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File: 1623605351144.png (243.33 KB, 664x390, ill be the one in charge.png)

No. 191915

Last thread: >>>/g/161431

Thread for:
>femdom images and media
>femdom fantasies
>female subs interested in women
>advice and stories

Some things to get us started:
>What are your main kinks?
>What is your ideal sub like?
>What experiences have you had?
>What advice do you have for new dommes?
>Where to find subs? How to avoid unhealthy ones?

No. 191927

Damn how much hairgel is she using for her hair to stand like that

No. 191969

its very cold and her hair has frozen is all

No. 191997

I feel weird and gross for enjoying the helplessness and desperation of men in my life and in cinema

No. 192002

dont, they deserve it

No. 192004

I know. I know, I know, I know. But I don't know if I am okay with being aroused by genuine tears but it's the direction I'm going in. I am so disdainful of dominant men but I'm really no different from the worst of them.

No. 192005

File: 1623637089394.jpeg (111.57 KB, 600x600, B6CA66CB-AA24-42E7-B875-16F2C8…)

At first I was like ooo edgy. But then I was so incredibly turned on i startle myself kek
I’m not into nuggets specifically but the psychological abuse is so good. The eyes of mindbreak and despair, or perhaps surrender and submission, at the end are too much, FUCK! Anyone know where to see the rest of the chapters? Author is barely active on sns. I might buy their book.

No. 192006

>I'm really no different from the worst of them

No. 192037

Kinda doubt that OP is 'just as bad'. Has that anon trapped an emotionally vulnerable, homeless scrote into a bdsm relationship and is forcing him to walk around with heavy weights clipped to his dick and nipples (among other things) for his sadistic pleasure? Cause that's what happened to a woman I very briefly knew, and even that is far from the most horrifying shit maledoms pull like murders.

No. 192050

disgusts me the OP of the thread is the woman in cute underwear but the man? basic as fuck.

No. 192052

No. 192060

She looks like she's about to ride his dick and then swallow his cum

No. 192067

I'm loving these reoccurring jokes lol

No. 192079

Meh, everyone seems to want men in panties but that does nothing for me because women wear them. Boxer briefs are the best, they accentuate the thighs nicely.

No. 192082

thanks anon, I'll check this out tonight. I've been browsing the literotic audio recently and found this gem. it's such a shame cause this is the only one of it's kind he made. it's pretty tame but I love his voice, he sounds so desperate and turned on


nta but where do you find that kind of thing?

No. 192198

>where do you find that kind of thing?
I'm nta either but you can find a lot on porn sites under the gay category. Search "jerk off" or "solo guy" on the het shit and you get obese hairy scrotes zoomed in on their beer guts and half-flaccid dicks but in the gay section it's primarily ripped, groomed, hot guys showing their whole bodies. For example go to Xvideos, switch the preference from straight to gay (upper right) and give it a go.

No. 192199

File: 1623718030312.jpg (Spoiler Image, 5.45 KB, 151x85, unnamed.jpg)

oh boy

No. 192200

File: 1623718283285.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.96 MB, 540x250, tumblr_nexp74735d1qf2xrio3_540…)


No. 192204

how tf do i get a bf like this

No. 192206

Ok that’s hot
Lowkey wish we had a dropbox or something so we don’t have to visit rape tape sites

No. 192212

Same. I actually don't visit them anymore because I feel too guilty giving traffic to sites that host so much misogynistic garbage as well. I never really used Tumblr but it seemed better in that respect.

No. 192213

like fuck he is pretty

No. 192276

Why are you posting gay porn, are you a fujo, retarded och just both?

No. 192312

fuck anon, is there more of this? the file name says it's from tumblr, what blog is it from?

No. 192320

be a gay man

No. 192321

Matriarchy now please. Pretty guys for all women. All straight male uggos can work in the mines.

No. 192337

Nta but 99% of attractive men in compromising positions are found under the gay category. Actually search for femdom online and you’ll get a chick wearing uncomfortable, Chinese import lingerie while she half-heartedly whips a fat balding scrote in a gimp suit straining to contain its fleshy prisoner. I would much rather encounter occasional anorectal violence between hot men than deal with yet more misogynistic trash filed under “female empowerment.” If you don’t know that the vast majority of material marketed as femdom is still catered to men, then you haven’t had an interest for long.

No. 192345

What does the Venn diagram of FtM's, fujoshis and femdoms look like?

No. 192473

I'm not really one that watches porn, I like reading kink stories instead but say you had 'fuck it' money and you could finance some femdom content catered towards you.

>What would you want to see ?

I usually like slow burns in my stories so maybe in a silly way I'd like a better focus on characters and depth and have a slow attraction blossom and grow.

I think a lot of mistakes people make when looking at femdom is that it's mostly focused on men and their enjoyment along with that the femdom is more violent or extreme. I think the kind I like is more gentle femdom or a role reversal focus but not just the man and woman reversing roles but more dynamics being switched.

Like women being in charge doesn't mean women behaving like men but how women would be in their own right.

>tfw no executive woman and assistant/secretary man romance

>tfw no tough biker chick and gentle florist boy

No. 192481

Tbh you're probably a lesbian, Google the lesbian master pdf doc if you haven't already seen it.


I'm not saying it's impossible for men to be submissive but…

I was a sex worker for awhile, and although I only did wank off massages, many of my colleagues did 'full service' including BDSM work.

The truth about men interested in femdoms is they are not actually interested in submission. They are interested in violating boundaries.. Sure a few just want to be pegged and get off on feeling like "a very naughty boy", the vast majority choose to be a sub as a sort of pseudo sexual assault rush. They want to be in a situation in which they can violate the rules.

Being paid as a sub sex worker, isn't something many women choose to do.. The idea of giving a client that much power is scary and most women in the industry have been violated by men before becoming sex workers. I entered the industry after becoming disillusioned with regular work; working at cafes I was being paid 10X less, and getting sexually assulted by my bosses regardless.

My friends who have been paid as both femdoms-&-subs, say subbing can be sooo much easier. While most male doms are control freaks at best, and yes still rapists at worst; Soooo many more people are sexually assaulted by their "submissive" male clients…

What you're watching is fetish content, it's not real. Do not try and find a male submissive exclusively, 9/10 they will be lying to you just to fuck you or worse rape you. Get a regular boyfriend and manipulate him into letting him peg you is the best bet.

Good luck, n power 2 Ur pussy!(namefag)

No. 192484

Uhh who is a lesbian, Jumbofrog@protonmail.com?

No. 192720

Does anyone know where I can read this fully in English?

No. 192788

File: 1623971113310.jpeg (504.76 KB, 960x1280, 513DE625-8853-43B2-9BC6-FCFE7C…)

Ayrt, I searched around and had no luck. Couldn’t figure out how to contact the translator&editor either. Most likely they long dropped it, been years since it completed.
Anyway I bought the tankoubon kek. Pretty much hentai sites already posted all the sex scenes and aren’t interest in the rest. Most of it is a rather standard psychological horror, but it satisfies my demons personally.
If one feels really strongly about it tho, one can obtain the digital and pitch it to translation groups.

No. 192789

her tits are also sideways but still perky and her hair is glued in place so obv a coomer made it

No. 192803

File: 1623974668603.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.87 MB, 3296x2472, 20210225_171133.jpg)

My subby bf

No. 192817

I'm tryna fuck yo boyfriend nigga.

No. 192818

Excuse me

No. 192824


No. 192825


No. 192826

No. 192827

No. 192828

Newfags please gtfo or read the goddamn rules

No. 192835

Daddy material though

No. 192849

Literally the self-posting scrote samefagging again. Fuck off and die.

No. 192893

Audio recs w non American accents?

No. 192919

File: 1624008816839.jpg (2.2 MB, 2000x3072, tumblr_bff31ee0790d0e9af82c549…)

I saved this image just for you guys

No. 192955

File: 1624022167564.jpg (210.2 KB, 1071x1000, DZOXO82V4AAcG5E.jpg)

maybe this explains why i like gay male porn more than anything else. femdom vids usually suck. i don't want the focus to be on some pretty lady in stilettos gently whipping a guy, i want to see a man reduced to a slobbering, emasculated mess moaning like a slut. plenty of gay porn has vids where a guy isn't even fucking another, he's just got him tied down and is torturing him and it's chef's kiss for me.

