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File: 1634416600523.jpg (74.38 KB, 500x587, 2491b655301f2728f850cec124b2a2…)

No. 164739

What are you watching? What do you recommend watching?
Discuss your favorite (or not) series ITT!

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No. 164775

Anyone watched Six Feet Under? I'm in the middle of season three. I've heard over the years that the ending is absolutely tragic and one of the best ever made, so I'm interested if it lives up to the hype. One thing I'll say though is that i'm sick of the constant sex scenes randomly sprinkled into every episode. It just gets too much. I find it a little weird how centered around sex this show is. Also Claire is annoying af

No. 164778

I love the thread pic.

No. 164913

It's not an Alan Ball project without the offputting gratuitous softcore. American Beauty, much of Six Feet Under, all of True Blood…

No. 164914

Samefag but though I haven't watched in a minute, the ending does live up to the hype imo. Ball leaves at some point during season three and the show became so aimless that I stopped watching, but he returns for the final six episodes to put things back into focus.

No. 164985

File: 1634564075119.jpg (1.05 MB, 1080x1350, Succession-season-3-key-art.jp…)

Successionbros where we at

No. 164986

No bros allowed here bro.

No. 164990

No. 164992

No. 165065


I didn't post squid game

No. 165124

you type like a redditor. no one here is your bro

No. 165177

Fuck why are you trying to start shit for no reason?

If you know reddit speech patterns that well maybe you're the one who needs to go back.

No. 165183

File: 1634615776633.jpeg (302.63 KB, 1600x1200, 689A5355-973C-42CC-8D9C-6ABD54…)

Any reality tv show lovers? Been binging the shark tank a lot lately

No. 165190

I've been watching Blown Away which is a glass blowing competition show and it's pretty cool. There was a metal working one as well that I tried that ended up being awkward and terrible. The metal workers themselves were awesome, but the host was like sarcastic and rude to the competitors. And despite at least one of the judges being a metal worker, they didn't seem to know what they were talking about at all or care one bit about what the artists intention or message was. They kind of made dumb and rude assumptions about people's work without even asking or having them do a write up about it like in the glass show. Also I'm going to start watching Big Brother, I don't know what made me decide this, but I'm gonna do it, I'm gonna consume this trash and probably enjoy it.

No. 165195

Sounds very interesting! A lot of judges/hosts on reality tv are very pretentious. I recommend watching ‘The Challenge’ it has the competitor aspect and the drama.

No. 165196

Looks fun! Do you have a fav season you think I should watch?

No. 165198

I’m barely watching and only seen 2 seasons! The dirty 30 season is really good. If you have a paramount plus, they have season 11 on the rest from there. There’s over 30 seasons.

No. 165226

Anons are being retarded, Succession is based and I see it posted here often, many of us have discussed our enthusiasm for Roman/Gerri before. I haven't watched the ep yet because I want time to really sit down and enjoy it.

No. 165367

So, I'm someone who's only watched the first two episodes of Succession. I didn't hate them, but I wasn't super drawn in. But everything I see about Roman and Roman/Gerri especially is EXTREMELY my shit. Should I keep going?

No. 165406

Keep going anon please. It takes a while to pick up but by the end of the first season you'll be in deep. Succession is so fucking funny

No. 165421

I didn't enjoy the early episodes either, but FWIW Succession is the first show where I didn't regret following an internet stranger's advice to continue watching.

No. 165466

File: 1634708640942.jpg (100.39 KB, 1200x675, sherrycary.jpg)

The new season of You is worth it for Sherry and Cary. But for real, it was a good binge. I love a chance to see Joe fuck up.

No. 165478

The real Roman and Gerri stuff isn't til season 2 so if you genuinely can't get into it, you'll have a while to wait. But ime the humour really grows on you and you'll likely end up enjoying it, the tone is so serious and the characters are so unlikeable that it kind of obscures the comedy until you get used to it.

>I love a chance to see Joe fuck up.
I'm catching up (only halfway through s2 rn) but annoyingly enough I can't relate so far. I feel like the narrative kinda forces you to root for Joe even if you think he's an evil psycho? He's the protagonist and we see everything from his perspective, the story is mainly watching him solve problems and moving the story forward by doing crazy shit. It's like I want him to succeed just for entertainment value and to keep the momentum going. Plus they keep giving him random children to selflessly protect and random lines about privilege or w/e showcasing how woke he is.

It's a weird watch but I'm enjoying it anyway.

No. 165991

I loved Only Murders in the Building, imo it was the best original show this year. Did anyone else suspect Jan because I didn't

>Plus they keep giving him random children to selflessly protect and random lines about privilege or w/e showcasing how woke he is
I don't watch the show but that's how he is in the books. At least with the self-awareness stuff regarding privilege and sexism.

No. 166652

File: 1635167966710.jpeg (12.25 KB, 189x267, download (1).jpeg)

Is the original Wilfred any good anons? I really loved the American adaptation. I've recently gotten into some Aussie comedy like Kath and Kim which I love, but nothing dark like Wilfred, yet.

No. 166694

I liked the first two seasons, it made for some easy to watch tv and kept me on the edge of my seat, but I'm really hesitant to watch season three because I heard it's full of stuff that's meant to mirror covid political shit. There's enough of that irl that I don't really want to deal with it when trying to unwind and watch tv before bed. Maybe I'll give it a try though, if these two are interesting.

No. 166702

God, they put COVID-19 into it too? This series is more crap than I've ever thought lol. Really feels like the author/Netflix are throwing shit at the wall and trying to see what sticks

No. 166705

Yeah, I heard they acknowledged the pandemic and make some commentary that basically boils down to antivaxxers kill just like Joe zomg and show articles on Love's phone etc./bring it up in a scene with her mom. I really don't know if I can sit through that to see where the plot goes.

No. 166707

LMFAO that spoiler - I guess it's better than the other way, but still cringe.
When I read the Hidden Bodies novel (aka You season 2), every time Love was mentioned, I saw Courtney Love. It was even harder for me to treat that trainwreck seriously. BRB going to goodreads to read reviews of the third one

No. 167256

It's better imo. Idk I didn't like the adaptation but that's just me. Kath and Kim tho… chefs kiss

No. 167816

Looking forward to another season of hating myself for finding Henry Cavill hot, that said I am more of a Jaskier girl and his 15 seconds were my favourite part of the trailer

No. 168950

I was feeling ambivalent about Kendall until now but damn, this scene really made me hate him.

They really nailed how fake woke he is with this character arc, so props to Succession for that.

No. 168961

this was so disgusting. i hope he got dragged to death on twitter in the succession universe

No. 168978

I've always hated Kendall, they're all some level of shitty but he's both shitty AND totally lacking in charisma. He is cringe and tryhard af in any business dealing and he's dialled it up to 11 now he's so overconfident and manic.

Anyway this season has been amazing so far, team Gerri maintaining power somehow with a supportive Roman as her underling while the rest of the Roys self destruct.

No. 170026

Is Crazy Ex-girlfriend worth watching?

No. 170041

How do you feel about cheesy musical numbers forwarding the plot and/or showing the heroine's inner turmoil?

No. 170042

I don't mind that but I saw one song from it which is saying how sexist and harmful it is to generalize men and I'm a bit worried if it isn't too "libfem"-y. Or is it bearable?

No. 170046

File: 1636994750918.jpeg (1.24 MB, 1170x1634, 40045249-9CBE-41A5-BBFA-E24624…)

I’m not gonna lie it is pretty annoyingly libfemmy and despite trying to be “trope subversive” it still ends up being a straight up reverse harem by the end
but it’s also really fucking entertaining and fun to watch. Santino Fontana is sexy as hell in it. Most of the songs are hilarious. It kind of loses steam by the third season but this guy ended up being my favorite.

No. 170047

>straight up reverse harem by the end
and that's a bad thing how ?

No. 170079

It’s a little lame in context, trust me, but it’s still a really fun show

No. 170239

File: 1637147455146.jpg (218.73 KB, 1440x1080, p20738393_b_h9_aa.jpg)

Never played LoL in my life but man I am loving this, anyone else? The art/animation is next level stunning and I'm super endeared to the main girls and Victor.

No. 170240


Absolutely!!! I play a bit of League but am not super into it. The artwork, voice acting, and emotional depth of Arcane have been great. No spoilers but I have teared up 3 or 4 times even at minor details. The only drawback for me has been Jayce's character and storyline, plus his voice acting has been extremely weak for me. And def agree about Victor!

No. 170258

Never played League and I am loving it too, the animation is crazy good and while the universe is nothing too unique I'm still super drawn in by it.

No. 170292

File: 1637189123832.jpg (398.39 KB, 1080x1546, Screenshot_20211117-164233.jpg)

If youre not sure what to watch on Netflix and are in the mood for some pure cringe and Japanese style dating show shenanigans, I highly recommend pic related. I've watched it twice over and I usually never watch reality tv but this is something else.

No. 170316

Thank you for the rec! I am going to watch this tonight :) I have never heard of this but it seems dramatic and fun.(:))

No. 170364

why did they spell it like this lol

No. 170434

Anon, can you please describe reformed playboy Atsushi Tamura? The description made me lol.

No. 171154

I'm struggling with Succession season 1. I just find all these characters incredibly annoying and barely care what happens to them. Especially Logan and his tantrums, wish he would just die.

No. 171155

I tried that show and found it to be unbearable tbh. It's so unrealistic, like it was made by a stonks meme obsessed redditor. Peep show is pretty good so idk what the deal is.

No. 171189

File: 1637740197990.png (629.72 KB, 1384x777, thn2hdpay7181.png)

Tom is the MVP this season, absolutely killing it

No. 171240

File: 1637761250532.jpg (307.22 KB, 1000x1235, HGC_5169.jpg)

Am i the only one who thinks she's not even close to the level of the other 3

No. 171241

Omg I just finished watching this series yesterday and my god I felt bad for her at first because she looks really bad if you compare her to the other 3. Like she is supposed to be the queen of tastes or something but its not like we the viewers can taste anything. Also she was super annoying in the team challenge.

No. 171331

I don't get why Greg and Tom are so popular, they seem like irrelevant characters.

The first 6 episodes are the worst in the series. Also the characters being unlikeable is kind of the point, understandable that it's not everyone's cup of tea.

No. 171341

File: 1637813923283.jpg (257.47 KB, 533x300, 2240_adult-material-s1-lrg.jpg)

I watched Adult Material recently and it really stuck with me. I thought I would be able to read many discussions and reviews about it, but of course the men at Reddit aren't interested in the stark realities of a working class mum juggling porn and parenting. Mumsnet had a better discussion.

It was a difficult watch and some of the choices were strange but imo it did a good job of examining the idealistic concept of consent in a world where less privileged women have less choice and long term results of trauma like disassociation and passing on trauma

I was okay without a real revenge arc but I wanted to know more about Amy. Her parents were scared of her, did she have a personality disorder? It's a shame there won't be more episodes.

