translations

No. 291216

Real question here: shojo manga ised to be super popualr and influencial a few decades ago but I don't think I've ever heard of one that has been released after 2010 that has been as popular as, say, anything by Clamp, or Fruits Basket, or Nana. Is it because I'm an old fart who has a hard time keeping up with recent series or are shojo manga genuinely not as popular as before? Or is it because I always use English social media and many English speaking countries tend to prefer anime or manga by far and shojo manga tend to have live action adaptations instead of anime?

No. 291273

This manga makes me want to kill myself

No. 291292

AFAIK shoujo magazines have been in decline

No. 291295

I honestly feel like we’re trending towards just blending shoujo and shonen together entirely. I’m not sure why this is happening (probably an industry/marketing thing) but that’s what it feels like to me.

No. 291330

Publishers know women and girls read and will read shounen and seinen anyway no matter how misogynistic it gets lol. Though I have heard of men reading shoujo but I don't see a lot of shounen themes rubbing into shoujo.

No. 291449

Most weebs are anime only and the animation industry is totally catered to males nowadays.

No. 291450

What about josei and manga aimed at adult women? What is going on with them? (general themes mangas not porn)

No. 291454

That's unrelated to my question though. I asked about manga, not anime. And I didn't ask about foreign readers, but about influential series, as in series that are popular everywhere including in Japan, where the target demographic lives and buys manga and magazines.

No. 291478

File: 1682197103948.jpg (214.18 KB, 750x1200, __phosphophyllite_and_phosphop…)

hnk updates so goddamn slowly that it kills me; we get barely 20 pages per month. maybe per two months if the mangaka decides not to upload. i know i sound really whiny but kek i hate it.

it's also insane to me that i've been reading this since my middle school days. what will i do with myself when it's over…

No. 291595

How would you even judge a series popularity worldwide if only Japanese manga sales are easily available online?

No. 291894

File: 1682388997686.png (Spoiler Image,242.7 KB, 1114x1600, IMG_7755.png)

The new chapter is out! I love this shit

No. 291896

Oh my god Phos no why

No. 291899

File: 1682391377718.png (Spoiler Image,480.2 KB, 1114x1600, HELP.png)

yet another chapter that's left me miserable. i want to phos to find happiness that isn't in death. i wish he could become his own kongo-sensei and run a little school for the new rocks.
>there will be a break for the next two publications
fucking kill me

No. 291904

I thought Phos was happy! What the fuck. This bitch is eating muesli while writing this lmao

No. 292043

File: 1682433723486.jpeg (76.94 KB, 676x1000, 51BP6TXXFPL._AC_UF1000,1000_QL…)

One series I'd love reprinted is Swan. It has the pretty 70s/80s shojo art I crave but the series was stopped halfway through English publishing.

I'm trying to learn Japanese in earnest nowadays, so I might try my hand at scanlating some stuff myself. But I won't be very good at it.

I haven't seriously read shoujo manga in 5 years or so, so my perception might be wrong. But I get the impression a lot of it/was high school romance. With how many there are in that setting they sometimes blend together unless there's a good hook. Not to say ALL shojo is high school romance of course. I might try finding some youtubers that discuss shoujo (Colleen's Manga Recs seems chill) and find some recommendations. That's helped me with finding more seinen to read.

No. 292892

File: 1682750500832.png (149.67 KB, 1539x379, Screenshot_15.png)

front page of mangadex kek

No. 292893

Whoever wrote that summary has brain damage

No. 292946

kek there's three separate sentences in a row to tell you that the MC has the power of the demon king. Who wrote that?

No. 292951

I don't think I've been on any [read online manga] type websites without about 50 of these on the first search pages.
I find it kind of weird, when I was younger read-manga-online websites were plentiful with tonnes of variety available for you to search but now it's lazy isekai/ecchi/yaoi and nothing else unless you specifically search.

No. 293024

Hentai and ecchi shit have autistic as fuck summaries in Japanese. Add to that the fact that the coomer translator clearly tried to stick to the autism of the original instead of properly translating and you have three different sentences saying the same thing in a row, and three different sentences describing girls as simply "beautiful".

No. 293090

File: 1682799848619.jpg (141.69 KB, 1131x1600, aepkl6zjuf161.jpg)

been reading berserk, just finished the golden age arc. nonnies i am obsessed with this manga, it is so fucking good. even though its incredibly depressing, i've actually been finding it incredibly motivational with seeing how resilient guts is. the only thing i hate is the gratuitous rape scenes with casca. i've been listening to the guts theme on loop while i read it

No. 293708

File: 1683050569495.jpg (197.85 KB, 1015x832, news.jpg)

The good news for you is that it might get continued even with Miura dead.

No. 293716

Wait until you're at the Lost Children Arc

No. 293719

Another anon mentioned the youtuber Colleen's Manga Recs and I'd also recommend her videos, she talks a lot about this stuff and shoujo in general (as well as defending it). A big part of the problem is that companies are prioritizing releasing shounen/seinen manga in English over shoujo and josei, and a lot of the shoujosei being localized is also getting released digitally only (so alienating the people who are into buying physical manga). Sadly a lot of really good shoujo manga never get published in English. Aside from that I think another factor is that scrotes are the ones running shoujo magazines and dictating what gets published, so if a female mangaka writes something that doesn't fit the mold of what a scrote thinks will appeal to the shoujo demographic it won't get published in the shoujo magazine. It's pretty obvious that this is happening when you compare older shoujo to newer shoujo.

No. 293725

In my country we publish way more manga than in English speaking countries, and people are way more interested in physical copies here. Yet we have the same problem here. So that's why I find this change in trends so weird and sudden.

No. 293746

Extremely correct. I'm always baffled when I hear people say there's no shoujo manga out there, bc as someone who's constantly lurking manga sites, there's a lot more than people would think, but there's not nearly as much work behind getting them out for a wider audience. There are countless shoujo where the first couple chapters will be posted in English only to never get anything more. It feels so much rarer to get shoujo anime these days too, I hate that all these baby anime-only weebs like my sister are getting exposed almost entirely to scrote shit. Also absolutely the case that anything with more fun and fantastical elements in a shoujo seems to inevitably get published in a shounen magazine instead. Hanako-kun and Ancient Magus Bride are somehow "shounen", and even something as girly as Sugar Apple Fairy Tale, which was published in an online shoujo magazine, is getting physically published in a seinen one

No. 293750

It’s been ongoing and it’s not very good

No. 293772

>even something as girly as Sugar Apple Fairy Tale, which was published in an online shoujo magazine, is getting physically published in a seinen one
Simply ridiculous
I think this happens because they think moids won't read shoujo as opposed to the many women who will read seinen or shounen. I get the impression that if a story is deemed "too good for shoujo" it'll get published elsewhere. Like shoujo is treated these days as the dumpster for low quality girly stuff even though shounen has high amounts of low tier garbage too

No. 293823

Any manga similar to Brutal satsujin kansatsukan no kokuhaku? Not sure exactly what I'm looking for but I found the premise of a hot man killing scrotes that inflict pain upon women and children to be incredible. I'm surprised this is a manga.

No. 294364

This is so funny to me because in my country the majority of newly released translations have been shoujos for years, cause the majority of manga readers are girls and nostalgic women. Wish that would lead to more josei being releasef tho, but I've given up on that by now…

No. 294746

File: 1683484112290.jpg (129.57 KB, 520x650, one-piece-live-action-oda.jpg)

They are still working on that One Piece live action.
>Eiichiro Oda Shares Update on Live-Action One Piece Series, Confirms 8-Episode Count

I can't see it being not-terrible.

No. 294789

Im now imagining if David Cronenberg directed it and I’m sad it won’t happen. Imagine the body horror…whatever this is will probably be normal anime adaptation stuff, sadly.

No. 294855


I'm so depressed that this manga was so short, could honestly read about this concept for ages. I also like that it didn't do that dumbass lib thing that so many "bad people get punished!1!" manga do where women are totes just as bad as men. Leaving a comment here bc I would also love some more similar stories.

No. 294877

Tell me if I should post this somewhere else…but I want to know if you guys remember this manga/manhwa/manhua.

It takes place in a highschool. There's this blonde fujo girl who ships her 2 male classmates. The first boy has dark brown hair and has a crush on the blonde girl. There's another girl with shoulder-length hair who hates the 2nd boy.

It's kind of like Kusattetemo Kimi ga Suki in that the blonde girl thinks one of the guys is a male fujo.

There's this non-canon side story with god as a doll. Each of the main characters (the boys and the blonde) have their own interactions with it.

If you guys can remember the name, please tell me.

No. 295014

Damn I have no idea but if you find out please tell me. Do you think anons in the Fujo thread might know?

No. 295892

File: 1683893580807.png (227.49 KB, 597x594, BhDKxef_d.png)

I hate this guy now.

No. 295895

Its gotten more ridiculous. I truly wish the story would conclude already.

No. 296491

Haru Sakurana's Dark Grimoire/Garden of Grimoire, has anyone heard of it? i don't even remember where i'd found out about it, but it really interests me, im interested in the story and it has real pretty art, but i can't find an english transl. anywhere, i can only really find a French transl. on French websites.

No. 296794

who is this and what did he do

No. 297845

File: 1684700261438.jpg (216.58 KB, 728x1066, FUCK CLAMP.jpg)

I just noticed but it's been at least 20 years since X went on hiatus! Fuck CLAMP, fuck Sakura and fuck Shaolan.

No. 297887

same with xxxholic rei
i wish they focused more on xxxholic than Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle because TRC became such a complicated clusterfuck towards the end. Imo holic has better characters, easier to follow story, mythology, etc.

No. 297903

File: 1684732614762.jpg (Spoiler Image,413.79 KB, 839x2819, Screenshot_20230522_121538_Chr…)

>>296794 Anthony from Shadows House. He manipulated the little girl in picrel and killed her.

No. 298370

File: 1684950790171.jpg (260.4 KB, 850x1230, troons btfo.jpg)

page made me kek

No. 298487

I’ve been reading this and I’ve been enjoying it so much! Their relationship is so sweet and it’s so refreshing reading a romance manga where the characters communicate and express affection openly. Funny that it sprung from a one-shot comic too, I love that so much.

No. 298638

>inb4 an anime reboot gets announced
I would rage.

No. 298645

Me too. I think I would physically harm someone if that happened. Imagine if on top of that it's by the same studio who tried to butcher Tokyo Babylon before they had to give up on the new anime adaptation?

No. 298656

File: 1685038959824.jpg (183.97 KB, 1000x1510, 595267.jpg)

I'm glad that Tokyo Babylon project is dead. The only time GoHands was good was when they made K. The rest of what they put out over the years is unwatchable. It's funny how they shot themselves in the foot by trying to be 'creative' though - they could have just copied the outfits from the manga instead of plagiarising real models.

No. 301495

File: 1686378270181.jpg (Spoiler Image,429.2 KB, 1193x1672, 00042.jpg)

this is from sakuran, a manga about a girl who grows up in a whore house. spoilered for nudity. wish there was more manga that didn't romanticize this sort of thing.

No. 301822

File: 1686531646585.jpeg (531.45 KB, 1458x2048, IMG_1054.jpeg)

Would have been better if they were both women imo and I don’t trust anyone handling crossdressing characters (especially feminine men) in the current year.
But I like the art style
Manga is called Company and Private Life. Not much as been released

No. 301823

I read a bit of it a while ago and it just felt kinda bland, tho I like the character deisgns too.

No. 301824

hard to say because I think it’s a new manga?
I agree about the designs , especially Hanku’s clothes.

No. 301827

File: 1686539329165.png (727.21 KB, 1442x2048, 1.png)

Yeah, I guess I got frustrated because of the web comic formart of only a couple of pages per "chapter", maybe it'll get interesting once the characters actually start interacting. Have you checked The Guy She Was Interested in Wasn't a Guy at All"? It's a romance between a gyaru and a girl she mistakes for a guy and she also has an edgy look, I didn't really care for the story tbh, so I dropped it, but the art is nice and the characters are cute.

No. 301878

File: 1686577842143.png (23.65 KB, 1662x446, Daija ni Totsuida Musume.png)

can't stop laughing at this mangadex review of Daija ni Totsuida Musume

No. 301948

The English translation is really wonky at times (like the translator isn't a native speaker), but it does seem interesting.

No. 302349

I have, I’m currently reading it. Unfortunately there’s a small LC nonnie in my head criticising the concept because “who could be blind enough to not tell the difference between a moid and a woman”
I love the designs for it as well and I love how the gyaru girl likes alt music like nirvana lmao.

No. 302937

File: 1687091259698.png (Spoiler Image,867.62 KB, 1350x1920, boys abyss reiji's dad.png)

WHAAAAT?! No way. This fucking story lmao

No. 302976

Okay, what new edgy twist are we missing now? Necrophilia, bestiality and a suicide that ends up working for once?

No. 304727

File: 1687742869721.png (2.64 MB, 1200x1200, 3x3.png)

Anyone wanna make 3x3's like they're doing in the anime thread?

No. 304740

File: 1687747168035.png (708.4 KB, 600x600, 3x3-manga.png)

based csm enjoyer

No. 304834

File: 1687787596242.png (2.39 MB, 1200x1200, 3x3 manga.png)

I keep meaning to read Iguana Girl…
Sorry for my sometimes questionable taste.

No. 304845

>Snake husband manga
Based taste. Apologize for nothing nona. Also we’re you the one posting about the butterfly girl manga a while ago in these threads? That got me to read it lol

No. 304889

BL Metamorphosis was so heartwarming and cute. I love old women as main characters, it should be a thing more often.
I don't usually read shonen but make the exorcist fall in love has a cute artstyle. What makes you like it enough to be a favourite while it's still pretty new?
Also, did you read Hanshin in english and if so, where? I feel like a boomer retard nowadays because I see people finish and read a lot of more obscure manga in (I'm assuming) english and I can never find them

No. 304902

File: 1687809790489.png (1.75 MB, 800x1120, 4x4.png)

Just couldn't settle on a 3x3, had to do 4x4 lol

No. 304931

>Make the Exorcist Fall in Love
I debated putting it on since it’s so new but it clicked with me really intensely. I grew up really religious and sheltered and so I could relate to the protagonist a lot and seeing him slowly come to appreciate the world outside of religion just makes me really happy. I’m also really into Judeo-Christian mythology outside of religion and seeing a manga do more with religious themes than just throw up some crosses and nuns totally charmed me. I also love the gore aspects and “temptation”-based romance. It just feels like a manga made for me specifically lol.
I found it cause some friends recced it to me, no idea where they first found it lol. Hanshin and Iguana Girl both have English translations on Mangadex, not sure if her other one-shots are up there though. Here are links to both if you need them:

No. 304933

>I found it cause some friends recced it to me, no idea where they first found it
It was translated for an anthology book called Four Shoujo Stories and reprinted in the Comic Journal’s shoujo issue

No. 305102

File: 1687895159261.jpg (422.21 KB, 1200x1200, 3x3.jpg)

I'm going to get called a scrote lol.

No. 305109

idk do scrotes even like hnk?

No. 305111

My brother does but he likes pretty much everything, and I guess the hipsters in the manga review community do as well.

No. 305115

File: 1687901646598.jpeg (968.13 KB, 1374x2048, IMG_9721.jpeg)

I almost put all these in my 3x3
Devilman is life, Sirene is my wife. But I haven’t read it all (there’s so much). Have you read the Sirene-Chan short gag spin-off and the adaptation with the crazy-good art Amon: The Darkside of the Devilman? They’re good
I like the art in Brides Story and I will read it until the end and the romances are sweet but I have my gripes about it that I’ve probably posted here lol. HNK is amazing but I want to see how it ends

No. 305116

File: 1687901965123.jpg (1.12 MB, 2390x3514, PSX_20230627_143549.jpg)

I took a long break from reading manga and am now back, these are the current series that I'm caught up on. I'm looking for other recommendations of manga that have a similar vibe to dungeon Meshi or ancient magus bride, specifically nice gentleman guys like Elias, professor Layton etc.

I highly recommend all my current reads (although ranking of kings has a lot of ups and downs)

No. 305121

Lots of people like Arte although it didn’t grab me because I didn’t want to read a story about being passionate about work (lol) but it seems pretty good. Heterogenia Linguistico or Sousou no Frieren both might appeal to you.
Also, Daija (the snake in the snake husband manga) is a gentleman, he really strives to be a good husband

No. 305124

Siren is so freakin cute in this outfit. I've never seen this.

No. 305129

It’s funny it’s super short and it’s the usual Go Nagai degeneracy mixed with hyper cutesy Sirene so it’s really weird

No. 305131

Ayrt and I've never heard of this but I'm going to read it, Sirene is my wife as well and while I prefer her angry as fuck it looks fun. I read Amon a long time ago but I don't remember much of it because it was a mess and while the art was very good there was so much useless fanservice (and I don't mind fanservice too much in general). I wanted to watch the Amon OVA because the animation looked amazing (there were a few GIFs floating on tumblr) but back then it was impossible to find online.

No. 305240

File: 1687944184562.png (2.42 MB, 1200x1200, 3x3.png)

Started reading hnk because of lc actually

No. 305241

Queen shit.
One of my favorites too and honestly I think it's better than Monster.

No. 305242

Same, I love Monster, but Pluto is a masterpiece.

No. 305254

File: 1687954318604.png (2.13 MB, 1200x1200, 3x3(1).png)

i feel like mine really shows my age…

love seeing others who enjoyed kasane!

No. 305310

File: 1687972682440.jpg (147.3 KB, 755x753, 37383934343024039434234.jpg)

I suppose I just realised that I have a favourite mangaka

No. 305312

samefag but I almost put Pluto on mine too but decided to go for 20th Century Boys instead
my two favourites of Urasawa are Billy Bat and Monster but Pluto is an absolute masterpiece as well, you're both based af

No. 305325

Urasawa is definitely my favorite mangaka, I picked pluto but honestly felt tempted to put monster, billy bat and 20th century boys too. I've been meaning to start reading asadora and master keaton.
Did you guys know that there is video of him singing and playing Bob Lennon from 20th century boys? He sings terribly and I love it kek

No. 305338

File: 1687984462378.jpg (333.54 KB, 1200x1200, 3x3.jpg)

>no Eroica in the search

No. 305340

File: 1687985038029.jpg (584.09 KB, 1600x1600, 4x4.jpg)

Never mind I’m just dumb and didn’t scroll.

No. 305355

Hello fellow Helter Skelter lover

No. 305370

give names please

No. 305371

If you have chrome browser right click and use google lens or whatever is shows up as now. It’s actually good for these because you can select a small square area and these are all main cover/title images (otherwise lens is atrocious and I hate it)

No. 305372

Left to right:
Sleeping Dead
Gente (read Ristorante Paradiso first)
Ikkoku Nikki
Helter Skelter
Tokyo Babylon
Dousei Mansion (Saturn Apartments)
Yowamushi Pedal
From Eroica With Love
Antique Bakery
Dragon Head

I want to swap out one or two though, I totally forgot about Coponicus no Kokyuu, Litchi Hikari Club, and I kinda like K’s Funeral Procession more than Dolis (but Dolis is in full color and very stylish)

No. 305376

(Nta) I almost added Coponicus no Kokyuu but I was trying not to make my 3x3 too much BL (even though that’s really a psychological drama but whatever — I kinda wanted to add J no Subete too).

No. 305378

I was, which is embarrassing because I couldn’t remember the title and it’s something I think about a lot, but I read it first many years ago. I think about it like at least once a month, lives in my mind rent free. Why does she do that, why does she love her captor, why is he so important to her even after she realizes what he is, she instinctively values him over everything else aaaaah —I read into it way too much lol

No. 306329

File: 1688371220866.jpg (2.28 MB, 2588x3684, I Want to Hold Aono-kun So Bad…)

huge thanks to the nona that mentioned this on the rec chart. it's so good. i forgot how much i loved ghost stories

in a perfect world things like this would get adapted instead of battle isekai harem ln #594590

No. 306649

That was me, and I'm really glad you liked it Nona! It's probably my favorite manga right now so I'm glad to see other people enjoying it. I really wish it would at least get simulreleases. It got a live action adaptation a while back but I never checked it out.

No. 306746

i was making one until i realized i've read so much manga that even choosing a top 10 is hard

No. 306912

File: 1688657739283.jpg (839.6 KB, 1094x1535, dc38a807-f6df-4643-83d3-429f6a…)

So this has recently been scanlated til the end, so I truly have no reason to not read it. Gonna start right now.

No. 306914

File: 1688658950922.png (145.21 KB, 565x571, 20230706_125658.png)

And I already love her.

No. 306915

River’s Edge is finally published in English! I’m downloading it rn to see how it is compared to the old scanlation

I didn’t know it was finished, I’ll have to keep reading. I had stopped around volume 4 I think.

No. 307032

File: 1688698000421.png (489.47 KB, 1110x1600, d423f872-ac69-4cc6-9347-2027d8…)

Samefagging to add the aunt is hot.

No. 307080

>I’m downloading it rn to see how it is compared to the old scanlation
Please report back, I enjoyed rivers edge and I'd like to reread it at some point if the new translation is great

No. 307094

File: 1688734558685.jpeg (1.19 MB, 1125x1600, 0FDBD3FE-7581-4E44-AE26-1B37A8…)

I like it! I wasn’t sure what to expect since a few publishers make pretty wonky translations, but whoever worked on this added a lot of annotated notes with info on the time period and things that the characters talk about. The lettering is really good too, and a bunch of the background graffiti text was translated. The biggest difference I noticed from the scanlation is that they use more swear words. I think I’m going to buy a print copy because it’s nice to see it without the super old scans.

No. 307236

File: 1688780285494.png (1.55 MB, 1096x1999, IMG_1209.png)

I don’t want to ruin this thread but this screencap kind of surprised me. I’m aware that the mangaka for Witch Hat Atelier worked on some American comics (Marvel) but I didn’t expect the manga to get described as queer.
Should I even be overthinking it.

No. 307239

You’re kind of overthinking it. The manga is is just girls being witches and drama of growing and learning and adult conspiracies. The mangaka is a westaboo with a big Twitter fan base

No. 307246

It has a gay couple in it and the mangaka is supportive of lgbt rights, what’s the problem?

No. 307356

I’m reading Ōoku and to be honest I don’t have any trouble reading the old timey English, in fact I actually really like it, it gives the manga a unique flavour and it suits the setting. I’ve also seen people complain about the manga being ‘too wordy’ and it…isn’t. Although maybe it’s because they’re struggling to read in an unfamiliar dialect, and that makes it seem like there are more words then there actually are? I feel like most of the complaints are coming from either ESLs or people that just don’t read much. English is my first language though, so that’s probably why I don’t have any issues with reading it.

No. 307374

I’m not ESL and I just didn’t like the language they used for the translation. Even though I like Fumi Yoshinaga a lot I don’t feel like forcing myself to get through it, that’s all.

No. 308279

Yeah, I appreciate that. I hate how lazy translators make everything retard-friendly and translate everything into plain English: regional dialects, slang, outdated Japanese, polite speech, the whole lot. All companies are guilty of this and it exasperates me how little people care.

No. 308285

File: 1689248535408.png (3.77 MB, 1300x1920, cd2e801e-d648-4ed5-b1cb-645016…)

Shadows House, please, we don't need 5 new characters you only killed like 2 in the last 100 chapters I cannot take this

No. 308291

I think Edward will be suspicious towards Laurel/Lulu (Sawako lookalike) because of the stats and dislike Stella/Candy (little girl in red) so he might try to fail them. I can't wait seeing what Anthony will pull off this time (and hope we will see Finn's doll)

No. 308322

File: 1689266926205.png (2.64 MB, 1200x1200, 3x3.png)

this was way too hard to make, there's a lot more manga that i wouldve loved to put on this
so happy to see other kasane enjoyers
based naoki urasawa fan

No. 308528

File: 1689382698210.jpg (48.22 KB, 400x400, 2480cffc9fb2292d7834e759544951…)

Could someone please recommend any manga/manhwa/manhua about slice-of-life childcare, centering around one child and their (happy, no angst) life, such as Yotsuba&! or Papa Wolf and the Puppy? I'm not sure if this is the right thread to ask but thank you so much in advance!

No. 308530

File: 1689383109991.png (614.96 KB, 468x490, Screenshot_20.png)

nona who's this?

No. 308533

Nta but it is the alter ego of Moka from Rosario + I think.

No. 308534

Gakuen Babysitters, One Fine Day, Baby & Me, With the Light

Rosario Vampire, it’s moid haremshit

No. 308535

moka from rosario vampire, if youre ever interested in getting into the series do not watch the anime just read the manga
>moid haremshit
i wont disagree but im blinded by nostalgia goggles so its one of my favorites

No. 308536

>rosario vampire
rip i had hoped it was a dude

No. 308540

all of the title images in the 3x3s are very easy to reverse image search if you're just kinda curious about one

No. 308545

File: 1689389912693.jpeg (274.02 KB, 1080x1350, B0BC7736-0E6F-46BA-AF0E-63B1CF…)

It’s not getting translated but there is an ongoing homolust vampire comedy manga called ババンババンバンバンパイア

No. 308546

Can you guys think of any non-moidy manga featuring het romances with dominant/assertive women? I feel like I can only get this stuff from like shouen/seinen a lot of the time unfortunately. I'm preferably stuff thats sfw or doesn't make the concept of "femdom" the focus of the romance, like "is it wrong to get done by a girl." I wanna read stuff that has a girl who takes the lead in the romance or is some kind of position of power over him.

