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File: 1533385564260.png (117.52 KB, 500x397, you-cum-yet-7374789.png)

No. 90960

I can't be the only one who constantly has to deal with selfish and clueless guys who've obviously got their idea of sex from watching too much porn.

So let's share our worst and cringeworthies sexual experiences in this thread!

No. 90961

I'll start off:

>meet guy on tinder

>he's a successful male model with a cute-boy-next-door type of look
>kinda creepy over text, but he's a major cutie and I feel flattered so I decide to give it a shot
>we meet up and he's really sweet and normal IRL
>we end up going back to my apartment & have sex
>he has the girthies dick I have ever seen in real life
>has apparently never heard of female pleasure and aggressively pushes his dick into my dry ass pussy
>I'm in the worst pain ever but decide to endure it until he comes
>after what felt like 20 minutes he still hasn't come
>I can't take it any longer and start crying
>"Awww, you have tears in your eyes, how sweet"
>I tell him I'm in pain and that I need him to stop
>"Is it a good or a bad type of pain?"
>obviously a bad one, dumbass
>he makes me feel guilty for not getting him off so my insecure self gives him head until he cums
>the next day he keeps texting me that he thought it was so sweet how I couldn't handle his dick and that he wants to do that again
>needless to say I never saw him again

I completely understand that it was partly my fault for not being upfront about my feelings and my desire to be pleasured. But seriously, how can an adult male be this delusional?
I still can't believe that a guy that has sex with different girls all the time would have no fucking clue about mutual sexual enjoyment or what a girl who's enjoying sex looks like. You could see the pain in my face but instead of being concerned he kinda got off on that.

I still kinda feel bad about the whole thing and have stopped using Tinder completely.

No. 90967

Lmao, I'm screenshotting this. Women are so fucking retarded.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 90969

File: 1533397380844.jpg (54.78 KB, 540x761, 50apu2r2mdd11.jpg)

It's always surprising where guys localize your clitoris. Usually it's about 16ft away, but hey, thanks for rubbing my labium like a lunatic I guess?!

No. 90970


My first time, the guy would grab them really hard, when i told him it hurt he said girls like pain (?)

Not sex but yeah we broke up

No. 90971

File: 1533397727829.png (454.09 KB, 424x415, 1439340158093.png)

>creepy text
>enduring painful fucking
>give him head out of guilt

Girl, what the fuck is wrong with you. He's this delusional because girls like you keep appeasing his shitty ego and horrible skill.

No. 90972

>dating this guy for a long time as a teen
>he's sweet and we get along well, but he's fat
>he's a good guy and it's never really mattered though, so i look past it
>has eaten me out successfully before
>we finally reach the point where we decide to have sex and lose our virginities
>since he's fat, i have to do all the "work"
>small dick does nothing for me
>goes over so badly that i feel like i must be one of those girls that can't cum from solely-penetrative sex
>years go by where i think i just don't like sex all that much
>after we break up, i sleep with someone else
>his dick isn't all that big either, but he's pretty fit so we can trade off who's on top when the other starts getting tired and he actually makes an effort to do stuff that feels good to me rather than just having me do stuff for him like the first guy
>holy shit sex is actually good
>like REALLY good

I have a similar story about finding out that I actually like beer once I tried one that wasn't a frathouse-style light beer lmao

No. 90973

I've definitely learned my lesson.
Idk but at the time I felt so flattered that a guy like that was interested in fucking me that I kinda just went along with it.

No. 90974

I've had a very similar experience. I dated my first boyfriend for three years and during that time I absolutely hated sex. He'd aggressively bite and lick my ears (like, not the ear lobes but the actual outer ear) and neck and when I told him I didn't like that at all, he'd just not understand. After breaking up with him and sleeping with other guys I finally realized that I DO actually like sex and even neck kisses.

No. 90975

File: 1533400947038.gif (1.19 MB, 300x226, 697534778.gif)

I know we were all naive and impressionable at one point but this makes my head hurt. Parents need to start informing their daughters on how to handle situations like this before they start dating. I swear to god…

No. 90976

Yes, there needs to be a whole lesson on how to say no and why you shouldn’t feel guilty saying it.
And men need to learn more about sex in general if they think attempting entry into a pussy that aint up to temp yet is okay. Amateur really.

What a fucking loser that guy is.

No. 90978

File: 1533402534062.png (31.51 KB, 310x251, 484.png)

my boyfriend tries to talk dirty in bed sometimes and he says some of the funniest shit. he comes up with something hot on occasion, but most times require me to use all of my willpower not to laugh while we're fucking.

a few things he's said to me during sex:
>"i'm going to make you wear a necklace made of dicks so everybody knows you're a whore"
>"pee all over me like a dog you fucking bitch"
>"i'm about to shove so many things up your ass" (he didn't and i'm glad)

i'm losing my shit just writing these down

he's the best i've ever had otherwise– his dick is fantastic and he has great stamina. but one out of every twenty times we fuck i just lie in bed and have an existential crisis because i don't understand wtf he just said

No. 90979

>"i'm going to make you wear a necklace made of dicks so everybody knows you're a whore"
This one got me bad. I bet at the time he thought it was really hot, then the second it came out of his mouth he instantly regretted it.

No. 90980

File: 1533402881810.gif (454.86 KB, 245x155, 9DD4E877-B4DE-49FE-98BB-9E09F8…)

>"i'm going to make you wear a necklace made of dicks so everybody knows you're a whore"

No. 90985

that one is great, but is no one seeing the
>"pee all over me like a dog you fucking bitch"

what the fuck???

No. 90986

File: 1533408365788.png (1.06 MB, 919x720, 1463030468011.png)

>be 16 and having my first boyfriend
>horny all the time because of hormones
>even tho my bf was older (20ish) he was a virgin
>we talked a lot of having sex, he told me stories where he made his exes so wet with foreplay only
>get super hyped
>finally, the big day comes
>he has a very ugly and average sized dick
>when I reached to blow him, I was kinda surprised and grossed by the smell but he told me that was the "normal dick smell"
>he tries to eat me out but does the most hilarious faces, like he was constipated
>fucking was painful at the beginning, then he asked me to moan like a hentai

We were together for a few years and eventually just assumed that sex wasn't that great in general, later knew that the dick was bad. Also,

>he only could cum if he was masturbated for several minutes

>never wanted to have sex
>bad hygiene in general

Later after we broke up knew that he masturbated at least 4 times a day with lolicon and camgirls while I slept

No. 90998

I briefly dated a guy who had like the classic side-swept emo hair. He gave me oral once and I found strands of his hair in my pussy afterwards…. fucking nasty shit. Made me hate his stupid hair even more than before lmao.

No. 91001

File: 1533417859572.jpg (16.62 KB, 250x250, 3679744578997533.jpg)

I would drag a man out of bed by the scalp if he said any of these things to me.

No. 91002

The first time I had sex the dude literally scratched at my labia minora and vaginal canal like he was trying to remove peeling paint. Multiple times. I didn't expect a male virgin to be a pussy master but how do you even get that fucking idea?

No. 91005

I hooked up with this guy on and off my freshman year of college who was a huge fucking loser. he was a virgin and I didn't know it beforehand and after the first time we had sex he was OBSESSED with me. Like, stereotypical virgin teenage girl obsessed. He had no clue what he was doing, the first time we had sex he came immediately after he put the condom on but I figured it was bc he was too drunk or something. No. Every other time was equally horrible. Including the time he puked on me WHILE INSIDE OF ME. drunk virgin frat boys - never again

No. 91006


God, reminds me of the first person I slept with. The stench emanating from his crotch was enough to make me gag. His dick was slimy and almost encrusted with cheese. I went for, like, two years afterwards thinking that was normal.

Luckily, my ultra-hygienic current boyfriend has since shown me the light.

No. 91007

Ex had a horribly bent penis and would always blame me for the fact it hurt a LOT to have that thing put inside of me, especially if it slipped out and he rammed it back in. It was straight at the base but curved sharply to the right about half way up. It was ridiculous and for years I was led to believe it was my vagina that was the issue until I got a check up and was told I was all fine inside. Had he zero stamina and would get annoyed if I didn't want to go on top because I had confidence issues due to him grabbing my stomach and telling me I was fat. Glad he's my ex and my current bf is better in every way. Clean/straight dick, can go for ages and actually gives me head and loves it. Never settle for shitty sex!

No. 91008

one time i was grinding against this dude and about to cum when he started tickling my armpits. he heard it “makes things more intense” but it just turned me off completely.

No. 91011

This while thread should be renamed "Horror Stories".
Im laughing but some of this stuff is yikes.

No. 91015

File: 1533429720744.gif (3.95 MB, 307x325, al smith dinner laugh.gif)

>>"i'm about to shove so many things up your ass"
Not his cock. Not a finger. Just so many things.
Do you tell him when you don't like what he said? Maybe he needs direction?

No. 91016

Yeah mine always aims too low. I tell him higher and he figures it out, but he always starts way too low.

No. 91019

literally crying over here

My ex had no strength and stamina, so when he was on top he would just lie flat on me and hump away like I was some hole in a mattress. He would always whine that I should tell him what I like so he can please me, but when I did, like getting him to eat me out properly, he'd remember for like one session and never do it again on his own.

I did get to peg him though which was probably some of the best sex I ever had.

No. 91020

sounds hot tbh

No. 91022

Ugh disgusting.
This is why men don’t want women to be sexually liberated, because then we can compare their poor performance to good.
Lazy fucks

No. 91035

Sorry for shitting up the thread with an ot post but how do you guys deal with sexual things you don't want to perform? I have no desire of sucking a guy's dick ever and I wouldn't mind if he doesn't want to go down on me either. I find most dicks repulsive and I'm sure I won't be lucky to get a cute one. It worries me a lot how oral and anal sex seem to be the norm nowadays and even fetishy stuff.

No. 91038

oral sex has always been the norm

No. 91041

I honestly can't count how many times guys have expected me to suck their stinky ass dicks with absolutely no shame. I've figured that the stinkyness (and slimyness) mainly occurs with guys who are uncut and who masturbate a lot, residues of their cum accumulate under their foreskin.
Also one time a guy tried to shove his sweaty balls into my mouth. It was summer and the smell of sweaty butt crack almost made me puke.

No. 91046


Jfc, are you gurls literally afraid to stop and say "I'm not doing that untik you bathe"? What, are you afraid if you say no, the guy will grab your face and throatfuck you to death?

Should rename the thread to "girls who are acared to say what they want/don't want during sex" ffs

No. 91047

Um that's literally what I did in these situations though? Doesn't change the fact that there are a ton of guys who have absolutely no shame whipping out their unwashed dicks with the expectation of getting head.

No. 91058

Small dicks, never again. They are just so bad.

No. 91059

Seriously, I've been afraid to have sex since the last guy. I dont want to risk a small dick again, I'd rather have no sex.

I wish I could find out beforehand but I'm too much of a prude to get dick pics or touch it before we're actually in a relationship. And by then it's too late to break it off easily.

No. 91060


All that coping about "size doesn't matter" thing is just so fucking sad. Stop wasting people's time with that pathetic thing.

No. 91061

I think they just need to pre emptively lower their standards taking their dick into account. Like, a guy who is 10/10 with his clothes on but has a small dick should not go for 10/10 women. If he aims lower they won't have much right to be disappointed since he has already compensated somewhat.

No. 91062


A lot of it has to do with being insecure or inexperienced. When I was a clueless, eager-to-please teenager, I simply didn't know what was considered normal in sexual situations.

No. 91063

I don't think it's the end of the world especially if they compensate. Been with a hot guy who was small, but he had fucking magic fingers and ate me out like a proper man. Obviously ymmv with these things though.

No. 91067

Just say no? If he keeps pressuring you leave and look for someone else.

No. 91071

How small are we talking? I swear I'm not a guy, just interested. I've never been with a guy with a small dick (like below 12cm i guess) and I actually HATE big dicks because they hurt me.

No. 91087

I've had that same experience. When the dick came out it was a bit disappointing but he made up for it. Would definitely prefer over a guy who just whips his big shlong out and then expects you to worship it and do all the work and possibly even deepthroat the monster.

No. 91088


Below 15 cm.


Guys with big dicks can have magic fingers too, don't give hope to small dick guys hope that they actually have a chance.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 91106

ex boyfriend was really bad at sex. he once bored me so much that while he was on top, i pulled out the xbox and played skyrim on mute until he was finished.

No. 91118

File: 1533506233992.jpg (39.24 KB, 750x413, IMG_20180319_094720.jpg)

>be 16yo
>New at school, become a tutor to meet new people
>Meet cute guy one grade below via his friend that I tutored
>Instantly click, start hanging out, he eventually invites me over after school when his parents are still at work
>We start to fuck
>Didn't realize how small he was until a few strokes in (skipped foreplay)
>Felt like he was fingering me with his dick
>Oh god let me out
>After a few minutes he asks me if I came
>I say no, keep going
>He finishes
>I get dressed and say I need to be home
>He lets me know that it was his first time and how much he enjoyed it

Didn't fuck him after that, even though he asked to see me again. Some girl who was apparently obsessed with him found out I fucked him and she wanted to fight me. I didn't have the heart to tell her he was small.

No. 91130

i had an ex fuckbuddy that i would hook up with for a little over a year. he definitely thought it was more than just sex, even though i told him multiple times that it wasnt and that i was seeing people other than him at the same time as well

i don't know why i kept sleeping with him, though, cause the sex was….eh and his dick was fairly large except the fact that it was severely bent to the right. it wasnt the worst, but he always did these little things that would just completely turn me off.

like, everytime he would finish fingering me, he would wipe off his hands with a tissue before he would penetrate me. why? for what purpose? i know it was probably nothing personal, but it made the sex feel like it was less about actually having sex, or that he felt like my vagina was too dirty for anything other than his dick.
and he never wanted to change positions, was super vanilla, had no idea how to eat a girl out, etc.
he's not my proudest moment in my sexploration journey.

No. 91138

Hahahaha. I’ve had a lot of bad sexual encounters but for some reason this one sticks out in my mind the most:

I was hooking up on and off with a friend in college, we really weren’t that sexually compatible in the first place but we were both equal parts lonely, insecure, and drunk at the time.

One day when we were hooking up he asks me if he can go down on me and I’m like “sure.” I don’t remember how good his technique was (I’m really not into receiving oral anyway since only like .25% of the head ive received has been actually good) but I do remember after he stopped, he says “that wasn’t bad at all, it was just like licking the inside of my elbow or something - it just tasted like skin!!!” As if he expected my vagina to taste like something horrible? So either he had never gone down on a girl before or every girl he had gone down on had something wrong down there. Either way the comment was strange and offputting yet slightly endearing, and I don’t think we ever fucked again after that.

No. 91140

a guy and i were on the verge of going from friends to FWB because of all the sexual tension

not only was it tiny when he pulled it out (like 3, maybe 3.25 inches if i'm being generous)–he leapt on me, laid basically flat on top, humped away for like 7 seconds, came, then looked me in the eye and said "gotta get the first one out"

is this normal or was it truly as weird as it felt

No. 91141

This is kind of off-topic but is dick size really a huge deal as long as they don't have a microdick? Do you all actually cum from penetration? It really does nothing for me at all, I'd rather just fondle/caress each other or receive oral instead… So if a guy was below average it wouldn't matter much to me aside from visuals. A lot of other women talk about it like it's the end all of sex but then I see all the studies about how most don't orgasm from it. Is it mostly an emotional thing that you find it hotter to take a bigger dick?

No. 91142


No. 91143

File: 1533515717506.png (206.16 KB, 968x733, 1492864441960.png)

these stories are gold, they are making me feel better about my first time having sex, the bad parts were mostly my fault for giving the worst drunk blowjob ever kek

No. 91158

File: 1533523019810.png (13.49 KB, 410x211, how_it_works.png)

No. 91160

Yeah same here, big dick doesnt really do anything for me, i'd rather it be average sized so it's not such a hassle getting it inside.

No. 91162

These stories make me glad I'm a virgin still, Jesus Christ.

No. 91163

>one women admits she acted dumb
>other women agree what she did was dumb

No. 91164

big dicks on guys are like big boobs on girls.
Some girls who like that sort of thing get turned on by the idea of a huge dick more than it actually

Although if a guy has a thin dick, like no girth, thats the worst, worse than being short.

No. 91173

Big dicks are overrated, honestly. They're just too painful to fully enjoy, and the day after, you're sore. 6/7 inches is perfect in my opinion.

No. 91180

7 inches is definitely considered to be a big dick, anon. The average sized dick is 5 inches long.

No. 91191

Even if you don't cum, penis feels good. Just not good enough to cum from it. Girthy dick feels better than slim dick, and tiny dick can feel like nothing at all.

Had sex once with a guy with a micro dick, felt like he put his pinky inside me aka I didn't feel a thing. So that didn't last.

My husband wipes his hands after fingering because he touches my face and hair during sex, and I'm not into having to wash my hair every time we fuck.

No. 91212

I love big dick. My bf is about 7.5 inches and I always cum from penetration. Even when I took his v-card and he had no idea what he was doing I came from riding him.

No. 91215

not normal at all. typically they'd "get the first one out" before they come to see you. dude sounds tonedeaf af

No. 91217

It doesn't really matter to me. I can cum from penetration, but only if I've had a few orgasms before and am having a lucky day. It's never mattered, and it's more important that a man is eager to make me orgasm from other things.

No. 91222

I go out with my guy best friend (who's been my best friend since we were 6) and some other friends for drinks about every other night and sometimes get VERY drunk. A couple months ago he must have been slightly drunker than me and I took him home. As we got inside he grabbed me and started kissing me and I pushed him away at first but then gave in because I was drunk af too. Also his band has been getting pretty popular around here and girls have been throwing themselves at him lately which was kind of turning me on.

Anyway we go on to do it and honest to god he has the biggest dick I've ever seen. 10" for sure. The problem is, he couldn't fucking get it up. I even tried blowing him but nothing since he was blackout drunk. I think we both passed out and I woke up earlier in the morning and left. We havent talked about it and I think he might not remember.

The stupid part is, this exact scenario happened 2 more times with him, we go on to do it, too drunk, he can never get it up, we pretend we don't remember. I keep saying never again, and it's the last time but deep down I kind of want it to happen, but I dont have any feelings for him.

It's really frustrating because it reminds me of my first time, it was with some random guy and he would get it up but it would go flaccid after a couple minutes. He wasn't even drunk, he told me he always had this problem and it's because he watches too much porn.

My friends have told me it has happened to them too and that maybe the guy is inexperienced or nervous but sometimes I feel like it's my fault

No. 91229

i was riding a guy i was seeing back then, and out of fucking nowhere he slapped my boob as hard as he could. it hurt like hell. i froze, unsure how i should react, so i attempted to lighten up the situation by laughing and going "ow! please dont do that again, it hurts."

instead of being a normal fucking human being and apologising and laughing with me, the guy almost started fucking CRYING. he kept saying sorry, how hes such an idiot. it made everything very awkward. i was completely dry at that point and I was apologising to HIM just so he would chill and stop being like..that.

later he even said that its weird i didnt like it, since all his exes did, and he didnt get it from porn at all.

sorry for shit english, not my first language.

No. 91233

Girl that is NOT your fault. You gave all the reasons why. It’s most likely because he is drunk. Whiskey dick. It also could be because porn abuse. Definitely not you.

I would not even try unless he was sober.

No. 91234

What a fucking weirdo! I don’t want my tits slapped either, ow.
I like how he broke down like a complete basket case then later blamed you for not liking it. Nutters.
And your English was great.

No. 91239

Whiskey dick hahahahaha love that
yeah I guess you're right it's just insecurities sometimes you know

I don't think I would try sober because I don't want to risk ruining our friendship and I'm not really that attracted to him anyway, it just always comes out when I'm drunk for some reason

No. 91248

I know there are a lot of girls who really like it when a guy moans, and generally I enjoy it too. But my first boyfriend moaned in such an exaggerated and girly way it turned me off completely.
He had really sensitive nipples for some reason, and as soon as I got close to them (like, I'd just have to barely touch them) he'd literally SCREAM in such a high pitched way it still makes me cringe to this day. I've never watched hentai but that's exactly what I imagine the girls' moans to sound like

No. 91252

this is so fucking funny

No. 91253

>tfw no bf to scream when I just tap his chest

No. 91254

oh noooo anon this is the worst story yet. I'm laughing, sorry. I sincerely hope it gets back to him how awful that was.

No. 91256

My ex claimed to be super-dominating in bed, but all we ever did was either standard missionary, or he would ask me if I would like to dominate him "just for fun".

I confronted him once about it and he flipped his shit claiming he had totally a dom because he would hold my hands really tight during sex.

I liked being in control so I just went with it, but he also had really sissy-like moans that eventually escalated to full on gay-porn material. The moment he started moaning the words "breed me" really loudly during sex I knew it was over. He was a great guy otherwise, but so cringy during sex it just wasn't worth it.

No. 91267

Omfg anon I can’t relate. My boyfriend has such a weird high-pitch moan, it grosses me out. I just wish he’d growl at me or something. I feel like I’m giving a blow-job to Micky Mouse sometimes.

No. 91270

why was this user banned? was it a male?

No. 91288

File: 1533577647876.gif (2.32 MB, 240x130, a2fxb9.gif)


>The moment he started moaning the words "breed me" really loudly during sex I knew it was over

are we sure this man is hetrosexual ?

No. 91292

Kek. I'm that anon. I didn't stay to find out.

No. 91321

File: 1533597089616.jpeg (54.36 KB, 512x377, 0B1D3F23-BAAA-49B1-9995-9C0EE8…)

>be me, 16yo
>date vampire guy with nails like actual claws
>let him take my virginity
>fingers me with said claws
>puts a chain around my throat
>can’t go on after 5 mins since it fucken hurts
>give blowjob, cums in mouth


No. 91338

>I feel like I’m giving a blow-job to Micky Mouse sometimes
Fucking kek

I also find men moaning not that hot, most sound like really ridiculous…

No. 91347

I think it depends on the type of moan. I find it pretty hot when my bf is moaning but he does short, stifled moans. Kind of like he can't help himself because it feels too good. He doesn't do a constant porn moan and it's rare when he actually does. When he does I feel like I'm rocking it when we fuck and it turns me on even more.

No. 91350

oh you poor girl…
I know first times aren't usually that great but this sounds pretty bad
don't let anyone push you around like this anymore, you deserve better

No. 91354

>be 17
>really hot guy hmu after my abusive ex dumps me
>is sweet and good at flirting, doesn't make me feel awkward or uncomfortable
>go to his place
>has to wait for an hour on his bed because he is playing league of legends
>finally having sex
>is sweet and constantly asks me if I'm comfortable
>but then he tells me he has jerked off 10 times that day so it doesn't feel good
>asks me if he can just rim me
>rims me for an hour while he jerks off and finally cums
>asks me if I want to watch a series while he does something upstairs
>tucks me into a blanket and leaves
>to talk to the fucking child protective services about his life

Like it was oddly sweet and he seemed like a good guy, but god fucking damn dude. Why invite a girl over for sex if you have jacked off, and why on the same day as your cps meeting

No. 91355

File: 1533632587583.gif (2.49 MB, 245x200, d43.gif)

>be me, 23 yo 8/10
>some guy messages me on grindr
>he's good looking, just my type
>says he wants to try MMF threesome
>the girl looks fine too, i like to try something new
>go to his place
>he's even better in person
>fast forward to the action
>he has good cock, but no game
>the girl doesn't seem to enjoy it much
>looks like she feels that bad kind of pain
>it's getting a litle bit awkward
>take initiative and show him some moves
>it's slowly becoming sex education class
>had to explain him how spit never substitutes actual lube
>MFW i fucked pussy for the first time
>MFW i shown bi guy how to fuck pussy(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 91356

>bf wakes me up early at hotel
>he was too tired to cum the night before
>i'm half-asleep but let him do whatever
>not wet at all
>he puts it in but ignores my pain
>says "I got creampie" after he's finished
>pulls it out and the condom is LOST
>I can't dig it out so we have to sit in the tub and I let him fish in my vagina for it
>finally pull it out
>had to pay $50 for plan B by my fucking self
>realize he left huge hickeys on my neck from the night before
>security officer at the airport asks why I have "burns on me neck"
>my conservative father was the one picking me up from the airport and I had no way of covering the "burns"

No. 91364

I don’t know why but every dude I’ve given blow jobs to moans a bit but more often says something like “Fuck….” repeatedly and I may rather have them moan. This makes me think of a movie scene or something where the guy is acting it up.

No. 91369

Get the fuck out you fag(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 91372


Holy shit anon, are you me? Even LoL part.

0/10, would never date e-pros again.

No. 91387

oh lord, this is hilarious and awkward. At least he learned something.

No. 91391

lmao why the fuck was cps there

No. 91396

File: 1533659223529.jpg (38.46 KB, 567x577, Dj15eBRX0AMB3Xw.jpg)

here's a story of my self destructive yellow fever
> be stupid after girlfriend breaks up with me
> find korean dude on craigslist casual encounters
> he has tiny stereotype dick, is always drinking
> sex is subpar and i can barely feel anything even though i hadn't been dicked in years
> lonely and sad about ex so i continue to hook up with him
> stupidly let him raw me after a couple of times
> one day he asked me to eat his ass
> "It's ok I just showered"
> not my thing but ok whatever
> if he showered he definitely missed the part where you're supposed to wash your ass
> hold back vomit while my tongue is on his asshole
> decided to love myself and never go back
> go to the doctor a week later and test positive for chlamydia

i learned my lesson and stopped thotting around after that

No. 91397

i'd dump him so fucking fast wtf. ignoring your pain is such a red flag, and did he even offer to help you pay for plan b??? and hickeys are just immature imo, sounds like you're with a manchild.

No. 91400

>find korean dude on craigslist casual encounters
>korean dude
urgh, not even once.

No. 91401

It wasn't really cps but our country's version of it. He had problems with his family and was prevously in foster homes and had a worker come over a couple times month. So since he was about to turn 18 they were visiting to talk about his living situation.

I also forgot to add that he wanted to vape in my vag, and that I let him.

No. 91413

File: 1533669182520.gif (301.48 KB, 176x200, horrified-scary-movie.gif)

> if he showered he definitely missed the part where you're supposed to wash your ass
> hold back vomit while my tongue is on his asshole

No. 91417

File: 1533672455373.jpg (50.08 KB, 819x705, Great.jpg)

>desperate for sex after breaking up with long-term boyfriend
>it's finally time to fuck everyone i can
>shy, so i reached out to some guy i met on discord
>sex was ok but i caught feelings
>stop having sex with him
>make a private nsfw twitter
>ex boyfriend from when i was 14 follows me on there
>notices he's very lonely and wants sex
>send him a message
>he hasn't has sex for 5 years, didn't think much of it
>go to his place
>2 hours of travelling
>get there, shitty, crusty student room
>cumstains on his bed
>he's super nervous, i sit down
>take off clothes, start kissing
>worst kiss i had in 3 years
>maybe it'll get better
>i'm not horny at all
>he doesn't even try at foreplay
>gross dick
>puts on a condom and immediately puts his dick into my dry ass vagina
>it feels so good to him that he lays down on me and doesn't move
>tells me he wants me on top
>ok then
>it happens again, this time he starts shaking
>what the fuck
>'no no don't move or else i'll cum'
>i'm weirded out and i get off his dick, tell him i don't want sex anymore
>'anon i want doggystyle now'
>'no, i don't want to. i want to go home'
>'but anon please'
>guy tries to force me to fuck him again, guilttrips the shit out of me and tries getting me into position
>i push him away and panic
>put on my clothes and start crying in the corner of the room
>guy starts playing vidya
>i leave
>later texts me 'that was great. i'd love to fuck you again'
>i don't respond for obvious reasons

it was the worst sex i've ever had. i don't know if i can classify this as assault but it was very very shitty.
later he made a super gross porn drawing of me and he kept telling me how sexy i was. needless to say i haven't talked to him ever since.

No. 91418

It’s definitely assault (attempted?).
What a nasty disgusting piece of shit. I hope he’s whole crotch is rotting now with a wound drain after sustaining a bite from a street dog.

No. 91425

File: 1533677686388.jpg (11.78 KB, 250x188, super retard.jpg)

You're really stupid for not seeing those blatant red flags beforehand. I hope you aren't expecting sympathy.

