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File: 1551785401750.gif (138.54 KB, 250x250, 1551744919801.gif)

No. 12791

Rant about Kpop, its creepy fandoms, and/or its fucked up industry. Or just nitpick some idols.

· Don't sperg, complain or pick fights.
· Don't racebait.
· Don't derail about dumb shit. If it doesn't directly have to do with Kpop, don't post about it here.
· This thread is not about shipping or fangirling. Save that for the general kpop thread here: >>11970

Last thread >>10731

No. 12796

This thread pic is fucking top kek

No. 12801

I want to reply to >>12789 from the previous thread

>i’m sure people are going to cream themselves over it, because it’s proof that kpop is way better than that nasty jpop because it gets higher youtube views and appeals to foreigners more, but chances are she’s going to be treated worse in korea because of her nationality and she’s going to kill any chance of doing well if she goes back to japan. at least she’s old enough to hopefully understand that and choose what she wants and isn’t just a 14 year old koreaboo who wants to be closer to oppa and forgets what that’s going to mean. at least chinese idols manage to ditch korea easily if they’re treated worse than the rest of their group

The japanese members hype in kpop is already dead after sakura debuted i think. It's just ridiculous to see another one trying out her luck in kpop. No one is excited about twice's japanese members anymore, and it will soon happen to sakura as well when people realize she's got nothing to offer than her visual. Btw, anyone still remembers the japanese kpop group that has JAV models as their members? They debuted less than a year ago and everyone already forgets about them.

No. 12804


Oh and japanese members are treated so badly to the point of this kek.

Korean Netizens Bash TWICE’s Mina, Sana, And Momo For Speaking Japanese On V APP

Foreigners will forever be seen as outsiders and second-class citizens in Korea, even when they're generating money and fame for the country

No. 12805

>anyone still remembers the japanese kpop group that has JAV models as their members?
Ew. I didn't know they existed until I saw your post kek. No wonder no one wants anything to do with them.

No. 12806

>So Takahashi Juri (pd48) is graduating from akb and debuting under woolim in a new girl group they’ve got lined up. I hope she doesn’t get fucked over too badly
Picking this up from the last thread: I really don't understand why any japanese kid would want to debut in korea. Sure, you might have a one in a million chance of hitting it big internationally - or you'll end up in deep depth despite literally working 24/7.
Even a low-rank jpop idol, model or actress earns enough to get her own place etc and judging by the way they look they also don't get pressured to be as skinny and plastic as their korean counterparts.
And of course korea and ifans will use her to "proof" that their idols are indeed superior in beauty and talent.

No. 12807

Nobody really talks about it, but Koreans are so obsessed with proving that they're better than japan. I've seen so many of them say and do the most ridiculous things, its crazy. No guys, if those Japanese groups actually tried they could be like you or even better. Knetz also think they're own idols are so pure and don't fuck they're way in the industry with higher ups like those crazy jpop ones lol. Y'all both bad

No. 12809

File: 1551791680613.jpg (537.96 KB, 720x1174, b6865d246cc328fef0029112925ce9…)

not trying to racebait, i know there are good looking guys in both japan and korea like anywhere else but there was some vid where bts was standing next to a tall japanese actor. the japanese actor is 1.83 and rapmon is allegedly 1.81 lol

No. 12810

I didn't follow produce but why is that girl Sakura so popular? I haven't heard her singing but is she really considered pretty?

No. 12811

Lol I wouldn't be surprised if they all wore insoles in beforehand, knowing they were gonna meet someone like him.

No. 12813

i watched produce48. the only reason she debuted with izone was because people in korea and japan find her pretty. her dancing is really bad and she can't hold a single note for her life.

No. 12814

she knows how to act on camera during a performance, which is the easiest way to get attention in a 48 group with so many members to have to compete against. a lot of the high ranking produce contestants aren’t that talented at anything but are attractive and have better stage presence than the average trainee, so that’s enough

No. 12816

Seungri fans on twitter are a trip. Apparently he's TOO SMART to message people about lawbreaking dealings. It's also impossible somebody had messages from 4 years ago available. You know you're dealing with moronic teens when they can't imagine having 4 years old texts on the phone. Surprise, smartphones have been mainstream for a decade, people never clean up their mail and physically deleted stuff stays on servers and cloud backup.

No. 12817

This reminds me of that one anon post that said that no matter how popular Sana or Cheng Xiao are gonna get, they'll still be lesser to Irene/Suzy/Yoona.

Tragic because I find most Chinese idols much funnier than Korean ones

No. 12818

She was popular in Japan and Koreans liked her visuals. There were prettier and more talented Japanese girls (especially Shiroma Miru and Murase Sae) but she had the fame to back her up, so she got most of the attention.

No. 12819

They're already crazy for still being seugri fans. Whatever they say from here on out won't make them any crazier

No. 12820

On produce48 the AKB girls caught up to the Korean trainees within months of the same training, putting their "vigorous training" torture porn ideal to shame kek

No. 12822

Someone posted this here a long time ago. Their caption was probably true
>Seeing stuff like this makes me wonder if Japan does it on purpose: placing a tall (and pale) good looking actor next to BTS to make Koreans look bad lol

No. 12823

Jungkook and V look at him like jealous incels and Jimin does his usual depressed boi shtick. Why can't the control their expressions? I thought part of the idol training is to learn how to always look and act joyful?
Also notice how all of bts faces have the exact same shape from the side, like an ice cream cone.

>bts are successful even though they aren't from one of the top 3 agencies
>they might be in the same agency as the most successful boy group but that doesn't mean anything!1!1

Yeah, japanese propaganda at its finest, poor boys…/s
Or perhaps bts are simply short, ugly and botched

No. 12824

tfw the whole "jimin hates white people" meme is true since he hates anyone that isn't korean but non-korean armys don't want to accept that

No. 12825

True, that's exactly the same face he always makes when they're in the US lol

No. 12826

Not racebaiting or anything but why are they always shitting on Japanese people's appearances? I find many of the Japanese celebrities more attractive than the korean ones, with their total face reconstructions and everything.

No. 12827

File: 1551796156301.jpg (41.43 KB, 474x631, th22M08YMO.jpg)

That actor isn't even particularly good-looking, his face just doesn't look as if it's about to burst open because of excessive use of fillers, botox and co. like jhope's does…

No. 12828

Lol pretty sure it's the other way around. BTS are just unfortunate manlets who lie to be 6'0. I'm surprised people don't call them out for catfishing. Ew.

No. 12829

>like an ice cream cone

No. 12832

if the actor is really 1.83, which he probably is since he looks pretty tall, there's no way rm is 1.81 lol. i think suga and jimin aren't even over 1.70 tbh. i don't really care that they are short but people lying about their height for an ego boost is funny.

kpop styling and ps make idols look so bad when they stand next to people who aren't kpop idols

No. 12834

File: 1551797206973.jpg (163.46 KB, 957x1277, 5f4bc13b29a85a2c1bfcd3142d6d2f…)

Idk honne's heights (the guys behind RM) and can't find about it on the net but there's no way a 1.81m man will appear this short. I think the shorter guy of honne is around 1.8m himself.

No. 12835

File: 1551797250094.jpg (198.78 KB, 1200x630, split.jpg)

Idk, but he was the main actor of a show bts did the a ost for, so that's why he's with them

Also knetz say he looks like this dude. The difference between a plastic face and a natural one is jarring lol

No. 12836

File: 1551797297852.jpg (54.59 KB, 600x400, DQ0biD7VwAA8zB6.jpg)

Samefag but here's another pic for reference

No. 12837

File: 1551798085350.png (54.72 KB, 626x346, IMG_0057.PNG)

Imma just leave this part from an interview here.

No. 12838

Kentaro still looks way better to me.

No. 12839

I sat next to a literal 27 yo in my language class and her phone kept buzzing with TXT's official Twitter updates and she told me that it's tempting to check those out while we're studying. It was so damn cringeworthy.

I mean I am aware a lot of Bigshit and Kpop stans in general are crazy old hags but I never knew how crazy it would feel like to actually meet one in real life. Imagine stanning someone 10 to 11 years younger than you. I am a few years younger than her and I'm past that stage like 7 years ago.

No. 12840

That is the point. Kentaro is natural and looks better

No. 12841

File: 1551799111386.jpg (80.01 KB, 720x960, IMG_20190305_221714.jpg)

I want to see him standing next to a normal non-idol non-Korean just to have a good laugh

No. 12842

Agreed, it's weird seeing Kstans in irl. When the whole thing with Jonghyun happened, a bunch of older girls (like 23 on up) at my uni were freaking out and acting like a bunch of spergs. It was like watch an animal documentary lol.

No. 12843

lol there are two girls i see in my bus rides back home every weekday and they are always talking about bts, they start screaming when there is a twitter or vlive update. these two girls were blasting out txt's debut song today but they are high school kids, i get it. i find kpop fans over 25 even cringier than the underage fans, at least you know that the young fans will most likely grow out of it.

No. 12844

They have underaged members…27 is way too old to be so involved in that subculture.

No. 12845

Ikr makes you wonder why some people just never grow up kek. It's especially weird to see them being attracted to literal kids and it's not just on "they're my stans' junior so i have to support them as well" level but more like "i actually find them very attractive and cute so i stan them every day and night" kind of thing.

No. 12846

File: 1551800085978.jpg (76.89 KB, 900x895, DtROpa1WsAUZd1-.jpg)

Reminds me of when people were watching that yg treasure box shoe and everyone was taiking about it. There was this japanese trainee that was only 14 years old but I saw a bunch of people who were about tens years older than thirsting over him and photoshopping his pictures and leaving disturbing/sexual comments. Here's the kid for ref

No. 12847

i am afraid that army twitter is going to make the fanfiction, lookalike porn accounts and shit to these kids too, they are already projecting their fujo fantasies on them… some of the txt members speak english unlike their autistic hyungiez so they can actually see and understand it too

No. 12848

Samefag but I made some typos. So many people who were older than this kid were thirsting over him. They'd be like,"I'm 10 years older than him….but I want to…."
Seriously so sick

No. 12850

rat monster can't be a midget can he! is everyone in korea a midget!! what is reality anymore

No. 12852

Well in that case I hope they see those tweets and get traumatized kek

No. 12853

It's inevitable. They already creating very complex theories about how Txt's whole concept is LGBT+ related. It's only a matter of time before they go full degenerate. And aren't these boys underaged? It's gonna be nct dream all over again.

No. 12854

How ironic that they don't want their uwu smol boys to be actually smol. Seriously anyone with a pair of eyes can see that they're like 1.6 in their MVs.

No. 12855

i know there will be people saying "b-but they wanted fame and money!!" but still, i feel bad for all these girls and boys who got involved with the kpop industry while they were under 16. they must have really shitty parents.

No. 12856

I know a bunch of people who are crazy armies. There's this one girl (whos also muslim kek) thats soo obsessed with bts she'd talk about them all the time. She'd come to college wearing a sweatshirt that said suga on the back, she always dances bts dances in public, she'd make finger hearts at people and sing "mani, mani, mani" non-stop, and she would go batshit crazy on anyone if they said anything negative about bts. She also makes korean food and obsess over korean stuff, and she also swears that she would marry nobody but a korean. It's been a while since I last seen her, wonder if shes still insane

No. 12857

Do you guys think kpop boy groups will become more effeminate in the following months or years? Is the manly concept ever gonna come back? So tired see jimin's knockoffs (and the original one is already very bad) in every new boy group.

No. 12858

I'm not sure what you mean by "manly concepts

No. 12859

Something like 2pm I think

No. 12861

didn’t watch the video what’s going on in it

No. 12862

Ugh, how could anyone be this much of a conceited showoff? How is this behavior supposed to be appealing in any way?

No. 12863

Exercising and hair flipping mostly. I didn't see the whole thing it showed up on my feed

No. 12864

He should get his fucking bangs cut.

No. 12865

File: 1551802563312.gif (Spoiler Image,1.89 MB, 600x600, 059856ae17.gif)

speaking of jaehyun, i saw this and cringed, idg why this move is used in kpop choreos so much

No. 12866

Horny 12 year old girls is why. What a stupid question.

No. 12867

File: 1551802869678.gif (Spoiler Image,1.42 MB, 268x439, tumblr_o2jefnRiEc1r3amfto2_400…)

I'm not sure which one was worse

No. 12868

Samefag that's hansol btw

No. 12874

That move (and ones similar) will never be sexy it just looks stupid and cringy. Same thing with idols like Kai who bite their lip and make retarded faces to try and look sexy but just end up looking constipated. I wish that shit would die already.

No. 12875

Is japan's music industry not making as much money these days? Why are japanese people going to korea?

No. 12876

This is the equivalent of that girl group dance move where they put their hands on their hips and "shake" it robotically. I wish I had a gif to show; I see it in literally every "sexy" concept.

No. 12877

I get second hand embarrassment when they get all worked up, thinking it's hot to look at. It looks like they're desperately trying to pull something out of their crotch.

No. 12878

ummmmmm who's gonna tell her koreans think of muslims as literal trash and wayyyy beneath them

No. 12879

ummmmmm who's gonna tell her koreans think of muslims as literal trash and wayyyy beneath them

No. 12880

It is, but in the case of Takahashi Juri, she's achieved basically everything she's able to in AKB and was probably going to graduate soon anyway. The fact she's really beautiful obviously caught the attention of Woollim back during P48 so they snatched her up. I doubt it's to do with her talent, Koreans are notably shallow.

No. 12881

i swear i am straight but this is turning me into a lesbian

No. 12882

bts panders to muslims for wokeness points so i think that's why they have a lot of muslim fans

No. 12883

Some anons in the previous thread were discussing sasaengs and saying 'they're not that bad' excuse me they're batshit insane

>Former Flight Attendant Reveals Shocking Incidents Of Sasaengs On Board

>A former flight attendant of Air France has revealed shocking stories of sasaengs (over-obsessive fans) she saw and experienced on board.

>They (idols) often travel abroad so there are many sasaengs. It’s really scary. When they board the plane, the sasaengs sit around them. I don’t know how they know.

>A top-class celebrity like TVXQ was seated in a business class seat and one person asked for the celebrity’s used dishes like forks, spoons, what they ate, etc.
>I truly felt sorry for the celebrities. When they’re sleeping, (the sasaengs) keep taking photos with their cell phone.

No. 12887

Don't forget Jaejoong was molested/sexually assaulted by a saesang in his own room.

No. 12888

to be fair to honey popcorn I don't think they were really going for longevity or the mainstream. The leader of the group financed it as a passion project.

No. 12889

sasaengs in general are scary, sasaengs with money are terrifying. there's only so much a regular highschooler with an iphone can do, but it's wild when these adults have the money to follow their idols across different countries. for the idols with the worst stalkers they aren't safe in their homes and they aren't safe when they leave the country, it's definitely messed up

No. 12891

there was a jungkook fansite who paid twitter for an international hashtag or something and she's allegedly 40 lol

No. 12893

That's just a girl from the akb idol group, they don't represent the Japanese music scene at all. Idol music rarely ever gets mainstream there, esp not akb

No. 12895

i don't get why older fans do this disgusting shit there's idols who are in their late 20s & 30s it's super cringe, and creepy

No. 12896

File: 1551808982920.jpg (101.51 KB, 1024x770, D05p-uQWwAAxU0l.jpg)

suga with his brother. as popular as they are, these korean jaw shaves really suck and are easily knockable when they stand next to natural people.

No. 12897

Yikes it's like that pic that was in a previous thread of yoona and tsubusa honda sitting together

No. 12898

Juri has always dreamed of being a Kpop star, if you see her older interviews.

No. 12899

with the way korean surgeons visibly fuck up noses all the time, i'm scared to think what consequences idols have from all these jaw shaves

No. 12900

File: 1551809461797.jpg (117.26 KB, 1000x1000, 50881567-2190396484556574-6334…)

She has nearly no jaw left, yet a strangely big chin…?

No. 12901

What a koreaboo

No. 12903

Do all Korean surgeons have no idea what a natural oval face looks like? Why is her jaw starting at her ears?

No. 12904

She has a massive following because of her career.

She's been doing this since she was 13

No. 12905

Goddamn she looks terrifying….this is supposed to be "Korea's top beauty"? Yeesh

No. 12907

File: 1551810008512.jpg (83.59 KB, 399x600, G Dragon Front Row at Chanel S…)

Kpop idols at fashion shows are really a goldmine kek
Gdragon's jaw ft. normal people

No. 12908

File: 1551810052700.jpg (111.13 KB, 800x727, GDRAGON-PARIS_0006.jpg)

No. 12910

She looked so much better then, cute even. Wtf did Korea do to her face…she looks weird now

No. 12911

The closest I could think of is Monsta X, and even then it's mostly just Shownu and Wonho with more built bodies. BTS are too big for MX to change the game entirely with their sexier concepts, but they have been getting some press for ripping their shirts in every performance so they've found a nice niche that works for them.

Never underestimate horny teenage girls anon. NCT have been overactive with the Vlives and vlogs recently, they must be having a comeback soon and are attention-whoring to try (and fail) to steal the spotlight from TXT.

SM really booked them 15-20k seat arenas in the USA when nobody knows who they are - I guess the rumours of the new SM CEO being exclusively NCT-biased are true kek

She looked botched even when she came to Korea tbh

No. 12912

File: 1551810466170.png (935.74 KB, 598x797, miyawaki-sakura-date.png)

Some of AKB48 members have had surgery in Japan.

I think the Producer of AKB48 and Mnet had a contractual agreement to make Sakura the opening center for Produce48.

No. 12913


Everything Sakura does is part of her girl next door act. She's been perfecting it for years.

Look at her ready check before she left Japan for the shoot. She can turn it off and on when she wants.

No. 12914

But she looked botched in a typically korean way. So either she's a kboo herself or her agency told her to get ps in a way that appeals to the korean public/get ps in korea.

No. 12915

Seriously, wtf do Korean trainees do in order to waste money and train for years to still be shit when they debut?

No. 12916

Someone in these threads once said that jaw shaves look like "a floating head only attached to the neck by the ears" and it's still very relevant. Look at that monstrosity.
I wonder if her jaw shave is comparable to Wendy's? It looks pretty extreme…

No. 12917

half of the girls on Produce48 were AKB48 and most of them dropped out as the series went on. Not eliminated, they just went home. It just seems like all of them kept up because 8 out of 40+ AKB48 girls stayed in the running til the last few eps.

No. 12918

"One thing I was proud of is, I did not do plastic surgery. I don't blame those who do, but I looked at it simply. 'What's it for to get artificially handsome?' I was like, 'I LOVE MYSELF AS I AM.'

No. 12919

File: 1551811559637.jpg (121.72 KB, 885x317, 058a89b7d171b823b4ec5.jpg)

No. 12920

He looks like a fakeboi next to his brother. No wonder the trannies/fujos on twt go wild over Suga. They can easily project their twink fantasies onto him.

No. 12921

Suga looks downright sickly. He used to be fine before, why did he do that to himself? Honestly he's pretty much the worst looking in BTS right now (in b4 Jimin).

No. 12922

What is she doing this old man?

No. 12923

everyone in bts is fakeboi-tier now. can't blame armys for tinfoiling about jimin being a tranny.

No. 12924

And here is why that's a good thing! kek

But seriously, literally the only mainstream music in Korea IS Kpop. I didn't believe it till I went there myself and it was so strange. Japan music prefers more rock and indie / traditional.

This video explains why the music industry in Korea is managed this way, I think this video does a good job explaining it.

No. 12925

Silly anon! They bully each other to shrink their competition and get "favors" from their teachers!

No. 12926

My guess is they're too starved and sleep-deprived to practice properly 90% of the time

No. 12927

being a trainee is mostly just a company reserving an idol and making sure they’re the company that gets them imo. it’s easier to get someone when they’re 14 and gullible than hope you get a perfect 18 year old to debut within 6 months. idols improve so much in their first 2 years of constantly performing (or SHOULD do, there’s plenty of exceptions ofc) that training doesn’t seem to count for much. it also means if a trainee can’t keep up with the reality of it then it’s less of a big deal if they leave. if there was no trainee period i could see a lot more groups losing members in their first year due to stress and things

No. 12928

>most of them dropped out
That’s not true though? 4 girls dropped out sometime before the first episode aired, Jurina dropped out before the first live elimination (most likely due to the scandal during the election) and the rest got eliminated the same way everyone else did.

No. 12929

The worst? Not when that fella Jhope is around

No. 12930

I thought it was because she fainted on stage or something?

No. 12931

File: 1551813926405.jpg (158.46 KB, 700x700, izone-miyawaki-sakura-irene-7.…)

>So either she's a kboo herself or her agency told her to get ps in a way that appeals to the korean public/get ps in korea.

probably both

No. 12933

>40 AKB48 girls dropped out or were eliminated in the first round.


No. 12934

File: 1551814179323.jpg (101.66 KB, 720x960, IMG_20190305_202459.jpg)

They look like robots (the one on the right - yikes)

No. 12935

She did collapse at the concert before the election, but she also shouted at Sakura for not taking things seriously enough, which caused huge backlash and after apologizing she went MIA for about month and a half.

No. 12936

They're too young to have faces this melting already. Can't Big Hit afford better surgeons with all their BTS millions or do they genuinely think this looks good?

No. 12937

Man that's tragic…her face and her personality

No. 12938

Probably for the best really. At least in AKB they get a regular wage, get to perform often and have a better chance at staying in the entertainment scene after graduation than if they tried sticking it out in Korea.

No. 12939

You should've seen Sakura when they pranked AKB48 with a fake scandal. She started crying, and it turned out she was crying because she was worried sales would drop off.

No. 12942

Probably because it’s slightly above the jaw

No. 12943

What jaw kek

No. 12944

Johnny from NCT trained with EXO and was probably planned to debut along them but it shows how long a trainee’s period could last. Apparently he could only come to Korea in the summer and trained then. Suho was a trainee along Shinee and was going to debut with them but felt like he wasn’t ready. Basically, an idol’s training period rarely reflects their talent

No. 12945

Sana’s an LDH reject iirc. I wouldn’t be surprised if there were a number of Japanese trainees that failed to make it back home so they thought they’d try Kpop instead.

No. 12948

It seems like the training period is really just a way to squeeze more money out of their trainees by putting them in major debt.

No. 12949

Sana has literally no talent whatsoever. What's even her position in twice? Otaku-magnet?

No. 12951

Shy shy shy
I've heard sm trainees don't have to pay for their training period

No. 12952

Yes. Ideal "sushi girl

No. 12953

"Sushi girl"? What's that?

No. 12954

File: 1551817862249.jpg (78.93 KB, 1200x891, original(1).jpg)

I will never forgive him for what he did to his kawaii face.
Pic related is his old face.

No. 12955

What Korean weebs on ilbe call mythical kawaii but modestly sexy and completely submissive Japanese girls

No. 12956

Could you explain what ilbe is and why it has a bad reputation in korea?

