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gender critical and female politics
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File: 1673183694740.jpeg (9.13 KB, 275x183, images (2).jpeg)

No. 7569

A place to share moments in films, TV shows, clips from magazines, comics, interviews etc. that highlight radfem talking points or the insanity of trans ideology. Including points made accidentally.

No. 7570

thread pic is from an episode of Bojack Horseman that uses the animal captivity analogy to show how women's bodies are similarly exploited and abused for entertainment. and how this gives a terrible message to young girls.

No. 7571

and whilst on the subject of Bojack, there is also this clip which perfectly sums up how allowing men into women's spaces, removes the 'safe space' for women. i feel like there were other TERFy moments in this show. i need to rewatch it.

No. 7572

There were a lot of based female writers working on Bojack(which is reason I started watching it in the first place)

No. 7575

I know you've all probably seen this MADtv sketch already but damn, i just can't get over that this is now a reality. surreal to watch this presented as a ridiculous, comedic, over-the-top notion whilst women are being pressured to accept it in real life.

No. 7576

yeah, it really comes through. Lisa Hanawalt especially seems like a cool lady and i enjoy her comics too.

No. 7577

shame about her show, but my favorite co-wrier has to be Amy Winfrey(the one who wrote Free Churro)

No. 7600

No. 7601

kek. is this show any good by the way? tempted to watch it now.

video related is on the same topic. female empowerment = being sexy for men.

No. 7604

Could you imagine the uproar if SNL put this out today?

No. 7608

File: 1673226183093.webm (3.34 MB, 640x360, fwkdyx.webm)

based female immune system

No. 7620

No. 7646

I couldn't stand this show so I missed this bit but it's hilarious kek.
>wanna play dollies later?
i laughed but then i remembered there are grown men, fathers, traumatising their daughters just like this in real life. makes me shudder.

No. 7647

can any aussie and NZ nonnies confirm if this period brand is still terfy? I looked on the website and they still mention 'girls' at least (for their products aimed at young teens).
this ad was made 10 years ago now so it wouldn't be surprising if they have since backed down and pandered to troons.

No. 7700

Even if Ricky Gervais is a dick I have to admire how open he's become about hating troons

No. 7704

File: 1673328015638.png (23.64 KB, 684x315, Capture.PNG)

I haven't seen any ads from them lately but they put out an official apology on facebook which is kinda disappointing https://www.facebook.com/Libra/posts/320487091307231

No. 7709

tbf this is one of those non-apologies that is only sorry for causing offence and doesn't backtrack on any stance or "correct" any language. if this was today, 11 years later, they would have to state clearly that TWAW or face death.

No. 7710

a clip from a Donahue show where he interviews a TIM.

watch the redhead woman at 1 minute into the video. she is so based. makes me sad that she would get piled on nowadays for being so wise.

also how he says he "isn't doing anything for women" he is only doing things for himself and other men.

No. 7722

Incidentally that TIM said he regretted transitioning in a later interview years later

No. 7736

The red headed woman told no fucking lies, even a moid could see how right she is. The tranny had literally nothing to say to that. He comes across as a hsts who trooned out only because he was jealous of the fact that as a man, he will never be desired by supposed straight men as women are. He probably thinks that women are lucky to get unwanted attention. I'm sure he wanted to accuse every woman in the room of being jealous that he could take their husbands.

No. 7741

This skit reminded me of anons on here who lament the grossness of men and made me smile.

No. 7747

>selena gomez looks like my dad
i chuckled

No. 7755

I love Syd & Olivia's sense of humor, absolute queens. They have a whole episode of their podcast where they act as their scrote alter egos. I

No. 7784

Does anyone have any recommendations for radfem podcasts and youtube channels?

No. 7792

No. 7820

I’ve been looking for this video for ages but couldn’t find it anywhere. Was starting to think I dreamt it or something.

Thank you nonna <3

No. 7834

First time I've chuckled at SNL in a while, thanks anon

No. 7835

File: 1673610958551.jpg (647.55 KB, 750x1224, bojack.jpg)

yet another bojack moment that fits here

No. 9405

The second act of We Happy Few has quite a lot of feminist themes. Too bad Sally never truly peaks, it's just "I really wish men would treat me like and actual peer and human being, but oh well, what can you do?".

