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File: 1641065441772.jpg (1.22 MB, 2048x1266, bwaybey.jpg)

No. 176772

All GI related discussion, salt, metas and rants go here.

> Genshin Impact is a free-to-play action role-playing game developed and published by miHoYo. The game features a fantasy open world environment and action based battle system using elemental magic, character switching and uses gacha game monetization for players to obtain new characters, weapons, and other resources.

>Redeem codes without having to log on https://genshin.mihoyo.com/en/gift
>Check your spiral abyss data https://webstatic-sea.hoyolab.com/app/community-game-records-sea/m.html
>Wish simulator (feat. old banners) https://gi-wish-simulator.uzairashraf.dev/
>Wish counter with some pull statistics https://paimon.moe/
>Damage calculator https://genshinimpactcalculator.com/genshinCalc.html
>Build simulator https://www.gscale.cc/
>Database filled with pretty much everything found in game https://genshin.honeyhunterworld.com/

previous thread: >>>/m/163970

No. 176774

I love the OP picture so much I want to cry

No. 176776

Okay why the fuck do you keep creating threads way too fucking early? Kill yourself you’re insufferable

No. 176777

go outside kek.

No. 176778

What artifact sets are you using for Gorou and what stats are you piling up for him? He's full support but at c0 none of his stats really scale the buffs so I'm a bit lost on how to build him. I keep finding conflicting takes and I don't know which way to go with him.

No. 176780

says the one who keeps making threads 100 posts early, read the fucking rules bitch

No. 176790

File: 1641070450704.png (105.28 KB, 344x348, faggotdog.png)

best to use eosf imo. he needs 200%ish er anyways plus all his damage comes from his burst. damage isn't much but it's there. 4no or 4instructor work too but not useful if you aren't using a team that goes something like albedo-gorou-xingqiu-pyro. 4husk good for damage also.

stats depend on your weapon and how much healing you want from him if you're c4+ but you always want to be around 200% er. good crit is needed with favonius bow. muh c6 eosf gorou's burst paw prints do 10k but his heals are dookie.

No. 176822

Thread too early and OP pic kinda shit tbh

No. 176823

What happened to the whole Honey Hunter drama? Wasn't it going to go down or something? I remember the troon in charge having a meltdown but the drama just sizzled and the site seems the same to me

No. 176902

File: 1641151165171.jpg (226.77 KB, 1386x774, 1636154570988.jpg)

No. 176914

File: 1641155159927.jpeg (82.84 KB, 1080x810, 40C2C2C9-98D8-4919-B26A-D572A7…)

I’ve had Albedo for a while and honestly he’s worth the hype. I’m so glad I saved for him. I just want Itto next.

No. 176916

File: 1641156509101.jpg (10.61 KB, 275x206, The smoke.jpg)

Ai, CJ.
I'm trying to get some dip for my order, but this wack-ass mother fucker waerin some anime bullshit is pissen me off.
Get your ass over here and help me

No. 176994

has anyone else having issues with the game?mine isn't major, i just can't get the freemogems from shenhe's web event.a friend of mine told me the game has issues probably due to the fact they moved their servers to Singapore

No. 176995

Did you make sure the event sent them to the right server?

No. 177024

lol idk
but anyway I found a way I logged in with the mihoyo account instead of the UID and there were no issues

No. 177116

>mihoyo would rather kill a wholesone gay ship for a shitty het incest one
a true scrote company until the end holy shit

No. 177117

who is shipping chongyun with shenhe? hetfags hate characters like her. they never cared about chongyun in the first place. unless you were talking about autopedo guys…?

No. 177119

According to her character trailer Shenhe is related to Chongyun (either his aunt or some other older female relative) so degen mommyfags are creaming their pants over hot incest shota ship. Hetfags love to moralize over fujos but then jump abroad disgusting shit like this. Whichever the case I don't doom over Chongyun x Xingqiu being ruined for me because seriously now, Shenhe is literally related to Chongyun and at least a decade older than him, they talked during her trailer and that's it. That's like shipping Albedo and Klee or shit kek

No. 177120

I went on the official weibo post and all the comments are like "uwu this is so spicy incest shota auntie big tits" and "some people marry their relatives it's normal". Didn't help that they included that useless scene where she touches his forehead on purpose, meanwhile when was the last time we got m/m pandering in this game…?

No. 177121

>when was the last time we got m/m pandering in this game…?
itto and gorou? the banner that went down about 2 hours ago, ring a bell? ayrt is right don't doompost it's cringe.

No. 177122

Itto's whole story quest was a pretty good one, even though I don't ship Ittokuya. Anyway I agree with >>177121 doomposting like that is cringe, Shenhe touching Chongyun's forehead was just to cheaply pander to all the mommy milker suckers so they could self-insert to him and coom to the fantasy of sexy auntie touching them. They're absolutely not meant to be a couple, that's a hetfag cope.

No. 177123

not in the trailer, not in the story quest, gorou doesn't even know who itto is. if you didn't read itto's voicelines you'd have no clue he likes miss hina especially when they'd rather push ittosara

No. 177124

I guess mihoyo simply isn't allowed to feature 2 male characters in a trailer or the ccp will strangle them

No. 177125

Posting the video here since previous anons didn't. But yeah I really feel like it's doomposting to say that Xinqiu x Chongyun is over because of this interaction. There is literally nothing romantic happening in the video?

No. 177126

a lot of the shenhe/chongyun fanart comes from women so yeah…

No. 177127

And? Most hetfags are women. Men just imagine themselves fucking the female characters.

No. 177128

it's just weird how they ship anything as long as it's woman and man. even if i were a hetfag, i'd still dislike some pairing tropes especially shota coomerbait

No. 177129

>How to say the only piece of chinese media you consume is Genshin without outright saying it

And most of it's similar to cute art of Albedo and Klee, not horny. I'm looking forward to next week when everyone's already forgotten about her nonetheless, her design deeply repulses me. It has everything to do with why you tards are interpreting any art that features those two as lewd ship art.

No. 177130

It's not that weird, a lot of female fans have been memed into presenting as uwu sapphics stanning mommy queens and their big milkers and how acting like a disgusting male roach about it is somehow peak feminism. And like >>177129 said most of it is pretty innocent and "auntie protecting her cute nephew" themed family art, just wait until all the male MILF coomer fanartists get their hands on this.

No. 177131

File: 1641293007219.jpeg (174.75 KB, 950x1150, 151B6328-AF50-4178-901A-38FFB4…)

Hetfags will be hetfags. I also believe it's all about where you look. Reddit? Incest shipping and hetfagging will be prevalent. Checking the Chongyun hashtag on Twitter? Still filled with Xingqiu x Chongyun shipping and fan art.

No. 177146

File: 1641304374477.jpg (49.91 KB, 640x512, gbh5g1c97n981.jpg)

all of you calling the teaser video with chongyun pandering are exaggerating.as >>177125 said,nothing romantic happened.it looked pretty normal.now if retarded coomers look at it differently,it's another story

anyway enjoy this leak of yae miko's pastry plate,umm i mean, signature weapon

No. 177147

File: 1641304635209.jpeg (96.1 KB, 1024x570, 40B4F71D-14BA-4D0D-9E6B-0702D3…)

>pastry plate
Kek. Here’s her ult.

No. 177148

this looks cool ngl,but i HATE her smug look ugh

i have a friend wondering why i dont like her since she was the one to call out ei and shit and yea she did that but she was one of the few ei wouldnt fucking dematerialise with her sword.i dont even remember what she was saying in her lines but almost everything was triggering and pissing me off lol.just because she isnt a kind hardworking waifu like jean,ganyu etc she has a "personality

No. 177149

lmao im a retard meant to reply to >>177147

No. 177151

Yae looks interesting, but they should be showing us Ayato right around the start of 2.5. I hope he won't be wearing some ugly suit and that they'll give him a pretty face.

Why are you typing like that

No. 177152

The only time I liked Yae was when she called Baal out for acting like a kid hiding in her room. But that was the only moment, I felt like she was so smug and didn't actually seem to care about anything that was happening. But I hate most Inazuma characters including Traveler for just accepting Baals bullshit and not chasing her and Sara out of Inazuma after all the shit they have done.

Also her weapon really does look like a pastry plate, i first thought those little bells were cupcakes kek.

I'm hyped to see Ayato, he better have a good design. I really hope he won't wear a western like suit

No. 177155

>Why are you typing like that
like what kek.idk if you mean lowercase or just the sentences as they are but i just didnt feel like forming my sentences with a better structure and just wrote as i thought.since it makes me stand out imma stop kek

No. 177158

I liked genshin more before they went full on sexy onee-san ~ara ara~ pandering. I really despise this trope, even moreso than moe and tsundere

No. 177160

This retarded, punchable face… You can really tell she was one of the ones that came from honkai. She has that Vtuber feel.

No. 177161

Who cares damn ship your ship and don't even read what scrotes say

No. 177162

Lisa has been in the game since the beginning, it's always been there.

No. 177163

NTA but Lisa wasn't as offensive because she had other things going for her than the ara ara oneesan trope, she was more of a scary librarian and the characterization of a bored office lady who's bored with her job. Overall the female characters in the beginning were much less coomerish, at least Lisa didn't have the gigantic tits and rubber ass that Shenhe does

No. 177164

lisa does have the same giant tits and a boring personality. I think a better argument is at least she was the only one until inazuma.

No. 177165

It was just lisa at the time so I didn't mind, it's not like she was that relevant either. Now we've got two 5* onee-sans back to back

No. 177167

File: 1641312676829.png (263.85 KB, 341x914, Character_Lisa_Game.png)

What are you talking about? Her model's tits are like the half of the size given to Shenhe.

No. 177168

no? they look the exact same size in game.

No. 177180

File: 1641319430501.jpeg (283.95 KB, 736x517, me @ all genshin waifus.jpeg)

>the retarded punchable face
This. Power to your autism sister

No. 177183

Lisa has the mad scientist thing going for her. It would've been cooler if Shenhe's design were less ara ara and more seasoned warrior. You can definitely see she's related to Chongyun from her movesets. Better yet just make her his estranged mom. I feel like Genshin could benefit from a parent-child duo that work well together.

No. 177186

File: 1641324369394.jpeg (235.44 KB, 1496x1246, 43E4EFF4-370C-40A2-8A69-153C88…)

It’s not fair we get to meet Chongyun’s relative but she’s a big booba mommy milker waifu. I wish she had a loose outfit kek.

No. 177187

File: 1641325661365.jpg (Spoiler Image,44.49 KB, 640x476, n68g2q2hso981.jpg)

On the topic of mommy milker waifus, guess who the new weekly boss is.

Can we just go to Sumeru now? Inb4 "it's all downhill from here," I genuinely don't think it can get worse than v2.x. Inazuma was always the least interesting nation. We got a few cool things out of it like Tsurumi, the upcomong Enkanomiya, and the dog boy but aside from those it's wack puzzles, an embarrassingly lame civil war plot, and half-assed characters all the way. It relied so heavily on using the "soyface* weebland!" appeal as a crutch to generate hype as well as surplus horny.

No. 177188

>The new weekly boss is another big booba vtuber looking waifu instead of a monster or a husbando
Legitimately makes me want to kys myself, they should've just kept this shit to honkai. I liked Inazuma as a map, the puzzles, and world quests were fun although the Archon quest sucked ass big time, but I just can't be excited for Enkanomiya and this leak made it even worse. Sumeru better not have a loli archon, time to sperg out like a psycho bitch in the feedback forms.

No. 177199

File: 1641329782815.png (452.2 KB, 1024x514, shenhebeta.png)

I don't think we were ever going to get a loose outfit, but at least she used to be more covered up. The current design is coomer cringe.

No. 177212

That would be adorable and that's how I picture Zhongli with Xiao and Ganyu. I like family relationships shown in gacha. Jean and Barbara are too distant.

No. 177217

File: 1641338060784.jpeg (93.01 KB, 1200x560, A8994148-070C-45AF-BCFE-EF183F…)


No. 177219

we won

No. 177222

coomer scrotes put on suicide watch kek

No. 177223

In my opinion Chongyun x Xinyan and Xingqiu x Hu Tao are more logical ships. It's a shame they're not popular (tbh I've never seen them at all).
I think ship happened not because forehead touching, but because Chongyun reaction for saving him.

No. 177224

>Chongyun x Xinyan and Xingqiu x Hu Tao are more logical ships.
This has to be a troll

No. 177227

Nah. If we're talking about Chongyun and Xinyan then they're both high emotional and energetic. Xinyan loved true Chongyun personality. I imagine that she will help him to accept his true self.
As for Xingqiu and Hu Tao, they're both rich upper class citizens, very intelligent but love silliness and pranking. They're created for each other.

No. 177231

File: 1641342511269.jpg (324.12 KB, 1238x2048, 20220104_182017.jpg)

aww scrotes were so excited to get cute boys like venti, gorou, and xingqiu booted they didn't notice that porn shit was what the ccp was really after kekekekekek god bless the authoritarianism!

No. 177232

File: 1641342591068.jpg (275.84 KB, 1186x2048, 20220104_182807.jpg)

we even get a free 1200 primos! and this likely means there won't be many more ott lewd outfits from here on out. shenhe's design may be changed in the future too.

No. 177233

Hoooooly shit is this for real?! This is gonna be insane. Imagine all the merch that has the wrong outfits now kek. Can't wait for the massive wave of scrotes quitting Genshin! I'm so excited nonnies!

I guess we can forever forget about Venti's slutty archon skin ever happening now though.

No. 177234

They’re probably going by region too. So liyue will definitely get redesigns.

No. 177235

File: 1641342888794.jpg (86.05 KB, 1200x560, FIQshTNUYAUSiV_.jpg)

The Mona looks horrible imo, like a shitty Eula recolour. I don't really understand why Amber needed to be censored but Jean and Rosaria are definite improvements.

No. 177236

NA, Europe, and Japan from what I understand are keeping the OG outfits anon, these are just being made mandatory for China.

No. 177237

Oh I see. Fuck now I'm disappointed again kek

No. 177240

File: 1641343397862.jpg (112.01 KB, 679x598, FISxrQcXsAUzEQc.jpg)

Relevant post for proof.

No. 177241

Pretty sure it’s also optional for us to have as well?

No. 177242

Yeah, they'll be released for free for other regions to be picked from.

No. 177243

File: 1641344106360.png (Spoiler Image,1.02 MB, 1918x746, 1536adc153ee3a1225537adc0bfa45…)

they are probably censoring her butt cheeks

No. 177244

You know I was just thinking the other day that monstadt designs need to be updated because they honestly look low quality compared to the new models. If you look at Barbara’s hair and compare it to her summer skin you’ll see the difference in quality.

No. 177245

Ah I guess this makes sense. I wonder if Fischl is getting censored later down the line, there's no way her design's okay if Mona's getting censored.

No. 177246

File: 1641345240416.jpeg (602.05 KB, 960x1345, B04000C6-3D97-42FD-A99D-489A07…)

Mm yes the salt

No. 177248

feels amazing man. now the thread won't be cluttered up with complaints about the girl designs. horny time is over, give up your dicks.

No. 177251

go post this in the cuckchan thread, faggit. I can assure you that trannies of all people are reeing alongside you limpdicked losers.

No. 177253

File: 1641347626951.jpeg (1010.89 KB, 3464x3464, EE4362D1-1870-4685-A77E-51F1B9…)

Mona’s new outfit is the only one that doesn’t really make any sense, I don’t know, maybe I’m just used to the tights, but the socks with the weird long blouse is quite fugly, and it doesn’t seem to be censoring the buttocks.
Wouldn’t the design have made more sense if they’ve given her some sort of shorts over the tights, blackout the sheer parts, and that was it?
But I like the vest of the new outfit, it’s cute, so I wouldn’t mind if they managed to mix the old and the new design, but that’s never happening of course.

No. 177256

nooo those are too cute not my occasional cutscene fanservice

No. 177257

It’s literally some shitty shading, get some taste.

No. 177258

File: 1641348257331.png (282.68 KB, 390x882, XM6Ijbk.png)

Mona looks terrible. All they had to do was give her a skirt. Now there's way too much going on. She looks like a devianart OC now

No. 177261

File: 1641348771469.jpg (101.93 KB, 1062x1200, Bdbxfu0.jpg)

sameanon, the shorts/jumpsuit make her look like she's cosplaying as amber or eula like another anon mention. might've been easier to make it a dress but they just had to give her the basic anime thigh highs.

No. 177263

Now that I think about, Mona does have the second shittiest design after shenhe. There’s nothing that could save it, she was made for the coomers to waifu her. She needs a whole ass new design tbh.

No. 177264

On the bottom it does indicate that the designs aren’t final. They’re just concepts and hopefully this isn’t Mona’s final form kek. Like other anons say she’d be cuter in a skirt.

No. 177265

The shorts and socks are terrible, rip.

No. 177266

I seriously hope we finally get something decent.

No. 177269

I dunno, I always kinda liked mona's design but still hate others like Eula, Shenhe, Ganyu, Yae, etc. A decent design is there it's just encrypted with horni and of course the horni designers don't know how to properly remove it.

Man the triggered scrote spamming the thread is making me kek, they're seething hard over this. Can't wait for the next wave, especially the part where it doesn't hit Venti, Xingqiu, Itto, or Gorou.

No. 177274

File: 1641350205155.png (564.63 KB, 960x526, 36A29409-8AA5-4710-A990-F86873…)

This is so fucking funny kek. All this because we won in the end.

No. 177280

File: 1641350734925.gif (31.54 KB, 112x112, 3b9cb9ca-14df-4363-8791-b9ac83…)

thank you to the janny thats cleaning up here so fast. ily

No. 177283

File: 1641350876399.jpeg (228.37 KB, 960x529, B9A4EFD6-F84B-43E4-9E9C-BDC66E…)

I’ve also heard that Chinese players are ddossing the servers? Not sure how true that is but we’ll see kek.

No. 177284

that was linked to some p5 thread lmao gigtards fall for anything

No. 177287

File: 1641352613471.png (2.15 MB, 1732x3464, monaedit.png)

I was making a shitty edit but these already look significantly better, sage for edit autism

No. 177288

File: 1641352827988.png (314.77 KB, 483x476, qzaxq0ahds981.png)

KEK this is the official temp fix live on cn server right now

No. 177291

File: 1641355572601.jpeg (75.02 KB, 1024x565, 06004FD4-CA28-4812-BD7B-611289…)

Kek it’s real

No. 177294


ewwwww honestly preferred the weird eula jumpsuit one this is just ugly

No. 177298

This is so fucking ugly, major kek! All the Chinese moid coomers must be fuming right now.
I think anon’s edit looks miles better than whatever is Mehoeyo trying to do.

No. 177301

But why? The redesigns honestly look worse. They can de-coomerfy them but still have them look different.
If it's only for China then is the CCP censoring really real?

No. 177306

Amber is the only one I prefer because the frilly shorts are cute. No idea why they changed her gloves to white though.
Jean's looks nice and regal but also doesn't feel like 'Jean' to me, because hers is optional for people off the China server that also means she has two skins now.
Rosawhateveriforgothernametbh looks the worst. It looks messy and blends together too much to me.
Mona's hat looks slightly better but her outfit is also kinda a mess imo.

No. 177307

I didn't see. Was it just some scrote sperging?

No. 177309

He was spamming the tranny copy pasta kek. Doesn’t know the site is 99.9% women and a sprinkle of fags.

No. 177310

lmao this totally took me by surprise.Shame the redesigns are meh.Like for some reason I thought Mona wearing some sort of semi-transparent puffy pants that became opaque around the crotch area would be nice but idk if that would even look good overall kek.
Wish they give Hutao long pants like Zhongli's she would look great

Why the redesigns happened now tho?

No. 177312

I already played the new jade chamber quest. Shenhe is alright but I hate playing as her. She feels too slippery to control and not fun.

No. 177314

>If it's only for China then is the CCP censoring really real?
Yes, the changes are mandatory for the Chinese server. This seems to be an older mandate that's just now being enforced. Shouldn't include anything against the pretty boys, they care more about actual traps, softcore porn, and violence. Mihoyo recently moved the rights to Genshin to Singapore to try an escape this but they have a huge target on their back right now because of how popular Genshin is so it might have been in vain.

No. 177316

Love Jean's new outfit LET'S GOOOOOO

No. 177317

This, I'm laughing my ass off at all the scrotes breaking their brains over muh coomershit being taken away, waifufags truly are a cancer on this earth. Mona's original design was the worst before Shenhe showed up and I couldn't be happier that it's being changed to something better. It's not like it's being forced on international servers either, it's only the CN ones so what the fuck are they even crying about? They're barely censoring any skin, if anything they look a lot better than the original cumbrain designs.

No. 177318

>Chongyun and Xingqiu literally symbolize the sides of yin and yang
>Both call each other their closest friends
>Both are integral parts of each others' story lines
>Xingqiu runs around saving Chongyun from his own naivety and pays his debts just because he likes him so much
>Their playing style is created to support each other
>They're always together in every event
>They carry the amulets they made for each other
>no it's actually hu tao x xingqiu and chongyun x xinyan that are the true couples i wonder why nobody is drawing them tho??
kek hetfag copes are hilarious

No. 177324

I'm not coping. I don't like homosexual ships, cause it feels "wrong" and not canon for me. Chongyun and Xingqiu really just close friends for me. Tbh I'm not into shipping, so I don't understand why some people losing their minds over fictional relations of fictional characters. Like your own ship, but in my teapot they will be together.

No. 177326

>xingqiu bullies chongyun so much he complains
>xingqiu drags chongyun around liyue for his own amusement and lets chongyun think it's his fault they never see ghosts because he's too autistic to just say he wants to hang out with him and lies to him constantly instead
>hu tao and xingqiu have collabed on poetry together
>hu tao and xingqiu could also be each other's yin and yang
None of the ships are canon, they'll all be equally teased. Xingqiu's a shitty bully to Chongyun tho.

No. 177327

well at least you admit to being homophobic instead of trying to spin it around as a different flavour of wokeness so kudos to you for that I guess

>ignores the multiple times their story lines talk about them having actual deep discussions together meaning they have actual friendship instead of xingqiu being just a mean booly
>ignores that albedo and xingqiu also collaborate on his books so that would also make albedo x xingqiu totally logical and canon

No. 177328

At the end of the day that's chongyun's fault for being retarded and bulliable. And hu tao has never interacted with them outside bios, as the anon who replied to you said they're no more "teased" than albeqiu.

>>hu tao and xingqiu could also be each other's yin and yang

First of all… how? Second of all chongyun is the character associated with yang energy, which is the only reason why xingqiu representing yin is relevant.

Really if either of the two were female this argument wouldn't even be happening.

No. 177333

Omg I fucking love Jean her outfit, i'm a sucker for women in suits and I'm so glad I don't have to look at Mona's ass anymore. Rosaria finally resembles a nun. We fucking won girls.

I do not like the new thigh high socks and a skirt would have been better yeah.

CCP has being going all out lately on media like movies, tv shows and also games. Also Genshin is one of the most popular games that's from China so they see the game as something that reflects on there culture and believes or something.

No. 177334

Jean's outfit is so good!! I might actually like playing as her now. Overall I think these are way better than the originals, even though Mona looks weird.

No. 177335

imagine caring about what people ship in a gacha game. who cares about what's canon if you have fanfics and fanart?

No. 177336

I guess the ship being "canon" makes it superior for them in some way

No. 177337

>insists for multiple posts that the gay ships ain't real and chongyun is actually totally attracted to xinyan and xingqiu and hu tao are fucking during poetry recitals
>gets btfo'd by lore facts

No. 177338

But I'm not… If I'm not fujo, it automatically makes me homophobe? I just get used to heterosexual relationships in media, so anything else feels unusual.

No. 177339

ngl anon considering homosexual relationships inferior because they're "unusual" and "wrong" to you is textbook homophobia.

No. 177340

File: 1641385145426.png (54.82 KB, 657x718, Untitled.png)

>3D girls being covered is BLATAND SEXISM
against coomer males ofc

lmao imagine pulling for the design.When I pulled for Itto I actually tried him first to see if I like how he plays.And if his titties got censored it wouldn't be the end of the world.Moids are ridiculous

No. 177341

Just because they feel unusual to you doesn't mean that they're any less canon (and superior, apparently). Officially there are no canon ships involving Chonqyun and Xingqiu. What's true is that we do see them together the most and their mechanics are made to compliment each other a bit. Does that mean that they're the canon ship? No. But it does make a possible ship between them more "natural", as in it may make a bit more sense because they're together a lot in the story. Something like Xinyan and Chongyun seems like it's pulled out of someone's ass because we don't see them interact.

No. 177344

I'm NTA but I agree with them. Shippers who go on and on like this are annoying. Agree to disagree.

No. 177345

I don't think there's anything wrong with pulling just for design, especially late game when you can clear the abyss and by that point gameplay gets tiring and repetitive to a lot of people. I wonder if the CCP censoring them has something to do with the declining birth rates??

No. 177348

>declining birth rates
OT but I thought that was what they wanted some years ago? Now they want everyone to have kids left and right?

No. 177349

I mean, they’re not selling the design though, they’re selling a character with a set of skills that will help you with the game. If this game was about the designs, this would be love nikki, not Genshin impact.
It’s like saying you’re getting scammed because apple changed the layout’s design of their phones, and I’m pretty sure that there’s something in the terms of service as well that tells you that shit happens and sometimes they have to change the designs of shit.

No. 177350

It's because of both the declining birthrates and fear of foreign influences. CCP wants to get rid of feminine boys so that Chinese men wouldn't be "ruined" and that women would settle for the worthless incels instead of lusting after good looking male celebrities.

This, meta has always been the most important thing people pull for in Genshin. Combat is such a big part of the game that people will skip a good design if their skillset is shit.

No. 177351

No. Homophobia is hating gay people. I don't hate gay people.
Also when I first typed about more logical ships I needed to add "to me" or something. I really didn't want to start another fujo vs hetfag argument.

No. 177352

>gay people are okay as long as they aren't homosexual! I'm not homophobic btw
kek I guess thinking of interracial relationships as "wrong" and "unusual" and considering them inferior to monoracial ships even if they made more sense lore wise isn't racist either if you just remember to say you don't hate people from other races. Just take your L and go already, this is embarrassing

No. 177353

This "Changing the appearance is scamming" argument is so fucking disgusting to me. They say outright that they only care about looks and it really just goes to show that coomers couldn't care less if a female character is interesting or well written or not. The same argument was used when Rosaria's chest size was changed before release. I still can't pinpoint why exactly it disturbed me so much, it just did. I know these are basically just products but they called it "False advertising" and said how they won't give Mihoyo another cent and complained how this is akshually also a loss for women because now big chested ones won't be represented (and as we all know that's the only representation that women will care about. Seeing someone with similar boob size). I hope they die mad about it

No. 177355

It's blatant dishonesty at its core. They are mad that they're being given boundaries and they're lowkey being shamed for being horny cumbrains treating female characters like flesh sacks, not because creations are being censored or due to "false advertising". If Mihoyo pulled the plug on Ayato and never released him they wouldn't be screaming about being scammed because it's only the female players who want him in the game. None of them gave a shit when the dendro archon was suddenly changed into a female due to "translation errors", if anything they were calling people complaining about the husbandos to waifus ratio of the archons "woman haters" and "misogynists".

