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This is for diet and fitness related things only.

-Post your goals, your current state, like yout weight or measurements;
-What you're going to do to change it and your methods (Weight training? Intermittent Fasting? Running? Raw eating? MyFitnessPal logs?);
-And how to be held accountable for it, like biweekly weigh-ins or measurings.

Feel free to post charts of your progress! If you're doing daily reports, remember to sage.

Also, a reminder that we all have our ups and downs. You're human, allow yourself to fail. Just pick yourself up again and don't give up.

No ana, please.

No. 112817

we already have a thread for this.

No. 112823


Where? Legit asking. I looked at the catalog and there was an accountability thread, but it wasn't for diet/fitness only, and it was very dead.

No. 112838

File: 1554855761166.jpg (1.5 MB, 3345x1975, IMG_20190409_210618.jpg)

So I guess I'll start.

I'm at my highest weight right now since High School, when I managed to lose 34kg.
I maintaned for quite a while, fluctuating a bit between 73kg and 76kg, but that wouldn't bother me too much, although I wasn't happy, either. Than my PCOS symptons and other metabolical issues started worsening, my age also took its toll and my almost-married life as well. Now here we are. It's been harder than ever to lose it, due to the before mentioned factors, but I do understand that if I don't monitor it closely, I'll spiral even further.

Starting weight: 90kg
Firt Goal: 80kg
Second Goal: 73kg
Third Goal: Anything under 60kg, really. I haven't seen that number since 2013.

Other goals: Have a 73cm waist again. Being able to see my hipbones again, because I thought they looked cute. Fit into L sized jeans again.

I'll measure myself some other time, but for reference, I'm 175cm tall, and I do believe my waist is around 86cm right now. fml

My plans:
IF, because it's good for PCOS in general. At least 13 hours, 16h being ideal.
1h30 of weekly exercise.
Calorie tracking, try my best to stay under 1250kcal.

As for today, I did go above it a bit, staying at aprox. 1370.

Not sure if I will do daily reports? But'll try to weigh in every 15 days or so. Maybe weekly if I feel progress.

Wish me luck!

No. 112848

File: 1554875326918.jpg (32.87 KB, 499x495, bike.jpg)

I was hoping a thread like this would pop up again, as I've been trying to find something to keep me accountable for sticking with my weight loss goals.

I'm 5'8", 150lb, and my waist is 29.5". For now, I'm aiming to get down to at least 140lb by the time university starts again next year in September. I don't think that I'm fat by any means, but I know that I wouldn't be considered thin either. I'd like to adopt healthier lifestyle habits and lose some weight while I'm at it.

Currently I'm planning on eating 1500 calories (or less) per day, exercising 3 times a week, and limiting myself to eating out for dinner to once per week. I guess these don't really sound that radical for the average person, but I have really bad eating habits where I tend not to cook and get takeout all the time, so I'm just trying to do small adjustments for now so I don't end up crashing and giving up. My focus is less on the number of my weight and more on just trying to be more healthy at the moment. Once summer starts, I can probably increase my exercise time and my calorie intake will probably decrease naturally (don't know why hot weather suppresses my appetite).

I'll probably go with biweekly reports like the other anon so I don't obsess too much over recording my progress. Good luck anons! I hope all of your fitness and health dreams come true!

No. 112853


good luck anon! honestly, you just have to start cooking healthy meals for yourself instead of getting takeout. i've read somewhere that if we cook for ourselves we tend to eat better and more healthy. PLUS, you'll lose weight but obtain some money ;)

rooting for you! your journey reminds me of mine, pull through!

No. 112855

I feel like most farmers eat way too little. You should cut out calories, but not eat under your BMR. We have almost the same history: I once was a fatty, then lost 35 kg, then gained it back after like two years, now am fatty again. I am your height (well, 178 cm) and weight and I cut out too many calories, too, because I am desperate. But still, I eat more than 1250. If you eat so little, it will be way harder to keep up the diet, you will fuck up your metabolism (which will make losing weight even harder) and you will gain it back quickly. I wish you luck and I hope we can both reach our goals, but I think you are a bit extreme considering your height and weight. Also, are you doing sports?

No. 112889

How do you deal with the mental aspect of it?

I get these almost panic attacks. I don't "see" that I've lost weight until random moments and it's freaking me out. Like when I shaved my body for the first time in months and looked myself in the mirror, or when I tried on a cute skirt/top set that still fit great but I didn't look voluptuous at all. It's like I can't recognize myself.

I am 173,5cm and went from a skinnyfat 68kg up to 78kg then down to a fit 65kg (not my lowest adult weight ever) in maybe a year and a half. I don't feel like it should be this bad.

That being said, I think I am becoming more confident and positive, even tho I don't feel different. People(mostly ladies) have started to approach me at the gym.

No. 112910


Thanks for your concern anon, really!
The problem is that my metabolism is already fucked, because I have some metabolic issues connected to my PCOS. I swear to god, I go even a bit over like 1400kcal and I start gaining. It's not even funny.

Like today I made the mistake of weighing myself again and was up one kg. I hope this is just water weight or whatever, but I would be lying if I said it didn't make me sad.

The good side of it is that I don't feel very hungry, which makes very easy for me to do Intermittent Fasting, but my the problem is that I still have a big appetite. I just love making and eating food.

I don't do any sports btw. I used to jump rope but I am pretty rusty now, and sometimes I use a mini bike that we have at home. It's surprisingly tiring.

No. 112922

I'm starting out at 130 lbs at 5'5"/ 59kg and 165cm.
I used to weigh 115 and want to get to that weight again, but it's seemingly only getting harder to lose weight. I'm trying to stay below 1300 kcal a day right now and mostly it's working but I like alcohol too much. I also take frequent walks and bike for an hour once or twice a week.

Thing is, I have a slow metabolism. Not the weak excuse kind, but the "I only poop little pellets once a week and have done so all my life, have very low energy and crave sugar" kind. Pretty demotivating.

No. 112954

File: 1555055056742.jpg (98.78 KB, 640x398, ponyo-ramen-title.jpg)

>I swear to god, I go even a bit over like 1400kcal and I start gaining.
That is horrible! Have you tried different kinds of diets? I am no expert, but perhaps something like trying to go into ketosis (so, no carb) could help? Or is this also not working because of PCOS? I just can’t imagine how you cope considering we’re the same height/weight. Even with 1500 calories, I feel weak after a while and get really hungry.

I also know what you mean about the appetite. I love cooking and eating, and counting calories has shown me how many calories my food actually has. I am also struggling with my diet because I easily dismiss it. Right now, there are so many birthday parties with amazing food; and after cheating, it is difficult for me to go back to dieting. When I lost weight for the first time, I was so determined! I wish I could be like that again, but I also used to be a huge smoker. I don’t smoke anymore, and now my addiction to tasty food got even worse.

No. 112958

File: 1555059215859.jpg (133.01 KB, 720x932, 4-053-50FiberRichFoods-1.jpg)

I have been gaining weight these past few months, i'm really unhappy about it.

Went up from 69 to 74 kg, not an extreme amount but more than enough to make me sad. I'm 170 cm btw.

Goal: first, get back to 69 kg.
Second: get to 60 kg

How: going to the gym again (or exercise at home) for at least 45 minutes, try for 4 times a week. Also, register calories on MAL around 1500 a day.

Accountable: I'll try to update in a month (seems like a reasonable amount of time to see some progress)

No. 112964

>161cm, 49.5kg
>Aim: to return waist and stomach to pre-pregnancy tone, build butt back up
>Method: high-calorie, low-sugar, high fat and protein diet; body weight exercises, then adding small ankle/wrist weights when that becomes too easy (can't get to a gym rn)
>Accountability: tracker sheet, posting here with updates

No. 112986


Thank you anon! I can imagine how quit smoking would make food taste better. An ex smoker friend of mine also said it would curb his hunger as well, so not only food didn't taste as good, but he also didn't even feel like eating for long periods of time. But hey, it's for the best you both stopped!

About the low carb diet, yeah, you are completely right! When I was doing keto (dirty keto, but still) was the only time that I could go over 1500kcal (I usually would eat around 1800 because I had a lot of cheese) and I was still losing. On top of that, my skin was the best it has ever been. My energy was also higher.

BUT I fell off track big time and now it's been a bit harder to incorporate it again to my diet, I will see if I can try and do it post-Easter, but it's kinda hard to start doing it. My skin has gotten so bad since I started eating high carb again though, so that's a nice motivation.

To the log:

I did jump rope again yesterday, and albeit rusty, I did better than I was expecting, doing around 800 skips. Today I am super busy, but I'll try and see if I can jump again.

I went very overboard with my calories yesterday, though. 1615kcal, oof.
But I've been consistently doing IF, at least 15 hours everyday. Honestly, I could go longer, but my gluttony gets in the way kek

No. 112999

>5’7/ 114 ilbs m:32-25-37
>Goal weight: don’t really care as long as my waist m goes down to 24, but I imagine like 110
>addicted to chocolate/sweets since childhood, snack a lot esp. at night. Have been forceinf myself to only buy groceries for one-two days, and only making 50% of those groceries vegetables so if I want to snack it’s veggies or nothing. Also excersizing once a week for 6/m, haven’t lost fat but gained muscle which is good.
> no idea how to accountable- family and friend and bf think I am crazy

Don’t @ me for Anachan plz. I don’t even want model skinny, I want to have nice figure without weird skinnyfat pooch that every woman in my family is cursed with

No. 113000

99lbs, 5'4"
Ok w/ current weight but trying to tone body (still have some cellulite on the underside of my butt and upper thighs)

Right now I do IF for weight maintenance and I am thinking of starting running again. I really have no idea of where to begin when it comes to exercising.

I'd like to come up with some kind of basic routine for toning without anything too muscle "gainy".

No. 113002

>Don’t @ me for Anachan plz.
Then don't post this shit. You're already underweight. Same for >>113000

No. 113004

you're not going to gain anything if you eat at maintenance. Might want to look up recomping.

No. 113006


I know I’m considered underweight by BMI standards, but not trying to lose weight to be thinner, trying to lose fat to not become unhealthy, doughy and Beetus like every skinnyfat person in my family eventually does/did. Should the health/non beauty weight lose people self-segregate into a separate thread?

No. 113008

you really think you're gonna get diabetes 2 at this point/if you gain weight until/within a healthy BMI? not sure which one of anons you are but you both are anachans tbh, nothing healthy in being underweight.

No. 113012

Let me explain.

Everyone in my mothers family stratted our life as ultra skinny, muh metabolism, sedentary lifestyle/ eat whatever until 30. Then they start to gain weight, starting with stomach, bringing them to “normal” American weight standards. No biggie, right? Normal weight isn’t bad, right? Apparently in my faintly it is because by 40 almost everyone has Beetus and a bunch of other health problems like high blood pressure. No one is fatty. Everyone looks “okay”. I don’t wanna make people feel bad who are trying to lose 40 ilbs but body types are different, and BMI isn’t a hard science.

No. 113013

Let me explain.

Everyone in my mothers family stratted our life as ultra skinny, muh metabolism, sedentary lifestyle/ eat whatever until 30. Then they start to gain weight, starting with stomach, bringing them to “normal” American weight standards. No biggie, right? Normal weight isn’t bad, right? Apparently in my faintly it is because by 40 almost everyone has Beetus and a bunch of other health problems like high blood pressure. No one is fatty. Everyone looks “okay”. I don’t wanna make people feel bad who are trying to lose 40 ilbs but body types are different, and BMI isn’t a hard science.

No. 113016

obvi BMI is not that informative but it is a decent guideline. that just sounds like some sort of adipose tissue condition bc normally it is able to expand with incoming lipids for quite a bit before getting fucked over diabetes-tier. maybe get it checked out? sounds rough though, my condolences

No. 113017

I'm 5'8" at 160 lbs. Goal weight is whatever. I lost about 10 lbs since 2 months ago, so that's been helpful.
I'm mostly just exercising to help regulate my mental health. I find my days are better overall dealing with my general anxiety disorder after a workout session.
I just want to be accountable to continue going to the gym. I don't want to stop working out because I feel too anxious or I use the weather as an excuse.

I have PCOS so eating the regular amount of food someone would, I gain weight. I'm also sensitive to sugar and get heartburn fairly easily. I want to find filling recipes to make that aren't oily, sugary, or would upset my stomach (because that also affects my mental health as well).

Currently, I've been to the gym 3 times this week. I worked out for about 40 or so minutes each day. Today I definitely exercised for 50.
What I ate, I had a frozen dinner one time this week. I've been trying to eat more healthier foods like tuna and avocado sandwiches. I had Mediterranean take out as well and asked for no oil. I made Japanese curry. Ate half a chicken sandwich from Hardee's. I also bought myself an air fryer so I've been using that for some of my breaded foods.

No. 113039

If my waist and clothing size are vastly larger than others of my weight/height does it mean I’m just apple shaped or high body fat percentage, or is it something to be worried about? It scares me that my waist measurement is “high risk” according to health sites, but I’m at the lower end of a normal BMI.

No. 113062

File: 1555175985214.jpg (37.9 KB, 500x495, large.jpg)


You can do it, fellow PCOS anon! Why do you get anxious going to the gym? Would it help if it was a women-only place? (if there's such place where you live)
Good luck!

For my yesterday's log:
I went to a work gathering, and ate waaay above my daily intake goal, especially considering it was a social gathering that had a lot of food.

My final intake was 1951 kcal. Oof.

Admittedly, there was also a lot of work, and considering the building had no windows, I was also sweating more than normal.
But I did woke up kinda bloated today, well..

Anyway, today I'll try to fast for a little longer (to also help the bloating go away faster) and I downloaded the Freeletics app. Will try to either do a workout from them, or jump rope. Maybe both if I feel inspired.

No. 113074

Same height and weight too, 178cm and recently hit my all time high of 90kg. Feels like shit.
I was always a really slim, if not skinny girl and then ruined my body completely with starving, followed by years of binge eating.

I plan to not count calories, because whenever I tried that in the past I immediately got too obsessive again and also because using apps like myfitnesspal which tells you just how incredibly long it'll take to lose all that weight make me fell even more hopeless.

My dream weight would be way too low and unhealthy, so I'll instead set it at 59kg - the lowest I could go without being underweight. But honestly, I'd die to just be below 70 again, too.
I've always really hated my tall height, but now I'm grateful, because if i was short or even average I'd look like a blob at my current bmi.
In winter I could at least somewhat hide my fat a bit, but it's absolutely terrible in summer, just wearing a tshirt makes me so uncomfortable.

I still live at home so I'll eat a normal/unhealthy lunch, something healthy for breakfast and then try to skip dinner. Fruit or wholegrain bread if I must snack. I'll also run everyday, when the weather allows it.

No. 113092


Skipping meals is the worst thing you can do. You'll be hungry and deficient and end up binging on junk - especially if that's your history. Eat three times a day with healthy whole foods, use my fitness app to make sure you're meeting your nutrient needs and snack on low-calorie snacks in between. Don't run everyday because you'll also get sick of it and give up.

You need to take a more sustainable approach that you enjoy or you're going to completely fail.

No. 113095

File: 1555235986286.jpg (24.73 KB, 300x300, s-l300.jpg)

Work gatherings are the worst… And, like I said before, birthdays. There are weeks where people bring cake, donuts etc. to our office everyday. Lunch break with co-workers is difficult, too. I am applying for a new job right now (not because of the cake though lol) and once I found one, I want to try meal prepping.

Welcome to the club, anon. I also used to be ashamed of my height, but it really hides the weight. Still, it would look better without all the extra fat. I remember when I first lost weight, everyone complimented my long, skinny legs and it felt really good. Feels double shitty now though. Good luck to you!! I understand the obsessive part with counting calories, but as long as you still eat enough, it is maybe worth another try?

No. 113097

Thank you! The gym doesn't make me anxious, I just sometimes don't want to go out because I'm already anxious. I have PTSD and some days are harder than others and on those hard days I just feel exhausted already so it makes me believe I can't go workout, but the funny thing is going to the gym helps me feel energized & less anxious.

You have a pretty good set plan, you're able to recognize why you might feel bloated and you'll do a couple extra things to help you feel regulated. Not pushing yourself too hard, which is great!

No. 113098

Slightly off topic but have any of you guys seen this video? I would have loved to have a mother who helped me watch my weight. While Yolanda is a bit problematic she essentially made her daughters goddesses. The comments don't even get it, they're so quick to judge and I honestly think it's just jealously.

As for my goals, I want to be pretty thin. Like 120 lbs at my height of 5'5. I'm nearly 200lbs and I want to try running, pilates, ballet and a restrictive diet.

No. 113099

There's a difference between helping them watch their weight and making a big deal out of one bite of cake - during a going away celebration too. She's moving away from home, and her mom gets all weird when she says "I get to have one bite for good luck though". Sorry but that doesn't seem healthy nor encouraging, and you don't have to be jealous to see that.

No. 113103

>she essentially made her daughters goddesses
Yeah and Margo made her daughter a kawaii loli model…
It's honestly fucked up if you can't see just how wrong this is. They're only "goddesses" because they felt pressured to go under the knife a dozen times at the age of barely 20.

Plus your dear Yolanda would think of you as a disgusting fattie if you aspire to be a whopping 120 at only 5'5 lol

No. 113153

I just got off the worst bout of daily binging in awhile. Went through a lot of abuse at the job I just quit and all of the stress just kinda came crashing down on me all at once.

I want to fast for a week just to get the need for sugar out of my body otherwise I'll end up binge cycling and I hate it.

No. 113155

File: 1555330990421.png (20.56 KB, 853x321, Capture.PNG)

Hit my halfway point for my weight loss goal today, wanted to post somewhere.

Started at 220lbs, now down to 180, goal is 140. I'm 5'9 and in my 20s, eating 1500-1700cal a day and running about 15-20 miles a week.

To be honest I already look pretty good at this weight because I have very broad shoulders and its distributed well, but I really want to keep it up. At this rate I'll be at my goal hopefully in August.

No. 113183

File: 1555363113636.jpg (76.01 KB, 1278x558, Weight.jpg)

Guess I'll post too.

Actually I already started my weightloss journet this year in january. I started it because i have PCOS and last year in november my doctor had me stop taking the pill due to liver issues (that are now under control). In just two month and a half my weight skyrocketed from 69 kgs (152 lbs) to 74 kgs (163 lbs) whcich was my heaviest ever (also 35% bf%). I'm pretty short (163 cms or 5'4") so I started to get pretty round, moreover being overweight was taking its toll on my health (I had occasionally high blood pressure problems and blood sugar leves problems as diabetes runs in my family).

