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No. 7420

A thread for discussing the cancer in society that is pornography.

>pornography is the orchestrated destruction of women’s bodies and souls; rape, battery, incest, and prostitution animate it; dehumanization and sadism characterize it; it is war on women, serial assaults on dignity, identity, and human worth; it is tyranny

-Andrea Dworkin

No. 7421

File: 1672923736067.png (54.15 KB, 657x353, ID-needed.png)

Bringing this thread back from dead because the US state of Louisiana just implemented a law that requires coomers to use ID to access porn sites and there are meltdowns all over social media.

Also telling is that liberal news sites now suddenly care about online privacy when men can't watch women being abused but give no fucks when women are doxed and silenced for speaking out about rapist immigrant moids and pedo trannies.


No. 7422

Sadly, I don't see how this law is going to be effective with VPNs being normie knowledge presently. It's a good idea, but it needs better and more modern construction and enforcement.

No. 7423

File: 1672924813325.jpg (412.51 KB, 2500x1667, schlegal.jpg)

The women responsible for the law is Republican Representative Laurie Schlegal. She has also advocated for banning trannies from being able to participate in girls high school sports.

I live in the UK and access to porn is supposed to be blocked without ID. The reality is that it only seems to work when trying to access porn sites through mobile internet. Probably the main result will be bigger profits for VPN companies. There was an attempt and I thought it was worth noting as there does now seem to be increasing recognition of how harmful porn is and people are starting to push back against it.

No. 7424

The best thing this law will do is at least get people talking about the subject. Porn has infected every single male and nobody seems to talk about it.

No. 7425

I feel superior about not watching porn tbh lol. Feels good to know you aren't a disgusting degenerate like handmaidens and scrotes

No. 7429

Such a male perspective lol, even when you find one that's anti porn it's all about being superior to other scrotes or getting erectile function back, and nothing to do with the fact that sex work is never a choice.

No. 7432

Nah she's superior

No. 7448

I'm in the UK and didn't know this. just checked and can access porn sites on desktop and mobile without vpn. maybe it was an idea that is yet to be implemented or was scrapped?
meanwhile, our politicians are watching it in the house of commons. it's all very normal.

No. 7449

porn is just so normalised now, as is hypersexuality. it disturbs me how casually people talk about their fetishes out in the open because it has taken over their lives so much.

and any attempts to criticise or offer self-improvement in this area is missed as pearl clutching or right wing. eg. the no-fap community is described as toxic and leads to porn-use being fiercely defended by lefty coomers, as if it can't be a bipartisan thing to not spend your life watching porn.

No. 7456

>porn-use being fiercely defended by lefty coomers
Dworkin predicted what would happen to the left

>The new pornography industry is held, by leftist males, to be inherently radical. Sex is claimed by the Left as a leftist phenomenon; the trade in women is most of sex. The politics of liberation are claimed as indigenous to the Left by the Left; central to the politics of liberation is the mass-marketing of material that depicts women being used as whores

>The new pornography is left-wing; and the new pornography is a vast graveyard where the Left has gone to die. The Left cannot have its whores and its politics too

No. 7462

How can anyone argue porn is 'lefty', woke and progressive when just one glance of the fucking titles in porn dispells this shit immediately?.

All media has moderation or we strive to have some at the very least but porn. It's painfully obvious it's the only medium that suffers no repercussions for its portrayals of blatant inhumanity. Take any other medium on earth and people will debate it's worth if there's fucked up shit in it. Take video games for example violence in media, meanwhile hatecrimes, rape, and pedofilia are abhorrent in the real world right? But safely, and acceptably allowed to seek refuge in porn.

No. 7473

How is it a male perspective? Women can be just as porn sick as men. She can be proud and the rest of the population who get off on porn should be allowed to learn and change their ways. Honestly, knowing that the female actresses are not enjoying themselves and seeing how irritated or sad they looked most of the time was enough for me. I also found myself constantly asking why would anybody want to engage in more extreme shit like anal.

No. 7474

aaah two posts in a row, but i think porn is in the same situation of the troon shit politically. Sure conservatives/right winged people may call it degenerate, but most conservative/right winged men still watch porn, fund it and even run much of the companies in the industry. The same can be said on the left. They may cry about human trafficking, worry about minors consuming porn, but ultimately they do no want anything blocking the convenient access to porn, so it's all just a farce. I hope i made some kind of sense, but basically neither side give a shit about the damage porn does to society and especially to women.

