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So are we allowed to post here or no?

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vent/discussion: what are your experiences with rich scrotes?

i dated a rich scrote from wealthy family he turned out to be really sleazy. bragging about the house and the job daddy got him and refusing to commit to anything. including me (sad kek). so i broke it off. he would neg me and manipulate for no reason. he wasnt abusive but def weird and admitted to me that sometimes he says fucked up shit (like insults or weird lies) to people just to get a reaction. i found that odd. i am not here to entertain you. he swore he didnt brag about money cause he was raised right not like the other rich kids. then brag about money.

he would make jokes that i live in a "poor" area and i literally do not lmao. he lives in a super rich area of my city but that doesnt mean everywhere else is a ghetto. i know actual poor areas unlike him cause of my friends. but he would always say how shitty my neighbourhood is when its as middle class as it gets he literally just doesnt realize it cause hes rich and has been rich his entire life and rarely interacts with non rich people… and even if it was true, why does my "poor" neighberhood matter?

as much as i love money, rich scrotes are idiots cause they've never heard a "no" in their life like that. very dangerous type of scrote in my opinion. plus whats the point?most rich scrotes cheat on their wives or straight up leave their wives for younger sugar babies all the time its normal now specially where i live. pic sort of related scrotes are so stupid not realizing scrotes from rich families live just as "easy"

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>admitted to me that sometimes he says fucked up shit (like insults or weird lies) to people just to get a reaction.
A bit ot, but god, anon, this reminds me of that one scrote I know. He knows about me being radfem, and he would try to to bait me, joking about grim shit because he says he likes seeing me pissed off.
When I wouldn't take the bait he'd delude himself that I'm actually just pretending not to be angry, and deep down I'm seething at him like the stereotypical 'women so emotional but don't communicate it and expect me to know' bs.
He also admitted he wanted to say something fucked up enough in public to see if I would seethe in front of everyone in our uni, because I'm usually quiet and reserved in public and I don't talk about pp since I'm in tech, and it's moid territory.

He would also try to project his weird kinks onto me, and say I'm probably secretly into femdom, and he isn't the first moid to do that. Any anons in here had moids project their degeneracy onto them? It makes me so tired, and I wish all this kink talk would become something to be shamed for again.

No. 3776

omg nona i feel you! i also knew a scrote like that before.
he absolutely sounds like an edgy coomer, is he in your friend group? cause it sounds exhausting. and gross. from what you say it does seem more like a sexual thing, rather than just attention seeking. men are into the dumbest shit ugh!

No. 3779

It's more of a social dependence kinda thing since I'm not the most social person, and at first he was just someone to become familiar with to cooperate on class projects. It can be chill sometimes to play vidya or talk about our hobbies, but it's still a moid and he likes to act like one.
Other than that he is a really good specimen to observe moid behavior, and confirm everything that's being said about them by anons on here. kek

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>Any anons in here had moids project their degeneracy onto them?
Yeah but with a guy I was sort of but not really dating at the time when I was 18 and still inexperienced. He would project all of this submissive/masochistic bullshit onto me and willingly ignore and misinterpret my reluctance to mean that I was actually secretly into it. Sometimes I would even outright tell him that I don't have any kinks and he would keep pushing the topic anyway, he even did it in a group call with our mutual friends one time. He had a weird daddy kink that he projected onto me and there was a 5 year age gap between us and sometimes he would belittle me for being younger than him. Would I be wrong to think that's kind of groomerish?
Anyway that's my villain origin story and the reason why I hate kinkfags with a seething passion.

No. 3799

I hate how degenerate scrotes believe that feminine attractiveness = neoteny. Worst of all that women are starting to accept that nonsense and label everything they personally find "kewt uwu uwu" or "ethereal owo" as "neotenous" (like wide eyes - children don't have wider eyes). This shit is literally a meme, a significant part of childlike features is not cute at all - like blue eyes are basically the human case of aposematism (dangerous/toxic colouring), if they weren't associated with children 100℅ they would have the green eyes reputation, ie witchy, mysterious, terrifying.
The most attractive female facial shape is the heart (though some studies say diamond) - ie a shape that has defined cheekbones and a prominent chin, children never have those. Female brows on average are more arched, whereas males' brows are straighter, and straight eyebrows are neotenous. Females have shorter philtrum which is also considered more attractive on them, males and children have longer philtrums. There are overlaps with neoteny in both male and female attractiveness/facial features, but people like to concentrate only on the female aspect of it - after all it's much more rewarding to finally find a basis for predatory and male behaviour, right?
Sorry for vindicta-tier rant, I just found that incredibly annoying.

No. 3802

Your picrel sounds like a ftm troon

No. 3803

i hate the male pandering that still exist in feminist spaces.
when i say KAM i really do mean ALL men. if i personally could murder my dad, i would be grateful and honoured.

No. 3804

>Would I be wrong to think that's kind of groomerish?
You aren't wrong, it's definitely the kind of attitude groomers have

No. 3807

is 2X going to be easily findable from the rest of the website, like how /ot/ and /g/ and /m/ are linked at the top of the page? (I hope not because it will encourage males/troons/NAMALTs to come here and troll).

I have to ask before I say what I came here to say.

No. 3808

From what I gathered it will be hidden. Admin only mentioned we're free to use it, but she didn't mention any changes to it. When the new admin comes it's her decision on how to deal with pp on lcf but until then we're hidden for sure

No. 3809

iirc admin said it'll stay hidden

No. 3811

okay, that's good to know

I was gonna vent about my therapist here but on second thought I probably shouldn't shit up this thread with my blogposting cos it's a lot

No. 3813

Thanks. While his behavior was definitely creepy and predatory I wasn't sure if it would be insensitive to compare it to grooming. He used to patronize me like I was too young and immature when it came to anything else but then when I told him that his ddlg kink was fucking weird because I was still young then suddenly 18 is "not that bad." It always gives me skeevy groomer vibes when I look back on it.

No. 3814

Anon, if you feel comfortable feel free to vent, this is the scrote vent thread after all

Holy shit I feel bad for you anon. You're right to think that. How long did it go on for, if you don't mind me asking?
There's a couple moids I know that openly get into relationships with high-school aged girls, or thirst after them. One even straight up defended grooming online, probably thinking nobody would see his accounts. So calling what you experienced grooming isn't wrong. They know what they're doing

No. 3816

File: 1637634743402.jpeg (36.04 KB, 495x508, 1621840097959.jpeg)

Nothing makes me want to commit merder more than mantrums. It's so fucking irritating and disgusting now, compared to when I was younger when I thought they were actually scary. My fight flight instinct kicks in when little brother starts screeching and crying, or when dad prowls around the house looking for any reason to yell at me to take out his frustrations. I can't fucking deal with their retarded need to take out all their negative emotions on me, it feels like they're draining life force. I can't wait until I save enough to move out I can't keep doing this for another year. Once I had the chance to experience home life without any males around, my tolerance for their shit has gone way down.

No. 3817

File: 1637640180531.png (623.14 KB, 1000x765, Femme_Fatale_Holding_Banker_at…)

somewhat off-topic, but re: threadpic, man, fuck that episode of PPG. literally why the fuck did they think a cartoon about girl superheroes needed a psa about "now girls, you can be feminists but don't be FeMiNaZiS" like that's a social scourge that needs addressing in a fucking children's cartoon. yeah, little girls of the 90s/00s stuck between Monica Lewinsky jokes, sexy lolita shit pushed on every female pop star, and their male peers laughing and quoting eminem rapping about raping his wife really needed something that reminded them not to be such angry bitches. i still love ppg, but i think of this every time people get crazy nostalgic about older cartoons.

anyway, femme fatale did nothing wrong and i hope she gave the girls nice new copies of dworkin books when they grew up

No. 3818

that episode was written by a woman and kinda unpopular I'm not really into the stanning of certain female killers that I've seen on radblr, I once saw a saw a radfem post praising Fusako Shigenobu, a Japanese domestic terrorist

No. 3819

Well the good news is that I only knew him for a little more than a few months because his behavior only really began to escalate when I started setting boundaries with him and I ghosted him not so long after that. He gave me mixed signals and told me he didn't want a serious relationship so I told him that I wanted things to stay platonic between us. At the time he acted like he was cool with it, but the next few times I talked to him he was still trying to flirt with me. I guess he got frustrated that I kept rejecting him because that's when he started acting really condescending and passive aggressive towards me, and always tried to shift the conversation to some dumbass kink he insisted I had. I wish I had just straight up told him to fuck off but I was naive and confused. I didn't know why he was acting that way. I guess even before then there were some red flags and I could feel that there was something wrong but he always seemed more emotionally mature than that so I didn't really expect it to get that bad. Ugly two-faced rat.

No. 3822

Lauren Faust regretted writing this episode because she thought people would get the wrong idea (they did)

On a lighter note I love her design

No. 3823

File: 1637647381537.jpg (84 KB, 750x709, 3224 - apocalypse frog happine…)

Just saw an incel related pics compilation just to kill time, i really never got the chance to see what incels were talking about/their talking points. Things i observed: they're pathetic, uninteresting, basic, lame, miserable, resentful, fucking failures, trash, everything wrong with this world, too stupid, too useless, good for nothing, waste of space, jealous bastards, degenerates, hypocrites, ugly, fat, low IQ, idiots, corrupt, violent, criminals, sick fucks, psychopaths and subhumans.

I feel relieved in a way, to see male degeneration doesn't really surprise me anymore no matter how much they try to reach peak scrote, they're like a trainwreck you saw thousands of times, like a bad telenovela that doesn't entertain you anymore, their ""pain"" is so self inflicted and selfish i just laugh at the hilarity of their stupidity, is always the same shit: "SEX SEX I WANT SEX, I WANT A GF I WANT A GF REEEEEE GIVE ME SEX WOMEN SUCK FUCK YOU FUCK YOU REEEE" pathetic, they think they're so ~interesting~ when they think exactly like any other moid in this fucking planet, mfs are incapable of living a fulfilling life by themselves, because, of course, they're useless and invaluable, and lastly, but not less important: SCROTES.

I'm glad that i don't have to interact with any men most of the time and also don't want to at all, i feel extremely relieved that they don't occupy so much space in my mind, unlike them, who obsess over women for no good reason. Such lowly beings, such sickly, degenerate beings don't deserve my attention, i don't really have time to entertain their bs because as horrible as they are, they're boring, their bullshit and copes are boring, and i get bored easily.

I'm not gonna lie, i like their suffering, good to know such a horrible human is suffering, keep seething over your ""uglyness""/Chad/height or whatever non-issue/bullshit you created to feel attacked by humans that cannot hurt you, you're weak and pathetic, and your pain fills me with absolute happiness.

No. 3824

Well at least the feminazi(tm) is not fat&ugly. At least some subversion of stereotypes

No. 3825

how could they not get the wrong idea? sounds like backpedalling

No. 3826

There is a different ~deep~ idea behind this episode lol? I can't see it tbh

No. 3827

men are irritating god bless

No. 3828

Lauren faust also refused to call out "bronies" cause they were willing to spend more on MLP merch even though they would traumatize little girls with their pony porn

No. 3832

She always was open over how weirded out she felt about brownies though, which is also why she left after writing only two seasons of her own project and decided to write a DC cartoon for girls instead.

No. 3864

File: 1637799626816.png (44.1 KB, 666x482, 123467890.png)

I like Perfume but for a completely non-sexualized group in their yt comments they will still have moids talking about them in a sexual context. Women can be out there making catchy electronic music and doing dances in cute outfits and moids will still make it about their dick and how they love their pure waifus who Are Not Sluts

No. 3882

God, I wish moids were socialized to shut the fuck up instead
Why do they always take it upon themselves to write down paragraphs of meaningless moidery as if their input matters or contributes anything to the conversation. And on a video so far removed from anything that could be considered sexual too.
Also, speaking of moids not being able to leave their dick in their pants, it's so fucking funny how easy they are to influence, often by other degenerate moids, to turn into absolute shameless coomlets. I could say it's sad seeing them turn out that way over and over again, but why would I be sad when their inferiority is being proven each time this happens. Truly, living as a scrote monkeY and being self aware enough to not be a fucking degenerate in some way would be a miracle. I hate the coomer culture that's being cultivated on the internet and I honestly have no idea how that became so widespread

No. 3889

I think this dude is literally autistic kek

No. 3891

I hate men

No. 3892

File: 1638961739784.jpeg (186.07 KB, 640x462, 7CDCA6A5-3198-4D0A-9CA8-439AEC…)

I don’t believe him. He definitely killed them on purpose because he wanted a son or something.

No. 3893



No. 3894

Why is it bullshit? Who the fuck forgets that their two kids are in the car? It’s the stupidest fucking excuse ever and he only got away with it because people blindly believe scrotes.

No. 3895


No, I’m saying ‘bullshit’ as in the guy saying he ‘forgot’ his own kids in the car. Literally no one could forget their toddler or better yet TWO of them. He definitely did what he did on purpose.

No need to jump down my throat anon.

No. 3896

I agree. Women NEVER forget their children in the car. Only scrotes do.

No. 3897

With the babies dying in hot cars, people have written all these articles trying to explain this away as a "common psychological phenomenon when the routine changes" and you just go oopsie! Especially if the kids are asleep. But I simply don't buy it. You'd have to be the biggest space case on earth (not fit to drive or work) to forget that you have kids in the car especially given the conditions

No. 3898

They just took his scrote excuse at face value. What other investigating did they do? Did they do a pathologist test on the girls? See if they where drugged or sedated? Did they search his phone and computer? Did they interrogate and double cross him? Did they analyse the cctv at his work to see his behaviour? Did they interview his colleagues and boss? If this was the mother, she’d be in for life. Without a doubt.

No. 3903

you're gonna beat me up but there was a case i saw on oprah about the "most hated mom in america" and it was a principal who was in over her head and forgot that it was her day to take the kids to daycare because i think her husband had a dentist appt and he usually takes them. So she went to work all day not noticing her baby was still asleep in the car. One of the teachers noticed and basically the baby died from being in a hot car all day. It happens sadly. But yeah when its a scrote he deff probably did it on purpose.

No. 3905

I hate the phrase "women and children". Even more when it comes from so called radfems. It's pretty obvious why conservative moids use it - because wahmen and kiddies are their property. But radfems…? 100000000000000% sure that they do it because they either unconsciously realize people won't give a shit about female problems unless these are in any way connected to women having trouble with producing/nurturing babies (sons) or because they have internalized misogyny and still think of women as mothers first and foremost lel; only girls are relevant to feminist discussion, boyims are already little oppressors (just look how they terrorize girls) no amount of mothers' sweet fee-fees towards their sonnies will ever change this fact

No. 3906

When did this board become available I can’t see it on top

No. 3909

Yes she’s the “most hated mom in America” but this scrote has hundreds of comments saying they feel fucking sorry for him!!! I fucking despise men. Even if they’re “good” they just get coddled so much by society that I just fucking hate them. People make excuses for everything they ducking do.

No. 3911

idk a lot of alleged radfems fall for a lot of conservative framing and phrasing. it's really disappointing how often they turn out to indulge in behaviors, phrasing, and actions that serve the right more than necessary. not exactly talking about this but it's really disappointing. difficult to find principled left leaning radfems that don't get weirdly fixated on the troonery at the expense of literally everything else.

No. 3914

Eh I'm honestly fine with the phrase in most contexts that its used, cause its most often in reference to those who can't defend themselves against men
If that's the one useful thing scrotes can do for us, i,e sacrifice themselves for us against other males, then so be it

No. 3916

>those who can't protect themselves against men
Debatable. And even if it was so, then how tf are children connected with feminism? This movement is about women's rights, not about everyone who men have abused/are abusing. By that logic the entire earth should be included in it then lel. That's what I was complaining about: that kids are included in the discussion that isn't about them at all, ie that they are added for the shock effect and for making female problems sound more important in general public eye by associating them with motherhood.

No. 3918

In situations related to protection, where a large section of a population would die
shouldn't the able bodied adult men be in the one's who sacrifice themselves

No. 3920

I wish boymoms would just shut up in rf/gc convos, they always meme themselves into thinking they can raise their boy "right".
Right tards love to sponser gender critical women. They get more women to think "oh maybe trad shit isn't so bad, I'm not constantly sexualized or forced in bathrooms with trannies".
First wave feminists leaned heavily into the "but if I can't make decisions in society how am i supposed to do whats best for my child!", I mean it worked, but I don't know if it would work nowadays because most scrotes don't give a fuck about raising the next generation.

No. 3922

Wouldn't it be important to include girls? Unless you specifically mean male children.

No. 3934

>how tf are children connected with feminism?
Mothers are usually closely bonded with their children and this bond is exploited by males. If we want to help women in domestic violence situations, for example, there needs to be resources for women and children because she's not gonna leave her kids to be hurt by the sperm donor.

No. 3939

File: 1639210498010.jpg (35.77 KB, 612x408, tshirt-painting.jpg)

Nonas, I want to make myself a t-shirt with some catchphrase that clearly states my opinion on trannies and genderspecials. What can I write?

No. 3940

You can never go wrong with "YWNBAW"

No. 3941

File: 1639238011096.png (942.25 KB, 1344x706, BA4459D6-5243-4C86-B9FE-51043A…)

Just this face

No. 3942

File: 1639261838336.jpg (484.26 KB, 719x4408, 1576743181585.jpg)

No. 3943

Feminism is associated with motherhood because only women are mothers and women are subjected to vast injustice as a result, "associating women's issues with motherhood" - motherhood is a women's issue, and not every feminist issue is about motherhood or pregnancy but to exclude those because children just makes my head spin. Motherhood is a women's issue and thus the birth and raising if our children as a result of our motherhood is a women's issue, come on anons what timeline is this

No. 3946

Then say "women with children" and not "women and children", what's your problem? Why equalize these completely different groups in the first place ffs. Also including children would be ok if it's was situational, when mothers are specifically targeted. But its not the fucking case! That "wahmen and children" moralfagging is literally used everywhere where women's rights are being discussed. As if the main problem with abuse of women is it resulting in women being unable to nurture and gestate children/it hurting children by proxy and not just misogyny being inhumane per se. It's basically implies that women are worthy of protection only when they are mothers. How the fuck is that different from patriarchy?
Also don't pretend that children is a homogenous group. It's clearly divided into boys and girls. Thinking that both are the same and important to female issues is idiotism.

No. 3947

This is why radical feminism is an ideology that only works for upper middle class white women who don't deal with much
You(a retarded cunt) cannot figure the basic aspect of how alienating you are to women who are mothers and in the end you get a room with upper middle class white women who have never worked in their lives sniffing their ow farts and calling it activism, you literal monkey

No. 3948

Nobody has ever said "women with children" I don't know where your getting that from, its not a thing but up random bullshit that a child could figure out is made up bullshit

No. 3949

File: 1639335114615.png (14.73 KB, 476x133, 1639333503055.png)

Anons, would anyone want to make a thread about writers and authors that don't pander to current "norms" and actually care about women?

No. 3950

File: 1639337957437.jpg (64.06 KB, 512x512, 76bf7873e259dcf387410fe9f75ea7…)

I wish there was more female violence geared towards males. They should become scared of us, beat them into submission like the dogs they are. I'm sick of this "Be the bigger person" bullshit mentality, if I'm drowning in a cesspool of your own creating I'll take you down with me.

No. 3951

File: 1639338115238.jpeg (92.19 KB, 705x1175, DDE2102C-F011-4F41-B788-4E37EA…)

+1 to this post for my favorite Soul Calibur character. I love you, anon.

No. 3952

Lol I lived in abject poverty all my life, sorry. You sound ridiculous, even to someone trying to give you the benefit of the doubt. Motherhood is related to feminism whether you want it to be or not, especially in the least developed areas. Kek bye

No. 3953

a scroid told me to "die alone femoid" on one of my responses to some random mgtow comment on a totally unrelated video (foids living rent free in their heads i guess). i tried to reply but youtube won't post my comment for some reason. honestly i would rather die alone than be chained to some xy fuckwit i have absolutely no love or respect for. is "dying alone" without some worthless moid partner the worst fate these faggots can think of for women?

idk i just find the thought of being husbandless with no kids into my old age very comfy. none of the drama, gaslighting, or expectations for sex. i don't have any desire to even touch one and i've ghosted the last few who've tried to initiate something with me. it seems like these incels can't comprehend that some women don't desire companionship, so they project their desires and motivations onto us. they're all coombrained, horny, and desperate for pussy and can't comprehend that women simply aren't desperate like they are. being a seething xy incel seems like such a sad existence.

No. 3954

Samefag just to say I'm not the anon you replied to, I'm the anon that the anon you replied to was replying to (English is a cursed language kek)

No. 3955

I hope you die alone too nonnie, may you be eternally content and free of moid bullshit.

No. 3956

File: 1639340376390.jpg (79.76 KB, 564x564, Lift.jpg)

not this shit again, its not about "morality" about reality, unless you have a gun or poison, you are likely not ever going to be able to harm 99% of scrotes
This isn't about mentality, its physically impossible for women to harm men physically in any significant way, I don't know why so many tumblr radfems seem to think its a matter of mentality that's stopping us from rising up against men

Dowrkin(the extreme fattie who didn't know shit about fighting) was convinced that somehow could easily rise up and kill all men

Its pathetic and cringy, we have to start facing reality and not retreat in these delusional fantasies written of subhumans and have to engage in actual self improvement

No. 3957

What the fuck is your solution then? What revolution has been won through crying about how weak you are and complaining all day long? Fuck off.

No. 3958

Who is "Dowrkin" and when did she write a kill all men manifesto? kek

No. 3959

Nta - no other woman, not you, not me, not any woman of any class is subhuman. I agree, you cant bring a pussy to a penis fight, but calling other women subhuman in a feminism thread isn't conducive to a good thread.
Like others out there (where are you) I usually suggest self sufficiency and self reliance to detach from the male industrial complex that most anons rely on for everything, as a non violent approach that's easier the more "subhuman" one's situation is, kek fitting I guess

No. 3960

I'm still stabbing a scrote in the dick, choke.

No. 3961

I'm just tired of the random men I work with and barely know thinking I'm their therapist or something. I've had more than one male coworker try to tell me about their "evil ex wives" for no apparent reason and just overshare about stuff in general. Had another one whine to me about how much he loved Asian girls (he was white, as am I) and whined to me about how he couldn't get a "small Asian weeb gf". The same guy would just rage about certain political issues and other things that were upsetting him. And he didn't want to have a discussion about any of this stuff either (not that I wanted that, I didn't) but when I actually tried to give feedback to be nice he didn't even care and ignored me. I was just a receptacle for his emotions. Do men treat other men like this I wonder.

No. 3962

Self reliance, self improvement and socialism, the ability to survive outside modern patriarchal capitalism
I'll call fat people and doughy academics subhumans cause that's what they are, subhumans that should be sent to labor camps
through their proven against women cause they've destroyed their own bodies

all fat people are reactionaries by nature

No. 3963

Males aren’t just gonna let that happen lol. You’re naive. The suffragettes learned martial arts and pioneered the letter bomb, and that was over something much less radical. The only solution and the only way to win is through violence. The sooner you accept this, the better.

No. 3964

suffragettes didn't mass engage in domestic terrorism, those were rare isolated incidents that the press tried to paly up and this is nothing legally and morally stopping you from becoming self reliant other then the simple fact that your lazy and please for the love of God stop this fucking LARP, you will just get beaten up if you ever try to fight a man, I've done martial and I personally attest to the the large physical strength difference between men and women

This whole fucking thing is just some dumb fantasy you have, this is just pathetic

No. 3965

Not as much of a LARP as your delusional hippie bullshit. I never even said anything about beating up males, but women being even 0.0001% stronger than they are now is better than fucking nothing. Also, learn to spell.

No. 3966


No. 3967

If you legit think a moid can withstand a taser you are more retarded than your grammar. Also playing "fair" with moids is handmaiden behaviour, seek help.

No. 3969

File: 1639432557876.png (51.74 KB, 574x610, 1639428568026.png)

>You will realize that the girl you're dating has flaw that piss you off
Because she's a human, humans have flaws you absolute retard
>Women are stupider than men
Women range into a medium-high intelligence, men range to very low (%80) to very high (%1). Most women are not literal geniuses, but are way more intelligent than the average scrote, which actually explains a lot.
>Women don't have any value
Women are not only less destructive and more intelligent, but also bring life, which is why they should be discarding incels (like you) and favoring the best males in first place, women are very important to the human race. Also is ironic, because this moid implied/admitted that men are worthless nowadays besides money (which is true), I suppose is projection.

