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File: 1711699201581.jpg (148.94 KB, 1080x1054, 19748289928.jpg)

No. 366386

Dungeon Meshi is a Japanese seinen manga series written and illustrated by Ryōko Kui. It was serialized February 2014 to September 2023. An ongoing anime television series adaptation produced by Trigger premiered in January 2024.

Post discussion, fanart, author extras, and so on.

No. 366388

File: 1711699404326.jpg (224.35 KB, 2048x971, GJPGWFYWYAAA9pn.jpg)


No. 366389

Kek @ Trigger's name getting redtexted.
Anyways, to get us started: if any nonnas have artwork from Ryoko Kui's now-deleted online archives they can share, I'd love to see more of it here.

No. 366390

File: 1711699620599.jpg (147.64 KB, 1080x1046, Screenshot_20240329_010943_Gal…)

Do we need to spoiler manga spoilers here or do we just not give a fuck?

No. 366403

File: 1711732616947.jpg (1.65 MB, 2260x1600, dd2 - 12.jpg)

sorry but I wasn't paying attention at the time, what exactly happened? I looked it up and people are saying she deleted a bunch of the dungeon meshi extra stuff when it got published in the Daydream Hour doodle books, but maybe not all of it made it to the books? Did she just delete illustrations on her current blog https://nisiryu.blogspot.com/ or was there another one?

daydream hour scans
all https://archive.org/details/daydream-hour-ryoko-kui-all

No. 366421

File: 1711741670031.jpg (483.62 KB, 1448x2048, GJ1DzZdbkAAojJt.jpg)

Season 2 visual dropped

No. 366422

The elf tunics look like shit wtf? but otherwise nice

No. 366424

Yeah there are a lot of smaller doodles that didn't make the cut and were deleted

No. 366439


No. 366535

File: 1711806042912.png (2.6 MB, 2221x3000, GEFIUZHW8AAI1g2.png)

My beloved

No. 366573

people are already being annoying about mithrun kek

No. 366575

also laios isn't fat he just looks like an actual man. he naturally has the sort of body that meat diet "return to masculinity" tards desire, and can only obtain through steroids and bullshit because their boring modern lives don't let them move around as much as they need to. i like my willowy bishonen as much as the next gal but let's be serious here, laios is a man and not a boy or a manboy thing

No. 366616

The anons in the other thread are so weird, you don't need to want to fuck the characters to appreciate a show.

No. 366653

File: 1711850319474.png (251.76 KB, 300x650, 1000005881.png)

Lol I saw that and remembered the hotspring chapter has him in a towel. He doesn't even have a stomach fold when sitting. I thought people were arguing about Senshi because it made no sense.

No. 366655

They were just trolling lmfao but it was unfunny ngl
Good for them though they get anachan Mithrun next season

No. 366658

Eh, I think it's just contrarianism. Mithrun will probably have some problem too, or they'll ignore him.

No. 366659

I mean, she specifically said she was trolling with both calling Laios fat and claiming Marcille was a feeder fetish thing.

No. 366660

There's just a couple anons who run around the same three threads calling any non-bishounen character a roidpig. You can see it in the sexism thread and anime thread too. Just ignore them. Unless you post an underage enstars or genshin boy, there's no way they're gonna be happy kek.
With that being said, Laios is cute, especially in that panel. I like it when people draw him buff or a little chubby too. Just not too big.

No. 366661

File: 1711851288607.png (668.16 KB, 621x500, bb766085f220b816a3006a60254c3e…)

I'm a big fan of gourmet series in general and I love Dun Mesh but if I'm being honest it's never really made me crave anything the way most others in its genre do? It has its own merits but I just don't think it seems all that delicious in the dungeon lol

No. 366662

File: 1711851422556.jpg (210.57 KB, 1138x836, 1000005883.jpg)

They'll complain he's not a pretty enough elf boy somehow.
I remember when the canaries where first revealed and people couldn't figure out their genders and were analyzing pic related.

No. 366667

File: 1711853456121.png (923.34 KB, 1350x1920, bc7ffc77-d1a4-4d90-bdec-8c2fb6…)

Lol I've always loved the androgyny of the Canaries.
Also love how Lycion went to jail for being a furry

No. 366669

Imagine the troon headcanons.

No. 366670

Do we really have to bring up troons in every thread? It's rent free I s2g. All anime shit mainstream enough gets troonified, doesn't mean we have to obsess over it.