No. 7527

They care about privacy when it applies to/benefits them. These idiots will have no issue demanding mandatory paternity tests on every baby born, husbands getting their wives passwords to everything (except for them ofc), or just anything that invades the privacy of women under the false excuse of "well what if she is cheating". They're scared on their life that their wife might be talking to other males online but want everyone to be okay with them watching child porn or jerking it to rape tapes of women

No. 7568

>andrea dworkin
lmfao with friends like that, who needs enemies.

No. 7579

File: 1673190339540.jpg (77.04 KB, 750x709, 16731558194.jpg)

knew a scrote online who thought he was better then other moids cause he only looked at drawn porn, claiming he totally wasn't a degenerate, as if real life pedos in Japan don't get off to this sick shit

No. 7717

You answered your own question, nona. Men are anti porn for their own sake and do not think about sex workers' well-being at all.

No. 7744

Yeah the super male perspective of being proud of not watching porn. This is a paranoid reading you need to touch grass.

No. 7748

are you feeling called out or are you just bad at reading comprehension?

No. 7753

Kek, how many times have you heard this shitty 'argument'?. I'm sick of the 'it's just fiction' meme spouted by just about fucking everyone in order to escape criticism of anything ever that is a fucked up fictional work. This same meme argument is used to dismiss and decry any criticism at all in media and is gobbled up by handmaidens (but mostly scrotes) as a cop out for their knowingly twisted shit.

Bonus points if pedos use it to argue it prevents them from committing real pedo crime/it's a stop gap, despite evidence arguing it does the exact opposite and of anything normalizes abuse. It's baffling how normalized pedofilia is in Japan I wonder how the average Japanese woman feels about that shit on a daily basis. I wonder the kind of mental gymnastics a father would have to pull to ignore the constant pedo shit pulled. I can't imagine seeing pedoshit be openly peddelled in a public space so candidly in media like it is there.

Drawn porn may not have real people ergo no real human suffering but fuck if it still carries the same twisted messages, dehumanizing shit and inhuman coomer shit that's even more extreme than the regular human trafficked kind.

No. 7898

I see the nofap cows thread got locked.

Just stopping by to say that nofappers are doomed because this is not how male sexuality works. A male can't de-coomdition himself, he can only create a new fetish to hopefully lose interest in the prior ones. Studies show that an older a male is, the more paraphilias he has. Progressively more unorthodox sexual interests are a marker of age, decrepitude and being effectively "used up" in males, much like accumulation of mutations or loss of DNA. I'm guessing there's a good dose of crippling fear of mortality there, given the whole "life giving holy semen" lore popular with nofap faggots.

I've read some "successful" (x Doubt) no-fap stories in which the coom chimp describes the process of "cultivating a fetish for wholesome things like love and cuddles". That's basically it. They can't "reset" themselves to an earlier, purer state via abstinence because ever-escalating pursuit of sexual stimuli is what they're built for. Basically their only option is to turn a normal human experience into a sick, shameful taboo and hope that it "passes" as not being corrupted.

No. 9626

Drawn porn is far worse in that respect. No restriction on depravity at all. It has all the extreme violent fetishistic shit. Also the references for drawn are real and it exists in the same space. People saying it's fine are coping or stupidly believe the only problem with porn is abuse/exploitation. I feel like those people are actually trying to defend porn. Or trying to disassociate different types of porn.

No. 9727

[Citation needed]

No. 9765

Feel free to provide a counter example of you can kek

No. 9854

There’s nothing wrong with being horny occasionally but I hate how people who are massive degenerates will shit on someone by saying that they’re a prude just for finding their paraphiliac habits gross. These people will always play their behavior off as something ironic or funny when it’s obvious they’re sick and twisted, same people that’ll complain about never getting laid mind you.

No. 9857

Kek kek I'm keking my keks off to that one keketta kek

No. 9859

Things are going to get worse before they get better, they say. But it seems so bleak now with deep fakes, cp, revenge porn and trafficking. I watched a documentary last week about children in brothels, they get moved to adult ones (if they survive) when they turn 13 or 14. And yes they shoot porn over there, I assume it gets on the surface web because it's in an adult brothel and they give the kids fake identities. These brothels have medical teams, security, office administration it's like a business organization that makes lots and lots of money. It's not some little hut that is bound to be caught by the FBI. in fact I think the FBI does fuck all with these predators. I just want to cry every night because I think about the kids. I'm a mom too so it just hurts extra knowing that kids get sold into it when they are only 3 years old. I know I'll probably get shit on for bringing a child into this fucked up world, or shaking up with a scrote. I just want to save all those poor kids, they don't know how to read or they don't go to playgrounds, they just get drugged up and they're trapped. I'm never watching porn again, I banned those sites from all devices.
I used to watch hentai while I "quit" porn but I would get ads of real life porn on those sites and sometimes I'd just click on real porn eventually. All porn is bad. Full stop, there is no porn wherein its not promoting violence against women or coercion, incest, pedophilia. It's vile

