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No. 211074

Previous thread: >>153564

This is for diet and fitness related things only.

-Post your goals, your current state, like your weight or measurements;
-What you're going to do to change it and your methods (Weight training? Intermittent Fasting? Running? Raw eating? MyFitnessPal logs?);
-And how to be held accountable for it, like biweekly weigh-ins or measurings.

Feel free to post charts of your progress! If you're doing daily reports, remember to sage.

Reminder that we're all human and we all have our ups and downs. Don't blame yourself for failing and don't get fixated on small missteps. This is a marathon, not a race. Self-sabotage will only make things worse. Try to stay positive and think of the positive steps you've made to get here and keep moving forward!

Don't get fixated on numbers and give yourself adequate rest days and rewards to keep yourself motivated.

No ana, please.

No. 211088

So I figured out my main binge trigger is going out to eat. Things like special occasions, going in outings with friends etc. I don't exactly overeat while I'm out (the calories are excessive at nearly any restaurant but I can usually work that into my calorie budget), but it's like eating out reminds me that food is amazing and I binge eat as soon as I get home, sometimes not stopping for another day or two. Doesn't matter how full I am, I just wanna keep the party going.

This is more of a vent than asking for advice, though it's welcome if you've got any. It just sucks because the last thing I wanna do is avoid socialising after lockdowns, plus my birthday is coming up and I don't wanna ruin it by binging. Pray for me anons.

No. 211096

File: 1635298902202.png (640.32 KB, 717x719, stay strong nonita.png)

awww nonny. i struggle(d) with that too, although my mindset was more that i'm over my limit i might as well go over even more and have dessert and other things.

i think i've sort of rerouted my mindset, or at least i'm hoping i have since i haven't had to eat out in a while but i did eat mcdonalds a week ago, just split it up into three meals over three days. i'm just trying to focus my energy on positive things because binging only makes me feel better temporarily. stuff like meditation, reading, or painting my nails or i'll make myself a nice drink whether that be an ice coffee/matcha latte, (naturally) decaf tea or a diet coke depending on the time of day.

i'll be praying for you nonnie! i hope you have a wonderful birthday celebration surrounded by people you love. just remember to be kind to yourself, even if you do slip up.

No. 211118

Aw ty anon you're sweet, I def think you're right it's that all or nothing 'well I'm over my calories anyway, may as well binge'. Especially cause I don't know the exact amount of calories, I'm like hmm well maybe I actually ate LESS than I estimated, so it's ok to eat more now…

I gotta work on my coping strategies like yours, might schedule doing my nails for after events kek

No. 211166

recovered from ana during quarantine and trying not to relapse now that i got back into exercise and healthier food. i’m 165cm and i went from 44kg to 60kg in a little over a year sheesh. i’m not weighing myself or focusing much on numbers rn but i really do want a body which isnt perfect but that i feel somewhat comfortable in. any recovered anachans tryna share some tips? i eat a very balanced diet of mostly whole foods and thats all great but the exercise part makes me want to relapse wah

No. 211172

I'm starting my first cut after years of bulking and am super excited. Buuut, holy fuck, I have to go from 3.5k calories to 1.6k to have a deficit, I can't believe how high the difference is! Currently maintaning for a month or two for an easier transition but damn lol

What exactly about it makes you want to relapse? Maybe following a program could help?

No. 211183

Idk if you're competitive like I am, but I'm happiest when I avoid very competitive or easily trackable exercises like spinning. Stick to more "mindful" regimes like yoga and pilates where you can get a workout in and build real strength, but there aren't numbers flashing in front of your eyes the whole time. (Fitness tracking apps are a trigger to me as well, you really don't need them unless you're training for a specific event.)
I like climbing and hiking too, you have to concentrate and use your head a little, so you don't have mental space to think about stuff like "am I working hard enough, is this less than I did yesterday?" and just keep your focus on the moment.

No. 211192

Oh shiiiiit bitch! You a Scorpio too? Happy birthday man.
Secondly, I got treatment for my ED and I highly recommend it. I’m able to do it with a specialist and appointments, so it doesn’t hinder other parts of my life. Some therapy and low dose medication for adhd/binge eating has changed my life.
It really helped me to figure out why I self sabatoge by binging. I think everyone’s “why” is different, so take time to evaluate that for yourself.

(Ps, astrology is fun, but not a serious thing for me, idk about you)

No. 211521

Thanks to anon on the last thread who recommended this salad, finally tried it and it was amazing, and with the chilli/sesame oil in the dressing it was a bit more filling than my lemon juice dressing. Definitely going in the rotation!

No. 211527

172cm, 85kg (GW: around 60kg)
When you are just starting out at the gym to lose weight, what is an ideal balance of cardio and muscle building? Do I split both workouts for each day I go (30mins cardio, 30mins weights) or do I spend 1 day on cardio and another day on a targeted muscle group? Or should I just focus on cardio as a fatty and then build muscle when I've lost some weight? I have no idea what I'm doing pls help

No. 211540

There's a dumplings place near me that's good but this salad is the only vegetable they have on their menu. Since I like to have veg with me big pork dumplings, I've had this salad like 6 times. It's very tasty, so I see why they only feel like they need this one salad.

No. 211541

File: 1635616359162.jpg (59.78 KB, 564x564, mooscle.jpg)

God nonitas i need help with nutrition and dieting. I once went in on this super restrictive diet where i was gradually losing weight but my meals were bordering ana-chan levels of food intake. But good news is that i got the help I needed and got back to a much healthier weight, albeit overweight kek.

How do I estimate the amount of calories I should take in a day? I once followed a calculator and said that I should just eat around 700 calories to lose weight. But I'd also like to build muscle as well.

also bump for this. i wanna know too

No. 211543

cringe and manpilled

you don't need any kind of special diet. just eat like a normal healthy person (plenty veg, plenty carb, little bit of meat & fats) and you'll have all the nutrition & protein your body actually needs unless you're a literal bodybuilder. if you want to lose weight, increase veg & decrease carbs per meal.

No. 211544

Are you short anon? I'm short and all the diet calculators say I'm not allowed to eat less than 1200 but I have to eat 1000 to be in a deficit. So annoying.
Yeah you don't have to eat bodybuilder meals, just keep your carbs in check (say no to refined sugar) and the extra weight will come off, especially if you're doing strength training too.

No. 211546

Yep! Sadly Im around 4'9 so consuming calories is a bit tricky for me and my fat distribution shit. If I get too fat I'll look a fucking dwarf from Orzammar.

Also question, how do you split your workouts? I reread the past thread and someone mentioned that they do 45 minutes of weight lifting/strength training and 40-60 minutes of cardio 3-4 times week. I'm itching to follow that honestly since I don't know any good workout routines atm.

No. 211555

File: 1635625335929.jpg (57.09 KB, 492x1024, bba856750dcad985c80f2fc80c26ec…)

I like to follow the hand method for portions sizes more than tracking calories. Just eat healthy, balanced, until satisfied or maybe leave a little room until feeling full and you'll do fine

You can do whatever, it depends on what you like.
Imo it's better to have one day focused on upper body strength training, the next day for lower body and so on (2/3 times per week each) and do some cardio workout (4-6 times per week). However, you can also do full body workouts one day and only cardio the other.
You shouldn't focus on just one (doing only cardio for example) and remember that for fat burning with cardio, is better to go hard rather than long. So, a 10-20 min HIIT workout will burn more calories than a 40-60 mins of light-moderate cardio workout.
Don't forget to warm up, stretch everyday and take breaks and rest days!

That's a great workout plan to follow. Just wanted to add that the correct way is to do the strength training before the cardio, I used to do it the other way around and it was so bad lol

No. 211600

File: 1635644544449.png (296.58 KB, 883x1213, exercises.png)

i'm just starting out too and people seem to agree muscle/cardio/muscle/active rest rinse and repeat is a good routine since you get two rest days a week.

my strength training consists of kettlebell workouts i find online, i like the ones by HASfit because they show easier and harder modifications. they are full body workouts as well which is good for me since i don't have a specific area i want to target. i do light cardio everyday which consists of walking my dog but since he's getting old and i don't want to push him too hard, i'll do some solo walking before or after i go with him.

on my cardio days i've been running which i really enjoy, i tried using the c25k app but i wasn't really a fan of the sound prompts but i do use their format as a mental guide.

i definitely recommend working on strength training asap so you don't become skinny fat + it raises your metabolism since you're gaining muscle mass.

also don't push yourself too hard, i definitely wasn't able to do 30 mins cardio and/or weights when i started. i was barely able to last 5 minutes in a pilates video but tbf i didn't do ANY warmup since i didn't think about it. i then started with pic related for a week or so before moving onto youtube videos and now i don't have any issue keeping up. make sure you warm up if there isn't a warmup in the video!!!

No. 211607

>plenty carb, little bit of meat & fats

Shit advice

No. 211646

Yeah that anon is an idiot or a lost time traveller from 1920s. Eating 1200 calories of carb and veggies will make you homicidal. Staying full on 1200 calories is possible but your diet needs to be packed with protein, fiber and healthy fats.

No. 211711

File: 1635733066587.png (620.55 KB, 815x619, BHvGCi9.png)

nonnies, what do you think of protein bars? there's currently a deal for 12 of this flavor for $20 AUD and i'm not sure if it's worth getting. do they taste nice? i like the idea of having one before my run in the morning or in my bag as a snack if i don't have the time to pack a proper lunch but it's not really necessary for my lifestyle since i still spend most of my time at home.

i used to eat clif bars and those were like eating rice crispies or coco puffs but these seem like they may be better? what's the texture like? are they enjoyable cold or do you need to warm these up in the microwave?

also - i'm down 6lbs since i started weighing myself 3 weeks ago :D

No. 211727

nice job cutting out "plenty veg" which i put first for a reason. anyway this is literally the usda's guidelines except imo you should eat even more green veg & less carbs. and very little protein. literally not saying anything controversial unless ypu're on some kind of keto insanity and i dont have time to deal with all that business.

No. 211728

Their cookies are nice but the one bar I tried was disgusting.

No. 211740

I only eat protein bars (Balance bars) because they taste good, lol. They're my substitute for actual candy bars. My dad eats Lara bars but, then, he's an actual athlete.

No. 211759

This sounds like some anachan volume eating shit. Nonnas, eat your protein if you want sustainable weightloss and gains.

No. 211815

Holy shit Ive always done cardio first and strength second in the past and I couldn't gef half of the workout done because of how tired I am. Doing strength first and then cardio next saved my life now I can go and finish the whole workout without taking long ass breaks

No. 211949

Definitely make sure to warm up your muscles, regardless. High paced quick walk, or using a warm up made by trainers/ yt stuff etc. I use the Nike App and they have awesome workouts and warmups to follow.

No. 212017

Should I follow her routine as a beginner? I haven’t worked out or even done light exercise in years so I’m not sure if my body can handle this

No. 212018

I skimmed. This looks fine for beginners but it's very machine dependent. If you want to build balanced strength and have gym access I'd really recommend working with some free weights, squat rack and bench, even if you're only starting out with an empty bar or 10 lb dumbbells. But that's just my opinion, doing any type of exercise is better than nothing.

No. 212084

Nta, but how does one make sure their complete form is correct when beginning to workout with free weights? It feels so daunting to try at the gym, I myself use machines for my upper body

No. 212127

I think the main thing is to avoid pushing yourself too far, too fast. Look up videos on proper form for some of the basics like overhead press, bent-over rows, hammer curl. Check yourself in a mirror and make sure it looks the same. Once you're lifting with more weight the tendency is to tighten up in certain areas and compensate with muscles aside from the ones you're actually trying to work. You can definitely see/feel this as it happens if you're paying attention, and at that point readjust your position or go back to a lighter weight.

No. 212171

Guys I have an interview and I had clothes I bought a few weeks ago not for at all, and it crushed me. Now I’ve been hitting the gym and this one top looks amazing now.
Who is she?
She’s the bitch who’s getting a better job and a pay raise.

No. 212326

I actually bought dumbbells this week. I’m gonna start using them at home, then move to the gym. Thank you for the advice. I know it’s important to watch yourself In the mirror, so I need to (joke intended) face my reflection and get comfortable with it again.
I haven’t liked looking in the mirror for a few years

No. 212460

File: 1636242387259.png (101.99 KB, 838x460, cardio.png)

nonnas, i've been alternating strength + lighter cardio days with full cardio days but i've just stumbled into a problem.

i really really love cardio. i'm not surprised because i have massive calves and so many people have asked if i was a runner growing up lmao (i wasn't really). but i feel so accomplished running. yesterday i was so ridiculously anxious since i have had some projects due and i felt like i couldn't do anything, went on a run and felt 5000x times better. i think i'm starting to get addicted to the endorphin rush now which is sort of problematic for the days where i won't be able to run. i don't get this fix from strength training because i don't feel the wind in my face and i'm mostly stationary. it's such a fantastic feeling. i'm also a massive data/numbers fag and i get that brrr when i see numbers go up on my google fit app. i even got some new shoes and a smart watch so i can track my heart rate and steps all day.

i kind of don't want to strength train anymore because i like running so much. does anyone else feel this way?

No. 212490

Have you thought about doing weighted HIIT or something similar if traditional strength training is boring for you? I'm kind of in-between because I'm not really into pure cardio or pure strength training, so interval routines are my favorite. Interval training with dumbbells is absolutely exhausting and will have you gasping/getting that cardio high but still building strength if you're pushing yourself and getting enough protein in the day to day.

No. 212491

That's great nonny! Glad to help, I think they will help build your confidence and give you some solid starting strength, plus they're helpful to have when you don't feel like going out.

No. 212565

File: 1636318844867.jpg (61.56 KB, 500x430, 45345.jpg)

I'm trying to lose about 26 more pounds (about 20 lost already) and for some reason I'm not inspired anymore. I've eaten bad all weekend and now feel like I messed everything up. I am so weak around snacky foods.
I guess tomorrow is a new day.

No. 212574

Or just go deep and become a runner. You don't have to strength train if you don't want to. And mainly doing one thing allows you to specialize more. Report back when you do your first marathon!

No. 212579

Think about how much better you look and feel now that you've lost 20 pounds…and looking back it probably wasn't that hard, right? Appreciate what you ate this weekend, now focus on giving your body the nutrients it needs. Don't loose your progress!

No. 212581

Thanks anon! I can definitely see a difference in my weight already. Seeing my old clothes become baggy is satisfying too. The snacky stuff I ate all weekend was delicious but as you said, it's time to focus on the good stuff now.

No. 212582

i'll have to give that a go! also i did something dumb today and went running (lightly) when i was developing some blisters from my new shoes. the back of one of my heels hates me but i feel awesome and accomplished so??

thank you nonna <3

wow! 26 pounds is amazing, that's more than a bag of potatoes. the next time you go to the store pick up one of those up, that's how much excess weight you've lost. that's seriously incredible.

treat that weekend as a reward to get you motivated to keep moving towards your goal. in the past i felt crummy when i'd do that and completely fall off the wagon which is such a toxic perfectionist mindset to be caught in. remember why you want to lose weight. are you doing it because you want to improve your health, strength, or appearance? think of all of the awesome goals you've accomplished outside of the scale. do you sleep better? do certain clothes fit better? are you stronger? does your hair and skin look better?

you can do this!

i think i'm going to definitely try and focus on being a runner and decide if i want to focus on strength later. you're so sweet ilyy

No. 212627

I am 5'8" and had a really rough time at the end of 2020 to most of 2021, and at my highest I weight something like 180 pounds. I was definitely using food as a comfort. But this summer, I got down to 172-170 lbs from my job, where I was walking around all day and didn't have much time to eat. After that, I decided to just roll with it and really double down on committing to losing weight. Today I weighed in at 162.4 lbs and I am super proud of myself! It's been mostly diet that made the change. I'm walking a bit more than last year due to being in-person for university, but mainly, I've been watching my serving sizes and cutting back on shitty foods that I used to eat in order to cope with stress. I used to bake chocolate chip cookies all the time in order to take my mind off of things, for example, which I am not doing anymore.

My goal is to reach 150 lbs. I won't be toned and don't expect a perfect body just because I'll be thinner, I will probably be skinnyfat, but I would take skinnyfat over regular fat any day.

No. 212628

AWESOME WORK NONNA! sounds like you've done a great job kicking the bad habit of comfort eating, that alone is a massive accomplishment.

although personally i still really love baking as a stress reliever. idk if you're refraining from baking because you feel like you don't have self control but i think you should keep baking/cooking if you enjoy it. what i've been doing is i share my baked goods with my friends and family (since you're in uni maybe you can share them with your class or group mates if you have any this sem) and i also freeze like a good portion of the batch since they stay good there for ages. some dishes you can bake the uncooked version and then throw them in the oven.

No. 212632

i tried many sports but secretly hated them and just went for the sake of doing exercise and larping as an athlete. i have a gym membership now i got on discount but i am going to cancel because it is so boring.

No. 212648

File: 1636369819384.jpg (51.91 KB, 528x664, bepositive.jpg)

Ok let's do this. I got through week one so I've got some momentum

>SW 158 (Nov 1st)

>GW 130
>CW 156.5
>Progress: 5%

>Fridge well stocked with healthy food
>Vegetables at core of every meal
>Choose water or unsweetened drinks over alcohol or sodas
>choose healthiest option when eating out or ordering in
>Choose fruits or tea over sugar bombs like candy
>exercise at least 3x per week, my fitness is zero so it's just walks and yoga for now but I will start incorporating weights and HIIT over time
>good evening routine and sleep hygiene especially during the week because being sleepy is a huge craving trig for me

>Weekly weigh-in on Monday
>update this thread weekly with progress

Why I'm committed
>I want my body to feel healthy, stable and energetic, now and into my later years
>I want the strength and flexibility to do sports I enjoy
>I want healthy clear skin I can enjoy without makeup
>My job is easier to do when I'm healthy
>I love waking up naturally after a restful sleep, which will happen more often with exercise and a good bed routine
>I look so cute in clothes when my waist is defined and my belly is flatter
>I want to feel confident in shorts and skirts in Summer
>I like waking up feeling good after a party and not having hangovers!
>I want to feel like if I was in my waifu's universe she would notice me kek

No. 212670

Same, I just find exercise so boring most of the time. I haven’t gone to the gym since before rona and now I’m completely unmotivated. Ring Fit was the only thing I found kinda-sorta fun but I no longer have a Switch. How do you nonnies make exercise fun?

No. 212671

I just pick exercises I like, in my case that's lifting, I just love it and the progress is addicting

What do you guys like? What have you tried? Some apps such as zombies, run! turn exercise into a game. I really liked it but the unlocking of episodes became slow

No. 212717

Hey anon, just someone with similar goal/plans as you. Is it alright if I ask what your specific exercise plan is? I'm struggling there right now on how to plan the 3 days I'm going. Good luck with everything!

No. 212727

File: 1636415934096.png (98.24 KB, 901x447, yay.png)

I think I'm starting to drop the excess water weight from starting a regular exercise routine. I'm in the healthy BMI range now and I feel proud :D

I told myself that today would be a rest day since I have a lot of work to do but last night when I crawled into bed I was excited to run again. So I went for it even though I have a blister on one of my heels but surprisingly it feels better than it did when I started? Who knew exercise could be so fun? I promise I'll rest tomorrow though.

I also managed to convince two friends to do a 5K with me, one will probably walk it but it's for a charity/issue that is very close to my heart. I can't wait until I can jog a 5K!

No. 212730

>Check yourself in a mirror
don't EVER check yourself in a mirror while doing deadlifts, you could really fuck your spine up

No. 212781

No problem! I go to yoga classes twice a week which is a mix of yin and "power yoga" so some days we do flexibility and stretching and some days we do a lot of core, bodyweight and balance. Those are 1hr classes. I'm also doing at least one walk around my neighborhood which usually takes 40 minutes. Sounds like nothing but as I said I'm starting from zero so getting back into moving will take a few weeks.
After that is established and I'm ready for more, I really want to do a modified version of a Caroline Girvan strength program, maybe Epic Heat but only once or twice a week because I get too into programs and end up with injuries by rushing myself lol.

No. 212807

File: 1636480760500.jpeg (16.29 KB, 554x554, images - 2021-11-10T015805.846…)

How do I figure out the amount of reps/sets i need to do when lifting? Im still very new to lifting and Im currently doing 4 x 10 on a daily with a pair of 2lbs dumbbells but I sometimes do 3 x 5 on a pair of 4.4lbs dumbbells. Is what I'm doing good or am I doing counter productive?

Pic related. The dumbbells I bought goes up to 20lbs

No. 212811

Your optimal weight is when you can do the exercise with good form and it's not too easy. So if you can do 12 reps without issues increase the weight.

You might want to follow a program. If not, 4x8-12 is sort of the standard

No. 212815

I have such a hard time staying motivated with cardio after weightlifting for the targeted areas. Should I just split it into 2 separate workouts in a day? For example, cardio before work, then weights at night?
Or, am I going to hard on the weights, and I need to go lighter on the weight choice?
Also, I just don’t like the gyms cardio area. There’s too many screens. Put me on a trail though? I’m gone for 3-4 miles easy.

No. 212817

You can do cardio right after lifting, as long as you don't do like an hour. Or keep it seperate by days. I always also do a core workout since cardio by itself is not satisfying

No. 212818

Good points. I think I’ll keep them separate for a while and see how that goes. Thanks!

No. 213104

>>204744 from last thread reporting back in.
Diet completely fell off this past month because I went on holiday and then got ill, but I haven't put any weight on at all. Still stuck at 60kg.
Since months of dieting and a month of eating terribly won't change my weight at all, i'm beginning to think that a) there's something wrong with me or b) my food intake isn't affecting my weight at all. Maybe i'll be forced to go to the dreaded gym after all.

No. 213219

File: 1636851288123.jpg (13.19 KB, 655x353, menstruation.jpg)

Nonnies, how has incorporating regular exercise + changing your diet affected your menstrual cycle?

I have a really irregular cycle and my period is usually late like 35-40 days long. This is my second period into this lifestyle and I just started my period 27 days into my cycle. I had a feeling it was coming since I got my telltale chin zit + I was exhausted yesterday but holy shit! I'm ecstatic! I haven't had a cycle that was in the twenties in years. I really hope that this trend continues, I'd really love to have a regular cycle. I have never had one before. When I was thinner due to my disordered eating patterns I'd regularly skip periods or just have them super late. PRAYING THIS ISN'T A ONCE OFF and I get to join the clockwork period club.

No. 213230

girl WHY would you want to have more periods a year. as long as your periods come within the same 3-5 day ish window having them every 35-40 days doesn't seem like a bad thing. irregular periods are a different beast, if I'm understanding your post correctly

No. 213239

they are irregular periods (i've gotten anywhere from 32-44 in the past year) and i've struggled with a lot of hormonal issues in the past such as PMDD. i found that my PMDD was worse when my periods were fluctuating due to stress + undereating so i would rather be regular even though i don't intend to get pregnant for a long time.

No. 213326


Week 2 update!
>SW 158 (Nov 1st)
>GW 130
>CW 155.5
>Progress: 9%

Things that are working
>I lost a pound so I'm still making progress!
>fully stocked healthy fridge helps a lot and has gotten me excited about cooking again
>that smacked cucumber salad is my favorite thing now
>no alcohol has been awesome, I didn't realize how heavy and fuzzy my nightly glass of wine was making me feel
>knowing I was updating this thread and weighing in today kept me motivated to avoid binging on the weekend

Things to improve
>only worked out twice due to period pains and fatigue, I could have done a third workout on the weekend when I felt better
>Couple of sugar fails including eating 4 cupcakes someone left at my house instead of throwing them away in the trash, I threw them away into my body because I didn't even want them lol - not really sure how to fix that
>this week's goal is to take my bedtime routine seriously as my health really hinges on it, and I fell asleep on the couch a few times lol
>NEW RULE: STOP WATCHING FOOD YOUTUBE I tell myself it's to alleviate cravings but it just makes it worse!

Thanks to anyone reading lol, I can't believe I'm 9% of the way to my goal! I kept double checking the math lol. I know the first few pounds feel easy compared to the rest but I truly feel motivated knowing my simple choices are helping me reach my goal.

No. 213335

This was actually a really nice read and has given me some motivation again lol.

>SW 150 (April 3rd)

>GW 100-110
>CW 134

How to:
>Intermittent fasting
>Usually 48 hours
>While fasting, I drink that Mediterranean salt water concoction (I’m sure yall have seen it online)
>While not fasting, eat in a one hour window
>Usually have chicken or salmon, a TON of veggies (mainly broccoli, spinach, kale, carrots, etc), and a sweet/smoothie
>Once or twice a month I eat liver bc is most nutrient dense organ meat. Except I HATE liver so I mix it with ground beef and eat it over quinoa or rice, and then on the side I add veggies/fruit. Also, I’ll have a cup of bone broth soup with an egg or something
>I’ve been fasting regularly enough that I snap back into ketosis by the next morning so I never worry about eating
>Light walking but very rarely honestly
>Get 8 hours of sleep EVERY night, no exceptions
>Avoid weaknesses ie Starbucks fraps, chick fil a, chipotle, coffee etc like the plague
>Also avoid refined sugar bc makes me break out like a motherf*cker
>Weigh myself every morning and use ketosis sticks to see where my ketones are at

IF works very fast. I lost the first 12lb between April and May. However, I stopped dieting and working out from June until a week ago, which is when I lost an extra 5lb. Probably just water weight but whatever. Somehow I maintained just by not eating out, but I’m ready to get back on track again.

>because I’m 5’1 and every extra 5-10 pounds makes me look super heavy
>because my arms are way too big for my age
>because the fat on my face and neck area literally drag my face down and you can barely see my jaw
>because the best I ever looked was when I was fit and ~105lb
>also because I have a narrow (front facing) but wide (if you look at me from the side) rib cage so again, every 5-10lb I’m overweight makes me look compressed
>because I want to be petite and cute again and have my legs not look like albino sausages in sundresses
>because in the past I’ve been very irresponsible money-wise by spending tons of money on food without even realizing it

What I’ve learned:
>Coffee makes me feel like shit no matter what
>not sleeping enough while fasting is a death sentence
>Liver is so disgusting, I hate the taste and texture, but I can get by with the ground beef mixture. It’s super important for me to have it once or twice a month because even though I take supplements every morning, the best stuff comes right from the source in my opinion (ironic since I’m cooking it, but I digress)
>Learned about many different supplements, one of them being lion’s mane which was helped my brain fog during this time
>Also improved my discipline. I think fasting really helped me temper my spending and the urge to get something sweet or fried. I can more easily say no or think to myself “I don’t need this” than before

>fast every other day once I hit my gw
>or just do OMAD
>research about nutrition more and start lifting

It’s weird because I look at pictures friends have taken of me and I swear I can just SEE the potential. It makes me feel so hopeful instead of miserably insecure, like it did before. Now that I’m about 20-25lb closer to my gw, the pounds will slip off slower, most likely a pound or so every two days?

But I’m surprisingly okay with that. I love how nice my skin is now. I love setting boundaries around food, ie not eating until I feel like I’m going to pass out. I never had a binging issue; I just sometimes would overeat because I wasn’t listening to my body’s cues. I love seeing the progress, wearing crop tops, catching glimpses of my abs finally coming back. Also, my bank account isn’t suffering from getting Starbucks every single freaking day.

I’ll check back on this post in a month and hopefully I’ll have stuck to my commitment to finish this once and for all lol

No. 213374

>SW 128
>CW 111
>GW 100

nonningtons I fell off the wagon these past two days. I ate chocolates throughout my shift at work yesterday because our company supplier sent us a huge box of cadburys snacks as a gift, and this evening (after eating healthily all day) I had a bit of a crappy time and ate a pain au raisin, two mochi ice cream balls, and a bar of galaxy. I feel like I've gained all the weight back and I don't know how to keep myself from assuming I've ruined my whole weight loss journey and giving up. tips would be appreciated!

No. 213388

I had uncontrollable PCOS and no discernable cycle (cause pill gives me blood clots, how fortunate) from age of 19 (BMI 26) to like 27 (borderline obese) when I started consistently losing weight and it miraculously reversed itself within 3 months, before I even got to a healthy weight. But I also started getting PMS while I have never ever before. So yeah, gl nonny.

No. 213392

I am finally seeing some changes in regards to my weight so I'm posting here to keep me accountable and the measure my progress.
SW: 194.4
CW: 192.4
GW: 120

I'm keeping to an intake of 1200 calories a day, except on days I work out when I am allowed a little more to allow room for my protein shakes. I don't go overboard though its only an extra 200 calories at most. I am hoping to lose at least 6 pounds by Christmas (if I lose 2 pounds a week then it'll be 10 pounds but I want to give myself some wiggle room). And then try to minimize any weight gain over the Christmas period so I don't undo all my progress and then kick it all back off when I return from my parents' house afterwards.

Next year is going to be the year I get down to a healthy weight. I am determined to make it happen!

No. 213433

It's just one bad eating day anonita dont let it get to you too much. Just pick yourself up and redo your diet again. If the urge to try some snacks get to you I like to take a small piece and then drink lots of water after.

No. 213444

105 at 5'1" is a reasonable goal. But this soundd alarming:
>I love setting boundaries around food, ie not eating until I feel like I’m going to pass out.
After you get to your GW are you going to stoo fasting for 48 hours?
I used to fast for health but I never exceeded 24 hours in a fast, but it was almost too nice of a feeling to have so much control every day.

No. 213579

Hi, so what I mean is that because I’ve been fasting consistently, I get very, very tired if I eat, for example, a bowl from chipotle with extra rice and chicken and chips on the side. Like, I need to rest for a good 30 minutes or take a nap. Obviously this would be a large meal for anyone, but in the past I would feel bad about wasting the food and also wouldn’t make sure if I’m feeling sleepy or not.

I’m going to go to my primary soon to make sure my vitamins and all that are in a normal range (they were about three months ago).

>are you going to fast for 48hrs after GW?

Hellll no. I won’t have enough fat on me to sustain it. Even now, I’m really only like 15-20lb over weight. That’s not a lot of fat so I would never do a 72hr fast. Once I get to my GW I want to either do OMAD or fast every other day. I know that your body kind of “chooses” it’s healthy weight if you just count calories. I like food and don’t want to be a complete skellychan so I really don’t want to push it or anything.

No. 213581

I agree that your body has a certain maintenance weight, and fasting helps reset it. I'm 5'4" 110 lbs, down from 120 lbs without counting calories, just intermittent fasting

No. 213896

I'm extremely unconfident about my Monday weigh in. This week has been so stressful I only walked once and missed my yoga,been sleeping like shit and eating all carbs instead of vegetables like I should.
It's Friday, is it too late to course correct with intermittent fasting and cardio over the weekend? Or will that sudden change just give me water retention?
I'm not trying to lose a bunch in two days I just want to get back on track and hopefully not have gained on Monday.

Also to make up for bumping the thread here's a high protein delicious looking recipe that's floating around TikTok, Ive never tried silken tofu but can't wait to make this! https://drivemehungry.com/silken-tofu-korean-soy/ pic keeps breaking pls no ban for imageboard

No. 213925

File: 1637342008849.jpg (136.69 KB, 800x1200, Hiyayakko-3095-II.jpg)

There's a really similar but unfortunately not vegan Japanese dish that uses katsuobushi (bonito shavings, you can usually find it at Korean grocery stores if there aren't any Japanese ones) instead of gochugaru. It's my go-to starving-but-don't-wanna-cook food, especially in the summer. I recommend having some rice with it or something though, because it's pretty much just a block of protein and nothing else.

I'm slowly creeping up to the goal weight of 120 lbs (54 kg) I set for myself and even though objectively gaining weight is healthy for me I still don't like it one bit. I had a pretty hard relapse this week aka starving myself in a futile attempt to shed two pounds and it's really tanked my focus and motivation to do anything that requires thinking. This happened the last time I got close to 120 lbs, and I fear it's going to become a pattern. I still climb and do climbing-specific training so I know logically I won't get fat if I eat more, but being unnaturally thin has become so tied to my identity at this point that I would feel disgusted and ashamed if people who know me notice I've gained any kind of weight, even if it's just 'wow you look healthier'. This turned into dumb anachan sperging so feel free to bully me anons, I need it.

No. 214124

hello if anyone would like a diet/fitness/exercise/lifting accountability buddy please feel free to add me at babyshaymin#5954 ^^(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 214158

should i quit my intermittent fasting habit? im trying to build muscles + lose fat at the same time and i think i have a decent grasp on nutrition at this point compared to what i was doing back then.

No. 214159

If you can get enough calories then there's no need to

No. 214179

File: 1637519305094.png (325.65 KB, 480x444, cat trolley3.png)

I don't know how to phrase this but I feel like I can't really do any strength training, or exercising in general. Here's my preidcament:
>get into fitness in like 2019
>lose 10kg within a year by changing eating habits and tried to gain some muscle through convict conditioning (in hindsight, I don't think I was gaining any muscle) and 2kg away from underweight
>eventually burn out and stop exercising
>now skinny fat, despite weighing less than I started because of the muscle loss

I know that, when you start weightlifting, it's a period where you can both gain muscle and lose fat. I don't want to waste that period of time on ineffective exercises that don't maximise muscle growth, and that I shouldm't create my own routine, so I shouldn't just follow YT callisthenics routines. But because of this, I have an all or nothing attitude. I don't think I can get enough protein to gain muscle currently because of my financial situation and needing to meal prep but I want to at least do something that I would also find fun because I hate weightlifting and calisthenics, so I was wondering if I should try out pilates, netball, archery and/or swimming at my local clubs. I might want to try out volleyball and/or badminton too, though I'm concerned that they'll exacerbate my skinny-fat-ness

No. 214189

Did anyone ever try to make a meal plan for themselves or something similar?

I'm starting a cut next week or so and I have to eat high protein. Found some nice, easy recipes but fuuuck me cooking high protein while you have dietary restrictions is a nightmare. I just don't want to lose the little muscle I have lol

No. 214199


>I know that, when you start weightlifting, it's a period where you can both gain muscle and lose fat.

That period is always, if your doing strength training while keeping yourself at the same weight you gain muscle and lose fat. It's called recomposition.

>though I'm concerned that they'll exacerbate my skinny-fat-ness

Do the pros in any of those sports look skinny fat to you?

The best form exercise is the one you'll actually do, so you should absolutely look for something you like.
As for the all or nothing thing, yeah if your goal is getting as big as possible then weightlifting is best, but how is that fitness goal any better than wanting to get good at badminton? Weightlifiting fucking sucks for that one.
For me the thing I enjoy most is climbing and it's completely changed my approach to training too, because I'm actually training for something and not just because I feel a vague pressure to "be in shape".

No. 214218

File: 1637553081968.jpg (Spoiler Image, 208.11 KB, 1441x1080, Untitled.jpg)

I'm 5'1, 140 lbs. Despite being overweight I don't eat much and I exercise quite often.
I'm still embarrassed by my stick arms, so if there's any tips from anons here I'd be glad to listen
(had to repost because of unspoilered underboob)

No. 214243


Week 3 update
>SW 158 (Nov 1st)
>GW 130
>CW 155.5 (same as last week)
>Progress: 9%

What's working
>I didn't gain… Yay? Having this update in the back of my mind is really helping my accountability, because I promised I would update even if I didn't have good results to share. Normally I would quit altogether after that stressful week full of bad habits so I'm glad I refocused and kept going
>did an intense cardio class on the weekend and man I forgot how good it feels to workout to your max. Can't wait to work on my fitness more!
>still loving the no alcohol rule. I was out a few times last week and wasn't even tempted

What's not working
>like I said here >>213896 last week was super stressful so my self care went out the window, I didn't go totally wild but definitely wasn't healthy eating like I want to be. To be more mindful I'm going to follow a quick guided meditation every morning to remind me of my goals. I'll post when I've found a good one to follow!

I have a busy few weeks coming up because my family is hosting a big reunion, it's exciting because I haven't seen much of my extended family since before quarantine but it means my normal routine is out the window. On one hand there will be a lot of walking, activities and I certainly won't be bored lol. But on the other hand, lots of eating out and pressure to drink and "treat myself". So I think the mindfulness will be extra important, and taking time to myself to not get too wound up by family lol. Wish me luck, hopefully I'll have good news for next week's weigh in!

No. 214251

>SW/CW: 57kg
>GW: 52kg but mostly just to not gain more weight and get my diet in order

I’ve gained 10kg in a relatively short period and while I’m not super unhappy in my current body, I definitely will be soon if I keep gaining. I’m also moving in with my partner next year and my partner has a shit diet so it’s a good time for me to get some good habits back and stick to them.

How I’m gonna do it:
>less snacks, I work from home now and I’m constantly snacking which is bad
>to help with above, intermittent fasting which i’ve done before and really liked, not just as a way to lose weight but also just generally made me feel better
>only allowed to order food once a week
>probably counting calories. it works really well for me but I feel that it’s v time consuming which is why I don’t love it lol

I hate all exercise so focusing on diet but hopefully adding some at home workouts into the mix when I have the time and energy

No. 214255

I have so much trouble sticking to fasting. I lost and maintained my weight at 18:6 but I can't even managed a 12 hour fast anymore. There's a disconnect between my mind and stomach. Advice?

