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File: 1601330663055.jpg (327.47 KB, 756x1200, fmdmgen2.jpg)

No. 153162

Last thread: >>>/g/98824

Thread for:
>femdom images and media
>femdom fantasies
>female subs interested in women
>advice and stories

Some things to get us started:
>What are your main kinks?
>What is your ideal sub like?
>What experiences have you had?
>What advice do you have for new dommes?
>Where to find subs? How to avoid unhealthy ones?

No. 153164

>Where to find subs? How to avoid unhealthy ones?

Girl they're not pets tf

No. 153165

I really want to grab a guy by the neck and choke him out, maybe with a rope. Play rough with his cock and balls. Lightly cut him with a knife and lick his blood. Deepthroat him until he nuts in my mouth. Then clean him up and spoon with him.

No. 153172

File: 1601334133316.png (241.66 KB, 491x188, 4870932750436.png)

I mean I call my partner my pet sometimes. It's cute.

No. 153182

Any partner can be unhealthy, it's not dehumanizing.

No. 153183

File: 1601340636056.png (1.28 MB, 764x1200, csmaki.png)

idk if anyone else is like this but I'm honestly more of an emotional sadist than a physical one. Dudes suffering emotionally turns me on more than anything else. A dumb example: a while ago I watched the dark comedy series "Flowers" and after the main guy tried to hang himself in the opening scene I was thirsting for him for the rest of the series and only wanted to jump him more the more emotionally tortured he got. bc of this i simp hardest for the most angsty male characters in shows, movies, books, etc. I wanna tie them up and have my way with them. of course I recognize that this emotional sadism thing can only ever be fantasy lol
picrel is that latest character who's done it for me

No. 153337

just saw a dude with cat ears, losing my mind, told my boyfriend to buy a pair asap. seems very hot to dom a dude with the ears on

No. 153338

i kind of feel the same way. none of the physical pain does it for me, best i could do is roleplay kek. i need the guy to be in emotional pain, especially feelings of humiliation or insecurity. i love when guys reach a breaking point. it's really fucked up.

No. 153341

my coworker wore a pair of cat ears to work last halloween and I've been simping ever since lmao. he's tall but very skinny and looks like he probably has a vitamin deficiency which doesn't help. very jealous, have fun domming your neko bf.

No. 153390

do any anons here have experience in this? I'm into femdom in theory, but I'm repulsed by the vast majority of submissive males. I've lurked in places like the gentle femdom sub on reddit, and it really put me off. its literally just men whining about wanting a "mommy gf" to spoil them, which sounds so annoying and draining, and all the content is about the male partner being pleasured. I had to scroll down so far to see even one post where it was the woman being pleasured.

idk, male subs just come across as extremely selfish and draining and i dont want to get involved with them even though i like the idea of being the dominant one.

No. 153395

yeah same. i wouldn’t never explicitly look for a ‘sub bf’, just introduce it slowly to a normal guy

No. 153407

why are you trying to force yourself to like something you clearly don't?
you can also be more dominant in bed without resorting to bdsm

No. 153408

Not saying that male subs, like men in general, aren't often whiny and egoistical. But Reddit is especially bad. Most of them aren't actual subs.

gentle femdom on reddit isn't even bdsm though, just animu mommy fetish

No. 153410

males ruin anything sexual and always make it about themselves. it's always about getting themselves off for being oh so demasculinized and submissive rather than pleasuring their dominant partner. even when they're submissive, their pleasure comes first.

No. 153414

File: 1601497022806.jpg (50.06 KB, 384x520, caress.jpg)


I think there are a lot of different ways to indulge in sensuality, and just because one form doesn't connect with you doesn't mean you can't make it your own. I can only explain what it represents in my life and perhaps some aspects might feel meaningful to you. This will be a bit longer because it's special to me.

I have always been a romantic person. Ever since I can remember I would fantasize about having that one special someone who would dedicate themselves to me and we'd be free to be ourselves around one another without fear of judgment. Instead, we'd celebrate one another. I wanted there to be no boundaries between us, just the sort of soul bond everyone talks about but finds so elusive.

A lot of media considered romantic didn't connect with me. It was about men "winning" women who then made sacrifices to become mothers and dedicate their lives to someone else other than themselves. I looked at porn and it gave me a release on occasion, but it always felt cheap and repulsive. I wanted a bond with someone in private; something that would only exist between us passionately and secretly because it would be too special to give to others.

Eventually, still at a fairly young age, I found the artist Luis Royo. It's his work here. He creates fantasy art, but instead of the traditional "Conan sits on throne with 3 female slaves" kind of thing, he features women exploring their sensuality from a position of power. There was an interview I saw with him and someone asked what gender most of his fans were, and he said women. I was so happy to hear he intended his art to convey the exact feelings it gave me: a dreamlike quality. Something secret and beautiful. Trust, passion, a union of souls, a touch of danger disarmed by love. It was everything I'd ever craved but never saw represented.

He works a lot with the beauty and beast motif, with a stunning woman dominating a rugged "monster." Their nudity is careless, uninhibited, confident. They slay these creatures not with a weapon but by virtue of their souls. Often they're being pleasured and sometimes they're beneath the beasts, but only because it's what they desire. They want to give pleasure to their pet, their partner, who has been tamed by their love yet not been forced to change their nature. Their mistress sees their unique beauty without a care for the world's judgment or imposition.

Having that aspect of dominance and submission in a relationship makes me feel complete. It makes me feel seen in totality. I want to be adored, I want my lover to surrender himself to me completely and trust that I might push him to his limits so that I get to see and experience all of him, but not so far that he breaks. I want to ride to the edge and back. I want to be the most important thing in his life. Not just during intimacy, always. But in those moments, it feels especially clear. It feels pure and true rather than dirty or shameful. It feels like I'm free.

No. 153442

what the fuck? did you just copy paste your latest art history/ psychology term paper?

No. 153447

why so salty bitch, i thought it was pretty cute

No. 153451

File: 1601523716902.jpg (88.54 KB, 768x1040, Luis-Royo-Laberinto_Gris-Art-s…)

Thank you for sharing anon, his art is beautiful and you made me think about it in a different way than I would have had I found it on my own.

I liked her post but this made me kek

No. 153559

File: 1601604386796.jpeg (72.96 KB, 682x1023, Eio01w3XgAwP6rG.jpeg)

Adoration, Stephan Abel Sinding (1846 – 1922)

No. 153560

File: 1601604425715.jpeg (95.14 KB, 768x1024, Eio0z0LWAAAuDs4.jpeg)

No. 153653

Aww, that's beautiful.

No. 153720

This is really sweet anon.

No. 153724

This is sweet, I love it.

No. 153763

"Am I a sub who likes gentle doms or a domme who likes service tops?" is a question I ask myself from time to time, mostly because both mainstream maledom and femdom communities and media prioritize the male pleasure.

Everyone says 50SoG, which I haven't seen or read, is garbage, which I don't doubt, but all the "rEaL bDsM" media I was recommended was either overly brutal and extreme or gentle femdom mommy gf fantasies of manchildren.

No. 153765


Oh, or DDLG shit which nearly always involved ageplay.

No. 153848

Thanks anons. I was honestly feeling kind of dumb after the snarky response. I know it’s lolcow and I shouldn’t take it personally but I was in my feelings and wrote it hoping it might actually explain the “why” for >>153451 versus just giving a laundry list of stuff I do in bed. I’m glad you appreciated it!

No. 153850

File: 1601783181280.jpeg (16.43 KB, 291x173, 51B57610-4E36-4AC4-BD83-4804D6…)

Nothing stopping you from living your best life and appreciating both! As evidenced by the lack of links we’ve been able to find I think, unfortunately, femdom has been co-opted by a lot of scrotes just looking for a lady in leather to “punish” them exactly how they want it versus actually doing what makes her happy.

Media-wise what you’re looking for likely isn’t going to be specifically classified as erotic or femdom because that’s a death knell when it comes to popular exposure (with rare cases like FSoG). I can personally recommend Deathless by Catherynne Valente if you’re open to fantasy/alt history. It’s very poetic and the explicit material is minimal, but it does deal with power in relationships and touches on aspects of BDSM (while it’s not the focus). If you’re just looking for smut it won’t satisfy, but I did find the shifting power dynamic between a naive girl looking to please an emotionally needy man turning into a powerful woman who shackles him up to reclaim her individuality quite satisfying.

No. 153888

Have you watched NBC’s Hannibal?

No. 154000

File: 1601924137761.jpg (Spoiler Image,277.05 KB, 1536x2048, 47037096457.jpg)

No. 154011

Alright, so I have this thing where I like to whore out my BF to dommes/people who want to try domming. It's not really like anything cuck related, I don't watch it happen or anything. I just really like the idea of him being "forced" to please/humor people against his will and all of that. Then he comes back, tells me (or shows me) how he was used and then from there whatever happens happens. Would you guys say this is unhealthy?
also if anybody lives in the NYC area and is interested I would love to see how bad one of you guys fucks him up

No. 154040

Ntayrt but god I adore this show and it was so dramatic and psychotically sensual. It's absolutely abusive but Will/Hannibal's relationship is so enticing in the sense of exploring a (very) dark side together.

It wouldn't be something I'd enjoy but I genuinely believe that in any scenario, if both parties are willingly and happily choosing to participate then you should do whatever you want. Has your boyfriend expressed any concerns or hesitation about this setup? You say it's "against his will" but is it truly something he hates (not okay) or something he feels is degrading but in a fun way? I would also feel worried sending him off to some rando's place in a compromised position. Do you know the addresses he's going to and a time to expect him back? Does he have some way to check in with you if necessary?

No. 154042

Nah, hes fine with it. It's against his will in a degrading but fun way, yeah. I know the addresses and he checks in and all that, but honestly I haven't really ever thought of it from a worrying aspect. Was normally just tinder matchups and I guess that's pretty careless of me.

No. 154053

Would you ever worry he would prefer one of these tinder hook ups? Although he's already allowed to fuck around so why quit a good thing.

No. 154055

That's okay, he's participating as well so it's not entirely on you to make sure he's safe. It sounds like you two are doing fine since you're aware of his location and he can still contact you. I can't see anything wrong with it when you're both having fun.

No. 154066

Nah, I understand sexual attraction is different from romantic attraction. It's an open thing.
Fair enough, was just curious on other opinions.
and lowkey trying to whore him out I guess

No. 154068

File: 1601953976646.jpeg (155.12 KB, 824x432, E01628DC-1A48-495C-8D96-8400D9…)

i want to peg a cute guy so badly, but every guy i’ve ever encountered who was into pegging, both online and irl, has been a fucking creep. are there any sane, cute boys who want to get pegged?

No. 154072

A bunch (of course cute is subjective), where do you normally try to find them?

No. 154191

same boat anon, so many of the men who would willingly participate in such kinks are ugly and/or gross (at least in my experience)

No. 154666

almost all the guys I've been with (9), even the two non-submissive ones, had already tried a little prostate stimulation when I broached the subject (all had explored it by themselves out of curiosity). Most didn't wanna get pegged though, cause that was outside their comfort zone. The only exception was my only long-term bf, and we spent months slowly working our way up from on finger to a strap.

No. 154676

My long term boyfriend wants me to peg him, he threw the idea out there while drunk once a long time ago and then retracted it, but in recent years, when he’s drunk he’ll bring up the subject, I’m aware it’s definitely something he wants to do. He’s a big dude, especially in comparison to me, and the idea of going anywhere near his butt, to me, is nauseating. No judgement, it’s just not my thing, I enjoy being somewhat submissive sexually, the idea of the roles being reversed is foreign to me. In the interest of being open minded, I’m not completely opposed to it, but I’m wondering if any of you were fully aware of being interested in dominating or whether you acquired the kink due to an experience you were maybe slightly reluctant to participate in at first, but ended up really getting in to it? I don’t know how I will react, or if I’ll be able to keep a straight face, or be able to get off in the same way after going through with it. He also wants me to stand on him, so, there’s that.

No. 154804

Nta but I've done the whole pegging/ass play thing for a partner who wanted it (without any power play involved tho) and tbh years later I'm still kind of haunted my the memories of playing with an asshole when deep down I didn't want to be in some guys asshole..

At the time I was just being 'open minded' or whatever but I really shouldn't have put my own feelings to the side like that. I regret it.

No. 154809

my gross pornsick ex was obsessed with my ass, and I let him do a lot of things out of doormat-ness. when he wanted ME to rim him I noped the fuck out. male ass is disgusting - it's a shame so many "subby" men seem to have pegging and shit as a requirement

No. 154849

It really doesn't sound like you're into it. I wouldn't force myself to do it if you… don't wanna do it, you know. It's mostly the mental aspect that's arousing anyway, if you don't find it mentally arousing there's not much in this particular activity that would be physically pleasurable for you.

I personally knew I was way into man ass many years before I got to play with one. I don't think it's impossible to aquire it as a kink, but I don't think the chances of you going for it and ending up loving it if you don't already find it hot to some degree are super high either.

No. 154924

The easy rule of sex: Never do shit you don't wanna do. You say you feel nausea just thinking about it so there is your answer.

I also think asses are gross, and as I wrote on the previous thread, why the fuck should we women have to pretend to have a dick? So no pegging 4 me.

No. 154961

File: 1602524861104.jpeg (374.16 KB, 777x1221, 8461A1F9-72C6-4CA0-932B-F99A04…)

I know gentle femdom is popular these days, but are there any legitimate sadists lurking in this thread? I need some tips on humiliating my partner during foreplay. I'm looking for weeb-tier insults about them being a pervert, not being able to control themselves, being helpless, etc (pic related). Bonus points if they're embarrassing enough to leave a snarky masochist speechless

No. 154973

The male preoccupation with female assholes is in no way heterosexual. I can't understand why this is difficult to understand, or why so many women question this fascination over vagina when the answer is so obvious- repressed bi/gay curiosity.

No. 154975

Do any anons relate to this? I'm not into bdsm but moreso into vanilla sex with some femdom elements. I like teasing and delaying a guy's orgasm. I know that this is more male-focused but I actually like doing a blowjob/handjob where I sporadically stop and make my partner beg me to continue and then later beg me to let him cum. I also like riding on top and then getting off and making him beg me again.
The only thing that would be hotter is if I came more easily via oral. I can't sit on a guys face to cum and I also take like 10 minutes to orgasm when in my position that works for oral. I feel like face sitting is the ultimate femdom position if you aren't into buttholes.

No. 154991

I like doing more intense "scenes" now and then with outfits and toys and all that good stuff, but tbh this is about ~80% of my sex life (with a bit more choking/biting/slapping). I can't cum from face sitting or even typical oral all that often. I prefer when my partner uses his hands or a toy just because it's easier/quicker, but I do like the aesthetics and power play involved in having his face between my legs.

No. 155166

File: 1602693650727.jpg (83.4 KB, 650x825, 9l45982za8d51.jpg)

>The female bites the scrotum of the male lion when the male is tired of copulation. A lioness can mate up to 20 to 40 times a day!

No. 155172

Damn I usually don't feel bad for male animals trying to induce mating,but his face just looks so defeated

No. 155174

Time for your dick flattening, scrote

No. 155188

One of the top things I want in my next partner is for him to have no interest in either playing with my ass or having me play with his.

I'm that sick of guys pushing and pushing,. whining and hinting and pouting. I have a perfectly good pussy that I want fucked. A clit that can make me come back to back to back. I have a high sex drive. But I've had such lackluster sex with a string of anal-obsessed bfs. I just want a guy that loves…pussy. What is porn doing to men??

No. 155199


Just like any sex, if you are not comfortable with it dont do it. There are also other forms of anal stimulation, like him putting in a buttplug, which might feel less uncomfortable?

No. 155205

It’s actually making me sad lol

No. 155311

ladies, here's a great femdom move: tell your scrote to take your last name, especially if it sounds dogshit with his name. if women have had to deal with it then he can too.

No. 155319

Ugh I've only had one LTR and my ex was also grossed out by buttholes (thank god). This and strangulation fetishes are the main reason I'm scared of having sex with men.

No. 155352

Fucking hell, that's exactly what I'm saying. Any male who actually gets BORED of fucking a pussy is mentally deficient and on the same level as a butthole picking chimp.

No. 155665

You're making me feel like a degenerate coomer for liking butt stuff lmao.

No. 155669

If I were married, it'd be neat if the guy took my name but somehow it's still too taboo. Like some men are fine with going out in puppy costumes and getting publically shamed, but taking the woman's name and not having your kids named after his family line is where the line is drawn lol

No. 155670

They're taking about ex bfs with way more interest in anal than piv.. Even when that's not what their partners wants or enjoys. Unless you're a man being super pushy about anal.. They're not talking about you.

No. 155730


lmao if you actually think a fetish will give you leverage with that you might just be a coomer

No. 155740

Yeah god forbid the woman is actually in charge aside from an hour in the bedroom some days.

No. 155752

My boyfriend and I are planning to create a new surname we'll both use after we get married. Our original last names are ones we simply inherited from our parents (fathers) anyway, and this is the start of a new family based on the two of us. I think it's a nice way to bring more equality to the act.

No. 155753

Are either of your families likely to get pissy about it?

No. 155760

We haven't talked about it with them yet so I could be totally off base, but my family likely won't care. We're a smaller group. My father passed away when I was young, and my mom/her side of the family is very easy going and progressive. My boyfriend's mom was adopted, so I think she'll appreciate the concept of a "created family" if anything. His dad is the most traditional out of everyone and while I can imagine him grumbling a bit/asking what's wrong with his name, ultimately he just wants my boyfriend to be happy so I think he'll get over it.

We both liked this idea more than a hyphenated surname because those can get so unwieldy, plus this will be something of our own making vs another title we're stuck with just because of tradition. I feel fortunate that both of our families are quite accepting and no one is super religious/paternalistic/controlling, because while we'd still want to do our own thing, I know dealing with all that judgment during an otherwise happy event can be extremely disheartening.

No. 155768

thats honestly such an interesting idea, are you creating it based on the last names you have now (like incorporating elements) or are you just gonna use a completely new one?

No. 155775

Thanks! We're not drawing directly from our existing names, like Jordan + Abadi = Jobadi. But we do like the idea of merging heritage in some manner. So we're looking at the meanings of our names and trying to come up with a new concept that can then be represented in a mixture of languages.

For example, if his last name meant forest and mine meant brave, we might consider an oak, which is supposed to symbolize strength (found in a forest and expressing bravery). Then we can combine words that represent an oak, like white + tree or thunder + tree in our "ancestral" languages.

No. 155804

>tfw read forest as foreskin
Your idea is very cute, if a bit sappy

No. 156179

someone I follow on twitter mentioned KAM making him feel bad and it made me feel something

No. 156253

File: 1603461301877.png (576.69 KB, 1036x824, sdsdsdsd.PNG)

fell in love with these characters from twitter, really into the sub loser incel nerd thing ig

No. 156254

File: 1603461360393.png (Spoiler Image,369.59 KB, 900x789, EjrGcKzWsAYP7IX.png)

I'm personally not a fan of the small subby twink tbh

No. 156255

Sounds like an incels pipedream.

No. 156256

too bad they're all usually disgusting, but a fantasy is a fantasy

No. 156257

front-facing vagina

No. 156259

That pussy placement is just too funny

No. 156260

Ewww miss me with the used-condom-in-gas-station-parking-lot nagatoro

No. 156295

Wrong thread

No. 156402

Sorry for the Korean but the foreign femdom audios are the best and have cuter voices

No. 156462

the art is so ugly but i really like the idea of taking a nerdy virgin college kid and doing femdom shit with him.
sad thing is i only want smegma-free and non-sexist ones. but even the good ones have such bad hygiene. worst part of studying stem was to realize my "shy nerdy bf" fantasy was just a fantasy, most of them smell like shit and are fat.

No. 156553

Late to this but this is exactly why I have a hard time getting into femdom even though I find the concept appealing. All of the sub males I've ever met in my life have been either gross forced sissyfication/bimbofication fetishists or slackers looking for a mommy gf to pamper them. A lot of men believe that the definition of femdom is all about an assertive woman servicing them (including pegging) while the man does nothing but lies on his back starfish style and that somehow makes him "a sub".

>Like some men are fine with going out in puppy costumes and getting publically shamed, but taking the woman's name and not having your kids named after his family line is where the line is drawn lol
Honestly this. I'd love a power dynamic where I'm the dominating partner in the house but I guess the "subs" have their fragile masculinity broken by anything that leaves the bedroom.

No. 156565

File: 1603625570650.jpg (Spoiler Image,69.17 KB, 750x609, tumblr_e190ee754c21281d08c73d8…)


No. 156580

I'm hopeless and disgusting. I see this and it just makes me immediately think of and want my SO.

No. 156604

Cute and wholesome anon. But for real I’m the same way. I watch porn sometimes but only for the base “fuel” for my imagination, after a little while I turn it off then just start fantasizing about my partner and myself in the same scenarios.

No. 156612

I hate muscle, dunno if I'm in the minority here but it grosses me out like nothing else

No. 156628

>cropped before bum
Why. I bet it's very spankable

No. 156631

you're not the only one.

No. 157153

this sounds hot as fuck, I don't know why no one responded.

Do you read erotica as well? If you're naturally creative, it can be even better!

No. 157154

I have and you're absolutely right, it was a million times better than porn and really got my imagination going. The trouble is that it's so difficult to find anything that's both good quality and not written by a scrote. In those cases it tends to be overly focused on describing the woman's appearance and mechanical details rather than the relationship, power dynamics and sensuality, which are the real draws. I wish I could find more erotica that accomplished that. Do you have any recommendations?

No. 157157

File: 1603932146254.jpeg (89.73 KB, 1334x750, F7551C5C-5845-4EFC-A00D-5FE288…)

>slowly getting a guy I hooked up with once to open up more about his sexuality
>he jacks it to guys in submissive positions and women in dominate positions including collars, whipping, etc
>i tease him a lot anyway, he says yes ma’am and yes queen when I tell him to do something
>suggest I be his dom
>he says yes and sends heart eyes

No. 157160

TBH all the best written erotica is fanfiction. If you aren't in any "fandoms" do a tag search on Archive of Our Own for your kinks and wikipedia the source material for whatever looks interesting.

No. 157161

File: 1603934929659.png (20.81 KB, 530x320, Th2htn1.png)

Above all else, look for pieces written by female authors. It's almost funny how you can immediately tell a moid wrote a story when it has shit like this:

"Her supple breasts bulged out of her chest like beautiful, ripe grapefruits, almost oozing with sweet womanly nectar from her nubile, pink areolas."

Anyway, you know the site has gone down the drain when shit like pic related is in one of the more popular stories. This isn't even a sex scene! I don't really care about the poor syntax and all of that in these stories, either. As you mentioned, there are more important aspects of erotica that can make or break a story.

You should really only look at the top stories, so the ones nominated for their monthly awards. Searching by new is a mistake. I struggle myself finding anything I like, but I find that there can be decent stories in the lesbian section in particular. (Scrotes writing in that category infuriates me, but it's even easier to tell if one of them wrote something, so whatever.)

You can also look on Archive of Our Own. That tends to be a good site particularly for fanfiction erotica, which is often better than most of the shit on LE. Good luck, and if you find something nice, make sure to let us know ;) Have fun!

No. 157380

File: 1604044337494.gif (3 MB, 540x250, tumblr_pxktm4yX1y1qbhgiho6_r1_…)

So did y'all get a chance to watch On Becoming a God in Central Florida? There are a bunch of satisfying softcore femdom scenes featuring Kirsten Dunst. And the dude who is played by Theodore Pellerine is kinda douchy but he's also insanely hot. Would highly reccommend.

No. 157398

I didn't but i will definitelly do it now!

No. 157421

I find him unattractive but the scene where Kirsten slaps him was pretty epic.

No. 158395

Recently learned my BF is VERY into my nipples… any anons have advice on how I can use that against him in a teasing way? as punishment? etc.? He’s all about pleasing me when it comes to me domming him, and while my nipples do bring me pleasure, they’re pretty sensitive. So I’m thinking short bursts of letting him suck and lick my nipples instead of allowing him to cum? IDK anons, plz help this new domme

No. 158733


Just put them in his face filling his vision without actually having him touch them. Then have him finger you in that position, or ride him or give him a handjob or whatever. Only let him suck them when you're about to cum, or have him suck them to let you know he's about to cum, depending on what you're doing

No. 159023

File: 1604936458335.jpg (57.47 KB, 500x611, a5ioaxep09r41.jpg)

I've always loved cute guys in tuxedos and maybe cat ears. What's your ideal sub costume? Posting animu because my dumbass can't find a photo

No. 159025

Tell him he can only play with your nipples if he's wearing clothes pegs on his own.

No. 159083

File: 1604962035612.jpeg (82.64 KB, 600x899, FE0A75E9-871D-490B-86AC-A56DFB…)

Pic related, with boots, a collar with a dog tag and glasses.

