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File: 1667783892478.jpeg (266.9 KB, 1600x900, 5E28CFEA-DA4B-4FC1-A74B-EA789A…)

No. 298105

Post men who are unconventionally attractive, gross, unattractive, average, ugly, creepy/weird, or shameful for their reputation.

Previous thread: >>>/g/286586

No. 298109

Replace all pics of xqc and his new gf with xqc and elsie

No. 298114

based idea

No. 298117

why don't i ever see a male attraction thread that's just general and doesn't have a category? is there a reason? my type is usually a little too mousy and off for the conventional threads but still handsome enough to not be shameful or shocking.

No. 298119

There's no exact reason but I have a bad feeling that mixing in different types could potentially lead to arguments over taste or people complaining about not wanting to see certain men even if they're not controversial.

No. 298120

that's true i also feel like it would tempt moids to post bait or random men they relate to. still, i avoid the conventional thread because i feel annoyed seeing busted guys posted there and i don't want to be a hypocrite. but i also feel silly putting a man considered hot by plenty of people alongside genuinely surprising choices just because he isn't a 10/10 model. oh well, we get by.

No. 298121

File: 1667792905413.jpeg (316.62 KB, 559x817, A7EFFED4-CB53-43C1-8858-6AC29D…)

I’ve always loved Conor Murphy from Foxing, especially during the Nearer My God tour in 2018 when he was in extra chubby. I just love the way he dances around stage like a retard. I’m the same nona who posted last thread near bump limit about Maniac (1980) btw.

No. 298124

Mousy and off? Find a pic of him in glasses and try the nerd thread

No. 298126

File: 1667798226003.png (Spoiler Image, 50.8 KB, 215x127, 1628535605561.png)

X just announced that he's not in a relationship. You know what that means.

No. 298129

File: 1667799993022.jpeg (237.09 KB, 800x992, 524D97BF-F3B9-46FC-BE00-EF66F8…)

>tfw no extreme bone structure genetics bf to balance out my shitty weak genetic mush face

No. 298131

Mumps head ass. A more V line look would suit him better.

No. 298132

Whoever made the threadpic, I love you kek. Put a big smile on my face when I saw it.

Nonnie are you serious??? Holy shit this is big news

No. 298133

Ew no. Plastic Koreans look gross.

No. 298135

He's not very plastic as far as korean celebs go. Look at the average male kpop singer, they look like they waxworks on display in madame tussauds who gained sentience

No. 298139

xqcfags rise up
we should make our own support group, I spot atleast 3 potential members

No. 298141

>A more V line look would suit him better.
please god no i'm sick of the dorito trend

No. 298143

no, he would look insane and weak. cut it out with your anime brainrot.

No. 298148

KEK no way is she dating that whore. I guess she's extra uwucomfy with his past of sleeping with women in brothels. Nice upgrade, Rae.

No. 298149

of all the jaws to mangle you want to whittle down one that's actually good and sought after? sicko

No. 298150

File: 1667809161421.jpg (156.76 KB, 1453x955, Tumblr_l_1155074719476079.jpg)

Blessing the new thread with Ted

No. 298151

File: 1667809911822.gif (Spoiler Image, 3.77 MB, 540x432, trashcora.gif)

I thought he looked good.

No. 298188

File: 1667831263648.jpg (222.31 KB, 994x750, CA19A543-DEDF-4B93-BFAF-DDC098…)

There's at least 4 I think. We need to claim xqc as our own and create a timeshare.

No. 298197

File: 1667834658848.jpeg (29.26 KB, 473x586, ABF53551-A2D3-4654-9297-090412…)

Lowkey makes me depressed like why do these women not think? Good luck to her being used like a sex object because that’s ultimately how a lot of these scrotes feel about women, especially him who was caught showing and reading porn to other women kek

No. 298233

File: 1667852722034.jpg (62.32 KB, 700x736, 1666010194.jpg)

God I need him so badly since 2011

No. 298235

File: 1667853331238.gif (851.23 KB, 400x200, 13649357.gif)

No. 298236

File: 1667853383840.gif (878.13 KB, 400x200, tumblr_psayuc77Cn1t286yd_400.g…)

No. 298238

File: 1667853537049.jpg (400.32 KB, 765x1029, Tumblr_l_82879980919215.jpg)

Time for me to daydream about humiliating Thom Yorke and making him cry. What else is new.

No. 298241

File: 1667853701176.gif (2.51 MB, 400x200, ezgif.com-gif-maker(2).gif)


No. 298246

File: 1667854975034.jpg (43.52 KB, 480x603, esb100117tonalshannon007-15069…)

i think michael shannon toes the line of handsome/weird but looking at him makes me feel good. shame he's made some poor movie choices recently.

No. 298249

File: 1667855619725.jpg (77.17 KB, 543x800, o-lucky-man.jpg)

He reminds me of Malcolm McDowell in a way

No. 298250

File: 1667855915356.gif (2.96 MB, 360x202, 6rcwq1.gif)

standing in the street
making me so weak
im just mentally
detached from the people around me

No. 298260

File: 1667856952366.jpeg (38 KB, 337x599, E4162DCA-A9A4-45DD-90AA-FC9D6D…)


No. 298271


No. 298282

File: 1667862821269.jpg (97.26 KB, 736x994, Michael_Collins.jpg)

presented without comment

No. 298292

File: 1667866866207.jpg (27.98 KB, 480x360, dahmer.jpg)

he was objectively hot

No. 298293

I know this is the unconventional thread but nona why…

No. 298294

in this picture only

No. 298296

I thought he had one leg because of his pose kek.

No. 298298

File: 1667869321800.jpeg (183.76 KB, 1300x955, 8BA456A2-774D-46EB-81E6-D67110…)

there are a few others

No. 298299

Kek he looks worse here. Not hideous but kind of average.

No. 298301

File: 1667870583380.jpg (338.28 KB, 667x1044, Screenshot_20221107_202220.jpg)

anyone other nonnies have a crippling attraction to todd howard? i don't even play any of his video games

No. 298305

he was objectively not hot, I hereby declare that dahmertards (even the ones finding the actor in the exploitative netflix show hot) get banned from this thread for derailing. this man ate the bodies of humans, that triumphs his “attractiveness” which doesn’t even exist, you could easily find the same scrote if you hit up a moid on /v/ or go up to one who looks like a bum. stop derailing the thread with your trash psyop crush, same thing with the anons who keep posting the columbine duo who were minors at the time when they committed their crimes so I don’t know what’s worse kek

No. 298306

Thank you I’m so annoyed that the hybristophiles have lost all of their shame since that stupid fucking show came out. He looks like every other malnourished suburban dad and NO your bussy wouldn’t be able to fix him.

No. 298307

Wrong. He only ate men

No. 298308

File: 1667872620509.jpeg (85.75 KB, 700x1041, 1EC8622F-AFB7-4AF9-B443-8E40C8…)

I agree that Daniel Radcliffe is hot but this is so funny to me. He never fucked looked like that what’s the point in thirst trapping the Weird Al movie kek.

No. 298309

I find him disgusting, but I don't see them derailing the thread. They just post a couple pics of him every so often, like anyone else here. This thread was pretty much made for posts like that, back when it had "ashamed" in the title.

No. 298310

I kinda miss it back then. I wonder where Osama anon is now

No. 298311

Kek this is for you nonnie

No. 298316

File: 1667874536468.jpeg (187.85 KB, 750x378, 1914E3B3-D74A-419E-822A-B705AB…)

anon don’t be retarded, he was also a racist scrote who deliberately attacked scrotes just because of their race. also heard that he attacked them for being gay too. imagine if that happened to lesbians? come on.

No. 298319

File: 1667874817792.jpeg (42.04 KB, 500x331, EE3EF836-3F90-481A-B005-B14A9A…)

Nice point, however men are still more closely related to male chimpanzees than actual people.
Picrel is lana’s new boyfriend who makes out with dogs. White boy moment for sure

No. 298322

File: 1667875033604.jpeg (51.11 KB, 500x375, 8B00A2EE-5B72-4C21-96DA-AA67EF…)

He’s ugly now though

No. 298323

>implying he's not ugly in the first pic

No. 298345

>also heard that he attacked them for being gay too. imagine if that happened to lesbians? come on.
I know this is definitely derailing but are you fucking stupid? Not even attracted to Dahmer but do you really not know the first fucking thing about what happened? He was a gay man who targeted other gay men for fucking so he could fuck them and kill them and then fuck them some more, it wasn’t a fucking hate crime or something. Imagine speaking with such authority on something you don’t know the most basic details about. Who fucking does that?

No. 298347

They only have as much power as you give them nonnie. Just scroll over if that upsets you. Can't believe bedwetters get upset at someone who actually fits what the thread called for instead of conventionally attractive thread rejects this is usually plagued with.

No. 298368

The real Weird Al is hotter than the movie one anyways

No. 298370

File: 1667894629629.jpeg (25.35 KB, 195x287, E6D8E2A4-1D54-49F0-96A8-A06073…)

i will never not be obsessed with the young version of him. perfect man visually
can we have a dahmerfag containment thread

No. 298371

>can we have a dahmerfag containment thread
Please no, not even addressing the fact he's a serial killer there aren't enough dahmerfags for the thread to stay alive. He's not being constantly posted like Evan Peters or Paul Dano was. It's just the occasional hybristo

No. 298372

Genuinely don’t find him attractive at all even if I didn’t know what he did. He looks like a homeless philtrumcel.

No. 298381

No, because he is just 'the ''sexy'' boy of the month' because of the netflix tv show, please don't shit up /m/ threads.

No. 298398

File: 1668029968489.png (979.92 KB, 854x1238, chriss.png)

shame. my greatest shame. I am saging out of shame

Based also he has the voice of an angel. big fan of his nose

I'm you nonna

No. 298406

Same nonna. I find most of the SleepyCabin boys at least somewhat attractive. At the very least funny and charming. Zach is my favorite though. My little gremlin man. I also think Jeff would be really fun to tease.

No. 298408

All the single focus boy threads are flavors of the month. Do not interpret this as a comment in favor of a Dahmerfag thread

No. 298449

File: 1668046434986.jpg (25.71 KB, 360x450, Psychicpebbles-Face.jpg)

Chris is literally nothing compared most of the people here. He's a normal looking Irish guy who's multitalented and working in the industry who also happens to be an e-celeb. He's also quite charming. But I'm with >>298406. Zach is best boy

No. 298463

Zach’s horrible nasally voice is insanely hot to me. It’s shameful.

No. 298470

Right? It's super hot and unique. He's so funny and confident that he pulls it off perfectly. I love it when he laughs so hard that he can't breathe.

No. 298477

File: 1668061308239.jpg (100.12 KB, 408x662, myenemy.jpg)

Jeff is silly and very adorable. His interactions with Cory are funny you just know he has a very big heart. very good taste nonna

Tbf Chris is gross and full of himself and also a fat slob. he's nowhere near the cutie he used to be and he's also kind of deranged now. i just can't help thinking he's endearing. forgive my moidspeak as I dont know how else to put this but both he and Zach have moe gaps… very vulgar humor but appear to be genuinely sweet and honest which is a big appeal. i think Zach's laugh is cute and charming too . I feel just terrible sperging about this but their audience is mostly made up of males or unbearable tiktok zoomers so I have little choice. goodbye world

No. 298479

File: 1668061900840.jpeg (278.19 KB, 909x1203, D9D8F13F-5FB6-4149-BAE4-0F8411…)

Same nonna after seeing the fnaf vr video I loved how cute Chris looked and how scared he got. Also love Zach even when he looks like he bit into a whole lemon

No. 298480

No idea who this guy is but I think he's really cute nona.

