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File: 1659079085038.jpg (246.67 KB, 800x800, Tumblr_l_502072421667743.jpg)

No. 6232

All day every day in radfem, gc, terf, feminist, pinkpill what-have-you spaces you can find the phrase "no hope for women". I've typed it myself. And sometimes it feels good to acknowledge that despair, almost comforting, but in reality it just paralyzes us. Let's talk about what gives us hope instead.

>What gives you hope for women?

>Are there any women who inspire you? Not just feminists or in a feminist way, but admirable women in general
>What do you think should be the next step for the feminist movement?
>Can you think of an action anons could take today to advance the liberation of women, however small?

No. 6233

File: 1659079202187.jpg (60.77 KB, 1040x283, Tumblr_l_498337428844376.jpg)

Samefag, dumping some images to kick off the thread

No. 6234

File: 1659079223533.jpg (574.2 KB, 971x1908, Screenshot_20220729-011922_Tum…)


No. 6235

File: 1659079413871.jpg (673.63 KB, 972x2176, Screenshot_20220729-012003_Tum…)

No. 6236

File: 1659079532219.jpg (468.97 KB, 1080x1518, Screenshot_20220729-012019_Tum…)

No. 6237

File: 1659079754645.jpg (79.38 KB, 750x741, Tumblr_l_499512763361323.jpg)

No. 6238

This made me cry. Thank you anon

No. 6239

Ayrt. It made me cry too. We are not alone

No. 6272

That meme that goes “hard times create strong men, strong men create good times, good times create weak men, weak men create hard times” is actually true for women. We’ve been in a very weak time but soon the breaking point will be hit and the strong women will be born again

No. 6287

I've been thinking about this a lot recently too

No. 6297

I came in to be like "the thing that gives me hope is how good women are, how good having a community of women friends are, and how women are so strong together and care about each other" which is exactly what that extract sums up!

No. 6366

File: 1659998619963.jpg (50.24 KB, 425x279, 1625252705888.jpg)

No. 6367

File: 1659999199378.jpg (146.79 KB, 894x417, a79ba4d8-2d2d-46aa-8ff6-9b6f9c…)

Hoping to find some terfy friends this semester

No. 6423

beautiful, resonates with me a lot at this time of discovering my fearlessness

No. 6424

I have a lot of hope for women even if I doomscroll too much sometimes. I think women having less kids is a very great sign that things are getting better. Many women my age feel like a failure for not having a husband or kids by now, but I think our mothers, their mothers, their mother's mother's, and so on would have loved to have the options we have today. I think there will be benefits to society in a generation or two from less unwilling women settling and coerced or forced into motherhood. Women's education is on the rise and I already see the results of it in my department at work–all the old men quit during the pandemic so now it's 87% female with all women in leadership positions. I think the internet, despite all it's problems, gave women and girls an avenue to realize their experiences are shared like never before.

No. 6425

>all the old men quit during the pandemic so now it's 87% female with all women in leadership positions
beautiful, glad I read the post, have a good week anon

No. 6438

File: 1661208915711.jpeg (503.87 KB, 750x3531, 7ECCB9B6-2652-4B99-9A3B-42655B…)

Promising reply on a Reddit post. I saw on Ovarit, here is the post there.

No. 6441

That’s so well written. Thank you for cross posting

No. 6657

File: 1665173705156.png (720.27 KB, 1020x533, Screenshot_20221002-194922.png)

In 1920, 92% of women in the US were married. The number is ridiculously high and I think about all the women including lesbians who were forced into marriage with a man against their will. I think marriage rates surged again in the 50s due to the propaganda to get women out of men's jobs after WWII. In 2010, the marriage rate for women is 31% and I'm curious if the number is even lower now. Even if we all don't agree politically, women today have options for the course of their lives and the majority are choosing to live without a man. That's something to be hopeful for.

No. 6665

File: 1665282588150.png (518.64 KB, 660x708, chrome_8TPpjDcHBk.png)

i love jkr. she's brave and articulated, someone to actually admire. i feel a connection with her when i think about my past abuse. i don't care if it makes me cheesy or easy to please, it just makes me very happy and hopeful to think about her and shes hot here

No. 6666

I agree with you. To be honest I don't have Twitter and I don't follow her or read everything she's says, but I'm glad that such a well known woman who could easily have taken her money and been silent and compliant decided to do the opposite.