No. 177357

The whole
>changed the dendro archon gender
Bullshit is a cope, the dendro archon is still a guy, people are misreading the fucking game because they’re all manifesting an overpowered goddess who happens to be a little girl.

No. 177359

I can honestly see Mihoyo go either way with this, but just because that archon is the current youngest/newest doesn't mean it'll have to be a little girl since archons age differently and can change their looks, like Venti being one of the oldest despite his appearance. I wish they could get their translations right consistently, it's so annoyingly confusing for no good reason. But even if the next archons are all going to be female, there will still be plenty of other new interesting characters, or at least I hope so.

No. 177360

File: 1641392530345.jpeg (266.77 KB, 841x593, FE427D60-1E79-408D-960D-C18696…)

Based as fuck women for reporting coomer shit.

No. 177361

wait, doesn't this ban raise the possibility of dendro archon being a guy? or at least if we do get a little girl archon she will get to be actual kid instead of another loli coomer bait?

No. 177363

Come on, there’s no way the people in charge of the whole censorship things didn’t notice how the outfits look like, just play for a few minutes and you can see Noelle’s ass.
I wouldn’t be surprised if some turbo autist Chinese moids were to attack random women because of the censorship, so put me in the caps when some news article comes around.
And hell, even if they focused on solely the “Chinese representatives” you know, the Liyue characters, you got ningguang showing off her lacy shorts which can be considered underwear, Beidou with basically underwear, Shenhe wearing whatever the fuck is she supposed to be wearing, and goat bitch with the prototype of Shenhe’s outfit.
Those are quite scandalous since the Chinese government wants to have a spotless representation outside, and let’s be honest, they were testing the waters with goat bitch’s outfit, they didn’t expect Shenhe to cause such an uproar.
My guess is that maybe we will get the supposed beta design as the censored outfit for Shenhe.

No. 177364

File: 1641393446588.jpeg (222.71 KB, 851x1309, 33090C06-CA57-4DFB-9997-245E44…)

I think the dendro archon is a guy, but for plot reasons, he will get replaced by the lesser god kussani who will surely be a little girl.

No. 177366

God I fucking love seeing coomers lose their minds over not being able to see the ass of their fictional waifu kekeke
Also to me the alternative outfits are so much more interesting than the originals. It's always fun to me seeing what they come up with in terms of clothes/decorations, and it seems like they're putting in a little more effort into designing them instead of just going "let's just show boobs and ass and slap on some tattered clothes, it will sell anyway". And maybe this will drive Mihoeyo to write interesting female characters, since women who aren't running around in their underwear don't appeal to coomers anymore. Finally the armpit fetishist will go fuck himself. I will gladly marry Jean with the black shirt, she's gorgeous.

I think the archon is a guy but is disguised as a woman or during the story he'll be replaced by the lesser god who's a loli girl.

No. 177370

Wasn't that screenshot fanart and not actual genshin art?

No. 177371

>They are going for Shenhe and Ganyu next
Absolutely based queens. But like >>177363 is saying the chinese moids probably just want to blame women and now they're probably harrasing these girls like crazy. I hope this group of women they target there "anger" towards will be alright.

But I really do hope Ganyu will get an alternate skin because I hate her coomer outfit but I like her design and gameplay. Also she is the only 5 star female character i have besides the standard ones kek.

Yeah it's fanart, i dont think mihoyo will have the balls to make an archon a dark skinned character or male

No. 177372

>female players reported coomer designs to the authorities
Based Chinese husbandofags, your seething saved us all. Even if it's just a scrote "REEE IT'S THE FEMINIST ROASTIES' FAULT" cope it's still great kek. If we can't have our husbandos and cute shotas then moids can't have their waifus either and they can die mad about it.

I've been following them trashing and wailing all day now and it's fucking amazing seeing waifufags shit their diapers in rage only because Mona's ass was covered. I can't wait for Eula to get her anticoomer redesign, that's going to make their heads explode.

No. 177373

I have no idea how they think they can take "countermeasures" against these meanie female players snitching on their waifus anyway, all the male characters are covered from head to toe and are made extremely nonsexual. Itto might be shirtless but men showing their bare chests is nowhere near as offensive as female characters running around with their tits and asses out. Fuck, even these new girl character redesigns are more sexualized than any of the current male designs.

No. 177374

Hasn't it been established that the archons change/get replaced? Like Venti and Zhongli being the only ones left of the original seven. So anything could be possible. I do hope they add more characters with different skin tones, it's honestly getting somewhat boring

No. 177378

No. 177383

File: 1641400630626.png (126.82 KB, 396x392, 6955F3E6-D3C5-4FDF-962C-5A6D0C…)

How do you nonnies do it?
Knowing I'll have to farm repetitive boring domains to make any new characters I get usable lessens my motivation to play by a lot.
That and Inazuma sucks, especially the story.
Sorry for complaining, I just wish I loved this game again and I wonder how people don't get tired.

No. 177384

File: 1641400930741.jpeg (67.52 KB, 1024x770, C5A68348-E13B-4EBD-9D3D-B2BCB7…)

This just looks straight up silly. Only improvement is the hair.

No. 177385

File: 1641400981222.jpeg (177.22 KB, 750x750, BF5ECAF3-ED53-43C3-BBDA-AC50E3…)

I honestly don’t get tired because I don’t have other games to play, and this is my first open world game, so I guess it’s a bit exciting the whole farming stuff and such.
And I like farming, the daily commission are stupid as fuck at some point and it’s just me spamming skip, but going to the different domains and fighting against random enemies with my husbandos is nice, I like to hit things in videogames.
I’m also so fucking autistic that I make my own stories as I play and create these dynamics between the characters like, if I have a team with Xinyan, Diluc, Kaeya and Venti, I like to pretend that they get along and help each other and such.
Then again, you could also just take a break from the game, I spent a few months not being able to play because I was traveling and didn’t have internet connection at my home, so when you get to play again it’s exciting like how it was when you first started playing.
Inazuma’s writing still sucks though.

No. 177386

File: 1641401063518.jpeg (69.57 KB, 800x800, C2638955-D3E8-4136-8481-29ADB2…)

Jesus Christ I thought she was wearing some fucking flippers with her moth costume.

No. 177390

The archon quest was pretty good and this last video was beautiful. Brought tears to my eyes

No. 177393

The archon quest interlude is a long fucking pity party for poor lonely Shenhe just like anons predicted. When was the last time we were forced to drag our feet through a quest centering the male character whose problems the traveler was supposed to fix?

No. 177398

> who cares about what's canon if you have fanfics and fanart?
Feeling really good being a part of the Luckae/Kaeluc master race. In-game content and a constant flux of fan content.

No. 177399

I honestly wasn't a fan. Shenhe was shilled so fucking hard it was exhausting and her sad backstory only happened because her dad was a retard.

No. 177400

Shenhe is a Mary Sue character kek.

No. 177401

Wtf is this shit. She looks like an insect

No. 177402

File: 1641410925141.jpeg (138.58 KB, 1602x905, F317389C-EE04-4417-8DFB-420A39…)

Not t-posed still ridiculous.

No. 177405

The traveler didn't do much to fix her problems tho?Shenhe tagged along because she was instructed to and her story was revealed as traveler did their thing which was finding materials for the jade chamber.Her "becoming the hero she was meant to be" was cliche,sure,but it was told in the broader story of building the jade chamber JUST to protect Liyue harbor and humans doing it on their own.There was also the "hur dur you couldn't do it without Shenhe MY student" from cloud retainer but she is always insufferable.And there wasn't "(male)traveler can I have your babies either

>In4b shenhe waifufag

I just expected her story to be Baal tier bad and it was better.Not amazing,but decent.I still find her outfit ridiculous and I don't like her playstyle.Also the ending cutscene is beautiful no matter what kek

No. 177406

File: 1641413896580.jpeg (166.78 KB, 1200x1200, 179BD8B2-6654-4D4F-B93B-138EFE…)

Just finished it and this is by far the most lukewarm and boring archon quest ever. Who gives a fuck about Shenhe? Bringing back the jade chamber also completely diminished the importance of the Liyue archon quest. Now it’s just like, “Lol it’s fine we can always build a new jade chamber in a few months”.

At this point I’m convinced that the CN rumor about the original writing team being fired is true. How is this relevant at all to the true storyline of this game? Finding our sibling and learning about Teyvat and the gods. Feels like watching a bunch of filler episodes in a shitty shonen anime.

No. 177408

The floating rayman hands kek

No. 177410

Completely agree about the jade chamber, it made no sense to just build a new one out of scratch like that since it was described as the symbol of Ningguang's life work and how it was the biggest sacrifice she could make in order to save Liyue. They could've done literally anything else than this. However I don't think they were fired, the rumor said that the head writer just walked out to do his own projects with full creative responsibility.

No. 177412

File: 1641415052505.jpeg (119.89 KB, 480x640, 69C22CD0-FE62-4C46-B5CD-E9D428…)

Dude even the boss battle at the end sucked ass. I just stood there waiting for it to get close at some parts kek. Playing as Shenhe is clunky as fuck too and you’re better off playing as Rosaria.

No. 177416

I honestly expected worse, I thought for sure they were gonna pander a lot more with Shenhe like they did with Ayaka and Raiden.
However like >>177406 mentioned I can't help but just not give a shit about her. This archon quest literally brings nothing important to the story and could easily be skipped. I also agree on the fact that it was a stupid move to rebuild the jade chamber. Like I get they want to sell new characters and make smaller stories while working on the new region, but could they really not think of anyway to make this story actually important and tie it in with the plot? Atleast the end of the story had a nice animaton and I liked the chinese opera, but that's the only memorable part about the story.
Anyway can't wait till Shenhe also gets censored to see scrotes even more triggered, I take the old design of Shenhe anyday over what the hell she is wearing currently.

No. 177417

I kind of get that building the jade chamber was quite a let down, but didn’t ningguang say that she would build it again? That was after we had to do some extra errands in the aftermath of the sea thingy trying to destroy Liyue, if I remember correctly.
Like, yeah, it was too quick, I expected it to be a “I will build it again, little by little even if it takes me another lifetime” kind of thing and that we would never see the jade chamber again, it could’ve been better.

No. 177418

I was shocked at how clunky Shenhe's playstyle was after I saw so many people hyping her up. It was a huge drag to use her skills and she's so slow with the spear I honestly can't believe she's a 5-star. If her sales beat Itto I'm losing all the little hope I had for waifufags.

No. 177419

Yeah it was far to quick, they shouldn't have completed the build immediately after Inazuma, it makes it seem like they rebuild it so easily in such a quick time.

There really is no way to know how much she will sale because of the double banner. Unless mihoyo themselves releases the data which they never did. If you ever see those stupid sale charts remember that those are not official and are just "guesses" of how much a banner has made based on values like how many people spended money on the game that week and those charts are often only from chinese mobile players.

No. 177424

File: 1641419113882.jpeg (1023.6 KB, 2480x4000, 7D155EC8-7D17-4AC8-BC10-04022B…)

Anons who have Ning, do you think I should pick her as the free lantern rite 4-star or Yun Jin? Now that most of us have tried the Yun Jin trial.

No. 177425

Not to spoil anon but Enkanomiya quest delivers a bit more on the actual main story. It's stupid it wasn't a fully voiced Archon Quest but hey, gotta pander I guess.

No. 177426

Just pick which one you like more, be it because of playstyle, design or role in the party. Ningguang is a good dps and can buff other geo characters with her screen and Yun Jin is supposed to be a support that buffs overall damage and can shield (though I will be honest, I don't understand what she really does and in the trail she felt kind of weak to me).

No. 177427

Agree, she feels bland and disappointing next to Xiao and after Itto, who's super smooth despite being a claymore user. To me she's not so different from Rosaria, like another anon said.

No. 177428

they're both horrible so go with whoever you like looking at more

yunjin cannot shield, her E is the same as beidou's and her ult gives a mediocre buff that exclusively applies to normal attacks (not including charged or plunge)

No. 177429

Ningguang if you're lacking a geo DPS (though she needs cons), Yunjin if you have good taste.

No. 177430

As expected, Yunjin skirt flies everywhere even though it's supposed to be a somewhat rigid and shaped lolita-style dress. They REALLY can't go two minutes without trying to show ass.

No. 177432

File: 1641422166765.jpeg (89.69 KB, 890x890, BDFEDFC8-71F0-4E7E-B22C-8E4DB3…)

Thank you anons! I might go for Yun Jin then even though she felt weak, she looks prettier and thanks to you anons I now know that Ningguang is a dps, which I don’t really need.

No. 177435

ning isn't nearly as good as noelle anymore as a dps cuz of the broken def artifact set, and noelle is one of the few characters that can make use of yunjin if you really want to keep her on your team so I think it's a good call. you will get a c6 ning to rot away on the bench eventually.

No. 177436

the ayrt but not the anon who brought this up. ship wars should stay on twitter where people thrive off of arguing about nothing.
based fan content enjoyer

No. 177438

Yes. This post. Please. Arguing over ships is twitter 101.

No. 177463

I'm sure they're not intentionally being shit with the physics engine just for butt shots, especially with the new costume changes.

No. 177486

File: 1641456474189.png (208.09 KB, 640x344, bvahmaqmds981.png)

The one thing I'm not looking forward is the possible censorship of male characters like Gorou. Ofcourse we won't get afford by it if he does get a new design. However im afraid that they maybe will never make a male character like this again.

The shitty skirt physics are for sure on purpose. Back then the ccp was not as stern but now they will have to change a lot of things. The ccp must have given them a sudden and stern warning because see pic related, you are not able to look underneath the skirt of a character when gliding.
If they change the skirt physics i might get Ayaka because then I don't have to look at her granny panty anymore

No. 177490

It's unlikely that they will censor the male characters because a male bare chest is not considered inappropriate and that's as far as "nudity" on male characters goes.
What I'm afraid of is them making him or Venti less "feminine" or turn them into waifus, though they would have to edit half of the cast because they all look somewhat pretty.

No. 177501

There's absolutely nothing to censor about the male characters, unlike the female characters that literally had their tits and asses hanging out of their clothing. Sure one could debate that characters like Venti and Xingqiu are "too feminine" but as for Venti what would they do about him exactly? He's not crossdressing levels of feminine and both him and Xingqiu are wearing conservative clothing. Gorou is obviously male and a man being shirtless is considered a masculine design choice, not a sexualized one. The "next they're going after Gorou and Venti" is a male cope they're using to try and silence all the female players who enjoy the trashy designs being toned down.

No. 177502


No. 177505

File: 1641466924771.jpg (142.39 KB, 640x903, i1t8s1n8mzv51.jpg)

>but as for Venti what would they do about him exactly?
they are going to cut his braids kek.

jokes aside I hate Venti's archon outfit. It's borderline child porn.I was talking to some 15 y/o from my country who said it was "seksi and goddamn these thighs" but most people who draw degenerate shit are much older and it looks so wrong.His ambiguous look with his sexualised official art in the manga is definitely something that could be censored and I wouldn't mind it at all. Why didn't he have an outfit like Zhongli's? Evn thought he isn't, he looks like a child

No. 177506

File: 1641467061750.jpeg (170.61 KB, 1354x849, 220F9A73-AECF-42D5-9673-D71128…)

They really decided to expose Yun Jin's whole ass huh? We even see a bit of her back because the panty shot is so extreme

No. 177507

How are coomers not desensitized to this kind of shit by now?

No. 177510

kek i'm okay if they cut his braids, i think they look stupid

No. 177511

Yeah, I think it's good and surprising to see a male character this sexualized but it doesn't look very good.

Can't wait for this to be censored as well. The skirt physics are so stupid because of them wanting to do panty shots.

Thank you anon!!

No. 177514

> Can't wait for this to be censored as well. The skirt physics are so stupid because of them wanting to do panty shots.
They even go out of their way to make sure you can see under long skirts too. Which is just fucking ridiculous. You should not be able to see Noelle’s ass.

No. 177515

File: 1641470571799.png (721.58 KB, 960x822, c24e18d034092754e0dcde1c1c625b…)

Wtf is that from the official comic? Why are the characters drawn so coomerish kek. I really hate the crop top because its to short and it seems ridiculous. I found a pretty good edit of what it could look like in game and then it doesnt seem as creepy imo. I feel like if his crop top was a bit longer it wouldn't look that bad, the amount of skin he shows then would be about the same as Yanfei.

Do all the girls with longer skirts have the same physics? Idk why but i thought that Ayaka had different skirt physics because it's especially noticable when playing her, like even when you just do normal attacks it will be flying everywhere trying to show her panties.

No. 177516

File: 1641471207484.jpg (124.03 KB, 700x947, an484rn_700b.jpg)

yea it is from the official manga. The art is pretty coomerish(esp when it comes to the female characters) and it's a shame because it was pretty good story-wise imo.pic rel is another pic that makes me go ugh

This edit is better but imo the outfit is ridiculous overall he could at least wear normal pants and not this one long stocking kek

No. 177517

File: 1641471728650.png (392.7 KB, 593x506, 2834C6A6-9763-4C34-8DDC-5234E5…)

It was also in the game, Venti story quest I think. (Pic related) I personally like it, if the girls are getting booty shorts, Venti should too.

No. 177518

im always surprised with how male gazey is official comic despite the artist being a kaeluc fujo

No. 177519

>borderline child porn
girl that's not a child's body kek, go back to twitter and let us have our sexy twink

No. 177521

File: 1641472403781.jpeg (218.71 KB, 1002x1200, D67B5033-06E4-4BD7-87E0-56CA31…)

> go back to twitter and let us have our sexy twink
Based. Venti has always been fujobait, nothing to act shocked about.

No. 177522

Nonnie, I know you don’t understand proportions, but that’s not pedophilic.

No. 177523

it's not surprising at all. most joseimuke series that i've seen feature extremely coomerish women and whenever fujos genderbend gay ships they give them huge bazoonkas
probably porn induced brainrot

No. 177524

I was so disappointed when Zhongli didn’t have a similar outfit to Venti’s but also relieved because I won’t need to look at raiden with that outfit.

No. 177525

Just why? I was excited for Yun Jin because she was the first female character who didn't have a ton of skin exposed and now you can literally peek under her skirt to see her ass. Agree with >>177507 , how the hell aren't they already bored of underskirt shots already?

No. 177526

File: 1641472758358.gif (1.42 MB, 244x282, ariana-grande-tumblr.gif)

>if the girls are getting booty shorts, Venti should too.
Honestly one of the biggest reason why I'm not complaining about the shorts. I like his design a lot more in the pic you used because it's a lot more simple. In the comics so many big colden ornaments are used it looks bulky. Especially at the crop top because the top is so short but the ornament is huge.

I'm dissapointed that Zhongli isn't shirtless in his archon outfit. Like why does the statue not have a shirt on but his archon outfit is fully clothed? So lame.

No. 177528

I don't even use twitter.
ok he isn't a child he is a teen(or at least looks like it) but still isn't it a weird? You keep complaining about the coomer outfits of characters like Mona who also has a teen body type but Venti is okay somehow. I don't mind fujo stuff at all and I like some of it but much NSFW art of Venti is drawn by male coomers and is disgusting. That's all I'm saying

No. 177529

You literally admitted to talking with a 15 year old about what you consider to be “borderline child porn” art. Since you’re on lolcow I’m assuming that you are not a minor, which makes it really odd. Maybe you shouldn’t sperg about an anime twink in booty shorts and look at your own creepy behavior that’s actually in real life.

No. 177530

This, Venti has thick thighs and a soft body with twink proportions, the people claiming it's child porn need to take a look at Klee and and see what a child looks like

Personally I think Venti's archon outfit is a mess design-wise but I still like it because it's showing a lot of skin kek. If for once a cute male character gets sexualized I'll fully support it.

Don't care, coomerbait for scrotes leaks into real life while no woman is going to creep on men because Venti wore booty shorts

No. 177531

Holy shit you're right
>Complains about fictional boy in sexy clothing while admitting to talking about it to a 15-year old
Moralfags lack so much self awareness it's insane, I might love Venti's archon outfit but at least I don't hang around IRL teenagers

No. 177532

I know right, that was a fucking weird addition to the post, why would we give a fuck about some stupid teen’s opinion? Specially on sexy anime twinks, I think anon is a pedo projecting like a cinema.

No. 177533

wtf why are you twisting it like I'm some sort of weirdo? She was the one to mention it and I was like "I'm much older than you I find his outfit wrong" and I stopped it there and then we talked about other stuff in the game. You don't know me, the context of the convo or anything and you make me out to be a pedo or some shit. You diverted the conversation from me talking about an outfit I don't think is appropriate for a teen character to me being an irl pedo without knowing how the convo went


You all are really going to die on the hill of defending the outfit of an anime boy to accuse some random person on the internet of being a creep.

Anyway I'm stopping since it's derailing the thread and honestly nothing will come out of it

No. 177534

Venti's outfit isn't even ingame and all male characters are dressed a lot more then the female characters. I wouldn't have such a big problem with Mona if male characters where also dressed up like that. I complain just as much about the design of tall female characters like Eula/Shenhe as Mona's.

Are characters who are short considered teens now kek? Does anyone actually think that Mona or Venti is a teen?

No. 177535

That's right, backpedal your way right out of the thread and leave Venti enjoyer ladies alone

No. 177537

> but much NSFW art of Venti is drawn by male coomers and is disgusting.
You keep adding this bits of information that makes your posts make no sense. What are you doing looking at NSFW art of Venti if you consider him a minor?
I particularly don’t see the big deal with his outfit, he’s a god, not some random girl walking around in a swimsuit. I think it’s a pretty outfit, that’s it, I don’t know where are you finding this nsfw art of Venti if you don’t use Twitter, but if we will have half-naked girls, might as well have some half naked guys too.

No. 177538

File: 1641475050264.jpg (309.29 KB, 2048x1066, kaeyatiddy.jpg)

Seethe harder scrotes, the only thing that would make the new censored outfits better is if they made the male ones sluttier in exchange. Make Kaeya have his tits out. Make that rumoured Diluc skin as slutty as possible. Do it Mihoyo. (They won't but a woman can dream.)

No. 177539

>that comic
Kek, I love it.

No. 177541

File: 1641475382087.jpg (34.31 KB, 259x439, tumblr_060186fc93724829f2f56a2…)

This thread is now Kaeya cleavage appreciation thread

No. 177543

File: 1641475731878.jpeg (284.74 KB, 878x893, 10E71AC1-1F44-438E-9FF8-C912CF…)

Fuck yeah, finally!!

No. 177545

File: 1641476309174.jpeg (257.09 KB, 1242x1158, 1B35A6AE-B170-49C8-841E-8BBDE1…)

No. 177550

File: 1641476756330.jpg (57.28 KB, 735x795, kaeyatiddyout.jpg)

No. 177555

File: 1641480567998.jpeg (107.72 KB, 750x750, F3DF9613-4C88-4330-9322-6BE042…)

I think Diluc would also have big pecs, he’s constantly fighting with a claymore, those bitches are heavy as fuck, definitely heavier than a sword I’ve carried a real sword, like kaeya’s, and they’re not that heavy a claymore must weight around like what 8 swords would weight, or even a bit more since you often see the claymore users hold them with both hands.
Diluc should be really muscly, like Itto, and should have huge and warm pecs, which is why I don’t get why he’s often drawn with a flat chest, it’s not logical.

No. 177556

>which is why I don’t get why he’s often drawn with a flat chest, it’s not logical
the uke curse

No. 177557

Have you ever seen short people? Because they do actually exist.

No. 177560

How could she? She probably doesn't leave her house, talks to 15 year olds and complains about a fictional twink wearing booty shorts instead.

No. 177562

Sayu is a claymore user and I doubt she has pecs kek

No. 177565

Sayu is a magical ninja child, she can’t have muscles
But Noelle, Ice cold lady, Xinyan, Razor, chongers, Diluc and Beidou should be ripped because of how heavy are the claymores supposed to be.

No. 177571

I know everyone was shitting on Ning upthread, but would it be worth building her as a sub DPS for Itto? I didn't manage to pull Gorou and I don't have any geo 5 stars. She'll be C2 if I get her for lantern rite.

Give Yunjin bloomers 2022

I like to think that Sayu uses anemo to make her claymore easier to wield.

No. 177572

File: 1641487048078.jpg (108.56 KB, 850x1089, sample-1117d22f8a6a4811a8c6102…)

Don't know about the claymore users but Barbaras muscles are p much canon, that's why her skirt is so big it is full of secrets

No. 177581

Maybe I'm schizo, maybe you really are the anon from the "rate my art" thread.

No. 177586

But she recognizes that she’s weak in combat.

No. 177588

her healing powers come from her muscles

No. 177592

File: 1641492733368.jpeg (234.86 KB, 607x640, 7E22B02C-3BC7-41AC-B825-C3EB3D…)

Ningguang is very good to use. At C7 she has 7 stones to fire after her elemental burst. The best weapon for her (solar pearl) is hard to get because it’s through the battle points program. There’s also memory of dust but that’s available through wishes.

Idk I like her a lot and I’m sitting at C5 with her.

No. 177599

depends on the rest of your team. if you do use gorou and geo mc on itto's team for example she would adds less damage than kaeya, rosaria, xingqiu, or fischl. unlike ningguang all three of them would also help gorou consistently make shields. a proper shielder would really be the best as your fourth slot.

No. 177600

they said in the post about redesigns that they're adjusting the camera angle while gliding, swimming, climbing, etc. so that you can't get upskirts anymore. praying they dont do it to the dudes kek.

No. 177603

File: 1641495446782.jpeg (65.07 KB, 1920x1080, BC14B29E-5076-4516-B3BC-C71A1D…)

Kokomi is coming in 2.5!!! I lost the 50/50 last time so here’s to a second chance!!

No. 177604

Neat, I can keep on saving my primos after throwing them at Xiao, hopefully I can get Zhongli at some point.

No. 177606

Praying that we can get Xingqiu on the banner as well because I need him badly so I can pair him with Kaeya or Razor. Then I can finally have two good teams for the spiral abyss.

