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gender critical and female politics
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No. 7569

A place to share moments in films, TV shows, clips from magazines, comics, interviews etc. that highlight radfem talking points or the insanity of trans ideology. Including points made accidentally.

No. 7570

thread pic is from an episode of Bojack Horseman that uses the animal captivity analogy to show how women's bodies are similarly exploited and abused for entertainment. and how this gives a terrible message to young girls.

No. 7571

and whilst on the subject of Bojack, there is also this clip which perfectly sums up how allowing men into women's spaces, removes the 'safe space' for women. i feel like there were other TERFy moments in this show. i need to rewatch it.

No. 7572

There were a lot of based female writers working on Bojack(which is reason I started watching it in the first place)

No. 7575

I know you've all probably seen this MADtv sketch already but damn, i just can't get over that this is now a reality. surreal to watch this presented as a ridiculous, comedic, over-the-top notion whilst women are being pressured to accept it in real life.

No. 7576

yeah, it really comes through. Lisa Hanawalt especially seems like a cool lady and i enjoy her comics too.

No. 7577

shame about her show, but my favorite co-wrier has to be Amy Winfrey(the one who wrote Free Churro)

No. 7600

No. 7601

kek. is this show any good by the way? tempted to watch it now.

video related is on the same topic. female empowerment = being sexy for men.

No. 7604

Could you imagine the uproar if SNL put this out today?

No. 7608

File: 1673226183093.webm (3.34 MB, 640x360, fwkdyx.webm)

based female immune system

No. 7620

No. 7646

I couldn't stand this show so I missed this bit but it's hilarious kek.
>wanna play dollies later?
i laughed but then i remembered there are grown men, fathers, traumatising their daughters just like this in real life. makes me shudder.

No. 7647

can any aussie and NZ nonnies confirm if this period brand is still terfy? I looked on the website and they still mention 'girls' at least (for their products aimed at young teens).
this ad was made 10 years ago now so it wouldn't be surprising if they have since backed down and pandered to troons.

No. 7700

Even if Ricky Gervais is a dick I have to admire how open he's become about hating troons

No. 7704

File: 1673328015638.png (23.64 KB, 684x315, Capture.PNG)

I haven't seen any ads from them lately but they put out an official apology on facebook which is kinda disappointing https://www.facebook.com/Libra/posts/320487091307231

No. 7709

tbf this is one of those non-apologies that is only sorry for causing offence and doesn't backtrack on any stance or "correct" any language. if this was today, 11 years later, they would have to state clearly that TWAW or face death.

No. 7710

a clip from a Donahue show where he interviews a TIM.

watch the redhead woman at 1 minute into the video. she is so based. makes me sad that she would get piled on nowadays for being so wise.

also how he says he "isn't doing anything for women" he is only doing things for himself and other men.

No. 7722

Incidentally that TIM said he regretted transitioning in a later interview years later

No. 7736

The red headed woman told no fucking lies, even a moid could see how right she is. The tranny had literally nothing to say to that. He comes across as a hsts who trooned out only because he was jealous of the fact that as a man, he will never be desired by supposed straight men as women are. He probably thinks that women are lucky to get unwanted attention. I'm sure he wanted to accuse every woman in the room of being jealous that he could take their husbands.

No. 7741

This skit reminded me of anons on here who lament the grossness of men and made me smile.

No. 7747

>selena gomez looks like my dad
i chuckled

No. 7755

I love Syd & Olivia's sense of humor, absolute queens. They have a whole episode of their podcast where they act as their scrote alter egos. I

No. 7784

Does anyone have any recommendations for radfem podcasts and youtube channels?

No. 7792

No. 7820

I’ve been looking for this video for ages but couldn’t find it anywhere. Was starting to think I dreamt it or something.

Thank you nonna <3

No. 7834

First time I've chuckled at SNL in a while, thanks anon

No. 7835

File: 1673610958551.jpg (647.55 KB, 750x1224, bojack.jpg)

yet another bojack moment that fits here

No. 9405

The second act of We Happy Few has quite a lot of feminist themes. Too bad Sally never truly peaks, it's just "I really wish men would treat me like and actual peer and human being, but oh well, what can you do?".

No. 9410

Of course he did, he's an obvious larping fag, kek.

No. 9412

This woman makes a 47 minute analysis video on the themes of femininity in Bloodborn, all related to menstruation and birth, and then turns around and says TERFs aren't welcome here. The analysis blatantly associates xx biological processes with the feminine, that is as anti-trans as you could possibly get kek. They don't even know what they're against. There are a lot of TIFs in the comments praising the video because 'pregnancy icky/scary', but I bet if you showed it to TIMs they would get it taken off youtube for transphobia.

No. 9414

>TERFs aren't welcome here
That really sucks since it seems like an interesting and original analysis on the game compared to all the video essays out there made my male gamers. Women just can't have one thing for themselves without catering to troons.

No. 9451

File: 1674725118093.jpg (9.28 KB, 220x220, download.jpg)

>retard who overanalyzes piece of media to the point of redundancy also capes for troons
not surprising

No. 9454

>TIFs in the comments praising the video because 'pregnancy icky/scary
more confirmation internalized sexism and tokophobia are driving forces. can't imagine why young women are scared and disgusted by pregnancy when men regularly have "breeding kinks" and fetishize pregnant women!

No. 9480

kek the comments using terms like 'female biology', this is literally a hate crime against tims.

No. 9487

'Tokophobia' is a made up scrote phobia. A phobia is supposed to be irrational but childbirth and gestation can be harmful to women and is certainly painful always. Acknowledging this fact doesn't mean one has internalized misogyny.

No. 9512

File: 1674883668052.jpg (Spoiler Image, 458.71 KB, 1960x1181, dove and ogre.jpg)

No. 9519

I am both a childfree woman and a former TIF and I can confirm, in both these communities every now and then you hear extremely degrading things about mothers, mimicking men's ungrateful behavior towards the female body. They're this close to calling women breeders, unironically.

I wouldn't call it serious tokophobia though, I don't think they have actual panic attacks or abstain from sex because of their fear of childbirth, they just have a severe case of pickmeism, and/or are overcompensating and coping because they're straight and most men are obsessed with breeding.

No. 9537

Another SNL skit 'meet your second wife'

No. 9556

more snl

No. 9722

This sex and the city scene, about 3 minutes in. TIM tells Samantha to suck his cock and she throws a bucket of water over him kek

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