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File: 1622703500895.png (333.76 KB, 530x298, megan_doja.png)

No. 146690

Discuss new and recent releases and other developments and trends in popular music. This can include any artist or song that is massively popular, not limited to just the pop genre. Salty opinions and hot takes welcome.

No. 146694

O lord, when will this stop being stuck in my head

No. 146697

I hate her music so much, and it's being shilled literally everywhere. she must have family in the industry, it's the only explanation

No. 146705

she's from Disney

No. 146745

I liked it at first but now I hate it. Her song brutal with the 70s rock influence is better

No. 146748

yes, I hope she releases more songs like brutal

No. 146755

What I find weird was the grown adults who said they were in tears over her album. It's pretty bland music.

No. 146842

yeah it's like 30+ year old millennial on twitter i see shilling it the most. really cringe

No. 146883

Does Ashnikko count as mainstream? I couldn't escape her videos for a while and her label apparently used bots to boost some of her videos specially Daisy.

No. 146884

i loved the song that blew her up in the first place but the hentai boobie song is grating

No. 146890

why did she butchered such a good song with a video like this

No. 146906

I'm so confused by this concept lmao. Future nostalgia is pretty cohesive with its aesthetics but this cowboy/country shtick came out of nowhere
Is she back to being a brunette?

No. 146909

Imo Stupid is very mediocre compared to Slumber party, at least the later has some interesting sounds but stupid is just a bunch of bad rap with a bland beat.

No. 146914

I like brutal a lot too.
A lot of her early success was sketchy lol but there were people convinced drivers license was some 100% organic hit with barely any promo which is dumb. It feels like people are trying to make her the new it girl now that some people aren't as fond of Billie Eilish

No. 146918

New Tinashe but the guy's rapping ruins the song

No. 146929

She's like gen z Taylor Swift, she writes sore-loser breakup songs with catchy lyrics that you can scream along to

No. 146938

Ngl I hate taylors music way more than hers. None of her stuff ever clicked with me even though I used to be the epitome of the preteen normie demographic it was aimed towards, it always made me feel like I had the gene that makes cilantro taste like soap.

No. 146944

it's so stupid and really does not match the song vibe at all. also I know its a meme to say she has no charisma but kek she really does lack it

No. 146951

It pains me so deeply as a huge fan of vintage dance music that she has to be the one mainstream pop star really doing that right now because she just lacks… that something. I'm sorry Dua but we deserve better.

Yeah I'm the thread OP and I hope this thread can be a place to discuss popular music in any genre - so I would say Ashnikko counts because she's mainstream within alt-pop/internet music/whatever

No. 146967

This just isn't the lead single a new album needs.

No. 146980

File: 1622869251629.gif (2.15 MB, 250x188, Bebe moment.gif)

I find these two artists and Zara Larsson really boring. I feel like there's some factory that keeps pumping some of these new stars out. Another example is Bella Poarch.

OT but does anyone else always mix up Bebe Rexha and Rita Ora with each other?

No. 146981

OH by the way, I know Zara isn't knew, but I group all the girls I mentioned in my post together in my brain.

No. 146986

Bebe, Ora, and Ava Max all have very similar makeup, styles (arguably, plastic surgeries) and are all Albanian, if you don't care for their music, it's easy to mix them up.

I love Dua's voice, don't get much enjoyment out of watching her perform. Future Nostalgia is an excellent album and I'm glad she's continuing to milk new content from it, even if this MV makes no sense conceptually

No. 146990

YES. Even Ava Max.
I keep sperging, but I forgot to include Sabrina Carpenter.

No. 147401

yeah she's literally everywhere. i like some of her songs but 'slumber party' is corny as fuck.

No. 147455

Sounds like Misery Business

No. 147473

No. 147729

found a leak of the new lorde song !!

really not as disappointing as i anticipated

No. 147734

>i'm kinda like a prettier jesus

No. 147739

It's boring just like Billie Eilish's new single. Is this the new trend for pop music?

No. 147760

File: 1623354526636.jpg (89.17 KB, 902x862, 235ce91b2c91f3a22c6d90ae95dd5d…)

It sucks, but what can you expect from Lorde? No wonder she felt the need to promote this turd with her asscrack

No. 147805

The MV

It's nice but the dancing is going too hard for such a mellow song

No. 147806

im excited for the rerecording of taylor swift's 1989 album

No. 147811

Oh I actually love the song, kinda surprised because I haven't really enjoyed anything from Tinashe since Superlove.