No. 192970

is that a tranny lmao

No. 193037

he's giving her a hard time smdh. moids!

No. 193081

I met a cute subby boy lately who would have been a dream come true, but he's very experienced and was a bit of a whore in the past so I can't feel much excitement for him even when he does and says the things I've always wanted a sub to do. I really like virgin and inexperienced boys and they make dominating more fun for me. Maybe I'm just picky. I'd be so into this guy if only if he was a virgin or at least fucked less in the past.

No. 193092

File: 1624057269937.jpg (193.29 KB, 850x1105, sample_1344d5a515b4fff3dbd89fd…)

>Begin lipstick kissing younger boy with friend at party
>Take his shirt off and cover him in kisses while holding him down
>He was shaking like a leaf when we were finished
It isn't a good story, but knowing that he'll remember that night for the rest of his life is really hot to me. Pic contextually related I guess

No. 193093


No. 193094

Agreed. "Femdom" videos are extremely male gazey and focused on how sexy the lady is (plus you can tell she's not having a good time) while the guy is some fugly, red-faced pig. Most straight men are as silent as the grave too, boring as hell. I do have some good memories about yelling at a former partner to moan louder until he let go, but honestly it was more effort than it was worth.

I like the vague redneck vibe of this, like the dude tried to pick her up at a dive bar then she punched him, chained him up and is taking him back to the trailer park to punish him further. Kek

No. 193095

I feel the same, sluts are an immediate turn off. Maybe it sounds scrotey but the fact a guy would just give his dick to anyone is gross. Indicates he has zero self control or discernment. Not great qualities in a sub. I've had very few partners myself and all were in the context of a long-term relationship, so I'd expect that same of a man. Too bad it's near impossible to find.

No. 193097

jfc next time spoiler ur image i don’t wanna see this shit on the home page

No. 193103

sounds like you traumatized a teenager, creepy

i refuse to be with a man who won't make noises during sex it's so unnerving and unsexy

No. 193120

this is why i watch gay porn
warning it's gay porn

No. 193125

Wow. Impressively high pain tolerance on that one.

No. 193127

really just need a guy who's happy to be turned into a screaming spasming mess like that. no pussy shit. i'm gonna abuse him and make him cum in ways he never thought he could

No. 193202

File: 1624115417491.webm (2.93 MB, 1920x808, 1623964821771.webm)

No. 193294

Lmao what is this from anon?

No. 193306


No. 193356

Since there’s no translation of this one, does anyone have any good recs for similar media? Yandere girl kidnapping, torturing, and fucking (raping?) her beloved is my favorite trope but I’ve never seen it in a female gazey context (except this one that isn’t translated, sad).
Any recs are appreciated, even your most vanilla ones are fine as long as the female lead is holding power over the dude.

No. 193375

How do you find doms ?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 193386

Thanks for that twitter link anon, I came.

In my dream there should be a porn company run by women, the male subs are hot and have no masks so we can see their expressions and hear their sounds in glorious detail. And the women doing stuff to them are just normal ladies.

No. 193488

thoughts on this song nonnies? ignore the cover art, focus on the lyrics

No. 193494

No. 193496

This reminded me of Silk Labo. It's a Japanese company run by women for women with straight content. At the least the guys are hot and the women are never in degrading situations, there's focus on her pleasure. All the scenarios are pretty "soft"/romantic and unfortunately nostly guided by the men, but it's at least better than the vast majority of shit out there. I wish there was more specifically femdom content though.

No. 193498

File: 1624238771810.png (Spoiler Image, 168.13 KB, 234x340, 2832908352423534.png)

Another anon recommended a decent femdom manga a while ago. It didn't have many explicitly sexual scenes but this vampire woman systematically destroys a school boy's life and turns him into her familiar who has to hunt for her. It was very dark but interesting. I want to say something like "Vampire Claw" but that's not it.

Anyway overall manwha tend to be better for this type of content. Check out S Flower and Sadistic Beauty.

No. 193501

File: 1624239778012.png (744.75 KB, 520x1164, 74932649832740.png)

Oops, can't forget Lady & Maid. Woman inherits a fortune along with 5 "maids" (male) and has her way with them. Since there are five, if one isn't your type another likely will be. She has an appreciation for tiddy which I like kek

No. 193507

File: 1624243215728.jpg (476.36 KB, 1269x676, Image00234.jpg)

Male ahegao is the best…
I think she meant no translation for the entire book just the first chapter.

No. 193509

Does anyone happen to know the name of this manga? Tried searching Vampire Claw but got nothing, and searching for manga with vampire girls just gets me shit like Rosario Vampire. Help, I want to read this so badly. And I really hope the boy is hot.

No. 193517

I think she was referring to "Shigahime" an anon recommended here >>173529
I read a few chapters and it was p good horror content but I couldn't find it erotic since all the highschool characters are drawn to look about 12, that's weebs for ya

No. 193528

>male tits
Oh shit, I might have to check this out.

No. 193544

Ah sorry nonny, I didn't realize the Planetarium one was a full series.
Yes, thank you for digging that up! Definitely not as overtly sexual or light-hearted as the others but if you enjoy seeing guys get beat up and commanded around by women it's fun. But yes, I had to mentally age the characters up. So much manga is about high schoolers which is creepy on several levels.

No. 193545

File: 1624260468764.png (Spoiler Image, 313.73 KB, 483x675, 4783209743026.png)

The character Alexander is particularly juicy

No. 193556

Why is it so hard to find shy/nervous/first time/submssive content about a guy online.

I swear searching for it you get maybe one or two videos and then thats it.

There's no way what I like is that niche ? Right ?!

I'm glad theres at least stories to read.

No. 193573

File: 1624281236187.jpg (Spoiler Image, 585.19 KB, 849x1200, 87458367_p8_master1200.jpg)

Silk Labo is nice but I'd like them to film stuff like this.

Where are you looking? If you're expecting the crap scrote porn industry to provide, there won't be anything.

No. 193596

Sauce? He’s adorable.

No. 193601

File: 1624294044865.jpg (Spoiler Image, 582.11 KB, 825x1200, 79397319_p9_master1200.jpg)

Isn't he? It's an inexperienced incubus and a human woman, this artist has drawn a bunch of stuff about their antics. Which is fucking and more fucking of course.

No. 193611

Nta but holy shit a male sub and a demon, my weird kinks have been satisfied. Thanks for sharing

No. 193612

File: 1624297853107.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 177.92 KB, 933x1190, 6F9F8930-B1EB-40C2-ACA8-A58715…)

This artist is great, I love her style.

No. 193616

Please tell me he had a sort of
>Muhahaha b-bow before m-me mortal
Before she flips the script and amazon presses him !?

Something about tsundere guys getting it.

No. 193617

No. 193670

File: 1624319410573.png (393.3 KB, 500x500, 5C3B7C07-4883-45BD-90A4-79E676…)

I didn’t think I would like this as much as I did. It didn’t even seem sensual, it was sort of cute. I wish >>193507 was part of the manga scan though.

Are foreign languages OK? Do-M Japanese drama CDs can be pretty good. Otherwise ASMR in varying languages on youtube are another source. Gamin Garam ASMR on youtube is one, but his voice acting isn’t as good as some of his scenarios in my opinion. S.O.S ~Secret Ocean Story~ isn’t really M (as in the male characters are masochists) at all, but the storyline in the second episode (the second CD in a series of 3) is femdom-adjacent. Here is the synopsis:
On a boat where there is nowhere to run…
You, the female captain of the boat, have designated エリック (Eric), the newcomer apprentice, to be your “plaything” for the night.
Ever since you came into contact with the obedient and cheerful Eric, you started taking a deeper interest in him. Hard-working, clever, efficient, and above all else, docile to the extent that you find him adorable, you end up continually choosing him to spend the night with you.
However, due to the difference in status between you and Eric, you both end up hiding your feelings for each other.
One day, an accident in which you fall overboard occurs—and frantic with worry, Eric saves you. As he clutches you to his body and cries, he begins to express his true feelings…?