No. 12957

File: 1551818244006.jpeg (6.81 KB, 276x183, images.jpeg)

Kinda reminds me of this youtuber

No. 12958

It's like 4chan after /pol/ has completely infected every board

No. 12959

Lol so this is where Irene's male fans go to vent.

No. 12964

? What happened with Irene?

No. 12966

Indie music (and I'm guessing other genres too) had to suffer, because Korea couldn't handle a few dicks??? I knew it was gonna go downhill when it said a punk-rock band was on stage. Korea is like "clutching ma pearls!!11" the nation.

No. 12967

What's with all the newfags itt asking non stop questions that could very easily be googled

No. 12970

>They must have been foreigners, they aren't Koreans.

Kek. This is coming from a country that was buttfucked by Japan and China consecutively. Their delusional Korea pride is ultimately insecurity.

No. 12971

File: 1551825460887.png (57.96 KB, 540x232, Screenshot_2019-03-05-19-35-22…)

Lol this comment

No. 12972

Muh Superiority!!11

Sorry sweety, they don't call you "Worst Korea" for nothing! The Japanese would like to have a word.

No. 12973

Korea's education system seems so fucked, it's not hard to believe that teenagers are easily lured into the glamour of idol life

No. 12974

File: 1551827962736.jpg (22.91 KB, 299x357, 4a4286de-9ea5-4f02-be98-1a337f…)

Fuckin SEAs…

No. 12977

Wow, rip k-rock (and pretty much any alternative genre). Also notice how tanned people looked back then, what happened that koreans want to look so pale now?

No. 12978

Ot but would anyone be interested in another anti Korean culture thread if I made one in /ot/? This >>12971 reminded me I want another one kek but I don't want to be the only one there

No. 12979

i second this

No. 12980

samefag but i think the ban was way too harsh, obviously the government took advantage on that fiasco to have more control at the music industry.

No. 12982

her male fans got angry and red velvet merch with her face on it because she read a feminist book and it threatened them

No. 12983

samefag i forgot the word "burned" before red velvet

No. 12984

Imagine being threatened by a woman reading some book holy shit

No. 12985

Yes, it would be nice

No. 12987

The last one got locked for a reason (racebait), it's not coming back.

No. 12988

I remember in a Conanvideo he showed a map of East Asia and it said sea of japan. The comment section was full of Koreans going crazy saying it's not Japan's sea and whatnot, and then they starting saying dokdo belongs to Korea out of nowhere. Man they're crazy and have no shame to spout this crap

No. 12989

Oh shit i remember that, what a shit show

No. 12990

That’s expected from a thread that’s anti of a certain culture

No. 12991

I don't want to talk too much about koreans and their culture itt, but it's truly sad and pathetic how obsessed and bitter they get when other asian countries are even mentioned. K-pop and almost all korean media really shows how insecure they are.

No. 12992

I don't want to sit here bashing another culture either, but that's very true. It's so obvious

No. 12993

Samefag but I've noticed people who consume Korean entertainment delevop a superiority complex over other Asians and think Koreans are the best Asians out there. Well, you are what you eat after all(in this case watch)

No. 12994

Apparently txt signed a deal with republic records they are really gonna try and go international kek

No. 12995

maybe something like korea general would be better, that anti thread was fucking horrible

No. 12996

Oh hell no, not this shit again, they really think people outside of Korea will like their concept? It's really hard to go international even for well-established groups, people will just say "that's some pedo shit right there" and fuck off.

No. 12997

Yeah that sounds a bit better. Just a thread for Korean related things doesn't sound bad. The word anti is too much it makes you sound crazy

No. 12998

/ot/ rule 4
>Don’t make threads targeting specific nationalities, ethnicities, or races
A korean thread is not even permitted in /m/ so let's not.

No. 13006

do fans really think bts and txt are going to be bffffs? theyre probably only crying because they know the company will focus on the kiddies now

No. 13007

Ikr? i thought bighit wouldn't take TXT seriously but with this notice >>12994 i think bts it's actually kinda fucked

No. 13008

Tinfoil: I feel like bighit debuting a girl group would have actually been more fruitful than a boy group at the moment. The armys would be way less divided and they would love a girl crush concept to self insert.

No. 13009

I don't think so anon, armys are very insecure of any group that barely competes with BTS (and also any women that's near to them) so if that situation remotely happens, armys would be HELLA pressed.

No. 13010

tbh I think this new tour and album is bh milking their dying cow for all its worth before they have to start enlisting

No. 13011

samefag but *woman sorry for the typo

No. 13013

how the fuck did she pass the audition

No. 13014

again with the retarded questions, she's pretty and that's all that matters with kpop

No. 13015

Nta but have you ever heard about rhetorical questions

No. 13017

Apparently the Jonas brothers said bts and bp "inspired" their new music in a way. Well, I just lost whatever respect I had for them

No. 13018

Anything to cash in on a rabid fanbase

No. 13020


Have we seen anyone from bts mention txt on social media? they'd been really active leading up to that, posting in fancafes, posting on twitter a whole bunch.

No. 13021


well txt have more english speakers but their concept is too korean fangirl-focused and thus cutesy. It'll be considered too weird in America even for younger kids (unless they're REALLY young). But Republic is a more focused label that knows how to get radioplay and Columbia hasn't done much for BTS.

No. 13022

I think Jimin did but im not sure

No. 13023


Just trying to get some extra views. I'm not even mad. Kpop fans are happy and excited for now, but it'l backfire. The Jonas Brothers will almost certainly score one or more hits this year. BTS isn't special anymore. They're not operating in a boy group void anymore. So many old faves are coming back right now and with BTS looking weird, singing in Korean, being foreign, sounding bad and autotuned, the narrative that they have a huge fanbase aren't going to save them anymore when people can easily compare them to TJB and their music. TJB coming back means BTS is more likely to be taken as a novelty and a fad.

No. 13024

Yes hopefully

No. 13026

literally no one cares about them except women who are in their mid 20s by now

No. 13027

The Jonas brothers you mean?

No. 13028


OH nonono

This investigation just got 100x more milkier.

Inb4 politicians do something crazy to divert the attention.

No. 13029

yes obviously

No. 13030

Cant wait to see him go bankrupt and for BP's career to end. Wow i sound salty af.

No. 13031

YG and Seungri bought into their own hype as genius businessmen. I remember when Yang Hyun Suck likened himself to Steve Jobs.

No. 13032

Who is this creepy twink?

No. 13033

I love Mads so much.

No. 13035

the hawaiian one from txt

No. 13039

No anon, I'm right there with you.
A group of vapid talentless spoiled brats who are black hole of charisma.
And I'd even venture to say that their fans give BTS's a run for their money based on sheer insufferabilty and delusions.

No. 13042

Me too lol this is what he deserves for being such a narcissistic, shitty person. I just want lee hi and akmu out of yg asap.
Hope our cult leader oppa is next.

No. 13043

if kpop companies want their groups to be famous with the western public, they should start by hiring vocal coaches and giving the members decent clothes and hairstyle

No. 13046

One Direction reunion or the return of popstars and the subsequent rise of pop music (Gaga/Rihanna/Kesha/Beyonce) would spell the end of BTS' advancement into the USA - it's going to take the general public's attention away from BTS.

They were only invited to the Grammies this year because no other big star showed up anyway. They are an afterthought to the West no matter how many armies whine on Twitter.

No. 13047

Kpop acts can never be a-list celebrities in the west or at least have a steady, non-kpop fan following because they simply lack authenticity. Every interview is rehearsed, every answer memorized and it's all super boring. They can't speak their minds or behave like normal people their age cause their company is monitoring their every step. Kpop is made for korean society, and that's where it fits the best.

No. 13048

at least people are aware of yg's sleazy ass; jypee is a fucking cult leader and he even got a fucking baby to distract people off of his shit (who IS the mother of that child btw)

No. 13049

File: 1551874561000.jpeg (41.26 KB, 552x852, 14BD4C91-98F8-468A-90FB-826C40…)

Me when I’m literally that woman

No. 13050


nO! that is where you are wrong!! ratmon oppa said they would be back! and they got to take a pic in the grammy sofa!!!!!!!11

No. 13051

JYP and YG are best friends. You know what they say about birds of a feather….

No. 13055

This probably belongs in the celeb thread, but when rihanna, gaga, and beyonce come back it's gonna be over for ariana grande. Bts doesn't even stand a chance.

No. 13057

Can anyone explain why kpop fans bring up karma a lot? I see it mentioned whenever their faves are discussed.

No. 13058

Agreed, once those artist come back bts' popularity in the USA will deflate because the media will be real focused on Lady Gaga, Beyonce,Rihanna etc..- actual artists who are actually famous and not media played to make it seem like the gen pop gives a fuck about them. I wanna go as far as saying Txt (also them joining the military soon) will also be the downfall of Bts' popularity but I'm not too sure yet since Text just debuted and Idk how korea feels about them.

>>13057 hm I've never seen this before can you give an example perhaps?

No. 13060

File: 1551880785875.jpg (116.55 KB, 1325x1184, 1550644058424.jpg)

This might fit better in the general thread but KEK what the fugg have they done to taeyong's hair? Every time I think their styling is starting to get better they prove me the fuck wrong.

No. 13061

It seems like they're gonna force themselves to like txt because they're associated with bts. Just like how they pretend to like bts and don't bash them for their looks or for the music, which they do with all the other no-name groups, because they're Korea's pride now.

No. 13062

That looks horrible. Whoever did those cornrows need to be fired. The worst part about this is how he called himself 'hipyong' on Twitter. He's such a tryhard…

No. 13063

Samefag but the two dudes next to him look horrible also. Especially the one of the left, his hair is trash. Only a few idols can pull off blonde, he's not one of them. They need new stylists.

No. 13064

His hair looks absolutely retarded. Also mark's(dude on the left) hair doesn't even look like hair anymore, it's all see-through from the bleach and he looks so washed out. The one on the right's hair looks greasy

No. 13065

File: 1551885288081.jpg (25.42 KB, 569x496, Untitled-1.jpg)

I usually see it in comments sections being used as a weird threat. Once saw someone defending blackpink about how the hate of haturz raises karma and will make BP successfull. Sounded deranged af but maybe its a cultural thing.

No. 13066

Samefag but what is wrong with the shape of taeyong's head? It's so weird good god

No. 13071

Yuta looks like a serial killer.

No. 13072

Lmao he does, I noticed he looks like that a lot of the time

No. 13073

to me it sounds like it’s from a sea fan, or some buddhist country since karma is a big concept in buddhism

No. 13074

Yea it sounds like it'd be from a sea fan. Also the way they're writing…yeah

No. 13078

Ugh wtf that shit looks like pure garbage and the parts aren't even straight. Maybe he pissed of one of the stylist..he looked fucking stupid.

No. 13085

I bet his stylists do hate him, I mean we already know he has a horrible attitude and personality so he probably treats the staff like shit

No. 13086

Not to go full SJW but this terrible styling is triggering

No. 13087

They've needed new stylists since they debuted lol, NCT's styling is infamous. They've only had a handful of comebacks where they didn't look like complete rodeo clowns.

No. 13090

I wonder why that is.. I know all SM groups have suffered at least once from shit styling but with nct it's a constant thing. Almost all the time they look like pure, uncoordinated shit.

No. 13091

The stylists probably get inspiration from runway shows and magazines where weird, unwearable avant-garde fashion is common. I don't know why they think its appropriate clothing for normal tv performances and appearances though.

No. 13092

File: 1551892296768.jpg (99.63 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

They even make normal clothes look wack…like what the hell is this combination

No. 13093

File: 1551892428419.jpg (82.71 KB, 636x421, NCT-127-press-SM-Entertainment…)

Samefag but what the fuck is this lol. They look so stupid it's funny

No. 13096

I feel like after Blood Sweat & Tears or so Bighit stopped trying to make somewhat good music at all, so I genuinely expected TXT's music to suck but it turned out to be ok. Are they trying to approach new audience? New BTS's album is still going to be shit probably lol, I wonder if they can make something worse than Idol

The poorer the state of your hair is, the more privilege you have in SM

No. 13098

When will these tragic hairstyles and those unflattering hair colors stop. It's 2019…please…

No. 13100

Holy shit Doyoung (the guy above Johnny) has severe heat damaged.


No. 13101

I can't wait!

No. 13102

File: 1551894100072.jpg (89.23 KB, 474x632, 476257c11ea54ab5fec7f997c74553…)

They've got a long way to go to beat this nonsense lol

No. 13103

File: 1551894303798.jpg (13.81 KB, 250x307, 6a03e6ff5f160e97094eb27481818f…)

I'm laughing way too hard at this, also mark looks like the a blond version of those crazy purple minions

No. 13105

So it's cultural then and not kboo cult speak. Thanks for clarifying!

No. 13106

Its kboo cult behavior/speak from sea fans

No. 13128

Apparently Korean male college students voted for the number one female they'd give chocolates to on white day and that 15 year old from that itzy group won. Yuck

No. 13129

And yet people insist they don't have the "big company" advantage after BTS's popularity soared and generated billions. If they were from just another small and shitty company, nobody would have bat an eye.

Korean Media Notices How Big Hit Did Not Use BTS’s Popularity To Promote TXT And Vice Versa

No. 13132

File: 1551922120907.jpg (44.57 KB, 750x494, 73799130-00ba-437d-abf2-78b549…)


People Are Tired Of Seeing BLACKPINK On Billboard And Demand Spamming To Stop

Also this explains why the BP's edition is cheap compared to the older editions. They are forcing a total of 5 editions down your throat. They really thought BP's fans could be milked now they're the ones losing money kek.
>A total of five editions are available for pre-order at $65 a copy.

No. 13133

File: 1551922277808.jpg (25.96 KB, 400x337, images.jpeg-1.jpg)

Might as well bring back the 2000s SM style

No. 13134

File: 1551922380376.jpg (39.84 KB, 486x361, images.jpeg-2.jpg)

I just noticed that Taeyong is the modern equivalent of Jaejoong. Wonder why the favorite always gets the most shitty hair.

No. 13135

SK is a safe haven for pedophiles

No. 13137

You just noticed that now? He's been shilled as his carbon copy since his debut.

Speaking of dbsk, does anybody also feel that kpop groups are getting lower and lower in effort?
At least all 5 of them could sing and they werr tall, meanwhile nowadays there seem to be so many idols who have neither talent nor looks. Some years ago the talentless ones were at least pretty or had other qualities, but now it seems as if they cast literally anyone off the streets (or accepts whos parents pay the most). There are so many groups out there, meaning so many korean and foreign teens want to be Idols, yet they seem to always only pick out the worst ones. And no amount of gucci, chanel and expensive music videos can fix what they lack.

No. 13138

File: 1551924109534.png (380.68 KB, 1080x1080, 5a60abfceace967f8e0269ec.png)

Never forget: this face (attached to a 4ft-body) causes the farmers in the nct-thread to cream themselves…

No. 13141

literally looks like a lizard LMAO

No. 13142

he looks like an oblivion npc, down to the head shape

No. 13143

File: 1551927521366.jpg (342.93 KB, 1080x1523, b7uF5Sv35K.jpg)

the maturity in this fandom…

No. 13144

People honestly only do that because they pity him and want to feel special about liking an uggo. It's the same with every Shindong stan out there. It's pity.

No. 13147

Is that Suga or Woozie? lol they look so much alike. I'm confused if it's Woozie because I haven't seen one person in the general thread (which is dead anyway) say he's cute.

In any case nct fans clearly want Lucas's dick more than anything. I think I only saw two anons that liked Suga, and only his early photos before he fucked up his face.

No. 13148

There were a few Jungkook's fans I think but they disappeared or don't show themselves because bts get bullied too much on this board lol. I don't remember anybody discuss Woozi either

No. 13149

>bts get bullied too much
They don't get bullied ENOUGH
motherfucker ratmy-shit fans just angry they can't dox us for shit like they can anywhere else on the internet

No. 13150

It's either falling standards, or that their training system has gotten worse. Sure, they might not beat idols up anymore (or so they say) but I'll bet they're exercising much more control over other aspects of trainee life. It's hard to practice when you're starved and had 90 minutes of sleep in total

No. 13151

Haven't those crazy bitches reported naysayers to local law enforcement and their employers? It honestly feels good to have a place where we can discuss Kpop for what it is, knock off American music with shitty visuals.

No. 13153

Speaking of Lucas, whose dick is he sucking to get so many solo gigs? He got featured on Taeyeon's album, an SM station, variety show appearances and solo gigs in China and Thailand before the actual mainland Chinese/Thai members.
Is immature frat boy humour that popular in Korea?

He said he didn't sing at all for his audition….. he's lucky lookism is rampant in Korea to the point of overlooking everything else, because he wouldn't be anything but some rich executive's rent boy in any other country.

No. 13154

i never watched any of the produce shows but since there'll be a new one popping out (produce X or wtv) I tried watching some episodes of the older ones and holy fuck it actually made me mad - couldn't believe how talentless these idols really are, can't sing for their lives and pull cringy robotic dance moves and somehow manage to win the thing.. embarrassing.

and the groups that come out of produce are even worse since they're all chosen based on their looks - as much as their fans try to deny it - if it weren't for their faces oppars would never have won with their subpar skills

No. 13155

File: 1551935314664.jpg (89.44 KB, 960x960, 52326597_822648721416195_38625…)

Jiae has a new face.

I know Lovelyz isnt popular or anything but it makes me sad because she was kinda known for being cute and unique. Her nose wasnt even ugly.

No. 13156

i know this has been said a million times already but they are both on the uncanny valley now. they used to be okay looking until suga fucked up his face with that jaw shave and jungkook did whatever he did

No. 13157

Jungkook looks weird now? I haven't noticed but then again I only keep up with bts though this thread.

No. 13159

File: 1551939178794.jpg (79.74 KB, 600x900, Dzq66VpUYAEsXqe.jpg)

No. 13160


this makes me so angry because jk was one of the only bts members who didn't need to do shit more to his face. he was fine during fake love/idol promotions what happened

No. 13161

File: 1551940651894.jpg (52.23 KB, 500x750, 6e33ea6ba568d3dee973c2f8366bf4…)

What the heck. Hopefully this is just excessive shooping with SNOW filters on because she looks straight up like a Gangnam unnie. Completely unrecognizable when comparing this selfie to her old face.

Also I was surprised to find out she's the official visual of Lovelyz. She was never ugly and def at least average but Mijoo and Yein are praised more often for their looks than Jiae's ever been throughout Lovelyz career.

No. 13162

File: 1551941399624.jpg (269.42 KB, 2048x1364, 53698430_2257701254441314_4424…)

I doubt its a filter unfortunately. All of her videos and pics recently are like this.

No. 13163

File: 1551941520270.jpg (45.58 KB, 638x960, 53150426_2454484671242814_2190…)

samefag but i can post some more

its pretty startling

No. 13164

She looks like a run-of-the-mill Gangnam plastic girl now. Hani levels of waste.

No. 13166

Yeah… probably because i forgot that jaejoong did exist lol.

No. 13167

I would say the dudes in TVXQ weren't exactly pleasing to the eyes but at least the ugliest ones were excellent singers and jaejoong despite being the flower boy could actually sing too. I was never a cassiopeia but I could enjoy their songs casually. Nowadays they just throw in random trainees with artificial face and no talent and produce garbage music.

No. 13168

Because dbsk was formed from the very best of sm's trainees. Companies nowadays just debut all their trainees that don't leave instead of letting go of the dead weight and only debuting the very best trainees. SM did the same by forming sj out of dbsk's leftovers. They probably did it with NCT too when they should have just debuted the original baby dbsk members without the never ending member system.

No. 13169

File: 1551948867884.jpg (18.9 KB, 400x566, images.jpeg-3.jpg)

He looks like a fucking mice (this is not a compliment)

No. 13170

File: 1551949343701.jpg (385.59 KB, 1080x825, 20190307_160203.jpg)

This pops up randomly on my TL. They should have chosen someone else as the thumbnail cause her face is so punchable.

No. 13172

They probably just realized how easily they can make a group DBSK-tier popular (or close enough) with looks and numbers alone, which is much easier to find and artificially produce than a bunch of guys who can actually sing. The bigger a group, the more girls they can appeal to, but the harder it is to ensure they all have talent.

They also probably want to avoid depending too much on individual members. JYJ leaving could've potentially destroyed DBSK, but Suju and Exo members can drop like flies without the group risking their careers.

No. 13174

>>13172 when will SM produce a proper boygroup again with few members who all can actually sing? I'm tired of this horde of mediocre boys that keeps on getting bigger and bigger. I don't know why companies won't debut just a few of their most talented members. If a small group like mamaoo did it why shouldn't you be able to do it?
SM is like the fucking Oprah of companies, where everyone at the end gets handed out a debut.

No. 13175

I seriously don't get the hype over him. He is ugly and looks like a butch lesbian but for some reason nctfags are sweating him. If it wasn't for his looks, he would be dead weight to the group bc his rapping is subpar af.

Sm's favoritism for Mark,Lucas and Taeyong is what's going to hurt this group the most in the end.

No. 13176

I honestly don't see SM debuting a new boygroup any time soon not with nct around. If anything SM is just going to keep adding trainees (whether they are talented or not) to nct and make new subunits.

No. 13177

I mean on one hand a non-Korean is finally getting some promotion, on the other hand they're pushing him when he has zero talent to speak of. Mark and Taeyong have some talent at least, this guy can't rap can't dance, can't speak any language let alone Korean. He has got to have filthy rich parents or something

No. 13178

DBSK debuted at a time when almost all of SM's acts except Boa were failing or disbanded. SM probably tried their best to give the public no cause to complain with DBSK because they needed them to succeed.

No. 13179

Lucas is probably pushed because of that Jackson-esque, loud variety personality of his. The rest of them is quiet and deemed as boring so he's the one "saving" the shows. Plus, he debuts in China and seeing how Jackson, who is also a "rapper", took over China, they're probably dying to emulate his success.

No. 13180

They have Lay and Victoria who are a much bigger deal than Jackson, but their hold over them is tenuous at best. Maybe if they'd treated Kris, Luhan and Tao better…..

No. 13182

And he's the only member above 5'7" aside from our cringey, clapped friend Johnny.

