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File: 1713462686572.gif (Spoiler Image,1.61 MB, 290x250, 90C75F2F-16BE-4027-8334-61238E…)

No. 392162

>lazy bitches couldn’t be bothered to make a new one edition
>cristoph waltz posting

Post men who are unconventionally attractive, gross, unattractive, average, ugly, creepy/weird, or shameful for their reputation.

>>>/g/369161(don't use images/gifs like this or spoiler them)

No. 392172

Thought he was kissing another man while scrolling

No. 392182

The OP pic makes me so uncomfortable, I am vomit

No. 392185

Stooooop nonna that gif makes me horny. Now I'm going to always be horny while on /g/

No. 392194

the duality of man

No. 392195

File: 1713470269688.gif (1.59 MB, 311x300, C964BCC1-A338-43A6-A5A8-F89F42…)

I would never mentally ill post again if I had access to a scrote who looked like him. I don’t care about his moon man chin. Sigh

No. 392197

File: 1713470294542.jpeg (46.04 KB, 480x360, IMG_0041.jpeg)

i’m about to bussss, i’m gonna buss

No. 392203

Just think that those mouths have touched buttholes before being positioned like that

No. 392204

stop ruining the fantasy and start posting your unconventional moid

No. 392207

File: 1713474978968.gif (9.92 MB, 498x498, dim.gif)

i posted one of my other ones in the wrong thread, thinking it was a remake of this one, oops.
you are so real for this. he's so cute

No. 392208

File: 1713475605158.jpg (Spoiler Image,326.3 KB, 914x708, 592a1e8cb06c5977676982de2c86ef…)

pretty uncomfortable scene but dim was cute to me all the while. sorry.
i also hate the coquettish way alex is sitting here. he's such a slut and i'm glad he had a terrible time through a lot of the movie, i wish we saw more of the other droogs being abused though kek

No. 392210

I was reminded of that movie from a vid I was watching a few days ago. It makes me sad one of the faggots in that gang were raping women though, turns me off a bit. Unless that isn’t A Clockwork Orange I’m gonna kms kek

No. 392251

File: 1713500419994.png (410.63 KB, 612x434, undated-picture-of-us-film-dir…)

I’m obsessed with him, it’s becoming a problem. I’ve got hundreds of pictures of him saved on my phone. I hate him. I’ll buy his stupid wine and see Megalopolis though.

No. 392253

File: 1713501111000.jpg (195.07 KB, 800x1104, Ernest_Shackleton_before_1909.…)

>charming and fearless edwardian era irish explorer

Cillian Murphy wishes he had even a fraction of this guy's swagger

No. 392272

File: 1713510331579.jpg (214.08 KB, 500x402, oliver_reed_tweed_pig_sweater …)

He had swag

No. 392273

File: 1713511545328.png (237.53 KB, 1200x702, John Cazale The Godfather Part…)

love this shot

No. 392275

File: 1713512058204.jpg (77.78 KB, 500x605, dbf1dd99da50591aec46adbfa1859b…)

No. 392350

would argue that pacino was a cute back in the day but you know those gatekeeping nonas on the other thread would not have it

No. 392372

File: 1713562434625.gif (1.39 MB, 250x280, 771a7432c47334c6ced161b1a77105…)

Although I consider him attractive and charming, I can understand why they could think he was ugly. I also think he is more visually appealing than some of the other men who have been posted in these threads.

No. 392378

That explorer guy is ugly but Gayllian Murphy is uglier

No. 392399

They'd throw him out based on height alone

No. 392402

File: 1713580854025.jpg (588.36 KB, 1023x1262, alexbuttlolol.jpg)

yeah there is a notable rape scene in the film, though at the very least it's not meant to be sexy.
i'm retarded about this movie for the wrong reasons. i think the droogs are uglycute.

No. 392409

File: 1713584132902.png (209.87 KB, 401x371, vHXQYIF-2634214541.png)

Ulillillia, somehow his mannerisms and way of speaking are just adorable to me.

No. 392414

I wonder if he even likes sex.

No. 392422

Is he still online?

No. 392425

File: 1713597274168.jpeg (22.5 KB, 350x197, IMG_6042.jpeg)

I had the weirdest crush on Rik Mayall when I was little. Even though Drop Dead Fred was THE WORST I wished he was my imaginary friend

No. 392432

File: 1713602640395.jpg (22.44 KB, 460x276, 648216138bc84dba35ad978676f199…)

when he's not styled or acting like a loon (but let's face it that's why he was so great) he honestly was kinda hot

No. 392437

File: 1713609011454.jpeg (52.5 KB, 435x580, 3A0937C7-F4C7-470D-85D1-4890D7…)

same. in every role he has some kind of hurricane energy that instantly sucks you in. i mentioned this to my friend and she was completely horrified and said he looks like boris johnson kek.

No. 392464

I love him soooo much and I was so sad when he died. I’m Bri’ish and literally all I grew up on was his comedy series and films. He was so funny, beautiful and charismatic too. My childhood crush.

No. 392465

Damn he was really hot when he was young. Why did his face get weirdly broad as he aged? He looked better like this.

No. 392500

Probably not lol

There's a channel on youtube called Ullillillia archive that seems to have relatively recent uploads from him, from their comments they seem to be in contact with him somehow

No. 392547

No. 392672

my ex gf used to tell me about her fantasies of him as a result of watching drop dead fred as a teenager kek i support you rik mayall anon

No. 392900

Stupid nonna hasn't heard of the inevitable head expansion that befalls all moids as they age. Why do you think Leo DiCaprio looks like a retarded tadpole now?

No. 392999

File: 1713860168721.jpeg (356.18 KB, 2000x1000, IMG_0339.jpeg)

I love these hideous incest moids.

No. 393061

File: 1713886787264.jpeg (78.58 KB, 736x736, IMG_0138.jpeg)

am I valid

No. 393111

Honestly yes, anything is better than Dwarko or whatever his sons' name is

No. 393218

Dwarko??? I'm dying lmao

No. 393247

File: 1713962636654.jpeg (102.88 KB, 720x1080, f9f8c013-7d1b-4f79-bf88-9590c1…)

Someone called this cutie ugly in ugly male psyop thread (lol) but I disagree. He was pretty in "mysterious skin" albeit in the nerdy glasses. Totally my type - soft dirty blond hair, puppy blue eyes, full lips, good jaw lineunderage it's a joke. But op who posted him was right, and he already looked like absolute shit in "melancholy" so I stopped carrying. The current look is so vile that my brain refused to process the image. Male aging is a tragedy.

No. 393250

File: 1713962777188.png (700.67 KB, 752x747, 1712334698269.png)

>No he gained weight to be in the 'Funny Games' Haneke remake and claimed it was hard because he was so naturally skinny. Not that hard apparently seeing as he forgot to stop
Men should be shamed so much for their inability to keep good looks it's unbelievable

No. 393252


No. 393256

>Left: when he's your boyfriend
>Right: when you get married

No. 393258

No. 393259

Honestly same. Moid tongues are so gross knowing how they barely brush their teeth and always have food in their teeth and white/yellowish yack on their tongue.

No. 393262

File: 1713964787159.jpg (24.34 KB, 736x532, d9820b561aef196178a8aab93c7833…)

Roger Waters anon from the last thread has converted me…he's so cute! I love his long face lol

No. 393263

File: 1713964851579.jpg (86.9 KB, 800x1111, 26562345-6eba-4ac3-8161-8e4c58…)

Love me some tall skinny boys.

