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No. 3774

While all religion are awful and subjugate women, none is worse then the religion of the Arab pedophile and that is undeniable, so this is a thread to discuss its evils and crimes against everyone but especially the women subjugated under it

No. 3783

File: 1637596382059.jpg (91.52 KB, 794x998, ph65szq444a61.jpg)

Truly the most tolerant religion

No. 3784

Islam is nothing but a cult that justifies the worst of scrote behaviour like war, oppression of women and pedophilia.

No. 3786

I hate Islam more then you can imagine, I want nothing more then its destruction and as stated I despite It with every fiber of my being but I will not reduce it into bland stereotypes, I woke up to how horrible the religion of the arab pedophile is by first understanding It

my journey to leave Islam came from the simple question of why I wasn't allowed to pray in any other language other then Arabic, what made Arabic so goddamn special that God almighty preferred it over all the other languages and that gave me the motivation to study religion but critically and through the research I became a pure atheist

What makes Islam always so uniquely awful is that unlike Jesus and Buddha, Muhammad ruled a state with completely authority for over 10 years, In this period Muhammad was a priest king with absolute authority, for Muslims this was the perfect society, all other societies would never come to close to the one governed by Muhammad and his followers so unlike other Abrahamic religions is not just a religion but also a political and social ideology; from banking, trials to literally how you should pee and treat other non believers, you'll find an answer for it in the record books about either Muhammad and his companions

No. 3787

That's why it's a cult, there are rules for every tiny detail of people's lives.

No. 3788

Its beyond most cults though, there are Libraries worth of books based on Islamic law based on the Hadiths(sayings and doings of Muhammad) as well extended Islamic law based on his companions
for Muslims these laws are well the perfect laws from God himself, any sort of system will always inferior for actual Muslims

No. 3793

Yeah it's an entire social system, which makes it so scary.

No. 3796

Finally you have a containment thread pakianon

No. 3797

The Quran its self is shit though, unless you've actually read it critically its really hard to describe just how awful it is to read

see the Quran is the super summarized story of the Jews, the true story of Jesus, 3 random Arab prophets that appeared before Muhammad and of course the story of Muhammad and his followers and his tribe's battle with the Quraish tribe but none of this is in chronological order btw, so it will shift midway from the story of Moses to Muhammad, then to Jesus then to Abraham then to Muhammad again and even then this shift is not chronological either, so you'll have chapters about Muhammad when he was priest king and then the next chapter will be about when he was just describing

the whole thing is such a hassle to read and your not allowed to give it chronolectal order, its considered a form of blasphemy

No. 3800

No. 3899

File: 1638970178779.png (115.32 KB, 1280x1254, 161618C2-DA2D-40BF-9B03-3AC4CE…)

“ Teenage schoolgirls in Afghanistan have told the BBC of their growing desperation as they continue to be excluded from school more than three months after the Taliban takeover.”
The boys where all told that they where allowed back? But they said nothing about the girls. Lying pigs swore that this wouldn’t happen and that they where going to change. Of course, nobody believed them, but still.

No. 3912

File: 1639057485538.jpg (38.07 KB, 747x206, Capture 002.JPG)

I hate living in an Islamic country while being an ex-muslim. It's so suffocating having to tiptoe around it, lest they fucking lynch you for saying anything out of line.
Just yesterday, I had a professor at college saying something about how 'men were sent as our (women's) protectors' like jeez… I wonder who they are supposed to protect us from? That's right, other men. I keep getting pressured into wearing a hijab by my family, saying I'll burn in hell and take them with me there by my whore-ish ways of wearing casual clothing.
Don't know if blogposting on this thread will get me banned so saging just in case.

No. 3935

As a fellow ex-muslim don't ever come to your parents, they will kill you or send you to Islamic school
probably the best option is to flee, Christian NGO's are your best bet
I have known women who were willing to pretend to be Christians and live in rural Argentina rater then Pakistan

No. 3936

I feel like, if it was just the Quran without the hadiths and other works, the situation wouldn't have been this shit but we are expected to also follow the Sunnah, written by someone who knew someone who knew someone who knew Muhammad and remembered Muhammad telling him some bs and now that's hadith. What a mess.

No. 3938

If It was just the Quran then it would probably be on par with Christianity, but the Hadiths ruin it, It transforms Islam into a 7th century legal and moral code, not a religion

No. 3944

I wish NGOs aimed to help ex-muslim women existed in my supposedly secular, western country. But that would be "far-right and islamophobic", so they have to figure shit on their own, while receiving death threats and being disowned by teir familes.

Why can't people see that Islam is a cult similar to Jehovah witnesses, but with violence added ?

No. 3945

I mean from what I've seen Jehovahs witness at least keep to themselves and don't try to threaten violence against the rest of the world

No. 3977

sorry to ask to be spoonfed, but i have no desire to read the quaran and i wonder why islam is considered the pedo religion? i grew up catholic and i have never been very religious (non practicing basically) and i often assume people are referring to catholicism when saying “pedo religion” though nothing about the religion is pedo-y, though there’s clearly corruption within the church with priests and their disgusting acts against children.

No. 3995

Because Muhammad, the prophet and the most important guy in Islamic canon married a 6-9 year old Ayesha when he was around 50-something. Though reading about Ayesha is very interesting, she even made some sarcastic remarks towards her husband like mentioning how he always got revelations that benefitted him in his current situations and whatnot.

No. 4066

No. 4618

Why can't libs understand that religion is not race?
"Islamophobe" has the same impact as "racist" and this is so stuck in their minds I feel like I'm arguing with retarded children

No. 4646

I agree Islam is especially evil towards women. Its also proven that Muslim men consume the most porn, which is just so sadly ironic. Sorry to make this next comment about white people, but on white supremecist forums, they use Islam as a shining example to get white women "under control" for white men to save the white race. They even spout memes like "Islam is right about women" but also say Muslims are outbreeding them and that can't happen.
What can a gc/rad-leaning westerner like me do for women in Islamic countries? Even to just help a little bit? After a decade or so of liberal feminism and the rebranding of Islam as a "feminist religion" in the west, it feels wrong and shameful to voice my critical opinion of Islam even in the modern feminist discourse. People say because we can't read the Quran, we are relying on mistranslations and therefore cannot comment on the matter.

