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File: 1530920905360.jpg (77.98 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

No. 87606

Last Thread: >>44407

I know others posted about their nazi fetishes in the last thread, but I want to BE the nazi. I've become interested in Irma Grese lately, just because she was so much of a sadist. It would be nice to come home and beg your nazi husband after a long and hard day at the camp.

No. 87609


i hope y'all know what I meant

No. 87610

this is gonna be a good thread

No. 87613

Maybe. I don't know what to do. No man wants to be told his gf thinks this penis is broken.

No. 87674

File: 1530934486038.jpg (Spoiler Image, 31.99 KB, 457x630, 687474703a2f2f7761632e34353066…)

hickeys. i know they aren't really that weird, and kind of a trashy middle-school tier ~uwu pale blog kinda thing. but i love the idea of leaving your mark on someone after being intimate. i really enjoy giving and receiving intense, sensual kisses on the neck and elsewhere, and seeing what they leave behind is also intoxicating.

i had a guy friend a few years ago who's gf gave him a huge one on his neck while they were in an elevator. afterward he kept bragging about how passionate the kiss was and how big the mark was and it made me super jealous. i still try to give my bf even just little nibbly marks around his collarbone but he won't let me (cause like other people he probably thinks it's trashy, meh)

No. 87678

Just ask if he's okay with it below the collarbone?

No. 87705

Love, that's not normal, sex is designed for pregnancy, the guy cumming is necessary for that. You guys clearly haven't learned enough sex Ed in schools if you, your bf, and your ex think that's normal guy physiology. People used to say that about women during sex in more backwards sex Ed classes but in a normal relationship both should orgasm though the male orgasming is typically the end of penetrative sex (and potentially sex itself since some guys are completely turned off from sex post-orgasm). You should see a sex therapist or something. It might even be that he's ace though since he's even fine with never having sex (if you're that anon, at least)

No. 87708

File: 1530941893947.jpg (162.44 KB, 500x714, 1503127538392.jpg)

I'm really ashamed of this one, but
>be brown girl (mixed black and latina)
>want to dominate and bully a cute model Aryan boy while wearing a Nazi uniform to mock and make fun of him
>want to be completely dominated and treated like a cum dumpster by an adorable femboy or trap
It's pretty tame compared to what some anons posted in the previous thread but boy do these two actually make me feel bad.

No. 87711

if anything the concept of "it's enough to feel good" applies way more to women regarding to PIV sex, since a lot of us genuinely enjoy the way it feels, but having an orgasm from just that and not clit stimulation is really rare.
PIV sex is VERY effective for males to finish.

No. 87713

Don't feel bad anon! I can see maybe having issues with having the first one (I don't personally) but that second one is perfectly normal honestly and pretty common. Never feel bad for a fetish unless you act upon one that legitimately doesn't involve consent (real necro or bestiality would count here too) or if you force it upon someone unwilling (basically consent again but had to add)

No. 87717

I really don’t think desiring femboys/traps is very common, anon.

No. 87726

It's less common than being a femboy/trap who wants to be dominated by a woman, though, so the odds are in your favor.

No. 87740

File: 1530947924328.jpg (16.98 KB, 300x221, 8122_300.jpg)

I've been watching gay amateur vids of one guy basically molesting a sleeping guy. I really want to body worship and fuck a comatose guy. Any anons relate?

No. 87741

wow, no

No. 87742

Strip him, take pictures of his body, feel him up, then when I begin inserting something into him he wakes up and gets very upset. Maybe crying a bit.
Alternatively, he could wake up and be disoriented, but also really into it.
I'm not sure, the waking up part is big for me, I could never understand why people are into necro because of this.

No. 87743

I'm not into anal play so for me it's just the fantasy. I want to ride a hard dick on a completely passive and sprawled out guy.

No. 87755

Chikan aka public transport molestation. Got it pretty randomly, I had a dream about it like… I was in a crowded tram and started feeling poking on my butt, the tram was shaky so I didn't react, but after a while I realized it's probably not someone's purse… and there's this middle-aged uggo behind me, and the thrusting is too regular to be accidental. But instead of telling him off I let him do it. This was a rare instance of when I felt actual pleasure while dreaming.
I wouldn't even think about chikan before this dream, but now I like to watch pornos about it or fantasize when I'm horny. I'm really into sneaky dry-humping in public transport. No hands, just like the feeling of dick hitting you. Preferably by someone really random, not disgusting but not handsome, may be old and fat. Yeah…

No. 87761

File: 1530956609677.jpg (Spoiler Image, 432.83 KB, 1200x1000, 4088250_p0.jpg)

medical/scientific fear play

No. 87791

I don't know if anyone else will even know what I'm talking about, but a few years ago I came across a blog about a very specific fetish. The owner called it "Not really cheating" or "almost cheating" or something like that, I wish I could remember what it was called. The blog had gifs, videos and macros of people grinding, humping, barely touching, using objects, etc to simulate sex without having full on PIV…the captions were always about the 2 people saying this doesn't count as cheating, it's not sex if it's not [insert excuse] and trying to hold back….
For some reason, that REALLY did it for me. And it still does, but I can't find the blog or anything similar to it online. What makes it worse is that I'm ashamed of being into it and I hate that it even turns me on, but I'm dying to find anything related to it again. Does anyone know what I'm talking about?

No. 87810

Me too, anon.

No. 87828

Damn, that pic is hot. I have this fetish too. I love watching surgical videos and fantasizing that it's my body some qt doctor has his hands buried in.

No. 87833


its one of my go-tos for watching porn. its kinda confusing though cause it doesnt fit with any of my other fetishes. oh well, the vagina wants what it wants.

No. 87842


No. 87845

there's a story on /r/gonewildstories called "it's not cheating if you don't touch" that you might enjoy

No. 87851

File: 1531047808287.jpg (18.86 KB, 382x480, example.jpg)

Cuts, bruises, boys looking sad. Not like extreme guro. Being mentally broken and disheartened is cool too.

I have no idea how to find more of this stuff though. What are the right sort of tags?

No. 87889

File: 1531080843296.jpg (39.51 KB, 900x600, spidey-3.jpg)

i love my teen shota boys.
Tfw no 14 yr old shota bf to game with.

No. 87905

File: 1531087348424.gif (788.84 KB, 500x280, 4D2B00B6-B0EB-4202-BC62-605501…)

Anon are you me.

Also the cuter looking the better but not overly fem

No. 87906

Impregnation. I also want kids, but not until I'm ready. Not sure how to talk to my partner about the fetish though, because I don't want him to be confused.

No. 87921

Oh my god, me too. My boyfriend doesn't understand but will point it put in movies and games when he spots it, lol.

I'm like "please let me put bruise makeup on you…"

No. 87925

File: 1531097445618.jpg (8.49 KB, 183x276, images.jpg)


We need a tag for this if only to make finding this content easier. I can't ever seem to find the right word combo for this, I don't want to see gross guro. More like just scuffed up the right amount you want to cuddle and comfort them.

If there was anything like Suicide Boy with older looking characters I'd be all over that. Its a manhwa about a teen that gets bullied but they're drawn all shota like :/

No. 87927

I have but he says he think's it's ticklish or acts like he's worried someone might see it (even though it wouldn't be visible unless he's shirtless??). In addition to hickeys I really like having my nipples rubbed and licked or sucked, and I love doing the same to my boyfriend, I think it's super erotic. But again with his ticklish thing and getting nervous. I wish those things felt better for him as they do for me, or what he wasn't so hesitant, cause I fucking love his nipples and chest.

No. 87928

File: 1531098677013.png (853.11 KB, 970x582, 379b3059-065f-40f9-aad2-aa3278…)

i fantasize about being a MILF seducing a younger (but of course legal) guy. specifically that i'm a bored housewife in the suburbs in the 50s/60s/70s. xanaxed out and wistfully looking out the window doing dishes, sunbathing and drinking by the pool in my sunglasses, etc. i'm into the hot boy across the street who mows my lawn, or someone's son who is visiting home from college for the summer. my husband has been neglecting me & is having an affair, so i too have an affair. and this younger guy is virile yet inexperienced, so i invite him in for lemonade & offer him my sexual wisdom.

No. 87956

lol anon, I literally started watching that series cause of how cute Peter is in it, although I don't feel thaaat creepy cause I could technically still be in high school (not underage BTW, just 18) >>87889

No. 87966

File: 1531135541405.jpg (85.13 KB, 1024x576, maxresdefault_D65diLbkiHAKnZWS…)


Same… I also fantasize about being a hot professor having an affair with one of my students that admires me. Kind of makes me look forward to being older and settled. I've also been talking to younger guys recently, most of them so-called fuckboys, and I love intimidating them by being older and successful.

No. 87967

It is called whumping, and if you search whump on tumblr you get thousands of pics of guys looking hurt and beaten.

You're welcome

No. 87972

File: 1531137751935.gif (2.79 MB, 540x292, tumblr_p5r2kxu80F1qfinneo3_r2_…)

not that anon, but THANK YOU.

Also, Connor from Detroit: Become Human (and I guess androids in general) Lawd help me

No. 87978

I found your jam, anon.

No. 87979

So did we ever find out if that anon with a gay husband was baiting or for real?

No. 88001

File: 1531189774846.jpeg (48.29 KB, 300x521, 0B04501E-C19B-4BDE-990E-233FB2…)

i think native american men are cute especially in the past when they’re fit and have long hair. he should go in the men you’re ashamed to fuck thread, but quanah parker is my historical husbando

No. 88007

File: 1531197185450.jpg (170.26 KB, 700x466, Furniture-Expo-Showroom-Salina…)

i want to sneak into one of those big furniture showrooms or warehouses at night when no one is there and have sex on the beds. specifically one full of really gaudy, outdated looking shit. bonus if there's a canopy bed in there.

in general i've always been aroused by canopy beds because of their old world charm. i hope in the future my spouse and i have this bad ass medieval looking bedroom with a canopy bed in front of a fireplace covered in like animal pelts or whatever.

No. 88014

Based anon is the hero we need, thank you!

I also like androids, and am only interested in Detroit Become Human because of Connor

No. 88016

Me too, though any shame I feel comes from the fact that I'm not American or Canadian and have never met a native person irl. They could be hideous outside tv/movies for all I know, but in my imagination they are hot with beautiful hair.

No. 88018

i'm american and have only met a few native americans so it's hard to say, but my boss is seminole indian and he is an example, handsome and fit with long hair.

No. 88020

I hate David Cage and D:BH is a pretty shit game but I'm so fucking thirsty for this goddamn roboman…Markus is pretty fuckable, too.

No. 88025

(More for second anon since op seems to know what's up)
irl Native girl (Coast Salish) here, obesity is an epidemic on reservations due to alcoholism/bad diet/shitty lifestyle. Sad 2 say.
And most functioning Natives (the ones you'd actually want kek) are pretty average looking, just like anyone else. A good chunk of guys also cut their hair, for functionality (I even cut my own short in the past).

We're also only 2% of the population and most of us are mixed.

No. 88037

File: 1531246593255.jpeg (87.65 KB, 638x828, 294DE023-29CE-4534-BDD8-EE8D7F…)

Well, that sucks. I hate racial fetishization but i want to dom a native dude so bad and pull his hair. All nonwhite male/white girl porn is cuck fantasy bbc bullshit, so I might need to resort to romance novels…

Give me his number, lol

No. 88042

sorry i can't, he's married with children :P
oh and i too hate racial fetishization and think most interracial porn is shit, but as a halfie american girl i've always been drawn to guys who are different than me. my first crush in like preschool was a navajo indian boy, and my second in elementary was a boy who moved to the states from australia.