No. 214256

what kind of diet do you have? you could be snacking on the side and your exercise might not be enough. kind of exercises do you do? is it mainly cardio or do you do some strength training too?

if you do wanna get a body like that focus on strength and do cardio thats short but explosive. and your food should be high in protein, veggies and some carbs. I dont like counting calories lmao but the way i measure it is just have a whole ass plate of veggies, lean meat thats the size of my hand and just a spoonful of rice (white or brown)

good luck out there anon! i hope other anons can give a much better advice than mine

No. 214258

Stop trying to fast if it's not working for you. Eat low cal food through the day or high protein to dtay full longer.

No. 214396

shorties (like around 5'2, or smaller) at what weight do you start looking chubby. i'm not sure if BMI works well for setting goals when you're below average height.

No. 214399

Bmi is garbage for setting goals unless you're maybe overweight and need the motivation

No. 214402

That depends a lot on bone structure and other factors as well. Not everyone is the same. There are people with smaller bones than others.

No. 214410

5' here, I'd say 115-120+ personally

No. 214494

I'm coming to terms with the fact that I have a food addiction and not just normal overeating. It's hard to find peers for this online; all of the forums I've browsed around the issue have primarily people who nonstop crave and gorge on specifically fast food or processed food.
I eat wholesome homemade food with lots of veggies, protein, and complex carbs; the trouble is that I center my life around it, get too excited for it, and rather than eating to my TDEE I eat until I'm over full.

I literally can't think about anything but my homemade meals until my stomach is physically filled to the brim. I've tried to distract myself with journaling, gaming, exercising, hiking, etc. but I'm always thinking of food during it.

I successfully lost a lot weight several years ago just by doing "keto'; I started at 5'7" and 165, got down to 130, and kept it off for a couple years until an overnight office job where I worked alone got me in a position where I ate for comfort.

Now I've ballooned to 180. Photos of me make me absolutely cringe and I ache in my joints a lot. I love how it felt and looked to be skinny. Everyone was nicer to me and I had a great body image.

The problem is just choosing to suffer daily for at least 6 months to get back there, and then eating at a low TDEE (approx. 1300-1500 calories/day) forever. It's really daunting, choosing between eating what I want but staying in whale mode, or looking how I want but forever "undereating" to stay there.

I didn't mean to make this into a pity party, but I like the lolcow community's input and feedback, and feel like I can't relate to the sentiment of other "food addicts" on reddit (mcdonalds daily doordash neckbeards) and facebook (lil debbie gorging suburban moms). I hope to hear from other folks who had a food addiction of having to eat until more than full, and overcame it.

No. 214497

5'0 as well and feel like I look skelly at 115, at 130+ is when I start looking chubby. I also naturally gain muscle easy

No. 214502

I’m 5ft tall and start looking chunky at anything over 120, I stay just under or right at 120 and look great imo

No. 214503

That sucks so bad, it really makes it harder bc you’re already eating healthfully and have good dietary habits, but food addiction gets in the way. I can relate—I’ve never gotten very heavy, heaviest 139lbs at 5ft tall, but I gained all that eating homemade food. I had the mentality that as long as it’s not takeout, I can eat way more. I don’t know if I have advice considering all that you’ve already tried and do, and I sympathize with TDEE being low and having to adhere to that being torturous. Maybe try working out? Find a type of exercise you like, and at least offset it in that way. It’s an additional healthy habit that might naturally work into wanting to eat better/less as well—I’ve had success with that. Good luck nonny. You’re gonna get through it

No. 214504

Yoooo nonnie I used to be a food addict cum anachan. They’re two sides of the same shit coin tbh. Took a lot of analysing what food was replacing and then recontextualising the food as a necessity, rather than my source of comfort (zoning out during a binge, the comforting dopamine hit sugar gives etc etc)

So like, a pattern was to binge carbs when I was sad. To break that habit, I changed the conditions I’d eat the food in. Started by eating toast only on a Sunday morning, outside in the garden. Turned it into a pleasant ritual that focussed less on the eating and more on the environment I ate in, and found more comfort in the being outside than the toast.

It’s like a pothead needing to dump their loser friends to stop smoking. You gotta dump the context you do the addict behaviour in and it’s easier to control the behaviour.

No. 214505

It's it possible to have a decent body doing calisthenics or would I actually need to do weight training?

No. 214506

File: 1637722053271.jpg (193.68 KB, 717x984, main-qimg-bf8d428cc60672189943…)

Depends on what you mean by decent, but if you're going for lean and sculpted it's definitely achievable without weight training. Aerobics and pilates instructors always have great bodies, so that might be something you could explore.

No. 214524

>I changed the conditions I’d eat the food in. Started by eating toast only on a Sunday morning, outside in the garden. Turned it into a pleasant ritual that focussed less on the eating and more on the environment I ate in, and found more comfort in the being outside than the toast.
I love this, it's an idea I've been playing with myself lately. I'm sick of the binge restrict cycle, at this point I'd rather just be normal with food and average weight than skinny, stressed, and guaranteed to gain it back anyway.

I bought a chair and table for my balcony recently, it's really nice out there. I might use that as a ritual spot for eating.

No. 214527

It’s really nice, but it does take a bit of discipline to keep yourself focusing on the pleasantness of the entire experience and not just one aspect. I know mindfulness is thrown around like confetti at a wedding but it’s legit when you’re trying to learn how to respond to hunger cues instead of emotional hunger.
You’ll get the hang of it with practice, just a lot of ‘this is nice..this is good..I might have another slice or I might not and that’s good, mmmmhmmm sunshine is nice and that plant is great so nice’ and you’ll drive yourself nuts at times, but you can absolutely change your relationship with food for the better.
Hope it helps you!!

No. 214533

ayrt that's interesting! i'd be interested to see the differences in our bodies
it was really helpful for perspective to see women with similar heights to ours on mybodygallery.com

No. 214535

I need advice on how to lose some weight.

I’m 5’4”, and weigh approximately 130-134lbs. Despite rarely consuming sugar, junk food, and other things my weight doesn’t go down. It only goes down when I'm practically starving myself..and lowest I’ve gone is 126lbs by doing that. But obviously I don’t want to starve myself every day.

Any advice would be appreciated

No. 214555

File: 1637758990418.png (51.52 KB, 800x600, 6545645654645.png)

I've been exercising everyday (30 minutes each, and this is my 4th day) and only eat meat or fish dishes and veggies (I get my carbs from veg too and avoid rice and bread because sadly, I bloat when I eat some) I've also been avoiding sugar, and milk (lactose intolerant) for now. I'll eat some in regulation when I finally reach my 1 month goal of exercising regularly because from the past week and months, I basically ate junk almost 5 times a week and my life's gotten pretty boring, kind of depressing, and I feel grumpy all the time so I decided to actually tone and lose some weight.

I was 127 pounds (I'm a 4'11 midget kek) and today I'm now 122. I'm worried that I might be losing weight too quickly? Or is it hopefully just water weight from the bloating last week? I've never experienced dizziness or fatigue, If anything I feel more energized, wake up earlier without an alarm and I make sure to feel full when I eat. Did any other anon experience this too? Please do tell if you've also had this experience.

Anyways, I wish to have a nice and peaceful weightloss journey and so far everything's going way too well. Thankfully once I've stopped eating sugary junk, the craving feeling went away! It's a really big help to my plan for improving my health.

No. 214560

Yes it's water weight! You've made drastic changes on your eating habits so it's normal, don't worry. If you want to supervise even more your weight loss to make sure you aren't losing too much weight too soon, start measuring body parts (like the waist, the legs, the hips) everyday (or just often) before having breakfast. You can even try to measure and calculate your body fat percentage on your own, which is more reliable than weight and BMI. Look it up for more detailed descriptions.
Congrats for the changes and hope everything goes well!
Seems like your metabolism is slow. Sometimes eating few calories contributes to that, there are many ways to activate your metabolism, I'd try that. A lot of people have had success by doing intermittent fasting but you have to make sure to eat healthy and well when you break your fast. On another note, are you exercising? It's important to move to burn more calories, HIIT sessions and bodyweight/lifting exercises also help with metabolism because it helps you burn more calories even when resting. Hope it helps and you find a solution!

No. 214593

I've heard of calculating body fat percentage, And would like to give that a try, cause measuring body parts lowkey confuses me lol. I'd definitely look into that. Thanks a lot, I really appreciate the advice and encouragement!

No. 214620

do any of you ladies have the most frustrating period when it comes to weight loss? i need to give it another few months to confirm this is definitely happening but i seem to dehydrate before or at the start of my period then balloon up within a few days with my weight staying high for WEEKS afterwards. it sucks because i hit my lowest weight and i'm like congratulating myself on doing something right only for it to appear to be a lie.

and this doesn't seem to matter whether or not i restrict or i overeat/eat at maintenance, my weight fluctuates like this either way.

the data science fag in me wants to weigh myself everyday since i love collecting data but my body going SIKE like this makes it so frustrating. i wish i was like most women where they bloat at the start and then it disappears within a few days/when their period is over. my period ended a week ago and i'm still higher than my lowest.

also, i fucked myself over with overtraining since i was enjoying exercise too much which was also a pretty big damper on my mood. don't do what i do and ease yourself into it no matter how much you love working out. having to have days where your physical activity is limited to the most minimal strength exercises, stretches, foam rolling and walking SUCKS.

No. 214643

I'm not sure where to put this, but I've lost nearly 20 kilograms over 2-3 years now and I still look kinda chubby sometimes, and I realized at this point it's mainly because of loose skin. Sometimes it makes me hate myself and cry thinking that no one will ever want to touch me or will be disgusted. I feel like I'm deceiving people because for the most part I look normal. I guess at this point the best thing I could do for my self-confidence is to work out and try to gain muscles.

No. 214842

I'm starting a cut on Monday and am overthinking lol

Do I eat back the calories I burned from a workout?

No. 214908

No. Then you’d be eating at maintenance and not in a cut. Generally you want to eat fewer calories than you burn during a cut.

No. 215009

>joined free trial of Noom thinking it was bullshit
>really liked the interface and calorie tracking more than mfp, was surprised
>lost 14 pounds in a month and its still going and I like vegetables who the fuck am I

No. 215057


i'm interested in trying noom, do you have any tips or tricks for how to make it work for you? i'm a bit nervous trying a program, since i've usually done weight loss by just manual calorie counting/making my own workout routines. i'm curious if structure could help me lose my quarantine weight faster though.

No. 215136

In a weird way, the red/yellow/green segments of my daily calories is helpful. I thought it was a total gimmick paying for a weight loss app, and tbf I still do, but the fact I'm paying for it actually really motivates me to stick with it and not fuck it up. If you try to cancel after the free trial it'll offer you a flat price of like 20 a month. It also has a lot of really good recipes and the learning/reading of it is good enough, kind of forces you to acknowledge why you're binging and that it isn't making you happy.

Have you already used the likes of my fitness pal? You might find a generic calorie counting free app is fine enough, and I don't want to encourage you to blow your money on Noom in case you don't like it, but you should totally try the free trial if you can! It took a week or 2 of me really trying to stick to it and I stopped craving shit. If you try it I really hope it helps you too.

No. 215258


I have tried my fitness pal and using lose it right now, but doing it all myself has been slow so i'm wondering if something guided might help me more. The extra lessons and recipes are also intriguing since I'm good at being active but the nutrition side of things I think hold me up. Thanks for the additional info, i'm gonna give it a try!

No. 215403

fuck holy shit i followed this method of portioning out food and I've lost 4 lbs. this shit is life changing i never have to calculate shit ever again

No. 215427

File: 1638302376127.png (122.66 KB, 414x407, image_2021-11-30_195928.png)

me again, i've just been on another holiday where i barely ate anything for over a week (im never hungry when i travel) and the scales still haven't budged from 60kg. i've noticed that even when i've clearly got a lot of water weight, i'm still never more than 60kg. never more, never less.

i'm losing my shit nonnas, the scales aren't broken or anything. think im going to have to REALLY change up my diet to see any progress, and probably start working out too.

the problem with changing my diet is that i'm 90% sure i have ARFID - not a super extreme case, but i absolutely hate certain types of foods based on texture and taste (cant stand most squishy or liquid-y things), and i also absolutely hate trying new foods (although i suppose that's unavoidable!) the only foods I'm not fussy with are meats and breads, which would be great if i were a medieval peasant, but its not so great for slimming down.

if anybody has any advice, i would be very very grateful.

No. 215459

Meat and bread is ok, so long as the bread is portioned out and you pair it up with lots of veggies. Try making some chicken wraps with whole wheat tortilla wraps. Aside from that, I do think you may need to switch up your diet. Try new foods and don't eat too little, you'll end up binging that way.

As much as possible anon, cook for yourself. If you're feeling a bit lazy you can always just steam your veggies and meat and have some carbs on the side (brown rice,etc) If youre having trouble counting calories or portioning them out, you can follow this >>211555. Ive been doing it for a few months now and its working well for me.

Lastly, if you dont want to hit the gym, youtube has a ton of workouts you can follow. Start with low impact ones and then shift to HIIT ones once you feel the need to push it more.

Good luck anon!

No. 215502

File: 1638335922863.jpg (268.4 KB, 1024x682, istockphoto-945155258-1024x102…)

Height: 5'1
SW: 165 lbs
CW: 160 lbs
GW: 120 lbs
Hi nonnas, I'm someone who's also dealing with some form of food addiction like >>214494. I was a normal weight up until 5 years ago, when changes in my personal life led to me resorting to binge eating for comfort, as well as stopping any sports I did. Earlier this year I'd had enough of feeling lethargic all the time. A wakeup call came when I calculated my BMI and realized I was almost obese (something that I never thought I would be). I began going to hour long karate classes twice a week shortly after, but didn't change the way I ate. In fact, I ended up using food as a reward and started to eat more to compensate for 'burning it all off'. I only started changing the way I eat back in May, losing 5 lbs in a month by keeping to 1200 cals a day before I had family over. I ended up eating very unhealthily (though rarely overeating) with family visiting, as we show our affection through food and all of us are foodies who enjoy cooking. I stopped logging what I ate after this.

Earlier this month I had to take a trip, something which usually triggers my want to eat a lot (and unhealthily). Though I ate less healthy than ideal due to the options available, I kept within 1200-1600 cals a day, which is a big triumph for me. This also marked the first week in a while that I logged my food. However, the second I came back home I started to excessively snack on very unhealthy things, as if I was making up for the amount of food I missed eating during the trip.

I've noticed that I think of food in a more opportunistic way, in which I will take any chance I get to eat something yummy simply because I might not be able to try that specific thing again or regular ol' FOMO. Once I slip up a single time I'll just give up on the whole thing and stop logging my food. However, while restricting my intake earlier this year I did learn that you can still eat the things you like as long as you do so in moderation, and that many of my favorite foods were already pretty healthy. This is something I'll keep in mind.

I'm returning to work (and therefore seeing people) at the end of January. I want to be around 140 before I go back (130 is when I stop looking chubby at my height to answer >>214396), and yes, I know this will be very hard to do. I'm accepting the fact that I probably will not reach this, but am happy that I will end up working towards that goal.

Keeping in mind that I've (for the most part) reigned in my tendency to overeat on the daily, I now want to focus on my relationship to food. I'm going to do this by in part by practicing self discipline through working up to water fasting for 3-7 days at a time and taking advice from >>214504, changing the way (or where) I eat food inbetween fasts and still sticking to 1200-1400 cals since it wasn't too tough for me to manage. I will also amp up the exercising I do, since I enjoy walking I will try to get over 10k steps most days.

I'm also say that what I'm doing definitely is not for everyone, especially anachans (who I also wish the best of luck to in reaching their goals). Checking in at around the 24 hour mark for the first day of my water fast, the hunger pangs started getting strong at around midday. They became nearly unbearable at around 4pm and worse again 7pm, but since then they have nonexistent or mild. I've had no other side effects such as dizziness or headaches yet. I'm not doing a totally clean water fast, as I'm still drinking black coffee and green teas. I was originally planning to only fast for today since it is my first time, but I have heard it gets better the second day. If I can tolerate it I will max out at 4/5 days, since I have another trip then (which will also test my discipline with not overeating/food FOMO). I also made sure to put a bit (about half a teaspoon) of salt in my water to make up for what you lose throughout the day, I plan on buying some potassium chloride and magnesium when I can. I'll be sure to check in again tomorrow for accountability, sorry for the long post!

No. 215621

Hey nonnas, I'm back for my 48 hour checkup on my water fasting. I got some MiO water flavoring that has no sugar in it for electrolytes (and because I'm sick of only tasting plain water and salt). It's been pretty rough at points today, though the hunger pangs themselves have been milder the mental want to cave in to eat food just for the sake of it has been hellish. My friend brought over homecooked fried rice and it killed me to turn it down, but I stayed strong.

I have felt a bit weak today, but I have no dizziness or headaches (maybe because I've been keeping my sodium/electrolytes up). However, when I woke up today and weighed myself I was 166.7 lbs, so I must have gained weight in the few months I wasn't tracking…
The good news is that I weighed myself again today and was 164.2 lbs, maybe by the end of this I can look similar to how I did at the start of the summer, even if I gain back water weight I've already noticed my stomach is flatter so the fat must be burning by now.

Best of luck to all the nonnas in the thread once again!

No. 215729

File: 1638485868846.jpeg (88.4 KB, 564x836, 4104ABAF-8382-490C-9FA6-77E9D7…)

any advice for overcoming gymtimidation? i got a gym membership & really want to get into lifting weights. i’m kinda broke so i can’t afford a personal trainer just yet, but i’ve got a program set up & know what i want to do in the gym (free weights, machines, etc)

i just get so panicked and intimidated when it actually comes time to do anything. there are so many exceptionally fit-looking people and muscular guys in my gym & i feel like i’m going to embarrass myself so badly in front of everyone being a beginner at all this. i’ve used some dumbbells & machines but i want to move on to a hip thrust machine & smith machine so i can really start adding serious weight and getting into the major lifts.

how long does it take to get over the fear in the gym?

No. 215731

Everybody has to start somewhere and you don't have to prove anything to them. Just focus on getting in a good workout and don't worry about other people. Watch YouTube videos on proper form and technique so you're less likely to feel like you don't know what you're doing.

No. 215752

Today I bought raspberries instead of candy!!!!
And I made chicken lettuce wraps instead of frozen pizza.
Feeling really good after losing pregnancy weight. Sending vibes nonnas

No. 215756

If possible, I'm a big advocate for setting up a home gym. Even when I don't get self conscious, which took about a month of 3-4x/wk for me, I still had to deal with moids who couldn't mind their fucking business. I literally stopped going after one kept coming over to my space uninvited to "correct" my form and got offended when I told him to go away. Anyway, try the gym. But know you can always quit it if it isn't for you.

No. 215757

Admittedly, I haven’t gone to the gym in a while, but it’s so annoying when I’m doing a machine or squats or something and then someone comes over and “corrects” my form or tells me I’m doing it wrong. I tried lifting weights once a while ago and of course some guy comes over and is like “haha you seem pretty new, that’s not the right way to do it!” They’re usually pretty nice about it, but goddamn I just want to work out and learn at my own slow autistic pace. It’s so frustrating when you’re a newbie to have people watching you and recognizing that you’re new, offering unsolicited advice. I feel like a jerk if I say no thank you (because I really do have shitty form I’m sure) but also feel awkward to know I’m being watched so closely, it makes me even more awkward and stupid and not want to work out to avoid the interaction.

My advice is just to do easy shit at first, like the treadmill or bicycle. Having people run over to me like “no no no, not like that!” is so anxiety inducing to me. And yes, I know I’m a dumbass, I just hate it because I feel judged and laughed at.

No. 215776

have any of you nonnas tried the stronglift 5x5? i enrolled in a gym again after so long and I got tired of my dumbbells. itching to follow this instead of randomly guessing whatever the fuck im doing

i fucking feel this so much but anon just do it. start with light weight warm ups and stretch and go use the free weights right after. if someone goes out and corrects you, don't feel embarrassed. they're doing it to help you and it will improve your form.

No. 215789

File: 1638534782284.jpeg (238.25 KB, 850x1062, 7B16FC2F-E7F7-4B0B-AF88-8C084A…)

anon who’s scared of the gym reporting back in

first off, it’s nice to hear from so many other anons who lift weights and feel the same awkwardness/intimidation. i feel less silly and alone. today i went into the gym, grabbed a secluded corner and banged out some back squats, hip thrusts, & weighted lunges. then went to the machines and did some stuff there.

i think i’m gonna email the gym and ask if they have a trainer who can demonstrate how to use the squat rack machines etc just so i don’t feel so clueless.

>I feel like a jerk if I say no thank you (because I really do have shitty form I’m sure) but also feel awkward to know I’m being watched so closely, it makes me even more awkward and stupid and not want to work out to avoid the interaction.

relatable, i hate the feeling of being “perceived” in the gym. it makes me panic. if only there were a women-only gym near me. at least with other women in the gym i don’t worry that they’re looking down on me or ogling my ass or whatever

No. 215790

meant to reply to >>215757

No. 216347

Week 4/5 update

I have no weigh in stats but I promise I'm a fat fuck lmao, we have my aunts whole family crammed into our one bathroom house and when I say there's no privacy, I mean I can't take a shit in peace let alone weigh myself without it becoming a family drama when they discover that I'm trying to lose weight.
I have been drinking EVERY DAY because I get fomo in the evenings and I am so burned out on socializing I have zero willpower. They also brought their giant untrained dog so I can't even take a walk without my aunt insisting I take the dog with me and I can't control this animal when it can knock me over by pulling on its leash so hard.
I am hiding in "my" room pretending to sleep just to stay sane lol. I miss yoga classes too because we've been busy showing the family tourist attractions around our city.
This morning I couldn't deal with being in the crowded kitchen long enough to make oatmeal, and everyone commenting on my food choices,so I just took a bar of chocolate and went back to bed,then realized I need to update this thread so I don't completely spiral into bingeing until new year. is this reunion giving me autism?
It's hard to remember my own goals and needs when I am totally reverted into sulky teen mode around my family. Things will get back to normal in a week but I want to feel more in control now.
What to focus on:
>No snacking, only water between meals
>fill up plate with vegetables when available, if not then small portions and no seconds
>Take water on outings so I don't get hungry and buy snacks
>Take my anti-anxiety medication because I fucking need it, instead of trying to power through and then self medicating with food and booze
>only ONE drink per night, make it last, and that counts as dessert
>busy myself with chores to get some alone time without lying completely sedentary in bed
>do a few minutes of squats or lunges in the bathroom after peeing but before flushing lol, this is starting to sound like anachan shit but I swear this is a weird situation and I would normally just exercise in my room but it's covered in cots for guests to sleep in and like I said there's zero privacy
I know I have probably gained several pounds but I will make the most out of this situation, if I reel myself in now I can minimize the damage and it will be easier to get on track when life gets back to normal.
I want to feel healthy and comfortable in my body. I can make good choices today!

No. 216372

File: 1638897194715.png (226.65 KB, 324x444, me.png)

I started working out at home in April and I'm definitely more muscular but I also started eating more.

I need to eat healthier. I gained 22 pounds in two years. My BMI is fine and my stomach is flat but I feel like shit. I don't look fat but it's slowly getting worse. I'm afraid of being fat.

How do I know if I'm fat or at a healthy weight? I tried to calculate my body fat and it gives me horrible result.

No. 216373

What is your height and weight? If you have a wide/large bone structure, you probably carry weight better.

No. 216376

I'm 5'7 for 154 lbs, so a BMI of 24 which is only one point away from being overweight. I had to buy new clothes so maybe I can't see how fat I'm since the clothes fit? Even if I gained some fat, I can see my muscles but it can't only be muscles and little bit of fat. The BMI wouldn't be so bad? It's killing me.

No. 216393

hello everyone, i am also joining this thread.
i've been trying to lose weight since 2018 with no success. In 2017 i was at a high normal/barely overweight range of around 24-25 bmi. i lost a lot of weight in a pretty short amount of time, around 40 lbs in 3 months, and i was the thinnest i had ever been. it would've been great for it to stay that way if i hadn't gained all the weight back and much more.
right now i am probably sitting at around 180lbs at 5'3 but honestly i am too scared to check right now. my last highest weight was 170lbs but that was a couple months ago when i last weighed myself and i am sure i have surpassed that number because i feel a bit heavier.
i have been yo-yoing back and forth these past 3, almost 4 years and my lowest weight since the time i gained all my weight back was 140lbs in august of 2019. when i look back at videos of myself at that range i don't think i look too bad at all. at the time i thought i still looked fat but now that i look back at it i feel i was pretty cute.
well enough of the sob story, it is 9pm right now and i am starting now, not at midnight. i will come give an update in this thread every week. i will start weighing myself starting january 1st because i think focusing on the number at this point will do nothing productive.

my main goals are:
>drink more water
>eat more vegetables/fruits and whole foods in general instead of just processed stuff like protein bars (which i consume way too many of)
>limit calorie intake, but don't think it's the end of the world if you go over it sometimes
>walk as much as possible and do yoga 2x a week

wish me luck nonas. i've tried this many times but i feel this time around it will be different. just a feeling in my bonesss

No. 216413

File: 1638920529256.jpg (212.53 KB, 480x640, 1631731125026.jpg)

Hey. Not going to weigh myself.
>//Beginning Of The Month//
>i feel and look softer.
>muscles are only slightly defined.
>not flabby but my under arms jiggle more. noticeably

>/No longer eating in the bedroom

>/Started HIT cardio again
>/Will go out tomorrow for a 1 hour wandering walk
>/Finished my period yesterday, no cravings this time around
>/Past few days I have been more mindful of what food I ingest

Okay, now focus on something else.

No. 216744

Howdy. It's me, the food addict admission nonnie. It's been 16 days since posted to this thread and I've lots 6 pounds. Most of that is from water weight ofc, but daily weigh-ins are showing a steady -0.2 pound/day.

It was extremely rough the first few days, feeling so hungry because my stomach was "empty", and craving the experience of food. I addressed that I was emotionally connected with my homemade favorites, and that I have to replace that with something healthier.

In the past week or so, I've lost interest in food and only eat because I have to. I genuinely hope that trend continues, because that's how a normal person should feel about food with the exception of special occasions.

I'm really excited that, if I continue this discipline, I'll be at my goal weight by my birthday. I have a whole 45 pounds to lose, and I've decided to get another tattoo for each 15 I lose, as my silly little treat.

I'm happy to be returning to this thread with a more optimistic mindset instead of feeling hopeless. I'll keep checking in, my sweet nonnies. I hope the others in this thread are working towards a positive and optimistic direction from here on as well.

No. 216800

File: 1639156975935.jpg (1.79 KB, 125x125, 16305058539.jpg)

>I'm happy to be returning to this thread with a more optimistic mindset instead of feeling hopeless.
I love u nonna, and wish for you all the strength!

No. 216882

File: 1639219118648.jpg (33.4 KB, 510x680, Tumblr_l_1568641992663376.jpg)

I'm visibly leaning out but the scale is not really moving. I thought I'd lose at least 1kg in 2 weeks but it doesn't seem to be happening? Not like I need to lose weight, but I'm confuse that I actually seem to be losing just fat?

No. 216895

>have any of you nonnas tried the stronglift 5x5?
Yes, as my first lifting program. It's good. It's pretty much a copy of the Starting Strength program but doing rows instead of power cleans. I was scared to do power cleans so that's why I did SL instead of SS.
On either of these programs you will make really good progress. You should definitely do it.

No. 216936

File: 1639253980952.jpg (8.84 KB, 320x229, ugps8elnrwp71.jpg)

>want to lose at least 10 lbs

i gained some weight i don't like due to covid stress-indulging and starting new medications. i've been slacking on exercise. i have been getting way too much fast food and ordering grubhub. plan is:

>absolutely no fast food except maybe once a month

>absolutely no more grubhub. delete account
>no more snacking at home unless it's healthy. throw out all sweets (done), replace with fruits and low cal salty snacks to sate cravings
>exercise more. no more weekends spent procrastinating on it

most of this stuff i was already doing, but i slacked hard over the past 2 years.

No. 216937

muscle can weigh as much if not more than fat. try to look at overall appearance more than the numbers

No. 216962

Can I post body for progress?

No. 216976

This is a good thing nonny!
You should take your body measurements to see how your body is changing. Muscle weighs more than fat, and having muscle is so good and healthy for your body.

No. 217345

formerly disordered anon here and i just wanted to share a recent victory. i hope this inspires someone who may be struggling. but focusing on exercising has just let me completely let go of focusing on calorie restriction. i do have a vague idea of how many calories are in what i eat but i have a reasonable idea of portion sizes + have figured out how to eat intuitively.
last night i was struggling with my mental health and just didn't have the appetite or energy to make dinner for myself. i understood that skipping dinner even though i'm not hungry would affect how much energy i would have for my workout tomorrow so i ate a protein bar. it's not ideal but it's way better than just skipping dinner altogether. i really think i've come leaps and bounds when it comes to how i view food. it's something that gives me energy and helps me make progress on my fitness goals.
my heart is with any nonas struggling. love you all.

No. 218430

Week 8 update
SW 158 (Nov 1st)
>GW 130
>CW 157.5
>Progress: 1%

OK so as I predicted, I gained and wrecked almost all my progress in the last few weeks, but I'm surprised I didn't go over my SW. Things are back to normal at home (thus the weigh in with actual numbers!) so I'm confident I can get back on track. My method was working so I'm going to recommit to the rules.
>Vegetables with every meal
>Water instead of soda/alcohol and fruits instead of chocolate
>Exercise 3x week, I have been building my fitness so more confident about increasing intensity
My stress levels are also lowering as work calms down in the run up to Christmas, so that's cool. Can't believe there are only ten days left of the year! My short term goal
>Feel calm and on track on January 1st instead of hungover and desperate for salad lol

No. 218431

So I gained 17 pounds in a month, going from 133 to 147, very ashamed of myself and now I'm working on fixing this. I know that sounds insane, spent the entire month just shoving trash in my mouth while recovering from an operation and finishing up my final courses of university. I'll try to get back on track through keto, alternative day fasting, and burning 500 calories a day through exercise.

No. 218452

File: 1640027262802.jpg (44.08 KB, 750x748, FF3jHJmVIAENwzG.jpg)

Nonnies, at about what stage of your fitness journey did you really start seeing major results? For the past two months I've been going to the gym 4-5 days a week, eating better, and just being overall more health-conscious. Having no money to splurge on fast food has helped too, but even though I feel and look better the scale doesn't really reflect that IMO? I'm about to get off my birth control and could that help losing some lbs too?

No. 218484

you are bad at math

No. 218488

>you are bad at math
I actually gained 17 pounds, I went from 133 to 150 but when I posted that I was 147, now I'm 144. My weight fluctuates so much, hopefully, I can get back down to 133 by the end of the month through implementing my strict diet measurements.

No. 218489

prolly shouldve wrote 14 pounds tho

No. 218492

How often do you measure weight?

No. 218521

Probably twice a day

No. 218607

File: 1640108678625.jpg (29.8 KB, 612x408, happy.jpg)

I started working out again after a short break. I was too tired to do anything for the last two weeks. My weight is the same as last month but my body looks great. A friend of mine said that I look cute and buff. The new year is in less than two weeks and I'm satisfied with my progress.

It's normal that the scale doesn't reflect your progress after two months. You are going in the right direction if you are feeling better. If I was you, I would continue working out and eating healthier and then if you are still unhappy, then you could start counting calories and see if you are overeating. Don't stress yourself too much, not everything can be perfect from the start. I'm only seeing how much my body changed after six months of strength training. Don't forget to take pictures so you can see how your body is changing.

No. 218776

Lost 60lbs but still feeling weak so I’ve decided to start lifting. Currently only at 5lbs dumbbells but I have weights coming that scale up. I’m wondering if anyone has any YouTube recommendations for beginner level hiit and strength? Or anything that’s purpose is to tone specific areas (like legs, butt and stomach) would be great?
And does anyone have milder forms of abdominal exercises? I’m concerned about going too hard with that type of thing again because last time it caused some issues (I probably overdid it last time but it’s freaked me out ever since so I want to ease back in).

No. 218778

I know this is a couple days old but are you getting enough sleep? I notice months where my sleep schedule is garbage I seem to retain all this water and shit and the moment I start sleeping better and stop paying attention to the scales I lose 10lbs. I was so upset because my weight kept hovering and fluctuating and I knew I was putting in the work and counting my calories, I was spitting mad honestly lol but then I just ignored the scales and now I weigh myself like once a month. Even then I don’t take the number too seriously (I gain like 5-7lbs every time I have my period).
I measure my success now by how much I can lift, how many reps I can do and how long I can run now vs how long I could run when I started.

No. 218821

I like Anna Engelschall (growingannanas), she has HIIT both with and without weights and you can use whatever amount is manageable for you. There is a range of lower/upper/full body stuff so you can segment your workouts. Not really sure on ab recs, most ab-specific workouts are only like 10-15 min in the first place so it should be tough to overdo it. What happened that concerned you the last time?

No. 218822

It sounds like you are seeing results?
>I feel and look better
That's pretty much all that matters. You may not weigh any different because you've dropped fat but gained muscle (which actually weighs more than fat). A better way to judge is to take your measurements. Typically you might not lose weight but your measurements will go down as you get leaner.

No. 219114

So I’ve put on over 10kg since the pandemic started. I’m 165cm and used to be 52kg, I’m now 65kg… it also doesn’t help that I graduated at the end of 2019 and since 2020 have also been working full time in a stationary job. I eat relatively healthy, I don’t have the same active lifestyle I used to have when I was studying (I used to walk and cycle everywhere). This week I found an outdoor gym in a quiet park on my ride home and I tried using some of the equipment. I’m hoping that if I do 30 minutes every second day I can ease myself back into fitness and drop some of the weight.

No. 219948

People really don't talk about how easy it is to blow up in just a couple of months once you're in your early-mid 20s. I've gained 20 lbs since September and it's very surprising because it doesn't /feel/ like I drastically changed my diet all that much, just a little more takeout, going out for drinks, snacking etc. I gained 10 lbs my freshman year but I was going hard on pizza and beer and weed back then so it made sense. This time I hadn't even realized until multiple relatives pointed it out to me at Christmas.

No. 219991

in 2022 i'm actually gonna start losing weight the healthy way and exercising. for the past few years i've either been eating nothing or eating like there's no tomorrow which ultimately led me to maintain weight in an overweight range. i will finally get healthy the right way! good luck to all of you nonas as well, hopefully next year will be a good year for us and our goals come true

No. 220044

Hey guys, updating after some silence. I’ve lost more weight but haven’t checked the scale in a while… avoiding the ED Slip up, and also working different goals. I’m wearing a smaller jean size! My bras are looser in the bands, and my bf has commented on the weight loss accenting my booty (hell yeah).
I also see it in my face and arms, and I’m starting to feel like who I was before my brother died.
I’m still going to the gym, but I also got a new job and it’s in retail, specifically produce. I love it. Surrounded by fruits and veggies all day, cardio and lifting. I walk a minimum of 5 miles a shift, so it’s doing wonders for my mood too.
Once I go down another Jean size I may weigh, but now I’m in the groove it doesn’t feel so impactful anymore.
Hope all the nonnies have a solid start in the new year! Also, please wash all fruits and veggies you purchase. They have been touched by so many people.

No. 220074

Because your body doesn't inherently become worse at burning calories once you hit 20 30 or 50. Your habits just change.

No. 220075

Eh, not quite. You burn significantly more calories when you're growing in order to fuel that growth. When you stop growing, your calorie requirement will drop, and you need to adjust your diet accordingly, which some people fail to do.

No. 220092

I put on way too much weight during pandemic. I don't look too different due to the style of clothes I wear and where the fat is however I feel ugly. I used to be very hourglass and the weight has gone mostly on my waist. I was about 56kg two years ago and now I'm 75kg. Today I'm taking my bike to be repaired and going to the asian food store to buy a fuck ton of lentils - I'm so sick of being this way.

Covid wasn't good for me - I lost a parent and a grandparent and now realise that I although I wasn't "depressed", I did eat my sorrows away.

No. 220145

Hey there, I’m glad you posted. I understand the grief gain, I really do. I hope this new year is more positive for you! I recommend slowly adding workouts in, and cleaning up the pantry and fridge. Once you get to 3-4 days of moderate workout you’ll feel the difference.

No. 220158

Glad you're still doing good anon!
>please wash all fruits and veggies you purchase. They have been touched by so many people.
Thanks for the reminder lol

No. 220700

If this were Reddit people would ask for pics

No. 220706

Anonitas who don't eat candy or processed unhealthy food, how do you deal with people who try to pressure you into eating it?

>Struggling with binging and purging for years

>Cut out sugary food and only eat healthy food
>Binge and purging habits disappear
>Friends pressure me into eating sugary food
>Mfw eating a little bit of candy triggers a huge binge purge cycle

I don't even know if this is a food issue, maybe it's more of a boundary issue? Ironically, some of my friends think I have an ED because I only eat healthy stuff. I don't want to tell them that I used to struggle with over eating and that's the reason for me avoiding unhealthy food, but very few people seem to listen to me if they offer me something unhealthy and I decline.

This made me realise how hard it is to stick to a healthy diet because there seems to be some pressure to "indulge" in unhealthy food several times a week. So many people comment on my food choices and portion sizes - which are completely normal!

No. 220712

I'm 5'6 and around 116 lbs, I prefer how my body looks at this weight, but I think my face looks kinda better when I weigh a bit more. Is there anything I can do to make my face look less tired at this weight? Like any supplements or anything? I only take vitamin D atm and eat mostly low carb, not sure if eating more carbs or protein would help or if it's just something to accept if I want to stay at this weight

No. 220715

I know this might not really help at the moment, but I used Lent as an excuse– I gave up sweets, I'd say. It really helped people not give me anything. Otherwise, I'd just hold steadfast and ask the people pressuring you to hold you to your restrictions, so they'd feel responsibility.