No. 308727

kasane seems so lolcow coded. that said i'll have to reread since it's been literal years, it's mostly on my chart because it made such a great impression on me

No. 308730

I read it last week because of how many people included it in their 3x3s. My only gripe is that absolutely no one was excited enough about the literal magic lipstick and no one ever considered using it for anything more fun than acting. Every single character was obsessed with their one thing (playing a role, getting revenge, having their ideal woman, directing their play, etc). Meanwhile they're in contact with literal magic every day! Shouldn't they become obsessed with how the lipstick works? But I'm being silly, it wasn't that kind of story, just an intrusive thought I had I guess.

No. 308742

Jyu-Oh-Sei, possibly.

No. 308767

File: 1689541786985.jpg (73.46 KB, 720x297, 20230716_181020.jpg)

She's just like me fr. If I was a hot Japanese writer.

No. 308768

From what I remember of that manga it starts out promising but then all the female characters get fucked over.

No. 308777

It's up to chapter 4 on my reading manga

No. 308796

this is kind of funny, I wasn't expecting a comedy.

No. 308801

Hmmm, might be one of those secret club groups

No. 309598

File: 1689867239466.jpg (158.46 KB, 680x1000, MV5BYTNiM2E2MjQtYTg2My00N2JjLT…)

Was Isshuukan Friends any good?

No. 309695

File: 1689897604731.jpeg (56.93 KB, 225x319, cairo danchou.jpeg)

Cairo Danchou. Has anyone read it? Got a physical release of it recently and planning to start reading soon. Light-hearted story about anthropomorphic hard-working tree frogs who got in trouble with a big spotty toad for drinking expensive whiskey.

No. 309709

frog fantasy story from 1997… it sounds fun but no I haven't read it. where did you find a copy? surely this isn't published in english.

No. 309712

File: 1689905579326.jpeg (898.52 KB, 1242x1707, EE438BB2-67FC-48DA-B873-39FD39…)

Yes, no english sadly, I got a russian one (published in 2021, russian nonas can buy it right now in various shops, it's in stock and doesn't seem to be popular). Honestly had no idea it was that obscure kek.
>There were once thirty tree frogs. They worked merrily and amicably. Their insect friends threw them jobs. They collected cups-bells of perilla and poppy boxes, planted flower glades.
>Thus begins the parable of one of the most famous Japanese writers of the first half of the XX century, Kenji Miyazawa. Many years later, when Miyazawa became a recognized classic, and his works were included in the school curriculum, the artist Masumura Hiroshi did a great job analyzing the work of the great writer and adapted his works in the form of manga.
>Kenji Miyazawa's life fell on a stormy and dramatic period in the history of Japan, and in the two stories that you will find in this book, frogs, insects and forest animals play out the social conflicts that tore apart Japanese society at that time. However, the answer that Miyazawa offers in his stories remains relevant even now — it is love and compassion.

No. 310402

File: 1690212862143.png (273.63 KB, 732x384, Screenshot 2023-07-24 at 11.35…)

Wait, is Spy x Family gonna be good again? new Fiona bodyhorror chapter gave me chills lol

No. 310446


No. 310654

anyone have any manga/manhwa recs with an actually socially awkward or ugly main female character?

there are tons that feature ugly looking men that get bullied (before their glow up or whatever), but very few with women. The thing that came closest was Watamote, and even with that, the MC is basically a normie and is being fought over by her female friends at this point in the manga.

No. 310657

lol ok but I liked it at the beginning when it was mostly from Anya's perspective / about her having powers and everyone else was a side character.

No. 310664

The main in Koi no Kiseki (Love's Miracle) is ugly at first but she goes through a (non-magical, I would say she still looks a little unusual) transformation and is not ugly anymore after a while, she still has problems with having low confidence etc.
Kasane – extremely ugly MC with magic lipstick, the whole thing is about ugliness/beauty and acting
Princess Jellyfish
haven't read these but I think they might fit the bill:
Bara no Tame ni i
A bouquet for an ugly girl
Skip to Loafer (not ugly just average/plain, I don't believe she gets bullied either if you want something lighter)
Kengai Princess by Natsumi Aida

No. 310678

does anyone have genuinely good romance manga recommendations? i just finished watching the netflix adaption of kimi ni todoke and it has made me feel nostalgic for when i used to read more

No. 310686


Ty will check these out!(do not use emojis/ emoticons)

No. 310872

File: 1690375829918.jpg (190.33 KB, 1129x1600, b2a7d54aaa7c615a4c568d17207b3a…)

samefag: I started reading bouquet for an ugly girl and it's also lighthearted - no bullying - and it's very cute so far. main character is chubby and shy, the cute perfect nice boy in class is taking an interest in her. comical-misunderstandings-with-cute-conclusions type plot, like picrel volume 1 extra.

No. 310883

Kasane was so beautiful, it’s an amazing story.

No. 310888

Hate to be that person but not a single one of this stories feature an actually ugly female MC. Most of them are plain, some a bit chubby but still with an average face, some are even pretty. Even the "extremely ugly" MC in Kasane seems pretty average (but she has a scar I guess? Still not actually ugly). Mangakas really are allergic to making a girl fucking ugly.

No. 310892

File: 1690387621308.png (37.33 KB, 728x600, A98C2A0B-7D4A-40F8-ACF1-0CFF26…)

What did you expect? No one wants to acknowledge being ugly, even ugly representation shouldn’t be too accurate because then what’s there to fantasize about? In the end it really makes you think that maybe you’re not as ugly as you think you are.
I think those manga are okay, not perfect because yeah, a truly ugly character that manages to find happiness would be amazing, but at least it’s something decent and not:
>hi! I’m main character and I’m ugly!
>pic related is my ugly ass mug!
>I get bullied everyday and everywhere I go!
>I’m getting makeup to cover my ugly ass freckles that look like someone sharted on my ugly face!
>nah nee?! I’m beautiful now!
>I will get plastic surgery because my face is disgusting anyways!
>and now everyone will love me!
>only if manage to lose 10 kilos, of course!
>because I disgustingly weight 40 kilos and I should weight 30 kilos
>but that’s not healthy so I will conform with weighting 35 kilos!
>I’m a tall freak btw! My height is 1.60 and everyone thinks I look like a monster!
>plus this hot dude only dates short skinny legends that somehow look taller than me!
>so I will do everything for him!

No. 310906

I think the Koi no Kiseki MC is very ugly but I just don't like the art lol (love the story though.) Kasane was ugly based on what they showed but they refused to reveal her full face which was annoying.
Anyway most of them fit the "socially awkward" part of her request.

No. 310925

Immortal Rain

No. 311941

File: 1690808570752.png (Spoiler Image,2.09 MB, 1363x1935, dd6226bc-c3a7-4669-8a7f-979b45…)

Speedstar Scanlation dropped the snake husband manga? I'm devastated. It was just getting so good. I bought the first volume of the official english release but it'll take so long to catch up!
unless they secretly aren't dropping it… they did release a new chapter

No. 311944

I remember reading that the watamote artist wanted to make the heroine much meaner-looking, but it got shot down by the editors

In fairness, it's very, very rare in the real world for young women and girls to be genuinely hideous, at most they're just a bit dorky looking. Men on the other hand…

No. 312015

File: 1690844837954.jpg (51.26 KB, 400x627, 9782369741299_1_75.jpg)

The only one I can think you that features that description other than Kasane (as in the protag is ugly and not just awkward/black hair with glasses) is Sora o Kakeru Yodaka but the ugly girl is an asshole despite the story trying to sell you on the "beauty is on the inside" crap lol

No. 312076

>it's very, very rare in the real world for young women and girls to be genuinely hideous
Kek according to who? There are plenty of genuinely ugly women, it's just that people tend to pretend they don't exist.

No. 312260

Does anyone know if Manshuu Ahen Squad has been translated past chapter 41 somewhere? Don't know if the scan group dropped it or if I'm just too dumb to find the rest of it

No. 312261

>it's very, very rare in the real world for young women and girls to be genuinely hideous
clearly you haven't seen me.

No. 312267

im in the mood for arrange marriage or marriage related stories. im planning to read a happy marriage later this week as im reading a few on the topic like hotaru no yomeiri, sesame salt and pudding, etc. also i'd appreciate if it has an age gap (although this one doesn't to have the marriage-relation storyline).

No. 312268

File: 1690986582242.png (290.31 KB, 800x1142, Otoyomegatari.png)

High chance you've heard of this one but just in case you haven't: A Bride's Story / Otoyomegatari

No. 312321

File: 1690991508339.png (459.89 KB, 1480x674, lsd givaway.png)

Kalendel (of Lovely Strange Dark) is giving away a bunch of her manga. if you live in the US you can get it for the cost of media mail shipping, otherwise sounds like she's tossing them (tragic) because of a move. I can't read japanese so it's of little value to me unless I wanna make a collage out of the pages lol but I know some of you can read them

No. 312773

File: 1691162043284.png (898.65 KB, 1360x1920, 1691092417596948.png)

The first chapter of Satoro Noda's new manga DogsRed was translated, for those interested. Pretty much Golden Kamuy on ice so far.

No. 312784

I'm really confused by the name. I feel like it should be Dogsled or Red Dogs. Dogs Red / Dogsred is weird.

No. 312790

File: 1691165875097.png (Spoiler Image,2.56 MB, 1268x1254, Screenshot 2023-08-04 at 12.19…)

lmao Noda

No. 312792

Is this guys obsessed with the cold? Between Golden Kamui, that anf the manga about hockey from before he made Golden Kamui I'm seeing a pattern.

No. 312794

File: 1691166285232.jpeg (260.89 KB, 1636x928, F2nwbxaaAAEcZcK.jpeg)

Same, especially with the title being "doggusureddo" which might as well actually mean sled (or thread), dogs red doesn't make much sense.
I love the sister. As someone on /a/ has pointed out she's doing the Tsukishima-faces when snow monkey is fanboying or whining.

No. 312819

he's obsessed with bears!

No. 312841

He's born in Hokkaido so it makes sense i guess.

No. 312844

Is he? I never really thought about where he's from but now I feel silly for not knowing, of course he's from Hokkaido.

No. 312854

That makes perfect sense then. This is like whenever Hiromu Arakawa would talk about coming from Hokkaido before she moved to Tokyo to work as a mangaka in FMA and about the bear attacks. Hokkaido seems traumatizing.

No. 312926

File: 1691218287381.png (983.91 KB, 1732x1400, JJL_v12_ch047_020_021.png)

Finally read Jojolion. Starts off really strong but everything after Vitamin C is a huge drop in quality. It also has the worst Stands and fights and Rock humans were a mistake. Worst final fight. Way too long.

No. 312928

I stopped in the middle of the fight between the beetles, when Josuke says if he wins he'll take the other guy's expensive car because there weren't any new chapter yet at the time. It seems like me forgetting to read the next chapters was for the best.

No. 312933

File: 1691223790736.png (298 KB, 900x1400, JJL_v09_ch037_128.png)

There were a lot of good things about the part too, don't get me wrong. Even after the halfway point. It's just such a massive disparity in the quality of writing between the two halves that when you summarize the part, that's what you mostly focus on. The initial mystery of Jousuke's identity is one of the best things Araki has ever written. The problem is that the part just kept going without direction.

In particular, I really loved the Higashikata family. Joubin especially is one of the most well-thought out antagonists Araki has ever written. I'll admit, a lot of that is because Araki can't write past comic book level villains, but Joubin was good!

No. 312934

I enjoyed the family drama and the race for the rokakakka fruit and each party trying to prove they're the ones worthy of it the most. And Holy's illness mystery was also great. The ending was bittersweet and I loved it. I personally like the second half of the manga over the first half. Also, yeah Joubin is great, husbando material.

No. 313018

File: 1691265408653.png (1.14 MB, 1360x1920, 2415235.png)

Jojolion is the only part I never bothered finishing. Want to do it since I eagerly read most other parts, but I guess I will have to force myself. Had kind of a Jojo related burnout around the middle of part 7 though so maybe that's related. Currently reading the new part and I am fine with it, although I read it irregularly.
Second chapter is already translated now too. I am so happy to finally have another weekly series to follow. The other stuff I read is monthly at best and yearly at worst.

No. 313259

yeah, i did! i havent read it though but it looks pretty. i finished reading my happy marriage, or the available chapters translated and uploaded in some site, but it hasn't been updated for almost two years now. i dont want to watch the anime though and idk where to read the light novel too.

No. 313271

File: 1691383046773.jpeg (533.14 KB, 1650x1200, IMG_0228.jpeg)

I finally decided to read xxxholic this weekend and depressed Watanuki is such a mood.

Just finished reading the final chapter of the original series (so up until xxxholic Rei) and now I’m going to re-read Tsubasa (which I didn’t know had a sequel, I was kinda confused by the original back when I read it. Hopefully things will make more sense this time now that I’ve read xxxholic!)

No. 313291

the black and white art for xxxholic is so pretty even though they're extra noodley, the setting and the outfits make up for it

No. 313392

I just finished Chainsaw man (P1) Ik it's old news but I feel like the Makima stuff is much less impactful if you're not a massive simp Like it's not a huge betrayal how she is because like duh? The true nature is clear incredibly early on?

No. 313395

File: 1691450561565.png (1.37 MB, 1080x1536, 8339611181c6b2622eec0551fbd4d2…)

This is the worst manga I've read in a while, why are they pandering to twittertards when the covers had BL and yuri? It's like they think mental illness is somehow better than just having a character be gay.

Granted the characters are fucking atrocious, they're literally just clones of their parents with less personality.

No. 313400

What is it? Is it worth hatereading?

No. 313402

File: 1691452216411.png (820.86 KB, 1204x851, moids were saying this isn't f…)

Higurashi reiwa, it's dogshit just read the original since it's actually good.

They did so many stupid changes like making a lesbian character straight for no reason and marrying the entire cast off to people who literally don't have faces. Then they baited fujos for a while before going 'LOL ACTUALLY HE'S NOT GAY'

No. 313419

Ah damn that's the new Higurashi manga isn't it? I wanted to read it for the new content. I hate when that happens. I think that characters without any sexual urges can have a point of existing or it might even match some personalities, but it's suspicious how often it happens with the gays or gay coded characters.
Reminds me of that current G-Witch debacle. I don't even like the series and dropped it, but what they are doing right now to retroactively erase lesbians after the huge success the series had partly because of it is embarrassing.

Also, the second panel you posted makes no sense if the character is aroace. He's blushing and fawning over a guy here. This literally cannot happen if he isn't sexually attracted, especially since he seems to react that way by just remembering it here.
>marrying the entire cast off to people who literally don't have faces
I hate this so much it happens in shounen and so many other series. It's like they felt forced to do this, even if the partners are literal nobodies or characters they have never shown interest in before.

No. 313422

>Ah damn that's the new Higurashi manga isn't it? I wanted to read it for the new content.
Yep, it's honestly not good mystery wise either so there's not much reason to read it unless you're familiar with the source material and into hatereading (so pretty small demographic haha).
>but it's suspicious how often it happens with the gays or gay coded characters
Exactly, it's pretty much a cop out that you would never see for a heterosexual character, and then moids and twitter trannies get to be overly smug about it.
>He's blushing and fawning over a guy here. This literally cannot happen if he isn't sexually attracted
Their reasoning for this is literally 'he sees him like a cute small animal' which to me is way more weird than 'he's just gay and thinks that he's cute' especially since unlike Rena he only does it with Keiichi's son instead of everyone.
>I hate this so much it happens in shounen and so many other series.
It's a trope that's literally only liked by people who think they're 'above' shipping for whatever reason even though it's objectively terrible writing. It's even worse here since most of the people they married don't even have faces or aren't even shown in the manga at all. I avoid reading shounen so I luckily don't run into it that often, but it pops up in stuff I'm reading sometimes despite that.

No. 313542

File: 1691505168710.jpeg (165.16 KB, 1080x675, Fw3CNFHaEAAk6FX.jpeg)

is anyone scanlating Yoi With Mottled Skin / Madara Moyou no Yoi / まだら模様のヨイ ?

No. 313544

No, I don’t think so.

No. 314399

File: 1691888709418.jpeg (85.48 KB, 540x405, CC9CF5AB-AD75-429F-B27C-292A47…)

Does anyone have any recommendations for manga about girlfailure office women in their 20s?
Along the lines of tramps like us, watashi no shounen, 3am dangerous zone etc.

No. 314404

Hataraki Man, maybe. I didn’t read a lot of it

No. 314440

File: 1691924457422.jpg (115.47 KB, 840x630, chiyochichi.jpg)

Is Nichijou really that much unfunnier than Azumanga Daiou, or is it because it has no 4koma format? I remember finding the few chapters of AO that were panelled normally not as funny as the rest of the series, too.

No. 314485

Azumanga Daioh and Nichijou are made by two different people

No. 314501

Iirc nichijou's humor is even more referential and language based than azumanga so it might come across as less funny to us gaijin. I remember enjoying the anime though, and I liked Arawi's manga City so idk.

No. 315578

File: 1692288161483.jpg (99.72 KB, 1280x720, 1692189435917721.jpg)

I assume that by now everybody already knows about this but Nami Sano, the creator of Sakamoto desu ga and Migi & Dali has unfortunately passed away on August 5, 2023 due to cancer disease.
She was only 35, which makes this even sadder.
Migi & Dali will get an anime adaption that starts in autumn, you should give it a chance. Haven't read that one yet but I greatly enjoyed Sakamoto. Those news make the ending of Sakamoto hit differently for sure.

No. 315582

It's the other way around for me. Didn't know what to do with AD and gave up on it early but Nichijou is one of the funniest anime I know. Think if found the characters relatable, unlike the girls from AD. For me personally comedy only works if it's relatable and there were tons of scenes in Nichijou where I thought stuff like "holy shit this literally happened to me too". I never understood why it's so disliked nowadays. Or maybe back then as well and I just didn't notice it.

No. 315584

This is so sad nonna, I loved Sakamoto desu ga. 35 is so young… RIP Nami Sano. We lost a great female mangaka.

No. 315602

>3am dangerous zone
memory unlocked
not a manga but have you watched aggressive retsuko?

No. 315679

Fuck, no, this is so sad. Damn…

No. 316024

File: 1692448373491.jpeg (500.38 KB, 1000x1547, -XMa9KYGSDevrTBy6DdIUg.jpeg)

different times…

No. 316034

That looks like an individual chapter.

No. 316036

oh is it like when they used to sell manga chapters in a thin comic book format? because that would make me feel a lot better about the price

No. 316059

Yeah. It's like 10 pages long. Like a regular western comic book that came out weekly.

No. 316068

slightly related but actual manga volumes (like the jpn tankobon ones) used to cost the same everywhere in germany. it was always 5 euros, except for tokyopop volumes which would cost 6,50. that has drastically changed now. the old volumes that used to be 5 euros but that are still sold nowadays cost 6,50 euros by now, and new(er) manga consistently cost between 6,50 and 8,50 euros. some even go for 10 euros. of course special editions like double volumes (ranma 1/2 or inuyasha, for example) cost even more and the price usually ranges from 12 to 25 euros.

i don't buy manga anymore but it makes me sad how i used to be able to buy so many of them with my tiny allowance and saving up birthday/christmas money.

No. 316080

Same thing in France. When I was in middle school/high school one volume would be between 5€ and 5€50 except the ones from the publishing company Kurokawa which were 6€50 which annoyed me when I was reading FMA. Now it's between 6€95 and 8€75 depending on the publishing companies… except I had to buy the first volume of FMA again a few months ago after my cat destroyed it long ago and I wanted to read the series again and it was still 6€50 for some reason. Now there are more and more special editions that cost an arm and a leg and that are huge and uncomfortable to read so if you want to read old 80s/early 90s manga with physical copies good luck.

No. 316089

In America they also keep doing the omnibus/hardcover/premium editions and I’d prefer if they were just normal size A6 or whatever Japan uses. The hardcovers are always like a weird cardboard that damages easily and have worse cover designs

No. 316110

Me too, I'd love more normal sizes. I like putting a volume to read during breaks at my job or while commuting. A coworker of mine likes these big editions for some reason, because it's "cooler", whatever that means and he only reads shonen shit with passable art so I can only see downsides. The series he likes with good art have normal editions or re-editions though.

No. 316129

The prices of paper have gone up drastically in recent years.

No. 317027

File: 1692806660072.jpg (212.13 KB, 1000x1422, 5e38d0c8-c0fe-48bf-8d89-c5605b…)

I was just checking the new manga releases in my country and came across this wonderful yuri manga I want to recommend. Haru Tsuzuru, Sakura Saku Kono Heya de.

It's a two volume long series about loss and healing, the insecurity that comes with the grief after the death of a dear one and the unwillingness of moving on in fear of closing a chapter and forgetting them, even five years later. It's a coincidence that I read it now, since it was exactly five years ago that I have lost two people who were very close to me, so it hit right home.

If you want a bittersweet yuri manga about the slow healing of a 32 year old woman that's far removed from all otaku pandering you should absolutely give this a chance.

Other German here, wanted to say the same. I still remember the 10DM/5 EUR age. Most manga I buy now cost ~7,50 EUR. Many cost 10-12 EUR, though they are bigger formats to be fair. They have upsides since some stories look better that way, but it makes it harder to keep up with many series unless you have a lot of spare money AND space.
I would have bought Fist of the North Star, Jojo and other nice newer releases, but it's simply too expensive for longer series and I have barely any free shelves at this point. Tbh I would take the small formats for many if I had the chance and rather pay less. I especially do not need fancy hardcovers and all that.

No. 317043

Is there anything like Nausicaa in terms of art/worlbuilding? I don't really read manga but recently I found out that the movie is actually based on a manga. I absolutely adored that sort of cool and unique worldbuilding and great art that reminds me of Moebius somewhat. Also idk how to put it but this manga has a very comfy and fuzzy feel that reminds me of old jrpgs that I played as a kid. I don't know how to put it but it's so whimsical and cozy and yet touches some serious themes. Please I'm a super pleb when it comes to animanga and when I try to look for fantasy mangas I can't find anything similar, it's all some weird isekai harem shit.

No. 318316

File: 1693278873293.png (1.82 MB, 1068x1598, 1627074107888.png)

I always got such a creep factor from Oshimi's works and now I know why. I tried reading a few of his different works without reading they were both by him (Chi no Wadachi and Inside Mari) and felt grossed out by how moidy they were. I liked Aku no Hana the first time I read it as a teen but literally everything he writes is absolutely dripping with his issues with women, its so annoying to see his shit peddled as kino.

No. 318402

File: 1693326930433.png (247.08 KB, 611x1071, yuck.png)

I ended up reading Aku no Hana after seeing it getting shilled as a psychological masterpiece. Sawa was a fun character however the entire manga is too porny for me to enjoy.
I saw that image circulating on Twitter - I will never understand why actual women put pornsick mangaka on a pedestal just because they happen to have gender dysphoria.
Also funny how deeply disturbed, degenerate male mangaka such as Oshimi and Fujimoto get labelled as LGBT allies kek.

No. 318424

Kek that’s the exact post that reminded me about him. Aku no Hana felt like a thinly veiled femdom fetish work more often than not, which I wouldn’t have minded if the characters weren’t middle schoolers. I get his work is supposed to be like this psychosexual horror/discomfort but I can rarely believe moids to be depicting “scary” sexual situations without some element of fetishism in it.

No. 318449

File: 1693352330137.jpg (56.14 KB, 800x450, 3273859751280.jpg)

Can you retards stop talking about moids for one second?

No. 318451

File: 1693353592512.jpg (453.47 KB, 835x1200, fa869998-98e0-407a-bebe-3b63df…)

Sorry for talking about a popular mangaka in the manga thread. I'll post about a series I like by a woman to make it up to you.
I really like Sanda, it's by the same author as Beastars. It has a human cast but has the exact same craziness that I enjoyed about Beastars. I hope it gets more popular in the future but I feel without the furry boost people might be turned off by its art style, which is a shame cause it has a lot of fun and insteresting ideas about growing up and growing old and how society values youth.

No. 318463

i want an manga where a failmale with AGP tendencies dies and gets reborn as a girl….but an ugly morbidly obese one

No. 318484

Fuck no ew. The only recarnation agps deserve is being a cockroach to be crushed

No. 319036

Why do anons hate that manga so damn much? I loved it

No. 319042

>So it's my wish to venture into that half of the world that I can't reach
Jesus, that Diana Shaw was right when she said "womanhood is the final frontier that men can’t explore firsthand"

No. 320285

is tomie good or is it "sex is power/attractive women are oppressing me" libfem/scrote nonsense. i want some misandry but i don't want any glossed up femme fatale nonsense

No. 320287

I personally didn't like it because the stories were too repetitive for me but there's no femme fatale tropes or anything, just straight-up horror iirc.

No. 320289

Like >>320287 said, it's a monster horror, not libfem/femme fatale and not misandrist either (women also suffer and are shown as shallow and motivated by jealousy). Many stories are focusing on her disgusting regeneration power.

No. 320342

maybe i'll give it a try. thanks nonas

No. 321518

Wish the mangaka of ousama ranking wasn't an out-of-touch sperg and would continue his series already because I got actually interested in the whole ranking mystery and god business this story has, but the main character is the manga's weak point IMO so my patience isn't endless and I might forget about it if the plot doesn't change the PoV and shed some light onto other guys by the end of the year, which will probably not happen if he keeps avoiding drawing. All because of some a twitter comment he got angry about six months ago. Way to ruin your career.

I wish proper fantasy, history and sci-fi without pandering wasn't so damn rare nowadays.