No. 88082

File: 1531291529738.png (195.87 KB, 610x371, zombie-lake-3.png)

I want to raise a hot Nazi zombie boyfriend from the dead and attempt to dom him while he struggles to devour my warm sensuous flesh, but I fail and then he literally eats my pussy

No. 88178

File: 1531385492761.jpg (25.23 KB, 355x302, 1037539910.jpg)

decided to share this since someone said it on the "cute girls" thread and i found it relatable:
>this is fucked but imo a lot of mugshots, passport photos, drivers license photos, etc, have a weird sexual tension about them if the person is already somewhat attractive. something about the sterile institutional setting contrasted with the vitality of the person makes the person look intriguing in a certain way.

beautifully said, and i admit that this is something i am into. a few years ago i recovered the lost student id of a guy at my school i found attractive. tbh i held onto it for a while to admire his photo before turning it in (and mind you i had our yearbook and his social media to look at, but chose the id instead). i also thought that austrian pastafarian guy looked super hot in his passport photo and couldn't stop looking at it when that story was going around. there's just something about that dead on look right into the camera that's super intense and alluring. (hybristophiles, you might know what i'm talking about)

No. 88186

I really want a braindead sex slave, but not a dead corpse. Like a crazy dude that wants to fuck me but is unable to force me to, because he’s powerless.

No. 88188

So an enthusiastically consenting sub? Who is also dumb?

No. 88190

File: 1531401890679.jpg (338.05 KB, 1680x1050, 20160630113025_1.jpg)

I get really turned on by guys who are so possessive and jealous, to the point of dangerous. Every guy I've been with has been more chill than anything, so I've never had a jealous boyfriend. I know it's massively stupid to want that though since the chances of him being abusive towards me would be high. I just play otome or read manga to get my fix.

No. 88222

Chikan is one of the few things that 100% does it for me.

No. 88225

I wish I could find more authentic chikan/public noncon stories. I once accidentally stumbled on an underground imageboard for it and to this day I remember one guys story of being in a heavy crowd at a festival, rubbing his dick against a girl who was moving around to the music, whipping it out quickly and cumming on her and then seeing her later with the cum still on her leg. It might have been fake but the idea it could have been real was so hot.

Even if its just fantasies of guys who are really genuinely into chikan/public noncon and perving on girls in public, I wish I knew where to find some online. Staged videos and manga are cool and all but the real stuff gets me going so much.

No. 88252

i'm not really into cheating type scenarios, but i like the idea of getting off to grinding on someone or dry humping them without actual sex. especially that rush you get when you just start getting intimate with someone brand new. for example, hitting it off with a guy and feeling his hard on through his jeans while you're making out, despite knowing you shouldn't start having sex at that moment…ugh, nothing beats that.

No. 88295

File: 1531459231175.jpg (37.73 KB, 500x653, f4d4bae07a5302dae5ba3472496466…)

Guy's necks are sexy. I encounter guys that want to put their hands on my throat (bc porn I guess) which doesn't appeal to me at all. But reverse the genders and its appealing. That or any other sort of implied or potential injury to the neck.

I also like feet. The aren't exactly hot but more cute in a cozy way. I guess I associate being barefoot with being comfy with a person and chilling out at their place so bare feet register as sexual in a convoluted sort of way. I don't like images or artwork that is in your face with the feet though, more like the person is incidentally barefoot.

No. 88296

A husband?

No. 88307

File: 1531480336527.png (164.56 KB, 327x316, 1494526465188.png)

No. 88309

>feet are cute
>incidentally barefoot
Hff, I feel exactly the same. I love looking at a cute guy's feet (especially if they're narrow and bony) but I'm not into toe sucking or anything, so I've never counted it as a legit fetish. Although lately I have been watching toe-wiggling videos and I feel as if that's crossing a line into sexual territory. Accidental foot fetish.

I've also always had a thing for hands…and bellies…
Overall I just want a bf who will be fine with me fondling non-sexual parts of his body very often.

No. 88315

File: 1531492220330.jpg (19.86 KB, 499x344, tumblr_ogrgtuuMAb1v0ovm7o1_500…)

Image related. Wew when Alex sings this it always got me feeling some type of way.

No. 88328

File: 1531505916022.jpg (38.22 KB, 564x704, dd5e39d610cc5d0f0c93c999a06847…)

My biggest turn on are cute, feminine, meek/shy guys who once in the bedroom will take the lead and become forceful/violent. I don't know, I find the whole idea of feeling superior and then finding out I'm actually no match for a guy incredibly hot.

No. 88373

I guess I have a thing for feet?
I was chatting on messenger with a friend about foot fetish recently and he suddenly sent me a pic of his and two of his friends feet, Idk what about it turned me on, but it did. I guess because it's such a sensitive vulnerable body part and also because I really know these guys and it's not just some rando's feet? Idk but I get the butterflies and aroused when I watch this pic.

No. 88376

Extreme femdom or master/slave relationship, I guess? I'm not sure if there's a specific name for it, but I want another masc. woman to utterly break me. Like for me to be at her constant beck and call, for her to degrade, overpower, defile, and humiliate me. Maybe under the surface it's loving, but I think the thought of it being a totally toxic relationship turns me on more.

No. 88399

lol but no, I actually want a guy that's mentally ill slut. Sucks that most shit with crazy guys is usually them as a dom

No. 88405

mentally ill how?

No. 88413

you guys would probably love dramatical murder, it’s a BL game but there’s a fucked up fetish at every corner (foodplay, limb mutilation by a mentally destroyed robot, blood play, pierced dicks, vore, bara noncon, etc)

No. 88419

File: 1531628148998.jpg (7.45 KB, 236x257, 1530883747828.jpg)

like nuts/psychotic. Fucked up but I want him to have a manic episode and then fuck

No. 88421

File: 1531629434214.jpeg (43.97 KB, 600x600, BsEnrKrCIAAGtV2.jpeg)

Male tears, the look of disappointment and sadness on their faces. Those really get me going.

This World Cup final is going to be great since I like some players from both teams. Their pained faces when they get fouled are also great.

No. 88422

Seeing sports teams lose is too much for my heart I hate seeing everyone sad and disappointed.

No. 88423

Do the guys ever get better? I only like that sort of rough stuff due to a sense of protectiveness, seeing the person persevere or get better is a large part of the appeal. I think that counts as hurt/comfort right? When I read fan fiction that's one of my fav genres.

No. 88425

File: 1531638139496.jpg (86.66 KB, 719x960, 3bd9fb753ffafe521f1231288a97c9…)

Griezmann is such a cutie, I loved seeing him cry.
He also sound really dumb and shy in interviews, he made me realize how much I love talented but socially awkward guys. Just want to protect him and scare away the mean journalists.

No. 88429

File: 1531641585218.jpg (169.74 KB, 500x667, large.jpg)

i was raped and beaten until i almost died, and now i have an unshakable desire for my partner to violently murder me during sex. even worse, the idea of him violating my dead body is hotter. obviously there's no way to fulfill it without dying. the closest we get is dirty talk about how he's going to kill me, choking until i pass out, and some knifeplay. i'm grateful he's even gone that far. i want to up the ante by bringing (unloaded) guns and maybe some sleeping medication into the mix but i don't want to scare him off.

having the one i love take my life with his own hands is romantic as hell to me. i think it's the idea that he loves me so much that he'd want to claim me forever. an example of this logic is Dahmer's (funny how he keeps coming up in threads like these lol)–i'm not attracted to him at all, but his desire to have somebody all to himself and the way he kept parts of their bodies speaks to me. i want the man i love to do that to me. it's fucked.

i hate that i have this fetish even though it's probably just a coping mechanism thing.

No. 88431

Its absolutely supposed to be a coping mechanism to 'take back' the experience. You might be more mentally scarred if not for this, who knows.

It might be possible to wean yourself off this though with the right therapy. Sometimes the coping mechanisms our brains concoct may work at the moment or for a specific frame of time but that doesn't mean they will just stop when outside conditions change nor do they continue to be beneficial necessarily. GL anon you have been through enough.

No. 88433

I want to turn my bf into a sissy and torture him

No. 88445

Don't do this. Not for your sake but for his, you will ruin his life with a murder charge if anything goes wrong.

No. 88450

Um… I'm attracted to cold, exigent and sarcastic men. Idk how to describe it, the type who is nice to everyone and popular, but rude to you when you're alone. The effort needed to impress this type of person motivates me in a way.

No. 88456

I'd love a big, scary looking guy, perhaps even some kind of orcish beast, to be so incredibly infatuated by me, he'll be begging on his knees for the permission to just even touch me. I would basicly appear like a goddess to him, and his biggest wish on earth is to please me and make me feel good.

I don't know if it counts as much as a fetish, because in my fantasies it usually ends with me denying him sex and even if we end up doing it, it's pretty vanilla, but the thought of some really threatening looking man or creature being terrified, yet unable to resist me to the point where he'd have tears of gratitude in his eyes when I allow him to put his hands on me… it just really does it for me for some reason.

No. 88464


yes! each character has a route full of character development and it’s actually one of my favourite games because of it. having all the different fetishes to indulge in just makes it even better kek

No. 88473

I'd stick to choking and dirty talk, tbh. Make sure he's careful with the choking. I wouldn't do anything with guns because it's just too much risk, legally. If he's game, I think your best bet would be getting him to mindfuck you.

No. 88476

I'm lesbian but I have an impregnation fetish too. I desperately want a gf who will fuck me softly or ferociously with a strapon and pretend along that she might or even will knock me up. It's about the mental part, not the physical (there are strapons made for it, fluids and all, but that would be a bit disgusting for me). It's about being hers, submissive to the point of giving up myself and my body to her babies, or even being used by her for that. I'll never admit this to anyone except a future gf who might do it well into a relationship, I don't even like talking about enjoying strapons with some people thinking you're straight in denial for doing it.

I also have this fantasy about sleeping with a female priest for a night. Her succumbing to worldly lust or something.

No. 88482

File: 1531695077853.jpg (32.95 KB, 600x600, ae983dd69a1157ab7f7342a6037b38…)

I'm mixed race and I want my boyfriend to tease me whilst wearing an SS Officer's outfit.
He could tie me up and refuse to let me pleasure myself until he saw fit.
>Literally just want to be dominated and bullied (nicely) desu

Also, does impregnation count as a fetish?

No. 88503

File: 1531711998937.gif (1.46 MB, 320x180, tenor.gif)

are you me?

one of my shameful fetishes is having sex with someone who turns out to be a distant relative. not intentional or memey pornhub-front-page tier incest. but accidental incest. like i get intimate with someone, then later we discover that we are distant cousins or something. it's nasty but i feel like i'd get off to having that additional bond with them. i used to think about this a lot when i was younger, after my grandma showed me some photos of my distant cousins i'd never met. they were all really tall, blonde and handsome and i figured if they met me in real life they wouldn't even suspect we were somewhat related.

No. 88505

I' a little scared to tell my partner about my impregnation thing, but I think he'd go for it if I wanted that. Really not sure how to bring it up.

Yes, impregnation counts as a fetish.

No. 88506

File: 1531714380783.jpg (75.23 KB, 486x720, owowow.jpg)

It's pretty basic but i just want to choke a cute guy and maybe tie him up and peg him until he has tears in his eyes from the pleasure and the humiliation. Remind him who's boss. Preferably a cute twink looking guy. Also good if it's one of those "alpha male" types who thinks he's the shit. On the opposite side of the spectrum i'd love to be dommed by an older woman (30s, i know it's not OLD but older than me) with kind of an 80s look (pic related) who seemed all sweet and nurturing on the surface but turns on the sadism in the bedroom.

Less vanilla is that i want to ride a guy and then just carve into his chest with a knife and lick up the blood afterwards.

No. 88507

I fucking love this aesthetic and type of woman so much, I can literally smell her body odor and perfume through the screen.

No. 88508

i know right? the rare occasions i fap to porn i always choose retro porn or torrent old porn mags lol. those women just have such a charm and look that modern nude models dont have. it's all blonde straight haired "barely legal teens" nowadays.

No. 88511

lol after my grandma showed me some old family pics I developed a time-travel fantasy where I go back in time and fuck my long-dead relatives while they're still young and hot. it has to be relatives I've never met though. My great grandpa was adorable when he was young but the idea of fucking him disgusts me because I knew him when he was alive. My great great grandfather was super hot though and he died before I was born so it's aight. The fact that I'm mixed and therefore look nothing like him makes it even better.

No. 88513

File: 1531720809538.jpg (39.25 KB, 500x500, 06e3aeadb2da0cfb597a7e87547ebc…)

>Remind him who's boss.
>Also good if it's one of those "alpha male" types who thinks he's the shit.