No. 13185

They don't need to because the market has changed and lookism has gone too far.
But seriously small should've put taeyong, mark, taeil, yuta, doyoung, and haechan in a fixed group and gotten them good coaches and trainers cuz they're the only ones with actual and potential skill and talent. Too bad they produced a sloppy mess instead

No. 13186

Samefag not "small" but "sm"
I made a typo

No. 13187

TVXQ had solid vocalists, solid dancers, were funny on variety shows and their self written songs (which are rare because SM) are easily as good as the ones written for them, but their first year or so had some hilariously awful performances. They hadn’t quite mastered singing and dancing at the same time and were a bit of a mess. Some of them trained for about 3 years but apparently their debut was rushed at the last minute. Performing constant tours in Japan was more worthwhile than any training period, if a company wants a group to reach the kind of performance TVXQ do at their best then they need to be prepared to make them sing live a lot and get real experience. TVXQ would’ve been about 16-18 here, but there are new groups who are multiple years into their career and still have disasters like this. Groups need to tour to get better, they need to suck it up and perform to smaller crowds before they can perform in arenas

No. 13188

I liked lay in his rookie days…too bad he's turned into a propagandist for China's government or something shit.

No. 13189

Yutachan please. Both him and Haechan are bottom 5 in terms of talent and looks and Utah has a shitty personality to top it off.

No. 13190

He escaped the SM dungeon and still gets to call himself an Exo member for PR purposes, he won

No. 13191

Yeah, they could've formed one decent big group or two small ones out of NCT's 20+ people roster. Alas, looks like SM will waste two generations of male trainees on this shitty project.

No. 13192

JYJ are fucking messes (and the other two just hide it well probably) but peak TVXQ was unstoppable.

No. 13193

Johnny has white tumblr boy humour, no wonder him and Amber are best friends

No. 13194

changmin would be slaughtered if he’d left like jyj. his comments about womens age and attractiveness, the video of him dragging a sasaeng from the car, there’s definitely more to him that’s shady that he just keeps quiet. if he ever gets in some kind of scandal and public opinion about him changes then it’ll all flood out at once. yunho’s managed to keep a good image just because of how hard he overcompensates for the fact that he’s gay and knows he would lose his good image if it came out. he’s stayed especially good in the international community because netizenbuzz loves him and will translate anything as long as it has a comment about yunho saying he’s the “final boss” of tvxq

No. 13196

> overcompensates for the fact that he’s gay
I laughed so hard at this lol

But let's be honest, almost all male idols are covert misogynists. It's just that most of them manage to keep their mouths shut.

No. 13197

What about taeyong?

No. 13198

>his comments about womens age and attractiveness

Both of them have fairly good images, so unless they pull Seungri-tier bullshit, they'll be fine.
As far as I remember, wasn't Jaejoong (or another member?) also involved in a saesang scandal, but the public was mostly on their side, because they were stalked so badly that it was inevitable that anybody in their shoes would just snap one day…?

No. 13200

NAYRT but JYJ all had sasaeng scandals, they had to hold a press conference and apologise and there’s always been a public split on whether or not they were justified in what they did. They lost fans but most supported them, hardcore duo fans used it as evidence that HoMin were better without them, and general opinion was definitely very mixed but not that sympathetic, and has been even less on their side in recent years. Jaejoong’s was the worst since he went on a long drunken rant, swore at her, talked a lot of shit about Korean fans in general and hit her - though the woman herself said he only shoved her away once (“flicked her” or something was her wording) and that the leaked audio had been looped to make it sound like it repeated, or made it sound like it was her when he hit the camera. Some Jaejoong fans claimed the entire audio was faked (of course they did, oppa doesn’t know swears), but the rant, threatening her and at least one shove were all very real, even if someone had taken the audio and made it sound worse. It’s undeniably him, it was very obvious and the apologies confirmed it.

The rant and the explanation is arguably where most discussions on sasaengs come from, since he talked about being followed and harassed in that way more candidly than he ever did in public. It’s a very rare instance of an idol completely snapping, since even publicly saying on TV “I’d like it if people didn’t wait outside my house” can get enough criticism for it to be a rare occurrence. From what I can tell, the general opinion is like “what he did was wrong, but I’d probably do the same in that situation”. If he had a better image in general I think more people would defend it, but he’s Japan obsessed, careless and flashy; image is everything. If it came out in early 2009 where he was a top variety idol and had a unique look then it would’ve been different.

If anything else, the whole situation made it obvious that being under SM gives you certain protections. The video of Changmin dragging a sasaeng from a car was from about 10 years ago and only came out last year, most likely because of Japanese fan outrage over SM missing Japan off a map in their MV. I never saw any acknowledgement from them, and duo fans quietly dropped the “TVXQ are better now because they don’t hurt their fans” argument. I don’t think it’s something they needed to apologise for so I’m on SM’s side with it but it shows why a company like that works with sasaengs instead of against them, they absolutely have the power to dictate an idol’s image.

TL;DR the JYJ sasaeng controversy, and any other similar ones, are some of the most divisive controversies in k-pop, and not just in the usual way of fans defending vs non-fans criticising. The public would never support it unless the idol had a perfect image, but people would probably still agree that they would do the same in that situation

No. 13202

File: 1551970541912.jpg (7.59 KB, 280x48, 173933.jpg)

the fact that this is trending with tweets of armys crying about jungkook growing up makes me cringe so hard. stop babying a grown up 21 year old man. koreaboos think that calling someone oppa or hyung is a mindblowing thing like calling them daddy or something, it's just a honorific everyone uses for men older than them. it's not that deep.

No. 13203

Not to justify their fetishisation but oppa does have some sexual connotations to it since older guys love young girls calling them that or ask them to call them by that.

No. 13204

Kinda disturbing since it also means older brother imo

No. 13205

Daddy didn't use to be that deep either until fetish community changed it.

No. 13208

I fucking wheezed at the Yunho part, anon. It's funny cause it's too real.

On the other hand, I do not think the Changmin dragging a sasaeng thing is relevant at all. He's known for having a shit ass personality and people put up with it like he's a cat. It's also known how brutal sasaengs have been with him as a kid (like throwing a bag full of rocks at him iirc, or breaking one of his fingers) so people excuse it because they legit think he's fucked in the head.

No. 13209

Why was this posted three times tho? Lol

No. 13210

I fucking hate these grown up people reacting online acting so hyped about every shitty kpop song that comes out. It's embarrassing. You're a 25+ year old black dude that probably doesn't even listen to kpop outside of the video, even less a pretty boy group of around 15-19 years old signing auto tuned songs.

It's so transparent and FAKE. I hope kpop dies out in North America and this fat idiot gets a job. Fuckin 442k subscribers, fuck me. You americans really like giving your money to mediocre people.

No. 13211

You Americans!!1!

No. 13212

not americans anon, kboos. they love validation from random strangers on youtube.

No. 13213

I get other countries do it, but it's so obvious how many dumb teenagers and lazy adults make money on Youtube from the USA that it disgusts me. Idiots getting richer and richer. But this is not a discussion thread for that so I won't push the subject.

Still fucking hate reactors of any type, in any country.

No. 13214

The blatant 7rings rip-off.

No. 13215

Can't wait for their obnoxious stans to cream themselves over how they stan "talented queens"!!!1!
I don't mind Mamamoo but their stans are more rabid than Blinks sometimes

No. 13216

Lol do you guys remember that white boy who blew up in Korean teenage sites for his looks? The i-fans were so triggered that Korean girls liked a white guy, as if they themselves don't worship the shit outta idols.

No. 13218

File: 1551975113987.jpg (67.29 KB, 620x826, 85732fa73b718f8dc983050a6533bc…)

No. 13219

File: 1551975256063.jpg (27.09 KB, 332x443, 6DB85EFA-3477-499C-9338-0831FA…)

No. 13220

File: 1551975286040.jpg (47.27 KB, 829x720, 45376361_2180423225506336_8444…)

No. 13221

File: 1551975310002.jpeg (92.68 KB, 1280x720, DoD7la3UYAAgjgT.jpeg)

No. 13222

File: 1551975337437.jpg (736.14 KB, 839x1000, 20190218161600906sdii.jpg)

No. 13223

Please stop, my eyes can no longer take this

No. 13224


Since somebody brought it up a little while ago, what the fuck have they been doing to this boy's face?

No. 13226

The last one is my favourite though, he looks like death warmed over

No. 13227

JYJ is a total shit show. I'd honestly be shocked if Yunho had a scandal. Because he actually seems genuine. Which is rare, because there's so many shitty people in kpop.

>>13194 What comments?

No. 13228

from >>13218 to >>13222. dear god

i can't pinpoint what it is but his face looks really off and that zombie shade foundation isn't helping.

No. 13229

Who was it?

No. 13230

Some YouTube reactor, forgot the name though

No. 13231

Kai Mastro

No. 13232

Ratmy will swear >>13218 to >>13219 is puberty and weight loss but that has got to be PS right? >>13219 still looks like a normal human, and I actually thought >>13221 wasn't too bad with the more realistic foundation. >>13222 is downright terrifying though. Even if you ignore the pallor, there's something very off about his face shape, around the cheeks I think

No. 13233

Just looked him up and I gotta say, idk what those k-girls saw

No. 13234

Same. I thought he would be some pale blond (underage) guy, seeing as Loreans love types like Leo DiCaprio or Trump's son lol
He's pandering to them so hard, even wearing makeup…

No. 13235


No. 13237

If the boy groups are shit I can't wait to see the next girl group. People in the last thread mentioned that a previous SM trainee stated that the female trainees are all shit so I'm excited.

No. 13238

Maybe he got a botched face lift or face fillers? His skin looks really tight and bloated idk.

No. 13239

It isn't that deep, he's doing it for the money and pretending to be hype because Koreaboos love getting validation of Kpop from black people.

I would do the same if I was black no lie.

No. 13240

They saw white skin. That's all that matters to Koreans kek

No. 13241

Yeah Koreaboos looking for validation from black people is mega embarrassing and just..weird.

Anyway Idk how K-pop fans can't tell all these reactors are YouTube are fake and only do it for views and subs. I think it wouldn't be as bad if these YouTubers gave honest reviews about the songs and mv instead of the usual "oMg tHiS iS sO LiT!!1!2!!22! WhOa He DiD ThAT!!!! OMg tHeY aRe fIre I sTaN!1!2!". I've never seen anyone of those ytbrs give a negative review and it's cringy.

No. 13243

File: 1551979888387.jpg (72.69 KB, 456x810, tumblr_pnx0m3moxP1sryg4j_540.j…)

Kek RM is apparently our generations tupac/kendric lamar/wutang clan

No. 13244

I really hope this is sarcasm

No. 13245

this needs to be a troll baiting

No. 13246

LOL this must be a joke. Sounds like the rick and morty copypasta (but so do many of the army essays)

No. 13253

This sounds really similar to Starry Night

No. 13254

For many of them, even an average white dude would look super handsome. Just like the fangirls with yellow fever who drool over the most average, sometimes even ugly guys as long as they're Asian - but reversed.
Vid related.

No. 13256

I remember when they posted that clip of them walking around in some European country and joy called everyone she saw handsome. I think she got a bit of backlash cause in another interview she addressed that part.

No. 13257

What all Kpop "rappers" sound like

No. 13258

Rude, at least joji still has a nice flow even when shitposting rap songs.

No. 13259

yeri is trying way too hard to become a singer-songwriter\prOduCeR - all she does is copy IU and doesn't have an original bone in her friggin body (also she can't hold a fucking note but then we can go on for days)

No. 13260

Joji and the rest of 88 rising shouldn't cozy up to BTS, they are way too good for them

No. 13261

The line between copypasta and reality becomes nearly indistinguishable when it comes to army delusion

No. 13262

Fuck, why did I physically laugh at this typo?

No. 13263

Source? I would love to see that

No. 13266

Lmao I laughed at that too

It's funny how girls are delusional enough to think their precious oppars don't frequently hook up with girls. Have any male idols ever slipped up or hinted at it before?

No. 13267

It's around 6:42

No. 13272

Other pictures are clearly him with full faces of makeup. I not saying he hasn’t gotten ps but idols always wear a full face wether it’s natural or not.

An example of this is chanyeol. They change his nose shape during makeup but there are bare pictures of him and his nose is still bulbous. It would honestly be better if idols went out for no makeup more but they rarely do

No. 13273

I saw a video of him too, he's super gay too. Am I the only one that is not attracted to gay men? Like I can find them handsome, but I never feel attracted sexually if I know they are gay.

Dude looks super botched, don't get the following if he really had one. It's like the weirdos that thirst over Edward Avila, ew.

No. 13274

Idols do get a lot of ps but that whitewash-ey foundation looks ridiculous, they look way better with more natural tones. I don't know why k-pop makeup artists keep using it.

No. 13275

This was the same video I saw on 4chan when incels were spamming AWWM shit

No. 13276

lol this video + the webm of doyeon checking out a random white guy on the street

No. 13277

Nah they are just as shitty at rapping than BTS. Singing as well

No. 13278

The Kendrick for this generation is…Kendrick. He's still current.

No. 13280

I think he denied it? I'm not sure.
But yeah that video that was featured was filled with Korean and broken English comments telling him how handsome he is. He's super pale, has large eyes and has that soft, kinda feminine look and those mannerisms that many Asian girls dig. Not assuming anyone's sexuality but either way, Koreans really suck at detecting patterns.

No. 13281

i'm not that into their music either but the 88 crew is more tolerable imo. i remember them making fun of bts' cringy gay fanservice and triggering armys lol

No. 13282

most farmers admit to having a femdom fetish and want a small and short boyfriend, this isn’t shocking

No. 13283

samefag but I remember there was a member of a group that wrote on instagram oncabout books and how you can imagine whatever you want while reading books. Then he said that(becuz of the imagination/escape of books), yesterday he was doing whatever and today "I was kissing/making out with a pretty girl." Then he goes "well that's only just my fantasy of course hehe

No. 13288

remember when yg said every member of blackpink would be getting a solo cause blinks were mad only Jennie was soloing with no no comeback

No. 13290

Regarding solos…kek I didn't know Jennie getting a solo was a real thing or that it came out like 3 months ago. I just watched it and the song and video are so forgettable. What's up with the back up dancers dancing way better than Jennie yet they are all doing the same moves?

No. 13292

b/c she has no fucking energy, just like the song

No. 13299

lol i don't believe they'll ever get a solo, he doesn't let them have a full album but will waste resources on the solos? yeah sure

why does haechan get so much praise for his vocals? his singing is breathy. i also still don't get why taeyong is praised, i tried listening to yestoday for example and his rapping is horrible

No. 13306

Yg will go bankrupt first before they can launch rosé's solo due to the stuff with seungri

No. 13307

crowd is dead

No. 13308

File: 1552013039446.jpg (72.04 KB, 668x393, simply-kpop-326.jpg)

Fuck stupid fans and the kpop industry for praising and producing twinks like these

No. 13309

The tallest girl is so out of place. Heard she's 1.85m, should have gone the modeling path instead of this shady crypto scam.

No. 13310

What's going on with the guys on both sides of Felix?

No. 13313

a fan of lovelyz's jisoo posted this video on yt wth so creepy

look how close they're from her and her manager does nothing

No. 13314

pick one. it should be telling that ratmon loves his music.

No. 13315

i didn't know 88rising is that well-known, i'm surprised he gave them a shoutout. it would be funny if he was a fan of filthy frank

No. 13317

File: 1552015633077.jpg (61.88 KB, 481x640, 0000714497_001_201903071434027…)

txt's members look very creepy, like actual wax dolls

No. 13318

if they decided to pick boys with surgically altered appearance anyway, why couldn't they find at least somebody more attractive then (this one doesn't look that bad tho, just creepy)

No. 13320

Their agency has been doing this from the beginning its really weird. They dont seem to really be protected and its almost like they are really "accessible" compared to other groups. Within a month of their debut, all sorts of fanshots that were practically creepshots, of them at the mall getting food, at an amusement park, etc were leaking. None of them seemed to be done by professional fansites or anything it looked like just general creepshots. Especially of Kei and Mijoo and Yein who all had on like…thigh high stockings and super short skirts and shorts and it made me kinda uncomfortable especially since Yein was still underaged. Mijoo also did a lot of performances without safety shorts on. Idk if she just did it because she wanted to or if she was put up to it, but….yeah. Really hope they're not being forced to pander because giving fans power like that is a big no no unless you want a potential stalker situation/physical harm to happen to the girls.

No. 13327

There's something so uncanny valley about his face, it freaks me tf out, especially when he smiles.

No. 13328


i am not a stan but taeyong has dancing skills (his horrible rapping kinda negates that but oh well)

No. 13329

File: 1552030607305.jpg (81.4 KB, 720x900, jiae.jpg)


No. 13330

the old man is the producer of AKB48, someone snapped a photo of them at the movies. It was big gossip at the time.

No. 13331

There are barely any people and they're not threatening, they're not even doing anything. That doesn't look look a dangerous situation at all. So why should her manager step in? It makes her seem nice, that she's just casually talking to them like a normal person. It's not like she's Kim K levels of famous.

No. 13333

Gross. They've probably been banging since she debuted at 13. Akb is so fucked

No. 13334

File: 1552034937194.jpg (54.8 KB, 530x395, 20190307143345344qaqq.jpg)

Solely judging by the way they're styled and how people talked about them I thought they're a bunch of really young boys, but there's actually even one dude who's born in 99. They're just made to look like big retarded toddlers.

Koreans are also already saying that they're ugly.

No. 13336

looks like they missed the "korea catching up with the 90s" era by 6 years or so haha

No. 13340

Lol why do I feel like jpop or japan in general has more milky stories

No. 13391

Hm looks like they are going from some kind of uwu cute concept..What demographic are they targeted towards? Young fans or are they pedo bait for older woman? - Anyway when will kpop stylist stop dressing people like a hot mess? It's so.. They can't possibly think this looks good? Hot pink jacket with oversized light green shorts? Anybody with a brain can see that combo looks bad. I sound nitpicky but it's just so annoying. They got money they can afford nice looking clothes for them not shit that looks like 2nd generation hand-me-downs and leftovers from Goodwill.

No. 13392

Cuz they do.

No. 13393

I dont even know her but it bothers me how she seems so proud of her new face, ew

No. 13394

The koreans aren't wrong, every one of them is considerably busted.

No. 13395

ive always been curious how korea actually feels about jyj/homin, i know netizen buzz hates jyj so she only translates good homin articles & bad jyj ones but it does seem like jyj are all pure pieces of shit. i’m glad they left. changmin is 100% an asshole but he hides it well. yunho is genuine & FLAMING gay. watch any video of him dancing w a woman

its nice that i can actually have input on 2nd gen groups lol idk any of these new twinks. i miss the talent and groups that werent cookie cutter. and real drama, kpop is so boring now when no one has personality and theyre all teens

No. 13396

File: 1552045992082.jpg (1.55 MB, 1920x1920, PhotoGrid_1552045918528.jpg)

He looks like a monkey hybrid

No. 13397

Kpop idols and their managers do the same thing tho, you just never see it. People have talked and said that stuff happens and more

No. 13398

bc they 100% do and it makes me wish someone actually gave a shit about jpop so we could discuss them

No. 13399

Well i'm interested but is it allowed to make another thread after the jpop one? It's more like jrock / visual kei focused though

No. 13400

TXT reminds me of old B1A4, just blander in the face and flashier in the clothes.

No. 13401

Yea the reporters over there are no "dispatch" They'll stalk like crazy to get a story and something to put on a tabloid, thats why so much is revealed. It kinda reminds me of American celebrity gossip cuz they're also ratchet like them

Also I don't think there is enough to discuss for a separate thread tho

No. 13402

did the old thread hit the bump limit? if not, then no. it can be discussed alongside the rock/vkei shit.

No. 13403

samefag but korean entertainment could have a a lot of milk to discuss if they didn't hide everything. You mostly just get those A and B stories. Lame

No. 13404

what? there's already a separate thread and there's way more to discuss than bad ps and skellies which is basically all that ever comes up here.

No. 13405

But where does all the info come from tho? Like j-entertainment is not international like k-entertainment so who provides the milk in translation?

No. 13406

people who actually give a shit about jpop…

No. 13407

bighit needed to bait the pedo jungkook and jimin fans since both of them are busted now

No. 13408

This is the new j-music thread

They fucked up: Young teen girls might find their height attractive, but are put off by their styling. Noona fans might like their young age and little boy styling, but are put off by their height and mature looking plastic faces. They just look weird.

No. 13410

today is international women’s day and yet the super woke group BTS who loves their female fans posted nothing about it… armys are really blind jesus

No. 13411


I always wonder what's the deal with these skinny artists/girls, in general, taking pictures with high caloric food. Like, do they even eat it? Do they take a bite and just throw the rest away? Or do they purge? They can't be skinny and be eating like that often right? … I hate to throw away food so I don't even spend money on large stuff like that unless I'm sharing with alot of people.

No. 13412

Lol even if they did, I'd expect something along the lines of "Speak yourself, love yourself, ladies -sincerely, RM.

No. 13413

they just want the clout for being woke. throw back to rm having a career off of gay baiting and social justice but backing off when he was asked about supporting lgbt.

No. 13414

Imo Korea has the same kind of shit going on, but for some reason it's way harder to get someone to spill the beans. It's more hush hush.

No. 13415

at least you can count on comrade zhang yixing


No. 13417

> I hate to throw away food
This is the reason. In real life you're always going to be served over the limit for what you need so throwing away food needs to be habitual otherwise going over the limit will be the habit.

No. 13418

Changmin is def asshole-ish, he looks he he want to be there like 50% of the time. And is super blunt. He’s not into being a fluffy uwu idol at all. Cassies just look the other way.

No. 13419

I don't think he was always that good at speaking English? Compare that to our American superstars bts who still can't form a sentence.
He'll surely surpass rm's unintelligible English in a few years.

No. 13420

Their song after that one misogyny song was called 21st Century Girls. Like it was such an asspull especially when it only applies to 16 year old fans.

No. 13421

File: 1552057141515.jpeg (157.9 KB, 640x518, 2B573BA9-CDEA-4916-963B-D0BA81…)

“i just really liked that song, that’s all”

i don’t know how armys can still defend this guy lol he’s so lame

No. 13422

h-he was hust trying to help his bros vkook hide their queerness anon!!

No. 13423

happy wooman's day

No. 13424

File: 1552058981661.png (238.74 KB, 586x417, Captura de pantalla 2019-03-08…)

No. 13426

kek one of the elusive self aware kpopfags

No. 13427

File: 1552059869552.gif (1.04 MB, 185x350, CkSgG2x.gif)

YG reportedly owns 5 other clubs suspected of evading taxes

i can't wait to see more dirt on YG and Seungri.

Trainees will probably leave YG ENT out of their own will or their (stage) parents will force them because they're afraid the public will shun them just for association.
YG artist are probably waiting for their contracts to end so they can leave the dungeon but also before it affects their career. shit, might be some dirt on them too.

Not only is jennie YG's favorite, her mother is also a high up in the company, so jennie won't leave YG ent. but i'm sure the other members are sick of not being treated right and wanna opt out even more because of this extra shit pilled up.

there is no big bang money flowing in and blackpink can't sell concert tickets.
YG might already be broke so him paying billboard and good morning america for BP publicity is a desperate last attempt to turn bp into the next international kpop hit like big bang used to be cause he needs cashcow to save him. if that doensn't work YG will just ask seugri if any of his rich contacts wanna buy an idol to fuck.