No. 171437

I decided to keep going because I heard season 2 is good. I found the whole first season kind of boring but this one seems more interesting, plus the cinematography changed and makes the show a lot nicer to look at.

No. 171627

The final scene of the 1st act broke my heart

Really looking forward to how they handle Jinx and VI’s relationship throughout the series

No. 171716

I love the show Taskmaster and can't get enough of it so I started binging the first season of the Norwegian version. It's fantastic, the contestants are absolutely batshit (and even inhuman sometimes, as demonstrated by vidrel). I don't know much about Norwegians but if these people are any indication of what they're like then I should be afraid of them lol

No. 171952

just finished watching the latest succession episode and it feels like they’re really laying it on thick with the incest and sex abuse comments and jokes make towards roman and i can’t understand if they’re being serious with them. when roman was in the bathroom with that tech dude and he was like “i can’t pee around adult men, i don’t know why” i was like… shocked. i’m not sure if we’re supposed to take this seriously or not but it seems he has serious issues around sex that everyone knows about but no one wants to seriously talk about

No. 171953

more succession thoughts
1. i keep thinking kendall might kill himself but i doubt the writers would want to do that. it would put a dampener on the whole vibe of the show 2. tom was soooo fucking jealous of sailor socialist 3. we got some great tomgreg moments in this episode but it’s hard to enjoy because i feel like the writers are very intentionally writing these moments. they’re too self aware. 4. gerri/roman shippers we are losing

No. 172292

I feel like this season of Succession is just pure character drama, like they had no idea what to do w/ the bombshell from last season's finale and now we're just going in circles until >>171953 ken kills himself. or logan dies.

honestly, this season has been so weak story wise. Idk how they'll tackle these last few episodes.

No. 172309

the actress who plays gerri says the finale is going to be upsetting and shocking. i have high hopes. but yeah i get what you mean. and it feels like some of the dialogue between characters was specifically written to be screencapped and put on tumblr

No. 172466

File: 1638487770176.jpg (1.03 MB, 1920x1080, 11113321_101121-cc-otrc-dopesi…)

I've been watching Dopesick with my mom as it comes out on Disney+. It's really heavy, but what made it even more chilling and devastating to me was looking at some of the clips on YT just to see what others were saying and seeing comments from people who've actually had their lives devastated by opioid addiction.

No. 172610

File: 1638577582030.gif (1.9 MB, 245x180, 8LsW.gif)

I've been watching Mr. Robot for the first time ever and tbh is very underwhelming at times. It goes from being cringe as hell to absolutely plain boring. The only thing that keeps me watching is the possibility of watching Rami cry, every single scene of him crying has been delicious.

No. 172616

Kek the only reason I watched it too. Some episodes are so fucking boring. Also I liked that tyrell guy but I didn't go back into watching it, something bad happened to him I guess??

No. 172619

File: 1638579546012.jpg (17 KB, 472x331, 91e7d82a034def1c02e302376a1895…)

Woman of culture. lol the tyrell dude and elliot's relationship was so strange at some points for me I legit thought they were fucking

No. 172620

File: 1638580233209.png (2.75 MB, 1000x1828, 091b7e604b54cf87cca04350a7848d…)

nta but the actor playing Tyrell was shipping the two characters ( he said in an interview that he would love for Tyrell to kiss Elliot kek ) so I thinks it helped a lot in making their scenes way too intense kek

No. 172624

File: 1638582107755.jpg (177.22 KB, 1065x1200, EMuxcxfXkAASHBE.jpg)

KEK thank you for the info anon, now it makes so much more sense. I haven't finished the series yet so hopefully he gets his wish.

No. 172757

Has anyone else finished the first season of the Gossip Girl reboot? It was so bad and cringy. All the storylines lead to nowhere and the characters are so inconsistent. All the actors are also awful. I don't know if I'll hate watch the second season.

No. 172877

Why isn’t there a succession thread I’m more interested in anons opinions about the show and I hate succession fans on twitter they’re cringe

No. 172881

Yeah “I wish I was home” line was pretty obvious meant as I wish I was dead lol Kendall is definitely on the edge but no way they’d kill him off
The tomgregg scenes threw me the fuck off lmao I remember earlier in the show I assumed it was just tumblr fans shipping them like the kenstew thing but I guess the writers are actively online and wanted to play into that idea (not complaining it’s pretty entertaining to watch also I kinda like it)

No. 172918

thoughts on tonights episode? imo they're definitely baiting with that last scene with ken, he's gotta be still alive. i can't believe next week is the last episode already, ridiculous feels like nothing's happened this season

No. 172921

i feel a little bit cheated that this season is one less episode than the other two. i hope they have fresh ideas and know when to end it because i don’t want this show to drag on for years

No. 172936

File: 1638777948300.jpg (195.47 KB, 1245x840, the-great-season-2-premiere-ve…)

I really enjoyed season 2 of the great. I never hear anyone talk about it so I really hope they get a season 3. The cast is so good, I love all the characters, even the ones I hate.

No. 172960

I watched the first season of this with my mum, and we're going to watch season 2 together over Xmas, I can't wait!

No. 172961

The very last scene of the second season is just absolutely amazing.

No. 172963

I’m trying to like it, but (and I’m assuming it’s the whole pregnancy thing,) Catherine’s character seems to be different from the first season so far. I’m only on episode 4, so maybe it gets better. I really do want her to kill Peter, but I have a feeling she’ll just fall in love with him or something, and he’s making her look like such a fucking idiot right now.

No. 172976

File: 1638812153519.png (205.02 KB, 640x621, 8BFD9763-0E83-440C-B5A8-A6681F…)

Definitely cheap bait they could’ve ended the episode much better than a tacky cliffhanger
Tom is my favorite this season he’s just so brilliant and hilarious in every episode I felt really sad for him after shiv literally voiced all his insecurities to him as foreplay Matthew for sure deserves the Emmy this time I really hope he gets it

No. 172985

Watched the second season of channel zero. It was as silly as you'd expect a tv show based on creepypasta to be, but I enjoyed it even though it wasn't really what I was expecting. I thought it was going to be a haunted house simulator, but it ended up being this strange metaphor for trad women being treated as their fathers, and then their husbands, property. Lots of birth imagery.

No. 172987

I love that show! In my opinion it always fizzles out towards the end as far as the horror goes, but it was consistently original and fun to watch through the whole run. The next two seasons are definitely worth watching too.

No. 172993

I'll check them out once finals are over. I want to give AHS a go too.

I didn't really find any of it scary, but I enjoyed the story and thought the imagery and symbolism was really creative and cool. Like the cannibalism scenes using pomegranates to allude to the legend of Demeter and Persephone.

Not to feminismsperg, but I though it was strange reviews kind of ignored that aspect in favour of the themes of grief (which granted is also a big part of the show). Everything the male characters did, and all the imagery like the big glowing pregnant stomach and the people curled up in pools of blood in the fetal position- it's a pretty big part of the story.

No. 173213

That's sweet, anon. I'm actually currently watching the first season with my mom. Hope you guys enjoy it!

No. 173323

That's why I disliked the second season. Catherine is so hysterical and cucked. What a waste

No. 173333

File: 1639112399089.jpg (130.45 KB, 1564x1564, bpyr353t4y381.jpg)

This fucking show lmao I lost my shit

No. 173347

Don't know if any anons here watch Money Heist (La Casa de Papel) but holy shit what a waste of time and a retarded ending. I can't believe I sat through all that

No. 173378

A complete shitshow. I only watched an episode of the final season it was so distractingly horrible I couldn’t even sit through it.
I enjoyed the first two seasons and they should’ve ended it there but ever since Netflix picked it up, it tanked.
Apparently there’s also another upcoming Netflix Korean remake of money heist…so same show.. but.. in Korean I guess?
Netflix is a stain on good TV

No. 173388

I only watched one show this whole year which was midnight mass. I actually really liked it. Can you guys recommend tv shows with similar vibes (preferably non-supernatural ones)? I like mystery/horror or dark shows in general but most of them aren't well executed to me.

No. 173413

Dark on Netflix, seriously good mystery show and quite dark kek it’s German though just letting you know

No. 173418

File: 1639187070661.jpeg (1.09 MB, 1170x1181, 1A6159B6-5954-4963-91B3-520D15…)

So sad PEN15 is overrrr, had so many strong episodes to finish the season. Officially special in my heart!

No. 173419

Soooo good and hilarious. You never get to see a show that portrays that awkward age for girls so realistically. Also so many uncomfortable scenes kek

No. 173421

Yesss. I love that some parts are genuinely so dark and the girls playing it for laughs just makes it even more solemn. It’s just so real, being a kid and going through something traumatic but you don’t understand it yet so you just awkward laugh and move on. This show makes me want to shove little boys into the dirt.

No. 173432

I teared up at the last scene there. It hit far too close to home, the whole show did. Going into it I thought it would just be silly but damn, it gets real

No. 173442

File: 1639224238343.jpg (37.98 KB, 400x600, ahFca8RIGGY0kWieDwHzybi0sT1.jp…)

I gave And Just Like That (Sex and the City sequel) a chance and here are my thoughts. Just a note that it’s been a while since I’ve watched the original. So far only two episodes are out.

Spoiler Free

>episode 1

Starts out rough. The direction and camera quality gives it an uncanny feeling for SaTC which isn’t helped by the acting and humor which comes at you way too strong and too quickly. I would have much preferred a Carrie voiceover to ease you in back into the vibe instead of just jumping straight back in like it used to be because it can’t really be the same. I’d say the first 2/3 of the episode are hard to assimilate and can rub people the wrong way because you aren’t sure what kind of position the show will take on 2020 culture compared to its 90’s mindset – will it pander or will it criticize? Will it be tone-deaf or insightful? However, I will say that by the end of the second act and in the third act it starts to pick up and you can settle into the SaTC feel even if everything is new and different. The episode ends with a big plot developing point which kicks the series into an actual story.

>episode 2

Much easier to watch. The humor becomes more like the original and the situations the women find themselves in are presented in a more subtle way and don’t make you go “oh no, cringe” as much as in the first one (except maybe Miranda’s storyline which can hover over cringe territory but I suppose it fits her character). There’s more emotional investment due to the story compared to ep1 which was mostly fluff and in general reels you back in. It’s best to watch ep1+2 back to back to be convinced to into continuing the show.

Samantha’s absence was handled in a somewhat fitting way, maybe a bit tongue-in-cheek but imo it doesn’t hurt the story as much as people fear and she is technically still very much present in the events and story development even if she’s not there (ep2 does it better than ep1).

The show is aware the cast are not young adults anymore, maybe a little too aware because they tend to overdo the “we’re old now” message. Personally, I’m not a fan of the “life ends at 50” mindset but I’m not fond of “50 is the new 30” idea either. So far the show is graceful in handling the question of what life should be like at that life stage and hasn’t shown us what it means yet since it’s only 2 episodes in and we’re about see what’s going to happen.