No. 321547

Magus of the Library
Witch Hat Atelier
The Ancient Magus' Bride
Hakumei and Mikochi
Land of the Lustrous
Music of Marie

No. 322217

File: 1695096830858.png (1.05 MB, 1080x1372, shoujo checklist.png)

No. 322218

File: 1695096895510.jpg (288.48 KB, 1080x1372, IMG_9125.jpg)

Not really a fan of shoujo honestly (I read some of Princess Jellyfish but dropped it because I hated the love interest, he was a shithead)
I like gakuen babysitters though!

No. 322220

Princess Jellyfish was fun ten years ago, before anybody knew about AGP or what troons are really like.

No. 322221

I'm not even talking about the troon stuff, I just thought his 'HOW COULD I FALL IN LOVE WITH THIS PRETTY BUT MILDLY NERDY GIRL WHEN I'M SO PERFECT, RICH AND BEAUTIFUL' meme was beyond obnoxious and made me want to strangle him.

No. 322259

File: 1695122528355.jpeg (33.46 KB, 912x740, sad.jpeg)

No Ouran?

No. 322492

File: 1695249491951.jpg (132.06 KB, 750x949, 39362626.JPG)

Not much into shoujo so I dropped most of these, but I really liked Basara, Sailor Moon and Rakugo and I think that Kids on the Slope is painfully underrated.

I was mostly into classic mahou shoujo since it is the perfect form of shoujo IMO. It mixes adventure and drama with the shoujo style, but since it's about magical girls romance is at best a subplot and there are no male characters so it doesn't resort to otome tropes since they aren't my thing and top of all of this it was a bit of wish fulfillment since everybody would like to be given some special power to be a hero one day.
Sadly the that genre is gone for some reason.

But speaking about that list I should get my ass up and start the new manga from the Basara/7 Seeds author already.
I would also add some iconic CLAMP series to that list, especially Rayearth was great. I cannot explain why, but Rayearth worked perfectly for me whereas I couldn't stand Yona, Fushihi Yuugi and the likes. Maybe because of the reasons above, since Rayearth is basically a mahou shouji with other genres thrown in.

No. 322614

File: 1695315388325.jpg (289.36 KB, 1080x1372, checku.jpg)

For some it has been so long ago since I watched them, the only thing I remember IS watching them.

No. 322634

You must watch Revolutionary Girl Utena, it's the best one

No. 322712

File: 1695353747377.jpg (288.72 KB, 1080x1372, 1695096830858.jpg)

wtf where is ouran? Needs rose of versailles and more clamp too imo. I'm mildly ashamed I haven't seen utena, I watched 2 episodes as a kid and it went way over my head kek. I've been meaning to give it another try. Lovely Complex is probably my favorite on the list (maybe just for nostalgia)

No. 322951

File: 1695468319681.png (974.46 KB, 1080x1372, bfskadsdhj.png)

Pleasantly surprised there are so many current shoujo manga, too, instead of the usual circlejerk about only like four titles of the entire genre being valid Uruwashi no yoi no tsuki is my favorite, I love it so much.

No. 322963

File: 1695474738814.png (971.42 KB, 1080x1372, 1695096830858.png)

No. 323011

>All because of some a twitter comment he got angry about six months ago
what now? what happened I didn't see that

No. 324054

Oshi no Ko mangaka just going full shitposting with the plot lmao. The tonal whiplash in the most recent chapter is severe

No. 324120

Please spoonfeed me nonna, I haven't heard anything about it since someone said they were going to go the incest route

No. 324734

needs Glass Mask and Gokusen
>Needs rose of versailles
Yeah it's pretty weird to have Kageki Shoujo on there but not RoV

No. 324954

File: 1696269410590.jpeg (332.27 KB, 749x1084, IMG_4477.jpeg)

Ikuto x Amu please and thanks

No. 325011

ikuto x amu gang RISE UP
Nadeshiko x amu gang RISE UP
Tadase x amu gang FACE THE FUCKING WALL.

No. 325071

Never thought I'd see the day. Kind of random

No. 325173

Okay but is it going to be an actual sequel with Amu and all or are we going to get another Shugo Chara Party? I liked Rikka and just Party overall more than most, but in the end she's not the one I came for.

No. 325183

I'm begging for more Utau x Amu crumbs pls

No. 325252

HOLY SHIT Peach-Pit is making a comeback? Yessss

No. 326034

Someone on tumblr scared me, saying she's hoping Peach-Pit will make Nagi ~explore his gender~. While I sincerely don't believe they will, I'm going to cry if they're gonna turn him into an X-Gender or some bullshit like that because that boy was my very first husbando on the other hand, with the X-Eggs it'd be kinda fitting, Amu would just have to purify his heart….

No. 326989

File: 1697277077221.jpg (406 KB, 1200x675, 5b32bb7552864c60749b8dc9f7ab6c…)

xxxholic has a live-action adaptation and it's on Crunchyroll of all places. (It's probably shit.)

No. 326999

Looks like two different versions, one stageplay had an all male cast unfortunately. What versions are Crunchroll gettting?

No. 327004

File: 1697292019871.jpg (114.71 KB, 1366x768, x.jpg)

No. 327264

File: 1697363553698.jpg (102.8 KB, 766x849, spoiler-warning-oshi-no-ko-123…)

Fuck Oshi no Ko, of course the author had to focus incest and pedophilia. Noooo it could not be simply about dark sides of entertainment industry in Japan.

Empathising with a woman as a human being is something impossible for them so they think they need to become one to truly know how it is like. Certainly an idealised pretty young girl version in frilly dresses because I never saw a moid interested in seeing the world as a 55 year old mature woman.

No. 327348

File: 1697397299043.png (1.08 MB, 1446x2048, 452c6b8b-631f-467f-aba2-5cd768…)

I feel like this is one of the only places I can truly rant about this but I feel like witnessing the comments on this manga, My Dog Becomes a Human or Inu ga Hito ni Naru Hanashi, has shown me how truly hypocritical and polarizing moids can be. I know I should've just ignored it but I genuinely can't, it's so irritating. So it's a Josei type of manga where all of the pet dogs of a town have turned into humans.
It's mostly cute fanservice of men acting like affectionate and/or spoiled pets. So far there's mostly seen only male dog-turned-human characters, with small cameos of a woman dog-turned-human character in the background plus a single illustration.
Now what annoys me most is that without fail before the cameo of a female dog-turned-human character appeared the comments were mostly nothing but "white woman fucks dogs" and "you just know" or "white woman amirite????" or even "where are the bitches???? why no females????" which doesn't even make sense because the dog turned men don't even retain any physical traits of a dog. No dog ears or tails, they're purely human so I don't understand where they're even getting the bestiality jokes from.
Now what truly infuriates me is that they completely forget the whole "dog-turned-human = bestiality" when a female dog-turned-human character appears. Suddenly it's all okay and not psuedo bestiality. It feels like moids found something targeted towards women and felt the need to completely shit on it and the people who liked it only until the author panders to them with a female dog-turned-human character. It annoys me. It especially annoyed me how some of them were implying that the author should only focus on female dog-turned-human characters, add more, or that the focus will shit from female targeted fanservice to male targeted fanservice once the author gets a serialization. It's like they can't stand if something isn't pandering towards them 24/7. I will be genuinely disappointed if the author shifts focus from female targeted fanservice to male targeted fanservice.

No. 327354

>considering male opinion
cringe. but thanks for letting me know of this gem, nonniko!

No. 327379

File: 1697406879606.jpg (3.92 MB, 4096x8197, FotoGrid_20221226_020302759.jp…)

I'm always baffled when I see moids commenting on josei manga or webtoons, like… I always think: "Did they get lost? Why are they here?". Idgi.
I barely read comments on manga anymore tho. Are you on BATO.TO? Most of the people commenting are retards or mentally undeveloped kid weeaboos. If I had a penny for everytime I read a comment where a kid screeched about consent or whatever on a manga with a yandere, I would be fucking rich, kekw. They just can't stop farming woke points.
There are some gems tho, sometimes. Picrel is one of my favourites.
Cheer up nona, I don't think the author will start focusing on male fanservice only to appeal to a bunch of retarded moids, lmao.

No. 328201

Holy shit someone started scanlating Blank Space again! I love this story it’s so weird https://mangadex.org/title/f9d10319-3f0e-4f45-a551-ccd76276e7dd/blank-space

No. 328205

Oshi no ko is about teenage idols/entertainers and that character was dying of cancer when he first said that to her (and he didn’t have feelings for her he was obsessed with Ai, he just felt bad for her having a crush on him) and now they’re both reincarnated teenage twins that just found out about each other’s identity so… like even just typing that I am ashamed of myself for reading this lmao, but it’s not pedophilia. Incest, yes.

No. 328231

NTA, yeah the bato comment section is full of teens, but ime at least most of the users and commenters are female, or at least a higher proportion are than other sites. I don't get why there are any moids on there instead of all the other manga site options though, it's always strange to see scrotey comments there. All of the site's own scantalators and scan groups are for things like josei smut

No. 328260

Before the reincarnation he's a massive fan of a teenage idol though and the nurse even makes lolicon jokes aimed towards him. It's weirdly pedo-adjacent at least kek

No. 329525

He is so gonna troon out in the future.

No. 329528

Their comments on Sadistic Beauty were so annoying, but kind of entertaining at the same time kek.

No. 330265

File: 1698282138495.png (712.87 KB, 4300x6100, f22da462-1c4d-4b57-b5a3-1697f4…)

Dead Scanlations made a mangadex list for Monthly Magazine Garo (月刊漫画ガロ) https://mangadex.org/list/0639d428-e299-478c-8cb8-812848ac4a9c/monthly-magazine-garo
I'm having a lot of fun looking through them. Lots of one-shots but not all of them are. They're weird.

No. 330266

There was a good post by someone on 4chan about how he’s a porn-rotted coomer that can’t view sex outside of the perspective of pornographic films
>Dude is addicted to porn to the point he started to fixate so much on the visual aspect of sexual intercourse from a 3rd point perspective that he finds actually doing the deed weird. His own sexual habits became instictually tied to seeing others have sex because that's how porn and hentai usually portray it.
>On the flip side he started to hate the almost pavlovian response he has to seeing sexual things: the vision is the trigger, not the situation nor the physical sensation.

No. 330274

File: 1698284452641.png (1.41 MB, 3890x5670, 9b4460b5-045d-47b6-b8d6-ad5754…)

samefag, still reading through these… this one has interesting art and is read left-to-right for some reason. I think the mangaka was trying to make it more like a comic with a western style?
It's nice to read some bizarre manga sometimes. I don't mean to spam sorry

No. 330334

>read left-to-right for some reason
Maybe it was scanned from an European indie comic magazine or anthology.

No. 330414

Thanks a ton for posting this nonnie, a ridiculous amount of my favourite manga comes from Garo!

No. 331110

Do not show them the puppyboy channel they would start sobbing violently

No. 331185

No it’s from Garo, a Japanese magazine. I was halfway through it when I realized it wasn’t making sense and I had to read it the “wrong” way lol

No. 331271

I know, but some garo and gekiga scanlators are using European editions. This one is from Italian Kappa Magazine.

No. 332047

File: 1698881907183.jpg (33.18 KB, 964x253, wertrew.JPG)

From what I see, it seems like most of the comments from males are them begging to see some female dog humanizations, so luckily what I see isnt as bad as yours. Theres also a lot of comments saying the characters look like they are from a shoujo manga

No. 332093

>>332047 I guess they don't read anything outside their comfort zone(hentai/shonenshit), because just from the mangaka's, Hamada Kenji, artstyle you can deduce attractive male characters will always be his focus… Or maybe I have read too many G Fantasy/Zero-Sum series to recognize it

No. 332146

idk where else to post this but Ocean Breathes Salty by Modest Mouse would have been a perfect outro song for JJBA Stone Ocean. The vibes, timeliness, and lyrics are all perfect.

No. 332149

I hate men so freaking much. 80% of all media, not just manga, is made for them but the few niches women have for themselves, they whine and want those too. Literally incapable of fathoming that they aren't the target audience

No. 332243

Immersing in jp manga makes me want to kill myself because I’m not really a manga person in the first place but I really should use it to improve my reading skills. Furigana is always written too small and there’s just so much kanji I dont know

No. 332455

I wish the josei tag didn’t systematically come with romance

No. 335135

File: 1699795748403.png (545.76 KB, 809x520, 32261d1efa533177b907ba2f52a102…)

do any of you prefer to read manga and (almost) never watch anime? why?

for me it's a combination of time (i read very fast and i don't like waiting for people to finish speaking when i've already read the subtitles 3x, even when i speed up the episode it's just too slow), disliking the anime art style because it can never live up to the usually beautiful manga art (especially with shojo series) and… this is where it gets autistic, i guess: japanese voice acting sounding retarded. especially female voices are usually high pitched baby voices when the character in question is supposed to be a young adult. i also dislike the "umaiiiii" they make when they eat something tasty or the weird exhale when they drink alcohol.

No. 335143


No. 335146

If I have to choose between manga and the anime adaptation, I choose manga because it's the original.

No. 335171

I like savoring the nice linework of the original ink drawings. I can go at my own pace too.

No. 335207

>If I had a penny for everytime I read a comment where a kid screeched about consent or whatever on a manga with a yandere, I would be fucking rich, kekw
Based. I hate this shit; nobody ever did this back in the early 2010s or earlier. Now kids will deliberately moralpost about fictional characters. I read manga with a yandere man because it's hot and not real. If I wanted a boring ass story about a soft, consensual romance, I could just fucking experience that in real life. Is every story we read supposed to be about ~safe sex and soft uwuw characters~? The weirdest part of it all is these bitches are there continuously reading the manga as if they aren't enjoying it too. Let the rest of us enjoy and fantasize about someone who is madly obsessed with us in peace.

No. 335211

I prefer manga to anime! I think it represents the story and art in its purer form. And, like you said, anime voice acting is annoying as hell lol

No. 335212

For me its
>As a young weeb I wanted physicals of stories I liked but manga were cheaper than anime discs
>I can read manga on the go whenever I wanna kill time
>A lot of anime adaptations only adapt part of the story and end on cliffhangers
>Manga has more variety and there's more of it, period
>Anime adaptations tend to nerf the art of the manga unless its a fuckoff expensive shounen jump adaptation
I only really watch anime for pure junk food entertainment lately. I put on battle shounen or comedy anime I'm not super invested in on to kill time, but if I wanna find something new and unique I'm gonna read manga.

No. 335213

Kek anon it doesn't make you autistic to hate anime voice acting. I also prefer manga because I don't have to listen to every character screech their lines

No. 335219

File: 1699830093001.jpg (2.8 MB, 2560x1920, 1381048711251.jpg)

I do. Reading manga tends to leave more room for my own imagination, its often a bigger buzz for my brain. Some excellent manga is likely to never get an anime adaptation. Sometimes anime adaptations cut out too much due manga being too long. I easily get addicted to a good story, i follow well over 20 stories at a time and live in constant chapter hell. I also love high quality animation like in Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust(2000), Redline(2009), Ghost in the Shell(1995), Lupin the 3rd:The Secret of Mamo(1978), Memories(1995), Neo Tokyo(1987), Akira(1988) and Ghibli films, but gems like that rarely manifest, animation quality rarely surpasses art in manga(original One-Punch Man comes to mind) and so i stick to reading manga.

No. 335244

One punch man for sure. Magus Bride also surpasses the manga art in my opinion although I’ve seen people say otherwise which is insane to me.
Might be controversial (and I love the manga art in a way the animation can’t convey) but HnK was a fantastic use of CGI and didn’t take away from the story whatsoever but actually lent it color and unreal depth that normal animation would have fallen flat on for the gems.

No. 335245

File: 1699839096796.jpg (57.41 KB, 426x651, 9a1bc4f88a4056456fb65191d8b2aa…)

Has anyone read "Blame!"? I really liked the setting (reminds me of a lot of the dreams I have) but the story was confusing and the ending was even more confusing. Despite that I enjoyed the entire thing, story and all. It leaves a lot of room to imagine what everything was about. Or maybe it's one of those things you have to read again. I also like that the main character (male) rarely speaks.

No. 335264

It is one of my favorites.
According to lore the megastructure's runaway expansion has gotten so wast that it encompasses a good chunk of the Solar system, the planets themselves got disassembled as building material, a really fascinating and bizarre post-apocalyptic dystopia, it reminds me of "I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream."

No. 335428

File: 1699925166019.jpg (66.77 KB, 545x714, 201b412ad208e5a73bc3cc88d4ab3e…)

I like the comparison. I like these kind of dystopias because it's very uneasy to me and presents a sort of fear of infinity; in "I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream" an infinite life of torture and an infinite maze. In "Blame!" just basically an infinite and impossible copy-pasted meaningless, mostly empty series of cities. Definitely encapsulates my nightmares. Plus I love the artstyle and character designs.

No. 335445

I’ve always wanted to read this, the art style is really up my alley. The dreamlike quality also sounds really cool. I think I’ll try it out, sounds like good reading for this time of year

No. 335446

I guess that makes us two.
You nonnas just convinced me to read it, thank you!

No. 335503

File: 1699961811524.jpg (972.41 KB, 2183x3056, Knights of Sidonia v03 (2013) …)

I didn't like Blame! that much when I first read it, but the more I thought about the more I liked it. Nihei, the mangaka, often has the same impenetrable plots in his later manga, especially Abara which nobody to this day really gets. Terrible shame what happened to his art. He was the one Jap who didn't want to draw cute girls and his editor browbeat him into it. I read Knights of Sidonia by him recently and really liked it, but the art made me sad every second.

No. 335532

File: 1699972437909.jpg (69.75 KB, 563x826, 0bea9ac482073d11c718922260498a…)

Such a shame because his girls are cute

No. 335545

Based. He's so cute

No. 335546

I read the Alice in Borderland manga as the show was airing and enjoyed the manga more because it gave the characters more depth and the art was nice. It also went into better games.

No. 335594

File: 1699993863881.jpg (68.05 KB, 728x1042, 4-o.jpg)

Sage for blogpost and massive sperging. I was introduced to Blame! when the full color spin off volume was released. Besides the high school parody thing it had a few side stories for the main manga and some serious short stories as well, and I instantly became obsessed with the art. At the time I was a "clandestine reader" who would sit on the couch in the manga aisle or even the floor and down entire series like that, often in one go. So I would roam every book store whenever I was in the city looking for more Blame! to read but I never found the whole series and I couldn't read them in order, I had to use my memory to piece it all together, so it was all the more confusing. Then I was busy with other things so I kind of forgot about it until the internet decided to make it relevant again out of nowhere. I also got all the large format volumes that were edited recently (were scans not a thing, I would say it's well worth it compared to the normal manga size). It's one of these series that age very well because it's so out there it just doesn't age at all. I think one of its (many) interesting aspects is that even though you don't understand everything, even though the relationships and characters are quite "cold" and hard to figure out and don't have the full backstories, emotional scenes and other things that are used to create proximity with the reader in other series, you end up rooting for them anyway. You don't even know in detail what makes X good and Y bad but that's just how it is. The lore's mostly out of sight, but you still want to dive into it and cling onto every little element within your reach. It has a way of sparking fascination while skipping out on most of the usual methods which is a bit magical, but maybe I'm still speaking as a middle schooler here and it's different if you read a lot of SF. The battles are numerous and sometimes without purpose but they're never boring. I love the insect-inspired bits and the silicates and safeguard units all look so cool, it left such an impression that I have a really hard time designing robots/cyborgs/non-human species that don't look at least a little bit like them, even now…

This is tragic. There is a mostly light hearted but also somewhat interesting afterword at the end of Blame! Gakuen, not written by Nihei himself obviously but by a writer named Toru Honda, mostly about the rise of moe culture, which Nihei was taking the piss out of with his weird high school AU. There was talk about the rise of science fiction manga in the late 20th century and its unfortunate downfall in the 2000s and joked about 90s SF authors turning to moe right as the 00s came, calling it "an epidemic comparable to lemmings committing mass suicide" (yes I pulled out the book just to quote that) but he also concluded his commentary by joking that the true reason Blame! Gakuen was even a thing is because the editor's a pervert who wanted Nihei to draw Shibo with her tits out more. I guess it wasn't just humor, kek. We really can't have nice things anymore.

Right ? it's full of waifu/husbando material already for people who don't have shit taste

No. 335745

File: 1700058162862.png (1.34 MB, 1080x883, Screenshot (721).png)

It isn't fair. Why can't Killy be real. I want a cute, short, quiet boyfriend who risks his life to save me…

No. 335757

File: 1700063797033.jpg (337.84 KB, 1563x691, tsutomu nihei blame.jpg)

>he also concluded his commentary by joking that the true reason Blame! Gakuen was even a thing is because the editor's a pervert who wanted Nihei to draw Shibo with her tits out more
I am yet to properly read any of Nihei's works but whatever I have learnt about him from /a/ genuinely makes me feel bad for the guy. His old art style was so distinct, sad that he was pressurized by sleazebag editors into drawing coomshit.

Agreed! Again, my knowledge of Blame! is rather superficial so I shouldn't be making this judgement kek but for some reason, Killy is rather endearing to me. When I read manga written by Oshimi, Miura, Fujimoto, etc I get this feeling that they use the male MC as a self-insert for their perversions but I don't get those vibes from Killy.

No. 335784

It's rare that I feel bad for a male mangaka kek. Poor dude

No. 336236

What is nonas reviews on Dungeon Meshi? I wanna know if it worth reading

No. 336238

Its a masterpiece.

No. 336243

It's great, it doesn't overstay its welcome or forget what it was going for, the art is great and the characters are all fairly charming. Would recommend the author's short stories as well.

No. 336247

It is completely worth reading in my opinion and I have no regrets about reading it actually I want to read it again since it just ended and I think that would be enjoyable

No. 336252

File: 1700197955279.jpg (631.99 KB, 1080x1535, 843f5ca3-e4ad-4116-8cef-f5f0c4…)

I wish Super Baby would be translated again. It is, if not, one of the few typical "gyaru meets nerdy guy" romcom mangas that actually is enjoyable and doesn't make me want to vomit.

No. 336270

You might like My Darling Next Door. It's more of a shoujo and despite the description, the main guy isn't creepy at all, is actually very responsible, and is very young.

No. 336274

Sorry but I'm not really a fan of age gaps.

No. 336290

check out You and I are Polar Opposites

No. 336305

Only gyaru meets nerd manga that matters, everybody else should just stop trying and quit churning out garbage. The mc even looks like an actual gyaru, mind blowing.

No. 336307

File: 1700228177333.jpeg (89.29 KB, 460x460, image_processing20220603-4-nkk…)

Samefag, Mabari-san hunts me down is good too, but I don't really count it as being part of the gyaru x nerd genre, cause of its quirky premise and because the male lead is such a pretty boy.

No. 336460

He's only 20 or something though. Japan's salarymen start off super young.

No. 336801

I don't like age gaps Anon.

No. 336932

File: 1700423611223.jpg (74.53 KB, 498x750, 0998764454333226655.jpg)

Has anyone been keeping up with the manga Noragami? It's ending soon with it's 27th volume and I been wondering whether I should pick it up again as I had to stop reading it when it was still relatively newish.

No. 336939

I just read everything translated in English so far and it’s so good thank you for posting. I love her and they’re a cute couple and her ex needs to be murdered reeee

No. 336941

haven't been keeping up with it, but i might restart from the beginning if it's ending soon. i'm hoping that ao no exorcist will end sometime soon so i can read it in one sitting too.

No. 336945

File: 1700426931083.jpg (165.71 KB, 844x1200, 8af104725268223cdb909544673ebb…)

anyone read lonely castle in the mirror? it's based on a book. the protagonist (kokoro) is bullied at school and becomes unable to attend class due to the trauma. one day her mirror starts to glow and through it she enters a castle where she meets six others kids who don't attend school due to various circumstances. they are greeted by a little girl wearing a wolf mask who tells them that there is a key hidden in the castle and whoever finds the key is granted a wish and the castle will disappear. if they don't find the key, the castle will disappear at the end of the school year. even though everyone has a wish they want granted, the kids decide not to look for the key and instead become close friends. it's a very short read and very wholesome, even though the ended was kinda meh compared to the whole set up. there is a happy ending, though.

No. 336946

Sounds interesting, nona, I think I'll check it out! Also, the art style seems strangely nostalgic, almost 80s/90s manga art, is it just me being insane (and knowing virtually no mangas?)

No. 337037

File: 1700448502888.jpg (181.49 KB, 649x649, FyHppHWXsAM8bbr.jpg)

I think that those who enjoys Blame! might also enjoy Leviathan by Kuroi Shiro.

No. 337252

File: 1700534690334.jpg (337.18 KB, 720x1032, Screenshot_20231121-104510_1.j…)

Premise is cool, execution was disappointing. At the very least this scene was hot, kek.

No. 338069

File: 1700895552754.jpeg (384.37 KB, 1040x481, IMG_3612.jpeg)

I want to read Kimi wa Pet but every time I get put off by these clown lips like what the fuck…

No. 338071

someone rly went and put 2020s instathot filler lips on 2000s dorito-face art. incredible

No. 338079

Anyone's reading "#DRCL midnight children"? I stopped at the chapter where the DID tranny becomes a huge caterpillar vampire and tries to eat the boys he likes. Does he die after that or do they save him? Does he stop being a tranny and admit to being a faggot?

No. 338088

Dropped due to excessive homoeroticism. Art is great, but its used as a vehicle to shove faggotry down reader's throat, so its all for naught.

No. 338105

That's just the charme of 2000s manga

No. 338152

Fair. But it did had somewhat feminist themes with Mina and her being a lesbian and sort of a main character. She's interesting. But making her crush on the tranny when he's going through his DID episode thinking he's totes a woman was cringe. The author is very libfem woke for a Japanese and it's annoying. I wish he'd forget English all of a sudden and loses his twitter account. But I realized that he made the woman hating boys gay which is accidentally based and accurate.