No. 147839

>seasonal depression: the song
It's an okayish song but I feel like it's pretty weak for the three years long hiatus
Also a whole dang minute of backing vocals saying solar power over and over again, is she brainwashing us to like the song lol?

No. 147883

doja's new video

No. 147896

Trash lyrics nice visuals.

No. 147975

grimes ruined the music video

No. 148060

File: 1623570705208.jpg (294.14 KB, 1125x1235, Marina.jpg)

No. 148061

Same, I think it's my favorite since Electra Heart!

No. 148131

I feel like other farmers have been critical but I fucking love the song, it got stuck in my head on 1st listen which is really rare for me. It's fun af but I'm a pretty biased Doja stan.

yeah the lyrics are a little tired but her vocals and intonation are what brings the juice

No. 148133

Megan's newest vid. I've been pretty tired of female empowerment concepts for songs and videos lately, but I really enjoyed this. Not really music related but I've been loving the different creative editing and camera work I've been seeing in MVs like this

No. 148138

She's gotten so stale for me. I worshipped her when I was in my late teens so I think it's not her, it's me. She could stand to evolve her sound a little bit though, like objectively

No. 148148

I do not look to Megan for feminism in music but she continually delivers bops and I am rooting for her

No. 148149

The end made me gag, lol.

No. 148167

I literally can't take any sort of "female empowerment" content from rap girls seriously, they Objectify themselves 99% of the time, twerk, promote materialism and that's it
Megan especially, a man shot her and she caped for him, she can claim she's a "boss bitch" all she wants but she, Beyonce, Cardi B are all handmaidens as far as I'm concerned

No. 148168

No. 148220

Same, I didn’t think that would be allowed on YouTube but I can’t unsee it.

No. 148252

same it's making me feel like a wimp or something. it just grossed me out
I don't mind the song but what's the difference between her Tina Snow persona and her regular rap style?

No. 148442

I guess bill maher was right when he called us generation ass

No. 149748

I'm so bummed out by doja's new album. I was really looking forward to it

No. 149757

i agree anon, i didnt have high expectations and i was still disappointed, her voice sounds sounds good but the lyrics are so stupid. did you like or hate any songs tho?
payday is fucking unlistenable imo

No. 149769

I liked most of the songs other than get into it and woman

No. 149804

Please no bully but I love it tbh

No. 149829

same, anon, and i'm not sorry at all

No. 149832

I always hope she hires a ghostwriter and she never fucking does. She hasn't improved as a lyricist since Mooo! and it's grating at this point

No. 149927

i really like the song but the music video is a lil odd visually

No. 150098

Anyone else notice how pop songs are getting shorter? So many songs are sub-3 minutes now, it's annoying.

No. 150101

same lol. Literally the first Ed Sheeran song I like

No. 150117

Yeah apparently it's like that because the songs will get more plays on streaming.

No. 150128

we live in a society

No. 150247

pop goes punk.. lmao
you're onto something. i'm looking at my favorite songs lengths on spotify and the only types i have that sit under 3 minutes are video game, punk, spanish music, and break stuff by limp bizkit. i can't wait for club music to rise again. i need more 6 minute songs.
along with that, if the songs suck you don't have to wait as long for it to be over.

No. 150326

To me, it was a very forgettable album. No song really stuck with me.
Didn't really like the song much.

No. 150331

File: 1624907361367.jpeg (205.28 KB, 1400x1400, tyler-the-creator-call-me-if-y…)

How did you guys feel about Tyler The Creator's "Call Me If You Get Lost"? I have to listen to it again, but I don't think there was a single bad song on this album
I had low expectations because I didn't really like "Need To Know", but I actually enjoyed a good chunk of the album. It wasn't amazing, but it wasn't terrible.

No. 150332

The painting is really cool

No. 150334

The song doesn't match the concept at all, and it's very generic, but it's better than a lot of the stuff he's put out. I hate most of his music but he's produced ok to good songs for other artists and has made competent music before. Nothing is ever going to top "Don't" for me

I liked it, I'd say about half of it was worth adding to my playlist and the other was ehhh

No. 150336

Samefag, but I also really enjoyed the music videos and BET performance for Call Me If You Get Lost. The sets are cool.

No. 150597

I happened to really like it. I just wish there were no features on Wusyaname.
Yes! I thought it was pretty creative and different from the usual.

No. 150861

I know we talk too much about doja on this site but I just watched this and again its so disappointing, they really took away everything that made doja cool and interesting and likeable imo

No. 150863

samefag but this is also hilariously bad

No. 152347

Sounds like one of Billie's boring songs. I'm so sick of this singing style.