No. 13429

I can't tell if it's supposed to be a genuine statement or if it bashes those who say that because of the meme attached to it.

No. 13430

I think they eat a little but dont finish. On tv shows they arent even usually allowed to finish food lol. And when they do the audience screams and oohs and ahs like retards. Its like Koreans dont eat or something.

No. 13431

you sound too optimistic tbh. seungri is enlisting soon and people are going to go back to acting like nothing happened in a few months. I can't see any of their current artists leaving anytime soon except for lee hi and CL.

No. 13434

File: 1552066466749.jpeg (7.5 KB, 236x247, 1855E753-0732-4F9A-B283-74C4A9…)

No. 13438

I thought the actual mainstream music that the general public likes were those coffee shop ballads. Still boring and vanilla, but still.

No. 13439


I think it is too much filler and bleaching. Why don't managers let idols age naturally– men get so much better looking when their face thins out and they get cheekbones. Also, why not let them have their natural skin tone? It is very attractive and much better than that weird bleached look.

No. 13440


"On the March 8 airing of KBS 2TV's 'The Hit,' Noh Sa Yeon visited GFriend's practice room to prepare for their stage together.

While enjoying a late-night meal together, Noh Sa Yeon asked, "You guys can't comfortably eat like this on the usual, right?" Sowon replied, "We eat very comfortably." SinB added, "In the past, we couldn't but now we can eat a little when also being on a diet, so we've been eating all we want lately." Umji explained, "Since we are very active."

>in the past we couldnt but now we can eat a little while also being on a diet

No. 13442

Saw a Pann Choa article on Yuta and the shit Kpop fans eat up is hilarious. These are quotes of "pretty things" Yuta has said, but it just sounds so fucking stupid.
"1. The scariest thing in the world is free
2. What's important isn't what you're eating but with who you're eating with
3. Rather than trying hard, the result is important
4. I don't care about what kind of person I am (the person that people around me think I am is me)
5. Don't look for the camera, the camera will look for us

No. 13443

>3. Rather than trying hard, the result is important
unironically smarter than every kpop fan who yells "b-but they work so hard!" when someone criticises their faves

No. 13444

>1. The scariest thing in the world is free

yeah no shit because no one wants to pay for war and starving children…am I not understanding this correctly? This is like saying "rain is wet and the grass is green

No. 13445

To be honest I think the translation of this might be wonky, it doesn't make much sense. Maybe freedom?

No. 13446

>6. We live in a society

No. 13447

File: 1552074286163.jpg (216.45 KB, 634x463, ac65ca408e6be9e7.jpg)

I think he's already very thin but that bleach is just sad. They didn't use to white wash idols that hard back in the day but it's extremely popular now.

No. 13449

so basically every kpop idol is going to end up looking like white botched michael jackso in the end

No. 13452

No. 13454

>I don't care about what kind of person I am (the person that people around me think I am is me)

So we should let others dictate what kind of person you should be? This is dogshit advice and he deserves more botched surgeries for this

No. 13456

His ghostwriter you ask? RM.

No. 13457

All those quotes have such horrible translation and need context, if I didn't know what he meant and why they were said I'd be disgusted too

No. 13458

I honestly think this is just an example of poor translation or a direct translation to English. That's probably why those quotes sound so stupid. At least I hope this is the case.

No. 13460

File: 1552082568565.gif (4.92 MB, 394x580, IckyAliveHarborporpoise-size_r…)

I never realized how skinny Rose is

No. 13461

why is she doing that butt move? she has like the flattest ass in bp, right next to jennie

No. 13462

File: 1552084141626.jpg (516.08 KB, 1065x949, 1549949480435.jpg)

I feel like plump face and big hair full of extensions fool people into thinking she's healthy looking.

<<< Compare their arms and legs.

No. 13463

File: 1552084257988.jpeg (682.97 KB, 1242x1217, 2D231153-5F6F-45E6-8C85-83609C…)

is anyone else creeped out by txt kais triple eyelids? like wtf how does that even happen… is it a result of botched surgery? i’ve never seen someone have eyes that look like this…

No. 13465

do you not know many asians? sometimes eyelids fold in multiple places. mine does that sometimes on one eye.

No. 13467

she's super skinny but also has a kind of weird, lanky body to start with. her torso bends a lot and looks disconnected from her body easily. sunmi looks just as skeletal but less weird in general. her frame seems like the type that would look really nicely proportioned if she weighed 10lbs more, some idols don't have much waist definition unless they're very skinny but she seems like she doesn't need to be so skelly to have a smaller waist compared to her hips. i thought she came across as pretty basic but likeable in their american interviews, she could do well if she was pushed more but she just looks too uncanny for that rn. she just looks… off. her personality seems very 2013 tumblr with her avocados and ukulele indie schtick, but a basic but nice personality is still more interesting than just being a silent walking thinspo.

i've seen praise for her body but i think she'd still have the same shape if she weighed more. k-pop diets are questionable if you're pretty sedentary, but if you're exercising a lot then you can afford to eat more than a sweet potato and plain chicken breast. they seem to focus on having a low number of calories (700-1200 max) and not weighing that up against exercise

No. 13472

o believe me i was a huge cassie years ago lol i always like changmin/heechul/the idols who dont put up so much pretense. are there any 3rd gen ones like that? (sorry i know this is the crit thread but im curious if theres anyone tolerable now)

No. 14687

lol what? Western celebrities have PR teams, handlers, all that stuff. Most of the time, you never hear them say what they actually think, its all an act for the show they are in. Usually because they are hoping it might lead to in acting role.

No. 14688

File: 1552093143541.jpg (20.46 KB, 360x406, images.jpeg.jpg)

Most likely a botched surgery (pic related is him predebut)

I'm asian as well and my monolids sometimes fold into double eyelids on one eye, but there's always a reason like it only happens when I have a swollen eye after crying overnight. Never seen any asian with triple eyelids either, even chinese ppl that have prominent double eyelids, their eyelids dont fold into triple like that kek. Plus after seeing his predebut pics I think it's a result of a botched surgery.

No. 14689

File: 1552093205675.jpg (48.48 KB, 529x667, 70fcd9756d211d45f6e2a8dba7dbf5…)

Man I miss 2015 so much.

Can someone tell me why exactly Dean was obsessed with trying to "uglify" himself?

No. 14690

Kpop is like meth that turn naturally good looking people into ogres

No. 14691

lol her ass is so flat it looks like shes twerking her pubic bone lol

Rose has a bigger skull than Jennie, and Jennie and the others also has the more petite bone structure, so I think Rose keeps herself purposefully underweight, because she has to stand next to the other girls often.

No. 14692

I'm a halfie with double eyelids and sometimes my eyes crease like that in the morning, but it's never permanent…he definitely got surgery. His face creeps me out so much, it looks like he's on autopilot and has absolutely no soul behind the facade.

No. 14693

File: 1552095138078.png (1.55 MB, 1440x1665, Screenshot_20190308-203105~2.p…)

Do you anons think these views are organic?

No. 14695

i'm so sick of this song, can they produce something else already

No. 14696

kind of? i think there are some psychotic blinks still streaming dddd non-stop, it's not newer people hearing the song.

No. 14697

Ofc not. It's just the same bpfags playing the video over and over again to compete for views. I'm sure those creeps already aim for 1 miLli0n viEwS in 1 mOnTh!!!! or smth like that.

No. 14698

Look how much better they all look without the bleaching- not trying to be too sjw about it but seriously Asian skin is so nice the way it is. It’s weird to not embrace it. Lily-white skin is ugly. (I say this as someone who has it).

No. 14699

1 billion i mean kek

No. 14700

No natural skin tone is ugly. It's simply that koreans are aiming for something that is naturally not for them, hence the uncanny look.

No. 14701

File: 1552096347447.png (683.08 KB, 846x595, 1545771050193.png)

Ddudu song went viral in Indonesia with 318M plays + 161M from Thailand. Two thirds of the views just from 2 countries. And fanatical fans don't have much to stream on repeat, it's not like they put out multiple albums in their 3 years career.

No. 14702

And somi hasn't even debuted yet kek

No. 14703

File: 1552097907954.jpg (817.16 KB, 1000x1500, mama_2015_hongkong_rv_wendy_2.…)

Korean plastic surgery and makeup looks so bad because their beauty standard is based on something fantasy-like and they're trying to push it on real humans and it obviously looks uncanny valley when it happens in reality. It's not like they're trying to have slightly paler skin or a slightly smaller jaw, they go with the extreme and think being extremely pale and shaving your jaw off completely makes you look beautiful but in reality it makes you look like an alien trying to pretend they're human.

No. 14704

File: 1552098206958.png (214.89 KB, 540x330, tumblr_o1fuf2udY81rw5s69o1_540…)

Is Somi still even relevant? I feel like this was a bad move on her part, if Somi and Natty had stuck with waiting for ITZY they'd be fine, but they were impatient.

No. 14705

they would've been better off popularity wise staying in jyp but Somi still has a chance imo. who knows if JYP would've even put natty in itzy.

No. 14706


tbh I wonder if going on Produce 101 for somi was a bad move in and of itself. It caused her to expose herself too early. She easily could have debuted and blown up in Itzy.

Then again Somi might still do big things since she has national name recognition and that's not easy to come by. Maybe she should try to make it in America

No. 14707

So I saw people talking in the later thread about Oniontaker, and does anybody know what's up with him?
I heard he is just a loser in the industry pretending to be mysterious but not knowing shit, but that thing about the SNSD Dancing Queen song being hinted at made me take a step back.

No. 14708

Also the fact that they remove the corner of the jaw. The fuck? I don't understand how they think that looks good.

No. 14709

File: 1552101351843.jpg (126.18 KB, 810x1024, 1d256648ae1f17b1475b3b4ce4711f…)

imo her jaw doesn't look so botched when she gains weight(or maybe they just pumped her full of filler), she almost looks like her old self when she's "heavier

No. 14710

So, I took a little gander at the comment section of this video and h o l y shit are armies fucking insane. Daily reminder that lolcow is the only safe space to critique Kpop without stans ganging up on you. I can't wait for BTS and kpop to lose popularity so these people will crawl back to their caves.

No. 14714

He's just a borderline sasaeng who claims to have all this SM "insider" knowledge but ends up being wrong half the time.

No. 14722

>inb4 this poor soul ends up missing

No. 14725

Yep. And they'll be harassing this girl's inbox to post retarded BTS MV reaction clicks, and she might do it too tbh.

No. 14727

She martyred herself to shit on BTS, a true warrior


No. 14730

Off topic but I really fucking hate these new try hard teen youtubers. They are always over the top "relatable", fake coughing or burping every few minutes. It's fucking gross and not funny in the least. It's super fake too.

I can kind of get how she's "funny" but that trans girl that does makeup that got super famous out of nowhere recently is baffling to me. I saw one video of her and I wanted to shoot myself after a minute.

No. 14732

That's the point, she got herself exposed way too early and now that the hype had died down I'm not sure if her debut will even be relevant anymore

No. 14733

you mean the ambiguously brown one who makes his videos in his bedroom? TIL he's a tranny kek, I thought he was just a normal fag.

No. 14734

ot but yeah i also thought that he was just a teenage girl when i had no idea what a typical mtf was like but after i learned it i realized the similarities. i like some of his videos tho

No. 14735

I didn't watch the whole thing and just skipped around, was all she said "I don't get k-pop" or did she talk more about k-pop? It's ridiculous if fans got offended over someone simply saying that they don't get it.

No. 14736

She honestly didn't say anything outrageous, just that she didn't get it or the hype around it. It's freaky how cultish the armies are about their stupid fandom and revere it as art. God, it vomit worthy

No. 14737

I meant I thought he was a normal, gay teenage boy, not a teenage girl. he doesn't pass at all.

No. 14738

Outside of 48G and Johnny’s (and sketchy indie producers) there’s not much going on. Kpop is equal or worse in terms of how they treat their idols.
AKB hit #1 with every release because of their handshake tickets and a 48G girl recently got attacked in her apartment.
You don’t hear about dieting, girls being sold, botched surgery, or tax fraud outside of the groups I mentioned earlier. Just weirdly young idols like with kpop.
There’s not enough going on to require it’s own thread.

No. 14739

Eh… it already has it's own thread and it is a lot milkier and less nitpicky albiet less active.

No. 14740

File: 1552118803930.jpg (41.06 KB, 452x678, images.jpeg-1.jpg)

Is this girl from (g)-idle another hyuna wannabe? I find her to be more of a tryhard compared to soyeon, and she looks 35 when she's only 21 kek

No. 14741

File: 1552120747971.jpg (410.11 KB, 1080x1080, 20190309_153828.jpg)

I laughed so hard seeing this
Ps. It's not edited

No. 14742

No. 14743

Congrats, you are a sjw. And have yellow fever.
Or you're larping and are actually asian yourself
>muh superior brown skin

No. 14744

File: 1552124320066.jpg (109.62 KB, 800x1200, 3348.jpg)

I still can't figure out what standards Yuta is trying to follow

No. 14745

File: 1552126995903.jpg (76.95 KB, 564x752, 2ce0f7defdc41caa5.jpg)

Agreed, being relatable is trendy right now and I can't wait until it goes away.

Their post was strange, but
It's true that most of the idols posted here look way better without all the PS, shitty surgery that makes them look plastic/botched, crash dieting and BB creams that make them look like ashy ghosts. And don't get me started on the Jimin reptile circle lenses.
I wish these idols and their fans would do away with their shitty unrealistic standards and not hate themselves.

No. 14746

preaching about self love while ruining their faces with jaw shaves, nose jobs and corpse pale foundation lol

No. 14747

File: 1552129779056.jpg (127.19 KB, 930x1200, D00mPEnXcAETmzS.jpg)

The dead inside trend probably

No. 14748

File: 1552130198019.png (1.11 MB, 1094x548, Capture.PNG)

suga dont look too good in his new vlive

No. 14749

who's that in the back?

No. 14750

File: 1552131163157.jpg (166.25 KB, 1200x900, unnamed.jpg)

Because Korea is more tight with their online controls. The Korean Communications Commission, unlike western countries, is not a separate entity, it reports directly to the Presidential Office. Which means if you want something suppressed you just make a phone call.

No. 14751

File: 1552131251089.jpg (Spoiler Image,129.34 KB, 1278x700, mayu.jpg)

Something like Watanabe Mayu the center of AKB48 getting hacked, wouldn't have happened in Korea, unless they wanted it to.

No. 14752

looks like taehyung

and he looks like albino edawn fucked a naked mole rat, jfc. how is it going, yoongi?

No. 14753

they look hideous with blonde hair

No. 14754

Same. I think lots of weird shit will be leaked about BTS like Big Bang after they start to flop and don't have the money to shut people up though.

No. 14755

why do idols wear that mask indoors

No. 14756

>(g)-idle another hyuna wannabe?
Yes, she's their token "sexy" member. They could have chosen someone less matronly-looking to be the sexy one though, this chick looks permanently bloated

No. 14757

Can't wait for Jimin to piss off the wrong person one day. When they're no longer useful as a propaganda tool everything's going to tumble down

No. 14760

The company probably knew Hyuna had someone on the side and was preparing her to be the "new" Hyuna once the info came out, there are too many similarities to be an accident.

No. 14761

That sounds almost utopian to me, considering how important western validation is to a country with such a huge inferiority complex.

No. 14762


Is there any history in Korea of celebrities later in life confessing to reporters and/or writing autobiographies? In the US if you wait long enough you can usually piece together the truth about people from all the tell-alls and reporting. But I don’t know if Koreans do that.

No. 14763

What do you mean? What standards?

No. 14765

The thread is called no1curr about yuta, but you bitches won't shut the fuck up. why are there so many nct farmers?

No. 14766

File: 1552136322474.png (36.29 KB, 636x396, FlopCT.PNG)

nct spergs take your flop faves and GTFO

No. 14767

There are a few that wrote books like (auto)biographies but I don't think they explicitly mention what goes behind the scenes and all, at least nothing that exposes the dirty aspects of their industry. There might be many reasons for this but I think they're just not ready to endure all that media coverage and the public attention.
South Korea is tiny after all, shit spreads fast and you can't hide.

No. 14769

I assume beauty standards.

No. 14770

Are you implying that idols don’t look like shit when they bleach their skin ghost white?

No. 14772

And people seem to freak out at the slightest violation of their million social norms in a way you don’t see as much of in more individualist countries.

No. 14773

Korea’s #metoo movement, if they have one, is going to be really something. Maybe in 50 years. I mean- we barely know anything about what goes on and already the stories are very…. wow.

No. 14774

That’s the Jrock thread. Jpop is a totally different genre.

No. 14775

It's honestly gonna take decades for women there to overcome their internalized misogyny and the desire to conform, and another few for men to not get mad at women who dare to speak out about their experiences. It's really interesting how the country is so advanced yet so backwards.

No. 14779

No it's about Jmusic in general, not just Jrock. Jpop and idoru garbage is discussed there too.

No. 14781

One of the female cast members of the kdrama boys over flowers committed suicide a few years ago and said her manager would force her to have sex with him and other executives. She said it happens with so many actresses

No. 14784

Did anything happen to him? I know I can google but anything related to K-Pop or actors there has so much irrelevant/inaccurate content.

No. 14786

Actually I don't know, most likely not. She wrote that in her suicide note and nobody there takes those seriously. You saw what happened with jonghyun

No. 14787

File: 1552142015430.png (39.69 KB, 250x222, 250px-Logo_of_South_Korean_fem…)

Extremist Groups like Megalia have been harming gender relations in Korea in the last few years, causing social division. Some say they are supported by the Korean Ministry for Women 여성부, since the KCC has not blocked the site. And the KCC is a government entity.

Not to mention the impeachment of President Park harming womens image, as the first woman President of Korea

Megalia was shut down mysteriously soon after Park Geun Hye was impeached for corruption, and that her PA, had been making decisions on her behalf, as well as being part of a cultist church.

After the shutdown of the megalia site, the posters moved to womad.(derailing)

No. 14788

Gross you should have spoilered that shit…

No. 14793

He was at the variety show "knowing bros" and was talking about his book and hinting at his depression yet the guys just made jokes about it or brushed it off iirc.
Admittedly, it's supposed to be a fun, entertaining show and not a platform for sensitive matters.
But it's true that nobody cared until it was done.

No. 14794

File: 1552143400662.jpg (68.64 KB, 1000x493, 5371147871150145536.jpg)

are they really this tall? i can't tell. i want to see them standing next to their manlet uwu hyungs

No. 14795

It’s as if he never existed- it is really strange how little discussion there seems to have been of his death and the reasons for it. I know suicide is contagious, but you can talk about it with empathy with an eye toward prevention. I worry about other idols, especially closeted ones.

No. 14799

I didn't know about this…
>"Miyawaki Sakura is a plastic surgery monster"
Kek, based Mayu

No. 14800

Nobody even cared about all the stuff he wrote in his note, they just completely ignored all the the things he said about his management and group members. So sad

No. 14801

I read it but I don’t know enough insider info to interpret specifics about members and managers. Do you?

No. 14802

Well he said lots of things like "nobody knew me or cared to, they never even even met me" and "they told me I feel this way because of my personality (depressed)" and "don't blame me for this after my death (because they'd blame him for it)" if he wasn't talking about the management and group members then who? He wasn't really close with his family. Also did you see how they starting performing and promoting just a short while after his death? Absolutely disgusting

No. 14804

Nta but when I read it I felt like he was a perfectionist who was never satisfied with himself and he thought others weren't either. Of course this is just my subjective view.
I don't think he criticised anyone, he just mentioned how his therapist wasn't helping at all.

No. 14805

>performing and promoting just a short while after his death
i thought that this was really gross as well. they knew that they could make a profit off of someone's suicide and took advantage of it.

No. 14806

Soobin does seem to be taller than the average Korean from what I've seen in music shows.

No. 14807

He also said his doctor blamed him for his depression. He really didn't deserve that shit.

No. 14810

i thought i was the only one who found weird how fast the rest of the group started promoting again after his death

No. 14811

They released his solo album literally 2 weeks after his death and it's his best-selling one yet. Group promotions seemed like a sure route to extra cash after that.

No. 14815

That whole “hard work cures everything” ethic.

No. 14816

To be fair though musicians here have really sadly high depression and suicide rates. But I have to think depression is a tougher road in SK.

No. 14819

what? are you another eslfag?

No. 14821

Go to the J-celebs/Jpop threads and ask this question, anon, this is a Kpop thread

No. 14822

people also seem to have just totally ignored the death of Seo Minwoo from 100%. he died of an overdose, it feels like just a year later noone remembers.

No. 14824

so it was confirmed he died of an overdose? sad

No. 14825

oh sorry i assumed it wasn't just speculation that he died of an overdose, officially we only know it was cardiac arrest. i should've checked, either way he died at just 33 which is very sad.

No. 14826

No, I didn't. Read more carefully.
The person I responded to wrote:
>Asian skin is so nice the way it is.
>Lily-white skin is ugly. (I say this as someone who has it).
She clearly said that white skin in general is ugly, even natural one not just if bleached. So, simply a self-hating white girl with yellow fever.

No. 14828

There must be so many unsuccessful idols and trainees who were denied a debut and decided to take their lives because of it. That's really sad.

No. 14829

Oh sorry I should've phrased it better. I was talking about k-celebs mostly and why they commit suicide and we don't hear from the other ones doing so even though their culture and entertainment industry isn't too different. So I mostly meant: what makes korean celebrities commit suicide so much? What makes them different from other asian industries (including c-entertainment as well)

No. 14830

poor mental health care maybe. i watched documentary about nine muses, there was a scene where they were consulting a psychotherapist and it seemed so pointless, like it didn't help them at all

No. 14831

because koreans commit suicide at a high rate

No. 14832

i wonder if it has to do with the fact that Korea’s entertainment industry is small and limited? in japan i know it’s easier for a celebrity to disappear from public eye, but korea is not a big country (in terms of population) like japan or china

No. 14840

But isn't mental health care treated badly in all east asia? So don't see how that makes it different for korea
japan has the same problem so again, I don't see how that makes it different for them

No. 14841

I wanted to bring up that shit too but afraid some anon would say that people move on, etc. It's just plain disrespectful for the company to start promoting again just like 2 months after his death. Nah, even when if it hasnt been 1 month yet, shinee continued their tour in japan. They also released 3 mini albums and 1 japanese best album. All done within 6 months after his death, and shinee had never been that active at least since 2013. Not a shineefag but isnt it a little strange?

No. 14842

Saged for OT but you should watch this video. Korea is a country with the highest suicide rate in the whole word and in general it's a very depressing society. Ofc the entertainment industry is too.