Hnnng, are you me? Taking an overly smug, handsome man and binding his cock up in restraints as he kneels at my feet, forcing him to admit he's always wanted to be dominated by a woman, and now I own him.

Later I'd prop my heels on his back like a footstool, while I smoke a cigar and ash on him.

No. 88516

I like blacks and italians.

No. 88535

So glad to meet another Anon of taste!

Have you ever played crusader kings?

No. 88537

Could we have a thread where we can post images/links for all this stuff?

I'm curious to actively seek some of this stuff out beyond just using imagination but most internet porn is made for men.

No. 88538

This is so odd and charming

No. 88627

Weight gain/feeder fetish. I just want to feed a cute, chubby girl.

No. 88692

Anyone read A/B/O fanfics?

I wish that shit was real.

No. 88718

My boyfriend took me through this dead alleyway a couple days ago and made a joke that he brought me there to fuck me. I'm ashamed to say I really wanted him to do so in a pseudorapey way.

doing public stuff where you can be caught at any second gets my adrenaline rush going.

No. 88797

File: 1531871199787.jpg (28.7 KB, 373x511, 2d88ce5dafaee93.jpg)

I want to force a guy to cum inside me against his will. Preferable if he's a virgin, or gay like >>88178 pic related (oops doubly fucked up lol)
I wonder if there's any femdom porn with that in it, most of it is boring strapon stuff.
this, those box car videos where you can only see in from the inside are so hot, so you can look at others while you fuck and not get arrested

No. 88798

Wait what are these box cars? How do I find one?

No. 88801

the porn or the actual van? It's like a truck I think…. I don't know if you can rent one though. There's tons of videos on pornhub though, mostly european

No. 88812

yes but i only read m/f ABO fics. i dont like mpreg or yaoi. i love the idea of a strong alpha man becoming my soulmate and biologically tied to me forever, and wanting to protect and not wanting to be around anyone else.

No. 88827

File: 1531890987890.jpg (60.37 KB, 500x500, large.jpg)

You may be into gyaku ryona (逆リョナ). Enjoy.

No. 88833

I love it too. The idea of going into heats and ruts, several days of sex until they are over, alphas and betas becoming overly caring and protective, omegas leaking a lot, bounding, everyone having a particular smell.. it's so animalistic, so primitive.

As a plus, I also like when the ABO roles doesn't fit they character or physical appearance. Ex. The smaller and shy one being the Alpha, the one who has status and money being an omega, etc

No. 88855

File: 1531920984691.jpeg (247.06 KB, 750x403, 87E29255-3961-4583-B389-44FF8C…)

Unfulfilling and awkward sex. Especially if the person giving is pissed off and getting nothing out of it the entire time while the person taking is trying not look disinterested.

No. 88857

I meant renting one.

No. 88860

I have a spanking fetish. Like, that is my thing. It’s not even that out there but it’s embarrassing because it’s kinda like when you mention it everyone expects you to be a supeget-kinky submissive and aside from wanting to be spanked by a man, I’m more of a domme than anything. I’m also extremely turned off by age play.

No. 88872

Awkward, delicate tiny guys make me horny as shit.

My boyfriend is small and somehow fragile so it makes sense why he turns me on so much.

Just looking at him being shy, moaning and getting awkward while enjoying it makes me the horniest.

No. 88876

Is he short or just skinny?

No. 88878


Short. Not skinny, but looks delicate.

No. 88884

I was going to pull an "are you me?" but you're actually lucky enough to have a small bf.

For me I prefer them because I'm into GFD (+sadistic stuff if the partner permits) and having the size/strength advantage would make me feel like I'm truly in control. A protective sort of control, if that makes sense.

And they are cuter. Geez.

No. 88895

File: 1531946240596.jpg (15.14 KB, 640x360, 1509395488718.jpg)

I want a fat smelly psychopath to beat the shit out of me and abuse me physically and mentally. Picture very related.

No. 88925


Make a boy (or whatever partner) fuck you with a strapon. Its perfect for that.

No. 88927


My ex used to be like that. Not fun at all.

No. 88928

I like asians or just "feminine" men in general

No. 88932

omg are you me anon? The image of a guy in sweats walking barefoot is soo sexy because I associate it with a guy being comfortable and vulnerable. But I admit it's a full blown fetish for me

No. 88934

Gay guy here: you ladies have good taste.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 88937

what do you think of the men you're ashamed to say you'd fuck thread?

No. 88951

where do you find good foot content?

No. 89024

Japanese porn tbh. Lots of female on male foot worship vids

No. 89026

I will give that a look, tbh the majority of porn I consume is written and even then not that much but some subjects don't work well in that medium.

No. 89142

I'm into the idea of being the really easy / slutty gf that fuck every single one of her bf's friends.
Thinking about my partner lending me to his friend because I'm such an insatiable whore and i'm so hot they all want to fuck me is a major turn on.

No. 89163

I'm this post >>77758 OP and since this message gained a lot of traction I'm just here to say ;

Recently met a really hot sub with a cute face, he's a little older than me but he's exactly how I wanted him to be, giving, smart caring, not just a dead corpse in the bedroom that I have to pleasure.

So don't lose hope guys!

No. 89167

I like being cucked- or whatever the female equivalent is. Like being in a threesome but getting kicked out. The feeling of being jealous turns me on.
Also having sex in public, there are those porn videos of people having sex inside of a one way mirror room and they can see people walking by. Ugh those are great

No. 89241

File: 1532204270014.png (431.49 KB, 610x761, 67d7493b-6cd6-4279-836b-791b32…)

I want a hot, fit, intelligent, cocky "chad" like guy I can absolutely and completely break sexually. I want him to appear totally normie to everyone else, but tear him to sheads in the bedroom, which he would grow to enjoy. Slowly making him realise what a total sub he is and how he only lives for my pleasure. Cane and claw at him unil he bleeds, pagging him, making him lick my boots. Allowing him to please me whenever I want it.

I am not ashamed of it, but it feels like I should be considering how taboo it is for a woman to want to be in control.

No. 89378

Does Lolcow attract more dommes or do more women than suspected have domme fantasies?

No. 89384

So considering this and the other thread, basically main fetishes are about being massive slut, soft violence, trespassing some silly taboos and domination. If so, this place is pretty tame for Internet standards, which leads me once more to speculate that the average age here is somewhat low. I'm not even going to share my fetishes here, can't relate with you all.

Female version of cuckcold is cuckquean.

No. 89385

The first fetish thread has some people fantasizing about being murdered, really raped or fucking little boys, one anon even said she flicked the bean to ISIS videos, I wouldn't call that tame anon.

No. 89393

This is the shame fetish thread, less women are going to admit to being submissive here because it's common and accepted. I'm a 100% submissive female and the idea of femdom really turns me off, most women are naturally submissive.

No. 89394

>most women are naturally submissive

No. You've been brainwashed.

No. 89405

oh boy here we go again

No. 89413

please refrain from making "objective" statements about most women based on your own experiences and TRP theories

No. 89414

speak for yourself.

No. 89416

File: 1532369364303.jpg (115.5 KB, 640x638, 1531702698744.jpg)

None of these things might inherently be shameful on their own, but I think it's the combo of things that makes it bad.

On men:
>Long hair is attractive, especially grey hair. I want to run my hands through it all the time.
>Indulge in femme things like dresses and stockings.
>Middle aged men 40's-60's are in their prime. Stocky builds; aka built fat. Rugby players are incredibly attractive to me. I have a thing for age and size differences. For reference, I'm a petite 19 year old.
>I have a feeder fetish. Watching a guy eat is a huge turn on; now that, I'm a little embarrassed of. Going to restaurants fucking sucks for this reason.
>I love it when a guy noticeably gains weight; I love bellies. Jesus fuck, it sucks! I want to rub a guy up and down all day but I know none would let me. F this one in particular.
>Brown or hazel eyes. I know preference for eye color is not a fetish, except I literally cannot be attracted to a guys eyes if they aren't dark and eyes are one of my favorite things. I have no idea why this is. Light eyes are creepy and give off uncanny valley feelings. I hate my own.

Also, despite being a total sub, I like modest and fem personalities. Assertive/narc guys who are proud of their masculinity are totally repulsive to me. A lot of guys I had crushes on were gay. They had flaming voices/personalities paired with the "bear" appearance. Why couldn't I have been born a dude? Lmao

No. 89421

File: 1532375471141.jpg (41.43 KB, 354x450, CCE106B4-FBDE-4862-ACEE-693AF4…)

i love long hair on men, young and old. i too want to run my hands through it, especially during sex. as a kid in the 2000s when shaggy hair was popular, i used to fawn over long haired guys and even characters from fantasy stuff like lord of the rings. i thought damn, when i'm older i want a boyfriend/husband like that.

fast forward to the 2010s when i'm sexually mature, and every guy is getting an undercut. weep. i hope that long hair on men makes a comeback for a bit as it was in the '70s. some anons from earlier were discussing the charm of retro porn and that's one of the things i miss, hairier men.

No. 89494

File: 1532443078786.jpg (81.89 KB, 592x440, motocross2.jpg)

I guess it's more goofy than shameful, but I adore colorful riding suits + helmets on men. It'd probably be impractical af but I wish someone would screw me in the full getup. I tried to find porn of it but it's all naked people on bikes

No. 89495

Anon if you find a guy who is willing, please don't do it. The guy is going to get a heat stroke

No. 89506


Can't tell if you're joking or not. If it's really an issue I'd settle with him using a vibrator on me

No. 89513

File: 1532456312369.jpg (292.9 KB, 1000x1500, tumblr_p1dzbhjAdY1ww0jbgo1_128…)

I have the same fetish and there's plenty of porn of it. It's easier to find porn on sites like xtube where there's a lot of amateur stuff rather than pornhub or something. Try searching for "mx gear".

No. 89517


Truth be told I'm relatively new to porn sites, that really helped! Thanks anon

No. 89524

File: 1532461120696.gif (1.04 MB, 245x245, DP.gif)

I've always had a thing for Daft Punk for this same reason (minus the bikes of course). Biking gear is especially sexy and masculine to me. Then the helmets add this additional element of mystery, which is like super erotic.

No. 89526

File: 1532461939462.jpg (89.93 KB, 900x600, 2013DPLotus1Press280513-2.jpg)

Happy to help!

I have a thing for Daft Punk as well for the same reason (plus robots are pretty hot too).

The element of mystery is definitely my main reason. It's hard to read someone when you can't see their expressions, so they're pretty much reduced to their actions. It's also hot to imagine "someone" who is basically nothing more than their base desires, or like just a fuck machine basically.

Daft Punk in their Lotus F1 suits just about put me in my grave.

No. 89532

File: 1532468532648.jpg (121.85 KB, 752x1024, Mens-hair-cut-long-on-top-shor…)

Long hair is definitely a fetish for me. Whenever I see long or medium lenght haired guys I immediatly find them 10x more attractive. I don't like rocker types tho.

I've embarrased myself many times staring at them in public places, it's like I'm hipnotized. Once I saw this gorgeous, effeminate man in the subway and I had to stop myself from taking a picture. tfw when you'll never see him again or date someone like him.

Beefy long haired asian guys in an apron is my new fetish, ty for that anon. Kinda hilarious, since I'm asian myself

No. 89534

i've had this fantasy, since i started developing sexual feelings, where a big, burly man breaks into my house and we fuck. i just like the idea of someone coming for something else and then seeing me and wanting to have me i guess.
separate from that, i also want to be choked so hard i pass out and have bruises afterwards and told what a insatiable slut i am. there is something very soothing about (consensually) blacking out at the hands of the person you love and trust.

No. 89540

>it's like I'm hipnotized.
Man, saaame. Though there have been so many times I've checked out a long haired guy from the back and then realized he's an old asian man and felt like an idiot lol.

No. 89570

Some sort of civil unrest happens, and it's an every-man-for-himself situation without rule of law. A big, strong man helps me escape the city and we keep a farm out in the country and he fills me with his babies and protects me.

No. 89577

>Kinda hilarious, since I'm asian myself
Please make cute, long haired asian sons and keep the apron master race alive. Thank you.

>then realized he's an old asian man
Is it bad that would make me even more excited?