No. 9860

I think this video might interest some anons here. It's a japanese feminist that discuss hardcore pornography(with a focus on hentai) and how it centeres mens desires and emotions while turning women/girls into toys.
>As a means of escaping from this reality, many men have come to rely on pornographic culture, which views the female body as a reward
She also says that the japanese pron industry has become big internationally which has made men on a global scale view japanese women as nothing more than sex toys. That part really does prove that porn hurts women. So many men with hentai and JAV addiction goes to Japan in order to find their japanese waifu because they genuinely are incapable of viewing them as actual humans and not cartoon characters.

No. 9864

oh is that why i saw pictures of her face and equating her with the devil on Instagram pages of green haired queers from numtot? more power to her, i hope it holds up.

related, i keep getting ads for an antiporn group called fight the new drug
and even more surprising is that i don't see the negative reaction to the antiporn mindset on the if posts as i do on jewbook.(racebaiting)

No. 9915

Kek yourself nona. I bet your child hates itself for being your kid.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 9921

Pleasantly surprised she's a republican. Hope she's working on the abortion rights situation from within.

No. 9950

They're both awful in their own ways. Real porn directly hurts real women but I really don't like how the situation implies hentai/drawn porn is the lesser of two evils, and somehow more ok to consume. Just don't choose evil. ez.

No. 9957

Drawn porn is only "the lesser of two evils" because human beings, women and children aren't being trafficked to produce it. The bar for being better morally is stupendously low for porn.

No. 10485

I have a theory that drawn porn leads to the abstraction of sexual desires but I'm not articulate enough to figure it out myself. Possibly because it's the abstraction of a human, the idea or concept of one not an actual person, scrotes get the jollies off to. I just want to see more scientific studies on what the difference makes.

No. 10506

I hope you're making a dark joke? lmao she's more likely to make divorce illegal than she is likely to legalize abortion

No. 10556

Hi nonnies, I have a question. I'd like to know the best way to distribute a video exposing the illegal crimes and rape committed by Facial Abuse, and the part they played in the suicide of a woman in one of their abuse videos in 2019. My ultimate dream is to have them castrated on a livestream before their eventual execution, but the most I could hope for is to have their websites taken down and for them to be jailed. Apologies for Reddit spacing, but I want this to be readable. I also spoilered the names of his sites because they're just disgusting.

I discovered an account on Reddit who is doing his damndest to expose Facial Abuse and the other companies run by "D&E Media LLC" AKA Donald Emil Vollenweider (Duke Skywalker). If you've ever seen his videos, I believe he's the one behind the camera who says degrading things to the women in his abuse videos and instructs his rapists (David Bryan Horter and Paul Kryscuk) on what to do to them. I requested he send me the video he was talking about in his Reddit posts because I suppose Donald had them taken down by his lawyer, Ernest 'Ernie' T. Rossi. The beginning of the video says this and shows an image of Ernie's house. Anyway. The video is infuriating. It shows the abuse and rape of Meghan Lynai Joel (stage name Kitty Catherine, died age 26) at a GhettoGaggers shoot, followed by her posting on Twitter that she will never shoot with them again. However, this scumbag has multiple sites and I don't think he makes that obvious to the women he recruits. Meghan was hired to shoot for Black on Black Crime and the Reddit video captions "he goes as far as to use a different set and even has somebody else do the interview." She posted a strange video the day she died (age 26) saying "send help, I need help" and looking very nervous. It's been speculated she was excited about something and was just acting for the camera, but who knows. There are other deaths/suicides mentioned in the video of women who shot for D&E: CJ Carducci (pseudonym Vanessa Naughty, fentanyl overdose, age 20), Courtney Ann Comfort ('Riley', suicide), Willow V. Balmat ('Ellis', suicide, age 19). This Redditor cites there are '1-2 murder suicides I am still researching and over 200 women who's welfare I haven't been able to check on yet.'

