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File: 1550968953320.jpg (54.22 KB, 827x444, 1550341055351.jpg)

No. 10731

Last thread >>327309

Rant about Kpop, its creepy fandoms, and/or its fucked up industry. Or just nitpick some idols.

· Don't sperg, complain or pick fights.
· Don't racebait.
· Don't fangirl, save that for the Kpop General thread here: >>362402
· Don't derail about dumb shit. If it doesn't directly have to do with Kpop, don't post about it here.
· This thread is not about shipping or fangirling. Save that for the general kpop thread here: >>362402

No. 10732

fighting in the idol boy spam thread. who woulda thought?

No. 10733

I'm the anon who made this thread and I can't believe I accidentally linked the video games thread, sorry guys. Good thing this thread hasn't been taken seriously in ages

No. 10734

Event horizon calling the kettle black.

No. 10735

File: 1550971915959.jpg (63.82 KB, 750x761, 0cd44acfef74022ed14c78770a886d…)

never took Kpop 'gangsta' rap/hip hop concepts seriously, even in BB era
it just looks so ridiculous and costumey even more so when they come to america
i do think asians can pull off the gangsta look just not idols lol

No. 10736

Just yikes. This looks awful

No. 10737

Kai's was more over a reggae thing, since even himself said he thought it was appropriate

No. 10738

?? Why do Koreans do this if they hate black people? I don't understand?

No. 10739


they like the 'cool' aspects of black culture. Hiphop/rap has gotten popular more than ever because of the show Show Me the Money. Hiphop 'fashion' is now popular in places like hongdae/itaewon, but Korean hiphop/rap culture is basically just a sad discount version

No. 10740

lol wtf is this

No. 10741

omg that was so cringe and i had the audio off. They tryna be edgy but they look stupid as fuck

No. 10742

lol I've always thought their hiphop/rap culture was so try hard and lame

No. 10743

They made it for a serious issue so I'll let the cringe slide, their school principal is forcing them to perform at private events semi nide for sponsors. Considering a lot of idols and trainees go to this school (and get to graduate wih 0% attendance), companies continuing to send trainees to this school is extremely sketch

No. 10744

Most Korean rappers pretend to be tough street thugs when they all come from comfortable households and went to good schools. Some idols have had harder upbringings than these so-called "rappers" but only idols get the bad rep of being plastic while rappers get away scot-free with being just as fake.

No. 10745

I know this has been beaten to death, but since it was recommended to be, I can't help but to bring it up again.

What they did to Wendy's jaw was truly criminal, holy shit. She should sue and ask for implants or some shit. Her jaw wasn't even big, and you can see how cute she was, especially at 4:41.

I mean, I still think she's pretty cute although I guess most anons won't agree, and the jaw is a minor flaw that I usually overlook for the big picture, but the sad thing is that it could be completely avoidable, not as if she was born with it.


No. 10746

Why didn't they just make a normal video? I don't really get what this kind of presentation is meant to add to their message.

I guess it kind of works if they're trying to highlight the lackluster "training" they received from the "school" because the performance is not good to say the least.

No. 10747

You know she regrets it. You just know it.

No. 10748

They wanted to draw attention to the abuse that's going on, that's why. All idol companies send their students there and I'll bet bigger conglomerates also have their hands in this, so if they'd tried organizing a press conference or something it'd be easier for news outlets to suppress.

No. 10749

I'm sticking to the theory that SM sabotaged Wendy after she stole all the spotlight at debut because they didn't want her to outshine Irene

No. 10750

How exactly did she outshine irene? Not trying to be shady, i just wasnt around

Lolol couldn't recognize joy at first. The veneers she got are tragic

No. 10751

Which could've been accomplished just as effectively, if not more lmao. The whole perfomance aspect added a layer of confusion.

No. 10752

i think this is okay for a bunch of high schoolers, considering they are trying to bring attention to an issue. we all know that k-pop companies are shady but seeing even high school kids and underage trainees being treated like this is disgusting. i also think that idols who became trainees as minors graduating while only going to school like 2 days a year isn't a good thing, that's how you get all the socially awkward manchild idols. and if their group flops, what are they going to do with a certificate they got with zero effort, no professional skills other than being able to keep up with a choreo and looking cute in front of a camera?

No. 10753

it's just dreadlocks. don't you think that you read too much into this?

No. 10754

Vocally. Everyone was talking about Wendy's high notes in Happiness, she was the star of the song. People thought she'd be the next Taeyeon with her combination of vocals and looks.

No. 10755

Wait i dont get why they didnt want wendy to outshine irene? I mean isnt it beneficial for SM too? They would have been able to milk 2 cows at the same time kek. Taeyeon only became very popular after her solo i think? Before her, yoona and jessica were their cash cows and they were popular in different ways, so I dont really get the wendy vs irene thing.

No. 10756

Correction: after TTS, I think. Before that,they didnt even bother to include her in a sub vocal group.

No. 10757

>>10740 it sounds like the music is fit for a musical but some of their voices are off key with the tune… like give me the instrumental version of the song and you bet I'm bobbing my head…

No. 10758

Do you guys know about the channel DKDKTV? They kept popping up so I finally watched this video…

No. 10759

File: 1551010654835.jpg (23.41 KB, 500x228, ClzKukSVEAMI9v2.jpg)

This isn't really criticism in the sjw sense, this is criticism in the khiphop artists look like clowns when they do this sense.

No. 10760

I think they shaved her jaw to make her fit the korean beauty standard better and make her more popular like they did to Yoona but they overdid it and now she looks like an alien.

No. 10761

SM is known to have favourites that they push at the expense of everyone else - Key has said that Taemin got privileges and special treatment that the other members didn't.

In NCT, all members have said how much Lee Soo Man himself favours Mark. Sulli even had LSM attend her birthday party as a child.

SM definitely does play favourites and won't hesitate to deny opportunities to members that they don't want to push - Seohyun was offered roles in Architecture 101 and Train to Busan but SM made her turn them down because they wanted to push Yoona as the actress member.

>I mean isnt it beneficial for SM too? They would have been able to milk 2 cows at the same time

It is, but most Korean music companies care more about exerting power than they do about actually making money in an efficient way. In a perfect capitalist scenario YGE would be giving Blackpink all their time and attention, but YG is butthurt that his precious Ikon isn't at BP's level internationally so he gives BP the barest minimum every year (this recent American promo is courtesy of Interscope, not YG). Pride takes centrestage over business sense in most idol companies.

No. 10762

If that's really the case, then it must be so upsetting for those who aren't favoured despite having more potential.
And they can't do anything about it…really fucked up.

No. 10763

Oh wow that makes me wonder what is going on behind the scenes with all these favorites kek, it's terrifying now that i think of it.

No. 10764

Damn…Anon you're spot on.

This also reminds me of companies exerting power through dieting, and the way some fans find it funny that their favs have to hide the fact that they're eating. We all know most companies put their idols on starvation diets, so it's not wrong to assume all these companies aren't doing it for the wellness of their idols. It's to control them.

No. 10765

File: 1551021480422.png (636.22 KB, 1080x970, Screenshot_2019-02-24-10-12-50…)

I have no words.

No. 10766

China's and Korea's obsession with Yoona will always be a mystery to me.

No. 10767

>Don't like BTS?

Honestly, I just laugh at this point.

No. 10768

Lol they love accusing people of xenophobia and all sorts of other things, just because they dislike the music.
People generally don't give a fuck about the language if the song is really good.

No. 10769

Isn't because she fits their beauty standards to the tea? Idk she's kinda ugly to me and ever since I found out she got a forehead implant she's just even uglier.

No. 10770

She had the potential to be the real visual of the group imo.
I'm confused about Joy's height though, she's supposedly the "tall" one of the group (168 cm) but she often appears to be on the same height of Seulgi (who's 160 cm). Why can't they try to be consistent when they lie about their height?

Perhaps because she's foreign? She's from Canada iirc. Plus, SM's favoritism.

No. 10771

Why are they saying homophobic??? Is it widely accepted by ARMYs that BTS is lgbt, or are they saying people dont like the music because BTS are men who are close to each other?

No. 10772

i don't get the post

No. 10773

They're just twitter kids who like to throw these words around, hoping it'll silence the "haters".

No. 10774

The pic is a joke that bts' music is trash and the ratmys are outraged.

No. 10775

This made me laugh way too hard. The spotify code and trash can….haha

No. 10776

Since when are they close to each other lol. It's just gay-baiting for all the brainless bl/yaoi fangirls and "woke" people

No. 10777

The last thing you said was too true. It's what I've always noticed

No. 10778

oh okay, i didn't recognize that it was a trash can at first lol. i thought there was some "lel look at these azns xdd" kind of meaning or a racial slur in the post that i didn't get and that's why armys were crying about racism. how is it racist to say their music is trash and what does homophobia have to do with anything? i like how no one in bts is openly gay yet all armys take it upon themselves to protect them from the evol hetz. i haven't even seen an actual gay artist being whiteknighted this hard by sjws but when it's the uwu innocent bts and a 12 year old army comments something like "omg his future wife is so lucky!!" there are at least 20 armys going "do NOT assume boys' sexuality heteronormativity is TOXIC this is why they are CLOSETED h*t armys are at it again there are millions of sexualities we can never know what they are you are the reason why vkook is being separated

No. 10779

Why are you still confused at their behavior. Their logic has transcended into the beyond. We can only wish to reach the level of understanding and self love bts and their followers have obtained

No. 10780

Kinda unrelated but I have a "friend" who's the stereotypical army with the whole twitter-sjw culture package and everything. They truly are that insufferable.

No. 10781

File: 1551027747928.png (231.26 KB, 365x515, Captura de pantalla 2019-02-23…)

are those yoongi's feet??? that's gross

No. 10782

That's exactly what the spoiler option is for.

No. 10783

Those hashtags make me want to vom.

No. 10784

Joy is like 165, the rest of the group are all between 155-160 so she just looks taller in comparison.

Seconded, I will never understand the hype over her "visuals" when I've seen much prettier Asian girls in my neighbourhood. I guess the hype is also from her bland boring personality? Sulli is much prettier but because she's a trashy mess she's not got the kind of cachet that Yoona does.

No. 10785

Gasp the nerve of this anon…don't you know bts is a family they are all bfffs?!??!

No. 10786

File: 1551032821669.jpeg (Spoiler Image,29.69 KB, 466x131, 579EC7F1-6605-4E0C-95F4-547579…)

They are anon and armys wanna like them

No. 10787

omg a disaster. he's so cute too! whyyy

No. 10788

Fuck anon next time please spoiler that shit. Anyway this dude got all that money and can't get a basic pedicure for like 20 dollars? Yuck. People were clowning jimin's feet but this is… significantly worse.

No. 10789

A pedicure won't fix that mess lmao

No. 10790

KEK You're right

No. 10791

I'm disgusted but dying of laughter

No. 10792

Yoona is more boring than watching paint dry

No. 10793

File: 1551041811663.jpg (Spoiler Image,53.28 KB, 550x558, b38ee9a7e58ef6df24fcc0f30910c5…)

This nigga right here got fingers for toes

No. 10794

File: 1551042796421.png (188.32 KB, 1404x658, Screen Shot 2019-02-24 at 4.13…)

friendly reminder that he is a footfag

No. 10795

That's not yoongi though who is it

No. 10796

Can we go back to talking about botched surgeries instead of FUCKING FEET

No. 10797

Let's do botched foot surgery next.

No. 10798

Could you tell me more about the Taemin privilege I knew nothing about this

No. 10799

File: 1551044646327.png (817.25 KB, 1366x768, wttf.png)

how about this

No. 10800

someone said yeesh why they start talking about feet

No. 10801

Those delusional retards on onehallyu and the "which male idols do you think are gay?"
Omg they are so ridiculous on there, they write such long paragraphs on fanservice shit haha. They're so sad

No. 10802

Why is China a mystery? She's good at chinese and go on Chinese TV way more than any other SNSD member

No. 10803

Anon, you know there's a reason why we had to put "This thread is not about shipping" in the OP, right? This thread has had massive issues with the same thing up until like less than a month ago.

No. 10804

He looks like Ronald McDonald here

No. 10805

I second that

No. 10806


No. 10807

Do you have source for all of this or is it all just pure speculation?

No. 10808

File: 1551047597931.jpg (13.86 KB, 240x300, 46176972_2045612125730424_3226…)

Yo this dude doesn't have earlobes
Not bashing that be sick, but I'm just a bit suprised lol

No. 10809

How is that about shipping? I was just laughing at stupid fans

No. 10810

>nitpicking about fucking earlobes

No. 10811


No. 10812

Why does it look like somebody rocked his shit…he needs to fire his stylist cuz that "smokey eye" just looks like a straight up black eye.

No. 10813

I saw someone say once that a lot of Japanese males don't have earlobes (meaning: big detached ealobes.) This guy is a perfect example for that

No. 10814

No. 10815

This earlobe convo is getting a bit weird

No. 10816

Oh I said that because the guy in the picture is Yuta from nct, whos japanese

No. 10817

so anons have talked about feet and ears, can't wait for the dick discussion

No. 10818

Please may that never happen

No. 10819

Thats Yuta? What happened to his giant chin?

No. 10820

>tfw haters diss oppars perfect tiny earlobrs

No. 10821

I've read it was a chin filler, shit goes away after some time. He's lucky sm didn't pull a Wendy on him and cut the fucking bone off lmao

No. 10822

Didn't someone mention Jin's penis pump in an earlier thread already

No. 10823

Doyoung and Jaehyun cut a lot of the bone off. And most likely Taeyong cut a little

No. 10824

They said they weren't bashing or hating tho..? Idk

No. 10825

File: 1551058319409.png (1.18 MB, 640x1136, joy happiness.png)

Even at their debut Wendy's face had an "egg"/oval shape that Koreans always like so much. If anything Joy had a really round, kind of chubby face that seems against the typical Korean beauty standards, but besides the veneers it seems like her face hasn't been messed with much.
What I'm trying to say is, both Wendy's and Joy's jaws looked perfectly fine but Wendy's is objectively more in line with Kpop standards so idk why SM would fuck with it unless to sabotage her in favor of Irene like some others here have said, or she's seriously deeply insecure and pushed for it herself

No. 10826

In my opinion Irene is the least attractive RV member after Slug.

No. 10827


The entire trainee system is to control the kids. I mean how else can you explain these kids training 7 years and not being able to sing on key?

No. 10828


The unfortunate consequence of Korean companies being beholden to Korea's patriarchal values.

No. 10829


This is also why SM sabotaged EXO-M for EXO-K even though M members were so much more popular in the early days. They most likely used the Chinese members to leverage opportunities for their Korean members they preferred to get successful. Happens in a lot of companies (ex why Lisa is sabotaged despite her potential in YG).

No. 10830


Yoona's popularity is the product of mediaplay. Sulli was on her way to overthrowing her except she fucked it up with her controversies

No. 10831

this. people don't care about her in sk, that's why she's using a boy idol to have articles written about her.

No. 10832

I have to disagree. I get that you guys don't think the same but she's legitimately the first member I noticed for her beauty and I wouldn't be surprised if her physical appearance is a big factor within Korea as well.

No. 10833

yea but it's not 2009 anymore. she has no fanbase in sk because soshi doesn't exist anymore.

No. 10834

Can you please clarify? How did sm sabotage exo-m?

No. 10835

krislutao I'm guessing.

No. 10836

Yeah that's what I was thinking but I wasn't sure. Its funny because in the end they got the better deal considering they are way popular than exo now kek.

No. 10837

So true. But on another note, if you can't sing-you can't sing. Doesn't matter how long you train

No. 10838

her imitating how black people talk isn't cute though

No. 10839

I also see sm pull this crap with nct too. Even though they want to be popular in Japan, they want to be popular using the korean members instead of using the japanese member, which is so ridiculous. They're not going to get far with that tactic

No. 10840

True she (and other kpop girls) reminds me of those really full of themselves bitchy asian girl cliques back in my middle and high school days.

No. 10841

to support the bitchy asian girl clique stereotype: she studied abroad a bunch. still can't get over how she had the balls to talk like a stereotype once more despite the backlash she got the first time. she acts like the genius of the group since she knows english so well but when it comes to other things she's just as dumb as the rest of them

No. 10842

Not that anon but key mentioned that Taemin would be in exclusive meetings with managers getting to pick and choose what to do for his solo debut long before it was announced - and he was the first member to get one. SM gave him months of promotions and tasked separate staff for his solo career.

Jonghyun was pretty much left to his own devices for his solo. His success just happened, Taemin's was carefully planned and orchestrated

No. 10843

Expecting racial sensitivity from sheltered K-pop idols? Good luck with that. Yeah she studied in Canada but she's from a wealthy family and grew up within the gated community, so to speak. She went from sheltered in Toronto to another sheltered environment right after high school, where I'll bet trainees said nigger all the time.

No. 10844

i don't understand how your average human with normal social skills can't tell what is fanservice and isn't because it's so obvious. if you look at other groups, they all do similar shit, hugging, sitting on each other's laps, unnecessary skin contact. they all think an idol being gay means that they are definitely in love with a bandmate too. they just want to see 2 hot guys/girls fucking, the whole "lgbt representation in kpop!!" thing is bullshit. that's why the sehun and his sugar daddy thing didn' t blow up in stan twitter despite them being obsessed with gay males

No. 10845

>average human
They're kids and kids are pretty dumb

No. 10846

there are so many delulu kboos in their 20s and it's disappointing

No. 10847

Lol imagine seeing that sentence somewhere without a context.

No. 10848

with an average of 3.8 there isn't much to discuss

No. 10849

Only ones with any bulge at all are Onew and Nickhun

No. 10850

i find it funny how in interviews in america the rest of the bts members will still be touching each other and doing fanservice yet rm is immediately like 'don't touch me/don't do that' lol

No. 10851

he's their toxic masculine token hetero friend

No. 10852

at least one of them won’t push their shipbaiting behaviour. i love seeing idols refuse to play up a gay fanservice act when another member tries it out of nowhere just because there’s a camera on them. seeing jeongyeon struggle away from sana’s need to grope someone at all times is amazing.

No. 10853

anon he ain't thinking that deep he just doesn't wanna look gay to the westerners

No. 10854

d-did you make this post unironically or am I just too autistic to pick up on your sarcasm?

No. 10855

are you a fake army anon? the other 6 are having intense gangbang orgies every night while closeted straight bean rapmon weeps and jerks it to german history books in his room because he is not gay. that is a known fact.

No. 10856

I mean Taemin went from trash to solid. Idk what vocal coaches SM has but they did wonders

No. 10857

His singing still sucks imo

No. 10858

They don't teach you how to sing, they teach you how to make it sound like you can

No. 10859

what are your thoughts on exo's vocals? i see them getting praised for their vocals but the ones except chen and d.o don't seem that good. their rappers are better off sticking to singing tho

No. 10860

Bad, screaming isn't singing. What they're doing is not singing (I actually sing, so I know what they're doing)

No. 10861

Which reminds me of those "vocal coaches" on youtube that react to kpop idols singing and act like its so great. They're just like those reactors trying to get views, so desperate. A lot of the time what they're reacting to is just lipsnycing but they never point that out (which is still really bad anyway).

No. 10862

i've watched some of the "vocal coach reacts to kpop idols' best and worst vocals" videos too, there was a clip of jimin obviously lip-syncing to a pre-record that was shown as his best and only one vocal coach pointed it out, the others were like "omg their choreography is amazing", "wow he's so good looking!!!". armys were on his ass in the comments whiteknighting about how bts practices 50 hours a day and jimin is sensitive so you shouldn't be too hard on him

No. 10863

I disagree. I’m probably the only one in here but I think SM actually have some good vocalists up until NCT, especially their main vocalist. I know it’s not all SM doings, but I think it’s interesting how their the only company to have a good portion of their vocalists sing well.

No. 10864

i agree, not that every single sm vocalist is mindblowing but they are pretty good compared to yg, jyp and other k-pop companies

No. 10865

File: 1551104426888.jpg (10.66 KB, 300x300, seulgi.jpg)

Seulgi also has a roundish, non-dorito-chin jaw. I'm pretty glad she decided against PS and even kept her monolids, maybe she looked at Wendy and got scared.

No. 10866

I think the only good vocals are D.o and Chen. The rest are…okay.

No. 10867

Jyp's vocals are a fucking mess. Their emphasis is on making likeable girl groups for old, creepy men.
I legit can't think of anyone of their new groups having exceptional vocal talent.
And same with YG, who cares more about selling that high-end, "we-are-different" image. I mean, look at our favorite "main vocal" Rosé lol.
In that sense, SM is really on another level.

No. 10868

Not that I don't agree with you but doesn't YG have Lee Hi and Suhyun? But yeah, in the end, SM wins I guess.

No. 10869

Lee Hi and Suhyun were trained outside YG, it's why their voices haven't been fucked up yet.

Everytime I hear Rose sing I keep waiting for her to swallow whatever's stuck in her throat

No. 10870

I like her natural thick eyebrows but I mostly agree, Irene is very pretty but not Helen of Troy levels of beautiful.

Funny you think Seulgi is last because I find her second prettiest after Yeri - another unpopular opinion on here kek, but I think she photographs really well. Yeri's body is unfortunate but her face isn't.

No. 10871

>Their emphasis is on making likeable girl groups for old, creepy men
And of course, the girls can't be TOO talented because old creepy men don't like girls being good at anything. Barely legal girls twerking is just harmless clean fun!

I swear JYP creeps me out more than YG some days. YG is pretty open about being a creep while JYP hides his perversion behind "family values" and insidious shit like that. No wonder they're best friends, and no wonder JYP's in a cult.