No. 89579

File: 1532491838933.jpg (55.55 KB, 500x605, _31571572_179409496048841_1122…)

I could've written this post myself anon. I'm strictly attracted to feminine kinda guys with long hair and I'm scared I'll never be with someone with that kinda look lol.

No. 89580

File: 1532492091838.gif (455.79 KB, 500x399, 862AFEC0-4CE0-442B-884D-55648B…)

Ugh you come in here and share one of my fetishes and post one of my biggest celeb crushes. Ugggghhh.

No. 89581

I had a dream just like this when I was 13, and it's been one of my biggest fantasies ever since, I even tried to start writing a novella about it.

No. 89586

Yeah it's bad, I mean old as in elderly and balding from the front. Young and pretty guys are infinitely superior, old men are gross.

No. 89590

>old as in elderly
That's what I meant. I have a thing for fucking sweet, old dudes. Please end me.

No. 89593

Love yourself

No. 89642

Is there a name for this? Specifically, I want a guy with survival skills, taking care of me, a gun in his holster, making fires, setting traps for meat, etc.

No. 89648

I have no idea what the technical term is for the fetish, but if there isn't one we should name it. The post-apocalyptic romance sub-genre already exists though.
What I find most appealing, personally, is the rustic elements of survival in the countryside. The man teaching you how live off the land, keeping you safe, and later trying to repopulate the earth with you. It's so primal.

My bf follows a lot of survivalist/prepper channels on YouTube and always wants to watch them with me and I'm like hell yeah.I want to do it in in real life though.

No. 89916

Sex with a dog.

I keep trying to put this fetish down, but whenever I'm too horny it becomes uncontrollable and I end up in some beast site with beast stories or vids (I prefer stories though). I never acted on it, and I don't have a dog, but sometimes I wonder whether I'd already have done it if I had one. I get out of control when I'm horny. When I'm not horny I feel ashamed and disgusted, "wtf was I thinking last time I masturbated?", but then it all comes back when I'm preparing to enjoy myself. I've been trying to replace this fetish for years now, but it seems that the more I repress it, the more forbidden and trespassing it feels, and the more I fantasize about. I blame the Internet, be very careful about what you read and watch on the Internet, anons. The Internet is the devil.

No. 89919

File: 1532711938513.gif (2.93 MB, 300x213, BigShiftyEyes.gif)

love yourselves

No. 89946

Im into this too but with me in the dominant/protector role, which isnt all that unrealistic since im 5'10 and rather buff. I should honestly have been born with a cock lol im not fit for being weak and caring for offspring (not that women are weak and made for bearing offspring but in an apocalyptic type situation we would quickly be reduced to vulnerable broodmares).

No. 89961

>I blame the Internet
It isn't the internet's fault that you're nasty and fucked up.

No. 89964

If the fetish wasn't already dormant, the ~internet~ wouldn't have awakened it in her lmao.

No. 89965

What, you think it's in her DNA to want to fuck a dog? People with fucked up fetishes have obviously been influenced by outside forces and it's most often the internet. Especially 4chan. I didnt want to spit on guys faces and slice into them until i ventured onto 4chan. Not that i mind lol.

No. 89973

The internet can definitely exacerbate fetishes, but I don't think you will seriously get into it unless you do have a tendency for it OR are a child when it's shown to you. Anon didn't say she was a child when she got into this.

Although I could be projecting a bit, since I'm into similar things to you (male mutilation/suffering/rape/murder) but I've always had a preference towards it. At ten I used to fantasize about soft male pain, like emotional distress and being beaten by their parents or peers. And I had no internet access then, just the news and things other people had said.

Perhaps it's just a combination of things in the end. Nature and nurture.

No. 89974

Yeah i suppose but i think in regards of animal fucking i dont think there's a biological component. Or at least it shouldn't be, doesnt make sense.

No. 89976

tbf people were definitely raping animals long before the internet. Awful as it is.

No. 89977

I doubt it was an actual fetish though, probably more in the lines of sexual frustration and fucked up traditions.

No. 90006

Your tastes are so rare and specific, I feel for you anon trying to find a guy that fits all this is gonna be tough. You do have the taste of a gay man though lol, best of luck on your bf quest.

No. 90017

Oh wow, this thread is so much tamer than the last one, are people actually ashamed of a fetish for guys with long hair? I mean it feels more like preference than anything else and people shouldn't be shamed for something like that.
Anyways, not to derail, my current big fantasy is having a slightly older and dominant super busty
Woman with a knife make cuts in her body while I'm forced to just watch. Every once in a while she'll let me lick it up but for the most part it just runs down her body onto the ground (not a lot of blood, I'm thinking large drops). Eventually one will fall onto her clit/pussy and she'll let me lick it then holds my face there making me eat her out. Eventually she brings me close and lets me grind against her leg until I cum (if I'm good).
I love the look of blood and I'd love to lick it off of someone. A drop of blood slowly moving down a woman's breast would be a heavenly sight. Since I'm more submissive I'd love a dominant woman to be in full control over it and torture me by not letting me touch most of the blood. Also be in control of if I have the honour of licking her clean and tasting her
I wish I knew of a place to watch porn of people doing it covered in blood. Doesn't have to be real, but as long as it looks good. Lesbian porn would be even better haha. Oh well, at least I can read stories with blood play

No. 90033

It's obviously a learned fetish. To me all fetishes are learned, you might have inclinations to some things that might lead to some fetishes, but fetish to me is about fantasizing, not merely about some impulse, and fantasies require thinking in detail about a subject, which means you must have had some contact with it. Say a nymphomaniac wants to date a guy seriously, but her urges to sleep around with other guys are always present, so she develops fetishes about cheating, swinging, etc. In this case, the urge is just an urge, and the fetish is the outcome of it. Specially when it comes to beastiality, it makes no fucking sense that such desire should be natural.

I stumbled on beast content by chance on the Internet, and was surprised that many women seemed to enjoy a lot having dog sex. I don't think I gave it a thought before, but if you asked me I would have guessed that the women who do this kind of stuff are mostly doing it because of their boyfriend's wishes, maybe some would also be doing it out of desperation and/or insanity, and maybe some were also from rural parts of the world where this kind of stuff is somewhat common; regardless I'd certainly have looked down on it. But reading stories made by women describing what they liked about it, the fetishes that they developed from it, made me realize that there are many girls out there who just genuinely enjoy it and do it on their own (granted, they still seem to be not "normal people", a good deal of them seem to be girls with high sex libido, such as bisexuals). And this is why I became curious about it. But for me personally I think it has a good deal about the sense of forbiddingness, the taboo, the trespassing. I am sexually frustrated, and I think this is what led me to develop fetishes about daily stuff that could be turned into big sexual adventures, something that is right under everybody's eyes but no one sees it because nobody thought about it. My main fetish, for example, is exhibitionism, male and female (sadly when it comes to male stuff there's only amateur), I just love the thought or sight of men or women being naughty in public but without anyone noticing it. And I think that my fetish with dogs has much of the same, dogs are everywhere but nobody thinks of them sexually, my fantasies about sex with dog are usually about having sex with family dog, or our own dog behind my bfs/husband's back, etc. And this is why I said that the more I try to shun it down, the more forbidden it feels to me. It's that kind of secret that could be kept under everybody's nose with a family dog, and this is what makes me crazy about it.

But there's also the purely physical side of things, the things that those women describe make me curious, but honestly I don't want to talk about it.

No. 90038

>To me all fetishes are learned
Nah. Also, dog rapists should all be put down. Cleanse the world of the dog rapist gene.

This isn't a derail. That's my fetish, genocide of animal abusers.

No. 90058

This. You touch my fluffy babies and you die.

No. 90059

You can probably alter your fetish to include/replace with tentacle porn, and beast as in humanoid and furry. Keep away from actual animals, they're like children.

No. 90107

i agree that this thread is much tamer than the last one. i think it's because the last thread allowed us to really get things off our chest that we were ashamed of, and everyone went to town with it. this one seems like the remaining fetishes we're sharing to keep the conversation going.

No. 90111

Anon, you at least have to take partial responsibility here. It isn't just the internet, your sex drive, and your interest in the ~forbidden~. Certainly those ingredients contribute, but you decided to think with your genitals and go down the rabbit hole of dogfucking. You could have just been disgusted, avoid it, and call it a day…but you didn't. I'd also believe it realistic to say that most people who are into exhibitionism are not also into literally raping animals.
If we're going with your thinking then it isn't a pedo's fault they saw cp once, got curious and read what other pedo's wanted to say, then got addicted to cp/may molest a kid. It's just the internet and the fact that they have a kink for being in control!!1
>comparing being bisexual to bestiality
Don't bring us down with you. Please see a therapist.

So as not to derail, I really want a short bf to lift up while giving him oral. I've seen some "amazons" do this in porn and it's both impressive and hot. Wish she were me.

No. 90116

File: 1532813923647.jpg (109.13 KB, 539x790, chad.jpg)

I was playing with my dog today when I suddenly remembered you post and it made me want to barf. I'm not going to condemn you as long as you never act on it. Sexually abusing animals is worse than CP in my book.

As for my fetish, I'd like to turn into a ladies men (I'm a tiny girl). There's something powerful about being able to fuck whoever you want being a man that is just isn't the same when you're a bombshell. Funny thing is I'm not even a lesbian or bi, I'd even like to attract gay men too. Just imagine how awesome it would be being a Chad surrounded by whiny incels complaining they don't get pussy as easily as you. If I had to choose, I'd want to be pic related kind of man.

No. 90117

I'm fine with this thread. I don't want to see anons saying they want to eat up little boys like the previous one.

No. 90118

>Sexually abusing animals is worse than CP in my book.
Humans really are the only species dumb enough to put another one before themselves…

No. 90121

How is it either of those things unless force is involved? Dogs are pretty horny and they will fuck or lick anything that holds still long enough.

No. 90122

For fetishes like this, I'd recommend therapy.

No. 90126

I'm not putting animals above humans, my reasoning is different.
Whenever I look at a cat or a dog I think of them as just that, animals. They aren't capable of thinking like we do or communicate with us, they act based on instinct. And obviously apart from apes, they are nothing like us visually. So being attracted to them that don't even resemble human beings in the slightest is worse to me. But both are innocent, really, I'm not trying to excuse anything. I get disgusted at both.

They're not capable of giving consent. Taking advantage of that is horrible.

No. 90130

File: 1532819552996.jpg (64.54 KB, 450x631, tumblr_inline_p7y2l1vAXf1r5f99…)

I want the same thing but femdom style, with me still as a chick and a harem filled with my choosing of men. Sucks that there is no group of men/female type of porn that isn't rough gangbanging with the woman being dominated. I just want my harem of sexy sleazy men that aren't totally submissive bitch bois, but are exciting, titillating, brainwashed male sex kittens. IDK how to describe it, but I hope other anons get what I mean.

Bonus points if I'm some sort of conquerer who has enslaved previously violent/crazy men like dictators or mass murderers/serial killers who are now mindbroken enough to be apart of my harem. I'm the same anon who posted about domming Bundy.

No. 90133

File: 1532821216917.png (1.43 MB, 1200x675, sleaze.png)

also i might be in the minority but i have a thing for 70s/sleazecore wear on guys. maybe it's the carefree air of it? It's how I imagine all men in my harem would dress.

No. 90135

God, me too anon. Although I'd prefer the men to be very submissive, I'd want it to be in a confident way if that makes sense. As in they'd be proud of their bodies and would basically objectify themselves for me (giving me a nice strip show, giving me lapdances, sending me pictures of their asses, etc.). I literally want a role-reversal Chad dynamic. I'd want it to be normal for men to be the ones enticing us and for them to be the ones calling me "mommy" and wanting me to spank and choke them.

It just seems that even most femdom stuff is mainly objectifying the woman, worshiping her or whatever. Which I also like, but what I really desire is a vanilla-straight-role-reversal-with-the-man-on-the-bottom sort of situation first and foremost.

>tfw even 70s sleazecore is more classy than men's popular fashion today

No. 90136

Does anyone know which movie that pic of Benicio del Toro is from?

No. 90138

i second this anons, 70s/80s sleazecore and casual wear in general is hot af. wish it would make a comeback (along with longer hair).

