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No. 182899

All GI related discussion, salt, meta, and rants go here.

> Genshin Impact is a free-to-play action role-playing game developed and published by miHoYo. The game features a fantasy open world environment and action based battle system using elemental magic, character switching and uses gacha game monetization for players to obtain new characters, weapons, and other resources.

>Redeem codes without having to log on https://genshin.mihoyo.com/en/gift
>Check your spiral abyss data https://webstatic-sea.hoyolab.com/app/community-game-records-sea/m.html
>Wish simulator (feat. old banners) https://gi-wish-simulator.uzairashraf.dev/
>Wish counter with some pull statistics
>Damage calculator https://genshinimpactcalculator.com/genshinCalc.html
>Build simulator https://www.gscale.cc/
>Database filled with pretty much everything found in game https://genshin.honeyhunterworld.com/

previous thread: >>>/m/176772

No. 183475

File: 1643803236098.jpeg (249.47 KB, 740x1110, 5FCA8291-A75A-46DF-8F98-A05E3B…)

Let’s keep this thread civil this time anons!

Lumie leaked the 4-stars for the Yae banner. Fischl, Diona and Thoma. Meaning Thoma won’t be on the Ayato banner

What’s your hopes or predictions for the 4-stars on the Ayato banner?

No. 183477

I just want Heizou. I'm still shocked that there are absolutely no leaks regarding him, not even his vision or weapon.

No. 183478

Same nonnie I find it so odd too. Hopefully he won’t be a rushed character that mihoyo just throws together

No. 183479

I hoped for some legit Heizou leaks too! I hope he's cute

No. 183485

File: 1643807047978.jpg (69.6 KB, 630x693, totally not hu tao.jpg)

you're far too optimistic for your own good kek.

anyways i didn't even know who heizou was until now, but i sure hope his actual design is as adorable as this speculative fanart (and that he doesn't have an electro vision because i am so fucking sick of electro at this point).

No. 183486

he might be sword

No. 183487

I hope he’s a claymore tbh, I need more of those, I like how it feels to fight with them. >>183485
Also same, I hope he looks kind of like the fanart that has been going around for a while, it’s cute, but let’s be honest, there’s no way that’s going to happen.
I just hope that he doesn’t get some weird ass mustache like the scrote leaker said.

No. 183488

Please not another male electro claymore, I love Razor but he's the only electro male and he already uses a claymore. I personally hope he's an electro sword.

No. 183489

do you guys know jotto, that famous albedo yume? i find it funny how she has literally ZERO sucrose content on her account. not even in her likes

No. 183490

Well, if he was an electro sword I would honestly appreciate it a lot, I just don’t want to use kekking.

No. 183491

Who? Why would anyone care? And of course she doesn't, Sucrose is one of the least interesting characters in this game

No. 183492

Is this a self post or something? Who cares?

No. 183494

i'll be pretty happy if he uses a sword. it's only because i've been building a lot of claymore units lately so it's definitely a personal thing, but i'm pretty tired of them and would like to have someone who's more mobile in combat. i don't think we've had a new sword user since ayaka either.

what does liking sucrose have to do with albedo. what does this have to do with anything.

No. 183495

nta, but i personally think that shes got the cutest design out of the girls and i really like the colrs

No. 183496

NTA But why does it matter if some Albedo simp doesn't post Sucrose content? Are they a package deal or something because they're both alchemists? This makes no sense.

No. 183497

so thoma comes with yae banner and heizou won't be released in 2.6 i predict ayato's banner will have sayu

No. 183498

Now that would be amazing, I want sayu, I only have Diona so I want to have more kids So I can pretend that my team has me, my husbando and our adopted children

No. 183500

I'm just afraid of barbara cause mine is already C6….

No. 183501

>tries to roll for Zhongli
Mihoeyo: You want Xingqiu right? Here have 7.
I wish you could give left over constellations to your friends not that I have any but still

No. 183506

I agree, her design is cute. I love the paws on her boots that you can see when gliding and her light green hair but that doesn't make her interesting

No. 183513

File: 1643813416209.png (177.76 KB, 355x294, 3BCA47D5-BA0A-4D36-ABC1-728975…)

What the fuck? I didn’t know she had paws on her shoes, that makes her as adorable as Diona, now I will build her properly and give her the favonious codex that she deserves.

No. 183514

because sucrose is fucking ugly. she still RTs BL though, seems like she only accepts her own self insert or gay.

No. 183523

I just want another electro male honestly, there are so many electro females but then there's only Razor…

No. 183526

No. Every fucking male character is a sword user. Let it be anything but another sword user.

No. 183528

i just hope heizou isn't a bow user. i hate bows so much

No. 183530

why… none of them even use charged shots besides ganyu

No. 183531

they just feel clunky to me and i'm not a big fan of standing around and spamming m1. at least catalyst users have fun animations and their charged shots are easier to use

No. 183534

>Bow: Gorou, Childe, Venti
>Polearm: Zhongli, Xiao, Thoma
>Claymore: Chongyun, Razor, Diluc, Itto
>Sword: Xingqiu, Bennett, Kazuha, Kaeya, Albedo
Sword users are the most common but it's not that uneven, if you don't count Aether they only win by one unit. Of course a male catalyst user would be nice and it would fit Heizou but I'm not holding my breath waiting for him to be one.

No. 183537

Tbh, bows are tricky to use but fun once you find the best way to use them I prefer shooting bows with the trackpad rather than with a mouse They’re seriously practical while fighting against those stupid ass robot bitches that only have a tiny little weak spot that can only be reached with an arrow.
They’re also great for some puzzles and spamming E and Q.

No. 183542

i don't agree that they need to always be together in any content - frnakly i don't care, but i guess it may come from the fact that they share plot

No. 183546

Ayato will also be a sword, they win by 3 and the current sword users are disproportionately strong which leads to fighting over which weapon goes to who, meanwhile the other weapon types have 0-2 good characters max

No. 183550

Nice OP pic.

Gorou is such a cutie pie.

No. 183554

We still need a cryo catalyst.

No. 183558

I would die for a male Cryo catalyst.

No. 183561

i could forgive heizou being electro if he used a catalyst, but i guess the devs think catalysts are "feminine" and only women can be mages.

No. 183567

Wasn't there a theory/leak saying that Baizhu will be a catalyst? Maybe with Sumeru we'll have a lot of them.

No. 183573

No. 183577

when are we getting an actual hot megane, not baizhu

No. 183598

i heard that being passed around a lot and i hope it's true. i can't see him wielding anything else since he's apparently so damn frail.

you and me both, but i'd love to see a cryo catalyst in general. their attacks could be so pretty and creative, and it would be great for quick 'n dirty elemental damage with other catalysts.

No. 183602

Wait for them to announce him as another polearm user kek

Sorry, there's no such thing as a hot megane

No. 183604

>but i guess the devs think catalysts are "feminine" and only women can be mages.
I seriously hope they don’t think so, catalysts could look cool if they tried to make them look cool.

No. 183605

I think they're trying to avoid "limp wrist" moves? Maybe they don't know how to make the moves more masculine? It's still stupid anyway, they should just watch avatar
Excuse me akira from persona 5 is cute!

No. 183611

File: 1643826076496.gif (5.8 MB, 268x350, babyboy.gif)

I don't think mihoyo considers catalysts feminine. Chongyun has very catalyst-like idle animations. Such a waste that they didn't make him a catalyst exorcist. But Scaramouche is most likely a catalyst since he can't really have a weapon animation with his huge hat.

No. 183615

i don't know dude, china is pretty conservative so a lot of guys there were raised to buy into that traditional masculinity bullshit. hopefully i'm wrong about how bad it is and i'm actually way off in my assumptions, but i also wouldn't be surprised if there's a number of male chinese players who'd refuse to play as a boy that used catalysts.

No. 183616

xingqiu and venti exist and they are/were until recently considered SS tier and used by all meta slaves

No. 183617

Anon the gif I posted was a way to illustrate that mihoyo already makes male catalyst-like moves work. It's possible we'll get a male catalyst. We don't even have a tall male cryo expect Kaeya, so obviously mihoyo just doesn't care about creating variation among male characters. This is the same company that did gay ass Venti, so obviously they don't care about guys looking too feminine. And don't start with the "but the CCP!11!", they only care about female characters looking pornographic.

No. 183622

good point, somehow my brain wiped venti and xingqiu from my memory there for a second. there's also aether and gorou as far as twinks go, and baizhu is a total pretty boy bishounen. i didn't mean to come off as doompost-y.

No. 183623

As for the male catalysts, in addition to Baizhu Scaramouche has also been datamined to use a catalyst as his weapon when he first appeared during the Reconciled stars event. It may change because Albedo first had a bow for his weapon but hey there's that at least.