No. 14844

I gave your comment some thought, and it sounds like SM trying to make people forget about Jonghyun, or at least the parts that don't work in their favor. It's not good for business if people really thought about what drove the poor guy to killing himself (Kpop companies treating their staff and idol like robots rather than people, the eating disorders, the 'rent an idol' thing, ect.) and it also doesn't paint Korean society in a good light either. With the entertainment industry being a huge chunk of the country's economy, it makes sense from both a political and business stance to milk the incident and then make the parts they don't want out go away.

No. 14845

Baby Kara member Sojin passes away from alleged suicide

That is just one case. There could be other cases involving less popular trainees and small companies that didn't make it to the international media.

Don't forget about the mixnine trainee too. It was a sudden death and they said they would release the autopsy results but no, we never heard about it until this day. It's like he never existed.

No. 14850

i'm just speculating here but if the cause of death is related to an OD or suicide i think that companies would prefer not to release that information, it seems like theres a desire to hide this dark side of becoming an idol

No. 14852

He was from a famous group and his death was reported in international sites. So I think you're right, the company did the bare minimum and then tried to make people move on fast in order to avoid more bad press or speculations regarding the whole situation.

No. 14855

I remember when things were originally going down and there was a bunch of attention on the situation and stans on twitter were like "OMG LET'S NEVAH FORGET" T-minus not even a full month and SM was already pushing everyone's attention elsewhere. At the end of the day, Jonghyun was just a cog in their machine and him committing suicide and bringing attention to their fucked up bullshit is an inconvenience to them. I hope this doesn't make me sound like a tinfoil, but after really watching how kpop industry operates from an non-fan lens, it's distopian af and makes me glad I'm not a part of that side of the internet anymore.

No. 14859

You know, what's creepier is that they succeed. The majority of kpop fans don't seem to be concerned about it, or the bigger picture anymore. Just look at them supporting the sexualization and fetishism of underage idols, not worrying that someday they may do it jh's way.

No. 14941

That's because they want their faves to get the spotlight and can't stand the attention going to anyone else, not even for suicide of all cases.
I saw someone tell another person to kill themselves mere moments after she tweeted RIP Jonghyun mental health is precious blah blah blah….idk about Korean fans, but i-fans make severe autists and sociopaths look well-adjusted in comparison

No. 14942

Exactly, I guess that shows the power of media influence and people not wanting to pay attention or acknowledge what is going on beyond a social media post, because then that would mean that these are real people and not just characters in a fucked up play. Also, having to admit that the k-industry is fucked up would mean they can use it as something to point to show how woke they are (at least in the case of girl groups and bts, idk about other groups) or as a means of escape.

No. 14976

No. 14978

File: 1552223799503.png (75.71 KB, 858x704, Seungri.PNG)

No. 14981

File: 1552225454666.jpeg (1.07 MB, 1125x1575, 4AB5DF5D-A6D8-45DB-BEDB-7A44DB…)

I always forget to show literally the most terrifying Gangnam Unnie I’ve ever seen

No. 14982

His military enlistment date is set to be March 25th. Could this affect the investigation? Could he just run to the army and wait until everyone forgets, or would the investigation continue as normal?
There should be a thread in /w/ for Gangnam unnies and extreme ulzzangs, kek. I should consider making one if anyone would be interested

No. 14983

Yes pls make one, but i dont want it to be like the one on PULL kek

I genuinely thought koreans were pretty and i wanted to look like them about 10 years ago but seeing the trend now I'm glad I outgrew
my stupid yellow fever

No. 14984

I think that's the reason the police now treats him as a suspect. If they wouldn't have reacted he would have simply run off to the military and gotten away with everything.

Seconding this, please make one.

No. 14985

Maybe this will have a boomerang effect. Ipop fans especially like to “protect” their members from abuses (they have exposed a bts manager for example). Not sure if arresting an idol himself will expose things as much but any sense that the industry is messed up might bring out the protective/performative fans. It could be interesting, especially if bighit messes up in some way and exposes something or other.

No. 14986

This might be an important time in kpop for this reason- so many snooping curious worldwide fans who may be obsessed but they are also meticulous in gathering information and trying to figure out what it means.

No. 14987

File: 1552227579755.png (35.39 KB, 782x384, Delusion.PNG)

They've buried their heads so far in the sand good god

No. 14988

Man, that comment section makes me fucking sad. And it's days after Women's day, those fans should be ashamed. We're talking about literal rape and prostitution, how can they ignore that??

No. 14991

I mean…there are girls stanning serial killers so shit like this is unfortunately not surprising

No. 14994

I made the Gangnam Unnies /ulzzang thread in /w/ , idk how to link threads from other categories but it's recently made so it should be bumped at the top there.

No. 14995

Meh the circumstantial evidence is bad but there's no evidence there is actual prostitution. In the messages he talked about sending girls who were most willing to sleep with people, implying they weren't escorts. It's possible that he had a group of women who were willing to do things for him just out of sheer adoration rather than professionals who were paid to do so.

No. 14997

You do know there's proof of Burning Sun staff drugging female patrons to make them more "willing" to sleep with men, right?

No. 14999

No. 15000

That's rape and not the same thing as prostitution and not something he was necessarily directly involved in. I'm 100% willing to believe that Seungri is a bad person but the stans still have a (small) leg to stand on before they go full delusion.

No. 15001

No. 15010

Imagine if it was a bts member…

No. 15011

And they wonder people outside of their fandom find them to be fucked up and creepy.

You know any deals they'd have over in the US would be gone and their stans would start threatening to burn someone's building down.

No. 15013

This thread would be already be at bump limit

No. 15014

Do you have a translation for this?

No. 15015

this thread would already be at bump limit if we were in like 2012 and big bang was still relevant

No. 15017

No. 15018

Did you really think normal Koreans look like kpop idols tho? Were there any Koreans around where you lived?
It would be absolute madness lol

No. 15019

Who is “singer C?”

No. 15021

Singer C is not yet exposed but iirc it's highly speculated to be a member of an FNC band (FT Island I think?)

No. 15022

remember when top's ex fling exposed v for going to clubs and their fans were in total denial about it?

No. 15026

What's all that about?

No. 15027

No. 15028

she's a hater!! my baby doesn't even drink guys!!

No. 15034

Everything he says is the truth! How dare some bitch use my poor uwu oppar for attention!

No. 15035

Tbh this is why I give no shits when it comes to boy groups. Because only they reach this level of criminality. Girl groups/ females can never possibly reach this level of corruption (unless your former president of South Korea-exception, not the rule)

No. 15039

I sort of love Han Seo Hee now that I know about her. She is an awesome mess. She seems credible to me- sk needs more like her. Brave.

No. 15044

credible and brave? she "quit feminism" because it didn't bring her as much fame and money as she wanted. she's a rich idiot who didn't care about any issues. she's famous for being a narc on people she did drugs with and for getting off with light sentences for being rich. being a troll doesn't make you some beacon of rationality in the entertainment field

No. 15045

Ah- I just did a brief read through of her. Not as knowledgeable as you are. But it is refreshing to get anyone saying anything blunt in sk. Even if it is not well intentioned.

No. 15046

I like Han SeoHee too. Ofc she’s gonna narc on Top, he’s like 10 years her senior and if I recall correctly, he was the one introducing shit to her. She gets bombarded with hate comments constantly and doesn’t seem to let it phase her, she apparently even called Top’s dick small which sent the stans crazy. She’s wild but I fuck with that.

No. 15048

no, HSH had previous drug charges before the TOP incident.

No. 15049

File: 1552255082739.png (187.04 KB, 504x302, 676fab019217853efc63f60de401ab…)

someone in the Asianjunkie comments made this.
I hope his fans will see this.

No. 15050

This should be the next thread pic lol

No. 15052

Lol that's too good

No. 15055

No. 15056

Han Seo Hee claimed around last October to have some major dirt on YG Ent but didn't want to release it for whatever reason. Now would be a great time considering the country is livid and hates YG more than ever before. I would be happy to hear it but part of me thinks she's bluffing – how much could an idol's fuck buddy know?

No. 15057


>destruction of evidence (bonus track)

too perfect

No. 15058

File: 1552258875604.jpg (120.21 KB, 873x352, 20190311_000126.jpg)

No. 15059

she's also claimed to personally know (and out) gay celebrities based on fairly common rumors. she won't know anything more than any other former trainee with rich connections, overhearing rumors isn't having insider info. everyone in the industry or with connections is going to "know" about what really happens at yg entertainment

i definitely believe that the issue goes far, far deeper than just seungri, so i buy that arresting him is partly just a way to be able to investigate other parties where there isn't concrete evidence. still doesn't mean poor oppa's innocent and being framed, just means it's never a case of one guy operating shady shit by himself

No. 15062

I honestly wonder if she will ever do any other than triggering kpop fans. She just reestablishes their already delusional idea that kpop idols are angels and are constantly attacked.

No. 15079

File: 1552268632242.png (1.28 MB, 1440x1299, Screenshot_20190310-214316~2.p…)

Unfortunate news for the music industry

No. 15083

So anyone knows how ARMY is receiving TXT? I just checked out their song and I kind of liked it, but they are really a rip off of The Boyz. It's also a lot cuter that I expected.

I'm betting money on them gaining fame in Korea because they are so white bread, but not as much internationally, at least besides ARMY fans that feel obligated to like everything bighit shits out.

The Taehyun guy definitely looks off. He really looks like an android kek

I kind of like the looks of the Hawaiian one, but I also get the creepy vibe from him that others mentioned. Can't pin point what it is exactly. Maybe it's just the "modeling" faces they make, they are very vacant.

No. 15084

File: 1552270113740.jpg (53.97 KB, 550x421, images.jpeg-2.jpg)

Well no, but the idols' makeup style were natural and realistic enough for me to think that it was possible for normal people to look like them too kek (pic related). At least compared to the baby alien PS trend now.

No. 15085

File: 1552270115245.gif (2.43 MB, 250x250, tumblr_pm8u3joCia1y4hvv7o5_250…)

Gif related is really unsettling.

No. 15086

man, some idols obviously spend more hours practicing facial expressions and posing angles than singing

No. 15088

When will itzy stop promoting? I watched some of their vids now i have to keep up with the neverending updates on my feeds. It's not like there's something new in every live stage…

No. 15090

i used to love watching choreos but i'm sick of it now, it gets boring after 2-3 times no matter the quality. maybe it's also because most kpop songs sound the same

No. 15092

Yeah and it's crazy how kpop fans feel obliged to watch every performance… like blackpink can sing DDD for the 10000th time now and the comments will still be filled with praises like it's their first time watching it. The delusion is so severe that they'd rather lie to themselves rather than admitting that shit is getting boring.

No. 15478

i hope they'll stop making singers sing in their next comeback

No. 15480

Apparently tvxq had a concert recently and that (alien looking) dude from nct preformed with him. People kept praising his rap part in the song but the lyrics are absolute nonsense

No. 15485

whomst've??? he looks like something from d:bh

No. 15488

It's the guy from TXT, Taehyun. He really looks like a robot.

No. 15489

It's the guy from TXT, Taehyun. He really looks like a robot.

No. 15491

File: 1552282303437.jpg (37.22 KB, 791x381, Capture.JPG)

No. 15493

am i the only one who feels seungri might off himself?

No. 15494

he might do it and would be a hero amongst kpoppies for killing himself

No. 15495

No. 15496

7. [+144, -5] So which celebrities are close with him again? Kim Heechul… Lee Hongki… Jang Geunsuk? ㅡㅡ;;;”

who else?

No. 15497


Jung Joonyoung is rumored as well

No. 15498

File: 1552287665645.gif (491.42 KB, 497x254, 1454833954728.gif)



No. 15499

i really wish blackpink or bts does a genius interview when they go to america lol. i want to see jennie or rm trying to explain their lyrics or their members trying to sing with no autotune and pre recording

No. 15501

I liked how instantly became a "terf" among the ~woke~ kpop community. Too bad her feminism was just a tool for public attention.

No. 15502

FT Island's Jonghoon has been rumoured ever since this news broke

No. 15503

Didn't he admit to sharing nudes of celebs he dated with Zico and his circle of friends

Watch toilet oppa be on the list, seems like his kind of thing

And half of SuJu, the usual suspects

No. 15504

the retards who cry about muh evol terfs shouldn't be k-pop stans in the first place lol. do they really think their oppars and unnies wouldn't be disgusted with trannies just because they wear stage makeup and do gay fanservice?

No. 15505


the sheer amount of cringe in that kind of video is enough to kill thousands - please be careful what you wish for

in other news i can't wait for bts to finallllyyyyyy win a grammy for their new album cuz that will totally happen an they would totally stay relevant in usa forever and ever

No. 15506

You'd think they'd be less trashy than the average man cause they're celebrities but that just enabled them to do even more disgusting shit, sort of like a club where everyone protects one another. I'm sure there are tons of these cases within actors, comedians etc.

No. 15507

i really doubt it but if they ever win a grammy the award show is completely going to lose their respectability than they already have and bts is going to flex about it till the day they die

No. 15508

No. 15509

My woke trans allies kings would never! big hit allows trans people to audition!!11

No. 15510

wokehit has already saved all korean transgals and transbois by debuting our translord park jimin. ftm jiminnie fighting!

No. 15511

File: 1552296872096.jpg (60.2 KB, 1024x577, CTZ9IgVUwAIvC_N.jpg)


No. 15512

File: 1552296942606.jpg (19.33 KB, 310x163, download (4).jpg)

sorry I'll have to disagree with you there, underage idols in korea are treated, way wayyyy better than the rest of asia, this is an underage idol group performance in japan for example.

No way that shit would fly in korea.

No. 15514


Twitter is exploding, what a blessed day

No. 15516

retiring on his own because he has years of legal trouble ahead of him to keep him busy

or forced retirement because YG wants nothing to do with him after his own club business got dragged into the spotlight

No. 15518


He's playing the victim lol. "I've received so much hate, I must retire in order to protect YG and bigbang"

Nice spin lol

No. 15519

Japan's exploitation of minors in the entertainment industry is on a whole nother level. I wasn't familiar with their industry but then I found out that debuts at 12/13 and bikini shoots and shit are totally normal and I was too uncomfortable with it so I don't even know half of what's going on but I'm sure it's creepy shit.

No. 15520

I'm sure if he didn't retire it would start to involve YG though. He's a scumbag.

No. 15521

File: 1552298371331.jpg (24.67 KB, 540x299, DIC-V0fV0AAP5nk.jpg)

Seungri right now:

It's all haters fault!

No. 15523

Of course he retires lol. His career would've been over in Korea either way. He still has stocks and buildings so he can just sit back and get cash. Not that much of a loss.

No. 15524

YG would throw him under the bus either way. He's not going to give the law the opportunity to start looking through his shit. Who knows what shit he gets up to when so far the stuff we hear about is horrible?

No. 15526


YG is already be investigated for tax fraud though. I hope all the skeletons will come out.

No. 15527

YG already started disposing shit when seungri's situation got serious. I really hope they won't get away with this.

No. 15529


korean men really have the victim roleplay down pat! leaving the industry + there are people who commit suicide when the allegations of sexual harassment against them are proven true

No. 15530

I see kpopfags reeing about how he should have waited til the investigation is done before announcing retirement and breaking up the group. Seriously? Big bang have been dead for 5 years at least. It's like reeing over f(x)'s disbandment (which may happen any time soon). At this point, they just like the idea of big bang and not the actual group kek.

No. 15531


Honestly, Bigbang can continue without Seungri. He is the least crucial member for the group and only ever has 2 lines in every song anyway. That they are dead as a group is another thing though.

However Stan twitter is acting like this must be hurting the other BB members so much, but I bet that all of them will try to save their careers and trash talk Seungri as soon as they are allowed to be interviewed.

No. 15532

File: 1552301576924.webm (8.39 MB, 854x480, bye.webm)

No. 15533


absolutely based anon.
Bless this post.

No. 15534

File: 1552303079599.png (218.42 KB, 521x420, 1.png)

Jung Joonyoung confirmed to be one of the other idols in the group chat

No. 15536

He got investigated way back in 2016 for filming his ex or something but he claimed she consented. They wanted his phone but he said it was broken. Zico was even joking about his "gold phone" on tv. They got away with this for way too long.

No. 15538

And yet if you look up a hashtag of his name you still get crap like this: https://mobile.twitter.com/jungjoonovic/status/1101899069247709184

Even after that earlier scandal. Grown men aren’t babies and some of them are awful- maybe these scandals can help the K-Pop fan base grow up.

No. 15541

File: 1552304840961.jpg (94.67 KB, 720x932, IMG_20190311_114241.jpg)

YG stans are just plain crazy by this point

No. 15542

comparing the sopa situation to the sewol incident? really?

No. 15544

I kinda agree that all those celeb gossips probably are blown up to cover up more important and mode hideous shit in the country, but it doesn't mean those celebs aren't problematic and are worth saving either. It just means the country is so shit they have to use celeb gossips as some kind of a shield.

No. 15547

Eh, the SOPA issue was resolved weeks ago and everyone knows this. This is literally just stans spreading lies in order to protect oppa.

No. 15549

hahaha bless UP

No. 15550

Just because something else is worse doesn't make it any less bad. People like to make excuses saying "but japan is way worse!" Ok but that doesn't change the fact that's it's pretty bad in Korea too. And not all idols in Japan are treated like that either, I'm pretty sure it's just the akihabara groups.

No. 15551

I think the point is that some anons are making it out to be a problem unique to Korea. This brand of pedoshit isn't significantly worse in Korea than it is in the west or the rest of Asia, let alone fucking nipland where cp was completely legal until 2014.

No. 15553

I don't see anyone doing that tho..? Everyone knows how bad that stuff is in Japan so there's no point really comparing. It's a problem when people try to justify what happens in Korea by comparing it too japan. It's like if you try to justify nearly killing someone and say "well at least I didn't murder anyone like that other person did

No. 15554

So, now that Seungri is about to accidentally expose some other degenerate Kpop bois, any guesses on who is next and if YG will actually get into some legal trouble? Also, any thoughts on how this might make some K-stans see the light and drop that shit like it's hot?

No. 15555

Sadly I don't think it's enough. They'll just say that all men/celebrities evrywhere do that so it's not a big deal. I already see people saying that

No. 15556

File: 1552313428701.jpg (42.32 KB, 904x531, aaftawrtagyetysedgtrd.jpg)

Eeeeew that's fucked up! That feel when WOKE k-stans are supporting the thing they supposedly hate lol

No. 15557

The oppa defense going on in the seungri tag is absolutely sickening

No. 15560

Hold up why do k-stans think they are "woke" I still get confused by that

No. 15561

Not a sociologist but someone who is could have a field day with this. Admitting that Seungri is gross = admitting a lot of the men you know are gross (potentially) so instead defend Seungri, men will be men, etc. Not to mention it is difficult (I guess) to give up a "stan" once you start it because doing so means you were wrong. It is all so sick because what they should actually be doing is finding actual reasonable real-world men to like and fighting against disgustos like Seungri.

No. 15562

plenty of kpop stans don't care about being woke and don't even try to put up the pretense. it's easy to label them all as fakeboi SJWs who want point for stanning POC since that's what a lot of internet teens are like right now, but it's not hard to find fans way over in the other end. kpop somehow gets fans all over the political spectrum, with the only exceptions being legitimate racists and serious communists. a lot of kpop fans barely register their idols as real people because they're just like real life anime characters. some of them make "that's just what asians are like!" comments not in a way that means you shouldn't criticise untouchable POC cultures but because they've just got a mindset that asians are lesser and will do bad things, but at least their dancing is fun. there's going to be plenty of seungri defenders saying he's just doing what asian men do, but instead of saying that's a bad thing about men they're just saying asian men don't need to be held accountable because that's just what they're like

this is more relevant when anons itt assume all fangirls desperately want their favourite idols to really be gay or trans. there's still the same panic over that being a reality as there was in niche asian music communities 10 years ago, think about how often people who write fanfics and stuff insist their idols aren't actually gay, but it's better to think of them dating another member than think of them dating a girl - since they're sure they would never actually be gay anyway. there's plenty of "there's no gays in kpop" thinking

>i saw someone say oppa is gay, please say this isn't true?! he could never be like that, asian men are just feminine. don't spread malicious rumours like that

No. 15563

> B-but irl men are ugly and fat waaaah my precious trans, cow boi oppars are uwu babies who need me to protect them from those evol antis!!!!

I think you're onto something. I remember when I was on my way out of the k-fandom, it took me a lot to finally accept what the industry actually is (not what it's painted to be or what I envision). It doesn't feel so great when you realize that thing you thought highly of was actually the manifestation of everything you hate.

No. 15564

I'm so glad I never got in to the k-fandom. Never had to go through that process. Good for you that you got out

No. 15565

File: 1552315447182.jpg (32.29 KB, 469x302, DzwjJg-X0AAGQNf.jpg)

Most peoples "wokeness" extends as far as condecendingly clapping when a minority of some kind shows up in a youtube video.

Watching those people to react to Loonas butterfly was so pathetic.

"ZOMG wokeness, representation

No. 15566

What did you think it was and what was it actually?

No. 15567

Most VIPs just seem like bandwagon stans that only pop into discussions to bring up how "Big Bang is more legendary than X group (usually BTS)". I never hear about them otherwise, unless it's one of the members getting into some huge scandal.

No. 15569

I can't see this what is it?

No. 15571

It's so funny how in Korea taeyang gets praise for being the only non-problematic good Christian boy in bb when the "woke" ifans all hate him for being a blackboo.

No. 15574

File: 1552318614129.jpg (54.25 KB, 1080x456, IMG_20190311_113624.jpg)


No. 15575

both groups are shit but at least no one in bts has pulled a seungri yet

No. 15576

so chaeyoung from twice had a photo of her leaked and she said she was scared (boo hoo) but the photo wasn't even anything milky like give us some nudes if you're gona leak anything at all not some pic where she looks like a man wearing a bikini top

No. 15578

File: 1552318817896.gif (2.56 MB, 480x359, giphy.gif)

You should check the tag, it's funny. Stans are reeeeeeeing so hard, threatening to sue ''slanderous'' comments filled with ''lies''.

No. 15579

File: 1552318886835.jpg (5 KB, 140x250, 1534419517833.jpg)


No. 15581

Wait what? I wanna see the once backlash.

No. 15584

Lol tru.

Any guesses on who the Seungri of BTS will be?

No. 15585

Hmm that's a tough one…there's just so many options lol

No. 15587

Hmm that's a tough one…there's just so many options lol

No. 15589

>holy fuck and i actually thought he'd get away with it. dudes fucking over

Same here. Yesterday I thought he'll get slapped with $100 fine for buying prostitutes, today I woke up to this glorious mess.

No. 15590

File: 1552320217591.jpg (166.6 KB, 828x1029, fe41f36476d059eeb846ffcdfc63ad…)

this isn't a leak, it's fucking nothing.