I wasn’t a huge fan of the first part because from what I could understand (I don’t speak moon, this is what I got from reading a review & soundcloud comments) it’s the listener/woman in the first track apparently tying his dick up with string (so he can’t coom) which is fine, but in the second H track (which is the third one I believe) she gives him a bj and I hate those kek. But by the ninth track in the CD they actually have sex and he’s a puddle at the end. You can listen to audio previews here (the official site) http://ike-men.net/sos/sp/sos02.html And someone posted the first and third tracks on soundcloud here (the rest of them were removed)

The source of the SOS vol 2 review coincidentally is the woman who translated picrel; Nikaido Kinen Byouin, a series of CDs with doctors. Vol 2 is femdom-y with a shy virgin rehab doctor and the love interest is the patient. Translations here https://kissxxs.tumblr.com/post/125294699782/nkb-vol-2-summary-rehab-doctor-haba
You can listen here
She turns him on when they kiss in track 2, then she ties him up to the hospital bed in track 3, and he stays tied up while they have sex in track 4. He’s definitely a blabbering retard the entire CD but to me it’s cute because the character is cute.

No. 193683

I don't get it, tbh it doesn't sound femdom-centric. Despite the mention of "the kind of girl that makes the balls turn blue" she doesn't seem to be addressing a guy. More like she caught some girl cheating with her husband (I got the goods/I got the ring… Tittle-tattle caught/Two time-a-cheatin'/Bad bad girl/Gonna give you a beatin') and wants her to "take it like a man" so she can have a "catfight" with her. No thanks… I like my lyrics a bit more straightforward.

No. 193690

Another one I like a lot is Verð Mín by Eivør. It's not outright femdom but it puts the female singer in the position of the pursuer being captivated by a shy/fragile/mysterious man instead of the other way around. You don't get many love songs from the perspective of a woman seeking out her "beautiful man" rather than positioning herself as some degenerate's arm candy. It's quite romantic (maybe referencing a selkie?) plus Eivør's voice is gorgeous. English lyrics: https://lyricstranslate.com/it/verð-mín-my-world.html

No. 193736

Glad you joined it Nonny.
>but the psychological abuse is so good. The eyes of mindbreak and despair, or perhaps surrender and submission
I have to agree with you, the nugget thing is usually a deal breaker for me but the psychology made it worth investigating again.

No. 193744

Wait so a lot of you want to capture a cute moid break down their spirit and bend them to your will, why ?

No. 193747

File: 1624359238314.png (1.49 MB, 2557x3726, 79397319_p33.png)

This one is in my head rent free ever since anon posted it in last thread. Those hentai tattoos are so fuckin lewd.
Why not, cute boys make cute grimaces.

No. 193748

File: 1624359321936.png (994.81 KB, 1100x1600, 87458367_p23.png)

Author is a real one, she doesn't draw shitty blowjobs that most femdom hentai do.

No. 193757

File: 1624367437502.png (1.16 MB, 1920x1080, ssenpai.png)

She has made a cute free otome game too. Completely wholesome but satisfying if you like making guys blush.

No. 193758

File: 1624367507165.png (1.21 MB, 1920x1080, smackhisass.png)

You can smack him twice kek

No. 193794

File: 1624386448356.png (1005.54 KB, 1143x1233, maximum destruction.png)

Mindbreak into psychological dependency is my fetish

No. 193815

Break it to me, is it possible to find someone into this or is it too late and porn sick people are the norm ?

No. 193832


No. 193834

Youre probably not going to like it, Anon
Its futa, and moreso to the point its the finale in a series

No. 193837

You're better off finding a normie who is willing to try and get better at sex. They're pretty rare but they're out there. Just say that you want to maximize the quality of sex.
Just make sure he isn't the type who wants to be dominant 24/7. From what I know the self-proclaimed male subs are coomers and terrible in bed. And likely to troon out.

No. 193842

File: 1624404878412.png (Spoiler Image, 1.15 MB, 846x891, ouchie.PNG)

I just like the aesthetic lmao

No. 194005

File: 1624486271428.gif (326.74 KB, 112x112, 1623818135037.gif)

>new bf
>start having phone sex because we're both losers who still live with our parents
>both pretty inexperienced
>neither one of us have ever done phone sex before
>we hardly talked about what we liked prior to it
>realize i like to talk in a low voice
>he really likes it too
>calls me mommy during it
>call him a good boy
>whimpers when i make him edge
>comes like a girl when i do this

i had a feeling i would like stuff like this but i never had anyone to experiment with. i want to try more femdom stuff with him especially since he mentioned he would like to try the amazon press position. the only problem is that we can never really be alone. only so much you can do in a car and even then, doing a lot of stuff in a car sounds gross to me. guess i'll stick to the phone for now.

No. 194006

>comes like a girl when i do this
That would be impossible for a man.

No. 194008

i was browsing the old femdom threads on here and i can't get over this clip that some anon (bless her) posted in the first one, thought i'd repost it on here as well. i need to watch this show asap

No. 194013

meant that he sounds like a girl, my bad.

No. 194019

File: 1624490307905.webm (4.66 MB, 1280x720, tumblr_qa7238qRab1xjccrf_720.w…)

here's another clip with them. i really like the way he at her and his slightly hopeful look when she asks him about the ring (no idea what this plotline is about, i haven't watched this yet). not to mention the tiny "sorry" and "ow"

No. 194022

File: 1624491103643.jpg (Spoiler Image, 122.28 KB, 600x856, 1621510142488.jpg)

as a bisexual domme iv noticed im attracted to both weak and strong looking men, but im only attracted to women who are as fucked in the head as me (aka ultra abusive and sadistic) and I never feel any desire to hurt other women, only men.

can anyone relate?

No. 194026

Be honest, how underage are you

No. 194028

would you believe me if i said 24 cause i am. my bf is younger than me. he's 21.

No. 194037

Oh damn that's hot. Dude is not my type physically at all but he does have the perfect sub responses which is a big turn on.

No. 194038

Lol good for you anon. Can you not rent a hotel room or something for a weekend?

No. 194049

How do I ~channel my inner domme~ or whatever? I'm seeing a guy who is into dominant women and it's really new for me. My ex liked it when I was a little more aggressive, in charge, or we fought for power, but I ended up being sub most of the time whenever we did more kinky crap. I felt like with him as well with my other ex they just could not take me seriously when I dirty talked in domme mode or just tried to take charge at all, and I don't know if it was that I sounded stupid or he just couldn't take me seriously because he wasn't into it.
I think for starters just feeling hot and confident would help, but idk if any anons who have actually dommed a guy could give me advice.

No. 194071

I don’t think you should be conforming yourself to a man’s sex fantasy. That’s contradicting to the concept of inner domme. That’s why it comes off corny because you’re just LARPing at best, there’s no real power exchange.
If you want to sub with extra steps, just watch scrote femdom porn and imitate that. It’s what he would have wanted anyway.

No. 194072

File: 1624516197825.gif (475.6 KB, 188x174, 62165163.gif)

the way she grabs his neck. holy shit.

No. 194073

i live in a really small town, so i'm scared someone we know would see us getting a room. i don't know, maybe i'm just being a baby. we've both thought of it though.

No. 194082

Maybe you could make a trip to a different city over a weekend? It'd also give you something new to see. I would think your parents could understand wanting to have some time away, and even if you're living with them it's not up to them how you spend your time as an adult so long as you aren't negatively affecting them. But then, I would also hope you're not ashamed to be seen with your boyfriend in general. Even outside the context of getting a room together, most people realize that you have regular sex with a partner. Unless you're in a very traditional/religious area or something.

No. 194088

>>194071 is right, you may have been trying to play into your ex's/men's general concept of a domme rather than doing what you wanted. If you want to try it, really take some time to think about what you would like during sex and how you like to be pleasured. That can center around receiving oral or having whatever area of your body focused on, it doesn't have to involve ball busting or choking someone out. Some dommes genuinely like that, others don't. You can also imagine what scenarios you think it would be fun to see your partner in. Let yourself think in a completely selfish way for a change. That runs against feminine socialization but the more you engage with it the more you'll likely enjoy it and get ideas of what you'd like to try. I'd actually recommend discussing hard limits with your current partner before doing anything as well. I know some people are all "do whatever u want, they are yur slave, ur in control!1" but that's just immature, creepy and a recipe for disaster. Is he okay with being slapped? Choked? Tied up? Spanked? Bit? Getting hickeys? To what extent? Knowing what to avoid makes it easier to freely experiment with things you want to try knowing the other person is on board.