No. 3970

File: 1639435486327.jpeg (28.22 KB, 236x212, B022EF4A-32C7-44BF-BA20-20B74C…)

Dude probably looks like pic related. Who cares.

No. 3971

do you think there will be a rule where men can't use weapons or something ?
yes a tazer, pepper spray or any misc weapons weill lessen the gap, but they can use weapons as well and use protection against those things

Jesus Christ, I feel you have some death wish or something or are some troll

No. 3972

If women have no way of defending themselves then feminism is literally hopeless

No. 3973

Nta, if someone's only hope comes from violence then perhaps they don't understand the difference between hope and desperation?
There's a lot to be hopeful for, and a lot to be grateful for to the women of older times that didn't lose their hope. Keep your hope going going anon, but personally resorting to sex based violence isn't why I came to a feminism thread kek

No. 3975

Quora is such a shithole

No. 3976

you are just jealous of my moid stabbing abilities

No. 3980

get punched in the face you blackpilled spineless shit.

blind a man and stop whining. i have fought with men, whiny retards like you can keep pissing and moaning idc.

No. 3981

it's the endless fucking victim mentality that makes some of you so insufferable. oh boohoo i am a weak little lady, teaching women self defence or going to gym is useless because the stronk men are gonna snap all of our necks anyway boohoo.

shut the fuck up. pathetic doormats.

No. 3982

Piss off I'm tiny

No. 3984

I have practiced martial arts, fighting men would be gamble akin to fight an ape that use weapons, with random scrotes its not wroth it
I doubt you've ever done anything close to a fight in your life
I literally never said that, I'm advocating for women going to the gym and being self relevant, all I'm saying is that this stupud fantasy about having a violent resolution against men or a gender war is a dumb fantasy, you will get beaten to fucking ground if you try that shit

No. 3985

A lot of species of animals who are much more sexually dimorphic than humans keep their moids in check by ganging up on aggressive males, women need to take notes and start moving in packs. Moids can and should live in fear of being hunted before they even think about raping and abusing women.

No. 3986

>I doubt you've ever done anything close to a fight in your life

i have but you can keep telling yourself that so that you can keep pissing yourself with your learned helplessness and whiny attitude. go kickbox yourself in the head you defeatist loser.

No. 3987

also just not being mentally weak helps alot.

whiny shits are gonna get in trouble but part of defending yourself is looking, acting and sounding bigger than you are. of course spineless shits who keep whining about how boohoo it's not gonna work i am pathetic little woman who won't be able to defend myself cannot give an imposing image of themselves.

i am not physically strong but being mentally solid and being able to appear way bigger than i am has helped me alot. you need to be fucking crazy and the bigger guys wont even realize thy could smash your face in.

No. 3988

No. 3989

keep acting like a chihuahua about to have an heart attack then and get in trouble. that's exactly the first thing men seek when they try to attack, seeming weaknessess.

i have no experience of fights in sopme controlled training room but i have very much experinces of deranged men attacking me on the street or trying to attack me, trying to kill me, following me with cars, etc. and not acting like a victim has truly helped me in tough situations even though sometimes i have taken punches yeah.

keep pissing and moaning

No. 3992

i know i sound completely deranged but is just pisses me off that so called feminists want to teach women to just lay back and take it because no fighting helps, nothing helps, you can't save yourself blahblah blah.

obviously some srcawny 4'9 girl isn't gonna fare well against some 6 feet tall trained dude in a fight, everyone knows that. but acting as if there is nothing you can do if a man attacks you is the mindset that's gonna get you killed. i have survived because i fought. a man tried to strangle me, and i thought this is it, my life ends here. but i fought. i scratched and scratched and scratched, pulled his hair out, ripped him and fought and he did let me go. it doesn't always end like this but in my case, it did. fighting back saved my life.

in other situations too, not just taking it and laying back and acting there is nothing i can too saved me god knows from what.

obviosuly you shouldn't go looking for fights, that is suicidal, but acting like there is no chance of winning (winning = staying alive) doesn't help at all. know the danger but don't give up. you can get injured, i did, it is fucking scary, but i lived. maybe some day i won't live if and when some guy tries to attack me again, but to this day i have stayed alive and avoided worse faiths because i have standed my ground.

No. 3993

None of you really mentioned domestic violence much here. I'm the tiny anon and being naturally tough and scrappy hasn't saved my life, I'm not telling other anons to be pacifist pricks but people in here think violence against men is going to work, well it won't work for domestic violence victims, especially small people. I could be overtaken and drugged to submission a lot faster than some beefy hulk of a nonnie, stop saying I'm a coward for being self aware of my situation. If violence works for others, interesting, but it hasn't ever worked for me. One or two rare cases of women chopping off cocks isn't an ideal solution either. Pepper spray and all those things are illegal where I am. You all sound so damn disconnected from women like me it's disheartening. I literally can't beat a man with force or violence and I've been in martial arts and boxing and other such things and beaten and gone through all the gauntlet of female issues at the hands of men and I don't feel like a coward when I say I am not going to be able to fight a man and win, that doesn't mean be a lazy POS but it doesn't mean it's okay to lie to other women about the likelihood of male retaliation to your efforts. Consider how thoughtless much of what you're saying is for someone outside of your situation, or somewhere else in earth, or simply in a much smaller body? Most women aren't concerned solely with random men on the street, because it is men you know and are even locked close to that do the harm. There's a lot to be said here

No. 3994

Sorry to sound so dismissive of your own experiences, I'm not, I'm just upset kek

No. 3996

Also just wanted to come back and say I'm in a good situation now (just in case it read as immediately worrying)

No. 3998

That's what I'm trying to say as well, this isn't about morality or mentality but actually being realistic, I'm fitter then most men and I yet I'd still hesitate to get in combat with an average man and I have no guarantee with a fit male, If I was in a life death situation I would be like an animal
I'd scream and bite and do anything to escape, not try for "Le epic" fantasy of beating multiple attackers at once

No. 4000

I think it’s a larping scrote. One time someone wrote a joke post in some retarded ot thread about how we shouldn’t fuck men unless they dance for us like birds of paradise. Of course someone had to come along and bring up MUH RAPE AND SUPERIOR STRENGTH! When the whole post was a fucking joke. Fighting back is essential even if you don’t win. Don’t make it easier for them than it already is. Make a fuss, leave some marks at least.

No. 4001

Literally everyone is saying that we should fight tooth and nail if were in a confrontation with a scrote, all were saying is that this pathetic fantasy that were appressed cause of mentality is just pathetic

No. 4002

Nobody ever said anything about a violent war on men, or vengeance, that’s the thing. Some retard (you probably) has been shitting up the self defence thread, saying that any form of self defence is pointless because men are stronger and it’ll only make them angrier, so to appease them instead. Getting out of a chokehold, martial arts, jujitsu, pressure points, self defence tools are not waging a violent, unrealistic, Wonder Woman style war on men, it’s the difference between life and death. Why do you have such a grudge against it? Shall we just continue being meek with learned helplessness and just hope the men change their minds about being scumbags someday? Get a fucking clue. Literally nobody said anything about a “pathetic fantasy” that was literally all YOU. Clearly reading comprehension is as bad as your spelling.

No. 4003

I'm advocating for self defense and strength training as well, If I'm in a self defense situation with a male attacker its gonna be life or death, either I'm gonna gouge his eyes out, bite his nose off or I'm gonna die
The only way a man will get me if he cuts my head off, that's the mentality you need in a self defense situation

No. 4004

Preach anon

No. 4005

A fight is serious shit, nothing you should ever take lightly, it can always be lethal and if your a woman its life and death
I'm stronger then the average male due to a combination of good genetics, training and conditioning and I'd still have a somewhat difficult time against a man but I'm sure I could beat an untrained moid

No. 4006

I just hate men so much I can't fucking stand it.

No. 4009

Scrotes should be killed when they get divorced for the good of the community (and themselves)

No. 4010

I need to let this out into the world so maybe I can actually sleep tonight. Someone I know once had a guy confide in them that they saved up their cum in a cup and stored it in their fridge for a month or so, then went to a prostitute and poured it on her face.

Spoilering because even catching a few words when scrolling may ruin your day. It certainly ruined mine. And this man is in my environment. We worked in the same town. We may have shared a bus or train trip. Who knows, I may have even politely smiled at this piece of shit at some point. Disgusting.

No. 4011

It's funny how men are mad at women because we gossip and have a gossip site. For example there's a weirdo spammer in /meta/ and there has also been one in /ot/ (unpopular opinions I think).

No. 4015

The recent one in /meta/ is so laughable, he really thinks he is epically owning the women he dislikes by admittedly wasting his time here bumping threads

No. 4017

they're allowed to have entire forums and websites where they discuss raping and torturing us but if we talk about how disgusting they are it's the end of the world

No. 4018

i genuinely don't understand how men are able to watch porn and camwhores etc and not literally see the sadness, suffering, shame and apathy in the eyes and demeanor of the girls in front of the camera. like how can you not tell they are faking every second of the "pleasure" they try to convey and see what a bad state they are in mentally and/or physically? are all men autistic? are they retarded? what the fuck is wrong honestly. what is even stranger to me is how some men will look at certain porn videos and think they can tell one is consensual and the other is not. like how can they think an amateur video of a girl looking especially sad/absent while being fucked "normally" is non consensual because she has a morose and blank expression, and then look at a professionally produced video of a pornstar having her ass torn apart by several guys and getting anal prolapse on camera and think it is consensual just because she's doing the porn faces and screaming ohhhh yeah through the pain? it's insane

No. 4019

They think porn with all the fake moaning and everything is how sex should be… I don’t think you could find a moid in this generation who has any idea what real female sexual pleasure looks like.

No. 4021

you just reminded me of how I argued with my ex about something like this, we were talking about a pornsite called "18 and abused" and he was trying to convince me that the women on that site were really into it and enjoyed it. I told him they were just faking it and he said how "it's really hard to fake pleasure" or something like that and accused me of being condescending.

most men can't tell, but what's worse is that some can and it turns them on even more. there's a whole subreddit called r/deadeyes to post women who look dead inside during porn.>>4018

No. 4022

It's christmas again and r/breakingmom is about to explode with women being sad their hubby fucked them over during the holidays. Forgot to buy them any presents, didn't help clean, got wasted, forgot to buy the 1 (ONE) thing he was asked to pick up from the grocery store. I already read a post about a precious hubby who admitted he forgot to buy his wife anything. There's still fucking time, but no, he just wanted her to tell him it's fine and that she doesn't need anything. It's literally not even about money just knowing that someone thought of you and took their time to buy something they thought you'd like. I'm so tired of the ''ooga booga I'm a scrote it's not in my genes to shop'' bullshit card they always pull. My favorite is ''I don't know what to get'' because it makes it so obvious they don't pay attention to what the receiver likes, their hobbies, their tastes.

This year just like every other year the women in my family do everything. The only scrote who bought anyone anything literally threw the present into my moms hands and told her to wrap it herself because he's too quirky and masculine to tie a ribbon. I'm sad the hard working women in my family get so few presents so I bought extra ones and put the scrotes name on the cards. I only put their name so the receivers wouldn't feel embarrassed I gave them so much.

Only women deserve christmas

No. 4023

>are all men autistic?
in my opinion autism is like hyper scrote brain, so yes.

No. 4024

I watched this the other day and I felt the same way. As soon as a scrote is dumped by a woman all they do is obsess over her and choose 1 of 3 paths
1. Hyper aggressive stalker who entangles himself in her life in whatever way possible
2. Doompilled depressed sack of shit that does nothing but wallow in his own self-pity
3. "self improooves" aka studies PUA tactics, lift weights, and tries to groom other men into adopting his lifestyle+misogyny.

No. 4026

No, autistic women especially those who fakebois are still hyperfeminine. Autistic moids are beta af. So it isnt "muh extreme scrotebrain"

No. 4027

I mean there are masculine women who are autistic but only the troon women are hyperfeminine

No. 4028

Autistic women don't act like autistic men.
When I say autism is a male trait, I mean super logical/linear/binary thinking, the inability to understand and interpret social cues, lack of emotional depth, lack of impulse control, lack of proper self-assessment/reflection, etc.

Women with autism are usually anxious, routine-oriented, and easily over-stimulated (by anything). Their lack of social skills is usually due to interpreting the world differently rather than just lacking the functionality to understand others at all. I haven't met a single woman with autism, or even heard of one online, with the same pattern of behavior as a male with autism.

Also "feminine" doesn't have anything to do with XX or XYs. The purple haired aidens aren't feminine because they have purple hair, it's because they still think and act like women. The masculine women you talk about are still XX and still think and act like women.
Being a "beta" male isn't feminine either. Being a failed male doesn't make you closer to a woman, that's tranny logic.

No. 4029

Males with autism lack empathy completely.
Women with autism don't lack empathy they just aren't on the same page. Scrotes are like robots in human skin, and autism only makes this more readily apparent and observable. Women are humans with souls, but some are just on another vibration and can't get on the same wavelength as others.

No. 4030

> I mean super logical/linear/binary thinking, the inability to understand and interpret social cues, lack of emotional depth, lack of impulse control, lack of proper self-assessment/reflection, etc.
Anon that describes me a lot of other autistic women, just cause men often present these traits more often doesn't mean women naturally have these characteristics as well

No. 4031

Male autists make autism look bad for the rest of us. They are even more self centered than the ones without autism, they use autism as an excuse to be shitty to people because "muh social cues", they don't work real jobs because "muh special interest is drawing, i'm going to be a mangaka" and if they do work, they make everyone around them uncomfortable. I know a moid whose special interest is, out of all the things on this beautiful planet, SEX. He can't shut up about it, and if you tell him to shut up he gets upset. It's unreal. I had a classmate who used to grope all the girls and when called out he said he can't help himself because he has autism.

I was diagnosed with autism as an adult because I didn't read as an autist because I wasn't a fucking sperg like male autists are. Fuck men for thinking they are the center of the world and women are either smaller men or the "other".

No. 4036

this reads like a giant cope from someone with brown eyes and a heart-shaped face. I would love to know your logic for judging women's beauty solely based on eye color/face shape. Reads like a scrote listing his mm bone measurements. Saying women need to be X to be attractive because there's so scientific basis behind it is incel logic.

No. 4038

File: 1641197758424.jpg (Spoiler Image, 457.3 KB, 910x2139, fucking hell.jpg)

Somehow, male degeneracy always manages to surprise me.

No. 4039

Honest question, but, do you think female socialization would stop happening if there weren’t any males? The whole
>dolling yourself up even at home for no reason
>trying to look cute even if you’re picking up a box on the sidewalk
>criticizing women for no reason
>not like other girls girls
Would that not exist if there weren’t any males at all?

No. 4040

File: 1641252200300.jpg (405.2 KB, 1080x1540, 20220103_152009.jpg)

Dug through his profile a bit and he apparently had a gf who kept getting sick everytime they had sex. Claims women have shittier health even though women have strong immune systems then tried to cover himself by saying he wasn't dirty or had any stds. He absolutely doesn't wash his diseased dick and got the poor girl sick with yeast infections. Glad she left him

And is suicidal over his nose

No. 4042

File: 1641267558335.png (911.43 KB, 2004x1152, 1641254851527.png)

Scrotes are literally incapable of fathoming the fact that some people don't revolve everything in their life around the opposite sex. Neither can they go two seconds without projecting their own insecurities on women.

No. 4045

How embarrassing.

No. 4046

t. archaeology sperg

No. 4047

I remember when the artist first put out that "me vs my mom" pic and a bunch of men and tradthots had a nuclear meltdown about it on twitter. Also rolling my eyes at the moid who wrote that post saying her drinking champagne is "extending the spirit of youth past its natural boundaries." I forgot that no woman is allowed to have a single drink past age 25.

No. 4048

Stop being retarded and learn to fucking read (pretty sure that english is your second language btw). Do you even know what "cope" means? What I said are objective facts (google the most attractive facial shape in women) and if you think that there are no objective criteria for beauty it's you who are coping, because even if beauty standards are the product of culture they still are based on objective criteria and some features are considered more attractive than others. I just said that statistically heart shape is judged as more attractive on women (at least in western countries, where incels are delulu enough to sperg about neoteny being the essence of femininity). And that blue eyes is a "dangerous" colouring in humans; any other instances of this like green eyes and red hair are being culturally demonized, but blue eyes avoid it due to it being a neotenous feature that is associated with childhood. Also
>ad hominem: you just have heart shaped face and brown eyes!
>ad scrotum: you are an incel!
Just wonderful arguments. Wonder why you didn't accuse me with having a short philtrum on the top of that. Learn to debate first before acshuyalling others.

No. 4050

Wow did you really write that much just because nona said brown eyes and heart shape face isn't the best?

I have a heart shape face and brown eyes but don't think that's ideal?.. I thought oval and blue eyes were the norm but even then, individual features matter more than eye color and width of face, etc.

No. 4051

NTA but her point was that features that are generally considered the most attractive in women aren't exactly neotenous like pedo males claim. Pretty easy to grasp if you don't have a stick up your ass about having blue eyes.

No. 4052

I have brown eyes kek. Quit being so mad because you don't fit retarded male standards who literally change every year. Acting like you're the one true beauty and any standard that doesn't include you has to be absolutely false just makes you look like a pick-me.

No. 4053

The point wasn't about fitting beauty standards you absolute sped. It was debunking the retarded scrote argument that female beauty is neotenous, which they use to justify their pedo tendencies. Don't get mad at us because you failed reading comprehension in school.

No. 4054

I'm saying beauty standards set by men are retarded and not worth arguing over with logic. In the 2000s it used to be anorexic girls that were considered beautiful which skyrocketed eating disorders in young women, scrote taste has always been disturbing and harmful. Instead of trying to change their taste or debunk their weird fetishes we can just ignore them.
I get what you mean but in the end their desires aren't logical or natural, their attraction to neotany most likely stems from porn or anime.
They desire whatever is popular in the media, you can't debunk someone's logic when they can't even think for themselves.

No. 4055

scrotes will say shit like women are only attractive at 18 and so on but they would still rather fuck a 30 year old celeb marketed as hot than an ugly/fat 18 year old. they can't even stick to their own autistically made up rules about attractiveness and whatever.

No. 4056

There are studies saying men find 20 year old women the most attractive, most likely because deep down they believe they're easier to manipulate and have short term relationships with.
Women don't age worse(kek we age better and they know) or hit a wall but men realize that a 30 year old woman isn't going to fall for their stupid shit, that's why most men go for younger women while shaming older ones. They can easily objectify and sexualize young women while they consider older women equals and know they're experienced enough to see through their bullshit.

It's just like how women who don't get married are shamed, men are scared they wont be able to pick and choose their dream wife if women as whole are no longer fine with getting with any man just to have a husband by their side. In this case they neg older women and tell them if they dont get a husband by 25,"it's over" because no man will ever want to be with them at 30.

I know I have gone off topic but my point is yes, men go for younger women but they don't do so because they're considerably more beautiful, they do so because it's easier to control them and even show them off to other men as they see it as a trophy to have a 20yo by their side when they're 40.

Also why does it matter who a scrote would fuck? Have you seen the most popular porn categories or celebrities they'd fuck? Most "straight" men have watched tranny shit, does that mean trannies are the beauty standard? Most men would want to fuck Kylie jenner, does that mean obscure amounts of lip filler is actually attractive?

No. 4057

relax. of course it doesn't matter which women scrotes want to bang. my point was, scrotes who believe in incel bullshit like women are only attractive when they're barely legal tight perky teens yadayada and then become worthless once they turn 25, would not even blink twice at an ugly 18 year old if they could choose between that and an older woman as long as the older one conforms to whatever beauty standards they have set. they pick porn stars or celebrities as objects of their desire and would not care about age as long as the woman is hot to them. they don't actually believe in or follow their own retarded doctrine. i think those studies should be taken with a grain of salt. and i'm not saying scrotes think older women are as attractive, i just mean they don't think about normal plain women at all, even if they're young.

No. 4058

I agree with you. And to be fair most women look better at 30(imo) since at that age your facial features have settled and you know which hairstyle, makeup, etc suits you more.
Men saying women look best at 18 only say it to scare women into marrying and settling down with a low value men fast so those men dont end up alone.
Women are also way pickier at 30,which is probably why scrotes see them as less attractive since they know they're going to get rejected, kek.

No. 4063

Muslim background. Can never view moids as anything other than an obstacle.

No. 4064

Vent it all out nonna

No. 4065

Samefag, i forgot to mention something kek just remembered how i once vented to reddit about my situation (i was a newfag at the time i didnt know it was infamous for its disgusting scrotes) and this western scrote told me
>well different culture what are you gonna do?
The absolute audacity of scrotes.

No. 4067

Muslim and feel the same way. My retarded father made my mother take antidepressants because she was upset he cheated and abused us. Then he turned onto me after she killed herself. He still considers himself a good husband even though he knows well my mother killed herself because of him, even left a note. I'd kill him if I could. Whenever he acts up, I hit and threaten him, men are animals and that's the only way to train them.

No. 4068

Oh god i’m so sorry anon, looks like the accusation of women being mentally ill after severe abuse is common theme among moids and muslim moids. My fathers (and brothers) are the same, he and my mom —who hates her daughters for no fucking reason- drove my sister mad she eventually became a paranoid mess from their physical abuse and mind games they tied her up and threw her in a mental asylum, they started threatening me too whenever i tried to speak up. I hate them so much currently saving up to escape them and this hellish muslim country

No. 4071

Here to bitch about a scrote. He's a close friend who I'm starting to be very fed up with especially now that I've been peaked properly. He claims to be a feminist, queer, femme, have a "more female brain than male" and I'm sure he's going to identify as a trans lesbian in the future, all the signs are there. He's filthy, pornsick and gives me incel vibes. He copies my demeanor and speech style sometimes so I'm afraid he'll start skinwalking someday too. Sex work is real work according to him and he admitted that he was once addicted to masturbating. He is a man child. I've started standing up to him and putting myself first so I'm not taking any bullshit from him anymore. Once he threatened me with violence when he was throwing a tantrum when I wouldn't coddle him. It was the international day of elimination of violence against Women. Such a feminist… He has actually hit me a few times, it has always been playful but one time it really hurt and since then I haven't gotten into those play fights with him. The more I think about all this, I feel like I've been hit in the face recently. I still remember what the last time felt like. The more I think about it the sicker I feel. I feel disgusted how I've allowed that to happen and have excused it as "equal rights" or something like that. I'm taking more and more distance from him and he has only himself to blame, he's really attached to me and is very very needy. A man child like I said. It's sad that things have turned out like this since he wasn't like the before and I'm sad that I might lose a good friend, but he's not the same anymore and I should not live in the past. There's not even a point in talking to him about my views and opinions on all this stuff since he knows how to talk and use fancy words, I on the other hand am not good at expressing myself and putting my thoughts to words and that's why I've been sitting on this vent for a long long time. He'd talk over me, confuse me with things I don't yet understand and just tell me I'm wrong, that I'm a terf and sound like a right winger. Many of our arguments are like that already. And this is just one of the absolutely disgusting scrotes I have/had in my life, it makes me so mad that I've allowed all the shit that has happened happen.

No. 4072

File: 1642175407806.jpg (139.33 KB, 1008x420, Holyfuck.jpg)

found this article with a few different studies and this bit pisses me off. it's also been proven that male babies are already more harsh on their mother's body. seems like men are fucked up before they even form their own consciousness with opinions.

No. 4073

Why is that a close friend anon? Wtf? STOP TALKING TO HIM. Arguing with scrotes is useless. If you have any radfem beliefs then PLEASE PUT THEM IN PRACTICE AND STOP INTERACTING WITH SCROTES especially this one. Dont refer to him as a friend. Block him

No. 4074

Hope you don't beat yourself up about it anon, you didn't create the system, but it's good to hear your recognizing what you don't want in your life. I wish you all the luck in the world (sparing a small portion for my own family, what can I say, I'm only human)

No. 4075

I don't consider myself a t.erf or whatever but I don't know how all women, at least in the back of their minds, must realize men are, very blatantly so, the aggresive, destructive, dangerous gender and still desire to be with them. You can derive this conclusion simply from following the news. Fuck I realized as a girl that it's always men killing, raping, being destructive and that it's always men in positions of power dictating and controling women. Funny enough it was because I was raised christian and read in the bible that women are considered impure on their periods, that bothered me ever since I was a little girl. Through that I realized that it was exlusively men in power within the (conventional) church, nearly exlusively stories about men in the bible and that being christian meant men (be it a male god, male prophets or today's pastors) dictating me about my (im)purity, gatekeeping my ability to give birth and to serve my husband. It pains me that my mom tries to convince me that we're truly equal in the eyes of god when I try to talk to her about this, especially when she had men from the church outright tell her she couldn't divorce my piece of shit father who hates her and has disrespected her and made her life miserable for the last 25+ years.