>I hope he’s whole
>this entire incoherent and violent rant(bait)

No. 91429

You shouldn't post your selfies here, anon.

No. 91430

Oooohhh, sick burn! I totally wasn't expecting that response at all.

No. 91438

>I also forgot to add that he wanted to vape in my vag, and that I let him.
Did you get an infection?

No. 91440

I hope he didn't blow literally into your vagina cuz you can get an embolism from that lmao

No. 91446

I was seeing this guy briefly at my old job. He plays a string instrument, so all my friends said he would be good with his hands. Wrong. He was giving me a massage and decided to stick his penis in me without letting me know. I thought whatever, I could get some. Thought there was going to be kissing, foreplay, etc. Wrong. Dick in dry vagina. I was in pain but thought I could make it. It kept going soft and he spent like 45 mins trying again. He gave up and went down on me. Sweat was drenching me (all his) and a drop hit my tongue perfectly. He took my entire vulva and part of my Venus mound into his mouth and started sucking. The man is 34 and doesnt know what a clit is. I told him I had to go home. When i got home, I had to put a bag of frozen peas on my pussy, it was so swollen. I don't love myself.

No. 91461

>He took my entire vulva and part of my Venus mound into his mouth and started sucking.
Should have told him you can't deepthroat a woman.

No. 91487

You can if you try hard enough and believe in yourself.

No. 91528

>I had to put a bag of frozen peas on my pussy

I'm sorry about the bad sex but this made me lol

No. 91529

For the love of God anon, send him an educational video, don't let other women suffer this torment

No. 91541

I've always had a thing for vampires but this just sounds really shitty wow. I think you cured my vamp fetish lol.

No. 91550

gave a blowjob to my boyfriend at the time and a few minutes after i felt something weird in the back of my mouth

it was a piece of toilet paper that had been on his dick

No. 91558

File: 1533794763662.gif (139.69 KB, 220x117, 869107DF-2092-4F14-AFC0-EE97DF…)

Holy shit, anon, this really made me cringe. Did you say anything?

No. 91567

I flat out rejected a guy whose dick smelled like piss and looked like it had some sort of smegma/congealed toilet paper on it.

Fuck them. We'd never hear the end of it if our vulva smelled like that and had toilet paper pieces stuck in there.

No. 91584

Just had a flashback to a boring 69 with my first boyfriend where I opened my eyes and saw shit on his asshole. I just closed my eyes again and tried to pretend it never happened, it put me off 69. Some time later he was mopping something up from the floor by crumpling the kitchen roll into a ball while smashing it into the mess it and then I had a realisation that this 18 year old probably never learned to wipe his ass properly. Never again.
If only there was some way to tell preteen girls not to settle for shitty (lol) sex but nobody wants to talk to kids about that stuff.

No. 91600

glad i got a foreign import who uses a bidet. guys who won't sound gross!

No. 91618

i never said anything and just quietly got rid of it because i didnt want to embarrass him, but looking back its just so disgusting

No. 91622

I’ve never used one (/normieamerican/), but I would love for us to get on the bidet wagon as country. Men use yards of tp and still can’t do it correctly.
>~BIDETS 2020~<

No. 91643

I have a little handheld one that I use. I dream of someday having one integrated into the toilet.
My bf and I just always shower before sex.

No. 91665

My Euro bf has phimosis. We were both virgins when i flew out to meet him last year. I was the first girl he trusted to actually do anything with because of it and his Aspergers. I could barely give him handjobs or blowjobs without fear of hurting him. And then sex wise, he couldnt cum, probably from a combination of the phimosis, wearing a condom, and having started taking depression/anxiety meds. We barely did anything and its almost put me off sex forever. I cant even masturbate anymore because I equate my own orgasms with guilt. I was able to finish everytime we had sex. The next time I fly out we are planning to not use condoms, and he has been using stetching rings(or so he says. I cant always trust he'll do literally anything without me being there to remind him). But im psychologically scarred from the first meetup and I dont even know that I can get turned on anymore. I literally have no sex drive now. Im not sure if its a result of the stuff that happened, or the birth control i started taking a few weeks before meeting him. But its been a year and ive slowly just lost interest in sex in general. Also he's like…super vanilla. He's scared of showing any sort of aggression or dominance, and unfortunately thats one of the only things that turns me on in the first place. Im at a loss of what to do this next time. I feel like a lack of sexual chemistry is a nail in the coffin for a relationship, regardless of how much you love someone. He, on the other hand, thinks its going to get better with practice, despite us both being (older) virgins raised in the porn generation(i was addicted to pron from the ages of 18ish to around 26 or so). I dont have as much faith as he does. Its just a frustrating mess.

No. 91736

He needs circumstition, and it's better be done in america with experienced doctor, his condition will only be getting worse. He can get his dick butchered by European doctors.

No. 91762

Yeah unfortunately I believe thats what he's going to have to do. He's obsessed with the idea of not getting it done. We both consider ourselves to be intactivists, but Ive told him before that if it has to be done for medical reasons, then its for the best. That you can be against the circumcision of infants, but still have it done when you are of age if you need to. He told me that his dad had to because he ripped it when he lost his virginity. So that worry is there too that he could get more of an injury than just temporary discomfort or pain.

No. 91796

I had a euro bf get circumcised

He was bandaged up for two weeks and sore for another two then it was good like new. And he didn't even have any problems with it lol.

No. 91798

He should be able to see a doctor and try some prescription creams, first. I think that would be a good first step.

No. 91821

For what reason? Medical? Your personal preference?

No. 91823

>be me, 17 years old
>have a crush on this guy for ages, he's 16
>hang out at his house sometimes, watching stupid youtube videos etc
>one day, be at the bus stop with him, bluntly ask 'wanna fuck'
>go over to my house, lay in bed with him
>damn he's way too cute
>put my arm over his tummy
>he pushes it away
>'i'm on the edge already'
>we still have our clothes on
>finally proceed to have sex
>he has a shrimp dick
>well whatever, let's see how this goes
>he puts it in
>cums, literally from the first thrust
>he falls asleep in my bed for 4 hours without any pants

No. 91840

File: 1534024475918.jpeg (16.59 KB, 275x129, A94CFF12-3059-4596-B7A2-18E4BF…)

No. 91841

Sounds like he buried his head in the pillow in shame for 4 hours, embarrassed.
I would never want to be a teenager again.

No. 91843

I never want guys to go down on me because they almost always turn me off when they do it. I would rather they use their hands or fingers than having their tongue flop around aimlessly. Idk idgi. I feel like oral sex is such a meme.

The problem is that most guys I’m with insist they love it so even when I’m like, “No I’m not interested,” they just do it anyway.

No. 91844

Maybe try facesitting since it puts you more in control.

No. 91845

The problem with small dicks is not so much the size, but the psychological and social stigmas around it. It wouldn't be a problem if you could just say
>your dick is too small and does nothing, but it's ok, you can have your personal fun as long as you please me latter
but if you say this to a guy you're going to make him suicide. I say this from personal experience, I had a relationship with a guy whose dick was certainly smaller than his middle finger, and thin also. I never told him outright "your dick is too small you're going to have to compensate for it", but I made it clear that him fucking me was mostly for his own pleasure, and that he had to please me with tongue, fingers and toys afterward of before it, and it worked out fine.

Certainly average dick would be better, it's always better, can't make up for it, but I suppose that small dicks at least are better than big dicks because feeling nothing is still better than feeling pain. You can let a small dick guy have his personal fun with you, can't do that with a big dick without feeling like you're being tortured. But then again you usually can't let a small dick guy have his fun, because if he's aware that his small dick does nothing and you're just being nice to him and expecting something in return he's going to be insecure as fuck for the rest of the relationship, and if he's not aware that his dick is too small to do anything then he's not going to care about your lack of fun, you're hiding it from him after all. And I say that "I suppose" because I don't know how pain from big dick feels like, I think the biggest dick that I took was 17 or 18cm and I took it just fine. I have a loose vagina, I'm pretty sure that it's on the loose side, the entrance is certainly loose, dunno if the inner sides also feel loose, never had the courage to ask, maybe this is why I empathize with guys with small dicks, most women would probably feel bad about saying that dick size is a make-it-or-break-it in a relationship, because it shouldn't be, and it actually isn't, the real problem is that you can't discuss it, so a not-so-problematic physical problem becomes a relationship problem, where you just can't give the guy a true feedback about your sex.

I don't know if dick size really is a make-it-or-break-it for other women, maybe in this age of hookups and tinder you can be picky since nothing is serious. But it's not my case, I would be willing to put up with a small dicked guy rather than a big painful dick guy if only they didn't make a big fuss out of the fact that they just can't please a woman with their dicks, "fuck me and then we will have MY fun latter, that's fine". But as it is today, both big dicks and small dicks are likely to become a one-way sex since the guys can't realize how bad their dicks feel like in both situations, which means that sex in that relationship itself will always be bad, you're always going to feel like you're accepting something in silence and not getting anything in return, and this is what really breaks it.

At least this is how I speculate things.

No. 91847

I feel this anon maybe I've never had good oral.

No. 91849

that's why you gotta fuck their faces and teach them how to be good

No. 91851

I don't know how to feel sexy sitting on his face, like I don't understand

No. 91852

why do you need to feel sexy? lol you're not performing for him, he's performing for you

No. 91856

You have to take control and grind his face off with your pussy, it's an active role not a passive one. By the nature of you rubbing it out on top of his face while he sits there and takes it like a good boy you will feel sexy.

Just remember, it's hard for him to say I love you when your sittin' on his face.

No. 91859

File: 1534037495176.jpg (12.48 KB, 250x275, depression.jpg)

>dated a fat guy in my teens
>we finally started to get intimate
>he told me before that he was 7 inches
>he was about 3-4 inches
>i ended up doing most of the work, giving him head for about 95% of the time
>he would finger me, but thought "jackhammering" a girl was the way to go
>im in pain, pretended to cum so he'd stop
>asked him to give me oral
>i closed my eyes and sat back
>i thought he was fingering me again
>he was giving me oral

i ended up making him cum but once he asked if i did, i simply said "no". it broke his little heart and the end of the night was awkward and i ended up crying since the sex was that bad. we broke up eventually.

No. 91860

yeah wtf? are you one of those bpdfags whose only understanding of arousal is self-objectification kek

otherwise why does it matter? the dude can't even see you since he's buried in pussy

No. 91864

Its not fun for me either because I want to be dominated. I dont get turned on when a guy does anything that results in >for her only
pleasure. Either I want it to be mutual pleasure, or him taking from me for his own pleasure.

No. 91874

lol cuck

No. 91886

Being vanilla submissive is now cuckoldry? Some people don't have dominant personalities, get over it.

No. 91893

"vanilla submissive" is not a thing. Receiving oral is one of the most vanilla sexual acts I can think of. It's pretty weird not to be into it unless you have some kind of trauma related to it.

No. 91900

Lol, I just don't get the concept. I'd rather ride dick than his face but go off.

No. 91901

Agree anon I didn't know how to word this with anon calling me a little bitch, I was writing along the lines of I'm concerned about his pleasure too lol.

I enjoy 69 more than him just going down on me. Sitting on someone's face just doesn't seem appealing, perhaps because I haven't done it before! Or perhaps because I'm a bdpfag lol

No. 91903

File: 1534074047620.jpeg (20.82 KB, 512x288, images.jpeg)

>this thread

No. 91905

Not sure if this counts as bad sex or not, it's more of an embarrassing story

>be 18

>losing virginity with first serious boyfriend
>He said he lost his virginity at a house party
>to this day I still don't know if I was his first or not
>Vallina sex but I thought it was great for the first time
>he finishes and i'm in "I can't believe I finally lost my virginity mode"
>so happy.jpeg
>0.2 seconds later
>where's the condom???
>it fell off inside me, he didn't tell me it was too big for him (i didn't know condoms had sizes at the time)
>try to get it out but can't reach
>he proceeds to get it out for me in my newly opened vagaina, fucking hurts like hell
>i'm almost sobbing from embarrassment
>ask how long it was off for
>it either fell off half way or when he finished
>terrified of getting pregnant for the next couple weeks (I was too scared to go to a clinic for plan B)
>get period, happy times

>1 week after having sex I get thrush for the first time

needless to say we didn't stay together for very long, i suspect he was a virgin and didn't want to admit it for whatever reason because looking back he for sure acted like one.

tbh i'm just here on this thread because these stories are top-tier kek worthy, i love you anons.
(had to repost from missing info and spelling)

No. 91906

>vanilla sub isn't a thing

you retarded?

No. 91909

File: 1534077997305.jpg (122.93 KB, 500x499, IMG_20160531_161907.jpg)

Ungrateful as hell. Just hand these men over to me.

No. 91910

Look at this chick (?).
If she don’t like something she don’t have to. Who the hell are you? lol

No. 91922

Great pic choice anon, may Dante bless us all

No. 91928

Wtf anon, I am so sorry to hear that, what a piece of shit. I would spit in his fucking face and kick his sorry excuse for nuts inside his putrid body. Have you told him that he hurt you? Did you react in any way after you calmed down? Or you just let it be?

No. 91933

Im the person you originally replied to. There is literally nothing that turns me on about cunnilingus. It doesnt feel good to me, and Im just not into feeling as if im in control or "receiving" without it being mutual. I dont care if its vanilla or not. Its not pleasant or worthwhile to me. People literally get off to raping kids and animals and stuff but you wanna act like someone not liking to receive oral sex is abnormal or associated with trauma lol. Plenty of guys dont even like receiving oral sex. Everyone is different.

No. 91936


I also don't enjoy being eaten out. It's… uncomfortable. I don't find it sexy. I like giving oral, though.

Though, I'm probably a unique case - any stimulation of my clitoris is unpleasant at best, and blindingly painful at worst. I feel pretty unlucky.

No. 91938

>hook up with really cute guy
>he wants me to get on top
>cums after like 5 strokes
>he seems upset by his failure so I try to make him feel better by saying he shouldn't worry
>he literally says he doesn't give a fuck to seem cool
>we make out again, he wants me to ride him again but this time I tell him to get on top
>he has to stop after 2 minutes max because it's too exhausting
>I obviously didn't cum
>fast forward 15 mins later he starts whining about how sex is only fun when the girl is enjoying it, how I obviously didn't and how he's feeling like a failure
>"I don't give a fuck" my ass kek

No. 91946

Honestly most men dont know what they are doing. Sometimes even when im watching guys do it in porn im just like..seriously? That looks so unpleasant and yet the girl is acting like shes cumming 2 seconds into him starting. Im not saying it cant be nice if a guy learns what the female hes doing it to enjoys, and she is fine with it and is actually getting enjoyment from it. But it doesnt turn ME on and I would much rather feel something inside of me than have outer stimulation. I like for the pleasure to be mutual or for him. Just my preference.

No. 91951

Agreed. I hate being ate out and would always end up with guys that would beg and pressure me into letting them do it. Its not appealing at all.

No. 91953

On the contrary, I think small-medium dick is ideal. Not a micropenis though.

No. 91957

>He's scared of showing any sort of aggression or dominance, and unfortunately thats one of the only things that turns me on in the first place.
Same and I had one like this. This whole story is depressing, dump him sis.

No. 91958

Ugh no that’s the worst. Current bf loves when I sit on his face so I do it but literally nothing about it feels good to me. I only do it bc he seems grateful afterwards.

Probably the hottest sex thing we’ve done that I enjoyed was when I was doggy style and he was standing over me using his fingers while I looked up at him. His jaw was clenching and his muscles were flexing while he tried to finger me as fast as possible. Also has this intense look in his eyes while he was clearly getting turned on by looking at me like that. Unfhh.

If we did that but with his face between my legs (which we have I hated it) it takes away so much of like the dominant aspect I guess like another anon was saying.

No. 91959

I think it’s bc they’re not good at it. And rlly it’s not that good of a way to get an orgasm either. It’s better used as foreplay where they’re being really light+teasing. Maybe guys don’t know how gentle you have to be. When I’m masturbating on my own, i position my finger so that more of the pressure is going on my pubic bone and so my finger is very lightly stimulating my clit even as I increase speed.

Although idk I’ve never really enjoyed vibrators either because they’re too intense.

No. 91962

I love him though :( It sucks because I really do think Im not what he needs. I dont think I can handle him the way another woman might be able to. He needs more care and needs to be told what to do all the time and even though he's 30, its literally like being with a teenage boy. Its frustrating. I dont want to break up with him but I dont want to go full cuck and force him to see other girls or anything. I know he cant handle it. Thats why he was a virgin for so long. Ive talked to him about visiting a brothel. He's Dutch its legal and fine. But even that is hard to discuss because it makes me feel like a cuck. But I just want him to learn that there are ways he can do things in a more dominant way without going into full porn tier bdsm practically rape territory. I think thats what he's scared of.

No. 91963

some people are just not into and are turned off by being dominant and aggressive

No. 91967

Like the other anon said, I'm not into it partially because it's "for her pleasure only" when I like dominant men pleasing themselves and partially because it's really unappealing and it turns me off. 69 makes it only slightly better.

No. 91968

I kinda get what your saying. I’m really loud in bed though which drives a guy crazy when he’s hitting the right spot. Nothing like seeing a guys face as he’s making you scream ughhhhhhh

No. 91969

That is very true, but if thats the case, then we are not sexually compatible. But he eludes to being afraid of going too far or feeling as if im too easily influenced due to my submissive personality and that i wouldnt tell him to stop if he did something that made me uncorfortable. Ive asked around and apparently it is a bit of a common problem for guys, to be afraid of not being able to stop themselves or finding a balance and limit. Probably because pron goes from 0 to extreme so fast, and thats all they have to go by. So I really dont know. And he's very hard to communicate with sometimes, which is a huge factor with sex so Im basically at the end of my rope and if this next meet up doesnt go a little smoother and more effectively, then I probably will just have to break it off.

No. 91976

or they're just not into it. it's not a big deal.

No. 91977

>Plenty of guys dont even like receiving oral sex
lmao, i wish. "plenty" is a gross exaggeration.

No. 91978

He watches porn where its the norm. When I first flew out to see him, he had hidden all of the porn he had downloaded onto other disks because in his words he was "scared it would influence me to try those things". And like I explained he has said numerous times he's afraid it will go too far so he's scared to even introduce light dom/sub stuff to the relationship and he wants to "respect me". Tl;dr he's been exposed to the worst kind of dom bordering on abusive stuff thats prevelent in the majority of porn, and he's afraid I wont say no and will go to extremes because in porn, that what submission is. I've tried to send him porn that is a little bit lighter submissive stuff, but its hard to find it without it bordering on "romantic vanilla" which isnt what I want. Blowjobs are the only thing I can find that are good for there being a balance. But as I explained earlier, his phimosis makes blow jobs very difficult. If he doesnt want to be a little bit more dominant, even if its just acting on a sexual impulse without asking if its ok which was common place and a HUGE turn off to me after the first couple of times, then we arent compatible. But I dont think thats the case. He's just too pure and naive to act on the things he does fantasize about. So if we stay together, I dont see it as ever amounting to anything other than him trying to make me cum, then choosing to watch porn and reserve his fantasies for that instead of acting them out with me.

No. 91979

Ive seen lots of guys say they arent super into it though. At least not often. If Reddit is any indicator there are guys there who talk about it frequently in Ask Reddit threads.

No. 91981

>He's just too pure and naive to act on the things he does fantasize about
What?, he jus sounds like a pervert who prefers porn…
Just let it go

No. 91982

Don't know if this counts but one time my boyfriend fainted while we were having sex. He's very skinny and not really athletic and while he was on top he said he was getting dizzy and just collapsed on top of me while still inside. He woke up a minute later and his heart was beating like crazy so we ended up in the er, I was so scared. They said it probably wasn't dangerous but it made me really anxious to have sex again for a while after that.

No. 91983

oh my god shut up and move on already

No. 91991

Maledom is the norm after all. I feel like a majority women believe giving oral is a demeaning and submissive act, and they hate having it done to them because it doesn't make them feel used, or even worse, somehow if they're not being used they are less feminine. Just look at how many woman here fake orgasms and do things they absolutely hate just to please a guy they may or may not even like. I don't think being submissive is inherently a bad thing either, but some women take it too far.

However I'm with you. I really don't get the whole being used thing, because to me there's nothing that makes me feel more adored than having my partner do their best to make me feel good and please me. My partner would rather give oral or nice massages than PIV because he knows I like those things much better. That makes me feel more loved and feminine than getting used like a cumdumpster.

No. 91993


Probably because the dudes you're with are trash at it. I remember not liking to receive oral for a while. Had to even teach my current what I really like, and now I enjoy it.

I have a feeling that if the anons who don't like oral got it from an experienced woman they'd probably change their tune.

No. 91996

For real, my ex tried to stick his tongue in my urethra and it ruined oral for me. Then I got with a trumpet player….blew my mind.

No. 92018

>I have a feeling that if the anons who don't like oral got it from an experienced woman they'd probably change their tune
Tried it, it fucking sucked. In my experience women are a lot worse at oral than even men are. They expect what works for them to work for you, while men at least allow themselves to be guided.

No. 92076

Unless you're disinterested in sex, get yours first. This also remove the part where he already came and has to hear you aren't satisfied.

I say "I love you" while my bf is eating me out just to hear him try to say it without stopping. It's so cute.

You did a good thing, being honest about his poor performance. If you lied, he'd keep doing that to other women.

No. 92079

i love receiving oral sex but can i just say i've experienced on more than one occasion (moreso when i was younger) the dude getting frustrated or something when i don't cum within 5 mins??? it'll be like a quick sigh or the way they shift their weight on the bed, but u can tell they're thinking "when is this bitch gonna cum so i can finally get my turn"

it's one of my biggest turn offs, i find it so disrespectful and gross.

No. 92082

are you sure that's not your insecurities creeping in? shifting around is a normal thing to do, anon…

No. 92115

Oral should be neutral, but honestly so few men are willing to reciprocate that when one insists you sit on his face or whatever, it's usually a sign that he's really submissive and testing the waters.

Women giving head is so expected and "natural" that it can be either submissive or neutral or even dominant, anything you want, but for a man to be interested in giving oral, it's usually the result of a hundred hours of femdom porn. And next week he'll be asking you to peg him and spit in his mouth.

No. 92116

this is some incel shit right here.

No. 92117

yeah just call anything not blindly following the sexual norms "aka women give, men take", incel. that will show them.

No. 92119

Facesitting being a submissive thing isn't because it's oral but because of the nature of the position. If a woman was lying down with a man on top thrusting into her mouth that would be submissive too.
I see what you are saying though. Women giving oral is expected. Men doing it is much more of an optional thing (which is why so many suck at it) and when it happens it's mostly considered foreplay and not an actual thing on it's own like blowjobs.

Apparently you don't know what that word means.

No. 92121

This is sad but the only bad sex I had was with my ex and it was because he forced me a lot of times to have sex with him, emoptionally manipulating me and trying to make me feel like shit because "I'm not sexuaqlly open as his friends' gfs". He even raped me several times.

Thanks God my sex life is now better with my actual boyfriend, and it's all consensual!

No. 92143

I'm so sorry that your ex did that to you. Glad things are better for you now though!

It makes me sad how a lot of women I know, myself included unfortunately, minimize being sexually assaulted as just "bad sex". This isn't a criticism of you or anything so please don't think I'm doing that. I just hope you know that what he did to you wasn't just bad sex and you deserve to be able to call it for what it is and have your boundaries respected. I'm glad you found a guy who'll do that now.

No. 92144


Thank you so much. This makes me feel a big better…

Sadly society normalized this kind of shit and it worries me a lot.

My current bf respects all my boundaries and even asks me if I'm feeling ok or not. It's a blessing I finally found a person like that…

No. 92147

NTA, but saying any man that goes down on a woman is a sub makes you sound like a retarded man who's never had sex ever.

No. 92156

i don't understand the obsession with categorizing everything into sub or dom ffs, i get that most people tend to be more comfortable in one role over the other, and that's cool, but how are you so dedicated to one role that whether or not you want to do something is completely based on whether or not it fits that role? It just seems so self-conscious and detached.
it seems like more identity politics garbage where you do things based on what little identity marker you've predetermined for yourself, rather than just trying things that seem interesting and finding out what you actually enjoy that way.

No. 92160

>put up with really uncomfortable fingering for a minute or so because I'm horny
>blow him briefly thinking it will be foreplay
>"babe I'm gonna cum"


No. 92162

agreed. instead of saying dom or sub, i say i like passive guys.

No. 92164

yeah and i tend to like more aggressive guys who take an active role sexually, so in that way i could say i'm more submissive than i am dominant, but i sure as hell wouldn't rule out being eaten out just because it doesn't seem very subby. that mindstate just seems like the person is either insecure about themselves, or insecure about their partner.

No. 92171

There are other reasons why people might not like oral though. My boyfriend is obsessed with eating pussy to the point he ejaculated just doing it and he obviously reads guides from the way he always tries to do it better and wants feedback but even though it's mind blowing sometimes having the focus on me makes me feel isolated and lonely especially if I'm staring up at the ceiling and can't see him.
This is probably all thanks to social conditioning that sex is not for female pleasure though lol

I remember tolerating so much shitty oral when I was younger because my first boyfriends were so sensitive to feedback and I felt the pressure to feel empowered by it but it feels so much better to tell someone that it's not working without worrying about their ego. It was like those guys got off on this meme of being a good lover because they ate pussy but it was all an act and they didn't care how bad they did it and how many UTIs their unwashed hands caused

>putting pressure on girls to say they enjoy their shitty sex
These guys legitimately need to die out

No. 92173

> even though it's mind blowing sometimes having the focus on me makes me feel isolated and lonely especially if I'm staring up at the ceiling and can't see him

relatable. i think it's a lot more fun if it's just casually added in to foreplay instead of being this big event thats supposedly so good on its own that you want just that, on its own, interrupted, with no other stimuli.
instead, i like the idea of a guy going back and forth between eating me out and fingerblasting me, or deciding on a whim to lick my pussy while i go down on him, or lifting my legs up to eat me out for a while before fucking me. you get the idea. like it's just another tool among many to contribute to getting you off, instead of this big production where you better cum because he's been going at it for 15 uninterrupted minutes all for you!

also, anons who claim that someone would feel differently if a woman did it or that the guy just doesn't know what he's doing, what are the best techniques then? or is it something that ca't be articulated?

No. 92174

>My boyfriend is obsessed with eating pussy to the point he ejaculated just doing it

Never let him go, anon.

No. 92175

are you a virgin? because most pussy eating is exactly like that. used as foreplay or occasionally happens in between fucking.

No. 92185

Yes used as foreplay and they expect you to cum within 5 minutes before you move on to fucking. It's the only time I have to fake orgasms, they expect you to orgasm quickly, or other wise their little egos are hurt.

No. 92192

File: 1534331091002.gif (989.49 KB, 455x344, 1510200029469.gif)

No. 92193

>next week he'll be asking you to peg him and spit in his mouth
>implying this is a bad thing

No. 92198

> even though it's mind blowing sometimes having the focus on me makes me feel isolated and lonely especially if I'm staring up at the ceiling and can't see him.
I know what you mean. I like fingering because I can touch my partner more, and his face is near mine. With oral, it's like all you can reach is his head.

No. 92200

I like pegging more than regular sex, tbh.

No. 92203

I'm coughing up phlegm anon

No. 92205

wtf let him wipe his hands what if he touches your pussy then your face or something

No. 92208

exactly! i've met many men who liked pleasing a woman and it certainly wasn't because they were cuck subs who wanted to be ass fucked. in fact, many of them were super cocky about how good they were at it. a lot of men use sex as a show. there's no deeper meaning to wanting to just lick a pussy.

No. 92209

…You a virgin?

No. 92211

not wanting your own pussy juice on your face isn't virgin behavior anon. as another anon said, i don't want to have to wash my hair after sex. the virgins are the idiots who think that sex plays out like a porn, where you don't stop to do awkward things like wash your hands or get lube.

No. 92212

Lol wtf? do people really get up to wash their hand mid sex? Sad.

No. 92213

You serious? I don't know how much discharge your pussy is leaking but I have certainly never had to wash my hair after sex because my pussy juices were stuck in it kek. If my partner got up in the midst of foreplay to wash his hands I'd dry up in 0.1 seconds.