Also, unpopular opinion but I think SJP looks great. She’s just not photogenic. She’s always been better in motion and I think she retains her girlish demeanor while being aged gracefully. She’s not a granny, just Carrie with wrinkles.

Personally, I will continue watching. If you’re a fan of SaTC and go into it without bias or sticks up the ass it can be a pleasant viewing.

No. 173443

No. 173447

The young characters are kinda shitty, but the plot was the most gripping I experienced in the last decade. Try to not spoil yourself and just enjoy the wild ride.

Also any German anons got shows in German to recommend? I haven't watched any in a looong time

No. 173494

I finished it and now I'm disappointed.

No. 173504

I just finished watching this. It was such a trip. Normally I lose interest in dating shows halfway through, but the guys (plus the underground idol) were just so mean/weird I had to keep watching.
As a bonus, I think this show finally cured me of my last bit of teenage weebdom.

No. 173527

>Also, unpopular opinion but I think SJP looks great. She’s just not photogenic.
Happy to see someone else thinks the same. She has such a regal and visually interesting face to me and I think season 5's styling played to her features nicely. Then the pictures make her look plain and everyone feels free to focus on the head-on nose.

The pandering/criticism teetering had me on edge. The three are playing along with nervous laughs and appeasement the way a lot of older American women do which feels like a facet of life that can be portrayed in the show but there's just so much of the "eccentric" characters when they would usually be relegated to one episode at a time in the main series. Very much not looking forward to the podcast boss even if she had a nice moment with Miranda at the end, and it was nice they didn't drag the two's fight past the uncomfortable revelation.

No. 173530

File: 1639282023457.jpg (60.9 KB, 655x549, sjp.jpg__655x0_q85_crop_subsam…)

I feel like she needs good styling and photographer, she's had some truly hideous photos and doesn't deserve that. See picrel. She looks great in that And Just Like That promo though

No. 173531

whatever kristen did to her face is actually sad. She was beautiful and she didn't need whatever gave her a joker smile. I think SJP looks good, too. Men hate her because they genuinely think women they don't want to fuck should not exist. I think she looked great, and I loved Miranda's hair colour I just wish they didn't give her a karen cut kek

No. 173577

File: 1639315161615.jpg (84.62 KB, 500x698, 81R7QZV5P1L._SL1500_.jpg)

It's been a few years since I've seen this so I thought I might give it a rewatch but I don't think it holds up well. Not as funny as I remember and I don't care about all the romance like with Jim and Pam or Michael and Jan, I want more funny day to day stuff in the office. Season 1 which everyone claims is the worst was actually the funniest but only 6 episodes.

No. 173587

Thank you for the recommendation, anon. I do speak german so it's no problem. I watched the first episode yesterday and i liked it.

Maybe another german anon has some really rare gem but generally speaking german shows and movies are absolute garbage. Pure trash.

No. 173596

does anyone want a real housewives thread?

No. 173655

Haven't watched the show in a decade but yes! Been missing it lately and thinking about getting back into it.

No. 173718

God, I so agree abt SJP and feel like I have nowhere to put this opinion b/c it's not worth getting into it with men around. I'm so, so glad she never got a nose job, I completely agree with nona who describes her as regal. I was watching old episodes this weekend, and I was just blown away by how much I enjoy looking at her. That combo of her blue eyes, huge curls, and sharp features is just so striking. She doesn't look like a Disney princess or a porn star or an insta queen or whatever, but jesus, there are other kinds of beauty.

On that note, I agree that I haaate what Kristen did to her face, but I really loved spending 2ish hours just…looking at women in their fifties who haven't pulled their faces taut. I feel like I have no models of what cool, stylish womanhood that is okay with not being eternally babyfaced looks like, and it makes me so scared of growing older. I felt so much better after just this.

Wrt to the episodes, I went into expecting to hate the podcast shit, so I was okay, lol. The Miranda stuff is a bit much, but I also think it fits her character and I'm interested in the idea of a Miranda who's spinning out and trying to be ultra-woke to find her way back – especially since it seems like they might have her and the professor bond over the latter's anxiety over kids. As long as this series can keep its main focus on women's lives and experiences, I'm okay. I will fucking lose my mind if Lily ends up nb though

No. 173853

All of your thoughts really resonate with me. I'm the regal anon and it makes me sad we can't even complement her or women like her without the standard "her body is good but her face is busted" response. SJP just really captures the eye when she moves and I think that's lovely. I wonder if the in-character fears are based on input from the actresses or what the writers think about after engaging with them, like with Charlotte's "age hiding attempts" and Miranda's "letting herself look old". I really appreciate Miranda and Cynthia either way.

I didn't even think of them making the kid nonbinary. Here's to hoping it doesn't happen.>>173718

No. 173904

File: 1639554073752.jpeg (662.85 KB, 1248x702, 904569D4-177F-44C4-984A-C8437B…)

cannnn someone talk to me about the conclusion of Succession season 03 because I feel like I'm kinda at loss at the details and I don't want to go to twitter nor reddit for their opinions right now (i do not trust them)

No. 173907

File: 1639559115506.jpg (193.89 KB, 750x1243, 23c3c6361b3f7c983d7_d5bb5c7a_1…)

ofc anon I'll be taking every chance I get to talk about it from now until season 4. What did you wanna discuss?

No. 173908

love your picrel nonna
I'm kinda at loss for words right now, so feel free to correct me.
I feel like season 3 was most peaked in episode 6.
Especially the lead up to Roman managed to persuade that one dude to be the next president, and Logan declared out loud that he's a climate denier (I thought that was smooth aaaaas fuck), and Shiv's hesitation to be in the family photo - in which I tinfoiled that family photoshoot has been the only thing Roy family consistently managed to uphold in there tradition (thus the opening!!). I liked it, I liked how Shiv from times and times again she was given a decision to morally corrupt herself or to be "with the family", so episode 6 was seems to me the last straw that she saw the future of the country will get Fucked, and she still had to… negotiate that
So uh after ep 6 for me it was a downward escalator for Kendall's mental stage, as his bravado decision to get away from the Roy family, and came to realization that no outsider will stick for him unlike his family (hence he tried to appeal to a more progressive group but getting backfired)
I think I understood what they were going for, but it felt like… a slowly deflated balloon kind of ending for me in compare to the last two seasons' endings.

I guess I'm just being a spoiled audience but I was expecting an "oh shittttt whaddupppp!!!" kind of finale so I can just wrap up the year and feel good about it, but now I'm just like… meh…

Oh yeah they really play up with the Tom/Greg in ep 7-8 lmao. While I don't know the stage of fandom (at all) aside from my friend who has makes jokes about "tomelette with (gr)egg". Shiv and Roman banter brings the most joy to me in season 3, I want more sibling jabs like that so much.

Another rich family white people show with siblings and in-laws having fun (bad toilet joke) banter for me is Grace and Frankie. I need a rewatch of it soon, have you watched it nonna? I like it a lot.

No. 173909

>I guess I'm just being a spoiled audience but I was expecting an "oh shittttt whaddupppp!!!" kind of finale so I can just wrap up the year and feel good about it, but now I'm just like… meh…
idk it felt like an oh shit ending to me, like a business red wedding kek. Mainly because all season I was waiting for Tom to do some betraying. Like, he was obviously bitter af that everyone was so okay with him going to jail, he constantly gave Shiv opportunities to reassure him and she always dismissed him. At first I thought he was gonna go to Kendall's side or make a deal with the DOJ or something, then he told Kendall he was gonna get fucked and the DOJ stuff got mostly resolved so I stopped expecting it. It didn't occur to me that he'd betray Shiv for Logan, but it makes total sense in retrospect. Ep 6 was really strong ia and I was thinking it's weird that the storyline didn't really build on it, but maybe it's similar in that it's being pushed back for later plot development? But yeah I loved ep 9 for the performances, the siblings banding together, Roman standing up to his dad for once, Kendall being validated for what he's been saying all along about Logan and his confession to the siblings, Shiv's conversation with her mom… seeing them all get simultaneously fucked over was heartbreaking and satisfying at the same time. They aren't good people or competent enough to run the company but their parents are so scary and abusive I still root for them.

I'm all about the banter too honestly I feel like the best part of this season has been the humour. Plot aside I've been laughing out loud so much, way more than in other seasons, and even if the plot felt like it was stalling sometimes I was so thoroughly entertained by the dialogue I didn't mind a bit. Everything out of Greg and Roman's mouth is gold especially.
>Grace and Frankie
That looks good actually ty anon

No. 173956

File: 1639593203085.jpg (286.88 KB, 960x1440, MV5BM2VjY2NjZGUtOWQ0Mi00NzA3LW…)

yellowjackets is so fucking good. melanie lynskey, juliette lewis and christina ricci make some amazing leads. the teen girl characters are all portrayed wonderfully AND it's produced by karyn kusama. watch it nonnies

No. 173959

WAIT WAIT wait oh shit.
Okay I think the last two eps of season 3 were underwhelming for me because I couldn't catch on some of the important plot progress.

Like in the end of episode 8, Kendall being drunk and fell off the in the pool. I read it as… just it was, dude is sad and drunk and fell into pool. Cut to black.

I wonder if it's just the cinematography or it's just that I've too dense to not even catch on an obvious suicide attempt from Kendall. Honestly when ep9 started with everyone's freaking out about Ken, I was like ??? omg what did I miss, I thought we were left off with Gerri about to be fired for Roman's dick pic

OKAY so when you told me Tom had decided to Shiv, I was?? WAIT?? THAT HAPPENED?? I did read the scene where Shiv called him to prepare the attack, and Tom asked Gregg to be his attack dog, in the most solemn expression… I suppose I had read the scene as it was, that Tom was just going to be royal to her and Gregg doing his biddings.

What gave out that he betrayed her? I want to know!! I mean I understood that the entire season 3 was just Shiv continuously made Tom feeling worthless than he were, but it got over my mind and just accepted it like in previous seasons he got the worse when Logan made him crawl and squeal like a pig or something and Holyshit that was A LOT. But he picked himself up anyways so, yeah. Huh.

No. 173984

I just heard about this and I'm really curious, but a little wary (a lot less so hearing you say the teen girls are portrayed well, though, and that Kusama's involved). How intense is the violence? I can handle some, I just wanna know what to prepare myself for.

No. 174060

File: 1639648631774.jpg (63.8 KB, 1352x786, nwyo1r7abt581.jpg)

tbh I thought the thing with Kendall was a bit ambiguous, I didn't think it was a suicide attempt. I thought maybe he would pass out from drinking, or he could have been 're-enacting' the waiter drowning since Logan was forcing him to think about what it would have been like. Obviously it was clear he wasn't in a good state of mind.

