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gender critical and female politics
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A thread for non-specific topics related to radical feminism and pro-women things. Let's vent, talk about our rights, our health, the porn industry, the makeup industry, sexism, misogyny, gender role madness etc. and share our resources and stories.

No. 6961

File: 1670624177387.jpeg (73.86 KB, 526x501, women who code.jpeg)

came across this today and it really angered me.

>women used to lead in computer science

>until 1984, our representation in the field dropped dramatically
>gender stereotypes, especially through toys and marketing, were beginning to have far-reaching consequences
>the first personal computers weren't much more than toys and they were marketed almost exclusively to boys and men.
>geek culture emerged during the 80s and TV shows, movies, and video games all reaffirmed that computers were the domain of boys
>women left computer science programs in droves because they felt left out, discouraged and unsupported

there is a 15-minute long NPR podcast episode on this: https://www.npr.org/sections/money/2014/10/17/356944145/episode-576-when-women-stopped-coding

No. 7053

File: 1671485506954.jpeg (84.85 KB, 540x720, whitefeminism.jpeg)

No. 7057

a lot of white feminists that I have meet are racist and they should be held accountable however white feminism as a term has become a scapegoat. Whenever an uncomfortable subject comes up such as prostitution or surrogacy people shut it down by calling it white feminism. I think that these types of people don't want to think too hard about these subjects because they know how much of society needs to change in order to make life better for women but they don't want to come off as someone who is ignorant so they call it white feminism. They also refuse to see that some women are in a different situation than themselves so they can't comprehend why women in other countries than their own focus on other issues which ironically makes them the racist ones. I agree with everything said in that screenshot

No. 7058

dido on all of this. i think there are unfortunately real white feminists who are unapologetically racist (i.e nationalism thread, jfc) but all of the things that libfems argue as being white/western feminism is literally what women of the global south have been begging for. libfem movement today doesn’t want equality, equity, or anything, they want to coom in peace.

No. 7122

The second race gets involved, it's a good bet that it is by design to start a shit storm that cannot be quelled to shut down any real progress. This happened with every leftist movement to generate infighting and disintegration. The fact is that in feminism, women are the priority and women's problems take priority, never those of race. There should not be an oppression pyramid of race. Feminist spaces should not turn into general grievance corners for the world's problems and that includes racism. It is clear as day that women's issues the world over are not particular to their race at all, only class affects things and even then this is still patriarchy. Involving race in a significant way in western feminism has done fuckall for women's causes except allow trolls, moids, and opposition to women's interest a chance to troll and EASILY shut down discussion with baseless accusations of white-this-or-that.

No. 7135

But…all non white women are affected by race as well as gender. Would you tell an enslaved black woman that she needs to shut up and focus on the fact that both her and her white mistress are women. Lmao like I or anyone is going to tolerate being treated worse because of our race. This is only making women less likely to work together

No. 7139

This feels like an "us" first (white women) then everyone else second. It's a privileged position to be able to separate women's issues and race with such a disregard. Oppression due to race coexists with sex based discrimination, and to fool yourself into thinking that any meaningful change can happen without acknowledging this (bc of trolls for gods sake) is ridiculous and shallow.

No. 7156

Nonna isn’t confident enough in their knowledge of racism so now it’s inconvenient for everyone to acknowledge race. How’s that fair

No. 7204

Yeah. That's a race issue before a women's issue.
Oppression due to race is social. Oppression due to sex is universal. Women's liberation will achieve racial equality. Racial equality will not achieve women's liberation, this has been demonstrated.

No. 7225

Apply this logic to real life situations of racism in a group and see how far that gets you.

No. 7310

How is it putting white women first to want to focus on issues that affect people based on their sex and not their race? The worst offenses against us predominantly affect women of color - child brides, fgm, honor killings, surrogacy, sex trafficking, etc. Helping women in general helps women of color because they suffer the most. Nonnie is right, intersectionality in theory is great, but in practice just leads to a clusterfuck where everyone wastes all of their energy arguing over who is more oppressed and who gets to speak and on and fucking on. It's a pipebomb that completely disrupts any meaningful discussion and leads nowhere. Each axis of oppression is important enough to deserve it's own movement where they can really focus and get shit done instead of everyone using feminism as a dumping ground for every problem on the fucking planet except for issues relating to women's rights.