No. 366672

Sorry kek. You're right. That page is just particularly close.

No. 366674

AYRT Dysphoria isn't inherently a troon thing but yeah, IG becoming an exhibitionist monster who eventually goes to jail for manslaughter is pretty close in a way that's not necessarily positive for troons kek

No. 366675

File: 1711855147266.png (859.64 KB, 1350x1920, 054a1073-7351-4e10-83d3-a8d5c9…)

It's the lesbian cougar for me kek

No. 366729

mithrun was pretty girly early on but he got more masc as the series progressed. funnily enough thistle got prettier

No. 366734

Gods, shut up about troons already.

No. 366735

The tall elf in the dark green peacoat is crazy cute.

No. 366739

No. 366744

Thank you, kind anon.

No. 366914

File: 1711958255879.jpg (Spoiler Image,335.68 KB, 1113x1600, big spoiler.jpg)

Marcille's a lonely, sheltered, bookish girl growing up at a radically different rate than the rest of the people in either sides of her lineage. Pretty relatable to lots of people She's also a yume/romance brainrot girl hehe. As a filthy LaiMar shipper here though, both characters have plenty of similarities and passion for learning especially in relation to the dungeon. By the end of the story, Laios develops respect and admiration (platonic or otherwise) for Marcille while fundamentally disagreeing with her views about making the life expectancies of race the same, he still respects her fears enough that the lion knew how to tempt him to want to save her from her loneliness, by making her able to have children and even make him (and Farlyn?) live as long as she dies to accompany her. See the twitch of hesitation in picrel. Do I think Laios likes her? He canonically admires her as a skilled and knowledgeable teammate and then some. Will he ever confess? Probably never but he will in my brain-fic. And I think Farcille have a very similar character dynamic to LaiMar. But I'm just a straight woman who likes straight ships.

No. 366928

File: 1711967187984.jpg (220.97 KB, 850x1112, __marcille_donato_laios_thorde…)

Gonna dump some pictures for fun.

No. 366929

File: 1711967330053.jpg (211.53 KB, 850x1203, __laios_thorden_dungeon_meshi_…)

No. 366931

File: 1711968174755.jpg (234.17 KB, 850x1203, __marcille_donato_and_laios_th…)

No. 366932

File: 1711968527281.jpg (347.55 KB, 788x1088, __marcille_donato_laios_thorde…)

No. 366934

File: 1711968869769.jpg (209 KB, 850x1203, __marcille_donato_laios_thorde…)

No. 366937

File: 1711970151901.jpg (122.75 KB, 850x995, __marcille_donato_laios_thorde…)

No. 366938

File: 1711970777272.jpg (240.87 KB, 850x1148, __marcille_donato_laios_thorde…)

No. 366939

File: 1711971111297.mp4 (2.66 MB, 720x720, __marcille_donato_and_laios_th…)

No. 366940

File: 1711971558530.jpg (161.34 KB, 850x994, __marcille_donato_laios_thorde…)

No. 366941

File: 1711971867871.jpg (62.58 KB, 850x601, __marcille_donato_laios_thorde…)

No. 366947

Same, his sucubus chapter was really funny. Even though we didn't get to see much of their interactions I assumed from the reactions of Marcille and Chilchuck I assume Farlin and Shuru had mutual feelings and she's living well in DM-Japan after the end.
I also like to think that every race's lifespans will converge over a bit of time after the end.

No. 366950

File: 1711974979989.jpg (Spoiler Image,254.76 KB, 1113x492, 5746786896.jpg)

Funny and horny tbh.

No. 366951

Hey, is it true Marcille is a lesbian? I'm sort of interested in reading due to that.

No. 366952

In my head she is.

No. 366953

File: 1711979126037.jpg (855.34 KB, 1080x1451, 000000000000.jpg)

Bi if you want. But fanfic is free.

No. 366954

I'm a Farcille supremacist but I know it's not canon.

No. 366958

nonny nonny nonny
Please spoil any spoilers for those of us who will read the manga after the anime finishes ok xoxo luv u ♥
nonny nonny nonny

No. 366976

File: 1711992098012.jpg (389.77 KB, 834x1200, E9mPggqVcAYGU7J-1312323625.jpg)

Is the cat actually a girl or os the trans shit real? Please give me an answer I'm confused

No. 366979

Where in the world did you hear she was trans? Izutsumi is female. She’s merged with a cat due to a curse, so she’s half beast. Just read the manga if you’re curious, dang, it’s a fun read anyway.