But yeah sis you def should re-watch the last scene. After Logan fucks the kids over and leaves it cuts to him patting Tom on the shoulder, he evidently tipped Logan off that they were coming meaning he could change the divorce settlement and win. This was right after him getting Greg on board for making a 'deal with the devil', maybe it was a bit subtle but it was confirmed by the actors/directors etc so it's not speculation. There was also a lot of less obvious foreshadowing like Logan telling Shiv she married someone below her because she wanted someone who would never betray her, details like Tom mentioning talking to the same divorce lawyer as Logan and Caroline, it's possible he's been feeding Logan info most of the season. The way Shiv treats him was getting worse and worse, she even straight up told him she didn't love him

Also, I didn't realize it as I watched but pic related was the moment when Shiv realized Tom betrayed her. She talks about it in an interview here https://ew.com/tv/succession-season-3-finale-sarah-snook/

Regarding the dick pic it seems like ultimately it just destroyed Roman's credibility in Logan's eyes rather than affected Gerri's job security.

No. 174151

Just finished the 3rd episode and am loving it!! Thanks, nonnie. I hadn't even heard of it. I'm so intrigued and have no idea where any of this is going.

nta but I've had to cover my eyes at some of the gorier parts (because it's so well done) but it doesn't feel gratuitous, so far anyway.

No. 174152

I just finished the article. Thank you for this! I think your explanation did clear up my confusion for the finale now, I'm going to rewatch everything in this season and try piece together again.

But yeah, I think my final thoughts is that they rely a lot more on body language in season 3 that I couldn't get it right away (especially because I tend to multitask when watching shows too).

No. 175429

File: 1640306014338.jpeg (38.49 KB, 500x375, Brady-Bunch-Grid.jpeg)

I thought I might watch this because it's iconic but this show was extremely dull and stupid. Dumb stories and bad acting. The maid Alice was the only good part of this.

No. 175436

VHS wasn't widely available until this show had been off air for a while, so you just had to watch whatever was on and be happy with it even if it sucked

No. 175458

File: 1640320571631.jpg (235.72 KB, 2000x1015, singlesinferno.jpg)

Is anyone watching Singles Inferno on Netflix? It's sort of like a dating show mixed with survivor-type games. It is EXTREMELY bleak because of how lookist/materialistic most of the contestants are with the exception of the two elder millennial or gen x contestants.

No. 175544

File: 1640367224980.jpg (126.57 KB, 1920x1080, DvToc7wW0AI1RMA.jpg)

i finally started watching the expanse after it has been on my watchlist for the past few years… i just finished s2 and god do i love it. also i never went from disliking and cringing at a character to genuinely loving said character so fast.

i also thought julie was cringe or at least the trope that she's built on (rich privileged girl fighting for the underprivileged) but in the end i really loved her and the scenes of her and miller when he finally finds her on eros are really beautiful. idk if i ever considered them a ship or anything, to me it always felt more like miller has paternal feelings for her and to julie, miller is the father figure that jules never was, maybe? but it's still incredibly beautiful.

i also love camina a lot. i'm just in love with all the women in this show.

No. 175889

File: 1640592115684.jpg (Spoiler Image,32.69 KB, 760x285, igotthisfromredditok.jpg)

The casting is so good. Nat's 96 haircut has to be extra intentional lol.

No. 175896

Ah makes me so happy when farmers talk about The Expanse. I miss Miller… Season 3 is my favorite so far please let me know what you think anon! Camina just fucking gets better I love her.

No. 176046

File: 1640699434646.jpeg (167.72 KB, 1280x720, D4662320-CA74-4C1F-A9D2-EE4B0D…)

I LOVE nhk documentaries, but maybe it’s because I’m a filthy weeb

No. 176048

File: 1640699977450.jpg (145.93 KB, 1140x760, realove-1140x760.jpg)

It's extremely boring and yet I'm somehow captivated, I guess releasing only 2 episodes per week works on it's favor because they're over before I realize I'm wasting time. Bleak is a very good word to describe it, everyone is being so careful and polite so far it lacks proper drama, maybe with the arrival of new people things will change a bit?
If you haven't seen I really recommend Rea(L)ove, also on Netflix, it's both dramatic and hilarious, hosts are a bit mean at times but in a fun way. The participants are the most interesting bunch I've seen in any reality tv because of all of these dark secrets, tbh it seems like Japan really is lacking in mental health department and it's hard to not feel bad for some of them but it still makes for an excellent tv most of the time, too bad there's only one season.

No. 176049

I saw the on the front page and ran here. I'm so glad it's been mentioned. I really might host a watch-through on the cytube or something because I need other anons to watch this kek. And maybe we can have a thread or something.

This show is fantastic in the worst ways.

No. 176050

Yesss great idea, would be fun to watch and comment on it with others here! It's a perfect mess

No. 176088

File: 1640723657120.jpeg (653.36 KB, 1034x626, 55DAC5EA-04E9-466C-B585-6961AF…)

Just like the second movie, this sequel did not need to happen. It even manages to exceed the second movie on the intense amount of cringe it generates. I get that the old sex and the city didn’t age well but the turbowokeness, overall script, illogical and random fucking plots like big dying and just the general tone of it all is so bad, so so bad. I hope the actresses gets paid well because this is just disgraceful. Good on Kim for taking no part in this.

No. 176090

Yellowjackets is so good

No. 176091

Their faces look so weird. Is that what plastic surgery and botox does to you when you get older? They're not ugly, but they look so uncanny.

No. 176094

I'm feeling really conflicted about AJLT tbh. I actually think the Charlotte plotline this past week was really well-handled – I totally believe she'd freak out about having no black friends, and it ended with her and LTW in a good place. I also like that Big died, both b/c I was never super into him and because I think Carrie's struggle w/ grief has been well-handled. I even like the idea of Miranda spinning out and trying to be as pc as possible – I said this all upthread, but I believe that for her. And I really like that they're emphasizing her and Nya bonding over how hard being a working mother is. I really like that this is sort of working as an analysis of Miranda's own choice to have Brady – she loves him, but he's also a top tier fuckboy and she's definitely at an age where she'd be thinking about how much she gave up to have him.

But everything having to do with the podcast is fucking awful. Che is obnoxious, modern woo woo gender politics don't make any sense in a show about middle-aged women, and it fucking sucks to tune into one of the few shows about 50+ women to see a woman like Carrie get shit on for being uncomfortable with porn talk. She's a fucking elder stateswoman of her field at this point, she should have her own fucking podcast. The Rose shit is awful and sexist and stupid. I'm the anon upthread who said I'd consider the show a win if she didn't end up being nb, and, welp On the one hand, SATC made some dumb calls. On the other hand, literally nobody shits on dude shows of the same era. It was in a shit position, but this still wasn't the way to handle it. I wish they'd just leaned into the fact that it's about older women, which is enough bs to be dealing with, even though they're all rich and white and blah blah blah.

No. 176097

Honestly I’m with you on the ~50+ women in nyc~ thing because there’s probably a hole in the market for that. I just wish it felt more like the first movie if you know what I mean? Now It’s all very “how do you do fellow kids haha TikTok and gender identity amiright?”

No. 176111

File: 1640729246090.jpg (85.51 KB, 717x478, gracerfankie.jpg)

I saw it mentioned earlier in the thread, but I recommend Grace and Frankie. The main characters are 70+ and it's obviously targeted at an older generation who can relate to their problems more, but I comfort watch the 3 first seasons on the regular, after that the storylines get a bit stale. I also like it because it's the only show I've seen my 60+ mother laugh out loud at, while arguing with her friend about which one of them is the most Frankie.

No. 176134

Oh my god anon I started this show yesterday too and i’m blown away. It’s so good, I’m only 3 episodes in but i’m hooked. Thanks to the anon that originally posted it since that’s what got me to watch it.

No. 176135

Totally agree. It's funny, I don't actually LOVE any of the individual storylines of the movie – Charlotte barely has one, I'm not super into Big, Steve cheating just made me not want Miranda to stay with him, and Samantha…actually I liked Samantha's storyline, even though I love Smith, lol. But none of that matters, weirdly – I still really enjoy watching the movie? It's just a lot of fun. That fun is definitely missing from AJLT. I feel like there's a sweet spot they could have hit, where there could be that fun and a more serious edge that tackles the modern world. I mean, shit, I'd say that the original show totally nails that – it's frothy, yeah, but it was always tackling tough shit. But it's leaned way too far into tackling EVERYTHING in really ham-fisted ways.

Ugh, what frustrates me most is that I think there were a million ways they could have gotten more overtly political that would have been better and are way more set up in the original show. Like, bring back the power lesbians and tweak Rose's storyline into her just being a young butch! We could have gotten the same "Charlotte's un-girly daughter" storyline, but less stupid and also already tied into Charlotte's life, since she was the one who was super drawn to all those cool gay women! Or like, specifically tie Miranda's desire to do law work that matters to metoo, she'd 100% have been following that. She makes a ton of very cynical feminist comments in the original show. Shit, there are a million things they could do with metoo. And I like Nya and LTW, they can stay, even.

It's just…right now, watching it feels like being scolded at least 30% of the time. Women already feel like that all the fucking time. Shit, who grew up watching SATC and DIDN'T hide it from the men around them, because they knew they'd be made fun of? I don't need the show itself lecturing me. Especially b/c like…this is anecdata, but I think it's probably happening in a lot of households: I'm watching this with my mom and sister. We're all hispanic. We love the show. And we're cringing at this. I really don't think we're alone. The show was really white! Okay! It's good we're talking about that now! It's good new shows address that! But also…our Spanish-speaking asses still loved the original, and we've always related to them as women, and that's what matters most. By all means, bring in the new non-white actresses, tackle it a little, have Harry blurt out "ZADIE SMITH!," etc. But I don't need this show to whip itself for its sins, because I already love it, and no one ever asks like, the Sopranos to do the same thing.

No. 176137

File: 1640734572063.jpeg (426.85 KB, 2560x1920, 9F3E2B09-80F1-46A3-A86F-66E169…)

Have any anons watched why women kill? The first season was very meh imo since it got ruined by the modern couple and the whole weird polygamy shit but I really loved the second season and it was a lot better than the first. I love the overall feel of the show it feels very whimsical and over the top, it has like, edwardscissor hand vibes minus edward, with the narration and soundtrack it’s just really fun. I also thought the characters in season 2 were a lot more likable and interesting overall. I really hope we get another season, it’s hard to find good anthology series. If anyone has any recs similar to it I would also really appreciate it.

No. 176155

Ooh, ty for posting this anon – I was kinda interested in season 1 (and I liked Lucy Liu a lot in the few eps I watched) but I didn't want to deal with modern couple's bs. Can I just jump in with season 2, you think?

No. 176163

I FUCKING LOVE GRACE AND FRANKIE. I'm 4 seasons in and need to pick it back up.