No. 92214

Wow anon, it's like there's an entire thread about vaginas where some anons complain about having lots of discharge.

I do sometimes because I don't want to get lube all over my sheets. You guys seem nuts.

No. 92215

>leaving pussy residue in your hair after sex

that's nasty sis.

No. 92216

>Getting pussy juice in your hair

How tf are you guys having sex?

No. 92218

Just get a man that sucks his fingers after he fingers ya, it's pretty hot.

No. 92219

NTA but read what she's responding to. The OP was about guys fingering you, then touching your face/hair. It's totally understandable to not want that. I've had dudes grab my hair after they lube themselves up and that is gross enough. No one wants crusty pussy juice or lube in their hair. I bet these anons just throw their panties on and go to bed and don't even change them or shower the next day.

No. 92220

How are you getting lube all over your sheets from your hands that you need to just wash your hands. Usually lube goes on a dick and then usually that dick is put inside of you. You put a towel down every time you want to cum?

No. 92221

Most people piss after sex and wipe themselves down rather than get up in the middle of it to wash their hands..

No. 92222

>Sleeping with panties on
>Giving hygiene lessons to anyone


No. 92223

Imagine having sex and being grossed out by your own bodily fluids. How boring.
Idk how you guys even enjoy sex when you feel the need to wash your hands as soon as they get ~dirty~.

No. 92224

do people not put their hands anywhere during sex? good lord. the absolute state of this thread.

>if your sex isn't like porn or super romantic like in a novel where you just forget about everything you're a virgin!!!

No. 92225

>ITT nasty bitches realize not everyone is as nasty as them.

If anons were talking about semen you'd be humming a different tune I'm sure.

No. 92226

More like prudes realizing that not everyone is a squeamish as them.

No. 92227

what's wrong with semen, prude-chan?

No. 92228

>state of this thread
It's the bad sex thread and we're all just critiquing you're clearly bad sex etiquette.

Either you overuse lube that's its a sticky mess everywhere or you have discharge issues that your boyfriend is greasing up your hair with your own wetness.

My advice is when using lube build it up in small amounts so you're not making a mess.

If your own wetness perturbs you what are you like with sperm?

No. 92229

Can everyone just shut the fuck up. I know it's super hard when you guys see differing opinions not to be triggered into an insult spewing rage, but please. Nitpicking other anons cause they don't like stuff in their hair and don't mind if their man doesn't want stuff on his hands is like Kota-thread tier nitpicking. Calling people prudes and virgins is super pathetic.

Does everyone ITT just think in total black and white?

No. 92230

whatever, virgin

No. 92232

Who's insulting? The girl implying we're nasty because we're OK with sweating, saliva, lube and cum being a part of sex? No need to get so defensive. I bet you miss out on period sex too, that's the only time I'd use a towel.

Also mini nodding against the rulez

No. 92234

You're the one who sound triggered prude-chan. Do you wipe your mouth after kissing your bf too?

No. 92235


No. 92237

oh look, prude-chan is back! how can you deal with sweating, prude-chan?

No. 92238

like this is the prefect solution and there's still discussion after this, wew

No. 92253

File: 1534370598266.gif (1.42 MB, 400x261, C1BB3317-C909-4C1E-BA96-2B70B0…)

I love this thread it’s a hoot y’all

No. 92254

>calling someone a prude because they don't want discharge in their hair
Goddamn you sound autistic.

No. 92260

Sex is supposed to be about body fluids. Are you a pillow princess too?

No. 92263

That is irrelevant. Why would I give a shit about what another person doesn't want going where? Why do you? You sound like one of those ~kinky cool girls~ who pride themselves in having zero sexual boundaries if you're throwing the word prude around in response to other women's preferences. What's next? Are women who don't want to get pissed on prudes because
>body fluids
Kek, get over yourself.

No. 92266

why is anyone getting so emotionally attached to their stance on body fluids lmao. have you guys considered that someone's tolerance to body fluids is more likely just reflective on their tidiness habits in general, rather than having anything to do with how sexually open or experienced they are?
and no, i'm not one of the so-called prudes. i don't mind getting messy during sex and i also don't mind being a little disheveled or skipping my skincare routine. anons who don't want anything on their face or hands during sex probably are just more particular about their hygiene in general and wouldn't want anything on their face and hands, not just dirty scandalous sex residue.

No. 92268

cause everyone ITT are 12 year old tumblr virgins.

No. 92269

They already said why.

>you can't think this is gross because it means you think people who do it are gross which means you think I'm gross!

No. 92299

Stop arguing.

No. 92317

Do guys ever taste their own cum to make sure everything is tasting not disgusting? One boyfriend I had tasted bad. I told him and he felt bad lol. But theres ways to correct it.

Sorry if gross lol

No. 92318

they'd have to jizz to do it so i kinda doubt it. i'd assume it would be difficult to keep a boner if you were trying to taste your cum. guys who worry about that just eat a lot of pineapple before sex.

No. 92319

Are people in this thread like 19? Yes they can taste their own cum. A lot of them have when they were younger (at least that I know) - wouldn’t you??

No. 92321

Im op.
I’m saying do regular checks. Not a once off.
They mastubate all the time. They can try that jizz.

No. 92327

Best thread on /g/
I'd tell stories but the mods have a culture of outing people

No. 92329

Oldfag here, they’ve only outed cows for sperging or ban dodging so I’m not sure where you’d get that idea

No. 92350

I once spat cum into a guy I wad seeing's mouth. It was really funny and also made him rethink his diet a bit since he liked me swallowing.

No. 92361

>hook up with cute guy
>bit younger than me
>doesn’t seem to know what he’s doing
>it kinda hurts
>wants me to call him daddy
>his voice is pretty high pitched so whenever he says anything it turns me off

No. 92362

i meant i can see them being too insecure about cumming to check their flavor.

No. 92368

This. I guess my boyfriend had watched some misleading porn because randomly he got all hot and breathy and asked me to spit it into his mouth. I did it, he immediately gagged and ran to the bathroom and told me that he was sorry and I should never feel like I need to taste it again

No. 92418

File: 1534548543449.jpg (47.67 KB, 480x270, LIfq5NV.jpg)

Holy shit this thread is a gold mine.

No. 92511

I'm a virgin girl who's never had a bf. Yikes.. I don't know what to think of this.

No. 92512

File: 1534663351255.jpeg (109.25 KB, 630x840, 06BD851B-416E-4088-9CF6-759F0E…)

>have sex once a week with long term boyfriend
>very painful every time
>ask gyno what is up with that and she takes some tests
>suggest lube to me
> I use it. Still hurts
>mfw because I love him and want to have sex and mostly am afraid he will leave me if I tell him I can’t do it anymore

No. 92515

Same, it literally gives me perineal tears but the gyno refuses to do any tests and keeps saying "use more lube" lol

If you can insist on your gyno to do some other test, like bacterial infections and less rare stuff

No. 92518

My gyno kind of sucks. I kept telling her I was having terrible anger issues and my testosterone might be too high, and she kept telling me it was psychological. Lo and behold, I ask her a year later to PLEASE test my hormones and my testosterone turns out to be way too high and I’m taking Spironolactone now and literally feel like a different person.

No. 92519

I’m gonna demand she tests me for bacterial infections next time tho

No. 92551

Talk to him about it. There are a lot of possible causes for pain during sex, from STDs to bacterial infections to psychological problems. If he loves you like you do him he'll be understanding and want to help ease the pain in any way possible. And if he wants to leave you solely because the sex might not be as good for a while, is he really worth it?

No. 92575

chiming in to say that i had a similar problem for a long time and figured i just didn't like sex. finally got a good gyno who felt around and told me the pain was from really really stiff muscles in my pelvic area from lack of use (you can't do normal stretches because it's so internal) and nervousness. she said that even soreness i was having on my outer vulva was probably from the stiff muscles keeping everything rubbing together in a bad way.
i got prescribed silicone dilators (just small dildos basically) and herbal muscle relaxers. it's helped a lot and now i get to have painless sex which i didn't even know was i thing before. your gyno sounds a bit dismissive so i'd either find someone else or just go ahead and try dilators. there's not much drawback other than money. they're small and if they do hurt you just stop.

also what lube do you use and do you use condoms? i also found that i was really sensitive to certain brands and they were making my vulva burn even aside from the penetration. switching brands fixed that.

No. 92579

How long before your Spiro began to take effect? I’ve been on it about 6 months, and still having issues with rage.

No. 92582

Took about a month for the excess sweating to stop and probably 3 months for the anger to calm down which is how long I’ve been on it. I haven’t noticed a change in body hair yet. Maybe you can ask your doc for a different medication? I know mine brought up a few.

No. 92602

I have a question, do you feel pain just from the arousal? I can't even watch porn and masturbate because of it, my gyno also said to use lube but I can't even get aroused without pain.

No. 92618

no i don't! that's probably a different issue! i never had problems with clit stimulation, arousal, or gentle masturbation. never any pain there. my problems were just with penetration and soreness on my vulva unrelated to arousal.

your question and this thread just goes to show that painful sex/painful vulva is so much more complex than one question with one solution. i hate when gynos are dismissive. lube only makes sense when the issue is with penetration. if just getting aroused hurts wtf is lube going to do

No. 92681

Never due to selfishness, only incompetence and bad luck. Most men I've slept with were virgins before me (it was a sort of fetish of mine). I guess the worst was when I was blowing a guy and he came, but instead of cum, it was the same volume, but piss. So he essentially came piss.

The same guy wanted the shit kicked out of him (not literally). Not bad for me but very uncomfortable since when I was going at it he curled up into a ball and started crying, but insisted I continue when I (obviously) stopped.

I have to ask though, does anyone have good tutorials for sex stuff? My current bf who I like A LOT is sexually inexperienced, usually they pick up the skills naturally (the guy I mentioned earlier made me squirt from fingering before we even fucked lol) but he…doesn't, even with practise and time. And when he asks me exactly how he can improve in terms of positioning his fingers etc, it's kind of hard for me to know, at best the feeling's "ok". Also I'm a bit worried because he said that cunnilingus doesn't look appealing from what he's seen in porn (and it can look pretty gross). I have every confidence he'll do it to please, but maybe I could do/show something to help him like it?

No. 92705

Get super fresh and clean shavin`, then get the tastiest edible lube you can find and have him go at your clit, where you put the lube will direct him. Tell him to try using his lips to mouth and make out with your pussy and then throw the tongue into the mix once he gets that down. Take his hand and demonstrate what he should do by licking out between two of his fingers, this also helps while he is mid cunnilingus as well. Give him positive reinforcement even if you have to exaggerate a little bit. Be patient and you will come to enjoy your new pussy polisher.

No. 92710

File: 1534811015546.jpeg (19.69 KB, 183x200, 0AAAA382-F059-4611-B732-9837DA…)

>be fwb with some guy 4 years ago while studying abroad, we hit it off and end up spending a lot if time together while having amazing sex. Was very vanilla sex, but very good sex nonetheless.
>become disconnected from each other for a few years when he goes away to do mandatory military service
>in a weird situation where the other person always being in a relationship when the other one was single but always spent nights on the phone talking about how much we missed hanging out and how well we matched ‘in bed’.
>fast forward to when he’s discharged and in a horrible relationship, but we agree to finally meet again over drinks. drink way too fucking much and end up at a love hotel
>we’re going at it and i change position to go on top, and as if i flipped a fucking switch he starts talking in a baby voice and calling me mommy.
>continues the whole time
>awkwardly finish and tell him im really tired because of leftover jetlag from my trip back home. He agrees to sleep because hes tired too.
>starts cuddling up to me and sucking my tits until he passes out
>leave first thing in the morning and never really talk again afterwards

RIP good 2014 sex it was fun

No. 92720


Anon, this might answer your question.

>The external genitalia or vulva (including the clitoris, vaginal opening, and inner and outer lips or labia) become engorged (swollen) due to the increased blood supply. Inside the body, the top of the vagina expands.


I only know what your talking about, because I experience some discomfort when I become aroused too. I can feel things expanding, but it usually goes away after a bit.

No. 92777

>drive to see your friend you hadn’t seen in three years
> sit and wait at his apt with his creepy roommate and start drinking
> fire pit and he starts crying about his dead mom
> assume he took acid, he then admits to u he did
> go inside and he starts getting aggressive with girl from the complex because she doesn’t know how to act around someone on acid having a bad time.
>Talk to him and relax, I’m too drunk
>tells me to Suck his dick, And I do it for some reason.
>see his roommate watching us. I’m uncomfortable
> move to another room where we start to fuck. He starts telling me I’m a “good girl” and that I’m his daughter.
> his dick is going soft. Thank god.
>he tries to get it hard I say let’s just do it tomorrow when we are less fucked up.
>he keeps trying but gives up eventually and passes out.
>try to sleep next to him.
>what’s that sound?
>he’s pissing the bed. I get up get in my car at 4am and drive the fuck away.

No more friendship

No. 92779

Just reading this makes me want to die on your behalf. You dodged a bullet not seeing this guy again, he clearly has issues.

No. 92780

get therapy

No. 92800

Why do you write in such a passive tone? You actively chose all of that. It didn't "just happen".

No. 92805

okay roleplay-chan

No. 92818

The passive tone is how greentexts are usually done

Shit anon, quit drinking

No. 92839

>Men doing it is much more of an optional thing (which is why so many suck at it) and when it happens it's mostly considered foreplay and not an actual thing on it's own like blowjobs.
That's also because women can generally have sex right after orgasm, but men need time.

No. 92843

I wish I could. I cant stand being touched after.

No. 92852

Had sex with this cute guy while I was pretty fucking high on benzos and I don't remember what happened during but I remember waking up thinking that was the worst sex I've ever had, and the next day when he wanted to turn me on he kept grabbing me by the pussy a la trump

No. 92877

yeah same and i think most women have at least SOME refractory period.

No. 93367

File: 1535347113043.png (219.71 KB, 557x411, 1516570767619.png)

This is more a nsfw vent than a complaint but blowjobs are such a struggle. I like it in theory and hate it in practice. Like my jaw and my hands cramp up almost immediately but I have to keep up a consistent rhythm for what feels like forever in order to get the job done. It's really the worst part of sex for me cause it's uncomfortable and painful and my gag reflex is really strong. It's hard to overcome the desire to be a cool slut who can do anything and thankfully my boyfriend is never upset when I have to take a break or switch to doing something else, it's just a bummer. I wish it was easier. I feel like pussy is pretty easy to lick but a blowjob is so physically taxing.

No. 93384

Whoever expects you to do a blowjob from start to finish should be doing oral on you from start to finish. My husband hates oral so I'm good on that but some guys previously wanted me to suck them dry and got mad when I suggested I'd like to receive oral until I cum too. Men are fucking retarded.

No. 93385

>And next week he'll be asking you to peg him and spit in his mouth

That's some fucked up handmaiden mindset. Who the fuck told you that? Giving women head is natural as hell, you must be led to believe women should please their partners no matter what they want and getting oral back is a privilege. Get some self love. Do you even orgasm?

No. 93395

I hate that part of blowjobs I've found if I focus on the head a lot and cup my hands there basically it gets him going pretty quickly. I've literally never had to deep throat anyone all their sensation should be on the head

No. 93404

My bf doesn't want me to blow him until he finishes cus he knows cum is gross, he does however lick me out until I come 2-3 times, then we have quick sex because he does come in like 2 minutes the first time. Then he goes down on me again and when he gets hard again we have long winded sex. He's very loving and affectionate the whole time too. It's so nice that his main concern is making me feel good.

No. 93426

Well my bf is circumcised and I can get him off pretty quick using my method. They don't remove the head of the penis anon

No. 93456

I feel you so much on this. My bf is very generous in bed and I can't really reciprocate as well as I'd like.

No. 93480

File: 1535481218224.png (474.25 KB, 942x528, sticky.png)

I make a fist with my hands around my bf's dick so that just the head and a little bit of the shaft is stick out and let him thrust into my mouth while making eye contact. It really makes oral a lot easier, the hands keep him from accidentally gagging me. He says the thrusting makes him come faster than just laying there, I can't get him off by just sucking anyways.

No. 93677

File: 1535643342113.jpg (42.31 KB, 540x304, tumblr_inline_p62kyfwFQk1rru9t…)

idk if this applies but this guy is mean and i want to share his suffering

>17, first serious bf, no sexual experience

>i get disgustingly drunk at friend's party (like alternating between vomiting and passing out on the floor)
>somehow end up in friend's bedroom with bf, giving my first ever blowjob
>not entirely sure if he finished or not, too drunk to remember
>not too drunk to remember him going home and texting me later that his dick really hurt and the foreskin was stuck
>apparently he called his mother in to look at it, who called her brother since they needed a ride to the hospital
>congratulations it's phimosis
>he told all our friends i broke his dick

he got mad at me once for taking things slow due to being a csa survivor so i hope it ripped

No. 93686

phimosis basically makes sex impossible might as well just cut if you have it theres no real cure

No. 93691

i don't think he has phimosis, you can actually fuck with it without issues.

No. 93705

Yea, if someone is puking/past out drunk it's like fucking someone with stomach flu. Like, your basically sick.

No. 93728

I've seen some "stretching rings" online that guys can put in their foreskin to stretch it, upgrading to bigger and bigger rings until the foreskin is looser. My bf has kind of tight foreskin (he can pull it down but it's tight and hurts him a little) and I was hoping daily stretching might help, am I delusional?

I don't really like piv and he doesn't mind not doing it either so doesn't really matter too much but it'd be cool to have it from time to time.

No. 93743

it will help. don't have him cut it off, it'll lose feeling and be gross. he can also try asking a dr and they can give him some cream.

No. 94799

File: 1536567888614.png (533.99 KB, 662x628, 3bf02744e564e92-a-nw-p.png)

oh lord there's a few that come to mind but mainly:

>guy that tried to get me to fuck him while his downs syndrome cousin watched because he babysat him during the day

>guy with 70's porn stache that insisted I address him as The Stallion

>guy that could only cum if I tucked my legs under to look like a double amputee

>guy that made me realize rape is a social construct perpetuated by this false notion that forced sex isn't a natural occurrence in the lives of other animals

>different dude that worked as a clown at kid's parties part time tried to make a balloon animal out of our used condom so I could fuck him with it

No. 94800

i want to hear more about any and every one of these

No. 94808

You can't just titillate our imagination and then leave out the juicy details anon

No. 94812

>rape is a social construct
Yes, but you still shouldn't do it jfc. We try to avoid acting upon these impulses to keep society together. We've decided it wrong because we have the ability to create a moral compass which we can use to keep our society at least a bit more functional. Obviously, it isn't ideal at the moment due to corruption in the system but that's another discussion.
Murder is also a social construct. Should I shoot up my uni and assault the men I find attractive there? It is natural to kill and rape for humans.

(nvm that the idea of anally raping a guy at gun point after making a bloody mess of his class turns me on, it would still disrupt society as it is for me and others to do so.)
/derail because I love to argue just as we all do here

No. 94813

I should add, most morality is based on banning commonly shared unpleasant experiences while keeping reason in mind. Forced sex is unpleasant. Having your mother killed is unpleasant. Having some guy steal your food is unpleasant. Most people can agree with this.
I don't think we should make forced sex legal any time soon, but that's just my opinion.

No. 94816

If you watch breeding of other animals, when the males are acting aggressive, you can always see the female is trying to get the fuck away and push the male off. It's actually pretty disturbing.

No. 94820

File: 1536598818529.png (199.26 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-09-10-18-52-16…)

Nature can be fucking disgusting in that regard. There is a species of bugs where the male rape female by attracting predators that will kill her if she does not succumb.

Doesn't mean the human society should follow the advice. We are smarter than all the other animals and can distinguish wrong from right and emphatise with others. The ~rape is just social construct, brah~ sounds like a disgusting, fake deep neckbeard. Animals do rape each other and it's bad for the victim, but there are no lawkeepers in nature. So I would not agree that rape only exists in human terms.

No. 94824

And then you have spiders and mantids whom the female is larger and eats the male as an after sex snack; the male doesn't even try to get away, he sacrifices himself for his offspring.

Also another example is birds of prey, in raptors the female is 1/3 larger than the male. But they mate for life instead of eating daddy because their males can actually make a nest, feed a family and sit on the chicks so mommy can catch dinner too.

Inversion of the mean; reverse sexual dimorphism.

If only the rest of nature could catch on but nature is cruel by nature.

No. 94833

>tfw ywn have a bf 1/3 of your size to make a house for your children and mate for life with
Why live?

No. 94844

> rape is a social construct perpetuated by this false notion that forced sex isn't a natural occurrence in the lives of other animals
>natural occurence in other animals

I mean, It's also common for animals to kill and eat their own offspring randomly. That doesn't mean we should suddenly OK cannibalism

No. 94857

Exactly, people who hold human only to the standards of common animals are deluded. Unlike like animals, who pretty much run on instinct, humans are capable of complex thought and that why were set apart.

No. 94863

this. part of being human is evolving away from our natural instincts to rape and kill and stuff. justifying it means we should just fuck society.

No. 94892

File: 1536675451440.gif (1.77 MB, 168x132, 1528831341247.gif)

Why did nature fuck us over so much

No. 94907

Sounds like you're looking for a child

No. 94919

File: 1536703389484.png (59.31 KB, 200x200, 8e31521b61c03d85caf95b0a7e7199…)

I had my first boyfriend when I was 15 (he was 16) and we had most of our first sexual experiences together. I was expecting some awkward moments here and there but nothing could prepare me for this

>be getting fingered

>BF is really going to town, and doing a pretty decent job. Both of us were very much in the mood
>all of a sudden a piece of discharge, about the consistency and color of cottage cheese, falls out of my vagina and on his finger. It was maybe about the size of a quarter
>I look down at him embarrassed as all hell. In total silence I wait to see his reaction
>he examines his finger, and then…
>pops the entire finger in his mouth and sucks off the little blob of vaginal slime like it was icing from a cake
>proceeds to give me this attempt at a sly smile like he had just done the sexiest thing ever

I had to hold back actually vomiting on the spot. Oh and for the record I have no clue what caused that odd discharge and have luckily never experienced it again. I was absolutely mortified.

No. 94925

Fuck, Anon, I was eating when I read this

No. 94927

the poor lad thought he was being a kinky body-posi lover but he probably just gave himself oral thrush

No. 94931

I would never have a problem swallowing come if my man smiled after eating my pussy boogers…

No. 94936

boys are literally still eating their boogers at that age so it doesnt surprise me lol

No. 94938

Props to the guy for not making it awkward tho

No. 94945

true. i queefed when i had sex with my first boyfriend and he immediately stopped fucking me and then dumped me.

No. 94963

why cant males understand that its not usually flatulence, its literally just air being sucked and pushed into a hole just like when they all used to do the stupid armpit "fart" when they were younger
fucking retards

No. 95000

I really hope you were just teenagers or something. A grown man that breaks up over a queef has no business fucking anyone.

No. 95023


Fucking disgusting roasties. Damage control some more.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 95026

I think the reason retard men don’t like queefing/laugh at it is because they associate it with being “loose”. The fact air could get in there means you’re SOoOoooO loose. Incels will be incels.

No. 95032

I only queef when I clamp shut for a while, I fill up with air and it all comes out at once for a hilariously long time.

No. 95068

But you'd require a fair amount of tightness to produce the sound. If a vagina was truly "loose" the air could escape without making the noise. Incels are a trip.

No. 95131

No retard. We don't like it simply because it sounds nasty. It has nothing to do with how much sex you've had or how loose you are.

>muh bogeyman incels!


No. 95133

Remember to just report and move on, people.

No. 95161

-both age 15
-casual oral sex
-he cums outside of my mouth
-I lick some cum off of his dick
-we get dressed, hang out a bit
-"uh one thing though, you'll now have to take a pregnancy test you know?"
-uh huh yeah right
"promise me you will blabla"
-"no really though, I'm serious about this"

It might have been an ultra lame prank but he kept texting me later on, insisting I should do a pregnancy test until I finally told him I had tested negative (of course I had not taken a test). Then he was like "whew good", nothing else ever.
He was the type of guy to reeeally rub it in if you fell for his pranks so that's why I'd have to assume that he was. indeed. this. fucking. clueless.

No. 95164

When I was 4 my older cousin who was 5 found her dad's dirty magazine stash and showed it to me. We were looking at a center fold of some guy squirting off on 2 different girls and my cousin said "See that's how women get pregnant, a guy pees in your mouth and you swallow it".

I went around my neighborhood telling other kids how babies were made for years until my mom corrected my misinformation.

No. 95210

of course it sounds nasty and it's embarrassing but stopping the whole thing and then dumping me is a bit frigid and excessive. farts sound disgusting but if a guy accidentally farted while i was fucking him i would just laugh and continue

No. 95224

Don't react to the troll.

No. 95245

I believe it.
Teenage boys are tarded af.

No. 95249

From experience, guys tend to think that discharge is "girl cum" and don't know better

No. 95256

Putting your fingers in your ears while wishing something away doesn't change the fact that it was said and it's the truth.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 95270

File: 1536966018284.png (592.32 KB, 914x898, nooseo.png)

So, creaming isn't normal for girls? Because I don't have any symptoms of a UTI/yeast infection, but when I orgasm, something like that comes out…

No. 95272

they're obviously not saying that

No. 95273

it's just discharge. when you're horny and when you orgasm, there's even more discharge, but it's not some special separate fluid really.

No. 95279

File: 1536970617591.jpg (Spoiler Image,6.75 KB, 235x251, papercutdick.jpg)

>guy is fingering me
>pulls fingers
>"oh look you came!"
>no I didn't, get back to work

No. 95284

this picture is super cringy.

No. 95299

really? I saved it.

No. 95314

>date a sweet guy
>finally have sex
>dick smells absolutely awful and musky
>spunk tastes like sour milk and hairspray
>just puts his dick inside and pumps until he cums
>"did you cum, anon?"
>apparently i came to the wrong damn house
>explain clitoris
>rubs my labia like he's trying to start a chainsaw
>try to guide his hand to my clit
>nope he just keeps missing and rubbing and smacking like he's trying to start a fire through friction
>"can you just eat my pussy?"
>"ew no"
>"can you give my musk dick like three blowjobs a day though"

Yeah it didn't really work out.

No. 95344

File: 1537042800062.gif (3.52 MB, 320x240, MauryLaughing.gif)

>did you cum
>apparently i came to the wrong damn house

Oh fuck. I'm sorry about the sex but this is hilarious

Anyway all these stories of terrible sex make me want to stay a virgin smh

No. 95346

>Tfw every straight guy I've been with is either super grossed out by eating out or only does it once for every 5-10 blowjobs on an unwashed cheesy dick

No. 95350

My bf literally demands to lick me out and doesn't even want me to blow him, I think he just really likes making out with my pussy.

No. 95413

same anon with one last zinger

>"imagine you, naked on my boat… imagine what it'd be like to feel the wind in your pussy"

i broke up with him but i'll never forget this shit

No. 95414

File: 1537129419507.jpg (44.38 KB, 498x323, sBtKhN6.jpg)

This thread just makes me scared about losing my virginity or sex in general. I'm already in my 20s, but holy shit

No. 95416

File: 1537133958104.gif (852.15 KB, 275x210, D6D727E2-BCAE-4C98-903C-C8B9B3…)

>imagine what it'd be like to feel the wind in your pussy

This shit fucked me up

No. 95417

HAHAHA anon, did you broke up with him because all of that nasty stuff he told you?

No. 95461

You could tell a guy with a small dick that girls in general don't cum from penetration alone (whether that's true or not) and use that to tell him he should do more with his hands or tongue.

No. 95472

i do that too and it’s always been hard finding information about that phenomenon — i’ve only ever seen it in pornhub thumbnails or whatever being referred to as “creaming,” which sounds soooo . ugh

No. 95496

It's normal, nothing to worry about.

No. 95540

>>different dude that worked as a clown at kid's parties part time tried to make a balloon animal out of our used condom so I could fuck him with it
I'm not sure how that would work unless it was filled with sand or something.

No. 95541

Are you sure you don't have any others? These are great.