No. 10872

RM's probably realized he doesn't need to obviosuly gey shipbait like that when he can market himself as the Academic SJW Member and recommend Same Love or make a vague statement about "not having a boyfriend or girlfriend" and watch as the LGBT/Woke/Shipper fans eat that shit up. Bare mininim required.

No. 10873

Might be off-topic but can they stop pretending that they have "sophisticated" tastes all of the sudden? I can tolerate RM doing it cause he was the one who was interested in literature and shit before, but someone like Taehyung? art?
BTS and the Armys have ruined a lot of shit for me by infiltrating things just for the ~aesthetic~, the latest being Basquiat.

No. 10874

File: 1551111919983.png (439.91 KB, 633x774, Mark.PNG)

nta but here's proof of Mark being favoured in NCT. Link to tweet: https://twitter.com/jelleemark/status/1039719661674291202

No. 10875

Not a fan of him or nct but he seems like a hardworking and humble dude, but that's not really rare so maybe there are other reasons.
At least it wasn't someone annoying though.

No. 10876

SM's favourites are generally not bad people (except Taeyong kek) they're the favourites because they're likeable and hardworking.

No. 10877

>>10876 Is there a favorite for each SM group? I cant think of one for EXO or Super Junior

No. 10878

i think sm's faves in exo are baekhyun and chen

No. 10879

Kai for EXO, he had the most trailers/teasers out of all trainees. Super Junior doesn't exactly have a "favourite" because they were all leftover trainees anyway

No. 10880

Maybe Baekhyun and Suho. As for sj, they are a lost cause so idk.

No. 10881

>>10879 Id say Kyuhyun or Ryeowook. They seem to get the most solo works. People have said Heechul but I dont see SM promoting him at all

No. 10882

txt mv teaser seems like they are gonna pander to Korean fans with this

No. 10883

Looks like a cross between Seventeen and NCT Dream. If they don't pander to SJWs as much as BTS does they might be tolerable.

No. 10884

i haven't seen much from them but they look fine in this teaser imo. i hope bighit doesn't try to fuck up their faces and give them some cringy social justice agenda like bts

No. 10885

They probably don't wanna make competition for bts, and they need very young fans now since the armys are getting older.
Hopefully they'll have proper vocalists this time.

No. 10886


Sulli though….

No. 10887

She used to be bubbly and cheery before getting dickmatized, I guess everything has exceptions

No. 10888

being harassed and threatened by one of your fans will do stuff to ya

No. 10889

i agree yeri and seulgi are the prettiest of the group. joy's face is so punchable with her fake horse teeth tho

No. 10890

What happened to her?

No. 10891

nta but I'm assuming they are talking about the Jinnabit saga. You can just google it and you'll find everything.

No. 10892

In a way the predebut exposure a lot of new gen idols got as trainees helped them because that way Jinnabit couldn't latch onto them before everyone else (she became a fan of Sulli when she was like 10-11) and become their #1 sugar mama fansite. Sulli really took one for the team here.

No. 10893

Have you not seen their faces closely? Their already past fucked up

No. 10894

File: 1551126190499.png (Spoiler Image,463.78 KB, 509x577, Captura de pantalla 2019-02-25…)

this guy is not even 18 yet but already has a botched nose

No. 10895

He is so revolting. It will be interesting to see his predebut stuff

No. 10896

File: 1551126642726.jpeg (48.03 KB, 482x726, A93631C1-F637-4FDF-B850-17654C…)

samefag but Predebut pic of him in highschool I still suspect he had some work done in this pic

No. 10897

File: 1551126891168.png (Spoiler Image,349.24 KB, 657x367, Captura de pantalla 2019-02-25…)

Yes, he already had some work done there
here's an older pic
can't wait till their fans claim he's natural

No. 10898

"It's just weightloss," is what they'll say.

But holy shit, I knew there was something up with his face compared to all his other members. The difference is jarring.

No. 10899

He looks plastic but the nose job is still an improvement imo. Jaw shave is such a fucking mistake obviously, almost nobody should be getting that shit.

No. 10900

The “weight loss!!” brigade are the most delusional fans. Since when has weight loss changed the bone structure of your nose and chin/jaw.

No. 10901

File: 1551129778923.jpeg (170.45 KB, 750x996, F0A7675F-4154-4E79-AF2D-D7F8C8…)

Found this on my explore. What the fuck is wrong with her face. I can’t put my finger on what looks so wrong. Something to do with her nose/mouth/teeth combination.

No. 10902

Kai actually looks pretty hot in dreads, I never got the big deal about idols wearing them if they're not using them to make fun of others. But Kpop fans and stan twitter hate Kai's guts now all because of a styling choice in Kokobop. One of them even admitted to me she thought he pulled it off and looked really good but still hated him just because she's supposed to. Crazy.

No. 10903

No. 10904

I don't think it's botched (at least from this side profile), it doesn't look too fake and it's an improvement compared to his natural one.
But there's something uncanny about his lips…

His nose looks like a fresh nosejob (1-3 months), the tip is a bit swollen. He 100% has work done in this pic.

No. 10905

File: 1551131400286.png (1.25 MB, 1049x1070, Screenshot_2019-02-25-09-57-49…)

Hyuna posted this today and comments are filled with angry fans telling people that her weight is fine and to STFU about it. She doesn't look fine at all though how can they decide themselves to think she looks healthy?

No. 10906

File: 1551131952220.jpeg (37.73 KB, 750x228, A8222510-7EA0-4D66-A8E9-7DAC24…)

what did jimincel do this time

No. 10907

he should have left his jaw,eyes, and lips alone

No. 10908

File: 1551132519372.png (3.97 MB, 1242x2208, BBEC2355-1BE8-47EA-B60B-48E78E…)

No. 10909

Why are you confused about that

No. 10910

If you had a giant jaw, you'd probably want to shave it too

No. 10911

Why are there fox tails? Isn't that a big part of Japanese mythology

No. 10912

File: 1551135896883.jpg (97.83 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (1).jpg)

Most times the idols getting V-line didn't even have a remotely "giant" jaw before.
And even if it was, that surgery is dangerous as fuck and doesn't look half natural. Those surgeons shave too much and make it look super fake. They have zero sense of proportions and how real jaws look like.

No. 10913

A lot of people from other countries get jaw shaves but they know how to make it more natural

No. 10914

she's always been pretty thin so it's probably just not as big of a deal to people as it is when someone who's been on the "larger" size shrinks to her size

No. 10915

that looks like a normal jaw. your jaw looks a lil weird when you turn your head like that too.

No. 10916

Kai wearing dreads reminded me of japanese artists that sometimes wear dreads (doesn't help that his stage name is japanese), which surprisingly doesn't look too weird. I think it just depends on how it suits the person, not so much the dreads itself

No. 10917

File: 1551137583959.png (3.95 MB, 1242x2208, 75A08A25-37DD-42CC-AD3A-E88362…)

No. 10918

File: 1551137658011.png (3.9 MB, 1242x2208, 106E8638-2694-49E8-BB5A-C1D847…)

Sorry it wasn’t letting me upload before anyways this is why army decided to trend that hashtag cause he went on Vlive and talked about what’s been pictured

No. 10919

Some people grow into their nose, and weight loss can define the sharpness of your jaw BUT nobody goes from potato nose and broad jaw to straight pointed noses and exaggerated V lines…those kpoppies are lying to themselves and they know it

No. 10920

File: 1551137800750.jpeg (151.31 KB, 766x1023, 148F718D-DF80-43CC-B743-50E011…)

Predebut jinsoul unfortunate cause she looked cuter with a bigger jaw and black hair can’t imagine the damage done to it cause they keep bleaching it.

No. 10921

actually, jinsoul has said herself that she is the one who keeps it bleached, because she wants to stand out. she kinda reminds me of wendy a little bit, they're both obviously insecure with their appearances.

No. 10922

Only for medical reasons (extreme underbite cases) or facial feminization surgery for TIMs. Having part of your skull shaved away for cosmetic reasons isn't a thing outside of Korea.

No. 10923

wow…she was actually really pretty. I mean, I still find her pretty now, but her new jaw doesn't suit her and the fact she claimed to have lost a ton of weight for their most recent comeback says a lot.

No. 10924

File: 1551141837855.gif (2.19 MB, 268x380, tumblr_pngyzqPiJ41x15lmpo1_400…)

did haseul get veneers?

No. 10925

I wouldn't base what she looked like off of a school picture, they heavily edit those. Also plastic surgery is extremely popular among young people in korea too so that picture is probably already after a little work

No. 10926

And china

No. 10927

File: 1551143139744.png (567.63 KB, 500x750, do.png)

Doyoung's jawline looks so unnatural it disturbs me honestly

No. 10928

File: 1551144079454.jpeg (94.71 KB, 819x1024, 59FC61EF-F419-4C2C-8D64-4D43C8…)

Pretty obvious she was really insecure about her chin most of her predebut selfies obscure chin completely or half way

No. 10929

All Korean girls hide half their face in their selfies

No. 10930

File: 1551144729759.gif (1.69 MB, 268x370, ew.gif)

im scared

No. 10931

Why do they up the exposure like that thy look like lizards

No. 10932

can someone tl;dr this for me

No. 10933

I believe this because a lot of times wendy does different parts of the choreo when not singing to stand out when everyone does the same and it annoys me

No. 10934

File: 1551156281332.jpeg (114.25 KB, 1200x800, 0A07630B-A971-44A3-8380-1A77CA…)

I feel like Naeun nose job was so unnecessary, you can barely recognize her

No. 10935

File: 1551158784665.jpg (46.46 KB, 812x402, Capture.JPG)

No. 10936


Ugh, I hope he faces some kind of justice for this. Pimps deserve to burn. I feel so vindicated that he's turned out to be genuinely evil. I always had a bad feeling about him and could never pinpoint why.

No. 10937

File: 1551166070801.jpg (1.67 MB, 3840x3840, IMG_6484.JPG)

I think she's gotten more than just a nose job….she was so fresh faced and cute

No. 10938

Fucking trash. He's probably hoping people forget during his enlistment

No. 10939

all of apink destroyed their faces tbh
even the ~visual hole~ somehow made herself look worse

No. 10940

File: 1551170386860.jpg (47.47 KB, 597x550, 1234.jpg)

Fans are already shielding him to death saying it's all fake because YG stated it was fake and some are even putting real tinfoil hats on and saying it YG doing this to him because he critized the company recently.

No. 10941


What the fuck is that nose on the left?

No. 10942

When will this pity party of his stop

No. 10943

anybody else still not entirely convinced that bom’s comeback is happening? last people checked, her “company” was one ceo who was untraceable and she was the one using their official instagram. either way i hope it gets cancelled, her voice is going to be dreadful. have people not listened to goodbye for a while? in parts it sounds like she’s barely opening her mouth enough. comparisons to idols who just have a shitty personal style are unfair, bom’s more on par with twice’s momo than with another main vocalist

nobody wants another idol yg covered for to be in the news again. the seungri scandal is bringing out the people saying he threw her under the bus of course and ignoring the fact that he was paying enough people to cover a drug smuggling investigation for over three years before the news broke, and THEN they came up with multiple lies about why it happened to explain it. if it had been a regular person and not a celebrity they would’ve been charged and thrown in jail, but vom got three more years being a successful singer instead. how can fans not see why that would piss people off?

the worst thing about bom’s downfall is that it got rid of the worst excuse for plastic surgery. no, swollen lymph nodes do not change the shape of your nose, eyes, or boobs. she doesn’t even get brought up on discussions of idols with issues with their looks because there’s no point even trying to talk about how she has a completely new face and hides food under her pillow

No. 10944

Aside of whether this is fake or not, I don't get why he didn't decide to just stay on the low, now that bb is slowly dissolving. He's already the least favorite member… and not a talent either.
If he wanted to secure his future he could've bought a few buildings, but this fucker is so damn greedy that he gets into all sorts of businesses. At this point he's more of a businessman than an idol.

No. 10945

They officially announced her CB for March with a song featuring Dara (but not sure if lead single or just a song on the album..) blackjacks would come for DNation's heads if they pulled out now. the company she's with looks like they literally formed just to sign her and produce her music, it's so weird kek. But somehow Brave Brothers collaborated on that Dara song with her so it might be decent.

No. 10946

speaking of bom, i was watching some old videos of her, and she had the beginnings of the awful plastic face by 2011. It seemed much later than that in my memory. this video is from 2016, and she's probably deteriorated further since then.

No. 10947

Isn't brave brothers producing? They are pretty famous, so if it wasn't true they would probably have said something though.

Her song is going to flop no matter what though, nobody in Korea likes her and international fans aren't buying music. She might get a lot of views on youtube, but that's it.

No. 10948

She must have severe body dismorphia and it doesn't help that she's probably lonely af. Feel bad for her.

No. 10949

File: 1551180788963.png (198.98 KB, 1440x1220, Screenshot_20190226-062922~2.p…)

Funny how both Seungri and GD came up with new scandals around the same time, Dispatch just revealed GD's favoritism in the military with all the time off he was allotted. As a group they have to be done. https://www.kpopmap.com/dispatch-reveals-gdragon-unable-to-advance-as-corporal-spent-100-days-outside-of-camp/

No. 10950

Bom was already difficult to record with in 2010, it’s a complete hit or miss on if her voice is going to be any good because she doesn’t know how to sing well enough to follow directions. GD&TOP ended up not using her on this song. I remember thinking she was so pretty and had such a good voice when I was a fan back then. She was even a favourite in YG until she went waaaay downhill after 2013. CL and Bom are cows for two different reasons

No. 10951

This (g)-idle comeback is so bad (and it's a lot of work to just type their group's name correctly).

No. 10952

File: 1551185458374.jpg (Spoiler Image,320.29 KB, 1080x1000, 20190226_194834.jpg)

Plus the drama with the MV's title lol, people say they got hacked. Don't go to that website btw. Oh and Koreans won't think this scene is suggestive, it's just badass cute or something kek.

No. 10953

so much kaja product placement

No. 10954

looks like everyone in bts was in an existential crisis during early 2018 and i don't know why the fuck.
i thought their pity party in mama was insincere as hell but there might be some truth to them thinking about disbanding.

No. 10955

I find her really talented and all but I find that sexy badass act cringey.
I know she takes part in the comebacks but the group overall is pretty much focused on her.
On the other hand, they might have ended up like clc if it weren't for her.

No. 10956

She used to be pretty big as a soloist, even bigger than CL. Some Koreans will probably give her a listen out of curiosity, but she's going to need a good song to get their attention again.

No. 10957

must be hard pandering to an autistic fanbase as a grown up man

No. 10958

"World capital of plastic surgery" and you get this. Korean surgeons are such hacks, it's crazy. You would get a similar outcome from a no-name rookie surgeon somewhere in Russia.

I find G-idle really weak as a group, Latata was their only half-memorable song and that's it.

As for Soyeon, Cube is really bad at styling her. SM gave her a way more flattering look and makeup (see Wow Thing)

No. 10959

I just can't fathom how teenage idols happily agree to undergo multiple plastic surgeries as if it's nothing big. And
the fact that the parents are indifferent about it or even encourage it is so fucked up.

No. 10960

It's funny seeing these kpop girls acting tough when a slap to the face could knock their 89 lbs asses out cold.

No. 10961

i see k-pop fans reeing about female-male idol shipping a lot because "it causes scandals and makes idols uncomfortable, that's why they try to look uninterested in award shows!! they don't even know each other!!" while gay fanservice and shipping is extremely popular, fans interpret any stare between two members as a ship moment uwu. why does a male idol enjoying a girl group performance cause scandals when all the chanbaek, vkook analysis shit doesn't? like if sk is as homophobic as people say why don't groups face any backlash for gay fanservice?

No. 10962

(G)-idle fans mad cause shuhua (it however you spell her name) has no lines except an adlib but She can’t speak Korean (and when she does it’s really bad) she shouldn’t be singing unless maybes it’s an english lyrics

No. 10963

I honestly hope he goes to jail. He's just disgusting and a sleaze.

No. 10964

She also doesn't seem to be the best singer according to this video (1:11). I won't bash her for it though since she barely speaks Korean and it was their debut. But they probably just added her for the China cash.

No. 10965

LOL too true

No. 10966

I think exo's vocalists are fairly good but kpop fans all want to hear ~the high notes~ so they make them scream in like every title track but on covers/ballads etc they have a pretty strong vocal line.

This on the other hand makes me laugh everytime i see it, fans actually think this sounds ok/is a sustainable way 2 sing kek

No. 10967

This is the sound I made when I stubbed my toe a few days ago.

No. 10968

I never understood the hype about this dude's voice. I hate his voice more than Jimin's.
Just because someone has a deep voice doesn't mean that they can actually sing. He sound like a dying whale.

No. 10969

File: 1551198486532.jpg (226.59 KB, 650x700, 4397.jpg)

bts vocalists are a fucking joke

No. 10970

also when fans make those "(idol)'s vocal range" and have shit like this in it…yikes
not to sperg out but his vocal technique is SO bad he squeezes out all his notes and even in a register he's 'comfortable' it sounds like hes not opening his mouth/has major tongue tension

No. 10971

File: 1551199088011.png (9.99 KB, 551x150, BTS.PNG)

The supposedly unbiased Korean Music Awards giving a daesang to BTS' worst song…..how much Koolaid are Koreans drinking to believe that BTS are important?


No. 10972

Why is she even there? Yuqi seems to be getting all the attention and Chinese money for Cube anyway

No. 10973

The more the better I guess lol

No. 10974

Taeil of nct is a pretty good vocalist too

No. 10975

He has a very weird singing voice. It sounds like a old man who in dire need of a glass of water. He is a shit singer and when you tell armies this they just send you more videos of him singing (usually ones like this where he is singing that exact song) which only further prove my point.

No. 10976

Are Daesangs to them like Grammys are to us? Just popularity awards..?

No. 10977

What a perfect simile lol. Thanks for laugh, anon.

No. 10978

Samefag but I actually think that yuta is the second best vocalist in nct after tail; not doyoung or jaehyun

No. 10979

She’s also the ugliest member in the group. I don’t get why she debuted. The other members are more talented and pretty than her and can speak proper Korean.

No. 10980

I….I don't know what I just listened to

No. 10981

Nah anon. Doyoung and Taeil are their best vocalist. Everybody else isn’t worth discussing tbh but if we were to list, Haechan would be next.

No. 10982

Do NCT fans come here because nobody cares about their group elsewhere?

No. 10983

File: 1551206302579.png (343.78 KB, 1080x1354, Screenshot_2019-02-27-00-26-46…)

I just love this look on him…hair parted and top undone…wow! He just radiates sexy"

He doesn't look sexy, Janet, he looks like he spent a good chunk of time puking his guys out in the toilet before this picture was taken

No. 10984

No. 10985

he looks like a drunk divorced asian dad

No. 10986

Also nope

No. 10987

What asian that wears that much makeup

No. 10988

Samefag i meant asian dad

No. 10989

I don't know many asian dads with teal hair

No. 10990

how many times do we have to ask you nctfags to take your sperging to the general thread

No. 10991

But isn't this thread the "crtical" thread? Not the "only mention people if you're going to bash them" thread?

No. 10992

Samefag but other people were dicussing exo's vocalist so why couldn't nct's vocalist be discussed?

No. 10993

I agree. If you want to defend your oppa or don't have anything at least critical to say about kpop, then this is not the thread for you…


Where are you being critical though? You're only saying that someone is better vocalist than… Whatever. Why?

No. 10994

I pity the poor hooker who has to endure that sweaty drunk mess on top of her later

No. 10995


No. 10996

I think doyoung's voice isn't as great as people make it out to be. He always breathless and looks like he's in pain. Also his voice is rough and raspy

No. 10997

but oppa is pure! he doesn't even like the taste of alcohol!!

No. 10998

I think it should be: but oppa is pure! He doesn't even know what girls look like!!!

No. 10999

Out of them all I feel like V and JK are the ones on the fast track to crashing and burning. V is particular is looking worse day by day, it's sad actually

No. 11000

I never see anything about them unless I come on this thread or see them in a youtube thumbnail, but whenever I do I'm just like… yeesh

No. 11001

A lot of stupid nctizens complain about winwin not being a part of 127 anymore, but I bet he's more than happy to be away from them. Especially Taeil, at least his fellow chinese pals don't touch him like that

No. 11002

they are in their early 20s and they both already started to look like grandmas. they've been messing with their faces with ps and makeup from such a young age they'll look as bloated as taemin soon.

No. 11003

Or he's been drinking to get through the meeting with a sponsor later…pretty sure bh is putting him to use somehow since he can't really sing

No. 11004

He had better lay off the alcohol if he wants to be in demand among sponsors then

No. 11005

if sasaengs/fansites have enough money to bulk buy their albums, islands and castles for them, can they become these 'sponsors' too?

No. 11006

If they're hot enough the idols won't even have to be coerced into fucking them tbh

No. 11007

Generally no, a sponsor for most idols is someone who has the money not just to keep you, but to buy you press mentions and spots on variety shows or dramas (whether through industry influence or just being insanely rich and having the right contacts). Rich sasaengs get milked for their money too, but they're not thought of as sponsors, just as dumb groupies with cash.

No. 11008

this guy is in hyundai commercials or w/e now. he doesn't need a sponsor.

No. 11009


i dont think hot people would need to pay to get laid, anon. and sponsors generally offer the company something profitable in return, which sasaengs cant really do

sage for samegfag

No. 11010

this thought crossed my mind before lol. most of these sasaengs must be obnoxiously ugly or something to be insanely rich but still have no social life other than stalking kpop idols around and still not get laid.

No. 11011

Makes me wonder if some NCT dudes get sponsors too. Some of them do literally nothing, SM has to get some profit somehow.