On January 8th I started pretty slow, just tracking calories (a 500 kcal deficit) and going to the gym like 2 times a week. In february I stepped up my game: I upped my deficit to -750 kcal and I actually started taking care of my macros (I ate 0 starchy foods like potatoes and bread and went for low glycemic index foods to minimize my insuline spikes during the day, I also started IF and slightly increased my protein intake). I also started going to the gym 3-4 times a week (mostly to do aerobics classes but once a week I did weights too). During march I still kept my clorie deficit at -750 kcal but i decided to start keto too for 3 weeks and it really hepled me when I palteaued at 71 kgs (156,5 lbs). I also started ditching the gym (not much time due to univesity getting in the way lmao) and I started walking/running outside with my bf and doing strength training at hoem with elastic bands and small weights. Now in april I decided to quit keto because even if it was working it was pretty expensive and it was kinda hard to keep up with it, I also lowered my calorie deficit back to -500 kcal and continued my low glycemic index regime. Training remained the same

I have a fitbit charge 2 and the fitbit aria 2 scale so i keep track of everything through the fitbit ecosystem. This morining i weghted myself and i finally reached my second weight goal (65kgs or 143 lbs), also got to 26% bf%. Also (which is the most impotrtant part imo) I don't have high blood pressure problems anymore, my blood sugar levels went back to normal and my blood test came back perfect.

My final goal is to get to 55 kgs (121 lbs) which is the weight a of most of my friends and they all look fab af, also I would like to get reid of my hormonal belly pouch, get a waist of at least 66 cms (25.9") and get at around 20% bf%. I plan on continuing with IF, a deficit of -500 kcal, running/walikng and strength training sessions at home. If you have any (possibly PCOS related) tips to aid in weightloss and/or on how to get a really tiny waist (without removing any ribs possibly) they are extremely welcome.

To all anons who want to lose weight:
You will make it, everyone has her own peace, losing weight is hard and you'll encounter some setbacks but don't let them drag you down, preseverance is the key to success <3

(Pic related is the chart of my weight from the day I started dieting up to this morning)

No. 113203

I started my weight loss journey at 260 5'8 2 years ago. I'm 184 today, mostly keto but a lot of disordered restriction and fasting/starving too. I like myself more and my confidence is somewhat better but my brain will always be fat and I will always hate myself, if that makes sense. How fix?

No. 113204

that kind of thinking might call for therapy to really make a permanent change mentally

No. 113337

I’ve gained about 5-10 pounds since I started college and seeing the weight I’ve put on has really messed with my self esteem and the way I eat. Last summer I lost 10 pounds in a month (123 to 113) from eating at a large caloric deficit and daily cardio, and although my body looked the nicest it’s ever looked, my hair was thinning and I was always low on energy. I’ve been lazy and just assumed that I’d be able to maintain my weight through counting calories but that led me into a binge-purge cycle a couple weeks ago that I’m trying to get out of. Starting today I’m going to start doing cardio and eating 1300 calories (~200 deficit) and eventually raise exercise as I ease into this until I reach my goal weight (110 pounds at 5’3”). I find that I eat healthier and have less cravings when I exercise (don’t wanna let all my progress go to waste) but I’m terrible at committing to going to the gym, so I’m going to try going every other day to burn 200-400 calories and spend my off days walking at least 5 miles (or going to the gym if I feel like it). I also want to work on getting a smaller waist and defining my arms. Wish me luck!

No. 113355

I've had an issue with binge eating for as long as I can remember. That plus a prolonged period of self-hatred put me in a really terrible place health-wise. I've been making efforts to repair my relationship with food and break my reward/punishment patterns with my diet and exercise routines. For example: going for a run because it feels good, not to punish myself for something I ate. It's been a long and difficult journey, but I finally feel like I can make progress that lasts.

Alright, enough of the sappy stuff! Here are my goals:
Starting weight: ~200lbs (not exactly sure, my scale is packed away for the next couple of weeks)
First goal: get down to 180lbs
Second goal: 160 lbs
Third goal: 135 lbs

IF - easing into it, I don't want to get into a binge pattern post-fast
Running in the morning, hot yoga 3x per week at least
More plant-based meals, I notice I feel very good for hours after eating one
Focus on how foods and exercise make me feel
Track binge-free days (a 30+ day streak without binging looks nice and is motivating!)

I'd like to track every 10 days, I think. Good luck, everyone!

No. 113524

File: 1555825624168.jpg (133.9 KB, 1024x698, fitness monthly cycle.jpg)

Posting this as I found this really helped me understand why I struggling with my gym routine some weeks with my menstrual cycle.

No. 113531

I know this is over a week old but LOL.

You really don't need to maintain at this point. You know you're underweight, maintenance is not the problem. In fact, once you gain the muscle that'll keep you from becoming a gross skinnyfat looking worm, you'll likely have gained 5-10lb, some of that being muscle.

In order to not become super gross muscular looking, just look up a basic strength training routine, probably 3-5 times a week. Squats and 5-10lb dumb bells for lifting should be fine. This stuff is readily available on youtube or any fitness website.

No. 113533


Building muscle as a female is hard as fuck. I doubt they'd become super muscular by accident. Also, a calorie surplus is also necessary to build muscle if you're underweight. Something like 250kcal above maintenance, and a focus on protein.

No. 113534

File: 1555846528229.png (207.07 KB, 903x702, 1513715402001.png)

nta but I started at pretty much the same weight last summer and am now at 70 kg, and I'm aiming at ~60. I also had PCOS diagnosed and after I went below 83 kg my periods have miraculously become regular, like 28 +- 1 days regular. I thought I will never know this feel. It's funny I was the exact same weight when I got diagnosed. So it's more about tuning your metabolism than the raw numbers.
Overall it feels good to have some semblance of control over my body for once in my life, but I also still hate how I look. Also my hair is in a sad state, even though I generally eat better than I did. Oh well.

No. 113724

File: 1556108490662.jpg (53.7 KB, 564x564, 0daa0282448522841e389ea6dae6f9…)

I've been doing Keto and intermittent fasting for a little under a month and I've gone from 164 to 153. While I don't think I'm going to do it long term, it's been great for me so far.

No. 113728

File: 1556113755861.jpg (115.71 KB, 1200x675, C33C85VWYAAKY9u.jpg)

I'm 25 years old, 155cm and my weight fluctuates between 155l-160lbs.

The year before last I lost a lot of weight, before I was way more than this after hitting a huge depression point in my life and then I gained a little in the last year and a half.

I work at Starbucks which makes it much harder to stick to strict rules because you get free drinks and are always trying things, and sometimes our supervisor gives us food from the pastry cabinet that would otherwise get thrown away. I live alone and my friends are long distance because otherwise I'd happily bring them these leftovers, it's so easy to eat them!!

So while the job itself is activity-heavy, I work 12 til around 9pm 4-5 times a week and cravings get bad.

I want to get out of these terrible habits. I get my lunch around 3pm and have a small dinner when I'm home but try to keep it as healthy and light as I can, so it's enough that I don't go to bed starving but nothing carby that's going to sit on my stomach.

I want to destroy all the flab and extra parts on me, in clothing you wouldn't suspect it but naked I can see those rolls and bits of flab that weren't there before.

My stomach/gut too…..I want out and I want to get back into healthier habits and self care.

No. 113730

I'm the same age and I have also fluctuated between 150 and 158. For the past month I've been dieting and going to the gym nearly every day but I can never seem to get past 150, which is extremely frustrating seeing as I've been eating clean. I worry we're just at an age where weight loss is more difficult.

No. 113731

I’ve done keto twice now and it’s honestly such a good tool to examine and become conscious of your sugar intake. Unfortunately after I started eating carbs again I gained 50% of what I lost back and it ruined stuff like yogurt and peanut butter for me because I was eating a lot of the same things all the time. It’s definitely cool to see the weight fall off though.

No. 113733

I have had some slow and steady progress with calorie counting (MFP, 1500 kcal/day) although I overindulged a little over the easter weekend.

I was thinking about food today and it had me wondering if any of you guys have an achilles heel food/snack that you have chosen to cut from your diet completely?

For me it is cheese doodles. Glorious, crunchy, delicious orange crescents. So delicious but so densely packed with calories. In the past I could snack on them non stop until the bag was empty. I simply can't keep any discipline and portion control with them so I decided they had to go.

While I do miss one of my most favorite snacks and crave them really bad at times I am also proud of myself for having the self control to not buy them anymore. It must be almost a year now since the last time I bought some.

I hope everyone else is doing well with their diet!

No. 113745

Yeah I used to eat a lot of macaroni and cheese and also chips with hummus but now I never eat them anymore because I'm an adult now and don't have growing teenager metabolism. When I overindulge now it's on smaller snacks or giving myself second servings or too large portions of healthy meals. If I still ate my old favorites I would probably be 30lbs heavier by now.

No. 113753

File: 1556145769447.jpg (68.91 KB, 680x1000, 7632552672d3a6dd28bbee758791e7…)

I've been obese for a few years due to emotional eating and a lack of self-care, and for a formerly athletic person, it has been awful for my body image and self esteem. I'm currently at 168cm and 93kg /5'6" and 205lbs. I've lost a few pounds of fat in about 6 weeks but I do pretty heavy training at the gym and my muscles have grown at an insane rate, so on the scale, the numbers haven't gone down as much as I'd like to. However, my waist is now an inch smaller even when I was bloated, so that's something!

My base rule is just "calories in, calories out", eating about 1900kcal a day, putting me at a 500kcal deficit. I try to eat at school (where I live the uni cafeteria food is fresh and actually pretty good) every day. I try to eat as many greens and veggies as I can. I'm pretty picky, but there's usually enough variety to fill me. At home, I try to cook as much as I can. I've noticed it's actually hard to reach my daily calorie limit because what I eat now is less dense in calories compared to the crap I used to eat. I also treat myself from time to time with a small bar of chocolate, but I don't crave junk food as much anymore.

Speaking of self-care, I think my lifestyle changes have done wonders on my mental health (even though I'll admit that I'm a superficial bitch that wants to look hot in crop tops). My therapist commented on my increased energy and many of my friends have said I feel much more energetic and responsive. I'll try to not fall off these habits I've established and keep going!

No. 113754


Cheese doodles are so addictive, oh my God. I never bought them often, but when I did, it was impossible to stop. Those orange devils.
But for me, I used to drink juices and ice teas, which are packed with sugar. I love cool drinks so down the hatch they went, and I could never moderate how much I drank…

No. 113772

File: 1556194554540.jpg (32.58 KB, 425x432, goalz.jpg)

I'm recovering from an ED, after more than a decade of malnourishing myself, because I'm sick of the brain fog and fatigue. I don't want to be useless anymore.

I'm 5'8" and built pretty large (big shoulders, big ribcage, big hips, used to be reasonably muscular) so I want to get back to my pre-ED weight of 145-150. I used to be a rugby player, swimmer, and straight-A student, and I hate thinking about how I had to stop playing sports and drop out of high school because I wouldn't give my body enough food to function. I know I can't get those years back, and I've probably caused some permanent damage, but I'd like to take up a sport again and maybe try to get a degree.

Over the past few years I've made it back up to 130, but every time I try to eat more than 1400 calories in a day I freak out (which I'm working on ignoring since that's just a deeply ingrained bad habit, but it's hard to shake).

I'm going to work on eating more protein, which as a broke vegan with weird food anxieties means lots of chocolate soy milk, baked beans, and peanut butter banana sandwiches. I have an exercise bike and some small free weights, so alongside taking a walk every day I'm going to alternate between 30 minutes on the bike and a small free weight routine to rebuild muscle.

When I was younger I thought that eating as little as possible would somehow make people love and care about me, but all the people who do love and care about me tell me I need to start eating more, so I hope I can make them stop worrying. I also hope they can chip in for my new wardrobe.

No. 113775

After years of sticking to sub-1200kcal every time I had to lose weight, since February I've been eating around 1300-1450 and it's so much better. Progress is slow as fuck but at least I feel like I can maintain this for the rest of my life and I haven't binged once. I'm also not dealing with cravings since most of the time I can fit in some cookies or chocolate.
Not feeling obsessed about the numbers anymore, it would totally consume my life before.
I really recommend losing on a slower pace for people who have a tendency to get obsessive or go overboard.

Started at 66.7kg, now 64.9kg.
Goal is somewhere around 58kg.
Height: 158cm
I'm not really exercising consistently. I find any kind of exercise (exception is walking) makes me much hungrier, I find it easier to stick to a deficit when I'm sedentary… But I still do HIIT sometimes, makes me feel good afterwards.

No. 113856


How do you fill the rest of your calories per day but fit a cookie or unhealthy thing in? I want to do and achieve the same!

No. 113862

Not the anon you are asking but I too do roughly 1500 calories and fit treats in here and there.

Some of my ways to have spare calories for snacks:
- Decide what my meals are that day. Oatmeal or a 2-egg omelette with some veggies have much fewer calories than two slices of toasted bread with jam. Lunch will be something low calorie like a couple pieces of fruit and a small yoghurt. Dinner will be something without carb-loaded ingredients. No pasta or potatoes. Roasted vegetables and chicken is delicious. Or perhaps something vegetarian?

- If you are like me and are used to eating large portions in order to feel full you might have already gotten close to your calorie limit after these meals simply because you need to not feel like you are starving yourself. This is when a little excercise comes into play. I honestly do not like excercising but when I know there is a sweet treat at the end of the tunnel it gets easier. And just twenty minutes of some stength excercises or intense bicycling will burn a good chunk of calories. If I have the time I prefer to take a long walk but you should see what you like best.

Now how to make the snack last more than one minute:
- Measure it out and plate it nicely. Having it look nice makes it a treat for the eyes as well of the taste buds and it feels like even more of a reward. You don't have to go overboard though :P

- Take smaller bites. It seems like such an obvious thing but I think we all know someone who finishes their food before everyone else because they scarf it down like a ravenous wolf, and if they can't go back for another serving they sit there watching everyone else enjoy their food. Eat your ice cream with a tea spoon. Your oreo cookie can easily be eaten in 4-5 bites. Take the time to really enjoy the flavour and texture.

As an end note I want you to remember that it is ok to have moments of weakness. Nobody is perfect and it takes a lot of discipline to maintain a diet with a healthy mindset. I hope some of these tips help you get a sweet treat once in a while :)

No. 113885

with intermittent fasting, do you have to track calories and does it only work because you end up eating less? I've just started doing the 16/8 method but I do not want to track calories as every time I do it sends me into a spin of disordered thoughts. I'm 155cm & 60kgs so I don't have much to lose but I'd really like to get rid of the 5-10 thats been hanging around the last couple years

No. 113899

it doesn't work.

No. 113924

Stupid answer.

It could work on the basis that you end up eating less. Personally, I do intermittent fasting and also track calories (not extra rigorously though), but at the beginning, people are usually able to lose some weight just by eating less meals than usual. It's also a good routine to stick to once you get out of the dieting phase - I used to have problems with binging and overeating after ending a diet (and therefore quickly gaining everything back), but intermittent fasting helps to keep this in check.

No. 113933

Making this post purely for some responsibility and accountability for myself.
-I am currently 5ft 5 and 134lbs! I used to be 203 and my lightest was 128.
-Id like to get back to 128, maybe even 119.
-I'll do this by how I lost weight the first time; regular walks (-500 calories or as close as possible), MyFitnessPal logs and cutting out unhealthy drinks and food.
-I am keeping myself accountable by posting this here! the guilt of having this out on the internet, despite it being anonymous, will get at me. It is kinda silly but it is like I am making a promise this way.

No. 113959

I'm 5 ft 3 and 205lbs currently.
The lowest weight I've been was 160lbs, been pretty overweight my whole life because of binge eating and crash dieting and being stuck in that cycle. Thanks to that I have somewhat of an apron belly at 20 years old (no children either) and stretch marks.
Trying to get my eating in order without expecting super fast weight loss, while also toning up a little, so I'm starting swimming next week and I plan to start with 3 60 minute sessions a week and then maybe go up to 5. Eating around 1300-1400 calories a day, trying to get back into drinking plenty of water and eating fruit & veg and focus on protein and carbs (in the right amounts). Also plan on going to therapy soon so I can work through my binge eating.
Hopefully I can update with something good soon!

No. 113971

Hey hi
Currently on my fit shit. I’m hoping to transition to vegan soon. I have no problem eating lots of fruits and vegetables but I also get hungry and lazy and eat whatever is easiest. I’ve been living very hectic-ly lately and have gone from running 8 milled a week and eating balanced home cooked meals to not exercising at all and eating take out pizzas and whatever I can throw together in my kitchen for meals and lots of snacks (mostly sandwiches+chips and fruit/cereal bars) I’m starting to feel like shit and like I’m undoing the progress I had made. I’m currently at the end of the moving process so my kitchen is a big wreck. I’m hoping to get it back to a comfortable place so I can work in it again and feel content cooking my meals. I also want to cut out processed foods and meat/cheese.

No. 113972

How do you exercise without a gym membership?

No. 113973

>-Post your goals, your current state, like yout weight or measurements;

Right now I’m about 120lb, 36/27/38. I just want to tone up and possibly slim my outer thighs a bit. I also want more energy.

>What you're going to do to change it and your methods (Weight training? Intermittent Fasting? Running? Raw eating? MyFitnessPal logs?);

Pilates, walks now that the weather is nice, keep up my general 16/8 IF but add more protein to my diet.

>And how to be held accountable for it, like biweekly weigh-ins or measurings

Weekly measurements, probably. I don’t have a scale currently. I’ll know the energy results when I feel them.

I feel like size-wise I’m fine. I’m probably fatty-chan size in many people’s eyes but this is close to what’s sustainable and I look good in my clothes. I don’t need to stress and waste all my time trying to get a 24” waist or whatever.

I would really like to generally feel healthier though. I’m low energy, and I haven’t been working out for about a month after getting waylaid by a stomach bug that really fucked me up.

No. 113974

I have no idea how to build a routine. I feel like college takes up so much of my day that I have no time/motivation to work out. I'm hoping to get my shit together this summer and stick to it into the fall semester.

No. 113975

Please tell me you’re eating fiber, anon

Barre classes or Pilates are great for toning without bulking

I agree with other anon about seeking therapy. CBT could be a good thing to look into.

No. 113978

Try making some things in really big portions ahead of time like curry or stew that you can easily reheat when you're feeling lazy or pressed for time, that might help you stay on track with healthy eating. Good luck anon!

No. 114012

Theres loads of 'at home' exercise videos on youtube you can look into! even buy yourself some weights if you can and work out!
If you can't work out at home for any reason walking anywhere for 1-2 hours is great cardio as well!

No. 114015

For cardio, you can try running or buy a cheap stationary bike/elliptical/similar equipment.
As for workouts, there are a ton of Youtube videos you can use - depending on if you want to do pilates, HIIT, body weight exercises, etc… I tend to keep a playlist and combine several random videos from different trainers into one circa 40 minute workout session to keep it fresh.
You can try channels such as Runtastic Fitness, Fitness Blender, Rebecca-Louise, Xhit Daily (this one is no longer updated), Holly Dolke, MadFit, blogilates, Chloe Ting, etc.