No. 95545

my ex loooved to watch porn, he always tried to do pornstar moves but it rarely worked. one specific time comes to mind

>having sex cause why not foreplay was usually boring

>he decides he wants to bend me over the bed
>wants to do that porn rapid fire technique where the guy thrusts super quick and pulls it in an out a looot (for the camera i assume)
>accidentally pulls out all the way and thrusts really really hard right onto my ass
>slides up and hits my tailbone
>he falls over basically crying
>go to the emergency room
>he injured his dick on my tailbone

atleast he never tried it again

No. 95547

My bf does this to an extent. Pulls all the way out, then puts it back in. I hate this because it always makes lots of air go up in my bag, which sounds like a fart when it comes out at any other point during sex and makes my vagina feel like an extra wide hallway because of the pocket of air. I'm going to tell him to stop the next time we fuck because it's honestly so annoying.

No. 95548

Haha *vag

No. 95551

Awesome. Serves him right. Since you are still together did he drop the porn crap?

No. 95560

Oops confused your comment with someone elses, I see he is an ex now.

No. 95564

File: 1537289643760.jpg (54.03 KB, 674x359, 1-s2.0-S0040195118301604-gr5.j…)

I hooked up with someone from r9k ( tldr; we lived in the same city & we met up in a cafe ) I asked him to get me ready & so at first he seemed like a natural at eating me out. However for some apparent reason he was rubbing his teeth against my asshole. So I tell him that's enough. I just wanted to get laid. So he gets on top of me & he starts making the strangest grunts ever. In the same tone of grunts he's saying the most ridiculous things lmao
>I'm going to thrust my dick till it pierces your soft belly
He said something else I cannot remember, but shit sounded like an orc from Lord of the Rings. I pressed my face against the pillow and tried my hardest not to laugh. I got dry half way of this. You know as I was going to leave, I didn't really get anything from this. I'm not usually dominant at all, but I really just wanted to make choosing fuck around like this worth it. I told him to just lay down & let me do all the work as if he was my personal dildo. I finished off doing the amazon & he asked me if me doing that was gay. I just said yes you are gay now. Biggest shame in my life as he was a hentai addict.

No. 95565

Girl WHY

No. 95567

Yes. WHY

No. 95610

>yes you are gay now

No. 95622

Don't kid yourselves. lolcow and r9k are both bottom of the barrel. You both belong with each other.

No. 95627

lol i lost my virginity to a guy who posted frequently in the kpop thread on /trash/
big mistake

No. 95650

And where are you from? You ended up on imageboards too so I doubt you're that much higher above us.

No. 95653

>at first he seemed like a natural at eating me out. However for some apparent reason he was rubbing his teeth against my asshole.
Ugh, how is that even possible?

No. 95656

If he's tongue punching your vagina, his teeth will end up on your ass and upper labial region.

No. 95658

Are you the dumb bitch in the vent thread who thinks she's oh so much better than everyone on this site yet your lame ass is still here? Both these posts are around the same HOUR. The girls here don't hold a candle to how inane the boys are on r9k, you know that, but you don't want to admit it. God you're pathetic lmao

No. 95672

Guys, what does it feel like to have good sex? I've had good sex, at least I think so. I've had orgasms before, not from PIV but my partner does go down on me. Just when he does I feel like he has to work so hard, and honestly like I'm working even harder. Nothing fits right, I feel like he's doing the oral equivalent of trying to find a needle in haystack; and I don't mean my clit by that, I mean like, real pleasure in general. When I do come it's because I grabbed his face so hard and like, grinded against it till his upper lip is sore. I don't feel like it's hot, I don't think it's fun. I cry a little out of frustration and embarassement every time it happens. I hate and love sex and yet I crave it constatly - I have a much higher libido than my partner. I masturbate, but I hate it bc I get super depressed after I cum. I'm not multiorgasmic either, which seems to be one of the main benefits cited about being a woman.

No. 95677

Grinding your bf's face off is exceptional but not unheard of. If that's what it takes for you to get off then so be it, embrace it. Most guys love having their face fucked, hence face sitting. You just need to get comfortable with yourself.

No. 96500

Somewhere way better than here. Oh yeah, I'm way higher than you.

Completely wrong, you stupid fucking bitch. What a shitty shot in the dark. God you're pathetic lmao. People like you should be euthanized. No, you should be executed by firing squad.(Calm down)

No. 96657

What am I supposed to do when getting the titties sucked? It feels awkward because I'm just like staring like I can't kiss or do anything. Do you just play with his hair/pat his head?

No. 96668

It depends partially on if you really enjoy it or if you just let your partner do it because they enjoy it. I like it, so some general writhing around, mostly. Stroke their body wherever you can reach, stroke their hair, kiss their head, and just enjoy it.

No. 96698

This thread made me realize how bad my current-ish fuck buddy is at sex.

>almost 9 years older than me, not terribly inexperienced

>nice sized dick but starts getting soft after 5 minutes
>can only stay hard while I give him a blowjob
>makes me brush my teeth after I go down on him
>no period sex either
>can never find my clit, even if I direct him his fingers migrate away
>absolutely no sexual chemistry, his face is blank the entire time and he can cum without any change in facial expression/breathing

No. 96699

>fucking an older man
>not even getting commitment
>not even getting good sex

Why are you wasting your time like that?

No. 96700


Isn't the point of a fuck buddy is to have good sex? Like I can see sticking around if you're in a relationship, but the whole point of a fwb is that you just like fucking?

No. 96705

find a better fuck buddy anon

No. 96716

>Why are you wasting your time like that?

I will

No. 96727

>in bed depressed af
>remember tit slapping story
>laugh so hard im crying

related to the thread
>be me
>about to fuck heck yes
>extremely horny fms
>he starts rubbing the shit like he got a marker stain on his hand
>he's so rough it hurts
>he's not even rubbing my clit, just my vagina lips
>whatever at least im gonna get dicked
>he comes fast as soon as it's in
>wow fms i hate this
>ask him to rub me clit or suck my tits just SOMETHING
>nah im tired
>he wipes down and goes on pc immediately and plays shit league of heck

No. 97114

>vagina lips
stop LARPing, you suck at this

No. 98948

My ex used to think that girls got sweaty behind the knees when they came.
So he’d check behind my knees everytime to make sure I wasn’t faking. Where do guys even get these ideas from?

Also, not exactly a sex story but one time I thought he was leaning in to give me a kiss and he spat in my mouth. When I got angry he said he’d thought I’d like it. I had given him absolutely no indication that I’d be into that sort of shit. He must have seen it in porn or something.

No. 98954

super weird behavior, but that does happen to me every time

this reminds me of my last ex who upon hearing me say "f* me harder" straight up slapped me in the face without warning

No. 98955

Not that men were all nice and good at sex before, but porn is really ruining them with the violent shit.

No. 98956

Women into that shit are to blame too. Since they'll often claim to speak on behalf of all women. "We all love being submissive, all women love rape fantasies!" Etc.

No. 98958

While I don't really wanna put blame on sub women who are often messed up by past child abuse or such, any woman who claim that all women want to be dominated is doing something very dangerous and needs to fucking STFU. Don't put more ideas and excuses into rapists/abuser's heads.

No. 98964

not larping, anon, you know very well i meant the outter lips @ my groin. stay pressed though

No. 98983

I really can't stand vocal sub women, honestly. Every time one of them opens their big mouth, even if they preface it with 'I'm a feminist so it makes me feel guilty but…', some man reads it and it reinforces their view that we're all subs. It's a pathetic thing to be and I can't be nice about it any more - if you want a guy to treat you like shit or as an inferior in bed, either broaden your horizons or stfu and stop throwing our gender under the bus. ESPECIALLY women with rape fantasies because that is legitimately dangerous.

No. 98984

>he's not even rubbing my clit, just my vagina lips
lmfao my fwb gets confused like this too, especially over pants/panties. Once he just started rubbing my taint. I just started laughing hysterically. Thankfully he's a good sport and a good listener, so I've been slowly correcting some of the weird shit he picked up after not having luck finding sex partners for a few years before me and relying on porn.

I hope all you ladies find a good sport and good listener. It's real nice to slowly mold a man to be the best sex partner for your own tastes.

No. 98988

I can't tell you how much I cannot stand most women who flap their stupid gums about rape fantasies. More often than not, if I dug a little deeper it turned out they have NO SUCH FANTASY. I wish I was kidding but so many of them are out there spouting this insane shit when all they mean is they want rough sex. You would think every third person has this fetish, but they fuckin don't! It's rare and these morons don't know what they're talking about.
Don't even get me started on "I want him to choke me!!11!!" The idiot to normal translation of that is " I want him to lightly put his hand on my neck"
So it's not only that they blather on about it, a good number of them don't even mean what they say.

No. 99022

>telling women what their kinks are and shaming them for it
Wow, you're such a feminist. /s
Don't act like you like other women who don't think the same way as you. Pure narcissism.

No. 99053

>offended by "kinkshaming"

No. 99059

Let me guess, you also think sex work is empowering? Feminism doesn't mean never disagreeing with other women, especially about issues that affect us all.

No. 99060

Didn't see any kind of feminist claim there. I'm so glad there are people here to tell you you're full of shit.
GuYz, kiNkShamiNg iS sooOoO baD. Never question anything and never ask people what they really mean cuZ tHaT's sOo bAd

No. 99083

Let me guess… You're the "kinkster" sperg from the Unpopular opinions thread, right?

No. 99136

my worst sex experience honestly made me feel bad about how stupid and clueless men can be

>meets cute guy on tinder after sifting through garbage

>dorky cute guy who works at trader joes and wears glasses + is a band
>my 19 year old puss is shaking
>we end up making plans to fuck and have sex once it wasn't bad but nothing amazing
>on our second date, we decide to watch porn together
>constantly mentions how he is dick is "thick and girthy" like the guys in the videos
>mfw his dick is 4 inches and skinny KEK
>we start making up and try to start fucking with me on top
>his dick can't get hard and is too small/floppy to go in me
>we try again with him on top in doggy
>he thinks he put his dick in my pussy but it actually ends up slipping between my thighs
>he thinks its my pussy and starts fucking my thighs because "uHhhHH SO tiGht"
>I finally mention to him it isn't my vagina and he seems defeated and struggles to get it in for the next hour until I decide to just give him a pity blowjob instead

No. 99138

Worst sex I've had didn't even end in sex. With guy, fooling around on his sofa after a night out, he gets his dick out. It's massive. Try to get on it, can't. Keep trying, he just shrugs and then his Mum knocked the door and told me she ordered a taxi and I had to leave. We tried to have drunk sex in my mums bed, couldn't get it in. The passion dwindles

No. 99206

First story was kind of an abusive "relationship" so idk if that really counts but anyways…

I was new at college and we were a really, really small campus. I'm incredibly autistic and socially awkward (and naive as well) so I was extremely glad when this seemingly popular guy wanted to hang out with me. And I genuinely thought he wanted to hang out.
As we were chilling in my dorm room he suddenly put his dick out and urged me to suck him off. Dumb as I was, I did. (Looking back it must've been terrible for him as well because I had never given a bj before and only got told about teeth being an issue years later. However, apparently still good enough for him to come after 5min.)
After that I found out he had a gf in another state and that basically every single girl on campus hated me now because I broke up the dream couple uwu.
Also as I later found out he called himself the 2nd Barney Stinson and snorted coke about every single day. He also became more and more aggressive around people so at this point I didn't really dare to deny any requests anymore, especially not when we were alone.
So we met up at his dorm room/apartment and his roommates were gone which I didn't know. We ended up fooling around again but this time for real. He undressed me and started eating me out.
It was the worst. I was so incredibly dry, didn't shower or shave properly, and of course couldn't relax as I didn't really want any of this in the first place. The fact that he was basically just licking over my labia as a dog didn't really help either.
I told him it wasn't working for me.
>"Yeah, cause you can't relax!"
Alright. So he got out a condom and I had my first PIV sex. It was incredibly painful and I begged him to just give him head again.
He finally accepted and I started sucking his dick again. However, he suddenly came in my mouth which he had never done before and wasn't communicated either. I swallowed, since I thought that's what you did but was surprised by how incredibly awful it tasted (he was a smoker, coke-head and got drunk like 4 times a week). So surprised in fact, that I immediately puked on his bed.

Thank God he gave up on me after that. But it was fairly traumatic and I still struggle with having guys cum in my mouth 8 years later.

Second story is the first time with my current bf of 3 years.

>we're just cuddling for the first time ever

>he puts my hand on his dick
>I'm already panicking bc it's really big and I've only had piv once (mentioned above) which was very painful despite his small dick
>he's nervously searching for a condom bc I'm not on birth control
>finds one a friend gave him
>it's waaaaay too small
>I have to pee badly and didn't want to go use the bathroom as I've been cockblocked by doing that twice before
>he doesn't get it in
>we try another position
>it just won't go in
>he doesn't even get his fingers in
>I have to pee so badly it hurts
>I try to jerk him off, doesn't work because he's starting to get nervous too
>he wants me to suck him off I tell him I can't bc trauma
>he wants me to try
>I try but can't deal with the smell of penis
>he tries to get it in one last time
>we both give up
>I can finally go pee
>don't have another condom

We ended up cuddling the rest of the night which was nice too, considering how hard we were crushing on each other. And the next time it all went waaaay better. But still, this was one of the worst sexual experiences I've ever had.

No. 99207

Oh my god anon, I'm cringing so hard for you on both accounts. And mentally gagging at the spit one.

No. 100735

Sometimes my boyfriend tries to be spontaneous and get me off at random times which…. is nice and I appreciate it, but in the almost four years of being together he doesn't really know how to and if I tell him he's doing it wrong he usually just responds with "you like it it's just intense"

>boyfriend comes up with new idea he wants to try

>"I'm gonna play your nipples and I want you to come from Just That"
>two minutes in with him being handsy with my boobs and telling me to cum
>"you cum yet??"
>told him it doesn't work like that
>not willing to accept defeat, keeps going
>force him to stop bc there's no way I can fake my way out of this

This is also more of a general experience but he also insists that I love tickling because I'm laughing when he tickles me so I must like it, even though the actual act of tickling literally makes me go into fight or flight mode despite my laughter

No. 100740

the tickling thing reminds me how one of my ex's was obsessed with it even though i hate being tickled and it made me piss everywhere and he got mad and broke up with me.

No. 100751

My ex gf would just lie on the bed with little to no signs of enjoyment when I did her, and after she came she would usually start crying. I tried asking her so many times if I did something wrong and apparently she did enjoy the sex, she "needs to stay still to concentrate", the crying thing was unvoluntary and she couldn't understand why it started to feel so uncomfortable for me to touch her. I mean technically it was good sex I guess since she apparently liked it, but I felt like a goddamn rapist every single fucking time, so that relationship ended pretty quickly.

No. 100761


Oof. I really understand the crying part, sometimes when I come too strongly (?) I cry too, especially afterwards, I also shake a lot, especially my legs.
But usually when I cry it's akin to a happy-cry expression, sometimes with little whimps that I guess could be miss interpreted? Did she like bawl? Or sob?

No. 100764

Yeah on a rational level I get that crying post-orgasm is a "natural" reaction, I've seen a few out-of-place behaviors during or after a girl orgasms in the past (e.g. a former fwb used to get these uncontrollable laughing fits). For her it was more like sobbing but she explained that she wasn't sad, it just sounded like that, and I wouldn't have thought about it twice if it weren't for the fact that having sex with her was like sticking my fingers into someone who's passed out.

No. 100766


Wow some people have really powerful orgasms…but the lying completely still and crying makes me think she is maybe a csa survivior

No. 100771

>the lying completely still and crying makes me think she is maybe a csa survivior
That's what I initially suspected and also contributed a lot to why felt so horrible every time after doing her. I tried to ask her if this was the case and made sure she understood that I'm willing to take everything at her pace if she's uncomfortable with something or has past traumas, but she insisted on everything being fine and good.
Damn I feel like this has been a somewhat depressing addition to an otherwise lolworthy thread, I'm sorry.

No. 100787

It happens to me too during godtier sex, sometimes even before the orgasm (and sometimes it does escalate to a full-on cry with sobbing), so the crying part can be understandable. About her lying still, though… I don't know, maybe she had some trauma like someone else speculated, or maybe she was really shy and hypersensitive?

No. 100942

Wow are we dating the same guy?
>>presses down hard, directly on my clit
>>try to push his hand away
>>’Don’t do that, it hurts too much, please be more gentle’
>>’No Anon, you like it like this—you just don’t wanna cum’

No. 100949

File: 1542455068906.jpg (7.11 KB, 190x266, 1541319462487.jpg)

No particular bad sex but just things I'm bad at myself.
>cant deepthroat
I keep researching online on how to do this and all there is about is the gag reflex. For some reason, I can't even get the dick past a part of my throat because I think my throat is too small. He says it feels like its hitting a wall and no matter what position we are in it doesn't work.
I also refuse to do doggy out of insecurity of my butt acne. My bf really wants to but I don't want him to see that stuff.

No. 100954

… why are you dating him exactly? Sounds like a selfish moron who's not willing to listen to you and doing sexual stuff to you when you don't want him to/disrespecting your wishes and boundaries is a huge red flag.

No. 100955

Well, if you don't want to do deepthroating, then don't? It's not like it's a comfortable thing to do for most women. Just because it's often portrayed in porn doesn't mean you'll automatically get pleasure from it.

No. 100956

You can train your gag reflex, I had bulimia for 10 years and started vomiting the second a penis went to my throat but I started to train it with a toothbrush handle and now I can at least give a head. Nothing close to deepthroating but I would imagine a normal person would archive good results like this.

No. 100957

You can subdue you gag reflex by squeezing your left hand thumb

No. 100960

Why would you wanna do something that makes you gag though? You got the reflex for a reason. A guy who pressure you about that gotta be uncaring at the very best.

No. 100961

I'm very sorry to hear this. Do not do anything that makes you vomit anons, jesus christ. Would you expect it from your man?

No. 100976

Really want to stick stuff in men's throats now. Think if I ever date again it's gonna be pegging and femdom
>bad experiences anons

No. 101032

>eat my ex out
>smegma everytime i peel back the labia looking for her clit
>still got the job done, mostly great sex across 5 years
>second gf is from /r9k/
>sexual assault survivor basically
>cant even sneak a finger in without havibg her freeze up like im murdering her
>pretty much oral only
>she cant cum, usually lasts about 20 minutes and then i get lockjaw
>only solace is i know its not me as she admitted to jerking off until she gets bored, not to orgasm

No. 101034

I recommend it
Start with a finger in his mouth during foreplay, in time you can throat fist him whilst he begs to let him finish from a handjob. I would try pegging but all that thrusting seems hard work

It's sweet that you have the patience but that sounds exhausting, did you try vibrators? If she's traumatized she just might never orgasm

No. 101036

>Start with a finger in his mouth during foreplay, in time you can throat fist him whilst he begs to let him finish from a handjob.

Finally some good sex advice.

No. 101037

She had a vibe at some point, but from what i can recall she just never got much use out of it either, plus its a moot point as that relationships dead now.
Just one of those things thats going to kill my pride until i find another lover.

No. 101354

Anons please love yourselves. Your bfs sound, at best, like selfish dickbags. My abusive ex did all that same shit and worse. Refusing to listen to your needs/wants and doing things despite you telling them not to is a huge red flag

No. 105653

what can a virgin guy do to make his first time not be a complete disaster and be as enjoyable as it can be for the girl?
uuuh asking for a friend(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 105655

Lots of foreplay.

No. 105660

Lick her pussy, nibba.

No. 105664

More of a funny one

>broke up with ldr ex, we are still on good terms, horny af

>remember one of his friends lives in my city
>model material, a lil bit effeminated, but I like girly boys
>I knew he liked me because he always told my ex how lucky he was to be with such a beauty
>ask my ex if I can fuck his friend, he's cool about it
>hang out with guy, we end up in a bar getting piss drunk
>not hooking up yet but lots of teasing
>end up going to his place, luckily his roommates are out
>start making out like crazy, by the times our clothes are off I'm wet
>smallest dick I've ever seen, about 3 inches
>who cares, I'm horny and I want to fuck anyway
>fall asleep during sex because I was so drunk and he was so small I didn't feel a thing
>wake up a few seconds later, he fell asleep inside of me too
>wake him up, take condom off, go to sleep cuddled together (that was the only good part tbh)
>next morning get dressed awkwardly, remember what happened and agree to never talk about it again

Yeah he was really good looking but that was so embarrassing we barely spoke to each other since. Later I found out he was still obsessed with his ex too, so I guess I dodged a good one.

No. 105689


Anon I feel for you. That’s so disgusting, I hope you washed his dick in bleach if you two did anything. ;—;

No. 105715

beak the ice by eating ass, the fastest way to a girls heart is by eating out her butt

No. 105946

>be me
>be 16
>agree to meet up with some dude at 1am and drive an hour down to his house to fucc
>sneak out, leave my laptop on for noise
>get 3/4 of the way to his house and my mum phones me freaking out, threatening to call the police if I don’t get my ass back home now
>convince her I’m with friends and she reluctantly allows me to stay out a while longer
>get to the dude’s house for the sex
>he has a tiny dick, like a literal toe dick
>goes for it anyway
>he lasts maybe 40 seconds at most and his game is weak as fuck
>tells me afterwards I need to get out and I can’t lie down on the sheets in case my perfume rubs off on them?

No. 106062

holy fuck im crying thats so funny

No. 106063

No. 106481

I once had a guy who stopped what he was doing to ask “are you coming?” when I was clearly coming. I don’t get what he expected me to do. Why are men so dense.

No. 106541

Bless this thread. I've been struggling with so many of the problems mentioned throughout, and it's nice to know I'm not alone.

No. 106603

As a dewd I have heard this sooooo much from the sad girlz I help by intercoursing. Dudes rlly focus on their nut not on the nut as a whole. It's a shared effort that's supposed to be rewarded to both ppl. And also what is up with guys not eating girls out, literally if u do that it will help them get into mood much better and not b dry.also lotsa cuddles n micro consents is hottt I found out(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 108359

I’m pretty sure I’m going to break up with the guy I’ve been dating for the last month, he literally is the worst sexual partner I’ve ever had. We have a lot in common and he’s a really interesting/smart person but literally all he is interested in is my ass to the exclusion of anything else, which is doesn’t matter because he is terrible at most everything anyway. I realized recently he would rather jerk himself off while eating ass instead of having normal sex which I find completely bizarre and honestly kind of disturbing.I have no idea why a normal non-incel non-autist would be like this, but I’m on the fence as to rather I should tell him or just make up some bullshit reason to break up.

No. 108361

no, make fun of his ass obsession while you dump him. make him feel stupid lol

No. 108366

You'd probably be doing him and any girls he meets in the future a service by telling him. He might try to argue with you, say he'll change but stand firm and say you've lost all sexual attraction to him and can't see how you can ever regain it.

No. 108375

He will blame it all on me because I have [totally managable] germaphobia which is the last remenant of OCD that I spent years fighting with. Despite my only desire being that he wear a condom, not cum on me or force me to sleep in a bed covered in cum after he jerks off(another thing he does that I think is disgusting and inexplicable) he thinks I am too “uptight” and germaphobia is the route of all problems we have and that I should go to therapy (we’ve been dating for like one month btw, who the fuck says that?) . Also we share a lot of friends in common and I’m trying to break into the field he has a high status in so I don’t want to cause drama.

No. 108378

Yuck, why doesn't he at least use a napkin when he's jerking off? I don't have an OCD and I find that behaviour disgusting too - I don't think it's normal, anon. Wouldn't blame you at all for breaking up over this, he sounds like a very strange person, to put it diplomatically.

No. 108379

What the fuck, I'm not the cleanest person ever but I'd be so upset if I was dating someone that just cums on the bed and doesn't care, but of course that asshole is going to say you're just being crazy.
This isn't even a sexual compatibility problem, he's just fucked up.

No. 108380

File: 1550325979946.png (289.97 KB, 625x1215, 1535397916383.png)

>"dating" for a month
>already having sex with him
You're too easy, whore-kun.

No. 108381

I had an ex who never cleaned up either. Find somebody else, anon. Everything will smell better.

No. 108391


I really don’t know either. He is Swedish and his apartment,clothes, etc are all immaculate. I feel like this is one of the end-stage porn addict tragedies.

No. 108392


I really don’t know either. He is Swedish and his apartment,clothes, etc are all immaculate. I feel like this is one of the end-stage porn addict tragedies.

No. 108399

"We're just not sexually compatible. I'm only interested in vaginal sex and nothing else, anal feels like I am shitting all over the bed. I'm tired of having sex that feels like poop"

Would be hilarious anon.

No. 111115

Just started seeing a guy a few months ago. We've only had sex once because I dread doing it again. I plan on dumping him soon.

He's alright at foreplay so I thought I was gonna enjoy the rest, but he insisted he couldn't tell where to stick his dick in. This dumbass couldn't fucking find my vagina.

I assumed it was because it was dark and he has bad vision anyway, so I got up and turned the lights on for him. He kept insisting he had no idea where my vagina was. He personally asked me to stick his dick in.

Every fucking time he fell out, I had to put it back in for him. He didn't attempt a single time. I asked him to at least try, so he grabbed his dick, aimed in a few different directions, and then whined about how hard it was.

Bitch boy.

No. 111120

Wow, this is so weird. Especially the fact that he knows about a proper foreplay, but then can't find your vaginal opening. Like, I assume he could find your clit? Or did the foreplay not involve your vagina?
Very bizarre.

No. 111128

Sometimes men are literally just that fucking lazy. My last ex wouldn't put it in and would get frustrated trying to get the angle right.
Like, hello, you can't just stab it in like a fucking juice box dude.

No. 111140

This is hilarious, sorry Anon

No. 111147


This kind of reminds me of one of my exes. He sometimes pressed his dick literally against my clit or asshole and when I was telling him ‘lower/a bit higher up’ he would be like ‘no, I am right, you’re just not wet enough, that’s why it won’t go in’.
Like, dude, I can literally feel you’re way off. But sure he must know better.

No. 111150

Oh no, I accidentally trained my previous boyfriends to be like that because I’d always help them. (I thought that’s what everyone did). My current bf puts it in himself and I never knew what I was missing lol.

No. 111328

I don't think this is super uncommon for less sexually-experienced guys; I've found they tend to think it's much higher than it actually is

No. 111331

so he had a micropenis? did you still feel it or was it always slipping out? im in a long distance relationship and my bf said hes 4 inches. im curious just how much this affects sex.
did his dick appear to be normal size? i cant imagine that it would always be slipping out unless that was the case

No. 111351

Normal sized dixx slip out sometimes too, if his aim is bad/over enthusiastic or you're very lubricated

No. 111573

With my ex I promised myself I would never fake an orgasm so we could learn to please each other properly but whenever I had a real orgasm he would always be like "let me know when you cum" AFTER I had my orgasm.. it got awkward every fucking time, like he was expecting some big show

No. 111604

Well, you can always fart to mark the occasion.

No. 111639

Most guys have no idea what the cues are when a woman orgasms. They all think we scream and moan like pornstars to indicate cumming. Some of us do make a racket but a lot of times there isn't much of one. When I cum my body kind of jerks a bit and I can feel my vagina and clit spasm, but that's the only indication.

No. 112558

One time while having sex the guy was grabbing by ass and he said "oh wow, you have goosebumps" but they were just my butt pimples

No. 112559

I'll give my boyfriend some slack because his sexual history is unpleasant, but the last time we had sex… he was so cringy. I couldn't help but laugh during.

He ate me out for the first time and didn't know how to massage my clit with his tongue. Then he kept asking me how to do it so it'll feel good, so I showed him where to lick. He decides to then just use his fingers, which was not a bad idea. Then he randomly asks me as I'm orgasming, "Would I make a good lesbian?"

No. 112560

That's adorably cringey anon.

No. 112563

One time I was hooking up with a guy, whom I had previously told I was kind of nervous of hooking up with him because I haven’t had many partners. When he started to have sex (and I was fully aroused) he said “oh I thought you said you didn’t have that many partners” because it slipped in. I pretty much rushed to finish the sex and never contacted him again despite his constant messaging. He was boring and horrible at sex anyways. This was probably the funniest/dumbest thing I’ve ever had a man tell me about sex or vaginas

No. 112565

Recently broke off with one dude he was scarily forceful, he choked me randomly, left bruises on my neck, fingered me and told me all girls lie when I told him it hurt, his breath stank which was a massive turn off for me

Another guy I had sex with had fupa which was a turn off, smelly breath, and accused me of giving him hiv because his butthole bled a few days after he fucked me even though my ass never bled in my life

No. 112568

Geez, anon. You need to love yourself.