No. 90140

I find this compilation much more interesting.


It would be also my reply to this thread but I'm not ashamed.

No. 90141

Oh and don't watch it to the end if you want no spoilers.

No. 90143

are you me? i really want to body worship a guy from head to toe :( too bad most guys would be like "lul wtf" at it

No. 90145

Yeah, I'm sure there are definitely some guys who would be delighted to have someone appreciate them though. Since it doesn't seem to be a big thing that happens often.

I'm aiming to score a bf who likes being objectified, too. Hopefully he'll get the message by me being otherwise assertive and taking the initiative.

No. 90149

File: 1532835187329.jpg (285.16 KB, 550x826, Harry-Styles-2017-Victorias-Se…)

I'm glad others feel the same way as me. I like some elements of "regular" femdom like the leather whips and haute couture mistress look, but at my core I want to be a woman like olga of kiev who fights for her men, just like men fight for their women.

Like I said, being the conquerer or even the wife of one would be ideal for me. I'd like to try the whole inverse thing of "hoe into a housewife" but with turning a smug barbarian into my sex slave.

not really into his music, but harry styles is doing a good job of bringing back some elements of the style. I just hope that it catches on a little bit, but not so much it becomes hypebeast-tier level of inescapable.

No. 90150

Body horror is incredibly hot to me, I just want to somehow transform a cute girl into a horrible monster while it terrifies her, but makes her unwillingly horny at the same time. I'm also an inflation fag of all kinds. I would unironically consider suicide if anyone irl found out.
>tfw no juice-filled, waterbed sized gf to lay on and mercilessly tease

No. 90153

>not capable of giving consent
They are consenting when they decide to fuck something. Are both dogs being raped when two dogs are fucking?

No. 90163

>acting like dogs mating to procreate is the same as an act of perversion and moral corruptness
Your degeneracy is showing, anon.

No. 90177

File: 1532863674536.jpg (30.11 KB, 640x409, I2Hs5ys.jpg)

I just want a fine ass t girl to choke me with her cock. Anon from last thread mentioned something similar but only showed adoration towards "crossdressers and not actual transgenders." I'm just so turned on by chicks with dicks.

No. 90217

I like the slurping and sucking noises during cunnilingus in porn. That's like the main thing that gets me off

No. 90229

My bf's not really subby at all, other than being very eager to please. He likes when I tell him how beautiful he is, how hot he is, how great his body is, etc. He says he just likes any attention, really. I think if you don't call it body worship, but just do it, many men would appreciate it.

No. 90240

most guys would laugh in my face if i licked his feet

No. 90265

I haven't done any foot-licking, but I think a loving man might accommodate it because he cares about you. Though you should talk about it first, so he knows to expect it. It would be very uncomfortable if you licked their feet before they expected it, and they felt it wasn't clean enough. I personally hate having my feet touched, so that's off-limits for me, but most people don't feel as strongly about it.

No. 90268

mmf threesome, but the men involved both have to be bi and just as keen to suck each other off

No. 90281

my boyfriend worships my feet and i worship his. we often kiss each other's feet and suck each other's toes. we don't even have to ask each other to do it, it's just instinctive. and it feels sooo fucking good.
i had really terrible cramps the other day so my boyfriend gave me a massage. the next thing you know we were "foot 69ing", meaning his feet were by my face and mine by his, and we just went to town with foot worship.

No. 90283

i don't like my feet touched lel

No. 90293

oops, that post was meant for the previous anons who were talking about body worship. i accidentally replied to you cause you talked about feet more in your post, my bad. too each their own i guess :)

No. 90306

Same girl, actually the thought of having a dick and being that girl turns me on too. I sometimes have my partner suck the dildo I wear with my strapon and I really like choking them with it. It turns me on so much I could almost get off from it. If there was a way to have a penis and a vagina I would haha (though like a proper penis, I wouldn't want a really small trans penis). I'd love to make a girl deep throat my cock then eat me out in that hypothetical scenario

No. 90327

File: 1532946116771.jpg (32.73 KB, 633x950, 02AjPtB.jpg)

I just wish more trannies looked like carmen carrera and not chris chan. Even in porn shemales look like men with bolt ons. Like, get ffs and fat transplant before tits.

No. 90679

File: 1533188796332.jpeg (12.97 KB, 305x482, images (23).jpeg)

Native Americans. Indigenous people from various countries as long as they have long hair. And of course their stoic faces.

No. 90715

File: 1533231145283.jpg (49.06 KB, 564x735, 842ccc76e2b9ad564962f5c532a4bc…)

are you me anon? we talked about this before in the thread earlier.
>tfw you will never time travel and get a cute native husbando

No. 90933

I'm into a lot of your run of the mill classic domme stuff, but also…
Corset training a sub. Like, proper, constant corset training, not just wearing fancy lingerie.
I want to lace him up every day and for him to wear it under his normal clothes and then fuck him retarded in it.

No. 90939

Idk what you’d call this fetish, but I am ashamed of it. I’m into fairly hardcore domination, and I’ve recently realised a desire for it to sort of seep into everyday life as well. I want to be a man’s perfect housewife, I want him to fuck me stupid and make me pregnant. I want to be his picture perfect wife who sucks his cock after he’s had a long, hard day at work. Pretty ashamed, which is why I’ve never told anyone.

No. 90991

I wanna fuck a cop so bad. I feel like it’s an itch that needs scratching. It would be better if he was a detective, a drug detective.
It seems easy enough but I don’t know where to meet a cop outside of being arrested. There’s not really a “fetishes youre NOT ashamed of” thread.

I fantasize about having to fug my way out of a ticket. However I would never want that irl. That’s a shameful fetish.

No. 90999

same anon omg.
also when I used to watch orange is the new black it made me want to fuck a prison guard, even though I know it's disgusting and prison guards rape women in prisons all the time

No. 91018

Police-firefighter barbecues?

No. 91126

File: 1533508216432.gif (2.7 MB, 540x300, tumblr_pat6x3Yo5A1xvdju4o4_540…)

honestly, markus or jesse williams just angry fucking me during some damn protest. love a woke, angry man.

No. 91133

Just recently came to terms with my medical fetish. my earliest memory of sexual awareness was at like age 5 or 6 and I was thinking about being examined by my doctor “down there.” I’m not into anything surgical (actually terrified of needles, catheters, any kind of tubes attached to my body) but more like getting molseted by my doctor while he examines me and tells me he’s doing this for my own good.
Never really considered how much I was turned on by being examined/“experimented on” against my will in a medical context until the Larry Nassar abuse stuff came out earlier this year. So yeah, pretty ashamed of that.

It falls under my love to be dominated/humiliated/coerced umbrella of kinks and fetishes, but this one is probably the one I’ll always be ashamed of because I wasn’t able to come to terms with it until I literally was getting turned on by reading about the Nassar abuse. Ugh

No. 91165

Futanari and impreg (only as a fantasy,getting actually pregnant would suck but getting filled, up with something warm sounds nice) and also getting tamed by an older woman who would make me her cute,obedient wife. Ughh.
I like vaginas but for some reason a well endowed girl with a cock is a turn on. I am so degenerate.

No. 91167

Seconding. Actual passing transgirls are hot to me. Especially because they tend to be what i look for in a (cis) woman: deep voice,tall,kinda mature features.
Now,neo vaginas? That's another thing…but hey you can't have everything although as said previously a cute girl with a rock hard cock is super hot to me

No. 91221

File: 1533545913228.gif (97.55 KB, 500x375, 1529490439411.gif)

I want to mommy dom a guy, preferably someone who's my height or shorter.

too bad I'm 5'3 so it'll only be a dream. I'm also worried about ever bringing up the mommy thing, as I'd imagine it's seen as a red flag to most guys.

No. 91244

I have the same fetish. No pain or instruments either, just an inspection sort of thing. There’s some good stuff on literotica for it.

It’s weird how these fetishes start I guess.

No. 91259

Me too, anon. Although I'm more ashamed by the fact that mdlb, just like ddlg, is diet pedophilia. I'm not attracted to underage people by any stretch, but I know fetishizing childlike behaviour and imagery, even in adults, is fucking skeevy.
I don't even know why it turns me on, tbh. It must be some fucked up crossed wires in my head that now associate maternal feelings with my romantic/sexual feelings for men. What went wrong?

No. 91261

Find a footfag? They tend to be submissive.

No. 91306

File: 1533589702627.jpg (492.26 KB, 500x667, original.jpg)

i wanna take a typical fuckboy who has fucked a bunch of girls and use a strapon to cocktrain him so hard that he never fucks anything ever again. i want to alter his mind so that he can't even get off without me fucking him roughly, and i want to make sure that his cock never goes near another pussy/asshole or even a fleshlight.

No. 91450

I'm a lesbian but I'm super into anal and pussy denial, which are typically associated with male doms rather than dommes

I also wish I had a mean domme who would treat me like a pet and whore me out to straight men to use and impregnate

No. 91453

Posted on these threads before, but something I'm actually ashamed of and will never tell a sexual partner about is my pee fetish. It's not even THAT crazy but it sure does make me feel like a creep. Like golden showers and just watching someone relieve themselves. I hate the drinking pee side of it though.

No. 91475

I'd rather not do anything with a footfag, I find feet gross, and I wouldn't like to kiss someone who was just sucking my toes or some shit. How do you even find submissive guys? There's a guy at my work who I'd love to fucking cuddle and all, but I've no idea if he's a sub, and any conversation dies quick even though we have similar interests. fuck me I just want to loving cuddle and fuck a guy while having him call me mommy
That's another aspect of it for not even mentioning it, but for me I'm comfortable knowing I'll never be fucked enough to do that, even if it is diet pedo shit.

No. 91476

Hands, oh god hands especially guys. It's quite tame but sometimes I get really ashamed about it. Bonus points if their knuckles are bruised.
Once during a college lecture I noticed this guy with amazing hands, I just couldn't stop staring at them and ended up not giving a shit about the lecture. I just want them to put their fingers in my mouth ergh,,

Also tentacle porn kek

No. 91521

Same anon. I love hands so much. I just want a guy to hold my wrists, not to pin me down put just to hold them in general.

No. 91737

File: 1533922211541.jpeg (33.52 KB, 540x402, 6D0BA11B-6BA3-4E23-9FCD-37159D…)

Loveless, soulless relationships where neither person is happy but they only have eachother is my kink. Hate sex is okay but frustrating sex which ends in neither person being satisfied is 10/10. Trying to have sex with someone who is so depressed and dead inside they can’t do it is also golden.

No. 91745

How do you even satisfy this one?

No. 91806

Just talking to ultra depressive peoples fills a void, it never goes further then that though (all the people I've spoke have zero sex drive). to There is zero quality unsatisfactory sex stuff online so I just use my imagination.

No. 91817

This makes no sense to me. Why don't you want to be satisfied?

No. 91818

I guess it feels more realistic. I don’t think I could ever truly love someone so I wouldn’t want it to be fake. I would rather it be out in the open that we both hate each other, but there is no chance anyone else would want us so we stay together despite it. Sex would just be boring, something that is done is just to do it and nothing more.

No. 91819

Lately I've been getting off on the thought of my boyfriend fucking someone else, but I have to be involved in it. He would make me sit in the corner with my legs open and watch him fuck some other girl. He would tell me how her pussy feels tight and he'd ask me to eat her ass for it to be ready for him. He would cum inside her while caressing her and moaning and then they would cuddle and I would have to clean them up. When she leaves he would tell me how I've been such a good kitty and then he'd fuck me hard as a reward.

No. 91835

I'm into mpreg and no one should ever find out. It's that one fetish I'd be uncomfortable with even my closest friend or future bf knowing.

No. 91961

I have someone specific in mind but I'll describe my recent crazed fantasy/fetish that I'm not going to share with anybody else. Being in a very slave-like D/S relationship with a dominant, successful businessman who is also extremely pent up with frustrations during his daily life. He'd take it all out on me sexually and I'd do anything he wanted to please him, he'd keep me chained during the day when we weren't having sex but let me sleep with him (with collar) during the night. Also something about him demanding me to get off on his shoes while he is wearing them.