No. 366984

I agree that Laios is straight and think an argument for Marcille being straight could be made too (even if her taste was shit, the succubi made a male for her) but IDT Laios would be interested in a half-elf like Marcille, monsterfucker that he is lol

No. 366985

She's a girl. There's not a single trans even ambiguously trans character in Dungeon Meshi or any of Ryoko Kui's other numerous works that I've read. She's not an author prone to gender woowoo.

No. 366987

Due to the amount of discussion that would have to be spoilered, I feel like if you truly don't want to see spoilers it's best to stay in the anime thread. That way everybody is on the same page.

No. 366989

Marcille is bi, Laios is straight

No. 366990

It's going to alienate the people who haven't read the manga yet. It's not hard to spoil things on lolcow

No. 366996

This thread was literally made as a containment thread so they don't talk about it on the anime thread

No. 367009

Major plot points have been respectfully spoilered. The manga is complete and free to read. If you want all the character images spoilered that’s too much.

No. 367011

Agreed, especially when it's a series that was over for some time before the anime started.

No. 367055

File: 1712014674502.jpg (Spoiler Image,298.25 KB, 1113x1600, platonically thinking about my…)

Don't forget that the succubus chapter highlighted a few things: That he has deep seated hatred for humans, and it manifests in wanting to be a monster, turning his friends into a monster. And that it specifically sexually involves Marcille giving him a kiss (and a bite) period. I imagine even somewhat getting over the hurdle of hating humans is one thing but he's too autistic to hash out his feelings. Though, the winged lion's curse shows being with Marcille is not his first greatest wish which truthfully is pretty kek. It's pretty clear to me the author doesn't want them to be canon despite all this of course, it adds to their dynamic that there's things left unsaid on top of a very strong partnership between them.

No. 367057

>If you want all the character images spoilered that’s too much.
Ayrt, Obviously not that kek. Just mentions of like, succubus marcille or chimera falin stuff like that please.

No. 367058

I really like these animation analysis videos

No. 367065

I hate to be that person (in my defense, I'm a lesbian, so I'm allowed this opinion at least once) but Marcille and Falin have genuinely never registered to me as more than friends. I'm manga-only if that makes any difference but I truly never really saw much impetus for shipping in the main party? Like yeah Marcille sticks her neck out for Falin a lot but she goes out of her way to care for Izutsumi as well, which made me feel like it was just in her nature to be nurturing. I personally read her as a straight woman with comically bad taste in men, but I understand the arguments for her being bi.
I guess Shuro and Falin could be considered an in-party pairing, but even there I never really got the sense that it was a particularly enthusiastically reciprocated thing from Falin.
Although of all the ships that have come to my attention with the anime's fandom signal boosting, Kabru and Laios have got to be the most "… What? Where are you people getting this?" kek

No. 367066

Samefag but the no.1 thing to me is that Marcille never really seems to have an issue with Shuro's extremely obvious intentions towards Falin which like… you'd think she'd have some reservations if she had romantic inclinations of her own towards Falin.

No. 367069

It's funny because it's either a thing Laius thought of, a thing Marcille thought of, or the Lion just shipped them

No. 367077

People who shipped them made me deeply think maybe women maybe didn't have any good female friend figures in their life to mistake it as romantic.

No. 367078

I feel like the story never really meant to make it anything more than platonic, romance wasn't ever really a point.

No. 367079

File: 1712024947023.png (458.71 KB, 636x900, __marcille_donato_and_falin_th…)

AYRT, yeah, I agree? This applies to a lot of shipping, where people swear up and down that a ship is practically canon but the ship in question just feels like a very strong friendship. I usually only end up getting being pairings that either have a lot of evidence going for them to the point of being canon or are completely made up as a result kek

No. 367082

I came in open minded expecting farcille to be canon and just ended on this conclusion. The ship does have some crumbs, like the bathing scene and Falin blushing when Marcille came close to her. and the character guide book(?) saying she's annoyed of Seuryu. But that was literally me with my BFF when I found out she had a boyfriend behind my back lmao.