No. 194094

No. 194097

I'm bi and a top with women but it's men I want to do the truly aggressive things to.
I've always been like that. More romantic with the ladies and more aggro with the guys. Probably because men are more aggro and women have so much shit to deal with already so I wanna be nice.

No. 194115

Been thinking a bit of how hard it is to find material for us.
So, how about making a "database" of farmer-approved femdom content?
There could be categories like TV-series, webcomics, videos, artists, otome cds, etc.
It would be done using a google spreadsheet or similar.

No. 194134


For this anon and for myself, what's the name of that manhwa where the woman hits 30 and becomes a wizard + a demon familiar helps her enter people's dreams? It wasn't exclusively femdom but had some nice scenes and I don't recall there being anything too horrible in it

No. 194135

No. 194137

finally got around to watching this. holy shit. whats the show called?

No. 194138

i came in thinking people would be talking about the last point and i'd finally find a site to look for dommes ;____;

No. 194142

File: 1624562700373.png (1.13 MB, 1075x807, virginwitch.png)

nta but kek. The main character is a farmer isn't she. She reminds me of the girl in /ot/ who was so frustrated that she made her own paper dildo.

No. 194144

On Becoming a God in Central Florida!

No. 194146

Thank you! Will check it out

No. 194152

a non-potato quality version: https://vimeo.com/496276227

No. 194176

Well…I tried doing what I wanted too, and he couldn't take me seriously half the time anyway! I'm sure I did actually cater to male fantasy sometimes, whether I realized it or not, but what sucked is it felt like when I did actually do what I wanted I still wasn't taken seriously, either way. I might've accidentally implied it's still a problem with the guy I'm seeing, but he's been really into everything I've said and done, I just still am having problems getting self-confident. It's easier the hornier I get tbh but like, I want this to be consistent.
I actually get embarrassed and have problems with confidence and that's a big part of my problem. If I'm confident I can just do what I want and it doesn't feel like I'm " I get off on teasing guys so I do want to please them to some extent, but I'm getting off on being in control and being able to get what I want too I guess. I'm just so not used to being around a guy actually into me being in charge that I'm not totally sure wtf to do. We've discussed limits and both of us have similar limits (we are both switches) since neither of us are really into pain, so it helps with knowing boundaries, but I've got some hangups (more emotional than strictly sexual) from my ex and he's inexperienced. I worry about just fucking it up or embarrassing myself and it's a real mood killer. I think we tried a bdsm test for fun before we were sleeping together and it gave us an idea of each other's limits, but we've also discussed some of our big no-nos.
I did some light domme stuff with him before but I think not being able to relax and just not care if I'm "embarrassing myself" or being ~too selfish~ with my fantasies or how I talk is a huge part of my problem. Which is fucking stupid, that's the point of being a domme and this guy is eager to please.
>Let yourself think in a completely selfish way for a change. That runs against feminine socialization but the more you engage with it the more you'll likely enjoy it and get ideas of what you'd like to try.
I feel it so hard. I am stuck acting like this all the time outside of the bedroom and I'm having a rough time unlearning it. I think it's a big part of my problem with "channeling my inner domme". I know I have it in me, it's just gotten pushed down for too long.
Anyway, thank you anons. I'm gonna keep thinking on this and see where it goes. I'm hoping with time I'll just keep getting more comfortable and that I need to keep communication open and clear.

No. 194178

Your ex sounds like trash. He didn't respect you and there was no way you could act or magic words you could use to make him do so. I'm awkward as fuck sometimes, I can stumble over my words, or make silly mistakes, but my boyfriend has never undermined me or tried to make me feel less confident because of that. In fact, there have been times where I've felt like I've been a dope and he's encouraged me so much. I would never be with a guy "who didn't take me seriously" because it would be a disservice to myself. Please tell me your current bf doesn't treat you like this. Please.

You are earnestly putting yourself out there, and imo that's the MOST important part. As long as you do what you truly want and you aren't trampling over the sub's limits as well as making sure their needs are met, there is no wrong way to be a domme. But I know that it's hard when you're in the moment, you're self-conscious and it feels like every move you make is the wrong one. I think you should take some time to fantasize more about what your ideal interaction with your sub would look like. I think it's important to think about it more in depth in a setting where you aren't pressured to perform.

No. 194181

I'm very happy to say my current bf isn't like this at all, whenever I'm feeling nervous or insecure he makes it clear that he's not being scared off of me and that I can take it at my own pace. He's very gentle and encouraging and I think that his personality is why I've been able to feel a want to explore this side of myself further. Whenever I feel really unsure/awkward during sexual stuff he tries to guide me or tells me to go for it and has never said I "ruined" sex or don't seem sexy because of my awkwardness. My ex had his good points but there are definitely reasons why he's an ex, and it's funny to think it's an anon on a lolcow board is the one to make me actually double take at this particular instance lol. He tried to not laugh and to go with it or whatever but I just really felt like he wasn't into it or couldn't take me seriously so I could not cut it! And there was a bunch of stuff he did that just made me confused and not very confident sexually. It definitely made me nervous about not knowing what I'm doing now, like it's hard enough coming off a long term relationship and sleeping with someone new, then there's that too.
Your words mean a lot, thank you. I definitely don't want to trample over my sub's limits because I've had it happen to me and it made me feel like total shit. I should definitely explore these fantasies more. sometimes inspiration comes more times than others, I think feeling strapped for ideas when it's time to perform might be less of a common thing if I just can spend more time thinking about what I want to try.

No. 194191

File: 1624590513044.jpg (307.22 KB, 1334x1944, 22214.jpg)

pretty much agree with this. >>194088 tbh, your domme aura should come naturally. don't try to force yourself, sis. you either have it or you don't. it's ok if you don't.

to me it's all about attitude, mannerisms, and how you say things (not what you say in particular), that can radiate domme energy. it's about YOU being in control. (after you've discussed limits with your partner of course.) it's about feeling like you want to take what you want and what's yours.

for example, there was one day where i was extra horny and at some point (we were in public) i leaned back on a table and gave my bf an intense eye contact stare. i slightly stuck out my chest and didn't say anything to him. he broke eye contact first and got flustered. he later told me that the way i was looking at him made him feel like he was my "prey". he liked feeling like someone wanted him in that way. i'm 5 feet tall and my bf is almost a foot taller than me. you don't have to have a certain look either. it's all about attitude. i wish you well.

No. 194239

File: 1624623426848.gif (1.93 MB, 540x304, 1583202511450.gif)

EXTREMELY BLESSED. Please tell me there is more of this in the show.

No. 194280

File: 1624641714893.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 521.79 KB, 1080x4087, 7191360_1080_4087_534314.jpeg)

Read up to chapter 16, it has a masochist guy and the amazon position. Win.
Completely agree with this.

No. 194282

File: 1624642483052.gif (4.72 MB, 268x200, Tumblr_l_4096097685523355.gif)

well there's >>194019, a very brief scene where she gags his mouth with duct tape and a scene where she gets mad at him and tells him to shove his head into the toilet where it belongs and he replies "yes ma'am, anything you want" (spoilered because i dont know if this really counts or if other anons are as into it kek) thats all i have seen far but i still have 3 more episodes left

overall its pretty canonically femdompilled (he literally says "i know you like bossing me and i like being bossed) but it's not really the main focus so if you just want a strictly femdom show youre better off just watching these clips from it
also this is a good time to get mad about the second season being cancelled as someone who allegedly worked on it said that there would have been more femdom content

No. 194293


No. 194300

i started watching the show because of this thread (hhnnng, this gif) and it's interesting enough that the femdom energy is like an amazing bonus.
this guy being casted for this subby character feels like such a female choice, no man could've made it this perfect.

No. 194302

I agree! It's great casting, he's a very cute sub.