Ultimately, what Donald, David, Paul, Ernest, and all the fucking low life coomers who watch these videos are doing is, or should be, criminal. It's distribution and purchase of videotaped rape and assault. Reviewing the video and writing this is making my blood boil and my hands shake. Nona, I beg of you. I have this video as evidence. What can be done?

The Reddit post I first saw: https://www.reddit.com/r/PornIsMisogyny/comments/sry2as/open_source_journalism_project_help_me_find/
Here's a SFW video of where D&E media is housed, which links to alex's archive.org page. https://archive.org/details/jeanmichelle
Video attached for documentation, do not watch it. I have recapped what matters in this post. The rest of it is filmed abuse of Meghan. I let my phone screen record most of it in a different room. It is heavily censored but is still absolutely unwatchable. I don't want any nona's day to be ruined because of me, but this video needs to be places other than my phone's photo reel. Download and distribute, but do not watch. https://www.dropbox.com/s/gcacugps5qei218/exposingdonaldvollenweiderscrimes.mp4?dl=0

No. 10579

Not to be glib but this seems like something where you talk to a lawyer. Maybe a law firm that specializes in class action cases. Maybe law enforcement if the videos are as bad as they sound, there is a limit to what a waiver or contract lets someone get away with legally. But a porn mogul isn’t gonna be cancelled in the court of public opinion, it won’t hurt his business to share this with the average person.

No. 10780

Thanks for replying anon. I just hate these men and their company so much, I wish they would get theirs. I wanted to sign up to shoot with them just to go on a shooting spree when I got to the location, but I like my life. Anyway. I'm getting myself worked up. I don't have the money to go through with any sort of legal repercussion, especially since I never signed a contract or worked with them. I'm just appalled at the abuse they're allowed to share online.

No. 12793

File: 1680607508635.jpeg (328.87 KB, 1440x2560, dworkin 2x reddit.jpeg)

Woman posts anti-porn video in r/twoxchromosomes and it gets deleted, along with all the comments. Women in the comments are waking up to the fact that sub is run by men, as are all women's subreddits.

No. 12891

File: 1680799225871.png (599.39 KB, 667x500, g4annyoktnq81.png)

Just saw this post, and found this in the Reddit user's history. I don't know the best way to distribute this other than blasting his name and actions far and wide. The women he abuses on camera don't get privacy, why should he? Everyone should use their free speech to blast Donald Emil Vollenweider's face and name anywhere and everywhere he wouldn't want it.
Praying all these repulsive pieces of pig shit will get their deserved fate, and so will anyone else who supports and simps for rape on tape.

No. 12892

File: 1680800060201.jpg (14.25 KB, 300x375, 61201bdee6037.image.jpg)

Paul James Cryskuk, one of the co-rapists, is a Neo-Nazi, because of course. Hope jail treats him well.
>Paul James Kryscuk, a former porn actor who used the alias “Deacon” while active in the neo-Nazi group BSN from 2017 through 2020, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to damage an energy facility on Feb. 10, with the possibility of receiving a reduction from a 15-year prison sentence in exchange for “substantial assistance” in the government’s prosecution in the case.

No. 12894

File: 1680800959089.jpg (20.79 KB, 346x346, 194L.jpg)

Here's the other rapist, David Brian Horter, aka "cameraguy1995" from Pennsylvania. He has a daughter. Hopefully he gets investigated, most likely more than a few things going on that haven't reached the surface yet.

No. 12896

File: 1680801212607.jpeg (23.36 KB, 300x300, 61b41f1dc0c31d5d3245598b961259…)

Posting another photo that shows his tattoos more clearly.

No. 12897

File: 1680802082038.png (14.35 KB, 737x262, pk9.png)

Donald Emil Vollenweider: "Privacy for me, not for thee"

No. 12906

File: 1680814017726.png (8.18 KB, 1468x147, 34098573489098.png)

You know the world has gone insane when neo-nazi hackers make a good point.

No. 12911

The Neo-Nazis are also the pornographers, consumers and rapists lol

No. 13155

File: 1681124008895.jpeg (38.13 KB, 564x823, 85835806-EB69-4404-8B7D-7AF494…)


NOOOO! CORN GOOD!!!! delete delete

No. 13177

Men have ruined themselves with porn addiction. Worst thing is they refuse to acknowledge it as an addiction or how it relies on the abuse of women as an industry. They are becoming more and more deranged and indulging in more and more degenerate behaviour due to desensitization which is beginning earlier and earlier with the availability of the internet.