No. 367089

laimar has no canon basis, it's as retarded as laibru. they're friends. their relationship is incredibly platonic. laios has had more sexual tension with thistle in like those one two chapters with the food bondage and manhandling than with marcy, ever, delulu ass post…

No. 367091

>I assume Farlin and Shuru had mutual feelings and she's living well in DM-Japan after the end.
>hetfags don't even read the manga
typical. she doesnt go become shuru's moeblob bangmaid she stays in the kingdom and fights off monsters to protect her people

No. 367092

i like the ship but the fandom is full of trannies, people who don't understand that the fanservice wasn't meant to be kewl lesbian rep but in fact fanservice for scrotes (i think i'll ramble about this in another thread after this post), and cottagecore fake twitter kpop lesbians that i can't really enjoy it like i used to kek

No. 367093

File: 1712028500308.jpg (15.45 KB, 236x293, 20201117_020936.jpg)

What the hell is the obsession with how canon ships are in here?

No. 367095

AYRT dude fucking yeah. I'm actually disgusted with the way they sexualized the bathing scene (didn't watch the anime but gifs of this scene are unavoidable if you follow the fandom). Ruined any goodwill i had towards the ship lol, aside from it being so heavily infested with troons that project hard onto Falin

No. 367096

it's 2012 itt a time before vld aired and you could aruge with someone about their ship being shit and non-canon without having to use [real world issue here] as a prop

No. 367098

tbh i didn't even mind the fanservice too much…i enjoyed it, it's just that the reception to it was weird and thoughtless. i didn't like seeing hordes of women treat it like it was throwing bricks at stonewall or whatever. which is hypocritical because like i said, i didn't mind it at all

westerners have no concept of yaoi/yuri i think so that's why (getting ot here but) on steam 'boys love' visual novels range from like, dmmd to 'fat black trans queer lgbtqia+' shit

No. 367099

Idk I think if it had come from Ryoko Kui herself I could have enjoyed it since I trust her intents more after following her work for the better part of a decade. But seeing it in the anime suddenly just leaves me leery.

No. 367101

>fights off monsters
You.mean the ones that don't come near the kingdom because the curse?

No. 367103

read the extra that was posted hetsloppa

No. 367104

File: 1712029728943.jpg (102.87 KB, 828x807, 1000003413.jpg)

It's in the nature of good fiction that the audience uses "clues" from the story itself to gues what happened after the end.
We all know that there is no romance in the story, and honestly I kinda like that. It's like the author slapped me with a no horny stick and said stop thinking everything is about sex, it's very refreshing.
But I still want to see two characters I like end up together, it's in my nature as a filthy shipper.

No. 367106

File: 1712030161216.jpg (91.09 KB, 540x450, PDA.jpg)

I really enjoyed it in the manga and I'm someone who has avoided a lot of otherwise great manga because of fanservice. I think it's because I trust Ryoko plus I'm starting to think I really like yuri and never really realized it because I hate school stories, which is what most yuri is from.

also this is mostly sparkly tinfoil, but I do feel like Ryoko does feel something towards the ship outside of catering to males…

No. 367109

Kui's writing was so refreshing, not free from anime trope pitfalls. lc will argue about that until the sun explodes. But I loved how much depth there is in each characters, there's subtext you can scratch beneath the surface from most of them. It actually disappointed me a bit how most of the depth from the main cast is on Laios and Marcille. Maybe Chilchuk. Falin and Senshi hardly got as much characterization despite the latter having an arc to himself. I think the author definitely has favorites.

Anyway I go insane thinking about how it from a lighthearted food DnD story becomes a batshit insane story about the nature of desire and consumption.

No. 367112

I think Falin and Senshi are just innately characters that didn't have as contortion within their spirits to explore, the way Laios and Marcille did and were exploited by the demon for But I don't like them any less as characters for it– it shows a nice amount of realism, and Senshi was still my fav by the end of the manga.
If we could have gotten a liiiitle more time spent exploring the depth of a character, it would have been Izutsumi for me, but there too I think she's really just not the introspective type. Seeing a spinoff of her eventually would be a delight, though. Her dedicated chapter in the end showed a lot of promise for the person she might mature into.

No. 367113

KEK I even forgot about Izutsumi, exactly for the same reasons. I feel like she was introduced too late in the series and didn't fully gel in until later when she's the designated youngest selfish kid of the group. Unfortunate because it seems Kui couldn't wait to debut her.