No. 338229

Late reply but I recently reread/caught up with it, and its definitely worth it. Its kinda slow, but its had some really great beautiful and tragic moments recently. I haven't followed it regulalry since it went on hiatus and it almost feels surreal its finally ending.

No. 339201

File: 1701462161793.png (428.15 KB, 500x561, NcTDuvC.png)

any other anons reading vinland saga? i just got caught up and I really love it. I first watched the anime, the first season was really eh for me but the ketil's farm arc got me hooked. the manga is really beautiful, Hild is my favorite character

No. 339209

I've been reading it for 13+ years and I really don't like the direction it's taken after farmland saga, especially in the last 4 volumes.

No. 339217

ayrt, do you feel like it's dragging a bit? I kind of started feeling that way with the last 15-20 chapters even though I'm still enjoying it. I think it's supposed to end soon which is probably good because I don't know what else would add to the story at this point.

No. 339260

File: 1701474759537.png (1.41 MB, 1247x1206, gene bride.png)

Author really made the choice of creating an unironically autistic male lead.

No. 339331

I don't like the tone shift that happened during the Baltic Sea arc (more focus on humor and wacky situations, and it was definitely dragging by the end), I'm not fond of some of the characters introduced during the arc and the following one (especially now that there's a troon, I don't like how the Constantinople expedition was skipped and I feel the themes and message are becoming more simplistic. I'm not one of those people who were expecting a "badass viking story" or whatever, Farmland was definitely the best part of the manga and I feel that what made it so good was lost along the way.

No. 339380

yeah I can agree with that. i was a little annoyed by the time skip with them just coming back to iceland after the baltic sea arc, felt a little rushed imo. I don't even want to talk about the troon, I think they could have made him an actual woman while more or less having the same design without the beard (tall and strong). Also the whole point of that character is super obvious with the whole "just because you're man doesnt mean you have to be violent/follow in your father's footsteps even though they already covered that with olmar

The farmland arc will always be peak, it completely wrecked my shit and was the first time I've ever cried at an anime/manga and I've been a fan of the genre for at least 15 years at this point.

No. 339385

Why is there a troon in a viking manga?

No. 339392

i wish i knew anon. literally adds nothing to the story besides being useful for lifting shit

No. 339393

The author has a Twitter account where he interacts with western fans, it probably rubbed on him.

No. 339596

File: 1701627571563.png (713.59 KB, 1099x1600, asfsafasfsafsdf.png)

witch hat is great but i hate this dude's beard. it's like a fujo filter

No. 339599

Seeing a beard on a bishie is so jarring. She should have made his face look older/more angular if she wanted the beard. It looks fake on his face as is

No. 339606

Looks normal to me. He is a grown man, not a teenager (AFAIK)

No. 339610

It truly is and I believe she did it on purpose because she is very aware of shipping culture from her heavy Twitter use.

No. 339623

Fujos are such weaklings if a little beard stops them.

No. 339626

I know he's grown it's more about his appearance. His face is round and soft. The kind of beard style he has doesn't match

No. 339629

I like it, he looks sharp and rogueish, the beard gives him an unique look. He also looks more manly which is x100 attractive IMO

No. 339630

>believe she did it on purpose
but she's a fujo herself?

No. 339643

If this is true, it is like anti-homeless urban furniture, sure it might shoo away the homeless (fujos) but makes it awful for everybody else too.

No. 339646

Nta but I figured she was a "not like other fujo" sort.

No. 339647

Tinfoil ass nerd thought on my part but I believe she would like to control it and keep it wholesome and contained to the official spinoff where it’s just suggestive.
Is she a real Fujo though? I haven’t seen her publish a gay doujin like the mangaka of ye olden days

No. 339649

I don't think it's at all that serious or to purposely filter fujos. I mean, it's just a goatee, I like yaoi and I don't let that stop me.
She's not a fujo but she says she's fine and supportive of "queer people" on twitter.

No. 339714

she likes homo fanart of qifrey and goatee-kun on twitter regularly and seems to encourage shipping them on top of the homo support comments, and she follows fucking harada, so yes I would call her a fujo.

No. 339736

File: 1701674423107.png (355.46 KB, 760x1200, Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo v15.cbz-Vol.…)

I finished the original Bobobo manga and still have the sequel left. I loved the anime as a kid and it completely baffled me. I re-watched the anime a few years ago and was a little disappointed because now that I understood a lot of the references, it didn't seem so crazy to me. But seeing it yet again in the manga and beyond (the anime didn't adapt the full manga) I can appreciate how crazy the series really is!

Starts off a bit rough but becomes retarded gold after Torpedo Girl joins the crew. My favorite character is Tennosuke (Jelly Jiggler).

I only heard of this series a week ago and now I'm seeing it everywhere! I haven't read a single page of it yet but I loved Innocent so I'll willing to give it a try soon.

No. 339804

Dropped it when a troon showed up. I don't know why is it that medieval history stories lose their immersion after some sort of gendie shows up, could it be due to part where its not being drowned in a bog?

No. 339996

File: 1701785460369.jpg (359.65 KB, 602x963, RDT_20231205_15100266220289876…)

Found on Reddit. Anyone know what this manga they're talking about is about?

No. 339997

Anon, men's brains are smooth. They're literally smoother than what is normal. If you cracked open a male skull (literally thicker than normal!) you could visibly see it lacks the folds necessary for coherent thought.
They will say anything to piss you off. Be worse than them, and they will shut the fuck up. Compare the average chinaman's penis to a dogs then point out how it's smaller. Bring up animal rape statistics, talk about fathers raping their own infants. "Smh I wish I had a puppyboy eating my period blood clots out of a doggy bowl while twerking and barking at the same time, modern men could never" beats logic.(racebait)

No. 339998

File: 1701788614900.png (332.26 KB, 324x498, Screenshot 2023-12-05 at 10.04…)

It's not about a manga series, Kadokawa was going to translate and publish the book Irreversible Damage and of course the tranny sex pest expats and localizers threw a fit so now they've cancelled it completely.

No. 339999

Ignoring men is better than arguing with them. theyll only enjoy those arguments you bring up and most incels will literally think rape stats are based and that men committing those crimes arent in the wrong. dont waste your time on arguing with useless people like them.

No. 340000

Turns out they can and do ignore the cruel facts

No. 340007

It's been cancelled??

No. 340012

She follows harada? lmao very based of her, I’d never looked at her follows

No. 340017

I need to get that book someday, a physical copy specifically. If anyone here read it can you tell me if it's informative for people like us who are already aware of what's going on?

Everyone follows Harada kek she's super popular. Meanwhile Harada only follows her gay twink singer bff after removing all her old Gintama art and unfollowing everyone years ago.

No. 340032

Ayrt, honestly, it's the weakest installment in Sakamoto Shinichi's career imo. Innocent was his best work, then the climber. #drcl midnight children's saving grace is the art. The story thus far is very boring and the characters are insufferable. Maybe except Mina but she's pro troon and has a crush on a troon's 'female' alt. The feminist themes aren't bad either but the troonism along with it is ruining it. The pacing is too slow and the cliffhangers aren't interesting enough to continue reading it, and the writing is more stereotypically Japanese/manga-esque. He used to have a more unique writing style, narrative and story telling. Now it's like any other typical manga but with cool art to look at. Maybe he realized people only care about his art work and occasional woke pandering so he decided to stick to that and throw writing properly out the window, which is a shame. But oh well.

No. 340068

I hate trannies more with each passing day.
Total Tranny Death

No. 340070

That sounds like the name of a great death metal song

No. 340254

File: 1701897563818.jpeg (Spoiler Image,577.16 KB, 1004x890, IMG_4233.jpeg)

>new asada nemui manga is like 98% women
>one (1) bishounen looking guy is introduced
>latest chapter has this

No. 340260

I'm hoping another publisher will pick it up. censoring books is terrifying, especially those that will help peak people.

No. 340271

File: 1701902870644.jpeg (133.84 KB, 576x1024, DdnYC7wVwAEszVy.jpeg)

Anyone read the Chihayafuru sequel yet? First chapter just got released and I'm trying to figure out how to pay for it even since I love this series and everyone in it so much

No. 340526

File: 1701992852117.png (2.56 MB, 1441x2048, meshinuma.png)

Meshinuma got updated after several months, he eats cow tongue, I love cow tongue.

No. 340572

File: 1702000872661.png (1.92 MB, 1125x1600, 693f85ec-6bc8-4b28-bc94-5cc5ad…)

judging by the cover art this is either secretly a horror manga or secretly a fetish manga. which is it?
thank god

No. 340573

Omg if this that manga where there is this office guy just eating food i'm glad, i remember finding it when browsing pixiv but then i lost track of it

No. 340575

It's on libgen if you want to check it out for free, also in stock on amazon. I haven't read it myself, I skimmed it for a few minutes and it seems like it starts with stories of Sally, Mary, Joanne etc (pseudonyms I assume) and the beginnings of transition, and ends with "where they are now" a little bit later like in their early 20s and whether they're still transitioning or not but mostly from the parents perspectives, and it's placing a lot of stress on parents keeping in contact with their daughters at the end.

No. 340578

File: 1702002500586.png (1.73 MB, 1125x1600, meshinuma.png)

The later

No. 340591

>Smh I wish I had a puppyboy eating my period blood clots out of a doggy bowl while twerking and barking at the same time, modern men could never

No. 340601

in any other manga this might've filtered me but qifrey's beauty singlehandedly gives me the strength to look pass it

No. 340663

Yet it won't stop me from yume'ing on Olruggio. It fits the character.

No. 340687

File: 1702050962717.jpg (662.57 KB, 1023x1127, 5dhqfv.jpg)

i decided to catch up with one piece after a long time of not reading it because i was getting fed up with oda's bullshit so much that it's starting to over power the whatever sunk cost fallacy i feel over the series only to catch up right at the moment when it's revealed that jewerly bonney is fucking 12 years old

No. 340688

File: 1702051015203.jpg (46.34 KB, 374x506, jewelry_bonney_20_by_joel04op_…)

we all know how oda draws his female characters but this is her. she is 12

No. 340691

but he's totally feminist and writes compelling female characters.

No. 340692

oh i loved this manga a few years ago but it wouldn't update for months so i eventually forgot, thank you so much for reminding me it exists

No. 340697

She looks exactly like Nami. wtf

No. 340698

Cow tongue is so good. Now I'm super sad and craving it.

No. 340703

Is there any sort of gyaru x delinquent romance manga?

No. 340779

File: 1702080429788.jpg (440.5 KB, 1536x2048, Tumblr_l_623282748250255.jpg)

Ayryt yesss it's all done so enjoy the reread, I just did another one and am still figuring out how to pay for the sequel rn..also scouring ebay for artbooks, god I love this series and want to inject anything with it straight into my veins

No. 340836

File: 1702103678421.jpg (387.89 KB, 1121x1600, Ratakia no Majo v01 c001 A Lad…)

I like the idea of the OPTs (one page thread) on 4chan. You post a cool page from a manga and it's sort of like a secret recc thread. I've picked up a lot of good manga in those threads. But 90% of the pages are disgusting scrote hentai and it depresses me.

No. 340877

bonney's devil fruit allows her to manipulate her age, so if she manipulates her age to be nami's, ofc she's gonna look like nami. doesn't excuse drawing a 12 year old as a sexy woman but just to give some background kek

No. 340898

Good lord look at those hands.

No. 340906

they're so scary looking lol

No. 340907

OPT threads are fun when they aren't just people posting borderline porn, cuck memes, and /pol/ bait. Maybe an /m/ OPT could be fun?

No. 340911

It sounds fun but I wonder if there is too much overlap with the manga panels thread? Some anons just post pages there anyway

No. 340953

When that thread finally finishes, I'll make a OPT thread and see how it does. I have a whole folder of various manga pages.

No. 340990

What do you all use to read manga on an iPad? The default comic reader only works well with stuff I’ve gotten from Humble Bundles. The app I am always seen recommended is Android only. I have several series downloaded so preferably an app that allows me to add my local files but something that allows me to download / read in app is cool.

No. 341038

File: 1702208605672.jpg (455.99 KB, 1115x1600, 7aba40022de85ba9f0151ad184329b…)

i've been reading blue lock the past few days and while i enjoy it a lot, i absolutely hate this character and his constant coomerism.

No. 341040


No. 341988

since when western trannies have power over japan

No. 342939

ANONS do you guys have any manga recommendations that have the proper 90s shoujo feel? I’m taking roses, long-haired male characters and lots of kira kira sparkles. I finished Versailles no Bara recently and I need more designs like it

No. 342946

Versailles no Bara Is from the 70s are you sure you know what you are looking for?
Maybe read this and then think about what you’re asking for https://mangadex.org/title/36717047-bcf7-4d75-8805-4892f5323f01/saint-rosalind

No. 342994

I will read this tonight but a quick gloss over it and it seems exactly like what I'm looking for nonna, I guess I got my eras wrong. I'd love any more similar recs, I really like the sparkly design

No. 343001

File: 1702829633488.png (413.57 KB, 1080x1536, ayako.png)

The woman who did Rose of Versailles was very prolific, click on her name on mangadex or whatever and check out some other things she did. They all have that style there's a lot to choose from.

No. 343002

Swan, Crystal Dragon, Glass Mask, and Window of Orpheus are all great vintage shojo

No. 343539

No. 343717

It makes me sad that Swan wasn't fully published in English.

No. 343798

I’m really curious where Asada Nemui is going with her Yoi series because it’s about genetic modification, and it’s also bringing up female egg donation and (possibly in the new chap) IVF. I don’t think these kind of topics have been brought up much in manga

I bought all those volumes when I was a teen, it’s too bad because the part where they stopped has an interesting tonal shift. It goes from being super 70s shoujo-y and focusing on classical ballet to the art getting more realistic and switching to modern ballet.

No. 344307

File: 1703290431105.png (297.42 KB, 1040x1618, Screenshot 2023-12-22 at 19.13…)

I'm out of the loop. Magus Bride is being AI translated in english now?

No. 345094

>mostly stick to scanlations
>reading physical manga for the first time in a long time
>a panel has a common redditor meme quote from a popular comedy movie
>it's used during an emotional moment of the chapter
>just know it's typical localizer asshatery
>look at the name of the translator in the credits
>has tranny-tier first name
>google the name
>is in fact a tranny
>tranny 41%'d in 2022


No. 345100

That was a ride, at least it ended with good news. Memes thrown in by translators is such a bad idea because they age out so fast.

No. 345112

This job doesn't pay enough for localizers to do special efforts to ruin a manga idgi. It's really just an American thing, I think everytime translations suck for similar reasons it's with video games that are badly localized from Japanese to English and then accurately translated from English to other languages.

No. 345642

File: 1703893067200.png (753.61 KB, 788x372, dfgh.png)

I just found out Sugar Sugar Rune and both, Sakuran and In The Clothes Named Fat, are from Moyoco Anno. These are completely different in their atmosphere, so this comes as much of a shock as finding out Card Captor Sakura and Chobits are both by Clamp or DearS and Shugo Chara being both by Peach-Pit lol.

No. 345651

It’s nice when mangaka have a little range

No. 345654

CLAMP and Peach Pit are both made up of multiple artists

No. 345662

File: 1703901681153.jpg (1.99 MB, 1818x2500, Fujisaki.Nadeshiko.full.148045…)


Just imagine if Shugo Chara were written in 2023…
Probably Nagihiko will be becoming in genderfluid or something.

I guess.

No. 345663

I was talking more about Moyoco Anno, but what’s your point? It’s more impressive she has range as a solo mangaka, whereas peachpit and clamp have more range because the members have changed sometimes over the years (for clamp) and there’s more than one of them…? Just trying to guess what you’re getting at.

No. 346471

File: 1704352897813.png (1.01 MB, 1456x2048, 20.png)

No. 346624

File: 1704424094406.jpg (536.28 KB, 1080x1560, maria sunbae.jpg)

Its a manhwa this time, but kind of dissapointed with fight club so far. So far, I dont find any of the characters interesting, (with one exception). I dont expect a manga\manhwa to be funny, but that typical shonen humor is really grating. Guess its on me for not realizing it sooner.

The only character I like (and whose name I remember is Maria). I like how confident and ruthless she is. I wish the story was about her and focused on her revenge. Knowing the way the way how the manga is going, she is probably going to get watered down and become a love interest later on.

No. 346626

*fight class

No. 346658

I love the way women are drawn in this manga, and it's a huge bonus for me that there's little to no objectification of women in it (even Yon doesn't feel all that sexualized, despite her outfit), but I'm steadily accumulating hatred for it because of the shit it does to its female characters in terms of the narrative. Waka's supposed to be the protagonist, but it's become the Tokinaga and Obikawa show, Yoriko's plot is pissing me off, and Yon's backstory being suddenly revealed like that when she was just an ineffectual goon (big spoiler) as a way of developing cheap sympathy for her before killing her off almost made me drop the manga.
I'm sticking around because I love Waka, the lore is interesting, the art is pretty, I love how the women look and feel more human than I'm used to seeing in manga, the cat content is very fun, some of the emotional beats really get me, and I'm interested in the larger plot so far, but I don't feel like I can recommend it to anyone I like because of the parts of it I criticized earlier.

No. 346812

File: 1704506376747.jpg (82.92 KB, 563x394, c989861b101f62d07e525b2e102da1…)

No. 347239

File: 1704704836630.jpg (119.49 KB, 955x556, nbiiii.jpg)

is it still that way later on? I'm on chapter 25 and I'm still enjoying it though it's very suspicious how much Toki and Obi are highlighted. Makes me wonder if the mangaka is into yaoi kek

No. 347250

File: 1704708261111.png (1.49 MB, 1128x1600, 1000036997.png)

I found this manga and I absolutely love it. It is light and for me it gives a nostalgic feeling of a time you wish you could live in.
Very sweet.

No. 347258

The Yoriko plot that bothers me started at chapter 18, but the particular events that bothered me were near the start and middle of chapter 19, at the end of chapter 25 continuing on until the end of chapter 27, and early on in chapter 30. While I understand the narrative purpose of these parts of the plot, I sincerely doubt anyone would make a male character go through the kinds of things Yoriko is going through, at least not outside of a piece of media in which sadism and fetishistic abuse are parts of the core premise. That being said, I still enjoy the manga as a whole more than I hate it so far, and I'm up to date on the translations (so up to chapter 47). If you're up to chapter 25 and not bothered, though, you're probably safe.
I don't want to leave this on a mostly negative-sounding note, so I'll mention more positives. My favorite characters are Waka, Yoriko (despite her uncomfortable plot), and Akio, but I also like the writing of most of the characters. I like the way the IPOs are depicted, it's really nice to see more media diving into how the lives of seemingly all-powerful characters conflict with the lives of those weaker than them without necessarily framing either as irredeemable or worthless. I love the Yoriko/Akio dynamic a lot, it's very refreshing to see a sort of reversal of some of the tropes typical of heterosexual relationships; He feels like a supporting character to her, for example. Also, Eno Sumi is really good with comedic timing. Not all dramatic plot points hit as hard as I think they're supposed to (I didn't really care about Yon's death, for example), but I think more of the plot beats hit than miss. I feel like the story has a purpose and clear direction, and I have confidence in the mangaka's storytelling abilities. I reread the whole thing earlier and noticed a lot of foreshadowing for later chapters, it made everything feel pleasantly deliberate and clever. Maybe this last point is silly, but it feels closer to what I wish CSM was than CSM actually is, but I feel it might be relevant to anyone who might be looking for something similar. That could easily just be a deranged personal view on my part though kek.

No. 347406

Thank you so much for sharing nona, I don't read manga a lot but your pic caught my attention so I picked it up and it's truly so sweet, and the art style is so pretty.

No. 347473

File: 1704804748057.jpg (190.96 KB, 1080x1443, 1000013231.jpg)

Yuri manga author trooned out.

No. 347484

Are we in hell?

No. 347486

Unsurprising but still sad to see, she's been virtue signalling trannies a lot lately on Twitter

No. 347503

God I hate the US for infecting the rest of the world with this shit

No. 347523

I feel like this tranny shit will keep repeating itself until misogyny exists, and sadly misogyny exists everywhere so we're going to see trannies (both tims and tifs) pretty much everywhere.

No. 347546

has anything explicitly romantic even happened in her manga, or is it still hand-holding blushing swooning thought bubbles shit with the occasional basic feminism 101 point from 2010? when i read it it felt more like two straight women having the first friend of their lives. i swear to god yuri artists need to draw actual clits before even thinking about the troons in their audience

No. 347592

File: 1704865228450.jpg (2.38 MB, 1103x1592, 1000032566.jpg)

Just finished a reread of Welcome to the Ballroom and A: Forgot how horny it can be plus B: cute the outfit are and C: Came out with the randomest crush on Masami…idk how

No. 347805

File: 1704933514973.png (Spoiler Image,666.16 KB, 755x682, nikolycheedrink.png)

Felt like looking up Niko from Litchi Hikari Club because i like him but in the results i found this random drink, sorry to bump the thread just for a shitpost.
spoilered for spooky black manga blood

No. 347848

kek, that's a great pic

No. 347870

Somebody tell me if it's true that BNHA is good now

No. 347872

It's serialized shonen. If you didn't like it earlier, you probably won't like it now.

No. 347874

Lol no

No. 347878

point and laugh at whoever told you that

No. 347887

I saw some panels of Toga vs. Uraraka's fight. I lost interest in MHA in middle school and one thing that frustrated me so much was how Uraraka became this female character with huge potential for character growth being reduced to a generic wovey-dovey love interest who can't stop thinking about Protag-kun uwu (even her character design is generic kek).

Did that fight at least gave her some characterization other than wanting to suck Deku's dicku? I'm too lazy to read it myself and just want to know if Horikoshi isn't that big of a hack writer when it comes to girls and women.

No. 347980

>bnha in middle school
I feel old kek
Frankly, I wonder if anyone here even reads bnha still

No. 348010

File: 1705025690891.jpg (68.18 KB, 487x487, A7788-4.jpg)

I really like Neuro and reread frequently but my God do the English scans I have access to look like shit. Does anyone know if there's a high quality upload anywhere?

No. 348111

The ones on Mangasee123 look decent (haven't looked very deep into the chapters), the scans on that website tend to be on average of higher quality than other places (which is why you won't find some series if there are no HQ version of the scans).

No. 348161

I'll check out, thanks. Unfortunately my experience is the scans are very variable and will range from readable to complete dogshit.

No. 348176

File: 1705095485285.jpg (410.08 KB, 938x1280, 9781949980370_manga-go-with-th…)

Strongly recommend this to anyone who likes the art from Ran's Grey World but hates all the pedophile shit.

No. 348889

File: 1705346615671.png (398.88 KB, 733x900, tachiyomi-under-fire-we-just-c…)

the wave of low quality korean webtoons has now caused tachiyomi to be disbanded and the app will no longer be developed. luckily, new forks are already in the works but i always hated that garbage webtoons are everywhere on manga sites these days and this makes me hate it even more. what's stopping kboos from making their own websites to host their isekai villainess reverse harem schlock??

No. 348892

I hope this convinces some sites to stop hosting. But honestly I didn't mind it because manhwas served as something to siphon the lowest common denominator away from manga scans and keep the discussions around them a little cleaner lol

No. 348927

Is there a single person on the face of the planet who likes the long, vertical panel format webtoons have? Fucking impossible for me to parse or tell what the pacing of the story is. Just make pages like everyone else has for the last 100 years damn.

No. 348931

The long strip format is because it's made for phone scrolling but half the strip is white space for "pacing reasons" like that was necessary in any comic format ever.

No. 348947

Yeah it's dumb as fuck. Like I've never read manga on my phone and went "ugh is that a FUCKING PAGE BREAK I CAN'T READ THIS SHIT!!!"
Manhwa just looks like absolute crap. Garbage coloring too.

No. 348958

some of the early ones, for example cheese in the trap, used a lot of smaller panels with less white space and it looked way better, especially on mobile. now it's just big panel, scroll, another big panel.

wondered why it wasn't letting me download new extensions

No. 348959

hold on, who the fuck was using tachiyomi to access tapastic? why?

No. 348961

those stupid twitter oneshots clog up manga sites even more than the isekai webtoons

No. 348974

Its so hard finding a manga with a good plot and good romance and good art
I dont know why nothing I pick up clicks with me

No. 349015

I'll never understand why people like webtoons so much. They're so aesthetically displeasing, and the obvious 3d models are always a jumpscare kek

No. 349257

File: 1705503291346.jpg (419.61 KB, 1026x1576, smile magazine.jpg)


No. 349291

>>348927 I’m hooked on those shitty webtoons, it’s pretty much like junk food for me but even I miss the way korean manhwa used to be. The printed ones had a charm to them that I liked even the mass produced ones looked better than what we have today. And to add on to another anon’s post, since the scroll comics became popular the medium has really devolved and it’s honestly sad looking back

>>348961 At this point, any description that is essentially “quirky (optional) person A and quirky person B have a totally quirky and cute relationship together”, I click off. They’re all devoid of substance and the gap moe schtick is overdone

No. 349557

I loved that series too, though it's been years since I finished it. A re-read is in order for me.

I remember being desperate to read manga online that I tolerated some really bad scanlations. Especially when they clearly just used the square tool to cut out the chunk of text and put in basic microsoft paint-tier text that doesn't quite fit into the lines. Or, when it's clear the translators aren't very proficient in English.