No. 183651

File: 1643830954188.jpg (123.86 KB, 600x680, yah.jpg)

In a way Chongyun is a lot like Syaoran from Sakura.

No. 183681

It's okay anon, sorry if I came off too mean sounding.

No. 183686

damn, albedo with a bow would've been really elegant, but a sword does suit his princely theme more. anyways i wish mihoyo was less secretive about these things. i hate sitting around speculating and hoping and listening to troglodyte leakers waste everyone's time for months.

you're good fam, i've been awake since 5:30 am and it manifested in the form of spilling spaghetti, even though my girlfriend is a goddamn venti main.

No. 183693

Your girlfriend is based, Venti is the best boy.

No. 183698

File: 1643837715685.png (978.08 KB, 1192x670, 472A7B88-2778-4A3D-A34D-190F7A…)

we love our fruity little alcoholic bard. sometimes when we play co-op we run a triple crowd control team with venti, kazuha, sucrose, and bennett and obliterate domains for an hour. it's fucking fantastic.

No. 183714

nta but for a moment I was scared my girlfriend is posting here because I'm a Venti main kek, he really is the best boy

No. 183720

File: 1643841750889.jpeg (765.4 KB, 849x1200, 1BE6789A-73FE-4F88-BE77-47C206…)

Based anons (+anon’s girlfriend)

No. 183726

File: 1643842801179.jpg (158.91 KB, 888x740, c12980060f0e64c19f200f0cf2f54e…)

unless your girl is also a bennett main and part time beidou main, i don't think you have anything to worry about. sorry i accidentally gave you a heart attack though. enjoy this benny for your troubles.

No. 183776

sage for doubleposting and autism but i can't stand how descriptions for inazuman character attacks constantly shove in romaji. there's probably a few phrases that do it because they don't have an adequate translated equivalent but it feels so gratuitous, especially since neither mondstadt nor liyue did it this much with german and pinyin as far as i can recall.

No. 183839

File: 1643870612348.jpeg (83.51 KB, 563x463, 3EA84483-8854-4F19-8275-E242A7…)

I like them like this.

No. 183860

This is amazing I love you anon

No. 183895

File: 1643894760005.jpeg (727.09 KB, 1080x1835, 3BDFAA42-1F4F-41C1-9750-4CA82E…)

A few sussy leak updates from Ubatcha

dendro is not coming in Chasm

Inazuma festival in 2.6

Chasm in 2.6. This one seems unlikely as there will be a festival too?

New artifacts that are HP% based and a normal attack one. One of them for Ayato hopefully.

So with these leaks in mind Ayato might just get an event festival storyline rather than being a part of a main story archon quest. Which sucks, since he is the head of the kamisato clan.

No. 183911

I finished latern rite days ago but I was interrupted while the cutscene was playing but didn't bother to check it again and I was blissfully unaware I missed THIS?

wow mihoyo really said "stan Beidou x Ningguang

No. 183916

Event provided plenty of Beidou x Ningguang and Chongyu x Xingqiu content, gay shippers keep winning.

No. 183949

File: 1643910053252.jpg (769.64 KB, 3000x1688, haha.jpg)

Genshin twitter got into shit for "whitewashing" Xinyan. People are so fragile these days.

No. 183950

holy shit she's literally surrounded by an explosion of bright light, of course it's going to make her skin seem less dark. twitter users confirmed for basement dwellers who've never seen the sun before.

No. 183951

File: 1643910757175.jpg (61.07 KB, 785x733, wtf.jpg)

you sound like such a twitterfag…

No. 183952

Baizhu looks so cute!! I'm glad they always include him

No. 183953

File: 1643911048883.jpeg (1.11 MB, 3000x1688, 5AF55B16-11AF-471B-B9CE-9A820C…)

These people are so idiotic, she looks darker than the other characters already. I guess all they want is for her to look like pic related.

No. 183957

I love fucking around in the Serenitea Pot, but I really wish they'd distinguish between interior and exterior blueprints in the shop. Just as small irritation.

No. 183958

File: 1643911404804.jpg (142.42 KB, 700x1200, __baizhu_.jpg)

Same! He's my Genshin husbando.

No. 183959

Beidou and Ningguang are cute together but what's up with the “stan”. Twitterfags never learn to integrate.

No. 183996

Twitterfag this,twitterfag that jfc.I was about to write "mihoyo said gay rights" but I was afraid someone would say I'm a twitterfag(I'm not).Eventually I didn't escape it.I shouldn't write anything. Many of you create an issue out of nothing and "clocking" someone as a "Twitterfag" is some kind of achievement.Congrats you're wrong
>inb4 butthurt much twitterfag??

Actually no many of you are tiring and no fun.You are equally dumb arguing about fujo/yumejo superiority as if this isn't twitter tier stupidity that has plagued this thread lately.I don't go to other generals but I'm sure that the anons who say it's the worse game general are right

No. 184010

none of those anons but good god calm down and stop being trolled so easily, it's the anons who take the bait every time that ruin the thread

No. 184020

Yun Jin is so freaking cute! I want her and Shenhe to be besties. Even in that cg, she looks so supportive towards Xinyan (another good girl). This little opera singer is so healing!

No. 184023

File: 1643921608525.png (7.78 MB, 4000x2894, FJIj5cRaIAERJkg.png)

she is really adorable, i love her too!

No. 184039

File: 1643923393643.jpg (516.77 KB, 2378x2344, nooo.jpg)

reminds me of that comic with Ganyu and Cloud Retainer.

No. 184042


No. 184050

File: 1643924638430.png (248.98 KB, 682x1000, FI-sitOaMAMLUzJ.png)


No. 184061

I didn’t think we would be able to invite her during the lantern rite, but when I saw her I was so happy, I got her so now I have all of the Liyue 4 stars, which makes my inner collector/consoomer freak happy.

No. 184075

File: 1643931192806.png (1.87 MB, 750x1899, 8D4E5BDF-8927-41DF-AC20-509AD5…)

I just noticed how much attention and effort Mihoyo has put into this beautiful depiction of Dain's ass on his future splash art

No. 184140

File: 1643954419793.jpg (1.26 MB, 3583x2530, geodudes.jpg)

Is anyone watching the stream tomorrow? Dude it's going to be at 5am my time and idk if I can manage that.

I had this saved for this thread's pic. Unfortunately, some anons got antsy.

No. 184146

Yup I'm gonna be watching it. For my timezone (eurofag) it's around 1 pm today so that's nice.

Btw your pic is pretty but doesn't Itto's face look a bit wonky?

No. 184151

>filler patch containing nothing but Yae, KokoMid, and Baal
Fuck no. But someone please post the primogem codes for me.

No. 184155

File: 1643956574535.jpeg (379.34 KB, 2047x1222, 05A61BE9-211F-4572-9621-0B9AE4…)

Albedo’s face was the most wonky for me. Glad you picked up on Itto’s. I think the rendering is nice but that can take you so far. I just wanted all the pretty boys together. Do love the current thread pic.
Yeah someone drop the codes tomorrow lol.

No. 184187

File: 1643964733173.png (1.85 MB, 1000x1000, FKvRdlpXsAYzjsB.png)

Seems he looks a lot like Baizhu face-wise. Similar eyes.

No. 184192

I hope it's not too late to start this game

No. 184193

The honkaifags who were insisting on him being Otto: btfo'd. I'm pleased with how he looks and I'm happy that we're getting him but there's something about him that bothers me and I can't quite put my finger on it. Maybe the hair looks a bit weird?

Nope, you can catch up quite easily.

No. 184195

whoever claims ayaka looks better with her stupid bowlhead is clearly delusional

No. 184198

Took me maybe a month of near constant playing to reach Inazuma (the latest region,) but I fuck around A LOT. If you stick to story quests, it probably won’t take you quite that long.

No. 184201

>pillar of fortitude
don't tell me his constellation is just a boring pillar please

No. 184217

He’s hooooot fuck yeah

No. 184223

I started the game a month ago, just arrived in Inazuma and got two 5 star characters. You can start playing whenever you want, the game gives you enough materials and primos to play through the story.

No. 184238

primo codes from the stream, 100 each

No. 184239

File: 1643978196494.jpeg (458.08 KB, 2044x1147, 2110FA68-EB2C-4CFC-A7EA-EB9871…)

The Chasm, Enkanomiya lore and the Yae and Raiden story quests are coming. Did anyone understand if we’re getting the archon quest for this patch too? I just heard that Raiden’s quest would be closely linked to the archon quest.

No. 184241

He looks delicious, I can’t wait to get him.

No. 184243

He looks so ugly… Time to roll for Zhongli!

No. 184245

Fuck I love him!!!