No. 4076

File: 1642360306338.png (561.52 KB, 1004x2048, chrome_screenshot_164236018476…)


I am astounded by this man's ignorance. He is intentionally missing the point, surely?

No. 4077

File: 1642523570329.jpeg (441.34 KB, 1170x1363, 85BDEB5F-53E3-4A77-8C1D-B28422…)

Maybe if men would stop raping children in general, we wouldn’t look at you sideways.

No. 4078

he didn't get stares taking her to the park. Men are so full of shit. If people were staring at him he was acting inappropriately.
Millions of men take their children somewhere without a woman daily. The only men that say shit in picrel are hiding something. I hate men but I don't bat an eye at some scrote with a kid at the park or somewhere.
Men just make up shit so they can feel oppressed.

No. 4079

Normalizing make caregivers is dangerous. 96% of child molesters are male. I can’t imagine how high it would be if every case were reported. 98%, 99%? I’m sure kids feel much safer going to an authority figure about female abusers.

No. 4080


No. 4081

ok but anon have you considered how all that child rape impacts the men? It makes this one feel a little bit bad. Not for the children of course, but for himself. If only men could have equality with women.
Oh wait, stop raping children and you can.

No. 4082

This is weird af when redditors say this. I never assume a small girl being looked after with a male is being kidnapped. Ever. It’s HIM that associates kids with rape as often as possible, not other people. If I saw a man of any age at the park with a child. You see it all the fucking time.

No. 4087

one thing men who have been brainwashed by redpill bullshit do which i find hilarious is anxiously trying to raise their testosterone levels (which causes prostate cancer, balding, acne, heart problems etc) and then talk about hormonal birth control as if it destroys womens health and makes them infertile and stuff… hmm, almost as if the same goes for men fucking with their own hormones. they always talk about how high estrogen women are more attractive and so on yet they don't seem to realize birth control is literally estrogen, which they hate. so stupid.

No. 4088

They know nothing about hormones let alone female hormones. Just like trannies.

No. 4089

Yeah, every time a redditor makes a post about being scared to be around children because of "what people will think" I assume straight away that whatever people are thinking about him is probably correct. Normal people don't worry about being mistaken for pedos all the time, if that's heavily on his mind he is hiding something.

Agree, redpill bros think nothing of blood doping but will sperg about birth control. I am personally really against the harm the pill does not being disclosed to women, but I don't want to hear about those risks from a random scrote who would take steroids like a retard. And as you said, they say excess estrogen is better for women without even knowing that's what the pill is/that extra estrogen can cause blood clots and other health problems, so it makes it obvious men's issue with birth control is not how it effects women and their health but about "ree I think birth control makes wammen hysterical so I hate it"

No. 4091

exactly, it also causes breast cancer. the only reason scrotes are against birth control is because they want to have control over reproduction. they do not care at all about women's health, yet they love to use it as an argument for why women shouldn't be in control over any part of their lives ever. "women are happier/healthier as housewives" and so on are similar arguments. besides it being complete horseshit, it's just so dishonest, like yeah sure the reason you want women to be chained naked to the stove all day is because you care so much about their well being.

No. 4093

Just saw this now and I'm trying to escape as well. I'm in med school at the moment and I'll flee as soon as I graduate. It sucks we had to go through so much but I hope we'll be able to be happy and safer one day. My father also made me get a rhinoplasty because he thought I was too ugly even though there was nothing wrong with me. It went wrong and I got botched but can't get it corrected either. I feel like a monster and blame him honestly, he has told me to get surgery ever since I was 11 and I'll always hate how I look because of my parent's retarded standards.
Sorry for the vent.

No. 4096

Why does my head romanticize an abusive relationship with my ex? Why do I fall for him in my head time and time again when I think of the good times we had? Why do I think we're meant to be together when I know he's no good? He's an asshole, he sexually harassed me and coerced me by constant begging before we got together for a while, he didn't respect me or my wants and needs. I know he's a person I should stay far far away from but on sad lonely nights, especially when I'm not sober he pops up in my head and I can't help but to wonder if I did something wrong and things could be different now. Or that maybe we're meant to be together and will be in the future. Why can't this stop what the fuck is wrong with me?

No. 4100

File: 1642962095592.jpeg (654.08 KB, 1170x1541, 6704ED81-F1B2-41D6-AF5A-51589B…)

Every time.

No. 4101

ah yes, the worst struggle ever. women trying to protect their children from weird staring men. I'm sure my cat could be more dignified complaining that I don't trust her to play with fish.
Do they not realize that other men are the reason they have this problem? If men stopped wanting to fuck kids, women wouldn't have to be afraid of them wanting to fuck kids.

No. 4119

It's okay, you're not weird or crazy or alone in this. Do you have any other close relationships? If he was the last person you were close with then it's only natural that you would think of him when you're feeling lonely. It's also normal, particularly if you have low self esteem, to look for the good in people who hurt us and try and find fault in ourselves.

On topic, I can't fucking stand how self righteous and fucking deaf scrotes are in regard to women. They come up with the most deranged theories regarding us and our lives and what we need or want and then gaslight us about it instead of just fucking listening. Stop killing people. Stop raping people. Stop telling me to not care about people who are raped and killed. Stop yelling. Stop arguing about what qualifies as yelling. Stop belittling people for disagreeing or having different interests than you. Stop ranting. Seriously stop. No one cares about your autistic obsession with politics or sports or videogames or what other people are doing with their own lives that have exactly zero impact on you. Just leave us alone holy shit. Stew in your own miserable self inflicted inferiority complex and leave us out of it. You aren't owed love or affection. You're not creepy because you're ugly you're creepy because you're entitled and socially retarded. Learn how to consider other people's feelings for once. But no, it's because we're just too illogical and emotional to sit through your patronizing monologues. That's the problem. If only we would just shut up and let you do and say whatever you want whenever and however you want. We're the selfish ones for not catering to your every fucking whim. It's just unbelievable. And when they end up, predictably, alone, they piss and moan on the internet and invent conspiracies about how we're the inhuman monsters. Not once have I ever seen a scrote self reflect and consider that he might be the problem, meanwhile women trip over themselves every single day apologizing for everything they can possibly think of.

No. 4121

Sounds like you have a bit of a trauma bond which is completely normal after an abusive relationship.

What Is Trauma-Bonding?
"When we are faced with abuse and neglect, we are chemically wired to focus on getting to the “other side.” When the abuser is the person that brings us relief, the brain associates them with safety.

The brain latches on to the positive experience of relief rather than the negative impact of the abuser."

Dr. Ramani has good advice even if your bf wasn't narcissist and was just a normal abusive asshole:
How to HEAL and Build TRUST After Narcissistic Abuse | Dr. Ramani on Women of Impact

No. 4122

>They come up with the most deranged theories regarding us and our lives and what we need or want and then gaslight us about it instead of just fucking listening.

When I was younger, I used to think that people were prejudiced because they were just ignorant and just believed in racist/sexist/etc stuff because they didn't know better. I thought once you showed them the truth, the scales would fall from their eyes and it would be kumbaya all around. lol. I was such an idiot. I had no idea how commited people are in oppressing other people.

Like, you really have to be committed to being misogynist trash to pretend that women aren't people so you can rape and abuse them.

No. 4123

The book "Why does he do that" really opened my eyes. "You do not respect someone that you abuse, and you do not abuse someone that you respect" is permanently burned into my heart. It's the root of everything: they do not respect us. Feminists aren't fucking exaggerating when they say men don't see us as fully human. It sounds unreal, but everything makes sense in that context. They have permission to abuse us because we are beneath them. What they are doing isn't abuse, it's correction, it's instruction, it's their grotesque display of 'love'. We're not allowed to be separate people capable of existing without them, and certainly not capable of surpassing them in any measurable way. We're weak, stupid, emotional, fragile, unmotivated, fearful, delicate little flowers that only exist to please and serve men. Any behaviour outside of that is misandry, it's ugly man hating by ugly vengeful witches who just want to ruin everything for everybody else because we didn't get what we wanted. When all we wanted was to be left the fuck alone to fly free with wings unbroken. They project their ugly selves onto us because they can't conceive of us existing separately from them. They can't comprehend not being slaves to their insatiable need to compete with and dominate each other. And when we protest against their abuses, they can only see it as a display of aggression, an attempt to subjugate THEM, because they cannot imagine a world without subjugation. They are the source of all their pain, but they will forever blame us, project all of their fears and rage and self loathing onto us and never once consider that perhaps the mirror is not the enemy.

No. 4125

i want to visit neutral places online because i get stressed out easily. i follow only a few tech or game subreddits but i hate how scrotes always find a way to make gross jokes on any innocuous post. it's never been funny, and i always award them with dead silence in person but there's nothing i can do online.

No. 4129

I also feel this way. I love gaming and anime and fantasy stuff and other nerd shit but have essentially kept myself out of most online spaces regarding them because there is such an overwhelming male presence, troons and regular scrotes alike. Even "neutral" spaces tend to exert male behaviours and culture. And when they see a woman join, they either chimp out because they hate women or they try to slide into your DMs like the incels they are. It's hard to find womens places that don't allow troons because twansphobia hurr durr. Being a woman who enjoys nerd shit is extremely lonely.

If anyone can recommend truly female only spaces, that would be great. Otherwise I'm about to make my own XX discord just for some peace but idk

No. 4130

I've generally thought anons were blowing it out of proportion with the whole "lolcow feels different we've been invaded I hate this website now" thing and I definitely still like it enough to waste plenty of time here but I am starting to feel like there's just so many more moids posting than I'm used to. I'm glad we got /2X/ back even if it seems very, very few people know about it, but a lot of threads I used to really like just have this nauseating male vibe to them and not much seems to happen to the anons responsible for it. I don't particularly want to put this in /meta/ even if that's probably where it should go because I don't want to bother the farmhands with my whining or have to deal with the self admitted male posters lurking there.

No. 4132

apply for farmhand and be the change!

No. 4133

>talk to my nigel about my feelings on pornography and the ill effecs it can have on people who use it
>he agrees and seems to understand, have meaningful discussion
>5 minutes later he asks "would you still respect me if i were to develop non-weird non-vanilla kinks in the future though"

No. 4134

so does he already have them and just hiding it for now?

No. 4135

he was open about a few back in the day, but both of us really mellowed out over time in the sexual aspect. id like to be optimistic, he may be hiding something new though, who knows.

No. 4136

whenever le male suicide rates are brought up i always think it's obviously because men are willing to abandon their children (from whom they are often estranged, also willingly) and possibly their wife, while women feel responsibility for others and persevere for others sake.

No. 4137

File: 1643995667875.png (14.24 KB, 357x114, moidsrights.png)

Tired of seeing this news when I log into twitter. Moids think their rights is to make sure women have no rights.

No. 4138

How do I pinkpill my dormmates without being, like, obnoxious about it?

No. 4139

I don't know them, so I can't say what you should say, but definitely do ask them things that reveal their feelings to themselves, (and ability to observe reality without filtering it through the bottleneck of what is socially acceptable for them to think), by this I mean just ask openly and honestly how they feel about certain facts of life for women, suggest they answer without making excuses for either women or men (depending on their views), don't even spell it out or ask leading questions, just have earnest conversations about how they really feel about everything, without bias (saying men murder women in unfathomable numbers isn't biased but "normies" think it is if you're a woman saying it, ofc, so do with that what you will), with consistent conversations (not forced) over time your female friends will know that they can trust you to be nonjudgemental towards them, even if that feels impossible for you at times, you can be patient with them. It takes a long time, but many women will pinkpill themselves when it's safe to do so. Feeling scared and as prey only makes some women double down on their learned excuses for men. We've all seen it

No. 4140

Samefag, it's easier with women in their twenties/thirties, it seems zoomers and women in my mother's age range are very hard to get to speak openly, let alone honestly, about the issues (and I don't mean saying what I want to hear, I mean saying anything beyond looking over your shoulder and whispering, crazy timeline!)

No. 4145

Take this as a cautionary tale. I would talk to my PickMe friends about my standards, how most men are shit and porn is gonna be the downfall of our modern society bla bla bla, and they would just run to their moids to bitch about what I would say. This meant their moids would try to turn them against me, and shatter their self-esteem even more so that they don't get any ideas and stay sucking their cum-crusted cocks. The point is, you can't change PickMe psychosis. The only way I can compare it is like having someone who is in a cult. The more you try to make them see your point of view, whether it's just how you're feeling or if you're genuinely trying to help them, they will often see it as an attack and will act 'defensively' aka attacking you back. This could come in the forms of social isolation, ruining your reputation or worse. Just live your life, hold to your standards - don't bend them for anyone and maybe you will inspire other women or girls along the way. PickMes absolutely hate women like us, even if they are nice to your face.

No. 4147

i can't stand men who talk about the importance of "civilization" and the nuclear family and so on, and how feminism has somehow ruined it, and we need to force women into traditional gender roles for their own sake or some bullshit. and it's pathetic seeing men insist children need a father or a male figure and whatever. women should just lead society by themselves.

No. 4148

>>4139 is right.

Be a good listener and wait for them to bring up their issues with their bfs/scrotes/troons. Make sure they feel you're safe to talk to and illustrate the connections between moid behaviors when it's particularly salient. At the same time emphasize the strength and inherent dignity of women by talking about women you admire, praising the women around you, encouraging them not to take shit from their pet moids, and modeling the strength of womanhood through your own actions.
The most important thing is to focus on their personal experiences as a launching pad.
t. successfully deprogrammed multiple handmaiden friends

No. 4149

Idk where else to post this. I feel genuinely scared to use this website because of the disgusting scrotes posting gore. Theyre all over the place, even in /w/
I know at least one anon was taunting him and saying the pics were ""tame"" but it's still fucked up and I don't want to see it ever ever ever. Honestly that might've been him replying to himself to fuel the infighting. Ugh I fucking hate males and their need to terrorise women who haven't done anything wrong. Why can't we have anything for ourselves?

No. 4150

File: 1644535475253.jpg (227.21 KB, 596x743, 1640296193672.jpg)

Maybe too spiteful for regular confessions thread
Male relative was just hacking up a lung and I was hoping against hope it would somehow do him in but it's unlikely. He seems to have no purpose in life except to piss off the people around him for kicks, like an overgrown toddler who misbehaves for attention.
I hate when men are sexist "as a joke" but the things they say align with their actual values and behavior, the joking tone is just a way to make you look silly for pointing it out.
If he does die I wonder if I'll have to feign emotion about it just to look like less of a psycho to the other women he terrorized

No. 4153

i think men should all kill themselves

No. 4154

I just get tired of every time the subject of women protecting themselves and whatnot a man has to chime in with how men face more violence. Like if a woman says she doesn't want to walk home at night because it's creepy a man will be like "but muh male violence statistics!!1!" I don't have proof of this but I'm like 99% sure that men face more violence because they are more likely to get involved in criminal activity (like gangs). But they act like if a woman and a man walk outside the man is more likely to randomly be raped/assaulted which I'm sure is wrong.

No. 4182

Here drinking my morning coffee thinking about all the problems men have caused me for no good reason and I am angry. I am fucking angry. It irks me that I actually caught myself thinking that if I was a man none of it would've ever happened. It's awful because it's true. I don't want to feel like I should not be a woman to not experience the shit I've experienced. It's wrong. Men are the problem. Men and their unwanted feelings they push on us. Men and the way they go apeshit when they don't get what they want.

No. 4183

I hate men (just testing if this board works)

No. 4184

I am tired of women being lauded for forgiving horrendous scrotes and horrendous acts by scrotes. Especially when they're the victim. It's so disgusting to me how they are rewarded for awarding humanity to males who are inhuman.
A girl is imprisoned and raped for a year and forgives the man who did it to him and everyone says how good of a person she is for it? It doesn't make any fucking sense. It's vile.

No. 4215

Why is me posting a selfie an invitation to a man who I've clearly been trying to avoid for years to ask me to hang out again? I am tired of rejecting his ugly ass. I do not want to be friends. Fuck off. Why can't I be left alone?

No. 4225

block him

No. 4227

I have thought of that. But he's my neighbor in the next block over. He knows where I live. He has told me he's seen me out and about and in the shop before. One morning I was smoking on my balcony and I saw him down in the street looking at my windows. I'm sure he saw me. He 100% knows where I live and honestly that scares me.

No. 4230

>One morning I was smoking on my balcony and I saw him down in the street looking at my windows

If you don't make it clear that this man makes you uncomfortable and that you do not want contact with him in any way whatsoever they'll say you wanted it when they find your corpse.

No. 4231

crossboard posting because I don't want to shit up the fashion thread, but my god look at that graph. It fucking peaks at 14(!!!!!). A 12 y/o is more sexually attractive than a 22 y/o. I knew moids were disgusting but I didn't know it was to this level. Are "normal" men all pedo's in disguise?

No. 4233

And when you point this out scrotes will say "this just proves the age of consent is unnatural! ChEcKmAtE fEmNaZi" instead of aknowledging that males are predatory. They then have the audacity to blame the little girls! "They know what they're doing / they want the attention / they like older mature men" fucking barf. They won't even believe you when you tell them that you used to be a little girl yourself (an undeniable fact lmao) and actually know what it's like. Scrote wishful thinking > a girls actual lived experience. The only reason they're in charge is because of the implicit threat of physical violence. They're so fucking retarded it's unreal.

No. 4234

I need to vent, sage for blog post and I'm just angry. It greatly frustrates me how we don't even have a sense of privacy when we're minding our own business out in public. Several years ago I was sitting on a bench at a pier, lost in my own miserable thoughts. When I get up to leave an old fart with stringy white hair, crazy eyes, and a big zoom lens on his camera has apparently taken a picture of me while I was wallowing in my troubles. He said when I was looking at a ship he did it and he's going to caption it that I was waiting for my sailor to return. I was so fucking shocked and taken aback that I didn't know what to do, so I quickly left. He was with his wife, which was also disappointing. In my state apparently it's legal to do this, to have no "sense of privacy" in public areas. I wasn't out for photos, especially by some stranger. I was minding my own business, being depressed, just wanting some goddamn sunshine. Fast forward years later I stumbled across this guy on Facebook. I got that nasty adrenaline surge feeling as I looked at his profile. He has thousands of photos, all watermarked, many of completely unsuspecting women and girls, most at the beach in swimsuits just living their lives, surfing, walking, just doing random mundane stuff. It's absolutely infuriating to me. I mean, you can't even adjust your swimsuit or bend over to pick up a seashell without worrying some man is going to take a creepy shot of you (he has one of a women doing just that). He's taken pictures of women through sea oats like the voyeur he is. He has pictures of a minor surfing, bent over her board trying to stand and her swimsuit gaps open. He has pictures of young women at bars, waiting for a drink, looking at their phones, walking, picking up food orders. The pervy comments of his old fart friends prove what I already knew. I am so angry and disgusted that unsuspecting women just living their lives have photos taken of them, frozen in time, for creeps to stare at and jack off to.

No. 4235

I'm so fucking sorry. I hate how the creepiest men can get away with being perverts by calling it art, and get their asses licked and praised as creative geniuses on top of it. Every male photographer I've ever met has made me feel uncomfortable in some way or another. I'm starting to think males can't appreciate anything without tying sexuality into it.

No. 4236

Late as fuck but I feel the same in some "radfem" groups. To make it worse, younger women speak exactly like moids on 4chan and I hate it. I hate how they uncritically adopted their words and logic. I hate how they celebrate women violently killing men in media as if it wasn't a male sexual fantasy. Men and their "culture" need to go extinct, they poison everything.

No. 4237

Why is this board so difficult to find? Everything is dead. Sorry I didn't find you sooner lovely board. I hate how men force us to hide.

No. 4238

Because scrotes.

No. 4239

Exactly what >>4238 said. I used to post on Asherah's Garden back when it was still up and asshurt scrotes would spam the boards with nasty ass shit like bestiality. Considering the slower traffic of the site and the frequency that they would post shit like that is probably the reason why the plug was pulled on that site. It is probably for the better that it is more difficult to find. AG you will be missed.

No. 4240

I don't think the person who posted the pedo graph on fashion thread had good intentions. They literally made that post nitpicking from researches to find one bad quality study done on 80 pedophilic men who were more attracted to 12 year olds than 22 year olds to point out how society views women worthless as they age. It sounds like a moid negging or redpilling almost.

No. 4241

I miss AG too. It was more serious in its mood overall than here, but there was some good discussion an info about feminism there. I wish I had saved the threads before the place died.

No. 4242

They severely misrepresented the study to imply that it was most men, when it was literally a study done on 80 paedophiles kek. It’s like the kind of “facts, logic and data” they post on incels.co to justify their own paedophillia.

No. 4246

Yes that's exactly what I thought. Even men who are open about their obsession with youth say they find 16-20 year old women attractive at the youngest, not literal kids who haven't gone through puberty yet. It was done on a group of pedos.

No. 4247

God the whole situation with Russia and Ukraine pisses me off so much (besides being saddened for the innocent victims of course). All of this shit, all of the world's wars and instability is thanks to scrotes. Daily in the news we read about rape and violence at the hand of men. I don't know how women can live among men anymore while living this reality.

No. 4253

Women don't start wars. Scrotes are so fucking retarded. Get rid of the majority so all countries are mostly women and boom, no more mass scale violence, no more invasions, etc. They cope and seethe about being special, muh creator of society, muh great leaders, when they only succeed when playing the game of life with a handicap. They're literal retards. The only thing men have is physical strength, there worse in every other aspect because they're pandered to so they don't use their physical strength to chimp out and fuck up society. Men can't lead shit and religion was a cope co-opted and bastardised to convince moids that dying in another moids war is actually good and means god will love and reward them.

No. 4267

I hate porn I hate coomers I hate "sex workers" fuck this "sex work is empowering, make an onlyfans as soon as you turn 18 to pay for college" bullshit. I don't care if I sound crazy (not like I'll say it anywhere but here anyways), at this point I consider it a type of cheating if you view porn while in a relationship, ESPECIALLY if you pay for an onlyfans and interact with the person in any way. I'm just so disgusted by it all, coomers should neck themselves, simps should neck themselves, I want to grab those pathetic perverts by the balls and scream "what's so wrong with having vanilla sex with one partner you porn sick broken dick freak" but they'd probably like that.

No. 4268

Same, anon. I’m a teacher and I was horrified to hear some colleagues brazenly express how they think “sex work is work” and don’t think it’s a problem that our students have untethered access to the most depraved shit. I’ll never look at them the same way again.

How can they claim to safeguard our students and then think it’s “totally fine” that teen girls are groomed to make OF accounts as soon as they turn 18? Disgusting. (It was two moids and two women—I knew I was alone in my sentiments but it was really weird that I seemed to be the only adult at the table concerned about our students.)

No. 4272

I hate people that spew that shit too, I want to punch them. And for those defective moids spending money on OF while they have a girlfriend, they could be putting that money towards her instead. It's not being "insecure" not wanting your partner to make an OF or look at porn, that's just natural. "Sex work" shouldn't be an option, it's problematic and harmful to women. I want to ask the moids that say "sex work is empowering" that if it is so "empowering", why don't they do it too? but we all know the reason why, it's because they know it's degrading.

No. 4280

most rich guys i've been around seem to be impossibly cheap despite having so much money. for example, this guy in our friend group we all pitied because he'd always request food from us at lunch. we'd all gather some parts of our lunch to form one meal for him. he basically leeched off us throughout our entire undergraduate years together lol. he wore torn up old clothes (like authentic ripped jeans, worn and threadbare flannel tops, etc) and had the same pair of gross, worn-down sneakers for years too.
and then he invited me to his two story penthouse with giant balcony and terrace and i was shocked! here was this guy who'd i pitied and given my lunch for years living in the lap of luxury all this time. tbh i felt quite cheesed. all this time, he could've paid pennies to treat us out to lunch just once as a thank you for looking after him… but nah, he just continued to mooch and leech even if he didn't need to. just very strange. maybe he was humble depending on how you look at it.

No. 4281

I'm reading a book about the "masculinity crisis" and apparently everything went to shit in Europe with Christianity at the end of the middle age. Men have done nothing for us since then. Women are merely recovering the rights they had during the middle age. This is bleak. The book is written by a man but that's great because he honestly shows how fuck up men are.