No. 220717

up the carbs and protein and start taking omega 3/fish oil. i looked the healthiest and actually lost weight when i only ate rice and chili con carne and took lots of supplements. high protein intake made the biggest difference when it comes to my skin and hair.

No. 220720

Thanks, that's really helpful. Unfortunately I got into the mindset of being really scared of carbs even though a couple of years ago I used to eat a lot more of them and wasn't heavier.

No. 220722

Do daily multivitamins actually help at all? If you don’t have a very balanced diet already?

No. 220737

If they are pressuring when it comes to sugary things tell them that you're having cavities and your dentist told you to stop eating sugar or something

No. 220864

They help but you're better off targeting what you need and only eating a 2-3 vitamins. Multivitamins will be a waste, literally and figuratively

No. 221025

Anyone else doing the Yoga with Adriene January challenge? I gave up pretty early last year but I decided to take better care of my health at the end of '21. I did some random youtube workouts near the end of December, they felt good and all but I have a hard time sticking through with doing them daily as I don't have the habit just yet, and the thought of getting all tired and sweaty and gross puts me off before I even start so I think this will ease me into making it a regular thing while also building some strength.

Ahhh I want to feel good in my body but somehow always talk myself out of doing things that are good for me and I hate it

No. 221254

File: 1641312200396.jpeg (57.45 KB, 1000x667, 3068FB5D-C269-4198-AEC0-3172FC…)

Ahh I have Covid and had to weigh for a a doctors appointment and FUCK I’m sick I feel awful but of course my eating disorder is going off in my brain.
The reality is, I am still working hard, I am still losing weight, and I am still going to, I don’t need to micro manage my intake anymore. Still my brain is spinning out and wants to relapse ™️. No. No no. We are resting and surviving Covid, and once that happens I can get back in motion. I’m probably just flipping out over water weight anyways. I’ve lost 20 lbs since I started posting in these threads, and damnit I’m gonna reach my goal without then self loathing.
Binge eating is so easily triggered.

No. 221979

I'm trying to make positive changes this year, and take care of my body. I'm unable to go to the gym due to lockdown and living really rurally, so I'm investing in some home gym equipment! Very excited.
I won't be weighing myself because it often just makes me overthink and form bad habits, so my main goal is to regain stamina and energy that I've lost over the past few years.

No. 221981

File: 1641560729251.jpg (17.71 KB, 400x400, 20211223_075645.jpg)

>SW: 143 / CW: 134 / GW: 121

Hello nonnies, I am joining the thread! I hope to update my progress every now and then

Currently, I am working out 4 to 6 days a week, on a combination of running (doing my first 10 K this sunday), strength focalized in distinct areas (upper body with resistance bands, the rest of the body with bodyweight routines) and yoga (mainly, for improving my elasticity). As an ex-ana I try not to focus too much on my weight and what I eat, and instead I am aiming to complete other specific goals, such as running a half marathon and a marathon this year (I started working out with that goal about two months ago). I also notice that exercising has helped me improve my mood and concentration in other areas of my life. Also my acne is finally clearing out for the first time since I was 14, and I'm 24 lol.
Soon I will be adding a jumping rope into my routine, does any nona have any experience or tips for a beginner?

I am doing the challenge as well! I think that you should try to convince yourself that more than working out, the sessions are like dates with you, as they try to let you know the flow of your body and breath. I am really in love Adriene's relaxing voice and her dog, doing those videos are one of the best parts of my day. Hope you get to complete the challenge, as well!

No. 221983

I was doing so well, lost like 20lbs in a month doing OMAD, then xmas derailed me and haven't been on track since.

No. 222141

I reached a new level of degeneracy today. It snowed today and I didn't have work so I just stayed in bed all day binge eating an obscene amount of food while watching Kitchen Nightmares and other cooking shows. Went through an entire bottle of wine too.

No. 222178

File: 1641634736313.jpg (Spoiler Image, 2.23 MB, 4504x1760, 0.jpg)

The story: interesting case of a girl who starts out skinny at 120 lbs then gains some weight, has an eating disorder relapse later and exercises like mad, then gets in a better mindset and then gains more weight and surpasses her previous highest weight, like over 220 lbs.
Christian Bale levels of gain and loss
Spoilered for triggers
But for anyone trying to lose weight it's amazing motivation

No. 222225

Much motivation, and also sadness for how much she clearly struggles

No. 222226

Update. Still sick but I can’t taste or smell anything. I tried to eat pho and it had the texture of soup but taste like paper. So does anything else I tested, including hot peppers that would normally burn like a mf.
Plus side, it’s gonna help me avoid over eating since there’s no sensory pleasure from sweet or salty.
I hope it doesn’t last long though.

No. 222230

I hope you just had a moment and not creating a pattern. You can do it nonnie! Drink some water, eat some fresh fruits and veggies.

No. 222263

Probably a dumb question but I recently bought a scale (never owned one before). I'm 165 cm (5´5). When I frist weighed myself I was 55 kg (121 lbs) and was adamant on losing weight. The thing is my legs and skin look better this weight compared to now that I went down to 52/53 kg (114 lbs). I have been way skinnier than this probably around upper 40's and I cringe at myself becasue I looked terrible naked. Does that mean 55 kg is my ideal weight or should I stay this weight and exercise to get muscle back? I look more out of shape being this slim tbh I just want to look slim thick.

No. 222265

nonna, never drink at home. I have a rule, never bring alcohol inside your home. I'm probably projecting but I used to down a whole bottle of wine in an afternoon too. The liver is important in skincare etc.

No. 222327

I don't think anybody (including yourself) can think about it in terms of weight on a scale.. everyone carries their weight differently so it might be more constructive to think about your body in terms of appearance rather than numbers. If you want to look better naked putting on muscle is almost always the way to go

No. 222401

Youre right. Weight really has no factor in determining how good you look. Besides, the skinnier i am the less energy i have and i just lay in bed worring about food whereas when I was heavier id walk around alot more and exercise. Im going to stop restricting calories and focus on being more active.

No. 222441

File: 1641739000747.jpg (44.21 KB, 749x694, t1LuvGZ.jpg)

I started counting calories this year and I'm at a very small calorie deficit. I feel more satisfied now since I finally eat enough protein AND I'm losing weight. This is amazing. for the workout part, Caroline Girvan is kicking my ass and I love it.

No. 222509

I've been feeling down and now I'm skinny fat and flabby. No more abs and my under arms hang and jiggle. I'm hoping to get back into shape by summer. For now thank good it's winter and I can wear sweaters. I don't want anyone to know

No. 222617

this might be a dumb question and I know people say a lot of different things online on how to but how do yall wash your veggies and fruit?

No. 222625

I use the unscented dr bronners, the light blue bottle. One or two drops in to the water, rinse it through.

No. 222632

I used a cloth or scrubby depending on what it is and just rise with water.

No. 222643

End of week 1, weighed myself and I gained weight. I'm trying not to be too hard on myself because I just started exercising hard after not exercising at all so it could be my body retaining water from being sore etc… But I also don't want to make too many excuses. I didn't eat too much at all, i'm pretty sure i was in a deficit at least 6/7 days but i also wasn't strict with counting calories. From now on I will be weighing my food to make sure i'm getting 1200-1500 a day and nothing over. i'm on day 8 of the Chloe Ting weight loss 2022 challenge and I might add some extra exercise on top of that. I won't let this demotivate me!

No. 222646

1200-1500 isn't that much at all. You are probably going to starve yourself and eat fat things to get the calories to survive. You should track your macro. It's very easy to eat too much fat and not enough protein. For the weight gain, I wouldn't stress myself too much, it's common when people start working out. Good luck nonny, you got this!


No. 222654

I don't weigh nor measure myself, since I focus on my form and the function of my lifestyle. Basically, I focus on the inner or underlying work and simply see external results follow. I only started following my routines consistently one month ago yet have already seen major results. Honestly, I never thought I'd be able to live this way, so I'm extremely happy. I focus on my mobility, posture, form, relaxation and breathing with one of my daily routines. After that I also do my daily cardio and strength training. I limit my cardio and keep the work out simple. Every few days I work on my flexibility. I've been working on splits but have been making so much progress that I think it's time to move on and explore more soon. Aside from that I go running every so often when I feel like it. I just enjoy the activity a lot so I don't need to adhere to a schedule since I know I'll want to go running regardless. It just depends on the weather usually, but even then… Anyway, my results have been phenomenal. I can barely recognise my body but feel extremely confident. Due to addressing my posture on so many different levels and working out briefly next to it, I have become much thinner and more elegantly shaped. My body has even more of a feminine and slim shape than before. Now that I've become more confident, flexible and fit, I'd like to start dancing again. I haven't done it in a year and wasn't properly in the zone the years prior. But now I am focused and I feel capable of taking on something I love so much again! Don't give up nonnies, and focus on what's most important: your foundations. If you direct your energy here, working out and simply living will become easier. You'll feel healthier and happier after fixing your posture and form. Breathing better will also improve your life majorly and make exercise easier. And after you've been directing all of your energy here, you'll look in the mirror one day and suddenly see how much your body has changed for the better. <3 ban me for the emoji idc

No. 222667

Thank you for your advice nona! You're right, I should focus more on protein, I've mostly been getting my calories from carbs as of late. I'm 5'3 which means my BMR/TDEE is pretty low as it is, the only thing saving me is my weight which is at 167 right now which increases my metabolism kek but the websites you sited give me a 1600 per day if I'm slightly active which isn't that far off from my 1500 limit anyway. I won't weigh myself until the end of the month and will just focus on eating healthy and sticking to my work out regimen. I find that numbers on the scale can really disappoint me and fuck with my mentality.

No. 222669

Any recs on mobility, posture, form exercises? And I'm happy for you! Thanks for the kind words

No. 222675

Checking in! I set up my elliptical and am so excited to start using it. It was the machine I loved most when I was a gym regular.
I have been tracking calories and eating at a deficit for the past month, noticed I feel less bloated, and some things are fitting a bit less tight!

Not really a fan of how I feel when at a sedentary deficit going to try reading more into my nutrients and see if I can see why I feel so low from it.

No. 222683

My mom took a candid photo of me over the holidays and I really hated how I looked in it. I've been working from home this past year, so all I do during the day is sit on my ass and walk when I need to run errands. My mental health was pretty shit last year so I didn't care about my appearance, but it's a new year so I'm going to try to start exercising again. I don't have a lot of time to leave my house (because work), so I think my plan will to be to fit in a couple of Youtube exercises per day and then do something fun and active on the weekends, like hiking (I was also thinking of getting into rock climbing if it isn't too expensive) My diet is generally okay, but I'll also try to be more mindful of incorporating more veggies into my diet.

I'm currently 5'8" and 145 pounds, which I guess is average. I know numbers shouldn't be the focus since everyone carries weight differently, but I'm definitely kind of skinnyfat at my current weight so I definitely want to go down a bit on the scale. Not sure what my goal weight would be though.

No. 222684

File: 1641828998222.jpg (94.53 KB, 900x950, Drying-Beans-seeds-F_1024x1024…)

I might just be having health paranoia again but I'm steadily becoming convinced that beans/lentils are the solution to most dietary ills. Zinc deficiency? Beans. Low magnesium? Beans. Vegan protein source? Beans. Fiber? Guess what, motherfucker, beans again. The sprouts are also plenty nutritious, so is there anything beans can't do?

Bonus: lazy fuck red lentil soup recipe
>couple ribs celery
>one large carrot
>one yellow onion (or half, if they're massive)
>1 fat clove (or equivalent) garlic
>1 smallish knob ginger
>1 cup red lentils
>paprika, turmeric, chili powder, black pepper, bay leaf, tomato paste
>Salt obviously
>Heat 1 tbsp olive oil in large pot on medium heat. Throw in onions, then garlic and ginger after about a minute. After this becomes fragrant, add the rest of the veg and sweat lightly. Once they start to become tender, add spices + tomato paste and sautee til fragrant. Add red lentils, stir a bit, then add water/chicken stock/veg stock to cover AND SEASON WITH SALT TO TASTE. Bring to a boil, cover, and reduce to a happy simmer. It's done whenever you want, but I recommend waiting til lentils are tender and broken down.
Feel free to use whatever spices you like, but I strongly recommend against herbal/vegetal spices like thyme, sage, or coriander because they're overpowering.

No. 222700

yeee I love me some legumes, about to have green peas for lunch

No. 222701

Sounds delicious anon, but personally I'd add way more garlic haha!

No. 222717

>one fat clove
(Ny italian loudness) I’m gonna need at least 5 more, common! Show me tha garlic!

No. 222720

Not the same person but this 30 days challenge is amazing if you want to improve your posture.

Yoga too.

I add beans to everything, beans + tofu or tempeh. Chickpeas are nice too.

Has anyone here tried to make kale chips?

No. 222818

I've finally been working on getting an exercise routine established, but I've run into a snag because my IBS (or whatever the fuck it is that they're calling IBS) has flared up again recently and the constant pain and bloating has completely taken me out, it's worse than my period.

I know everyone says that regular exercise can really help relieve things like this, but I have such a hard time forcing myself to do it when I'm actually experiencing the symptoms. I just want to lay down. I know ultimately the answer is to just tough it out and trust that it will get easier over time, but I would love any advice from anons who deal with chronic or recurring pain/discomfort but still exercise regularly. How do you hype yourself up for it? Or do you just take a few days off to recover?

I'm focusing on weight training primarily.

No. 222824

be an opportunist and do whatever you can manage at home while you have a burst of energy and aren't suffering too much.
lately my wake/sleep cycles have been disrupted beyond the point of no return so when i lie awake in bed and can't get back to sleep i get up and stretch and do lunges and sumo squats and lift weights. it's a good way to start the day and i think it gives me a better physical baseline to deal with the fatigue and pain later on.
i'm not super regular with my exercise so i try to be pretty lenient but determined. treat yourself like a tired mom or something. sometimes you're going to have off days or off weeks. just get back to it when you are able and try to notice when your baseline is tolerable enough to fit in a quick bullshit routine. i have certain exercises i enjoy and i always start with them and loosely throw together some reps of other things that work the surrounding muscle groups. try to rest well and don't be hesitant to whip together some nutritional sludge or drink a high protein boost or ensure to meet your macros if need be. don't work out on an empty stomach and make sure to have a recovery meal.
if you tend to follow youtube routines or read fitness communities try to use them as a reference for proper form and helpful tips and build your own routines so it doesn't feel like an insurmountable chore. i find following routines/videos/posts too closely creates a weird mental block where it feels tiresome instead of rewarding and physically enjoyable (especially with lifting).
meal prepping one pre workout meal per week that can double as a recovery meal and won't trigger your GI symptoms also saves some fatigue and tiresome mental blocks. it's not as annoying as doing a bunch of different ones and it's easy to put together something bland and inoffensive impromptu and freeze it when you have a bit of energy. ganbatte

No. 222826

forgot to say i do more than lunges and sumo squats when i wake up but i enjoy those and just bullshit together things that fit and work the surrounding muscle groups and then ease into lifting a bit. it's always good to start with the things you enjoy so it doesn't feel like grinding.
a lot of the mental burnout from chronic pain requires workarounds kind of similar to how people might study or do chores with something like ADHD. im always so tired and frustrated already that i have to trick myself into just doing it and remembering that i enjoy it.
try to minmax your way into doing something that's not too demanding or tiresome until you begin to enjoy it and reap the rewards enough to settle into a lax and forgiving semi-consistency with it. it's better to stick to something like doing something mild twice a week than to go too hard or make yourself do it every single day and develop an aversion to it. good luck anon. you'll feel better at the end of the day having done it. don't give up

No. 223408

I'm doing Caroline Girvan's Beginner EPIC and it's going so well. I'm dead after every workouts but I'm so proud of myself. I really recommend it if a nonny wants to start working out. It's difficult but not impossible.

No. 223412

Yesssssss I'm a bean bitch for life. I got a slow cooker and it's so easy to make good beany food with no effort whatsoever. I will eat baked beans out the can because of all the reasons you described, but also so I can feel like a cowboy out on the plains.
Related, I can't eat gluten and I've been going crazy on the lentil/bean pastas.

No. 223423

>bean bitch for life
Need this tee shirt asap

No. 223443

Yeeeessss kale chips are delicious! The trick is to get them as dry as possible after you wash them; I use a salad spinner and only add a tiny bit of oil when I season them. I just pop those suckers in the oven on low heat for 15-ish minutes and they pop out nice and crispy. You can add whatever seasoning you like, but I'm a weeb so I like mine with soy sauce, sesame oil, furikake, and chili flakes (and salt). Here's a good recipe from Serious Eats: https://www.seriouseats.com/kale-chips-with-lemon-and-ginger-from-salty-s
Kale chips kinda remind me of nori, which is also a great healthy snack.

No. 223474

Beans are the fucking bomb. I'll go all in with this anon on the >>223412 bean bitch for life. I just made myself black eyed peas for the first time and they are absolutely delicious!
Tip for lentil/bean soup - use a can of diced or crushed tomatoes. It adds SO much flavor and I'm never making soup without them again.

No. 223497

I tried making kale chips this week but I'm not a fan. It tastes too healthy.

No. 223500

kale chips suck, people are lying to themselves. okra chips are incredible though. i HIGHLY recommend.

No. 223503

Nonnie have you tried them with pink salt? I used to hate them and found out I wasn’t using enough olive oil / salt and pepper.

No. 223994

File: 1642328769706.png (106.05 KB, 512x462, softandcutebun_017.png)

about a month ago i bought this giant bottle of magnesium pills because i read somewhere that most people take in wayyyy too little magnesium and that's why they crave dumb shit, especially chocolate. apparently that also makes cramps worse and is the reason why you crave chocolate on your period (because dark chocolate has magnesium). anyways. my cramps are still painful and i need to take pain pills, but who cares about that. after about a month now i realized it's easier to ignore candy/cake/sweet drinks/ice cream. like sometimes i think "should i get something sweet?" and then i realize it's way easier to just walk away from it. the other day i was tempted to buy cake and then i suddenly thought "oh no, you're having decision fatigue, better pay and leave!" so i went to the checkout without any cake. i feel like i have so much more clarity towards my decisions re: foods that throw me into a binge eating spiral. the effect wasn't immediate and i still need to chew a piece of gum after a meal because i hate having the taste of a savory meal stuck in my mouth, but i think it's definitely due to magnesium that i'm doing a bit better now.

tl;dr: magnesium pills possibly fixed my constant sugar binges.

No. 223999

Just wanted to post what my vitamin intakes are every day, I do this for my bf and I.
Morning: A cup of water with a spoonful of husk and chia seeds, with 1 zinc, 1 selenium, 1 NAC and 3 drops of edible iodine in the water.
Night: A cup of water with 60ml of pure aloe vera juice with 1 magnesium and 1 st johns wort

No. 224001

samefag, and every monday I give us a tablet of Vitamin D but its the strong variant that contains almost 7 days worth in 1 tablet.

No. 224003

Nice, anon! Magnesium was pretty beneficial for me as well, found my digestion a lot more regular once I started using it regularly

No. 224008

this looks absolutely deadly. i'm halfway through chloe ting's weight loss 2022 challenge and it isn't too hard, i definitely feel tired after but i can manage it. i'm thinking about which challenge to do after i finish this one and i don't think i could manage caroline girvan's kek

No. 224013

My lower back keeps locking up at work and I don’t know how to work on it, and I’m afraid to weight lift until I know what’s going on, but I’m afraid to lose momentum in my workouts. Any recommended videos for stretching or yoga?

No. 224162

File: 1642401893428.png (1.84 MB, 1213x847, 1450377877245.png)

I love youtube 'Yoga with Adriene' she has plenty with lower back stretches and some that incorporate the hamstrings, hips etc.
Mandy Morrison is good for shorter videos

pic for inspo

No. 224167

Update! I’ve been doing 45 min every second day since I first posted. Haven’t noticed any weight shift (I also don’t own a scale) but I have found that I’ve gained some stamina and strength! Some of the
exercises that I couldn’t do or had difficulty doing at first have become much easier.

No. 224399

Update: I actually ended up gaining weight this week because I tend to eat when I'm feeling stressed/depressed and I just started up school and my internship again. I managed to exercise 4 out of 7 days last week, which isn't bad, but I'm disappointed that my shitty eating habits ended up working against me. I'll just continue exercising and work on figuring out ways to stop eating whenever I feel depressed as a way to relieve stress.

No. 224952

Hi nonnies, joining the thread in hopes of getting some advice on toning up and maybe shedding a few pounds but I genuinely don't know where to start. I'm 22 and still live at home and my mum tends to enable me in my lazy lifestyle but I'm terrified of being fat more than anything so I'm willing to give anything a go.

>Height: 5'2

>Weight: 139lbs
>Measurements: 35 bust, 27 waist, 40 hip

I think I don't look particularly chubby because of my fat distribution but I feel as though I'm inching ever closer to fatassery and I'm terrified. My diet is pretty shitty and carb-dense and I don't really have much energy to exercise but since classes have resumed I'm out walking 3 days a week.

I feel as if my problem areas are my back and biceps (starting to get a bit of a soft tummy too but it still looks flat-ish under clothing) so if you guys could recommend exercises to target those areas I'd be eternally grateful.

No. 224965

File: 1642643742081.png (351.16 KB, 500x355, 1634000714390.png)

Targeted fat reduction is not possible– a "toned" look comes from a lower body fat percentage overall and increased muscle size. The locations where fat is loss happens first and where it's stubborn are mostly genetic. So your best bet is losing weight by improving your diet and incorporating more exercise to build muscle. I'd recommend starting by just trying to eat more protein/fiber so your meals are more filling, cutting empty calories like soda, and walking more. Once you have a handle on that you could give calorie counting a try. Unironically also read this: http://4chanfit.wikia.com/wiki/Harsh%27s_Worksheet_(WIP) which goes for anyone else in this thread looking to get healthier. Ngl you seem to have some misconceptions about fitness and weight loss anon

No. 224967

ayrt and yeah, I never really had to think about fitness and weight loss until recently because I was underweight for most of my life despite eating the same shitty diet. Guess my shitty choices are catching up with me. Thanks for the tips and resources!

No. 224970

No problem. In that link the most important part for beginners is just diet so I'd recommend reading that first. If there's any sport you're interested in taking up, that's a great starting option for exercise. If not then I would highly recommend weightlifting. You can start with a simple body weight routine like a few sets of modified push-ups, squats, lunges, and crunches at home, then join a gym and try to figure out a routine that you like

No. 225014

File: 1642663213149.jpeg (38.79 KB, 678x452, 0FA305D2-63BA-4074-867F-87D3BA…)

Sage for blog but I think I’ve finally reached a peaceful place in my relationship with my body. I’m from a family where skinny = pretty and for ages i was the chubby ugly duckling. During university I lost a lot of weight thanks to being a broke student. My family commented on it all the time but even then I didn’t feel good about myself. I moved home for work about six months ago and at the time I was terrified of gaining that weight back, but since then I’ve only put on six pounds and am miles from my heaviest weight. Now that I have money to spend on real food my relationship with it has gotten so much better. I got complimented on my figure for the first time in a long time just the other weekend by other women I didn’t even know. Now it really feels like the only way is up. If I want to take it easy and end up putting on a few more pounds it’s no stress. If I want to step up my fitness, that now feels achievable for the first time. Idk what point I’m trying to make but I wish every woman ITT could feel the way I do rn.

No. 225016

good for you, anon. that's a good and realistic, healthy place to be at.

No. 225218

Anyone have experience with trampolining ("rebounding")?

The claims are that 10-20 minutes of a solid trampoline session replaces 30 minutes of running

Likely that's not accurate, but a couple of studies show that it does impact the body in an excerizey way without being as damaging

I'm looking for a way to exercise without triggering my asthma or knees so if anyone knows anything about this, I'd love to hear it.

No. 225225

Nonnas I am so frustrated! I’m about halfway to my goal (20lbs down 20 to go) and I’m seriously not seeing a difference, if anything I feel bigger. I’m doing intermittent fasting because I did it naturally anyway, and trying to stay at about 1100-1200 calories a day. I take my dogs for a ~30 min walk daily (they have short legs and tire quickly kek) and do a short workout with weights 2x day. I usually have a salad and hummus with cucumbers for my meals and only drink water and black coffee. I’m at a “healthy” weight finally but I’m still huge and have so many rolls and a huge pouch. I just feel like there’s no way I’ll look how I want after losing another 20lbs. I’m ovulating rn and probably about to start my period so I know some of this is bloating and water weight but I’m getting so discouraged does anyone have any tips? Also congrats to nonnies in this thread that have made/are making progress I’m so proud of all of you and I believe in you!

No. 225251

Dont give up anon, if you’ve lost 20lbs but you feel bigger it’s likely only psychological just because you want to see more dramatic results/ still have your end goal in mind. Another 20 is a huge amount and it’s impossible for it not to make any difference, plus you walking so often is good for your health (and your dogs!). Maybe try to not fixate on losing weight - keep your routine going but distract yourself from any negative/obsessive thinking for a week or two and then see how much progress you’ve made? Keep going we believe in you!

No. 225285

wow that sounds so fun! How do you do it though, by going to a gym or setting up your trampoline in the park? I'm also interested into how much it burns calories

No. 225302

>The frustration trying to explain to a family member that you need to count calories and exercise to lose weight but they do anything else but that.

I don't see the point on going on a crash diet and forcing myself to eat foods I dislike to then bounce back after a few days, you have to exercise, you have to count calories.

It's tiring being in a fat family and trying to be the only one to break that cycle but they still buy junk food and fast food and sugary snacks week after week.

>Also I desperately need ideas what I can use to replace potatoes with on a meal, almost every other meal I have is potatoes/veg/meat, I need suggestions please.

No. 225305

i kind of want one because they are good for urinary incontinence but its hard to justify spending $80 on a tiny trampoline lol. maybe there's one on aliexpress. it could still be kind hard on your knees though, you'll def want to do some leg strengthening stuff

No. 225391

Cauliflower, celery root, carrots, parsnips

No. 225434

I used to have a small trampoline growing up for I assume a similar reason and the one I had was about the size of a coffee table
I'm sure there is some sort of specialty gym, but I was just planning on keeping on in my closet and pulling it out every other day while watching some sort of training video

I've found a pretty cheap one near me for about $40, but I have no way of knowing what a quality trampoline would be like

As an experiment, $40 isn't too much for me to spend I think
If I find any further information, I'll let you know

No. 225467

Thank you anon, I appreciate the kindness. I definitely get caught in negative feedback loops with myself. Walking daily has been so nice and it makes me really happy to see my dogs have so much fun, I’ll try to focus more on making good memories as opposed to losing weight. I’m not going to weigh myself until my period finally comes and goes, and I’ll just stick to fasting and eating well without overthinking calories and measuring myself. Thank you again nonna your reply was very sweet and it helped a lot to read that! I hope you have a great day

No. 225479

I'm currently around 170lbs 5'3 (76kgish 160cm). I always get stuck in the loop of restricting my calories too low and ending up binging. I have past problems with eating disorders so It's very easy for me to go towards both of the extremes. How much would you recommend me to eat?
I've tried eating "intuitively" but for weight loss this just isn't going to work out for me. I wish I could eat freely but I've fucked up my body too much for it to give me the right signals. I can "intuitively" eat a whole loaf of bread and a tub of hummus.
This month I've gained weight so far, 1kg in fact. However, there is a slight win of me sticking to a work out regime for longer than I can remember. I'm doing the Chloe Ting 2022 weight loss challenge and have made it 20 days without skipping one day! Now I only need to get my eating in check and I will start properly losing weight.
What do you reckon a good calorie intake for me would be based on my stats and activity level? Something that would result 2lb loss a week or slightly more. I want to lose 10lbs a month preferably since I have a lot to lose.

No. 225509

Hey nonna, I have the exact same weight and height. Our basal metabolic rate is approximately 1200~1400 kcal, so eating from 1400 to 1600 kcal (if you exercise and have a more active lifestyle) should make you lose ~1lb per week. Last week I just restarted my diet and exercise, I will post an update to keep us both motivated. Good luck!

No. 225511

Also, any calorie counter app is you friend. I tend to underestimate my portion sizes, so weighing the food to record a more accurate calorie intake helps you getting visually used to the portion sizes.

No. 225514

thank you for replying! have you noticed you lost 1lb a week while on that amount? I know there's apps that calculate approximate weight loss but I never tend to trust those because I feel they underestimate the weight loss

No. 225528

covidanon, did your taste come back eventually?

No. 225535

do you need to lose weight/body fat before trying to gain muscle? I've heard that it's hard to do both at the same time. I'm a bit skinnyfat (5'4 120-125 pounds, but very squishy) so I'm not sure if I should focus on one or the other.

also is planet fitness any good? it's cheap and if I'm understanding it correctly apparently they have trainers that can make an exercise routine for you. I've just seen some memes about them lol. the alarm bell is a bit cringe

No. 225542

Do macros actually matter weight loss wise? I've always heard people say "calories in calories out". Is there any other science that proves a balanced diet will cause more weight loss than an unbalanced diet that consists of the same amount of calories?

No. 225561

File: 1642880208314.jpg (119.08 KB, 712x534, 1641648112220.jpg)

If you're a beginner it's definitely possible to do both as long as you eat enough protein, the most important macronutrient for building muscle, while being in a small calorie deficit (think only ~200 cal below maintenance). Try to get at least 1g protein per kg bodyweight to start and more if you really want to maximize the process. Skinnyfat is the best body type for losing fat while gaining muscle (also called body recompositon) so it's a good strategy to start with for sure! Also yeah planet fitness is absolutely fine, it just has a reputation that the people who go there do silly exercises/have bad form because it caters to beginners, but of course that's just a meme. I think they also don't have barbells which are necessary for many staple compound lifts which people more into lifting want. But as a budget option they have everything you need.

The only thing that matters for weight loss is calories in calories out, BUT the macros greatly affect how full/satiated you feel, and if the weight you lose is from fat or muscle. If you eat 1600 calories of only simple carbs like sweets, bread, and cereal, you will probably not feel very full after each meal and are more likely to go "over" your calorie limit for the day. The CICO principle is still true, but your "calories in" will be very hard to follow if your diet isn't satisfying. If you still stay below your calorie limit on a poor diet, you will lose weight, but your body will find it hard to build/maintain muscle without getting enough protein. So you might lose weight but still have a more skinnyfat look because you won't have built any muscle either from intentional exercise or everyday activities, and you might even lose muscle in the weight loss process. So TLDR, CICO is true but the quality of diet impacts how easy it is to stick to and what the results look like.

Sorry for the long-winded responses.

No. 225658

>The only thing that matters for weight loss is calories in calories out
I sure hope so. I've been on Lyrica for 3 weeks and I just read that people are experiencing major weight gain despite not eating more. IDK if it's because of the pills or the stress, but I've lost my appetite and feel normal for the first time in forever. It's like my BED is gone. I think that I eat less calories than what I'm burning… but I'm so scared that Lyrics will fuck me up

No. 225687

You can't violate the laws of thermodynamics. Medications can fuck with your hormones and slow down your metabolism by 100-200cals or increase your apetite but it's impossible to gain weight if you are truly eating below maintenance. People who say they gain weight without upping their intake sre guesstimating how much they're eating and aren't accurately counting calories.

No. 225881

Got some bad eating habits last year, and the pair of jeans I wore in October are so uncomfortable now I can barely zip them up and moving around in them is agony.
My problem is baking/making desserts, pretty much several times a week. I also spent two months, while struggling to keep up with a study schedule, eating an outrageous amount of store bought sweets. Sad to stop making desserts, but I have to do something now if I still want to wear my clothes this year.
Yesterday, I threw out a batch of cupcakes with frosting after having some and subsequently feeling sick coupled with angst, so pretty sure I've reached a point where I'm not going to enjoy what I've made anyway until I feel better about myself.
I had a really good 2020 so I'll go back to those meal plans again. Focusing on making it a week at a time to begin with and hopefully I'm just as determined in a month, let's gooo

No. 225882

yeah I got fat

No. 225891

File: 1643033269640.jpg (54.22 KB, 550x550, 320edf2174744510_lunge-prep.pr…)

I really like doing Yoga with Adriene, but there are poses like pic related that I just can't get into because my legs are pretty short.
If I try to do this position my leg doesn't go forward enough and then I just support my weight with my arms and my shoulders and my neck gets strained.

No. 225893

sames, sad kek

No. 225898

samefag I took my newly fat-ass out for a 5 min jog and 10 min jump rope sesh. I’m attempting to do planks and elevated pushups now
kek hello fellow fatso

No. 225904

I felt my soul leave my body when I started paying attention to the calorie counts of my favorite foods. Just being more mindful and making better choices I’ve lost so much weight.

No. 225916

I think your muscles are just too tight still. Particularly your hamstrings, and your hips are not flexible enough. I'm short too, with short legs and feel like I'm on the correct path to be able to do that pose while keeping my weight mostly supported by legs and core and keeping my back straight. Not all the way there yet tho lol. Don't forget yogis are usually not even tall. The more you practice, your body will be able to do so much, consistency is key, so just keep working on it!

No. 225919

I re-downloaded Cronometer and I gained five kilos since the last time I logged my food. Fuuuuck that, I'm back to logging everything that goes in my mouth.

No. 225955

Just got back from a weeklong holiday and I wouldn't be surprised if I've gained over half a stone. I'm not overweight luckily, but I have a history of binge eating/bulimia and I really don't want to fall back into it, how have others managed the transition back into mindful eating after prolonged overindulgence?

No. 226000

You’re not alone anon, I recently got back from a week’s holiday and overate the whole time too.

I found that stocking the house with fruit for residual post-binge sugar cravings/snacking during the day, and veg to cook filling but healthy things like stews, pasta dishes and curries at home, low calorie desserts for chocolate cravings (like those mochi balls everyone’s obsessed with atm) really helped. I basically got a load of recipes and made sure to get in the habit of cooking again, mainly things high fibre. Drink lots of water/ herbal teas too! You’ll find that in a weeks time so much bloating will have decreased and you’ll feel better about yourself too. Try not to beat yourself up and make sure to forgive yourself.

No. 226036

Thanks anon this gives me hope. My hamstrings are definitely tight so I will just keep working on it. Good luck to us.

No. 226062

File: 1643109672948.jpg (28.84 KB, 463x403, ec3e43ae-f4da-4424-93ee-083d9c…)

Any tips on how to make a meal plan for myself that fits my macros/calories?

I have so many great recipes and it SOUNDS so easy to do but actually sitting down, putting it all together and doing basic math crap just kills me. Google also isn't too helpful and most local or well known "influencers" with a degree don't do meal plans above 2k calories

No. 226064

Thanks anon, fruit fibre and forgiveness is key, just have to keep shitting through it haha. Hope it's easy enough for you too.

No. 226079

I’d recommend using MyFitnessPal and either using it to calculate your nutrition goals, or manually inputting them if you already have specific numbers. I think you can set your calorie goal and percentage of each macro. Then honestly just go a few days of making some of the meals you like and tracking them, and soon you should be able to create a list of good breakfast, lunch, and dinner options that in total fit your goals for the day. The app lets you scan bar codes on packages which helps a lot with tracking as long as you measure accurately. I find this method works better for me than laying out a whole meal plan first because like you said it’s a bit tedious. Best of luck anon

No. 226093

I've been using mfp for 3 years daily haha

No. 226148

File: 1643161723577.jpg (446.03 KB, 1200x920, 1592004630965.jpg)

I use bodybuilding.com for high cal meal plans that are more suitable for gaining muscle.
I also like https://www.muscleandfitness.com/nutrition/healthy-eating/ultimate-clean-muscle-building-meal-plan/

No. 226173

I've lost almost 30 pounds since I last posted here in april or may or whatever, LET'S FUCKING GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

No. 226181

Does anyone else workout at home with videos like these? I love cardio/hiit and would love some recommendations for other fitness influencers who do similar videos to growwithjo

No. 226183

Dance workouts are similar but more fun in my opinion and they are easy to find with any type of music that you like.

No. 226197

Can't open the video since I'm at work but I like Train with GainsByBrains

No. 226213

omg i've done this exact work out before. i love popsugar's dance workouts

No. 226240

Congrats nona!

No. 226246

I would love to do these more, but I made the mistake of putting up a closet mirror that's right beside my workout space, so if I glance into it I get hit with enough embarassment to cripple me.

No. 226582

Recommendations for earphones that don’t fall out? Earbuds keep popping out

No. 226599

Around the ear hooked buds work best for me!

No. 226600

File: 1643248233397.jpeg (200.47 KB, 828x1023, 5627FBB5-FB1C-45D1-BF0F-05D6E6…)

I don’t know about this brand at all; but this is the style I’m talking about

No. 226603

I have these and they work pretty well for Dancing and other exercise in my experience but they’re a little difficult to get to sit right though one you get the way to put them in right it’s totally fine

No. 226609

File: 1643251353865.jpeg (27.2 KB, 603x655, Sony-NWWS623B-Waterproof-and-D…)

I won't exercise with anything other than these. Never fall out, waterproof and they also have an internal storage so if I'm out of range of my phone I can still listen to music.