No. 184246

File: 1643980894425.jpeg (354.14 KB, 2048x1538, D39AEAD6-9E41-4437-9CAA-05A372…)

I didn't expect Sumeru to come yet ofc but I'm always disheartened at how long Inazuma is going to be where most of the new content is.
Something about Mondstadt and Liyue just feels a lot more fun than Inazuma to me.

No. 184272

File: 1643987055180.jpg (104.81 KB, 940x530, gm-5a798621-bb2c-4de2-9fe8-ef6…)

It's actually a very good time now! If you manage to roll Zhongli before he's gone for another 6 months or longer you're set. I managed to get him a few days ago, I'm on AR 57 and he makes everything so incredibly easy it's almost laughable. Shields are going to be less useful at some point because of new enemy types that ignore them or put you at a disadvantage because of them, but you can clear almost everything else really easily.

For some reason he makes me think of Raiden… Maybe it's the eyes and similar bangs and sleeves? He looks pretty though, I wonder when we get to see his skills. Three out of the five hydro users so far have some kind of healing ability and it would be neat to have a male healer other than Bennett. But I think most speculations so far have been pointing to a DPS role?

No. 184277

No. 184279

I love the deep blue/purple with the white. His little bottom lashes are cute too! I hope he's a moron

No. 184289

He literally looks like nippon version of Otto

No. 184291

No. 184299

As expected, he looks really good and his face is adorable. I didn't have much motivation to pull for him way back when his face wasn't revealed yet, but now I'm willing to offer him EVERYTHING! (Including my guarantee for Yae)

Totally not! I have friends who started playing around November last year and they're already done from Mondstadt to Inazuma story quests. They prioritized the story quests before any other world quests so they can only participate with the events per patch. Don't worry, just take your time and set your own progress.

Based. Don't worry, it's only the performative feminist twitterfags and waifufags coping that little sis looks better design-wise and meta-wise.

No. 184300

File: 1643991653386.jpeg (474.45 KB, 1362x1362, 8DED5DFE-D177-4F26-B2F3-F2FC5B…)

No. 184301

I’m laughing at people crying at Aayto’s design. Do they realize they got waifus with barely any personality? Just you girls wait the metatards are going to find something “wrong” with his kit and demand people to skip him. Just like with kokomi,kazuha and yoimiya

No. 184307

The PicsArt font…

No. 184309

are people actually saying that? ayaka is one of the ugliest genshin girls on top of being a massive retard

No. 184319

Ayaka was wasted potential, in my opinion her design was beautiful (sans the ugly bowl cut) but they made her go full retard waifu in the story.

No. 184323

I don't really like anything about her design besides her namecard if that counts but her kit was wasted imo, I'd kill to have that on chongyun instead of a shitty waifu

No. 184332

i like ayaka, she isn't incredibly well written or interesting but i think she is cute

No. 184334

Itto's third boyfriend looks cute!

No. 184338

File: 1644001501368.jpg (1.11 MB, 1748x2481, FG-a08vacAEuCSK.jpg)

I love this post nonnie

No. 184340

File: 1644001755998.jpeg (499.61 KB, 2048x2048, 75E2DF87-7177-42E9-BFF0-5E3871…)

I’m glad they didn’t make Ayato look like the male version of Ayaka.

No. 184347

File: 1644004941707.jpeg (132.94 KB, 474x1200, clamplegs.jpeg)

We haven't seen his back yet right? Hopefully there's some tiny little skin showing? Maybe I should give up hope kek. His lashes are so pretty though! I love his expression. It's like some sort of gap moe, he looks gentle but is a leader of an assassination group and has a dark past. The pose does look a bit stiff and odd to me but that's alright.

Here's his character description:

As the head of the Yashiro Commission, Kamisato Ayato is committed to maintaining the prosperity and stability of the region.

At a glance, he is low-profile and graceful. He is not a fan of public appearances and does not seek to show his skills overtly.

But those who do know him understand that he is not to be underestimated. Long ago, when the Yashiro Commission fell on hard times, and when the Kamisato Clan was on the verge of crumbling, it was this young man who rose to the occasion and stabilized the situation.

He could not have achieved his position without extraordinary resourcefulness and cunning. But perhaps, that impenetrable smile belies darker waves.

However, the most intriguing thing is that in most of these negotiations in which he participates, he is not ruthless nor competitive, and is even willing to share the benefits so that everyone can get a relatively satisfactory piece of the pie.

"What exactly is he up to?" is usually what people are thinking after all is said and done.

However, now that everyone has a piece of that pie, perhaps what is on Kamisato Ayato's mind isn't so important.

>But perhaps, that impenetrable smile belies darker waves.

Exactly what I wanted when I saw his downturned eyes! Nothing sexier than a sweet looking slightly evil dude

No. 184350

File: 1644005601806.png (116.6 KB, 459x513, 9F1112B0-8F23-4CD6-ABFC-87FB2D…)

It’s okay nonnie, he has the absolute territory of the onii-san. I’m so high on copium

No. 184351

kek this is amazing anon, I'm seeing him with new eyes. Ayato's absolute territory is his exposed wrist then because of his sluttly gloves. Delicious.

No. 184353

File: 1644006081182.jpg (110.32 KB, 1080x1709, lmao.jpg)

Scrotes always losing. Shogun's ridiculous panties have been rightly censored.

No. 184354

i really hope that possible leak about ayato appearing in yae's trailer wasn't real but the fact that they revealed him so early makes me worried

No. 184356

It may be a stripper skirt, but at least it’s a skirt.

No. 184358

Dain is so pretty

No. 184360

I really want him now, I wonder how cool all those big pieces of fabric behind him and his sleeves will look while he moves. I should be able to get a guarantee for him.

Seeing them lose it for such tiny details is hilarious

No. 184361

scrolled too fast and thought this said 'Socrates keep losing' and got excited. fuck philosophers

No. 184362

Walmart Dimitri with a backstory stolen from a cookie

No. 184363

I only play genshin impact.

No. 184364

Will his butt be bigger than Zhonglis? We should make a butt tier list

No. 184366

File: 1644008784940.jpg (142.18 KB, 700x999, date time.jpg)

I just noticed he has a cute beauty mark on his bottom lip.

No. 184368

i wouldn't have ever noticed it on my own because when i'm playing as ei i don't, like, stare at her fucking crotch. i'm staring at her hp because right now this bitch cannot take a hit until i get done building her. fuck artifact domains by the way.

No. 184369

Childe goes in the category of negative ass.

No. 184370

i'm really interested in why his eyes don't have a shine in them, they look like childes. hopefully it's hinting at him having some good hidden depths beyond his graceful good guy appearance

No. 184371

>play game
>have diluc in team
>diona does 80% of the dmg

No. 184372

i love kaeya with all my heart but he also has a very depressing butt. into the negative ass tier he goes.

No. 184374

I'm looking forward to hearing what Ayato thinks about Itto

No. 184375

I hope he mentions liking his big oni dick

No. 184381

File: 1644010057401.jpg (118.84 KB, 570x770, il_570xN.3442610416_19a2.jpg)

or the stack of cards in his pocket.

No. 184385

Yes we should kek, I remember it being a picture of all the tall male models and the amount of polygons their asses had. Zhongli's was insane!!

No. 184389

File: 1644012826465.png (799.85 KB, 2688x2345, (You).png)

No. 184390

Got a link for that mousepad??

No. 184392

No. 184394

Cheers, my love!

No. 184401

Why don’t the Honkaifags create their own thread to sperg about Hocaca?

No. 184406

Are these honkaifags in the room with us right now?

No. 184414

File: 1644020270076.jpeg (392.73 KB, 1189x2208, A743E747-4227-4377-A194-9F41F8…)

Always, waiting for a leak to appear so they can sperg about how some character from the a Chinese videogame company has similarities to another character of that same Chinese videogame company.

No. 184415

not the playerbases fault that mihoyo puts honkai carbon copies into genshin

No. 184416

You idiots took the bait again. Stop replying, report the bait and move on.

No. 184417

But who has the biggest ass out of the Genshin husbandos.

No. 184418

You mean >>184289 and no one else in the entire thread?

No. 184420

File: 1644021190011.png (Spoiler Image,479.41 KB, 620x614, 965420AE-25C0-4C87-9B38-6612EC…)

It’s obviously Zhongli, he’s the god of totally not China, has to be the best. Then again, the Electro and Anemo Fatui skirmishers…

No. 184421

the biggest contestor for 1st place is zhongli now while kaeya and childe have bottom tier pancake butts. we still have to establish dainsleif, thoma, itto and diluc places in the ranks. do manlets like xiao count?

No. 184422

jesus christ he could crush a city with those cheeks

No. 184423

I think all of the manlets were made to have no ass I checked

No. 184436

itto has that long coat and baggy pants so i can't tell, but i know diluc doesn't have an ass either

No. 184438

I feel ya. Diluc kinda has assless energy.