No. 367130

File: 1712035405585.jpeg (199.97 KB, 850x1206, IMG_0765.jpeg)

Actually, who are your top 3 favorite characters? I want to see how the spread on LC compares to elsewhere.
For me, it's:
1. Milsiril
2. Izutsumi
3. SenshI

No. 367139

File: 1712037578790.jpg (988.12 KB, 1080x2042, 1000031339.jpg)

sorry in advance for bringing up textbook troonery but I can't abide when this shit is suggested to me on xitter with thousands of likes. I love dunmeshi and kui ryoko with my entire heart and nothing could turn me against them but my fucking god these people are beyond annoying. it's almost enraging seeing this series catch on with undesirables who are so flagrantly disrespectful to the material

No. 367141

>it's almost enraging seeing this series catch on with undesirables who are so flagrantly disrespectful to the material
You're definitely not alone in that. Can't be helped though when anything goes mainstream and everybody including retards want a piece of the pie.

No. 367142

File: 1712037855925.jpg (336.74 KB, 760x708, Tumblr_l_589661103822507.jpg)

also I know, I know, gotta not let illiterate trannies of all people get under my skin to this degree but ffs. including picrel due to an interesting thought brought up by a reply in that thread which pondered–considering elven beauty standards and the POV chapter–if Marci sees Farlin as butch or otherwise masculine kek

No. 367143

totally agreed nona. I'm a lesbian and have zero qualms in regards to pairing female characters from media I like, in fact I enjoy doing so, but I just never got the vibe with them. that's not at all to say I'm opposed to it, I just never got that vibe about them

No. 367145

I don't know that Marcille really hold elven beauty standards given that she didn't grow up around many other elves and her father is clearly the one who had more influence over her growing up.
Did we ever get a clear picture of her relatiomship with her mom, actually? It doesn't seem like they're very close at all in present time and I can't imagine her making peace easily with how her mom quickly remarried and moved away after her dad died given how hung up over his death she still is.

No. 367154

He just looks like other male elves
Interesting point, but the whole thing about her favorite book series is that the mc is a half elf so she relates to it

No. 367161

File: 1712045355856.png (868.54 KB, 1071x1701, k7nqrdonwkv81.png)

That's actually true, she seems to prefer when Falin is styled more traditionally feminine

No. 367162

File: 1712045451999.png (116.05 KB, 414x328, tumblr_0ad41cd300cd9c7cf428bb8…)

No. 367170

Forget Marcille, I want to date her wtf
She definitely doesn't see Falin as very feminine, but I wouldn't say it has much to do with elven beauty standards? It's just a fact that Falin isn't the type to fuss over her appearance and be "girly", and has been since childhood. Marcille having opinions on that feels like her typical mother henning.
She's definitely not the only one who feels this about Falin too, just look at the general reactions Shuro has gotten for being into Falin.

No. 367229

tras be like “feminine male is woman i am so smart and progressive x”

No. 367239

Those anons almost gave me brain worms. Weird seeing how the manga went from something anons would enthusiastically recommend to something that would cause infighting and the creation of a containment thread

No. 367241

Whenever something gets too mainstream and oversaturates online content people are bound to get annoyed and contrarian over it whether its deserved or not.

No. 367242

Not like a containment thread is a punishment or anything. The GK thread was nice.

No. 367774

File: 1712241210196.jpg (1.58 MB, 1080x2340, 1000006011.jpg)

I just got these, I love them but Laios's hair doesn't really translate to 3d well

No. 367781

So cute! I love when people do photoshoots like this with their figures. Think I'll pick these up in my next proxy order. I'd love to get the scale Marcille too but it's just too expensive kek

No. 367818

You're right, he's so… they made him very spiky lol. But these are still so cute!

No. 367974

File: 1712299313702.png (353.49 KB, 922x514, 1711973516828692.png)

Is it just me or I quickly grew out of the main party and find the side characters more interesting over time? (don't get me wrong I like them and they're still much better written than many anime slop characters)?
It also bugs me that while Mithrun said the demon prefers uncommon/unique wishes, the demon seemingly grant the most milquetoast wishes possible in the story (from jealous Mithrun, Marcille IMHO boring backstory, even I find Thistle's wish plus his yandere Delgal obsession average, too. The admittedly more interesting one was from our turbo autist but even it's still meh). I'm sure out of so many people there must be more interesting wishes. Though probably those four were the only people ventured deep enough to find the demon
That aside, I find these two really cute! Micky needs to pay Kuro better and give all the food he wants.

No. 367991

I actually hated Kabru and didn't like his party either but I like the element they bring to the story. They are interesting, just unlikeable (to me). Shuro's party is more fun

No. 368042

i will forever believe the demon was still salty over that one asshole old dude who wished to destroy that big ancient civilization

No. 368095

File: 1712350212568.png (78.29 KB, 542x423, IMG_2684.png)

I don’t know about hobbitfuckery, but “he’s not a shota he’s actually a middle aged divorced dad!” is way funnier than a 700 year old dragon

No. 368098

but arent hobbits supposed to be tiny?

