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File: 1501087092635.jpg (620.11 KB, 4032x2588, 2016-04-01-1459469182-911146-u…)

No. 360967

>host of the popular true crime podcast "Sword & Scale"
>known for being a general asshole to his fans
>deletes any slightly negative feedback posted on his social media
>when reddit made a S&S sub, he got it taken down, despite it outright claiming to not be affiliated with the podcast and just a fan page
>is a creepy towards his female fans and has asked for nudes on multiple occasions
>a FB group called "The Problem with Sword and Scale" was eventually created for people to let off steam about the podcast and Mike (who bad mouths it whenever he gets the chance)
>in his podcasts, he often guilt-trips people into donating to his patreon
>starts shit with other true crime podcasts (namely True Crime Garage)
>a new podcast "Sword and Scale Rewind" was recently born to "go over" old S&S podcasts. The hosts of this show mainly exist to fuel Mike's ego

Podcast site - http://swordandscale.com/
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/swordandscale/
Twitter - https://twitter.com/SwordandScale
Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/swordandscale/

S&S Unofficial Subreddit (shut down) - https://www.reddit.com/r/SwordScale/

Statement here - https://www.reddit.com/r/SwordScale/comments/3pl2kt/sword_and_scale_has_asked_me_to_close_this/

"The Problem with Sword and Scale" FB Page (great for proof of Mike's general awfulness) - https://www.facebook.com/groups/1603689106327782/?ref=group_header

Link to some of his assholery towards fans, compiled in imgur (note, this is just a very small /selection/ of his behavior) - http://imgur.com/a/gPhJH

Link to Mike creeping on fans (again, a small drop in the bucket) - http://imgur.com/a/NOCFR

Some of his fight with TCG - http://imgur.com/a/XrvR9

The most recent drama involving Mike revolves around his poor treatment of Skater Landau, someone he interviewed on episodes 93 and 94 of the podcast. Skater was a friend of Andrew Blaze, known for creating the Youtube series "Ember's Ghost Squad" and his murder of four individuals. In the episodes stated, Mike seemed audibly annoyed with Skater's "lack of empathy" towards the situation. Skater is an autistic trans woman, and after the interview asked that it be deleted. Mike refused to do this, and because of him making Skater out to be a heartless psychopath, she has received death threats and further abuse from Mike. He /did/ end up releasing a statement on the matter and plans to release the full audio of his interview with Skater (https://soundcloud.com/swordandscale/93-94-please-listen).

For more info,
Episode 93: http://swordandscale.com/sword-and-scale-episode-93/
Episode 94: http://swordandscale.com/sword-and-scale-episode-94/

Seriously, there's so much milk on this guy everyone could get a bottle. I will try to provide more in the coming days given that my thread remains up.

No. 360975

File: 1501087617057.jpg (55.53 KB, 750x554, 19990090_487203488290076_26945…)

Anyone who disagrees with Mike or starts shit against him is part of a Hate Group (I'm sure this thread will be included if he finds it). I believe this specific post was talking about the FB group "The Problem with Sword and Scale"

No. 360979

File: 1501087874281.jpg (46.87 KB, 960x557, 19420472_10211082061266151_592…)

More of Mike's arrogance.

No. 360980

How is this milk?

No. 360981

File: 1501087947365.jpg (61.25 KB, 539x960, 19396900_10159026890475128_655…)

A sample of his guilting listeners into supporting his Patreon.

No. 360988

Is being an asshole to fans, blocking people who give genuine criticism, and creating a second unneeded podcast to jerk yourself off not milky enough?

No. 361004

Some of the things Weird Shit Podcast has compiled:


No. 361008


i started listening to S&S earlier in the yr and its always when I'm driving, and the amount of times ill make a "wtf?" face at my phone dock because the host has said something fucking weird as shit.

totally not surprised by this, glad to be here etc

No. 361010

You're not the first person I've heard say that. I get that his podcasts are kind of supposed to be disturbing but the way he sensationalizes things and demonizes people hits me the wrong way. I'm not saying that killers aren't awful people, but he completely tends to disregard any mental illnesses or other problems going on. Also, some episodes really do take it too far imo (pedophile transcript episode, for example).

No. 361012

Sword and Scale is always either loved or hated in the unresolved mysterie community on reddit. I swear I cannot fucking get into that podcast. Some of the shit he says is just really weird. S&S just makes me uncomfortable.

