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gender critical and female politics
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No. 3774

While all religion are awful and subjugate women, none is worse then the religion of the Arab pedophile and that is undeniable, so this is a thread to discuss its evils and crimes against everyone but especially the women subjugated under it

No. 3783

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Truly the most tolerant religion

No. 3784

Islam is nothing but a cult that justifies the worst of scrote behaviour like war, oppression of women and pedophilia.

No. 3786

I hate Islam more then you can imagine, I want nothing more then its destruction and as stated I despite It with every fiber of my being but I will not reduce it into bland stereotypes, I woke up to how horrible the religion of the arab pedophile is by first understanding It

my journey to leave Islam came from the simple question of why I wasn't allowed to pray in any other language other then Arabic, what made Arabic so goddamn special that God almighty preferred it over all the other languages and that gave me the motivation to study religion but critically and through the research I became a pure atheist

What makes Islam always so uniquely awful is that unlike Jesus and Buddha, Muhammad ruled a state with completely authority for over 10 years, In this period Muhammad was a priest king with absolute authority, for Muslims this was the perfect society, all other societies would never come to close to the one governed by Muhammad and his followers so unlike other Abrahamic religions is not just a religion but also a political and social ideology; from banking, trials to literally how you should pee and treat other non believers, you'll find an answer for it in the record books about either Muhammad and his companions

No. 3787

That's why it's a cult, there are rules for every tiny detail of people's lives.

No. 3788

Its beyond most cults though, there are Libraries worth of books based on Islamic law based on the Hadiths(sayings and doings of Muhammad) as well extended Islamic law based on his companions
for Muslims these laws are well the perfect laws from God himself, any sort of system will always inferior for actual Muslims

No. 3793

Yeah it's an entire social system, which makes it so scary.

No. 3796

Finally you have a containment thread pakianon

No. 3797

The Quran its self is shit though, unless you've actually read it critically its really hard to describe just how awful it is to read

see the Quran is the super summarized story of the Jews, the true story of Jesus, 3 random Arab prophets that appeared before Muhammad and of course the story of Muhammad and his followers and his tribe's battle with the Quraish tribe but none of this is in chronological order btw, so it will shift midway from the story of Moses to Muhammad, then to Jesus then to Abraham then to Muhammad again and even then this shift is not chronological either, so you'll have chapters about Muhammad when he was priest king and then the next chapter will be about when he was just describing

the whole thing is such a hassle to read and your not allowed to give it chronolectal order, its considered a form of blasphemy

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No. 3899

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“ Teenage schoolgirls in Afghanistan have told the BBC of their growing desperation as they continue to be excluded from school more than three months after the Taliban takeover.”
The boys where all told that they where allowed back? But they said nothing about the girls. Lying pigs swore that this wouldn’t happen and that they where going to change. Of course, nobody believed them, but still.

No. 3912

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I hate living in an Islamic country while being an ex-muslim. It's so suffocating having to tiptoe around it, lest they fucking lynch you for saying anything out of line.
Just yesterday, I had a professor at college saying something about how 'men were sent as our (women's) protectors' like jeez… I wonder who they are supposed to protect us from? That's right, other men. I keep getting pressured into wearing a hijab by my family, saying I'll burn in hell and take them with me there by my whore-ish ways of wearing casual clothing.
Don't know if blogposting on this thread will get me banned so saging just in case.

No. 3935

As a fellow ex-muslim don't ever come to your parents, they will kill you or send you to Islamic school
probably the best option is to flee, Christian NGO's are your best bet
I have known women who were willing to pretend to be Christians and live in rural Argentina rater then Pakistan

No. 3936

I feel like, if it was just the Quran without the hadiths and other works, the situation wouldn't have been this shit but we are expected to also follow the Sunnah, written by someone who knew someone who knew someone who knew Muhammad and remembered Muhammad telling him some bs and now that's hadith. What a mess.

No. 3938

If It was just the Quran then it would probably be on par with Christianity, but the Hadiths ruin it, It transforms Islam into a 7th century legal and moral code, not a religion

No. 3944

I wish NGOs aimed to help ex-muslim women existed in my supposedly secular, western country. But that would be "far-right and islamophobic", so they have to figure shit on their own, while receiving death threats and being disowned by teir familes.

Why can't people see that Islam is a cult similar to Jehovah witnesses, but with violence added ?

No. 3945

I mean from what I've seen Jehovahs witness at least keep to themselves and don't try to threaten violence against the rest of the world

No. 3977

sorry to ask to be spoonfed, but i have no desire to read the quaran and i wonder why islam is considered the pedo religion? i grew up catholic and i have never been very religious (non practicing basically) and i often assume people are referring to catholicism when saying “pedo religion” though nothing about the religion is pedo-y, though there’s clearly corruption within the church with priests and their disgusting acts against children.

No. 3995

Because Muhammad, the prophet and the most important guy in Islamic canon married a 6-9 year old Ayesha when he was around 50-something. Though reading about Ayesha is very interesting, she even made some sarcastic remarks towards her husband like mentioning how he always got revelations that benefitted him in his current situations and whatnot.

No. 4066

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