No. 91964

File: 1534105228415.jpeg (195.06 KB, 1080x1350, 169B7B80-A035-4B29-AFFA-4E9C24…)

I’ve been super into impossibly hot girls like that Demi Rose. I get crazy turned on just by looking at her. I recently made a video playlist on YouTube that feature girls who looked similar to this so that my bf thinks it’s just my sex playlist but I’m actually fantasizing about them while he fucks me.

It’s pretty much against everything I publicly claim to stand for so I feel really badly about it.

No. 91966

Eh idk she's kinda gross

No. 91970

Yeah exactly that’s why I’m ashamed

No. 92031

I dig it. I think it'd be easy to do, to mindbreak a guy into being a cockslut, if you found a guy who was interested in chastity. Problem is, most of them, IME, aren't alpha fuccbois; they're usually beta incels.

No. 92062

Holy shit, are you me?

My bf is pretty open minded when it comes to sex but I don't think I'll ever tell him about it.

No. 92152

Oh yeah, I know what you mean. I've got this guy on my discord with just that right kind of long curly hair. I wish I wasn't halfway across the country from him.

No. 92385

File: 1534507182284.png (2.29 MB, 1080x1080, BD7921C0-8E19-451E-8504-FCC695…)

I love the idea of fucking with (and just fucking) a deranged vulnerable drug addict who is so skinny he is barely alive, covered in not just bad but trashy tattoos. I want to coax him into trusting me, and then have him get a slutty tattoo like pic related to remember me by before I walk out of his life.

No. 92395

i have the same fetish with fucking insane mentally ill men, with a straightjacket and all. Especially if I imagine I'm a nurse taking advantage of him.

No. 92396

aww yus, my girls!

No. 92448

Ugh same anon. Mine is pretty lowkey too, I'm not really into seeing people piss on each other and definitely not drink it, but fantasising of girls peeing in public in secret places makes me so goddamn wet in seconds. I'd be pretty ashamed to tell anyone this though.

No. 92466

I'm into martial arts and my ultimate fantasy is getting beaten up by a tall, muscular girl.
I think it started some years ago when an older girl blocked my kick by holding my ankle and dragged me on the floor.
Idk if I should feel ashamed or proud, it's a mixed feeling

No. 92514

I have a chubby fetish because I feel like they won’t leave me due to low self esteem…

No. 92627

I have a lot of weird, and unrealistic fetishes.

One is mind control, both in the zombie-like/fried brain way, the almost possessed and physical pain is obvious whenever a command is spoken, and just the casual do whatever you say kind of way, bonus points if they're not even conscious of their actions later.

Yanderes are also a massive turn on for me, like in the I can't live with out way. Bonus points if they're murderous and have killed others in a jealous rage. Obsessiveness in terms of literally having a shrine dedicated to you (there's so few male ones though so it's a massive bummer, inb4 "Oh anon here's a great thing I recommend!" I've probably already seen it)

Stockholm Syndrome, the idea of locking someone up in a basement and forcing them to love you is kind of hot to me.

Robot husbandos/waifus are great, specifically developing a genuine relationship with them then ruining it all by reminding them they're nothing more than a useless machine is really hot.

Something normal-ish would be hooking up with a slightly sociopathic/psychotic guy that is super cheerful, friendly, popular etc. but when he's with you he's either super fucking sarcastic, mean/rude, cold, or uncaring. I just like the idea of snapping back and being a brat towards someone like that and having little moments where they slip up and show affection towards you or they make it a game to try and make your life a living hell.

Men badly cross-dressing as woman is hot to me. Like Tequilla Joseph, and the entire cross-dressing contest in Persona 4 tier.

Dominant muscle women are also a turn on, bonus points if she has a dick or is a trap.

Typing these out really makes feel ashamed at how stupid/degenerate they are.

No. 92640

File: 1534743836165.jpg (11.65 KB, 236x331, 3449118_orig.jpg)

Lying down in bed and not giving a fuck when having sex.

I like to imagine the guy is making an effort to please you while you make a face like you don't care‚ cold and silent as if you're judging him. He'd get embarrassed and disappointed while doing it but doing the deed anyway. I always imagine like in a scenario where the man, generally an disgusting beta has to pay for sex.

I just love girls being expressionless. Maybe it's because I was teased about it at school?

No. 92646

File: 1534746547078.jpeg (339.05 KB, 631x748, D368E961-9122-408E-85A0-9FA5D4…)

I sound like a horrible person saying this but I probably wouldn’t want a boyfriend with a high self esteem. Guys with lower confidence tend to be clingier (which i like, because I’m always the clingy one). I was disgusted by my ex when he gained weight but he was clingier, asked me not to leave him, etc. which… was affirming especially after he almost cheated on me earlier on in the relationship.

I even have started to find less conventionally attractive features attractive because of this, like dark circles, acne, paleness. I can even find a receding hairline cute if it’s scruffy looking and he tries to hide it. Hoooooo am i a bad person?

No. 92656

Same, anon…

No. 92671

my bf is like this but he's actually considerably attractive. he had horrible self esteem when we met and thinks i'm the only person who will ever love him and he basically does whatever i say. i really care about him so i don't want to abuse it that much but it's just such a turn on.

No. 92675

Yeah, I love petit guys with big noses and always have, but that aside I feel like I've come to fetishize other "unattractive" features (acne, crooked teeth, big ears, receding jawline) as well and can't find 10/10 men attractive at all. I have a cute guy folder and a majority of them are average with awkward features lmao.
For me it's also because I'm a bit counterculture with my sexuality anyway, plus I look kind of funny myself. But at the same time I've never been turned on by the aforementioned 10/10s (or even 7/10s), so perhaps my interest is more genuine than I think? idk. I even prefer looking at imperfect people in day-to-day life, so maybe I just lack aesthetic sense.

I'd never date a fat guy for femdom reasons, though. Can't toss him around. Skellies 4 life.

No. 92741

It's not my fetish, but for some reason, I have this morbid curiosity, and I can't help but occasionally read the cuckquean board on 8ch and reddit.

No. 92791

I like bestiality (men getting fucked by horses). I had my first orgasm after reading one of those stories a couple of years ago. Now I have been obsessed with masturbating ever since.

No. 92793

Why men getting fucked by horses and not you getting fucked by horses, isn't that how it works usually?

No. 92798

It is a good question! For one thing, I only masturbate to gay porn. I think straight porn a lot of the time seems too demeaning to me. I think with gay porn guys seem a lot more tough and can handle rough sex better. I also feel less bad for sexually demeaning guys. Guys seem much more sexual in general to me.

I'm not really into the idea of rough sex at all. Or horses.

No. 92799

oh that's interesting. so even though it's obviously beastiality, it's not really about the fact that it's an animal so much as it's about objectifying a guy and watching him do something really extreme?

No. 92801

Not into horses, but I definitely feel you on the gay porn, anon. Women in porn tend to make me sad and a bit uncomfortable, but I enjoy seeing men get fucked.

No. 92804

I guess so. I also love extreme penetration of guys in general. Something about seeing a guy become a slave to need a big cock in his ass really turns me on. And who has a bigger cock than a horse? lmao

No. 92832

File: 1534899592185.jpg (9.92 KB, 200x225, happy merchant.jpg)

No. 92834

smh a big nose can look aesthetic and very masculine if it's a nice shape and goes with the rest of his features/bone structure

No. 92849

File: 1534910749593.jpg (47.92 KB, 720x540, sorry!!!!!.jpg)

when males self harm. nothing is more adorable then a boy with cut marks on his wrist. one of my ultimate fantasies is watching a cute boy cut himself and me licking his cuts right after. doesnt have to just be cutting either, i love watching a cute boy inflict any pain on himself. burn yourself, gag yourself, taze yourself, hell! jump in front of car!!! i adore it all. gotta say cutting is my absolute fav though!
in general though i think i really like depressed… well. depressed isnt the right word but i dont know what is. self depreciating guys? those types of guys tend to be the most loving and dedicated. even in a nonsexual context, i really genuinely am attracted to guys like that. all i need is a cute self loathing boy whos obbsessed with me and will degrade himself for me. is that too much to ask?
oh and… acne. i think acne is super cute!

No. 92850

Seems like bait

No. 92854

Not that anon but I once watched this gay jewish drama film once and ever since then… I'm not even jew myself and this is so fucking random. I'm tired of these reocurring thoughts. I don't get it.

I think it's cause mainstream porn is mainly a fantasy for men, so the way it treats the women is inherently not gonna be appealing to us. I like gay porn too occasionally but if I'm in the mood for m/f I have a better time reading a trashy erotic novel cause they're written for women

No. 92861

Yeah, some Jewish guys can be super qt although I generally prefer desi men.
This is definitely true, but I find awkward/disproportionate noses more endearing.

Fuck, same. I think it's both due to my sadism and savior complex, sometimes I masturbate while crying thinking about a man being so mentally low (due to emotional/sexual abuse from others) that he ruins his body. Just scars and open wounds everywhere. But I'm there for him and help him get stable, even if it means supporting him for the rest of our lives. Sometimes in this fantasy I also begin abusing him myself after convincing him I'm safe. Depends on my mood.

It may partially be because I used to cut as well and it's a sexually degenerae coping mechanism since I quit. I'd also never date another SHer irl, it's just fantasy. In my experience most of us have pent up rage and I'm not dealing with someone like me in that regard.
Although one could argue that sexual masochism itself is SH.

No. 92865

I want to be a sexbot, getting tested for reactions by my inventor.
I think I went too deep into the DBH hell, but I kind of really want to be restrained and forced into tests for sensitivity to see how genuine my reaction would be for a piece of plastic/metal.

Also just extreme restraints and even amputation, so that I'm being completely helpless when teased and poked and prodded.

No. 92893

I feel you anon. Me too, but with big dogs. It just seems more plausible to take a dog dick than a horse dick and live to tell the story.

this is absolutely it for me. The degradation and objectification of the man.

No. 93375

File: 1535360826948.jpeg (52.62 KB, 400x400, 6D8981AD-47EC-409A-9E6A-EFA807…)

War in general is hawt as fuck. Whenever I would learn about things like WW2 I would imagine fucked up sexual situations that would arise from it. One of the worst ones was two nazi soldiers getting caught by the opposition and instead of killing them, using them for extra labor until they find out the captured nazis are crippled and just use them as sex slaves for their soldiers instead

No. 93428

File: 1535425163854.png (317.13 KB, 506x316, polygamy.png)

Fundamentalist Christianity with reversed gender roles. I want to live in a Mormon commune out in the desert where women are religious leaders, and have 3 or 4 sweet submissive husbands who believe that obeying me like my word is God's word is the only way for them to get to heaven. They all wear cute prairie dresses, do all the cooking and cleaning, and get a little too excited when I have to discipline them for being sinful.

No. 93442

>tfw I didn't know I needed this fantasy in my life

No. 93502

File: 1535497197932.jpeg (52.85 KB, 400x327, A9EC14D6-D1B1-4F99-905E-548585…)

I want a hindley/brady relationship but with the woman leading the crime. I don’t have any homocidal urges, but the thought of two of you trusting each other so much to get away with murder is comforting.

No. 93517

That sounds great. Tbh if it was a woman leading, the man's devotion and desire make her happy would be sweet. Hyper devoted men are dreamy

No. 93519


not exactly what you're talking about and slightly OT, but you might find the case of serial killer Joanna Dennehy and her two male accomplices interesting.


No. 94151

File: 1536044996622.jpg (134.36 KB, 1080x1283, 100cat.jpg)

any fetish that humiliates and degrades Nazis is fine in my book!

No. 94154

this stuff is really fucked up considering the stuff that happened in asia in WW2…

i still agree…

i'm so fucked up.

No. 94164

This is completely insane but lately I have been plagued by the thought of being raped by an (attractive) arab guy while he calls me a "western whore" and berates me even more when I can't help but cum under him.

No. 94168

I want to get gangbanged by my bf and his clones.

sadly no way to make this a reality. Is this even a fetish?

In case it isn't, I want a futa to dick me down. Best of both worlds, the softness of a woman but not one of those dainty small futas, but the amazonian strongk but still good looking ones.