No. 9410

Of course he did, he's an obvious larping fag, kek.

No. 9412

This woman makes a 47 minute analysis video on the themes of femininity in Bloodborn, all related to menstruation and birth, and then turns around and says TERFs aren't welcome here. The analysis blatantly associates xx biological processes with the feminine, that is as anti-trans as you could possibly get kek. They don't even know what they're against. There are a lot of TIFs in the comments praising the video because 'pregnancy icky/scary', but I bet if you showed it to TIMs they would get it taken off youtube for transphobia.

No. 9414

>TERFs aren't welcome here
That really sucks since it seems like an interesting and original analysis on the game compared to all the video essays out there made my male gamers. Women just can't have one thing for themselves without catering to troons.

No. 9451

File: 1674725118093.jpg (9.28 KB, 220x220, download.jpg)

>retard who overanalyzes piece of media to the point of redundancy also capes for troons
not surprising

No. 9454

>TIFs in the comments praising the video because 'pregnancy icky/scary
more confirmation internalized sexism and tokophobia are driving forces. can't imagine why young women are scared and disgusted by pregnancy when men regularly have "breeding kinks" and fetishize pregnant women!

No. 9480

kek the comments using terms like 'female biology', this is literally a hate crime against tims.

No. 9487

'Tokophobia' is a made up scrote phobia. A phobia is supposed to be irrational but childbirth and gestation can be harmful to women and is certainly painful always. Acknowledging this fact doesn't mean one has internalized misogyny.

No. 9512

File: 1674883668052.jpg (Spoiler Image, 458.71 KB, 1960x1181, dove and ogre.jpg)

No. 9519

I am both a childfree woman and a former TIF and I can confirm, in both these communities every now and then you hear extremely degrading things about mothers, mimicking men's ungrateful behavior towards the female body. They're this close to calling women breeders, unironically.

I wouldn't call it serious tokophobia though, I don't think they have actual panic attacks or abstain from sex because of their fear of childbirth, they just have a severe case of pickmeism, and/or are overcompensating and coping because they're straight and most men are obsessed with breeding.

No. 9537

Another SNL skit 'meet your second wife'

No. 9556

more snl

No. 9722

This sex and the city scene, about 3 minutes in. TIM tells Samantha to suck his cock and she throws a bucket of water over him kek

No. 10480

currently obsessed with the rapper the buttress she has really good view points and she’s extremely fucking smart this video was super interesting and brought up a lot of things i agree with and stand by https://youtube.com/live/R9Zg_BLkXFU?si=EnSIkaIECMiOmarE

No. 10488

>white rapper feminist
kinda cringe!

No. 10492

Lisa vs Libby Libfem

This entire channel is gold, almost all of her vids belong here

No. 10738

I love Lisa. I remember the episode when she was so disappointed in the message the doll was giving young women. 'dont ask me, i'm just a girl.' Lisa is a TERF.

No. 10773

so is her aunt Patty

No. 11466

File: 1678361604266.jpeg (47.24 KB, 540x304, as if.jpeg)

No. 11467

No. 11745

File: 1678675277632.png (226.11 KB, 960x1440, TAPAS-TITLE-PAGE.png)

I'm reading this comic and the author really know how to make a radfem comic.

No. 11746

Does it make up for such an ugly art style?

No. 11747

You should see how many people were complaining about the TIM and TIF characters.

No. 12066

i love sillypoo (i hope i added the link correctly)

No. 12070

wow… this is really something. I don't know what lol but it's something.

No. 12071

I don't understand what's going on but I like it

No. 12073

Are they the antagonists? Or are they realistically ugly?

No. 12074

File: 1679460896529.png (55.5 KB, 844x1176, C3-P12.png)

i remember some nonnies mentioning this comic a while back because of this part

>Are they the antagonists? Or are they realistically ugly?
From what I recall, they're both

No. 12083

This whole movie was cringe but Greta Gerwig's first line in this scene is gold. The bald fat guy creeps me out tho.

No. 12090

Are they terfs? I love that for them. Also they don't take credit for the doodle board drawings but we know Sillypoo… we know.

No. 12239

File: 1679714042057.jpg (565.76 KB, 1492x1135, nilgans lorry.jpg)

I can't find the screenshot but Disco Elysium treats da homos right. Ruby (lesbian) says getting pussy isn't a problem for her, which was cool, because you know, troons love this game and any mention of a lesbian liking pussy pisses them off.