No. 226915

A few days late but I was just in the same situation - recovering binger who went on vacation while in a new relationship, so SO much going out to eat and indulging whenever my bf did. My clothes literally barely fit by the end.

I ate minimally on the first day back (not fasting but mainly snack size portions) because I was still stuffed and had gotten used to being full 24/7, so I wanted to reset myself to eating only when experiencing actual physical hunger again. I actually lost appetite for random shit like Oreos after spending weeks eating much higher quality food, so I'm not buying any junk food to avoid getting back into the habit of even wanting those things.

I'm back to exercising daily and focusing on proteins and fats in my diet to eliminate residual water weight, and when I'm bored, I drink low calorie drinks (Bai coconut water is delicious). I followed a somewhat loose meal plan to get me back to hunger and fullness cues.

I was like 129 after coming back and got back to 121-122 in a week. Weighing daily and trying on clothes that were tight before helped motivate me since I'm prone to insane water retention, so there's been a huge change in my body since returning to healthy habits!

No. 226938

This week I lost 0,6 kg (1.3lb), so yeah, it it working! It slow and steady, but it is being very easy to follow a 1400-1600 kcal diet. I exercised every day, doing either 30 minutes of cardio or lifting weights.

No. 227044

I hurt my shoulder working out again. Life doesn't want me to have the shoulders of my dream and it makes me sad.

I'm proud of you and don't forget to take rest days. Self-care is important.

No. 227086

If shoulder injuries are recurring, it might be worth it to look in to a physical therapist. Your body might need a little help getting back on track. For me, my back pain is caused by my weak hips, because the back is compensating.

No. 227098

File: 1643473246996.jpg (1.34 MB, 1240x2600, 1643370087795.jpg)

My dear farmers, anonitas, nonnas….Where does one start when it comes to this?

I look back on when I started out gym and better health in 2020, since then with lockdowns, work stress, my poor mother getting cancer again and both of us obviously stressing and depression, I've lost my momentum a bit. It's funny because when I took those photos of me, I was comparing myself to other women and fitness goals but genuinely now I just want to get back to the state my body was in then. Is it still possible after a year and a half? I'm in my twenties so I want to make the most of having a better metabolism.

The thing is I swear it takes me a couple of months to get there because at first any healthy eating and exercise makes me feel bloated but the sod's law is in those photos I was gyming and healthier but still having pizza and junk sometimes. Is it a balance? I want to get back on track SO badly.

No. 227117

File: 1643478167026.jpg (27.02 KB, 492x349, ovXTEq6.jpg)

Physical therapist said that I'm naturally very flexible, I could train to become a contortionist. But it isn't what I want. I want to be a buff lady.

Metabolism in adulthood does not slow so you can do it nonny. I hope things get better for you.

No. 227118

No advice but stop perpetuating the decaying methabolism myth. It's been scientifically proven your metabolism doesn't slow down until you reach 60.

No. 227125


Thanks nonnas, sorry about my mistake on metabolism, my sixty year old coworker was telling me the other day that it slows down with age and it stuck with me a bit. Happy it ain't true.

No. 227127

I’m a fatty anon losing weight, and today I have a little victory. I have a slightly cropped shirt that is super cute but I didn’t like my midriff exposed. Now when I put it on, it fits like I wanted it to, and it pairs well with my boots and high wasted jeans. I won’t wear it outside because, you know winter, but I just feel elated to see the weight loss.

No. 227158

Ya but i think i fucked it up by starving…

No. 227242

I was fit and active for a long time nonnas. I rode my bike everyday and worked physical jobs that helped with strength training. I ate well and made my own food, even though I was poor I found ways to make the experience of cooking more engaging. I gained weight after I moved back to my hometown because I got depressed and starting drinking beer excessively. Now I'm 40 lbs heavier and it sucks. I can't fit into any of my old clothes and I'm back to baggy lifestyle. I also was in a shitty relationship for awhile that I've recently called off so I think I'm energized and got a positive outlook to get back in shape! I've been weightlifting again and saving up for a good bike to get back into it. I've never strayed from my healthy eating but beer really did a number on me, so I'm glad to be cutting that out too. Dating an alcoholic is what ultimately fucked me. My hometown is boring and the only social gatherings are bars but it's cool. I have prospects to move down to Arizona next year so I'm feeling positive.

No. 227263

I'm going crazy. I've been hardly eating (sandwich + bag of broccoli w/ smear plus coffee) and drinking water instead for the last two weeks and my weight hasn't dropped. I have no fucking idea what's going on. I know that I've been eating below my TDE. I will add some exercise since I'm barely moving, but I'm still concerned. I'm worried that my hypothyroidism is fucking shit up for me (even though I take medication for it). I want to kms.
And yes, I know that sandwiches can vary in calories and smear adds them too, but I haven't eaten enough of those to go over the (supposed?) TDE.
Could I be retaining water? But my feet and hands aren't swollen…

No. 227267

If you are starving yourself and not dropping weight, there is something wrong. It probably has something to do with your hypothyroidism. You should speak about it with your doctor.

No. 227269

Yeah, I will! I need to do some tests. I feel fucking insane and so frustrated

No. 227288

I started tracking calories again and I have a stupid problem, I really struggle to eat enough of healthy foods. I am sitting in front of a half-full bowl of couscous salad and I want to throw it out the window rather than take another bite.
It's so annoying because I can eat a 500cal bag of chips without even thinking. But this little salad with chicken, peppers, feta and fresh vegetables is 450 cals and I can't get through half of it! And now I have to put it in the fridge making it even less appealing, to try eat it later, but I know I won't want to. I'll under eat and at midnight I get so hungry that I bake cookies and ruin the whole day's progress. Especially when I'm stressed, all I want is cookies, chips and maybe jerky. Everything else is repulsive, especially bland healthy food. I'm watching my carbs so I can't even drown everything in dressing to cope. How do you eat healthy when you have the palate of a toddler?

No. 227291

More than half of what we think is taste is actually smell. Salads are bland because they do not give off an appetizing smell.
Try roasting veggies in the oven with olive oil. No way your mouth won't start watering.
Or caramelize onions and add them to your meal, when you start caramelizing them all your household members will barge in and ask "mmmm, what's that, smells divine" and it improves the taste tenfold.

Think about the smell of cookies baking. You want that, but from healthy foods.

No. 227298

I hadn't thought about it like this, thanks! Man I haven't done caramelized onions in ages - I don't keep butter in the house anymore but I'm sure I can do a non dairy recipe. I also used to make flash-fried garlic slices as topping for pasta, they're so aromatic and easy as well, I think they'll be good on salads too. I hope this smell thing is the answer I'm looking for, I'm hopeful because I'm very into perfumes lol

No. 227440

Couldn't even finish my first 10 minute exercise, though if I really pushed myself I could

I could definitely see rebounding as a legitimate exercise, though I would like to see more than the 1 study I've seen to corroborate all of the claims

Pretty good exercise, but you'll definitely want to spend more of a trampoline. My $50 tramp is not very springy and is a little noisy

Definitely works your legs, and if you get a bigger trampoline you'll probably be able to work more of your core
Pair that with a couple of 5-10lbs dumbells and it's a full body experience

of course, this was only my first day testing it out
5 minutes in and I'm sweating for sure

No. 227441

are you doing that in a garden or what? is it warm where you live?

No. 227451

File: 1643588230361.jpg (58.6 KB, 678x1500, 71juN7SaNrL._AC_SL1500_[1].jpg)

This is like a 3 foot trampoline so it fits in my bedroom
The one I bought is cheap so it's not perfectly calibrated, so there's a small noise whenever you jump on it
I actually think one of those big outdoor trampolines wouldn't really work, there's a lot of quick bounces in most exercises
You do want a little bounce just to get in the air, but you're not trying to go more than an inch or two in the air.

You could do it anywhere you feel comfortable accidentally falling (though you won't really be falling, I'm just saying that as a safety precaution)

If you wanna find a cheap one, I actually found the exact brand I'm using on craigslist in like 5 seconds

Also, after resting for like an hour I can kinda feel it in my core, more in the side area (muffintop/lovehandle zone)

No. 227656

Any tall nonnas here? I'm 181cm/78kg and want to loose around 12kg. I'm trying to eat 1200 cals every day and do some exercise, but it makes me feel hungry and tired. I'm not sure if it enough for me or I'm just a lazy fuck who can't diet.

No. 227667

It's because you're WAY undereating. Use a tdee calculator, then eat 200-500 calories less than that. Eat more filling foods rich in protein, it'll keep you full.

No. 227695

I gained 30 lbs because of the pandemic

No. 227697

Try 1500 instead, those extra hundreds can make a big difference. You'll lose more slowly obviously, but more sustainably

No. 227729

Sorry anon, I also gained 15 lbs during the first 6 months of quarantine. Are you trying to lose them? “Just remember you didn’t gain the weight in one day/week/month so it’s not realistic to think you’ll lose it in one day/week/month” is what I keep telling myself.

No. 227789

File: 1643721679814.jpg (39.67 KB, 526x682, FB_IMG_1642765761665.jpg)

Yarp - 180cm & 95kg
Down a few kilos already but I noticed a huge issue when doing 1200. I found it easier to do a day of fasting than stick to 1200. So with my nursing shift work I do 1600 on AM & PM shifts but fasting for nightshift days (eat last meal at 6pm and then 6pm the next day)

I have issues with strict calorie counting due to a history of binge-purge tendencies so I tell myself 1400 minimum and 1650 is the upper limit.

It might take a few days experimenting but it's important you find a rate that is sustainable.

No. 227828

Those workouts are fun asf but her clickbait is annoying, i mean come on theres no way im losing 600 kcals for jumping around for an hour, maybe 200 if I’m generous

No. 227833

File: 1643738252675.jpg (50.29 KB, 564x549, 43f10fdeb06675254af8b99e21cd4a…)

i gained 44. i'm already down 22 but now i'm stuck with the last 22. which is frustrating because i was already 44 lbs overweight BEFORE i gained those pandemic pounds. so even after i lose those 22 lbs, i'll have to keep going and get rid of another 44 lbs minimum.

thing is, i don't even eat candy or anything. i usually end up ruining my calorie deficit by eating a slice of bread too many or drinking too much almond milk.

No. 227843

I completely forgot to reply to this but thank you so much for the advice and encouragement. I guess I have been really fixated on having a strict routine for exercise or I'll fall off of it, but I definitely get what you mean by just doing what's feasible when I can and accepting that sometimes it won't be at 100%. I also appreciate the tip about having a recovery meal, that's something I need to be more consistent about.

Thanks again nonna!

No. 227994

almond milk is pretty low calorie, anon. how much of it are you drinking?

No. 228149

Go jogging half an hour every day or walk at least a full hour every day
Remember anon: the worse you feel temporarily, the better your results in the future

No. 228154

fuucck nonas. after the holidays i gained 3 pounds and its fucking me up. im currently enrolled in a gym and ive been enjoying lifting weights i can feel like muscles forming but its all covered by my fat rip.

No. 228221

File: 1643823891064.jpeg (49.57 KB, 564x796, asuka.jpeg)

Any tips on how to get started going to the gym? I've never been and don't wanna look like a complete retard. Any gym etiquette I should be aware of?

What exercises should I start with when my main goal is to become lean? Just doing cardio on the treadmill?

No. 228223

Put down a towel and wipe down the machine when you are done, don't leave behind sweaty ass-stains. Most gyms will also give you a tour and show you how all the machines work and how to have proper form using them.

No. 228253


In addition to what the other anon said, make sure to unload weights if you are using a barbell. I'd suggest if you are new and want to get comfortable, starting on a treadmill can be good, then to workout machines, which usually isolate a specific muscle/group and have instructions on the machines you can easily look over. Ultimately you should try to get to a point where you are comfortable working out with dumbbells/barbells for a few reasons. A lot of "free weight" workouts will utilize your core for stability and/or workout several muscles so your workouts are more efficient and speedier to complete and you'll look more "lean" and balanced since you'll be working out upper and lower body rather than just legs with cardio.

No. 228262

What's with the coomer moid pic

No. 228298

File: 1643852081648.jpeg (35.66 KB, 563x539, salad.jpeg)

Any good salad recipes? I struggle with creating sauces. They're fine but not as good as at a restaurant.


No. 228301

>have favourite gluten free migoreng noodles I buy frequently
>not healthy but yummy and only 165 cal
>get taken off the shelves, I'm devastated
>find the same product back on shelves with new packaging
>same taste, same portion size, no discernable difference at all
>now over 250 calories

I know it's not a lot either way but man, this is why I have trust issues. Either the packaging had the wrong info all along, or they reformulated the recipe to add nearly 100 cals with no actual difference to the product. I knew it was suspiciously low cal and too good to be true. Calorie counting is the most absurdly inexact science.

No. 228310

I like adding fruits to salad because it's more sweet and palatable but still really healthy

I don't have a specific recipe I can find, but I remember having this really yummy salad with pear and candied pecans (goat cheese as well)

the candied pecans can be skipped, but I don't think you need very many to make it delicious

No. 228314

I'd love to know other anon's suggestions because I usually struggle the same and just eat dry salads or splash with a vinegar (like red wine or something).

Sometimes a flavorful, low fat cheese can help, like goat cheese or feta or maybe tzatziki made with fat free greek yogurt.

No. 228325

don't go jogging if you're severely overweight, you can seriously mess up your knees that way. source: myself and several fatties in my BED self help group. brisk walking is much better and has a lower impact on your joints. and it's much more fun than jogging when you're seriously out of shape. i bet my ass you're more likely to go on a walk every day than go jogging every day when you're close to puking after just a minute. don't underestimate how extremely visible and judged us fatties feel. walking doesn't draw attention.

are you getting any healthy fats from side dishes? if you only eat salad and no healthy fats at all, you'll be hungry again after like an hour or two. fats are GOOD for you, they keep you sated and will keep you from binging. don't go for the low fat option. treat yourself to regular cheese, just weigh it properly to avoid going over your calorie budget.

No. 228342

I walk everyday but I don't much care for the belly anymore, I want to stay in a range and not pass this weight

No. 228347

It's not dressing, but pumpkin seeds in salad is so good. They give it such a nice crunch.

No. 228414

For me, some grapeseed oil, some balsamic vinegar or cider vinegar, some soy sauce to add a little bit of saltiness. I use olive oil too, but I know that it can be too rich in fat. Although a small amount can't hurt. Also, I enjoy adding oregano or olives, or both. I buy olives that come in a jar, so sometimes I replace the soy sauce with the salty olive juice. It tastes great. I always add low fat cheese, too. It can be grated, if you'd like!

No. 228418

I like making a dupe of that meme erewhon salad that's just kale, white beans and avocado. I'll add cucumbers sometimes too for crunch, or roasted chickpeas.

Salad dressing is 1T lemon juice, 1 t olive oil, 1 t maple syrup, half or quarter t Dijon mustard, salt and pepper to taste.

I whisk the dressing together first and then massage the kale with it. Let the kale rest with the dressing while I chop and prepare the other ingredients. Ready in under 10 minutes and it's super healthy. Don't skip the maple syrup in the dressing it really is the X factor.

No. 228520

Nonnies, what do you consider 'skinnyfat'? What would that body type look like to you? I'm really curious, I genuinely can't tell if it means closer to the skinny side of things or the fat side of things.

No. 228578

File: 1643963536554.png (431.46 KB, 710x416, 4632984329048.png)

Someone who is skinny enough to fit in small clothing sizes but their body is primarily composed of fat rather than visible muscle tone. For guys it's typically the gangly nerd that looks like a stick-armed cryptid. I think women can get away with skinny-fat more easily because we retain more fat in the first place so it looks more natural, but it's just a generally flabby, soft look where you can tell someone never works out (or only ever does light cardio).

No. 228602

skinny-fat is just someone with no muscle mass who happens to not be overweight or obese yet. They'll always look fatter than they actually are because they have high body fat and not enough muscle to compensate for it.

Skinny fat ppl usually have weak cores and backs giving them that flabby belly and back look unless they're tall.

source: am skinny fat. Working on getting stronk

No. 228626

Reporting back, this week I lost 1.3kg (2.8 lbs). Now I weigh 74,4 kg. During this past week I stayed in the 1300-1500 kcal range, a little lower than the initial 1400-1600. I decreased my daily intake a little because I exercised much less, I walked for at least 30 minutes (not every day) and did weight training only twice. I like exercising and spots, and I am so excited this weekend I am going cross-country skiing!

No. 228653

always thought it was a silly term since not everyone will have a workout routine that shows visible muscle/fitness. most fit people probably would be considered skinny fat if they took a photo unflexed in bad lighting

No. 228655

…Oh, I'm skinnnyfat then. I look -exactly- like picrel on the left despite being 70 kg at 171 cm. I do highly intense aerobic exercises twice a week and lounge around on the off days.

No. 228666

I have a feeling I'm saving money on not buying so much food (to control my binge eating), and also no snacks at all. It's only been two weeks but now I'm looking forward to compare this months final spending to before!

No. 228871

i'm thin but don't look like either of those pics, what does that make my body type?

No. 229295

I'm trying to eat more protein and more food in general, but it takes me like half an hour or more to power through a bowl of oatmeal, and close to an hour to eat something like 1 cup of quinoa and 1 cup of beans, even when I'm physically hungry. It's not that the food I make tastes bad; I just really hate volume eating and always need to distract myself while I eat large quantities of food. If I had it my way, I'd live on handfuls of nuts and fruit all day but obviously that's not a sustainable way to eat. I feel like I'm asking for a magic bullet, but does anyone have any calorically dense but still nutritious meal ideas? I already make a protein powder/banana/almond milk smoothie every day, which usually takes me at least 20 minutes to get through.

No. 229296

… Just skinny

No. 229306

>>229295 I have this too nonna. I am quite small so my appetite is shit and I dont like eating a lot but need a lot of protein.

I can highly recommend chicken breasts, 100g of that has on average 25g of protein. Tuna is also great but you can't eat it every day. Turkey mince you could make for spaghetti etc. The good thing about all those meats is that they're filling and you don't need to eat a lot.

Chickpeas, pumpkin seeds, hemp seeds, chia seeds, lentils, greek yoghurt and spinach are great protein. The good thing about the seeds is that you can chuck them in almost anything for extra protein and they don't taste of much.

A go-to cheap and filling meal prep recipe I do is chicken curry:

Chicken breasts (100g for me personally)
Fry the chicken with onions, peppers, lentils and all the seeds etc. I'll fry the spinach last.
I then make my own curry sauce out of tomato passata, greek yoghurt and the curry powder, and just mix everything into the sauce.
I then add some brown rice to the side with a mini naan bread for some carbs and there you go.

Obviously if you dont eat meat you could swap the chicken for quorn or something but the protein content will be lower.

Additional meals like spaghetti, stir fry, chilli con carne are also very filling and can be made protein-dense with just adding stuff like lentils, chickpeas etc.

I also try to just have greek yoghurt instead of milk with cereal. It's got way more protein and is better for your gut too.

No. 229319

nonnas, is it possible to lose face fat and get a slimmer face structure? I've had baby fat as long as I can remember, and when I lose weight from lifting my face fat doesn't really reduce. Any advice?

No. 229322

>lentils and yoghurt and spinach together
Are you high? Christ just get some Patak's and call it good.

No. 229327

You're naturally going to lose facial fat as you age, I say enjoy it while you can knowing you won't look as skeletal as others down the road. If it really bothers you then you can always use contour to make your face look more angular.

No. 229328

>>229322 why would I do that when I can make my own curry sauce that tastes better, is cheaper, plus has better protein?

enjoy your oilslick Pataks though.

No. 229329

What’s disgusting about normal food? Are you thinking of sweetened yogurts?

No. 229364

I'm a bit confused about your post, are you vegan? Because your protein problems could be easily solved by just adding some meat to your diet, just 200g of chicken breast has 60g of protein for example. I also don't understand why you think that you have to eat more volume wise, just eat more of the calorie dense stuff like nuts or bread if you want to gain weight.

For protein powder I personally just mix it into a glass of water and chug it. It's just making the smoothie taste worse anyway, might aswell just get it over with quickly.

A weeknight recipe I like is spaghetti with tuna sauce:
Fry onions and garlic in oil (if you bought your tuna in oil use that). Add canned tomatoes and some water, add the canned tuna, add paprika powder and parsley (or any other tomato sauce spices) let cook for a while, season with salt and pepper and serve on spaghetti.

No. 229526

Anon has suckled dry every almond in the realm

No. 230583

File: 1644859483547.jpg (34.34 KB, 564x549, photo_2022-02-11_17-41-46.jpg)

*I posted this in the other diet thread but failed to check that it's old, reposting in this one too don't kill me please.

Hi nonnies, I'm looking for advice. I spent the last year stress eating, currently am 5'3 and 152 lbs / 162cm and 69kg, with a visibly high body fat percentage. This is really screwing with my head, therefore I want to lose weight as quickly and safely as possible. My two questions for you:
- strict deficit and lots of walking, slight deficit and lots of lifting weights, or combining both?
- maybe someone started out with this height and weight, or could just help me eyeball how much I could lose in four or six months?

I've lost weight before but never had to do it as quickly as possible, hence the question. I have no history of EDs and I am not going to engage in extreme diets (I hope my commend didn't sound like that). Thanks in advance.

No. 230586

Typically the most you should safely aim to lose a week is 2lbs, likely it won't be a straight line even if you never deviate from a weight loss plan due to hormones and whatnot, so a more conservatively estimate would be you could lose 24lbs to 36 lbs in that 4-6 month range and you'd want no more than a 750 cal deficit. In terms of workout, that's auxiliary since working out increases your calorie expenditure by a relatively small amount. For whether you should do more light cardio or strength lifting is more about preference and what you'd stick to. Though, if you like strength training and can be consistent and since you are mostly looking to reduce visibly high body fat %, I think it'd be best. Though, even at a deficit, if you hadn't been to a gym for a while or ever really did strength training before, you'll likely go through "body recomp" pretty easily and you'll see a lower body fat percentage and will look slimmer but the scale might end up not moving much since you'll be replacing the fat with muscle.

TLDR: calorie deficit to what you can handle, between 500 - 750. Strength training is better than light cardio if you're looking to look slimmer, but your total weight will likely drop less due to muscle growth.

No. 230630

I'm almost the same height and weight as you and can highly recommend a slight sustainable deficit and weightlifting. You have high body fat too so putting on muscle mass should be a priority so you don't get that skinny-fat and soft cardio look (unless you want that i guess). Like the other nonna said you will lose fat and look slimmer, but don't pay attention to the scales if you lift, because muscle weighs more than fat.
You can still do cardio of course but still prioritise weights.

No. 230948

Stress eater here too. 162 cm and a whooping 90kg, jesus. Strength training is definitely the way to go. I've done it for 4 months and people have commented on me looking slimmer, though the scale remains the same, muscle makes you look more compact and defined. 69kg is my goal weight at the moment, kek, so you're going to look amazing in no time, I'm sure. Good luck, nonna!

No. 231765

"Recompositioning": when you remain at the same weight but with more muscle mass and less fat
Good luck on the fitness journey

No. 231795

File: 1644935942614.jpeg (36.22 KB, 399x399, F3B98DB9-F933-4E5D-B12E-AB85AF…)

I've been underweight for most of my life because of poverty and now I'm finally in a good place, learning how to cook and trying to healthily gain weight but it's so hard! I'm trying to eat more protein, eggs and meat especially, but I find it hard to eat my calorie goal daily. I'm trying to eat around 1.5k cals a day but I'm running out of meal ideas. It's tempting to just grab unhealthy snacks to consistently meet my goal.

No. 231799

Nuts & seeds are a godsend. Packed with good nutrition, has a very high lvl of protein and also fiber.
Add a little nuts and seeds in any meal you're making, it adds calories and crunch. They also make a healthy snack.

No. 231800

Have you tried eating (unsalted) nuts as a snack? They're delicious, great alernative to unhealthy snacks and very calorie-dense.

No. 231806

Agree with putting nuts and seeds on everything.
I often browse the pre-packaged meals/salads and the frozen dinner sections of my grocery store when I am out of ideas. I never buy them, but usually they remind me of something I want to try making, how I could change things up, or something I haven't had in a long time.

No. 231807

I try and snack on almonds but I'm not a big fan of most other nuts.
Any seed recommendations? Thank you nonnies ♥

No. 231813

Pine nuts and roasted pumpkin seeds (easy and quick on a dry pan) are great for salads and snacks. I like sesame and poppy seeds as well, especially with fried rice or noodles. They are even common when baking.

No. 231825

Sesame and flax seeds are my go-to when cooking or baking. You can also grind them/buy them ground and add it that way if you get tired of the crunch.

No. 231829

Samefag, a lot of people add poppy or chia seeds, but those are too bitter to me

No. 232002

anons, is it normal to be very hungry when dieting healthily? in the past i've gone to extreme measures to lose weight and i was hungry all the time, but it was to be expected. according to what i've heard regarding healthy weight loss, you're not supposed to be hungry when losing weight healthily. my bmr is about 1500, tdee 1800 according to calculators and i eat 1100-1200 calories a day which isn't an extreme daily deficit at all.
i'm pretty much starving the entire morning until 2pm or so when i eat lunch, then i'm satisfied for like 2 hours (or not even that) and then i'm hungry again. it sucks because the progress i'm seeing doesn't come close to the pain i have to endure every day… does the hunger get better overtime? i've only started around 2.5 weeks or so ago and it hasn't improved since

No. 232182

An adult, regardless of size, really shouldn’t go below 1200kcal as a rule. It’s no surprise your hungry nonna, you’re eating close to the RDA of a toddler. There’s a widely accepted idea of restriction that’s lead people to treat this bare bones minimum as a universally manageable amount of calories and it’s just not true. With no blame to you, it’s definitely the edge of healthy. Your bmr and tdee is already at a safe deficit, the less you weigh, the longer it’ll take to lose more but 2.6lbs a month is fine (especially since at your size, muscle development would better effect your physique). Staying around 1400kcal (3.5lbs/month) even, will give a nice boost to your daily comfort. Basically, you should give yourself the okay to eat more in general and maybe focus on some low pressure weight training. There’s also the topic of more filling foods and hydration, but even so, you’re in muddy waters and satiation is different for everyone. Sorry this was so long. Good luck with your weight loss and I’m proud of you for having the right incentives!

No. 232187

Boo, I meant healthy, womp womp.

No. 232254

No, that could be the tdee of a very short woman. One anon was ranting about it the other day.

No. 232421

File: 1644965667465.gif (806.26 KB, 220x220, download (16).gif)

here to post some goals and talk a lil about my diet/fitness-
i've been underweight for most of my adult life, i'm 5'9 and never really weighed above 120lbs since puberty. right now i'm 135lbs, and its taking a lot to get used to it. i quit a drug i had been using for 4 years that apparently suppressed my appetite (or maybe i'm just bored-eating kek). now i want to start working out for my mental health and physical wellbeing too.
my goal is to hit the gym 3x a week and just use the machines for reps until i'm more comfortable and have gained some actual strength, then getting into a sport like rock climbing or boxing or something. the main issue right now is getting the routine and self-discipline to do that.
do any nonnies have advice for making yourself get up and do shit like going to the gym even when you don't want to?

No. 232484

Nowhere near close to toddler intake, that's a myth and an ignorant one at that. Very short women are fine on 1200cal a day. For average height and above, not so much

No. 232531

Sorting out my clothes and gym bag the night before helps, as well as making my protein shake the night before and sticking it in the fridge. The less time you have to spend prepping for gym on the same day, the better. You can just wake up, have the breakfast ready, get dressed then go without your brain thinking of excuses as to why you can't go.
You can also start off just getting into the habit of driving/walking to the gym and spending like 20 minutes there. It doesn't have to be a super big workout or something special. You could even watch videos while on the exercise bike. This is a pretty good way to just start making the gym part of your routine just like brushing your teeth and get yourself comfortable with the environment.
I struggle with consistency a lot too and the biggest help for me was just making sure I walk there, 4-5 days a week, and get myself into the gym even if it's for 30 minutes doing something light, or even just walking on the treadmill.

I know its different for everyone but for me personally after a week of going there consistently I get the "itch" and it makes me want to go there even more, I sort of get addicted to how much stronger I feel and I'm still very much a noob. You'll start sleeping better, muscle soreness feels amazing the next day and you feel more awake plus the mental health benefits. I try to think about those things and "the itch" to keep me motivated and disciplined instead of "I want my body to look like xyz in 6 months". The health benefits kick in way before the visual changes do so I think it helps a lot to think of those when you're starting out, if that makes sense.

No. 232623

Fell of the wagon hard but only gained 1 pound! Now back on track.

No. 232742

It’s not ignorant at all. A 2 year old can easily clear 1000kcal, which is what I was referring to. A particularly active 3 year old girl is recommended to eat up to 1400kcal actually. If you have any tiny relatives, you’re free to go and measure out their food if you want.
Obviously I know OP is losing weight but for normal daily life, you need more calories to fuel activity. A young woman would have to be 4ft 7, 90lbs and completely sedentary for ~1200 to cover her for the whole day. Do people live on that? Yes, of course they do, but it isn’t and shouldn’t be tooted as fine. The NHS recommends an average 7 year old girl eats 1530kcal. Sure there are ‘very small women’ out there but I doubt OP is that small and with a current tdee of 1800kcal of course she’s hungry at a 600-700 deficit. It isn’t working well for her, so she should eat more. There’s not much else to it.

No. 232765

I actually don’t believe this should be saged.

No. 232791

calorie recs for kids take into account that their bodies are growing

No. 235202

How accurate is the calorie tracking from a FitBit? I wear mine all the time and I like to walk, but I'm dubious to the reported number of calories it's saying I'm burning. For example, a 15 minute walk burns 133 apparently, 30 minutes just under 300. Does anyone know if that's accurate? I just don't understand how I'm burning the same amount walking for 30 mins as I would be running - because if I run a 5k in that time I am also apparently burning just under 300 calories. So why the fuck would I run when I could just walk…unless its lies…help!

No. 235304

That all sounds way inflated! All of it!
Machines in my gym show much lower numbers for much longer and higher intensity workouts.
There could be a difference in mass in the two of us, but it can't account for that much of a difference in calories. Your calorie tracker is incorrect.

No. 235376

Is your height/weight adjusted in the app? How long do you have it? And is it tight enough?

Sorry for sounding like the FitBit support lmao but yes, the other anon is right, the numbers are a bit high. If you watch is new the it takes a whilenfor it to adjust, if you're on the heavier side it could be that you burn more because you need to put in more effort and of the watch isn't tight enough it can slide around which can mess a bit with the HR sensor.

No. 235972

It is yeah, I'm 170cm and 130lbs, so I wouldn't say I'm on the heavier side, and I've had the thing for a year now…I think it's just poorly a implemented feature. I will tighten the strap though, perhaps that is the problem.

But thanks girls, I didn't think it was right and good to know I shouldn't rely on it!

No. 245749

Any ideas why I can't lose weight when I eat around 1000kcal a day? I even feel like I gain weight somehow.
I had thyroid problems few months ago but it's ok now.

No. 245755

Unless you're a midget stop starving yourself

No. 245758

Then how I should lose weight? If I would eat more I will get more weight.

No. 245762

What's your BMR/TDEE? Are you sure your intake is 1000 calories? How do you count your calories, do you weight everything or do you estimate? Are you maybe forgetting to count some things like oil in the pan or liquids like fruit juice or alcohol?

No. 245764

Also how long have you been consistently eating 1000 calories for?

No. 245768

My bmr is 1369 kcal, if I want to stay on my weight it's 1917 kcal.

>How do you count your calories, do you weight everything or do you estimate?

I mostly estimate. If I would need to weight everything, that would take time lol. I mostly eat two small meals a day. Today I ate 1181 kcal. Still I think I mostly eat under 1300 kcal.
>Are you maybe forgetting to count some things like oil in the pan or liquids like fruit juice or alcohol?
I don't think so, as I said I eat two times a day (maybe three on days where I go for a long walk).
>Also how long have you been consistently eating 1000 calories for?
Around two weeks now I think, maybe a little more, but I don't think I can keep it any longer honestly.

No. 245821

Are you eating healthy? Getting enough protein and vitamins and stuff? I think if you're malnourished it can fuck up your metabolism and make it harder to lose weight.

No. 245850

blogpost inc. but DAE just not feel like eating anymore because there’s no more novelty or excitement to derive from it? i used to get so overjoyed eating my favorite foods, now i’m just tired of them. at the same time i can’t stand trying new foods because i don’t want to risk eating something bad. sorry for sperg

No. 245868

I feel like this because all my favourite foods are high in calories and not nutritious at all. I try to eat healthy but some days I feel like I'd rather forget to eat (which unfortunately I can't do because of my food addiction issues) than to plan healthy boring meals. I should probably just keep eating nutritious foods + my favourite foods in small portions.

No. 247072

File: 1646178616236.jpg (1009.27 KB, 969x4584, For_tu.jpg)

My progress is such ass lmao.
Checking back in at 248 here. Just happy to be sub 250 again. Will be even happier if I make it sub 200. Still adhering to OMAD and low carb, still no exercise with the office job.
I fell off the wagon for a bit (not atrociously, but definitely ate my fill of carbs, dairy, and soda) not enough to gain but I sure stagnated over the winter. Almost caught myself gaining but I got some backbone and reversed it. I think it got bad in January when I was starting to lose some real hope with my job.
My life is honestly so shit right now I can't even think about food. OMAD has been easy lately cause I can't afford to take a lunch and work has made me so pissed with stress that anything that isn't tasty isn't worth the calories nor expenditure tbh. My dinners are pretty basic and rationed lately.

Last time I lost a lot of weight and got down to my GW was when I was in grad school–no coincidence, but also, broke. Just wish I had the same self-hate as a motivator sometimes, I just can't bring myself to care.
Sorry to be such a downer, but I'll end on a happy note. This is a recipe for a cookie cake mug. It's actually pretty fulfilling in a pinch. Serving is reasonable, I like it because it makes just enough for one and not anything more. Ingredients are cheap and all you need is a microwave.
Sometimes when I didn't really have a meal today I fix myself a cup of this, life's too short to be entirely miserable nonners.

No. 247209

File: 1646267521091.png (708.77 KB, 564x1003, D6092252-9DC9-49C1-A00E-884767…)

I’ve been overeating lately without thinking.
I also count calories too though and always have the urge to go past my limit.
Do you guys know of any mind tricks to hold off on eating? And tips at all?

No. 247288

having set times to eat, chewing gum, water with a straw, high volume low calorie

No. 247321

Don't keep snacks you're more likely to binge on in the house. I always end up eating chips if they're around but not so likely to eat lettuce, a piece of chicken or a tomato if they're not turned into an actual meal and if I do then I may be desperate but at least they're healthy.

No. 247332

File: 1646351956299.png (990.09 KB, 640x978, wakxhu2ihf871.png)

nonas how long until I start to feel/see results from going to the gym 3/4 times a week? I am mostly focusing on cardio and some weight work, and I'm eating a calorie deficit. I've only been going for 3 weeks but I'm impatient kek

No. 247336

for me, like two weeks. rest days are important! that’s where i went wrong at first. i didn’t mix things up or rest. good luck nonna

No. 247339

I started at 155-ish pounds and am down to 150-ish pounds and have been stuck here for half a year I think and it's driving me crazy. I was ~180 lbs the first time I intentionally tried to lose weight and it was so easy back then. Now, when I eat at a deficit, I keep wanting to snack and when I try to exercise more I'm so tired the rest of the day that it tanks my mood. I know it's just a matter of finding sufficiently satiating foods and figuring out how I much I can exert myself without fucking up the rest of my day (especially for work) but it's taking so long and it's maddening! UGH

No. 247344

File: 1646361741302.jpg (27.86 KB, 600x478, 1637952655371.jpg)

A Lotta people who can't squat bodyweight ITT. Its retarded to try to reinvent the wheel and get all these gay ass fru fru routines off of Instagram info graphics.

You're afraid of easily trackable resistance training plans because it exposes you to how little objective, measurable progress is being achieved due to your lack of discipline and ambition. You're going to waste your physical prime and never realize your potential.

Enjoy your limited mobility and rapidly declining bone density after middle age, cowards.

No. 247346

Who/what are you replying to? Everyone in this thread is talking about dieting —or are you commenting on that/the lack of weight training? Maybe a beginners lifting thread would encourage people?

No. 247353


Yet you won't even quote the post that set you off

No. 247354

I don't think the post needs elaboration, but you seem to understand it.

Many posts in this thread are painful to read. Trying to get a better body without learning traditional resistance training is like trying to earn more money without working.

If you follow some of these regiments in the thread, you can tell yourself you're working out the same way people in a Facebook MLM tell themselves they're developing a career.

If you applied yourselves to the same proven effective techniques that have worked for thousands of years, you wouldn't feel the need to put so much thought into your diets because your BMR would be high enough that you could satisfy your appetites without getting fat.

No. 247355

If thats your idea of demonstrating bravery you may be too far gone. If the post applies to you, its directed at you, end of.

No. 247358

It would be cool for you to like, give actual advice, reference, and information instead of just shitting on everyone for not doing anything right.

No. 247359

Ayrt. Ah okay, I get your point and I agree with you but I want to say that restrictive dieting isn’t cowardice. It takes people jumping into the deep end and making things as hard as possible because of their desire to not go easy on themselves. Nobody doing that lacks discipline or ambition. anorexia is usually all about self control after all Rather, some women are just incredibly misguided about the right ways to go about body recomposition.