No. 6681

That there are feminist movements across the world is great news. The feminists in Japan, South Korea, Nigeria, etc. may be a minority in their own countries, but they are absolutely fired up and motivated to work because they know what the consequences of letting men do what they want is. We need to see female power and leadership all over the world so no man can ever take it back. Practice solidarity with the women fighting truly incredible odds out there. If you live in a first world country; keep fighting to live a positive, imitable life so other women see you and think, yes, this is what we can accomplish. Every woman fighting to live life on her own terms and centering other women is an example of hope for women.

No. 6762

I used to never see anything but ass kissing for troons on every platform and anyone who opposed it got reported and mass bullied, but now I see people oppose it even on troon-centric places like reddit and twitter. I think the world is actually peaking

No. 6847

File: 1669176442790.png (595.88 KB, 539x528, iranian.PNG)

the protests from young iranian girls in the thousands removing their hijabs, cutting their hair, and risking their lives for a better tomorrow is what wakes me up in the morning. Makes me pissed about the "nationalist" thread that makes comments like nuking these countries and that the girls are worth the "sacrifice."

if you can't believe or form solidarity with women you can't see everyday, then you don't actually stand with women, you stand for yourself. they're living and breathing a reality that can befall any one of us in due time. they fight shit no women should have to fight, but they do it anyways for their daughters, sisters, mothers, grandmas..

No. 6892

Yeah we shouldn't just cut them off and abandon them; nationalists who think the men of their country are inherently better than other cultures are deluding themselves. It's way more to do with the conditions of advanced capitalist economies than the quality of the men or the culture, and those economies rely on the existence of so-called third world shitholes to advance so quickly.

I was served up a youtube video about the British in India outlawing the practice of throwing widows on their husbands' funeral pyres and everyone congratulating the British moid who legislated that, saying "at least the British were against burning women alive" but they weren't, they burned thousands of women for treason and heresy. They did it for reasons that benefitted those in power until they moved on to new methods and pretended to be above the barbarism.

No. 6893

exactly. i can’t even really begin to understand why any woman on this board would think moids of any particular culture are worse than others, it’s all just about access, power, and context. men in the US can do any of the things in iran with the right circumstances.

No. 6902

>What do you think should be the next step for the feminist movement?
Celibacy and single parenting. It's more likely for women and girls to be raped, beaten and murdered by men they're close to than strangers.

No. 7032

This is why you will always be a western meme ideology, the fact you all literally cannot even support Iranians who are fighting the worst form of oppressive role without making it about yourself and saying its just as bad in the west is so utterly offensive, like is there a mental handicap in your brains

No. 7033

File: 1671344394519.jpg (60.02 KB, 612x445, gettyimages-101920979-612x612.…)

samefag, also the witch trials in England are only estimated to have killed 500-1000 people(mostly women but also men) the ritual of Sati took the lives of hundreds of thousands of women and those communities that didn't practice sati had a practice of widow disownership, where widows were considered spiritually impure and were locked up in a temple and this wasn't like nunnery where they had books and could look after themselves
in those empty temples they literally couldn't leave or interact with a person, they had to rely on charity of strangers for food otherwise they'd starve
they only could pray and wait to die and this wasn't the fate for a 10 women, or 100, or a 1000, or even a million, this was the fate for every Indian Hindu woman
This was a retarded obligation based on a moronic inconsistent religion and religion is something you have to take seriously, cause those people believed in it
so by all that's decent in this world just stop talking about other cultures cause you can't help anybody and you offend most of us, so go back to talking about how skyscrapers are some nefarious phallic metaphor for domination of cities which represent women, that's the type of shit you are good and you should stick with

No. 7034

i sincerely hope you develop reading comprehension and reread what was said. CAPABLE of doing the same thing =\= currently doing the same thing. Again, it’s about access to commit harm and the right context to seize it. Obviously women in Iran or other parts of the global south experience way more oppression than the west dipshit. But societies change over hundreds of years and it doesn’t happen by some innate scrote difference from men in the middle-east versus men in other countries. We’re saying it isn’t ethnically genetic, it’s culturally conceived.
And for fucks sake, consider I brought them up as a diasporic individual as well. not everyone on this board was born and raised in the west.

No. 7035

you can’t read.