No. 13244

They'll never admit something that humiliates women is bad. They get off to the humiliation and feel superior as if they're not watching chad fuck girls on their screen while crying themselves to sleep over no woman loving them.

No. 13441

I had a guy make revenge porn of me and share it to my work and even my professors at my old college know about it. I said no and I complained to everyone I could and I got fired. He resurfaced years ago to make my life hell and now I need help. Can anyone help me so this man can't talk or share anything about me?

No. 13448

Don't interact with him further, it makes him happy. Talk to a lawyer, take his ass to court.

No. 13454

File: 1681531535947.png (Spoiler Image, 64.73 KB, 512x512, 38f9f594-b08d-4fa0-b2c3-222ebf…)

2 + 2 = 5!

No. 13485

What if the guy only asks for the girlfriend's pictures and only uses them to get off? Does that count as porn?

No. 13489

Get legal help 100% no one should be able to hold that over your head. Revenge porn is a crime and cannot be used as a reason for professional termination. You could file a case against your previous employment too and get a good cheque.

No. 13490

You should start gathering all evidence of your interactions now texts, messages etc screenshot and archive chats between you and him also find a way to get proof of termination from you employment to prove they fired you unjustly.

No. 13515

As everyone else said, get legal help. Revenge porn is illegal, stalking and harassment are illegal, ruin his life.

No. 13516

File: 1681591012099.png (1.64 MB, 2970x2188, porn_industry.png)

The porn industry is actually owned predominantly by jews. Probably going to get banned for this cause it's antisemitic to point this our or whatever.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 13517

Your dumb fuck graphic literally lists “feminist” as a sin in these profiles up there with male pornographers. No actual feminist could read that graphic and not see the anti-feminist bent included, or disregard that in favor of using cherry picked individuals to construct some sort of conspiracy about da ebil jews. You could make a graphic just as long about men in the porn industry raised Christian or agnostic. Trying to paint the misdeeds of men as a whole as merely the fault of one small group is an excellent and classic misdirection tactic used by Nazi moids to get woken on board with them.
>Oh no, women. You’re right, there is a problem with how women are treated in society. But It’s not men as a whole who are the problem. It’s just this little group! Please fuck me now

No. 13524

Nta and I swear to God I'm not some demented anti-Semite, I even had friends who were Jewish. It's just kinda wired how much a small ethnic group are overrepresented in well everything. Honestly not discussing this overepresentation gives power to the Anti-Semites because it is being disingenuous to ignore it.

No. 13530

there's wikipedia articles about how this happened if you're actually interested in learning something.

No. 13531

I was about to say the same thing. It's actually a fascinating, long-term anthropological story but i guess the tinfoil hat conspiracies are more exciting for bored people who hate their lives

No. 13565

I posted this in a previous thread, essentially it was prejudice, dumb luck and nepotism, and this phenomena is not limited to Jews, there's even a term for this "the mercantile minority" for e.g The Chinese in South East Asia are vastly over represented in every field, the economy, politics, academia, banks and the media, and the Chinese in the Philippines are only 1.2% of the population yet make up more then 60% of the upper class, Igbos(an ethnic group in west africa) are another case, due to a number of factors the Igbos lived in more urban environments compared to other west africans, when the colonizers came they ended up working for them and became a mostly urban educated class and then they had a culture that prioritized education and for this reason they were hated and persecuted

Similar thing in Europe and North America with Jewish people, there is a rational explanation for for Jewish overrepresentation in a lot of industries is that those industries were considered "dirty" one, like film, porn, comic books, record music, etc, and the less respected academic disciplines (at the time) like psychology and sexology and the rest was pure nepotism, so its not some grand Jewish conspiracy but its something that should be acknowledged without accusations or devolving into anti-Semitism

No. 14575

File: 1683004373182.png (15.78 KB, 979x503, utah-pornblock.png)

Utah has joined Louisiana by requiring age verification for adult sites.
However unlike Louisiana, Utah doesn't have the digital driver’s license system for age verification. MindGeek who owns Pornhub and other porn sites is blocking Utah from accessing their sites in protest.

No. 15867

i remember when porn used to be considered seedy and people made fun of old nasty men who went to porn cinemas. before the internet, guys were still somewhat less degen because they hadn't been indoctrinated into the fetish and complete abuse of women at the same level as now. Back then, they'd have to buy a magazine over counter or sneak into the 18+ section of Blockbusters. most regular men wouldn't have gone to those lengths, or still felt shame attached to it. now it's being celebrated, it's not pornography anymore, or prostitution, it's sex work. how liberating. and guys view porn as their birthright. like the world owes it to them that they can coom for free at any hour of the day and want to be celebrated for it. i am absolutely terrified what will happen in the near future, given that boys now grow up with porn and see it before it's even age appropriate.