No. 298483

File: 1668063770101.png (646.14 KB, 724x536, download.PNG)

Not usually my type but his personality has grown on me sexually

No. 298487

File: 1668065382007.png (179.78 KB, 250x347, image.png)

if you know you know, if you do not… don't ask

No. 298495

Dahmer looks like he scratches and sniffs after he farts. Every. Goddamn. Time.

No. 298547

Jeff is adorable. I love how flustered ge gets when Chris sexually harasses him. Also, I don’t know about you, but I’ve loved those boys since I was a kid, like Hellbenders and before, so they are our clay nonnie, no moids or tiktok zoomers can take that from us. Gap moe is also our thing, don’t worry, I totally get what you mean. I also think it’s interesting that Chris has been mentioning the harmful effects of porn addiction and the internet in general lately.
The FNAF VR video was SO GOOD. I hope they treat us to more facecam for special occasions in the future. I’m also now remembering the MAGfest panel where Zach looked so shy and was wearing a suit jacket two times too big for him. So cute. Nikki is a lucky woman.

No. 298550

File: 1668097660507.jpeg (544.83 KB, 635x1111, 2C74A8B7-8150-4173-A48A-64FC81…)

idk if it counts but Trevor from WKUK. I think it’s probably just cause of his sense of humour but I find him so hot lmfao. Rip.

No. 298555

File: 1668100406612.jpg (414.54 KB, 1024x576, 1667162010110712.jpg)

not sure if I should post here or the nerd thread, some esports players are cute

No. 298571

same nona. gone to soon!!

No. 298587

File: 1668113234067.jpg (81.94 KB, 750x750, 2ce85b6d444f73a10f0c54a65ef955…)

I don't care how retarded he is or how ugly his facial hair is or that he's a manlet or a faggot he is so sexy I want to talk about power tools and not make eye contact with him I hate it

No. 298598


No. 298609

Girl in his prime he had a charm I could not deny. I still sometimes watch old episodes to relive my teenage crush on him ugh. When he got all fat and gross later it completely vanished but for a small window he was really really cute. I even watched that godawful Miss March movie because of him kek

No. 298610

JOXXER THE MIGHTY??? Kek your post made me want to go watch my Xena DVDs, nonna. Mad crushes in my early teens on Xena, Ares, Eve, and indeed Joxxer. Not ashamed.

No. 298612

Trust me I'm not impressed with myself either

No. 298614

File: 1668123504154.gif (6.21 MB, 384x288, Tumblr_l_37493546276372.gif)

Finally someone else with taste, high five sisters

No. 298622

He’s such a doofus but he’s OUR doofus

No. 298634

File: 1668130704173.png (611.45 KB, 553x600, data.png)

Fell for the young Nick trap nonnie. Most of those hot pics of him were 2016 or before

No. 298635

File: 1668131177202.gif (8.19 MB, 568x640, CF0486E5-42BB-49AB-88B3-025AC8…)


No. 298637

Do you actually though?

No. 298640

Jermafags you should feel embarrassed

No. 298646

Cba to watch it just tell me what happened nonnie. please

No. 298647

File: 1668137651632.jpg (28.82 KB, 480x358, morrissey_england.jpg)

Who do the anons ITT think is more likely to eat a pussy between Jeffrey Dahmer (as in lick it, not chew it up and swallow it) or Steven Morrissey?

No. 298651

Naw I still want to sit on his face with the trash facial hair he has now on TAFS

No. 298652

File: 1668140587608.jpg (41.72 KB, 680x426, philandrobert.jpg)

There was a Phil Collins anon in the last thread, so picrel is for her. Phil x Robert Plant, hahahahaha

He's the only DILF of video games.

No. 298653

Both of them are gay and probably hate women though

No. 298656

that’s the joke

No. 298662

Dahmer would convert Morrissey to cannibalism

No. 298672

be honest, how many times have you bought skyrim for him?

No. 298676

No fr, I feel bad cause I’ll watch old shows w my boyfriend & im so turned on by Trevor instead ahaha I suck

No. 298686

philfag nonnie here, you don't know how happy this made me.

No. 298701

File: 1668164581687.jpeg (24.53 KB, 438x355, F63527C2-E383-4BEA-BA44-C8B696…)

KEK one of my exes was def butthurt when they realized I was watching bc of my crush. I especially liked his songs (dinosaur rap, get a new daddy, etc) like they’re so dumb but I found them so charming. His one comedy special from the early 2010s had some mad catchy songs, Connie Watson slaps forever. Picrel is for u nonna, mwah

No. 298703

File: 1668165502138.jpeg (32.33 KB, 600x900, chris.jpeg)

omg nonnie thank you for posting this, I thought I was the only one. Although he has become a bit of a chunkster recently, I preferred him during the sleepy cabin era so probably picrel.

No. 298710

File: 1668171808468.jpeg (22.25 KB, 343x500, 79C79CA7-C1C2-47B0-BF2F-186973…)

There’s a guy that’s been coming into work recently that looks like a less fucked Steve-O. He came in today in his work uniform and a chain necklace, baggy jeans and adidas, total millenium skater style. I think he has an earring too. We have a running joke at work about matchmaking the girls at my work and the guys at his work which I only took as a joke but now I’m seriously considering it. He’s like pretty much my type but just a bit goofier looking. Anyway this guy made me realise maybe I would fuck Steve-O second to Chris Pontius
Love his silly little face
I’ve only seen him in one vid but I LOVE his accent and general vibe, need to watch more

No. 298712

I liked him back in the day before he married the obnoxious cosplay thot SuperMaryFace only because he thought she was hot and got her some big fake titties too.

No. 298732

AYRT, I'm something of a Robertfag myself and when I saw this I laughed so hard. I'm glad we could bond over this

No. 298751

File: 1668182874924.gif (2.83 MB, 400x400, Tumblr_l_1168833834013538.gif)

His older brother tho

No. 298763

I love him so much, my big goofy irishman.

No. 298765

File: 1668189553809.jpg (123.8 KB, 1280x720, primitive technology.jpg)

I want to live in one of his mud huts and cook him some Polynesian arrowroot flour bread while he fires 50 bricks in a kiln to build a nursery for our feral jungle children.

No. 298766

Scusi who are these tasty men?

No. 298767

File: 1668189921163.jpg (39.57 KB, 500x500, terry.jpg)

No. 298768

dax flame

No. 298771

You girls understand me so well, ilu

No. 298772

File: 1668190123825.jpg (10.94 KB, 203x249, download (1).jpg)

No. 298773

I could've saved him nonas

No. 298774

there was a quote about his mom, or something he said to her that touched me, it was something like, "I forgot I loved you or cared about you" I don't know, I feel like he was a sweet soul with mental illness

No. 298775

La prima è Ted Raimi, of Xena: Warrior Princess fame in my heart kek

No. 298783

File: 1668193975924.jpg (33.93 KB, 480x315, 8905240f610de98d6ce2156261bfed…)

Sam Raimi and his younger brother Ted. One is a film director, the other is actor. Both are incredible.

No. 298784

File: 1668194582045.gif (1.82 MB, 498x280, srpelo.gif)

I like his unhinged energy and lack of cynicism.

No. 298804

File: 1668201345289.jpeg (17.17 KB, 236x353, 097A21D2-E57C-4EAE-9B54-2B85F9…)

Whenever I hear get a new daddy I’m like “damn I’d let him be my new daddy” lol

No. 298821

File: 1668206780150.jpeg (44.76 KB, 406x613, 6745D756-E9B2-4534-B0EF-157B9C…)

LOL BUT SAME. This posting back and forth about him has reignited my crush and I’m about to watch some old WKUK episodes kekkkk also, just have to add I think there’s something genuinely attractive about his speaking voice. It’s kind of nasally and he has a bit of a lisp but it’s very deep and still masculine idk how to describe. Ily fellow Trevor Moore-anon.

No. 298830

Paul Dano phenotype

No. 298831

but trevor isn't fat and has some semblance of a chin

No. 298832

Weird comparison

No. 298833

Paul Dano A phenotype (stands for alpha), the real Paul is B phenotype (stands for beta)

No. 298846

File: 1668218380262.png (460.14 KB, 639x975, guy pals.png)

Maybe Moz would break his years of dedicated veganism to cannibalise Marr

No. 298853

File: 1668221545668.jpg (37.85 KB, 770x447, e9ffcfb13e19acebd0d37bbe22fc7d…)

Even now that he's old, I still love him

No. 298856

KEK nonna pls I almost spit-taked

No. 298875

File: 1668231996633.jpeg (37.49 KB, 416x583, 6759B16E-8A30-4853-BCFD-D0C22C…)

Idk why I like horse faced manlets so much

No. 298877

Poor guy, had to play second fiddle to Steve Coogan then David Mitchell, two of the best current comedians in the British scene. He deserves his dues.

No. 298878

Never really found him funny tbh. He just gives me fanny flutter.

No. 298909

is this that british guy that shows up on a bunch of panel shows

No. 298914

File: 1668263585838.gif (4.66 MB, 498x460, 1CEBC2C9-A15D-4B4F-8D40-C9B4D5…)

Had no interest in him whatsoever until that one scene (and subsequent scenes afterwards in bcs) where he gets shot and beat up and thrown around, it’s so hot. Watching the Far Cry Experience atm and Michael Mando is so charming and insane WOOF. I would do many things to him but also vice versa

No. 298918

does this mean you like hugh grant

No. 298947

on that note… mike is… so hot for a grandpa

No. 298979

File: 1668294833525.jpeg (273.36 KB, 1242x1523, ABD70796-E1DE-4837-B3A4-4B4376…)

Haven't the slightest clue why he flared up in my mind out of no where like this. A week ago I hadn't thought of his existence for years, and now, I have thousands of pictures of him just like that.
I am admittedly going through a downwards spiral so maybe that's it…

No. 298983

so, using microsoft's edge's picture identification feature i'm told he's an IOS engineer? and you know him how/why?

No. 298986

he’s a youtuber

No. 298989

is his name cody?

No. 298993

File: 1668301922971.jpg (42.72 KB, 651x721, untitled.JPG)

here to post young Bobby Gillespie who just proves that a well dressed man with an interesting haircut can be hot even if he has the facial features of an anthropomorphic cartoon dog

No. 298997

File: 1668302609252.jpeg (209.06 KB, 1152x1852, 2247E92B-25C0-49E8-B7D4-3C4357…)

blixa was much hotter than nick cave but is still fugly enough for this threa

No. 299001

File: 1668306544683.gif (490.63 KB, 400x317, tumblr_llo049Tswl1qickydo1_400…)

I really like this gif of him.

No. 299009

File: 1668311535584.png (326.23 KB, 3336x1188, chlado.png)

do people really consider him to be unconventional? i find him cuter than jesse/aaron paul. lalo is still my favorite but princess nachito is a close second. on that note, nonas itt who would you fmk from the below?



No. 299011

I like his personality too but his gf is so damn annoying I hate her pink haired anime persona and her artstyle it makes me so annoyed

No. 299012

you seen this video of him making risotto?