No. 4283

I’m so glad I’ve found you nonnies. I missed the PP thread on OT.

No. 4286

Pickme's in the eurofag thread reeing at anons for not caring about men from a misogynistic country potentially dying in a war and 'Not All Men'-ing russian soldiers are so retarded. I'm glad this thread is back

No. 4287

This scrote in my class micro manages me whenever its my turn to learn the machinery. The worst part is that he doesn't even know how to use the stuff himself. Today, he kept directing me even though I knew what to do. When it was his turn, he kept fucking up and needed help at every single step. It's clear he didn't pay attention to the instructional video or even the instructor demoing it in-person minutes before. Reminds me of an article about how women are better workers when it comes to equipment and machinery. Women care about the details and learning proper protocol while scrotes gonna scrote. I keep telling myself I'm going to toughen up and stick up for myself every time he does it. Not wanting to seem mean is so deeply ingrained, it hurts.

No. 4288

I love being a manhating bitch

No. 4289

Please drop the article, I have to see it

No. 4290

What are some books on what a world without men would look like?

No. 4291

No. 4293

I feel you nonni they need to shut the fuck up and move on. Clearly no one wants their garbage opinion. Don’t know why they won’t go post it on Reddit where they’ll the validation their male simping ass wants.

No. 4294

Here's a little story from today. I was in a bus going home from the store, wearing an absolutely huge and long jacket that covered my whole body, except my legs. I was wearing a dress so I had stockings instead of pants. This man in the bus, sitting one row in front of me but on the left side of the bus, turned a bit and turned his head multiple times to stare at my legs for a while. Sometimes he looked at my face and then went back to my legs. I felt so uncomfortable. Why are my legs so interesting? The stockings weren't even see through or anything. I had thermo leggings under and the stockings on top were thick black knit ones. Nothing sexy whatsoever. He even followed me with his eyes when I left the bus. I felt his stare on my back as I exited the bus. I hate that I'm so anxious and shy that I can't confront men like this by staring back at them. I feel like they might take it as an invitation to strike up a conversation and that's the last thing I want.

No. 4295

>Herland by Charlotte Perkins Gilman
Herland is a utopian novel published in 1915. The story describes an isolated society composed entirely of women. The result is a perfect social order, free of all wars, conflicts and dominations.
>The Wanderground: Stories of the Hill Women by Sally Gearhart.
In the futuristic Wanderground, men remain in the cities, while many women who have been persecuted flee to the hills. There they share their stories of survival, remembrance, and self-discovery. Years later, expressing their freedom in unique ways, the hill women have gained telepathic abilities and flying techniques, while women in the cities still struggle for enlightenment.

No. 4296

Would you please drop the title/author? I read an article about this actually just a couple days ago and found it interesting but would like to know more about it.

No. 4305

Womens Day Survery to understand how people feel about feminism and feminist issues:

No. 4307

I hate men who catcall so much it's unreal. And the fucking audacity to call me a bitch for ignoring your ugly retarded ass comment when I am just trying to walk to the store and buy bread. Fuck scrotes.

No. 4310

File: 1646597218492.jpeg (807.81 KB, 1170x1526, 7C4336AA-50A4-4BFD-A249-2246B1…)

They don’t like getting a taste of their own medicine, do they?

No. 4313

They can't even conceive of a society without violence and dominance heirarchy. They'll just tell you that stronger more aggressive women will take the place of men and everything will be exactly the same. On one hand they say we are fundamentally different and therefore shouldn't be educated and only take on supporting roles, but on the other hand that our version of society wouldn't look any different because we're just weaker more pathetic versions of them. The y chromosome is a fucking plague. I just want to exist as far from them as possible, everything they touch turns to shit.

No. 4315

tbf it is kinda weird for one to claim to hate men while being in a relationship with a man and also according to him, be the one to peruse a relationship with him
like can't she just break up with him or have not even peruse a relationship with a man in the first place

No. 4325

These stats were more optimistic than I was expecting, however this was done through surveys. I wonder how many of the men responding in the affirmative regarding women's rights/protections agree in theory but still treat the women in their lives like shit.

No. 4329

is there an example of a society that crumbled and fell to ruin because all the men left to war or whatever?

why do moids think women would be fucked if they all disappeared.

No. 4340

You can hate men and still date them anon. Straight women exist

No. 4344

I have no idea if this is the right thread but I noticed a lot in history especially when it comes to male homosexuality within cultures its always between a boy and an adult man. I feel like I'm going crazy just thinking about this. Do we have any history buffs here?

No. 4350

File: 1647455746157.jpg (218.41 KB, 800x779, 800px-Kiss_Briseis_Painter_Lou…)

You are correct, In pretty much every society where Homosexuality was "accepted", it was always male Homosexuality between adult male lords and boys, these societies shared a commonality of being incredibly misogynistic, where women were completely devalued and considered nothing more then baby makers
Classical Greece, Rome, Arab/Islamic societies, China, Ottoman Empire and Afghanistan

Its honestly kind of interesting, they hated and devalued women so much that they didn't view them as being worthy for even pleasure, there's an afghan saying that translated too "women are for babies, boys are for pleasure" which I think sums up the attitudes very well


No. 4352

Hey sorry Noni not sure what you mean. Are you looking for female homosexuals and art in history or are you looking for male homosexuality being accepted and not female?

No. 4354

Everything >>4350 said is spot on. I just want to add that with the ancient Romans (and other ancient cultures with a culture of pederasty) it was actually kind of frowned upon for two “adult” men to have sex (unless it was rape after they had won a battle because they saw it as “conquering”, because of retarded male monkey brain) There was a rumor that spread around ancient Rome about how Caligula liked to take the passive role during sex with men and this was widely used to mock and defame him, because essentially not being the top as an adult man was seen as humiliating and disgusting. Here’s an interesting read that focuses on another roman emperor and touches on this subject.
>The rumors of Octavian’s sexual passivity were so pervasive that battlefields were littered with lead shot by enemy soldiers etched with the name “Octavia.” Inscriptions identifying Octavian with fellatio and sexual passivity were similarly omnipresent. This was a perception issue of the highest order for the first emperor of Rome and a blow to Julius Caesar’s social standing.
So yeah basically being gay in these times wasn’t what everyone made it out to be, even when you remove the insane amounts of child rape and molestation (which is what people usually use to illustrate examples of ancient homosexual relationships because they don’t bother to do research)

No. 4355

File: 1647513723879.png (77.27 KB, 741x395, Screenshot (815).png)

The article is still too woke and taking things out of context, bisexuality was the not the "standard" in anyway in Roman society and Greece, also I really doubt the claim about Octavian
Octavian had few if any military conflicts with other Romans other then with Marc Anthony, the only one's he fought with under his rule were nubians, germanic barbarian and Scythians, who would not have even understood Latin, let alone be aware of rumors about Octavian's sexuality

also seeing as the author of this article looks like this, I'd take what he says with a grain of salt

No. 4356

File: 1647515123488.jpg (1010.84 KB, 1800x1801, 25douthat-lead-mediumSquareAt3…)

just say you like little boys

No. 4357

File: 1647518467343.jpg (108.02 KB, 1254x693, FNwPjQVWQAQ6eJO.jpg)

for those who don't know that man is Michel Foucault, the father of queer theory, forerunner of critical race theory and post-modernism, he also used to rape children in Tunisia
he's also the most cited scholar in Academia tying with Judith Butler

here's a an exert from an actual professor defending him, raping children

No. 4359

Nah. Its just an observation. When i see female homosexuality in history I often women going for fellow women and not girls. I could be wrong so idk

Exactly! I want to point it out sometimes so bad but I feel like they'd call me a libfem or whatever

No. 4360

ive blackmailed a scorte yesterday cus he's rich and mean to me for no reason, and he's very similar. he donated to the ukraine national defense force on my behalf or i'll rat him out for being a creep to his whole company. i'lm not taking any money for myself cus i'm scared he'll sue for blackmail. i just am proud of myself that i got him to do that after enduring all his bs.

No. 4361

it’s funny how modern liberal ideology all comes from pedophilic men

No. 4362

That only applies to women though. For male homosexuality it is more than an observation

No. 4363

The oldest account of female same sex relations we have being tolerated comes from the Spartans, according to Plutarch's account, Spartan women engaged in homosexual activities which he noted cause its did stand out in Greek society, Spartan women trained their entire lives in wrestling, combat, athletics while segregated from all males except 7 year old's
When spartan women got married, they would shave their heads and wear men's clothes to help facilitate the transition of the Spartan man from homosexual intercourse to heterosexual
It was a strange society overall

No. 4364

Seeing this faggot's face reminded me that I read an article about one of the studio heads of the old Hollywood studios, might've been Harry Cohn or Jack Warner or someone. The author of the article seemed to play down what a horrifically abusive and creepy guy this studio head was, and instead kept repeating how charming he could be, and how women wanted him. Then I saw who the author was and OF COURSE it was some fucking scrote. Not only that but he teaches "Gender Studies" at some college in Arizona.

No. 4365

AHA I found the article: https://www.immigrantentrepreneurship.org/entries/harry-cohn-man-mogul-and-myth/ Written by Ian Baldwin (lol scrote) and he teaches at U of Nevada, my bad.

No. 4367

File: 1647579336661.jpg (146.57 KB, 484x600, 551.jpg)

>and how women wanted him
This guy, paul dano has more appeal then this goblin

No. 4368

It really was a unique society, I wouldn't claim that it was feminist or even egalitarian, but If I had to be a woman in the ancient world, Sparta would probably be the best option, also Sparta should serve as an example of how economics can help liberate women
In Sparta, when a young man graduated military training, he was given a plot of farmland by the state. Then, a spartan woman marries the young soldier, the soldier goes off to war and dies(it was considered shameful for a Spartan man who wasn't the king to be old), In most societies that land and money would have been split among his sons, but in Sparta those boys would have been sent off to military training as well, so then the wife inherited all of his money and land. The woman can then get married more, which means more husbands who die in war and more wealth and land that the wife inherits. When she dies all of her land is split up between her still living daughters, who are able to have husband's of their own and inherit their land and money when they die, and so on.
This led to a social class of women who were monstrously rich, the male spartan nobility relied on funds and grain from these wealthy women to wage wars and basically function as a state, that said it wasn't all perfect for spartan women either, you had to constantly pregnant and produce children, If your baby(male or female) was considered too puny or weak then they were left too die on a cliff, some leeway was given to girls but it still happened and If you had a son, then he'd be taken away from you when he was just 7, he'd likely be abused, beaten, raped and also committed rape himself on younger boys and at some point he'd die in battle
a mother shouldn't have to deal with the numerous death of her children over her entire life. I probably couldn't even enjoy it cause I was born a bit underweight so I'd have been killed right away

No. 4377

File: 1647663722161.png (322.82 KB, 315x573, tiktok2.png)

I hate scrotes even besides their misogyny, especially in groups. Like when I turn on a podcast and hear 2 or more scrotes speaking I internally groan and turn it off. I saw this tiktok of this scrote band and just cringed immediately, didn't find anything they were doing creative or funny. Just the inherent sroteness of scrotes turns me off, could never be friends with them let alone date them.

No. 4379

File: 1647702068059.png (688.96 KB, 1080x1360, Screenshot_20220319-092859~2.p…)

God I hate these losers so much. I didn't expect any better from the literal incels in this sub, and I'm not here to defend Alana's acting chops because I haven't seen Liquorice Pizza, but c'mon. Apparently, according to the comments, she is even explicitly framed as being plain/unattractive in the movie! But that's not enough. She doesn't get their dicks hard, so they shouldn't have to look at her at all.
I hate how they feel so free to weigh in on our appearances, but they NEVER do the same with men. Think of how many movies we have to sit through with a leading man who's ugly as sin on top of being a mediocre actor. But God forbid you point this out. No one in the comments did. They're all just arguing over whether she's attractive or not.
Even my own dad, who would be considered by most women to be "one of the good ones" because he's not outright abusive and treats my mom better than 99% of moids, still does this shit. "Hm…that weather woman isn't very attractive…" Who asked you?? And who fucking cares?! Her job is to tell you if it's gonna rain tomorrow, not to be your personal wank fodder.
We need to start being more brutal about their looks. Like in Don't Look Up, they kept trying to convince us that Leonardo DiCaprio's character is super sexy and wanted by all the women in America. That might've been true in 1996, but it sure as hell isn't true now! He's fat, ugly, and obnoxious. He looks like the bastard child of Homer Simpson and Jack Nicholson got a sunburn. He looks like a deflated basketball brought to life with dark magic. He's not remotely attractive to anyone who doesn't hate themselves.
I'm just so tired. I hate that no matter what I do, no matter how impressive my accomplishments, the conversation will only ever be centered around how fuckable or unfuckable some ugly ass scrote finds me.

No. 4382

Just came here to vent real quick,its so funny when men as a whole claim women hit the wall so early meanwhile all I see are balding early 20 something dudes on r/glowup and r/vindica begging women for advice on their fleeting looks/youth. Men truly peak at 18 and its all downhill from there

No. 4383

File: 1647726642036.gif (851.33 KB, 400x300, 1638812938711.gif)

>moid uploading that webm of woman being assaulted and attempting to take her clothes off then dragging her away
I know the point is to upset users here but if anything it only justifies the male hate

No. 4384

tbf that specific sub is used by mostly anachan pick-me's, who think they are better then all other cause they are thinner

No. 4426

File: 1648343671642.png (732.63 KB, 866x637, outtpig2.png)

This gay scrote's entire Tiktok page is just making fun of women. Even worse are all the female cucks who give him all the likes and praise, thinking they're in on the joke.

No. 4427

I dated a rich scrote who later trooned out. He liked to paint himself as the stereotypical 'nerdy nice guy' but he let his friends openly insult me to my face and then acted like I was overreacting and a bad person when I insulted them back. He was stupid and lazy and enabled by his parents, and despite being rich did not spend that much money on me at all. I cheated on him and then dumped his ass. He also had no real personality and copied all my interests and aesthetics when he trooned out, but obviously a shitty male attempt at them.

No. 4433

Nona I feel you and I feel your spite. My Grandpa is a classic misogynist who sits on his fat ass all day eating and demanding things be done for him because cooking and cleaning is "women's work." He always says it with a joking tone but gives a look like he's waiting for an angry reply so he can claim women are oversensitive to "jokes." So instead I smile through the contempt the way a nurse would pity smile at an angry dementia patient, I think that actually makes him more mad. When he dies I'm going to have to squeeze out some tears but it really will be no loss for me, I hope it's painful and scary when he goes. Embrace the spite Nona, scrotes are trash.

No. 4434

File: 1648517669931.webm (1.13 MB, 524x960, Gross.webm)

Not even mad just sad.

No. 4435

File: 1648517701590.jpeg (85.63 KB, 812x575, 4CA0FFE8-6F6C-4BC2-8F60-8AB27F…)

No. 4437

File: 1648518936182.webm (812.26 KB, 576x1024, Sad.webm)

I've seen a lot of videos similar to this where a gf/wife will catch their males being whores online and most of the time they're pregnant. I wish I had saved them all, but here's a recent one I saw. I found his IG through hers and my god he follows so many women on there. Especially ones that post bikini photos. This is so embarrassing for her.

No. 4440

>and actually care about women?
late as fuck but did she ever renouce her push to inport more refugees (see:fighting age males) into a country that refuses to proescute them for rape and trafficking of underage women? because otherwise I honestly couldnt give any less of a fuck about what she thinks of trannies
it would take an insane amount for them to do more harm then that

No. 4443

that was just part of her virtue signaling liberal era, she's likely against that as well as of now

No. 4445

Can you post caps of where she encouraged this please? Or did she just say she was in support of refugees? You can support refugees without supporting rape, very weird to conflate the two.

No. 4478

File: 1648684697193.png (45.17 KB, 619x539, jkr.png)

idk how I feel about that, like if she's actually distanced herself from it, maybe I could feel a bit more okay with her but if she just floats from one thing to another I cant help but wonder if she actually cares or if it's just about being part of a group
maybe handmaidens (and whatever their equivalent for non-trans stuff is) has just made me nihilistic

>Can you post caps of where she encouraged this please? Or did she just say she was in support of refugees?
id what you mean, I feel like these are somewhat the same thing?
>You can support refugees without supporting rape, very weird to conflate the two.
You can, sure, but to encourage it without suggesting an alternative to the way the EU has been doing is supporting it imo. Like I'm all for bringing in women and children (and old people ig) but they've been taking in as many fighting-aged males as they can (plenty of whom aren't even from countries at war but simply have to claim to be) etc. I dont really wanna get too into it rn, I went to look up a story about a 15-year-old german girl getting raped by 2 "refugees" while trying to teach them german (https://rmx.news/article/german-court-gives-probation-to-two-syrian-migrants-who-raped-15-year-old-girl-who-gave-them-german-lessons/) which I had just heard about earlier today and I had to actually sift through articles from other cases because there's so many that without perfect details it's almost impossible to find the exact one.
tl;dr when europe is that bad it's not weird at all to conflate them
oh also jkr lives in the UK which seems to love not prosecuting foreigners for literally having child sex rings and thats a great other topic
(I did enjoy the comment twitter decided to put at the top though)
(also sorry if anything i said wasn't quite coherent I'm kinda drunk rn)

No. 4481

God I fucking hate leo di'caprishit pretty boys age like warm milk on a summers day. It's funny because I don't even see women (young or old) simping over him now, just obnoxious scrotes thinking him paying hookers to go on holiday with him is a win, kek. What a sad depressing life he must lead, old farts are really the most delusional.

No. 4487

I think current leo looks like a fish, but tons of women still simp for young leo, its fucking ridiculous to think they don't

No. 4500

I have several friends who I am openly misandrist and radfem to a degree with, and they all agree with me. They vent about men with me, they talk about how much they hate them and are very aware of the problems plaguing the men of our generation, etc etc. But then I see them showcase a new man they met off Tinder every other week on social media, with captions talking about how it didn't work out with the other one. I do and I don't understand this weird two-faced-ness (I don't wanna use this word because their behavior isn't malicious, moreso just stupid and impulsive), but why keep subjecting yourself to these moids if you're so aware of how porn-addicted and misogynist they are.

No. 4501

Probably a desire for companionship keeps them optimistic about the next one
I feel like most people don't handle being alone very well

No. 4502

Misogynists date women all the time, I don't know why you are confused by what your friends are doing.

No. 4503

I can get along fine with a male and then suddenly it hits me.
>this man would fuck a child
>this man is a porn addict
>this man hates women
>this man has more depraved thoughts than i could ever imagine
And I'm hit with severe disgust. I start acting distant and honestly rude towards him even though he "hasn't done anything". I even feel this way about male family members. A male can literally just be sat there eating his lunch and I'll look at him with feelings of repulsion. Every man, every single man is depraved. Most men would stomp a toddler to death if it meant they got to fuck an underage TikTok star. I can't anymore.

No. 4504

>this man would fuck a child
No, pedophiles are thankfully very rare.

>this man is a porn addict

Pretty likely, yeah.

>this man hates women

Kinda true, although it varies a lot depending on the group of males you are talking about. Still very common though, if not outright hate, certainly thinking of us as lesser.

>this man has more depraved thoughts than i could ever imagine

Likely, yeah.

>And I'm hit with severe disgust. I start acting distant and honestly rude towards him even though he "hasn't done anything". I even feel this way about male family members. A male can literally just be sat there eating his lunch and I'll look at him with feelings of repulsion. Every man, every single man is depraved. Most men would stomp a toddler to death if it meant they got to fuck an underage TikTok star. I can't anymore.

Anon, that's not healthy. Also no, most men would not murder a toddler to fuck some teenager. Men have tons of issues, but you are blowing it out of proportion (at least in the Western world, I am not talking about Pakistan, etc). You need to cool down. Especially regarding your family members. You don't own anyone anything, but family is important and you shouldn't treat your family badly unless they deserve it.

No. 4506

File: 1648804435856.png (44.67 KB, 646x330, 8590438504385.png)

>No, pedophiles are thankfully very rare.
Pedophiles are mostly rare, yes. Hebephiles though are quite common and many men are more than happy to take advantage of teens which is plenty manipulative and disgusting in its own right. https://www.ipce.info/sites/ipce.info/files/biblio_attachments/every_fifth.pdf

No. 4507

>No, pedophiles are thankfully very rare.
No. This is probably the biggest blackpill, most men would fuck a kid. I'm not talking about a snotty autismo playing with moster trucks at the playground. But a cute little Amanda Bynes-looking girl? Absolutely.

No. 4511

Same thing as a paedophile. Don't fall for the propaganda that is the push to normalise paedophilia by having differing categories of what men are attracted to. If the victim is underage - he is a paedophile, not a "heebeejeebephile".

No. 4513

Samefag but you're absolutely right anon. Most men are paedophiles. One of the curses of looking so young for my age is that I found this out pretty early on. It's even worse if I ever dress up in pink and put ribbons in my hair, I get far more attention and cat calls than when I don't - all from old creeps and seemingly normal men alike. I'll sometimes do it to blackpill and remind myself of what men truly are. Why else is teen porn the most popular category of porn? Why has it been so normalised to keep your school uniform so you can use it to let your boyfriend pretend he's fucking a teenager? What about all of those countdowns waiting for a teenage girl to become legal? What about police enforcements being so overwhelmed with the underground child pornography problem they essentially give up on it? Jeffrey Epstein, and all those internet rabbit holes that spring up 10x the amount once one is taken down? There's a reason for all of this. It's obvious.

No. 4515

Women speaking on the abuses and injustices suffered because of XY =/= Incels complaining about women rejecting them.

No. 4517

yeah leave and maybe use a shotgun to end it on the way out. males don't belong here, and i enjoy flicking my bean to your suicide statistics. i get plenty of pussy btw, i just think every xy on this planet should be strung up from a fucking lamppost. sorry you're mad about that kek.

No. 4518

Men always project, their simple minds can't fathom others not being exactly like their useless, sad, pathetic, lonely, ugly existence. They always say "have sex" as if we can't and do get endless sex from endless guys, its them who will never feel a womans touch, we're trying to avoid mens touch. Why would we cope and seethe, its not us who are a disposable genetic dead end. Every single woman here can easily get a mate, while all incels will die sad and alone.

Men who come here should just kill themselves, thats the most useful thing they will accomplish in their lives.

No. 4519

rich or poor, they're all whores

No. 4520

Don't waste time replying to a moid.
Based. They'll kill themselves anyways.

No. 4521

the older i get and the more i interact with adult men, the more i realize that there really is no such thing as a "good guy". at least in my age group, they only want sex and someone to yell at when they can't keep their emotions bottled up anymore. they're desperate for a connection and a sense of self but their tiny moid brains just can't handle introspection. i always wanted to be a boy mom and raise good sons, but now i'm not so sure if i'm up for that challenge. i could especially never raise boys with the "help" of a man.

No. 4523

Many women think they will be able to raise their sons right if they shower them with love. It never ends well, as we so often see.

No. 4525

File: 1648968761945.jpg (340.63 KB, 1080x1548, Screenshot_20220402-223802.jpg)

All this effort and BS when going full separatist is way easier

No. 4530

Fucking sick of the scat and gore posting and the degenerates posting them. Thankful I don't have to look at cheese pizza but I still don't want to look at something a moid posted for the sake of antagonizing women and to ruin female spaces. Testosterone was a mistake.

No. 4531

Bless. I also had the misfortune of seeing it too. In the Moovie Night thread of all places - somewhere that's supposed to be lighthearted. Moid posting a dead woman and what makes it even more depressing is knowing he most likely keeps that in his fap folder.

No. 4532

I usually ""don't mind"" the gore, but one of these fucked me up because from what I saw quickly, they shared the mangled body of a woman and had it in a collage a picture of said woman in a normal setting, smiling, probably with friends.
This is so absolutely evil. When you see a random gorey corpse, as awful as it always is, you still have a sense of disconnection with it. By putting the picture of the woman alive and smiling, you humanize her just to degrade her the very next pic by showing her destroyed body like that.
This level of evil is so, so male.

Sorry if this is too word salady, I'm a distressed ESL.

No. 4533

The cheese pizza posting is so rampant in crystal cafe that I’ve come here in hopes of saving myself from looking at something so disgusting and evil but it sucks to see that there’s also evil things posted here too.

No. 4631

File: 1649370677573.jpg (55.87 KB, 720x227, Screenshot_20220407-132615_Chr…)

>"uhm achchyually many anons are sick of the radfems on this site"

>the (m)anons who complain about radfems

No. 4653

Kek. Fucking knew it. Always moids complaining and trying to get sites that go against their ego shutdown and to erase any slight opposition to their behaviour both currently and historically while reeing about free speech and that they're totes a woman who just agrees that wahmen are ebil feminazis. Like the tradfags who larp as women to try and shill the lifestyle.