No. 18209

I'm so tired of sexual content being posted online and even on this site by pornsick individuals. They'll act like we're abnormal for not wanting to see their weird fanfiction about wanting to fuck a character shaped like a ball in detail or a character that's a serial rapist.
I didnt believe pornsick women were this common but I'd say half of this site has a porn problem, whether that be consuming weird fetish content or cartoon pornography featuring weird topics. There even was an anon who posted her nudes on here because she believed a guy she's been reading fanfictions about asked her to.

No. 18788

File: 1691755001067.jpg (158.53 KB, 700x902, gail dines.jpg)

Pornhub is refusing to operate in states that require age verification.
The latest state being Arkansas.

Article on Laurie Schlegal who pushed for age verification on porn sites.
She worked with radical feminist Gail Dines.

>Dines is a self-described radical feminist, sociologist and anti-porn crusader from Manchester, England who has lived in the United States for 37 years. It’s a strange coupling, between an anti-abortion Louisiana Republican and a professor who says her radical feminism “encompasses many socialist feminist principles.” But they know that.

>“It’s not a marriage. Let’s be very clear on this,” Dines told me. Though they share the same goal of diverting kids from porn, they don’t necessarily see it as part of the same larger project. For Dines, “This is about doing the right thing when it comes to controlling capitalism that’s out of control.”

Pragmatism works.

No. 18798

This is so funny, do they think they'll undo the laws because of it? If anything, they're only making it clear that they're upset they can't host CP anymore while also making the site lose revenue by blocking people from several cities. Pornsite owners really are as retarded as their visitors.

No. 18809

It’s more like they’re mad that they can’t indoctrinate little kids into violent sexual deviancy anymore.

No. 18889

over 10% of their daily viewers are under 10 years old so of course they'd be furious. adults are more likely to have adblockers on too so their revenue is cashing in on minors' innocence

No. 19306

>before the internet, guys were still somewhat less degen because they hadn't been indoctrinated into the fetish and complete abuse of women at the same level as now.
This is the part that concerns me lol. Guys were somewhat less degen because they were hiding their rapeape nature from me uwu why can't they go back to hiding it? Why are they indoctrinated into the fetish they were biologically hardwired to create and indoctrinate others into? uwu(uwu)

No. 19524

Does anyone have any links or resources on the detrimental effects on women who do onlyfans/ “camwhoring”/ internet-prostitution? I remember reading about how little money they make, how much mental health issues they suffer from, lack of career opportunities, and abuse from their clientele, but I don’t have any reading material on me.

No. 19525

Same anon, I’m also interested in videos on the subject.

No. 19541


Nordic Model Now is an excellent resource which mainly focuses on prostitution, but they appear to have an OnlyFans tag. https://nordicmodelnow.org/tag/onlyfans/(this is an imageboard)

No. 19567

File: 1693190489405.jpg (371.39 KB, 1080x1860, nmn.jpg)

Isn't the Nordic model just a more "humane" version of human trafficking and prostitution? The tag on the Nordic Model Now website is not promoting prostitution services like OF, its inclusion is to draw attention to the "negative effects" of it but not outright decry it because Nordic model Now is a liberal feminist sex positivity news and promotional site. They don't appear to be promoting OF through omission. There's some information like anon is asking for on prostitution. I do kek at those promoting the Nordic model as if ceeding to a slightly better version of inhumanity is better than eliminating it outright, anything for the sake of male coom. Nordic Model Now and the Nordic model of prostitution create a false dilemma in which it's either their form of "ethical" prostition or the wild west aka outright decriminalization. Even scrolling through the articles on the site they seem to confirm this thought where the Nordic model is the better alternative than decriminalization. This is fallacious and known as the false dilemma. Radical feminists of the 1970s and any woman with half a brain would ask why are either the Nordic model of human trafficking or decriminalization an option? Why is every option a minor variation of inhuman trafficking and child sex slavery rather than outright abolition?

This is like arguing whether organ trafficking should be legal with a ethical model where those whose organs are taken while living are compensated and consenting to being gutted alive or should we just completely decriminalize organ trafficking altogether and let people rip each other open for organs? Clown world.