No. 177607

What’s your other team? Nonnie, I need to make a better first team because they always get their asses beat up while my second team does amazingly.

No. 177608

Enkanomiya is so insanely good that it's hard to believe Mihoyo didn't outsource it. After how ugly and boring Watatsumi was I never would've thought the extension of it would be this good. The music, the puzzles, the vibe… everything is excellent! Even better than the archipelago. Genshin finally feels like a real game.

My expectations for Khaenria and Sumeru are out of the trenches now, give me a couple abyss shotas to take pictures of and I'll be satisfied.

No. 177612

I'm shit at making teams but if I had Xingqiu I would do Kazuha, Xingqiu, Razor and Kaeya and then Gorou, Bennett, Xiao and Albedo. Could also switch Xingqiu and Bennett.
My current strongest team for domains and abyss is Kazuha, Bennett, Razor and Albedo though.

No. 177614

Lmao why the fuck are they rerunning this useless bitch before Kazuha? I can't complain I guess, I'll have lots of primos for Ayato and Kazuha, just seems like a really awful choice when her banner was the worst performing by far in the game's history.

No. 177615

So they can put kazuha and ayato in the same patch and open husbandofag wallets I guess?

No. 177616

omg I really love rosaria’s outfit I hope they make it an actual skin

No. 177617

I hate these double banners so much, I can't properly save up for anyone

No. 177620

File: 1641499392240.jpeg (97.36 KB, 738x990, 7EBD0F83-A31B-4659-B465-62D38F…)

She gets a free weapon is why.

No. 177621

There's speculation they are rereleasing her because they are also releasing a new enemy type that heals itself and its allies when they hit your shield. So basically every shielder + every geo character is useless against them and they want you to use healers

No. 177622

the weapon doesn't even work on her tho kek she already has a free one in ttods

No. 177624

did anyone else play sheinhe’s trial and notice how the free 4 stars they paired with her does more damage than her

No. 177628

yeah I also had to use my own squad most of the time to fight the monsters because she just kept dying. Not worth a single pull.

No. 177630

It's because she's a support. She's supposed to support cryo DPS, which is one of the reasons why they shilled her with Chongyun. You were probably using her wrong.

No. 177634

Shenhe's absolutely garbage, I'm shocked at how shitty her kit is seeing how she's a 5 star. You'd honestly be better off with c1+ Chongyun, I'm not kidding. She's so bad that I haven't even seen any youtuber moids doing damage control and trying to come up with excuses for her, they're just trying to ignore it kek

No. 177635

But their attacks are also similar. Idk could be better tbh.

No. 177636

I don't think she's supposed to do much damage on her own. Her only role is buffing other cryo characters, you use her skill and quickly switch over to your cryo main dps. In the trial you can compare the numbers Kaeya's skills do with and without her buff, it's actually not too bad. When I saw a comparison video I felt kind of tempted to pull for her since my main is cryo, but I don't have many 5 star characters I actually want yet and hate her design, so I'll skip. She's very niche and only good if you can fit her into your already built teams. I read that her cooldown is too long though, so not worth it. She's purely made for strengthening the cryo waifu meta and has no other use. Maybe some of those players will replace Bennett with her now so they have a different ass to stare at all the time

No. 177637

True, she and Kokomi feel more like 4 stars to be honest. Maybe it would be better if they didn't feel the need to push out new 5 stars every patch

No. 177643

Me too, Jean and Rosaria look so fucking good. Can't wait till the alternate skins arrive and I can swap to them.

A bit of a mini rant but any "girls" who are complaining about there alterne designs are whack. The new Jean and Rosaria skin make them 100% hotter imo.

Good luck with pulling nonnie

She's probably gonna be part of the next story since currently characters get a rerun if they're an important part of it.
Let's hope they will not let her flop like last time, the fact that's she supposed to be like this smart strategist but she was completely useless in the story is hilarious but also sad.

Yeah it's like you said she pretty much only is there to support your cryo dps. I do have build Kaeya and Ganyu but I don't think she's worth it tbh. Like in a feeze team you will need to swap her with an anemo character and that will not be worth it. I guess you could maybe put her into a mono cryo team? But why the hell would anyone want to use mono cryo kek.
Maybe they will release more characters in the future who can benefit of her support but I currently see no reason to pull for her meta wise and her design is shit.

No. 177644

They really want coomers to whale, from the looks of it Yae is another who doesn't just want cons but wants C6 to be actually strong like Shenhe.

No. 177676

File: 1641512690584.jpeg (208.11 KB, 1748x2048, E2622B89-5336-44AE-A773-FC0A0F…)

She just needs to wear an outfit like Chongyun.

No. 177689

>support DPS

kek are we playing the same game

No. 177699

File: 1641523769748.png (1.4 MB, 2459x1106, 1641511904981.png)

enka teapot layout pls

No. 177705

I would even create a Twitter account for that to happen.

No. 177711

She looks much cuter here, hair included. For some reason I really hate her hair ingame.

No. 177712

No. 177717

File: 1641534760993.jpg (48.43 KB, 735x520, BUT SIIIIIIIIS.jpg)

i think her hair is quite pretty but that random giant bow slapped in the middle of it breaks up the design's flow. it really cinches the "we slapped this together in five minutes because we knew you losers would pull anyways lmao" feel for me.

god i am so fucking gay for jean's redesign, she's way hotter now that she looks more like an actual knight with authority and status. i just wish they also got rid of her coattails or made the split shallower so you couldn't see her asscrack between them.

No. 177723

File: 1641536962359.jpeg (67.51 KB, 243x640, 1960C0BE-DE16-45C1-ADBD-03693B…)

Scrotes are seething.

No. 177728

These queens are doing god's work. Wish I could speak Chinese so I could support them.

No. 177785

>A bit of a mini rant but any "girls" who are complaining about there alterne designs are whack.
In my experience the only girls who bitch about the new designs are terminal stage pickmes who desperately feed on male validation to live and project into the female characters with an occasional rare female scrotebrained coomer. The regular women all like them and think it's appropriate that someone like Rosaria got her hideous outfit fixed. No average woman thinks it's a loss that we can't see Jean's armpits or Mona's ass anymore.

No. 177799

File: 1641560364566.jpeg (36.7 KB, 870x216, 968B84EB-5109-4FC1-B736-ED790D…)

Collei crumbs. If she’s in Sumeru like in the manga I think there will be a big chance that Dottore will be introduced.

No. 177801

File: 1641562916711.png (251.12 KB, 406x400, FE-4n7IWUAEd0pw.png)


No. 177802

If you would cook Chongyuns coloring and Kim K body in a pot together, then throw in Ganyu for the Outfit and mix in Ei/Raiden personality you would get Shenhe. How many more of those will we get? Will we have more quirky pyro types (Amber, Xiangling, Yoimiya) or more edgy Kim K waifu that actually just wants fwiends types in the end? Also will every city have a quirky pyro Amber copycat? Will every city have a guy that kinda looks like Childe? Mihoyo pls answer do you use a waifu randomizer?

No. 177803

There is this yt genshin theorist that is a major pick-me

No. 177804

File: 1641565242347.jpeg (101.86 KB, 1500x500, 647782FF-FAAF-4784-9E70-797A62…)

"that's what you get for humiliating women" BASED BEYOND ALL BELIEF

No. 177805

Very good. I still feel kind of offended by Rosarias design. >>177246
This design for Rosaria is better. she is supposed to be a nun they should have some respect.

No. 177806

I hope they will also censor the boob jiggle. Look at scrotes cry bara tiddie Itto will be the only boobs they will stare at

No. 177807

File: 1641566317365.jpeg (24.25 KB, 257x223, 932043DC-0F7C-45FA-89FB-CA5176…)

This is the most based Twitter user ever, I love her. I can’t wait to see the fixes of the girls’ outfits, and to see even more guys with slutty clothes, I love that Mehoeyo listened to us and made the guys show some hip even if it’s just a bit.

No. 177809

not just pickmes and coomerbrains, some think that covering up the female characters is misogynistic kek

No. 177836

>bara tiddie Itto will be the only boobs they will stare at

Kek I love how scrotes are seething and coping how Gorou is going to be censored too, as if him showing midriff is in anyway comparable to Rosaria's stripper outfit. Moids can die mad about him.

tbh the ones attempting to cry misogyny to justify a stream of female ass cracks and cleavages are just pickmes using it as a convenient crutch, not people who actually believe in the cause.

No. 177850

I love Gorou's hip windows so much, just like Xiao's back window. I really love this type of "fanservice" (it's not really fanservice, they're such small details) over straight up showing ass, whole legs and jiggling tits. I wouldn't mind if even the girls were this way, only showing a tiny bit of skin here and there occasionally without exaggerating. But scrotes are monkey brained and can't do tasteful stuff.

No. 177854

After this screenshot started making rounds she suffered a tremendous wave of harassment and deleted her account because people assumed she alone was the reason their anime titties were taken away. Moids on leddit are repeating "she deserved it" and "feminists ruining games over their AGENDA" over and over again, and conflating a girl laughing about Mona's ass being censored to the psycho waifufag who tried to assassinate Mihoyo's CEO. Each day I think I couldn't hate men more but they keep proving me wrong.

No. 177856

I hate scrotes so fucking much holy shit. I hope our queen reports Shenhe to the point where Mihoyo has no choice but to give her loose fitting clothes.

No. 177860

File: 1641586722793.png (452.44 KB, 687x687, E63lcKLVEAMVTBD.png)


i'm fucking blind.

No. 177861

I want to alog about redditors so fucking bad… worthless, wildly unlikable neckbeards stuck in 2012, unbelievable.

No. 177865

CG only said that men cannot be shirtless, that means, crop tops, boob windows, booty shorts and showing abs is ok right?

No. 177874

File: 1641592304017.jpeg (102.9 KB, 594x842, 6ADF762D-21D4-48C2-8584-0E417D…)

Lost the 50/50, got kekking instead.

No. 177882

Holy shit, that artwork is terrible. Also sorry for your loss anon, I hope you win next time

No. 177884

I lost my previous 50/50 to her as well. I fucking hate kekking so much and I hate when they draw her hair resembling cat ears when they would look more like flower buds instead. But hurr durr tsundere cat girll!

No. 177886

I hate her so much. I wish I got a constellation for Jean instead.

No. 177892

Based Keqing haters, I absolutely can't stand the retarded tsundere cat girl trope and how she ruins 50/50s. I will never understand how she's a 5 star and Ningguang is only 4.

No. 177900

File: 1641604789559.jpg (272.36 KB, 1920x1080, ningguang-geo-mummy-wallpaper-…)

Ningguang is a queen and I hate that you were forced to side with Keqing in story and find Ning sus. Ning could easily have been a release 5* with some of her cons in her base kit.

No. 177903

File: 1641606352508.jpeg (359.17 KB, 1280x720, 14B0117A-00FC-4D42-857E-FB9231…)

What sucks is she was originally a 5 star in early code.

No. 177904

she also reminds me of that annoying brat chibiusa from sailor moon which makes it even worse

No. 177906

The amount of shitty western women that are like "censoring waifus asscrack kills feminism" are fucking insane. it's as if they don't even know what feminism actually is.

No. 177908

Fuck these over complicated battle events. One or two gimmicks ok but they just threw way too many this time, probably wont get the primos.

No. 177919

I also lost my 50/50 to kekking when I was trying to get Itto, my heart still hurts, that cat girl hoe is useless.

No. 177938

File: 1641620208147.png (319.63 KB, 600x407, 06a.png)

I hate events where they let us choose buffs. their buff description are always the length of a small novel. I shut off my reading comprehension when I play genshin since 2.0 and get all gold marks regardless.

No. 177942

God, I actually saw someone complain about how male characters like Thoma and Itto were drawn half naked as soon as their announcements dropped while when Shenhe's came people drew her in actual clothes and talked badly about the stupid outfit, which just goes to show that most people apparently don't even see the degen coomer shit, they just follow (likely) female fanartists that draw actually enjoyable and appealing content. That person went on to argue that apart from the windows her skin tight suit doesn't even make her design sexualized, not noticing that those windows are just to show that there's nothing underneath.
But in general it's a big and complex issue, nothing you could really discuss in some tweets. Imo it should boil down to designing characters with male coomers in mind is cringe while any design a lesbian would come up with is based.

No. 177952

I guess I'm part of the problem but I don't mind some sexualized designs. I really like Beidou's outfit, I just wish they'd tone down the giggle on her model. But when every female character has her underwear showing or tits out or both when it doesn't make sense it gets tiresome fast. I didn't really mind Mona because her outfit looked like a showgirl's to me, but Raiden's is shit because a super serious god shouldn't be wearing a fucking lingerie top and underwear out. It looks idiotic and coomer. Jean's gratuitous titties also looked stupid and I'm glad she'll be wearing a full blouse now.

No. 177959

What gets me is that people act like they don't realize what the complaints are about. In a fairly non-sexual game like Genshin sexy designs would be tolerable once in a while and if they were done in good taste, but literally every female character shows her cleavage and/or underwear clearly to pander to men. Every female character with a skirt has something underneath that you can take a peek at. Out of nearly 40 female characters only a few of them have an outfit that's not ruined by upskirt shots/underwear, boob jiggling and a gratuitous amount of exposed skin. And not only that, so many of them are given no plot relevance or are shoehorned in as awkwardly as possible only to divert the storyline to be around their own shilled Mary Sue plot that would work better as a story quest (like Shenhe) instead of them contributing to the grand scheme of things. But bringing this up you're just a misogynist who hates women even if you're a lesbian and the one accusing you is a straight girl mad about you insulting her self-insert.

No. 177976

so i did the last quest and shenhe is supposed to be this cursed child who was raised by adepti… and here is where i can't take her seriously. i don't mind edgy tragic backstories, but her design makes absolutely no sense. why is an emotionless kissless virgin fighter girl who had almost no contact with humans dressed like /that/?? is the gag here that cloud retainer is a massive pervert? when you look at her, she looks like a porn star and it doesn't help that weirdos are pairing her with her nephew so now when i look at her i get filthy groomer vibes. reminds me of mei mei from jjk
idk she makes me really uncomfortable

No. 177992

Yeah, they should’ve kept her as some adepti at least, since we already got the goat dressed up like a porn star, it would kind of make sense. But this human with ridiculous strength and edgy personality who got turned into an emotionless blob is weird as fuck. And how does she know that she’s Chongyun’s aunt? She was rescued from a fucking cave at 6, tbh, I haven’t finished the quest because it’s boring, but I still don’t get why is she a cursed child but her sister/brother isn’t.

No. 178002

Ok but why do I only ever get three star weapons from banners? I would like to have chongyun or xiao

No. 178004

check the drop rates, anon

No. 178005

I agree, it's like Cloud Retainer is fucking with her by giving her clothes that make her look like a prostitute. What do you need sexy heels for when you spend all of your times at the fucking mountains and in the wilderness? This is exactly the shit wrong with the female designs, none of them matches their character and looking at someone like Yanfei you would never guess she's supposed to be some high class super intelligent legal advisor.

No. 178012

File: 1641664526853.jpeg (176.96 KB, 600x800, F2C4D11D-0EEA-4398-93F9-627EA8…)

Weirdly enough we have yet to see a female character in a hanfu.

No. 178014

i'm convinced they don't do flowy clothes because of clipping issues

No. 178015

File: 1641664865128.jpeg (147.46 KB, 800x1070, 518B0182-8B38-412C-A2A6-E25C1B…)

Or one for males too

No. 178019

that's probably the issue. all the characters have to be able to run, sprint, climb, attack, jump, swim, and glide without their model turning into a 3d spaghetti mess every five seconds. i used to wonder why nearly everyone with long, loose hair (razor, ningguang, amber, etc) had it split into two separate parts until i realized that it probably prevented the animation engine from letting it noclip through their spine.

No. 178023

File: 1641668632237.jpeg (375.24 KB, 1200x960, 9C3B9F59-531A-4A43-9999-D386FF…)

Same with long dresses. It’s probably why they killed off La Signora but that doesn’t mean they couldn’t have altered her fit tbh.
I don’t think it’s impossible to add a modernized hanfu in the game. I’d say the closest we have is Kekking.

No. 178032

So this is the first time I could say that paimon was based, whenever they were talking too much, she was like
>shut the fuck up and let’s go
I think this wasn’t too bad, this Shenhe quest, I still think she was quite shoved in, I liked looking at Xiao on a rock while waiting for the sea serpent to attack again.
I like that the opera stayed in Chinese and wasn’t dubbed in another language, it was a nice touch, the 2D animations are always beautiful, I hope they give Shenhe the outfit she had in the opera before the prostitute style, that dress was actually pretty.
Ningguang was great like usual, and Beidou too, I love them a lot, same with cloud retainer.
I still feel like this quest was quite rushed for some reason? And quite sidetracked too, it was quite ironic when ningguang was like “yeah I know nothing about your sister so don’t even ask” when are we going to keep advancing with the main plot?

No. 178137

Anons in this thread are ready to suck Ayato's dick simply for existing when, according to what we know of him in the game, he sounds like just another uwu overworked desu waifu, but since he's a guy all the husbandofags are gonna be ready to overlook it and pull for him regardless.
I hope he will at least be good looking because from what we know so far he sounds like male Jean. Even if he's ugly, anons are probably still going to forgive him considering how they forgive the male characters for everything kek.

No. 178142

dilate, waifushitter

No. 178149

I’m sorry that your waifus are all badly written, anon. Even if Ayato will be an overworked husbando, I’m sure he will have other stuff going on like the other guys in this game.
But let’s make a list of the overworked waifus:
Idk, it gets kind of boring after a while, a workaholic husbando is a novelty.

No. 178150

>male Jean
false, while there are characters that have just said he's hardworking, we've also been told he has a mischievous side and battles beetles & plays trading card games with Itto

No. 178157

honestly i'm a husbandofag but i somewhat agree if only because i don't understand why everyone is drooling over ayato when we only know the barest minimum about him.

No. 178169

>when are we going to keep advancing with the main plot?
Probably not till we meet a few more archons. I don't know why the MC was going to ask about their sibling when we already know from the Dainsleif quest that they're with the Abyss Order and think the gods are evil.

Yeah I'm not gonna care about him till we get an actual design and weapon/element.

No. 178175

File: 1641706425235.png (53.12 KB, 215x347, 4D5A379F-5C4F-410B-A0C8-C7F878…)

This is probably what Ayato is gonna look like based on his description.

No. 178181

> I don't know why the MC was going to ask about their sibling when we already know from the Dainsleif quest that they're with the Abyss Order and think the gods are evil.
I think this quest is before the Dainsleif quest for the newbies, I hope, if not, then traveler is dumb as rocks.

No. 178182

File: 1641709878970.jpeg (1.34 MB, 1810x2560, 28EC525E-E519-4938-9F49-1CCAFE…)

the list is longer than that my dude
>sucrose (i actually love this floppy eared autist but holy fuck do i need to huff copium for her character)

and i guess lisa and rosaria could count too but they always bitch about being on the clock, so they run counter to the usual wagie waifu trope

No. 178186

You’re right, tbh, and if you think about it, Diona also works 24/7 because she wants to find the perfect terrible drink and such.

No. 178198

this shouldn't be allowed

No. 178199

File: 1641718631808.jpg (2.19 MB, 3197x1422, 2022015532.jpg)

the lack of creativity here…..

No. 178202

Wow, it looks like those samey Disney/Marvel posters. I didn't even notice that they all have a similar haircolor too. Every cryo character but Diona has some shade of blue, but this is so uncreative that it's almost funny. I hope they make even more

No. 178206

File: 1641721672747.png (Spoiler Image,3 MB, 1920x1080, Untitled.png)

nice foreshadowing kek. Can't wait for this to happen

No. 178209

please have that little shit paimon betray traveler and be replaced by dainsleif

No. 178211

it's lunacy. imagine being so mushbrained that you cannot enjoy a waifu unless she only has two personality traits: she is nice and she is good at her job. it's like demanding plain cold oatmeal over a filet mignon dinner.

No. 178228

You forgot Xiangling (works hard and is a renowned chef known around Liyue), Yun Jin (super famous and talented Opera writer and singer) and Xinyan (adored rock star with unbelievable talent for writing songs and playing her guitar) too. Is there any female character that has an identity outside of exceling at her job?

It's because Chinese scrotes are threatened by women who have a personality, they just want a nice, polite cute girl who will bring in a paycheck and cook them dinner and because that's literally all that's expected from a girl in the Chinese society so it's also attempting to set a role model I guess.

No. 178229

File: 1641726659926.jpeg (201.91 KB, 850x850, 79BF5B7D-7007-4426-AD48-211580…)

I wouldn't say Yanfei is overworked. She seems to enjoy being a lawyer my girl just hates divorce cases.

No. 178231

I want to get rid of her. I am tired of Paimon. No more Paimon 2022.

No. 178240

is it so difficult to give them different hair colors? there seems to be more creativity with the other vision holders but cryo is cursed by the same boring meta waifus. you can tell the developers are biased

No. 178249

If that were to happen, I’m sure it would be around the end of the game or that it would be over something silly like
>w-Well, if you won’t listen to me, I’m leaving!
She’s too important, it’s like removing the assistant in the middle of a TLoZ game.

No. 178255

Lisa definitely doesn't count wtf stop being so obnoxious.

No. 178256

I hate Yanfei's clothes so much, what the fuck is that even supposed to be? Retarded hat, armpits showing (of course), weird ass bra but with collar, vocaloid-tier sleeves and a skirt. And this is supposed to be a lawyer.

No. 178259

You are saying it as if all female characters are basically the same because they all have the "excelling in what they do" part in common. I mean you can't just group up based queens like Ningguang and Beidou with shit tier creaturas like Keqing and Ganyu.

No. 178260

Fuck off. Ayato's more interesting than good girl Ayaka or most of the other overworked waifus uwu just from his description alone. The female characters are literally one-dimensional, they have that thing they like doing and their whole character revolves around that (Yoimiya with fireworks, Amber with the outrider thing, Xiangling with food, Xinyan with playing music, Noelle with being a wannabe knight, Diona with drinks, Barbara with church, Yanfei with legal cases, Eula with edgy autistic screeching about vengeance and on and on) but we know that Ayato's a lord but he's not the shy uwu cute serious noble who secretly wants fwends, he likes fucking around and do stupid shit with Itto while possibly dragging Thoma around. He also seems to be unusual because apparently his clothes are western. Not to mention that they're going to give him a more interesting backstory for sure because they seem to put more effort than "show boobs and ass" with males.

No. 178261

God I can't wait till Yanfei get's an alternate outfit. I really love her gameplay but god damn her outfit is so fucking dumb. I hope they will play more in the jester theme of her outfit even if it doesn't suit her occupation kek.

No. 178263

File: 1641732052409.jpg (26.79 KB, 255x255, 785647865485.jpg)

i agree that the overworked waifu trope is ridiculously common in genshin, and i also agree that a lot of the female characters are nothing more than cumsocks for the male audience, but some of those examples don't make any sense, let's be honest. yanfei loves her job but has a personality outside of it, same with yoimiya, and rosaria slacks off as much as possible because she hates being a nun kek.
having a job doesn't automatically mean overworked.
it's interesting how the more universally liked female characters like hu tao, ningguang and beidou aren't mentioned even though you could easily place them into the overworked waifu trope, too. especially ning and hu tao.

we could say the same thing about the men if you wanna simplify them to tropes. have you ever noticed that many of them also fit the overworked trope?
childe: overworked affable evil
diluc: overworked stoic guy (and he even hates his job because he dislikes wine but was forced to take over his families business, all in addition to being mondstadt batman at night)
zhongli: silly daddy dom who was overworked when he was still rex lapis
bennett: literally a shonen mc
xinqiu: overworked bookworm
xiao: overworked emo
gorou: overworked doggy
thoma: overworked malewife
venti: silly femboy
itto: himbo and the only actually unemployed character in genshin kek
etc etc.

and just like i simplified the guys i could also shit out a list to make all the female characters sound more intriguing than "she has a job and is good at it".
i think it's more likely that people just enjoy waifuing and husbandoing successful and strong characters instead of NEET losers who haven't accomplished anything in life, that's why mihoyo forces wageslaves down our throat like they do.
not gonna deny that there are some completely shit tier waifus in this game like ganyu, ei and keqing but the majority really aren't as bad as some of you make it sound.

No. 178264

File: 1641732059663.jpeg (110.39 KB, 750x1191, 287B369E-AC9A-4A9F-AFB9-B9AB2E…)

t. the least delusional ayato foreskin muncher

No. 178266

>anons praising a fictional man over a fictional woman where both backstories equally have about as much depth as a bowl of cheddar fish crackers

something about this is really weird, can the mlm fetishits and fujos get the fuck out of this thread and stop infighting? you clearly don’t play the game to have fun, you play the game to ship poorly designed male characters with one another even though their sexuality is ambiguous and the game isn’t a fucking romance sim it’s an adventure and fighting game for god sakes. just go read AO3 or something if you want to cape for your caca 2D birdmen who isn’t going to have much better of a personality. we get it, no one is interested in you in real life and so you think you get to be choosy but with squiggly drawings KEK pathetic but just go the fuck away it’s a gacha game get real

No. 178269

>mlm fetishists
Go back to Twitter, you keep shitting up threads with your
>m-muh homophobes
> you play the game to ship poorly designed male characters with one another even though their sexuality is ambiguous
>their sexuality is ambiguous
Anon, you won’t go to jail for thinking that a hot anime guy would look hotter with some other anime guy or girl, it’s not a hate crime.
Or maybe it is since you keep bringing it up, tell your Twitter friends that you’re the biggest virtue signaler in town.

No. 178273

File: 1641733525388.jpeg (139.2 KB, 735x734, 1BE48A25-6519-486B-9FE1-D4668F…)

i love that you pulled like 90% from that out of your ass and also probably from the ayato tumblr headcanons "𝓘𝓶𝓪𝓰𝓲𝓷𝓮 Ayato passionately fucks Y/N like the majestic beast he is after he berates Ayaka for being an useless female." that you read in your spare time like a giddy little retard while scrolling through @dailyayato or some shit that's equally retarded because how the fuck did you even manage to shit out that much over a character that's not even out yet, we don't know how he looks like, literally the only things we know about him are random voice lines of other characters or that 5 second clip of him talking. it must be the braindamage, clearly

No. 178275

Are you lost?