No. 4658

File: 1649494286371.png (258.61 KB, 359x540, 8390218938794503.png)

>it feels wrong and shameful to voice my critical opinion of Islam even in the modern feminist discourse
I haven't deeply interacted with this aspect of feminism yet, but based on what I do know and where I've seen causes helping the most, I believe you'd be better off contributing to groups that directly support and/or are run by women who are already critical of islam instead of trying to convince libfem women of the reality of the situation. You'd just be wasting time talking at people who have no interest in changing their beliefs. The majority show support for toxic religions like this to win internet brownie points and have no desire to actually learn or help women in the first place. For example there's the AHA Foundation (https://www.theahafoundation.org) started by Ayaan Hirsi Ali who was forced to undergo FBM as a child and was going to be married off to a cousin until she escaped Somalia to Holland (her family was muslim). She worked her way up to being a member of Dutch parliament and has written several books on the topic in addition to campaigning against abuse suffered by muslim women. Donate to her foundation or ones like it, educate yourself further and only discuss the matter with those who seem to have more than half a brain cell.

No. 4660

(OT-ish)Although I agree with Ali (and she was the first ex-Muslim that helped validate my anti-Islamic views) is anyone else bothered by how her, like a lot of \our girls\ pander very strongly to the right until they integrate like an token minority?
I really dislike how the loss of these Feminist voices implies that these issues that they raise aren't bipartisan.

No. 4661

Whoops, meant FGM. Wanted to add that you can sometimes reach liberal white women by catering to their supposed concern about "intersectionalism" and asking where actual (ex-)muslim women's voices are in their discourse. If they're going on about how islam is valid and it's everyone's right to practice what they want you can say that's great, but then why is it so hard to leave the faith? What does it mean when someone's chosen practice infringes on women's freedoms? Why are there so many outspoken ex-muslim women such as Ali and Maryam Namazie who are now being labeled as provocative all in the spirit of wokeness? It's hard to argue that women being beaten, tortured, mutilated and relegated to slavery under religion is totally cool because everyone deserves to believe whatever they want. It's far from just extremists engaging in these things. There has to be a boundary in that sort of dialogue or else I guess everyone should just be allowed to become pedo rapist murderers (which unsurprisingly, a lot of muslim men are). Namazie and Ali both signed a manifesto during the Danish cartoon riots that has a fantastic intro btw
>After having overcome fascism, Nazism, and Stalinism, the world now faces a new totalitarian global threat: Islamism.
Straight from the pens of those who have lived it themselves and not just decided to weigh in from the comfort of their liberal paradises where they get to spew whatever propaganda they please.

This kind of bothers me about gc and radfem discourse in general, like with Abigail Shrier (author of Irreversible Damage, which discusses the problem with transing children) being hosted on the Joe Rogan show and a lot of our beliefs having overlap with the far right. They're definitely not in line with feminist beliefs overall but sometimes they're the only groups that will entertain ideas like this and provide feminists with a broader platform. Overall I think it's probably a good thing that the message gets spread and reaches women it wouldn't have otherwise, but there's also that risk of catering a little too hard and providing concessions in the hopes of being given handouts and benefits from the more powerful community.

No. 4663

western radfems really can't let women in the global south have one moment to highlight out struggles before they try to frame themselves as being in equal position, like I remember when afghanistan fell to Taliban and I saw radfem accounts tweeting about how this could happen in the west as well and their proof was some 4chan screenshots, like anon the west will never experience the level of Islamic societies, It may something hard for you to comprehend but Islam isn't just simply misogyny for the sake of misogyny, its a comprehensive belief system that is completely secure with its self, it has no doubts about its own civilizational superiority
>After having overcome fascism, Nazism, and Stalinism, the world now faces a new totalitarian global threat: Islamism
while all three are bad and I'm not going to make an argument which is worse, there's a huge difference between Islamism and the ideologies, namely that Islam isn't just a political ideology, it is complete civilization guide, for Muslims the perfect society already existed
It was the thiefdom Muhammad had established, in it Muhammad was a priest king whose every decision came from God its self, for Muslims this was the perfect society and so Islam in its natural state will always revert to 7th century arabia as a model, cause Muhammad and his companions(who are the greatest and most perfect human beings, who will ever exist according to Islam) most of those men were rich slave owners and rapists who taken their slain enemies wives and daughters as their own and they are for Muslims perfect human beings in every way

No. 4669

>this could happen in the west as well and their proof was some 4chan screenshots
Wow. On one hand I do think complacency is a big problem in the west and see where it’s getting us with many states in the U.S. rolling back abortion rights for example. But to genuinely believe that things could get as bad as muslim countries is not only crazy but ridiculously dismissive of what women are actually living through. I remember listening to a podcast where a NYT reporter interviewed an 18-year-old girl who had been studying and wanted to pursue a real career in college then after the taliban takeover her family pulled her out, trapped her at home and started beating her daily to try and marry her off to a taliban member so they would be safe. Ironically because her father used to be a cop that went after them when they weren’t in power. How quickly the tides changed and none of them hesitated to sacrifice their own daughter/sister. I don’t know how anyone could point and say “see it’s just extremism” after listening to this poor girl’s pain and suffering when the people closest to her immediately started treating her like a piece of property to auction off. It’s built into the culture itself. https://www.nytimes.com/2021/10/13/podcasts/the-daily/afghan-girls-taliban.html https://www.nytimes.com/2021/10/13/podcasts/the-daily/afghan-girls-taliban.html

No. 4683

>pander very strongly to the right
Who gives a shit? They're the only ones giving her a platform to speak on right now. Hell she was a guest on Tucker Carlson's show and it was just a solid hour of her dropping facts and truths. Nobody on the left wants to hear any of that.