No. 349558

File: 1705605357749.jpeg (23.93 KB, 225x322, l.jpeg)

Manhwa used to be really neat. The art was more "elegant" or elongated in proportion than manga. It was kind of pretty. Now all the webtoons look like cookie-cutter generic art.

No. 349579

File: 1705617279579.jpeg (371.93 KB, 1400x2100, dandadan.jpeg)

Haven't seen anyone post about it yet but I recommend Dandadan. Amazing art, well written characters, gnarly plot. And the anime will be released next year. There's a little bit of coomerism here and there, especially in the first chapter (the freaky aliens disguised as middle aged scrotes). But it's basically high school kids who get caught in the middle of an aliens vs yokai war, and some of the chars get supernatural powers by getting possessed by some yokai.

No. 350539

My one complaint with this manga is that the leads, the guy in particular, feel a bit flat. I ended up liking Aira more than them and I usually hate that type of character.

No. 350541

The final "lick my shoes" in the last battle is the best joke payoff I can think of in manga.

No. 350588

Yes because it's every American's fault, especially the women, right anon? Fucking retard.(infighting)

No. 350591

File: 1705913134361.jpg (135.23 KB, 800x1138, otoyomegatari-1231963.jpg)

Bride's Story is so fucking good. I love how much detail and research went into it. The art is phenomenal.

No. 350593

File: 1705913958246.jpg (221.74 KB, 784x1145, 12-o (8).jpg)

In the last manga thread I sperged about Akane Banashi, AND ANOTHER FAN APPEARED HOLY SHIT! Anon! Wherever you are, I need to get off my ass and read it some more! Aaah I'm just so happy someone else here read it!

No. 350618

Yeah the guy has so little character & presence in spite of being a main that I constantly forget why the girl even has a crush on him and I’m starting to think it would be better overall if she didn’t

No. 350649

He’s just the self-insert for moids.

No. 350906

File: 1706082744334.png (1.22 MB, 1045x1500, d556f01f-98a0-4a82-afee-06af07…)

I read one of the anthologies Kui Ryoko was in and she wrote a pro-troon manga. It's funny because she understands you can't fundamentally change anything but Yas Queen, We Respect our siblings delusions. Anyway, I just wanted to vent. https://mangadex.org/chapter/ea995cfe-da98-4b0d-b033-6b7549b15a35/1

No. 350923

NTA, But it looks super interesting!
Does anyone have more recommendations of mangas that tackle different cultures like that?

No. 350924

File: 1706095951546.png (212.46 KB, 825x1200, witches.png)

Tenmaku No Jadougal also deals with central asian culture (and Iran). I'd recommend Witches by Daisuke Igarashi, it's splendid.

No. 350925

At least for me this comic came out surprisingly more terfy than pro-troon. I think the biggest element there for that was that instead of man this Steve is an android, and states in your picrel that no matter how much Steve/the android tries to become "woman", Sone knows he's not "woman". I can see how some people could read this as pro-toon, but this also may make troons grieve that they can't just change their looks and behavior into passing anime waifu/husband of their dreams like so kek

No. 351199

File: 1706195677666.png (1.91 MB, 1426x2048, Screenshot_20240125-101623.png)

So the author of Asobi Asobase is working on a sequel following some side characters called Outsider Paradise. Has anyone else read this? The art is really bad compared to early Asobi (though that's also true of late Asobi) and instead of funny it's really creepy. Like, I'm convinced this is a half-hearted attempt at a psychological horror manga. Overall it's just bizarrely shit and I feel like I'm the only person who has even noticed it exists.

No. 351201

this looks traced from 3D models for some reason

No. 351204

I was thinking the same thing. Maybe the artist had burnout and is posing the characters in a program? It's a shame because the artist used to be great at drawing different outfits and facial expressions. They were a great comedy mangaka.

No. 351434

File: 1706294333270.png (163.72 KB, 261x374, Sensei's_Pious_Lie_1.png)

I don't really know why but I can't help myself to hate this fmc, is it internalized misogyny?

No. 351450

Just read the first chapter and it looks like she is coping with trauma and poor self esteem by being a shithead. Basic incel behavior.

No. 351496

I'm at like chapter 15 and to me she gives the impression that she is even taking pride on some sick level. Like being a pervert magnet gives her an upper hand against her more conventionally attractive friend. I understand that it's a trauma reaction as well but it makes me think that's the underlying reason to her not doing anything to change it aside from being powerless.

No. 351524

I actually like the manga because it tackles themes you don't normally see this medium and it throws some black pills here and there. However, I couldn't help but think: something is off. You definitely see it in the fmc. She's a deeply insecure, traumatized woman but a lot of the shitty things she does is downplayed to fit the agenda of the author. I feel like the characters don't feel like real people but rather stage props that are overly obsessed with sex.

The one thing I kept thinking to myself (I'm on chapter 13, btw) is "if someone told me Mari Okada wrote this, I would believe them". She's somebody who tackles pretty heavy themes but lack/doesn't convey the life experience needed to follow through. Might change as I keep reading.

No. 351691

Absolutely, it revolves around sex way too much

No. 351692

Just read the new chapter of Vinland Saga, was really hoping they'd kill the troon but he's still alive somehow, hopefully he dies from his wounds but at least he did something useful for once

No. 351736

File: 1706407255219.jpg (430.75 KB, 917x1400, 1000033727.jpg)

Shut Hell!! One of the BEST seriez, set in in China/Mongolia during Genghis Khan time and modern day Japan (but very minor.) If you liked Beserk or Vinland Saga but wanted better women characters this is the manga to check!

No. 352108

He straight up deadnames his possibly hsts bro so I see what you mean. Yet the scans have spelled it out as LGBT unfortunately.

I've hated it and thought it was a male who wrote this. Turns out it was Asano Inio's ex-wife. I think metatextually the author agrees it's a fucked up situation. But the femc is a pickme trying to grow out of it. At the end it feels like a fantasy for a woman to have a younger man devoted to her to want to change for the better.

No. 352109

Yeah, I hated how the author felt like she never talked to a popular highschool student before kek.

No. 352469

File: 1706729986876.png (1.28 MB, 1170x863, 004722.png)

i started reading kimetsu no yaiba just three days ago and i'm already on chapter 140. it's genuinely so enjoyable and funny, though i was fearing that the entire series was gonna be "tanjiro and friends meet hashira, aid him/her with defeating a demon, hashira dies, tanjiro then meets the next hashira and demon" rinse and repeat. i really love the goofy faces, kek. i stopped keeping track of the series after the first season aired so i'm glad i can read the entire thing now. my most intense weeb phase was back when naruto, bleach and katekyo hitman reborn were releasing so it's refreshing to be able to read a series that is complete.

No. 352483

I'm glad you like it nonna, I've tried reading it multiple times but can never get past the first volume. End up having a hard time connecting to the characters or anything happening, despite the opening feeling so promising. I really like the simplistic yet stylish art, so it's a shame.

No. 352496

aw, that's a bummer, nonna, but i feel this. sometimes stuff just doesn't click with you. i feel this way with mochijun's works- i wanted to enjoy pandora hearts and vanitas so badly, but i just don't care and end up bored out of my mind. which is such a shame because her art is so beautiful, especially in vanitas.

No. 352513

>mochijun's works
Nta but I tried to get into her mangas several times as well but I never managed to go beyond the first few chapters, probably because there was too much humor for grade schoolers, I was cringing so hard at some of the jokes I couldn't continue reading.

No. 352563

I binge read it a few months ago and was surprised on how fun it was, when I got the impression it was all carried by animation from the anime. It felt kind of pure and simple to me, kind of like reading Dragonball as a kid again. I hope the mangaka comes back and writes a comedy series someday, her characters and style are so charming.
>my most intense weeb phase was back when naruto, bleach and katekyo hitman reborn were releasing so it's refreshing to be able to read a series that is complete.
Tbqh it was really hard for me to get into manga like that as a teen even though I loved battle shounen at that age. There was just way too much for me to get through and I ended up gravitating towards shorter series instead, like Magi. I can appreciate how concise and compact KnY is, even if I felt it could have been like 50 chapters longer I'm glad it didn't drag itself out

No. 352568

can I get recommendations for lesser known fantasy shounen that isn't coombait? the usual offerings (jk, hero academia, chainsaw man, ds, etc) aren't working for me, but I still really like the formula. I did like hxh because the setting changed, arcs felt very distinct especially emotionally, and I really liked how unexpected some story beats were like gon no longer being the protagonist

No. 352574

Here are some I liked nona
Magi: High fantasy Arabic-inspired adventure series with a lot of cute boys. Has lots of worldbuilding with diverse settings
The Promised Neverland: Thriller-horror about kids escaping an orphanage. Has a nonsexualized female protagonist who gets to do cool shounen feats if you like that
Undead Unluck: skip to chapter 9 since the start is moidy, goofy adventure series about a zombie guy and a girl with bad luck trying to kill themselves and falling in love
Blue Exorcist: Demon hunting series about a boy who learns he's the son of Satan, has lots of brotherly angst, pretty boys, and pretty art

No. 352578

File: 1706768334620.jpg (248.92 KB, 334x500, Doubutsu_no_Kuni_Volume_1.jpg)

Doubutsu no Kuni, which follows the life of a child found and raised by a tanuki in a world inhabited only by animals from infancy to adulthood. It's pure and well-paced, and the stakes (help animals understand each other instead of eating each other, but not in a metaphor for social issues way) are so ridiculous that I, at least, didn't get annoyed comparing it to grievances over IRL issues. Very pure shounen IMO, the only real problems you can have with it are problems you'd have with the genre's general pinnings itself.
Not much coomshit since the majority of follows him in childhood. And if there are boobs on a cow or something… Well, it really can't be taken as coombait, it's more for comedic purposes. It's how the designs are.
I read Kimetsu no Yaiba for a while starting when it first came out and dropped it because I just found it devastatingly boring. I only gave it a second try when it blew up too incongruently to what I had seen, and I enjoyed it a lot more just skipping the first few dozen chapters. I'd recommend trying the same and seeing if it lands with you; it could always just still not be your thing, but hey.

No. 352629

Screw you nonnie for making me cry like a baby, I was jot prepared foe that intensity of feeling in the first chapter.

Thank you it is really a nice story and I will continue reading it.

No. 352686

Noragami is pretty decent and the manga just ended so you can read it in its entirety now

No. 352838

File: 1706847540875.png (716.42 KB, 1000x1423, IMG_5579.png)

chiikawa is the only thing keeping me sane it’s so cute but so morbid at times kek i can’t help but feel bad for the little animals… my favorite is the one sipping beer and making funny faces

No. 352989

File: 1706892109533.jpeg (280.44 KB, 1439x2048, F2UiztgWIAENfBD.jpeg)

I love chiikawa too, this one made me tear up kek. Can be surprisingly heartfelt for a silly little manga

No. 353368

File: 1707040060050.jpg (76.57 KB, 794x640, oyfh52fq6d7ofdamc6fvzw4iirf6uh…)

Right!? This manga tugged my heart every which way through its course. It's not everybody's cup of tea, but I hope you can continue enjoying it. If you do, please let me know what you thought after you finish! It really is not very well known, so I'm always glad to hear people talk about it.

No. 353444

File: 1707060429172.jpg (278.07 KB, 869x1237, 842972543a30984400e08133634227…)

Hakumei and Mikochi is so good it's like ariety mixed with a food manga and it has such a good atmosphere and a lot of heart. I read it on downtime at work and it keeps me in a good mood

No. 353451

Seconding this, it's actually my favorite manga and I've reread it many times over the years. The art is gorgeous and the world-building is very naturally done. You can tell that the author has a real appreciation and knowledge for traditional craftsmanship beyond their work that plays very realistically into how the culture of the world is built up. I'm endlessly enamored with this series.

No. 353724

File: 1707139324479.png (308.38 KB, 451x650, Untitled46_20240129210313.png)

read-neokojiru is redoing the JiruJiru India Travelogues with better quality scans. It's about halfway done.

No. 354221

Thanks for sharing! Always good to see more of her work.

No. 354578

File: 1707424454407.jpg (573.17 KB, 2000x2919, 8f5c01f876e5425b9bcde92a4927bd…)

I finally sat down and caught up with that manga and honestly I was pleasantly surprised. The first 3ish chapters were kinda boring so I dropped it initially but i picked it back it up and it was actually…good? The first villain was excellent so I'm hoping the writer didn't use up all his writing skills on him and also hoping he somehow survived being blown to bits because there was too much potential for him to be canned this early, too many plot points related to him left unresolved so I'm coping. I also really like that the female characters aren't coombait and the main heroine being a little sister-type character rather than an LI was nice. The action scenes are really well drawn but he really could detail the faces better. Now I just hope that it stays good and dodges the axe. I wouldn't just yet recommend this to anyone who isn't a shonentard, but there is definitely fujo/yume potential here.

No. 357235

File: 1708392374091.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.58 MB, 2000x2835, a5eb5237-ea4e-41f4-880e-c4fb76…)

Madara Moyou no Yoi chapter end spoiler
I'm excited for where this is going

No. 357239

Kagurabachi fujo here. Thanks for shilling it. It's nothing special writing wise, like any typical shonen. It's drawn very well though, with cinematic shots and impressive combat beats.

No. 357245

File: 1708399709677.jpeg (Spoiler Image,415.24 KB, 968x785, IMG_4962.jpeg)

I find it funny that the scrote who got his arm broken keeps showing up

No. 357503

File: 1708504623708.jpg (164.01 KB, 800x1220, 1000014985.jpg)

Gantz is a very frustrating manga, it has interesting ideas that are completely squashed by retarded execution and characters, but for some reason picrel completely rewired my brain, this single panel had so much influence on how I appreciate and choose manga to read.

No. 357530

I totally agree, Gantz has its moments and some of them are so good while the rest of the series is a dumpster fire. Off the top of my head I remember liking Osaka, Italy, the storyline about Cherry and Tonkatsu, and Nishi attacking his classmates to get back in the game before it turns into a massive clusterfuck. But the ending arc with all the space ships and robots and aliens was soooo bad.

No. 357653

Can someone recommend some modern day "menhera" type manga? like oyasumi punpun but good

No. 357668

File: 1708594877036.jpeg (145.52 KB, 768x768, IMG_0655.jpeg)

If you're looking for menhera stuff, I'm assuming you don't care about triggers, but do be warned it's depressing.

No. 357670

File: 1708595816145.jpg (66.67 KB, 672x1000, 510JHCZ80DL._AC_UF1000,1000_QL…)

I never read Punpun but I thought Solani was really good. I tried to read a few of his other works after though and disliked or hated all of it, kek.
I also liked: Confidential Confessions (anthology series) and My Lesbian Experience with Loneliness.
I hope these fits what you're searching for, it's been a while since I read some of them and actually wasn't familiar with the term menhera. Ohh, and maybe Welcome to the NHK? Never read the manga but I thought the anime was decent. I also second the suggestion from the anon above!

No. 357700

File: 1708617305003.png (726.85 KB, 530x822, Screen Shot 2024-02-22 at 12.5…)

Shounen no abyss, it's about multi-generational menheras in a menhera city. It written and drawn by a female author and has really great menhera character breakdowns.

No. 357707

The author is a woman??? I was so sure it was a moid because of the obvious madonna/whore complex that permeates this manga.

No. 357708

No, it's a woman. Also, I think it's pretty clear considering the drawing style and how she writes stuff related to eating disorders in it.
Please try to keep reading it, the story gets better and the characters make more sense as you discover what really went down in the past.

Spoiler: The protagonist mom was actually forced by her own mom into prostitution, which is something that actually happens in real life and due to that is severely traumatized and becomes a narc mess. The author guy is also not an angel like he pretends to be. I'd say it's worth the read.

No. 357709

File: 1708619958228.png (122.67 KB, 576x444, Screen Shot 2024-02-22 at 13.4…)

No. 357711

kek isn't this the shitty harem manga anons have been making fun of for years?

No. 357784

>shounen no abyss
>the manga with a troon in it
yeah no

No. 357789

This is quite literally one of the most retarded manga ever written. I read like 100 chapters and the author failed to make me feel a single emotion towards the characters. Also she loves troons and puts troons in all her series

No. 357820

Yeah no I'm aware of the shit that's going on and everything and everyone is retarded, stupid situation after stupid situation.

No. 357881

File: 1708643984417.png (Spoiler Image,1.8 MB, 1200x900, JLNmsXT.png)

I only keep up with this series for comedic purposes. The teacher is so insane it makes me crack up every time she reaches a new level.

No. 357882

Yeah. It’s like a small town depresso-psycho soap opera. Yeah it’s trash but it’s fun
Is that all you know about it? That chapter was hilarious in the context of the story. Anti troon if anything kek he was a psycho.

No. 357890

AYRT, yep, soap opera is definitely the best way to explain its appeal. Fun trash.
I would not have recommended it as a menhera series though, I don't think it's something to be taken seriously, which is probably more what the OP was asking for.

No. 357897

You guys just have bad taste, boy's abyss is a master piece and I'll not change my opinion.

No. 357910

IDK if this is bait or not, but I'll concede that some points like the themes of generational cycles of abuse and the trauma of growing up (Shino'oka, as a survivor of the town's poison, motivating Chako to live on was a high point). But overall, the nonstop train of dramatic twists feels more that the series aims to entertain rather than seriously engage readers in thoughtful exploration of its themes. You're not banned from taking value from this sort of media but be real about what it is kek. Almost every chapter ends with some kind of cliffhanger info reveal or appearance of a character at the most unexpected/unideal moment.

No. 357957

I read only for her, kek. I can't wait to see what she does now that it seems like she's the final boss. She's the funniest woman alive.

No. 358089

any good yuri/girls love manga besides bloom into you? need some good yuri recommendations.

No. 358096

File: 1708728482265.jpg (106.49 KB, 693x1000, 81-8fjRm5sL._AC_UF1000,1000_QL…)

This one is kind of yuri adjacent, but it's a cool yuri-implied action manga with a lot of fanservice. I read it like 10 years ago, but I remember I liked it then.

Tokyo Girls Destruction.

No. 358213

File: 1708796268213.jpg (23.77 KB, 644x476, FeFEb7CaUAANmJk.jpg)

I'm pirating the JJK anime to watch it, and usually when I do that with an animated adaptation I look into buying the manga in my first language in case the manga could have more scenes and just to support the series in general. All I'm seeing is people shitting on the official French translation, and at first I thought it would be because of details or techniques having slightly different translations in fan versions and the official versions but it seems to be more shit like lines being in the wrong speech bubbles so someone is saying someone else's line, sentences repeated by different characters to make a parallel between them except they're now saying something else, etc. I don't feel like spending a cent on it anymore now. I guess it can't be worse than Black Butler's translation being so bad in very specific scenes that the now obvious plot twist about the twin brothers was nearly impossible to guess without reading about people guessing it on tumblr, since 息子達 in some flashbacks was translated with "my son" in French. I'm also thinking about how Fruits Basket's French translation sucked monumental ass in a way I could have never guessed because I started the manga when I was 12, monolingual and didn't even know about fan translations online yet. I don't even know where I'm going with this, I'm just annoyed.

No. 358256

File: 1708809980459.jpg (158 KB, 225x319, 26-1657020139.jpg)

School Zone is a fun one, good mix of comedy and toxicity. It's currently on hiatus, though.
I also liked With Her Who Likes My Sister (picrel) a lot, and that one is complete.
You might have better luck asking for recs in the yuri thread.

No. 358461

File: 1708911838903.jpeg (2.96 MB, 4000x5671, IMG_4987.jpeg)

Ooooh she posted a preview and the scammer lady is back too kek

No. 358463

File: 1708911886186.png (141.07 KB, 773x730, IMG_4986.png)

No. 358474

File: 1708921068713.jpeg (1.16 MB, 1620x1413, 846967A3-8C88-4107-866D-00C04C…)

Depends of what you’re into. I recommend Would you like to go out or, Sasameki Koto, Yamada to Kaze-san, Octave and Still Sick. If you want something more artistic and philosophical, for the lack of better word, try Ebine Yamaji’s works.

No. 358529

File: 1708959416105.jpg (922.04 KB, 1132x1800, Kokage is a Witch.jpg)

Lovely Strange Dark is starting a new project, Kokage is a Witch. it's cute and funny so far

No. 358531

File: 1708959614669.jpeg (313.32 KB, 1114x1600, 239582c9-75a8-4891-ba5a-d237ef…)

check the yuri/GL thread >>>/m/290134
Run Away With Me, Girl is my recommendation. https://mangadex.org/title/fa6ee44f-8c47-4cbc-ba10-9815a100d6b5/run-away-with-me-girl

No. 358987

I don‘t know where to post this but can anyone tell me what not-so-feminine anime twinks are called? types like light yagami or that direction.

I‘ve been on one of these degenerate image boards and i‘m so frustrated that there is no term for anime moids that are just like just normal pretty-boy guys. i found a pretty boy term (bishonen) but that‘s something else i saw. on these sites i can easily search for children moids, disgusting masculine beefcakes, pretty twink beefcakes (saw that a lot when i checked yaoi), there is a tag for girly guys, femboys, there are tags for old moids, ugly moids, fat moids, hairy moids but I can‘t find normal straight(looking) twink cuties?? I have to go through so much shit (by excluding tags too etc) and don‘t find any there where I thought I should. I‘m so confused, are they just unicorns? is there any trick or something i missed that could make it easier?

please, any anime-boy connoisseur help me

No. 358999

Maybe you're looking for the term "Ikemen"? Bishounen is the correct term for a normal pretty boy.
>found a pretty boy term (bishonen) but that‘s something else i saw
>but that‘s something else i saw
what do you mean by this?

No. 359100

Seconding what the other nonna said, it's just ikemen.

No. 359124

thank you for the recommendations nonas! Did not know we had a yuri thread, I will check it out!!

No. 359752

File: 1709419150233.png (1.19 MB, 1134x1800, kokage is a witch.png)

Funny manga, hopefully will get more of it soon. Side note, resorting to reading manga in spanish is sad, I should learn japanese.

No. 359765

Oh you started reading Kokage is a Witch! Yeah it’s so cute and funny

No. 360308

File: 1709642711324.png (50.35 KB, 1440x2048, kek.png)

kek the scanlator for Kinyobi wa Atelier de was so sassy about dropping it. I really like that series I'm kinda bummed.

No. 360569

File: 1709761349205.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.62 MB, 1518x2150, IMG_1699.jpeg)

Spoiler for the newest chapter of Yoi, Asada’s being Asada
Unfortunately the app it’s on is region locked so it’ll be a bit until it appears on urasunday

No. 360795

No. 360796

File: 1709886390764.jpg (115.46 KB, 733x612, 99.jpg)

No. 361151

File: 1710014129540.jpeg (Spoiler Image,40.95 KB, 532x530, GIHE4GvaUAA6gUa.jpeg)

fucking EW
whoever has not dropped Oshi no Ko yet, should do so now

(pic is confirmed spoilers)

No. 361156

What manga is yoi?

No. 361160

Wtf, picked up

No. 361173

No. 361190

but nonnieIt's a sister kissing her biological brother because in past life she was a 12 year old cancer patient who was in love with her 35 year old pedo doctor who is now reincarnated as her brother

No. 362618

File: 1710449733378.jpg (386.95 KB, 1758x2500, 4968ffcb-e35a-4f6c-85a7-5c7ca1…)

Does anyone else here read Mr. Mallow Blue? It's really scratching my itch for classic shoujo genderbender and the toxic yuri subplot was unexpected but welcome. I think it's going to have a "het" ending but it's still a nice soapy drama.

No. 362628

Tell me more about the toxic yuri. You've got my attention.

No. 362633

File: 1710452171351.jpeg (Spoiler Image,203.89 KB, 614x879, f8a0b40c-0137-4f7d-a619-65aa97…)

I don't want to go into super spoilers territory but it's a bodyswap manga. A 27 year-old hikineet man (Aoi) gets bodyswapped with a mentally ill schoolgirl (Sakura) and the plot is him trying to find her, who has stolen his body. There are two "pairs", Aoi(in Sakura's body) and her male classmate who has his own issues, and Sakura(in Aoi's body) and her bully/ex-friend Yume. All the characters have their own trauma and it's mostly about them trying to unravel and cope with their issues, but yes it's revealed that Sakura and Yume used to be in a messed up lesbian relationship in middle school which was a trigger for her figuring out how to bodyswap and try to "fix" their failed relationship somehow. But do be a aware it's a little soapy, so don't expect super deep social commentary here. Picrel is MCs while bodyswapped.

No. 362637

ntayrt, but picking up. Do you have any other yuri drama suggestions? Or does anyone know any yuri where one of the girls is masculine or dresses boy-ish?

No. 362638

No, sorry. Like I said it was basically a surprise subplot in this. Also I wouldn't recommend it to someone who wants only yuri because there is also equal focus on the male characters in this manga.

No. 362671

AYRT Sounds fun, I'll give it a whirl. Thanks.

No. 362974

Interesting, I get why you put "het" in quotation marks now. It's an entertaining read and I'll keep up with it just because I'm now very curious to see how this series ends.

No. 363096

Im glad you're enjoying it! It was refreshing to see female characters being allowed to be properly fucked in the head for once, and both the couples are interesting and shippable. Hope we get a good ending though

No. 363247

It's actually criminal how KnY's first chapters are nothing like the later chapters, as shonentard it's been a while I could enjoy something so raw and to the point with its pacing. Anime kind of fumbles it by making it really slow.

No. 363254

File: 1710669081752.png (600.75 KB, 1456x2048, After God - c051 (NA) - p020 […)

Unfortunately, Neuro was just translated using dogshit scans like a lot of older series, and there's no official release that could mitigate it. If only anime wasn't so awful, we could've had it all.