No. 114042

- I'm currently 175lbs and 5'3" (pls no bully). I'm job searching and I'd like to lose weight and buy new office clothes. I'd like to start off by losing 20lbs and depending on how much time I have left before I start the job, more. I know I'm going to struggle with energy levels once I start working so I want to get this done and over with now. I also want to look cute for my bf again.
- I'm vegan and I think I rely to much on carbs so I'm cutting out white grains (except for oats because they're the only thing I eat for breakfast) and alcohol. I record my food using MFP to stay under my carbs/calories goal (does 50g of carbs and 1,200 calories sound reasonable?). I have a pedometer and I'm aiming for 10k steps a day (it also alerts me to move when I've been sitting down for too long!). I'd love to take up something more intense but it might be easier after I lose the initial 20lbs. I struggle most with food when I'm around my bf.
- Will weigh myself first thing tomorrow morning and every morning after that. Will possibly post some weight loss charts in the future.

I'd be really interested in any other apps/tools people use and maybe some exercises that are suitable. Or any advice whatsoever because I've been failing to lose weight for years because I binge eat and it's just been a vicious cycle that I want to break out of.

No. 114044

Weigh yourself once a week, not every morning.

No. 114051

I'm feeling lost. Dieting and losing weight is going okay, I only need to lose about 15lbs going down from 130 to 115.
But I'm fearing having to restrict is making me relapse into my old habit of snorting speed. I had it reasonably under control but whenever I crave sweets I feel like doing a line to get rid of it.
Guess I've just got to use some willpower to pull through just restricting and exercising though. I've successfully lost 20lbs the right way five years ago, but it seems to have only gotten more difficult.

No. 114054

Hear this bullshit:
I've been pushing myself for about four months now. Decided to go all out, I'm talking my first ever grown-up Gym membership, workout clothes FOR WORKING OUT, NOT CHILLING AROUND THE HOUSE, stocking the fridge with veggies, diet-friendly shakes, etc, all that bullshit.
I go about my business. Discover I actually really enjoy working out and eating differently FEELS alot better.
But my weight? My weight gives zero fucks.
So I finally have my check up with my primary doc. I'm upset and annoyed and thought 'Sure, I'd have SOME issues' since I don't have a gallbladder.
But instead my doc points out that might not be the issue.
The issue MAY be my hormones because I only have one ovary.
Fucking. Hormones.
I thought that having my ovary removed because of a cancer scare would be the last time it fucked me over but figures it'd come back to haunt me when I'm trying to be a healthy shit.
So I'm seeing my women's health doc in a week and feel so god damn anxious and hope they have a solution for me or atleast some advice.
Just feels crappy, y'know?

No. 114085

When is the best time to weigh my self? I've noticed that weight changes throughout the day. I usually do it in the morning.

No. 114088

Yep, in the morning, before eating anything, and after going to the toilet.

No. 114127

Currently 139
I want to get to at least 125.

I was 129 a little under a year ago my body type makes me gain weight in my stomach mostly and it makes me very insecure and it feels like nothing I can do can change that. Even when I was at my lowest weight I still had a “pooch.”

My weight hasn’t been stagnant at all due to me eating a lot then cutting off and I just want to get to a stagnant weight. Ganbare everyone!

No. 114180

File: 1556776580877.jpg (436.97 KB, 708x1000, 68875182_p0.jpg)

Joining this so I can take a look again in after awhile to read about the changes!
I'm currently 62kg at 5'8 (174cm). My goal is to get to 55kg. All my weight goes to my face so it's super obvious when I drop weight and my face is already quite round from the prednisone i'm taking for my health issues. Trying to stay at 1200 calories a day too. I'll weigh myself halfway through this month to see if anything changed.

No. 114207

Hi twin! I’m 5’9 with the same goal weight, same calorie intake and at 135lbs at the moment. I already lost 15lbs since January (highest weight yet), had a little maintenance break and need to kick my butt now to lose the last few pounds. Let’s do this!

No. 114231


Hey! Triplets? I’m 5’8 with the same goals as you two and same intake.
I don’t work out and I’ve been unemployed for several months so there’s barely any exercise in my life at the moment. I’m currently trying to snap myself out of a depressed period.
I let myself get to 67kg. A year ago when I was active, employed and more life happy, I weighed 57 kg and had been maintaining that weight for years. I remember getting to that weight successfully by having an intake of 1200 and also not working out. This time I want to try running and eventually lifting. Small goals.

Sorry for drunken/rambling. Good luck girls!

No. 114252

Just wanted to put out there for you all to invest in a food scale, even if it's just 10-15$ or so, really helped we actually measuring my food so I'm not using just cups and eyes for measurement.

No. 114253

Just wanted to put out there for you all to invest in a food scale, even if it's just 10-15$ or so, really helped we actually measuring my food so I'm not using just cups and eyes for measurement.

No. 114260

Hey sister! You can do this! I always used to be around 64 kilos in my adult life but I never liked it. I’m the typical bottom heavy woman with a lean upper body and I’m sick and tired of hating my legs and looking disproportional. I know that my legs get way slimmer when I go under 60 kilos so I finally want to make it work this time. I’m close though, 61,5 kg this morning, yey! Do you also feel weird sometimes when you read about other people’s goal weights/BMIs and yours is quite low because we’re tall? I’m nowhere near an ana-chan, I just carry all my fat in one spot and it makes me look short and podgy.

No. 114383

File: 1557089636047.gif (6.36 KB, 500x450, 1556999201974.gif)

Wow pretty exciting having similar heights and goals! 61.5kg is really good! I'm a bit worried to weigh myself in the next week because I fell off my diet a bit, it's okay though since I still have a couple more days to drop a pound or two. I'm also very bottom heavy, 100% pearshape. It's sort of nice because my arms and belly are never pudgy but having pudgy legs also sucks in a lot of ways. When I say my BMI and stuff people usually assume I'm skinnier than I am because of the height! Too bad I'm quite skinnyfat, I might get the motivation to actually work out a bit after I dropped some weight in the beginning.

No. 114394

I'm 157cm and 64.4kg currently, lost around 3kg so far since February. At first I was eating around 1300~1400kcal. I have a nasty past with EDs so I try to not go too low or pressure myself to it because I always fuck up for a few months and then end up gaining it all back through reactive bingeing because I was eating 500-900kcal before. My biggest culprit is alcohol but… I'm losing it steadily and I'm happy with my journey. It feels like I'm finally losing weight while keeping sanity as opposed to what happened in the past 8 years.

No. 114472

I've been eating 1,200 to 1,370 for months now, at 5'4, and lost a stone in the first month but now I'm losing nothing at all and I dont even get to enjoy what I have during the day. I also measure my food. This makes no sense. When I gain weight or plateau it fucks me up and I binge hardcore, so the last few days have been disastrous. I hate it.

No. 114473

How often are you weighing yourself? Maybe don't do it as often if it makes you binge.

No. 114488

I weigh myself every morning. Good point.

No. 114497

I know this is an old post, but maybe you could bring the left overs to a homeless shelter? But anyways, good luck with your weight loss journey!

No. 114499

I was a bit of flubber chubber in my early years of high school (so like 9-10 grade, my highest weight was 152lbs with me being 5'5) but got serious about being healthy and fit during the summer I was going in 11th grade. I so badly wanted to be look cute in a swimsuit instead of feeling self conscious because of my thunder thighs and stomach. It was awesome, I was hitting the gym almost everyday, cooked pretty much all of my own meals, and was starting to get abs. I got down to 120 lbs and I felt great.

But then, it all got thrown away because of some toxic people and influences in my life and I ended up with an ED. It sucked royal ding dong. I honestly can't be trusted to count calories because I'm worried I'll become obsessive with it again and I no longer use a scale because I would end up weighing myself too often in it would ruin my day if I didn't see the number get smaller. Looking back, I feel ashamed for ruining my body like that.

Then came college. Had a terrible schedule so I was up super early and would come home super late. This meant that gym time was impossible to squeeze in because getting around where I live is a bitch. Also, still had some eating issues which made me afraid of eating out so I just wouldn't eat at all.

So, for a good couple of years I hardly worked out and I became super skinny fat. The cellulite was BAD and made me afraid to wear a swimsuit.
However, I did at least get over the ED thing which is a plus.

Now my goals are to tone up and eat as healthy as I can. I have some cellulite on the sides of my thighs that bother me so I want to minimize them as much as possible.

I try to either hike or hit the gym at least 3 to 4 times a week. I hate doing cardio in the gym because I get bored, so if any anons are having a hard time with that, trying mixing in some hiking if you have a safe trail available. I also walk everywhere at school so if I can't make it to the gym then I at least got some speed walking in. Also, when I'm taking a break from school work I usually life weights or do some sort of ab workout like planking. I hope by next year I'll get more toned and start working on some abs.

Good luck to everyone, you can do it!

No. 114540

Op here! Down to 60,7kg this morning and so proud. I slip into maintenance quite quickly if I don’t try very hard with my diet but at least i don’t gain, which is good I guess? It took me around 2 weeks to get back on track but now it’s pretty easy and my appetite and hunger is very minimal. I crave salads all the time! It’s so nice to see how my relationship with food changed since January and how much better I feel inside my skin. My legs are still kinda flabby but my upper body is very lean with visible abs and a small waist. Hopefully my body will get more proportional with the last 3-5kg but I guess that the leg fat will be the last to go. How are my siblings doing?

No. 114583

i'm going to fast for a few days i'll report back with how much weight i lost mwah mwah bad boy(namefagging)

No. 114623

I hope this is the right thread for this, but what are some panties that won't ride up while running? I've been wearing the Under Armor pure stretch hipsters, but they give me a wedgie after like 10 seconds. It's fine with me if there are panty lines as long as there's no chafing or swamp crotch.

No. 114652

I have a big enough ass that I get wedgies frequently just from walking, and the only ones that don't ride up eventually are big huge granny panties. Or something like thongs that can't ride up anyway.

I personally wear the granny panties when exercising.

No. 114658

Any particular granny panties you recommend?

No. 114674

File: 1557635202900.png (236.07 KB, 1143x851, 1532967895675.png)

Binge ate the first time in 10 days… feels bad. I'll try again tomorrow!

No. 114731

Same. It wasn’t really a binge but a large pizza with my bf. probably a little over my maintenance calorie goal, but whatever. Stepped on the scale today and the damn water weight is frustrating as fuck. But I’ll just try to get back on track this week.

No. 114732

File: 1557733365094.jpg (76.75 KB, 1080x1029, 29718025_183950269066524_50499…)


OP here and I know I am superduper late, but hey, finally the scale moved! I am currently at 88.7kg.

I actually had to start my diet over, because like two weeks or so after this posting, I was getting work meeting (with food) after work meeting, birthday parties with "all you can eat" type of restaurants, and stress eating in general.

My skin was so so shitty, I decided to go back to low carb and it's been way better since. Also yeah, the losing weight thing, pretty cool as well. It's been about 12 days ish since I started eating low carb, so to lose 2kg in so little time is pretty neat, especially considering I don't feel hungry at all. Also, it's cool that I don't need to keep my calorie counting so low, I am currently around 1500~1700kcal daily. Sometimes I surpass it though (usually when my bf is over), but I don't stress it too much and focus on staying lower than 60g of (net) carbs max.

I just need to chill a bit and stop myself from hopping on the scale so often.

So my next weigh-in will be next sunday, I will post here in case it moves again.

Also I ordered new running shoes (it's been a while since I actually owned a pair) and I am kinda excited to start running, or jumping rope more often.

No. 114751

Went from 130lbs to 112lb in a couple of months with 24h green tea fasts, I'd highly recommend it to any anons struggling to get the weight off.
You can still eat good tasting things, just stick to high protein meals and a smoothie, I never noticed how much I gained from eating alot of sweets and sugar.

No. 114820

I lost 11 lbs(namefagging)

No. 114905

What's the easiest and most lowcal way to drink? I hate that alcohol has so many calories.

No. 114928

flavored vodka sodas are usually on bar menus. they're around 120-150 depending on whether they infuse or use actual juice. some ciders are okay too. broken ladder is 120.

No. 114960

I just drink vodka mixed up with some low calorie juice or diet Coke. Or straight up shots. You don't get to drink a lot in quantity but it gets you drunk.

No. 114993

so I did IF by itself for a week without any result then started calorie tracking as well. definitely think starting with IF has made it easier to reduce calories. I haven't gone over 1500 in 2 weeks and I've lost a kilo without slipping into disordered patterns. this is the first time I've dieted since I went vegan and I think that is helping prevent restriction a lot. I'm not guilty about the food that I eat, just excited to find ways to get my protein and veg and stay satisfied

No. 115229

Basically hard liquor like the other anons were saying. I make a lot of caipirinhas which just has rum, lemons, ice and a very small amount of cane sugar.
If you don't want to do liquor for whatever reason wine is probably your best call, lower in calories than beer at least.

No. 115285

File: 1558483138149.jpeg (16.18 KB, 225x225, images.jpeg)

Currently 69kg and want to be around 55kg, I gained weight from comfort eating after I lost someone close to cancer and struggled with depression, I've been working at a cafe where we get given free pastries every day and I'm about to start my new job as a librarian, and I'm going to get back into being healthy and actually going to the gym.

I feel guilty when I do comfort or even binge eat, but I can't let it be "maybe tomorrow" anymore. It's gotta be consistent!

I'm ashamed of my tummy and extra flab as before the depression I lost 2 stone and was becoming pretty healthy, I want to go back to 2017…

On a sideline I also want to glow up some, grow my nails and get my hair treated nicely, so I can feel pretty again!

No. 115301

OP again and I guess fuck all that cos today I b/p so bad, for the first time in years. how the fuck are you meant to lose weight healthily after you think you're recovered from an ED?

No. 115303


Anon, if you had an ED in the past, you should be very cautious. I'd actually wouldn't try to lose weight. If you still want to shed a few pounds, you should check that with a doctor and a dietician, so they can help you along the way and make sure you're okay and healthy.

No. 115311

I had diagnosed anorexia for years then EDNOS ranging from 11 to 17 years old. I'm currently losing weight healthily since February and without obsession even though I count calories. If you see yourself falling off the wagon and restricting too much, eat at maintenance for a week. Similarly, if you feel yourself getting too obsessed over numbers, take a break for a day or two and don't log anything you eat. It's like those little actions allow your mind to "restart", though I haven't dealed with that now because I squeeze in everything I like and don't feel deprived. I'd advise against anything restrictive like keto or IF and to lose at a moderate rate per week, 1 lb AT MAXIMUM. No more. That's what's working for me at least.

No. 115325

I'm gonna try fasting until I get home, so about 17hrs everyday. I really need help controlling my hunger. I feel like I just eat for fun/emotional reasons and it's seriously prohibiting my weight loss. Plus, it saves me money to not buy lunch. Hopefully I can get down to 120 lbs before July.

No. 115356

I'm wanting to lose about 50 lbs, and I know it will take alot of willpower but I'm ready to struggle through!
I was trying on clothes I thought were pretty a couple days ago and I looked awful in all of them. I felt really down about it, and it made me evaluate how I actually want to look. It's gotten to the point were I'm constantly saying to myself 'I'll do that, once I slim down' or 'I can only buy that once I drop a couple stone'. But I'm not doing anything to drop the weight so it's just self sabotage. That all stops today!
I want an utter glow up. I'm going to cut back my calories (1500 cal?) and gradually lose the weight over time. I'm kinda impatient but I'll just have to be strict with myself to keep at it. Exercise is kinda my downfall, but I work as a waitress and am on my feet all day so I kinda count that as part. Also will do the regular drink more water, sleep earlier, eat more fruits/vegies stuff for better health! Wish me luck!

No. 115371

File: 1558599479948.jpeg (19.88 KB, 511x600, images (23).jpeg)

Current state : 4'8 and Ive been keeping my weight since 2014 I was like 50lbs now I gained like 5 due to school + stress and it often fluctuates

My diet back then was like lots of water and like a bit of carbs since I had time to cook but now I have to buy food at our school's canteen since it's cheaper and quicker

Really sad about it and I cant go and workout at the local gym since their prices hiked up and bcus of my anxiety. Plus, I'm swamped with college stuff.

But I'd really like to hear tips and tricks to obtain body like this ;_; and your advices on a proper diet and a workout routine

No. 115372

55lbs anon is that right? that's extremely underweight you would need to bulk up considerably to look like that

No. 115381

>>115371 >>115372
Ah wait im sorry I meant I'm at 55kg or 121lbs! I got the measurements mixed up im sorry! Im overweight for my height

No. 115382

Gym anon here I’ve been training for 3 years now.

That girl doesn’t look like that all the time she’s cutting not even elite athletes look like that outside of stage

Here are some helpful vids you may want to check




No. 115384

Thanks gym anon! I'll look into those videos

also i have some questions :

It may sound dumb I haven't gotten around asking people but should I lose my fat first before I build muscle like cardio first or do both at the same time? An old gym friend of mine says that i should do cardio first and then build muscle.

thanks in advance anon ;w;

No. 115396

hey all. I just got weighed for the first time in a year (fully clothed and on my period but still) and I'm not happy with the number nor my body so I figured I would try to change it positively…because it really sucks to feel this bad.



134 lbs
115-120lbs depending on bf%

My plan is to keep calories at <1350 every day, and to do strength training every night before bed, as well as cardio once per week (I have a physically demanding job and think I might tire if I start running before it)

No. 115397

NTA but gym friend gave you the complete wrong advice. Look up bulking. Starting with fat is the easiest way to build muscle and cycles of bulking/cutting is THE way that dedicated lifters gain large amounts of muscle. So no do not lose your fat before you start gaining muscle, just start lifting now.

No. 115398


i started the gym a month ago and my fat is just melting away. women's muscle gains plateau really early so you don't get big from muscle, just lose all the fat. best part is i can still eat the same stuff i've been eating as long as i lift the same amount. i've already lost 15lbs.

No. 115423

Thanks! The old gym friend of mine was an old lady who only does zumba at that time. I'll keep this in mind!

Oh shit thats so cool!! Would it be all right to ask what's your workout routine?

No. 115435

sure! i only work out 5 days a week, sometimes 6. m-f and sunday is on/off day.

i work out in the evening a few hours after dinner
>45-60 min at a time
>2 days upper body (arms and chest)
>3 days lower (legs and abs) with 1 day split with added light cardio, usually the elliptical

legs are easier for women to do because our legs are stronger than mens naturally, so it tends to be easier to increase weight which will help the metabolism speed up. for legs, i'm best with the leg press right now, can do 180lbs, for arms it's lat pulls, 60lbs. make sure you do a mix of machines for different muscle groups in whatever area of the body you're working out. if you're at the gym make sure to check machines. but lemme know if you're doing it at home and i can give you a list (i can also give you a list of all the machines i use if needed)

No. 115446

File: 1558696655161.jpg (220.1 KB, 1242x1220, tumblr_pjppwerKPb1wult9m_1280.…)

Oh god yes I'd like to get a list for exersizes you reccommend at home please, even the machines you use at the gym.