No. 194306

ayrt, have to agree especially on the casting part!! those doe eyes are so cute… any anons made it to episode 4 and onwards yet? that's when the sex comes in, the finger sucking scene is from episode 4

No. 194324

The following episode he dunked his head in the toilet at her request and they fuck but it's offscreen. Blue balled as fuck

No. 194325

So sad the show was cancelled for a second season due to covid. They renewed it but eventually reversed the decision. Still a great watch though!

No. 194326

Ywn have autistic obsessed mlm bf

No. 194329


No. 194332

i think the mlm is referring to Multi Level Marketing here

No. 194335

a bisexual boyfriend who likes m/m??? idk

No. 194346

He works for an mlm in the show nigga

No. 194361

i am the only mdlbfag here

No. 194362

File: 1624697648143.png (1.06 MB, 1175x671, bgsjhfdghsf.PNG)

made it to ep 4 and i love the scene where he grabs her by the shoulders in a moment of joy and she immediately orders him to rub her shoulders (implied: if he's gonna touch her for no reason in the first place). he immediately looks turned on and gets closer to her hair. so brief but so telling.

i hope so, sicko

No. 194386

Why can’t I have this fml aaaa of course a dynamic so rare gets canceled

No. 194425

File: 1624736023541.jpg (206.15 KB, 1540x984, Screenshot_20210626_222954.jpg)

tfw no loud subby bf whose mouth you need to cover with duct tape while you're having a quickie in the utility room of some government building
soz for the shit screenshot they kept moving kek i guess you just have to watch the scene yourselves nonnies

No. 194426

Sounds like a great idea, what comes to mind for me is
Manga - tsumi to kai about shibari
Artist - Kaneoya Sachiko
I really wish there was more femdom content but if there is it's mostly made by scrotes

No. 194443

which episode is that?

No. 194495

episode 6!

No. 194555

File: 1624814716734.gif (982.83 KB, 280x210, 1616448765894.gif)

i was making out with this guy last week and he offered the idea of me tying his eyes so i feel more comfortable because i'm self conscious and less experienced than him, it felt very nice being in control he'd let me touch and do whatever without touching me, now i'm thinking if he's the type to swing the femdom way? should i bring it up? he doesnt look the type at all he's very machismo and he mentioned alpha/beta male bullshit before in conversation so i'm conflicted i dont want to scare him

No. 194558

The vast majority of men genuinely don't care in what context they're getting physical interaction so long as they're getting it. Even the macho ones, they often have latent subby desires they're just too homophobic (because they see being submissive as feminine) to discuss.

But it seems like you two aren't having sex? What else are you looking to do with him exactly? I'm definitely not saying femdom has to involve PIV but typically you are doing intimate things far beyond kissing (him being naked around you, giving you oral, getting punished or sexually teased). All those things are a big jump from making out. I guess for the time being just ramp things up slowly? Say you really enjoyed blindfolding him and ask if he'd be open to more stuff like that. It would be good to have a clear idea of what you're looking to do if he asks what you mean though, especially since you're inexperienced.

No. 194561

File: 1624818128785.png (454.17 KB, 354x829, 4839028754357563.png)

I just want to bless both of you. I got around to bingeing this and I was very happy with the content. It's one of the best adult comics I've read by far. Aside from this scene >>194280 there are actually several explicit femdom moments with various guys and even when she isn't leading things outright she's always in control and ready to make demands. Love it.

No. 194595

yeah i feel like deep down he's a sub cause he was very easy going which was surprising to me since most guys are rough and aggressive which is very off putting, i dont really wanna do PIV tbh because clitoral stimulation is very enjoyable for me and fantasizing about pegging him turns me on more than him doing PIV stuff to me, pegging is a huge step so i'm 100% sure he would not be into that or at least expect something from me in return so what i really want is him giving me oral, sitting on his face pushing him around, slapping, tying him and teasing stuff like that but i guess those stuff are very tame and he'd roll with it but i was afraid he would be weirded out or get mad that i'm blueballing him or sth, regardless you're right i should make it clear from the start that i would want to do stuff similar to blindfolding and slowly work my way up from there

No. 194621

Anon I'd be careful, the unironic mention of alpha/beta males sounds like he's into manosphere ideology, maybe red pill

No. 194644

I was thinking about commenting on this but as a toy he may still be fine. I was with a guy like this for a while but he still let/enjoyed me domming him. Which was extra satisfying, in a way? But yeah, you're right to say something. Anon may be able to get some use out of him sexually but he shouldn't be considered real partner material. Men who use this sort of terminology are misogynistic and won't change, they're already too far gone. I wouldn't hook up with a guy like my ex again these days even for fun, but I was thirsty and had a weakness for hot idiots back then.

No. 194770

What sex position results in this?

No. 194780

the one where they are both gay, probably.

No. 195351

While this may be true, apparently the whole 'alpha/beta' shit has made a comeback in internet "humor" and is slowly supplanting the Virgin vs Chad schtick
So if he's on the younger side, it might just be him appropriating internet slang into his lexicon, which does seem par for the course considering he sounds like the nerdy-type. Considering he didn't protest to doing what most of those manosphere types would consider 'beta shit', it might just be that.

No. 195352

File: 1625193275943.jpg (Spoiler Image, 395.72 KB, 1133x1536, 70801051_p0.jpg)

Stupidly muscular guys being dommed will always have a special place in my heart ♥

No. 195353

File: 1625193297716.png (Spoiler Image, 1.34 MB, 1024x768, 73788633_p0.png)

No. 195355

does this song qualify? i think it slaps.

No. 195545

may have to watch this show now..

are there any other gifs from the show like this?

No. 195585

a few, go to tumblr and search "cody bonar" and you'll find them

No. 196198

Bro I just want to dom some sickly looking incel and make him get destroyed by other dudes 5x his size

No. 196300

Cute! I like it.

No. 196302


No. 196336

I'm similar as another bi domme. With women I'm gentle and nurturing while with men I'm harsher, more demanding and my style of femdom is rougher. I'm a bit traditional and expect men to be chivalrous, able to take things "like a man" and defend me while with other women I don't mind being the one to protect them. Sexist maybe but like you say it makes sense to be more protective of other women under patriarchy plus if you play mommy to scrotes there's a high chance he'll treat you like a free therapist and bangmaid.

No. 196340

Any other anons into ordering guys to strip naked and work out in front of you, carry you or lift heavy stuff? I think it's really hot.

No. 196432

Woman I'm talking to sent me this video and a gentle femdom meme. I feel way out of my depth. Does anyone have any tips for dm's or just in general? I've got no problem being sexually dominant, but I've never been with anyone with the actual kink.

No. 196485

So she wants you to be dominant, but over text? The most you can really do is tell her to do things to herself over video or chat. Orgasm denial is a pretty easy one to play with or have her do something "risky" and tell you about it (go to the store with nothing but a long coat on). You can always just flirt in a more aggressive way, like compliment her hair and say you'd love to feel it wrapped around your fingers as you pull it. I don't know if you're at that point though, because you say you're talking but not in a relationship or having sex. If you're not being explicit yet there's no need to rush things, just store that info in the back of your mind until/if you actually have sex then take the more active role during.

No. 196534

Probably a circle for fujos and forced bi lovers

No. 196593

He and I were watching bully 2001 and he kept covering his face at the sexy parts out of embarrassment

No. 196629

based, I want to date a lonely lonely femmy guy, give him affection and dom him until he's hopelessly devoted and doesn't know what he'd do without me, then pull the rug from under him by dating another woman (who would hopefully also be into domming and lescucking moids) and mocking him saying that if I'm dating a guy who acts like a woman then I may as well just date the real thing.

But I'd offer to let him stay with me as me and my GF's servant and tease him with the hope that I'd one day like him again. Of course that wouldn't happen, I would treat him coldly and he would be forced to look on in pained betrayal and envy at my new relationship.

Lescucking is a pretty underrated fetish, way better than regular cycling which is just maledom in disguise

No. 196657

only natural to be like different things in both sexes even though you want to dom both, men and women are different and straight and lesbian relationships have different dynamics

it's a turn-on for me and other dommes I know, ponyplay vids are one of the few scrote porn I can watch if the man has a fit body, it's hot to see a muscular guy reduced to a beast of burden forced to exert himself to exhaustion

No. 197161

Unironically true, I know a domme who was really into watching men fuck her BF, she ended up trooning

No. 197177

I promise you, if you do that to a guy irl, he would kill you.

