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File: 1495116066611.jpg (38.07 KB, 500x375, 2147261d920df597624d8749c2a243…)

No. 190960

All the videogame threads have been dead for ages, so let's start a new, hopefully more active, one!
Not sure if /g/ worthy, so putting it up on /ot/

>your favorite games (old or new)

>online or sp
>what are you playing on pc/console/mobile
>games recs
>great deals
>shit-games discussion
>basically free discussion on any games

No. 190970

File: 1495121576870.png (347.75 KB, 500x500, tumblr_oq26tlFhPs1rl0s2xo1_500…)

Anyone else playing Prey? It reminds me a bit of Half Life and I want to like it, but I find it boring! I'm not quite sure why but I've just finished going to my office and I'm still not hooked yet.

No. 190973

File: 1495122150225.png (3.34 MB, 1920x1080, neverwinter-ps4-review-26.png)

I've been trying to get back into neverwinter but it lost its charm to me.

(Not my character btw)

No. 190978

File: 1495122647105.jpg (770.77 KB, 2520x1984, Team Etrian Odyssey 4.jpg)

I have been playing Etrian Odysey 4 again (for the 3th time). I can't wait for Etrian Odysey 5!

Pic related, it's my current team

No. 190979

it seems like a super story heavy game and where i think most of the fun comes from is trying to figure out whats going on and how the space station works. i could see if going to read all the notes and computers and stuff is just boring and w/e :/

No. 190980

File: 1495124416191.jpg (23.72 KB, 600x317, monhungens.jpg)

Monster Hunter Generations. Been a blast so far, but I don't love it quite as much as some of the other games.

Pic related: Palicoes.

No. 190985

Maybe I just haven't gotten far enough into the story yet. I do find reading the notes and the e-mails to be the most interesting part actually. I guess I'm just not a fan of the gameplay? Which I don't get since it's basically like every other first-person action adventure out there.

No. 191002

File: 1495135685841.jpg (98.79 KB, 564x865, 1a2ea083e860783b9d27a1ee355937…)

I recently bought a PS4 just to play RPGs. That's all I play, I kinda like losing myself in fantasy stories and handhelds just weren't doing it

I'll take recommendations too (pic half related)

No. 191005

File: 1495138210027.jpg (84.04 KB, 460x215, header.jpg)

I bouggt Witcher 3 without any idea what it's about needless to say that I'm in love now. Bought all the books as well as the old games and I'm so mad that I only got to know it in 2015. I'm a fucker for these kinds of games and Witcher is srsly as good as everyone says. And now that I read the books it's so cool to see the little details they but in every games.

No. 191011


Netflix is making a Witcher series too, I fucking love the books and games. Hopefully it'll be great.

No. 191014

I saw that today after my favourite Geralt Cosplayer mentioned it and I'm soo hyped about it.
I feel like Netflix is trying their best most of the times and since they will ask the author about stuff too I'm even more excited.
But idk how they are with CGI and stuff regarding the monsters I hope they won't look too fake.

No. 191015

I only really play handhelds these days, I had a ps3 but it broke (well technically it was stolen but that's a long story) and I can't afford a new one or a ps4, it's sad. I bought a ps vita basically just to play danganronpa but I don't like the game mechanics, I preferred reading the translation on SA lmao. I got p3p and I'm really enjoying it, but I hate all the level grinding it's so tedious. I realized recently that I hate games that involve fighting/strategy, but they are all I play because I'm a sucker for a good storyline. But I always get frustrated and never finished them or lose the console fma

I got a new 3DS last year, but I've lost it and it makes want to cry every day.

No. 191016

File: 1495144935845.jpg (17.2 KB, 480x354, 1495143063252.jpg)


Well they did a pretty good job in Stranger Things imo, what I'm curious about is what are they gonna adapt. Books or the video game?

Anyways anyone play Overwatch here, trying to play it on my shitty computer but I think I'm underperforming because of it and got stuck in bronze, feels bad man.

No. 191017

I started playing this recently too anon, the circlejerk over it is hilarious but it really is a fun game. I just wish the female characters weren't so vapid/half naked.

I thought Triss was bland as fuck and it was a weird choice that she could be paired with Geralt considering she says "Ciri is like a sister to me." They are completely different from one another.

The bloody baron questline was my fav.

No. 191028

Nah it does make sense if you read the books Triss always had a crush on Geralt which is kinda weird tho since Yennefer and her are like best friends so

You're right totally forgot about Stranger Things
And I think they'll go by the books since the authors is involved

Also always wanted to play Overwatch but shooters where never really my thing since they normally don't have any story to offer (also I suck lol)
How is Overwatch different from.all these other shooter games ?

No. 191030

File: 1495155646567.jpg (45.23 KB, 406x697, alice.jpg)

im a big fan of shin megami tensei franchise, especially the early titles.
im a sucker for old rpg

No. 191036


It has a bit of story told through comics and sometimes events but it's a moba style shooter with no story basically. You can have fun if you are playing with 2-3 friends but solo queue is fucking cancer, I wanted to play some matches before bed and SURPRISE, all three of those games had a leaver that cost us the game. Every time I get close to ranking up shitty people who likes to troll, throw the game or just straight up leaving the game starts to appear.

No. 191037

The Witcher quickly replaced all other fantasy series and games as my favorite. I'm pretty worried about the upcoming Netflix show because the games and novels are so impeccable, and so special to me now.

No. 191038

If you get into it, Triss is kinda fucking crazy imo… I always pick Yen, she's way more bad ass. The books are great too!

No. 191039

Oh yeah and the dlc are both fucking amazing.

No. 191040

Lol anon, funny you say that since I already sent Triss off on a boat a bit ago

No. 191047

File: 1495168457900.jpg (34.98 KB, 293x239, IMG269355693.jpg)

Anyone here play FF14? I'm pretty excited for the new expansion, and I'm trying to finish my Astro relic right now.

No. 191050

I love the fact that Geralt isn't some poor young man that happens to save the world and all that, instead he's a trained professional and is doing his job. The choices are also what made me love the books and games - they aren't just black and white, all of them have more or less bad consequences.

Same. I also hope they stay true to the books and that there won't be (too much) fan service. I also hope they won't try to milk the franchise to death :/

The only game that I'm actually playing right now is Guild Wars 2 (would recommend) and I adore the game so much. I bought it two years ago, worried what it will be like since it had no trial period, but now it's basically my new "home". What I love the most is that you can't really "fall behind" others, even if you don't play for months. So I don't feel stressed out if I miss a day or two because of work.

No. 191052

All I've been doing for the past couple of months is find all the Korok Seeds in Breath Of the Wild. 223 out of 900.

DLC for BOTW is coming out in a couple of months. I'm giddy.

Has anyone here played Nier? People keep telling me the games are good but the stories are a bit muddled.

No. 191056

File: 1495173809515.jpg (113.71 KB, 647x861, 573845.jpg)

>too depressed to focus enough to play anything

I just watch a lot of Let's Plays to get my fill of everything I'm missing. I watch a lot of Vinesauce stuff because I enjoy the nostalgic factor of revisiting older games and bootlegs.

I'm thinking of hooking up my old SNES and replaying all the games of my childhood. I'm also looking into buying a Dendy. Anyone else remember those?

No. 191057

Love that too about Geralt, also he is so awkward sometimes which brings a funny element into the whole thing. I think it can be really hard to do it without over doing it, thus ruining the whole thing.
The books and games captured this weird funny side of him quite well.
That's the main thing I'm worried about when it comes to the Netflix show. I feel like they can fuck Geralt (and with that the show) up if they can't capture this.

The Netflix produced shows I've seen so far are pretty good tho. But I think it would be their first show with a fantasy theme kinda ?
Anyways since there are soo many fans around I think (or hope lol) they will do their best because the pressure will be high

No. 191058

File: 1495175841797.jpg (38.49 KB, 724x448, c11ff4f9387acd61b093d3fb794349…)

Yes, that too. I hope they don't make him "one -sided" so he ends up being just an ass through the series or just a badass etc.. There are quiet a few characters they can fuck up.

I also wonder how the public will handle it, since there is stuff like racism, sexism etc included. And the books and games aren't exactly popular with non-gamers, as far as I'm aware.

Oh, and apparently there's a movie in the making as well?

No. 191070

File: 1495182343371.png (637.62 KB, 612x768, IMG_4233.PNG)

Currently playing Mass Effect 2 and this'll probably be an unpopular opinion, but I kinda like the first game better, gameplay-wise. Like, you had a map for pretty much everywhere, mods were a lot of fun to use and collect, the radar was permanently visible and there were a lot more talents/powers available. Not to mention the fact that you didn't need to conserve ammo lol. They also switched controls for the power wheels and aiming/fire which really confused me, but that will probably get better as I play.

Story telling, soundtrack/sound mixing, dialogue and graphics have definitely upgraded though and the SR2 is pretty neat…

I actually only discovered Mass Effect last year, so you can imagine all the stuff I was able to look up and spoil. I'm sad about that, but it's still been a really enjoyable experience so far. yes i vaguely know about the ending, but i honestly think that it isn't too bad. it feels realistic, as realistic as a video game can get lol, but i suppose people don't play games for realism

Even so, I guess I'll have to choose ME2 over ME1 simply because you can romance Garrus.

I've heard that Dragon Age is similar, so that series will be next, but there's so many games, I'm not sure where to start.

another unpopular opinion: MEA was actually playable and even enjoyable at times

No. 191074

File: 1495183662570.png (297.13 KB, 772x533, VRaNBZ6.png)

I started playing OldSchool RuneScape a few months ago.

I'm an oldfag that's been around since the phat days so I'm no stranger to changes in game mechanics and graphics but holy fuck RS3 is literally unplayable for me. It's trying too hard to be some unholy matrimony of WoW and an uguu Korean MMO. I couldn't even get through the tutorial. Even the founders just up and left the company because it isn't the same anymore.

I like OSRS, it's a lot of fun to do all the old quests, and if you compare some really old ones (Hazeel Cult, Clock Tower, Temple of Ikov, usually around the Ardougne area) to the newer ones with updated game mechanics and graphics it's really nice to see how the game's been progressing over the years, back when quests weren't written by idiots and new content wasn't just endless QoL updates. I'm kind of warming up to Zeah now but it feels so lazy, very little content stretched as far apart as possible to make the area look bigger.

I just wish they had more quests and lore, and that the place wasn't overrun with retarded little kiddies. I also miss the days before the GE, though I understand the need for it.

No. 191077

Do you want 8 mill in osrs? I've been trying to get rid of it for a few years now and no one will take it off my hands for some reason.

I bought membership, farmed willow trees for 2 weeks straight, then decided I didn't want to play anymore. I am smrt

No. 191083

File: 1495186665012.jpg (55.64 KB, 288x344, DAI.jpg)

Anyone else play this masterpiece?
I read a bunch of people online complaining about it because the quests are a little repetitive and while they're really not as good as origins, they're still fun.

It's a good game, I enjoyed it a lot and spent over 300 hours on it (and still didn't fully explore the desert areas because FUCK they're like a fucking maze)

Just play Dragon Age Origins. If you like it, play DA II (I didn't because the gameplay was too action-focused) then Inquisition.

I'm jealous that you can play ME, I used to watch my boyfriend play it because I can't into FPS for shit (was the same with half life) but we broke up before he could play ME3. Do you think you could stream it when you play? I'd like to watch a fellow farmer playing it. Better than some rando youtuber.

No. 191085

>CTRL+F harvest moon
>no results
>stardew valley
>no results either
>rune factory
What the fuck? Step up your game, anons.

Play farming simulators. They'll suck you in and you'll forget all about your sad life.

No. 191091

I heard a lot of good things about DAI and actually have the original game on Origin, I just have to download and install.

I actually haven't heard anything else about the story/gameplay/fights/quests etc., only about romancing…is the game really a "dating simulator" sort of or can you skip that part completely?
I should give it a try

No. 191093

You can skip it completely. Inquisition isn't even like origins, you can only romance one person. (On origins you could literally date everyone and there was even a bisexual elf who fucked you the mine you said "hello")

The gameplay is like an RPG, but you can choose between action and tactical modes, except for DA2 that afaik doesn't have a tactical mode.

The different races and classes are a lot of fun, pick a mage on DAO and get ready for a wild ride

No. 191094

Adding to this - On origins and inquisition, you can befriend people (though inquisition got rid of the gifting system, that was a lot of fun) but to romance them you need to choose romancey dialog options, which you can just not do.

The fights are fun, on tactical mode the game is paused and you choose actions for your party that they'll perform once you unpause it. You can select actions for them to perform automatically as well (such as "drink healing potion when health under 25%") and play it action mode.

The lore is pretty nice, as are the million side quests (that often add to the lore)

No. 191095

ya girl right here anon. i got stardew valley in a humble bundle but i've only played like two game days of it lol. just haven't had time because of college. favorite harvest moon/rune factory? mine's tree of tranquility even tho it's kinda trash and rune factory frontier.

i'm really upset i'm not very good at certain reactionary games :( my bf got further in bloodborne in one hour than i did in 10. i get scared/surprised easily and tend to spazz out. i'd like to join my friends in FPS like overwatch but i just can't control the gun and camera at the same time. i can hold my own in smash at least.

anyone been playing the new persona? i've been hearing good things about it but haven't gotten further than the first dungeon because again time

No. 191112

File: 1495192828983.jpg (30.56 KB, 564x409, super ninja bros.jpg)

I'm only playing Japanese video games because it seems Western games are only on consoles I don't own and I can't play anything with my laptop. Right now I'm playing Fire Emblem Fates, I'm almost done with the Revelation DLC but I really don't like it as much as the Birthright and Conquest routes because of the maps. I have a bunch of games I never finished or never even played, it'll keep me busy during the summer holidays. I'll focus on Pokémon Sun next. Not directly related but goddamn, the FE fanbase is absolute shit. I never got to play the games before Awakening because I was young and couldn't buy the games I wanted and I didn't have a GBA at the time, not because I want to fuck Tharja or something.

Etrian Odyssey seems interesting, especially because it's cheap on the nintendo eshop, but at the same time I'm not sure I'll like it because I've had issues with Persona Q and I've been told it's basically Etrian Odyssay with Persona 3 and 4 characters.

I likes DR1 a lot even though I've seen a bunch of spoilers before playing it, but I'm halfway through the second game and I really don't like it as much, I'm not attached to the characters as much and the humor is a bit to over the top for me this time. I'm hesitating getting V3 later, for once I've never seen spoilers on this game.

>I got p3p and I'm really enjoying it, but I hate all the level grinding it's so tedious.
You shouldn't need to level grind in this game, unless you're playing on hard or higher difficulty. You're probably doing something wrong.

Me too! Although I haven't played any of the older games, P2 Innocent Sin aside. I wish they announced a SMT1&2 remake for the 3DS instead of Deep Strange Journey, especially because I have Strange Journey but haven't played it yet.

No. 191128

Well I mean as long as it doesn't involve joining any shady websites, sure

No. 191132

File: 1495204302904.gif (1.98 MB, 265x216, tumblr_nktdk5ePyP1ro6yndo1_400…)

Apparently DONTNOD is planning o making a LiS 2 soon, i am seriously excited to see where they'll go with it, it'd be interesting to change the time mechanics for another power and change the characters up a little.
The ending to the first, i think, really closed the story off Max rather well (eventhough it was a shit ending), so i'd hope to see new characters.

Oh man, same about Guild Wars 2. Started a week ago and i'm hooked. If you'd told me i'd be considering buying an expansion for a mmo i'd never had believed you, but it is seriously such an enjoyable online game. I am currently trying to find a guild because i am a ranger (not bearbow tho kek) and i read in the subreddit that i am doomed if i try to do anything with PUGs so r.i.p.
The community seems pretty great and the game system is very fair for all players with level scalling and not overly P2W.

P5 is absoultely amazing, but it really requieres a lot of time, i'm still in the futaba dungeon because i've not been able to play much recently.
It controls very smoothly, the music is absolutely fantastic and the characters are trope-y but loveable. The only thing that bothers me is morgana constant whining about going to sleep for the most trivial things i swear to god that fucking cat.

I liked it, mostly for the characters, didn't really like the gameplay too much tbh.
Can't wait to play the new one, if it's set in tevinter i hope it returns to a more darker style. Inquisition felt too "goody two shoes" for my taste. I just wanted to be a dictator blood mage that led the inquistion to be an evil force god damn it.
I also hope they make the worlds smaller, but more important to the story and learn from the many mistakes of MEA. also that they bring Zevran, Sten and Fenris back in actual cameos. Especially Zevran, waht they did to him on inquistion is inexcusable.

For Mass Effect, you could try setting it on narrative mode, it's very easy as a shooter in that difficulty (especially 2 and 3, 1 is just a little clunky). ME3 has a mode where the enemies are basically paper so you can get right through the story, but most of that story is told on never on sale DLCs which sucks ass.

No. 191133

I've heard people say that the first, maybe quarter or so of Andromeda were its rockiest parts, but that it gets a bit better afterwards? I'm still wondering if I should just bite the bullet and get it.

So, I've finally decided to sit down and play Fallout 3 after quite some time…and oof…don't hate me, but this shits kinda rough. The main quests aren't all that fun…like at all (except for maybe Tranquility Lane). Breaks my heart a bit, too since I remember FO3 being one of my favourite games at one point. It just feels like a whole lot of nothing. Big, expansive open area with piss all to do.

No. 191139

I got to play Harvest Moon MfoM on a friend's GBA when I was younger and that was what made me get a DS. I would say that Mineral Town is still my all-time favorite but then again I've only played DS Cute and SoS.

Should I get Stardew Valley? I don't really like the artwork so I would mod it but while I love farming sims I'll play for hours on end but when I take a break I avoid picking it back up because I've forgotten what I was doing.

No. 191140

would you recommend the older SMT games to someone who's more into the newer ones? i find the old-school rpg graphics really off-putting, but if the plot is decent then maybe i'll give it a go. is there anything in particular you like about the earlier smt titles compared to the newer ones, or is it just the general old rpg vibe that you prefer?

same on not having played strange journey and wanting SMT1/2 remakes. i've heard SJ isn't the greatest game, and i've been putting off playing it for years, but maybe the remake will make it a little bit better?

also, i'd recommend P2 Eternal Punishment if you've already played Innocent Sin. it's p good and i like most o the main characters in EP a lot more than the ones in IS and the storyline is slightly better imo

i'm so excited for LiS 2!!! agreed on the ending being shitty (although i liked that Chloe and Max got to have a proper kiss and Nathan got a minor redemption arc, even if he was dead by the time it happened lmao). definitely curious about how they'll change the mechanics up to keep the game exciting, but i'm more intrigued by them having an entirely new set of characters. obviously it makes sense, but i'm gonna really miss some of the old characters; I just hope they newer ones aren't as meme-y and cliche as some of the minor characters in the last game.

No. 191142

File: 1495210087344.gif (2.6 MB, 540x304, tumblr_optwiqunrP1ub7k6lo1_540…)

Persona 5.

On my second playthrough but on hard this time, played in safe mode strictly for the story to get the true ending.

Makoto is best girl~

No. 191149

Heh, i was one of the few who prefred Max + Warren so i was more excited for theirs more than the chloe one, (i didn't particularly like chloe and max, felt like ever since chloe came back into max's life she fucked it up because of being overly selfish and childish, kinda felt the relationship would be a bad step for Max if chloe didn't learn how to deal with herself.)

Out of all of them Nathan was my favourite character and i would have loved a bigger expansion of his personality and backstory. It was very tragic how everyone around him used him and it absolutely destroyed him. I felt pity for him as soon as everything was unraveled. Finding out what his dad did or what a certain professor used him for, all the while he did it because he had no direction in life, just crushed me. I really would have hoped that maybe Max could've become closer to him, so he could have a friend who was not looking for anything other more than friendship with him, someone who he could rely on.
He is really a great character, not bad, not great, just fucked up because of his enviorment.
Would love to play a character like Nathan on the sequel.

Also the memes were a little on the face, the fat spanish "loser" dude with the outdated ragecomic t-shirt was a tad bit too much lol

No. 191151

I really want to play P2 Eternal Punishment because I liked how the main characters where introduced in Innocent Sin and I love Maya, but it's not available on the European PSN and I can't emulate anything on my laptop because it's a piece of junk that can barely make microsoft office work. I'll definitely try it one day though, I just don't know when.

As for Strange Journey, I think what some people found off-putting was that the press turn mechanism was replaced by something else that has to do with your party members' alignments to deal extra damage to your enemy, but I'm not sure anymore. I only played it for 2min to see if my cartridge worked so I can't say for sure if that's the case. I heard some of the final bosses are really tedious too but that might be people exaggerating how megaten is difficult in general, idk.

No. 191157

File: 1495214721595.png (1.11 MB, 1067x600, nioh-listing-thumb-01-ps4-us-0…)

Same here. First I didn't care for Chloe but in the end i hated her. How can one be so fucking annoying all the time thinking that everthing is about her.
To this day I don't understand why so many people ship them for the sake of having a lesbian couple, when Chloe is clearly fucking up everything

I loove Persona 5. I'm doing the same thing right now btw.
Also on my second play in hard. Excited to max out all confidants.
Chose Makoto in the first play but too be honest when Haru came I lost it. I love her English voice so much and all in all she is a cutie.
In general the English voice cast did an amazing job (except for pronouncing names but whatever)
Right now I'm turned the japanese voices on to compare it.

On another note;
Did anyone here play Nioh ? It reminds me a little bit of Witcher just from seeing pictures but I haven't actually played it. I don't want to bring my hopes up and pay for it when it actually sucks

No. 191158


First game will always be the best for me, I still listen to the soundtrack everyday. Normandy theme is my favorite sleepy time and study music.

No. 191170

Strange Journey is difficult for a JRPG but it's a lot like the old-school SMT games with upgrades that make it less frustrating, like having a base and dungeon maps. Some people were really put off by the first-person layout but every other game pre-IV is like that too (including Nocturne, it's available as a bonus when you beat the game).

I think you should try SJ or Nocturne, the stories aren't linear but I like how different their atmospheres are compared to other JRPGs. Instead of it being about camaraderie and adventure there's a feeling of the protaganist being trapped alone in these bizarre worlds where everyone has a hidden agenda. If you haven't played it yet Digital Devil Saga is also a good not really SMT but fairly similar game.

I haven't tried Soul Hackers yet but it doesn't seem like there's much talk about that one. Did anyone here play it?

No. 191184

File: 1495221280433.png (251.51 KB, 800x546, 54978225_p6.png)

I was playing Soul Hackers some months ago and while it's pretty fun overall, I haven't finished it yet because I got sick of enemies spamming mudola on the MC, I got busy with college and just bought FE Fates at the time too. I'll beat it soon I think, once I beat FE Fates Revelation.

The gameplay is fairly simple because there's no press turn but you have to be careful with your demons, they do what they want sometimes depending on their personalities so you either let them do what they want, give them instructions during battles and hope for the best, or you use items on them to change their personalities. The story is a bit over the top but that's part of the fun, I like it a lot. I'm expected Hitomi to be the boring female sidekick but I love her as much as I like Nemissa. You explore the dungeons in 1st person view and everything is pretty fast-paced, exploring dungeons legit made me dizzy sometimes. By the way, I've bee told that playing at the casino grants you a bunch of OP weapons but I'm so shit at the mini games that I never got any of these weapons. But maybe these advice could be useful to you if you decide to play it.

No. 191223

File: 1495232645125.jpg (83.27 KB, 640x641, Suikoden II cover (US).jpg)

Suikoden 1 & 2 are my favorite games of all time. If you like classic JRPGs play this series (you can stop at Suiko 3).

Anyone else enjoying Zelda BOTW? It's so huge. I'm 130 hours into it and I'm still discovering new areas. My only complaint is a lack of a real temple. The Shrines and the Divine Beasts are neat but a classic temple would have made this game perfect. Maybe with DLC.

No. 191229

File: 1495234532303.jpg (281.28 KB, 600x500, SMT-Strange-Journey-shin-megam…)


Seconding Nocturne. Once you get addicted to the gameplay, you'll want to come back and play it again or actually finish Digital Devil Saga 1 and 2.


I really need to pick this up again. I love Makoto so much. I made Ann my waifu, though… I haven't had time to properly finish the damn game unfortunately. >>191157 it's funny that you say this about the English voices because my friend loathes it. I think she may just be a huge fucking weeaboo tho lmao

Man I love the suggestions in this thread too. A Strange Journey remake would be amazing.

Random question… Does anyone here play fighting games?

No. 191235

I bought Andromeda. Beat it a few weeks ago. I don't plan on replaying it until DLCs and more patches come out though. It doesn't feel as replay-able to me as Dragon Age Inquisition.

Mass Effect is my absolute favorite series. I love Andromeda, but it needs some TLC before it can feel like a "complete" game.

I'm currently on my 3rd Dragon Age Inquisition playthrough and I love it just as much as the first two times. I'm skipping most of the fetch quests which makes the pacing better. I bought all the DLC as well so I'm excited to play those for the first time.

No. 191271

File: 1495251287887.png (475.55 KB, 498x724, matador-i-challenge-you-to-a-d…)

takemi is best girl, get out
(or haru if you're talking party-only)

i like to call strange journey 'suicide journey' but if you want an intensely brutal and depressing game, it's wonderful. nocturne is HANDS DOWN my favorite though, but IV and apocalypse are both excellent. devil survivor is wonderful too, but i think 1 is better than 2.

THERE IS A STRANGE JOURNEY REMAKE COMING OUT! it's called deep strange journey. actual play isn't getting changed much, but upgraded cutscenes, a shitton of new demons, and some new storylines.

tl;dr nocturne is still my favorite overall tho and if you want to get into mainline SMT, it's the best place to start imo. it only gets harder from there.

sorry for sperg i just /really love SMT okay/

No. 191273

samefag to add: if you played p3 but didn't play FES/the answer, you owe it to yourself

No. 191332

Thanks for the rec! And I wish I could stream, sadly I lack all the proper equipment.

It's okay to play, but for a Bioware game the writing is really unimpressive. It might be because it's only the first game, but Ryder and the squad are nowhere near as memorable as Shepard and co. Just wait until sales.

Y-yes! I miss the old Normandy music. The SR2 is too quiet. The old themes pop up here and there though, so that's nice.

Nioh reminds me a lot of Dark Souls, so if you like that franchise I'm guessing you'll enjoy Nioh.

No. 191334

How long to you usually play to beat games? Not talking about hours but in general. I mostly play JRPG and because of college I take a lot of time to play or I don't play at all for months sometimes, and I feel like I'll never beat the games I already own before buying other ones, especially because I want to get into Final Fantasy and Zelda, and the Switch looks like it's going to have interesting games.

No. 191335

I remember the first time I played P3 the writing blew me away. I was not expecting that game to affect me the way it did.

No. 191342

Makoto waifu anon here, I agree Haru's voice is v cute. I like when you get to go on the rooftop and help her with gardening veggies its so cute lmfao.

No. 191343

I think Andromeda got way too much hate for its poor characterization but like I just played ME1 for the first time in ages and it feels so much like Andromeda story wise, clearly both the games were building up to bigger things and I think too many people compared MEA to the original trilogy as a whole and that's not really fair.

Personally I love Andromeda, it was amazingly fun, I'm on my third play-through but I'm waiting for the update where you can customize your character more before I play for a 4th time.

No. 191344

I am really into the GameHouse time management games right now, I watch Ray stream them and then started to play for myself and they're wonderful. The story lines remind me of like really over the top soap operas and its ridiculously amusing.

No. 191348

I really don't have anything else to do beside working so all I do is either playing video games or watching shows sounds suoer lonely I know but I got no friends in this town.
So I can beat a medium lenght game in a few days.
Once I move back to my hometown I won't have that kind of time because I actually have a social life over there kek
So around two weeks or longer
But yeah there will weeks when I barelly use my PS4 in my hown town so it always depends on the game too

No. 191352

I tend to play really long games and i am a bit of a completionist, so depending on the game… maybe around 60+ hours for rpgs and around 80+ hours for JRPGs.

I tend to play around 2-6 hours a day, unless i have to study, so it takes me a while to beat any game. Especially now that i am supposed to be a "responsable adult".
I don't know if it's because i am getting old but games also don't hold my focus as much anymore, i tend to get bored if i play more than a few hours, or get overwhelmed and stop playing if they are too long.
(>started playing witcher 3, 120 hours and still not out of skellige because completionist shit, never touched it again because i was burned out.
>Started yakuza 5, 80+ hours, still on haruka arch, stopped playing because overwhelmed.
>Persona 5, futaba dungo, got burned out and never touched it again eventhough i want to play it, but just can't find any kind of motivation to do so.

It's depressing because i wanna finish them since i love the games but it just feels like a chore and like i am wasting my time to do +100 hour games now for some reason)

No. 191365

I enjoyed BOTW a lot the first ~50 hours. I kinda grew more and more disappointed after that, because the game feels so empty and way too easy (the divine beasts especially). There's not much besides puzzles and while they're fun, the story and quests are so lacking. There's only a handful of quests that were satisfying/memorable/hard, all stables and villages pretty much have the same NPCs/meaningless quests, you're alone most of the time (as opposed to having midna or navi), etc. I'm really sad about it.

I wish the quests were more like other open worlds' (Witcher, DA, Bethesda etc), where you're more invested because of the story and stakes. Or even just more like previous zelda's quests. Now it's almost only "go get this / do this because you have to". It desperately needs an after-game too. But still totally worth playing. Hopefully the next one will be a real 10.

No. 191650

For the farmers who've played Andromeda as fem Ryder, who do you think is the best romance option? I just got it from my bf and am not sure where I want to go for a love interest. Or is it possible to have multiple romances going on and pick an exclusive later?

No. 191661

> Nioh reminds me a lot of Dark Souls, so if you like that franchise I'm guessing you'll enjoy Nioh.

Pls tell me you play dark souls, or anyone else for that matter. I would seriously like to have someone to coop with.

Btw, is there a lolcow steam group? Should I create one?

No. 191678

You can have multiple romances and then go exclusive. I heard the Jaal romance is really sweet but his body freaks me the fuck out and I can't unsee it when I look at him now. I'm trying to decide between Suvi and Liam for my fem playthrough

No. 191696

Liam's romance was SO dry. He's a qt and It was sweet but like, a lot didn't really happen and I was rlly disappointed by the end. I'm gonna try Peebee or Vetra.

And I agree about Jaal, he honestly looks like some weird alien penis.

No. 191698

Never played dark souls but I did try Bloodborn wasn't a fan of.it because I sucked. I couldn't even beat the first boss after trying at least 40 times. Got rid of it. Is dark souls/nioh the same ? Because if it is I'll definitely die all the time and that wouldn't be fun for me.

No. 191708

Bloodborne and Dark Souls have different fighting styles. They're both eye-wateringly difficult, but with Bloodborne you have to go all out in combat because of how the rally thing works and avoid attacks with careful positioning/manoeuvres. In souls you can kinda bait them out, block their attack and then wreck them. It's a lot easier to be passive, but it still has its fair share of instakills.

No. 191754

I've only played Bloodborne, though I did grab Dark Souls after I played it. It's sitting around somewhere…

Anyways, anon is right about BB's play style. You've got to be quick and aggressive. But once you get the timing down for parries and visceral attacks you'll have a much easier time going through.

For the first boss are you talking about Gascoigne or Cleric Beast? Both can be parried, you just have to shoot them before they attack. Watch closely a few times for their attack pattern and you'll get it. Cleric Beast is also weak against fire so if you have fire paper or some molotovs you can use them. As a bonus, you can even summon Gascoigne to help you in the fight against Cleric Beast with an Old Hunter's Bell.

For the most part you can get through with good timing, knowing weaknesses of the mobs, and wearing the right gear. But you will die, a lot and often. It's just part of FromSoftware's thing, all their games are fucking hard. I think the visuals alone are worth it though.