No. 393268

my mum was asked out by this guy in a pub in the 90s and she told me she had to say no because she thought he was "weird looking"

No. 393325

i thought you meant the dark haired guy on the left..blonde dude looks like human shrek even before getting old

No. 393642

File: 1714089788657.gif (Spoiler Image,975.36 KB, 320x240, joshgif.gif)

it's me again with another glass of wine

No. 393653

File: 1714094077366.png (683.45 KB, 651x638, woody.png)

I want a foot faced bri'ish moid

No. 393671

File: 1714098898256.jpeg (1.59 MB, 3464x3464, 42FA5EEE-3255-4D96-B59C-6E134A…)

Roger waters anon here scrolling through and didn’t expect to see him! I’m so glad you love him, he’s so astonishingly pretty and unique looking. He’s very beautiful to me and he has the perfect body, everything is perfect! Anyway here are a few pics of him I’m sure you’d appreciate my nonny dear. His hands are huge and so soft looking! And he has the most stunning side profile I’ve ever seen

No. 393745

File: 1714134155192.gif (4.89 MB, 270x202, tumblr_4a77077a71811f281bfcf59…)

Saved! I absolutely get it. Ever since I saw him on the last thread I can't stop looking at him. Need that medieval peasant boy!

No. 393746

He looks like what Adam Driver is in the minds of his fangirls. The difference between them is ‘horse faced monster” VS a pony boy… he’s a bit too ugly for me but there’s a youthful charm about him

No. 393753

Sometimes the accent is all you need..

No. 393843

File: 1714160790788.jpg (186.32 KB, 700x1045, JohnnyRotten-1.jpg)

>I want a foot faced bri'ish moid
I feel you

No. 393850

File: 1714161975108.jpeg (23.1 KB, 419x426, 8c1a4522-8364-4021-9e24-a41a27…)

>blonde dude looks like human shrek
That's a bit extreme but I lol'd

No. 393855

Johnny was so cute and smart and even his wife said he was purer and a much more decent human than all the other scrotes in the band

No. 393865

File: 1714164291397.gif (539.66 KB, 500x344, EC24C5C6-A578-4853-945B-E2D996…)

Never thought I'd see Roger in one of these threads. Knowing I'm not alone in my obsession with him makes me feel almost jealous kek
He's the only moid I would legitimately call beautiful.

No. 393866

File: 1714164441183.gif (1.83 MB, 245x194, Tumblr_l_274776539278069.gif)

He's just really slutty like all the time

No. 393867

File: 1714164510301.jpg (34.79 KB, 736x576, 580a26b93b7cb27f3567f62df835c4…)

And lest we forget, his cock is huge. Sorry for spamming lmao

No. 393925

File: 1714172928314.jpeg (73.52 KB, 442x665, IMG_1090.jpeg)

Arghhhhhh he’s too perfect….. I need to sperg about him, do any of you guys have discord so we can make a containment server or something?

No. 393974

Pleeease! I want to join the Roger Waters discord server!

No. 394014

File: 1714216236787.jpg (26.1 KB, 236x302, IMG_20240427_130932.jpg)


Yeah, I'd be up for that for sure

No. 394019

>he was purer and a much more decent human than all the other scrotes in the band
I believe it. He reminds me of Jello from DK in terms of being unusually intelligent and decent for a musician and also very cute when young, yeah. I'm new to the sex pistols music and was so surprised to find out that Sid Vicious wasn't even a lead singer. It was Johnny Rotten who filled the songs with such earnest rage and contempt and raw energy. And he also wrote the lyrics. Wft Vicious was even doing in tha band and why is he hyped?
>even his wife
I wonder, tho, why they never had kids. Was one child from previous marriage enough for her and she just wanted a toyboy to fool around?

No. 394041

File: 1714225213245.jpeg (140.49 KB, 502x797, IMG_1115.jpeg)

Add me saferthanmilk and I’ll add you to the server

No. 394061

>Wft Vicious was even doing in tha band and why is he hyped?
He was just there for cred and marketing purposes. He couldn't even play bass. Its like what people accuse a band of when they have a female bassist.

No. 394137

File: 1714256853762.jpg (46 KB, 536x536, mmppppff.jpg)

I think I have a thing for deranged psychopathic men and also his storyline was the best. But sadly he probably smells like ass.

No. 394176

File: 1714270780859.jpg (23.89 KB, 640x400, gym54dy2g6771.jpg)

hes such a cutie and theres a man at my job that kinda reminds me of him. I confess that I am attracted to good looking older men

No. 394187

He's ugly as sin but sometimes i thought to myself how it would be like to manipulate his mommy issues. Or what's his reaction if you actually humored him and baked the cookies. And what if you poison them

No. 394202

File: 1714280576600.jpeg (66.1 KB, 512x512, IMG_0846.jpeg)

i love him in a tux

No. 394206

jello biafra was pretty cute when he was young, he had a norm macdonald coyness to him

No. 394215

File: 1714287986986.jpg (91.3 KB, 735x1062, GK10XCDWYAAuD8a.jpg)

He's the poster boy of these threads at this point and I don't get why, isn't he conventional enough?
Picrel is mine, killing myself as I'm typing this.

No. 394237

he was 6'3" and that is like being 6'6 today. He also once walked into a room in his new house that had a full length mirror and upon seeing his reflection he pulled out his pistol said, "now I've got you, you bastard!" and shot out the mirror

No. 394244

I've never been able to find a proper source on that story. If it did happen, he was a turboautist kek

No. 394403

File: 1714353426263.jpg (215.02 KB, 1440x1799, 2019.jpg)

Can someone explain to me why despite the fact that I find 99% of males ugly and older men especially repulsive, the person who I find the most attractive in the world is a 50 year old moid who looks like this

No. 394436

File: 1714366586255.jpeg (91.54 KB, 460x640, IMG_6192.jpeg)

I’m suffering

No. 394440

File: 1714368210722.jpeg (35.04 KB, 354x270, IMG_6588.jpeg)

I’m sorry but I think I would

No. 394441

Same nona.

No. 394442

Even Hitler thought he was too cold, if I remember correctly

No. 394443

One big honker

No. 394444

File: 1714368740873.jpg (45.88 KB, 513x513, GKsHh4wWwAAh1qg.jpg)

Glad I found someone who understands…

No. 394445

File: 1714369193906.jpeg (692.68 KB, 1170x862, IMG_6589.jpeg)

No. 394448

File: 1714369502552.jpeg (73.69 KB, 517x332, IMG_6590.jpeg)

Also while we’re on the topic of funny creative Gen X goth dudes I used to have such a crush on Doc Hammer

No. 394454

yeah. Hitler describe his as having a "heart of iron". How cold do you have to be to get frickin' Hitler to describe you that way?

No. 394465

Donnie Dwarko

No. 394471

That's precisely why I'm into him. Rat faced sociopath

No. 394501

Is that Jhonen Vasquez?

No. 394514

Sid was there to be cute and dumb. Rotten was cute too, but he wasn't stupid enough. And Glen Matlock (who Sid replaced) was cute also, but again he wasn't stupid enough so he got kick'd.

No. 394541

KEK.. i hate that i loved him to the extent i did.. But i'm just a germanfucker

Yess he's adorable

No. 394563

he was my high school crush, i had a huge fixation on larger aquiline noses. him and adrien brody were my bread n butter

No. 394581

It is indeed

No. 394603

File: 1714437404625.png (403.31 KB, 469x771, 1000003653.png)

I'm heavily disappointed in the Las Vegas Oneyplays meetup. You have a panel set up and you don't even bother doing your fucking hair and looking like a cancer patient with how tight that beanie is gripping all your hair strands? We had Chrisfags but we should all go our own way with how chubby he's gotten too. Shame.

No. 394608

File: 1714439991354.jpg (53.54 KB, 750x875, lee_harvey_oswald.jpg)

Not even gonna try and justify this one

No. 394618

File: 1714442340540.gif (850.22 KB, 498x368, Gl0cPyM.gif)

kek agreed, nonny. he's aged remarkably well for a gen x moid from that scene.