No. 197252

This honestly reads like an incels LARP of how they think evil femoids think.

No. 197300

incel LARP would cuck him with Chad not another woman, they don't believe lesbians exist

No. 197308

wouldn't they get off on it, men are always to watch two women have sex

No. 197361

cause they think they can join in and have a threesome

No. 197451

File: 1626050804632.jpeg (112.83 KB, 720x597, 13EC361C-EE24-4AEF-B17D-DBE791…)

sorry in advance for the autism, but has anyone here had experience using cables etc as replacements for shibari ropes?
ive been talking to a guy lately & he’s such a cute sub, and we’re both into retro gaming so I was wondering how it’d be cute to use a mix of component/controller cables to make cute restraints on him.
only problem is idk if the lack of friction/texture on the cables would cause the restraints to not hold as well though?

No. 197475

>Mfw I know someone who did something similar to this and the guy ended up becoming a sissyfication fetishist AGP because of it
Men having a femdom fetish in itself is a huge red flag, they're almost always doomed to troon out and devote themselves to cooming to fantasies of mommy gf dollying them up.

No. 197478

I am so envious of you, i have had the fantasy of tying up a cute geek for a while. I guess it depends of the controller, ps2 controllers are long, thin and strong enough to tie up someone(you made me try it with my own kek). Do it and bring back the news, i would love to know how it went if you don't mind.

No. 197479

i was thinking ps2 controllers too! they're p durable & we're both collectors so it wouldn't be /too/ bad if one breaks. that's so sweet though, thank you for testing!! i'm gonna bring up the idea to him after work later, i was also thinking maybe an OG xbox controller as those cables are thick as hell & probably won't break.

and also don't worry anon, i've wanted this idea for YEARS and i've only just found someone who's an obedient sub as well as a cute nerd, they're out there!!

No. 197649


I'd recommend testing it on yourself first, maybe tie a loop tightly around your upper arm for 15 mins and see how bad the marks are afterwards. I have no idea what plastic cables would do to skin when tied tightly around it but it might be unpleasant enough you need to stop after 5 minutes, which would be no fun at all

No. 197760

>Men having a femdom fetish in itself is a huge red flag
This is such a hard pill to swallow. I really love the idea of putting moids in cute lingerie and dolling them up, but I know that any man who is into that is either a future troon or serial killer.

No. 197768

File: 1626234426118.jpg (139.88 KB, 920x1148, rubensherculesomphale.jpg)

On the first thread there were a couple pictures of Hercules and Omphale. I did not see anybody sharing the actual myth, so there you go:

At some stage, when Hercules violated the laws of guest-friendship in the murder of Iphitos, his conduct reached a new low, and he was forced to seek the advice of the Oracle at Delphi. He ended up being sent into slavery to Omphale, the queen of Lydia, for a year or more.
It is in Omphale’s court that the once-mighty demi-god experiences his greatest humiliation. He is subjugated, stripped of the hide of the Nemean lion, his trademark club taken away, and the women of the court dress him in their clothes, and give him a distaff so that he can join them in spinning. The queen asserts her authority by donning the lionskin, and wielding the club. After some time, Omphale freed Heracles and took him as her husband.

No. 197784

I didn't know Greek myths had outright femdom in them (maybe kinda Circe and some Amazons), especially regarding a character as prominent as Hercules. Nice, thanks for sharing.

No. 197803

I blame pornsickness and coomers, feels like nothing can just be nice for the sake of nice or style, it's always kink or fetish focused/imspired.

No. 197905


I think I might actually murder someone if they did that to me

No. 198033

File: 1626394426137.jpg (134.51 KB, 720x994, 76b8b8c15ef27091db870ebe96ed67…)

Are you talking about Happiness by Shuzo Oshimi?

No. 198036

That’s not femdom at all lmao

No. 198060

this is incel shit

No. 198071

>vampire woman systematically destroys a school boy's life
>It's somewhat dark
It fits the description lol, and if this was the manga that anon was talking about I was going to say the same thing as you
Can you explain? I never sensed the incel vibes… but I definitely don't like this manga and his other works.

No. 198403

File: 1626622179499.jpeg (144.6 KB, 855x1199, 3EC7126A-7999-4352-8C0A-F686FE…)

Long hair for pulling y/n?

No. 198405

NTA but dubbing that manga femdom is what makes it some incel shit. Because that is some screwy ass dots that only they would connect

No. 198409

No. 198420

She was talking about >>193517

No. 198697

File: 1626823842325.jpg (Spoiler Image, 404.71 KB, 1200x934, 90960528_p0_master1200.jpg)

thought you meant y/n as in like your name/ nonny in a femcoomer way lol, also yes but im afraid pulling moid hair will cause them to bald faster :(

No. 198699

File: 1626824207206.jpg (85.09 KB, 600x600, 74321893157837592143.jpg)

when the only thing your femdom dominates is the fridge

No. 198704

File: 1626829632364.jpeg (99.1 KB, 1366x768, 128FF787-F7ED-45A3-9624-2C6B7E…)

Hair loss is 100% genetic, if you’re worried just take a look at his dad’s hair

No. 198712

I thought baldness was from the mom’s side

No. 198730

Its both, no one really has answers on weighting but genetic stuff is super complicated

No. 198734

I was about to post that pic are we a horny hivemind? His face is so sexy.
Kek at the idea that men go bald because women pull their hair too much. Sorry no thats not the case.

No. 198744

don't be rude anon

No. 198748

I talked to a sub for a while, thought he was great but then he ghosted me because I said it was weird how he insisted on being fucked with a dildo all the time
I don't know what it is but I feel like alot of self proclaimed male subs are gay or bisexual on the downlow and use female doms as rebound because they are in denial
How do I avoid gay/bicurious or men with tranny tendencies anons?

No. 198750

Wasn't he interested in pleasuring you at all?
That should be a red flag with all men.

No. 198768

Where did you meet?

No. 198770

We met through Twitter
Yeah…. grimey

No. 198771

You have to dig deep and ask why they like the things they do. Depending on the answer you can if they have gay or tranny tendencies. If they can't give you a straight answer or are too vague they are too dumb to be your sub. I had to be careful because pegging is one of my main fetishes, so many guys into it have misogynistic tendencies. Holy shit all the tranny bullets I've had to dodge.

No. 198775

a lot of males are faggots in denial. when you find one that insists on being penetrated constantly I would say he's gay. I wouldn't try to find a man who labels himself as a sub because in most cases they are closeted at best and depraved sex pervert trannies at worst

No. 198785

Get yourself a man who genuinely loves pussy. Loves licking it, loves fucking it. Otherwise what is the point?

No. 198797

File: 1626886585422.jpg (Spoiler Image, 78.98 KB, 560x420, RJ328938_img_main.jpg)

For those who like japanese audio.
I haven't listened to it yet but I'm loving the concept of the one with the evil queen and pure paladin.

No. 198843

Seriously considering posting a Craigslist ad to fill the void my ex left. I wanna slap some cock and get my pussy ate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have any anons had any success w online meetups?

No. 198863

Wouldn't dating apps be better than a dodgy Craigslist ad? Just put casual fun in your bio and you'll get inaudated by local men in your area lol

No. 198895

Yes. My moid has long hair down to his ass and he said he grew it out specifically so he could get it pulled. He makes the cutest noises and his dick throbs when I pull it, like pressing a button to make him instantly horny.

No. 198910

I'm jealous anon,is he a metalhead? Because I'm now imaging a big macho metalhead guy making squeaky sounds as gf walks by and tugs on his hair.

No. 198958

You tryna get murdered
Yeah that’s hot

No. 198959

Literally self proclaimed sub is a red flag in and of itself

No. 198967

It is fairly common knowledge to never use ropes who won’t let the skin breath, as in synthetic materials. I wouldn’t risk, even though the idea is cute

No. 198983

No. 199007

not based, you sound like a scrote

No. 199008

It triggers me how many of these harnesses have the base of the dildo so high up on the pelvis. God forbid the woman gets some clitoral stimulation from pegging.