No. 4686

I’ve heard quite a few self-professed radfems complain about it saying we should just get the word out there ourselves (like self-hosted podcasts) because using the right’s platform gives the impression that we support all their beliefs and would be okay with their regressive standards. I think it’s a stupid hill to die on though, there’s never going to be a perfect ally and stubbornly doing everything alone getting maybe 100 listeners who already believe what you’re saying versus thousands who may be getting introduced to the topic for the first time is invaluable.

No. 4703

Its something many ex-muslims are uncomfortable with but what choice do we have, I have spoken to lesbian ex-muslims, liberals and out communists who have had align with the rightwing simply cause every mainstream leftist party and group in the west is so hellbent of defending Islam, they think any criticism of Islam is on par with the worst forms of racism, our lives are quite literally in danger at times cause the punishment for leaving Islam is death, it is the responsibility of either the state or ghazi(Islamic warrior) to murder me, If they know I have left Islam

I mean I'd love to hear what the radfems propose as another solution, that can help people recognize our struggles and realize how fucked up the religion of the arab pedophile truly is

No. 4708

Leftists in general have one god and that god is anti racism. You will never get them to actually care about women under Islam because Islam is mostly a brown and black religion.

No. 4713

Islam is not the religion of "brown and black people" it is the religion of arabs, its a religion made by and for arabs, it should never have ever existed, let me tell you something about Islam
>your only allowed to pray in Arabic, if you pray to god almighty in your own tongue, its considered less holy and disrepsftful to god
>you pray to arab shine, the kabba existed before Islam as a meeting place for pagan arabs
>you have to dress by the standards of an arab
>you have to groom yourself by the standards of an arab
>take arab names

Islam is 100% an arab supremacist religion

No. 4745

Can confirm, I am a lesbian exmuslim and that's how I feel. The very first thing that got me disenchanted with the western left is how they put Islam and Muslims on a pedestal and completely disregard the plight of ex muslims. Their feefees are more precious to them than our lives. The right isn't that much better tho, we're pretty much politically orphaned

No. 4827

I am so fucking sick of people shilling any kind of covering for women as fine. None of them should be legal. I hate that the women that are forced to wear it are also victims of hate crimes (as if these women have no been victimised enough). I have been called a racist for pointing this out to friends. I don't know how these so called feminists can't see it for what it is: pure misogyny. Recently, my province (Québec) has passed a law that prohibits any religious symbols and garments from being worn by employees of the public function. This was met with rage by a big part of the population calling it racist towards arab. None of them cared about the many muslims and ex-muslims women that spoke in favor of the law.
I remember the first time I saw a woman wearing a burqa, my heart sank. I did not understand how this woman could still be forced to wear it while living in Canada or could not fathom that they could be brainwashed into thinking that this is ok.
I picked up the book Not Without My Daughter from my mom's library as a kid and islam as never sat right with me. Even when I shortly drank the far-left woke kool-aid, I hated it.
I worked with an arab woman for a while. She told me how she loved her life now that she was free from Islam, how she did not understand why her sister still wore the hidjab. A lot of second generation immigrants are embracing it now and I don't understand why. Havn't their mother and grandmother told them about what it truly means? I know that it saddens some of them.
There's also the honor killings that happen way too often here but at least nobody is fine with it and it always causes an uproar when it happens. Then everyone forgets about it and stop caring about the victims or any future victims.
I hate this world. I wish all these women could have a real life, could be liberated, could choose what they want to be, could be themselves.

No. 5833

File: 1654901465411.jpg (51.05 KB, 634x393, 35FE095500000578-3677987-image…)

I've spent the last 20 years of my life in hijab and modest clothing and I feel like I've wasted my youth. Rarely had friends, never had a boyfriend, and I still live with family. I've been daydreaming about the life I could have lived had I never worn the hijab.

It's hot as hell in my city and I can't do much about it. God, I wish I was normal.

No. 5834

Same as you, do you have any plans to escape from your muslim family/community

No. 5835

I've tried and failed to go back to school. It's so hard to get a higher paying job.

I refuse to join the military or get into sex work.

No. 5842

No one has advocated you do that, like what's your current situation

No. 5855

Part time work at retail, close to paying off credit card debts. Flunked out of school at age 25. Still live with family, no friends, borderline NEET life

looking to gain a remote work tech job

No. 6146

Have you nonnies seen the infighting happening in the Euro thread on /ot/? Basically repulsive handmaidens defending islam and their atrocious culture by yelling that anyone who criticizes it is a racist.

I'm going insane with these retards, even on a relatively homogeneous radfem space like lolcow you find muslim handmaidens. The fact that they're in Europe (so clearly their parents or grandparents flew their shithole in hope for a better life) but won't escape their culture and only bring it with them to European countries is a disaster. They will only ruin our countries more. I hate them with a burning passion.

No. 6150

I think it’s the influx of gen z kids. I think they’re in the prime demographic to be groomed into thinking it’s racist to criticize Muslims like the millennials on tumblr. It’s fucking annoying. My favorite is when they cap for oppression but then argue female Muslims should be forced to disrobe in front of a tranny for added sexism.

No. 6155

File: 1658236953369.jpg (73.26 KB, 1038x1086, E33-V5PUYAAN7mA.jpg)

I was wondering if you anons could answer me some questions.
>What should you (and others) expect from dating a moid with an extremely muslim family (down to them thinking anime promotes violence and shit, etc)?
>What you generally should expect when someone in your family is dating a coomer from Saudi Arabia "that doesnt believe in God" but has extremely religious family?
I will mention the biggest red flag first:
>He convinced her to leave her first ever job because of him. She lasted only 2 months. For 2 years now all she does is sits in moms basement playing vidyas at 2i.
>He also distanced his gf from her friends and family. To a point where he would start rage spamming everytime she goes afk for like, 3 minutes or something (saw myself), he also talked shit about her friends.
>He is also Jordan Peterson biggest fan and has daddy issues, proudly screams how he is a sociopath
>They both lie whenever they are travelling to meet. The first and only reason he met her first was to have sex, kept talking about sex on Discord server after that.