No. 191803

I love rune factory and prefer it over Harvest Moon cause you can do so many things. Cooking, harvesting, crafting, flirting … and the bachelors are so handsome. I prefered the 3 over the 4th one though.

I feel you, my bf says I'm a good player on Overwatch, that I just started playing, but I know I'll never ever be anything above average at best. There's just way too many good players out there and it's not like you can slowly grind skills or stuff.
I'm more of a casual player and love all kinds of games, but competitive FPS are not my forte.

Me too … getting a job really killed my gaming hobbies. I'm often too tired and the games don't make me relax. I need to force myself to finish some in my library before buying new ones, or waiting til they're on sale.

No. 191805

File: 1495567109750.jpg (66.08 KB, 1200x675, 140e05df-4f78-40e6-b823-30eaa1…)

These new skins are so fucking good.

No. 191806

File: 1495567163772.jpg (68.87 KB, 1200x675, 33d3c712-9d0c-4fa6-9cdc-c9fa0f…)

No. 191807

File: 1495567182977.jpg (99.51 KB, 1920x1080, overwatch_anniversary_skins-6.…)

No. 191814

File: 1495570144441.gif (937.63 KB, 500x280, tumblr_m8d8dyBEeH1rp7e0z.gif)

I'm only going for Jaal because Bioware once again denied me my krogan romance. I was overall pretty disappointed that the only male alien option was a new race and nothing else.

No. 191831

File: 1495575053291.jpg (105.95 KB, 1200x800, 1495565149248.jpg)



No. 191839

Yeah I really love DVA's. I think its her best one yet

No. 191847


Haven't played her much since the nerf, usually play Winston or Zarya as tanks now but the skin is really good.

No. 191866

Mei's is SUPER cute, and I also really love Symmetra and Pharah's. I've been playing all three of them more lately (usually and Mercy/Reinhardt main) so I really want at least one before this event is over.

No. 191868

File: 1495588540183.jpg (267.95 KB, 900x507, 1495221876775.jpg)


Yeah Mei is great too shame her gun doesn't shoot out honey tho :(, I want the Tracer and Lucio the most this event. I didn't get the Cadet skin for Tracer last event and I at least want to get this one.

No. 191890

>one male alien option
well fug.
gdi bioware when will you let me have my salarian husbando

No. 191916

Wow really? That's a shame, I'm happy I didn't buy the game yet. No turian romance?

No. 191917

There is a vetra romance, which is a female turian, but it's very short and with barely any content, like most romances on this game except for PB, Cora and Jaal.

It really sucks, i just want a krogan romance or a male quarian roamance (still salty me2 didn't give us the possibility).

Hopefully the DLC is still in motion and we get the so deserved Quarian romance from it or at least some meat (kek) from the rest of the romances.

No. 191920

File: 1495625350216.gif (1.34 MB, 800x533, i just really wanted to post t…)

Jaal's romance is like… the opposite of what I'd expect from a krogan romance. And damn, I didn't even realise that there was only one male alien option. At least ME2 had Garrus and Thane.

>prays that kandros and evfra will become romanceable

No. 191928

Well I guess that's what we have to expect from EA handing the franchise over to some small offshoot of Bioware. None of those people had worked on the original. It really makes me sad that they fucked up the game so badly and from what I hear they're sort of giving up on it too. They want to take a "break" from it.

No. 191929

File: 1495631632920.gif (1.83 MB, 640x225, IMG_3953.GIF)

Hollow knight is my current shit
It can be very tricky tho so i recommend using a controller if you got it~

No. 192960

File: 1496254131152.png (1.69 MB, 2160x2887, 1491671193628.png)

>Has anyone here played Nier? People keep telling me the games are good but the stories are a bit muddled.

I haven't played the original Nier, but Nier: Automata is one of the best games I've ever played. The story was the best part, though I admit it's very complex and if you aren't paying attention you might miss really important parts. I had to play through twice because I missed stuff.

No. 193006

You should definitely play nier one I loved it so much

No. 193009

File: 1496281103727.jpg (184.63 KB, 848x1200, 1490446107699.jpg)

Was considering buying a PS3 to play it, but I can't really justify it for one game. I'm hoping against hope that Square recognizes the success of Automata and ports it to PC.

No. 194036

This will never stop being funny.

No. 194276

Today, I went out and bought the new Fire Emblem game on an impulse and played through a bit. I've never played any of the FE games but the voice acting is cute and the story is interesting enough so far. I really just like any game with an animu aesthetic.

The battle mechanic is a little repetitive, but I'm hoping as it gets more complex it will get more fun.

I haven't played video games in months, not since Pokemon Moon. It feels like a chore to make myself do anything I used to enjoy, and I've been meaning to make myself play more often because I do enjoy myself when I do. I just can't do long sessions of gaming like I could when I was a kid. I can play for 1-2 hours and thenI have to take a break and do something else. Do any of you get that? I've had the same trouble with watching anime/keeping up with shows or reading, even when I used to enjoy it. It just feels easier to shitpost on the interwebs.

No. 194280

I keep finding myself replaying Rune Factory 4. I have like 400 hours at this point. It just hits all the right notes for me. Plus I love my harem.

No. 194286

I definitely get this, I really think for me its an attention span issue. The same reason I often have trouble sitting through an episode of anime even if I really love the show.

I feel especially guilty about FE:Fates because I bought all 3 paths (2 being DLC) and haven't beaten the Nohr route yet, or touched the 3rd one (forgot what it's even called…)

No. 194317

Literally me. I desperately wanted the collectors edition but couldn't get it so i ended up buying conquest and then the birthright and revelations paths too. This was day of release and still haven't finished conquest

No. 194414

I've been playing the heck out of Trio of Towns since my friend bought it for me.
I'm on year 2, dating Ludus and I'm working on getting my farm animals byproduct amount/level up.

Although I'm kinda sad that the wireless play seems empty at times..

No. 194435

File: 1496970496316.png (45.29 KB, 174x256, NewHusbando.png)

I think it's depression for me, I haven't even played the game yet today, just slept on and off while Parks and Rec plays in the background.

I'll force myself to play tonight, if only to hear my new husbando's sweet voice encourage me to fight on.

No. 194515

>I think it's depression for me
I feel similarly :\

No. 194536

I finally started Dark Souls and after half an hour I just want to go cry in a corner.

No. 194549

I'm a weeb and I mostly play weeb games.
Also I've more or less given up playing games online. I deal with people enough on a day to day basis, I don't need them in my games too.
I've been getting into VNs too lately, if that counts.

No. 203926

i know the threads been inactive but what are your favorite games on 3ds? i spend 2+ hours a day commuting to uni and need something good to pass the time

No. 203932

Pokémon Moon
Fire Emblem Awakening
Fire Emblem Fates
Kirby (any of them you can download)

No. 203939

animal crossing!

No. 203940

The remakes of ocarina of time and majoras mask are pretty cool. If you have a new3ds definitely check out xenoblade chronicles, it is so damn good.
I would also recommend the entire ace attorney series, and the professor layton series as well.
The original ds had a ton of hidden gems you could also look into, as the 3ds can play ds games too. If you like visual novels Id recommend 999 and hotel dusk.

No. 203941

pretty much all the DS/3DS smt games, rhythm heaven, and yo-kai watch

No. 203955

i've been playing the crash remake lately since i played the originals all thru my childhood. kinda pissed how they fiddled with crash's jump, doesn't feel the same as the originals. also been on PTR for overwatch and jesus fucking christ why did they have to change mercy so drastically :(

No. 203957

Eh, I've always been more of a battle Mercy (still healing/boosting ults of course) anyway, so I don't mind the changes.

No. 203970

>jesus fucking christ why did they have to change mercy so drastically
Because her ultimate was not good design. Hiding in the retard corner because you're hoping for a x5 res dumb. Besides shes still the most retard proof healer even after all of these changes.

No. 203974

>Geralt won't fill your pussay with his cum

why live?

No. 203979

Haven't finished the third route either even though I love it.
For me it's being a perfectionist and trying to get everyone on A/S.
Kinda stopped having fun doing this bullshit. Should have played the story first and then trying to get everyone on A/S.

No. 204087

Has anyone played the new Life is Strange?

No. 204126

Yea, it was okay. Felt a bit rushed tho

No. 204129

I wasn't that excited for the game because honestly, I didn't expect much. But I've played it and… it surprised me, it's really good I liked the similar, but slightly different vibe. Chloe's vibe. The William scenes were a punch right into the kokoro. Yes, >>204126 I kinda agree, at least about ChloexRachel. Their friendship was a bit rushed, they hung out two times and suddenly "there's something special" and shit. But it's only 3 eps, so I understand it.
I really love No below by Speedy Ortiz.

And the rpg game part rule

No. 204132

File: 1505124881093.jpg (71.33 KB, 736x1000, cy4G4qj.jpg)

>blue hair says men shouldn't own guns, only women
>waves a gun around like a retard, shoots herself
>shoots dog when arguing with a guy over a B&E

I'm morbidly curious to see what they did this time.

No. 204146

>Chloe vibe

And that's what's been keeping from really being excited about the game. I loved the first one's style and the unique gameplay and story but I fucking hated Chloe so much. Playing an entire game with her as the MC really puts me off. Please tell me she's not as insufferable as she was in the first game? I might be more interested in picking it up.

No. 204151

I disliked Chloe too in the first game, but still played BtS because i love the franchise.
She is still very annoying in general and very similar to the first game in scripted sequences, but at least it's more manageable since you control her and can make her more "your style".

Honestly, i liked the first episode regardless of my opinion of Chloe, my only gripe with it is that everything felt very rushed, including the development with Rachel.

My favorite part of the whole episode was playing DnD with the nerds, tbh.

No. 204152

fuck this is terrible but im laughing so hard at the image you included with your post. theyre doing an uneventful lesbian scene this time. i think the connection between blue hair and rachel is supposed to be deep but they only hung out for like 2 hours and theyre already like "i love you, i rlly feel something speshul". shitty ass romance

No. 204173

>i think the connection between blue hair and rachel is supposed to be deep but they only hung out for like 2 hours and theyre already like "i love you, i rlly feel something speshul".
Sounds like your standard teenage romance then to be honest. Was kind of hoping they managed to taze each other in the taint or something this time.

No. 204210

I mean…she's still herself in the game but you can make her "nicer" since you control what she says.

Loved that part too, and the train scene, but still…

No. 204242

I'm someone who enjoyed life is strange but didn't really like Chloe or care about Rachel Amber. Is this game worth getting for someone like me? Does it seem like it will answer some leftover questions from LiS or is it just about Chloe and Rachel's relationship?

No. 204244

What are some good rpg maker horror games? Both free and not free.

No. 204247

Can't really recommend anything but if you got the time look for indie games on Steam and Gog

So far it's only about them. Guess you could wait for all 3 episodes to be released or just torrent it and see how you like it

No. 204249

File: 1505240220356.jpg (327.91 KB, 1212x722, ppp4e440031.jpg)

What are your favorite comfy games? I've been in a depressed mood lately so I've been playing the shit out of cute games like Animal Crossing and Harvest Moon.

No. 204251

oh man, I used to play so many of those
but I can barely recall some.
I remember The Crooked Man and Ib were good.

No. 204256

File: 1505251262489.png (4.26 KB, 640x480, 2kki-tapir.png)

Yume 2kki by far

There is a fairly recent English patch available:

No. 204257


Fantasy Life!!

No. 204266

File: 1505259946263.jpg (1023.97 KB, 1920x1080, 427520_screenshots_20170508143…)

>What are your favorite comfy games?

I've improved my ratios since this picture dramatically.

No. 204270

My 3ds died and I miss animal crossing so much!! It's so sweet.

No. 204276


No. 204290

I'm stuck in a grand strategy loop, I can't stop playing paradox games.
And worse, I can't stop watching youtube videos of other people playing them, lately it's been exclusively hearts of iron.

No. 204312


Anon you get meeee

It's got wonderful music and story and lots of things to do and I used to play it as a wind down during final year of uni and it was so good for that

No. 204324

File: 1505302157101.gif (1.79 MB, 500x538, tumblr_okumgfsygM1tewh4uo1_500…)

Anyone else excited that they're releasing Okami for the PS4, PC and XBox?

No. 204325

god I am. I loved that game so damn much, I played it enough to finish it within 10 hours.

Everyday during the holidays I'll do a full run of it… I can't wait to relive my Okami days. I even went to the Capcom collab with Okami for the pins ha!!

No. 205163

File: 1506012682695.jpg (61.94 KB, 1280x547, DOS2_Kickstarter_banner_races.…)

Anyone playing Divinity Original Sin 2?
I've been seeing a lot of positive reviews on it but i'm not sure if i'll bite the bullet on buying it since I've never played any games of the franchise and i don't know what to expect.

Is it any fun playing it alone?
Is it more like Skyrim (open world, story all over the place, you do you) or like Dragon Age: Origins (semi open world, kinda-linear good story, side quests that do not detract from main story)?

No. 205187

File: 1506020562721.jpg (4.64 MB, 2300x1534, Okami.full.1148276.jpg)

I am SO excited for it. I never owned the game (a friend did and she gave it to me for a few weeks) I played it so manye times and I'm still shocked that it was never that popular.
I hope it will get more fans through the remake honestly it's one of the best games that I have ever played. The Art is so gorgeous and story wise it's really good too.

No. 205195

My father plays it, so I know some bits:

The maps are mostly like in DAO, but a bit big (from what I've seen) and the quest often tie into each other (like skyrim, I guess, eg. help person a in town a, later go to town b and person b happens to know a and offers you a quest/dialog etc). I guess it could be compared to DAO but it looks way more story and lore heavy, with a shit ton of details.

It's one of those "heavy" rpgs tbh, but I'd really recommend it if your into exploring and reading.

I think I actually read something about some company making a second game?

I actually played it on the dolphin simulator a few years ago, 100% worth the lag and struggle to make circles with a keyboard lol

No. 205227

D:OS is nothing like dragon age or skyrim. Combat is strategic and turn based and the enemies don't respawn. The game is split between acts and each act has a large map that you can explore however you want, unless higher lvl enemies kill you, although most times you can get around them if you're smart enough.
You can solve every quest in different ways and there are no quests like "help x npc" or "gather x ingredients". Some side quests are connected to the main quests and some aren't. So i guess depth-wise you could compare it more to the witcher 3. (but it's still much more complex because you have multiple, potentially custom characters and the witcher only has one)
Also, everything happens in text. There are no cinematics. Don't play it if you don't like reading.
Sorry if you already know all that, but since you only mentioned skyrim and dragon age instead of other rpgs with many more similarities i feel like you don't have a lot of experience in the genre.

No. 205236

Thank you guys!
Story heavy, lore heavy and very text heavy RPGs are some of my favorites so i think i will pick it up. Kinda assumed it would have MMO-ish quests thrown around a big empty map since it has the ability to play with people(afaik) and that's what scared me from picking it up.

>since you only mentioned skyrim and dragon age instead of other rpgs with many more similarities i feel like you don't have a lot of experience in the genre.

I do actually! it's my favorite genre. I just compared it to those because the screenshots i saw reminded me a lot of DA:O, and used Skyrim as an example because it has that kind of MMOish very detached quest feel to it which i don't particularly enjoy, so i knew if to stay clear of it kek.

No. 205274

I love the game, but it's given me a problem I've never had with any other game. I love all the companions and want to go through all of their quest lines, but can only take 3 at a time. I've seriously restarted 3-4 times now, trying to figure out my favorite party dynamic to roleplay with.

No. 205291

oh, then the game is perfect for you! it has multiplayer but it doesn't make it MMO-like. the quests are very complex and the maps are full of details. this game is the furthest from MMO you can get, tbh.

i know that feel! i currently play as lohse and the red prince, together with two customs. my next run will be a full undead party with fane and two customs. after that i'll make a lone wolf run with sebille and ifan. don't really care about beast tho tbh. maybe i'll squeeze him in somewhere…
(i use the multiplayer trick to have more than 1 main character)

No. 205340

File: 1506147179658.png (1.02 MB, 1280x1920, katribou.png)

I bought Transistor two days ago as an app (bc it's cheaper and i have a shit-tier pc) and I didn't expect it to be so good.
Art, soundtrack, gameplay, plot; I really can't find anything bad about it. Okay well, it crashes all the time during saves, probably because it's a mobile port, but it still saves so I can go right back without losing much progress.
I went back and bought Bastion and even though it's quite charming, I still enjoy Transistor more. I'll probably pick up both soundtracks as well.
transistor's ending fucks me up so badly though, but that might be because i'm depressed

There are some amazing mobile games out there, even if some are just ports. They tend to be hard to find unless they get featured or if you're following the devs because they're pretty expensive as apps go. It's obviously better to buy the game on steam if it's available though, not just for performance reasons, but because devs are just more likely to update the 'main' version of the game than the mobile version.

No. 205352

I've finally started playing Maplestory after years of leaving it in my future suggestions. I noticed there are so many cute players and I hope one day I get to be as cute as the rest. However after 2 days, I'm really lost on what to do completely. I'm level 26 and nooot sure what I'm supposed to be doing even with guides. I'm hopeless lol

No. 205354

>Art, soundtrack, gameplay, plot; I really can't find anything bad about it.
They generally put out good shit. Personally I preferred Bastion but I've been meaning to take a stab at Pyre. I'm a sucker for RPGs about going on a journey.

No. 205384


Hello fellow oldfag!

Have you played the Trails in the Sky games? They remind me of nothing so much as the first two suikoden games.

No. 205452

Does anyone have any recommendations for games that have a good story, preferably something with a good mystery? I enjoyed Life is Strange and I like a lot of RPGs like KH, FF, SMT, etc. I just want something that feels refreshing and not too trope-y.

No. 205475

Professor Layton series?

Ghost trick was fun too.

They both have puzzles to go through, Ghost tricks storyline is more mysterious than Professor Layton's though.

No. 205477

You might like Gabriel Knight:Sins of the Father for pc. It's a point and click mystery set in New Orleans.It was originally released in 1993, but there was a 3d remake made a couple years ago.

The 3d looks a little awkward at times, and some people say the voice acting was better in the original, but I didn't really notice. The puzzles are much more challenging than the ones in Life is Strange so you might need to use a walkthrough (or the in-game hint system if you play the remake).

No. 206445

File: 1506715470897.png (329.58 KB, 456x386, hxppy thxughts.png)

Shouldn't have read this shit while I was depressed.

No. 209223

File: 1508270482399.jpg (14.81 KB, 256x384, nintendogs.jpg)

Didn't know where else to post this:

Does anyone remember the very persistent rumour that Nintendogs could breed with each other?

There were tons of videos and posts out there with kids insisting their dogs could breed by following a list of random tips like only feeding them water and dry food. Some videos even showed very small puppies, supporting this rumor, but that was just Action Replay at work that enabled shrinking a dog's original size.

To this day, I wonder why so many 8 to 10-year-old kids all over the internet stubbornly upheld this rumor, hid the fact they used Action Replay to get abnormally small-sized puppies and pretended that breeding was a part of the game while telling everybody that Nintendo is lying to their players about it.

No. 209226

Oh I do remember this, the reason why so many kids lied about it was because they wanted to show off a dog that in a way was even more special than the rest. Back then there was a social status for nintendogs, hard to get breeds and collecting all items were something that made you seem like a queen. I know this because as a kid I bragged and used AR to be better than the other girls. So in a way using AR to breed the puppies made it seem like you are smarter, better at the game, and cooler than other players. Sounds stupid but there used to be forums for this back in the day.

No. 209243

Animal Crossing and Harvest Moon the ds version (by nostalgia), and the other one (Rune Factory) also on DS.

Duuude IB was my jam back then. Mad Father was neat too but IB is my all time fave.
I played Pocket Mirror lately and loved it a lot too. The art,the aesthetic,…was super neat! They even have animated cutscenes!

No. 209244

So,tell me girls, what is/are your fave games and why?
I like hearing people talk about things they really love so- And I may pick up some of them

No. 209253

right now i'm playing layers of fear inheritance because it's halloween and i have to play scary games during the scary season. i also did a replay of rule of rose recently and i still love that game.

when i think about it, my favorite games are generally horror-oriented. i really loved the most recent resident evil, there were a bunch of parts where i felt like i was getting hit on the head with all the references to horror movies, which was awesome.

one of my favorite games ever is deadly premonition. it's the best.

on ds i play monster hunter, harvest moon, rune factory and animal crossing. i also have a huge soft spot for the style savvy games. i love the fuck out of them, but i wish they gave you some romance, too.

speaking of romance i used to be a huge bioware fan but not so much any longer. DA:I was so bloated and boring and I was genuniely sad about that. KoTOR is still the best game, for me, with DA:O a close second.

looking forward to the new red dead redemption and i also love picking up saints row 4 or diablo 3 when i'm bored or just want to play something quick.

No. 209254


Play Spirit Camera on the DS! It's short but it's super fun.

No. 209351

does anyone know any cool acnl dream codes? Or you could just post your own, I just want to see some.

mine is 4C00-0041-0351. my town is pretty boring, but I'm happy with it overall. currently working on some new custom designs to spruce it up a bit.

No. 209853

File: 1508964301114.jpg (151.72 KB, 1068x1122, 1500083078283.jpg)

Does anyone know any good mmorpg's I can play? Maybe something similar to old school Maplestory. I need something chill/comfy with a friendly community so I can get away from these lonely feels.

No. 209854

On second thought it doesn't even have to be an mmorpg.

No. 209857

ff xiv?

No. 209861

Thanks, I'll check that one out but I'm worried my internet speed and laptop specs might not be enough. Is it difficult to play?

No. 209862

Oops, meant to link >>209857

No. 209870


I want to play it so much but

>3 second gcd

No. 209872

Agreed. I tried rerolling a monk since they have a reduced GCD with 3 stacks of their buff but I got burnt out before I hit a level where it began to matter.

Have you played another tab target MMO, like WoW or Aion? If so, it's not going to be a huge difference.

No. 209897

GW2 tbh, probably one of the best communities, super casual friendly and you can try it out for free before buying

No. 209902

>space engineers
Uninstall, purchase Factorio

No. 209904

Gold sticker then.

Also I suggest singularity, underrated FPS.

No. 209967

If you have a DS, Miitopia is actually a lot of fun in a goofy, charming way. Maybe try the demo?

No. 209975

I wish I could find a good MMO too. I used to really be into WoW but haven't played in years. As a fluke I ended up making some really good friends in game and had so much fun with them. Most of them disappeared from the game after we got tired of all the rep farming though so I wouldn't even know where to find them again. I miss having an MMO to play with friends online. I've tried GW2 but couldn't seem to get into it really.

No. 210760


have you tried The Secret World? it got rebooted so now it's free to play. gameplay is a bit unusual for a MMO (no levels, no classes, no armor) but the story is great and the community was mature and cool when i played.

No. 210763

I wish there was a new MMO a la Mabinogi. Cute, comfy and sandbox-y.

Nexon has been developing Peria Chronicles for ages now and it's still not out.

No. 210770

File: 1509807232690.jpg (28.19 KB, 480x338, IMG_20171104_093718.jpg)

Should I buy a switch? Is it worth spending $400 just to play those two stupid games?

I almost regret not getting one earlier. Apparently you can't hack any over 3.0.0…

No. 210776

File: 1509810044252.png (6.04 MB, 4000x3000, Splatoon-Inkling_Render_001.pn…)

No one has mentioned Splatoon!
Does anyone else here love it?
It's my first and probably the only shooter I'll ever want to play.

No. 210777

File: 1509810630540.jpg (77.3 KB, 500x347, tumblr_mm0qxbAOpi1rrftcdo1_500…)

uh just play mabi?

No. 210790

If you're a Nintendo slut like me I'd say yes, I love this thing.
I've got all the big names so I'll give a small review.
Zelda is super amazing and fun, however after about a week or two it starts to feel repetitive, but we'll see what the next few DLCs offer.
Splatoon 2 is fun as well, I'm not super big on team fighters but it's proved more entertaining and cute than expected.
I just got Mario Odessey and I'm completely obsessed I adore this game and everything about it.
While the games all play great, the eshop and menu design leave a lot to be desired. It's so minimalist it's almost annoying. Also the joy con are super tiny.

So if you're a die hard Nintendo fan I'd get one, otherwise I'd wait till they come out with more games.

No. 210791

I love splatoon! I got it just last month ( ik I'm late) but I'm really into it. Thankfully there's still a good amount of people playing and whenever I get a switch I'm interested in getting splatoon 2

No. 210794

I was actually referring to splatoon 2, I guess I should've been more specific. From what I heard the two games are pretty similar aside from a few new features, though.
If you ever get a switch I highly recommend it regardless!

No. 210807

Finally got a new PC and finished DOOM on nightmare, god damn what a fucking ride. Haven't had this much fun in a while also that fucking soundtrack, Mick Gordon is a fucking beast.

No. 210847

Do you recommend it, anon? My friend got me it for me during the Steam Halloween sale and I haven't gotten to it yet. I've never played a Doom game before, but I'm interested in the franchise. I'm also looking for games along the line of Doom, if you got any.

No. 210876

Not them but I enjoyed it. Much better than what I was expecting. The original trailers was making me expect something slow paced that shits on the original game, but instead they did a decent job at capturing its spirit.

> I'm also looking for games along the line of Doom, if you got any.

Off the top of my head I would suggest (the original) Duke Nukem, Quake, Blood, Blood, F.E.A.R., Painkiller, Serious Sam.

No. 210885

File: 1509877602123.jpg (982.53 KB, 1600x900, IMG_9094.JPG)

So I sat down and actually took a gander at Layers of Fear since it really seemed like a visually interesting 'scary game'
I especially was into it because instead of having an Amnesia / Dead space approach with possible enemies and the threat of death, its got a very theatrical gameplay to it where you pick up clues and get tossed through a maze.
It basically nailed what Uncharted lacked when it comes to a 'movie' gameplay.
It gets you from a to b without making it obvious or restricting gameplay too much.
Im a sucker for the whole 'victorian villa' aesthetic and making it super artsy didnt help my plight, I was super into the constantly shifting halls and rooms.
My graphics settings were all high, runing the game as optimal as it could be (if anyone wants my advance settings just ask) it was a smooth playthrough,
I was griping about the control for sure though, its a VR compatible game so opening/closing drawers or winding up objects would at times be really fucking annoying since on a controller there isnt as much motion available than when you're moving a vr gamepad.
In the end i really enjoyed it and anyone who likes spooky games should deffo give it a look.

(Sorry for any misspelling I am alittle toked atm)

No. 210891


Definitely, it's the best FPS game I played lately. Fast paced, hard, brutal. Try the new Wolfensteins they're pretty good too, try the original Doom with the Brutal Doom mod, Painkiller, Serious Sam, early 2000's wolfenstein games are pretty alright.

No. 210918

I've been thinking for a while about getting a new 3DS xl and now I'm trying to decide if I should buy pokemon ultra SM.
I've never played any sequel games so I don't know if it's different enough, but I also know it's not going to be as great on my older 3ds because moon lagged a bit when I played it.

No. 210924

File: 1509997076933.jpg (5.45 MB, 3200x2282, chaoschild-15.jpg)

Chaos;Child is a very good visual novel. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in visual novels or has read/watched Steins;Gate.

No. 210930

File: 1510006612910.jpg (67.84 KB, 640x640, new-nintendo-3ds-cover-plates-…)

Unless you're set on a particular design of n3DS XL, you should probably get a regular n3DS or a 2DS XL instead. The n3DS XL is reaallllly big, it's kinda awkward. The size of the reg. n3DS is perfect imo. A lot bigger than the o3ds, but not too big.

The design is gorgeous too, and the plates are fucking beautiful. I have the plates in pic related, the Kyary Pamyu Pamyu ones, some boo ones that glow in the dark, the acnl ones, and a few others. I love them all so much, even if they are a bit expensive…

The 2DS XL is also really nice, I highly reccomend it if you don't really use the 3D and you're okay with the size (it's huge just like the 3DS XL)

I also reccomend that you homebrew your 3DS and dl usum for free when it comes out unless you just really want a physical copy (or you feel bad about not paying for it).

No. 210931

it was fun but it's just a spooky door opening simulator. Not really a game.

No. 210945

I thought SuMo lagged in general? There was a lot of lag on my system, too. I bought both Sun and Moon and they lagged. It could be the system (because mine's over 5 years old I think? I bought a refurbished OoT edition 3DS back in 2012 or 2013), but one of my friends with an XL he bought two years ago felt lag, as well.

No. 210954

It did on my regular 3ds xl too, but it didn't on my n3ds unless I was on the 2v2 doubles.

Speaking of, I wish Guzma didn't constantly fuck me over in that. I still love him though, he's the best partner <3

No. 210958

Yeah I have an older 3DS xl and the battle scenes always lagged, I also experience lagging in other games like story of seasons.

I was planning on getting the n3DS xl because I always assumed the XL was better than the regular size in terms of graphics and processing. I really wish they had cute colors in the XL though, that's part of the reason I haven't gotten one yet.

No. 210959

Meh, if anything it's the opposite. The bigger screen makes some games look worse.

No. 211000

the bigger screen really does make the pixelation worse, the image is simply stretched instead of more pixels being generated to make things more smooth looking
sorta wish i had bought a regular n3ds but i'm also a very visually picky person so
that being said, SuMo didn't lag for me at all on the n3ds xl

No. 211009

Anyone else playing Animal Crossing Pocket Camp?

No. 211029

Anyone played Doki Doki Literature Club? I didn't read the actual reviews just took it at the "very positive" face value and played it. I am seriously depressed after an hour and a half of this game.

No. 211062

I've been playing Mario Odyssey a lot and remembered that I do like video games, even if I don't care for the vast majority of them.
Any other good platformers come out? Cuphead looks interesting but it's apparently akin to breaking through a wall with your fingernails.

No. 211063

Does anyone play simulator games? I used to play those often because they were like chat rooms where everyone flew planes, but I'm apparently weird for liking that kind of stuff.

No. 211064

yea its pretty dark. but i enjoyed it. i went into it knowing that it was a bit twisted but was still surprised.
but for being a free game, kudos. ive played plenty of free vns and went away regretting the hour spent reading garbage.

i still do. it gets knocked because they arent 'real' games but sorry i dont feel the need to play with a bunch of salty bitches on pubg or csgo. i tend to play games because theyre fun.

No. 211068

>i still do. it gets knocked because they arent 'real' games but sorry i dont feel the need to play with a bunch of salty bitches on pubg or csgo. i tend to play games because theyre fun.
I was told I was weird for playing "Old dad games", but it just feels so nice. Especially flight sims. I bought X-Plane 11 recently and it feels good but ATC is underwhelming. Talking with the tower is some of the best part.

No. 211069

i still play roller coaster tycoon because its a relaxing experience, no pressure, no one yelling at me to get gud. turns out, we all like different things and i just prefer my blood pressure to stay relatively normal when i game.

No. 211070

I was thinking of posting a feel like this last night anon.

Competitive online gaming stresses me the fuck out and I don't play games to be angry and pissed off. Sim and world-building games are my favorite.
Last night I played Cities Skylines well until 4am like a loser.

No. 211071

I can't see the worth in competitive games, really. Which is sad because more and more of them keep getting extremely popular.
>Last night I played Cities Skylines well until 4am like a loser.
I used to do the same thing with Simcity 4 back when I still had to wake up for school every morning.

No. 211084

well, competitive pokemon is a lot of fun once you get your shit together

No. 211093

I'm personally waiting for the official release but I'm excited!
It seems very watered down but hopefully it'll keep me satisfied until we get a mainline game on the switch.

No. 211114

File: 1510218005524.jpg (111.24 KB, 386x707, Nigerian Space Prince.jpg)

>I can't see the worth in competitive games, really.
Sounds kind of silly even if you don't care for them. Its a team working towards a specific goal, one that is constantly shifting at that. Even with open ended games such as Factorio which I love, people generally have some goals and maybe handicaps in mind.