No. 4654

Reminds me of the ones who complain about "grooming" aka saying men treat women like shit and for women to be wary and no longer take it and expect acknowledgment that they were and still are discriminated against. Scrotes are retarded.

No. 4671

File: 1649535880835.jpg (231.51 KB, 553x1022, 152154.jpg)

Who saw that one coming? It should be illegal for single men to take in women

No. 4682

What kind of faggot male hangs around on a women's site, anyway

No. 4687

I know it’s just a FB group so lower barrier to entry, but this is partly why I’m so skeptical of men in counseling and charity groups. They’re either truly well-intentioned people or some of the scummiest seeking women at their most vulnerable.

No. 4706

File: 1649665850211.png (307.33 KB, 1099x1291, ksjdfalfdkslfjsdfs.png)

the crypto MRAs on stupidpol crying, pissing, and throwing up because no state mandated bangmaid

No. 4707

these are the kind of people who will act like they’re being victimised because there are too many black people on tv adverts, yet they turn around and behave like this. “You don’t deserve to be safe from war unless you put up with my disgusting wrinkled cock”. Absolute subhuman.

No. 4714

I hate that sub so fucking much. 'Anti-idpol' but it's just 24/7 moid idpol and white idpol.

I love how the solution is always uppity women lowering their standards and slorping incel cock for the good of society. Men are the reasonable, rational sex BUT ALSO if Stacey doesn’t fuck me and call me her special boy I will burn down Western Civilization.

No. 4716

So this is dumb youtuber drama that happened over 2 years ago but it still pisses me off to this day and it cemented to me that men can't ever be trusted, so there was this edgelord youtuber called Mumkey Jones, he'd make edgy skit videos mocking everyone and everything and he was pretty popular, with over 1 million subs and so he decided he would become a full time youtuber and quit his job and only a couple weeks after this decision youtube deleted his main and back-up channels for his sketch about school shootings, he was left without a source of income and so he was completely reliant on his long-term girlfriend Sheepover, Sheepover had been with mumkey before he had even started his youtube career, she had been by his side through all of it and was now financially supporting him as he tried getting his new channel back up, and just a couple months after this mumkey cheated on her
he cheated on her with the moderator of his discord LiuTheKitty, a 23 year old NEET who was living with her parents and used to professionally draw cub porn(furry porn but with child characters)

It didn't make any sense to me back then, he cheated on a woman who had been by his side through everything with someone who was objectively worse looking and just a comically horrible person, It too me a while to realize it didn't matter to him, she was another female interested in him and he thought his dick and ego was more important then integrity, I guess the only consolation of this whole fiasco was that sheepover and mumkey broke up and he moved out of her house and the degenerate furry child porn artist also left him for a 15 year old boy she been grooming, she even stated that the 15 year old had a bigger dick and better in bed then Mumkey and then majority of his fans also stopped giving a shit about him after the incident

No. 4725

yeah I saw that thread and the male cope was military grade. some based queen posted about pornsickness and the resultant reeing could be heard from the moon

of course everything is women's fault /s

No. 4726

men don't understand that a woman lowering her standards is dangerous. undesirable women to them are obese, undesirable men are alcoholics, drug addicts, domestic abusers, men who deal with stress by yelling at their spouse and children. people who would seriously impact the health and safety of women who get into relationships. women are better off financially and mentally without these loser men.

No. 4727

Also that 99% of lonely men would have relationships if they were willing to lower their standards. OP acts like civilization is burning down because he can't pull conventionally attractive women for 0-effort hookups on Tinder. I know so many men who are ugly fat autistic poorfags but have steady relationships because they're willing to date within their league.

No. 4739

i'm late but according to the wiki this character didn't actually understand anything about feminism (she didn't know who susan b. anthony was, was cruel to women, was very superficial, etc.) and was using it as an excuse to rob banks

No. 4742

>according to the wiki this character didn't actually understand anything about feminism
I haven't watched this episode but you well know kids watching the show don't have the mental nuance to think, "Ah yes, this character doesn't grasp real feminism and so she is intended as an ironic representation of those who misunderstand it." Hell the majority of adults aren't capable of such nuance. The showrunners knew exactly what they were doing and their intentions were not cute. Remember Poe's law. If parody is essentially indistinguishable from the extremism it's supposedly bashing, then it basically just becomes the genuine article.

No. 4743

This reminds me of a scrote I used to be ""friends"" with. But he was not rich (middle to upper middle class in my country), however he was coddled and spoiled to hell and back. But everything else super similar
- Obsessed with "status"
- Says fucked up shit to get reaction
- Shows off his Mercedes car keys that his daddy got him because prince son must drive fancy car
- Thinks he is better than everyone who lives in a more poor part of city/ country etc.

Also would change personalities depending on people he was hanging out with so he could be in the centre of attention.

Anyways, coddled men are the worst.

No. 4750

"Creepy" is an evolved response to danger. You don't get labeled that without reason. You're not an innocent nice guy. You have ulterior motives that you have not yet acted on and we can sense it. Legally you haven't done anything wrong, but you can't expect us to ignore our instincts until it's too late. Such expectations are entitled and gross, and precisely the reason why we don't want to be around you.

No. 4782

> kids watching the show don't have the mental nuance to think

in burgerland (where i live) we learn about susan b. anthony in like, elementary school. she's also called out pretty openly by the ppg for NOT being able to tell them who susan b. anthony is. she's less a "femnazi" as she is someone shielding evil deeds behind a movement she knows nothing about; i feel this is an important message to send to young girls. not every so-called ""feminist"" knows a damn thing about feminism.

her design definitely slays, but yeah, she's hardly a feminist icon kek. more like a parody of women who co-opt the label just to be horrible people.

No. 4783

Yeah I watched this episode as a child and remember being disappointed that she was bad lmao, but there was no doubt in my mind that the point was that she was using a good thing as an excuse to do bad things.

No. 4796

Going online and seeing what men wrote about women made me hate them. The sheer volume of misogynistic posts on almost every website made it undeniable to me that most men think like this. Whenever I see posts about souring gender relations the only thing they discuss are dating apps, but I think the impact of the internet is downplayed. I think there are a lot of other women like me out there. If I didn't see those posts I would've remained indifferent to men and probably only learned about their true nature until a lot later in life.

No. 4810

Gonna post 3 troon stories
First one
>ex coworker I still had on Instagram
>makes post about how being an indigenous trans woman means he’s the oppressed group on the planet, won’t live to see 30
>”indigenous woman” white Latino with blue eyes, pink undertones, light brown hair and caveman brow ridge

No. 4811

Story 2
Another ex coworker I had on IG
>I’d make playful posts talking about how my cats would always step on my boobs, only ever exclusively liked those posts
>made a joke about “only ethical consumption in capitalism is eating ass” and he proceeds to seriously ask about my sex life and the kinky stuff he’s done
>works as a school teacher
I’ve since removed him from everything and wondering if anything is gonna come out about him in recent years

No. 4812

Story 3
>troon walks into restaurant I’m working at with 2 women and another man
>bright pink hair, fried and greasy, easily 6’ tall and mid 30’s
>only talks about anime, kids cartoons and video games
Everytime I’d service the table, I’d always say “Hey guys” or “How are we doing over here, guys?” Just to plant the seed of doubt in troons mind.

No. 4815

the fact that Millie Bobbie Brown is so average looking but has so many males sexualising her really drives home the scale of pedophilia. men aren’t discriminating, the really just want to fuck children it’s disgusting

No. 4816

Agreed, I need to start pasting anti-paedophile propaganda around my city just as much as I paste anti-troon ones.

No. 4823

>Only low % of moids get to be with women in nature
>men invent marriage so they all get a woman and can control lineage
>women fight for rights, stop marrying low value males as much

This "high IQ" moid can't handle a discussion on this, because it comes down to the fact that women have more sexual marketplace value and don't crave sex like men do. He can bitch and whine and moan, but all that's happening is a return to nature. The defective males, the narcs and psychos and abusers, are finding it harder and harder to spread their defective seed, so they band together in incel/mra communities and desperately search for a way to even the odds. But because they're defective they're also low IQ, and that means the only thing they can think of possibly doing is returning to a time where women were property. They have these caveman brains but they've been socialized male so they think they're actually very logical and smart.

Die lonely, faggot.

No. 4859

I don't trust any male highschool teacher. None of them. They literally all want to fuck their students. Some of them might even have genuinely good motivations but I can guarantee you they still have sexual thoughts about their students. You can't convince me otherwise.

No. 4869

Here's my worst one, although there were some cringey troons I went to college with none creeped me out as badly as this one
>working at my old customer service job 3ish years ago
>stop for coffee before work, only one person in line in front of me so it isn't crowded
>get in line, don't pay attention when the door opens behind me
>suddenly feel someone extremely in my personal space, physically touching my shoulder, despite all the empty space
>turn around because what
>short, squat man with bad approximation of egirl makeup and extremely greasy, stringy hair is standing there
>quickly give him a once over and am horrified to realize he is also clutching a stuffed animal like he is some little anime girl
>too stunned to speak
>he instantly apologies for touching me but says he just wanted to know where I got my purse because it was so cute and he was planning to go buy a new purse later (this was also particularly stupid because it was the plainest tote ever just to carry my work shit)
>offhandedly say "it's just from the mall" and create distance
>get coffee, go to work, work opens
>as soon as customers start lining up the teddy bear troon is there
>he stands around waiting to be waited on by me
>when I have to serve him it is clear he had no legitimate business there and just wanted to follow me for whatever reason
>he leaves and I luckily never see him again

No. 4879

File: 1650580961708.jpeg (524.03 KB, 828x1405, E95ADA42-FE21-49C0-B625-CD026C…)

Sorry you had to deal with that nonnie.
I hate the erasure of women being justifiably creeped out by MtF’s and people playing it off as “transphobia.”
I was a handmaiden, and peaked because the troons I’ve met have consistently been creepy towards me, not because I was initially “transphobic.”
People who say shit like pic related aren’t accounting for the amount of women who have been harassed by troons but can’t speak up without being silenced by the word “terf

No. 4887

File: 1650609779583.jpg (229.35 KB, 1120x934, 50719d24d8b26152282aa86881bdd8…)

Reminder that gay scrotes are just as bad and capable of sexually abusing a woman

No. 4891

Try middle school. I already don't understand why people willingly choose to teach the most sociopathic age group, but men especially. I knew a bpdchan who fucked several of her middle school teachers and it made me want to vomit. I remember one of the male teachers was a notorious creep, and another would glare at girls during gym class.

No. 4892

Yeah, when it came to my trooned out classmates I always tried to be overly polite and did my best not to assume the worst of the sometimes weird stuff they said because I had never been around anyone like that in real life before, I was so naive back then kek. After a lecturer showed us a video of a troon that was intensely creepy I started to feel like something was way off. Then after I started posting here for unrelated reasons years ago I eventually realized there were other women who felt as uncomfortable as I did and that the voice inside me I was trying to ignore was right the whole time.

So many of the male teachers I had growing up either were obvious creeps at the time or were revealed to be heinous later, one was even arrested eventually. It's really sad and disgusting.

No. 4896

I hate how disabled men are infantilized like they can do no harm. It's like the "stranger danger" deal where only old, creepy men are seen as pedophiles when really he could be anyone around you. There was a guy in a wheelchair who had aspergers and he would creep on the kids in the neighborhood where my younger cousin currently lives. He tried to lure both boys and girls on his lap. The sick fuck. He moved away a couple years back though. To my knowledge, no one really did anything because no one wants to be the person who beats a disabled guy, I guess. But I would kek But if I remember correctly, he did get threatened by someone.

No. 4909

Some of the worst creeps I've met are old men in wheelchairs.

I hate that men are usually always the ones being a disturbance in public. If I hear someone playing music from their phone speakers on the bus or having the volume obnoxiously high on their headphones, it's always a man. I'm on a train right now and some elderly man brought a small radio with him and is currently listening to it at full volume. I told him to turn it off and he gave me that blank stare of moided confusion after a lifetime of being clueless of how annoying he is. Ironically he's disabled and lacking an arm. Fucking idiot.

No. 4913

Laughing but also irritated at how fragile men's egos are kek. Who else flips into a violent rage if you dare to criticize him? Zero self awareness and willingness to improve. They just shut everything out negative you tell them about themselves and continue being mediocre idiots. I have dealt with so many 30+ year old men who still act like 16 year olds who will threaten you or cry on social media if you point out any small mistake they made or disagree with them slightly. And instead of focusing on mental growth they just go the incel route of looksmax and buying guns or other superficial shit.
You can see this easily in AGP troons too because they have not let go of their inherently masculine ways. They still will beat their chest like a gorilla if you dare imply they are anything less than perfect in some skill or knowledge. Pathetic. Every single one.

No. 4920

In my late teens/early 20s I worked at a place where an older man who knew my mom would come in and pick up mail. I didn't know him but would politely speak to him, he'd ask about my parents, etc. Once I was sorting the mail in various slots and the guy comes up to pick up his mail and punches me in my upper arm. I mean hard enough so that I stumble to the side. I snapped at him, asking why he did that. The absolute look of shock on his face that I questioned him like that is one I'll never forget. He said he was just saying hello. I told him not to do that to me again. After that, whenever he saw me, he NEVER spoke to me again. I mean, he would have the sourest look on his face, hold his nose up, refuse to look at me, the works. The audacity of me standing up for myself when a old gray haired fart punches my arm hard enough for me to stumble, amirite.

No. 4921

Today I learned that men really truly are dumb as hell. Dumb is an understatement even. They can understand programming but don't know how to do laundry. They put whatever they can grab mixed together to the machine and wash everything on high. No common sense in these troglodytes whatsoever.

No. 4924

I had a wheelchair freak creep on me too. Some gross old fuck who was audibly wheezing and said he wanted to "follow (me) around to admire" me. I rushed off and shortly afterwards heard another woman yell "Who are you talking to? Leave her alone." He stuttered some non-response and left. It was like a scene out of a movie. I was less confident than I am now so I always think back and wish I could thank her. Funny how men love to act like they're our protectors but it's always been women who said something for me on the occasion a stranger did speak up. In his case I felt guilty for "picking on" a disabled guy even when I would've fully been in the right to stand up for myself. Female socialization sucks and it's true men take advantage of circumstances where they're seen as harmless/society says they should be given sympathy to get away with things.

No. 4944

kicked my coomer bf out just now, thought i'd celebrate with you nonnas. i found a forum he was posting on, he ended up getting banned for being derogatory towards women, so you can imagine the shit you'd have to say to get banned from a coom forum. i knew he had problems but i didn't know how bad and how angry and hateful he really is inside. i thought he was a boring loser. turns out he was a monster.

anyway, men are disgusting and will never truly know love. i feel free and happy to start my life and make it so much better. love to all you nonitas

No. 4945

article giving an explanation for male behaviour in general (not just incels)


No. 4946

File: 1651098129043.png (187.62 KB, 520x1624, excerpt.png)

samefag. Here's an excerpt. We're basically a tool for them to make them feel secure. That's probably why their going mad rn due to feminist backlash (in the west).

No. 4947

sorry nona. that's scary and glad you kicked him out. proud of you <3

No. 4948

File: 1651106789772.jpg (5.91 KB, 225x224, thank you.jpg)

that really means a lot to me <3

No. 4952

I'm sorry that happened but I'm also glad you kicked him out, I hope you can find someone better. Btw what forum was it?

No. 4953

God I hate pornographers, except for all the women and children who are victims of that horrible industry though. The executives, and people controlling what’s going on are who I resent. It’s so depressing that people are brainwashed by it, and won’t see anything wrong with it for the most part. If I had unlimited resources I would do everything to abolish it entirely.

No. 4954

Try working in gamedev, it's really fun dealing with manlets who wanna circlejerk about stupid shit while you're trying to work and can't mute them on Discord

No. 4955

File: 1651125668134.jpg (104.2 KB, 750x739, peace be upon her.jpg)

tbh i feel really gross saying it but it was a forum where men post about porn and women they masturbate to. men are so, so much worse than you think. they all hate women. it's a level of anger and hatred that probably only exists in serial rapists or something. it was full of sick, disgusting shit and the world would be a lot better if they all ended up like travis alexander.

anyway, thank you for the kindness, nonna. <3

No. 4959

I work in a moid dominated field and have to hear the most disgusting shit from my co-workers. This 5'7 fatty admitted to watching so much porn he can't stay hard during sex with his wife and only cums from anal stimulation like congrats bro you memed yourself into faggotry.

No. 4960

I wish no moid had the fucking right to comment or view anything regarding the Heard-Depp case. They never have anything worthwhile to say, just shit like oh it's a woman lying to ruin a man's career! And they all parrot it back and forth because their scrote brains can't comprehend that a man might be a piece of shit. Even if you spell it out for their smooth brains that both sides can be fucked up, they want to put the blame ALL on the woman. No critical thinking skills at all. God I hate them all so much

No. 4963

thanks nona, this was very interesting. explains a lot, even their obsession with superheros, kek

No. 4965

I hate men I hate men so much I love hating men with no regrets because they are never redeemable! I'm watching the Secrets of Playboy docu-series,I already knew a lot about Hefner's disgusting degeneracy through Linda Lovelace's story and ex bunnies but Jesus Christ! I hate him I wish I could retroactively go back and pull a Valerie Solanas on him it is truly a blessing that man is dead in the ground but he should have never been alive in the first place

No. 4966

I can't even imagine what it's like. Gamedev moids are the pinnacle of autistic um akshully's and I'm sure you never hear the fucking end of us

No. 4967

Scrotes that are so pro TQ are extra scrote-y istg. This scrote I have to deal with for my independent study credit is all into kweer poly shit. The most annoying part is he nitpicks, over-critiques, and uhm akshullyy's me on my work even though he has 0 knowledge on it and it's not even his place to comment on it. I want to stand up for myself by saying my work won an armful of awards last semester and I just got hired into a 6-figure senior position without even finishing school. It's easy for me to state online about that, but it's hard for me to say it in-person let alone to a scrote who'll just feign ignorance about putting me down. I know I shouldn't let this scrote make me so upset, but I'm frustrated about how typical this is for men to do.

No. 4968

I know I'm a month late but I'd also like to know the name of this book. It sounds intriguing. Tried googling but but several books came up as well as a bunch of articles.

No. 4969

Absolutely disgusting

No. 4972

Literally just tell him. Who cares if that scrote feigns ignorance let him know you're better

No. 4979

>If I hear someone playing music from their phone speakers on the bus or having the volume obnoxiously high on their headphones, it's always a man
This gives me flashbacks to high school when I had the misfortune of frequently encountering lame wannabe gangsta scrotes who walked around campus blasting the shittiest fucking music ever from their phones. What is it about men that makes them be like this? Why not just wear some fucking headphones instead of making everyone else listen to the musical equivalent of diarrhea?

No. 4980

>Why not just wear some fucking headphones
You know how it is anon, they've convinced themselves forcing other people to endure their shitty taste shows how cool and tough they are instead of just revealing their brain damage

No. 4989

saving this pic. she's a queen

No. 4990

Fuck him. Start hard lying boundaries. Cut the female socialization out of your speech. A lot of I wasn’t finished speaking and you interrupted me. While your critique is an interesting perspective it’s neither helpful nor relevant to this project. If he starts off on things not project or credit related cut him off. Excuse so so but we’re meeting to discuss such and such and we have limited time to do so please stay on topic and let’s keep this classroom appropriate thank you. Fuck the scrote.

No. 4991

Kek I had so many wannabe eminem suburuban upper middle class white boys doing the same thing. They act so fucking tough and macho but they're just larping shitheads

No. 4994

File: 1651377882522.gif (905.79 KB, 490x498, 88B12452-9BC1-491B-8F11-F7B4C5…)

I really hate how I get questioned how I know certain media when I meet a man who has the same interests as me. As if it's a surprise or shock I'm aware such a thing exists. Like the only two things I know are the mainstream stuff or shopping. Like I have to mention over and over my dad and mom both had nerdy interests which is how I happen to like what I like now. And I grew up online while being in multiple fandoms with people who also talked about stuff I wasn't into, so of course I'm going to have some knowledge of stuff here and there. I don't want to have to go into detail about my backstory. Whenever a guy tells me he's into something I don't think to quiz him because I think he's lying or only saying it to get validation and attention. Wtf

No. 4995

>Whenever a guy tells me he's into something I don't think to quiz him because I think he's lying or only saying it to get validation and attention. Wtf
I really want to normalize women actually doing this.

No. 4997

It’s an intimidation technique they do to undermine you and push you out of “their spaces” like negging. They’re socially inept spineless little nerds. Don’t prove shit to them anytime they do it stop talking to that dick. Those aren’t the “nerdy” guys you want to talk to.

No. 4999

Yeah they do that, unless you're "hot enough" and then they'll inevitably want to fuck you. Men are disgusting.

No. 5000

As a shape-rotator in a male dominated field, I relat to your pain. I wish I had more female dominated interests and hobbies because I regret my life choices.

No. 5001

Not trying to brag I am the “hot girl” they do it to me too. They do it every girl. It’s just scrote behavior. Again it’s a form of negging women.

No. 5003

Well I just saw the spam for the first time since it started, I was lucky enough not to see any of the most serious images moids post until now and always come along after it's removed. I reported it but I feel fucking nauseated.

No. 5005

Over the years I was lucky not to see any cp, but now it's common. There is cp in the vent thread …

No. 5006

It was a first for me too. I reported it on OT only to go to meta to comment and it’s been posted there with mods are dead.

No. 5010

Moids are fucking disgusting. And I don't get what do they think they achieve with this disgusting behavior?? They only incriminate themselves, making it known that they have access to cp and have it on their computers. Fucking deranged.

No. 5013

I promised mooovienight nonnies to start posting in 2X. I hate how it seems like a certain relatively new thread has attracted so many more scrotes to this website. They just can't handle that there might be a few corners online which don't rabidly support abusive pedo scrotes. I feel like they're posting in other threads now too, promoting stuff like anal. It has ruined my YT homepage, flooding it with manosphere incel videos and every degenerate scrote like Hasan of course has to give their opinion on everything too and show up. Also why do I live in a world where scrotes dare to admit on national television that they raped an unconscious woman, then still refuse to apologize and whine about being cancelled, after public prosecution takes an interest? Boo-hoo, you're damn right there's no place for rapist scrotes like you in this country, please move to a desert island.

No. 5015

Start telling it not to recommend those channels. Anytime they come up I tell YouTube to fuck off. Don’t watch anything with sexist content. Delete it from your watch history. Tell it don’t show me this content. Report sexist videos to moderation.

No. 5020

File: 1651519156552.jpg (44.68 KB, 400x387, gigastacy.jpg)

i have a whole folder of jodi memes

No. 5021

why is it always moids who deny male socialization and come up with excuses as to why they don't think they've been affected by it? it's funny when they do so because.. they refuse to listen and talk over us when we point it out.
in addition, ive seen that its very common in misogynist spaces to exclude girls with autism from the autism discussion because they present as "normal", as if that isn't proof that male/female socialization exists and we're not babied like they are!!!

No. 5024

This pic lolol
Please post them, anon. Just tell me what thread they will be in pls and thank you.

No. 5027

which thread?

No. 5028

I think they’re talking about the jhnny/ambr thread

No. 5032

Feeling particularly violent towards moids today and I am not putting up with anyone going "b-b-but what about the MEN?" in this situation. Fuck offfff

No. 5033

That tranny hand debate has enlightened me on the subject of abortion gulls. Particularly on the same aspect why troons want women being called "menstruators" and other dehumanizing shit. It's because all men want womanhood to remain on purely physical animalistic level - not the part of genuine human experience. So a miscarriage that is a product of body refusing to create another person is good and lawful, but an abortion which is a product of brain refusing to create another person is evil. Brain is obviously also a part of the body, but there is a difference - unlike other body parts it is conscious, is takes in account specifically human experiences (humanity is a collective characteristic so it = interaction, relationships, society) when it makes a choice (other body parts do it automatically = we as individuals are not aware of it/experience only the effects). Moid supremacy in all aforementioned affairs requires denial of participation of women in humanity, ie of denial of female brain autonomy (or soul autonomy, if one is godpilled).
Well, that's all is kind of vague. But I hope the overall idea is clear.

No. 5034

File: 1651608711286.jpeg (4.52 MB, 3024x4032, 1651597064023.jpeg)

This is very informative, anon. I used to think they were simply jealous women could give birth easily and also choose simply not to which to a tranny is like throwing away a wealth.

