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File: 1485308060057.png (147.62 KB, 512x512, ApplePodcastingLogo.png)

No. 179574

what podcasts do you guys listen to?

No. 179575

Depends. What are you into? True crime? Drama?

No. 179576

anything, just podcasts you enjoy in general

No. 179578

None. I've always wanted to listen to one tho. It's just I always end up getting bored after 5 min. Maybe this thread will help me.

No. 179582

I pretty much only listen to NPR shows. On Point with Tom Ashbrook and Fresh Air I listen to for news and current events/releases.

This American Life and Storycorps to cry and just have life stories.

Wait Wait… Don't Tell Me! and Ask Me Another for quiz shows/laughs.

I also am a fan of Stuff You Missed In History Class for alternative social history of women, known events, random fun facts and stuff like that.

No. 179588

File: 1485309976305.jpg (93.93 KB, 800x600, IMG_2795.JPG)

I have been debating making this thread for a while now, and i have a few recs, but only within the true crime genre. My faves are definitively :
Sword & scale (posts every other week when not on break, different topics, uses clips from 911 calls and courts, can be very disturbing. American host)

My favorite murder (posts almost every week, both hr long eps and minisodes. Two cool chicks in their forties, a comedian and a tv acress talk about murder & read peoples "home town murders" not too gory, + for cats. American)

Casefile (australian host works with a team to tell one detailed story almost every week, cases from many countries, sometimes uses clips from investigation interviews)

Somebody knows something (similar to the famous "serial" a male canadian reporter focus on one unsolved mystery each season, travels around trying to solve the crime at hand, plesant voice and interesting stories from the people involved)

Stranglers (this one is new, but interesting, female storyteller.)

Bonus swedish podcast ; rättegongspodden. A swedish counter to sword & scale, male host.

If any true crime buffs have something to add to this list it would be very much appreciated, as i'm always on the hunt for more!

No. 179589

File: 1485310090175.jpg (1.02 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2017-01-24-19-43-26…)

Pt 1:

>Astonishing Legends

Their mission is to take a look at legendary strange and unusual events from throughout history and interview people who've had close encounters with the unexplained.

>Dragon Age Off the Record

A podcast…about Dragon Age…

>Expanded Perspectives (my top 5 list)

Two dudes talking about mysteries and unexplained stuff. I actually really like this podcast, both hosts are well spoken and they have a lot of episodes out.


I only downloaded this because Oscar Issac provides a voice for it. Haven't actually listened yet. I think it's a mystery/thriller type thing.
>Sawbones (top 5 list)
A family practice doctor and her comedian husband talk about weird, interesting or just downright gross medical stuff.
>Stoney Creek
Sort of a paranormal thriller drama? I just listened to the first episode so far, it's not bad.
>The Black Tapes (probably my top fav)
Follows the main narrator on a weird paranormal journey that starts off with doing a show on ghost hunters that ends up with demons and possessions. It's my absolute favorite but is currently on hiatus.

No. 179593

I'm the true crime anon, thanks for this! I'm gonna check out the mystery ones!

No. 179594

File: 1485310742266.jpg (941.78 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2017-01-24-19-56-15…)

Pt 2

>The Leviathan Chronicles

The Leviathan Chronicles is a sci-fi podcast that tracks Macallan Orsel, a young genetic scientist in present-day New York City who discovers that immortality is not a fool's fantasy, but rather a reality for a several factions of powerful immortals living among us.

>The Magnus Archives

A weekly horror fiction podcast examining what lurks in the archives of the Magnus Institute, an organisation dedicated to researching the esoteric and the weird. Join Jonathan Sims as he explores the archive, but be be warned, as he looks into its depths something starts to look back…

>Thinking Sideways (#2 fav)

3 hosts discuss mysteries, true crime, disappearances, urban Legends, etc. Fav episode probably is Lake City Quiet Pills and Tamam Shud.

>True Crime Garage

Two Bros talking true crime and beer. They cover solved and unsolved crimes.

>Wolf 359 (#3 fav)

REALLY FUCKING GOOD. Follows a crew member aboard a space ship orbiting star Wolf 359. Sci-fi drama.

Honorable mentions:
The Message

No. 179596

I actually stopped listening to Sword and Scale because the host comes off as a total fucking tool and it ruined my enjoyment. I forgot about My Favorite Murder, I'll have to check that one out again. I've only listened to one episode of it but it was pretty fun.