No. 159141

Where’s the thread image from?

No. 159142

File: 1604985805495.jpeg (157.44 KB, 976x1200, BC3EEAD7-5345-4EBB-978E-B3805C…)

No. 159186

>This sounds hot as fuck
Does it? That scenario sounded like the woman performed service dom tasks before deep throating him, cleaning him up and spooning him like a baby. If a man isn't tied up or otherwise unable to move, then why is he the only one getting a happy ending without being put to work first? It sounds like a man's version of femdom.

No. 159188

Rachel Morris, she doesn't really post much on the internet anymore

No. 159215

“Deepthroat him until he cums”.
I don’t know why this shit is on a femdom thread either, make him gasp for air trying to make YOU cum sis.

No. 159216

My boyfriend is quite subby and eager to please me, always wanting me to give him instructions or directions, stuff like that. I don't think we're very kinky, so it's hard for me to come up with things.. any advice for new, creative things to tell him to do? That would benefit either of us, although when I "instruct" him to just enjoy himself with me, he doesn't like that. I'm just stuck on how to be more dominant, especially since we aren't and don't want to be suuuper kinky. I hope this is an okay thread to ask in.

No. 159217

idk why more guys arent into getting tied up
isnt that the point?

No. 159218

Maybe he wants you to do things to him instead of instructing him, if he’s a new sub he’s probably just not gotten into the grove just yet or he’s maybe vanilla that likes you to top him and you mistook that as him being a full on submissive.
Next time, try blindfolding him and do what you want to him don’t even ask him what he wants.

No. 159221

For my new doms and mistresses, take on FDS (female dating strategy) to recognize assholes who are using you lol. They may seem “subby” to you, but most of the dudes going for inexperienced doms are just porn sick dudes with mommy issues who expect you to cater for them in bed, real life and so on.
If they don’t want to or don’t enjoy follow your lead in bed they’re probably not a sub like you thought they were.

No. 159226

Hm, I think I already do a lot of things to and for him, though. Tons of body worship, teasing, build up, that sort of thing because I love it. He'll say "what can I do for you, tell me what you want," etc. Maybe I should just tell him, "I don't want to do anything. You do all the work," and see what that does, kek. And it's not like he doesn't make me cum multiple times before he does. I do every time, he's very attentive to me, but I just don't know what he wants me to say!
Thank you though, anon, that's helpful ♥

No. 159230

File: 1605041145278.jpg (54.42 KB, 771x807, 7sak5.jpg)

Kek once I revealed a guy Im into femdom and he got on his back eyes closed and started to order me what to do.

No. 159231

New things to do could be tying him up, edging, filming him while you’re on top of him, order him around like a pet, roleplaying, spanking, vanilla humiliation, restrained handjobs and make him cum from ruined orgasms lol, sit on his face while he’s tied up, make him not touch you during sex and have his way with him.
Don’t know if you tried any of this.

No. 159232

File: 1605041366447.jpeg (538.51 KB, 1536x1181, 228A0557-9BDB-4AFD-91AF-0AE9BC…)

Reminds me of this

No. 159236

>watch or read stuff youre into
>think about what you could get him to do
>think about how you could make it even more depraved/demeaning to him
>tell him to do it
>NOW (ie be foreful)
it really is that easy

if he responds, great
if not then you have your answer

No. 159237

what a useless little worm

No. 159238

Oh wow, a lot of those are really good ideas and doable for us for the most part, thank you! I'm not sure what vanilla humiliation looks like–I'm not good at or have much desire to be mean to him idt?
I have and do for the most part, I think. I'm more switchy than domme but have tried to be dominating when he asks. But again, I just run out of ideas lol. He's quite good at making me feel good, so idk what to ask him for and getting creative is hard. I'll check out some light femdomme literature or fics, though, that's not a bad idea. I've already been reading this thread.

No. 159240

I just said vanilla because you might not be full on into degrading kinks, it could be like how I listed filming him, or maybe femboy dress up if he fits it, just making him squirm and get all shy and subby is what I had in mind.

No. 159241

Oh, gotcha! That makes sense. I could probably get him to wear some of my clothes, honestly. Not even super femmy, just some bands he really doesn't like or sweats that fit him tighter. Niceee, thanks anon ♥

No. 159242

>just run out of ideas
start making a list? idk sometimes those fleeting thoughts are the best ones. write it so you wont forget it

>He's quite good at making me feel good, so idk what to ask him for

then try mildly torturing him while he does things for you
when he successfully gets you off you can either reward him, or just fuck with him and tease/deny him

just try to think of small ways you can continually assert that you are the one in control, and hes just along for the ride.
even with simpler vanilla stuff, try and come up with ways to where its apparent to him that even THEN, hes STILL not the one in control

these kinds of small things, done repeatedly over time, will have a cumulative effect, putting him in his space. so that even when hes "in control" in a vanilla setting, he will know deep down thats its simply because youre allowing it and it benefits you at that moment.
verbal shit works well in this regard
and remember, verbal remarks dont necessarily have to stay in the bedroom either

No. 159249

Thank you so much! Seriously, the advice you and other anons have given and reading this thread have already given me some ideas that I’ve planted the seeds for over text today. You ladies are the best, I really appreciate you helping me as a newfag at this.

No. 159250

File: 1605048529462.jpeg (144.43 KB, 1242x1180, A631BDEE-28DA-44F2-8E00-4EB02B…)

Can you guys recommend a femdom manhwa/manhuaI know there’s sadistic beauty but it went left super fast. Nowadays I just spend my leisure time browsing S&M Yaoi webtoons and imagine the dom as a female but I still don’t get excited or gain new ideas since it’s guy on guy lol.
Also the reason I didn’t say manga is because I usually avoid “femdom” mangas because they make the dom female out to be this weird MILF/Gfd prototype, and it’s made for males, and written by them. So I naturally enjoy Manhwa/Hua because there are more female authors who know what the female readers want.

No. 159254

How to find a sub boyfriend who you can dress in your feminine clothing and buy lingerie without him trooning out, I will die single

No. 159258

youll want to steer clear of the reddit/clingy/tfw no mommygf/shut-in crowd, and look for someone whos already confident and comfortable with himself. a lot of the ones that troon out are incredibly insecure and have never confided such things to anyone before, so when you give them an inch, they want the next 10miles, and they expect you to just roll with it like its no big deal

idk try musicians. for the most part, all musicians ive ever dealt with are depraved and can be talked or coerced into a number of things.

No. 159260

Seconded about the musicians. Good luck, sis.

No. 159265

Thirded, I'm currently seeing a musician who's the closest thing possible to an anime boy from a femdom hentai. It's too good to be true

No. 159268

Life is unfair

No. 159290

why is this?
Do you just want them for their better fingerwork?

No. 159299

File: 1605086644767.jpg (70.68 KB, 627x1200, 8601537f11f8b6ef489e2f17a9af40…)

Simple girl, buff boys in long maido dresses. Tuxes with bunny ears are hella kino too though. Ooo and tradional clothings like hanfu and yukata.
Barf, larpers are something else-

No. 159300

Musicians can be good for sex, and like you said they’re often “up for anything” but they’re almost always pathetically broke. Great if you’re just looking for a body to use sexually (and if that’s the case, more power to you) but if you want even a Taco Bell level effort of whining and dining, that’s still usually too much for them.

No. 159301

kek… wining, that is, not whining

No. 159306

File: 1605091227999.jpg (Spoiler Image,92.43 KB, 850x569, sample_7717bbb1e6c801d2d1d53e4…)

No. 159310

I've done it but… Really, without gloves?

No. 159311

Just make them douche first jesus. Are you always pulling out shit?

No. 159312

also wind players
tongue = good

are you trying to dominate all aspects of some poor bastards life or what?
show up to his shows 15mins after they end and put a bunch of food and drinks on his tab
get creative lol

No. 159313

File: 1605094059924.gif (925.57 KB, 320x240, giphy.gif)

Does anyone like it when boys fight? When they just beat the shit out of each other? I get so hot when it comes up in movies of some qt getting bloody and bruised. Imagine having 2 subs and they rough each other up for your enjoyment.

No. 159314

you ever watch "they live"?
every time i do i always forget theres like a 20min fight scene slapped in the middle of it

No. 159329

I mean I don't do it anymore but no way could I mentally get over the idea of going in an ass bare.

No. 159336

File: 1605105860168.jpg (Spoiler Image,632.99 KB, 1280x1818, 038.jpg)

No. 159339

what is this from?

No. 159367

When I was a little younger I used to get weirded out by myself when I got turned on by bruised up pretty boys, but now… I get it, I get myself
I would love to have two subs fight for my attention kek

No. 159375

I don't have any desire to make a man cry or be the reason why he's sad but I just saw a pic of my celeb crush after he had obviously been crying long enough to have really fucked up red eyes and..

No. 159377

No. 159394

>wind players
I think that has more to do with lung capacity.
Still doesn't explain why musicians would be more likely to be subs than other men.
What's the reasoning for this?
I mostly want to know because I"m starting to suspect that it's true.

No. 159397

> idk try musicians. for the most part, all musicians ive ever dealt with are depraved and can be talked or coerced into a number of things.
according to one anon

No. 159400

bards have always been seen as depraved lunatics
for literally all of recorded history
there must be something to it

and woodwinds specifically require a great deal of tongue dexterity
find a boy that plays flute. subbishness nearly guaranteed

No. 159416

Oh no! He's a nugget!

No. 159424

File: 1605136242787.gif (5.39 MB, 320x240, 290A2425-96A9-4573-A660-7A84CF…)

No. 159430

He’s actually a tendie.

No. 159431

Why is findom getting associated with femdom all of a sudden
I’m scared more incels will flock

No. 159436

any of you anons feel hornier/more into femdom (idk how to describe it) while on their period? i would love to shove a strong manly sub's face into my bleeding pussy and make him enjoy it and beg for more

No. 159445

They are only one letter apart so people probably mix them up. Findom can be part of femdom though even if you hate that.
I wish incels would become scared of femdom, I hate how men online think gentle femdom is ss mommy milkers bullshit like >>159232 and femdom is the same thing but with one-sided pegging and whips

Hormones? Testosterone is highest around the 14th day of your cycle. It might also be about making a man enjoy something they act grossed out by

No. 159449

Some of the best sex I've had was messy period sex with a guy who really wasn't bothered by it.

I've also had men weirdly grossed out by the tinest amount of breakthrough bleeding… which only makes me appreciate the non-squeamish ones more.

No. 159470

I dont agree I feel like it’s just something chicks who love money can brand themselves under, it’s really a weird concept to me and will attract degenerates such as incels and porn sick middle aged men to actual femdom because people can’t see a line between them.
It’s just that porn cuckold shit advertised within their community is disgusting to me, they think women into femdom are just emotionally disturbed beings with no sexual needs who want to hurt men for no reason kek. I don’t want a bunch of idiots with a different view on femdom to associate themselves with us who can’t even understand a basic relationship between a domme and sub and the attitude behind femdom.

No. 159472

> basic relationship between a domme and sub and the attitude behind femdom
this would be a fantastic topic to discuss and share here, imo.
anons, what is your mindset when domming? what would you consider a healthy domme-sub relationship?
personally, im not into humilliation or overly protective mommy-like dynamics. for me the worship aspect is the most enticing part, and also a bit of teasing never hurt nobody! kek

No. 159476

It's ovulation for me, I turn into a wild cave woman who wants to club hot men and drag them to my cave.

>they think women into femdom are just emotionally disturbed beings with no sexual needs who want to hurt men for no reason

A lot of porn for scrotes is like this, they think it's femdom when a woman doesn't wanna fuck them.

>for me the worship aspect is the most enticing part

Same, and being physically in charge.

No. 159478

File: 1605165158096.jpeg (67.47 KB, 712x356, EF57B650-AF88-4CB8-BD26-561D71…)

>boys in maid dresses

No. 159480

Is that a dating sim?

No. 159481

It’s a Manhwa and Korean dating sim, i don’t think it’s out with a translation yet. I only read the Manhwa so far.
I really liked the more feminine skinny subs lol.
There you go,

No. 159483

Femdom basically to me is my sub partner being eager to please me at any time and following my order. I rarely do S&M play though, I kind of grew out of it.
Nowadays I guess I’m sort of role reversal when it comes to sex with men, I don’t want to call myself GFD after seeing that sub Reddit lmao

No. 159488

Why tf would this ever be femdom.

No. 159495

File: 1605179154236.jpeg (125.31 KB, 750x560, B1888488-B02A-4402-8782-23904E…)

Agreed. Especially the fact that so much of findom revolves around fetishizing cheating on your wife and being a shit father who’d rather pay whores than providing for his family, bitch wtf. Get that shit out of my forest.

No. 159502

Damn that went from 0 to 100 real fast, I thought it was more SFW romance. But of course she bangs Mr Bang kek

No. 159559

Oh my god, bless you anon. Girl literally fucks her way through a bevvy of hot male maids, this is the holy grail.

No. 159564

File: 1605226659281.gif (Spoiler Image,9.58 MB, 320x568, 652A222A-261E-4678-8C5A-9283A5…)

No. 159583

That Twitter reshares good content but then
>Refers to guys genitals as princess parts
>Calls herself mommy

No. 159590

File: 1605247378244.gif (Spoiler Image,6.67 MB, 320x568, 7D2B437E-8A70-4139-AD3B-60E47B…)

No. 159597

What would you do if he begs you to stop or even starts to cry?
Also any after care im have to be aware of?

No. 159601

Have a safe word, because some people enjoy getting to that point while still knowing they have the final say in how long it continues. And that’s a turn on for me, so as long as he’s cool with continuing then I will (although I’ve only ever gotten begging, haven’t pushed until crying). If you and your partner are new to bdsm you might want to pause and ask if he really means it if he says stop, if he wants you to take off any restraints or immediately quit what you’re doing. Definitely check in multiple times.

I rarely do anything intense enough to warrant aftercare and we both like cuddling anyway, but it depends on the person. If you’ve been especially rough you can ask if he’d like to be hugged, have his hair stroked, maybe a light massage, bathing together or verbal reassurance that he did well.

No. 159602

File: 1605253411135.jpg (96.06 KB, 749x751, 920cbadc5f4209fa5204880a33958a…)

i can get into the idea of femdom, but there is an underlying notion surrounding the topic that is so unappealing to me that is captured by this gif.

as >>153390 puts it, it just seems like so many of the men who are into femdom, especially gentle femdom, are simply extremely lazy and needy lovers. they want to get off, and they want the woman to take care of that for them completely. it just feels way too focused on male pleasure. even many of the posts written here by women focus on the male's pleasure/orgasm rather than their own.

i've experienced having a lazy lover and it is literally the worst. i would absolutely rather not have sex ever again than have sex with a lazy lover who expects me to put in all the mental and physical work that's a part of a satisfying sexual experience. the idea of flipping gender roles and being sexually aggressive and dominant as a woman is super hot, but, personally, the only type of male sub i'd consider entertaining is a service sub. i'm not your mommy. i'm not patting your head or calling you a good boy (barf). i'm not going to cum from sucking your dick or jerking you off so YOU can eat me out or fuck me how i want if i let you, and you better feel glad you were even allowed to do that.

No. 159604

The post you quoted wasnt GFD. Point of the video was the post orgasmic torture and bondage/breath play
I guess the gif doesn’t capture the whole video. I don’t know why handjobs are so bad damn lol
On this note
> even many of the posts written here by women focus on the male's pleasure/orgasm rather than their own.

Most of the things that gets inflicted to the sub in femdom relationships he enjoys and gets pleasure from anyways if he’s a true subservient man and a masochist. Even if you stomp his balls kek.
What’s your point? The other half of the S&M relationship doesn’t get any pleasure? It doesn’t work like that in a healthy relationship.

Also the reason why I posted that video is because I am a straight woman, I don’t want to watch videos focusing on a woman getting ate out, I get pleasure and a rise from seeing men humiliated and taken control over in sexual situations and seeing the woman’s POV.
Domme’s aren’t heartless creatures you know that use subs as sex slaves in captivity, In any relationship both people should gain pleasure, even the one taking the subservient role. Even though I take more than I give. The point of femdom is the domme doing whatever SHE wants, just because she wants to let him go on top one day doesn’t mean it’s not femdom anymore.
It shouldn’t just be a female version of traditional (male)dom, that would be catastrophic.

No. 159605

Damn I want a man to cry from my touch kek

No. 159608

File: 1605258540827.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.01 MB, 1413x1172, AAB8AD79-8E59-4E77-B52E-E1C07D…)

I notice everything on this subreddit is just the dom kneeling for her sub. Weird, they might just as well post a dom kneeling to give her “sub” a blowjob. This is all so obvious to me.
I have seen more annoying things but I shouldn’t spam

No. 159610

File: 1605258591228.jpeg (Spoiler Image,752.47 KB, 843x1145, 78BB0E5B-5844-4B26-A9CB-77204C…)

No. 159612

ahhhhh anon that’s such a cute gif, ty for sharing

No. 159614

File: 1605259829367.jpeg (431.84 KB, 1106x585, D012AF16-2B8A-4C2D-8331-B10E89…)

If the males don’t want it guess we’ll have to stop ladies. “We need porn where the domme does anything so her sub feels comforted”, pretty sure that happens in male dom porn. Let us have one thing where we don’t have to cater to men.
Kek saw picrel in a femdom subreddit, hurling at the audacity of these depraved idiots.

No. 159619

Rest in peace Mr Steele, perfect goth hunk.

No. 159649

File: 1605283581172.jpeg (89.81 KB, 450x606, F8640BB7-09CC-49AE-8711-EB88F0…)

All my homies hate this. Wow totesss “femdom” if a woman CHOOSES to rim a man’s ass and suck his cock and tickle his balls instead of being grabbed by the hair and forced into it like standard male dom porn. Scrotes actually list loli hentai under the femdom tag because it features a loli sitting on their dick instead of rape.
Perfect metaphor for the mental gymnastic the average woman go through to pretend pickme shit is empowering though.
You’re missing the point by a lot.

No. 159652

File: 1605284450450.gif (638.65 KB, 320x217, _pllykjQJvq1ua96lvo1_400.gif)

Have you seen the tv show Wayne (2019)?
The male lead is quite cute and spends most of the season getting beat the fuc up. Especially if you like the delinquent trope, who acts submissive and protective of his girl, like a dog!

No. 159655

File: 1605284596918.jpg (462.49 KB, 826x1169, 85178189_p0.jpg)

Tears are not a safe word.

No. 159656

File: 1605284617095.jpg (Spoiler Image,54.1 KB, 1024x516, ETpMplrU8AMa0u6.jpg)

Aah Mr tired hobo, we meet again.

It's crazy how times have gone backwards to the point that if a little girl isn't being abused, scrote coomers things it's femdom.
We could do with some more actually sadist content, as a counter to the scrote bullshit.

No. 159672

Are some farmers here really into FFM stuff, would you really share you sub with another woman?

No. 159676

Stop shilling your weebshit tranny tier Twitter

No. 159680

File: 1605293335167.jpeg (103.58 KB, 800x800, 3BB22C14-3232-4791-95A0-97AD60…)

Amen sister. The less they like it the better. Makes for the best pet when broken in.

No. 159693

Seeing women be mean to men makes my day better.

No. 159696

File: 1605298962625.jpg (53.79 KB, 640x421, 4730982462654.jpg)

It's tough to find sadistic content that isn't the same gross stuff that's been shown/mentioned here before (old ugly subs, boring scenes, domme catering to the sub in some way). Or else it tends to be m/m or devoid of a domme in general, which is fine, but would be nice to see more legitimate femdom.

No. 159699

File: 1605300428214.jpeg (Spoiler Image,92.91 KB, 500x500, 5FF8274E-1A19-486A-A20F-F7FCC5…)

I know right, it’s just pretty nice.

No. 159702

Yeah I’m missing your point because I don’t understand what you mean

No. 159707

I have noticed on GFD Reddit, aside from the obvious Weeb incels, the male subs there don’t seem to share the same idea as the post quoted here
It always has to be the “dommes”, that insist normal BDSM is somehow bad and unequal. For what reason I don’t know lmao
Like, if you’re into femdom you want that unequal power balance. That’s the whole premise. Doesn’t mean the submissive gets his balls crushed everyday and we only satisfy ourselves kek.
Holy, it’s pick me behaviour at the finest.
I’m the anon who posted the account earlier, let’s just leave it at that one video, rest of the account content is shit

No. 159718

idk what's going on here but that's a nice picture

No. 159719

File: 1605311863120.jpg (Spoiler Image,160.03 KB, 850x638, sample_873fdd668f8b1332f361d8f…)

No. 159721

Y’all bitches need to stop posting amputees

No. 159723

anon you can't just post 10/10 content and leave out the sauce

No. 159726

File: 1605314205950.png (Spoiler Image,597.22 KB, 800x1119, 41d2280913f882bec195ec2db1375f…)

Artist is st05254

No. 159753

Kek why.
Also that is just as sketch that leaves out some of the body.

No. 159801

It’s Victoria and David Beckham doing some artsy fartsy photo shoot, but I appreciated that she’s pulling his pants off and that it looks like she’s about to mush his face in the mud.

No. 159907

How do I even find you, where do you search? I wanna try this at least once to find out if it's as good as the fantasy.

No. 159908

Girl what? You wanna try femdom out?

No. 159909

>anons give me your home adress so I can experiment with you

kek no

No. 159910

Of course, anon! Let’s experiment lots and lots you truly think you will get someone willing to doxx themselves in this random anonymous forum? You kind of sound quite suspicious tbh, what are you even trying to achieve?

No. 159912

Am I the only person who thinks this sounds like a man?

No. 159913

I am?
>inb4 b&
I didn't ask for address, nor for anyone to dox themselves, but rather where on the net am I supposed to search?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 159915

I didn't ask for attention, I asked for advice, there's a stark difference.

No. 159939

Post your favorite femdom themed songs
Here’s mine turn on CC for lyrics

No. 159948

No. 159957

All my fantasies revolve around sadism towards confident/popular men but i can barely talk to men irl without spilling spaghetti. Wish i was more confident person.

This is hot but rather than deepthroat i would love to see a guy get off using my foot and hump it like a pathetic dog.

No. 159965

No. 159970

Please don’t bring up deepthroating in a femdom thread kek

No. 159997

your femdom experience sounds awful if you're not open to different things that challenge your cosmo magazine knowledge of femdom

No. 160021

Sorry if I don’t find kneeling in front of a man while pleasing him to be femdom.
Fucking delusional.

No. 160024

What if he is tied up and begs you to stop?

No. 160036

Nayrt but that's not the point and if you don't get it then you're either a man or pornsick

No. 160038

> cosmo magazine
Ah yes very relatable, that's totally the thing that women read and live by… kek

No. 160111

Oral sex is basically an act of submission, putting your mouth on someone else’s genitals to make them feel good and using yourself as an object.

No. 160116

Hubby Bunny and S Flower

No. 160135

This song is ridiculous but it's secretly my power anthem

No. 160141

File: 1605584562024.jpg (55.45 KB, 350x473, no-holes-barred-40782.jpg)

NAYRT but I feel like wanting to give pleasure vs. wanting to receive pleasure is another axis for sexuality in addition to dom/sub, and you can pretty much be dommy with either or both.

Yeah the other manhwa that I know of besides Sadistic Beauty and S Flower is No Holes Barred. For me, it had some pretty hot scenes earlier on but I kinda lost interest once they added the other girl to the group.

No. 160143

Society still has a taboo around women being cruel or doing somewhat violent things, and it's internalized especially by many women, so often you see girls trying to stay away from being violent despite being into some torture and the like. There just isn't enough representation in society for women to feel comfortable with being in a sadistic role, so often femdom is only allowed to be practiced in a nurturing manner for many.

No. 160148

I’m not talking about giving pleasure to your sub, I’m saying giving pleasure by using yourself as a tool and being in a submissive position isn’t femdom.
Enjoy it if you want but it isn’t femdom.

No. 160157

Men hurting women and children =yawn who cares
Women hurting men =taboo

No. 160174


"cruel" or sadistic content is all around not accepted in the mainstream. There is imagery present in popculture but that is not the same as common endorsement

>so often femdom is only allowed

You sound like an alien from outer space or a totalitarian psycho, either one of those

no, everything is not problematic and in need of societal approval. Don't construct this inequality narrative because you need institutionalized safe space for your kink smack dab in leave-it-to-beaver suburbia

and you >>160157 are full of shit as well

No. 160176

Why did you leave out women hurting children as well? Kek. Like this anon said >>160174 it isn't socially acceptable for men to hurt people, I think you're thinking of men being more dominate. Sadism is generally frowned upon, no matter who you are.