No. 5035

All this whining from scrotes about how they never get compliments and need them from women is just making it so I'll never give them one. I might have in the past without thinking much about it but now I'll keep it to myself.

No. 5037

I used to compliment guys in a casual, friendly manner but without fail they took it as an invitation to hit on me and assumed I wanted to fuck them, so now I just don't bother. They almost always give me reason to redact them sooner or later anyway.

No. 5045

Men are so stupid. I can't wrap my head around it how fucking stupid they are. Common sense = 0. Negative 100 even. Entitled, self absorbed, overly dramatic idiots.

No. 5049

I had to explain basic, healthy human interactions to my ex over and over and over again. I know some say males use weaponized incompetence in order to get out of taking responsibility, and that's certainly a thing for some of them, but a lot of them are just genuinely that retarded. He even admitted he had no basis for positive social relationships because all of his scrote friends were equally deranged.

No. 5050

>he had no basis for positive social relationships because all of his scrote friends were equally deranged
yeah I’ve been thinking about this lately, men really have no positive community. They’re always in competition with each other, who’s the fastest, strongest, who’s had the most/craziest sex, mean to each other and put each other down as “jokes” constantly, do they ever have genuine moments with each other? Even here I see lots of support and helpfulness towards other women, yeah there’s fighting but some of that is due to suspecting the anon is a scrote/they actually are one.

No. 5052

>do they ever have genuine moments with each other?
Very rarely, and on the occasion a man does attempt to be vulnerable they tend to be made fun of. Or the other men just don't know how to react and miss the opportunity. It's funny about the other anon talking about compliments, because they refuse to give any to each other, they only want validation from women who are "weak" enough to say earnest things. The contrast between men and women's spaces has truly been mind-blowing to me. Men's conversations are so shallow, degenerate and/or hateful, where like you say, anons may get snippy but overall lc has a pretty clever and supportive community. I would almost feel sorry for them if they weren't given so many chances by women who show them kindness and model positive examples of relationships, but they always choose to take advantage of a good thing rather than learning from it. It's why I hate the common refrain of "he would change for the right woman." I have seen intelligent, beautiful, accomplished women move fucking mountains for unworthy scrotes, and they still refuse to let go of their petty insecurities and power struggles. Then they lose us and cry about it for years and blame us for being too picky for having the bare minimum of standards.

No. 5060

File: 1651685226407.jpeg (949.57 KB, 1170x1710, 4C89343A-FB1E-4605-86B2-463501…)

Saw this moid sperging about how the evul terfs are going to take away his porn. Checked his account and he works for a lolicon hentai distribution company.

No. 5080

File: 1651796529885.jpeg (25.59 KB, 418x248, CB5B1711-30DF-48EA-9A9C-BAF8D6…)

This popular manosphere youtuber Kevin Samuels just passed away at 56. Finally some good news.

No. 5081

I hate feeling politically homeless. I hate that Democrats are stuck on this troon train, pronouns are important, just be kind bullshit and Republicans think I can't have control of my reproductive organs. It honestly makes me sick to feel like I can't express my stance without being attacked from either side. Like who the fuck do I vote for? I'm in the Bible Belt and a relatively conservative region despite plenty of people being Democrats. I don't see trannies like some of you anons do, but if I express my radfem, gc, pro-choice beliefs I'm viewed as a fucking witch who should burn from both fucking sides. I'm feeling very out of sorts tonight, nonnas. If Roe v Wade is overturned, I know the governor of my state will immediately make abortion illegal. The immediate surrounding states will be the same way. Sorry if this is the wrong thread for my rant.

No. 5082

Having only 2 (actually viable) parties in the U.S. that are two sides of the same sexist coin is a constant battle. Politicians are not on our side, they are simply looking to cater to the broadest common denominator. I stopped looking to them to help women a long time ago. Do what you can to support organizations that are only focused on doing good work for women like abuse centers and Planned Parenthood instead of trying to pick one flawless politician to get behind because they don't exist, and if they did I simply don't see them ever making a dent in the republican/democrat stranglehold because they have reigned for nearly 200 years and I don't see that changing any time soon. Certainly not in our lifetime. It may be a sad state of things but there are always steps you can take to immediately support women that are far more helpful than voting. I do totally understand the frustration though.

No. 5083

not sure if he actually died or not because some places are saying it's a hoax. one article contradicted itself like 10 times. I have a hard time celebrating anyone's death but I can't say I'm sad it it's true.

No. 5090

File: 1651856703649.jpeg (347.36 KB, 1145x1559, B7C006DB-E1B1-40D2-B43E-5126D1…)

NYT columnist lets slip the truth

No. 5091

How is any of that abortion's fault?

No. 5092

Because women aren’t trapped with men because they can chose to abort and leave.

No. 5095

Just learned about the Mother’s Day strike from the resources thread. I will stock up on groceries for next week. I really hope enough women will participate to make an economic difference or it will at least get enough media attention to pressure the government.

No. 5096

>“Worth noting that in the 50 yrs since Roe, men have had a harder time babytrapping women as wives, less able to force women to birth their kids, more likely to be absent deadbeat dads and overall NEETS… which is somehow the fault of women.”

No. 5099

Been playing I Survived on YouTube while I work and the show often features stories about women who survived being SA'd by a man, beaten to an inch of their life and left for dead. Every single time they try to find help and run into a passerby who happens to be a man, that man will ignore them and run away or keep on driving. Every single time. When the first person they run to for help is a woman, the woman will be scared and be wary of course, but she will at least call the police or in some cases actually help the victim. The men never do regardless of the story being told was 50 years ago or 3 years ago. Men are not protectors. They never were. This show cements the idea in me that if I am ever in danger, find a woman or group of women. A man will leave me to rot to save his own hide.

No. 5101

File: 1652063009444.png (270.46 KB, 1879x692, incelforum.png)

Actual shit from an incel forum, saw this posted in a discord channel I'm in, I didn't go actively seeking this lol

No. 5104


No. 5105

>every foid thinks that 99% of men are below them
This is true. Why are they upset about it? 99% of men don’t deserve to breathe the same air as women.

No. 5106

How is it our problem that they’re miserable? So it’s better if women are the ones that are miserable? I fucking hate men and I wish most of them would die.

No. 5107

It’s all their fucking fault that we hate them. Why can’t they realise that? Stop being so fucking scummy and porn addicted and useless.

No. 5108

I don't know who foid is but she sounds awfully based.

No. 5109

File: 1652085572714.jpeg (84.33 KB, 750x422, bia-wonder-woman.jpeg)

I miss it when comics industry wasn't about wokeism. They even went as far as threw a tranny in THEMYSCIRA of all places. Are there any good women-friendly or wokeism-free comics anymore…

No. 5111

File: 1652099644153.png (577.64 KB, 1100x2269, yourfault.png)

No. 5113

Damn why are incels so obsessed with us? I really don’t understand how men hate women but also wanna fuck us more than anything, like if you truly believe we’re all vapid sluts why do you devote so much time and thought to us, thas mento illness luv.

No. 5114

Because if they have to accept it’s not us. That they have no high paying job, no nice home, no wife, no accomplishments, no friends and even other man find them worthless who’s fault is it? Theirs. So they do what men do and point a finger at a woman. Nope just a failed little male who can go play in broken glass for all I care if he’s so fragile.

No. 5116

Idk where else to put this, but did anyone else see the weird porn being posted on /snow/? I thought it was some weirdo spamming the board with porn again until I looked closer and now I’m pretty sure it was a teen or a child. I’m so sick and nauseous. I hate the freaks that come here

No. 5117

Yeah there was a raid earlier today unfortunately. Awful

No. 5118

This is my first time ever seeing something like this and I don’t know how to cope. I only saw it for 10 seconds and it’s staying with me. I dont know how mods deal with it constantly. The one downside of using this website is always being at risk to see this shit, I suppose

No. 5119

Nons in /meta/ want more moderation but you really need a strong stomach for that I guess.. I don't know how they could either. I saw a really graphic cp image here at one point and that stuck with me for a while more than all the gore. Moids are a disease

No. 5120

File: 1652113005900.jpeg (134.19 KB, 670x1087, F8543F7E-549E-48BB-8B3A-51D5E2…)

Men deserve every bad thing that happens to them and it’s entirely self inflicted. I won’t take it back.

No. 5121

Yeah, I just read that thread. I saw the calls for more mods to be hired but it’s kind of crazy to expect volunteers to be at risk for exposure to this material without any guaranteed paid therapeutic support or anything (just comparing it to real jobs that involve exposure to CP as part of the job description). This is stuff that results in serious second-hand trauma

No. 5237

>Wah wah wah why are you making me take out the trash. Wah I don't mind living in filth that's a you problem, you clean it if it upsets you this much. Wah how dare you eat my precious time asking me to help out with chores around the house even though I do literally nothing but sit on my ass.

Men are so fucking useless. What ever happened to being providers or solving problems? Pull your fucking weight, it's a two way street. My dad busted his ass every single day because he knew how to keep a household together. You're just a lazy whiny loser and a failure as a man.

No. 5239

Right, I want there to be a way to do something about it, but I don't want to blame mods because I could never stomach all they have to see. Even once was too many times to stumble upon something like that. It's no wonder there's a shortage of staff, I really can't blame them for burning out and needing to quit. People burn out even at paid jobs like you mentioned.

No. 5243

Now he's posting gore. Great

No. 5245

this bitch just called my best friend sexy instead of calling her pretty or beautiful like a normal person, i hope he dies

No. 5261

File: 1652277416031.webm (3.04 MB, 576x1024, queen.webm)

I love this. People in the comments were saying what she did was "too much", and it was only the word "bitch". Even women were agreeing with these fucking losers that have no problem calling us bitches from their own bfs/husbands, singers/rappers, etc. I hate it. I think she should have taken it up a notch and poked his eyes out.

No. 5263

This isn't wrong at all. Look at the way he came back into the same position and his expression remained the same, it didn't even hurt him. Anyone complaining that it's violence is being 100% performative. I'm more concerned about her getting in trouble than anything, scrotes aren't worth getting a record

No. 5268

File: 1652325260678.jpeg (536.98 KB, 722x1330, 499FD5B1-40D4-4BBE-A251-C87F45…)

I already knew this, but it still made me sad reading it..

No. 5278

File: 1652431006594.jpg (40.72 KB, 600x408, 1652289297414.jpg)

Anons, should we make another 'migration' thread here, just like the one that's pinned? I think that's a good idea.

No. 5282

Kendrick Lamar can go fuck himself.

No. 5285

I don’t know what he did this time but I remember reading an article about misogyny in his lyrics. The woman who wrote it got a ridiculous amount of hate. It feels like male rappers are above criticism a lot of the time.

No. 5290

NTA but he released some tranny pandering bs

No. 5310

File: 1652721066752.jpeg (339.94 KB, 1170x2532, 65BF728D-9E43-429A-A25C-96F149…)

Sad how their self esteem relies on manufactured situations

No. 5311

I think he's 1/10 th right, men should do physical labor tasks to make women's life easier and that's it

No. 5313

They only want to be providers and solve problems if there is something in it for them. Now that women have rights to reject them and are more vocal about their issues they're useless. Like a temper tantrum of you give me what I want or else I'm going to burden you. Parasitic from the start.

And people are antagonise her and call her the crazy black woman, hysterical and shit on her but when he was treating her like shit where was that energy? I don't see that guy restraining her (despite her doing no damage) or anyone around them calling him out. Bet he felt real proud for stopping her. She should gotten a blunt object and dropped it on his head and make an example of him. Let them whisper about her. And the thing is, we don't even know what he did before this to make her act like this. I doubt this is the whole story. If I was there I would join in and help her. We need more solidarity and that's where the androcide begins ladies.

No. 5315

Statistics will always back up how sensitive to male socialisation they are - just look at male children when they grew up in domestic violence scenarios. They almost always repeat the behaviour to their female partners yet these moids have the audacity to claim that we are the ones with daddy issues.

No. 5316

I really feel like the general tide is starting to turn against all the recent troonism and other bullshit perpetrated mostly by perverted neolib men, and at first that turn of the tide made me optimistic. But then I have started realizing that everyone I know or know of who are changing their tune on it are blaming, guess who? Not any of those men, but women. You know, us women who were deplatformed, threatened, everything else and still are for speaking up against any of this. Now all of a sudden it is our fault. The general public is getting comfortable with all these memes and jokes about domestic violence and rape from the Amber Heard thing and whether you support her or not it is clear that this is the gateway to this happening to women every time we speak out, on a wider and more socially acceptable scale than we have seen in decades. I saw anons say we are entering the anti-metoo era and I think that's true now, and so many women are going to suffer for it. That's along with all this rhetoric about abortion and birth control and "whores.".I thought people waking up to some of the things women have been screaming and pleading and losing their livelihoods to inform people about, but instead it's just turning our society even more against women while those scrotes get to laugh all the way to the bank while being able to be more publicly hateful to us than ever and get away with it. It's making me feel like such a doomer, like things are never going to improve in my lifetime and the world is just a big fucking hammer that's going to come down on women forever and ever whenever we even try to protect ourselves or just live without constantly being objects of sick and disgusting male perversion. Fuck. I hate it so much, I'm so angry and can't stop being angry, I want to puke!

No. 5317

I feel the same way nonna. I don't know if I'm still naive in being optimistic in hoping this will make the emerging separatist movement more popular, even though if that happened it'd still be met with horrific backlash.

No. 5333

>on the bus
>see 2 grown scrotes both watching teen girls in tiny outfits dancing on tiktok
Can I please ride the bus without getting softcore porn shoved in my face? Please?

No. 5337

Can't even go to the bus station or go shopping without being blasted with pictures of softcore pron, not to mention the music that you're forced to listen to if you go into any store/event. It's literally everywhere. Honestly it should be illegal to play music in public, or show any ads in public.

No. 5338

I've literally seen men straight up watching porn or looking at nudes on the bus. No shame.

No. 5361

>poor married men that travel for work :( they just HAVE to cheat
Yet scrotes cry that women arent marrying them less when they choose shit like this

>men just want to serve you uwu
>rapes and beats you still
Scrotes are like pet chimps. In theory, ok to have near you but as we've seen since the dawn of time, will destroy you in a moment

No. 5367

File: 1653032144625.png (457.89 KB, 861x787, 89048320984023.png)

>Scrotes are like pet chimps.
Kek I love this nonny, so accurate. Occasionally entertaining but dense and violent with retard strength, not a good idea to keep around especially in domestic situations.

No. 5474

this angry MRA youtuber actually just blamed the most recent school shooting on feminism and acted like he was a poor guy who just needed mental help. I'm only 4 minutes through and this video is 40 minutes long.

and these are the same people who say women can't take accountability for anything.

No. 5477

Yeah and if you say you're not fine they chimp out and make your day even worse so whats the point?

No. 5481

The comments section is pathetic, just low tier brainlet males in self pitying circle jerk.

No. 5482

The way they keep blaming single mothers makes me think fathers should just automatically get custody of sons. Force the fathers to stick around and raise their scrotelets and relieve the burden from the mother.

No. 5483

>blaming single mothers

Oh yeah because when a man abandons his kid it's still the woman's fault.

No. 5484

They said it’s because there’s a lack of masculinity and the boys are being raised like women. Ummmm I think if they were raised like women they wouldn’t sperg out and go on shooting sprees.

No. 5524

If boys were raised like women they’d have understanding of peace and quiet, respect, hygiene, empathy, social skills, emotional intelligence, leadership ability, etc…

No. 5545

File: 1653848330435.jpeg (75.37 KB, 750x748, C372B374-5EC7-4221-B0D9-EBBE16…)

No. 5546

Males simultaneously despise women but are dependent on us for affirmation. Narcissist’s dilemma. It’s a terrible situation (which they deserve).

No. 5559

File: 1653924448151.webm (1.93 MB, 576x1024, wtf.webm)

This shit pisses me off. Why tf would you even listen to him. Get up and go to another bar. No way I would've let some man tell me how to sit.

No. 5562

Wtf? I bet he did that so he could watch her body move or some weird perverted shit.

No. 5566

So in order for him to feel strong, women have to nerf their strength and pretend to be weaker? Very masculine and heroic of you, but I'll open the jar myself, thanks. I know this post is 14 days old, but I see so much shit like this about not being in your "masculine" energy, when the "masculine" behavior in question is just a woman living her life and going about her daily tasks without being a walking hot water bottle for the men in her life.

No. 5567

If I wanted to watch 40 minutes of bullshit I'd watch Animal Planet

No. 5571

File: 1653981794005.png (92.55 KB, 765x723, 7498328409238.png)

This reminds me of a series of tweets that were posted on the new FDS forum. Men saying they want to "serve and be a hero" (to women) is a massive deception. What they really mean is they want to play out their little power fantasy of being Rambo but would never condescend to doing the boring, everyday things that are actually required for comfortable living and a good relationship. Full thread linked and the writer uses a religious frame but it's applicable to all types of scrotes. They're far more obsessed with violence and personal glory than actually being good partners.

No. 5590

I would totally shoot someone trying to steal my TV, kek

No. 5608

I hear ya but you get my point

No. 5630

I'm so fucking sick of moids. I hate them and want them dead

No. 5636

think ive fully become a radfem thanks to this forum. sorry if im posting incorrectly its my first time (long time lurker) but i think ive finally decided to participate in separartism. i will never enable a moid again

No. 5637

samefag sorry but separatism*

No. 5647

File: 1654148938905.jpeg (46.51 KB, 560x402, 38942432974.jpeg)

Welcome aboard nonny. Life with few to no men is so peaceful and there are many wonderful things to prioritize outside of female/male relationships. You don't need them to be happy, in fact you'll likely be far more content without them. Here's to you focusing on yourself and women who support you.

No. 5657

I once made the mistake of trying to help my friend clean his apartment by treating him like a literal child. I suggested making the cleaning chores more exciting by trying to shift the way he thinks about them, to make it like a game or an experiment. Imagine having to treat an adult man like that just to get them to clean up. Didn't work btw. Men are beyond useless and so pathetic I can't help but to laugh at them. And no, I will not help them anymore. If they can't figure out how to put things back in their place and vacuum they're on their own. Natural selection will take care of them.

No. 5660

I think it’s so funny how people cry when you blacklist content creators for sexism. Like cry harder maybe they shouldn’t make jokes about domestic violence victims? Or maybe they shouldn’t be rapist? Or maybe they shouldn’t demean and insult women if they want female support? Their careers can rot just like they should.

No. 5665

and if we dont help them they live in filth

its what they deserve though

No. 5666

Yup. They want us to come help them personally and eventually end up doing all the work for them. I refused to do that. I gave tips from afar. He refused them. His excuse is that no one taught him how to clean. Well, no one taught me either but I still manage to keep my surroundings clean. His house is at such a disastrous state that I've refused to even go there for months.

No. 5668

>His excuse is that no one taught him how to clean
Kek gag me. He's saying no one taught him as you were literally doing just that and offering to teach him. He's just lazy as hell and wanted to make up an excuse to not participate. This is why manchildren are a thing, they never want to take responsibility for themselves.

No. 5674

I've started screening possible partners by how clean their living surroundings are and how well they take care of daily household things. I'm not going to be anyone's mother nor start teaching a grown up how to do things. I hope other women do this too and natural selection weeds out the incompetent lazy goblins.

No. 5685

Kek moids are so fucking narcissistic and take credit for everything. This one I follow will repost memes and just copy paste the top comment on it or rephrase it to look like he came up with it on his own. Dude reeks of narc behavior and never admits he's ever wrong about anything. It's so sad and pathetic

No. 5699

File: 1654347295058.png (539.8 KB, 672x672, need_more_women_in_games.png)

Big autistic rant, I'm sorry.
I have nobody to talk to about my gamedev opinions, so I try to find videos similar to what I want to talk about. There's not a lot of good critique out there, I ended up scraping the bottom of the barrel for some videos. It's mostly on the most popular games, but I'm starved so I watch it anyway. There's so many videos where the scrote talking can't help himself and chimps out about wahmen ruining games kek
The first one I watched was ranting about one of the big gamedev companies and out of nowhere he started crying about them being too woke because they showed the women of their gamedev team all in one photo to celebrate women's day
The other one, after talking about the game for half an hour and only talking about the mechanics and design of it, started acting all grumpy and randomly pointed out every woman in the story as if he gets constipated every time he sees a sign of female activity in his vidya and he demands reparations for his aching asshole.
Men into video games are all so pathetic and exhausting
Reminds me of how I showed an interesting indie game to a scrote who plays mostly shitty uninspired survival games, and the first thing he said is how he 'doesn't like it when you play as a woman in games like that' lmao kiss my ass and go back to playing your shitty shovelware games then

No. 5713

I didn't see a specific shit on troons thread in the catalog, and I'm not going to clog the snow thread with this, but today I saw my first troon in a long while. He was my cashier at Target. I clocked him from a mile away and I got a bit nervous and almost switched check outs but it was slammed so I said fuck it. He couldn't make eye contact with me and refused to speak above a murmur, and half way through the transaction I just started to smirk. I realized this ugly moid, with his trashy trans flag colored nails, padded bra, limp man hair in a pony tail and most stereotypical chosen name of "Ashley", would literally mutilate himself to look like me. I don't find myself particularly attractive, but something about knowing this scrote probably wants to kill himself every time he sees a woman in her natural state just being female without needing any extra steps made my entire day. I don't need makeup, padded bras, heels, an axe wound or a jacked up face to be female and it makes these fuckers seethe. When he handed me my receipt I just smirked even harder and I hope he could somehow hear what I was thinking: you will never be a fucking woman. Any time I feel bad about myself I will remember how pathetic porn sick men would die to have even an ounce of what I have.

No. 5724

I'm not a dev just a gamer but that's very cool you're getting into the industry anon. We need more women there. I'm so grateful for Anita Sarkeesian and how she opened the door for women to criticize misogyny in games, I just hate that she and several others were crucified during Gamergate for getting the conversation started. It's become less openly acceptable for scrotes to get away with sexism in the industry and some of the most egregious examples are even rolling things back. Like Mortal Kombat making its female characters' costumes less sexy and Lara Croft becoming more well rounded. Places like Riot and Blizzard getting hit with law suits for sexism. But for sure there's still a ton of discrimination for those on the inside. I know reddit is reddit but you might want to check out r/truegaming. There are actually decent conversations that happen there about the nuts and bolts of games as opposed to the complete banality of r/gaming.

No. 5726

They take credit for literally everything except if it's bad they blame women. So everything good about the human race like curing diseases is men's doing but when men do bad things like commit mass murder it's women's fault of course. Example >>5474

No. 5784

This is super late, and I'm not sure if you'll see this since I don't want to bump a duplicate thread, but I wanted to say thanks for the recommendation nonna. I'll lurk around to see what it has to offer!

No. 5831

I've been in a small group of women online for a few months now and the only interaction until now with gendie shit was a TIF who is just a woman with short hair who uses he/him joining, and aside from reminding everyone of her pronouns it was fine because she's pretty normal. I thought I finally lucked out in not having to deal with TIMs. Then today one of the women in our chat said another woman from outside the group was sending her weird messages. I started to get a feeling… Finally she shared the profile with us privately, it's a troon with either an awful wig or even more awful dye job shining with grease, I really can't tell from how low quality and filtered the pic is. And he was doing all this "uwu owo teehee" shit in the messages before being blatantly sexual and creepy. It's so hard for me to watch the other women in this chat discuss what "she" could be thinking, or why "she" would do this. This person is only messaging women in our group and isn't trying to join thankfully, but it's difficult to watch these women twist themselves into pretzels to act like he's just a woman who is being a little impolite instead of a man being a weird sex pest.

No. 5916

Kek this gay male I know said he has expensive taste meanwhile his house is always filthy whenever I go over, especially his room.

No. 5943

He did say he wanted a luxurious lifestyle not that he had a luxurious lifestyle.

No. 5963

how am i ever supposed to reconcile with the beauracracy of medicine after witnessing all the atrocities they've allowed since the transgender agenda become a social contagion? i legit feel like i'll never be able to trust a doctor again after being hit with the realisation the authority they are annointed is reliant on following the same status quo as everyone else? and these are the people i am supposed to look to advice for when i am unwell? i am even scared to talk about ANYTHING related to sex and gender with a therapist out of fear the gender dysphoria subject would arise. most mentally ill people feel a degree of disassociation and we just help them float away.