No. 11012

I really wish an a well known idol(preferably from bts) got caught hooking up with prostitutes or other girls. I'd be fun to see what ratmys tell themselves after thaat

No. 11013

Some sm groups make a lot of money touring in Japan like tvxq or whatever

No. 11014

"It was a cosplayer/lookalike! Oppar is too pure to know what a vagina is!

No. 11015

Sm hinders their own artists, what a great company. Then they have to end up getting sugar daddies lol

No. 11016

NCT are 3 years into their career and JUST started touring, they're hemorrhaging more money than any SM act currently.

EXO and Shinee were holding Dome tours at this point in their career. NCT are a disappointment in every single way - their album sales aren't even that great compared to other SM boygroups, not one single member is well-known to the general public, they have no group chemistry and some of them look extremely botched at their young age already.

No. 11017

NCT isn't TVXQ, Anon. Nobody cares about NCT or that abomination Yuta in Japan. And they're like 933434 members, they don't even chart, some members do absolutely nothing.

No. 11018

llol idk about that. sasaengs are said to be either really rich, which means they can just get surgery to look good, or they put out a lot for resources and connections

No. 11019

None of them are doing nothing right now since the ones that were just debuted a month ago. Yuta is back to being the most useless member.

No. 11020

I wasn't talking about nct making money in Japan lol, I'm not that stupid. I was saying that sm must get a lot of money from tvxq's touring in japan, so that's one reason they have a lot of money. "Nct making money in Japan" lol no way

No. 11021

Well they don't let him do anything

No. 11022

nct is the jeb bush of SM boy groups, they don't make money from that

No. 11023

Good point. They're absurdly rich now so maybe they don't need do that shit anymore but before…the idea that bh might have pimped them out while a lot of them were underage just makes me want to vom

No. 11024

>nct is the jeb bush of SM boy groups

Not the analogy we expected but the analogy we all needed

No. 11025

I'm a bit suprised to see a lot of people dislike yuta. Thought I was one of the only ones

No. 11026

He needs to stop clinging to Winwin for relevancy. Also he comes off as extremely…smarmy to me for some reason. Like some sort of snake oil salesman, idk.

No. 11027

What exactly can he do better than the other 20 members? He doesn't have standout vocal skills or dansu skills, he's the leader of the clapped line due to botched ps, and while his personality isn't bad, it doesn't have as much general appeal as the others'. He does have a nice body and he's not 5'2" but that's about it.

please clap

No. 11028

well they did sexualize the then underage ones for pedo bait

No. 11029

>he's not 5'2"
He might be, you never know with idols and their insoles

No. 11030

I see all the nct members that way to be honest

No. 11031

People who saw him real life said he's taller and broader than in pictures but you never know, could be delusion on their part

No. 11032

This. Perhaps not all but definitely most.

No. 11033

To be fair sm treats him badly tho. Nearly all the members get some sort of exposure and chance to do stuff except for him. I guess it's xnephobia

No. 11034

He's listed as 175 on official profiles, he's probably not more than 172-173 IRL then

Anyway his height is as irrelevant as he is kek

No. 11035

Really? He comes off as a pushover to me

No. 11036

>He needs to stop clinging to Winwin for relevancy
I don't follow nct that much. Please explain?

No. 11037

>Clinging to Winwin for relevancy

Winwin is just as irrelevant as he is, anon.

No. 11038

They mean it literally, like touchy gay fanservice. Taeil does it with winwin too. He seems to hate it and I'm p sure he's said he hates it several times.

No. 11039

Why winwin out of all people lol

No. 11040

I used to think it was all completely fake, but then I saw a video someone took secretly of them and I was surprised

No. 11041

nct seem like they have a lot of members that get divided opinions, from fans and from people who don’t really follow the group. a lot of in-fighting between different member stans. ten is either brilliantly flamboyant and talented or a bitchy, self centred gay boy. winwin is either a prodigy that’s being held back by sm or a talentless guy with a lisp. jaehyun is either a wholesome prince or has the personality of a piece of cardboard. johnny is either down to earth and relatable or a 2013 vlogger who’s in the group just because he was a trainee for so long. i think through merch and tours and things they make enough money to support themselves as a group, but none of the members are going to get rich anytime soon. companies like sm don’t make every group with the aim of them being a top group, so i think it is just a weird sm plan and not them trying hard and flopping

jaehyun’s weird jaw makes him look like pixielocks’ ex at certain angles though and it’s annoying once you’ve noticed it

No. 11042


No. 11043

Samefag but there was no way they could have known anyone was watching them or taking a video of them

No. 11044

Constant gay fanservice, I've seen a total of maybe 4 NCT videos and in all of them Yuta was trying to kiss Winwin.

Not in China though, he's pretty much the best-known member in his new group (NCT China?) for now

No. 11045

I thought they get like 1-2-3 sponsors but 20 men?? Wtf

>The Jang Ja Yeon scandal was a wake up call to a lot of international fans about just how dirty the entertainment scene in Korea can be. JJY was an actress, most well known for her role in Boys Over Flowers. She committed suicide and left letters detailing the abuse she underwent at the hands of her manager, who beat her and forced her to have sex with powerful men. She named 20 high profile men who had done so in her letters, however only 2 were ever charged with with anything. Sadly, the court ruled just last year that the letters she had left were "fabricated" leading many to believe that the scandal had further implications with the higher ups who had shut it down.

They're all ignored by sm, if they don't gaybait twice as hard they'll get locked in the basement. I remember they once made a poll on twitter about ships and yuta/winwin was one of them ew

No. 11046

Jaehyun obviously had jaw surgery and forgot to get the extra chin skin removed, it's why he looks like he has a double chin when he's nowhere near fat.

No. 11047

Yes this is very true. Also Yuta said before in a vlive that he has no money and the others got a bit quiet lol, too bad he's irrelevant

No. 11048

>none of the members are going to get rich anytime soon
Like most idols, most of them are already. Chenle has billionaire parents.

No. 11049

THey all do ships with each other it's so weird

No. 11050

>Yuta said before in a vlive that he has no money and the others got a bit quiet
Holy shit that's hilarous. Can you post the clip?

No. 11051

Controversial but
Sexualization of minors <<< pushing them into what's basically prostitution

No. 11052

doesn't everyone agree with that?

No. 11053

Sorry I don't know how to find it but it was during their anniversary vlive. Taeyong was talking about how much he's grown since last year, and then Yuta blurted out that he still doesn't have money. Everyone took it as a joke, but I'm pretty sure he was serious. It wasn't the first time he dropped hints lol

No. 11054


No. 11055

samefag when i said everyone I meant the fans

No. 11056

File: 1551211955207.png (203.24 KB, 962x546, Sponsors.PNG)

No. 11057

File: 1551212101871.png (123.59 KB, 955x379, Sponsors2.PNG)


No. 11058

I don't think it's that fair to judge someones personality when you only see so little of it but whatever. I actually think he's one of the more interesting ones(samefagging)

No. 11059

To be fair a lot of groups have no Japanese members yet still manage to be immensely successful in Japan, with the closest example being SVT.

No. 11060

i don't get how people watch vlives or similar content, i just cringe the whole time they interact. is it a cultural thing or are they just bad actors or something? it's not even the constant unnecessary touching or whatever, everything in general seems too staged. how millions of people watch these liveshows is beyond me, no matter what group it is

No. 11061

why so much nct talk? they're so boring and irrelevant

No. 11062


The awkwardness definitely isn't staged.

No. 11063

Come the fuck on.

No. 11064

How are they shipping? Calm down.

No. 11065

>tfw when NCT fans can't be critical for more than ten minutes (or less!) and start fangirling again.

No. 11066

File: 1551213760379.jpg (32.95 KB, 538x531, 8cd2299bb77469b26831b66cf642dc…)

Because there are a lot of NCTfags itt who tend to fucking hate everyone besides their meme group. That's why NCT is the only group whose discussion always devolves into lowkey fangirling kek.

No. 11067

Not sure how legit this is but damn, somebody hole my hair while i barf this is sick

No. 11068

That soldier who lost his whole family and gf at once because of a car accident on the way to visit him got no more than just 11 days break to mourn while this fucker GD gets 100 days off. The unfairness is real
I will never feel sorry for k-idols.


No. 11069

Most idols will never receive bigbang levels of special treatment m8

No. 11070

I'm not shipping eww no way.
Anyways the video I saw was kinda weird it was more like fighting. So, it was at the really far back of the stage where you couldn't really see cuz it was dark, so anyway yuta was kinda far away from winwin dancing or whatever, and then Jaehyun comes up out of nowhere and puts his arm around winwin and is acting really annoying. Yuta then comes and puts his arm around winwin and looks up at jaehyun and tries to pull winwin away, but jaehyun wouldn't let him. Then yuta is walking backwards while still looking (and seems upset)at them and winwin tries to pull yuta's arm and he pulls it back in a really hard and angry way. He runs off after that and winwin seems to call after him but yuta ignores him and jaehyun looks like he's enjoying it all.

NO, Im not a shipper, nor am I crazy, and the vid was not staged, you could tell. Don't get mad at me for posting this if you may, this is NOT about shipping.

No. 11071

except no one cares about nct except for their fans

No. 11072

That story is so sad, what sick fuckers

No. 11073

True but I was responding to someone who brought them up. I don't really care about nct either someone else showed me that video

No. 11074

(Please, sage your posts!) You don't care about NCT but you remember the video as if was you who recorded it kek.

No. 11075

Speak for yourself. I'm not much of an nct fan but I find some of the discussion here kind of interesting.

No. 11076

Yes criticizing is always fun, and it's funner the less you care about something lol

No. 11077

>I'm not much of an nct fan
Seems legit

No. 11078

Aren't you counterjerking a little too hard?

No. 11079

Sorry I'll sage next time, but I remembered it because I found it funny

No. 11080

Which part exactly? When people defend Yuta or feel sorry for him, or the moment when people discuss if some - apparent - crush is staged or real?

No. 11081

I'm not the person you're replying to, but I'm a bit confused as to what you meant by your post

No. 11082

Idk much about what they're like irl but I can imagine how fucked up their relationships with each other must be, considering many of them (idols in general) are anachans, depressed, stressed, take all kinds of medicine, etc.

No. 11083

I'm the one who wrote the story and that's what I thought of too.

No. 11084

Why are we talking about fucking NCT when there's plenty of milk with the Seungri scandal?

No. 11085

I'm being sarcastic. NCT fans come here to talk about them because they're fans but they won't admit it. It's not bad to talk about some band that you like, but this is the critical thread and most messages are just pure fangirling

No. 11086

Interesting that the article only talks about female idols and trainees
So is this a gender specific thing in kpop?
Or do you think the male incidents kept under even tighter wraps because sk is hypocritical as well as homophobic?

No. 11087

So you are baiting.

>most messages are just pure fangirling

Not really.

No. 11088

Yes please let's ditch NCT and discuss this
Seungri is probably going down in flames but do you think there's a chance he'll take other celebs down with him? It's a club frequented by upper class patrons after all.

No. 11089


I wanna know who 'Singer C' is in that groupchat.

No. 11090

Singer C is suspected to be Jonghoon from FT Island, I think.

No. 11091

Yes they definitely are

No. 11092

I fear that Seungri might get away with a lot of this shit like they always do

No. 11093

i find obviously weird idol relationships interesting. i imagine living together and dealing with horrifying diets, stalkers, awful things like that must mean they have some kind of bond but if you don't get on with someone then you just don't get on with them, being around each other 24/7 is only going to make that worse. i just wish there were more moments of idols dropping their guard and making it clear where the cliques are. more taeyeon and jessica video compilations would be fun

talk about it then. bring up what you have to say, it's not that hard. the last i saw was that message screenshots were fake because they were dated 2015 but had photos from last year and talked about stuff that hadn't happened yet, so i'm waiting for another week to see what evidence builds up and see why fan excuses are bullshit.

most of the sponsors are male and more men want to fuck female idols than guys, it's just going to be something like the most twinkish boy in the group being targets rather than the majority of the group/trainees like with girls. someone like jaejoong in tvxq's debut days was very, very obviously getting passed around, it's no wonder he left sm. and there's female sponsors too obviously, just far far less.

No. 11094

>Or do you think the male incidents kept under even tighter wraps because sk is hypocritical as well as homophobic?
Here's a recent scandal.

No. 11095

Yes thank you I wrote that story and I found the video interesting for those reasons too.(Its not just about nct people, it about idols in general) Jaehyun really showed another side of himself; he seemed to enjoy showing his power and dominance over yuta, and you could really see how weak and insecure yuta was from that video, from how he got really upset and ran away. Winwin didn't try to push jaehyun off, but he also tried to stop yuta from running away upset and failed (guess he wants to stay safe on everyone's good side) It was funny how obvious the power dynamics were from that one little video

No. 11096

Hmm, not sure if milky or not. I hoped it would have been a bigger name. No matter what, if the chats are real (which they probably are) they should all be burned at the stake.

Seungri is truly a piece of shit.

No. 11097

Yeah I also think this is all going to be shoved under the rug at some point. Too many powerful people involved I suppose

Fans are so delusional it reeks. In the akp article people were commenting stuff like (paraphrased) "yes pimping is bad but this person has no proof and is defaming the poor idol think of his rep the commentor is a manhater i have receipts

No. 11098

Bigbang stan twitter is grasping at everything they can in order to shield. I have literally seen people say that the texts have been proven fake because YG made a statement saying that they are fake.

How desperate must you be to be able to claim as a fact that because YG says it's fake it's fake.

No. 11099

Yuta seems very insecure in general. Like one of those people who only has 1 or 2 friends and gets incredibly possessive and jealous if they have other friends, because he's too much of an introvert to make new friends himself. I don't know, it's hard to get a good read on him because he barely does anything, but that's the vibe he gives me in the rare moments when he does do shit.

No. 11100

All this talk… do you have the actual video by any chance?

No. 11101

>Singer C is suspected to be Jonghoon from FT Island

There was an old rumor about Seungri and Ft Island guy throwing boat parties with escorts on regular basis.

Another old Bigbang/prostitution rumor - the band had escorts provision written in the contracts while touring and doing fanmeets in China-Hongkong.

No. 11102

No..I wish I did but someone else showed it to me and Idk where she got it. If I had it I wouldn't do all this talking duh

No. 11103

I got that feel as well. Honestly, I don't like to judge Yuta in particular too much first of all, sm gives him zero exposure so we don't really see much of him, and second of all he's the only japanese person that ever debuted in sm; who knows what he goes thro there. If anything I feel a bit sorry for him but too bad for him

No. 11104

Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't sk supposed to value men being in touch with their emotions? This stuff being covered up because of some internalized homosexuality is shameful bullshit

Yeah I see your point. Makes sense that the 'weakest' ones and would be targeted the most. Makes me wonder if those idols we keep bashing because they offer nothing to the group's performance are actually there for something else

Okay so all these articles are on akp which is at best, a tabloid. So I can't blame people for not believing in the reports 100%. I wish a serious media outlet would cover these stories.

No. 11105

Isn't it a given that all kpop bands have something like this? If companies didnt provide a controlled outlet these guys would probably go crazy and cause scandals that are bad for their rep.

No. 11106

>sk supposed to value men being in touch with their emotions

No. 11107

File: 1551218153445.png (25.94 KB, 274x320, naver.png)


Maybe not this time .. Naver has stocks in YG so usually they bury all bad news related to YG and remove them from the real-time Search Rankings. They have done it during the Burning Sun Scandal as well, but people are complaining so much about it now and are seriously on to Naver that the search rankings doesn't seem to be manipulated for once. Keeping it in the search rankings means that more people will get exposed to the news.

Pic related is the current one.
1. Park Han Byeol husband (He's related to the case)
3. Seungri Kakaotalk
4. Lee Munho (Burning sun CEO)
5. Seungri
6. YG Entertainment

No. 11108

honestly i think sm might have been pimping out sehun and that's how the sugar daddy thing happened. i don't see how he got it going on with an ugly old ass man unless it was for some money shit

No. 11109

And kpop fans (and koreans themselves) act superior and act like kpop companies are better and cleaner and safer than entertainment companies in other countries big KEK

No. 11110

Could be totally wrong on this, but I think richer idols are going to be treated better in this respect. Obviously it means they don't need the money a sponsor would get them, but a more powerful family is going to help. I've never thought jokes about Jennie have that much weight behind them because of this, it's just an easy joke to make. Obviously nobody's immune - especially if there's more force than just a lot of gross persuasion going on - but the flood of idols from wealthy backgrounds could just be about some more families only wanting their kids going into the industry if they have a little more power.

There's less stories about idols being practically homeless before they were given a dorm now, idols start off with money. >>11048 pointed out that there's some very rich members in NCT, meaning rich families who could sue and idols who are more likely to turn down offers and risk being overshadowed. And since >>11093 mentioned Jaejoong, he was one of the dirt poor idols under SM, along with being the designated twink type boy in TVXQ. There is no way he wasn't a target among trainees and after he debuted, but he's only just admitted to being sexually assaulted by sasaengs, he's not going to get more open about the industry soon. I didn't like that being an idol is basically just a hobby for CEO and doctors children now, but I guess at least it does mean there's less vulnerable young people there. If the rich and powerful idols aren't saying much now, then the ones with nothing to fall back on have absolutely no voice. And the ones with stage parents willing to let their kids be abused for fame… no words there.

No. 11111

Of course the more kids wealthy families have in the industry, the more power those families can exert

No. 11112

This kids case is also suspicious. Why did he become a kpop idol? Someone told me he wasn't even a fan of kpop or anything prior. Also he lives in seoul with his mom too

No. 11113

Does Korea edit ID pictures? She looks unrecognisable.

No. 11114

File: 1551219589170.jpeg (121.72 KB, 750x976, FC3B0F44-66AE-42F5-8CE3-DF4BA5…)

Forgot picture

No. 11115

No. 11116

They do.

No. 11117

Korea is an image obsessed society; of course they do (sorry if this is repetitive)

No. 11118

They do?

No. 11119

Yes indeed they do. Are you genuinely confused or sarcastic?

No. 11120

The kpop industry is infamous for being dirty so I don't know wtf you're on about

No. 11121

Well I've seen them do it plenty of times with my own eyes and ears

No. 11122

File: 1551220496970.jpg (82.07 KB, 675x1200, DznqVd2X4As1bnk.jpg)

meanwhile BTS fans spot attractive young woman lurking into bands hotel room and come to conclusion she's unwelcomed sasaeng

No. 11123

they think the ceos are corrupt but they think the idols themselves aren't involved in anything bad

No. 11124

The you need to get your eyes checked. Fans eat up stories about their idols getting treated unfairly. They don't defend the industry.

True but that isn't what the poster was saying.

No. 11125

lol this is the finest example. they were groupies who got the d, full stop.

No. 11126

I wasn't talking about the whole getting treated unfairly. I was talking about prostitution, extortion of minors, drugs..etc.

And yes I was talking about the idols as well

No. 11127

Samefag but I also mentioned koreans themseleves too, not just fans. They always act as if the kpop industries don't treat females horribly. Maybe you need to get your eyes instead

No. 11128

>act like kpop companies are better and cleaner and safer than entertainment companies in other countries
>Maybe you need to get your eyes instead
Nope it's still you.

No. 11129

kpop fans always go on about how korea is so conservative which they think means pure

No. 11130

No. 11131

Good point

No. 11132


Yes also because they can bash bts is peace.

No. 11133


Idols that want more popularity tend to do that. Nayeon to Tzuyu for example, Sana to Jungyeon. Smacks of desperation to me.

No. 11134

That means most of nct are desperate lol

No. 11135

So thats the girl who only got the "whoa whoa whoa whoa" line? I cracked up kek

No. 11136

>Idols that want more popularity tend to do that.
Even BTS?

No. 11137

popularity within the fandom

No. 11138

People on this thread talk about bts, exo, twice, mamamoo, and other groups(good things and bad things), but we can't talk about nct? I want to talk shit about nct too

No. 11139

Samefag but Jungwoo is unbearable. His whole existence in nct is based off him being "uwuw" and ships with the other members especially lucas yuck

No. 11140

Ok fair but I don't think it's always true.

No. 11141

It doesn't matter how famous people are, they still want more fame and are scared of being irrelevant one day, so they always try to keep themselves in the middle of attention if they can.
Reminds me of when Shawn Mendes said he wakes up in a cold sweat in the middle of the middle sometimes because he's terrified of waking up one day and no longer being relevant. Poor guy, more fame just makes it harder

No. 11142

But aren't you saying that less popular members cling to the more popular ones? I've seen some examples where the opposite kind of happens.

No. 11143

Samefag but to correct my typo: said he wakes up in a cold sweat in the middle of the night sometimes..

No. 11144

No wasn't talking about idols in particular, just fame. But yes it's vice versa

No. 11145

FUCKING thank you I'm so bored of that fucker.

No. 11146

They are so dry to their fans lol specially Nayeon I feel bad for the girl honestly. Fans believe they are super sweet in real life

No. 11147

Glad to find someone who shares my opinions

No. 11148

I know 98% of NCT are talentless but I'm suprised jungwoo is even in the main unit because if i compare all the singing hes done in all the song he's been in. It feels like some other member is singing for him. He isn't a visual, just a taemin clone. (Which isn't a compliment as Taemin's face looks horrible)

No. 11149

I haven't watched the video but I cannot comprehend how kpop idols don't despise their fans.

No. 11150

I think he's better looking than Taemin ever was. He's cute despite his annoying personality.

No. 11151

I don't know if I should ask here or in the regular kpop thread, but can someone explain how those "Brand Reputation Rankings" work? My understanding is that it's based on how much "buzz" a member or group gets and therefore not always correlated with popularity?