The mangaka is absolutely into yaoi, she enjoys yuri too, but bias towards yaoi seems to be bigger. She also loves cats.

I did feel bothered how Waka got sidelined with the whole Obikawa thing (even if I enjoyed his arc), but now it seems like Obikawa got sorted out first because he's a side character. I really liked the chapter where he ate the rabbit. On the monthly basis it was devastating to have nothing on Waka (felt kind of similar to CSM dropping Asa), but rereading everything in one go, the drip feeding with Shion builds up really well, and this part was very emotional to me. I also like how often it revisits Chapter 1, highlighting how crushing it was for Waka.
I did also think it was similar to CSM and for now I'm enjoying that it's sticking to smallish cast and actually sticks with them unlike CSM.
I don't believe 47 was the latest chapter at the time of your post, the releases are kind of awful to follow due to how bad Comikey is. Mangasee had the best scans online, but it's not up to date. This website has the most chapters I could find: https://mangabuddy.com/after-god
The latest Tokinaga developments kind of left me confused, but I trust Eno Sumi.

No. 363260

I bought a few BL manga here and there that didn't have fantranslations online that I kinda enjoyed but they weren't anything amazing. I'm considering selling them. There are also several manga series I own that I haven't read in a very long time or that I got too lazy to continue, I'm going to binge read them soon. And after that I'll start reading JJK. Is the manga good after the Shibuya Incident arc? Because I enjoyed the anime but I don't want to feel too invested in a series that's going to be disappointing. I'm not too into shonen manga now that I think about it, there are only a few ones I started that I actually finished.

No. 363350

File: 1710701716022.jpg (166.45 KB, 784x1145, Ruri Dragon - Chapter 9 - 15.j…)

I'm glad this didn't get axed. The mom daughter bonding is cute.

No. 363366

Thanks for providing that link! As it turns out, the reason I was behind was in fact because I was viewing it on mangasee. The quality of those scans is good enough that I'll be looking at both sources in the future, so that I can keep up to date and also see the best quality scans of its gorgeous art. I don't have much to add, since you already covered basically everything I was feeling in terms of spoiler-free content lol. We're on the same wavelength, especially regarding Shion, Waka, and Tokinaga. Eno Sumi has my brain in a vice grip.

No. 363559

File: 1710762776852.png (Spoiler Image,549.88 KB, 895x1300, IMG_4185.png)

>first Uro
>now Yorozu
Why is Gege suddenly obsessed with designing his female characters naked? Seems random when he had every opportunity to do it since the beginning. I would say its a Heian era thing but Yorozu was just begged to put on some clothes kek

No. 363565

Idk but it does really feel random, I think these are the only two female characters that appear naked in the entire series.
And imo, the idea for Uro was cool

No. 363573

Yeah i actually really like them both it just feels so random and sudden.

No. 363574

What is up with the nipponese manga writers and their obsession with incest? Is it because of how Japan is such an emotionally reserved society, familial and romantic love seem blurry?

No. 363596

File: 1710780687177.jpeg (185.03 KB, 701x1000, IMG_0628.jpeg)

>pick up the first 5 volumes of Vampire Knight from HPB because I remember reading some of them at the library as a kid and loving the art style, want some nostalgia
>aw the eyes are so pretty, I could actually draw these now, excited to go back into the story blind since it’s been so damn long
>see a bunch of zoomers on tiktok are shitting their pants over the manga
>google why
>learn that the entire plot twist hinges on the reveal that Kaname is a Grandpa Brother in love with his sister (Yuki)
>their parents were ALSO brother and sister
>”Incest to keep the bloodline pure” garbage trope
>the sequel has MORE incest and something about Zero falling in love within a horse
>immediate regret
>nostalgia ruined, feel gross having them on my shelf, gonna have to return them for store credit
>story would have been cute if the author didn’t have a fetish that makes me wanna vomit
>gdi Japan

No. 363608

There's a sequel?! Jesus…

No. 363612

It's a mid-2000s shoujo manga, what did you expect? That's their entire charm lmao

No. 363619

Kek this reminds me when I was a kid and Toonami made Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune cousins. Looking back, it’s weird they preferred incest over the fact that they were lesbians.

It’s funny what you don’t process as a kid. Idk I re watched and re read a lot of anime and manga that I enjoyed as a kid and came across a lot of stuff like this. I kinda cringed about it but continued to just enjoy the fact that I was a clueless kid and loved the art.

No. 363621

File: 1710787896607.jpg (1.38 MB, 1500x2250, Angel Sanctuary - c013 (v03) -…)

Incest was everywhere in 90's/early 2000's shoujo. Personally, I'll always love Angel Sanctuary for its art despite incest being its main premise kek.

No. 363622

Am I the only one who doesnt care about incest in manga?

No. 363623

No, I don't care either. It's just drawings

No. 363624

I don't care unless it's father/daughter. Anything else is fine.

No. 363625

Frankly it doesn't bother me much, but if I hear parentxchild incest is an important part of something I probably won't read it. Books that have surprise incest always annoy me a bit but I can look past it in less serious storylines. It's just an annoying trope but I won't be offended about it appearing.

No. 363626

No, it entirely depends on how well written the characters are. Chances are I'll just think the author is a gross coomer and give their stuff a bad rating if they're a moid. If the author is a woman I know it's just a harmless fantasy and don't care.

No. 363637

This was the first one that gave me such a surprise to revisit! Tbh I read a lot of shit I shouldn’t have as young as I was, like Chobits, at the public library. I’ve been staring at the volumes on and off trying to decide if it’s worth the effort to read them anyways and force myself to ignore it or if I should just resell them to get more volumes of a different series. The art is still so pretty imo so I’m conflicted but there’s also plenty of other good shojo romances that don’t have incest in them.
That’s totally fine if it doesn’t bother you, this is a fictional comic like another nonna said. I have some personal trauma related to the subject (walked in on my first boyfriend of several years having sex with his blood sister on the couch when they didn’t expect me home from a night shift early), so it tends to bother me a lot. You do you, just not my bag.

No. 363640

File: 1710790933427.png (2.29 MB, 1434x1079, 1495596832575.png)

>walked in on my first boyfriend of several years having sex with his blood sister on the couch when they didn’t expect me home from a night shift early
What the fuck lol

No. 363641

The worst part was they were both super normal looking people. His sister claimed she was religious. Got weird vibes a few months before it happened, thought I was being crazy or insecure despite all the red flags. Packed all my shit that night and drove back to my parents house. Genuinely horrific, felt like I was stuck in a GoT episode, don’t wish it on anyone, gonna leave it at that.

No. 363642

I don’t really mind it but I avoid stuff that’s super coomery or parent/child.

No. 363645

idk i just think its really weird and dont want to read about it

No. 363701

File: 1710807138891.png (Spoiler Image,337.4 KB, 836x1200, 009.png)

Spoilers for jojolands So with this, Dragona's gender is finally
revealed. He's a male with a micro penis. The bullying and sexual assaulted probably exacerbated his trooning out. Though according to his based bully, he already wore girl's clothing before this incident, so the trooning was already there. He deserves it and I hope he dies so I can actually read the manga

No. 363715

File: 1710809365120.gif (866.09 KB, 200x200, 1682999141100.gif)

I'm sorry for continuing the derail but what the hell even happened after that? What happened before? Why??? How???

No. 363761

Mostly depends on a case-by-case basis for me but father/daughter is always an absolute disgusting no.

No. 363790

It's always so random and I don't know why it's even a popular trope. Maybe it's because in Japan, people tend to have one sibling, if at all any, but it's still so odd to me. I won't drop a series if it has incest in it unless it's between the main characters. In the background, I don't care, I'll ignore that part.

No. 363814

parent/child stuff is gross but I have a weakness for sibling incest ngl. something about toxic/doomed extremely codependent relationships idk

No. 363815

I don't care honestly. Excessively coomer-y stuff is offputting, but that's for everything, not just incest.

No. 363833

I have so many questions, wtf did I just read?

No. 363871

Imo the amount of people who aren't bothered by incest being depicted in a neutral or positive way in manga is a testament to just how normalized it is in the medium. Personally, I find it just as disgusting as lolishota, sexual assault being played for laughs, and constant panty shots of underage characters.

No. 364078

I think it's because a lot more people are only children now days so incest is more of an abstract thing, I mean for sibling incest which is the most common in media.

No. 364186

I mean it is normalized, but I don't think that's why people here don't care. I don't care because it's not real. I never cared, even when I first got into anime and manga. I'm only bothered by immoral things in media if they're portrayed by real people.

No. 364204

Agreed, people just accept it casually for the most part now and it throws me through a loop. Imo I love reading dark topics but it freaks me out to see things like incest be played as normal or something people would do without being in a fucked scenario. If it's a normal romance between siblings I side eye the author and those reading it tbh, you'd be inventing a fantasized lie to portray incest as non abusive and it feels like that's paraphernalia better repressed than engaged with in a positive light because encouraging not having that hard line with family in your head seems like when people meme themselves into being fine with shota/loli then suddenly are really into it. It just can't be good.
Give me murderers with fucked up family dynamics, but a wholesome school anime can fuck off with its incest push. I can understand putting the author's freakiness to the side if it's not the main part, but people shrug it off like nothing now which is textbook definition normalization. How many older brothers in the world have been taking advantage of this I wonder… small town I lived near had an incest couple everyone knew about, open secret but they claimed it was fine cause it was "just sex". Nobody was really ok with it but nobody said or did anything about it and it just festered and more older brothers took advantage when they saw no social punishments so I think incest is something we should keep a solid taboo that you don't just ignore. Otherwise it seems too many boys would jump at the possibility to groom their sisters without taboo

No. 364986

File: 1711224402603.jpg (76.7 KB, 391x600, 210854l.jpg)

I don't see anyone talking about this but Yulia Sensei no Akai Ito is pretty good if you like stories with older characters. It even won the kodansha and osamu tezuka awards. It's about an older woman who finds out her husband has been cheating on her with a man when he is sick in the hospital, and she has to take care of him at home. It's also been made as a tv drama that is currently airing

No. 365202

File: 1711290716328.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.47 MB, 1079x4673, Screenshot_20240324_160127_Chr…)

I read a lot of shitty manga, but this chapter exceeded my tolerance level simply because it was so out of place in a dumb comedy manga about having Satan as a pet.
The gall of this troon to say lesbians aren't real when he himself is perfectly content being gay.
Not to mention the paedophilia, too. She's a gradeschooler (in a negligee, to boot), in case you couldn't tell by the shitty art style, yet her mom deemed it perfectly acceptable that this grown man be allowed to spend the night in her room. And why's that? Because this pedo fag freak would have assaulted her older brother in his sleep, were they to room together instead. And again, why are we even having this conflict in a shitty comedy manga about having Satan as a pet ?? But, no, it's all good, cause he calls her his future girlfriend in the end so it's a happy ending, how nice.

No. 365226

>pedophilia is acceptable
>homosexuality is wrong
par of course in the oh so glorious nippon.

No. 365251

File: 1711303173021.jpg (Spoiler Image,495.72 KB, 1079x1576, Y37eheb8373ueh.jpg)

Spoiler for the newest jjk chapter.
I thought everyone was joking when they said that Miguel is going to come back kek. I really hope something interesting FINALLY happens next chapter because Sukuna wiping the floor with everyone is becoming stale

No. 365287

people still read the jjk manga? kek why would you freely do this to yourself

No. 365289

Even tiktok has seen through gaygay's bullshit. Even tiktok.

No. 365298


Hm it ruins it for me. Even though it is "just fantasy" I just stop enjoying the storyline/characters. It is not that big of the deal if it is some irrelevant side characters but I dislike it with main characters.

No. 365302

It takes less than 3 minutes to read and see what's going on, so why not

No. 365304

>But I can't go out with you
>Because I'm a kid?
>That's not true

ah yes the superior japanese culture compared to "decadent west"

>deep inside i'm a girl

yes classic troonery
>fellow girls can't become lovers

show me the face of the degen who is writing this shit

No. 365308

JJK looks like some funny shitpost, I'm glaf I started it recently so my expectations aren't too high.

No. 365309

I’m so fucking tired of Clip Studio 3d assets and brushes being everywhere. They look out of place and sloppy and there’s never any attempt to even draw over them. Choujin x and chainsaw man part 2 are examples that really stood up to me because the authors actually draw very well, but their recent work is just sketchy characters floating in a void of clashing 3d assets and premade brushes. I’m not even saying people shouldn’t use them, being a mangaka is already hard enough, but it looks sloppy as shit

No. 365324

Jfc, two nukes really weren't enough. I hate Japanese degenerates.

No. 365326

File: 1711316209791.gif (2.15 MB, 498x276, firsthalf.gif)

I'm waiting for this manga to end. It sucks because I think it started off okay, but once Gege just kept everything going into big fight, big fight, big fight, there was nothing. No character development, no fun sit down moments. Just fight to fight. It was mentally exhausting. Also, when he killed off several mains, including Gojo, i just stopped caring. It really pissed me off. He has no direction with this series and it shows. I'm caught up, but I have no idea how much I'd care to continue when new chapters come out.

No. 365330

Kek you'd disintegrate if you tried to read anything Korean.

No. 365336

File: 1711317512516.jpg (265.23 KB, 1462x839, 1710821778890.jpg)

I agree. Modern manga art in general looks ugly and I hate the modern digital art style so bad. It all looks the same. Shit like picrel gets on my nerves so much. I want to read "Given" but the art style hinders me.

No. 365365

File: 1711322054880.jpeg (63.9 KB, 400x470, 464a7ffd4cc7f52e3214a52de064b4…)

Does anyone else think the early 2000s popular art styles were so much better in every way? Not just manga but anime style art in general. Even the digital art back then was a totally different vibe, I can clock them immediately. I don't know if i'm blinded by nostalgia but the modern clean digitized look doesn't jive with me at all.
tbf I think a part of this is the low barrier of entry for manga creators now. Many of them mask a poor understanding of fundamentals with all the digital tools like premade assets and color grading etc

No. 365367

The troonism and "Satan" seem like western influence.

No. 365369

Ayrt and I agree. Same applies to western shows. The 2010s was the downfall of art in general and the animation industry. Unless it's long running series, anything made after 2010 sucks ass and balls, both art wise and story wise. I stopped watching TV the day adventure time, TAWOG, and Steven Universe aired, and anime got cheap CGI with goofy overdone plots with mecha and other boring shit. And while I love Chinese animation, the newer stuff and especially CGI stuff that ripoff popular things are cancer on TV.

No. 365373

checked this out because of your post and got sucked in, I'm on chapter nine. she's so cool lol

No. 365383

what's this called?

No. 365384

NTA but After God

No. 365385


No. 365468

I've always noticed that pedophiles always have this fantasy of the little girl being the "aggressive" one in their fantasy relationships. It's sickening—some DARVO victim blaming shit—"she was the one who started it! So I'm absolved of all blame for wanting to diddle little girls!!!!"

No. 365534

I'm enjoying this. Her husband deserves to die in a gas explosion, though.

No. 365582

File: 1711409116042.jpeg (183.12 KB, 1290x763, A5658AAB-8B80-449E-A382-001396…)

Where do you all like to buy your 2nd hand manga? (jp not eng)
eBay is OK but it’s been a miss lately and I feel like prices are way too high these days.

No. 365597

Depending on the country you're in surugaya has free international shipping on the weekend

No. 365613

I’m a burger. Thank you nonnie, this is perfect and I already found what I was looking for.

No. 365622

Because its still fun?

No. 365660

No. 366264

File: 1711667916079.png (Spoiler Image,342.95 KB, 1304x2024, 1442793844209.png)

Any Manga with trippy/strange endings? I think Zetsubou sensei takes the cake
>Nozomu's lover, Kafuka is murdered and her body parts are passed around to students who have attempted suicide
>because of her grand optimism they no longer want to die and are possessed by her regularly
>Nozomu marries almost every single girl+Jun in his 'class' and remarries and divorces them each day depending on who Kafuka is currently possessing and they all love sensei so they're apparently cool with this
>Always looking for new wives to share Kafuka's body via forced blood transfusion
>Has children with everyone (aside from Jun obviously)

No. 366278

What the actual fuck does Zetsubou sensei really end like this

No. 366282

File: 1711677057551.png (Spoiler Image,325.53 KB, 1295x2019, 1437229063616.png)

No. 366286

File: 1711678876850.png (1.85 MB, 1503x2160, 234234.png)

sakusei byoutou zen nennrei ban is a guilty pleasure read of mine. love how crazy all the nurses are; i hope it gets the bocchi treatment someday where all (or most of) the coom elements are removed and the comedy elements are increased. i'd love a workplace comedy about nurses who hated their job

No. 366288

File: 1711679068573.png (7.1 MB, 6680x4270, 9d9646bd-ce88-4908-8cfa-ee3215…)

Came across something interesting today through Dead Scanlations blog. Tsurita Kuniko, a mangaka who died in her 30s and had some interesting but unfortunately unfinished works that are very striking (style varies a lot across them but I really liked the art in The Other Side and some of the Chapters in Flight specifically Story of a Turtle and Knock Knock Big Sister).



No. 366290

File: 1711679124630.png (465.3 KB, 3020x4280, b45ccda6-caa7-4d93-a384-04a6a2…)

I really liked the concept in this one although it's a bit bizarre. 1/2

No. 366292

File: 1711679195211.png (1.1 MB, 3020x4280, 86fb093d-dd87-4910-9b04-28a563…)

2/2 not gonna post the whole oneshot
shame she died so young

No. 366298

Wait is Bocchi actually uncoomerized? The fan content could have fooled me but I'm curious about checking out the anime if so.

No. 366322

Nice find, I liked how easy to read The Other Side and I'll check her other works later. It's unfortunate how young some mangaka die.

No. 366391

File: 1711700100139.png (1.83 MB, 1080x1372, 1695096830858.png)

Some of the stuff on this list was surprising to me. I guess I keep forgetting that shoujo and josei are demographic distinctions rather than genres.

No. 366412

Wait, how is Natsume's book of friends josei when the main character is a man? I guess it feels under josei more than shonen, but still. I never thought about that. It's one of my favorite series still.

No. 366416

The protagonist's sex is completely irrelevant wtf are you t1lking about. If the manga is published in a josei magazine, a magazine marketed to adult women, then it's a josei manga. That's just it.

No. 366440

File: 1711749566648.jpg (209.02 KB, 850x1103, __marcille_donato_laios_thorde…)

Posting here as well, we have a Dungeon Meshi General now at >>366386

No. 366456

I'll definitely check it out. Thank you for posting.

No. 366627

99% of pedophile scrote favorite is "seinen" despite exclusively being about prepubescent girls.

No. 366685

There are literal Shoujo/josei mags where the selling point is that most of the stories/manga have male protagonists(comic gene, comic zero sum, etc)

No. 366711

File: 1711884402397.jpg (1.31 MB, 1500x2106, 9781648277870-273977503.jpg)

Has anyone read the creepy cat manga??? The illustrations have such a nice vibe to them, they remind me of ruby gloom and stuff like that. Plus it's cat related. Looks cute but I've never read 4koma before so I'm a bit hesitant to read it… Thoughts??

No. 366714

File: 1711885420082.jpeg (108.23 KB, 802x1200, IMG_9605.jpeg)

I just read some online and it’s not hilarious but it’s okay.

No. 366715

it's more the aesthetic and vibe that's the appeal.

No. 366720

Yeah I can see that. That's a bad thing, in my opinion.

No. 366737

kek, I love cats.

No. 366777

Boy's Abyss would be infinitely better if Reiji was a woman and nothing else changed.

No. 366786

i need boys abyss to get adapted and i need mari okada as the screenplay writer. it'll be a hot mess

No. 366795

I remember when Boy's Abyss was the top MAL pick for an anime adaptation and the author was like, "You guys are sick in the head lol but that would be cool"

No. 366804

agree wholeheartedly.

No. 366859

I just binge read this because of your rec and I love it soo much. I can only find up to chapter 27 though, does anyone know where to find the original scans?

I was hoping anons could recommend some other manga similar to this. Doesn't have to be older protagonists necessarily, but unique perspectives and genres, more slice of life/slow paced/introspective but lighthearted, detailed pencily artwork.

No. 366870

File: 1711944705063.jpg (12.05 KB, 188x268, Z.jpg)

Art styles don't necessarily match what you're looking for but Ashihara Hinako's Bread & Butter and Nozaki Fumiko's Tamako Teishoku both have similar vibes. The latter is a little like if Midnight Diner was a josei series.

No. 366894

File: 1711949630448.jpg (384.53 KB, 1400x2105, banana-fish-vol-13-97814215039…)

>being this new

No. 366967

File: 1711988261930.jpeg (202.51 KB, 2048x1390, GJ-YOK0acAELyXe.jpeg)

>last chapter dropping next month
How are we feeling rockfriends? I can't believe I've been following this series since middle school. The crazy ride is about to end.

No. 366968

>no phos revenge

No. 366972

Since middle school??? How old are you

No. 366975

It feels like Ichikawa lost interest tbh, there was so much more that could've been done with the characters, especially the Ventricosus which never got explored adequately compared to the gems and moonies, I don't think it's bad to end it this way though. It still feels cathartic to me. I'm gonna have to do a complete reread though since I forgot so much. I'm gonna miss Phos….

No. 366978

Please let this mean that the anime will get a revival, maybe an even better reboot S1?

No. 366980

I think the ending chapters so far have been really beautiful and strange, I’m glad the author is making it and has such a weird mind

No. 366981

File: 1711993275337.gif (58.96 KB, 200x191, 200w.gif)

Studio Orange too busy making Beastars and Trigun Stampede…the gems are neglected

No. 367010

I havent checked on this since its heyday. Might give it a reread once its over.

No. 367021

Excited to finally read this, I liked the anime but never read the manga because I hate waiting for new chapters to come out.

No. 367694

File: 1712202269801.jpg (136.38 KB, 1125x1365, 4h1wbjxlkom71.jpg)

Not ashamed to admit that Boy's Abyss is my favorite ongoing manga because of the constant unintentional comedy of the melodrama LOL it's like the author's entire creative ethos is driven by those edgecringe "torturing my OCs" posts people love to make on tumblr

No. 367696

File: 1712202534017.jpg (104.59 KB, 1080x627, Screenshot_20240403_204716_Gal…)

And I'm pretty sure the author herself understands this angle to her work when she herself posts things like picrel regularly? People just take this shit way too seriously kek

No. 367714

File: 1712208567162.png (877.95 KB, 1224x900, tatsumaki.png)

No idea if anyone here reads this slop, but OPM manga is just so bad it's depressing. Even simply listing all the problems I have with it is too much. And its fans are so rabid I feel insane how nobody actually calls out any problems with it. Although it's probably only powerscaling scrotes who still read this crap, because barely anyone I know reads it anymore.

It's a shame that webcomic is so rarely updated. I've been craving for a new ONE work since Mob Psycho 100 ended. He just keeps starting new insanely mid collaboration manga instead. When is he gonna draw by himself again…

No. 367727

This comparison is so interesting, I prefer ONE's weird style but the redraw is well directed and gives it atmosphere.

No. 368695

File: 1712511733932.gif (294.06 KB, 498x280, 21BFFF57-6499-4C73-96E5-A6C8D5…)

Thank you to the nonnies who suggested suruga. Literally buying all the manga I wanted to buy as a kid, for just a couple dollars each. And I got free shipping.

No. 369154

Any decent het romance recs? I recently read Ouran in whole and it was actually really cute (and funny), made me realize I dont read a lot of romance manga

No. 369155

If you like comedy-romance like Ouran, Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun or Oresama Teacher (both by the same author) are fun. Oresama Teacher has a teacher-student romance but it's retarded enough that I don't care.

No. 369159

I really enjoyed Warau Kanoko-sama and its sequel Koi Dano, Ai Dano. The first manga is more like anthology with some recurring characters, while the sequel is more of a normal story. Although keep in mind that a lot of hilarity comes from the main character being comically dense and male lead losing his shit over it, I thought it was really funny how much he struggled being in friendzone.

No. 369233

Where do people share doujins nowadays?

No. 369243

I can give you my reading list:
Ao no Hana Utsuwa no Mori (this author is a good romance writer so check out their other stuff)
Busu ni Hanataba wo (picked it up from this thread)
Otoyomegatari (if you’re okay with arranged marriages being romanticized)
Kinyoubi wa Atelier de (they’re not really a couple yet but I like the manga)

Het relationship but manga focuses on something else primarily:
Koi No Kiseki
Otome Monster Caramelize
Watashi no Otto wa Reitouko ni Nemutte Iru

No. 369260

>Watashi no Otto wa Reitouko ni Nemutte Iru
Omg I read this one and it was pretty insane, I loved it

No. 369673

File: 1712807825842.jpeg (222.45 KB, 784x1145, 7ad87a4e1907ad4c10ebe9aa82f239…)

nice to see Noda is still incorporating bears into his plots even when it's a highschool hockey story

No. 369676

>Otome Monster Caramelize
Thoughts on this one?

No. 369677

Bears are very important

No. 369688

Isn't it happening in Hokkaido? If so I get it. I'm sure everyone in small town in Hokkaido is scared shitless of bears, and ever since I saw a surveillance video of a guy in a city there minding his own business outside his house and getting attacked by a bear I get why it's such a big deal. He survived according to news articles but still.

No. 369729

It's a very fun read because I like kaiju stuff. It's silly and sweet.
Oh I get it I wasn't complaining, I like his bear obsession.