No. 299013

Cody Ko. One of the few e-celebs who can still have a respectable career once the whole platform dies

No. 299020

I wish I had a cute Blixa making me risotto

No. 299022

File: 1668313017173.jpg (84.35 KB, 500x688, tumblr_inline_nlfd5hasfa1t5fb1…)

he was a bit ugly when yourger due to the drugs i guess but as soon as he gained weigh on his face he became really attractive unlike nick cave who looks like a goth krusty the clown
i mean that harness alone 10/10

No. 299025

Oh lord, I never looked into his girlfriend. Her persona is so over the top, it’s almost like an OC rather than her. She looks pretty normal in real life.

No. 299028

Trevor was so hot and funny as fuck. RIP

No. 299029

File: 1668315214765.jpeg (91.22 KB, 800x950, D6FBDE39-37BC-4C70-A63C-C5057D…)

it’s from an interview he gave in his former high school, i think it even has english subtitles in case you’re not a germanon

of course, by then he also looked healthy. food became too much of a hobby for him sadly.

No. 299032

File: 1668315646793.jpg (36.41 KB, 500x500, 6d2fda92a463e45bf13f648b38059f…)

His twink death was still less tragic and abrupt than of many other guys.

No. 299033

File: 1668315869966.jpeg (363.25 KB, 1707x2560, F58C6F5E-91B9-45D7-8944-D8570E…)

None of my friends understand when I say I would fuck Edward Snowden but I feel like some nonnies here might relate

No. 299037

File: 1668316378567.png (277.67 KB, 800x461, Snowden.png)

Of course.

No. 299038

File: 1668316494426.png (701.67 KB, 1024x576, hsxirdggdwqh6mtpaymy-231835573…)

tfw they're all old and schlubby and gross now

No. 299041

>Fuck Mike
>Marry Saul
>Kill Walt

No. 299044

I would fuck Jimmy McGill

No. 299060

File: 1668335222178.jpeg (40.3 KB, 679x452, 829C533F-61EE-4591-AFBE-723F09…)

Superb taste nonnie. He is my lifetime Hall Pass. I was never into video games but I watched the far cry 3 cutscene compilations in middle school out of curiosity and the results were devastating. It’s a miracle I’m not some extreme degen based on the amount of deranged self-insert bdsm fanfic I read about Vaas. Have you ever listened to him being interviewed? He has such a lovely voice and a really interesting point of view.

Marry Jimmy
Fuck Walt
Kill Mike

No. 299063

Marry Mike
Fuck Jimmy
Kill Walt
Though I love all of em

No. 299073

File: 1668341142381.gif (7.04 MB, 415x277, 796D0019-FC0E-40E0-B448-889848…)

To me he has a bit of a goofy head, definitely not as unconventional as others ITT but I’m ashamed to say I would fuck the characters he’s played. Also fuck Saul marry Jimmy kill Gene
Just read my first reader slashfic since a few years ago because of this mf, considering pirating buying FC3 for him. Unrelated but he reminds me of Handsome Jack minus the frat boy vibes. I haven’t seen seen any interviews with him, will probably watch some tonight.

No. 299084

File: 1668346195967.jpg (270.25 KB, 1276x850, 1668346048.jpg)

Honestly he aged pretty fine and he's less fat these days (but I don't dig the long hair so I chose a different pic)

No. 299111

File: 1668359760921.jpeg (145.58 KB, 666x1000, 63158884-C0C9-4A21-B540-4EC7E1…)

Noel Fielding. I find myself drawn to his sense of humour and eccentric style. Plus, the piercing blue eyes.

No. 299113

Gotta love Noel, even when he got chubby cuz of his hepatitis C meds

No. 299114

In the Boosh days I definitely did as well. Something about the Vince Noir persona was so charming. He’s also just so creative which I find attractive. Loved when he would be on Nevermind the Buzzcocks too.

No. 299115

File: 1668361450146.png (492.19 KB, 693x1000, vince_noir_by_kaytii-d5tfkd9-5…)

I love him too, not sexually though, but as a person.

No. 299116

File: 1668361810170.jpeg (72.01 KB, 500x827, A920C46A-AB85-4E9A-A1BF-9075D9…)

Currently binging bake off and wanted to post this, even when he’s older kek

No. 299137

File: 1668366650736.gif (7.06 MB, 500x251, FAR9YTo.gif)

he looked so hot in this episode

>fuck walter
>marry jimmy
>kill mike
he's too much of a grandpa

No. 299139

File: 1668367106848.jpg (121.7 KB, 650x900, 20221113_201705.jpg)

Lol what a crossover

No. 299141

>fuck jimmy/saul (the suit stays on)
>marry mike i guess he'd protect me and give me all his money
>kill walter's sociopathic ass

No. 299160

File: 1668375894476.jpg (12.78 KB, 320x240, keithy.jpg)

Long haired Keith long haired Keith! He's like a very handsome masculine frog ♥

No. 299175

File: 1668383934294.jpeg (66.58 KB, 431x503, 45AA8783-66E7-4A73-8B18-4C86CC…)

It’s wild how different the devil horn mohawk makes him look. Long hair is my favourite second to this cut.

No. 299179

Isn't he conventionally attractive? His face is like perfect?? To me he is the male equivalent of those insta thots with shaved head or bleached eyebrows who make themselves ugly on purpose. I do dig the alt style on him though.

No. 299219

File: 1668404789560.png (1.02 MB, 1920x842, jawsroyscheider.png)

Finally watched Jaws and wow, Roy Scheider was kind of hot in this scene.

No. 299220

File: 1668405343544.jpg (235.16 KB, 750x738, watthetuck.jpg)

The fuck ?

No. 299222

File: 1668409792385.jpg (119.62 KB, 682x1024, d4c882323e4026431424110c8ee010…)

I desperately want more black guys to have this haircut.

No. 299223

File: 1668409968585.png (389.49 KB, 426x537, 8b731a2eaf349486d35bafae537779…)

Afar guys just look really cute in general.


No. 299235

I wonder why she went private.

No. 299240

They have 4 kids together, so maybe i think that's why…?

No. 299241

Oh, yeah, that makes sense.

No. 299261

I agree, it's cute and reminds me of ancient times like Egyptian hairstyles.

No. 299278

Yeah she decided to do a 180 and go from posing in skimpy bathing suits and doing nude photoshoots to tradthot mommy who bakes cupcakes. I remember she denied both having a boob job and doing nude modeling, even tho there were hundreds of pictures of her and she has super recognizable moles. She even went so far as to say the photographer photoshopped her to be nude and she was 16 so he was a child pornographer. She was a real lolcow.

No. 299292

File: 1668456411537.jpeg (1.4 MB, 3000x2039, ECF1E2A1-B26E-4835-A93D-473D25…)

Men shouldn’t be allowed to age or have Instagram
I know he looks like a fat roadside hobo now but howdy psychic partnergate is truly breaking my young indie kid heart

No. 299303

File: 1668462186117.jpeg (50.87 KB, 300x300, 508101EF-72F9-4E36-8538-DE9173…)

based nona

No. 299310

File: 1668464085285.gif (991.85 KB, 245x101, pondering.gif)

No. 299315

File: 1668465945483.jpeg (302.62 KB, 1738x2600, Document.jpeg)

POV you are Ezra Miller

No. 299322

Looks like Moses in Prince of Egypt.

No. 299331

File: 1668468692972.jpg (67.39 KB, 799x1200, fml.jpg)

No. 299350

File: 1668477749737.jpeg (124.57 KB, 1156x771, 3F90B511-F7BD-4235-8880-625B35…)

I like men who look like lesbians

No. 299364

That looks just like Timmy Chalamet

No. 299376

But without the bicycle seat bones

No. 299377

File: 1668490333321.jpeg (46.13 KB, 480x479, C4AE52C6-7DD5-4F30-87F7-7EFE65…)

Yeah I’ve heard people say he’s the working man’s timothee

No. 299379

More like the welfare queen's timothee

No. 299389

File: 1668503400963.jpeg (107.01 KB, 540x320, 0CC73EF7-6979-487A-A0BE-BF2D41…)

I need him, nonnas. Need. I know some people in the conventional attractions thread would say he belongs there but usually you get BTFO’d for liking older men kek truly he was gorgeous in his 20s, seemingly hit the wall in his 30s, then boomeranged back around to being the big bad wolf in human form in his 50s and it’s NOT FAIR.

No. 299390

File: 1668503476302.gif (649.92 KB, 268x268, D9952A71-1588-4274-9533-EB3638…)

This is him at 25 UGH

No. 299391

wtf looks at least 38

No. 299392

File: 1668503826101.png (77.77 KB, 540x313, F8F2D0B8-4AC0-486D-A02F-BBDE8F…)

KEK MAYBE SO still would have tho

No. 299393

who is that

No. 299394

File: 1668505701644.jpg (209.68 KB, 1037x1600, Jeffrey-Dean-Morgan-john-winch…)

Ntayrt it's Jeffery Dean Morgan
Im never the type to think men age like wine or be into old men, but he's one of those rare exceptions where I actually think he became better looking the older he's gotten, not sure why, but he's so cute

No. 299407

File: 1668516799666.gif (2.73 MB, 250x281, 912455D5-7A3F-4041-A9BB-952B60…)

No. 299408

JDM anon here (kek) and yes see you get what I’m saying. I don’t go for older guys EVER. PERIOD. He’s like a goddamn unicorn.

No. 299412

File: 1668520331058.jpeg (155.31 KB, 750x1124, 5AB4AF06-EA2B-433C-9737-9654F7…)

Wasn’t ever into him but for some reason atm the more I look the more I think you might be onto something. He reminds me of a less gangly more dad-like Jason Lee

No. 299413

File: 1668520478551.jpeg (923.47 KB, 1055x1273, AC4D9505-853C-407E-BE99-CB3197…)

Omg I’ve had that thought before re Jason Lee being similar. He’s the beta phenotype kek one more pic and I promise I’ll stop spamming my thirst is just extra strong today

No. 299423

this guy looks better than timmy imo

No. 299432

i love jason lee…

No. 299442

File: 1668532172774.jpg (56.41 KB, 340x450, franz-kafka1[2]-763969013.jpg)

Kafka was cute

No. 299446

extremely based

No. 299453

File: 1668534703659.jpg (57.18 KB, 564x693, e443775621a60d35a58bf1115acd3a…)

No. 299468

Honestly……..I’ll give you this one, nonna.

No. 299471

Imagine the smell

No. 299473

File: 1668536193547.jpg (342.78 KB, 1984x1315, Alex-Cameron-e1569160844609.jp…)

No. 299475

Same, I miss that stupid nu metal look with the dreads and oversized clothes and Jon is cute

No. 299476

Also forever love him for the Queen of the Damned soundtrack. What a masterpiece of the year 2000. Even the movie itself is a terrible kind of gem. (RIP Aaliyah ugh)

No. 299486

Yeah people don't give the band enough credit cause 'nu metal is cringe' or whatever but they're great musicians and Jonathan has a fucking amazing vocal range

No. 299488

I think he also has the perfect voice for Sans from Undertale.

No. 299492

Agree hard. I saw them on their Family Values tour when I was a little baby fifteen year old autist and they were fucking awesome. Being there all day was kinda draining for me but when they finally came onstage I woke up completely bc they were so goddamn good.

No. 299507

File: 1668545138185.jpg (352 KB, 1600x2133, 652b23d4-a99d-4900-b43e-a12302…)


No. 299509

i wanted to fuck him so badly, massive cutie

also him, avantgarde sex bomb.

had a mad crush on him too, i remember him as particularly sexy in the ouija board and drunk dad ep.

great taste, nonnas

No. 299510

yandere dev looks so cute here!