No. 361014

There seem to be a lot of mixed feelings on the content and how it is presented, since a lot of times it's just audio from court sessions, 911 calls, or interviews (which I don't personally mind, I like hearing some of the real stuff). It's fine to criticize that. But I had to stop listening after I found out the kind of person Mike is tbh.

No. 361018

File: 1501090848656.jpg (50.8 KB, 480x853, 20246002_10209504960920562_906…)

No. 361022

File: 1501091210173.jpg (28.65 KB, 500x375, ew.jpg)


No. 361029

IIRC he also makes around 20k on Patreon a month and only releases two episodes a month and takes plenty of vacation time off the Patreon money.

No. 361031

>Mike seemed audibly annoyed with Skater's "lack of empathy" towards the situation.
Funny criticism from a guy who makes people with schizophrenia sound like boogeymen

No. 361032

Ok so, I started listening to s&s maybe a month or so after he started up, and was amazed by his sound quality, and use of music. I'm a total geek for true crime, and I know even that is a bit shady, as I find it interesting,and in some morbid way entertaining. I wholeheartedly agree that the success of S&S wen't to Mikes head, and the fact that he threatens to doxx sceptics and critics is horrible. This last year, after he took his, what was it 2 month break? He's sounded more awestruck by himself than ever, BUT -and I realize this is just my opinion, I could not give less of a shit about how he treated that transtrending sociopath skater. If skater is literally that retarded (i can't even remember what gender they are/pretend to be) they should have a fucking carer. Skater willingly goes on TWICE and keeps digging their own hole while Mike is warning them that saying you couldn't care less about victims, and earning money from their death trough younow, making tribute vids for the killer etc. yeah boo hoo. Mike could absolutely gain from being put in his place, but there is absolutely no sympathy for skater in my book. Mike even called Andrew a "she" despite him being the biggest tramstrender ever, painting an even more horrible pucture of transpeople to the public. Nah dude. Fuck skater.

No. 361034

Damn, sorry for all my typos, I'm just so pissed at both skater and andrew.

No. 361035

File: 1501092198965.png (308.07 KB, 1080x2220, 983ekar5wv9z.png)

I hope he pays his employees with that since apparently there are ten people working on the podcast/managing social media and patreon.

No. 361037

File: 1501092402417.jpg (119.84 KB, 818x536, 19961471_1274308449345909_4128…)

Tbh I don't like Skater either and think they've whined a lot about this whole situation, and even are a bit of a lolcow too. But I also feel like Mike could have handled it better and chose his words better. I don't really get what he is trying to gain by releasing the full audio of his interviews with Skater.

Pic related, Skater sperging out over this stuff.

No. 361179

Tried listing to the podcast. dude tries so hard to be the next serial podcast and to me at least fails.
i couldn't finshed the whole podcast.

No. 361181

I really wonder who all is on his "team" and what they think about all the drama surrounding Mike. Also, does anyone know when the S&S Patreon was started? Bc to me the quality hasn't improved from when the podcast began.

No. 361204

A little bit more from Skater and the Mike drama.


>Skater says she went on to make Andrew seem more innocent bc they were friends
>Claims to have "too much empathy" and talks randomly about giving a friend a copy of Pokemon to prove this?
>Talks about another friend who died of heroin overdose and how she (Skater) made a memorial video for said friend
>Agreed to talk to Mike, this phone call ended up being the first interview used on S&S
>Skater asked Mike to remove the podcast after this first interview was used
>Proceeds to have a second interview, which was put in Part 2 of the Andrew Blaze-related episodes
>Asks Mike to stop retweeting things about her and claims to have unlisted the videos she made on YT about Mike (and I guess Andrew)?

I think I got all that right. They both need to just let this thing die already. Honestly I'm of the opinion that Mike should just delete the podcasts using the interviews and be done with it.

No. 361217

I've heard of this gut being a douche for months now.

It's a shame he can still pull his shit when there are like 50 other True Crime podcasts to choose from. Why are people still listening to him?

No. 361229

Sound and mixing quality, also used to have quite a nice voice (before it all went to his head- first episodes etc) + shock factor.

No. 361332


His 2 month break was because he got a DUI which he evidently paid off using Patreon funds

No. 363477

File: 1501427305542.jpg (628.09 KB, 2053x2277, 1.jpg)

So the criticism is…

1. He's too successful
2. He's not nice
3. I don't like him

I've been listening since the beginning and watching the attacks unfold now for a while. Seems like another pod may be jealous and acting up?