I'm really curious because my fav is almost always ranked amongst the top within his group even though he's apparently not that popular nor does he do MCing or any other stuff that should get him constant media attention.

No. 11152

Their reactions "Oooh really?" couldn't be faker, plus they said the same things as if read from a script ("You were born in 1996? So we're friends!"). But of course that's how fansigns work, it's play pretend.
The only ones who at least tried were Mina, Jihyo, Momo and maybe Jeongyeon. The others looked tired and bored

No. 11153


Am I the only one who thinks this sounds like a comeback for AOA if Choa had stayed in the group. I've heard that Soyeon writes their songs but does anyone know if this was written by someone else bc it dead ass seems like a song that was written specifically for AOA.

No. 11154

i know part of it is just about search rankings, so seungri is going to be high this month despite not actually being at all good for brand recognition because his name is going to be searched for. the group rainbow used to be consistently ranking in the top 20 girl groups despite being completely unpopular just because people were searching online for… actual rainbows.

No. 11155

Hasn't this been discussed before? Somebody got the d that night, but it wasnt these 4 for sure. They wouldnt be plastering themselves all over social media if they were, bh would make sure of that

No. 11156

are we surprised? i dont even know how many members nct has at this point. if i were an idol who had to compete for the spotlight in a group that big, i'd be pretty desperate too

No. 11157

They have 21 members kek.

No. 11158

Ah that could be it. His name isn't exactly the most unique. Thanks.

No. 11159

Not all the time. Case in point: jimin is the clingiest little shit but he's got the biggest craziest fanbase

No. 11160

Fansigns are so fake I can never watch any of those videos
Do fans who go to these actually fall for that 'oh hey i remember you from last time!!' crap?

No. 11161

The conversation was about tvxq, not nct. Also what does yuta have to do with it? You guys are just mean, bashing him for no good reason. You have to be blind, deaf, or just plain stupid to think he's talent-less. Ya'll really fell for sm's tactic of making him unlikable haha

No. 11162

Oh boi dis gon b gud

No. 11163

Yes it Photoshops automatically. To get an idea picture you go into a photo booth and take whatever is required and then it's like a snow filter on top. I'm tan so it automatically whitened my skin when I did it. It whitens,brightens, and slims so kpop fans are naive when they see idols id photos and think that it's a natural photo.

No. 11164

Are you saying that not only it exists, but is mandatory?? Do you have a source?

No. 11165

So the clinging does work then haha

No. 11166

It's true. This was him singing at 15/16 and its not bad. Imagine if he'd gotten vocal coaching and was given the opportunity to sing all these years smh

No. 11167

Agreed. I made a single joke tweet about the situation and had well over a dozen BB fans in my mentions and dms calling me a whore, a sheep, a liar, and saying they're gonna contact my local police and report me for slander. One of them threatened to photoshop my avi and username into a kkt conversation and make it seem like I'm a rape apologist, to prove how easy it is to fake screenshots. My tweet also made its way onto an account that's dedicated to screencapping everything negative about Bigbang and encouraging their followers to report users & send screenies to YG himself. They're legit insane. Seungri could go to jail and his fans would still make excuses and continue to kiss the ground he walks on. I mean, Bigbang has already gotten off the hook for sexual assault, manslaughter and drug scandals…why not pimping, too?

saged for blogposting

No. 11168

Holy shit anon that sounds horrible, those VIPs are fucking rabid, do you have a backup account? i'll go private if that shit happened to me.

No. 11169

Why even use twitter at this point lol

No. 11170

Okay that sounds scary

No. 11171

I barely use twitter so I’m not that bothered, it’s just funny/scary to see their insane reactions to a dumb meme.

No. 11172

This sounds so much better lmao kinda ridiculous that some random person on youtube can put together a better song than an entire company

No. 11173

Lmao that girl is basically a delusional Twice stalker, I have the misfortune of knowing her briefly. She lied to her parents and said she needed money for a school trip so they gave her enough money for her to go to Singapore to stalk Twice some more. I'm not surprised they're sick of this creepy white girl following them everywhere. Kpop stans are fucking terrifying sometimes.

No. 11174

yeah. they'd be nowhere if it wasn't for their cringy gay baiting, they need to keep it up for their careers.

No. 11175

Armys call everyone around them sasaengs out of jealousy and it's retarded but I thought these girls had sasaeng accs where they post sasaeng shit, that's why they got called out? My guess would be that boy groups usually don't fuck groupies to avoid scandals but they hook up with prostitutes who won't speak up. A sasaeng would definitely find a way to make it known if they fucked the idol they stalk, it's their biggest goal after all lol

No. 11176

Pretty sure BTS no longer needs to do gay pandering to stay afloat.

No. 11177

They absolutely do, the gay shit was the only reason they got popular.
They have no talent and are ugly as shit, but there's nothing internet teen girls love more than Asian twinks

No. 11178

They're straight up shouting holy fuck, i felt sores in my throat just by hearing them "sing

No. 11179

sounds milky tell more

No. 11180

its scary how much more manufactured kpop has become recently lol i was a huge kboo from like 2009-2015 and kind of getting back into it casually & jesus, everyone seems so much more plastic and bland than previously. like suju was a shit group but at least they were all fugly enough to tell apart.

is it true that most idols are just rich kids now? like kpops always been looks > talent & since money just buys looks there arent really any barriers huh.

No. 11181

I second this

No. 11182

Sounds more like an opinion than fact but ok

No. 11183

Idk if I have anything too milky on her apart from that… well, she chose to major in Japanese because of Momo, she never showed any interest in Japanese culture apart from the fact her bias is from there. She'd also treat Momo like some goddess who could do nothing wrong, the obsession level was reallt creepy. Idk what she does these days other than stalking Twice (nor do I care tbh.) I wonder what she's going to do with a degree in a subject she actually doesn't care about once she grows out of this. She could have bought a house with all the money she's spent on Twice by now.

No. 11184

And by that I mean solely the having to pander to stay afloat at their current status part… before anyone calls me a BTS stan lmao

No. 11185

what in the actual fuck

No. 11186

File: 1551238442679.jpg (77.01 KB, 827x724, 1550881374647.jpg)

Randomly coming across pic related on /mu/ made me lol

No. 11187

File: 1551239018513.jpg (255.01 KB, 1280x720, 6da4aac4-29ef-4c8d-b6c3-5615bd…)

No. 11188

Omg this is so fucking weird, Jason looks so alive and fresh while the others look exactly like how you would picture a boy band member: plastic and dead inside

No. 11189

File: 1551239086887.jpg (47.02 KB, 493x720, internetwar.jpg)

I think anons here really overestimate the gaybaiting bts does. When you compare it to shit that shinee (like internet war) and super junior used to do, its positively kindergarten

bts started fangirl attention when i need u came out with the ~deep~ ~thoughtprovoking~ mv that had an 18+ version (just for some mild blood kek) and that set off a thousand fanfictions on ao3. thats what started it, bts ~wasnt like the other bands~ because they loosely wove together a bullshit storyline for a mediocre song.

the fandom filled in the blanks with the gay, but bts never were fake humping eachother on stage while shirtless, because lets be real, none of them have the physique for that.

anons who talk about how oh so gay bts is must be newbies who only got into kpop through bts and twitter recently.

No. 11190

yeah waaaay back my bias was heechul & seeing what fangirls sperg about is ridic. “can your kpop boy do this” meme w/ a video of bts guy looking at the other one. woooow. wheres the kissing lol

No. 11191

sometimes it feels like kpop has gotten more g-rated and sexually repressed as the years go on. bts is one of the least sexy kpop groups out there in terms of slutty fandom pandering.

No. 11192

Reminds me of jpop and jrock fanservice (which is where kpop got the whole gay fanservice from)

No. 11193

Jihyo is the only one who looks like she gives half a damn

No. 11194

Oh this is actually pretty good..such a shame

No. 11195

This picture is too funny. The retard who made this should've used other pictures for nct lol

No. 11196

Is Jason supposed to be roy?

No. 11197

Fucking thank you.

No. 11198

File: 1551241000675.jpg (208.92 KB, 1280x727, 7687e116-1a84-4388-8e9a-60bddb…)

yeah, idiot.

No. 11199

What am I supposed to be looking at

No. 11200

Eh, what's funny here?

No. 11201

File: 1551245005596.jpg (79.13 KB, 722x1022, 8d9742fa49b3b4baa6327308fb4b65…)


honestly most groups don't do gay fanservice as hard as sm and jyp idols lol. bts still needs to gay bait for relevancy because there is nothing more to them. that's all all armys bring them up for, most of them only follow them to see if their otp is going to come out soon or if there is a new jimin x jungkook moment to flick the bean to. the guys are too straight and untalented that their fake shit is extremely cringy but they'll keep putting the popular ships together, doing the awkward skinship stuff, get fake jealous over each other

or they don't do that because their bwothewhood is real unlike all these manufactured kpop groups uwu

No. 11202

The most funny thing is seeing stans fight over ship moments. It's like a race to whose ship is the realest kek

No. 11203

File: 1551247830008.jpg (36.47 KB, 500x400, 48425562_769023923449294_81103…)

the delusion

No. 11204

i was curious about long term effects of extreme jaw shaving but there isnt enough data since its so new lol. but sometimes theres nerve damage or root damage so i wonder how many idols have numb lips and fake teeth, there have to be a few

No. 11205

and yes i know they all got fake teeth i mean like, teeth damaged as a result of surgery rather than veneers

No. 11206

File: 1551267729028.png (62.93 KB, 834x522, 94085039.png)

I've been watching red carpet looks reviews and bts happened to be in one of them, fucking armies are insufferable. I wish the reviewer went harder on them but ofc that would result in a shitstorm in the comments so he avoided that. Apparently they didn't just wear boring tuxedos, every aspect of their look was deep and meaningful, my ass

No. 11207

Yea them and their xenophobic asses. Why bother accepting someone into your company for a talent and then never let them use it?

No. 11208

Lol I love how they pull shit out of their asses all the time and write dissertations about how amazing they actually are. They'd make great defence lawyers.

No. 11209

File: 1551273659767.jpg (113.05 KB, 1642x924, bts_red-carpet_2019_grammys_10…)

yeah this is such a woke and deep look omg…

why are non-korean armys so obsessed with korean nationalism? like korean nationalists wouldn't even like you, a foreigner. bts are desperate for western recognition, i don't know what the fuck they're on about. they are literally always wearing ugly gucci shit but i guess wearing a korean designer's stuff for once is the wokest thing ever.

and isn't jimin's hair pink and not purple lmao he probably dyed it so that xenophobic evil muricanz can tell them apart

No. 11210

File: 1551273976381.jpg (86.51 KB, 684x744, 30000623872_700.jpg)

lol so apparently Seungri has been caught snorting(???) laughing gas in Vietnam. There are multiple pictures to prove it, but YG is still saying it's fake news lel.

I know it might not seem like a big deal, but it's actually illegal and seen as a drug if used for recreational use in SK.

No. 11211

of all the drugs he chooses NOS? lmao

No. 11212

Idk must be some latent inferiority complex cause they deep down know that bts isn't all that in America.
The average person wouldn't find them attractive nor be interested in that bland generic shit they produce but of course they blame it on racism.
I'm sure that if they were somewhat good-looking and talent, they'd gain actual international interest instead of this forced social media hype.

No. 11213

That's been gone over so many times here

No. 11214

Not suprised at anything this shit does anymore, I wish there was dirt on other idols too not just him

No. 11215

The journalist who exposed Seungri's prostitution messages says he has even more to report about him but is waiting to release until some summit is over. This is the cow K-pop crit has been waiting for

No. 11216

Holy shit, they dress exactly like Blackpink… in this case, the "As if it's your last" M/V.
Won't comment about the "singing" because I mean, there's no need for it.

No. 11217

Bp's old stylist styles them I think.

No. 11218

it’s amazing that drugs are going to be the thing that brings him down. prostitution? hmm, bad, but who cares. drugs that 20 year olds do on their wild summer vacation? hang him.

the fact that him facilitating date rape is seen as the same level as top smoking a joint is wild. idols can literally rape or assault women and keep fans as long as they don’t do drugs.

No. 11219

File: 1551277732027.png (144.08 KB, 288x320, ITZY ITZY EP1 녹음실에 있지 Y…)

People were commenting on Chaeryeong's nose, saying it's good that she keeps her natural one even if it isn't perfect… but looking at it up close, it looks already surgically done

No. 11220

Yeah would he really actually get in real trouble for once. Like can he actually beheld accountable for his actions there?

No. 11221

Samefag but I hope he doesn't get away with most of it

No. 11222

Why does Seungri have fans in the first place? There's nothing charming about him, and his whiny singing voice isn't good either.

No. 11223

i really hope she keeps it. please let there be some individuality

No. 11224

it feels like there have been tons of scandals recently, are we just not seeing the actual extent of the uproar cause it feels like he's getting less heat than TOP did

No. 11225

Yeah we hear about the scandals, yet nothing of the consequences

No. 11226

Well that fat misogynistic loser from sj has fans sooo…not suprised. Like I saw someone once say, "idiot(in this case girls) people will chase after anyone with a dick. Those are the only requirements.

No. 11227

This is suprisingly pretty good, I hardly ever hear someone do this well predebut.
It turns out the guy can sing after all, poor him but why the fuck did he join sm. Smh

No. 11228

File: 1551289266387.jpg (336.38 KB, 1077x1115, 0CXxUx6.jpg)

same energy.

No. 11229


why does dear kookie look like he is begging the photographers to let him go pee kek

his face looks really busted - they really are destroying their money makers like this

No. 11230

can you blame people for saying that they all look the same

No. 11231

I've seen tons of articles and posts in which Koreans themselves say they couldn't tell some idols apart lol

No. 11232

lay's been looking more lively since he started to be less involved with exo and the k-pop scene

No. 11233

I've noticed that too.

No. 11234

are all of them except rapmon and v manlets

No. 11235

If a bunch of people of my ethnicity altered themselves to look the same I wouldn't be able to tell them apart either

No. 11236

He was quite goofy and all when they debuted… I'd be dead inside too if I was part of exo.

No. 11237

1) Hyundai, one of those huge companies that run everything in Korea. I used to live around the corner from 'Hyundai Villas'. Hell yeah capitalism! Wait no- these amazing boys are all about progressive values
2) 'Trolled' them? You mean they went for a fitting and got turned down?
3) No comment

No. 11238

It must be so nice to not even have to try because your fans are so dedicated and do free promotion for you 24/7.

No. 11239

>'Trolled' them? You mean they went for a fitting and got turned down?
Those Dior suits were probably taken straight from the runway and then given to american actors. There's only so much a tailor can do. There's no way this could have ever fit 5ft Suga and Jimin.

No. 11240

That's got to be mostly Photoshop right?

No. 11241

Thanks retard

No. 11242

File: 1551298502595.jpg (169.21 KB, 800x889, IMG_20190227_151404.jpg)

Someone sent this to me and it creeped the crap outta me. Weird fan behavior

No. 11243

>I know it might not seem like a big deal, but it's actually illegal and seen as a drug if used for recreational use in SK.

Isn't everything?

No. 11244

How is TOP, anyway?

No. 11245

Iirc he's in the military.

No. 11246

he's been pretty silent from what i've seen. fans haven't posted many new photos, so he can't be doing much. every so often some pann girls post 3 year old photos of him partying or something and comment "wow, i've got freaking goosebumps…"

side note, i really hate the way some kpop fans type like awkward translations of korean posts.
>his freaking visuals, he's seriously in his glory days, goosebumps…

No. 11247

File: 1551302632735.png (269.63 KB, 386x486, 2019-02-22.png)

Sasaeng pics and videos of TOP taking out trash at his museum job come out on regular basis. Some friends posted photos of hanging out at his home and restaurants.

No. 11248

his job is working at a museum? I don't get why g-dragon went for active duty if he can't do any of the work in the first place.

No. 11249

I thought these were a bunch of Japanese celebrities for a second.
So weird to see facial hair on idols…

No. 11250

why don't idols wear long hair more? jeonghan from seventeen looked good with it. for some reason stylists prefer stupid mullets or dreads that don't suit them at all

No. 11251

File: 1551306933884.jpg (180.93 KB, 960x960, wh2i88n72pj01.jpg)

Before the scandal he was serving as a member of a police band and got criticism it was a cushy position in the neighborhood where he lives. After scandal he was declared unfit for a policeman, because of his health issues and bad PR. He is now working at Yongsan Craft Museum.

GD had to enlist right after TOP scandal, he needed to keep his head down, netizens would eat him alive for avoiding active duty with TOP mess still fresh in media.

No. 11252

Surprisingly wholesome tbh

No. 11253

Because it's not "trendy". Koreans follow trends like a flock of sheep

No. 11254

lel he looks like he wants to die

No. 11255

Yeah, I'm tired of people screaming "RACIST!" when criticisms are brought up of idols looking similar when this is an industry that makes these teenagers get the exact same nose jobs/jaw shavings/etc so they can all be carbon copies of each other with different shitty hair dye jobs. It's just a lighter form of those Gangnam Unnies with sameface syndrome.

No. 11256

yeah, it's fucking gross as hell and shows how high privileged he truly is when date raping girls is swept under the rug. I hope he rots

No. 11257

I apologise if this has been answered, but what did TOP do that is a mess right now and unfit to be a member of a police band?

No. 11258

Koreans hated Bogum's long hair from last year until he cut it. But last I checked Park Hyo Shin, that guy from SF9, and Donghae all have mid length wavy hair at the moment. I like it a lot better than the mullets but some of fans still hate the style.

No. 11259

File: 1551309676800.jpg (125.97 KB, 1024x717, 29891414.JPG)

He was tested positive for weed while in the military. They did the hair-testing method which can trace weed consumption way back, so he might have done it before enlisting, but it's illegal none-the-less.

After he was outed for that he said he was depressed and then "tried to commit suicide" by ODing on sleeping pills. The incident is really foggy with YG claiming he was in a coma while doctors and the military stating he never was. It all seemed very media play-ish by YG, even going to the extent of having him looking like a retard in a wheelchair even though there wasn't really anything wrong with him.

No. 11260

red velvet…

No. 11261

>korea cares if someone smokes weed
>turns a blind eye to the excessive amount of rape and sexual assault/drugging people in night clubs

Sounds about right. Thanks for sharing this info. He does look like a retard in that wheelchair.

No. 11262

he got caught smoking weed, so he may as well have punched someone in the face in korea. that alone would get him kicked out of the police but in the aftermath of it coming out he overdosed on anxiety/sleeping pills, and bad mental health is also going to get you in public service - it's not even his first suspected attempt so it's a surprise that he didn't try to get public service immediately anyway (even if the police roles are still easier for idols) >>11259 he was definitely in critical condition and unconscious at one point, the hospital were the ones who said that.

No. 11263

Ah, I might remember wrong, I just remember I found the whole ordeal shady as fuck back then. Back then idols claimed mental issues as soon as a scandal hit them. If TOP really suffers from mental issues as bad as he, YG and every stan claims, he would have been exempted from service (like Swings).

No. 11264

Also yea he does look like a fuckin retard I was just thinking that kek

No. 11265

You could be but it'd still be incredibly bad PR if they skip service. Post car crash Suju comes to mind.

No. 11266

Or any sm group really

No. 11267

People were extremely supportive of Swings when he discharged early to get treatment. Too bad he ruined it all.

No. 11268

File: 1551311692073.jpg (27.75 KB, 480x360, download (18).jpg)

so fucking delusional kek

>They haven't changed one bit from their past picturesㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ


No. 11269

omfg Seungri is now being accused of tax fraud as well. Apparently, he registered his old night club Monkey Museum as a 'retail store'instead of a night club in order to pay less in taxes.

So what we got so far is
>being involved with a club who sells distributes date rape drugs and serve drugged girls to VIP customers
>doing drugs
>tax fraud

Is there anything oppa can't do?

No. 11270

No. 11271

No. 11272

waiting for the drunk driving scandal

No. 11273

Daesung got that one anon.

No. 11274

To anyone how doesn't understand the importance of a kpop critical thread, this is prime example number #1

You can't do it anywhere else on the internet if it isn't anonymous

No. 11275

bless you anon

No. 11276

I'm fucking dying holy shit

No. 11277

I'm still confused how crazy stans haven't found this thread yet, they mass report innocent people on twitter all the time

No. 11278

There are plenty of twitterfags here (see how nctzens come out of the woodwork whenever the group is mentioned and how different anons are here than in other LC threads) but I honestly feel like they appreciate a place to anonymously bash the groups they don't like as much as the next guy.

No. 11279

Why are you here then?

No. 11280

nta but I think their point is that you can criticize a group without getting mass reported and bullied off the internet. Your complaints about NCT stans are getting a little tiring too ngl

>inb4 gets accused of being an NCT stan

No. 11281

I'm a farmer. I'm pointing out the signs of obvious twitter stans who use this thread.
I'm giving the reasons why they probably don't mass report this thread when they find it, sorry if it sounded like complaining. I really don't mind except for when they don't sage

No. 11282

Oh ok sorry about the misunderstanding.

No. 11283

How exactly do you sage if you don't mind ? Tried to find info but didn't help me much. Sorry I'm very dumb

No. 11284

put sage in the email field

No. 11285


No. 11286

File: 1551315734820.png (400.23 KB, 546x730, 2e60dd74ba59861ac8f9ea60db9a1f…)

I think you're right. I'm a farmer too and don't like kpop in general, but it seems like a lot of the anons itt are kpop stans who just want to shit on whoever it is they don't like. Some of them get annoyed or defend the groups they like whenever they are mentioned, like NTC or SNSD in the other thread.

No. 11287

I'm just happy that my fav group has barely been mentioned around here.