This woman is not perfect but i am genuinely worried about whatever the fuck is happening. No one deserves to date an abusive person, especially if its a man.

No. 6174

Have you seen the story of the women fed abortion pills by her Muslim boyfriend and pharmacy tech sister. That was my first thought. Not trying to Racebait but very strict traditional Muslim families and communities should probably be avoided especially if you’re an “outsider”.

No. 6385

9:45 of this video to see the vid that got these girls tortured and killed.

No. 6386

I hope those girls are at Rest In Peace. Wish I had billions so I could relocate every woman in shithole places and leave the scrotes to rot alone in their shitty forgotten village

No. 6447

what did they even do wrong in the video since starting at 9:45 doesn't provide much context in that regard

No. 6566

Women in Iran are protesting the forced hijab law currently. These women are being attacked and some have even been killed for trying to live freely and you have idiots in the west too afraid of “islamaphobia” to support them because they think women who “choose” the hijab should be supported too. This fucking choice feminism has completely destroyed solidarity with other women cross culturally. It’s fucking insane

No. 6569

nothing's gonna come from this sadly, women and men will be beaten and thrown in jail and that will be that, same thing happened in my country during the 80's and same thing happens in Iran every decade or so, around 31 people have died including a 12 year old boy, this is what happens to every generation who live in an oppressive country, they get beaten into compliance and become scared and loyal citizens for the rest of their lives

No. 6628

they were singing and "allowed" themselves to be filmed

No. 7435

I fucking hate islam and muslim men. I hate how you can't point out how gross that religion is. I fucking hate those YouTube shorts with the couple and the girl on full niqab and she talks about how empowering it is to not be able to gave friends and not being able to sit next to male family members because they are marriage candidates! How empowering it is not to date! Just marry! I fucking hate how milenar arabic/persian culture is forgotten behind this backwards religion. I had some friends from lebanese diaspora growing up, but they were all christian. My heart goes out to all nonnies stuck in islam, and I hope one day you all can escape safely this mysoginistic cult.

No. 7436

Islam is a moid cult of sexual entitlement and violence.

No. 7444

And Muslim women are fed their hypocritical lies that westerners are 'dirty' because they hold hands and date before marriage and are therefore unclean. While at the same time their husbands go out at night and fuck prostitutes, other men, and participate in bacha bazi (young boys groomed into wearing dresses and dancing, and then being raped by the men). It's all so fucking creepy and barbaric

No. 7526

Most Muslim women do hold hands and kiss before marriage, lmao. Even my hijabi friends date.
You could talk about how Muslim women are being killed for not wearing hijabs but instead you choose to bring up how being promiscuous isn't allowed as if that's the kind of thing any woman who's in danger cares about.

No. 7746

Oh my God shut up. Muslims stone women to death for being "whores."

No. 7841

So I'm telling you muslim women have bigger issues and you're still only caring about how Muslim women can't sleep around? Kek. Do you think a woman would care more about the not being able to get a good education and go outside on her own or sleep with men?

No. 7842

File: 1673630434954.jpg (2.67 MB, 4000x3000, 20230109_170521.jpg)

Cp front page

No. 7872

What the fuck are you yapping about? The nona here >>7444 talks about how the Muslim community has such dogshit sexual double standards that many are kissless virgins that are indoctrinated into thinking that even the mildest premarital contact is for whores who marry men that are ran through at best and have participated in immoral sexual degeneracy at worst. How did you take that post and turn it into "omg isn't it sad that Muslim women cannot be promiscuous." Please spare us the anecdotes as well. Obviously, the experiences of Muslim women varies as some are Muslim in name only and can do whatever they want versus full on niqabis that are barely allowed to leave their house. But to act like Muslim families overall don't try to keep their daughters experiences with possible suitors as limited as possible is dishonest lmfao.

I love how you bring up "hijabs" as if the forced modesty that women go through, whether it be forced veiling or going as far as restricting their participation in public life because they don't want their daughters to become "whores." Dumb ass

No. 7890

This religion makes me want to painfully murder all moids.

No. 7947

You don’t need to “sleep around like a whore” to get stoned to death. Being a girl and attending elementary school is enough. This is your fucking problem braindead retard, you think you’re enlightened beyond the restraints of Islam and your response to brutal gang murder and rape is “le KEK, then don’t be a HOE sis XD”

No. 7981

She has to blame the women or her false confidence might crack and she’ll realize that a man looking at her wrong could get her stoned.

No. 8744

I don't get why handmaidens get so scared of being called "Islamophobic" online.
That word holds such power to them that when one of them screamed at me "ISLAMOPHOBIC" I straight up replied "Why aren't you…? The fuck?"

No. 9245

File: 1674098877705.jpg (1.45 MB, 4096x3634, E-MSqNcVcAM5jiW.jpg)

Desi Muslim moment

No. 9335

Muslim pajeets are hands down the most disgusting men I’ve ever encountered, with their misogyny and pedophilia.