No. 15592

Either rap monster or jhope. It's always the 3rd class members.

No. 15593

Thought this was Amber at first

No. 15594

V and Jimin

No. 15595

I mean wearing dreads is nothing compared to prostituting and recording unwilling women, so the Korean public might not be completely off-base here

No. 15596

i think them being too full of themselves is going to result in some of them completely losing it after they start flopping, they are too dependent armys. v or jimin doing seungri-tier shit wouldn't surprise me

No. 15597

File: 1552321181378.gif (902.06 KB, 498x372, D9B12FB9-A5E8-415B-B2A4-F46A86…)

Celebrate good times come on~

No. 15598

More importantly, who is the Seungri of NCT?

No. 15599

taeyong, probably

No. 15600

Scamyong, seller of shitty gundams

No. 15601

Yuta probably kek

No. 15602

Absolutely. I just wanted to emphasise the hypocrisy of sjw-twitter when actual scandals happen.

No. 15603

>has pulled a sengur yet
That we know of, that is.

It's better to assume that the majority if not all male idols are corrupt on some level.

No. 15604

In exo, baekhyun would be a potential candidate but nct are still not established enough to have individually popular members, so we don't really know anything about them yet.

No. 15605

This is the only place where yuta, who isn't even acknowledged in his own group and the group's fandom, gets that much attention. He'd be touched if he saw this thread.

No. 15606

My money's on Chanyeol

His chin will swell three sizes from pride

No. 15607

it's so bad!! mumbling gibberish they finally gave yunho a proper sexy song, and this kid just ruins it idk why they put him in it does sm really think cassies care about the nct dweebs? they're a flop, move on, and stop pushing them so hard

No. 15608

File: 1552322166067.jpg (99.25 KB, 1440x1423, _0.jpg)

Utah (and/or Taeyong). Maybe even Taeil.

No. 15609

seriously. who the hell is he lel

No. 15610

Maybe taeyong because he's done bad things already and written nasty stuff. With Yuta, idk he hasn't done anything to base that on so I'm not betting on him yet

No. 15612

I'm so excited for the day he's found guilty I might even create a twitter account to laugh at all these dumbasses kek

No. 15614

I thought it was uwu innocent koreans making wholesome media. Around that time I didn't know about the plastic surgery, the prostitution, the eating disorders, ect. Keep in mind I was a dumbass high school student.

No. 15615

it's pathetic how these abusers do these vile things and get off of it without any remorse, joking and bragging about it with their friends. but when their rotten personality and crimes gets revealed, they rather die then face the consequences.

But i rather see them hanging themselves then have them do little time in prison and continue having a normal live after that.

what also pisses me off about the retirement news is the non fans saying shit like "i hope big bang won't be affected by it" the rest of big bang is also trash and should also disappear.

No. 15616

anyone know other idols mentioned in the group chat yet? ive been seeing replies to deleted tweets all over twitter and idk what to think right now

and can we start betting on how long it takes seungri to kill himself? like thats 100% going to happen, right

No. 15617

So far only Jung Joonyoung has been confirmed, other possible suspects include FT Island's Jonghoon and Hongki

No. 15618

I saw people going "leave out hongki he's too pure for that!" Right cuz having a "youthful" face and attitude makes you a good person haha

No. 15621

Personally I'm assuming they're all guilty until proven innocent, you never know with how scummy entertainment is in general

No. 15623

>can we start betting on how long it takes seungri to kill himself? like thats 100% going to happen, right

Nah, too early.
His (or YG's) decision to retire is an sad attempt to lay low because he obviously can't continue to work, that would only anger the public even more and keep them bringing up the investigation. plus the investigation is still going. Almost everyday there's something new revealed.
Seungri won't kill himself until he feels like he can't get out of this situation. He still has some hope.
He's probably gonna kill himself when more hard evidence gets revealed or when he gets convicted.

No. 15624

Wonder what the fall out will be then, as in, what the crazy ass fans will do.

No. 15625

i feel like a few suicides will come out of this for sure. more and more people are coming out.

No. 15626

File: 1552329980031.png (2.06 MB, 1125x2436, 937A97F3-ED0A-4584-8C18-74644C…)

forgot image

No. 15627

Even if he does, I doubt that the general public will feel sorry for him tbh.

No. 15629

lol theres a few of sea fans that spam that SOPA copypasta on every post allkpop or any other korean news facebook page that posts about seungri

they're literally mentally ill

No. 15630

Lel that's mean but it made me laugh so hard

That is so disgusting ugh

No. 15631

you mean they are getting all the idol porn videos and we aren't? Let them burn! Jail them all!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 15634

File: 1552332126203.png (327.41 KB, 521x505, 826hsCV.png)

I searched for Seungri on twitter and while there were a few sane people, most of it was drowned out by "Seungri oppar fighting" and demands that fans of other groups don't tweet about the issue because they're just haters! It seems like BB fans are also on a level of delusion that I thought was exclusive to armies. One girl was even saying she had to support him despite the evidence, because she considered him a family member….

Then again, if they're still his fan after the previous accusations of his violence against women, I shouldn't really be surprised. They really just don't care about women being abused and trafficked if it makes oppar look bad. Who cares about the victims when oppar is the ultimate victim?

Also saw a BB fan reason that if there are people not supporting Seungri, it's just because they're jealous of his/BB's success and don't want BB/Seungri to take the spotlight from their own favorite groups. It really does seem like what I previously thought was "Army delusion" is just "kpop delusion

No. 15635

She looks normal and adorable. Not allowed I guess. No pinafore or ruffles or lollipop.

No. 15637

what are you on about? men sharing candid videos of women are scum

No. 15638

go back to omonatheydidnt or datalounge please

No. 15639

Wow, this is beyond disgusting. I hope she's okay.

No. 15641

Did people really think BB was going to come back even before this shitshow happened?

GD: He'll definitely continue releasing solo stuff.
Daesung: Has a big fanbase in Japan, could go either way I guess.
TOP: No way he'll come back. At least he seems to enjoy his job at that museum.
Taeyang: Could go either way. I honestly don't know much about him.
Seungri: Nobody cared about him even before the scandal.


Hidden cameras are a big thing in Korea.

No. 15642

The issue here is the women did not allow themselves to be filmed and Joonyoung did it anyway.

No. 15643

I doubt many of them were aware they were being filmed

No. 15644

>Taeyang: Could go either way. I honestly don't know much about him.

Many Koreans say the only member of BB they'd support anymore is Taeyang and they've been urging him to leave the group. But I agree if GD kept releasing solo stuff it would sell anyway because of his ~legacy~ and his past scandals are nothing compared to this burning sun/prostitution scandal of Seungris.

No. 15645

It's disturbing how these stans, not matter how much evidence they get, will blindly defend their idols. They care more about some pos who has committed unforgivable acts against women then they do the victims.

No. 15646

File: 1552333727259.png (256.16 KB, 1440x1756, Screenshot_20190311-154809~2.p…)

No. 15647

lol at this point yg should be regretting the decision to give the debut to seungri instead of hyunseung.

No. 15648

You can see this mentality out in full force right now with Michael Jackson fans as well. Doesn't matter how much evidence there is that he molested boys, fans "know" that he is an innocent victim!
I guess if a man is glamorous and famous he can do no wrong.

No. 15649

File: 1552334292040.png (40.75 KB, 657x465, Seungri.PNG)

No. 15650

File: 1552334305802.gif (2.77 MB, 500x430, f8Yftx3.gif)

The scandal has already reached EXO, btw. Even if Seungri was just business partners with Sehun and that post was a reach, Jung Joonyoung seems to be really close to Chanyeol, and that guy Joonyoung is already done for.
I don't know about that. If we are looking for a Seungri we should look for someone who is always spending money and investing in shit like him. He has always been greedy. People in EXO who strike me as greedy are Chanyeol and Sehun. Now that I think about it, even Baekhyun is being a bit greedy these days with that fashion stuff.

People in Korea still view Taeyang positively so he wouldn't go through any trouble continuing to promote, that and the guy has some talent so the general public likes his songs. I don't know about GD, though. He seems to have tarnished his image because of that 100/200 days army stuff.

No. 15651

Seungri's been banned from leaving the country which means they've found a lot of evidence against him.

No. 15652

Or he chose Seungri specifically because he knew he'd have a willing accomplice for all the shady shit he gets up to

No. 15653

I will lol if someone from Exo or BTS is involved, their fandoms are vicious.

No. 15654

File: 1552334910861.jpeg (16.03 KB, 250x290, 9D22DBCE-4819-45BC-8105-8885FA…)

i can’t wait for seungri to fucking rot in jail

No. 16431

Apparently, Yong Junhyung from highlight/infinite is involved as well?

He's not in the group chat, but he has had private conversations with JJY about the videos JJY took.

No. 16432

Zico too

No. 16433

i'm disgusted with the men in the k-pop industry jeez. they make male idols out to be flawless angels as if a lot of them don't show their real faces after they fall from glory.

No. 16655

Horrible. Surprised all of this isn't making the international news. Poor woman.

No. 16656

I just wonder how many idols will go down with all this and if they do, how many will rise back up.
Taeyong and Jaehyun. Taeyong for obvious reasons. And Jaehyun is friends with a lot of male idols and I always get bad vibes off of him, like a bit of a bully and kinda greedy

No. 16657

Where is all the western coverage of Kpop now? When it's to sell overpriced magazine covers or reporting sold out stadiums we can't escape it and for this horrid shit it's radio silence.

No. 16658

I'd second Jaehyun mainly because of all the praise he gets for his face. If I had people licking my ass all day and night about my looks I'd have an ego bigger than Saturn

No. 16659

Korean fans are disgusted at I-fans vehement defense of Seungri, even Korean VIPs have given up on him

No. 16660

People are saying it's mostly SEA fans, especially from Indonesia, who are sperging out.

I guess prostitution and revenge porn is halal as long as it's seungri doing it.

No. 16661

>Jaehyun is friends with a lot of male idols and I always get bad vibes off of him, like a bit of a bully and kinda greedy
Kek literally how? He's the second to last 127 member I'd suspect. since when does he even have friends within his own group

No. 16662

File: 1552337582366.jpg (211.01 KB, 1080x1144, IMG_20190311_165102.jpg)

Why the hell do they make it sound so mild? "Controversies

No. 16663

Because no one wants to draw attention to one of 2019's biggest oopies, because then fingers will start pointing, and then more e x p o s i n g.

No. 16665

more and more intl outlets are reporting on this though. i know it isnt much but the av club of all places reported on it. this isnt going under the radar at all? are u dumb? this is clearly a big story, just cause fangirls are retarded doesnt mean anything

No. 16667

I guess you don't pay much attention haha. He's known for having lots of male idol friends and one time jk (bts) was showing off a male idols group chat and jaehyun was part of it too. Also I remember another member from nct was complaining about how while they were having a photoshoot his clothes kept falling off and he was really embarrassed and jaehyun took photos of him unwillingly and sent them to other people to laugh over. The one who was telling the story looked seriously upset, so it seemed pretty mean to me. So anyway who would you suspect then?

No. 16668

where are u getting these names from? im not disagreeing i’m just curious in sources. as this is an imageboard.

i keep seeing people say heechul is involved and he’s the only idol i like. jesus christ.

No. 16671

File: 1552338614180.png (1.57 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_2019-03-11-16-26-48…)

Seungri and Sehun are very close friends not business partners.

For those who are unaware on how Exo is connected to this, Sehun posted this selfie on Instagram with the caption "Time Will solve it, there will be happiness." Some netizens just assumed Sehun was indirectly supporting Seungri but exo-l of course defended him saying he's not and that it's a reach.

No. 16673

I'd say looks like he's defending seungri. What else would the post be about?

No. 16674

JJY was already named as one of the singers in the groupchat, and the other singer was referred to as "singer Yong". People thought it was him cause yong isnt a common name, but his management just released a statement saying they could prove he was never in the groupchat.
Zico made jokes on a broadcast about JJY having a "gold phone" that he used exclusively for kakaotalk, and he also referred to JJY dating a ton of women at that time, so people are speculating he knew about the vids although he might not have seen them.

No. 16675

From the SBS news report. AsianJunkie talked about the involvement of Junhyung.

First he denied it, but later it was he admitted they talked in a 1:1 chat, but he wasn't a part of the groupchat.


Also Zico is getting dragged into this because he said in an interview some years back that Jung Joon Yong has a "gold phone" filled with girls numbers

No. 16676

Waiting for more info. AsianJunkie is the last site you can trust lol

No. 16677

I don't know… I think it's a reach tbh. Like happiness.. happiness for who? Seungri is most likely going to jail - there's no happiness there and no happiness when he gets out. He's getting crucified in the media, his "career" is basically over…Time is not going to solve anything for this degenerate.

No. 16678

No. 16679

that's the groupchat they have for male idols who were born in 97, jaehyun just got into the gc for being born in a certain year lol. maybe some of them got actually close though.

No. 16681

The weird thing is why only 2 sites are posting about it? Even Koreaboo is silent. I dont know anymore

No. 16682

Tbh I think Tayeong would be careful about that, just because he's been caught already. My money is on Taeil or Jaehyun, I don't really know why. And I don't believe anybody is completely innocent in this industry, people keep saying that at least some of the Bigbang members are good people, really? No way they're associated with people like Seungri who's done criminal stuff and are doing nothing shady themselves

No. 16684

probably same reason why intl fans (used to, im an oldfag who knows nothing about bts) think YG is the best company. $$$$!!

No. 16687

Posted about what?
Koreaboo has posted more or less about everything in regards to Seungri, groupchat etc.

No. 16689

Not the newest things i guess.
There never was so much drama going on, it's crazy

No. 16690

rap mon, suga and v

No. 16694

would be hilarious if the ~~97 liners groupchat~~ was involved in the situation because of jaehyun or something. jungkook, bambam, yugyeom, mingyu, some other guys from seventeen and jaehyun, their fans are too up their asses.

No. 16696

honestly i agree w nothing being reported yet, it seems to be all speculation right now

No. 16698


About junhyung? I can't say much about why a lot of english kpop newssite hasn't reported on it.

But the Korean media has confirmed that the KKTs are true and Junhyung HIMSELF said on insta that he wasn't a part of the groupchat and the conversation between Joonyong and him shown on the news was private and not a part of any group chat.

No. 16703

i bet mino is involved in this tbh he's shady

No. 16704

Chanyeol's pretty generous actually, he doesn't strike me as the type. I'd bet Suho or Sehun out of any of them.

No. 16705

Generous how?

No. 16706

his answer was along the lines of knowing there was a group chat and that it had shady shit, but not being part of it (and not admitting to any details), right? there's probably a few celebrities who aren't involved in the group chat but kind of know the guys who are messed up, and won't say anything because they'll be a snitch and have their own far lesser dirt spilled. if doing drugs one time at a party is enough to potentially tarnish an idol's reputation forever then they'd need a flawless personal record to rat out seungri&co and not expect someone to hit back at them too. they need either an incredibly clean life or be willing to potentially risk their career to do the right thing, and lots of guys never would because they value their fame over womens' safety. the guys mentioned all have a lot of connections, and i'm sure 95% of their famous friends have nothing to do with the videos or messages at all - but they've still probably either heard enough or been offered enough to know they could be involved with no consequences if they wanted

there probably aren't that many right in the inner circle on this. it's a massive fucking jump to go from theorising on "this guy's kind of weird and rude" to "so he's probably secretly filming women and spreading it, encouraging prostitution, encouraging date rape, etc". this is on a totally different scale from blind items about idols being rude or cheating on their partner. there's just going to be a lot of idols who have done something shady, illegal, or just disgusting, who're too close to the specific group chat and easily at risk of being involved.

even if there isn't proper justice on this, it isn't going to just die down. the best these pigs can hope for is a completely unrelated gay idol sex tape leaking, or some kind of tragic accident. it would take something massive for this to be overshadowed

No. 16708

i will honestly come here in give you 50 bucks if these uwu bois ever turn out to be this horrible. not that i think any of them is a woke feminist, but i cant see them getting involved in pimping, druging women and taping them …

No. 16709

>his answer was along the lines of knowing there was a group chat and that it had shady shit, but not being part of it (and not admitting to any details), right?

He said he didn't know anything about the groupchat. He said that the conversation SBS shared between JJY and 'Singer Yong' wasn't from the groupchat, but from a private 1:1 conversation between the two.

Koreans are still angry though, because the private chat still possibly hints at him knowing JJY was filming girls without their knowledge and he didn't report it or even distance himself from JJY afterwards.

Their private chat:
JJY: I got caught filming lol
Junhyung: Did you get caught by that girl?
JJY: Yeah lol. If I hadn't got caught filming her, I would have pretended I was dating her just so I could continue to have sex with her.

No. 16711

File: 1552342664930.jpg (61.17 KB, 576x1024, 8e9837c5107ab166a0341665a03667…)

No. 16712

honestly there's plenty of evidence for them being creeps. no dirt will ever come out about them because their company makes sure nothing tarnishes their image. having hundreds of thousands of retarded brainless fangirls spending all their cash on you will likely make you think women are stupid and shallow

No. 16713

Seungri has a lot of fans in Japan, and he even had a tour and album release there not too long ago. I wonder what they think, including the stupid family in this video

No. 16714

…And why did he think this was a good caption…?

No. 16715

It's insane how much female idols are basically subservient angels compared to male ones. Like what's the worst thing a girl group member has ever done? ''betrayed'' her members (jessica)? make subtle references to lolita shit like any other idiotic tumblr user (iu)? dated (sulli)?

No. 16716

That member from a flopping girlgroup who tried to blackmail Lee Byunghun comes to mind lol

No. 16717

the t-ara scandals are really the only ones. they had the bullying stuff that turned out to be the opposite of what people thought it was, and wasn't one camming underage? most boygroups don't even have messes like that, other than a few outliers it's really contained to the same few groups

No. 16718

uhhhh…. t-ara were bullies? i cant think of anything either.

No. 16719

Yeesh don't assume girls can't be disgustingly bad just cuz they can't physically do some things males can. There's lots of ways of being a piece of shit

No. 16720

oppalogists spotted lol.
bullying and scamming people is less worse than raping and pimping women out, deal with it

No. 16721

please enlighten us on how being kind of mean to a fellow idol is the same as raping, videotaping, drugging, trafficking, etc. i can wait. or just go back to twitter and suck ur oppa’s dick.

No. 16722

Obviously I didn't mean on the same level as bad. Men are way worse. But acting like girls are sooo good because men are really bad is kinda funny. And no, I don't stan any K-pop idols, male or female

No. 16723

obviously it's not as bad as sexually assaulting women, but it's also not as tame as just dating or constantly pandering to pedos. "subservient angels" is still a real stretch when you're talking about scandals, especially when one this bad is really rare - especially if you're comparing it to dumb things like teenagers being shitheads online predebut

No. 16725

File: 1552344409459.jpg (36.66 KB, 721x518, fuckthisshitprt1.jpg)

Gaaah this crap is vomit worthy! VIPs go home, you're drunk.

No. 16728

Indonesian huh. Shame on you

No. 16729

please tell me these are at least the lyrics to bigbang's flower road and not someone's own writing for seungri

No. 16730

I can't believe you picked this one out of all the VIP garbage on Twitter today. Tbf if every cringey tweet from today were posted here the thread would already be at max posts
IIRC they are… I'm not too familiar with BB's recent stuff though

No. 16734

it’s always so weird when talking about how awful men are, someone has to come in and talk about how women are bad too. it’s okay, an anon board isnt going to damage poor men’s image. but just a reminder that this board is for women.

No. 16742

>And no, I don't stan any K-pop idols, male or female

No. 16745

Makes perfect sense to me. Men are shit.

No. 16746

File: 1552347202283.jpg (357.89 KB, 1331x2000, kyla.jpg)

i still can't believe kyla was bullied out of the industry because she wasn't skelly. it's not like she was obese.

No. 16747

most kpop idols wish they were naturally as pale as her kek. i hope she will leave this fucked up industry forever and live like a normal american teen

No. 16748

I realize it sounded wrong to post, but as a girl who's been abused by other women throughout my life(including sexual abuse) which no one takes seriously, I guess I got a little annoyed seeing them referred to as "angels". It's not about men, I don't give a fuck about them, and in no way are women anywhere near as bad as men. I just get a little fustrated when I see people downplay the damage women can do

No. 16749

She's still a member of pristin she's just on hiatus. I wonder if she will ever come back.

No. 16751

I think you missed the point Anon.

No. 16752

Only videotaping so far… Raping, drugging, trafficking etc are all other people, probably criminal underworld. It's bad that seungri is associated with those people though.

No. 16753

your personal experience does not change the fact 95% of sexual violence is committed at the hands of men. how many girls on this website have been abused in your opinion? most likely most of us yet we don't shriek when someone praises men for x or y reason. plus my point was that even the worst thing a female idol has ever been accused of isn't 1% as bad as this seungri shit. be mindful of others this is the anti kpop thread, not the "woe is me'' thread, plenty other of places to do that on this board

No. 16756

File: 1552348641232.jpg (147.63 KB, 800x1200, 14182234_1346547488729132_1858…)

No saying it's right to bully a child, but the pic you posted is definitely one of the most flattering. Usually she stood out a lot - in a negative way. And not just her body, her face isn't very pretty either.
If she wasn't a kpop idol (and underage) lc would've ripped her a new one for looking like this

No. 16758

File: 1552348740541.jpg (46.09 KB, 750x422, hipwee-kyla-pristin-weight-750…)

No. 16759

the seungri scandal is also worse than 95% of known scandals in kpop, though. at this point it doesn’t work to compare this to any other scandals because of just how deep it goes and how severe it is. it makes all but 3 or 4 previous scandals involving male idols seem less severe in comparison - his current list of problems makes the rest of bigbang look like wholesome young boys and that’s very hard to do, so obviously it makes a female idol frowning on tv look really trivial

No. 16760

I don't understand why she isn't allowed to not be pretty. Most kpop idols look beautiful thanks to surgery, make up and editing. Her looks only affect her because kpop is so damn fucked up, she won't have trouble getting a career or finding husband.

No. 16762

yeah most idols would have caved and just went on a starvation diet to lose the weight. it makes me kind of respect her more for just leaving the industry (i'm assuming she won't resign with pledis).

No. 16763

Wholesome young boys? Do you really think the men he has been working with for more than a decade weren't aware of him being a pimp and abuser? Probably everyone in YG if not the industry were aware of it lolololo

No. 16764

seriously. i 100% believe a huuuge amount of idols will be implicated in this, and the ones who aren’t were aware. so far this has crossed companies (zico, ft island, sehun’s message of support) and it’s politicians as well, isn’t it? not a single ~wholesome oppa~ is innocent imo, those texts were from 2015!!!!