I don't know when I'll be able to scrape up enough money for a gym membership again and I'd like to come prepared when I do ;0;

Thank you anon u r truly a godsend

No. 115454

I don't understand why I can't lose weight. I have tried counting calories but I never seem to be able to lose weight and I always give up after a while because I get ravenously hungry and binge eat. I just got engaged and I really don't want to be unhappy with my wedding photos. I told my fiance I don't want to set a date until I am at able to look at myself in the mirror and not be disgusted. I am trying to lose 55 lbs total, but I'd settle for at least 30 before the wedding (I'm 180 now). Any advice?

No. 115456

You have to not have the food available in the house at all so when you go to binge there's no junk food there or whatever food it is you binge on in the quantity that it usually is and have only healthy food. If you are used to ordering fast food delivered delete the apps and numbers you use to do it. Only grocery shop when you've just eaten so you don't give in and buy too much/junk food. You're trying to make it practically harder for yourself to binge.

No. 115467

Try a smaller deficit. The last time I had problems with binge eating was because I was restricting too hard and my body eventually rebels. Try to include foods you like so you don't feel deprived. Of course I don't know your situation but that's what helped me.

No. 115559

File: 1558860843021.jpg (30.81 KB, 500x391, tumblr_n0ede6dodV1ro1t6ho1_500…)

I'm 5'5" and last time I checked I was 200 lbs. I carry most of my weight in my stomach, my waist was 97cm when I checked two weeks ago.
My first mini goal is to intermittent fast (16/8 or longer) at least 6 days until June 10 and to do water fasts on June 7 and June 8. These goals aren't tied to a weight or measurement, but I'll use my fasting app to track. I'll IF on May 27, 28, 29 and then probably June 5, 6, 7. I'll check back in on May 29 next.

I used to be 95 lbs when I was anorexic and my weight crept up over the years due to grief eating, moving out, not having a strict schedule, being less active and PCOS. I need to lose weight for my health, to help with my PCOS. Due to PCOS related insulin resistance I'm more likely to develop diabetes. Insulin resistance can be reversed with a lifestyle change so that's my goal.
Also, I want to feel better about myself. My weight gain has caused me massive depression and I feel like I'm not myself anymore. I don't dress cute, I live like a slob, I don't make plans for the future, I actively avoid meeting old friends because I don't want to be seen. Losing weight will hopefully allow me to become myself again.

No. 115570

File: 1558892120050.jpg (40.96 KB, 580x380, piupiu.jpg)

Hey anon, I just wanted to let you know that I'm in the same boat as you and with the same measurements/height and also used to be anachan. I was thinking of doing IF myself and your post encouraged me so much that I'll be doing it on the same dates that you listed.

I hope you make it through and feel a little bit better about yourself. In my case, my insecurity fueled by me being overweight has made me refuse many opportunities for being happy and enjoying life. The only solution is to lose weight but it's like I have to put in three times more effort than regular people.

Also the part about avoiding old friends because of weight hurts so much to read because I'm doing the same.

Sending lots of hugs.

p.s. which fasting app are you using?

No. 115572

167cm and 65kg
goal 60kg or less
lost ~5kg since november

i still eat a lot and snack like a crazy bitch. the only thing i changed is eating salads at work most days and working out 3 times a week. my biggest setbacks are not eating meat and not being able to lift (because of my right arm)

No. 115752

File: 1559114753409.jpg (61.66 KB, 400x394, 8cded8ffa32e88fcbbfc7ef0c8f008…)


Wow, 15 days already??
Time is flying by so quickly.

An update: I got my period and I usually get reeeally bloated so I don't like weighing myself when I have it, so I waited a bit longer. (

When I was feeling less bloated enough, I weighed myself, and the scale didn't move much, but them I measured myself (cause I was feeling thinner in general so I thought I'd give it a try) and my waist went down from 89cm to 85cm! Made me super happy.

Also, when my boyfriend came later at night (we didn't see eachother since last thursday), he said that I was looking way slimmer in general, but especially my calves (which I wasn't expecting at all). He even said that it was maybe the angle but then later confirmed that they were thinner indeed. That gave me even more motivation to keep going!

Now, I forgot my starting leg measurement because I am a dumbass, but I am currently at:

W: 85
L: 67
A(rms): 37 (fml)
Weight: 88.5

Now, I work for a japanese association and through June we will be training to do dishes to sell at a big festival in July, and afterwards we will eat everything we make (the exercise dishes, I mean), starting tomorrow. So that won't be very good for my keto plan, since there are a lot of noodles and deep fried breadcrumbs envolved. But I will try my best to stay keto for the rest of the week.

As for tomorrow, I will try to fast until it's time to eat the noodles we will be making, and if I am too hungry I'll eat nuts, I guess.

Pic related, it's the noodles we'll be cooking.

No. 115762

I have started using the maintenance calories of my current weight as my "goal" for the day even if I plan to eat below that. It's must easier to visualize at the end of the end of the week when Lose it displays the weekly budget and the deficit. It's more of a psychological effect because I feel super bad when I set my goal to 1200 and I eat 1220, it just feels wrong to go overboard even by a little.
Also helpful to make us see that one single day doesn't matter that much and isn't enough to ruin a whole week of progress. Just a little tip from someone who battled an ED.

No. 115875

128 now.

No. 116025

I'm currently at 155 lbs. I've been kind of slacking with going to the gym and it's been really noticeable, especially with my mental health. Last week I went to the gym once and the anxiety kept me on edge almost all the time, had multiple panic attacks. I think that was also due to other circumstances unrelated, but I do think I would've handled things better if I did go to the gym twice instead because I went twice this week and it's like night and day. I'm still anxious, but not as bad. It's more of a nuisance now.
One thing, I'm not exercising as long as I used to a month ago. I go to a different gym now since I moved to a different city. The gym is a little smaller, but it has more weight machines so I'm going to start to work on building muscle. I guess that's a good thing? lol
My diet has been pretty well. I've been eating way healthier, lots of avocado with my sandwiches. Majority homemade meals, like it should be. I've been wanting to try all the food out in my new city, but I'm poor rn so that's helping me keep myself moderated. I haven't been making much fried food. Every morning I make myself two eggs with a piece of toast.

Basically my goal for now is just to continue eating healthy, work on building muscle, stay at the gym for 10 more minutes than usual.

No. 116053

File: 1559467229110.jpg (60.63 KB, 937x1171, Azzedine Alaia SS 1990.jpg)

Not that anon but apps:
-Fasting time
-LIFE fasting app

I like 'Fasting time' as I can change the background to inspo

No. 116091

i'm 5'9" and i weight ~200lbs. since i'm tall, i carry it well enough that i don't look completely disgusting, but i am pretty disgusted with myself. i'm gonna try to lose 20lbs by my birthday at the end of August.

this week I began eating way less, cutting out snacks for the most part, and doing some fitness blender videos. if i don't start slowly, i know i will descend into obsessive madness. sometimes it's a delicate balancing act between my physical and mental health.

i need to get some batteries for my scale also because i actually don't know my exact weight atm.

No. 116108

Most filling and satisfying foods for you guys? Need recs!

No. 116137

anything with lentils. Lentil soup or lentil dhal are really easy to make but so good

No. 116139

I feel like I only eat out of boredom. I love to cook and eat and whenever I break a fast it's pretty much because I'm bored and want something to do. How do you stop having food as a hobby? Maybe if I forced myself to eat horrid-tasting shit, I would learn to stop idolizing food.

No. 116144

Salmon, avocado, basically anything with healthy fats and/or protein will help keep you satiated rather than just 'full' by eating volume foods in my experience

No. 116157

I love dhal but have never been able to make it taste right. Any recs for recipes? I hope it's okay to ask that here even though it's not the recipe thread.

No. 116175

I need to use up two limes. What should I do with them?

No. 116183

File: 1559637960068.jpg (260.06 KB, 640x524, cuban-plantain-soup-3.jpg)

make plantain soup and use the limes to flavor. i love a good plantain soup with a shitton of lime. i try to keep the olive oil to a minimum if possible but the soup is so filling and delicious. clean and simple. if it's thick, i would add a little more water to it.


No. 116184

Plantain soup is fattening as fuck I don’t recommend it for anyone

No. 116186

File: 1559646197045.jpg (214.5 KB, 550x825, Mini-Bell-Pepper-Loaded-Turkey…)

I love making stuffed bell peppers, it's easy, delicious and low kcal.
I got the idea from this recipe but I make the stuffing more Italian by using Italian herbs and no chicken broth. Also I use veggie minced "meat"


No. 116187

Also if you just use one big bell pepper per person it's a lot faster to make too (they just don't have mini bell peppers in our stores tbh)
And I use light mozarella instead of cheese.

No. 116189

I successfully did a 30ish hour fast to try to regain my control over food and hunger. I'm not sure if I want to continue it. I lost about 3ish lbs of (probably) water weight. From 129.5 to 126.5…
Idk if water fasting is even healthy at my weight but I hate restricting so much, it makes me binge. I would like to be 120-122 for a con I'm going to attend but it's probably not possible.

No. 116204

A cup only has like 98 calories anon

No. 116232


usually i just use curry powder or some spice mix cause i dont actually have these spices so i can't vouch for that part of the recipe. To be honest I don't even know if what i make really counts as good dhal but it tastes good enough for me.

No. 116348

Quit my job at Starbucks but I gained nearly a stone while working there. I'm 5"1 and 162lbs and I'm so mad at myself for gaining. How do I get myself back to healthiness? The amount of free pastries and drinks and stress and late 9pm dinners got to me.

No. 116351


Oh and I'm 25- how many calories should I be having a day? I'd say I'm moderately active but it's mostly walking.

No. 116361

File: 1559959055348.png (67.92 KB, 751x358, Screen Shot 2019-06-08 at 10.5…)

inputted your stats into this calorie calculator. not sure how accurate it is but it's a decent starting point.

No. 116363

File: 1559960570834.jpeg (466.64 KB, 1125x1267, 80A6F22A-84D9-43C4-AA7B-54B1F2…)

>2k something calories to maintain weight
Yeah right, now do the actual settings: little to no exercise.
I don't know what your goals are, but You're not moderately active if it's only walking. Regarding diet: stay true to yourself and what you like, but tweak it so it stays realistic. You're quite heavy so you need to count calories until you get used to it and are effectively losing weight.

No. 116364

nta, but what level of activity would you say someone is at if they lift weights for 45 minutes to an hour 6 days a week? Is that moderate?

No. 116373

I knew the starbucks girl's level of activity immediately because:
If you do what you said alone and NEET for the rest of the day it is sedentary. If you have a job (one where you stand etc… so not a stay-at-home blogging job), do gardening, do any other normal daily activity that does not involve NEETing… and add the 6 days a week lifting routine, then lightly active of course.

No. 116381

This is so depressing.
I'm not Starbucks anon btw, but I am also very short and sedentary and know for a fact that I often have to hover or eat well below a maintenance of 1k calories a day in order to lose. It's a challenge and I think many people would consider it difficult.

It's why posts like >>116361 are so unintentionally frustrating.
There is no way most women can have a maintenance of 2k calories and not become obese. No way, unless they are athletes and burn half of those calories a day.
I know I start to gain at ~1.5k. But I know outsiders–and to be frank, mostly men–look at overweight women and think we're pigging out on fast food and eating over 2k to get to where we are. One time I had to shutdown one of my male friends who was bitching because he had to "limit" himself to 1.8k a day in order to lose weight at sedentary! To me that's a glut and I would become obese in no time.

I didn't want to make this a rant but it just doesn't seem fair sometimes man. Just because women are shorter doesn't mean our organs like stomachs are also small or that we don't feel the same social pressures to eat.

No. 116384

nta but you sound kind of stupid. lifting isn't light activity, but you didn't even ask her how much she is lifting? anything less than 10lbs is cardio, but you didn't ask her to specify. same with walking, there is a huge difference in activity between slowly walking 1 mile a day over the course of 20 minutes, and walking 5 miles a day. gtfo of the thread and stop acting like you know anything.

No. 116385

samefag, but you sound a little ignorant too. you need to take height into consideration. i am 175cm and was recommended no less than 1700 calories. also men lose weight much easier by eating less, it's just how the body works, women are designed by nature to store more fat.

No. 116387

You sound like you don't read and love giving a lecture.

No. 116395

Couldn't agree more. I'm 5'2 with a slow metabolism and to maintain my weight I have to eat around 1k calories. To lose weight I have to go down to around 900 and it's very slow going. When I read other people spouting on about eating such large amounts to lose weight I have to think that they don't have any experience and are basically memed into believing whatever they read online. Men especially are guilty of this; I don't know how many times a man has told me to just cut soda out of my diet to lose weight. I haven't touched a soda in years. It's discouraging to say the least.

No. 116396

Looks like short women are just sad little fatties

No. 116397

I've always wished I was short but I like eating and having to eat 1k just to maintain sounds like shit. So thanks, I guess. Also you should probably pick up some kind of cardio. Running a 5k a day or something like that will allow you to eat more.

No. 116400

Wew, reading that for once made feel glad to be tall lol
Eating below 1000 sounds like a sure way to get yourself an ED

No. 116404

Idk why short girls eat up the slow metabolism meme. So many five foot two girls out there saying they can’t lose an ounce on 900 calories a day.

No. 116405

i definitely read what you said 1800 calories for a guy isn't that much. lrn2science

No. 116406

Well if they're sedentary it can be pretty low. Sedentary TDEE for my goal weight is around 1450-1500. And it's a normal weight (53kg), not anorexic shit. The only exercise I do is walking because anything else ramps up my appetite and it's much harder to eat in moderation. I guess it just feels like a slow metabolism compared to other people but if you're very active you can maybe eat +2000kcal daily…

No. 116418

Starbucks anon again, I didn't mean to cause any controversy or argument in the thread, the reason I guessed moderately active was my job was 37 hours a week and because we were understaffed there was a lot of running up and down stairs, a lot of this with carrying huge crates of milk so lots of litres, lots of nine and ten hour shifts, but if my activity level is still only lightly active then I've miscalculated.

I want to get back to gym but I agree I'm ashamed that I became heavy so I don't know which of those calorie intakes posted is better, how many calories should I be eating a day to steadily lose the gained weight?

I just want to be back to when I was under 10st and in shape!

No. 116420

you didn't cause controversy all these wannabe personal trainers who are armchairing over something that is a guess anyway did.

No. 116430

1800 calories is a lot of food you muppet.

No. 116433

No. 116440

>two separate desserts
>carbs, carbs, carbs like pasta, toast, and tortillas
A lot of meals in addition to them being very calorie dense.
I'd love to blow your mind about how if you cut out the needless desserts and carbs, you could have even more food in protein and veggies for the same calorie amount.
Lord sakes anon, even read the comments on your article.

No. 116459

most of the comments are misogynistic bs, what's your point? anyway this has gone on long enough. most people over 5'5 eat a lot, just get over it.

No. 116470

>If you do what you said alone and NEET for the rest of the day it is sedentary.

…you're saying that if someone goes to the gym 6 days a week, for an hour at a time, totalling up at 6 hours of gym time a week, they're sedentary? then what the hell is an active person doing?

No. 116472

No, the comments are criticizing the macros of that food and are also saying that this meal scenario isn't good.
The point is that if you weren't loading up on carby, calorie dense foods and desserts with sugar you could make the meals bigger because they'd be more healthy and less calorie dense in larger portions.

You can't give a shitty meal plan like this and say checkmate. It doesn't prove you get too little food on 1.8k calories, it proves you're not good at feeding yourself.

No. 116554

i've gained over 5 lbs recently but have been eating way less than usual. wtf is going on

yesterday i ate 1040 calories and woke up .8 lbs heavier today

>inb4 "you must be eating more calories than you think"

i stg i'm not

No. 116571

Maybe try a small fast, anon? Like 24 hrs or so? It might be water weight, especially if you've been eating a ton of carbs. I eat high carb and can drop like 3-5 lbs of water weight in a day.

No. 116580

Could be water weight. How much water are you drinking? You can actually combat it by increasing water intake.

No. 116595

eating around that amount can cause a fuckton of constipation that can last months. i suggest u take measurements or eat more. the 5lbs is probably water weight

No. 116596

Starting weight: 180ish pounds (didn’t have a scale, this is a rough estimate)
Current weight: 177
Goal: 140
Height: 5’5

Started intermittent fasting in May (16:8) with no added sugar, healthy meal choices (except for one binge day on my bday) and exercising anywhere between 2-4 times a week. I cannot believe I have only a 3 pound difference. The last 2 weeks I have fluctuated between 176-178lbs. I do yoga, cardio and ab exercises. My boyfriend is shedding pounds and is already looking great, but I feel stuck and discouraged because I’m not seeing a weight difference. The bf is trying to convince me it’s muscle gain that is keeping my weight steady, but I really can’t say for sure.

I can see my arms are a bit thinner, and my belly fat isn’t that soft anymore, but other than that I do not see a change. It’s super frustrating because looking at my bf and other people’s results after a month of IF, I’m starting to feel super discouraged. Anons, what am I doing wrong? Anything else I should be adjusting?

No. 116602

Not eating enough can cause constipation? Really?

No. 116616

yeah, slowed down gut motility and harder poops and ur muscles stop being used to pushing out poop. i had the issue for about a year or two and i'm finally getting past it now

No. 116619

I’m short though, how much should I be eating? Even with weekly exercise I keep being told I’m sedentary and shouldn’t eat over 1200

No. 116623

No. 116635

File: 1560344831924.jpg (110.38 KB, 500x551, tumblr_lm59mxj4121qd45ayo1_500…)

Try eating some low-calorie vegetables for volume and nutrients. Also, stay hydrated.

No. 116643

Wtf, mine is 1,673???? This can't be accurate.

No. 116646

as much as you can use those calculators, there are so many other factors that make your tdee higher and lower on some days than others. honestly i would go against calorie counting and avoid refined carbs (sugars included) as much as possible and maybe treat urself once every week or two, sometimes more frequently with special events. exercise is important too. it's sustainable and it's how i got to my gw as a short person. i tried 1200isplenty and i went nuts and binged once a week

No. 116647

Summer is a shitty season to me. I tend to swell a whole lot just being outside, I gain one to two sizes more my standard size. How can I change that?
I drink a lot (more than 2l at day or more) and eat veggies (but little fruit, I don't like it much) and regularly go out and walk. How can I change that? It may be some error in my diet? Am I drinking too much water? Too little?
Tell me your secrets not to swell like a fucking puffer fish I'm desperate

No. 116661

Don't dismiss calorie counting just because it's not perfect.