No. 394623

the oldest looking 24 year old man in history

No. 394652

I think he’s unconventional by LC standards because 1.) he’s old and has wrinkles and grey hair, 2.) he’s 5’7”, 3.) his jaw is huge and he might have that disease jay leno has, and 4.) his head is too big for his body like a bobble head.

No. 394655

as a chrisfag I already lost serious interest when hearing him make fun of a woman’s genitals with corey. now he’s flabby and the beanie means he’s going bald

No. 394747

i see it – he's got a resemblance to Bob Odenkirk, just with a smaller head and more narrow chin

No. 394769

File: 1714509406379.png (274.68 KB, 565x407, AffAacrz.png)

Poor baby needs a lobotomy

No. 394787

File: 1714514454198.jpg (65.09 KB, 736x1024, fde07ca3400720d47634d03ca6cd8f…)

Can't believe this old dickhead is really making me learn about Formula 1. About to watch a Netflix show about it just for peeks of him

No. 394872

File: 1714561338635.jpg (67.76 KB, 683x1024, gettyimages-1793763863-1024x10…)

I'm kind of into fat Damon

No. 394963

Is he fat now or is it just his clothes that make him look that way?

No. 395004

Everytime I see Damon from the 90s and Damon now, I always shed a silent tear. Twink death is real nonnies, I hope you never see your hopes crushed like this.

No. 395007

who's this mek

No. 395049

File: 1714641566118.jpg (29.62 KB, 247x479, tumblr_m7gnf4e9201rysgdro1_128…)

Was just going to post him… Tasteful nona. He's like a real-life comic book character.

No. 395076

Detrans tard

No. 395182

File: 1714690116057.jpeg (32.94 KB, 205x300, IMG_1387.jpeg)

Damon was a cutie but I always liked Graham more. He’s now old too and the years of being an alcoholic really shows. But I remain positive, we still have the music and the old photos of them to look at. Living in the past, you know. After all we all gonna get old and die. I fucking hate it but what is there to do. You can’t stop the time.

No. 395390

File: 1714802590099.png (452.85 KB, 429x599, you_should_buy_my_game_NOW.png)

This has been since 2015 at least. The dam finally broke two weeks ago and I told my best friend. I'm equal parts mortified and relieved I won't take it to my grave.

No. 395416

File: 1714825637123.webp (416.62 KB, 1695x2560, IMG_0368.webp)

he’s such a cutie

No. 395417

File: 1714825665385.jpeg (135.79 KB, 799x1100, IMG_0369.jpeg)

samefag, femboy ahhhhh face and all

No. 395430

File: 1714831576403.jpg (83.92 KB, 1200x735, FyXpfJEXsAAc6uL.jpg)

Nonnie I've felt the same way for almost as long. Unfortunately he's looking very walled these days (pic unrel).

No. 395543

File: 1714870062486.jpeg (55.53 KB, 512x344, IMG_3382.jpeg)

Joshua Burge, specifically in Ape. His terrible stilted acting and bug face do something to me.

No. 395589

File: 1714901521763.jpg (29.91 KB, 426x644, 00860ccdbfa3a42e5e51e432f40cd6…)

nah he's hot as fuck but the conventional thread doesn't deserve him. this is a treat for my girlies here

No. 395617

You can land ten planes on that forehead

No. 395626

He has a great facial structure and conventionally attractive features, but the other thread thinks any 80s singer in makeup is a tranny

No. 395627

File: 1714921518496.jpg (84.8 KB, 1080x1017, uuuu.jpg)

Honestly still would. 76 and Starfield's reception really kicked his ass though no arguing that. At least the show's reception has him glowing again.

No. 395692

psychotic behavior, even boy george hates trannies

No. 395701

can't post anyone in the conventional thread but the same 3 dudes

No. 395800

File: 1715003477623.jpg (34.06 KB, 660x440, Thomas-Bangalter-000.jpg)

If he'd fix his hairline and nixed the beard, he'd still be attractive. His voice is still cute too.

No. 395824

File: 1715012480659.png (359.93 KB, 706x540, tumblr_9c313b5ad93aece959f37d4…)

They were both really cute

No. 395882

File: 1715028550083.webp (103.22 KB, 1920x1280, brandonnovak-scaled.webp)

I can fix him

No. 395889

File: 1715030909877.jpg (238.23 KB, 896x1228, gettyimages-steve-buscemi.jpg)

when i look at his prey-like eyes i’m possessed with the ancient spirit of my carnivorous ancestors, i feel muscle memory of my jaw clamping down on his neck vertebrae and snapping them. the characters he plays remind me a bit of crane flies, harmless, annoying, freaks of nature, skinny, make you want to flatten them with a slipper (but you feel a bit bad about it), neurotic, get into everyone's business, etc. his features are literally perfect in the sense that they're so suited for being arranged in an expression of shock, panic or distress, his face is extremely emotive, especially the bug like wet eyes. his shrill voice would sound soooo nice crying or screaming or anything in between, i need to rip his limbs off. pls don’t ban me for a-logging, i just need him so bad.

No. 395898

File: 1715034440374.jpeg (45.04 KB, 768x512, IMG_7666.jpeg)

Him and Pedro Winter for me

No. 395900

i love posts like these

No. 395927

File: 1715044853325.jpg (Spoiler Image,416.96 KB, 1357x2048, gettyimages-542340842-2048x204…)

David Cronenberg… There's something so fittingly insectoid about him. He has such strange eyes and knowing that his mind works the way it does just does something to me, nonas. He was so sexy in Nightbreed… Where are all the creepy-crawly reptilian buglike husbandos in real life? Maybe don't answer that.

No. 396231

File: 1715141985922.gif (2.2 MB, 341x206, Isaac.gif)

Isaac only wants one thing and it's disgusting, attention

No. 396247

File: 1715150940970.jpg (941.59 KB, 2652x2151, NINTCHDBPICT000003678778.jpg)

No. 396280

He's beautiful with a hot voice but his constant BPD sperging and tranny chasing is disgusting. A real shame.

No. 396297

File: 1715178426712.png (283.73 KB, 419x900, nool.png)

No. 396320

File: 1715188764797.jpg (25.82 KB, 564x564, kyoteeth.jpg)

I have always loved his weird teeth

No. 396358

File: 1715201941211.jpg (58.54 KB, 564x725, 565bad18f8f2281b9f90261c1c93f1…)

I need to hold him like this.

No. 396362

Eyes are too far apart kek. I used to have a little crush on him but he's actually fat and takes too many things to the extreme.his taste in music is bad too, and that's a deal breaker.

No. 396378

File: 1715207939789.jpg (120.12 KB, 736x1043, 3f0af2961b2c0b1e3816f73b33adf3…)

im in lovee

No. 396381

File: 1715209624170.png (860.13 KB, 1238x980, 269b0a9c3a1b463d81d033edceebac…)

>Sid was there to be cute and dumb
I love me some cute and dumb punk boi, tbh. It's good he OD'd and stayed pretty forever, like moids should, and didn’t mutated into a ol' bri'ish fat pig. Nancy was so lucky to fuck him.

No. 396383

File: 1715210610844.jpg (130.89 KB, 1269x720, michael_corleone.jpg)

He was sooo gorgeous in the Godfather, too bad he aged like shit (Italian moids always do for some reason)

No. 396393

I love him

No. 396425

File: 1715221388098.jpg (38.98 KB, 500x281, fa9015487d5f029f0ca9cf98ca8c2c…)

He was so cute as Michael!

No. 396453

File: 1715239394194.jpg (74 KB, 1200x741, Screen-Shot-2016-08-12-at-9.37…)


No. 396454

man how I hate this creature.. what a waste of resources.