No. 112575

butthole sounds like he's dying of something, like using his penis broke something in his ass? definitely not your fault

Also pls choose better guys, I want you to live

No. 112581

He needs to stop sticking shit in there that don't belong up there and blaming me!

And dw I'm killing myself soon so it's ok

No. 112590

No you're not, you're gonna see some random girl from lolcow (me) at your window like "no!"
I'll fly over there now.

Just stay away from creepy men and love yourself. Life can be good, I promise. For me sheltering myself away from things that have upset me works pretty well, I know that's not always an option for people but controlling what and who you are exposed to is very helpful in regulating your feelings and attitudes. It's better to be alone than near shitty people.

No. 112597

This guy couldn't even finish me with a hitachi wand. He would press it so hard against the pudd that my body was just absorbing the vibrations lmao. Tried to explain he should be gentle but he would just start pressing hard again after a few seconds

No. 112610

You're so sweet anon, thank you

No. 113102

>When at his place he'd just ignore me. If I was horny let alone bored I'd just sit there and listen to him talk. If he was horny, he'd watch porn and not even look at me if I offered sex or to help
>All while calling me a nyphmo for my perfectly normal sex drive
>Said he wanted period sex, I tell him it wont be cute, then acted surprised when there's blood
>Wanted me to do a few specific things and never took no for an answer. I still feel sick thinking about it
>Would claim he loved to eat pussy but always said no if I asked. Claimed I smelled, this coming from a guy I had to tell to brush his teeth
>Idea of foreplay is randomly showing me his dick (soft if I'm really unlucky) or just grabbing my hand and making me touch it

I stayed as long as I did because I thought his autism was an excuse for some of the shit until I saw through his straight-up manipulation. I missed out on time with friends because literally every day I had to see him because apparently everyone hates him at work (I see why) and he'd say he only ate food if I was there and was underweight, and if I said I had work to do then he pulls out the suicide card.

After breaking up I only hung out with him out of pity or because he needed to use my shower. This was a mistake as on New Years day he suddenly decided to masturbate in M Y room after repeatedly telling him no. He kept asking if I wanted to help and I just left. I regret not calling security because the only reason he was at my place was because he refused to leave; "It was too far to walk in my cowboy boots."

Love yourselves ladies

No. 113105

>Idea of foreplay is randomly showing me his dick (soft if I'm really unlucky) or just grabbing my hand and making me touch it

Oh I so can relate. My ex was like that.
Also: Whenever it was the other way around he’d complain that I wasn’t ~romantic enough and that he wanted me to seduce him more.

No. 113135

god i remember when my boyfriend didn't know how to initiate sex at first, he would just come up to me and go "touch me peepee" and he would be hard lmao

No. 113158

>"It was too far to walk in my cowboy boots."
I just let out the biggest snort laugh in my quiet workplace and everyone looked at me. I'm so proud of you for leaving that manipulative weirdo though, I hope you're getting to see your friends more lately.

I didn't think anything could be worse than Gurgs "suk mi" but here we are

No. 113165

My favorite bad sex story is this one douche who stuck it in dry and just started jackhammering furiously. When he noticed the disappointment on my face, he said "hey come on, get into it". I was just like "bruh", pushed him off me and hopped in the shower.

No. 113166

File: 1555351895453.jpg (14.78 KB, 700x538, shook.jpg)

>this entire thread

You mean there can be good sex that involves a male?

No. 113196

File: 1555367604703.jpg (151.25 KB, 800x450, crying.jpg)

>took anti depressants for a year while I was still a virgin
>met my first bf and realized my vagina didn't work when we tried to have sex
i've been off em for like 2-3 months and it still doesn't work

feels bad

No. 113200

My worst sex story started as a really good experience. I was super relaxed and feeling good after having orgasmed, he's still going at it and is going at a good speed-he misses and it goes into my asshole. I've never had anything in my ass before. I just start smacking at him like "STOP STOP." Fucking embarrassing for both of us and I just start crying because it burns like hell and I'm mortified. I didn't think the 'wrong hole' scenario could actually happen before that night but I was so loose and relaxed after cumming it just happened. (we still finished after a shower lol)

No. 113202


No. 113208

Yeah I was gonna say…he didn't miss. Getting some lube and asking beforehand >>> trying to "accidentally" go in dry without warning like we are not gonna notice

No. 113210

you'd be surprised. never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.

No. 113217

>most guys have no idea what the cues are when a women orgasms
My boyfriend will, without fail, almost always ask me "how many times I've came" after fucking for a few minutes. I never really know what to say so sometimes I'll make up a ridiculous answer on the spot just to see if he questions it and he never has.

No. 113218

File: 1555385423871.jpeg (75 KB, 900x900, 14D15F1B-D6D7-44F8-B650-F7C0C0…)

>tfw im a virgin who already has an extremely low libido and wants to try antidepressants but is scared for this reason

No. 113225

Nah it was a genuine mistake. My hips were angled upward because I was on a pillow and he kept accidentally pulling out all the way n having to reinsert.

No. 113232

lmao anon it truly sounds like he saw a chance and took it

No. 113235

NTA but jfc is it really that hard to believe that genuine accidents like that can happen?

I’ve had it happen, too. I was unusually wet and relaxed and he placed his dick just an inch too far down and it slipped right to my asshole. Especially when it’s dark and rushed and he’s not looking this stuff can happen. Stop acting like every single fucking guy on this earth is a rapist just waiting for an opportunity.

No. 113237

Of course you know it better than the people involved.

No. 113248

why do y'all want to date braindead people?

No. 113251

I wonder how many of the guys in this thread were straight up lied to by women like you resulting in them believing the stupid shit that they do

No. 113257

Trust me, do not take any antidepressants unless you are willing to trade sexual ability for mental health or are likely to kill yourself.

I feel pretty asexual at this point. I can't even get aroused anymore when I try to masturbate like I used to.

No. 113263

Aren’t there antidepressants that don’t cause a loss of libido?

No. 113267

I was on Prozac for around 2 years and my libido wasn't affected. In fact, I think I might have actually had a higher sex drive while taking it. IMO not being depressed is more important than your sex drive, but it depends on your situation. There are also so many different kinds of antidepressants, so I wouldn't knock them all for this reason.

No. 113269

Depends on how you react to them. You are supposed to be able to take Wellbutrin independently or with an SSRI to reduce the chance of sexual side effects, but there are plenty of studies (self-reports obviously) that say quite a few people still experienced sexual dysfunction.

I don't want to scare you off of them if you desperately need them. Being alive is more important than sex. But sexual dysfunction is a very very common reported side effect and Permanent Sexual Dysfunction is a real thing and it fucking sucks. Most people can just wean off the drug and return their libido though almost immediately or within weeks.

I can see where you're coming from but I still can't orgasm on my own/with a partner or become "turned on" anymore. I feel completely broken as a human being and my gyno/family dr/psychiatrist hasn't been able to help. The drugs helped me but I regret it so much and I wish someone stopped me. I really hope that It gets better eventually, but it's nearing 3 months soon and I feel hopeless. Unless someone desperately needs it I wouldn't risk this shit.

No. 113273

I'm in the same boat. Zoloft is the only antidepressant that works for me (I've tried so many) and it completely shuts down my libido. Masturbating is a chore. It doesn't feel good, cumming takes an hour and the orgasms are weak. On one hand I don't really mind becoming essentially asexual but weeks of not cumming seems to bring on it's own unique anguish. When I have depressive episodes I have to decide between my sexuality and my mental sanity and often I have to choose the latter.

Of course this wouldn't be so bad but my boyfriend insinuates that he has the right to fuck me from time to time, which is fine I guess, but he doesn't seem to have any empathy towards the fact that I'm fucking dead from the waist down. Toss it in I guess, I'm a bitch for literally being incapable of wanting to fuck after all.

No. 113278

Are you really okay with being asexual? I'm trying to come to terms with it but sex is so deeply ingrained in relationships and just humanity in general

Also, your boyfriend sounds disgusting. But I can definitely relate in a similar way. My boyfriend would never even insinuate that i need to fuck him, but he's just so fucking kind and sweet that I'd be a bitch if I didn't. I told him about my issues and he said "don't worry we'll figure it out together". but at the same time his sex drive is high and he admits that he jacks it 3 times a day just to focus since I started dating him. He's not trying to guilt me but it's just the truth that I'm blueballing him all the time if I don't give him oral sex at least once when we hang out. He'll be hard almost the entire time otherwise.

I don't enjoy it physically, "foreplay" activities do nothing for me sexually and he cannot enter my vagina without severe pain (an issue I'm trying to figure out but honestly why fucking bother). But he's just such a perfect match and I don't think there are many guys out there like him, I don't want to lose him. But at the same time I'm thinking about breaking it off because he doesn't deserve to not have his needs met. He always look so disappointed when I won't let him finger me/give me oral but it feels like nothing and I'm so tired of pretending.

No. 113280

I am okay with it; sex just isn't a part of my thought process when I'm on medication. It's kind of a relief in some aspects because those urges are just gone. I make time once or twice a month to orgasm because if I don't cum for a month or two I'm constantly agitated, but other than that, sex just isn't a part of my life. Similarly I also lose my appetite. Primal things that give me pleasure just don't apply anymore.

Your boyfriend sounds like my boyfriend when we started dating. I can empathize. Now that attitude just kind of pisses me off. "I need to do a cum every day or my boner is going to hurt :''C"

Maybe this wouldn't be a problem for me if it hadn't gone on for years without feeling like he doesn't even acknowledge my libido or lack there of. It's always about him, men are different, men need to cum or they'll be sad and that's your fault, right? But he brought you ice cream, doesn't he deserve to fuck you?

If I could go back and give my past self some advice, don't stand for it. You're thinking about it wrong. He doesn't deserve not to have his needs met? You don't deserve to be in pain just because he wants to fuck. I'd assume it hurts because he's not turning you on and doesn't care, but maybe that's a bold assumption of me, and I admit I could just be projecting.

No. 113285

I'm just worried that no one will want to date someone who doesn't want sex. And the men I've found online in the asexual community are a little.. odd? I guess. I don't know maybe that's unfair of me to say but it's an observation. Why do you still put up with your boyfriend anyway?

I don't get agitated or feel the urge to masturbate/have sex at all. There was a time before medication that I did feel the urge to masturbate at night but not anymore I guess.

We haven't had PiV sex for ~3 weeks since I told him it hurt way too much. But everytime we had sex I was clearly in pain. And I only stopped because my gyno told me to not do it for at least a month. But that confuses me so much. This is a man that clearly cares for me and would do whatever he can to make me happy. Why is sex so necessary to him that he wouldn't care if I was in pain? Would he even reciprocate if HE was the one in pain? I don't know, I feel like women are just expected to "take it" no matter what. That's my only issue with him though.

But he has spent several days trying to get me into the mood by just foreplay/massage/oral sex on me for hours without me reciprocating. It's not his fault that I feel pain or lack pleasure. I would never expect him to be in pain for my pleasure though..

No. 113310

Sex is literally ingrained into our biology as a bodily craving like hunger. It's hard for you to feel this mindset because you're asexual and may have forgotten what it's like, but if sex was just about "pleasure" and nothing else then we wouldn't see cheating nearly as often. It's not as controllable as it sounds. If you're hungry, it's hard to have self control when there's good food all around you. Sure, you can probably resist for a while, but after some time they huger will take over and you'll give in.

Getting a back massage is just a pleasurable favor. Having sex extends beyond a pleasurable favor and satisfies something on a deeper level both physically and emotionally that is hard to satisfy otherwise.

No. 113322


Can you please for the love of god stop bumping this thread with your OT-conversation? Use >>102887 or >>71573 or at least sage your posts that have literally nothing to do with what this thread is about.

No. 113326

An asexual who gets 0 enjoyment from any sexual activity/can't do PIV and a guy who can't talk to a woman without getting a stiffy seems like a comically bad match. At least get a guy who only wants to do it a couple times a month and doesn't guilt you for muh blue balls, Anon

Also take it to the relationship thread, as >>113322 said.

No. 113404

It's incredible how selfish asexual women are

No. 113471

LMAO I don’t use this phrase often but, mood

No. 122428

File: 1567118534583.jpg (46.16 KB, 680x684, 424.jpg)

>just turned 18
>crush on this guy from work
>incrediably basic, slightly nerdy
>got drunk after work went back to his
>almost 8 inches
>no foreplay
>he put it all fast
>pain for both
>suddenly get really wet
>he keeps going
>pulls out after a while to cum
>look down theres blood everywhere
>accused of being on my period
>he cleans of his bloody dick
>realises his skin tore and was bleeding
>tfw got fucked with someone elses dickmblood as lubrication
>never looked at eachother again.

No. 122434

holy shit that is on a new level wtf

No. 122436

Omg didn't you guys use a condom? Also I hope he hadn't any STD's and you tested yourself. He sounds like a total virgin though

No. 122439

My boyfriend is so fucking weird, he always gets horny when I'm minding my own business around the house. The other day I was in the kitchen making my lunch for work and he comes up to me and starts telling me how sexy I look and kissing my bellybutton. I mean, no doubt I'm now turned on, but I remembered he broke his hand earlier that day so he was in a lot of pain and waiting for the swelling to go down the next few days. I couldn't stop thinking "Oh god, if he tries to have sex right now while we're standing up, his hand's gonna hurt even worse." So I told him, "Baby, your hand is broken…" and he says to me, "Yeah, so? My dick ain't!"
Needless to say, we ended up having sex anyways and his hand started to hurt and he made the most ridiculous face, but he insisted we keep on going and said "Hey, keep making your lunch for work." I cannot believe him sometimes.

No. 122449

> foreplay is longer than the actual thing (it would be good if it didn’t get boring)
> inserts finger in vagina but DOESN’T MOVE, thinks someone can cum with that, kinda feels like he’s disgusted with fingering
> guy makes the weirdest faces during bj
> doesn’t move an inch the whole time like a fucking starfish
> always goes limp during piv, keeps thrusting desperately as if it would help at anything
> can only cum with handjobs, that take forever to end

No. 122454

Lol this sounds like my ex. He hated foreplay, and would actually give up with his fingers inside me and pout. If I gave him direction to help he'd get offended and stop doing anything. Giving him a bj felt very weird, he had no reaction or movement. Sex was terrible, and he'd only go on top or thrust from behind for under 2 minutes before complaining about his back. Then when I would get on him he would just lay there unmoving and wouldn't even hold me or anything. Worst intimacy I ever experienced. He also acted entirely disgusted by any wetness afterwards and would shove me away. Like, why you so angry brah. I remember how sore my hand would be giving him a hand job, literally had to vice grip his dick and he hated if I looked at his face lmao.

No. 122459

I expected this to be about breakthrough bleeding..but that took a whole other turn!

When I was 19 I had a fuck buddy twice my age and the day that he got all weirded out by a bit of breakthrough bleeding was the day I realised that twice my age doesn't equal mature..

No. 122484

This made me so sad, it's my relationship in a nutshell. Why aren't these guys more excited to touch their gf and have sex with them? Why do they act so unexcited when getting head or fingering a girl? Makes me long for a pervert with a warped sex drive because at least they'd be happy to finger me. Fuck.

No. 124681

File: 1570233705774.gif (165.33 KB, 220x215, tenor(2).gif)


when i was 16 I was in an abusive relationship
here's some stories

>this dude is my first, just fyi

>we're gonna call him fucko
>so, before this i've never really even had a serious kiss with a dude
> we chill and watch nightmare before christmas, as a dude and his goth gf do
>starts getting touchy
>we're together and im comfortable
>starts hardcore frenching
>help idk what im doing
>groping happens
>wtf wtf uh??

Then we had dinner and I went home, kind of confused but not sure what to say.

It only gets worse from here.

>his mother is an idiot, but lets me stay overnight (sleeping in seperate areas)

>leaves us alone frequently
>he asks me to give him head
>i do
>we cuddle. im uncomfortable

this goes on for months.
>he asks for head
>he asks to titfuck me
>ad infinitum
>whole relationship is convincing me that nobody else could love me
>purposefully making me insecure so I'd say yes to him
>i actually turn him down for head and have kind of a meltdown
>he, surprisingly, comforts me
>when I'm no longer crying, pressures me into giving him head

He never reciprocated anything, acted grossed out by anything involving my body other than my boobs. He halfheartedly tried to rub my clit once, but I shimmied away bc I was on my period and he kept rubbing my labia.

I eventually got dumped after he cheated on me, while he was with the girl he cheated with. He also basically tried to gaslight me into thinking I never loved him.

Then he spread rumors about how I was abusive/a cunt.

For years after that I'd get to know people and they'd reveal they thought I'd be a bitch bc they had only heard of me through him. Befriended a few of his other exes who he also abused. Now we have a group chat.

No. 127353

I need some opinions – can sex be good physically but still not fulfilling? As in, you orgasm plenty but it's still not "good" sex, whatever that means?
I'm in my first ever sexual relationship of like three years. My boyfriend cares that I cum and I'm all set in that regard for the most part, but there's other things that bother me. I had us take that mojo upgrade test and he would be fine trying a lot of these things but I would have to address most of it myself - I think if it were up to him we could have sex in the same places, same time, same way forever every time. This is so awful of me to admit but I also hate the face he makes during as well… There's obviously no way in hell I can ever address that last point. I just feel so ungrateful because I know plenty women whose partners never go down on them. I just really don't know what good sex means, or if I'm having it or if I should just stick this out if it isn't because my partner is wonderful and maybe this is just what it's like?

No. 127355

i dont really have any advice for you but i can tell you i have the opposite "problem", but it's not really a problem. i cant cum with my boyfriend (or anyone else i suspect), and he really tries, but it just doesnt happen. i still really enjoy it and feel very much fulfilled afterwards. is your main problem that you're just bored of routine and want some changes in where and when? if so that should be relatively easy to fix.

No. 127357

Are you attracted to him?

No. 127432

Doesn't sound like you're that attracted to him, or maybe you're not really getting the emotional connection you want. For me it's the latter, my bf is very low libido and also has a reactive sex drive, so I never really feel that passion or emotional connection during intimacy even though he says he loves pleasing me and always puts the focus on my pleasure and orgasm. Like you I am very grateful that he pleases me, but it feels like there's something missing and often feels very mechanical.

No. 127478

My first boyfriend was very stupid so he would lie to me about liking giving me oral and I was left to think something was wrong with me. That feeling of self consciousness has never left me, and it's been nearly a decade since. All he had to do was just say he didn't like it, but he'd look me dead in the eyes and tell me he enjoyed it… yet he never did it. When he did do it after I asked, he had no idea what he was doing and stopped quickly.

Now I have a bf who desperately wants to eat me out but I have such a hard time allowing it. I have to be perfectly showered and shaved beforehand and even then I'm not confident… It sucks also because I have a very tiny clit so it's hard to find, and my bf has never eaten a girl out before. He says he loves my natural smell, he compliments my looks, and for some reason it doesn't fix my insecurity. I hate this situation.

No. 128459

I dated a bpd transgender guy (huge mistake) and could see red flags everywhere - love bombing and 'abandonment issues' - but stayed like the stupid idiot I was because I found him hot and charming. His whole identity was basically that he has sex and he constantly overcompensated by talking about how good he was in bed and acting really flirty all the time. I assumed he was being like those lesbians who brag about being good in bed but ACTUALLY are good and not like those men who flex but actually have no idea what they're doing, plus he had a high body count. I go on a few dates with him and needless to say I'm pumped to be fucked good by this absolute sex chad.

>his idea of foreplay is lightly making out for ~45 minutes (im bored the entire time)

>eventually i have to initiate sexual touch, i move his hands to my chest, he kind of squeezes then moves them away
>like an idiot i have to say "d-do you like touching breasts…?" and he's performatively-enthusiastically like "hell yeah!" and then he gingerly squeezes my breasts through my bra
>i take off my bra and he pokes my nipples with his index fingers
i give up on this
>move my hand down and start fingering him
>he makes the most exaggerated cum faces and seems to legitimately cum within 30 seconds of two fingered penetration
>ask him if he wants to touch me
>"i guess yeah"
>fingers me, but tries too hard to rub my gspot, ends up scratching his disgusting filthy nails against my vaginal walls
>humours him and lets him do it for a while
>take off his pants, eat him out, smegma everywhere, smell made me nearly vomit, matted pubes that i still found in my teeth for days after
>cums instantly again
>ask him if he wants to eat me out
>"no thanks"
>ok thats fine
>"so babe, that was intense right?"
>say "yeah that was great", leave
incredibly ashamed in the uber home, he never contacted me again. stings extra hard getting 'abandoned' by a bpdfag lmfao

No. 129519

I am sorry but WHY would eat out that dumpster fire of a vagina?

No. 129526

For fucks sake bitch, this isn't Twitter and you are anonymous. Stop referring to this gross mental bitch who gave you a shit experience and then ghosted you as "him". Cause it's pathetic.

Anyway, if her vagoo was dirty with smegma and she didn't even care to clean or trim it despite of wanting people to go down on her, then why the fuck didn't you stop and tell her that you couldn't bear the smell or you weren't feeling well or whatever?? Respect yourself a little. I really don't get people who force themselves to go along with shit like this.

No. 129535

Bruh, no offense but you're shitting on them for being BPD and having all these red flags but you're the one who ate their gross, smegma-ridden vagina because you were too pussy to say no? Please respect yourself more, anon.

No. 129659

Dated a low-key misogynist eboy
Some highlights include
>Asking for nudes just to ignore them and/or lolcow level nitpicking things on my body, sometimes as small as my butt not looking as plump in different panties, eventually then I was dryer than the Sahara after he was done nitpicking me so there was no point
>Ondessio with his ex girlfriend, would go on about how tight and hot she is and how she had bigger ass and boobs than me
>Sucked as dirty talk, was a wannabe Dom which included all talk no play, would randomly lose erection and take forever to cum like most porn jewed men
>Would accuse me of cheating if I wanted to try something new. A highlight included him accusing me of cheating because I wanted him to put his dick in my vagina. Yes ladies and gentlemen he really did accuse me of cheating because I wanted to have sex with him
>If I wanted anal, he wanted vaginal, if I wanted vaginal, he wanted anal. Basically going out of his was to cause me discomfort
>Ignoring other parts of my body

Anyway, that's just the sexual part of it. I found someone way better but unfortunately has to deal with the trauma he had caused me. I am not an unattractive woman however and my body is very healthy and feminine/well proportioned. Sadly healthy female bodies are no longer good enough for most men nowadays

No. 129660

>porn jewed men

Yeah I don't think you deserve better than that, you suck.

No. 129662

>Thinking pornsick men deserve to have women to abuse because she made a jew joke on an imageboard

No. 129664

Had a hookup with a sometimes-poly partner last winter and he has always been selfish in bed … Anyway, for the first time ever, he asked me about my sexual fantasies.

I was very pleasantly surprised, so I began to tell him one of my favorite ones that I'd been looking forward to enacting someday. Honestly, some basic roleplay shit …

I get 3 sentences in and he says, "Really? You actually fantasize about that? Naw, naw, listen, I've got a better one, OK here we go –"

>Launches into a detailed story about me fuckin' some girl we both used to know in college

>Knows 100% I'm not into girls
>KEPT ON TALKING as I went down on him
>KEPT ON TALKING ABOUT IT as we began fuckin'
>I tried to shush him but he's all like "No no no no just listen! It's hot! It's really hot!!"
>We fucked for like 20 minutes and I shit you not, he DID NOT SHUT UP the entire time

>Hey, did you get off, you got off, right?

This was the last time I talked to him. We'd been poly partners for about 11 years actually.

I started going to therapy couple years back and figured out I deserve better than people like this.

No. 129668

I had a friend in highschool that had sex with one of the hottest guys in our grade, he was so bad she just started laughing and pushed him off her and left his house. I've always wanted to do that but I'm married now. Somebody try that and report back, this is 100% stacy behavior.

No. 129669

Lol Agreed. I am also married now, but I had a promiscuous past and I had 12,000 opportunities to do this in my 20s and I reaaaaaallllly should have, at least once. Ah, well. I hope the younger generation of women out there are comfortable enough with themselves to do this.

No. 129692

It only goes one of two ways.
They beg for another chance to fuck you because they want to prove to themselves that they can give the good sex, and maybe prevent you from telling your friends and other potential laymates about the embarrassing first encounter.
Or two, they go into insecure little men mode and try to beat you to the punch by spreading rumors about what an uncooperative, lousy lay you were or nitpick your appearance to lessen the damage to their egos.

No. 129723

Anon you're right you deserve way better AND deserve someone who's eager to fulfill your fantasies. Leave this fool

No. 129879

>be me, 18, super lonely and questioning my sexuality, thought i was a lesbian
>decice to try a relationship with a guy
>hes nice, i wouldnt mind being just friends with him
>end up in bed with him
>he fucks me for like 5 mins, comes inside and flops off to sleep
>i didnt feel any pleasure
>go home later and cry
>im anxious about getting pregnant every night, even after i got my period again
>tell the guy that this woudlnt work, he spergs about sex and stops eventually talking to me (good)
>after few months i started getting physically nauseous and have to actually make sure that i dont puke when recalling how the sex felt
>feel super disgusted with piv sex, and dicks in general

so i confirmed my lesbianity and pretty sure ended up with some mild trauma

No. 129885

One time a guy I was on a date with whipped out his super tiny penis while we were sitting in his car and I laughed and screamed EEEEEWWW and made him drive me to the park so I could walk home. He messaged me later and said I hurt his feelings because I laughed at his dick and I blocked him.

No. 129950


One time I was making out with of my college mates and it was getting kind of heavy. Put my hands down his pants and felt his tiny peen and ended that event within 2 minutes. I didn’t humiliate him though, but now I feel like 40% Stacy

No. 130563

Well done, you're a bitch!

No. 130564

>"Baby, your hand is broken…" and he says to me, "Yeah, so? My dick ain't!"


No. 131202

shes a stacy

No. 131449

this shit made me cackle out loud

No. 131461

(Ntayrt) I’d only feel bad if women weren’t so slighted in all other matters of sexuality. We deal with so much objectification that it’s only fair we’re allowed to be picky about this thing

No. 131472

Mozart wrote letter about his scat fetish to his sister

No. 131549

you're a cuck

No. 131829

>ex wants to have sex
>I'm nervous about having sex so he settles for a blowjob
>I start sucking his dick which I've never done before
>he seems incredibly bored the entire time, keeps looking at his computer screen that's playing youtube, a guy talking about magic the gathering
>I try to cope with the fact that a guy talking about magic the gathering is more interesting to him than me trying to orally pleasure him but I keep going
>he keeps asking me to gag myself on it
>at one point he pats my head and calls me a good girl
>at another point he says "good girls don't spit"
>I finally get him to come
>I almost vomit which he thinks is funny
>we start to cuddle
>he puts one arm around his dakimakura and one arm around me
>says something like "2D waifu and 3D gf, best of both worlds"
>he opens his phone and has hundreds of pornographic/erotic images of anime girls, mostly monster girls, starts flipping through them, making comments on them about how hot they are like "I love all the detail they put on this fit chick's abs"
>he unclips my bra, then doesn't let me reclip it and opens his bedroom door and I have to try and reclip it without his family seeing
>after all this he tells me he has a cold which I didn't know and he did NOT warn me about before making out with him and sucking his dick

honestly this is funny now albeit a bit depressing, but at the time it was super upsetting to me. I hope at least some of you got a cackle out of my pathetic spinelessness lmao.

No. 131830

This made me sad…glad you got away from him anon

No. 131831

thank u anon.. I feel kind of pathetic with how much I put up with from him lol.