Proof here: http://imgur.com/a/aJdsN

Also doesn't this thread break the rules…

6. Do not post about someone who doesn't have any drama simply because you personally dislike them. (vendetta posting)

6.1 Do not post vendetta threads in the direct or indirect guise of a self-post, by impersonating someone you have a grudge against.

No. 363483

Yeah you're reading way too into this. I'm OP of post and this conversation about Mike literally happens on EVERY true crime podcast page, not just Last Podcast (which I personally can't stand bc the hosts are too edgy and annoying).

Also, no, this thread doesn't break the rules, because you can see the amount of drama Mike brings upon himself (included in your own long-ass "proof" post). People don't like him because he's a shit human. It's really not that hard to get.

No. 363488

Also, the reason you don't see these conversations happening on the S&S page is because any negative comments or genuine criticisms are because the person is either promptly blocked or has their comment deleted by Mike or whoever else helps run his FB page. I obviously can't provide proof of this, but there was a time I started a sentence on there with "Well, I don't agree with everything Mike does, but I really enjoyed this episode and loved the audio from the case". That sentence? Deleted. I didn't even say anything bad about him.

No. 363489

>negative comments or genuine criticisms are deleted or the person is blocked

Sorry, it's too early for me.

No. 363490

File: 1501428357075.jpg (232.67 KB, 538x867, Takedown.jpg)

How do you make the determination that someone that you've never met is a "shit human?"

Also, what does that make someone who calls someone else they've never met a "shit human?"

Here's another example of what wonderful human beings these people are…(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 363492

First question: Look at all the proof at the top for Mike's behavior. Also, even in his podcasts he seems to genuinely not understand mental health. Also, his tagline is proof enough. "The worst monsters are real." He frequently chooses cases with people who are mentally ill. Even if those people committed murder, they were still sick. Yes, what they did was unforgiveable, but calling people monsters when help might have prevented a murder is cruel to me. I feel like the pics with all his bullshit speak enough so I'm not going to go thru everything again here.

Second question: Idk I guess someone who appreciates a lot of a podcast but finds faults with a host makes me a shit human. But whatever, I guess.

As far as the pic goes, people are welcome to have opinions and find fault in things he does. I personally don't really get the pronoun issue with Andrew, but some people find it's another tick on Mike's list.

Also, what is with your thing about Last Podcast? I've said I'm not affiliated with them, nor do I give them the time of day or even care about them.

No. 363493

I couldn't care less about Last Podcast either. It's a rancid pile of garbage. But it is fucked that their crazy fans constantly try to organize "takedowns" other pods, attacking their sponsors and shit, simply cause they don't like the host or they think it's some kind of podbattle. Immature as fuck.

No. 363495

I couldn't care less about Last Podcast either. It's a rancid pile of garbage. But it is fucked that their crazy fans constantly try to organize "takedowns" other pods, attacking their sponsors and shit, simply cause they don't like the host or they think it's some kind of podbattle. Immature as fuck.

No. 363497

No denying that. I don't really care to take him down, I just think his behaviors should be brought to light so people can make informed decisions about listening. If they feel the quality of the podcast outweighs the behavior of the host, that's alright. It doesn't mean he's a great person though.

No. 363498


No. 363566

Hi Mike

No. 363619

he's so disgusting/embarrassing lol. he asks girls for nudes on fb publicly and bitches and moans about not making enough money when he has 6500 patreons which is MINIMUM $13k a month.

No. 363836

This thread comes up on page 4 of google if you look up "Mike Boudet", it's could plausibly be him lol.

No. 366615

File: 1501875751166.jpg (84.34 KB, 539x960, 20597376_10100444866870466_718…)


No. 366618

File: 1501876109502.jpg (66.86 KB, 539x960, 20525702_499897790343902_81661…)

Again, wat. I understand getting upset about people shaming something that you created, but I feel like part of the reason people get so upset (and why things like this thread exist) is because of Mike's reactions to it. He could easily take comments and ridicule with a grain of salt, but he just refuses to.