No. 160177

File: 1605619091850.jpg (154.7 KB, 1188x1698, Dk7YGwzVAAYBmQl.jpg)

Miss me with these maledom with extra step bs
Back to reddit, male

No. 160179

File: 1605620409762.jpg (413.59 KB, 1152x2048, Em2OBOuVcAcfryh.jpg)

>not living in a cultured city that holds Kinbaku Boys art exhibitions

No. 160180

File: 1605620566573.png (408.36 KB, 860x955, 47-475668_anime-manga-flustere…)

I'm not a femdom, I'm pretty much the opposite. But I find it really hot when men are tied up and and forced to cum, they look so cute.

No. 160194

My ex bf was really subby and sometimes when he was horny but I wanted to draw it out he would rub his hard dick against my thigh //// it was the hottest thing ever to me

No. 160212

>full of shit as well
Not really.
You don't have to look that far back in history to see a time where men literally owned their wife and children, and was legally allowed to beat and rape his wife.
And now take a look at the current porn and prostitution industries, DDLG etc.

He is cute, source?

No. 160236

that's how it started for me kek

No. 160244

Who dis?

No. 160250

File: 1605653538072.jpg (62.7 KB, 512x512, IMAGE 2020-11-17 17:50:47.jpg)

Is this GFD or still normal vanilla sexts? Testing the GFD waters with somebody but getting there slowly

No. 160251

The posts in this thread makes me fucking depressed
You’re living the life we all want

No. 160252

The focus is on your pleasure which is good, yet at the same time it's kinda me me me. Did you tell him you'd like the sort of stuff he's describing or is he just making assumptions? At least in these texts, he seems to mostly go off on his own fantasies. A good sub would be asking what you like, focusing on the things you say and want, definitely not saying they'd "let you" pleasure them in return. You get to do whatever the fuck you want, and not on his terms either. Him saying that he's okay with you pushing his boundaries is good though, I'd say you're on the right path.

No. 160254

I specifically told him I was into female worship so that is probably where his description are coming from. I will focus more on describing what I want though, you are right about that. Thank you for the tips and pointers!

No. 160258

I see a potential sub
Just train him more

No. 160330

File: 1605726801658.jpg (52.32 KB, 750x691, 6en1ntnpari41.jpg)

Honestly I couldn't get myself to read more than the first chapters because of how unlikeable i found the main girl. Also don't choke someone irl like this unless you're ready to get charges for homicide

No. 160332

File: 1605729075121.png (Spoiler Image,844.73 KB, 1200x1041, 1605620226014.png)

They're so cute when they moan and try to hold back

No. 160333

Please come back anon and tell us who this is. For once someone posts a real live man and not some fucking cartoon lol

No. 160351


Nta but searching around this is from a Japanese doujinshi called Kinbaku Danshi 2 (Bondage Boys 2), featuring guys in kinbaku obviously. It can be ordered through Amazon Jp. You'd likely have to use a forwarding service since I don't think it ships outside of the country, being a smaller publisher. Not sure about this specific model's name though. Look using Japanese title: 緊縛男子2

No. 160357

File: 1605747034057.jpeg (100.49 KB, 1192x927, FCA71F3E-9F70-48CE-9EE2-212E83…)

It’s fucking hard finding hot submissive guys willing to pose sexually or in porn alright
Most decent ones I find are faceless guys with nice bodies on Twitter

No. 160404

It has a kindle version so if they buy that on amazon JP they can probably view it on their phone, I do that with the digital manga

No. 160474

Thanks anon, someone needs to rip this for great justice.

No. 160490

File: 1605825753079.jpg (Spoiler Image,36.96 KB, 480x640, 5644646.jpg)

Gakuran cosplay is sexxxy

No. 160491

anon spoiler or sage this shit as it showed up on recent images and startled me

No. 160492

File: 1605825936068.jpg (Spoiler Image,451.23 KB, 1836x2222, 5645619.jpg)

No. 160505

just a thot: if u want a sub so bad be assertive, don't wish- that's what subs do. hope this didn't come across as harsh. best of luck finding ur dream crush(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 160531

How do I train my bf into pegging?
He said when we don't do anal, I can't peg him.

No. 160533

Sounds too sexually coercive to me. You can't just force someone into doing what you want sexually, unless you're a legitimate maniac and want a police record.

No. 160540

maybe respect his boundaries, he obviously is saying that because he doesn't like it and wants to "get something in return"

No. 160559

Respect each others wishes, pushing someone into doing anal isn't some cute game

No. 160621

Who said anything about forcing? Anon didn’t say to go out and kidnap a guy and make him into a sub.
Anon only said be assertive and search for a sub instead of wishing for one.


No. 160632

Weird that you feel the need to be quite so defensive against anons stating some common sense. Maybe leave your own advice addressing the op directly instead of getting butt hurt and tagging everyone who responded to her.

No. 160639

File: 1605955958082.jpg (431.29 KB, 675x669, 1559884628156.jpg)

Do any farmers have femdom fantasies they don't want to live out, because they feel reality could never live up to them? I really like the idea of forcing my boyfriend to crossdress in lingerie or stereotypically "girly" outfits to bully and humiliate him a little, but I doubt they'd actually look good on him. I'm pretty sure he'd be fine with it since he jokes about it, but I imagine he'd just look like an ugly tranny and it turns me off entirely. (This is not to say I'm not attracted to him, I like the way he looks normally.) I don't want to spend the money on fetish outfits, thinking about how potentially awkward this could turn out, so it just lives on as an unfulfilled idea.

No. 160645

My first long term relationship had a strong Domme/sub dynamic and tbh I learnt through lived experience that the reality just didn't do much for me after a while. I still fantasise about power dynamics, I've dipped my toes back into it with other partners just to be sure.. but again its way hotter in my head. I treat as just a masturbation fantasy now. No desire to act on it irl.

No. 160648

yep, straight dudes usually look like a maladjusted grotesque tranny when you dress them in lingerie… not worth it unless your bf is a twink looking softboi and looks rather feminine already.

No. 160666

That would be the more violent stuff, cuz I don't want to end up injuring a partner.

No. 160670

Maybe go for softer things like tinted lipgloss, a delicate necklace?
Avoid using words like "dressing as a girl" and instead say you want to see his pretty/beautiful side

Imo I like when stylish people incorporate gender bending into their aesthetic, but dressing a man up in skirts and overly feminine things that don't suit him during sex just makes me think about sissies

No. 160671

Nm I just reread the post and saw you want to humiliate him by dressing him as a girl. Ignore everything I said kek

No. 160689

I don't understand the logic of wanting to humiliate a man by comparing them to someone like yourself (a girl/woman). Aren't you saying that yourself is of lower status then?

No. 160696

Forcedfem fags literally have misogyny kink so yeah, ew

No. 160718

I only replied what I thought of an anons advice why are you interpreting that as being butthurt kek

No. 160720

For me seeing men in lingerie is just arousing ? I never thought of it as forced feminization or had it in mind when humiliating a sub.

No. 160760

File: 1606051600125.jpg (84.7 KB, 735x586, EdEvUGjWoCMLfim.jpg)

I really like stockings. Bring them back in men's fashion!

No. 160788

I wrote that post and I agree with you, that's why I also wrote >>160670 first. I like people to look attractive in clothes that flatter them regardless of if those are "feminine" or "masculine" clothing, I don't like sissies in tacky parody women costumes.

No. 160809

File: 1606071103355.jpeg (1.05 MB, 1213x1652, 853EF1E5-6208-424C-ABA5-AC0685…)

Hot damn ladies I know we’ve been looking for some live ones and I found a cute Asian boy who dresses up in catboy maid outfits. @vidken on Tiktok have at ‘em (he’s 24 by the way so a real actual adult too and not a groomed social media “celeb”)

No. 160814

I'm not quite desperate enough yet to lower myself to thirsting over attention whore tiktok eboys. Maybe one day I'll get there but for now I still have a few shreds of pride that I'm reluctant to discard

No. 160824

He's cute but the cheapness of the maid outfit turned me off tbh. My boy maid fantasies involve me being very rich and the guy being a lot less cocky.

No. 160843

exactly, the cockiness puts me off. The costume doesn’t mean anything if the guy still acts like your typical smug 20something guy.

No. 160863

Fair enough, I do prefer shy/sweet boys but I've been with bratty subs too and for me there's a definite pleasure in making them shut up, bleed and pleasure you so the haughty attitude didn't kill it for me.

No. 160888

I mean he is wearing a frilly maid costume.
He might just be one of those misogynists with a fetish for female servitude.

No. 160976

File: 1606187427108.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.24 MB, 826x1200, 83795296_p0_master1200.jpg)

he needs to dress sluttier.
also one of my big fantasies is getting my guy to dress up in female lingerie, but not "pretty" himself up at all. stay looking masculine and hairy and all that but be wearing slut gear.

No. 160978

well, it's complicated. while i'm turned off by "women are less" mentalities, i think if you're coming to a man and flipping his idea of manliness upsidedown, and making him conform to something society says is "weaker" it's innately humiliating for him. the goal is not "haha you're weak like a woman", it's "you're not enough of a man". does that make sense?
also "female clothing" tends to be tighter and more revealing and a lot of guys aren't used to that and it's hot

No. 161215

I read this in FKA Twig's voice.

No. 161322

File: 1606419983606.jpeg (143.3 KB, 1200x1200, 6D8A445F-92EF-4ED7-9F33-0E92B2…)

by @luoman19921 on twitter

No. 161376

File: 1606475636067.jpg (140.07 KB, 1200x1200, Enl8Qg4W8AIaJpA.jpg)

This artist has a NSFW account as well (@artluoman), but unfortunately it's protected. Do you know what kind of NSFW they have?

No. 161399

Oh nice find. That's hot.

No. 161424

File: 1606513442245.png (Spoiler Image,2.38 MB, 1990x1458, Screen Shot 2020-11-27 at 22.3…)

I looked through the old thread and am a bit disappointed that people totally ignored the anon posting 女の子が抱いちゃダメですか (loosely: Is it wrong if a girl fucks a guy?)
It's gentle femdom and so the furthest they've gone is masturbation, buuuut it's written and drawn by a woman, so the focus is on the guy and his cute expressions without the girl having huge tits or something and there's actually a story kek
You can read the first and the latest chapters here: https://urasunday.com/title/1316
No idea how good it is if you can't read it, but I know I just spent money on it because… hormones.

No. 161431

iirc anons liked it? At least I did lol. It was just short, it only had 6 chapters out back then for the first volume, with only the first 4 translated in english. Currently translations are up to chapter 10 in viet. https://mangadex.org/title/51268/is-it-wrong-to-get-done-by-a-girl You can buy the chapters on amazon for 110 yen (about 1 dollar USD) each, and there’s a total of 12 with the latter half forming volume 2 to be released on December 17th. https://www.amazon.co.jp/ねじがなめた/e/B07C7PPY9P/ref=dp_byline_cont_book_1

Spoilers It’s taking a bit for them to officially get together how I’d like, but the pacing feels appropriate. She does a lot of service for him but his reactions are fun to watch. Since he saw the toys in the bag I guess that means the next volume will have a lot more in store!
Thanks for bringing this story up anon, I enjoy it a fair amount. It doesn’t feel disgusting or voyeur-esque and perverted.

No. 161434

File: 1606522679817.jpeg (132.07 KB, 847x1200, kk.jpeg)

Thanks for the share. I read up to chapter 4 (last chapter translated in English). So far, it's cute as romantic story but there's fairly little explicit or sexy content yet. I relate a lot to the MC in terms of how she feels about average dating customs, so it's cool to see that expressed in a manga. Looking forward to seeing the rest of the chapters!

No. 161446

I read up to the latest chapter.
She introduces a hitachi wand and he likes it but they have to stop and in chapter 12 she uses massage lotion on him and masturbates him, which was hot because damn if I don't like dark haired blushing squirming guys. The toys in the bag >>161431 mentioned were left my his ex gf, so either they'll get used (which honestly I don't think they're far enough yet) or they'll lead to some missunderstanding. They both bought toys (not shown which) in the latest chapter though, so let's see what arrives.

No. 161482

i totally didnt ignore it i just dont really post here and didnt find an english translation so i dropped it and forgot about it.im glad there are translations now it's the sort of thing i like kek

No. 161721

File: 1606736615895.png (701.46 KB, 645x910, 1541188923954.png)

No. 161781

File: 1606783234736.webm (1.63 MB, 575x842, FullSizeRender.webm)

Scr*tes when they stumble upon this thread

No. 162135

>>155669 My husband actually took my surname when we got married. Everyone thinks it's progressive and cool but in reality, his surname was fucking ugly and strongly associated with a politician in my home country whereas my name is rare and sound good with his name.

But I do think it's sexy to call him by his new surname in a sort of a caveman sort of a way and he has no idea. He probably wouldn't find it appealing even though he is submissive by nature and it might be sexy to play around the theme in bedroom.

No. 162171

I don't think the act of dressing as a woman is inherently humiliating, but I do find the prospect of a guy feeling embarassed crossdressing to be very hot. It's less the forced femininity I think is attractive, and more the idea of a guy being forced into a sexually objectifying get-up. Strippy "masculine" outfits are really fun too. I like the idea of assertive/confident crossdressing guys to be pretty appealing too fwiw.

No. 162183

this is it, you described it perfectly. Sadly irl crossdressers seem to get off on it because they think less of women. For me, it's because it's a "sexy" outfit which wearing would embarrass me too. I think it's more embarrassing with men, since them dressing revealing/sexy is less normalized. Sucks that there's the forced fem aspect. I prefer it only in fiction anyway, so it's ok.

No. 162199

I have never had Domme feelings before but there is a guy in work who is bringing them out of me. He isn't even really my type but I keep fantasising about him, where he is desperate to touch my ass but I don't let him until we get a moment together and sit on his face and make him eat me out. It is only until I have finished that I let him touch me and then I finish him up by grinding myself against him and he's trying his best to keep a straight face but he's blushing and looks flustered. It is driving me crazy, because I have never felt like this before. I am usually very submissive and goofy but there is something about our work situation and our friendship that makes me feel this way.

No. 162206

lol I appreciate you anon

No. 162283

There is this dude at work who is like 20 years older than me and married, but he essentially looks like a soft, nervous bimbo that is about to cry with 0 leadership skills. The boss once got mad at him in a meeting and I literally could see his hands shake which really turned me on. I really want to hit him in the face while jerking him off. His wife is so lucky.

No. 162309

A 40+ yo man who looks like a bimbo, how?

No. 162315

File: 1607267187433.png (1.3 MB, 1180x671, gentaro.png)

Is there any femdom art with the Hypmic guys out there? I'm craving it badly.

No. 162319

Since we're talking about the random dudes that make us feel things: I have this co-worker (luckily in a different country) who is Russian (complete with a strong accent lol) but has a nice face, greying hair and beard (not much older than me though), tall slender body (he runs marathons) and a really easy smile. He visited my office location before and we got along really well with me teasing him (in a friendly manner) and then there was a workshop in a third country we both attended and I just wanted to jump him, tie his hands and make him blush.
He can never work in my office, I'd go crazy.

No. 162321

He has a very soft face & body. Almost no muscle & skinnyfat. Just not very manly for a 43 year old dude.

Oof I feel ya.

No. 162323

He sounds cute. It is hard working with someone who makes you feel that way. I am the anon a few posts above who wants to smother my coworker with my booty. He came in today wearing these big leather gloves to do part of his job and they drove me crazy. I half wanted him to touch me while wearing them and the other half wanted to lightly slap him with them. It is killing me.

No. 162325

File: 1607270420016.jpg (58.38 KB, 564x798, c2a1428104a3980fc3076903088c00…)

>What are your main kinks?

Cat boys in maid outfits, leashes and those dog mouth cages, but i also like giving pet names and pats/scritches.

>What is your ideal sub like?

Submissive obviously lmao, but also when they are shy or acting cute which actually turns me on alot.

>What experiences have you had?

I don't know what experiences we are talking about, but i had an abusive relationship with a switch, but he mostly acted submissive but he was a pos. Thankfuly left him.

>What advice do you have for new dommes?

Don't force your sub into anything, we all have things we feel uncomfortable with, if your sub doesn't like choking then don't choke them even if you're into it, everyone has their different kinks. Also having a safe word is very very important too. Also theres limits. Another thing, do your research and learn the terms

No. 163140

Share irl stories. Once me and a group of friends kissed a younger boy all over his body with lipstick and he had to walk home with it on show. He nearly started crying when he saw people walking towards him so we loaned him a coat and walked him home. Felt guilty about it for a long time afterward but fuck was it hot. Too drunk to write out the full story lol

No. 163145

please elaborate anon

No. 163234

Ok, I'm sober now. The story isn't that interesting, but I can remember it like it was yesterday. It needs more than a little context because the guy was technically underage and I'm probably going to get banned, so here goes. I'm not used to greentexting, and especially not with a hangover, so bear with me.

>Be 16

>Live way out in the sticks in this shitty little town.
>This was before the internet really hit big. There was literally nothing to do but go out, camp in the woods and get drunk.
>The local school was basically a mix elementary and high school because there are about fifty kids in the whole town put together.
>One day we get a new student. His name is Tyler, he was fourteen, and he had just moved in.
>Nothing spectacular about him except for the fact that he was just completely gorgeous.
>It's hard to describe, but his whole figure and face and everything was just beautiful.
>He was a dainty kid, just an inch or two shorter than I was - big blue puppy eyes and shoulder length straight blond hair and he had the smoothest skin that I had ever seen on a boy.
>But he walked past me one day and he had his shirt tooked in, meaning the most noticeable thing about his rapidly receding figure was this tight, round ass, snugly fitted into his trousers.
>Can you remember the first time - literally the first time - that you ever thought a guys ass looked kind of squeezable? I can, and it was because of Tyler.
>Being the shy thing he was, he used to sit alone at lunch. So one day for no reason at all, me and my two best friends (Jessica and Rachel) sat down on his table to fuck with him a little.
>Asking him if he would kiss us, asking him to give us his lunch while making eyes, that kind of stuff.
>This started to become a thing.
>Every lunch for about two weeks we would creep up behind him, wrap our arms around him and say, "Hi there, little guy!"
>The first time we did it he was all shocked and confused and walked off.
>But after a while he got used to it.
>He stopped bothering to respond to us, even when everyone started calling him little guy in class, he didn't say anything.
>So it becomes old quick and we stop.
>But one day we were so bored we went back to it, and needled him a little further.
>After we found him, I sat right next to him and yanked him onto my lap.
>His hair smelt like strawberries, just so that you know.
>Bingo. He stiffened up and started to squirm a little. The boys at the next table started wolf whistling and he actually shivered.
>Rachel asked him if he's scared of girls now that he's met us.
>That's when he turned and looked me dead in the eyes and said quietly, "I'm not scared of you."
>And then me and him just sit there in this stupid stare off, our faces an inch away from each others, both refusing to look away.
>It seems so dumb to say this now but that was the first time I actually felt my heart skip a beat.
>He slid off my lap, stood up, reached over, picked up my burger and placed it on his tray. Then he actually fucking smirked at me and walked out of the cafeteria with my fucking burger.
>My fucking burger.
>And I don't have enough money to buy another one.
>And the guys next table are applauding the little shit as he walks out.
>Ok, little guy. You win this time.
>You win this time.

>As we got more aggressive, he got braver.

>We would say nothing to him as we walked past him in the corridor.
>But one day I got a bright idea. When he walked past I turned around and pinched him right on his cute little ass.
>The first time I did it he jumped a mile.
>The second time, he pretended to walk it off - only to smack me right on mine and run off.
>He was a fast fucker and we couldn't catch him.
>A week later all three of us have tasted the bite of his mighty pimp hand.
>And now it becomes a point of obsession.
>I feel like absolute shit for admitting it, but the last months of our high school lives, all we would talk about was the best way to fuck with Tyler.
>It was also the first time we openly admitted to each other that yes, in fact, Tyler had an amazing ass and squeezing it had been bretty gud.
>In fact, it was the first time that we admitted that yes, Tyler would look quite good in a maids outfit on the receiving end of a good spanking.
>Maybe Tyler would look quite good with those big blue eyes filled with tears as we embaressed him in front of the whole school.
>You guys may feel weird among admitting to anyone that you have this fetish. Imagine not even knowing what it was called but being able to discuss it with your best friends after school and obsessing over it like a pack of autists.
>Maybe we were just that sad, or bored, or horny, whatever. But thinking about those times we fantasised with other imagining Tylers ass wiggling its way down the corridor in a maid skirt is one of the best memories of my youth.
>Collectively we make it our God-given mission to give the little guy a spanking he'll never forget before we leave school.
>But we can't.
>He's too fucking fast.

1/2, will post the rest later if you haven't fallen asleep reading that.

No. 163237

sounds fake anon ngl. do you watch too much anime or something

No. 163241

I used to pick fights with my high school boyfriends and then immediately make up through sex because seeing them cry made me horny. Sometimes I would be crying too since it's a fight and it's inevitable I'd genuinely get upset lol. Nowadays I know that it's toxic and I don't do it to guys I actually love, but I still get off on dudes crying. I'm not really interested in being sadistic or violent towards men I like but something about men outwardly showing sad and distraught emotions on their face makes me feel things. Cute actors ugly crying in movies like young Leo or Paul Dano always gets me going lol

No. 163243

I second that, not only does it sound unrealistic but the diction is just super… fanfic-y? weird?

No. 163244

It's the aryan bishonen with strawberry scented hair for me

I hope those aren't anyone's real names and also that this didn't happen, it's a story about prolonged group sexual harassment against one younger student

No. 163504

I held my bf's hair and pushed him down on another man's cock.

No. 163533

My husband's and my sex life has been pretty non-existent lately because of my troubles with birth control and mental health and his very stressful work life and I was thinking of blowing his mind with some good old-fashioned female domination because it's my birthday soon and I deserve him as my toy.

I think I'm going to "force" him into a leash and make him do tricks and then feed him dog food (not really though, but I'll mindfuck him with an empty can of dog food and put some cold canned meatballs into a doggy bowl) and maybe fuck him in the ass which is his kink, not mine, or pee on him and ride his face after that and if he's good enough boy, let him come.

How would you improve my idea?

Also, I've been intrigued by the idea of erotic hypnosis, which seems like a lot of work, but it also seems sexy and something that would bring us closer.

No. 163584

As long as he's into it. The sky's the limit.

No. 163585

I'm not super experienced but the idea of spanking, marking, and teasing a pretty boy IRL is amusing to me. Too bad sub men don't exist here and all men you'd meet online are degenerates.

No. 163705


No. 163753

Some farmers want to explain to me why rimming a guy is humiliating? Most men are insecure and ashamed about getting anything shoved in their butt.

No. 163756

Because I'm not touching that place with my tongue.

No. 163762

Erotic what?

No. 163766

Jungkook was your sweet baby boy, so soft and willing. His smile alone made you want to destroy him, break him down beneath your hands. He looked so good as a whining, whimpering puddle for you, and you loved the way he begged for your touch. There was something about him, the way he came home and curled into your side, kissing at your jaw that made you want him, and before long you had him. Tied to his own headboard, spread wide and desperate for you.

He’d already cum once, a teasing hand job and some well placed kisses, and he arched off the bed for you, but you weren’t done. You continued to stroke him, a thin glass dildo pumping in and out of him, all at your mercy, all to make him beg. A quick flick of your wrist and his cock throbbed in your palm, his whines getting higher in pitch, half caught in his throat, half drown out by the next louder moan.

No. 163768

File: 1608467841930.jpeg (64.17 KB, 532x439, 9A2345C2-BFA5-435E-976B-E75F26…)

But why Jungkook, who is that guy even?

No. 163774

don't worry about it nona

No. 163792

This is pretty shit tbh.

No. 163809

File: 1608498247678.jpg (Spoiler Image,179.25 KB, 1280x960, tumblr_messaging_pukhukcMNT1v3…)

my subby bf loves to take artsy nudes lol

No. 163810

are you deadass posting nudes of your bf on the internet?

No. 163811

our subby bf

No. 163812

excuse me lol?

No. 163818

Shut the fuck up, you’re the attention whore fag that selfposts get outttttt of my forest

No. 163819

post some subbys boys already

No. 163822

File: 1608503487507.jpg (15.14 KB, 400x300, 013-Paul-Mercurio-Exit-To-Eden…)

this scene though

No. 163828

File: 1608504458549.jpg (184.68 KB, 1135x851, tumblr_pqbghxAaDK1vhwgbb_1280.…)

how tf do i get a bf like this

No. 163829

Be a gay man?

No. 163830

umm he's literally a domme heartbreaker

No. 163831

Idk what that means, but he looks queer.

No. 163833

whatever, he is still gorgeous as hell. most dommes would agree

No. 163835

is this your type?

