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gender critical and female politics
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ITT: We discuss feminism that addresses women's class inequality along with patriarchal oppression and serves the needs of all women and not just pretentious, doughy, upper middle class university goers

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>Abdullah Ocalan
bruh what

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That's you

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Its a central kurdish feminist text, on how to promote women's emancipation while fighting against the state
The writer an experienced gruella would have more insight regarding this, If you have any feminist texts written by experienced insurgents they would also be appreciated

No. 4243

just finished Witches, Witchcraft, and Women by Silvia Federici, any book reccs nonnies?

No. 4245

Revolution at Point Zero: Housework, Reproduction, and Feminist Struggle by Silvia Federici

No. 4249

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Playing devil's advocate, but why are there no Femcaps or Feminist Capitalists? There has been no "women are humans too" moment like how there was for civil rights, the only thing that has liberated women has been the need for their labor in times of war or extreme growth, like post ww2 and the industrialization of Europe as spinsters. Would the much maligned stereotype of a "girlboss" be considered a femcap?

No. 4250

What name of the book?

No. 4251

Do you know anyone who has explored this question?

No. 4266

the pro-sexwork movement is the definition of femcap.

No. 4277

Liberating Life woman's revolution, I know a scrote wrote it but it actually addresses the issues and disconnects of western and non-western women, urban and rural women in middle eastern countries, as well as cooperation between women from different ethnicities
Its something western radfems simply have no accesses too or might not even think about, the perspective of someone who grew up in a tribal society and witnessed differences and similarities between tribal and urban patriarchies

he also views that Western feminists can't truly liberate non-western women, because they can't relate to a militant guerilla women's movement(and when he says militant, he means actual guerilla warfare, not egging a Victoria's secret) and can't break the limitations of democracy set by the west.
this isn't him bashing western feminism btw, he acknowledges that western feminism has been the most serious movement to have addressed the issue of women's freedom. rather what is needed, is a different method for tribal societies: what the Kurdish call Jineologi. It must have analytical, ethical, aesthetic and economic aspects to it. he argues for the creation of alternative academic feminist units which prioritize economy, technology, ecology, agriculture, democratic politics, statists factors
I ended up agreeing with him on that end(not everything in the book) but yeah imo he's right, western feminists really do ignore the complexities of just existence in any society and instead focus on dumb made up takes by gender studies professors

No. 4983

Liberal feminism could be considered "femcap". After all, liberalism is a type of capitalism.

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