No. 116663

wtf, I’m 5’2 and with Light exercise my calories are 1700? That’s so wrong, I’d be a whale if I ate that much

No. 116666

i just think spending the rest of ones life counting calories and trying to stay under can be quite stressful when it's not even accurate enough anyway

No. 116667

Calorie counting really isn't as hard as you make it sound. Once you've done it for a while you get good at making rough approximations in your head.

No. 116669

Yeah those always tell us to eat way more than we actually can. It's getting to the point that I'm beginning to think it's some scrot posting this and going on about the tdeecalculator because only someone who can naturally eat more would think it's an acceptable amount of calories.

No. 116670

Pro tip: never choose the exercise levels on these things. Put in the sedentary option, and then add on specific exercise-per-minute calories afterward.

No. 116674

I've been counting for 6 months and it takes less than 5 minutes of my day. Not really big of a deal to me. It allows me to drink and eat shit on occasion without weight gain consequences, sounds good to me.

No. 116679

is there a reliable way to track calories burned? are treadmills/bikes and fitbits accurate?

No. 116683

i guess it's not for everyone. normally it's teeny portions of things that i actually do want, and i suppose i am quite jaded, as i've spent the past few years of my life counting them

No. 116684

I think the anons pointing out that tall people and men can usually eat as much as these things say. I'm 170cm tall and I eat a lot more calories than someone who is say 160cm. Caloric intake is based on averages, so it makes sense. I'd rather see a nutritionist to get my full body makeup before I start listening to shitty online calculators either way.

No. 116711

Fitbits generally track calorie burn with a 20% margin of error from studies I've seen. I have a charge 2 and it's generally pretty accurate in terms of using the measurement for weight loss/maintenance cals. Much more accurate than the calories you get from treadmill counters, etc as fitbits track your avg heart rate all the time.

No. 116943

still no scale but it's on it's way now so next update i'll have an actual weight. but I've been doing really good these past 2 weeks, only one or two days where I felt like I fucked up a little, but in reality i never even went over my calorie/carb limit, I'm just extremely strict with myself.

There were a few days when I couldn't exercise as much as I wanted, but I was tripping on acid so i gave myself a pass, lmao.

Even without a scale I know I've lost because my bras fit so much better already, backfat wise. I'm just so excited to see what I weigh, I never go this long without a weigh in when i'm dieting.

No. 117410

i hate to double post but it's been six days…

anyway i got my scale and i weighed in at 193! so i've lost at least seven pounds since I started, maybe more! super happy. also i calculated my waist to hip ratio and it's 0.73 which is really good. my hips are twelve inches wider than my waist. so i'm feeling myself a bit right now, not gonna lie.

hope all you other anons out there are feeling good about yourself too!

No. 117673

File: 1561672070530.png (353.82 KB, 450x500, 1561442625758.png)

Updating this!
I am now 60.4kg measured this morning! Super happy with my progress so far. It's not much but I'm just glad I didn't gain. Hope others are doing well too.

No. 117678

goal: 110 lb

current:118 lb, 5'4"

I need to run more and eat less. But I'm back home and I want to eat a lot.

No. 117679

CW: 53kg
GW: 49kg
H: 160cm

Going to limit my snacking and only eat when I'm hungry. Especially need to stop mindless snacking at work (they give free snacks there ugh). And exercise at least 3 to 4 times a week. Work more on gaining muscle instead of just doing cardio.

No. 117692

CW: 116 lbs at 5'3, B/W/H are 32/25/35
GW: 105 lbs, 23 inch waist. i've been there before so it's achievable at least

i've been eating more now that i feel mentally healthy, but i'm going to go back to not eating before noon or after 9 PM. stop snacking and get back to exercising lightly. i guess i'll check in on fridays?

No. 117844

Same girl! I’m at 60,2kg now, being 5’9”. It’s going extremely slow but I’m so close to being in the 50s… my body fat is all jiggly and soft again and I just pray that this is all the fat cells deflating. I just want to have skinny legs for once. 5 more kilos to go!

No. 117879

File: 1561921120723.png (Spoiler Image, 308.95 KB, 770x230, test.png)

This is what losing 60 lbs looks like.

No. 117899

I've actually lost 60 lbs. i have shit skin so the rapid weight loss made my skin very crepe-y and loose. i'm trying to bulk up with weight training so the skin stretches over some muscle besides my skinny fatness.

please try to lose weight slow and steady or else you'll end up with skin problems like crepe-y skin, stretch marks, and loose skin (only if weight loss exceeds 100 lbs). but this also, like everything, depends on genes. if you have nice skin genes im sure you'll run into this problem that i got.

No. 117902

Oof anon, I'm sorry that happened to you. Maybe it will tighten up again after some time?
How long did it take you to lose the weight? And did you do anything to try and prevent saggy skin?
I heard dry brushing is supposedly very good? Has anybody successfully lost weight and kept their skin tightness?

No. 117908

i can't really remember how long it took me to lose it but it was less than 4 months once i set my mind on weight loss goals. i limited my calories to 1200 a day and ran 5x a week for 30-60 mins. before that, i yo-yo dieted and binged so i also think that was a factor in my saggy skin as my weight was fluctuating like crazy. my skin problems are only noticeable on my arms and legs which makes me self conscious af. i just hope that it doesn't get worse because im planning to lose 20 more lbs.

unfortunately i wasn't aware i had saggy skin until i lost the weight and it was too late to prevent it. major regrets on this as i thought my youthful skin would bounce back easily. do NOT rely on this fallacy like i did especially if you're planning to lose more than 30 lbs. i really suggest hydrating very well as skin elasticity improves with water consumption. i heard rubbing oil that prevents these problems like dr. palmer's coconut oil works.

does anyone else has any ideas on preventing skin sagging?

No. 117915

I think deep dermarolling might help, if done regularly under the supervision of someone trained in it.

No. 117921

I don’t know if this fits here but I need to post somewhere anon so here goes.

Tomorrow will be day one of me trying to take control of my shit and leave ED in the dust. I’m 5’10” ish and have always been very lanky and gangly. I currently weigh 140-145 lbs depending on the day. I either eat super healthy (generally vegan but mix in eggs and fish sometimes) as much as I like, crazy restrict, or I’m bingeing and purging. It goes in a cycle. Binge purge, restrict, get back on track, “I deserve a cheat day!” , turns into a cheat week - repeat.

I’m sick of this shit. My guts are a mess, I rely on cleanse more pills to shit half the time. I used to exercise a lot and be very active, and looked great maintaining a healthy weight while eating really well. Now I’m a lazy depressed asshole and hate what I see in the mirror when I haven’t been starving myself for a week.

I want to be healthy AND get the body I want. That is to say, a healthy strong body.

My goals; maintain a mostly vegan diet without calorie restriction focus. Break my sugar addiction. Exercise minimum 3x a week (run, dance, yoga, whatever), but be active every day - aka don’t lay on the couch for most of the day. This includes being mentally and physically active. Get my weight down to a strong and lean 135. Most of all - NO MORE BINGE AND PURGE CYCLES.

I can’t talk to anyone in my real life about this. Sorry for the insane blog post. I just am so sick of this.

No. 117924

You can do this, I believe in you!

No. 117934

File: 1561977735516.png (Spoiler Image, 671.19 KB, 671x537, test2.png)

Started at 207 lbs seven months ago, current weight about 147 lbs.
No loose skin or marks left.

No. 117954

this looks like a fetish picture tho… is it not the opposite way?

No. 118003

Has anybody here tried those body fat percentage machines most gyms have? I tried one today and my result was 15.6% body fat. That seems ludicrously low considering I do NOT have the muscle definition of the example bodies in that range, so I'm thinking they aren't very accurate. Any similar findings? Or is my perception of my body that warped?

No. 118013

>current weight about 147 lbs
Are you short..?
Great work though! You're lucky to not have marks or loose skin, I had a similar starting weight and have both on my arms and thighs despite lifting. rip.

No. 118069

They aren't great tbh, but I have found them to be quite useful in tracking over an extended period of time. Definitely not 100% accurate but during a time where I needed to bulk up a bit, the scale aspect of it helped a great deal. Best off ignoring that and just measuring yourself with a tape measure and using the scale every so often. Your eyes are your best judge.

No. 118511

Not sure where my question should go but I guess it’s part of healthy diets accountability.

Has anyone ever tried food recipe delivery services like Hello Fresh before? Is it worth it for money and controlling what you eat throughout the day? I’m considering getting it because I’ll be busy at university soon and don’t have enough money for a full meal plan.

No. 118528

I'm 173 at 5'4, This summer has been a nightmare of losing and gaining weight. I been going to the gym 4x a week. My goal is to get to 150 by october.

No. 118549


I am at the same height and have the same weight goal. We can do it! I’m unfortunately 68kg at the moment, but I have build up some muscle from weight training and stair climbing. Diet is all homemade food, mostly vegetarian. I have a problem with portion control.

No. 118559

I'm going to try to go binge-free for the rest of the month. I think that if I do that before I start any changes in diet and exercise, I'll have an easier time. Right now I self-sabotage too much. For accountability, I'll reply to this after a binge because it'll be embarrassing to publicize it. Let's gooooo.

No. 118581


Anon this is incredible! Congratulations! If you don't mind me asking what did you do/eat/etc? I'm 70kg trying to get down to about 50kg.

No. 118582


Wanna make it quads? 5"2, 70kg, gw of 55kg, at 1200 cal a day as well! I'm determined to stick to it this time. I was doing really well the year before until my dad passed away, then I fell off track and put on a stone from carelessness. I'm still not AS heavy as I was in 2016 time but 2017 and early 2018 I was actually getting into shape. I want to be that motivated again and pick up the pace.

No. 118586

SW: 66,7kg CW: 61,3kg GW: 52~55kg and I'm 157cm tall
Started at the end of February. I'm proud of myself because I had anorexia for about 8 years and after recovery/therapy I thought I'd never be able to lose weight again, I ended up gaining a lot due to drinking cocktails and shit. Instead of trying to be as restrictive as possible I've been working in building a healthy relationship with food those past years (and implementing what I learned on recovery) so now I naturally eat around 1200s/day, I walk a lot and the weight is just coming off steadily, no binges, no cravings etc because I incorporate all the foods I like in my day. I'm so happy, anons. It's possible to have a life after ED

No. 118773

File: 1562755442585.jpeg (104.65 KB, 720x1280, 072EDE7F-FF5B-4449-9544-3822DE…)

Op here. Went on vacation last weekend, boyfriend proposed to me, had lots of food and fun, had drinks, felt a little guilty, stepped on the scale today: 59,8kg. Thank god! I’m in the fucking 50s for the first time since I was a teenager and I couldn’t be happier. Now it’s time to pick up a workout routine again after being injured for a long time, so I’m gonna start going to some yoga classes this week. I don’t want to end up even more skinny fat!

No. 118776

File: 1562760383805.png (Spoiler Image, 283.75 KB, 684x280, test.png)

After eating way too much and having a crap diet for years, it was time to change.
With a lot of effort and patience you can do that as well.
70 lbs lost in a year, down to 112 lbs and feeling healthy.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 118793

if it's not tmi do you have much loose skin? this is around the amount I want to lose so I just wanna know if this pace is good

No. 118815

you look great and that the weight I want to slim down to. I have 50lb left

No. 118818

anons these are obvious gaining fetish pictures but reversed. no one fucking holds their stomach like that in progress pics.

No. 118819

wow rip to me.

No. 118821

Are you really short….? I'm 5'2 and 52kg and look way thinner than that. There is no way you're 112 lbs. I'm having my suspicions that the anon in >118818 is right.

No. 118826

I thought it was strange too, it screams feedee fetish picture.

No. 118827

considering there are two of them in a row, it's pretty obvious. I feel bad for the anons that replied asking for advice.

No. 118854

I started using zero for long fasting periods (no longer than 20 hours). I’ve also removed all sweet foodstuff from my diet (like cookies or ice cream) but if I crave sweets, I have begun reaching for fresh fruit instead (like apples). I’m hoping to lose 20+lbs. also, I’ve been incorporating more vegetables and less meat or starches in my diet. Once things settle down at home (I’ve been crazy busy with general drama of a car accident and purchasing a new vehicle) I’m going to start going back to the gym

No. 118885

AH WHY AM I BLOATED!? How do I fix it? It's all the time, in the morning too. And yes, it is bloat and not just fat. Since I'm slim with a tiny chest, it feels so noticeable and throws off my entire figure. It's the area from my bellybutton down. Nothing seems to help - I drink a load of water daily, I drink ginger tea, I have a plant-based diet. Is it the amount of fibre I'm eating? Is there some fruit or veg that commonly causes bloating? If I focus on training my abdominals, would that somehow help keep my bloat down? God damn it makes me feel so unattractive!

No. 118887

File: 1562874983001.png (692.63 KB, 602x582, umbrella dissociation.PNG)

Height: 5'0"
Current: 138 lb (thanks, depression)
Goal: 105 lb (my pre-college weight. Funny how I still thought I was incredibly fat at the time)

I'm going through therapy. I'm doing intermittent fasting, tracking what I eat daily, going to the gym at least 3-4 times a week, and cutting way down on my alcohol intake.
I could be doing more, but I hope I can at least prove to myself that I can take these baby steps to a healthier life. It'll be sad to see my boobs shrink lol but I mostly just want to have a flatter tummy and slimmer face…
good luck to everyone else in the thread!

No. 118895

I get my period every 18 days, no wonder I feel all over the place.

No. 118928

maybe try eating more small meals or fewer larger meals. I found the latter helped me, seems like it varies person to person.

No. 118947

I want to stop binge-eating and drinking, not with weight loss in mind but with mental health in mind. It makes me feel like shit when my diet spirals out of control. I feel like a pig.
This post is for my own accountability. See you all in a week.

No. 118994

You need to incorporate some sort of strength training into your daily routine

No. 118995

Except it's a real weight loss and progress picture, check the tattoos

No. 119002

I don't think the anons doubt it's the same person in both photos, they just think the 'before' picture is actually the 'after' photo.

No. 119025

File: 1563023509988.png (Spoiler Image, 225.88 KB, 570x238, before after 60 lbs.png)

Nope, they're real before and after pictures documenting one year of weight loss progress. Don't mind if a hand gets near the tummy or hips.

Balanced diet with lots of vegetables and fruit, cutting out most carbs, and avoiding unnecessary snacks and sweets and soda drinks will help a lot. Adding regular exercise (jogging/gym/weights) helps with burning more calories.

Slow process as usual, but the results are there to be seen.

No. 119129

File: 1563127004073.jpg (119.28 KB, 1200x982, DX_hFOqVQAETHwn.jpg)


It's me again anons, I went to visit my mother so we ate a little badly, it's Monday tomorrow so I'm going to resume. I've dug out my DDR mat and I've taken it back to my flat so until I can afford gym again, this is my cardio.

No. 119152

full of shit its a camwhore , i forget her screen name but she was big on tumblr and is on twitter - please stop lying anon shes a gainer feeder

No. 119154

Imagine trying to pass off reversed feeder pics as weight loss progress on an anonymous board. kek.

No. 119157

File: 1563139614165.gif (497.46 KB, 145x147, giphy.gif)

Anon where do you think you are.

No. 119166

File: 1563142966403.jpg (95.56 KB, 640x853, reiina.jpg)

Screen name is Reiinapop. You're right to an extent, in the sense that she was getting fat because she was clearly eating too much every day. But then she really lost all of that weight. I think the transformation from fatty (goth) to skinny (bimbo) could be an inspiration for the thread.

On a site with a thread documenting diet and weight loss progress?

No. 119188

true, she gains and looses insane amounts often i know she did it twice in tumblr age - fair enough

No. 119206

anyone have tips for quitting sugar addiction? I drink soda and energy drinks pretty much every day and I know it's making me fat and I want to stop, but every time I try to stop I just crave it really bad and it's all I can think about.

someone recommended keto to me once and said it stopped their cravings, but I can't do keto because my body has a hard time digesting fat.

No. 119228

File: 1563188022793.png (945.95 KB, 949x627, fat.png)

Being so salty doesn't do any good, in fact you should reduce salt in your diet to minimal amounts to avoid water retention.

Get rid of the soda drinks and replace them with sparkling water, you might think you want the sugar, but most likely you're craving the bubbles.

No. 119229

File: 1563188898947.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 176.77 KB, 1118x1677, A35FFCE3-0615-467D-B7EC-CE2D41…)

Currently at the highest weight I‘ve ever been because I moved out from home, stress and I got an IUD.

172cm tall / about 66 - 68kg heavy (don’t own a scale) and wanna get down to AT LEAST 55kg, but I would prefer 50kg

I will start trying to cook with less oil and maybe even try to reduce carbs. My biggest problem is sweets though, so I’m trying to just not eat sugar starting tomorrow morning.
I don’t drink Soda, only water, green tea und hot chocolate so I'm just gonna scratch the hot chocolate.
When it comes to exercise, I really don’t know what to do yet. I was eyeing with the Alexis Ren workouts on YouTube but I’m not sure those are effective…

Pic is basically my goal

No. 119234

File: 1563190167706.jpg (54.6 KB, 700x698, fit.jpg)

If you can, get into strength training and lifting weights. You can go down to 55 kg but if you get 2 kg of muscle mass in the process it will make a bigger difference. And maintaining muscle is expensive for the body so it helps in burning off more calories.

No. 119250

yep sparkling water is the way to go
there are a lot of tasty la croix and bubly flavors now that will get you through your soda fixation
i'm a huge soda addict myself, but have also done keto

No. 119251

Same what those anons said about Lacroix but if you really need to transition more softly, try diet soda. Just make sure it's temporary and doesn't become your new vice. I used to drink diet soda daily until I stopped craving sugar and kicked soda all-together.

No. 119260

I’m too poor to sign up for a gym membership sadly. I would love to actually start lifting but until I find a job that’s not happening

No. 119264

File: 1563214999529.jpg (299.25 KB, 508x508, fallon.jpg)

If you need it you can lift weights at home, you can have some used dumbbells with a few plates and they work just fine.

No. 119266

Hey anons, any tips to lose breast fat?

No. 119289

You can't spot-reduce fat, you can only reduce the overall amount of fat in your body by burning calories.

No. 119369

going back on keto this week, please pray 4 me

No. 119374

File: 1563310785103.png (Spoiler Image, 1.07 MB, 1022x502, progress.png)

Hope you achieve your goals anon

No. 119481

File: 1563404797388.jpg (29.54 KB, 700x385, KaguWar_05_1-700x385.jpg)

Anons I'm so lost right now. Thought I was 155lbs but my mother's scale is brutally honest and digital and I'm nearer 160. I want to get down to 125lbs or so, o really lost track after losing a parent and I'm so frustrated. The last straw is my manager pointing out my weight, I can't take it anymore. Please throw at me all your advice for not only getting back on track but sticking to it because the year before I was doing so well before the trauma and I don't want to be heavy anymore.