No. 163837

File: 1608505536317.jpg (13.85 KB, 400x285, thumb3_a153460.jpg)

male asses are gross except when they are not

No. 163844

See, we can tell it's always you not knowing how to reply.

No. 163851

File: 1608511759597.jpg (Spoiler Image,258.47 KB, 1280x1280, download.jpg)

do straight females actually like this?

No. 163852

No. 163853

thank fucking god i was starting to get confused. somebody actually post something hot for once

No. 163854

i don't like it, seems more meant for gay dudes.

No. 163855

File: 1608512713364.jpg (90.77 KB, 599x900, 1540441442431.jpg)

people were simping for this guy on the other thread. I don't get it

No. 163856

i fucking hate makeup on dudes. if i wanted to fuck a girl, i'd get a girl. forcing a guy into demeaning clothes like heels is fine but once they start putting on makeup i feel a sense of disgust

No. 163857

i mean that guy isn't that attractive regardless.

No. 163858

File: 1608513329797.jpg (Spoiler Image,44.22 KB, 470x700, N4Fa7vzXdh5p2oza7FeZPCfio1_500…)

if you don't find this hot you aren't into femdom.

No. 163861

Makeup on men only looks decent in 2D.

No. 163862

men only look decent in 2D

No. 163863

Sometimes it's hot on goth guys.

No. 163864

File: 1608514042704.jpg (356.58 KB, 960x1280, tumblr_p5pz37vnGy1rnhpnso5_128…)

that's why my ideal femdom situation is me forcing a little rubber gimp to be my slut. i can turn him into something inhuman because 3d is disappointing. bondage bitches are cute.

No. 163865

you do anon kek

No. 163866

true but only so far as eyeliner for me, too much is just yuck

No. 163867

ik a lot of people find it creepy but i think they're adorable and sexy lol

No. 163868

File: 1608514183581.jpg (68.82 KB, 720x705, 68747470733a2f2f73332e616d617a…)

why do i find this body so hot. look at how small his waist is

No. 163869

i mean if he's got a nice body and cock you wanna see it right?

No. 163870

depends? i just really like the idea of turning a guy into a completely fetishized fucktoy

No. 163872

that's like really hot

No. 163873

File: 1608515062677.jpg (17.67 KB, 456x432, kmzcmoThkjgib80tIf7UX1mzo1_500…)


No. 163880

File: 1608517386915.jpg (231.69 KB, 1080x1080, tumblr_e464a2ca1ad964220ccdf5e…)

the male form can be really really nice

No. 163883

File: 1608518115110.gif (Spoiler Image,1.28 MB, 480x360, tumblr_f541b3ee9ba3ca6cdf4d7f9…)

comment if you want the source

No. 163884

Hypnosis. You can do all sorts of things with it if a person is susceptible: make them feel under the hypnosis full-body bondage, heightened arousal, and/or submissiveness.
Things that take more work and would be outside the hypnosis sessions would be something like making your partner come on cue (like snapping fingers or something). You could teach your sub to have multiple orgasms this way.

It sounds very fascinating to me but it does take more work. My husband has said he'd be into it so I think we'll explore this, I've been reading a couple of books on the subject and it looks like it'll take some effort and time but making that kind of connection sounds really hot to me.

No. 163888

drop it sis.

No. 163890

The end is meh but the rest makes a bitch wet.

No. 163891

No. 163892

tbh fashion videos objectify men and put them under female gaze a lot, it's great

No. 163893

Female gaze is the shit. Post some examples kek

No. 163916


Yuuummm. Now that's what I like to see

No. 163923

Are you the ratmy in the btshit thread on Choachan
The usage of nona is alarming

No. 163932

File: 1608569587290.png (112.45 KB, 250x242, bullshit.png)

Can't help but think you embellished this story a bit anon
Reminded me of my own high school days when my friends and I would ara ara middle school boys kek

No. 163946

No embellishment, I just can't greentext for shit.

No. 163958

In that case, post the rest of it you mad lass

No. 164055

File: 1608661456434.webm (Spoiler Image,255.12 KB, 300x168, Dy_xcOZXQAAYyf0 (1).webm)


No. 164094

>male pov
>dick stomping
>imageboard filename
Scrote begone

No. 164134

not a dom sorry oops but what do female doms look for in female subs?

No. 164136

CUTE butt and face

No. 164151

File: 1608699906545.png (538.49 KB, 520x373, Capture.PNG)

farmers help me find the source it's urgent

No. 164152

File: 1608700431323.jpg (105.41 KB, 800x534, 1.jpg)

tfw u aren't hot ceo girl with model sub

No. 164183

File: 1608720045202.jpg (48.73 KB, 454x588, p8rwt37j24w0r8tw.jpg)

Here you go, anon. http://missosology.info/forum/viewtopic.php?f=15&t=91761

It's from a magazine from the Philippines called 'Preview'. People in your picrel are Georgina Wilson and Borgy Manotoc.

No. 164185

the forum is lockkedd

No. 164210

No. 164274

Yes I can fap

No. 164306

If only you allowed it — he would be busy thrusting himself against it all day. He just loves the feeling of glass against his shaft, it’s weird how much excitement he gets out of it. Though your idea for a hot evening is something fairly different, and tell him he can do it as a reward if things go well according to Noona’s expectations. That means: Baby Tae can’t mess up. Given it’s a double tip dildo, everything is rather easy to handle. One side snakes into his ass making Taehyung’s face go all funny because the glass is ribbed. The other side, for a little diversion, makes itself at home between his lips now and then when you think he’s enjoying what his prostate feels a bit too much. Well, he can’t cum either way, his cock ring is too tight for that. Yet he really puts some efforts into swallowing the dildo properly so you will put it in his ass again as fast as possible to go on ruining it. That calls for a few strong rubs on Taehyung’s dick to frustrate him a bit more. His moans alone are enough to satisfy your need to hear him submit so easily, but having him collapse fatigued and sweaty in the sheets after so much stimulation is the best gratification. After cleaning it a bit, he gets his two-sided dildo back to hump against until he sleeps, but has to promise baby will give Noona his extra attention after she wakes up with his tongue in return.

No. 164365

Where is the rest

No. 164368

How can you even fap to BTS? Even if your fanfic was in any way erotic, the mental image of one of those wet rags being dominated does fuck all for me.

No. 164371

anon did you write this yourself? im too afraid to reverse search because i feel like im going to be put on some watchlist

No. 164372

No. 164833

anyone else into small dom / big sub stuff? i'm basically a scrawny midget (height in feet and inches begins with 4) and very much into big manly guys (tall but especially beefy), but most male subs seem to be small cute femboy types.

No. 164850

Me me! I'm exactly 5 feet. My partner's got a little fat and muscle, definitely not waify skinny boy (he's 5'9 I think), and I'm always hyper aware of how he could kill me if he wanted to, which is honestly hot as fuck when he's moaning under me

No. 164859

Just like >>164850 I'm also exactly 5ft, maybe just under (kms but besides the point) and my bf is taller and not tiny/fem/waifish at all. He's quite strong and throws me around all the time, in fact, but when he's being submissive in bed, he acts like he can't break free from me holding his hands over his head. It's way more hot and interesting than domming feminine men imo, I'm not attracted to that type at all.

No. 164880

File: 1609200265863.gif (949.79 KB, 480x270, C2075BB4-8131-4BB3-9216-92FD8F…)

>it’s more interesting than domming feminine men

No. 164881

>I'm always hyper aware of how he could kill me if he wanted to
What the actual fuck

No. 164895

Yeah, i don't understand the appeal.

No. 164911

not literally! Meant that he's stronger and could squish me with his body if he were inclined

No. 164922

Yeah maybe some women prefer men weaker than them because they wanna be Dom in all aspects and not only have him “allow” you domming him.
Not sure how you connected the dots for being weak and relating that to femboys and feminine men

No. 164923

It’s very weird how some nonas need to put emphasis on how their big manly doms throw them around and how they’re hyper aware that they could get killed
Lol sounds like you have another fetish and not Femdom I would say

No. 165015

File: 1609297444949.jpg (209.63 KB, 1079x2044, s4r2mk5btzj51.jpg)

I despise femboys who get off on wearing womens lingerie. It really makes me wanna barf. However, if a man only wore feminine lingerie, because i wanted him to, i would love watching him be embarrassed about it. Where do i find a cute and shy submissive man?

No. 165016

Do you keep typoing anon to nona or are you some fucking kboo?

No. 165017

Nta but I have seen in a few image boards use "nona" or "anona" when they reffer to female anons.
It's a little unnecesary to use it here tho.
Sage for ot

No. 165042

Why are you so mad over the usage of nona, it’s a common thing on cc and on /g/ over here how did you connect the dots and reach the conclusion that I’m a kboo

No. 165046

nta but because it's close to noona.

No. 165052

Its anon backwards u retard

No. 165055

Ew go back

No. 165058

>imo = in my opinion
So yeah, to me kek

No. 165065

are you 12

No. 165095

You need to integrate more.

No. 165103

Finish the fucking story anon

No. 165105

i'm firmly a switch and a sadomasochist in general but recently i've been coming to terms with my femdom traits. i quite like naturally submissive women but i find submissive men a huge turn-off. like . . . i would never peg a guy unless he was submitting to it just for me and didn't really want it (although it would be hot if he eventually came around to enjoying it over the session!)

i used to be into more feminine men but as i've got older (23 now and started having sex early) i prefer masc men who aren't submissive. this is partly because i enjoy submitting to them when i'm in the mood (i'm not really bratty either), but also because i enjoy the challenge of sexually breaking down and humiliating a man when it's my turn. i don't like just being handed the key, i like to psych men into submitting to me. i guess i am what some dudes in the BdSm ComMuNiTy call themselves, a 'brat tamer'? (bdsm community shit really turns me off - i like my practice to stay personal and intimate)

don't get me wrong, i really really love to dom men but only if i have to break them down to do it. he can't come into it wanting me to dominate him, i want to sexually/psychologically torture him into submission. it's not fun for me if it's freely given. (i like physical sadism too but don't really care to practice it on my current bf as he doesn't really enjoy receiving pain. orgasm control and denial on the other hand is great and scratches that itch for me)

i'm very very sexually driven / would consider myself quite personally magnetic so i'm good at controlling men sexually. i really like making them think they're in control but being the one who 'wears the trousers' and holds the reins. i probs have high test for a woman so keeping men docile and wanting with sex isn't a chore for me lol.

i'm aware i sound like a psycho but i consider this kind of sexual play a healthier avenue for me to indulge in the impulses of my BPD. that doesn't really improve it, does it?

No. 165109

a fucking dream

No. 165127

I want to dom but don't want to sound or be stupid/cringy. I'm such an awkward person in general, so.. any advice?

No. 165206

For using imageboard terms lol?
Seems like u need to

No. 165968

File: 1610083366971.jpg (125.42 KB, 728x1041, 18.jpg)

You could agree over text to blindfold, gag and tie him up and then put wordless music on so you can take your time to then decide what you want to do

The sad truth is you just need to build up your confidence, awkwardness is all in your head, sex is stupid anyway so you should worry about it less

No. 165978

true sex is for losers

No. 165981

post hot subs(no)

No. 166002

File: 1610108345018.png (Spoiler Image,1.82 MB, 1017x705, 578927430826529.png)

No. 166003

File: 1610108677149.png (Spoiler Image,230.43 KB, 459x748, 5798562805730248.png)

No. 166004

you don't need to put on some performance or act of being super confident or mean or whatever, all being a dom really boils down to is telling your partner what you want them to do, doesn't matter if you're a stuttering autist while you do it, and you can even decide on what you want to do before hand if you're so awkward you don't want to be saying anything during sexual activity

No. 166008

File: 1610109683955.png (556.84 KB, 664x662, 57405743082545.png)

This is from the mv for No. 1 by F.Cuz if anyone wants to see more bloody k-pop boys in chains. It's not particularly sexual in context but obv they knew what they were doing.

No. 166013

File: 1610115866112.jpg (2.28 MB, 4446x3145, download.jpg)

No. 166029

File: 1610124217370.gif (9.17 MB, 352x240, U3Jn.gif)

God… That's a hot sub, makes me wanna eat it…

No. 166034

Why the red text? Hot sub pictures is exactly what this thread needs.

No. 166085

Yeah wtf? We post art of sub guys here all the time but real men are off limits? >>160177 was popular, this is a thread for femdoms who obviously appreciate male subs. None of the photos posted are even nude or porn. What's the issue?

No. 166105

this is cracking me up, it looks like he's all beat up except for the fact that someone stuck a perfect polly pocket hairpiece on his head. Can't sacrifice the hair I guess.

No. 166250

No. 166257

File: 1610242560979.gif (1.86 MB, 471x231, tumblr_naus8uWdK51tsjbgfo1_500…)


No. 166259

File: 1610242665769.jpg (Spoiler Image,28.74 KB, 500x333, tumblr_nogt0erf1i1txai82o1_500…)

No. 166260

File: 1610242784841.gif (1.88 MB, 300x225, tumblr_n9rf8f8Gd51tp39kuo2_400…)

ask for more

No. 166261

This is hilarious, hot gif but I thought the dude's butt was his shoulders at first and as my gaze dropped lower it was all "oh god why is his ass so flat and wide and moving in odd ways!?" Thought I was looking at some Silent Hill beast

Lmao fair assessment, I wish it was messy!

No. 166262

File: 1610243872566.jpg (Spoiler Image,47.16 KB, 980x491, 2-straponstroke.jpg)

how do i peg a cute guy

No. 166264

HAHAH it's odd at first but i can't get over how freaking hot it is. his body unff

No. 166266

Oh for sure, he has a gorgeous bod (now that I actually realize where everything is)!

No. 166267

it's the movements too, so desperate

No. 166268

File: 1610244997276.gif (Spoiler Image,2.94 MB, 320x180, pic_26_big.gif)


No. 166270

File: 1610245139539.gif (Spoiler Image,1.23 MB, 311x241, F9Tw6Z5.gif)

No. 166274

that is glorious lol, i love being dom and bi

No. 166276

File: 1610245939667.jpg (216.52 KB, 1280x960, tumblr_07c661252e2bff3f44b9f11…)

normalize this

No. 166279

what a babeeeee

No. 166281


this stuff is so gross and not even femdom. can you niggas stop lol

No. 166288

Yes, feeling this

No. 166290

pretty men are pretty

No. 166296


No. 166306

I find all the butt shots gross but then one non-butt gif in that list managed to give me a twinge like I haven't felt in.. a while.. Let us live anon lol

No. 166311

Shit taste

No. 166330

which one, i'll try and find more

No. 166341

Nta but I'd love to see some female pov stuff.

No. 166376

No. 166458

oh god that's hot unnf,

No. 166631

if that was hot the cheese would be melted

No. 166653


This thread just got good

No. 166727

check out a tumblr called ling0n

No. 166728

File: 1610503653856.gif (1.4 MB, 346x374, 4f553-tumblr_d831fce07a2c328a4…)

No. 166729

File: 1610503727780.gif (Spoiler Image,1.19 MB, 400x225, tumblr_oadqdfcCZv1uj40euo1_400…)

No. 166730

I need a boy who’ll wear my collar all day. I wanna see it in the snaps he sends, in pics with his friends, and when I see him. Whenever I see him I want to think, MINE. I want to hear how much he loves wearing it. How it reminds him of me all day. How when his mind starts to wander he’ll absentmindedly play with n pull on it. I want to hear him say he’s mine. Want him to bare his throat, offering himself. MINE.

No. 166731

Ok, armie

No. 166733

File: 1610504607667.gif (Spoiler Image,715.36 KB, 400x224, tumblr_mknn4qTRxQ1qejgz3o1_400…)


No. 166736

File: 1610505054586.gif (Spoiler Image,1.26 MB, 360x270, tumblr_pffbseH4fx1t3jeuk_540.g…)

Fuck that’s hot. Watch her hand holding the leash. Her firm grip of his cock. Her strict instructions. Focus, boy. I can totally see myself in this. Lying there with a plan, in full control, while he’s so horny he doesn’t even know what he’s doing anymore.

No. 166745

That's 2 males retard

No. 166746

nta, but isn't it just a strap on? It looks like she has boobs

No. 166756

Can you retards learn to spoiler or has the horny fried your brain into the little runty frenchfry at the bottom of the bag?

No. 166772

>I'm a female non-binary dom (don't call me a woman)
Da fuq?

No. 166873

File: 1610584379640.jpg (267.31 KB, 844x1200, 008___1575036036.jpg)


Cringe af lmao Sounds like selfpost

No. 166921

cringe, but her blog is good, so many pretty boys

No. 166922

You don't want to scare them away, the vanilla boys, so you test them a little first. You take it slow, see if he complains. The prettiest ones always seems to be the dullest. Such a waste of face.

Maybe we meet in a club somewhere. Looks bouncing back and forth over the dance floor, me trying to decide if he's good looking enough. We do this a couple of times, so we obviously like each other. If eyes could fuck, that's what we're doing. Eye fucking. Seconds later he comes up to me, and we get all hey how are you what's your name my name is. We kiss.

And then my fingers in his hair. I give him that look, that makes or breaks everything. I grab his hair to fixate his face in front of mine, study his expression. If he gets all soft now, relaxes his jaw, opens his mouth a little bit, I will know. If he melts, gets all glowy-eyed from the light pain and my decisive gaze, game is on, I can bring him home. Cha-ching.

Even if he hasn't done it before, gotten ripped apart I mean, he will like it. He might think he doesn't like it, but when his cock is hard enough, and when I refuse to let him put it inside of me, he'll accept whatever sex I give. Even if it's just me, pulling his hair, biting his neck. After that, I'll let him inside. When I've gotten what I wanted, what I really want, to make him give me what I want, it doesn't matter to me what we do anymore. He can have it, because I've already collected what I went out for.

So, I’ve started writing some kind of erotic book. What do you think? Would you buy it? Haha. I literally have no idea if this is the shit, or just shit, but it’s me.

No. 166923

Nah. Sounds like a man wrote this shit. I wouldn't buy your book, sorry anon.

No. 166925

Erm… so as a self described femdom you’re totally satisfied by the act of pulling a dude’s hair and biting his neck while he gets to fuck you and orgasm? Nah girl that ain’t it.

No. 166927

>it doesn't matter to me what we do anymore. He can have it
Said no dominant woman ever
The ideal. I need to start reading that manga again.

No. 166939

I'm sorry this is hilarious

No. 166941

File: 1610616869841.gif (860.21 KB, 320x253, 7865B31E-5D4E-4C9D-A8AF-D0CEFE…)

> If eyes could fuck, that's what we're doing. Eye fucking.

No. 166943

>He might think he doesn't like it
Ew noncon is scrotey

No. 166944

KEK keep it to your imagines blog. And stop getting “topping” ideas from said imagines blogs.

No. 166948

After 5 minutes of scrolling, you have tastebuds of a dung beetle. There are like 2 posts featuring boring random model pics, the rest is tranny dicks and bad takes. Whatever gay porn/Pinterest pics reposted is polluted with cringe af attempt at erotic caption. Zero engagement on most posts. Did you write the atrocity above? Fuck off shill.

No. 166983

yes lets expose 14 year olds to hardcore porn! that always goes well

No. 167070

No. 167075

Like, there’s some pictures of a guy but I mostly see a bunch of random nudes of women and weird gifs.

No. 167079

look at his media

No. 167088

No thanks. I’m literally so turned off by self-proclaiming slut subs, especially ones with coomer blog.

No. 167093

No. 167100

This is an imageboard newfag. Jesus what’s with this thread attracting selfposters and shills.

No. 167311

File: 1610804328021.jpg (32.46 KB, 257x340, Michael_J._Fox_as_Marty_McFly_…)

i wanna tie marty mcfly to a chair and slap him until he cries. femdom usually doesn't do anything for me, but the idea of this gets my heart racing

No. 167486

File: 1610871794246.jpg (645.33 KB, 1500x1875, z1.jpg)

Anyone think that their femdom fetish is a result of actually hating men? Not a scrote but a woman who became pink pilled and radfem like 2 years ago? I don't watch porn so I can't attribute it to that. The most 'femdom' I've done with a guy is making him beg for me to do something. However, lately I think I get more turned on by thinking of a guy tied up, hard, and yet completely helpless and desperate. Tying up a hot muscular guy seems really hot but I don't think it would act out well IRL. I don't want a scrote who is into bdsm already bc men like that are always abusive and weird as fuck but I also wanna tie up a man like picrel and make him beg?

Who is this?

No. 167502

Well who is this hunk anon?

No. 167518

No. 167519

oh god he's gorg

No. 167526

>Anyone think that their femdom fetish is a result of actually hating men?
Absolutely. After becoming "pinkpilled" I began to always see Mdom/Fsub dynamics as either inherently misogynistic, overdone, disgusting or just really boring - it's uninteresting to not have any control over a guy. After being genuinely mad at men for, well, almost everything, I legit began taking sexual pleasure in their degradation - it felt kinda good to see them getting a taste of their own medicine, even if it was just one guy who's not particularly sexist. But that might be also influenced by my innate sexual preferences, I might've just "unlocked" femdom after being on the internet for long enough lol.
>Tying up a hot muscular guy seems really hot
Shit yeah it is. This has been my fantasy for a while now, wish I had a bf to do this to, lol. Also, there are scrotes that do enjoy this stuff and who aren't abusive, male subs are way more common than most people think. Hell, they're men, so you can meme them into getting their dicks up for literally anything.

No. 167530

>Anyone think that their femdom fetish is a result of actually hating men?
Not for me. Men are collectively shit but I fully believe that a select few can be okay and I wouldn't get anything out of being sexual with someone I genuinely hate because shit men don't deserve my attention. I don't dominate my boyfriend because I hate him I do it because it's hot and turns me on kek
Imo if things you are scared of or hate are effecting you so much that you can't enjoy sex without your traumas affecting you then you should probably get help in case you develop an extreme paraphilia

No. 167532

Serious question: how do I turn myself to femdom? I really like it in theory, but I've been fucked in the brain since early childhood to be femsub trash. I've been suffering from hypoactive sexual desire disorder for years and now I'm trying really hard to rediscover my sexuality probably will post about it elsewhere. I find power dynamics fun, but I don't like misogyny and self-harm that are at the core of maledom/femsub.
How to pinkpill myself? What quality content should I check?
I really would like to stop being attracted to fantasies like ~he can do with me anything he wants~ and replace them with ~fuck yeah, this gorgeous male is my toy and I will have fun with him~

No. 167534

how do i stop getting off on self objectification and start getting off on being with an attractive guy. i think femdom is hot but i self objectify way too much, how do i objectify the guy i guess lol

No. 167548

Is it just me that looks down on submissive girls lol
I’m bi but when I’m with a woman I can’t stand the thought of domming a submissive girl, it just grosses me out
I feel guilty and scrotey whenever one approaches me
I hate and look down on them even more if they are a straight femsub.

No. 167550

>I hate and look down on them
Stop baiting and shitting up threads by listing off all the types of women that you cant stand. Butches, subs etc.

No. 167554

You’re the only one shitting up the thread with your whiny self, I’m shitting on femsubs in a thread full of dommes, so what pissy pants
Female subs had a field day in the BDSM thread shitting on femdom and female doms

But of course we can never talk about stuff like that here, we even had a red text for nonette asking for cute subs the other day

No. 167557

OP states that
>female subs interested in women
are also included. Just because you don't like domming women doesn't mean other women don't. And yes, those subs are retarded too for shitting on dommes. The truly cringe BDSM practitioners are scrotes, whether doms or subs. Talking about those actively involved in the "community", not normie mostly vanilla dudes with mild dom or sub tendencies.

No. 167563

> The truly cringe BDSM practitioners are scrotes

> I’m shitting on femsubs in a thread full of dommes

>Thread for:
>femdom images and media
>femdom fantasies
>female subs interested in women

No. 167569

File: 1610910883059.jpg (678.85 KB, 2500x3125, z.jpg)

Axel C, some lesser known male model. He only has a few spicy pics, so make due with what you can find for now, girlies.
Thanks anon, this sounds similar to me. It didn't totally originate from PP/radfem stuff >>167530, I actually hated being degraded in bed and liked doing light stuff like begging and withholding/edging. I definitely was not into being dominated at all despite being a HBIC with that myth that people who have a ton of control over their lives like to surrender during sex. I just hate the idea of men controlling me by default which is probably why I leaned more into femdom vs sub shit.
Kind of curious what factors might influence our likeliness to get into femdom. Like I said, I didn't get into this bc of porn but because of my general disgust with any likeness of reenacting sexism during sex. I think a lot of female subs are led into it by cultural misogyny and the sex industry for instance.
Well for one, start with easy stuff like begging for you to continue whatever you're doing. Then you might gradually move from there, but if you don't then that's fine, I personally am not into pegging.
But most importantly, in regards to your old/current fetishes, don't be disappointed if they remain despite you trying to forget or move on from them. Imo fetishes take a longer time to 'undo' than we'd think. You're better off turning to femdom material and shutting out any female sub stuff but just be aware that your fantasies are still gonna continue bc of how long you were solely attracted to being dominated by a guy. I still accidentally and unwantedly get visuals of degrading porn videos that I watched in middle school when I masturbate and have sex but I'm in my 20s and haven't watched porn in years. It sucks but imo we can't be free of this shit entirely.