No. 368267

yeah reading it, i understood why people shipped it but i never really got enough romance vibes between the two of them to register it as anything other than a one sided thing. They honestly just come off as very good friends.

No. 369678

I am ready for today's episode

No. 369905

File: 1712926537611.png (2.01 MB, 1920x1080, 1000006454.png)

Chilchuck was great this episode!

No. 369950

File: 1712940791481.jpg (382.3 KB, 1280x905, 1000006478.jpg)

Would you eat from a dryad mug?

No. 369952

Absolutely I would. That looks so cute I love it

No. 369986

I laughed too hard at the sound he made here kek

No. 370793

File: 1713149165166.png (1.29 MB, 1080x1537, 1000006563.png)

>Based Laois would call trannies out on their autogynephilia not actually wanting to be female

No. 370794

File: 1713149296332.png (1.21 MB, 1080x1537, 1000006564.png)

No. 371098

Can I ask where you got this? I've been seeing a lot of these scanlated pages regarding the various races recently but haven't been able to find where they're all at.

No. 371124

File: 1713225155959.jpeg (861.26 KB, 1371x1955, short and long lived races.jpe…)

NTA but use reverse image search, it pulls up a tumblr and reddit account posting these. looks like it's part of Delicious in Dungeon World Guide: The Adventurer's Bible but it can't be the one EH Scans released since this definitely wasn't part of that. It must be pages from the "Complete Edition" released in February or something.

https://savaralyn2.tumblr.com/tagged/translation/ (info in the bio says to go to reddit, looks like they're posting them on r/DungeonMeshi under the username Savaralyn and some of the scanlated pages include tags or notes saying take with a grain of salt because it's translated from chinese)

No. 371801

File: 1713457144630.jpg (287.84 KB, 1996x1656, 1000006582.jpg)

Sorry wrong thread, have some dungeon meshi art

No. 371811

File: 1713463115263.jpg (Spoiler Image,91.41 KB, 1919x1079, GLdo5LfXMAAUyG0.jpg)


No. 371814

AYYYY lets fucking go

No. 371830

She looks so cool, does the reveal happen so early in the manga too?

No. 371835

yeah the manga moves along at a pretty good pace. it seemed slow when I read it chapter by chapter every month but it's really not drawn out needlessly

No. 371840

did they animate the scene of her giving thistle berries? i can’t remember how late in the manga that happened but it was cute

No. 371841

>yer ears are huge

No. 372672

File: 1713743533850.png (560.88 KB, 1252x1800, Dungeon Meshi - Vol.7 Ch.47.1 …)

What do you think of the official genderbends?

No. 372677

Female Laios kinda hot

No. 372678

I think female Chilchuck is super cute and she seems like a nicer character than male Chil being a middle aged deadbeat. Male Marceille kinda weirds me out

No. 372730

File: 1713767298947.png (548.18 KB, 1291x1909, dungeon-meshi-canary-genderswa…)

Elves basically just look the same.

No. 372731

File: 1713767327771.jpeg (186.42 KB, 1443x1988, dungeon-meshi-kabrus-team-gend…)

No. 373115

File: 1713871369975.png (347.33 KB, 566x651, FItivtr.png)

No. 373139

female Kabru is hella sexy wtf

No. 373360

No. 373379

I kind of want to boil him like a lobster in his armor and feed him to the party

No. 373385

He would like that as long as he gets to roleplay as a monster beforehand

No. 374018

File: 1714152309855.jpg (248.28 KB, 1280x1280, tumblr_5c7d89cd36c20cdd04f5190…)

Following the #dungeonmeshi tag on tumblr was a mistake. When it's not transfem headcanons for Falin and weird chimera thirstposting, it's shit-flinging textposts about muh autism and muh microagressions. The big debate right now is between people who woobify Laios for being 'autism-coded' and people who think Laios was being racist towards Shuro, and then people who think that hating Shuro for punching Laios makes someone a racist. It's a mess out there.

No. 374027

just came here to say i'm tired of seeing coomers post about falin and her dumb boob jiggle. good episode this week though

No. 374077

File: 1714158590522.png (258.01 KB, 640x483, 1709920808047213.png)

>Those shirts

No. 374151

thank goodness my twitter locked me out and i can enjoy dungeon meshi with my buddy that doesnt use social media so we can just watch the anime in peace. I only ever hear about the retarded drama here now.

