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gender critical and female politics
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No. 3915

ITT: We discuss feminism that addresses women's class inequality along with patriarchal oppression and serves the needs of all women and not just pretentious, doughy, upper middle class university goers

No. 3928

>Abdullah Ocalan
bruh what

No. 3931

That's you

No. 3933

File: 1639133424271.jpg (161.41 KB, 1024x715, 761757-kurdish-1410583835.jpg)

Its a central kurdish feminist text, on how to promote women's emancipation while fighting against the state
The writer an experienced gruella would have more insight regarding this, If you have any feminist texts written by experienced insurgents they would also be appreciated

No. 4243

just finished Witches, Witchcraft, and Women by Silvia Federici, any book reccs nonnies?

No. 4245

Revolution at Point Zero: Housework, Reproduction, and Feminist Struggle by Silvia Federici

No. 4249

File: 1645751091548.jpeg (331.58 KB, 1400x1610, jk-rowling-111.jpeg)

Playing devil's advocate, but why are there no Femcaps or Feminist Capitalists? There has been no "women are humans too" moment like how there was for civil rights, the only thing that has liberated women has been the need for their labor in times of war or extreme growth, like post ww2 and the industrialization of Europe as spinsters. Would the much maligned stereotype of a "girlboss" be considered a femcap?

No. 4250

What name of the book?

No. 4251

Do you know anyone who has explored this question?

No. 4266

the pro-sexwork movement is the definition of femcap.

No. 4277

Liberating Life woman's revolution, I know a scrote wrote it but it actually addresses the issues and disconnects of western and non-western women, urban and rural women in middle eastern countries, as well as cooperation between women from different ethnicities
Its something western radfems simply have no accesses too or might not even think about, the perspective of someone who grew up in a tribal society and witnessed differences and similarities between tribal and urban patriarchies

he also views that Western feminists can't truly liberate non-western women, because they can't relate to a militant guerilla women's movement(and when he says militant, he means actual guerilla warfare, not egging a Victoria's secret) and can't break the limitations of democracy set by the west.
this isn't him bashing western feminism btw, he acknowledges that western feminism has been the most serious movement to have addressed the issue of women's freedom. rather what is needed, is a different method for tribal societies: what the Kurdish call Jineologi. It must have analytical, ethical, aesthetic and economic aspects to it. he argues for the creation of alternative academic feminist units which prioritize economy, technology, ecology, agriculture, democratic politics, statists factors
I ended up agreeing with him on that end(not everything in the book) but yeah imo he's right, western feminists really do ignore the complexities of just existence in any society and instead focus on dumb made up takes by gender studies professors

No. 4983

Liberal feminism could be considered "femcap". After all, liberalism is a type of capitalism.

No. 6470

Does anyone know any left-wing analysis of transgenderism and/or porn? I feel like any GC/non-TRA leftist understands how they're closely related to capitalism but it'd be handy to have such analysis ready to educate so-called "leftists" who could potentially be convinced of not supporting either of those two industries.

No. 6481

I saw this comment on r/communism101 years ago and it stuck with me.

“ For the millionth time: You don't get to jerk off to filmed rape under socialism.

Every socialist state that ever existed has banned porn.

Yes, porn is coercive as every form of wage labor is. But it is not just any wage labor, but labor involved in the social production of art - in this case reactionary art.

Why is it reactionary? Its ideological content is. It objectifies - or more precisely, commodifies (primarily female) bodies. It dehumanizes women. It is the reason why you have white people going around fetishizing Asian women.

Porn fits into the capitalist superstructure which reproduces the institutions of patriarchy, and by extension, of capitalism itself. It has no place in a socialist society. The suppression of pornography then isn't simply the suppression of commodity production, it would be similar to the suppression of any other reactionary cultural product (music, films, etc…).

Now for the infamous FAQs:

"But what if I film me and my girlfriend having sex with the consent of both parties?"