No. 19571

The Nordic model’s intent is to criminalize prostitution but not penalize the women involved in it.
Pimps and johns should be criminalized. it’s not sex pozzy borderline libfem slop to not want a sexually abused, trafficked woman to not come out of prostitution with jail time and a criminal record.

No. 19572

>Isn't the Nordic model just a more "humane" version of human trafficking and prostitution
Men who purchase sex and men who do human trafficking should be jailed, that's the only good model. Onlyfans is lesser evil in some people's eyes but even then, most women don't even earn minwage after signing up and a lot of creepy men leak their pictures along with the women's vulnerable information like addresses, names, etc.

No. 19575

OF is no different to a pimp. In order to access clients sex workers need to use OF and OF will then take 20% of their earnings.

No. 19619

The Nordic model makes it illegal to buy sex. Johns are prosecuted. Women are offered material alternatives and ways out of the industry rather than penalising them as if it's a crime to have been trafficked.

It's not "sex positive" in the slightest. It's not "ethical prostitution". I understand being angry enough at the state of the world to jump to conclusions but you really just didn't read the website nonas.


No. 19655

>It's not "sex positive" in the slightest. It's not "ethical prostitution".
Yes it is.

>I understand being angry enough at the state of the world to jump to conclusions but you really just didn't read the website nonas.

And you may not have read my post since you completely ignored the point about this false dilemma. No rapist male is owed prostitution and no prostitute should be obliged to their humiliation and masochism. If someone has a fetish for cannibalism and organ trafficking it isn't obliged by society and touted as ethical under an ethical model. Snuff is not regulated by a ethical model and it's laughable to think any inhuman, degrading activity like human trafficking can be "regulated".

>I do kek at those promoting the Nordic model as if ceeding to a slightly better version of inhumanity is better than eliminating it outright, anything for the sake of male coom. Nordic Model Now and the Nordic model of prostitution create a false dilemma in which it's either their form of "ethical" prostitution or the wild west aka outright decriminalization.

Ceeding to a slightly less shit version of sex trafficking is still ceeding to sex trafficking, no woman in existence should be ceeding to this unless they actually genuinely believe women are inherently subhuman and should be treated as such. Women in the developed world who encourage trafficking should be punished just as women who encourage organ trafficking and other forms of inhuman trafficking. Men shouldn't be "prosecuted" and "punished" for engaging in human trafficking including child trafficking; they should be killed.

No. 19660

NTA but do you think women who sell sex (i.e. are not madams but prostitutes themselves) should be punished?

No. 19699

Maybe, but with a pretty low punishment akin to littering or jaywalking with a maximum fine. Deterrence is solely important for the perpetrators of human trafficking and if one end is starved the other will soon follow. Organ trafficking carries a fairly high punishment for perpetrators convicted with jail time. But to call all trafficked prostitutes victims is difficult, for example OF retardation is prostitution/human trafficking but it is an idiotic developed world equivalent.

No. 19739

So you just hate prostitutes.

No. 19832

Prostitutes in the developed world are bleak. I hate anyone who encourages sex trafficking, the perpetrators of it should be imprisoned at the very least, the prostitutes themselves should be fined or punished in a deterrent way, homeless shelters and NGOs combined with a strong safety net can help those who are victimised. If it were punished harshly, and greatly criminalized, it wouldn't exist in the first place.

No. 19835

File: 1694621645960.jpg (105.08 KB, 1172x314, porn-hub.jpg)


>Pornhub CEO Mike Farley spoke with an undercover reporter over dinner, and revealed that execs at the porn site are aware of this, and that human traffickers and rapists use this feature of bypassing age verification to "make a lot of money."

>Farley said that everyone knows about this, and that "everybody is just rolling with it."

"Why do they roll with it?" the Sound Investigations reporter asked Farley, "Why don't they say something?"

"Because it costs money," Farley admits. "It would be counterintuitive to the business."