No. 9514

Think the porn part is bs since much of the poor countries don’t get internet
Think pornhub said even Uk views more porn then india

No. 9515

Oddly enough mostly men died in those hijab protests but why? Don’t the laws benefit the men there

No. 9522

Let me explain as someone who lives in an oppressive country, the majority of the population can't be bothered to protest and risk their own lives over any social injustice(as truly awful as it maybe)
Be it an ethnic majority is being oppressed, or lack of freedom in expression and even sterilization and ethnic cleansing

As long as the state functions and provides for the majority people will bare and live with it, but when the state starts failing and the inconveniences are too much, well that's when the majority starts rebelling and whatever appeals to the masses will end up replacing the old order

Even the Islamic revolution was spurred by the economic failures of the Shah and how miserable average Iranians were suffering

No. 9543

Kind of ignorant question but I’m wondering what Islam-born anons prefer for non-Islam-born women to do when trying to help? I’ve been donating to Afghanistan female refugee initiatives and charities and the most I do irl is not defend Islam when talking to other [liberal] burgerfags. Is there anything else you would suggest doing? I was thinking of donating to more charities that help women try to escape from their Islamic countries (like Saudi Arabia) or just get away from a murderous family in general (since I’ve seen honor killings in the US, UK, etc).

No. 9546

>but why
1. it's far from their only grievance. just look at the country they live in. and you have an incorrect, simplistic view of things. most of them disagree with how women are treated. also note that many religious and conservative people don't like the state dictating what women in their family are allowed to do. but these young men instead have progressive views. you will find iranians aren't that religious.

2. it's men who riot, kill or beat up the authorities. young men willing to fight are punished most harshly because they are the only threat to the regime so they must be squashed before they become organised and armed and backed by foreigners. everyone else is easy to break and make them go back to complying. when it comes to protests actually doing anything, it is usually when they have a core of ideologically motivated violent young men making it happen. ukrainian neonazi nationalists are a big reason for the regime change in ukraine in 2014. the protests would be nothing without them. note these same people murdered opposing journalists and civilians. these are people who won't disperse just because of some punishment. so you need to kill some right away.

see this from 2014, state media of a western country admitting but trying to downplay such people's extremism (because they liked what happened).

No. 9568

File: 1675101015653.jpg (68.96 KB, 876x438, Muslim Brotherhood.jpg)

I think many people(even the one's who are cautious about Islam) greatly underestimate Islamists, they are politically savvy and know how to put on a good face to appease western liberals while furthering their own aims, some people are aware the Muslim Brotherhood but there are many other groups such as Jamaat-e-Islami the imrcusa and others whose main goal is spreading a pro-Islamist message and making life easer for all Muslims, they have more then enough money thanks do donations but most importantly they have the approval of western liberals which allows them to further their aims, cause they know how they present themselves, The Afghan Islamist is a bearded illiterate mountain peasant but the Islamists from these groups are often highly educated and can be doctors or engineers and their daughters will be going to universities as well, for western liberals it might seem too good to be true and that these people could help spread a more "tolerant" image of Muslims, but what they don't understand is that those Islamists fundamentally despise them and want nothing more then to spread Islam and make it the dominant religion in every space and in Islam you are allowed to lie and deceive people as long as its for the sake of Islam of spreading/protecting Islam

a great example would be the guy who who threw two shoes at Bush, in his western interviews he talks about being anti imperialism and knows how to keep his mouth shit, and people agree with him, and then he'll tweet in Arabic about how "beating your wife is completely justified cause Muhammad said so", etc…

No. 9574

As a non-muslim, I ask why do so many muslims seem to averse to reforming Islam? Especially since most of the discomfort people have for it is the misogyny & anti-homosexuality of it. Christians reformed their religion, you can find many Churchs with LGBT flags on it (ignoring the pro-trans trend going on.) but you'll never see a LGBT flag in a mosque etc. Of course liberal muslims exist but they are greatly outnumbered.

>make it the dominant religion in every space
seems like their plans are working bcs with the way things are going islam will replace Christianity as the dominant/main religion since the women give birth to so many kids.

No. 9588

File: 1675134633449.png (116.42 KB, 1146x1340, bbpargjp3y511.png)

It will still take many generations for that happen in Europe but it might happen if neo-liberalism continues to be the dominant political system in Europe
>muslims seem to averse to reforming Islam?
simple, the Quran says your not allowed to change any aspect of Islam and how deviate from how Muhammad practiced the faith
Some would say the Quran has moral problems, others will say it has scientific errors, but theologically it is very consistent. If you read it cover to cover, you'll know exactly what it's trying to get you to believe: there is one God and you need to believe in Him and the his Messenger who was the greatest human being who will ever exist
The same cannot be said of the bible. The bible has at least several authors, ultimately with very different views, there's very secular, existentialist stuff; there's poetry; there's boring/disturbing sacrificial law plus calls to realize that actual mercy is more important than boring/disturbing sacrificial law. So ultimately, there's a lot of freedom to decide what you think.
the biggest fundamental difference between Islam and other religions is that Muhammad ruled a state for 10 years with limitless authority, for Muslims that state was the perfect utopia deemed by God, thus is would be the responsibility of any believing Muslim to make their state like that

No. 9621

File: 1675251272994.jpg (289.54 KB, 720x906, Sunni attack on a Shia Mosque.…)

They do this to people who are simply the wrong sect of Muslims

No. 9752

File: 1675674301509.jpg (209.35 KB, 1125x2001, 46b22222.jpg)

Another moment of Muslim moids justifying death in the name of the holy pedophile

No. 9753

File: 1675675146179.jpg (922.93 KB, 2560x1920, findthewomen.jpg)

Someone, please find the women for me, I found one woman so far. (Picture was taken at an anti-quran burning demonstration, because one Swede hurt their feelings.)

No. 9760

I don't want to seem like I'm defending these moids, but women do also participate in these events as well, just not as violent or have their own self segregated protest spaces
like this is a woman's protest calling for the beheading of the cartoonist who drew Muhammad

No. 9761

one swede? more context please because this is German?

No. 9762

You mean one Danish man right, Rasmus Paludan? He is the one going around different places burning qurans.

No. 9766

File: 1675699055799.jpg (144.55 KB, 864x486, thumbs_b_c_49a96d5ffa5ff75e74f…)

forget picrel
again from the perspective of a believing Muslim this is a proper response, the Quran is not just a Holy text, for Muslims it is the undisputed word of God
it is written in the language of Heaven its self, so to burn it or harm it you are insulting and waging war on God

No. 9767

Thank you for the info, didn't know that, the muslim women I've met so far in my country would fit your description.