No. 176189

Yes! Season 2 is an entirely new storyline with new characters so you won’t be missing anything from season 1. I did enjoy Lucy Lius story tbh only reason I stuck around, but it’s not worth it. I hope you like season 2 more!

No. 176273

Me too I binged the whole thing today and I'm so obsessed! Ty original anon.
(Let me preface this by saying I love Juliette Lewis, she's rad as fuck, I love how she looks and I love her acting)
There's only one thing bothering me about it, but the fact that Juliette Lewis looks older than everybody else and doesn't look like her younger character is throwing me off.
I get that she's canonically an addict and that would age her, but unless she's been methed out in a sunbed for 10 years straight it feels off.
I thought the casting was so excellent in general, it made the time hops go so smoothly in my mind. But Juliette Lewis is so interesting looking and is like the opposite of Sophie Thatcher facially, with the age difference as well I struggled to remember that they were the same person most of the time.
It's stupid and I feel bad because I want to see Juliette Lewis in so many things. Maybe if they'd gone with a different actress for young!Natalie it wouldn't bother me as much

No. 176276

Same here! I need them to release more ASAP. I heavily agree about Natalie though, she doesn’t look anything like her younger version which kind of sucks because everyone else is basically identical (especially Shauna, I had to google to make sure it was two different actresses and they didn’t just de age Melanie Lynskey with cgi magic)

No. 176277

Is anyone watching Station Eleven? I am 5 episodes in and it just feels so soulless.

No. 176281

I think young Nat does the best in portraying her adult counterpart's mannerisms at least

No. 176282

For me that was part of the problem, I couldn't see the mannerisms, they were both gothy messed up white trash who liked drinking but they weren't the same person, like I couldn't see how one evolves into the other really at all.
It might just be because young Natalie doesn't have much character besides developing a relationship with Travis, she didn't have the screen time to make decisions or have reactions in the same way the other characters did that really showed their personalities.
I kind of felt like Natalie was just a grunge mpdg on a camping trip lol.

No. 176426

File: 1640901573853.jpeg (40.57 KB, 667x375, 7CCDB75C-4D00-455F-8C52-6B0169…)

Lmfao this shit is off the fucking rails

I would have been so fucking pissed off if I had to watch that piece of shit conclusion to the Carver storyline live though

No. 176473

midnight mass is so horrifying, shit was GOOD

No. 176744

File: 1641058050751.jpg (326.67 KB, 680x1000, wentworth.jpg)

Have any of you watched Wentworth? I'm an American but it's sort of like an Australian Orange is the New Black(which I never finished). I learned about it during my hair appointment 3 weeks ago. I was getting highlights and the stylist next to mine brought it up. So I went home and watched. My mom and I watched season 1 to season 2 episode 3. Then I had one more week of school so before break so I went back to my school state. While I was gone I didn't really watch it and mom finished season 2 up to season 3 episode 9. So during break we just started there, and finished it

It just completed and has 8 seasons Including the theme song and intro it has 45 minute episodes, first season has 10 episodes, rest have 12, except the final season which has 20. It was interesting and has murder, violence, drugs, not to graphic sex scenes, interesting characters, and changing characters and arcs. There is a TIM and a TIF in this story. I didn't see most of the TIM story since I didn't see most of seasons 2 or 3, so I don't know where he enters. The TIF gets a couple episodes in the last season. Apparently this show is a reimagining of some older Australian show called Prisoner or Prisoner H. All in all it was an interesting show to watch. You will wonder about the Australian remand process since some characters spend months without a trial and then become worst criminals by being in this prison. Give it a watch if you want

No. 176781

Yes, I love Wentworth! I've been watching this show for years, also with my mum. My mum actually remembers Cell Block H from when she was young. I'm impressed at how quickly you watched it all anon. Did you have any favourite characters? I really liked Kaz, Liz, Ruby and Allie.

No. 176889

I also liked those characters, I also liked Rita I thought she really held up those last seasons well. I liked Jacs as a villain, I thought she could be redeemable until her last couple episodes, too bad she was just insane. As to how fast we watched it. We would start watching at 6pm and then continue until midnight of 1 am then go to bed and continue what ever we had to do until 6 pm and repeat. Ferguson though a monster was a great character

No. 177015

Aw, Liz!

No. 177177

Late response but I just watched the most recent episode and I can’t believe that se hoon asked ji yeon to paradise, like obviously she doesn’t like him - what a creep. Overall kind of a slow and boring show though

No. 177191

He seems like a person that has never been rejected in his life (especially his reaction to Soyeon telling him Jiyeon doesnt like him, he was so hurt he almost cried, major cringe) so I guess he's unable to take the hint it's time to stop pursuing her

No. 177195

File: 1641329126938.png (923.74 KB, 985x515, 4830297402353.png)

Maybe I'm lookist and materialistic but I was struck by how much more attractive the participants are compared to American/Euro dating shows. Especially Si hun, I thought he was an actual child and 22/23 tops but he's 30 I think? Obviously they've all had work done but it seems far more tempered compared to the blow-up doll, haggard-looking style on western shows. At least the bimbofication trend hasn't taken over in Korea. Here are Love Island participants by comparison, all 3 women with puffy faces, fake tans and mouths agape like fish sucking in water

No. 177198

No. You just have your own taste which you're allowed to have. Also, women should be more lookist, who gives a shit. It's just personal opinion. My opinion is the opposite of yours. I don't think the singles inferno people are attractive at all. I don't think the men on singles inferno are hot, I don't find the women attractive either. But the men are worse. None of them inspire any sexual thought in me. I also don't think the Love Island ones you linked look "haggard" although their aesthetic is not my style and I'd never wanna look like them.

No. 177205

The singles inferno people look just as plastic and uncanny valley imo. Korean beauty standards are fucked and their celebs butcher themselves too, just in different ways than westerners.

No. 177239

I took a break from this but just started watching again. The dialogue in this season is starting to bother me. The characters are always saying these one liners that try to be clever and quirky but it doesn't sound natural. I don't know any people who speak like this in real life.

No. 177247

Rea(L)ove is one of the best dating shows of all time imo. I wish they'd make a second season or an American spinoff.

I started watching this and it's so slow. I've had to skip through most of the hosts' commentary.

I think they did a really good job casting the girls on the show. But all of the guys other than Jinteok look the same and have basically the same personalities. If I had to talk to most of them for more than 30 mins at a time I would kms.

No. 177277

I know this is an old post but I just finished watching the ending and I thought it was good (at the very least I liked the solution they had in the end). The only reason why I kept watching was because I liked the main characters because outside of that the show has a lot of flaws: the characters doing dumb shit in a high stake heist, ~love conquers all, psycho male characters treating everyone, especially women, like trash but we have to ignore it because Nairobi did a feminism™, and the Professor is just not executing plans immediately that could have saved a couple of lives because the audience has to be tricked into thinking that he's cornered when he's not??

Also, I really hated how they tried (and failed) to paint Berlin as a bad guy and when they realized that he's the audience's favorite they keep bringing him back in stupid flashbacks that don't need to exist.

No. 177421

I have no interest in watching real love but based on what I've read about it an American remake would be such a fun mess

No. 177439

For the yellowjacket fans do you have any theories? Anyone else think Adam is javi?

No. 177440

IDK what could possibly americans be ashamed of though, it only works because of Japanese culture around shame + unapologetic hosts' commentary that would get them cancelled in one episode's run in the west.

No. 177453

There's definitely something up with him. I'm wondering if they leave someone intentionally to save their own asses.

No. 177479

Same anon - I'm really hoping to see adult Van with a close up of her face when introducing her

No. 177508

Agree about Berlin, those flashbacks were all fanservice and because they want to set up some kind of spin off for him if I'm not mistaken

No. 178366

File: 1641754137440.jpg (407.79 KB, 1500x2222, The-Witcher-Season-2.jpg)

This feels more like the Yennefer and Ciri Show, guest starring Geralt… you know, the witcher.

No. 178369

I hate netflix. It's so painful to watch if you know anything about the books/games.

No. 178382

Ciri is, sort of, the main character in the books (apart from the short stories) but ah, get ready to see a lot more retarded Yen shit that has nothing to do with book Yen because the show writer uses her as self insert

No. 178395

File: 1641763862765.jpg (Spoiler Image,301.43 KB, 2048x1700, 20220109_132740.jpg)

I can't believe what broke Jeff in the latest Yellowjackets episode was the reveal there's no book club

No. 178404

how does she use her as a self insert?

No. 178412

File: 1641766278829.jpeg (114.9 KB, 1320x745, Euphoria-Season-2.jpeg)

I can't wait to hate-watch this. The troon and his chaser(s) are insane

No. 178457

This is my favorite show to hate-watch, I can't wait either

No. 178472

OT. I had a dream about Hunter last night, because I visited the mtf thread. I've never even watched the show before!

No. 178479

File: 1641796282015.jpg (126.83 KB, 1280x720, pll.jpg)

currently rewatching PLL, halfway through season 5 a few episodes after they revealed who A is

the choices these characters make throughout the series are beyond comedic, it's the main reason why i'm watching

No. 178480

is this show even good? everyone creams their pants over it but i feel like it's purely because of the "progressive" troonery

No. 178482

i don't think it's overly-progressive beyond jules' character. i'd say it's worth a watch, the characters' backstories that play at the beginning of each episode are interesting enough, at least to me

No. 178537

File: 1641826862812.jpg (84.32 KB, 805x1030, Sam_Levinson.jpg)

It's softcore porn about hypersexual teen girls made by a man who looks exactly like you'd expect.

No. 178543

Skins for tiktok bpd zoomies

No. 178563

Ugh. He looks… damp.

No. 178645

The first episode of this season was pretty good imo, apparently the mtf character won't have as much screentime this season which I'm looking forward to. Outside of that it's not particularly progressive

No. 178654

WTF. Damp??? That man looks like ear wax in human form

No. 179198

File: 1642108594847.jpg (153.94 KB, 1920x1080, Inside No. 9.jpg)

Love this show.

No. 179235

me too! makes me actually look forward to mondays when there's a new season on

No. 179240

when captain jack kissed both rose and the doctor in the series finale of season 1 of the doctor who reboot … iconic

No. 179261

I hate this show so much but yeah it’s extremely fun to hate watch and I would be lying if I didn’t say I look forward to every episode. However it is confusing to me how it manages to stay afloat and be popular in the era of twitter kids cancelling anyone who dares even remotely “sexualize a minor”? when this show does that and much more. Is it because it has a troon and that immediately cancels out anything bad it could possibly do?

No. 179282

those first few seasons of the reboot were so fun

No. 179396

Watching through Derry Girls, I can’t believe I waited this long, it’s easily become one of my favourite shows. The ending of season 1 was brilliant

No. 179456

fuck yes! i am a huge fan of their work. you should check out psychoville and the league of gentlemen if you haven't already. the new series should be on soon! favourite episodes anons?