No. 374183

File: 1714189646894.jpeg (265.73 KB, 1058x1684, 67905579-9BAD-4124-A42F-91D067…)

loving all the chimera falin fanart.

No. 374185

File: 1714191089654.jpg (881.74 KB, 1095x897, 20240426_211048.jpg)

No. 374333

Will Laois cook and eat parts of her?

No. 374374

>Laios was being racist towards Shuro
Literally where. I don't see it.

No. 374378

They throw a full on get together and feast.

No. 374388

twitter dungeon meshi fans have a habit of creating things out of thin air to have discourse over

No. 374392

I CBA to track down the exact manga page, but in the scene where Laios first meets Shuro in the tavern he asks him a bunch of obnoxious questions like
>You have a strange appearance, where are you from?
>Are there any monsters [in the Eastern Archipelago]?
>What kind are they?

It's played for laughs, i.e. Laios being overzealous about monsters and Shuro looking like his lifeforce is draining away, but a certain part of the fandom reads it as Laios committing microagressions against Shuro the fantasy PoC.

No. 374420

someone should tell them the author is clearly using the scene as an outlet to express her lived experience of being objectified and microagressed against for her japanese appearance and heritage and therefore it is an extremely valid scene for her to write and they are actually racist for silencing a poc victim of racism just trying to tell her story.

No. 374486

Sperg ahead:
I've seen this and I think it just shows the retarded state of morality online nowadays. People are having quivering meltdowns saying Laios isn't racist he's just autistic and it's like. He's autistic and his inability to read the room does contribute to him being inadverdently racist to Shuro initially. It's not the end of the world kek
But accepting that he's this earth-shatteringly bad thing in their minds that they likely already are (because humans innately hold biases LBR we're all a little racist) is unacceptable to them so it turns into this huge retarded debate when it doesn't need to be.
Ryoko Kui does indeed present a colorful and well-thought out world in dunmesh that comes with a lot of the warts of the real world and I think that's good but the queasy black and white mentality of many online spaces leads to the most annoying fucking commentary on the show.
This annoys me with Chilchuck too, so many newcomer fans have reduced him to a)divorced and b)revolutionary union man and it's cool that these characters zing their epic buzzwords but there's an absolute death of nuance or productive discussion. Instead they just circuitously ruminate on the same feel-good points with the bare minimum amount of memeable character flaw ad nauseum.

No. 374489

He's diet racist to Shuro by being obnoxious about his exotic origin or whatever when they first meet but it's about as bad as Senshi thinking Chilchuck is a child, aka no biggie
It's a stupid argument to have considering the series they're in. By the same condemning logic in this argument Mick should be forcibly separated from Kuro for not treating him with the trained delicacy of a DEI course on kobold coworkers.

No. 374495

Manga readers:
I need to know this. Is there romance in the end? I love spoilers.

No. 374496

No, nobody gets together

No. 374502

No. 374533

Exactly. You could make the point that all the elves are infantilizing a POC war orphan because they're amazed at how fast Kabru grew and still treat him like a kid. Even Kabru asks Lin if she knows anything about Shuro since they're both Asian, and he's known her since they were kids. Their world isn't as connected as ours, of course they're going to ask retarded questions about people and places too far away for them to know about. If these retarded pearl-clutchers left their online safe spaces for ten minutes they'd understand that none of this bullshit matters.

No. 374762

File: 1714366281320.jpg (513.77 KB, 1280x1558, koitosoup tumblr_ee20ffe8fb7d1…)

I looked at the dungeon meshi tag on tumblr for the first time today and I can't believe how many people ship Laois with Kabru. What an ugly ship. They have negative chemistry and very little in-world opportunity to have built any relationship, not to mention Laois doesn't care that Kabru exists. I swear fandom has no taste anymore. At best, you could make a good yandere stalker slash fic out of their dynamic but that's it. The obvious choice is Laois and Shuro if you have to do a BL ship.

No. 374765

I always figured the Laios/Shuro scenes were on Shuro as much as it was on Laios in that it was making fun of Japanese customs of not being direct and just taking shit hoping foreigners take the hint. It's not the first anime to make this joke.
It's just "haha, uncomfortable meet up is pretty funny"

No. 374766

Honestly inpressive that series that isn't moidslop manages to only have hetship and yurifag potential. For better or for worse fujos will find something in anything though.