No. 7036

It can't ever anything resembling Iran though, Iran is following the religious principles that Muhammad had set 1400 years ago when he ruled Medina and Mecca for a 10 year period has basically a priest king, the laws and social values they follow are divine and approved by God, for a true Muslim these laws are the most perfect laws, why would they risk damming themselves and their souls and not implement these laws
Ideologies and worldviews change over time, but Islam doesn't because it is internally consistent religion that has all questions of life answered

No. 7037

NTA, you're just proving her point. This has nothing to do with genetics, just xyz rules people made up a long time ago, that is correct.

No. 7039

your still applying a western 20th academics perspective towards this, this isn't about reactionary or conservative values(many Muslims actively curse their ancestors for not being proper Muslims)
From their perspective why should your values matter? they know what's right and what's wrong cause Muhammad and his family and friends decided it and Muhammad was chosen by God to be the last prophet, why should your western values that change every 20 years matter to a pious Muslim, they have not a single doubt in their mind, they are 100% assured in their faith
and again Islam's rule are incredibly well preserved, so that is proof enough that their chosen system works, mentally you can't challenge someone like that

also the sad reality is that without actual military support this uprising will fail, and a generation will beaten into submission, this happened with my country as well, you can't possibly understand how horrific the aftermaths are of these uprisings, tens of thousands men, women and children will be beaten, crippled, raped and most probably will be locked up for years
My distant relative was a student protestor who opposed the Islamist military dictator in the 80's, he was arrested and tortured, when my family managed to get him back he was left crippled and mentally retarded and that will likely happen to many protestors and their families

No. 7043


why are you putting shit into our mouths? nobody said that shit? yes islam has sexist patriarchal values that have lasted hundreds of years, but you do realize women lost even more rights in the last 50 years in Iran than almost any other portion of time right? not trying to self blog, but my grandma could show her hair, own land, go to college, and head into the city unaccompanied before the coup, but her daughters (my mom and aunts) couldn’t. This just shows how quickly shit can change. nobody is denying the stark differences between there and the west.

also you’re arguing literally nothing, the ONLY point that was being made was this this isn’t fucking genetic, nobody is applying western values by fucking saying that??? you are only proving what was being said again and again. it’s not comparing western values to say “in a few hundred years, it can be anyone regardless of genetic lineage.” It’s even more retarded that you don’t understand that the original point was that it was fucked up that people in the nationalist thread are advocating for the nuking of said societies including all the women. like i can’t understand why you think anybody was saying that we need to apply western standards. you just made that up.

No. 7045

not this again, I dislike you for making me almost defend the revolution
the situation in Iran was different from the situation in Egypt or Algeria, after WW2 in the 20th Century, Islamism or political Islam was irrelevant in terms of wider politics, people were still Muslim but most of what is now the "Muslim world" had secular nationalist authoritarian leaders, Islamists did exist, but they were led by molvis and mullahs with no sense of military tactics, rather they had complete blind faith and they were crushed with in weeks, with barely a mention in most newspapers
most of the "progress" that happened in the middle eastern nations was top-down, coming from authoritarian socialist leaders, but they weren't morons, they used a combination of populist and nationalist talking points to convince the people accept social progress, "not this is how we should be cause we are ignorant, but this is how we were and this is how we will be again"
but cause the US was so terrified of "communism" they funded, worked with and helped spread Islamist ideology, they helped facilitate Jihadist networks and gave them training and tactics and most deleterious gave them the ability to enter the mainstream politics of their nations

The situation in Iran was radically different though, while 15% of the women might have enjoyed a westernized lifestyle, most of the country's population were still peasant live in unbearable poverty, living as feudal peasants while the Shah let the resources of Iran be taken by foreign oil companies, the Shah had also locked up communists, socialists and even ethnic nationalists who went against his rule, when people finally had enough and overthrow the Shah it was the mullahs leading the revolution cause everyone else had already been locked up, like I'm not defending the Islamists(I hate them more then you can fathom) but I think this premise that the Iranian revolution happened cause conservative people were just mad about progress is both outright false and gets used in a lot of false narratives
people don't revolt in the millions and risk death over short skits, they revolt cause their children are starving and they don't know what else to do

No. 7046

Once again, nothing you are saying is in disagreement with the argument you are refusing to acknowledge you completely derailed. The points: (1) this isn’t genetic, (2) we shouldn’t end entire countries filled with women fighting (3) societies can change over hundreds of years. How did we apply western values? Quickly.

Also lmaooo do you seriously think rural Egypt and Algeria weren’t experiencing extreme poverty under British or French rule? You think the Egyptian sultanate didn’t also have urban “liberalized women” with freedoms that women in the fringe weren’t afforded? The situation in Iran was not unique.