No. 11288

I don't think thats necessarily a twitterfag thing
>t. oldfag who only got into nct and kpop because of these threads

I agree that there are a lot of them here though.

No. 11289

what is it anon? mine isnt much either but i was into kpop years ago so no one is gonna say anything about 2pm lol
i wish this was around when jay left 2pm or like… fucking dbsk split. anyone else remember kpsm??

No. 11290

lol I don't like to risk them getting shat on so I'll keep it a secret.

No. 11291

is it svt or pentagon?

No. 11292


Yeah it's SVT

Now let's stop talking about them lol

No. 11293

That's not fair, Shit for some should be Shit for all. Everyone deserves to be criticized you know

No. 11294

What else would they be? Why would they be in a k-pop thread if they weren't into k-pop?

No. 11295

>Shit for some should be Shit for all
That makes no sense.

No. 11296

this fucking convo has been coming up since the first thread omg
yes clearly there are fans here or we wouldnt have anything to talk about other than surface level plastic surgery and ana discussion

No. 11297

It's not supposed to

No. 11298

Then sorry but I still don't really understand what you were trying to get at with that post.

No. 11299

these bitches don't even leave twitter because they see it as a superior app despite fighting on twitter every single day lol. i find it hilarious when random stans come here, see the reality and get triggered but thankfully they didn't ruin this thread like they ruin everything. they can't discuss, they can't take a joke, they'll whiteknight everyhing. they'd lose their shit for not being able to dox someone here

No. 11300

>don't even leave twitter because they see it as a superior app


No. 11301

File: 1551320282811.jpg (380.82 KB, 2047x996, itzy.jpg)

She's pretty cute even bare-faced. It's pretty clear that she doesn't have the typical idol/manhwa character face but I can't understand the level of hate toward her looks (with some netizens putting her in the same boat as Umji or JooE).

Her fellow members of Ryujin, Lia and Yuna basically look like clones of each other even they look more like the conventional idol.

No. 11302

Doesn't Chae have kind of a lazy eye? I always thought she did.

No. 11303

they whine about instagram stans, youtube stans, facebook stans and shit a lot like "ig stans be making liskook edits while we are VOTING and STREAMING for our boys" as if they don't rt ugly gay fanart every day

No. 11304

>tfw there are social media website stans now

No. 11305

Wait I thought you guys were talking about Chae from twice nvm

No. 11306

File: 1551320742121.jpg (47.51 KB, 511x767, 9d1pvrj7jfi21.jpg)

I haven't really noticed if she does. Dunno if this goes against the rule of fangirling but I consider to her to be super pretty while still looking natural. Koreans need to get over their obsession with double-lidded doe eyes and having Michael Jackson-tier noses.

No. 11307

I actually find Chae to be the prettiest in the groups due to her unconventional looks. She doesn't look like the typical idol and isn't as fugly as her sister. The obsession with perfection and one look in Korea is so fucking boring. New faces never get any opportunities and it fucking sucks.

No. 11308

File: 1551321423599.png (29.83 KB, 580x207, 1-1.png)

Shuhua looks like Yuqi and Meiqi fused together

No. 11309

File: 1551321504715.jpg (931.07 KB, 1500x1000, unnamed.jpg)

Word. Unfortunately I think it's likely that she's gonna end up getting some botched work done down the line ala Wendy.

Also her sister looked really cute during Sixteen. Can't help but feel like her nose job she now sports in IOI hurt her looks if anything. Compare >pic related

No. 11310

File: 1551321563230.jpg (163.52 KB, 1101x1651, fe0b81410535700fe18ab34d9571bb…)

to now.

No. 11311

objectively speaking, some of those fanartists have talent, but i can't admire it because the subject matter scars me too much

inb4 YOU ARE HOMOPHOBIC replies…have you guys ever seen those shipping fanarts? hella graphic with no spoiler/censor i need bleach pls

No. 11312

File: 1551322132673.png (53.67 KB, 778x398, Screen Shot 2019-02-27 at 6.48…)


From the YouTube comments kek

No. 11313

To add onto this, the rest of the comments even acknowledge that Lia's a weak vocalist but some fans still wanna live in delululand

No. 11314

How much exposure has this group had predebut? Otherwise how do people start stanning so quickly?

No. 11315

Anon, why do you think people would need them to have plenty of exposure beforehand? All they need is a company name and their done. Sometimes not even that…such is the plight of kboos. They're so quick to stan any unnie or oppar that comes their way

No. 11316

That everyone should and could be up for criticism

No. 11317

File: 1551322745998.jpg (62.56 KB, 640x640, 51730937_165323174456140_85162…)

Well given that they're from JYP (aka a famous company) and that some of the members had gigs in entertainment pre-debut, I can understand why ITZY's off to a good start. If they were from a much smaller company like LOONA, they'd be flopping harder than a fresh fish on dry land.

Anyway one of the members Yuna is literally fifteen even though she looks older. IIRC this has been mentioned before but it creeps me out how she's marketed mainly as a "sexy" visual like Tzuyu before. JYP likes 'em young.

No. 11318

I stopped being into k-pop years ago, but I still enjoy the drama and scandals. Also my favorite cows are laying low atm, so this thread keeps me entertained.

My point is that it's fine to be in the thread and shit on everyone you don't like, but don't sperg out if someone you like gets outed.

No. 11319

Some groups are bigger cows than others, let's be honest. And if you insist on talking shit about svt solely because someone here likes them I guess no one can stop you.

lol didn't read oops

sorry about the triple post

No. 11320

Thank you for the explanation anon.

No. 11321

It's so gross when kpop fans call out people who dislike their weird ass gay fanfictions as art of straight male idols as "HOMOPHOBIC!!!" - especially since most of them are straight girls, and I'm sure most actual gay people are creeped out by their blatant fetishism.

No. 11322

Slightly OT but I think writing fanfiction about real people crosses a line.

No. 11323

these retards can't stop pulling the homophobic and racist card at everything, they make homophobia and racism sound like a joke.

No. 11324

You're a retard. There are rules, read them, lurk more and learn how imageboards work. Piece of shit

No. 11325

I wanted to laugh at them for being so new to imageboards too but if you look at the rules page you won't find any mention of sage.

https://lolcow.farm/info exists but it's only shown on the home page as far as I can tell.

No. 11326


No. 11327

this reaction is…a little much lol

No. 11328

calm down lmao they already got an answer

No. 11329

What a delightful little asshole you must be irl

No. 11330

>post is 38 minutes old
>suddenly a influx of replies
nta but try to make your samefagging a little less obvious.

No. 11331

I wrote this post and nothing else>>380647
SO idk who's samefagging(samefagging)

No. 11332

i saw the bumped reply actually
mods can check IPs here literally what is the point of samefagging lol

No. 11333

Because I don't think samefagging is actually a bannable offense? Maybe I'm wrong

No. 11334

No. 11335

i think you can get a warning for it as ive seen posters called out in red text for it before, so its pretty pointless imo

No. 11336

Her smile is a bit unnerving, it looks like it's glued onto her face

No. 11337

Normally I'd call this nitpicking over a single still shot but I've seen the live stages and she really does smile like that the whole time.

No. 11338

lol yeah because everyone knows Kesha and Nicki Minaj got where they are due to companies recognizing their amazing talent

No. 11339

File: 1551345365917.jpg (119.96 KB, 550x777, 1468142311916.jpg)

Oh sorry I thought you meant Yooa I was like, how is she 5'3 and have a neck like that, shes a freak

No. 11340

You can go way back to his appearance on variety shows in 2015 and he mentions half jokingly he thinks he's mentally unwell.

No. 11341

File: 1551346323866.jpg (32.42 KB, 575x575, DsS4H04V4AAAyI-.jpg)

i dunno but Go Won looks like she had a silver tooth when she first started.

Or am I cray?

No. 11342

Nah ur not. I think she still has the silver tooth. Idk why tho…

No. 11343

Didn't TOP attempt suicide or something when his gf broke up with him back then?

No. 11344

2008, it was rumored that he attempted to overdose on sleeping pills. YG version of the event was that he mixed flu medicine with alcohol.

No. 11345

Like I said before, I was not samefagging here>>380655
Somebody else in my household uses this thread and after checking with them, it turns out they sent one of the posts too, which is why it came from the same IP address

No. 11346

the more believed story is that he broke up with shin min ah in 2008 because she was being threatened/assaulted by sponsors for having a boyfriend. this was way back before he had any kind of celebrity power so he wasn’t going to be able to do anything about it, so he broke up with her to stop the threats against her. he didn’t want to actually break up with her, so he ODed. it’s a shame he became public enemy number one because he was vaping weed, he’s a weird guy and clearly actually fucked up but i’ve never thought he’s a straight up asshole the way seungri is. i’d rather see idols go down for doing actually terrible things, not for smoking weed or being mentally ill.

No. 11347

OT but a K-entertainment critical thread would also be nice. I'd have a lot to say about the abilities of certain "actors".

No. 11348

Good idea, there should definitely be one of those too

No. 11349

And yet, sm has reduced him to nct's little dog, how sad

No. 11350

idk if it's dead but there was a kdrama thread

No. 11351

K-dramas are boring imo

No. 11352

She's pretty to me too, but she isn't natural. The nose has already been touched up.

Holy shit, that's the same person? Her nose was so nice, what the hell did they do to her?

My guess is on Twice fans, who flocked to the new JYP group to show "support" and prove that "there's no competition between the two groups".

No. 11353

File: 1551364164532.jpg (93.34 KB, 1080x439, ratmon.jpg)

The level of delusion is real. Mr Speak Yourself, smarter than anyone you know.

No. 11354

The infamous blind item about this:

Top star A is from an idol group. He has perfect looks and talent. He was very popular among female celebrities, but a top star B could control A. B has perfect looks and is wanted by men. They worked in different fields. They were an official couple in the industry. Apparently, B's popularity came from a sponsor she had. She wasn't asked to serve service for her sponsor and she had a good relationship with him. The sponsor heard about B's relationship with A and got mad. The sponsor slapped B. Unfortunately, A found out about it and also got mad. A bluntly told B, "I can't date you since you're getting beaten up!"

They ended up breaking up, but A still loved B. Whenever he got drunk, he texted B but B strictly refused A's appeal. A kept calling B endlessly. A came to do a critical act - he tried committing suicide. Fortunately, A was found by his manager and the incident was wrapped up without any problem.

B heard the news and got scared. Afterwards, B avoided A. shortly after, A dated another female celebrity C. While A was clinging on B, A felt for C.

Cray-cray fan comment:
>[+25, -12] Long-term fans all know TOP's personalities. TOP is not careful and he's like a glass. He's emotional and he never does what he hates. He's like fire and a loser… He's annoying and he makes others tired. His personalities are great if he's just a light friend that you joke with. But if you go deeper, you'll get tired. If he's concerned or hurt, he never shares or shows it. He ends up causing an accident after suffering himself. On the outside, he pretends as funny and carefree like bingu, but on the inside, he's full of random thoughts and is pessimist. He's not mentally strong… He tries hard to control himself but his two-faced personalities are too strong. You can sometimes see it on the broadcast and he uses it in his lyrics a lot. It's not that pleasant… I just want to like his outside image but it only makes me frustrated when he shows the inside ㅋㅋ It's so tiring to live like TOP ㅋㅋ They're making him work when he wants to die. It makes the viewers and himself uncomfortable. The bad cycle keeps on repeating ㅋㅋ His suicide news were during Sunset Glow, when Bigbang was performing on music shows. In front of cameras, he faked to be funny as bingu but at home, he'd drink wine, smoke, cry, and try to kill himself by taking the pills ㅋㅋ It's all obvious, TOP~ Fix your personalities ㅋㅋ Why do you think you're not like that anymore… He has no idea how to get away from fear despite his potential. All he does is to drink and think of dying. It's all over your face, you jerk…

Aaand 2014 disqus comments saying TOP would never date Krystal because she's 7 years younger than him lmao

No. 11355

So he dumped her, then kept trying to hook up with her afterwards anyway and tried to top himself when she ignored his endless requests for booty calls?

No. 11356

B is obviously not an idol since

> They worked in different fields

Probably an actor

No. 11357

B is Shim Minah.

No. 11358

So what is a sponsor in this case? A sugar daddy who doesn't want sex? How do we even know that he didn't want sex? It sounds really unlikely.

No. 11359

Bear in mind this story is probably coming from TOP's friends or Shim Minah's friends, so there is a high chance she told TOP and her friends the sponsor didn't want sex.

No. 11360

you get sugar daddies like that sometimes. usually they have some kind of fetish that's sexual to them but doesn't come off as sexual to other people. like a shoe fetish where they just want to see you wear whatever dumb shoe they think is hot.

No. 11361

File: 1551365575137.gif (1.94 MB, 177x300, bee4e301-f49e-4010-9dac-77fe6a…)

Chaeyeon really got the short end of the stick compared to her sister

No. 11362

the top and krystal rumour was seriously delusional though, i remember it used initials for krystal’s real name and top’s stage name. it barely fit together, they were just shipped because it was a yg-sm couple and they both had kind of artsy personas. the more believable theory was that the blind items were about krystal and winner’s taehyun, they went to school together or something like that

No. 11363

>allegedly was a 1% student in the whole country
>drops all of that to become a rapper in some shitty company
really smart moves right here

No. 11364

Top 1% of the entrance exams, not even top 1% of all the graduating classes or anything. These idiots treat him as if he's a PhD in theoretical physics and not just some retard who was good at memorizing shit in high school.

No. 11365

TOP definitely doesn't have any qualms about fucking girls who are too young for him (Han Seohee) but I agree the TOP/Krystal rumor made no sense.

No. 11366

Exactly!? Even if I was super passionate about a musical career I'd rather go to a prestigious college and get that degree, instead of trying to become an idol rapper at some loser company.
They really are fucking lucky that this miracle happened to them.

No. 11367

I think nobody would mind if you talk about them here? If there'll be enough anons interested in this, you can always create a thread later

Is there any drama about them to discuss at all? Other than Mingyu making that collage lol. Bts or blackpink wouldn't be worthy of discussion either if not for their insane fandoms

No. 11368

This made me cringe so much

No. 11369

File: 1551372330241.jpg (89.98 KB, 749x912, D0ZF4dDU8AAW-dn.jpg)

No. 11370

oh my god what the fuck is wrong with these bitches i hope that girl is okay

No. 11371

File: 1551376528383.jpg (81.07 KB, 1080x1080, Oh! My Intern! Plasticbottru.j…)

No. 11372

You do get sponsors who don't want physical shit at times, but if that was the case then why would they get mad at her having a boyfriend?

No. 11373

It wasn’t Mingyu it was wonwoo who made the collage

No. 11374

All of nct are literal rich kids. Johnny recommended this extremely unaffordable restaurant in Chicago and said he used to always go there as child. I didn't think johnny was all too rich but turns out he is too. That group is just full of a bunch of kids from rich families, no wonder they don't seem to be bothered by being a flop. Yeesh I think the only poor member is Yuta, no wonder he's always looks stressed and upset haha

No. 11375

Oh the delusion…so sad. Who's the guy supposed to be anyway?

No. 11376

jesus christ u can really see how korea feels about mental health in this, huh…

No. 11377

We can assume that the majority of English-speaking idols are from rich families since they could afford to go to private schools abroad or have the money to live in a different country.
I don't care for them but they don't seem lazy or anything unlike Blackpink, where it's pretty obvious that they're a middle class spoiled girls who haven't faced any hardships as trainees/idols, and see the idol life as a mere hobby (this is especially true for Jennie).

No. 11378

Idol life seems like a hobby for the western (and chinese) nct members too

No. 11379

Yeah they don't seem lazy because only Mark, Taeyong and a few others have to work all the time lol

No. 11380

Holding a concert at the 20k Prudential center….who does SM think NCT are? Exo couldn't fill a 20k arena

No. 11381

Samefag but Johnny and Mark's English sounds so retarded. And the whole "to the world" you're only going to north america get over yourselves

No. 11382

They're the only ones they give work to because they want them to be popular soo bad. Those two are the only ones that get credits (so they get royalties) on every song for writing a couple of crappy lines

No. 11383

File: 1551381957606.jpeg (471.37 KB, 1440x1920, D0QljG6UUAIEaES.jpeg)

No. 11384

File: 1551381990143.jpg (214.94 KB, 900x1200, cf022551a07d1a92efe0d246e0555b…)

No. 11385

They're slowly turning into the same person

No. 11386

Ig they found a reason to get rid of Winwin now by putting him in the chinese unit, I wonder who's next. No way they won't want to introduce new members in 2+ years

No. 11387

Yea…I wonder who's next lol

No. 11388

Thats some scary shit

No. 11389

They're going to have to introduce more members within the next year or so. They're actually going through with the graduation thing for nct dream and all the remaining dreamies (save for Chenle and Jisung) are about to hit the age cap. Nct will probably be at 25 or 26 in 2020.

No. 11390

File: 1551384945062.jpg (125.15 KB, 769x1200, D0dy7G2VsAAW4EH.jpg)

Nobody cares about NCT.
That said, holy shit what's up with Vivi's face.

No. 11391

fuck off, kesha has been writing her own music since she was 14 and has worked with people like alice cooper, prince and britney. she also wrote snsd’s only decent song (run devil run). the woman has more talent in her pinky than most american and korean pop singers combined.

No. 11392

Her hair looks like a five dollar party City wig.

No. 11393

File: 1551385595198.jpg (70.72 KB, 622x402, 20190219_080821.jpg)

No. 11394

fuck, how does he not feel embarrassed posting selfies like this, with his goat eyes facing in 2 different directions? i get that he has astigmatism but no one is forcing him to wear colored contacts. they don’t look good on most idols anyway.

No. 11395

File: 1551388574984.jpeg (22.81 KB, 289x360, D0hOrEhXgAIVRaQ.jpeg)

Lmaoooo. Rlly why is this bitch in Loona?

No. 11396

File: 1551390402376.jpg (79.64 KB, 801x1200, D0UKAIrX0AAzAYF.jpg)

is he 5'0

No. 11397

File: 1551390805810.png (127.07 KB, 250x265, 1372981272294.png)

that can't fucking be real

No. 11398

Ok so I don't follow loona, is there an age limit or something? I thought a lot of idols already lie about their age

No. 11399

File: 1551391976992.jpg (177.58 KB, 903x1674, 56eb02f0cda139e2bf563e78761f58…)

Now him and all the other midgets might still be considered sm0l uwu soft boys - but in a few years they're just going to be very short 30-year-old men. And no teen will "stan" that.
I especially hate it when they additionally try to play up being cute on purpose. You're an adult man, have some dignitity.

No. 11400

next thread image tbh

No. 11401

File: 1551393879208.jpeg (375.86 KB, 1125x1722, E6ECEE42-4B61-4130-AA3B-ECE078…)

are kpop stans on crack or have they like, never consumed any other media to think music videos are Actually Deep

No. 11402

Nctzens are pretty insufferable too. Kinda like ratmys kek

No. 11403

Umm…but apparently people are talking about nct so there are people who care. Why do have to get so upset when people bring them up? If people can talk about other groups why not them? There's quite a lot of shit to discuss with them

No. 11404

File: 1551396067950.gif (2.85 MB, 268x380, get.gif)

her chin can cut butter

No. 11405

can't find the video but she was on hello councillor and talked to a girl about how she was convinced out of getting plastic surgery by her mum…

No. 11406

do fillers and botox class as ps?

No. 11407

Damn someone ‘s mad. Too bad their music shit and everything she writes is garbage. And that’s SNSD’s worst title track which I’m not surprised since it was written by her

No. 11408

B is irene

No. 11409

eyyy it's my post!

No. 11410

the issue i had was that she was talking to the girl from a perspective of keeping your natural beauty, because hani herself 'grew into' her face (or something along those lines, wish i could find the actual clip to explain myself better). i just find it hypocritical that she would say this to a young girl insecure about her looks, while acting as though she doesn't get a bunch of cosmetic procedures done to improve her looks. also just noticed the absolutely stupid spelling mistake in that post oops

No. 11411

I thought Hani was the one who did a before and after x ray to prpve she didn't get a nose job, but you can see the very obvious difference in her chin…

No. 11412

I care more about literally anything else than nitpicking female idols noses and chins to death

No. 11413

No. 11414

yeah that's it thank you. rewatching that i don't think what i said makes much sense. i remember being annoyed at what she said when i initially saw it but idk, hani doesn't seem to be saying what i thought she was. at least ive saged all this

No. 11415

Agreed that RDR is their worst title track by a mile and a half

No. 11416

??? I really thought I got a boy was their worst tbh

No. 11417

File: 1551408708657.png (37.04 KB, 1785x156, asdfg.PNG)

>she also wrote snsd’s only decent song (run devil run)
Not according to Wikipedia?

Wow. People say 4chan is edgy but it's more like club penguin when compared to this. That spongebob pic is nauseating.

>really smart moves right here
This but unironically.

>Even if I was super passionate about a musical career I'd rather go to a prestigious college and get that degree
>music degree
really smart moves right here

>I thought a lot of idols already lie about their age
Can't sasaengs dig that shit up?

This problem isn't unique to kpop fans tbh

>Is there any drama about them to discuss at all?
Nothing that's not old. Apparently their maknae once made a video saying "I love you" to a pledis staff who was 30 yo+ and married.

No. 11418

Listening to NCT’s older songs and I realized how much their sense of rapping has changed. It went from your usual rapping format, to the infamous mumble and hype rap. It’s just another example of how influenced kpop is by western music and how they’re always a few years behind the trend.

No. 11419

i cant believe people find this lump of barely formed plastic to be attractive like i just need to take it in for a minute because my mind is hurting trying to understand….

No. 11420

But seriously what is going on with those eyes?