No. 396489

File: 1715261649858.jpg (124.18 KB, 720x713, albini.jpg)

he was so cute when he was young, rip

No. 396507

No. 396509

my kinda guy. RIP

No. 396518

File: 1715273309327.jpeg (65.84 KB, 735x737, sid vicious.jpeg)

Need me some unhinged self-destructive cutie so I could mess him up even more
>He was sooo gorgeous in the Godfather
Nah. He looked kinda fat in it, maybe because of lightning/colouring. I think peak Al Pacino was in 'the panic in needle park' and 'scarecrow' and in 'serpico' if it wasn't for the disgusting beard he had most of the movie

No. 396558

RIP, when I found out it made me legitimately sad I loved his music.

No. 396561

File: 1715280522327.jpeg (83.11 KB, 750x728, IMG_9660.jpeg)

He was so hot in Intruder. I need him NOW.

No. 396566

File: 1715281571996.jpg (77.69 KB, 580x710, steve-albini-cat-e133962221183…)

Same nonna, first time I was genuinely shocked and saddened by the death of someone famous

No. 396567

File: 1715281887981.jpg (561.47 KB, 1200x1469, bb.jpg)

he has such a striking face my god
kekk i'm so glad someone else noticed his music taste is actually horrible

No. 396647

File: 1715312062737.jpeg (142.38 KB, 580x900, IMG_6929.jpeg)

No. 396670

File: 1715324633240.jpg (54.98 KB, 593x593, cc1656c05b8234603c9e0f9ac38803…)

I feel you. I didn't even recognize him here. Pretty…

No. 396802

>you will never have a young steve albini in a wig all for yourself
why live nonna

No. 396815

blixa is so cute, his voice is hot, too

No. 396816

i learned he died from this. rip. i wonder if big black is ever going to be put back on spotify…

No. 396849

File: 1715387371669.jpeg (50.2 KB, 482x604, 98E8047D-934F-441C-965A-335A89…)

I wish Till wasn’t such a dead inside sexual deviant and psychopath. What else can you expect from Aries men I guess.

For me, it’s Schneider. Even though he looks like shit these days. He was such a cutie in his prime and seems like a nice guy.

No. 396850

File: 1715387440812.jpeg (40.26 KB, 690x530, D38697D7-011D-49AD-AB7D-EEA1E0…)

His tiny lips always kinda make me laugh though. He’s the ‘kith me’ meme.

No. 396851

File: 1715387462271.png (177.94 KB, 604x460, D1A0C9BE-BBA8-4BC2-B2FA-8FB2D3…)


No. 396852

It’s his birthday today. We love a boring chill reliable Taurus man.

No. 396859

I don’t find him physically attractive but his films are so bizarrely erotic that I’m sure sex with him would be fire. He has such a nice taste in actors too.

No. 396905

Yeah, he's not my usual physical type either but sometimes intelligence and a demented outlook can change everything for me. Hnnnnng I want him badly

No. 396917

File: 1715413969315.png (427.45 KB, 581x576, Screenshot 2024-05-11 005225.p…)

he's annoying and cringe but i like his face/body

No. 397085

File: 1715474569418.jpeg (92.4 KB, 1200x675, IMG_4674.jpeg)

Nonnies are absolutely decimating them on /ot/ but I think they’re both cute…

No. 397154

Right is kind of cute in an elven sort of way but the guy on the left is just kind of gross in a slimy sort of way to me

No. 397156

File: 1715494311682.jpg (65.9 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (3).jpg)

I wanna fuck Pchal. And WHAT

No. 397157

The film was so bad that I couldn't find them attractive I'm sorry. The script was ass

No. 397162

I thought I was the only one who thought it was lame. Based

No. 397263

File: 1715534057744.png (400.12 KB, 546x649, Screenshot 2024-05-12 201136.p…)

someone in the eurovision thread mentioned the ugly guy psyop thread when he was posted and you may be right BUT I THINK HE IS CUTE EVEN IF HE IS KINDA UGLY AND HAS A GROSS MOUSTACHE

No. 397266

I see it nona

No. 397271

File: 1715535321648.jpg (48.47 KB, 735x723, 4b64c95d995842c5c3a50f264da765…)

joostsisters unite… he is a cutie and has a kind smile

No. 397273

that guy got disqualified for an "incident with a female member of the production team". so do with that what you will

No. 397274

He wasn't very kind to the female photographer whose camera he broke though. I can't get over that.

No. 397277

File: 1715535544289.jpg (52.35 KB, 570x321, tumblr_static_tumblr_static_44…)

reminds me of mine which is steven peavis from the brett domino trio, the one in the back. kek

No. 397278

I hate the fact I’m attracted to blonde men like this

No. 397279

>incident with a female member of the production team
that incident being that he was being filmed without his permission and got pissed about it and gestured at her. he never got physical(at least according to official sources) and no matter what, I believe that it was overblown

>female photographer whose camera he broke
first time I hear about this. Source?

also I just said I find him cute. Nowhere I mentioned his personality. I haven't looked into him much and he kinda gives me douche-y rapper vibes but I don't think he is THAT bad unless a nonna has more info on him

No. 397282

File: 1715537597908.png (71.89 KB, 694x583, Skärmbild 2024-05-12 201236.pn…)

No. 397299

>swedes say he broke her camera and was aggressive
>dutch say he was just angry at her and didn't get physical

not that i don't believe the moid couldn't have been violent, but considering the shitshow that was this years competition and lots of conflicting information, idk what to believe. yes, they say that there were witnesses and shit, but still israel press/delegation has been harassing people left and right also breaking rules and EBU spoke nothing of it until the irish gendie came out and made it known. tinfoiling here, but using him as a scapegoat after he questioned Eden and blew the event out of proportion to kick him out

ofc if he was violent, fuck him. but also fuck the EBU

No. 397301

Considering how up in the arms the fans are over his disqualification, as well as the Dutch being mad that the whole country was basically punished over an unknown incident, and seeing as how the only thing we know for sure is that it involved an altercation that started after Joost got mad at being filmed backstage, I'm guessing that the "gesture" was something like covering the camera with his hand or something similarly minor. They know releasing the footage would paint the EBU in a bad light. If he'd actually done something bad they would have said they had definitive proof of him being a shithead just to stop getting spammed with literal thousands of comments calling for Joost to receive justice.
I think he's ugly and that his song is annoying but I think it's really unfair that they dq'ed him and implied he sexually assaulted or hit a woman just for it to get softened to the extremely vague statement that he "made a threatening gesture."

No. 397302

The real reason joost got disqualified is because Netherlands openly disavowed Israel’s participation

No. 397310

File: 1715543883439.jpg (542.46 KB, 1079x1229, Screenshot_20240512-205417.jpg)

Anyway, my Eurovision crush this year is Baby Lasagna. He's hit in the face but there's something about his energy that's really attractive.
All of the men were a little uggo this year ngl (I think Nemo could be pleasant looking if he wasn't a gendie with bad style though). We were spoiled last year with Bojan, Luke and Jann.

No. 397313

File: 1715544188156.jpeg (32.41 KB, 739x415, 1715530471362.jpeg)

c'mon the baby lasagna guy is decently attractive and looks likeable

>I think Nemo could be pleasant looking

no nonna plz look at those teeth and dead stare. picrel is literally a jumpscare

>mentions bojan without mentioning the rest of joker out

No. 397316

The rest of Joker Out simply don't matter to me.

No. 397317

his facial features are a bit odd but I like how he looks compared to most guys nowadays
he looks like an eternal zoomer

No. 397319

is it the ear gages coupled with the dyed hair ? kek. and anon who posted him i don't think he's ugly either honestly

No. 397321

Idk what it is but he looks like a youtuber/twitch streamer to me. I find him cute as well though.