No. 7048

Same anon adding onto >>7046 that even after independence the same issues persisted. I just find it disheartening that in a thread meant to talk about uplifting hope for women around the world, you took the most dishonest and random interpretation that no one was making. Advocating that nothing will change without military intervention isn’t the fucking point of this thread. Also this is an anonymous board, stop saying “you have no idea” or shit on what it’s like. You don’t know who you’re fucking talking to.

No. 7052

ok to get away from the stupid derail, there's been a huge anti-porn boom on tiktok which has made me feel pretty happy to see. look up #anti-corn (they had to code it so tiktok doesn't flag it) and I'm seeing sooo many gen z girls leading the movement.

No. 7082

My dad got me a gun for xmas. He's the only man I'll let live

No. 7086

I hope this catches on. I feel like gen z never had a chance growing up with such a saturation of readily accessible porn, poisoning their sexual development from a young age. I feel like ironically enough, it takes away from enjoyment of sex to have it so commodified and ubiquitous and always attached to the novelty of kinks. Girls in particular deserve better, deserve to actually enjoy sex instead of perform it for the male gaze.

No. 7090

Finding well written books about women and feminism is super easy now. It makes me super hopeful. I will probably post a list in another thread later.

No. 7153

Post it, because I call bullshit!

No. 7235

File: 1672528965617.webm (1.84 MB, 576x1024, female.webm)

there's a girl on tiktok posting a lot of radfem/terf rhetoric right now. she's getting thousands of views and likes on her vids, not fully sure how I feel about her yet but shes definitely got guts for sure.

No. 7291

File: 1672605205747.png (543.28 KB, 781x466, anticorn.PNG)

I've been seeing a shit ton of stuff like this from all kinds of girls on tiktok, im excited.

People are peaking naturally at this point, it's only a matter of time.

some more tiktoks, checkout the view count! this is just a slice of the antiporn movement tiktoks i've seen.

No. 7293

good to see but… that third one
>porn is desensitising
>username: milfmagic

I love corpsemom. seen a few of her videos pop up and love the way she talks , she makes very clear points for other women to relate to. plus she really triggers troons so that's a huge bonus.

No. 7295

KEK i didn't even notice that, but i guess she's gotta start somewhere.

No. 7303

Hell yeah!

No. 7315

its so refreshing to see this many girls and women peaking right now, especially on tiktok of all places.
it may not be that surprising though considering all the trannies that make fools of themselves on there daily kek

No. 7319

Just wanted to share my personal story that reinforces my hope.

I stumbled on this post >>6711 that I found inspiring. I wanted to to the same for another woman, but before I could, another woman did for me.

I was at work and a man was being rude to me. A woman who was also at the bar (Im a bartender) confronted him and told him “whats wrong with you? Why are you being so rude? Shes doing what she can, this is out of her control”. My eyes started watering hearing that, and Im so grateful somebody was on my side, because it feels so rare. After that guy got kicked out I thanked her. She said no problem and that she couldnt just stand by when someones disrespected, and of course he called her a bitch afterwards.

Does she just stand up for service workers from experience? Maybe. But I find comfort in the fact that a woman stood up to a man for another woman. Lets keep it up!

No. 7442

there is hope. My two best friends from childhood are women and we all live together in a house one of them bought. We all hate men and knowing how hard it is for a lot of radfems to speak to their friends and family about their views, I feel really lucky to live in a house of women who can see trans women for who they really are - men. I wish all radfems could have a similar experience as me. Its a genuine relief from the mess that is the internet hivemind.

No. 7445

wow, that’s honestly so amazing. i haven’t even met another radfem irl. i’m in such a depraved city. any attempts at local meetups can even get violent if it leaks with to certain TRA groups.

No. 7451

glad you had another woman in your corner! i love to hear it

No. 7471

I love how many female film makers there are these days. When I browse movies from the last ~5 years on letterboxd, it's incredibly common that the movies I'm interested in have female directors. It used to feel special/surprising when a movie was directed by a woman, now it just feels normal.

No. 7475

I'd do anything to have a friend i could share my home with permanently. Mainly to alleviate costs tbh, but i just would rather live with another woman despite not being a lesbian. It sucks most women will run off with their bfs or would try to move them in. I would presume lesbians would just stick together.

No. 7482

Sounds like a dream.