No. 5965

samefag but i genuinely believe women are guided by a divinity men cannot fathom and that's why we are so devoted to reality and fixing it, while men have floundered through history and attempted to reshape it. after their inevitable failure usually caused by an ambition simply unapplicable to the situation at hand, they shift the blame to women, because they are simply soulless husks with no regard for any sort of external, selfless or pragmatic resolve.

No. 5983

Congrats you're coming over to the essential oil mom side kek. Read "everything below the waist" it goes into detail how the medical indsutry fucks women over. 99% of medications aren't tested on female animals, pcos and autoimmune and other female heavy diseases are not funded at all, the husband stitch and many more. In Canada there's been a bill proposal to "offer" a euthanasia shot to mentally ill & disabled people (aka they are laying the groundwork to coerce and lie about peoples consent and then off the "unproductive"). Everything you go in for is recorded and shared and there forever, and they do & will use it against you.

No. 5989

anyone else jaded by the way scrotes react to women getting assaulted? there wasn't a time where i felt men being supportive wasn't a performance. there's always bravado and them acting like they've been hurt themselves, they make it a selfish thing. a man in my family used to hound a neighbor and actively harass him for being a pedophile, but then it turned out he was a rapist himself. i just tune out whenever i see or think there's a man reacting to sexual assault

No. 5990

>The husband stitch
Wow. That was a horrifying read. Just when you think you're safe from FGM because you made it to adulthood without some creep messing with your junk to appease men, this shit pops up.

No. 5996

I'm really upset because on my twitter account someone I followed liked a video that had to do with deepthroating. He forced her to to keep her mouth and head on and against him and closed his legs around her, and she would scream and slap his leg to let go and when she did he would slap her face and pick her up and attempt to do it to her again. She looked drugged or out of it or just exhausted even if it was "consensual". It was so awful. I don't think people womenreally enjoy that. I hate this world and I hate moids. Porn is awful. It makes me sick and I unfollowed that person so fast.

No. 5998

the bbc had a really good article on it once and they interviewed several women
one good part of the article was when they interviewd one of the husbands as well and he was disgusted and furious with the hospital that they mutilated his wife, he said he felt so guilty as well that they did this in an attempt to 'please' him

No. 6001

Person: Hey I don't like what you did and I think you should apologize

Women: You're right, I'm sorry. I will try to improve my behavior for next time. It's my fault it happened.

Men: Uhh what did you just say to me? Are you fucking insulting me? Here's why you're wrong. Sooo many people love me and will tell you right now that you're fucking insane to think that I was at fault. The only thing I will apologize for is by saying sorry that YOU got offended by what I said. Maybe you should toughen up buddy. News flash, I'm fucking awesome, I was made in god's image, I am flawless. I am literally the best thing you have ever seen. Next time you decide to insult me like this I'll fucking shoot your head off you pussy ass bitch. Go fuck yourself.

No. 6006

>end up in video game lobby with a group of guys who are all friends
>moid says his dad died a few days ago and that's why he's not talking much
>one moid replies "ah…" and another replies "damn"
>none of the other 20 or so moids respond at all
>conversation moves on
>he continues "he died of a heart attack"
>guy 1 responds: "no one cares bro, like do you think anyone's gonna message you and ask if you're okay? it's not gonna happen"
>guy 2 responds: "i don't wanna hear that shit"
>guy 3 responds: "stop talking about yourself" and kicks the dead dad-guy out of the lobby

I know it's just a game, but this was clearly some kind of online friend group. No wonder these scrotes are offing themselves, they are incapable of empathy. They refuse to support each other. When a scrote has no women to use as a therapist he'll reach out to other guys in a last desperate attempt. But there will be nothing there for him other than a "oh that sucks bro" at best. I was tempted to comfort the scrote until I realized he would've been just as cold if someone else was suffering.

No. 6007

This, except men aren’t killing themselves more often- they’re just blowing their brains out because they don’t care about the female relative that will have to clean up after them. Women have empathy so we prefer less violent methods that leave cleaner crime scenes, which are coincidentally less fatal. Divine justice!

No. 6008

I used to be a huge nlog and part of mostly male friend groups and they are all like this. It's sad. Personal issues are hush hush in favor of hobby related discussion. In fact it's what made me realize how I didn't belong with men, when before I thought I was the problem. Even the ones that troon out never learn empathy. If someone tries to open up about a very serious personal issue they get ignored or their not real tranny problems take priority.
I hope you called their asses out and hope that moid can find some real friends.

No. 6009

Real. I personally say “women and their children” because children belong to their mothers but never use in contexts like that.

No. 6010

And he still continued to stick his dick in her and had more fun than usual. Of course he’s going to be ‘so sad’ about his fleshlight getting a renovation when he’s on fucking BBC. Don’t tell me he wasn’t itching to try it out as soon as they got home from the hospital. No male will object to anything that will make his worm happy- not “even” but ESPECIALLY if it means mutilating us.

No. 6011

actually he didnt as they the wife could no longer have sex without pain
so maybe the husband was just angry that he no longer could have sex with his wife
but hopefully he was genuinly angry his wife had been mutilated

No. 6014

File: 1655839845436.jpg (695.47 KB, 2053x1055, 12.jpg)

>In their traditional culture before the Qing, Manchu women originally had sexual autonomy being able to have premarital sex, being able to talk and mingle with men after being married without coming under suspicion of infidelity and to remarry after becoming widows, but Manchu men later adopted Han Chinese Confucian values and started killing their wives and daughters during the Qing for perceived infidelity due to talking to unrelated men while married or premarital sex, and prizing virginity and widow chastity like Han Chinese.[247]

Confucianism not even once, you could literally go from badass horse warrior women into meek subservient living dolls who bind their own feet to be seen as more desirable to men

No. 6018

But see how easy it is for men to subjugate women. What is it? They truly possess such a malignant thirst for power and a lack of empathy that they can just go around severely worsening the lives of people they encounter on a whim.

No. 6034

File: 1656145517000.jpg (130.4 KB, 960x540, Confucianism Influences on Wom…)

Its more of a factor of the fact that all civilizations are built upon patriarchy, western civilization traces its origin from Mesopotamia and the near east to Crete to Greece and finally to Rome, almost all civilizations in East Asia come from ancient china and even China wasn't as patriarchal as it became under the Han dynasty before even China was formed by Qin Shi Huang it had laws allowing women to own land, property and people, women could be queens, tribal chieftains and generals and be leading armies but China under confucianists ruined all that

some enlightened quotes from Confucius to start your day

>“An educated woman is like an educated cow”

>"Those who cannot be taught, cannot be instructed. These are women and eunuchs."
>"Women and low people(either referring to servants or non-chinese foreign salves) are difficult to deal with, If you are too friendly to them, they get out of hand, and if you keep your distance, they resent it
and also picrel

these writings went on too influence the whole of Chinese civilization and became the state ideology for over 2000 years, it also effected its neighboring states, Korea, Japan, Okinawa and Vietnam, quite literally hundreds of millions of women suffered the most absurd and extreme forms of misogyny cause of one man, a lot of societal issues in modern east asia are cause of his retarded views about how hierarchy in every facet of life is a good thing

No. 6038

Now they're crying about their birth rates and how they have too many leftover from killing too many baby girls. The y chromosome cant deteriorate fast enough

No. 6047

I always feel like whenever women start gaining some power in society, men massively start to follow some incel rethoric out of pure jealousy and spite

No. 6055

Well not really, women had power and position from at at least the Shang Dynasty till the early Qin(depending on the state) that's over 800 years, one of the "generals" with the largest army in Shang dynasty was a woman Fu hao, though general is not an accurate term as she was more of a tribal chief in command of a group of barbarians

we could easily lived in a reality where Legalism or Fajia instead of Confucianism was the state Ideology, in Legalism all men and women are equal under the state and the will of Heaven, crimes are punished, a man who beats his wife is hitting the property of the state and is executed, any person who mistreats their mother is again harming the state and are sent to prison
I think Legaism is based asf cause it acknowledges that man is inherently selfish and will value his own pleasure above the greater good

>legalism is a philosophy which is almost the exact opposite of confucianism, confucian theory believes that we must observe traditions and diligently respect the past it also promotes that all men are essentially good and that through correct cultivation and by listening to his advisors a leader can become a sage, legalism on the other hand promotes that all men are born selfish and can only be encouraged to do good through reward and intense punishment, it also states traditions are not useful for the running of a modern society, western legalism is generally viewed as the creation of law by the people for the people, chinese legalism is viewed as the creation of laws for the good of the king and the kingdom

No. 6057

File: 1656275434081.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 362.16 KB, 1200x1657, 3C094B3B-49BF-4530-870E-502BF7…)

Lifefuel. Reminder that most m*les commit suicide due to being retarded with money or in an attempt to avoid sentences. Keep it up, spermsacks!

No. 6062

I'm too much of a wimp to post caps but someone I have on an old social from ages ago is a troon now and when I went on my account I saw him talking about how Roe overturn not affecting him more made him sad and dysphoric because uwu trans things and I have been so mad about it ever since that I can't stop thinking about it. I am torn between a block or writing a huge angry response or just abandoning my own account forever because I am so disgusted. The only thing stopping me from going apeshit is the amount of longterm mutual friends and acquaintances this guy and I share and how many bridges I would burn by losing my shit on him. I noticed him become more and more narc on his socials about misgendering nonsense and such a while ago but this is a whole new low.

No. 6063

do people have manifesto chan caps

No. 6064

I’d say don’t write a huge paragraph bc that will clue him into you being a radfem. Instead I’d suggest writing something like “huh isn’t that a bit narcissistic or insensitive given that half the population is losing the right over their own body?” Just something that other people can see to know that 1) it IS fucked up for troons to make it about themselves and 2) to plant that seed of troon narcissism being a thing for the next time troons make womens issues about themselves. I swear so many handmaidens will peak because of troons making Roe about themselves, just start pointing it out like a normie and you’ll help some other women out who are just now starting to see it!

No. 6067

File: 1656327088818.jpg (20.31 KB, 299x398, cc53e7964319b5771dcea79e7f4797…)

Hey anons, I was wondering which of the books would be better to suggest to a person who is dating a controlling and manipulative man
>Why Does He Do That?: Inside the Minds of Angry and Controlling Men
>No Visible Bruises: What We Don’t Know About Domestic Violence Can Kill Us
He is distancing her from her friends and family and and she wanted to read some psychological stuff. I wonder which book might end up help her realize something.

No. 6071



There's a lot of really good resources on this website. Have her take the first quiz to get her really thinking about her relationship. The second quiz is a general orientation for what's healthy or not in a relationship, so you could have her do that one first if you think she's not ready to examine her own situation so closely.
There's also some resources for friends and family to help support someone in a controlling relationship.

No. 6072

It’s good that I don’t go on social media often and that I don’t personally know any trannies because I would fucking go off on them and become a social pariah so fast

No. 6073

I don't really know where to share this but I kind of need to vent about something my ex bf used to do to me.

I'm convinced he hated me because he let his friends disparage my appearance and even give me a nickname for one of my facial features that they'd refer to whenever I'd appear in a picture with him or be on his snap story. He only told them to shut up after I saw it and cried about it, then I became the "controlling gf" to them. Obviously I should have broken up with him then but I was like 18/19 and this was my first relationship.

He had a weird thing for sexually degrading me. Not only would he try to choke me in bed and call it a "power struggle" when I would fight back, but he also fucked me in his brothers bed and then bragged about it on discord. I had no idea it was his brothers bed fyi. Also he one time pushed for sex when we were sharing a room with my dad. I think he legit got off on that which was sickening.

Now he has a new gf who he's been dating longer than he dated me for (2 years) and I feel fucking horrible but I think something is deeply wrong with him and he hates or uses women. I hope she doesn't get treated terrible by him but I don't think he really 'changed' because he started dating her not long after dating me (fun fact but he left me for another girl lol).

No. 6074

File: 1656362770484.png (1.43 MB, 1031x1064, Screenshot_20220627-132045.png)

I know most anons wouldn't buy any cringey shirts like picrel and I definitely wouldn't either, but I think it's important to mention this somewhere. Do not buy shirts like these off of Etsy. They are usually made by side hustle/passive income bros who encourage their moid following to make Etsy accounts and make them look like they are female-ran businesses to appear "more trustworthy" to the majority female shoppers there. They use a stock photo of a generic looking woman as their shop icon and poorly apply popular Etsy aesthetics in their shop images. They all copy each other (or pay some people on fiver to). They love to use buzzfeed-esque feminist phrases from 2012. They see it as laughable and "what's wrong with feminism" (because how dare feminism not be about them) but its what gets them a some money each month. Especially now due to the ruling–just a way for them to make some cash. The likelihood of supporting an actual woman-owned business is low when buying this kind of shirt. So yeah, tell your normie feminist friends to make their own t-shirts.

No. 6075

Haven’t read the other one, but Why Does He Do That was pretty “easy” for me to read, I really like that he includes a lot of quote stories so you can hear exactly how the women and men are thinking without it being too clinical to feel actually relatable. I also love that he does absolutely NO pandering to men in the book, he is constantly clear about how IPV is a male entitlement problem

No. 6077

I'm re-sharing because I need some feedback and I got ignored in OT. Sorry if this is too depressing.

I hope I don't get banned for this but oh well. I wish covid actually wiped everyone out and humans went extinct completely. The misogyny that exists will never be gone and because of how shit the world treats women the human race does not deserve to survive. I hate men and on a lesser note I hate the women who have children and continue giving men what they want. We have ruined this planet at the cost of other animals', equally worthy inhabitants, suffering. I hate that so many moid humans feel superior to animals when they are incapable of control themselves. I hate humans so much and I feel so blackpilled existing as a woman where my presence gives men pleasure. I wish men no pleasure and instead a swift death like the covid epidemic but it could be another virus engineered. Women would need to go too because so many are handmaidens and the misogyny would just continue when some pregnant woman gives birth to a son.

If anything I wouldn't be mad at an epidemic of a virus that kills women because it would end humankind entirely. Men are such sick narcissists that they'd probably try to use our closest ancestors like female chimps to surrogate a pregnancy with leftover human donor eggs. I'm gonna sound like a moid or a glowie ig but I wish women just killed ourselves off or all died at once to end humankind. Moids never will deserve families with the current state of the planet. I'm sorry for being so blackpilled anons.

No. 6078


No. 6080

I too feel the same way. We're a failed species, I'd rather give the world back to some genuine matriarchal species like mantises or spiders that kill their males after conception. I know it's dramatic but I was helping out a relative at some volunteer thing and I was appalled by the amount of pregnant women I saw. All taking the back seat and watching their children while their husbands mingled about with one another. I was disgusted. I hated them, but not as much as I hated their moids, strutting around like peacocks with their endless brood of children and their wives seemingly willing to be their eternal incubators. I got an abortion at 19 and it saved my fucking life. I never told anyone in my family because I would have been scrutinized for making such a selfish decision but it was the most selfless thing I could do. I would never bring another male into this world and I spared a female child from the enormous burden of what it means to be one when we can't even fucking decide what one is in the first place. I hate feeling this way but the more I hear about the complications of pregnancy, the fact that we can't even get fucking women to speak about abortions issues and have ballsacks pretending to be us talking for us. I'm disgusted at the state of the world and how we will never know peace.

No. 6109

File: 1656964256614.png (425.24 KB, 720x1219, Screenshot_20220704-114434.png)

Interesting. This also reminds me of all the fucked up shit they sell on Etsy. Apparently they were selling literal child sex dolls too.

No. 6111

When men talk about not wanting a gay son and they're like "But I want a son I can check out girls with" like wtf? I have never in my nearly 30 years on Earth gone to "check out guys" with my mother. Men bond by objectifying and harassing women together and Dads who take their sons to places like Hooters should have their kids taken away. You know if they have daughters they're just checking out her friends as soon as middle school starts. I hate sharing a planet with these nasty freaks.

No. 6113

File: 1657048481726.png (1.08 MB, 1080x1080, PhotoCollage_1657048125307.png)

Even legal cosmetic surgeries are risky.. women feeling the need to get shit like this done on themselves is so wrong. That man is just some bodybuilder, injecting black market hylauronic acid in her. Im irritated at shit like this. Why do this??

No. 6114

scrotes shouldn't be allowed to own firearms

No. 6115

Of course. I hate that this even needs to be said. How often do women perform shootings as opposed to men in the US? Exactly. We know who is the problem.

No. 6124

This is absolutely a thing.
I know because I sold they/them, she/her etc masks & tees on redbubble kek. And I absolutely do not believe in pronoun bullshit, I just wanted to make money off of them.

No. 6125

Damn how much did you make? I'm considering getting in on fake woke shit for money

No. 6128

Eh, not much. Only like $50/mo in the height of it. Redbubble takes a huge chunk & I didn't actually advertise anywhere but tumblr. I made around $2k/mo though on youtube by making those compilation drama videos under an anon name. Clickbait on youtube is easy money if you know the subjects that bring in traffic (snarking on influencers, Amberlynn/Foodie Beauty, fat acceptance cringe, that sort of thing). It's all temporary though. Too easy to get copyright struck.

No. 6130

Something I've been thinking about is really how pedophilic otaku culture is. As a westerner anime was intertwined with Japanese culture, I compartmentalized it the same way. It dawned on me that these Japanese moids are referencing real life children and children's experiences when they write their loli doujins. It would be the equivalent of some western scrote writing stories involving common western elementary/middle school life in their porn comics.

It just grosses me out so much honestly. I don't think weebs here would have any excuse to say "well it's fiction I'm not a pedo" if these doujins were always about western little girls.

No. 6134


No. 6139

We should open a thread just to discuss about the otaku subculture.

No. 6143

If you do end up getting into it then start with a few videos to build a content foundation. Link them to a couple places. After that, only make around 1 vid every 2-4 weeks. Keep in mind what it is that youtube normies want to see. Use cringey tiktok/twitter memes & sassy interjection editing. There's no point in wasting your time spamming videos every single day. No one will watch that. The only way that you will gain a following is if you hit the YT algorithm in the right spot, which can take months. Use it as a hobby to start. Don't invest too much time until it's clear that your videos have started being recommended in the sidebar (this will be a VERY noticeable uptick). The views that you get from posting your channel to other websites (reddit or whatever) are tiny. Like, <100 people. The only way to build a real following is to use hot search terms & wait for the algorithm to pick you up.

Have done this with 2 channels now. First one lasted 2 years & capped out at 85k subs before getting copyright struck. Second is at 20k subs & still going, but I don't anticipate it being forever.

Stay anon & good luck my sister. Get your bag.

No. 6144

>the husband stitch
Just got fucking blackpilled by that, jesus christ.
Men are a fucking cancer.
Thank you for spreading the word nonnie, I can't believe I've never heard of this. I will be sharing with my pp'd friends.

No. 6147

NTA but look into the chloroforming women in the 70’s during birth, the German mothers of woe, and why we “birth on our backs” if you want more fuel.

No. 6153

Just learned that 30% of men interviewed in college had abused animals at one point in their lives. No wonder they make up the majority of sociopathic criminals. Disgusting creatures inside and out

No. 6162

File: 1658334344794.jpeg (47.7 KB, 828x120, 14CCB82F-4D9B-43B3-B902-3FCCBA…)

Saw this comment and many more like it. Stay safe, nonnies who are in the dating scene right now…

No. 6166

More women need to get into data science and start producing papers and articles exposing male degeneracy and sociopathy for what it is. I believe that if we communicate effectively enough we may be able to get women to question the men around them and demonize men as they should be. I’m not a fan of academia but my hatred for males and my desire to peak as many girls and women as possible before death motivates me. We should aim for a reverse sex-selective abortion where women in droves seek abortion for male fetuses.

I already have an idea to publish all philosophy books with the South Korean feminist idea of mirroring where you simply flip the genders of a text to trigger men because sexist language about women is unsettling to them when it’s flipped around. I don’t care about someone stealing my idea btw, just please try to peak as many women as you can. We must continue the works of our sisters Valerie and Andrea among other women too based for this world in shedding the light of truth.

No. 6169

>mirroring where you simply flip the genders of a text to trigger men because sexist language about women is unsettling to them when it’s flipped around
Sis this is brilliant. I'm gonna start with Jordan Peterson's "female chaos dragon" bullshit & send it to the fanboys I know kek

No. 6179

I don't know what thread to post this in, I guess it's a vent. I felt sorry for this guy (the blonde) until I watched this video. In the end he just keeps repeating over and over that he misses his penis and male sex drive. I know I should understand by now, but it still astounds me just how obsessed males are with sex. He is in despair, not over his horribly disfigured (and I would imagine painful) body, but over the fact that he can't jack off all day. The creep in the white nightie gleefully brags about his advantageous position in society, and despite posturing as 'alpha' has the same pathetic fantasy of getting revenge on the world for wronging him as a school shooter would. Males are a fucking plague. And the comments, saccharine, sweet, supportive. None of the vitriol a real woman would get for even implying 2% of what was said here. They look, sound, and behave like fucking retards and yet people have more respect for them than a well articulated woman. And it's not the aggression that commands respect either, a woman with that bitchy attitude would be absolutely despised, and yet this faggot gets 'yass queen'd' to hell and back. Society really does hate us and I am so fucking over it.

No. 6181


No. 6182

Honestly I respect transwomen who actually do go ahead and get the snip, too many just run around with a trans phase. Requiring getting the snip to be considered trans would cut out all the predators who prey on women.

No. 6183

They can only communicate on hierarchy and domination/submission, they innately do not understand cooperation and doing things fairly. Notice how mad they get when women have little silent eye convos. Telepathy/sensing energy is female and they'll forever seethe about it. Not to mention their total lack of self awareness and ego making them unable to even recognize the true problem.
Oh but they're trying real hard to separate women from eachother, especially in western societies where friendship is deemed unimportant to hubby and career and family. Literally running women down like workhorses to keep women from forming bonds with eachother. So much mental illness comes from this and yet they still whine about women not having kids in captivity.

No. 6184

I know this 30 year old man who hangs out with my friends and I who are all in our early 20's. It's an online friend group, and most of them are okay, but definitely handmaidens. He is so fucking annoying. He is married to a white woman who uses "they" pronouns and he never shuts up or capes for troons. We were all watching a meme compilation and some white woman showed up and he kept chanting how much he hates white women. He always "jokingly" talks about hating women. I tried to talk to my one friend about how gross it is, but she likes him so much because he buys her plushes and infantilizes her. I think it's weird as fuck that he does that, considering he does it for no one else in our friend group. Anyhow, she tells me it's just a joke and he's an amazing guy, but who the fuck sits and chants how much you hate white women while married to one? I can't fucking stand scrotes.

No. 6185

Samefag, I worded this so terribly, but I meant he capes for troons when no one is even talking about them. My friends and I were talking about how it's hard to be a woman when gaming online and he started interjecting with "SIMILAR TO TRANS WOMEN-" and of course my other friends all agreed because handmaidens but I just want to pull my hair out. I wish he would shut the fuck up. He also was sitting and telling us how, because there was a shooting near him, he constantly wants to kill himself and he can't be alone so he needs us to voicechat with him. I decided to ask him how he was doing, he told me, "We took out all the things I could kill myself with in the house, so that's awesome!" Like shut the fuck up and do it pussy.

He also, after attending my best friends funeral for her suicide that he never spoke with, told me how it made him not want to commit suicide after seeing how much it affected her loved ones. Scrotes make fucking everything about themselves. I wish he WOULD go through with it though.

No. 6186

I sorry to hear about your friend. Would you go further enought to actually make him go an hero in minecraft? It probably doesn't take too much to do that to a man like him. Just fuck with his mind somehow.

No. 6187

>30 year old married man, hangs out with early 20s women

red flag

>capes for troons

red flag

>kept chanting how much he hates white women

red flag

>jokingly talks about hating women

red flag

>buys plushies and infantilizes a woman decade younger than him

red flag

Nonita, this guy is lowest of the low and actually seems dangerous. Your friend is drinking handmaiden coolaid (and I dont blame her, she is still young and the culture has become even more hostile to women) so please try to slowly get her out of it if possible but also keep yourself safe.

No. 6188

I know its basic heterosexual attraction but I seriously cant understand straight women continuing to have sex or give blow jobs to men they arent engaged or married to in the current world. Women are losing their reproductive rights in the nation's that previously allowed them some control. Birth control is what they're going after next. I cant understand the anons who frequent /ot/ seriously talking about one night stands or their bf who can walk off while they're now screwed with a baby or prison sentence for murder. So many talk about how the sex doesn't even satisfy them, what the hell is the point? Why continue to give men the one thing they want so much when we cant even have basic bodily autonomy?