No. 152596

I see a lot of people freaking out about Normani's new music video. I generally liked this video (although it's too sexualized for me) but the song doesn't match the energy of the video. If only the actual music was better.

No. 152597

motivation was kind of refreshing because it was a cute pop song, not just another absurdly oversexualized black girl doing r&b or rap and to see her be doing exactly that now makes me a little sad. song is forgettable, I agree. she looks pretty as always though.

No. 152598

samefag (and not that I agree with the meme) but the move she does at 1:21 is the epitome of the "normani sing for us meme" LOL

No. 152632

idc for the song much, I just want to comment on how unbelievable Shakira looks. 44 yrs old and basically indistinguishable from her videos over a decade ago. She also has the best hair I've ever seen on a celebrity.

No. 152656

wow they completely ripped off the melody from vid related

No. 152675

Who’s they

No. 152755

The reptilian elites, they are the source of all evil.

No. 152963

Song is terrible but I love her.

No. 154109

I need another singer to take over this song. I like everything except her godawful rat voice.

No. 154242

Poppy announced a new album (due in September)

No. 154249

Visually more interesting than audibly

No. 154256

I actually love this

No. 155250

Pretty cool.

No. 158935

I know a lot of anons here don't like rap, but how did you guys feel about "Kendrick Lamar, Baby Keem - Family Ties"? I liked Kendrick's verse the redneck accent was funny and catchy, the rest was ok. I'm mostly just excited for Kendrick Lamar's album.

No. 158937

I’m very excited for another Kendrick album

No. 158966

What exactly makes you appreciate Kendrick Lamar? Honest question from someone that doesn't listen to him and doesn't have an opinion. I know that he is considered a genius by scrotes and I don't trust their opinions.

No. 158973

I wish I could give you some super elaborate, music critic tier answer, but honestly? I like him cause I just think his music sounds good. He has a unique/better sound compared to most rappers, imo.

No. 159018

What does everyone here think of Charlie’s new single? Ngl I hate it, she looks great though and the visuals are cool

No. 159063

Extremely forgettable

No. 159072

does anyone care about new kacey musgraves? i wanted to really bad but idk, can anything even top golden hour?

No. 159112

Don't like it, the song or the video. The only song I like by him is I see fire.

No. 159126

Visually kinda reminds me of Helena, the song is kind of a bop but it's not super memorable.

No. 159198

It's a shame this song got that much effort in the music video. Hope it's a hit for her because she's going to spiral if it isn't.

No. 159470

all I can think about is how that one anon said he looked like jake munro here and it still makes me laugh.

>ava max
>dua lipa
>bebe rexha
>rita ora

what is up with all these albanian chicks in pop music. nothing wrong with it obviously, it just seems random.

No. 159777

Samefagging and ok.. I actually like this version a whole lot more. Still can't stand the way she sings/talks from 0:29-0:43, but the rest of the performance makes up for it, imo at least.

No. 159810

Add Eleni Foureira to your list if you want to get international.
Rita Ora is such a goddamn mystery to me. Not much music to her name and her sister as a manager, yet she is paid to be everywhere with nothing to promote.

No. 159952

>she's going to spiral if it isn't.
??? elaborate pls

No. 160294

She gets really moody about her career sometimes but Charles has spoken of feeling like no one values her music and that she deserves more success than she has. Occasionally she seasons those comments with "I can always learn to dance if I want."
Cut to this song and video, blandly catchy song and elaborately choreographed video. It's like she only made this to appeal to the masses. If it doesn't, count the minutes until she disowns the song and abandons the upcoming album.

No. 163565

File: 1633809352083.jpeg (2.23 MB, 3249x2738, 61113EDA-7953-4990-865A-CE4E87…)

>tfw she will never make another album like this again

No. 163566

God I fucking love her outfit

No. 163568

I miss this katy. It was the peak of her career imo

No. 163569

Black hair Katy will always be best Katy. And although I like the Teenage Dream era, this one is absolutely my fave and her voice suited that genre the most.

No. 163897

I got meme’d into liking Lil Nas X.

No. 163927

My dad loves lil nas and goes around the house referring to him as "the little nas

No. 164076

Lol that's adorable. Reminds me of my own dad who likes Lizzo and keeps calling her Lozz or Lozzi

No. 164410

Katy’s downfall is really interesting to me. She was one of the biggest popstars and just seems so irrelevant these days. Most of her videos have little views compared to her hits – and her own fans constantly comment about her always being an icon, but her era being over. I am not even a KP fan, but I recently started watching lots of analysis videos about her and her career. Many people said that it was indeed her ditching the black hair and signature look that alienated her audience – especially when she chopped it all off. She was sexualized throughout her whole career (and sexualized herself), trying to move away from that definitely had an impact. Also, when I look at pictures like >>163565, I am really baffled. She looks so much better with dark hair. Her current style is such an odd choice.