No. 184440

Sage for stupid, but does anyone know of a specific Kazuha art I'm thinking of? Saw it on Twitter a while back but I can't find it now. It was a brown or red mostly photo, with him in a modern alternative outfit, wearing a long cardigan or shawl or something. I remember the art was nice and I wanted to follow the artist, but I cannot for the life of me find it now. I'd love to know the artists name if anyone knows what I'm talking about.

No. 184443

I think Itto should have a huge ass like the anemo and electro Fatui skirmishers, because he walks around carrying a huge ass claymore, climbs anything, from buildings, trees and mountains so he can get his precious beetles and he likes to squat around while playing with children and such so he doesn’t have to shout at them.
He should have a humongous ass, a hard ass, so hard, that his ultimate attack could be an attack like peach’s in super smash bros.
Diluc should also have a decent ass, because he also runs around carrying a huge claymore, jumps up and down from a bunch of buildings and walls and such while chasing evildoers and he surely has to crouch a lot to hide from his enemies. If that doesn’t make him develop a nice ass, well I don’t know what could possibly work.
In Kaeya’s case, he also should have a nice ass, not those twin pancakes, he’s supposed to be able to handle running a lot more than any other character, and who runs best? People with nice muscular asses, yet Kaeya doesn’t have one! Such details shouldn’t be ignored because I can’t help but notice how it doesn’t make any sense, how can a negative ass guy feel lighter while running when he doesn’t have the muscles that makes carrying his body easier? It’s ridiculous! Just chase around the first skinny weird ass guy you see at the corner of your house, those with no asses, he would get tired after a few laps because of the lack of ass.
And have you noticed how tough it feels like to run with Zhongli? Zhongli’s ass is pure fat, like two butter bombs for your coffee. If you slapped one of Zhongli’s buttocks, both would ripple like the water of a public pool during the morning of a really hot summer, all the sitting around at the pavilion and light walks are not doing him any favors and it shows.
Childe is Childe and his lack of ass makes sense since he probably had a tough childhood so he never got to develop properly, his ass has no idea of what is like to have fat or muscles under the skin, so it stays thin like pancakes, some really undercooked pancakes. Poor Childe.

No. 184447

Diluc has a little bit of a butt, but nothing like Zhongli's. Definitely bigger than Kaeya's

No. 184450

Omg I love it. Makes her outfit way cuter.

No. 184454

I may have ordered that itto mousepad

No. 184479

File: 1644055522850.png (2.11 MB, 3105x3679, r7850btpv9871.png)

Anon is pic related the fan art you are talking about? I can not find this fan art on twitter only on reddit, this is the artist https://www.reddit.com/user/Supite/


Wow his butt is huge.

I really like his face and his suit seems pretty. However like you mentioned I do hope he will show some skin, it's really annoying that we have multiple males that are fully clothed yet so many female characters that have to dress around with a huge amount of skin showing. I also don't know how to feel about his tail, i will have to see how it looks in game i hope its not sucrose rat tail tier like.

The change is small but i do like the new cut of her skirt better.

No. 184499

Excellent nonna

No. 184555

I retract my ass-less Diluc statement now lol. For some reason, I really love the idea that Zhongli just has a fat ass from idling old man stuff. He used to be the strongest archon and an absolute beast in combat, turned granpappy. Love it!

No. 184589

this post needs to be printed out and hung in the louvre, holy shit.

No. 184606

I am so fucking confused right now. Why are so many people shipping Ayato x Yae right now?

No. 184609

>Honkaifags expected Ayato to be Otto from Honkai because they shared the same voice actor
>Otto is a simp for HonkaiYae or her girlfriend or something or other
>To nobody's surprise, turns out Ayato wasn't Otto after all
>Ayato is already being shipped with Thoma and Yae with Ei because of the fitting lore and already existing relationships
>People made tweets about Ayato being confirmed gay because of the furisode kimono sleeves on his jacket which was a legitimate thing for gay lovers of Japanese samurai to wear furisodes, it's obviously bogus but people had fun with the idea
>Hetfags seethe and try to force Ayato x Yae just to piss off the evil heterophobic gay and lesbian shippers
So tl;dr it's desperate damage control and coping.

No. 184616

because this fandom is OBSESSED with het ships. they want the new ittosara, every male character needs a girlfriend even if it doesn't make sense. yae is unironically an actual lesbian
this is why i stopped husbandoing genshin characters, the fandom makes me want to rip out my hair

No. 184618

also ayato and yae have literally zero chemistry, two smug sadistic people don't work well in a relationship kek it's like pairing two tsunderes or two super shy people

No. 184628

File: 1644108069832.jpeg (206.08 KB, 750x934, 24D0AACC-100F-48D4-90EB-E664EB…)

What if Kaeya never shows his eye covered by the eyepatch because he does have a bad tan due to his cool boy hair? Or what if he got that eye injured and now it looks weird so he wears the eye patch? I really wish they could tell us, also Beidou’s eyepatch, why does she wear it? Did she lose her eye or something? Or is it because pirates need an eyepatch to be able to see in the dark?

No. 184634

I'm going to bet that Kaeya's eyepatch is meant to hide some sort of a Khaenri'ah sharingan.

No. 184638

They wish the game gave them an actual bone for this shit pair. Itto seems to be a giant literal cocksucker in the game

No. 184639

Since Enjou could transform into a human I wonder if Kaeya can do the same?

No. 184640

honest to god i once saw a post where some faggot was crying in the comments about how het ships aren't as popular in the fandom as gay ships, like damn i didn't know trail of tears 2 was happening in the genshin fandom right now

No. 184678

Yes anon omg that's the one actually!! It must've been a repost I saw. Thank you!

No. 184698

Maybe it depends on who you're following? I used to see yaoi everywhere until i started blocking bl artists

No. 184702

Not to be that one person who has a different opinion from anyone else (big sage for this) but I don't mind hetero ships, as long as they're harmless and not pushing themselves as the "canon" ship. Nothing is canon in this game, only flirty interactions from BeiGuang, JeanLisa or XingYun. Saying that "why are you shipping this lesbian woman to a gay man" is abdsurd because their sexuality is not even canon, if you have it as your headcanon, then just share that hc with the people have the same ship as you. My other concern is that hetero shippers (YaeAyato, IttoSara) are being harassed for shipping the opposite sex, to the point that they receive death threats from anyone else like why? Why not just mute what they ship and block them if their ship hurts your hc. Your characters can be straight, bi or gay and it's all up to you. If they ship het that seems to lack flavor in your eyes, then let them. There is no need to ruin their fun. It's not a crime to ship het.

No. 184706

yae miko is based on an actual lesbian, her va is known for doing GL, raiden va called her gf and the game heavily promotes eimiko. now go cry about you crackship

No. 184709

Nowhere did I said I ship yae with a man, I only said that they're not bad and people can ship whoever they want without being harassed. If she's lesbian to you, then ok she is one. But for me, she's just nothing but pixels with a written character story. What am I gonna cry about? You sound exactly like those autistic, wlw shippers from twt who push that this or that character has this canon sexuality, therefore they can't be shipped to any other genders. And so what if her va does gl? The male characters' va does bl, too. Every other seiyuus have at least one blcd/glcd project. You sound so delusional it's funny.

No. 184714

>i don't ship it but i need to write a whole essay about how the poor het shippers are oppressed
who cares what 3 lesbians on twitter do, they got the backing of all the moids in the fandom

No. 184719

The point is that hetshippers keep pushing absolutely nonsensical crackships like Ayato x Yae only because they're too disturbed by the thought of their fav character being gay. Plenty of people were even petty enough to admit that they only ship them out of spite. I could accept something like Itto x Sara despite hating it because at least they sort of communication going on and just deem it a shit ship but people cartwheel through ridiculous hoops to claim that "nope, Diluc isn't gay, he's canon with Jean while Kaeya is in love with Rosaria, Zhongli and Childe or Beidou and Ningguang can't work because Zhongli and Ningguang are in love" etc. It does sound like actual aversion to homosexuality when they have such a huge problem with gay ships in particular, to the point they need to push moronic copes like Xingqiu x Hu Tao and then act like victims when people aren't on board. I saw plenty of Ayato x Yae shippers on genshintwt unironically cry heterophobia when some underage twitterfags were QRTing them telling them to fuck off, god forbid if someone is taking their imaginary husbandofied Otto self insert x Sexy fox girl self insert ship away kek.

No. 184722

File: 1644143345732.jpeg (210.98 KB, 1280x930, 8DDE3AB8-3703-46D3-AD3A-E5D0A3…)

If you're talking about the anon who mentioned Dimitri, that's a husbando from Fire Emblem and Dainsleif's design IS a bootleg version of his, convince me different.
Not that I mind because both are insanely hot.

No. 184723

and that is exactly why I like him

No. 184725

Dain's not a bootleg version, he's the improved version.