No. 178281

None of those male characters are overworked wtf. Anon's point was that that's the only personality and form of identity given to those female characters. I don't understand why people think that it's a good look to instead of demanding better from Mihoyo they defend lazy writing with female characters and try to pull the "oh yeah, what about the male characters?" gotcha when anyone can see that the male characters are given much more thought and purpose. Diluc is a wine tycoon heir who also works as a vigilante to defend Mondstadt because his pride doesn't let him associate with the knights, Childe is a homicidal maniac who was traumatized by what he experienced in the Abyss as a child and is now obsessed with becoming stronger because of it, Zhongli is the oldest archon who's basically waiting for his inevitable death alone, Bennett is cursed to be alone due to his bad luck but pushes forward because he was rewarded by the gods once, Xingqiu has fuck you money to throw around and larp as a chuuni swordsman writing books because his older brothers take care of everything etc. None of them can be summarized as "he works hard for the money because wagecucking is his only life" like so many of the female characters.

>mlm fetishists
You need to be over 18 to post here

No. 178285

>it's interesting how the more universally liked female characters like Hu Tao, Ningguang and Beidou aren't mentioned even though you could easily place them into the overworked waifu trope, too. especially ning and Hu Tao.
Because Beidou, Ninguang and Hu tao actually have a personality and are not overworked? Like is being a pirate even a job kek. And Hu Tao is having fun most of the time and Ning isn't a soft and plain overworked waifu like Ganyu. Also anon >>178263 mentiones that Rosaria and Lisa don't really count because they hate there job kek. The male characters you used as example aren't overworked at all. However I agree with that Yoimiya isn't overworked but she does have the same vibe as Amber and Xiangling imo. But out of the three i prefer Xiangling because she's atleast funny.

>you clearly don’t play the game to have fun
I swear you said the same thing some previous threads ago.

No. 178288

I always wondered why Beidou, Ningguang and Hu Tao stood out so much from the other female characters and felt so much more than generic waifus but that's absolutely right, they have actual personalities and ambitions.

No. 178295

i think i didn't make the point of my post clear enough. i was trying to showcase that the male characters can also easily be summarized by a few tropes, just like the female ones can, but that doesn't mean that it's the only thing that defines them. at first glance diluc is a wine tycoon batman, childe is a fatui harbinger, bla bla bla.
one of xingqiu's voicelines is him worrying about having to do most of his brothers work in the future, so i guess he is not there yet but will be soon.
your summary of the guys backstories means nothing since it's possible to make even the most dull characters sound interesting. for example:
>a half adepti woman who was born millennia ago now struggles with the curse of immortality and not being able to fit in anywhere. she is being forced to once again fight when it is completely against her nature and she is still traumatized from a war that has long passed.
now ganyu sounds at least a bit better than "overworked waifu who is sleepy". still a shit character, yes, but even the most boring wageslave waifus have more to them than one single trope.

i just think its disingenuous to act like every single female character sucks simply on account of them being female when many of them have a good amount of potential. other than ningguang/hu tao/beidou, yanfei, yoimiya and rosaria come to mind. i think their lores and personalities are fun and it's a shame they are often overlooked or grouped in with the actually badly written female characters. and some anons here who are saying that an unreleased character is going to be better than all female character just because he has a dick are straight up delusional kek. ayato could be the most boring character in the whole game, we have no idea yet.
at the end of the day this is a gacha game and nobody is really properly fleshed out except for a very, very small handful of characters. the cast is way too big to focus on any of them enough to actually make them three dimensional. not to mention the writing being absolute dogshit most of the time - childe is one of my favorite characters in this game and he got absolutely cucked by the end of the liyue archon quests.

No. 178297

My god you're all so fucking retarded. You silly handmaidens have to try REALLY hard to convince everyone that your favourite trash waifu that's dressed as a hooker is totally well written and aren't there just to be jerk off material for greasy men.
And why are you even bringing up fujos and mlm? I didn't even fucking mention that but you're so stupid that in your cumbrained head saying male characters are written better = you want to imagine men fucking and you're a misogynist!!! God fucking damn it touch some grass.

Anons mentioning how the male characters are also an overworked stereotype fail to see that unlike the hundreds of waifus, most of them are made to have plot relevance. Zhongli and Venti are both gods and objectively they're better written than the hikikomori waifu who once again only wants fwends (Baal could have been so much better if she was actually an evil tyrant), Kaeya and Diluc have backstories and the former will also have relevance because of Khaenriah. Childe and Xiao are also much more developed and one of them is canonically "evil". There are no evil waifus because all of them need to be cute misunderstood waifus, the only good one got killed off, we're left with a few good ones like Beidou, Ningguang and Hutao. The male characters that are just kinda there are Chongyun, Xingqiu, Razor, Bennett and Gorou, but at least they aren't pushed as well-written and once again, not everything they do has to do with their fucking job.

No. 178298

saying "retard" and "kek" ain't masking the fact that you're an underage twittard who larps as a wuhluhwuh for clout

it's safe to assume ayato will be a fine character because unlike the waifus all the other male characters have been kek please get a personality of your own and quit forcing yourself to like shitty characters that only exist to make men horny swipe

No. 178299

I mean, if the quests, their own voice lines, stories in their profiles and the “about ___” voice lines from other characters can’t bring something new to the table, then maybe the characters are just written to slap some one dimensional personality on a pair of titties.
If someone has all of the voicelines unlocked for any of the girls in the list of overworked waifu trope, and can find something other than work related stuff, then maybe they’re not that bad.
The girls tend to seem like they’re utterly autistic, which isn’t surprising because I doubt that mihoyo has any mentally sane writers, which makes them annoying at some point.

No. 178300

>now ganyu sounds at least a bit better than "overworked waifu who is sleepy".
See the difference is that that characterization only exists in her written lore, it's not explained by her actions in the story because it's always just her being soft waifu. The same goes for Keqing, she might be whatever her wiki page suggests but in the actual events of the game she's just a tsundere workaholic who's embarrassed to admit that she likes shrimp crackers. Eula's vengeance shit got watered down so much in the Dragonspine event by forcing her in the kind auntie building snowmen with kids role. Ei strolled around Inazuma acting like a retard granny during her story quest instead of reminiscing the painful things that made her retreat into the Plane of Euthymia. The female characters might have interesting setups but in the end so many of them have their main purpose made into being as bland as possible.

No. 178301

File: 1641738971364.png (1.7 MB, 2350x2020, plsnofight.png)

is the new quest worth playing i havent logged on in days

No. 178302

File: 1641739007514.png (1.23 MB, 1000x1265, A45A5CDD-01DE-4A64-9223-E04EF8…)

I don’t usually like megane characters, but I want him so bad. My thirst is unquenchable until he’s released as a playable character.

No. 178303

>that image
kek dottore anon always brings the best content

No. 178304

I hope he'll be available when Sumeru comes I can't wait anymore

No. 178305

Enkanomiya is amazing, the quest isn't but that is to be expected. You can only be surprised when something isn't shit in this game.

No. 178307

File: 1641739577917.jpg (52.51 KB, 564x599, 0ebc29ac94447e76888b0bd809b72a…)

do you want to post this a 3rd time? here i will start it for you: "My god you're all so fucking retarded. You silly handmaidens have to try REALLY hard to convince everyone that your favourite trash waifu that's dressed as a hooker is totally well written and aren't there just to be jerk off material for greasy men." you are free to continue #♥##

>at least they aren't pushed as well-written

sure about that? i cannot really see that over the dick gargling this thread does whenever a male is mentioned but then getting thrown into an autistic rage when somebody dares to even compliment a female character they like. mfs here act like characters like xingqiu who likes to read books and benny who has bad luck and wants to go on adventures is better than any female character they ever came up with. in their eyes, for an example ayaka who is the oldest daughter of the kamisato clan is nothing compared to sweet baby innocent bean sparkle sparkle bouken de bouken benny because ayaka is female. if you put a male in her shoes it'd literally be nothing but a circlejerk session over shy little baby boy who is so cute uwu hehe omg he danced for MC my poor heart is mushy hehe

you'd think that some of you hate the female characters for a feminist reason aka you're sick of this vidya always creating female characters and putting them in the most revealing outfits with the worst boob/ass jiggle physics known to mankind and then give them boring personalities because they don't think they are interesting for being a woman - and i get that, i also get pretty annoyed by genshin doing this to the women while diluc for an example gets to wear his cozy clothes with no jiggle stuff on display - but it honestly feels like some of you just hate the female characters because you've convinced themselves all of them are shit and trash and ugly and not worth it and the men are better 100% yaoi yaoi yaoi yaoi dick ass penis

this is not even the same person nor am i underage or have a twitter account, retard. what's next? gonna accuse me of being a yahoomessengerfag and googlefag?

No. 178310

All of you infighting hoes are gonna lose every single 50/50 from now on

No. 178311

File: 1641739793872.jpg (131.28 KB, 564x1002, f74c6397b5ecfe9d2750dd141ebc86…)

i guess it depends on whether you consider voice lines to be exposition/written lore or not. i think a big part of getting to know a character is through their voice overs, especially ones that don't actually appear in the archon quests. it fleshes them out quite a bit beyond their main quirks.

>If someone has all of the voicelines unlocked for any of the girls in the list of overworked waifu trope, and can find something other than work related stuff, then maybe they’re not that bad.
i checked for ayaka because she is the only one i like from the overworked waifu group and most characters have something to say about her other than her work. autistic wet sock waifu stays winning

No. 178312

Based, let them have the worst meta characters.

No. 178313

Same. Wasn’t he teased to be an upcoming playable character like a whole year ago?

No. 178315

They’re surely still trying to figure out how to make dendro work in the game, I wonder if Mehoeyo even though that they would have to release dendro characters at some point, and now they’re just panicking because they didn’t expect that the game would become famous.

No. 178316

My god the spergery is off the charts here. Get out.

No. 178319

According to rumors Chasm got delayed and was initially supposed to be released pre-Inazuma but dendro apparently was more difficult to implement than they had predicted. This would explain why Baizhu was introduced so early on in the game and why they were including Yaoyao, the dendro girl, in the promotional artwork a year ago. If you've noticed the dendro effect was changed at some point in the gameplay so they're definitely working stuff out behind the scenes.

No. 178320

File: 1641740818574.jpg (404.65 KB, 676x1000, 9c2d04a8a87b5b741fc6f6d3a735eb…)

I wish I had Zhongli

No. 178321

do you have enough to get him in 2 weeks?

No. 178323

i have like 10 primos rn kek
what kind of effects will we probably get with dendro? what do you guys think sumeru will look like? i suspect that we will get an abundance of flower characters with green hair like baizhu or some that are simply based on flowers (sunflower, maybe a dramatic thorny rose etc)

No. 178324

If the dendro enemies are anything to go off of, there will be a lot of AoE abilities. Thorns, traps, vines. Lifesteal would be cool. Is there anyone with something like that yet? (I don’t have all the characters.)

No. 178325

I’m not a game dev or anything, but couldn’t they make it have the same physics as all the other abilities just colored green? That’s the type of lazy shit I can imagine them doing anyway.

No. 178327

yeah traps sound plausible. I can also maybe see a poison effect like in pokemon or a character that can create a shield which deals damage if enemies touch it. we will néed a lot of pyro characters

No. 178328

File: 1641742032479.jpg (63.44 KB, 528x768, ToEnuytLlP2eZJILg6A6uFHdCNABzv…)

I will pray that you get Zhongli nonnie, the lantern event will give lots of primos and you still have a lot of time till he arrives. I believe you will get Zhongli!.

I believe that in 2.4 there have been some new reactions added that are possibly going to be used for dendro in the future. This reddit post explains a bit more what we know of these reactions that have been accidentally left in the game https://www.reddit.com/r/Genshin_Impact_Leaks/comments/rqqg2w/very_quick_guide_to_dendro_reactions/
The reaction Overgrown and Intensify/Overdose are new but we already have the burn reaction when using pyro attacks on Dendro enemies.

I think they're mostly struggling with how dendro is supposed to react to other elements except pyro which causes burn which is already in the game.

No. 178329

File: 1641742396148.jpeg (168.94 KB, 850x1093, E19449D6-7ECB-45E1-9C6C-2D6731…)

A poison effect would be cool for Baizhu because of his snake (so I guess it would be more like venom .) But also, he could have concoctions that he throws down or something. I think that would be cool.

No. 178333

Sorry, didn't read all that spergery. Can't hear you over the sound of you dilating.

No. 178334

File: 1641743628504.jpg (173.54 KB, 1200x800, EPzb_KMXsAE96eB.jpg)

No. 178341

I'm so fucking tired of you all arguing about waifus being shit and husbandos being great no matter what. Even when anons bring up good point all you do is "dO yOu eXpEcT mE tO rEad tHiS yOu SpErg" as if some of you don't write walls of texts for your husbandos.it shows you only care about your opinion and shut off anyone else.You are as bad as those coomers who think every waifu is great just because BOOBA and sexy outfit.You simp for a husbando that you don't even have much info about ffs

Bless you dottore anon
tbh it's another "good story behind walls of text" like Tsurumi. It sucks that parts of the game like this one that have plot relevance aren't given the same treatment as archon quests. Why the fuck do we have to read all that text without voiceovers and then read all these books and stuff that come from the quests on top of that? And get a lukewarm story that has no plot relevance to promote some waifu fully animated and voiced?ugh

No. 178343

The infighting was started by a schizo waifufag attacking Ayato and husbandofags in general out of literally nowhere. It's always like this, someone suddenly loses their mind over anons laughing at their precious waifu for the shit writing and accuses everyone of being misogynists and "MLM fetishists" kek instead of shutting the fuck up and going back to Reddit/Twitter to their waifu simping safe space. After they get btfo'd suddenly it's all the husbandofags' fault for infighting or "you're just as bad as incels!!!". Seriously, people who come to Lolcow and are shocked at indiscriminate scrotebrained waifufagging being looked down upon need to learn to read the room.

No. 178344

File: 1641748304528.jpg (248.72 KB, 1200x1200, fluffy.jpg)

Happy birthday, my beloved…

No. 178346

File: 1641749086330.gif (6.21 MB, 640x640, 0A59FDEB-FFB2-4A92-8884-E1C3DC…)

I don’t know about you guys but I kind of enjoyed shenhe’s quest. She’s a bland mary sue but the cutscene when they’re fighting osial’s wife and she freezes the gigantic tsunami to save traveler got me idk something about it was so inspirational she’s such a blank-faced schizoid though.

No. 178348

Just going to share my salt here. I lost 50/50 to Qiqi from Xiao banner last year, and lost to her again rn now she's at C2. I really have to hit hard pity just to lose to the same character and it's so frustrating. Is there still a chance for me to get Xiao till the end of his banner? I was feeling hopeless cause I rarely get anything at early pity. Badly wanted him cause he looks very cool.

No. 178349

It’s possible to grind primos then dump them all at once in hopes to get xiao. I lost my 50/50 on him too.

No. 178351

File: 1641750980508.jpg (65.83 KB, 992x558, GTY_debit_card_kab_140110_16x9…)

how far along in the story are you? if you're not endgame yet it might be possible to grind out enough wishes to get him. otherwise you know what the only option is

No. 178354

you could buy welkin and do a daily pull until his banner ends? the next event might have a free 10 pull but don't know when it starts

No. 178362

Okay! I grinded halfway thru Enkanomiya already and finished Inazuma so here's to me still hoping for hidden luxurious chests. Hope we both get him.

Nonnie I'm really tempted to swipe already. But I must resist.

Yep I'm on welkin so I hope that speeds things up. Sadly, the 10 pull is only available once Ganyu/Zhongli banner starts.

No. 178384

same here, i think the setup to all that was what really sold it because she finally does something assertive on her own instead of just drifting along with traveler and doing what they ask. and of course that tasty music helped too.

No. 178392

I know right, and the song that Yun Jin sings also made me tear up a little bit, Mehoeyo knew how to tug some heartstrings but Shenhe isn’t likeable to me. What I’m wondering about is Chongyun’s family, does he just has a similar curse or something? But also, I think that the moment we check out the village could’ve been better if it was Chongyun who was there and not shenhe’s uncle

No. 178432

File: 1641769218381.jpeg (211.02 KB, 856x729, E686BA08-8A50-4B9D-8E64-A0F899…)

He's so gay for Aeather

No. 178437

>Ayato asked him out on a date on his birthday
Based Mihoyo

No. 178447

Ofc he would take his malewife out on a date

No. 178452

Or straight for Lumine.

No. 178454

When I finished reading his letter, I had a stroke and thought he was celebrating MY birthday. The way he expressed himself, he made it seem like he was throwing the player a party, lol.
How I wish we shared the same bday tho…

No. 178470

>Why do men not want us in their hobby?
begs for and celebrates games being censored
shits on any female character if they aren't the most masterfully written, genre redefining character in existence

Truly it is a mystery why we gatekeep you from video games. I have no idea why we wouldn't want you to come in and bitch and moan unless you get your way. Clearly you all have so much love and passion for video games and should definitely have your opinions listened to.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 178473

File: 1641794426640.jpg (45.19 KB, 500x500, kokofuckoff.jpg)

fuck off, scrote.

No. 178481

File: 1641797027866.jpeg (1.05 MB, 3464x3464, 27DFFEE5-1287-4EF2-B202-438574…)

Based Chinese government, I found this on YouTube, why would someone feel bad over not being able to look at the little girls’ underwear? Some retards are seriously the opposite of low key with their pedophilic tendencies.

No. 178486

KEK of course the sperg constantly whiteknighting for waifus turned out to be a scrote. Seethe and cope you dumb piece of shit

No. 178495

I haven't gone further than that getting the map to show but it is really pretty and the music is on point as always.
Waiting till they patch the chest glitch first before exploring.

No. 178511

where is my sun wukong inspired character mihoyo? do we need more titty waifu #5283018

No. 178513

File: 1641816507907.jpeg (1.69 MB, 3464x3464, 58836BE8-3BF9-42E3-A288-243F7A…)

I like how you think, we need a monke.

No. 178526

File: 1641822011729.png (153.94 KB, 538x380, tumblr_28b08eb9976149a22f2cab9…)

No, no more weird-looking males, I demand bishies.

No. 178530

Finally, another appreciator of Kaeya's ass.

No. 178531

I just got a new daily quest in Mondstadt called "Owe Mora, Pay Mora" where you help out Goth and try to find Mona to get her to pay her rent kek I thought it was very fun, I'm glad they are trying to make it more lively by inserting playable characters more, even if right now they are just mentioned by name. I always thought the game felt very empty when you're done with all the quests because the characters are nowhere to be found. Would it be very hard to place them around the map and give them some changing lines or do they just not care? The main selling point is wishing to get more characters and outside of that they probably have no interest to keep you playing longer per day

No. 178539

File: 1641827263412.jpeg (Spoiler Image,146.07 KB, 749x923, 156A23CD-A246-45E9-9210-B6F200…)

I love Kaeya’s booty, looking at it has lifted my spirits. But I also really, really want to put my face on his ample chest. Spoiler because lewd nipple.

No. 178581

The way some people keep writing emotional messages saying their game and favourite character got changed and ruined crying emoji face over fucking TITS size and some minor changes to their clothes is making me kek so much. It literally changes nothing gameplay and character-wise. They're despairing because they can no longer get hard from constantly staring at tasteless fishnets on a nun character or a child's underwear. The state of the moid brain is pathetic. (I also love all those fuckers outing themselves as pedophiles by commenting how sad they are that Klee gets transparent when gliding boo fucking hoo)

No. 178585

File: 1641845662733.jpeg (852.41 KB, 2920x2500, 8FEFF3D8-5A07-40F5-A898-0FCE53…)

I’m thankful Mihoyo didn’t give her thigh high socks and showed more skin like on diona. But I also despise how people sexualize the baby characters. I wish Mihoyo didn’t confirm that Klee ages slower than most characters. It’s fucked up. Notice how 3/4s of the baby characters don’t age like the human characters because they’re a different race or undead? What if they did that so people could sexualize them and get away with it?

No. 178608

How annoying, we’re not getting the 1200 primos like the Chinese players, just the skins. I mean, it really sounds like
>sorry for not letting you coom, have some shush money and pull for the KimK OC before we censor her too
But, even though I like the redesigns better than the original outfits, you know, I want the primos too for my husbandos.
I wonder what would’ve happened if everyone had to get their game censored? Probably a bunch of people would’ve dropped it.

No. 178609

Samefag, also, do you think we will get the other censored outfits that will get released in the future? Because that would be honestly neat.

No. 178622

if we get cheaped out of the redesigns like we did with the kfc glider i'm going to fly out to shanghai and fill mihoyo hq with fire ants.

No. 178623

File: 1641852334683.png (Spoiler Image,5.1 KB, 225x225, 85499451-7327-4023-B805-A903E1…)

I will go with you but I will throw some big fat ticks at the designers.

No. 178627

and it looks like the dendro archon will be another case of immortal loli….
i really like klee though so i don't mind baby characters as long as creepy moids stay away from them

No. 178629

sounds like a plan. they've been long overdue for a tick bath imo

No. 178630

Mihoyo already said the Global servers will get the censored outfits as skin options. They'll probably appear in cutscenes too I'm guessing, I doubt Mihoyo wants to render two different cutscene versions if they don't have to.

No. 178639

Nta, I seriously wouldn’t mind that the archon is a little girl in terms of the game itself and the story and such. But I hate that it’s yet another little girl character that will get sexualized to hell and back and that will have the “durrr she’s an omnipotent goddess but with a child’s body and she’s the goddess of wisdom so I coom” and then you will have a bunch of retards going
>wuell, if you can look at Venti naked I can look at the dendro archon naked
Because that’s totally literally the same I guess.

No. 178641

Kek, I’m sure that now they will try to find better angles for the cutscenes instead of making sure that there’s at least a few frames with tits or ass.

No. 178650

>available as a skin on the global server
>available as a skin
>as a skin
literally what the fuck are these cumbrained retards even chimping out for then. the new outfits are completely optional outside of china but they're acting like mhy is going to make looking at mona's ass a federal offense from now on.

No. 178653

It's beyond pathetic, ridiculous shit like >>178481 makes me wonder if male gamers are even human. Imagine being so upset over not being able to see loli panties or having your waifu's tits censored that you're writing rants about how distraught you are even though it's completely fucking optional. Concern over censorship and "slutshaming" my ass, they just don't want to be reminded of how being a cumbrain isn't a positive trait.

You have a point there anon, it's actually quite obvious that it's being done to dehumanize them the more I think about it.

No. 178701

Male players are mad that they can't be horny anymore? How fragile of them. It just shows that they're here to play this game to stare at pixelated ass, boobs and thighs. A lot of people in twitter refer to those who like the new designs as "puritans" just because the ladies are all covered up now. It's so funny. On another hand, those "pro-shippers" whatever you call them will always justify that all genshin characters are MEANT to be sexualized, even the lolis like Klee and Diona. And fetishizing Shenhe and Chongyun's relationship is totally alright like kekw family stroke. Genshin is not even an ecchi game (even though the designs are suggestive and panders to coomers) but why should they be mad that the characters look less sexualized/revealing than before?

No. 178710

Don't bring this retarded twitter-flavour anti/pro discourse here, nobody gives a fuck. It's the horny cumbrained moids who want to fuck kids, not some autistic nerdy women.

No. 178712

I think the issue in the anti/pro shipping discourse is that those autistic nerdy women defend coombrained moids

No. 178716

File: 1641889428997.jpeg (99.24 KB, 1242x705, C64D340A-2599-4398-9A09-A0D759…)

Heizou finally!!

No. 178718

If this is true I'm going to lose all my money to this game

No. 178726

I always thought might be a reference to/inspired by something Chinese I know nothing about

No. 178730

I really don't think anyone should be expecting well written three dimensional characters from a gacha game. I think most of the characters are fine. Not every media has to have super in depth character writing. It's a Chinese weeb game with anime tropes that has to pump out a new character every month or so. It isn't surprising.
I also think the amount of wageslave characters is simply due to Chinese culture.
I kekked. None of Ayato's voicelines or stories have even been leaked yet. I wish the constant bashing and infighting in this thread would stop. Nonnies who enjoy almost every character are the true winners.
Well said, I agree with you nonnie.

No. 178734

>Digging up 2-day old posts just to continue beating a dead horse with absolutely zero contribution
>Someone having a screeching meltdown spitting word salad everywhere to the point anons don't even want to respond is "well said"
I'm getting sick of this "can we just agree that all characters are bad/good pls no fight uwu" when all of the infighting can be traced back to waifufag chimpouts and people not realizing that weak, male-pandering female characters is a continuing problem in every form of mainstream media ever and it's actually pretty reasonable to complain about it.

No. 178737

>I really don't think anyone should be expecting well written three dimensional characters from a gacha game
People who have never played a gacha prior to genshit and moids sure do love to parrot this. there's a really expansive middle ground between raiden shogun and a super well written, three dimensional character. mihoyo's making it clear that they consider fleshed out characters to be women's business. the waifuists are fed from a trough.

No. 178739


This >>178712 is what I exactly meant. Ty nonna for understanding what I said.

No. 178740

Yess I'm super curious about Heizou. Hope he's a cute bishie.

No. 178749

I wonder if he will look any similar to the fanart that has been circulating. But then again, Heizou’s name of looks similar to Baizou’s, so maybe they will be similar instead? That would be interesting.

No. 178755

I'm glad chongyun was never my favorite because now japanese moids use him as their incest shota self-insert to drool over shenhe but i'm still sad (the obashota thing trended in japan)
In a way it's funny because if mihoyo never released shenhe they wouldn't be forced to censor their waifus kek. It's her stupid outfit that lead to chinese girls finally speaking up against them so they deserve it

No. 178773

Hopefully they learned their lesson and save the slutty designs for Honkai in the future. We can only hope that from now on female characters will be treated with more dignity.

No. 178774

The people designing the characters must be seething because they can’t make anymore armpit fetish outfits.

No. 178775

the armpit fetish is so fucking weird….

No. 178776

We’ve been told by two characters already that Paimon will betray traveler Is this really what they call foreshadowing or something? Since the very beginning of the story everyone and their mother were speculating that.
My hypothesis:
Our sibling sent Paimon to give us a message from them, so we didn’t get involved with the people of this world, but Paimon forgot that bit of information after some ridiculous accident and now she is our guide, near the end of the story our sibling will tell us that Paimon was their messenger and gives back her memories, Paimon then tells us that she can’t travel with us anymore because she feels like a traitor and hides in the abyss or something like that. But traveler keeps their sibling and just keeps on traveling with them or the siblings separate again because our sibling will tells us something like “go with her, I discovered that maybe we can be apart, but we’re still siblings” soapy and traveler goes back to look for Paimon THE END

No. 178777

true why does it even exist? Do they enjoy the rancid onion smell of an unwashed armpit or smth? pathetic clowns

No. 178778

the cute sidekick betrays the protagonist is such a cheap trope, it has been done a million times cant they do something more original?