No. 199014

based, thank you nonnie. the one with pic attached is so good

No. 199030

File: 1627019499902.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 41.65 KB, 1365x553, 438D2DC7-1441-42B5-9729-7DC22A…)

ok, am i just into extreme fdom or am i actually a bonafide sadist?

all my fantasies revolve around snuff/cannibalism/torture of a man. idk what’s wrong with me since i’ve never experienced trauma at the hands of men other than bullying. i guess it’s since i’m ugly, i think no man will be into me so i have to be the aggressor. I also choose the weirdest men to fixate on (i’ve posted them on lolcow before) and not like anime boys/twinks. my biggest fantasy is just going absolutely feral on a guy and ripping out his jugular with my teeth.

inb4 scrote, i’m just a femcel with anger issues

No. 199044

File: 1627030862557.jpg (Spoiler Image, 397 KB, 800x811, 24912085_p0_master1200.jpg)

>just a femcel with anger issues
I think you answered your own question. But it's fine anon, keep up your crazy fantasies as long as you don't go on some femcel shooting spree.

No. 199046

>extreme fdom or am i actually a bonafide sadist?

why not both? a sadism kink directed at scrotes is based

No. 199047

>a sadism kink directed at scrotes is based
This tbh, most women are too nice about scrotes.

No. 199062

Most nonnies ITT need some fucking mental help, you're not any better than incels with your violent sex and torture fantasies. Holy fuck.

No. 199065

The difference is that most anons on this thread would never do anything particularly violent, at the very maximum consensual sex with someone.

No. 199066

>most anons on this thread
w-what are you planning anon

No. 199067

I see nothing wrong with people voicing their fantasies as long as they don't hurt anybody mentally and physically irl.

No. 199068

>actually believing this

anon, tell me how many women go out and kill and rape men due to their sexual fantasies.

No. 199069

I never implied that I am worried that you will go out and kill and torture men. But you are still mentally ill weirdos and you should get help for your own sanity and piece of mind. This is not normal or healthy.

No. 199070

How do I beat a man to a bloody pulp in a socially acceptable way

No. 199071

hurting men>hurting women. simple. men deserve it, women don't. if anything being nice to males is unhealthy after all the shit they've done.

No. 199073

How come you go into a femdom thread to say this shit but whenever anons in the sexual fantasies thread lament about wanting to be abused, anons are quiet.
We literally are quiet and never bother anyone, this is our own space to talk to likeminded people, leave us alone. I'm pretty sure maledom and femdom aren't comparable because majority of women are not strong enough to do any fucked up shit to men, like maledoms do to women.
And femdom is relatively tame if you actually bothered to read the 3 threads, tell us one thing that sounds fucked up.
Literally most anons only speak up about their desires of being top, which is categorized as vanilla when men are on top. How come its fucked up when women fantasize about that.

No. 199085

youre retarded if you think women having dominant/violence based kinks in a patriarchal world and who don’t actually end up non-consensually hurting men, is the same as mass shooting male incels mad that they can’t get their dick wet.

No. 199096

You still sound like incels who also think that women deserve to be killed and raped.

I don't read that thread, but it is probably also a sign of mental illness, but those are fantasies about your own bodily autonomy, not fantasies about committing rape and murder of others. It's quite different. This >>199030 sounds pretty fucked up.

No. 199097

Jesus christ just hide the thread. Why do you care so much for imaginary scrotes?

No. 199098

File: 1627069747565.jpg (Spoiler Image, 426.95 KB, 851x1090, 69166084_p7.jpg)

You might think it sounds similar all you like but the sad truth is that men and women aren't equal. Men have oppressed women for millenia, are more violent and physically stronger. The sexes feel anger towards each other for very different reasons and from very different circumstances.

No. 199104

Those are the anons own fetishes that have nothing to do with femdom/maledom as a fetish itself
The D in Bdsm is separate from the S and it just is about wanting to dominate, be on top and have control.
Its not hard to understand and if you can't take it just hide the thread. Stop trying to control peoples minds when it is no harm to you.
Direct that to the anon that posted that shit, 99% of anons this thread isn't into cannibalism or snuff anyways, previous threads have no mention of it. That's why I told you if you read the previous threads at all because this isn't a discussion we have among ourselves
We don't have to defend our fetishes, we have a separate thread for a reason newfag

No. 199106

I see you’re new, still hasn’t deprogrammed from the whole women = men thing. I will never give a fuck about men’s suffering as much as one tenth of women’s. It’s not Reddit or twitter, caping for dicks won’t earn you good girl points here.

No. 199107

Leave aside the fact that women almost never rape/kill men for sexual reasons. If a moid is so soy he manages to get raped or murdered by a woman he wanted it and deserves it lmaooo

No. 199109

I love this kind of shibari, does anyone know what it's called?

No. 199111

her snuff kink is extremely based actually. women have all the reason to be angry at men, while men's hatred of women comes from a desire to continue oppressing them.

these fantasies practically never end in someone actually being hurt, unlike with scrotes. so why do you care? please stop being a bleeding heart for imaginary moids who would never do the same for you, it's embarrassing.

No. 199117

File: 1627078360304.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1 MB, 1405x1449, e8e6e0862e0fd656fb.jpg)


No. 199119

File: 1627078793440.png (Spoiler Image, 713.17 KB, 650x1073, 49782299_p8.png)

Tortoise shell, I think.
I do love to think of the men like this.

No. 199120

I never said you'd actually hurt men. I just think you should probably talk to a therapist about your violent sexual fantasies because they are neither normal for men nor women.

>b-b-but men do it too! They are worse!

Ok. You're still fucking sick in the head either way. Incels and femcels can both be deranged, it is possible in this world full of fucking weirdos that two groups at the same time are fucking psychos and you would probably lead happier lifes if you sorted out whatever is broken in your brain that you get sexual gratification out of the thought of abusing others.

No. 199122

File: 1627079095206.jpg (Spoiler Image, 31 KB, 360x418, cavewoman.jpg)

Someone save this defenceless 2D man

No. 199123

File: 1627079103501.jpg (520.3 KB, 856x1200, setsuna.jpg)

die mad

No. 199124

File: 1627080148288.jpg (Spoiler Image, 863.55 KB, 1200x1600, ErXzCmtVoAAlMiW.jpg)

Men were literally made to take as much physical abuse as possible, hence their thicker skulls/jaws and higher bone density. That one anon is quite misandrist, for denying men their true purpose in life.

No. 199125

Hide the thread you fucking retard no one is holding a gun to your head and forcing you to accept someone else's opinion, you're the only one shoving shit down peoples throats, we have a containment thread for our own degen shit and bother nobody what the fuck do you even want
Why are you caping for men so much you sound dumb, no one in this thread will go out on a killing spree like incels do, thats why you haven't heard of one case of a femcel going on a quest to finish off the male race, its a joke and it's not a problem enough to be compared to men who spout the same shit about women, because It will NEVER happen on the same level

No. 199126

File: 1627080629841.jpg (753.89 KB, 1260x1260, 85891879_p0.jpg)

It's true and you should say it.

No. 199127

the amount of scrote defenders in this thread, holy shit. i know women are taught to be empathetic but the amount of “b-but it’s unhealthy to want to torture men !!!” from anons from here is so pathetic. as if men would defend women from other men’s fucked up fantasies on other parts of the internet.

go defend saggy testicles somewhere else

No. 199133

I see I hit a very sore spot by pointing out that flicking your bean to torture and rape might be a sign of mental illness. Maybe you should tell your feelings to a therapist, nonita instead of screeching at me like a harpy.

No. 199134

Nobody in their right mind flicks their shjt to snuff or the thought of cannibalism, I replied to your retarded ass because you keep projecting onto the entire thread of anons because of one post.
One person made a post about that shit and you cant accept that the rest of us entertain the idea of it as a joke.
Its not serious and it will never be, there is no statistics of female sex based violence against men for a reason so simmer down and fucking hide the thread if you can't accept differing opinions, stop this moralfagging. Everyone is baiting you and you're losing your shit

No. 199138

Damn i thought i was bad for being a mdlbfag but you guys are cannaballizing yall niggas???