No. 299511

File: 1668546328892.jpeg (506.23 KB, 1562x547, 338324A2-E341-4B1A-86FB-DF3922…)

wtf, i just wanted to post the real one, guess that’s why i thought of him. i only found out who he was because i saw these pics somewhere and thought he looked ugly-cute.

No. 299515

File: 1668547014818.png (136.81 KB, 300x298, jw.png)

idk if i can say my opinion about jews guys. there was a time i said they are the worst type of white guys on the vent thread but some jannie marked as a racebait…. but i never saw one that looked really beautiful instead of cute-ugly

No. 299516

File: 1668548918487.gif (1021.87 KB, 357x268, 35BC1A48-1ADE-4635-BD01-6F0F76…)

I bought a long sleeved adidas top in high school because of him
Have you seen him in Mallrats nona? I love him

No. 299520

Who is this??

No. 299521

Forgot to sage and nvm I found him.

No. 299524

File: 1668549774584.gif (854.99 KB, 498x287, 78162F1A-894A-44EC-82E1-3D0DAF…)

One of the Trevor Moore anons here hehe, I LOVED him when he was the devil in that one sketch, doing a weird over the top southern accent and wearing like some kind of red face paint and winged eyeliner of all things kek I could only find a shitty gif of it tho sad emoji

No. 299526

>liking a literal methhead and serial cheater
Gross. He's so incredibly ugly too with that balding egg shaped head. Please love yourselves.

No. 299536

Post your unconventional male attraction. NOW.

No. 299537

File: 1668556780334.jpg (41.13 KB, 357x357, A-351232-1349362255-6118.jpg)

He hasn't been active in probably years but Zac Pennington is unreasonably attractive to me.

No. 299538

Kinda looks a bit like cillian murphy

No. 299539

I'll disappoint you that none of them are meth heads or serial cheaters. Why would anyone be attracted to that.

No. 299566

Begone zoomer, find something else to cancel

No. 299569

File: 1668571786543.jpg (162.04 KB, 1100x1900, 1100x1900.jpg)

Retard, who said anything about cancelling? I'm definitely older than you. Did you want his smelly chipped meth teeth biting your nipples before he cheats on you too? All his gfs and groupies were supermodels. This balding faggot would never even look at you. Get some self esteem and stop being a pickme over one of the ugliest men on the planet.

No. 299572

File: 1668573210686.jpg (74.98 KB, 392x500, green-gartside.jpg)

i don't think he's that unconventional but Green Gartside from Scritti Politti is gorgeous

No. 299574

File: 1668573414055.jpg (741.88 KB, 2000x1699, scritti-politti-green-gartside…)

like damnnnnn

No. 299575

i want him to be my needy neurotic bf

No. 299591

Nta but why are you in this thread, and why pick on them specifically…

No. 299595

As long as they don't actually get involved, I think just a little crush is fine. If he actually came to you though, I pray to God you have some self respect.

No. 299601

He has really pretty eyes! He reminds me of someone but it’s escaping me…

No. 299606

It’s ok, you can admit you were a groupie back in the day

No. 299626

File: 1668602089954.jpg (256.01 KB, 1075x627, IMG_20221109_180019.jpg)

How is jermy's old brother so fucking fat and ugly compared to Jermy? Mother cheating? He has default central European guy face. Like Warner Ziegler from better call saul. His npc ass couldn't handle little brother's swag.

No. 299630

Jeremy does a patrick bateman style diet/workout/beauty routine.

No. 299652

File: 1668607194649.jpg (Spoiler Image, 363.38 KB, 1080x1404, IMG_20221116_165329.jpg)

My retarded manwhore crush. I hate him for not getting that nose job he so desperately needs but even that can't fix how short his midface is, and he still can't achieve the baby slut look he wants because his hulking jaw takes away from any cuteness he had before he started whoring himself out. (Picrel is spoilered bc his dick is out, albeit censored.) I don't know what's going on inside his head these days, clearly some of his faggot buddies would've already taught him how to wax his stank beaver? It makes his uncircumcised wurstie look so much worse. I miss being able to post him on the conventional thread. Why is my life so hard?

No. 299657

this whole post is absolutely killing me.

No. 299665

My mind palace is dark and twisted. It usually has that kind of affect on people.

No. 299671

Is this some random gay porn actor?

No. 299672

lol I have no idea why my thinking Jonathan Davis was hot in the 90's-00's is triggering them so much

No. 299673

I got aids from reading this

No. 299677

Why are you so mean to him, he looks fine. The criticisms of his penor are valid I’m sure, as I don’t doubt you are an expert on it

No. 299680

his nose and jaw are perfect what are you smoking

No. 299683

Um. Well I don’t have aids. You should’ve said pubic lice

No. 299700

Underrated post.

No. 299701

He cheated? Wtf? How??? Is that even possible???? Lol. The smell…

No. 299702

File: 1668622806192.jpeg (76.45 KB, 600x600, 8A9287C3-91F2-4E73-A600-1EB260…)

While we are Trevorposting…

No. 299704

File: 1668623012805.jpeg (109.14 KB, 1242x244, 76C587F2-C378-4A49-A9D2-71D9CC…)

I don’t know why but this is so funny to me. It’s when you try to force a nickname that you think sounds cool but nobody ever picks up on it or calls you it.

No. 299719

Integrate retard

No. 299745

File: 1668640814336.gif (1.15 MB, 268x268, 0E98E05D-499B-4DEA-BED5-C95DE6…)

I’m so sorry…I just thirst watched that godawful STUPID horror movie he was in last year as an after work treat and I am beside myself

No. 299759

File: 1668648027526.jpeg (51.51 KB, 778x750, D64BC2B6-88E8-4FC8-B2F9-83FE68…)

Nonnies I got you… always. Looks princely with this one

No. 299763

File: 1668649102386.jpg (231.43 KB, 640x640, bruh.jpg)

Don't you mean like a vampire?

No. 299768

File: 1668650114297.png (351.81 KB, 1536x2048, ggd.png)

i've had a crush on him for the longest time. cute, successful, nerdy, kind idk i think he kinda does it for me. also he doesn't look bad for 42

No. 299771

does he have cats?

No. 299772

File: 1668651428284.jpg (134.66 KB, 642x900, stevewithfan.jpg)

>see story that moz ended concert this week after 30 minutes because he was cold

This never would have happened if I'd been there to cuddle him.

No. 299773

No. 299776

File: 1668655082052.jpg (120.88 KB, 1000x744, tumblr_nyn8h0yIZb1tjui9xo1_128…)

Damn, Mozfags will literally eat up anything

No. 299778

File: 1668655971733.jpg (104.19 KB, 1477x1080, nipslip.jpg)

>would sooner cancel his concert than wear an extra layer

Now there's a man with a passion for fashion (fur and leather excluded)

No. 299792

Seething J Devil detected.

No. 299824

File: 1668685561901.gif (1.4 MB, 268x250, 2E81CB7F-9690-40C4-A2DB-6CBA3C…)

Am I in danger of becoming the JDM version of Paul Dano-anon? kek

No. 299825

I want to torture this man in a shipping container for up to a year. And you. How can you look at someone’s grandfather like that. Degenerate debauchery everywhere on this damned site.

No. 299826

File: 1668686486363.gif (2.57 MB, 540x301, tumblr_otlzbdIBxt1r8mefxo1_540…)

You're not alone in this nonna, I've been big into him for years now, since I saw Supernatural. He's always been hot but I actually found him most attractive in his forties, though to say he's late fifties now he's still got it. I think he the was most gorgeous he has been in the show Magic City (gifrel) and then cutest in The Accidental Husband. That smile of his and those dimples too, so handsome.

Do you mean The Unholy? That was such a bad movie haha.

No. 299830

File: 1668687479934.gif (723.29 KB, 400x167, CEDEA95E-DA55-4AC3-A8E7-8C7E94…)

YES omG he was so handsome in Magic City. The style of the era it was set in really suited him, same with that one Marilyn Monroe miniseries where he was Joe DiMaggio. His dimples and smile are definitely his special features. And yes i meant the Unholy lmao it was awful, and I’ve watched it more than once because I’m garbage and I’m proud, Thank you for making me feel valid and not wanting to torture me in a shipping container kek ily nonna

No. 299834

File: 1668688225994.gif (9.21 MB, 540x540, tumblr_30883d8bdd619be61c5120e…)

I completely agree, he has a face that fits so perfectly into that time period, he was so smooth and absolutely just oozed sex in that role and I really liked him clean shaven. Also no judgement on you for 'enjoying' The Unholy more than once, he looked great in it! Lmao at your gif, that was one of the most over the top sex scenes ever, full on fucking as the room burns down. I could never torture a fellow JDM fan in a shipping container! Okay so he's definitely old but compared to some of the literal murderers who get posted here I think we're good.

No. 299836

Your own post reads like degenerate debauchery

No. 299838

File: 1668695287344.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.7 MB, 250x194, 6324D77C-2667-4B8D-873B-D85731…)

God I also think there’s just something about how easy he seems in his skin all the time, like he has a confidence and swagger that doesn’t grate on me like other actors have. He always looks so natural during sex scenes too. BRB drooling…

No. 299843

Dont listen to the other nonnas congrats on being the only user on this site with actual standars

No. 299845

Paul Danon, nonny

No. 299851

File: 1668700289210.gif (6.88 MB, 520x293, download.gif)

JDM and JDM anon meeting

No. 299949

File: 1668748932199.jpg (129.09 KB, 960x1280, hq.jpg)

I know it wasn't intended but the corpse looking thing reminds me of a long haired Jordan. I still like him though

No. 299988

File: 1668780238862.jpg (108.97 KB, 720x872, 07899674563.jpg)

Eat it up nonnie

No. 299989

File: 1668781948965.jpeg (517.62 KB, 1280x1888, F65B52A2-20AE-45A0-97E9-4D3D77…)

i’m in love with this mysterious, unnamed nigerien tuareg man from 1978

No. 299990

File: 1668782663198.png (193.83 KB, 1188x1042, Leather.png)

>leather excluded

No. 299996

wish i had a time machine…

No. 299997

he better shave his monkey hands before he touches me

No. 299998

File: 1668785211065.jpg (40.47 KB, 640x480, amish.jpg)

cute amish boy who had a police chase on a horse. hope he's well

No. 300011

File: 1668792257741.jpeg (336.1 KB, 500x500, 0D924235-2164-4377-9166-88D9E3…)

I want to bang this autistic fag Nick Mullen. I feel like he’d be garbage in bed too, and yet I’d still go for it. Deeply ashamed and deeply horny

No. 300023

Oh mood. I can see it. He kind of reminds me of the ~vibe~ of the Tunisian-Italian rapper Ghali’s videos for Wallah and Wily Wily (one of my unconventional attractions)

No. 300034

Somebody save him from this medieval peasant haircut.

No. 300038

File: 1668807727060.jpeg (79 KB, 640x740, 4F5BB2A7-3CE7-4E15-B189-5A7D48…)

Sorry nonna but reminded me of this

No. 300051

idc that he looks like a peasant and probably doesnt know how to use a zipper, he is cute

No. 300052

he used to post on a forum that i frequented back in the early 00's and he was kind of a mess but kind of cute in a dirty way tbh. he said he wanted to be a comedian back then so good for him.