No. 131837

You're going to have serious problems in your future relationships if you put yourself through this. That shit follows you

I'm in my 30s and still fucked up by shitty sexual experiences I had at 19. Don't let this guy ruin sex for you

No. 131845

He's super selfish, the sad part is he likely carried on with his ways. You weren't spineless, you were just trying to be nice and most men would aren't pornsick cartoon watchers would have appreciated your effort.
>and he was sick too
I had some ugly bastard give me a cold once too for this reason, lied to me about being sick and I wound up having to spend big bucks going to an emergency care to get antibiotics when it got worse. I remember him being so non-chalant about it too, I should have slapped him so the assault I felt would have been even.

No. 131848

>he puts one arm around his dakimakura and one arm around me
>says something like "2D waifu and 3D gf, best of both worlds"

Funniest shit I've read in awhile

No. 131849

File: 1580662466614.png (22.29 KB, 128x126, 636079669388509184.png)

>he puts one arm around his dakimakura and one arm around me
>says something like "2D waifu and 3D gf, best of both worlds"

No. 135980

None of this is even funny. This is just sad what men have come to.

No. 282419

Legendary thread, bringing it back just to say men aren't worth the sex.

No. 282508

well since someone bumped this thread
>17 and a virgin
>finally work up the courage to give my bf a blowjob
>we're in my bedroom with the tv on so my parents think we're just watching tv
>years of hentai consumption lead me to believe that men cum after 2 minutes
>it's already been 2 minutes
>i start crying because i feel embarrassed and like a failure
>he tries to explain that it was hard with the tv on
>continue to cry just laying on the bed facing the wall

we stayed together for several years after this event and we never talked about it again lol. i had no business having sex at that age though because i was so insecure and took everything personally. but it's kind of funny looking back.

No. 282556

Oh god, this is the thread for me. I have a few short stories from my hookup days so buckle up:

>Guy who I had great sex with the first time, then the next we were watching a movie and I start to go down on him, and as I'm kissing down his stomach he says "om nom nom"

>Guy who, as we're about to have sex, holds his dick and says "alright, lets just put this in, shall we?"

>Go on a date with a guy, go back to his. This man is skinny and tiny with a big head

>We get to his bed and he pulls out a dick that resembles an enoki mushroom
>Starts trying to be aggressive and dommy but it's laughable given his whole body and size
>Hooks my mouth with his fingers while fucking me and says "Who's a dirty girl?"
>Try to say "I am" but it comes out almost tard-esque given my mouth was half open, drool and all

>Guy who had the smallest penis I'd ever seen, he started to fondle me while my friend was asleep on the couch next to us.

>I ask "is it in?"
>It was
>He pulls out at one point and the condom is still inside of me

>Saddest was probably the guy who was sweaty, chubby and had the cheesiest smelling dick, we had pathetic floppy morning sex where I was on top the whole time, it could barely stay hard.

>Girl who gave me the most lacklustre head of my life for 30 seconds in a bathroom at a party and then came up and says "call me when you can't find a man who can satisfy you" and walks out

And the grand finale:
>At a party
>Start chatting to this girl with bright rainbow hair
>her ex is there but they're friends still
>She starts feeling me up, probably to make her ex jealous but I was drunk and didn't care
>Takes me to the bedroom
>we start hooking up, she pulls my pants down
>I'm wearing a giant maxi pad and tell her I have a heavy flow
>"I don't care"
>She dives in like there's no tomorrow
>I'm embarrassed and grossed out
(I don't mind having sex on my period but it was genuinely a war zone down there)
>She comes up to kiss me with blood all over her face
>I nope the fuck out and tell her I need to clean up
>Come back into the room a few minutes later to check on her
>She starts crying to me about her (male) friend she's in love with but he's gay.
>Attempt to console her but she's all over the place
>Tell her to rest a bit because she's clearly plastered and I'd come back in a bit to check on her again
>Come back 5 minutes later and she's with her ex (female), in bed, hooking up, telling each other how much they love each other
>Literally just go home at this point.

Those are all I can think of, I'm well past that phase of my life thank god, but my did it come with it some stories.

No. 282558

NOOO not the marvel tier quirky one-liners. I would hit him on the head with a dumbbell repeatedly until he lost the ability to form coherent words and pluck out his teeth like corn from the cob. I’m so sorry honey

No. 282559

I don’t think you should have sex anymore

No. 282560

KEK, I thought the same for a while too anon. Thankfully after years of therapy and growing up I have a healthier view on sex and love. These all happened at least 7-8 years ago. I honestly was just a turbo autist (still am) with a fascination for sex and so I pretty much said yes to most things.

No. 282562

I'm so sorry you had such shitty experiences but your post made me laugh so hard nonnie.

No. 282566

>Guy who I had great sex with the first time, then the next we were watching a movie and I start to go down on him, and as I'm kissing down his stomach he says "om nom nom"
…that's kinda cute to me lmao

No. 282584

I'm so glad this thread is here. I was going to post about my situation in the relationship advice thread but I might aswell post my sex experience here.

>goes out on dates with a guy i'm interested in (he's very instrested in me too) for nearly a year

>finally had sex with him a few months ago
>struggles to keep it in me no matter what position we did
>tried to finish him off with a bj and still didn't came
>end up cuddling in bed

I thought maybe it was because we were tired and he was ill at that time.

>yesterday got a hotel with him for an event all weekend

>tried to have sex again and it kept slipping out again
>he kept humping me for a bit even when he slipped out
>was able to go into missonary but he's clenching his teeth and was wide eyes intensely staring at me while fucking
>feels like i'm being shaken around but it still feels good to me at least
>sweat is dripping onto my face
>tried to finish him off with a bj, still didn't work
>we gave up and cuddled a bit before going to sleep

I'm not sure if it was me being bad at sex, since im quite bad when I go ontop, or the lack of experience he has with having sex. It could be his size for all i know but he has an average size. Before me he only had a hook up in a tent once. Most other times I had sex with someone they say I have been their best sexual experience.

No. 282588

Ex boyfriend:
>Unremarkable dick
>Kept slipping out and going soft
>Would not go in no matter what, and he isn't even that big
>Literally wasted 5 hours attempting to have sex
>Got annoyed because I could have been doing anything else productive but instead I was stuck fucking him and wasting daylight
>No pleasure from it whatsoever
>Stayed in the same position the whole time

Virgin boy hookup:
>Clearly watched too much porn
>Tried to rub my pussy from the outside like he was buffing out a scuff on a car
>Put his fingers down my panties and began to rub, dry fingers and all, and nearly rips my clit off
>I blow him for 10 seconds instead and then am on my merry way
>Ghost him

Guy I almost dated:
>Tell him I enjoy having my ass played with, as in fondled and slapped
>Asks me how do you play with an ass, is actually clueless
>Has back pain and doesn't want to put any effort into fucking me
>I ride him
>Start feeling good
>He tells me to stop and get off and I ask why
>He says he just came
>Scene played out like that one part of Forgetting Sarah Marshall

>Autistic weirdo
>Surprisingly a maniac in bed
>Cringe one liners where he tried to sound dom but just failed miserably
>"You're mine" in a growling voice
>"Shameful girl, so demanding" when I asked him to do things
>"My naughty girl"
>Tried to ignore this and enjoyed the dicking I was getting

>Large dick
>Does not know how to use it
>Pregnancy fetish
>Would talk about breeding me while we fucked
>Once called me his breeding sow
>Nearly dumped him on the spot for that
>No longer have sex with him and am perfectly fine with it

I'm glad I don't bother with sex anymore because out of all the partners I've had there were maybe 2 good ones. Happy to have them as cringe memories and never attempting this again. Fuck that. Not worth it.

No. 282589

looks like he has trouble staying hard. Could be from porn or deathgripping his dick.. or both. It's not you nonny. Guys should have no issue getting and staying hard when they have sex with someone.

No. 282605

>19, meets a guy off Tinder
>20, long hair, thrifted clothes, claims to be in nyc punk music scene
>asks him jokingly on first date if he has any weird fetishes
>”yeah but I think it’s too early to discuss that”
>ends up still dating him despite the glaring red flags because I’m curious about this guy
>turns out he’s a porn sick freak with scat fetish, humiliation kink, piss kink… you get the gist
>he wants me to dom and degrade him during sex
>I’ve only really had vanilla sex up to this point and my knowledge of bdsm and weird sex stuff goes only as far as knowing they exist
>”y-yeah you like that you shit eating pathetic bitch?”
>I keep bursting into awkward laughter because I don’t really know what to say and this whole situation is just so bizarre and uncomfortable
>plus it was genuinely funny in a fucked up way when he would loudly moan out shit like “OH MISTRESS SHIT ON MY CHEST”
>dude’s a fucking bottom, he’d do about sloppy 10 humps on a missionary and ask me to go on top
>he insists on getting me off, goes into his pile of dirty trash and pulls out a dildo
>it’s a vibrating dildo with bullet vibrator inside
>he takes out the vibrator and tries to use it on me right there
>no fucking way, I make him go wash it in the bathroom
>surprisingly I orgasm pretty fast, I’ve never used a vibrator before
>he finishes himself off with death grip on his cock moaning out some shit about how hot it is he’s so pathetic he can’t get me off with his small dick while a vibrator can
>he jerks himself off couple more times, beating his dick so hard his face would turn red and looks to be in pain
>wow, I really slept with this subhuman
>continue this cycle of bad sex for a while
>I tell him I don’t want to have sex all the time and I find it hard to get aroused given the circumstances but he doesn’t give a fuck and constantly nags me to have sex with him
>does nothing but furiously beat his dick while next to me if I refuse
>fast forward one month of dating
>he asks me to suck him off in the woods and I comply
>ends up throwing up mid blowjob due to his body odor from lack of hygiene
>turns out puke was one of the few things he’s grossed out by
>we break up

No. 282619

if you're only with your current bf because rent is too high to live alone i sort of get it but why would you stay with someone who called you a fucking breeding sow

No. 282653

>be me, 18, extremely bored
>decide to start seeing this nerd i met at a smash bros tournament
>he's a little pipsqueak, even shorter than me (i'm 5'2"), looks kind of like eddie redmayne if he squirted hairgel all over his head
>autistically obsessed with jojos bizarre adventure, even more than i was at the time
>he tries to make his hair look like josuke's, and even tries to make me call him that
>kissing him was the worst bc he had no experience, but i was bored and he could do a good voice impression of jotaro that was hot if i closed my eyes and pretended he wasnt there so i thought "whatever".
>tells me he loves me after kissing me once, i just nervous laugh
>try to initiate sex, he gets so scared when i try to suck his dick that he has a mental breakdown and cries
>leave, send him a text saying i dont want to see him again, and block him on everything
i wonder what hes up to these days. i hope he came out of the closet kek

No. 282669

What the fuck, anon

No. 282678

>Guy who I had great sex with the first time, then the next we were watching a movie and I start to go down on him, and as I'm kissing down his stomach he says "om nom nom"
Did you have sex with Seth Rohan

No. 282681

>as I'm kissing down his stomach he says "om nom nom"
Please tell me that was what he said while eating pussy too.

No. 282689

fucking kek

No. 282690

>Saddest was probably the guy who was sweaty, chubby and had the cheesiest smelling dick
Why would you agree to sex with this?
>Girl who gave me the most lacklustre head of my life for 30 seconds in a bathroom at a party and then came up and says "call me when you can't find a man who can satisfy you" and walks out

No. 282718

Off topic but damn lolcow has changed in four years. Imagine a nona casually mentioning sending her moid to rape a prostitute nowadays kek

No. 282721

It was a lot more cucked tolerant of scrotes and those sympathetic to them back in the day. Still has issues these days but not all changes are bad.

No. 282756

Not exactly bad sex, but it was awkward
>Guy I’m hooking up with asks the «what are we?» question
>Tell him I like him and don’t feel like being with anyone else
>«So are we a couple?»
>Tell him I’m glad of him
>Lying next to him on the couch and notice he’s hard, so I start fondling him outside his pants
>Goes on for like 5 minutes, I’m getting really into it
>Look up at him to kiss him
>He’s staring up at the ceiling, blank stare
>Tears rolling down his face stoically
>«Oh no what’s wrong»
>«I think I’m just tired»

It made me feel like a molester for taking so long to notice him crying, but at the same time it was endearing that he was so moved (I think?? He couldn’t explain what happened because men are bad at feelings I guess.) Had nice sex later on.

No. 282796

>Girl who gave me the most lacklustre head of my life for 30 seconds in a bathroom at a party and then came up and says "call me when you can't find a man who can satisfy you" and walks out
Absolutely loving the misplaced confidence of this woman, kek. While I'm here I may as well add my own tale of woe so here goes:

>in rehab for heroin addiction

>heroin kills your sex drive so when you come off it you tend to get a surge of horniness
>feeling this BIG TIME in rehab
>my only option was this purple here kweerio in polyamorous relationship
>one night we're sitting in the library, she's been flirting for the past few days and she's starting to up the ante
>puts her hand on my leg, starts to chat me up
>know this is a bad idea but I'm too horny to stop my stupid mouth from saying encouraging things
>figure she's gonna sneak me into her room later that night as there's CCTV in the library
>NOPE she doesn't care and undoes my jeans and starts giving me a handjob
>absolutely mortified at this point, but horniness once again beats logic
>tell her to go slow and play it cool so it just looks like two people chatting
>"oh I'll be slow, anon, I bet you can keep a girl going all night"
>I come no more than 20 seconds after she said that like the pathetic sex deprived junkie I was
>realise I'm very obviously climaxing on CCTV and attempt to lower my head into the book I had been reading
>completely fuck that up and headbutt the table
>she unceremoniously wipes her hand on her jeans and leaves with a weirdly cheerful "nighty night, anon!"
>walk back to my room thinking maybe my sex drive should be repressed if I'm getting library handjobs from a walking kweerio meme

I wish I could say that way my only sexual encounter with the woman but I did sneak into her room one night and had a slightly better experience. It was very unpassionate and an obvious means to an end and I did have to "accidently" knock a picture of her Mr. Potato Head looking bf on the floor with my foot but it would take a lot to be worse than our first encounter. I did actually meet her bf on visiting day, she introduced us kinda weirdly. She was like "honey… it's anon" and then I saw him smirk and it dawned on me that she'd been telling him about us and I had just become Mr Potato Head's coom fodder. Let this be a lesson to all of you: NEVER fuck poly people.

No. 282838

begone scrote.

No. 282845

What the fuck makes me a scrote? Did I not use enough flowery language to describe my wlw uwu sapphic encounter? Was there not enough handholding and hair braiding to make it authentic like in your fanfics? I'm so sorry I was crass in the bad sex thread. How very awful of me.

No. 282880

nta but you said handjob.

No. 282885

Nta but i think they think it can be used in both ways? Like fingering can be called a handjob…. idk just a guess.

No. 282889

I've literally never heard handjob as used for vaginal fingering, but I just learned you can say giving head to a girl so who knows. Maybe anon is ESL?

No. 282893

Were you his first or something? Kinda the only thing I could think of for him to react that way.

No. 282897

I know right? I'm not his first, but he's only had one gf like 5 or 6 years ago. According to him he's had one-night stands ocassionally but hasn't been looking for a new relationship until recently, but who knows. Maybe some self-esteem issues?? Maybe he actually likes me kek. Either way I think he's great.

No. 282899

I am ESL and I thought handjob could be used for both sexes. It wasn't fingering technically as she just worked my clit so I didn't know what to call it. I guess Professor Scrotespotter will have to deduct points from my sex terminology paper.

No. 282904

Also not a native english speaker and frustrated that there is no term for rubbing a woman's clit just fingering her vag.

No. 282926

>try to initiate sex, he gets so scared when i try to suck his dick that he has a mental breakdown and cries
holy shit that's hot

No. 282937

>uni friend
I've slept with one of my guy friends a few of times, he used to always want to eat my pussy in more unique ways like he always wanted me to sit on his face or be in doggy style but he was so bad at oral?? he was licking but really badly with no rhythm, it wasn't unpleasant but it just felt like nothing. I appreciated the attitude but he needed to learn to walk before he ran kek he also had a really thin long dick which was not ideal for piv, I only let him do that once

>guy I met on tinder

he was a nice guy, but absolutely shit in bed. We hung out a few times and ended up sleeping together once. It was awful. He couldn't do anything right, terrible ineffective foreplay, and he had a small dick and didn't use it well, no rhythm and it felt like nothing. and he kept saying really cringe things like 'yeah jerk me off with your pussy' when I was on top.

No. 282940

>making short crust pastry from scratch in the kitchen
>husband comes in and comes up behind me
>not interested in sex because I want to make pastry
>husband starts kissing my neck and rubbing the insides of my wrists
>start feeling horny
>husband tells me how much he loves me, tells me that I'm his perfect wife and how irresistible I am while running his hand along my thigh
>feel his hard dick pressing against me
>turn around and start kissing him
>unzip his trousers and go to kneel down to suck his dick
>he shakes his head and tells me I don't need to do that
>kiss him some more
>he puts his hand in my shorts and starts fingering me
>kisses my neck and ear lobes
>it feels so good
>grab his dick and start giving him a hand job
>he pulls my shorts down, turns me around
>I finish taking my shorts off and bend over the counter
>slides his dick in and starts thrusting
>he knows what I like
>shallow slow thrusting to stimulate my g-spot
>he lifts up my leg so he can get deeper
>hard, fast a little bit rough
>if he keeps it up I'm going to orgasm
>his phone rings and he picks it up
>he says to the person on the phone "can I ring you back? I'm seeing to the wife at the minute"
>any desire I had for sex is gone
>stay completely silent while still bent over the counter
>he resumes thrusting until he finishes inside me
>afterwards he asks me what was wrong because I was really into it at the start

This made me realise that it doesn't matter what a good husband he is, how much he loves me or how good at pleasuring me his is, he's still a man and all men are retarded with no exceptions.

No. 282949

What a moron. I'm sorry anon.

No. 282952

An adult has no excuses to be this fucking retarded.

No. 282953

>I'm seeing to the wife at the minute
ESL here, is this a euphemism for "having sex with the wife"?

No. 282958


No. 282961

"seeing to" is another way of saying "dealing with"

No. 282981

Giving someone a "seeing to" is used as a euphemism for sex in certain dialects.

No. 282986

File: 1661135774963.jpg (42.58 KB, 921x288, 4554.jpg)

I'm not a native english speaker so I looked it up and it shocked me. I hope ops's husband didn't mean it that way

No. 282988

>any desire I had for sex is gone
>stay completely silent while still bent over the counter
>he resumes thrusting until he finishes inside me
Women really need to stop doing this and enabling quasi-rape.

No. 282989

low key feel like this is a made up story or written by a moid. Why was she so descriptive on the good sex part. I don't really see other anons writing this much erotica in their stories. Or she's just dumb staying with a man like that.

No. 282995

Yeah it was weird and moidlike

No. 283000

File: 1661140405119.jpg (18.42 KB, 606x86, Capture.JPG)

Interesting. I've only ever heard it this way >>282961

No. 283001

>fuck someone and never talk to them again
Normies are disgusting.

No. 283004

I agree with >>282989 that this story is weird, but what you said was weirder.
I agree though that women should feel able to end a sexual encounter at any point, even if it started consensually.

No. 283010

It is quasi-rape, are you a moid?
She let him use her like a masturbation device and he noticed she doesn't enjoy it anymore (>afterwards he asks me what was wrong because I was really into it at the start) yet he didn't stop.
The moment the woman doesn't enjoy the sexual encounter, she should walk away. It is psychologically damaging to be objectified.

No. 283011

ok, pickme be a sex toy then, leave us normal women alone

No. 283034

It wasn't quasi-rape or anything close to it. He's my husband and I consented to sex with him. He did something stupid and insensitive without thinking about the consequences or how I would feel. He didn't force me or hurt me. If he ever did something like that I wouldn't stay married to him.

>Why was she so descriptive on the good sex part.
I don't watch porn or read anything like that so I'm not aware that there's a special way that I need to write about sex. The point I was trying to get across was that it was good and I was enjoying it so I described why. I'm sorry you feel offended about a description of sex in a thread about bad sex.

No. 283101

Nah it's disgusting. You clearly stated any desire you had for sex was gone. Yet you let him finish and you let him use you. This is enabling male sexual entitlement. It's not rape but it is quasi-rape.

No. 283102

Idk a man fucking a women that doesn't want to fuck but consented prior sounds like rape to me.

No. 283136

I'm glad I wasn't the only one who spotted that. Yeah, it was very weird and moidy

No. 283157

you can revoke consent after you start having sex, you know that… right? from the story you told it's obvious he could tell you were no longer enjoying it and chose to use you as a human fleshlight.

No. 283243

Holy shit. It wasn't rape, quasi-rape or abuse. It was bad sex because he's a fucking retard. I consented to sex and I did not revoke that consent after the phone call. Comparing it to rape debases what is a horrific act of harm against women. I've been married for seven years, in that time I've experienced the full spectrum from worst sex ever to the best sex I've had in my life. When you're in a long term relationship that is what happens.

No. 283426

Yeah to be honest it does sound like he masturbates a lot but the good thing was that he started to get better the more we did it. I'm still dreading if we ever do missionary and see his climax face, luckily his favourite position is doggy.

No. 284442

I am a native english speaker and it frustrates me as well. I think it contributes to guys not knowing anything about the clit. Any time they hear a woman talk about fingering, they think fingers in the vagina, when most of the time she is probably talking about rubbing the clit.

No. 286020

Maybe I'm in the minority in this, but large long dicks are overrated. because for me, they always hurt. Even with a ton of lube, it still hurts, and even more so in certain positions. I'd rather have a average size dick any day.

No. 286104

Big dicks hurt most women. Many people here like overemphasizing how much they love big dicks because it makes moids seethe and because too many pickmes outside of here go the completely other direction and say they love microdicks.

No. 286254

kek, this
Even the two times I had sex with my then-boyfriend and his average dick, it hurt (especially the first time), but that might've just been the fact that I wasn't properly aroused and we didn't use lube

No. 286278

In general I'm not into seeking out larger than average dicks or even toys but then if I look back on the best night I've ever had.. it was the one night I was with a noticeably larger guy tbh. I couldn't do it often but once in a blue moon my body is up to it.

Could I date that guy and take that every night.. nope. I'll enjoy my memory of taking it once and leave it at that.

No. 286398

sometimes I wonder if women are only "supposed" to like super dongs because of porn. Like I can't imagine that being pleasurable all the time. I swear I'm not trying to be contrarian, but like, I was in a long term relationship with someone who had a huge dick and I could never cum. It physically hurt. Pardon my comparison, but it felt like his dick was touching my intestines. Why would anyone like that? Also the soreness that comes after. No amounts of lube or natural wetness could help it.

Fair enough.

No. 286401

Yes it's a porn meme just like anal sex. Everything in porn is just for the male viewers enjoyment. Men who watch porn are cucks who get off to another man having sex, part of the cuckhold fetish is to feel inferior to the "bull" Who is doing thr fucking so they can only coom when they see a guy with a much larger member than themselves. They also like to see women hurt and abused.

No. 286414

I don't have a lot of experience despite being in my late twenties because i have a somewhat low libido and most scrotes are too shitty to get me aroused enough to get into my bed, so i don't know if my ex was really fucking bad or if he just wasn't made for me but everything about the way he had sex was repulsive and/or ridiculous to me. He was just so dumb and ignorant it was a non stop cringe show, i was always so turned off anytime he did something remotely sexual.

>touch my vagina, it's moist because it's a fucking vagina and like any other mucous membrane it's always going to be a little bit moist

>"oh you're so wet already" proceeds to try to penetrate me, i have to explain to him that i don't feel aroused and that he has to try harder than that
>him trying harder is him playing my labia like a retarded drugged out wanna-be DJ playing his turntable in the middle of a trashy rave party
>shit goes on for 30min if i don't say anything to stop him, i figured if i didn't open my mouth my vagina itself would start talking to make it stop

He was also the most repulsive blend of too dominant and pornsick and too feminine and weak, the worst of both worlds. Everything was so random and a mess like he couldn't decide who the fuck he was supposed to be. Because he was a misogynistic fuck he wanted to dominate (going as far as talking about sodomy all the time like the pornsick piece of shit he was, also telling me that it would "put me in my place"), but at the same time he was such a faggot that everything about him was disgusting to me because he always looked like a caricature of an anime girl in hentai. And you basically never knew what you'd get with him, his pornsick dominant side or the true faggot he really is, like we would make out gently and suddenly he would grab me by my hair and push my head down to his crouch. What the hell? And a second later he would say sorry because he knew i hated that. He wanted to act all tough but he would moan like a little bitch and roll his eyes back with his mouth open in the most feminine manner i couldn't take him seriously, just writing it i clearly remember his face and he looked like such a faggot i wanted to hit him lmao, his face would kill any desire i had. He was a failure at being a dom just as much as he was a failure at being gentle, it was terrible. Every move he made was feminine, like the way he would brush his hands on my body looked like the way a feminine woman moves, it's hard to explain with words i wish i could show you and you'd instantly get it.

Also he was so oblivious to it despite me always looking dissociated during sex. I would stare at the wall completely out of the act and he would end by saying "oh what have we done that was insane" lmaooo that too would make me so disgusted with him he was always such a theatrical drama queen like what do you mean what have we done? We just had sex bitch, and i enjoyed none of it. He would always say a variant of this it was so funny and cringe "what have we done, what are we doing right now" and dumb things like that. What do you mean you fucking moron? Like he would ask for a blowjob, i'd go down and he'd say "oh no what are you doing to me" all surprised. Lmaoooo i'm cracking up so much now because it's behind me but damn when i was in this relationship i was the saddest, most frustrated bitch because of this kind of cringe.

No. 286416

This. Pornsick males just end up needing extremes to get off. They need to see the biggest dick going into the smallest hole, they need to hear screaming, they need to imagine it hurts her or they need it to be in the hole that's not technically for sex and that makes for more pain. The body proportions need to be extreme, performance has to be over the top all while they're doing everything you can imagine to actually make sex into an unpleasant experience for the woman. Young guys watching this from a young age are permanently fucked in their perception of what sex should be like.

Spend 2 mins on r/smalldickproblems and you'll see them crying about an unattainable fantasy that they created themselves, one that women aren't the ones pushing. They talk about how every woman wants to be in pain from taking big dicks. Self-hating, woman-hating idiots do it to themselves and then cry about it.

No. 286428

>touch my vagina, it's moist because it's a fucking vagina and like any other mucous membrane it's always going to be a little bit moist
>"oh you're so wet already" proceeds to try to penetrate me, i have to explain to him that i don't feel aroused
Cringing at how much I can relate to this. When I was younger I admittedly made some sexual choices I wouldnt make today. I was at the beginning of my sexual life and sleeping with men who are more experienced.. so they should know what they're doing right?…

Being the slightest bit wet is just everyday resting vagina. They'd make out like you're all totally lubed up and ready to go.
>You're so weeet!
No, I'm really not
>You came so hard!
No, I didn't. I was moaning because it had just started to feel good. I was starting, not finishing.
And they bragged about past partners having their world rocked by them. It's hard to give very frank feedback when you're younger (and when they already have a set narrative in their head that they're an amazing lover) They take your lack of complaints and just run wild with it. I found my voice along the way but its painful to look back on.

No. 286437

File: 1662642870545.png (104.39 KB, 480x406, Untitled.png)

this thread and the general cluelessness/pornsickness of men makes me afraid to date any of them.

No. 286440

65% of hetero women always orgasm? Bullshit, the real number is less than 10%

No. 286441

Reading through this thread has made me feel a lot better because I always thought that I was one of the few that had such a bad sex life. Girls, I never came through penetrative sex. I’m starting to think that there is something wrong with me. I’m curious as to what helps best to achieve orgasm?

No. 286442

I agree with everything. The moaning is so annoying, I'm making noise cause you're hitting the spot I'm not cumming yet, cue them immediately going faster and harder and fucking up the rhythm. Yet they can moan throughout yet I'm not going hurr durr you cumming baby

No. 286452

Just stimulate your clit while you're doing penetration. It's fine.

No. 286463

I get off before the piv even starts because piv in itself is not gonna do it. I can't multitask and truly get into clit stim if piv is happening simultaneously. I need to lay back and concentrate on my own pleasure.

There's no prizes being handed out for managing to coom while the dick is inside you. Get off some other way if its easier.

No. 286468

Quick question, if penetration can't get you there, why even do it? So many risks involved with PIV, what's the point if it isn't giving you mindblowing pleasure?

No. 286473

I guess that’s what I need to do. Thanks for the honest advice.