No. 199143

File: 1627094514633.png (543.86 KB, 999x946, 83-834773_symbol-blood-bloody-…)

Nothing more based than fucking a dude and then ritually sacrificing him (ofc I don't mean killing him obv).

No. 199144

>flicking your bean to torture and rape might be a sign of mental illness
God I love being mentally ill

No. 199145

File: 1627095141847.png (Spoiler Image, 1.45 MB, 1125x869, missmakima1.png)

anyways back to regular posting

No. 199148

>nobody in their right mind flicks their shjt to snuff or the thought of cannibalism
speak for yourself nonita

No. 199152

>tfw I will never have a cute subby bf into getting told he’s my sweet snack as I bite his neck to hear him moan calling me mommy while he cums because I’m having him for dinner

No. 199154

File: 1627102445349.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 106.08 KB, 640x359, dildo gag 3_640_-1_-1.jpeg)

Apparently this thing exists? It's so bizzare I love it, thinking about putting it on him and making him use it on me. It would be too funny though so it wouldn't work irl I'd just keep bursting out laughing.

No. 199162

File: 1627106310079.png (Spoiler Image, 429.24 KB, 772x800, 1609435072654.png)

I'm not even a femdomfag but this thread is incredibly based. Men are literally made to pleasure women

No. 199166

I feel like the opposite is true in humans, contrary to almost all other animal species (ie women are the pretty ones, men always orgasm from penetration etc). Nature fucked us over, so it's only fair to make things right for us women

No. 199170

Scrotes fucked up natural order by turning their aggression on women and cattle breeding women for generations. You think we wouldn't have pretty men and just ok looking women if for thousands of years we offed the ugly ones and only had kids with the best looking men?

No. 199177

you only think the opposite is true because scrotes want you to believe that. women have an entire organ essentially dedicated for pleasure. the fact that female orgasm isn't guaranteed the same way male orgasm is is, counterintuitively, the proof needed to show that female pleasure was crucial in our evolution. if the female orgasm and the clitoris were purely vestigial, like male nipples are, their structures would be relatively less complex than their male versions because it would be biologically costly to maintain an unneeded level of complexity. again, like what happened with male nipples. but on the contrary, the female orgasm leads to a complex brain activation patterns sufficiently differentiated from the male orgasm, and the clitoris itself is it's own elaborated upon structure with unique nerve endings, instead of just a vestigial penis head.

meaning that there were ecological pressures to ensure women receive pleasure from sex, even though female orgasm is not directly necessary for reproduction. on top of that, the fact that the female orgasm usually requires some amount of skill to achieve outside of just jackhammering shows that the ecological pressures (at the time) favored men who were willing to work to please women, maybe who were even deferential to women's pleasure first because they had to be.

sorry for the evolution sperging. but basically yes. men do exist for women's pleasure. don't let moids convince you it's the other way around, it's a male cope.

No. 199181

samefag but i wanted to add there's no real connection between a male of the species being ornamental and the female of that species receiving pleasure during intercourse. males orgasming from penetration is kind of a given in almost all species and it's not really of note. what's of far bigger note is that women can orgasm, since that's not a given among mammals.

anyway like i said the complexity of the female clitoris means men were literally designed to pleasure women

No. 199189

Oh yeah, I've seen those. I think they're mostly so the man can be close to the pussy but be ~omg denied~ and feel masochistic about it.

Proud of you sis, this is the mindset women should have.

No. 199211

That's not a man, that's a drawing.

No. 199234

We could change the world so next time there are pictures of real men imitating the drawing.

No. 199244

How does that even work? Is it a strap on?

No. 199249

It's strapped on the man's head so he becomes a literal dickhead.

No. 199296

File: 1627196446640.png (1.18 MB, 700x983, d5xtatq-2303a62c-0adc-4824-93c…)

i enjoyed reading your post. learned something new today shawty! anyway heres some Kaneoya

No. 199337

Does anyone know where to find male omorashi content from a female perspective? Stories or art would be nice, I just like the idea of hearing other women's experiences with it.

No. 199343

I get censoring the head of the dick and the top and the bottom but why towards the base too?

No. 199354

Anyone have any experience having a sub while having a really low sex drive? I like subby guys but they usually end up having a pretty high sex drive compared to me so I get worn out trying to keep up. It'd be cool if my moid was subby in normal life activities as well but only wanted sex like twice a month or something, that'd be ideal. Wait, I am suddenly seeing the value in chastity belts/cages.

No. 199356

Is he constantly pestering you for sex? It's supposed to be on your terms, not his and he needs to learn his fucking place. You are his dom, not his fetish vending machine, so please don't overextend yourself to perform for him. There should be no pestering or begging unless you specifically tell him to. This is something he either has to accept or leave if he can't deal with it. You should sit him down and talk about both of your needs.

No. 199364

File: 1627236809515.jpeg (36.56 KB, 720x404, 1626013911640.jpeg)

Why do woman want to look at drawing…when real men exist???

No. 199431

i cant tell if youre either a moid or just dumb as hell or both.

No. 199445

Oh bless you, I had no idea someone was making femdom smut of my precious cyborg husbando.

I have a high sex drive but I think having a sub who was overactive would be great. Since he's horny constantly you can really tease the shit out of him, make him edge himself all the time, service you without any release, have him wear a chastity device or something so it's painful when he gets hard. Would be great watching him suffer so much and then become a blubbering mess when you finally allow him to orgasm

No. 199456

>Since he's horny constantly you can really tease the shit out of him, make him edge himself all the time, service you without any release,

NTA but I think the issue is that this stuff isn't that fun if you're not horny, the situation you're describing sounds more like a sub with a sex drive well matched to yours. Mismatched sex drives in a relationship really are tragic no matter which way around it is.

No. 199458

File: 1627294899528.png (Spoiler Image, 171.83 KB, 500x500, tumblr_ookxorFQhU1tv9whyo2_500…)

kek I was making fun of the other anon.

No. 199516

File: 1627327593296.gif (Spoiler Image, 4.92 MB, 500x279, 2D091AE9-5056-4209-A869-66C53F…)

No. 199517

File: 1627327622452.gif (Spoiler Image, 4.94 MB, 500x279, 2960D7DC-67FC-477F-92A6-03123F…)

No. 199518

File: 1627327682108.gif (Spoiler Image, 4.86 MB, 500x279, 725343CA-99D2-4FAF-99F5-C84CBC…)

No. 199519

File: 1627327721021.gif (Spoiler Image, 4.92 MB, 500x279, A11C19C4-7708-44A6-8958-B0F292…)

No. 199521

I see, I was going to say maybe you could have him serve you in other ways during those times. Gotta love willing slave labor. But it seems like anon is saying he's not submissive outside of the bedroom. I definitely prefer subby behavior at all times, having a guy you can demand cook for you, do chores or give you a massage (and feel grateful to do so) is great. In this instance I have to agree with >>199356. He has to respect your boundaries whether or not he'd prefer more. If that's not going to work for him then he needs to move on instead of trying to force you to be his domme on demand. Dealing with an entitled asshole is the exact opposite of having an enjoyable d/s relationship.

No. 199523

No. 199525

The Dallas Connection (1994) I saw this gif set on tumblr.

No. 199526

thank you beloved anon

No. 199530

Rip for Tumblr banning it got all the best gifs there…

No. 199539

anons I need adviceeeeeeeee my bf wants me to "take control" (kek…) ive been trying my best but in your experience what exactly do they mean when they say that.. Im fine with taking control but not if its just an excuse for him to be lazy - how to i make that not the case?? im not trying to be fetishy and annoying i just want to have fun sex

No. 199550

It means USE ME. So ask yourself, what can he do that will bring you pleasure? Role playing? Worshiping? Punishment game? Do you like seeing him embarrassed, pained, in compromising positions? Make him suck you until he is told to stop. Make him wear a sexy costume to rub your feet and back. If you engage in PIV, tell him exactly how to use that cock. You are taking what you want above all so have fun!

You’ll know if he’s trying to be lazy.

No. 199797

is there any hope for me as a domme as someone who is very short and weak and neither into pegging nor mommy stuff?

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