I feel so pathetic. I'm 25.

No. 119483

You're not pathetic anon. It's normal to inadvertently put on some pounds entering adulthood since you suddenly have to adjust to a non-teen metabolism. Anyway I recommend getting Chronometer, focus on eating healthy and doing mild exercise. Don't try to go crazy and beat yourself up or suffer since that leads to binging/giving up, just try to apply reasonable healthy habits that you enjoy and can stick to.

No. 119484

No. 119486

I think you should start simple. Start by cutting out 1 unhealthy food (soda would be a good one to cut) and replacing it with more nutritious stuff. If you dont exercise, start off with 1-2 times per week. Do not get too stressed about losing weight. It's all about small changes that eventually become long term habits.

No. 119516

IF is really helpful to reset your eating habits. I did it for 2 months straight, lost half of the weight I lost this year and have been eating healthy, small meals with a few cheat days ever since. I went from BMI 22.5 to 19.5! It really allows you to understand what hunger and appetite means and prevents you from snacking. It’s a great tool and still do lazy IF most days. Good luck!

No. 119543

nta but what exactly did you do? i'm dabbling in IF right now and i'm not sure what the most effective amount of time to wait between eating/not eating.

No. 119550

Nta but I’m also interested in IF. It’s going to be hard though because I work 9-5 and those seem to be the standard hours to eat (9-4). I also exercise at 8 pm and all the blogs say you should have your largest meal after exercising

No. 119553

You can honestly do whatever you want to. I like eating breakfast and I’m not a big late night snacker, so I had my breakfast around 10 and dinner at 3. That’s it. I always had tons of tea, water and coke light while fasting. Other people prefer to eat late (and I do that as well sometimes) so you can simply skip breakfast. Sometimes I also do OMAD (one meal a day) combined with a little snack. In the beginning I didn’t really change my diet, but after two weeks it happened naturally. Knowing I only had two meals a day made me choose wisely - what’s filling, tasty and nutritious? That changed everything. I still eat crap some days but I go back to my routine the next day. I still want to lose a few pounds but I also accepted that it’s gonna take time because my weight is already on the lower side and I’m not super strict.

No. 119555

oh wow. so i would actually kind of be on the opposite schedule of you. i'm a late eater and even when not dieting i usually don't have an appetite for my first meal until at least noon.
i'm trying to stick to a small first meal at 2p and then a large dinner around 8p and try not to snack. i'm doing keto too (which i've done before and had great results, but it's exhausting) but i'm hoping to reintroduce some grains after a while and keep the IF going because keto is seriously not sustainable for the average person imo.

No. 119569

Any diet advice for someone who has the palate of a child? I've been a picky eater all my life.
I'm really ashamed of it, but I can never make myself eat vegetables or fish. I can never finish a side dish of them. It's almost borderline autistic how I can't eat them. I like fruits, but it's probably because of their sugar content.
Fast food has been a real problem for me, because I'm doing a lot in college and don't really have the time to make healthy meals like most people I know.

No. 119572

what is it about those particular foods that makes you picky? texture? flavor?
my boyfriend thought he was super picky and hated all vegetables until i started cooking for him and he realized he'd only ever had bland, unseasoned, cafeteria versions of everything.
some salt, butter and roasting in the oven can bring out a lot of flavor and texture you might not have been familiar with before.

No. 119577

I second roasting things. even stuff like broccoli, cauli and zucchini are so much better roasted. a really easy meal is just a huge tray of roast veg all mixed together along with some garlic cloves and chunks of onion

No. 119711

File: 1563641956615.gif (1.08 MB, 250x350, tumblr_pla7g897Bt1xlkja9o2_250…)


That sounds delicious anon, I'm gonna try that!


thank you for the support and advice everyone! I'll use Chika as my pictures from now on so my posts are easy to identify!

Have started to wean back this week, drinking a lot more water and doing alternatives. It's Saturday and I want something takeaway-like so I'm breadcrumbing some raw chicken breast with some egg I need to use up, adding vegetables and some chilli and garlic sauce. I'm also having flavored water as a treat but not relying on it /too/ much!

There are lots of healthy alternatives, I just want to grab my depression by the horns because I'm an emotional eater and fell off the healthy bicycle I had going on very hard.

No. 119712


samefag, I was meant to tag you too, to thank you- sorry anon!

No. 119756

File: 1563689919237.png (148.68 KB, 672x844, 1560997960037.png)

Updating again! I've been working out quite hard and sticking really close to my diet plan.
Woohoo! Made it to a solid 58kg. I'm 3kg away from my first goal and it is super exciting! Wish you all the best as well and reminder to think about how good it'll feel in a couple of months if you keep to it!
Join the train! You can definitely do it.
Oh gosh that's amazing! I'm so glad things are going wonderful for you (congrats on the engagement too!!!) Have you thought about bringing your fiance to the yoga class with you?
Do you enjoy pickles? I usually substitute pickles for salty things like fries and chips. It works the best! Cod, flounder, and halibut are amazing when cooked right and are known to be the less "fishy" tasting stuff. I believe that anything can taste yummy if you get the right spices and meats.

No. 119758

The only thing that works for me is cold turkey quitting artificial sweeteners & anything else that is high in sugar and low in nutritional value. I substitute with naturally sweet foods - maybe ones that I wouldn't necessarily eat quite so often on a regular basis, like apples or sweet potatoes - and i'm always surprised at how quickly the cravings go away! Usually just a few days. It's easier to grit your teeth through the cravings when I know just how short-lived they will be. You really come to appreciate the natural sweetness of whole foods when your taste buds & dopamine receptors aren't blown out by high quantities of concentrated glucose. (I'm still bitter about that peanut mochi that kick-started a YEAR long sugar addiction, my god)

No. 119776

Please, PLEASE can someone tell me a way to stop people commenting on my body when I lose weight? I'm literally healthy weight, getting fitter and working out, but people keep acting concerned or pushing junk food onto me. It's really annoying.

No. 119790

it won't ever stop unless you just wear baggy clothing. if you're anything like me you can even notice weight gain/loss in the face so there's really nothing you can do about that. just let them know that it makes you uncomfortable and is inconsiderate. are they offering salads to fat people? doubtful.

No. 119883

hiya, this is my first time posting in any of these threads.
-i'm 18, 5'1 and ~51kg. ideally i want to get to 47kg but as long as i get to sub-50 soon i'll be somewhat happy.
-i can't go to the gym or do any form of weight training just yet which sucks but i really enjoy cardio and do a lot of endurance running. i suck at counting calories and i really want to become better about that, but i dont cook a lot of my own meals so it's difficult.
-i do 16:8 intermittent fasting and want to introduce some 24 or 36 hour fasts as well.

No. 119892

wanted to post some of my measurements, too, and maybe try sculpting mah bohdee~ again for the first time after a long time.
I'm 5'2" / 162 cm tall, weighing around 61,4 kg / 135 lbs, my default weight for years which isn't too bad. Probably less already but I still don't have a small enough screw-driver to change my scales' batteries and check regularly.
Don't really have a plan yet other than to continue back exercise and maybe do more yoga, cut down on excessive sugar, walk more and eat slightly smaller portions and more veg. Swap some meals for protein shakes while I have them and want to try them. Buy a tiny screw-driver.
Getting and staying below 60 kg would be cool for starters. I want my face to be slimmer and my figure to be slimmer and tighter. I have a nice butt and want it to shine.
Will report back some time. Good luck, ladies

No. 120237

The weeks after I posted this I went off the deep end and just drank more. Like 6 shots of vodka a night…didn't really eat much though. Yesterday was my first day actually sober in months. Today will be my second. Cheers.

No. 120249

File: 1564264272634.jpg (86.47 KB, 1280x720, chi.jpg)

weather: too hot
skin: clear!
diet: getting there
motivation to fit into my summer clothes: very high

Reporting in for the week, I weighed myself and I'm 154lbs! makes me wonder if my mum's scales were broken, because two weeks ago they said like 160ish but I was on my peroid so that might be why.

I've given up squash and only let myself have flavored water as a treat and I'm getting into icing teas. I want to focus on meal prep next!

a sidenote: I've started to grow my nails and take vitamins to help! a small achievement because I used to bite them so much they bled.

No. 120346

Hey anon, you can do this. Please stay strong and get help if you need to. You’re not alone!

No. 120347

File: 1564378141712.jpeg (44.21 KB, 500x389, E5BF4261-D531-4724-9A30-C7643E…)

Op here. Haven’t really been focusing on my diet and I’m stuck at 60,5kg again. I feel very uncomfortable in my body right now and yesterday my stomach felt so sick after having a vegan burger. I can physically feel my body telling me to stop eating bullshit. I’m glad that I haven’t been gaining a lot, maintenance is quite easy, but I only have about a month left until my fiancé and I go to New York for the first time and and I want to feel and look as good as I can. 4-5 Kilos should be a realistic goal, so I’ll stick to fasting, walking and yoga again. My diet in general is pretty healthy, I just need to quit sweets. My legs desperately need some shape lol

No. 120371

Thank you, anon! It's my 4th day completely sober today and I'm feeling really good. The alcohol used to be a cope but it wasn't really helping anymore. I picked up a few hobbies like drawing and started experimenting with tea instead.

No. 120376

Three months sober anon here, hang in there! Still kinda bites, but every day I don't drink is a day where I get better at not drinking. Adagio is good if you want decent cheap tea, try the earl grey blends if you like black and the orange if you like herbal.

No. 120424

I'm down to 168. the last two week has been very lazy. One meal a day, been bloated. My mood been all over the place too. I do want to lose 5 more pounds before I go back to work.

No. 120822

File: 1564896232485.jpg (94.13 KB, 850x1020, nane.jpg)

Update! It's been 2 weeks and I haven't binged. I almost binged tonight but as I was shoving the spoon of nutella in my mouth I spat it out before I could swallow it. I haven't weighed myself but I look noticeably thinner! Going to do a weigh in next week. Hope other 5'9 frens are doing well

No. 120839

I lost a lot of weight while travelling (mainly because I was too lazy to cook and didn't like what was available)
Now that I'm back home I'm afraid that it will catch up with me and I'll jojo.
How can I avoid that?

No. 120853

File: 1564924014574.jpg (67.62 KB, 448x673, bella falconi.jpg)

Sign up to a gym and lift weights
You want a car with a strong engine which burns gas, not a lot of junk in the trunk which slows the car down

No. 120906

A little concerning you spat it out. One spoon will be fine. Good luck!

No. 121014

I broke my plateau!

After what feels like weeks of staying under 1000 kcal/day (I’m 5’3”) with little change in the scale I did a 36 hr fast and higher calorie refeed (~1500) and the numbers dropped.

Now I’m down to 116lb! Only 6-10lb to go. Good luck ladies!

No. 121019

NTA but something about the swallowing would make it more likely for me to continue and go completely overboard. When I’m not stressed or don’t feel like I’m on the verge of a binge, I can easily eat a spoonful of anything and leave it at that. But when I’m putting something in my mouth when I’m mentally in a place where I’m about to binge… I don’t know, the swallowing kind of feels like crossing a threshold in that case.

No. 121042

What's best way to strength train if I can't go to a gym?
Can I see gains with 25 lb dumbbells? Do I need to just buy a home barbell set? They are so expensive. I'm retarded, please help.

No. 121044

File: 1565122261465.jpg (126.66 KB, 856x856, anllela sagra.jpg)

- home dumbbell or barbell set
- a good pair of running shoes

You can see gains as long as you train properly with the right exercises
Lowering your body fat percentage will help with definition

No. 121047

Sounds like a dangerous all or nothing mindset where you take one bite and feel like you might as well continue caused you fucked up.

No. 121049

Just binge ate around 2300 calories. I feel like fucking shit. How do I feel better? Oh god.

No. 121050

File: 1565129322390.png (47.26 KB, 163x147, le ebin archer meme.png)

Do you want to be a fat fuck? 'cause eating around 2300 calories in one sitting is one way to become a fat fuck

Better start walking briskly tomorrow dearie

No. 121054

wait what does a 2300 calorie meal even look like?

No. 121058

It's okay, anon. A bit late reply, but I suggest doing something that calms you down, perhaps take a warm shower with some nice smelling soap or similar that will make you feel a bit more comfortable in your body. Sip water. Have some green tea or similar.

We all fuck up. No one's perfect and just because you binged doesn't mean you've lost some imaginary battle in your mind. It's just a setback, and you can bounce back from it.

No. 121059

Yeah, I mean, binge eating is unhealthy, kek. It’s not so much that I consciously give in. It’s like I’m snapping out of my mind and suddenly have no control over my actions anymore.

(I’m in therapy though and as I said, NTA. Was just saying what it’d be like for me.)

No. 121069

There's no time limit, even if this sets you back you'll be back on your feet tomorrow.

No. 121074

actually binge eating isn't that unhealthy. you can't really eat too much more than normal it turns out.

No. 121075

Is this bait?

No. 121150

File: 1565270948334.png (301.63 KB, 517x423, kims commitment.png)

More inspiration

No. 121156

no it's science.

>"Every once in a while, a massive meal won't really do any perceptible damage to your health," says Langer. That's because your body is really great at maintaining order. When you overload your system with a rush of calories, sugar, and fat, hormones fluctuate, energy levels change, sugar is stored in fat cells, and you've probably added some stress and inflammation to the mix. The good news? After a day or so, you'll probably feel back to normal.

No. 121163

Dude binge eaters don't just overdo it once in a while and go back to eating normally. Don't be retarded.
Binging every day is a really bad thing.

No. 121176

But anon literally was saying that's how she is.

No. 121179

>pants hiked up to the waist to hide the leftover panniculus
I wish more women had the gall.

No. 121342

File: 1565560093379.jpg (43.74 KB, 600x522, 1445668020782.jpg)

Starting over again at 123lbs. Managed to drop from 128 to 110 a few months ago, but a bunch of life stuff happened and my routine got majorly disrupted.

>1000kcal, no processed sugar + 2 litres of water daily

>gym 5x weekly, mostly cardio
>walk during lunch break

I'm 5'1" and my goal weight is initially 106 but I'll go lower if I'm not satisfied.

No. 121363

Started lifting and totally overwhelmed by form stuff I didn’t even know could happen. Like, body bending sideways a little when I squat, trouble holding arms straight when I bench press, etc. lol

A quick question - if I lift 3x a week is it a good idea to do bodyweight stuff like planks / sit-ups on rest days? I already do those in the gym, was thinking about doing it at home too.

No. 121364

i don't think you're supposed to do core workouts every single day, so if you're doing them in the gym already then you're probably good to just completely rest on your days off. or just pick one rest day in the middle to do them.
when i was lifting i liked to do just stretching and meditation on my rest days.

No. 121366

What are some good meals for cutting? I'm starting out and i'm looking up for some meals online and most of them require some sort of expensive ingredient that isn't available in my country :^(

I'm really considering just eating oats at this point

No. 121368

not sure what country you're in but it's usually just stuff like chicken, fish, broccoli, spinach, eggs, cauliflower

No. 121377

I’ve been doing IF (16:8) since May, cut out added sugars, and stopped eating out for lunch. Just hit the 20 pound lost mark and I’m so proud, I’ve never stuck to a strict diet for so long. Only 30 pounds to go!

Meal prep has changed my life, along with drinking sparkling water to curb the pop cravings (I tend to crave carbonation more than the sugar/caffeine)

The hardest part was staying disciplined with a workout regime. I’m gonna try harder to work off these last 30 pounds.

For reference, I’m 5’5 SW 187 CW 167 GW 135ish

No. 121389

I'm 5'4", currently 165 lbs. My highest was 190, lowest was 140. I've always had a gut that I couldn't get rid of, even when I was at my lowest weight the shape and size of my stomach never changed.
And then I got diagnosed with Crohn's this month! I'm cutting out the processed shit I'd eat and I'm hoping it'll make a difference in the size of my bloat.

Something that I find helps when being creative with meal preps/cooking is to follow the rations given to you back during WWII. I know it sounds stupid, but it's forced me to lower my food waste and be more creative with what I make instead of relying on the same things repeatedly. If I want to have anything I need to make it myself.
I also am currently using DietBet to hold me accountable (and earn some extra cash) and it helps a lot knowing I've got money on the line.
I need to get back into exercise but the heat is a trigger for my GI distress so that's just shitty.

No. 121397

Fucked up my progress, this time trying again with a higher calorie constriction of going no lower below 1200cal and attempting to cap at 1500cal

No. 121401

Did you mess up because you over-restricted your calorie intake or something? I’m currently trying to stick to <1000 kcal a day for the past month and it’s been alright but I’m a little nervous the other shoe might fall and I’ll binge eat at some point.

Good luck btw!(not an ana-chan thread)

No. 121403

File: 1565679950694.jpg (77.53 KB, 1125x1164, ncga5tueq0731.jpg)

>cw 140lbs
>gw 120lbs (my lw from 3 years ago)
Going on holidays in Feb so I'm making that my target date. It gives me pretty much no leeway and I'd have to lose 1lb almost every week, but I've done it before in a similar amount of time. Obviously I fell straight off the wagon considering my cw, but I'm exercising a lot more these days so ideally I won't have to restrict as much. I managed to maintain this weight for over a year despite my horrendous diet and habitual overeating, hopefully it'll make a difference.

I downloaded an excel spreadsheet off reddit to track my weightloss, I added a food/exercise diary as well to automatically update my CICO and save me bothering with MFP. I'm an autist about spreadsheets so I'm really hoping it keeps me on track.

No. 121418

File: 1565715124360.jpg (38.36 KB, 680x510, 10409619_761618360560103_18968…)

>CW 210lbs
>GW 160lbs

I'm spiralling atm with binge eating, I don't want to end up back at 250, I've gained so much just in a few months. I made it to 180lbs while I was mentally well and not trying a few years ago and fuck me I want back, hoping once things cool down with my living situation and stress I can focus more energy on calorie counting. I walk my dog 30-45 mins a day and strength train 3x a week, fingers crossed I can keep to 1600 calories a day without too much issue and will re-adjust (and update) once I'm back to 180.

No. 121421

File: 1565718376559.gif (1.5 MB, 500x282, korra.gif)

How do I get over the fear of eating more so I can gain muscle? I won't gain any muscle eating below/at maintenance right?

I just lost 25 lbs and want to lose 5 more lbs of fat and gain muscle but kinda scared of regaining. My BMI is on the low end of normal but I wanna be like Korra.

No. 121444

You can gain muscle eating at maintenance at least for now. To look like Korra with extremely defined buff arms like that you will need to gain a bit of weight eventually if you're bordering underweight now, but that level of strength takes a long ass time and serious commitment so it's not something you have to worry about for months. Anyway especially as a woman you won't be packing on lbs of muscle at a super rapid rate so you barely have to eat any extra, just eat right and maybe have a tiny extra but that's all you need especially starting out.