No. 369735

File: 1712845501153.jpg (339.23 KB, 1152x870, Ikuemi.Ryou.full.1329547.jpg)

Principal (Ikuemi Ryou)
Tomodachi no Hanashi
Machi de Uwasa no Tengu no Ko
Machida-kun no Sekai
Chikutaku Bonbon

NTA I just started reading Otoyomegatari and it might just be the most nuanced and cutest depiction of arranged marriage of child brides/grooms kek. I feel comfy but also disturbed at how young the kids get set out for marriage.

No. 369737

Noda is a man who knows what he likes!

Always gonna recommend princess jellyfish. I'm reading romantic killer right now and while the art isn't the best it's really cute and silly and a fun light read so far, another reverse harem type manga.

No. 369743

Princess Jellyfish is wonderful.
Side note, anyone know where to find original JP scans of manga? Is there a website like Mangadex but for the originals?

No. 369768

Otoyomegatariis great. Gets a pass from me on the child marriage thing because it's a well-researched historical manga. Not like the author is trying to romanticize or endorse this shit in the modern day.

No. 369896

Don't get me wrong, I love it. I feel for every female character and I think feeling uncomfortable about it is intentional.

No. 370631

File: 1713107544109.jpg (31.45 KB, 635x479, 1709019331689.jpg)

>reading Princess Jellyfish for the first time in over a decade so I can finally finish the series
>starting the second volume in French
>suddenly, Kuranosuke yelling at Tsukimi, saying "you retard/autist!"
Why did it make me laugh? Am I 5 years old? Is it because I forgot how politically incorrect translations were when I was in high school?

No. 370702

>got a new phone
>decide to wipe my manga app library and clean from scratch
Does anybody else do this? I tend to read whatever when I'm bored so it's a good time to ask "Why am I reading this it's boring." If it's something I like, I remember to read it so it's not much of a big deal.

No. 370724

File: 1713124371183.png (7 MB, 1800x2560, Kusuriya no Hitorigoto.png)

Late, so someone probably already commented on this, but picrel is not a seinen manga. I don't get what psy op the manga industry is pulling by publishing shoujo and josei manga in seinen/shounen magazines, but they aren't fooling me.

No. 370726

It's weird. Shoujo/josei publications tanked hard, so sometimes there are straight up series meant for women in shounen/seinen publications. I consider "Aono-kun ni Sawaritai kara Shinitai" one as well. You can tell it's joseimuke, since it only has a dorama adaptation, lol.

No. 370727

Its a simple matter of shounen/seinen magazines being more popular and wanting to appeal to more general audiences.
Plus Apothecary Diaries was a web novel to begin, do shoujo/josei magazines do naroukei adaptions?

No. 370730

>when the mysoginy in japan is so bad that you have to label female oriented works as male oriented so both genders will give it a try

No. 370732

They actually do, I recall a lot of these villainess isekai being labelled as shoujo. Tearmoon Empire, for example, is published as shoujo manga.

No. 370733

That's surprising, I figured Tearmoon Empire would be considered "loli moidshit".

No. 370734

shhh don't spill the beans. they think shoujou is disappearing but it's actually cannibalizing seinen

No. 370736

Kek, I'd support this if it were a long con to ultimately destroy male targeted manga and force talented male mangakas to draw stuff that appeals to women and girls.

No. 370739

Pretty sure a couple of Shonen magazines mentioned years ago that they wanted to pander to the female demographic too.
It's not really a con, it's just headhunting.

No. 370828

The art style/designs for it are certainly disappointing. I was surprised when I read the LN and it was fun and cute. The boys were all certainly described to look shoujo-like, but the end result has them look like Kirito clones. So weird.

No. 370834

Biggest problem for me was that they cut out the narrations and her inner thoughts, it wipes so much of Mia's character and the comedy.
Why light novel adaptions continue to do this despite it being so damaging to adaptions and how people perceive these sort of series, I got no clue. Apothecary Diaries had lots of luck in that regard. It was adapted with care.

No. 370842

It's based on a novel - it doesn't matter what magazine the manga is published in.

No. 370882

File: 1713189358795.png (296.84 KB, 397x710, manifesting the conspiracy.png)

No. 371033

It just makes financial sense. Like how 80% of the shonen sports manga boom in the 2010s was funded by fangirls.

No. 372406

File: 1713653233585.jpg (276.45 KB, 640x911, Kitai Fuku Ga Aru.jpg)

Kitai Fuku Ga Aru is a slice of life manga about daring to go against the norms in spite of society's prejudice, specifically about wearing what one wishes. It should resonate with readers who have received shit over their fashion choices from total fucking strangers on the streets.

No. 372556

File: 1713707129726.jpg (495.37 KB, 592x868, G5FeQMe.jpg)

I didn't know popularity polls are done by sending in votes via buying physical copies of the manga. A Naoya Zenin fan voted 3523 times for the new JJK popularity poll. For comparison he got 6th place with 2.8K votes last time. I guess it makes sense why he's always high. Megumi had 30K votes last time, did 30K people vote for him or does he have a dozen deranged fans collecting every physical copy they can to vote for him? I can't see such a soulless character beating Itadori and Gojo organically. If it can be hacked like this, I don't get what the point of the popularity poll even is. Kpop tier fanwars on JP twitter comparing votes?

No. 372558

>Kpop tier fanwars on JP twitter comparing votes?
this has been a thing forever, look into AKB lore. pretty sure this stems directly from that.

>If it can be hacked like this, I don't get what the point of the popularity poll even is.

lol MONEY, dummy. that was always the point. not every day you can get schizos to buy the same copy of a book or album 3k times.

No. 372560

why would you waste your money like that?

No. 372563

I feel like women are more likely to waste their money on buying the same shit 100 million times over moids, and I’ll never understand that type of consoomerism. Thats why our franchises always shart out the same old cheap acrylic stands and prints because they know a bunch of female autists while buy a thousand copies of the same shit for online validation, instead of something better like high quality figs

No. 372564

I can see Megumi being popular with Japanese fans who don't have hundreds of thousands of yen to purchase the same book just to send several thousands of votes. He shows up early and is important, unlike Naoya.

No. 372565

File: 1713709458591.jpg (27.09 KB, 616x294, Queen.jpg)

If I were rich and had money to burn I would do shit like this for my husbando and most husbandofags probably would too. Granted I already waste money on a shrine of mine. I saw this interaction on a tiktok about this kek.

Unrelated but I take offense at you saying itadori is more interesting than literally anyone else in jjk. He's the most milquetoast bland protagonist I've ever seen kek.

No. 372570

if you mean fushiguro i think its because he's popular with shippers. all that tends to get talked about on LC is satosugu but i think fushiguro is the real fandom bicycle from the majority of what I've seen

No. 372571

It’s precisely because he’s bland and boring as fuck that shippers can use him as the token stoic bottom for all their ships

No. 372572

Iirc some changed it up, like Chainsawman doing it through the internet, hence 3rd place getting won by a car.
Probably as dishonest but it's a bit funnier.

No. 372599

>Megumi had 30K votes last time
How often are these votes? Each volume release? Because the poor kid has been stuck with Sukuna for, what, a year now? And from what I've seen people are starting to really hate him.

No. 372641

File: 1713728919753.png (768.72 KB, 1500x2126, 57b204e7-6bc3-4aa0-b7ea-a37d0b…)

Liar Satsuki ended! Kind of a rushed ending but the author managed to wrap it up as best they could, it obviously got axed. People are taking the sudden ending as license to dump on it but I think they're being whiny babies. It happens, it's not a massively popular manga. I still really liked it, I look forward to whatever the author does next.

No. 372651

All of this for Naoya of all characters KEK goes to show a pretty face redeems most crimes for an anime man

No. 372749

He is not even pretty, he looks like a villain from a NTR hentai. Granted Gege is not a very good artist so hopefully they won't prettyfy him in the anime.

No. 372761

Apparently his charm for the Japanese audience is the gap moe between him talking like a cute girl and being a misogynist. Also a traditionalist mindset about power while he styles himself like a rebellious teenager (he's 27)

No. 373019

File: 1713837282942.png (Spoiler Image,5.02 MB, 1945x1440, 0bf195ff-b88e-48fa-aaa4-5dc1c4…)

Louise went hulk-mode in the latest Shadows House chapter, it's fun again

No. 373215

I started reading this last night and haven't been able to put it down, thanks.

No. 373298

Sorry if this is the wrong thread for light novels but is anyone reading Apothecary Diaries 10? I'm finding it less interesting than other books, it's gotten more cartoony and 80% of that is this new character from book 9 Chue. I'm disliking every time she shows up, it's like the author forgot how to write semi-realistic characters at this point but at least it's not some shit about Shaoh again.

For the love of God just put Jinshi and Maomao in the same room together for more than 5 minutes, their chemistry is part of what made this series interesting.

No. 373353

is it ok to ask for recs here? i’m looking for something really psychologically stimulating. i was thinking of asking in the anime thread because i’m interested in anime like this too but there’s a larger pool of manga and i figured pretty much any anime that would be recommended would have a manga anyway, so. if you know something that makes you rethink things a lot, or is philosophical or deals with matters of the mind or even stories where this is irrelevant but it had a large psychological impact on you, i’d be interested in pretty much anything like that.

No. 373380

Samefag as >>373215 I just caught up and get what you mean. Felt like it sort of meandered too much around the second debut arc but Louise now has me paying full attention.

No. 373383

Billy Bat

No. 373394

File: 1713942506282.jpg (Spoiler Image,352.21 KB, 1045x1500, 20240424_090642.jpg)

Anyone else looking forward to the final chapter of Land of the Lustrous that drops tomorrow? I've been following this series for years so it's gonna be weird not looking forward to a new chapter every month (when it's not on hiatus kek)

No. 373411

I didn't keep up much after the hiatus, thanks for reminding me that it exists. I'll catch up till the final chapter. I'm glad she's not dragging it out though

No. 373427

Aww shiiiit yeah I'm reading the heck out of it

No. 373431

File: 1713955947803.jpeg (257.02 KB, 906x1280, 0b7b38df-ae66-4a61-8d2f-28de46…)

Helter Skelter
Fujiwara Kaoru manga (she has a lot of one shots)
I like looking into the scrote mind by reading Oshimi Shuzo but it's not for everyone.
Nishioka Kyoudai / Nishioka Brosis (brother/sister team) makes surreal alt manga with psychological themes if you're into that.
I like Fuyumushi Kaiko, she only has a few things out though (picrel https://mangadex.org/title/011a8821-8fea-447b-aff9-cb0212487eac/my-mother-and-older-sister )
My Broken Mariko is a good short one https://mangadex.org/title/147c9906-343e-4b16-ae64-5a8974a623a6/my-broken-mariko

Popular longer series with psychological elements:
Land of the Lustrous

No. 373443

Finished this just now and I really thought the older sister would snap and become rebellious and do crazy shit to regain her life back so it felt kind of incomplete

No. 373445

there's a related older one-shot if you want to read that too but it doesn't have the ending you want either.

No. 373451

You linked the wrong chapter but that didn't matter because I read all of it! I actually prefer these other stories to the one that you linked first. The one with the letter that says "die" was very shocking. This author is very good, do you have anything else you like from her? Any other manga you're into as well? Your taste is pretty good so I wanted to ask.

No. 373490

Uhh, I just glanced at the "completed" tab in my mangadex library to grab a couple suggestions. Looking through my mangaupdates complete tab now, these might start to stray further from your original request:

The Bones of an Invisible Person
Girl from the Other Side (in a bizarre twist the mangaka now does gay furry porn, I often wonder what he was trying to say with the metaphors in this considering what he went on to do and how different this is. I think he was molested as a child or something; his oneshot series Ishu Renai Monogatarishuu has made people speculate he's a pedo.)
Takopii no Genzai and Ogeha (both have that intentionally ugly/upsetting style that's 3edgy5u if you're up for that)
Sakura-Gari (Yuu Watase's foray into BL, but it's more of a psychological tragedy than it is BL)
Sorry to suggest BL outside containment but Asumiko Nakamura writes good psychological dramas.
If you are willing to try yuri, Run Away With Me, Girl is a good story
Kiichi!! (initially hated the art style but it grew on me)

Palate cleansers (not psychological):
Yumi to Kurumi (stuffed doll turns a woman's life around)
Neko no Otera no Chion-san (slice of life, lots of cats)
Endevi (very nice art, funny)
Muchuu sa, Kimi ni (short stories about weird high schoolers)
The Fable (yakuza action comedy but has its serious moments)
Angel Densetsu (it's a classic, anime might be better)

Ongoing series I'm reading that you might like:
Blank Space by Kumakura Kon (translations are stalled)
Madara Moyou no Yoi
Koi no Kiseki (it's from 1994 and very soap opera-y)
Yuria-sensei no Akai Ito (got it from this thread, it's complete at 11 volumes but translation only up to volume 5)

No. 373512

File: 1713976922824.jpeg (230.43 KB, 706x1024, 5f7d1cf50012e905bf1ac767-15249…)

Thank you, for reference I'm a different anon to >>373353
I'm this anon:

https://mangadex.org/title/62e116e4-859a-4360-884d-bd655557e826/filament-urushibara-yuki-sakuhinshuu here's a short manga by the same author as mushishi as thanks!

No. 373544

File: 1713984888497.jpeg (488.08 KB, 1200x1200, 3x3.jpeg)

i enjoy a lot of seinen. don't have female authors in my top 9. wish more women would write edgelord shit.

No. 373552

>wish more women would write edgelord shit.
They get cancelled a d called out on lolcow if they do

No. 373564

Is Shounen no Abyss not edge-lordy enough for you? It's at least as good as Chi no Wadachi

No. 373571

File: 1713988899067.gif (Spoiler Image,1019.78 KB, 720x720, 1713947879494282.gif)

phos my beloved
the ending is… okayish? it's a pretty unique story with an unique ending,

No. 373610

I can't believe it's over! I only started reading it in 2018, this must feel even weirder if you've been reading it from the beginning. 12 year is a long run. I'm glad she got to finish the story the way she wanted to.

No. 373614

overall I kinda wish it had just ended with the 'have a pleasant 10,000 years' but this is also fine.

No. 373616

that would have been so cruel

No. 373617

I like cruel endings

No. 373618

i wonder what she'll do next, if anything

No. 373619

I feel like the 3x3 implies that you jsut don't read manga by women

No. 373621

>Death note

No. 373630

I don't think she was saying Death Note is seinen. Most (at least 6) of those are definitely seinen. Junji Ito is not and I don't think Plastic Girl is seinen either, not sure if they were maybe published in a seinen mag at one point.

No. 373632

Good choices. I wish more female authors wrote darker stories too.

No. 373639

Most people just read what seems interesting and don’t seek out specific authors. You’re making it sound like she deliberately excludes female authors rather than there being less female authors that write the sort of manga she’s interested in.

No. 373660

Maybe more work for gamefreak

No. 373661

File: 1714024898454.png (Spoiler Image,602.31 KB, 720x1016, IMG_20240424_235935.png)

Can someone please explain the houseki no kuni ending chapter to me, I didn't fully get it

No. 373721

Junji Ito does write seinen though.

No. 373773

The rocks found their houseki no kuni (kingdom of gems), Big Brobot completed his last task and died happily, Phos shatters into even tinier fragments and those fragments leave into the universe on a comet. Final panel is a call back to the first chapter when Phos was sleeping in the grass.

No. 373937

Honestly, I didn't really like HnK's ending chapter. The entirety of last volume felt like same.

No. 373975

How did they leave on a comet? Idk it was confusing.

No. 374049

File: 1714155450518.jpg (221.37 KB, 2350x1431, uORWWWx.jpg)

Nta but I got it as nothing disappears from the universe, they just break up into smaller pieces and now her fragments are spread around the universe via planet collisions and shit and some piece of her ends up on a comet, shining brightly and making someone happy like she always wanted to. Not a big HnK lore expert though.

No. 374092

The author of Noa-senpai wa Tomodachi. is a woman. Wow. The final boss of pickmes.

No. 374094

This may sound pretty retarded but I genuinely wonder sometimes if one of those many waifubait authors is ever just a closet lesbian that's into pickme losers.

No. 374098

File: 1714166211343.jpeg (402.75 KB, 1293x2048, My Dress-Up Darling.jpeg)

Is it worse than My Dress-Up Darling?

No. 374101

Iirc dress up darling lost a bit of the moid audience because cosplay and friendship drama became more of a focus.

No. 374102

the manga is dry af right now so makes sense moids dont care anymore

No. 374105

So pathetic of them, honestly

No. 374108

File: 1714168661188.png (1.34 MB, 1350x1920, f5e9dcbb-0275-48ef-8553-3f90ce…)

Personally this ticks me off way more. I think I could actually like Dress-Up Darling if it didn't have the whole eroge thing and was more in line with the post-anime arcs. This feels like perfectly crafted ragebait.

No. 374109

Kaworu Watashiya is still worse

No. 374110

I actually like it because of all the obsessive passion about cosplay and perfecting a craft on display but the author gave all that to the male lead and sexualized the girl excessively so I have to roll my eyes. Yeah I know it was published in a seinen mag and it's a manga so it's not exactly shocking but damn she didn't have to make the girl character so one-dimensional.

No. 374113

File: 1714169834128.png (574.63 KB, 1360x1920, 21.png)

Ngl if she ever tries to write something like a serious mystery or horror and not a romcom, I'd give it a go.

No. 374153

Got any more cringey moments?

No. 374371

What manga is this?

No. 374379

Dress Up Darling, kek. Its >>374098 wearing cosplay.

No. 374391

Yeah the art is great it’s just the characterization of the female lead that’s mega cringeworthy. For fuck’s sake, she’s been on a diet to lose weight for like 20 chapters even though she’s a twig, when will the disrespect end?

No. 374487

File: 1714282593452.png (316.68 KB, 907x1280, THESEHANDSOFMINE.png)

Schizotheory but I feel like Marin is written plainly to self insert into. I know visually she's waifubait but the author puts so much more detail into Gojos character than anybody else by far
That and his hands
Hopefully Marin gets some development after this arc though, the diet bit is cringe

No. 374538

Kek there certainly been a big gap between the first arcs and later ones where it does feel like that sometimes. It's like she carefully researched how to create the ultimate moidbait manga and then got distracted.

No. 374540

Imo the manga is just self indulgent. Not necessarily a full on self insert or mouthpiece, but she's written to be cute and relatable to the author.
She's a way to sperg about shit like cosplay and ideas the author had but never had enough to make into their own story.
Wouldn't be surprised if the author had went on a diet and decided to add it to the manga.

No. 374647

WHAT. Kek it looks completely different

No. 374702

Girl should draw a sequel to Claymore with art like that

No. 374709

Sadly instead of achieving great things her priority seems to be wasting her potential on a coomer bait manga like my dress up darling

No. 374713

I’m >>373353, thank you so much for the recs. I’ve also looking for stuff that is surreal or ungrounded in reality. I haven’t watched Serial Experiments Lain or whatever but I’m guessing maybe something similar to that.

No. 374717

Are you sure? I thought I saw this kind of art for a novel people were talking about somewhere.

No. 374720

File: 1714350786224.jpg (559.4 KB, 1360x1920, F_GRaKua8AARyp-.jpg_large.jpg)

No. 374722

If you're still here you should read Soil by Atsushi Kaneko

No. 374726

NTAYRT But this looks interesting. It has a 'sexual violence' tag on mamgadex though and I'd appreciate if you could elaborate on what that entails before I dive in.

No. 374727

File: 1714353417607.jpg (67.43 KB, 886x636, Ajsu818tuqojd.jpg)

May look like a weird suggestion but Mokke's Calamity is a good and simple oneshot that might be up your alley.
BTW for future reference, I think the genre you seem to be looking for is denpa (Mokke's Calamity isn't this kek but just in case you want to describe evth else in fewer words)

No. 374741

she looks different because she's cosplaying a character in a dark and moody fantasy manga, so the art is reflective of the fictional manga basically.

No. 374749

You might like Homunculus. Homunculus deals with sexual predation at some point, though. Ogeha is a really good disturbing and surreal josei, felt pretty unique. Mars is another solid shojo title for good psychological development.
Seconding every rec >>373431 made, every manga in that list is excellent.
Takopii no Genzai was really impactful, it is pretty edgy though. I'd add Ichikawa Haruko Sakuhinshuu (Ichikawa's compilation of one-shots, it's on Mangadex). Litchi Hikari Club is another amazing surreal manga, it's 2edgy4u, really violent and disturbing, be warned.
Don't skip on Hato Mogio's works. I was incredibly moved by Hanshin. One of the very best 'psychological' mangas ever, it's impressive how good she is as condensing tons of emotions and mental processes in few pages.

No. 374751

>A high school girl gets sexually assaulted off-screen by three delinquents and is shown walking around in her underwear after it happens (it's exactly like that scene in Twin Peaks)
>A male high school student gets raped by the leader of the delinquents and is shown getting his pants pulled down while being beaten
>The town dentist/head of the HOA gets murdered and after it's discovered that he was a pedophile, and videotaped himself molesting patients while they were under anesthesia

No. 374753

File: 1714362079322.jpg (933.18 KB, 2116x1600, Blue Giant.jpg)

>read manga about kid on the saxophone dreaming to be the greatest jazz player ever
>seems normal, clearly a manga by a guy obsessed with jazz
>non-coom/generic/moe style
>MC randomly gropes a girl less than 2 chapters in
I know I shouldn’t be surprised but fuckkkk I fucking hate moids. I should just finish Sakamichi no Apollon first, even though I’m not into the love triangle-square-pentagon(?) thing going on there kek. I wish there was a jazz manga about a female musician.

No. 374754

I didn't like this. Protagonist is completely unlikeable and he's this enlightened genius that immediately becomes god-tier at saxophone like a single volume in.

Something like Piano no Mori also had comically OP protagonist that was deified by everyone, but managed to be more fun about it.

No. 374778

File: 1714369976070.jpg (84.01 KB, 1280x720, [JacobSwaggedUp] Sakamichi no …)

The thing about Sakamichi no Apollon is that the two guys should've gotten together, or at the very least had a canon one-sided love. I'm not speaking from my fujo heart there, it would have legitimately improved the narrative and given it more emotional impact. They were romantic af.

No. 374779

I just realized why Shigure from Fruits Basket pisses me off and disgusts me so much since I was a teenager after seeing anons in another thread recently talking about how most weeb hate NTR and will shit talk guys into NTR.

No. 374804

File: 1714381166722.jpg (1.58 MB, 1008x10000, helck_finale.jpg)

Anyone here read Helck? Vermilio is such a fun protagonist. It's a bit too naïve at times as a story, but I found it pretty comforting. And impressive to have this scene entirely without it being romantic in any capacity. Wish the anime wasn't so poorly made.

No. 374808

I have mixed feelings about SnA. On the one hand, the music is nice, it's a niche topic I enjoy too. On the other, not much is done with the characters that should be otherwise interesting. Ritsuko is a wallflower and must have been something pushed by the editor, because the mangaka had no clue what to do with her. The ending is meh.

No. 374814

>and he's this enlightened genius that immediately becomes god-tier at saxophone like a single volume in
I hate stories like "I have zero experience but I'm going to be the best at doing _____ and beat everyone else that's been practicing for years!"
The only exception was Yowamushi Pedal because the MC already knew how to bike long distance, he just never raced competitively…

No. 374871

Went ahead and read Soil and it was crazy good. Haven't read anything like that in years. Highly recommend.

No. 374941

Nice. His series Deathco is a lot of fun too (and the art is insanely good), but it's more action/pastiche of B horror movies than a thriller

No. 374950

Noted, I'll check it out.

No. 374979

Looks like a dollar store Urasawa

No. 375066

File: 1714485904019.gif (3.61 MB, 498x272, 見てください、この蹴り具合。.gif)

I think I'm starting to see a trend of those official translators picking up manga, translating a few chapters, then just leaving them there seemingly forgotten. I dunno if I'm being paranoid, it could be just imcompetence on their part but it feels like they want to monopolize the titles just in case it might be useful? I don't really know how the business behind this works, so that might not make any sense, if that would be at all profitable. But I'm pissed off that one manga I really liked and that was being updated very frequently by a scanlator got an official translation that is way behind and hasn't been updated at all in several months, at this pace I'm better off just learning japanese myself.

No. 375081

Is Berserk as good as everyone says it is?

No. 375087

No. All manga gets ridiculously overhyped and then people complain about how the manga betrayed them because it didn't give fix their life and give them money.
Berserk specifically, it's fine. There's a drastic jrpg tone change at one point that might take you out, plus sexual violence and loli/shota which can be a deal breaker.

No. 375094

No, not really. It has its moments though. I liked the beginning up to Griffith changing and I liked chapter 306. The spanish inquisition parody arc was kinda good sometimes. Guts' armor becoming sentient was incredibly cringe. Casca is the most egregious example of the mindbroken-from-rape fantasy trope I've ever seen, literally just kill me if that happens to me.

No. 375109

File: 1714502797825.png (174.22 KB, 316x335, homo.png)

It's not that good honestly, it has some good points and the art can be impactful but even as a nona that is open to anything, the moidcoreness can be obnoxious and way too much sometimes.
I really liked the golden age arc, it was good on its own, but anything before/after felt weak to me. That part with the fairy girls was nice but again, it feels too porny at times, and those are little girls.
I don't think that anything changed in modern mangas but i usually close one eye because it's an old edgy manga that popularized grim fantasy, but it's not that great, i don't regret reading it but if it wasn't fueled by degeneracy it would have been better.