No. 167580

Look at pics of guys you fancy and imagine what you would like to do to them or make them do?
I'm bi but I want to be much nicer to women, and much rougher with guys. I feel like men can take it and women get so much crap already.
I have always been like that. Wrestle the boys, kiss the girls.

No. 167581

That is why I said
“Ami I the only one”
I already know I’m in the minority that’s why I asked if anyone else felt the same, connect the dots.
You’re jumping head first without even understanding why I said anything I said
I just find female submissiveness inherently gross, why am I not allowed to say that in a thread about female domination
Also for you and
I never excluded female subs from this thread, this is a thread about female dominants, not about female submissives, so I don’t actually have to include them in shit.
Also can stand how you misquoted me by removing the fact that my full sentence was
>I hate and look down on STRAIGHT femsubs
I.E women with dominant men.
Not once did I mention generally a relationship between a femsub and femdom except when speaking for myself
So don’t act like I’m shoving this narrative that you made for me by misquoting me.
Don’t reply because I know you have nothing to say to me than blame me for whatever I feel.

No. 167584

I think for me it's just linked to having an anxiety disorder. I need to feel in control of situations.

I have friends who report that they've fucked guys and the guy just randomly decides to try out a tight hand around their neck or some other spontaneous act that they can't know she wanted.. I've always been clear that anything like that will make me go apeshit.

Even in very vanilla relationships I've never had a guy push my head down mid bj or anything like that. If all sex was like that (seems to be alarmingly normalized now to dom women without them asking for it) then I couldn't do it. Give me a more passive partner and a whole discussion on what we both want beforehand.

No. 167585

Anxiety disorder?
There is nothing disordered about not wanting a man to suddenly do unpleasant and violent things to you in bed. That's just normal and not even femdom.

No. 167590

I only like to domme feminine guys, big and muscular guys freak me out and i'm scared of them in general. What does that make me? I do feel that it's a type of hate to want to see men in a helpless position, but as a radfem, i honestly don't care about manhate

No. 167593

>Anxiety disorder?
I'm ESL so I don't know what the confusion is over but I was trying to describe that my diagnosed anxiety disorder and me being Domme do relate to each other to an extent. Feeling in control when you spend so much of your life feeling out of control is cathartic. I know some subs find that handing over control is equally cathartic. My partner is like that.

>There is nothing disordered about not wanting a man to suddenly do unpleasant and violent things to you in bed

You don't have to tell me that. I wasn't calling anybody disordered for hating spontaneous sex acts. I don't know what got lost in translation.

No. 167606

If a guy starts choking you out of the blue, going apeshit is a healthy response.

No. 167678

Your comment made it sound like you compared having an anxiety disorder and being dominant with not wanting to be randomly strangled. That is what sounded weird. It's normal.

No. 167691

I know.

I already clarified that I'm esl and what I was trying to say got lost in translation. I would've deleted the post if I had caught the confusing wording in time.

No. 167909

No. 167910

that’s it god. it’s not funny anymore.

No. 167929

So, I have been interested in femdom for a while and I can tell my boy is into it, too. But how do I get over my fear of trying to be dominant over a man when they're stronger physically than me? I know that's not related to roles in a relationship, but it feels that way to me.

I also need help on how to not need validation from my partner in that he finds me attractive - see, a lot of people compliment my appearance, but I only care about him and early on in the relationship he said some careless things that weren't intended to hurt my feelings appearance-wise, but they did, so it's an insecurity of mine as it pertains to him.

No. 167953

Is that Victoria and David Beckham??

Honestly if this was their real dynamic I'd be thriving. IT's also very early 2000s though.

No. 167974

He cheated on her with their kids live in nanny, she was humiliated when that went public and it was a huge news story for months afterwards. The nanny sold all sorts of intimate details to the press and dragged out the humiliation in drips and drabs. There's always been rumours about other affairs that got hushed up.

I don't know if they do that stuff in private but she's the one that took some serious humilation off him and I'll never understand why she stayed. The shit he put her through.

No. 167979

If you just want to do it because your man likes it, best to not. Like are you scared of getting beat up by the dude you have sex with?? Focus on loving yourself sis and don't force what doesn't come naturally.

No. 167987

I have severe anxiety which could explain it. My only partner (now ex) once started choking me (strangling*) after I had previously discussed to him multiple times how weird/gross I found it to be. He said that he just wanted to try it and see if I liked it, and never did it again. Should have been a red flag but I was naive. Surprisingly our sex life was normal after that until we broke up.
How did you all meet guys who are into this? I find muscular guys to be the hottest but I see where >>167590 is coming from as well, though I'm personally not attracted to feminine guys. I also don't want a guy who's into anal or pegging.
Tie him up well.
> he said some careless things that weren't intended to hurt my feelings appearance-wise
What did he say?

No. 167995

Her first words are saying that SHES interested in femdom. Can you read?

No. 167999

And? What's the contradiction? She seems more like a pleaser. And more urgently, has issues to work out first before cosplaying domme gf to a man whom she's not even sure finds her attractive.

No. 168000

I've always been more dominant in my relationships (except for one which was utterly abusive) and I actively seek out more submissive men as my partners. I've never had the opportunity with a guy who clearly is responsive to being submissive and is secure in that role. However, it is true I have that fear of physical strength which is a holdover from the abusive relationship I was in. In terms of him finding me attractive, he always mentions how his friends/brother-in-law/etc. think I'm hot, but he has a hard time directly stating that to me, which is what I want rather than him telling me I'm hot in other ways. I recently told him this so we'll see how it goes.

I enjoy being dominant in the relationship and during sex, I'm just scared to because of my extensive history with being raped/harmed during sex and because I give in at times to my low self esteem.

No. 168001

Feels pretty disrespectful that he's talking to you about his friends and male family members calling you hot… Who lets their friends and family talk about their partner like that? Teen boys might compare how hot all their gfs are but in an adult relationship I would be disturbed by that.

No. 168002

It's more like people are surprised how he got with someone who is "hot" from how he's explained it. I don't see how commenting on the attractiveness of a person's partner makes the person bad? It's not like he's egging them on, they're just telling him.

No. 168005

I'd be creeped out if I were told my partners male family are calling me hot. There's such a difference between say his sister calling you pretty and scrotes calling you hot

No. 168006

I think it's more like anon is out of her bf's league and people in his life are mentioning her looks while dapping him up in a "good for you" kind of way, not necessarily being outright salacious.

No. 168073



No. 168080

Yikes lmao as another "dominant" woman who dated an uggo bc he had submissive qualities (i.e, a wimpy ugly dude) this is a major red flag. Is he even attractive to you anon? Or are you inflating him and overlooking his shortcomings/issues bc submissive men are so rare and you're scared that you won't find another who won't hurt you? >>168000

No. 168235

I don't watch porn but developed femdom fetish recently and was curious what porn videos for femdom would be like. I specifically looked for videos of men being tied up and later on, men crying. Idk why but I just got so turned off by the bondage type videos immediately. It was really hard to find a video that had a guy with a nice body, none of the guys had a nice face. Then when I looked for a video of a man crying all I found were videos of women crying.
And anything that looked like it had a remotely attractive dude turned out to be gay porn. I stand by my position of not watching porn, shit is degenerate and totally hopeless for women.
If anyone has pictures or gifs of hot muscular men being tied up or dominated please drop them.

No. 168317

File: 1611321509648.jpeg (724 KB, 1209x1232, 29D9F3AB-2692-420D-9515-431CA5…)

NS if we’re allowed to post stuff like this but this was a recent thing that happened to a Domme that’s in femdom circles on Twitter.
>You knew I was uncomfortable with being submissive and still forced me to submit by choking me and facefucking me
All that energy and she still
at the fact that she got raped what the fuck

No. 168321

probably better placed in the sex worker thread, anon, since that was clearly a financial transaction

No. 168356

OK, first things first: 99% of the porn out there is for straight dudes' consumption and delight. It's why it's so emotionally dead, narratively uninteresting, hollow, and focused on super shallow visuals alone. No wonder that the mainstream shit that's not meant for you does not turn your crank.

It does nothing for most of dominant women, either. I've never met a dominant woman who is actually 100% into what Kink.com and worse think femdom is… that shit is for guys whose fetish is "Dominatrix Sex Dispenser", not Female Dominant/sub male/female. It's slim pickings out there, but some of the amateur stuff can be good.

My advice? Start exploring this side of yourself by reading. Get into blogs like Miss Pearl's, read some good erotica that's focused on female dominants. Those are less about men, men, men, and their magical weenies that are set as the focus and center of everything in supposedly female-lead BDSM.

No. 168399

File: 1611359269893.jpg (Spoiler Image,22.88 KB, 500x344, tumblr_nq8om1ZeTX1tsjbgfo1_500…)

No. 168400

File: 1611359390663.gif (Spoiler Image,1.85 MB, 500x350, tumblr_nmzv2xG5xf1r3wsyqo2_500…)

No. 168402

File: 1611359544690.jpg (Spoiler Image,64.56 KB, 500x750, tumblr_naq8qqk1Va1qzcegwo1_500…)

no bondage though

No. 168403

File: 1611359610989.jpg (Spoiler Image,24.71 KB, 500x500, tumblr_mdoprowZND1rkchduo1_500…)

No. 168404

File: 1611359665627.gif (Spoiler Image,1.38 MB, 360x270, tumblr_mtuwk6gjIN1r456nho1_400…)

not femdom per se but cute

No. 168408

I need somem advice. My boyfriend is a dom, and boy do I love him, but the sex can be really tricky for me when he constantly just goes top and makes me suck dicc. I am a fluid person and ill do what they like, but how the fuck can you loosen a dom?
sage for whinge

No. 168412

This sounds something you two have not negotiated, or that you haven't enthusiastically agreed to. Consent is given/not given every time you do something. Sounds like you're not very enthusiastic if he "makes you" do things.

He's not a "dom", he's just pushy. There's a difference. Doms have power because it's something subs give to them willingly and happily, and that's not the case here by what you say. Grow a spine and tell him what you do want to do and what you don't want to do, and stick by it. If he "makes" you do shit you have not agreed to do, walk the fuck out.

No. 168413

Yeah you're right, I've always thought this. I mean we have discussed it, he knows I am a bit of a onion knight. I do like playing sub, I just can't fully get him to be MY sub. He does listen to me during sex, but yeah, he can be pushy.

I just don't want to be too much of a dick, I don't put sex as a huge priority in my book.

I've always had sub bfs, first time being with a dom, its cute but im also lowkey bored.
Cheers for advice, i'll try to open up to him more.

No. 168416

You've said you're bored in this relationship, and that you don't place a big priority on sex.

Just tell him what you want, anon. Be really fucking blunt. Put away this wishy-washy nonsense. It sounds like you're drifting through this relationship like a half-filled inflatable sex doll tumbling through an empty parking lot. What the fuck does this have to do with FEMDOM, eh? Or any kind of female sexual agency? Fucking nothing.

Locate your spine, and tell your useless boyfriend what you want out of sex. Why are you even fucking him if he can not make you take an interest in sex? Dom, my ass.

No. 168417

You're not being a dick wanting to enjoy sex with your boyfriend. Tell him you find his "dominance" boring or be his sex doll idk

No. 168419

Thanks anons

No. 168420

>boyfriend rapes my mouth and I go along with it because I like him I guess, how should I convince him stop raping me?
What the hell, am I reading this wrong or something?? I hate that women accept this and I hate knowing that it's rarely even questioned. This is not normal or healthy sexuality this is a man using a woman as a living sex toy
>I just don't want to be too much of a dick
The irony of a woman using a term referring to a part of male anatomy in order to explain how advocating for herself would be rude.

Decent palate cleanser but goddamn

No. 168716

Britney Spears's Womanizer got me wanting to make a fuckboy my bitch since I was like 11

No. 168796

File: 1611576745652.jpg (150.1 KB, 850x907, 1.jpg)

Lol moment
(from the announced Resident Evil 8)

No. 168801

File: 1611577731121.png (365.38 KB, 1202x1920, tumblr_phnd04niXK1qhwpmro1_128…)

>ywn have a yakuza malewife
why even live

No. 168808

why is heterosexual erotica overall so afraid of any sort of clitoral stimulation unless it's some sort of cuckolding/small penis shit? even in so-called "gentle femdom" the focus is on the guy's pleasure. ngl that really turns me off. also i find pegging disgusting

No. 168815

Kill yourself male

No. 168818

Eating pussy is not gentle femdom?
Im sorry m'lady.

No. 168823

is it really? haven't seen it that much, but then again i haven't looked at this kind of stuff in some time

No. 168826

Het sex is so shit and male-centric that eating pussy is considered an act of submission….

No. 168827

A lot of the GFD stuff on the net is done in anime/hentai style, and surprise surprise, caters to straight boys just like 95% of all porn. That's why it's so disappointing, boring, and tends to center on male pleasure.

No. 168829

>tfw all the female hentai artfags just want to draw pickme or fujo content

No. 168831

even in supposedly female-focused places like ao3 oral sex on a woman by a man is surprisingly unpopular

No. 168834

Well, makes sense, an average woman's view of sex is tainted by the male gaze

No. 168837

This is so weird to me. Getting oral is the best thing ever.

If someone finds good female gaze femdom art and fiction, please share here.

No. 168847

File: 1611586096556.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.11 MB, 1242x1857, 0344746A-86EA-45FF-8A26-7CE385…)

This is why I’ve resorted to gay bdsm porn these days. Or searching “gay” videos of sexy guys jerking off. At least I can imagine they’re doing it for my entertainment. For the most part the men are really attractive (I don’t know why they’re all fugly saggy ogres even if they’re young in het videos) and they properly focus on men’s bodies. Oh and you can hear men’s moans rather than the constant distracting shrieking of a porn actress faking it. Only downside is the visual of a dude fucking another dude’s ass just isn’t the same as seeing him pleasure a woman, but ah well. The concessions you make.

No. 168850

File: 1611588191006.jpeg (Spoiler Image,186.59 KB, 1100x1373, 9fcecdf245b0124dbf656955a94009…)

You seems to have your mind stuck somewhere. There are plenty of sub guys eating pussy.

No. 168851

How can she drink and focus on other things when this is happening?

No. 168856

I'm gonna touch myself to this picture now jfc

No. 168870


I can't wait for more of Lenore throwing Hector around and then fucking him in the next season of Castlevania

No. 168877

File: 1611600464748.png (Spoiler Image,1.42 MB, 1776x978, hector.png)

As a fan of the actually cool Hector in Curse of Darkness, my mind says no. But my pussy says yes.

No. 168905

Maybe he’s not that good at it kek. But joking aside I’ve always thought this was dumb too. All of my retarded exes had this fetish for receiving or giving oral while the other person does something else/talks on the phone (which I did not indulge them in). I want to be able to relax and pay attention to the feeling and be noisy without worrying about the pizza delivery dude/tte figuring out what’s going on. Typical that scrotes would be more aroused by aspects of embarrassment, voyeurism and potential fucking predation (in the sense of making an innocent bystander part of your kinks) than actual physical pleasure alone.

The only time I could maybe be on board with this is having a sub give you oral while you’re reading, working on the computer or doing some other solo activity and making it a game where if he manages to get you to lose focus/drop what you’re doing he gets praise otherwise you punish him more.

No. 168922

What's up with all the complaining ITT.

No. 168945

You think this imagine fits the thread?

No. 168960

Got more like this? Who's the artist?

No. 168992

File: 1611653496371.jpg (Spoiler Image,104.25 KB, 850x601, sample_26eac1de4db9c0ca73dc48f…)

Where women have total dominance and it doesn't drift into scrote BDSM? No
Artist is duskyhallows.

No. 169001


No. 169159

Any examples of otherwise vanilla femdom ships/fics/art? No whips and chains, no man gets pegged, no mommy domme, just an average couple but the woman is the lead

No. 169162

samefag, I don't even actually mind mild kink content, just not full on sadomasochism or master/slave stuff

No. 169164

This is the ideal of straight relationships really.

No. 169167

if only it was considered the mainstream ideal…

No. 169170

File: 1611740417442.jpeg (Spoiler Image,67.02 KB, 1024x970, ffd51a65858051ba6807d167b13ba0…)

No. 169171

i lov them

No. 169184

File: 1611756240807.jpg (123.15 KB, 768x1024, eva.jpg)

No. 169186

Shinji is gay!!!!

No. 169187

hes canonically bi.

No. 169189

They are also children.

No. 169194

This ain't femdom, asuka's just unhinged

No. 169219

NTA, They have sex in the anime

No. 169224

what does it say about me if i’m not normally into femdom but think this is hot?

No. 169227

Nothing it's just hot.

No. 169229

File: 1611777863318.png (1.42 MB, 1024x768, EbgRJg1XgAAutKA.png)

Does anyone else feel uncomfortable being objectified sexually? I know it's not directly related to femdom, but I think it's a big reason why I enjoy it. It makes me sick how the average man thinks of women: how they think of buying their girlfriend's lingerie (and going as far to think of it as a present), how they mainly value their girlfriend in terms of how much she dolls herself up while he dresses like a dumb teenager, they think about doing things to her and using her like a living blowup doll instead of thinking in terms of her pleasure, and so on.

I don't want any of that, I want the guy to pander to me and objectify himself for me. Unfortunately for most sub guys this means trying to present himself as a woman because it's just SO humiliating to be one, or still pretending like he's serving her sexually while all the activities still revolve around his dick. Yuck.

No. 169230

This is news to me. Which episode/film?

No. 169231


No. 169233

they don't, weird shit with sexual imagery happens in EoE tho

No. 169234

File: 1611779714245.jpg (30.84 KB, 400x449, db3f46f3bbedfb7b9701aea1edf025…)

No. 169239

Yes, it's disgusting. We've been forced to view sex through the eyes of men, and they innately see the act as one of dominance and submission due to the fact it involves a man and a woman and our genitals are devalued (obviously, in het sex). As Atwood said, we are trained to be "a woman with a man inside watching a woman. You are your own voyeur." I'm not turned on by myself, wearing makeup and lingerie is not titillating to me, I'm nor aroused by my own moans or degredation. But men want me to enjoy those things because it serves them. I like watching, touching and interacting with men, yet we're supposed to just passively "accept" sex without ever once thinking of our own desires. I hate that we're conditioned like this.

Sadly, sometimes the only way you can have sex with a guy in a way that allows you to enjoy your own desires is if you meet them on their own playing field where it's always one person or another in control (and you want to be the one in control if you want any pleasure). I do actually enjoy femdom, the kink aspects, but it's sad to me that "normal" sex often defaults to controlling/forcing a woman to do stuff she's uncomfortable with rather than a balanced exchange of pleasure. Honestly if regular sex tended to be "fairer" I'd feel less of a need for femdom, but as it stands I won't put my sense of personhood at risk.

No. 169240

This reminded me I used to be the most pathetic pickme, always saying how I liked generic porn thing x and y to please the men but secretly being into femdom. So it is not always about hating men.

It seems to be mostly made by virgin men. I remember one manga where a woman sit on a mans face and he licked her pussy hole instead of clitoris. She came from this of course.

No. 169249

File: 1611788331865.jpg (24.38 KB, 324x356, 12b4a1226c142e54b29fbdadbe5170…)

Why does this thread always drift into scrote hatred/venting?
Seems like a lot of Anons want a malesub because they got screwed over or forced into stuff they didn't wanted to by their prior partners.
Pro-tipp: A malesub won't fix your fucked up relationship with males.

No. 169258

> A malesub won't fix your fucked up relationship with males.
No, but a man who genuinely enjoys being submissive and giving pleasure to his partner is a lot more enticing than a typical scrote, especially for those coming from traumatic backgrounds. Do you not see the irony that most guys like being dominant because they literally just want to abuse women and cause them pain, while a lot of women are into femdom simply because the idea of a man totally focusing on her pleasure is rare? The point is that BDSM is an inherently fucked up masculine concept (and I say this even as someone who enjoys it) and you find shades of it even in most casual encounters with the prevalence of strangulation, spanking, anal obsessions, etc. Pro tip: If you don’t want to engage in a discussion relevant to the thread topic then just ignore it and post more of what you want to see. Or wait, is that difficult because there’s such a deficit of female-focused femdom content out there in the first place? Wonder why that might be.

No. 169259

Asukafag is a male confirmed
I personally like the scrote venting because it's one more thing to scare off moids who lurk and post within this thread. Vent as much as you want ladies and make it graphic. <3

No. 169260

Isn't it the opposite? Probably a lot of dommes in here who had terrible subs. Most malesubs aren't actual subs and don't care about your pleasure.

No. 169262

Seriously. My ex could never make me cum in the years we were together so being dominant was the only way I derived any joy from sex and didn’t get bored. It wasn’t physically pleasurable but at least I could derive mental stimulation/arousal from seeing him choke, gasp, wince and groan when I was hurting or teasing him. Those memories were helpful when I actually got off by masturbating later. (Yeah I know I could’ve done it with him but it’s a long story and he wasn’t shit. I was more comfortable with that set up at the time, though I would definitely ensure both mental and physical stimulation for myself moving forward.)

No. 169304

File: 1611829752002.jpeg (Spoiler Image,101.57 KB, 640x800, 6563aba90e2c844adec7eadc1c933e…)

>No, but a man who genuinely enjoys being submissive and giving pleasure to his partner is a lot more enticing than a typical scrote, especially for those coming from traumatic backgrounds.
And there is nothing wrong with this.
> The point is that BDSM is an inherently fucked up masculine concept (and I say this even as someone who enjoys it) and you find shades of it even in most casual encounters with the prevalence of strangulation, spanking, anal obsessions, etc.
So you admit you got screw over by dom scrotes, even enjoy it but complain about it?

I'm not >>169184

Maybe you should have told the scrote what he is doing wrong, instead of play and pretend. If he doesn't see that he has to improve or right out deny it, he wasn't worthy to begin with.

No. 169306

off-topic but why does hentai coochie always look… like that

No. 169312

>So you admit you got screw over by dom scrotes, even enjoy it but complain about it?
The big difference is that male "doms" try to force their garbage on everyone, especially vanilla women under the guise of kink, but deep down just want an excuse to abuse and hurt women. You never see female doms choking, hitting, or pegging guys who don't consent to it.

No. 169317

Nta, but I've seen anons on here try to dominate men who didn't consent to it before, but it doesn't work out well for them because the men are stronger than them and punch them in the face if they try anything without asking. It's not because women are more considerate, it's because they can't physically overpower the man without his consent.

No. 169318

>It's not because women are more considerate, it's because they can't physically overpower the man without his consent.
Most women are more considerate though, constantly tip-toeing around people and taking into account their feelings. Just look at all the women who don't have orgasms for years because they are too afraid of obliterating their partner's ego into atoms. All the women who won't say no to basic shit because they want to put others first. Hell, even all the dominant women who are used as kink dispensers because even in their own fucking fetish they can't put themselves first. Men definitely don't do this because their egos are so incredibly inflated.

Dominance in BDSM is mostly a mental thing rather than physical. Dom men don't even use their physical strength most of the time and even if they did and she didn't want it, she could knee him in the balls until he vomits or poke his eyes out. Women just play docile most of the time and let men play out their dominant fantasies. And sub men do the same thing with women.

No. 169328

hentai coochie 0/10.

No. 169338

File: 1611861218301.jpg (968.41 KB, 2211x3486, 1611858663048.jpg)

I'm whoring out my Reiner Braun and lovely farmers are invited. We will be donning fancy masks and sipping champagne as we decide on how he may best entertain us.

No. 169343

Sauce on the artist? I love the style.

Also, I'm not into femdom personally for own sex but I'm digging all these pics and stories. It's not my kink but I get it and like it? Is that a thing?

No. 169365

I want to bite his nipples.

No. 169371

File: 1611871680306.jpg (Spoiler Image,6.21 KB, 225x224, and u know it.jpg)

girrrlll it's ur kink.

No. 169381

I'm >>169258 and no, I have never been with a man who considered himself dom lmao. As I said, I enjoy being dominant because men like to default to trying to order you around even during normal sex, which I will not tolerate. But I see you missed the point while hyperfixating on a few words you intentionally misinterpreted so you could build a strawman. Typical scrote.

No. 169386

Dammit it might be. I kind of want a big meat headed dude to call my big dumb dog and make him wear a collar. This is the threads fault.