No. 6192

I know this is from 5 months ago but I just want to say this made me cry and I couldn't agree more. I love how you wrote this. thank you.

No. 6201

You're so fucking right it makes me sick. Anything women do together is mocked and made out to be shallow and pointless, as if to shame us from even trying, meanwhile men gathering and spending time together is seen as a necessary escape (from the overbearing wife). Fuck they really do just project everything onto us. And so many, myself included, just nodded along because we didn't want to be seen as the uncool nag.

No. 6202

This is so surreal, I haven't checked this thread in months and had forgotten I even wrote something like that, but seeing it again the memory returns. I had just peaked on men and felt such despair and rage. I'm glad my words weren't lost to the void, that someone reached back through time to find them. I don't know who you are but I wish you the best. It's a rough world, but not all bad.

No. 6203

The mere existence of moids pisses me off. I had to run some errands across town yesterday and I swear to god, it's always men who are getting in my way, chatting me up, being loud etc. Men are so fucking useless these days!!!!

No. 6208

Yeah, it's always men parking on the bike lanes, littering the street, being loud, blocking the sidewalk because they're smoking outside the bar, going full speed on their scooter on the sidewalk, sneezing at your face instead of moving their heads to the other side, engaging in stupid chatting despite being complete strangers, walking the dog and leaving its shit behind, jumping in queues… If I owned a business I would orientate it towards women and discriminate against any scrote. I would probably save up a lot in cleaning the restroom.

No. 6212

somehow every time the topic of bathrooms comes up, a scrote tells me unprompted “heh you know, womens bathrooms are actually far worse than mens?”
and yet every story i’ve ever heard of shit smeared on the walls and piss being everywhere has been from moids using mens bathrooms. they literally have never set foot into womens bathrooms, but for some reason REALLY want to perpetuate a made up myth about womens bathrooms being worse. im sure some people here have probably seen disgusting womens bathrooms because it happens and humans are unpredictable but i never have, and i’ve heard disgusting bathroom stories from every scrote i’ve ever known, but none of the women.

part of me suspects that they think because women menstruate that our bathrooms must automatically be worse. but really they just hate us and want any chance to make us seem like we’ve always been secretly worse all along. retards.

No. 6213

File: 1658845149946.jpeg (134.02 KB, 1110x399, 0A2A9E7B-B21D-4DA9-B4BC-4900F0…)

I needed to share this comment I saw on ovarit because reading it just fucked with my brain. It was on a post about women’s bathrooms being made into gender neutral toilets while the men’s remains for men. I hate them so much I don’t know what to do with it all.

No. 6214

File: 1658857858165.jpeg (217.63 KB, 1170x1030, 85A1B943-77C9-41E1-99AB-1A356C…)

Realizing that a lot of men only understand women through media tropes has helped me understand their behaviour more

No. 6215

lmao this is so stupid, if I saw another girl in the same dress I’d approach her and tell her she had good taste

No. 6216

bc hurr durr woman catty and uptight man good and friendly

No. 6219

yeah anyone who still actively chooses to fuck men in current year is a lost cause, the risks are well documented at this point

No. 6222

lol what would marriage change? literally nothing except it’d be even harder to get away from the man if you ever want or need to.

No. 6226

I worked at a gas station for a few years, and yes, the men's room was significantly worse than the women's. The insides of the toilets were always nasty, the seats were nasty because men can't aim even half as well as they think they can, there was toilet paper everywhere, the mirror and sinks were caked in grime, and yes, I had to literally clean shit up off the floor on more than one occasion. The urinals would get backed up, too, and if we put a sign up showing it was out of order, guess what? Those stupid fuckers would try to use it anyway. And when I left the cleaning cart in front of the entrance, there was always at least one dumbass who would push it out of the way to stupidly ask if he could come in, and he wouldn't put it back after I shooed him out so even more of them would show up. And one guy ran in without asking and STILL pissed all over the floor because he couldn't hold it for 1 more second. And don't even get me started on how often I had to wait outside for a guy to finish and never heard the hand dryer run.
Meanwhile, in the women's restroom, there were the occasional small messes, but the worst I ever dealt with was a little bit of shit on the floor, but I'm 100% certain that it was because a woman was cleaning out her colostomy bag.
So, yes, men's rooms are filthy, and the idea that ours are worse is pure projection. And thanks to this site, I now know that men are disgusting animals that either don't wipe because they think it's gay OR don't wash their hands, presumably also because they think it's gay.

No. 6227

That's a good point I was only considering that at least he would have to pay up child support or they could've had a prenup. Even fiance status he could drive off, pawn the ring, and the woman would be screwed with the kid. There's STDs to worry about too regardless of relationship status because of men's cheating. Each country has their own slew of problems for women to deal with as well.

No. 6230

I’m revolting because men are disgusting

No. 6231

I assume the schizotranny has no idea this board exists which is good. Please anons hold me, the rest of the site has become unusable because he just spams in every thread until he gets mad enough to post CP.

No. 6245

I'm suffering so much sometimes i wish i was a bluepilled pickme. Reading radfem things, seeing studies about the nature of men, hearing other women's stories about their boyfriend or husband, my own life experiences. All of it so painful, I was just reminded about the statistics on men and how they behave when their wife fall ill, and i've developped this weird disgusting thing where whenever i feel hurt by the way men are, i watch violent porn and force myself to masturbate to it.

I'm sure it's self-harm because it does really fucks me up and breaks my heart to see how sex seems to always be rooted in violence for them, but at the same time it's as if i'm doing this to condition myself to experience pleasure from the things that hurt me, almost as a survival mechanism because the truth is too painful for me to live with. Thus by doing that i hope to become a brainwashed pickme and enjoy my own degradation, because i feel like i can't ever escape degradation if i have to be in a straight relationship.

I'm crying because it's so lonely and painful being a straight radfem. I wish a nonna could hug me right now.

No. 6247

File: 1659209504940.jpg (402.2 KB, 1418x2048, FIRESTONE-obit-superJumbo.jpg)

Reposting from another thread, but what are your thoughts on firestone's theory that young boys were viewed and treated as essentially as half-females in patriarchal civilizations, while all boys could grow up to be men with strength, when they were young they were weak, any adult man could abuse them if given the opportunity, when men rape boys, they don't believe they are gay for doing it, cause boys are something less then men but more then a woman(from the perspective of a pederast) which is why pederast and pederast civilizations often tend to be incredibly misogynistic
I mean it does kinda make sense, societies with open boyrape tended be absurdly misogynistic even for their era's, take ancient greece, feudal japan, the ottoman empire and afghanistan as example

No. 6248

Children do belong to women, so yes. It’s true.

No. 6249

Ntayrt but in these societies children don't belong to women, both women and children belong to men, they are under the "protection and guidance" (read oppression) of men.

Women are eternal children, never really fulfilled as human beings in the same way a man can be, they are considered in a perpetual state of immaturity, although they'd agree that nature gave us caretaking abilities, a woman is never truly a full citizen, a full human being.

Little boys grow up to be men, so they experience the state of immaturity but overcome it; it is not permanent. Little girls never transcend it, they become women and are properties of men.

Nothing belongs to a property, you can buy your dog or cat many toys, legally, they still don't own anything because nobody recognizes their existence as sufficiently sentient to grasp the abstract of it and join society as functioning citizens. Rightly so. But that's how women were viewed, also.

No. 6250

Same, anon. I'm not sure exactly how many other users who aren't male are here now. I hate this arc of LC so much. I feel like he's been here for months when it's only been some weeks, right? I'm wondering when this will end.

No. 6251

Kek, this will become the best board because he doesn't know it exists while he shits up every other one.

No. 6254


I’m so tired. We need our own site or something and making a discord server for this sort of thing is exhausting.

No. 6256

Would it not just face the same fate? Suppose we do get a new IB, how would you suggest we keep it female only? The only way to prevent spam is to control who posts on the board which entails either keeping it very secret or having every user vetted. That's gonna result in a very very small pool of users.

No. 6258

File: 1659305079914.jpg (11.81 KB, 235x268, 6864e33d9b545086632a0383742c75…)

ultimately its physical strength and men's ability to work with other men that basically upholds the patriarchy, male children lack both so yeah they are in a weird position, I view young boys a lot like the dogs from animal farm, Napoleon takes them from their mother as puppies, says that he'll "make himself responsible for their education," and then raises them in isolation from the rest of the farm and they grow up to be loyal to him and him alone, afterwards the pigs rely on the strength of dogs to uphold his rule on animal farm, I have often wondered If could replicate with a group of random of male children, teach them to be loyal servants and bodyguard

No. 6259

That’s impossible. You can’t train a predator into going vegan.

No. 6260

Many of us are terminally online, it wouldn’t move that slow despite dwindling numbers.

No. 6262

If it has to start small and slow I think that’s fine. The user base will grow over time. There just needs to be a strong foundation of moderators that can come together to make sure males can never get in. That’s what is happening here, a weak upper management causes this mess.

No. 6263

File: 1659371828113.jpg (36.83 KB, 275x396, FVJH1aiUcAEN8sv.jpg)

we literally did that with wolves though, why can't we do the same with boys, create a wickerman-esque society where boys are raised a certain way that doesn't completely go against their natural inclinations but instead nurtures the aspects that can be useful for society, also sminatnously breeding stronger and more beautiful men

No. 6264

Aaaaah why did you post him. Not him, not this Himbo God.

No. 6265

I'm sorry you're going through this Nonna. Nonna, I think it is good for you to step away from the computer. Finding politics online has good and bad aspects to it, and if you don't have a healthy life outside the computer you'll only get the negatives.

I'm also straight, I've been dworkinpilled but not necessarily a radfem. I think it is good to have this knowledge at the back of your mind, but to not have it fester on your conscious 24/7. Embrace the normie lifestyle, but still "stay woke" when needed. People don't love the corny generic life advice of "find a hobby" yadda yadda, but it is solid advice. There are only so many things you can control about the world and even your life. Might as well maximize on the things you can control and find something meaningful to do and enjoy. Learn a new skill, a new language etc. Volunteer locally. Look online to find any community events you might be interested in. Do anything good for yourself instead of festering on the negative.

A lot of the infighting in rad/rad-leaning spaces comes from the whole "relationships with men or not"/separatism debacle. I personally don't find the observations and facts laid out by separatists to be invalid. I also know that many women still want to take chances and potentially find Unicorn Nigel. I get it. If you want to dip your toes into finding love, make sure your finances are set. Make sure you are in the right headspace and know when to gtfo. The biggest things that fuck over OSA women in relationships with men is not having the means to leave or being too mentally cucked to do so.

Sorry this is a lot of rambling and it may come off as lame and generic, but honestly these problems are too big for one individual to deal with. There might not be any hope for women in your eyes, but there can be hope for you.

No. 6266

We had a debacle like that with Asherah's Garden. It was fun, but eventually scrotes found it and kept spamming the most horrid shit and eventually it was given up on. I don't blame whoever because it was a constant stream of the most repulsive spamming of bestiality and all that other shit.

No. 6267

>honestly these problems are too big for one individual to deal with
Your whole post is solid advice nonna. This is how I've been getting by in life. It helps to find other women irl who share these same sentiments and are "woke" about this. It helps a lot to make you feel a little less alone. But know that you aren't alone, and try to enjoy the good things in life that you can

No. 6268

Did you just imply dogs are vegan lol? I don’t know what “breed stronger men” means but you know that’s just going to make you more susceptible to violence right? Males are parasites by nature that will do anything to multiply itself like a cancer cell, you can’t change that. Their existence will always be inherently detrimental to women. Their entire body is ‘designed’ around taking shortcuts at our expense. Hopefully you did not mean picrel to represent the race you want to create because I wouldn’t touch that hairy thing with a ten foot pole.

No. 6270

File: 1659411593628.jpg (198.93 KB, 767x1151, FRb3MxcWQAEuZtc.jpg)

>Did you just imply dogs are vegan lol?
What no, I was talking about how we domesticated wolves into working dogs who served humankind and also protected us from wolves, I argue we can do the same with boys, also you can breed for both beauty and strength in men

No. 6271

Popping in to blurt this out apropos of nothing: both my teenaged daughters have told me that they're lesbians EXPLICITLY BECAUSE of the fact that they regard my husband/their dad as a) the best possible man, husband, and father in the world and b) he actually fucking sucks when you compare him to literally any woman alive, and they would rather die than marry someone like him, i.e. a man

No. 6273

and the father's name was albert Einstein and everyone clapped

No. 6274

So, what do you nonnies think about this meta-spamming schizo… I saw him try spamming shit on CC too, but not as much as on lc.

No. 6275

It just makes me wish Admin would do something or get more mods. Just wish there was transparency about what's going on behind the scenes, because this is ridiculous and annoying.

No. 6276

He’s a symptom of an overly absent moderation team. I know the farmhands have lives but there needs to be more moderation as the site continues to grow and attract insane people. VPNs should also be disabled at least temporarily, imo, and suggesting this makes the troon break down every time lol. Bigger team of mods would help a lot by itself though, it’s just probably a pain to find people fit for the job who are actually dependable. But I dunno considering how many people say they want to be farmhands.

I also find it ridiculous how adamant men (even non trannies) are about being accepted into female spaces. There is no male dominated space on the internet that women are desperate to be accepted in. No one goes on 4chan begging for them to stop being mean to women, no one tries derailing their misogynistic threads with pinkpill stuff or girltalk, no one tries spamming /r9k/ with pictures of Andrea Dworkin.

What I hate most is how even trannies would never beg scrotes to be accepting of them. They don’t care that men hate them. Men hating trannies is just expected. But when women make their own spaces and are open about not accepting trannies as women, troons have total utter meltdowns. Why are women expected to love them unconditionally but not men? Why aren’t women allowed to be angry and have strong opinions that contradict theirs? Why are we the only ones expected to bow down? You will seldom see a tranny or handmaiden shame a man for being transphobic. They always target women.

No. 6277

I’m so tired of this

No. 6278

He spams cp here and thinks it’s funny. I’m so tired.

No. 6279

I can't take anymore of his cp spam and schizo moidrage, how has law enforcement not been involved already? he has done multiple illegal things like the cp spam and DDoSing
should we be reporting him to his local police department? other than mods banning his ips every few hours it seems like nothing is being done about him and he will continue doing this forever

No. 6280


Aw hey now nonnie, don't be a shithead. He's just an everyday guy but he's legit about as good as a guy can be…and what I'm getting at is that my daughters RECOGNIZE that he's v v good (for a man) and still think he's kind of insufferable (for a person)

Btw I'm buying land in the desert and moving out as as soon as all my kids do

No. 6281


I'm so sorry dear, sending you hugs from afar. Pls pls pls don't try anymore to condition yourself to be a good sport about their depravity. Walk away, tske some time to regroup, and then if you still want a man in your life, get extremely and bluntly specific about what u will and will not contend with

No. 6282

Anons have suggested banning ips altogether and he has a mental breakdown every time kek.

No. 6283

He's being absolutely retarded now, even made a thread patting himself on the back in /snow/ because no one is responding to him in /meta/. He said he has tranny friends, but I believe that's a lie, lol. Look how many fucking hours he spends here. Christ.

No. 6284

banning vpns you mean? yeah I'm confused as to why admin hasn't done that already, would've prevented him from camping out here 24/7 and shitting the place up
as amusing as it is watching him melt down I'm getting tired, I don't even want to post on lc anymore since he's in every single thread I go to make a post in it's insane but I have nowhere else to go
it's even worse when you see that on top of camping out here he also spends hours spamming crystal cafe, the monkey torture site, soyjak, and he runs like 10 twitter accounts where he talks to himself and harasses rachel/other kiwifags on
this loser tranny scrote has dedicated his life to rotting away alone in his room harassing and threatening women online

No. 6285

Yeah, banning vpns because it's the main way he gets around bans.

No. 6286

And men claim they are the rational sex, yet will behave like this troon and ree for days on a mongolian basket weaving forum because women there say men aren't women just because the pornsick coomer says he is. Totally deranged.

No. 6288

He doesn’t. He blew up on them. Check kiwi. They won’t talk to him anymore. He might have the three left over from his soyjak time and his Chan history. I forget their names but not even Elaine will talk to him.

No. 6289

They just need to ban proton. Not all vpns anon. He’s using a free one and he has no money. His parents legit cut him off the Wi-Fi. Don’t think he has the funds to buy one presently.

No. 6290

I'm so fucking sick of the troon having free reign of the place every single day and spamming whenever and wherever he wants with nothing being done to prevent this
seriously debating on making my own womens only imageboard, the only thing deterring me is the server and domain costs

No. 6292

troons, vpns, and men will definitely be banned
the schizo troon is posting his ugly selfies now, I wish mods would take a few seconds to ban his ips and nuke his horrible posts

No. 6294

there's one in the meta thread he's spamming

No. 6296

idk why you wanna see his ugly mug kek but here >>>/meta/40438

No. 6298

Please nonna even if you made a discord server and needed voice verification. This is so annoying. I think LC will just close when the money runs out. As things are looking right now I think its a possibility itll just end as the year ends. This tranny is shitting up so many threads its making it unreadable.

No. 6299

I agree. I am getting tired of it. Regretting not joining the discord server back when 2x got privatised. I understand that oldmin is still working on a new code, but we havent had an admin in so long and it shows. /m/ never got fixed either.

No. 6300

people are willing to donate to keep the site running and volunteer to be mods but the site can't continue without an admin that actually cares/is present - I don't get why current admin can't hand the site over to someone else here as I feel there are a few nonnas who would be willing to take over
the only thing is I'm a broke uni student so I can't afford to start up and keep a site running all on my own currently, and of course I'd need volunteers for mods plus help from other programmer nonnas since I only just started learning coding

No. 6303

I'm ready for them to open up mod applications. I can't fucking take this anymore, but I know he wants us to leave the site so I'm not giving up. Leaving will only give him what he wants. I hate how some of his posts don't get deleted which encourages him to stick around. He said so himself. If the current mods don't want to do it I'd be able to help as I have a lot of time on my hands.

No. 6304

we've been asking for mod applications to be open for so long now and get radio silence in return every time
I'm an online uni student on the computer all day so I can ban the tranny ips instantly, mods if you are seeing this please get admin to communicate with us or at least communicate with us on admins behalf
the site can't continue on in its current state and so many anons are willing to help

No. 6305

Their silence is what makes me think the money is running out, so they just don't care what happens to this place anymore.

No. 6306

That’s fine, we can shit on all men but those troons ruin everything

No. 6307

certainly there has to be at least one farmhand that cares? I mean they volunteered to dedicate some of their free time to clean up the site so even if admin has given up why can't one of them give us an update?

No. 6308

The crazy ugly faggot found us and has started baiting already.

No. 6310

There’s a tranny in /media/ posting CP

No. 6312

There’s an Indian men hate thread starred by him, and now he’s posting CP. Did he misgendered by an Indian guy and now he’s doing this

No. 6313

I thought that might be the troon also but maybe it's just an esl anon? probably being too hopeful kek he found the other hidden board already so I really hope he didn't find this one too since it's the only one he hasn't been shitting up so far

No. 6315

no the cp is still up in /m/ and none of his schizo rampaging in /meta/ has been taken down yet
it was up for like 30 mins or so last night when he posted it too

No. 6316

samefag the cp has been up 40 mins so far tonight

No. 6318

yeah, you can disable invites altogether and only allow approved users to make invites, and you can require verification

No. 6320

it seems like mods gave up honestly, some of his posts I reported have been up over 24 hours now and he's been doing this for at least a week
I don't even bother reporting him anymore (except for his cp spam) since nothing is being done about him and he has way too many posts up at any given moment

No. 6321

I like and want to continue sharing images and laughs with anons, but with males and trannies running loose it discourages me. This sucks. Nothing has been cleaned up. Wtf.

No. 6322

My brother is a classic moid and always try to recommend movies and shows for me to watch because he thinks he's got such top notch taste being into Rammstein and football. Today he went on and on about Peacemaker. I told him I've had enough of superhero stuff after seeing The Boys, which I believed superior anyway. He says he couldn't watch The Boys because the villain was written as such a pathetic man and "why on earth would you create a villain who's so disgusting and uncool". I just laughed in his face at this point and told him that of course a man like him would dismiss a villain for not being the edgy Joker type that his moid brain likes to identify with. It wasn't worth arguing with him, even that small exchange isn't going to change his mind or make him consider me any different, so I killed the conversation and went to another room. I hate how men can be into the most generic stuff possible and think their taste is somehow unique and special. Worst part is I bet that if I expressed not liking The Boys he would probably declare it a masterpiece of entertainment and mock me for being queasy about violence or some other shit because as a moid he just naturally can't agree on a woman's opinions of something.

No. 6323

When men are deliberately contrarian I just stop responding to them. Even if it’s IRL. Like they disagree for the sake of disagreeing because they want a big argument or debate and it’s so obvious, so I just go silent. Don’t respond.

No. 6324

They really just want to make a huge debate out of everything, it's unreal how many men I've met who seem unable to hold a normal conversation without trying to turn it into a argument. I might not even be expressing an opinion of my own. I might be reading the headline of some newspaper article and they right away raise their voice to disagree with what was said.

No. 6325

did you see admins post in /meta/? more mods will be added so hopefully that'll take care of the tranny/moid spam
we just need to try our best to wait it out for now I guess

No. 6326

Yes, I did! I'm kind of nervous with how he is going to react to everything though… Maybe I'm overthinking it.

No. 6327

well there is a chance it will set him off and cause him to spam cp but hopefully mods are prepared and anticipating the worst
try not to worry about it too much for now and we will see what happens after he wakes up

No. 6328

He's larping as a Russian and a confused anon at the same time. The mental illness.

No. 6329

just want to tell that i am a russian anon that kept telling him to gtfo, the moid is actually ukrainian that also knows russian. he claims he wants to know more about the website and is interested in talking to a tranny. i explained to him what the website is about and it's a women-only space, he doesn't want to leave. he supposedly did not find the thread through any other imageboard, but i don't want to believe him.

No. 6330

Oh wtf. Thank you for explaining, anon.

No. 6331

This ukrainian moid is threatening to rape (or worse) anons for 'snitching on him' in meta as we speak. Eastern Europe in a nutshell…

No. 6332

Interesting how he said he wanted to talk to a tranny when all he has to do is talk to any other male. Look at how they think alike, lol.

No. 6334

this is definitely the tranny, some confused esl moid would not be able to find this hidden board
it's unfortunate that not even this board is safe from him now

No. 6336

File: 1659705852899.png (147.88 KB, 596x1142, 3B3DF074-2E11-4E44-BFCA-BC6AF2…)

And they do it on purpose to keep us apart. To make sisters and mothers and daughters and female friends have to turn on each other for survival.

No. 6337

i just searched "lolcow hidden" and it was the first result
i didn't even know it existed by somebody kept talking about a hidden board on the vent thread

No. 6356

Anons, it's been peaceful… Did he khs? kek

No. 6358

I'm beginning to suspect he stopped avatarfagging. There's posts that sound a little too much like him, especially on c.cafe
You know when there was a bunch of fujo vs. anti-fujo infights and arguments about getting called a moid? That was all his fault and then I guess he had enough, so he started shitting up the place for weeks. I think he's starting the cycle again where he starts off being undercover.

No. 6363

he's posting still in the /snow/ threads he made (rachel and elaine and maybe one or two others) and I swear I sometimes see him trying to start infighting on other boards
pretty sure the /meta/ sperg minimod that is always complaining about /w/ and trying to get mods to reveal peoples ip address is him too
along with vpn ban mods need to lock the retarded threads he made, it's all him samefagging and obsessing over these literal whos from kf that not a soul here cares about

No. 6370

i hate being in close proximity to moids for too long. i can somewhat navigate reddit for hobby stuff, but seeing moids interact in real time makes me insane. why am i the only one that has to be uncomfortable? i hate that they have to ruin everything good. kill perverted moids

No. 6372

File: 1660038011265.jpg (1.16 MB, 1280x1715, um.jpg)

I hate how their "humor" has never changed.

No. 6375

File: 1660052931768.jpg (28.24 KB, 317x450, cookbook for teens.jpg)

>browsing cookbooks
>find cookbook for kids/teens
>pic rel

Don't try telling me I'm fucked up or paranoid for noticing it, be honest with yourself. There is no peace to be found anywhere in this filthy moid-infested shithole of an earth.

No. 6378

File: 1660077379046.jpg (21.66 KB, 424x393, 1616717219073.jpg)

I didn't notice anything until you pointed it out. Yes, I think you're paranoid.

No. 6380

You’re a liar lmao

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