Related to those who enjoy sim games, I suggest maybe looking at Elite Dangerous and becoming a space trucker.

No. 211172

I don't play competitively, but I'd do a lot of online battling with some EV trained Pokemon on X and my greatest memory was taking down an entire team of legendaries with a Porygon 2. I had so much fun.

No. 212587

I'm a total autist for Undertale since 2015. I keep it to myself and message boards though but god, I love this game. I'm just sad it's "over",and the fandom is utter shit now.

No. 212598

File: 1511467041286.png (127.84 KB, 721x463, tumblr_okjq30V7vx1rf2auwo1_128…)

I am playing through FFXV comrades and enjoying it quite a bit eventhough it feels pretty… simple.
I think the concept is kinda shit and the execution is supbar, it feels like a shitty MMO where you cant even play with the same players more than once (which kinda defeats the purpose imo) and it feels slightly like mobile game mechanics implemented on a PS game, but i am still enjoying it quite a bit and looking forward to what they will do with it.
I kinda hoped it would have a story or something rather than being an online arena but maybe it will come later idk
The character creator is so good and enjoyable, though.
Anyone else playing it?

No. 212624

Pokemon usum sucked. I think they made the plot worse and getting legendaries and shinies in the wormhole is so easy and lame, it doesn't feel special at all :( I already have 12 damn shines (one of which is a UB) just from messing up and getting sucked into one of the shittier portals. The RR episode was cute, but idk how they expect people to pay $40 extra for that.

if anyone wants 4 shiny quagsires and a sassy mewtwo hmu

No. 212645

File: 1511528356204.jpg (254.99 KB, 852x508, 17-11-24-13-56-10-146_deco.jpg)

I play it too and I enjoy it.but I hate myself for it because it's really bad actually.
Like there are so many bugs that makes the gameplay not enjoyable.
E.g the bug when no monsters spawn or the bug when the server is suddenly """down""" while for everyone else it works.
Idk I also think that they could have made it so much better bc the 10 years when Noctis is not there is a plot hole that should be filled.
It also feels weird tha everything is so light outside?? Despite it being super dark when you arrive 10 years later with Noctis.
But idk I feel like Final Fantasy 15 is a huge let down anyways.
I understand the first hype because no one knew how medicore it would be but now that everyone played it I really don't get how people can't see all the plot holes,bad story telling, the fact that missions are all the same etc.
Sorry for my rant lol.
I'm just so disappointed because I can see it's potential especially story wise so it kinda makes me mad that it's not as good as it could be especially after 10 years of working on it.
And the producers just try to but dlc content into it to make everyone forget that the main game sucks lol.

No. 212646

>I understand the first hype because no one knew how medicore it would be
I thought all the ramen commercials and references were a good sign

No. 212650

File: 1511533853776.jpg (4.38 MB, 2925x5200, B0I5ZW5.jpg)

Im obsessed with Gravity Rush. I love the world, the movement system, and the main character.

Every spare moment of the day, I think about the lore, trying to come up with theories that answer unsolved questions.

I started learning how to the lucid dream because I want to fly around with those cloud cities with the characters.

I played the Vita game, then the PS4 game, and nothing else. I have no other games because I don't think anything can compare.

Everytime I think about how I can never get Kat's pre-order white costume (because I didn't know about the games then) I want to cry and scream. I would do so many terrible things for it, and even worse things for a garuantee that a 3rd game will be made. It kills me that the game sold dick and the online photo sharing and treasure hunting server will be shutting down this January after just one year.

No. 212702

File: 1511583408732.jpg (131 KB, 1200x900, xbonecover2.jpg)

Anyone else here have an xbone? I only got one because that's what the few friends I have play on, meanwhile it seems like literally everyone else in the world plays PS4 or pc.

Anyway I just beat Cuphead, got all 100% for achievements. Just started playing For Honor again since they added a bunch of stuff.

No. 212709

Just got Destiny 2 using WoW gold only, so that's neat. Tempted to get Furi, Deadbolt, and House of the Dying Sun.

No. 212773

I don't want to sound like a /v/irgin, anon, but…
>getting the only console that has literally no exclusives

No. 212810

I'm PC only, but arent you able to play games you own on the PC on the console and vice versa? Seems like a pretty decent point in their favor for me if so.

No. 212830

I mean, if a person has a PC and gets the console to play the same games on it what is even the point of getting the console?

No. 212840

Friends I figure, since they generally don't let you play cross platform. I would only consider getting a playstation for Death Stranding but the world takes all types.

No. 212856

Has anyone played Night in the Woods? I think it's a really lovely chill game and really hypes me up for the Fall. I really adore the soundtrack

No. 213044

I'm about to do some Necrozma shit, but the game has felt like a chore to play through for me personally, especially from sort of the second half on. When XY came out, I was spent the entire weekend of it's launch deep into the game, beat it, and everything felt great (even with midterms being around that time). I've had Ultra Sun since it came out and I still haven't beaten it yet, even with the extended Thanksgiving holiday weekend off from work because I just haven't been immersed with it. I don't like the change in format (Gyms>Island trials) and I guess I'm not big on plot-heavy Pokemon games? Because the ones that felt much more plot-centered to me when it came to the villainous groups (which are Gen 5 and Gen 7) have been my absolute least favorite to play. I always buy both versions, but for both of those generations I couldn't get through a second playthrough on my 'flex' version for both of those… and I didn't even bother to get White 2.

I would say that I'm finally growing out of Pokemon, but put me back into any Gen 1-4 or Gen 6 game and I can thoroughly enjoy them start to finish. I don't know. Maybe I'm just salty they didn't make a Pokemon Z and shoved the Zygarde stuff into SuMo.

(I'm sorry for the Pokemon rant. I just don't have at irl friends to compare thoughts to because they dropped the series at ~Gen 3. It's one of those series that I really and truly love, and it kills me when I can't get enjoyment out of an installment)

No. 213050

File: 1511849278414.jpg (130.7 KB, 1024x841, rip.jpg)

Personally disagree on some things, but I rlly see where you're coming from. I didn't like gen 6, especially not X and Y. 5, 4, and 2 were my favorites, B2W2 might be my fave games in the series (if not it's either DPP or HGSS), but Sun and Moon have a shittier plot and they spend waaaay too much time on it. I like the trials just as much as gyms and I think it would have been a lot of fun if it weren't for the garbage plot, the hand holding, the unskippable cutscenes every two fucking steps, etc.

Oh well. Hopefully the switch one will be good?

No. 213109

yea I've played it. It's an amazing game, hits home. I like the whole reconnecting with friends theme, and I love this manic pixie dream vibe, even though some say it's too pretentious for them. I like it. And the music is something else! I only didn't like the dream jumping sequences. That was tiring and unecessary

No. 213113

File: 1511897321146.png (219.38 KB, 566x447, harvest_moon_a_wonderful_life_…)

>playing laggy ps2 version of harvest moon game on ps4
idky but I love these games so much!

No. 213117

omg me too, i also married lumina <3

No. 213125

File: 1511900520442.png (827.6 KB, 910x707, QQ.png)

Lol, I first had this game on my gamecube and iirc I married Muffy bc she seemed nice and I had no idea wtf I was doing with the game.
Found out you could marry Lumina on the ps2 special edition version, and change your kid's gender to female.

I just feel a bit sorry for Muffy bc she liked my character and called him a "monster" when she found out I married someone else ;-; I've looked at game reviews and apparently she has man troubles for the rest of her life and is crazy envious for never getting married or having kids. I wish they wrote some of these characters a happier ending…

No. 213180

Not a problem! Everyone has the games they enjoy in the series. I'm a bit of a Francophile I guess, and loved the clothing choices for XY so that helped a lot in making it one of my favorites. I loved HGSS as well, but I loved GSC in general. I liked being able to go to both Johto and Kanto. When RS came out, I was confused as to why you couldn't go back to previous regions (lol) but still enjoyed it nonetheless.

I probably need to go back and play B2W2… I'm pretty sure I transferred my team over to X already so I could restart it and see if it is better another time around. I think one of the things I didn't like about the original BW was the fact you were stuck with just that generation of Pokemon, and not a lot of them really appealed to me at the time. I've grown to like a handful more of them now, so maybe it won't be so bad… but I remember there being a distinct lack of L=A button function for Gen 5 and I think that's what turned me off of it. It's such a small feature, but I've used it on everything since Ruby because I'm guilty of multitasking when playing… which brings me to another gripe with SM/USUM–when you turn that feature on, you can't use your R button to rotate you character when trying on clothes or to easily trigger the Pokefinder. I legitimately thought I had broken my DS until I switched my settings to see if that was why I couldn't get it to work.

But I definitely agree on your Gen. 7 thoughts–it often felt like a 'baby's first Pokemon game' in its guidance. And god, the cut scenes. I went to Walmart before work to get a copy of Sun when it came out, and it took me almost 30 minutes (the time period I allotted myself so I could play it some/still get to work on time) to get my damn starter. That was a definite turn-off for me.

No. 213244

Oh no! Don't remind me of this game! I remember when I was but a wee lass I had played this game so much. Then I got married to Celia and spent the entire day from night to morning playing in secret. That was when I got to the last year of play and…and the ending…!! I cried so much! All in all I love these games and this series so very much. The memory of my first time playing this game and finishing it will forever be fond.

No. 213292

I thought girls didn't like videogames.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 213322

Hurr durr fuck off

No. 213500

File: 1512020963368.jpg (198.54 KB, 1000x500, xeno.jpg)

has anyone else played xenoblade chronicles? it's my favorite game ever and it seems really underrated/not very popular. xenoblade 2 comes out friday and i'm beside myself with excitement

No. 213509

Its one of my favourites for sure! The world is sooo beautiful and immersive and the music is just lovely. I put something like 200hrs on my first playthrough, and bought a wii u pretty much only for XCX. XCX wasnt nearly as good as XC though. Debating on if I should buy a switch for XC2…

No. 213521

It seems like… low tier popular now? Or at least people who know JRPGs are aware of it and its acclaim. Dunno about casual players.
Also I had that reverse cover as my wallpaper for WAY too long. The art design for XC was too good.

Same boat as you regarding buying a Switch. I also want Odyssey and Splatoon, then the future FE and SMT, but I was waiting for cheaper, refurbished Switches to go up on sale… But then I'm probably gonna have XC2's everything spoiled by the time that happens.

I love XCX. I think XC was the superior product, but the aliens, world, and humans-trying-to-survive-in-space aspect of XCX was more along my interests and they nailed it nearly perfectly.

No. 213618

oh anon, i just finsihed mass effect 3 on my wiiU and XCX sounds perfect, i was wondering what games to get for it, ive got the usual mario and zelda stuff lol

No. 215168

I used to love playing MP games but they are fucking ruined by autistic raging faggots. You can't have a single game without someone raging in chat or throwing the game.

No. 215176

My favorite game franchises are Armored Core and Oddworld. On the latter, I wasn't too crazy about the Munch games, but I enjoyed Abe and Stranger's Wrath.

No. 215184

I want to get off Mr. Kojima's ruse cruise.

No. 215412

Speaking of videogames, any good Twitch streamers to follow?

No. 215511


No. 215530


i like that swedish guy who runs majora's mask too. kind of weird that he's married and has a child though… he's soooo young

No. 215545

Personally I enjoy streamers that don't fake reactions or overreact for the sake of entertaining an audience. Eg. Screaming bloody murder at a scary thing (Pewdiepie)
So I recommend Vinesauce. He's pretty chill unless annoyed to the point of profanity (Cuphead) and he doesn't play up his reactions for the $$$
He's also a pretty good voice actor when it comes to making up voices for characters – downside it can become annoying after a while.
Cool guy, been watching his streams for years and he's basically the only twitch streamer I watch now.

No. 215550

I feel like Kojima had a really bad acid trip.

No. 215552

To any anons who haven't heard already, certain models of the PS3 on 4.xx can now be hacked without a flasher. Just an easy softmod job. Enjoy running a linux distro and legal backups of your own games :^)

No. 215658

Just an FYI, in case anyone here is thinking about playing counter strike and taking it seriously:

Don't. If you practice, get better, climb ranks, and so on, you'll eventually get to the top ranks, but literally a third of the players in top ranks are blatantly cheating (and many more are cheating but being subtle about it). All this in prime MM (i.e. you need to have played a certain amount and have linked a phone number, to reduce the number of cheaters).
Of course, there are cheaters at all ranks, but if you're even half decent at aiming you can totally wreck cheaters in low/medium ranks. Higher up you get shafted.

No. 217898

File: 1513631834621.jpg (180.21 KB, 875x420, gwent.jpg)

I just recently got into playing Gwent and I'm so hooked. I really liked the Witcher series and I enjoyed playing it in game as well.
If anyone's interested, Gwent is free-to-play. There are microtransactions but you don't really need to buy anything, you can easily upgrade and create cards on your own by grinding.

I just want to play Bloodborne on PC. I've been trying to justify the cost of buying a PS4 and a TV. There's only a PS3 emulator available, though they're doing a fantastic job.
But now since Shadow of Colossus remake will come out next year, maybe I should get myself a PS4. Why do I have to be so stingy…

No. 218014

My husband is struggling with the very same thing. Guess who is getting a PS4 on V-day.

No. 218050

Your husband is a really lucky guy. If he's a hard Dark Souls fan then he will be all over the moon when he gets the PS4 and Bloodborne.

I'll get myself a PS4 pro for my b-day in a few months. I guess I can treat myself once in a blue moon.

No. 218175

I take back what I posted. Gwent went through some major changes today and it's shit now. Don't bother with it.

No. 218270

>your favorite games (old or new)
Ocarina of Time was the first game I ever finished and holds a special place in my heart. I’m a poorfag so most of my exposure to games is through my friends and their consoles, so I’ve played a lot of games but don’t get the chance to really sit through them often. I like stuff like Portal and Life is Strange, also Fallout 4 And Dying Light were super fun (I did get to at least watch the rest of DL to the end, was so good). On my iPhone I play Fallout Shelter, Oxenfree, Limbo and sometimes I’ll drop in on Line Play to check on my avatar. Other games I’ve played in the past and liked were Osu!, GTA5, and Minecraft. Fuck, I’ve played a lot of games, I just can’t recall any of them now that I want to list them of course.

>online or sp

Except for my Nintendo 3DSXL I don’t own a console, I have a laptop but I just got it and know fuck all about online gaming. When I was a preteen I spent all day on Runescape, then Gaia, then I took a hiatus from computers for about 5 years.

>what are you playing on pc/console/mobile

I mostly play Fallout Shelter and Oxenfree on my phone at work, but I want to get into something fun that I can play online at home and hopefully meet some cool people to play with. I’m sick of gaming solo but all my friends are console gamers and don’t give two fucks about app or online games.

No. 220052

File: 1514822052823.png (2.9 MB, 972x2636, 1514709244514.png)

Anyone else finished LiS Before the Storm? Did you like it?
Personally I didn't like how much the story was focused on Rachel rather than Chloe, and the final choice was way too easy compared to the first one's. Like, of course the right thing to do is to avoid telling R the truth.
Literally everyone, including Rachel's bio mom, thought it was the only good choice.
By telling her the truth you're only destroying her and her family, and given how little time she's got left it's not fair.

No. 220057

I finished it yesterday!
(sorry for the long spoiler)
I'm always making unpopular choices (Bae over Bay) and I told her the truth. Personally, I value truth very much and would rather know it, even painful and destructive. That's what I told William, too. And James crossed a line, it wasn't just to protect Rachel imho, he acted out of grudge and possessivness, knew what a person Damon was and what could he do to Sera… No, in my opinion letting such a person play a perfect papa was fucked up. Rachel deserved to know.
I'm just sad though I didn't manage to have Sera appear in the beach scene.
Also, the Dark Room post-creds scene fucked me up, I actually cried lol.
Don't judge me. I'm very into those games, and after what we've been through with Rachel and Chloe, it's heartbreaking to realize what happened later… Everything became so much more real and painful.

Also, fuck Max Caufield, that little hipster bitch.

No. 220062

Bae or Bay is the most controversial decision I've ever made in a game. In my playthrough I chose to save Arcadia Bay, it was extremely sad but that finale seems almost the canon one. It felt more legit, more real, and gave a good closure to everything. (Plus I didn't like Chloe that much.) On the other hand, I felt terribly for Chloe's mum… that poor woman suffered so much already and I'm sure she would've preferred to give her life to save her daughter.
The Bae ending had more of a "happy" feeling but it felt so anticlimatic… Wouldn't Max and Chloe care about what happened to their parents? They just leave and smile to each other? Plus it's weird that you can't see a single dead body, it seems more like all the people vanished. Unless… that was it? People in AB were deleted from existence instead of dying? Would explain why Max and Chloe don't seem to be giving any fuck.
Anyway now, after playing BtS I like Chloe more. If I ever had to play LiS again it's going to be tough, lol.

I'm glad that BtS hasn't ruined me like LiS, there I cried for 70% of the time. Enough feels lol

No. 225362

Is anyone going to be playing Monster hunter world?

No. 238073

File: 1522423106458.jpg (99.21 KB, 1295x729, geguri.jpg)

Feels good that the first girl in the Overwatch League is an actual girl and not a disgusting tranny.

No. 238078


No. 238090

I'm think I'm going to buy a switch to play taiko no tatsujin. To anyone who has one: are the buttons nice? Are they more like the 3DS, like the dualshocks or like the PS Vita?

Mini-rant: The buttons on the 3DS are so god awful for rhythm games. In the taiko games, I couldn't even finish the 10s and the only 9 I bothered to full combo was O.T.N. because it's a banger (pun semi-intended) and I played it so much. Vita was perfect, albiet a bit small and awkward because of the system's layout, and the DS4 was adequate.

Also, hwat songs do u guys think is gonna be in there uwu? I wish they would put in Gladion's battle theme, Ghost Rule again, O.T.N. again, and maybe something from P5 but I'm sure none of those will happen.

No. 238093

File: 1522430111634.png (1021.19 KB, 1196x712, 1518596636856.png)

Currently replaying Kirby and the Amazing Mirror, though I'm annoyed at myself because there's shit I distinctly remember doing as a kid that I seem to have lost the muscle memory for. I'll have to go through it again.

I'm also trying to brush up on my Blazblue and Puyo Puyo skills because con season starts again soon and I'll finally have people to play against. I'm pretty awful at all fighting games but my Puyo is decent.

No. 238122

File: 1522433967165.jpg (28.31 KB, 696x366, REMOTHERED.jpg)

Are there any other farmers that are fans of games like Clock Tower series, Haunting Ground, and Rule of Rose? I really like the real survival horror games and Remothered: Tormented Fathers is a decent attempt at bringing the genre back. There was something lacking in the game but overall I had fun with it.

Also, is anyone else really looking forward to the dark souls remastered?

No. 238135

Me! Clock Tower was rad as fuck, Anon. Any chance you’ve played through the Silent Hill series? SH:2 was probably my favorite.

No. 238168

File: 1522444873859.jpg (130.83 KB, 600x350, Haunting-Ground.jpg)

That's awesome! It's such an underrated genre. I wish they continued the Clock Tower series. Haunting Ground has aged pretty well. I remember the graphics being out of this world when it came out. It's a shame they didn't make a sequel, even a spiritual one would do.

Of course, I love the Silent Hill series, the SH2 is my favorite too out of the series.

Did you also play any of the Fatal Frame games? I'm thirsty for a good horror survival game so please list any that recently came out and that you liked.

To add From Soft, the team behind the Soulsborne games are apparently working on the sequel for Kuon which should also be a spooky survival horror so I'm looking forward to that. Otherwise, I really don't know any recent or upcoming games that would fit the criteria.

No. 238172

File: 1522445161071.jpg (195.83 KB, 1600x1200, dianaref1.jpg)

Rule of Rose is one of my favorite horror games ever. I absolutely loved the story and visuals of the game. The gameplay itself was clunky at times, but the puzzles were fun and i love that it was a 99% all female cast. Clock tower 1 and 3 are great too! (clock tower 2 is another story…)

I paid quite a bit of money to get my copy of Haunting Ground and I really hated how helpless the main protag was. The story was also really gross (i dont want to spoil it for anyone who wants to play.)

RoR deserved more love. Sad that it didn't get as much hype because of idiots in European countries thinking it somehow promoted pedophilia.

No. 238174

Fatal Frame 3 was the last great FF game and I am definitely thirsty for another period piece horror game taking place in a lost village or something similar. FF2 had the best story with the twins and FF3 had great gameplay and camera upgrades. It's so cool to see other horror fans here on lolcow.

No. 238190

File: 1522447664419.jpg (134.41 KB, 640x346, ClubRoom.jpg)

Rule of Rose was indeed stunning when it came out. I remember being hyped for the game but I couldn't get it due to the issues you mentioned, that it was sexual in nature, spoiler alert: admittedly there are strong implications that Hoffman abused Clara and Diana so I had to jailbreak my PS2 to play the pirated copy. I managed to buy all other games but I regret not having this one because it apparently had the music sheet.

RoR's OST is so well done. I still listen to it occasionally and I like to play some tracks on my piano. And it was also one of the rare games that made my heavily cry in the end.
True, the gameplay was clunky and really frustrating at time. Regardless, I've spent countless hours discussing the lore on certain sites before there were wikis.
Fuck, I just realized the game was released more than ten years ago.

And you're right regarding the gruesome story in Haunting Ground. Moreover, I disliked the oversexualized appearance and unrealistic physics with Fiona's boobs. What really got me was the setting of the Belli castle and the well-designed stalkers and Hewie ♥

There aren't that many survival games in the truest sense so I play what I can get. I mean, I do like Evil Within 1 & 2 and Resident Evil VII was all right, but despite being labeled survival horror they never gave me that feeling of absolute terror like the other ones did.

> Fatal Frame 3 was the last great FF game

Agreed. Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water was utter garbage. I can't believe they stained the series with that one.

> I am definitely thirsty for another period piece horror game taking place in a lost village or something similar.

Me too, me too. Hopefully, Kuon's sequel should have a similar setting.

No. 238239

Nice to see fatal frame fans here. It's my most beloved series.
Definitely agree on this. It had potential but it didn't feel like fatal frame at all. It just felt stripped of everything that made fatal frame good and just focused on cute girls. Not to mention nintendo flubbed the release by making it digital only.
Has anyone played Mask of the lunar eclipse. It was good but the controls and over the shoulder camera angles took away from the scary factor for me.
I did like the rituals and lore though. I feel like this is where the series died. Fatal frame had a formula that worked for it and kept getting better from 1 to 3 but they changed it too much.

Honestly, I really wish horror would go back to focusing more on atmosphere like the ps1 to 2 era. I'm talking fixed camera angles, atmospheric music and actually planned out backdrops. Now most horror is just dark/gorey without any heart in it. Also tired of being thrown into fps style gameplay.

No. 238269

I haven't played anything past Fatal Frame 3 aside from Spirit Camera, so I don't really know how the others are. But Spirit Camera, while in the Fatal Frame family, was so bad and it was only about a 3 hour game. It didn't have the charms of the first three and the AR system could have been used so much better. I'm so glad that there are other Fatal Frame fans here, though.

I haven't gotten around to playing Haunting Ground or Rule of Rose, though. I do have the DreadOut games, which are trying to be like Fatal Frame and Siren, but I heard they weren't so good and the VA work is awful. I'm honestly more of a horror VN kinda person, though, since I played the hell out of Sound of Drop and DDLC and I'm playing through Higurashi.

No. 238795

Does anyone here care for a lolcow.farm steam group? I think it'd be a good way for anons to connect and game together.

No. 245914

Is the PS4 worth the money? My boyfriend's birthday is tomorrow, so I'm considering just buying him one as an extra present for God of War and some other games he talked about. But I've never had any consoles besides the Nintendo ones sooooo I could really use some advice here…

No. 245916

(And sorry for the necro, I'm kind of a game noob and didn't know who else to ask for a honest, no BS opinion lol)

No. 245917

I think it's worth it.
I bought my bf the pro for his birthday and it is a very nice console.
I use it for streaming because we don't have tv, and he plays a lot of games.

The features on it are nice, and it doesn't make that pesky fan noise even if we leave it running for a long time.

No. 245918

This is a big dumb old rant I'm sorry

So I tend to be a bit organization and list-happy when it comes to stuff that I own, and I decided last week that I would catalog my video games, starting with the PS1 and 2. I found a handy website to do it with which also compiles all the data into an excel file and all is well.

Until I realized I'm missing a few games, one of which being Tail Concerto.

I can't find it fucking anywhere and it was absolutely tearing me apart for a few days. I was systematically going through all the places it COULD be, because I honestly haven't seen the game in years. I had assumed it was in the box with everything else. If it's not in the box it could be fucking anywhere. Did I lose it? Did my sister take it and lose it? I don't know and the uncertainty drives me nuts.

I've only just given up looking for it, and decided to look up how much it would cost to replace

jesus fucking christ

I decided to get in touch with a local game shop to see if they have any copies, so.. hopefully? and at a price that won't destroy me?

Why couldn't I have lost one of those trash bass fishing games, it had to god damn tail concerto augh I am sad

I bought Tomba recently though, excited about that. I never owned that game, but I rented the shit out of it and Tomba 2 from Blockbuster back in the day.

No. 245919

Not to be that person, but did you check the other games cases just to make sure you didn't accidentally put the disk in the wrong box or double it up with another?

No. 245920

Nah it's cool, several WERE in the wrong case AND doubled up, signs of my sister going through things.

Drove me batty as a kid but that fact she still does it as an adult is mind-boggling

Sadly, not there though.

No. 245921

Shit that sucks. I'm sorry.
I asked because bf has a habit of doing that shit and man it's triggering.

No. 245923

It's stupid! just put the game back in the box it's not like it's hard get off your fucking ass and do it so you can find it again LATER

Sorry, that really rustles my jimmies something fierce. Many, many lost dvds.

No. 245942

Your post made me remember when I lended a copy of Persona 3 to a classmate in highschool and she returned it with the outer box completely annihilated. I had always kept my games on a shelf and it really annoyed me someone would be so careless with a thing that belonged to another person

No. 245950

I started playing Etrian Odyssey V not too long ago and have been loving it so much! Once I finish I think I am going to play the other games in chronological order, or are there certain games from the series you suggest I check out first?

No. 245953

My favourite game is Rune Factory 4! I've always been a big fan of the harvest moon type farm games. Stardew Valley is fun too, but I prefer the 3DS and how RF4 has much more of a story to it. Highly recommend.
Anyone have any recommendations for rpgs on the 3ds?

No. 245958

>lending to a classmate
At least you got it back, so there's that!

I've had people force things into my hand despite me warning them I'm very bad at remembering to return things, especially if they're not people I see a lot

I have a copy of Devil May Cry 3 I've been holding on to for about 10 years, I think. It's in a mailer ready to go but the shame is pretty fucking real

No. 246001

I need a good hack and slash game. Most of the ones I've seen being written about are poorly designed metroidvanias with the same twiggy sprite styles. Just really bland looking overall. I love the art direction of the Castlevania games, not a lot of other series have satisfied me as much as this one.
I hope Bloodstained turns out to be good, I was hoping Igarashi was gonna keep it 2D. The concept art reminded me of a Vanillaware game and I was digging it a lot. That reminds me, I wanna find out more about that new Vanillaware game coming out.

No. 246004

The Etrian Odyssey series is my favorite on 3DS, I'd start with 4. Heard that Bravely Default and Fire Emblem Awakening are both really good, know smt4 is good, Devil Survivor is okay if you turn of the voice acting, and the yo-kai watch games are a lot of fun and surprisingly pretty.

Fantasy Life seems like a game someone into Rune Factory/harvest moon would like, but I haven't played it.

No. 246040

File: 1524940550957.jpg (187.56 KB, 1200x800, DaIB6f2VMAUw_MY.0.jpg)

What do you guys think of the new ffxv episodes coming out?

I'm personally hyped for episode Ardyn! Episode Lunafreya might be interesting since we've only seen like 5 minutes of her. I don't get episode Aranea though? Wish we could've gotten an episode Regis, Cor or Ravus instead.

Pic related is the rumored alternate ending we're gonna get. Not sure what I think about them adding new endings and stuff tbh.

No. 246046

You might like Hollow Knight or Darkest Dungeon (turn-based but still nice)

No. 246463

Anyone purchase anything recently?

I'm filling out some gaps in my PS1 collection, might start on some PS2 after that.

I bought and finished Detective Pikachu recently and felt pretty meh about it. I get that it's aimed at kids, but.. meh. I'll probably resell it.

No. 246493

Got me a Switch with Mario Odyssey and Zelda BOTW and wow man I love em. Already sunk 100+ hrs into Zelda and now starting Mario on the side. Also, Snipperclips is such a fun little co-op!

Recently bought Xenoblade Chronicles on 3DS, 4hrs into and I hate it. Sorry, idk, the combat is awful, it's just not my cup of tea I guess? I don't want to start it up again, might resell it or give it to my brother.

No. 246509

For your PS2 collection, have you ever played Odin Sphere? It's really a gem, I highly recommend it!

No. 246510

Get Leifthrasir if ya have a Vita/PS3/PS4 instead. It pretty much turns a great game into a masterpiece.

No. 246512


Gotta agree there. Not a huge fan of Xenoblade's combay system as well.

No. 246526

Edit: Fuck. I meant combat.

No. 246530

Recently acquired Castlevania 2 for the supernintendo with the manual and packaging pretty much untouched, Digimon world/Rumble Arena and World 2003 for ps1 and Shadow of the Collossus for ps2. These are the most recently purchased. My collection has been steadily growing, i hope anons can maybe do a collection rundown at some point or talk more around it since its been an interest in vidya for a while and I really wanna hear what people have in their collections

No. 246531

I need to get back to collecting games for my OG XBox. Great console, that was. I need to get more games for me Vita as well, starting with Freedom Wars.

Speaking of that, Ragnarok Odyssey is one of the most mediocre games I've played, and that is saying a lot as someone who enjoys monster hunting games.

No. 246563

No but I just looked it up and I would LOVE to try it out! Definitely putting it on my list of things to pick up

I need to pick up Zelda BOTW again, ever since I got Splatoon and Disgaea 5 I've been neglecting it but it's such a good game

Everything is getting neglected when Crash drops for the Switch though. I'm waiting very patiently for Nintendo to announce Spyro too. Nintendo come on we already know you're doing it just make the direct already

I'm still working on my list, but I could post it to google docs or something when I'm done? It's not really impressive though I promise

No. 246569

I'm waiting on octopath traveler and Mario tennis aces. I love Mario tennis.

No. 246572

I have Mario power tennis for the gamecube! I love collecting all the different mario sport/obscure games including the DDR game Dancing Stage Mario Mix lmao i love this thread

No. 246689

I'm eyeballing Octopath Traveller, it looks like an interesting game

No. 246750

Y'know, anons… I honestly miss pre-Episode 4 PSO2. When EP4 came along, it pretty much died in my eyes.

No. 246953

THANK YOU. The game is too big at this point, but at the same time it just feels empty now. Nothing interesting has been going on, it's just dragging.
I can't even play the game on my Vita anymore. I remember them warning people to have more than 16gb for episode 5, now a 32gb card won't even work. It hasn't even been a full year, this is ridiculous.
They really just need to make a new game.

No. 246954

File: 1525242610113.jpg (11.72 KB, 480x270, wt.jpg)

I started in november and to be honest it is a pretty good game and it got me hooked. Some people who have played it for longer said it used to be better. I wish I had started back then.