No. 366639

I didn't know of any milk involving this show, but I'm not surprised. I've been listening to Sword & Scale for a couple years now and there has definitely been a huge decline in quality, which is counterintuitive considering it was better produced before patreon bucks and a team of 10 people. I've always sensed something a bit off about Mike (even in older episodes, I remember being made uneasy by some dumb shit he said in an episode about infanticide), and he's becoming more lazy and tasteless as the show continues. I used to praise it for being a true crime show that handled the subject with sensitivity and respect, was well-organized, and because it had a host that presented events without much personal conjecture.

While I could forgive the moments in past episodes when I sensed that he was probably an asshole or when I felt that he was being too crass about a particular case, episodes 93 and 94 really left a bad taste in my mouth. Obviously Skater is a weirdo and said/did things in poor taste, I don't want to defend him too much, but he is also clearly autistic and the whole situation seems very exploitative at this point. I can perhaps believe that Mike didn't realize this when he was interviewing him, but I can't believe him being so obstinate about removing it after not only being informed of this fact, but it being reasonably requested of him. On top of that, I really don't think the interview even added anything to the case at hand: Skater didn't have anything useful to tell listeners about Andrew/Randy, and so instead Mike derailed the episode and made it about "look how heartless this barely relevant autistic guy who makes youtube videos is!"

Nevermind how one might say the same thing about a man who has made a career out of entertaining people with graphic tales of human depravity, which is exactly what his podcast has become and I can't support it any longer. Are there true crime podcasts with tact that anons could recommend?

No. 449310

Hey guys, super late to the party and everything, but I have to say I’m pretty on the hedge about this one. Mike can be a giant dickhead. But don’t blame him, he lives in Florida.

However, he does raise some seriously valid points many people are all too willing to forget. 1- mental illness is not an excuse for abuse. Work on yo shit. 2- some mental illnesses are more dangerous than others. 3- mentally ill does not mean BAD PERSON, as I feel was evidenced in the CENTAUR episode. 4- recreational drugs actually do fuck you up, especially if your brain hasn’t finished developing.

That being said, he’s judgy as fuck. Some of the things he says are wildly innappropriate, and just who are exactly the psychopaths telling him constantly “oh I love hearing about murders!!!” I listen to stay informed and get another perspective on parts of society I wouldn’t ordinarially know about. I don’t “love true crime” or his show any more than I love being anally raped with a pineapple. There are times where I’m horrified, in pain, nauseous, and need to curl up under a hot shower in order to get the past hour and a half out of my head.

No. 451102

Agreed. He actually gets way too much (unfair) flack for being shitty about mental health - he's not some fluffy dude but he is much more nuanced than people like to pretend. Other podcasters say ridiculous shit too, like the Captain on TCG.

I do agree that Mike can be a bit too sensationalist and beggy when it comes to money, but this is such a vendetta thread, kek. Wouldn't be surprised if it was started by Skater or a crony of theirs. I have no sympathy whatsoever for that complete prat - they weren't forced to do an interview and Mike isn't obligated to take it down just because they realised (late in the day) how dumb they sound. Shouldn't have made all those excuses for their murderfriend. I don't hate autistic people or anything, but they don't get an automatic pass on being decent humans.

No. 453842

File: 1514328078052.png (22.16 KB, 721x250, mike boudet.png)

Mike came at us on twitter.

No. 454084


>trolling and being and envyous

Imagine taking time to use a spell check or learning how to spell.

No. 454167

I'm honestly surprised he hasn't come here yet. I don't get why he doesn't just ignore haters instead of getting so butthurt all the time.

No. 454176

jesus, why is he so dramatic? i usually see this tone being used online exclusively by people who take themselves way too seriously.

No. 454204

File: 1514391174833.jpg (134.09 KB, 1125x1265, X2zPkr9.jpg)


I wouldn't be surprised if he had already posted here, he seems to obsessively google himself and find any negative information.

Pic related: it's an image Mike tweeted of a random redditor.

(I can't find the weird duck video)

No. 533999

Someone from a FB group I'm in posted a link to this today. It has some fairly milky stuff to go through. I wonder if he knows about it yet.


No. 534006

File: 1521572958272.jpg (12.9 KB, 512x192, 29468603_10211534614378029_314…)

Also one of the S&S fanpages was archived, with this message from the admin.