No. 300062

>he said he wanted to be a comedian
That's when the fall began

No. 300067

File: 1668825538583.jpeg (65.81 KB, 655x983, 2F1B9D4D-B91E-4AC3-B9F6-78D24A…)

what happened to the lennonfag that posted here

No. 300075

File: 1668832390973.jpg (30.39 KB, 360x502, b8a1c8938a035f8c2e7d6f14fdff9c…)

would gladly offer myself to be this man's next meal

No. 300076

File: 1668832642254.jpg (19.84 KB, 720x505, FB_IMG_1661827139418.jpg)

Yes yes

No. 300079

File: 1668836255564.jpeg (222.28 KB, 929x1365, 1D2E8BDF-EBF1-476B-99FA-378D0A…)

Speaking of Far Cry villains I low-key want Joseph Seed’s Joseph Seed and I feel kinda bad because he’s literally a schizophrenic baby murderer lmao

I guess it’s just his charismatic cult leader aura and great abs idk

No. 300081

Sis he’s conventionally attractive lol

No. 300082

>Joseph Seed's Joseph Seed
kek nonner

No. 300107

His brothers are even hotter imo

No. 300126

File: 1668869032959.png (475.42 KB, 750x430, The-Hunt-for-Red-October-6.png)

Sean Connery might not be considered unconventional in popular opinion, but I always hated his scrotey attitude towards women. The sex symbol status of his James Bond character is such a forced meme.

But goddamn, does he pull off the silver fox look in The Hunt For Red October. My military uniform fetish might have something to do with it, but I finally get why people want to fuck Connery.

No. 300132

File: 1668875821979.jpg (45.24 KB, 402x570, Screenshot 2022-11-19 113621.j…)

i want furio from the sopranos to uccidere my gnocca

No. 300142

File: 1668879650052.jpeg (445.67 KB, 750x1081, EEC47179-D986-4FA4-8262-65B72F…)

Furio’s beautiful. I’ve always been conflicted about Christopher. Somehow he’s ugly and cute at the same time

No. 300151

File: 1668881706559.png (842.47 KB, 1280x720, 44BCAA1A-6E71-4BD0-B7DE-AB8A67…)

I know what you mean anon. He has some nice facial features. I love a man with a unibrow

No. 300155

nta but i've never seen him pushed as conventional. he looks like a monkey imo, plus he's a Peterson fanboy

No. 300160

I can excuse the dahmerfags but Nikocado is too far

No. 300161

File: 1668889088902.jpeg (24.26 KB, 240x289, C40228A4-6EDD-4AE9-A71C-B660C7…)

Nayrt but I think of him as very conventionally attractive, though perhaps not by lolcow’s standards that lean towards young pretty boys. Younger Mads is one of the most classically hot men I can think of. He has objectively ideal facial bone structure. Perhaps anon thinks he’s unconventionally attractive because he’s old now & doesn’t rly have eyelashes or eyebrows, but the latter is just danes for ya

No. 300169

File: 1668891987930.png (1010.29 KB, 785x798, ahhh.PNG)

Eh, disagree. Some parts of his face are better but others; dead eyes that wouldn't be fixed with nice lashes or brows (also I'm a huge fan of blond + light lashes/brows), a broken looking nose, fishlike lips.
It's why he looks so creepy or like a druggie in his old age while some other men age better too. I think it's mostly being white, somewhat masculine, and famous that makes him seem hot to a lot of women and girls so…I wouldn't necessarily count him as unconventional, but, yeah, old or young, he's always been hard to look at for me.

No. 300170

yeah if he wasn't famous i would've thought he was just some random old guy kek

No. 300176

File: 1668893931825.png (680.08 KB, 780x1131, thom yorke shirtless.png)

I'd make him eat his own cum.

No. 300177

nooooo i thought it was another duplication of elon musk

No. 300181

File: 1668895884537.jpg (52.37 KB, 500x703, bc85b67eb9144f2c685153a75993fc…)

Elon Musk wishes he had the raw twinkish sexual pull that a younger Thom Yorke had. Look at this little bitch. I want to pick him up and throw him. And watch his face screw up right before he cries. Might as well kill myself now because I'll never experience that.

No. 300183

File: 1668896359738.jpg (18.11 KB, 220x277, Sam_Waterston_1972.jpg)

No. 300190

is that joseph gordon-levitts grandpa? doesn’t look ugly for an old moid.

i like your fantasies but thom yorke looks like a 7 year old with special needs

nick mullen was conventionally attractive, he’s just a manlet who caught aids recently

ezra miller is a jew and conventionally attractive, can’t think of other pretty male jews

No. 300211

nick mullen seems like a closet homosexual but that just makes him more attractive to me

No. 300212

Who'da thunk that Radiohead and Thom Yorke-nonna would also be a femdom enthusiast?

No. 300219

>but that just makes him more attractive to me
NTA but how come? That would decrease your chances of fucking him.

No. 300223

Nta but there are gay males that stick around here.

No. 300224

Then they need to leave.

No. 300228

File: 1668924507349.jpg (228.22 KB, 960x960, 67597423_2918040761599980_2157…)

I love his lack of eyelashes and eyebrows, his marked cheekbones.And I really can't describe what it is that attracts me so much to him.
>being white, somewhat masculine, and famous that makes him seem hot to a lot of women and girls
LMAO invent something better nona

No. 300230

i'm not a gay male i am actually a woman but my sexuality is just weird. i don't want to have sex with men i just like looking and i enjoy when they are tortured about stuff

No. 300238

File: 1668929087872.jpeg (45.82 KB, 664x1176, 5A9A5D61-7EB2-4F6D-B9A4-D2E7D5…)

i love boxers, especially after they’ve been beaten up.

No. 300239

File: 1668929116817.jpeg (100.94 KB, 800x542, 1F34F2DB-A216-4844-AE5C-D3C7BA…)

it activates my protective instinct

No. 300241

File: 1668930950982.jpg (96.51 KB, 1068x1150, sweatyEzra.jpg)

Just thinking.

No. 300242

File: 1668930998632.gif (2.9 MB, 540x350, billy-crudup.gif)

He needed me as his wrangler.

No. 300243

File: 1668931296512.jpeg (34.01 KB, 525x700, 1668930710156816.jpeg)

Just saw a picture of this absolute hunk of a man, I gasped out loud and I swear my heart skipped a beat. I did a reverse image search and whoops, it's a Nazi

No. 300257

He's so gorgeous in this picture. He's got a kind of ethereal thing going on, similar to Tilda Swinton. The eyebrowless shall inherit the earth.

No. 300274

Me but with Steve Howe.

No. 300278

No. 300283

Jacob is kinda ugly imo

I get the people who are horny for John but he looks a bit like a Hollywood-ified version of my ex which is slightly off putting.

No. 300293

File: 1668964733157.jpg (142.24 KB, 947x1440, f2f812a79e43e0a76ba953b3358340…)

He has that rat face that I love in men. I feel you on the ugly cute, but I can't judge him too much for his receding jaw/big nose situation, I suffer from the same thing kek

No. 300304

Foodio was really the only attractive guy in that stupid-a faacking show

No. 300305

samefag to say i like the sopranos, it's just a reference to one of the few lines furio has kek

No. 300310

came here to post the exact same pic
I'm actually more offended by the poly thing than the whole FTX debacle, it's too degen for me

No. 300311

is there a reason why he gets posted both here and in the conventional thread at the same time kek. i mean i know what he did but wonder why not just stick to one thread

No. 300325

File: 1668978633433.jpg (67.46 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

he looks like Robert Pattinson in twilight here

No. 300326

File: 1668978776968.gif (482.7 KB, 499x200, tumblr_lsdptrZkpi1qh6cr0o4_r1_…)

is this supposed to be sheldon dressed as the i like turtles kid?

No. 300328

I'm not sure, but in my head he's being rpatz

No. 300330

File: 1668982877113.jpg (623.46 KB, 1050x1626, 1608894506261.jpg)

No. 300337

Fuck off moid!

No. 300351

Based. Zach is a cute

No. 300368

He was cute in the first seasons but he got fugly over time

No. 300372

is it a facial expression or does he just always look like that

No. 300375

Ew he literally looks like an albino baboon and is a mass murderer.

No. 300378

File: 1669009885822.jpg (73.57 KB, 400x500, Arun-Maini-4.jpg)

Idk if he's unconventional or not, anyone else like this guy on YouTube who does tech videos?

No. 300385

He's just a mass murderer. As a guy, he looks bland. There's no interesting story to him. And worse he's a 4chan spouting frog. Absolutly nothing to work with here. Yeah >>300337

No. 300386

Your telling me that's the guy who was in Ellison's "harem" ?

No. 300390

I like how true crime fans thirst over other mass murderers as I'd it's okay, but somehow I never saw a Brandon fan. Like, guys killing people is perfectly fine but if said guy is a racist, now this is too far.
Nonetheless, shit taste, nonnie.

No. 300400

He was the CEO of FTX, he was the "head" of the harem. He hit the wall super fast though, he looks like shit in recent pics

No. 300403

File: 1669044457329.jpg (141.24 KB, 1207x749, best-phones-2021.jpg)

I don't know that guy, but this reminded me that every time I shop for a new phone or headphones i watch Marques Brownlee and am reminded that he is fairly cute, has a nice voice and is really good at reviewing tech

love to see men being good at something

No. 300407

Good at consooming gigantic amounts of wasteful technology sure good job honey

No. 300413

His cheeks are so rosey

No. 300420

meh, he’s literally doing his job. being sent stuff by brands for impartial yt reviews isn’t exactly consooming

No. 300421

File: 1669054780754.jpeg (501.55 KB, 1156x1418, 32EC9FAA-52CD-447C-8E84-AD01FA…)

God I’m in love with this dude

No. 300422

File: 1669054805619.jpeg (353.1 KB, 1156x1418, A4ECD205-7E47-4F21-BBBC-1E5753…)

No. 300424

I love him!!! sooo cute and well groomed and I love how he talks

No. 300426

File: 1669059389720.jpg (32.58 KB, 600x400, b9afd94039afbf8a1ce99c4a103ce8…)

No. 300429

He has a complex about his face so I think he tends to make weird expressions in pics, but in motion you can see he looks (somewhat) more normal. He looks so cute smiling. I really wish we had a video of what he looks like when he does that super hard laugh where he can’t breathe.

No. 300439

He looks better in the beat up pics

No. 300447

Kek you'd be surprised. I saw a girl on Reddit who would draw fanart of herself with Brenton Tarrant and write all of these long essays about how she could have saved him. She was my personal lolcow, but I lost her when the subreddit she used to post in got terminated

No. 300452

File: 1669069961621.jpg (507.86 KB, 852x779, the art of IRL shitposting.jpg)

>mass murderer
>And worse he's a 4chan spouting frog
You're saying this as if it was a bad thing.

No. 300453

File: 1669070139309.png (589.37 KB, 594x868, viggo.png)

posting viggo in eastern promises again because he deserves it

No. 300459

Wtf ofc when I go away y'all start talking about my favourite!!! I want him so bad it's not even funny kek. Also you didn't hear this from me, but fuck me the few ao3 fics about him are so damn good (and if any writer anons are seeing this I'm on my hands and knees begging)
Agree so hard, this is the whole reason I want to fuck Charlie from Smiling friends too

No. 300463

Holy shit another CharlieFucker??? Lfg

No. 300464

I'm still here to gush about him with you nonna! And I definitely get the appeal of Charlie. He is basically Zach in a lot of ways and that pushes my buttons. He's so cute.