No. 179597

These look fucking great anon, thank you.

No. 179598

Ugh me too. He's a whiny douchebag who thinks listening to him is a privilege and if you cared about him at all you would DONATE MONEY because he deserves it. He can fuck off.

No. 179601

Especially since he's making bank off his twice-monthly podcast and uses the cash to go on vacation.

No. 179604

Has anyone here listened to Knifepoint Horror? I first discovered it in high school and it left me sleepless and disturbed quite a few times.

>collection of horror stories written by a dude named Soren Narnia

>often simply written with little to no production value/music and no introductions/transitions
>each episode is basically a person calmly retelling some traumatic event that happened in their life.

It doesn't really update anymore (because it's all written by the same guy and there was only so much material to narrate in the first place), but some of the stories really fucked me up when I was ~15.

No. 179605

File: 1485312307400.jpg (74.22 KB, 529x529, 06-mystery-show.w529.h529.jpg)

The mystery show

We hate movies

Reply all

My dad wrote a porno

Flop house when there's nothing else to listen to.

No. 179621

Never heard of it but I will give it a listen. Sounds interesting!

No. 179630

File: 1485325577417.png (196.63 KB, 750x1334, IMG_2686.PNG)

I like learning about economics, so this podcast was really interesting to listen to. It discusses the history of welfare in America, people's misconceptions of it, and how/where/who distributes it.

No. 179931

haha dude, me too. i still like the show but i do find him to be very much up his own ass. hey mike, i know you lurk, write an angry tweet about us!

No. 179932

File: 1485530869579.jpg (391.18 KB, 1400x1400, Logo-Last.jpg)

LPotL and MBMBAM are my main podcasts.

I enjoy on occasion My Favourite Murder.

No. 179936

Dude I love Last Podcast on the Left too! It takes some getting used to tough, their sense of humor can be quite brutal at first. But now listen to them all the time.

True Crime Garage is also great. Nick's informative and does his research while Captain's kind of like the ear candy and comedic relief.

No. 179941


Yes!! I'm listening to LPotL right now. I love these guys.

I'm big on Real Life Sci-Fi with Wade and Willy, too. Another great conspiracy related show that's pretty funny.

No. 179945

yeah, Henry's particular brand of humour makes me feel slightly guilty for laughing at sometimes. not something i would listen to freely in an office or anything.

No. 179958

File: 1485544391325.jpg (Spoiler Image, 28.68 KB, 460x349, cancer.jpg)

I've got no idea what I'm doing here in the first place (heard about the site just today), but since you asked I might just post the one and only podcast that I listen to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NP8iM_N2Tog
Not sure if you lot are going to find that interesting, since most of you are women, but whatever.

pic unrelated

No. 179979

Anyone else here listen to The Adventure Zone? I've just started about a month ago and I'm really enjoying it. I've never actually played D&D before most of my friends are too normie for that reeeeee but the podcast is really making me wanna get into it.

Aside from TAZ I'm also really into Lore and My Brother My Brother And Me too.

These sound great, thank u kind anons for the recs <3

No. 180131


Up and Vanished is quite a bit like serial, but with drawly southern accents. I love it so much. It reminds me of making a murderer too, b/c corrupt small-town police are seemingly heavily involved

No. 180135

I looove MBMBAM, if anyone else is a fan Griffin also does another podcast Cool Games Inc. that's the same kind of humor and equally as hilarious.

You don't really need to know about video games because the premise is that they make up video games based around absurd suggestions, but a lot of the humor is video game references so if vidya isn't your thing it might be a miss. Otherwise 10/10 would rec.

Does anyone else have any comedy/talkshow-type podcasts they like? I like things that I can listen to and be entertained without having to fully focus for when I'm commuting. Story themed podcasts and even audio books I end up missing too much because its hard to stay focused if I'm doing other stuff.

No. 180137

File: 1485721603790.jpg (211.92 KB, 640x640, tumblr_o7o24a79bU1qbb702o1_128…)

>The Dollop
Bizarre and hilarious stories from American (and sometimes Australian) history. I recommend the episodes on Kellogg, John Lilly and Competitive Tickling.

>Thinking Sideways

A podcast about mysteries and paranormal events with a casual/jokey tone.

>I Don't Even Own A Television

Some guys making fun of bad books. The host is a bit of a SJW and sometimes goes on a tangent about how stuff is ~problematic~ but I just tune that out. It's funny otherwise.