No. 374768

Most canon fujo ship is Laios and Lion. You can think what you will of that, but thats just facts.

No. 374769

Wow now we're talking. Somebody get her a mic

No. 374771

you might be right but that would be furry and my brain puts furry ships in a separate category entirely.

No. 374773

Anon, that ship was a thing long before anyone even knew they weren't going to interact. For a time, being obsessed with Laios was Kabru's entire character. If it's still going, it's probably leftover from that.

No. 374774

File: 1714368177040.jpg (31.07 KB, 384x193, kabru.jpg)

And this too.

No. 374775

that's why a psycho stalker dynamic would work, but any slash material that has laois reciprocating makes no sense to me

No. 374777

I have to wonder if Kabru and Mithrun will pop off as a ship once we get there. Although I can only really see its fans becoming a reactionary "we're better than Laios Kabru shippers" sort of deal

No. 374789

File: 1714373528295.jpg (252.13 KB, 750x1182, tumblr_3fc9b5a54a30dc9385b0c54…)

You know I try to be understanding of what might be informing people's disagreeable takes but the fact that this is being treated as some revolutionary genius take when it's the most obvious kneejerk interpretation has me convinced that 90% of viewers are just retarded.

No. 374986

File: 1714439576437.jpg (69.9 KB, 542x683, 0R294y8.jpg)

My main hang up is I don't see why everyone type casts Laios as a top. I think regardless of whatever person he gets shipped with he is submissive.

No. 375790

I remember when I was reading the manga early last year and came across the panel and thought nothing more than "oh Laios is just being tunnel visioned and awkward."
I understand analyzing what you read is a good thing but it really feels like people are really reaching for some kind of societal issue to virtue signal about over a couple panels that I honestly just saw as a little funny page in the manga. idk

No. 376525

File: 1714852699846.png (Spoiler Image,1.19 MB, 1350x1920, 1714697135231214.png)

If anybody was curious about who thought of which version of the cast, here's the answer sheet from the manga

No. 376534

senshi's are the funniest

No. 376567

new dungeon meshi fans are really really really awful kek. there's so much discourse now in the tags that was totally nonexistent for maybe…seven years straight, now there are all these newfags and genshit fans everywhere shitting up everything

No. 376579

What's the discourse about? I can't even imagine anything about the manga warranting any

No. 376596

File: 1714873423590.jpg (295.07 KB, 700x700, danjonmeshi2.jpg)

I want the giant walking mushroom plush

No. 376599

File: 1714874732908.jpeg (482.45 KB, 1935x2047, GMlOvXAaUAALVQ2.jpeg)

there's some kind of dungeon meshi exhibit opening in japan where you can take pictures in interactive themed sets and buy merch. it looks cute. the director for the anime has been retweeting pictures from it https://twitter.com/miyazima1987

official site https://exhibition-delicious-in-dungeon.com/highlight/

No. 376600

File: 1714874807982.jpeg (902.63 KB, 1755x1241, potholder.jpeg)

I also very much want the red dragon potholder. I love novelty potholders.

No. 376605

File: 1714878186821.gif (79.05 KB, 366x436, でんでん 118013353_p0_master1200…)

No. 376615

File: 1714881038011.jpeg (435.05 KB, 1181x1748, @ryosuketarou GMp8sNsaEAAs_iP.…)

thursdays episode fanart

No. 376618

Scroll up

No. 376644

The Shuro thing isn't really discourse though, just dumb zoomers using too many words to show that they understand the basic issue they read about

No. 376648

Have you not seen the way it's being discussed online? That's discourse lol even if it's retarded.

No. 376764

File: 1714929441762.jpeg (682.62 KB, 2894x2039, @lysine_slmr reverse chimera.j…)

No. 376848

That por holder is ten out of ten

No. 376979

File: 1715000448204.jpeg (1.25 MB, 3024x2841, @fulltimejester GMwVXRjakAAxdf…)

anyone seen any good cosplay? I saw this chilchuck and laughed but I have not seen anything else worth sharing

No. 376985

No. 377097

File: 1715042660530.jpeg (164.65 KB, 1200x1137, @toodlingart dungimorphs GLgyU…)

No. 377103

No. 378359

File: 1715359799656.png (384.32 KB, 897x533, marcille2.png)

little marcille in the latest ep was so adorable

No. 378360

File: 1715359895873.png (448.13 KB, 892x542, marcilledog.png)

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