No. 300468

Have you read the “What a bully” one?

No. 300474

File: 1669078070479.jpeg (17.69 KB, 308x207, D5214169-33B6-47E1-B09F-1121CC…)

Sucks that he’s practically invisible with ra artists but whatever

No. 300475

Fan artists*

No. 300478

File: 1669078583852.jpeg (467.44 KB, 750x879, F2548414-FFE2-4E0F-94C3-3B597B…)

Could this be a potential new thread pic for #19?

No. 300479

This is one of my favorite images ever.

No. 300480

File: 1669078841509.jpeg (388.21 KB, 750x496, E0F5244F-8F3E-4746-9657-63ABD4…)

Definitely posted by a moid as he looks like he’s asking for rupees before you cross the bridge stamped with a hideous mole right above his pig mouth. Nothing of value lost, fuck his ass

No. 300485

ew how does a mole that big even appear after not having one for years

No. 300486

This is one of my favorite images ever

No. 300489

30 year old men who talk like this should be euthanized

No. 300490

File: 1669082131131.jpg (130.56 KB, 740x890, taWGgkW.jpg)

I like seeing him writhe around in pain.

No. 300497

File: 1669085089718.jpeg (31.38 KB, 640x356, DCE478E7-D399-46A2-93AA-6DF0BF…)

I wanna pluck this wet little faggots unibrow so bad.

No. 300506

File: 1669088287981.jpeg (151.65 KB, 750x809, ED232A29-0C94-4326-83F3-F050B6…)

that’s because people speculate he’s gay, there’s probably some really good fanart made by a fujos

No. 300510

File: 1669089043422.jpg (60.33 KB, 771x718, cybershell.jpg)

He cute and I like his voice

No. 300514

sorry this is ot but what do you mean some ppl speculate? Didn't BCS fully confirm this? Gould referred to Max as Gustavo's "boyfriend" in an interview

No. 300546

File: 1669116424609.png (79.4 KB, 316x446, 5E3B2AEF-79FA-4556-B415-E15D5D…)

Wouldn’t that mean that he should have even more fanart??
knowing fandom culture it’s probably because he’s black

No. 300560

oh I heard it being a speculation but I didn’t know about that interview kek
kek you’re probably right but at the same time there would be tumblr artists making him into a fat queer trans icon, they’re too busy trying to draw jesse and walter fucking each other to touch him thankfully

No. 300564

I know Spanish and Gus always refeered to Max as a brother, the ''boyfriend'' part was mocking him.

No. 300580

Gus is gay. For some reason he didn't want to tell a Mexican drug cartel leader that he's a fag

No. 300582

why would he tell them he’s gay you know how homophobic those people are kek

No. 300589

File: 1669141963073.jpg (16.43 KB, 236x336, 8bb6675f99a24a66bd286ef6c59ab8…)

A moid has made me angry today so imagine entertaining his giant ego until you get him alone and you hold his head down between your legs and instruct him on how to get you off and if he does it wrong you pull his head up to slap him. Idk imagine him crying and sobbing trying to eat you out the way you tell him to and his face is all red from being slapped and then when all's said and done you laugh when he asks you to get him off and just gtfo of there sorry to the anons who read this. I should probably just get a journal or something.

No. 300590

That's the point I was making autism-chan

No. 300591

you should write a whole story about this and post it online, sounds hot af

No. 300592

ao3 queen

No. 300601

He’s weirdly attractive I agree. I think it’s just his enthusiasm and knowledge.

No. 300606

send me your journal after you finished it, nonna. where do i find stories like this online?in what thread on here do i ask?

No. 300611

>Gus is gay
is he tho? like confirmed by the writters or are you just making headcanons. It feels weird to call your boyfriend your brother and they seemed to have a very brotherly relationship.

No. 300617

File: 1669151133922.jpeg (120.93 KB, 1280x720, 040C4FDB-8987-4DE5-822B-7EA059…)

He probably smells awful, but maybe that adds to the appeal.

No. 300621

Yes, as already mentioned. Google is also free. Peter Gould, the writer and director, refers to Max in interviews and on a podcasts as Gustavo's boyfriend.

No. 300625

File: 1669156943759.jpg (35.57 KB, 296x532, bef86c20d92ea1385a95e5f0cae07c…)

No. 300657

File: 1669177018938.jpg (56.02 KB, 1200x800, ottovaguelyconfused.jpg)

>watching house of the dragon
>everyone is obsessed with aemond or even matt smith's daemon
>find myself more attracted to otto hightower

His daughter is hot too.

No. 300675

nah it's the haircut that makes IT

No. 300676


No. 300680

I miss Danny as the threadpic

No. 300681

>even the ones finding the actor in the exploitative netflix show hot
That's extremely retarded given Evan Peters has had an 18 years long career before playing Dahmer

No. 300689

File: 1669206799469.jpeg (1.52 MB, 1125x1671, 689E1CF6-8B12-4A43-AEF5-F9EED7…)

I imagine if he had a normal hair cut he’d be conventionally attractive, even without the makeup he’s basically there. I love his theatrics though

No. 300690

Anon from the greentext is based.
And if EP has such an outstanding career then why choose to post him in dahmer form?

No. 300691

I personally really like his wild hair, especially when it's dreaded. I don't like average fashion.

No. 300722

File: 1669230392668.jpg (42.98 KB, 625x439, wet pathetic war criminal.jpg)

he doesn't even look like this anymore but i still want him to bend me over a table after a depressing day of tard wrangling his dumbfuck army

No. 300725

>And if EP has such an outstanding career then why choose to post him in dahmer form?
I hate hybristophiliacs but I'll be the devils advocate for a second, I would assume it's because the show has a ton of thirsty shots of Evan that it makes sense people would post it. It's new and fresh so even people new to him thirst after him now. The fad is already gone by now though, thankfully

No. 300726

exactly, he looks so ugly as dahmer, his cutest role was Kit.

No. 300728

File: 1669235858885.gif (2.48 MB, 500x220, E0272E14-AAC3-4F98-B38A-C51183…)

>not Ricky in American Crime

No. 300736

File: 1669240256023.jpg (33.87 KB, 450x815, a5f0369974be27de51296d6440684d…)

KEK yes nonnie! I read it when it came out so it's been awhile but the authors writing is very good, I remember getting butterflies from it. My favourite is "You're awful" I've never been too into the whole hate fuck thing but my god, it's the only fic I always go back to.
Yeah I think bc they're borderline self inserts it scratches the same itch, plus I always find myself into really gross guys and what's better than some fat yellow fuck voiced by a handsome guy.
Wish Zach would show his face more, man he's too cute

No. 300739

I had a dream I fucked Charlie. Very shameful but that nasally voice makes me crazy.

No. 300748

Omg Nonnie yes! I understand why he doesn’t show his face but at the same time- he’s just so cute.
>>300739 as for Charlie, I’ve been absolutely obsessed with him, I’m not sure why lol, maybe it’s his personality. can’t wait for s2, I want to see my yellow husband again lol

No. 300750

File: 1669258191676.jpg (85.56 KB, 670x887, 5fc4pz7w7r1a1.jpg)

seeing this pic of andre the giant made me horny

No. 300753

Never stop posting, yorkenonny

No. 300756

File: 1669260476308.jpg (11.19 KB, 200x200, ghost.jpg)

i hate gus as a character but think of how many lives could have been spared or not been ruined if there'd been some gay hatefucking in breaking bad and better call saul

No. 300760

I'd imagine they'd still rip each others heads off like mantises afterwards.

No. 300768

Damn, he looks good here.

No. 300776

File: 1669270159734.png (1.09 MB, 1152x499, BenFuentes.PNG)

Both painfully average, both disgustingly cruel. They can fix eachother.

No. 300783

They look related

No. 300837

File: 1669316642634.jpeg (65.07 KB, 465x526, D93CC03D-ADD1-4D05-9D94-C517DF…)

God I wish I was normal

No. 300839

The dead one or the greasy one?

No. 300843

The greasy one, but the dead one is what we'd look like together.

No. 300844

based. grab his ass, corpse-chan

No. 300854

In my delusional mind I pray in season 2 they do some sort of fan service episode, I know Charlie is a slut

No. 300857

File: 1669325099122.jpg (587.51 KB, 1536x2048, FAqax6GWUAAHA2z.jpg)

I use to fall asleep to his Deep Web Browsing videos. It was weirdly comforting.

No. 300858

>imagine if this man, who’s only appealing trait is having okay hair, had no hair!
this is what autism looks like.jpg

No. 300862

anon based I used to always watch his deep web browsing videos!!!

No. 300864

File: 1669325895005.jpg (46.26 KB, 563x383, da4c90066e736a93f47facb10cc103…)

need 90s dean ween so bad. holy shit

No. 300871

Who's that anons? Just typing deep web browsing on yt doesn't give any specific result

No. 300881

File: 1669332115573.jpg (102.96 KB, 1200x900, CZnfvCDWEAAycUM.jpg)


No. 300886

>tfw no Charlie bf

No. 300892

File: 1669344147508.jpg (52.12 KB, 602x662, tfw.jpg)

I don't think Jordan would be happy to hear about Ben leaving him for a younger and likely more virile man.

No. 300896

is that Nulls lost cousin

No. 300899

Fuentes may be younger but I'm pretty sure he's just as much an ED victim as Jordan P.

No. 300900

File: 1669350960476.png (138.91 KB, 480x360, sizedifferencekink.png)

Ben might have to become a femboy with a tail buttplug collection to help with Nick's dysfunction. Jordan would never ask that of Ben, he's all about self-improvement.

No. 300914

File: 1669360070317.jpeg (669.03 KB, 1791x2560, 39CA3BEA-5033-4BBB-A4FB-C9347D…)

This mentally ill robot I saw on the chan

No. 300999

File: 1669413818594.gif (468.42 KB, 315x181, 3FC8876F-AF6C-46F4-86C8-57B44E…)

Judge me all you want but Dave Foley on Kids in the Hall was one of my first guy crushes as a tween (I watched reruns on Comedy Central kek) and especially when he did drag in sketches, which was often. Something about his ultra Canadian accent and the gap front teeth plus the fact that he was funny were all really charming. He unironically passed better than like every tranny I’ve ever seen.

No. 301000

File: 1669413920708.jpeg (208.45 KB, 1564x1564, 360D60D2-FD74-43EA-A791-892A9C…)

Samefag like, you can obviously tell he’s a dude but his features really suit drag lmao

No. 301002

File: 1669414507072.png (529.84 KB, 516x546, 431947245.png)

anon we are totally mind-melding right now. he was also cute in its pat imo

No. 301003

File: 1669415629181.jpeg (41.58 KB, 500x375, B6CE69FC-370F-44C0-9398-283C98…)

FACTS. I am so happy someone else feels me on this I hope you’re having a GREAT day/night wherever u are nonna. Am I high or does he kind of give Chloe Grace Moretz vibes kek (not a bad thing)

No. 301013

who is this

No. 301014

Looks like a sex offender

No. 301025

Dr. Glaucomflecken. I'm a Eurofag, and mostly I'm enamored by the subtle Dr. Philesque southern accent. So goofy and wholesome.

No. 301035

His voice is so attractive to me. My family’s veterinarian looks and sounds exactly like him, to the point where I feel like I must be on some candid camera show every time I’m there. I just keep staring at him in disbelief, because it’s literally Dave Foley.