I totally understand the frustration I‘m >>232182 but your post reads really antagonistic, to the point that your intentions were unclear. I didn’t see any weird infographics and a lot of anons make good, supportive posts. Still, without being condescending to anyone, I like the idea of a new dedicated thread. It’d positively influence a lot of posters/lurkers.

No. 247362

Be careful with the microwave cookie anon when you haven't had a meal all day. Sugar isn't filling, it'll only make you hungry soon again.

No. 247380

Some good points were made.

I find it frustrating to see misguided people with low self esteem beat around the bush with fitness by trying everything except compound lifting.

Its intimidating at first, and it makes you feel weak to realize how little you're capable of compared to people with experience, but it is the most efficient, nearly guaranteed path to liking how you look.

Often the exercises and practices people dread the most are the ones that they would yield the most benefit from. After you see gains in a challenging exercise, they switch from making you feel weak to making you feel empowered.

If you're exercising for months or years, and your answer to "how much can you squat? Deadlift? Overhead Press? Chest Press? Row?"
Is just : "I don't know, I don't really do those"

That is just as frustrating as asking someone about their business accounting and getting the answer "I have no idea, I don't keep track because it'll bum me out."

I was antagonistic because I want people to think "fuck you, I'll prove you wrong" but I understand its still rude and unsupportive.

Good luck.

No. 247382

File: 1646402204715.jpeg (101.41 KB, 812x872, 770FEDB6-53E6-4128-945A-4F59FD…)

Its a little rough in the delivery, but youre not wrong. Im a fatty anon who has been working out and my back started locking up recently, to the point i couldn't physically step up the stairs. I got into physical therapy, and it turns out my hip and core is week, so my other hip and back were compensating.
I also have NEVER been able to squat right. When i was a kid, i remember having foot problems (on the bad hip side), so i figured i was doomed to never squat.
3 sessions in, i do a squat, and BAM! this bitch is flat footed on the floor, form is great, and i can get up from really low- Slav- squats. Im so excited i proceed to squat to show my bf my room mate and even my dad the next day. (Very goofy i know)
Guess what has been the game changer? Resistance bands! I swear by them, and i support trying them out. Many affordable options, and you can use them any where.
Ps, heres the workout i have for this week. My confidence is soaring while I improve my balancing muscles and getting my hip back in function.

No. 247385

Thats great, good work!

Imagine how fucked you'd be in 30 years if you just avoided the problem and let it get worse instead of addressing it. That is the position millions of people have found themselves in, and its only trending in the direction of getting worse.

No. 247387

Yea! Especially since… id say 90% of the workouts you do are so easy you can do them while watching tv or whatever. Ok. I gotta go to work lost track of the time but seriously nonnas, consider it! Later ill see if i can find some easy information on it via youtube to share!

No. 247653

I understand your frustration. I die a little bit inside whenever someone suggest a dead end "training plan" like that. Like people can put in all this effort for years and never get any better. Of course they would shy away from objective measurements at that point.
The sad thing is, it's a self perpetuating circle, if people where educated about progressive overload, proper rest and nutrition ect. they wouldn't need to watch a new "Toned Legs, Thighs & Booty" video every fucking day.

No. 247841

File: 1646589262174.jpg (29.36 KB, 430x650, 1635250834179.jpg)

My progress on compound lifts slowed down considerably and since my main goal is strength, I started bulking 2 weeks ago. 5'7, 140lbs been eating 2500 calories, ~140ish grams of protein. It was really hard at first to be not hungry at the end of the day and intentionally make myself eat more, I was paranoid about waking up fat or something. But I know I need to build muscle right now and I've kinda gotten used to it, not gonna lie already my arms are looking juicier. Anyone else here bulking this spring/summer?

Agreed with these. It's really no individual woman's fault but there are a lot of misconceptions. I will again shill the /fit/ sticky for anyone reading: https://4chanfit.fandom.com/wiki/Harsh's_Worksheet_(WIP) I know it assumes the reader is male but literally all the same principles apply, we just have to lower expectations a bit for the rate of muscle growth and obviously raw numbers of weight lifted.

Hang in there anon. How tall are you? It becomes even slower as you get into normal levels of bodyfat. Hope you find something that works for you, maybe exercising after work or closer to bedtime so you can just crash after. And lots of protein to help with satiety.

No. 247861

File: 1646596144733.jpg (361.58 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20220216-092202_Rea…)

Progress on compound lifts inevitably slows down over time. The fact that you're that measured means you're going to/already have a better body than 95% of people, even more so after 30. Pic rel.

Everyone should always set new, more ambitious goals, but don't get in your own head if you don't meet them and try implementing something new whether its routine or food.

One of my biggest gripes is when people think that training principles that apply to men don't apply to women, and women's training should revolve around 3 or 4 body parts purely for sex appeal while wearing clothes that vaccume seal against their ass and vagina.

No. 247862

Really hit the nail on the head with all the female fitness grift videos

No. 247889

Anyone have any tips for gaining weight with a stupidly high metabolism?

No. 247892

Thanks anon, I know it's inevitable that they'll slow and I definitely struggle with comparing myself too much to others. The rate of increase has been that I can add 5lbs to my squat every 2.5 weeks or so, which just feels way too slow for a lower body compound in my first year of lifting. I have been doing them for about 8 months and have gone from the bar to 115, but I still feel so weak since I can't do a plate yet. That's why I'm trying more food since I was pretty much recomping until now.

Your point about women's training also grinds my gears hard. All the ass-focused stuff is just cringy.

Track your calorie intake and have a goal to hit, if you aren't already. If you have a small appetite it's really easy to think you're eating way more than you actually are. Aside from that, eating full fat versions of dairy and cooking your food in a slightly higher quantity of healthy fats like butter and olive oil is one easy way to add calories

No. 247896

This might be a really really stupid question but r.e. the compound lifting/strength training discussion, I understand that it can help you decrease body fat (and way moreso than those 'Tone Thighs in 30 Days!' videos where you just do glorified yoga) but won't you start getting bulky too? Is it unsuitable for you if your aim in working out is to slim your body down? Because as much as I want to lose weight, I don't want to trade my flabby arms for Arnold Schwarzenegger's either.

No. 247897

You can only gain muscle if you're in a calorie surplus, so while you might look more toned and muscly you won't bulk up unless you change your diet too.
That being said, you don't need to do compound lifting or strength training to lose weight kek but it will certainly help, just like any exercise.

No. 247901

File: 1646602282604.jpg (70.38 KB, 856x428, bicep_ex.jpg)

The short of it is that the average woman doesn't have much muscle on her body to start with compared to the average man, and builds muscle at such a slow rate, that even if you train hard and eat enough it will take years to look bulky or like a bodybuilder. What would you consider too bulky, is the left pic ok but right is too much? or is right ok? Because the right pic is pretty much the steroid-free limit of how women can look, if you have genetically gifted arms at that.

As >>247897 said, you won't get big unless you eat big. Here's another article about it from just the first google result: https://www.cnet.com/health/fitness/does-lifting-weights-make-women-bulky/

No. 247908

File: 1646603636706.jpeg (24.57 KB, 577x532, 8A273A0F-D5F8-43EA-9DFB-99DAE0…)

How can I get arms like that? Do I cut and then bulk? And how do I do that? I’m pretty clueless.

No. 247913

Read the sticky that was previously posted.
I know its coming from inexperience, but you've demonstrated another one of my biggest gripes.

"If I do weight training the same way men do, will I accidentally end up looking like a male body builder?"

No. That has never happened and it never will. Men end up looking like that by committing themselves to training for years, having male hormones and physiology, and potentially abusing PEDs.

The only way you will accidentally end up looking "manly" is if you trip and fall onto a steroid needle every week for a few months or years.

"will I get bulky?"
Depending on how aggressively you bulk. When on a caloric surplus you will not lose fat, but after the bulk you will shed the fat more easily and quickly. Every LB of muscle you gain is 50 calories added to your maintenance. Losing 1 pound of fat requires a deficit of 3500 calories. E.g If you gained 7lbs of muscle and kept the same diet, you would lose a pound of fat after 10 days. This is why you cycle between cutting (losing weight) and bulking (gaining weight) until you achieve the desired result.

No. 247917

File: 1646605868854.jpg (159.41 KB, 600x900, curl.jpg)

Low body fat, bicep curls, and shoulder exercises

I'm glad this thread is getting more activity because /fit/ is annoying

No. 247924

No bench press? I also hear deadlifts are great for back muscles, and I’d like to improve mine because back pain.

No. 247926

Also why are compounds lifts so popular now?

No. 247930

People have been doing them since before the ancient Olympics which started in the 4th century.

Compounds have so many benefits that every person who doesn't do them at all is missing out to a tragic degree.

No. 247933

Where do I start anon? I really want to but I can’t afford a trainer at all. And I never lift.

No. 247935

I started in high-school where no one knew what they were doing and you didn't need to be afraid of looking stupid because everyone did, so I feel for you.

Almost everything can be self taught with YouTube and bodybuilding forums. I'll give you a pointer in the right direction though.

Do 2-4 sets of 10-15 reps with a controlled tempo

In this order
Pulling exercises:
Bent over row
Verticle row

Pushing exercises:
Chest press
Overhead press

There's a rough routine for the first 8 weeks. Focus on building habit and coordination, correct any mobility hindrances with stretching a couple times a week.

No. 247936

This is a 2 day split if that's not clear. You can do this 2-4 times a week depending on how much discipline you have. You will make much slower progress at 2x a week and virtually none at 1x a week.

No. 247945

Thank you! Is that all I need to do for a start? No cardio right?

No. 247947

It doesn't hurt, but the weightlifting will get your heart rate elevated anyway.

No. 247952

Thank you for these answers nonnas! I didn't know that you can't build muscle without a calorific surplus because I've never seen the point in specifically working to build muscle (aside from aesthetic reasons) so I just focus on cardio. Would it be inadvisable to start strength training on a large calorific deficit then? I'm guessing if I can't build any muscle while I start to get into lifting I'll just end up injuring myself lol

I don't actually think that if I pick up a barbell I'll magically turn into a male bodybuilder nonnie, it was just hyperbole. But at the same time I knew some girls in school who were stockier in physique than most of the boys, and that only grew with training (for context, I helped out with the girls' rugby team).
I'm not really worried about my arms but my shoulders, because they're already wider than I'd like them to be. I don't want to build muscle around the shoulders because I fear that they'll seem even wider and I'll end up looking like an angry little boy. A friend of mine who's into lifting (admittedly, a dumbass male) advised me against it because of that. So you're saying I definitely won't build muscle around my shoulders if I start doing strength training? I'd only build any muscle at all if I bulked calories?

No. 247978

The only people who think non-roided strong women are unattractive are insecure about their own physique. Its difficult for anyone, especially women, to get so muscular naturally that its unaesthetic.

No. 247981

File: 1646619689084.jpg (344.71 KB, 1625x1826, IMG_20220120_093358164~3.jpg)


Deadlifts are great, pic related is my progress. Also helps to do bent over row, vertical row and pull ups

No. 247983

>I'm not really worried about my arms but my shoulders, because they're already wider than I'd like them to be. I don't want to build muscle around the shoulders because I fear that they'll seem even wider and I'll end up looking like an angry little boy.
Sister, the muscle around your shoulders is not going to grow to be like a man's, it's going to build different than an angry little boy's shoulders and look unique to your body. The myth that strong women look like angry little boys is perpetuated by angry little boys and you should live for yourself first.

No. 247984

Please beat me up

No. 247985

Woah you’re cool

No. 247987

File: 1646621604092.jpg (35.32 KB, 720x620, 1639131804096.jpg)

would you step on my neck please?

No. 247994

>-fans self-

No. 248061

No. 248062

File: 1646658171993.jpg (37.17 KB, 600x600, 2dd.jpg)

No. 248074

My fitness journey has been slow and disappointing so far. I've lost about 10 lbs and kinda stuck in a "plateau" since. I put it in quotes because, I haven't been to the gym/done a strength workout for the same length of time. Yesterday was the first day I properly did a workout again and feel reinvigorated to double down on efforts rather than wallow in disappointment for the lack of progress. I'm planning on focusing more on calisthenics/PT kinda stuff for addressing my mobility and joint issues before jumping back into weights. Part of my fear is that my partner has also been struggling with mobility in his knees/tendons and I want to make sure I'm keeping those healthy before progressing back into weightlifting.

So some of my goals I'm posting for accountability:
Currently i'm at 31% BF, aiming for 25% BF. I'd like to accomplish this in 6 months, but I'm so shit, that i'm planning to reach my goal in 12 months.
My mobility goals are to be able to sit in a squat for 5 minutes without pain or discomfort and without needing my arms out in front for counter balance and to be able to do at least 5 full pushups without wrist or elbow pain. Currently, I can only sit in a squat for 2 minutes, with arms out the whole time and I'm at 50 x 3 wall pushups but really feel it in my joints and shoulders. I plan to do body weight workouts 3 days a week, 1 day of cardio, and at least a short stretch/yoga routine 4-5 days a week.

I'll check back in in a month to post how i'm doing but if anyone has tips or suggestions i'd appreciate it!

No. 248095

Favorite self post of a mommy er nonny to date. Damn girl

No. 248097

>everyone itt is a little more gay now, and its her fault

No. 248098

Hey great goals! I can speak on the squat fatigue. If you can use resistance bands and that… oh crap what is it called? Its a half yoga ball with a balancing board? Also, your core could improve not needing the arms out.

No. 248099

File: 1646675101538.jpeg (26.48 KB, 300x299, AEAB484F-F429-485E-A65F-612BBA…)

Bosu ball! Of course you could use something similar, but it would improve your stabilizing muscles

No. 248101


You should be able to start weight training now. I'm the girl that posted my pic above. I had back pain on and off for 8 years from falling down stairs as a kid. Working out was that only thing that made it go away completely. I haven't had any back pain for a few years now.

Sure you need to have a good form so you don't hurt yourself, but if you're worried that you form isn't good then do barely any weight until you're confident. Squats would be great for strengthening your knees. Can you handle 45lbs? If yes then just do an empty bar. Add 10lbs as you feel comfortable.

No. 248102

Friends, I’m so tired of diet talk everywhere. I’m tired of misinformation and fads and dirt trends. Experts and hobbyists alike. There’s always some New Thing, like fuuuuuuuck. And it always get deboooonked in the end. Fuck it, I’m having my eggs and my meat and my potato stew. And MY black tea. No weird gimmicky shit.

No. 248103

File: 1646676569714.gif (806.34 KB, 200x200, 200.gif)

No. 248114

your what a viking woman probably looked like

No. 248115

Diet comes second to exercise unless your diet is horrible. That stew sounds very healthy BTW.

Every pro athlete does traditional compound resistance training, as does pretty much every woman that has an idealized physique.

If celebrities and athletes, who's livelihoods and futures depend on their development, all do compound resistance regimens, its because its the only path to success.

Fads exist because there is a lot of profit to be made off of women who feel insecure enough to get motivated to try a beginner routine, and a new diet in the short term. Anyone who makes empty promises and tells them what they want to hear can lift money from them in the few weeks they're motivated before quitting. And then they're back to square one, ready to waste time and money on a new fad.

80% of people who start working out quit within 6 weeks. Making real progress in the gym takes time, learning, and the discipline to stay consistent when you don't feel motivated. Just like almost everything else in life thats worth achieving.

Once you get the technique down, keep in mind the workout should be so hard, that if it were 10% harder, it would be impossible even if your life depended on it.

No. 248118

File: 1646679483692.gif (952.04 KB, 330x238, ovXUL.gif)

just came here to see what anons talked about in /ot/ and I'm disappointed.

No. 248120

Show us your back then.

No. 248124

If that's disappointing, then how would you describe your own body?

No. 248125

She has a muscular body but still a thin waist and as far as I can see, an hourglass bodytype. Why is this disappointing? Are you overweight or skinny?

No. 248131

oh shit, I'm sorry I mean "I'm NOT disappointed". Arg sorry!

No. 248133

File: 1646681314185.jpg (24.46 KB, 1150x315, 4cc.jpg)

hot and based

No. 248134

Oof i was going to go nuclear on you. Thought you were crab bucketing. Sorry for being mean

No. 248135

Kek, sorry for my response then anon.

No. 248143

you look great but i can only imagine how good it feels to have such a muscular back. for whatever reason it's so hard for me to properly activate my back muscles

No. 248147

File: 1646685091093.jpg (496.83 KB, 1475x1192, ID_3114.jpg)

No!! Shes gonna marry me, i have the tris to show for it

No. 248148

Have tried any of the back exercises that I mentioned for longer than 3 months?
>It's hard to activate my back muscles
It's hard to chew food without chewing

No. 248149

File: 1646685692998.gif (353.94 KB, 112x112, 1638640887624.gif)

Hello, it's me, the girl with the back. Those are some very nice Tris and delts

No. 248150

What the fuck? Where are all you buff (and beautiful) farmers coming from?and why didn't you show us sooner huehuehue

No. 248152

>It's hard to chew food without chewing
i don't think that's a really good comparison. when i try to do back exercises it's hard for me to isolate them without my other muscles somehow doing the work, is my point. it's not uncommon for it to be tricky sometimes. why is it that lat pulldowns never work for me? regular rows only sometimes work, but i've not done vertical rows yet

No. 248153

>it's hard for me to isolate them without my other muscles somehow doing the work, is my point.

Have you tried doing the exercises I mentioned and stuck with it? How long did you try for? It takes more than one exercise to achieve a nice back. All the exercises I mentioned work different muscles

No. 248155


Also forgot to add, it takes practice to learn proper form, if your form is shit, you will either hurt yourself or make shit progress

No. 248156

I can't believe I woke up to more beautiful buff nonnies, on my lolcow none the less, I feel blessed.

No. 248161

>condescending attitude
>reddit spacing
>all posts unsaged
>"clothes that vaccume seal against their ass and vagina" >>247861


No. 248164

None of the posts sound condescending imo, and the reddit spacing/sage is just newfag shit (you don't even have to sage in /g/) which that anon basically admitted to being. The vacuum sealed clothes thing just sounds like an actual complaint.

No. 248168

Are you triggered by finding out you're fatter than the average American woman?

No. 248171

File: 1646689638182.jpg (15.29 KB, 236x328, mecycling.jpg)

Thank you for your replies nonnas! But I don't think I'm insecure or anything like that (I've long since come to peace with my shoulders lol I just don't want them to get wider), I've just never felt the need to look, or even to be, strong. Although a muscular physique looks amazing on all the beautiful nonnies itt (you are so gorgeous!) my personal goal has always been to look (healthily) slim and dainty. Of course some muscle gets built in the process of cycling (my fav workout) and other cardio activities I do but I've never considered building it on purpose and thus haven't considered strength training, if that makes any sense? I hope I'm not being confusing.

No. 248175

File: 1646691588970.jpg (25 KB, 500x325, fab.jpg)

You did it nonnies, I'm going to start working out
I am already kinda skinny but I'm not tonned yet

No. 248176

There's nothing wrong with that, but a little strength training goes a long way. I used to go to a gym where I would see a lot of newbies being coached. You realize that for people who are completely untrained, squating or deadlifting more than say 60-80lbs was a struggle for them. Once you consider strength goes downhill slowly over time, you understand why so many boomers are so weak they can't even get up if they fall down.

No. 248195

me too, this is the first time I've felt this motivated to get fit. Thank you buff nonnies.

No. 248203

File: 1646702679560.jpg (37.72 KB, 960x641, 1640840559862.jpg)

Looking buff anon, whats your current deadlift best if you don't mind me asking?

Also looking amazing!

You won't really feel your back muscles working too much during the exercise itself especially as a beginner, your arms can be a limiting factor since they are also somewhat involved. If you have good form your lats are being hit by pulldowns and your lower back by bent over rows, you have to just trust the process and ofc soreness can be a good sign that they were worked. The first time I did assisted pull ups it felt like it was all arms, but I really felt it in my lats the next day.

Honestly I'd recommend still giving strength training a go with your goals, you can cash in on the noob gains and after that just focus on losing fat if you want to look more slim.

You won't regret it, wagmi ladies

No. 248216

wait how does having a muscular back feel like, I had a bf who was decently buff but his back muscles were incredibly well developed and I remember him being strong asf, he could do stuff that I didn't think were possible for a man his size, he could lift me up with one hand
can someone explain what benefits back muscles give and how it works

No. 248218

>can someone explain what benefits back muscles give, and how it works?

Sorry, but This is way too open ended of a question. The back has so many different muscle groups (especially interacting with the shoulder) with different anatomy and functions, all with different exercises that target different areas.

Kinda like going to a car message board and asking how engines work.

Deadlifts, rows and vertices rows make back go brrrrrr

No. 248231

File: 1646716831135.png (1.4 MB, 1438x1080, 3839392292.png)

K nonnies, I'm going to start from ground zero & start tracking my progress. I am currently 5'4 and 127 pounds. I have no gw I just want get and look physically stronger. The only saving grace that I am not completely noodled out is that I work a (somewhat) active job and have to lift/move furniture occasionally.

I think my biggest struggle will be forming a routine around this.
I had a gym memebership that unfortunately went to waste after covid (ops kek). I never did the bar weights I only remember I could do 70 lbs on the leg machine.
I'm thinking about joining another gym and going mostly at nighttime, 1) because I have more energy and feel more restless at night and 2) because I am kinda self conscious and I heard there are less people there I really don't want obnoxious gym scrotes to talk to me, gym ladies are fine though

No. 248280

Write out and research the moves you plan on doing in your routine before you go. Free weight is almost always best. You should be able to mime the proper form as if you have to teach it to someone else.

No. 248288

I have some resistance bands and I think the gym has those bosu balls so I'll add that in as well. I definitely have a weak core.

I wasn't sure if I was being overly cautious with going to just body weight workouts or not. I want to lift but the injury spooked me. I'm glad to know it should be ok to incorporate the bar at least while I work on my mobility this month. Will also probably focus more on the foundations again. I was probably rushing to increase weights too quickly since I hadn't been to the gym due to lockdowns and overdid it in the first place.

No. 248325

nah, they're being condescending, and i'm not the only one who noticed >>247353 >>247358 also
>muh triggered fattie?? >>248168

they've been going on for days saying if you're not lifting weights you're a retard, quoting wrong information (no, an extra pound of muscle doesn't burn 50 calories, and bulking and cutting is stupid). moid or not anon it's annoying me kek

anyway i already lost the weight that i wanted so i'm taking myself out, sorry for sperging kek best of luck to everyone!

No. 248334

>bulking and cutting is stupid
No issues with the rest of your post but this as a blanket statement isn't true. For losing weight, general health, and beginner lifters yeah it's stupid and unnecessary. But there's a reason most professional bodybuilders and strength athletes do it, eating more ("bulking") is necessary to build muscle at the fastest rate. No one said you should bulk and cut if you are just looking to lose 20lbs.

No. 248341

File: 1646776202525.jpeg (409.63 KB, 1707x2560, 5F7DEFE5-061B-4243-B0D2-54B6AE…)

has anyone here done the starch solution for weight loss? i’m extremely mentally burnt out from counting calories and i feel like this is the only way i can lose weight without counting (since it’s an extremely low-fat diet that emphasizes low caloric density whole foods).

i only want to lose about 10 lbs

No. 248342

I'm not sure what the exact numbers are but just by having more muscle, you do burn more calories just existing than someone who doesn't. So cardio is good for short term weight loss but muscle is the key for helping you keep it off.

>Bulking cutting is stupid

No it's not. I'm back anon and adding on some extra lbs helps me lift a lot more. I just gradually lose it for the summer when I'm going to be wearing less and care about looking good and put the weight back on in the fall

No. 248343

>Looking buff anon, whats your current deadlift best if you don't mind me asking?

Honestly not as strong as I look. I can deadlift 175lbs x 4

No. 248344


Try eating soup for dinner and do a 30 min run in the morning and you'll be good. I'm not sure what that book is but carb cutting is very temporary. You'll gain everything back as soon as you stop

No. 248346

it’s not carb cutting, it’s low-fat whole food vegan. super high carbs (mostly from starches and green veggies/fruit). i refuse to do low carb - i think it’s depressing and unhealthy.

i am pretty active already. soup is a good idea! i need to work on food prepping more

No. 248348

Have you found any reviews or experiences yet? I'm vegan myself, looking to lose weight and I too really don't like calculating calories much, it would be great to follow a program that would allow me to skip that aspect of dieting.

No. 248353

i’ve seen some content from people like healthy emmie & plantiful kiki on youtube. you can also search for “mary’s mini starch solution” on youtube & you’ll see some videos of people showing what they eat for weight loss on this type of diet.

i was strictly whole foods plant based about 1.5 years ago & it honestly worked really well - i was eating at a pretty slight deficit, super high carb & super low fat and the weight was just falling off me. mostly walking for exercise. but sadly i started eating vegan junk food & it’s been hard to get back on it.

calorie counting is so mentally exhausting & i’m just fed up with it at this point. i don’t want to weigh or measure my food anymore and spend time calculating all the numbers for my food. i just want to eat when i’m hungry, stop when i’m full, and lose weight.

No. 248356

Nice. Sumo or conventional, and do you use belt or straps or anything? I've been only doing conventional and it's alright but want to try sumo at some point to see how they compare. I guess 175 might be kinda low to use a belt or anything but I'm always curious if/when people decide to use them.

No. 248361

I have the same problem nona, I've been vegetarian for 5 years and vegan for one, but it never made me lose weight because I still eat unhealthily. I just eat a lot of processed junk and it's so addicting. I know I would lose weight if I stuck to whole foods, but It feels so difficult.
I agree with the calorie counting. What's really frustrating for me is that It seems no matter how slight my calorie deficit is, I still crave more and it has always been like this ever since I first tried dieting. If I am to eat "satisfied" or "full" I will 100% have surpassed my daily calorie goal. If I ate how I wished every day it would probably be in the 2000-2500 calorie range which is way too much for me, even maintenance wise, let alone weight loss. I do suspect veganism has helped me maintain my current bmi and helped prevent me spiraling into obesity, but it hasn't magically made me lose weight.
I really want to find a diet regimen that doesn't involve calorie counting and has a decent amount of volume food wise that would curb my hunger as much as possible. I've considered seeking a dietician's help but it's pretty expensive and it feels like a waste of money if I haven't tried everything else that's free first.

No. 248370

>If I am to eat "satisfied" or "full" I will 100% have surpassed my daily calorie goal. If I ate how I wished every day it would probably be in the 2000-2500 calorie range which is way too much for me, even maintenance wise, let alone weight loss.

i feel this very much. dieting has ravaged my hunger cues. i can EASILY put away 4,000-5,000 calories and still feel hungry. also like most dieters i tend towards extreme black-or-white thinking so if i go even slightly over my “calorie limit” i just say screw it & eat whatever i want and vow to start over the next day. i’m sure that’s familiar to a lot of people. it’s a horrible rut to get trapped in.

i think the solution is really to prioritize whole & unprocessed foods. vegan foods do give you an advantage in this regard since meat & dairy are usually relatively calorically dense. if you stick with potatoes, sweet potatoes, rice, oats, quinoa, squash, broccoli, kale, carrots, bananas, apples, lentils, edamame, beans, etc. it’s extremely hard to overeat. & the carbs give your brain/body fuel so higher resting energy expenditure plus the fiber keeps you full/signals satiety. i think the best way to lose weight without calorie counting is to eat WFPB. processed foods just hijack your appetite and hunger and fullness signaling way too much.

i’ve also been looking into the way low-fat plant-based diets work in the body too. by keeping your carbs high and your dietary fat extremely low (like < 10% of your intake low), you elevate your insulin sensitivity. which means your body stores your energy intake as glycogen rather than fat. look into walter kempner rice diet & dr john mcdougall if you want to learn more about that.

No. 248375

Thanks :)

No I don't use a belt or straps right now. Might consider once I get to 2 plate. And I do conventional

No. 248376

>"I appreciate this advice"
>nah, they're being condescending
I'm not condescending, you just can't take advice that doesn't just tell you you're already perfect the way you are, you're already too hard on yourself and don't need to be more disciplined etc.

>if you're not lifting weights you're a retard

Honestly, yes.jpg, avoiding any kind of physical labor and being as weak as a child until you atrophy into a cripple in your mid 50s IS retarded. Like CHOOSING to never learn to read.

>no, an extra pound of muscle doesn't burn 50 calories

Yes it does. Every pound of muscle adds another 50 calories/day to your BMR

>and bulking and cutting is stupid). moid or not anon it's annoying me kek

Huh…. you sure sound arrogant for someone who hasen't posted body. I guess either you're wrong, or millions of coaches and athletes who value results above all else.

>i already lost the weight that i wanted so i'm taking myself out,

Have fun gaining it back.

Intense exercise builds character, which is why you're still such a whiny weak little bitch both on the inside and the outside.

Link a video of yourself doing a single pull up and ill delete this comment.

No. 248377

I'm begging you to stop this retarded typing style, you have to integrate.

No. 248378

I'm not that anon but it's different thoughts separated. What's the problem?

No. 248379

File: 1646785636009.png (124.54 KB, 344x342, 1635941694875.png)

Maybe I will, since you're begging

No. 248384

nta but you're very condescending

No. 248386

I've already given advice to people who asked and have been thanked for it. Frankly, I'm not concerned if you or someone else doesn't like it.

No. 248462

The problem is the newfag reddit spacing. But I guess this is /g/ and no one cares to ban people for newfaggotry kek

No. 248470

I've been bedbound most of my life and I'm underweight, what are some simple exercises that would be safe for me to do that don't require any equipment?

No. 248472

Depends on how much you can move? It might even be better to ask a doctor if there's a real risk of injury or something. If not, you can try to look up workouts in bed

No. 248474

Ngl this sounds like a moid because of how condescending the writing style is.

No. 248477

Samefag as >>248474 and yeah its def a moid. Look at this. >>248161 and >>247861 where it looks like this is a moid seething that women are fat, there's a fat graph in theit cameraroll too and the vacuum youe vagina thing sounds so wrong, no woman would say a sentence like that.

No. 248483

Really? Description sounds roughly accurate though, I mean think about most of the women shilled in fitness instagram shit with clothes on that are essentially just saran wrap with color and texture. Some fit women have a tougher take on shit, and it takes a lot of discipline to adhere to fit lifestyles. Condescending? Yeah, but the info is there. We've got different personalities here, so not everyone that comes off as different should be immediately pegged as bedecked with donger.

No. 248491

>also like most dieters i tend towards extreme black-or-white thinking so if i go even slightly over my “calorie limit” i just say screw it & eat whatever i want and vow to start over the next day.
I feel this so much kek I really have an all or nothing mentality and I think it's the main thing that has stopped me from making progress in my health journey. When I decide to start eating healthy it has to be 100% clean and if I slip up I feel as if I've ruined everything and I might as well eat whatever. It's such an exhausting cycle that leads nowhere. But I guess the good thing is that we realise the problem, that's the first step to making change.

Thank you for all your recommendations, I will be checking them out! I think I'll stick to WFPB for the time being without going on any specific diet regimens to see how that works out. I'll report back after a while and tell how it's been going.

No. 248498

yes, please do report back! good luck anon. as of yesterday/today i’m gonna stop counting calories, eat a diet of mostly oats, potatoes, & fruit/veg, and walk for exercise. i really want to prove that it’s possible to lose weight without calorie counting or killing yourself with cardio.

No. 248506

>farmers still engaging with someone who seriously encouraged the /fit/ sticky
I disengaged as soon as the suggestion was made to go to that shitpit with the degens and pickmes screeing at each other about their lifts. I'm not surprised anon sounds like an asshole.

No. 248518

No one asked you to post there retard. Just read the sticky. Thats it.

No. 248529

How can I stop beating myself up over weight gain? I'm 5'7 and feel best at 119, but got back up to 125 really quickly in the past month (had no trouble with maintenance for a year+, but my new bf surrounds me with really high cal trigger foods even though he knows I'm recovering from a binge disorder…). It's hard to not get depressed and fall into a hopeless mindset when my clothes look so much worse now and I lost my visible muscle definition.

I'm going to go back to aiming for 2lb/week loss, but of course this had to happen right during final exams when I'm already stressed and busy as is… ;_;(;_;)

No. 248530

I’m the one who posted the sticky and not the same person you all are seething about for her typing style. You know the sticky is different from the board itself right?

No. 248533

Everyone has good and bad periods. Its a lot easier said than done, but you need to just accept that bad periods happen and get back on the horse. 6lbs is something you can recover from, especially since you already achieved it.you should also have a conversation with your bf about surrounding you with junk food you have difficulty resisting.
>exams are coming and I'm stressed and busy as it is
I feel for you, but remember that most people you see with goal bodies also get stressed and busy, but put in time when they can regardless. Its not easy, especially because shit happens, but you CAN do it and you WILL make it.

No. 248535

Whats wrong with pointing out how bad obesity statistics are, specifically in America? The male stats are almost equally pathetic.

No. 248543

so as is your BMI is on the lower end of healthy. i totally understand wanting to be slimmer for aesthetic reasons, but i don’t think it’s necessary to lose 2 lbs per week. the weight you lose more slowly is the weight you keep off for longer, and you’re only aiming to lose like 5 lbs. plus if you’re recovering from binge eating too intense of a deficit might backfire & trigger even more binging.

i would aim for .5-1 lbs weight loss per week by eating at a mild deficit combined with walking & resistance training (this can just be bodyweight/calisthenics/resistance band stuff). after a month and a half of this you’ll be at your goal

No. 248544

This is great advice and I appreciate your insight to helping women who have eating disorders that tend towards being underweight, like anorexia, because I'm less confident helping people in situations like that due to lack of experience.

No. 248545

It's not bad but it's very common for scrotes to moke women by calling them fat or complain about hoe they cant get a fit gf because most Americans are obese.

No. 248548

I think its probably getting more and more difficult for both genders to find a partner they feel attracted to, because obesity gets more prevalent every year. At least men don't get told by MSM that they are healthy and hot even if they are obese the way HAES tells women. That might be why obesity used to be more common in men and now its trending to be more common in women, if I had to guess.

No. 248551

Thanks for the reminder! Yeah, I dealt with severe anorexia for years before exercise bulimia/binging issue started at my lowest, so it’s hard to cope with being scared of feeling like my body is out of control again. I went from BMI 11 to 24 from the above, then progressively down to my pre-ED weight again and have maintained the loss for several years now, so I know I’m capable of sustainable healthy weight loss and should be able to lose this too, but. Ugh.

I’ve had SO many conversations with him and I feel like our lifestyles may just be incompatible. His family is insanely rich so he orders large amounts of high cal food all the time (but stays skinny since he has no problem stopping eating himself) and isn’t into exercise like I am, so my weight always goes up rapidly when we see each other for days (temporarily LDR but visit every 2 weeks). He wants to cook and work out but gets defensive when I bring up actually following through, so if it keeps being an issue, I might have to prioritize my health/recovery.

And yeah, it’s more so that I have the bad habit of prioritizing things like exercise over studying sometimes, so attaining balance is hard. But I’ll try my best all around even if things don’t go perfectly! Thanks for the encouragement.

No. 248554

i don’t think it’s cause of HAES. if anything women have to overcome more implicit bodyshaming than men do. i think it’s cause we have a shitty food supply that for the average american is 80% seed oils, animals pumped full of growth-stimulating antibiotics and hormones, & dairy (same thing there) plus endocrine disrupters in the environment. plus birth control/SSRIs being widely used by women. girls are having puberty earlier (which tends to predict greater fat accumulation) and women’s hormones are being messed around with a ton which can really impact their body composition, appetite, etc.

add cortisol from chronic stress and sedentary lifestyles from office work and minimal public transit/walkability. it’s almost a miracle anyone manages NOT to become obese given these conditions.

No. 248578

The fact that obesity is and ever was more common amongst men is a miserably pathetic failure of society. HAES, isn’t really mainstream media and it‘s getting loads of pushback, women still care about losing weight/being slim and healthier aesthetics at least. Unfit men either fantasise about being hench or don’t care at all, most “chubby” men think they’re normal, but I guess it doesn’t matter because women ave lower standards.

No. 248581

Oh yeah, I'm sure those factors are more important.

No. 248665

I agree that they're likely a moid, but not for the reasons in >>248477 The main tells on my end are the writing style + the constant insistence on "post body". Like, anons here will accuse others of being fat/having bpd/etc. but asking for pics of anything as "proof" of what you're saying is valid/correct is a very moid thing to do (see: /fit/ /ic/ and any other board about creation or fitness). My verdict? Scrote or a pickme poisoned by /fit/ (if you're not larping and are one of the anons who posted pics, WOW I want muscles like that I wish you more gains and lolcow integration)

No. 248674

I gather that posting pictures of yourself is not the norm, but yeah on other fitness boards if someone says you're bullshitting, you respond with post body, because nearly 10/10 times when someone tries to diminish others' advice, they look like they don't even exercise. I won't ask anyone to post body here anymore, though.

No. 248690

Why are you asking women to post their bodies when you never posted yours? Thats why everyone thinks youre a man. Post your body first if youre going to ask other people to do so.

No. 248695

Good god you don’t have to explain every basic little thing. The reason for doing all this is obvious, the fact that you’re doing it is what outs you as a man. Anons are not mystified about why you’re posting, they’re hedging their comments and giving you the benefit of the doubt as leeway to openly prove yourself or fuck off.

No. 248710

I would advise looking up rehabilitation exercises for people who’ve had surgery, maybe even contact a professional.