>The F Plus

People reading retarded internet posts (Yahoo answers, fetish websites, wikihow, and stuff like that). Probably my favourite podcast.

No. 180176

File: 1485768439410.png (46.03 KB, 350x350, me2.png)

No bully but are there any good podcasts similar to Buzzfeed's Internet Explorer? I'm into the whole internet culture thing but it'd be nice if there was something a little bit less SJW.

No. 180205

Reply All was mentioned before and it might be what you're looking for

No. 180220

File: 1485794486950.jpg (94.94 KB, 600x745, IMG_2150.JPG)

The Adventure zone, much recommend, funny and very entertaining to listen to while youre out and about or sitting around working on stuff.
Basically three brothers and a dad play the fifth edition of Dungeons and Dragons and only one brother has played before and hes the dungeon master and theyre hysterical, they dont follow all rules to a T or anything, its very meta and just really funny to listen to. 10/10

No. 180228

I just came into this thread to recommend them! Its my favourite podcast atm

No. 180237

File: 1485806280033.png (93.05 KB, 349x193, sip.png)

Just started listening to it and I fucking love it, they're so nerdy sounding its adorable

yessss Last podcast on the left, I listen to them all the time
tho I will say their jokes can get a little annoying but for the most part Henry is pretty funny

No. 180239

Do you guys listen to anything related to language learning or linguistics of English? For learning a language, I'm specifically going for Spanish (Castilian or Latin American. Bonus points if Rioplatense/Argentinian, though.)

No. 180250

Seconding question about linguistics.

Also, anyone have any good podcasts on philosophy? There was one I used to like but now you have to pay for stuff and even though it was really good, I don't have the money.

No. 180383

Omg anon im so glad you love it, love having more people on board the adventure!!
Sage for ot and excitement anons like my reccs

No. 180413

> The F Plus

my nigga

No. 180415

Is that Swedish podcast in English? What a stupid question o well

The Generation Why is one of my favorite true crime podcasts, and the first podcast I ever got in to. The hosts are pleasant and they have covered a lot of cases I'd have never heard of otherwise.

I also like The Trail Went Cold, but I feel like he could stand to go a bit more in depth. They discuss the episodes often on the unresolved mysteries subreddit so if you're in to that, it's a decent trade off.

Sword & Scale is fucking awful in my opinion. It bothers me that 75% of the episode content is 911 calls or court room clips and the other 25% is heavily biased "mentally ill people are spooky" BS that I don't think he even writes himself. It sounds so professional and I enjoy the format a lot, but the content itself is terrible save for two or three episodes. Casefile is leagues better with a similar format but almost entirely Australian cases. I wonder if there are any more podcasts like this that cover stories worldwide? Pls share

No. 180440

chapo trap house

No. 180445

cum town is better

No. 180478

Man, I liked Sword & Scale, but the host is such a tool. He threatened to sue someone for making a subreddit for the podcast… wtf. He was also a total douche to fans of My Favorite Murder in his Facebook group and blocked every single person that liked their page as well as his. It was pedantic and childish as fuck.

I'm going through the episodes of Generation Why right now and I like it. It can kinda drag in places, and I personally like a little more of the court proceedings played, but it's good otherwise!

No. 180536

- Criminal is an interesting podcast that talks about random weird cases, some of them are pretty funny (look up "He's Neutral" and "Ex Libris" episodes for example).

- True Crime Garage is chill - two guys drink a new beer each episode and discuss murders, serial killers, etc.

- All Things Awful - Another true crime one w/ a couple. They can get kind of annoying but some of the cases are interesting at least.

- Stuff You Should Know - Pretty interesting podcast that talks about a wide range of subjects. I always learn something.

- No Sleep - Famous podcast that came from the Subreddit. Horror stories.

No. 180538

It wasn't because of the subreddit itself, it was because people were leaving constructive criticism and he had no power to delete or ban. Most of those people were fans of the show like me, that had various problems with it (mostly just the lazy writing and fear mongering) and he couldn't handle it, even going as far as doxing and legal threats. After that I couldn't listen to the podcast anymore. His behavior ruined it for me. It's a shame that his podcast sounds so professional when the host is such a child. He reminds me of Onision but more drunk and smug. Mike Boudet is a lolcow. I wish I had his mugshot from his DWI to go along with my post, so try to visualize it instead.

Alright I had to vent about that, sorry. I'm just sad that I can't enjoy it anymore.

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