No. 178781

What do you expect from a company with a slogan that says "tech otakus save the world"? Any tropes fleshed out from anime will be stitched together in unpleasant ways. The trope you mentioned, tsundere waifus, shy waifus, protagonist gets harem and so much more.

No. 178787

for some reason armpit fetishists are really casual about it too. at least the foot fetishists got bullied into having a sense of shame.

No. 178789

something about having a monkey brain and the pheromones in sweat

No. 178800

I hope he doesn't look like the fanart. It's just a male HuTao and isn't worth whaling appearance alone

No. 178804

Do we know if Heizou is electro like in the fanarts? I would be so excited for another male electro character.

No. 178806

leakers speculate he's either hydro or cryo

No. 178812

I hope he's cryo catalyst.

No. 178815

Aww too bad. I hate how mihoyo seems to handle elements. We have Geo where they're almost all male characters, then we have electro and Cryo or Pyro where they're nearly all female. What is even up with that? Are they gendering elements or something

No. 178818

I think the first electro man will be Dainsleif. That's my educated guess. And I don't consider Razor as an adult guy, just some wild jailbait character.

No. 178823


No. 178825

I highly doubt they'd wait until Dainsleif to make a playable electro male, that would be wild. That would take what, 4 years?

No. 178831

well electro isn't that great but cryo and pyro being taken only by waifus is annoying indeed

No. 178834


Dainsleif is obviously a hydro character anon lmao

No. 178842

Dainsleif might have a unique element/not get a vision since he hates the archons

No. 178847

it's goth boy look that makes me think electro so sue me

No. 178866

Yes I'm sorry I forgot the rule that the moment a post is past 2 days old you can no longer reply

No. 178888

File: 1641980200329.gif (2.63 MB, 498x266, 3BCBD65D-33A3-4498-8E28-A52CC0…)

Exactly. Since he’s one of the last characters we’re getting, after Shneznaya, in Khaenri’ah, there’s a big chance he has a unique element. He has blue magic so maybe some kind of dark magic.

No. 178889

He definitely has a new element that will be revealed upon his release, either some sort of a power related to Khaenri'ah or the world beyond Teyvat, it's foolish to think that he would hold a vision related to any of the Archons seeing how he plays completely outside of their rules.

No. 178891

sorry for doomposting but i kinda want to quit the game lately…. the only thing that kept me playing was ayato but i heard about some possible rumors that he might get teased earlier with yae and i have to say i'm very much disappointed
i don't want to see mihoyo shilling his pairing with yae and then have to see all the annoying ship art. like knowing them (and the fact that he might be based on otto from honkai), they will probably vaguely imply he's an yae simp. then there will be drama with eimiko and thomato shippers and yae/ayato shippers will act like they're victims (similar to beikazu shippers)
i'm just tired…

No. 178893

I'm so done with this "because honkai" doomposting. Besides some of the names none of the characters have anything in common with their honkai "counterparts", the stories are two different canons not related to each other. Venti might be loosely based on a character in Honkai design and name wise but they have literally nothing else in common, neither do Raiden and Yae.

No. 178894

their character designs are pretty much the same?

No. 178895

File: 1641986258916.png (5.01 MB, 2000x2000, b8c59128200955f8302eed53726066…)

A late happy birthday to my boy Thoma!

I know it will take forever till we get Dansleif but I'm so excited already!

No. 178899

God fuck off already stupid moid

No. 178901

File: 1641989217120.jpeg (457.07 KB, 1362x1362, 24B97167-C646-4A01-8531-7258B4…)

No. 178903

I mean my point was mostly about mihoyo teasing yae x ayato not honkai

No. 178905

File: 1641990948794.jpg (11.91 KB, 258x245, god.jpg)

1) we are different people, 2) i am not a scrote and 3) fuck off yourself, fujo

No. 178906

You could just not use social media. Or make a new one where you don't let any Genshin content near you. I already don't use twitter that much, I just log in to look at art, if I even remember that twitter exists, but I used to sometimes browse the Genshin reddit when I had nothing else to do, since I had a wish counter from there bookmarked. Seeing all the badly drawn borderline coom art with captions like "I drew Keqing/Hu Tao/xyz in swimwear! What do you think?" started to turn me off any female character and the game in general, so I stopped going on there. Those fanarts were so bad on a deep level and showed that they just wanted to draw tits and ass, no thoughts about personality or themes or anything. Never have I seen one of those "in swimsuit/casual clothes" fanarts from there that actually had a cute design that fit the character. That and how people talked about her in general seriously tarnished Yoimiya for me, back when she was new and I was planning to pull for her because I like her outfit and personality. Don't come for me, I know she's been deemed annoying but I'm a lonely loser that can't say much and the fantasy of a cute extroverted girl that can't stop talking is way too appealing to me. It's better to just cut it all out if it has a chance of taking away your fun for what should be a casual game.

No. 178907

That will suck tbh, but people will ship anything and everything, if he gets released with some rerun like Ganyu or anyone else, he will also get shipped with that rerun character and so on.

No. 178908

where did you hear that he will be teased with yae?

No. 178911

How the fuck is Mihoyo teasing Yae x Ayato? If anything Thoma with Ayato and Yae with Ei have been teased a lot more. Don't listen to waifu/hetfags and their fujos btfo'd fantasy copes.

No. 178912

Just report and don’t take the bait nonnies. It’s an obvious scrote.

No. 178913

I love this image and I'm going to save it for later use, thanks nonna. Pushy Honkaifags piss me the fuck off

No. 178914

leaker discord, it's not confirmed but he might be revealed earlier

No. 178916

thoma hasn't been teased with ayato, just with the kamisato family in general. for all we know ayato might have a line where he considers thoma family, like ayaka. you're right about eimiko though, they've been teased but so were beiguang and xingyun until they introduced beikazu and the cursed incest ship out of nowhere

No. 178917

>Introduced Beikazu
Beidou is obviously coupled with Ningguang, what are you talking about? They're even constantly portrayed together in artwork and talk about each other in a way that shows them to be in terms close enough to tease each other while Kazuha is more of a vagrant member of her ship crew. And anyone who considers an aunt saving her nephew from a monster a romantical ship needs to be necked asap, nobody in their right mind besides cumbrained mommy fetish scrotes could take them seriously

No. 178927

mute ship names on social media, problem solved. at this point i'm convinced some anons actually enjoy engaging in ship war drama.

No. 178940

File: 1642008316953.jpeg (442.74 KB, 1240x1748, F77B66D4-5C07-438E-91C3-611705…)

I just want another shot at getting Kokomi!! Does anyone know when she’s coming out during 2.5? Is she in the first round or second?

No. 178943

File: 1642009064937.jpeg (1.38 MB, 1935x2048, 8A12E99E-51EF-4C9E-9598-436EF0…)

i'm surprised she's getting a rerun so soon (at least that's what it feels like to me since i was taking a break during her banner). weren't her sales in the gutter or did the waifuists end up throwing money at mhy anyways?

No. 178948

File: 1642010468695.jpeg (124.52 KB, 736x920, 08DD5F68-76BC-4948-8752-3978C5…)

Most of the people who have kokomi are girls. Men won’t touch her because “she’s trash”

No. 178956

sounds about right. i seriously don't understand this obsession with meta so many guys have. it's one thing if you want to see how far you can push a character, or if you're trying to make them hit harder so you can get through combat quicker, but it's another to sperg out about substats and crit rates and constellations so you can… brag about it on the internet? it's a silly little anime game with silly little anime characters. calm down and stop throwing money away for the sake of winning a digital dick measuring contest.

No. 178958

Clearly Ayato is going to be Itto's boyfriend. They play bugs and children's card games with one another, and Ayato goes to see Itto perform on stage.

No. 178960

This, most Kokomi fans are girls because she has a beautiful design and despite filling the notorious overworked girl trope she's honest about not enjoying it and only doing it because she's put in the position. She's relatable to a lot of female players, she's a healer and she isn't overly waifuized so moids hate her because she isn't an overpowered shy cryo booba DPS tsundere.

No. 178963

File: 1642013049351.jpg (65.07 KB, 564x564, 713ea8ad26c272135c05e8ff379e40…)

extremely based take nonny

No. 178964

>i'm surprised she's getting a rerun so soon

She's getting a rerun because she's going to ascend to meta once Yae releases. Just take a look at Yae's kit, and you can see she was designed to work with Kokomi in a superconduct team.
Also, the new enemies they are adding punish teams with shields. Same situation as Pyro Abyss Lector that deals True Damage to all team members and Wolfs dealing corrosion. They are trying to introduce these handicaps to the game so people roll for her.

No. 178965

Did people actually have trouble with the Lector? I ran a mono Geo team and it died near instantly even with its shield.

No. 178967

kek that is not true, anon. girl in pantsu will always appeal more to men than women. and the more I look at her the uglier she gets tbh.

wut… yae has more synergy with kazuha than anyone else in the roster. and she's not going to be a "meta" character for any team as she is now. her scrotes are very upset about that fact and are desperately trying to convince eachother that they are scenarios where she could potentially be a better sub dps than albedo (hint: there are none without constellations and 5 star weapon refinements)

No. 178969

I really love Kokomi's design and animations and would be interested in making her work but I absolutely I hate her voice, it's so high pitched and annoying. Makes me want to mute the game every time she's on screen. I really wish her voice was less obnoxious.

No. 178972

They're giving rerun to characters that are important in the story so that gives me hope that they don't give to much about sales. And yeah it has been speculated that Kokomi her sales weren't that good, it seems like they're trying to counter that by making even more new enemies that will punish you for not having a healer (like the wolves). There will also be a new free 4 star weapon designed for Kokomi.

I think you mean electro charged, but I don't see a reason to pull Kokomi just for Yae if you can use Mona or XQ.
>Also, the new enemies they are adding punish teams with shields
First they indirectly nerfed Venti and now they're trying to do the same to Zhongli kek.
But I read somewhere that they nerfed the new enemies they introduced in beta because testers where complaining about them. They can even be succed by Venti now so that's nice.

I also didn't have a problem with the wolves or lector. But it's still funny to see them try to introduce new enemies that will punish you for using shields to encouring more people to get Kokomi.

Which dub do you play the game with? I also really like her design and animations but after testing her in events I kinda realised that her gameplay is just not that interesting to me. And since I already have so many characters I wonder if I even would bother to invest much in her if I'm not forced to since I already have Bennet and Jean as pretty good healers and support anyway.

No. 178973

I play with English because imo English has the best Beidou, Ningguang, Zhongli, Albedo, and Itto voices. The only voices I really disliked before was anyone voiced by Christina Valenzuela (seriously, she can't do male voices, her as Bennett is awful) and the lolis (minus Qiqi, she's fine) but holy fuck Kokomi just irritates the hell out of me.

No. 178976

Lolis are bad in every language, maybe the worst in japanese alongside Mona and Fischl

No. 178978

File: 1642016827599.jpeg (497.8 KB, 1280x1241, 8C09FBB2-9940-48F5-A3A6-58023F…)

Kek I agree about Christina Vee being shit at male voices. It’s why I never play as Bennett or Xingqiu. I recall Christina on Twitter basically begging to do a female voice in Genshin.
Plus I feel like we should just play as our favourite characters anyways. It’s annoying to see scrotes obsess over spiral abyss.

No. 178981

I play jp and cn dub and Kokomi sounds fine in both. I don't understand why so many people say they chose engdub because the women sound better in it because in my opinion half of them sound like they're screeching or talking like children compared to the CN or JP voices.

She sounds so fucking bad as Bennett, I have no idea how she bagged that role. It's no wonder why so many people hate him if they have to listen to her annoying ass performance all the time.

No. 178986

File: 1642018306352.jpeg (364.5 KB, 960x1315, 8C11F839-36E1-438B-8E36-9EA5AB…)

They should just give her a female role and redub Bennett.

No. 178987

Nta, but I seriously love Ningguang and Beidou in the JP and CN dubs over the Eng and Korean dubs, also Lisa sounds amazing in the JP dub when she attacks, her crazy witch laugh is amazing.
Idk, the English voices need something, I know nothing about the English dub scene, but they seriously don’t sound like professionals at all.
And tbh, all of the different dubs have stuff that doesn’t make them any better than the other. I honestly would rank them like this

No. 178991

Adding to the voiceover debate; I hate the English dub for Zhongli. He sounds like he is burping when I take him exploring, what the fuck man

No. 178995

I'd rather than than listen to JP Lisa climbing mountains. She was so embarrassing to play as.

No. 178996

That’s why I never let Lisa climb, I never take her to explore anything, I prefer letting Kaeya do his thing, I only use Lisa for certain domains where I will be only fighting or to fight certain enemies and that’s it, then I change her for any other character.

No. 178999

Kaeya was such a lifesaver for anything idle or exploration related until I started getting more characters. All the girls talked endlessly when idle, or sounded utterly pornographic when climbing. Kaeya is relatively quiet and perfect

No. 179004

Since we're speaking about idle voices, I literally can't leave Bennett idel for two fucking minutes because he'll screech about adventure. I love him and I play the japanese dub which imo is a bit better than the english one (for him) but it's still so annoying. Xiao sounds like his nose is stuffy sometimes. Fishl does the cliché tsundere voice, Itto sounds kind of annoying in japanese and Kazuha will start talking endlessly. Also, some of the climbing sounds for the boys are… questionable.

No. 179021

It’s honestly why I love Diluc so much, he’s so quiet when he’s idle, and I kind of like the sound of the eagle that appears out of nowhere to greet him, I never let most of the girls stay idle, specially Xinyan, I love her but her shout has spooked me a few times already. Ningguang is probably the only girl who isn’t constantly doing weird or loud idle sounds, and I think Rosaria doesn’t either.
I mostly use tall characters for exploring kek. Unless I manage to kill most of them or I need a shorter character to attack someone right there.

No. 179029

girls might like kokomi because she looks like a shoujo princess mermaid or something like that but that doesn't take away from her coomerbait outfit. maybe i'd like her more if she was wearing a nice skirt instead of pantsu with navel showing

No. 179032

I don’t even mind he showing her navel, but just wearing some flimsy underwear is inexcusable tbh, I can’t wait to see her censored outfit, I’m sure it will be cute.

No. 179033

File: 1642031019218.jpg (254.51 KB, 623x623, 1614836462659.jpg)

i used tart so much i memorized this place is pretty dead by which i mean there is nothing to kill in 3 languages

No. 179040

File: 1642033670078.jpg (45.2 KB, 517x584, mf3avsg2pv371.jpg)

I think it's supposed to be a swimsuit but covering her stomach or making her wear a bodysuit would have looked a lot better. Maybe they'll take inspo from her beta design if/when they redesign her.

No. 179047

>electro charged
Yeah, sorry… I'm dumb lol.
Mona and XQ are also good for Yae, no doubt. But Kokomi provides healing + all of things Mona and XQ have, so I think she would be a better option than them. At least in the current Abyss.

I wonder why the didn't add game mechanics to make Yoimiya "useful".

No. 179050

>all of things Mona and XQ have
Not at all. Raiden is the one they're trying to sell with Yae, Kokomi isn't as good on their team as the standard Kazuha Bennett combo or one of those two + Xingqiu or potentially Ayato in the future.

No. 179051

Klee is one of the worst, no matter the language. She talks non-stop and her lines are long as hell. I get that small children can be chatterboxes, but she's ridiculous.

No. 179055

Mmm I do agree that Raiden could work with her too, but who would be the DPS in those comps? I thought Raiden could only work as a DPS at C2 or if you had her 5* star polearm? Although Kokomi is not the best DPS either without the donut, but at least Electro-charged would amp a bit her damage? Idk…

No. 179058

Raiden should be a dps no matter what. She's very similar to Noelle, her support capabilities are far too weak and she needs too much field time to function as a support/sub dps. She also relies heavily on Bennett who defeats the purpose of using Kokomi over Xingqiu or Mona in the first place, let alone Kazuha. Whether or not a dps who needs 2/3 of the quintessential OP support trio on any given team to deal good damage is a scam or not is debatable but that's where she's at right now.

>at least Electro-charged would amp a bit her damage?

Well electro-charge isn't an amp reaction: it does flat damage based on the EM stat of the character who triggered the reaction. It's not a particularly strong reaction so an EC team won't yield as much damage than the Raiden + Bennett + anemo(Kazuha) team. In other words Yae needs Raiden, Raiden needs Bennett, and Kokomi has no place on either of their teams. Raiden doesn't need Yae though interestingly enough, Yae isn't a meta character until c6.

No. 179059

Kokomi really works best with Ayaka as a Mona replacement as far as I've seen since she can proc frozen really well.

No. 179060

No. 179061

I see, thank you for your insights.

No. 179080

are people struggling with the event?

No. 179082

tbh I didn't bother at all this time due to other reasons plus it's boring reading all those descriptions. I may do it now idk

No. 179086

This event was pretty easy imo, I just used my two teams that I used in the current abyss and kept rotating with them. But after getting all the rewards I did try and test out some trial characters I did not have but the build they gave most trial characters are pretty bad. So I guess newer players who don't have that many characters build can maybe struggle a bit.

No. 179120

Yes, not everybody bothers with the abyss and min-maxing characters.
Even with the trial charas and guides I can't get a silver on the last stage of the 2nd and 3rd days. So haven't got all the primos. Though part of it might be shitty PS4 loading times messing up the timer.

No. 179141

File: 1642095960067.jpeg (238.78 KB, 988x2048, CE5E3692-7C3F-465C-8F13-2C69E9…)

I agree , I just pick and choose which event I want to partake in. Doing them all will make you feel burnt out.

No. 179142

Has anyone played the new windtrace yet? I tried it earlier and my matches were all unlucky, some of those russian players are ruthless when hunting kek Have they increased the time? 3 minutes feels so long. I haven't explored inazuma that much, so I don't know the maps that well and the new invisibility with the 60 seconds cooldown makes it a lot harder to outrun hunters. Still fun though

Shouldn't you be able to do it if you do the first stages really badly? It's supposed to keep getting harder. Maybe lowering your world level could also influence it? On the other hand those 3 or 4 pulls are probably not worth the hassle.

No. 179154

I have and it's my first time playing it. I haven't played many matches but I do agree the time is too long.I believe it benefits whoever the hunter is.
still better than the potions event I can't do no matter what kek

No. 179159

Matches are definitely way too long and the maps are really small. If the time was halved or the maps were bigger the games wouldn't be so hunter favoured, but as is the hunter always wins.

No. 179167

this, it's rigged as fuck

No. 179168

Maybe there were too many complaints of people that couldn't win as hunters? The fact that it favors them so much makes it harder to get points, it's only like 100 or 200 if you lose as a rebel. It's good that you can get any at all, but if you keep losing it takes so much time to get those fucking primos. The chances of being a hunter are smaller than those of being a rebel, so the favoritism doesn't even make sense

No. 179171

File: 1642103547538.jpeg (936.35 KB, 960x1060, 734EA254-E0AB-42D4-9CB6-0C166B…)

Seeing the Mihoyo hired Itto cosplayer in motion is beyond uncanny. His face is fucked from the pile of makeup.

No. 179172

I didn't realize this was a picture, I thought this was some sakimichan art.

No. 179173

I like his torso, but it really is impossible to make an anime face make sense in real life.

No. 179175

Agreed. I feel like when it comes to cosplay type stuff like this, it's best to try to keep it believable and not try to make real life into anime because it just never looks right.

No. 179177

Im pretty sure I follow this cosplayer and yeah, when he does cutsey or japanese characters they tend to be fucked up. His better cosplays were prince of persia and his street fighter ones.

No. 179178

Good lord that looks crusty and uncanny, he's like Benedict Cumberbatch dressing up as a Batman villain. 3D Moids shouldn't be allowed to cosplay.

No. 179180

File: 1642104928449.jpeg (373.48 KB, 1920x902, A9E7F44E-9518-458C-AA2C-E76C95…)

I saw this being posted and thought it was interesting. If you read from right to left (backwards) it says Gateway of Celestia on Venti's statue and not on other archon statues. I can't stand lore theories on Reddit since scrotes genuinely are retarded but what are your theories on this anons? Is Venti our gateway? Hopefully we return to Mondstadt soon, (and mihoyo decides to release north of Mondstadt and Varka) I can't stand boring ass Liyue and coomer Inazuma stories.

No. 179254

File: 1642135023090.jpg (30.04 KB, 404x404, queen.jpg)

finally got c6 Ningguang tonight!!!

No. 179256

I also saw that video lol, I like to think that Venti’s statue may be some sort of special teleport waypoint from mondstat to Celestia, maybe we will have to stand on the hands of Venti and the teleport waypoint will activate sending us to Celestia for some mission or something. That would be neat.

No. 179263

File: 1642143491639.png (2.2 MB, 1633x937, Defiled_Statue.png)

They did use his statue for this, so maybe there is a real significance to it

No. 179264

Lol that’s why we haven’t got the dandelion sea or other expanded parts of mondstadt.
You’re right though they’re probably related.

No. 179321

Congrats anon!

His face and hair is so crusty, I can't.

Okay so what I do pretty much every time I'm playing rebel is pray that there any trees on the map. You can play a character with a good passive like Kaeya or Kazuha so that you're faster and just climb in a tree very high and when they do see you and intend to climb to you just use your skill to turn invisible and run away. I only lose my matches on that one ruin map because that doesn't have any trees and don't know any good hiding spot.

No. 179346

The Yun Jin concept video is out. I’m only 5 mins in and it’s just women talking about her design process. I appreciate that a lot.

No. 179349

heck are these the women who came up with the coomer designs and shit like chongyun x shenhe?

No. 179350

File: 1642186241861.png (4.22 MB, 2079x960, 13E2FF64-CB26-4F53-B671-4D5722…)

Bonus: here’s her concept design

No. 179351

the second one looks more like chinese opera lol

No. 179353

Chongyun/Shenhe isn't real, anon, it's just coomer brain rot. And remember Shenhe was originally going to have a different design, they were probably told to make the 5* more coomer to sell to the moids.
Of course the 3D modelers are all men. I appreciate their work on the battle animations but no wonder all the characters show their asses when flying.

No. 179354

seriously her og design looked so much better, the color palette was more pleasing and the ropes placement at least looked more interesting. now her bodysuit looks so fucking weird

No. 179357

they're both fugly, lets not pretend her og design was any less unpleasant to behold

No. 179359

tbh, I wouldn’t mind fucking him if he puts a mask on

No. 179378

The other designs are so much better, why did they go with the dark purple one? If they wanted her to look like an actual chinese opera singer then the second design would have been perfect, now she looks too much like a gothic lolita. Also I would have loved it if they went a bit heavier with her make-up, but of course the moids only want cookie cutter anime girls so anything different will scare them. I'm kinda disappointed kek

No. 179379

agreed, but i do think both designs are still lovely. maybe i'm just happy to see a classy lady character who has such a unique signature concept.

No. 179382

I agree, the video was weird cause they talk about how much research they did and then her released design looks like something someone who is barely familiar with that type of opera would create. It's like doing one google search compiling some pics and then bam, here is your yunjin. I don't think it's a bad design overall, in fact i love her more than other characters it's just that she screams more kuroneko with a chinese twist and less actual chinese opera

No. 179388

From what it sounds like they wanted someone inspired by peking opera but also wore more casual modernized clothing.

No. 179393

I kinda expected enkanomiya to be like a mario underwater level but more barbie like and now i am disapppointed

No. 179395

It originally was like a Grecian Watatsumi Island but their coral/seashells are dead.

No. 179398

I honestly like the dark stuff and the Greek names, it’s fresh.

No. 179400

Thank god it's not. Watatsumi is a massive eyesore, the cool dark Enka was a pleasant surprise.

No. 179406

Watatsumi island is a Barbie fairytopia dream, literally made for girls, you have shit taste

No. 179417

Maybe in the concept art it was better but in game it's the absolute ugliest place on the whole map kek idgaf if it was made with "uwu aesthetic giwls uwuwu" in mind or not. It reminds me of the confetti club in a way.

No. 179432

What the fuck? Watatsumi was beautiful and a great break from the dreary Inazuma islands that had nothing but endless thunderstorms and islands with nothing interesting in them. Enkanomiya is interesting but it's repetitive to the point it's easy to get lost in there and the "lost foggy ruins" thing was done in Tsurumi already and to a degree in Seirai. It's good that the map has variety and isn't just another dark, edgy lost ancient civilization thing after another, if people want only mopey grimdark environments because anything with colours is cringe to them they should be playing something else than an anime game.

No. 179435

I didn't mind the colours in Watatsumi but idk it's too bright and I don't like it. That's what anons probably mean by eyesore. It's one of the reasons I haven't explored this map as much as the rest

No. 179438

based. watatsumi island is the best inazuma island and it is very pretty. i always got annoyed by the grimey attitude of the other islands. if i had the choice of worshipping the electro waifu and be miserable or a snake and live on fairytopia island i would pick the snake

No. 179447

I agree, I prefer the red and the teal designs a lot more they should have sticked with a traditional color scheme. The only copium I have for myself is that maybe in the future when they release skins faster Yunjin might get a skin with a more traditional color scheme for free.
I also noticed in the video that the 3D modelers guys multiple times mentioned that they had to change the concept are because of animation issues or whatever. Maybe if they didn't spend that much time on animating upskirts and breasts flying everywhere they would have more time.

>Watatsumi island is a Barbie fairytopia dream
This is so specific but really true kek, it remind me a lot of mermaidia. Barbie movies have such good concept art tbh and I wouldn't mind some more colorful places in Genshin.
But I actually also really like Enkanomiya, it's true we got a lot of darker maps but it feels a lot more mystical and also has something quite beautiful.

No. 179458

File: 1642251598252.png (613.83 KB, 1193x609, 748564785.PNG)

at least bother watching the video first before crying about
>m-muh traditional chinese opera!! thanks to my phd in google images i know better than these chinese character designers!!!
we finally get a female character that doesn't have her booba or ass hanging out and isn't sexualized in the slightest unless you stare up her skirt while she is gliding… and some of you bitches still find something to whine about. in the video it is clearly stated that the dress she is wearing in the game is a casual outfit that is also suitable for combat, and they chose the colors she is wearing instead of teal or red because it fits her personality more. it's only inspired by some chinese opera elements, it's not at all meant to look like she wears this on stage.
no shit she isn't gonna wear an opera outfit while shes out fighting monsters or running errands.

No. 179459

It still had grimey colors, just paired with some ugly artificial pastels like an acne ridden weeb wearing aliexpress menhera. Looks botched, sue me.

No. 179462

i agree she looks better than 90% of the female characters in the game. she wears a proper dress and if they will ever disable the peeking she will be even better. yes the color scheme could have been better but compared to the other ones this one is cute and non coomerish. she reminds me of a porcelain doll and i am going to use her in my geo-only team

No. 179473

Sheesh anon chill, people are only saying that they preferred the other color schemes no one is saying she has to go into a full garb.