No. 11421

>she also wrote snsd’s only decent song (run devil run)
lol wut….their japanese exclusive shit is infinitely better than any of their korean releases so…yeah no

No. 11422

Man has astigmatism, so I can't really bash but…that looks so creepy. Does he not look in the mirror?? Why do the stylists let him get away with this lol

No. 11423

Blackpink's latest billboard youtube interview just drives home that these girls have no star quality. And no, having shiny hair and wearing pretty clothes is not star quality.

I nearly fell asleep. They are so dull and personality-less and seem completely devoid of charm. Thing is, Interscope is throwing money around like wild trying to make them popular in America - in Japan they call it gori oshi style tactics. But they'll never be big for the simple reason that they can't deliver in person - on stage or off stage. Whether they are performing or giving interviews or interacting with other human beings they just don't have any hint of an it factor. Selena Gomez got away with it because people are used to seeing latina/white girls in the industry. You're from Kpop and Asian. They'll be less forgiving if you come out the gate serving stale bread and dry paint in every promotion you do.

Like why are they even a thing?

No. 11424

>Interscope is throwing money around like wild trying to make them popular in America -
What's making them do that?

No. 11425


I truly don't know. The articles that are being written about them and the Billboard cover are all breathless declarations that the queens have now come to bless American shores and will shortly dominate the US as it is ordained. All of it is nothing short of bizarre mediaplay where the label hopes that if they push something down people's throats enough and scream that they're the next big thing loudly enough eventually people will be brainwashed into believing it. That shit doesn't work in America, you need to have SOMETHING to back it up. Even Cardi B with all her Atlantic payola had genuine hype because of her larger-than-life persona that lots of ppl fell in love with for some reason. Ariana Grande was megapushed since 2014 but she has genuine talent. If you want to blow up in America you have to have one or the other, preferably both.

I don't know if YG paid Interscope or what kind of deal they worked out but they are pushing hard. It works in YG's favor since their stocks have not been the same since Big Bang went to the army and now with the Seungri scandal shit is even worse then before. Mediaplaying about American success that doesn't exist yet might be YG's way of impressing investors enough to keep them from fleeing a burning ship. But it's all a bit bizarre. BP's billboard cover declares that after years of training they've finally touched down in the US!! As if anyone gives a fuck beyond their delusional fans and desperate and perpetually threatened Armys. I'll be happy when the money runs out and they go back into the dungeon.

No. 11426

File: 1551414789707.png (948.48 KB, 1007x692, 2019-03-01.png)

No. 11427

hope this starts a trend tbh

No. 11428

Hear! Hear!
I noticed that too, their always following after American trends, yet their so far behind them. And then people think they can be popular in America lol. We don't need copycatted old trends thrown up back on us

No. 11429

Now that the dust has settled can someone explain Kang Daniel to me and what the hell did he do to become so popular in SK?

No. 11430

either im losing it, or someone has posted this word for word before…

No. 11431

File: 1551415963426.png (28.33 KB, 1160x256, Capture.PNG)

Shit, is it this one? >>363062

No. 11432

probably yeah

i disassociate sometimes when people or things repeat similarly it freaks me out lol

No. 11433

He got exposed years ago. I can't imagine his reputation getting any lower than it is now.

No. 11434

I bet you he is abusive

No. 11435

File: 1551418669887.png (59.89 KB, 972x867, Capture.PNG)

Is it ogre?

No. 11436

File: 1551424396276.jpeg (30.32 KB, 320x315, 0ABE6A1B-3773-49E2-A121-468F5E…)

Nah, YG sill has too big of a reputation already established. Like, if BlackPink is still a top GG despite releasing very few shit songs as well as mediocre performances over the years, I don’t see YG falling from grace any time soon (unfortunately).

Anyway, a survey was taken and I*ZONE’s fanbase consists of:
>80% guys
>mainly in teens and thirties
>8.1% in forties disgustingly enough

No. 11437

I wonder what the age/gender breakdown for ioi fans looked like.

No. 11438

I wouldn't wanna see Twice's fan base demographics…

No. 11439

Stan twitter Onces will weep and cry about how Twice being uncle bait isn't true and that their fans are actually 50% women, but there was a 2017 figure (can't find it rn sorry) that showed that Twice's concerts were attended by like 70-80% men. It's one thing to be female and listen to Twice's songs, but the ones that are actively spending on the group are overwhelmingly male.

IIRC the only groups with majority female fandoms are Red Velvet and Mamamoo

No. 11440

Funny I thought Mamamoo would have more male fans because their concept is more overtly sexy compared to other ggs

No. 11441

There isn't much to say other that he 100% fits into the standards for male Korean Beauty. He looks like the ideal Korean male (according to Korea).

I've never watched produce101 or seen anything related to wannaone, but if he at the same time came across as a pleasant and kind person on TV, Korean girls were bound to start stanning him.

No. 11442

A lot of Korean men prefer cute over sexy and mamamoo is considered ugly af so they don't really want to see them do either.

No. 11443

The kind of men that feel inclined to spend money on girl groups also don't like overtly sexual women to begin with. A girl "accidentally" riding her schoolgirl skirt up a bit too high is fine but God forbid a woman wear a corset and red lipstick and dance on stage. Mamamoo's more mature sexiness doesn't go down too well with the loser male fans who like their women childlike, submissive and dumb.

No. 11444

Hmm RV is female majority? I thought it was half-half.

No. 11445

Their maknae is open about her past relationships so… yeah

No. 11446

Maybe the sponsor is that type of fan lol. Wants them to stay ~pure~.

Pretty sure though that the "no sex" part is bullshit.

No. 11447

>he 100% fits into the standards for male Korean Beauty
He wasn't even considered a visual within W1.

No. 11448

Mamamoo's fandom is mostly lesbians. They have (had?) a lot of listeners from the general public but that might have changed after their scandals last year. Wind Flower bombed alongside RBB in November.

No. 11449

I was so creeped out when i saw one of their performances idk if it was a concert or not, but when the camera showed the audience, it was filled with men who looked like they were in their 30s.
Here's a video of a similar case with miss a. Jyp really has been doing a lot for pedos and creeps.
Their music is liked but men don't like them because, like the other anons said, they are openly sexual and don't act innocent, but guys only have a problem with it because they aren't considered pretty.
They get mocked for being only liked by lesbians and not by men.

No. 11450

Did you seriously use the word"maknae"?

So Korean men prefer cutesy girls over sexy, mature girls? Huh

No. 11451

I can shed a little light on Johnny, I went to the same high school as he did though he was an upperclassman and I didn't know him at all. The high school is where all the rich kids went to and its in a northern Chicago suburb that is known for its money and high wealth families. I lived in a suburb near to it but went to that high school because of some personal issues with my district's high school and my parents. So he definitely comes from money if he was anything like the other kids that attended that school.

No. 11452

I feel kind of horribly for Yuta, getting botched and then demoted to background dancer even though he has actual singing talents, and isn't bad at dancing at all. He gave up doing soccer professionally to be an idol, probably a poor judgement call on his behalf but he was young. No doubt SM treats him like he's not even human for being Non Korean. There's also lots of reports about him being incredibly and genuinely caring to his members, who probably don't give a shit about him because he's from a poor family and of a different nationality.

No. 11453

Yes? Just like this thread has been using the word "stan" unironically.

No. 11454

The word stan is not a kpop thing only,in case you don't know. Everybody uses it. The word actually comes from Eminem's old song about a crazy fan

No. 11455

I wouldn't be surprised if he is the first member to leave. I wouldn't blame him. Why do sm and other companies take foreigners just to treat them like shit?

No. 11456

This is the worst excuse I've seen in a long time… are you 12?

No. 11457

>mamamoo is considered ugly af
Really? I thought that Solar and Wheein were pretty much aligned with Korean standards…

Which scandals?

No. 11458

Apparently Solar referenced a really fucked up song at a fanmeeting once and they've been wearing really tacky stage outfits recently. There's also the "blackface" controversies but that's more international fans getting mad, I don't think Koreans care about that

No. 11459

If he'd stuck to soccer he'd have all the fame, money and women he wanted without being treated like subhuman….if I was him I'd be pissed

No. 11460

They don't have the looks of Nine Muses, Girl's Day or Sistar, so their sexy concepts aren't well-received by men. It's not that Korean men don't like sexy women, they don't like it when average-looking women act sexy.

No. 11461

Oh absolutely not. Solar was somewhat popular after being part of that dating show but then it all went downhill after the mentioned controversies. And Wheein posted a picture of herself saying she likes to make faces or something to feel like a non-celebrity and people were fucking pissed, calling her ugly and whatnot.
They just seem to be very careless with their words and actions.

No. 11462


along with what others said wheein also asked people to stream their song while people are stuck inside due to a tornado or smn (she also uploaded a selfie of her makeupless along with this message which i took as a personal offense - her face esp without makeup is nightmare fuel so i would advise not to google it)

No. 11463

samefag as above

solar wheein also made nasty faces at ailee when she was hitting high notes in a rehearsal

hwasa is a good ol muricaboo who thinks she is a black person or that she is beyonce (she doesn't even have an ass and has flabby thighs which i consider offensive personally kek) and she once said the n-word while singing "irreplaceable"

solar made fun of a senior singer who had her vocal surgery done or something when she was right infront of her

No. 11464

They don't have personal accounts, do they? I can only find the group account where they're most likely not the ones posting

No. 11465

ugh get with the times she posted it in their fan cafe

No. 11466

wtf why have we kept silent on these cows for so long lmfao

Please post them pics. I'm bad at internet and can't find them.

No. 11467

It's not just that he non-korean, he's also Japanese which makes it ten times worse. I've noticed the other members treating him as if they were below him lots of times and its just distasteful. One I incident I remember clearly is when Lucas kept losing a game they playing and Yuta ran around and hugged lucas (to make him feel better about losing i guess..idk), and lucas didn't even return the hug and looked as if something dirty and low had touched him. I was kinda surprised lucas would show his bad feelings that obviously, but I guess he knows nobody cares about yuta so it's not a big deal.
He said he quit soccer before he decided he wanted to be an idol tho. Whats funny is that he didn't plan to join a kpop company, he just wanted to sing and dance. He said that the day he auditioned for sm he was supposed to be doing somehting else and it was pure luck (if he's telling the truth.) Terrible luck I say. Sorry for long post

No. 11468

>Apparently Solar referenced a really fucked up song at a fanmeeting

What song?

No. 11469

File: 1551456333352.png (114.8 KB, 624x1040, IMG_0025.PNG)

Nta but here you go. Theyre from onehallyu threads.

No. 11470

File: 1551456381577.png (151.21 KB, 581x1033, IMG_0024.PNG)

No. 11471

Strawberry Jam by Fatdoo.

It's about murdering women, with very graphic and detailed descriptions of ways to do it and what it might look like (like comparing someone's neck being slashed open to it looking like strawberry jam coming out, hence the title).

Solar's probably one of those Cool Girl types.

No. 11472

I didn't know all this about mammamoo, glad it's being discussed now

No. 11473

It's called strawberry jam and the dude is called fatdoo I think. Its a very explicit song about him killing his ex or something. Very disgusting.

No. 11474

Sorry ma'am, I should study kpop more

No. 11475

I liked mamamoo for their retro concepts and all but seeing how ignorant they are really made me lose interest in them. The only one without any controversies is I think moonbyul but I don't care for her either way since she ruins almost all the songs for me with her forced-growly rap.

No. 11476

No. 11477

No. 11478

Honestly not trying to wk, but that one Wheein photo where she's pulling an ugly face is taken out of context. She was having a competition with Moonbyul on fancafe and they were going back and forth to see who could post the cringiest caption.
The rest I can't explain tho

No. 11479

Men liked Sistar? i always thought their entire fandom was international other than the obvious sajaegi their company was pulling.

No. 11480

this is the dumbest shit to be offended over that i may have ever seen

why are kpop fans such fucking cancer my god

No. 11481

Sistar was popular among army men and college students because they did a lot of performances, and only Hyolyn was considered ugly. The other three definitely fit into Korean beauty standards so they got a pass.

They didn't have any fandom to speak of so their album sales were negligible but their summer songs definitely were popular.

No. 11482

didnt one girl from sistar make posts about how she liked to have anal sex with white guys or was that another group?
i literally only ever heard about them in the context of them being ugly, all their songs sounding the same, or accusations that their company had to force them because people didnt actually like them

No. 11483

I think that came from some reddit user who claimed he had sex with one of the members.

No. 11484

Seems totally legitimate

No. 11485

yes because we totally need a tutorial for that choreo

No. 11486

They're so dead… usually every group has at least one, two quiet and less energetic members, but there's always someone more lively who makes up for it. In BP, they're all awkward and low energy.

No. 11487

Why do they always act like they're being held at gunpoint

No. 11488

the cringe.. how do they manage to be out of sync even in this basic ass tutorial? it wouldn't be THAT bad if they had even one ounce of charisma
i'll forever be salty that 2ne1 died for these white bread qweens ngl

No. 11489

File: 1551469521544.jpg (79.61 KB, 1080x1349, wp1871640.jpg)

question: is it me or did jennie get a lot more curvy like in the past year or two or whatever? she had a more straight figure before, no? she doesnt look any heavier now either, just… different

No. 11490

She's still straight up-and-down in candid pics anon. Peplum tops and padding do wonders

No. 11491

Not kpop per se, but it shows again just how many korea fans are from backwards 3rd world countries.
In this video a father talks about hitting the soles of his sons' feet with a cane starting from when they were just 1-2 years old and nobody, really nobody in the comments even mentions it. The koreans also mainly cared about him swearing at them instead of the severe violence. Absolutely disgusting, how could anybody glorify such a country, despite proof of all its flaws being everywhere?

No. 11492

File: 1551469895064.jpeg (115.06 KB, 682x1024, 3D85B19D-9E87-4879-BCBC-58A497…)

they’re literally insane

No. 11493

File: 1551470001999.jpg (132.33 KB, 1900x1266, 1542089962219663-j8.jpg)

it's 100% just the styling

No. 11494

File: 1551470060706.jpg (8.29 KB, 215x235, Lisa weight.jpg)

Anyone over 100 lbs looks curvy next to Rose and Lisa

No. 11495

Kpop was invented for this very purpose anon
the government admitted it is a distraction to attract interest in korea rather than for everyone to be repulsed and dismissive of it as a cesspool with no history, extreme poverty, and rampant abuse. And it worked. SK tourism exploded with the second generation of hallyu, the language has been thriving for years, and they're bringing in a lot more profit from international sources. It will fade though and already is I believe. They're getting desperate by adding idols of other Asian backgrounds now to groups because they know they're losing their grip. The biggest companies are failing. Now, as opposed to having a multitude of groups that were considered powerful moneymakers and international sensations, they have a couple of boy groups and handful of girl groups and they're all plastic frauds with no actual talent, no dance skills, no natural visuals, and barely any personalities. If BTS were to disband right now it would be catastrophic for the industry because literally who else is there? Same with a couple of girl groups. Because its all about hivemind. BTS' fame is hinged on collective twitter hivemind and thats it and its all Korea really has going for it right now. No one goes to Korea for Kimchi.

No. 11496

>Ariana Grande was megapushed since 2014 but she has genuine talent
Lmao how can you be this delusional?

No. 11497

Yup. It's why red velvet is still popular. When Irene mentioned she was reading a book written by a feminist author, Korean incels took videos of themselves burning red velvet and irene-focused merch. If a twice member did that, game over.

No. 11498

bc korea is a "1st world country" with the mentality of its population stuck in 3rd world countryy

No. 11499

hOW is it possible to have an ass that flat HOWWWWWWW wtf

No. 11500

Imagine hating a woman for reading a book. How dare she not live according to the incel fans' fantasies?
I genuinely don't know how girls still keep their obsession with Korean men after being familiar with the Korean entertainment industry for a while.

No. 11501

She has "thicker" thighs and wears push-up bras all the time so I guess that's why she appears that way.

No. 11502

I advise you all to check out picks of Korea in the 50s /60s. Holy fuck they are good at hiding the truth. If they never had backing from the US with trade deals to dominate the beauty and tech over there they would have been in been near African tier literally living in huts.(derailing)

No. 11503

File: 1551476144768.gif (1.83 MB, 275x154, disgusted cat.gif)

The Mamamoo milk discussion is my TIL of the day, holy shit I had no idea they had so many scandals. The Strawberry Jam thing was really fucked up.

No. 11504

Why is it that all of the BigBang members have gotten into major controversies and are still considered lEgEnDaRy KiNgS!!!!1!1 by so many people in K-pop? The fact that Seungri still has oppalogists after all the reprehensible shit that’s been revealed about him recently is disgusting. Call me a SJW feminazi all you want but if BigBang were a girl group, their popularity would have taken an unrecoverable major blow a couple of years into them being a group. It might also have to do with YG backing them too.

I mean, drunk driving, drug use, dating outside of a contract (multiple times) and more would end any group yet BigBang managed to truck along for so many years.

No. 11505

Because females are more loyal. Point blank. And fandom culture added onto that is scary af. Look at R Kelly. Who bailed him out? Female fans. Who makes up the majority of Michael Jackson fans? Females. Which celebrities are expected to come out and defend or answer questions on a red carpet about Jussie Smollet, or Roman Polanski, or Woody Allen? Its almost always females. Females are expected to go to bat for males and be ~ride or die~ at all times and fandom is just a magnified example of that. Despite all the progress women have made, we still get caught up in living up to that "but he's my oppa" mentality. Its sad and fucked up but alas..

No. 11506

Usually you'd be spot on but BB cemented their 'legendary' status by convincing men they are cool talented artistes and not mere idols. Male approval has always been seen as proof of their superiority so I think men deserve some of the blame.

No. 11507

the worst of their scandals didn't hit until 2011, and then they immediately had one of their biggest years ever in 2012. i don't think their music is that far above other groups, but their music is consistently really popular. that, being one of the earlier idol groups who wrote music, and having probably one of the most famous and aspirational men in korea in your group helps.

the biggest scandals you can have are drug related ones and japanese nationalism ones, and until recently bigbang were still pretty light on those. the way sex scandals get criticised makes them easier for fans to defend, too. idols don't get criticised much more for sexual assualt or otherwise gross relationships than they do for regular, normal sexual relationships so it's easy for fans to then say it's unfair that sex becomes a scandal

No. 11508

File: 1551479604445.png (1.06 MB, 1037x534, gidle.png)

I like how everyone in gidle has equal outfits they look like they are from the same group unlike blackpink where Jennie is the only one with the special outfits

No. 11509

im ready for the shitty ~high fashion~ geometric trash style to be put to rest tbh
female group outfits used to be cool af
they were different but at least wearable(kara, t-ara, snsd girls day etc)
these outfits that look like 3 different things half assedly sewn together are retarded

No. 11510

Are you really trying to paint these crazy fans as the ~real victims~ now holy shit

No. 11511

I like how they're pretending to be close with each other. Also again with the lame excuse "we have 2 different versions of english and korean so the rappers sometimes forget the lyrics". I havent seen any video of lisa forgetting the lyrics though? Were they just trying to save jennie's ass so they included lisa? Whatever it looks staged and I got tired after just watching 1 Q&A, it's like they're trying to suck my energy because they got none kek.

No. 11512

nta but what's your problem with that statement? She has the pipes.

No. 11513

File: 1551485131806.jpg (504.56 KB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_20190302-070447_You…)

Did jennie get her jaw shaved? It looks strange

No. 11514

Not WKing but that takes a long time to heal, that just looks like she was in the middle of talking

No. 11515

File: 1551486574961.png (836.42 KB, 611x613, tumblr_ni8sseOTX11rhsgdio1_128…)

Lol no, her jaw hasn't changed through the years. Girl has her angles, that's all.

No. 11516

File: 1551490799395.jpeg (47.76 KB, 574x570, 9C806E6F-37BB-44F8-AB75-8F5FFF…)

I feel like G-IDLE is what BlackPink’s trying to emulate and failing to do so.

Anyway, the more I look at Jennie, the more overrated her looks seem to be in my eyes. Like she clearly has cute features but those comments from fans and Knetz about her looking “luxurious” or clearly being the group’s visual or whatever make me go “???” My confusion is even furthered after seeing her without makeup. I mean, Rose and Lisa get more shit than Jennie does about their appearances but I find that they align more with Korean beauty standards than Jennie does in some ways (like both of them are taller, Lisa has a small face + big eyes, Rose is paler with thinner facial features).

No. 11517

File: 1551491883353.png (417.36 KB, 572x580, Screen Shot 2019-03-01 at 8.58…)

No. 11518

The bloat LMAO he looks disgusting

No. 11519


Rose has a gigantic head though and a big chin. She's very dull looking. There's a reason she's by far the least popular in Korea.

No. 11520

anybody else get turned off gidle because of soyeon's try hard badass act?

No. 11521

Why why why do they keep posting these ugly selfies

No. 11522

Jennie can barely articulate and seems so awkward and scared. And we’re meant to believe she’s the badass rapping expensive Chanel brand girl?? Haha yeah right. Americans are gonna laugh at her. Blinks are delusional if they think they’ll be remotely popular when they have 0 personality. America aren’t gonna take skinny, shy foreign girls rapping and acting cool seriously at all.

No. 11523

That was so painfully hard to watch.

No. 11524

Not at all.

No. 11525

I remember being so shocked by how different their on stage and off stage personas are back when they debuted. They all talk in that cutesy airhead uwu lil baby way, it's kinda gross.

No. 11526

what is this

No. 11527

Dusty Springfield is rolling in her grave

No. 11528

that's the point unfortunately. black/pink

No. 11529


and one of the reasons why they'll fail in america.