No. 397323

That might play a part but honestly I think it's something about his facial features or head shape kek

No. 397326

Oh, please, no, have you heard him talking? It's horrible, he has the most gay Swiss German accent I've ever heard and Swiss German already sounds horrible if spoken by normal people. And his teeth, did they let him bite on a stone while he was a small child?
And yes, I'm still mad that Croatia didn't win, it's been the only good song besides that Ireland girl and she had to lose because of that troon shit and because Ireland doesn't want to host another ESC ever again, kek.

No. 397328

I thought Norway and Ukraine were very good. I preferred the Swiss song over the Croatian one but I still would have preferred Croatia to win purely because the singer isn't a gendie.
I think Baby Lasagna is one of those people who look good from afar but you can see their features are weird when you see them close up. I think he'd look better if his hair were a darker shade of blond.

No. 397359

File: 1715554870557.jpg (62.52 KB, 640x412, common-spotted-cuscus-sm-1.jpg)

>being attracted to a confirmed shotafag

No. 397364

ANON I LOVE YOU for posting one of my top 3 favorite animals. Underrated cutie.

No. 397414

uhh anon..
like half of these guys are downright bizarre looking or fucked up in other ways. you really think someone like null, or the swiss eurovision guy, or the nazi guy, even MATT SMITH should be in the conventional thread instead?

No. 397417

samefag i'm not complaining cause they belong here kek i just don't get why there's always someone popping up here in the last few threads acting like the men posted aren't ugly/weird enough when they are, and never posts what they want instead

No. 397427

Sometimes an actually attractive man like Adam Ant gets posted here because people are afraid of the other thread and their hatred of anyone who isn't Alain Delon or River Phoenix, but most people in this thread range from average to hideous.

No. 397430

>being attracted to a confirmed shotafag
So that was actually true?

No. 397460

File: 1715591795951.mp4 (514.5 KB, 640x360, tWmIRE68ZTTPrcKZ.mp4)

idk if what he's saying matters because i don't understand dutch kek but i think he looks cute in this video…

No. 397625

Cute. I need a blond bf.

No. 397628

File: 1715636672217.jpeg (143.41 KB, 960x1371, 408A59B3-184F-4097-9767-6F91EF…)

>look up the wives, lovers and gfs of various handsome nazis
>they’re all frumpy dowdy mommy looking types with frizzy hair, thick wrists and cankles

This is the kind of looksmatching we need to go back to.

Anyway, I deserve a cute WWII Nazi bf to deradicalize and turn his face into my seat.

No. 397629

He looks so much nicer without the hideous ironic mullet and hipster mustache. Also, cute expressions and mannerisms <3

No. 397630

He’s so beautiful but when he opens his mouth it’s like a seal with a cancer hole in it’s throat. Countless euro beauties are ruined by hideous guttural languages and all I can do is hope American cultural emperialism kills off their primitive tongues.

No. 397631

least mentally ill American poster

No. 397632

I’m Turkish

No. 397633

Sure Jan.

No. 397634

?? If I was going to race fake I wouldn’t pick Turkish

No. 397635

Are you nuts? The weird guttural sounds and not knowing what the fuck they’re saying is the second hottest thing about Euro boys.

No. 397636

Seconded. I thought he was ugly as hell when I saw him in pictures for Eurovision, but he's really cute here actually. Was he younger in this video, or is it really just the stupid mustache and hairstyle making him look ugly?

No. 397637

>If i was going to race fake I wouldn’t pick Turkish
Kek. Fair point.

No. 397638

He looks significantly younger in this video tbh, like 18 or something. Not sure tho.

No. 397641

European nonas LITERALLY cannot suffer btw.
Your countries are full of beautiful tall slender blonde blue eyed twinks with feminist leanings and perfect porcelain or rosy skin. I never want to hear any European nona complain about dating in her country ever again. You do not suffer.

No. 397642

File: 1715637988219.jpeg (411.08 KB, 1625x1179, 28E5C62C-82DD-4BF4-82DD-AC12B3…)

God hates European men

No. 397644

In my country most men are average height with brown hair, and they tend to age like shit and have bad fashion sense. I really wish tall blond men were the norm here in [redacted country in Western Europe].
I personally want a Russian mail order groom, but I feel like personality wise Eastern Euro men can be challenging even though physically I like their look lol

No. 397647

Personality-wise I heard they were awful too, but Russians and their kind will always mog the other ethnicities of europe. They’re much less hairy and have cute mutt eyes. Thanks genghis khan

No. 397668

the video was posted on december 2017 which would make him 20, no one cares but i said it like that because his birthday is in november of 1997 so you were close ! i think if he lost some weight and shaved he could look that cute again

No. 397683

Had a horrible experience with dating a Russian guy. Never again.

No. 397684

That’s talking about 30+ men mainly. We’re only interested in moids from 18-25 anyway, not haggots, and most aren’t bald before that point.

No. 397685

Omg I love the term haggot, how did I not think of that before. Anyway if you fallow hair loss forums you’ll find that many males start balding at 16. It’s a doggy dog world out there!

No. 397686

As an Anglo I literally don’t understand a single word he’s saying. Dutch spoken honestly sounds like Mongolian to me.

No. 397689

Speaking of men aged 18-25, have any nonas older than their mid twenties had success pulling them? I turned 24 a couple of months ago but never dated a man because I'm bisexual and leaned heavily towards women until my preference shifted recently. Now I feel like I missed out on my chance to date men who are actually young and cute, as men my own age are going to hit the wall within a year and idk how to meet men who are younger than me shy of hanging around university campuses like a weirdo

No. 397694

Yes. I dated a cute guy who just turned 18 when I was 28. The sex was great and he had so much energy and stamina and would eat my pussy for hours. No ragrets.

No. 397695

You can just say you live in Britain, nona.

No. 397700

I don't, but you're close

No. 397709

none of what you just said was true. I'm sorry nona moids are truly nasty everywhere.

No. 397734

File: 1715652241517.jpg (337.67 KB, 1846x2400, c65fcec6c619670a00e3fe14d8b17d…)

hes a weirdo but damn isnt he cute

No. 397735

File: 1715652316504.jpg (177.98 KB, 961x1200, F_gGArzW8AAbxNL.jpg)

No. 397741

File: 1715653104469.png (958.65 KB, 800x800, adam-sandler.png)

i have always loved this dumbass

No. 397743

File: 1715653480855.jpg (114.27 KB, 736x736, 1e016e45de365e265f6afec789ad26…)

I like how he looks with the mullet and moustache (I am a basic nonnita) but he looks so cute with a normal haircut, also doesnt make him look like a jerk

No. 397776

Tall, slender and blonde twinks weren't even the norm for Europeans hundreds of years ago.

No. 397781

Ireland, got it

No. 397784

extremely autistic phenotype. looks like he would talk loudly about japanese bullet trains for 90 minutes straight and mouth breathe the entire time. truly no wonder he's a gendie.

No. 397793

do go on. give me the history lesson.

No. 397796

Nta but the tall blond phenotype is only common in some parts of Europe. Brown hair is more common in most of Western Europe and in South Europe then dark hair/olive skin phenotype is common. Even in the Northern and Eastern parts of Europe it's still common to see brown hair and dark blond that basically looks like dull light brown. Some European men are tall and slim with honey hair, sure, but it's not the norm across the continent, it's just more common than elsewhere in the world. I really do wonder if some Americhans get their ideas on what European men look like from Hetalia (it still confuses me though because don't they realise that brunette white Americans came from somewhere?)

No. 397807

For the most part, Central and Southern Euros are dark haired and swarthy and not even that tall though blue eyed blondes do exist there, especially compared to places outside Europe.