No. 179478

windtrace is shit now, they really tried to “balance” it by disabling mona’s illusory walk and whenever you’re the hunter they put this big ass blue wall around you so you don’t look and “cheat” absolutely ridiculous, also the hiding spots are so small and shitty it was basically tweaked to make more people win rather than just making a fun game

No. 179491

Cool, it was still a poor choice. Literally every outfit of every character in the game is a "modern" interpretation of some traditional dress that's "suitable for combat" (traditional dresses are a no go, but heels are apparently. Also love how they worried about making an outfit that's good for combat only for Yunjin, but surely not for any other female character in the game). It's better than most of the other outfits, but it's still boring and made to cater to coomers who like upskirts and basic "doll-like" anime characters imo. I wished her final design was more original and colorful like her beta design. Also calm down with your stupid spergery.

No. 179515

>made to cater to coomers who like upskirts and basic "doll-like" anime characters
anon what the fuck are you talking about? since when do coomers like doll like gothic lolita-esque characters that have 0 sexualization to their design? with this logic all women and girls in every media are coom bait just on account of being female.

No. 179521

They do, especially if they resembles lolitas, have the classic kuudere/tsundere haircut and face, are bland and you can easily look under their skirts.

No. 179525

NTA but even though I know scrotes fetishize lolita-like characters and I wish Yun Jin would have bloomers or something under her skirt I still agree with >>179458 and think her design is fine and don't really understand the autistic screeching about it seeing how it's absolutely one of the least coomer ones we've had in a long while, especially when she was released back to back with Shenhe the stripper. I prefer that red concept design of hers too but it's laughable to expect them to give her a long flowy robe identical to the ones seen in Chinese operas since it would be a bitch to render and it wouldn't even make sense for her to wear it all the time outside of performing. Her personality is quite pleasant too and not at all "doll-like", if she was a stupid kuudere I would understand the outrage but for once we actually got a female character who doesn't seem worthless straight out of the box besides meta wise.

No. 179535

Scrotes fetishize anything with a hole, what else is new. Have we learned nothing from bronies?

No. 179536

That poor anon probably doesn’t even know what Touhou is

No. 179542

Would you rather have Lisa as your sister or Kaeya and Diluc as your brothers?

No. 179551

File: 1642297195927.jpeg (45.48 KB, 622x622, E7EFCB84-B444-46EA-AFE8-0DCEEB…)

>tfw cool big sis amber isn't an option

No. 179556

Lisa sister, I’m sure she would be actually nice to live with. And I want to get fucked by Diluc and Kaeya in many ways, so I don’t want them as brothers, ew.

No. 179559

>gay son(s) or thot daughter
how about neither!

No. 179565


No. 179580

File: 1642312180037.png (408.81 KB, 800x1131, Lisa-genshin-impact-hot-photo-…)

Lisa because at least I'd be smart.

No. 179609

File: 1642330940252.jpg (10.86 KB, 235x273, f96b210d9cfa4e351c0e9d74650c5c…)

Would you rather date an abyss herald (if yes, where would the date take place + activities) or fight against two cryo abyss mages and two hydro abyss mages as a regular human and you can only use stuff in irl to fight them? (describe your strategy)

No. 179614

I'd rather you quit asking retarded buzzfeed quiz questions

No. 179615

No. 179646

Ofc I'm dating an abyss herald, I don't even need to read the other option. They get to pick, but I'm not dueling them if that's what they want.

No. 179648

i don't visit watatsumi often so i never noticed the little flying jellyfish until last night, and ngl bros i kind of lost my shit about how cute they are. i love little atmospheric touches like that.

No. 179673

File: 1642371405147.jpeg (Spoiler Image,114.66 KB, 690x654, ADB46CA1-6191-4078-807F-20A52F…)

In the Venti story quest, who is that redhead? Looks exactly like Diluc’s dad but he wouldn’t have been alive during that time period right?

No. 179729

File: 1642399963238.png (175.79 KB, 551x653, 1625162363307.png)

Thoughts on Chongyun?

No. 179730

It’s an ancestor afaik.

No. 179738

He's the best boyfriend Xingqiu could have

No. 179959

File: 1642527493996.jpeg (119.37 KB, 680x680, 2E722A54-DB5F-446D-9E82-F1D0FF…)

Happy birthday Diona!!!

No. 180020

Mmmmmm fuck, this is too erotic.

No. 180021

diluc is heterosexual

No. 180022

He’s anything you want him to be.

No. 180025

I want him to be erotic. Mmmmmm, so hot.

No. 180026

diluc is a fucking incestuous faggot

No. 180029

Hope Mondstadt creates some child protective services to save her from her alcoholic dad

No. 180039

File: 1642555924125.gif (2.34 MB, 498x457, C047B7C9-01C6-4581-8A99-FFB0B9…)

Poor Diona. I wish her dad wasn’t such a drunk.

No. 180073

This isn't bizarro world

No. 180078

File: 1642565848403.png (339.13 KB, 960x729, 1625277055607.png)

No. 180090

Both Diluc and Kaeya take big dick and you know it

No. 180100

Both Kaeya and Diluc are heterosexual though

No. 180105

idk, can you be heterosexual while fucking your adopted brother?

No. 180106

File: 1642590107693.jpg (51.78 KB, 564x673, 97346b74e6df768187c17b77097a6a…)

Extremely based post

No. 180112

wtf are these 4chan memes go back to /vgg/

No. 180115

OMg kaeluc IS SO REAL THEY JIST BREATHER NEAR EACHH OTHER IM CRIYNG OMG ANONS PLEASE diluc TOPS omg no no kaeya TOPS omg no no wait Ttbey botb fjck each other so much its insane omg anons kaeluc confirmed #KaelucWin #KaelucConfirmed #KaelucForever THEY ARE TJE BEST SHIP EVER IN GHE HISTORY OF GENSHIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i think the homoerotic feelings they have for each other IS SO CANON OMGGGG BAYYYZZEDDD BASED GG EZZ OMG ANOEN CRYING RN I LOVE KAELUC OMG KAELUC REALLY BEST SHIP EVER AMIRITE LADIES AND GENTLEKAELUC FANS JOY JOY JOY JOY JOY KWRLUC HOL GGO GOLVGOL GOL GOL GOL GOL GOL KAELUC GOL GOL GOL GOL GOL GOL GOL KAELUC GOL GOL the scene of them bkth just existing is so Gosh. legit proof they're canon diluc lvoes to n BALLSDEEP in kaeya NO NO KAEYA LOVES TO NE BALLS DEEP IN DIKUC NO NO BOTH OF THEMFMAOOOOO LMFSOOOO KAELUC FOR TJE WIN LADIES!!! best shop ever genshin2022 (crying)

No. 180117

File: 1642596085384.png (1.25 MB, 1342x710, Screen_Shot_2021-03-18_at_11.5…)

Like I know you're doing this to make fun of kaeluc shippers but this just makes you look like the biggest sperg

No. 180121

File: 1642597038736.jpeg (155.58 KB, 650x777, 4455C4D7-ED9A-46D1-85E2-DDE032…)

Fire n’ ice hotties go brrrrrr and yes, I also ship them with myself, I’m a full fledged degenerate and there’s nothing you can do about it.

No. 180123

lol how can you incels get this triggered anytime someone so much as jokes about these characters who stay locked up in a cellar until its time for gay fanservice being gay? self-inserters are more delusional than any of the fujoshits here

No. 180124

File: 1642597585338.jpeg (238.13 KB, 973x1300, A5D35855-0D9B-4851-B8E6-FE64CF…)

No. 180125

I'm sorry your husbando is cucking you with his adopted brother anon but no need to shitpost in the thread

No. 180127

nah no one with a job or uni would be emotionally invested in this bullshit enough to post >>180115, buddy. don't project your neetdom onto us. show some respect to the tax payers keeping your wifi on and take ya meds.

No. 180129

>unhinged wall of text schizo sperg
>"mcdonalds application" scrote meme
I'm always left wondering if it's a demented yume mad about her husband being called gay or a genuinely homophobic moid/pickme who loses his mind when girls like something he finds disgusting because the line is so blurred.

No. 180131

why is it always the fujoshi shipping idiots that derail the thread and cause infighting? you guys have your own thread right here >>165351 please stick to it

No. 180138

I think her design is really cute and her kit is great but she's such a weird character. Who at MHY came up with the idea for a child bartender that hates alchohol and has a deadbeat father?

No. 180142

It’s a strange mix, I would’ve considered it less bizarre if she could’ve had the teen body. It’s honestly a sad character, she had to mature too quickly because her father is useless.

No. 180144

>it are the fujos
It all started because some anon responded to a 4 days old message because they insist that Diluc is straight and then they decide to sperg about it. Atleast the fujos are funny and don't post scrote stuff like this >>180115 >>180124

The fact that her dad is an alcoholic and that's why she want to destroy the wine industry is treated like a joke is really sad.

No. 180145

I find Diona's tsundere character annoying but I agree. And to top it off she was given the ability to make amazing drinks no matter how much she tries to make them terrible because the Spring fairy gave her the ability which is even stranger

No. 180146

could also be a radfem so obsessed with trannies that she develops a deep, autistic loathing for anything she even remotely associates with them. they exist. but if that was the case she'd be better off not playing video games at all lol.

No. 180154

>i-it's the radfems!!!
YWNBAW, how the fuck are gay bishie ships even associated with troons kek

No. 180155

are you making up a person to get mad at

No. 180156

Found the asshurt yumejo kek

No. 180162

Kek literally every time someone even jokes about a character acting gay with another character some yumejo/moid/tranny loses it. Or maybe we're all being baited anons. Maybe we are the fools.

No. 180163

I wonder if it's the same edgy shitposting moid lurking the thread that talked about "chinks and japs" and had a meltdown spamming the tranny copypasta when the girl characters got censored.

No. 180164

nope, I been on this website a long fucking time and I've seen some shit

fakebois who name themselves after the characters they ship have been the new fujo stereotype for years now. they're actually yumefujo hybrids now that I think about it.

No. 180165

is everyone really reading this obvious shitpost/troll and actually taking it seriously enough to make up tinfoils about this being a radfem/tranny/scrote/homophobe/racist/yumejo/pickme? are you all actually this retarded?

No. 180166

yeah a shitpost coming from a place of concentrated 'tism

No. 180170

But silly anon, you cannot expect people to have brains here. They will miss the point on purpose if it means they get to act like the defender of fictional 2D men rights as if Kaeya or Diluc will now come and kiss them on the lips for defending them from a very obvious and shitty bait.

No. 180171

File: 1642617153826.jpg (93.82 KB, 1024x576, fuck fujos.jpg)

That edgy shitposting "moid" talking about chinks and japs was me and I didn't post any tranny copypasta, it was pretty fucking obvious that I wanted the outfits to get censured in the first place. But ofc you fujoshis are too retarded to understand that the posts that make you butthurt are not necessarily written by "yumes"/moids/trannies/any other boogeymen.(constant shitposting)

No. 180173

File: 1642618022057.jpg (2.77 MB, 1920x2880, __yoimiya_genshin_impact_drawn…)

Hello everyone look at yoimiya

No. 180176

kek dilate tranny. go back to /a/ rather than posting about your shitty waifu here that nobody even likes

No. 180178

File: 1642619277803.jpg (61.24 KB, 564x564, 13ba86ac3a5908c15cdbbd40aaaa59…)

since there is currently a war happening about straight male characters in genshin, i just want to say that this man definitely participated in the superstraight movement and calls men who accidentally touch his hand while walking next to him faggots

No. 180179

File: 1642620413631.jpg (743.27 KB, 2048x1558, tumblr_51880af53432ed583487be9…)

Water n’ geo hotties go brrrrrr and yes, I also ship them with myself, I’m a full fledged degenerate and there’s nothing you can do about it.

No. 180180

File: 1642620585785.png (96.04 KB, 370x320, hur.png)

have a good day and ignore bait

No. 180181

bless you and your husband dottore anon

No. 180185

File: 1642621503235.jpg (78.25 KB, 1000x701, 6666666.jpg)

Recent Ayato rumors:

>Sub dps/support

>Skill places effigies of himself similar to Shenhe's
>Burst is 15s with 20s cd (typically an indicator of 80 energy)
>May not have infusion / infusion is constellation locked
>has a mole near his mouth
>design has seen a lot of changes and is still being tweaked. they know people have high expectations for him.
>could be megane (?)

No rumors for Heizou aside from him being on Ayato's banner sadly.

2.5 is set to be an old school filler patch with little content aside from Yae quest, Raiden boss, and Kokomi quest. Yae will not be a meta character much to the dismay of her simps, not even extreme niche meta a la Shenhe. A lot of people are pre-disappointed and ready for the 2.6 beta to start. Part of the disappointment comes from her simps flooding every outlet for Genshin leaks with showcases of her underwhelming kit, which has caused the focus to shift almost entirely to Ayato in response. So brace yourselves for many more rumors, real and fake, in the coming weeks.

No. 180187

Other leaks are saying that he's a main DPS and that's honestly what his kit sounds like. Maybe I'm just coping because I want more male DPSs.

No. 180188

15s/20cd ult with no infusion is the strongest evidence of him being sub dps or support. If he was an archer maybe he could still be a dps like ganyu however the single most consistent rumor about him is that he is a sword user.

No. 180190

No. 180191

File: 1642622744396.png (2.4 MB, 1280x1055, tumblr_2096443946681cf746523d6…)

Water n’ geo connoisseur? Love your taste. Mmm.

No. 180194

That art is fucking hideous wtf, is this still a bitch baiting

No. 180195

I'm gonna ignore the leaks of Ayato untill beta starts. For sure there will be lots of doomposting about him just like any male character. I really do hope Haizou is on his banner so i can get them both.

No. 180196

File: 1642624310107.jpg (132.13 KB, 1542x1052, 20220119_212901.jpg)

zhongli is boring as fuck, ugly and i never understood his hype. The superior ships are chiscara and chaeya

obviously, he is a russian straggot.

No. 180198

Nigaeya and transchilde, nice. Really liking the self harm scars on Childe's arm.

No. 180199

File: 1642624931123.jpg (26.15 KB, 349x642, db0.jpg)

No. 180200

>as if Kaeya or Diluc will now come and kiss them on the lips
Disgusting. I want them to kiss one another, not me.

No. 180201

File: 1642625811188.jpg (546.71 KB, 2039x1053, tumblr_11c726c3ddd027db2abcfce…)

True, when I was done playing the quests I didn't understand all the people shipping Childe and Zhongli at all. They barely interacted and it felt like it was a case of fujos shipping any two attractive guys that have talked even once. Zhongli just acts like a mellow old man imo, not sexy at all
That said I love chaeya, they fit each other really well. Zhongluc is also really good, they seem like they'd have similar interests and Zhongli could retire and help out at the winery, plus Diluc is already rich enough to fill the wallet role

No. 180203

Kaeya and Childe is 100% a crack ship, what the hell? At least Childe and Zhongli canonically spend a lot of time together, enjoy each others' company and Childe pays for all of his shit.

No. 180204

yeah, and not to mention that childe hates dishonesty while kaeya is a literal spy lol. I have never heard of this ship before today but i guess some people really ship anything

No. 180205

File: 1642626499732.jpg (529.38 KB, 850x1204, 9D4C571B-45B0-484A-92AC-AE377E…)

Imagine not appreciating the sex god that is Rex Lapis, also known as Morax, also known as the Geo Archon, also known as the God of Contracts, also known as the God of History, also known as the God of the Stove, also known as the Stonebreaker, also known as the Warrior God WHILE liking Kaeya. Please seek help.

Exactly. Who's even fucking who in this ship? They look like they'd rather fist fight and bite each other rather than act the slightest bit romantic and kissy kissy.

No. 180207

this is what chilumi does to your brain

No. 180208

>could be megane (?)
dropped if real. genshin meganes are always ugly

No. 180209

I only like Chaeya as hatefucking friends with benefits who fight and then fuck.

No. 180210

File: 1642627291430.jpg (483.79 KB, 550x778, 5BD58CEB-9576-4E5C-8097-CE68B7…)

I think you should fight a noose and fuck it by putting it around your neck.

No. 180211

File: 1642627319283.jpg (621.64 KB, 1246x1597, 1612907301385.jpg)

he is an arthritis ridden grandpa who can only talk boring shit about rocks while ignoring you like a mansplaining autist. i bet he would get a heart attack in any other position besides starfish

>is 100% a crack ship
why are you using this as an argument when its not like any ship besides aether x waifu harem will become canon.
>spend a lot of time together
>childe hates dishonesty while kaeya is a literal spy
best part. i want kaeya to be a toxic fuck and manipulate tart. also imagine the hate sex wit tarts abyss form and whataever kaeya is gonna look like as abyss prince

yes i love zhongluc! i didnt think about them at all until i saw cute fanarts of them and realized how much sense they make together

No. 180212

File: 1642627571948.png (43.18 KB, 150x151, tumblr_0fd8120bbc8b94dfaf17c5d…)

>he is an arthritis ridden grandpa who can only talk boring shit about rocks while ignoring you like a mansplaining autist
>yes i love zhongluc!

No. 180214

Honestly is this thread being invaded by someone samefagging and acting like a crazy person on purpose to bait everyone? The weirdo sperg meters are off the charts.

No. 180215

did you just call Baizhu ugly, you fuck?

No. 180216

its diluc that makes him bearable kek

No. 180217

this is what playing genshin impact does to you, sad!

No. 180218

It really is just like that, nonnie, this has to be some tranny or moid.

No. 180220

>Everything starts with someone writing a spergpost to bitch about Kaeluc shippers
>Posts keep coming in short bursts all replying to each other in an identical shitposting manner
>Purposefully over the top unhinged behavior and picking up fights over nothing
>Trying to bait Kaeluc shippers with weird crackships featuring the other shilled BL pairing
>At the same time someone is complaining about the "retarded fujos in the genshin impact thread" in /ot/
It's a pretty open and shut case I'd say.

No. 180222

He also keeps reposting stuff from other nonnies but with his stupid avatarfagging.

No. 180224

Nta but why act like women cannot make posts like this and it has to be a man? What man on earth would come to this thread to defend Zhongli along his fujoshit ships while shitting on the other ones because he got triggered over people criticizing it, etc. I imagine a man or a tranny doing this over Shenhe or Ganyu but definitely not over yaoi or male characters

>Trying to bait Kaeluc shippers with weird crackships
I think those anons were unfortunately very serious about their crackships, nonnie

No. 180226

>What man on earth would come to this thread to defend Zhongli along his fujoshit ships
It's called false flagging nonny.

No. 180227

Crackship anon sounds like that one anon saying that Hu tao and Xingqiu was a more reasonable ship or something

No. 180228

File: 1642629449152.jpg (187.05 KB, 1616x1390, 20210329_215001.jpg)

>Trying to bait Kaeluc shippers
ego bigger than /snow/ cow, not everything is about you and i also ship kaeluc

No. 180229

you do know some people are very passionate about their crack ships right, nta but i've been in rarepair hell for years lol

No. 180230

File: 1642629642190.jpeg (68.89 KB, 1000x1000, B01C362F-09F7-4D3F-90A7-4F3C45…)

Definitely, let’s just wait for the sperg to calm down.
To me this made it obvious that it’s an edgy sperg trying to bait us for disliking their straight ship. No farmer would post an image like this.

No. 180257

The fist fighting and biting is the point anon. Though I wouldn't expect you to understand if you find Zhongli of all characters sexy kek

I'm not big into those ships, I just like Kaeya a lot and there's no other option than to imagine whatever I want since I'm not interested in incest and he has no chemistry with Diluc anyway. I've seen a lot of arguments about it, but I just don't see it. It doesn't matter anyway, all these characters are so flat that there's nothing left but to make shit up. Most shippers, not matter what kind, make up their personality as they go since the game itself doesn't give you much to work with.

No. 180260

File: 1642641229497.jpeg (268.15 KB, 1363x1523, 16C06FC6-06E9-4FB3-BAA8-47B964…)

My dumbass finally made the connection

No. 180261

File: 1642641675935.jpeg (933.41 KB, 1610x2224, 47F5DDC2-F98C-4F76-B2F4-2CD5C9…)

As a Zhonglifag, I am able to understand every secret and enigma engraved into this globe what we call earth, thus connecting my admiration for Rex Lapis. My vocabulary is so exquisite all thanks to the megamind of a brain I have from picking the finest man known to the gacha game world as my fellow romantic colleague. I have the answers to everything and anything, which is why I must now share one of the truths with you. The truth is that Kaeya is ugly and looks like a tranny. This is something I've come to study as a Zhonglifag.

No. 180263

File: 1642642675910.jpg (324.52 KB, 1521x2048, ErI8FRcUYAAUNKm.jpg)

Didn't ask plus your taste is shit and you're unfunny

No. 180264

They're just cute chibi drawings

No. 180267

File: 1642644234482.gif (219.97 KB, 250x250, 654F4A9B-38D6-4BD4-B94E-8CB82D…)

I feel bad for Diona tbh. Her story and voicelines are pretty sad. I guess I could pretend I've adopted her in my teapot. As someone who also grew up with an alcoholic parent I know how it feels, and she shouldn't be working period - especially at a bar.
Klee has Jean, Albedo, Kaeya and sometimes Mona.
Sayu has the shrine maidens. Qiqi has Baizhu who might not be that great of a carer but we won't know for sure until he's realised.
Yaoyao has Ganyu.
Diona has… an alcoholic father and annoying men who bother her at a bar she barely wants to work at.
The Spring Fairy lore is interesting if you're a lorefag like me. She's a weird little side character thing. She even has her own book dedicated to her ingame. I'm sure she had good intentions but she cursed Diona instead of blessing her.
It unfortunately wouldn't surprise me if moids from /gig/ (the vg general) lurked this thread. Gacha games just always attract the mentally ill, especially ones with too much free time. I wish more anons would just ignore it. Lolcow as a whole seems so bad at ignoring bait and maybe I'm a hypocrite because I'm talking about it too.
Cute pose and nice art. Genshin gets such good art!
I think this thread is always pretty bad, especially recently. I'm still here because Genshin has given me brain rot.
I made this connection too a while ago nonnie!
Tho imo Ganyu is better than Hanyuu and that's saying a LOT. I cannot stand Hanyuu.

No. 180268

All this discourse makes me more into the idea of BL. I’m not even a fujo, but I’ll absolutely ship Genshin husbandos together if it pisses off all the pedo moids in this fandom.

No. 180281

File: 1642657240375.gif (663.69 KB, 582x640, CB6FE4A1-90C4-4ADC-A4CF-20CA90…)

No. 180298

File: 1642666196328.png (1.28 MB, 800x1193, canon.png)


No. 180299

Could you stop this retarded samefagging already? Go bait some other thread for a change.

No. 180300

There are none besides baizhu. Sucrose is ugly too of course but all the waifus have shit designs so they don't count imo.

No. 180303

That's an ugly fanart

No. 180307

I'm sorry you had an alcoholic parent anon.
> I guess I could pretend I've adopted her in my teapot.
This is very cute. My only comfort is that the owner of the bar Diona is working at is a women and since the bar is cat themed I like to think it are mostly female customers and no creepy males. But now that you mention it, it truly is sad how Diona doesn't have a caretaker like the other kids. I know it's hinted at that Baizhu might have taken care of Qiqi for his research but I really hope that we find out that he does take good care of her.

No. 180308

File: 1642671592935.png (72.97 KB, 240x295, you.png)


No. 180309

Kek you wish, but at least this doesn't look like the retarded moe face in your bland straight fanart

No. 180313

How I wish the mods would just ban the inbred moid retard shitting up the thread with samefagging and baiting.

No. 180314

what kind of logic is this? pedo scrotes don't care about yaoi ships, anon. if anything they are glad that their waifu is an untouched virgin because all the men are busy fucking each other.

sucroses design had the potential to be cute, her head just ruins it all. especially the rat tail.

No. 180315

File: 1642673202963.gif (456.36 KB, 260x251, 87246274-abf8f680-c44c-11ea-92…)

Is everyone itt underage or what? I think it's time for me to hide the thread, best to never discuss Genshin outside of Genshin

No. 180317

It's some really dedicated seething scrote continuously baiting and samefagging to infight posing as a hetshipper and a fujo at the same time. Better to just ignore until he gets bored of it and takes his epic trollz back to leddit or /vgg/.

No. 180319

male genshin players loathe the gay fanservice more than anything else precisely because there's no waifushit involved whatsoever. they aren't immune from self inserting as the male characters, even when it's just with lumine as she is one of the most popular girls among them.

No. 180320

NTA but I think it's because moids often self insert them in male characters like Aether, Diluc and Zhongli.

>sucroses design had the potential to be cute, her head just ruins it all. especially the rat tail.

Nooo not the rat tail kek, I actually think Sucrose her design is pretty cute compared to other female characters from Mondstad. But now I can't un see the rat tail. The one thing that bothers me the most of her outfit are her garter belts. It does not suit her character or design at all but now that you mentioned it they can also remove her rat tail, she would look cuter with short hair.

No. 180324

NTA either but yeah scrotes self-insert especially into Diluc and Zhongli a lot because they're the two most popular husbandos with straight shippers and the two coolest adult male characters so they go apeshit when they're headcanoned in a gay relationship.

As for Sucrose her design could've been cute but honestly I just think she's ugly due to her hairstyle. The rat tail is dumb and the haircut looks like it was done in the dark. The garters I agree about too, they make her design too coomerish and she'd be a lot better off with a skirt or a dress and tights.

No. 180325

her hair was definitely a weird choice. imo they should've either kept it short all-around or given her a cute fluffy ponytail, but for some reason the designers are obsessed with rat tails.

No. 180327

Hard disagree: Sucrose was the most immediately ugly character to me personally when I first downloaded genshin, I don't like a single thing about her

The fact that the spammer is so hyperfixated on the fujobait when yuribait is even more rampant in this game thanks to all the male weebs behind the scenes solidifies it as a moid. Why else would someone get triggered by the gay fanservice that appeals to women and not the one that appeals to moids?

No. 180336

File: 1642677825558.png (1.15 MB, 1200x1957, 1608117361644.png)

yeah, i wonder why

No. 180339

I love how the "chinks and japs" sperg actually outed himself as the banevading moid spamming the thread and seething over fujos, confirmed by the redtext message. Why is he so obsessed with being in an icky girlchan imageboard instead of his precious epic and based anonymoose boy club? Was he laughed out of the /vgg/ Genshin thread by all the meta chads for being an embarrassment?