No. 301056

I’m so jealous that you get to interact w a Dave Foley lookalike kek omG. Not me watching KitH reruns today…

No. 301080

File: 1669484621458.jpg (63.63 KB, 615x883, 0_Self-proclaimed-separatist-D…)

Igor Strelkov. Glowie war criminal and cringefail ultranationalist who incited the 2014 Donbass war. Spent the first 7 months of the current war seething on the bench and calling Putler a cuck for not mobilizing the population ("milblogging"). Recently sentenced to life in prison in the Hague for the shootdown of the MH17. Current whereabouts unknown but presumed deep in shit on the vatnik front lines. My babygirl?
He's Russian.

No. 301082

File: 1669487119928.jpg (108.14 KB, 810x1080, IMG_20220610_102227_999.jpg)

it amezes me this guy looks and acts as if he were your friend's loser dad who's into military reenactment and yet he has comitted war crimes in three different conflicts, including executing his own troops

No. 301086

>My babygirl?
oh god this shit is spreading here too

No. 301092

File: 1669491682346.jpg (63.51 KB, 480x600, igor ivanovich is glad.jpg)

The fact that he rly is a loser who lived with his mom and spent his glowie paychecks on LARPing and military antiques while being a fucking war criminal is what does it for me I think, it's like gap moe or something. He's giving "tenured history professor who looks like he gave up years ago and has a weirdly personal knowledge of post-Soviet conflict zones".
>We'll be covering the Višegrad massacres today. No need to open your books, I find them quite inaccurate…

My bad for not code-switching, I'll call him a moid next time.

No. 301119

File: 1669506547125.jpeg (40.08 KB, 474x647, images (6).jpeg)

So this guy is basically picrel irl?

No. 301132

File: 1669513478750.png (180.75 KB, 400x286, extreme rubber band face.png)

i don't care how many rubber bands he has on his face i would FUCK the shit out of him

No. 301147

File: 1669520969935.png (371.37 KB, 472x450, Screenshot_7.png)

sorry i could save him

No. 301160

File: 1669541641296.jpg (62.13 KB, 632x905, Dbo9QoVUQAAmqYl.jpg)

Kek nonna, I find pictures of him in the 60s real fly

No. 301161

His side profile is breathtaking. So beautiful he almost looks like a woman.

No. 301164

He looks exactly like my ex who had severe mummy issues and whenever we had sex he sucked on my breasts like a baby.

No. 301172

File: 1669547181538.jpg (51.83 KB, 620x470, wendigoon_perfect_skin2.jpg)

Wendigoon getting emotional about bible stuff while having his dewy skin shimmer in the dim light is a sight to behold

No. 301174

File: 1669547365745.jpg (36.7 KB, 596x528, wendigoon_perfect_skin1.jpg)

I wonder what he look like without the beard, his hair is so lucious too. I fully commited the sin of jealousy by watching his videos

No. 301181

He is like Walmart brand fat Mac from Sunny but I will concede he has beautiful skin kek also im not judging you nonna especially after some of the things that were recently posted in here

No. 301186

Don't worry nonnie, me too

No. 301191

Is it just me or did I just notice that the sexual tension in this video is unreal? Kek

No. 301193

I remember when he made a video talking about how he got shit-faced drunk in Australia and assaulted a homeless man.

No. 301199

File: 1669569766161.jpeg (109.42 KB, 674x1024, 34ABA013-94F9-4409-AB48-C6B86E…)

He was a qt I love 60s boys

No. 301211

File: 1669579436355.jpeg (69.94 KB, 650x974, F8EBA650-2F06-47FD-B744-CA5AFC…)

He’s shorter than me and I would crush him between my buff thighs but only in character as Endeavour Morse

No. 301214

File: 1669580509283.jpg (345.78 KB, 1276x1931, Игорь Гиркин в г. Бендеры, При…)

Kinda? If not SBU then the Five Eyes are most likely hunting him and there's also a bounty on him for anyone who'd like to put him on the Eichmann Express personally, so barring suicide via two shots to the back of the head someone will eventually find him. But he's probably too busy teaching pensioners to reload Mozinkas and executing civilians for looting a pair of pants to take care of orphans like your picrel, kek. And yet I'd still ride this sociopathic goober in the back pews? Mystifying.

No. 301222

He’s so cute, I am not religious but I love how positively he talks about his faith
i’m a corruption/priestfag so i’m trying SO hard to not let him unlock anything inside of me so I can keep enjoying his videos in a wholesome way

No. 301224

File: 1669589112267.png (2.08 MB, 1486x1276, Untitled.png)

lol same nonnie, his self-deprecating dedication to the most pointless stuff like the mother tomato stream is very endearing

No. 301230

File: 1669591895687.gif (5.76 MB, 540x560, 07166FBE-1C0A-4F93-98F8-F9A3C1…)

Haven’t been the same since I watched the new Black Panther movie. Tenoch Huerta as Namor could threaten me and I’d thank him for it.

No. 301233

the cumtown top

No. 301238

what video is this from nona

No. 301252

This video is very long fellow Jordan appreciator, can you give me a timestamp please?

>vid uploaded 4 years ago

He's barely aged a day.

No. 301269

File: 1669618587492.png (89.9 KB, 211x275, 323EFB36-E765-40E8-8CBF-83DC92…)

Some random French streamer who I think if he slimmed down he would be exactly my type

No. 301271

Where's his neck tho

No. 301279

I hate Ben Shapiro so much, why do I suddenly want to fuck him

No. 301287

he's built like dr eggman

No. 301332

i posted this exact image in the french lolocow thread to say how greasy he is
Raise you strandards nonny

No. 301342

Every time I rewatch JonTron’s game jam video I get distracted by how cute Chris is. I like that he’s kinda chunkier now, too

No. 301395

File: 1669682451312.jpg (51.57 KB, 640x735, 094250ed3de6646fabb9a48038de6f…)

he seems genuinely pretty nice and grounded, if a lil too soy. reminds me of my fave ex bf tbh

No. 301396

File: 1669682754443.jpg (163.17 KB, 1440x1799, 311942027_638131194348943_7162…)

I desire him carnally

No. 301397

Oh yeah he's cute.
I'm sorry anon but he has the homo phenotype

No. 301400

ntayrt but gimmie the rundown on the homo phenotype, i want to know the signs

No. 301402

File: 1669683618251.png (190.4 KB, 232x292, Capture.PNG)

No. 301404

Jack also makes songs about raping, kidnapping, abusing and drugging little girls, if the dog kissing wasn't enough to induce vomiting

No. 301405


No. 301406

but he STILL wouldn't have a neck nonnie

No. 301407

ALL IM SAYING is that I see potential this dumb cunt could pin down the sleepy French guy look very well if he got his fat ass off the gaming chair and stopped stuffing his face with guepards

No. 301409

He could be Auschwitz thin and still look like Jabba the Hutt

No. 301412

Don't worry, I see your vision nonnie. He'd be a cutie if he was borderline underweight.

No. 301418

File: 1669689561362.jpeg (219.22 KB, 600x400, E65A952F-260D-4AC5-9ED9-D89F48…)

because we love you

No. 301420

Pudgy nerds are cute though. I'd enable him if he weren't Fr*nch.

No. 301423

Is it bad i know i wouldn't find him hot if he wasn't covered in bruises and looked visibly in pain?
Fuck you anon for not having lalo as an option.

No. 301424

Would make Charlie into my malewife ^^(^^)

No. 301427

File: 1669695491884.jpg (109.84 KB, 819x1024, dreamstimefree_3474749-819x102…)

Where are all these twitterfags coming from? This website is dying

No. 301442

I get the feeling this guy believes much of the whack conspiracy shit he talks about. Especially the young Earth and Giants ones.

No. 301455

File: 1669708469249.gif (6.06 MB, 305x172, 63B5C3E7-4804-4B3B-98C5-B914E5…)

>mfw when the carreyfag and lennonfag haven’t returned yet to schizopost here in months

No. 301462

File: 1669710139374.jpeg (36.17 KB, 280x250, A7CC1010-7ECF-4A25-A450-913954…)

I’d be afraid to be alone in a room with him but still.

No. 301463

It had a lot of twitterfags because of tiktok but yesterday some retarded vocaloid cow told people to visit lc to complain about her 3year old posts, on top of that Jill making a whole video about lc too…but even without that celebricows had a lot of twitter racebaiters.

No. 301466

Which vocaloid cow?

No. 301471

File: 1669718061776.png (500.1 KB, 600x900, TakayaKuroda.png)

I find Kiryu's voice actor almost as sexy as Kiryu himself. When whatever creator deity decided to put a vibrator down this man's throat when making him she was so based.

No. 301475

I never knew i wanted a stretchy bf until now

No. 301477

Honestly even if I’m not attracted to the guy in ur post, I could see the appeal as most men are about as physically flexible as a lead pipe and it’s pathetic

No. 301492

No. 301506

I swear you can find Carreyfag in the conspiracy thread and the celebricows thread, but this is just a theory.
Can faggots stop posting this website to tiktok

No. 301509

>I swear you can find Carreyfag in the conspiracy thread and the celebricows thread, but this is just a theory.
i thought it was pretty obvious considering the images she uses kek

No. 301521

File: 1669740189603.jpg (178.34 KB, 1360x875, 1804a84e439246858bba77526a614b…)

I know he was a war criminal but Givi was actually attractive. Please tell me someone agrees with me

No. 301531

The other day an anon in the conspiracy thread suggested carreyfags were just him selfposting and I believe it in the sake of peace of mind.

No. 301539

Idk the name, but you can check the thread on /w/. It happened yesterday from what I remember. I only browse w for Jill and Venus, while vocaloid threads were always extremely dead…got surprised

No. 301551

File: 1669747357174.jpg (985.61 KB, 1920x1080, 89886.jpg)

I hate the manbun and I recognize he's a bit ugly, yet ever since the euros…

No. 301553

File: 1669748803706.gif (850.56 KB, 500x208, 1664516027473.gif)

his episode on Dante's inferno.
I find his way of talking about his relgion really refreshing, without dumb jokes or anything. Also kek nona, I noticed it's a common trope that women find men of faith attractive. I guess it's the passion and empathy. Wendigoon is real son in law material

No. 301557

as a fellow bong he’s fitter than 99% of the bong population so i understand and support

No. 301569

nah, he looks and acts the same as Kurtis Conner
A dude with semi-long hair who acts super woke is a major tunr off

No. 301580

Idk who this is but he's the cutest one itt imo

No. 301585

File: 1669758267552.webm (7.84 MB, 1280x720, Grad Impact..Givi Has Nerves o…)

yeah he was hot unfortunately, the sheer grip vidrel had on people is insane…I even tried calling him after he read his phone number out loud kek

No. 301595

this is usually not my thread but I was browsing out of boredum and Im dying at this post nonny

No. 301599

Damn this got me

No. 301600

File: 1669765070652.jpg (98.91 KB, 800x1166, sacred_heart_of_jesus.jpg)

Other nonna jealous of Wendi's flawless skin here. He looks like a chubbier version of Jesus in this Sacred Heart painting, what with his thick hair, dark eyelashes, supple lips, and golden, glowing, dewy skin.

No. 301607

File: 1669768723911.webm (5.76 MB, 640x360, givi.webm)

You really tried to call him? Lol nona please tell me, what were you planning to say to him if he responded? I can't blame you though, I would have done the same. That was also the video which brought him to my attention, but vidrel which I found on /wsg/ solidified my attraction towards him. The clips where he's committing war crimes towards civilians and prisoners of war being dominant and assertive make me feel a kind of way.