No. 397818

His smile and dimples are to die for.

No. 397820

File: 1715675933123.jpg (46.75 KB, 495x700, MV5BNTM5YTNmMzgtNTgxNi00MDY0LW…)

He had a caveman looking face and a very controversial person in general, but he's still kinda hot.

No. 397821

Everyone's favorite big titty goth boyfriend.

No. 397837

I always wondered if he has pectoral implants, best tits I’ve seen on a man by a long shot

No. 397860

As a twink lover, I've also been thinking Europeans can't suffer in terms of moid quality, they have it the best. Moids who are tall, skinny, have a beautiful face, knows how to treat women are easy to find in places like Netherlands, Sweden, Norway

No. 397932

You're so real for this nonna.

No. 397961

File: 1715711333338.jpg (835.52 KB, 1641x2560, 1000006966.jpg)

Happy Birthday to young George Lucas only

No. 397975

I had a long period where I was obsessed with him… The pictures before he got jacked and he was still skinny drove me crazy. Hngggggggg

No. 398058

No. 398129

File: 1715745508684.jpg (33.54 KB, 564x564, 4ee1a3824631b9713d651a1004addd…)

I've been thinking about him for days, i need to watch the x-men movies again just to see him again. Ngl though, it's a jumpscare seeing Hugh Jackman not as wolverine because i have zero attraction to him outside him doing this role lmao. I know he's old now, but i wonder if i will still have the same feelings after watching the new deadpool movie. We'll see.

No. 398130

I can’t because my FIL looks just like him and it makes me laugh so much because he’s just British Adam Sandler

No. 398131

File: 1715746299716.jpeg (398.27 KB, 1290x1635, IMG_5923.jpeg)

He’s popular at the moment because of fallout but I’ve always found this freaky looking man divine. I love off putting features, his big forehead and wormlike lips with big veneers are the right combo of sexy but ugly I love in men.

No. 398202

He looks like an arrogant pervert. Date rapist vibes.

No. 398208

I had such a crush on wolverine kek, Hugh Jackman was honestly the perfect cast and he fit the role more as he aged

No. 398217

File: 1715788488609.jpg (65.33 KB, 735x728, 98500812f8f4253c6e9a4abe769791…)

It's crazy that he gave such fboy vibes in this era when he looks so silly now
Anyway I really hope that he decides to lose some weight, shave the pedostache and go back to a normal hairstyle now that ESC is over. He's still young enough that he could look good if he tried

No. 398231

Who is this? It's annoying when people post literal whos but dont post the name.

No. 398234

Joost Klein, he was discussed quite a bit in the thread yesterday

No. 398236

For real, i relive the same feelings every time i watch the films.

No. 398245

That's fair, then, but I do wish people would add the names nonetheless.

No. 398246

i like him a lot and he is such a good actor, but he genuinely looks hotter as a noseless irradiated monster kek his mouth is so weird and his forehead is huge

No. 398275

the majority of times it's someone who's been posted so many times that adding the name is kind of redundant cause everyone else already knows and you can basically just scroll

No. 398298

File: 1715809147215.jpg (33.05 KB, 564x564, fc85a7cebe7fdf7bc10d2fa4a78edc…)

Specifically Charlie Kelly

No. 398300

Same, I know that he canonicaly smells bad and eats cat food but I still need him

No. 398301

Omg thank you I feel so validated. I like him specifically because he's dirty, stupid and pathetic. There's no other character that I like because of these aspects, he's a complete outlier.

No. 398303

he's 5'6" you pervert

No. 398306

File: 1715811611845.png (Spoiler Image,400.38 KB, 755x767, dik.png)

>I really hope that he decides to lose some weight, shave the pedostache and go back to a normal hairstyle
totally agreed although i still find him cute regardless kek i like his hair in the "fok de blok" music video best, i think longer hair suits him and he should go back to that (while he still can kek). i hate the hiter youth haircut on him so i'm glad that's over

No. 398310

same. also he aged the best in my opinion. the other two guys got scary plastic surgery and looked like lizard people the last couple seasons. charlie still looked pure.

No. 398311

File: 1715815483543.jpg (3.65 MB, 2999x1998, MV5BM2IyMzhkOGEtMDFkZS00NDI5LW…)

i just want to bully the HELL out of this tiny little man

No. 398331

Does this mean he’s too ugly even for this thread

No. 398348

File: 1715825811957.jpg (10.57 KB, 480x360, butch TIF queen.jpg)

LOL Rico?!

No. 398378

kek no anon he's still not as ugly as barry keoghan imo (and i love barry)

No. 398400

DJ Qualls-fucker-nona

No. 398405

File: 1715846114901.jpeg (11.03 KB, 259x194, images.jpeg)

No fucking way, it's him kek. Puberty has not been kind to him, i'm sorry.

No. 398406

I wonder if he is another child star that got put on puberty blockers so he could continue playing younger roles

No. 398407

It's the second tinfoil about Hollywood (first being all the kid diddlers) that I 100% believe. What are the odds that so many iconic TV child actors grow up to be these misshapen hormonal disasters.

No. 398417

File: 1715852613170.jpg (243.76 KB, 1280x720, fallout-easter-eggs.jpg)

idk who any of these people are. actually i think he looks ugly out of character but he's really cute as this little nerd in the show
is that a thing?! idk it seems too emasculating. actually this character isn't a kid, he's like 25 or something. he's just extremely fucking short

No. 398437

File: 1715857603017.jpg (581.27 KB, 850x2385, 1651848682307.jpg)

NTAYRT but this has been discussed in other threads (check out "Child abuse in Hollywood"). I'd say there's something to it.

No. 398459

The guy who played Brick has a legit condition I think though, so he doesn’t really belong there

No. 398465

File: 1715867030014.jpeg (1.49 MB, 1920x1080, IMG_3811.jpeg)

He was so hot in After Hours.

No. 398472

He looks hotter chubby

No. 398475

Please stop posting him it’s making me sad.
>tfw no cute euro blonde dutchboy bf

No. 398481

I don't think that makes sense. Being a manlet tanks your chances to get any roles as an adult. Sounds like a terrible investment.

No. 398485

File: 1715873580106.jpg (86.74 KB, 736x981, 7ef24255f164ec7a3ec8ec2821aaa6…)

I know he's cosplaying but that facial hair is criminal.

No. 398512

Once I posted him in the conventional attractions thread but deleted it in favor of KingCobraJFS

No. 398521

File: 1715882545917.png (565.9 KB, 707x881, 1715878442365933.png)

I will eternally be upset that men who dress like this are inevitably either gay or troons.

No. 398523

You can always force a normal man into one by nagging him for months

No. 398530

i wouldn't even bother. get a real life man into a skirt and pair it with conditioning with sexual stimuli and you're six to twelve months away from him posting retarded cracked egg memes. this is something best left in the fictional and fantasy realms.

No. 398533

File: 1715884968679.jpg (277.32 KB, 1200x1200, jk.jpg)

I also find him very attractive including his current self but losing more weight? He's already a lanklet (I love it)

No. 398534

You can always move onto the next moid after 12 months.
He's so fat you wouldn't even need gasoline to burn his body the whale blubber would keep it going like hellfire. Men in the healthy weight range have visible bones and veins 100% of the time.

No. 398541

Based. Hetero men wearing sexualized women's clothing is such a great concept.

No. 398547

Stop alogging my boyfriend

No. 398560

Do you want your boyfriend to DIE YOUNG because of his visceral fat?