No. 16765

No. 16766

Agree completely

No. 16767

jesus christ

No. 16768

>I don't understand why she isn't allowed to not be pretty.
Because that's the only thing kpop idols usually have going for them. If not for being good looking, why else should they be in the entertainment industry? It's not like they have any talent, so why should they deserve fame and money for basically just existing? They have nothing to offer, other than being pretty or handsome.

No. 16769

My guess is prostitution is rampant among idols because they can’t go on regular dates and develop normal relationships. Not excusing it at all- just surmising it goes on. The company provides the women (and maybe men) and keeps control over the idols. I don’t have concrete evidence- just a hunch.

No. 16770

kinda wanna watch it now considering everything lol

No. 16771

That's right people confused the idols industry with normal music industries
Why did they think this was ok to make and how did it not wave giant flags to people

No. 16772

also probably nice to have a source of money that isnt shared, or really any money considering how long it takes for
most groups to see an income

No. 16773

What is with this desire to film women secretly then share with men? Is it a closeting flirting or something? The NYC ballet had a similar scandal with the same sort of stuff, recently. This is a huge gender difference if there ever was one bc I have never heard of a woman filming a man secretly then sharing with her girlfriends.

No. 16774

I meant idols using prostitutes but it probably goes the other way, too. What a big vat of yuck.

No. 16775

Men like to bond over their disdain for women, it's depressing.

No. 16779

fuck any man who has been involved wih seungri's bullshit. i hope thwy all get busted.

No. 16780

Yes or anyone related to anything like seungri's bullshit
Sad sick men

No. 16782

There have been multiple cases of idols going to "massage parlors". Park Yoonchun from JYJ/DBSK was caught going into one.

No. 16783

Maybe this is part of why fans like the idea of gay idols- they can’t turn out to be these scornful sexist dudebros. Or at least if they are dudebros they aren’t dateraping women and filming it. (Not saying Seungri and company did that but it’s in the ballpark)

No. 16784

No. 16786

>(Not saying Seungri and company did that but it’s in the ballpark)
Date rape drugs were confirmed to be sold at burning sun, and Kakao chats with pervy videos of women who didn't consent to being filmed were confirmed real. It's okay to say Seungri did that

No. 16788

Just being careful on this critical board! But yeah…

No. 16789

Holy shit what the fuck? If what this dude is saying is true then…whoa.

No. 16790

The texts of Seungri saying he'll supply girls for wealthy patrons at Arena also turned out to be true. Whether he actually did that or not is not proven yet, but the texts themselves weren't fake. Funny considering VIPs were reeeeeing about it online for days.

No. 16795

File: 1552357435841.gif (2.95 MB, 268x400, tumblr_pnx41cb4t21tizu4so1_400…)

what happened that made yeri look so old? she's only 20 years old.

No. 16796


No. 16797

They've always been scums kek

Now I feel validated for only caring about girl groups

No. 16798

Keep up please, we have moved on to prostitution, police corruption and murder. We can return to weird faces in a bit.

No. 16799


More Kakaotalk conversations between Seungri, Joonyoung and others has been revealed.

Also in related news, Joonyoung has been fired from 1N2D

No. 16800

And this is why, if you are going to "stan" anyone, only "stan" women.

No. 16801


No. 16802

The comments are going IN on SEA fans I love it

No. 16803

I'm actually curious, do you think there might be a possibility of just 1 or a few women involved?

No. 16804

Who knows….that would be surprising and interesting to hear actually. It's better not to "stan" anyone one at all

No. 16805

Who are people saying the people are (A,B,C etc in this post)? Does anyone know? Pretty shocking ….

No. 16806

At Burning Sun, a Chinese woman named Anna was a huge drug distributor. There's a pic of her with Seungri. https://www.allkpop.com/article/2019/02/alleged-burning-sun-drug-supplier-a-explains-her-relationship-to-big-bangs-seungri

No. 16807

comments think G is yuri (soshi) brother

No. 16808


Only one that is more or less confirmed to be a part of the groupchat at this point, is SNSD Yuri's non-famous brother.

More will probably revealed later.

No. 16810

lel check his instagram bemyside88 .. he's a part of their crew

No. 16811

So basically it's not just about Seungri, there's all kinds of higher ups involved from politians to idols, yet when ppl say it's a steaming pile of shit country kboos get pissy about it. Even itt we can't talk about anything unrelated to kpop but guess what Seungri's case is just the tip of the iceberg

No. 16813

OT but yes, this would've been perfect for the general Korean critical thread but we all know why it was locked.

No. 16814

i think this is a special case. i don’t see the issue in talking about the wider implications of this case in this thread because where else would we? we can’t make a korean culture/scandal thread in OT because it’ll devolve into racebaiting. clearly im not a mod but this isn’t derailing, this is a scandal
with connections to kpop

No. 16816


A Korean's detailed explanation of the Incident

No. 16819

I just find it dumb how we're not allowed to discuss how fucked up Korea is in a lot of aspects then get shocked seeing shit like this
It's not everything about bad ps and silly dating scandals the kpop industry has always had these dark undertones
But I'm glad we're discussing it now that shit has hit the fan

No. 16824

If Winner is also involved is gonna be the beginning of the YG downfall.

No. 16825

If Winner is also involved is gonna be the beginning of the YG downfall.

No. 16826

I'm pretty sure everyone at yg is involved in some way

No. 16827

sans the women?

No. 16832

seeing that fucker's fall is amusing not gonna lie. i would only feel bad for the female idols in yg.

No. 16834

Yes! GLAM lol. One girl was a saesang too and got kicked from the group. Shame, she was a qt. Also Jisoo from lovelyz although they eventually reinstated her and said all of it was fake but I dont believe it tbh. I think there was some truth to the one about her ex gf saying she had threatened to out her, and did sexual things to her in public to embarrass her.

No. 16835

There is a thread going around brazilian twitter about ridiculous things that happened in the Kpop industry, and even if you know about it already, it is still interesting to read it through. I'll post sources, but some of these are only crazy rumours.
- Taeyong scamming people by selling bricks instead of Gundam figures and getting exposed days after debuting. http://netizenbuzz.blogspot.com/2014/12/instiz-netizens-track-sm-rookiez.html
- Han Seohee, radical feminist who got caught smoking weed and having slept with TOP, said TOP's dick was smaller than a MAC lipstick. http://kpopkfans.blogspot.com/2017/09/han-seo-hees-revelations-on-live.html
- IU posted a photo with Eunhyuk on the same bed which seemed to be an after sex thing, she deleted the picture right after posting and said she was just visiting her sick friend. http://netizenbuzz.blogspot.com/2012/11/iu-and-eunhyuk-caught-in-scandal.html
- There was a famous rumour going around that Jay Park got Hyuna pregnant before debuting on WG and that's why she got kicked out of JYP, so she only was able to debut after because she got an abortion.
- A Sehun sasaeng trained for years to get closer to debut and get closer to him. She would always leave creepy comments on his SNS. After another Sehun sasaengs took a knowing to that, they didn't rest until her group (Pink Lace) got disbanded. http://kpopkfans.blogspot.com/2015/06/exo-sasaeng-who-is-going-to-debut-in.html
- After the Jay Park thing, people discovered the truth about why Hyuna left WG. She had a chronic case of gastroenteritis. What's that, you ask? Chronic diarrhea. https://www.allkpop.com/article/2009/11/the-reason-behind-hyunas-tears

No. 16836

Ive heard when they say a female idol has that, they're actually pregenant. Soyul made a TON of posts the year before she left Crayon Pop about being in the hospital with that. What do you know the next year shes married and…SHOCKER, she was actually pregnant all along!

No. 16837

>[+148, -14] I know Eunhyuk's facial expression very well. It's the expression men feel after sweating from doing 'something' and it's the physical exhaustion that follows.

fuck why have i decided to open and read this

No. 16838

File: 1552366791715.jpg (104.66 KB, 1280x720, 1552364714545.jpg)


No. 16839

is graffiti hella illegal/frowned upon in korea? because she looks like she's about to spray. is that the "scandal"?

No. 16840

>- A Sehun sasaeng trained for years to get closer to debut and get closer to him. She would always leave creepy comments on his SNS. After another Sehun sasaengs took a knowing to that, they didn't rest until her group (Pink Lace) got disbanded.
fuck sasaengs are intense. they probably didn't care about the creepy comments, they were just jealous they weren't the ones debuting around sehunnie oppar

No. 16841

- SNSD Genie photoshoot got called out for having japanese imperialist imagery, and this screwed Yuri over because after that, Yoona got the center for all of the performances. https://www.allkpop.com/article/2009/06/fighter-plane-on-snsds-album-cover-under-scrutiny
- After this Genie mess, SM proved once again they are extremely careful about the imagery they put in MVs, by having Seulgi crash a plane on the twin towers and newspaper about the Hiroshima and Nagazaki bombings on the Hapiness MV. The MV has since been edited and reposted.http://netizenbuzz.blogspot.com/2014/08/pann-red-velvets-music-video-comes.html
- There was rumours Yeri was the reason why Sulli left f(x), because SM didn't want their groups to have the same amount of members.
- UKiss' Soohyun and 2PM Jokwon got caught having an intimate relationship by exchanging love letters. To get away from the gay rumours, they had to send one of the dudes to the awful We Got Married show and stablish once again his dudebro super straight persona. https://omonatheydidnt.livejournal.com/2994495.html
- Jay Park had to leave 2PM because some people dug up Myspace posts of him saying "Korea is gay… I hate koreans" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C2hGKshlvb0
- Hyoyeon supposedly tattooed Hello Kitty on her forehead after a night out drinking. https://twitter.com/sjungsy/status/1030240707766833154

No. 16849

I think its more likely that Red Velvet was a cover or "distraction group". The rushed debut was because of a current scandal. Cant remember if it was Sulli fucking shit up or Jessica's shit. Whichever came first I guess. Then the ICC comeback/Yeri's addition was a distraction from whichever came second of those two scandals. Sorry cant remember what order they happened in. And basically anytime Red Velvet had a comeback for awhile after that people wondered if it was because of something going on SM wanted hushed.

No. 16858

when i heard that rumour it was JYP getting hyuna pregnant. i remember all these other ones too, the eunhyuk/iu thing was the most hilarious scandal lol

No. 16863

- Another Hyoyeon scandal, she was trying to commit suicide by jumping out of a building, her boyfriend tried to stop her and she got violent, so he called the police and told them he was getting assaulted by Hyoyeon. http://netizenbuzz.blogspot.com/2014/04/sm-clarifies-incident-between-hyoyeon.html
- Oh My Girl members got detained on the LA airport after the airport staff went through their stage costumes and thought they were part of a sex trafficking scheme. It all went to shit specially because none of them knew how to speak english. http://netizenbuzz.blogspot.com/2015/12/oh-my-girl-detained-at-la-airport-due.html
- Goo Hara posted a photo of a blunt on instagram, she deleted it later and claimed it was just tobacco. http://netizenbuzz.blogspot.com/2017/07/goo-hara-deletes-suspicious-picture.html
- Sulli appeared topless on a movie, and after going on a press conference on this movie late, her coworker Song Dongil fired shots at her: "Sulli changed into three different dresses today and I think this one matches her best", "Were you late today because you were putting this on?" http://netizenbuzz.blogspot.com/2017/06/sullis-waiting-room-picture-gets.html
- The time Sulli made a penis out of fried rice for instagram. http://netizenbuzz.blogspot.com/2017/01/sulli-shares-slew-of-photos-from-her.html
- The time Kaistal bought ribbed condoms and the person who worked at the store exposed their purchase receipt.http://netizenbuzz.blogspot.com/2016/04/pann-convenience-store-employee-claims.html
- Somebody dug up a WG Yubin post on social media talking about how she wanted a bottom bitch: "I broke up with that * b*tch a couple days age so if you want to have some fun under me, try and seduce me now. You know I only want bottoms, right? 010--" http://netizenbuzz.blogspot.com/2016/04/pann-yoobins-lesbian-pre-debut-phase.html
That's all for now! Have fun while we wait for Seungri to get fucked even harder!

No. 16865

A few threads back someone outlined the timing of Red Velvet comebacks from 2014-2016 and they lined up perfectly with some mess that SM was involved in around the same time. Off the top of my head, they debuted days before Sulli announced her hiatus in mid-August 2014.

>Korea is gay… I hate koreans
Considering all the shit that's going on, was he that wrong though kek

All this mess is probably why SM never gave her center time or lines, they probably knew she was a loose cannon

>Kaistal bought ribbed condoms

At least they're being responsible I guess?

No. 16867

File: 1552371039916.webm (2.37 MB, 1280x720, 1552370484080.webm)

um guys?

No. 16882

this is old as fuck and has been discussed in previous threads

No. 16883

Politicians were always shady, same for male celebrities, but the fact that the police themselves were also involved is shit you usually only see in movies. Absolutely frightening, god knows what terrible things went on there for years and how many people might have tried to get help, but they weren't doing anything…

Most of korean scandals really are mild tbh, but this
>Han Seohee, radical feminist who got caught smoking weed and having slept with TOP, said TOP's dick was smaller than a MAC lipstick.
will never not be funny kek

>Another Hyoyeon scandal, she was trying to commit suicide by jumping out of a building, her boyfriend tried to stop her and she got violent, so he called the police and told them he was getting assaulted by Hyoyeon.
Tinfoil version: he tried to push her and she defended herself, then he called the police and said he was assaulted to cover up.

Reading about Han Seohee made me remember that Top also tried to an hero because of his scandal.
People keep talking about korea's high suicide rates, but if being found to be a criminal is all it takes for them to off themselves, then it doesn't indicate that it's a shit country, but rather that its inhabitants are spineless cowards. I know that "muh honour" is so much more important there than in our filthy western societies, but a truly honourable thing would be to apologize and face the consequences - which nobody seems to do there.

No. 16886


I had not seen this and I'm not okay

No. 16889

File: 1552382680608.jpg (82.53 KB, 635x668, Zico_1470798182_7.jpg)

I'm so glad all of this is going down. Judging by the responses of the korean public, they want to see yg and all of his artists (hopefully blackpink as well!) to crash and burn.
The icing on the cake would be, if bighit/bts were found to be involved as well…

And tbh, after that whole thing with Seolhyun, I'm not surprised Zico is a disgusting pervert as well. Who lets his gf run around like this, if he could have just picked her up in one of his sportscars? Always made me think that he wanted her to get caught, so that everybody knows that he fucks the it girl of the industry.

No. 16890

I don't care about bts but with the way armys show up in the comment sections under the articles about Seungri to say something like "I'm so happy that I stan unproblematic people, for example Namjoon would never…" I now hope bts crash and burn too just to see the fans' meltdown

No. 16891

Firstly, Producing, distributing, or selling porn within South Korea is illegal. There are no porn stars, or even centerfolds in Korea.

Secondly, Asia in general has a fascination with voyeurism, it might be a cultural thing.

Combine these two factors together and you have a massive demand for voyeuristic pics and vids of SK celebs.

No. 16892

She really dodged a bullet.

No. 16893

whenever there’s a big scandal there’s always other groups fans who don’t give two shits about the victims and are just glad that a group they don’t like are in trouble. there are real women who are victims here and may still not even know it yet, but think of all the people delighted that someone they don’t like might be involved just so they’ll crumble too? for how delighted people would be in jimincel himself was caught doing something, it still involves a woman having to suffer for it to happen

No. 16894

“Korea is gay”— actually I think recent events suggest the problem is Korea is not gay enough.

No. 16895

This reminds me of the crazy armys spamming the jimin tag just to bury his hiroshima bomb controversy

No. 16896

File: 1552388618154.gif (221.36 KB, 200x150, 8qzr.gif)

>if there were only lesbians in the world, all war and scandals would end

No. 16897

The thing is, somebody is already suffering, either because of bts or someone else in the industry. It doesn't have to be about women, knetz hate on idols for the most ridiculous things so it can be something minor that would cause a scandal, I'm sure bts are guilty of many things by their standards already

No. 16898

Not what I said or meant. Jeez.

No. 16899

Lmao i'm ashamed as an indonesian but that's true. You don't know how crazy SEAfags can get.

No. 16900

Nta but
>recent events bad
>korea not gay enough
= If there were more fags in korea, those bad events wouldn't have happened.
So yes, you're a retard who did write something retarded. There's no way to interpret this any differently lol

No. 16901


she has gotten lot of fillers + surgery - perhaps her new song that she wrote and composed (we stan a genius uwu) is about her filler experience

No. 16902


Okay more got revealed. This is just disgusting.

No. 16903

File: 1552392378780.png (677.37 KB, 634x606, D1dJ0OhUwAU0kt1.png)

i legit feel sick now

No. 16904

so what did they do get her drunk? Or roofie her?

No. 16905

NTA but I've read every part of this thread and I don't remember having seen that video of JYP doing disgusting shit on stage

No. 16906

if you watch the whole video he shows all types of sex acts lol

No. 16907

File: 1552393997697.jpg (117.19 KB, 720x732, img-20190308-210219jpg.jpg)

What do you guys of think of this? Does the seungri news really have the power to divert people's attention from political issues? I'm not a YGfag but those political issues seem serious (not trying to say that the seungri's case is a cover up for those either).

No. 16908

Wtf banning porn and making this kind of thing legal, what a country. Also kpopfags think it's ok and cool because it's the powerful man in the industry himself

No. 16909

i don't know if it's been posted, but r/kpop has neatly organized threads discussing recent happenings:


No. 16910

File: 1552394414233.jpg (158.33 KB, 1080x635, 20190312_193940.jpg)


No. 16911

i feel fucking sick. the fact that there are fangirls still defending this motherfucker makes me lose my faith in humanity.

No. 16912

I'm just patiently waiting for someone to leak something about BTS for more milk. God, I want to watch their fandom burn bc of hypocrisy.

No. 16913

That's the thing. Fangirls are highly deluded and hate having to admit that someone they've supported and wasted money on for years is in the wrong. I wish I could find a well researched article or YT vid on toxicity in fandom culture but unfortunately there are none.

No. 16914

samefag but I wish there were something highlighting the psychology behind it all. Why are stans fucking nuts? Why support someone you'll never know so adamantly, even claiming them as family or someone who "saved" your life?

No. 16915

>saying that after Chris Brown and R.Kelly

bit late

No. 16916

both are misogynistic scumbags, so is seungri. the "stan your faves no matter what!!!! true fans!!!" mentality is toxic.

No. 16917

I feel really bad for Seolhyun now, maybe Zico felt it was okay to treat her like trash because of her sexier public image.

Absolutely sickening

No. 16918

It’s tribe mentality and not wanting to lose face- women defended the “grab them by the pussy” comment and helped make the guy president. I think a lot of women are so self-hating they almost expect to be treated like this and stay “loyal.” Sick.

No. 16920

Why does international kpop fans think koreans are unaware of their current political situation? Fans need to accept that whatever the SK government is doing, I’m sure the korean public is paying attention to it as well. There’s nothing like “But seungri scandal is just a cover up!!!!”

No. 16921

The Han Seo Hee TOP's dick Mac Lipstick shit is fake.

No. 16922

Really? Lol

No. 16923

They see tv appearances and short clips of these idols and think they somewhat know these people's personalities.They then become outlets for their escapism so the fans become attached to them and there's this false sense of familiarity.
So when they face scandals or whatever, the fans feel like they have to be on their side no matter what cause a large chunk of their happiness depends on those people…at least that's what I think.

No. 16925

File: 1552397675671.jpg (278.1 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190312-142417_Sam…)

So netizzenbuzz posted continuation of conversation about unconscious girl.
sorry if someone posted it before but my phone sometimes doesnt show some posts

No. 16928

Guy who just raped an unconscious woman decides to think about what he is doing for five minutes. Want to bet he spins that statement as “regret” once arrested?

No. 16929

File: 1552398336881.jpg (531.48 KB, 1080x1230, 20190312_203712.jpg)

This is from Burning Sun's Facebook reviews long before Seungri's scandal happened. I always knew that korean clubs are racist af, but this club is especially shit because it's owned by Seungri who's known to have a lot of international fans and I see reviews of people coming here just because it's owned by him but they were treated like shit instead because they were foreigners. This should be enough for any international kpopfag to realize that he (and everyone in the kpop scheme) really is not worth fighting for.

No. 16930

>my phone sometimes doesnt show some posts
You probably turned on the "hide saged posts for this thread" option by accident.

No. 16931

File: 1552398600754.jpg (33.92 KB, 560x353, 2019031211142399060_2.jpg)

There were also reviews saying they only let in (foreign) women, because there supposedly already were too many men…

lol They're about to get lynched

No. 16932

File: 1552398911273.png (55.36 KB, 1174x347, Screenshot (17).png)

I hate ifans copying words or speech patterns from korean translations.
He's a 30 year old monster, stop infantilizing him.

No. 16933

Korea's witch hunt mentality does have perks after all. Cheers to that lol.

No. 16934

Some kpopfags from indonesia will still defend him just because he was born and used to live there kek

No. 16937

True- I have fallen for this (not with bb- with later groups). It is tougher for me to spot fake acting in Korean I guess. I watch and feel as if it is spontaneous behavior. (Or did- this scandal definitely affects that because people fell for Seungri’s act too. How many of him are there?)

No. 16939

wow, fricking goosebumps…
at most they’re letting celebrities take the fall for things that politicians are also doing. nobody started a fake witch hunt over seungri but they’ll probably be pushed to the front more when it comes to questioning politicians and the police. imagine the size of the public backlash when women have to face that it isn’t just idols but the people who are meant to protect them that are actively harming them. korean women are, rightly so, very angry right now, and that anger directed against corrupt officials is harder to just tidy away than anger at some people on tv

No. 16940

can somebody tell me WHY people go to clubs at all - is it that fun to have booze and dance to shitty music while grinding against strangers or is it better than this and i have a bad image of how it actually is?

No. 16942

Yes, this partly explains the fanatic type of fans. There is a term for this, "parasocial relationships", thinking you know celebrities because you see them so often on the screen.

No. 16944

There are celebrities I find entertaining and likable but if something bad about them is ever revealed I just go "well turns out you were a piece of shit" and move on

No. 16945

File: 1552403046191.gif (46.79 KB, 220x132, tenor.gif)

Amazing picture tbh

No. 16947

7. [+1,028, -7] ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ So he doesn't like it when others take pictures of him?

No. 16948

Is this why his band was called Drug Restaurant?

No. 16949

Probably Choi Jonghoon of FT Island. The singer "Lee" is suspected to be Lee Jonghyun of CN Blue, not Lee Hongki.

No. 16950

weren't people ITT talking about K-pop not being as milky as J-pop recently? this is just the evidence that hasn't been as clear until now that gang/mafia type activity, government corruption, depraved men, etc. are all tied to K-pop too. a lot of the time talking about J-entertainment talking about problems = sexual abuse, yakuza ties (AKB, Yoshiki) and talking about K-entertainment problems = plastic surgery and eating disorders. I hope it makes fans see that there is far darker stuff in K-pop and it isn't just one or two bad guys, it's a whole system that enables it. they don't need to abandon K-pop as a whole, there's tons of rookies especially who have nothing to do with drugs and prostitution, but making fans see that they need to drop the idol worship would be so much better.