No. 180345

File: 1642681288546.jpg (85.11 KB, 736x1071, albedoluc.jpg)

Had a dream where I caught Diluc and Albedo banging. No idea why tbh considering they only shared a scene in the Klee event but I guess it was because I was scrolling through fanart of both recently.

No. 180348

who topped

No. 180351

Diluc did but Albedo was ordering him around I think? Don't remember much

No. 180356

The infighting, derailing and general mental illness is so bad here it is time to hide this thread and never open it again

No. 180361

File: 1642693148472.jpeg (1.08 MB, 1170x1967, C93A68B5-78BC-4EAC-9D50-95EDBA…)

Anon, don’t be stupid.

No. 180367

File: 1642696381064.jpeg (156.78 KB, 1141x1422, E11C16AD-D722-439B-A59D-B6A1D3…)

Kek the CCP skins are done and mihoyo still kept Jean’s armpits exposed for the weird ass armpit-fetish scrotes

No. 180368

how could they fuck up this? now her outfit looks straight up retarded

No. 180370

I'm honestly in love with this skin, it looks so much better than the old one. It's graceful and classy with no retarded armpit fetish– oh fuck me lmao well at least there's no cleavage

No. 180372

Kaeya couldn’t give her more fabric, nonnie.

No. 180374

File: 1642697277815.jpeg (287.59 KB, 1002x1200, 3B17DA5E-DC7B-4E43-877A-F59CFA…)

So that’s why scrotes are shitting the thread. Just like when the new designs were announced kek.

No. 180378

File: 1642698089645.jpg (203.54 KB, 762x587, jeanoutfit.jpg)

help please wtf is this her shirt is not even connected to her back like it makes no sense
is this how desperate they are to show some skin… trashy character designers

No. 180379

This is the censored version?? That makes no sense, is she just wearing shirt gloves and a cape?

No. 180380

Jesus christ what the hell is she wearing? Is that nonsensical top just glued to her skin or something? This is ridiculous, They just put a piece of fabric on her cleavage and left everything else bare.

No. 180381

File: 1642699242279.jpeg (139.52 KB, 640x713, B1A6D02B-2A6F-457C-87C6-686EBC…)

They look better completed. Still bitter about
Jean’s armpits tho.

No. 180382

So pratcically the only thing they "censored" was Jean's cleavage and Rosaria's shoulders. This is what moids were losing their minds over?

No. 180383

Oh god Jean could have been perfect but instead we have this monstruosity. The moids at Mihoyo are allergic to good character design it seems. Amber's new shorts look kinda bad too, I liked the lacey bits but it's barely visible in the final design.

No. 180384

Don't worry Jean, I'll draw you with the sleeves you deserve. I hope Chinese women report the game to authorities again.

No. 180385

Mona's somehow looks even more slutty to me even though they're hiding her bodysuit's sheer bits. I think it's the stupid gratuitous thigh peek.

No. 180388

I agree, she doesn't look that censored. Now she has eula's booty shorts and thigh highs

No. 180390

Apparently Japanese scrotes go apeshit over the fleshy bit of skin where the thigh highs end. I think they’re trying to appeal to those moids.

No. 180392

I wish it could be reported by people from other countries, that would be hilarious tbh.

No. 180395

File: 1642702888249.jpeg (1.18 MB, 3464x3464, 81A4AFD4-A195-4F70-85B7-0BE6F4…)

I don’t get the need to make them wear booty shorts, Mona would look less retarded if she had sightly longer shorts and lower socks. But tbh, I think these two ideas I found some days ago would’ve looked cute, of course we can’t have good things.

No. 180397

I think she would have looked wonderful with a pair of asymmetric puffy shorts over the thighs she already had. The censored design is the most uninspired shit ever, she looks awfully generic. They also changed her colors, now she's blue but the lilac looked nice.

No. 180398

Her new design is so cluttered I can barely make it out.

No. 180402

>detached sleeves
Why do they like this type of design so much? It looks retarded

No. 180405

For every armpit you cover, a mihoyo dev dies.

No. 180406

File: 1642707224313.jpeg (104.76 KB, 1080x492, 902EB64C-9130-4D9E-9C57-331D56…)

Yeah scrotes have been going mental about the outfit changes and the Yae “nerfs”. Kek they really get butthurt when they see us enjoying our twinky Venti and our six-pack Itto.

No. 180408

What a weak bunch of whiny faggots, all of our boys besides Itto are fully clothed yet that's not stopping us from sexualizing them. These monkey brain idiots really just need to see Jean's armpits in order to be able to coom.

No. 180410

Anon, wake up. It's a chink game made by Chinese. They are well-known for censoring anything related to women to hell and back. If it was a Japanese game, it would have probably been more erotic.
eg. even LoL's SFW splash arts with female characters are heavily censored compared to other servers.

No. 180411

File: 1642707894637.gif (3.25 MB, 320x320, no-eye-roll.gif)

Anons not to be an autist but I'm legit dissapointed. Like I was so excited for a female character wearing something that resembles a suit and now I get robbed of it because they want to pander to armpit fags and try to take every oppurtinity to show skin on a female character.
As a lesbian i feel robbed and offended knowing that the designs will make no sense just so that they can show more skin to pander to the moids. The fact that i was so close to having Jean wearing something that resembles a suit but now my dreams are crushed and realise that this will be the closest thing i will ever get.

I would love it if they gave her a dress instead. Or like >>180397 is saying cute puffy shorts.

Yae wears shorts? The change is probably super small, moids love to overreact about the censor.

No. 180417

File: 1642709427031.jpg (131.74 KB, 1585x1338, mona.jpg)

Mona's redesign is so lazy, holy shit

No. 180422

File: 1642711791751.jpeg (64.53 KB, 1024x633, 9BD4527B-A9F4-4102-B19F-31F5D9…)

You're right! I forgot the owner is a woman. Tbh, I hope Baizhu is a morally grey character. Even though I love Qiqi, I'm interested in Genshin having more playable "villains", for lack of better wording. I'm growing bored with most of the new characters, but maybe I'm just growing tired of Genshin - at least until Sumeru comes out.
I know this is bait but she's not even bad looking.
You're right, I've noticed rat tails in a lot of the designs. Maybe it's a Chinese culture thing. I agree Sucrose would look much cuter with just short hair.
I guess they wanted to change Amber the least because along with Paimon she's still the 'mascot', but her little colour changes bother me. Too much red and white now. Jean's is also ridiculous now that we know it still shows the armpits, it just doesn't make sense and looks disconnected and rushed. I really do wonder how rushed they were with these redesigns. The more I look at Rosaria's the more I like it.
Like other anons have mentioned, it's too similar to Eula's now. At least they're optional for most of us here.
Both of those are super cute and much better than the new one we got. I think I like the left best besides from the boots and hair.

No. 180423

You mentioning Sumeru makes me think that they won't be able to make the characters almost naked like they most likely planned, but I wonder if they will still do some kind of retarded design choice in order to show skin. It'll be an armpitfest for sure.

No. 180424

Jean looks so regal from the front omg!

Side boob? What knight brings side boob and an open back to battle? She's supposed to command respect, not indirectly harass her subordinates at her workplace.

I can't say I understand Mona's character deeply, but even I can see that these cute dresses fit her better! They're cute, but still lend an air of mystery that she's a student of arcane arts. Mhy are really paying the tackiest people to design, huh?

No. 180428

Hard agree. I also find the overwhelming amount of booty shorts and thigh high socks annoying and dumb, it is as if they all wear the same outfit but in a different color scheme. >>180390 Japanese scrotes are dumbasses why do they have to sexualize every little bit of skin on a womans body I just don't get it esp. the armpit fetish is so retarded. Next big thing will be people selling their armpit sweat mhhh rotten garlic so delicious.

No. 180434

File: 1642720960570.png (328.15 KB, 640x342, edit.png)

Mona will always look better covered up. Also, those stupid armpits are so nonsensical.

No. 180438

File: 1642723557664.jpeg (59.03 KB, 1200x675, 95E4BE93-EF8E-4AF6-B3D3-3B78B1…)

What a cute abyss mage omg

What I find interesting is that we only know how Cyno looks like (as for playable characters in Sumeru). So since we haven’t seen how Sumerian female characters look like, we will not know if mihoyo changes their outfits to be less slutty. However, scrotes have been theorizing that male characters will be covered up too (which is unlikely) and less feminine looking, so Cyno will test that theory. If he still has a bare upper body and that gay ass crop top, then only the female characters are going to get censored.

No. 180439

REEEEE I was so excited for the redesigns, but the only one that looks better is Rosaria. Moids really have no sense of aesthetics when it comes to female characters.

This is so cute. I love abyss mages so much I've actually been thinking about cosplaying as an abyss mage.

No. 180459

These two characters were a lot more covered that other female characters. Why are they the ones getting all the attention for their new costumes?

No. 180463

I have a feeling they're starting with Mondstadt ones then they'll move onto Liyue and so on?

No. 180471

There's not really a lot to say about Amber and Rosaria's. Rosaria's new outfit looks fine, Amber's is barely changed. Considering how Mona was changed I doubt Eula will be changed at all, they probably don't need to censor thigh shots. Liyuan characters likely need a longer pass over since there's so many. I'd expect Ganyu, Yanfei, Shenhe, and Beidou to have changes made, maybe Xiangling and Xinyan will need minor changes? For Inazuma likely every female character will need edits besides Ayaka and Sayu, though apparently Yae is fine as she is right now despite her stupid short dress. I dunno.

No. 180489

beidou is already pretty great but if she gets a proper coat and some pants my heart will fucking explode. she's a veteran ship captain who can commandeer a whole fleet singlehandedly and i'd love it if she really looked the part.

No. 180508

"Male characters will be censored" is absolutely a moid cope that will never happen. They barely fucking censored anything with the girls but of course monkey brained scrotes are put on suicide watch if a cleavage gets covered even half an inch.

No. 180530

Man Cyno sure looks like a good boy

No. 180533

File: 1642776488616.png (586.4 KB, 711x598, 11th.png)

Tartaglia "Childe" Ajax, the Eleventh of the Eleven Fatui Harbingers.

No. 180537

is he getting a rerun again?

No. 180541

I disagree

No. 180545

That's anime Ed Sheeran anon

No. 180548

actually you just reminded me of something i saw on twitter where op was sperging out like "NOOOOOOOOO DON'T CALL THAT HAIRSTYLE A RAT TAIL IT'S A CULTURAL ICON AND YOU'RE RACIST IF YOU MAKE FUN OF IT". like, yeah it's their culture but it still looks ugly af when most of the character's hair is chopped off except for a few random strands in the back.

No. 180553

What is your current team comp? Any ideas for good husbando teams?

No. 180643

Diluc/QiQi/Beidou/Kazuha, it's probably not great but I'm lazy and want a healer and I like Beidous counter skill over Razor.

Went through all the bother to roll Itto and C4 Gorou and then realize that I really don't want to build up a solo Geo team to really make use of them. I need more male electro charas.

No. 180647

Dude meta is 4x geo. 2nd team can be either dps bennett with xingqiu, chongyun, and kazuha or xiao with bennett, thoma, and either xingqiu or kaeya. Bennett team with venti instead of kazuha is normally the best for anything that isn't a boss, and there are also some domain specific comps to get the fastest clear times.

No. 180655

If I don't have Albedo who's the best 4th for an all Geo team with the other 3 guys? You're just supposed to buff with Gorou/Zhongli shield and Itto is DPS?
And then it's always Bennett for support in those 'op' teams but I just find him so annoying that I don't want to build him up and use him.

No. 180657

I don't think the buff you gain from 4 geo is good enough to justify not having some other element as the 4th party member, just feel free to choose someone you like imo. 3 geo is fine.

No. 180665

Kek well unfortunately bennett is the best 4th member if you're missing one of albedo, gorou, or zhongli. After him, kaeya or fischl if you're okay with using a girl.

This is true if you're missing one of the 4 main (see: good) geos. If you have c6 gorou then aether is alright though. Aether can also be used in place of itto but you do need albedo and your zhongli needs to be good.

No. 180741

File: 1642832915695.png (1.81 MB, 1360x2048, sex.png)

He's the best Genshin character!

No. 180749

idk shit about Genshin but he always looked generic as hell to me and I never understood why he seems to have a ton of fan girls

No. 180753

File: 1642840498615.png (781.06 KB, 1000x753, 0C4AEB7E-4D2D-4ACB-ABEC-57ABE7…)

He’s a sweet and caring big brother to his family while also being an unhinged murder. He thinks he could kill a god, he’s everything you could want in a man. Don’t judge a book by its cover nonnie

No. 180754

how do i know you're an obnoxious chilumifag?

No. 180758

Sorry… I’m not a chilumifag, I just wanted to defend my husband

No. 180759

I like chilumi. It is one of my favourite ships.

No. 180764

God I hate him, idiots who can only live for fighting are shit. I'm not gonna let him pretend to be my friend.

No. 180765

because you're a retarded schizophrenic faggot who acts like everyone she dislikes here is either a chilumi shipper, a self inserter or whatever else is out there to point your fingers at and have a meltdown over for no reason. all she did was talk about childe jfc

No. 180767

File: 1642846291699.jpeg (880.47 KB, 900x1350, C25A1BD3-65B1-47BE-84C8-17F014…)

he’s so much more complex than an idiot who lives for fighting though, he loves his family, cooking, and fishing. he’s only bloodthirsty because he fell into the abyss at age 14 and had to fight for his life at every waking moment for 3 months. in fact, he’d give up being in the fatui to care for his family if he could, and even lies to his younger brother that he’s a toy seller so he doesn’t have to expose his brother to the cruel reality of his life.
sorry for the sperg i love childe a little too much

No. 180769

File: 1642846846627.jpg (195.49 KB, 1416x1604, 20210314_135551.jpg)

go off childefag!

No. 180770

Based. People sperging about how Childe is just a generic homicidal maniac with no additional depth are just showing off their lack of reading comprehension or ability to understand character motivations.

No. 180775

Based. He is one of my top three husbandos in the game.

No. 180779

I also think Childe has a very basic model design (typical bishounen with a plain gray suit) but nonetheless his character is so well-written and his story quest slaps. I'm never forgetting that scene where he transforms into Foul Legacy to beat all those Ruin Guards.

No. 180780

only chilumifags give a shit about childe and defend him
he's ugly and poorly written

No. 180781

File: 1642853786548.gif (2.38 MB, 498x280, BA9E62F0-B846-411C-9939-6C029F…)

And how he wrote a letter home telling his siblings about how he wishes he could follow the traveler on his adventures!! That shit made me so sad, poor Childe deserves a normal life

No. 180782

Also nonnies, this is obvious bait, don't take it.

No. 180783

File: 1642853996388.png (532.51 KB, 374x925, beidouuu.PNG)

I am the only one who finds the stance female characters have in the game kinda retarded? For a lot of them it's so out of character too. I can't look at characters like Beidou, Ningguang or Yae who are supposed to be badass or dangerous stand and run like pretty princesses. It looks nice on characters like Kokomi, Xiangling or Amber, but on Ayaka or Rosaria who are supposed to be fighters? It looks silly. The males are all pretty neutral so it works with with everyone. I don't know, meybe I'm nitpicking but it would be nice if some characters had slightly different running animations. Also isn't the walk cycle copied from Nier Automata?

No. 180784

I agree. The husbandos are also always on the top three most liked characters on popularity polls. >>180781 I hope he will have a rerun in the future so I can finally get him!

No. 180785

File: 1642854728767.png (31.42 KB, 250x187, mm.png)

>open the teapot
>start decorating
>have fun
>"oh time to add and create more things! i want to give ___ a bedroom!"
>furnishing capacity reached

No. 180787

kek y'all don't have anything else to talk about other than his siblings and family. oh wow so a sociopath cares about his family? falling for the woobification of the generic bad boy as if he didn't attempt to kill an entire nation. what about those families childe?

No. 180788

i know the pain anon. it's especially bad for the outside. i just wanna build a cute village with some cats and dogs and the game can't stop hitting me up with the furniture cap message so now i'm stuck with only 3 buildings because there is no more space

No. 180790

File: 1642855407612.jpg (600.65 KB, 1971x2195, 2d7dpf12nxl61.jpg)

Whores in this house
There's some whores in this house
There's some whores in this house
There's some whores in this house (hol' up)
I said certified freak, seven days a week
Wet ass pussy, make that pullout game weak, woo! (Ah)
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, you fucking with some wet ass pussy
Bring a bucket and a mop for this wet ass pussy
Give me everything you got for this wet ass pussy
Beat it up, nigga, catch a charge
Extra large and extra hard
Put this pussy right in yo' face
Swipe your nose like a credit card
Hop on top, I want a ride
I do a kegel while it's inside
Spit in my mouth, look at my eyes
This pussy is wet, come take a dive
Tie me up like I'm surprised
Let's role-play, I wear a disguise
I want you to park that big Mack truck right in this little garage
Make it cream, make me scream
Out in public, make a scene
I don't cook, I don't clean
But let me tell you, I got this ring (ayy, ayy)

No. 180791

File: 1642855534345.png (193.99 KB, 1336x2048, loml.png)

i love childe! i love that he loves fishing! i love that he loves cooking! he's been on my team since the day i pulled him. i love his dorky smile and his fluffy hair! i love his never back down attitude! i love how much he cares for the people around him! i love how selfless he is! he is the best boy of genshin and if you disagree you're wrong

No. 180794

it's especially bad when it hits you up with that message so you halfheartedly remove one thing to put the other thing instead but then it still tells you there's no capacity left so you remove another thing but then it still tells you there's no capacity left so you remove another thing but then it still tells you there's no capacity left so you remove another thing but then it still tells you there's no capacity left so you remove another thing but then it still tells you there's no capacity left so you remove another thing but then it still tells you there's no capacity left so you remove another thing but then it still tells you there's no capacity left so you remove another thing but then it still tells you there's no capacity left so you remove another thing but then it still tells you there's no capacity left so you remove another thing but

No. 180795

I always capture the frozen boars from dragonspine. My teapot is just boars + Itto & Kaeya

No. 180797

I hope you never complained about raiden's writing

No. 180801

For this reason I got Kaeya and Albedo in their little Mondstadt garden, Xiao under some bamboo trees and Gorou and Bennett in the hall of the house.

No. 180803

I feel like we really need more space, I still got some bald spot in my teapot because it won’t let me add more stuff specially where my mansion is at. I wanted to make a cute garden but now I put it somewhere else because I don’t have enough space.

No. 180839

nta, but please elaborate? i haven't finished inazuma's archon quest yet (kept putting it off out of dread lmao) so i don't know the full extent of raiden's shit characterization

No. 180846

I hate it too, it looks extremely out of place for Beidou and Rosaria especially. tbh I'm glad I'm not the only one bothered by it.

NTA obviously but waifufags keep thinking that Childe being a deranged killing machine is somehow comparable to Ei/Raiden committing genocide against Inazuman people as their deity, they constantly use it as a retarded gotcha against husbandofags every time someone simps for Childe or shits on Ei.

No. 180854

I'm NOT a waifufag i just don't understand why you need to constantly woobify childe just because he loves his family. Why is it so hard to admit he's a bad person? He was about to commit genocide too. He's literally a war criminal. The difference between him and raiden is the status and the power level, but they're both equally bad.
Scaramouche and signora are demonized in the story and yet none of them caused as much damage as childe. But for some reason, traveler has a grudge on them while being buddy buddy with the ginger.

No. 180855

it’s because childe is hot

No. 180856

Because he is the best SEETHE

No. 180857

childe is ugly

No. 180859

>But for some reason, traveler has a grudge on them while being buddy buddy with the ginger.
It's funny you say that because with that domain event where we get to see childe and xinyan, mc and paimon don't trust childe at all. Yet mc is okay with going on a date with raiden and does anything that sara and her request. Also not sure about the others but yes childe is a bad person i know, but i will never stop seething about how the story decided that everyone forgave raiden and sara and how they decided to make raiden an uwu neet waifu. So sad that what happened to signora.

No. 180860

>But for some reason, traveler has a grudge on them while being buddy buddy with the ginger.
Kek what? It wasn't Childe they dragged out of his room to read light novels and take selfies on a fun outing anon. Sorry your waifu is trash.

No. 180863

I don't think that a law exists that says "you are not allowed to like Childe" so you can take your opinion and stick it up your butt

No. 180866

File: 1642876696999.jpg (63.65 KB, 620x680, media_E-Px9rgVgAEzlu5.jpg_name…)

>Scaramouche and signora are demonized in the story and yet none of them caused as much damage as childe.
They fucking killed teppi the greatest sin ever committed

No. 180872

No. 180874

that one dude that was killed

No. 180884

File: 1642882663728.png (468.54 KB, 590x638, kokogun.PNG)

I'd kill him twice if I could

No. 180885

No actually it is considered a crime in Russia to support and consume Childe content as he has tried to infiltrate the government there multiple times

No. 180887

>tfw Childe will find novichok agent sprinkled in his underwear

No. 180888

currently at the part where this guy got introduced and i really fail to understand why everybody hypes him up he's literally just a random npc. that's like hyping up timmy or katerine from the adventurer's guild

No. 180894

File: 1642885495909.png (78.55 KB, 400x400, deqol8s-6578d8bf-4557-4d29-aba…)

Kokomi indirectly killed teppei too and then she decides to forget about him because it stresses her out what a bitch
I was just being sarcastic about them killing teppei but if the archon quest wasn't so rushed and we got to know more about kokomi and her army he could've been like the npcs in zhonglis quests or takuya

No. 180896

name a genshin character that isn't ugly besides xingqiu

No. 180898

File: 1642886717326.jpeg (31.85 KB, 474x442, chongyun.jpeg)

his boyfriend

No. 180911

He needs to get a haircut

No. 180916

Latest datamine show that 2.8 will be the last version before Sumeru. So that means August = Sumeru. I wonder what they will do after Ayato in 2.5. Especially since we are getting the last Inazuma quest soon with Raiden as a boss.

No. 180921

probably at least 4 more ugly waifu skins and two more kim k doubles but with pyro element to keep the moid bucks flowing. Maybe Ayaka rerun + skin. They will probably make a Ganyu skin given how poular she is with the moids and it will be super expensive. Maybe some more events and hopefully Scaramouche. Maybe we get lucky and get topless Kaeya or a hot dendro husbando when they introduce dendro element.

No. 180922

ayato is in 2.6
2.7-2.8 will be chasm with yelan and baizhu

No. 180923

I diagnose you with "future Childe haver" on his next rerun nonnie! Start saving right now for his guarantee cause he'll pop out of nowhere.

No. 180924

I hate Inazuma get us out of it quick please and thank you

No. 180926

File: 1642892069570.jpeg (206.41 KB, 1112x1062, 01E89F2B-147F-4765-8E76-1C12A3…)

Ah yes, Ayato is in 2.6, sorry that was a typo.

Personally I feel 2.7 will be a Dain quest and 2.8 is the Chasm. I believe a leaker said Dain will return in a quest soon.

I think waiting for Scaramouche is hopeful thinking. He’s probably not coming until after 3.0. There is literally no new news about him from leakers at all.

On a side note, leakers are saying that Yae is getting a male dendro character as a support. Hoping it’s not Baizhu or Cyno cause fuck Yae

No. 181105

File: 1642954461879.jpeg (760.63 KB, 960x1232, 786D802B-787E-4DCD-B2E3-BAB016…)

That means I can fuck off after lantern rite, come back for chasm and sumeru.

No. 181193

whats so special about lantern rite? you skip all the dialog, do the bare minimum to get your primos and free 4*, and go play a better game like you do every genshit event that doesn't have Albedo

No. 181198

Just pulled Sayu off the standard banner, now I'm kinda tempted to build a lazyass team with her, Lisa, Rosaria, and Itto just for shits and giggles kek

No. 181200

Sometimes you can see a husbando hanging out like Xiao.

No. 181205

I missed last year's lantern rite on my break. Stop being so angy, anon.

No. 181207

To be fair Lantern Rite was the first "major" event in Genshin so it was generally being the errand boy in Liyue without barely any playable characters present, I'm guessing they got so much feedback that the events following it have been much more enjoyable.

No. 181211

Free 4 stars, bunch of primos, free 10 pulls etc is what I’m excited about.

No. 181213

File: 1642981872031.jpg (316.22 KB, 1000x749, __thoma_genshin_impact_drawn_b…)

Fuck when's Thoma gonna show up another banner I'd give anything to have his c6

No. 181217

File: 1642982272465.jpg (510.4 KB, 1180x2048, FJx-ds5agAQ9OJd.jpg)

i don't care if this gets me branded as a waifushit coomer tranny, i just wanna nestle into her tits and never get out again. ei is a stupid faggot but dictator shogunbot can get it all day

No. 181218

You're right, this post radiates coomer waifufag tranny energy

No. 181219

Nta but I bet if somebody made the same comment about wanting to nestle underneath Childe's crusty foreskin you bitches would go "omg same bestie!!! he is so cute!!! his dorky smile, fluffy hair and cheesy foreskin!!"

inb4 "tranny scrote waifufag samefagging :joy:

No. 181226

What do you expect from this thread that doomposts about there not being enough husbandos every 5 posts? And if think it's going to get flak why post it?

No. 181237

>Discord emotes
Kek, you’re such a tranny scrote waifufag

No. 181242

Basically, this thread just shits on every single female character/design in the game but kisses the ass of the most bland ugly dollar store absolutely no effort put into his design looking men like childe, bottom of the barrel

No. 181250

File: 1642988798829.jpeg (73.49 KB, 863x835, 97A58D77-59E3-43E6-BD6E-D3A289…)

Tbh I’m getting Yanfei’s constellation for lantern rite. She’s my favourite pyro character next to Klee.

No. 181252

yanfei is super fun, good taste. i'm thinking of doing the same since i only got chong and yunjin constellations while wishing on xiaos banner

No. 181278

I just want to make my Xinyan a better Xinyan.

No. 181285

File: 1642998042348.jpeg (1.53 MB, 3500x5805, 685ABF80-0D68-4456-9571-1328F9…)

tbh same. she's a dumb gigasperg but i'm still gay for her and i want her to stab me with her boob sword

No. 181286

File: 1642998194740.jpg (632.75 KB, 2560x1440, zhongli-genshin-impact-art-1-2…)

Likely on Shogun's rerun, so in a month from now?

C6ing my Zhongli in a few days, wish me luck anons.

No. 181296

rich, please whale for me when cyno comes out dalao

the only enjoyable event since then was golden apple

p. s. if you guys want to pretend to be uwu gay for gap moe genshib waifu, whether its as a troon or as a wuhluhwuh kpopfag trender, can you take that shit back to twitter where it belongs

No. 181297

File: 1643002052064.jpeg (177.45 KB, 1280x720, BECC454C-C6F3-4662-A0B7-5963FB…)

I agree, nonnie. She’s probably one of the best designed 4star Liyue characters.