No. 184728

Kek based

No. 184729

I just want to have a threesome with Dimitri and Dainsleif, it’s like fucking twins without the awkwardness of fucking twins.

No. 184730

ayato x yae is a shit ship not bc it's het but bc yae is worst girl

No. 184731

Exactly, Yae is just babby’s first fox waifu.

No. 184734

Dain is that ugly twink Otto cosplaying an actually sexy character, seethe

No. 184735

people can ship what they want as long as they're not being assholes about it, but my problem is how a lot of het shippers are crying in their beers over how hard they got it or w/e without any self awareness. it's really hard to not feel all cynical when this is the only time they'll get any kind of pushback from anyone for liking straight ships

No. 184736

File: 1644151997701.jpeg (41.5 KB, 676x454, contempt.jpeg)

Well well well look who is here. A fujo is explaining us how do relationships work! Sorry but your fetishistic uke-seme brainrot by default makes you fundamentally incapable of understanding what makes people fall for each other kek. You are like filthy scrotes who think they know shit about sex when all they do is watch porn and coom.(derailing)

No. 184738

Go back to Twitter.

No. 184739

Exactly this. First of all I hate how high and mighty they get because they consider their ship automatically canon just because it's straight even if the characters barely interacted (Like Zhongli x Ningguang based on a crackpot fan theory treated as a fact) and thus everything else is rendered worthless. Secondly because any time some autist says "okay sweaty but Yae is a lesbian tho" they start acting like it's legitimate oppression and they're being denied their precious m/f ships by the evil gays boolying them. The lack of self awareness royally pisses me off. Just how the fuck many times do m/m and f/f shippers have to deal with being told their ship will never be confirmed, as if they didn't already know that most likely from dealing with IRL homophobia and gay people being treated like they don't exist outside of trashy Netflix shows no actual LGB person likes? At least acknowledge that you're being catered to literally everywhere you go and stop complaining about a fringe online movement making jokes about Ayato's gay sleeves.

It's the regular autistic baiter again, ignore and report nonnie.

No. 184741

Then why hasn't Dain married me huh

No. 184749

I spent my past years salary on Genshin Impact. I do it all the time because it is a flat out sexual thrill to buy the characters. I have neglected to buy socks for two years now and thanks to GI, now I have to wear sandals everywhere. But I don't leave my house so it doesn't matter. I started playing because I wanted to find something to do with my NEET time. and when I said "salaray" what I meant was my ration of neetbux. Its been a great place to buy new characters and shit. I just wish I could figure out a way to scam the government more so I can rank up.

No. 184750

Don’t just scam the government, scam moids too, you will be getting hot anime characters in the game and doing a great service for the community at the same time.

No. 184757

kek anon why are you me

No. 184780

File: 1644165810957.jpeg (959.61 KB, 2400x1080, 34199C5F-333A-4BD4-AE15-609F36…)

Paimon a lil sussy again

No. 184790

File: 1644167501030.png (234.96 KB, 590x600, 99434D22-E2D6-42B1-A4D8-3D6079…)

i already knew you were based as fuck but that just confirms it. cheers, nonnie!

No. 184795

Yeah, I don’t know how to feel about this, I wonder if she’s really a spy or if we’re getting played like a fiddle.

No. 184797

maybe they wanted to troll the autistic youtube theorists

No. 184823

File: 1644179319229.jpeg (16.17 KB, 277x187, 6E3FE6E1-215E-49E8-9CD7-2D92AA…)

Heizou is a manlet

No. 184826

This makes no sense because other translations do not hint at her being a spy. Seems to be an English only thing.

No. 184827

File: 1644179864048.jpg (72.29 KB, 960x783, kchhwr7y8e381.jpg)

I hope he's cute, I saw talk about him being a 5 star after all instead of a 4 star like everyone has been saying. I wonder when we will get more info

No. 184857

File: 1644188477305.jpg (275.17 KB, 1068x758, eeee098_.jpg)

say shota, coward. hes clearly based on conan.

No. 184892

File: 1644199988575.jpeg (348.85 KB, 2048x1330, 1219CE22-B5AB-43C6-82B4-7EEA3A…)

She’s just a baby

No. 184918

He's just supposed to be mispronouncing her name…

It's been a pretty cute quest so far though.

No. 184929

This is so cute nonnie, I love you

No. 184933

We don't actually have one unless they'd be as short as Klee/Diona

No. 184966

the ""teen"" boy body type counts, legal as some of them may be

No. 184978

So if only story relevant characters are being rerun, we’re not getting Venti for awhile right? 2.6 being Ayato, Yoimiya and Kazuha. 3.0 is Sumeru so all we have left is 2.7.

No. 184985

If the speculations of Venti and Kazuha both getting a rerun in 2.6 are false, I'd expect Venti's to be in 2.7 because of the Windblume festival.

No. 184999

Oh so the windblume festival is happening this year too? With the inazuma festival in 2.6 I thought mihoyo was gonna skip windblume. Yeah then that’s definitely when Venti will appear.

No. 185328

File: 1644375850003.jpeg (58.71 KB, 720x477, 0A8D1AA7-3347-482E-8509-4A2103…)

Anyone else doing the baby pic tour? It’s cute so far and a chill event. Lots of boring dialogue though YAWN.

No. 185329

it's reminding me of what an abomination paimon is. it's high time we threw her into the dumpster furnace from toy story 3 and turned bootleg dimitri into a tiny fairy.

No. 185333

at least that dialogue isn't being voice acted. that's the major saving grace of this event tbh

No. 185363

It’s kind of cute, I like that we don’t have to listen to Paimon screeching and that she actually doesn’t seem retarded. Hanging out with the little tanuki is sweet.

No. 185397

bruh i spend all of my freemogems on zhonglis banner and all i got out of it is c7 xingqiu fml

No. 185407

I have a question about Bennett Elemental Burst. You get ATK Bonus based on Bennett Base ATK. So I should aim for artifacts with ATK stats/substats right?
I know it's stupid question but I look online how to build him and I see only hp stats, but that's probably for his healing, but I want use him for his ATK bonus.

No. 185412

Base Attack is the white number when you check out the main character stats. You can only up it by leveling him and his weapon up. The artifacts won't affect it, so no need to stack atk on him. The build depends on how you want to play him, I have him with a high critrate/critdamage and a pyro cup (using 2pc noblesse, 2pc crimson witch or 2pc gladiator/shimenawa, 2pc crimson witch), so his ult and skill do a lot of damage by themselves. The healing is just a pleasant extra, it's a waste to build him just for that. If you want to just use him for the atk buff, you need to get a weapon with high base attack (the rest won't matter then) and also level him and his ult as far as possible.

No. 185440

File: 1644438406145.jpeg (70.68 KB, 640x824, 9C0C1393-61D8-4B01-90D6-5B826B…)

Won’t be much longer until Kokomi is back. I’ve been building up my pity on Ganyu’s banner.

No. 185442

Isn’t she coming on this next pair of banners with the fox bitch?

No. 185443

Yes, the banners are
>raiden + kokomi

Shit patch. But ayato leaks will come soon for anons who are into him.

No. 185446

idgaf about ayato I already have childe and c6 xingqiu, when is my beautiful flamboyant medfag baizhu’s banner?

No. 185454

I'm not even a Baizhufag but he's been the most exciting upcoming character for a while now. I hope he'll be a catalyst.

No. 185455

File: 1644444669536.jpg (325.69 KB, 1500x2139, FK069d2aQAM7faQ.jpg)

I wish for the sad faggot who's been derailing multiple threads on Lolcow to bitch about how they hate Genshin because the characters are ugly to have all their friends get into it and spam their feed full of Genshin fanart.

No. 185502

Same. She was acting out on the fujo and husbando thread, I hope her life is full of genshin

No. 185532

File: 1644476485051.jpeg (355.63 KB, 1199x1213, AE1F11EC-15C9-42D9-A36A-074D25…)

Thisthisthis. I want my dendro husbando and I want him now.

No. 185561

once again the female characters get the shittiest and most boring teasers

No. 185566

What the fuck was that? It just dumps some dumbass information about her and that’s it, but it’s not even that relevant to the plot.

No. 185571

For some reason, I feel like her quest is just going to be running errands lol

No. 185573

I hate how I actually like Yae for being a morally grey character but she's ruined by honkaitards cooming all over her and forcing their mommy fetish on her. She also deserves someone better than the autistic hikki archon, give her a better girlfriend.