Sry, sleep deprived, meant that guy.

No. 10011

So progressive

No. 10029

i watched this tiktok of this woman explaining why she started wearing niqab and wow. men are wicked, they really have such a strong hold over these poor young women. she said that she struggled with "tabarruj" and she recommended to search it up if we don't know and when i searched it up it said: "a woman's style of dress or attitude that is excessive in order to attract the attention of others when she comes out of her house, deliberately showing the beauty of her face and body and waving her way so that she can see the jewelry in front of other people." She also listened to a recording of a man talking about the grave sin tabarruj is, he said that they will never see paradise & they will instead go to hell-fire. She said it sent shivers down her spine, so she started wearing the niqab as a way to stop herself from 'beautifying herself.' She also said even when she was wearing her jilbab, she was still getting disgusting & lustful stares which made her very uncomfortable, so after wearing the niqab she felt a lot more secure & safe & she doesn't get those stares anymore. It just makes me think that men are just so wicked, they know their nature, they know how they are and instead of changing they invent all these ways to encourage women to go through hoops just feel like a human first & not an object. They're all raging homophobes & misogynists but I can't help but pity these women

No. 10031

its literally stated in the Quran that women will outnumber men 4x times in Hell, and you know the reason given why women will make up majority of Hell in Islam, Gossiping and not being able to pray during menstruation so we get less virtue compared to men

No. 10245

Men have been coping since the dawn of time that their lack of control and animalistic hedonism is somehow everyone else's fault. Depressing.

No. 10393


ur right about gossip but this is a made up lie about not praying during menstruation that make them lose their value, it's literally forbidden to pray while periods, but it's not a reason to b in hell kek

No. 10844

Sage because only dutchfags will be able to understand it but I just watched the documentary 'Onze man bij de Taliban' and it actually made me tear up. These women have to go through hell just to get basic education, a man made his daughter dress like a boy and called her Mohammed because he was so disappointed with only having girls and so many other things. Just infinitely fucked up. If you're a dutchfag it's right here: https://www.npostart.nl/onze-man-bij-de-taliban/VPWON_1339722/episode

No. 10918

>It was narrated that Abu Sa’eed al-Khudri (may Allah be pleased with him) said:
>“The Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) went out to the musalla (prayer place) on the day of Eid al-Adha or Eid al-Fitr. He passed by the women and said, ‘O women! Give charity, for I have seen that you form the majority of the people of Hell.’ They asked, ‘Why is that, O Messenger of Allah?’ He replied, ‘You curse frequently and are ungrateful to your husbands. I have not seen anyone more deficient in intelligence and religious commitment than you. A cautious sensible man could be led astray by some of you.’ The women asked, ‘O Messenger of Allah, what is deficient in our intelligence and religious commitment?’ He said, ‘Is not the testimony of two women equal to the testimony of one man?’ They said, ‘Yes.’ He said, ‘This is the deficiency in her intelligence. Is it not true that a woman can neither pray nor fast during her menses?’ The women said, ‘Yes.’ He said, ‘This is the deficiency in her religious commitment.’”

No. 11003

I hate Islam so much. I'm glad I was born and raised in Western Europe but there's a shit ton of muslims in the city where I live and I have to pretend I'm one in case I'll see some family members downtown or at the mall by accident or if it turns out that some people I meet know my relatives, which happens a lot. My family is moderate overall but that means having a boyfriend is something I should hide and since hiding it can be hard I never got one, and I can't eat pork or drink alcohol. What worries me is that my braindead yougest sister seems to have been brainwashed by tiktok videos about Islam and gets offended over nothing at all, like when I tell her that there aren't a lot of good halal restaurants around so it's a pain to invite her anywhere. She tells me I'm mentally ill for being a non believer and seems to believe it instead of just trying to upset me, which doesn't work because why the fuck should I be upset by a shitty brat whosd diapers I changed when she was born until she was potty trained. Now my mother is trying to be "more serious" about it as well and prays everyday since a few months ago and it's creeping me out. And ramadan will start in a few weeks and I know my muslim coworkers will shit talk me behind my back for not fasting, I'm not looking forward to it.

No. 11430

I work very closely with a muslim family and I usually get along with them fine, but recently while I was there I found a booklet about the rules of islam intended for young children. I decided to read some of it and it was appalling, it was all about how in order to serve allah women should know their inferiority, always be subservient to men and how the hymen is there to make sure a woman is pure and unsullied. Meanwhile men should just get more wives if their needs aren't being met. Nonbelievers will end up in hell and it's important to never question allah and do what he says because he is always right and questioning shows that you aren't blindly faithful in him as you should be.

All of this was obviously meant for very young children, it was worded in an extremely simple way with a large font and had cartoon drawings of muslim preschoolers alongside every couple sentences. It truly shocked me because the mother of this family grew up in our western country, has a steady career and is highly educated. She knows the difference in how women are treated in islam vs western society. She has firsthand experience with being subjugated, especially as she is a divorced single mother which her family openly scrutinizes her for, despite knowing the ex-husband heavily abused her. And yet she teaches her son from books like this apparently without seeing anything wrong with these messages.
I just don't understand it, but from the few times it came up in conversation it seems that she's fully devoted to the muslim line of thought.

No. 11491

That doesn't surprise me in the slightest. A bunch of people from Muslim families who were born and raised in the West are compensating for their "lost" identity by focusing as hard as possible on islam. It's beyond pathetic. By the way I heard recently about how there are supposedly books written from Muslim women to teach them sex ed once they're married, I was going to laugh my ass off when I saw that. Some Muslim young woman talked about it in a book when questioned about her love life, she admitted with great shame that she had sex out of wedlock when she lost her virginity and her family will make her life a living hell if they knew b-but Islam is tolerant because these books that teach masturbation to unmarried Muslim women and straight sex to married women exist and are readily available in her mosque! Fucking lol.