No. 16951

anon, you really need to go outside more. Of course it can be fun to dance and party, what a fucking stupid question. You just have to find clubs with actually good music and the right people surrounding you?

No. 16952

The guy from FT island

No. 16953

I've always known this because it's kinda obvious, I just wasn't sure how bad it really was(k-industry)

No. 16955

this is a video of Jung Joon Young getting mobbed by reporters after arriving in Korea.

i'm so happy to see that this isn't something that's gonna die down. i also read somewhere that all the other names will be revealed very soon. they will get the same treatment.

No. 16956

File: 1552406790982.gif (7.52 MB, 640x350, de8cb9af0e912417b4158bc83de84c…)

One of the reporters snatched JJY's cap off so he couldn't hide his face from the camera's hahaha.

No. 16957

Well it's good to see that they actually care about what's happening

No. 16958

I'm so happy to see this. Those poor unaware women…I saw that a female idol was allegedly one of the victims. I truly hope not, it'll be hell for her if they release her name.

No. 16959

Is he wearing a fucking wig?

No. 16960

Korean journalists are also having an absolute blast giving titles to the articles about him as well kek


No. 16961

anon u either need to go outside or turn 18 bc you’re too young to be here. go have fun. dancing is great. go with people you like and don’t go for the purpose of fucking someone, it’s fine. lmao

No. 16962

File: 1552407746908.png (96.34 KB, 640x715, IMG_0130.PNG)

This keeps getting better

No. 16963

File: 1552407893949.png (2.46 MB, 1125x2436, F415EE71-B231-4123-B1FA-6D1E9D…)

not to derail but jesus, pic attached shows why this whole thing happened. korea has such a fucked up and archaic view of women and sexuality. there isnt even camel toe, it’s… leggings

No. 16964

>JJY: I did it in the mourning house. I must be a trashㅋㅋㅋ

No. 16965

File: 1552407972412.jpeg (221.97 KB, 1125x1130, 64CA0AC0-4059-4804-A163-EA3B1D…)

No. 16966

There's a lot of boy stans in here that are pissed so ignore them

No. 16968

I bet if something like this happened in Japan with j-celebs nobody would give a damn and no one would be held accountable. Korean society seems way better

No. 16969

File: 1552409060940.gif (4.43 MB, 360x360, giphy.gif)


No. 16970

File: 1552409101168.jpg (45.78 KB, 751x466, OH NONONO.JPG)

More will be released soon! Get your popcorn ready!

No. 16971

lol don't shit on other people because you don't leave your parent's basement

No. 16972

Any bets?
They must be 2nd generation idols considering the chat is from 2015

No. 16974

oh my god how many male idols in total were involved in this shit? are all of them this terrible?? i can't believe all these men knew but didn't do anything.

No. 16975

I'm just happy that Kpop has nowhere to go but down tbh

Now the Korean government can't show off Kpop as their major tourism perk (because that was all they had to show off in terms of tourism anyway)

No. 16976

Typical. And they wonder why Korean women don't trust them kek.

No. 16977

Any from Exo / Super Junior?

No. 16978

I love that this is going down but I can't stand BTS ratmies acting smug. I just keep telling myself to give it a couple of years and dispatch getting sick and tired of taking hush money to release the dirt.

No. 16979

girls, we might witness the fall of one of the big 3 companies.
Either JYP and SM are happy about YG's fall or scared because their own idols might also be involved.

No. 16980

Well if they get affected, maybe then they will learn to put more effort into supporting their female idols/ artist.

Oh who am I kidding? These people NEVER change.

No. 16981

They sound like the textbook definition of an incel..

My money is on some members from super Junior, most likely Leeteuk. He is super sleazy.

No. 16982

i don't know why they are acting smug, what will it take for these retards to realize that bts aren't anti racist feminist lgbt supporting woke legends? we've seen what jimin and rapmon has done.

No. 16983

I would laugh so hard if bts is involved.

No. 16984

Another Shoot

Notice how one of the reporters REALLY was getting at JJY. Must have been personally affected.

No. 16985

the tragic thing about luna getting shut down and called ugly and untalented is the fact that she’s by far the most talented member of f(x) and always was, but because she’s not a visual icon people act like she’s worthless.

it’s disturbing how shallow and misogynistic the korean public seems to be. if a male idol was unattractive and actually untalented people would still find a way to hype him up while dragging women for breathing wrong.

No. 16986

What have they done?

No. 16987

he had a similar (but much smaller) scandal before that came out in his favor, likely by paying off the victim. any journalists who reported on it before would've been given shit for defaming a poor innocent man. if none of those reporters were among them, it's not hard to guess they knew people who were. even if some of them aren't as outraged as they should be by such a vile person, it could easily touch a nerve based on his history

No. 16988

This thread's fixation with BTS and Ratmies is certainly something lol

No. 16990

are you talking about the male reporter wearing brown? because i also noticed that in the other video. not only that but he is also the reporter that removed jung's cap here in the gif. >>16956

No. 16992

two or three anons are so incredibly salty about bts and its been old 3 threads ago. then they post shit like this to support their suspicion lmao:


no1curr. enjoy the milk at hand instead of seething about bts 24/7

No. 16995

they are such hypocrites. no one would be on a female idol's side if she did 1/20 of what seungri has done but scumgri still has a shit ton of blind fans defending him.

No. 16996

File: 1552411098955.png (82.74 KB, 935x505, jjy letter.PNG)

So another news connected to jjy. on photo is comment under this article https://pann-choa.blogspot.com/2019/03/theqoo-jung-joonyoung-halts-promotions.html
Lol he's saying it just because he got caught

No. 16998

They barely hid that he paid her off. The whole thing was so sleazy.

No. 17001

Don’t you find him credible as a “reflective” person?

No. 17006

File: 1552411756427.gif (833.06 KB, 245x278, IMG_0001.GIF)

No. 17007

I remember finding this strange to see: once during a smtown she spotted a male idol from far and stretched her arms wide out to give him a hug and he did the same and they hugged like besties or something (I remember thinking wow male idols and female are friendly with each other? That can't be), idk what that was about. I didn't mention this because of the incidents going on btw, I just remembered it when you mentioned luna

No. 17008

If any Suju member was involved it'd be Kangin. Everyone already knows he goes to room salons and he used to be friends with Seungri a couple years ago. Leeteuk at least tries to project himself as being a work -> gym -> home type a guy who doesn't drink that often or have much of a social life lol. Even if it's probably just performative bullshit for fans to think better of him.

No. 17009

JJY's full apology letter:
>I greet you all with a shameful and regretful heart.

>I, Jung Joon Young, returned back to Korea on March 12th and I realized the seriousness of the situation again. I deeply apologize to everyone who has had interest in this apology and gave me a chance to apologize.

>I acknowledge all my sins and actions in connection with what is being said about me about the allegations. I took videos of women without their consent, I spread it in the KakaoTalk chat room, and acted without guilt or remorse.

>It was an immoral act where I deserved backlash as a public figure, and it was something that was too rash.

>Most of all, I apologize to the women who appeared in the video, that had to face this horrible reality with this incident. I want to kneel and apologize to everyone who felt angry and disappointed.

>I will leave all the shows that I appeared on, and I will stop all entertainment activities. I will now put down everything I do as a public figure, and I’ll reflect on my unethical and illegal activities for the rest of my life.

>I apologize to all the women who have seen the most damage from my actions and who have felt angry, beyond disappointment, and to those who made me into a public figure.

>I will be faithful to the investigation of the investigating agency that will start from the morning of the 14th without any lies, and I will accept the punishment I receive, for the behavior I have committed.

>I deeply apologize once again. I am sorry.

LOL Shit letter from a shit person

No. 17010

this is completely devoid of any personality or sincere thought rofl. it reads like some generic letter of apology where you fill in the blanks

No. 17011

thanks anon. I forgot to post full letter too.
Also seeing the apology letter reminded me of how he said that “he’ll act like he regret it” on his scandal back in 2016 in some chat screenshot I saw.

No. 17012

Ikr?! She's good at singing AND dancing. They praise taemin to death for his solos and his dancing but can't say anything good about one of the best female vocalists in sm. Even someone like me who barely listens to fx acknowledges her talent.

No. 17013

Nevermind it wasnt a chat. In case someone wants to see it https://twitter.com/Topshotta_/status/1105505212452818944

Also I think I read in netizenbuzz comments that this was only start and worse stuff will be revealed later so they all get same amount of attention so.. But like its just comment so

No. 17015

He's been doing this for about 4 years and not for one second did he think about how wrong it is what he's doing? He's clearly only sorry that he got caught. Piece of shit.

No. 17027


No. 17030

Seeing this makes me genuinely happy lol So excitied for what will be revealed next
No matter how this whole thing turns out, even if he doesn't go to prison, he will be exclused from society forever. I feel like this is the first time in all scandals that the whole public is on one side. There's not a single korean sympathizing with him anymore. The average man there might be a lowkey sexist, but even sexists hate rapists - especially if they happen to be rich and famous. Only full blown psychopaths (or retard sea kek) would still defend him.

Speaking of sea, these are the comments underneath the video:
>media in korea and knetz are no joke. im plannin to quit kpop fans (the top comment, 15 likes…)
>look at the Reporters ,, omg they are soo crazy (14 likes)
>Oh my god,,so scary,,the paparazzi just like crazy,,,
>It breaks my heart for jjy

No. 17031

It's definitely going to be him and Jimincel

No. 17035

I don't know about JYP but Lee Soo Man and SM are pretty chummy with the Moon Jae In administration. SM idols have been getting invited to important events recently (Red Velvet in North Korea, EXO at the Olympics, recently NCT Dream went to some event and took selfies with Moon Jae In).

Safe to say as long as the current administration stays in office, SM isn't worrying.

No. 17036

Same. YG was buddy buddy with the Park Geun-Hye administration so they're getting thrown under the bus.

SM and JYP are safe, for now.

No. 17037

That male idol was our guy Yuta kek.

No. 17038

File: 1552415487931.jpg (169.24 KB, 1080x1030, 1552415293428.jpg)

Looks like Zico is trying to cover his ass

No. 17039

What the fuck is up with comments like this? Blackpink, Exo, NCT and BTS obviously have nothing to do with this, and crossing your fingers hoping they're somehow implicated in a rape/trafficking scandal just because you dislike them as musicians is worse than any dumb shit their fans have ever said. At the end of the day this isn't some convenient scandal that should be celebrated because Bigbang is going down…I dislike them as much as anyone else, but actual women were raped, drugged, filmed and trafficked. I would gladly trade all of that and have those women be safe and unharmed, even if it meant YG and co. would continue to make terrible music.

No. 17044

friendly reminder to report and ignore bait

No. 17045

Lol wasn't he the one talking about the golden phone shit?

No. 17046

We'll see about how guilty or innocent he is when SBS releases more names later. Until that happens it's hard to believe any denials anyone issues

No. 17050

Thank you! WTF is wrong with some of you…

No. 17051

Lol you saw that vid too? What did you think? I couldn't remember exactly who it was so I didn't say but I knew it was someone from nct

No. 17052

he's so full of shit. no one's buying it other than a few easily manipulated fans.

No. 17053

File: 1552416106188.jpeg (61.77 KB, 750x382, B605D84F-9E98-48B6-A8C0-F74A0D…)

anons, stop posting links w/o screenshots. this is an imageboard. archive this shit
sexists (men) only hate rapists who get caught
someone posted above that saying “i’m glad it isnt -insert my bias here- is ignoring victims, this is the same shit. more will come out but stop hoping it’s some bts guy because you hate him? what the fuck? you hate someone so much you hope he’s abused a woman? sickening

No. 17054

File: 1552416280811.png (16.59 KB, 637x236, FNC.PNG)

So FNC denies that Jonghoon and Jonghyun did the same thing as JJY, but notice they didn't deny being part of the group chat that shared and laughed at the videos. Scum the lot of them.


I thought nothing of it honestly, they must be friends and that's all. If they were dating/fucking they'd be pretty careful to avoid interacting when they know fans will be filming.

No. 17055

Now THIS is the type of scandal I've always wanted!

SEA fans are crazy, that goes without saying

Those men really are sociopaths.

FNC can't get a break huh? kek

No. 17056

do you guys think JJY and seungri are really done with the entertainment industry? or will they just take a "break" then try to return and rebuild their image later on when the heat dies down? i've noticed quite a few korean celebs will "retire" after a huge scandal, then after a few years they'll start making public appearances again

this scandal is so extreme though, there's so much evidence and it seems like people aren't going to be able to forget and forgive so easily this time. pretty sure JJY has (had?) a restaurant in france so i guess he can fuck off there after he gets his punishment, and seungri can run off to the military then fade into the background

No. 17057

Holy shit… I for some reason held out hope that they wouldn't go so far as rape. This is insane, what kind of world do they live in.

No. 17059

I doubt they'll be able to come back after this. especially since it's the 2nd time jjy got caught.

No. 17060

2nd time???!!

You would think after the 1st time he wouldn't have done something like this again but I guess not…

No. 17061


she has an annoying personality and she is v v v v v v insecure in herself so that leaves a bad taste in one's mouth - also taemin is a better dancer than her and also his songs are more interesting tha luna's (only solo songs - f(x) songs are the best) by a wide margin

No. 17062

That's what I thought too, dating didn't even cross my mind, tbh I thought it was funny you mentioned it. The point was I was surprised they were acting friendly at all(notice in my post I said "like besties") She wouldn't date him of all people kek

No. 17063

>Park: You guys realize this could be a movie. Think about what we're doing for just five minutes. We haven't commited murder but a lot of what we did could land us in jail.
not sure who he is but i really want this park scum and all his buddies to get their asses handed to them in jail.

No. 17067

It depends on how long SBS can drag this case and keep it in the public eye. It's probably why they're trying not to release all the names at once - they don't want this case to fade away anytime soon.

One of the journalists involved in this case also helped take down Park Geun Hye, so I think they know what they're doing

No. 17069

Is this really the second time? I thought this was just evidence finally coming out on the first time.

No. 17071

File: 1552417196470.png (9.11 KB, 623x99, JJY.PNG)

No. 17072

File: 1552417313878.png (42.81 KB, 623x391, Zico is trash.PNG)

Zico can fuck right off with those excuses

No. 17073

I love the name of the image file btw. Suits him just perfectly

No. 17074

am i the only one who thinks that literally no male idol is above suspicion right now? their public image doesn't mean anything

No. 17075

That's exactly what I'm thinking bc certain bgs have enough money to pay this off, but it just seems to be getting bigger and bigger

No. 17076

same tbh, but i'm more suspicious of the older gen ones.

No. 17077

Cuz they have more money and connections and experience right?

No. 17078

Shut up aiden. You hate her because you think she's ugly most likely. Like what makes you think she's insecure? You know her personnally?

No. 17079

>someone disagrees with you
>reeeee report this bait

No. 17080

nta but yes, connections and also a more patriarchal/sexist mentality compared to younger more open-minded idols

No. 17081

yeah and the confirmed names so far are all from the older generation, most of them knowing each other and having connections is more possible than newer groups.

No. 17082

Open minded like that guy from W1 who said that handjobs were the only thing his fans were good for kek

No. 17083

Nta but she does come off as annoying sometimes. She's got a typical theater kid on-camera personality. But she is very talented and she's definitely better looking than lizard alien Taemin

No. 17084

Hey at least he won't record it against their consent I guess? That's progress kek

No. 17085

Tinfoil, but all that wishful thinking about "i-it's definitely somebody from the older generation!" is only because lolcow is crawling with nct-fags, who are scared that their baby bois might have fucked up lol

No. 17086

No way to say for sure that you're wrong but NCT just aren't famous enough to get access to the chatrooms of celebrities

No. 17087

it's more like common sense lol. but nobody knows how far this has spread so I wouldn't limit it to just 2nd gen idols.

No. 17088

Yuri's brother is involved in this. I feel so bad for her.

No. 17089

Wow, it's almost like every name that has been confirmed to be involved with Seungri's shit are from his generation. If anyone from the newer groups is involved then fuck them too but from what we know, it's more likely that the other people who were involved are their peers.

No. 17092

the only suspicious names from the newer gen that i've heard are jaehyun and sehun

No. 17098

it's about image. taemin has his androgynous dancer image set, you know what to expect from him. luna doesn't really have an image other than being annoying. being a better singer and dancer than most of your peers doesn't mean much if you're still not bringing anything new. even trying to push her as boa 2.0 could've worked, but even her fans stopped caring when she wasn't putting out dance tracks

it's not just idols, if anything i'd say this specific case is probably finished with idols for now, it's pretty rare for anyone's social circles to just be idols. the "lee" involved in the chats is more of a tv personality, i saw a reddit comment hinting at it being a "lee" involved with produce48 and who's friends with jjy, and lee hong ki has apparently been ruled out from credible sources (other fnc idols aren't though) so… lee seung gi? that would be a far bigger scandal than any idol

especially since it's club related, it's unlikely that they'd let a 22 year old with barely any disposable income come along to do incredibly illegal things. the most likely suspects are going to be in their late 20s at least, and if you wanted to really narrow it down then you could exclude people who were enlisted during the time period or pretty consistently out of the country (definitely not exclude entirely obviously, but it would make it a bit less likely if you were trying to make a shortlist)

i get sehun just based on seungri liking him a lot, but jaehyun? that's a weird one. not even just on image, he would just be a complete outlier from the others

No. 17099

sehun posted some weird shit that many people interpreted as support for seungri. maybe it's just him being a dumb fanboy and believing that seungri is an innocent angel, i'm not sure if he's actually involved.

No. 17104

they have korean maxim and playboy etc and girls definitely do softcore modeling

even celebrities
they also produce a ton of softcore pornographic movies where no actual sex takes place but nudity is allowed, so you're partially incorrect

No. 17105

We're all theorizing it's probably older idols because the groupchat dates back to 2015, NCT wouldn't have even debuted then (and if you think they're irrelevant now, they were MAJORLY irrelevant back then). BTS didn't start gaining (international) popularity until 2015 or 2016, no doubt a guy from a hot shot 2nd gen boy group wouldn't have paid them any mind back then to extend an invitation to his groupchat. Any other 3rd gen or rookie group right now isn't necessarily off the table, but its unlikely - save for EXO. EXO's really the only 3rd gen boy group I could see having the notoriety at the time to have been invited, and seeing as how Sehun and Seungri were/are such close friends…

No. 17106

You mean money and power corrupts? You don't say…

No. 17107

SM is already dead though. The only thing holding them together is their connections to people in high places. All their current groups are shit. Red Velvet had potential but SM just threw them to the side because they arent a real group to them. All of their performances and styling and appearances are beyond lackluster. The only good songs they get are the ones that were supposed to go to f(x). They stopped caring about the image of their cash cows(super junior, snsd and exo) long ago. It wont take much for the entire label to just dissolve and lee sooman to fuck off to some secretive government position somewhere.

No. 17108

All but 2 nct members were teenagers in 2015 on top of that, most of them were around 16

No. 17109

Imo i think it will be the end of kpop as a whole.

No. 17110

gonna have to agree that she is very annoying, but i also acknowledge that it comes from a place of desperation to be seen as something other than the not as pretty, darker skinned sweet girl
there have been plenty of discussions on that and why she basically cant win regardless of how she acts

No. 17112

Isn't sm still the highest earning idol company? And red velvet is popular in sk

No. 17113

Doesnt most of their income still come from second generation groups? I think this was discussed in another thread and maybe it isnt the time, due to the scandal discussions and it can derail quickly, but I think someone can provide the numbers of where their income is coming from if they want. I dont have that info.

No. 17114

i have no proof or numbers whatsoever but i would assume intl/japan touring would bring in a ton of money

No. 17116

TVXQ! (Tohoshinki specifically) bring in a massive share of money to SM, especially relative to SM not spending as much to push them. Current rumours are that they’re going on hiatus as a duo for a bit (or just no 2019 comebacks) and doing some solo projects, so that could change. They don’t hold the same appeal to younger listeners now but they still rake in the money with fanclubs, tours, and merch

No. 17117

Do you guys really think the kpop fever will end after this? I really hope so but I'm not sure, I feel like male celebrities get over with so many things
I don't think the tween are going to stop listening to it

No. 17118

Nope. The reactions of hardcore fans to Michael Jackson, Chris Brown, David Bowie, Johnny Depp and R Kelley even after the hardcore evidence prove that will not be the case. The hardcore fans are mentally ill more often than not, and they latch on and become obsessed and logic no longer applies to them.

No. 17119

No lol wtf. Kpop fans are not known for their taste or rationality.

No. 17120

I really hope that western media will be careful with the romanticised image of kpop and Korean society after this.
They need to start exposing how dirty the industry is instead and how much their society hates women…

No. 17121

File: 1552422857313.png (201.46 KB, 686x742, SM.PNG)

Here you go, Red Velvet is currently doing almost as well as Shinee despite not having that many promotions and polarizing songs. I'd say SM is worried most about NCT since they're a huge money sink with no returns so far.

No. 17122

Am I seeing correctly thast SNSD had the LEAST? Oh my word…..thats a shock to my system as a former fan lol. But it shouldnt be. SNSD's whole thing was being 9. After TaeTiSeo became a thing, and then Jessica left, this was bound to happen.

No. 17123

Dispatch reported that Jung Joon Young had more than 10 group and one-on-one chatrooms where he shared illegally taken hidden cameras.

Jung Joon Young’s chatrooms were divided into two groups: one group formed for business purposes with mutual acquaintances of Seungri, and another with his own friends who are not close to Seungri. Singer “C” was part of the former group, while singer “L” was part of the latter group. One of the victims of their hidden cameras is a trainee.

Mr. K, who was previously revealed to be Seungri’s business partner, cooperated with Jung Joon Young the most often, and the two men filmed and shared approximately 10 hidden cameras across 10 months.

Also revealed was another conversation in Jung Joon Young’s chatroom, where the participants shared:

A: X had a one-night stand with Y (member of a girl group)
B: Hey X, is Y tasty?
C: I met Z yesterday
D: Ah! Z is a whore

A separate conversation went as follows:

Jung Joon Young: What’s the name of your title track?
A: Title track? OOOOO
Jung Joon Young: Oh, it’s a song for vaginas

Dispatch further reported that Jung Joon Young’s alleged conversation with Highlight’s Yong Junhyung was about a failed attempt to film a hidden camera. They reportedly often shared one-on-one conversations, and Yong Junhyung was not part of any group chatroom.

I just want to point out this part
>One of the victims of their hidden cameras is a trainee

No. 17124

File: 1552423369672.png (358.01 KB, 1080x2160,