No. 185574

well kallen is her original girlfriend

No. 185575

File: 1644506433984.png (584.65 KB, 576x540, FB_IMG_1594968929546.png)

>well kallen is her original girlfriend

No. 185576

why do you seethe whenever someone mentions honkai? mihoyo quite literally copy pasted the yae from honkai in genshin

No. 185577

No. 185580

Because nobody gives a shit about the stupid fan theories honkaifags force on Genshin characters while being completely unable to shut the fuck up about them, just like the "ackshually Ayato is Otto" cope. Just because Mihoyo is vaguely recycling their OCs doesn't mean Genshin is retconned to Honkai, a lot of franchises do that shit just to milk their long-term fans with familiar faces.

No. 185592

File: 1644512238410.jpg (70.5 KB, 640x640, s8k78p7z9oi71.jpg)

Nta Ayato may be not Otto 2.0, but Yae was definitely copypasted

No. 185616

they're literally the same character idk why that nona is sperging here, i didn't mention otto

No. 185635

Yeah the anon who keeps referring to the same anti-honkai meme is making her samefagging obvious. I couldn’t care less about honkai since it’s a scrote game but I do think it’s interesting when anons can find parallels between the games.

No. 185656

There's literally nothing more than their name and hairstyle connecting them, they have different motivations, styles and personalities. What's the point in pointing and yelling "what did Mihoyo mean by this" when they're obviously written as two entirely separate characters?

Nope, there are multiple different anons complaining about the constant unnecessary honkaifagging. At first it was interesting but the Ayato = Otto thing just peaked me on how annoying it can get, especially because it happens on every platform the game is being discussed.

No. 185681

>There's literally nothing more than their name and hairstyle connecting them
you look much more delusional than any of the "honkaifags

No. 185682

>There's literally nothing more than their name and hairstyle connecting them
let's see:
- same hair
- same clothes
- same name
- same occupation (shrine maidens)
- same voice actors
- both are foxes

no idea what her personality is like because i don't know anything about honkai but the very basics, but to act like players who point out the similarities between genshin impact and honkai impact (even the titles are basically the same lol) are annoying because they mention it too often is stupid. be mad at mihoyo for copy pasting their characters instead of players talking about how a good handful of them look the exact same. yae miko/sakura, wendy/venti and raiden mei/ei are just the most obvious examples of this because they even have the same names.

No. 185690

Pretty sure it's multiple people

No. 185691

It's weird, because they obviously have a lot of similarities like what anons have mentioned, but from what I remember Honkai Yae is much more likeable. I just don't understand why copy paste a character but change their personality into something worse. I really do wonder wtf is going on at Mihoyo sometimes.

No. 185746

File: 1644550660594.jpg (585.99 KB, 960x1392, dainty.jpg)

people be seething about Ayato being like Otto but it's just them coping that Yae is just the same character lol. She's got a lazy generic Shine Maiden design I've seen so many times. Yawn bitch get some new drip.

No. 185749

I honestly think that finding the parallels between two games made by the same company is kind of dumb. If Genshin was a literal sequel for Honkai, cool, but they’re two separate games, this comparison game is autistic as fuck.

No. 185750

Why? What's dumb about it? The parallels exist, they aren't mere reaches, and there are tons of them. Genshin may not be a direct sequel but you could consider it a spin-off at this point.

No. 185811

>Genshin may not be a direct sequel but you could consider it a spin-off at this point.
NTA but this smug shit is exactly why nobody can stand honkaifags. Just because Mihoyo somewhat recycled 3 character ideas in a game of almost 50 playable characters in total doesn't make Genshin "a spinoff" of Honkai and your headcanons aren't one hundred percent canon just because Honkai did it. How can you not see how annoying this is? Have you never played another game series that features same character concepts for multiple games without them being linked to each other? I would accept the acknowledging of the references to but people hc upcoming archons and character lore based on Honkai and force it on everyone like they were prophets descending on the genshin players. I'm praying the cryo archon isn't a rehash of that ugly Honkai loli like they're insisting on.

No. 185814

bronya? they're already shilling her in the upcoming mihoyo game, they're definetly adding her to genshin too (and she's russian too). she's unironically the ugliest honkai girl kek
i understand why you find it annoying when other nonas mention it but personally i'm more annoyed at mihoyo themselves shilling their stale honkai waifus in genshin. also i don't understand yae's popularity on twitter at all, she has the most boring shrine maiden character design i've ever seen. go girl give us nothing energy

No. 185815

and just to add more, it's funny how you can create the most basic waifu designs and still get amazing sales, like you really just need to do the bare minimum and give them some lewd clothes and the simps (and not just moids) are all on their knees. meanwhile with male characters if they don't reach a certain "standard" of design people will just call them generic twinks even though they also worship equally generic skinny waifus…
like all the people who were calling ayato "ugly", he has almost the same face as the waifus, the overall vibe is also pretty much the same but i can guarantee that if he had some tits with the same exact design they'd all be "yeeeahh girlbosss step on me sadistic mommy women in suits are so hot

No. 185818

True, I'm sure that Ayato's reveal would have been better if there hadn't been so much hype already. Because he's Ayaka's brother there was a base to build on and fans made way better looking versions of him, so when the reveal finally came it was very lackluster. It's nice that his suit incorporates some traditional elements like the long sleeves, but long hair and an overall more traditional design would have been much more interesting than some bland white suit. There would also be more interest if he showed more skin, it felt like everyone was building him up for nothing. Doesn't help that Mihoyo is so stupidly hesitant to give out information.
And yes, people would have loved a female character in a suit, of course they would. If Ayato was a woman but kept the exact same design there would probably be way more interest. The difference is that they put female characters in coomerish outfits for no good reason other than pandering and cover male characters head to toe, so of course they have to be at least very pretty if they can't be sexy. What's the point in pulling a character you find to be ugly? If you're going to see them all the time, you'd want them to be appealing to you. If they had dressed him according to the same concepts as Eula the reaction would have been very different, like Itto's colorscheme is objectively bad but once he was revealed people went wild just because he's half naked and supposed to be buff

No. 185820

>Itto's colorscheme is objectively bad
First of all it's not, black and red with gold highlights as is his main scheme looks objectively good on anything. Secondly does that really make him an ugly character design? To me an ugly design is something that incorporates elements that are not harmonious and goes all over the place, in Genshin such example would be Sara and I strongly believe that her hideous design was the reason why she didn't perform well with fans, not her (also bad) kit. The big yellow bow on her waist just wraps up the package that is her nonsensical outfit and hair that looks like it was cut blindfolded. Itto's trump card was definitely the bare chest but the majority of his popularity can be accounted to him being a very likable character people knew about through voice lines and his posts on the Inazuma message boards beforehand.

But nevertheless, at this point I feel it's hard to believe that Genshin fans would enjoy a woman in suit because they'd immediately start screeching about muh censorship even if the design was beautiful. Coomer waifufags have a compulsive need to have all female characters look like strippers and attention whores with libfem brainrot sperg about hooker outfits being empowering.

No. 185826

It's not just "3 characters out of 50," those parallels are everywhere whether you like it or not (and tbh I don't understand why you're so upset about it). I don't like Honkai either, but the two games share too much to not be linked.

No. 185827

a small reference to honkai here and there would've been fine with me, but i'm not sure if i feel too comfortable with the idea of these two games sharing lore, partially because i never played honkai so i won't know what the fuck is going on and partially because genshin's writing is already struggling as is.

No. 185829

File: 1644589153308.jpg (179.7 KB, 729x1056, l2tvlozoyvs71.jpg)

Are you blind? Of course red, black and gold look good together, but those aren't his main colors, what the fuck is the ugly purple and orange doing there? It's just too busy with it. Pic rel looks a lot better already, it's just that changing the eyebrows takes away focus from his face.
Your second point is just very subjective, ugly is ugly and can be different for everyone. I didn't call him ugly though, I just said that any character has to be pretty or otherwise appealing for people to pull for them. Who'd want to play an eyesore?

And of course they would enjoy that, not only coomers whose interests are very easily met anyway but also the twitter lesbians would love it, although for different reasons. The crying about censorship because of Jean's new outfit wasn't even that bad, many people liked the new one too because it played more into her role as a knight. People were mainly annoyed with Mona and Rosaria because they don't get to see as much ass anymore, but there was a lot of support for Rosaria's new outfit too because again, it's more closely related to her profession.

No. 185830

Was that all you took from it? The very last bit that wasn't a compliment to Itto? kek
I read this really insightful outfit analysis for Ayato on reddit, and it would be awesome if mhy actually put so much thought in it, but I doubt they did. There was a point in history where Japan was westernizing and adopting suits and such so that could say a lot about Ayato, but they seriously should've just copied some of his fanart designs. Plus, I love Itto but his colors and the way they were utilized just seems incohesive, but imma just chalk that up to the boy being tacky because he kinda is

No. 185831

File: 1644589539609.jpeg (293.7 KB, 2048x863, E692A50D-5BEE-41B0-B666-386C35…)

Wait for what the Genshin theorists have to say about this pic lol.
Purple and orange always complimented each other.