No. 286483

You can’t orgasm without foreplay to add. The “g spot” is the back of your swollen clitorial nerve. That only happens if you’re already very “happy”.

No. 286495

>Spend 2 mins on r/smalldickproblems and you'll see them crying about an unattainable fantasy that they created themselves, one that women aren't the ones pushing. They talk about how every woman wants to be in pain from taking big dicks. Self-hating, woman-hating idiots do it to themselves and then cry about it.
You said it perfectly. Women aren't the ones pushing for huge dicks, it's men who do that. Most women are perfectly happy with average and even smaller ones, but they act as if all women are size queens. Of course, they're all just making it up in their heads based off of sph porn.

I can orgasm from it, it's just a bit harder to get there. And even if I don't it still feels good.

No. 286519

We can't have a single bit of romance in our life unless we do it and hide our dissatisfaction

No. 286562

sad but true, i hate that you just said that

No. 286627

this hurts to hear
yet 100% true smh

No. 286632

i refuse to believe 65 percent of het women always orgasm. always lying to protect their scrotes feelings

No. 286633

that impossible to believe. i think realistically it’s about 10 percent or less…

No. 286640

I can't orgasm from PIV but I love the feeling of it. Sex should be about the journey rather than a destination to orgasm, about connection, intimacy, touch, pleasure. I've had great sex where I haven't finished, and bad sex where I have. The meme that PIV is purely for scrotes seems to me to be born from most scrotes not taking the time to pleasure and indulge a woman but that shouldn't take away from the positives/joys of PIV. It's nice to feel your body connect with someone else's.

No. 286671

late bc havent been to this thread in a while. They are just trying way too much so they have trouble to relax and get shit done. I’ve since become impatient with this the second you see them beginning to sweat and huff from a few thrusts and try to make them relax, if that doesn’t work they have to bottom because otherwise it feels like a waste of time and is hard to watch kek. Dont need a struggling guy breathing in my ear and drying out my skin with his sweat that drips on me while he can’t get his shit together but wants to fuck anyway, I’ll be better off reading a book instead.
I don’t believe that either. afaik for many women it’s already physiologically harder to orgasm from penetrative sex than from clitoral stimulation due to how everythings built inside as >>286483
said. Fully agree with this >>286640
They just need to put some effort into it. I literally had to teach some guys that you don’t please a woman with simply putting your dick inside, the lazy fuckers. Idk a lot really seem to think insert dick>achieve orgasm because they are clueless or think dicks are magic

No. 286683

>referring to riding a man as him being a bottom

No. 286690

am non ESL. No idea whats so weird about it. should I call it ‘lying on his back while I’m on top of him’ or what? pls elaborate riding always sounded weird to me in regard to sex somehow

No. 286709

Even with that not every women can orgasm. It’s harder from the inside. The only erectile tissue women have down there is in the clit though so that’s why. There was some interesting research on the the clitorial nervous system for the first time a couple years ago. It’s the largest one in the human body! I find it fascinating tbh.

No. 286720

But that's just a cope you've told yourself to deal with PIV not being all that great on its own. Even if you think it's this sentimental act, the scrote you're with doesn't see it the same way unless he's your soulmate or something. With all the risks women have to go through to have PIV, it's just lame that the most women get from it is connection/emotions rather than mindblowing pleasure. You can feel connected in other ways and imo PIV is the cheapest form of connection because most men will stick their dicks in literally anything as long as it feels good. It doesn't mean anything. Meanwhile, a man who goes out of his way to please you and learn your body without PIV or the expectation of it is way more emotionally connected.

Also, I'm not trying to say that women can't enjoy PIV, but for most women, the small amount of enjoyment doesn't outweigh the huge risks.

No. 286726

I haven't had good sex for almost a year. During that time I've had 3 different partners with the same issue - they can't keep their dicks up. They seem to be genuinely into me and at least try and get me off in a different way, but it's such a blow to my confidence. I feel ugly and undesirable as a result even though I know I'm not. Not to sound like I simp for pathetic scrotes, but I often downplay the issue and do more things to them hoping it'll kick them up into action again, but in the end it's just sad for both parties and more often than not I end up doing more work in the bed which makes me hate myself. I'm pretty much done with sex at this point, I'll just masturbate and that's it.
What happened to men though? I don't think it's coombrainism, porn has always been around. Before this I met men in the same age group (20-30s) who could keep going literally for hours.

No. 286728

coombrain, low activity, fat, deathgrip, bad health, no attention span. there's a lot wrong with men today that can make their dicks stop working

No. 286731

>You can feel connected in other ways and imo PIV is the cheapest form of connection because most men will stick their dicks in literally anything as long as it feels good.
ata, I agree with you and kek this shows so much during sex. This is why PIV sex often sucks so much because youre right; its rare to find a really good partner for that and the sensibility that the vast majority of men have regarding this topic is so abysmal that it may not even be worth it to take the risk for many. Its weird even to me when PIV gets hailed as the holy grail of sex when its just hard to get it right in reality and hurtful for some women to the point that they can’t get any pleasure from it at all due to various reasons. A friend of mine got pressured by her shit ex boyfriend into having PIV sex with her even if she said it hurt her just for his sake because he suffers soooo much when he can’t stick his stupid dick in her and it absolutely sucks that this is so common. Guess what that asshole didnt even get the idea to please her in other ways but instead complained about a lack of sex. now I get mad from remembering this.
It’s so interesting! I’ve heard that the clitoris contains vastly more nerves than the male equivalent which is neat. I don’t know if it’s similar for others, but for me it seems easier to orgasm during PIV when I havent had external clitoral stimulation in a while. It feels to me as if the nerves get more used to the pleasure coming from stimulating a certain spot, and then sort of “expect’ to be stimulated in the same spot for it to work. I mean the body does memorize such things and nerves can gets desensitized or sensitized this way iirc?

No. 286732

>And I say that "I suppose" because I don't know how pain from big dick feels like, I think the biggest dick that I took was 17 or 18cm and I took it just fine

18cm is in the 99 percentile. So, you had big dick.

No. 286765

It’s the largest nervous system in the human body and we didn’t know it existed until 2020. As far as we know it’s just for female pleasure and our reproductive organs. It’s from the abdomen to the top of the knee! That’s could make sense if it’s habit for you. Muscles can train to have muscle memory. It can be harder to orgasm in ways you haven’t before or don’t often. The muscles may be more prone to cramp. Women are also more often than men the victim of “blue balls” so maybe it’s too much sensation?
When you get aroused your erectile tissue around the clit swells allowing they’re to be a “bump”. The erectile tissue near the clit is as far as we know the only tissue like that in the human body. Which is why without knowing how the nervous system worked we had no idea how female pleasure worked. I hope they continue to study it tbh.

No. 286766

Samefag but on mobile. Largest human nervous system is the clitorial for women and the bump or spot can be hit from the inside to clarify.

No. 286904

Maybe you’d have a point if the majority of women were constantly finishing during mediocre sexual performance when in reality even if a girl gives D- sexual performance that dude will cum anyways. Most women don’t even get to finish.

No. 286918

idk what else you’re supposed to do if the guy is on top because he’s the one controlling the movement since he has the penis. Like you can move your hips to thrust but of course it’s simpler to lay there and let him do the motions sometimes. It’s not wrong to lay back and enjoy. Dudes will complain about thrusting but have them try to squat and bounce for more than 2 minutes, I’m trying to focus on cumming not training my thigh muscles.

No. 286922

You're right those poor moids never get to cum. Won't someone think of the scrotes???

No. 286924

Report moids you retards

No. 287045

Hook up with a friend I've known a few years, comes over to my place 2 AM after randomly messaging me while in town.
Make out on my bed. Put my hand down his pants and he seems apprehensive. Not sure what I'm feeling as I pull them down.
The Head of the penis is missing!
Oh, he's uncircumcised. Never saw one in person.
Move the skin back and forth. It's darker and more wrinkly than I expected from his fair complexion. Sort of feels like turkey skin when I'm making Thanksgiving dinner.
He seems into it, but not sure how to continue or how hard to mess with him before it would hurt.
The awkward feeling of waiting for something to happen or someone to make the first move.
Push him down onto the bed.
Take turns going down on each other. He's good at eating me out but I'm not excited enough to come any time soon.
His penis feels mushy in my mouth and not sure what I'm supposed to do with it, so I mostly work the shaft with my hand.
He gets on top of me after putting on a condom.
The size is a little above average, feels good going in.
Hard to focus because he seems to be struggling and it's distracting.
He gets tired after a couple of minutes of holding himself up and thrusting and complains his wrists hurt from his hands sinking into my mattress topper.
I get on top and ride him for about five minutes.
He doesn't seem to be getting a lot out of it. Me neither.
We both use it being late as an excuse to just stop and go to sleep.

Probably not an awful experience but it made being friends after kind of awkward, and whenever I see him I see his uncircumcised penis in my mind. Feels like a weird contrast to his clean-cut appearance.

No. 287048

How does an uncircumcised penis "contrast" with a guy's appearance? I'm more used to the uncircumcised ones and they are imo nice because you can just give a handjob with no lube, though of course it helps. Maybe it's because he's white it looks weird? I like how the uncircumcised penii look on mid skin toned men.

No. 287050

It's definitely a skin tone thing. He's fair complexion and in reasonably good shape, so his body is toned. But then his penis is darker than the rest of him like it was transplanted from an indian guy, and the skin is loose and wrinkly. Just looks out of place.

No. 287061

>The Head of the penis is missing! Oh, he’s uncircumcised
>Sort of feels like turkey skin when I’m making Thanksgiving dinner
>But then his penis is darker than the rest of him like it was transplanted from an Indian guy
You have such a way with words nonna kek

No. 287138

File: 1662857002001.jpeg (154.18 KB, 1199x1169, 93B775C8-C977-4F1B-9E57-A84668…)

oh man, this is my time to shine, i’ve had so much laughably bad sex

>be me, 19, newly single and terminally horny

>meet a cute boy on tinder, go out on a coffee date
>he seems normal and funny, things are going well, he’s a little bit ugly but in a way that i’m into
>he says “you wanna come meet my friends on campus?”
>oh boy i’d love to, what a treat
>go smoke a cigarette with some other degen freshman, it’s perfectly pleasant
>”hey anon u wanna go up to my dorm ;)))”
>yes of course i do, lead the way
>he gives me a brief tour of his dorm, then puts on mac demarco’s salad days on his record player
>on a scale from one to ten i’m niagara falls
>he suggests we climb up into his lofted bed to make out
>follow him up ladder, immediately bonk head on the ceiling, pretend it didn’t happen
>we get into it, eventually we’re on the cusp of banging
>(this is the second person i have ever had sex with in my life at this point)
>”hey man do you have a condom”
>winks at me, “i’m soooo good at pulling out”
>”i do not believe you”
>we argue, he frowns and then climbs down the ladder to get a condom, defeated
>he gets his dick out to put the condom on
>it’s half-mast at best
>tries to mush his vyvanse boner into the condom, miraculously succeeds
>cannot find my vagina
>trying desperately to put it in me to little sucess
>”let’s try a different position, come sit on my lap”
>he climbs down and sits in his fuzzy bucket seat
>sit up, smash my head into the ceiling again, continue to pretend that it has not happened
>the situation does not improve in the fuzzy bucket seat
>at this point my vaginal walls resemble the unfrosted side of a frosted mini wheat
>we get back into bed
>hit my head again on the way up
>certain he has noticed at this point, still do not address it
>he goes down on me for a while
>it’s like a bulldog eating oatmeal
>eventually we actually start to fuck, through god’s grace alone i assume
>it’s bad
>of course it’s bad
>lay there and accept that this is mediocre but it’s cool to be having sex
>…well okay now i’m bored
>try to get off mr. bones sedate ride
>”do you want me to just suck your dick?”
>”aw hell yeah”
>i sit up, absolutely demolishing my head on the ceiling for the fourth and final time
>i have CTE at this point, i have a permanent TBI, i’m going to annihilate my whole family i’m certain
>i look down and i don’t see any condom anywhere
>fearing for the worst, i then quickly realize
>it is inside of me
>i gracefully fish the condom out of my vagina and toss it over the side of the bed, trying so hard to still be sexy
>go down on him, it feels and tastes like i’m sucking on a bald, deflated bike tire from the condom
>i’m doing my best down here and about to self-diagnose myself with TMJ when suddenly he goes
>”did you cum”
>my eyes widen, i cannot stop myself
>”no of COURSE i didn’t cum, when would that have happened???”
>he says
>”oh, i did”
>”when we were banging lol obviously”
>he wants to cuddle, i relent, fully shell shocked at this point
>all i can think about is how truly thrilled i am to tell all of my friends about this endeavor later
>eventually we part ways, and i can never listen to salad days again

the best part is that i kept sleeping with him “””as a bit””” for a truly humiliating amount of time with absolutely no improvement, (in fact i would argue he somehow got worse at sex while we were hooking up) before finding out years later that he told everyone we never had sex

live laugh love, ladies

No. 287140

I mean, have you ever looked at your vulva? Your vulva isn't the same colour as your body skin tone lmfao. Really a silly thing to be so surprised about

No. 287150

Yeah, but people aren't purple.

No. 287152

No. 287159

Sounds like it just wasn't hard tbh

No. 287169

Oh I guess you're a white woman

No. 287208

File: 1662879535285.png (355.42 KB, 570x350, tok4-570x350.png)

>dating guy
>first few weeks go fine
>sex is decent, not amazing but acceptable
>want to see if the sex can be improved
>tell him not to be ashamed of fetishes, I am open to anything
>these are words I will come to regret deeply
>he says he will 'think about it'
>few days later a package arrives in the post
>he says he'd like to open it in front of me
>it is a small glass habitat, the kind of thing you'd keep insects or small lizards in
>as well as a lot of face paint
>I don't understand
>he says he has a 'reptilian' fetish
>he'd like to get a blowjob from me, with my head inside the habitat and me painted like a lizard
>I don't want to say no as it is my fault
>few days later, i try my best to paint myself like a lizard, which he sent me the picture of (pic related)
>he builts the habitat and cuts a hole in the back
>i uncomfortably kneel and stick head through hole
>he instantly gets hard, and puts willy in mouth
>i try to do a good job sucking
>he is moaning and starts saying things like "YEAH USE THAT FORKED TONGUE, BITE MY COCK YOU LITTLE DEFENSIVE LIZARD"
>cums in like 30 seconds too
>broke up weeks after this

No. 287210

It's completely normal for genitals to be darker than the rest of you. All the blood rushing down there also plays a factor.

No. 287214

wtf lmao

No. 287220

I want this to be a shitpost. But then I once knew a guy with a dragon fetish so..

No. 287279


Yeah, but when it looks like all of your body's pigment sank down and settled into your weiner, it's not very aesthetic.

No. 287283

Sounds like his sexual awakening was the lusty argonian maid

No. 287293

anon what the fuck
same but I guess this shit is more common than one might think thanks to the widespread culture of sexualizing literally everything

No. 287294

Omfg what, this man shouldn't be near real reptiles if he is real.

No. 287296

In an ideal world, we’d have mandatory psychiatric treatment for stuff like this

No. 287298

we should just spare the resources and dump them in a barebones looney bin. granted a majority of the male population would then belong there (my ex sympathized and made excuses for horsefuckers, saying their pussy looked "perfect")

No. 287318

the real soft boy experience

No. 287370

Let a guy I met off a hookup app take my virginity. He was super nice, agreed to a condom, was clean and everything. We went to a shitty $50 hotel room and I fully consented but we just kinda went into it with not enough foreplay. I dissociated the whole time and was not horny at all. He kept putting his tongue in my mouth and kissing my neck so soft I couldn't feel anything because I wasn't horny and sensitive. I blew him for a bit before he went to get condoms, we fucked for like 5 minutes and switched positions 4 times before he came. I didn't finish at all, but I naturally get super super wet so he said he thought I squirted. I can't even blame him for not knowing I didn't cum because he started hitting a spot that felt really good right before he came and I moaned like a bitch and didn't say anything after. It really genuinely was my fault for bad communication and saying I liked stuff I rlly didnt.

3/10 he gets points for being really nice and encouraging and having a perfect uncut dick

No. 287373

nonnies, take more of an assertive role in your sexual experiences. so many of these stories read like you're just there, and hoping things will go well, but doing very little to make it work. some of these stories are pretty cowardly. tell moids what they're doing wrong even if it makes them cry so they can improve. all acting like you're on some amusement park ride where you don't have any control over where you're going.

No. 287399

Would like to add onto this by saying he didn't bring condoms because I said I was just gonna blow him. We fool around for a bit and he fingers me a little so I'm like fuck it lets go all the way. He said he'll get condoms once his boner goes down and says since I'm a virgin we should just slip it in and see how it feels. Ik hes clean so I let him and we experiment with a few positions and he's like "oh shit i almost came" and he leaves to get condoms. Once he takes me home I'm paranoid as fuck about getting pregnant off his pre so I walk 2 miles to get generic Plan B because I can't stop going crazy with paranoia.
this happened recently. pray for better life decisions for me nonnas

No. 287405

>ik he’s clean
How? What did you do to verify that? You’re seriously naive to have blown him, and put it in with no condom.

No. 287432

nonnie that truly had me in hysterics. Wonderful writing, bravo.

No. 287433

should of known the minute he put on salad days lol

No. 287436

i would pay good money to hear this performed as a stand-up comedy bit

No. 287440

Don’t do this you can get pregnant from precum. He doesn’t have to actually cum anon

No. 287445

KEK i love you anon

No. 287450

oh boy here we go
(i used to go to an university in a different country than where i am from but would go back to visit fam and friends at least once a year)
>was hooking up with this guy during those years, every single time i visited, kissing nonstop and some fondling, never sex because somehow I was too shy and I liked him way too much.
> again, this was this way for YEARS
>last time back in home country, i knew i wasn't going to be back in a lonnggg time so I decided it was now or never
> obviously dude was happy as fuck, took me out to lunch, dinner and everything, even rented a hotel room lmao
> got too drunk during dinner, cant remember sex at ALL, probably acted sloppy as hell. a total mess.

It's been more than ten years and I cringe HARD every single time I think about this nonnas. Will I ever get over it? The next morning was awkward as fuck btw, I don't even know if he remembers a lot too (but I don't think he got as drunk as me tho)

No. 287452

this is my post from 2 years ago and I totally forgot about him watching the MTG guy and having a cold. what an asshole

No. 287459

>live laugh love, ladies
LMAO anon I'm most certainly doing all three at the moment, seconding >>287436

No. 287482

I…I don't understand. You do realize you can get pregnant and get STDs yet you decide to go through with it anyway, for what purpose? You weren't horny so why? For me to take this risk the guy would have to make me orgasm 200 times in one minute or something. Jesus.

No. 287498

Not that anon but I can speak for myself and maybe some other women, it’s either low standards or low self esteem. also the feminine urge to always please everyone else other than yourself, even if it means being in dangerous and risky situations.

No. 287515

He is not nice if he pressured you to do it without a condom. He was only encouraging because he cared about his pleasure and not yours. Sounds more like a 0/10, another clueless man who doesn't know how to get a woman off. Completely worthless.

No. 287545

I'm pretty sure I blogged about this in the past, but it fits here.
>be in early 20's, kind of in a really weird period of my life
>start dating a guy off an old school (non-app) dating site
>he's kinda chubby, Jonah Hill-type of looks, but I saw something in him
>meet up
>he's all amazed I'm like an actual woman
>be dating for a while
>he's very boring but I just didn't want to be alone with my thought at that time
>he's also slightly older than me and a virgin
>finally decide to take his virginity
>he lives with his parents in a tiny apartment
>have to awkwardly chat with his mom even though we only went on like 5 dates at this point and I didn't even really like her son
>retreat to his room finally
>start making out
>he's a terrible kisser, mouth tastes weird and his nose is full of blackheads and dry-feeling
>decides to put on a movie as background noise since his mom is ironing stuff just outside his room
>puts on Moneyball
>awkwardly goes off to the opposite corner to turn his back to me and undress
>he never warned me about being extremely obese before
>has a lot of loose skin hanging off everywhere, but I roll with it
>turns out Moneyball is not a great movie for masking noise
>goes and puts on Lord of the Rings III:The King Returns instead
>now he's trying to eat me out while I listen to Gollum and Sam fighting for Frodo's love
>tell him to just grab a condom
>bring some really weird looking brandless shit from his Dad's office (dad is a GP)
>tries to put it on
>it sits around his dick like a deflated tent around a little scared kid
>tell him he should try that when he's hard
>he says he IS
>man had a micropeen the size of my pinky finger
>just want this night over with
>he insists on being top so he awkwardly flops around with arms fully extended in a plank while I try to get him to relax
>after an eternity of being showered with sweat he finally busts
>cuddles me
>for some reason decide it's a decent idea to ask me if he's big enough
>say something reassuring and go to sleep
>break up with him 2 days after and give up on casual sex for years

No. 287566

not necessarily bad sex but frustrating
>bf and i both like edging eachother till one of us breaks
>was riding him sitting up yesterday, finally about to let myself cum after like 20 min
>he couldn't hold out any longer and came
>instantly lose the urge to cum
>take a breather to clean up then he uses my vibrator on me until i cum
i don't know why for the life of me i can't cum after he does. him actually cumming turns me on but i feel like an idiot as soon as its over for not just getting to mine sooner rather than just edging. he usually gets me off beforehand and if he doesn't he finishes me off with a toy or his hands/mouth afterwards so its a net positive and i still came, i just wish i couldve done it in that position because it was really intimate.

No. 287573

File: 1663017206722.jpg (49.33 KB, 664x569, Tumblr_l_28987244658683.jpg)

Why does this sound like my ex ugh. He acted very similar except he literally physically could not ejaculate and for some reason started gagging and running to spit in the sink the two times I managed to convince him to eat me out. I'm hygienic and other people have eaten me out since with no problem so idk what was up with that. He nitpicked the shit out of my body too

No. 287677

>for some reason started gagging and running to spit in the sink
This happened to me too and I'm SO cautious about my hygiene. None of my other partners have ever done that to me, in fact they were eager to go down on me and initiated constantly. Some men are in the closet and hate vaginas, has nothing to do with the woman they're with.

No. 287727

Reading this thread makes me sad. It is so common to please men and let others cross your boundaries as a woman. I have had too many situations like this myself… Basically all of my sexual experiences until now have been like this. Having no parents or friends, having extremely low self esteem, being young and a girl are the perfect combination for unwanted sexual interactions. I hate to think about how nearly all of my experiences were unwanted. Crying and saying I want to stop whilst being in a car with a guy I just met who was fingering and touching me, telling me I didn't want to do these things and just wanted someone to love/care about me, that I didn't want it, that I just wanted parental affection… "I see… So, should I stop..?" I shrug… in those moments I was so lost. he keeps going, I cry. so many things like this. it hurts to think about. i let myself be mistreated so much. i still have nightmares about these situations sometimes. i feel lonely too since i can't talk to anybody about what happened.

No. 292121

>be me tryna seduce half asleep bf after he comes back from piss at 3am
>rubbing on dat peen
>I say we should do it
>”anon, I’m tired.”
>”pleaase?”I say still rubbing it, it’s barely getting up
>”owwwww” he whines
>he then immediately lets out a loud fart
I just start laughing and let him go back to bed wtf

No. 292122

Men are retards who think pussies are supposed to taste like mangos and peaches and then get surprised when it’s slightly sour/tangy and salty. Bodily fluids aren’t made to taste nice or be swallowed, pussy juice purpose is lubricant and keeping the vagina acidic to prevent infection.

No. 292125

its ridiculous too cause men expect women to like the taste of their nasty cum and half the time dont even have the decency to wash their musty dicks before asking for a bj. sorry but like id take day old pussy smell/taste over dick cheese any day

No. 292162

What does cum taste like? I’ve heard it’s disgusting, like bleach. I really don’t wanna swallow bleach flavored dicksnot, why is this so normalized:/

No. 292164

It depends on the guy and his diet and if he smokes or not. It's honestly kind of different every day depending on what he ate. I make sure to feed my bf plenty of fruit and veggies and his cum is very neutral tasting, sometimes even sweet. But if he gets to pick his own food and eats a lot of meat/fast food it gets more gross tasting and salty/bitter.

I just let him cum more in the back of my mouth and not directly on my tongue so I don't usually taste very much of it. You can just bypass your tongue and tastebuds and immediately swallow it, that way you don't have to taste it and scrotes love it.

No. 292192

like the other anon said its different for everyone but from my experience it tends to be very salty and bitter tasting, it's really unpleasant. also personally i have a pretty extreme aversion to the texture of cum, like i just think it feels and smells disgusting so i don't want it anywhere near me

No. 292433

i have never orgasmed once with my bf

No. 292439

Tell him to step it up, but in a nice way. Most moids are retarded and assume you finished if you exhibit any pleasure during sex. If he’s a good partner he’ll care about improving for you.

No. 292476

what do i ask?

No. 292482

What you need from him to come duh

No. 292486

How long has it been? If you've been together and having sex more than a year you kinda missed your window to bring it up.

No. 292497

Can you not think or advocate for yourself at all? Do you just lie there like a fool and accept whatever happens?

No. 292506

why do people have to be like this in off topic threads

No. 292907

Not the worst sex I’ve had, but definitely a special experience
> Just became single
> Sad and horny. Download Tinder, purely looking for hook-ups
> Match with a guy
> «I’ll get straight to the point. I’m only looking for sex. I’m above averagely endowed.»
> Am intrigued. Kind of cute looking pics, why the hell not
> We meet up for a beer. He is at least 1.90 m, Slavic STEM guy. Agree to fuck at my place later that week
> The day arrives
> It’s the hottest summer day of that year. Thankfully my apartment is at ground floor and comparatively cool
> Guy shows up on time. We make out awkwardly on my couch and head for the bedroom
> He pulls out a towel
> Start having sex. His equipment is the biggest I’ve seen, both in girth and length
> Has to order special sized condoms
> Because he is a huge dude it’s a struggle finding a position that works for the both of us. Have awkward sex
> Throughout the whole ordeal he is sweating profusely and constantly wiping himself off with the towel he brought
> Is frequently embarrassed and apologetic about it
> I just changed those sheets
> Uncomfortable to be in contact with his body because it’s so wet with sweat
> His dick is so big, he tells me the tip usually hurts after a while when he has sex
> It looks red and painful
> We finish in doggy style, him standing on the floor
> His towel is completely soaked in sweat
> Offers to eat me out so I can finish
> I have to lay one of my clean towels on the unoccupied side of the bed for him to lie on

No. 292970

>be 20
>get into a relationship
>initially really like the guy but consistently awful in bed
>rarely can find clit and rubs it way too hard
>he takes forever to cum, which is miserable when you're dealing with someone who can barely pleasure you
>when he makes out with me he like… suctions in such a way I cannot move my lips. The force of the suction is too strong.
>he has the audacity to get grumpy about my performance in bed despite literally never making me cum
>sighs dejectedly "You know you can move your mouth"
>I literally can't
>if I try to gently critique his performance at all he starts crying, all while he compares my performance to past lovers
>dump him
I don't even know how to explain what he was doing with his lips. I have never experienced anything like it before or since. It was terrible.
You'd think with that vacuum cleaner thing he had going on he'd be good at head but he was awful at it.

No. 298224

>>tell him not to be ashamed of fetishes, I am open to anything
you get what you deserve retard

No. 298295

im only 19 and already disillusioned from sex with moids. last month i had sex with a guy from uni who i knew for a whole 3 weeks because i felt desperately horny.
>couldn't find the entrance to my pussy, couldn't locate the clit (big surprise)
>asked why my pussy was 'so far down' bitch wtf? why would it be where your DICK is you stupid man
>30 seconds of him 'eating me out' was the most boring and weird feeling ever, didn't even try to be passionate or go anywhere near the clit
>tried to horny talk while fucking me. im not kidding nonnas this is the most cringe shit. he said, and i quote, "you know what happens to toys when they get used? they break" as he is fucking me so fast that it's not even pleasurable, just painful and boring
>tries to kiss me, ends up vacuum sucking my lips and sticking his slimey tongue deep into my mouth with no warning
>asks if i came after 1 min of horrible fingering

WHY are men so terrible at sex. i know i haven't had much experience and maybe i just haven't been lucky, but reading this thread tells me otherwise. i think i will stick to women.