No. 398566

File: 1715890673456.jpg (62.82 KB, 735x726, 75f4d8cc099ab1dafc7b1538c742d7…)

We need a Joost containment thread at this point … The tall blue eyed euroblond is just too much …

(I really wish there were more pics of him pre-mullet where he's not making a stupid face kek)

No. 398573

File: 1715892840763.jpg (121.73 KB, 1080x1315, be0380af4b0a7593eacb2726fe0888…)

i love all joosts

No. 398575

File: 1715894743296.webp (80.3 KB, 1000x1000, 14c4b498e5129e1c728b9f51e8781b…)

he was such a cute kid bro…we have lost many years of youtube content as he has nuked those videos
i like this pic i think he is cute

No. 398577

File: 1715895350870.jpg (137.91 KB, 736x720, 2fd7c5c12529225b9befe99b1abbba…)

I love Joost but EWWW the chest hair
He looks very cute in picrel, very bf material. I thought of moving my sperging to the 3d husbando thread but im not sure I would call him my husbando just yet kek

No. 398647

does anyone have images of dj qualls in a state of relative undress? his nose is too weird looking for me but i’ve been dying of curiosity for some fucking reason.

No. 398697

File: 1715919044084.gif (9.78 MB, 540x500, 0bcc9070a21704c18551b6cc56ded4…)

Sorry to post him again, but the boxing scene in the first x-men movie was seriously my sexual awakening. I mourn the fact that he will never take my virginity whilst larping as wolverine.

No. 398702

Remember when everyone was saying they should cast Elliot Page or Daniel Radcliffe as the next wolverine

No. 398706

Whoever plays wolverine next should be chosen by how horny they make me in the outfit and i will let marvel and disney know this. Tifs need to stay in their fucking learn and not get involved in grown women's business.

No. 398712

File: 1715924894161.jpg (612.21 KB, 2400x1080, Screenshot_2024-05-17-00-43-28…)

Joostnonas…just look at him. I'd be down for a thread as I'd like yo sperg but what if he is proven to have done something shitty at esc(I don't think so but you never know)and I'd feel like an idiot kek. From the stuff I've watched though he seems like a decent moid

No. 398717

Do you have any links to videos where he’s talking a lot?

No. 398719

You can still find some older collab videos on different channels. Just search eenhoornjoost since that was his old channel name.

No. 398721

This is a really old one, only 18 years old here. So don't be to weird

No. 398722

He’s got that adderall stare.

No. 398723

This is an older interview where he talks a lot

No. 398724

File: 1715927924942.jpg (595.96 KB, 2400x1080, Screenshot_2024-05-17-00-41-24…)

That's what I'm doing in my weekend kek

No. 398726

Samefag this video is a pretty good summary of his life and his YouTube career and it kinda made me emotional in the end

No. 398730

File: 1715929746455.jpeg (23.94 KB, 554x554, 10.jpeg)

I think younger Joost was cute, so cute that he is conventionally attractive and doesn't fit this thread but current Joost is also hot as fuck. His goofiness is the salt and pepper of it. I like the mullet and all

No. 398735

i find him so ridiculously adorable in this video. check out 25:01 i can'tttttt

No. 398748

This is just pure, un-adulterated mental illness. Turning yourself into a ridiculous monster by growing ugly facial hair is equal to cutting your face with razor blades. He looks 45 years old now. What drives a man to do this? Does he hate himself or women who have to see him perform on stage? Was he molested so now he’s slowly committing social suicide? What he’s doing is completely against god and the nature of males. He’s ruined beyond salvation.
He looks like he belongs in gay porn. Something about the fashion choices seems sus. Anyway I would gladly watch this version get fisted. I bet his hole was pink

No. 398753

No, but I'm tickled that there's a dj qualls nona coming out of the woodwork after i mentioned it. Do you like Mackenzie Crook?

No. 398756

File: 1715944192211.jpeg (Spoiler Image,31.91 KB, 400x225, IMG_2207.jpeg)

Yesss. I like him even when he’s a walking corpse.

No. 398759

to answer all of those questions: he unironically has BPD. he even mentioned it in one of his songs.

No. 398770

File: 1715949836674.jpg (46.29 KB, 405x405, Tumblr_l_641340706664083.jpg)

His lawyer has said that he "pushed the camera away to remove it." So it seems that my suspicion that the "threatening gesture" he did was reaching out to cover the camera was right.

No. 398771

sorry, i don't, i remember seeing him in something and he looked extremely tall, and his voice sounded too normal/deep.

No. 398773

File: 1715950420538.jpg (374.12 KB, 1152x2048, Tumblr_l_641343178216697.jpg)

I thought he was ugly as sin when I saw that picture. Was pleasantly surprised to find out he's confusingly attractive without the stupid hipster get-up. He's only 26 so he could still look decent if he tried. Not the same as early 20s Joost ofc, but I'd like to see his face with a bit more definition from being in his mid 20s underneath the mustache and weight gain.

No. 398791

File: 1715959754738.jpg (128 KB, 720x724, IMG_20240517_182853.jpg)

In that case…

No. 398796

>This is a really old one, only 18 years old here. So don't be to weird
>He looks like he belongs in gay porn. Anyway I would gladly watch this version get fisted. I bet his hole was pink
Based nonna

No. 398797

I wish I lived in the alternative universe where 18-23yo Joost was a gay pornstar … Love a blond twink that actually has a cute face …

No. 398825

I want to beat him up and make him cry.

No. 398856

File: 1715975800954.png (94.42 KB, 382x359, shame.png)

kek I was going to post him too but feel slightly better seeing someone else post him somewhat recently. I had no strong feelings towards him but listened to an archived podcast episode recently and he comes across as pretty likable. He has nice skin and eyes. I hate myself for this btw don't worry

No. 398857

Do you not realise hollywood covets adult actors who can play children bc then they dont have to worry about child labour laws? This isnt about getting adult roles as adult men.

No. 398880

File: 1715989143300.jpg (236.51 KB, 1056x1473, FMmfRM5XEAEYsUu.jpg)

Conrad Veidt… He's so beautiful. Where did this subsect of moid disappear to, nonas?

No. 398881

I clicked on this from the front page expecting it to take me to the women I'd like to fuck thread or the butch thread…

No. 398882

I saw this and thought idubbz was going through a particularly tragic phase for a moment kek

No. 398884

Is this how I find out I'm a lesbian?

No. 398909

Looks so much like Gareth from The Office

No. 398910

File: 1716012967165.jpg (151.45 KB, 1024x768, gareth_stare_1024.jpg)

Pic for reference

No. 398924

My taste is so consistent because I was also obsessed with him for a couple months.

No. 398970

> Elliot Page
> the next wolverine

No. 399044

File: 1716072490952.gif (809.78 KB, 500x273, Steven Wilson.gif)

Something about him and his pretentious strain of autism just makes me want to go rabid, I can't take it anymore nonas.

No. 399045

not familiar with this guy but hes a qt. post more pics

No. 399051

File: 1716073957892.jpeg (394.88 KB, 828x957, IMG_2357.jpeg)

he’s gay but what a qt. love his ears

No. 399068

he’s gay? he was dating a woman in 2019. his biggest problem is looking too british imo

No. 399069

File: 1716078210278.webp (40.79 KB, 300x300, IMG_3827.webp)

he’s cute and i like his voice. i hope his eyes are not edited

No. 399071

Is this the guy who eats ice cream on yt?

No. 399074

Koreanosh, he makes videos about food from Korean convenience stores.

No. 399083

File: 1716080309207.jpg (43.12 KB, 800x948, 11-STEVEN WILSON BY HAJO MUELL…)

I recommend his music as well as his band's (Porcupine Tree), nona. Very cerebral and always creative. I love his voice, it's so calm and thoughtful. I think he's aging pretty well too.

No. 399094

Oh god I need a blond Nordic bpd bf right NOW

No. 399099

Love yourself.