No. 12427

I love how the people that are against the comic draw the AGP group like cute "trans girls uwu", but there's zero fanarts of the TIF group. This shows they're willing to kiss men's asses rather than support their own "group".

No. 12614

File: 1680219022002.webm (4.34 MB, 854x480, portlandia.webm)

what are you, a gender detective?

No. 12644

wow that's awesome!! I thought disco elysium was a game about ugly moids, so I was hesitant to give it a try. is this character there a lot?

No. 12671

No. 12695

It is a game about ugly, self-pitying moids. Women are barely in it.

No. 12696

There is this thread:

No. 12697

No. 12715

I know Carlin is a man and it's a kind of boomer moid humour ("women are crazy and men are stupid hurr durr") but I liked this summation on inequality between the sexes. This would have been fairly uncontroversial at the time. Most people would have agreed with what he said, but now memory of this understanding seems to have been wiped.

No. 12718

>muh equality
Men are biologically closer to male chimps than humans. Carlin was always one ugly monkey, too. Can’t believe they’re throwing peanuts at him and cheering him on for not saying something outrageously sexist.

No. 12900

File: 1680805863575.webm (1.8 MB, 640x360, the lack - what is a woman cli…)

Nina Power is pretty based sometimes. this is from a podcast where they are discussing 'What is a Woman?' - her co-hosts are reluctant to get into it but she goes for it.
chose this small clip because I thought it was an interesting point - we really haven't had any time at all, when you think of it in the context of history, to make our mark as women before we became "floating signifiers" again.

No. 13137

No. 13141

File: 1681079743102.png (742.22 KB, 1384x2426, Screen Shot 2023-04-09 at 6.23…)

randomly binged this girl's videos because one of her tiktoks showed up on my fyp and was pleasantly surprised when I came across this one on her page.

she's kind of corny/goofy, but she has 13.6 million followers on tiktok, 4.4 million followers on spotify, and is opening for Big Time Rush this summer and seems to be all about female empowerment, if in a sort of third wave kinda way

idk if she actually knows what radical feminism is, and is prob saying that feminism itself is ~radical~ but none of her videos have troons which is a good sign. also all the comments on picrel were positive and no mention of twans whatsoever.

fingers crossed for mainstream terf popstar

No. 13314

anon, I read this comic because of you. Despite the crappy art style the story and characters are amazing. 10/10 recommend if you're a lesbian sick of trannies, nonnies

No. 13434

File: 1681511161701.png (499.23 KB, 925x636, Gender Is Just Clothes.png)

from another SNL skit (Pride Month)

No. 13455

File: 1681533311338.png (543.29 KB, 2124x2977, CH11P14.png)

ayrt, i picked it up again after posting that! Glad you enjoyed it, nonita!

>Despite the crappy art style the story and characters are amazing

definitely agree with you, tho thankfully the art does improve a bit.

picrel is one of the best pages of it all kek

No. 13563

File: 1681635430210.jpg (35.75 KB, 1080x327, Screenshot_20230416_045506_You…)

looked into this artist and was scrolling thru the comments on the video for her song brutus (which is amazing btw, very radfem anthem) and this one took me out. if I were Buttress I'd be horrified ngl

No. 13578

The Zoomers are starting to wake up.

No. 13794

Bumping this to say I've seen a lot of women speak up about this stuff online lately, especially younger women and teens. This stuff becoming too popular actually led to people disliking trans people more because they're now openly stealing away opportunities from women.

No. 13801

Really liked this video so I went to follow this girl on ig only to discover she’s a pro-life Christian who posts pics of mutilated fetuses and shit like that so… my hopes aren’t much higher now. F

No. 13904

weird that this is coming from an advertisement for watches but I guess no weirder than other companies pushing trans ideology in their advertisements. i'm just glad to see it out there.

No. 13905

many such cases. but remember it's a lot easier for right wing women to speak up on this issue. they're likely surrounded by people who agree and applaud them, whereas there is far less incentive for left wing women (or just normie / non-extremists) to make these kind of videos. they could lose relationships, career, sm followers etc. I like to think there are a lot more women who agree with her (in this instance) than not, but they're just not in the position to be as open about it on their platform.