No. 179585

Yellowjacket nonas, what did you think of he finale? Jackie's death was a little underwhelming but felt very tragic. I really enjoyed the fight between her and Shauna the night before. When I heard my girl Lottie mentioned at the end it got me really excited for the next season! The show isn't perfect but it's so good and a lot of fun.

No. 179610

So I've finally started watching Euphoria and even though I saw my fair share of really sexualized tv shows about high schoolers, this shit is next level, and knowing it's written by a male (as if that isn't obvious even without checking too) makes it even worse. I've only seen the first episode so far, will give it a shot for a few more but I'm surprised something this degen is so highly acclaimed; so it better gets good later.

No. 179617

League of Gentlemen is great. I was glad the 20th anniversary special lived up to the rest of the show.

I loved the halloween special. There's a lot of really good episodes, some of my favourites are a quiet night in, the bill, once removed, the referee's a wanker, misdirection, lip service, hurry up and wait.

No. 179619

Derry Girls is hilarious and wholesome I love it

No. 179622

This is hard to explain, but the fact that Zendaya's character, a GNC girl, is portrayed in a relentlessly voyeuristic/ porny way is what makes me most uncomfortable about the show's sexualisation. Like, even the idea of a girl who has no interest in performing for his fantasies is another fantasy for him. All the weird AGP fixation on femininity…

No. 179639

I hate Lottie's schizo ass I want her to be killed

No. 179664

It only gets worse. I actually kinda liked most of season 1 but the new episodes are extremely off-putting in how they portray these supposed teen girls. I don't think I'll be able to finish it.

No. 179667

I'm 5 episodes in, in general I see the appeal because it's hard to not feel for these broken people but and the same time I can't believe it can get worse. Honestly baffling it's so, so popular. Acting and photography are great but can that really be enough to make a show a hit?

No. 179816

File: 1642440706779.jpg (85.63 KB, 1024x512, Gotham.jpg)

Wanna talk about Gotham, I watched the show religiously, I participated fandom and I have a love/hate relationship with the show overall, I Just wanna talk about the First season though, its where most fans are split on
The first season is weird in how less weird it is compared to how the show would got to be, certain plot points and characters feel more at home with a show like the CSI then a DCshow and its fairly grounded(well as grounded as most police procedural cop shows are)

Like the most unbelievable things that happen in the first season are 1) A drug called Viper which gives people above average physical strength but kills them afterwards if they didn't keep using it and 2) A hypnotized serial killer that targets the wealthy and both these plot points could work in any CSI/criminal minds-esquce cop show, most of the season is about the rise of a child of an immigrant through the mob by backstabbing, deceiving and murdering all in his path and he just happens to be the Penguin, other then a slightly bent nose and a choice to wear suits first season Gotham penguin has nothing in common with any interpretations/adaptations of Penguin ever

Season 2 is where the insanity starts arising and by season 3 people are coming back from the dead, people have super strength and are bulletproof and everything is a like a live action edgy comic book

Most fans prefer the other seasons but I personally do find a charm in the first season in how its just a cop show set in Gotham and how ridiculous Batman villains are adapted as gangsters with nicknames or serial killers, would have been interesting if they continued that path but I'm not complaining, I did like the show

No. 180562

File: 1642787929910.png (472.25 KB, 640x824, 98wpurfs0ra41.png)

Watched Midnight Mass. Really enjoyed it, but found the sitcom-tier old age makeup incredibly distracting. I thought the monologues were an interesting style, but some of them were asinine or felt really out of place. Especially that moment where the doctor lady asks the cop if he's planning on doing anything about the cult who've disappeared 3 people in as many days and gave their congregation drugs that make their blood explode and he starts talking about how 9/11 affected him personally for like 5 straight minutes. It also drove me insane that the characters who weren't brainwashed didn't just take a rowboat a mile off shore with some snacks and wait out the inevitable gorefest. It felt horribly contrived that they'd just decide to waltz into the viper's nest with no plan and hope things work out. That useless cop at least brought a gun.

That said, I absolutely loved the villainous characters, and the shots of the vampire in the shadows looked cool. My ma kept missing them so I'd have to rewind and point them out to her.

No. 180819

File: 1642864754806.png (358.25 KB, 491x708, 4io8lfdj88s41.png)

Any anons here who are watching or watched the original gossip girl?
Im currently in the middle of season 4 and im trying to finish the show but with each season the characters and storyline gets worse and makes it harder for me to watch (i also heard that season 5-6 is bad).
Serena is also a really unlikable bitch as more as the seasons go on and everyone always forgives her since she is the main.
I also heard she is going to be worse after s4 sigh

No. 180820

new meme format?

No. 180821

File: 1642865495885.png (121.68 KB, 500x483, spotted-lonely-boy-resembling-…)

its a old meme format,anon.

Either way what happened to penn badgley he looks like a hobo now.

No. 180832

File: 1642869132961.gif (2.08 MB, 600x400, original.gif)

also why cant anybody on that godforsaken island close their damn curtains, seriously. the only reason it could peek in their windows is because they NEVER CLOSED THEM. even after they were reactive to sunlight. CLOSE THE CURTAINS.

No. 180834

clearly the font and background is different nonna

No. 180852

File: 1642873245927.jpeg (134.18 KB, 1536x864, REPq3a8YopTOnu8rY8yGPygYS6aq5E…)

late reply but ever since I got a tv with a roku stick all i watch is the nhk channel

pic related is my fave. so relaxing and comfy. every now and again they interview some huge weirdo even that is enjoyable

No. 180895

Afaik he is trying to look "more his age" and less like his YOU character because he hates the fact that people are geniunely thirsty over this character, he repeatedly tells in interviews over how Joe is a horrible person that should be avoided at all costs, et cetera.

No. 180917

i think he is more known for being in gossip girl than ''you''. 'You' was hyped for a couple of months and now everyone kinda forgot about it.

No. 180937

>is portrayed in a relentlessly voyeuristic/ porny way
really? any examples? maybe I'm just stupid but I didn't catch any of that. it's absurd how much they show cassie's tits though.

I'm bored to tears with the rue and jules storylines, I hope there's less of them this season. jules seems to transformed into a man.

No. 180942

It's not unpopular, really. It's all over Instagram, TikTok and Tumblr. Not too popular on Twitter tho.

No. 180943

File: 1642899714064.jpg (119.27 KB, 1200x797, tmp-name-2-522-1640216064-10_d…)

I started watching Emily in Paris (sometimes I need trash TV, don't judge plz) and can I just say, her outfits would look horrible if she wasn't a stick-thin conventionally attractive white woman.

Don't get me wrong, I don't like the clothes anyways, but can you imagine if she was like 30 lbs heavier?

No. 181041

Anon, they DO look horrible on her, regardless of her silhoutte. Spoiler her ugly outfitd next time, I don't want to go blind.

No. 181044

IDK how true is that but You should have ended after first book/first tv series. Nobody asked for the retarded Hollyweird sequels

No. 181058

They look horrible even on her..
I don't know who would wear that, maybe a child?

No. 181065

Don't insult children like that.

No. 181085

i thought season 2 was ok but the season 3 was absolute garbage but of course they’re gonna continue beating the dead horse like they do with all netflix originals

No. 181095

File: 1642951695851.jpg (139.57 KB, 1183x664, Franky.jpg)

NTA and been a while since I watched it. Most of her outfits make sure to still show some skin and be 'sexy'-crop tops, little shorts, tight clothes etc. (compare and contrast the way Franky was portrayed in the season of Skins where the guy responsible for most of that show's coomer shit had fucked off to make the failed American reboot). We see her pissing on the toilet, we see her doing drugs and puking in voyeuristic detail-the whole show has big voyeur energy, like the director wishes he could peek into every private detail of a teen girl's life through her bedroom window. We see her lounging around at home in a boyfriend shirt and little shorts a lot. There's that porny scene where she shows up to prom all dolled up by Hunter and the tranny chaser character humiliates and sexually intimidates her. There's that scene where she's high at that drug dealer's house and his boss almost rapes her, and that flashback to her getting raped by some teen scrote while too high to move. These are both played like porn and she gains no real psychological trauma from any of this. The whole plot is an AGP fantasy about dating a lesbian as a man (the director is clearly a tranny chaser, and chasers tend to be closeted trannies themselves).

No. 181099

File: 1642953016875.jpeg (59.66 KB, 1014x570, midnight-mass-leeza-Annarah-Cy…)

The final girl had big YA protagonist energy

No. 181101

the novel author is half of the problem in this case. she just couldn't leave her one hit wonder alone

No. 181108

File: 1642955442336.png (222.04 KB, 629x420, midnight-mass-best-monologues-…)

I loved how Midnight Mass talked about death, Riley's monologue about what he imagines dying would be like is just so beautiful. I like to treat stories like this a bit like fairytales, yeah there were some silly decisions done by characters but it wasn't hard to suspend disbelief and just enjoy the tale about passing

No. 181119

I've never heard of this show before this thread, just finished binge watching it in a day. I wanted to punch that one guy in the face for telling the woman who got beat and abused by her partners that she deserved it. holy shit, such a wild ride with this show. i hope the lady with three sons is doing well, she was my favorite.

No. 181132

I have. I’m rewatching it recently. Whore your favs and least favs. I can’t remember what Serena does in that season.. could you tell me what part you’re at?

No. 181149

Glad you gave it a shot! One of the most bingeworthy reality tv's out there; it was fun trying to guess the secrets. I really hope Suzuki (the mom) found someone, she seemed like such a nice and kind person. I also felt very bad for the girl who slept with 300 men, she seemed like she'd really benefit from some kind of therapy; and Nakao (the one who got in debt over a music video) seemed like she is super autistic and naive, watching her with that predatory crossdresser was just painful. Would love to see another season of this but since it was made in 2018 and nothing since then I guess it's not gonna happen

No. 181152

Genuinely rooting for all the women in the show tbh. Most of their problems seemed to stem from shitty relationships with men. Overall the show reminded me of how sexist japan is. I died when they nick named the guy who got divorced Mr. Cuckold tho

No. 181153

am at the part where serena is dating her high school teacher. There are more interactions between blair and dan, someone who dated serenas mon tries to take over chuck bass's company.

My favorite character is jenny idk why, blair is my second favorite.

I think my least favorites are serena and chuck.

No. 181172

File: 1642970495476.jpeg (315.35 KB, 750x476, 8BC08080-A0A3-4423-AED4-994233…)

Just wanna say thank you to the nonas who recommended yellowjackets, it was great and I’m really impressed with the casting. I hope season 2 comes out sooner rather than later!

No. 181173

Lottie was literally my favourite character and I'm so happy she's not dead.

Also watched yellowjackets after it was recommended ITT and thank you again to the anons who recommended it, it's really good

No. 181174

You beat me to it kek

No. 181593

update serena broke up with her teacher, and is now trying to sabotage blair because she found out her and dan kissed.