No. 375117

If you release a godawful quality scanlation of a chapter where they stopped and pretend like you’re taking over because they’re too slow I guarantee they’ll immediately release whatever chapters they’re hoarding

No. 375125

KEK why is this true

No. 375131

Vigilante justice

No. 375135

Which manga is it? It happens to a lot of them unfortunately

No. 375138

What a freaking let down lol

No. 375185

File: 1714527943628.png (427.09 KB, 758x1080, gachikoi.png)

Gachi Koi Nenchakujuu. I miss my unhinged moid-obsessed women so much.

No. 375189


No. 375194

I miss this one too but I definitely think it peaked with the unhinged attack in the first arc. Nothing after was quite as good as that relationship.

No. 376109

I didn't read Witch Hat Atelier for a year. I just caught up and they're still fighting the curtain leech. Sigh. The art isn't that good to justify this pacing, come on.

No. 376160

File: 1714742018309.gif (692.69 KB, 179x179, silly-dog.gif)

what are some lighthearted and fun manga? (preferably ones that are not too focused on romance)

No. 376167

File: 1714742838839.jpeg (1.3 MB, 2653x952, wb0O3o0.jpeg)

Out of the seinen "big 3" it's the weakest imo. it has some really cool art like pic related. Like some of the other anons said it can be too gratuitous with its SA but if you like dark fantasy its worth trying. I know this is the manga thread but 97 anime is pretty good, especially the ost. the guts theme was my most played song of 2023

No. 376214

File: 1714749473928.jpg (875.73 KB, 1690x2411, image (2).jpg)

NekoDamari comes to mind. It's about a woman and her 3 cats (mostly the cats).
Bear and Tanuki is a cute 4koma series. https://mangadex.org/title/ea0dad53-39ea-46ae-8ba3-eb4fb63f1b86/bear-and-tanuki
Endevi is a nice 3-volume lighthearted/funny story featuring the misadventures of two female friends (an angel and a devil); it has great art and fashion. https://battwo.com/title/81206-endevi

No. 376311

Saltiness, ending kinda falls flat but it’s pretty funny before it

No. 377040

File: 1715020264336.jpg (55.63 KB, 200x283, 15912.jpg)

Is Koi wa ameagari no you ni any good or is it just a love story between a highschool girl and her idk60orsomething boss?

No. 377050

Just read it. It's not that long, the art is good.
I'm glad the fans that were rooting for the teenage girl and the 45 year old man to get together were wrong.

No. 377095

File: 1715041264918.jpg (34.18 KB, 296x296, 7aa977dfd6266c9dfcffe61e13c9d7…)

Only for Griffith

No. 377107

The golden age arc is elite. Peak storytelling in manga, imo. The complex characterization of Griffith and Guts (even Casca in this arc was so promising and interesting), the subtext, the emotion, the art. All amazing and it blew my mind when I first read it. Every other arc sucks ass to varying degrees. I periodically reread the golden age arc, but only once read the rest of the manga and have no desire to reread. I've never seen such an incredible disparity between the (storytelling) quality of one single arc in a manga, it's frankly bizarre and disappointing. Was that masterpiece arc just a fluke? Haunts me to this day. I still treasure the golden age and view it as a separate, contained story entirely.
It also makes me so sad the potential and genius of Berserk that was ruined by the author's degeneracy (and mental illness, probably.)

No. 377423

File: 1715159578039.png (836.1 KB, 1649x868, 2024-02-30-01_29_30-firefox_fG…)

>ballet sports manga gets an official English translation
>publishes volumes 1 through 10 between feb 2018-nov 2019
>nothing since
>scanlation stops at volume 19 two years ago, Japan is up to volume 25
I'm glad I learned Japanese

No. 377431

Whenever moids screech about a certain anime or manga being a masterpiece I just assume its filled with copious amounts of fanservice and/or SA and 9 times out 10 I’m correct

No. 377432

wasn't the artist of this one previously drawing pedo manga?

No. 377616

So did the author of Land of the Lustrous.

No. 377624

File: 1715218236598.jpeg (1.25 MB, 1125x1989, IMG_5377.jpeg)

bit of a stretch to compare a mangaka that made one weird oneshot to one whose entire career has been drawing porn

No. 377625

So it doesn't matter to you if someone made just one child porn?

No. 377637

File: 1715230684389.jpg (298.55 KB, 982x1400, 6118c808-55e6-46b8-a767-0a55b8…)

Are you talking about the oneshot with the plant kid? Wasn't that a story about forcing kids to grow up faster and the pedoshit wasn't even advertised? This place really stinks of twitter users who cant think for themselves.

No. 377640

The pedoshit isn't advertised? That sure changes things. If it was, then that'd be a problem.

No. 377641

Who the fuck cares, all this shit reeks of twitter retardation.
Can't you actually talk about something you like for once or do you need to jerk off over being morally superior over cartoons.

No. 377643

I thought anon's point was going to be that the animanga industries are so rife with 2d pedo ties even in places you'd least expect them that calling out someone's unrelated past works for it is pointless. which it is.

No. 377655

Should we now comb through every mangaka's past and most likely untranslated works to make sure it's clean enough for this thread? Please, the anon you replied to originally didn't even talk about a pedo manga from that artist. Don't bring in this cancelled artist attitude in here because I don't think we'd have any manga left to talk about kek

No. 377663

I'm the person you replied to. I saw the series being discussed on /a/ I think; a post saying how it's a ballet manga with younger girls yet it didn't have any creepy fanservice or anything is what caught my attention, among other things. Then I saw that the author also draws (still does, at the same time) stuff for hentai magazines as well. But I'm not into hentai, so I just took a quick glance at some of the recent stuff I could find and it was all fairly tame, 'realistic' (non-exaggerated bodies) and adult girls, so I didn't pay it any mind, especially since some comments in the thread mentioned that she drew adults. Now looking at >>377624, it seems she does have one book tagged as 'loli', so I went to check it and yes, that one has a oneshot in particular where the girl looks definitely under 13. Not something I'm happy about at all, though it's also a bit of a "weird oneshot" among all the porn she's made. If I were to be generous, I'd assume she's not actually into that kind of thing and was just making whatever would get published when she was starting 20 years ago. Again, I don't like it, but if I were to make a crusade against it, there's lots of other mangaka, especially males, that have done way worse stuff first. I wasn't buying the volumes in the first place anyways.

No. 377664

Did anyone here read Tokyo Tarareba Girls? The premise seems interesting but I heard the love interest for the MC is pretty shit, it's making me hesitate to even start it.

No. 377672

>I wasn't buying the volumes in the first place anyways.
I think that answers the question of why it's not being translated anymore, if people aren't buying/reading it the company's not going to put as much effort in publishing it.

No. 377754

File: 1715259710784.jpeg (38.97 KB, 736x414, download (2).jpeg)

One of these days I'm going to post all the problematic manga I'm into and get excommunicated from LC. But not today, I have a cold.

No. 377764

i’m always getting railed for my interests here. post anyway
t. trapfag

No. 377766

real. but also to call that one shot a pedo supporting fest is dumb, it handles the situation with grace and severity…it’s literally a horror story

No. 377767

why do pedophiles always need to admit they're attracted to children unprompted

No. 377770

If judgement of a manga means going by the listed genre tags on another site like this >>377624 then nobody gives a shit "grace and severity".

No. 377780

did you miss an “about”

No. 377798

It's too bad women can't just write what they want and have to pander to moids for years to eventually get their way. Having to constantly bow down to pervert moids, giving them a pass for consuming porny content is why shoujo/josei magazines are dying and so many seinen magazines get filled with series that look completely out of place.

No. 377809

This might come as a shock, but 90% of manga artists drew porn at some point and most of it wasn't because they were forced to.

No. 377871

File: 1715285394312.jpg (225.73 KB, 740x1110, 91acKw-5vpL-20590581.jpg)

Have any other nonnies here read Requiem of the Rose King? I get the impression that lots of anons would like it, especially the ones who complain about the lack of dark shoujos these days. It finished fairly recently and it's based on Shakespeare's Henry VI Part 3 and Richard III. I highly recommend it to anyone who likes dark fantasy and historical dramas, and dark/twisted stuff in general. This is personally one of my fave mangas like I've only ever rated two mangas a 10 and this is one of them and I seriously think it'd appeal to farmers.

No. 377872

i kept up with it for a while but the characters didn't appeal that much to me and i didn't rly like the art style
but it's p good if you like darker stuff, shakespeare, or mediaeval settings.

No. 377875

I should get around to reading it, it gives me the same vibe as After School Nightmare and I really enjoyed that manga

No. 377877

I did like it but it was hard to keep caring because I don't like the ML at all and the characters i did like got killed off.

No. 377885

has a tranny and the plot was mediocre

No. 377930

I wish I was more of a manga person who breezes though a bunch of volumes in a day but I find it hard to get into a lot of stories

No. 377933

based and same
t. shotafag(baiting)

No. 377945

>recommending troonslop

No. 378031

it wasn't that great but tbf i wouldn't say richard is a troon, he's clearly supposed to be a male who has a deformity and hates it , hes not a character who actively embraces gendie shit

No. 378051

No but people over twitter keep bringing up this lie that this mangaka as actually pedo because none of them reads and thinks for themself anymore.

No. 378052

I wasn't too fond of it. In the story she'd be constantly on the push and pull between accepting her feelings for him and not because of their age gap and other social anxieties. Him being forceful felt like it was there to prove a point, but I dunno.

No. 378054

After School Nightmare was such a masterpiece ahhh nona i'm nostalgic now
Troonslop would be genderbend romcoms, 'Gay Boy becomes Girl for Crush' shit and pseudo-documentary manga about troons. Accept that shojo artists like to toy with sex/gender in their stories, it predates the troon mania by decades.
Definitely give it a try because it's hilarious. I've never felt more cringe reading a manga in my entire life. But yeah, the romance isn't riveting, i got the impression she just wrote him as a plot device, nothing more.

No. 378147

File: 1715335217396.png (184.51 KB, 1284x1800, 1fe687ff-4514-4163-87d8-ceac76…)

I've been trying to read more manga lately, mostly just reading popular ones. But I would like to read more lesser-known stuff, what are some manga that deserve more recognition in your opinion?

No. 378162

File: 1715337817068.png (1.7 MB, 1456x2048, After God - c047 (NA) - p002 […)

After God been mentioned in these threads before, but I'll always recommend it as its English publisher being awful made it completely invisible to public.

No. 378181

> English publisher being awful made it completely invisible to public.
Not sure what you mean by the publisher being awful but the making-invisible thing is happening to Witch Hat Atelier and To Your Eternity. I never see anyone talk about those anymore since fan-translations dropped off mangadex and it got slightly harder to find scans (witch hat is on bato.to so it’s not hard to find but the other is a little annoying to locate)

No. 378246

Comikey just has a bad reputation, they're former scanlators, they were known as Jaimini's Box. They barely have any readership and have really strict paywalls on everything, so nobody ever hears about stuff they release.

No. 378476

i know jjk is already not worth talking about but spoiler for the latest chapter
idc that choso died, he has been a non-character since the moment he was introduced. jjk is already full of bland personalities but his was among the blandest. i couldnt tell you anything about him other than he's the serious type. i think if he was introduced as a non-enemy first his heelfaceturn around killing yuji would make more sense and would have been more impactful. if ppl were honest and were just like "rip choso, u were so hot" i wouldnt be half as annoyed, but there are ppl out here as mad as theyve been in many chapters, acting like this character had an impact to them. i wish i could give up on the story already because all i talk to my husband about is how x or y should have been written.

No. 378484

File: 1715369269108.jpg (97.31 KB, 615x578, Q9387177481.jpg)

I reread Dorohedoro for the first time since my teens (used to be a huge favorite of mine) and wow I did not recall there being so much gratuitous female nudity in it. Or even the breasts being so watermelon sized. I still like many of the things I originally liked about it but it's wild what you don't notice when you're young. No wonder the moid fanbase that gathefed when the anime dropped was so fucking annoying.

No. 378491

Usually art like this makes me cringe but this panel is pretty hot ngl

No. 378493

it's different bc the creator is a woman who very clearly likes women

No. 378495

Huh? With the way you talk about Choso it sounds like you don't even read the manga.
> i couldnt tell you anything about him other than he's the serious type.
Like really? "Serious type"? He is one of the few characters that gege actually put a modicum of effort into. His whole brother thing started off as a dumb joke but with every new fight and appearance you realize that his love for his family makes up a large part of him. He takes his role as an older sibling seriously, and reflects on how the choices he's made affected the lives of his brothers. The conversation he had with Yuki is honestly what shone a new perspective on him for me, and then seeing him be an absolute champ in this Sukuna fight always getting back up to assist Yuji since the latter is still stumbling with his new techniques. It was such a waste for Gege to skip over all interactions they could've had during the month timeskip.

I have a lot to complain about this arc/manga but Choso as a character isnt exactly one of them. I felt nothing for his death, except maybe disappointment, not even because I liked him but because it was the most predictable and boring outcome and even the execution was poor with Todo suddenly appearing before anyone can even process it.

I don't read twitterfags/tiktokfags reactions so I'm not sure if they're obnoxiously overstating stuff, I wouldn't be surprised if this was the case, but this is just my experience having read the manga for a while. Sorry if I went on for too long but I can relate to you saying all you can talk about is how x or y should have been written. A lot of JJK feels like wasted potential.

No. 378516

Nta, fully agree with everything you said. I feel like Gege is just trying to end it asap, which is sad. Only a few more months to go

No. 378517

please enlighten me about his personality if "serious" isnt a good discriptor. if thats gege focusing on developing a character… im at a loss for words

No. 378523

samefag to add that "cares about his brothers" does not a personality make. im sorry, i kno i sound aggressive but i have been paying attention, i just think he's boring as shit

No. 378577

Yeah he's just speedrunning it now and its sad to see. I'm still curious how he's going to end it because at this point I have no idea, I'm expecting the merger to happen after this fight.
What qualifies as a personality/character trait to you? Genuinely asking because Choso's relationship with his brothers does indeed make up a large part of his identity, beliefs, its reflected in how he acts, its relevant to his connection with the main characters AND one of the villains, etc. At the end of the day he's a side character and I think he's played his role well (especially compared to some of the absolute disappointing treatment other characters have gotten). You're entitled to thinking he's boring, shit, annoying, or anything but its bizarre to hear someone say he's a non-character or describe him as a serious-type considering how much he's done in his few appearances kek, also I'm not pretending like he's a masterfully written character, but he's solid.

I already spoke about some in my previous post but I want to add that his conversation with Naoya during their fight was another good highlight for him. Especially in contrast to how Naoya was talking about his brothers, he felt more human than the actual human he was fighting. Following that is the Yuki conversation I mentioned where he talks about his regrets, resentment towards himself, and we get a better understanding of how he perceives his relationship with Yuji and why he wants to support him so much (besides the haha onii-chan thing). We had no idea that he even considered/had the option to live as a "human" with his brothers instead of a curse, I thought that was a really interesting part of their conversation.

No. 380157

hate when scanlaters use their insider pirate knowledge for evil (paywalling). they turned to the dark side.

No. 380276

Something I found weird was that I downloaded a manga (CALL by Asada Nemui) with a scraper that was linked to mangadex, but it doesn't come up on the mangadex site. So I'm guessing it used to be there and the group hid or removed it?

No. 380322

File: 1715503655143.jpg (119.27 KB, 1200x675, 0d3f5a0cd81c2b88126b4a62dd6f71…)

Give other examples of mangaka being obviously female through the work they create despite them never revealing their sex to the public. A man could never make a comfy SoL about fatherhood of an adopted child.

No. 380323

>After School Nightmare
The sexual dimorphism and sexism stuff was getting too convoluted and well…sexist the more I read, so I dropped it.

Has anybody determined what his medical condition actually is?

Do it.

No. 380347

>the sexual dimorphism and sexism stuff was getting too convoluted and well…sexist the more I read, so I dropped it
The ending is very weird as well, it comes out of nowhere and it has nothing to do with all the events that happened it was actually a metaphor about pregnancy, I was so disappointed when I read it.

No. 380405

Kek I was sure that "It's My Life" was made by a man because of the focus on bara, but after going through their socials, it's a married woman with multiple children.

No. 380887

>A man could never make a comfy SoL about fatherhood of an adopted child.
I'm sorry but Yotsuba&! simply disproves this

No. 380889

see when i saw this i immediately thought it was male-created simply because of the fantasy of small loli x cool-looking (to men) dude

No. 380890

Call is on mangadex though. You probably don't have the "pornographic" box checked, I think it's unchecked by default.

No. 380891

File: 1715562188312.png (76.37 KB, 1074x560, mangadex settings.png)

forgot my image sorry

No. 380892

I was going to say that it should be pretty easy to tell lolicon from a father and daughter series, but then I remembered Usagi Drop and that Demon lord daughter wife series.

No. 380902

File: 1715567297602.png (Spoiler Image,310.76 KB, 741x604, Screenshot 2024-05-13 003305.p…)

Finished all of Houseki no Kuni. Not really sure what to think of the ending? But I'm not sure how I would have wanted it to end either.

No. 380903

i wanted phos to get his revenge on the gems, honestly. the buddhist forgiveness shit does not sit right with me.

No. 380916

I found the treatment of the other gem characters and how they all agreed to become lunarians and hang out for 10000 years before their obliteration, all off screen to be really anticlimactic and just a strange development in general to be honest. Like the mangaka just wanted it to end.

No. 381023

It was in a men's magazine, I really don't understand why people always act surprised when a series written for a scrote audience has fanservice for scrotes

No. 381094

Scrotes are ape-brained and do not deserve fanservice.

No. 382205

File: 1715776222760.png (1.04 MB, 1350x1920, 8505ffb7-c43d-437a-9ac0-d8a634…)

Hoshi of Girls' Garden is such an enjoyable read. I always feel a little happier after a chapter. Wish more of it was translated online.

No. 382215

I like the art. What's it about?

No. 382276

File: 1715788702723.jpg (197.36 KB, 800x1033, elebant.jpg)


Read jinmin, it's freaky.

No. 382303

File: 1715790175810.webp (26.67 KB, 564x704, nana.jpeg)

I started reading Nana, I watched maybe 5 episodes of the anime and then never finished it but I am loving it so far. The outfits are so pretty and cool that it's making me want to get into fashion and buy new clothes kek

No. 382316

I've never seen this illustration, i hate being a degenerate.
Yeah Ai Yazawa was into fashion herself and her art is so pretty and elegant. I hope you can enjoy Nana, i got emotional so many times when i was following it.

No. 382352

File: 1715794988032.jpg (291.87 KB, 1125x1600, 女の園の星 1_0085.jpg)

I highly recommend. It's an episodic non-romance SOL josei manga set in an all girls school from the POV of a male teacher. I like it because the female cast is funny but grounded and unsexualized, female author obviously. Every character having a bored and tired expression is accurate to the high school experience. The teacher Hoshi-sensei is like the total opposite of GTO Onizuka and is mature and well-meaning, and has a fun fujobait-y dynamic with another younger male teacher he chats with afterschool. I also rec the rest of Yama Wayama's catalog like Captivated by You, she specializes in comedic stories about cute boys/men with a fujo-pandering BF (Boys' Friendship) focus.

I was so happy that it was picked up by a new scanlator after the last team dropped it, glad you like it too!

No. 382369

What the fuck is this???

No. 382378

Ohhhh my god the chapter with the student’s manga had me on the floor, it was so good. I love the humor in it so much, glad I’m not the only one

No. 382410

File: 1715801680556.jpg (131.5 KB, 1080x609, june-tan.jpg)

Hanayo, nonnie. nonnie, Hanayo!
Honorary mention: June! rip angel

No. 382417

Did that shit ever finish? The site I was reading it on said they dropped translation. I wonder how it ended

No. 382419

Reading on MangaDex, Yes it's translated till the final chapter. I started reading it today and currently at ch8.

No. 382604

I'm finally reading Monster centuries after everybody, and while it's not as good as I was expecting (lots of contrived situations and plot twists, and I reached the point where DID is brought up so it's probably going to get stupid), I really enjoy reading it, the story is very engaging and the realistic art style is so nice. I'm also reading it completely spoiler free which is very rare for me, going blind into a series is so much better. It's been a while since I binge read a manga, I feel like I'm finally back on track with reading.

No. 382673

Started reading DanDaDan only to find out it’s unfunny scroteshit and its humour relies on eheh penis ahah.

No. 382678

Please tell us how it ends because I don't have the energy to finish reading it.

No. 382682

jjk manga is a dumpster fire that I can't look away from

No. 382690

Yeah its pure garbage

No. 382712

All I want is for its mangaka to end that piece of shit and work as an illustrator with someone who can actually write.

No. 382732

No way, he'll retire and keep getting money from all the merchs and BDs sales. Maybe.

No. 382762

More like family jewel puns, not really any penis jokes.

No. 382790

File: 1715902966456.png (139.57 KB, 296x449, 2e3d2398-936c-40f8-87e8-692a52…)

This is so good. Thanks for the rec.

No. 382867

The new chapter is out and it's pretty funny how it feels like an entirely different manga. Completely devoid of fanservice.

No. 383025

File: 1715972743641.jpg (Spoiler Image,347.26 KB, 1080x1104, Screenshot_20240517_205930_Fir…)

Jjk newest chapter spoiler.

Is Gege serious? Don't tell me he's bringing Gojo back?? I seriously hope not as much as I like him. Maybe Sukuna's just hallucinating kek

No. 383071

He's just trolling, it's probably going to be like that scene in Harry Potter 7 where Harry and Dumbledore have a conversation, or it's going to be some random guy from the past we've never heard of before maybe Gojo's ancestor.

No. 383128

No balls if he really does

No. 383466

File: 1716027778718.jpg (347.49 KB, 1080x1253, Screenshot_20240517_213817_Ins…)

I think you just listed some of the worst possibilities lol

Maybe it's the last push to get as much money as possible? Because I legit don't see a reason for his return. Everyone is already doing their best in the fight, it would be dumb af if he now got to finish the fight.

No. 384950

File: 1716294731037.jpg (54.48 KB, 350x477, blood on the tracks.jpg)

lolcor thoughts on this manga?

No. 384951

Never finished it but didn’t like it, there was such a crazy amount of filler to the point where it was hard to be scared of anything or take anything in it seriously, 99% of the pages are just dramatic zoom ins.

No. 384953

File: 1716295439966.webp (182.17 KB, 1400x1939, the-fable-1-pika.webp)

I'm a romancehag but this instantly became a favorite. So much fun.

No. 384956

The mommy issues are not relatable at all to me. It's very slow-paced. I kinda thought it would be a horror but it became really different at the end, quiet and detached. clearly a very personal topic for Oshimi and full of his own psychological issues mixed with fiction as per usual. Fascinating in a morbid way. I've read everything he's written except Aku no Hana and at this point I'm just doing it to analyze his mind. I'm honestly wondering if his mom died recently or something since he doesn't really pull his ideas out of his ass, often the core struggle in the manga is something in his real life.
Somehow when he writes a horrible woman (so basically every single manga lol) she doesn't seem super one-dimensional in that dumb scrote way if that makes sense. It's definitely a woman through a scrote's eyes but they feel kinda real, bad in a mundane way like how a horrible woman I might know in real life would be. He seems like he's been watching women very closely his whole life. He's obsessed. I feel like I'm watching him back when I read his manga.

No. 384957

art was good but the writing sucks. it's just a schizo moid complaining about how everything is evil mama's fault and insane amounts of filler and flashbacks.
in general i don't like this mangaka's female characters

No. 384969

I got bored of it because it there were several times were it felt like the story was coming to a natural ending, but then it would just keep on going with some new plot twist being added.

No. 385002

Dropped it, still enjoyed the couple first volumes because it was extremely relatable. I remember liking the slow pace, him letting the reader take in the tension (it's easy to read him real fast anyways) but it wasn't enough to keep me hooked. I plan to finish reading it because he's interesting as a window into the male psyche. Clearly whatever happened in his childhood fucked him up in very particular ways (his AGP, the resentment-adoration(?) he has for women). Okaeri Alice was similarly interesting in its take on male sexuality and frigidity.

No. 385014

He will never understand women or know what’s it like to be female and he knows it and it eats away at him, this is my theory. I think I’ve said this here before but the way he talked about his new baby and fatherhood in Drifting Net Cafe had me fucking spinning he is so crazy, something is so out of whack in his head

No. 385712

Yay I'm glad others are reading it I love this manga so much

No. 385715

That man is a father? I pity his kid

No. 385725

File: 1716475287203.jpg (379.59 KB, 1682x1570, image (1).jpg)

He has a son. He gonna repeat the cycle and make a little mini him lol. Also found out is mom is still alive. He wrote this and killed her off in his manga, that's cold. He's pretty open about the autobiographical inspiration in his manga; even though they're still fiction at the end of the day it makes her look bad.
picrel source, it's just google translated

Also interesting from this interview
He said "I won't depict the past from my mother's perspective." but then he absolutely does do that later in the manga so I guess he changed his mind.

No. 385737

I didn't finish it, because it was boring. I don't have much else to say.

No. 385740

File: 1716480035194.webp (26.81 KB, 353x320, nanamanga.jpeg)

I just got caught up on Nana. Since it's basically been abandoned, how do you guys think it would have ended/what would you want the ending to be?

I also wasn't expecting Ren's death to make me so upset

No. 385754

(samefag) Actually I guess this just means his mom was alive at the time this interview was done… he hadn't finished it yet. Shit now I'm wondering if she died like in the manga and that's why he ended it that way.

No. 385840

They don't try and undo their mistakes until late in life, realizing they wasted so much time being unhappy for bad decisions they could have fixed long ago.

Most move to Hokkaido and live in the same neighborhood together. The Nana's have a regular knitting circle and travel to Okinawa for a girls trip in the coldest part of the year.
Taking got offed by a Yakuza, fuck him.

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