No. 544697

File: 1522715123133.jpeg (1.35 MB, 2880x3840, 5F44A699-0DE7-4547-A18E-5A3B9F…)

Does he ever just keep his mouth shut

No. 545834

File: 1522813489118.jpeg (370.54 KB, 740x1813, 6BE922F1-4E02-49ED-8C42-182F3A…)

Here’s the Patreon apology if anyone missed it. I only support on Patreon to get the extra episodes (I listen to podcasts 8 hrs a day at work so I run through all the True Crime ones quickly) but I do think he’s a dick. The Natalie Bollinger episodes sucked because it was so clearly a personal vendetta episode for him. Ending the first episode on a cliffhanger and splitting it into 2 episodes (specifically telling people not to google it because it would ruin it) was a clear ploy to get people to join his Patreon to get episode 2 early. It could have easily been a one part episode if he cut all his personal facebook drama bullshit out of it. As someone who already supported the Patreon, that shit made me want to quit.

No. 545956

File: 1522826848890.jpeg (91.29 KB, 1242x791, A377B005-F5E0-48EC-B10F-C6556E…)

He is so absolutely full of shit, it’s amazing.

No. 547107

File: 1522948715000.png (185.84 KB, 479x770, mp4G0uH.png)


How can he say it wasn't intended as body shaming, yet he also doubled down on the comment and tried to say he was "encouraging healthy eating habits"??? >>545834

No. 547109

File: 1522948793241.png (318.85 KB, 576x1024, mUePd6x.png)


Here's the convo where he blocked her. He's so salty about other true crime podcasts. Isn't Georgia the host of one?

No. 547130

As if anyone should take healthy eating habit tips from this old shriveled motherfucker who admittedly drinks and drives and probably has a drug problem.

Yeah Georgia's from My Favorite Murder. She tweeted to the girl that he was a creep and showed that she had him blocked. He's super bitter towards MFM because it's more popular than his podcast and Karen and Georgia just read Wikipedia articles for the most part before they expand on it. Two comedians with a following based on that utilizing their personalities to grow a podcast, what a shocker. They talk about the victims more than the killer and are generally more respectful than Boudet's glorified YouTube to MP3 rip podcast.

He's also salty because he got kicked from their fan group for trying to creep on the females for nudes. He's got a huge reputation for being that kind of a disgusting creep, he knows it, and he's all but embraced it. It's actually surprising his podcast is still profitable with the way he's had to publicly apologize so many times.

No. 547180

File: 1522952394329.png (385.44 KB, 540x960, FPL4wxE.png)


i saw on twitter that he has 2 modes for responding to women: creep or dickhead.

No. 547379

Apparently Casper Mattresses is no longer an S&S sponsor as of this week.

No. 547820

Good. It's what needs to happen. I hope more sponsors drop like flies and his patrons withdraw their support. It's surprising that he's allowed a platform at all anymore. There are tons of screenshots of him being a creep which is an abuse of power. I doubt anyone he's soliciting for nudes is giving in. He looks like a raisin with a receding hairline.

No. 547830

File: 1522992805491.jpeg (441.51 KB, 748x2307, E48AA87E-8201-408E-A567-D056CA…)

Here’s another one. At this point it’s kind of worth the money just to watch him unravel.

No. 547837

File: 1522993372642.jpeg (100.38 KB, 750x510, 08E31614-AFD4-49FB-AA5F-5AAF19…)

Also while originally googling around to try and find out what the initial apology was about, I came across these podcast episodes. I was really impressed by the host, who apparently spent over a year researching Mike’s past for the episode. It really seemed like he did his due diligence, interviewing people who both love him and came to hate him. The second episode where he reads Mike’s response however, Spoiler: Mike’s a total asshole and throws a childish tantrum, and even the host who truly tried to give him a fair shot and benefit of the doubt is tired of his shit.

No. 547880

lmao good ol' mike boudet
>body shames his own fan and doubles down on it after he's called out.
>dms fan in a poor attempt to apologize. blocks her when she doesn't respond.
>wondery asks him to apologize
>his apology is about how he's the victim: people were really mean and called me a potato!
>says the fan blocked him. that's a lie.
>apology is for hurt feelings not his actions.
>taking time off from social media, comes back hours later to retweet asskissing.
>sponsors get contacted with proof of him being a douche canoe and start to leave.
>they're trying ruin muh podcast!

he's ruining himself. i love it. it was a long time coming for this skidmark.

No. 547923

File: 1523014336382.png (66.8 KB, 747x413, TXcpL5C.png)

he's retweeting shit like this. god i hope wondery stops supporting his shit i'm tired of it.