No. 248724

Nta and haven't been involved in this discussion at all, but I have to laugh at the rollercoaster
>two buff anons post progress
>REEE step on me mommy beat me up
>topic turns to self discipline and what it takes to actually get that body
>Moid! Scrote! Condescending! Integrate!
Whether or not the sperging is coming from one of those buff anons, several people, or a badly integrated moid, the facts are the same. There's a 98% chance the buff anons agree with the sperg even if they're too polite to say it themselves.
This board is full of overweight NEETS and ex anachans, two groups who are severely triggered by the idea of discipline. They love the idea of looking like a sculpted strong MC but refuse to accept that it comes with a side of superiority complex, a harsh no-excuses attitude, and cringy obesity stats saved on your phone. So they start nitpicking and dismissing because they want to admit their hot back mommy probably thinks they're weak. Cope and seethe.

No. 248725

You don't have to go to /fit/ just read the sticky. The sticky is actually great information.
>I disengage
You shouldn't turn your brain off when presented with new information that you don't agree with

No. 248727

Kid, I've read the /fit/ sticky several years ago. Quit telling on yourself, it's not new material and you're being obnoxious.

No. 248729

>So they start nitpicking and dismissing because they want to admit their hot back mommy probably thinks they're weak
Nta and tbh I don't really get this whole discussion, but we're all anonymous so I doubt anyone cares about something like that.

No. 248733

They think hes a man because he's asking for random anons to post pictures yet not sending even a tiny picture of "her" hand to prove she's a woman or "her" body since she's so much better than everyone.

No. 248734

Nonnas, how do you stay consistent with the gym?
I love lifting weights and I am desperate to go 4-5x a week but I can't make it past one week without work or something else breaking my discipline and the routine. At this point I'm just wasting money on my gym membership but I'm desperate to be healthy. I also have BDD and working out is like the only thing that alleviates it, but for some stupid reason I just can't stay consistent.
Any advice or tips?

No. 248735

why do you need to go 4-5 x per week? why not just do a full body routine 3 x per week?

No. 248736

I prefer to do an upper-lower split and it also works better with my work hours.

No. 248739

What specifically gets in your way? Does work expect lots of overtime, or you have other commitments as well? You've got to be realistic with your goals and ask if you genuinely don't have space in your life for this if you're, idk a full time worker and single mom

No. 248741

Honestly, there's nothing concrete getting in the way, I don't have kids and I did manage to previously be consistent for a little bit and organize my sessions around working, and it didn't leave me exhausted or anything.
I do work full time and sometimes I have to catch up on work, but I feel like I'm just making excuses when that happens. I think it may be the anticipation of going to the gym that is stopping me, if that makes sense?
I'm not even anxious when I'm there and I just do my own thing and challenge myself, but every time I get dressed and get my stuff together ready to walk there I get that bubbly anxiety stomach feeling and I overthink how I look and sometimes I feel silly and fat walking in (although i never judge other fat people at the gym ofc). When I'm actually at the gym it's chill and I enjoy it, but just walking there and getting dressed feels like a mountain to climb.

I do actually have the time to fit in 4-5x a week as I've worked out a schedule, but I honestly think that I'm just lazy sometimes and burnt out from previous work, and it starts a vicious cycle of being lazy-> having less energy because less exercise -> getting even more lazy and used to not exercising -> haven't been to gym for 2 weeks.
I don't even want to be 'motivated' so to speak because I know I need to treat this as a habit and something I need to do for the sake of my health.
There's also been some previous times where I have genuinely got sick and simply couldn't go to the gym, but picking up that routine and consistency again is so so difficult.

No. 248746

Yeah I totally get that. My advice is to try workout in the morning before work, something about doing it first thing leaves less room for overthinking and anxiety to build up. It's really key to get enough sleep too so you don't dread the energy expenditure of exercising.
My second tip is to join classes or get a trainer rather than relying on only doing solo workouts. That's the only way I stay consistent, no matter how I feel I know if I don't go, there will be someone checking their watch and noticing I'm not there. It's also nice to have those little friendships in group classes, you start to see familiar faces and have a bit of banter,but I guess that depends on your personality.
I know it's a luxury expense for most people, but I'm not "rich" I just decided I'd rather pay for the trainer and classes and have a healthy body, than pay for more physiotherapy for my back, and seeing my mom get sedentary related illnesses was a wake up call as well.
The key is to accept who you are and stop hoping you'll turn into a more motivated or consistent person next week, you know? Set yourself up so failure is more of a ballache than success.

No. 248748

I'm not in either of the two aforementioned groups and generally agree with all the self-discipline talk and the gripes regarding women's athletic wear and misconceptions about weightlifting. Thinking you're gonna get visibly muscular without serious intentional effort and/or steroids is actually retarded (I personally want to get as visibly muscular as I can and I've learned firsthand how actually difficult it is, ugh). However, that doesn't mean that I'm not gonna say weightlifting-anon is equally retarded to resort to demands of "post body" because it makes them seem like a moid and thus makes them more ineffective in getting anons here to seriously consider weightlifting. It's not inconceivable for someone to want mommy to beat her up but also call her rhetoric retarded when it just is lmao

No. 248750

samefag, *a dumb moid

No. 248759

I mean, I asked one very negative person to post body and realized my mistake immediately. If one comment like that is what makes you decide to not start exercising, you were probably never very serious about it.
>They love the idea of looking like a sculpted strong MC but refuse to accept that it comes with a side of superiority complex, a harsh no-excuses attitude, and cringy obesity stats saved on your phone.
I'm trying to be a little less abrasive, but there's truth there. For me its years of leading thirsty horses to water only for them to nervously tip toe around it, not drink, and then walk away. People know that at no other point in history was it common for humans to get ZERO exercise, and maintaining your health means exerting yourself. That's all common knowledge, but they often just come up with copes and delusions to avoid the work. Exercise is torture and you are your own dungeonmaster. The wisdom it teaches you is that the most powerful thing about humans is your ability to subject yourself to suffering to achieve a worthy goal. Wish not for lighter loads and smaller obstacles, but the strength to overcome them. Sedentary people wish for an easy path and smaller obstacles, but that is out of their control, and they're getting weaker all the time. When going gets tough, the weak die.

No. 248837

Illiterate retard. The topic started earlier than that and nobody has argued against or dismissed any fAcTs. Issue was taken with the assumption that a lack of understanding indicated a lack of ambition/discipline. Only one poster said weightlifting was stupid and everybody disagreed with her. Op has been called unnecessarily antagonistic and condescending because they were. It sounded like crazed maleposting and anons are not lazy or whatever for pointing that out. Especially since /g/ has had a moid troll shitting up threads all week.

The person in question isn’t either photo poster and it wouldn’t matter who back anon agreed with because she herself doesn’t type like a moid, so isn’t annoying. Why did you jump into this thread just to skirt around the point?

Effective bodybuilding/fitness also doesn’t come with the asshole crap you’re defending. Any functioning adult could tell you that attitude is over the top and it’s exactly why people were put off by the /fit/ sticky recommendation. There’s nothing odd about expressing this. You think gyms are all just full of assblasted incels?

Belligerent self aggrandisement isn’t “character”. Strength training can be genuinely fun compared to some other forms of exercise and it’s usually excessively weak minded scrotes that rely on the whole 24/7 negative-reinforcement-alpha larp to stop themselves farting back to McDonalds. The same narc autism that made you post so arrogantly in a thread you barely read.

I’d also like to say that I don’t care much anymore since they’re posting fine and probably aren’t going to out themselves as a man. I 100% don’t mean to insult anyone else in this thread.

No. 248838

I forgot to sage, nobody read this!

No. 248842

File: 1646967898615.jpg (48.71 KB, 634x590, 36a2dc1e58e383dfdd80c87c390b39…)

I'm not sure if this thread is the best place to discuss it since it's not about personal accountability per se but more sports, but has anyone here done olympic weightlifting before and can share their experience? It seems super fun not gonna lie. I started doing strict overhead press recently and it made me want to branch out into more overhead lifts.

No. 248888

Woah woah woah, whats up with all the spacing? squirts into spittoon thats not how we INTEGRATE 'round these parts.

No. 248889

It seems awesome but I can't practice much more than a clean without risking fucking up the drywall in my home gym or missing the pads and damaging the floor if I were to fuck up.

No. 248947

lol calm down

No. 249201

Anyone here done yoga and found that it actually helped them feel better?
I can't help but think it's placebo.

No. 249208

It worked for me when I was in uni the first time and I was losing my mind to stress. But after that it has never worked for me again.

No. 249216

It does for me, but I like to do short bursts of it before my workout/ when i wake up in a anxious state.
Also, im considering looking into teaching materials regarding fitness and nutrition. Any anons in school? Any recs?

No. 249240

hello looking for some advice!
CW: 82kg

in the past (my first two years of uni) I lost weight really easily because I was depressed and hated the food in my hall of residence. Now I'm mid 20s and it's come crawling back

I got an hormonal IUD which I know they swear doesn't make you gain weight or affect your appetite but I feel like no matter what I do the weight won't budge.

I just recovered from cvid and keep reading that exercising can make it more likely to get long cvid? My gym also shut so I'm shopping for a good gym and better habits in general. Hoping by posting I have people to help keep me in check

No. 249249

>I just recovered from cvid and keep reading that exercising can make it more likely to get long cvid?
You'll know if you're overdoing it if you have trouble with stamina/ recovering, but you're fine if you don't go 100%. Sucks that your gym shut down. If you can afford it, having some cheap equipment at home can be a great investment.
Good luck.

No. 249254

>no matter what I do the weight won't budge
Are you tracking calories and eating at least a 500 cal deficit from your TDEE every day?

No. 249261

I've been using MFP to track, but I think I need to be stricter with weighing everything not guess work! it used to be so easy for me to restrict but now I live with my bf it's so easy to overeat

tldr, I need to develop some will power

No. 249269

I hear ya nona, I would definitely weigh things to be safe. Sometimes I'm astounded by how little I'm actually allowed to eat when cutting, though it depends on the type of food. My boyfriend tends to make pretty rich meals too and it's so frustrating to want and even be able to eat them, but only tiny portions

No. 249286

No. 249307

File: 1647164477578.png (827.85 KB, 540x810, Dk-4t9RW4AA8Ufl.png)

Sweet nonnies, I hit my breaking point. I spent the past year working with a dietician and physical therapist. After doing everything "right," I've seen no progress. I've actually gained weight. My body scan shows I've gained a good amount of muscle, which I'm happy about, but my belly just is not going anywhere.

I'm pretty confident I have PCOS based on some symptoms and literally the only way I have ever been able to lose weight is through following a keto diet.

I'm planning to restart keto on Monday to see if I notice any improvements. I'm terrified of getting back into some bad ED habits, so I'm open to any tips you have. I already do IF (16 hr fast) and I feel fine doing that. I do a variety of workouts as well so I don't get bored. I'll be back Monday next week to report in!

(pic is my /fit/ queen)

No. 249325

Nona, consider instead of keto going carnivore, but with lots of dairy added to it, exclude milk.
This helps reducing inflamation and autoimmune responses.

No. 249328

low carb + intermittent fasting is a recipe for high cortisol (= belly fat), low energy, poor thyroid functioning, poor sleep (=less fat loss), more stress, & eventually possible insulin resistance.

women should not fast regularly except for 8-12 hour overnight fasts. it’s much more damaging to women because of our hormones than it is to men. nor should women do low-carb diets - our bodies are very sensitive to perceived famines & keto/low-carb essentially hormonally mimics a starvation state.

your “belly” if you really have one and it’s not just body dysmorphia (which seems possible given your ED history) might be stubbornly sticking around because you’re depriving your body of carbs and flooding it with stress hormones. if you’re concerned about PCOS you should get appropriate medical testing done but please anon, don’t continue on this sad undercarbed path. people - women especially - need carbs. they are vital for health, vitality, happiness, & beauty. & please don’t listen to the mentally ill carnivore anon, there is absolutely no need to go on such an unhealthy and bizarre and restrictive diet.

No. 249334

Seconded. Op, please go consult a doctor about your potential PCOS, it will be a lot easier going about weight loss if you know what's going on with your hormones as well.

No. 249335

As other anons said, definitely see a doc about PCOS, self-diagnosing and then self-medicating with a restrictive diet is exactly the ED behaviour you want to stay away from.
Sending you love and luck anon!

No. 249337

Yes, it's done more for my mental health than therapy ever did. The trick is to be consistent and do the right types of yoga for your goals. Vidrel is my favorite online instructor and she has a great range of yoga for specific moods or problems. Her hip openers saved me a lot of physiotherapy.
Definitely balance it with cardio and strength training to get more benefits from its core and flexibility training. I treat it as a warm up, cool down or active recovery exercise.

No. 249343

>>249328 >>249334 >>249335
nonas, thank you for your honest thoughts. I try to solve all my problems by myself and I got fed up along the way when the people I paid to help me with this didn't get me far. for context, I am obese by 45 kg and experienced rapid weight gain at the start of the pandemic.

I think you all are right, I do need to understand what is medically wrong, if anything. I'm honestly a bit scared that I'll end up without answers. but I am going to try!

I appreciate you putting me in check. I'm not going to start keto. I'll report back!

No. 249400

I will never understand the whole "no carb diet" thing especially for women, it was always just a fad diet quick way for us to starve ourselves and end up with cortisol bellies and humps on our necks.
I cannot imagine working out or lifting weights without having some form of carbs beforehand, even if its just cereal or fruit. It seems wild that it's promoted to deprive your body of something it needs nutrition and energy-wise.

No. 249401

>humps on our necks.

No. 249406

I agree that she should see a doctor first, but I have no idea what you mean by "cortisol belly" or the other stuff because I have PCOS and low carb is a blessing to me. A lot of PCOS women already have insulin resistance and that's exactly why cutting the carbs (aka sugar) helps. My family also has a big history of diabetes so that's also a factor.
I allow myself to have the occasional treat when I do low carb, but I had no fatigue, very low visceral fat even after gaining back, no brain fog, no hunger and even my skin cleared out, which was the most surprising for me. I can't comment on the sleep though because I've always had insomnia.
Of course, check your doctor before hand, maybe you don't need to cut the sugar like that, but this fear mongering is a bit weird as well.

No. 249407

Do any nonnas have issues with staying motivated? I am very much an 'instant gratification' type of person and I find it difficult to stay motivated through plateaus.

No. 249410

Yeah, i'm very much the same. The only thing that can really help me through that is to not weigh myself super regularly, because if I weigh myself multiple times a week and don't see a change or even see a slight gain, I will be demotivated immediately and want to quit my diet. So my advice would be to weigh yourself like once a month or so and track progress with measurements instead throughout the month, that way you won't see a plateau on the scale if there is one and you will keep seeing your measurements change (if you're sticking to the diet of course).

No. 249411

dorsocervical fat pads on the base of your neck resulting from high cortisol/stress levels and weight gain. very common in women compared to males.

No. 249441

File: 1647213406541.jpg (31.61 KB, 415x388, Current Meal Plan.JPG)

Is my current meal plan good for my lifestyle?
I work an office job full time and do 45 minutes of light cardio 5 times a week after work. I wanna loose belly fat and maybe tone a little.
>165 cm
>64 kg
>26 y/o

No. 249442

I rarely feel motivated to exercise. You need to cultivate discipline instead. That's what keeps you going even when you're tired, sore or busy. I would try to work on your mindset. It's like brushing your teeth or cooking, sometimes you really don't feel like doing it but you don't want your teeth to rot and you don't want to starve. Don't let your body waste away either. Sometimes distracting yourself so you feel like you're doing something more immediately useful while working out can help, like listening to an audio book/foreign language lesson/podcast.

No. 249495

I feel you nonny the motivation is so hard when the results take so long! I had a pretty successful day of IF and I’m hoping tomorrow I’ll be able to combine some cardio and even better choices tomorrow

We can do it x

No. 249497

I have a source of protein for every meal I have,depending on your cereal and jello you could up that intake. Otherwise it's just sugar and carbs.

No. 249498

Looks alright to me besides the Jello, it's basically sugar water so you could swap it for fruit for more fiber or pick a more satisfying sweet. But maybe jello sparks joy for you idk!
The devil's in the details when it comes to nutrition so I think this is a decent guide but you could still plug in a few days of food in My Fitness Pal to make sure you're getting enough calories, calcium and fibre, not overdoing it on oils and sugar.

No. 249571

File: 1647292706670.jpg (33.74 KB, 640x360, 4580397540435.jpg)

From 0-20 pull-ups, exercise program by female marine M.J. Posey.
Breakdown/Overview: https://www.marines.mil/Portals/1/Docs/SecretToPullupsHowToGoFrom0To20.pdf
Training Guide: https://www.marines.mil/Portals/1/Docs/PullupTrainingGuide.pdf
>I needed to increase my max set of pull-ups—fast. I had challenged a peer to a pull-up competition who said it was impossible for any woman to do 20 pull-ups. I bet him that I would not only do 20 pull-ups on the next PFT, but that I would do more than him
>In 8 weeks, I added 8 pull-ups to my max set. I did 22 pull-ups on the PFT and beat my competitor by 3 reps

I figure this will be interesting to some anons. Tl;dr anyone of either sex can get good at pull-ups. Do not use machines or bands if you can't do one yet because they don't properly work all the muscles involved in the movement. If you have someone to train with you can do partner-assisted pull-ups, but if not do whatever you can like negatives or partial ROM pull-ups. Practice them with good form 3-5x a day, 3-5x a week. Do not train until exhaustion/total muscle fatigue because this places unecessary stress on the body and will slow your progression time. You should aim for 1/3 to 1/2 of your maximum capacity every time you do one of your mini sets in a day.

No. 249671

File: 1647324582829.png (258.99 KB, 1080x411, pullup.png)

Wow, thanks so much for sharing this, it's really informative and inspirational. I train chin-up negatives, jump-ups, and assisted and can do one 5lb assisted, but have been stuck there for weeks and it feels infinitely harder unassisted. This explains why. I think I'm going to order a doorframe bar so I can do more negatives throughout the day.

The psychological barrier she mentions for women training them is also fascinating, it's something that seems common throughout fitness. Everyone has low expectations of women's strength which plays a big part in limiting how hard we push ourselves, and how many women even bother training strength. I was also really surprised when she mentioned the study where women with 29% bodyfat could learn pull ups (presumably in a reasonable time frame without going down in bf% by a lot), I would assume a lower % would be required.

No. 249720

tysm anon, being able to perform an unassisted pullup is actually my primary fitness goal right now so i’ll be devouring this resource. my trainer has had me working with a band but have not seen much progression with it (as in i’m no closer to being able to do one on my own).

>I was also really surprised when she mentioned the study where women with 29% bodyfat could learn pull ups (presumably in a reasonable time frame without going down in bf% by a lot), I would assume a lower % would be required.

kind of a pet peeve of mine when people think women’s bf % should be low just because men can afford to be super lean (not directing this at you, just at the “fitness” community in general). it’s not too surprising when you consider a woman who’s lean enough to have amenorrhea probably wouldn’t have the strength to perform at her best.

No. 249747

How have you been doing nona? I'm the other 5'3 170 anon kek

No. 249764

Nah I totally agree with you. I was watching a Renaissance Periodization video and they described a woman’s body fat as roughly equivalent 10 % higher than a man’s, so 15 % on a man is similar in health to 25 on a woman etc which was relieving. There’s a lot of misinfo out there and many people associate 20 % bf with being “fat” because it’s not lean for men, who are generally the fitness standard, but it’s incredibly lean for women. (Like you said, we begin to stop menstruating around 21 %)

No. 249778

it's not 21%, that's still lean but with healthy fat on you for women. for women to lose their periods and start having issues they'd have to drop to below 15%. perfectly normal for a woman to drop to 21% healthily, not normal or sustainable/healthy for 15% and under.

No. 249783

Glad you found it helpful. I can currently do 1-3 standard pull-ups (depends on how crazy I trained the day prior) and similarly feel like I've been stuck here for ages. I had heard of Pavel Tsatsouline and his "grease the groove" method which she references in the overview and I guess it's so obvious it's easy to overlook. Basically, if you want to get good at something, practice it frequently. I was most surprised about not training to failure, since AMRAP is pretty common in a lot of programs. Nice to know you don't have to kill yourself to progress and that the nervous system plays a role alongside muscle.
>Everyone has low expectations of women's strength which plays a big part in limiting how hard we push ourselves
Absolutely, so many women feel defeated before they even begin when there are boundaries being broken all the time by those who stay focused.
Good luck anon, that's great you're already training regularly and I'm sure you'll get there. Totally agree about bf%s, it's so different between the sexes and biologically we're fully intended to hold more fat. Doesn't mean we can't be strong too though. It was so satisfying to read how Posey not only beat the guy who said women couldn't do 20 pull-ups, but he ended up falling short of 20 himself.

No. 249803

I think it depends how you carty the fat 25% bf on me and my belly was huge, I'm around 20% right now and can maintain it pretty well and not super strict on my diet.

No. 249804

It might sound awful but I feel sad seeing flabby unhealthy young women, please get in the gym and start lifting ladies

No. 249805

Not the same anon but similar boat 170 5’3
Did IF for the second day in a row yesterday and managed to not drink booze in the evening which I think currently is my biggest source of calories ! Stay strong for today too

No. 249807

I'm an unhealthy flabby young woman on her way to getting strong and I agree. I hate how we have been taught that women cant be strong/lift weights until very recently, and even now it's all booty workout bs focused on legs. Whenever I see a woman with a strong back and arms or just muscular in general I look at her in awe. I want to encourage more of us to get into lifting but part of that needs to acknowledge that most gyms are uncomfortable for women…I wish we had more female-only ones!

No. 249809

Having instant ramen with spinach, ground beef, frozen veggies, green onions and coriander isn't bad, right?? That's easily around 500-700 calories? I feel awful because I was on a roll eating healthy but craved noodles and made some today for lunch. I promised my bf I'd make him some vietnamese noodles tonight so the extra carbs is going to stagnate my weight loss goals. On top of that, I skipped gym day 3 times in a roll already..

No. 249825

Damn there's a lot of us 5'3 170-ers in here. Good job and good luck! I almost caved today because I'm pretty stressed and eating is my main coping mechanism, but I stopped myself. Cheers to many successful days to come

No. 249859

>looms over all the shorties and provides some shade at 5’11

No. 249862

kek, we love you tall queen

No. 249880

Height: 5'7
CW: 195lbs
GW: 120lbs (ish)

So I am back trying to lose weight and I am currently eating at a deficit. I wanted to start adding in some strength training, so I'm starting by focusing on my core. I can only do about 10 minutes at the moment as I am having a bout of severe lower back pain. I don't have a full range of motion with those moves yet but I am going to try to do it everyday to build up strength, as well as stretch out the muscles to help them heal. I want to add more in and some cardio but I need to wait until I get my pain under control. I'll check in later to see if I see any improvement.

No. 249951

I'm the 6 feet anon. Let's be friends!!

No. 249983

Enjoy your noodles, move on and get to the gym today/tomorrow nonny. You're allowed to have treats and indulge in a nice meal now and then or else youd just go crazy. Just accept what's happened and get back on the wagon, it's not going to kill your progress unless you overthink it and start to hate yourself for it. Good luck!!

No. 250018

Thanks nona! I just got back from the gym and feel like I’m back on track. Going to make a protein burrito bowl sans rice tomorrow! To make up for my laziness last week, I’m gonna be exercising everyday for the rest of the week!!

No. 250047

I also had a bad moment today! Bf ordered pizza so had two slices but committed to walking to work tomorrow and making better choices tomorrow

No. 250056

Nonnas, my binge eating is getting out of hand. Yesterday I gulped 500g of chips/crisps a frozen lasagna, risotto and a big pudding. Fml, I feel so guilty, this really needs to stop. I'm having a hard time at the moment and eating is a (shitty) cope.

I'm 170cm (5'7") at currently 64kg (141 lbs). I want to lose at least 5kg again. My stupid bf is saying "just eat less" yeah well sherlock it is not that easy for me. Of course I need to eat less and start the exercises again but damn do I love fatty foods. Long story short, I will (hopefully) eat better today and hop on my indoor bike after class! Wish me luck beautiful strangers!

No. 250071

do you restrict the day after a binge or try to avoid food out of fear of binging? cause if so that really needs to change. trust me, i did that & got caught in a binge/restrict/binge cycle for like a year. it was misery. you really have to make sure you eat regularly, good portions throughout the day (morning, noon, & night). don’t listen to your bf - the solution isn’t to eat “less” per se. it’s to eat a higher volume of whole, calorie-dilute foods (potatoes, rice, oats, fruit, vegetables) at regular intervals throughout the day so you stay satiated and don’t trigger the binge urge as much.

good luck anon! & don’t beat yourself up too bad. the worst thing you can do is think you’re somehow a failure for a binge. many many people have been there before, even those who would never admit it.

No. 250149

Does anyone here have cut, defined Stacy abs? I’m making a lot of progress in the gym but ALL my fat goes to my lower belly (my arms, shoulders, back, legs, etc. are completely dry and have good definition) and while I have some horizontal definition in my abs, I have no visible linea alba whatsoever. Do I just keep cutting and doing more ab work? What was your abs journey like?

No. 250195

To the scrote that posted my pic on fit:
get a life

No. 250208

i did for a short period but i was also extremely underweight, had no period, no sex drive, & cold all the time.

sadly i think it’s just not feasible for some people without cutting to a dangerously low bf%

No. 250210

Hi anon, I am in a similar situation to you though my plateau has only been for 4 months. If you find you are not losing weight, as other anons said, you may consider raising your carbs because women and especially women with PCOS or hormonal issues need more carbs. You can probably eat up to 50g a day no issue and remain mostly keto, or have refeed days. I have Hashimotos and PCOS and successfully lost 100lbs doing keto and training but I started to feel like shit and my weight loss stalled and I have been reintroducing healthy carbs and feeling MUCH better. It also has helped me mentally a lot to not be so obsessed with keeping my IF window or carb macro and just giving my body what it needs. Maybe start slow and reintroduce a lot of high fiber veggies or sweet potato! Either way, you definitely should consult your doctor and get checked out if you are worried. You got this and I know you will reach the goal you want!

No. 250254

Does anyone here do / have done les mills? Since my gym shut I thought I'd give them a go? I think I need group classes to stay on track and they seem like a good balance of group but not like cringe cross fit "dream it, want it, be it" vibes

No. 250273

Kind of similar to >>250208 I had them for a time but then I went through a bunch of emotional turmoil and ate my feelings and I'm back up to maybe 23% body fat if I had to guess. But yeah, you just have to have very low bf, like <16%. The more you build them up the more likely they are to show even when you're fluffy, but it's more subtle. One thing that helped me was doing a lot of HIIT because it burns so many calories and revs up your resting metabolism. Eat clean and cut until you reach the point you want to be then you can just maintain if you want.

No. 250570

Can you get a nice shaped body from Yoga? I know everyone always says lift weights but I tried lifting weights but really hated it. I'm on the lower end of a healthy bmi so I don't really have excess fat, I just want to shape up a little.

No. 250572

yeah. your body composition will come mostly from diet. if you do vinyasa or ashtanga yoga that’ll involve a lot of strength-building movements so i can’t see why it wouldn’t improve your physique. i love yoga because it synergizes perfectly with other forms of exercise (running, weightlifting, whatever you do) & i feel motivated to do it on days when i feel too tired or lazy to do anything else

No. 250633

I’m 5’4 and around 110 lbs. My belly fat sticks out way past my (admittedly) humble chest. How can I fix this? I cleaned up my eating regimen, do I just do cardio and core-strengthening exercises now?

No. 250639

i'm struggling atm because i lift heavy weights for my lower body (i have a shoulder issue and can only lift lightly upper body) and do hiit workouts or pilates and I'm pretty happy with my body other than my stomach area especially the love handles. I'm already fairly close to being underweigt (bmi 19 i believe) but i have handfuls of fat there. i know you can't spot reduce but does anyone have any ideas?

No. 250675

File: 1647680140641.jpg (37.54 KB, 716x420, 654938504352.jpg)

You sound skinny fat, start lifting weights and build some muscle mass. Eat more, make sure you're consuming 1g of protein for every lb of weight every day. Sounds counterintuitive but you need to grow muscle to replace the fat. Your weight probably won't fluctuate much but you'll see your figure change from flab to firm.

We all have stubborn areas of fat but it's probably a matter of recomping as well. Your exercise sounds decent but diet is 80% of results. If you're low weight time to bulk, start building a bigger foundation of muscle then you can cut again to get rid of the excess fat.

No. 250712

I am skinny fat, probably. I’m just confused whether to start lifting or to start doing cardio? Since spot reduction isn’t possible, you’d think that losing weight would do the job of “evening out” my body. But I also read multiple times that weight lifting is the way to go.

No. 250714

You need to start lifting to build the muscle. If you just lose fat, you'll end up looking skelly, not thin.

No. 250733

File: 1647710467061.jpg (40.89 KB, 564x752, f15f923ff6460a0bbb3e02ba2a0638…)

This probably makes little sense, but I'm training for my surgery. I have cancer and trouble with eating atm. I will probably get sicker and I'll definitely be out of the running for a bit after the surgery. I don't want to waste away, it would only make recovering more difficult probably. My PR's 2 years ago were 88/99/147kg, idk what I can do now, but I want to try to maintain my weight and strength as much as possible. I know some people say you should starve the cancer, but that would probably only create more problems.

No. 250739

File: 1647711604444.jpg (22.72 KB, 367x352, 34543534645ert4e5.jpg)

Don't starve yourself, it does nothing to the cancer and only causes you to be weaker which wouldn't be good if you are getting surgery. Eat protein rich meals and get enough of fruits and vegetables too. Avoid salty food for the time being as you have to for the surgery anyway. It would be good if you made meals ready for yourself after surgery so that you don't have to cook and just pop it in the microwave. Walks and just some light exercise will do just fine after the surgery until you have recovered. Eating at meal times and at least exercising for 30 min a day goes a long way

No. 250754

File: 1647720067873.jpg (35.51 KB, 564x564, e2557274f47a36333c7df37dcb820f…)

Yeah, that was what I was thinking! I try to eat mostly wholefoods, never added much salt before either. Soups and very liquidy oats or a vegetable-fruit smoothie with protein powder on difficult days. Sometimes electrolyte drinks or coconut water on really bad days. I try to stick to solids as much as I can though. And good idea, I'll probably not feel like preparing food after surgery kek

No. 250758

You can prep lots of things that don’t require much time! Like jars of oats or chia seeds you can just add milk/liquid to and let sit overnight. And keep around lots of easy to access foods you can eat smaller portions of.

No. 250892

I don’t have cancer, I do have an auto immune that makes me really sick and makes eating difficult, so maybe this helps? You can always blend a fruit with a lactose free milk for a simple smoothie. I like two frozen bananas and a cup of milk. You can drink warm liquid jello if your stomach is really bad. I had a manager who was on chemo for lupus and she said it helped her. If you have a crock pot or pressure cooker you can make me big batches of soups and broths.
If your really nauseous you can try ginger or mint but I’ve found it depends on if you want the band on your stomach looser or tighter and that would depend on your type of nauseous. I also like honey and almond butter sandwiches as something easy and higher calorie to get down.
I would avoid coffee and acidic things that are difficult and focus on higher protein content in the meat your eating. Meat and protein are harder to digest so they take more energy so if you can try to focus on getting the most out of what you can keep down.
You can prep frozen things like stickers or dumplings and heat them up by boiling them in bone broth. Freeze portions of soups for easy defrosting and reheating.
I suck on ginger candies when my medical treatments (they’re just crystallized ginger.).
One thing to keep in mind is to try to keep something on your stomach. As much as it sucks try not to eat one meal a day. Going so long without eating is going to spike your blood sugar when you do eat and if you end up where I was at my lowest weight while in medical it’s not a fun time when that happens.
I wish you luck nonni and I hope everything goes well.

No. 250948

I was wondering if anyone has any recommendations for trying to get all my minerals for the day. I have diagnosed ARFID so I’ve been malnourished for a very long time and I’m trying to work through it. What is the fastest way to get all my vitamins, is there a certain food I should eat or a certain vitamin pill i should buy. Sorry if I sound uneducated it’s honestly because I am

No. 251076

How are your vitamins and minerals now? Focus on the big ones first. Iron, D, B12, Calcium. If you have an easier time drinking you could try a liquid you keep in the fridge or a protein and vitamin powder you put in smoothies. I like taking a shot of this liquid plant based iron called flora dex and a beet root and animal based iron pill. Then a daily gummy minus D and iron. Plus two chocolate little vitamins with D and saffron and B. I have sensory issues with food. (Autistic not AFRAID) If you give me more info on what you like or are looking for I can try to recommend you more specific stuff to you.

No. 251164

Apologies in advance for the dumb question but will running daily at least 5k tone up my bum? Please note I said tone and not grow - I don't want it to be bigger in anyway, or rounder (don't like the bubble butt aesthetic). I just want it to feel a little firmer, maybe smooth out the cellulite a bit. I've been running 6 days a week for 2 months now and my calves have definitely firmed up, I'm wondering if I keep on with this lifestyle my bum will one day follow? Would sprint workouts help?

No. 251171

cardio is typically less useful at growing muscle than lifting weights so no. "toning up" means to put muscle on, and no it won't make your ass huge. if you want a nice firm shapely and 'toned', but not big, ass…then for the most part you'll have to lift weights.

No. 251204

Squats. Repeat after me: Lifting weights do not make you bigger. Your calves firmed up because you're lifting your entire body using your calves. Have you lifted anything with your butt? Do squats.

No. 251239

The other anons are right about weights being the most convenient way to improve firmness, but I will add that if you're determined to only do running-related activities then yes sprints are good. Hill sprints in particular will help target the glutes.

No. 251289

i think you're right anon, i hate bulking because it makes me uncomfortable eating so much but i think the lack of muscle mass especially on my upper body is the issue. thank you!

No. 251656

The "yeah I got fat during the pandemic" compilation and "now I'm gonna lose it"

No. 251737

File: 1648175656604.png (901.47 KB, 541x816, 438924032742436.png)

Here's a little summin for all the "but I'm gonna get buuulky if I lift weights" anons but also can someone tell me what the hell is going on? She's lifting 340 lbs, that's like 3x her body weight. Why is she not at least a bit bigger? I'd mistake her for a flimsy cardio bunny if I didn't know better. Female powerlifters obviously don't turn into men but they do tend to at least get "thicc" with visible muscle. How is it possible that Jannetty can lift that much but still be so tiny? https://www.tiktok.com/@lovelyjoyy_

No. 251738

File: 1648175705537.jpg (174.4 KB, 740x925, 859437594353.jpg)

Here is Monica Granda for comparison, more typical powerlifter body type I'd expect.

No. 251740

I think you can lift these weights and have muscles underneath but not always show it, people like the second pic work out their arms more and cut for pics and are posing/flexing to show them off. Most of the time muscles in a relaxed state will have a thin layer of fat over them, but this doesn't mean they aren't there under the skin. People always assume huge muscles=strength but that's not always the case for bodybuilders who build/cut for the aesthetics. Just for example the record setter women's weightlifter in the Philippines doesn't necessarily look absolutely ripped like a bodybuilder but obviously can lift insane weights

No. 251748

I wouldn't mistake her for a cardiobunny with delts like that. She's pretty big for 52kg. She probably started from being quite underweight and does minibulks and cuts to not change weight too much now or is a hardgainer.

No. 251750


As someone who had a relative who was a bodybuilder go through cancer, please please eat, your doctor should have told you this, but people who can maintain their appetite through cancer will ultimately survive it.

No. 251753

Thank you both for responding! It was helpful to see pro weightlifters who don't necessarily have that "pumped" look and to remember training for aesthetics vs strength are very different scenarios. It's still crazy seeing someone that petite lifting so heavy but I suppose in terms of relative weight it's not mind boggling she'd be able to pull it off (but still super impressive).

No. 252124

File: 1648399932550.jpg (85.66 KB, 750x750, Meg-squats-biography.jpg)

Nonnies who lift weights, what are your favourite chest-oriented exercises?

I do an upper/lower split but often find myself neglecting my chest even though I wanna gain more definition and muscle there as I personally don't like having a lot of boob going on. I already do barbell rows and delt flys but I don't even know where to start for more focused exercises for that area. I'm thinking bench press, but on the floor because the benches are always swamped by moids.
Can you recommend any other good exercises for me? I'd prefer stuff with free weights but I'm down to use machines if necessary.
Picrel because I'm manifesting arms and shoulders like Meg.

No. 252132

Okay so I downloaded myfitnessfag in an effort to eat right and fix my lifestyle. For starters, I an deficient in most things. I’m also trying to find more affordable ways to eat healthy because after the world got fucked up food prices went up. So today I ate two chicken breasts, a salad, and two eggs and I’ve apparently overdosed on cholesterol, poly and monounsaturated fats? Things is, I am unable to meet my daily required calories because I’m just….not hungry. I’m just confused at this point. What should I eat.

No. 252150

You have to gradually build up to it. Or force it until you almost puke. Tried both and the first one works better if you have a job lol
Also try drinking your calories, it's supposed to be easier.

Bench and pushups, the simpler the better imo

Now, does anyone know how to calculate your rpe? Every time I try to use a calculator I get confused

No. 252157

To add. Liquid with a cream and nut butter base with protein power can get you to a fuck ton of calories. Had to do it when I dropped weight to fast being really active.
You can also try making protein bars. Made some for a vegan ex of mine who had problems bulking. Layer of nut butter. Layer of corn flakes or quinoa flakes. Layer of nut butter. Layer of dark chocolate. Chill it. Eat it as a bar.