First of all, if you have to ask that, your girlfriend is most likely imaginary. I don't know about white amerikans, but in my part of the world, nobody does that. Uploading sex tapes is considered a form of humiliation, and thus it's a punishable crime. People have committed suicide over this. No one who has healthy relationships would ask their girlfriend: "Hey can I upload a video of us having sex?"

Secondly, the question makes no sense. It's like saying "not all white people are racist". You are talking about a social phenomenon with a systemic role that only exists in relation to a set of conditions, individualizing it only obscures the point. Porn isn't just "capturing two people having sex", that's ahistorical view which abstracts away from all social context. If that's porn, ancient paintings of people having sex would be porn, and if that's the case "porn" would be meaningless as a category of analysis. Pornography presupposes the capitalist mode of production, the productive forces developed to a sufficient level so this phenomenon can even take place in the first place (the means to circulate these videos like the internet or other distribution channels, the filming equipment), patriarchy, etc…

Let me give you an example: Money is only money in relation to commodity production as the universal equivalent. On a desert island it would just be useless pieces of paper. Porn is no different. It is a social phenomenon that only exists in relation to the larger capitalist-patriarchal superstructure. If you film you and your girlfriend having sex on a desert island, yeah sure, then it's "consensual", and it's not even "porn" anymore. But you don't live on a desert island. You live in a society where all of the conditions I mentioned exist. The "amateur sex tapes" you upload in a capitalist society will inevitably conforms to logic of profitability that predominates a capitalist society - which is why, as someone has mentioned below, "amateur sex tapes" are commodified, and thus aren't even really "amateur" (This is the reality no matter how the internet in the neoliberal era has masked it as "liberating" since "everyone's a content producer"). And once you've accepted that, its' not hard to see why there's no such thing as "non-patriarchal" porn: Commodities have a use-value: in order to be sold, they have to be socially necessary. If you're uploading "amateur sex tapes" in a society where people who consume those tapes are people who consume "professional porn", the your tapes will have to mirror "professional porn" in its ideological content. Meaning, all those elements of objectification and fetishization remain. Your "amateur" sex tapes necessarily conform to the larger cultural logic of capitalism, and thus , they fit into that larger reactionary ideological superstructure. In other words, in the grand scheme of things, the distinction between "amateur" and "professional" porn is meaningless, and so are your individual motives.

Finally, you have a nonsensical view of consent. In the same way that wage labor isn't truly "consensual", those who "consented" to filming amateur porn faces the systemic pressures of capitalist-patriarchy.

"What if people still want to film themselves having sex under communism?"

We have established that porn is a social phenomenon, an industry under capitalism. Would there still be isolated cases of people filming themselves having sex under socialism that is separated from the logic of commodity production? Maybe. But considering that this has never happened in any socialist society up to this point, why do you insist on asking this question? Fantasies are not real, but they have very real implications about the worldview of those who came up with them. So why do petit-bourgeois Western men find it impossible to envision a "liberating society" without the existence of sex tapes? The answer I think, is quite obvious.”

No. 6487


I doubt you'll find anything formal - even medical research which is supposed to be evidence based is captured, so sociology and other liberal arts are a lost cause. But when discussing it with people who are otherwise sympathetic to anti-capitalist thought I usually bring up how the beauty industry has thrived for years on creating a need for its own products, and when society adjusts and generally buys those products they create more need, in an endless search for profit (there was no such thing as eyebrow products 30 years ago, for example). Reasonable people either already know this or will agree with some discussion. From there, the parallels to transgender idealology are easy - create a cultural insecurity and push the idea that one's natural body just needs this or that product to finally be the "right" body.

The pushing of frankly experimental surgeries that have such high rate of complications and usually require more and more corrections is the ultimate end of this, because the culture of Gender allows people to create an idealized self that if they just spend enough on drugs and accessories and surgery they can actually achieve even if any realistic person would otherwise know that all the plastic surgery in the world can't turn a 50 year old woman into a convincing 16 year old girl, but somehow that idea is realistic for AGPs? There's numbers out there stating how much the trans industry makes each year, all on the backs of this impossible to address insecurity that's been created from nothing.