No. 11768


No. 11815

File: 1678794888269.webm (2.28 MB, 320x568, J1ZCWgt-pqi9DdzM.webm)

Why more don't become leave Islam(spoilers its cause of the death penalty)

No. 11846

File: 1678865272820.png (94.25 KB, 1024x1261, Islamic deception.png)


No. 11851

File: 1678886822108.jpeg (131.37 KB, 750x906, E5EC55C9-FE8C-4107-BCD4-5664E5…)

>14 year old autistic British boy brings a copy of the Koran to school on a dare
>One of his friends accidentally drops it, damaging it slightly
>Kid gets suspended from school
>Cops investigate it as a 'hate incident'
>Kid gets death threats, has to go into hiding
>His mother is forced to apologize and beg for forgiveness in front of a group of men at a local mosque while wearing a hijab

How on Earth is that happening in a western country?

No. 11871

Wait a second, Why is the mom the one that has to apologize? Why not the dad? Like, wouldn’t that make more sense since Muslim moids are misogynistic as fuck? Like, according to their logic, they just don’t give a fuck about the woman’s opinions or ideas, they should’ve told that they would only listen to the sperm donor instead, he should be the one putting his forehead on the floor.

No. 11873

whenever a kid does something bad, it's a reflection of the mother's parenting while the father gets praised for their child's accomplishments ime

No. 11919

File: 1679070985131.jpeg (132.76 KB, 828x1193, EA325CA5-F904-4FBF-ABE6-1B347E…)

guess her location

No. 11920

from her POV her logic is sound, Muslim families are usually connected, if a man dies then the connected family(who are already related) will look after a widowed woman(though she'll never be allowed to leave the house again)

I have said it before and I'll say it again, Islam on a civilizational, state-based and household basis functions, that's why its so dangerous

No. 11929

File: 1679083924178.jpeg (88.1 KB, 1170x721, 36C3A253-7866-47EA-9032-EFE40B…)

I hate libfems so much sometimes

No. 11942

File: 1679137055766.png (75.83 KB, 600x700, 4CA4C0B2-641C-489A-A7FC-A6028B…)

Yes I’m an islamophobe. What are you going to do about it

No. 11943

She's right though. Most islamaphobes and antisemitics don't hate the religion but rather the race of people who believe those. That's why for example the jew haters are usually also racist retards who bleach their hair into the weirdest yellow and pretend they're "aryan".

No. 11946

Who told you widowed women in Islam aren’t allowed leave the house ever again lmao ????????
It’s only 40 days after her husband dies to make sure she isn’t pregnant and to grieve as she sees fit.
After those 40 days she’s allowed to go wherever she wants.

No. 11948

TIL that Nigerians, Bosnians and Kazakhs are the same race

No. 11949

File: 1679147209428.jpg (277.95 KB, 1080x2178, 6lym4w7hrox51.jpg)

>Who told you widowed women in Islam aren’t allowed leave the house ever again lmao ????????
that's the case for most Muslim families though, while on paper she is technically allowed to re-marry Islam's tribal inclinations will force her to dependent on her family

Plus Islam has a very very retarded rule that makes re-marrying harder, its that adopted Children can never ever be the children of their adopted parents and calling someone mother or father if their not actually your mother or father is a grave sin and so adopted children can't even be given the same legal or inheritance rights, the reason for this rule is cause Muhammed wanted to marry his own slained adopted son's wife, which people protested as it was considered incest to marry your son's wife, so he changed that rule and said God ordered him to

No. 11951

File: 1679157296013.png (42.05 KB, 480x360, 1644367798252.png)

>only 40 days
as they say the bar is in hell

No. 11958

>>Cops investigate it as a 'hate incident'
Don't they have murderers and rapists to arrest instead of doing this shit? What's up with UK muslims, are they extra retarded because they're from like Pakistan or Somalia? I can never imagine this happening in France because here, without even taking into account our secular laws and the fact that blasphemy isn't illegal, muslims will just act like "karens" at worse. Although we did have that poor teacher getting beheaded but it started with the students and parents acting like whiny little bitches first which wasn't taken seriously.

No. 11959

>It’s only 40 days after her husband dies to make sure she isn’t pregnant
>to make sure she isn’t pregnant
lmao how the fuck am I supposed to take that shit seriously? Muslim men are such deranged coomers that they're worried their wives will find someone else after they died. Aren't they preparing their lives so they can get a harem of virgins as soon as they die anyway?

>its that adopted Children can never ever be the children of their adopted parents and calling someone mother or father
This shit put my cousin in some real deep shit until very recently. My aunt adopted her from our country of origin when my cousin was a baby and her bio mom dumped her to an orphanage because she had her out of wedlock or some shit, and my aunt was too stupid to notice that she was only treated as a foster parent and not as an adoptive parent by the Algerian government, which means my cousin only got her French citizenship a few weeks ago.

No. 11985

It's like a cult how much emphasis they put on this pointless ritual

No. 11987

The UK doesn’t have blasphemy laws either as far as I know, they just let Muslims walk over them

No. 11989

"Women are treated as Queens"
This can literally be disproven by watching the news in most Muslim majority countries. UK (I'm gonna guess this bitch is from the UK because the most retarded Muzzie takes always come from there) Muslim women always post this type of retarded shit and it truly makes you wonder why they don't go back to their "Islamic societies." Oh wait, it is because even they know deep down they would have to give up most of their freedoms that they grew up with.