No. 399130

File: 1716098488460.png (1.45 MB, 1051x1056, dfhfhhhh.png)

I already knew I had a thing for bi men, but jesus christ. Someone beat some sense into me

No. 399143

>i hope his eyes are not edited
his glasses' lenses probably make them bigger

No. 399145

File: 1716105917275.gif (8.66 MB, 540x300, tumblr_77e2e6e83a1caf1c1e6e4b0…)

this scene is going to live prominently in my head for the rest of my life
i, objectively, find him very ugly, yet i was severely endeared to him at the end of the show

No. 399156

File: 1716111260598.jpg (102.72 KB, 1179x1165, Tumblr_l_26520918823474.jpg)

I just watched it, I really didn't expect that level of homoeroticism. It was great, and the blond one was so cute to me (in the flashbacks at least).
He reminds me a lot of the guy who played Merlin kek.

No. 399163

File: 1716113107304.gif (9.77 MB, 540x450, tumblr_d7cd549c30e2ac550fa93b0…)

the guy who made it also did call me by your name and i hate the two leads but it also has some extremely sensual eroticism
the bit of zendaya making them kiss without them knowing has been a fantasy of mine for as long as i can remember - a mmf threesome where i direct them - so i can now just hold onto that forever and be satisfied without having to do it irl (i do not want to interact with men)

No. 399164

Questionable taste nonna…

No. 399167

File: 1716114469284.jpg (173.91 KB, 605x732, Untitled copy.jpg)

No. 399171

File: 1716114912429.jpeg (31.05 KB, 613x345, export_yrwqxgu6mkf-0f9582-0@1x…)

daddy?? sorry…

No. 399174

File: 1716115152710.jpg (129.46 KB, 664x960, 1000013207.jpg)

I know it's lecherous but I am THIRSTY for Charlotte's husband (sex and city). Why have a mirror over your bed when you can watch your mutton chops get smashed to bits by circumcised weiner in this man's gorgeous polished dome?

No. 399175

File: 1716115195416.jpg (108.13 KB, 750x1000, flat,750x,075,f-pad,750x1000,f…)


No. 399178

Who is it? I think he looks fine

I talk a lot about ugly male psyop here but tbh his face was cute and the sex scenes with him were portrayed really well, like I could believe he could get it… And he looked 10 years younger than Trey.

No. 399179


No. 399180

File: 1716117113301.jpg (391.57 KB, 1024x1280, 4x5-jpg-1--data.jpg)

Sparks brothers, but specifically Ron… They don't make autists like these anymore.

No. 399182

wish i had half of your vocabulary

No. 399197

Based. I love them.

No. 399219

File: 1716127524056.jpeg (22.8 KB, 440x440, OpgA0iv.jpeg)

is it not very obvious that his recent styling is an ironic caricature of an old-school european for eurovision? his song is as pro-europe and as y2k eurodance as it gets, so it's both very clear and on the nose.

if he has bpd, it seems relatively managed and it is not entirely surprising giving that he became an orphan at just thirteen years old.

joostice for joost!!!

No. 399223

File: 1716128002828.mp4 (204.88 KB, 736x600, Kw6oelcgtQIg8Yxe.mp4)

different anon, i had to wait for someone to mention him again to post this kek. cutie

No. 399224

I thought this was a Czech hunter clip… He needs a rape correction for his BPD

No. 399245

>moid-tier rape fetishization
reddit is that way

No. 399246

File: 1716136050567.png (2.81 MB, 1080x2400, GN67UxmXUAAJjh7.png)

as a bpd-chan, i find him good representation compared to this edgy schizo shit anon(s) keeps posting. we get it you hate moids but it's just not funny


No. 399247

File: 1716136476753.jpg (180.95 KB, 950x1188, GNzgSPrWUAA2_dW.jpg)

my favourite babushka

No. 399248

We need a Joost containment thread already he looks really cute here tho

No. 399249

File: 1716136813350.jpg (128.5 KB, 735x809, 742205d27b5172652ff12027e4dd4f…)

Another joostfag reporting … I was so surprised there was a confusingly cute face under that ironic hipster outfit, but now I see the real joost. I wonder if he'll go back to dressing normally now that the Europapa thing went up in flames

No. 399251

No. 399252

File: 1716137312728.jpg (316.88 KB, 1030x580, Joost-Klein-1-1030x580.jpg)

would any other joostnona be up to make it? i'd like to post all those tiktoks i've found of him being silly but idk how to name it and what pic to put

No. 399254

I second a joost containment thread. We've been clogging up this one for the last few days, it's basically a joost appreciation thread at this point.

No. 399255

threadpic should be one of those glitter picmix ones pls

No. 399258

here you go joostnonas. nothing too fancy though

No. 399261

Thank you for your service nonny

No. 399282

File: 1716143277951.jpg (69.13 KB, 564x820, viktor tsoi 7.jpg)

Viktor is so cute, I can't even.

No. 399305

Oh I love him, I think the way he goes barefoot on stage during concerts so that he has better control over guitar pedals is such an endearing autist trait

No. 399353

File: 1716158984838.jpg (64.99 KB, 566x850, Steven-Wilson-4782942.jpg)

Yessss, glad there are some nonas in the thread who see what I'm seeing. I don't see many people ever talking about him.

No. 399354

ew nasty autist cheesey feet imagine the smell

No. 399355


No. 399368

File: 1716161147553.mp4 (15.68 MB, 572x948, Screen_Recording_20240520_0216…)

This British basketball player who lives in Germany and makes skits about the culture and language. He's so goofy and cute to me.

No. 399369

Naw, this isn’t unconventional. He’s a cutie

No. 399377

File: 1716163047399.jpg (42.34 KB, 700x700, 42415-3-5d8d329851f72.jpg)

Ayrt, you're sure? He's a bit of a thumb head and has that British look to him.

No. 399402

File: 1716172551668.png (208.95 KB, 512x288, unnamed.png)

I was rewatching Last House on the Left and thought this guy was hot kek. I was happy when he got his hands tied behind his back at the end of the movie I wish the actor was better so that his screaming was more realistic, but I can appreciate the low budget campiness too

No. 399418

File: 1716180496586.gif (1.13 MB, 500x450, 1db685c57820ab47daa1bd9c25591d…)

the only redhead male i'd let do whatever he wanted to me
josh homme btw

No. 399420

agree. with how much he sings about it, you know that he'd eat it like he was starving to death.

No. 399421

agreed, i met him at a show a few years ago and he had his kids with him, he's ridiculously tall in person

No. 399423

hes so fucking sexy i cant stand it. even in his older age like now he still puts on a show and feels like a rockstar with a big dick who knows how to satisfy you in bed

No. 399432

File: 1716191218520.jpeg (113.89 KB, 1022x1022, IMG_0212.jpeg)

Yes, and also…(season 1-2 specifically) in character too

No. 399449

File: 1716203220402.jpg (94.71 KB, 744x1116, 1000013231.jpg)

He's gay and I respect it but I just wish I could turn him?? He reminds me of an alien from outer-space larping as a real human being. Like, am I wrong, or does that sound kinda hot?? I may not conquer space but surely I can get this gay man to throw me a bone and let me suckle??

No. 399456

File: 1716206675693.jpg (89.91 KB, 633x844, IMG_3324.jpg)

Ivan Zakharov… He's so beautiful and I love his nose.

No. 399459

He's always looked exactly the same yet entirely different in every pic. Very good character actor.

No. 399460

File: 1716209376226.jpeg (32.07 KB, 284x410, sergey.jpeg)

Don't know what's possessing him to wear eyeliner everywhere this year but still would the Google co-founder

No. 399463

Is this Sheldon Cooper??

No. 399466

Yes, I can't explain it??

No. 399513

File: 1716233647251.png (1.19 MB, 1810x1047, cesare borgia.png)

I need him oh my god I need him

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