No. 7357

>but in practice just leads to a clusterfuck where everyone wastes all of their energy arguing over who is more oppressed and who gets to speak and on and fucking on.
Because of everything you just described I thought it was specifically an autistic libfem concept (which is inherently designed to hinder women's ability to effect meaningful change).

No. 7795

is anyone part of a local radfem or women's group? if so, what is it like and how did you verify yourself? i am applying for a local one but am not on social media so not sure how i can provide "proof". they are understandably really cautious about vetting people but i don't want to have photos or videos about me on record either. ideally they want someone who can vouch for me but i don't know any other radfemmy women IRL.

No. 7797

i'm part of a small radfem friend group, i verified through tumblr by writing a small essay and reciting radblr trivia lol. there is also a formal radfem org in my city which was a convenient opportunity for meeting up. i think you should just go for it and explain your concerns, they'll prolly understand. you and me are pretty lucky to have something like that where we live tbh, i'm dreading moving away.

No. 7810

thanks nona and that's so true. hope you can find a group when you move!

No. 7823

I see groups of women in the radfem community who try to separate themselves somewhow from other radfems based on superficial traits. Indirectly but you can see from the way they speak. Hard to explain without giving examples which I won't lol. It makes me feel excluded.

No. 7876

I'm worried for girls who are being impacted by male classmates at school who repeat terrible things they learned from Andrew Tate and the like. I feel like there needs to be after school programs/clubs led by older women to help these girls feel empowered.

No. 7886

The best possible scenario is radical feminism getting huge on tiktok. Zoomers are obsessed with tiktok and it's not a bad platform for conveying short, impactful ideas and if it comes from charismatic/confident women I really think it would influence them for the better. Maybe not to the point they would get into activism or learn about feminism deeply or whatever, but to ensure they can spot male bullshit and stand up for themselves.

No. 9378

Ntayrt but that's a really good idea. You have actually inspired me to sign up for Tiktok.

No. 9421

Met a radfem and we mutually want to become closer. We have so many specific aspects of our backgrounds in common.
I'm scared that in the case of a future falling out, though, she'll out me as a terf as revenge. I know this mindset comes from years of tiptoeing through toxic wokeoid culture online. But a lot of us in the RF community come from that, and I still see a lot of the old habits going strong.
Additionally, I know from having been very mentally unwell in the past and knowing mentally unwell people that you can do things out of character in the heat of the moment to hurt the other person.
As far as I know, she is reasonable and stable, and I'd really like to become close.
Should I just go for it and foster a friendship? Would you, personally, ever do this to a fellow radfem?

As an aside question… for those of you who have made radfem friends online, would you ever meet them in person? When you have radfem friends in a society where transphobia is extremely taboo, are you open about it? Or do you keep it between yourselves?
I've been a radfem for ages now, but the social aspect of these values that have to be kept under wraps still confuses me.

No. 9422

I don’t think I’d meet up with one from online, idk I feel like so much could go wrong.

But I feel you on being scared of being outed as a terf by other radfems. I can’t even be honest with people who I know agree with me sometimes because there’s so much vitriol against radical feminism right now. I can finally be bonding with another woman on this topic and feel comraderie and then be scared regardless.
However I like to think, I wouldn’t put somebody as a terf to ruin them. So there’s at least some people out there who wouldn’t either.

No. 9423

Another thing these online "radfems" do is take screenshots of your personal conversations and share them with their followers to laugh at you. And then they have the nerve to talk about "female solidarity" and how important female friendships are.
So be careful with her and don't share any sensitive information. She might even try to dox you if you do something she doesn't like.

No. 9435

I just recently spoke to my momma and she said she was actively helping women getting radfem websites and grassroots activism off the ground. I always thought she wasn't politically engaged enough to care about things like that (even though she used to blast MRA's online during the 2010s); but now I learned she's never stopped fighting for women's rights. I love her so much and I'm helping her now too with research and such now. I feel so lucky and happy to have her.

No. 9448

I know how you feel but after connecting with quite a few radfems both online and irl I can honestly say that you have nothing to worry about. But if the scenario you’re picturing were to happen, if your online presence is separate from your irl name/life how bad would it realistically be to get ‘outed?’ Why do the opinions of random people online matter? Sorry if this sounds harsh, I was really paranoid about that sort of situation happening for years but at some point I just stopped caring because I know even if I got harassed off of every online platform the people in my life that actually matter to me would still support me. Good luck on making connections with people you don’t have to censor yourself in front of! (heart emoji)

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