No. 169387

File: 1611877534958.png (Spoiler Image,953.36 KB, 1238x1913, 86752467_p3.png)

No. 169405

File: 1611888595497.gif (1.93 MB, 540x304, 1583202511450.gif)

Maid outfit and cat ears for $100

No. 169407

FUCK i know this artist and they actually fuck their brother in real life holy shit i wanted to forget but this brought it all flooding back

No. 169408

kek the second I saw the thread title, I knew there'd be some Reiner in it. He's the perfect bullying material.

No. 169419

lmao what

No. 169423

File: 1611903761965.jpg (514.18 KB, 1400x2139, brofucker.jpg)

at first i thought it was Joaks but when she started getting defensive i was like oh shit you for REAL forreal.
sage for horrendously off-topic but this artist haunts my psyche and i needed to tell someone. i will accept my ban with grace

No. 169427

But this is not somehow not surprising behaviour from someone who draws gross eva art.

No. 169431

You okay anon?

No. 169437

File: 1611912214900.jpg (31.06 KB, 345x516, anastaxia_photo_rachelmay_helm…)

No. 169444

File: 1611918473049.jpeg (Spoiler Image,399.19 KB, 600x717, e4086e0c5f5e48a392bb7e563d734f…)

No. 169447

That’s so malegazey

No. 169448

No. 169450

this is pretty shit anon

No. 169456

I know this is 2 weeks old but it made me think. Isn't the major appeal of femdom to know the kind of person, character and the lufe they lead outside the bedroom that is acting all desperate and docile inside it? I will never understand fictional stories that straight up jump from "yeah she said hi to this literal who" to "and then thay kissed and fucked" unless it's written by/for a scrote.

No. 169459

Is that striped thing supposed the be a penis?

No. 169460

File: 1611932590343.jpg (Spoiler Image,90.22 KB, 850x545, sample_873f2bafa3b9a6b4351f9b6…)

No. 169466

this looks like a fucking wikihow illustration

No. 169470

>wikiHow: How to Eat Ass

No. 169474

Now I'm laughing on a zoom work call dammit anon

Why does he have glasses on? Why is their bed just a pink floating blob so many questions

No. 169553

this song could describe the dynamic of all my het ships, as well as my own ideal dynamic if i ever were to date a man

No. 169596

First femdom experience was with a batshit crazy man. I would not be surprised if other US/Midwest anons have met him. To my more experienced anons: how many subs who actively seek dommes are actually just pornsick freaks? Need some reassurance.

No. 169605

i'm a bisexual woman who is an exclusive sub with women but switch with men. how do i wean off my submissive tendencies for men and become an exclusive domme for them? is it even worth doing so?

No. 169608

What motivates you?
I mean men suck and shouldn't be doms, so it's understandable.

No. 169609

File: 1612033173197.jpg (43.59 KB, 640x629, 1611424204828.jpg)

>how many subs who actively seek dommes are actually just pornsick freaks?
Literally all of them sis. Don't fuck self-identified sub men. That's the motto of this thread.
I imagine you sub to some men and top others? You wouldn't switch with the same man would you? Just don't fuck with "dom" faggots and realize that all men are beneath you. You shouldn't force something that doesn't feel natural anyway.

No. 169610

idk i do switch with the same man and it does feel natural to me and that's why i can't help but be ashamed as someone who leans radfem. i stay away from both self-identified doms AND subs, just normie guys who are open-minded enough to do mild kink

No. 169627

This makes sense. Idk man but someone who makes their whole identity based on a kink is probably fucked up on some level. Sex isn't everything about life. It's fun but I got other shit to do in my life other than fuck.

No. 169857


No. 169865

No. 169875

okay i want to peg him into oblivion

No. 169882

File: 1612241185265.jpg (20.08 KB, 500x387, 1llphmt27be61.jpg)


No. 169959

File: 1612296818177.jpg (Spoiler Image,27.04 KB, 448x500, YhsbjFm.jpg)

Is it bad that I think porn that degrades women should be abolished but I'm okay with and like seeing men objectified? …but I should include that I don't watch porn because there's literally nothing to watch for the female gaze and nothing that would even be ethical for the women involved the way that the current porn industry stands.

No. 169960

File: 1612296869981.jpg (Spoiler Image,95.36 KB, 500x585, E4dLKsQ.jpg)

No. 169961

File: 1612296900564.jpg (Spoiler Image,161.05 KB, 600x802, tumblr_lqq94cd1a81qawxlgo1_128…)

No. 169962

File: 1612296967850.jpg (Spoiler Image,212.22 KB, 1280x854, tumblr_ntmm0mepEI1qzcd36o1_128…)

No. 169964

File: 1612297190892.jpg (Spoiler Image,34.28 KB, 516x800, C89v66IXsAEk_22.jpg)

No. 169965

File: 1612297213655.jpg (Spoiler Image,217.57 KB, 1280x1807, tumblr_oxevvhVKjW1uvisqbo1_128…)

No. 169978

Nice, this is super sexy. The buff metalhead bf we all deserve

I think so. For men to be objectified within one particular niche while they still hold the vast amount of power in society and interpersonal relationships at large is a totally different dynamic than doing the same to women who are objectified everywhere even in reality. And again this is why I watch gay porn, especially solo stuff. The guys are hot and the focus is on them. Although I try to avoid even that because it's on the same sites that produce straight stuff and I don't want to give them the traffic/ad money.

No. 170005

No. 170006

all these images are perfect. objectify guys

No. 170023

Nice pics anon. I like this vintage one.

No. 170050

Is that some underage shit

No. 170051

No. 170330

File: 1612463858301.jpg (164.32 KB, 664x1000, 67842948790328427.jpg)

No. 170332

Thanks anons I tried hard to contribute to this thread after doing so many text posts haha
Pls recommend some sites for solo male stuff, I find guys jerking off to be hot

No. 170334

File: 1612468921677.png (16.8 KB, 458x360, 543574093869434598527543.png)

I usually go to xvideos.com and if you click the cog in the upper right corner and set your category to gay you'll get way better options. When you search "jerk off" in straight mode you get women assisting pigs but do it in gay mode and you get cute solo guys like >>169865

No. 170335

I love this photo

No. 170336

File: 1612469812958.png (648.69 KB, 1080x983, IMG_20210202_033515.png)

No. 170337

File: 1612470055933.jpg (75.84 KB, 500x681, 564384890285286437865340.jpg)

No. 170338

File: 1612470139627.jpg (Spoiler Image,62.87 KB, 520x556, 048930927503274025437.jpg)

No. 170339

ah I love Takato Yamamoto

No. 170340

File: 1612470598764.jpg (Spoiler Image,301.89 KB, 900x660, 6790427092375214236457.jpg)

Same! He's got that dark eroticism that doesn't get porny.

No. 170368

File: 1612487001437.png (722.75 KB, 626x796, 54473895754096493620489326.png)

Anyone know the studio Skiinmode? Should maybe go in the conventional male thread but personally their stuff puts me in a very domme mood since it's so female gazey (I'm sure intended to be gay but too bad). I have a preference for ripped Asian guys so I find their models crazy sexy.

No. 170370

File: 1612487042070.png (Spoiler Image,685.56 KB, 489x661, 5789624809467032416065309.png)

No. 170371

File: 1612487153614.png (Spoiler Image,1.84 MB, 1197x755, 548304832758424042384023.png)

No. 170372

File: 1612487267992.png (665.05 KB, 526x661, 3856748956203428240746235.png)

No. 170373

oh my fucking god what is the source what is the source.

No. 170374

File: 1612487373547.png (Spoiler Image,615.69 KB, 694x433, 473280957682305043269463.png)

All Skiinmode! Also, fundoshi anon if you're still here this is for you

No. 170375

holy fuck thank you. i'm not the anon but this wow

No. 170377

that is hot

No. 170379

File: 1612488769206.jpg (105.89 KB, 930x1200, EsqhPewXEAAHUnk.jpg)

baby boy

No. 170380

File: 1612488881702.jpg (52.9 KB, 475x524, image0.jpg)

No. 170383

imaging pegging this anons

No. 170385

File: 1612489341891.jpg (33.69 KB, 540x360, tumblr_oi6ryw8iH21vk3caho2_540…)

No. 170387

File: 1612489408726.gif (Spoiler Image,1.32 MB, 375x375, tumblr_oy8pulnX9g1u6f4oco1_400…)

No. 170388

File: 1612489534673.jpg (Spoiler Image,281.83 KB, 960x1280, tumblr_2735e9b4e0b859aab6d4c19…)


No. 170423

og fundoshi anon here wow… can't believe somehow i haven't heard of them. sublime

No. 170424

Ooh I like this very much

No. 170427

File: 1612516247416.jpg (Spoiler Image,634.61 KB, 2048x2048, 1610234694208.jpg)

No. 170428

File: 1612516565397.png (710.96 KB, 627x461, 54839473027402374304723.png)

One of my favorite low key femdom series is Spartacus. Bunch of buff half-naked (sometimes fully naked) men running around being commanded to fight each other and kept as slaves by a domina. It's macho and misogynistic sometimes but it's good trashy fun and Lucy Lawless is their owner. As always, a total queen. Highly recommend for those who enjoy mindless warrior men killing and fucking things as in the stylings of 300

No. 170430

Very interested but in which ways is it misogynistic? I try to avoid anti-women media.

No. 170433

I'd say it's one of those shows where the setting is misogynistic but the writing itself isn't. It's reflective of the place and era so women (especially lower class women) are their husband's/males' property, rape is depicted (happens to some of the male characters too), constant cursing and slurs (including "cunt" thrown around a lot), lots of nudity and sex (although there is plenty of focus on the guys too). That being said, there are many female characters that wield power in their own ways. Lucy Lawless' Lucretia is one of the most intelligent and biggest power players in the entire show, there are other noblewomen that sway politics in their favor, female slaves that want to break out of their servitude and join Spartacus' crew to learn to fight. They also don't treat rape as a throwaway issue and pretend the trauma vanishes if you're able to kill your abuser. Depends on if you're okay with seeing sex-based violence so long as the female characters are still treated as human.

No. 170452

Are these men considered good looking? Would you date guys who looked like this?

No. 170458

Nta. The second one looks like a lesbian to me.. Which isn't a bad look tbh

No. 170464

Are you lesbian or a man?

No. 170465

I look like this. That's all I'm gonna say. Don't ban me. Just curious.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 170467

you do realise women are not a monolith, don't you, dude?

no one cares. this is not a thread for your need for validation and compliments.

No. 170469

Of course but lots of them share preferences. Anyway thanks for your unintended compliment which I wasn't looking for uwu

No. 170474

It's an anime style illustration - literally impossible to look like that as a human being unless you're some shaved, carved, and plastic filled kpop idol, which you are not.

No. 170476

His style is realistic. It's easy to imagine how those characters would look in real life. Believe what you want, but why would I lie about how I look on an anonymous forum? As you said this is off topic so I'll leave.

No. 170477

I swear this exact same conversation has happened before with the same ending of 'thanks for complimenting me' even though the scrote was never complimented either time.

Fan of this

No. 170482

3DPD thinks it can look like a drawing TOPKEK

No. 170485

I don't look like that drawing. That drawing looks like me. Also, please keep calling me dirty names. Thank you.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 170488

File: 1612552613425.jpeg (Spoiler Image,22.77 KB, 271x250, 9AC03DA4-8500-4580-80C5-062C44…)

Go away

No. 170652

File: 1612644406121.jpg (Spoiler Image,120.6 KB, 756x1064, fw1nl24vabd61.jpg)

No. 170658

I have been looking for this picture for literally years. Hallelujah. Wish I knew the source

No. 170660

I ruin everything for myself
>Woman overly posed but the guy gets to just stand with his arms limply held up
>She's meant to be in control but she's still stuck wearing a hidden bra whilst he gets to comfortably have visible nipples

No. 170663

right? he's slouching and she looks like she's in a michael bay film

No. 170667

you didn't know it's Madonna?

No. 170707

File: 1612670836895.jpeg (46.01 KB, 554x554, E77A9F0A-362B-4D84-95D7-641785…)

anyone else here watch succession and really enjoy gerri and roman’s dynamic ?

i really hope they have proper sex in season 3

No. 170711

I'm watching Soapdish again this scene is sooo good the reversal Cathy did on RDJ! Ugh I can't believe how cute RDJ was! Sorry for the potato quality, this is the only available clip and it starts around :50

No. 170733

when he calls his actual mom “mommy” in the show i love it so much . i wish he would call gerry that

No. 170740

File: 1612704134819.png (Spoiler Image,499.3 KB, 740x376, 1.png)

>female subs interested in women

No. 170746

File: 1612706101706.png (2.42 MB, 841x748, ahhh.png)

tips on how to take yourself more seriously in a dom roll? i've been a sub my entire life but my bf has some kinks that i think would make him a great sub, and i think it could make our sex life leagues better. i just can't seem to get over myself enough to go for it. please help anons

No. 170761

There's such a thing as a service top, anon. If your engine isn't revved by dominating someone, you can think of it as you servicing them. Still, you might actually talk to your BF whether he actually, you know, is even interested in subbing.

No. 170781

this looks like a screenshot from nasty scrote torture porn, 0/10

No. 170789

The question you should be asking yourself is, why do you actually want to Domme? Especially if you've always subbed… I've never subbed myself and have zero interest of doing so, ever, I'm not wired that way.

If you're a sub, you need to figure out WHY you think you want to top someone. It's a lot more responsibility and work than subs think, and since your boyfriend is not actually submissive and hasn't raised the topic of wanting you to top him… ask yourself what's going on with you yourself at the moment.

It's natural to be curious, and some people are switches, but switches generally do know that they swing both ways in terms of power play. Right now it sounds like you're trying to make both your BF and yourself something neither of you actually is, or is showing much interest in.

No. 170853

File: 1612766374691.jpg (9.32 KB, 240x240, drink.jpg)

i want a manpet to just live in my house and be my pet but i dont know how to live on my own or even talk to people :(((((

No. 170855

File: 1612766941562.jpg (Spoiler Image,624.71 KB, 1200x1697, IMG_0788.JPG)

bit gorey

No. 170856


can any femdom anons help me out and like is there a discord group or someth(do not post porn)

No. 170857

File: 1612767144280.jpg (Spoiler Image,83.55 KB, 640x960, 1540062739347.jpg)

No. 170859

There is a discord but it's dead af. Shame because I want people to talk about this degeneracy with. Add me?

No. 170860

Help you out with what, exactly?

No. 170922


getting a pet moid

No. 170928

No. 170932


can we talk about how shitty RF5 looks too

No. 170941

Does anyone think the butler aesthetic is unappreciated when it comes to femdom? Scrotes always want to be sissies, littles, trannies, gimps but nothing that's actually functionally and aesthetically pleasing to women…

No. 170942

Not at all. Service is what separates actual male subs from scrotes looking for wank material and kink-dispensers instead of a domme. It's a cornerstone of a good D/s relationship that's getting brushed aside by the popularity of BDSM porn, and especially the male-and-dick centric variety of BDSM porn.

Service/slave/human furniture/butler kinks all centre on something else besides or in addition to male pleasure and their pee-pees whims. They're great kinks to explore if you're into femdom, and I wish they got more attention.

No. 170998

Some smut femdom, femtop manhwa/manga I came across. Some of which y'all may know.

Sadist beauty
S Flower
HardCore Vanilla
Lady & Maid
Two Lane Road Tunnel
Until You Beg so Sweetly/Anata ga Amaku Nedaru Made (by the god dhibi)
The Blood of Madam Giselle (Not really femdom, but has SOME femtop theme)
Summer Solstice Point(Notch) (not femdom but femtop)

No. 171008

Cool, mines amorsalvaje#0944

I get the appeal but it doesnt turn me on personally. but i understand. even when males fantasize about being submissive to women, the focus is always on THEM. impact play? its all about his pain. Crossdressing? his humiliation. chastity? his poor horny weiner.

but i also understand THAT scrote mentality. im a switch and whenever im submissive, idgaf about "serving" my dom i just wanna get facefucked.

No. 171012

>i just wanna get facefucked.
What's so interesting about it?

No. 171087


>whenever im submissive, idgaf about "serving" my dom

Submissiveness is about being acted upon or something like that, not being a service top. I can't stop laughing about anons itt complaining men didn't produce female-appealing content to the fetish by themselves, like its a civil rights issue or something. Subs aren't some kind of mirror world doms that fit together with the other like two puzzle pieces.

No. 171093

It's not a sexual fantasy for me, just a fantasy. I really don't think it's sexy, sorry lol. It doesn't arouse me at all. I just know it would satisfy me in a different kind of way to boss a man around. I just wanna be in control and feel powerful.

No. 171097

>Submissiveness is about being acted upon
That's called being a bottom, anon. There's a difference between being a submissive and being a bottom. Most self-proclaimed subs are bottoms who want to lie there and have stuff done to them, but are too retarded to use the right term.

No. 171114

File: 1612928241139.jpg (77.8 KB, 564x1002, a6391a4fddf99067b29e18074a5809…)

Okay Imma say it

No. 171125

is that tom holland

No. 171132

Also known as "starfish subs", i.e. selfish, lazy lovers who happen to enjoy bottoming.

Actual subs do love to serve and please their Doms, and D/s most certainly is not all about doing stuff for and to the sub - that's frankly laughable, unless the arrangement is explicitly about a service top servicing the sub. Doms are not kink dispensers and pleasure providers for subs, no matter what scrotes would like to believe.

No. 171134

Nick Robinson

No. 171153

File: 1612959130568.png (Spoiler Image,367.22 KB, 680x395, 1.png)

Where can you find non-scrotey lesbian femdom?

No. 171164

File: 1612962399570.jpg (124.52 KB, 640x907, jo3jig9n6r761.jpg)

Submission literally entails submitting to someone else and putting their desires first. It's alarming how many people think being submissive means laying back and receiving all the pleasure and focus. Sorry, but if that's the bulk of your dynamic, that's just an unpaid job servicing a scrote where the woman gets no physical pleasure out of it. There's a reason why most guys can't find a "real" domme and have to resort to paying sex workers. It's also pretty embarrassing seeing some women claim to be dominant, but in the end they're just bending over backwards a bottom of the barrel scrote, just in a different flavor. Makes me want to shake them and tell them to take and do what they want and what pleases them (within well-defined boundaries, of course).

No. 171227

>Submission literally entails submitting to someone else and putting their desires first.

Within a context of the other person's active influence, or - at the very least - some pre-established convention, not as a spontaneous impulse to be an uwu owo butler like in all these peak coomerism takes itt. To think submissives are natural born butlers is laughable, ultimately everyone is only fulfilling their own needs and that is universal.

No. 171228

>ultimately everyone is only fulfilling their own needs
That means everyone is a service top switch

No. 171237

What is your obsession with butlers? "Service" means something else entirely in the BDSM context than just being a butler lol

You're right on the money here. A lot of so-called sub scrotes aren't interested in actually submitting to a woman - they just have a dominatrix fetish. They want that dolled-up dominatrix in a latex catsuit, and they want her to do everything they desire, with no agency or sexual interests of her own. She might as well be replaced by a particularly tacky lamp, for all the humanity she's granted.

No. 171238

I fucking love butler and servant concepts too. They will call me ojousama and live to serve and protect me.

No. 171242

God I love men crying so much. Pretty crying is great but sniveling, whimpering, voice breaking and being pathetic is what really gets me going, why?? I’m already biased because of my annoying obsessive Elijah Wood crush but his segment on punkd was like heroin to the coochie

God I wish they had waited just a little bit longer, seeing him burst into tears on camera would have gotten me diamonds. Forever jealous of the lady who got to kiss his hand and comfort him.

No. 171243

Hell yes. I love making men cry and whimper.

No. 171246

imaging wrecking a boy so hard hr cries.

No. 171248

No. 171250


Me too. Post more sexy examples pls

No. 171253

> If you want his pampering, then play into his fantasy… especially with fetish sex, props and costumes.
NTA, but that's a no-go from me, sis. The D/s dynamic shouldn't be quid pro quo. If you need to be his kink dispenser for him to want to serve you he needs to be in the trash with the rest of the failed subs.

No. 171259

(scroll down to"Show your Wife proper respect")


This is the most "extreme" found, it reads like fantasy, and is directed at men, but it does checks out any "sub box" you may possibly have.

No. 171264

File: 1613000592864.gif (497.97 KB, 500x280, 4C63AB75-6971-402F-9B0A-AB54CE…)


This thread needs more crybaby cuties but it’s surprisingly hard to find good scrunched up real crying faces. The stoic one tear coming down just doesn’t do it.

I can’t decide what’s sexier, the idea of making them cry or the idea of comforting them after or doing both. Is it bad that I find that clip so much hotter because it’s a genuinely humiliating situation he doesn’t want to be in? Feels slightly rapey / scrotey but I abhor the idea of doing anything a male wants me to do, but cuddling him after when he’s all upset is my sicko emotionally abusive fantasy.

No. 171265

File: 1613000766666.jpeg (109.06 KB, 650x1000, FDFF955E-F662-41F3-884A-7FC7AF…)

I just want to humiliate a cute guy until he bursts into tears and then lick them all up.

No. 171278

The women's nose on the right is beautiful. She has a nice side profile.

No. 171437

File: 1613114950882.jpeg (359.41 KB, 2029x2048, Dhl2w09UEAAtX6Y.jpg-large.jpeg)

No. 171443


No. 171479


No. 171481

File: 1613170784126.png (Spoiler Image,715.81 KB, 750x590, 1.png)

Name is Elise Graves apparently

No. 171505

File: 1613188480952.jpg (555.98 KB, 2756x3485, Isbwi292uwbeb.jpg)

No. 171506

No. 171507

File: 1613188695404.png (552.12 KB, 959x1024, image0.png)

my bf

No. 171509

DAMN perfect body

No. 171515


No. 171525

Timestamp + butt

No. 171529

File: 1613209711170.jpg (100.54 KB, 790x950, Cm2eE9lUsAwwYeah.jpg)

Have some more (it's Akechi from Sengoku Basara)

No. 171530

File: 1613209804981.jpg (128.18 KB, 820x1030, CvYWs_3VMAAod3y.jpg)

No. 171669


I just read Sadistic Beauty and it's such a shame. The Haesol/Doona stuff is (usually) pretty well-written in terms of demonstrating the realistic consequences of miscommunicating or crossing a line, not just from the BDSM perspective but also navigating an ambiguous relationship/fwb situation. For a manhwa anyway. Meanwhile the Minho scenes are outright rape, even though with some minor dialogue changes they could have easily been "just" CNC instead. At least the art is nice.

No. 171672

Happy Valentines day Femdoms. I have wax play candles, the wartenberg wheel, bondage tape, and floggers.
Ah should i box up the goodies and let my sub open up a present with hints of what is in store? or should i just give him a backrub and sneak up with the impact play? I want to get consent before i beat him but not spoil the surprise.

No. 171694

I really never knew what to make of the Minho scenes. Especially because in one of them he straight up hit her? It's good as fantasy porn though.

No. 171706

File: 1613346969922.png (Spoiler Image,606.23 KB, 826x406, 1.png)

No. 171707

File: 1613347316586.png (Spoiler Image,580.54 KB, 768x422, 1.png)

No. 171724

File: 1613377399695.png (13.28 KB, 905x72, retard.PNG)

hey i found the weirdest guy ever hes soooo submissive even to stuff he doesn't like but he's nice to talk to, his discord is [redacted](USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 171837

File: 1613474060225.jpg (412.11 KB, 1080x1346, tumblr_3ce8a721407426e51807f61…)

No. 171838

File: 1613474098872.png (Spoiler Image,279.35 KB, 504x673, tumblr_6be85ac6656aacf3fd79d19…)

No. 171839

File: 1613474131567.jpg (Spoiler Image,316.43 KB, 1536x981, tumblr_467ea88a6aed2720eb2f6a7…)

No. 171840

File: 1613474214128.jpg (104.21 KB, 640x868, tumblr_06888ce8d6010a99a12cd41…)

No. 171846

So biteable and beautiful

No. 171901


No. 171912

File: 1613517751082.png (244.15 KB, 337x600, tumblr_pah2jgDrt01r6ali2o1_400…)

No. 172058

I wish there was more erotica about guys getting sounded.

No. 172097

File: 1613625752886.png (140.74 KB, 540x329, tumblr_f951a919c58c8f7875edffa…)

No. 172101

Yesterday a friend of mine tried to confess his feelings to me. He’s cute, just as short as I like it, funny and most importantly into femdom and pegging. Thing is, I have a boyfriend who’s open to poly relationships and lets me play with whoever we’d agree on. I would have love to play some femdom stuff with this guy but now that I know feelings are involved…. heh. Should I consider pursuing playing with him? Or is it better to leave it to fantasy?