And of course her weird behavior around the Witness era added to her career issues as well. She must have a really bad PR team: her performance with Migos, her breakdowns on Instagram, weird talkshow appearances… I remember that when Bon Appetit came out, I actually liked it, but the video and marketing really weirded me out. I showed it to my friends and they all felt uncomfortable somehow. KP legitimately scares me these days, but not in a good way. I still wonder what she will to in the future. Lady Gaga had similar issues with bad marketing/a bad team and a less successful era, but she had a great comeback in the end.

No. 164445

>but she had a great comeback in the end

Gaga's latest jazz album with Tony Bennett isn't selling well which has taken almost everyone involved by surprise.

The Katy P. analysis is interesting to me too. On top of your valid points, I think that Witness is just not good outside of two or three songs. After ditching Dr. Luke, she fought to work with Hot Chip and Purity Ring and then those songs and productions were watered down to the point of store brand mayo. However much of this can be blamed on the artist, I really think Katy makes horrific choices when left to her own devices.

No. 164517

>Gaga's latest jazz album with Tony Bennett isn't selling well which has taken almost everyone involved by surprise.
I was referring to the Artpop era that was a flop compared to her previous works and had the same issues with bad marketing strategies, weird single choices, etc. But Gaga managed to comeback after that. Funnily enough, Artpop is now praised by people who hated it before which I also find interesting. I didn’t know that her jazz album is not selling well, but I really appreciate her doing it nevertheless. I watched the documentary on Tony Bennett‘s last show with her and how she encouraged him to go on stage for a farewell concert. The way she treated him and her happiness when he recognized her despite having Alzheimer's were really wholesome.

No. 164529

Katy was massively popular with the GP at one point, but she kind of failed to truly connect with people and build herself a loyal core fanbase. Someone like Taylor managed to build an army of fans through a sort of parasocial relationship with her listeners (long before that term was tossed around like it is now kek). Those listeners will now buy all her merch and they'll never let her music fail. Other artists are able to find a cult following of loyal fans even if they don't make huge waves with the GP, artists like Lana Del Rey.

It seems to me like Katy Perry was never able to build a strong following, so when she fell out of favor with the GP she had nothing to fall back on.

No. 164546

Agreed with all of this. I also feel like old 2010s celebs are just fading off tbh. Taylor Swift might be popular but on the grand scheme of things she's irrelevant

No. 164645

I'm just waiting for Lady Gaga to do something with her music. Don't get me wrong, her jazz collabs with Tony Bennett have been very good and sweet (I'm sad that it's not selling well) but I would love to hear something new from her. Chromatica's sounds and aesthetic are great and with potential but it's marketing was fucked over by the pandemic and bad quality music videos and now we've just gotten some remix album that sucks honestly.

No. 164802

Agreed, the release date of Chromatica was really unfortunate. It is a good album with some great songs, but there was little she and her team could do in terms of PR. I also found her VMA performance (vidrel) a little cringeworthy if I am being honest and I don’t even know why. She is a great performer and had iconic award performances in the past, but here, she seemed a bit out of touch. I am still looking forward to her new music and whatever direction she will choose.

That’s an interesting point! I think Adele is another artist that has a very loyal fanbase. I found her recent Instagram live really funny, she has 100% boomer energy, but I love that she is so unbothered and doesn’t try to be something that she is not. I think she is an artist that will definitely not fade away now that the 2010s are over, even though that was when she became big and when E-celebs and TikTok weren’t really a thing yet.

No. 170729

This is so God awful. I keep hearing this shit on the radio (have to listen to it at work) and they replay this song like twice every hour. Is there anyone who actually likes it?

No. 170732

I knew anons got shit taste in music but damn

No. 170735

Not everyone likes the sound of a screeching Italian weasel, anon.