No. 7556

Wish I could have roomies like that. It's a shame nearly all women I've gotten familiar with would rather move away with their nigel or kids. College friendship was so precious to me and I can't mimic it back. Good for you, nonna!

No. 7856

>> Mom was born in a small village to generational trauma and patriarchy loving parents
>> Her parents spoil her little brother as the “man” of the family, inevitably he grows up to be a man with inflated ego and he thinks he’s entitled to everything
>> They deny my mom education yet send their sweet little boy to school
>> Mom begs her teacher to convince her family to send her to school / grandpa listens to a male teacher (instead of his daughter) and finally sends his daughter to school
>> Mom graduates, gets a job, is unsurprisingly the most successful child of the family
>> She was almost married off to some pedophile in the meantime….
>> Grandpa later regrets what he has done to his daughter and asks for forgiveness
>> After my grandparents pass away the entitled uncle thinks he should inherit the family estate because he is the man
>> Mom and aunt politely tell him to fuck off
>> He’s in and out of jail
>> My cousins who are raised by him are now asking for money from their aunts because they’re also raised as entitled manchildren with zero skills
>> They’re also told to fuck off

No. 7874

I think this has been repeating all across the world beautifully, because the same exact thing has happened in my family (my mom's generation)

No. 9247

Based mother. Hope all of the bloodline parasites in your “family” die off soon.

No. 9258

If you're the type of person to be bossy and stand up to authorities, you should consider being a medical advocate for your friends.

I've been an advocate for a couple of friends. You have her discuss her medical concerns with you before the appointment and you make sure that her wishes are heard during the appointment. Without thought, doctors will brush off legitimate concerns. Make them give a more in depth answer, push until they tell you what they would do if it was this disease/disorder for certain. And if they say, "Well I would order an MRI/blood work/ect," request it. And if they decline, tell them you want her concerns and their decline of the procedure in the medical notes, and you want a copy of the notes before you go home.
They'll claim that they cant', push for whys and ask to speak to the practice manager or the patient advocate. Because if the doctor's dismissal of the procedure is in the medical notes, that means if your friend does have the disorder, that the doctor didn't do their duty of care and can be sued for medical malpractice. And the doctor knows that, so they'll authorize the procedure because it's safer to do so for their license.

No. 9966

I went to the biggest book chainstore in my country they had Invisible women displayed right in the middle where any one could see it and it was displayed together with books that are really popular amongst the general public. It's good to see feminist literature get so much mainstream attention

No. 9969

maybe this is a dumb question but wasn't it originally fiona apple who said the "no hope for women" line? as much as i like some of her music i'd really expect her to be in support of troons and kind of a handmaiden. i could be wrong though

No. 10407

File: 1676883339671.png (869.4 KB, 631x799, leta stetter hollingworth.png)

do it for her, ladies.

No. 10429

Don't worry, I am

No. 10440

I don't know if this is odd but it gives me hope for current 20-30 year old women here. Two policemen that are regulars where I work talked about how their 21+ year old daughters have no interest in marriage or kids. Their friends are the same mostly. I think some women are finally waking up that men are god awful wastes of time and the bar is below the floor for them. Women can do more with their lives without them. That their education or career comes before a man and accidental pregnancy. The fact abortion has become outlawed also probably plays a part.

No. 10795

File: 1677299949112.png (325.12 KB, 889x1042, future.png)

I've had the same thoughts as the highlighted part. They're doubling down but it's not working. The manosphere is mainstream but the grievances of men aren't improving, every year they complain more and more. South Korea had an "incel election" but it seems like nothing is getting better for them there.

No. 10798

File: 1677302200610.png (62.85 KB, 1024x876, FntZaVRWQAAclst.png)

I posted about this before, but I wonder what might happen to Korea and Korea the coming generation, their brithrate I think is the lowest in the world and their population might see a significant decline but people will still be having children, if the next generation will be mostly the children of mentally healthy people we might see some societal improvement

No. 11332

Hersheys tried to put a biological male on the wrapper of a "women's month" chocolate bar in Canada and the backlash was immediate and harsh. It gives me hope that people are speaking out so frankly against this ridiculousness.

No. 11333

File: 1678168514403.jpg (48.14 KB, 560x438, 6a00d834519bc269e2010537207bc6…)

in a similar vein, i would like to take a moment to bring attention on the pure ridiculousness of "women's month" marketing. and highly ironic that last year they made all the m&ms androgynous because it is more inclusive, but now want the wimmin m&ms on their bags to sell candy?