No. 301610

I hate you for introducing me to this man because he is hot, fuck you. I hate this stupid thread for exposing my shit taste in men that i always keep repressed lmao

No. 301613

File: 1669775330946.jpg (80.21 KB, 540x759, mm.jpg)

Mozanons killed them.

No. 301614

File: 1669776608527.jpg (701.11 KB, 1075x1404, Screenshot_20221129-214924_Fir…)

I bet he's a virgin.

No. 301618

doesnt he have a wife and kids?

No. 301620

Oh shit.

No. 301621

he makes me think of mr. bean

No. 301629

Thought this was Emo Philips at first glance. Kek.

No. 301645

File: 1669805177660.jpg (587.11 KB, 620x348, Mike-StoklasaLogan-Jacobs-620x…)

Carrying the torch for Mike of RLM

No. 301650

File: 1669808268233.jpeg (48.67 KB, 341x415, 3D207213-22DC-47E3-9656-EC8463…)

I would let him snoochie my boochie

No. 301658

I’m pretty sure he doesn’t, but he is pretty private about his life so who knows. I know he lived with his mom until she passed away but I don’t remember hearing about any kids.

No. 301682

File: 1669838544631.jpeg (129.37 KB, 828x1084, AC6DE982-EAF3-43F2-A5FC-C62026…)

Wake up nonnas, Zach showed his face once again

No. 301688

File: 1669840643028.jpg (66.17 KB, 1024x576, 1539883639_obstrel_vs.jpg)

Givi's aesthetics were immaculate (all deranged warlords should be this cute), but I couldn't take him seriously bc his speech impediment was so bad lmao. and he sounded mad dumb too, like a 12-year-old's idea of a tough army guy. made me want to bully him about how chimping out at POWs is the only thing he's good for since he sucked at all the war stuff.

I wasn't planning to say anything if he actually picked up but I got his voicemail instead (busy pissing and shidding when not on camera I guess). idr what I said exactly but basically I complimented him in my meh-tier Russian and then told him that unfortunately collaborators like him will be liquidated haha. also switched off my phone for literal days afterwards bc I was scurred he'd call back or they'd track my location somehow. idek if the message got recorded properly but o well, 10/10 would cyberbully a war criminal again

Many such cases

No. 301694

His mannerisms in that video were attractive tbh he seems very confident. Also Tomar is a cutie too, his daughter is going to love story time.

No. 301695

File: 1669843166058.jpg (58.62 KB, 526x768, BptbbZsIQAAJlFZ.jpg)

he's cute and his speech impediment is funny

No. 301697

File: 1669844774087.jpeg (26.17 KB, 739x415, 5A865E22-94E4-4A46-B46F-589402…)

all of the oneyplays boys are so fine

No. 301698

Link to the vid nonnie?

No. 301700

No. 301702

File: 1669846276658.jpeg (32.46 KB, 744x412, 0B918081-1C63-4D4D-9E8E-26F081…)

jay is underrated though

No. 301709

He's always wearing that damn jacket kek but he does look cute in it, we gotta start praying he starts showing his face more

No. 301725

File: 1669857045404.jpg (156.69 KB, 600x800, mikhail-tolstykh.jpg)

>all deranged warlords should be this cute
If you're going to commit war crimes you should at least look attractive doing it. Smh if only the nazis were cute slavic guys. why do I have such an attraction towards immoral people
>his speech impediment was so bad
I don't know Russian so I honestly can't tell if there's anything wrong with his voice, it just sounds like someone speaking a different language to me. But it must be bad if he was barred from continuing to be in the army because of it. Is it like a kid pronouncing Rs or a lisp or something, what does it sound like?
>I got his voicemail
I have a feeling he got more than one call/voicemail from thirsty women lol. Imagine his reaction picking up his phone thinking it's some general or something calling him but instead having someone profess her love for him in his ear.
>complimented him in my meh-tier Russian and then told him that unfortunately collaborators like him will be liquidated
If he listened to his voicemail you have rights to boast that you called a war criminal and gave him advice. You were right though, I think he must've known he'd be killed at some point.

No. 301743

File: 1669861238466.gif (4.35 MB, 540x415, tumblr_c807bf41decd799328edd81…)

I want to bully him

No. 301757

Thank you for this good food nonna. I’m glad Zach is showing his face more. I’m also so happy for Tomar and Jaxxy. They have always been such a cute couple.

No. 301787

god I love him. we would watch giallo and he'd mansplain so much but boy would I let him

No. 301792

Oh yeah, for all of you Chris-loving nonnies, he once said his biggest turn-on is short hair on girls, and the shorter the better, with buzzcuts being the hottest. Now that I think about it, all the guys divulged a lot of their personal preferences in SleepyCast episodes. I should go back and relisten. I think I remember Zach saying something about thinking facials are gross or something.

No. 301820

please share which episodes you find relevant quotes in if you do

No. 301839

Yeah, even in oneyplays episodes they share a lot. I know in a samurai jack video Chris randomly blurts out how he wants to breed/impregnate a woman and Zach agrees how it's hot - it's very brief so my autist brain is unsure if its a joke or not kek. Also Zach has said how he doesn't like porn bc it breeds fucked up fetishes, so he's pretty based for that

No. 301870

>Chris randomly blurts out how he wants to breed/impregnate a woman and Zach agrees how it's hot

No. 301874

I relistened to Pornography Hour and these were mentioned:
>Chris is uncircumcised
>Zach is circumcised
>Chris’s dick bends slightly to the left
>Chris used to sometimes jack off for three hours until his dick was leaking precum like a faucet and it felt like the best thing ever but would immediately regret wasting so much time afterwards
>Zach likes blowjob videos but doesn’t like facials (Chris convinced him to like them 2% more though)
>Chris loves facials
>Chris implied he thinks anal is disgusting
>Both Chris and Zach expressed a dislike of weird/extreme porn and think that needing more weird and extreme porn to get off is bad

I know there’s other episodes where they talk about more (for sure there’s a previous episode where Chris and Zach have their initial facial debate, and there’s a whole episode where they argue about circumcision).

No. 301875

Oh some I forgot,
>Chris likes to make eye contact during blowjobs
>Chris’s first orgasms was with a public pool jet
>Zach wakes up with raging morning wood every morning
>Zach would get boners in school all the time and would hold books in front of his pants to hide them

No. 301878

damn why even live. rip

No. 301880

That's awesome they don't like "weird porn" but they still sound nasty

No. 301882

Well that’s just a given on account of who they are. I think it’s funny how Chris and Zach (and especially Jeff) come off as prudish in comparison to the rest of the guys.

No. 301884

File: 1669945567379.jpeg (115.63 KB, 1280x1661, F1D5334C-D703-47D0-BAA7-79ADBD…)

Love this aesthetic

No. 301886

Thanks for reminding me that they're moids.

No. 301888

I find your commitment to wanting the fuck the Oney crew strange but endearing.

No. 301892

File: 1669950699448.gif (5.23 MB, 268x335, tumblr_e7a95e71bc7352f983c4294…)

RIP. At least he lives on in my assorted gif folder of him.

No. 301896

Y0 Majima

No. 301909

>Chris likes to make eye contact during blowjobs
I enjoy this too but I can't imagine it without imagining him making some retarded face kek

Chris is constantly talking about how much he hates anal kek it makes me laugh, he said it in vidrel too (also says he's really vanilla, and Zach shits on degeneracy some more earlier in the timestamp and says people should hide their fetishes away). There's apparently been some hate towards Smiling Friends on /co/ lately because some lines in the show criticizing dopamine cycles and nihilism + Zach's vocal distaste of weird fetishes led a lot of people to get offended that the show is pushing "neopuritan" ideals KEK, imagine getting offended because an internet funnyman isn't as much of a degenerate as you are.

No. 301911

File: 1669966404965.gif (999.18 KB, 329x248, 85568.gif)

No. 301912

samefagging, timestamp is around 19 minutes

No. 301914

Keith was so cute. Even as an old dude idc.

Rwick was the worst on that show, to the point I was starting to like vyvyan. He's super cute here tho

No. 301920

File: 1669986814729.jpg (26.16 KB, 526x499, FabPaIGVQAEPcD9.jpg)

LC went down as soon as I was gonna reply kek but fuck me this info destroyed my brain, I hope some talented nonna uses this info wisely… raise that 4 to a 5 kek
Yeah I've seen that going around on /co/, there's a whole retarded image on explaining the whole thing kek if I see it again I'll share. It baffles me how butthurt moids can get over the simplest things

No. 301938

File: 1670000509442.jpg (32.03 KB, 512x512, pOvGy8ra.jpg)

There's a thread on /co/ right now with that image, I'd post it here but its not relevant and I don't wanna link to 4ch*n of all places. Goddamn Zach managed to make some really autistic anons seethe just by being positive and thinking you should do something more than just wallowing in garbage

No. 301939

Can you pls link it I want to read the thread now cause I don’t remember those lines at all kek

No. 301946

File: 1670003257172.jpeg (20.73 KB, 400x400, BB169515-EED9-4F8C-B593-87362A…)

I think it’s just one anon (or a few) making all of these “bait” threads, which sucks because it ruining the discussion about the show. Which sucks even more because I like the show.

>>301939 we can’t post links but there’s usually daily threads on /co/ about how Smiling Friends is “Christian propaganda” and how Zach is a mega neopuritan like the nonnies mentioned above. It’s getting annoying not gonna lie.

No. 301947

File: 1670003811919.jpeg (776.46 KB, 1172x1062, F89CB98A-E092-4924-B854-9D7B20…)

He’s so cute

No. 301949

File: 1670003851369.jpeg (60.86 KB, 738x738, D91A6F1E-EE0A-4B4D-8836-C6FBA2…)

Miss Chavvy psychopath Bladee too

No. 301952

File: 1670004626430.png (Spoiler Image, 1.41 MB, 2000x2984, D0CDCC02-CF8A-4F71-B59D-477247…)

Here you go anons. Spoilered bc irrelevant. I really like the show too (I’m a Charlie fucker kek) and I think most of them are mad since haha based funny men actually have a show and aren’t living in their parents house kek

No. 301954

The fact someone took the time to make that even ironically just makes me speechless

>I’m a Charlie fucker kek

me too lmao, I think we’ve met earlier in this thread?

No. 301958

File: 1670007781327.png (522.37 KB, 714x858, pure sex.png)


No. 301962

No idea if he’s considered unconventional because he’s kinda weird looking, but I have a new crush on Jamie Bower. He’s the exact type of intense, creepy and pretty that I love. I felt uncomfortably attracted to him as Number 1 in stranger things, for some reason I thought he was gay but I’m so glad he’s not. Anyway, I had no idea he had a music career, and his deep voice + spooky southern gothic preacher outfit here really does something for me.

No. 301969

This is one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever seen, thank you

No. 301983

I love this. So much better than the music he was doing before. He's totally ripping off Nick Cave, though.

No. 302002

File: 1670019781796.jpeg (764.92 KB, 742x1228, 213D2BAA-D1DE-4B55-89EC-567AF8…)

didn’t know if i should post him on the conventional or the unconventional thread but I’m so embarrassed to find him attractive…his music is literal dogshit

No. 302007

Speaking of another unconventionally attractive man. Nick Cave has always confused me, I could never tell if he’s hot or ugly but some part of my brain sets off the “attractive male” alarm when I see him

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