No. 181304

Ok can someone draw Childe fishing and Lumine comes into frame and she starts yelling at him that he needs to go to the bathroom because he is shitting himself and he tells her "not yet".
Vid very related

No. 181308

this post also radiates coomer waifufag tranny energy but as an obvious bait

anyway moids suck ass and should go back to masturbating their shrimp dicks to honkai and other child porn games

No. 181315

File: 1643014899739.jpeg (70.24 KB, 749x491, 4D31764D-B8BA-489F-9B5A-9F66FB…)

Same! She’s so fun. I love her. I also can’t wait for when they’re forced to change her costume. Kek she’s got a really revealing one, obvs.

No. 181319

File: 1643015676245.jpg (24.52 KB, 640x358, EEd9FqUW4AA4IPb.jpg)

That image is so fucking cursed.

Imo Yanfei is the most comfortable catalyst user. She plays very smoothly and I played Klee during her trial but compared to Yanfei I didn't like her gameplay at all.

I kinda wished that character design wise they would have played more on the jester theme. Her top and skirt kinda give me more cheerleader vibes.

Sayu makes any team fun I would definitely build her even tho you won't use her outside of overworld.

>if you guys want to pretend to be uwu gay for gap moe genshib waifu can you take that shit back to twitter where it belongs
The fact that they unironically say that they want to be stabbed by her "booba" sword and want to "nestle ito her tits" makes my straight radar go off.
I'm not saying girls can't like Raiden, she has a nice color pallet but that's my appreciation for her ends for me kek. But the way of speaking makes me think that they are just teenage girls who are trying to be one of the guys by copying the weird shit moids say about fictional women.

No. 181325

I really can't wait for her outfit to be redesigned, I like Yanfei but I fucking hate her stupid bikini outfit. She looks like she's on her way to a beach, not giving people legal advice.

No. 181327

File: 1643019262038.png (1.05 MB, 784x1888, FUUUUUUUU.png)

Fucking this. Finally someone said it! I don't think it even makes them look like delicate princesses, its just so fucking ugly, they straight up look mentally handicapped. The fact that they also all have that squishy muscle-lacking body shape doesn't help it either, only makes them even more uncannily unappealing.

No. 181328

I hope they soon learn that no one here is going to give them hEadPatS for their scrote tier waifu posts

No. 181329

File: 1643020503345.jpg (76.26 KB, 563x879, db55dacf7e0c800a12acd37838b3a1…)

thank you for diagnosing me with heterosexuality, anons. as luck would have it, i would also gladly kiss dilucs testicles good night every day. i hope this is more palatable to everyone here than (god forbid) liking 2d tits as a woman.

No. 181332

File: 1643021976725.jpg (140.35 KB, 904x1279, 27985818-879a-4045-960b-4cac34…)

No need to thank me, as a gatekeeping lesbian I'm only doing my duty.

No. 181333

File: 1643022394636.png (780.95 KB, 613x1024, childe moment.png)

No. 181335

File: 1643022472242.jpg (164.96 KB, 1600x900, childe irl.jpg)


No. 181336

fucking kek

No. 181337

OMg chilumi IS SO REAL THEY JIST BREATHER NEAR EACHH OTHER IM CRIYNG OMG ANONS PLEASE childe TOPS omg no no lumine TOPS omg no no wait Ttbey botb fjck each other so much its insane omg anons chilumi confirmed #ChilumiWin #ChilumiConfirmed #ChilumiForever THEY ARE TJE BEST SHIP EVER IN GHE HISTORY OF GENSHIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i think the heteroerotic feelings they have for each other IS SO CANON OMGGGG BAYYYZZEDDD BASED GG EZZ OMG ANOEN CRYING RN I LOVE CHILUMI OMG CHILUMI REALLY BEST SHIP EVER AMIRITE LADIES AND GENTLECHILUMI FANS JOY JOY JOY JOY JOY CHWLUMI HOL GGO GOLVGOL GOL GOL GOL GOL GOL CHILUMI GOL GOL GOL GOL GOL GOL GOL CHILUMI GOL GOL the scene of them bkth just existing is so Gosh. legit proof they're canon childe lvoes to n BALLSDEEP in lumine NO NO LUMINE LOVES TO HAVE CHILDES BALLS DEEP IN HER OH WAIT GOD IT MEANZ THEY BOTH ACTUALLY LOVE IT THEMFMAOOOOO LMFSOOOO CHILUMI FOR TJE WIN LADIES!!! best shop ever genshin2022 (crying)(retard spam)

No. 181345

Look at this bait go

No. 181346

File: 1643025329995.jpg (50.55 KB, 429x513, FIwRNVMVkAEaW3m.jpeg.jpg)

I wish Genshin had a bit more content and better written characters so anons could stop this annoying shit. They are all flat as fuck and almost none of them have real chemistry except for a few select ones. They are all a bit like horoscopes imo, general enough to be appealing to most and not definitive as to allow people to pull their own conclusions and make the rest up in their own mind. Less time on social media would also be good for some of you.

Unrelated but I'm really hyped for 2.6, I want to see Dain again and a change in pace from the boring and forgettable Inazuma stuff. I hope the next regions won't be as hostile as all of Inazuma, the constant thunder was unbearable and the puzzles were sometimes impossible without looking up solutions because they for some reason didn't feel like explaining most stuff anymore. In the 2.0 preview stream a designer talked about how each region is supposed to indicate the corresponding element through colors of the environment and while it's a really cool concept and beautiful in pictures the purple hues just irritate me when playing for some reason. Just seems so cold and unwelcoming when compared to the warm golden hues of Liyue or the saturated greens of Mondstadt

No. 181347

>gatekeeping lesbian
You mean gatekeeping transbian? No real woman with a sane mind actually likes any of the female characters in this game kek.
Just fuck off, your yuri bait waifu is just as shitty as the rest of the walking boobs in every gacha game thats ever been made. Go ahead and 41% like the rest of your sex instead of trying to convince the women here that Beidou is uwu totally dyke coded. Why is it so hard for trannies to just like Kaeya or something? At least hes well written like the majority of the rest of the male characters.

No. 181349

That very social media presence is what genshin rides on. It has less content, worse writing, worse designs, etc. and is overall less fun than any of the other gachas I play. I doubt they'll do much to aid those problems until either all the regions are out or it plummets out of the limelight in favor of going ham on the social media shilling so that they can continue to garner hype from kids and coomers for the most half assed content. Best we can hope for is BotW 2 giving them some new ideas to rip off.

No. 181354

>Why is it so hard for trannies to just like Kaeya or something?
You can seethe all you want and call me a troon idc but what are you even trying to say here? Isn't your whole post about how troons only like female characters, like why are you specifically asking yourself why it's hard for them to like Kaeya a male character?

No. 181355

This bait can't even stay on topic kek, first he's sperging about everyone bullying him for wanting to "nestle in Raiden's tits" and have her "stab him with her booba sword", then talking about kissing Diluc's testicles after being called straight and now he's suddenly screaming about trannies making Beidou lesbian and female characters being both shit waifus and yuribait. Is this just an AI bot spamming the thread?

No. 181364

Please don’t let Kaeya be taken away by the male trannies, female trannies are already obsessed with him and it sucks.

No. 181375

the puzzles were fucking agitating, especially since there were so many different types. after a while it felt like they were only there for the sake of having puzzles. maybe i'm just an impatient americunt though idk.

No. 181378

The puzzle are unnerving, either you do them by chance when you weren’t even trying to do them or you had a guide next to you, they’re not even worth the chests you get at times.

No. 181380

File: 1643038111877.jpg (74.33 KB, 540x540, best goth waifu.jpg)

Today is the bday of the edgiest nun in Mondstadt wish her wellshe will ALWAYS be on my dp and namecard despite not maining her anymore

No. 181383

She really looks a lot better with her new outfit, it's probably my favourite out of all of them.

No. 181384

>still has awful boob socks and boob window
Those c feminists not reporting mihoyo fast enough. Someone call the k fems.

No. 181386

File: 1643041538720.jpeg (536.88 KB, 2020x2048, 0F208F06-7F8C-4C8A-B3D6-A3A8CC…)


No. 181388

>me enjoying watching waifufags being put on suicide watch when Mihoyo portrayed Rosaria with the new censored outfit in her artwork

No. 181389

File: 1643041914616.png (353.92 KB, 640x543, C07915FD-8D42-44AA-A12F-C6C817…)

Yeah I totally agree with you. It’s refreshing that we got a jester themed character that isn’t from medieval England. Maybe they’ll make her edit something similar to this?

No. 181407

the fluffy shoes are the thing i like most in yanfei outfit, I wish that element would be more prominent

No. 181408

> No real woman with a sane mind actually likes any of the female characters in this game kek
Lies! I would DIE for Beidou

No. 181411

This is a cute idea!

No. 181415

Sorry anon, but just because you don't like something doesn't mean that other people also aren't allowed to like it here or aren't allowed to express their opinion. If the lesbians like Beidou or Ningguang that is fine, it wouldn't be very lesbianesque if they were attracted to Childe or Kaeya. I just wish they would improve the female characters more and give them actual personalities, goals and proper oufits so women can be better represented. I hope the c feminist pressure them more into improving

No. 181420

take your meds please

No. 181440

File: 1643057346736.jpg (143.24 KB, 800x800, HD-wallpaper-beidou-anime-bela…)

>on-only trannies like Beidou
Seethe harder and take your meds holy shit, Beidou is one of the best ladies in the game (yeah I know it's not a high bar but Beidou 100% made me stick with the game early)

No. 181444

Nonnies that's the shitposting scrote who has been relentlessly baiting the thread recently. Ignore him.

No. 181446

File: 1643058752446.jpg (234.63 KB, 1920x1920, u7v38eqw3ng61.jpg)

I like Beidou too, and her eng voice actress is Allegra Clark which is a plus, since I associate her with Shamir and Dorothea. Most of the female chars in Genshin are boring to me, but Beidou is ok. I also like Ningguang and how she had a floating palace full of only women.
I'm a lesbian and I don't want to fuck any of the characters though, female or male. I just think they're cute or cool or their fake relationships with each other are interesting kek.

No. 181459

It's honestly mind boggling how anons are taking the bait. Obviously you can like Beidou, it's a scrote here trying to get us riled up and infight.

No. 181474

Always found it weird how they chose to cover the character with exposed armpits, only to show the armpits on a character who previously had a proper shirt. Also, this is the most boring birthday illustration yet. Other characters had a dynamic pose, or interacted with something. Rosaria's just…standing there lol. It's like the artist is salty about the redesign too.

No. 181546

Who? Jean didn't have a proper shirt

No. 181555

Mihoeyo pls give Barbarian a proper dress her weird sleeves that arent connected to her dress look retarded.

No. 181560

Just finished Shenhe's quest because apparently it's required for the Lantern Rite. I hate Shenhe's clothes, but I thought that her quest wasn't so bad. I can see that her "wanting friends" makes sense with her character because she was sacrificed against her will and isolated for a long time. Of course it could have been told better, but overall it was nice and I loved the last part where Yun Jin sang her story.

No. 181564

File: 1643122014382.jpeg (125.07 KB, 1029x637, 19F15055-6216-4274-92AB-78AB7F…)

Don’t forget to login every day and claim your freebies.

No. 181571

File: 1643125119401.png (437.26 KB, 588x698, coomers get the wall.png)

Moids are seething over Rosaria's tits being made smaller and claim it's "ruining her personality" kek. I'm so happy he's getting ratio'd in the replies instead of the cumbrain brigade whining about how portraying average size tits is misogynistic.

No. 181572

Ah yes, the rebellious breasts. I didn't know my personality is stored in my tits. Is that why I become such a meek, little housewife whenever I wear a sports bra?

No. 181573

b-but anon everyone knows that pee is stored in the balls and personality is stored in the female breast tissue. that is why scrotes dont have any personality

No. 181574

Proof that coomers think that tits and ass make a character. They're pathetic little children.

No. 181575

You're right. I just realized I've never looked at any official art of her, nor do I have her. I've only ever seen her with her cape covering her shoulders.

No. 181583


For shitty 18k mora.

No. 181585

flat chested women can't act rebellious? where the fuck does that leave xinyan, then? because she's pretty flat and her whole thing is being a metalhead so she can rebel against not-china's conservative society.

No. 181604

File: 1643140206121.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1667x2160, 915A418A-AD26-4D30-9940-334D8D…)

I hate how this event is just making Kekking take a break. It’s just like the apple islands with Jean kek.

No. 181605

Oh fuck I didn't get that far in the quest yet, are you serious? I can't stand Keqing and the "You need to chill out!" shit in Moonchase with her was already insufferable.

No. 181612

>Good run-of-the-mill nun
Kek do they even comprehend reality outside of their coomer bubble? In what way is the censored Rosaria a fucking run-of-the-mill nun?

No. 181613

The ”you need to chill out” stories are way too many in Genshin. I don’t understand why they build such a huge world like Teyvat with so much lore just to focus on the most boring real life thing, work.

No. 181615

File: 1643144008320.gif (6.35 MB, 640x640, 8F410062-A2E9-4929-8044-B772D1…)

Xiao needs a fucking break.
Those types of stories must be “relatable” to the dev team because they probably work like dogs all week.

No. 181621

File: 1643145896181.jpg (32.03 KB, 400x400, 1670882664186.jpg)

>event just started
>already burnt out because I hate it
Being gated by a boring ass quest I would've been content to never start otherwise didn't help shit, looks like that's a new normal. This game is just not enjoyable in the slightest for me outside of boy releases. Dailies are whatever, they take about 15 minutes total out of my day at most, but it really feels like slave labor during events. Free me from my shackles.

No. 181623

can someone please be my friend so I can do that stupid teapot quest this weekend?

No. 181635

i'm about to do my zhongli pulls, may we all win the 50/50 nonas

No. 181641

>Dailies are whatever, they take about 15 minutes total out of my day at most, but it really feels like slave labor during events. Free me from my shackles.
Wow the last part really feels relatable.I was burned out at some part but now I organise how to do as many weeklies as possible too.wonder when I'll be tired of that too

No. 181646

Haven't played in like 3 weeks
Feels good to be free kek

No. 181651

i don't get why you don't just quit the game if you don't enjoy it anymore, live your best life nonnies

No. 181653

File: 1643159857266.jpg (103.84 KB, 500x551, zhongaddy.jpg)

or just don't do the dailies and enjoy playing the game. I skip a lot of days without doing them because it is a chore.

No. 181662

But the dailies feel way less like a chore than quests, events, puzzles, building characters, and stuff and they're the best source of primo

No. 181669

File: 1643167839664.jpeg (87.6 KB, 720x743, 7B3AD318-8B68-4A01-BFA6-0E0E63…)

so basically you don't like playing the game is what you're telling us.

No. 181692

How did it go anon? I’m gonna do my Zhongli pulls tonight!

No. 181693

latest leaks make ayato sound like the worst 5* in the game, even worse than qiqi
>all his Q does is to increase attack speed
literally why. i said it before but this scrote company despises husbando characters and are only creating them to have a more inclusive game

No. 181694

i won the 50/50 and got him at 79 pity! best of luck to you too nonnie

No. 181696

I do enjoy the game which is why I'm sticking with it,but the whole fomo thing with new characters+me not wanting to spend any more money on it make me play even when I don't actually want to sometimes.
Some of you will think it's stupid but the model of the game takes advantage of people susceptible to fomo like me proceed to call me a dumbass it's okay

No. 181708

We don't even know how his face looks like yet, we will know for sure how he plays when he's added in beta so you don't have to worry about it yet. And even so people have multiple times have complained about characters in beta but they ended up being fine.

Congrats with getting your Zhongli anon!

Yes it's pretty much the same thing again, I guess I'm at least glad that it wasn't like the previous lantern event where we had to help random npcs.

No. 181711

I have an issue with fomo as well and I understand you. It's a gacha game so that's one of their tactics to trip you. Your friends have this 5-star character and you don't? You're missing out! So dump your hard earned cash on this banner before it disappears after 3 weeks. It's so exhausting. Best to play it alone without comparing the amount of characters you earned with your peers or the community so you won't feel pressured. Idk what I'm saying, too but all I know is we might be on the same boat.

No. 181721

Aww too bad, but if he's a cutie I'm gonna pull anyway. Can't wait for some info on Heizou too.

No. 181725

Itto's Q "just increases his attack speed" too, but in addition to doing elemental damage and scaling the damage off his def and he's undeniably the best DPS in the game at the moment. We know literally nothing confirmed about Ayato's kit besides that he does hydro damage and has that kendo stance thing, doomposters can fuck off until his official release.

No. 181732

finally got c5 for yanfei,c4 for beidou and FINALLY xingqiu. idk if i should keep wishing to get ganyu since i already have amos bow which i got by luck on standard but im on 50/50 and have won the last 4

No. 181749

I’m still conflicted between getting ganyu or kokomi. I think I’ll just skip and save my primos for kokomi.

No. 181750

Ganyu requires multiple constellations to be the "broken DPS waifu" she's memed to be. So unless you're planning to whale or if you have other cryo users I recommend getting Kokomi instead. It depends largely on which character you like better though.

No. 181752

actually she doesn't; ayaka and shenhe have straight up kicked her out of the meta freeze team regardless of constellation level kek a lot of coomers are about to get scammed by the :( ) turbo broken cocogoat!!! :( ) meme(:()

No. 181756

Shenhe? Isn't she shit? Metafags please enlighten me.

No. 181764

she's meta exclusively for ayaka's freeze team, which is the meta freeze team. but every other freeze team wants either ayaka or chongyun in her place. so tl;dr she's like a 5 star version of sara: never a good option outside of one niche team with a limited 5 star dps.

No. 181765

I don't compare my characters to others it's a personal thing. Atm both Ganyu and Zhongli are both characters I'm interested in for different reasons.I don't even care about meta(the abyss is one of the few things I hate doing even if it gives primos) I just want to play the game and have characters that can help me with it.Sometimes it's good to take a step back and relaise it's a GAME despite the gambling in it.I play for the plot and the lore but it's so stretched between patches that I forget it and get consumed with building characters.And it always helps having good weapons too so I gather as many primos as I can(I don't roll on weapon banner but I have gotten good stuff on the other two).And thus the whole thing happens…

Sage for genshinsperging

No. 181770

Do the amount of wishes you did transfer over to other banners once their time runs out or will i never get another 5 star character?

No. 181790

they do transfer!

what do you like about ganyu? i don't really know much about her other than that scrotes love her and that she's overworked.

No. 181795

As a character I find her boring af,she is one of the blandest waifus with lost potential (her story quest), I just need a bow dps and I liked her playstyle now that I tried her a bit more.I thought of waiting for Yoimiya since I have enough cryo waifus but idk if I can wait till then kek.And I also have amos bow so

No. 181829

amos is worse than rust (4 star) on yoi. also why would you want or need a bow dps?

No. 181851

Wheb exactly is this rite happening plot wise? We speak to zhongli but somehow all the conflicts from the Dains quest is gone?

No. 181895

Since you need to have finished all the archon quests for it, it takes place after dain and inazuma.

No. 181914

File: 1643281258013.jpg (125.43 KB, 747x979, 1.jpg)

so the only change in Amber aside from the colours is that her asscheeks are covered now kek.(I thought they weren't when I saw the leaks that's something)

No. 181916

File: 1643281684359.jpg (79.88 KB, 393x945, Untitled.jpg)

samefag I love Rosaria's new fit but wtf is this supposed to be?The other side is a long boot ok,but this?

No. 181917

File: 1643281740802.jpg (97.69 KB, 575x795, willow-smith1 (1).jpg)

reminds me of this but at the back instead of the front

No. 181918

When you have to honor the lord barbatos at 7 but your shift at hot topic begins at 8

No. 181919

I haven't finished Inazuma but I am still able to do the event, so maybe it takes place before Inazuma?

No. 181939

Does anyone know if you can access the shenhe + jade chamber archon quest before Inazuma? Because this lantern rite takes place after we’ve met shenhe and the jade chamber is rebuilt.

No. 181948

Same anon you replied to, it's possible because I did both Shenhe/jade chamber thing and the rite while I have not finished Inazuma (I'm at the point when you first see Yae).

No. 181949

File: 1643299283189.jpeg (160.24 KB, 1080x1080, 42706C19-0FE7-4353-A18D-5F5B2D…)

At least Mihoyo acknowledged Xiao needs a break.

No. 181950

That's such a cute fanart, I love Xiao's face, it reminds me of that pop cat meme kek

No. 181962

Tenacity of the Millelith or Archaic Petra for Zhongli? And I should aim for HP stats/substats for him right? I use him as support, for his E and Q. Especially for his shield.

No. 181971

>shieldbot Zhongli
>nuke Zhongli
2x Petra 2x Noblesse or 2x Milileth 2x Noblesse

No. 181972

>Ganyu requires multiple constellations to be the "broken DPS waifu" she's memed to be
She really does not anon… don't lie.

No. 181973

You don't need to sage on /m/ nonnie

No. 181977

Ganyu is no where near "broken" and never has been… She even has comparatively weak constellations for a banner exclusive character. Not to mention freeze teams have been god awful in abyss AND the more difficult events for the past few months due to all the bosses. She's out of meta right now.

Agree with other anon. For a mixed build main stats should be HP% HP% Crit%, look for crit rate/dmg and ER% in subs stats.

No. 181990

File: 1643317878320.jpeg (205.75 KB, 2048x2048, 492F991E-4958-4F09-B2AE-A9CA5B…)

I feel like Pyro is gonna get nerfed for sumeru.

No. 181995

File: 1643320101808.jpeg (101.4 KB, 1200x1200, 653B3FF7-7DBC-4F77-B860-965062…)

I pulled for him today and I had to do like 80 pulls for my guaranteed Zhongli which sucked. Now I only have 10k primos for Ayato. I got C6 Xinqui and C2 yanfei though which is fun. No beidou cons at all kek.

I would love to build a hybrid dps or main dps with an okay shield Zhongli. Any advice for that anons? Most guides advice against it but I want to see him on field as much as I can because he’s hot.

No. 181996

That'd be based. The only decent male pyro is the actually broken boy Bennett so husbando enjoyers can sit back, relax, and watch the chimping ensue.

No. 181998

Bolide set is good for DPS Zhongli. You'd probably want Crescent Pike as your weapon? I use The Catch for my nuke Zhongli but there's probably better alternatives.

No. 182000

Yes I thought about Crescent pike too and maxed it. Didn’t think about the Bolide set but it’s 4-piece bonus seems useful, thanks anon!

No. 182002

File: 1643320635317.jpeg (96.07 KB, 628x574, D04FE946-B33D-4903-84DE-36D204…)

I mean if cryo got nerfed it wouldn’t be surprising if pyro got it next. Can’t wait for the outcry kek.

No. 182004

I don't know if you can really get that much of a DPS made out of Zhongli simply due to how his kit works but if you really want to go for it I'd recommend just giving him crit build and rely on nuking everyone on the field with his burst as much as you can. Deathmatch would probably be a good weapon choice if you're willing to shill out for a gnostic hymn once. Archaic Petra + Noblesse Oblige for the artifacts.

No. 182010

It didn't get nerfed. Freeze was always a flawed type of team that falls apart against enemies that are immune to it's core mechanic. The damage output isn't very impressive compared to other big teams.

No. 182017

Code for 60 primos:


No. 182032

Thanks nonnie.

No. 182087

File: 1643381586417.png (76.25 KB, 707x640, its over.png)

It's over nonnas, Heizou has a moustache.

No. 182089

>source: trust me bro
yeah no, this guy is one of the least reliable "leakers" out there

No. 182092

>Chasm for 2.7
>Chasm is coming without dendro
>Heizou has a moustache
>Jade cutter with Yae's weapon
>Doesn't even know the banners or artifact sets but somehow knows a new sumeru NPC and how dendro reacts with anemo
This guy is full of shit.

No. 182094

No. 182096

This "leak" is a bunch of predictions anyone could have made paired with a bunch of random shit to get people riled up, and the leaker has no credibility. Is everyone in this fucking thread retarded or what? Rhetorical question since it's now full of unintegrated redditards apparently

No. 182097

Calm down kek nobody hereis believing it

No. 182098

Still. Do you see retardation levels this high in any other thread on /m/ ?

No. 182105

The difference is that unlike others this thread reeks with trolls

No. 182106

File: 1643394020523.jpeg (124.7 KB, 1280x720, B3BADFA5-050A-49E0-94A2-37E498…)

Just assume everything will be released in the summer and all will be fine.

No. 182123

Kek are you the leaker or what? This all sounds like bullshit

No. 182125

In 21 pulls (have not pulled since Itto's banner) I got Zhongli. I'm so happy, I've been so fortunate with the Geo 5 stars, since all of these pulls were on my 50/50.

No. 182130

Moids once again on suicide watch because a tiny bit of the new Ningguang skin got censored (but not really, it's barely noticeable). For some reason they removed her shoulder blades too?

No. 182140

the ccp prefers their ningguang boneless i guess. which part was censored?

No. 182143

I actually really want an older guy character, but don't we already know that Heizou is supposed to look young?

No. 182169

File: 1643417110713.jpeg (119.38 KB, 934x591, EF8A5156-F548-449F-812D-2CB43A…)

Friendly reminder that this is an imageboard, always drop pics to avoid confusion.

No. 182171

I think this censorship is just stupid. Can a girl not have shoulder blades anymore?

No. 182179

Chinese fetishize backs and necks, I'm not surprised.

No. 182181

Why are they censoring the back, when the majority of the female characters have back cutouts already… Trying to pretend it's actually illusion fabric or something?

No. 182202

I’m disgusted because this censorship means that Chinese scrotes are degenerate enough to coom at the sighting of shoulder blades and simple cutouts. They’re so pathetic it’s not even funny.

No. 182203

If/When Varka is released Varka will probably be an older dude, I don't have a lot of hope before then.

No. 182215

old man character no one else wants while none of the waifus will be allowed to look a day over 20? awesome.

No. 182221

This, if they ever release an old male character while the female ones are all teenagers or young adults I'll lose my shit. Unless there's an actual granny or a middle aged woman who isn't a mommy milker fetish MILF Varka better be a handsome young man.

No. 182222

I want babushka cryo archon so moids will lose their shits

No. 182224

so when are they censoring shenhe? she's the one the feminist knetz were mad at and yet i see nothing done to her outfit

No. 182225

File: 1643453798874.png (Spoiler Image,1.35 MB, 1858x826, 428dtyxcjle81.png)