No. 11530

File: 1551503770254.jpg (142.3 KB, 675x1200, D0nSkHbVYAAWJN-.jpg)

a BTS fan didn't get tickets for her birthday

No. 11531

pffft this has got to be a troll holy fuck

No. 11532

It's supposed to be an exact copy of Luis Miguel's music video for the song. I hate their pandering towards latin fans but then again they're the only ones they have left nowadays

No. 11533

I would probably get sick of it if I actually stanned Suju but I think their latin pandering is not a bad idea at all. They're trying something a bit different to the rest of kpop where they can't really compete anymore, both in terms of market and style, and it's worth a try in case it could be profitable.

I also just kinda like it kek I'm gonna download that song.

No. 11534

How old is she? Hopefully she'll grow up, she seems to be a teenager.

No. 11535

lisa's english somehow sounds more coherent than jennie's lmao

No. 11536

The blind item of a BP member sleeping with the Coachella head seeming more true by the second now kek

No. 11537

YG ripping off Red Velvet's "duality" thing and failing. There's a clear division in the "red" side and the "velvet" side in RV's music, BP have none of that. It's all one Generic EDM Banger after another. 2ne1 died for this?

No. 11538

Ah yes clearly fans are forgetting about this duality concept cause they dont seem to be bothered lol. With red velvet,the distinction is clear and the members can actually adjust themselves to each concept. What does the "pink" side supposed to mean anyway? I didnt see how its a different concept in "As if its your last".

No. 11539

was i the only one who took ridiculously long to get that the girl in the video is yuri - everything that made her face yuri's face has disappeared. i can't wait to see what kind of toll their rampant filler and plastic surgery addiction takes on the soshi girls

No. 11540

File: 1551517674734.jpg (46.82 KB, 500x286, C6FguTNUYAAWQ-w.jpg)

I always wondered why guy fans are creepy and girl fans are not creepy.

Is it seen as fine to try and smuggle yourself into some boy group room if you are a girl fan, but not so if you are a guy fan trying to get to a girl group room?

Just wondering.

No. 11541

This is why I've always found it strange that yg abandoned 2ne1 and especially cl. She could have done great in the us, and she can actually speak english

No. 11542

Well this showed up on my feed. Anyone care to hate-watch this and provide a summary?

No. 11543

>why guy fans are creepy
Girls going batshit insane and becoming sasaengs is still very rare compared to the vast majority of grown men lusting after barely legal girls

No. 11544

File: 1551518139556.jpg (126.75 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (9).jpg)

Jennie came out of that Haunted House looking like my 5 year old sister. What a wuss.

No. 11545

File: 1551518245080.jpg (46.22 KB, 575x196, enhanced-buzz-14488-1329100866…)


No. 11546

This is a Kpop thread

No. 11547

File: 1551518395056.png (24.81 KB, 695x515, 1550394614198.png)

>very rare

No. 11548

Bad example as that's some weird self-harming shit and not kpop, a creepy female fan would be one that goes "I'd creep into his house and beat him up anytime" about a seemingly innocent star.

No. 11549

are you a male twice fan or something? sasaengs are psycho bitches. doesn't matter if it's an adult man or woman becoming obsessed with idols, invading their privacy in real life, lusting after underage male/female idols, it's equally creepy and disgusting.

No. 11550

It's not strange when you factor in how he's a blatant misygonist and repeatedly called 2NE1 ugly (which is the worst thing you could be as a woman apparently), and then CL failing to make it big in America the first time marketing her made him give up on her.

No. 11551

nta but you don't have to be a male or a twice fan to know that sasaengs are much bigger problem with bgs.

No. 11552

If you've watched YG in recruitment and casting shows, you can tell how he treats the male and females differently. When he critiques the guys he does so constructively, when its the girls he makes knetizens look nice.

I hope his company burns to the ground.

No. 11553

i think it's naturally percieved as less creepy because women (statistically, as a sex) don't tend to rape and kill men

No. 11554

File: 1551519445322.jpg (215.15 KB, 1197x752, 2pm.jpg)

No. 11555

File: 1551519856773.jpg (220.04 KB, 1196x719, kangnam.jpg)


No. 11556

Companies and grown ass men sexualizing underage idols seem to be a bigger problem than rich and mentally ill Korean girls trying to take a pic of oppar everywhere he goes to upload to Twitter but okay*

No. 11557

LMAO do you even know the kind of shit sasaengs do? Creepy old men are gross but to say they're a bigger problem than actual stalking psychos is a stretch.

No. 11558

File: 1551520938610.jpg (154.52 KB, 641x480, equis.jpg)

Daniel Radcliffe was 17 when he went nude in Equis, and it barely managed a blip in the outrage machine.

Everyone knows how things are.

No. 11559

Your sjw twitter stan powerlevel is showing. I doubt your oppar gives a fuck about being followed around by some 5'1" bitch with money and a camera.

No. 11560

Yeah, I think the men who are actually in charge and have power over the idols are a bigger problem than the stalker fans - the latter are quite encouraged by the culture created by the abusive k-pop industry itself.
Not to excuse said stalkers, of course, as some would exist without any encouragement whatsoever.

No. 11561

prostitutes and ~~loyal~~ sasaengs are the only way male idols can get laid without ruining their career lol. you have male idols saying sasaengs are good for free handjobs, posting pics with expensive stuff they bought for them, talking shit about their bandmates with them. it's not in any way comparable, companies and male idols could easily stop a dumb 5'1 girl with a camera even if they tried to do something anyway.

No. 11562

>no arguments
>resorts to ad homs and name calling
>gets it wrong
>tries another one
Epic, simply epic. I never even had a twitter account in my life. Try again.

>some 5'1" bitch with money and a camera

Are you SERIOUSLY this ignorant about the horror stories about sasaengs?

You think sasaengs fansites aren't enabled by companies? Are you two just pretending to be retarded?

And I'd rather lose a few k sales coming from fat ugly old men than have the mentally insane break into my house.

I seriously can't believe how far you two are willing to go to whitewash sasaeng behaviour just to get one up on le evil males.

No. 11563

They can deal with one or a few girls, not a whole tonne of them. But I think the biggest problem is sasaengs in taxis, they are legit dangerous and cause a lot of crashes.

No. 11564

I don't really know why y'all have to compare the female and male fans to see which one is worse cause what they both do to kpop groups are equally fucked up. The whole fan culture and the encouraging of being absolute batshit crazy in Korea affects everyone who is a fan of a group, it's basically the model of creating a group

No. 11565

oh, the horror! 5'1" bitch sent oppar a letter written in period blood! this is worse than literal pedophilia :'(

No. 11566

please give an example to something a retarded sasaeng has done that is worse than these men anon

No. 11567

Also interesting to note how Jisoo and Jennie always sit in the middle whether it's an English or a Korean interview. When they're all together it seems the two of them don't bother interacting or spending time with Lisa and Rosé. When a group has only four members and is already that divided, then no wonder their performances are so shitty. Must suck to live with these narcissists.

No. 11568

ebin bost xD

anyway, let's drop this discussion because it's all over the place. this thread has been vastly superior to the last few ones, due to a few anons that actually know stuff and bother to write up longer paragraphs (thanks!), so let's not ruin it now(emoji)

No. 11569

So you aren't ignorant about the shit they do after all. Keep minimizing sasaeng behaviour to further your BS narrative.

>knocking down an idol in a stampede and then prodeeding to grope them while they're down
>shaving their heads to take pictures of idols in bathrooms
>breaking into their homes
>stealing and trading personal information and private contact details
>getting into car chases and risking other people's lives
And that's just the tip of the iceberg. Now tell me what have male fans done that's worse than this.


I'm talking about female sasaengs. A lot of major fansites are literally in cahoots with the idol companies.

No. 11570

If anyone's ruining this thread it's you with these two shitposts.

No. 11571

you're replying to different anons, you absolute sperg.

No. 11572

Relevant article: https://listverse.com/2017/07/11/10-dark-secrets-from-the-surprisingly-twisted-world-of-k-pop/
I would say that ones in charge of the idols are the worst, yes.

No. 11573

Nobody cares (and you sound exactly the same)

No. 11574

>sasaengs are completely harmless and actually beneficial for idols!
Can you get any lower than this

No. 11575

Nta but can you give it a rest already? You are starting to shit up the thread. OP pic related.

No. 11576

Sure thing.

No. 11577

That's just the reality, your bias is probably in some noona fan that stan twitter is attacking for being a sasaeng as we speak.

No. 11578

You make posts like this and then call me the one who's shitting up the thread. Okay.

This is what you sound like right now >>11369(infighting)

No. 11579

Alright I'm gonna change the topic for you guys. Do you guys think Kang Daniel got that far because his company MMO is affiliated with Mnet? I remember watching pd101 out of boredom and all I saw was this pink-haired dude. Even during the song distributions he had a controversy iirc.
He really wasn't one with superb talent nor is do I think he's good-looking so I'm kinda perplexed by his fame. This dude is literally everywhere.

No. 11580

>implying that my poor, innocent lil oppa might not have been joking about those free hjs is as bad as making fun of a 14 year old army who got raped

No. 11581

That anon is not me lol. No one is saying that stalking, breaking into someone's house, selling personal information is okay. Male idols have power over sasaengs, if they are uncomfortable they could easily tell them off but know that they owe a good portion of their earnings to these psycho fans who are willing to buy thousands of albums, and they do probably hook up with them, throwback to the W1 members. Ever wondered why you never see them speaking up about how sasaengs make them uncomfortable? They either love the attention or just keep quiet because it's worth the money.

No. 11582

>Ever wondered why you never see them speaking up about how sasaengs make them uncomfortable?
Baekhyun from EXO has called out sasaengs a few times. I think Chanyeol and Youngjae from GOT7 too.

No. 11583

>throwback to the W1 members.
What happened here? If you care to expand, I'm just too curious.

No. 11584

His popularity seems to mostly come from his personality, perceived ingenuity, dance skill, and body. One of the other MMO trainees, Jisung, also made it into Wanna One, but had nowhere near the pull that Daniel had, and the other trainees that competed alongside them didn't make it that far. So it might be safe to say that their company had a minuscule amount to do with it.

No. 11585

No. 11586

And she willingly posted this? I pray she grows up soon.

No. 11587

i used to feel bad for them but you have bts never getting actually competent security despite certainly having more than enough money to do so and getting mobbed everytime they go to an airport. they would never speak up against any bullshit armys do, even if it's harming themselves because they don't care as long as they get the money

No. 11588

>10. [+108, -3] I work in the industry so I'm not surprised with their behavior. The majority of celebrities are complete thugs. They'll swear over everything and abuse their power whenever they can. Park Bogum is praised for a reason… he'll go out of his way to bow and greet even the youngest of staff members. People like him are rare…
do koreans really like his culty ass

No. 11589

Bogum is in a cult? Please spill the milk anon, this sounds interesting.

No. 11590

Lol it seems that the majority of Korean men are so fucking bad that the girls and women go crazy for any dude who doesn't seem to be a complete asshole.
Btw I think by now taehyung should be a member of that cult, seeing how often they hang out together.

No. 11591

loads of male idols have called out their sasaengs. GD called them out, EXO members, Zico. JYJ and Changmin went crazy on sasaengs, to various extents. JYJ and TVXQ have some of the absolute worst sasaengs, Jaejoong’s said he’s woken up to women on top of him and molesting him and that one of the one’s he recognises bought an apartment opposite his to see him.

sasaengs might be fun for an idol when they’ve just debuted like Wanna One and are just hardcore fangirls who adore you, but it’s always been way worse than “uwu it’s just 5’1” girls with cameras”. Plenty of them are adult women with the money to fund their stalking. You don’t need to be tall to drive a car recklessly and deliberately try to cause an accident so your idol will get out of the car, or to break into someone’s home at night. Korea’s laws on stalking aren’t great, unsurprisingly, and companies know sasaengs might still create money, and idols can be called ungrateful or too mean for harshly criticising stalking behaviours. The vast majority of idols do not have a lot of power over people backed up by their management and the law. Speaking up isn’t going to stop sasaengs, management aren’t going to help, and speaking up might just risk being known as an idol with a bad attitude. it’s better to just shut up and hope they get bored in a year or two. If idols didn’t like sponsors in the industry, more would just say it!

No. 11592

Am I living in bizarro world? YG did give CL an american debut, but you're delulu to think that her unoriginal ass had a chance in the us.

No. 11593

Nobody was even talking about men in the industry. They were referring to gross men who like twice, aka thief fans.

No. 11594

cl was the most laughed at female idol for YEARS once the baddest female came out. people constantly made fun of her and how shit her album was going to be and how much of a flop it would be, then suddenly it flipped and people were mad that yg wasn’t releasing the album they wanted to trash

No. 11595

Honestly I was never a huge fan of cl. I enjoyed her rap and all but that bad bitch shit turned me off, knowing she's just an introverted rich girl and far from being "ghetto". She had like 60% of the songs for herself despite being only the rapper. It's the exact same situation with Jennie, except for the fact that cl had actual talent. Now that bp is being a bland mess, i actually appreciate her way more.

No. 11596

We can't know for sure, imo she just has a weak jaw.

I still find it really hard to believe that Jennie is Korean. She looks SEA as fuck. I know a girl who has very similar features and she's Filipina, and now that I think of it, she also reminds me of Lily Maymac (who is Filipina as well)

I'd be mortified if I spoke to my mother like that…

No. 11597

basically he was born into some weird extremist christian cult and he's the golden boy, their cult leader does exorcisms and shit. bogum has a lot of tweets openly supporting the cult.

i wouldn't be surprised since he's a contard country boy and they seem to be very close

No. 11598

I agree that Jennie looks extremely SEA. Now that I think about it, Jisoo is the only one from BP who truly has a Korean idol look. For example, if Jennie were to be put in a homogenous group such as Red Velvet, her SEA like features would stick out like a sore thumb.

No. 11599

it's kind of sad in a way. the cult is calling jesus christ-centered church or something like that, and they believe their pastor is essentially the messiah born again. they think all medicine is satanic and that if you have cancer you should just pray and that'll get rid of it.

a woman left the cult a few years ago and spoke openly about how fucked up it is. she was invited to the church to have a "discussion" and later found dead. her skull had been smashed in. the police ruled it an "accident."

anyway, bogum's parents are part of the cult, so he was born into it. the pastor was even the one who named him. he doesn't talk THAT much about it because he gets backlash every time he does, but he's confirmed he's a member and that he doesn't want to marry or be close with anyone outside of the cult. so all things considered it's extremely unlikely taehyung isn't also in that cult.

No. 11600

Are we sure jennie isn't mixed? Maybe one of her parents or grandparents are SEA so that's why she looks like that

No. 11601

She just looks like a darker Korean to me tbh, and looking SEA shouldn't be an insult. If you look at the average Korean citizen you'll see that they're not all pale with big eyes and small heads.

No. 11602

literally vid related.
male fans are much scarier and i bet many of them would sexually assault their ''idols'' if they had the opportunity

No. 11603

Jessica had a story about how a male sasaeng once followed her home and when she noticed he was followng she began to run, and he chased after her. She had to slam the door shut on him and then call SNSD's manager.

No. 11604

god this video still angers me. what the fuck was he even thinking?

No. 11605


Why the fuck can't we just agree that female and male sasaeng fans are equally insane?

Yeah, the guy in the video is fucking crazy, but so is the girl who tried to poison and kill Yunho from TVXQ.

Creepy uncle fans and insane female sasaengs are two sides of the same fucking coin.

No. 11606

It's just a fact that male fans are in general more creepy and potentially dangerous. And let's not forget that many of these obsessed female fans are teenagers, whereas most these male fanatics are grown men.
Just look at how many female celebrities deal with stalkers and shit, or what happened to Christina Grimmie.

No. 11607

sasaengs are sickening. i am critical of the industry and some idols but no one deserves to deal with that shit. i don't understand why companies allow this to happen, sasaengs go after the workers of the companies too.

No. 11608

File: 1551541979164.jpg (185.93 KB, 1944x2592, 7PUm0ef.jpg)

Aiden, 18, gay bottom, he/him, don't call me sis uwu lee taemin is my daddy

No. 11609

every single male idol is a pure closeted oppressed ftm woke gay uwu baby boy fighting against the homophobic world and wombynz around them are evil sluts!! these breeder hets need to stop assuming their sexualities.. heteronormativity!! cissexism!!!

No. 11610

File: 1551542372066.jpg (195.55 KB, 700x538, 20120314 06 (1).jpg)

but the majority and the worst of boyband sasaengs are NOT teenage girls, that's just what their defenders say to make them seem less threatening. it isn't teenage girls buying cars and flights and whole fucking apartments to get closer to the idols they're stalking. people are conflating over-enthusiastic fangirls with sasaengs but only talking about the worst male sasaengs. the sasaengs aren't the teenage girls who go to every fansign or write a possessive letter or two, obviously those people are nowhere near as bad as male stalkers who'd fit in as a character in perfect blue. actual male idol stalkers are terrifying and have 0 sense of what is appropriate human behaviour, how you can break into someone's home, grope them, threaten their family and friends, steal their belongings and personal details, but still think they're your boyfriend is insane.

No. 11611

Maybe they should quit and get a real job then? Why does everything have to revolve around males? Plus i bet half of those poor uwu idols sexually harass women including other idols

No. 11612

lmfao this is literally every army kid I've ever seen

No. 11613


it works in korea bc they like women who are infantalized (because infantalized women send the message that they will be submissive to their partners).

No. 11614


I don't follow bP so could you give examples of when it seemed like it was the Jennie/Jisoo show and they don't give a damn about the other two? Tbh, Jennie, Jisoo are part of the mean girl clique with Nayeon so I often wondered if that was part of it. But it could also be that Rose is annoying so who knows. From what I've seen of Lisa I wonder if her being Thai has anything to do with it. I've seen some discussion about Lisa being treated like Jennie's handmaid.

No. 11615


That wouldn't surprise me. Lots of idols are mixed but just can't say anything. Actress Jun Ji Hyun is straight up Chinese or half-Chinese and had to hide it. Yoona I think was also suspected as being mixed. But this is a country where back when Suju debuted, their Chinese member had to wear a mask to cover his face to come out on broadcast, so yeah they're xenophobic as fuck. If Jennie really was half SEA or had SEA genes it'd be harder for YG to promote her as an it girl.

Think about it. How many it girls in Korea are foreign or mixed? I mean huge individual CFs, acting, solos? Even Ivy and Hyori back in the day got shit for looking 'foreign.' All the it girls are considered full Koreans. No matter how popular kids like Tzuyu, Sana, Somi, Cheng Xiao etc. are they'll never rise to it girl status and have the opportunities that Suzy, Yoona, Krystal, Sulli, Hyeri, Seolhyun, Irene etc. have.

No. 11616

why are you sperging?

No. 11617

yep tia from chocolat confirmed this and said a lot of people were "in the closet" racially

No. 11618

Who ever said it's an insult? Quite the contrary, lot's are SEA are really beautiful, I don't get how it could be an insult. And also I know what actual non-celeb koreans look like

Yes this is what I was thinking of thanks

No. 11619

File: 1551545878159.gif (3 MB, 177x280, tumblr_pnqw0zmeGO1w6ly9lo6_250…)

ew her hair looks fucking filthy

No. 11620

It looks like she dipped it in motor oil

No. 11621

they're both bad, but male fans are definitely worse. They tend to be more physically violent, and being a female idol with male fans always means the potential to be raped. it's disgusting, and this makes me sad. No matter how much i dont care for idols, no one deserves this.

No. 11622

See through bangs has to be the ugliest Korean trend ever.
Light bangs is nice, as long as it doesn't look like you have 3 (three) single hair hanging on your forehead.

No. 11623

examples of male fans being directly violent? other than the taeyeon thing

No. 11624

NTA but apink can barely perform or have events because they've had multiple bomb threats called in the last three or so years from males on ilbe

No. 11625

No. 11626

that's not directly violent because they aren't actually going to get bombed lol

No. 11627

I'm more annoyed by the constant "I'm the hottest shit here" attitude from Soojin. She just released this choreo and I'm sorry, I've watched a LOT of dance practices of 7 rings, and they are all badass as fuck, but this one is just laughable. Girl has no fierness or charisma, and most of the time the camera pans to her "sexy" faces and doesn't even show the dance. I kept waiting for her to go off, and nothing.

Of course every fan in the comments it's stating she's the best dancer of our generation, etc.

No. 11628

At least Seungyeon from CLC had the charisma to pull it off, I really liked her dance performance for it.

No. 11629

Her face looks oddly bloated. Does she have a legit medical problem or did she go too heavy on the fillers?

No. 11630

I thought it was really boring, she just kept doing the same mediocre moves over and over again

No. 11631

Any idols who you suspect might be hiding some mixed ancestry?

I've always thought Lee Hi looked vaguely Chinese for some reason. She's not really an idol or an "it girl" but just saying.

No. 11632

Why are they threatening to bomb them?

No. 11633

Nana, she's always looked chinese to me

No. 11634

nta anon but isn't it an autistic canadian who sent those threats? that's the only reason he hasn't been arrested yet, because he isn't Korean…

No. 11635

NTA but idk why they said Yoona. I've never heard that and her pre debut pictures suggest she is VERY korean with her face shape. I've always heard Sooyoung was suspected. Based on her round face shape and skin color(and the fact that she was more or less famous in other Asian countries before SNSD) she was thought to be Thai or Filipino. Same with Luna. Gyuri from Kara has been rumored to be mixed with latin blood.

No. 11636

Lmao I can here the latin fans now:

"Come to BRAZILLL1111!

No. 11637

because they admitted to having boyfriends
they were marketed as a ~le pure forever perma virgins even though they're 30 years old~ group so ofc men couldnt handle it

yep its probably someone from 4chan rather than ilbe, because ilbe is extremely traceable you have to have a korean internet id and shit to use it and members have been arrested for a lot less than bomb threats

No. 11638

This is going to be cringe x100000 when she grows out of Kpop

No. 11639

If only YG could suck up his pride and pander more to their SEA fans.