No. 252161

File: 1648409398559.jpg (266.5 KB, 1300x1034, dryed-soy-meat-16529973.jpg)

Try vegetable protein sources instead. Much cheaper than meat and no cholesterol. Any kind of legumes are good, soy and its products are fantastic. Soy meat like picrel is 50% protein and I can buy it for like 2€ for 350g pack. Also soy protein isolate is cheaper and higher quality than whey protein powders.

No. 252195

Not sure if this is the right thread for this but in sum I've been bed bound for a few months now and lost most of my muscle and gained fat, am only eating one meal per day (not by choice, not ana) and I'm pushing 30. My metabolism is super fucked. Any advice on how to boost metabolism just so things are not as bad? Unfortunately exercise is currently out of the question. I don't want this to permanently ruin my metabolism and would like a chance to get my old body back

No. 252255

Holy shit nonnas, what they say about underestimating your calories is true, I was stupid for thinking I could estimate my calorie intake.
I found out my protein smoothie which I use for breakfast is like 520 calories whereas I assumed it was only 300 or 400 at the very most. So crazy. That's like a quarter of my intake in one smoothie, no wonder I'm such a fattie (hopefully not for much longer).

No. 252256

File: 1648479203527.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 406.8 KB, 828x1054, 9801C6D5-1457-4CCD-BD83-9CD460…)

You cant do any workouts? Not even bed-adjusted ones? Can you elaborate a little more?
Ill keep looking into metabolism though

No. 252257

File: 1648479526415.png (397.72 KB, 828x1792, 2029DDFA-0122-4903-989C-2ADD05…)

No. 252264

if you are in a full body cast there is unfortunately not a lot you can do as from what you said you been limited to 1 meal a day. However I don't know your current situation as you gave us a limited amount of information and if you are in hospital then you could ask one of the nurses or doctors about whether you can see physiotherapist regarding your concerns. I work in rehabilitation centre and the patients that have suffered a stroke or a spinal cord injury (paralyzed from the neck/waist/it depends on injury down) all get exercises even if they are in bed. I added a in-bed exercises that I assume you can do if you are able to move some parts of your body if not please see a physiotherapist when you are able to.

No. 252269

Green tea is one thing I know of that helps speed up metabolism. Lot of weight loss pills are just its overpriced extract.

No. 252370

In summer 2019 I had an extremely erratic and fucked up sleep schedule. That same summer I also gained 40 pounds. Along with terrible food choices I think the sleep schedule problem fucked me up real bad. When I think about that summer it just seems like a nightmare and makes me want to cry. A big part of my weight loss journey has been watching my sleep schedule too.

No. 252707

I've been searching online because I'm planning to start lifting (extremely weak, looking to get stronk eventually) and there are a lot of people who are like, "If you don't have a personal trainer, you will kill yourself. Or worse, you'll develop a long term eventually that will leave you paralyzed." How do I approach weight lifting safely? I know it's too general of a question, but I think some nonnies might help.

No. 252714

The people claiming that are PTs trying to sell themselves and idiots :)
PTs are notorious for being horrible con men and scumbags, even really famous and acclaimed ones. You could 100% lift on your own if you get a good routine (we can help), look up youtube tutorials, and check your form (including mirror and maybe even videos you take of yourself!). The problem is that a lot of people go into the gym with no plan whatsoever and ZERO knowledge of form.

No. 252739

Fwiw I walked into a crossfit gym a few days ago to give it a try after exercising on my own for about a year. The trainers kept commenting that I had great form, "do you work out? You're past a beginner level" and I kept up with a lot of the regulars. I'm not god tier or anything, but I would say I have a decent level of fitness. I literally just watch videos at home and train with dumbbells and a lot of single leg/arm movements. It's not sexy or glamorous but I've gotten stronger from it and never injured myself past an occasional sprain. I totally agree with >>252714 and would say start with light weights, watch videos on form and compare yourself in a mirror. You will know as you start getting into heavier weights whether something is feeling off. Never compromise your form to rush progress and pay attention to areas that seem more than normal sore after workouts so you can adjust accordingly. You will be fine on your own just taking basic precautions.

Listen to your body and it will tell you how hard you can push it. I also really recommend isometric stretching. I never realized how linked flexibility and strength are before I started working on both. It really helps to avoid getting overly tight after difficult sessions. Foam rolling is also a godsend if you can't afford expensive massages every week like most people.

No. 252832

Posting here to keep myself accountable, I want to lose weight again.
I gained 10 kilos since I got into my current relationship because I started cooking for my gf and we kept having snacks around.
I went from 51kg to 62 and wanna go back to around 51, I loved the way I looked back then and don't want to throw out a bunch of clothes.
Anyway I'm cutting out junk food and so far dusted off my yoga mat again, but it's only been 2 days since I set this goal.
sorry for blogposting, I need someone to talk to about it

No. 252857

I can finally run 2miles without feeling like I’m going to die! Victory!

Anyone have advice on eating better? I can keep it up for a few days but I constantly find myself grabbing sandwich’s from the deli for lunch and too many snacks here and there. I know it’s about discipline and I have improved a lot but are there any tips that kind of really snapped better eating into place for you? Or are there better foods I could be eating that result in feeling full for longer?

No. 252862

If you want to eat healthy, you have to make it the easiest option by making food in advance so that when it's time to eat all you have to do is get stuff out of the fridge and maybe reheat it. Of course, you will end up having to make meals fresh sometimes, but try to make enough so that there will be leftovers. Harder vegetables like asparagus, green beans, cabbage, carrots, etc. will last 3 days or so in the fridge when made into a salad and dressed (I recommend blanching the green beans and asparagus first), and the fiber will keep you full longer. Cabbage can last up to two weeks in the fridge if you don't mind it becoming a bit pickled, and you can always freeze leftovers so they last longer. Invest in a rice cooker and freeze portions of the rice as soon as it's done so you can just pop a serving in a bowl and microwave it later. Protein is a little trickier since most meats taste a little meh when reheated, but fattier cuts like chicken thigh will survive being crisped up in a pan a second time. One-pot meals like stews and curries also keep and reheat well, but I recommend having some vegetable sides with those because it can get tiresome to eat the same thing all the time. Eating this way requires planning ahead and can be overwhelming when you start, but once you figure out a system it's pretty easy to maintain. Once a week, write up a loose menu of stuff you want to make, then compile your grocery list based on that. From a nutritional standpoint, it's fine to eat the same stuff all the time as long as all your dietary needs are met, but a little variety is nice too. One way to accomplish this is by trying to buy produce when it's in season, which ends up being cheaper and tastier anyway.
If you just want healthier snack ideas, you can try nuts and dried fruit mixes (be careful about added sugars, though), and for saltier things those seaweed packages are great.

No. 252872

Thank you so much nonnette! I think I will try to pre-prep at least 3 days worth of meals a week to begin with and make a rule to do away with snacking on anything that isn’t vegetables. Does rice cooker rice really heat that well from frozen!? I will definitely give that a try.

No. 252883

Here's a pretty good article on why and how to freeze rice:

It works pretty well; I recommend using smaller containers so you're not stuck with a huge chunk of frozen rice when you just wanted one serving.

No. 253181

To nonitas who lift : how do you improve your grip? Im struggling to do 5 reps on my deadlift and im seriously stuck at 20kgs/40lbs since my left hand grip is lacking and im only able to get only 1 rep out of it

No. 253195

I use one of those rubber rings, helps a bit. Also you can try to use straps

No. 253219

File: 1648836611885.jpg (22.04 KB, 425x599, 8940327403265.jpg)

I don't really recommend grip aids/straps because they compensate for strength you don't have which can cause problems over time. You can do more grip-centric exercises like farmer carries, dead hangs on a pull-up bar, pinch grip with plates. Get a grip trainer and squeeze it throughout the day. If you do it a lot and are consistent it should improve pretty quickly. If you want to expand the type of exercises you do then rock climbing and/or bouldering is great for grip as well.

No. 253285

What kind of shoulder exercise can I do if my arm is messed up and I can only lift it halfway up? I looked for exercises online, but the only one I could do is lifting a dumbbell forwards a little bit. Please do you have any ideas?

No. 253296

File: 1648849421732.jpg (10.05 KB, 225x225, images.jpg)

do mixed hand grip, use chalk

No. 253367

File: 1648875848721.png (253.14 KB, 392x334, 4783204832497324.png)

You mean you can't lift your arms above your head, right? I don't know if it would hurt you but technically incline bench press would only have your arms at about chest level so that could be an option as well. Lateral raise with cables (picrel) or dumbbells. Dumbbell shrugs.

No. 253370

how do I workout and not get protruding arm veins I literally hate it so much they look like worms under the skin

No. 253391

A lot of people think they look good, but if you're not into them sadly there's not much you can do because it's mostly genetic. Only thing is to increase body fat to make them less visible.

No. 253395

Like other anon said. They’re mostly genetic. Focusing on lower body and overall strength and core keeping a little higher body weight and staying hydrated would make them less noticeable. I will say I used to be one of those women that was groomed into feeling uncomfortable at being Buff but after lifting four or five days a week for a year. I’m finally starting to get it and I’m proud so you might change your mind? I wouldn’t let it stop you. The back pain and knee improvement was a huge improvement for me.

No. 253397

people really aren't paying attention to how vascular you are as a woman. if you're just low weight or very fit, often it happens to both sexes anyways. i promise you people aren't out here seriously noticing unless you're uncommonly built anyways

No. 253412

>anon no one gives a shit, please spare us.
>also back anon wasnt so desperate for attention and 100x hotter

No. 253444

Thank you, I don't go to the gym but I have dumbbells and an elastic band so I can do that

No. 253487

File: 1648918045059.jpg (244.88 KB, 1030x984, 1628927731384-2.jpg)

How buff could I realistically get through regular workouts and proper diet? I know no other woman who lifts heavily, and athletes/bodybuilders/influencers/ etc. tend to use steroids, so I literally have no point of reference for what is naturally achievable.

No. 253489

this has to be roids, right?

No. 253509

Is it the look of muscles you want, or is it the strength? I guess what im saying is, it depends if you want it for cosmetic reasons. Pic could be roids, it could be a professional who cut water to accentuate the definition for a competition.
But if you want to build muscle, you need to just start…. Bc a build like that is never overnight. Take the first steps, prefect form, then add on more weight to reps. Diet wise, i wouldnt have a clue

No. 253510

girl this has got to anavar. she probably worked really hard on her cycle tho.

No. 253511

gaining weight is really the only way. i promise they aren't ugly nonna

No. 253525

File: 1648924978756.jpg (283.69 KB, 1080x1350, 1630724557118-3.jpg)

The looks. Ideally I would like to get as muscular as possible, but for health reasons I dont want to touch steroids. Something like this pic is my dream body, even though I realize it is almost certainly result of steroids. I started getting into serious lifting only recently, and will do my best regardless, but still would like to know what exactly should I aim for, like what it the natural limit here?

No. 253526

File: 1648925186979.png (1.24 MB, 1077x733, 1635185390769.png)

Hey nonna, where do you pop your rest days between your gym days? I work at a library Monday to Wednesday then gym so I've got a day between as a rest one and do some weights between, I can see some progress but I make myself sick very easily so I wondered how you felt!

No. 253554

This is anecdotal evidence, but my roommate goes to the gym almost daily, tracks her diet, works at a gym she's all about the fitness lifestyle and always working to gain more, and she's maybe a bit over half the size of this woman

No. 253570

Can’t give you a definite answer, because that’s entirely dependent on your genetics. Aim as high as you can though

No. 253583

File: 1648937093303.png (Spoiler Image, 1.51 MB, 1280x701, 7483024732947625.png)

None of these women are really big. They may very well be strong, but whatever they're doing is not supporting hypertrophy to get as meaty as possible. That's really the only thing you can do. So yes, it's putting on weight but also increasing muscle size at the same time. Use weights that will put you in hypertrophy range during glute exercises then eat lots of protein and bulk. Hip dips won't go away entirely but they can definitely be minimized the more muscle you build up. You also need to be patient, you're looking at progress in years and not just a couple months. Take Monica for example >>251738 natural so far as I know and she clearly rounded out her butt.

No. 253591

someone stop me from eating the nutella but also no one stop me… ok maybe if someone could offer a healthy replacement for next time bc I think my ovaries are winning this battle.
Nonnas, how do you stay motivated during a hard period? I lose all energy and im sore all over. Feel ran over

No. 253593

Slightly un related, but also related, Ive been doing resistance band workouts to fix my hip (was lucky to get physical therapy) and no more back pain, stronger legs AND my ass is bigger/rounder (9 weeks in PT; workout 6 times a week)
For reference Im a fatty anon with a big butt already but I'm telling you my booty is bouncing with a lot more confidence. My waist is slimmer too. My best friend met me for coffee and saw the difference immediately. So Ive moved to resistance bands for all the other areas for now, working on basic form. Then I might move to weights. Idk, its been such an up and down journey this past year, but I think fixing my hip will help with my consistency. For now, i keep it simple, routine, and consistent.

No. 253604

File: 1648950017713.png (Spoiler Image, 576.65 KB, 651x643, 278093285094385.png)

Okay, here's a more obvious one.

No. 253606

Good job anon, resistance bands are super helpful for glute exercises. You can even continue using them if you eventually want to incorporate weights as well, such as keeping the tension in your butt/thighs while doing hip thrusts. Booty King on IG has a lot of good combo workouts if you want to check them out. Congrats on your progress with your injury as well!

No. 253609

What exercises do you do anon? I have resistance band but wasn't sure if you could actually get any booty growth/a nicer shape at home.

No. 253642

File: 1648975470674.png (1.33 MB, 1384x704, ell.png)

Realistically? This

No. 253655

File: 1648985103387.jpg (537.1 KB, 1242x1255, 1642185135107.jpg)

Hey nonnas, I'm happy to say I lost a stone in just under a month (or 14lbs)I juggle a busy job for half a week where I get home at 8pm so I've been sticking to vegetables and high protein, 2 days at the gym at my tiredest, three with home workouts between when I'm less dead. Did dumbells at home today because I'm sick and it isn't covid, and also due, and it felt good. I'm getting braver with the machines at the gym and I can feel my body changing. I know my tummy will be the last part to go however, she is so stubborn.

What motivations do you guys have to keep at it and not be discouraged by the slower burn of my torso, inner thighs and lower stomach? I got rid of it once beefore in 2020, so I know I can again.

No. 253656

wow nona, congratulations that's amazing! how many calories were you eating a day to lose that much and what was your starting weight if you don't mind me asking?
i don't have any advice because all my dieting attempts have failed thus far kek but good luck nona and i hope you continue doing this well! you motivated me that's for sure

No. 253659


Thank you!! I was dipping between 11 and a half stone and 12, but I'm just under 11 now, I think that's 154lbs? I used calorie counting at first but with my job meaning I eat at inconsistent intervals I eventually stopped tracking but I'd do a high protein dinner, small lunch and I'd try to burn around 500-600 calories per gym session with lots of strength training!

I wish you all the luck, I've found lockdowns have made it such a slog because in 2020 I felt really on top of things, I was 140lbs but with strong thighs and I hadn't lost my curves either (years of intrusive thoughts that maybe my big boobs were just because I was overweight, forgot how big they actually were anyway) and gyms closing and depression hitting….my mum battled cancer late last year and survived but we lost my father to cancer some years ago and I stopped dieting or exercising during all of that of course. Trying to get back on track and I'd say if I can do it after failing for a year or so, so can you my friend! If you love food, keep your meals as something to look forward to and cook with lots of different spices or flavour water and things you can enjoy and honestly if you want that burger every now and then, have it nonna, it's better to have a treat here and there so you don't end up breaking down and binging for a week because you were being too hard on yourself. All of the luck and I'm glad I could motivate you! My GW is to get back down to around 140lbs but this time I want to build some muscle.

No. 253664

File: 1648988750678.jpg (664.02 KB, 3276x1650, InCollage_20220402_184257299~3…)


Good job! It can be hard to get the ball rolling, keep up the good work

What motivates me is tracking, and taking progress pictures. Pic related is what I took yesterday, I'm trying to cut for summer, down 11lbs. (I do bulk for winter/ cut for summer). For me seeing the results just motivates me to keep going. I encourage you to take pictures at least as well

No. 253665


Weights are better. I used weights to get over an injury after resting the appropriate amount of time. Start small, add gradually. Do squats with just the bar for your hip and work your way up

No. 253666

I've been working out for years clean and I just posted my progress pics above. Because of our lack of testosterone it makes it more challenging to build muscle. Just look at Olympic athletes if you need more references, they are peak physical form and have to be clean

No. 253667

Nona I'm going to delete this myself but I recommend you delete this post.
You may be recognized by your body, clothes, or background.

No. 253668

No worries mate I covered what I needed to. Plus I barely post on social media and all my personal account are private and I don't follow that many people.

No. 253672

> why do the nonnas make me feel so gay

No. 253673


Thanks for the encouragement nonna! What sorts of meals do you like? I have a nut allergy so that's one protein I can't really do but I love chicken, turkey and lentils to death. You are looking amazing!! A goddess

No. 253674

File: 1648992673059.jpg (3.43 MB, 4000x3000, IMG_20220329_100301139.jpg)

Honestly just try to get mostly vegetables on my plate when I'm cutting. Also avoid process foods in general. I switched to eating fresh baked sourdough bread since I love having some toast with my breakfast
>Pic related is avocado, tomato, onion, cilantro mixed some olive oil and Worcestershire sauce, salt and pepper. Once fried egg with toast and homemade hot sauce

For dinner if cooked vegetables aren't involved I'll make a large salad to go with what I made

No. 253677

Nta, but thanks I know what I'm eating for lunch today.

No. 253682

anon, you should probably deal with your binge eating and self esteem issues before focusing on losing weight. i'm at the same place as you kind of, i was anorexic in my teens and then gained 60lbs in the span of a couple months when my eating issues switched to binge eating instead of restricting. it took yearsssss for me to be able to control my eating, i'm sure the process took longer because i kept trying to restrict and lose weight instead of just dealing with my binge eating. also your fat will probably distribute more evenly with time, that's what happened to me at least.
if you feel like it would benefit you you could try therapy, but you can also look up ways to deal with it yourself online.
also this is unrelated but you don't have to put two > when you greentext, one is enough. see:

No. 253729

gore bump

No. 254149

Hey nonna, sorry i got banned for a post I didnt even make! Ahh!
Heres a link to an article that goes into derail about the workouts, its on par with my PT! If you are struggling with squats, you can aways use a chair. Good luck nonnas! I really love this thread the most and I support you all ♥


No. 254292

Thank you anon, I've actually started working out recently (just abs and beginners full body kettle bell workout) and the exercises in the article look good. I'll add this to my workout when my fitness level is up a bit. Mwuh

No. 254327

File: 1649222743771.jpeg (248.16 KB, 1280x810, Moids.jpeg)

Is there a version of these but for women? I want to achieve athletic skinny but how does it look realistically on women?
I used to be a heroin junky so I was underweight and slightly toned because I didn't really eat but did cardio so I don't know how a healthy version of this could look like

No. 254329

File: 1649223011538.png (445.84 KB, 890x940, 7509439850438.png)

Try to think of it in terms of bf %s. Depending on where you're genetically predisposed to store fat it will look a bit different from person to person, but generally
>Good/average: 25-31%
>Fit: 21-24%
>Athlete: 14-20%
You don't want to go below 14 because at that point you start fucking up your hormones/period/body's ability to function normally. Awesome job getting clean!

No. 254330

oh man I haven't heard of this before anon! Thank you. These all look so normal, maybe tiktok is wrapping my sense of anatomy too much kek. thank you! I'm so happy and healthier now, much love ♥

No. 254752

anyone know a good lunch to take to work? probably under 400 calories. i want one that's healthy and ideally minimal prep but i'm having trouble finding good options. i hate using the microwave as well which makes it hard

No. 254753

>i want one that's healthy and ideally minimal prep
Literally just rice or pasta and some canned legume with vegetable.

No. 254756

I have leftovers from last nights dinner made into a salad most days. Like if I had baked salmon and brown rice, I'll just mix it with some leaves, herbs, and whatever else I have. If I don't have leftovers my go-to is a wholegrain pitta and carrots with (reduced fat) hummus, or half a tin of some kind of legume as a salad.

No. 254763

Am I crazy for not seeing much of a difference between 21-23 and 24-26? Maybe it would look different in a video

No. 254774

Wraps are pretty great, I get flavoured ones and put some sort of salad in it (regular garden salad, kaleslaw, asian salads etc), usually with mayo but obviously you can pick a healthier sauce.

No. 254787

I make chicken salad with bokchoy leaves as wraps. Use rotisserie chicken.

No. 254810

No its very similar but i think 24-26 has a little bit more fat in her breasts and hips

No. 254818

Anyone have certain things they do/tell themselves that help prevent the "all or nothing" mentality, aka giving up and binging when you stray from your diet? I've been trying really fucking hard to remember that eating a bit more than expected and being at a smaller deficit for the day isn't a complete failure or an excuse to binge, and I was succeeding until overeating by a lot 2 days ago. Sounds dumb but I've been really depressed since and feel like I lost a lot of optimism and motivation since I messed up "so much" after a really good week.

No. 254846

A routine changed everything for me. I have a set of moves I do every time so there’s no thinking about it. I can use it as a form of meditation or quiet for my brain while stressed. Listen to a podcast or music and count and focus on form. Makes me feel better and helped me be consistent.

No. 254908

File: 1649368631207.jpeg (604.37 KB, 750x938, 1603250834498.jpeg)

It's really hard to accept but you just need to keep telling yourself that your body really has no idea of the definition of "time" that we conceive of- it doesn't just magically reset when you sleep and wake up. Your health is the combination of all the little things you do, week after week and year after year, over your lifetime. Which is why it's pretty hard to see bodily changes quickly when you change your lifestyle.

Try to look at things like if you had more good diet days than bad diet days this week, ex. you stayed under calories for 4/7 days, then that's a good start and still better than overeating on all 7 of those days. Eventually you can grind out strategies that work for you and reduce those off-plan days to 2, 1, or even 0 in a week (realistically those perfect weeks will be very rare).

But you have to remember also that sticking to it is going to depend on external factors as well: life stuff happens, and mental health is not 100% every day. Thinking about what advice I would give a friend in that situation also helps– you wouldn't tell someone you're rooting for to say fuck it and binge and restart the plan tomorrow. You'd tell them to drink a glass of water, go for a walk, and try to salvage the situation.

Other strategies for brute-forcing it include identifying your overeating triggers and preventing the root of the problem (ex. if you binge eat when you're stressed about school, focus your energy on solving the school issues first and foremost) and of course, not keeping any food you can binge on in the house.

No. 254914

Sounds like you're already on the right path, tbh. You know your pitfalls and as you said, you were doing well. fuckups happen, but each time you pick yourself back up you're training your brain and building healthy habits.

No. 255111

Thanks for the motivation, anons. I ate at maintenance for the past few days due to still feeling shitty, but I'm going to try my best to keep an optimistic attitude and start fresh with dieting again today! Will report back soon with hopefully a good update.

No. 255840

I’m on my first 48 hour fast and I’m on the second day, how do I keep distracting myself

No. 256083

Are you JLH?

No. 256414

Any yoga anons around here? I started doing yoga recently, nothing ultra serious just following youtube videos at home to get some movement and stretching into my day. Anyway I started watching this woman's beginner challange videos and in the last video I followed she started talking about ujjayi breath/ocean breath and I just don't get it. Something about breathing through the throat? I tried googling it but idgi, can someone explain it to me in an easy way?

No. 256436

It's difficult to describe without seeing what you're doing! First, try inhaling through your nose, then exhaling through your mouth as though you're fogging up a window. It should make a 'haaahhhhhh' sound. Do this a few times until you're used to the sensation, and notice the slight tension in the back of the throat that makes the sound. Then try the same thing but with the lips closed. You should still hear the 'hahhhhh' sound. It feels a little like sighing with your mouth closed. Good luck with your yoga practise, its helped me so much over the years!

No. 256485

I have trouble sleeping when I fast. How do I sleep through the night on no food ?

No. 256495

I hate when I know the answer because I came here singularly to post dumb shit today. Protein and electrolytes, get on that shit nonnie, certainly consider eating more of everything but those are the most important for regulating how satiated you feel, and the quality of your sleep because your heart and brain functionality are important for sleep quality. (Obviously, but you did ask)
Any broke anons can confirm you sleep better after protein when food is scarce, I don't even need to medfag this should be enough

No. 256499

Samefag, look up the "itis" and how the body goes through the stages of satiation and sleepiness in relation to food, it should help, if you're doing it for religious reasons (I doubt) then just ask a member of your religion ofc

No. 256573

Ok maybe a dumb question but can severe scoliosis affect what the scales show you? I recently bought a new scale to keep track of my weight loss, I have a perfectly flat hard surface to keep it on and I tried weighing different objects like bottles of water and dumbbells on it - it seemed to be working fine. But once I step on it, it shows me… 38 kg. Which is insane. I am 161 cm tall and still tightly fit into all the same clothes I did when I weighed in at 58 kg at the doctor's office. I have made no drastic life choices to lose that much weight and still look roughly the same. This has been driving me absolutely insane and this is the only explanation I could think of. Any nonnies dealt with something similar?

No. 256581

Lol nonna, return your broken scales or exchange them!

No. 256647

I mean I'll be throwing them away since they can't be returned but what's been driving me insane is that they work on absolutely everything else but me

No. 256676

lost 15 lbs from January to now (started at 140) by avoiding high processed food and meat. this slow and steady approach helps me not feel addictive or dependent on food. hopefully i can soon reach my goal weight of 115 or 110.

No. 256679

relapsed pretty hard into stress-eating habits once quarantine hit but my gym opens today and i'm excited to start making some changes! i honestly have no clue where to start but i'm going to be keeping track of what i eat daily instead of just letting myself snack around. if anyone has beginner tips i'd really appreciate ty

No. 256689

I've taken up running and it's so fun but I wanted to add does anyone know any free individual sports I could do with either no or min equipment? I wish I could swimming but all the public pools around me are still closed due to covid and the only gym with a decent pool is way too far with how expensive gas prices are

No. 256802

File: 1650124123963.gif (400.47 KB, 220x160, spongebob-pump-spongebob-arm.g…)

Okay so I did it, I actually got the courage to walk into the gym and talk to the people about a membership. I have a 3 day trial to see if I like it before I make any commitments to it. Haven't gone yet but might go today. I'm having a lot of anxiety about going alone and people talking to me, how often do people stare or try to talk to newbies if you have headphones in?
I also want to start on weights and core first but I don't know how strong (or really weak) I am from not working out in so long imma feel so embarrassed if I can't use the machines right the first time.

No. 256803

Get a trainer to get you kickstarted with the machines, most gyms offer something like that!

No. 256804

Does anyone have a home gym with weights? I want to lift at home but not sure what I should start with. I was thinking 10, 20, and 30 lb dumbbells. I figure they’re versatile enough to do different compound lifts.

No. 256805

They do actually offer classes and trainers with an upgraded membership, maybe I should do that. Could be fun.

I realize I've gotta treat going to the gym as a scheduled part of my week, like working, if I really do want to go often. I can't give myself a choice of if I want to go or not, it should be automatic like getting up to go to work for me. Otherwise I won't leave the house on my days off

No. 256814

Nonnies, fitness is confusing. As someone who’s skinny but has fat around their abdomen area, I’ve been told to start strength training OR doing cardio, since cardio is the only thing that’ll make me lose fat. I don’t know which to do. Do I start lifting and doing pull ups? Russian twists and crunches? Or just plain cardio?

And, stretching: I’ve been told before by professionals that stretching is overrated, and since it is done to correct incorrect movement, you can just not have to do it by correcting movement. This seems complicated? How am I to make my back straight and fix posterior pelvic tilt without stretches?

Also, I want to know, can a person not exercise at ALL and not be skinny fat? Is that physically possible? Intuitively, I don’t think it is, but it just popped in my mind and I wanted to ask. And, final question: there’s this pain in the bone at my armpit, and I’m suspecting it’s from lat pulldowns. Is it normal?

No. 256815

File: 1650129347076.jpeg (68.12 KB, 750x498, 79F58BA3-7E74-455B-A626-D9CA1C…)

Samefag, the part that I highlighted in yellow is the one that hurts when I raise my arms above my head.

No. 256823

When I started I bought adjustable dumbbells starting with 5lb, 10lb, and 20lb plates so I could move between all of the weights without taking up too much space and if I need to up/lower the weight it's easier.

No. 256835

>there’s this pain in the bone at my armpit, and I’m suspecting it’s from lat pulldowns. Is it normal?
>Samefag, the part that I highlighted in yellow is the one that hurts when I raise my arms above my head.
Rotator cuff injury, had the same injury a few years ago.
My injury took 2 years to heal because I repeatedly re-injured it and didn't do any rehab.
Stop doing any movements above where it starts to hurt and do some exercises from this video.
I personally did the first 3 exercises every other day and after a few months it got better until it disappeared fully. Tho is still cracking sometimes.
>And, stretching: I’ve been told before by professionals that stretching is overrated
It's overrated for professionals because they usually work out daily but when you never exercised in your life before and spend most of your day in the office then it is advertised to do stretching before your workouts at least the first 6 months, because beginners have tightness in their whole body usually from shortened tendons because they're underdeveloped.

No. 256836

Cardio is a waste of time for aesthetics if you're skinny, start with bodyweight exercises like crunches/lunges/squats/planks/donkey kicks and mountain climbers, after a month or two when you're more fit buy some resistance bands and do those workouts using bands, in a few more months if you want more progress buy a kettlebell and dumbells and integrate these into your workout. If you're not active in day to day life, you need to workout or you'll be skinnyfat. When you start using resistance bands and weights make sure you eat more, I got no gains until I upped my calories, you can cut inbetween bulks to stay slim looking.

No. 256845

Try lifting first, imo it's much more "bang for your buck" effort wise, when you're focused on body shape.

No. 256848

File: 1650152405445.jpg (41.33 KB, 600x474, bfb71ea9785ff390ff70ba60b34d71…)

Good evening nonnies, I am here to ask some beginner questions. I want to grow back my stamina and improve myself.
>I own Ring Fit Adventure and I was wondering if anyone is enjoying it. I thought of coming back to it to do custom excersie routine instead of following the story mode. Or would it be better to follow some YouTube channel guides? Maybe even Samsung Health?
>I want to tone up butt. It's naturally big, but I want it to look nice, I am extremely skinny but the only area that looks skinnyfat is my butt. The only problem is that I am worried my legs might end up being "bigger" which is silly, but I am just worried over having to rebuy pants over and over again.
>I want to fix my posture. My lifestyle mostly contains me spending over 8hr in front of a PC, drawing or I'm cooking/cleaning.  The problem is that I feel like it wouldn't help as much because I've had back problems since I was a kid. I've got a huge habit of going as far as "laying" on a table/chair instead of sitting properly. The office chair from IKEA that I bought seem to bring me back pains, that i thought of getting a "kneeling chair".
>The dumbest question of them all: is jogging on one spot useless? I do not have space in my apartment and my neighbourhood is not safe enough to run outside, so the only way for me to run is through playing Ring Fit Adventure while standing on the same spot. I wish I could get a treadmill, but I can only squish few room cms into the bike machine.
>I grew to like baking a lot lately and I wonder if there are good healthy blogs/websites anyone could recommend. I got myself a handmixer so I am abusing it a lot by making cupcakes while not liking overlysugary stuff too much. (It's my silly thinking of: I like how cupcakes look so I'll just spend my time decorating them while preferring spicy food options instead)

No. 256849

Thanks for the help, nonnies. This thread is why I started going to the gym in the first place. Kek, still can’t believe I got my first injury in the first month. I did the test thing where you raise your arms and then slowly lower them and while it did strain somewhat it wasn’t horrible, so hopefully it isn’t a dramatic tear or anything. I presume these bodyweight exercise aren’t going to worsen my rotator cuffs? I’m going to avoid putting any pressure on them anyway.

No. 256880

Might be because I go to a smaller boutique gym, but literally nobody has ever spoken to me mid-workout. They're all bros who are way too concerned with their own workouts. If the people are annoying or make you uneasy at your gym, scope around for one that makes you feel comfortable– that's why I'm ok with paying for a pretty expensive membership at mine.

No. 256898

Like anon said, people are occupied with their own workouts and don't want anyone to disturb them either.
However, if you use a machine wrong or do an exercise obviously wrong, people will step in to correct you so you don't get injured. So expect that.

No. 256929

File: 1650191746752.jpg (451.5 KB, 1075x855, Screenshot_20220417-123348_Fir…)

How do I do picrel without leaning forward too much? I tried it multiple times but my dumbass just keeps leaning forward kek

No. 256933

So I had surgery last week and the surgeon couldn't immediately feel the tumor and just sewed me back up without resecting anything. So it might not be cancer, which is good news. I'm getting an MRI to check what is really going on and they might have to do the resection anyway. In the meantime I'm not allowed to have any nuts or seeds and need to be on a low residue diet, because I have severe stricture in my intestines. I'm lactose intolerant and I've noticed I can't digest meat very well for over a decade now, so I'm limited to mainly wholefood plantbased diet, which does tend to produce a lot of gas, which is also bad. I'm still mainly on soups (lentil, split pea etc.), liquidy oats and smoothies, but also found some high protein pancake batter which I seem to be doing well on. Boiled potatoes with some veggies mixed through works well too. Eating and preparing around eating feels like a full-time job now, but whatever it takes I guess. Coffee and carbonated beverages are out of the picture yeah, definitely big nonos. Sometimes I'm scared to eat in the morning, before I had a BM, because I fear I ended up completely blocked overnight.
I'm walking a lot, doing calf raises, light bicep curls/tricep extensions and using one of those grip rings. I'm not allowed to use my abs, but so many exercises use them. My surgeon is a scrote, but he makes misandrist jokes so he's on my good side for now.

No. 256952

i think you just need more strength. whenever you try your best to do any excersize and keep failing to keep up the correct posture it just means you're not strong enough yet. at least that's what has always been the case for me. just keep at it and go slow when you do. slow and steady wins the race! also idk what that thing is, must you use it? i don't use any equipment when i work out but that's just how i prefer it.

No. 256965

It's a thingy that helps you do sissy squats (god I hate that name). It targets the quads really good which is why I'd like to learn how to use it, but my brain won't let me lol
Thanks tho, I'll keep trying

No. 257123

nta but it's not your brain, it's your lack of strength that won't "let you" do the exercise properly. try training with your body weight only at first, then try the equipment again when you've gained some strength

No. 257447

Nonas who go to the gym after work, how do you work up the energy to do so? It’s the only time in the day I can go, but when I’m tired after a long day, it’s hard to find the motivation.

No. 257479

Don't go home, just go straight to the gym and carry your gym stuff with you

No. 257511

What do I buy if I want to exercise from home? Resistance bands, bench, dumbbells…?

No. 257515

Depends if you wanna do strength training or cardio or both?

No. 257516

Yeah any or all of the above. What are your goals, what seems engaging enough to sustain you? Pick something you think you'll stick with depending on what you want to achieve. Personally I think adjustable dumbbells are one of the best investments anyone could make, you can do a ton just with that and it will remain challenging for a long time if you're doing single leg/arm exercises.

No. 257622

Some cardio, but I don't want no runner's face (catabolism?). I'm running a checklist of everything I might need eventually.

Ok, I will get them. Should I add some specific type of bench, kettebells, a rack…?

No. 257688

File: 1650485768236.jpg (112.14 KB, 1080x1350, 3cfbc31547cbc468d1873c768677a8…)

I started working out and my goal is to eventually be able to do a pullup (and look semi beefy) but I'm so weak it seems impossible

No. 257692

Keep practicing, you'll get there!

Also, ugh, I love her but god I find a lot of her posts annoying

No. 257693

she's nice to look at but she's pretty cringe imo

No. 257714

You will get there anon! Slow and steady progress. I can do several pull ups at a time now but I definitely started from zero and barely being able to hang from the bar. Remember to hone in on your diet, that's the most important part when it comes to getting bigger. It's going to take months/years, so just get in a rhythm.

No. 257717

Out of those things I would say a bench would be the most useful so you can do bench-specific exercises with full ROM (obv bench press being the most important) and a few bonus movements like step ups, dips, decline push ups, rows and so on. Otherwise you will be golden with just your body and the dumbbells. Workouts like vidrel are killer even with 5-20 lbs and will definitely make you stronger paired with a good diet.

No. 257730

is this attainable natty?

No. 257732

Not for the vast, vast majority of women on the planet.

No. 257746

File: 1650503414106.jpg (278.88 KB, 1080x1919, 4324890324783892.jpg)

Yes, I really don't understand why people think patty is an untouchable god when plenty of natural athletes are far bigger than her

No. 257749

File: 1650503928748.png (947.52 KB, 880x857, 5483750437523.png)

Some examples, Lydia Kernow who used to be straight up fat before getting fit. She shows pictures of her still loose skin and stretch marks on IG but has added undeniable muscle

No. 257750

File: 1650504002385.png (Spoiler Image, 1.35 MB, 1410x837, 7408327483274945.png)

Louise started working out in her 30s and achieved this naturally

No. 257751

File: 1650504128473.jpg (41.2 KB, 640x640, 157489324798324.jpg)

Monica Granda. Long story short just put in the fucking work and eat if you want to get big. Literally anyone can grow

No. 257759

She's smaller in those pics you posted, looks natty achievable in them but the vascularity in her arms in the other pic and how lean her abs are in relation to the size of the rest of her body is not really the same as all the other women who were posted in comparison.
It's not purely about muscle mass/size.