Oh, monsterbois, aesthetic ones though not the ugly ones. Beautiful ones tyvm

No. 94171

File: 1536081494748.jpeg (126 KB, 747x645, 54807FC1-8C82-48ED-96C2-947832…)

This you, anon?

No. 94172

Yes!! I blame it on romance mangas and dramas but I want this as long as he secretly has a thing for me and isn't being an asshole just to be an asshole. Kind of like he'd be in denial that he likes me or something but not in a tsundere way, I can't describe it.

I guess my worst fetishes are rape, chikan, and peeing (which I only discovered recently). A guy who has complete control over me and I have to pee but he wont let me go and makes me do it in front of him is so embarrassing and hot. Blah…

No. 94180

Only porn I watch is chikan. But only if it's the japanese kind where weirdly, nobody around notices and the girl isn't crying, upset or overtly trying to get away (but not enjoying too much, still)

Last time I talked about it to a guy, he made me feel ashamed about the fact that it was rape and all that.

No. 94181

i think it's a fetish i want my bf to go gay with his clones tbh.

No. 94185


Funny thing is I also hate beards and circumcision, but yeah for some reason I have this kink

No. 94186

>tfw I have a fetish for the reverse, domming and degrading men from known misogynistic countries
Just hand him over after he makes you cum and I'll stick a knife up his asshole or something, okay?

No. 94187

well that's my other weird ass fetish is violating super religious men and eventually having them give in to the pleasure and renounce their god
i actually did a lot of looking into abu ghraib but as far as i can tell there was no female-on-male rape.

No. 94188

File: 1536095751611.jpg (Spoiler Image, 35.88 KB, 350x232, AG-10B.JPG)

Yeah, that is a bit disappointing.

Do you also find yourself getting off to articles describing female-on-male domestic abuse/rape (especially forced anal)? In the past I've felt guilt over it, but in reality men are barely human and deserve it lmao.
This case in particular was really nice:

No. 94193

File: 1536098920883.jpg (41.14 KB, 480x542, 1532488296868.jpg)


You chicks are starting to scare me

Anyway: When I was younger I disproportionately formed crushes on dead guys. Don't know why. I think something about the impossibility of it made it appealing. Tfw no cute zombie bf.

No. 94195

clone gangbang is totally a fetish. Its banging a guy you love x3 or x4 or whatever. They're all hot and love you and can be trusted. The closest you could get is banging a pair of twins or triplets.

No. 94196

No, tbh I'm much more into the emotional torment than directly inflicting pain. One example I can think of is the scene from AHS:Asylum where Sister Mary Eunice rapes Monseigneur Howard.

Also nice pic

Yeah I never thought about a clone gangbang before seeing her post but it makes a lot of sense

No. 94198

mildly related, but i just want to fuck a clone of myself. not for narcissistic reasons, i just think i am the only person who i could be completely open and non-self-conscious with and also that is like peak masturbation isn't it?

No. 94202

Relatable, but for narcissistic reasons.

No. 94204

If I ever bang a girl I only want to bang a girl that looks like me so uh, same

No. 94210

Yeah, idk but the idea of being completely filled/smothered by my bf in every hole sounds like heaven. Only if it's him though, I can't stand the idea of a gangbang of just random strangers or even friends/siblings of his.

Him and only him. Weep for me girls. This is one thing I can never experience and it sucks.

No. 94218

Some people get good enough at lucid dreaming they use it for sex. This is probably the only way.

No. 94236

yeah i don't even like myself that much but i'd definitely fuck me

No. 94250

i wish we had more domming of psychopathic men, they're the perfect sex slaves

No. 94466

File: 1536262004964.jpeg (77.09 KB, 1024x576, 692F7466-FC18-42B6-8099-ED6BA4…)

I have this one as well but not necessarily with long hair, just any indigenous often oppressed minority of an occupied country - including (maybe somewhat mixed) Australian aboriginals like pic related. In theory I know the racial fetization stuff is off and yuck, which is why I’m ashamed of it, but I’ve realized a lot of them subconsciously lean that way for me. Hopefully saying it can help me shake it, because I’ve never talked or even thought about it to myself too much in depth.

Ugh, these too. For the latter I’ve read up a lot on the subject but couldn’t find anything blatantly implied either. I guess all of these kind of connect to the previous one though. I’ve always had a thing for swarthy non-white/non-black men with sharp features, (usually Native Americans, Latinos, Arabs, sometimes Indians,) especially in a historical setting, where it’s forbidden and they are especially vilified, even if (especially if) they aren’t the main characters love interest. Thankfully at least 25% of the historical romance genre is dedicated to this subject, which is embarrassing as it is, but at least I know there’s something I can resort to.

No. 94471

I'm a lesbian so this is really weird, I just want to be inseminated by my wife while the sperm donor who is our close friend sits back and watches as she syringes a load of come inside me and then gives me an orgasm so my cervix drinks up his seed.

Tfw no wife or close sperm donor friend.

No. 94483

Sounds weirdly hot

It's a bit like cucking, I like the idea of a guy having to jerk off alone and then watch someone else get his fun

No. 94529

File: 1536315413440.png (21.08 KB, 275x205, 1531872096284.png)

this doubles as a shameful fetish AND a retarded crush but: I have a crush on my drill sergeant. I'm on leave for an injury right now and a few nights ago I wound up having a vivid sex dream about him where he fucked me and forced me to say "yes/no/faster/harder/etc., Drill Sergeant" the whole time while he choked me with my ID tags and called me degrading names and I wound up orgasming myself awake. Now I have a fetish for being dominated but only within a military context. I probably won't be able to look him in the eye when I get back.

No. 94586

I like pooping myself.

No. 94592

sorry for kinkshaming but ew

No. 94594

don't be sorry anon, I deserve it.

No. 94602

I'm guilty of something similar. A customer that comes into my work building ocassionally, walked in one day wearing a suit and tie and damn did he look good. He's kinda cute to begin with and has a really hot bod but jesus christ. When I saw him that day, all I could think about was him domming tf out of me, choking me with his tie, and making me do and say embarrassing things for him. Now whenever I see him, I get really turned on and embarrassed thinking about how involuntarily dirty my thoughts are towards this stranger.

No. 94604

damn lol. glad to know I'm not alone!

No. 94617

I'm really into the idea of being trained by a hot, sadistic, intimidating drill sergeant in the army. He would scream at me, push me to my physical limits and beyond, humilating me in front of the group for showing signs of exhaustion and/or for trying to cheat on exercises out of desperation, hoping he wouldn't notice it. He'd notice everything though, even if he wouldn't seem to observe me any more than the other recruits, he wouldn't care for me as a person.
In the end I'd lay face down on the ground, too exhausted to do anything at all, not even able to open my eyes

No. 94619

File: 1536398029773.png (134.76 KB, 635x615, valak.PNG)

I watched that nun movie today and I was really turned on.
I just want a demon bf/gf. I guess I should be ashamed.

No. 94620

I'm the other drill sergeant anon and I'm really glad this is apparently common lmao. The sad thing is that the ds I dreamed about is actually pretty chill and takes female trainees' issues really seriously, especially sexual violence and harassment. He's pretty hot but I wasn't even that attracted to him until I had that stupid violent sex dream.

>tfw no spooky nun gf

No. 94623

It would be great to have a separate thread for the uniform fetish or for men/women in suits… I loved the peek into the Nazi uniform anon's collection in the last thread.

No. 94631

File: 1536406113133.jpg (18.65 KB, 480x488, 1487714145915.jpg)

Physical and verbal abuse, I want to degrade my partner and reduce them to nothing more than a submissive play thing, I feel horrible whenever I get off to the idea but it's been with me ever since I can remember, also like uniforms and knife play(not actually cutting someone but like putting a knife up to their neck or slowly running the tip over their skin without causing any cuts)

what is wrong with me

No. 94723

Nothing sad about it anon, you just happened to have a sex dream about him. Didn't make any allegations about him irl.
It could be a little awkward next time you see him, lol. Did you know you were into this type of fantasy?

No. 94755

Are you me? I want to be raped by a man wearing something like this, but more all black. Definitely my fetish. That mystery mixed with rape fantasy.

No. 94758

go kill yourself robot

No. 94761

I guess "sad" is the wrong word to use, I just feel (irrationally) bad for having such a violent and rapey dream about someone who I know is an advocate against sexual violence.

>Did you know you were into this type of fantasy?

nope lol I'm pretty vanilla.

No. 94774

crooked teeth and cross eyes. idk if it's really a full on fetish but they're both features i find attractive in people, especially if they're already hot. i'm just ashamed bc wtf does that say about me? it's pretty creepy.

No. 94775

File: 1536561886582.gif (683.51 KB, 498x280, 1536046277016.gif)

having sex with a gay man (well i guess now a very male-leaning bisexual man). i want him to feel disgusted and degraded that's he's fucking me, and want to be done with it as quickly as possible. ideally i force him to cum in me or eat me out as he calls me a perverted slut for making him do this.

No. 94777

File: 1536562161208.jpg (15.9 KB, 306x312, moto rider-crop-u2766.jpg)

go fuck yourself, Im a woman, I just like that casual bondage look.

No. 94778

i think what they were reacting to was the rape fantasy part, not the concealed face part. that's super common. there's something really hot about characters like jason and pyramid head too. and any random fit looking guy with a helmet on a bike.

No. 94779

aw come on with everything else in thread 'rape fantasy' would be the thing? haha.

No. 94784

File: 1536564295860.png (168.83 KB, 620x617, bela-lugosi-dracula.png)

Basic bitch vampire fetish. I can get off just reading the blood sucking scenes.

No. 94810

Same tbh. I love that bulky soldier gear too with the helmets. Russian unis really seem to do it for me.

Idk what that anons problem is, there's other posters itt who wrote about their rape fantasies.

No. 94818

Really? I thought "getting dommed by a man in uniform" is a pretty vanilla fetish, compared to most of this thread.

No. 94861

File: 1536632788895.jpg (Spoiler Image, 524 KB, 1200x625, vampire_bite_by_patrickdeza-d8…)


No. 94908

Rape fantasies are common and this IS the shame fetish thread for a reason

No. 95134

File: 1536864953017.png (66.49 KB, 288x362, zRRnf45.png)

I'm disgusted with my kinks, because I'm all for independence and about powerful women… But my kinks on another hand include light spanking with hand (probably comes from my Catholic background) and just being pinned down in general but not with too much power. I'm not to keen on aggressive people.

And the most shameful of them all is light somnophilia. Is there any other anons that lean towards sleeping beauty syndrome.

No. 95139

Quick edit: I just find it arousing that someone loves and lusts after me so much that they can't keep themselves from caressing while I'm asleep. And its needs to be consensual of course with strictly set rules.

No. 95155

i think "vanilla" maledom is disgusting lol

No. 95160

Jeez, what is evolution right? Or even society wise we can observe men are more often aggressive and assertive then women which would translate well into them being more dominant then women.

No. 95165

I have a fantasy of breaking my boyfriend completely and entirely, until he's a perfect slave who only exists to serve me in every way possible. The sexual part would be training him to get me off with his mouth multiple times a day. He could be in the middle of doing something, but I would push him down to his knees, press myself against his face, and he would accept it with a smile and do his hardest to please me. Also, I would want him to endure pain in the same way. Often I would get the urge to beat him for a prolonged period of time. He would accept anything I would do to him: slapping him in the face, punching him in the stomach and jaw, stepping all over him. He would have a headstrong, stubborn attitude at first, but the constant abuse would chip away at his will to the point where he would break down in tears. I would also do scary things like tying him up and blindfolding him, and running a knife over his skin while I watch his terrified and panicked reactions.

In our normal every day life if he disagreed with me or did something against my wishes, I would slap him hard across the face, knee him in the balls until he dropped to his knees, and he would gracefully accept it, apologize, and beg me to do what I want to him as repentance. He would actively put me first no matter what. Eventually it would get to the point where he got so good at anticipating my needs where I wouldn't need to discipline him physically anymore, and he would become extremely doting and lovey-dovey (I know this isn't how abuse works, it's a fantasy). There would be no resistance by now, because he realizes that making me happy is his true life's purpose. He is genuinely happy from the bottom of his heart knowing he belongs to me, that I broke him down and shaped him into my property.