No. 11640

File: 1551551675583.png (Spoiler Image,450.36 KB, 387x566, Screenshot1.png)

I never realized how much fansites edit their pictures…

No. 11641

And yet this is what made her popular in Korea. Sad.

No. 11642

OMG is that really real???Thats sooo gross

No. 11643

i can't remember WHY the yoona rumour came about, but it's been quietly there for a while. it's specifically that she's half viet, iirc. her mother left her when she was really young and i don't think she's been identified before, and sometimes that's enough to fuel theories that maybe she's foreign

No. 11644

looks like normal skin, come on

No. 11645

Not gonna lie I enjoy seeing stuff like this. It's nice to have a reminder that everyone has fucking pores.

No. 11646

File: 1551551941913.gif (566.57 KB, 295x207, 1515562508873.gif)

oh my god, if this were my child, i would beat them so hard. This is gone beyond embarrassing. What a spoiled, entitled shit– BTS tickets and travel for $600+ and choosing a shitty, sexist kpop group over their own family?

No. 11647

her mother was a druggie apparently and probably had mental illness, which is not dealt with properly in korea at all
im sure it will come out at some point but shes still in snsd so shes gonna keep that under wraps

No. 11648

Seconded with Gyuri, she always gave off "Italian" vibes to me for some reason. Maybe it was her carefree attitude on variety shows that helped, but she's never looked fully Korean to me.

No. 11649

I think there was a story about a male creepy fan killing a jpop idol, but that's jpop so it's off-topic

No. 11650

>My lovely son

No. 11651

tbh koreans share ancestry with the chinese and japanese (due to war occupations and their proximity to history) so they aren't that different from each other

No. 11652

what's happening on twitter? #teamexo and #teambts are both trending with over 5.5 million tweets.

No. 11653

Soompi is hosting some Best Twitter Fandom Award or something. It's pointless bullshit.

No. 11654

Do you all think she follows this thread?

No. 11655

File: 1551552332127.jpg (13.66 KB, 200x300, ase-wang-thai-sexy-model-5.jpg)

she resembles thai celeb ase wang pretty heavily whos swedish/singaporean i believe

i always thought she was too pretty for kpop and should have been a model instead

No. 11656

Koreans are gonna deny that fact till kingdom come though, they all think they're 100% Korean.

No. 11657

lmao you see armys talking about how dead exo is but the exo tag is currently passing the bts tag

No. 11658

File: 1551552804259.jpg (24.14 KB, 395x500, yoonapredebut.jpg)

some of yoona's predebut photos make her look less like the korean ideal compared to her more recently, but i doubt she is anything other than full korean. she was just a lot more tanned and had a different jaw. i find a lot of snsd's trainee days photos really nostalgic, the styling was bad but feels really natural and more like 1st generation kpop

No. 11659

File: 1551553211958.jpg (22.52 KB, 500x264, Yoona-Plastic-Surgery.jpg)

not to be mean because i do think shes pretty even before the surgery, but she literally looked like the koreans in the before pictures of jaw shaves

its a very distinct and very korean face shape

No. 11660

File: 1551553472863.gif (1.25 MB, 500x359, untitled-6.gif)

samefag but also to add, even though she had surgery and its not as prominent, its STILL very noticeable because she didnt get it completely reshaped unlike a lot of idols that have the same shape

100% korean and i doubt there will ever be proof otherwise

No. 11661

I went to Chile's SMTOWN concert in January and Super Junior had the most stages and also sang that Luis Miguel cover, people went freaking nuts… they have a huge following here in south america, that's why… they're much more relevant here than in korea

No. 11662

early SM jaw shaves kept a more squarish chin compared to the complete Vs now. Yuta's jaw before the hell implant matches 2007 SM jaws way more. If Yoona and Jaejoong got their jaws done in SM in 2016 they would be wittled down further and have pointy chins in candids and not just edited selfies

No. 11663

File: 1551555421948.jpg (39.58 KB, 580x390, 4be96327b4a005542193624a4b9ade…)

i've noticed this too. if you ever look at those tumblrs that collect before/after photos from korean ps clinics, koreans are much more likely to have that big jaw shape. i've never actually seen anyone who isn't korean with a jaw quite like that.

No. 11664

File: 1551555467673.jpg (391.19 KB, 1227x787, 7355307243553554.jpg)

muslim kpop fans are really something

No. 11665

rofl holysit, these women are so sexually repressed and pathetic.

No. 11666

I honestly don't believe Yoona is mixed, but imagine if it were someday revealed she was. A top visual who Koreans touted as one of their most beautiful. It would be milkiest if she were Viet like >>11643 said.

No. 11667

File: 1551555722606.jpg (Spoiler Image,263.17 KB, 1080x1354, IMG_20190303_013732.jpg)

Fansites smooth and whiten the life out of their photos, but this isn't the original appearance either. It's edited to look hyper realistic. There's similar images floating around of other idols. Still closer to the actual thing than the usual fansite fare. Pic related is more true to real life since it's an unedited - I think? - selfie

No. 11668

>the innocence in namjoons eyes
sure kek

No. 11669

this is sad. bts fans need to get laid.

No. 11670

it's just the difference in camera quality, anon. phone cameras tend to smooth out the skin more than a dslr does.

No. 11671

Can't get more delusional than this, the child thinks she can go to heaven after staying with bts in hell

No. 11672

idk man he has a square jaw irl

No. 11673

This is more of an SEA/Muslim Kpop fan thing, Super Junior Indonesian stans are worse than SEA armys tbh

No. 11674

OT but it's an Islamic belief, they believe that all non-Muslims are in hell forever, good Muslims go to heaven and bad Muslims also eventually go to heaven after staying in hell for a while. They are sad that poor oppars will never be saved

No. 11675

>> 382551
>> 382565

the ones in the chat are Turkish though

No. 11676

There are plenty of turkish muslims

No. 11677

Oh I was talking more about skin editing

No. 11678

True that, anon
It's still refreshing to see that underneath all the cakeface idols have pores and blackheads too

No. 11679

Of course they do, it would be inhuman if they didn't

Off topic but has anyone else ever noticed that almost all foreign kpop idols are/were kboos? Are there any that arent kboos?

No. 11680

don't know too much about her but lisa maybe

No. 11681

that's the thing i hate about kpoppies dancing. They're never doing anything except walking around, breaking their backs cos they got no ass, and flipping their hair. Touching themselves as if they have any semblance of sensuality.

No. 11682

Because they aren't

No. 11683

this is hilarious omg. im fucking crying

No. 11684

File: 1551561069832.png (71.96 KB, 636x597, stans.png)

Honestly, at this point, Loona stans are starting to sound like armys.

They're all claiming that Loona is actively being sabotaged by Korea because of their international success, and that they don't want "another BTS", in which, a group from a small company blows tf up. A huge distributor for albums called Kakao M basically fucked up Loona's album orders and didn't make enough, whilst they managed to do everything perfectly fine for Monsta X.

What do you anons think? I personally think Loona stans are whiny and have deluded themselves into believing Loona is popular anywhere that isn't twitter. Yes, their audience has grown, but nowhere in Korea.

Also, do you believe that it's possible that Korea does this to any group that isn't apart of a well known company.

Link to thread: https://twitter.com/ariantheworld/status/1101796554820730880

No. 11685

Maybe they couldn't meet the demand from overseas but I doubt they're actively sabotaging them.

>Also, do you believe that it's possible that Korea does this to any group that isn't apart of a well known company.

The industry is so shady that I wouldn't be surprised. Either that or their own companies sabotage them (see BAP for instance).

No. 11686

Well said. It's what I tell my sister all the time

I died of laughter and my sister thought there something wrong with me

I'm pretty sure Yuta isn't a kboo. That probably makes nct's management annoyed with him because they love it when the foreign idols love and compliment their country which he doesn't really do (he talks about osaka more than he ever mentions korea). Before he debuted he said he extremely regretted coming to korea, but he promised his mom that he'd be successful so he wanted to try at least

No. 11687

Who is Yuta?

No. 11688

This is the same show that had in a dad that diddled his son's genitals for up to 10 mins a day, because he thought it's 'cute'. Koreans didnotcurr.

No. 11689

Ugh that is so messed up

No. 11690

Samefag but the j-line of twice were huge kboos and there's lots of proof too. Yuck

No. 11691

A japanese member of nct

No. 11692

You had people explaining it's just a part of Korean culture to touch boy's penis's to see how their 'growing'. It supposed to have stemmed from fedulism. It's just really intrusive and teachs kids boundaries doesn't matter and their body isn't theirs to keep private. It reflects badly on Korean culture, tbh.

>Lol at the person that said, not only are Koreans racist, they're pedofiles, too.


No. 11693

File: 1551563289635.jpg (17.71 KB, 318x318, [chintensifies].jpg)

Is that Yuta stan ever going to fuck off? Please go suck your ugly husbando's dick somewhere else

No. 11694

Monsta X would've won the music shows over them even if the albums were all in order, they sold 100k within like 2-3 days. And despite not being known in Korea they charted on Melon unlike Loona. Their fandom is just bigger and more dedicated.

Loona stans crying over conspiracy theories sound fucking stupid and they can't accept the fact that the group chose a bad time to come back sandwiched between itzy, Hwasa, N.flying and Taemin.

No. 11695

The picture caption is perfect anon, just perfect

No. 11696

I think it was just bad timing mostly, itzy was the ‘exciting’ new gg do they overshadowed loona, I doubt it’s that deep

No. 11697

Yea, I still can't find it but I remember there was a video showing Momo and Mina being obsessed when they said they finally got to meet SNSD. Since SNSD and Kara were big acts in Japan and the J-line were pretty young at the time, it makes sense.

No. 11698

monsta x aren't known in korea? why are they popular then? lol i thought they're attractive by some weird korean standards because they're so ugly i thought they'd not be popular anywhere else

No. 11699

yea any nugu group is going to get destroyed the second a big three group debuts.

Speaking of,

Anyone have milk on SM's next girl group? Or are they going to wait a couple more years when Red Velvet's high comes down since SM sucks at multitasking when it comes to girl groups.

I know they must be pretty young, since Yeri was part of the female SM rookies before being thrown into Red Velvet to bring the average age down.

No. 11700

momo was a huge shinee fangirl iirc

No. 11701

Koreans always try to deny their Mongolian features. I mean obliviously not every Korean has such a jaw each ethnicity has a facial trend.

No. 11702

it is sort of funny that all the features they prize aren't ones common to koreans. a small, slim jaw, big eyes, high noses, small lips, tall height. even slim shins, when koreans tend to have rather chunky shins.

i've never seen any other country self hate to such a strong degree.

No. 11703

It’s sad honestly, to think you naturally look like this. I’ve met naturally good looking Koreans and I definitely think there are some good looking kpop idols who seem to be natural, but I just wonder when they’ll will realize how much of a joke this all is.

No. 11704

Who do you think is still natural in K-pop? Or mostly natural at any rate

Also, I'm curious, do actors/actresses get ps to the same extreme degree as idols?

No. 11705

Nta but I think f(x)'s Victoria is pretty natural. And Amber too.

No. 11706

TVXQ's Yunho is natural, unless he's gotten small amounts of fillers/botox around comeback times. He looks like a man in his early 30s who isn't freaking out about not looking 23 anymore. Getting veneers was a good decision though

No. 11707


Apparently YGE was found shredding papers related to the various investigations happening.

No. 11708

File: 1551570694985.gif (2.89 MB, 268x311, tumblr_pnpq8kYoEW1rm8evlo3_400…)

what is going on with wendy? she looks coked out

No. 11709

circle lenses i think. they make her eyes look beady and cartoony, but i suppose that's the point. she looks so much like akb's sakura here as well. ironic since she also had extensive amounts of work done

No. 11710

??? she doesn't

No. 11711

poor sweet child having no idea about drugs, bless

No. 11712


those look like bruises on his chest that are in varying stages of healing…

No. 11713


Some SM trainee went on reddit a few years ago after he left the company and said that SM's next gg was in a shambles because of the lack of talent and that Yeri was the best they had to offer. But that was back in 2015. Watching that mickey mouse club show they did that year pretty much proved their gg was not in a good way.

There were also rumors that SM's new CEO or someone high up was a woman that hated the female acts in their company and that a lot of female trainees were leaving. And finally there was a bit of talk about Lami and whether or not she aged badly much like Jihyo was assumed to have.

But recently there was a female trainee that got featured in Taemin's latest song. I don't know if she's meant to debut and people are already saying she was an iljin…

No. 11714

File: 1551572655813.png (725 KB, 1366x762, Screenshot from 2019-03-02 19-…)

She seems pretty. If she is a trainee hopefully SM doesn't fuck her up with needless ps…

No. 11715

There's a reddit AMA with SEA girl trainee from last month. Nothing juicy, she left SM in 2017 and seemed surprised they still haven't debuted.

I forgot about SM's new lady ceo. Sones were horrified when she was appointed and maybe they were right. NCT project tunnel vision, cash cow Exo members voicing discontent, new gg delay, no big hits since Red Flavor in 2017.

No. 11716

the trainee that did the reddit ama a few years ago came back a few weeks ago saying he took back everything he said and asked for the ama to be deleted. maybe SM came after him.

No. 11717

i thought power up was a hit in korea. red velvet get treated way better than f(x) ever was. they get like 3 comebacks every year. so i don't think sm doesn't care about them.

No. 11718

They had that Herin girl that was really good but she dropped.

No. 11719


No. 11720

She looks unusually cute in this gif actually. Maybe it's the haircut.

No. 11721

i think the shorter hair compliments her fucked up jaw

No. 11722

File: 1551578152850.png (23.8 KB, 1040x293, qa.png)

No. 11724


This really sheds a light on the situation.

>Blink twice if SM sent you a threatening email.

Holy shit wouldn't want to be in his shoes. Hope the guy's ok.

No. 11727

No. 11730

>This post has an automatic publishing date which will always be kept at two weeks into the future. As long as Kpopalypse remains healthy, happy and non-threatened by unfortunate circumstances, this post will never see the light of day, as I will continually keep pushing the automatic publishing date back every time I log into the blog to do maintenance. I will also delete this post should I ever happen to fall terminally ill through natural causes, and my next of kin also have instructions to delete the post should I die in a sudden yet 100% non-suspicious manner (or if I’m killed by an avid reader who really wants to see that post, I mean, you never know what some readers are like…).

…. Bruh wtf

No. 11731

Soyeon from G-Idle in trouble for pirating music.


This wouldn't be a big deal, if she wasn't a "singer-songwriter" herself.

No. 11732

>can’t tell you what to remove because that would make some things apparent

well that’s suspicious as fuck alright

No. 11738

both are foreign though which kinda proves the point tbh

No. 11746

I'm trying to find that video right now. And you have no idea where it's from?

No. 11748

Kek I'm trying to find the video too now. Is the video you're talking about the clip at the 3:06 mark?

No. 11750


No. 11753

It's likely he lied, because the SEA trainee asked him something (like if her AMA was giving him trouble with SM) and he never really gave her a direct answer.

The SEA trainee gave the mods appropriate proof too, the first guy probably just made shit up because he looks completely white, and I doubt SM has accepted 100% white trainees.

No. 11754

Dunno how true this is but some rumours say that SM won't let Red Velvet flop because they want Irene to stay relevant enough for making CF money…. she's got the looks Koreans like but she's not as problematic as Sulli was.

No. 11755

tbh I'm surprised her autism didn't get her into bigger trouble with the way Koreans on her for not smiling 24/7

No. 11756

Krystal used to get shit for not smiling too, but Koreans would rather have a blank-faced woman than someone like Gyuri who's "too confident" or some shit. As long as Irene stays silent and boring she should be fine

No. 11757

Not music, a music dev program, which are expensive as all hell and not very accessable to your average person. This is like berating an art student for using a cracked version of Photoshop, tbh.

But some of the comments are about seungri and that made me laugh.

No. 11758

File: 1551593960782.png (350.16 KB, 700x441, 992729415BB4C7CF0F.png)

>Also, I'm curious, do actors/actresses get ps to the same extreme degree as idols?

Sometimes, pic related.

No. 11759

shippers use the "b-but they did ____ when there were no cameras around!" argument a lot but most of the things they show seem pretty public to me, like this vid. even if the event's cameras weren't on them they probably still had thousands of fans around. i really don't think they would make it so obvious in public if two members of the same group had something going on.

No. 11760

…are we sure this is the same person because wow, I would never have guessed

No. 11761

File: 1551594635816.jpeg (Spoiler Image,46.79 KB, 452x678, images (1).jpeg)

He definitely had more of a V(no pun intended)-line face shape pre debut though

No. 11762

yes and?

No. 11763

god they were such wannabe gangsterz and none of them could pull it off. i can see why bighit did a 180 turn with their style, their social justice and ~~depression~~ thing is still cringy but they don't come of as tryhards as before and the fujos like it

No. 11766

God, I remember watching the video for N.O back in the day and EVERY time they had a shot of them in the white outfits and obnoxious gold chains I wanted to scream. It was so bad. Their current schtick is annoying but at least it's tolerable.

No. 11768

Oh my god…are they really the same person?

No. 11769

What's even gonna happen to red velvet? Irene is approaching 30 and the youngest is like 19, and without Irene they'll lose a good chunk of popularity. They can't keep on making Irene do these weird childish concepts when she's in her in her 30s.

No. 11774

BTS became the 12th artist to sell out Wembley after Michael Jackson, Madonna, Beyoncé, Queen, Eminem, Ed Sheeran, Oasis, One Direction, Muse, Spice Girls and Take That and it makes armys think that they are on the same level as people like MJ, Eminem and Queen… I didn't even know there were so many BTSfags in the UK, it's interesting

No. 11776

Lots of BTS fans in Scandinavia and Eastern Europe will have bought tickets to that concert as well, so it's not because there are unusually many BTS fags in the UK.

No. 11777

Never realized how tolerable One Direction mania was compared to BTS tbh

No. 11778

Can't wait for bts to mention this ~achievement~ in all of their upcoming songs.

No. 11779

a lot of korean fans fly out to europe and america just to be able to say that they've seen bts in london or la and upload fancams. i bet most of their front row is going to be korean fansites

No. 11780

All of BTS' fame just seems like the Emperor's New Clothes to me

No. 11781

Would NCT be able to sell out a venue in Europe?

No. 11782

so apparently kang daniel is leaving his company because seungri introduced him to a 40yr old chinese woman

No. 11783

Is he also pimping out his fellow idols? Jesus Christ.

No. 11784

they’re only doing a few european cities, they could’ve doubled the amount of places they go to and done slightly smaller venues but that wouldn’t get them the same headlines. it’s better for them to have ridiculously overpriced tickets in places where fans are going to have to travel to get to

No. 11785

When are the bts members finally going to serve?

No. 11786

not sure but i think jin and suga are enlisting in 2 years? the oldest and youngest have a 5 year gap so they aren't going to be 7 for years. their hard fall is going to start after they hit 30s and start to enlist but armys would stick around for a while since most of them only care about jimin and uwu jungkookie.

No. 11787

What's that all about?
Yeah plenty of k-actors get lots of ps

No. 11788

File: 1551616418794.jpg (31.7 KB, 750x500, leejongsuk.jpg)

Yes. Lee Jong-Suk looks downright terrifying.

No. 11789

They didn't do it for the headlines anon, they just love their fans too much. It would be so hard for them to go to several countries and not make their high school age fanbase fly out to the UK while already making them pay for overpriced tickets to listen to Jimin and V's beautiful angelic vocals, RM's deep philosophical speeches and see some cringy gay fanservice.

No. 11790

jesus christ is there anything seungri didn't do

No. 11791

actually having a talent

No. 11792

File: 1551619413713.png (270.01 KB, 1440x1614, Screenshot_20190303-081741~2.p…)

Posting this for anon >>11782
>Tfw can't tell if prostitution or for actual business

No. 11793

That's like the perfect way to describe it.

No. 11794

File: 1551620229023.jpg (18.99 KB, 300x182, IMG_0031.JPG)

All I can focus on his dramas is his botched nose job. Dude looked way better before.

No. 11795

File: 1551620498961.png (24.25 KB, 1440x167, Screenshot_20190303-083926~2.p…)

>Tinfoil intensifies

No. 11796


No. 11798

Has this blown up in Korea?

No. 11799

Doesn't seem like it. Neither Kang Daniel, LM entertainment or Seungri is trending in the search rankings.

No. 11801

No. 11802

>According to a source from the White Skull Unit that G-Dragon is part of, the investigation committee from the third division carried out a review of G-Dragon’s suitability for active-duty service, and he was deemed unfit by both his unit and division.

No. 11803

Depends on the venue. If it's like a 2000-3000 seat theatre then sure, but they're certainly not going to fill up the big arenas.

No. 11804

Kang Daniel was a really big deal and still went from one nugu company to another. I don't get why. Like I realize signing with a huge company such as sm could be another bad situation, but he must have gotten offers from well established companies that at least have an idea of what they're doing, for example LOEN or Starship level.

No. 11808

I knew something was wrong with this song from its arrangement and now I know why. With BTS’s terrible singing and subpar rapping there was no way this song was going to sound remotely good with a demo like this.

No. 11809

i am enjoying this so much lol

No. 11810

this sounds very emo and kind of like a drake song. i actually think it would be better if they made the song with this vibe but with better production, the released one was too upbeat and the screeching vocals were messy.

No. 11815


Same person, look up "Seo In-guk before after" if you want to see more.

No. 11820

rap monsters part is ridiculously bad