No. 121462

I fucked up because I over- under restricted, like tried capping at 700 cals, should've known but I was really impatient and now I realize I don't want to end up giving myself a disorder so slow and steady wins the race.(not an ana-chan thread)

No. 121475

File: 1565757632011.jpg (124.75 KB, 735x562, tumblr_poqhhnOHIw1rqrk5fo1_128…)

>LW: 120
>HW: 150
>CW: 135
>GW: 145-150

I've struggled with disordered eating for 12 years, and I actually had my first appointment at my city's ED clinic today. Even though I know the "if I weigh more people will stop loving me" mindset is messed up, it still dominates my life.

The only things that keep me motivated to get back up to my pre-ED weight are pictures of curvy lingerie models. I want to look like that again, because my frame really doesn't suit a BMI under 22.

I hate knowing I wasted my youth obsessing over depriving my body of nutrition, but I can't fix the past. All I can do now is start treating my body with love.(not an ana-chan thread)

No. 121515

2 week sober anon here. Inadvertently lost around 2 lbs just from not drinking a stupid amount every night. I'm planning on picking picking up strength training again soon, comfortable with my weight but I want to be stronger.

No. 121532

This is not a thread to discuss disordered eating. Ana-chan posts will be heavily banned from this point forward.

No. 121544

File: 1565812205361.jpg (33.31 KB, 540x402, lisa dinner.jpg)

Lost 3 lbs since I last posted. It's not that much progress, but it's baby steps.
I cheated and ate a lot of unhealthy food so I'm glad I lost weight instead of gained, lol. But damn, the new Popeyes chicken sandwich is sooo good, I don't regret the calories at all
I've been plateauing for the past couple weeks. Hopefully I'll break through it and go under 135 this week.
I don't live near a gym anymore, so I've been doing strength training/yoga at home and going on 45-60 minute walks every morning. I use the app Pacer to track how many steps I've taken in a day. It's going to be really important for me to force myself to go on these walks, since I work from home and it's really easy for me to avoid leaving my apartment for days and days… socially anxious and mildly agoraphobic anons ww@

No. 121575

congrats anon! hopefully I'm you in 2 weeks. I stopped drinking a bottle of wine a night 3 days ago and it's been honestly so shit but hopefully I at least lose some weight without much other effort.

I just did a big fruit and veg shop as well as stocking up on things from the bulk store like black beans, lentils and chickpea flour. it should last me a couple weeks and reduce the temptation of buying crap when I'm at the supermarket. I'm getting a tattoo on my stomach in 4 weeks so I want to lose a couple of kgs.

No. 121679

File: 1565953978412.jpeg (152.03 KB, 1000x667, 2D61D899-A190-4871-9F1D-957C73…)

Just wanted to share my favorite summer low cal snack with y’all: almost-frozen strawberries!

Microwave some frozen strawberries in a bowl for 30 seconds and you get deliciously icy, but not rock hard treats at 4 calories per strawberry.

I usually like to have a dish of 0 cal Swerve sugar replacement on the side for dipping. Soooo delicious and guilt free

No. 121705

Diet vent: I've been intermittent fasting and eating all my daily calories in one sitting, which has been really great for a couple weeks, but I noticed a stagnation this week. The only thing I was doing differently was having two 2oz shots of pickle brine to get more sodium in during the day because salt water was really hard to keep down.
Just looked up the calories of the brine itself, and ffffuuuuuu it's 25 cal per oz. Guess it's back to salt water.

btw anons should try IF. I've been a binger all my life, and it's so much easier to just not eat all day and have a controlled "binge" while still under my maintenance limit. just beware of pickle juice for sodium I guess..

No. 121708

When I fast I just sprinkle 1/4 tsp of salt on the back of my tongue and wash it down with water several times a day. I found that a lot more bearable than drinking a salt water mix, maybe try that?

No. 121776

Am I allowed to ask for advice on healthy eating here? Or should I go the advice thread?

No. 121784

I'll second the support for intermittent fasting. Never been a breakfast person anyway, so I typically eat between 1-9pm. I should cut the window back a bit earlier because I'm usually in bed before 11pm.

I think people would be happy to give advice here. You could try the advice thread too maybe, but at least here you know the audience.

Does anyone have experience with drinking apple cider vinegar? I can't seem to stick with it long term so I don't know about any benefits. I drink it in the morning, usually feel nauseous as hell for 30 min after. I know someone who swore by drinking it AFTER meals (like it cancelled out what you ate?) and I thought the whole idea was to let it go through on an empty stomach…

No. 121798

I feel like complete shit. My TDEE is around 1400~ and I binged for 5 days straight (around 2000-2500 cals) before my period. Fuck me dude. I just got back on track today as it's ending but I can't get the thought of gaining nearly 2 pounds out of my head.

No. 121805

File: 1566121243453.jpg (119.63 KB, 465x820, apple cider vinegar.jpg)

I've been taking apple cider vinegar for a few years. Before I eat a meal I mix 15ml of vinegar with 20ml of water and drink it. The best apple cider vinegar to get is unfiltered with the mother. The fermentation sediment is supposed to contain beneficial bacteria that help with digestion issues. I also used it as a heartburn remedy when I was pregnant.

>I know someone who swore by drinking it AFTER meals (like it cancelled out what you ate?)

This is because it contains acetic acid. It stops the body from absorbing so much carbohydrate from meals.

No. 121819

not sure if this is the right thread, but do you have to gain weight and be overweight for a while in order to fully recover from anorexia? I've been in the lower healthy weight range for years now but I feel like my body never fully recovered.

No. 121822

a lot of ed professionals say that you have to aim to overshoot in order to recover, and let controlling weight be secondary to physical recovery. i think this is sensible. it took at least three years after anorexia and of being a bit chubby for me to feel even somewhat normal again after being a bmi of around 12-13. things like my hair and skin not being crazy dry, not having such a weird fat distribution, not getting constant infections, not having weirdly light periods, and healing properly took a lot of time and didn't happen until i gave up on keeping my weight low or even in normal ranges.
that said, make sure you stay in touch with a doctor who can monitor you physically and who is knowledgeable/sensitive around eating disorders. i didn't and i really regret it because i still have some complications that i think are related to anorexia and unsupervised recovery, like hormonal imbalance and insulin resistance.
eds are so dangerous man and the recovery sucks big time so am proud of you for wanting to do the right thing for your body. i hope you find the answer right for you. science of eds and anything to do with the gaudiani clinic are decent resources. be v sceptical of minniemaud.

No. 121823

I'm in the same position. The week right before my period I always seem to fall back into binging for days on end, no matter how rough on myself I was the last time. It gets to the point where I'm basically praying for my period to start so I can stop. If it's any consolation it doesn't seem to translate to weight gain. I've tried to get help before and was told "you're acting like a Cathy cartoon, that isn't a real problem"

No. 121854

I've lost 2.5 lbs since this! I'm also starting to see a loss in my stomach, I don't have a weight bulge out where my belly button is now, just a regular looking chubby tummy.

I'm so excited I want to cry, I'm hoping I can eventually get down to 140 again by the end of the year.

No. 121879

i'm happy for you anon! but that's also 2.5 lbs in a week, which seems extreme. of course you know your body better than i do, but please take care of yourself and lose the weight without harming yourself! good luck

No. 121887

wouldn't that be because you lose weight rapidly initially because there's less food weight in your stomach? 2.5 lbs can't be pure fat that's for sure

No. 121903


I'm pretty sure it's a combo of inflammation/swelling in my stomach going down from the medication they gave me and a bit of actual weight loss. I'm just more excited about not looking like I'm holding a weird alien in my stomach after a week lol

I'm eating enough calories, tracking my macros, etc so no worries there, I'm just stoked at the prospect of not looking pregnant anymore.

No. 122099


Update: I'm at 152lbs, not much of a difference and I ate out a lot last week during a trip away so I'm getting back on track. I've abandoned sugary drinks and I'm trying to get more veggies into my diet. I wish I wasn't allergic to bell peppers and nuts as those are so prominent in a lot of healthy meals and sound delicious! But there's other healthy alternatives I've been trying.

What is everyone's advice for getting down to quite an extreme difference healthily? My goal weight is around 55kg.

No. 122100

New update!
I'm currently at 150lbs. I'm trying not to lose too fast and I'm pretty content with this weight. I've been having issues keeping my appetite, due to a wave of panic attacks so seeing me lose weight quickly worries me and stresses me even more out. I've been sort of slacking going to gym twice a week, so I need to go ASAP.
My diet has been alright. I've been eating more sandwiches, mostly plain black forest ham with a squeeze of mayo if I feel like it. I have about 2 eggs a day, and I'm trying to cut back on sugary stuff, although I just discovered brioche loaves… lol anyway, keeping it homemade. Honestly I think making a pack of dried yakisoba noodles with some lil' smokies is a better alternative than going out to Popeyes.

No. 122103

File: 1566617083800.jpeg (21.61 KB, 599x512, images.jpeg)

>although I just discovered brioche loaves…
I once dieted pretty successfully having a brioche swirl for breakfast every morning, totally worth the empty calories tbh. Shit is delicious and not as heavy as most carby sugary food.

No. 122148

why are you fasting? Isn't that ana-chan behavior?

No. 122160

Intermittent fasting (supposedly) has a lot of health benefits. It's a popular weightloss method(/fad) right now

No. 122165

162 cm/59 kg European metric overlord here. Been on intermittent fasting for a month. So far i'm steadily losing weight but I only notice it on my top half. My pear bottom is still the same, and top weightloss exaggerates the disproportion. Should I stop or continue and hope that my thighs will became smaller someday?

No. 122166

161 cm
cw 53 kg
gw 55 kg

I have 4 months to gain 2-3 kg, why the fuck is this so hard? I lost almost a whole kg in a week due to stress ffs

I've been on a bulk for a few months now, but eating enough calories is so damn fucking difficult. I hope I'll get there in 4 months.

No. 122173

You can do it anon keep up the hard work! Eat a lot of nuts haha.

No. 122188

Learn how to "hide" calories.
Swap higher calorie ingredients into your cooking.
milk -> double/heavy cream
chicken breast -> chicken breast with skin
back bacon -> side bacon
cod -> mackerel
Same amount of food, more calories.

No. 122247


123 now !!!!

No. 122726

Is stevia actually bad for you or not? I can go without sugar in my coffee and tea but sometimes it would be nice to have it sweet.

No. 122730

It's so unfair! I was on vacation and their tiny super market had jello of 10kcal per pot while our big store doesnt even have regular jello, only fatty yoghurt urgh.
It was such a great low kcal snack….

No. 122812

Hi everyone!
I've been depressed, lethargic and lazy most of my life which has led to some drastic changes in weight up and down, bad self image and overall bad health. This year it got worse when I lost my job in January and I haven't left bed much at all except to go to interviews or eat out.

Yesterday I got good news that I have landed a new job finally and for the first time in many years I went running. The first day of couch to 5k. I'm trying to ride that motivation and have also tried something new: yoga.

I know this motivation is cause of the good news… so does anyone have any tips of how to keep going even after that effect has worn off? I feel so good right now (albeit sore) that I don't want this to stop ( like it always has before.)

I'm currently 156 pounds 174 cm - and I'd like to lose 10 kg and hopefully manage to climb stairs or hills without feeling like a pos.

No. 122813

You can make your own easy at home. Use youtube for recipe.
It's cheaper and super easy. Best low cal snack.

No. 122868

It's fine. Even sugar and aspartame are fine assuming you're not eating high amounts daily; moderation is key.

No. 122890

>>121403 here.

5lbs down as of today, the spreadsheet works my friends. The guilt I feel adding to it stops me eating extra snacks.

No. 122952

can you drop a link to the spreadsheet?

No. 122957

I used this one https://www.reddit.com/r/loseit/comments/8plk30/cico_spreadsheet/ and edited it so my food diary links up to the calorie counts. But if you just search for spreadsheet or excel on /r/loseit there are lots of different ones.

No. 123061

Has anyone done Barry's Bootcamp? I run 6 days a week and do yoga currently, but I want to change my routine up and also build some muscle and work on my reflexes. I was going to get a personal trainer, but I like the competitive aspect of group classes.

No. 123090

File: 1568083943393.gif (1019.28 KB, 502x480, 1567826212934.gif)

Updating again. I wanted to say that I probably made this first post when I was around 65.8kg and not 62kg! I realized this while looking at my files pre-surgery which was the same week I started the diet, since then I bought a new scale and I'm now at…
I'm 1 kg from my goal and I'm super pumped!

No. 123097

Nice work anon!

No. 123104

File: 1568101066273.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 257.57 KB, 1003x770, 92025C5D-06E8-49C3-88D0-4D27D9…)

I want to lose 11 kilos by December.

No sugar
No bread
No takeout until Christmas

No. 123110

Is it ever worth it to work out if you're already thin? I don't care much for health but I wonder if there are any benefits looks wise.

No. 123111

No offense but are you new to life…? Obviously working out gives you muscle tone and makes you look better.

No. 123116

I've been trying to lose a little weight since I want to go from 60kg to ~55, but I just can't seem to do it, have been hovering around my current weight for years. I don't really look chubby now since I'm kinda tall but I definitely remember looking better at 55kg.
My bf being against me losing weight certainly doesn't help.

Your pic reminded that manga existed, I read it ages ago when I still had an eating disorder. Heavy stuff but really good.

No. 123121

Uhhh lol no I'm not new to life? I guess everyone in my social circle doesn't work out and stay skinny due to portion control. My parents also never were the sporty types so exercise never was a part of my everyday life growing up.

No. 123125

File: 1568131465768.jpeg (27.45 KB, 567x437, FB06B0E1-7BDA-454B-ADEE-3B168E…)

These last two weeks I've started running with my boyfriend and I have a hard time breathing. Even though I was following my breathing training today it was so bad that I started crying from hyperventilating.

Despite the crying I actually went through with the full run and accomplished my goals. But my bf was annoyed at me for pushing myself that far. (Tbf I would be annoyed too)

I know I'm a huge pussy…. but I just want somebody to say well done Anon, you did it!

No. 123126

Wtf well done anon, running out of breath kills me and I immediately give up when its hard to breathe. Look after yourself though and be careful!

No. 123132

Good job! That shit hurts! For your bf's sake and your sake tho don't oush yourself quite so hard if you're literally crying. I'm no expert but that doesn't sound good.

No. 123146

Advice for jogging and running

No. 123156

Have you ever had issues with asthma, anon?

No. 123187

No, I haven't. My throat doesn't close up it's my lungs that can't take a full breath. I've considered going to the doctor but I'm worried they'll say it's cause of anxiety (I don't suffer anxiety) or cause I don't work out enough (I'm new to working out).

It's frustrating cause I never get tired in my body before my lungs give in. And I can just be laying down watching tv and I still can't breathe properly.

No. 123188

Sorry forgot to add,
thanks anons!

also I plan to keep running and see if that fixes the issue. Maybe I'm more out of shape than I thought.

No. 123218

>I've considered going to the doctor but I'm worried they'll say it's cause of anxiety (I don't suffer anxiety)

do you not see the irony?

No. 123219

I do lol.
Okay I will go to the doctor.

No. 123223

i'm currently 5'1" and weigh 105 lbs, i was orginally 197 lbs, after a lot of work after over a year, i'm really proud but i feel like a noodle, i really want some muscle and to go through the skinny to bombshell transformation. what are some good muscle increasing meals and workouts, anons?

No. 123239

Lifting and protein meals.

No. 123464

I have a somewhat dumb question: what should I do to get to a low body fat percentage?

Earlier this year I lost weight and at my lowest was at 48kg/170cm but I didn't really like how my body looked at that point, I was skinny fat and still had a double chin but my arms/upper body looked almost skelly. I've slowly gained some of the weight back but don't feel comfortable with my body but obvs just losing weight again isn't the solution so maybe I should focus on body fat. Any tips?

No. 123466

that is a considerably underweight bmi there's no way you could be "skinny fat" with those stats. get some help anon, not from here

No. 123532

You could be. I have the exact same weight as anon and I'm 6cm taller, and yet I'd say I'm skinnyfat cause depression pinned me to the bed for the last 5 months and I ate a lot of crap. I used to be fit and now I struggle to go up stairs sometimes.
I'm thinking of getting a gym membership and starting intermittent fasting, maybe cutting out dairy as well

No. 123544

i said i wouldnt overeat and i didnt but then in like the last 3 hours before bed for the past few days, i eat a bunch of shit, i keep trying to make myself feel better by saying as long as i still exercise everyday (to build stamina not to burn excess calories, but it would be a nice thought) its okay, but i know it isnt actually. i like to blame my family, (even though its actually my lack of self control) they buy cakes or takeout and i never know when ill be able eat them again so i always eat as much as i can, how do i stop being a retard?

No. 123562

Can any anons help? I know that to change my body shape I need to lose/gain fat and build muscle (or not), but it's my diet that I struggle with. I don't eat meat/fish or dairy, but as I was ana for years I do still struggle with grocery shopping and cooking.

I am very unmotivated to make varied healthy dinners and often resort to frozen foods, which I know aren't all that healthy to eat regularly. I think lots of food combinations sound odd and so never think of them myself, and there's certain textures I struggle to eat which precludes a lot of options (such as oatmeal, ugh). I often go through phases where I buy and eat a lot of the same food, then suddenly will begin to 'avoid' it (like a half-full pack will sit in my fridge and rot). This means I'm often at a nutritional/calorific deficit unless I supplement with junk, which is not what I want.

tldr; I was ana and now I struggle to eat healthily because of unhealthy behaviours/knowledge gaps. Have any other anons managed to resolve this sort of problem?

No. 123564

File: 1568659796010.jpeg (70.83 KB, 1080x889, 39BA4943-2B6F-43AB-BCB4-FF69FD…)

What are the best foods for gut biome?

No. 123565

Probiotics like yogurt and kimchi. Kombucha is the new meme health drink right now and it's a probiotic too.

No. 123589

File: 1568703318246.jpeg (116.32 KB, 699x998, B2C964D3-F5A5-4A1C-AA84-0CC731…)

I’m stuck at 60kg/132lbs at 5’9 for the last few months and it’s so annoying because I already feel quite comfortable but I still want to reach my goal weight. I lost 20 pounds this year and I’m very proud of myself but why do I stop? I’m only ~10 pounds from my goal weight and I want to get there but it gets so much harder now. Urgh, it’s frustrating. I know exactly what I have to do (fasting, less carbs, move more) and it worked well before but ever since I hit 60kg I’m just not as motivated. (Not gaining back either though) Does anyone have any advice for the last few pounds? I just want to be a skinny bitch lol

No. 123596


ignore the idea of motivation and cultivate discipline. it breeds progress.

No. 123597

former fatty here. ignore the idea of motivation and cultivate discipline. it breeds progress. good luck to everyone.