No. 19836

File: 1694623710652.jpg (44.89 KB, 1280x720, 1675313858964.jpg)

The worst part about this is that not enough males still won't fucking care. If you told them at a large portion of their porn consumption is actually them jerking off to a woman getting raped by contract, or even a trafficked child that's been "disguised" to look like an adult, most scrotes still look you dead in your face as they essentially tell you they do not care. Just look back on their reaction to PornHub doing that age verification thing. They seethe at any fucking thing that gets in the way of their porn consumption, even when it's for the goddamn best. If you told males that possibly 60% of their favorite porn site is actually a disguised house of women and children being exploited and their rapes having "makeup" to look consensual, they'll say they do not care, or make a five minute mental gymnastics as to why that's somehow not a bad thing at all. At worse, their gross fucking dicks are only gonna get harder at the thought of getting off on something morally heinous. Males already sexualize young women and even other scrotes when they're "barely legal". "Teen" is one of, if not, the most popular searched category in porn. If males sexualize adults who are still technically teenagers, imagine how much lower scrotes actually want their porn. Let that sink in as you realize that if scrotes could set the age lower and watch full on CP without getting into trouble, they absolutely fucking would. Society has already reached the point where men go on Pornhub and sexualize the concept of family members fucking and raping each other like animals. Now if you told scrotes that they likely did jack off to a straight up child before (due to how corrupt the porn industry is), their pedophile penises are gonna start smiling. I despise coomers. They are so morally depraved for how much they clap for and contribute to such a malicious industry, but have the audacity to sit on sites like reddit and victimize themselves because "muh adDiCtIoN". No. Not the women who have been groomed since teenagehood to think porn was empowering or just wanted to escape their poor circumstances. No. Not literal children who are getting abused on camera, but thought to be adults because of the title and tags. It's the fugly, smelly, worthless, morally stripped male that jerks off for twelve hours straight to such awful content that is SOMEHOW the "REAL" victim in all this, because for coomers? It's all about them and what gets their rocks off in the meantime.

No. 19850

Nta but wouldn't that discourage women who have been trafficked to the developed world or were victim of the loverboy method to come forward and try to get help? They're not exactly the types to be able to pay fines. They'll literally end up being punished for trying to get help and they'll be more underground and difficult to reach.
Like here you say take littering as an equivalent, but can they even afford €450 in fines when they were trafficked to here or a victim of loverboy method, a pimp takes the money and they might not even speak the language.

No. 19855

>The worst part about this is that not enough males still won't fucking care
Males don't care period. And clearly women don't either enough to topple this shit. Whether women don't know because of a lack of exposure may be relevant but regardless women are complicit in the circulation of CP and victimization by allowing the shit to spread in the first place and treating it as blasé and no big deal.

What is Loverboy method? Is this just some form of elaborate grooming? Unless anyone is willing to create laws around grooming I doubt that it can be stopped. Grooming is barely seen as a crime and it isn't a crime even when it's done to literal children as is. The only counter to grooming is to educate and disrupt/deregulate inhuman behavior in society and encourage critical thinking in women. When women think of themselves as subhuman they will sell themselves and treat themselves as subhuman. If you promote a culture that fosters hatred and degradation then of course women are going to sell themselves and never see themselves as human. Poverty amplifies this even more.

>They'll literally end up being punished for trying to get help and they'll be more underground and difficult to reach.

Yes, you're right there, this shit would more than likely drive human trafficking underground like drug dealing and all other kinds of black market dealing. There is still an argument in reducing the rate of it occuring though. Unfortunately the scenario you give sounds more like an immigration problem resulting from poorly enforced immigration policy and human trafficking. Especially the language barrier, there has to be a better way of combating human trafficking rather than creating a wild west for human traffickers and/or normalising and regulating human trafficking. The false dilemma created here is really the crux of my argument, not punitive means of punishment for prostitutes. In my country is basically catch and release anyway for prostitutes and that's enough, but I worry that prostitutes may willingly collude with offenders. It's idiotic to say "you just hate prostitutes" and is not a counter point. Everyone hates prostitutes, this isn't internalized misogny or some form of idiotic misogyny it's reality. Everyone hates prostitutes because they remind women throughout history that they are worthless and exist to be degraded, while enabling rapeapes to justify their logic of reminding women they are worthless and exist to be degraded. It is possible to see prostitutes as victims and perpetrators of their own suffering, there is nuance in the world. I wish it was possible to punish males solely while obliterating trafficking but it will never happen if women opt themselves into it. In an ideal world all buyers would be arrested, publically humiliated, kept on a list with sex offenders and shunned and "pimps" would be arrested and imprisoned, while prostitutes would be given the resources to not sell themselves. But this would never happen, males don't see women as human have never through history and likely never will. Prostitutes are valuable for communicating the vital message of rapeapes that women are subhuman commodities to be bought and sold without even hiding this, therefore prostitution will always be upheld and protected in some "inhumane" or "humane" form like with the Nordic Model.

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