No. 181645

Oh ok yeah the lead up to her highschool teacher was really good and intense (also fuck Venessa for nearly KILLING her). But once they got to date it was just… too normal?!I forgot why they broke up but

Blair x Dan was so boring and annoyed me. Blair, Nate, and Chuck are my favs. Dan and Blair felt so forced to me.

No. 181802

File: 1643235337328.jpg (228.55 KB, 1920x1080, Ruminations-Big-and-Little-Bul…)

I'm trapped into being interested how things will develop in Euphoria but damn, every episode somehow catches me off guard with how much sex scenes they can fit in every single one of them. Even one per every episode would be kinda weird but it's like multiple different ones every week.
also I guess i'm unable to suspend my disbelief enough for this show but I don't get why so many people called Fez/Cal/Ashtray scene "hilarious". Anything with Ashtray being involved in violent situations is just so disturbing. I mean, there are tv shows that are just so - intentionally - ridiculous that you don't really mind violence, like Scream Queens, but Euphoria takes itself too seriously to be a case like this.

No. 181827

I mean. He was beating a pedophile is why people enjoyed it

No. 181869

File: 1643262025246.jpeg (181.94 KB, 960x540, 9CDC483F-152B-4B47-B138-BF47CB…)

The Righteous Gemstones is basically retarded hillbilly Succession and I kind of love it.

No. 181893

File: 1643274322017.gif (2.87 MB, 272x368, arthur.gif)

I sometimes really wanna rewatch merlin but then I think of the ending and how much it pissed me off and then nope out. rinse and repeat.

No. 181896

It couldve been satisfying but people legit reacted to it like its peak comedy

No. 181899

This show is fucking hilarious.

No. 181903

File: 1643276850968.gif (1.73 MB, 408x212, merlin-arthur.gif)

me too, nonny.

No. 181905

I'm still mad but ultimately I only dislike the very end so 99% of it is still worth rewatching.

Man I just adore them, tbh the series itself isn't that great but they are too funny and endearing to not get attached.

No. 181908

seething bitter fujos

No. 181910

lol I'm not even a fujo, I just didn't like the ending because it was really unsatisfying I also wanted morgana come back around

No. 181912

me too. and i wanted merlin and arthur to have more adventures together, but with arthur being open about knowing about merlin's magic. it was just so sad and depressing.

No. 181913

You're the Gwen/Arthur stan who self inserts as Gwen because she's black and flies into a rage at the hint of anyone liking Merlin and Arthur even as friends, right? You have no right to accuse anyone of seething lmao

No. 181920

What ? I just think its ridiculous and pathetic when faghags delude themselves into believing their total real and valid mxm paring will happen
go back to worshipping gay scrotes somewhere else

No. 181923

File: 1643285757768.png (23.15 KB, 400x254, tumblr_9d954a750a758c486785354…)

take your meds and calm down, you're angry over something you made up yourself. no one here said anything about gay shipping. people can enjoy a show or dislike certain parts without being delusional about fandom stuff like ships.

No. 181936

kek I love this description

No. 181951

I just got into succession ( i dont watch much tv) and i found it way better than i expected. the way they depict abusive family dynamics is so good.
I hate tom tho. I hope shiv destroys him

No. 182011

File: 1643322458028.jpeg (949.95 KB, 828x1104, A7247D22-E944-450D-8BBC-DD2C56…)

Is anyone else watching the gilded age (hbo)? I’m excited to see where it goes, and I just love period series and costumes

No. 182188

I am! I loved the first ep, and wasn't sure I would – I never really got into Downton. But fuuuuck I love all the powerhouse actresses they've packed in here, and you're right, the costumes are great. Love Agnes and Ada, love Bertha Russell, love basically every steely over-40s bitch they're going to throw at me, lol. I wasn't sure how I was going to feel about the two young women b/c I find the Henry James innocent ingenue thing boring, but they both have enough grit that I liked them too!

I'm most excited to learn more about the Russells, I think. Really, really curious where Bertha's from, given what she mentioned about her mom.

No. 182609

File: 1643596161002.png (55.23 KB, 640x972, best boy.png)

Nonas, I finished The Sopranos a week ago or so, and I want to rewatch it again as soon as I can. Have any of you seen it? What did you think of it? Who were your favorite characters? Thoughts on the ending?
I love how well-written the women in the show were, even Melfi despite… that episode. She was my favorite character until the Janice pegging episode, which made me become a Janicefag. There's something so appealing for me about unhinged women like her, especially when they were raised by BPD mothers.
Pic related, best boy.

No. 182622

Yessssss nonita!!!! Started it back on 2019 before I think hbomax came out and I had HBO on Hulu lol, but yeah I rewatched it’s so much especially during lockdown!
I love Furio, I kinda wish he would’ve given Carmela the life and love she deserves but god she’s a true faithful mafioso wife sticking by Tony especially at his most despicable!!!
I got my brother to watch it so I’m vicariously rewatching it through him lol
Vito ended up growing on me a lot on my rewatches because ugh toxic masculinity and him exploring his sexuality especially when he runs away from everyone after being caught by meadows bf att just made me more sympathetic to him.
I really loved the ending tbh I feel like Tony (at least what’s implied to me) and his karma finally caught up to him and the anxiety that’s driven up by seeing meadow continuously trying to parallel park made it so much more intense!
Sorry for sperg I really love the sopranos lol

No. 182624

I watched The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window aka TWITHATSFTGITW so you don’t have to…
I get that it’s largely meant to be satire but it seems they couldn’t commit to either satire or actual mystery. So the end result is very jarring piece of content that gives you whiplash between playing it straight and lampshading shit to death. You keep expecting the very obvious mystery tropes to be subverted somehow but alas never that satisfaction. Anyway, the climax was so goofy without being funny that I mentally checked out for most of it. Certified whack, 3/10.

No. 182629

These costumes are gorgeous what the fuck

No. 182634

Parodies/satires almost always turn out to be much shittier than the thing they're mocking, even if that thing is already garbage itself.

No. 182770

Carmela became one of my favorite characters despite her not ending up becoming an empowered girlboss like I wanted her to. The show is great at showing how these women become so dependent on their mob husbands and used to that lifestyle that they just can't get away from it.
My best friend got me to watch the show, so he got to rewatch it through me, and two of my friends are stil watching it, so I'm rewatching through them. It's funny how so many people (in my circles, at least) started watching or rewatching Sopranos a couple of months ago. I guess it's contagious.
I never cared about Vito until his arc in season 6, I actually consider him one of my favorite parts of the season. He could've gotten love and acceptance, but the mob life was too strong and he got pulled back in. Like when Silvio quotes the Godfather… "Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in", except he pulled himself back in. Its a parasitic lifestyle, it becomes such a big part of who you are that you can't get rid of it. I like Meadow and I hope she doesn't end up like Carm, but it seems like she won't be able to leave behind the lifestyle she grew up in. Maybe the moment she rejected Berkeley is when she doomed herself, but Janice moved away too and it didn't save her either.
I find Carmela's character very interesting in the sense that she chose that lifestyle, she wasn't born into it like Janice or Meadow or Adriana, and she sticks to her choice and stays by Tony's side.
I loved the ending too, my heart was beating so hard when Meadow was trying to park. I think it was an amazing ending, and even though a lot of theories point out that they probably did Tony in, I believe that he didn't die. I just prefer thinking that he spent the rest of his years constantly paranoid that someone would come get him, until someone finally came and got him. I hated him by the end of the show, but like the fed, I kinda didn't want to see him die. I wanted to see him suffer the consequences of his actions. Him not dying and having to live in a constant state of paranoia and anxiety due to his own actions. I noticed that a lot of the second half of season 6 was just Tony pushing the people around him away, alienating himself from them.
Pls keep sperging about Sopranos to me, nonna, I love talking about the show. I even got that Talking Sopranos book, lol

No. 182871

I love the sopranos!! I just started it and Im already hooked on it
While I was watching it I couldn’t believe that euphoria is an hbo show… it’s so cheap and pornographic you can’t even hate watch it. it looks like it belongs to netflix but honestly all of the new hbomax shows feel that way
The rise of streaming services might have been a mistake

No. 183370

File: 1643771726393.png (309.22 KB, 502x354, 58439058430.png)

I watched this yesterday thanks to you nonny, I liked it a lot. Obviously full of interesting female characters, but Bertha spoke to me especially at the end when she was quietly sobbing in her bed because hardly anyone came to her lavish party but then she whips up and snarls "I will never give up!" I actually said "fuck yeah" out loud at that point kek. Sometimes we need a good cry but a strong woman never lets anyone keep her down

No. 183382

I loved that too! I love that we see her both in top bitch "I'LL GET MY REVENGE" mode, and "sobbing in my giant pink bed" mode. Can't wait to see a juicy scene with her and Baranski.

No. 183420

File: 1643788795589.jpg (60.56 KB, 1014x570, the-expanse-season-4-Expanse_4…)

super late reply!! but i finally finished s3 and started s4 last night. god, the scenery in ilus is sooo beautiful…

but i hate how all the male characters have heavy beards now. shave it, SHAVE IT.

No. 183429

File: 1643794210614.jpg (134.04 KB, 960x1440, inmyskin.jpg)

I just finished watching In My Skin and I found it fantastic. It's based on the high school life of the writer who hid that her mother had bipolar disorder from everyone she knew. It was a heartbreaking yet touching watch, season 2 is a bit more uplifting. Cherry on top for me is that the MC is also a lesbian and this was really well handled imo

No. 183454

nta but ackshuyally franky started showing more skin later on (mainly around season 6) and eventually stopped looking gnc altogether although from what i heard it's because the actress playing her got tired of binding down her chest.

No. 183524

Like I said, Skins had two directors (a father and a son). Effy was the disgusting coomer father's waifu. He fucked off for a season or two which is how we got Franky, but then he came back and restyled her in Effy's image. There's some podcast episode where Franky's actress talks about how as soon as he came back he looked at her swimsuit for the beach scene in the upcoming season (a modest shorts-style thing), said "not sexy enough" and got them to change it to a bikini. BTW he had all the actresses line up wearing their swimsuits so he could ogle them and decide if they met his standards.

No. 184060

File: 1643926954980.png (777.55 KB, 708x472, 543805843074203.png)

Very late to the party but I started watching this when I needed a distraction. Thought it would be trashy mindless entertainment, and it is, but it's also pretty clever? It is nasty, mostly because of the excessive nudity especially considering the age the characters are supposed to be, but when I allow myself pure "trains colliding" morbid fascination? Then yeah, it's great entertainment. Everyone is a massive fuckup, underhanded, petty, degenerate and pathetically nihilistic, which is why it's enjoyable seeing how badly they can fuck each other over and what stupid schemes they'll get involved in next. Ngl, I also thought ep. 9 in the first season was genuinely touching, which came as a suprise. I'm shocked they stepped away from the shitshow for a full hour to show a conversation in a diner between two characters about drugs, addiction, family, consumerism and life. And frankly it came across very natural.
I do hate that real teenagers probably watch this and think it's normal or what their lives should be, but zoomers are already dealing with porn and social media-induced brainrot we didn't have on this level decades ago. At the very least the show never says "this stuff is great" but focuses on how it's ruining everyone's lives, so if this is what they turn to, it could be worse. As an old hag not taking it seriously, it's just fun drama.