My face when I dropped a 14* and it's a fucking TMG and I have no idea how to play Gu

No. 246989

Anyone here remember Dungeon Keeper? will forever stay my favorite game, partially due to nostalgia but also because it's fun as hell and it actually gets tricky from level 11 onwards

No. 246998

File: 1525273401637.jpg (434.38 KB, 1280x1556, d2c.jpg)

>tfw wanting to buy new vidya but "save your money and don't buy a thing" is branded into my brain so every time I want to make a purchase, I physically cringe and need weeks to decide if I'm gonna get it or not
Feels horrible, man. It's not like I'm splurging every week, right anons? I want to have fun in my free time and not work for nothing.

No. 247000


Yeeesss I love it so much! The creepy music, magma and the different monsters. I really really want to play it now….

No. 247032

Oh hell yes, I got DK and DK2 in a GOG bundle a few months ago. Still so addictive and fun after all these years. I kind of wish they would remake it with prettier graphics.

Anon don't feel bad about buying a new game every once in a while. You work for your money so you should do what you want with it, and it doesn't sound like you're being irresponsible with it either.

No. 247036

File: 1525283153449.jpg (421.73 KB, 1280x960, IMG_5656.JPG)

Do it anon, the Xbox is great. Just remember to get component cables.

No. 247045

File: 1525284603674.jpg (464.95 KB, 1484x893, IMG_8053.jpg)

Great collection, anon. I want to play 2P with you!

Wish I had a Vita. That console has a nice selection of translated otome, I never thought such a niche market would pick up in the west but it's definitely becoming more popular and has changed from earlier years.

No. 247136

File: 1525294408564.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.18 MB, 1918x2607, 20180502_155035.jpg)

r8 my collection

No. 247162

>super monkey ball and space channel 5
top shit, anon. 10/10

No. 247258

>real Shen Megoomi Tensay games
I like it.

No. 247262

I'm so excited that you mentioned freedom wars because I think it's fucking fun and super underrated.
Of course, it's not without it's flaws, but I really believe if they revived it for ps4 (like monster hunter has) it could foster some really fun co op play.

Although I realise it would be much more difficult for them because they'd have nowhere near the following MH does, so it'll never happen.
Also I'm sad the vita is dying.

No. 247405

File: 1525393694463.jpg (563.69 KB, 1333x1000, IMG_20180503_201855.jpg)

Some recents– also have Klonoa in the mail, looking at the first MGS and Dino Crisis as well

I would never suggest Spice World. It's awful. But I had it as a kid so nostalgia

No. 247407

File: 1525393841444.jpg (399.64 KB, 1191x1001, IMG_20180503_201953-2.jpg)

The rest of my PS1 and 2 collection.

Hopefully I can get Tail Concerto back soon. Also gonna eventually pick up Ratchet&Clank and Sly Cooper since I never played those and hear they're p good

No. 247427

Zomg I love Tomba! It was on my first ever PS1 demo disk when I was a kid, I later bought it! So much fun thanks for the memories.

No. 247436

Love that game! I rented it so many times from Blockbuster that I'm shocked at actually took me so long to own it myself

No. 247463


Oh man, I love Ape Escape! I have the core three games, but could never get the side games due to not having a PSP or EyeToy. Tomba is great, I ended up getting the digital copy on PS3 as I had the demo for it and played the shit out of it. I also had the demo for the second game, too! Croc and FFIX are also so much fun

Disgaea is so fun. I've got 1 and 2 for PS2 and PC and I'm waiting for 5 to come out on PC. Eventually I'll get the rest of the games. I'm also super excited for the re-release of 1 for the PS4 because of all the limited edition bundle merch.

No. 247481

File: 1525438389107.jpg (2.41 MB, 2448x3264, IMG_0980.JPG)

1/2 of some of my ps2 titles, don't wanna flood the thread and obnoxious since i collect for several consoles like alot of the rest of the anons here!
Its a mix of nostalgia, titles ive wanted to play and smidge of ironic purchases

No. 247483

File: 1525438439179.jpg (2.35 MB, 2448x3264, IMG_0982.JPG)

No. 247526

You know, I can appreciate PALs desire to unify the spine design. Looks cleaner.

You should post the rest – we need more diversity!

My love and first strategy-rpg
I think I've played the first two games twice: I have them on PS2, the second on PSP, and the first one on the DS. Some people trash the PSP but its got some great gems for it imo

Now I'm seeing Disgaea 1 Complete coming to Switch and I'm trying to figure out if it's worth a third purchase
I mean it's a trap, since they're probably going to come out with more Completes, I just have to figure out where my line is

>Ape Escape

The funniest part about that is that I was trying to get my little sister into gaming at the time and was pretty sure she'd be into Ape Escape, so I went to GameStop and was like "I need Ape Escape 1 for PS2 plz"
They were like wut and showed me Ape Escape 2 instead. I bought it with my meager earnings and my sister was disappointed that it wasn't Ape Escape 1 and so it's pretty much untouched lmao

No. 247576

Don't expect it to be like Dishonored (also made by Arkane) but once you leave the main area it's pretty good esp when you find other survivors and experiment with upgrading your alien powers. It's a slow burn this one. Give it time.

No. 247660

When I sober up tomorrow I will post some other console games (mostly 'oldies') hope other anons keep posting up images its great

No. 247664

File: 1525476999145.jpg (325.48 KB, 1824x522, 800.jpg)

I love what this thread has turned into, it's actually really interesting seeing what's in people's collections. That said, r8 or h8. This is partially in memory of my GBC which life has recently come to an end as after the loading screen of each game I insert, the screen freezes or fades to grey. That SNES is still in fantastic condition though.

>crash bash
Good stuff.

Your collection is literally perfect. Those games are all classics.

No. 247773

Planning to play Drakengard today for the first tine, hope it's enjoyable.

No. 247797

File: 1525544712644.jpg (2.07 MB, 1636x4009, IMG_20180505_142020.jpg)

Do strategy books count?

I'm just stupid happy I managed to get my Pokemon Red/Blue guide back, I left it at my grandparents place years and years ago. Less few years ago I found it and it was in awful shape, I can't remember if I tossed it or left it there. Just recently bought another one.

These books carry a lot of nostalgia, ahh

No. 247840

File: 1525559903811.jpg (2.09 MB, 3264x2448, IMG_1098.JPG)

Ps2 anon here, the collections so far are rad (even game manuals!!! I prize my games for still having booklets in them) thanks for the compliments tho honestly am blushing. The rest of my collection still isn't great in terms of consoles predating the ps2 and xbox360, but i do have a buttload 360/ps3 and WII games. I hope to snatch some of these good old titles that other anons here have! This is 1/2 picture with my gambecube faves and some DS titles and up next will be just a sad show of digimon PS1 and two jap import GC games

No. 247841

File: 1525560036989.jpg (2.3 MB, 3264x2448, IMG_1099.JPG)

Eyyy pokemon colosseum and MP7 in moon speak just for the weeb points, a prettt much untouched Castlevania II game for the super nintendo and Digimon which )
(no matter how much i cry over pocket monsters) will always be the first, only, the true origin of my weebdom.

No. 247842

File: 1525560870150.jpg (3.52 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_20180202_141659.jpg)

I'll have to take more pictures if my stuff when I get home!

Conveniently I was just thinking about taking photos of my favorite Pokemon gens when I remembered that I framed them

No. 247855

This is beautiful

No. 247860

File: 1525568701413.png (488.21 KB, 600x800, bun.png)

Maplestory 2 is coming out in a few days to closed beta. Not sure when open release is, but I assume shortly after beta. It's pretty cute. lots of character customization. The demographic for the game seems to be mostly people in their 20s and 30s (OG players from old school MS1). So I'm looking forward to the community for this game. MS1 has died down a lot. Nobody really parties or socializes anymore due to the direction the game took in terms of leveling. MS2 is definitely going to be a different approach. I'm super excited. Plus Maplestory is coming to mobile sometime. It'll be better than Pocket Maplestory (that game was absolute shit). Its great for on the go and there's better character customization in it too, as well as better UI and controls.
aside from that:
>your favorite games (old or new)
Animal crossing (I NEED IT FOR SWITCH ALREADY ugh). Maplestory (private servers), Maplestory2, Tera.

>what are you playing on pc/console/mobile

PC: Maplestory 1 & 2, Tera
Console: Tera, Animal Crossing

No. 247871

>MapleStory 2
Oh my God the first game was my absolute jam
God that was like what, almost 10 years ago?

I'm excited that they're coming out with a sequel, definitely looking forward to that!!

No. 247911

Possibly shed a tear, saved the image for future inspo and hope everybody thats dear to you has seen this beauty,

No. 248026

This is beautiful.

No. 248055

I curently play dark souls 3, got to be good at pvp, and not afraid of ganksters. I love playing as casters, it's very satisfying beating some try hard with double giant swords in one lightning strike, or disrupting gank with a crystal soul spear. I even combined magic with miracles adjusting my build for spear that casts magic through Faith stat, instead of intelligence: try hards are even more confused being hit with miracles by someone who casts magic.

I don't even get mad when someone throws cheap tricks on me, it's actually funny when they are angry to the point of repeating "point down" gesture.

No. 248085

Fuckkk, I'm looking forward for that too now, I used to play maple story a lot back in 2007-8 but came back a couple years later only to find out the economy had crashed and nobody played it anymore…

Not looking forward to the mobile game though, those tend to be a cashgrab and not much fun at all.

I think it's been over ten years now… sheesh.

No. 248089

File: 1525670754990.jpg (44.67 KB, 460x345, a6fdd0cae20fe0de88e9e1f68da22f…)

Hey, nice to see someone else enjoying DS. DS3 is my least favorite in the series but the PvP is decent. If you ever feel like playing together, please let me know!

Though, I haven't played DS3 in a while. Also, if you enjoy being a sorcerer, you're going to love it in DS and even DS2(soul memory is a pain though) because there are more sorceries and staves and you can diversify your magic build a lot more.

> it's actually funny when they are angry to the point of repeating "point down" gesture.

kek, I had that happen to me too.

Are you going to buy the upcoming DS remastered?

No. 248095

File: 1525673517105.jpg (46.49 KB, 616x347, gascoigne-3.jpg)

I'm this anon and I finally got myself a PS4 for the sole purpose of playing Bloodborne. Since I love the DS series, I thought of trying out Bloodborne and I'm so glad I did! The game is absolutely fantastic, from the gameplay, the characters, the lore, OST, everything!

You're set in a Lovecraftian world, dark and grim, with a Victorian England architecture and wardrobe, where you play as a hunter against beasts and alike.
You have a limited choice of weapons but they(trick weapons) can also be transformed rendering them usually a bit different and more powerful, thus diversifying the combat.

What I particularly like about this game and what makes it different from the DS series is that you have to be aggressive. For example, if an enemy hits you, you can regain the health shortly after by hitting back. There are only two shields in the entire game, and both aren't that much used from my pvp experience, instead, you're most likely to use a firearm to parry in a fight. This makes the combat fast paced and always has you on your toes which is unlike the DS games where you can tank through some bosses, hit and shield hit and roll etc. However, just like any other soulsborne game, you have to learn the boss's moves and its weak spots.

The only downside to this game is that there are way fewer weapons in this game and you can't have that many different builds.

There are a whole lot of similarities to other dark souls games when it comes to PvP, you can beckon other players to help you, you can invade them and you can co-op. There are also dungeons where you can grind to get more items and echoes(souls) and there are even lore tidbits and unique bosses in there, tbh I found the dungeons to be tedious, you will feel that way too if you have to grind for a long time to get a particular gem.

The only thing that I hate about playing online is that you have to have the PSN subscription.

No. 248146

File: 1525701347111.jpg (109.3 KB, 250x370, test1.jpg)

I certainly going to get remaster, but i'm concerned about miracles and spells having limited use count, can't spam magic like that.

No. 248150

>DS3 is my least favorite in the series
>when DS2 exists
Oh anon…love yourself

No. 248174

File: 1525709488834.jpg (183.38 KB, 1024x439, 34920781420_101f50f2ea_b.jpg)

I unironically think DS2:SotFS is the best game in the entire series. The base game wouldn't do much for me but the dlcs made it into a great adventure. Majula alone is my comfort go-to zone and what I love about DS2 is that you have the ability to have a satisfying ending, different from other DS games.

I also prefer DS2 over DS3 because it feels like there are tons of different and varied places as opposed to DS3 with its rather a greyscale environment (the exception being Irithyll and Archdragon peak, my fav locations incidentally).

I like DS3 too, even though I felt that the people working on it were desperate for inspiration and kind of lacking in it, the gameplay was linear as opposed to DS2 where you can stretch into different areas and imo you have more freedom in choosing where and when you want to go somewhere. There's that exploration element that DS3 doesn't have.

What I prefer in DS3 is that the game progression/difficulty level is well made but that's precisely because it's so linear. Regardless, I thoroughly enjoyed some boss fights in it like the Dancer of the Boreal Valley, Pontiff Sulyvahn, and the Twin Princes. Btw Ashes of Ariandel was the worst dlc in the entire soulsborne series and the final boss of that dlc was a huge dissapointment. I regretted preordering the season pass because I didn't feel it was worth the money. And I much preferred the Painted World of Ariamis despite the graphics being outdated.

Another thing that I'm sure a lot of people will disagree, is the OST. While I did like a couple of tracks that Yuka Kitamura did for the previous soulsborne series, I dislike her work on DS3. Her tracks are too 'epic' with almost every track having some cringy vocals(no lyrics) therefore all of the tracks sound alike. DS1, DS2 and Bloodborne tracks all have more unique tracks that suit the boss or the location.

I really don't get the hate for DS2. The only fault I find in it is the soul memory, I have no idea who in FS thought that was a good idea.

No. 248176

File: 1525709920486.jpg (36.44 KB, 620x349, hbqiS6U4Jtvc2pVzpFj4ck-620x349…)

I don't recall being more limited with spells usage than let's say DS3. What I remember is that sorceries made PvE super easy while in PvP I would usually get roasted but I went for pure sorceries build.

No. 248223

File: 1525730823168.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.35 MB, 2885x1733, smug_drum.jpg)

Can anyone recommend some good non-osu, non-idolm@ster, non-tnt, non-vocaloid related rhythm games? Preferably on the psp/vita because I like the console more. I'm burnt out on taiko after grinding for the 100 full combo trophy + the must songs trophies, miku and idolm@ster are too easy, ia/vt and that gumi game are shit, and osu is too inconvenient.

Also, are the persona dancing games better than they look?

No. 248226

Yumecast. The card collecting and cute boys are a bonus.

No. 248228

I used to play the Uta no Prince Sama Music games, which have the songs from the series as a rhythm game and some optional story segments.

No. 248231

As someone who super loves Taiko, which game is that?

No. 248235

It's V version on the vita with the english patch. Really good tnt game, I spent more time on it than any of the other ones. Fucked up that they put Yuugen no Ran in it though, I might've been able to full combo all the oni songs without it.

sage for humblebrag

thanks for the recs, I just dl'd both of them!

No. 248331

Sorceries in DS1 don't have tracking as they do in DS3. Miracles on the other hand often overpowered.
People dislike DS2 for being much different from what developer was teasing players with, and general dumbing down of difficulty. But i have to say it has the best game world in souls series, so many places, so many intersections, it's so much fun exploring.

No. 248524

thanks fren, I haven't played a taiko game in an eon. You getting the new Switch one?

No. 248561

hell yeah! I hope the wii tatacon will be compatible with it somehow. wonder how those motion controls are going to feel…

No. 248808

Got a cracked case PS1 game in the mail today, thought I'd leave the seller with some shipping feedback since they sent it in a just-big-enough bubble mailer. Over PM though, since I didn't want to say anything over the overall feedback

I tell him he may want to send these (and anything with a jewel case) in a box or put even more padding in the future. I don't want compensation or anything, but figure someone else might get a broken case and react badly about it.

This usually goes one of two ways: either they understand and apologize, or they get defensive

>I've shipped all my games that way

>it was padded

That's fucking nice, but I still got a broken case. You also sent it in a bubble mailer, and jewel cases are practically made of tissue paper.

What's the point of getting defensive anyway? I already said I don't need compensation, and it's feedback on your shipping. If it happened to me, it'll happen to someone else.

Thankfully it's a clean break on a low-strain area so I can just glue it back on, but augh I just hate people

No. 248868

File: 1526020851586.jpg (12.22 MB, 3456x6048, cases.jpg)

Do you guys have pouches for your handhelds? I have a pouch addiction

No. 248870

Share where you got all these cute cases, please anon?

No. 248871

File: 1526021690168.jpg (26.87 KB, 448x500, s-l500.jpg)

I had the same issue until I got the 3DS that came out with Link Between Worlds and got this pouch. I find it so fitting I can't bring myself to buy another one.

No. 248873

File: 1526022287592.jpg (760.17 KB, 3024x4032, JvPuANh.jpg)

I have a Disney Princess case that holds all my DS games. I got it quite awhile ago but it's cute and it still holds the 2DS I just got well.

I want to get into Overwatch (Yeah, I know) but I would have to get a new system just to play it.

No. 248874

The canvas w/ leaves is from amazon

the pink PSP is from amazon

the blue nintendo bag is from Club Nintendo (it's reversable!),
the SP pouch is from my childhood, so probably easily found on ebay

the Sailor Moon was a con, I'll see if she has an etsy..

The charm is a chinese KO of a super designer charm but it does the job alright

I remember seeing this in stores and having to talk myself out of it, it's so neat

No. 249785

I'm sorry for more PS spurging

Just got a PS1 in the mail earlier and spent a few hours cleaning it and one of the controllers up. Got it for a dollar and it was a mess
It looks really damn good now and I'm very proud

Gonna clean the other controller tomorrow, I don't know if it'll be harder to clean than the first one or not, since the other didn't have the dual shock.

Also need to test the compatibility with the tvs though, I plugged it in to the set top box just to make sure it worked and played a few rounds of Um Jammer Lammy. I forgot how long the load times were

No. 249831

Please continue! I have a pink PS2 lite i managed to cop from a thrift store for nothing and im buying the pink controller released for it since the console was p untouched and shiny! however I have been looking around for whats best, find a converter of some sort for my current television which is relatively new or just find an old tv for my old consoles? I keep hearing pros and cons from both sides and i don't even know what converters work best tbh
I have the old school PS2 as well and my next target is the PS, hopefully I will fix a wall mount for the PS gen's that I can unhook and use when i feel like it. Do you have any methods to cleaning consoles? Before & after pics are pooorn

No. 249840

great collection anon! thanks for the info on where to get them

dayum that's pretty
great, now I need to get more 3DS pouches

No. 249888

File: 1526411109605.jpg (712.6 KB, 710x964, ps1_before.jpg)

I'm really sad because I didn't take any official before pictures of the controller! I have the listing photo and a picture I took of the inside to remember how the wires go, the edges were completely brown.
and the buttons
there was so much crust just everywhere
It was so satisfying to just throw everything in the sink and wash it

The console was less interesting, but I found out the cd reader head literally just floats there on like three pegs, but it's not kept down by anything except one ribbon cable
I just blasted it with canned air (lots of dust!), took the buttons off the cover, and washed the top cover in the sink with dish soap
anything extra I got with magic eraser
there are some springs I didn't take out though, so I made sure to super dry it before putting it back together. It sounds dumb, but I flick it in the air to get water out, tap it against my leg, then tap it against the counter on a paper towel. After I'm sure I got all the water, I take a hair dryer to it, just to be double sure.

I did the same with the controller.

>ps2 lite

I love mine! ps2 lites are great. Does your tv have non-hdmi hookups? Composite or component? I bought an official component cable yearrrss ago, but they've gone up in price. You can go with a cheap aftermarket cable, or I'll share a link with these guys since I was thinking of purchasing a component cable from them because I'm an idiot who forgot I had one already

they have a mailing list, their stuff is popular and I've heard good things!

It looks like there's also hdmi converters, but I don't know if they're any good or not tbh

I have plans to hook up my PS1 and Genesis to my old box tv because I don't really like the look of these old games on hdtvs and the curse of nostalgia
the gamer community nitpicks EVERYTHING in terms of quality. For the ps2, it's literally aesthetics, since I think it's ps1 games that have issues with newer tvs (which I'm testing today), due to the 240p quality signal might be too low for these tvs.

I LOVE the idea of hanging systems on walls, especially if done with design in mind.

No. 249891

File: 1526411169946.jpg (440.8 KB, 1000x531, ps1_after.jpg)

after photo

No. 249892

File: 1526411244446.jpg (654.08 KB, 1000x944, psone_before.jpg)

My project today

No. 249899

SMT Strange Journey: reducks came out today, here's a CIA for it in case anyone who wants it is broke and it's not of freeshop yet: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1AHzvbScwz-Sur8uNE4KUSVT86gtwQqYS/view

Can confirm it's working, I'm playing it rn. Glad they didn't dub this one.

No. 249954

File: 1526417296359.jpg (394.97 KB, 1000x426, psone_after.jpg)

Finished! I have a feeling this one was mostly thrown around in flea markets and stuff like that. The directional buttons weren't even really dirty, it was weird.

I sanded down the R2 button – it's not beautiful but maybe I can find a way to shine/buff it up.

No. 249974

So I just finished doing a lot of testing on my tvs, and can report that the HD ones are finicky as shit when working with the PS1. I don't think they like the transition from 480 scenes to 240 and won't continue, but if you reset enough it will get through it and everything is fine.

Thankfully the box sees everything fine, but the sound is hummy and there's some flicker. I ordered new AV cables for it.

My PS2 slim doesn't have any of these issues, thankfully. I can play that shit everywhere. The main reason I wanted an OG PS was for nostalgia and to play a few games that my model of the PS2 slim reportedly can't play.

Fun Fact: apparently the slim has trouble with/can't play some regular ps2 games either.

I'm also in love with this PS One controller. It's such a cute combo of light grey and grey-blue. I didn't expect this

No. 250026

My favorite game is Crossout. It is a post-apocalyptic MMO-action in which you can collect dozens of parts of the armored vehicle unique design, and then fight it in hot multiplayer battles. My friend recommended me this game. Special for it I bought proxy app on https://buy.fineproxy.org/eng/mini.html which I can use also for watching tv and using forbidden sites.

No. 250174

File: 1526490981058.gif (1.53 MB, 800x600, switch.gif)

So I'm really want to get my own Nintendo Switch, I've been co-using another Switch for a while now to play BOTW and other stuff but the selfish person I am, I thought that I should finally invest in my own one so I can play stuff in peace.

BUT there is one thing that kind of "worries" me and this is the fact that I don't really know how much it will affect my save data of all the games I have played so far and do all the DLCs move with my account to a new switch?

Does anybody here have some experiences with this? I have read several threads and official Nintendo sites about this and - I'm still not 100% convinced that I can move everything smoothly?

And for the last thing: When I move my account, with all the content that has been downloaded with it so far (games and DLCs etc.), are they also gone from the original Switch where they has been purchased from?


>ik that those are super dumb questions but my last gaming console has been the GameCube and well things have changed a bit since then lol

No. 250178

File: 1526491571074.jpg (30 KB, 480x319, DdKWTuoWkAAcueX.jpg)

Is anyone else keeping tabs on these pokemon switch rumors? A lot of people are saying this Let's Go Pika/Eevee shit is true and I'm starting to get really scared…

What do you guys think? If you think it's legit, how do you feel about it?

I think it's true and 2018 might be the year the public realises that any given Yo-kai Watch game is better than all of the past two generations of pokemon games combined.

No. 250179

File: 1526492378027.jpg (9.48 KB, 417x256, lets-go-pikachu.jpg)

Samefag, here's a bit more into supporting it:


Domains registered

Even serebii mentioned it kms

Clickbaity YTer, but this vid has some info compiled:

smh, gamefreak. this better be fake…

No. 251558

File: 1526871102218.jpeg (56.44 KB, 640x768, 6633A7EF-D5C7-4F8D-A02C-5D3AEA…)

Thoughts on FF15?
I recently replayed it and even though the pacing is incredibly off, basically running Charters 9-14 through in less than five hours, I still found myself liking it just as much as I did back in 2015.
Apparently the whole of the internet seems to hate it, though.

No. 251605

> catching pokemon works like in a Pokemon Go

This is what I’m most scared about. A huge part of pokemon for me is the grind to raise their levels.

No. 251668

Yeah most people hate it, but I enjoyed it for what it is.
And with the release of more content for it, I’m kind of excited. Hopefully it isn’t a disappointment. Having more story for Arden and Luna might be good though. And getting more front Aranea will be a bonus.

No. 251971

I got into it relatively late, but I’m pretty glad they are still pumping out content. Kind of have to, since the game is super unfinished, but those DLCs are really worthwhile. Looking forward to alternate ending in episode Noctis too, although the OG canon ending did kinda make sense.

It’s by no means a perfect game, but the internet shits on it so much they forget it’s humongously enjoyable and the characters are well-developed, despite poor storytelling, awkward romantic interest choices and suspension of belief more often than someone in church says amen.

No. 252667

I'm just getting into pc gaming but I have no friends what do ;_;

No. 252709

Explore the plethora of single-player PC games out there.

No. 252975

File: 1527209540650.jpg (698.4 KB, 1000x715, genesis.jpg)

Anyone Genesis/MD here? I pretty much picked up what I played as a kid and then got an Everdrive for anything else

Love that console.

No. 253048

File: 1527240852912.jpg (65.61 KB, 900x506, danksouls.jpg)

I don't know whether to get Dark Souls Remastered or not.

I have dark souls 2 and 3 in my steam library and Bloodborne in my playstation library. I only played DS PtD pirated and that was two years after it was released, so I was hoping to get in with the recent remaster on the launch and the revived userbase.

But now there are hackers going rampant so my main reason for buying this are iffy with lots of negative reviews.

If I had the 20$ discount, I would have bought it pronto but giving 40$ for a patch seems like throwing away money and I'd much rather buy Kingdom Come in that case and buy the remaster later on sale or from a key shop.

Could someone give me their honest opinion on DSR if you've played it?

No. 253049

anyone here play ESO?

No. 254996

Welp, the rumors were true. At least this isn't supposed to be the core series rpg https://twitter.com/Pokemon/status/1001636250158223360?s=01

It looks nice enough and the pokeball accessory looks cute, I'll buy it if I can get a mew in there.

No. 254998

this was true but the list that was put out is confirmed fake. games announced already that aren't on switch, bandai isn't making new smash. there's tinfoil going around that someone from gamefreaks or pkmnco goes on 4chan and just made it to get everyone hype.

No. 255000

Can I rage about Her Interactive?

I grew up playing the Nancy Drew series, after reading the books as a little kid. They were so fun. The puzzles felt unique and challenging, the characters compelling and they managed to instill a scary/mysterious feeling without great graphics or triple A gameplay.

They were supposed to come out with Midnight in Salem..three years ago, I think? The reason they haven't is because some dumb bitch (Penny Milken) took over Her Interactive, fired everyone (including Nancy's voice actress) and hired a new team so she could push her STEM-based crap that no one wanted.

The "games" they've made since she's taken over are shit. I'm all for empowering girls with STEM, but Nancy Drew was ALREADY a strong female character and quite empowering to young women. There could have been ways to do what she wanted to do without pissing off longtime fans, firing the crew, killing their main franchise, etc. The products they produce now are soulless and boring, no wonder they're hemmoraging money. Modern girls aren't at all interested in their games. And the worst part is, that aforementioned new leader is a straight up cunt about it who can't admit she was wrong. She either lies to fans, talks down to them or has them blocked from their social media for asking questions. She's pushing her shit on an audience that doesn't want it, and it's not even well made, because she's a narcissistic white feminist.

I want Midnight in Salem, damn it.

No. 255001

What list? I only listen to rumors about pokemon

No. 255008

>franchise is revisiting Kanto for the fifth fucking time
>limited to the original 151
I'm so tired…

No. 255023

File: 1527654630386.jpg (60.31 KB, 393x897, a91.jpg)

To be fair, this game looks like it only exists to segue Go! only players (kids and millennial normies) to the switch/console games in general. The real gen 8 game is supposed to come out in 2019

And it won't just be the first 151, it's been implied that we'll have alolan exeggutor too :^)

No. 255039

I beat Earthbound for the first time ever recently and just damn. I didn't want it to end. I tried starting Mother 3 but my emulator on my phone pretty much can't find the .sav even though it's in the right folder. Since I'm without a PC currently I'm out of luck on continuing the game for now. I was really enjoying it too.

No. 255041

File: 1527657625204.png (656.02 KB, 540x960, 1527644667348[1].png)

pic related was leaked like a month ago, but it's fake.

No. 255059

Like, I get that it's supposed to tie Go users to the Switch, but it gets a massive meh from me

I had to drop Go a long while ago, as it's a massive battery and data killer.

However if this is the engine we'll be getting for the next in the series, I'm p excited about it

No. 255061

I think they're making this game to learn how to make games for the switch before completing the gen 8 games. I don't think I'll buy this one, I played pokemon rby way too much in my childhood.

No. 255132


>F-Zero SX

As if, now with the Star Fox Gran Prix rumors going around I feel even less confident that this franchise will ever come back, but it would be so damn perfect for the switch. I miss it.


I've read so many times how much people love Earthbound and I feel I will have to play it just I can say that I've played too lol
Sound like a really good game tho.

No. 255133

Playing yakuza 6 at the moment and I like it. I've never played any of them in the series, this is the first one I've ever played and I like it. Anyone else play it or the others in the series?

No. 255138

But real Gen 8 probably means still only on handheld. Switch gets this nonsense and crap like Labo.

No. 255139

when will miyamoto stop cucking switch users

No. 255160

gen 8 was already confirmed on the switch.

No. 255188


Honestly it's worth it to play Earthbound at least once, the way the game functions is a bit unique and I adore the enemy designs. Plus talking to all the NPCs is interesting. I have had to play it a few times because I lost my save ages ago back on my old PC with formatting and reinstalling but I never hated having to replay it.

No. 255189

I LOVE the Yakuza series. I got into it around December and I've been nonstop hooked. The Japanese Yakuza 6 demo is what got me into the series & I've never been more glad. I have all the games minus the Fist of the North Star spin-off and beaten 7 games so far. Yakuza 0, 2, and Ishin are my favorite in the series. I'm still going back and playing games I already beat since there's still tons of content to complete, like I have 100 hours put into 5 and I've only completed 28% of the game, story finished. I really wish Kenzan and Ishin were translated, fingers crossed one day they rerelease them for PS4/PS5 and the US team jumps on it.

No. 255205

Switch is handheld, also this: >>255160

No. 255238

It has great music, too.

No. 255563

It's so fun! I'm enjoying 6 so much, there's endless stuff to do.
Would it be worth checking out the older games? If so, what ones are your fave suggestions anon?

No. 255926

File: 1528021969920.jpg (264.48 KB, 1920x1080, Fortnite/battle-royale/fortnit…)

I recently started playing Fortnite and I'm super addicted already. Never cared much about online games, but I tried Far Cry 5‘s multiplayer after finishing the game (I love that one as well btw) and realized that playing with/against others can be fun. Fortnite looked a bit tacky at first and the community can be cringy (annoying little boys screaming into their mics), but I like the gameplay and I also like Epic Games (especially because of Gears of War).

I guess this will keep me occupied for a while. Another game I'm really excited for is Story of Seasons (ex Harvest Moon) for Switch! Finally a reason to get the Switch tbh!

No. 255942

File: 1528036075901.jpg (31.38 KB, 720x418, screen-shot-2018-02-06-at-10-5…)

Is anyone else a bit hyped for E3?
I confess I got bamboozled by the fake leak, but I'm still hoping some of it's true.

No. 255947

i'm excited about nintendo, but not if it's going to be 15 minutes of smash, 10 minutes of mario tennis, and no animal crossing.

No. 256066

File: 1528080799883.jpg (37.02 KB, 600x400, punymortals.jpg)

So I have a super nostalgia boner for Katamari Damacy, so I decided to get Katamari Forever for PS4 and holy shit it's actually kind of harder than I remember?
Am I just not good at games?