No. 170738

Me and I even like singing in a raspy voice IM BEGGIN BEGGIN YOUUUUU
It annoys all my friends

No. 170760

Idk about musical taste but clearly some lack reading comprehension

No. 170794

not any of anons (btw, I assume you are replying to >>170735), but it is a bit ambiguous when read at first lol
God, the songs is so bad. Ratatata! Wasn't a fan of the original song, but they have fucking murdered it lol

No. 170806

Yeah I like some of Maneskin's songs but this one got boring pretty fast and he REALLY wanted to do the raspy voice huh

No. 171483

Has anyone else noticed how a lot of pop singers, especially male ones, have really bad diction? Like they sound like someone injected their mouths with novocain and they can't enunciate properly. Is it just me? I've noticed this in a lot of songs, I just can't name them because I'm really bad with artists names. This song kind of has it though. Maybe I'm just imagining it.

No. 171514

I just realized I linked the wrong video lmao. I meant to link this one.

No. 171657

Not necessarily 'popular' bc she's more known for being an IG thot but Madison Beer's first album was pleasantly surprising.
I'm in love with this song in particular. The album pulls a lot from old LDR (Lizzy Grant era) tracks. LDR apparently was Madison's inspiration for writing this album kek. I hear some LDR influence in the samples for songs like Boyshit and Stay Numb and Carry On although Boyshit is more upbeat/bop whereas the latter sounds kinda like it's ripping off Lana's cover of Killin' Time.

No. 171662

Idk how many of you keep up w Tinashe but anyone feeling kind of bored of 333 since its release? I love Tinashe and every single song on Songs For You but 333 hasn't been hitting the same.

Songs For You is just so damn good and one of those albums where it's 2 years later and you rediscover songs that you didn't appreciate before. This one is the one I'm currently obsessed with.

No. 172677

I used to hate her but the album is quite pleasant and I’m not too hoity toity to admit I jam to it. She needs to stop being so insecure though.

No. 173267

Are there any current pop artists still making songs in the 2008-2012 electropop style? I really liked that era of pop music.

No. 173399

Extremely belated reply but I fully agree with you. Something about 333 seems so "this will do" compared to Songs for You, though she worked on that album for a long time before release.
She posted her full Moment House streaming show on YouTube and some of the new songs pop off stronger live than they do on the album.

No. 321824

2023 has been a terrible year for music like 2021 and 2022.
The only good mainstream hits have come from old faithful people like Lana Del Rey.

No. 321825

i really hope it's a shitpost

No. 321829

What's shit post about it?
Only she's released a good quality album this year.
None of the new acts from the past few years are releasing anything with depth to it.
2020 was great then everything went downhill again.

No. 321856

Lana? really? lmao

No. 322300

her music has gotten worse what are you smoking. she hasn't released anything good since 2017

No. 323753

File: 1695802856454.jpg (87.58 KB, 1028x665, Doja-Cat-Scarlet-Spotify-Recor…)

Reposting from celebricows thread since it would be appropriate here

I'm both impressed and extremely disappointed with Doja's new scarlet album. I def thought it would be cooler than what it actually is, because it was hyped up as this new artistic endeavor from her, and then it turns out at least two songs from the album are about her new ugly moid and how much she would do for him while also shouting "fuck the girls" and being too obsessed on social media drama (we get it your faghag fans suck). Also, kinda sad there's still hypersexual shit considering this album would be totally different from her previous stuff, but whatever it's not as bad as it could had been (and I still enjoy her old stuff despite saying that her pussy is an Alakazam. I like it. I just don't listen to it anymore because I believed in scarlet more than I did with planet her).

Anyway, I liked paint the town red, attention, balut, skull and bones and demons. Nothing else was that noteworthy to me.

No. 323756

Everyone sleeps on Carly Rae Jepson because her singles are absolute annoying trash but then every single other song on her albums are the best pop I've heard from the past 10 years. Mogs Lana and these other boring pop goblinas.

If you don't believe me go listen to Cry, it's a crime that song is just a B-side, it's perfect.

No. 323828

Post her good songs then

No. 323945

Yeah, I like Carly. She's not my most favourite but Lana is awful and overrated, her voice sounds like shit. I like Rufus Wainwright kek so The Loneliest Time was a bop for me

No. 325869

Megan thee Stallion has a main role and song in A24's first musical called 'Dicks: The Musical'. It's not POP-pop but idk, it's fun and I like it, I like that she can sing a fun song where SHE dominates and in a non-degrading way. I think the songwriters did a major rehaul of the original song when they found out Megan got cast into the main role so the song would be upped to her caliber. I'm looking forward to the musical!

No. 325871

No. 345647

File: 1703895909427.png (1.62 MB, 794x1134, s-l1200.png)

Watched this just to see what the hype was about. I was just neutral about Taylor Swift before but this made me realize I do enjoy her songs and consider myself a fan of hers now.

No. 345649

Idc for her music but she sometimes have cool outfits.

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