No. 172106


You're in a poly relationship - we don't know the dynamics of your thing with your BF. This is something you should discuss with your primary partner, not internet strangers who do not know you or your situation.

If you're poly, you presumably have some boundaries in place you've mutually agreed on. Discuss the issue based on that, with your BF.

No. 172135

Who cares? You're already poly which means you don't give a shit about your primary relationship, might as well just do whatever you want at that point.

No. 172145

Nta but I think anon was asking more about whether or not it's worth risking messing with that friendship, not her relationship.

No. 172172

If you're trying to protect this new dude's feelings, don't. Literally no man would object to getting to have sex/do kinky shit with a woman he was into, even if he wasn't her primary partner or whatever. They're slutty like that.

No. 172186

Thank you, that was the kind of advice I was looking for. I’ll propose the idea to him, then. I got burnt already on another D/s relationship but after discussing it with my primary partner I think I feel ready for giving it another shot.

No. 172268

File: 1613735893649.jpg (Spoiler Image,57.83 KB, 383x683, tumblr_pt0vyh5cVr1s0xyns_500.j…)

No. 172304

What do you all think about the idea of acts of service to show care ?

So the sub being the primary one that cooks or prepares meals, that mostly is the one that cleans and tries to do the most of the housework ?

It's always been a little confusing because , I think its a nice way to show you care but I dislike the idea of treating it as a unique or grand deal, does that make sense ?

Just the idea of not being able to worry about little things like that or having to sort a meal after a long shift seems really comfy to me, just come home, relax and its all ready and prepared and tided up afterwards.

No. 172324

Ugh, high heels gives me sissy vibes.

No. 172327

you can just have your bf cook for you, i don't think that's a dom/sub thing.

No. 172329

That might be a love language thing for you, additionally - but it absolutely is a kink thing too, and in my opinion a very important one. It's all too easy for female doms to be relegated to a kink dispenser role, as women generally need to make a conscious effort learn to put themselves first, be selfish, and be the one whose comfort/pleasure/whims are prioritised… especially in het relationships.

Service is very important in getting both parties into the right headspace for the the dynamic, for a lot of people. D/s isn't just about fucking for many of us, and service seems to be satisfying for subby types, in direct proportion to how useful and pleasing it is to doms. I recommend the book "Real Service" by Raven Kaldera & Joshua Tenpenny - it's a great look into the topic and why it is so key for so many kinky people, and it's pretty affordable as an e-book.

No. 172343

Only if the guy tries to look like a girl or wears girly make up. Just wearing high heels and lingerie is a turn on

No. 172384

No pornography in /g/

No. 172406

Service has always put me in the right mindspace as a dom because it always makes me feel like I'm actually getting what I want and the submissive gives a damn about me. Seems counterintuitive but when I'm loved and cared for it makes me want to have control over someone that much more.

Domming in the bedroom surprisingly doesn't give me the same feeling of control, unless there's painplay involved and the sub isn't a (physical) masochist but they're enduring it for me. It's too fucking easy for me to turn into a service top and prioritize my partner's fetishes because they put up with all my weird shit.

No. 172444

File: 1613858780186.png (861.14 KB, 738x914, 16091150387722.png)

Are submissive boys allowed to post here or is this a 'no boyz allowed' zone?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 172446

Go read the first post of the thread. Are male subs mentioned there?

No. 172447

This is the scrote from mundane shit thread, bet on it

No. 172449

expects to be spoonfed and wants to make a thread all about themselves. if it walks like a scrote, and quacks like a scrote…

No. 172450

Get your slimy, disgusting hands off of Venti, 3D scrote. You'll never be as cute of a sub femboy as he is.

No. 172451


lol ain't this the most typical fake sub shit - expects to be allowed in to spaces that are not for them, co-opts "cute" uwu things, and inserts themselves innocently into where they're not wanted… honey boo boo, if we wanted you here, we would have sent for you. we didn't. you're not special or of any interest - male subs are not hard to find and we don't need them here. fuck off and go cry into your cheetos.

No. 172475

File: 1613885386563.jpg (152.76 KB, 819x1024, tumblr_c51023a53dff56b23ba0471…)

No. 172476

Fucking stunning, but it belongs in the "attractive men I'd fuck" thread, it's got nothing to do with femdom

No. 172493

File: 1613906680583.jpg (34.4 KB, 575x323, (m=e-yaaGqaa)(mh=-mz_6NQLJ67gj…)

No. 172605

Fair, but you could consider the objectifcation of pretty boys as femdom? He's clearly in a fairly submissive pose as well.

No. 172610

yawn. no. nothing submissive about a guy literally just standing there lol.

also? way to make femdom malecentric.

No. 172615

So beautiful and elegant. I wish men could take pictures like this instead of just snapping a pic of their dick. They should put more effort into looking attractive

No. 172616

farmers, should I post images like these in the femdom thread?

No. 172617

No? It's not femdom

No. 172619

File: 1613984993936.png (350.79 KB, 626x434, unknown.png)

is this okay? sorry i just really like fit men

No. 172624

File: 1613988025549.jpg (Spoiler Image,48.3 KB, 640x637, toictqp3xrf41.jpg)

Completely agree, but they should go in a hot men thread instead.
As long as there is some sub theme like blindfold it's fine. Please post more fit men.

No. 172626

File: 1613988195008.jpg (Spoiler Image,62.07 KB, 575x859, (m=e-yaaGqaa)(mh=xKuE-QuA5EoNS…)

No. 172628

Please keep posting these in the other thread

No. 172629

oh my lord

No. 172630

what's the other thread?

No. 172640

the attractive men thread

No. 172641

i can flood it with female gazey male objectivation stuff?

No. 172643

File: 1613995685608.jpg (35.27 KB, 466x624, Ejfe3xSU0AAJ00a.jpg)

No. 172644

i don't see why not

No. 172645

File: 1613995729727.jpg (116.53 KB, 1280x1280, tumblr_17eb7d921e21274f52de86e…)

No. 172647

this is really hot but then i remembered that the chance this guy likes women is close to 0

No. 172650

one day you will have a muscly sub lingerie wearing bf who is 100 percent straight.

No. 172651

thanks nonny

No. 172652

File: 1613996755772.jpg (43.02 KB, 481x600, tumblr_94f5b1bbed6e08069740b8a…)

for you anon

No. 172653

cuckold shit is not femdom. there, i said it. if the woman gets dominated by a man, which is what happens 99.99999999% of the time, even if she still dominates her husband, then it's not real femdom and it's shit.

No. 172654

did somebody post some that here?

No. 172655

not here obviously, but a lot of "femdom" content out there seems to involve cuckoldry.

No. 172656

yuck, post something to cleanse that

No. 172657

No. 172658

unfortunately you're right but please don't ruin the fantasy. not here, not now

No. 172659

some of those boys are really quite masc though

No. 172660

File: 1613998221150.gif (938.25 KB, 410x262, jBvckk1.gif)

find source please

No. 172664


No. 172668

the woman is Maitresse Madeline Marlowe from kink.com, maybe start looking there.

No. 172703

This makes me a happy weeb.

No. 172758

Oh my….I really like this one

No. 173077

The guy is called Garett Nova, the scene is called 'Prostate milked for the very first time'

No. 173170

Can we post female friendly pronz images or not?

No. 173171

No. 173220

File: 1614367482815.png (Spoiler Image,397.28 KB, 707x441, 1.png)

No. 173227

File: 1614369391586.png (Spoiler Image,610.74 KB, 677x407, 1.png)

No. 173231

Nothing about this is attractive and i hope you get kink shamed for the rest of your life

No. 173234

Actual porn is banned.
kek that is not a "female friendly pronz image". Anon your taste suck ass

No. 173236

so, scrote?

No. 173239

Where to find good quality content? I know that Erika Lust is a director who specifically makes prnoz for women, but what about femdom content?(ban evading retard)

No. 173241

There are none because the porn industry is awful and only care about scrotes. It's time for the anons with hot sub boyfriends to get good cameras and whore them out for us.

No. 173244

>porn industry is awful and only care about scrotes

I spent like 10mins last night trying to find a good video to watch, searched things like shy boy, nervous guy, virgin, first time and was just met with heaps of moid shit instead.

even trying amateur didnt help, makes me reeeee

No. 173280

>It's time for the anons with hot sub boyfriends to get good cameras and whore them out for us.
Ah fuck, think I found a new kink. Tfw no cute shy bf to whore out and force to make an OnlyFans.

No. 173281

File: 1614424668871.jpg (190.78 KB, 827x999, EubccXXVIAMuWl0.jpg)

>It's time for the anons with hot sub boyfriends to get good cameras and whore them out for us.
This unironically.
>force to make an OnlyFans
Omg you genius.

No. 173283

File: 1614429833974.gif (2.17 MB, 430x322, gZz0p6.gif)


No. 173284

File: 1614430483087.png (250.32 KB, 439x349, mfw.png)

>no timestamps
You didn't think this through

No. 173287

i mean it's probs a scrote but what do you mean no timestamp?

No. 173294

In a patriarchy the mentality is that women are products and the moids are the consumers. The porn industry is based on this, so you will never find anything for you on these moid porn sites.

If we want something, we have to create it ourselves.

No. 173299

File: 1614440522900.jpg (273.71 KB, 2048x1364, ErCDBxGUYAM6Azb.jpg)

Exactly, timestamp and handposting required, dumb scrote

No. 173315

Posting someone else's scrote might happen

No. 173325

I miss when this thread wasn't so obviously full of male posters.

No. 173326

File: 1614452856770.jpg (73.02 KB, 490x600, 490px-The_Death_of_Orpheus,_by…)

Report them when you see them.

No. 173333

No. 173346

i mean it's a nice body

No. 173401

I've got the sub bf y'all would dream of lol. Only problem is I'm a huge sub myself He's perfect outside of the bedroom though, and he's 6'7 and built so I thought he would be more of a dom.. Not sure how to get myself to see sub men as more than weak and impotent.(emoji use)

No. 173529

File: 1614554277965.jpeg (506.44 KB, 1242x1625, F865212B-7BAC-4FDA-A114-FC55BF…)

If you are: femdom, degenerate, like horror and have a high tolerance for gore and grotesquerie I highly recommend Shiga Hime. It’s not heavily smutty, but the main women in the manga are essentially dominant, violent, monstrous vamps that turn humans (in this case, boys and men) into their “familiars” to hunt for them. There are definite aspects of sexual control, humiliation and manipulation, plus seeing these powerful women toy with scrotes’ lives and scenes like picrel are great even if it’s not explicit. It’s also just good in general with an interesting plot, so check it out if you want a horror/femdom crossover kick.

No. 173542

Are any of you here actually in femaled led relationship?

No. 173595

No. I only want control in the bedroom. Having a robot/pushover as a partner in life is pathetic and unfulfilling. I want a fully realized person with their own thoughts and opinions. Any sort of heirarchical relationship like that has the stink of the patriarchy on it and I'm not here for it. Women already take on the vast burden of the mental load in straight relationships and I don't need a scrote crying at me to handle even more of it because it's his kink. If a woman wants a specific femdom ~lifestyle~ where she tells a guy when to buy her things and when to wipe his own ass then fine, but I don't believe a relationship like that can ever have any crossover with someone you want as a life partner. I can be directive in everyday situations so I've chosen partners that are more indecisive/easy going to complement that (for both of our sakes), but I'm not going to shut down all conversation if there's ever a conflict of interest. I want to learn and grow with an equal, not act as someone's mommy.

No. 173613

I want to be a pretty submissive housewife in my daily life, and be a strong domme in the bedroom

No. 173624

Not yet, as my boyfriend and I are long-distance.
>not act as someone's mommy.
It doesn't have to be like that at all. In my ideal relationship, my partner would act as an autonomous servant rather than someone I need to micromanage constantly. He's equal to me, but serves me and is vulnerable to me because it's his way of showing love towards me. Not because he incompetent and needs me to whip him into doing things. I hate indecisive and passive men.

No. 173639

Have other nonnies discovered @seniorshinyface on tiktok (i know) yet? An anon posted him on the fetishes you're ashamed thread, he has this running joke where he begs for mommy in a veryyyy convincing sub voice and tbh it's hot. My favorite (I only found it on twitter, reposted by one of those tard nsfw accounts but still) is a video where he begs mommy to let him finish
Just realized this sounds a lot like a selfpost but I promise it's not

No. 173644

Samefagging to add the Imgur folder someone on the fetish thread made (thanks) https://anony.link/https://imgur.com/a/U9nOQ66
>Oh god mommy I'll be your good little whore

No. 173647

The incest porn trend is fucking cancer. I don't find guys whining about mommy sexy.

No. 173655

>He's equal to me, but serves me and is vulnerable to me
I mean, this just sounds like a normal healthy relationship. A good partner does things for you because it makes you happy, which makes them happy.
>an autonomous servant
But this doesn't sound as pleasant. As soon as it becomes "I'm doing this for my partner because they expect it of me" then it loses the magic. Can you find a partner who is naturally very giving and keen on doing things your way? Yes, and I support that. But there will be days when they're not feeling up to it and times when they deserve support. Maybe you just want a househusband which is fine, but the whole female/male-led and servant terminology is innately unequal.

No. 173660

File: 1614629271279.png (Spoiler Image,441.2 KB, 650x813, friendly.png)

Don't be afraid, he's friendly.

No. 173684

I really don't understand how this is mainstream now. I'm surprised there are women out there whose vaginas don't turn into the Sahara desert after being called mommy.
Do you think it's unequal because I wouldn't give my partner the emotional support when he needed it? I would never let him suffer alone. And also, what if he naturally got the most joy from putting me first and pampering me, and that's how our relationship functioned inside and outside the bedroom? I guess maybe the terminology makes it sound unequal, but calling him my servant is just a fetishy thing for me. We'd both enjoy it, I'd never coerce or cajole him into anything.

No. 173687

I agree with you nonny. It sounds like we’re on the same page and you’re describing a solid relationship where your partner genuinely likes catering to your desires frequently/more than the other way around despite still being treated as a whole person. I think that’s fine and it was an issue of terminology as you said. I’ve heard many scrotes use similar terms where they just want a fetish mommy to treat them poorly in the ways they want to be treated poorly rather than actually catering to her wants/needs.

No. 173691

I know what you mean, for example when I hear female-led relationship from a scrote I think "a 24/7 365 day arrangement where my mommy slav- I mean my domme wife spends hours of her free time edging me, putting me in chastity, finding men to cuck me with, and disciplining me so she can get me to do the dishes a couple times a week." I would love to hear about those from actual women who brought up the idea, but it's always the pornsick man who forces his poor victim to do even more emotional/sexual labor for him.

No. 173709

File: 1614661815868.jpg (647.1 KB, 2048x2304, hesgonnagetthestrap.jpg)

No. 173715

File: 1614668375778.jpg (85.79 KB, 700x1017, 904327984632964983252.jpg)

Exactly the sort of scenario I was imagining. I couldn't think of something I'd want to spend my time on less. I feel the dommes in those scenarios are operating under the delusion that they actually have some measure of power when in reality it's just another bastardized male fantasy.

No. 173717

File: 1614668412701.jpg (Spoiler Image,62.43 KB, 700x1003, 804329647326497236593270423.jp…)

No. 173718

File: 1614668499825.jpg (254.37 KB, 700x990, 704739264973620432814.jpg)

No. 173719

File: 1614668826209.png (Spoiler Image,1.43 MB, 1237x857, 4048732809476302846324526.png)

No. 173720

File: 1614669032961.png (Spoiler Image,1.28 MB, 651x829, 94893267843274094235.png)

No. 173721

File: 1614669287193.png (Spoiler Image,725.64 KB, 694x529, 684320843278946239864235.png)

No. 173730

jesus fucking christ… thank you anon.

No. 173780

Nice, it's hard to find photos of men that focuses on the legs and feet.

No. 173856


No. 173862

Best thread everrrrrrrrr

No. 173993

Its so hard to find a partner. Ive even been using 4chan of all places. Tell me itll be ok ;-;(;-;)

No. 174001

No. 174011

get this child off this hell hole of a site

No. 174021

So like some others farmers with excellent taste I like buff subs, but I know some of you like manlets. It made me think. In an ideal world, would you prefer:
-That men were still taller than women
-That the sexes were equal height
-That men were smaller then women.

No. 174023

I don't fucking care. Everyone's the same height when I sit on their face. I like buff and bear-type guys personally, not uwu little boys.

This is very male-centric and seems kind of sus - reminds me of whiny reddit dudes who insist that all women discriminate against them based on their height and that it is soooo unfaaaaiiiir.

No. 174027

>Everyone's the same height when I sit on their face.
Lmao queen shit. I feel the same way, I don’t really have a preference height-wise so long as a guy takes care of himself and is relatively muscular. I suppose in an ideal world I would be more of an Amazon because I like being physically imposing. True, you can (and should) put a sub on his knees, but I find it can be frustrating to have a guy literally looking down on you in everyday scenarios.

No. 174029

I don't get the height obsession either, couldn't possibly care less myself but some women really are obsessed with this, like a lot of them would put a minimal height requirement on tinder; or in all of these trash tv dating shows female contestants say first thing their ideal partner has to be taller than them, and then tall guys are always more popular than hotter but shorter ones. Like in that netflix show, Too Hot To Handle, that one dude was a total butterface but he was tall so all of the girls were all over him. My bf too is buff and has literally the most beautiful face I've seen any man have and he said he was rejected for his height many times, I guess it's other women's loss but I just don't get it. Like you've said, height doesn't matter when you fuck them so why would anyone want a tall uggo.

No. 174034

Height varies greatly across different ethnicities, your question doesn't takes this into account at all. Compared to myself, only the Dutch and men from my region are what I consider normal to tall, the rest of the world is full of tiny tiny people. Of course I don't consider most of the world to be unfuckable manlets just because I happen to be born somewhere with unusually tall genetics.

No. 174037

Samefag, so I live in a world where I am taller than the majority of men, but men are still taller than women on average.

No. 174051

Let me rephrase. Would you enjoy living in a world where women were taller or same height as most men of the same ethnicity? I was thinking about animal species were the females are bigger and I kind of envy them.
I would enjoy being taller than men, and looking down on them kek. But I like the feeling of dominating someone bigger than me in bed.

>Everyone's the same height when I sit on their face.

Well said.

No. 174053

Meh, I would only be okay with that if they were stocky/muscular (no, not fat or skinnyfat). I don't like how a lot of shorter guys into femdom either look wimpy or waifish, or try hard to look like uwu femboys.

No. 174072

short buff guys are my ideal type, they're so cute

No. 174086

I also like buff and slightly beefy men. My boyfriend is a lot taller than me but I don't really care about height either.

No. 174594

Which artist created OP pic?

No. 174596

hehe..i wanna know too

No. 174625

I love this scene so fucking much, even more than the legendary cross dressing scene. The way she yells at him and demands his hand, and tells him not to fight the pleasure. He tries so hard to act cool and calm after being made severely flustered. The way he can almost not walk out of the room like he just got a happy ending and can barely speak. I feel like this thread deserves this video.

No. 174632

File: 1615289620358.jpg (98.41 KB, 1280x960, 678bdcz5ljy31.jpg)


No. 174650

Anon you've ruined my entire life by introducing me to this video. Thank you

No. 174683

No. 174689

File: 1615311431526.jpg (567.82 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20210309-123653_Chr…)


No. 174713

I literally do this with my boyfriend. I am genuinely open to organizing some private shows or something for any of you if you guys want. I think I posted about this kink in this exact thread months ago lmao.

No. 174722

why the hell did a stupid little hand massage video make me feel all tingly and want to cover my face.

stupid cloud moaning like that too why are you so sensitive

No. 174727

This dude is built like some coomer pixar ant, disgusting

No. 175214

File: 1615686325496.jpg (110.06 KB, 717x751, image.jpg)

Please do, that sounds incredibly hot.

No. 175296

Seems like there's a theme with domming in this thread, people just doing dom stuff to their boyfriends. Anyone domming without this connection? How is your relationship with your sub, strictly dom/sub or do you also do things together outside of BDSM? Personally I'm uninterested in a romantic partner who is into BDSM like that, it feels in a way that true control of the situation is relinquished. I'd rather just have a man who only ever sees me as a goddess and not as my normal day to day self, kinda ruins the illusion imo.

No. 175299

I had a series of non-relationship subs and then I had a long term relationship with a sub. I ran into issues with both set ups.

The downside to the relationship was that the subbing extended too much into the whole relationship. He thought highly of me, after a few years you see each other in all sorts of states, sick etc and he still worshipped me like I was the sexiest woman alive. Seemed ideal. One day he just up and left suddenly. ALl his stuff was moved out. Turns out there were issues he never opened up about and given our dynamic he never could open up or critisise me even post break up. So it created a communication issue that I never detected in time to save us. I'm still a lil stumped at what I could've done differently. Was honestly heartbroken by the sudden departure of this totally doting 24/7 partner. It came as a shock.

Then with non-relationship subs it always came down to them ultimately being selfish unreliable scrotes like any other no strings guy would be. They had a thing they wanted and it felt transactional to a degree that was offputting. I could have someone on call to just come over, please me and then fuck off again but finding someone that flexible is surprisingly hard. Sometimes it's so hard that you wonder if they actually have a gf they're dipping out on to come see you. Without having the relationship or connection part it's hard to truly know why their schedule is full one week. They go MIA and you're not in a position to know what is honestly happening. They call you Goddess and beg to see you..then waste your time by being flakey on plans. Then go back to the begging routine again.

The ones that bought me sex toys, clothes, wine were more useful than any other ones. I ended up understanding why alot of women pro-Domme. If they're not also paying you for your time then they're often just not worth the hassle of entertaining or trying to scehdule meet ups. They're still scrotes with the same frustrating traits as any others. I rambled but that's just my experience.

No. 175305

>I'd rather just have a man who only ever sees me as a goddess and not as my normal day to day self, kinda ruins the illusion imo.
Yuck, what is the point of trying to be some scrote's ideal fantasy goddess? The whole idea of femdom is that it's supposed to be for the woman. Also, I don't think genuine D/s works without deep love or romantic connection, unless you're just looking to do scenes every once in a while. In that case like >>175299 says it'll just end up being transactional and you'll end up feeling like an unpaid sex worker he cheats on his gf/wife with. That'll break the illusion more than him seeing your day to day self, lmao.

No. 175385

Are you implying your subs don't see your day to day self as an absolute goddess? Pathetic.

No. 175388

File: 1615838454881.jpg (86.55 KB, 720x837, 6f8cfcbde9a327f7ac8ff6d2730b3b…)

There is a lot of talk here about finding a sub, but how does one go about finding a dominat woman? I have always desires to be in relationship with BDSM dynamics, but dominant women are extremely rare as they are, and adding additional requirement of same sex attraction make them basically non-existent. I am slowly loosing hope of ever having a mistress, and it is making me depressed to the point where I end up crying myself to sleep when I think about it.

No. 175459

Perhaps look for pantsuit-wearing business woman gf anon. Women in high stress careers tend to be dominant and mayyybe looking to destress wink

No. 175461

Dominant women aren't rare, you just suck at finding them or being at all appealing to them. I'm so fucking tired of this "ratio" whining. It's bullshit, and just poor-pity-me attention whoring.

Most subs are incredibly bad at interpersonal communication and writing personal ads. Cry less and invest in yourself, and develop into someone who is actually interesting. This may sound harsh, but if you can't even write an interesting personal ad/introduction, no one's going to waste their time on you. That's all on you. Work on yourself, and develop into someone who can actually be interesting and pleasant to be around. Become someone who's actually worthwhile as a potential partner.

There are plenty of female dominants on the scene - hell, we're the majority of D type attendees at munches, typically. And if you're that soddenly sad about it, hire a professional if you cannot find a play partner otherwise. Take a little responsibility for your own happiness.

No. 175462

Samefag but also dominant women aren’t that rare, they’re just not obvious about it. Unlike men who feel the need to swing their dick around and tell “I’m dom!!”, it’s not very domme of a woman to put herself on display, especially sexually, to attract, that’s a subs job. You gotta pick up the vibes, good luck anon.

No. 175467

>Most subs are incredibly bad at interpersonal communication and writing personal ads. Cry less and invest in yourself, and develop into someone who is actually interesting. This may sound harsh, but if you can't even write an interesting personal ad/introduction, no one's going to waste their time on you. That's all on you. Work on yourself, and develop into someone who can actually be interesting and pleasant to be around. Become someone who's actually worthwhile as a potential partner.
How to develop yourself into a worthwile sub?

No. 175472

Did you not read the post, or…?

Look into self-help books and invest time in self-development. Work on becoming competent, independent, and capable. Develop an actual personality and get to understand yourself as a submissive and as a person. Figure out what you want out of life and get after it.