No. 256071

I haven't played in ages so I can't answer your question, sorry anon. But man do I love the soundtrack to the series

No. 256077

Oh god if there is more than like 5 minutes of Mario Tennis I will be so mad. I remember when that one Direct was pretty much a long MT commercial and I almost closed out of it.

No. 256202



I'm actually a bit curious about the upcoming smash for some reason? But on the other side I don't really care that much about Mario Tennis or more Splatoon stuff. It's been promoted for so long that I hope that we get to see more stuff that can be exited about like of course animal crossing for example. Or reveal what Retro is working on, some Metroid trailer that is more than just a logo, hell even more about Yoshi? Something that could make people excited about when Smash/Mario Tennis etc. isn't your case.

>tfw they announce ANIMAL CROSSING and then it's Amiibo Festival 2 lmao

No. 256687

What about CS?? I like to play this legendary game with my friends. We decided to play against others teams on https://dreamteam.gg/csgo/teams It is special platform for gamers on CS:GO. You can find there many teams of players. I think it is good way to prepare for different CS:GO competitions in the future.

No. 258366

So what are your thoughts on recent teaser trailers with E3 and all?

I was so disappointed with DMC5, at least it's not anything like DcM but it just looks like less of a trash. The song was shit and the trailer left so much to be desired. Not to mention that annoying female character that made me cringe. I hope that the gameplay is fun, otherwise it looks like shit and from the current reactions everyone's eating it too.

Cyberpunk 2077 got me hyped, I like the low life high tech thing that they managed to capture, because in Blade Runner 2049 retards somehow think that night + neon colors + robots is all there is to cyberpunk.

Lastly, Sekiro:Shadows Die Twice seems promising. Admittedly, I'm a FS fan but the trailer looked good and I'm glad they're not milking the DS series anymore.

No. 258367


EA was a fucking joke lmao
Just watched it out of curiosity and it was pretty much over an hour about nothing lmao

Can't wait for Nintendo tho.

No. 258369

I was thoroughly unimpressed by everything I saw yesterday, but then again I only like weeb games.

Does anyone know someone funny who's streaming it? I settled for metokur yesterday and he was boring as shit. Said pretty much nothing save for some shitty /pol/ memes. Is etika streaming it and if so, is he more entertaining?

No. 258376

Om my god yes. I couldn't wait to get home from work to watch the dmc trailer and it was just…so disappointing. If I hadn't played the reboot I would've had no idea it was a dmc game. The music, setting, monsters and characters just don't look right? Also the mechanical arm? What's up with that?

I'm still keeping my hopes up, I liked the reboot somewhat, it wasn't a "real" dmc game but it was okay, but this…man.

Looking forward to Cyberpunk, The Walking Dead S4 and The Wolf Among Us…also Metro looks nice.

No. 258377

just watch the official streams.

i'm so angry about that and then the dev came up and said they basically killed the old series.

No. 258387

I like the commentary, it's even more boring without it

No. 258389

File: 1528730789259.jpg (22.79 KB, 500x254, nero-devil-may-cry-4-30453242-…)

They sure did.

I've rewatched the trailer again only to realize that that's Nero?? Lmao, explains the arm then. But jesus that face, why are they making all the characters look so damn ugly

No. 258390

> The Wolf Among Us
Holy shit? There's The Wolf Among Us 2?
I can't believe I completely missed that. Thanks anon!

And yes, DMC5 was a huge let down. Like you said, it doesn't even feel much like a DMC game anymore, except for the protag sporting a long coat and the white haircut.

I thought I was the only one that was disappointed, the response was in general favorable.

He was such a qt, RIP.

No. 258420

how did everyone feel about square enix e3 conference? kinda bland to me.

No. 258423

boring as fuck, they should've stayed home/10. didn't even bother to show a new KH trailer… that was the same one Microsoft showed yesterday.

No. 258425

octopath traveler looks cute. i'm a sucker for pretty looking turn based jrpgs. also interested in that new platinum game for the sole reason that its platinum. is it true ff7 remake is saved for sony conference?

not even a KH fan but i feel pretty bad for people who are looking forward to the game. at this points its like dangling carrots

No. 258427

not happy at all no ff7 and only 2 new games plus reused trailers. e3 2018: lets sell microsoft all our trailers edition.

atleast sony later will be a fun watch. and nintendo tomorrow best not disappoint.

No. 258430

File: 1528739798566.jpg (33.19 KB, 320x320, Ight im gonna use the summonin…)

agreed anon. also there are rumors that they will be unveiling new zelda game at the nintendo e3 conference, seems a bit too early for a new game? BOTW JUST came out last year and there was DLC somewhat recently so i'm doubtful

No. 258435

As a FFXIV player I'm jazzed about the Monster Hunter crossover but that was about it.

No. 258493

who here hype for tlou2

No. 258542

Yet another boring conference, expecting the same from the PC gaming show. Nintendo better not disappoint tomorrow.

If we don't get animal crossing or something SMT related on switch and sony shows miku in any way, shape, or form, they win e3 by default for me.

No. 258547

im not even bothering with the PC gaming show. i am looking forward to sony's conference tonight. i know it'll never happen but i've heard very very vague (and probably fake) rumors about a dark cloud 3 and i would die of happiness if that ends up happening. not expecting it though

No. 258563

I'm absolutely shocked Square didn't tease more KH or FF7. Maybe Sony will do it today?

I saw a teaser playthrough of Spyro and when the guy asked Toys for Bob what systems it would be on he said "PS4 and Xbox One, gotta get that high resolution" and the guy asked "Switch" and he came so close to confirming it before saying essentially "no comment right now"

I want Nintendo to talk about Spyro, whatever Crash announcement they're waiting on releasing apparently, Animal Crossing, Pokemon, Splatoon, Smash, and Dragon Quest.
I remember hearing DQ will get a later release, but I still want to hear it's coming
And PLEASE leave Mario Tennis at home

No. 258564

oh, and DB Fighter Z.

No. 258580

File: 1528766509373.jpg (7.68 KB, 228x222, 1512951520088.jpg)


No. 258581

Last of Us part 2 smelt like shitty forced diversity with a hint of pandering to neckbeards with lesbian fetishes. Ugh.

No. 258586

File: 1528769527264.gif (1.7 MB, 500x278, anigif_enhanced-4056-140837391…)

ugh the lack of release dates

No. 258587

File: 1528770422289.jpg (55.04 KB, 940x619, LOOK WHAT YOU DID.jpg)

No. 258591

okay i am a big kojima fan. but i'm getting annoyed at with the lack of a release date and i'm afraid it'll be like phantom pain all over again where the hype is so fucking big that the final end result will not deliver.

ghost of tsushima looks pretty cool and so does RE 2 remake.

not a devout KH fan, but all the trailers for KH 3 is making me want to get back into the series

No. 258593

eh i didnt think the diversity was as forced as some of the stuff shown at ubisoft. plus the first last of us was fairly diverse enough that it doesnt seem as ham fisted

No. 258594

Noticed on their schedule tomorrow that it said "Square Enix Game" in one of the slots
My money is on FF7

No. 258596

KH3 is making me want to go out an get a PS4 tbh, that LE one was slick.

No. 258599

RE remake looks great but holy shit i don't care how long death stranding takes. can't rush art.

No. 258600

File: 1528772315781.jpg (170.26 KB, 1257x613, untitled.jpg)

meh overall, but I'm exited about re2 remake.

why didn't square enix show that new kh trailer though? and was that mitsuru kirijo's english va in the spiderman game??

No. 258601

i know. i know. i'm just worried about the hype being too big. i had to learn that the hard way with TPP unfortunately and i still havent recovered from how much of a let down that game was.

i am genuinely excited about the gameplay. i was watching someone stream + commentate and everyone was saying that gameplay looks bad, there's a lack of combat, they arent showing the monsters, etc. but i feel like thats whats making the game more interesting as of now, that lack of unknown.

No. 258604

Only thing I found interesting was Babylon's Fall. Not really a fan of FF, KH, or that dumbass Captain whatever Life is Strange bullshit.

I hated that I already knew that Fallout 76 was gonna be a bummer. I think everyone more or less felt that way. Building settlements was the least interesting thing about FO4 (for me at least) so having a game where this mechanic is at the forefront is just…idk, dissapointing. Just gonna wait and watch like everyone else, I guess.

No. 258606

Anybody here tried Vampyr?
I was excited to play it as I fell in love with Life is Strange recently, but after 2 hours uninstalled the game. It's well done but the plot does not interest me enough to sink 60-100+ hours into it… Worried that it picks up later on, but overall feel pretty meh. Shame as I would love a spiritual succesor to Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines.

No. 258607

Death Stranding looks so boring. I guess I'm not the demographic for it. I'm not a fan of games that try super hard with weird imagery and symbolism so the story from what we've seen so far is just eh. I love Norman Reedus though so I may try it out just for him. I also want to support Kojima
The Last of Us 2 trailer was disappointing. The gameplay was ok but that opening cutscene sucked.
KH3 looks cool and I'm pumped for RE2 remake. Hopefully that rumor of classic camera is true. People say it's confirmed but I can't find any sources

Nintendo better not disappoint.

No. 258613

>Classic camera
The e3 comment guys were talking about about how it's RE4-style shoulder camera, not sure if that's what you meant

No. 258623

I'm not even sure what to make of Deaths Stranding with all that we've been shown so far. Is that the point or am I dense?

No. 258624

Death* Stranding, fug

No. 258639

File: 1528786599319.gif (1.95 MB, 500x281, tumblr_nz8bsfA9Sl1v10ftpo1_500…)

Do you guys think it's worth it to buy a PS Vita just for remote play? I want to finish Yakuza 0 but playing games while lying in bed is so comfy, nothing else compares. I've just been mindlessly playing 3DS games while lying down.

No. 258654

kinda but it all depends on how strong your internet connection is. I tried to use remote play to try out monster hunter world and it was stuttering a lot because of shit wifi or something else. And it also depends on the game because some games dont translate too well with VITA controls

No. 258675

I just went to visit /v/ and got disappointed by the amount of threads with "gurrrls destroy everything. guurls ruined the video games industry". Also, the hate against strong female protags.

I've been playing video games ever since I was a kid in 90s and I know other girls that like to play vidya without being vocal about it or doing it for attention. I guess what irks me the most is that their reasoning is that women can't have their own interests because everything we do is for attention. Idk why it gets me everytime. I just wonder how many gusy think like that outside of imageboards.

Anyhow, I found this jewel called Sable, and I really liked the art style of it, so I was thinking that some of you may appreciate it as well.

I'm hyped for quite a number of games, which makes me happy because I feared that I lost my love for vidya but Cyberpunk 2077, Sekiro, Death Stranding among others are titles that make me look forward. I wish there were estimated release dates, even if just approximate.

Btw, is getting PS4 Pro worth it if I already own PS4? Is the difference that stark?

Also, what do you think of Déraciné by From Soft?


It gave me some serious Rule of Rose vibes, so I'm getting myself a VR set.

No. 258689

The anti-women/gay/non-whitey threads are not surprising, but holy fuck, I can't tell if the "Cyberpunk 2077 is not cyberpunk because there's sunlight" threads and posts are bait or genuine idiocy right now.

No. 258691

It's not like the difference between the Xbone and the Xbone X, but it's still a noticeable improvement. There's some sales going on right now you might be able to get one lower before the rush around the holidays.

No. 258697

> Cyberpunk 2077 is not cyberpunk because there's sunlight

Same. I think it started as a joke but then some people started taking it seriously and adopted it as a part of a group think. I wouldn't be surprised if it was genuine idiocy considering the amount of /r9k/ and /pol/tards contaminating other boards.

That's a nice sale, yeah I think I will. I'm not going anywhere for holidays, might as well treat myself. Thanks anon.

No. 258705

/v/ is full of incels

I really interested in Cyberpunk 2077 too, are they releasing any gameplay footage?

That Deracaine game looks so amazing, too bad I'm a poorfag and can't afford VR set.

No. 258712

File: 1528810185975.jpg (8.46 KB, 225x225, 1527483574166.jpg)

>mfw they're FINALLY releasing Cyberpunk 2077
Holy shit, I've been waiting for it for years and they're finally doing it. I'm moved

No. 258713

sable looks amazing. at first the art style really turned me off, but i'm starting to find it pretty interesting now.

No. 258729

File: 1528818131841.jpg (72.19 KB, 1241x902, IMG_20180611_173732.jpg)

Excited as fuck for nintendo, but I really, really hope they don't dedicate 80% of the time to smash

No. 258731

File: 1528818298252.gif (443.84 KB, 187x134, tumblr_lnus0jZ1Kw1qdmbr2.gif)


The HYPE is so real right now. Tbh I don't know what to expect and I hope for at least one big surprise tbh

No. 258732

Same, but at the same time I'm worried I'll be disappointed by the eventual Pokemon gen8 part of the presentation. I hope there will be news about SMT5 and Bayonetta 3.

No. 258734

I doubt we'll hear about smt5. They said they were only going to talk about games coming out this year and games coming out in 2019+ on a later date. Production on smt5 only started a month or two before the teaser trailer was released (little over a year ago?), so it's probably not ready for this year.

I wonder if jack frost in smash will ever be possible…

No. 258739

Awwwwh no Animal Crossing :(

No. 258742

File: 1528822158732.png (210.71 KB, 719x707, download2.png)

>mfw that was the only thing I really wanted and i hate ssb
Excited about xenoblade and fire emblem, but there was no cute shit.

No. 258758

You were right, nothing about SMT5.

I didn't really expect anything regarding Animal Crossing and I'm still surprised nothing happened.

No. 258785

File: 1528831341247.gif (1.77 MB, 168x132, tumblr_inline_pa80kpzUIw1trhcr…)

Went in expecting new games and left with 40 minutes worth of info on dumb ass SSB and Donkey Kong's expressions

No. 258787

this whole e3 was lame smh

No. 258800

Aren't they scheduled to show more at 5 and 2? It probably won't be much more at least there's that

Eh, at least Fighter Z was finally confirmed

No. 258803

File: 1528835263312.jpg (27.09 KB, 600x325, 1528833518713.jpg)

I'm so hyped for CP2077


I want a release date NOW

No. 258806

File: 1528835389209.jpg (100.35 KB, 800x1200, cyberbf.jpg)

tfw no cyber bf
At least, I'll be able to create my own husbando.

No. 258809

File: 1528837381082.jpg (164.65 KB, 786x1024, IMG_1891.JPG)

I work at a goodwill type place and run games/comics for adults, we actually got the Cyberpunk 2020 tabletop in some months ago which i was living for. SO TO MY SURPRISE it was literally a foreshadowing when I see the Cyberpunk 2077 trailer like 8years or something after they released a teaser that was forgotten in the ether until a collegue of mine mentioned it when we talked about the trailer.
Haven't been this hyped for a big title in a w h i l e.

No. 258817

I haven't played video games in forever because of school and work but my last faves have been Persona 5, Mario Odyssey, and Hey! Pikmin.

I'm not into hardcore shooters.

No. 258837

I hope the vidya doesn't completely recreate CP2020, by modern standards that game is pretty bad

No. 258901

CD Projekt Red has done a pretty good job adapting older works. I just got into the Witcher series a few months ago and their adaptation works so well. I have pretty good faith in them. The writer for CP2020 seems to be giving them lots of fluidity as well, he's enjoying how the team is working with him.
I will admit, a lot of the lingo they're using on social media right now is Battletoads hardcore fan tier cringe, but I hope there's a good reason.

No. 259469

What do you guys have on PO? Or intend to buy?

I only have a Switch, so I've got Crash, Smash, Fighter Z, and Taiko Drum Master on PO. Waiting for Okami to go up on the eshop so I can order that too.

I don't particularly like download games, but I don't think it's worth the import in this case, since I know I'll like it

I'm super wibbly about the new Let's Go games – the Go part of it isn't appealing to me as a console game

No. 260046

Anyone interested in a thread specifically for visual novels?

No. 260047


i would be! i've been looking to play more of them lately, and i'm sure some other anons would like that thread too

No. 260150

Yeah, it seemed so forced. It didn't feel like Ellie is a lesbian just because she is a lesbian, it felt like they were going out of their way to be like "look at us and how inclusive we are, shocked you real good with lesbians". Couldn't they have made a sweet, natural kissing scene, and not one that felt like pandering to tumblr and neckbeards.

Plus, she doesn't even look like an older Ellie, she looks like a completely different character. They changed her face too much.

No. 260261

I don't know why everyone(read /v/) is so upset about the kiss. You have all these games that pander to guys with near naked women with no questioning whether it belongs in a game and for once there's like a non porn lesbian couple kissing on the screen with this ridiculous outrage.

So what it they put that lesbian kiss for appearing inclusive? It's not like games never do things to appeal to a certain type of audience.

You don't have to like the game or the change of Ellie's character, I just wish you and the rest would be honest and admit that you don't like non sexualised female characters in your game because if it were two bimbos making out then no one would have complained.

No. 260262

pandering to…neckbeards? honey, neckbeards aren't getting off to ellie

No. 260458

File: 1529245374947.png (300.68 KB, 636x556, 1461700534927.png)

It has been since the beginning of January since I last played anything. I had a lot of free time but I couldn't get myself to turn on my 3DS. I have a bunch of DS and 3DS games I want to beat but I just don't have the motivation for my hobbies in general. Did it ever happen to any of you? How do I find the motivation to beat the games I have in my backlog, especially long games like JRPGs?

No. 260477

Personally im above the moon that for once a studio doesnt just do a gay stint for ~charcter development~ but actually kept it part of her. Im more tired of all these overhyped small kisses/interactions between same sex characters (usually background characters not even mains) thats supposed to be so groundbreaking but really mostly just safe pandering. I also dont understand what the fuck people mean by ellie didn't seem/feel gay like what the fuck is she supposed to do roll up as a kid with a leather vest asking if somebody needs help building a cat shelter??
This is an instance where i feel people yell pandering just because its just a gay character and people are so tired of the troons and tumblr culture they forget that not every gay character made is a big money scheme, especially considering Ellie isn't overly sexualised nor did their trailers aim for any real focus on relationship drama besides making an enticing intro to their game.
(If pandering is on the menu hit up Square Enix and life is strange thats so obviously pandering but people keep blowing it up everyones ass for being so deep, real and lgb open yet the moment the DLC with Ellies first kiss came out people lost their shit like how fucking dare Naughty Dog have a downloadable story to venture into some of Ellies past/relationships without burdening you or the main plot compared to literally playing Degrassi: Square enix edition)

No. 260517

I really like the look of Ellie in The Last of Us 2. The shot in the trailer where she smiles at the girl after the kiss is my favourite, it's so hard to describe what I mean, but it feels so genuine and gentle.

I think it might be because both girls remind me of some of my own friends both in their looks and manners. It's so nice to see people that look like people in a video game, for once.

No. 260521

This was me for a few years tbh. I don't know how I got my funk back, but I started playing the Yakuza series. It really helped with my focusing issues because of all the side shit you can do in between the main story. You might just need to start playing more games with less linear paths, like more open world games. Maybe checkout different genres of games as well, probably burnt out from playing too many JRPGs at once? Maybe not too many for you, but our brains are weird like that. Hopefully you can play JRPGs again after a few weeks of playing something else!

No. 260566

I see, the last few games I bought that weren't JRPGs are easy nintendo platform games so I think I'll start playing them soon and alternate between JRPGs and other shorter games. I'll tell you if it works on me. I thought about it a little more and I think I don't play video games as much as I used to in the past because of college and work. These last months I only worked part-time so that's why I had free time but the habit of not indulging in my hobbies because it wasn't a priority must have stuck somehow I supposed.

No. 265265

Do any anons play WoW? I haven't really since wrath but lately I've been leveling a few characters up with the free trial and I'm getting to urge to resub. It's just so fucking comfy and nice to for something to do with my hands while I watch TV on another monitor. But from what I can tell there's so much new content and I've forgotten so much, I was never very good to begin with so I feel like I might lose interest if it's too much of a slog.

No. 265318

You could try Guild Wars 2 since it's way more casual, no real grinding and the game doesn't force you to change gear every few updates. You also don't feel like you're being left out or missing anything after not playing for a few days/months

No. 266869

Any farmers play splatoon? I just bought a switch + the game and im kind of obsessed with it.

No. 266906

File: 1531185484223.jpg (41.32 KB, 432x500, hellokitty.jpg)

I've got an unstoppable urge to buy a gameboy color or pocket. And I want one in very good condition with all the box stuff or one still in the box. I'm also finding about stuff like the GameBoy Light and other exclusives Japan got, like this Hello Kitty version. This itch won't stop.

No. 266969

File: 1531205998524.jpg (16.48 KB, 501x334, sim.jpg)

god that looks so cute.

my boyfriend and i are looking to buy the AGS-101 Gameboy Advance SP, that's the one that has a backlit LCD screen instead of the little lights coming from the sides. they look so crisp compared to the older versions.

Also for some odd reason I really want the McDonalds version DSi…

No. 268567

File: 1531723659849.gif (393.92 KB, 500x306, tumblr_m23odqnTR41qjlwa8o1_r1_…)

I just bought an Xbox one a week ago with a copy of Grand Theft Auto V! I want to use gaming to meet people and make friends, but it's kind of hard finding people to play with. Everyone I already jnow who has an Xbox… doesn't have GTAV, despite the fact that I bought it because when I asked them about the games they like the most, GTAV was the one everyone kept saying they spend the most time playing. I downloaded Life is Strange, which is keeping me a little busy since I never did finish the game the first time I played it, but I'm already getting bored with it. Gaming just isn't as stimulating and entertaining as it used to be or maybe I just need different games? I loved Portal, Limbo, Monument Valley and other puzzle games, mission based games aren't really my thing honestly but I was drawn to GTA because of the online play ability.

No. 268637

File: 1531736578653.jpg (68.09 KB, 553x640, s-l640.jpg)

I feel you anon. I want to get every single consoled released in a Hello Kitty version…

No. 281944

File: 1534581551360.jpg (28.43 KB, 550x474, 6290575_sd.jpg)

fuccck that's cute

has anyone else heard about the 500m celebration translucent ps4 pro?

I'm trying to figure out how to prepare to get this thing, since it's only 50,000 units worldwide and europe already put out preorders on amazon or something

I see a best buy listing not up yet

anyone else have info though?

No. 281954

I got a kawaii rose gold DS lite to play my GBA games on for $45. >DSlite forever

No. 281991

For some reason I just really hate the clamshell design. All of them break making it useless.

No. 282015

File: 1534611390203.jpg (103.85 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Yeah and the 2DS looks like an oversized brick
I miss how old consoles look, specially those ones that were transparent and you could see all the wiring

No. 282020

aww, I had that hello kitty party game as a kid

No. 282042

god its so pretty ;-;

No. 282072

File: 1534622838796.png (10.84 KB, 240x160, 45865-Hello_Kitty_-_Happy_Part…)

omg me too anon. i loved that little pancake mini game

No. 282077

File: 1534623768072.jpg (13.21 KB, 240x171, xtreme_green.jpg)

Opposite for me, I lived for the clamshell

When the advance came out I skipped it for the combo of reasons like "too old for vidya" and "ugly device"

Then the SP came out with the backlight and I was sold. I really need to pick up a 101

Though I will say I absolutely adored my lime green Pocket, it's perfect

No. 282648

File: 1534663297734.jpeg (157.25 KB, 700x394, maxresdefault-2-d5cab098-29b2-…)

So I downloaded Okami for the Switch and was playing it for nostalgia, but I was wondering

Were the outlines always that spazzy? I remember them moving but these jump around so much I was getting a headache

otherwise it's ace, love this game

No. 282666

File: 1534669512490.jpeg (39.88 KB, 600x376, ImgW.jpeg)

God this game reminds me of an updated version of Arthur's Absolutely Fun Day for GBC.

I love transparent cases! I bought myself the GameStop exclusive PS4 controller last year when it was on sale and it's so pretty. I've also seen a blue transparent version of the Hello Kitty Dreamcast.

No. 282685

Do you guys feel like switch has come to replace 3ds? In the newest nintendo convention they only announced new games for switch, not a brief mention of 3ds.

(if they don't make fire emblem three houses for 3ds imma flip)

No. 282692

yes, 3ds is on life support. they are considering a successor to it though http://www.nintendolife.com/news/2018/06/nintendo_is_considering_a_successor_to_the_3ds_according_to_its_new_president

rumor has it it already exists

No. 282717


man, this is exactly why i'm not ready to invest in a switch. i don't want to buy one thinking this what they're planning to position as the next 3ds and then they suddenly announce a new handheld device that is the real successor to the 3ds :(

that being said, if the switch gets animal crossing like we're all anticipating, i will get it 100%

No. 282726

If they do make a ds2.0, there's no way they won't do a wild world/city folk thing where they pretty much release the same game on both consoles. Switch version will come first, marginally different ds2.0 version will come later.

No. 282730

Yeah honestly I really don't wanna drop $300 on a Switch unless there's an Animal Crossing releasing. Tbh Smash U is looking underwhelming and Shin Megami Tensei V is something I'm actually anticipating for, but it's not a console buyer.
Getting the next console Animal Crossing is the reason why I got a Wii U, which I now regret.

No. 282871

I feel like everyone was saying this when the switch originally dropped, and I was even tired of hearing it from my friends

I don't think the Switch is replacing the 3ds. "portability" is one of the selling points, but it is nowhere near the same as a ds. I, and probably others, am afraid to take this thing out and about like I would a ds, and if I'm taking it to a friends, I pack it up in a case and take it over. I wouldn't call this "convenient" really, but it is better than lugging over a regular console.

I agree that the 3ds is dying, and like >>282692 said, I would not be surprised if they're coming out a replacement handheld.

goddamn that's nice

No. 282967

File: 1534718774278.jpg (20.96 KB, 470x470, nintendo-new-2ds-xl-white-lave…)

Well shit, I just bought a new 2ds xl, how fucked am I?

No. 283002

File: 1534725148856.jpg (95.06 KB, 960x400, new_2ds_ll_tpc_pokeball_pikach…)

Why didn't you at least buy the pikachu themed one? Anyways, the 3DS has a strong library and a great hack. Doesn't really matter if no one is making new games for it.

No. 283003

I wouldn't say very fucked, there's a ton of really good console exclusives.

No. 283008


Not anon you're replying to but aren't those Pikachu ones LE? Or am I mistaken?

As for me I've been playing a browser based game called "The Settlers Online." It kind of reminds me of Civilization. I am not usually into these kinds of games but I'm actually enjoying it. I'm hoping to get a new hdd soon for my PC because my last one kicked the bucket very dramatically.

No. 283011

No, I don't think so. You might be mixing it up with the pokeball theme, which was LE.

No. 283059

as the others said, not at all, there are so many good games since this system has been around so long now

even backwards compatibility with all ds games soooo

No. 283322


I actually thought it would be really tacky of me to buy a pokemon themed one when I don't play pokemon games. Cute design though, but if I remember correctly they have made it really overpriced.

No. 283337

only $160 rn

No. 283528

I decided to watch a few cutscene videos to confirm this and it turns out it's something they did for the HD port in general, hm

No. 283686

File: 1534863039486.jpg (262.29 KB, 2048x1152, cyberpunk2077.jpg)

Fingers crossed that CD Project Red will finally release some gameplay on this year's gamescom.

Anyhow, new screenshots have been released on CP2077's twitter,
link here: https://twitter.com/CyberpunkGame/status/1031901080567705603

It gave me serious deus ex vibes and I'm so hyped.

No. 284793

File: 1535119587399.jpg (777.58 KB, 1280x720, DXHR WiiU _City street_1920_KR…)

On that note, are Deus Ex HR and MK actually a cyberpunk setting? I thought about it recently while playing MK. To me it could be described as an anticipation or science-fiction game, but calling it cyberpunk would be a bit too far. Could it be because almost all technologies in the games bar the augmentations are actually feasible and already commercialized?

No. 284838

File: 1535125386398.jpg (177.73 KB, 1280x720, Detroit_concept_3.jpg)

If it isn't cyberpunk then I must have been confused all my life about what cyberpunk really is.

No. 284889

File: 1535130785005.jpg (73.31 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault[1].jpg)

I mean look at that super clean hacking interface, does that look cyberpunk to you? Gimme that green on black confusing cheap computer screen anytime
Shit I remember some people arguing that Cyberpunk 2077 wasn't cyberpunk because some scenes took place during the day, maybe the genre's just evolving beyond the movies that defined it visually

No. 284981

File: 1535140989223.png (445.46 KB, 589x1214, 153r2srx1g311.png)

BuT iT lOoKs LiKe GtA wItH a ReTrO-fUtUrIsTic FiLtEr

Fuck I hate those genre gatekeepers. As if all genres had to be strictly defined boxes.
Yes, every game in the Deus Ex franchise is cyberpunk, even if Deus Ex HR "only" have super advanced physical augmentations and a mega AI powered by human slaves and built by the Illuminati.

No. 284986

File: 1535141923488.png (15.25 KB, 256x224, 35256-Shadowrun_(USA)-6.png)

God I hate the people who think cyberpunk is supposed to be 100% COOL NEON CITY. Check out gameplay of the SNES version of Shadowrun. It's extremely cyberpunk.
I wouldn't be surprised if the developers of CP2077 took a lot of influence from this game. It's gritty, dirty, technological, and I love it. The lingo they use in this game is entertaining as well.

No. 284996

And the trailer is like 95% neon, with punks, advanced technologies, body-mods, and evil corporates.

Is SNES Shadowrun good? I might give it a try.

No. 285018

I personally like it. Most people compare the gameplay like the first Fallout games.
Exploring the area is my favorite aspect and the fact it's real time combat with a cursor makes it a unique experience for me.

No. 285027

it's very worth playing imo

No. 285035

Fuck, I forgot all about this game. Great game.

No. 285329

File: 1535223743961.jpg (38.21 KB, 460x215, header[1].jpg)

Are any of the more recent (except the FPS) Shadowruns any good? I accidently got Returns, Boston and Dragonfall in my Steam library and I need something that doesn't make me feel too guilty of still not finishing my first FO1 game

No. 285369

File: 1535229052364.png (306.97 KB, 694x334, Screenshot_2018-08-25_22-29-36…)

I liked Hong Kong a lot, it has a very nice setting and feel.
I was also playing Dragonfall and it was good but I started getting bored with it and dropped it, I do that with a lot of games though.
I did find HK's story and setting to be a little more interesting.

People generally have negative opinions on Returns and I don't know about Boston.

No. 285419

File: 1535235114052.jpg (194.77 KB, 1920x1080, boston's depth.jpg)

If you play the Returns campaign, the story takes a steep dive 3/4ths of the way in. It might depend on how you feel about being second fiddle to ~iconic~ Shadowrun characters. It's not too long a story though and I'd say the game is fun.
Dragonfall's campaign is a bit long but the story is a good one, I felt. Haven't gotten around to HK yet and Boston Lockdown is a buggy mess from different developers.

No. 286046

Thanks now at least which one I'll store in my "Trash" library category



This looks fucking great

No. 286081

File: 1535397291900.webm (2.25 MB, 640x360, cp2077.webm)

So what did you all think of the fresh cp2077 gameplay?
I loved it, despite the dialogue which was a bit over the top.

Agree, this is the game I'm really looking forward to. I just wish we knew the release date.

No. 286119

Holy shit I completely forgot about this game. A friend and I were looking at previews for this back in 2009 and the devs promised it would be ready by 2012. What an awfully long time.