Idk about Somalia, but from my knowledge the Pakistanis in the UK came from a ass-backwards part of Pakistan + they got to form their ethnic enclaves which caused them to double down on their retarded cultural practices and not properly assimilate. I'm a Burger of Pakistani descent, and while I wouldn't say Pakistanis here are enlightened intellectuals, there are less horrific incidents here with Pakistanis (i.e. no grooming gangs and all that nonsense). Plus, a lot of the Pakistani diaspora in the US come from the educated professional stock. Idk fam, France did have a lot of terror attacks from these Muzzie men going wild, but there really is something wrong with UK Muslims.

No. 12001

The ones in France tends to already start as petty criminals and become brainwashed in prison. They're not what I'd call the average muslim, I'd even say they hate the average French muslim for not being as brainswashed as them, and they don't spare anyone in terror attacks. This actually reminds me of the 90s in Algeria and how islamists would murder random passerbys and educated people for not being muslim enough. In a muslim country. But I don't have all the details, just some stuff I've been told by my grandma who didn't live in Algeria at the time and only went to her small village there a few times because of how dangerous that was. Anyway, the average muslim here either comes from Maghreb or from Muslim majority sub saharian countries and have been here for a few generations now so they're not as attached to the religion as you'd expect, especially because some of these countries are way more open minded than the middle east for example. Although from my generation I keep seeing more and more 20s and 30s something people being way more into the religion than their own parents so I hear stories of women my age bragging about choosing to wear the hijab and praying against their parents' wish. It's super strange and I thought it only happened to people having their midlife crisis (these people are equally annoying, avoid them like the plague if you see them) but I don't feel like that's the majority. And now the more recent terror attacks in France I've heard about were by white French far right activists and were usually stopped before they happened, I think after 2015 the French authorities stopped fooling around.

No. 12002

I don't wanna seem like I'm defending Islam or whitewashing these actions, but this can be partially be blamed on the Americans
Islamists existed everywhere but in the 20th century they didn't know how to organize themselves and most importantly didn't know how to fight, the Americans however were paranoid of "communism" and helped train and facilitate these monsters

Almost every active Islamist group from the Maghreb to South East Asia can be traced to the Soviet Afghan war, where thousands of young man went off to fight the Soviets and were trained in gruella warfare, they came back to their home countries as heroes and helped train young Islamists in how to fight actually fight a state, plus creating essentially a global network of linked Islamists

No. 12005

No, I know all that now, but it's been so long that I consider this an indirect cause.

No. 12010

you can look it up yourself, Egypt, Afghanistan and Syria with their sub-par militaries managed to put down Islamist revolts with not much effort because the Islamist were disconnected and didn't know how to fight in guerilla warfare
If it were not for the United Stated then Islamists would never be a threat to any state or region

No. 12037

what happened? I mean, how do you go from Ottoman Empire to needing your hand held by Uncle Sam? Serious question.

No. 12041

its not complicated, my father explained it like this, most Muslim states relied on slave armies, who would ended up becoming local warrior elites, so most of the Muslim world didn't develop proper militaries like the west

This is still engrained in their cultures, my father has worked with arab milarites and he told me that they are in an awful state in everything, structure, leadership, troop morale and quality of soldiers, its how a small band of rebels could overwhelm the Syrian and Iraqi armies and take large swarths of land
now I want to state again this would not have been an issue if America didn't teach their predecessors how to fight

No. 12330

>most Muslim states relied on slave armies, who would ended up becoming local warrior elites, so most of the Muslim world didn't develop proper militaries like the west
Watching former slave-owning societies get their just karma brings a smile on my face.

No. 12679

File: 1680332215620.jpg (90.25 KB, 714x1008, 6280a99bce651.jpg)

by chance I came across the story of Aurora Nilsson, a Swedish woman who married an Afghan diplomat nearly 100 years ago and its depressing that story is more or less the same as cases nowadays
her husband(Asim Khan) gave a progressive and western appearance to the general public and even towards her for a time period, but as soon as he got her to his home country he started beating and abusing her, he forced her to wear a birqa and forcefully convert to Islam, she was forbidden from doing anything and placed in a harem with his other wives, the moid literally sold her to slavery at one but this ended up saving her, as the the German embassy were the one's who "bought" her and commissioned her to sent back to Sweden. its fucked up but again from an Islamic perspective the man didn't do anything wrong, you are allowed to deceive others in the name of Islam and "taking" a kafir woman is a form of Jihad


No. 12680

I will never understand why nonmuslim women marry abusive muslim men who abuse muslim women and then get shocked when the man abuses them as well. I've heard so many foreign women boast about how they're superior to me and that's why they can get muslim men to love them while they'd only abuse me, every time that happens, the foreign woman in question gets fucked over much worse and then makes herself out to be the victim as if she didn't start the relationship knowing full well the muslim man had a wife in the first place. At this rate I don't feel bad for them because whenever I try to warn them, they tell me I'm jealous and that it'll be different for them.

No. 12681

Muslim moids are playing the long game, they groom non-muslim girls here in Pakistan as well, its a form of holy jihad for them

No. 12686

Pakichan you're retarded and no matter how much you hate on your own people, you'll never be loved by that neonazi murderer varg. A marriage between two people of different religions isn't jihad, jihad is literally killing nonmuslims.

No. 12687

Are you a moron ? do you know what Jihad means? Cause it literally means to struggle
In historical Islamic context, Jihad was considered any action that furthered the will and laws of Allah, this included warfare but also non-violent proselytizing, but also slave raiding

Rewarding marriage, Mohammad the greatest human being who ever lived had non-Muslim wives that he took(one whose husband he had murdered and the other a slave that was given to him) and this is presented a good thing

No. 12688

Don’t worry most nonmuslim women feel repulsed by muslim moids, it’s just a one in million retarded one that isn’t

No. 12713

And they should be. I'm in a Muslim country and I see how they treat non-muslim women, muslim men should be avoided at all costs.
Varg or any of the neonazis you said you wanted to be a "stay at home slave" to would kill you just like how Mohammed killed that woman's husband. Didn't one of the neonazis you simp for also murder a man? But that doesn't matter now, does it?

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