No. 13929

I've also started reading Lease Bound! The art definitely improves.

No. 13945

lmfao a resurfaced Bud Light ad from the 90s showing men dressing up as women to enter a women's pool tournament

No. 13947

This scene was great. I feel like Diane would be a handmaiden for troons, though idk

No. 13955

I think realistically she shouldn’t be, given her personality and how critical she is. Handmaidens are women who don’t overthink or analyze anything, and Diane is an over-thinker and over-analyzer. But the creator of the show is a TRA male so yeah there’s no hope. I’m just thankful the show was created slightly too early for a troon or nb to be forced into the plot.

No. 14043

Is there any media about all-female societies where the moral of the story is not the dumb "woman are just as bad as men boohoo"?
I'm watching The Power and it's kind of giving me that vibe, I just want stories about female only societies that don't suck

No. 14078

There was a comic with an all-female society since men died due a "disease"… But the "main shaman woman thing" turned out to be a trans woman.

No. 14822

While not really gc or terfy, Venture Bros says the quiet part out loud in regards to how pedophilia was accepted in the gay male community back in the day although it's mostly played for dark humor and toned down significantly in later seasons.

No. 14824

are you talking about Woman World? that was weird and I think there was some trans allegory with the little girl who wanted to paul blart

No. 14994

Watch the full version

No. 15171

File: 1685455186446.jpg (140.47 KB, 736x726, 983cc79af85dd77da9414b8ac84455…)

Not TERFy but for a shonen anime Vinland Saga has a lot of radfem themes. Consistent critique of male violence and how men create war for stupid reasons leaving women and our children to suffer, how delusional men are about the power dynamics they force on us and how how men lie to themselves about the morality of their actions to do whatever they want.

Pic related, praying she and her baby get justice

No. 15177

That means radical feminism is a thing created by some man to wipe out most other men and keep most women for themselves in the end?

No. 15189

File: 1685475345497.png (533.38 KB, 930x5456, Screenshot 4.png)

What are you on about? I don't think Woman World is supposed to be some sort of allegory, its basically a post-apocalyptic slice of life and general late 2010's libfeminism

No. 15472

File: 1685836058862.jpg (166.06 KB, 1536x864, AKindofSpark_BBC.jpg)

Watched this BBC show that came out in late March, A Kind of Spark. The series follows Addie, "an autistic 11-year-old [who] seeks to memorialize the women once tried as witches in her Scottish village". It focuses mostly on female characters, how sisters can have both strained and deep relationships, female-on-female bullying, and the struggle of fitting in. The main three girls are all sisters, two of them have autism, one of the twins does not. It is a kids show, so nothing too mind-blowing, but I liked it and found it endearing overall. The main character makes it a frequent point to highlight that the witches were not really witches, but overwhelmingly women who did not "fit in" in one way or another, including one woman who rejected a scrote's marriage proposal. I don't recall there being any troonery mentioned.

No. 15477

File: 1685857219652.jpg (187.72 KB, 903x1390, illustration-of-heinrich-krame…)

The story of witch burnings is honestly fascinating. The Catholic Church's official position on witches and warlocks was that they didn't exist; it was just a bunch of rural people who mixed whatever pre-pagan culture and practices with Christianity, and so they needed to be corrected. However, no one should believe they had actual powers or magic. Then came Heinrich Kramer (a monk part of the Dominican order). Apparently, he was "scorned" by a nun named Helena Scheuberin, who didn't think his sermons were all that good and was very open about her dislike for them. For this, he put her on trial for heresy, but the church sided with Helena because Heinrich sounded like a bitter Incel.
So later he published Malleus Maleficarum(the main treatise regarding witchcraft), he forged a bunch of signatures to give credence to his writings, including claiming that it was approved by the university of collogne. which it wasn't. in fact, they condemned the book as heretical. the fucking inquisition had a similar opinion, and viewed the text as so heretical as to be downright silly.
he sent a copy to the Pope, who approved the thing without actually reading it. he took back his approval and fully condemned it about 2 years later. unfortunately, the damage had been done. although the inquisition did not use it, secular courts (i.e secular courts) adopted it as an official guide, particularly in germany where it was written. when the protestant reformation occured, the protestants kept the document out of spite against the Catholics and began using it in their trials, though ironically the Spanish Inquisition was one of the groups who refused to do so

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