No. 286157

Yeah the dialogue sounds a bit off, I'm pretty sure it's translated from polish. Maybe I'll just play it with polish voices, I tried it with the witcher 2 and it was surprisingly great

They really nailed the gunfight mechanics and didn't make it feel to rpgey (you can one-shot targets) but I really hope we can use some katanas. The city better be good too

They spent all their ressources on the Witcher 3 instead, which ended up being an excellent decision

No. 286551


Anybody else excited for Two Point Hospital? It's like a remake of Theme Hospital which I loved ~15 years ago, comes out in a couple of days. Pre-ordered on steam but can't wait for it to launch

No. 286599

Oh my god I love theme hospital so much anon thank you for this

No. 286601

I'm really not a fan of 1st person games (especially in a rpg where I will 100% spend more than 1 hour in the character creation screen lol) but I think it's dope. Love the city. I already know I'm gonna spend a lot of time walking/driving around. I wonder if they're gonna put romance options as well

No. 286610

File: 1535465785823.png (325.98 KB, 370x600, Char_profile_meredith.png)

iirc there will be romance options.
What I'd like is that the hacking part gets more refined. I don't want it to be a simple press of a button.
I desperately want to be a netrunner.

Also, I wish I could be like Meredith Stout.

No. 287155

just started this summer. other than being a bit hard to grasp at some points, having to use rl money and pvp sucking balls, it´s really enjoyable. The graphics are great

No. 288069

File: 1535672832847.png (51.35 KB, 400x240, Ever_Oasis-0018_0.png)

Has anyone played Ever Oasis for 3DS?
It's a very good and wholesome game.
You manage your desert oasis and go dungeon explore to get more citizens (all of them very cute), then they can set up shops or go to expeditions depending on the citizen type

No. 288957

File: 1535834321828.jpg (80.84 KB, 660x409, Fire_Emblem_Overview.jpg)

What do you guys think about the Fire Emblem fanarchise? Favourite games?

I recently got into Fates (Conquest/Nohr path). First of all, the strategy aspect of the game is brutal, and I'm playing on Normal mode. I had to reset the game god knows how many times because my units kept falling, the maps were ridiculous. Another thing that had me gasping is that you literally can't grind. How the fuck am I supposed to beat those maps if my units aren't at my desired level? I had to leave out of battle severeal units because the story kept going on and getting more and more hard which lead to them to being underpowered and even outclassed. The only way to possibly grind is to buy DLC maps which I refuse to in order to freaking grind , like, no.

All these downsides led me to chose to play in Phoenix mode (fallen units ressurect with full HP at each turn) which makes me feel like a massive beta but there was no bloody way I could beat this game otherwise, under those conditions.

That's a huge shame because I am a sucker for the aesthetic of Nohr and I prefer the characters and units you get from the Nohr side, specially Effie, Peri and Niles. Also had children with the Butler, kek.

I really hope Birthright is better because I actually enjoy the story of the Nohr/Hoshido war.

No. 288968

I've only played Awakening and Fates (all routes) so I guess I can't speak about the whole franchise but I think I can help. The best way of getting into Fates is in this order Birthright (Hoshido) ->Conquest (Nohr) ->Revelation (Spoiler). Birthright is easier and you can do some level grinding without the DLC for this. Conquest is brutal even on normal, that's the point of the route, but the maps and missions are way more varied than in Birthright so it's still fun. I bought all the DLCs because they were on sales at some point but I never used them in Conquest, and I managed to do some support grinding by doing battles online with people I met on streetpass.

Revelation is shit with shitty plot twists that make the stories in the other routes even more nonsensical, and the actual really interesting aspect of the story are locked behind DLCs anyway. And the most important part is that the maps in Revelation are full of stupid and annoying gimmicks. The localization is trash too because they tried to hard to make the games fit in the T rating in the USA and we're stuck with the same terrible localization decisions in Europe. I think you shouldn't be ashamed of playing on phoenix mode, keep in mind you can still have a game over in theory (Conquest fucking chapter 10). Do you already have Birthright or are you going to download it later?

tldr; Try to do battles online so you can support grind in Conquest and obtain more rare weapons because they're super useful. Try to unlock all of the children this way so you have more maps where you can gain experience, items, money (especially Arthur's son's map) and OP characters, if you use Mozu make her an archer because Niles, who is best boy of Fates, will be your only bow user for a long time.

No. 289557

File: 1535922462843.png (30.4 KB, 112x112, harold.png)

anyone have any pc games to recommend me?
I'm so casual and lame I don't know where to really start.

No. 289567

Skyrim, Dragon Age

No. 289586

It depends, anon. What genres are you into? Get a steam account and start looking at everything. If you can tell us what you like, it'd be easier for us to give recs.

She said she didn't want to be casual and both of these are really boring, coming from someone who loves medieval rpgs.

No. 289587

ignore >>289567 and play puyo puyo tetris

No. 289590

I’ve only played the older ones. I really liked the three games on the GBA ( 6, 7, 8) and I started losing interest in the series with Radiant Dawn

I should probably try the 3DS series but I just don’t like how secondhand video games are around $30+ now.

No. 289591

File: 1535925834734.jpg (13.52 KB, 168x156, 1512708013538.jpg)

fire emblem conquest has one of the worst stories i've ever encountered in a video game. i'd just like to say that i'm still angry about it.

No. 289636


I just finished it today and I felt like I wasted my time.

No. 289642

I'm playing Stardew Valley and it brings me such joy. Its chill but there's a lot to do, so I don't feel bored or unmotivated to make progress. I already have my heart set on marrying Elliott, I need a poet husband

No. 289666

There's a new stardew valley type game coming out called Kynseed just so you know! It's supposed to be better. I hope the romance options are

No. 289683

I've been playing Stardew the past couple of weeks, I really enjoyed it, have about 80 hours logged, but im kind of disappointed by the late game stuff and a lot of elements feel like they weren't really thought out. I don't really like the dungeon/combat stuff which I guess isn't a big deal since you don't really have to do it but it felt unnecessary. Being married and having kids in the game is kinda weird too, they just kinda hang around the house and you don't get much interaction with either. I also find it kinda lame that for most of the events you don't have any incentive to go once you've done it the first time because nothing changes.
It's a great game overall and I don't feel like I wasted my time playing it or anything, just feel like a lot of things could be tweaked to make them much better.

No. 289934

When you play Revelation, Conquest feels even more like shit why the fuck didn't Azura tell anything to Corrin when they were in Valla in Conquest, but in Revelation she does? Because fuck you I guess? At least the supports are good overall, the guys are cute and the gameplay is really great.

No. 289940

One of my favorite franchises ever. Favorite game is probably 7. Fates was alright to me, but I liked Awakening and Valentia better for 3ds games. I never got into Path of Radiance/Radiant Dawn, as I like the handheld console format better. Maybe I'll give it another chance. I'm hoping to eventually have some time to play the older SNES games as well, starting with Geneaology of the Holy War.

No. 290493

File: 1536070258658.gif (7.26 MB, 400x300, doop_1.gif)

Has any other farmer played Night in the Woods and LOVED it?
I know some people laugh at it being a SJW game, but I found it extremely relatable and well-written. I felt like the characters were real people and not just SJW stereotypes for representation. For example, I loved how normal the gay couple was presented. They were just two guys in relationship; each had their own quirks and issues. There was nothing obnoxious ('OMG LOOK AT THOSE PRECIOUS SMALL BEANS!!! SO GAAAAY') about it or the plot revealing that the protagonist is bisexual. I loved the art, the music, the mood of run-down city… Everything felt so real and non-forced to me. I feel like replaying the game on a non-laggy computer. On another note, can anyone recommend something similar? I have already played LiS and even Before the Storm. I heard that Oxenfree might be similar a bit, but I'm put off by the teenage drama (maybe I'm wrong?).

I never was into media featuring anthro animals, but NitW and Bojack Horseman changed that (though I'm not and never will be a furry, kek).
If you know any other media like this, feel free to rec too.

No. 290526

I really enjoyed it too! The dialogue felt believable. It has the kind of dialogue I wish Life is Strange had. And as someone who played all the games you talked about, I really suggest Oxenfree. It's not too heavy on teenage drama from what I remember? It was really interesting.

No. 290532

Thank you, I will check Oxenfree after playing NitW once more. That game is so comfy and perfect for Autumn!

I liked LiS but it took me some time to play it because the forced teenspeak sort of turned me off. I ended up loving the game. Before the Storm was so much weaker though. The writing felt even more cringy than in the original games.
I found the scene with the Shakespeare play where you help your friend and can fuck-up the lines strangely similar to the one in NitW. Maybe that's just a weird coincidence.

I've heard that Kentucky Route Zero is similar in some way to Night in the Woods, but I have not played it yet, so I cannot confirm.

No. 290533

I loved Night in the woods. It could easily have been cringy, but it was done so well. The soundtrack is so nice and comfy to listen to as well!

No. 290580

File: 1536087630241.jpg (185.13 KB, 1000x1001, ktsT1vrf52jo4_1280.jpg)

oh my god yes! I loved it tbh, like you said the characters were very believable and I strongly disagree with those people that claim OH its an SJW game~.
It's a really charming game and I love the soundtrack to death. I think it's a fantastic game to play in the fall.

No. 290700

Maybe not the most similar and it is a visual novel but I looved VA-11 Hall-A: Cyberpunk Bartender and the atmosphere in it. Definitely recommend giving it a try

No. 292316

File: 1536323933104.jpg (192.39 KB, 493x546, 1528807863596.jpg)

It has been months since I played video games and I feel like getting back into it. I love Pokemon but I never had the opportunity to complete a pokedex. I think I'll try this time by downloading Pokemon Blue and Pokemon Gold on the 3DS as well as the pokebank, completing them and transferring all of my pokemon from all the games in either Pokemon Sun or Pokemon Ultra Moon. Did anyone try this? How long do you think it will take, given that transferring from gen 4 to gen 5 is incredibly annoying?

Obviously after that I'll try to trade online and hatch eggs once that's done.

No. 292449

Honestly the new games make it so easy to trade for pokemon I've got so many duplicates of legendaires etc. I'd only keep pokemon between gsmes if they're properly trained for battling, otherwise you'd probably have more fun playing scratch in a new gen

No. 292462

At first I hated IA/VT colorful, but it's honestly really cute and some of these songs are good. Wish the switch had more rhythm games… I've been thinking about buying Splatoon 2 just to play the rhythm game in it.

No. 292475

>you'd probably have more fun playing scratch in a new gen
Sure, you're right actually because I nearly completed the Alola pokedex in Sun without transferring from previous games and it was really fun, the only pokemon I need are the ones who only evolve by trading while they're holding special items so it's a pain in the ass. But I'm trying to get some pokemon that are hard or impossible to get from the previous games such as the starters for example, which I'll trade online, and the legendaries for the most part. Also, I'm an idiot because I completely forgot that Game Freak was distributing legendaries this year so I'll have to trade to get the ones from versions I don't have.

No. 292510

Night in the Woods anon here. I love VA-11 Hall-a! I have started playing it a year ago on a laggy netbook and reached like halfway point (or maybe more?). I will have to start from the scratch because I spent too much money and will not be able to pay rent. This game is amazing, love all the characters and the oldschool art.


Semi-related… I want to get back into Pokémon too. Do I buy myself a 3DS or a Switch? I am really excited about the Let's Go Eevee game because I could never appreciate the newer games as much as the classic gen. Recently I tried to play Black and White and it did not pull me in… I played like 6 hours and stopped. Idk why.
What are other great games on Switch?

No. 292530

I liked Pokemon White and Black 2 but I felt like they were very different from the rest of the series, I don't how to explain why though. But overall it really felt like a soft-reboot.
>I tried to play Black and White and it did not pull me in… I played like 6 hours and stopped. Idk why.
I found the start of BW very slow too but after you reach that one city that's kind of like New York it gets better imo. I felt like Pokemon X and Pokemon Sun were more similar to the rest of the series with pokemon from all gens being readily available for you and even just the atmosphere of these games. Playing Sun reminded me of Colosseum because of the 3d models. I think buying a 3DS in general is a good idea if you like nintendo in general because it has a very good catalogue.

>I am really excited about the Let's Go Eevee game because I could never appreciate the newer games as much as the classic gen

That's kind of the reverse for me, I played the original game (each version, multiple times) as a kid and Fire Red way too much, I don't think I'll actually buy this one.

No. 292643

Pokemon Black and White were hard for me to get into too. It gets better after a couple hours. I remember noticing how the encounter rate was higher than past games. It was frustrating.

No. 292922

File: 1536419214853.jpg (121.28 KB, 1280x1042, tumblr_pao29bq5IU1rhtvijo1_128…)

Do you guys think Fire Emblem is a noob-friendly game? I was quite fascinated when it first came out but dont have any means to play it until now when i got my frist console ever~yay! Its the new 2ds xl btw

No. 292935

Hack your console and try it for free, nothing to lose lol. Anyway FE is fun enough and as a fellow noob I had no issues with it. It's heavy on the story, which I wasn't that much into, but the actual gameplay was nice

No. 292937

Yes. Even if some of the levels are hard, they have noob friendly options like having your team ressurect after they die, etc. I sometimes play on noob modes when I'm more interested in the story over the challenge of the gameplay.

No. 293003


The FE fanarchise is a tough one as a whole but there are several begginer friendly games and since you have a 2ds i'd recommend getting Awakening and playing it on easy/normal whatever it's called mode. If you are interested after it you can go for the rest tittles for the 3ds just steer clear from Conquest, leave it last I'd say.

No. 293036

File: 1536445512518.jpg (22.72 KB, 500x365, pink vita.jpg)

I'm obsessed with cute consoles that I go out of my way to buy them when I don't really play the games that come with them. i bought this pink and white vita and it is sitting on my shelf but I can't get rid of it or i will want to buy it again! I play it occasionally to justify the purchase but it was more of an aesthetic reason

No. 293037

File: 1536445910022.jpg (2.32 KB, 225x225, pink ds.jpg)

I also bought the older 3DSXL (pictured ) even though its clonky af but they don't make the new ones in cute color schemes! I have a white PS4 and am currently customizing my nintendo switch with a white shell.

No. 293041

File: 1536446505812.jpg (54.7 KB, 500x500, tumblr_nlf7fdupbn1qdhs82o1_500…)

the regular sized new 3ds is the best looking console nintendo has ever made and it can pull off multiple different cute looks due to the changeable face plates, but go off.

No. 293049

i literally forgot that existed but am seeing they don't make the smaller one anymore? :( They still make the XL ones oof why does everyone want huge items.

Other than that has anyone played Spider-Man yet? I keep seeing memes with the selfie mode and I'm very excited to try it out!

No. 293060

just find a happy home designer n3ds bundle. it comes with the white n3ds, hhd, the isabelle plates, and some shitty hhd plates too.

No. 293078

Are those JP versions only? because i'd be willing to buy them if you ever decide to sell. So cute

No. 293174

File: 1536479976202.jpg (12.52 KB, 300x300, s-l300.jpg)

>mfw the European pink 3DSXL is in hot pink and not pastel at all

No. 293323

File: 1536510767222.jpg (38.74 KB, 600x378, 161227025531319915.jpg)

btw you have these cat paw analog covers, right? no point in owning a vita without them.

No. 293455

Anon, get yourself a cheap SD2VITA for ~$5, a microSD card with 120GB or 256GB, install h-encore homebrew, download some roms, and get the pkgj app!
I bought a Vita last year and didn't expect the end of it's lifeline to come so quick.
I've installed quite a bit of roms and games on mine and I have my Vita on me everywhere I go now. One thing I like is that you can also play certain PS1 games in eboot format and all the PSP games. There's emulators for other consoles as well, but they're kinda weak. seriously though I'm enjoying purchasing this console now since the battery lasts so long compared to 3DS.
I still need to get some nice analog covers. They do make a difference haha

No. 293492

I haven't really gamed in months. My old PC died and I couldn't afford parts but one of my online friends I've known for years sent me his old parts since he just upgraded his PC. I only need a hard drive which is arriving Monday hopefully (my old hdd is fucked up.)

I'm looking forward to getting into the Witcher 1 and 2, Diablo 2, just really everything that's been sitting in my steam library for months

No. 293494


No. 293499

Anon PLEASE post pics of your modded Switch when done! I really want to mod my switch up in a cute pastel pink theme as well but I’m not sure where to start

No. 293688

File: 1536580275326.png (100.4 KB, 1280x805, 1491504797.kaedekuyuki_night_i…)

I just wanted to say thank you so much for bringing up Night in the woods, anon!
After looking up the trailer I bought it immediately and I absolutely love it!
Without you I would've probably never known about it!

No. 293766

File: 1536584152614.jpeg (80.43 KB, 320x320, 8A495B99-1C54-4E15-A2DF-7B05A2…)

Does anyone have any animal crossing alternatives? I’m dying for a new game 😕 I don’t like pocket camp. I got bored of happy home designer. I’ve played new leaf too long that it’s getting stale, hacked just for the heck of it. I tried stardew valley but it stressed me out too much with the stamina bar.

No. 293832

unfortunately no. so much so that i bought a used copy and made a 2nd town to quell the urge.

No. 293833

How about tomodachi life?

No. 293837

File: 1536589413315.jpg (74.96 KB, 1280x720, NekoTomo.jpg)

Neko Tomo is coming out soon on nintendo switch. It's in japanese though and I doubt it will get an english release

Harvest Moon: Light of Hope is good too, if you like farming and stuff (why wouldn't you if you're on lc?)

No. 293839

Adding project mirai deluxe (on 3DS) to this because that worked for me. The games aren't much alike at all, but you get to chill out with nendo style hatsune miku and play a piss easy rhythm game. The songs are so fucking choice, this has the best st of any console miku game that isn't future tone imo. Also, it has puyo in it.

No. 293857

File: 1536593659449.jpg (64.43 KB, 643x362, 643x0w.jpg)

Check out Seabeard for ios/android! It looks like Windwaker and has the pirate/sea theme of it, but with gameplay close to Animal Crossing. I have not yet played it a lot, but it looks promissing.

No. 293860

Too lay to delete my previous post but also check out this list http://www.pocketgamer.co.uk/r/iPhone/Animal+Crossing+Pocket+Camp/feature.asp?c=75789

Castaway Paradise sounds like something you would enjoy - I will have to check it out if its available on android.

No. 294032

Anybody else excited for Project Judge? I got to download the demo and it was pretty short. I enjoyed the fighting styles, too. I'm surprised it's releasing so quickly.

No. 294186

File: 1536665993167.png (12.35 KB, 256x384, 42652-menu-Enchanted-Folk-and-…)

Try Enchanted Folk and the School of Wizardry!! (it's called Magician's Quest: Mysterious Times in NA)it's super similar to AC and it's for the DS. You can play it on an emulator too pretty easily.

No. 294302

NTAYRT but thank you!!! I have just purchased a Nintendo DS lite and Im looking for quality games to try, especially the cute, less known ones.
Do you have any other recs? Im especially interested in plot heavy or cute games, like RPG, visual novel, but also survival horror.

No. 294306

Can't wait for the new tomb raider

No. 294355

File: 1536684321767.png (90.26 KB, 250x188, 5bca748adfca52dccd1b619eaf5842…)

I really like miwashiba's stuff. I played 1bit heart a year or so ago and I really loved it and I've finally gotten around to playing LiEat and I just love the whole soft sweet feel everything seems to have and how cozy it all is, despite there being themes like murder and whatnot. I love the themes, the art and the characters and to top it all off, miwashiba seems like a cool person too. I kinda want to makes games like 1bitheart and lieat now haha.
I'm really looking forward to playing alice mare.

Does anyone know any games with similar styles and themes? I'd really really appreciate it.

No. 294358

>speaking of which wouldn't it be really cool if we all banded together to make a minigame?
>sage for samefag

No. 294367

I've always thought that it would be cool to have a 2D fighting game with the cows in the style of Guilty Gear or MUGEN. Featuring Onion, Moon Girl and Skele Queen kek

No. 294381

File: 1536686172572.jpg (Spoiler Image,27.79 KB, 334x308, YCWpIqr (1).jpg)

solid snake spanking simulator and it's on the nintendo switch

No. 294428

Same though!!!!!!

No. 294508

I will unironically code that shit for you anon and I will make that game with the very same pic I shit you not.
>Spank him as many times as you can before time is up
>You just gotta give me the music you want anon I'll rip the sfx off porn

>fergot to sage sorry

No. 294686

holy shit a MUGEN lolcow character pack would be hilarious. I can just imagine the Shoe0nHead moveset…

Don't know if you can understand Japanese, but if so FabStyle is a Style Savvy (also shockingly fun if you've never played) clone with a dating sim built in. Someone's currently working on an English patch but progress is very slow due to some file types.
Tomadachi Collection is pretty fun too, the prequel to Tomadachi Life on 3DS. There's an English patch out there if you ever want to try it.

Some might not exactly be what you're looking for, but I also recommend the Tamagotchi Corner Shop games, Taiko No Tatsujin DS, Children of Mana, Warioware DIY, Harvest Moon DS Cute, Diddy Kong Racing DS, Bomberman Land Touch, Professor Layton series, Castlevania Order of Ecclesia & Dawn of Sorrow, Retro Game Challenge, Lunar Knights, Aliens: Infestation, and Lufia: Curse of the Sinistrals.
I just realized you said DS lite, so that means GBA games too?
Boktai, Drill Dozer, Castlevania Aria of Sorrow, Summon Night, Gekido Advance, and Lunar Legend.

No. 295276

these might not be exactly what you're looking for but some quality games worth playing are Okami Den, The legend of Zelda Phantom Hourglass & Spirit Tracks, the Layton series, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon and The world ends with you

No. 295295

I finally got some extra money, paid of tuition, and I love the pokemon franchise, so I really want to try the 3DS games. I don't know which one to start off with, ORAS, XY, or SM? Should I start off with ORAS to ease myself into it? I honestly have no idea about the new features that the gen 6 games and beyond have. I've been restraining myself because I want it to be a surprise..

No. 295300

Either start with ORAS or XY, I think it's better to play these games in order of release to get used to the new features. Did you play RSE? I found ORAS way easier than Emerald so I was a bit disappointed but overall the game is still good. XY is also very easy so regardless of which game you start with in gen 6, you'll get used to the features pretty fast I think. Also, keep in mind that playing online is less annoying in gen 6 than in gen 7. And that's all I'll say since you don't want spoilers.

No. 295302

>paying for 3ds games

No. 295350

I do not think that supporting companies that create games that you love is pathetic. If you can afford that, why not?

Having said that… any flash cards that allow you play online with your pirated games? Just curious, do not have 3DS yet.

No. 295352

In most cases you do not need a flash card you just need an SD card and you can play online with pirated games. That's what I did
It can be different based on the installed firmware version though
If anyone wants to do it or read about it this is a very good site https://3ds.hacks.guide/

No. 295355

yeah about that…

maybe if nintendo didn't region lock everything i wouldn't pirate games. i don't pirate switch games (and won't)

No. 295402

Does anyone use an emulator on their 3ds? I want to play the old fire emblem games so bad.

No. 295407

You're a loser.

No. 295429

nta, but o wow, thank you for this!!! i like games but am a poorfag and received a 3ds from a friend but have felt like total shit being unable to use it because i dont want to shell out money on games. im so excited!


No. 295459

File: 1536869691781.jpg (29.47 KB, 260x226, Kawaii Koinu DS 3 (Japan) (2).…)

Interesting others are talking about homebrew and emulation, I just got my R4 SDHC card in the mail and currently setting it up to play on my 3DS and DSi. Hopefully it's successful!

No. 295467

I'd highly recommend installing homebrew and retroarch. Warning it is a process, you need another microSD and in some cases (depending on your firmware version) a magnet to force your DS asleep at one point. It was kind of a pain, but I was able to get it all done and up and running within a couple days and now can pretty much get any game.

Check out these links to get started:





No. 295474

Nintendo direct in an hour and a half. What are your expectations, anons?

>20 minutes of online membershit shit

>10 minutes of smash shit
>5 minutes of 3ds shit

No. 295480

>Some new Mario game, a reskin of the last 15 games.
>Reggie attempts to breakdance and use hashtags in his words
>Online membership shill for 10 minutes
>New Smash Character gets revealed. Is somebody no one cares about.
>Pokemon Let's Go footage about customizing your Pokemon, minimal gameplay
>Lego game
>Indie game made by soyboys
>More online membership shilling
>Labo shilling
>Miyamoto eats a sandwich

No. 295482

File: 1536871785010.jpg (10.39 KB, 296x158, 1440059268404.jpg)

Accurate af

No. 295485

>lego game
If that fucking leak was true about the lego game being lego zelda and they genuinely expect us to be tided over with that garbage while we wait for the botw sequel, I have an event planned.

Wonder which literally who they'll add to the smash roster…

No. 295539

File: 1536878393584.png (1.18 MB, 1574x971, Screenshot_2018-09-13-17-38-22…)

oh my fucking god i'm actually fucking shaking right now

No. 295540

Fucking finally.

No. 295542

is it gonna come out for 3DS?

No. 295543

File: 1536878610689.gif (599.95 KB, 245x190, tumblr_inline_mqhc5eWEqe1qz4rg…)



No. 295544

File: 1536878706781.jpg (66.13 KB, 600x572, AN.JPG)

No. 295545

great! Another reason for me to buy Switch. I am so happy!

No. 295546

I thought the video was going to end with Isabelle becoming playable in Smash to piss off everyone and nothing else after that. God bless.

No. 295548

no bitch, that shit is for the fucking switch i'm so goddamn exited holy fuck

No. 295567

they got me fucking good, they had that all set up to have Isabelle announce the new AC game and it turned into Smash and I was properly disappointed
Then Nook saved the day, bless you Nintendo you fucking trolls

Now announce Spyro plz

No. 295571

Fucking Nintendo. I almost cried lmao
Well, now to get a Switch when it's on sale. I didn't want to make the same mistake I did last time, buying a Wii U expecting Animal Crossing to release like it did on all the other consoles.

No. 295572

i was so worried nook was gonna announce a new smash stage or be a new assist trophy but then he fucking pulled it out.

No. 295573

Extremely disappointed with the 'new' Mario game where you can't even play with as Peach. No one wants Toadette. Why do they keep doing this?

No. 295617

but anon you get to play as toadette dressed as peach! complete with ugly baby face.

No. 295626

File: 1536890662756.gif (1.71 MB, 344x272, jiggy.gif)

That whole direct was pretty damn good, way better than E3. I wish Kirby's Epic Yarn was going to be ported to the Switch instead of the 3DS… But I'll definitely download it anyways. Luigi's Mansion 3, Yoshi, Katamari Damacy remaster, Bowser's Inside Story for 3DS, and obviously Animal Crossing are all super exciting too.

No. 295691

Fuck, I'm excited for a lot of things that have been announced but I have so many games to finish first on the 3DS and barely enough free time for that. I feel like I should probably wait for a long time to get a Switch, like way too long.

No. 297919

File: 1537431182321.jpg (86.08 KB, 994x333, moreminis.jpg)

>MIni Genesis pushed back to 2019

>Mini PS1 announced

Anyone excited for tiny consoles? I PO'd the PS1 and deffo want to pick up a Genesis, I expect these will be opened up to hacking very quickly

They listed a couple of reasons for pushing back the Genesis to 2019, but I feel like the best reason is that AtGames isn't making it

Bullet dodged (or is it???)

PSOne Classic slated to release with 20 games, only know of 5 so far (Tekken 3, FFVII, Jumping Flash, Ridge Racer Type 4, Wild Arms)

No. 297922

File: 1537431893932.gif (5.54 MB, 270x275, 1536372201962.gif)

>silent hill 1 and og resident evil

No. 297973

bitch im rdy for some spyro and croc

No. 297984

I'm pretty upset they didn't choose the analog controllers. Along with that you have to buy your own AC adapter. I'm gonna pass tbh.

No. 298035

You know a third party is going to come out with a wireless version controller anyway though, probably 8bitdo. They'll add the sticks, and you know most people will want those anyway

Also eh, it's disappointing but not really surprising about the lack of wall wart. I've got a few spare kicking around, and I'm sure they'll sell them separately too. A lot of TV's these days have enough USB power to run things like this, so that's probably what they were thinking

No. 298064

File: 1537464274628.jpeg (320.58 KB, 640x603, 1593014507-abubanter4401182572…)

Has some of yall own a Nintendo 2ds xl for a while now have any problem with their console? Is it very fragile like they say and break easily? I need some answers…

No. 298076

I have a 3ds xl and 2ds xl and I have to agree that my 2ds is worse in qulaity. It feels lighter and cheaper overall.

No. 298120

My 3DS XL has this problem where sometimes it won't boot. All you hear of a pop sound and the console will turn itself off. The only way I'm able to fix this problem by taking out the battery and putting it back in after a couple seconds.
People have said it's because the 3DS screen wire is loose, but it's such an absurd issue and doesn't make sense how taking the battery out fixes it.
Any other anons with this same issue?

No. 298189

that's a really concerning issue, especially because you hear an audible pop

why not send it in to nintendo for repairs?

No. 298366

you just can't speak that into existence and not provide

No. 298618

File: 1537570677657.png (116.97 KB, 603x515, 6546456546546.PNG)

Anyone else see this? it's a shame I was looking forward to The Wolf Among Us 2.

No. 298622

Never played any of their games, but I'm pretty surprised, considering how small scoped (not in a bad way) their games looked and how popular their games seemed.

No. 298813

same, not to mention they made games based on popular tv shows

No. 298817

I'm kind of surprised by this news but aside from the early Walking Dead and Fable-based games they acquired a reputation for really half-assing things.
Their Game of Thrones license in particular. No matter what you did in that it ended one way, just with different faces filling the same role whether it made sense or not.

No. 298869

File: 1537625550749.jpg (90.03 KB, 600x337, Phoenix-Wright-AA-Trilogy_09-2…)

This just popped up in my feed, Capcom's porting the remastered AA Trilogy to PC, PS4, One, and Switch. Unknown retail?

I'm lukewarm to this, I already own this like twice or thrice. I just hope they'll finally move past the original three. I'd rather have a Dai Gyakuten 1/2 localization or another mainline game.

I suppose it's nice for anyone who wanted to play it on their console, eh

No. 298873

>I'd rather have a Dai Gyakuten 1/2 localization or another mainline game.
Ace Attorney 7 is already in development apparently, but we never got actual news beyond that. With how AA6 ended I'm really looking forward to AA7 Anyway, it's like the writers became huge cowards after Shu Takumi "left" and decided to plagiarize the first 4 games and Ghost Trick for all the big plot points and characters. And when they finally decide to do something unexpected it's fucking shit, like how AA6 ends.

And personally I don't have any expectations for DGS in the West. I feel like the only way we could get this game is if MAYBE they will be released on the Switch as well.

No. 298891

>coming from someone who loves medieval rpgs.
can you recommend some?

No. 298933

File: 1537639667507.jpeg (34.95 KB, 512x512, B2D58162-8037-4061-ADF4-5F44D6…)

>be me, solo-queue in comp because I’m too socially awkward to play in a group and I have no irl friends who play video games
>smurf widowmakers boosting their shit tier friends on the oppsite team. Every game.
>lose 200+ sr in the past few days
What happened to Overwatch? I know a lot of people have been saying it’s been going downhill for awhile, but I haven’t seen it this bad until now. It’s my favorite game and I’m sad there isn’t really anything blizzard can do about smurfs.

No. 298936

NA or EU? What rank? Maybe we could queue together if that's less scary.

No. 298977

NA, around 2500, I’m usually stuck in plat but I’ve gotten to diamond a few times. I also only play on console bc I fell for the meme that is apple and got a Mac instead of a PC

No. 298982

>I don't have any expectations for DGS in the West
I'm there with you, but I can still dream of at least a digital release
I have to make due with some guy's live translation for most of DGS 2

>it's like the writers became huge cowards after Shu Takumi "left" and decided to plagiarize the first 4 games and Ghost Trick for all the big plot points and characters.

Wait, I missed this. What's this about?

No. 298986

Aw, I'm EU, that's too bad. Maybe some other NA anon plays OW.