No. 175474

>Dominant women aren't rare
Cmon anon, that is just not true. I dont know what your social circle or local scene looks like, but overally dommes are very rare. Someone posted statistics on last thread, and it showed like 5% of female BDSM practitioners being dominant.

No. 175476

I was asking about sub specific skills

No. 175478

Not that anon, but what the hell are "sub specific skills" anyway? You just need to know your limits and communicate them, learn how to listen to what your domme wants, and once you get to know the person and their preferences, you should be following up with proactive service. I'm not even a sub and I can do these things.

No. 175485

All of the things listed would make you a better sub and a better potential partner. Be proactive, and stop asking to be spoonfed everything.

When I vet for potential subs, I pass over anyone who's a whiny wet blanket, and who doesn't have a clear sense of self or personality. I'm looking for character, and a competent adult I don't have to play mommy-therapist to; nothing turns me off more. I'm sure there's a nurturing, nice mommydom out there who would absolutely love to mould someone, but it ain't me, babe. I want an adult who doesn't need to be mollycoddled into self-discovery.

If you still think you need "sub specific skills (sic)", your best bet is answering your own question: what kind of sub are you/do you want to be, and what kind of skills would that involve? I don't know, and I can't answer that for you. Good luck in working on yourself, anon.

No. 175511

Have you considered that domme women aren’t interested in grimy sex clubs and getting badgered on fetlife?

No. 175515

I did in fact consider it, but that does not answer the question where are they then?

No. 175517

There was a lesbian girl who said her ex-gf (best friend, but didn't work as a couple) used online dating to find a power lesbian with a highly paid job. Not exactly dominant perhaps but she covered the girl's expenses while getting some de-stress action in the weekends.

No. 175615

File: 1615992623447.jpeg (33.73 KB, 607x348, 5ACCA975-7AF5-41CA-87B5-E84903…)


No. 175776

posting this for the femdom vibes in the first half kek

No. 175783

Thanks I guess. All I have left to figure out is what I like as a sub and how can I get it.
>stop asking to be spoonfed everything.
I did just once cause you sounded like you had some secret knowledge kek. I am a worthwile partner, but I'm not 100% sure about being a good sub. I need to soulsearch a lot and read more on BDSM kek. Love this kind of shit.

No. 175792

Aah, woman of culture. The Williams sisters and Lee. I always loved their vibe although I hate that the scrote designers chose to make it into a love triangle where they fight over that silver-headed idiot. They should've both just used and tortured him together.

No. 175793

I think a good amount of people in general may not consider BDSM very deeply but are open to trying things if their partner likes it. If you're looking for someone who would have natural skill as a domme, then ideally they're open-minded, can be assertive, quietly confident and attentive (you want someone who can push your boundaries but not ream through them). I know this might sound contrary to what you want because it seems like you're "making" a domme and asking for things you like rather than them taking what they want, but if you give them a few ideas to start, the right person can then decide what they like most and innovate from there. So I feel it's more about finding someone with the right baseline personality traits and an open-minded attitude over finding a woman who already 100% identifies with being sexually dominant.

No. 175802

Ugh I didn't know that since I haven't played Tekken since dark resurrection. What a shame.

No. 175806

Sorry but the woman's body language in this is so off-putting that it actively ruins it for me

No. 175809

To literally no one's surprise. Also that person seems severely underage.
> "making" a domme and asking for things you like rather than them taking what they want
Ah the #1 sub sex move lol

No. 175847

It's great when your partner wants to experiment. Healthy dommes want healthy guys, just ones willing to be weird. It's possible BDSM has been normalized enough people forget it's abnormal.

My gripe with BDSM is the emotional abuse. Femdom has an element of role-play, but I don't enjoy emotional abuse. When I realize I can fuck with someone, I enjoy the sense of power. But I pity them. If they're a drain, I avoid them. Teases that end in a banana insertion into a dude who doesn't know his boundaries from his own ass, so to speak, is abuse. It's like when a 19 year old thot wears a Daddy shirt and wants a dude to choke her to death. Men like this may agree to it, but it fucks with them.

A woman as the single focus of attention and in fact worship in a man's life is dangerous. Guys with mommy issues may want a mommy which may lead to BDSM, but people don't realize what kind of emotional baggage he comes with. It keeps a dude in his trauma from a mother who abused him. He never becomes a man because he can't fill the void his mother left him with.

It repeats abuse.

No. 175866

Just here to share my absolute love for Anna and Nina, my two cheesy 90s femdom muses. Tekken only really exists for me as 4-5, the tag ones suck but 7 is fun to fuck with

No. 176123

Not sure if my fantasy is "domme enough" for the thread but I decided to share my masterplan anyway. I think that my long-lost domme side is waking up after hibernating period that lasted forever…
So, I'm getting in touch with that side of me again.

I'm going to find a kissless virgin. The type you found from Uni. Had acne/fat in high school so now they are too shy to approach girls.
Not MLP-Furry-nerdy, but studies mathematics/computers nerdy type.
Hits the gym regularly and got in shape but still kinda insecure about his body.

And then I'm going to fuck his brain out and play with him and make him worship my pussy.
The feeling of power that his inexperience gives to me turns me on. Everything I do for him is first time. It's like holding the keys of heaven.

And then I'll lock him into basement with computer and wait until he's next Linus Torvalds.
And then he can buy me a mansion because my pussy motivated him to become a better man and not kill himself and he can live there too, with the rest of my harem.

Ngl Ilsa Strix is my idol but I'm not into trannyfication.

No. 176149

>mathematics/computers nerdy type
>not into trannyfication
good luck with that, sis

No. 176161

File: 1616403439728.jpg (47.21 KB, 374x499, eating out.jpg)

Can I ask something?
Isn't femdom supposed to be about using the submissive for your own pleasure at his/her own expense?
So I don't exactly get how "deepthroat him until he nuts", "fisting her pussy", or "I wanna get facefucked" gives you physical pleasure

No. 176162

I’ve seen some of that from confused anons wandering into this thread asking shit like “if I put a collar on my bf then suck him off and let him fuck my ass if that powerful uwu?” but they generally get laughed at because none of the actual dommes here think that way. Of course it’s about having a sub serve your desires, anything else is just a rebranded scrote fantasy

No. 176166

>Submission literally entails submitting to someone else and putting their desires first
So the point is "what you desire" for your pleasure as a dom

No. 176173


Yes and no.
It might be hard to understand but some submissives are masochists and genuinely enjoy the physical pain.

In my experience, most female dommes get their pleasure from the mind games. For the same reason F/F D/S relationships are very hard to maintain long term. The pain itself is a tool to measure submissive’s devotion. Male doms are entirely different species and I don’t want to compare myself to them.

No. 176175

>most female dommes get their pleasure from the mind games
Could you explain this further?

No. 176180

>Male doms are entirely different species and I don’t want to compare myself to them.
How are they different?

No. 176187

In example, my former sub once said that one casual interaction at school had strong d/s energy. It was while ago so I don’t really remember what I did - sabotaged her homework as a joke, maybe?
And that’s the beauty of femdom headspace. It’s all about the feeling of power/submission, not the act. The submissive gives permission to hurt her and that’s more important than the actual pain.
I personally don’t really care about hc torturing stuff. Talking with friends who are deep in the BDSM scene makes me feel like I’m super vanilla.
When I was young and reckless my favourite thing was to burn a submissive’s skin with a cigarette. I try to be more careful with my acts nowadays.

The problem with D/S energy in F/F relationships that it’s all about feelings and it makes things more complicated than wearing collar in a bedroom.
The power dynamics are unbalanced and you have to still respect the sub’s boundaries BUT testing boundaries can be an experiment too. The sub I mentioned earlier was very sensitive person with strong feelings, and so am I. The power shifting is emotionally draining and if there’s more than sex it becomes very hard to maintain in long term.
For some reason I have experienced that d/s dynamics work better with men. They don't usually put too much thought to the feelings of submission. Submission for men is about the physical act like sticking needles into the penis.

Most males who say they are submissive are not the right kind of submissive for me. They want to satisfy themselves. They do not think about the pleasure they can give me but the sex experience I’m giving for them. There is submissive men in the wild but they are usually not active in the scene.
Dominas in the scene are usually sex workers who fulfil client’s fantasy, it’s not FOR the dommes.
The most D/S energy I have witnessed is between married couples, where the man is kind of “pussy”.

No. 176189

I mentally enjoy seeing the submissive in pleasure as well. It is just that I get decide when and how. Like I dont see giving oral or strap on fucking as femdom but they dont make me feel submissive either so I just do them if I want to. But I dont see how anyone would not feel submissive when their face is fucked.

No. 176263

>The most D/S energy I have witnessed is between married couples, where the man is kind of “pussy”.
You need to explain that

No. 176275

FFs stop parroting the same one liner of basically 'explain more' over and over again.

No. 176283

Those are 2 or 3 different anons, retard.

No. 176290

please explain

No. 176292

File: 1616507577268.png (Spoiler Image,377.74 KB, 536x502, femdom.png)

So it's about dominant pleasure vs. submissive pleasure

No. 176293

File: 1616508317341.jpg (25.64 KB, 474x355, 179205ed186873c1b9017018daf6ae…)

Farmers I'm in need of help as a girl heavily into gfd and with some experience in it but with a delusional (?) personality.
Quite a while ago I found a sub guy in so to say a bad place for it. Honestly if I could tell the story in full detail farmers would have the greatest laugh of their life kek. Everything wasn't too bad for some time and he'd make a great sub in all the ways but at a few points he became absolutely uninterested in me (to the point of being interested in how other dommes would be) probably because of me being vulnerable and paranoid as hell because of my personality flaws and fucked up experiences that encouraged it. Maybe it was also triggered because of him not finding me perfect because of my appearance and pereferences when it comes to domming. but after some challenges he says he changed and that it won't repeat and now he's interested in me only.
Even though I realize that something still feels off, I can't make myself be petty or angry or say something harsh for him treating me that way and maybe he is being honest this time and it's my fault for still feeling hurt.
The question is: am I loser of a domme? Is my attitude towards love for a sub is too self-harmful? And if a sub breaks my heart and gets interested in other dommes even for a short period of time and ends up feeling sorry for it does it mean he won't want to truly be my sub? Can you even be a domme if you're extremely empathetic and caring and can't be mentally assertive to the point of radiating dominance?

No. 176295

I wish you best luck on your quest of finding a sub but I think like >>176149 he would troon out.

No. 176297

File: 1616511331748.jpg (335.4 KB, 1080x2376, GojFTnLjymyinWp5JRAX2ZVN65cIJs…)

I don't have good advice, but I'm somewhat similar in that I'm not exactly "radiating dominance"? I'm really sensitive, I apologize a lot, and I'm constantly considering the feelings of others instead of just doing what I want. I've always seen it as myself having a bad personality for femdom, but you know what, fuck it. Just be how you are unapologetically. Femdom is for you, it's not your job to keep the interest of (let's be real here) pornsick retards or flakes who don't actually care about submitting to you personally.

If a guy told me he was interested in other woman, he would be out of my life in a second. You don't have to entertain that. You should be the one demanding more of him, not the other way around. Imo, dominance and submission especially shouldn't be taken lightly. If he can just go around and serve another domme you don't mean shit to him. He's just looking for someone to act out his fantasies with. Please find someone who actually loves you and wants to serve you.

My rule of thumb is: always expect enthusiasm. If he is leaving you guessing, he ain't it, sis.

No. 176300

File: 1616513278343.jpg (58.6 KB, 500x264, 11083291.jpg)

Thank you so much anon!
I doubt I could ever be passionate about domming some other sub than him so I can't just give up my interest in him and love for him, I couldn't handle knowing that I made him feel pain I felt or even sadness. I guess I have to just go with it.

I'd say dominance isn't just being assertive and unforgiving, it's also striving for what you truly want. Though I do feel the need to be proven love and dedication to me more as just the thought of him being interested in other girls and them domming him makes me sick to my stomach and I don't even know if it's just immature or just me feeling like it's a sign I won't be treated seriously enough and loved strongly enough. I'll have hope though.

No. 176303

File: 1616515000459.jpg (104.54 KB, 1200x1730, 1548239548206.jpg)

>Though I do feel the need to be proven love and dedication to me
>feeling like it's a sign I won't be treated seriously enough and loved strongly enough
I definitely can relate to this. I feel very fragile in this type of relationship, because D/s is a matter of love and devotion to me. Unfortunately, it's not that way with a lot of submissives (both men and women), as >>176187 mentioned. Most likely the problem with your sub is that he probably doesn't see it as a relationship style/way of expressing love, but as a fun kinky thing to do. That's why he can imagine being with other women. Not to burst your bubble or be too harsh but he simply isn't taking it as seriously as you are. He's just along for the ride.

How do you change this? Well, you can't. Either someone loves you and wants to submit to you or they don't, you can't make them do so. Anything else is just them tolerating the relationship so they can get what they want out of it, ie. getting their rocks off or getting female attention and validation.

No. 176304

File: 1616517071613.jpg (19.73 KB, 271x320, wC33nUDm.jpg)

Thank you but I kinda doubt it as he isn't very sexual and is very shy and careful when it comes to it and also keeps saying time to time how much he loves me and only needs me. The thing that gets in the way is that he told me these things even before the periods of becoming uniterested in me because of me being busy or nervous and not having some special hobbies or just not engaging in the same leisure activities he likes even though I tried to get involved in his interests and I sincerely enojyed it (I think he wanted to be involved in the stuff I do and not the other way around as seems like he sees it as dom / sub thing but I'm an unstable and busy introvert so it's not too easy for me even though I do try and am dominant and assertive when it comes to sexual and romantic stuff).
And that's why it's hard for me to feel secure as I used to believe that a true sub who is 100% dedicated to his domme could never make her feel not good enough or even think about talking to another domme or feel not entertained enough by a woman he loves, especially when it comes to gentle femdom. But in the end I'd say nothing is just black and white and simple in dom/sub relationships that are not only sexual.

No. 177208

what's the difference between being a dom and a brat? lately, I've discovered that from a scrote point of view I fit more into the brat category than the dom one and I'm confused of whether is it just that femdom to coomers is different than what it is to women or am I just a switch.

No. 177228

Uhhhh nsis but a brat is just a sub that acts up to get punished by a riled up dom and gets off on that.
Not sure why it’s so hard to distinguish.

No. 177237

Mood. Idc if this is old I wanna cry because I will never have this

No. 177242

I gave my boyfriend head and when he was about to coom, he asked me to take his nut in my mouth and kiss him then put it in his. He is always like “that was salty!” Or “eww!” But I think he likes it. We’ve done this like 4 times since and is this submissive? I ate his (meticulously clean) ass too. I am new to this being a dim but I love seeing my emofag long hair scrawny ass 6’2” act like a little slut

No. 177243

File: 1617169436332.gif (Spoiler Image,497.87 KB, 500x301, 0C5F44F0-3720-486B-A59D-BBA45E…)

cool pls go to a different thread thanks.

No. 177244

I’m the op for the quoted post and I’ll find it for u, I know the original source is actually some gay guy with really feminine hands kek
The moans were exquisite I came back for this goldie but it’s gone ugh

No. 177245

File: 1617170684788.jpeg (Spoiler Image,19.87 KB, 260x194, 997C1507-21D6-4F64-A4AF-C12FEB…)

Why do you make yourself subservient to give him pleasure? Instead of eating his ass and swapping his cum just fuck him with a strap and make him clean himself up.
You just sound like a pathetic service top.

No. 177249

File: 1617173786122.jpg (37.06 KB, 500x368, 2516923222222.jpg)

I feel like there is a huge disconnect between what femdom is to the general public and to anons here like myself, I shake it off as scrote perception of what femdom is like but the few femdom experiences I had the subs expected me to perform the latter, while other scrotes who are unaware of what I am into assume I'm a brat because I'm mean and controlling.

But I think it has more to it, the standard for femdom seem to be pegging, I'm not into pegging, a lot of anons swear it's male-centred femdom… fine, doing most of the work -in general- is the dom's job but only here I see people claim that it's the sub's job even though maledoms still do most of the work, part of the dom's job also involves aftercare and being a caretaker figure to the sub and almost infantilize them. those are the things I can think of right now that I'm not really into and would rather be on the receiving end for some of them.

I enjoy giving my partner (or males that I like) a hard time and I'd love to see them in handcuffs or bondage and I enjoy ordering them around and testing their limits emotionally, but I also don't really enjoy the company of most subs because they're whiny and expect too much which is reasonable IMHO whiny men are such a turn-off for me, I just want to be as mean as possible while still being treated nicely, I don't think I ever enjoyed a femdom experience with a real sub I always end up feeling disgusted I enjoyed my time more being demeaning and demanding to men who are more into being the dom, afterwards I want to be the one cuddled not the one doing the cuddling, that being said I don't want to be chocked or hit and called ugly names, I don't enjoy being humiliated at all and I find it gross and I never want to be put in a situation where I am physically restricted or have my limits pushed.

The things I mentioned above make me confused about my sexuality, a good thing we're living in Rona's age and my chance of having a sexual encounter is slim. maybe I'm just a difficult woman who happens to be controlling and just a pain to be around.

No. 177260

File: 1617180159229.jpg (1.25 MB, 4000x1800, 20210331_082800.jpg)

It's going to be a fun weekend

No. 177261

what's the long metal(?) thing?

No. 177283

>maybe I'm just a difficult woman who happens to be controlling and just a pain to be around.
Holy shit Anon, sometimes I feel the same way. I feel like I'll never really be able to fully express this side of myself because the few moments where I do my partner can never handle it. I always have to sugarcoat everything and be super nice and sweet (because of my stupid conscience). I just want to be as mean and controlling as I fantasize about…

Also I can tell my boyfriend responds better when I'm being nurturing more than when I'm being demanding and sadistic. I mean, that makes sense, that's a healthy reaction. But for some reason it also makes me really, really depressed. I love him but I wish he liked both sides of me equally…

No. 177297

Spanky spanky thingy.

No. 177299

File: 1617200888112.jpeg (49.43 KB, 421x429, 5652AFE3-6F12-4318-85F0-113752…)

No. 177301

B-but he is enjoying it!!!!111!11!!

No. 177306

>I just want to be as mean and controlling as I fantasize about…

>when I'm being demanding and sadistic.

You want to make him cry don't you.

No. 177308

File: 1617203832761.jpeg (66.67 KB, 758x751, 9833AF91-03B7-46AD-B03E-877173…)

Lol I kek because when they answer the question as to what sadistic and mEaN things they like to do to a sub it’s always like
>deepthroat him until he cries and finally so I swallow

Like wow what a wild fantasy …

No. 177314

File: 1617205972488.png (742.66 KB, 1000x1405, 36AFD03E-5B06-4942-BE00-06D8B5…)

I feel pretty ashamed but I can’t help fantasizing about forcefully impregnating a guy. I seriously have no other troonish tendencies, but there’s something unbelievably and ultimately dominant about the idea of forcing a dude to carry around physical proof you fucked him for the whole world to see.

Maybe I’m just a reverse autogynephile (whatever that’s called). As a small soft faced female I’ll never be able to physically and symbolically dominate and humiliate a guy like another guy can. I’ve definitely been a dude in some of my fap fantasies.

No. 177321

Lmao what mpreg does to a mf
>As a small soft faced female I’ll never be able to physically and symbolically dominate and humiliate a guy like another guy can. I’ve definitely been a dude in some of my fap fantasies.
Can’t relate tbh. Hope you feel better soon.

No. 177323

>As a small soft faced female
This whole post is just bizarre lol

No. 177325

File: 1617209519402.jpeg (244.09 KB, 1440x960, 2285FE4B-AC2C-453F-BE4F-D05FFD…)

Pls no booly. It’s just a fantasy, it’s about as real as my other fantasies of pegging thicc Captain America while squeezing his tits, or forcefully sucking on my celeb crush’s toes.

No. 177326

>It’s just a fantasy, it’s about as real as my other fantasies
About as real as you being a lil soft faced female

No. 177327

the way my face dropped when this post went from cap america titties to toes… no offence but i think the kinks you're ashamed of thread would be more suited for you anon

No. 177330

I’m confused as to why people think I’m male and not like a fakeboi in denial or something. I admit my fetishes are on the scroty side though.
Sorry, I meant more like “soft features”, ESL. physically not intimidating?

No. 177335

>pegging thicc Captain America while squeezing his tits, or forcefully sucking on my celeb crush’s toes.
Yeah I can get it with the tits, but the toes no thanks anon.

No. 177344

fascinating. the wild aap (autoandophile).

No. 177352

God is good, ladies. Last night while laying in bed my man said "I have no interest, but if you wanted to, I would let you peg me". We've joked about it or sent each other memes referencing it, but I never thought he'd actually consider it - let alone be the one to initiate that conversation. I've only been dominant with him a handful of times, wish I knew how much he wanted to sub sooner

No. 177355

Exquisite GIF nonny, what's the source?

No. 177356

My pronouns are sim / sir

No. 177361

That's part of it, yes. I like the idea of making him endure pain for me.
Lmao, I know what you mean and no, it's not like that. What I fantasize about is making him completely and totally obedient to me, essentially my slave. I can be as selfish as I want with him, ranging from making him my punching bag when I'm stressed out and need a stress release, to pushing him down to his knees and making him eat me out whenever/how often I wanted until his jaw is aching. Obviously it's just not sexual either, I want to boss him around and have him defer to me outside of the bedroom too (no, I don't mean anything involving other people).

I realize it's not crazy and super kinky either, but what I want is beyond the level of control most scrotes can handle. They want a woman to deep-throat edge them for 3 hours straight and pretend she's the dominant one, instead of actually deferring control to her in meaningful ways she would want.

No. 177384

>making him my punching bag when I'm stressed out and need a stress release

explain more, I'm picturing silly examples from you stubbing your toe or spilling milk and talking it out on him

No. 177387

careful, you will trigger that one anon

No. 177427

>explain more
explain more

No. 177446

Eh, it would probably actually never get to that point (I would beat him up because I like doing it, not because I'm actually mad), but it's fun knowing you can, right? That being said I would definitely invent dumb "excuses" like you said. Maybe I'd pretend he didn't serve me my coffee hot enough, maybe he left a speck of dust somewhere, I just love the idea of being extremely petty like that and him accepting it all.

No. 177469

File: 1617289945654.jpg (142.65 KB, 800x1195, 800px-Marble_sculpture_-_Rodin…)

I think a lot of us dominant women end up staying away from the bdsm scene because it's all about male fantasies.

>Can’t relate tbh. Hope you feel better soon.
I love you farmers sometimes.

No. 177475

It’s definitely a male anon kek

No. 178372

my top fantasy is making a guy cry and beg me to let him cum after using him for my own pleasure for hours, not in a violent or degrading way tho, just worship and servitude. bonus points if he is fit but not overly "manly". sadly i dont have anyone in my life i can fulfill that with. havent had much luck searching for porn like that either… everything i come across just feels like the woman is a sub acting like a domme to please the scrote. any suggestions?

No. 179030

File: 1618179134190.png (270.3 KB, 362x467, raccoon.png)

Grab yourself a small and comfy one

No. 179036

out of curiosity are any of you conventionally attractive irl?

or is this just a fetish for creepy sexual rejects?

No. 179039

I doubt it. Theyre like the poly bitches, femcels ready to take any role in the relationship because theyre desesperate and need someone who "loves" them.

No. 179042

Most female doms ive seen are attractive while their male counterparts look like onision. Personally im turned on by males suffering and kicking their dicks and choking them and youd be surprised at the amount of men who are into that. males do whatever i tell them to do lol

No. 179043

Sage your autism

No. 179046

I think this is closer to the truth
are you hot?

No. 179051

>It also has been suggested that it has a possible recreational use in reducing or eliminating the male refractory period, thereby allowing men to experience multiple ejaculatory orgasms in rapid succession, and at least two scientific studies support those speculations.

penis milking drug

No. 179107

I think there's a lot of truth to this.
One of my exes said he was a switch, he wanted me to dom him. The whole experience always sucked, it was always about his pleasure, and he got whiny and annoying so quickly if I didn't do things the way he wanted it (the whining also a huge turn off for me, begging is hot, whining is not). It was never about our dynamic, only about what he had seen in porn.

It's kind of turned me off the whole irl experience.
Though I have had nice conversations with some guys about it since then, I don't really feel a need to try it again, as I am just too scared of being dissapointed.

No. 179161

File: 1618253406655.jpeg (168.02 KB, 750x906, 783A75E5-CCF6-4465-8C73-7FCC51…)

>powerful woman
>sexual reject
What’s next, you think femcels are real? KEK

No. 179174

Don’t think we don’t know that you’re trying to get insulted by hot girls anon-kun.
I always found it best to not engage with dudes who label themselves sub/switch and actively beg to be dommed. They’re selfish fucks 90% times.

No. 179182

File: 1618260243418.jpg (474.35 KB, 680x1056,