It's a pretty impossible fantasy, obviously abusive, and extremely edgy, but it's all I think about recently.

No. 95168

Relatable, anon.
That's the ultimate goal in life, to have a bf like that.

No. 95225

women aren't submissive by nature, they're just socialized to be.

No. 95229

Exactly this. The other person is basically memeing and they don't even know it.

No. 95231

Please seek help anon. If you actually have a boyfriend I hope he runs.

No. 95236

lmao why? its just a fantasy uwu. Plus some men deserve it.

No. 95237

File: 1536939912730.jpg (30.51 KB, 634x385, 44EC495A00000578-4938358-image…)

>some men deserve it

No. 95238

I'm not that anon btw

No. 95241

You'd be suprised how many men out there want this, anon. Femdom is a pretty common fetish among modern guys. You just gotta look in the right places.

No. 95244

i have never related so hard in my life
this is exactly right, as a 12 yr old i thought that women having rape fantasies was just a meme and a weak argument men would use against them, and also remember seeing on some shitty 'help' show (maybe it was doctor phil) women complaining their husband is too passive and too 'nice' and just thought maybe they were crazy bitches that no actual woman is like that. for a long time i thought my feelings were the norm and wondered why shitty shoujo manga where the guy was forceful was so popular. sometimes i wish i was into being submissive so i wouldnt feel so alienated trying to self insert into mainstream romance movies/books.
hey where might these 'right places' be anon?

No. 95250

I identify with your second point here, I thought it was an exaggeration when people said women prefer dominant men. It was disappointing to find out that most women are sub af and therefore most men are doms.
I grew up in a household where my mom was pretty socially dominant and she's currently the sole breadwinner of our house. My bio dad was an awful guy but she dealt with that strongly after he showed his shitty side, she was never a passive woman. So maybe it is socialization, since my expectations were shaped by the relations my closest female role model had with men.

Any other dommes with similar experiences? Or is it innate?

No. 95255

It is not entirely a fantasy, some of it is real. However, the difference being is that it's not to that extreme degree, and he always consents to whatever we do. I do love him from the bottom of my heart and I treat him very well, I am not abusive.

Not really. A lot of men into femdom really just want women to rough them up in the overly specific ways that gets them hard. They don't actually have any interest in submitting, doing what the woman wants, or making her happy, it's all about them. Men who are submissive in relationships are extremely rare.

Look at femdom porn. It's all focused on the "submissive" man. I do like stuff like pegging, CBT, orgasm denial, etc, but femdom porn gets it all wrong. It ends up being only different ways to get men off. There's never any mutual pleasure. The women never enjoys or gets off from it.

>wondered why shitty shoujo manga where the guy was forceful was so popular
That stuff is awful but made me realize how common it is as well. It actually makes me sad how much rape is prevalent in manga for young girls, when you would expect innocent bubbly romance. Quite strange.

No. 95488

My shameful fetish is non-consentual sexualisation, not rape-y stuff but molestation, voyerism or creepshots. There are some videos I've seen online where a girls clothes get pulled off while she's crowdsurfing or catching someones clothes falling off/down and even upskirts do it for me.

I always feel guilty when I look at real material like this but drawn stuff usually ruins the appeal or doesn't do it well. Even thinking about it gets me wet instantly.

No. 95494

File: 1537210394836.jpg (Spoiler Image, 113.68 KB, 1920x1080, destinationcalabria.jpg)

relatable. scenarios like this were one of the first things that ever turned me on. i don't like it when the girl is obviously upset or when the other person is in frame, it's mainly when the sexualization seems "by chance" "accidental" or "from the universe." crowdsurfing or creepshots work too because they appear anonymous in a sea of people. it used to make me feel guilty af but i think it's just an early development relic from when i wanted to see naked/sexy women but didn't want to fully admit my desire and was too intimidated to witness someone else's desire, so i liked these detached scenarios where the girl isn't being sexual on purpose, and aggressor is unidentified or nonexistent. it's not the only or main thing that turns me on anymore so i'm not too concerned, but damn does it work.

No. 95563

I actually prefer it from the perspective of being the girl who is being seen, but I like your analysis of it.

No. 95566

Taking a sexy naked tied-up man and just going all out hitting him and using knives and such.
I have had fantasies like this since like age 12.
I am the nicest girl ever irl. Total softie.

No. 95568

The porn industry is for men. I wish there was independent movies made by and for women with actual hot men doing stuff that is actually pleasing.

No. 95569

Not too crazy but I do have a thing for very very very light femdom.
I just want a guy to call me "mommy" while I call him "good boy" and stroke his hair and stuff.

No. 95576

That's…kinda cute.

No. 95581

Have fun with all the manbabies who have mommy complexes.

No. 95590

For me I'd love to do light femdom roleplay with a guy who isn't that into it (or thinks he's not). He'd get really embarrassed while calling me "mommy" but then as he gets closer to getting off the shame fades and he gets more and more into it.

No. 95673

I've experienced this! My mom definitely wears the pants in her relationship with my dad. She's pretty shitty and abusive and I try really hard not to emulate her example, but it's undeniable that I grew up watching a woman leading her relationship. But I don't like to think that I got my sexual preferences from my parents, so I tell myself that it's innate.

I like this to a smaller degree. Stockholm syndrome is pretty hot, but I'm too soft to really abuse someone. I think I'd be nice to him 99% of the time, and occasionally I'd snap just to freak him out, but it would always be followed by holding and comforting him, going "you don't think I'd really be mean to you like that, do you sweetie? I'm sorry you imagined something so horrible, let me make you feel better". Obviously I'd never do this in real life.

No. 95740

Have you guys heard of the Ashura (sp?) holiday? I’ve seen some articles and videos on it, it’s some pretty strange stuff, the way the observance is carried out by some. You may find it interesting.

No. 95749

I'm a lazy fuck so can you link me to what it has to do with sex?

No. 95757

Absolutely nothing, it’s basically more (self) violence/degradation inclined which seemed to an extent to be somewhat what some of those posts were getting at. It’s apparently celebrated through some form of self-flagellation.

No. 96338

I want a hot woman to domme me. I want to be used as a footstool while I lick her pussy.

I want her to hurt me. I want her to pull my hair and call me a filthy slut.

And I never want her to touch my pussy, or make me cum.

Or, being dommed by anyone in a language I don't know and being punished for not understanding orders.

No. 96343

Why don't you wanna get off?

No. 96345


I just wanna be used. If they want to make me cum, thats fine and I'll do it, but I just wanna be used to make someone happy and pleased.

No. 96370

i keep having rape fantasies while i masturbate except im the one doing the raping. i also like somnophilia where im the one doing the molesting.
and i like blood. and also i like boys crying.

lmao im such a degenerate

No. 96372

Thoughts on >>94187?

No. 96373

Same but they need to be grown men.

No. 96374

Big mood. Do you also get the urges to act on them? It's gotten serious for me in the past.
Rape is just the ultimate form of sexual dominance.

No. 96375

pls get some help anon, go to therapy.

No. 96378

I have this weird thing where I'm into fucking vegetables. Like, literally buying cucumbers and zucchinis just to bring them home and use as dildos. It's exciting just thinking about it, even though it feels like I'm thinking about something weird or taboo.

I've speculated long and hard on why this is such a turn on for me, but I won't go on (unless anyone can relate or wants to know lol). It's not just vegetables, I read a story years ago where a girl inserted a condom-wrapped sausage into another girl and I think about that all the time.

I guess I feel so weird about it in part because there's never porn made about this sort of thing. Any sort of "food play" material revolves around stuff I'm not into, rather than just food insertion.

Idk I feel like such a weirdo lol

No. 96383


surprisingly wholesome, it is weird but I can't hate this.

No. 96384

I tried it once but veggies are hard and unpleasant. Do you really think they feel good?

No. 96385

If it has gotten serious you need to do something about yourself.

No. 96400

File: 1537584754473.jpg (144.42 KB, 500x500, 1532604846833.jpg)

Anyone else have a hard time fantasizing about real people? Unless it is someone I'm currently sleeping with I just can't get into a fantasy involving a real person because I get too caught up in wondering what they would think. Like it is almost disrespectful somehow lol, "No no I'd never do it like that, very unrealistic".

I pretty much exclusively fantasize about imaginary men, 2d anime guys, or someone I am actively sleeping with. With exception of the last, them not being real is a benefit. Who cares what the fantasy is if they're not real? As a concept I don't think hentai or doujinshis are that weird but I do feel embarrassed by it. I just can't make my brain shut up enough to fantasize about people that actually exist!

Written erotica is fine too.

No. 96401

i'm kind of like that but i'm fine with irl actors and celebs, and the celebs only if it's sort of an "alternate universe" like i'm not quite me but i'm their groupie or something. i guess i kind of make a half assed self insert character that i think they would bang. i generally don't think about real people i know irl in a realistic setting because it does make me feel like i'm being disrespectful.

No. 96404


The hardness is part of what I like about it I guess. I've tried tomatoes and stuff but they're too soft to really feel anything.

The shapes are attractive to me, for some reason my mind can relax knowing that they're not shaped like actual penises. Guess I have issues lol

No. 96406

File: 1537588069432.png (21.57 KB, 158x158, laugh_and_sans.png)

i just want a man to seduce me, and be the object of the desire. even in fucking femdom porn the guy is completely nonsexy and passive while the woman is doing all the work. doesn't even matter if he's dom or sub, i want him to laugh, smile, go redfaced, and stick his tongue out me. why the fuck is this so hard to find.

No. 96407

when you say it like that it doesn't seem very weird. you like penetration but are intimidated or turned off by actual dicks.
but why veggies specifically and not just an undetailed dildo? i guess the taboo thing?

No. 96408

you mean like cherry tomatoes or roma tomatoes?

No. 96409

god relatable. this is the only thing i'm into for men and it's pretty simple. i like to objectify cute guys in the most simple of ways. i'm not trying to objectify myself or get off to the concept

No. 96410

I'm interested in the logistics of this. Do you use a condom for the veg? Do you eat them when you're done?

No. 96414

lol when I was a desperate horny teenager I did this with bananas. surprisingly painful if the banana was too curved haha

No. 96421

It's not just veggies, mentioned sausage above. Yeah it's mostly driven by the taboo feeling I guess

Roma lmao.

It feels better without a condom, but wearing one is the wiser thing to do. Of course I thoroughly wash all the produce, before and after, but I can never bring myself to eat them.

No. 96424

I just have this fetish of being on some drug and just being told what to do.

No. 96428


No. 96445

>tfw knew a guy who flirted with me by making self-objectifying statements like this but then he ended up not wanting to take the relationship further
They're out there though.

No. 96473

File: 1537646426614.jpg (70.79 KB, 1024x819, dante_impaled_by_glyder319.jpg)

You know when you're playing a video game and the male character you're playing as gets hit and makes sounds? Yeah.

No. 96490

File: 1537653165668.gif (972.15 KB, 245x180, gif.gif)

Pretty vanilla, but domming from time to time the top in your lesbian relationship feels so great. Especially if she's a cute tomboy who's very protective of you and usually in charge.
With and without a strap-on, of course

No. 96513

i think about that blowfly girl story a lot. kinda hot

No. 96583

anon please…

No. 96585

Anon you are living the dream, I'm jealous

No. 96586

Lately I've been really into the idea of fisting a guy. Sad that I was disgusted by goatse as a younger teen but now it's a turn on.
At least I'm not into scat.

No. 96587

Don't be anon, you will find the right girl too! (I'd say to just avoid the stereotypical butch girls and the "don't touch me" studs who think it's shameful to be penetrated, they make awful girlfriends anyway)

No. 96685

I really want to know if "mutilation fetish" posters would get off to this.
Posting rebbit link just to avoid direct video link.


No. 96688

Stop being so overly sensitive

No. 96689

> i thought that women having rape fantasies was just a meme and a weak argument men would use against them
Honestly it's still not even that common as talked about

No. 96696

>tfw it's actually one of your kinks to amputate all of a man's limbs
He even has the body type I find fuckable. Too bad it wasn't in an actual femdom setting where he would be made into a sex doll.

Also probably a criminal in life, although I know there are girls here who are even more excited about that prospect.

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