No. 298989

File: 1537649530087.jpg (316.96 KB, 600x600, tumblr_njsrlpBB4E1tbgbrbo1_128…)

>Wait, I missed this. What's this about?
It's more about complaining about tropes and plot twists that are becoming too common in the series than actual plagiarism. I have no idea if you played Ghost Trick, which is a game by Shu Takumi, and it's really good, so I'll spoiler the rest of the post just in case:
>in the last two cases of AA5, the relationship between Athena and Blackquill as well as the plot twists and the motives of the culprit are really similar to the relationship between Lynne and Jowde, as well as the motives and identity of the antagonists.
>The antagonists in both games are foreign spies seeking a mysterious part of a meteorite who can use very advanced technology, and their plans are put to an end by a young women who is trying to help get an innocent older man who knows too much out of jail.
>Apparently Ghost Trick takes places in the same universe as AA so that makes things even worse in a way.
>Overall, Athena is literally just a fusion of Lynne and Edgeworth when it comes to her personality and backstory
>They had to recycle the whole Kurain/Fey family feud sub-plot to make AA6. It didn't feel like a sequel so much as a retelling, you just replace Apollo, Nahyuta and the princess whose name I forget with Phoenix, Mia and Maya or Pearl, Morgan and the queen of Khurain have almost the same exact motive and things get predictable super fast
>Nahyuta s also just Edgeworth 2.0, instead of being the childhood friend he's the protagonist adoptive brother now! So original
>Maya is back! Great but now instead of doing anything interesting with her in the main plot, let's just say she did some vague stuff to train and make her the accused or an indirect victim AGAIN. The DLC case is where you can have her as your assistant and that was really cool
>Edgeworth is just there for the fanservice at this point instead of having an actual part in the plot or backstory, unless we're talking about the DLC case
>Lamiroir on the verge of revealing everything to her children AGAIN but she doesn't yet

People were really shitting on AA4 back in the day but at least it tried to change things a bit to make things more exciting and give us new content. They're probably trying to do this with Apollo leaving at the end of AA6, which wouldn't be so bad if his backstory didn't feel so half-assed and unresolved with the whole Khurain bullshit. I'm aware I seem like I'm complaining but I still liked AA5 and 6, just not as much as the previous games. I feel like AA7 is going to be super predictable now, I wish we had more cases like 6-2 and 6-4 for example, instead less obligatory huge cases that ties everything together. Sorry for the sperging.

No. 299002

Thank you for that! I played Ghost Trick eons ago back when it came out because I heard is was like PW, but with ghosts and I was like hell yeah

And I remember really liking it, but I couldn't tell you any specifics at all lmao

>Apparently Ghost Trick takes places in the same universe as AA so that makes things even worse in a way.

Really? I must've forgotten that

I never finished AA6, but yeah I do remember getting bored with more Fey nonsense

DGS is very, very refreshing with all the simplified, but still useful things they've been doing. I feel like at least AA5 was getting bogged down with technology, probably AA6 too but I can't remember

No. 299040

File: 1537660563602.jpg (82.21 KB, 1024x512, Avalla.jpg)

I love the game but I'm also ultra socially awkward, I get either anxious or tilted every time I join voice chat. Right now I can only focus with comms off.
Both my brother and my boyfriend play the game but they're useless and can't leave silver. They play together and say the matchmaking is holding them back and that they should be a higher rank. I've offered to boost them but they refuse because deep inside they know they're shit. I'm on diamond and could probably get master if I wasn't so awkward.

By the way I'm really looking forward to see a new woman in the Overwatch League. She even reached top 100 in the Korean ladder.

No. 299056

Yeah good luck using voice especially if you're a female dps player. It doesnt matter how good you are you'll get harassed pretty often. Ive even had two situations where someone on my team threw the game because I wasn't playing mercy. So now I never use vc unless Im in a party.

Im in diamond have hit masters before on pc if anyone is interested

No. 299062

I usually play ana, zen, mccree, d.va, and sombra. If you're a woman picking sombra or widowmaker people will lose their fucking minds lol
Also I'm not in EU or NA so it's hard to find partners to play with in places like this. I solo Q 100% of the time.

No. 299071

Ah ok, thank you for offering though!
I am the same way, talking over mic makes me nervous and I can’t concentrate on the game. I feel bad because I met a nice group of people on OW who are willing to play with me but I’m just too socially awkward to talk on mic. I try my best to communicate through the commands and listen to what others are saying but I know talking is the best form of communication.

I’m also excited to see more women in OWL, you don’t hear about them a lot even though Geguri was the only decent player in the Shanghai Dragons. She deserves a better team tbh.
It sucks girls are made fun of for playing support but also get criticized if they don’t play support. Meanwhile a bunch of shitty male widowmakers are missing headshots and no one says anything lol.

No. 299416

File: 1537746208484.png (130.75 KB, 634x431, Skärmavbild 2018-09-24 kl. 01.…)

Seems like telltale is shutting down.

No. 299428

I feel like I get different experiences because I play OW on console, and usually don't start voice chat until I hear someone else. (I also usually have to get a drink or so in to reduce the nervousness and don't play comp. Mainly QP or mystery heroes).

I haven't had bad experiences–I usually end up talking to people that are 12-15 and feel bad because I'm, like, potentially twice their age. I ask them to make sure their parents are okay with them talking to someone that much older than them in the future if it is a concern, and try to limit my swearing once I learn their age.

(I've actually had parents message me back and say that their kid asked them, and appreciated me feeling a concern about the age gap and that they were okay with me continuing to play with them. I've also had another tell me that they would rather not and I said that was totally okay and like that they look out for their kid and removed them from my friends list)

I've never been harassed for being female, just confused for being a teenage boy. Are console players just more friendly? Or is it because I don't really like comp and stay out of it? (I play for fun; I don't want to get to a point where I get angry at game.)

No. 305593

Dumb question time:

For those with a Switch, how do you carry it around?

I had a case that had an okay amount of space, but not enough room for both a joycon grip and a pro controller. That wasn't necessarily the deal-breaker, but the black dye in the fabric was leaking into the grips of my joycon grip and the design of my card holder.

I decided to upgrade to a nicer case, something that can hold both a grip and pro controller, plus the other stuff I wanted to keep around (AC adapter, joycon straps, hori stand, game case, amiibo cards). So I bought the big Tomtoc case. I got it in today and noticed that the grip that I use (PowerA) is actually bigger than the regular Nintendo one, and won't fit in the slot unless I shove it in. Cue me cutting and sanding the foam to adjust the slot, and when I finally finish, I realize the lid doesn't close all the way, and if I push it down it pushes on the triggers of the pro controller and the loaded grip.

Just, augh. I realized this is a problem of the case being too short. Everything sticks up too much and the lid isn't deep enough to have a pocket AND accommodate for everything sticking up. I can fix the foam, but I can't fix the case height. :(

tl;dr what do you guys use to carry Switch gear around when you want to play with frands

No. 305598

I just put it in my bag w/o a case like a normal tablet

No. 305645


I got the zelda case from walmart/target (cant remember). its perfect. its got a slot case for 6 games and enough room for games and joycons and the switch. I put it in my purse w my wallet and phone charger and take it to work to watch Hulu

No. 309562

File: 1539546294144.png (64.01 KB, 202x134, totally not a crop of gay porn…)

Anyone still play TF2?

No. 309574

File: 1539547002020.png (1.55 MB, 2160x1080, Screenshot_2018-10-14-14-40-33…)

I fell for the gacha meme, send help

No. 309620

if you have an android, download google opinion rewards so you can get google play credit after doing super short surveys, like legit. i've once ranked in $5 in a day. the surveys come randomly, but you'll get notifications for them.

No. 310110

Alright gals, I'm getting a Switch in less than a month.
Best games to get, both upcoming and available?
I'm already planning to buy Pokken, LoZ, Pokemon Let's Go Eevee and Animal Crossing.

No. 310125

I just bought one last month! Don't forget Mario Kart~

No. 310132

Splatoon 2!

No. 310134

Taiko no tatsujin, Okami, and Octopath

No. 310160

I was looking forward to the wolf among us 2 too. I'm really upset about this lol

No. 310180

breath of the wild, splatoon 2, mario kart, stardew valley, octopath traveler, the world ends with you. also luigis mansion whenever that comes out

No. 310200

oh, and mf mario odyssey. that game is fun as fuck. captain toad too.

No. 310592

Can anyone recommend any game similar to Fire Emblem for 3ds? poorfag here

No. 310695

if you're poor, then pirate your shit

No. 311538

File: 1539795303725.png (691.79 KB, 1280x720, fE7oI3P.png)

Does anyone know a cooking simulation game where you can cook without recipes and following given steps?

No. 311914

Atmosphere finally got released for switch yesterday. Dying for piracy, I really want to play gamecube games on the go. I'd rather play the wii u ver.s of wind waker and twilight princess though…

I heard ps2 emulation might be possible too, but I doubt that was true ;_;

No. 314915

If you can grab it on sale I’d recommend Captain Toad, but there’s a demo out so check that our first
Golf Story is absolutely fantastic, don’t be fooled it’s first and foremost an rpg not a sports game
Also hollow knight and shovel knight are both great for scratching certain nostalgia issues.

Also in my experience fighting games are dreadful without the pro controller

No. 314933

Which FE games did you play and what parts did you like about them?

No. 324196

Should I get Two Point Hospital or Project Hospital?

No. 324554

Do you guys think a Switch is worth it for someone who already has a PS4 and 3DS? I love Nintendo games and with the new Animal Crossing title coming out next year I'm so tempted to buy one, but I'm kinda stingy with games and balking at spending $250 on another console when I already own two perfectly good ones with lots of great titles to play. I'm kinda afraid that I'm just riding on the hype train and once I actually get a Switch I'll end up not liking it that much and barely playing it. Any thoughts?

No. 324564

> all aboard the switch hype train

I have a 3DS and gaming PC and thought I won't use handheld mode that much. Boy was I wrong! I play handheld all the time and it is fucking glorious to play Dark Souls in bed. I'm a Zelda nut so there was no option for me, need that shiny new Zelda system. And Animal Crossing, fuck yeah!

No. 324576

File: 1542147258906.jpg (66.93 KB, 425x425, goty2017.jpg)

right now it really depends on how much you like zelda, ssb, and mario. you're pretty much signing up for a console that has like 10 games on it. you need to think about how bad you want to play those games before you buy it.

and btw if you're willing to give up online play, piracy is now possible on the switch and piracy with atmosphere will be possible very soon.

No. 324632

File: 1542153974374.jpg (63.71 KB, 640x640, this is an older version of th…)

what are your favorite 3ds titles?

i just bought one and i'd like some recs. particularly girly things like i just got style savy: styling star and its the cutest thing ever, you can paint your nails, do your hair, do your makeup, dress up and dress up others i love it. i also really like project mirai dx (nendo dress up?? yessss…), animal crossing a new leaf, cooking mama sweet shop and kirby triple deluxe. i like cute things basically.

i'm not into games but i enjoy my 3ds a lot so far

No. 324633

Tbh I'm waiting for it to go on sale. I spent $220 on my PS4 so I don't plan to spend more than that for a Switch. Animal Crossing is something I'm waiting for too.

No. 324650

this is the best game in the series! styling star has so little to do, it gets boring fast. i love all the style savvys, the only way they could get better is if they added romances.

No. 324654

I need another Rune Factory or Story of Seasons asap. Stardew was okay, I really enjoyed the farm customisation and Abigail is a cute wife but apparently I need that gd weeb aesthetic to truly love a farming game.

No. 324661

File: 1542160401811.jpg (407.07 KB, 640x575, ds_lost_in_blue-110214.jpg)


I'm a decent way through the Rune Factory 4 on 3DS and it is amazing. Sooo addicting. Garden farming, cooking, fishing & gathering, crafting, combat, exploring. You get to raise animals and of course build your love meter with different townsfolk lol. It's really super fun, much recommend!

I also really enjoy the Theatrhythm Final Fantasy games for 3DS. I grew up with bemani/ddr games and FF so it just feels so ~right~ and the music gets me nostalgic in a good way!

Another (regular) DS series I always recommend is called Lost in Blue. Idk what it is about these games but I find them really engaging and decently challenging.

No. 324665

nta but i have to disagree. styling star is way more fun to me because it's super cute. there are also cute little side stories after you beat the game with new characters unlike the last games. i also like the story a lot more tbh.

No. 324672

Anyone else feel like the first style savvy had way better clothes? Specifically egl clothes, those were all I really liked when I was a kid. I played it for a second the other day and the clothes looked so much nicer than 99% of what's in the 3DS games.

this, the music was pretty cute too. i love alina.

No. 324675

The spiritual prequel Survival Kids on GBC is really great too and has similar art to gameboy Zeldas

No. 324678

>tfw styling star has clothes in it that i literally own carbon copies of

No. 324689

File: 1542174440093.jpg (80.14 KB, 600x337, 00fabtop.jpg)

I love Style Savvy!
I haven't finished Styling Star yet, I actually like how the game goes day by day instead of by the user's time now. I do wish the male clothes were put back in the same shop instead of being separate, the third and fourth game fucked up with that. I also wish the guys could wear Kanokoi clothes in the English versions.

By the way, has anybody checked out FabStyle for DS and 3DS? Unfortunately it's only available in Japanese, but there's a fan translation in the works. This game has a dating system, which I'm super interested in.

No. 324695

Oh I'll have to check that out, thanks anon!

No. 324876

meeee toooooo omg i've been wanting this to either be released or get a fan translation for years now! there's still a group working on it?

No. 325126

Yes! They released version 1.2 in June, but the translation is minimal since the guy only knows beginner's Japanese.
It seems they're having problems with a folder of text from being edited, so until that can be solved the project is on hiatus.

No. 325688

I miss Kancolle sometimes but the RNG and grinding killed me, at least there are good memes.

No. 325705

So hyped for receiving a package with my Let's go Eevee Switch and the new Pokeball controller. I want to play the game nooooow!

No. 326074

Is Monster Hunter worth getting on the 3ds? Some guy told me I should try out Monster Hunter and right now the only way I could is if I buy the one for my 3ds. I also want to get wario ware as I've never got a chance to play any of them.

No. 327137

Part of me wants in on the Let's Go train, but I don't really like Go. But the game itself looks beautiful

I should probably finish Sun before playing anything else augh

Anyone have opinions on Let's Go yet?

I'm also trying to wait out some good Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals that haven't been announced yet.. I want a PS4 Pro but literally all they've put out so far is the Slim. It's a good deal but..

No. 327146

I finished the game already, and I really enjoyed it - they got rid of a lot of the tedious shit Pokemon had before, and personally I really enjoyed the motion controls. But don’t get your hopes up for the postgame - there’s no national dex or expanded map, just ‘master’ trainers which all have 70+ leveled single Pokémon that you have to fight against with the same Pokémon with no items.

No. 327148

let's go is very cute and honestly a delight, i'm obsessed with it. i never touched go and have no intention to, it's not a requirement.

im still kind of hoping that they will expand on the game with dlc (now that they can since it's on the switch) but i'm not counting on it. still, it'd be so cool for them to release all the other regions in installments…will never happen tho.

No. 327152

Samefag but while I won’t be surprised I will crack the shits if the next Pokémon game doesn’t include this fucking ball I paid $70 for

No. 327153

Yeah, they replaced the tedious shit with more tedious shit i.e. forcing you to catch 50 fucking unique pokes just to get into Koga's gym

That said, I thought it was fine. Really disliked those gym requirements though, + some of the character models look weird

No. 327154

I think they did a lot of the gym requirements since they want the game to be more kid friendly; from what I recall one of the requirements was a level 40ish Pokémon, which I guess makes sense so it doesn’t discourage young players that lose

No. 327155

yeah i think my only complaint is all the excess pokemon you have to catch…just filling my box with trash pokemon to get the starters, arcanine, etc

i thought it was cool how they put an emphasis on catching pokemon for experience and stuff but it got old pretty fast.

No. 327157

Yeah I can see where you’re coming from but I just sent all the Pokémon I didn’t like to the professor

No. 327161

the problem isn't "oh no my box is full what will i do" but the fact that i need to catch all these shitty pokemon to progress that is super tedious. the act of spamming pokeballs itself is tedious. the catching system isn't really that engaging.

No. 327209

It's designed to bridge the gap between PKMN GO an traditional games, so it's going to have shitty go elements in it. I don't mind that much personally.

No. 327216

File: 1542637035375.png (29.52 KB, 640x477, deltarune5.png)

Anyone else played Deltarune chapter 1? Thoughts?

No. 327219

It has huge Mother vibes. I liked the graphics and the music, I'm looking forward for whatever's coming next

No. 327252

super fun and the art was a big improvement from undertale, music was great tbh im listening to the soundtrack right now lol. not so great things- toby saying there wont be multiple endings, in that case theres no real point in having a choice to act or to fight tbh

No. 327253

He said he might not even finish the game because it’ll take years without a team. Would love to see what come next though. The soundtrack is really nice.

No. 327262

I actually thought it was pretty lame. It had its moments, but maybe it would have been better if Toby just made it like a new game as opposed to including anything from Undertale in it at all.

No. 327263

Is Fallout 76 really that bad as everybody says?

No. 327272

idk but i miss crowbcat

No. 327276

Bethesda is known for putting their unfinished games out.
I can't play Fallout76 myself but what I read about it makes me sad. It just seems so empty ?
There's never going to be another New Vegas and I'm sad kek

No. 327298

My bf and I are having fun with it, as well as our friends. I don't think it's that bad, people are just being dramatic because they were expecting an actual fallout game when it's clearly supposed to be a spin off. Like it's literally just a fallout themed survival game, don't expect more than that. They're patching in a lot of features before the end of the year like PTT and there's a huge update today for performance.

I haven't run into any severe graphical or gameplay issues, either. I'm just having fun exploring and building with bf and friends. There are quests and events and a lot of flavour stuff, though not particularly deep. As long as you don't expect it to be a polished full fallout game and like survival games you will enjoy it. It's not amazing or groundbreaking or even the best survival game out there but it's entertaining if you like the fallout universe.

No. 327309

i don't think it's the worst garbage ever, but it clearly had absolutely no thought put into it and has a ridiculous price tag. and it was fucking annoying when todd was so up his own ass about it when it's just like all the other games in the genre. it also still uses the same shit engine that all of bethesda's other games have been using for decades now which makes it wonky as shit.

No. 327378

>expecting an actual fallout game
LMAO did you even watch the video? Todd said MULTIPLE times that ~all the studios~, from Montreal to US were putting 76 as their main focus and almost all of their effort and bandwidth was going in to it. That it was absolutely EPIC in size and it's what the fans really want.
Kind of weird you'd do that for a spin off, huh? It's almost as if by saying "it's just a side game" it somehow magically removes valid criticism of the game.

No. 327383

yes I watched the e3 conference and heard all Todd's shilling bullshit and I still recognised the game for what it was, a shitty spin off survival game. I literally never thought it would be anything more. so unless they plan on expanding it and jerking more money out of it he was talking out of his ass. it was the same shit with TESO. I was there when people thought that was going to be a real TES game too.

they intend on using it for TES6 too, it's gonna be a nightmare lol. it sucks that Bethesda has all my favorites IPs because all they see is dollar signs.

but if the question is "is 76 fun" yes it is if you expect nothing but a fallout themed rust.

No. 327499

File: 1542678334194.png (389.98 KB, 734x482, Consternation.png)

>tfw you want a PS4 but wasn't ready for all the waffling that would bring between reasons for getting a Slim or a Pro
>don't have a 4K tv and not really interested in one, but if they're becoming a new standard then eventually I won't have a choice when I want to buy a new TV, so why not Pro?
>don't have 4K now, waste of Pro
>Black Friday has Slim everywhere, but no Pro

Guys I just want to play Spyro help me

No. 327510

File: 1542682092543.gif (754.85 KB, 128x256, Mimi_(Eva).gif)

why isn't there a fucking pop'n music game on switch yet?

No. 327534

Why isn't there a pop'n machine at my local Round 1? They seem to have everything but pop'n.

No. 327536

Is pop'n on any home console? I'm lucky enough to have one at a local arcade

No. 327546

the one at mine is eternally broken. (along with all their purikura.

No. 327558

They had a Pop'N on PS2, Dreamcast, Wii, PSP, GBC, and PS1

No. 327584

holy shit well I'll be looking those up then

No. 327587

yeah, I've been playing the fuck out of the psp games lately.

I wish the switch had a decent music game period. vita has a ton of great music games on it's own, then all of the music games in the ps1 AND psp library on top of those, meanwhile the switch only has one sub-par taiko game and squid beatz 2…

No. 327594

What are some good Vita music games? The few I've tried playing besides Taiko were filled with K-pop shit.

No. 327606

here are some I enjoyed:
>miku f
>miku f 2nd
>miku x
>miracle girls
>taiko x im@s games
>persona dancing games

>The few I've tried playing besides Taiko were filled with K-pop shit.

you mean superbeat and dj max technika tune? I liked those a lot, but if you really don't like kpop i guess I see why you wouldn't. ia/vt has the best ost of the ones I listed imo, I regularly listen to few of the songs in that game. some of the best ones are dlc though. pretty sure there's a mai of all the dlc floating around at least.

No. 327688

File: 1542719586440.jpg (381.83 KB, 960x1280, Popnmusicfever.jpg)

There's no Pop n Music at any of my Round 1s either. Do any of the Round 1s across the nation even carry it? The 3 in my location have a few different games from each other but for the most part, it's the same cabinets.

The first thing I thought of when I was done playing at Round 1 for the first time was "Why is there no Pop n music cabinet?" It would be appropriate if they had one game.

>tfw no popn music on more recent consoles

No. 327689

pop'n music is so fun holy shit. I had one near me at a cafe, I'd always end up playing for hours. I miss it so much.

No. 327722

File: 1542729147698.jpeg (149.23 KB, 1920x1080, download.jpeg)

I'm replaying Alan Wake and having a super comfy time while there's a cold wind outside and I'm here drinking hot tea with my cat purring beside me. Despite being an old game, I love the graphics and all the details they've put in the environments.
Now, I'm trying to collect all the coffee thermoses and manuscripts this time.

It's a shame that the sequel sucked so much.

No. 327741

ive been obsessed with slay the spire. i have put in an autistic amount of hours in it over the last few months.

and im so hyped for risk of rain 2. i still play the first one now.

No. 327894

Almost all the R1s on the west coast have a Popn cab! Most in California seem to be Popn 18/19 but the lucky folks up in Washington get Popn 20 for some reason

No. 327993

the Round1 in Bloomingdale, IL has a Pop'n cab. Anons can check for cabinets here! http://www.aurcade.com

No. 328027

do any of you play, or know any woman that plays, war shoot'em ups like Battlefield? Not to gambergate about the woman character models, but since they stuck their neck out to do that (presumably to make the game appeal more to women?) I just wonder if it has any chance of working. I mean, I just don't see women buying dreary mud crawling ww1/ww2 based FPS games.. CtrlF this thread for FPS even is mostly "I can't into FPS".

No. 328045

File: 1542796127646.jpg (116.4 KB, 1038x576, animal-crossing-switch-fanart-…)

Dumb questions but is it worth it to buy the switch if I don't have a TV ? I'm currently renting a tiny room and there's a shared tv in the livingroom but it's not like I can use it personally much.

I'm really tempted to get the Switch just for Animal Crossing but not sure how enjoyable it'd be if I could only use it on the portable screen.

No. 328046

I dont have a tv either and enjoy my switch, and especially for animal crossing it should work, it's mostly a handheld game anyway

No. 328056

Huh? Do you live in the area? I've been to that round 1 many times and I've never seen Pop'n there unless they added it like within the past 2 months.

No. 328058

I play Division and some other shooters, know some girls that are also into it, it's not uncommon.

What I noticed is that the lack of interese often comes from a lack of story or very repetitive gameplay (imo). But yes, I'm also surprised how little anons talk about fps, non-handheld or asian games (nothing wrong with that)

No. 328061

I do! The last time I was there was during spring. I didn't play Pop'N at that time so I could remember if I saw it then, but it was there the time I played it in 2017.

No. 328063

Maybe I'm blind but I'll check again when I go next time, thanks! If it's not there anymore, I wouldn't doubt they got rid of it or it broke and they couldn't fix it. The mechanics there are tards and have no clue what they're doing.

No. 328064

Yeah they moved around a couple things and got rid of some good cabinets for those generic phone game ports. Last time I saw Pop'N, it was right next to the window near the carousel. It's the Fantasia release if that helps.

No. 328100

I play FPS games. When Battlefield V gets a discount I'm gonna buy it and play with female characters to trigger the butthurt nerds.

No. 328166

Fps is really boring, easy, and repetitive with little reward. I don't even know any gamur guys that play them or are into them a whole lot. Theres a reason why 12 year old boys are the main demographic for shit like battlefield and cod and even then, theyre forgotten for better and newer games, stop playing vidya entirely, or the boys grow up and move onto strategy war game instead which are more challenging and fun anyway.

No. 328772

i can't stand all the porn of it, but it's an interesting game. the pc version is fucked up, so be prepared to do some tinkering.

No. 328774

dude, when the most recent doom game came out, i didn't get it because it seemed exactly like you said…repetitive, made for 12 year old boys, and then forgotten. but then i watched a guy play it at high volume on a high difficulty and realized has this feedback loop that awards aggressive behavior. that's the appeal…and i guess other FPSes have that appeal too, but only if you're an aggressive person, or in an aggressive mood. i got pissed once, played it for a bit, and felt better, but it's not my usual cup of tea.

does anyone else love dark souls 3?

No. 328784

This is going to sound uwu as fuck, but I'm actually really disappointed in myself. I tried playing overwatch with my boyfriend, and we loaded up a match where I would shoot him for practice, and I couldn't physically go through with it. Like the thought of killing him made me almost cry, and I had to log off. I couldn't actually click the mouse. He joked that it was really cute that I couldn't kill him, but holy hell it was a really weird experience, and a bad way to find out that pvp fps's aren't for me.

No. 328789

>that feel when you enjoy the nostalgia and gameplay of Dragon Warrior Monsters (specifically Tara and Toby's Adventures) but they'll continuously release sequels of the Dragon Quest franchise

No. 328814

File: 1542968685498.jpg (249.78 KB, 1000x625, ffiii.jpg)

I've been thinking of starting FFIII after not touching it since I was way younger, but am sort of figuring or afraid the story is gonna be complete garbage.
The art is cute and I'm looking forward to the class/job system again because I enjoyed it in FFV.

No. 328836

But… it's not your bf, it's a representation of a blizzard character that he plays as and you are not killing him. Would you cry like some animu heroine if you checkmated his king while playing chess?
Girl, you don't even sound uwu, but either 13 or mental. I doubt you should play any video games if you have such trouble divorcing games from reality.

No. 328844

> does anyone else love dark souls 3?
You bet.
But for me it's DS2:SoFS > DS1 > DS3. But I like all of them, the first DS3 dlc was disappointing.
Of course, Bloodborne is better than all of them imo.

On that topic, did anyone play FS's Déraciné? It's VR only.

No. 328846

I never liked FPS games single or multiplayer. I do like Dark Souls, or S.T.A.L.K.E.R. which are considered to have overwhelmingly male players.

I'm looking forward to Last of Us II, I liked the first part and the gameplay that was shown on E3 seemed super fun. Unfortunately, a lot of my guy friend irl said they would pass because of pushed lesbianism and playing as a woman instead of Joel. Needless to say, I'm preordering the game asap. I just don't understand why it's such a big deal for them.

No. 328855

Is Fable any good? I've watched some snippets of gameplay and it seems comfy. Also, where should I start? Should I play them in chronological order?

No. 328857

This is incredibly shoe0nhead

Yes!! I love Fable. The last one was kind of shitty, 2nd is best, but you can play in chronological order. They are cozy and very immersive for me.

No. 328858

They're decent games for what they are. I find them a bit too kiddy and simple, but I can see the appeal of them for people who prefer something more easy-going.

They're all set in the same universe, but don't have much of an ongoing story, so you can easily pick one up and play it stand-alone. Fable 2 is generally considered the best one.

No. 328862

stalker is a bitch to set up, but it's comfy once you get acquainted with its quirks.

No. 328863

I know the team who worked on it were subjected to insanely bad working conditions so I don't blame them for folding but I wish L.A Noire had a sequel. I love everything from about it, especially the gameplay and historical setting. I've never found another game quite like it.

No. 328865

File: 1542984562335.jpg (19.21 KB, 640x455, 41822486_650762448656847_62273…)

I will try it! Too bad I won't be able to play the best one though, since it's apparently Xbox 360 only with no PC version and PC is all I have

No. 328867

anyone here played syberia? i remember playing it when i was like 5 and was completely obsessed. played through it again 2 years ago and it was just as good as i remembered it. talk about a masterpiece. great (non-sexualized) female lead too. fuck im boutta go boot it up right now on my ps2. haven't played the recent third installment but i heard it was shit so i don't think i ever will.

No. 328869

I've played it! I love adventure games, and Syberia is one of the most beautiful ones I've ever played.

No. 328893

I'm actually picking this up today, it's on sale for Black Friday.

No. 328983

File: 1543024365774.jpg (57.06 KB, 460x215, dropsy.jpg)

"Dropsy is a non-traditional take on the classic point and click adventure formula starring the game’s perpetually carefree namesake clown as he explores a richly detailed world full of colorful characters and sinister secrets, doling out hugs along the way."

This is an extremely sweet and wholesome game and I recommend highly for anyone with a working nervous system. Dropsy the clown is the purest organism in existence, his visage the primary barrier to acceptance. Do it for Dropsy. (the soundtrack is gorgeous)


No. 328984

File: 1543024525122.jpg (67.91 KB, 600x337, ss_5a678ec613749a2626e0c776fae…)

No. 329058

I watched the trailer hoping that it would change my mind but it did not. I am sorry, this game looks very unnerving to me.

No. 329063

man that's cute though, you should play it anyway

>tfw when you drop money on discounted accessories and games for a new console but now can't get a hold of the discounted console


No. 329097

File: 1543064551617.jpeg (300.91 KB, 1571x1071, 7E7B5BA3-D3F2-4473-BBC7-142493…)

This game. This game has brought back my hopes of playing games. It’s scenery an detail and over all play is just beautiful. I’ve probably put 50-60 hours into it so far am barely touched the story. I’ve been so wrapped in hunting and bonding with my horses and getting out fits to make Arthur a handsome devil. Best thing is I have something to talk about with guys who I sometimes over hear talking about it. I’ve had it spoiled for me the story, so it hurts to try an finish the game but I’ll get there. Takin horses an bonding with them an petting dogs in cities are my favourite thing to do by far lol.

No. 329133

I sdef recommend dropsy! The visuals are great too. Such a fun point and click game.

No. 329134

Is this for the 3DS? Art looks cute af and I never got to play ff3. My first one was FF6 on the Snes.

No. 329155

The story is very basic but it's not bad. I played it a long time ago and it was really hard because it takes way too much time to gain new levels and you can't save your game inside dungeons, no matter how big they are. The system of points assigned to some spells is annoying too if you want to mostly use mages or magic attacks. It's still a very good game, if you like JRPGs in general you'll like this one.

When I say it's hard because you can't save in dungeons, I mean that you have at the end of the game you have to go through a big dungeon, you end up on the map so you can save your game, you then go through the crystal tower which is huge, you have a boss fight with a mandatory death to further the plot so DON'T TURN OFF your DS out of frustration. Then you have to explore the world of darkness with a lot of really strong bosses and then you have the final boss, or final bosses. If you can complete the game and beat the final boss, make sure you can charge the battery of your DS because I nearly lost all of my data since my DS nearly died on me during the last cutscene before the credits.

It's for the DS and the game has been ported to the PSP.

No. 329156

this is like pure autism.