. Any anti-capitalist can't argue that what the beauty or "wellness" or "lifestyle" industry does is ethical while also somehow ignoring the trans pipeline does the same thing, up to and including protecting it's brand influencers who push an idealized fantasy of fulfillment to chase.

Usually I try and act sympathetic during these discussions and cast trannies as a victim of these capitalist powers. It sucks to pretend but the thing about peaking is once the door is cracked, the illusion cannot hold together.

No. 6495

File: 1662105725898.png (50.03 KB, 599x373, please_stop.png)

I do believe that a different economic theory is needed for the betterment of women and it is likely some strain of socialism, however I have nothing but contempt for self declared radical feminist who praise terrorist organizations(the IRA, german RAF) and nightmarish states and dictators

No. 6500

I hate this kind of authoritarian "tankie" socialism too, but sadly those kinds of leftists are often the only ones who even dare to talk about GC topics.

I'm a libertarian socialist, but all libsoc spaces that I know of are so incredibly saturated with handmaidens and troon supporters that even daring to question libfem narratives will get you promptly blacklisted from all political networks and activist organizations.

I believe that there are a fair number of libsocs who are already (questioning) GCs, and a lot who are just caught in a filter bubble and could be feasibly persuaded, but the whole larger libsoc culture right now is so committed to closing rank on supporting TRA that finding like-minded people and spreading the word is really hard.

So far I've just stuck to organising for non-contentious causes I care about (workers rights/unionizing, climate/environmental issues etc) and keeping my mouth shut on gender issues, but I can see how that's surrendering in a sense. I'd welcome any suggestions on how to advocate GC in libsoc spaces without committing political suicide.

No. 6536

File: 1663353350716.jpg (234.92 KB, 797x1270, 9781786807397.jpg)

I actually just ordered Dilar Dirik's new book yesterday. I'm super stoked to read it; it seems like the first in-depth, English-language study on the Kurdish women's movement

No. 6537

File: 1663584956157.jpg (1.67 MB, 3369x2861, 20220919_045419.jpg)

Nonnies this book is amazing

No. 6541

Thank you for the rec, let’s see if I can get ahold of it

No. 6549

I’ll have to see if I can find it damn!

No. 10562

anyone have any good podcast or video recs?

No. 10587

One thing I find disconcerting is gender critical feminists aligning themselves with figures on the political right, I think it makes sense pragmatically on practical issues like certain acts of legislation and keeping troons out of women's spaces but we shouldn't kid ourselves into thinking they're our friends. When push comes to shove, the right will take the side of trannies over women because they are both misogynist - from /pol/tards claiming "trans women are better than real women!" to conservatives who'd rather they had a tranny child than a lesbian one.

No. 10611

yes and this has also led to right-wing people calling themselves radfems or gender critical feminists when they still believe in femininity, the patriarchy etc..

No. 10629

100%. just because someone is anti-trans or anti-porn doesn't mean they are radical feminists. I grew up in a conservative christian patriarchal misogynist environment so I know that first hand (everyone around me hated trannies, thought porn was evil even if they consumed it, and they sure as shit hated women), but it seems like women who grew up in more liberal households don't know or something and get sucked into supporting right wing misogynists because they share one or two opinions on controversial topics. sometimes I feel like peoples pattern recognition is broken here or I'm taking crazy pills or something.

No. 14648

>I think it makes sense pragmatically on practical issues like certain acts of legislation and keeping troons out of women's spaces
doesn't seem very pragmatic to me to trade stuff like reproductive rights etc for the tranny stuff.
exactly, god i hate this shit so much, just look at amount of replies in the "feminationalism" (lmao) thread on here vs this thread (although to be fair a bunch of those replies are people infighting kek). brainwashing and propaganda from the right is extremely prominent especially online.

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