No. 185832

your picrel makes his head look like it belongs to a grandpa

No. 185836

If those musical notes are from Barbara, they will freeze.

No. 185839

Well, the idea of Itto wearing flashy colors seems to be coming from the yakuza who are tacky as fuck.

No. 185841

Ioroi will get unsealed and get a husbando makeover. mark my words

No. 185842

Speak this shit into existence, you crazy little defector.

No. 185843

I hope that if he gets a husbando makeover, that they make him buff and give him awkward idle animations. But since he’s basically like cloud retainer, wouldn’t there be some apprentice, that we haven’t heard from before, more possible?

No. 185845

Just finished the Lantern Rite stuff since I didn't have the time to do it earlier. Whose stupid idea was it to make you fight the boss six times? For no fucking reason too, at least they usually make up some challenges but this time it was only two. They make events artifically longer by forcing you to do the same shit over and over, it's getting so boring. And then you only get one or two pulls out if it, if even that. The fight itself would have been so annoying without Zhongli, it's hard to understand what's even going on and the windows for attacking are really small. The light puzzles were fun at first, but then I kept getting it right the wrong way and had to sit there and wait for a while for a hint that would just tell me to turn it to the side or flip it. Using the fireworks to debuff enemies was also inconvenient, they kept dodging and the button is easy to miss, it's just so irritating for some reason.
How did you nonas feel about it? I think there was a little bit of talk about it in this or a previous thread but still

No. 185846

No buff, he should be baby because tanuki are little retarded kids

No. 185848

just because ayato is covered from head to toe doesn't mean his design is "uglier" than yae or raiden and the other coomerish waifus. sometimes less is better
and i still stand by the opinion that ayato looks miles better than ayaka, raiden and yae

No. 185853

Maybe his voice was the one in Yae’s trailer.
“Hahaha a few hundred years on, and the little girl who always wanted shoulder rides is all grown up”

No. 185855

File: 1644598251066.jpg (464.81 KB, 2000x2200, aopax5u2lsz71.jpg)

My first thought when I saw this image was "dang, I want that Ganyu skin so bad" kek. I've becomen such a consoomer, thank you Mihoyo.

No. 185856

Your picrel looks pretty flat, the purple and orange work great as accent colours because they compliment each other.

Nonnie this better happen

No. 185858

The boss was a grindfest for sure but they really missed the mark with the shadow lantern things. Like you said they were fun at first but where's the fun in making them so complex you can't get them done without the completion meter and hint image? They should've been kept simple enough to be finished without a handicap like that.

No. 185865


I wouldn't forget that time when Itto was not even released yet, not even a clue on what he looks like (sans hair color and outfit) yet people are calling him "ugly" just because he's another husbando. "Who is this Arataki Itto? I hope he's ugly". To be very honest, husbandos look 10x better than the waifus. Their outfits can be covered, revealing or sexy yet a husbandofag like me will still worship them. Moids would drool over a waifu in a stripper outfit that doesn't make sense, yet their insecurities and fragility came out further when they knew that Itto is a hot, half-naked male as they sucked on the copium that C6 Noelle is better to use so they can skip him.

No. 185870

>they sucked on the copium that C6 Noelle is better to use so they can skip him.
This was the funniest and most pathetic shit I have seen. Itto is by far either best or one of the best DPSs in the game with the monogeo party and his constellations are insane. At only C1 his damage output is greatly improved, at C2 geo members decrease his burst CD and restore more energy to him so that he can just keep spamming his burst all he wants, at C4 he gives a gigantic attack and def buff to his party members and finally at C6 his charged attacks are given a +70% damage buff and his damage output is increased even more. Moids thinking that Noelle can compete with this are delusional from all the copium huffing, Itto's constellations were so broken even the Chinese players were throwing a fit about how Mihoyo ripped them off by making him surpass Ganyu and Eula as the strongest DPSs in the game. Can't wait for their excuses for not rolling Ayato when he's released because I already love all the scrotes being forced to skip their waifus to get Kazuha they first crapped all over when he was released, only to have him later rise the ranks to be the most used character in Abyss.

No. 185894

So Ayato is a sword user right? I really wished he was a claymore because we already have Xingqiu that's sword and hydro. Still I hope Ayato's burst is fucking cool.

No. 185900

Oh god I hate her design. Definitely the ugliest of all, I fully agree with you.

No. 185918

which version is her primary design? because i'm getting results for generic uwu elegant waifu and kasane teto after she fell into a vat of bleach.

No. 185919

I'm disappointed that he's not a polearm user to be honest, I know there are a lot of them already but it's the one weapon NPC characters mention him using. I wonder what weapon they designed for him though or if it will be like Ayaka and Yoimiya, where the featured weapons didn't match them at all

No. 185920


Itto is a hypercarry, especially with his BiS weapon and cons unlocked, the crit dmg buff was also insane. So what if he doesn't have utilities like healing and shield? Noelle's long cooldown and high energy cost makes her shit anyway. Even Ushi's damage can surpass Zhongli's burst damage, too. Youtubers really have to make comparison videos by giving them the same weapon, meanwhile Itto gets shitty artifacts, and conclude it with "Noelle is stronger so skip Itto for Ganyu rerun uwu". It sucks. They care a lot about meta, but choose to ignore how strong Itto is over some ugly maid waifu.

No. 185921

as if ganyu wasn't replaced by ayaka…. she was strong, but she's falling out of the meta now

No. 185923

The fact Itto's burst damage scales off his defense is fucking incredible too. He came home on my first 10 pull after a long hiatus from Genshin and he's been my favorite ooga booga boy ever since.

No. 185928

And even the lack of shield is compensated by his damage scaling off his def. I have never had my Itto die because I've given him a ridiculously high def which both protects him and gives him a damage boost, and when used with Gorou he becomes even more invincible. Moids coping about Noelle being superior are overdosing on cope and there's no arguing otherwise. I hope Sumeru and dendro's release fucks up the permafreeze comp even further just to see all the men cry about their 5-star cryo waifu parties being ruined forever.

No. 185942

Teto design is Bronya when she was younger, elegant is her now and in the new game whatever it's called.

No. 185943

Ayaka is strong but Ganyu is more meta simply for having more range (no need to run up to enemy = quicker abyss run), and Ayaka's ult which is where most of her damage comes from is easy to miss.

No. 185963

naw that is 100% false

>(no need to run up to enemy = quicker abyss run)

this is only a thing in the first two floors which are never what people are talking about when they sperg about the meta. for op people, everything dies as soon as you look at it on these floors and xiao one side vent kazuha other is the objectively fastest way to do them. yet metafags only bring up venti when they talk about how ~nerfed~ he's become in floor 12, the real meat and potatoes of the abyss. ganyu is in the same position as venti except worse because there's no point in using her below floor 12.

No. 186018

File: 1644643428097.jpeg (313.24 KB, 581x691, 13ED016D-84F3-40F6-9C3C-C65921…)

Ban men from playing video games please

No. 186022

what do you expect? scrotes are the main demographic while female players have been dropping like flies. least you could do is not post this unspoilered degeneracy here to remind us all of it.

No. 186030

File: 1644650619576.jpeg (238.64 KB, 2000x1226, 0C3A1E02-49E8-464C-9E26-1E95BF…)

You’d think more would join since more husbandos are released. Is there any other reason?

No. 186031

>female players have been dropping like flies
How about giving a source for this instead of pulling it out of your ass? Ayato got a massively big response and was trending for weeks even before his release, doubt that female players have disappeared.

No. 186039

But I really wish they would get banned for using 3rd party apps like these that strips off the waifus. Disgusting.

They're not dropping like flies, they're still playing yet they are somehow alienated cause the game panders to scrotes more with the waifu ratio and how their designs are just revealing and not sexy.

No. 186053

i'm sure that this game could be all female and they would still have a large female fanbase. idol games like love live and bangdream have mostly female fans

No. 186056

why would anyone even need mods for this? most of the female characters' outfits are already so revealing as is, are moids seriously that braindead that they can't use their imagination to fill in the blanks?

No. 186059

The difference with idol games is that despite having a sizable male playerbase they're still made for a female audience and play into their idol fantasy and admiration of cute idol costume designs, it's a completely different genre from coomer games with an all-female cast. I couldn't imagine shit like Azur Lane or Blue Archive having a big female audience besides NLOGs who think scrote-aligned behavior gives them an interesting personality or self-inserting into an overly sexualized waifu is empowering.

It's all about being able to defile the female characters, that's why scrotes prefer designs like Ayaka's because you can peek under her skirt to see the panties. They feel powerful for being able to violate them, a female character could run around in a thong and a bikini top and they would still be demanding more and making mods of her being completely naked or in a sexy bunny suit. In one of the previous threads an anon posted a male reddittard's perverted essay post about how Eula's design makes him coom because it's "a tease" and that's pretty much how it is.