No. 11340

path of least resistance tbh. Dating men these days is like rolling a morbidly obese neckbeard up an infinite mountain, almost none can actually be bothered to keep up the façade that they're real partners. so many women that are desperate for a man or even are a Pickme end up mellowing out when single for a while because it turns out their lives tend to be dramatically easier without having to actively cope with and overcompensate for a male's degeneracy and failings.

No. 11346

They didn’t make them androgynous. They gave the girls sneakers.

No. 11348

I think pickmes are starting to realize men actively ignore them or use them as an emotional punching bag while actively drooling over the women they tried to defend men against. I also feel like men kept playing around with how misogynistic pickmes will allow them to be before ditching them which would explain why their misogyny has progressively gotten worse where we women seem to be getting sick and tired of moids

No. 11434

Despite the state of modern scrotes still being abysmal, I feel like western society as a whole, especially in online spaces and popular culture, has become friendlier towards feminist ideologies in the past decade or so. It's easy to forget how commonplace overt sexism used to be, especially when played for laughs. The whole culture of making fun of 'tumblr feminists' was so widespread that a whole generation of teenage girls grew up being afraid of calling themselves feminists or attaching themselves to explicitly pro-women views because they knew they would be ridiculed for it.
In recent years I've seen a huge rise in women and girls openly defending their feminist views online and expressing pride in being women. Obviously radfems are still shunned and misogyny is still rampant, but I feel like zoomers are shaping up to be better about this than millennials were.
This also gives me some hope for more girls peaking and becoming gc in the coming years. If more girls are now being critical of moids and the way society treats women, they may also come to realize the undeniable differences between women and troons more easily.

No. 11445

I have some hope in many people peaking. I see radfem hashtags constantly trend on twitter filled with people speaking out against troons, people on instagram shutting down anyone bringing up troons and genderspecials and youtube comments hating on trannies. Makes me excited.

No. 11918

nonnies i finally snapped and went full GC irl to my family and friends and what do you know, most people in my life are also GC. this TRA movement truly is lead and followed by actual retards that don’t understand basic biology. the fact that it’s so popular in the US speaks to the quality of public education. i feel like this might push certain states to have better sex (as in, sexuality and the male/female bodies) education that actually involves information and not focus on abstinence, carrying a stuffed animal pretending it’s a baby, and a single birthing video after this shit blows up in their face. fuck trannies.

No. 12153

There are more and more women becoming popular in red pill and manosphere culture online because they realized they could make big bucks out of it. Rightfully or wrongfully, when a male dominated space has more women enter it, it loses legitimacy and appeal. Let's see what happens here.

No. 13128

File: 1681051160124.jpeg (244.47 KB, 1125x1977, 18EB7B16-230D-4792-8F1F-74C508…)

I found a libfem substack that is rabidly anti beauty culture. Just all of it. It’s a really popular one too, I see it linked from many other feminist substacks. The author sounds like one of those holistic health people, but I am more shocked that someone can tear down all of the beauty industry’s propaganda so cleanly and get rewarded for it. Picrel she’s pointing out that succubus chic is not a defiance of feminine norms but just another beauty standard for women to submit to. I hope this sort of critique gets even more popular with other writers. I’m convinced beauty culture is one of the biggest stumbling blocks for feminism.

No. 13209

do you have a link nonny?

No. 13255

a fairly popular YouTube channel is hosting a detrans and the comments seems to be siding with her… helps that the troons in the video are acting OTT with the cult behavior

No. 13258

The trannies just dismiss anything the detrans say about their experiences and literally pull the “just get better doctors”/stop being poor line KEK

No. 13263

I genuinely feel bad for Luka. Only one there with actual experience with childhood transitioning and got treated like shit. Absolutely disgusting.

No. 13265

copying a youtube comment

Luka: I think parents should be able to stop their kids from transitioning without feeling guilty
Samantha: That would take away from human autonomy and kids should be able to make the decision themselves
Luka: Ya well look how that worked out for me
Samantha: Ok well that's your parents' fault they should have stopped you

No. 13606

nonas, I was talking to a normie friend the other day and she said something really encouraging. FTR, she's a wall-liked, 29-year-old woman working on getting her masters. We were talking about sexuality (specifically bisexuality) and I said something like, "Ok, can I be a little problematic?" and she was like, "hell yeah girl hit me with that terf shit idc" and idk that made me feel so at ease. Like, she we have mutual fakeboi/enby friends and she's never implied that she gender crit or anything.