No. 123598

former fatty here. ignore the idea of motivation and cultivate discipline. it breeds progress. good luck to everyone.

No. 123602

Discipline is eating garbage once a week and still kicking it all the other days when it comes to losing weight and getting down to your target weight.

No. 123613

You’re definitely right but I have a hard time getting there. I need to do something extreme to stay focused. When I lost the first 10 pounds it took me like 4 weeks. I simply fasted/did one meal a day. The last 10 pounds slowly melted off over the last month because my eating habits changed so much during that one month of intermittent fasting. Now I almost never overeat and stay exactly at the same weight for months. But eating less is just so much harder psychologically because I already have a good diet now. I know there’s still room for improvement and if I just stick to fasting shit will be quite easy again but idk why I manipulate myself. I’m so close!

No. 123620

File: 1568732693209.jpeg (26.12 KB, 568x568, 97477ECC-ECDF-4D2A-B9B1-B47429…)

I’d like to thank

>my shitty exes that are now fatter than I’ve ever been or fucked up yet picked at m6 weight for years

> my shitty mother that gave me an eating disorder by feeding me like shit as a child
> weightlifting
> not eating sugar 6 days a week
> vegetables
> Nutri ninja

No. 123623

I’m so happy for you, girl!

No. 123624

File: 1568733807990.gif (4.77 MB, 250x149, giphy.gif)

gonna make a post here and then never come back to check because I have trouble dealing with this stuff, but I wanted to throw some tips in for anyone who is severely overweight and having trouble.

At my heaviest I was over 420lbs. I stopped weighing myself at that point. I'm 5'8". I've lost over 200lbs without surgery and am still losing a couple lbs a week.

I know it feels really hopeless and shitty, and I know you think you do already not eat a lot, but you do. I used to lie to myself so much. "I don't drink soda only water" except I barely drank water and drank fully fat soda daily. I used to skip meals yeah, but then I'd fill up on chips and crap.

Like, you have to learn to be hungry and ways to deal with it. There's no way to do it without feeling hungry. I used to eat a large stuffed crust pepperoni from pizza hut, then another half a cheesey bites, washed down with a 2litre cola. Now I eat a couple slices. And it sucks getting to the point where you're happy with that amount of food, but it's so worth it. I'm so much happier now. I can fit in seats. I cried on the plane when I fit the seatbelt around me. I have a waist now. people treat me so differently. I don't have to shop at special stores. Because I'm still youngish I don't have a lot of lose skin and shit too.

But mostly I feel good in myself. When I take selfies or look in the mirror. It was so worth losing it all, and I'm so glad I did it without surgery because I wouldn't have learned the shit I did if I had just got a band.

Anyway, you can do it. If I can anyone really can. Good luck anons. But remember most of all to be kind to yourself.

No. 123654

I currently weigh 142 lbs and ideally want to be under 130 lbs in exactly 5 weeks from now. I already lost around 15 pounds in the past 4 weeks but it seems to be slowing down. I eat between 700-1400 calories per day and usually hit around 1200 most days. I also walk between 6 to 10 miles a day 5 days a week at a shitty retail job often lifting heavy shit over 50 lbs so I don't exactly exercise but my job is good enough. When I first started this damn job I started to eat super shitty (fried food, milkshakes, cookies, chips, soda, basically any shitty food I wanted) and gained tons of weight and I am trying to get rid of my extra weight gain before I go on my first big vacation.
Am I being unrealistic in my expectations? Is there anything I should do differently? This is the first time I ever tried to lose a large amount of weight.

No. 123655

Aim for 1 kilo per week not sure how much that is on freedom units.

>calculate your TDEE in bodybuilding.com

>calculate body fat in the same website

Eat and exercise accordingly

No. 123674

I was really sick with stomach problems a few months ago and weighed 90 lb at 5'9. I got it all sorted and got on medication and gained 50 lb within a few months…. I'm 140 lb, not really fat but I've never been this weight before and it's very uncomfortable.

I'm wanting to lose about 20 lb, my 'set point' weight (if thats a thing) is about 120 lb, or thats where my weight hovered for years before I got sick.

I've never really dieted before so this will be interesting… wish me luck!

No. 123675

Haha you're adorable anon and I'm glad you lost the weight you desperately needed to lose, but most anons itt aren't and will never be deathfats at 400 pounds.
These are girls who've–at most–have only ever been overweight or lightly obese.
For them it's not about only having a couple slices of pizza, because to be at the weight they wanna be at they can't have shit like pizza at all, or if they do that's all they're eating for the rest of the day period.

I know you're still a 200 pounder, but you'd be amazed at the difference and restriction you have to be at if you wanna be in the 100-110 pound range as an adult woman. It's very harsh. I personally never broke past 130 even with militant calorie logging and daily exercise.

No. 123680

File: 1568777440400.jpeg (82.08 KB, 381x294, 5D7CBF5F-EB14-4B5B-9B9F-341A4D…)

What can I do about my dumb ass fat upper arms? I read you cannot target fat loss in certain areas, you have to lose weight overall. But then the rest of my body would be unnecessary to lose fat. I know I could tone muscle but I feel like my arms will still look huge. I wish they’d look like pic related after.

No. 123681

I need advice on how to eat healthier in a house where cooking isn’t always an option. I buy premade salads and fruit to eat at work, but I’d like to have similar options at home to keep me from eating out. I’m not very creative though lol so send me all your healthy prepackaged, microwaveable, and quick one pot meal ideas please! Or anything that’s easy to just grab and eat, with little to no prep.

No. 123682

honestly, chicken nuggets are low-calorie, high-protein, and require basically no prep at all.
oreo thins are also relatively low-calorie for what they are.

you can also consider getting a crockpot, I hear those are great

No. 123692

I agree. Losing weight when you’re extremely overweight is hard but it’s way harder to lose when you’re already skinny (fat). I have a BMI of 19 and it’s not about “not drinking sodas” anymore. I’m a little bottom heavy with shortish legs, small bones and to get into a shape that I’ll feel comfortable with I have to go lower. Every fucking detail counts by now.

No. 123697

I tried to gain weight from 90lb at 5'4 and even though I think I've probably gained like 5lb at MOST, I can really see it on my thighs already and it's making me upset. I liked being a skinny bitch, I felt small and delicate and cute and now my thighs feel like they're ever expanding. My blood work and vitals are all in perfect condition so I kind of just want to lose the weight again and feel comfortable. I'm trying to convince myself it's just water retention atm (I walk ~20k steps every day as well as working a bar job) but maybe I'm delusional and my thighs are just fat kek

inb4 anachan yeah wow you got me there

No. 123698

samefagging because I'm not looking for help on losing again, I'm just venting about how I feel rn even thought I know gaining weight is best. I'm trying to include more proteins and doing what another anon said about making higher-cal substitutes like mackerel instead of cod.

No. 123706

you can make oat bran porridge in your microwave. Oat bran fiber keeps your blood sugar stable which imo makes it superior to fruit.
You'll need to find out which ratio of water/oat bran you like best.
For a snack sized portion I use about 1/2 cup of water with 5 teaspoons of oat bran, 1 teaspoon of ground cinnamon and a pinch of salt. Mix well and microwave until thick, add milk/cream/chia seeds/nuts/… and sweetener to your liking. But you might also like a savory porridge, I haven't tried that myself

You can also make broth (from stock cubes) with eggs in your microwave. You'll need to crack the eggs and put them in a bowl, use medium heat

No. 123708

No. 123709

first post here.


>weight goal
probably want to lose 25lbs, more wanting to lose inches
>measurement goal
34, 30, 40


currently just starting the warrior diet 20/4 fast
30 min cardio 15 min weight training every other day

i'll probably do weekly reports rather than daily.
warrior diet is apparently hard because of binge eating risk, but i eat so much food already i don't see that being a problem. i already had issues remembering to eat full meals at work so it's not that big of a deal to just cut a little more during the day.

No. 123943

Does anyone have any tips on how to lose weight when eating is your main hobby/source of enjoyment in life? I snack throughout the day because my boring desk job drains the life out of me, and I eat loads in the evening because that's all I really look forward to. I know the simple answer is to just stop eating so much, but how? Life seems quite bleak when I'm not stuffing my face, and each day I'm dieting drags on and on and on because all I can think about is food and not eating.

No. 123947

At work, have unsweetened tea and water instead of small snacks. Catch some fresh air, move around from time to time. Have sugar free gum in moderation.
No snacks at all. Do not make exceptions from this rule, do not cheat. If you're hungry, sit down at the table to have a proper meal and focus on enjoying it.
If this is too hard for you, start by replacing all snacks with vegetables first, then try to snack less often.
If necessary, tell your coworkers to not count you in when they are bringing snacks to work!

You need something that will do you good other than eating a lot. It's alright to also look forward to a good meal, too, but there's got to be more.

Do some physical activity sometime within the day. Maybe you won't enjoy it that much at first or you'll need to experiment to find out what kind of activity/sports you like. But you can start off by just going for walks. Walk for at least 15 minutes and speed it up, you'll want to raise your heart rate a little.

Try it. No snacking, 15 minutes of physical activity/day. Do not buy snack food, if you don't have it, you can't eat it.

As breaking habits is quite challenging already, you might not want to be too strict about your intake for a while. Have healthy, satisfying meals, lots of vegetables, fat, protein. You can still eat less once you get used to staying away from snacks.

No. 123953

The tea idea is good. I'll just have to resist the temptation to add sugar to it.

I've actually started exercising recently. I do 30 minutes of cardio 3 or 4 times a week and I've kept it up for about a month. That probably isn't very impressive to gym bunnies, but it feels like an achievement for someone like me who's basically never worked out in her life.

I guess for snacking at home, I'm just going to have to work on will power and distraction.

No. 123954

Doing cardio 3-4 times/week is great, that definitely is an achievement!

No. 123957

I cannot agree with anon's recommendation of not snacking ever because I would absolutely not cope with that, I'd get hungry to the point of total distraction. What works for me is - eat small amounts regularly, eat the exact same thing every day at the exact same time, plan ahead and ensure the snacks are low calorie, eat things you enjoy but don't absolutely LOVE so you don't immediately crave more the moment you finish. Eg my work schedule is - small bowl of oats at 8am, coffee at 10am, banana at 11am, lunch at 12pm, small snack of fruit/veggies at 1.30pm, bigger snack at 3.30pm, dinner at 5pm, I usually add a tea or coffee sometime in the afternoon too. Changing the routine makes me likely to binge though, so if you can survive without eating constantly more power to you.

No. 123958

God same.
Are you apple shaped or inverted triangle by any chance? We usually store fat in our arms and stomach.

No. 123959

I tend to stay on track better if I don't snack. If I snack then it tends to lead to downward snacking spiral and I eat way more than I planned to. I think eating the exact same thing every day might help! Planning healthy meals and counting calories stresses me out.

No. 123992

I'm at 129-ish lbs now (lost 9 lbs in the last 2 months. I forgot to add in my previous posts, but I lost 20 lbs in the past 7 months, 10 lbs just from abstaining from drinking alcohol during weekday nights).
I easily eat less than 900 calories a day most of the time, but I guess my TDEE is much lower than I thought with my fairly sedentary desk job life. I'm also 5'0", if that's a factor? I got frustrated recently and binged a little, but eh whatever… I'm just gonna restart tomorrow and be twice as vigilant of my intermittent fasting and diet.
On a positive note, this was the first month I was able to look at my stomach/waist in the mirror and feel good about myself. Then I ate fast food and got super bloated haha. but wow, gaining a bit of self-confidence rules, actually!

No. 124166

File: 1569486234412.webm (Spoiler Image, 1.86 MB, 404x720, 1569469745086.webm)

is this kind of bum achievable with just glute activating excersies and no surgery/injections? i can't tell if this girl is completely natural or not but her butt is amazing. she seems on the lower end of normal weight wise, probably underweight

No. 124167

I wouldn't say she looks underweight at all. Other than that I'd say yes, it's possible, looks fairly normal and the thighs match the butt.

No. 124168

This is definitely achievable but waist to hip ratio and natural fat distribution play a large role in how a butt looks. Notice how this girl's thigh and glute muscles are pretty evenly covered with fat, while her stomach and waist look skinny. If you are apple shaped with narrow hips your butt might never look like that, even if you work out.

No. 124181

My first post here.





>weight goal



My diet is pretty restrictive already because of my IBS but I'm really trying to eat more fruits and vegetables and cut back on my breads/pastas (thinking about eating paleo). I don't eat beef or pork and haven't for years but I know I don't eat the best.


started going to the gym on weekends for weight training but that got difficult with my schedule so I'm starting back up with exercising three days a week at home

I know I'm not overweight but I haven't gained weight in years and was a bit surprised when I got weighed at the doctor and saw I'd gained ten pounds. I've always wanted to be more healthy and more toned. I need to be more consistent about cooking instead of eating out and stick to a workout regiment.

No. 124187

ot but that video's so creepy

No. 124191

right? she looks so taken aback whenever she looks into the camera, really hope this isn't filmed by some creepy stalker dude while the girls just wanted to chill on the beach

No. 124244

File: 1569598295559.jpg (100.96 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Chika anon here, I've got a big date on Halloween coming up and I want to really get my shit together, lose a good amount of weight and stick to my goals, any tips from fellow farmers? Anythings to really focus on? I can't afford gym this month fuck. I've got some face weight that's gotta go but it tends to first anyway.

No. 124302

Update! I haven't been able to run since I posted because my breathing problem got so bad I couldn't breathe even when doing nothing like sleeping.

Went to the doctor and guess what? Anemia! I would have never guessed.

Ladies, watch your iron-intake.

No. 124583

Any suggest on healthy eating when you are a busy working adult who can cook only once on weekdays (during dinner)? I need some food that i don't have to prepare/cook during the day. Probs buying a lot of bananas would be a good plan. Idk.

No. 124597

File: 1570105115927.jpeg (283.78 KB, 1080x1346, AECEBBA4-9AC7-4368-9783-2F725F…)

Don’t eat any type of sugar (unless fruit) until your date

No. 124598

Bulk cook on sundays

No. 124708

File: 1570289765494.jpg (85.46 KB, 650x476, aneta florczyk.jpg)

Eat salads and low calorie snacks instead of typical vending machine snacks, which are packed with salt.

No. 124951

File: 1570635608452.png (206.9 KB, 401x400, isthisaddiction.png)

Now I'm 2 days sober again kek, I'm retarded. I keep thinking I can drink in moderation but whenever I buy a bottle of anything it disappears instantly. cheers to only buying water and tea.

No. 124963

File: 1570647166013.jpg (137.62 KB, 750x1000, flat,750x,075,f-pad,750x1000,f…)

152lbs -> 145lbs

faltered a week or so ago due to a very sudden traumatic incident but getting back on track, wanna be extra healthy before my date!

No. 125238

Im 200lbs at 5’9.
I’m going to start weight lifting tomorrow because everything is closed today.
My husband said if I don’t loose weight we’re going to get a divorce.
Also, I’ve never hated the way I look so much. I hate everything about my body right now.
I’ve tried dieting, fasting, and tons of cardio but nothing has worked so I’m just going to try and get ripped.

No. 125242

You're not morbidly obese yet, and you're clearly recognizing the weight is a problem and trying your best to fix it. I feel like your husband shouldn't be giving you an ultimatum at this point.

No. 125243

why the fuck is your husband giving you this ultimatum and why are you indulging it? what does he bring to the table? wanting to get healthier is good but emotional blackmail by your significant other is like the opposite of a good reason

No. 125248

Even if he wants you to be healthy physically, him threatening you emotionally with divorce is kinda fucked up. It just sounds like an easy excuse to make you the bad guy and him already wanting to get divorced.

No. 125251

Yeah I know him threatening me is fucked up. He says he only threatened divorce to motivate me.
But really at this point, I hate my body so much it’s making me depressed. I’ve never been athletic or into working out. My self confidence is in the negatives right now and it makes me hate looking at the mirror. The way my body looks makes me want to take scissors to myself and just cut out all the fat

No. 125256

Are you on any birth control or meds that could be adding to your weight or making it harder to shift?

The ultimatum part does sound bad. I know some people will say he's within his rights to do that but people who give ultimatums are often playing a power game

Years ago I had an ex give me the ultimatum to start performing a certain (unusual) sex act on him or move out. I started a thread on reddit and the divide was men saying that ultimatums are fair, and women telling me to take some power back and leave.. I should've listened to the women. If you are already depressed he should be motivating you in a way that doesn't kick you while you're already down

No. 125262

Make him invest on you getting prettier and then find someone worth your time

No. 125267

But then she has to work out all the time to keep the new someone around

No. 125268

I’m on meds but they didn’t make me gain weight. I was always underweight until I was prescribed abilify which made me gain 100 lbs in less than a year. I got taken off of it and instantly lost 20lbs but no where near what I used to weigh. It’s hard when you were always underweight trying to gain weight but couldn’t and now your overweight and trying to lose it but can’t.

No. 125272

Did he want you to finger his butt?
Was it onision?

No. 125286

the working out part is not a bad thing.

No. 125288

Lose the weight and dump his ass.

And a caloric deficit always works. You don't need to do specific diets or fast, literally just count calories.

No. 125324

>He says he only threatened divorce to motivate me.
That's not acceptable. Of all the ways to motivate you, that's not a good one. You don't have to divorce him, but it seems like he might be preparing to do it to you. It might help to start preparing in case this is a thing he does.

No. 125326

I'm not even joking, he wanted me to put my whole hand in his ass

When I asked about prep like doing an enema he was like 'oh there's no need for stuff like that, I don't know why people think it's needed'

No. 125345

OMAD? Or try making your lunch the night before. I usually make a low cal wrap or set aside leftovers to have for lunch. If I'm going with leftovers I usually wait a few days after I had something for dinner to eat again.

No. 125363

goal: 118 lbs (i'm 5'7") 23 inch waist
current: 144 lbs. 28.5 inch waist

i used to be 200 lbs and still have a way to go. im on a plateau

going to run at least 30 mins everyday. eat salads and yogurt and toast. log calories. maybe do some weights but i don't know how to weightlift to get lean muscle. i have problems with cheat meals that turn into cheat weekends so id have to learn how to restrain myself

probably going to weigh/measure myself twice a month.

No. 125448

Is 60 pounds in 4 months unreasonable?
I'm pretty overweight, and it's easy to lose weight the more weight you have, but I feel I should be more reasonable with my goals so I don't get frustrated and rebound

Let's say I'm starting at 260 (I don't own a scale, but I've gained weight since the last time I weighed myself at 240)

No. 125455

Lately I've been walking home from work (~45 minutes) to burn more calories, but like halfway through today I felt like I was going to pass out and had to take an uber the rest of the way back then eat something. Super confusing since I had eaten a big (for me) lunch that day, and a decent breakfast. Also it's almost my period so I'm bloated and holding on to water weight and so exhausted and the cravings are insane.

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