No. 257769

she looks amazing. looks natty too.

No. 257774

Dropping this here. It's never too late to start

No. 257777

File: 1650513198295.jpg (43.66 KB, 720x720, sPBOojXnnqJVFShK.jpg)

she's body goals for me but I'm not delusional. she has good genetics.

No. 257787


No. 257788

I love her so much but I also hate seeing her because I'm literally the opposite, it gives me so much jealously and pain that it will take me years to even be anything like her. I hate it

No. 257789

Her size is easily achievable, her bodyfat percentage isn't and she's fairly open afaik about her not being natty. A woman having such strong cut defined abs year-round should have alarm bells going off in your head. Having that year-round is not natty achievable.
This is unironically more achievable for a natty woman than patty
Again, this is more achievable for a natty woman than patty. Not everything about steroids is about size, a lot of it is about being super cut year round. So many fitness influencers are cruising on anavar and people have no idea, because they assume that you have to be huge to be on steroids. Meanwhile it's mostly used to keep extremely cut abs throughout the year.
How is this in any way comparable to patty? This is again easier to achieve for a natty woman, without having to lose your period. Looks super healthy and comfy to maintain.
Thank you for the sanity

No. 257796

What an awesome photo of an awesome body

No. 257803

She looks amazing, I always like seeing pictures of women who started from basically no fitness or sports background. I found that its quite hard to find fitness women on social media who didn't either come from sports so they had a head start or are actually natty and not just lying about it.

If any nonnas know of more genuinely natty female lifters I would appreciate it, I'm trying to keep my goals realistic and not get influenced by steroids.

No. 257806

Good genetics + juicing, watch some Greg Doucette vids if you want to get a better eye for natty or not

No. 257810

File: 1650532487225.jpg (73.17 KB, 620x995, a1b7fe5bf8e8a78fa82d49ad8425cf…)

This anon, back with an update. Weighed in at 151.8 this morning. I've definitely gone down a clothing size and my measurements have changed. I can see and feel my collarbones again. It feels pretty amazing to have accomplished this through pretty minimal lifestyle changes.

However, I'm feeling like it's time for me to start exercising. Sure, I'm down a lot of weight, but I still have a fat tummy and an unfortunate square/hip dip ass. I have a lot of insecurities about taking this next step, and I especially worry that if I start lifting heavy/eating to build an ass, I'll gain back weight that I don't want, or I won't even be able to build muscle mass in the right places for a big/round butt. It's hard for me to find good before/afters for hip dips, though the ones posted earlier were encouraging. I'm wondering if I should start with a more general toning/slimming type of exercise first in order to ease into things before trying to seriously hit the weight room? I would love some advice.

No. 257812

Idk why women constantly fear bulking when they're constantly proven there no basis for that fear. Did you ever hear someone complain they got fat from exercising? Come the fuck on. Get on that bench now.

No. 257813

Oh, forgot to congratulate you on your progress as I was too busy being a bitch…

No. 257814

Don't worry about getting fat again nonnie. If you're lifting regularly and consuming enough protein and overall eating a good diet, your body naturally prioritises muscle building first. The scale might go up sure, but if you want to build muscle you need to eat either at maintenance calories (for a body recomposition) or at a slight caloric surplus. Please don't make the mistake I did where I was so scared of putting on "fat" that i ate at a strict caloric deficit while lifting and made NO progress.

Also, you cannot "get rid" of hip dips but if you put on muscle you will overall change your fat composition and the hip dip fatty area may look less noticeable.
You don't have to lift super heavy at first, you could just make an upper/lower body split routine where you focus on legs and upper body separately with some light weights to start with. I'd never recommend beginners to lift super heavy because it just increases risk of injury. Take your time, use progressive overload and don't be afraid to eat protein dense meals and you will see those numbers go up and your body will gradually change.

Idk if you're a bit anxious about going into the weight room either because most of the time it's full of moids but you can just find your own little lifting space in the gym and work there. I'm still very much a noob and I just work out in the corner of a running track area and do all of my lifts there, even deadlifts kek,it's peaceful and you can just go at your own pace.

No. 257818

Have any nonas ITT gone through with one of Chloe Tings programs? I've seen some of her workout videos mentioned in previous threads, but does anyone have experience with them?
I just started with the 2022 Get Toned challenge and wanted to know if it's worth it.

No. 257822

She doesn't really know much about building muscle, getting "toned" isn't even really a thing, you are better just doing strength training and losing weight if you are overweight, that's how you get defined muscles.
She got torn apart by the fitness community like a year ago cause she just shills shite.
I wouldn't waste my time on her, she doesn't know what she's talking about.

No. 257827

Not worth it all. Like anon above mentioned, it's useless. I guess her plans would be good if you're just looking to work out at home or casually but not if you're actually wanting to get fit and make it a regular routine. There are much better ways to "get toned" out there, it literally means just gaining muscle. Compound movements like squats, deadlifts and basically any core-related exercises will give you way better and than any of her stuff will.

No. 257832

if you're set on trying a youtube program I recommend Caroline Girvan rather than Chloe Ting

No. 257850

> if you want to build muscle you need to eat either at maintenance calories (for a body recomposition) or at a slight caloric surplus.
Nta but damn. Is body recompositioning a meme then? What about those ana girls like Ganer and Scarlett who go from bony to muscular but still very lean? Ganer definitely eats at a deficit, is it because they only eat protein?

No. 257857

How do I start lifting? I can’t even do incline pushups. Zero upper body strength.

No. 257860

are you going to lift weights, do calisthenics, home workouts?

No. 257862

I'd consider the going from bony to muscular a bulk, and anything where you're eating at a deficit a "cut" of sorts. Tbh I could be wrong but what I've learned about body recomp is that you normally eat at maintenance or a very small surplus? Again I could be wrong though, I personally haven't done one before. For example my maintenance intake when I'm working out 4-5 days a week is meant to be 1800calories but I'm on 1500cal, I'd consider that a deficit not a recomp. Fitness is confusing kek.

No. 257863

Fuck sake, samefag but when I said you can't gain muscle on a deficit I was wrong, I was talking shit and didn't have my morning coffee yet. You can still gain muscle on a cut/deficit but it's typically not as easy and cheat-friendly as bulking is, my bad I'm retarded.

No. 257870

LOL thank you for coming back and clarifying! I'm very new to this and trying to sort fact from /fit/fiction has been tricky.

I think doing bulk/cut cycles makes logical sense to me but since I want to lose weight already, it feels counterintuitive to bulk as a flabby beginner lol.

No. 257874

Yea I'm pretty much in the same spot as you and still a flabby noob, I would definitely recommend going on a slight deficit instead of bulking straight away as it's so easy to just end up binging and losing discipline and then just getting more flabby. As long as you're eating healthy and getting your protein in, and also progressively lifting even just a tiny bit heavier each week you will make great progress nonnie. I think a deficit of around 250-300 is a good steady start and you can maybe push it to 500 depending on your weight and height, unfortunately I cant do that because I am a shortfag. Best of luck to you, you got this!!

No. 257879

Thank you for the honest answers. I'm at an average weight I think (56kg at 165cm height), I'm just looking to get back in shape at home with a program or routine I can follow. I also have some resistance bands, maybe I could use those as well.
Also I'm going to check out Caroline Girvan, so thank you for the recommendation!

No. 257893

Resistance bands are a great choice nonna, plenty of exercises to do with them and you can always use a mix of multiple bands if things start to get too easy.

No. 257919

File: 1650572283773.jpg (36.4 KB, 670x447, walking-pads.jpg)

I don't have any space for treadmill, only maybe excersise bike at best (with a small possibility). I want to invest into one of the workout machines, because it would be cheaper to buy one instead of singing up for gym where I live. I was wondering if 'walking pads' are worth buying, because it seems like the easiest option for my room. My problem is that I do not know if you can buy a seperate hand rail for that?

No. 257929

Yeah they really helped me get in shape, I became a lot more toned and strong, and the workout plans don’t focus on one thing too much. If you’re new to fitness definitely try it.

No. 257961

File: 1650583787379.jpg (122.64 KB, 700x698, cow.jpg)

I've been working out for 7 months now, following the beginners program of Stephanie Buttermore, i would highly recommend you to give it a read its available online.

No. 257963

nonas who lift, how long did it take you to see some muscle growth?

No. 257972

>Is body recompositioning a meme then?
Not entirely. From what I understand most beginners (by that we're usually talking someone who has been working out for <1 year) can "recomp" because they're carrying around enough fat that the body is going to convert your nutritional stores into muscle rather than destroying your muscle to survive, assuming you're still eating a moderate amount and taking in protein. At this stage you can pretty much maintain your TDEE or eat at a slight deficit with enough protein and you will drop fat in addition to getting stronger, but those gains are going to hit a plateau at some point. It's those who are already quite lean and who have no fat to convert that have to bulk and build up those stores/fuel the body to build more muscle before leaning out again. I went from basically skinnyfat to having moderate muscle definition by doing that. You can read more about the science here: https://legionathletics.com/body-recomposition/

No. 257973

I’m interested in both lifting and calisthenics. Calisthenics a bit more because I have no upper body strength so it seems pretty cool to be able to do stuff like that.

No. 257975

File: 1650591250910.png (995.01 KB, 620x716, 4904832048920349.png)

>If any nonnas know of more genuinely natty female lifters
Some other good ones
>@mayatheamazon (yes her delts are insane, she's very short - 4'9)

No. 257977

File: 1650592297449.png (942.14 KB, 511x846, 1438024937247563.png)

I also love Jessica Buettner, she's one of the top female powerlifters. I'm sure some people are going to debate if she's natural or not but she is part of the IPF which is the most rigorous with drug testing. Either way she's very inspirational

No. 258019

There's some variation you'll be able to start with. You can do negatives (start in a plank and lower as slowly as possible to ground, then raise back up however you can and repeat). You can also try pushups on the floor from your knees. If that's still too hard, do standing wall pushups.

No. 258056

Yes I am eating at a small deficit and doing my best with protein. Partly feels too easy because I'm used to doing restrictive diets and lots of cardio. But this is sustainable and a lot more fun. Best of luck to both of us!

Ty for the source. It seems so much of this topic online is about splitting hairs and trying to optimize gains to 0.001% but for the majority of us starting out, we just need to eat sensibly and be consistent and things get better.

I was looking at getting one a while ago. It's not new tech, long story short they are light, cheap treadmills. You can get most of them with detachable hand rails but bear in mind, it's ONLY for walking, not running even at a light jog. I didn't find many positive (real) reviews from fitness communities. It seems more of a New Years Resolution impulse purchase. They are still overpriced because of the novelty.

If you get one, make sure to have a good warrantee and that there are approved service techs near you. Otherwise maybe a stepper machine is a better compact choice for your room. They are cheap and you can work up quite a sweat.

No. 258061

What are some sports which are good for a lower body work out? At the moment I mainly rock climb. I love it, but I feel like although my upper body and core is strong, my lower body is missing out a bit. I might start doing lower body workouts with weights at home, but I much prefer exercising via a fun sport than through weights.

No. 258069

if you just want to be balanced you could take up cycling or running or something, but if you want to improve your lower body strength and your climbing at the same time i really recommend doing some kind of single-leg squat movement like split squats, shrimp/pistol squats, or those plyobox step-up things. they're not as miserable as regular squats, plus they really help on those terrible slab routes with really high feet that basically force you to do a pistol squat anyway

No. 258074

what physique do you consider to be the natty limit for women? how big can a woman get naturally?
fitness influencers are all liars and I would like a real answer

No. 258092

I think the natty limit is unknown for women, since even serious 'natty' female bodybuilders neglect muscle groups to have a very specific feminine aesthetic, instead of actually going for as big as possible.

No. 258123

File: 1650652700831.png (566.68 KB, 735x385, 248732047328742.png)

I agree, I think our potential is high and still being explored since women getting into lifting is a relatively new development (on this scale). Also a lot of really strong women fly under the radar because they don't fit the physique/aesthetic everybody is "supposed" to want. Picrel Tamara Walcott is a big woman and also strong as fuck. She set the women's world record for heaviest deadlift just last year at 636 pounds. She's a 38-year-old mom of two. A lot of people would look at her and think out of shape, but she actually dropped 100 lbs from where she used to be and is continually improving her lifts. A "natty physique" is going to range widely depending on whether you're going for pure strength or just looks. Most people I'd say want a mix of both and yeah, women can get pretty damn big naturally while retaining a comfortable bf%.

No. 258168

Hello I’d just like to announce that this woman and women in general are based as fuck.

No. 258206

My hips pop every time I do bicycle crunches and other ab exercises. Are they going to fall off? Also how do I stop my spine from curving and jutting out into the floor during ab exercises?

No. 258224

File: 1650679782090.jpeg (81.02 KB, 633x1024, IMG_0437-633x1024.jpeg)

Yeah exactly, you put it better than I could have. That reminds me, one of the best bench pressers would've been called a soccermom Karen if anyone would see her outside of the gym, so people are really sleeping on her. Jennifer Thompson.

No. 258236

Women can put on around 0.5 to 1.5 pounds of muscle a month. You're not going to notice that until at least 2 months in, although if you're a beginner you will likely be losing some fat in the process so you may develop a nicer shape and get more cut earlier than that.

No. 258237

File: 1650684203687.png (96.89 KB, 658x492, 6809584-05843.png)

As long as the popping doesn't hurt you should be fine, but you might have tight hip flexors. Foam rolling (spiky type) and stretching can help minimize it. Tuck your tailbone/butt when doing ab exercises to prevent spine curvature.

No. 258239

>high school math teacher
>teaches an all-girls health and PE class and two 12th grade honors nutrition classes
>puts on powerlifting seminars around the country
>bench presses 330 lbs, 2.4x her body weight
>"I had a really terrible experience when I was in high school so I thought what better job than to make sure other kids have good experiences.”
I love her

No. 258260

is muscle memory a meme or am I really going to get my gains back "fast" despite my two months break?

No. 258269

Muscle memory is a thing and two months isn’t a very long time for your body to unlearn something.

No. 258272

my chad beefcake bf says muscle memory is not a meme

No. 258278

Your body can actually remember shit for a decade (which is why they're thinking of banning people for a decade if they used steroids). Which is why a lot of those transformations on social media are misleading, because a lot of those people were very active as teens and only gained weight/lost muscle in college or something like that.

No. 258287

I get a similar thing. Do your hips also hurt when you go into child's pose, as though the bones aren't in the right position? If they do, it might be because your femurs don't glide backwards in the hip socket properly due to a tight psoas and hip flexors. I get this because I'm hypermobile/double jointed so my hip flexors and psoas are over exerted from trying to balance my pelvis. It helps to stretch my hamstrings, do foam rolling to relax the hip flexors and correct anterior tilt like >>258237 said, and do psoas and glute strengthening exercises. Stretching or overexerting my hips in things like butterfly pose makes it worse.

No. 258370

I know this is 3 weeks old, but my strat for that was to just not have stuff my hormones demand I eat large quantities of in the house at all during my period. Or make it really inconvenient to get to. I don't get insane person cravings anymore, but back when I did I'd put stuff in the trunk of my car and far back enough that I'd have to lean over a bit to reach it. It wasn't impossible to get them, but it was inconvenient enough that that I either didn't want to bother when cravings hit (especially if I'm sitting in my house or otherwise not already in the car) or I had enough time to talk myself out of it before I reached my stash. I feel like willpower is just a meme and the only sensible way to deal with that stuff is to just make acquiring that stuff a pain in the ass for a long enough time that the time without it makes you crave it less.

No. 258384

kek. get it nonita.

No. 258484

I’m not happy. In the process of losing weight and working out and my bf always wants to go out and eat. I have to be like “no we gotta stay in tonight”. There’s a taco place that’s on our way to the grocery store and he drags me in there. I had chicken fajitas and feel like shit tonight.

No. 258486

Just don't eat all of it in one sitting? Do you cook? You can always try to cook things with him and plan meals better, even bring up that'll save money from eating out all the time.

No. 258489

No bench yet, but I've got the kettlebells, bells and bands! I'm so excited.

No. 258491

File: 1650767517509.jpeg (114.81 KB, 1080x736, 7160A90D-5F58-4A27-A0F8-B7CF25…)

I do cook and I’ve been basically begging him not to take us out anymore because it’s multiple times a week. He’s like “ok after this let’s not eat sugar or go out anymore” and then it happens again. I just want to put an end to this cycle and I should stop being so weak and letting it happen.

No. 258497

Congrats anon, that's plenty to start! Good luck on your fitness journey, don't overwhelm yourself early and make sure you eat well

No. 258518

learn to pick the healthiest option available

No. 258522

this, or get used to not getting fast food every time your bf does. the first time was the hardest for me personally. and cut out soda when you do eat out.

No. 258584

I don't know if this should go here or elsewhere, but how can I look less bony? I've recently lost about 10kgs, going from bmi 21.7 to 18.7. I'm still a healthy weight, and I much prefer how my body looks this way, but my upper body looks so bony. I have a big ribcage so it looks very prominent and defined now that I have less body fat (plus, my boobs have deflated a bit). Should I try and gain weight to look healthier or are there any particular exercises that could help? I don't particularly want to gain weight, but I don't like looking this unhealthy either.

No. 258585

Being quite lean, yes you will have to put on some weight to look less bony. If you eat only a modest surplus of calories in combination with strength-based exercises you will mostly put on muscle though and the combination will look perfectly healthy while helping to pad out your skeleton. This site is geared toward guys but women can use the info just as well. It has exercise and nutrition ideas: https://kalibrefitness.com/how-to-gain-muscle-around-the-ribs/

No. 258597

I know this is old, but you're worrying over nothing anon. Jogging on the spot isn't useless, although it's better to go out for a run or a walk. Ring Fit and jogging on the spot will help you gain stamina and tone your ass, so they do the job.
I don't know how much this will help your back issues since you've had them since you were a kid, but working on your back, core and chest muscles does wonders for back pain in general and will help your posture too. You can do bodyweight exercises or use weights, even light weights will help. Build up a routine, don't try doing too much at once. If you're sweaty and tired but still feel like you can do more, stop there.
And you won't need to buy new clothes non stop. Your body's going to change, but it's likely that your legs will stay roughly the same size, only more toned. The women posted ITT have worked long and hard to get this much muscle, you won't look anything like them unless you truly work for it.

No. 258601

I’ll start doing that. Thanks

No. 258605

Why is trying to lose weight so hard and gaining weight so easy ?

I make myself do at least 10'000 steps everyday and then I do 30mins on my exercise bike everyday, so im doing at least 10 miles/16km all together.

I have the odd rest day for the bike, I don't eat any junk and count calories so im under a deficit of at least 500 and its barely a blip.

I'm not even trying anything drastic its just no results barely a few lbs lost.

No. 258637

Do weights, I had the same issues as you until I started lifting. It takes a few weeks to see real results so bear that in mind. You might also get insanely hungry after lifting, so have protein-rich food lying around for when you finish your workout.

No. 258639

I usually find gaining is harder but to each their own. At a 500 cal/daily deficit you should be losing 1 lb a week. It’s just a slow process if you have much to lose so “a few lbs” might be normal, how long has it been? Other than that are you absolutely sure you’re on a 500 cal deficit, weighing food if you don’t have exact nutritional info? Typically this happens when people think they can get away with eyeballing their meals then end up eating more than they think they did.

No. 258644

File: 1650823958653.jpg (29.56 KB, 600x338, WKtRrvztI9pKNe5Wy3mmT6IOjD9VUl…)

Are pre-workout drinks a meme? I ask because I don't want to chug a whole protein shake before going to gym and feel sick the entire time. I feel like you would get more out of protein after the workout, no?

No. 258645

It’s caffeine anon just have coffee

No. 258658

Never heard here in my country of people drinking protein before a workout, it's always afterwards.

No. 258664

pre-workouts generally refer to stims, not protein shakes
though some people do drink their whey before working out

No. 258685

Like >>258664 said pre-workout is not a protein shake, it's typically a bunch of ingredients designed to supposedly give you more energy and better recovery (yes usually with tons of caffeine). It's not necessary, lots of influencers love to shill their special brands because it's an easy repeatable thing they can sell to people with no measurable benefits to prove efficacy one way or the other. The one exception would be creatine, it really does improve your body's ability to produce ATP (energy for cells), put on weight and likely boosts endurance. But you can just buy it on its own without all the unecessary crap. When it comes to actual protein shakes, you can drink them before a workout, after, whenever you want so long as you're hitting that 1g per lb of body weight a day.

No. 258692

honestly, its easy to lose weight when you incorporate healthy choices into your life instead of adding a diet to it. slow and steady anon, especially with something as precious as your body. also someone else said this, but weight training helps raise your metabolism by adding muscle mass and gives the added bonus of sexy sculpting.

No. 258701

Attempting my first ever 48 hour fast. I've done a few 24 hours before so hopefully it'll go smoothly. Autophagy here I come. Anyone else attempted prolonged fasts?

No. 258776

File: 1650865316237.png (957.58 KB, 713x751, 947890548305732.png)

Post from r/xxfitness, this woman is at about 124 lbs in both and has been weight lifting for around 7 years. She looks great and lean, just goes to show how much your body composition matters over weight. https://www.reddit.com/r/xxfitness/comments/u9vggc/7_years_of_weightlifting_and_nothing_to_show_for/

No. 258778

File: 1650866992123.gif (608.53 KB, 450x253, penguindrum thirsty.gif)

good luck anon! you will feel so proud of yourself when you break your fast in 48 hours!

remember to stay hydrated & i recommend taking electrolytes, even just a little sprinkle of himalayan salt in water will help prevent headaches which i tended to get in the first 24hrs.

floral/herbal infused tea like chamommile, rose, milk thistle or lavendar is great. black or green tea, coffee can all be hard on the stomach when fasting in my experience so i don't really recommend even though they don't teechnically break your fast.

i did 11 days in 2019. kek i feel like days 1-3 are the worst.

No. 258789

Hello! I'm wanting to lose weight in a fast but sustainable way but need some help, what do you nonnies have on your weekly grocery list? I eat basically everything but am allergic to eggs! Basically I don't want to use my last two brain cells on a grocery list so please help!

No. 258796

Good luck with your weight loss! I tend to buy food as I need it rather than doing a weekly shop, but I'll list off a few things I have regularly. Some things I always have in the pantry are:
- Lots of different grains (brown rice, quinoa, millet)
- Tins of pulses (black beans, chickpeas, and lentils)
- Tins of tomatoes

I have yoghurt with fruit and nuts for breakfast pretty much every day, so I buy a lot of frozen berries and bananas. I plan my dinners by thinking of what protein I want/have. If I get salmon, I'll have it grilled with some leafy greens and rice. If I want chickpeas, I'll make a curry with a tin of tomatoes and lots of veggies. If I want black beans, I'll fry them with some spices and have them with a baked sweet potato. I eat lots of green vegetables because they fill up the plate when you're reducing your carb portion sizes. I struggle with good lunch ideas, I often just have leftovers made into a salad (e.g., grill an extra salmon fillet, mix with salad leaves, seeds, herbs, and rice if you want). Idk how great this advice is but this is what I like and its helped me eat healthier whilst not hating life too much! I try not to snack unless I'm exercising heavily.

No. 258797

I love to see how much exercise can do, bet it's a very subtle change for the people who know her in her daily life, but actual improvement seeing these pics side by side is striking.

No. 258801

I saw this! she looks incredible, it's insane how much her fat distribution changed and how different her body shape looks. I have a similar shape to hers on the left and I have always hated how soft I look and how big my hipbones were plus lots of back fat…this gives me so much motivation to know that muscle really does wonders, you'd think she was 20 pounds heavier on the left but the fact that she's the same weight blows my mind.

No. 258813

Good luck nona! I've done a 31 day fast but it was years ago and I don't have the fat to sustain that kind of fast now kek

No. 258829

Little changes over time and sticking with. Are you drinking your calories? If you’re not already drinking 80-90% water I would switch. Diet sodas are trash for your metabolism and insulin function even without the calories and sugar. Make sure you are eating breakfast. Don’t go long fast periods without eating. Focus your meals around a protein, health carb, and a veg for lunch and dinner. Then cook in healthy fats like fruit oils. Little olive oil. Try to cut as much of the dairy fat out as you can. It’s not worth the calories of inflammation in your joints.
Also lifting weights starting with 5-8 lbs and moving up to 10 4 days a week was really want pushed me to lose 70 pounds in a year. You can do it nonni.

No. 258831

My go to meals are typically a pour over coffee and toast with a preserve. Then two eggs and may some diced tomato with salt and pepper more towards mid morning. For lunch I normally do potatoes or rice as my carb then a protein like fish, chicken or tempeh and either two kind of sauté veggies or a stir fry to eat on the rice. Dinner is about the same but it’s normally fish or beef and I eat the other carb I haven’t so if I had potatoes for lunch I’ll have rice with dinner. Sometimes I make rice noodle soup or I make chickpea pasta and I can list ideas and recipes.
As far as sweets I like making almond butter dark chocolate cups or I make some grain free pumpkin muffins with a little brown sugar crumble.
My shopping list is typically: Bread, Preserve, Two Tins of Coffee, Eggs, tomatoes, avocado, bananas, bok choy, bananas, a bag of lemons, a five pound bag of rice and a rice pound bag of potatoes and value pack of steak and chicken or maybe some tempeh, carrots, broccoli etc.

No. 258853

To all the bodybuilding anons, I know you have all probably answered this but where is a good place to start learning? Do you have website or book recommendations? I really want to build strength and tone but I know next to nothing and have some difficulties due to a neck/shoulder injury so I’m scared and don’t know where to start. I hate my stupid lunch lady arms with loose skin from weight loss though and I want to be strong enough to do a pull up or climb a rope.

No. 258895

Thank you for the advice! Today I bought myself some electrolyte capsules and some dandelion tea. I'm 24 hours down now, and have had some hunger pangs but nothing arduous. Knowing I'm halfway done is a huge motivator!

Thank you! Omg 31 days, how on earth? Did you work up to that, or did you just go for it?

No. 258923

Brett Contreras' Strong Curves is a popular and solid program. The full book also has dietary info. You can find it on Libgen. If anything hurts or seem like it would aggravate your injuries do a search for "[whichever] exercise modifications/alternatives" and there will usually be something similar you can incorporate.

No. 258925

You are doing great and I hope the tea is delicious! Sometimes the dandylion upsets my stomach (but I'm a snowflake)

With the hunger pangs this is a hormone called Ghrelin and it will spike for about 48hrs after your fast starts. If you ignore it the pangs will stop until you eat again, generally. (sometimes i found it helpful realizing it was hormone-induced hunger as opposed to physical hunger)

You are hardcore nonnie!!

No. 258945

File: 1650925794267.gif (14.91 MB, 300x534, 39048329473241.gif)

Never do heavy leg days too close together nonnies, I really wish someone could just roll me to the places I need to go today

No. 258964

File: 1650929831131.jpeg (103.34 KB, 479x558, A5ED0495-AF3E-4183-96B8-2614DF…)

Can nonnies give me some reassurance and advice please? I’ve been a shut in NEET for 3 years, basically I got no sunshine, no exercise, no proper nutritions. Somehow I managed to not be overweight but I am incredibly, incredibly, incredibly soy. Anyway, I’m working to change that.
Is it normal that exercising is THIS HARD in the beginning? I’ve been attempting to follow low impact beginner exercises on YouTube but I can not even make it through a 20 minute video… I start to get faint and nauseous after like 15 minutes. My whole body hurts. I’m not dehydrated and I think I eat enough. Just finished pushing myself to do it the third time this week and currently crying because its like my body is broken from being neglected for such a long time…

No. 258972

Nonnie, as someone who was in the same boat and gained a load of weight, I can tell you a year later and I can run 2miles and still do a full low impact 30min hiit and on my better days go out for hours: you can do it!
You’ve got this! What I did was any time I was at my limit I stopped but I tried hard again the next day and if I did 3 days with no improvement I put in all my effort to get further and slowly things got better and easier and I wanted something harder and longer because things got too easy.
It is a process and it takes time, which may be something you struggle with at first (I couldn’t tell how long an hour should feel or if an hour was a long time, was a week to improvement good or slow?), so measure things more as milestones; today I did a 2min run instead of a 1min run, that work out felt easier today then yesterday, that type of thing.
You’ve totally got this, you’ve already done the hardest part (getting started) so ride that momentum. Never stop trying to improve. Don’t let yourself be derailed by missed days either, accept those as a reality and just do your thing asap!

No. 258993

File: 1650937676952.jpg (155.16 KB, 1200x901, EOChjEhXsAAobmY.jpg)

You just need to build some stamina. Working out is about building strength and endurance, it is usual for your body to have to readjust if you're suddenly putting it through a lot of physical activity if you've been stagnant a while. When I first got back in the gym and did some arm exercises I hadn't in a while, my arms were pulsating, it felt like I could feel every blood cell draining into my arms. Quite a disturbing feeling. I wouldn't push yourself that much if you're not ready, do what you can and take shorts breaks in between if you need, and finish the workout after. Like other nona said make little milestones, it helps when I put a time limit on how long I go, like I say I will focus this time for exercising from 5:00 until 5:45 for example.
Hope it helps and you start getting better sooner nona!

No. 259016

File: 1650944268137.png (421.32 KB, 750x481, 1646520268995.png)

Yes this happened to me too. Didn't exercise for all my life and I was sore for days after my simple starting routine of jumping jacks, bodyweight squats, and sit ups. couldn't do one push-up. Now 2 years later I recently bench pressed 100lbs. Never give up sister

No. 259103

I did a 5 day fast a couple months before that one and it was my first time fasting then! Honestly there is no secret, it's all in the willpower (I feel like it's like this with any diet or weight loss plan though kek). If you go for fasts longer than 24h I would definitely recommend taking supplements cause it makes it a lot easier, some people do just water purely and that's pretty difficult and can be dangerous if you're not careful.

No. 259162

File: 1650999447890.jpg (61.15 KB, 474x641, icon.jpg)

Maybe this is very specific but I have some questions for overweight or once-overweight short/petite nonnies, ideally those who lift weights: how did you manage a caloric deficit in a sustainable and sensible way? I find that fitness around short women is hugely overlooked in a lot of communities so I'm hoping someone can give me some answers on your experiences, namely:

>Did you find that your weight loss/metabolism was slower than average?

I've read into studies that say short women typically have slower metabolisms but I'm not sure how true that actually is. Was it this way for you?

>What were your go-to foods for keeping things relatively low-calorie yet high in protein?

>Did you find it easy slip up and overeat or go beyond your deficit intake?

>How long did it take you to start seeing visible results from the deficit?

No. 259170

48 hours complete! And it was so much easier than I thought. Had some hunger pangs but not many, nothing a walk or water didn't starve off. And I experienced no headaches, probably because of the electrolytes, and only mild fatigue on the morning of the second day - a black coffee helped here too.

I'm so pleased, I'm going to try to incorporate more 48 hours fasts into my lifestyle and maybe attempt a 72 hour one day. Right now, I'm breaking my fast with half an avocado, slightly salted, and a handful of grapes.

Good luck to everyone here with your fitness goals - preservation and willpower are everything! You CAN do it!

No. 259178

shorty (5ft) checking in

The only way I was able to lose weight in a steady manner was via fasting and watching my carbs, nonna. I did OMAD and tried to stick to under 30g carbs or less, and I lost 50 pounds this way.

To be honest I had a very hard time exercising at the same time as dieting. Not because of the OMAD, but because even when doing a normal caloric deficit, the margins for petite women are just so small. I would eat at 1200 calories for months and lose very, very slowly, like a pound a month, it was maddening. Exercising on top of that just made me miserable, I would be too hungry and exhausted unless I ate a normal amount and not at a deficit. And of course that set my weightloss back even more because then absolutely nothing was happening, kek.

OMAD made it so that I could eat whatever I wanted, though sugar and processed food would always stall weight loss regardless of what I was doing anyway, so I naturally avoided those. I only started watching my carbs when I got closer to my goal because I'm impatient and I wanted to up my weight loss game (it worked)

I actually really like weight lifting and I've never felt cardio do much for me except make me tired and sore. Weight lifting gives me the feel good chemicals.

Anyway, I eat a lot of meat and a lot of fat because those things fill me up and I don't have to eat a ton of them. I like saturated fats, oils give me indigestion and bloating whenever I eat them in spreads or salad dressings. I guess the closest diet that can be compared to how I eat is paleo? I still eat grains and flour though, just not a lot because I'd rather eat other things.

Also I wanted to mention that I've never heard of the metabolism thing kek. When I drop or gain weight I seem to do it very quickly in both directions, and I heard that it's because of our small frames, like we can't hide or carry extra weight as well as taller ladies. I was losing about 4-6 pounds a month at first, it slowed down to about 2 after I lost my first thirty pounds, but I was losing fat and looking thinner much faster than the scale said anything.

No. 259186

File: 1651007095848.gif (346.56 KB, 500x280, Tumblr_l_75183433591162.gif)

Hey nonnies! I am 160cm / 5'2 with my weight fluctuating from 48-51kg with an average bodyfat percentage of 20-21%! I am a person who isn't active and mostly sendetary with bad eating habits that mostly consist of snacking a lot on sweets and very sugary things as well as lots of instant ramen and prepackaged dumplings. My problems are that my body looks very bloated and the definition of skinny fat. On top of that my horrible bloodwork results, which showed me that my hemoglobin was too high, iron levels were too low, my cholesterol was extremely high and extreme vitamin d deficiency. There was also some weird stuff going on with my alpha-1 and alpha-2 globuline which was too low and a possible indication of hypothyroidism. I am pretty fucked in terms of my bloodwork results and I don't really know where and how to start improving and thought this might be a great chance to combine both physical and health problems and resolve them together. The first steps I have made were an extreme reduction of instant food (which I am kind of proud of) but I still haven't managed to reduce my sweet tooth habit. Any tips on how to start reducing sweets or any meal ideas that could work as a substitute? Thank you all in advance and keep the great work up nonnies!

No. 259189

Well done for cutting down on instant food! Cutting down on sugar is so hard when you're in the habit. I am completely incapable of not eating sugary foods if I have them in the house, so the only thing that works for me is just not buying them. I make sure I only go grocery shopping when I've already eaten so I'm less likely to impulse buy. Instead of sweets, I'll have yoghurt with frozen berries, tea with honey, or some fruit.

No. 259194

File: 1651011101783.jpeg (16.63 KB, 320x320, awwmazing.jpeg)

Well done nonnie, very wholesome and inspiring! I haven't fasted in a while so thanks for reminding me it's nice.

Enjoy your grapes and avocado!

No. 259296

File: 1651054093997.jpeg (156.42 KB, 1500x1500, 1498CD10-3160-4227-9D85-AB87C0…)

I am addicted to coke (cola coke not the drug kek) I sometimes drink 2 cans daily. I can’t help it. I think this is why I have don’t have a flat stomach and caused a bit of weight gain. I can cut and go with out all and everything junk and fattening foods but I can’t cut it out. I also only drink fruit juice aside from this and not water, I just can’t drink water.. I also hate any kind of diet/zero/max whatever I only drink full fat/original.. I know this is bad so no judge I just wanted to vent a lil and maybe ask advice. Can any of you nonnies relate?

No. 259321

File: 1651062493719.jpeg (3.08 MB, 4032x3024, CA831B30-61F9-4007-96EC-75C874…)

finally gonna do it for real this time nonnies

i lost 60 lbs last year but gained about 20 of it back. i’m tired of feeling like shit because of poor eating/sleeping/exercise habits. also miss having a defined torso and skinny waist kek. i’m gonna start walking 10k steps per day & eating mostly whole foods

pictured is random cute mocktail i had recently lol

No. 259322

honestly as a fellow coke (not the drug) addict my only advice is get used to zero. i haven't had regular coca cola since i was probably like 8, but i drink so much diet. it's actually unhealthy and i've cut it out a lot (used to drink at least 1.5L a day, now only a can or two a day).
if you seriously can't drink zero and don't like it/don't want to get used to it you can either work your diet around the coca cola (ie. eat less food so the calories even out) or cut it off with time. maybe start by drinking 1 can a day, then 2 weeks later only half a can, and have less and less as time goes on.
what helped me (but probably isn't that much better kek) is finding a diet iced tea that i really liked, it stopped me from drinking so much coke and because it doesn't have carbonation it doesn't bloat me.
but yeah, coke addiction is tough it sucks and i know how you feel

No. 259323

how do you expect to feel after work outs?
i consider myself pretty unfit, i'm overweight (like bmi 29) and whenever i have worked out in the past, i always expected to be dead and totally beat down after the workout (ie. sweat dripping on the floor from my face, hair wet, can barely walk…). today i did one of emi wong's workouts (this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W4eKVKwf3rQ ) and i didn't feel dead afterwards at all, i did sweat a bit but i was able to get through it with relative ease. do you guys have workouts like this too? i'm not sure if it's a good thing or a bad thing, because i feel as if i didn't burn as many calories as i would if i was completely dead afterwards. i also don't know if it was easier because i've gotten fitter or because it wa