No. 329168

do you guys know of any games that are good to just explore the scenery, along with whatever the objective of the game is? i used to like exploring aion when high but they changed it and it's shit and the scenery is depressing now.


No. 329207

play some open world and hack and slash games! I've been taking my sweet time playing The Witcher III, the world is huge and really pretty in a lot of places. Dragon's Dogma, Red Dead Redemption, Castlevania, Yakuza, Spiderman, GTA, and Skyrim are some good series.

No. 329211

Any pop'n anons have DLC pack 1 for pop'n music portable 2 by chance? I haven't been able to find a working DL anywhere, but I do have the other 3 packs.

I mean… BoTW is pretty much the best game for this of all time. It's fucking gorgeous and basically all you ever do is fuck around and find cool shit like big dragons and apples. It alone was worth buying a switch for to me personally.

No. 329379

I've had this game on a quicksave right before the final boss for 5 years lmao.

No. 329725

I know it's kind of forgotten now, but when DayZ came out (mod AND standalone), I was blown away by the atmosphere and scenery. The apocalyptic eerie, sereneness, the life-like sound effects, the nature and hills, the ocean, the towns, the feeling of being on your own just trying to survive and being able to do whatever you want… all of it was incredibly cool and peaceful. Traveling in that game is beautiful and the payoff is really satisfying.

No. 330980

Seconding The Witcher III, I'm on my second playthrough (determined to do (almost) all of the sidequests and getting a better ending) and can't stop because walking around exploring the world and finding all kinds of stuff is just too much fun. The Blood & Wine DLC is great for this as well, I really love its lighting and it feels less gritty and more fairytale-like, if that's more up your alley.
Either way the graphics are beautiful.

No. 330983

Holy shit The Witcher was so boring. I don't know why everyone praises it. I love medieval and fantasy rpgs but the setting wasn't comfy at all.

No. 331003

Interestingly, I thought the first Witcher was the best of the trilogy. It had that perfect dark medieval atmosphere that the other two lack. Also, when you went into cripts, it was truly dark and you really needed the cat potion.

No. 331415

File: 1543506910759.jpg (151.08 KB, 1280x720, thelastguardian.jpg)

This game had me on such an emotional rollercoaster. I just finished it, and man, what a ride.
At first when I started playing it it was a bit meh. If I had one minor complaint, that would be the controls. Sometimes they can be frustrating. However, the landscapes, the gushing wind, and most importantly the relationship between you and trico make this game awesome. When I started playing I thought it had nothing on Ico or SotC but now I can say that it makes a worthy successor.

No. 332658

I like it because the setting, while obviously borrowing a lot of typical fantasy and medieval tropes, felt original. The places all felt "real" in a way I barely ever see in games.
That being said I mostly enjoyed it so much because of the graphics and the fact I read the books as a kid and liked seeing familiar characters and monsters in a game. The gameplay isn't bad but nothing revolutionary.

No. 332768

File: 1543735021571.jpg (67.33 KB, 700x614, bAGNlKx.jpg)

i love 100% orange juice so much. ive been playing it for years. i love it when people actually rage quit. a big hearty kek

No. 332854

anyone played the My Hero: One's Justice game? is it good?

No. 332863

File: 1543744013641.png (44.8 KB, 200x345, FB5E7A2B-AA83-47F0-97AD-B54407…)

Pls no bully, but did any anons used to play Minecraft? I know it’s sort of a meme now but it’s still a good game, imo.
3-5 years ago I used to play for hours on this one server, had a group of friends from there I used to have group skype calls with all the time, build shit together, etc. but I lost touch with all of them.
>mfw checked that same server a day ago and it’s outdated and there are 0 players online

No. 332873

Omg i used to play that for hooours it was just so addicting to me. Definitely need to start again!

No. 332884

abandoned former gameplay servers make me really upset. i understand, anon.

No. 332886

File: 1543745623686.jpg (38.43 KB, 1280x720, sherlock-holmes-the-devils-dau…)

Any good detective games (solving a murder) you guys would recommend? I've played all Sherlocks and I crave something similar sooo much, I'm such a hoe for murder mysteries

No. 332977

I haven't played it yet, but I heard Observer was something akin to Sherlock Holmes.
Not sure how good it is but I'm planning to get it for holidays. It's described as a psychological thriller and you seem to solve crimes.

Call of Chtulu is another game where you solve a murder. It's Lovecraftian (duh). I haven't played it either but surely will because I have a soft spot for Lovecraft. Maybe someone else will be able to give more recs.

btw I love the Sherlock Holmes games too. I procrastinated my entire uni playing them and I even managed to make my non gamer friends get addicted to them.

No. 332979

All of the Broken Sword games are about solving mysteries, usually murder mysteries. I highly recommend them!

Also Still Life Part 1 (don't bother with Part 2, it's not very good) is a modern day murder mystery that lets you analyse crime scenes and do lots of procedural work. It's a lot of fun.

The Last Express is about solving the mystery of the death of your friend on board the Orient Express in the early 1900s. It has a very unique art style and time structure (the game takes place in real time, so you need to make sure you're in the right place at the right time in order to progress sometimes) that makes it very replayable. It's one of my favourites.

And it's an older game but the first Gabriel Knight game is also a fun murder mystery game set in New Orleans. I'd definitely recommend it.

No. 332986

woah i didnt know about these!! Im gonna play em, i love murder mysteries too.

my fave sort of thing like that has to be LA Noire. What a classic.

No. 332994

I thought la noire was shit. An open world that's not worth exploring, uninteresting punchable characters, mysteries that are see-through, and those ridiculous facial animations that are shit. I don't know why I was surprised, it was published by Rockstar games, the king of overrated turd games.

No. 333010

I spent a big part of high school on minecraft, some of the friends I made then are now IRL friends or really good internet friends. The server just went down in flames because the admins got tired of it but recently some members made a discord so we're back to hanging out. I loved the drama in the server too, it was pretty low key but fun (he said that she said kind of stuff, or people getting together and breaking up after meeting irl, etc, the little things)
I still think it's a great game, it's super wholesome too, I hope I'll play it with my future children.

No. 333027

I thought the facial animation was quite advanced for the year it came out, and something a bit different. But each to their own.

No. 335408

man im tryin to make it through the game awards but they are as campy and self congratulatory as any regular award show. shocker i know. i was hoping that watching it with commentary from one of my favorite streamers would make it bearable but nope. still gay

No. 335410

did mario win? he worked really hard, he deserves this.

No. 335420

I didn't even realize there was a game awards show today until my boyfriend asked me if I saw the monkey game trailer.

No. 335434

mario been tryin to make it werk since 1985 and cant get that puccy. i doubt it

No. 335570

New teaser trailer for Dragon Age 4. Here's to hope they won't use ME Andromeda's same animations

No. 335577

it's kind of weird that joker is going to be in smash. don't think i like that tbh.

No. 335625

gross. a fucking furry got best esport player.

>im gay, black, a furry


No. 335631

I am both worried and excited, because, well, it's EA.

Also, that damn idol, I thought Meridith turned it into a sword and it's gone? Damn I need to replay DA2.
I'm also glad it's not coming out soon, I'd rather wait 3 years than get another mess like Inquisition (which wasn't bad at all, imo, but it had a lot more potential that they couldn't use because it was rushed)

No. 335648

I hope we get something more similar to Origins, dark and hopeless.

No. 335653

This is why no one takes eSports seriously. His furry fans are cringe as fuck as well.
I don't like it either. It should've been Jack Frost! He's the mascot of the series ffs

No. 335655

wew boy, the way my heart would break if da4 ended up like andromeda. i finally gave it a chance the other day and it's borderline physically painful.

No. 335656

>It should've been Jack Frost
I thought the same thing! Joker was such a lame choice.I unironically would've rather had sans than him. The smash roster is going to be 70% literally who animu boys in a few years.

so sick of p5

No. 335712

File: 1544205860738.jpg (158.81 KB, 600x824, 1458874802450.jpg)

>no Jack Frost
>no Flynn
>even though there are so many Megaten on nintendo consoles and handhelds

No. 335740

Yes please, that's why I loved Origins so much. DAI felt like nothing you did mattered and like the breach didn't really affect anything too much, just a few demons/rift here and there, even DA2 felt somewhat darker than DAI.

But I'm worried that a lot of the fans would whine, bitch and moan about it because it would be "problematic" and might have triggering content (like the female city elf origin). Still, I hope it gets darker considering what Solas is up to.

Honestly I didn't get far either because it was so boring from the start and really painful to play. I can't believe I paid almost the full price for it.

No. 336660

What does everyone think of the Let’s Go Pokémon switch titles? I’m hesitant to buy it since I’m hearing mixed reviews

No. 336786

File: 1544366688520.jpg (106.35 KB, 830x751, IMG_4344.JPG)

Finally bought Spyro Trilogy, Grew up a complete spyro fag as I started out vidya with a Ps1 and Spyro, its been a really chill experience of nostalgia and 'well this feels/looks off', The fact that you can't turn off motion blur and (while this was a problem in the og game too) when you charge sometimes the camera auto focuses somewhere else so you end up charging a completely different direction. the camera itself is super sensitive if you dont have it in active mode and active mode you gotta sometimes fight it kek
I will probably come back to post about it again once im done with it cause I need to see how every crevice of this game turned out, outta sheer autism for my beloved childhood franchise (inb4 sperg over Riptos Rage lmao)
But I would be lying out of my ass if I said I wasn't enjoying myself & hoping for patches.

No. 336904

i have eevee and i like it! i do agree with people saying it's definitely more of a casual game for pkmn go players to enjoy as well. i hate the fact that your companion pokemon is broken as fuck tho.

No. 336963

Anyone have recommendations on games that focus on exploration like Yume Nikki?
They don't have to be rpg game maker, just have a focus on exploratio

No. 336971

Subnautica is mostly about exploration of an alien ocean, its caves and wrecks

No. 337137


IF you can find it for less than full price, No Mans Sky is actually kinda good now. Enough to do and explore to keep you entertained but it's not worth the same price as a regular AAA game.

No. 338237

File: 1544580780459.jpg (333.52 KB, 1219x1708, soncposter.jpg)

the sonic movie looks like absolute shit so far
i can't wait for it to come out, i need to see it

No. 338260

I was frightened by the midget-looking silhouette of the other promotional poster and the sneakers pissed me off, but my nerdy ass is still going to pay to see this cringe-fest. We’re getting an ungodly amount of memes either way.

No. 338278

They filmed this garbage near where I live, and it led to the bakery temporarily closing down for shooting. It's just enough of a drive that I don't go that often but my god they have the best cinnamon buns ever, so you can imagine my anger and disappointment when I went all that way only to find it had been closed because of that stupid fucking hyperactive hedgehog. I shall not be seeing the film.

No. 338293

Did they film this in Austin? Weird question, I know, but the poster almost looks like the hills from 360 ridge.

Then again it could be LA.

No. 338294

This is the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco

No. 338443

Vancouver and Vancouver Island, Canada. We're a stand in for anywhere.

No. 338447


I'm super excited about this game for some reasons.

No. 339265

No. 339268

thanks anon!

No. 339289

i'm gonna fucking pee, i saw this on my instastories and assumed it was a joke

No. 339295

File: 1544812278238.jpg (Spoiler Image,33.83 KB, 480x360, ab9ff7c6-2256-43c2-bd8e-b1a722…)

No. 339301

File: 1544813361793.jpg (62.65 KB, 1000x500, sonn.jpg)

this is my favorite edit so far

No. 340402

File: 1544985558553.jpg (36.41 KB, 1024x576, b10bf27078e5490806eea67abc8a9b…)

i'm not even sure if this is the best place to ask, but one of my favorite lp channels just announced that they've disbanded and will no longer be uploading new videos. anybody have recommendations on gaming youtubers that they like?

No. 340719

>not coming out until next Nov

Then why are they advertising for it almost a year in advance?? Also, i thought this was a joke .

No. 340725

I still watch Best friends Play and Cry Plays from time to time. There aren't too many other Lets players I watch. Sorry to hear about your favorite LP channel going under.

No. 340747

>Best friends Play
that's actually the channel i was talking about haha. they've finally decided to call it quits after nine years unfortunately. on the bright side, the guys all have side channels so it's not so bad i guess.
i'd never tried watching cry's stuff before. the fact that he had a thread on /ot/ for a bit made me a bit wary.

No. 340748

Probably won't fill the hole of those guys who quit that you like, but I enjoy Call Me Kevin and RTGame. They're both very goofy if you're into that.

No. 340815

no need to be wary of him. I watch him too and he's quite chill. The thread was more about his abusive ex rather than him

No. 340925

I'm a fucking moron, anon. I'm so sorry. I was at work all day and just got the news/watched their final video. I'm pissed and sad at the same time. It seems like Pat is the main reason this all happened because of how incredibly nonchalant he is.

There's also suspicions of pat's gf Paige/Peach saliva being the cause of this. It's really awful. I wish Woolie and Matt just kept going without Patt… Nearly 10 years gone, and for what?

I worked them about 6 years now and it feels like losing a good youtube channel since i dont watch any other LPs.

No. 340926

I meant * I watched them for about 6 years

No. 340927

Cry is okay, but just okay. He also doesn't upload on the regular anymore. Watching his old stuff is fun. I recommend his LP of The Cat Lady (one of my favorite horror games. I got to play it when it came out, but Cry played it a few years ago)

Also his Walking Dead LPs are okay. He's good, but doesn't upload nearly as much now.

No. 340929

I love Kevin. Probably one of the only youtubers that has me actually crying with laughter with nearly every video.

also he's really cute in a dorky way and I want to marry him

No. 340977

I love kevin too!
Rtgame seems like hes just putting up stream highlights, but i dont really watch streams that much so i just stick to kevin.

I only watch john wolfe and game grumps(if im interested in the game)

No. 341019

Supergreatfriend. I really recommend his old Deadly Premonition let's play. He's currently replaying the directors cut, but start with the old one. Deadly Premonition is a great, weird, fun and spooky game and sgf is the chillest, most thorough and informative youtuber there is.

No. 341028

File: 1545161399909.jpg (1.87 MB, 1500x1628, G_TTi_SW_GroveGuardian_HD.jpg)

Faeria killed itself.
A great but unknown card game with amazing art.
It used to be f2p but now it's p2p and DLC based.
The number of players is lower and lower. 130 playing atm.
To play it again I'd need 26€ worth of DLC to have all the new 80 cards, and if I were a new player I'd also have to buy the game, which adds 20 bucks.
I can't even tell people to just try it out anymore as it's too much of an investment.

In short, I am sad.

No. 341068

Deadly Premonition is one of my favorite games ever! I actually bought it because of Pat from Best friends play, but heard the Director's cut is none even worth it

No. 341072

I've read that Matt's wife is kind of an sjw and has started shit in the past, so some people think she's more to blame than pat's gf. Personally, I think it's mostly Matt's lack of chemistry with Pat and Woolie that led to this.

Everyone seems to have different theories on why they're breaking up. The way people keep mixing up Matt and Pat's names sure isn't helping lol.

No. 341075

It seems in general both the girlfriend/wives might be involved. Matt has definitely gone the sjw route more lately since he's been married and more vocal about it. I'm not gonna lie, it bothered me to see a lot his politics on twitter.

No. 341082

Ralsei's reveal was obvious but a huge letdown. I know Toby won't retcon it but I wish he would, Ralsei's a lot cuter as an owl thing than a goat.

No. 341324

Honestly, Matt was phoning it in for a while in the lps and podcasts while his solo channel had his full attention. Even in his LPs with Woolie he was just not how he used to be so I don't think the blame solely lies with Pat. Plus his gf is the one that vague posted on Twitter about Pat and tried to stir up drama. I'm more inclined to think it was his gf and not Pat's that caused this on top of other reasons. Just watching Matt's channel with her in some makes me uncomfortable with how much she talks over him and sort of ensures he agrees with her. But eh, no one really knows what happened.
I'm so upset about the disbandment because I can't get into any other lper. Tbfp had the only kind of humor I could tolerate. I wish they could've gone out with just the video since it was so graceful but Liam soured the goodbye with his twitter ramblings.

No. 341699

Both Matt and Pat seemed whipped in general but the gf definitely seemed worse on Matt's end.

I never liked Liam, so I chose to ignore him after his left. I feel like Matt us going to try following but I doubt any of their humor will hold up without a second man to bounce off of.

No. 344134

I’m mostly on pc but would like recommendation for smaller alternative controller to fit my baby ass hands? The standard ps4 one feels fuckin gigantic and awkward. I get less finger cramps wanking for an hour straight.

No. 344397

Can anons start a Lets player thread if they're gonna clog up this one?
Its pretty OT and from the KF thread lurk its another group of losers tbh

No. 344575

From time to time, used to play so much a couple of years ago and been thinking of getting back into it. I only stopped playing it originally when the amount of hacker spiked on the EU servers and the NA servers were unplayable because of the lag.

No. 344635

I got a PS4 and RDR2 for xmas and I'm enjoying it so much. It's just so relaxing to ride across the world and explore and hunt. The story is really engaging too. In general I always enjoy Rockstar's storytelling, sometimes I feel like their games are the only ones that feel like the characters and world are alive.

No. 344856

Is getting a 3ds or switch worth it?

I mainly play on the pc, but never owned a console/handheld and since I saved up some money I thought why not give it a try.

The only thing that's sort of holding me back are the games. I like LoZ and mostly play RPGs (Witcher, Dragon Age, Assassin's Creed(sort of)), horror games and stuff like Devil May Cry. I know the switch is still new and they'll release more games, but in general anything besides LoZ that could be interesting?

No. 344867

3DS is more than worth it! Not sure about the switch though..

No. 344893


Both are def worth it!

I got my 3DS after I bought my Switch. I think the 3DS s great because it has a HUGE library of games. It's not the newest system BUT as I said, many, many great games with remasters of old classics. At times I use it more than my Switch

The Switch on the other hand doesn't have a that much games but has def some gems that are worth to get the system. I personally loved Breath of The Wild, my biggest reason why I got a Switch. Besides BOTW I loved Bayonetta 1+2, Mario Odyssey and Captain Toad Treasure Tracker (lol). I've only played the Demo but I read a lot about Octopath Traveler and it sounds like something that you could like. (Currently on Sale at the eShop).

Both have a good reasons to be purchased.

No. 344941

switch will be. games like mario party are fucking awesome and the touch function controls are amazing.

i really feel like they pushed switch out way too early so they could kill the wii U, but my only problem with it is the small library.

No. 345017

Can't say much about the Switch since I don't have it (yet…) but I cannot recommend the 3DS enough! It's absolutely worth it to me. Like >>344893 said, the library is massive and I'm sure you'll find tons of games to keep you occupied. Plus the hacking scene is really great if you're into that.
If I were you, I'd get a good deal on a refurbished 3DS (or 2DS if you don't mind giving up some features to save more money) to get your Nintendo fix. Set aside your money and get the Switch once there are a larger amount of games that catch your eye, it's the hot new system and it isn't going anywhere.

No. 345130

Genuine question. Why do so many of you like nintendo? Their consoles are expensive and gimmicky. Most triple-A titles are on the PS4. So what is it that makes Nintendo switch worth the money? BOTW and animal crossing? Is that it?

No. 345134

I always liked Nintendo cause it's easy to travel with and most games are relaxing and lowkey. Currently, I'm working abroad so the switch and 3DS are perfect for me.

I'd love to get a PS4 though but I need to settle properly somewhere first.

On that note, I just got Let's go, Eevee and while the game has been dumbed down, I like how chill and realistic it got in a way, with pokemons roaming around. I thought I wouldn't like it that much but honestly it's enjoyable.

No. 345139

Because they make fun video games, dude. It's not that deep. Take the console/company wars autism back to /v/.

No. 345144

Best video games around since the 80s and it's classic. Ps games are meh, xbone is even worse. Most PS and xbox games you can play on the pc and it will look 10x better. Good luck finding an emu that runs newer nintendo consoles well.

No. 345151


I bet you bought the PS Classic.

No. 345153

I wonder the same, I only use an emulator to play old Nintendo games like Super Mario and shit, their newer games are boring as fuck and all they do is milk old franchises… I'd rather spend my money buying games on Steam

No. 345157

Nintendofags are unbearable Anon, I agree with you. Half of the Mario games are so gimmicky and just the same game with a reskin. The only thing I enjoy coming from Nintendo is Animal Crossing and Style Savvy at this point.

No. 345235

Try to look up 8bitdo controllers. They're like super nintendo controllers and wireless.

No. 345283

modded my old 3ds so i could play play rune factory 3 without paying $50+ since i lost my cartridge. no regrets even though my bf scolded me lol

No. 345331

mind sharing how you got the game running? i have homebrew so i’ve got experience with modding but i have a hard time finding resources that tell you how to emulate 3ds games

No. 345354

Nta but do you mean playing them on a modded 3ds like she did or on a pc emulator? Playing and finding ~backups~ on a homebrewed 3ds is ridiculously easy, easier than any other console and there's a ton of resources on how to do it too.

No. 345459

Ho, ho, ho, Soma is free on GOG if anyone's interested.
It's a great game. I loved it.
Happy holidays farmers!

No. 345461

File: 1546099631543.jpg (21.5 KB, 460x215, header_LAs1HLK-460x215.jpg)

Samefag, it's a horror stealth game and there are lots of explorations and I guess sort of puzzles. I loved the story and I often think of the game.
It's by the creators of Amnesia.
Also, GOG is worth supporting since they're anti DRM and there is no online activation once you download the game. They also have games that run on other OS like Ubuntu or Mac.

No. 345592

admittedly i haven't modded since the firmware was on 11.2 i think, so its been a while. i was also looking specifically at /r/3dshacks and they ban any kind of piracy talk lol. thanks for the hint on ~backups~! i wasnt getting any google results with what i was searching besides freeshop which is kill.

No. 345724

Here on vgperson's page: http://www.vgperson.com/games/

You can find many of these for sale on Steam now too.

No. 345771

>freeshop is kill
Lol I had no idea about that since I got all the games I wanted from there before it died. I homebrewed my 3ds right when soundhax was released. Rip :( Guess playing pirated 3ds games online might suck now too.

I'm sure it's still easy to get cfw then find CIA files for games and install them through FBI though. Not as ridiculous as freeshop, but very easy none the less. DLC might be another story. Anyone know if the Wii U still has a nice hack?

No. 345795

Tried downloading bios from different sites to play Kingdom Hearts II but the files are corrupted

Looks like Nintendo took down all the links from the site where I got the emulator

Seems like I'll never be able to play it again

No. 345799

Maybe try a different emu or ask around for the file you need?

No. 345864


(I hope this is alright) I have a working bios that I put in a google drive if you want it. When I went to find the file through pcsx2 it says it's a Japan bios? I'm not entirely sure why I chose that, it's been a really long time, but I can at least confirm that it has worked with all the USA games I've played, including kh2.


I assume you have a copy of kh2 already, but if not, I have a working iso if you need it.

(repost cause i thought i fucked up and uploaded it under my main email. i didnt, im just an idiot)

No. 345919

OMG thank you soo much!!!
If it's not too much to ask I'd appreciate the ISO as well
I wasn't expecting anyone to have it so I didn't ask, thanks

No. 352195

File: 1547138119001.jpg (162.27 KB, 947x960, 2984371-maxresdefault-4.jpg)

Posting because I want to hear opinions about Yoko Taro. I was a huuuge fan when Gestalt came out but since Automata I feel kinda conflicted.

Maybe it's because a lot of really unpleasant people flocked to him and project his views on him because of the 2B lewds thing. I'm mostly feeling meh about it because he didn't make any distinction between regular porn art and degrading one, and it's especially sad when you look at 2B's story and the themes of Automata. Another one of his characters was revealed recently to have been abused and forced to crossdress as a child- the company in charge released a dakimakura of the character and the popularity got boosted ten times.

I know he has a dark sense of humor, but these things make me a bit sad. Basically I'm butthurt because I take fictional characters seriously and want some respect for them.

No. 353678

What did he say about 2b lewds?

No. 353684

File: 1547391923933.jpeg (67.39 KB, 553x554, BD20B3DF-F13B-40C3-BD8D-9E3F42…)

I loved Gestalt. Gotta be honest, Automato was a huge let down, it didn’t have any of the charm the first game had. The characters weren’t a interesting, the world was a bit meh while pretty, and the musical score is so lacking when you listen to the first one. I was really disappointed after I finished my first play through and tbh don’t have the heart to play it again - I know some people will say ‘it gets soo much better later!!’ but entertainment should capture your heart soon into the story, I have a hard time giving entertainment a second chance when they were shitty at the start/first time around

No. 353690

Wow, really? I absolutely love the score on Automata, it's probably my favorite part of the game so I will definitely have to check out this one!

No. 353708

No offense but what is the point of this post?

For >>345331 or anyone looking for actual resources, check here:

I got mine up and running in just a couple hours with those guides.

No. 353714

Oh, nothing special new, the joke about "send me a zip with all lewds of her" came up again and he commented something like western creators being too uptight about such things. I like sexy art, but one thing is praising good art from creators and another is just looking at a dump that also includes her being harmed or used as a toy. Might seem selfish but that kinda kills the illusion of caring for those characters, him joking he'll put her in any collab, even candy crush if he gets the money doesn't help.

Glad to see others that feel that way, I really don't want to sound pretentious and I know lots of people loved it because it was their first Taro game. I finished all routes once and wanted to replay it in Japanese but didn't have the energy, it DOES get better around route C but it didn't hit me as hard as NieR.

No. 353727

…Wtf are you talking about? I was just asking what anon meant by "emulate 3ds games".

No. 353736

I'm surprised 2b's in-game design doesn't creep you out with how sexualized she is.

No. 353738

I think he just realizes it's pointless to care about whatever shitty art people in the internet make of his characters. I'm sure he has more important things to worry about.

No. 353744

Might be that too, Kaine had a foul mouth and was a parody of the sexy sidekick. Zero was in the first scene portrayed as a bloodthirsty murderer, had a strong attitude and her outfit wasn't as sexualized as the other two. 2B is sexualized because humans wanted her to look that way + the perma blindfolds in route A have a dehumanising effect on the characters.

No. 353776

File: 1547404062110.jpg (126.74 KB, 960x600, dg2-illust-main-characters.jpg)

I enjoyed Kaine's personality but I think all the excuses around her outfit (she's intersex! She needs to feel feminine! Or, it's a parody) are just that, excuses. Drakengard 1 and 2 managed to have quite sensible female designs. I think these designs were changed to be pornier in the rest of Taro's games simply because it would sell better (and of course a horny male design team.) It's a pity.
Check the crazy playable female character in D1 and compare with Zero: https://www.creativeuncut.com/gallery-04/dg-arioch1.html

No. 353778

File: 1547404691066.png (549.63 KB, 780x988, 1536468986152.png)

Angelus' human form was always awesome to me.
I really enjoyed her character overall.

No. 353780

I know it's kind of a bait question but whatever. Personally I just don't give a shit about most triple-A titles (RD2 looks boring af to me for example) and I prefer style over realistic rendering, which I can often find with nintendo. that's about it.

No. 353793

I'm kinda buying the Kaine parody thing only because Replicant Nier had that shitty wannabe Final Fantasy look, oof. That's why I prefer dad Nier even if it wasn't written with him in mind, he fits the band of weird misfits better and instead of being a criticism at Japan's brother-sister trope his relationship with his daughter seems sweeter. But I digress.

Agreed with you on the designs becoming sluttier and I miss the early drakengard designs, I need to play 2 finally.

Another thing that comes to mind is how a female writer brought up some themes like bro Nier snapping at Yonah under pressure and saying she's a burden, or how Emil feels isolated because of his sexuality and Kaine's internal struggles- but it was "too dark/real" for Yoko.

Whoa, I'm in love.

No. 353850

File: 1547412400720.jpg (400.66 KB, 1920x1080, 1268582-drakengard.jpg)

Vaguely related but anyone here played the first Drakengard/Drag-On Dragon? I am really interested in giving it at shot cause of how dark it is even though I dislike the creators stating they based one character on Rei Ayanami cause she's a girl without personality, basically. I would love to hunt all 3 games though it might be a bit hard, especially with the third one. Wonder if it's worth it.

No. 353853

I have! It's pretty tedious. Kind of short, but it has different endings. There's a couple parts that get frustrating, mostly the dragon sequences, but the story is fucked up and that's what made me want to play it in the first place.

No. 353863

I am the one who posted about liking the female chara design in it. The actual portrayal of women is no good except the dragon who is the best character in the game. Gameplay is basic and real shitty. It is worth it if you want a real crazy and dark plot though.

No. 353868

Other anon who discussed Yoko Taro here- the music will drive you insane but getting the endings while being spoiler free is wild. Don't worry about the Rei girl in the slightest, I can't spoil things, but you'll find it fun.

No. 353886

File: 1547417769084.jpg (111.94 KB, 600x600, 1200x630bb.jpg)

I have both of these CDs, I keep them exposed next to my monitor.
They're great, I love just having them sitting there.

No. 353892

I honestly don't mind about the lewds thing.
I understand all this parody of japanese media, sexualizing in almost a ridiculous way some characters. I might sound as I justify Yoko's work too much, it may be, but I carefully thought throught it since I've first known of the series years ago.

Speaking of which, I think first Drakengard is my favourite game, not as much as a game, but as an artwork. It might not be enjoyable gameplaywise, but its repetitiveness in the context, the visuals, music and characters created one of the most grimdark stories I have ever read while I am a huge grimdark slut (please, suggest more good grimdark pieces).
Automata would be my last favourite if Sinoalice didn't exist. I found Automata kind of bland and a void body of what Gestalt/Replicant was. I wish it were more pushed as his previous games were.

Sinoalice is just a badly designed game who lost everything that made the game interesting at the beginning. Stories are so cringe, characters so boring and the feel of it is just a moneygrabbing garbage for japanese men to fap to.

No. 353897

File: 1547420330712.jpg (316.52 KB, 1378x2039, IMG_20181214_074106.jpg)

Style-wise I prefer sinoalice because it's more in the fantasy direction and I like some of the characters but the gameplay is indeed awful and the character designer is a lolicon with very sketchy tastes.

The only reason I'm playing is because I can get all characters I want from the gacha just by playing casually. I was so angry at Yoko when he hyped up the Automata collab by saying he cried while writing it- and then nothing actually happened. I still find Cinderella entertaining and I loved watching people flip their shit at some plot revelations about their pure faves.

No. 353900

Forgot to say I love the style too, might not be unusual for the era but the western influence and dark colours are nice.

As for grimdark games, I suppose you played Blood Omen from the Legacy of Kain series or Soul Reaver 1? If not, it will seem very edgy on the surface but it touches upon some interesting themes and plays with the player: like at first you feel sorry but eventually you accept you're on top of the food chain as a vampire and become more cruel. Soul Reaver 1 has some top notch voice acting and nice dark boss designs.

Otherwise I guess The Cat Lady, Pathologic, Rule of Rose etc. But some were already mentioned in the thread.

No. 353973

Sorry for major ot, does anyone know of a game (not sure if it's a game) similar to sinoalice in art style, sort of gothic and dark fantasy, that had girls in nurse outfits and oversized sweaters? It had the caduceus staff in some promotional materials as well. I saw a display for it next to sinoalice display in an anime store.

No. 354184

You'll need some more info on the style and how the characters looked, that doesn't remind me of anything so far.

No. 354193

File: 1547471739761.jpeg (37.21 KB, 640x480, images (11).jpeg)

Very similar to sinoalice. Same traditional-ish, fantasy art style. Dark colour palette. The outifts weren't sexualized though. Pic related is the closest I could find

No. 354211

Funnily that's the pic I wanted to post too, when did you see it? Kbooks for example puts all Square Enix stuff next to another,but I didn't find any new square enix game with medical staff.

No. 354228

Sometime in december, in Japan. It might just be sinoalice merch that hasn't come out yet in other places and I might be retarded.