No. 184226

File: 1643974883451.jpg (17.19 KB, 480x600, 92b1621ce61d4a2972639d7056636a…)

"Hrrrngh I need to see her TITS

No. 184717

File: 1644139854374.jpg (88.33 KB, 1024x538, search-party-hed.jpg)

Search Party was wild. The last season in particular was really out there but I kind of liked the ending. I appreciate that I had no idea where this show was going at any given time and recommend going in as blind as you can. I had a good time.

No. 184732

File: 1644150087122.jpg (152.76 KB, 620x420, you-season-3.jpg)

You season 3, seriously what the fuck was anybody thinking with this, the show has completely jumped the shark and I don't even what it's trying to be anymore

Originally it was a dark deconstruction of rom-coms and how a rom-com protagonist IRL would be a delusional obsessive psychopath and actually fucking terrifying
but now with season 3 they have turned into a dark comedy, there no subverting anything really, just making a "quirky" murder show with edgy humor, I actually fucking lost my shit when Sherry and Cary not only escaped from the cage but had a Ted talk about the whole thing in the end and marketed the idea as a form of couple's therapy like wtf was that, literally what point were they trying to make, also getting a tragic backstory for Joe also feels wrong, It takes away from what Joe is supposed to be represent and is making him entirely separate character

No. 184746

I’m curious about this show, any more info without spoiling too much? Also does the main character constantly get treated like shit? I’m looking for something with a female lead but I’m getting tired of them always ending up as the butt of every joke.

No. 184759

File: 1644162338569.jpg (461.33 KB, 1992x1080, victoriapedretti_youseason03ep…)

I didn't like season 2 because of how much they started creating differences between a book and TV Show. My nitpick was TUrning Love into a Mary Sue-tier pick me and deciding to make a twist where his first GF is alive. It's stupid. But I genuinely enjoyed season 3, all because Victoria Pedretti carried the hell out of it. This actress is amazing at playing unhinged characters, seriously.
I didn't like how much they decided to start pandering to SJWtrend, as in who would care about a suddenly blind ginger gay man that is together with a black man, and of course le 'strong black single mother' stereotype. it felt incredibly forced. why? I also do not understand how people liked her, after all both she and Joe were cheating while thinking 'oh no, this is so, so wrong!! I will keep fucking him'. All of the 'main characters' were extremely unlikable..

I still enjoy Joe Goldberg as a character, the actor is great but I am worried about what Netflix is going to do with its 4th season. A lot of things felt like too much and unnecessary. I also agree with the MUH TRAGIC PAST!!! adding.
Also, 'wannabe empowering' tiny speech at the last episode was stupid. What were they trying to do with that? kek, Were they also trying to be 'hip and cool' by adding 'fuck anti-vaxxers' excuse for killing the man instead of making something up? The details of this season felt like they saw some random persons twitter and decided to fill plot holes with their tweets.
Regardless, I still enjoyed S3 because of Love Quinn. too bad they killed her, unless they pull some riverdale-tier shit.
>inb4 Love turns into a lesbian

No. 184763

I really didn't mind Marienne, she felt a character that actually belongs in the show
She is an ideal rom-com love interest, the singe mother librarian with a jerky-ex, If it followed the themes of the first season it could have been interesting rather what we got

No. 184774


I still didn't like how she knew that Joe is unhinged and that they are literally cheating on his wife but they still kept doing that, happy she grew a brain and left in the end. Honestly was hoping she wouldn't allow the cheating part, other than that she's good. Still wondering if she will take a part of the new season. And I agree, she would have fit the first season better.

No. 184778

were you really invested in Joe x Love, its in character for Joe to cheat and lose interest in women when he has them

No. 184788

also they've made Joe way less creepy and delusional then he was compared to Season 1, If he's not a creepy obsessive stalker then what's the point
I feel this is just a way to pander to the demographic who watches You to hear Joe being "sassy

No. 184800

Main character makes it a personal mission to attempt to find a missing girl. I think Dory (Alia Shawkat's character) is a pretty interesting protagonist for a female lead. The show is a comedy but she's never particularly the butt of any jokes.

No. 184860

No, I wasn't. I meant as in I was hoping that the woman wouldn't fall for him and cheat together (but of course, Netflix can't make a show without sex scenes). She literally knew what they were doing is wrong.

No. 184879

pretty sure love was a mary sue in the book too, same with the zombie girlfriend. It's fucking shit tacked on You because it was the author's one hit wonder

No. 185153

File: 1644294317504.png (2.35 MB, 1920x1080, Hornblower 1 - The Even Chance…)

started watching this and now i have a new crush. why don't men like horatio exist irl

No. 185176

File: 1644304614631.jpg (82.7 KB, 620x386, buffy_9.jpg)

rewatching pic related for like the 5th time. genuinely my favorite show of all time.

No. 185246

Shit I was thinking about rewatching it too haha

No. 185253

i like angel just a little bit more tbh. westley's arc, lorne, fred, the ending, wolfram & hart, it's a mess but i like so many small parts of it. the whole connor storyline and cordelia's weird ass pregnancy bullshit and knowing what whedon was doing behind the scenes to charisma… there's downsides too. but it wins me over. i think buffy went on a bit too long. i also struggle with my enjoyment of dollhouse… i wish i could enjoy shows without having to wrestle with knowing what the scrotes wo make them are like

No. 185365

File: 1644402299578.jpg (164.74 KB, 630x1200, MV5BMjIzNTEzMDY3OF5BMl5BanBnXk…)

I just finished watching all 6 seasons of The Americans, and I don't get why this show wasn't more popular or at least talked about.

I liked the ending, even though usually I hate loose endings I think it left enough for the audience to draw their conclusions. Anyone here who watched it?

No. 185367

It was very popular when it came out

No. 185371

Where could I watch Buffy in good quality? The streaming sites I checked on it's really pixellated

No. 185373

Try soap2day or moviecrumbs, it looks fine there.

No. 185377

omg yesss thank you!!

No. 185416

I didn’t mind his last in s1(and 2) i can’t remember much of it but with his caretaker being abusive, he’s mom dating abusive men, and her leaving him all added up to it making sense hee a creepy BPD guy who projects onto women

No. 185554

File: 1644490937860.jpeg (47.44 KB, 480x640, 07C8D890-0B6B-4614-A78E-F47768…)

reruns of fawlty towers are currently playing on tv. i watched this show as a kid and thought it was so funny. it still is but i get so much anxiety watching it now because every episode slowly builds up to a massive calamity so i can’t really watch it anymore

No. 185562

I still feel giving Joe a set backstory is a mistake, giving him one sets him up as a character and not what he's supposed to represent and in the first novel It was only vaguely implied that he had an abusive home life and we were left to wonder what happened to him to make that way
sometimes less is more

No. 185609

go do your homework, Lara

No. 185610

No. 185613

Go away you're fat

No. 185725

File: 1644540535287.png (363.45 KB, 715x501, FD05573D-EBD7-4D6A-BF61-2DCC4E…)

Sopranos nonitas- I forgot to ask this earlier when we got sperg about it together but did you watch many saints of Newark?
I didn’t because I was waiting for my brother to finish the series but by the time he did the movie was off hbomax - so I’m wondering what your opinions are on it?
my brother told me melfi is dead and they retcon a lot of things in the movie?! I was so upset to hear that!!! And they made silvio older than he was when he met Tony??

No. 185877

File: 1644604391811.jpeg (111.88 KB, 1280x720, 2D5F4AA8-1928-43F8-A5DE-A8050E…)

This is on Discovery+ has anyone watched it? It’s like To Catch A Predator but more modern. I feel like everyone is so bad at tracking down the pedosI swear farmers could track these guys down within a day. Also Roo does looks 28+ even with all the photoshop I can’t believe scrotes fall for this.
They do so good work it makes me happy that some of these predators have been arrested. But I wonder why the predators from the New England area never get arrested or confronted by the police it’s so odd.

No. 185922

File: 1644616911836.jpg (22.74 KB, 470x431, 284648_143274999085827_1287549…)

I've gotten so into watching Frasier over the pandemic. It's comfy and funny, and Niles is so cute.

No. 185924

It's getting so insane and I can't wait for each new episode. I need a showdown between Kelvin's gang and Jessie's gang.

No. 185933

I started watching The Great. I only got 2 episodes in, I'm not a fan of dark humor but I was going to stick with it because I liked the show overall and it did have some really funny moments but something so disgusting/horrific happened in episode 2 I'm actually scared to keep watching

No. 185934

Ugh, it's hard to guess what is that exactly about from just reading the synopsis; I was thinking of trying out this show but I may not if it's not just harmless dark humor, thanks for the warning anon

No. 185935

Was it the beard thing anon or? I finished it a few months back and really liked it overall, but if whatever happened in episode two was enough to turn you away you would probably not enjoy the rest of the show considering it only gets darker

No. 185937

In case you haven’t seen this

No. 185938

No, it was the part with the heads. Basically there were severed, rotting heads sitting around, and they picked them up and started popping the eyes out. Considering it only gets darker I probably won't be continuing on with it.

No. 185940

File: 1644620080695.jpeg (366.99 KB, 2560x1883, B7B77D48-FFD0-4907-9C43-5CEDF5…)

A friend once told me if I was like Kramer. I’ve never seen Seinfeld, so can someone give me a summary of his schtick so I can figure out what my friend could have been meaning by that?

No. 185953

Kek, they meant you were a less schizo (but still schizo) Charlie Kelly. Kramer is just a weird character.

No. 185955

Oh okay yes i remember that. i’m sorry you won’t be able to continue but yeah iirc the second season has worst moments.

No. 185965

I haven't watched either in a long time but personally I think Kramer seems like more of a schizo

No. 185981

Nonita!!! I love this show, its probably my favorite show ever. I watched it when I was a kid and it was still airing, and I finished watching it with some fags from /tv/ who were streaming the finale (a bit shameful, I know, but I didn't know anyone into the show back then). I loved the ending too, I grew very attached to the characters after watching it for 4 or 5 years, and I still tear up when I listen to that U2 song…

No. 186005

He's a nutjob that somehow gets good results out of his crazy schemes. More than meets the eye but still a nutcase and kinda lazy

No. 186025

File: 1644646625519.jpg (120.11 KB, 1400x1050, 22074_261253379643_7335158_n.j…)

No. 318460

i'm obsessed with yellowjackets right now. i guess i missed the hype train though because there's no reason for every tag i check for it to be totally dead

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