No. 186063

File: 1644668284414.jpg (32.11 KB, 663x709, destroy.jpg)

i wanna see that essay out of curiosity so i can laugh at the incel but just thinking about it makes my skin crawl at the same time. we need to find reddit's servers and burn them down asap, it would only make the world a better place.

No. 186065

Can we stop talking about moids and talk about the game and the characters instead
I don't get the point in always talking about moids and what they do and what they like

No. 186069

lol fair, it's just fun to rip on them but they are very low hanging fruit. changing the subject, does anyone have suggestions on how to build yun jin? i'm almost done building itto so i'm gonna focus on her next.

No. 186072

nonas i need to brag a little bit but i have saved enough for two hard pities so my ayato is 100% guaranteed

No. 186077

File: 1644672810814.jpeg (282.46 KB, 2048x1522, 581656A2-A460-4C08-A54B-5C3AE7…)

Congrats anon, good job saving so much!!

I unfortunately lost my 50/50 on Zhongli’s banner and got Qiqi, pulled 82 times to then get my guaranteed Zhongli. So now I only have 15k primos left for Ayato. I have a gut feeling that I’ll lose this 50/50 too kek

No. 186079

wish you luck nona! you lost the 50/50 once so i think you have a chance to win this one
I also hope i'm winning the 50/50 because i want to save for a sumeru husbando too

No. 186085

Wtf are you putting on your Itto’s??? Yeah my Itto is at lvl 60 but I have his 5star artifacts on (yes the def one from inazuma? husk of opulent dreams or something idk lmao) but he has around 1k ATK and 1k DEF and does good damage for a lvl 60 but idk. His weapon is the BP claymore too

No. 186086

there have been 3 male characters in 8 months, the next one still being 2 months away, and none of them have been nearly as popular as the earlier male characters. there hasn't been much of anything going on in game besides a plot everyone hated, festival events, and waifubait. the upcoming patch alone is devoid of content aside from worst girls fanservice with your boring picrel hogging the main event, bleh… its tiresome. sunk costfags won't leave yet but I see others losing interest.

No. 186090

well he's only level 6 you need to raise his talents to level 8 and yeah ushi can do zhongli tier damage

No. 186093

File: 1644680114653.jpg (174.83 KB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_20220212-093135_e80…)

High crit stats? 9/9/9 talents? This is my stat page at relatively high investment with r2 BP weapon and full HoOD stacks. Def, HP, and heavy EM scaling characters should really be level 90.

*I did not consent to all those energy rolls, he doesn't need it at all. My Itto only gets artifacts that I deem unfit for Albedo and Gorou, they're not perfect by any means.

No. 186098

Thanks for the info nonnies!

No. 186103

those are some great stats…. what constellation?

No. 186105

Thanks! He's C2, just summoned til Gorou was c6

No. 186107

mine is C1 (and gorou is also C1 because he hates me) but i don't buy the BP so i use whiteblind instead
what is your dmg? 20k per charge attack during the burst?

No. 186109

File: 1644685624907.png (155.02 KB, 720x499, autistic cooming.png)

Fuck off with your doomposting, it's getting annoying and undistinguishable from moid copes about how husbandofags will be btfo'd and waifus will rule the game. Female players recently got a huge win with the costumes being censored due to complaints so waifufags can either die mad or go play Honkai instead.

Here you go anon, warning for extreme autism though

No. 186118

Yes, with no buffs (including Geo res, Gorou, Zhong, etc.) on him or debuffs on a lvl 93 Maguu Kenki he does about 21k. 39k with Gorou and Zhong.

No. 186122

This is the idea behind masks and tight bodysuits sometimes being sexier than a hot naked guy though. I sorta agree.

No. 186124

File: 1644687534916.jpg (138.9 KB, 500x541, VjV2QXg0.jpg)

If zhongli didn't have those flaps covering his booty it would get boring to look at. Because he has them I take the time to position him and try to see it

No. 186131

Based. Me too, it’s a nice surprise.

No. 186134

i get where he's coming from but hooooooly shit i need to clean my eyes after reading that. the part about jean's armpits was the cherry on top, what a creep.

No. 186135

The fact that these moids will actually retch at a real armpit but coom to the fictional armpit of a fictional anime character from an almost normie tier game… the autism is off the charts here

No. 186144

File: 1644693576943.jpg (256.67 KB, 850x1205, db70540f8026a1.jpg)

It doesn't help that his vision is directly above his ass lol. Thoma does that to me too and i can confirm that Thoma has a fatty if you look under his flaps you can see the mold of his ass and his pants are suppose to be baggy. Same goes to childe and kaeya's openings, just teases.

No. 186147

Why were you on Reddit

No. 186148

You understand me, nonnie

No. 186150

I mean, some things are only appealing in fiction, so I get it. I like Childe but if he was real I'd avoid him like the plague.

No. 186151

File: 1644695843486.jpeg (334.9 KB, 1242x1656, 549E0833-7645-4B37-969A-7ACE4C…)

Exactly, this is basically Zhongli.

No. 186153

Yeah, but you're aware of it and I assume you aren't as autistic about Childe as that moid is with Jean's armpit or Eula's ass flap or whatever

No. 186164

So that's why reading that Absolute Territory stuff felt like a déjà-vu

No. 186175

Yes, the "men just have to show a bit of bare wrist or ankle" shit is absolutely a moid-induced pile of bullshit too. Male characters should run around shirtless and ass on display with only a few pieces of fabric covering the critical parts.

No. 186183

Yeah "lewds over nudes" isn't a baste new age pinkpilled concept, it's fucking dumb. I want to see man boobs and boy thighs.

No. 186185

File: 1644706900770.jpg (1.83 MB, 1590x1719, eb79da6dae45839fa442ba04ebd8da…)

Can't wait for Cyno to be released, Sumeru can't come soon enough.

No. 186216

File: 1644720183861.jpeg (159.35 KB, 1200x1677, 5BD3F5B9-F9F6-4F71-AB05-93E120…)

I agree with you!! I’m so tired of Japan centric games I want something new!!

No. 186297

No. 186345

File: 1644786779150.jpeg (302.92 KB, 750x1505, 9AC6E9B7-74D8-4BD5-861F-9DC6D0…)

For who is this free weapon even gonna be good for?

No. 186346

Well, I could give it to my sucrose or my ningguang.

No. 186347

File: 1644786958972.jpeg (128.54 KB, 749x813, 3012A315-0D87-483B-9652-648414…)

I wish we could add pictures to our reviews on the survey so I could always add this picture.

No. 186349

why? i dont think traumatizing mihoyo will make them produce better content

No. 186350

ugly ass desgins. i would rather have prudish suits than those abominations.

No. 186351

I get the sentiment but that's too faggy

No. 186354

not my personal taste but i love childe's freckles! i definitely wish they'd add those to his model.

No. 186356

File: 1644789706693.jpeg (440.29 KB, 1200x259, A98EC9FA-7FD0-4B32-9475-4C0CA0…)

These feel very male gaze, as if a fag drew it. Pic related is a more female gaze, it just needs to be implemented on tall male models more

No. 186358

>ackshually wahmen think less is more and want their boys covered up!!
>you're not some FAG are you???? fag fag faggot fag???
please read >>186175 and >>186183 and stay silent

The freckles on Childe look ugly though, like he has a skin condition, but the design itself is good. The Zhongli one is genius though, it doesn't fit his dignified character at all and is unnecessarily sexy but as is, it illustrates the problem with Shenhe's design perfectly by turning the tables around.

No. 186359

that's so fucking ugly anon

No. 186360

If only it truly went both ways.

No. 186370

You’re just retarded anon. I’m saying that the female gaze isn’t dicks in panties as >>186347 but it’s more tasteful as >>186356

For example, shirtless Razor, crop tops, back windows etc are design choices that are pretty and sexy, a grown man in panties and his dick tucked that you like so much, is kinda odd and looks like a tranny’s wet dream

No. 186372

Pretty sure that picture was meant to be a parody poking fun at the double standards regarding male and female designs, not an actual suggestion of how male characters should look like. However, I agree that men should be sexualized and made to show more skin just like the female characters are. Chongyun showing his calves and Albedo having his neck bared being counted towards "female gaze" is ridiculous.

No. 186373

those outfits don't work on men… i know what you mean by asking for lewd clothes on men but this is very drag queen-ish, it's the kind of fashion created for womanly curves. if you want to show male assets you need to come up with something else

No. 186374

personally i think bondage fashion like they used on itto is pretty lewd and suitable for the male anatomy

No. 186376

File: 1644793251563.png (136.49 KB, 540x386, D84C1AAB-F3E8-4B93-AE63-E17FAE…)

It’s for me when I get my girl Kokomi.

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