This makes me come to the conclusion that a lot of normies probably don't co-sign this troon shit, but they don't want to commit social suicide by saying anything

No. 13681

I volunteer for an organization that does women's health work in the global South through a college. A man joined our committee and all the women were unhappy and uncomfortable talking frankly about menstruation and sex-ed. All these women are young normie libfems and fairly pro-trans rights. When we were talking amongst ourselves every member agreed that we didn't want a man's opinions on women's health issues, so we talked to the head of the group and he was reassigned. Lots of the women are friends with she/theys and trans-identified people and the like. Most libfem women, on some level, believe in the importance of women's only spaces. There's hope, nonnas.

No. 13746

Thank you for telling us this! This gives me hope and warm feelings of faith

No. 13748

thats bullshit bc as long as the man says "uhh i just didnt started hormones yet,,, i feel like u gals !! i have female brain my pronouns are she/her uwu" they would straight up eat that shit, go tell them and you will see. i dont buy that.

No. 13777

I really don’t think so, a lot of them casually “misgender” Sam Smith and some of my ex-TiM “non-binary trans femme” friends and don’t really correct themselves. The average libfem understands males are not women. Anyway, the reason the guy got kicked was because he kept whining in our first meeting that our materials for women’s groups didn’t talk about or consider the man’s perspective enough and the whole group started resenting him for centering himself. Even if they’re libfems they all care about having a space to discuss and promote stuff like pads and menstrual hygiene and clearly don’t like males barging in. I think they might play along with “trans women” or whatnot, but I don’t think they would be enthused to include TiMs.

No. 13780


I long for the day when a friend asks me to "hit them with that terf shit"

No. 13878

When I see that most women are now getting college educations and becoming fully independent before they date men or get married, if gives me hope. They'll be less likely to get trapped in marriages because they'll have the financial freedom to leave if they want to. I knew women who were abused but couldn't leave because they couldn't survive on their own.

No. 14537

I'm getting a copy of a list of womyns lands and it made me realize how excited for the future I am. It brings me so much joy to know there are SO many other lesbians out there, all so connected and living lives away from men. I'll be there in the future when I'm not in college, hopefully to spend at least a few months over there if not longer. Though it's my dream to live there for the rest of my life when I'm ready.

No. 14541

>also the sad reality is that without actual military support this uprising will fail
That's the unspoken part of this mythology and the most blackpilling point for me, that all of this is actually wanted (where it exists), allowed by the moids.

To clarify, there are two very distinct topics being discussed here.

The first is separatism >>14537
. It is achievable and already exists without the moids in power having directly created it. They tacitly allow it, probably don't care, and I can't see these groups disappearing anytime soon unless they were to be presented as "deviant sects". For me, this is the healthiest, most accessible and achievable way and the one that allows a total separation, even if it could be subject to troonish infiltration attempts.

The second is the gain of influence in the moid society >>6681 , the access to positions of responsibility, the taking of power in the current system. It seems illusory to me. Generally, for a fundamental social change to occur, there has to be an insurrection, or even a revolution. There have been militant women, even feminist fighters, but nothing analogous. All that was allowed and phagocytized by the moids, at least some moids, the wealthy and powerful ones, obviously. However, the internet has really allowed for the emergence of real mass alternative currents created organically, and this is a note of hope. Too bad it can't exist in a country like Iran that has tight control over its intranet.

But until women have the physical, or at least material (guns), capacity to lead an insurgency, this is all mostly wishful thinking. Even if it seems to be materializing in reality, all this is actually very precarious. To take an extreme case, see Afghanistan. I know it's not quite comparable because religion is much more important there, including for women, but the way everything turned around in just a few days blew my mind. Nothing is ever immutable and the greatest empires have collapsed, but our foundations depend entirely on their goodwill, or rather their interests.

No. 18603

Seeing how many women can now stand on their own feet and leave their abusive parents, partners, etc. compared to 20 years or so ago gives me hope. Men are losing their minds over the divorce statistics because they're mad we can finally leave them when we're in unhappy marriages.

No. 18639

The fact that even young girls on TikTok are waking up to the bullshit and rejecting the tranny narrative.

No. 18651

Post caps of it! I wanna see but I ain't going on that cursed data stealing app kek

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