No. 547941

File: 1523018725950.png (318.37 KB, 480x853, auYTM0B.png)

Old screen of Mike hunting for negative opinions of him on facebook, then saving their photo and tweeting it out.

No. 547949

>he's ruining himself

Definitely. If he had learned early on to take concrit to heart and to just brush off haters, he'd be so much better off now. Instead, he constantly adds fuel to the fire by talking back to his "haters" until he inevitably ends up giving an insincere, sarcastic apology. This dude is way old enough to know better.

No. 547950

While she's right, everyone makes mistakes, most people actually learn from them. Btw I'm pretty surprised Mike hasn't come here to defend himself yet.

No. 547951


I'm pretty sure he already came and got banned upthread 8months ago lmao

No. 560199

I just listened to the most recent S&S episode (112) and I feel like it was better than a lot of other recent ones. Mike didn't make any snarky comments that I recall and the production felt a lot like his earliest episodes. I wonder if he's taken recent criticisms to heart. If he continued this way I might actually be willing to support the show again.

No. 560895

I'd support the show without Mike but as long as he's involved I can't. He's too gross.

No. 650021

File: 1532837039294.png (68.74 KB, 594x304, ct.png)

Can't wait to see how he tries to milk this…

No. 785034

File: 1552187001421.png (241.05 KB, 738x1295, dropped.png)

A few hours ago he got booted by his network, Wondery. The instagram post in pic related is assumed to be the straw that broke the camel's back. He's since been sperging on twitter, crying about his "free speech" being violated, not realizing that this situation is the equivalent of a punk getting fired from McDonald's for snapping and yelling obscenities in to the dining room.

He began blaming other podcast hosts on the network who at some point likely spoke up about Mike's behavior because he makes them all look like dinguses. Him and his gang of murder porn fanatics were promptly dismantled by one of the hosts being targeted, Aaron Mahnke. Mike then started retweeting hateful shit about Aaron. This man sorely needs a PR agent.

No. 785035

File: 1552187074546.png (164.52 KB, 618x1531, mahnke.png)

No. 785036

File: 1552187110289.png (62.95 KB, 599x434, only valid if it makes me look…)

No. 785037

File: 1552187131592.png (58.67 KB, 541x440, wut r consikwenses.png)

No. 785087

Thank you so much for updating. I stopped listening to him awhile ago when I learned he's such a dick but I'm glad to find out it's finally come back to bite him in the ass.

Plus it cements the fact that Aaron Mahnke is a national treasure.

No. 785513

Wait, i legit suck at math, does this really mean that boudet makes what, $73k A MONTH?

I’m still a patron of his as i always had a soft spot for the show, in the beginning despite the drama he got himself into, but this past year maybe just because he is such a massive cow.
I sincerily doubt S&S is “dead for good” though, Mike is obviously just throwing a shitfit. He released a 7 minute clip of him ranting about it, but i can’t find it anymore in my feed.

No. 785534

That's being conservative. He has higher patreon perks so he's getting more than that. The rant is still up. Hardly worth the listen though, all he does is blame everyone else but himself.

No. 785574

File: 1552344348368.png (218.04 KB, 588x688, uhh.png)

I don't know if this is considered gaslighting but it's fucking weird that this guy keeps repeating Wondery cancelled S&S when they only cancelled the shows they produced; S&S was independent from the beginning. S&S is rank #7 on patreon with a $5 minimum. How are his fans falling for this when they support his ass on patreon? Assuming the lowest, he receives just short of $75k a month as of posting this (his patrons are actually climbing). I'm guessing the real income is at least $100k a month. That's a lot of money for 2 episodes a month, which last I listened had the bare minimum for research, editing, and scripts.

He's trying to conjure up a boogeyman when all the evidence to the contrary is linked in his twitter bio. Hard to say if he's manipulating people or just drunk off his ass.

No. 785575

Sorry for double post, but if I'd been supporting him before this I would want to know where my money has been going if not to the main podcast by Mike's own admission.

No. 1795182

If it's a group about hating a certain podcast or person, how is that not the epitome of hate group? Lmao

No. 1795276

thanks for reviving a 4 year old thread with that fascinating contribution you fucking retard

No. 1795278

it’s okay to hate misogynistic predators

No. 1800685

i hate how fucking misogynist he is, with the extra outrage for female murderers like they violate some kind of "nurturing mother" law of nature. wtf is this, a shakespeare play? no mike, it's real life.

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