No. 298327

Was he around your age? Cause he sounds retarded

No. 299663

File: 1668610087322.jpeg (75.42 KB, 1024x682, disappointed-worker-sitting-by…)

unsure in which thread to post this but I hate it when people think kissing is supposed to be aggressively sticking out and swirling your tongue while drooling everywhere its so fuckign disgusting wtf. Its kinda funny how often you see this replicated in fanart too because it tells you that the person who made it likely never kissed anyone. Not that theres anything wrong with being a kissless virgin but. legit had guys who went like ‘I thought it was supposed to work like this’ When I was like wtf man STOP what are you doing

No. 299667

>knows a guy for only 3 weeks
>has sex with him
>sex is bad
Color me surprised. Nona, if you're so horny why don't you just masturbate? What makes you think casual sex with a guy you barely know is a good idea at all?

No. 299670

sounds like he was a virgin but he was too embarrassed to say anything about it

No. 299674

File: 1668614385012.jpg (Spoiler Image,113.25 KB, 620x599, Shoggoth_by_Nottsuo.jpg)

the worst is when their lips feel kind of flabby and they're just slicked up from all the saliva so it feels like you're making out with a fucking shoggoth

No. 299675

Bad kissers are so sad and embarrassing. The one you described is nasty but my personal top is what I call The Slug. I've encountered this two times already so it must be at least somehow common. It's when he almost sucks both of my lips into his mouth?? and it's all soft and drooly. I don't even know how to describe it and I don't want to anymore, it legit gives me nightmares.
Yes, this!

No. 299681

File: 1668617114457.gif (1.3 MB, 300x168, toy-story-woody.gif)

>"you know what happens to toys when they get used? they break"

No. 299751

I'm laughing so hard, this is exactly what my fiance does. We've been together 7 years. The first time he did it 7 years ago I actually screamed because it caught me so offguard. Told him to never do that again to me lmao. He just likes to do it that way I guess and I have no idea why, a year ago I just decided to go along with it during sex and it made him instantly have an orgasm. Genuinely so strange to me but whatever I guess

No. 299786

>rubs the crease in between my thigh and outer labia thinking its my clit.
has happened with two different men. granted they learned afterwards but… what?
>barely rubs the outside of my butthole and asks if i like that without any pressure…
>me: don't stop
>him: stops

one time i had pretty boring sex (with a guy who has done example 1 and 3) where he was just thrusting and i was bored as hell but i made it more interesting by grinding against him since he went for ages and i was able to cum. never again. still 3/10

No. 299787

oh and another story since one of the posts reminded me, the guy that i mentioned once said i squirted once when i was having the most boring, empty sex with him. i definitely did not but at that point the relationship was dead and i was on the verge of ending things (thankfully did at the 10 or 11 month mark). i rolled my eyes so hard in the fucking dark it was ridiculous. we had a lot of sex so it's inexcusable.
another guy i dated who was a dick:
>was eating me out and he said i squirted right on his tongue. it was piss motherfucker. im pretty proud of that since he bragged about sex with me to his friends.
>he was on ssris and couldn't stay hard. i didn't really care much and never berated him for it or anything since it wasn't his fault but he would sperg out and punch the bed. he also imitated a youtuber once to make fun of his floppy weiner and it was just awkward but way better than him punching shit.

No. 300144

> Its kinda funny how often you see this replicated in fanart too because it tells you that the person who made it likely never kissed anyone.
I like it honestly, and I'm no virgin

No. 300215

sex with my bf is usually amazing, we have great communication. But something was extremely off last night and he was drunk. He just went in dry cause he said "it's fine" even after I complained, then railed me so hard and kept coming completely out and then slamming back in that it didn't even feel good at all, then got sweat all over my pillows. I had to change all my pillowcases immediately after, and I was pissed because I found blood spots on my new white comforter clearly because he went in dry something must have bled (after investigation I couldn't find out the source of the blood, so who knows). It was so awkward cause I was pissed at the state of my bed and he passed out immediately while I sat in annoyance for another hour. That shit better not happen again

No. 300216

Forgot to add when he finished, I got up, and the way he was lying down I noticed he had a wad of TP in his butt crack. Was not happy

No. 300231

Do NOT let your boyfriend use you like a sex doll. He does not deserve pleasure at the expense of your comfort, especially if he made you bleed! You need to confront him about this behavior and let him know is is not ok at all to "insist" things are ok when you know they are not.

No. 300234

So your bf raped you, wtf

No. 300247

darling, this is so fucked up. do not let this slide. drunk or sober your boundaries were violated. you complained and he didn't stop. does he have issues drinking?
and on the topic of blood, it most likely is a vaginal tear. they're more likely to occur if you aren't relaxed/lubricated during intercourse. sometimes you just bleed a little and you won't feel anything, other times you develop persisting soreness for a few days or only during intercourse. your vagina is an incredible, resilient muscle so most likely it won't be an issue. i hope everything goes well nonna, we love you

No. 300264

>That shit better not happen again
If this is real then it's alarming how much you're not taking this more seriously

No. 300286

Thank you all for your concern, I appreciate it. I was just really pissed that night and wasn't even thinking clearly. I guess I'm still a bit confused on labeling it rape, cause even though I did complain about it hurting and not being wet, I didn't use the word "no" specifically, or "I don't want to" or anything like that. Also, he never gets drunk, this was probably the first time in over a year I've seen him drunk, so it was unusual. The next day, he did say he felt like he made my night bad and he felt bad, and I told him he needs to actually do foreplay and that I was mad at him and not to do that again. After reading what you all wrote though I definitely need to make this a bigger conversation. I guess I wasn't seeing it as bad as it really was

No. 300291

nonny keep in mind that this is the type of issue that communication doesn't smooth over because it's indicative of some intrinsic issue on his part that can't be correct with outside interference.
and saying "no" or not isn't the decider of whether or not something was a violation–this is the ABCs of sexual assault.
"It's hurting!" "I'm dry!" If I heard someone say that, I'd be scared and would stop. He didn't care about consent in that moment. He was just using your body annnnd he probably would do it again when drunk.
I expect you'll stay with him but yeah, oof.

No. 300448

Even if its not rape in the legal definition, its REALLY fucking close in the "what actually happened to you" sense of things. That is 100% a complete violation of you and was absolutely abuse. What happens next year when hes drunk again and actually hurts you? Its not enough just to promise it wont happen again when it never should have happenes. Please be safe and look after yourself. I can imagine you are probably still processing it so be kind to yourself in the meantime!

No. 300449

Kek fkn men. At least he heard the word stop. Unfortunately that makes him better than too many people in this thread

No. 317011

Need to get this off my chest
>Just became single after a shitty break-up
>Going through some kind of trauma response from bad break-up but also horny as fuck from having had a dead bedroom situation for the last year
>Not looking for a new relationship but download tinder just to get some dick
>Talk to a guy and invite him over to my place, hinting I’m dtf (I know, rule number one of what not to do)
>We watch a movie, proceed to cuddling
>One hour into it start making out
>We go into my bedroom, clothes come off and he goes full ape mode
>Is thrusting everywhere changing position every 30 sec and fake moans as if from a 2000s porn
>It’s so bizarre I start laughing
>”Why are you laughing?” :-(
>His dick is huge and curved, truly a prime specimen, but he is changing position so often I can’t get into it
>”Are you coming soon?” every other minute
>In the end I have to get on top of him so I can control the pace/movement and ride until I orgasm
>Tell him I came
>He tries to get himself off but starts complaining about having to wear a condom
>”I’m not fucking you without a condom lol”
>Has to wank himself to finish and asks where he can nut
>Not into it but awkwardly say he can cum on my belly
>I lie down but realize it feels bad when I see him raging over me furiously beating his meat
>Cover my face bracing myself and he’s like “don’t worry I won’t cum on your face” with a reassuring smile
>Had to touch his balls for him to be able to get off

Afterwards we agreed it was best he left and we never saw each other again. Not my proudest moment.

No. 317026


But fr the worst feeling in the world is a guy hovering over you jerking off. It just feels so damn depressing

No. 317028

lol I know, I can still picture it. It's truly the stuff of nightmares. Appreciate your sympathies anon

No. 317108

Is there any point having sex with men? They're all bad, or want it too quick. And for what, for me to leave dissatisfied, disgusted and potentially traumatised, and sti and pregnancy risks.

I'd rather continue reading my fanfics and stay celibate for the rest of my life.

No. 317109

I love sex but it's true 99% of one-night stands/casual sex are disappointing. I'm lucky enough to be able to orgasm vaginally so I can get off, but prefer sex where there is emotional intimacy. My current bf is a unicorn, he started of as a one-night stand but the chemistry was there right of the bat and now we've been dating for a year. I don't recommend casual sex especially if you're inexperienced, but at least you might get some good stories out of it

No. 317111

i don't think there is any point, and there are many ways to share intimacy that don't include sex anyway. t. 30yo virgin

No. 317112

Even in relationships it's bad. I don't want to fuck right away but if I wait until I'm in a relationship, it's still bad and it just makes breaking up even more awkward.

There's just no point. It's so easy and so good when I'm just getting myself off. With men it's a fucking traumatising disgusting ordeal.

No. 317113

Even in relationships it's bad. I don't want to fuck right away but if I wait until I'm in a relationship, it's still bad and it just makes breaking up even more awkward.

There's just no point. It's so easy and so good when I'm just getting myself off. With men it's a fucking traumatising disgusting ordeal.

No. 317133

For sure. Besides I would hope if you were having intimate sex with someone, you would be sharing intimacy in other aspects as well.

Sounds like irl moids might not be for your my friend

No. 317138

>Sounds like irl moids might not be for your my friend
I think I like the idea of sex and reading about it more than actual sex. In fact i'm disgusted by it irl. Idk if that's trauma or some weird sexuality

No. 317219

"seeing to" just means "tending to", but in context has a more sexual undertone. It didn't mean hitting her.

No. 317259

You don't have to swallow, you don't even have to let it into your mouth, let him cum on your breasts if you want to be really nice, or onto your (or his own kek) hand if you don't care

No. 317329

I've seen so many anons say Newfags ruined lolcow and it used to be better years ago but the older posts itt prove that wrong. Like literally this anon is trying to make her man go visit prostitutes?

No. 317332

>4 years ago

No. 317335

You do know that maleposting was a thing

No. 317341

most embarrassing moments

I accidentally kicked a guy in the face a while back

ex wanted to mess around with ropes, but he couldn't lift me up (I'm 115 lbs??)

went on a tinder date and got locked in his bathroom

No. 317386


No. 317410

>went on a tinder date and got locked in his bathroom

No. 321653

Just remembered when I was having this guy eat me out and he was like drying up , and this took like 20 minutes but he’d ask to get up every once in a while, and I was like “no keep going” I came and then he was like not even phased cause he just got up to get a glass of water his voice was all sore kek.

No. 321661

>his voice was sore
was he yodeling into your clit? i love that mental image

No. 322904

Fucking a fat moid is a form of self harm. It’s gross and not hot at all, never give fat moids the time of day, their bellies are unsexy and the double chins looking down at you and them getting out of breath from just 3 pumps is awful I wanna die thinking about how I wasted a year on him and his ugly body and square ass frog build man tits disgusting shower sex didn’t work at all UGH he cheated on me too

No. 322905

And he cheated on you?? Ew fuck him! It's always the ugly fat dudes that think they can get better just cause a cute girl felt bad and dated them, hate them sm.

No. 322920

I've only had penetrative sex twice (with the same guy few months apart) and it's not how I imagined it at all, both times hurt even though we used lots of lube and he made me cum first so I think my vagina was as prepared as it could have been.
The first time I literally felt nothing except something punching me in the stomach from the inside (and I got a UTI), at least the second time it eventually started to feel okay after a few pumps but he finished quickly after that.
Is this just what penetrative sex is like? Does it get better if you do it frequently and your vagina is used to it? Am I just broken? Pls help

No. 322926

I have endometriosis and PIV can be painful for me. You have to find a man who's going to be patient and willing to go slow and try different positions until you find one that feels good. Some positions are very painful for me, and some feel good, so there's hope for you.

No. 346025

I used to be the same way, I think the mental block makes it more painful and worse even with all the lube in the world.
Do you feel comfortable in your body?
Is the person you are having sex with someone you actually like?

In time it gets better, but like other anon said, you have to be vocal about what works for you. Let him know that you need time to get past the few first painful thrusts and to go slowly and maybe spend more time in foreplay.

Penetrative sex can be good with the right mindset, person and position. If not, it can be painful.

I enjoy positioning from the side and he enters from behind slowly. Along with lots of foreplay before. Find what’s right for you and tell him, I’m sure he will be understanding if you are upfront about it.(reddit spacing)

No. 347176

Shame post ig because I feel like I'm the one bad at sex. I can't ride a guy for shit (not morbidly fat or anything, I just can't put it in me when I'm on top???) and I give shitty blowjobs (I don't really enjoy it that much anyways). On the other hand I've heard I'm good at eating pussy so maybe it cancels itself out kek.

No. 382607

Lived in Japan for a year and hooked up a lot of men while clubbing. I even fucked a host once. The worst was meeting a guy at warp Shinjuku and drunkenly asked him to take me to a hotel. The hotel was the most cheapest place ever and he couldn’t even finish cumming because he was so tired. He also dragged the used condom over my face I felt so violated. He fell asleep on top of me and I snuck out of that place and just ran back to my house.

Second story was I met a Korean dude on tinder. He treated me out to dinner and then I ended up at his place because he wanted to “give me face masks”. End up in his bed and his dick was probably three inches. I had to pretend to moan because I could barely feel it.

No. 388362

iv'e had sex with 3 men, never came. the scrote who took my virginity was old and obese (totally agree with nona who said fucking fat moids is self harm), it was a ldr and our first irl interaction was him coming to my rented room, pitch dark (upon his request, cause he was insecure about his body) basically just to deflower me. it was bleak nonas. at least it frustrated him a lot that i didn't come once in 2 years, he boasted about giving crazy head but i don't like it at all (it's somewhat painful for me)
next one was a moid i met at the psych ward. younger than me, but even uglier than the previous one and also fat and balding.
third one was my only one nighter, from tinder, a couple years ago. it was honestly humiliating. he treated me to kebab and we went to his tiny hotel room. i had my period, and didn't really want sex but it was very late and i had no other means of getting back home than his car, so i felt like i had to please him before asking for a ride, yikes.
he wasn't fat or that ugly but also balding. he went "well, since you're on your period and i can't give you head, it's your turn" after fucking my mouth he penetrated me and demanded that i keep eye contact with him. i was dissociating the whole ride home

No. 388364

why would you have sex with an old and obese man

No. 388365

he groomed me

No. 388372

I think you're a lesbian tbh I feel like this isn't a skill issue you feel me dawg it's more than you're an olympic swimmer trying win gold at the long jump ok let's get this bread(unintegrated posting style)

No. 388451

Had sex with my ex bf for 3 years and he only made me cum twice. Once he came the sex was over and he didn't care about me at all. Never again.

No. 388678

Met my then-boyfriend ( we had met online ), he fucking made me suck his dick which was absolutely disgusting, it was my first time and I genuinely wish I never did it, he tried to get me to suck it everyday and literally throw tantrums and act cold when I didn't do it, I actually ended up vomiting on his dick and he got mad. Never ever made me cum, he said he wanted to do anal so that I don't get pregnant. My asshole bled like hell instead and I felt unbelievable pain then he claimed that I actually felt good and that I was lying, couldn't even shit for days afterwards. The only reason I stayed with this guy through this absolute shitshow was because I was so in love with the idea of him and kept projecting my own feelings and personality to this empty husk of a man.

No. 388865

Had an ex boyfriend I lived with briefly at 19 and him 23. I genuinely felt a connection with him and was eager to initiate sex but he would often turn attention away from his dick. He would touch me, take my clothes off, and eat me out. While he did it he would look up at me with serious puppy dog eyes, almost like tears welling up. It was so distracting and uncomfortable I cant even remember if it felt good or not. One day I finally got sick of doing the eating out routine that I insisted that we do more. He said okay and I started trying to jerk his dick, it would not get hard at all. I tried sucking his dick and it was literally like sucking jello out of a cup, completely flaccid. After a couple times like this I was convinced this man was either terrified of sex or pornsick. We talked about it and he only could say he did not know why he couldn’t get hard and gave no other context. One day, after a couple of months he was feeling really into me and asked if we could finally try penetration. He whipped it out, and it was half-chubbed. He put a condom on and tried to penetrate me but it went flaccid again, it was comical like trying to put a slinky in a hole. After that, he did the sad eyes eat out thing and by that point I was the most turned off I had ever been. After that he would choke his soft dick until he came, then he would get a splitting headache immediately after. I asked him so many times to ask a doctor about this and he always said no he was too scared that something was seriously wrong with him. I could only deal for 3 months before we broke up. Never really knew what was wrong, I’m assuming ED, but I never really took hard dick for granted after.

No. 388866

That sounds hilarious but I wish I could've taken your bf. I don't give a shit about PIV or blowing a guy and would love sex to just consist of a guy eating me out.

No. 388877

KEK. My god nona, this cracked me the fuck up. I like the way you tell a story.

No. 388882

Honestly doesn’t sound that bad compared to the other shit here, pretty unique situation too

No. 388891

>like sucking jello out of a cup
I’m sobbing

No. 388894

I find the oral part with the puppy eyes hot af, but the rest is indeed tragic. But it made me laugh out loud.

No. 388916

Holy fuck I could have written this about my ex husband. He ended up hiding a huge porn addiction. Had this issue with every woman. He is so porn sick that he couldn’t see himself as a participant in penetrative sex or even anything to do with his dick. It was awful. It made me feel SOOOOO undesired even though he would always be up for giving me oral. It was also really pathetic too. So gross that he broke himself with porn to the point of breaking his simple purpose as a male; having a working cock. I was with him for 6 years and he had 0 orgasms from oral sex or handjobs. It was almost like his dick was one of those prosthetics that transmen wear. It’s like he had a packer for a cock. He only orgasmed from PIV 2 times and that’s when our internet was down for a long time. He closed his eyes the entire time too like he was trying to dissociate. He also tried to hide taking viagra from me BUT THAT DIDNT EVEN GET HIS DICK HARD. His cock would shrink and turn to jelly like you described almost like it was trying to hide inside his body out of shame or fear?!? I don’t know how he lives with the humiliation. Those same puppy dog eyes ugh so disgusting. I’m sorry you suffered the same experience I feel like it’s a uniquely fucked up and uncomfortable one that the English language cannot properly describe. I kinda wonder if we are taking about the same guy it just feels so familiar. His dick only worked for porn it would be hard instantly. He was also a voyeur and wanted me to hook up with girls while he watched through a camera ( i didn’t do this!).

My current husband gets hard from kissing me and never loses the hard on. He stays so hard that I’m able to orgasm from PIV. He looks at me during sex and says he loves me ect. We have sex multiple times a week and it’s very vanilla and more than enough for him. He has ocd so will only go down on me under certain circumstances but after the puppy dog eyed ex IDC because of how humiliating the act became for me. I have no idea how I deprived myself of a normal sex life for so long. I’m glad you got out of it and didn’t waste years. Don’t waste time with porn addicted brain and dick broken moids for all those who are reading this.

No. 388919

Nta but I'm happy for you anon ♥

No. 388943

Does anyone know the reason why some guys can’t orgasm from oral? If it helps the same ex needed an hour of PIV to orgasm. I suspect he was ruined by porn use in childhood but I thought that porn users would like that angle of watching a woman go down on them compared to something intimate like missionary. It seemed like my ex was actually uncomfortable when I would go down on him.

No. 388944

>>388943 why doesn't he just stop masturbating?

No. 388951

Not even joking he might have been gay.

No. 388953

I don't know the exact reason but my bf is like that sometimes, unable to orgasm from oral. My bf says that it's really easy for his dick to become tender with the saliva and then being jerked.
But I literally cannot orgasm from oral either so I don't really care if he can't.

No. 388963

One of my exes couldn't orgasm from oral and it was because it made him feel like he was being selfish. Same if I tried to give him a handjob. He could orgasm though if he was touching me or holding a vibrator against me at the same time

No. 388964

Mine was because he was cut and it desensitized his dick, so he needed it to be much faster than what I could do.

No. 389255

File: 1712308574833.jpg (123.74 KB, 467x467, 1000002145.jpg)

>twinky, actually nice to be around
>crush on him
>start hanging out at his house
>both get shitfaced and stoned
>he politely asks if i want to hook up
>say i wanna cuddle him
>big spoon him on the sofa
>dick smell starts getting aggresive, ew
>kisses me while saying stupid shit like "i'll take care of you" with puppy face
>chokes me, saying "you like to suffer, huh?"
>atp i wanna leave
>somehow agree to a "massage" in his bedroom
>he oils up my ass
>takes off cap (ew)
>whips dick out
>i reject him
>his face when

No. 389256

Circumcision is fucked. I don’t know why it’s so normalised in some parts of the world. In UK the only cut men are the religious minorities. As if men need any more reasons to have psychological problems? Sure it’s not as bad as FGM but it needs to stop. Don’t they do it to literal babies as well?

No. 389260

Cut dick

No. 389275

The standard IS to do it as babies. I honestly can't imagine having a newborn baby shitting and pissing in a diaper with an open wound. No wonder so many of them have issues with their dicks later on. Lack of foreskin makes sex worse for women too.

No. 389290

Oh my god ewww, what's wrong with moids. How did he go from little spoon and saying that shit to choking you. What's wrong with their retarded brains.

No. 389490

you started smelling his dick before he took it out?

No. 389534

I've always thought there is something deeply wrong with moids who are really into eating pussy. It goes against their nature so there must always be some kind of nefarious explanation behind it.

No. 389547

All male animals are obsessed with licking female animals genitals, thats very much a thing in nature

No. 389548

That's literally not true at all even spiders eat pussy you fell for the PsyOp

No. 389549

Circumcision is based because it makes men feel less pleasure and gives them pain

No. 389553

It also makes sex worse for women. The foreskin helps retain moisture during sex, without it all you do is push it outside the vagina. Their sensitivity is often fucked and they need to be much rougher during sex to get off, causing their partner pain. You are literally falling for religious moid propaganda created to make sex less enjoyable for everybody.

No. 389604

Different species have different natures. Haven't you noticed that (relatively) healthy, well-adjusted human males have little to no interest in putting their mouths on women's genitals? Only those with micropenises, erectile dysfunction or depraved fetishes like sissies and cuckolds really want to do it. Human males are just not meant for this kind of behavior, it's an unpleasant truth that I had to learn the hard way.(bait)

No. 389630

This. Most women stuck with religious Abrahamic moids who are cut end up having to endure painful rough jackhammer sex because the moid lacks sensation in his penis and no longer has a foreskin to slow down his strokes (men with foreskins naturally have to go a bit slower to prevent the foreskin or frenulum from tearing) circumcised dicks hurt women and make sex much less pleasurable

No. 389632

And that’s also not even taking into account the insane Madonna whore complex and hatred most circumcised scrotes have for women (because mommy stole his foreskin as a kid and now he needs to control and subjugate women in case she comes back for the rest of his dick and castrates him completely)

No. 389641

What are you talking about nonnie? From what I have experienced it's the complete opposite. Which healthy and well adjusted male does not want to make his partner feel good. Also I feel like the ones who don't want to do it are mainly the ones who have a problem with their own sexuality or are assholes who don't want to give pleasure to their partner

No. 389668

I disagree. "Men" who are afraid to eat pussy are prissy and limp-wristed. Most men actually hate pussy, they don't like to look at labia, they don't like bushes on women, and they don't like the smell/taste of an aroused and healthy pussy. If a guy is willing to have sex with you but not eat you out, he doesn't like pussy and why would you want to be with a "man" who thinks your genitals are gross? So many men would rather stick their dick in a shithole rather than eat pussy.

No. 389703

Ntayrt obviously but I concur. I cannot imagine having PIV sex without getting eaten out to completion first unless I’m on my period. Pussy tastes good and is like immaculately clean compared to a penis and balls given male hygiene habits. If a man doesn’t wanna go near your vagina then he’s either asexual or gay.
Kinda random but apparently there’s a number of women who suck their moid’s nasty sweaty balls. I don’t care if your moid “showered” beforehand, it’s a humid area of the body like an armpit. I know a number of these women who do such a degrading thing don’t even get eaten out because one of my exes told me about like two of his gfs who hated receiving oral but would suck his balls. Sucking a ballsack is among one of the most degrading things I can think of, it’s up there with licking a moid’s butthole.

No. 389823

>I know a number of these women who do such a degrading thing don’t even get eaten out because one of my exes told me about like two of his gfs who hated receiving oral but would suck his balls.
>he told you
To be fair moids do lie all the time about their exes to neg and guilt trip their current partners. The fact that he even told you this makes me think that he must have expected you to be like that, good thing he's now an ex.

No. 389835

My ex was a redpill tard who fell for the ‘men who eat pussy are gay and effeminate’ scrote meme. So glad I left his lame ass. My new Nigel literally went down on me without being asked.

No. 389847

Do you really think so? I was willing to believe it because I have seen proof of women who forgo their own pleasure like a moid in the past who had scratch mark scars all over his back from his ex who he would just do missionary for like 3 minutes with. And every ex I had had to be trained on how to eat pussy but that could have just been weaponized incompetence to try and get out of doing it. My last ex seemed enthusiastic though and said that he wanted to learn but his ex girlfriends weren’t into it kek. Whatever colorful sexual pasts and stories will never affect my willingness to do degrading things or forgo things that I like. I recommend every woman build her self esteem so that she doesn’t fall into doubting herself when the stories of the exes get told. Just because a moid did something degrading with another ex doesn’t mean you have to stoop to that level to do it too. A lot of women really hate themselves given how they fall into abuse/rape kinks.

No. 390991

I dated a fat moid who blew up to 350 lbs during the course of the relationship. He was circumcised and it ruined the sensitivity of his penis, so he was really weird about "hitting" certain parts, and after we had sex he would often immediately talk about how it "rubbed the good part", which I found incredibly strange and selfish. His idea of initiating sex was walking into the living room butt naked and pointing at his flaccid penis. He decided to grow a disgusting beard and it kept irritating my pussy, which I told him about several times, but somehow he didn't take the hint to SHAVE. He would complain when it took me a long time to cum from oral sex, but the reason why was always because he did it poorly until the very end, and didn't listen to my clear instructions. When he looked up at me while licking me his eyes looked really ugly and creepy lol. I have a foot fetish but couldn't do shit with his feet because he seldom cut his toenails and always had dirty soles at home. So fucking disgusting. One time I was giving him head and I stopped after 20 seconds because his groin smelled rotten. He had some kind of rash caused by being disgustingly obese, and when I told him, he didn't take it seriously. He's the only man I've ever had to use lube with because I never truly felt aroused around him. He kept saying that he was good at sex, when it was painfully obvious that he was subpar. He didn't act like he appreciated my body enough even though I'm significantly more attractive than him. Don't date fat or ugly moids, they will use you like a trophy in public and then try to destroy your self esteem behind closed doors.
Another guy I dated was great at sex but had multiple weird fetishes and sent me cringey voice messages where he spoke about being kicked in the balls etc. in a baby voice. There was another guy I briefly dated who would sit in his desk chair naked after sex and his flaccid penis "melted" into his ballsack, it looked so god damn funny. One time he asked if he could give me head, and said, "trust me, I really like doing this," and proceeded to give me the most mediocre head ever and didn't even come close to making me cum. He had sleep apnea because of his recessed jaw which he hid under a beard, and it felt like I was laying next to a dying person when I slept over, because of the sound of his CPAP machine.
When I was a teenager a 27 year old sociopath with erectile dysfunction who groomed me gave me head and it caused a yeast infection.
The absolute worst experience was being raped, the rapist getting into the shower with me afterwards because I was visibly shaking due to the traumatic event, and telling me he was falling in love with me.

No. 391001

File: 1713007669053.jpeg (25.57 KB, 713x670, D8C965FF-D81A-4358-940D-DF3C04…)

girl are you ok? I'm worried about you

No. 391013

Nonna… please get help.

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